Elmwood High School - Royale Yearbook (Bloomdale, OH)

 - Class of 1986

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I986 RO YALE ELM WOOD HIGH SCHOOL BLOOMDALE OHIO VOLUME XXVI T bl f C SENIOR SECTION PEOPLE SECTION CLUBS AND A CTI VI TIES ADS 1 5' X ' Kimkizzh J I , rv . X . Av 1 ,H W in Q 4 SENICR LISA ALLION - Powder Puff 3: Volleyball I, 2. 3. 4 fCaptainj: Track I. 2. 3: National Hon- or Society 3. 4 fVice-Presidentj: Foreign Lan- guage Club I , 2, 3, 4: FTA 4: Newspaper Staff 4: FCA 3 fVice-Presidentj 4 Hreasurerj: Phys. Ed Club 2: Prom Committee 3: Class Officer I fVice-Presidentj, 2 fVice-Presidentj, 3 K Vice- Presidentj. 4 fVice-Presidentj: Attendant I: Queen 4: Chorus 4: Marching Band I: Con- cert Band I: Blood Mobile Donor 3, 4. ' ALECIA SUE ALTHAUS - FTA 4. LASS KA TIA I. ALVARADO - Track 4: Bowling 4: Foreign Language Club 4: Blood Mobile Do- nor 4. CA THIIE AMOS -- Powder Puff 3. 4: Volley- ball I, 2. 3. 4: Track 2: Bowling I. 2. 3. 4: Intramurals I . 4: National Honor Society 3. 4 Hreasurerj: Foreign Language Club 4: Stu- dent Council I. 2, 3, 4 1Secretary1: Science Club 3, 4 fSecretaryQ: FCA 3. 4 fSecretaryj: Prom Committee 3: Class Ofticer I 1Presi- dentj. 3 1President2: Attendant I: Chorus I, 2, 3. 4 fSecretaryj: Troubadours. I. 2. 3, 4 fSecre- taryj: Concert Band I: Musical 2. 3, 4: Base- ball Statistician 3, 4: Basketball Statistician I, 2: Blood Mobile Donor 3, 4. I RODNE Y AURAND - Bowling 2: FFA I, 2. fSecretaryj: 3 fSecretaryj: 4 fPresidentj: I.A. l, 2, 3, Vo. Ag. l. 2. 3. 4: Ag. Business 4. JULIA BALDONADO - Penta County Voca- tional 3. 4: VICA 3, 4. KIM BA TESON - Volleyball Stat. 3: Basket- ball I. 2. 3, 4 fCo-Captainj: Intramurals Soft- ball - Volleyball I, 3: National Honor Soci- ety 3. 4: Foreign Language Club 3. 4: FCA 3, 4 1Reporterj: Science Club 4 fVice-Presidentj: Prom Comm. 3: Marching Band I . 2, 3. 4: Pep Band I. 2. 3. 4: Concert Band I. 2. 3. 4: Bloodmobile 3. 4: Solo 6 Ensemble I. 2: Who 's Who 3. DARLA BECK - Prom Comm. 3: Ag. Business 4. JILL BARNHISEL - Powder Puff 3: Volleyball I. 2. 3: Bowling I. 2. 3, 4: Intramurals Volley- ball 4: Student Council I. 2: IOE 3: COE 4: FCA 3: Science Club 3, 4: Prom Comm. 3: Chorus I. 2. KENT BA TESON - Basketball I . 2: Bowling 3: Intramurals Softball I , 2: Art Club 3. 4: Prom Comm. 3: I.A. I. 2. 3. 4: Bloodmobile 3. 4. DALE BENNETT - Wrestling I. 2: l.A. I. 2. MELISSA BOGGS - Bowling 3. 4: I.0.E. 3: C.0.E. 4: Prom Committee 3. LAURA ANN BENDELE - Penta County Vo cational ANN BENNETT - Bowling 2. 3. Penta 3. 4 Marching Band I. 2: Flag Girls I. 2: OEA Class Treasurer 4. 1 LAURA BOWSHER - Basketball I. 2. 3. 4: Track I, 2. 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4. Foreign Language Club If FTA 4 fPres.2f FCA 3. 4. Prom Committee 3. Marching Band I. 2. 3. 4: Pep Band I. 2. 3, 4. Concert Band I. 2. 3. 4: Pit Orchestra 3. 4. PA TTI BOWSHER - Bowling 2 fCaptainj. 3. 4. Prom Committee 3: Marching Band I. 2, 3 1Squad Leaderj, 4 1Squad Leaderja Pep Band 2, 3. 4. Concert Band I. 2. 3. 4. JEAN BOXLE Y - Powder Puff 3: Bowling I, 2. 3: Student Council I: Annual Staff 3, 4: l.0.L-'. 3: C0.E. 4: Prom Committee 3: Attendant 2 fBasketballj: Chorus I, 2: Troubadours 4: Musical I, 2, 3, 4. LAURA BRESLER - Powder Puff 3: Cross Country I: Bowling 2: Foreign Language Club 3 fkeporterj, 4 IPresident1: Annual Staff 2, 3, 4: Newspaper Staff' I: Photography 4 f5ecre- taryj: Prom Committee 3: Class Officer 2 f5ec- retaryj: Chorus I: Marching Band I, 3 C5quad Leaderj: Pep Band 2: Concert Band I, 3: Musi- cal I, 2, 3. 4: Basketball Statistician 3. 4. RON CAS TOR - Football I, 2: Track 4: Base: ball 2: Bowling 2, 3. 4: Cheerleading at Don- key Basketball: Intramurals 2. 3: Newspaper Staff 4: l.O.Li 3: FCA 4: Prom Committee 3: Class Officer 3 C5ec.! Treas.j: Attendant Don- keyball 2: l.A, I: Chorus 3. 4: Troubadours 4: Musical 2, 3, 4, BL-'CK Y COAKLEY - Bowling 2, 3. 4: FHA I. 2. 3, 4: Quest 3: Ag. Business 4: FHA District Oflicer 3 fParIiamentary1, 2 fHistorianj. TROYBURKS - Wrestling I: Art Club I, 2, 3. FFA 4: Science Club I, 3: l,A. I, 2, 3: Ag. Business 4. LISA CAMDEN - Penta 3, 4: Basketball At- tendant 4: O,E.A. Communications Commit- I 26. TRACE Y DA VIS - FTA 4: Science Club 2, 3. 4: Chorus I. 2. 3. 4: Teacher's Aid 2, 3. 4. STACE DIBLING - Penta . """'!h , tag.. . filings! fuucuni' .M 1, I, f pnllP""' Q... .. .,,::assuIllWll.-Q 'WHO' "'Wnuu,,:""w . :N "vm, . J AM Y CURTIS - Volleyball I. 2. 3. 4: Basket- ball I. 2. 3. 4 1Captain: Intramurals I f5oft- ballj. 2 f5oftbaIIj. FTA 4: FFA 4 fQueenj: Newspaper Staff I: l.O.E. 3: COE. 4: Phys. Ed. Club I: Prom Committee 3: Attendant Foot- ball 4: Chorus I. 2. 3: Troubadours I. 2. 3 Ureasurer. 4: Marching Band I: Pep Band I: Concert Band I: Musical 4: Boy's Basketball Stat. I. 2, 3. 4: O.E.A. fPres.J 4. STEVE DA VIES -- Football I. 2. 3. 4: Wres- tling I. 2. 3: Baseball I, 2. 3. 4: Quest 4: I.A. I, 2. CHAD ELARTON - Bowling I. 2. 4 fCaptainj: FFA I. 2. 3. 4: Vo. Ag. I , 2. 3: Ag. Business 4. DANA EMMITT - Bowling 3. 4: FHA I. 2 fHistorianQ. 3 1Historian and V. Pres. 2. 4: FCA 4: Prom Committee 3. .IEFF S. EVANS - Football I, 2. 3, 4 CCap- tainj: Powder Puff 3 1CoachQ: Basketball I fCaptainj, 2 fCaptain2: Wrestling 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Bowling 4: Intramurals Softball I : Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4 fSecretaryj: Foreign Language Club I, 2. 3: Student Council 3 IVice-Presidentj, 4 KPresidentQ: FCA 3, 4 CVice-Presidentj: Phys. Ed. Club 2: Prom Comm. 3: Class Officer 4 IPresidentQ: Chorus 4: Basketball Escort 2: Football Escort 4. RYAN EVANS - Basketball- I, 2, 3: Track 2: Baseball I: Bowling 4: Golf I, 2. 3, 4: Intra- murals Volleyball 3: Newspaper Staff 2: Phys. Ed. .Club 3: Ag. Business 4. BRIAN S. GRAHAM - Football I : Intramurals 3: Newspaper Staff 4: IOE 3: Science Club 4: Prom Comm. 3, JENNY ANNETTE HARRIS - Powder Puff 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3 1Co-Captainj, 4 fCo-Cap- tainj: Basketball I , 3 fStat.j, 4 fStat.1: Bowling 3, 4: Intramurals I, 2, 3: National Honor Soci- ety 3, 4 fPresidentj: Foreign Language Club 3: Student Council 4: FCA 3 fSecretaryj, 4 fPresident2: Science Club 3, 4: Phys. Ed. Club 2, 4: Prom Comm. 3: Attendant 3 fBasketbalD: Chorus I . 2, 3, 4 fPresident1:' Troubadours I . 2, 3, 4 fVice-Presidentj: Marching Band I , 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: ,lazzmen I, 2, 3. 4: Musical 2, 3, 4: Pit Orchestra I : Drum Major 3: Bloadmobile 2, 3, 4: Solo 5 Ensemble I , 2, 3, 4: Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4. LAURA FOSTER - Powder Puff 3: Diamond Girl 3, 4 fCaptaigJ: Bowling I , 3 fSecretaryj. 4 fSecretary2: Cheerleader I: Intramurals I, 3: Foreign Language Club 3 lSecretary2, 4: FTA 4 Ureasurerj: Art Club 4: Annual Staff 2, 3, 4: IOE 3: Prom Comm. 3: OEA 3. BRAD GERKENS - Football I: Baseball 2: Annual Staff 3: IOE 3: Prom Comm. 3: Chorus 4: Musical 3: Bloodmobile 2, 3, 4. Q x Q ,s 0505. 5. KENNY HAUGHA WOUT - Powder Puff 3 fCoach2: Basketball I . 2: Bowling 3. 4: Golf I . 2. 3, 4 fCaptainj: Intramurals 3: Foreign Lan- guage Club 3. 4: Science Club 3: Escort Bas- ketball 3: Chorus 4: Bloodmobile Donor 4: Prom Committee 3. DANA HA YNES - Powder Puff 3: Intramurals 3 fSoftball1: FTA 4: Prom Committee 3: Cho- rus I, 2. 3, 4: Marching Band 4 fDrum Maiorj: Flag Girls I, 2. 3 fCaptain1: Pep Band 3. 4: Concert Band 2, 3. 4: Pit Orchestra 3, 4. BRENDA HARRISON - Powder Puff 3: Vol- leyball I . 2. 3: Wrestlerettes I , 2 Ureasurerj. 3 I Vice President, 4 IPresident1: Foreign lan- guage Club 3. 4: Student Council 2: FTA 4: Annual Staff 3, 4: Photography 3. 4 C Treasur- erj: l.O.E. 3: Science Club I. 2. 3 IPresident1. 4: Prom Committee 3. PENNY HARTMAN - Penta County: FHA 3: Guidance Aide 2. ROBYN HOADLEY - Cross Country I. 2 fCaptainj. 3 fCaptainj, 4 fCaptainj: Basketball I. 2. 3, 4: Track I, 2. 3, 4: Intramurals ISoft- ballj I: National Honor Society 3, 4: Foreign Language Club 3 I Vice Presidentj: FTA 4: FCA 3, 4: Science lub 3 I Vice Presidentj. 4 fPresi- dentj: Phys Ed. Club I: Prom Committee 3: Chorus I, 4: Marching Band I . 2. 3. 4 fSquad Leaderj: Pep Band I. 2. 3. 4: Concert Band I , 2. 3, 4: Musical I. 2. 3 I Tech Crewj. 4: Solo 5 Ensemble I , 2: Bloodmobile Donor 3. 4. KENDRA HOOT - Volleyball I. 2, 3. 4: Intra- murals 4: National Honor Society 4: Foreign Language Club I: Student Council 4: Library Aide 3: FCA 3. 4: Science Club 3 fSecretaryj, 4: Prom Committee 3: Chorus I . 2. 3. 4: Musi- cal 3. 4. BRYAN E. JOHNSON - Football I. 2. Basket- ball I. 2: Track I. 2. Intramurals I: Student Council I . Newspaper Stall I. 2. COE 4: Sci- ence Club I. 2. 3: Chorus I. JEANNIE JOHNSON - Bowling I. 2. 3. 4: Student Council 3, 4. FHA I. 2 fkeporterj. 3 fPresidentj. 4 fPresidenl1: Prom, Comm. 3: Chorus 4: FHA Representative 3. V MIKE KONVES - Bowling 2, 3. 4: Foreign Language If library Aide 3, 4, l.A. I, 2, 3, 4. KEVIN KREAIS - Penta 3, 4: Vo. Ag. I. 2: VICA 3, 4. FFA I, 2. DARLENE LEE - Cross Country 2: Bowling I, 2, 3 IPen!aj: FHA I, 2, 3. 4, Science Club I, Prom Comminee 3: Penta 3, 4: Chorus I, 2. Penta HERO 3, 4. DAWN I.IEP - Penta 3: VICA Member. SUZANNE LUMAN - Track I : Cheerleader I . 2. 3: Intramurals Softball I: Student Council I: Newspaper 5taff2: IOE 3: COE 4: Prom Comm. 3: OEA 3. 4: Hall Decorating I. 2: Powder Puff 3, JENNY MA THIAS - Bowlin 3: Wrestlerette 8 2: Newspaper Staff 3: IOE 3: COE 4: Prom Comm. 3: OEA 3, 4. DAN MCDONALD - Football I. 2, 3. 4 1Cap- tainj: Basketball I. 2, 3: Baseball I. 2. 3, 4: Bowling 4: Intramurals I . J: Foreign Language Club I . 2: Newspaper Staff 4: IOE 3: Chorus 4: Bloodmobile I. 2. 3. 4: Prom Committee 3. DA VE MCDONALD - Football I-. 2. 3. 4: Powder Puff fcddtlljx Track I , 2, 3. 4: Bowling I, 2. 3. 4: IOE 3: COE 4: Prom Comm. 3: LA. I. V CINDYMAX WELL - Newspaper Staff 3: Cho- rus I. 2. 3, 4: Musical 2, 3. 4. BRYAN MCCRACKEN - Baseball I. 2. 3. 4: Bowling J. 4: Football Escort 4. DAWN MITCHEM - Bowling 2, 3: Cheer- leading I, 3: I.0.E. 3: C0.E. 4: Prom Commit- tee 3: O.E.A. 3, 4. TODD MORELOCK - Bowling 2: l.A. I. JEFF MERCER - Football I, 2. 3, 4: Track 3: Bowling 3: FFA 4: Ouest 4: I.A. I. 2, 3: Ag. Business 4. EMILIO MIRANDA - Wrestling I, 2, 3: Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 3, 4: Escort 3: Senior Homecoming Escort: l.A. 2, 3. MARIA MORLOCK - Powder Puff 3: Volley- ball I. 2. 3: Bowling I, 2, 3, 4: Foreign Lan- guage Club 3. 4 Hreasurerj: Annual Staff 3, 4: l.0.E 3: FCA 3: Science Club 3. 4: Prom Com- mittee 3: Chorus I. 2: Marching Band I: Con- cert Band I: Musical 2, 3. KIM NOBLE - Powder Puff 3: Track I, 2: Bowling I , 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Newspa- per Staff 4: Quest 3: Prom Committee 3: Cho- rus I, 2. 3. 4: Musical 4. ERIC NUNGES TER - Football I, 2: FFA I. 2, Penta 3, 4: Vo. Ag, I, 2, VICA 3. 4. ANNA OSBORN - Bowling I. 2. 3: Student Council 3, 4: FFA 3, 4 fReporter1: Penta 3. 4: Class Officer 3, 4, fCommunications Commit- teej: C horus, RODNE Y RHODEN - ,OWE MELISSA RHODES - Cheerleader I. 2. 3. 4 fCaptainj, Intramurals I, 3 fVolIeybalIj, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Foreign language Club 3, 4: FCA 2. 3. 4: Prom Committee 3, Class Officer I fSec. 1. 2 fTreas.1, Chorus I, 2, 3. 4 Ilibrarianjg Troubadours I, 2. 3 HC Pres.Q. 4 fPres.1: Marching Band I . 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2. 3. 4: .lazzmen 3. 4, Concert Band I . J. 3, 4: Musical 2. 3. 4. KORINA SANTMIRE - Penta 3: Chorus I, 2: Flag Girls I. RANDY SAUNDERS L Football I. 2, 4: Wres- tling I. 2, 3: Penta 3, 4: VICA President. BRENDA RICE - Powder Puff 3: Volleyball I, 2. 3: Basketball I: Foreign language I, 2. 3: Student Council 2, 3. 4: Annual Staff 4: Na- tional Honor Society 4: Newspaper Staff 4: Prom Committee 3: Class Officer 2 1Pres,j: Attendant 2: Marching Band I: Concert Band I. LU ANNE ROE - Penta County 3, 4: VICA Communications Committee 3. 4. I SHI.-'RYL SCHAFER - Powder Puff 3: Volley- ball 2 fManagerj: Basketball 4: Track 3, 4: Bowling I. 3: Intramurals I, 2, 3. 4: FCA 4: Prom Committee 3: Bloodmobile 4. , STEVE SCHAFER - Football I. 2. 3, 4: Basket- ball I, 2: Baseball I. 2. 3, 4: Bowling 3. 4: Intramurals I . 