Elmwood High School - Royale Yearbook (Bloomdale, OH)

 - Class of 1976

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iWW?QiQ tQiWii WWWQWQWQWWQWYW QWWWQQWQWWWWWY WYYQWW WWW Qiwiii QQ? Qfiiiii it? Wiiiiii iii ii? Wi? Wi? WWW WW? ii? ?iW iii wwwiwii WW? ik? iwiif 1976 ROYALE VOLUME XVI . A V ' ' H' ' F I 1-,,,,... - 4 ELMWOOD HIGH SCHOOL BLOOMDALE, OHIO To Our Departed Classmates The Elmwood High School students, staff, and administration dedicate this annual yearbook to three departed, loving friends - our classmates: Ed Burks, John Stewart, and Ken Chambers. These students who were unexpectedly taken from us marked tragedy on a memorable and commemorative year 1975-76, the Nation's Bicentennial. Our love, compassion, and memory rests with their spirits, their families, and their contributions to Elmwood High School. Their friendships, associations, and experiences continue to be shared in our thoughts while they rest in immortality. " 'Tis a blessing to live, but a greater to die, And the best of the world, is its path to the sky. " These and the following words of Dr. W.G. Heslop on immortality serve to strengthen our faith and help us to sustain our grief and sorrow. The idea, the dream, the hope of a life beyond the grave is deeply rooted in the soil of humanity. The soul of man is bigger than either time or space. Ours is the thanks to the Carpenter of Nazareth who proved this beyond question, that life cannot be destroyed. Its ending here is only the beginning of immorality with our maker. The loving attitude and friendly spirit that was given to us from Ed, john and Ken and by which they would no doubt like us to remember them, can be summarized in these verses of Blessent's. "The Ship of Life": As a little ship we go sailing On the sea of life. We have much to encounter As life presents success and strife. How we meet each challenge Is the test that life prepares . . . A strong faith and true courage Is so needed to conquer life's cares. When our faith is faltering and our courage wanes On this stormy sea of life, we seek A guiding light to guide us On a course now dark and bleak. We can find this guiding light In our Heavenly Father above. With care so true and kind He will gently guide us with His love. With these thoughts of hope, love and courage for their families and friends, we offer this yearbook from Elm- wood High School. jon R. Kiger Principal i. 5 'S , , U Ed Burl-cs Ken Chambers john Stewart 2 FUFUUDPH H10 mv-1211+-HZCDO -.' ,L--.. ,, 1 Q -1 ..l, 11' ,.,-. ..av""""- - 1-- """'o-f ..v--f- ,.1-.. fp: ..--- 'ff M -- E -1 ..- ,,, ,, .. - Il ...'Z . I If - ea' -' I 15 ... 41 'L' Z... -.- 5 ii ll 11? ,l ,.- .,- ggli .1 Ig. - -"': 'e . - -,, .----..- gg - - - . ... - -3 k "'M"1 'fE I ,--- ina :av -... -.. ,... ,... 1r" -4221 :asf ..- -- --- in .. -- - - Board of Education . - Administration . . . 5 Faculty ....... " Seniors ........ 3' Senior Activities . . Graduation . . . ,: Underclassmen . . Music ........ 5-.4-4'N 21- .. 4 ...5-7 8-11 17-29 ""' ... 30-31 .. 33-35 ... 40-21 . . 56-63 f? Clubs . . . 65-77 in Sports .. .. 82-114 Prom... .. 118-121 Ads .. .. 126-145 " 115' 11:1 ll 11: I J .1 ... Ill 11 ..- , -- -as-,.,-... 49' Q, Y , .1 i.. .1 1- 1 if ' '...' 1 74 if IQ ' ,: 3.' t,T .. - Y V ., 11 s - ... . 1' 1 on-. 1l 1... wax 61 -I-H - ' 1 ,... I - . , Z, - L 11 - 4 - , .. um'! E. -- 5 .- e A f ' ,ln 4. i Y ,.,-::-- ,,,.-...-.:1e::r' -,,. - .. N .7 Larry Shaffer Tony Wagner Carl Oman Dale Rose Kenneth Snowden Mel McDonald Ethyle Swartz xx-x-.,, Wnunww-suv 6 iw... Mrs. Sharon Apple Mrs. Lillian Nietz ..,f...,- ,W vm:-,:'1 D Cl C1 D Mrs. Judy Schroeder Mrs. Glenna Watson FACULTY ' Mrs. Diane Math 'gy fl WX NN I Xxx' f 5, Mem, XNX3 f, Q B'1-akely x, Aff' . ff' 8 FACULTY -Gi: S, Mrs! Johu me Houser Business E ucation ,- ,- in I lv. 1 V, :Q , . ? A, K 4' r . 1 L M 'A lr .. ' x 1 ' gi v'1 ,. ff, ' 5 , enmetta Keller .,f.o, 1. ,l 2-rr , - 3 FW 231, 'flfifff-Q.. ff ff' P'- 'V .Q-ffm 'C Q '. II f' 1 wid: gg, Jw, , tr ,, 9 M EAW FACULTY MLC I I Mr. John Ramsey Driver Education Mrs. J' eRose N Art A X x ' , N LN ki 10 FACULTY 62239 D enms S m1th artha xS ience f S XJ if-'N-..-., 'Fx Mrs. Pat Wellman IOE -an 'X 1 Ugg u nm """""' "7"-fl 'W ,, lx wang: W-Q T 4 Q, :gli ,mf , - N 2 f L, ,ix mam A ,U 13513 1 , fi 1' ffl ,QI - ' , , ,IIA f -'fu k f'.3n' 1' f 'f' i, Q ' Ml' Q 0 Q9 14 i COMMENCEME T ELMWOGD HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM Sunday, June 6, 1976 7:30 P.M. Processional . . . . . . Introduction of Minister . . Invocation ........ Recognition of Scholarships . . Intruduction of Speaker . . Class Address . . . . . "The Only Real Security" . Music............ Presentation of Class of 1976 . . Presentation of Diplomas . . . Benediction Recessional . . Audience will please stand Each students parents may pick up one pot of geraniums following services. . . .Mr. John Rice . . .Mr. Harold Bower Assistant Principal . . Rev. Howard Munn . . . . Mr. Allen Allion Director of Guidance Mr. Carl Oman Superintendent . .Mr. Ray Monsalvatge . . . .Senior Ensemble . . Mr. Jon Kiger Principal . , , , , , ,Mr.DaleRose President of School Board . . . Mr. john Rice 15 SENIOR CLASS CJFFICER H .:,- 5 ' my J 1 K , fi J,,g Kevin Chamberlain, Presidentg Terry Rothenbuhler, Vice-Presidentg Trina Ault, Sec retaryg Doug Karns, Treasurer. 9' ds . J' 545' 1 9 0 ix N9 CJ Class Motto Let the generations of America shape the world of, today. 9 SSYJXO O 90X L 'Qlasa I QNQXSX Qoxqfq' SENIORS Birgitta A kerhie 1m james Albritton Bonnie Ault Mickey Ault joseph A mend Trina Ault Deidre Baird Sond ra Baird i SENIORS Candy B.lker Sm nluy Ulu ckburn Dxlwn Balrringer Tcrcs.1 Huxley Leslie Be nschole r Terri Brcslel' Brenda Brooks Brenda Buchmun SENIORS G regoxy Burton Kevin Chg mbe 1-13111 Kenneth Chu mbie rs Bruce C ole Suzu I1 Collins james Copus Kathy Copus Catherine Coyer SENIORS joel Curlis Kathy David Becky Bowe Davis Mark Durst Debra Ernstha use n Shu r Lynn Farubee 20 Carolyn Ford Sara Ford SENIO RS Barry G 3 lb ra ith Blake Galbraith Bonnie Gu lbru ith Rex Gill Daniel Gonder Randy Gfabe' V Mi9hae1GWYH Darlene Hagemeyer SENIORS Rebecca l-iutliuwuy Philip Hoiles Vicky Hudson jill Hummel Douglas Kurns Rex Iicller William Kieffer Bradley Knisely SENIORS Lou Anne lluboric Shcilu Lawson Hurley LCC Jin Lewis Cheryl I-OHS . Duwl Long Teddy Lorcmcu William Klllclklill 29 SENIO RS Cynthia Mathias William Mayo Pamela Matthews Darrell Mears Lua nn Maxwell Karen Meeker jodine Mollinger 109 Mouingef SENIORS William Nelson Sheryl Nonnemaker Lauren Parker Steven Pierce Daniel Patton ,Gloria Perry Brian Plumb Qjeffery Richard ,SENIGRS Cynthia Rives Nancy Robbins Terry Rothenbuhler C ruig Roscnnlu lc Ma rybeth Su lisb ury Michael Schneider Steven Schreiner Becky Shaffer SENIGRS Douglas Shaffer Connie Shawaker Christina Sheline Eddie Sidle junice Simmons Robert 5im0H , Edward Sldle Michael Snowdgn SENIORS Cheryl Steaga 11 Iodie Stearns Bonnylyn Stevens Dawn Thompson Fra nnie Tolbert Hubert Tolbeff jay Traut Cynthia Tysgu SENIORS jill Wagner K euith W a lters, Bonnie We ike r Vicki Wiseman Roberta Woodruff Darrell Wilcox Beyerly Weilger Volleyball 2,3,45 Track 1 ,25 Band 1,25 Pep Band 15 Dance . Band 1,25 Chorus 1 ,25 Crusties 25 Cheerleader 1 ,2 LONG, DARYL - Chorus 1,2,3, 45 Crusties 25 Troubadours 45 Troubadours Officer 45 Varsity Club 1,2,3,4, chess Club 1,2,3, 45 Chess Club Officer 35 French Club 1 ,25 Spanish Club 45 Cho- rus Musical 3,45 Nat. Honor Soc. 3,45 Newspaper Staff 15 Track 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,45 Intramurals 35 School Musical 1 LORENZEN, TEDDY - F. F. A. 2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,-45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Phys. Fd. Club 3,4 LOVEIOY, ALVIN MCGRAIN, WILLIAM - Photo Club 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Wrestling l,2,3,4, Baseball 1,25 Track 3, NDXTHIAS, CYNTHIA - Chess Club 15 Chorus 1,2,45 Flag Team 2,35 Musical 15 Honor Society 3,45 Bowling 2,3 MATTHEWS, PA MELA - G. A. A. 1,2,3, F. T.A. 3,45 F. T.A. of- ficer 3,45 Chorus 1 ,2,3,45 En- semble 1,25 Chorus Officer 3,45 Band1,25 Pep Band 1,25 Trouba- dours 45 Nat. Honor Soc. 3,45 Student Council 45 A. Y. S. C. 35 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Track 1, 2,3,45 Basketball 1',2,3,45 Bowling 1,3,45 Cheerleader 35 Attendant 3 MAXWELL, LUANN - O. O. E. A. 35 H. E. R. O. 45 Newspaper Staff 4 MAYO, WILLIAM - Cross Country 2,35 Track 4 MEARS, DARRELL - F. F.A. 1, 2,3,45 F. F. A. Officer 45 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4 , MEEKER, KAREN - Chorus 1 ,2, 45O.O.E.A. 3 ' " MOLLINGER, JODENE - G. A. A. 1,25 O. YV. E. 3,45 O. W. E. Cf- ficer 3,45 Chorus 1 Mol.LlNoER, JOSFFH - ind. Arts Club 1 NELSON, WILLIAM - Track 15 Penta County 3,4 NONNEMAKER, SHERYL - H. E. R. O. 3,4 PARKER, LAUREN - G. A. A. 1,2,35 Bowling 1,2,35 O. O. ELA. 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Ensembles 1,25 Band 15 Pep Band 15 Dance Band 15 Marching Band 15 Concert Band 15 Musical 15 Volleyball 1 PIERCE, STEVE - Baseball 15 O. W. E. 35 Ag. Business 4 PERRY, GLORIA - Art X Club 1 PLUMB, BRIAN - IMF.. A, .,1,2',3i5"" ' D. E. L.. A. 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Intramurals 1 RICHARD , JEFFERY - F. F. A. 1 ,2,3,45 F. F. A. Officer 3,45 Band 1,2, 35 Basketball 1,25 lntramluals 3 ,4 RIVES, CINDY - F. H. lx. 1,2,3, Chorus 1,2,35 Bowling 25 H. E. R. O. 4 ROBBINS, NANCY - G. A. A. 1,25 Pep Club 1,25 Band 1,2,45 Chorus 1,25 O. W. E. Officer 4 ROSENDALE, CRAIG - D. E. C. A. 45 Football 1 ,25 Wrestling 3,4 ROTHENBUI-ILER, TERRY - Band 1,2,35 F. l7.A. 1,2,35 D. E. C.A. 45 D. E C. A. Of- ficer 45 Class Officer 45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,4, Football 1 SALISBURY. MARYBETH - o.A.A. 1,2,35 o. o. E.A. 3,45 O. O. E. A. Officer 35 Chorus 1,25 Ensemble 1 ,25 Royal Troubadours 45 Cho- rus-Officer 15 Band 15 Pep Band5 Volleyball 1 ,2 Basketball 1 SCHNEIDER, MICHAEL - F. F. A. 1,2,3,45 Play 25 Ensemble 15 Band 1,25 Pep Band 1,25 Dance Band 25 Bowling 35 Penta County 3 ,4 SCHREINER, STEVEN - Amsclllb 15 Iridilstrial AQlC5t9Cllxb 15 Science club 1 5 SHAFFER, BECKY - F. H.A. 1,35 G.A,,,A,, 1,35 Pep Club 15 Chorus 1,2,?l',315 Choir Ensemble 1,25 Band 15 Student Council 45 Bowl- ing 1,25 Track 1,2,3,45 Volley- ball 1 ,2,3,45 Basketball 1 ,2,3,45 Cheerleader 2 Sl-IAFFER, DOUG - Band 1 ,25 Basketball 1,25 Craig Country 1, 2 3, F F A 1 Z"3"4""P'la 15 , .M 1 ...N 2 Y 5lAl,,,,,,U 5 , MCl'1Ol'uS 3, 4,.faQ, aublliesll SHAWAKER, CONNIE - G. A. A. 1,2,35 Art Club 1,Z5iPep Club 1 ,311 ff- Zllf3ll4?fiF1f .Rl Charm 1'5'2f45 'Sc1exriSefC1ubl3L5' Tzoilbadours 45 Bowling 1 ,2,35 Track 15 Cheerleader 2 SHELINE, CQIQHRSTIINA - O. O. E. A. 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Nat. Honor Soc. 3,45 Cheerleader 1 ,25 Basketball 1,25 Track 2,35 G. A.A. 1,2,35 Chorus 1,25 Pep Club 1 slDl.E, FDDIE - F.F.A. 45 Foot- ball 1 ,25 Baseball 1 ,25 Wrestling 1 ,2 ,3 SIDLE, EDWARD - F. FA. 1,25 Football 1 ,25 Baseball 1,25 Cho- rus 1,25 Ag. Business 4 SIMINIONS, JANICE - Art Club 15 Art Club Officer 45 F. T. A. 45 F. T. A. 'Qfficer 45 Spanish Club l,., li , "1 ,.w:i2:ifllP:'l s1lvlor-ll,lilllJAl?lF1D- Band 1,25 I Chorus 55 Intramurals 1 ,2,3,4 SIMON, ROBERT - Basketball 1 ,2,35 Intramurals 45 O. O. E. A. 4 SNOWDEN, MICHAEL - Science Club 45 Science Club Officer 45 Nat. Honor Soc. 3,45 Nat. Honor Soc. Officer 45 Student Council 3,45 Student Council Officer 45 Class Officer 25 Bowling 45 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Intramurals 4 STEAGALI. CHERYL - O. O. A. 3,4,BL1l'1il 1,25 Pep BanCl1,25 Chorus 1 STEARNS, IODIE - F. F. A. 1,25 35 Student Council 1,25 G. A. A. 1 ,2,35 O. O. E. A. 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Trouba- dours 45 Volleyball 35 Basketball 3 ,45 Cheerleader 1,25 Class Officer 35 Attend ant 2 STEVENS, BONNYLYN - G. A. A. 2,35 o.E.c.A. 4, F.H.A. 2, Basketball 2,35 Track 2 THOMPSON, DAWN - H. E. R. A. 3,45 Li. E. R. O. Officer 45 Art Club 2 TOLBERT, FRANNIE - Art Club 15 Adventures Club 4 TOLBERT, HUBERT - Bowling 35 O. O. E. A. 45 Football 1,2,3 YTRAUT, JAY- chess Club 25 o. w. F. 3 ,4 CYNTHLA - G. A. A. ,2,3 A. 2,3,4, F. T.A. Y. s. c. 35 O. O Adventure Club 45 N at. 3 , 45 Chorus 45 Trouba- Chorus Officer 15 Band 1 ,2,3,45 Officer 234- 3,4 WEIKER, BEVERLY - G. A. A. 15 F.H.A. 2,35 F. H.A. Officer 45 H. E. R. O. 4 WEIKER, BONNIE - Chorus 15 G. A. A. 1517. H. A. 2,35 H. E. R. O. 3,45 H. E. R. O. Of- ficer 4 WILCOX. DARRELL WISEMAN, VICKIE - Basketball 1 ,25 Volleyball 25 G. A. A. 1 ,25 F. T. lx. 2, Tl-ack 3, H. E. Ft o. 45 Mat Maid 4 WOOD RUFF, ROBERTA - Li- brarian 3,45 D. E. C. A. 4 SENIGR SUPERSTARS wif-f ffl 5 , 'Lb , . ' gf? ff ,A . , F51- . r'-' F 1 f ' 1- ul---Y lr--p ,-A. WL " fv N, W,,, ,N . ,muuuunu Nu-Pnuu n' 7 . Jar Wm' 'Q J W n-'Al N 5-. S ,mhy 5, Zz!! 01 tz ----........... g N. 1. . , , AA- 'E 5 1 t If-1 1 MGRADUATIGN DAY" W Qi ? gf- 'U hx 1 sr' X X 5 , A :X XX. .X Qxlta A K. fx 5 X vf 322 it 'Prim 1 Q' A ,1'W" ' i' 1 ' 4' lk J el "' x - K1 fi' ' 4 "ll F r-'ia g hh -- 7 Q . . . V' T ' - A ,,. J, 33 " TION DAY" GRADUA '53 f .:"s'i'- , 5. Vv'V, J 3 .Nm ummm ,w,,,.-fv 444 qs. 1 vy- WBAR s z Vg ,,-0 W fr Q ' 'T 5" 2 . T 4 , QL E xx i , 3 'X bil .iii- 'GGRADUATION DAY', ai"-W ' ff' ,,,f!v"'iIa WWE K 4,5 111 Jffi' .afsmlivuiit -latlmvx . L JU 1011 CLASS OFFICERS Q 1 11 -'hx naw' ug, H -. ,. N: wrt" ...rf Carol Tyson, Presidentg Bob Hubbard, Vice-Presidentg Pam Bockbrader, Secretaryg DawnBaird, Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS N .A .,..,..,....................n,.y.