2: Foreign Language Club 3, 4: l.O,E. 3: FCA 3, 4:-Science Club 4: Prom Com- mittee 3. MIKE SHAW - Bowling I, 2, 3. 4: Foreign language Club 3. 4: FFA 3: library Aide 2, 3. 4: Photography Club 4: Science Club I, 2, 3, 4: l.A. I. 2: Vo. Ag. 3. DA VID SHECKLER - Cross Country 4: Track 4: Pep Band 3: Concert Band I. 4. ROD SMITH - Football I. 2, 3. 4 1Captainj: Powder Puff 3 fCoach1: Basketball I, 2. 3: Track I, J, 3, 4: Bowling 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: FFA I: library Aide I, 2: Prom Comm. 3: Vo. Ag. I: Chorus I, 2. 3. 4 fVice- Presidentj: Troubadours I, 2. 3. DA VE SPEARS - Football I, 4: Basketball I: Track I, 2. 3. 4: Bowling 3. 4: Golf 2, 3: Foreign Language Club 3, 4: Photography Club 4: Science Club 3: Basketball Escort I: Chorus 4. TROY SHEETS - Bowling 4. ANDY SHELINE - Basketball I. 2, 3. 4 fCap tainj: Golf 2: Intramurals Volleyball 2. -325: .7 A - BILL STERLING - Penta 3, 4: l.A. I. 2. MICHELLE STONE - Track I, 2, 3. 4: Cheer- leader I, 2, 4: Annual Staff 3: l,O.E. 3: CO.E. 4: FCA 3. 4: Football Attendant 3: Chorus I, 2: Musical I: O.E.A, 3. 4. TRISHA STANEART - National Honor Soci- ety 4: FTA 4: FCA 4: Marching Band I , 2, 3. 4: Pep Band I, 2, 3. 4: Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pit Orchestra I. 2. 3, 4: Squad Leader 4. TOM STERLING - Bowling I, 2, 3. 4: Golf I: Intramurals I, 2. 3, 4: FFA I: Photography 3, 4: Science Club 3: Ouest 4: Prom Committee 3: Vo. Ag. I: Chorus 4: Marching Band I, 2. 3, 4 lSquad Leaderj: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: Jazz- men I, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band I, 2, 3. 4: Pit Orchestra I. 2. 4: Bloodmobile I , 2, 3, 4: Solo 8 Ensemble I. 2. 3, 4, l l- ROB S TRICKLAND -- Wrestling I: Baseball I, 2: Bowling 2. 3. 4: Golf I, 2, 3: Art Club I, 2, 3 fTreas.j, 4 1Pres.j: Newspaper Staff 4: Photog- raphy 3, IM Pres. 2, 4 fPres.j: Class Ofhcer 4 ISec. 1. ROBYN ST UBBINS - Powder Puff 3: Track I: Bowling I, 2. 3: Cheerleader I, 2. 3, 4: Intra- murals I: Newspaper Staff 2: FHA I, 2: l.O.E. 3: C.O,E. 4: Science Club I. 2: Prom Commit- tee 3: Class Omcer I: Chorus I , 2, 3: Trouba- dours I, 3: Musical I. 2. 4: Baseball Stat. I . 2. KA THR YN 5 WINEHAR T - Student Council 3, 4: FFA 3 IAdvisorQ, 4 fAdvisorQ: Library Aide 2: Penta County Vocational 3, 4: Class Omcer 3, 4: Communications Committee 3, 4. JIM THOMPSON - Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Track I. 2, 3, 4: Foreign Language club I, 4: Annual Staff 2, 3: Newspaper Staff 3: Photog- raphy Club 4: Science Club 3: Marching Band I, 2: Pep Band I. 2: Concert Band I, 2: Pit Orchestra 2. BILL WHITMAN - Football I, 2, 3: Track 2, 3. 4: Bowling 3, 4: Intramurals 3, 4: l.A. I, 4: Pep Band 3. CINDY WITTENMYER - Bowling 2, 3: Ag, Business 4. KEVIN UZELAC - Cross Country 4: Wrestling I . 2, 3. 4: Track 3, 4: Baseball I, 2: Golf I, 2: Art Club I, 2: Photography Club I. 2, 3, 4: Quest 3: Phys. Ed. Club 4. DOUG VESTAL - OWE ANDY WOLFE - Cross Country 4, Track 4, Bowling 2, 4: Foreign Language Club I, 4, Photography 4: Science Club 4: March- ing Band I, 2. 3, 4: Pep Band I. 2, 3, 4: .lazzmen I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Pit Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4. ANDY WRIGHT - Bowling I: FFA I. 2, 3, 4 Ureasurerj, I.A. I, 2, 3: Vo. Ag. I, 2, 3. 4: Ag. Business 4. xv, , A Mihai I HP 3 E CLASS OFFICERS Lisa Allion, Vice-Presideht Jeff Evans, President Rob Strickland, Secretary THE LIGHTS OF "BROA D WA Y" This year the senior class decided to go to New York City for their class trip. Mrs. Szymc- zak organized the event and helped the class to make money for the adventure. The trip began Sunday, March 22 and re- turned on Thursday, The students were able to see many new sites as well as two New York plays. A ride through Central Park is a "have to" in New York City. , fs! Eh i X W Members of the class often were dressed quite dapperly to attend plays and to eat dinner. There were many sights to see. inii mmnn..uaD Unloading and loading luggage seems to be an end- less task. i JI A senior trip is a memory long to be remembered. E fo We To .' ck B. Sterling. J. Evans. A. Curtis. J. Harris. K. Bateson. K. Noble. B, Coakley. R. Hoadley. 1. Mathias. M, Boggs, J. Powell, D. McDonald. K, Uzelac, I., Foster. P, Bowsher. D. Emmitt, B. McCracken. J. Boxley, K. Hoot, L. Bendele. L. Bowsher, C. Amos. B. Harrison, M. Morlock. R. Stubbins. J. Barnhisel. D. Haynes. M. Rhodes. B. Rice. M. Shaw. J, Johnson, I., Bresler, K. Swinehart. R. Smith, D. McDonald. T. Staneart. C, Maxwell. S. Schafer. S, Schafer. T. Sterling. R, Evans, K. Haughawout, A, She- line, B. Graham Eating at the nicer restaurants is one of the best things about the senior trip. Laura and Melissa stand in front ofthe "Cab bage Patch 'C EW .if . 1,5 . . w'Z31's. ,. . ,K K Q 2 w if . R x The students got a firstfhand look at Times Square and took a ride on the subway. friendships that will last forever, in mos1ouTsrANoxNG ' E VV,..V . Jeff Evans and Jenny Hams MQS1' MEL? Tij sucCzED j Most TAHENTED CRAZ v my an Uig-135: Hrendis Langley ' Mos'f'ScHooL smart Dan Mcbonaldand Melissa Rhodes SWEETEST SMILE BEST PERSONALITY Steve Kinney and Robyn Stubbins Kenny Haughawout and Brenda Rice MOST ATHLETIC MOST DEPENDABLE 5 , S ,f-. .. - Robyn Hobdley and Steve Davies Dave Mcbanald and Catbie Amos MOST OUTSTANDING FARMER. - L E E Rod Aurand and Amy Curtis QLE- EQ Q' A A vang 5 V132 M '2 "7 -, A . , ffe. H ' 1 CONTENTS JUNIOR5 .....Page25 SOPHOMORES .,........,.,..........,.Page23 FRESHMEN .....Page32 BOARD AND ADMINBTRA TION Page38 FACULTY SPECIAL RECOGNITION ,...,.,..................Page42 HIGH SCHOOL PERSONNEL ......Page43 f ax , I up ,,,.,WH IA,I MI I I, , X i FSR 5 I7 Q I KMNQI ,: , 4 , 'M W M 61 f V h,: ,Q 5, hx ,W " J- Mm ww wg .1 W A. f I: f-., kb 3 --," ,"' 3 V '--, . ,iyky W .,,:,,L, M wr wmQa"s:nH .wx -ffm-iifis 1 " 1 Q 5? 7 A If 'W LL ...A I ,4,, . ,hh , VT 2.521 J 1, 1 , ,m,,. , .W ' if 291 .L ,I ...W GINGER ADAMS MIKE AUL T MIKE A VERY AND Y BALDONADO JIM BA NKE Y DA VID BA RE DIANNE BARNDT JULIE BARRY CHUCK BLOOM BART BOWEN JILL BOWEN BRIAN BOWERS TIM BROSSIA PETE BROUGH GEORGE BLIRK BETH CARPENTER TAMM Y CARPENTER PAM CESSNA DELLA CLEMENT ANGIE COUL TER RON CRA WI-'ORD PAM DANIELS TERESA DEAN BARB DE TTY DINA EDMUNDS DEBBIE EISI-IEN LISA ELROD DA VID EMMI TT BART ERVIN DARRELL EVANS 342QFffiflK599NLL 1 95512555 ZEZQAN ff 1 g??ff4,f?'Y'4L Lf-7'43N5RL L -5ff3f5LG33YiV-- L f?69i-539535 4 1 - - Sr -L .LL----'ies-:isa L - LL L Mi L LLL L Q ,. 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" . k- .,... assi, V X E3 if 5 .il QXJK- -X MW 'X Mr. Russ Griggs me Q L Mr. Harold Bower Mr, Ron Grimm CA TION Mr. Doug Craig, Mr. Tim Hoiles fPres.Q, Mr. Russ Burton, Mr. Dallas Ziegler UL Pres.j, Mr. Tony Wagner, A DMINISTRA Tl VE PERSONNEL MA Tl' FEASEL MADGE KROTZIR Staff members consulting each other, TREASURER SECRETARY TO TREASURER ' ' ' - Beth helps out everyone in the front oft7ce. SANDY MCHAEElE BETH BA TESON SECRETARY TO SCHOOL SECRETARY 5URERlN TENDEN T 'I I' Mr. Bower and Mr. Flaugher relaxing at the Prom. EXCELLENCE EDUCATIO MQQQLAUII 843th 4,0 's 5 Mr. Sand Englikh ' :gg 32 f Miss Hauser Busirngs Ed, ' 1 , , E EfE EEEE 1 EEVEE I' . - Mn Blackfkf Ma Borer? MiMiss Boroff Mxgiiiell 14 - W I V I Music E Science Vo, Ag. Home Ee f E E E 4' E Mfsiwpfand E E 3i?i??l?QBvirohf? W ,yu amy L Mr. amy lfbfaffav E'eeEEEHea1rl,Eawd Phvsgfd. E same mam Mf8g.fUCiUS W Mn Marqueftz Mrs, Neifer Nespecgv nblh . ..k. EBWE :pi :English J --T A I 1 Q. 1 AWK. 4 Mrs. Neifz Mff- Pffffef Home Ec Chemi5ffY is W X L Mrs. Slagle Mr. Slagie English LD Tutor o s sss .',Xs o Mrs, Wellman Mr. Wellman Business Ed. Business Ed. 1986 FACULTY as Mr, Raiser Mn Severin Business Ed. Art k ' Mrs. Szymflak Mr, Szymczak Mrs, Tussing Guidance Phy Ed. 5 English English Mr. Wood Mr. V-3118105591 Mrs. Van8eystenfeldt History 3-'Nd Foreign Languages ment chairperson. Typing I. students STILL IN ACTION Mr Ramsey and Mr Flaugher both have retired but they dld so without much ado The annual staff felt that it may be late but we would like to wish them well In their years ahead These two men are often seen even today doing the many jobs that they took care of when they were in their teaching days You can often spot them out on the track rn the gym at a ballgame or even in the classroom substituting Their help rs as much ap preclated today as lt was when they were on the staff Mr John Ramsey SPECIAL RECOGNITION Mr Szymczak is being recognized by the annual staff for ha vlng taught in the Elmwood School District for more than I5 years and for currently being rn the high school building Mr Szymczak began teaching at the Junior High ln I 969 and trans ferred to the high school in l979 Hrs teaching duties ha ve consisted of English Physical Education and Health He has served rn various coach mg positions and rs presently one of the most successful wrestling coaches in the area We would like to thank Mr Szymczak for his dedication to Elmwood and we hope he continues hrs winning ways Ml S HOUSER Miss Houser retired this year after being at Elmwood since its beginning. At the end of her career Miss Houser taught in the business education department and served as its depart- The majority of students who have graduated from Elm- wood have had the opportunity to have had Miss Houser in Up until two years ago she was actively involved in the National Honor Society She took great pride ln this group of The annual staff as well as the student body would like to thank Miss Houser for her days of teaching and for the person al touch she brought into the classroom Mr Max Flaugher . , . ' H ,,e,t, . I g Q ' Q , r,. , . . . . ff, 4 j Dave Bateson Larry Ward Jerry Ramsey 1 is Arlene Moehlman Marcia Adkins, Head Cook Cafeteria Supervisor Sheryl Wright, Sharon Stone Lan- - .. 1" uv' ' D. Wilcox, M. Flaugher, J. McDaniel. V, Bateston, J. Johnson, H. Williams, C. Yoder, M. Bankey, M. Long, M. Hamman: Second row. L. Wickard. N. Beaverson, G. Combs. B, Ramsey. R, Myers, B. Bockbrader. B. Wilson, l.. Sams. 2,2 XX CON TEN T5 National Honor Society Foreign Language Student Council FTA Art Club FFA Annual Staff Librarians Newspaper Staff Photography Club FHA Ofhce Education FCA Science Club O WE Marching Band Pep Band Troubadours C holr Concert Band Jazzmen Bowling Bloodmoblle Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page ....,....4...,..........,Page49 x I 2 i I I vu n 5 SLLQEWLE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Bottom, C. Amos, J. Evans. L Allion, J. Harris, Mrs, Ault fAdvisorj Second: R. Smith, L Ziegler, B, Rice, M. Rhodes, M. Morlock. K. Hoot, Third, D, Haynes, P. Cessna, A, Coulter, D. Barndt, R, Hoadley, P. Bowsher. Fourth: A. Wolfe, K. Bateson, T, Staneart, L. Bowsher. STUDENT COUNCIL Slaughterbeck. Second: R, Sheckler, D. Barndt. P, Cessna. M. Shirley, L. Ziegler, J. Johnson, K. Noble. Third, C. Coffelt. Mrs. Neifer fAdvisorj, C. Hoot, L. Bursiek. H. Mitchem, H. Nietz. FOREIGN l.A NGUA GE CLUB Bottom, P. Bresler, I.. Allion, M. Hoiles, A Goodwin, J. Baldonado, L, Miranda, K. Al- varado. M. Rhodes, K. Bateson, M. Elrod, K. Warner. Mrs. VanBeysterveldt fAdvi- sorQ Second: P. Cessna, M. Shirley, P. Frank- forther. R. Bankey, R. Miller, M, Hem- minger. J. Bateson. L Nonnemaker, K. Bowe, I.. Lippert, A. Stearns, L Bresler. Third: H. Steinhauer, G. Amos, D. Apple, C. Hoot, K. Timkin, S. Bowsher, R, Hoad- ley, C. Bresler, H. Hotmer, M, Mullins, T. Tyson, B. Schroeder. B. McDaniel. Fourth: J. Thompson, A. Wolfe, M. Mor- Iotk, B. Harrison, K, Weiker, H. Schroeder, L, Schooner, M. Shaw, M. Yarnell, C. Bloom, C. Norton, J. Barry. Top. S. Schafer, C. Amos, J. Tahy, K, Craig, J. Stevens. K. Haughawout, D. Spears, G. Burk, J, Wasson, B. Sheckler, A. Keiffer, C. Coffelt. Bottom Cessna. Barndt, Weiker, Derr, J. FUTURE TEACTHT5 OF AMERICA L. Foster, L Allion, l.,Bowsher, H. Schroeder, P. T. Davis, C. Bloom, Mrs. Ault. Second: D. J, Wiseman, D. Haynes, Hoadley, T. Staneart, K. B, Harrison, A. Althaus. Third: J. Frederick, 5. Stephens, D. Bare, T. Kern, P. Miller, I.. Trudel. A R T C l. UB Bottom: 5. Davies, K. Timken, L Foster, B. Sheckler, G. Mossbarger, D. Hoiles. J. little, Mr. Severin. Sec- ond: B. Saunders. M. Schroeder, J. Cornelius. R. Mungia, E. Miranda, D. Eishen, K. Bateson, J. Bal- donado, C. Troxell. Third: J, Timberlack, A. Alex- ander. M. Wasson, C. Bloom, R. Strickland, M. Elrod, K. Bateson. FUTURE FA RMER5 OF AMERICA Bottom: R. Aurand, A. Wright, 5. Kinney, P. choter, B. Bechstein, K. Workman, T. lckes. J. Johnson. Third: K. Kindle, C. Elarton, M. Wasson. M. Curtis, J. Meyer, T. LeWaIlen, B. Palmer. Fourth: T. Burk, B. Coakley, D. Beck, R. Evans, M. Davies, R. Smith, A. Clark George, J. Beaverson, B. Haws, Mr. Borer. Sec- ond: J. Mercer, 5. Peters, M, Wright, M. Bens- ANNUAL STAFF Bottom: C. Peery. L. Foster, J. Baxley. L. Bresler. Top: Mrs. Wellman Mdvisorj, M. Yar- nell, L. Firsdan, M. Morlock, B. Harrison, B. Rice LIBRA RIA N5 Boitom row: Mrs. Brand, T. Davis. M. Konves. M. Shaw, D. Bare, V. Keckler, J. Gill. Second row: J. Wegman, A. Firsdon, K. Weiker. B. Arnold. G. Burk. R. Wickard, B. Hanny. Third row. J. Stephens. J. Smith. JOURNALISM STAFF L Allion. Mrs. Neifer fAdvisorJ. B. Rice. D. Barndt, K. Noble, R. Casin A. Sheline, R. Strickland, D. McDonald, B. Graham. FUTURE HOMEMA KER5 ASSOCIATION Bottom: H. Nietz, J. Johnson, B. Coakley, C. Bloom. Middle. G. Graham, L. Trudel, J. Minich, W. Eilert. top: B. Evans, Mrs. Nietz, C. Aurand, L. Wise, Miss Boroff PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Bottom: K. Uzelac, R. Strickland, B. Harrison, Second row: L. Bresler, T. Sterling, B. Sheckler, Mr. Nespeca: Third row: M. Shaw, A, Wolfe. J. Thompson, K. Hupp, K. Parker. OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Bottom. A. Curtis, B, Langley, S. Luman, D, Mit chem, J. Barnhisel, R. Stubbins, M. Stone, J. Box ley. Second: K. Ramey, B. Johnson, J. Powell, M Boggs. D. McDonald, J. Mathias, Mr. Reiser. Third: P. Miller, D. Garner. S. Kreais, A, Baldon- ado. T. Stanlorth. J, Bankey. Fourth. Mrs. Wellman, D. Tyson, C, Norton, A Miller, J. Wise, L. Zeigler, R. Crawford. Top: H, Sams. C. Stevens, M, Gorrill, L. Elrod, T. Brossia. SCIENC First row. C. Amos. S. Schafer, K. Bateson, .l. Harris, R. Hoadley. A. Goodwin. B. McDaniel. T. Davis: Sec- ond row: K. Hoot, P. Cessna. M. Shirley, M. Morlock. B. Harrison, S. Ickes. M. Shaw. D. Bare, Mrs. Potter Mdvisorj: Third row: A. Wolfe, B. Haws, H. Schroeder. B. Graham. First row. Ms. Burton Mdvisorj. K. Hoot. L Allion. L. Bowsher. S. Bowsher. J. Evans, J. Harris, J. Tahy. Second row. K. Bateson. S. Schafer. C. Amos. M. Rhodes. T. Staneart. H. Nietz. D. Emmitt, Third row: K. Werner. A. Goodwin. S. Hoot, R. Hoadley, P. Cessna. L. Trudel. B. McDaniel. Founh row. A. Stearns. D. Hoadley. G. Amos. H. Steinhauer. P. Bresler. T. Burton. C. Coffelt. O. W E First row. B. Barringer, J. Webb. S. Andrich, R. Hos ley. S. Cotlerman: Second row: Mr. Marquette CAdvi sorj, D. Vestal. R. Rhoden, R. Beckford, J. Bibler. MARCHING BA D a 1 - 1 , , 4 , , I First row: D, Haynes, T. Burton. D. Houtz, L Coulter, G. Gray. J, Vaughn, G. Mossbarger. T. Staneart, A. Miller: Second row: B. Carpenter, L Bowsher, J. Harris, K, Craig, P. Bowsher, S. Bowsher, T. Carpenter, L Long, T. Kern: Third row, B, Bechstein. D. Hoadley, C. Alexander, P. Bresler, K. Bateson, G. Kern, P. Frankforther, V. Shultz, K. Parker, Fourth row: T. Sterling, A. Wolfe, L. Davies. J. Frederick, D, Eishen. B. Sheekler, D. Barndt, M. Rhodes, Fifth row: J. Castor, A. Alexander, K. Bowe, l., Nonnemaker, H. Hotmer. R. Hoadley, C. Bresler. L Lippert, A. Stearns: Sixth row: S. Frankfather, .l. Meyer, D, Sheckler, K. Hupp, J, Werner, T, Sheline, 1, Tahy, C. Coffelt, Seventh row: A, Keiffer. D. Shane, T. Tyson, K. Werner, P, Elrod, C. Haynes. R, Miller. R. Bankey, K, Ramey, 5. Derr, First row. P. Bresler. B, Sheckler. C, Bresler, H. Hotmer, R. Hoadley. T. Sterling, J, Harris, G. Gray, Second row: J. Frederick, D. Haynes, P. Bowsher, K. Bateson: Third row: T. Staneart. L Bowsher, M. Rhodes, A. Wolfe: Fourth row: S. Bowsher, S. Derr, A, Miller. K, Parker, V. Shultz, Fifth row: D. Eishen. J. Werner, J. Meyer, Sixth row: D. Hoadley, G. Kern, P. Frankforther, C. Alexander. Mr, VanBrussel fDireetorj, D, Houtz. T. Burton, CHOIR Front row: D. Beck, D, Tyson, L. Miranda, C. Peery. D. Apple, S. Derr, K. Patterson, B. Askins, M. Phillips, D. Hoiles, J. Haas, J. Gantt, S. Spears, A, Crawford, H. Steinhauer, T. Carpenter, B, Carpenter, M. Crawford, Second row: C. Walker, A, Coulter, L. Elrod, C. Coffelt, D. Heinze. B. Spaulding, M. Stone, T, Cupp, E. Harmon, T. Burton, E. Carr, K. Kindle, D, Dobis, B. Schroeder, T. Tyson, P. Gantt, L. Trudel, D. Smith, B. Carpenter, Third row: M. Yarnell, L. Wise, P, Williams, D. Haynes, J. Kern, C, Troxell, G. Amos, H. Nietz, B, Arnold, D, McDonald, J. Brough, R. Benschoter. G. Kern. S. Siville, C. Firdson, A. Rosendale, L. Firsdon, B. Kreais, L. Bursiek. J, Foster, Mr. Bell fDirectorQ, Fourth row: T. Davis. B. Haws. T. Ervin, D, Hoadley, M. Spears, L. Ziegler, R. Smith, J. Evans, D. Johnson, D. Houtz, D, Bare, V Keckler, W. St. Clair, M, Elrod, L. Miller. C. Haynes. L. Nonnemaker, C, Hoot, K, Hoot, Fifth row. T. Davis, C. Maxwell, M. Rhodes, L. Long, H. Mitchem, C. Amos, A, Alexander, J. Castor, K. Haughawout, D, Spears, B. Gerkens, R. Castor, T. Sterling, T. Kern, B. Bowen, C. Alexander, M. Avery, T. Lewallen, S. Bonecutter, L. Allion. J. Johnson, K. Noble, R, Hoadley, J. Harris. ROYAL TROUB DOURS First row: A. Curtis. B. Arnold, J. Harris, D. Johnson. T. Carpenter, K, Patterson, R. Benschoter, C. Coffelt, T, Lewallen, J. Boxley, Second row, Mr. Bell KDirectorQ, L. Bursiek. G. Kern, M. Rhodes, T. Burton, L. Long, T. Kern, L, Ziegler, C. Alexander, C, Amos. R. Castor, H. Nietz. CONCERT BA D Front raw. H. Hotmer, K. Bateson, L. Davies, D. Haynes, K. Parker, A. Stearns, .l. Frederick, P. Bowsher, A. Miller, Second row: T. Carpenter, R. Hoadley. K. Bowe. C. Coffelt, S. Boneeutter. A. Keiffer. D. Hoadley. A. Alexander. P. Frankforther, J. Harris. G. Kern, T. Staneart. R. Sheekler. I.. Lippert, K. Werner. S. Bowsher, C. Haynes. L. Nonnemaker, V. Shultz. Third row. T. Tyson, S. Derr, C. Alexander. A. Wolfe, M. Rhodes, S. Frankfather, C. Bresler. J. Meyer. L Bowsher. T. Sterling, J. Tahy, J. Castor, B. Carpenter. B. Bechstein, K. Craig, L long. T. Sheline. D. Eishen. J. Werner, D. Barndt. D. Sheckler, T. Kern. P. Bresler, Fourth row: Mr. Van Brussel fDirectorQ. T. Burton. D. Houtz. G. Gray, J. Vaughn, G. Mossbarger, P. Elrod, L Coulter. .IAZZMEN Front row: A. Wolfe. C. Alexander. J. Meyer. T. Sterling, B. Sheckler. D. Barndt, M. Rhodes. Second Row. J. Harris, D. Houtz, T. Sterling. BOWLING TEAMS ff First row: M. Hoiles, D. McDonald, L. Ziegler, R. Smith. K. Alvarado, K. Noble, B. Coakley, S. Bonecutter, J. Johnson, D. McDonald, R. Evans, D. Spears. Second row. A. Goodwin, J. Harris, C. Amos, S. Schafer. L. Foster, B. McCracken, J. Evans, D. Barndt, L. Sidle, M.Shirley, J. Stephens, K. Haughawout, R. Strickland, Third row: P. Bowsher, M. Boggs, D. Emmitt. H. Hotmer. L. Miller, M. Elrod, L. Nonnemaker, K. Bowe, C. Bloom, J. Baldonado, K. Peery, A. Baldonado, Fourth row. J. Kominek, T. Helmick, M. Lashuay, P. Elrod, K. Warner, I. Coulter, C. Elarton, M. Shaw, B. Close, K. Timken, T. Tyson, S. Derr, B. Schroeder, D. Houtz, Fifth row: D. Woodruff A Stearns, J. Castor, K. Hague, Q. Wolfe, T. Sterling, B. Whitman, B. Harrison, M. Morelock, M. Yarnell, B. Haws, Sixth row. R. Rothenbuhler, R. Castor, H. Mitchem, J. Wasson, T. Burton, H. Steinhauer. H. Nietz, D. Johnson, J. Tahy. C. Coffelt, C. Peery, P. Williams, Seventh row. T. Schooner, M. Mullins, L. Schooner, H. Schroeder, H. Sams, T. Stanforth, A. Miller, B. Bowers, A. Rosendale, C. Firsdon, L. Maidment, Eighth row. N. Ferguson, K. Kreais, J. Haas, J. Gantt. C. Spears, P. Gantt, M. Elder, K. Hupp, K. Ramey, C. Miller, A. Parker, P. Heinze, Ninth row: K. Hansen, L. Elrod, A. Coulter, L. Lippet, M. Gorrill, D. Smith, T. Sheets M. Hemminger, S. French, R. Bankey. BLOODMOBILE X - f g 4 - A - A First row: D. Barndt, P. Bresler. B. Gerkens, T. Sheets, T. Sterling, A. Wolfe, Second row: Mr. Black fOrganizerQ, P. Brough, J. Thompson, L. Bowsher. K. Weiker, M. Rhodes, C. Amos CChairpersonj, J. Johnson, M. Yarnell, C. Maxwell, D. Haynes, K. Alvarado. L. Allion, A. Goodwin, K. Hansen, Third row. L. Bresler. D. McDonald, D. McDonald. S. Schafer, K. Uzelac, R. Smith, R. Castor, P. Cessna, C. Peery, D. Emmitt, J. Gill, Mr. Gross, Fourth row. R. Stubbins, B. Langley, A. Curtis, M. Stone, M. Avery, R. Hadley, K. Hoot, E. Miranda, R. Strickland, J. Boxley, B. Graham, Mrs. Szymczak, Fifth row. C. Stevens, D. Emmitt, A. Long, B. McDaniel. B. Harrison, G. Burk, J. McQueen, T. Kern, L. Long, S. lckes, P. Hartman, P. Daniels, Sixth row: A. Sheline, B. Sheldon, D. Spears, k. Haughawout, A. Baldonado, S. Kreais, J. Johnson, M. Gorrill, S. Schafer, K. Bateson. G. Gray, Seventh row: S. Davies, J. Mercer, J. Bankey, L, Foster, K. Ramey, T. Stanforth, B. Bowers, Mr. Nespeca. Mr. Wood. B. Whitman. games -...Q Aka. Table of Contents Football Volleyball Cross Country Marching Band Golf Spmt Week Pep Rally Fall Homecoming Cheerleaders Bowling Boy s Basketball Wrestling Wrestlerettes Girl s Basketball Pep Band Journalism Annual Staff N H S Induction Gingerbread Houses Senior Sub Sales Penta Christmas Concert Hall Decorating Wmter Homecoming Librarians Wmter Spmt Week Bloodmoblle FTA Student Council Musical Science Projects Honors Banquet Recognition for Art Home Maintenance 5 Guidance Aides Wrestling Queen FFA King and Queen Troubadours Solo and Ensemble 5 Olympics of the Mmd Art Festival Freshman Bowling Ofhce Education Foreign Language Club FCA FFA FHA Prom Awards Assembly Baseball Track Senior Breakfast Graduation Ad Section 0 4 4 . .,..,......,..,,. 64 ' .....,........... 68 " ......,.,...,....... 72 ' ..,.,.,.,..,.., 76 ' ., ...............,.,... 82 ' ,.,,..,,......., 84 ' ...,..........,,....., 88 " ................ 92 . .,.........,......,,. 95 ' .........,.,.,......, 96 ' ....,.......... .98 ' .,...,...... 99 1- ' ............... I00 ' ..........., I04 ' ,...........,.. I06 ' ' ...,.,,... I08 ' ' ..,.......,...,...,.. IIO ' " ,...,......, III ' .,...,.,.....,.... II2 , ......,........,,....... II4 ' ....,..,...... II5 ' ,... . ..,...........,.. lI6 ' ' ..,....,,,,... II9 , ..........,.. I20 " ......,,,.. I2I ' ' ..,.......... I22 ' ..,..... I23 ' ' ..,...,. I25 ' ...,..........,... I26 ' ,.,.,....... I28 ' ' .............. I29 ' .......,, I3 ' .............,. I50 ' .............,..... I5I ' .................., I5 VARSITY FOOTB LL U A 15:9 ik 65 iuwg Front row, R, Crawford, S. Kreais, D. McDonald, J. Evans, R. Smith, S. Davies, S. Schafer, D. McDonald, J. Mercer, D. Spears, T. Brossia, S. Ickes: Second row: T. Uzelac, C. Alexander, J. Rickard, M, Davies, T. Cupp, S. Roberts, B, McDaniel, A, Shultz, B. Evans, T. Mayo, T. lckes, A. Long, J. Cornelius, Third row: A, Goodwin, J. lckes, B, Slaughterbeck, V. Mahler. J. Smith, B. Arnold, B. Foster, G. Liep, E. Slaughter- beck, K. Patterson, B. Saunders R. Moore, S. Pollard, Coach Hill, Fourth row: Coach Szymczak, M, Schroeder, R. Benschoter, G. Kern, M. Curtis, D, Seibert, G. Mossbarger, D. Wright, M. Wasson. J. Williams, C. Thompson, K. Timken, Coach Marquette, CAPTAINS MOST IMPROVED PLA YER Steve Davies Tim Brossia SLI' SEL ECTIONS Rod Smith I Dan McDonald MIKE DUNCAN A WARD Fffff TQHH' Defense Jeff Evans Jeff Evans Rad Smffh " Tackle Tom Cupp - Safety OUTSTANDING OFFENSIVE MOST VALUABLE PLA YER LINEMAN Dan McDonald Second Team Defense Randy Saunders Steve KIEZTS - End ALL -DISTRICT NORTHWEST OHIO 1 OUTSTANDING OFFENSIVE BA CK Honorable M'?"f'0'1 Steve Davies Second Team Steve Davfes Steve Davies Jason Smnh OUTSTANDING DEFENSIVE Rod Smith UNEMAN Second Team Offense Rod Smith HONORABLE MENTION ALL-STA TE D-1" MCDOH-'fd - OU-fffffbafff 5-,eve Davies . ' Jeff Evans - End OUTSTANDING DEFENSIVE BACK Rod Smith Johff Cvfnflfyf - Tafklf Jeff Evans Tim Brossla - Back The Royals run onto the Held as they prepare for another victory, V RSITY 5 Jeff was an important part of the offense and the defense. S C OREB OA RD WE THE Y Bowling Green 20 44 North Baltimore 20 3 Hopewell-Louden 6 7 Oak Harbor I6 I8 Woodmore 6 7 Genoa 22 0 Lakota 32 6 Otsego 0 I0 Eastwood 0 7 Gibsonburg 6 