- ...Mmm 1-.. .4..., K Y- - , K-Zz, V,.k A-I-4 ,- rf Mm- N '.,,P.n1,-Xxx ,, - 1. .,f-Qgumifxmil .- f , , W.,......,...U.......-......., . . ,gg g , 'X' ' 'Milf gf 29 e 1 gf . e Q +5 K ----1---' ,Y-1 " +""' .S S gy S 1 ' 4. is rf""l if PUUTBW Greg McGinnis, Presidentg Jeff Normemaker, Vice-Presidentg Joni Bair, Secretaryg John Wagner, Treasurer FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS 1 X f Debbie Mathias, Vice-Presidentg Cindy Bowen, Secretary, Lmda Ault, Presldent, Cmdy Snyder, Treasurer JUNIORS Q 54:., J ..,.. X D. Abke """""' D. Albritton . j. Alegria X5 - Q M. Alexander , T. Aufdencamp b B. Ault R. Babcock. J. Bair L. Baker M. Bankey J. Barringer I. Barry .Q ...hr X fm' I If V1 Q V . .ae ff 1 1 ,S R M5 i 4.4 729' N. Ackerman B. Albritton C. Alexander J. Allen V. Arnold L. Aufdenkamp J. August D. Baird L. Bateson S. Bateson D. Benschoter S. Benschoter T. Ackerman .. QE , ..x Q , -I C. f . 1 1 B. Ault B. Ault L. Ault D. Baird M. Bankey D. Barndt S. Barnhisel C. Barringer C. Benschoter M. Benschoter 1. Bockbrader . 4 ix w' N. + . .S 1 , 40 JUNIORS T. Benschoter M. Bils L. Bishop I. Bockbrader P. Bockbrader D. Bringman N. Brough D. Bruns L. Blu-dette M. Burns T. Bursiek L. Chambers .vm 1-'fr T' --1 ef ' 01" , - .. A l .isssafss 5155255 5 2-5.12 J. j. G M. C. E. Bateson Beaverson Benschoter Betz Blackburn Bockbrader R. G. M L. C. T. Boltz Borowicz Bowe Boxley Bresler Bria n 1' I M. Book D. Borowicz B. Bowen C. Bowen P. Bowsher D. Brian T. Brian B. Brown P. Brown M. Burks M. Burns G. Byers 41 SOPHOMO Brooks Brown Buc kingha m Buckingham Bucrzinski Burnside Burrell Burton Burton Byerly Chamberlai Chilcote 42 .IUNIORS Chambers Chapman Coleman Cook Cook David Dean N Dick X Drake Easley Eblen Eishen Carter Chamberlain Chamberlair Chapman Clifton Collins Cook Corbin . Cotterman Cunningham Davies Davidson JUNIORS Emmitt Epke Evans Farwig Feasel Flaugher George Gonyer Gonzales Hackathorn I-Iamman Hamman Dean Dewyer Duncan Durst Epke Ernsthausen Evans Farabee Fergusson Ferguson Finch Flaugher OM Clme C11ne Coleman Co111ns Converse Cook Copus Daniels Daniels Dean Dennis Dennis 43 X ORES JUNIORS J. Dick R. Donaldson M. Duncan T. Easley B. Eclcman D. Edwards C. Emmitt R. Evans T. Evans M. Feasel j. Garner P. Gill ,ef 3.53 ,. 4-. ,.. ., g k 1 A W a fi . Q 'H fm fall' is 5 ,, .. H gp Y ..g,, js-ii 1. ff 1 . J' 1 J. Harris J. Harrison B. Hatcher D. Hathaway D. Heflin D. Henning B. Hill L. Hoffman N. Hosley L. Householder V. Householder B. Hubbard R. Frankenburg B. Freeman C. Garber D . G inter ' x D. Gonder ,V Q Eff? ' :YQ rl ' .4 6 Q. 'N L. Gonyer 9 Q 5 7 , f ,,,' F ' .af 44 fu L " D. Hatcher A. Hathaway ' P. Haughawout f' D. Herr . .A . s D. Hill ,el '4 J. Hillard 'Q FMJ JUNIORS V. Huff D. Hunt J. Irick M. Kendall B. Kern C. Kern J. Kerr J. Kidd P. Kidd K. King J. Laws G. Laborie FRESH D. Hire R. I-Iosmer D. Hudson M. Hummel 55 .:erw .. A T. Hupp R. Irick T. jividen D. johnson - ' J. johnson P. Jordon P. Karns A. Keller K X 1,25 gf nf? E, D. Gonyer N. Gonzales P. Graber B. Green J. Hagemyer j. Hamman J. Hathaway R. Hathaway 1. I-laws R. Heinze J. Hill T. Hoffman XM' 'F-fe-V 45 SOPHOM B. Hoiles C. Huff J. Johnson P. Kern G. Kirby D. Krassow W. Krassow D. Lee P. Lee R. Lee M. Lewis B. Long JUNIO RS R. Lawson T. Layman K. Leemaster D. Lombard T. Lopez D. Lowery K. McC1ary L. McDonald D. McEwen M. MCI-Iaffie K. McLeod R. McPherson , f-.ff ' v v 1 46 J. R J. C J. T M. R. C. C. R. A. Kendall Kern Kerr Ketcham Kominek Kreais Kreisher Laborie Layman Lee Lee Leemaster .IUNIOKS T. hd. PC. C. PJ. L. C. ID E. K. R. J L. L. S. T D IJ S. - Y Pearce JUNIORS C. Ramsey G. Reynolds L. Reynolds J. Richards D. Robbins T. Rosendale R. Rubel T. Sawyer N. Shaffer T. Sharinghouse C. Shaw M. Sheldon SOPHOMO J. Nonnemaker J. Nye C. Patten F. Plummer S. Pontius D. Pearce J. Ramsey K. Ramsey R. Reynolds A. Robertson R. Romaker S. Rose -1, 'YQ 48 MEN T. Miller D. Murlin B. Myers L. Myers L. Nelson B. Niswander D . Nonnemaker T . Perkins J. Peters B. Plummer G. Purkey 1. Ramsey JUNIORS Sheline Sidle S la ughterbeck Snider Spears Spears Steagall Steiner Tolbert Toth Tracy Tyson Rhoden Rhoden Riddle Roe Romaker Rothenbuhler Schneider Schroeder Schroeder Shaull Sidle Sidle SOPHOMORES J. K B. J. R G. D E D L. P. L. Rosenda le Salisbury Sams Santmire Sarver Schroeder Seibert Shaull Smith Smith Smith Stearns f i fs 5' 49 X. af SOPHOMO Stephen Terry Trimble Tyson Tyson Vollmar Wagner Wagner Wipert Wolfe Woodruff Wright JUNIORS Tyson Tyson Tyson V ore Wagner Warner Weiker White White Williams Wise Simon S mith Snider Snyder . Stamper . Steinman . Stewart R. Stewart R. Strotheide Swope Toney . Tracy JUNIORS K C. Alva T. Barringer W. Boise J. Crawford R. Gwyn NO pp-40-ro D. Harden AVAILABLE L. Hartmen R. LaMa1-che J. Lee R. Loe C. Lorenzen D. Pennington C. Porter C. Stamper SGPHO MO RES M. Alegria An! C. Alrhaus - T. Alva I. Bloomfield N. Brown No PHOTO G. Collier AVAILABLE R- Dean J. Galbraith T. Richard D. Wise K. Wiseman A. Wright D. Yarnell T . Trimble B. Ward B. White R. Wickard C. Wilcox C. Wildman R. Wiseman W. Wolfe M. Yarnell K NO PHOTO AVAILABLE R. Anderson R. Dean S. Dewitt 1. Garner M. Henderson Djjohnson R. Mahler D. Robertson S. Swope 51 11 rQi JV ,+ ,,, 31 1 -.1 R ,-.A If 535'-M ,b ,M Ln . -. ., . ,, , A M f r. W. l G51 55 G 1 I A ' 2" .H " ' '14 "- - - 1 I ' . Q' A- - 5 1 ' fishnivf A ., 3, - -' Q- M 1 ' F 1 1 Q J 'N 1 ,zq Mfr - , f + I ,fi 1 451. ., .f 52 X-Q.. - US x 1 .LL . -ii: qi 31' Sis 4 1 f ll I J X I- I- J'.J 4 r , . 4 I , - ' Q ' N I H X i is 3 X wwvmw' i L" 213-.1 ,W -Ka I X 2 - H ' V' Terri Sawyer Joni Bair Jill Flaugher Mrs. Bosse Cindy Noel Jill Hummel V ELMWOOD ROYAL BAND FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Myers, P. Ebl-ce, 1. Ernsthausen, R. Carter, P. Haughawout, T. Hupp, M. Bankey. SECOND ROW: D. Edwards, C. Morrison, K. David, L. MC1e11an, C. Tyson, D. Bringman, R. Romaker, M. Yarneli, B. Durst, V. Hudson. THIRD ROW: S. Cook, C. Althaus, M. Schroeder, C. Gray, G. Schroeder, D. Robbins, L. Ste- phens, J. Garner, T. Davison, J. Ramsey, C. Kern, D. Wise, D. Abke, I. Dean, M. Burton, C. Wilcox. BACK ROW B. White, M. Burton, T. Burseik, K. Ramsey, Mrs. Hennell, G. McGinnis, D. Yarnell. MARCHI G BAND I I 4- .. Q ,, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Althaus, V. Hudson, C. Tyson, R. Romaker, C. Wilcox, S. Collins, S. Wright, P. Gonyer, S. Collins, D. Robbins, C. Preston. SECOND ROW: C. Kern, J. Dean, D. Wise, D. Abke, J. Garner, L. Stephens, I. Ramsey, S. Cook. THIRD ROW: B. Myers, M. Yarnell, C. Morrison, D. Edwards, M. Burton, B. Durst, D. Bringman. BACK ROW: R. Carter, D. Ernsthausen, L. McCu11en, P. Haughawout, T. Hupp, P. Ebke, M. Burton, B. White. 56 PEP BAND ' I I FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. I-Iennell, S. Cook, K. Ramsey, M. Burton, B. White. SECOND ROW: T. Hupp, D. Ernsthausen, L. McCu11en, B. Myers, R. Carter, P. Ebke, R. Romaker. THIRD ROW: M. Burton, V Hudson, D. Bringman, C. Wilcox, D. Edwards, M. Schroeder, M. Yarnell. FOURTH ROW: D. Yamell, C. Kern, D. Wise, I. Dean. BACK ROW: I. Garner, L. Steavens, J. Ramsey, C. Tyson. DO S I Xxx f ,,1.'1.f.1es:g:'.ggM: - Q s FRONT: Carol Wilcox. SECOND ROW: Cindy Tyson, Carla Althaus, Robin Romaker. BACK: Vicky Hudson. 00 FLAG GIRLS FRONT: S. Wright. SECOND ROW: D. Robbins, S. Collins. BACK ROW: P. Gonyer, S. Collins, C. Preston. DANCE BAND .- FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Burton, V. Hudson, I. Dean, L. Lugibihl, D. Bringman. SECOND ROW Yarnell, C. Kern, D. Wise, I. Ramsey, T. Davisson. THIRD ROW: J. Garner, L. Stephens. BACK ROW: K Chamberlain, D. Pierce. The Elmwood Royal Band went to Whitmer High School for Contest on March 13 , 1976 receiv- ing an 1 for their fine performance. 1975-1976 FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Albritton, K. Byerly, C. Swope, N. Hosley, L. McEwen, D. Rhoden, B. Long, R. Coleman, B. Bankey. SECOND ROW: D. Hunt, D. Robbins, T. Hupp, C. Althaus, D. Wipert, J. Rhoden, R. Carter, A. Hathaway, P. Snider, J. Ernsthausen. THIRD ROW: S. Collins, P. Kern, J. Ramsey, N. Mathias, C. Mathias, L. Schneider, T. McPherson, J. Lewis, J. Johnson, J. Bock- brader. FOURTH ROW: R. Romaker, D. Bringman, C. Tyson, V. Hudson, C. Steagall, P. Kidd, K. Mc- Leod, N. Shaffer, B. White, M. BLu'ton. FIFTH ROW: R. McPherson, S. Collins, P. Gonyer, T. Tracy, B Mayo, D. Patton, B. Hathaway, B. Sarver, D. Krassow. SIXTH ROW: K. Ramsey, P. Lee, M. Betz, M. Duncan, B. Sams, T. Davisson, D. Sidle, B. Ault, D. Wise, K. Salisbury. SEVENTH ROW: C. Cline, D. Pearce, R. Reynolds, H. Bockbrader, D. Yarnell, S. Barnhisel, S. Rose, J. Hamman. EIGHTH ROW: S. Steagall, T. Bursiek, K. Chamberlain, I. Curlis, D. Long, C. Alexander. NINTH ROW: I. Duncan, B. Boltz, J. Nonnemaker, S. Epke, M. Maltby, D. Tyson, T. Sheline. BACK