0 The Royal defense was very aggressive this season. The team worked well together as the seniors led them to victory. The Royal defense stopped many touchdowns during the season. Dan roncentrating as he looks for an open receiver. Holding back that offensive line. Steve focuses his attention on Coach Marquette as he lays out the strategy. X x Brett Evans getting piay from sideline. .m...s.W ..... ,,,,,T,,,.... , 5- X 1111g. .,'i3..., f 5 i r Q-3 wt A eg! Tony Ickes kicking aff The Rayals line up for the Raiders. RESHMEN E -. Q o KL IX ... , Y, Q, ng Nfy , i x V ' f'?:R Coach Z gives the freshmen a strategy session. Everyone goes for the ball. The offensive line takes a stand, SPECIAL RECOGNITION ALL-LEAGUE Jenny Harris - ls! Team Angie Keiffer - Honorable Mention Amy Curtis - Honorable Mention ALL DISTRICT Jenny Harris 2nd Team Angie Kelffer Honorable Mention SENIOR DISTRICT ALL S TAR GAME Jenny Hams Kneeling: L Long, D. Apple: Second row: A. Keiffer. T. Myers, P. Cessna, Coach Burton. A. Curtis. B. Sheckler, K. Craig: Third row. C. Amos, K. Hoot: Fourth row: J. Harris. I.. Allion. v N-ww-ww N . M A I C. Hoot. D. Apple, C. Firsdon, J, Tahy. D. Hoadley, A. Rosendale, P. Williams. G. Amos, A. Stearns. H. Schroeder, D. Shane. N. VARSITY ACTIO The Most Improved Award went to Amy C urtis, Jenny received the honor of being voted Most Valuable this year. .i To be a good volleyball player you have to he strong. I i The team concentrating on the volleyball. , I W- V In 1 We iwl i Angie jumping to spike the ball on the opponents side. .Mt.V- M-wW..W,,,, ,V ua, ww, A ' " 'wfftiwgar an -Mash e team works hard to put up a victory. Dawn sets the ball up for action. . V VOLLEYBALL Coach instructing players to victory. Carrie shows good form while set- ting. Jodi shows power behind this one. Volleyball hada winning record in Carrie watches as Angie spikes one over. Defense is important in volleyball. ue action. COACH'S COMMENTS The Elm wood Cross Country Team finished 6-9 overall in dual meets and had a sparkling 5-2 record outside of the league. When Coach Gross was asked about the suc- cess of this year's team, his response was, "we had three major goals: lj improve from the pre' vious year: 22 establish a full girls team: 3 2 Io be competitive. My program was developed to include every- one on the team. This worked well. each athlete played an intrical pan and there were times when we surprised ourselves with our ability. We also surprised a lot of teams this year and the kids felt success and hopefully that will carry us in coming years. l . Coach Gross 's first Cross Country Team grew in numbers and wins this year. 5 K 7 11 r as new ,,,, W if is v 5 lifz ZA A ::?V: ,fz ,, ,,,ir,e.rr,,,r.. ,V,,,,,,,.eii.,l.e,ii,, K , .,,.y, y,:.,,,,2, ,,.,,,:i , Z y,,, .i,, gy El im igii ifg in 2 5 2 W W: i i , . 4 f 1 K I U ,, .,,. 15,1 vlrzggj E , 1 ,af All . We , E 5 E' . 5 Q , 2 he 5 My M p, i 3 40, , 1 Q my . 5, EI W- sg YE Mil 55 we 4 y ,,yye gms 1 J? i' e 5 52, I E 1 in 452 2? 55 . ' QW? fs 55255 , 5 r , r p 52 5 lv se 2 in 55253225 . 1. 5 5 g 5 A 2 - - , is 5i,,+n,,y5 f ii 255 25,22 r if A r 5 55553 1 A V552 CQ 5 25523 j 5 g I I E if s gii f Z .f lg, i j 3 , ,wood Z 2 i fEfl2:ff? l7Z, E Y f 1 'ape well-L widen P Q L . Wendt, -n 'ii i M '. ' or Y ir V 9 23 ? i f i ,,,, ' E f V' uui ' A "ii' 'if' " , ,, T ,, H E, ,,,,,. e ,:., ffl fir 7 ,X ' ,asa-gm ,zwf ass., lg ming? l g? 5 E52 FV ?2 6 3 ii F' a E if! a 3 I 12 fi! 2 Qs 5' U ri fi g f ff is if 1 H 5 555 5 5 U 5 f 45 sf gg f EF' V I5 Ri 5 E , ,Mizz , 5 21512 1212 f E 5 Cf? W 1 'E 1 ' so as f QL ff 5 sf ,Hfm ' 2 , ..,, J z W r ,..., 5 i ii an-w'-wx -M ,, -rn ff W-we-f kv I ,J ,V iW?11,W il" E: Q ,fWm,,ag, .rf is fmwfazp, 5 , A b .r'v H Fort VE Q 3 l 5 S RES Q t gags? 7 E E 3 5 gy 2 f I? f Il , Qi an? , W V f 1 W 55 t me Wei 4, I8 QV 2 I rg , I 2 E is ff! , ff 1 1 W E . 1 . i sy J f gn 5 V si? X F Mg 1 f if sf 4, fuel 3 '54 f 2 , as 'H . ga 5 .sf 2,5 E is 42 1 Y i fc J , 3 if -5 222295 7 . 5 E 35 ii , 325' Q , CD X ilu 5 1 M t ' h 9 fa ,, , sz me -1: , V ? 25' 3-1-If I E 251142 f 2 -Q , fy, -, wwf 1 1 all 225321 E ,if f 25 Q fini 4 3 f 4 Wg f yt its fi' f 1 fx if fi f ef J W MQ!! ' H 2 ji! f' s , 5 , , .1 , I "" 3' . ' ' ' , ,,,, Ll, Q H ---f .,,, , M ,f U ,ffwml W .. ,,f,M,2, ,,,,,,,,, , - . -QL we ' f f ' ' W Lf" A 'Q ,, ' fwifiehhiif px , , , ' ""' " 4 ,, .. H f ,X ,,,,,, - Y' , ., Kevin recorded excellent limes this season. J 4 "'lr-.,. Randy worked hard this year in Cross David runs the course. Melissa was one of five girls on the Country. team. Bottom Row: .l. Fredrick, T. Helmiclr, J. Gill. M. Shirley, C. Peery, K. Kindle: Middle Row: J 9ankey, A, Wolfe, K, Uzelac, D. Lamberl, R. Kindle, W Briggs, D. Sheckler, D, Bare. S, Peters Top Row. J. Thompson. Coach Gross. R. Hoadley. l985 CROSS OU TRY 0 Robyn sel the pace as co-captain of the Cross Country learn. Jim Thompson pushing himself to the limit. Andy concentrates on bearing his own pre vious record. The team huddles up for a quick pep talk before the race. The Royal stretch. Royals eagerly awaiting the race to begin so they can set new goals. HONORS COACH29 MOS T VALUABLE Jim Thompson TEAMS MOST VALUABLE Male - Kevin Llzelac Female - Robyn Headley MOS T IMPROVED Andy Wolfe Doug Lambert Ken Kindle Warming up eases some ofthe tension before .3 meet. A 1 Doug is pouring on the speed to finish the race ahead of time. ROY L M RCHING PRIDE ,A..,.,. 1137. ,- H h w' K -f Ml ..- ' ' " , 75 U m 1 ' gn V , , v " F"" VF' ....., "" ,,..,.,,.,,,..,.ma.,.M,-, ., -W: g Hli.2qg::, :f'Z.gq:T' :wwf f - ' - ,mu " ig" . ""' ' V , tiff I V .. . , ,. .. ,,., , A , ,. V W I . ,Ei,M,. I I V f N , Q ,ff,,H,,, H . K -, - 4 . ff' by M, v 'Y ,,.. QM ' H' R H 2 ' A f " ' ' " " R 1 -f-- , "" R ' H - ' fy ---- , V I - , ,, L f x : V l 4,g- mf W .Jax MA.. ,,r:',wf'f 'W ,V ,. J I "' , , -W i , '- - ' K ,j"'1ih,.N .bgJ,,43g :yamaA2wns3! vm, MMM-WW-A-W--W 0-f J ff- ffff W :mLf,5,eig,, , , ,R , I .ii ff-. -As... DIRECTOR MR. VAN BRUSSEI. The Marching Raya! Pride provided entertain- ing and festive halftime shows for the Elm- wood crowd. Their imaginaiive routines and excelient choreography made this season one of flteir bes! ever. H LF TIME Dana Haynes Field Commander wg, 9 BIGGER A ND THA N P RFORMA NCES ,, f! ' 'Q A E, Ehehhh 1 ' fe E e M Q' ' ' :'1 1 ef E X? A ,jx A ,Q . ,, xp ...A t 4 nm 'uf' z i .f 'Q -' 'W?11ffiir?':'11 ' ,,,., - I Ah 3, .. , - 'RK-'fxs'..pw V ,, -I . T ,nz.""...-vm ' f xx -1 ' ,,. I . . H W ,, ,Qi -, f:,:fI" ,, Q I ,. 4- To stan' off their season lhe Royal Marching Pride attended Band Camp to help them pre- pare for the season ahead New 'uniforms were purchased because of the new numbers in the band, This allowed the band fo make their halftime shows even better than before. Lf Amy Miller E Q Fieid Commander , BETTER EVER SCORES WE THEY l97 North Baltimore 223 I 76 Eastwood l9.? Rossford I89 -197 Oak Harbor .XD 204 Liberty Benton I73 l96 Woodmore 197 Oak Harbor 185 I 76 Fostoria I 74 Oli Fort l6I Clay I 70 l89 Gibsonburg I87 Genoa I 77 Lakota l84 165 McComb I7 7 Miller City 174 l79 Otsego l55 Lakota 198 North Baltimore 194 Q Kneeling: S. Siville, R. Allgire, B. Askins. R. Evans, E, Slaughterbeck: Standing: R. Wickard. G. Burk, M, Avery, K. Haughawout, Coach Brand. After four years of golf at Elmwood, Kenny was one of the best golfers the L team has ever had. The golf team was able to enjoy some excellent fall weather. Ed qualihed to participate at regionals by shooting an 82 at Detwiler in Toledo. At regionals, Ed shot a 92. An outstand- ing year for a freshman. 2 a X If 1, . - f 4 A 1w,f.', ' 9 g 'f '- , L Ni 21 W. 6 ww 1, xt, Af i --Q M ,W A 1- A ,,,, My l..,,,A M , wr!! Honors CAPTAIN - KENNY HAUGHA WOUT MOST IMPROVED GOLFER - MIKE A VERY b SPIRIT Hawaiian spirit hits Elmwood. These girls are ready for a luau. Julie and Emo make up a wild pair on Punk Day. Kim is decked out in her totally punky outfit. - .fc I ' f, , W wg J? f , , 4 A v I ,f 2,45 ..:: f, ,,, W, , 4, , , ,Q i I ,ag 4 . . f, .JK If W ,ws :af 4 ., My .AT ,V QQ Q ,M A W f '2 4 ,, WV kr ,M "uf, Tw , Q ,Ak in W, A,,,, ,gs as 53 M gmt 1 I 4 in af 5 , 5. .,,.. ,,fEu, , Q 1? Y f Z, gjf 1.. ,,,g,qv-1-nwwum.,.,.QmM,w,.,.,1.,, ,,, F EW 'L" A5-ya' ,, ,Q ni ,, 5, '02 5 , 1 5 i X-fimhyg 3 5 'L Na K , J , i , J 4 7 W .gfwwg , gt-q,:,,f-,y..,,,.,. .. iw, if 94 M - 3: ,, , if ,, mfr ' 4 E :g f dw- 4? ,c www, GO . .GO...GO..GO BY, , XS Dan gave an inspirational speech. The pep rallies this year proved to be exciting and crowd pleasing. asia. V-l-C- T-O-R-Y that's our Freshman battle cry! 3-46- 1 5 Shake . . . Shake, Shake, SHAKE IT UP!! JUNIORS say GO BLUE!! lu Q! SPIRIT ALIVE J- I 85 The Band sparks the crowd. t xx X Q x i .. ax be Seniors show their spirit! Sophomores are on their feet! 55 UH ..,, g M M. y gd , ,+....... WA., . W Skits and chants pepped up the ROYAL SPIRIT!! SENIOR JUNIOR Amy Curtis Bryan McCracken SOPHOMORE QUEEN Lisa Allion Jeff Evans Melissa Shirley Phillip Heinze FRESHMAN Julie Wasson Dawn Apple Brian Foster Mark Curtis M. Curtis. D. Apple. C. Allian, K. Bmssia, Pi Heinze, M. Shirley, J, Evans, L Allion. A. Curtis. B. McCracken, J. Wasson, 8. Foster, N, Evans, C. Kfrian, L Feasel. B, Moore. Tall , -f nmecomugg VARSITY YI M, Stone, L. Elrod. D, Barndt. M. Rhodes, A. Miller. I.. Ziegler. R. Smbbins. .LM H. Mitchem. M, Stone. J. Wasson, C. Coffell. A. Coulter. FRESHMEN K. Warner, D. Heinze, L. Bursiek. C. Troxell, T. Whitman, J, Wiseman CHEERLEA DING SQUAD5 Varsity S .l.V. Advisor Kelli Reiser Freshmen Advisor ' Sandy McHaffie Q rw 1 s .M i' " ,rf 5 DF 953. I , wifi- "' FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS The freshmen cheerleaders worked long and hard to come up with new and exciting routines for their games and for pep rallies. they also helped to decorate the team's lockers and to paint signs to rally the freshmen to victory. I A A 1 at J VA RSI TY 5 Q? iw 1 The J. V. 's spent a lot of time working together to come up new routines which were excellent he J. V and Varsity often united as one unit to enable them to emphasize their thleticism and to create bigger and better mounts. Signs were ever present to create spirit at EHS. AL.. I Dianne and Laura discussing scoring procedures. E r,ss W rrrV,,f Ns, M A LELLL rrrrr 'ZA FL373E!Ki9" rrrr in ' LEAGUE Elfod U rrr Q5 'iA' Terry Stanforth fl ' ' 'L '::g,,'EEi ZMWVL , fr ' -EL SINGLE LL Melissa wondering, "why me?" ROLL O Dana looks pleased with her bowling. Durrell takes time out to pose for the camera Tammy and Shannon check out their scores -4. li' LEAGUE E LLL LLLLL A ngftf Parker 51957 LLLL A A LLLLL Phil Heinze C21 B LEAGUE V irr Heather Mitche 702 , 'ef 'W F - A Matt Hoiles j ,L A is Lee si , we Q X 45' A QL x X if X F'-sw A. Bowling gives the students a chance to get together just for lun. Q X 5 1 .. . , , . , 593 me 5. L3 TEH5 J' i Ready . . . Set . . . Go for it! In ' 'M Tom is concentrating on a strike. 45" XX N35- SXQSYX The N.A.D.S. are getting psyched for this game. Ryan looks like he is ready for this game. The team talking about the strategy. The different motions of bowling. K r ff' iii lzn k W' f--- ' ' ' f',zfz'3Zf , Angie Pa it ,r. PM He-f rrrsr T Top SER, ' ,, A LEAGUE, 1 Shannon Derr f-15 2 Brian CIO f 5 T Vgvai' Heidi 5 ,VHA HONORS T BEST SHOOTING PERCENTAGE Andy Sheline f 3 Q 5 CAPTAIN 5 Andy Sheline ? MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Andy Sheline BEST FOUL SHOOTER Andy Sheline BEST DEFENSI VE PLA VER Tom Cupp www, BEST FLOOR GAME W Jim Bankey R' h' Jim was selected as lhe player with the ben new game this year. Craig is aggressive at the nel as he puls the ball up. w Mike keeps an eye on his man as he makes his way down Ihe Wes 's quick reflexes were a Royal advantage. floor. B'i""'5 df'ff"'5iVf' m3"f'UVf'fi"S LWLPFJ 'he RUWLS- The Royals look ready al the baske! to take the rebound. VA RSI TY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD THE Y Van Buren Genoa Rossford Andy was one of the bes! offensive players to ever come out of Elmwood High School, He was selected to play in the Sentinel Cage Classic and the Distrivt All Star Game, Woodmore Oak Harbor Grbsonburg Eastwood Norfh Baltimore Otsego Fostona Genoa Woodmore Oak Harbor Bowling Green Grbsonburg Eastwood Otsego Areadra Lakota SEC TIONAL Fostoria WE 46 97 56 34 67 95' 58 66 59 48 64 ' 59 5 7 60 60 ' 62 59 6 7 5 3 ' 5 7 48 Lakota 8l 53 70 51 60 35 50 5 I ' 5 7 52 ' 50 48 73 63 58 56 1 ' 60 48 74 56 ' 76 Tim showed excellent form in putting up the ball A. Sheline, T. Brossia, C, Campbell, B. Arnold, S, Langley, W, Harmonl B. Sheldon, Tom showing his fine defensive work M. Avery, T. Cupp. J. Bankey. .l. M BASKETB l.l. Mike's aggressiveness was a key factor to the First row: Scott Siville. Ryan Allgire:5econd row: Rick Coakley. William Briggs, Jason team. Bateson, Mike Wilson, Ron Wickard, Andy Long, Ted Lewallen. K i 2' ,W-. cegaf 5 RMJ, K 'M I an G William puts it up for two. Ryan was a major factor to the team 's of Coach Brand instructing on team strategy. fense. Scott is shooting for a Royal basket. Andy 's height helped the Royals on rebounding. Front row 5 Bowsher R Moore G Kern M Curtis E Slaughterbeck. Second row Coach Hill M Schroeder K Timken T lckes R Benschoter, P. Frankfather, Maw, The defense did a good job keeping the opponent from scoring. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Q '37 The Royals are ready at the net for the rebound. n. Mark has excellent form at the foul line. Coach Hill points out the vital plays to carry out. Joe looks determined for this basket. 1-h L K I iddd M Uli d 3 .- .Ji f' iii. les ..If , fsaisi f , W O? T05 : M as E. , :T x+ . ... .,,,,..x: I .: 5,:.,..,,::f.a5..... K iind M , Kevin 1 John Cornelius in ddli WRESTLING of -if First row: R, Kindle, 8. Carr, M, Phillips, J, Dominique. M. Ellingen B. Saunders, K. Uzelac, K, Mungia, J, Rickard, M. Davies, K. Kindle, C. Thompson: Second row: B, Hanny. 5. lckes. T, Mayo, D. Bare, A. Schultz, J. Cornelius, T. Uzelac, T. Kem. B. Foster, B. Evans, E, Miranda. :VVV VVAhAV g . X M4 NX ,f X ff N f , u x Brett bags a Bulldog. David working the arm. Mike tries to gain control, kg Q D5 , I38 Rickard , , r KKVVV I . 53 -L fm Q ,Ba e I 6 7 f H 7: le! :W 1 , , , , .qmelius J l99 1 , ,,h" I 'L"" if W N' W Q 222014-5' '1 f 2 .W, .. , , , f 4 ws 1 1 f f n f if J, r rr f ff ,fy 5 , ,V , i f 5 ffm f Tony works for the win. The Royal team watches patiently. ssii a4n .j:2,r','5' k , ,,fV:7j1gf.,, f, G ' ,gw 'M f if 2 S by ,is 5 if QW L KZZWM ff, 9 W' 1 J fs J 2 5 i Z 4 2 5 S f 5. WV fl iff , W5 f or f R f , A 1 7 X M 2 W ,day M, Ig W af xW W Aff I 2 W K 1 'WWW WW in 472' 7 S. 2 'QQW David wins another one for the Royals. John gains a pin for his own personal record. Toby 121125 dvwv his 0PP0"e"'- SSH!! U Kevin was selected M VW this season. The team waits for the ROYAL victory! t in f'f' S aaa S aaab Mark works the leg. Jason on the attack. VARSITY SCORES W 4 V 30 Oak 60 McComb 34 Genoa 25 Otsego -mMrr'!tTi SM 7th in Distrirt Shannon had a good year with good statistics. D. Tyson, M Keckler, L. Miranda, J. Barry, D. Eishen, D, Garner, P. Miller, B, V-larrison. As president, Brenda helped to organize the wrestlerettes. ,R You could always find the wrestlerettes at the meets supporting their team, Helping to keep score and to keep time. , t t X ,,, , 'V V ' S f-ff' Signs for the hallways is always a major job for the wrestlerettes. Using their artistic abilities, the wrestlerettes decorated the wrestler's lockers. ,,.. ,,,, ' ,mf3"',i5,,gg,5iiHe ' 'f9,Z"V4"Q.l'.l' 2 F y GIRL Janelle keeps her eye on the ball as she puts it up. Amy reaches high for rhe Royal rebound. HONORS CO-CAPTAIN - Kim Baleson and Robyn Hoadley BEST REBOUNDER - Amy Curtis BEST FOUL SHOOTER -- Kim Bateson BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER W- Robyn Headley BEST FLOOR GAME - Tricia Myers If I DISTRICT 7 ALL STAR GAME - Kim Bateson ' - REVIEW TIMES ALL STAR GAME - Amy Curtis Looks like Kim is surrounded as she tries lo gain control of the ball First row: Robyn Hoadley. Kim Bateson: Second row: Laura Bowsher, Amy Curlis, Sheryl Shafer: Third row: Kathryn Ann Craig, Angie Keiffer, Tricia Myers, Pam Cessna. Becky Sheckler, Janelle Wise, Coach Burton, B SKETB LL Robyn pushes lhmugh the crowd. SPECIAL RECOGNITION lst TEAM ALL 5.L.L. - Tricia Myers HONORABLE MENTION S.L.L. - Kim Bateson HONORABLE MENTION ALL DISTRICT 7 - Kim Bateson and Tricia Myers SENTINEL TRIBUNE CAGE CLASSIC - Kim Bateson and Laura Bowsher -.1 1 Pam waits for the rebound. Tricia shows good form as she makes her way Io the baske! E SCOREBOARD Wf asie A reee E ff-IH 35 ire 55 52 iff reeei 54 44 ogg f 1 72 39 Woodrniiziei 5l 49 Genera iI-' I 39 47 Lakota I 4l 40 Otsego 34 65 North Ballimore 43 45 Easnypafi- 85 50 46 37 Oak L.aA I 45 - A Q5 49 A E eaaa sssr evwlfng Green r Woudmorei :III IIIII I I Fostoria Genoa 49 Laknta 5 I Otsego 4 7 Easlwuud 60 Gibsonburg SECTIONAL GAMES . 58 - Genoa rrr-.'r Oak Harlmr l . M V Gnu. BASKETBALL - S First row: Pam Steeler, Shelly Vestal: 52COHdk!'0W: Becky Carpenter. Angie Sv Teresa Ervin, Gai! Amos. Amy Firsdon, Amy Wise. Dawn Apple. Coach Wood E I y I Ihe Royals reach hgh for this rebound m Dawn drives towards me baske, Amy follows through with good The Royal ,LM exclled in rebound ' form. :his year. Amy was an imponam pan gf the J, V, - Coach Wood instructs the team of a new pi squad. l Kr 94 L ik 3' K MAKING HEADl.l E5 As advisor, Mrs. Neifer instructs and lends support to the newspaper staff The staff members discussing ideas for future articles. iiiilll Dan and Kim having fun while working on the news- paper. Lisa 's getting ready into the computer. i B The Royal Pride staff taking a break while reviewing all their hard work. to put her article Andy is looking up information for his newspaper article. 'Q 1.-? K San' 51 W K The computers are very useful in editing and printing out newspaper. rs- L'-:L' I J SM R X .. New . ,i::N F Laura and Jean discuss the pages they are working, NNUAI. STAFF Paw ,-5. .4 Brenda is looking for a different layout Lori and Cassie are looking up what has to be done, M-ffl-2 is Wvflfillg' 011 her BHHU-al Page fchelle and Cassie are asking Mrs. Wellman a ques- l-WTB is Pifking UU' hff f-"V0fi'f Pfffuffs- 'IL NATI NAL HONOR SOCIETY On November 26, the National Honor Society under the direction of Mrs. Ault held their induction ceremony at the high school. Eleven new members received their pins at the induction. The entire organization then went to the Holiday Inn for breakfast. This year, the Society was more active than ever. At Christ- mas time they held a Progressive Dinner involving the present members and went caroling afterwards. As a service project, the National Honor Society helped the Student Council to gather food for the needy. The song "Take These Wings" was a new addition to the induction ceremony. Jeff introduces the four people to explain the Cardinal tues. Robyn was lighting new members candles before they took the pledge. NHS members giving new members their pins. MRS NlETZ'S REALITY :ZA MOST ORIGINAL STYLE 5 HOUSING FEATURES X11 Kevin Uzelac v 'I 1 NEATEST HOME DECORATIONS Lisa Sidle X1 MOST CLEVER USE OF CANDY Kim Noble BEST GINGERBREAD HOUSE IN THE SHOW Kevin Uzelac THE HOUSE YOU WOULD MOST LIKE TO EAT Ginger Adams 4' "1 M 'MZ -",,ff 7 2 WORKING OUR W Y TO BROADWAY Jeff was instrumental in getting the ingredients to- gether, 4 With the help of this sale, the cost of the senior trip was greatly reduced for many members of the class, You can't have a success story without a true leader - Mrs, Z . . . The assembly line worked swiftly and efhciently to get the subs done in retard time, From buns to salami this was fun. , A, , k,A. wfyy , ' 'mi' IV. f f fm: . w Julia Baloionado - Ciimmercial Af! Laura Bendele - Denfgl Assistanl i,"" Ann Bennek - and n ffades hlli Sec. 1 Ifadff Cm' no o nhn n l1 My Kafhfi l J llll l Q PQ. Michael Ault - Welding Jill Bowen - Cosmetology Dina Edmunds - Cosmelolgy Earl Frost Q- Auto-Mechanics , H Rob Graham - Machine Trades Jerry Ketcham - Cement Trades Randy Mominee -- Auto Body Iheresa Sifefd - Graphics , H H nfsfvrnf Anthony Tyson -4'WeIding Chris Wallace - Electronics Terri Winans - Graphics Pemxy Kreais -- Qosmelology Delliplement Gmphics NXJ .vu 6' M- V4 A' use ' ,, i n is 1 A """'M riff , y , 1 4. ' L i 1 1 I , 'H+ , n 1 " ,... I K L, 101 Earl has gained experience in working on autos. -. 3 ' Machines Trades is a popular area for students at Penis, i-V 4 .ff W ' ei , is H , A. X. Q ff'i Aff 1. ,,.. ,X ,Q 4 m-'ff eeA,.., AA FV! xxx i eete - I Jill has enjoyed her year at Penta. We K 'Q LuAmre prepares for a career in wsmetolvgy. Kanhy has enjoyed her studies in horticulture. ::, ' '9 . H A 6 , 0. 1 3 .3 "F, -we is 1 4 'S N. S i - fr-x 'F N TIL ,y 2 . 4 is 13 Q 1. gg w ,QM v , Q. Q ,iv , -gf' f 1 ' .. V,-sa--1,1 Hz.: 1' , V ,fn- ,Q I NW' V L f '1 l A,,, , Mas! of the sfudents wi!! be abfe to obtain a job upon graduation. K 4""'l?-. Q f 5 3-1. , 1 K. wwf 3, A a f Q4- rg -'Q A' ,if Eg, LE. J 3? JE' fi? MW? , -' ,N ,.,, ,, ,,.. ,.. , . U ,, N- i-:1 1 V , " Y-'rfziss-'uE,,, ' 1 Q4 f ' f, ' ,fw V- ,qi Q ,A - im V 5 4, r " ' is W' 25' -F. . ' , . ?51e5?T'J5?':Tuf , L-F7 ' , ,- 'N ' ,, ' W . .X kg Sim H lwfw j ' The Seniors relax whife making stars for their "Hall of Fame' Ihe California beach bums hit the Elmwood halls. theme, A Mrs. Ault looks astonished at the seniors lou effort. Working together is what made the Juniofs theme a g P winner, FN SEHS The sophomores 'Surfin' EHS" brougln the heat, The Freshman hall was very colorful with red, white, and pink streamers. v MM-, ,,,, mee..........,.,....... . The Juniors won the hall decorating contest with their "Rockin' A rea, jukebdx added 3 winning ,ouch ,O ,he junior? half with the Roy.-sis" theme. The sophomores worked under the direction of Mrs. Neifer. A lot at' time and effort from all the ciasses goes into ball decorating, The freshman decorated their lockers with foil, hearts, and streamers. L Fo! their first hall decorating contest the freshman did a nice job. qgsgx gg ,,,k z I 9? WINTER HOMECOMING FEBRUARY 1 I986o 986 QUEEN KIN - ia E -,! FGEEE Q 7 E S 4 PENTA SENIOR . JUNIOR A TTENDANT - Lisa Camden ESCOR T - Rob Strickland ESCORT - Scott Roberta . ESCORT - Mike Ault ATTENDANT - Dana Emmitt ATTENDANT - Tracy Vestal v I 5. JO 0' ll A SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN ATTENDANT - Heather Mitchem ESCORT - Randy Maare ESCORT - Brian Arnold ATTENDANT - Dawn Heinze JNAX' ff. in if Q rg-I' I985 QUEEN - Andi Dobis I985 ESCORT - Brad King O if ,Qi Justin Lybarger Chris Knitz Beth Ann Cron Jennifer Williams A f2ifQ1f1 hm c in i es. U v A an 'H' i , A Mike sorts through the magazines - . -ff! Keeping the library organized and keeping track of out checked material are just a few ofthe tasks ofa librarian WI TER SPIRIT WEEK 1 lg 7 V - 1 -Q ' mx . - ..-. U .:.,b mm f , I Libbey showing her latest "Tackv Wear," lp L-guldny be 'he ,gal "jim M4-Mahon, " For "Favorite Musician Day", Heidi and Cer- rina do it up right. W3 ,f f o-'fu Durrell always gets into the act. This group shows a wide interest in their favorite sport. af: I l z F ' 5 ,,,,,.J-V T1 Hall Decorating was part of "Spirit Week", Members of the team showed their spirit. Baseball is No. I with Laura. 111 WOODY PICK U T At the pack table, the girls put coded stickers on the blood packs. V l Mr. Black and chairperson Calhie Amos led the bloodmobile to be a great success. 'Wanna Students, such as Troy, help the nurses with the donors. The nurses double-checked to make sure all !VV"' V'kVV kyyy VVV, Q LWVV MV medical information is correct. , , V Teachers, as well as students, participate in the bloodmobile. The CHHIPPH is where PVFVYOIIY gets I0 replenish their bvdy. BLOODMOBILE Giving blood is a necessity of life. General infomation is asked at registration. Keeping donors calm and at ease was Andy's job, Cindy helped to take temperatures. 7 i The nurses checked blood pressure and asked medical informa- A record of 95 pints collected was recorded this year. tion. FU TURE TEA CHER5 OF AMERICA Amy seems happy among her students for the day. Because of the growth of F TA, there were many more participants in "TEA Mrs. Ault brought in a speaker from BGSU to talk about education as a profession. The members helped with "Back to School Day" for the community. DA Y," -6- F-ff ,md H1 W 24339 ev' 'sf 153 544 P L, V, 'R' ,fi g ,S M ,:. L -1' Lv' 'L .