ROW: Mr. Rice, D. Kams, D. Gonder, P. I-Ioiles, J. Nolte. .a-iif.Wi.d W 9 E.H.S. CHOIR P 'P FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Converse, S. Wright, N. Gonzales, B. Ward, R. Kern, C. Kreais, L. Ault, C. Snyder, D. Hire. SECOND ROW: P. Karns, P. Haughawout, J. Lewis, P. Matthews, K. Montgom ery, D. Mathias, R. Farabee, D. Brian, B. Woodruff. THIRD ROW: B. Green, B. Durst, B. Dewyer, C. Benschoter, C. Wilcox, B. Myers, N. Brough, D. Lombard, J. Harrison. FOURTH ROW: A. Leemaster, S. McEwen, M. Schroeder, M. Bankey, C. Loe, T. Tracy, A. Keller, B. Brown, C. Tyson, J. Flaugher. FIFTH ROW: V. George, C. Noel, L. Aufdenkamp, C. Tyson, D. Hathaway, T. Ackerman, M. Lewis, C. Gray, K. Markle, G. Purkey. SIXTH ROW: C. Rubel, M. Wagner, L. Smith, L. Tyson, T. Hoffman A. Moore, P. Epke, B. Hathaway, S. Matthews, G. Burton. SEVENTH ROW: T. Mathias, D. Shaffer, M. Sheldon, J. Bockbrader, L. Reynolds, D. Baird, J. Garner, K. Meeker, C. Bresler, L. Burnside. EIGHTI-I ROW: C. Kern, P. Bockbrader, D. Bruns, T. Ault, G. Schroeder, J. Beaverson, J. Laborie, L. Boxley, K. Leemaster, T. Hamman. NINTH ROW: G. McGinnis, S. Farabee, D. Gonder, C. Bowen, L. Stevens, B. Shaffer, V. Wiseman, D. Wise. .Q Era. . it CHORUS OFFICERS '75-'76 FRONT LEFT: Mr. Rice, J. Cur- lis, G. McGinnis, P. Matthews, BACK: B. Boltz, J. Harrison, B. Shaffer. .LBJ This year's Elmwood Royal Choir numbered 180 members, the largest in the history of the school. One highlight of the year was their Bicentennial musical called, "Spirit of '76". Their tour consisted of 17 different concerts. They sang at Cygnet, Bloomdale, Wayne, Portage, Conneaut, and Kenwood Elementary Schools, Jackson, Cory - Rawson, and Cygnet Junior High Schoolsg North Baltimore, Cory - Rawson, Arcadia, Northwood, Clay, and Elmwood High Schools, 2 concerts at Southwyck Mall, and a public concert, which was broadcasted live by WFOB. They also cut an LP stereo album of "Spirit of '76". The Royal Choir also presented a Christmas, Bicentennial, and Spring concert to the public and the student body. The Royal Troubadours also did an outstanding job this year and performed many concerts in the area. They are also planning'to sing at the Wood County Fair in August. 3RD ROW: M. Salisbury D. Bringman B. Long D. Hathaway G. McGinnis R. Coleman Stephens FRONT: J Lewis Burton Burton Gonder Cha mberlain Tyson Hoiles C Tyson Eff 4 xt X . A My , ik. so 1 ,gms Q inuvag S Farabee 63 HE R U FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Kincade, B. Brooks, L. Maxwell, M. LaMarche, H. Wiseman, B. Shaffer. BACK ROW S. Baird, B. Weiker, D. Thompson, K. Copus, C. Nonne- maker, K. David, V. Wiseman, C. Rives. H.E.R.0. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Woodruff, B. Bowe, S.Ford, C. Coyer, M. Albritton, D. Simon. BACK ROW: B. Buohman, B. Stevens, K. Copus, Mr. Breznay, C. Rosendale, T. Rothen buhler, M. Ault, S. Blackburn, B. Plumb. - e..L i f Rig mm'q 'S-. J Na-s.,,k 25 'Nf-07 ' 5 Pl? 6757- 6 69 ROY 0. . 66 NS.. FRONT, LHTT TO RIGHT: W. Chambers, D. Evans, D. Wise, L. Chambers, N. Hosley, SECOND ROW: L. Gonyer, R. Woodruff, C. White, BACK ROW: S. Epke, D. David, B. Hathaway FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Hathaway, M. Sheldon, T. Bresler, L. Boxley, B. Hubbard, M. Bils, L. Burnside, R. Keller, SECOND ROW: T. Ackerman, P. Snider, V. Spears, T. Tracey, I. Garner, D. Gonder, C. Bowen, C. Snyder, THIRD ROW: A. Hathaway, D. Mathias, B. Myers, L. Hackathorn, M. Snowden, S. Epke, B. White, FOURTH ROW: D. Brian, P. Epke, I. Ernsthausen, B. Akerhielm, T. Sawyer, C. Shaw, T. Lorenzen, K. Montgomery, C. Benschoter, FIFTH ROW: M. Yarnell, T. Hupp, B. Bankey, D. Lombard, D. Bruns, I. Flaugher, T. Ault, Mrs. Pickut, D. Long, W. Chambers, C. Wilcox L , FB 5 ' Q1 i M, , A, , . , N fwswi , .V . .. W ' Y . -4 H L. iw? , -W A . - I ,W i 4 WW. Z, FRONT ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Saunders, J. Trout, R. Lw- son, S. Lawson, J. Mollinger, C. Rubel, V. Pennington, C. Ramsey. BACK ROW: D. Barringer, B. Feasel, M. Henderson, 1. Gonzales, E. M Weiker, B. Vore, L. Benschoter, L. Householder, D. Nye. GRICULTURE BUSINESS f' ' vii.. 