-:ff . ff - f 1, .h , ,,, . . W is-'ts af I in STUDENT OUNCII. worked diligently on all homecoming activities to make sure that Makmg ,ure may everyone kngwg 'heir Spay is impgnanf, , V, I , For Fall Homecoming balloons were an added treat. Jenny did an excellent job in announcing the court. THE CAS T 52 Front: D. Haynes, C Maxwell. G. Amos. R. Hoadley, C. Troxell, A. Alexander, Second row: 5. Derr. M. Bursielc. Patterson. 5. Siville. I Lewallen, E. Cam D. McDonald, I Sterling. R. Smith, T. Burton, B. Arnold: Third row. Eishen. T. Kem, .L Harris. D. Hoiles. H. Nietz. H. Steinhauer, L. Breslen A. Miller. J. Boxley, D. Barndt, D. Hoadl l.. Ziegler, C. Amos, M. Rhodes, J. Evans, 6. Kem, Fourth row: K. Hoot, C. Hoot, J. Castor, P. Elrod. L. Bursiek, Bensclaoter, C. Coffelt. W W The choreography was extremely well done this year. Terry Burton played a true leader of the SEABEE5, Bloody Mary. alias Cathie Amos, added a great deal of humor and talent to the show. Lg: Mr. Bell fDirectorj, Mr. VanBrussel CDirectorj, C. Alexander, D. PIT ORCHESTRA TECHNICAL V CREW ting: K. Bateson, H. Hotmer, P. Bowsher, J. Frederick, P. Breslerg Stand- 'utl' T' slanean' L Kohlenberg' D' Johnson' L' Bowsher' First row: M. Rhodes, T. Tyson: Second row: P. Frankforther, G. Mossbarger, B. Schroeder, C. Bfesler. em., A . it 2 f" 5 2 The musical gives the community a chance to see the students show their talents. f. Nellie and Emile, Jenny and Toby performed their parts professionally. U. Cable. Commander Harbison, Captain Brackett1Brian. Greg and .lefO meet for a high level meeting in the Captain 's office. .f ' Brian and Mike lit up the Science Fair with a win. is , S FQ Q Qi? . . 1 ew .Q ... V X ss A gg w mx gf-S' K 1 as . . . . NF . . Thanks to Mr. Gross and Mrs. Potter the Elmwood Sci- ence Fair was a big success. 5 An znsnv Q f iw lst Lance's solar energy house was quite an accom- plishment. 7th - L. Bursiek S D. Heinze 4th - R. Benschoter S M. Schroeder 3rd - T. Helmick S A. Wise 1yfsw2 vdKQMaI' ,pu .f .,, 5 Q . fl 1 All science projects were very interesting and informa- tive. Relaxing before the judges arrive. EXCELLENT A WARD5 C. Troxell P. Bresler 5 H. Hotmer H. Mitchem S C. Coffelt B. Saunders S. Derr D. Wright S. Bowsher A. Coulter 5 C. Peery D. Johnson K. Werner 5 A. Stearns 1 x mf.MHM SUPERIOR A WARDS 6th N J. Ward 5th - J. Minich wwe, - B. Schroeder 8 M. Lashuay lst - C. Thompson ' GOVERNOR A WARD5 Ginger's project was very knowledgeable. ffnergw Brandon Moore Kevin Hupp Mgriculturej Ben Bechslein HONORS BA NQUE T APRIL 28, I 986 2 Mn. Ault did a lot to prepare for the special evening. i Jenny Harris. president ofthe National Honor Society. speaks ta the many parent: and hon- or students. Michelle observes the nice table settings. A F STAGE ARTISTS The hardwork and talents of these select art students went into making the beautiful tropical backdrop for the musi- cal. Front row: K. Bateson. R. Mungia, C. Bloom. R. Strickland: Back row. D. Eishen. L. Foster. E. Miranda, B. Sheckler. Mr. Severin. First row. J, Wegman. K. Alvarado. K. Uzelac. E. Miranda. Second row: M. Stone. J. Cornelius, R. Mungla. J. Johnson, Mr. Severin: Third row. J. Barry, B. Rice, J. Kominek, R. Strickland. SIGN AND POS TER CLA SS The Sign and Poster Class spent the first semester making signs for up-coming events and they also devoted much of their time in making signs to support the school levy. HOME MAINTENANCE CLASS First row: J. Johnson, M. Benschoter, T. lckes, J, Smith, B. Foster, J. Beaverson, A. Long, Second row. G. liep, R. Clark, L. Greene, D. Dobis, S. St, Clair, S. Frankfather, M. Konves, Third row: C. Campbell, T. Uzelac, M. Wilson, T. Tyson, D. Diebert, J, Werner. X The Home Maintenance Class helped to renovate the area between two classrooms in the shop area. This enabled the students to use their newly acquired knowledge to im- prove the school. This experience will help them in the future to make home improve- ments that they might otherwise have to pay for. Mr. Snyder directed this project which in- cluded building new walls. building shelving and painting the new work area. GUIDANCE AIDES First row: K, Stollar, K. Nole, C. Norton, C, Bloom, Second row: M. Shaw, M. Stone, M. Gorrill. The guidance aides help a great deal with the paperwork and with assisting Mrs, Szymczak to make the Guidance Office a more pleasant place to visit, Q., 123 SOLO 5 ENSEMBLE t The Solo and Ensemble Groups performed very well at competition. Pictured are those students who participated at this level. They did a Hne job. Front row: I Kern. L Bursielr, M. Rhodes. A. Alexander, D. Houtz. H.. Steinhauer, J. Harris: Back row: D. Haodley, C. Amos. R. Hoadley. L. Long. G. Amos. OLYMPICS OF THE MI D For the first time this year. Elm- wood High School participatd in the Olympics of the Mind competi' tion. The different teams participat- ed in various events such as solving computer problems, running a small enterprise and using creative thinking in the problem solving sit- uations. Mrs. Potter organized the teams and worked with them to improve their thought processes. However. the actual competition the advisors step aside and it is up to the stu- dents to perform on their own. Front row: D. Bare. B. Bowers. M. Elder. A. Schultz. B. Haws. J. Thompson. C. Thompson: Second row: T. Staneart J. Harris. C. Amos. J. Evans. T. Davis. M. Morlock. H. Schroeder, Mrs. Potter fAdvisorQ. K. Baleson. Third row: B. McCracken. S. Schafer. K. Hoot, R. Hoadley. D. Emmitt. HRM? Q? 1QZTlZZN'jf' WAWM WW iff? f WW? Jw-U ima N Z BEST OF SHOW' ji cnuck sl.ooM RUNNER UP DEBBIE EISHEN Mr. Van Brussel directed the Jazzmen. The band partici ated at the f t' I h h p es :va muc to 1 g lhe Troubadours performed their new routine. enjoyment of the audience. THIRD PLACES l.. Foster WL St. Clair K. Perry R. Benschoter C. Maxwell C32 K. Timken D. Eishen C, Bloom M1 J. Winans N. Furguson R. Strickland QQ G. Mossbarger Kim Bateson Kent Bateson 122 E. Miranda 02 D.McDonald LD M. Mundroff 119- The Foreign Language Club ran the concession stand during the day. REA PIN ' THE RE WARD5 The Freshman Class was re- warded for their sales project for the year by having a bowl- ing outing on May 22. Members of the class went to Varsity Lanes for bowling putt-putt and pizza. By the looks on their faces they all seemed to have a good time. Mrs. Brand organized the event and helped the class to have a successful year. OFFICE EDUCA TIO "fs-.,... WW. Front row: C. Norton, A. Baldonado, J, Bankey, I.. Ziegler, K. Ramey, J. Barnhisel: Back row: H, Sams, C. Stevens. M. Gorrill, L Elrod. M. ,,V. wt. M, Lori and Jim receiving recognition in the Banking Services Contest, Dave was able to participate at the state level two years in a row. Boggs, J. Boxley. A. Curtis, Jean and Cerrina represented Elmwood well. IOE SERVICE PROJECTS The I.O.E. class helps the school and community out by performing service projects such as running off the newslet- ter to the community, the musical program and many other school publications as well as doing typing projects for the faculty. C.O.E SERVICE PROJECT 1 food for the family. a -. :E ' l , ,, V, J Jauannmmvo The C,O.E. class raised H50 for a needy family at Christmas time. The l.O.E. provided the 1 29 ORTHW RD BOU D . , I I fb.P J Bobbie Jo and Becky take a wa . y. lk about the Clf This is the Hrst overnight field trip that the Foreign Language Club has taken and it was successful. Learning about other cultures is part of a total education. K K. Alvarado. C. Coffelt. J. Wasson. C. Neifer, B, Kreais, A. Smith. 5, Derr, L Lippert. P. Bresler. B. Sheckler, D. Barndt, Mrs. Bateson, L Roderick, Mrs. Van Beysterveldt, M. Elrod, C, Bloom. A. Stearns, C. Hoot, P. Cessna, R. Castor, A, Goodwin, T. Schooner, H. Hotmer, B. Schroeder. P, Frank- forther. Mrs. Beaverson, Mrs, Neifer. The students were able to see many different types of exhibits Toronto, R ,f Mrs. Van Beysterveldt and Mrs. Neifer helped to make the trip a Mix A Rom. 8157 INFORMATION ADMINTSTRATION HALT PARKING STUDENT CENTER WELCGW' ,fl PARLSN' A happy efvup of Students affivf at lfhlhus' The omcers of FCA pl.-in the banquet, FCA Study and fellowship are the main parts of the FCA organization. Miss Burton and Mr, Gross started the group last year and it has really grown in size. .,,, Melissa and Steve are busy in the kitchen. This year FCA spent a good deal of their time promoting FCA to the school and to the commu- nity. Y ,' 'J 1. a. Q watts-K , -mfs H231 is ,,,.L.. '04 X 6 i X sf .S ig D- 5 VL 'P 56 s V xp i X ga, WSW Nm six f RN M -- - - f -News .N . . A X --i Z w r Two hard orking membe s, Bonnie and Andy, helping with the FFA Community Breakfast. f Vs 4, The Ray Wagner Memorial Award went to Rod Aurand for his outstanding service to FFA. The members of FFA work hard but at the same time enjoy themselves, FFA .itll Greenhand Initiation is always something the freshmen look "forward m T nd L Rex Wright helps the Children 's Hospital Fund by sla ving away. Da wesj A DTFTRIC' T A WA I ' ' 2nd Place Dai KM. Curtis, J. Beaverson, M. Place First Prepared Speaking flionnie Dairy,Q14ark C urtisj Haws, R. Aurand, n lR. Aurand, Team KT lckes R Wright M W Products fl? Smith A Clark J P. 2 CTI VI TIES X Ted tions of the tractor. A luncheon is provided by FFA during FFA Week. - Z2 TEYPROFICIENCY A WARDS CHAP Q Public Speaking - B. Haws V ,,,, 3 Feed Grai . Beaverson II' " DiversiHe V tock - B. Hawsy H M , , ..,,... - pv Agricultur Ychanlcs hoter Swine - P. eorge ,K .Q .naw Y. ta.- listens in while the chapter members learn more about the func- Mike and Paul were just a few of the many members who helped to make this year a success for FFA. '. .. iii ...K Amy Curtis attended many events and represented FFA as the l985 Queen. Mr. Borer runs the FFA emciently by using Chapter Officers to organize the meetings, x. -Ji FHA tries to plan a variety of events such as FALL FUN NIGHT. Members of FHA put in a great many hours to make it one of the most successful groups at EHS. l The Christmas Party this year was at the Rec Center. A good time for all, FHA K...,,, FHA provides the students an opportunity to learn about lead- ership at a Leadership Camp that they attended. - qililffi 2. 3 N X isis W Jeannie puts together her exhibit for competition. AC TI VI TIES Special Mention AWARD OF MERIT - C. Aurand, L. Wise, J. Minich, W. Eilert H0071 Regionalj CONSUMER DECISION MAKING - H. Nietz fHonorable Mention, Regionalj CHAPTER ACTIVITIES MANUAL - C, Aur- and fist Place Regionalj CHAPTER ACTIVITIES DISPLA Y - B. Evans, G. Graham, H. Nietz fist Place Regionalj STA TE PROJECTS DISPLA Y - J. Johnson, B. Coakley Und Place Regionalj JOB APPI.ICA TION AND INTERVIEW - B, Oakley fist Place Regionalj and 13rd Place Statej COPING WITH CRISIS - C. Bloom Und Place Regionalj Jeannie shows students at the Junior High the chapter's scrap- book. During FHA!Hero Week the members went to breakfast. The members take pride in their competitions. Mrs. Nietz makes the club 's activities interesting and educational. HEAVEN MAY 3, I986 Jeannie and Brian really do look like lhey're in Heaven. 5 E wk, XX. .J Penny and Kevin having the time of their lives Prom . . . bringing out the romance in everyone. The prom is one of the most memorable times of your high school years, A w zzzz ,:,,L,: Wwww W. The wupks danced ,G ,he band '-Apple Ridge," The buffet offered a variety of choices for the students The tables were decorated in blue and while with a hurri- Parents were tremendous in their hell' Wm' cane lamp in the center of each. the Pmm' The dallfef varied from 510W 70 fasf 10 WU-'ff' The prom this year was held at the ILA. W4 Hall in Fostoria. dancing. Stone mn, Norton MECHANICAL DRA WING J Rosendale INDUSTRIAL ARTS I HOME MAINTENANCE M Konves WOODS II G Graham ACADEMIC VO AG B Haws T Lewallen M C urtls M Wright AG BUSINESS CLASS AND EMPLOYMENT Andy Wright I E. Carr -1- MPYU 140 'Ns All A J :Vijay 5. VA RSI TY First row: M. Stone. L. Bresler, L. Foster, D. Barndt, C. Amos, A. Curtis: Second row: ,l. Stephens. M. Hoiles. J. Evans, E. Miranda. S. Schafer, T. Brossia, 5. Davies, Third row: A. Goodwin, J. Bankey. R. Crawford, B. Johnson, M. Avery, D. McDonald, B. McCracken. R. Allgire. J. Smith, Coach Reiser. OFFICIAL SCORER WE THE Y I5 Mohawk 2 4 Fort Frye 5 I4 Fort Frye 6 I2 Fort Frye I4 2 Arcadia 3 4 Lake 0 ' 6 Oak Harbor 3 4 Fostoria I 0 I5 Woodmore 9 6 Perrysburg I2 4 Lakota 2 0 Bowling Green 6 3 Otsego 0 5 Eastwood 3 0 Northwood 7 3 Northwood I2 7 Genoa 8 I5 Lakota I3 I 4 Oak Harbor I3 I0 Gibsonburg I 5 27 Woodmore I5 7 North Baltimore 3 5 Genoa II 2 Otsego 3 I0 Gibsonburg I 5 Sectional 5 Fostoria 4 4 Clyde 7 J. V. HONORS M VP Ron Crawford BEST HITTER Mike Avery SLL Ist Team -- E. Miranda, Third Base M. Avery, Outheld 2nd Team - B. McCracken, First Honorable Mention - R. Crawford, Shortstop D. McDonald, Outtield T, Brossia, Outtield ALL STAR GAME Dan McDonald Bryan McCracken Emo Miranda Steve Davies First row: J. Foster, G. Amos: Second row: M, Curtis. D. Wright, K. Peery. 