'M- W. FRONT ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Shaffer, K. Chambers, E. Sidle, M. Durst, H. Lee. BACK ROW: Mr. Shaffer, B. Keiffer, J. Richards, P. Hoiles, B. Galbraith, M. Gywn. ...WA STAFF I -W 'ibm FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Hudson, K. Montgomery, D. Bringman. BACK ROW: Mr. Poulos, S, Bateson, T. Lopez, B. Knisely, D. Baird, C. Long, T. Barringer, D. Lowery, K. Farwig, G. Laborie, G. Reynolds, C. Spears. STAFF II lIXl'! Wifi ' ax W, ,f ff... FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Hudson, B. Bowe, K. David. BACK ROW: Mr. Poulos, J. Hummel, B. Plumb, C. Tyson, T. Rothenbuhler, C. Steagall, B. McGrain, T. Bresler, K. Chamberlain. F.H.A FRONT, LET TO RIGHT: Mrs. Neitz, N. Hosley, B. Bankey, R. Romaker, M. Burton, D. Edwards, D. Vollmar, D. Sidle, I. Lewis, B. Dewyer, A. Wright, C. Huff, C. Benschoter, M. Wagner, L. Boxley, P. Snider, D. Gonder, L. Step- hens, T. Ackerman, J. Bockbrader, 1. Garner, M. Bankey, C. Snyder, S. Pon- tius, S. Benschotor "TOWARD NEW I-IORIZONS,, Q E: HOM E J K M? T L EC w A Ei is 'S J ODIE STEARNS HWUUB UH AFTER , M ,. , ,. .,,, ,- .. LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Reynolds, M. Durst, G. Laborie, I. Richards, FRONT: Mr. Rupp FUTURE TEACHERS A ' A GF AMERICA LEFT TO RIGHT: Skip Bateson Janice Simmons, Pam Matthews, YOU PES 7' Cindy Noel jill Lewis, Marcia Burton, Cheryl Tyson, 1111 Flaugher, Mrs Harter Deb Bruns Dawne Hathaway, Lori Hackathorn, Cindy Shaw, Terri Sawyer, Dawn Baird, Terry Tracy, Kathy Montgomery, Cindy Tyson 6 il -L. Ta' -. -J- n 2? Fa ,Maia -. , H-v-I 15" xl Y? X ,fanl- E' ART CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT Tony Perkins, Mrs Rose, Cindy Shaw, Janice S1mmons Lynn Lugabihl, Kathy Montgomery Wiwvw Nifips mx LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Long, T. Lorenzen, Mr. Pees, B. McGrain, B. Hubbard fi R7 3 - f W C: 951 T K -4 NK M ' Q '-Q FRONT LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Borowicz, S. Myers, D. Hathaway, J. Santmire, D. Babcock, D. Evans, Mr. Shelton, BACK: J. Lee, ander, C. Bresler, 1. Hill. C. Musgrave, C. Alex .L '-meg,-,-,-,,W ' . 1 r-gifjf, ,pta 73 E ii M, X ,,, iii,-,Q if xx! u Q fi :iw 'K I ' ' x DRAMA CLUB BACK LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Gwyn, L. Bishop, R. Coleman, C. Shaw, K. Montgomery, L. Lugabihl, ZSID ROW: S. Farabee, P. Dennis, C. Musgrave, C. White, N. Hosley, D. LaMarche, 3RD ROW: S. Pontius, W. Chambers, P. Mat- thews, S. Cook, FRONT: Mr. Olma, R. McClellan, C. Kline, Coleman SCIENCE CLUB -'Qs' 'V - , u,6'fu.,g T. Q x Y EK X king W' X. I' ,., L11 74 STANDING, LEFT B Hubbard, Mrs den, T Coleman, L Burnslde S E R Keller, S Schreiner T Bresler, Gonder, P Karns nf' . Pickut, J. August, M. Snow- pek, D. Karns, L. Schneider, SITTING: C. Bowen, D. "EM-..,., sig. x ew fa W N , Q. NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Houser, M. Snowden, K. Chamberlain, D. NWONN- Karns. SECOND ROW: T. Rosendale, C. Mathias, L. Murlin, B. Emmitt, D. Bring- "0Q0"50Clf" man. THIRD ROW: 1. Harrison, D. Baird, 1. Flaugher, c. Tyson, C. Sheline. E 2 FOURTH ROW: P. Matthews, D. Hathaway, L. Aufdenkamp, C. Tyson, L. Laborie. '2 ' 5 FIFTH ROW: K. Montgomery, I. Lewis, L. Hackathorn, C. Shaw, J. Hummel. W Ex CX STANDING: D. Long, T. Sheline, D. Tyson, M. Bils, S. Epke, K. Farwig, D. vs Lf David. 1 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Matthews, B. Boltz, B. Shaffer, C. Sheline, G. Schroeder, D. Baird, C. Tyson, G. McGinnis, M. Lewis, L. Ault, B. Myers, I. Hummel. BACK ROW: C. Tyson, J. Harrison, T. Sheline, K. Chamberlain, M. Snowden, P. Snider, A. Hathaway. 76 gnifxwi, ,VQW3 fwi x 14' LEFT Butch Tolbert Cheryl Lon jill Hummel, Mrs Bosse, Lauri Parker LEFT Bob 5131011 Marybeth Salisbury Cindy Tyson, Brad Kmsely, Deidre jill Lewis, SITTING: Teresa Boxlcy - Baird, I.uAnn Laborie, SITTING: Cheryl Long, Chris Sheline B AINTENS KOFFTCEBEDTUKCATIWONQM ii , xi' LEFT FRONT: Jeannette Harrison, Brenda Emmitt, Liz Murlin, Vicki George, SECOND ROW: Terri Sawyer, Tina Tyson, Nancy Brough, janet Harris, Patti Kidd, Kay McCloed, Loretta Burdette, Donna I-Ieflin, Nancy Shaffer, BACK ROW: Robin McPherson, Diana Snider, Pam Bockbrader, Virginia Householder, Tammy Dick, Nadine Ackerman, Mary Williams, Brenda Eishen, Mrs. Wellman 0' K 1- . V ITIL rnfgfe ..J, f..3 N X Z' V 45 A f'-ik'F'1'7 W ,vw 4--.. s. A J ' . ff K1 f' if' A4ff JA.. Cay- Q.: F x My QQ iii WX p ., 5, K 'xv C , . -' - Nz,-Af v N1-v L. KN Footballi Volleyball Cross Country Tl THEY WE 4 THEY WE THEY North Baltimore 13 15 Fostoria 29 patrick Hem-Y 50 Anthony Wavlie 33 15 Bluffton 44 Eastwood 35 15 Bowling Green 18 Gibsonburg 44 GibS0I1bU1'S K 20 15-10 27 Woodmore 28 Oak Harbor or 28 16 40 Lakota 19 Woodmore 26 15 6th Tiffin Carnival Genoa 28 15 