5. Siville. B. Askms Third row. Coach Wood. B. Close, K. Timken. R. Benschoter. E. Carr, D, Dobis. E. Slaughterbeck t t 'L Jeff concentrates on getting a Royal hit. Bryan going for the pick-off A me-we f,..:.,,,. em, Steve doing warm-ups before batting. Mike was consistent in his pitching and was Coafh Reise' Watching his 'Wm P'3Yf"8 an asset to the team. df-'fflfff' Dan aiming for a strike. Ron was selected as MVP for the I 986 season. Tim getting ready for a base hit. ,,,v-4 L, -Maffx Steve was a big part of the team as a Mat had a good year as .a varsity player. Bryan showing his pitching technique, catcher. A X ,, f A . ' , , . f,,,,f,,,, ff,, E ' fr.. iugf ,',, eeee ii - ',e,.- t el eee f i eee e, ,eeee. ee ,e:,e ' -eee f ' eee E Iiv dd ,iIV, ,,, ,,,,,,, , W , , V Emo going for the lag. Brian down and rea ff ww! .l. M BASEB l.l. dy for this one. Scott is in good form for a solid hit. H ' 3 .. , , .' . P -,Q W 1 1 , 2 5 emi i K X ,, , A A Q ,Y X X V Z Y A W, . X, - if-pew-S ,., -' . -91' -V-:Fef e . Q . , L S A Y W .. ..,.1 ,NX.k11bX , . A e , ---f I ,. - A fi :H 'W ' - Sf ' ' . , A ff km - . if: ' Xf.:,X..fHQgpQ -3 -::- . -fi H N F53 ff? X. . Eh. , V ' ' e nf. , Vg 1 45 W ii 5,3 W I - , N K . , V V, -4 -2 K V A ,--- he ,,.. ., - ' 4 Swfsflfw3mmggf.g--ff:5-w5- Q53 . V y x A , t , A ,, 5 ,,, ,, ,,,, 41 it ,K V i A N . e - H .. H u, ,, 'ff ,- , - ,' Y I , - , ' " f ' ffw f 1' , ' I - I . I 22251, 4, , Af V.-I - fe af AV H 9 ' ,,, G, K ,- 13 f , , .. ..,, , , '- ef ' 7' , nw ,, Q fy: wx . J,ff'.,l7 , ' V, ' ,H ' ,,,, QA iatgafii-A'f' 'H . 1 - ' " , ,,,. V Neuman? Kyle playing strong defense for the Royals. Keith awaits a good pitch from the defense. MEN'5 TRACK ..!5- TRA CK RESUI. T5 WE THE Y " A .8 52 Fostoria 89 St, Wendelin 29 27 Oak Harbor I Ol 45 Hopewellvlouden 86 32 Lakota l00 54 Riverdale 24 Arcadia 88 78 McComb 54 Lakota Invitational - I 2th! l 7 Eastwood Relays - 6thf8' SLI. - 5tlJ!3 Districts - 8th!l6 Front row: E Harmon, M. Kreais. M. Noble, M, Davies, B, Whitman. R. Smith. K. Uzelac. D. McDonald, D, Spears, 5. Kreais, M. Wilson, T. Uzelac: Second row, L. Coulter, 5. Bowsher, G. Mossbargeta J. Bateson, T. Cupp, R. Castor, T. Sterling, G, Kem, B, Fasten B, Arnold, 71 Mayo: Top row, C Thompson, B. Graham, D. Sheckler, J, Thompson, G. Graham, R. Wickardgl. Cornelius, J. Rickard, - .Ha COACHING STAFF - Mr. Nespeca. Mr. Se- verin fHead Coaehj, Mr. Gross TRACK RESUL T5 WE THE Y 4 7 Eastwood 8 I 35 Fostoria 89 51, Wendelin 39 27 Oak Harbor l0l 43 W Hopewell-Louder: 84 V2 3 l Lakota 97 I 33 Riverdale 7 l Arcadia 60 82 McComb 45 Lakota Relays - I 3thf I 3 Eastwood Relays - 6th!8 SU. - 6th!8 Districts -+ Qthf I6 WOMEN '5 TRACK .Q QQSL from row: L. Wise, D. Shane, P, Cessna. K. Alvarado. R. Headley, L Bowslrer, M, Spears, A Slreckler. K. Craid, M. Shirley, M Kecklen Second row: B. Spaulding. C. Troxell, T. Myers, Ar Stone. A, Keiffer, A, Coulter, C. Peery, P. Bresler, A. Alexander: Top row: D, Hoadley. B, Haw: H. Mitchem K 1 1 5 - ff Q4 Q f ' fa 1 fe fl: .wg M'?' N :ik 4 u .. -. , ,,. , ., it ,. M in 5 J- F K K vw N A :. L' A . ,"' 935-2 fi 5 ed fy fi Zee w C ' . Hifi- Q n 1' C0 " N Q " 5' h V0 ' f 4 , ., A ' ' 3 ' o f A 5 f + N L ,W W S332 , f 3, A -- L Jlfy. H ,N . 4 -.:'.,:f4s.-'MEX mv iq, 1 pm Kevin served as Captain of the men's team. Robyn was a Co-Captain ofthe women 's team. Pam Cessna was the other Co-Captain. n eeen N-1 HONORS Pam Cessnaz kk---:k Nl eleneen nnin fl --iii -1' -'V.:.. 3 ::- T, A-:. 'kiik i LE k . .ee1. :,n n 3 n M Xi N L v g i r .. , 2 K x. .... . NN 11 M lk X S ' - 1 few ' ' - - -- S z 2 5 " 1 i 1 .af 147 1 X K JWG0' Off and running, Rad getting ready for a winning throw. MA.. .lim pacing himself as he rounds the comer, W? i R, A " The Royals sprinting for the finish line. 3 i . . QQ: 1 lx , an iw Angie did a great job this year as a runner. exif ku- 4 , M, , , F' A,,, M 'Tu W 2 f Y , y I kf WM n,f3E' if 'I' 'Alvtbw 7 'N' L f' f',...,g 4 .1 A -s f,...,v'- ,?7RW'i":Mj I ff. ?f4'f:s.9'ff "' ff be W ' I' x., 'tv' mmf ' 4,,a' :4g' Y' 2' t -W' vw f ' SENIOR The seniors enjoy their last get together before graduation. The breakfast was at the Holiday Inn in Bowling Green. in s gifs if T 'rht T l J W u if After many graduation parties the night before. members of the class still made an effort to be present at this activity. year. 150 2 f 5 , The guys seem to be able to put the "food away". The event was first held last year and seems to be turning into a tradition. Jeff presented Mrs. Ault with a gift from the Senior Class for her help this I986 GRADU TIO Kendra was the recipient of the Ohio Quarter- horse Association Scholarship worth 51000. ie Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Davis S500 Schol- ship went lo Laura Bowsher. The Elmwood Senior Ensemble sang "We Are His Hands". PP SCHOLARS - J. Evans. l.. Allion. J. Harris. K. Bateson. L Bowsher, A. Wolfe, B. McCracken. P. wsher, R. Strickland. K. Haughawout. T. Staneart. D. Haynes. M. Rhodes, R. Hoadley, B. Langley, Hoot. M. Morlock Jenny Harris reeeived the Bus Rojewski Mid- Ameriean Bank and Trust 5500 scholarship, .left gave Katia a gift from the Senior C lass. Graduation is always a pensive time for sen- iors. 'IE1 JUNE S I986 The "Novena" was played by the Elmwood High 'School Concert Band. Jenny Harris and Jeff Evans main- tained a straight 4.0 grade point aver- age. Kenny Haughawoul - S250 Lester Poggemeyer Engingeering Scholarship. Kim Bateson - 52.000 a year from Academic Scholarship to Findlay. Robyn received the EEA 5300 Scholarship and the Scholar-Athlete Award. 152 Jeff was chosen by the class to be the senior speaker. he received the Senior-Athlete Award and he received a full appointment to West Point Academy. 3 ln memory ol Mr. Rice the trio sang "My Wish For You" AWARDS OF DISTINCTION - L Allison. D. Emmitt. J. Evans. J. Harris. B. Johnson. I Morelock. D. Sheckler. A. Sheline. J. Thompson. A. Wolfe - The Seniors wore blue and white gowns and each were given a tlower. lisa Allion - 5200 Bloomdale Commerical Club laura Bresler - S100 Bloomdale Sorosis Club Scholarship. Jeannie Johnson - S200 Ohio Association of Public School Employees Scholarship. Q Trisha Staneart received the Ohio Board of Regents Scholarship for ! I .000 per year. 153 xv A 41 Q. LANES was s min si 77 Bowling Green Ohio A , ' rf: Proprietors: I or Dean And Arlene , - Moosman ' " ml 28 LANES, GAMES QPINBALLD VARSITY LANES 8: PUTT- PUTT is .Y GS 447 CLEANERS Free Pick-Up S Delivery 353-82I2 IIO E. Napoleon Rd. - B.G. Open 7:30 a.m.-6:w p.m. Sat. 8:w a.m.-3 p.m. y Dry Cleaning Take DOWN in by uaoo AM. 5 Reha"8 our by 4,00 P.M. Drapery ,Shim Service Carpe! Cleaning .Lumen Available Saw" 'Wedding'Gown serving 3.6. we NOW D0 -flZIIQ?""" Since I937 OUR OWN SHIRTS Available Guaranteed Government Loan Programs -ff " A 'pn K S an fl State llome EE F66 6666666565fiiifffifiiffifffiif' in lu -N in A - in 1 N f 552 ON - Q, 22: - w N 22 w I by l N in X - - in in lu in N in N N N . in lu lu - in Wu lu lb - in Wu ' in W lb lu lb is Wu lu in lu Q 'M in N lu in N in lu '-2 we lb lu lu lu it W in lu lu in li: Q si, N W N, W lf' ii. Ee' E 155 A 3 33353333.93333.9.?.?.?.?.?33.?.'73.?33.?33.?,b JJ J 333 gag2333333333333333J.?333333.-733:733:7.9333333JJ 2? 'N 'it 'ts 'fs 'tt 'tt 'H 'it 'ft 'tt 'tt 'Q 'tt 'it 'tt 'ft 'N 'N 'G 'N 'N 'fs 'tt 'it 'ft 'ft 'Q 'ft 'tt 'fs 'Q "t 'it 'ft 'tt 'it 'N 'it 'ft 'N 'is 'tt 'tt 'ft Wt 'ft 'fi 'ft 'tt 'tt 'ft 'ts 'ts 'tt 'tt 'tt 'ts 'ts 'N 'N 'ts 'it 'N 'tt 'it 'R 'it Z3333:7.93533J3J333.?33.?3.?.?3J.?3JJ.?3J33333JJ3 33333.45 JJ J JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ KLOTZ FLOWER FARM PHOTO SMITH Florol Designs And Gifts Of All Kinds Q06 Napoleon Rd. Bowling Green, OH 1131102 Bill Smith Weddings Seniors Family Portraits I 22 E. Main Wayne, Ohio Phone: 288-3838 WAYNE MARATHON EQQHL W i Ch Wayne Ohio 5872 257 2891 Lo e 8- Pat Waaiand Buy 56,1 1,348 DoN H MILLER AGENCY Box 222 IJ4 East Broadway RALPH THAYER CH North Baltimore OH 45872 Phone: Q4I9D 257-3523 HOU' 515' yearn Don H. Miller Dennis L. Miller T si as -L cs Q g L C -G house O at I 51... .I - ix. 5: ' Ducky 4 II3 5 Main sneer Qfoweti 47:1 120 es erry Street 1 ' North Bali rv Ohio A B Ph - - r n BUWHUE Gfeef' Auto ' Home ' Business 0 Life 156 V 33333333JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ33 Mon.-Thur. 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. J Friday 6:30 a.m. to l0:00 p.m. if' Saturday 7:00 a.m. to l0:00 p.m. 6. Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. I l Featuring Extensive Salad Bar And Dessert Table - I I Included With Dinner CMinimum of 60 itemsj 1 Home Cooking - All Prepared in Our Kitchen "" Full line of Breakfast Specialties Kids Menu Available and Buckeye Cards Honored I4 Dinner Entrees at Affordable Prices. I02I S. Main 352-OI23 Bowling Green SMITH FUNERAL HOME Jeffrey L. Smith - Director 257-265l 5l5 N. Main St. North Baltimore, Ohio "Our Aim ls To Be Worthy Of Your Friendship" The Competition ls Good... We Have To Be Better AL SMITH Chrysler - Plymouth - Dodge, Inc. A Complete Chrysler Dealer I'IIlllSl,lilI Dodge --Y---- --ir 4 Efillilill aowunc GREEN 352-5151 rotsoo 243-4647 921 NORTH MAIN BOWLING GREEN MELBA 'S BEAUTY INS URA NCE SHOP A GENCY Sandy Rhodes - Operator Life s Home Q Car 403 N- Mail' Business 0 Hail 0 I-'arms Bloomdale I I8 E. Main Street 454-202i Wayne, OH 43466 288-3 762 Gll.l.lLA ND 66666666666666 4-' ee' 66 666666666666666666666666666666666666665E2 eil' 66666666666666666666666666 66666666666 6 666 66 66 66666666666666666666666666666 gl P 3 ff: 533353333333333333.?33333.?.?333J.?Ilia ' su Nil W W W W W W W W lb W W Wh 33 W W N N W 'M Wh N W Wh Vo W N Wh N Vo N W N Vo Vo W W N W Vo 'lo W N Wh W Vo Va N N W Wh 'M 'M N Vo Wh Vo N 'M Vo Vo Wh Va 'N Vo E 'lo Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Trucks 5 Cars 207 West Water Street North Baltimore Ohm J 257 3618 .?3.9333333.?3333.?J33.?!3JJJ3333J.?J333:73J.-7.-7 .-7.-7.-7J33J.?J3 BEE GEE RENTAL 8 SALES Tools And Equipment For Every Job Stihl Chain Saws 5 Trimmers Snapper Mowers 8 Tractors I 25 West Poe Road Bowling Green, Ohio 352-4646 Dukes Sales Inc THE WASHING WELL l.A UNDROMAT Just Across From The Library North Baltimore Ohio Drop off Laundry Dry Cleanlng By Long s Cleaners ZELENAK FARMS SIIG Defiance Plke Wayne Ohio 43466 C4l9D 288 2047 Growers, Packers And Shippers Of Premium Quality Produce Specializing In: Stake Grown Tomatoes Cucumbers Cantaloupe Bell Pepers Egg Plants Zucchini Cherry Tomatoes 237 N, Main 257-3737 Q9 '93 Q. m 'N 'G 'N 'N 'N 'N wr '41 'Vs wr wr 'N 'Q 'Q 'Q 'Q 'fi 'N 'N 'Q 'N 'N 'Q 'N wr 32 wr 'fi m 'Q m m 'N 'N 'li 'N 3! 'Q 'N R 'Q 'Q 'A 'A 'N 'N 'fi 'N 'N 'N 'N 'Q 'Q 'ft 'A 'N 'Q 'Q Q 'N 158 Wh Wh N Wh W W N N N W Wh W W We W N N N Wh 'M N W W W Vo N 'M 'M N Wh N Wh W W N N Wh Wh W Vo Wh N Wh N N Wh N W 'M 'M 'M Wh Wh N Vo Wh W Va N Vo N W N W 'lo Wh Wu Q 5? E6 5565555556565Ffifffifffffiffifiiiff555656666E 55565 if 'A 'Q 'fs 'Q M 'Q 'A 'A 'Q '45 'Q 'A 'fs 'N 'Q 'Q Us 32 'A 'fs 'Q 'N 'N 'N N 'Q 'A 'Q 'N 32 Us 'N 'Q 'N 'N 'N 'fs 'Q N 'tm 'fs 'R R 'fm R 'N 32 'fm 'fx 'fx 'N 'N N 'Q 5 qx , 'h '-Ii B5 Q: -- so eff'iiiffifffifffffiiif65565666565 THE MAIN ATTRACTION l05 E Main Wayne Ohio Phone 288 2788 Owner Suzanne Wise quality furniture and carpet Stylists Kathy Dlbllng at discount prices janet Elle,-t Open Monday Saturday Closed Tuesday Phone We use And Sell Redkm Products 288 2887 Wayne Ohio Say Something Special With A Balloon Bouquet Cash n Carry or Delivery Congratulations To The GMO' 86 STAHI. Oll. CO H E N 5 Marathon Distributor MA RKE1' Gas - Oil - Fuel - Grease Tank Wagon Delivery . W .lerry 5 Bonnie Holeman awe 288-384 I Jss-2814 Wayne, Ohio HAIR SALON ag33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 333333 3 33333333333333333333333333333333333,-9,46 434 E. W t Brad Gerkens Good Luck Class Of '86 From WAGNER'S IGA Bloomdale, Ohio Fostoria, Ohio 454-2621 435-2347 AUTOMATED BUILDING COMPONENTS INC P O Box 307 I29 N Main St North Baltimore Ohio 45872 Tele Q4I9j 257 2I52 Toledo Tele Q4I9j 257 263 Ohio Watts I 800 52l 5607 Plant C4I9j 257 283I Floor And Roof Trusses Assembled Wall Panels Manufacturing Plants North Baltimore Ohio Dayton Ohio 5 g 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 MYLES FLOWERS ti A m5 -'17 Phones: 352-2002 Bowling 6,ee,,'mgHef43402 Flowers For All Occasions 353-2302 WA 1.5 TON PHOTOGRAPHY 'Senior Specialist" I I67 Napoleon Bowling Green, OH 35 I 2- 006 Road Melissa Rhodes Al.1.ER'5 PHARMACY 127 N. Main North Baltimore, Ohio Phone 257-2221 I.A RR Y 5 PLACE Restaurant With Good Food 5 Pizza Beer 5 Soft Drinks 454 5915 108 5 Main St Bloomdale Ohio F956ifFFFFFF?6555555FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEF FFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFEFFKFEFFKFF 160 JJ!!3333533:73333:73:73.-7JJ!J3333.9333.93JJJ33.-73JJ3JJ.'7JJJJ.'7333.?3.?!3.?J.'7J.9.?.-?33,98 ALEXA NDER'5 COUNTRY MEA T5 10560 N. Wayne kd. ROBERT VK I.EE NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Wayne, Ohio 288-2095 Wayne, Ohio North Baltimore Ohio 288-2840 25 7-2246 AUTO COMMERCIAL Bonnie Kathrens Agent ie Health PEARL GAS OIL CO INC F RE 546 Sand Ridge Road Bowling Green Ohio FE 353 58Il COMPLETE PRDPANE Gary Kathrens Agent Bus C4I9J 354 35:6 Res Q4I9j 655 247l d U Bowling Green Ohio serving northwestern Ohio since 1924 ., - I . Ll ' i Our service brings new Comfort and fonvenienfe to farm and town homes. Use our Propane for Cooking, ' - water heating, refrigeration, home heating, tractor operation, and grain drying, Our gas is available in 100- - Ib. cylinders or bulk tanks - Tanks sold or leased. ' Cylin ers filled Out our Sand Ridge Road Plant. ' ll ' ' ' ll gt. 'fffff fffffffff ff ffffff f fifffiffffffiffffffFfffffffiifF555E 161 5556655556666EFFFFFFFFFFFFEKFFEEFEEEEEEEE2 FFF F if 6' QFFFFFFFFFFFFFFPFEFFFF5656665555 F zz g 2:333.-73333333333333333333333333333333333.?3!JJ3J33.?33.!.9J.?.?33.-733333333333.?3333333.93.-733.'73.9.'7.?.?.?,9 -C." 'N 'N 'ft 'W 'tt 'Q F 'ts 'ti 'ts Wt 'ts 'ts 'N 'Q 'ts 'tt 'N N 'N 'ts 'N 'N 'ft 'ft 'Q 'N 'fi 'fi 'Q 'A 'A Q 'ft 'N Us 'tt 'ts 'N F 'tt 'fi 'tt 'N 'ts 'Q N 'N 'A 'N 'ft 'N 'N 'Q 'N 'tt 'ts 'N 'N 'fi 'N 'hr 'ft 'N 'fi 'fs R 21 BARNDT FU ERAI. HOME Wayne, Ohio Charlie 5 Barbara Barndt 288 2857 The Only Funeral Home In The Elmwood School District" T. Ofs MY'-E5 Campus Comer . S W L e ' 8 ' ace , I E: Th l g, pl " Nsfx W 'wt XX 5 F 'Q Q X . 1- . re ::!::::':: 1 , '-Z!!:.'1I5 Ia'..:t-. 2 k -1 i'i'wv im .' .iI.I -in ll iw wmw Taste Tempting I Treats 900 E, Wooster - Across From Kohl Hall Dairy Queen Treats 419-352-3365 Delicious Sandwiches E, Fried Chicken Design Sepcialists Owner Margee Feehan Garnet Ohns 434 East Wooster Nancy Mowdock ' Bowling Green Q . "lmprinted Sportswear Our Specialty" gg 23J.-7333333333JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ '5 ,, . O Q Q 162 Not Just A Pnzza Piace CA RR YOU T Dine In Catering C YGNE T OHIO IOS North Mann Snr I Nortl Baltanor xH 45872 655 3965 257 H94 Dr .I Eric Vandemark OPTOME TRIS T BOX 38 Ill E BROADWAY TEL 257 2097 NORTH BALTIMORE OH 45872 State Route I 8 Manday Through Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday 9 a,m. to 6 p.m. IN STORE BAKERY PAR1-y TgAys Table'Rite M8815 onnosn Fnesn Pnoouce Ph.257-3300 . H , I 205 FRONT STREET 55555 566555565 55 I 56 55 5555555555555655565565555555555555565E2 W Wh N Wh Wh W N W W W Wh N N Wh N Wu 'M Wh N W W Vo Va N N N Wh 'M Vo 'Io N 'M N N N fb Wh Wh Wh W N Vo Va W Wh Wh N W 'M N W Wh Wh fb N Vo W lb Wh N Vo Wh W W W 'M N W Q' 5556566565555555555555656555665655555 5 5 E 2 5 555 6 555 6556656656 'Pffifeffeefeeffffeefeef 163 3333333333333333 33' 333333 3 33333333333333333333333333333333333.?,.,9 Zg23333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 Compliments of ATLAS CRANKSHAFT CORPORATION Atlas Crankshaft Corporation , Fostoria Ohio ABBOTT 8 CO OB ADM 4oo W Elm street North Baltimore OH 45872 4I9 257 2I83 Draw Dues Carbide Tooling Buyers Of Soybeans Seller Of Soybean Meal 5 Orl Precision Carbide Die Foswna OH Cold Header Tooling Surface Internal O D Rotary Grinding Die Assembly Press I07 N Mam St Bloomdale Ohio 448 I7 Phone 14l9j 454 477l eff6-'FFFFifFFiiffffififfiiififfiiifii8 Fiifffiiiiiffiiiiiffiii5665655665 DIVISION I randellcx Company 'is 'R :it ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND CO. . . . 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I 265 Fostoria Road Findlay, OH 45840 14192 422-6582 litluumdalz -lff9'f5'Tl Q 201 N. Main St. Bloomdale, Ohio 448 I 7 14192 454-4395 An American-Made Bear "A Rare Breed" Fifi? fffffifiiiiffiii iii if FFFFEEFEFFFFFEFFfffiififffiffffE'6'E665E J 33333333333JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ33,96 33333333333333333.?J.-73.'7333.-7.-7335.9 3 9 3 ?33333.'7JJ33333333333 166 Best Wlshes BLOOMDALE LUMBER COMPANY Bloomdale Ohlo Mike Feasel 454 2121 jake Fggggl KALI FMAN S FLOOR COVERING CARPET5 BY I Bigelow Lee s Philadelphia Mohawk 1019 North Main Street Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 1397 Phone: 352-5206 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1986! BEST OF LUCK FROM ALL OF US TO ALL OF YOU!! CAlN'S Potato Chips Snacks 35293509 425 Napoleon Rd VINYL BY. Armstrong - Congoleum - Tarkett Mannington - Domco LARRY KAUFMAN - OWNER I 40 N, Main North Baltimore 25 7-26 I 7 BOOKS - BIBLES - MUSIC - GIFTS - CARDS .nm o V1 We Special Order CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE ' g c n ow 4 Ph mens:-:vos Here To Serve Jesus and You? Z 3 Q33.-7:J3333.-73333353333.-733333J.?3J333333JJJJ.-IJ3333JJJ3J!3J33J33J3!.-733333 1 1 J , I 0' o ' - L - - 131 Mom Bowlm 1 n, no 3402 one ekff555Ffffffffffffifffffffffffffffffiffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff' I , JJ3333333333J3J.-73333:7:7JJ33.-7JJ!JJJ333JJ33JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ333353 Effffiffffiiii F FifiiifffffifffiifffffifFEFFFFFFFFFEEFEEEEEFEEE6EEE PARTS Sharpening Service S Pmkmg shears BRIGGS E sm rrofv Small Engine I Sharpening faffvff TECUMSEH 8702 s Dixie Hwy Kmfes KQHLER Rudqlph ohm 43452 Carbide blades WISCONSIN BOUFN5 686-7635 SIMPLICI TY YAZOO RANSOMES TORO IVEEKDA YS 9 to 7 GREEN MACHINE 5a""da' 9 '0 3 Compliments of CARBON PRODUCTS DIVISION FOSTORIA, OHIO OUALITY 81 SERVICE BALLREICH 3194351399 B'R,.O.I':Ij-.ERS may 04M Z FURFIIILIJRE Lamb' 1441 N. COUNTYLINE ST. PHONE: FOSTORIA OH 44830 14191 435-4212 Monday 5 Thursday - 9-9 Tues,, Fri,, Sat, - 9-5 . Closed Wednesday .9 K9 Nu SERVICE ' ' f EQLHPMENT D9 Circle blades I I ' I I g233333.'7333.'73333333.?33.?3J3333J3333J.?333JJ333.-7JJJ3J3.9 J J33333333333333.933.?33333333.?.?.?333.?.?.?,.p-1 168 1 gJ.-73333333333333333333J33333333333333333333333333.-733333.?.?JJ3J3.-7333333 P TRONS DILL JEWELRY Bowling Green, Ohio SPECKS FIRES TONE SALES Bowling Green, Ohio CROP AND SOIL Fostoria Ohio CHILCOTE SOHIO West Millgrove, Ohio QUINN'S AUTO SUPPLY North Baltimore, Ohio 25 7-2311 I0 9656ifFFFFFFiii6'FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEEFFFFFFFEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEFKFFFFFFFFFF RUDY'S HOT DOGS Bowling Green, Ohio Go Into Or-Bet To Eat Front Street C ygnet, Ohio HUDSON'S MARKET C ygnet, Ohio THE MENNEL MILLING COMPANY Fostoria, Ohio GERDEMAN INSURANCE AGENCY Gary A. Luken 25 7-3105 North Baltimore, Ohio JIM S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Bowling Green, Ohio lb W 'M N N N Us 'M W W Wh Wh Wh Wh N 'M Wh Va 'lo Vo 'M N 'M H 'M Wh 'lo Wh N N W Wh Vo Wh N Wh Vo N Vo W 'M N Va W 'N Us N N 'lo V: N W Vo 'M N N Va Vo H Us R Wh N R Q' 5 5 5555555 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555E2 555 N N N N N N N N N N N N 33 N N N F' N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N 32 N NX KS S .A 9' 3 ef5555555f55ffff5f55555555555555 I "-is 33333333333333333333333333333333 3 3333333 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333 23 I 3J333333333333333333333333333333333333 333333333333333333333333333333 Parents Class Of 86 Congratulate Melissa, We are so proud of you. We love you. Dad Mom and Tim Rhodes Janet Seeing you graduate has made us very proud parents. May you succeed as well in the future. Mom and Dad Powell Cathie Thanks for all the happy memories- we re proud of you. God bless you in your future endeavors. Love, Mom Dad George 5 Gail Amos Jennifer - Jenny Poh Good Luck in all you do. Love Mom Dad Joanie. Chad Lisa 5 .lim Dear Jenny Congratulations' Good Luck 8 success ln every endeavor Mom 5 Dad Harris Brad Congratulations on I2 excellent years but always remember the lesson you learned from New York Clty"I Mom and Dad Gerkens Dave We are proud of you Congratulations to you and your classmates on your accomplishment Dad Mom S Holly Kim 5 Kent Congratulations' We re proud of both of you Good luck and Mom and Dad Andy We are proud of you' Good luck at U of M Mom 6 Dad Congratulations Amy! Thanks for all the proud memories. Good luck in your future plans. Mom 5 Dad Curtis and Mark Jeff 86 the best of everything. Love Mom 8 Dad Evans Congratulations Becky We are proud of you. Good luck in the future. Love Mom Dad 5 Rick fCoakIeyj Evelyday you make us proud. Wishing for you and the Class of Congratulations Dan! We re proud of you. Good luck in the future. Dad Mom Terri, Steve Kev Thanks for being our friend as well as our son 6 for giving l00'Z1 Good luck to you 5 your classmates Love Mom Dad Troy 5 Eric Laura Congratulations on all your accomplishments but mostly on being a very special daughter Love Mom Dad David 5 Steve Robyn You ve made the last 4 years very special Best wishes to you and the Class of 86 Mom 5 Dad fHoadleyj Patti You re a daughter to be proud of Good luck and God Bless' Tom Congratulations to you and the Class of 86 Your accomplishments ha ve made us very proud Love Mom 5 Herm 'Ss i 656566 EFFFFEFEFEEFFFEFE6656665665665665565655FFFFFEFFEFFEFFEF656556666 y 1 7 0 JJ!!JJJJ33.-73333333333333335J.-73333333333.-73333JJJJJJJJJJJQJJJJJJJJJJJ.-?33, gi ui '33 LuAnn, Dawn, W Congratulations, You have done a great job, We love you! Best of luck in all you do and God Bless. Congratulations class it Mom and Dad of "86"! W Love, Dave. Mom 5 Heather Qu Wh Wh ' W W W , W - w W W Rob, Laura A job well done! May your achievements beneht you in your All of our love and support are yours now and forever. future, Mom and Vince Mom Dad 5 Brian Strickland Steve and Sheryl, Rod, We are proud of your individual accomplishments. Good luck to Congratulations on a job well done, and good luck in the years both of you, ahead. Love, Mom, Dad, and Willia Love, Mom, Dad, Pam 8 Jason To The Class .W,W- ,,,,, ,WMM 171 3 3333333333333333333333333333333,-94 33 3 333 3333333333333333333333333333 3333333 Z F F656FFFFFFEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF?65555555EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFiiiiififiiffiiififi 1 7 2 gas.-ra.-1.-ra 3.-1.aaa.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .-1 J J.-1.-1.-1.-1.-1.-J.-Ja sa.-rs.-1.-1.-1.-1.93.-vas.-1 REAL ESTATE CROP-HAIL REALTOR INSURANCE Compliments Of The BLOOMDALE CREAMERY INSURANCE AGENCY BARNEY'S III N MAIN B OOMDALE CONVENIENCE MART 454-2821 423-9145 Barney's South Barney's North - - - 996 5. M ' l09l N. Main LIFE HOME AUTO FARM 352-053iZ" 352-2430 BEST OF LUCK T0 THE CAST AND CREW!! OPM 24 H0U'5 5:30 A'M"If00 AM' ASKINS MERCER INC. Land Surveyors 125 Elm Street Cygnet, Ohio 43413 TELEPHONE: 1419, 655-2365 1O5TEN5 , I 4 1 4 - 4 L A. . a f . I -1 4 , Q 'F pf: H . n MY I x v

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