27 oak Harbor 29 Lakota 6 15 Gibsonburg 31 St, Wendlin 44 of-9280 22 15 Hopewell Loudon 57 15- McComb 1 7 Gibsonburg 44 1 1 5- 38 Geno a 1 9 15- Oak Harbor 23 E3.sUNO0d 32 '9:"45- 15- 9 T 25 Otsego '34 15- Lakota 4 gig 25 Liberty Benton 4, 32 no ii ss Spring Field 4 24 3 " WOOCIIHOFS 15- Q4 7th Findlay Invitation? ' 15- 1' 6th Lakota Invitational ' 15- 7th Sectionals f Bowling Green 4th S, L, L, 15- 15- 1 3 15- 4 Genoa 15-10 ' 11 9 Otsego 6 Wrestling 1 'Lakota 21 'G 4 astwood 5 26 14 N A by ak Harbor it f Otsego 9 1 , V' 'QI' 5 if A Gibsonburg f 0 I Genoa 15 0' seg om-ney . Oak Harbor Tourney 53 B0W1111S Green 69 S-IML. 1545 Place 64 Woodmore 53 38 Oak Harbor 36 'L 50 Gibsonburg 1 3 ' 74 North Baltimore 51 2 - Girls Basketball 63 Eastwood 60 Baseball WE THEY , 65 Van Buren 55 f THEY 40 Anthony WSYTIS 35 M93 Otsego 58 Lake 1 0 1 6 Eastwood 31 71 Lakota is 35 Eastwood 5 31 Gibsonburg 42 , . V Genoa Wggiy 69 Lakota 5 55 fSti. Wendelin 29 Woodmore 54 9 'g- 39 Oak H9-fbol' 41 36 Oak Harb 1 34 i onburg 3 2 34 gQWoodmore 37 SEG , 0 M E 1-S ' Woodmore 10 ii 66 f X McComb 50 51 C1 -if 'E 'e Geno a Otsego Gibsonburg Oak H arbor Perrysburg Eastwood Lakota Otsego Genoa Genoa 1 Fostoria Lakota Otsego Bowling Green Lakota Gibsonburg Perrysburg Cardinal Stritch itch o 0 WMM saw WE 47 16th 83 70 39 7th 68 81 48 5th 83 5th 40 10th 55 13th Boys Track THEY Lakota 80 Lakota Invitational Otsego 53 McComb 57 Eastwood 97 Eastwood Relays Patrick Henry 58 Gibsonburg 55 Oak H arbor 79 Fostoria Relays Ottaw a Hills 44 S . L. L . Meet Woodmore 95 Se ctionals Genoa 86 District SCORES Girls Track Lakota Otsego Eastwood Gibsonburg Oak I-I arbor Fostoria Woodmore Genoa THEY 70 60 88 67 72 92 74 58 Z' Rl ' Cf Y J7 K ll' gt tr X 'I' .gs x fits .A A, 4,5 6 J' fm Mr. Bill Breznay Assistant Wrestling Mr. Martin Fanning Assistant Football Sophomore Basketball MI' D1Ck G19SS91' Mrs Marlene Harter ASS1StHHf Football Assistant Volleyball GDQID 'WK 'XA' 'T-I-I? l Mr. Dean Pees Mrs. Gail Pickut Mr. Gary Poulos Head Football Assistant Basketball Assistant Track Junior Varsity Basketball Head Track Intramurals Assistant Track 84 Mr. john Ramsey Mr. Charles Reynolds Head Cross Country Athletic Director Head Track Head Basketball Head Baseball Va 5 I -1,- VJ 59 Q Mr. Denny Smith Mrs. Debbie szymezek 7 Assistant Football Head Volleyball Assistant Basketball Assistant Baseball tl 4 L- ' Mr. joe Szymczak Head Wrestling Mr. john Rice Head Golf J, F Mr. Dave Wellman A H 'B ' Freshmen Basketball Mrs. Sue Wynn Junior Varsity Baseball Head Basketball 85 "-gamfff' 1 TRINA AULT Senior Attend ant - Birgitta Akerhielm Escort - Terry Rothenbuhler FOOTBALL Junior Attend ant - Brenda Emmitt Escort - Randy Graber HO E COMING "A RAINY NIGHT TO REMEMBER!" 1 974-75 Queen - Kay Ault Escort - Dan Gonder Freshmen Attendant - Debbie Mathias Escort - Greg Burton X7 A 1 I 8 9, , x . L. A gi: 4 5, H,-.-' If -fs' ' 5 . .' , wir.-ta ' Qi ff - 5.32 , fur, 4 if HV .-'.' ,' 1, , .5 f,,. j, 3 .1 Y 4 4, x . I ,A N f ni' 'Q A- 4. , N J. ,f f A- K . f: ffl i 'i-'I"5 . 'R O , 7'!',ff::. ffm 4 1+ f 1 .. YT' Y' 'X T l .iff 'VC' .,', ' U Q- ,lf 'W ' 'i VWA' "'1 Pwiflf. 111 ' ,ff gm.-. if. ' " 53. L, Q cgjifz . W. ,L .P ,I ,J in, ,C 1' 'f iff' sf .I 'g A :A ' lil' r Hy Ly :J ' . ,irq s .I ' ' 5 .fy LV 1: .-i.,. ,E , :N J I , . ,. .f , , w .,' I .f - 1. fy' 7 ' f 35 ' 2 fl' J .f"1W'.'fvfg K 'Ig' f f,' ' ff-. . f - .. 1, ,.-1 g- 1 ' , , c , T Y ,n , -. , . M Zyylj ,- 1- V y f - . 1.4. r' F A was I X, 4. v KA f' , A . A FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Lorenzen, K. Chamberlain, B. McGrain, B. Knisely, M. Snowden, H. Lee, K. Chambers, D. Mears. SECOND ROW: C. Spears, B. Boltz, B. Warner, M. Kendall, D. Tyson, B. Loe, G. Reynolds, T. Bursiek, D. Lowery, I. Haws, D. Baird. THIRD ROW: J, Au- gust, J. Hamman, T. Richards, S. Rose, M. Feasel, G. McGinnis, D. Lee, B. Hathaway, M. Duncan, B. Burrell, D. Yarnell. FOURTH ROW: A. Roe, R. Hosmer, R. Irick, S. Matthews, T. Miller, S. Romaker, S. Toney, C. Loe, D. Borowicz, T. Davisson. FIFTH ROW: W. Chambers, manager, J. Duncan,'D. Bamdt, J. Lee, D. Nonnemaker, M. Kendall, D. Hill, I. Davies, D. Miller. BACK ROW: Coach Glesser, Coach Pees, Coach Fanning. Vis 23555 Iliff I x 9-W' fe. ,A , ,, W, ,3,,'3,.,,,,:g' , 5 Mila Q Snow den 4-if fb C V me , .QA Nui' wi K - I z ' ' ' 0 1 3 9 A X at - 4 f. -, v - , , .f . , 1, I tr' as ' A' f ?'- If , , Z WI' I A 'L N .f . fy fA 5 Nil- 5-fiff Q B111 McGra1n 1975 Senior Players 1976 li E: 92 CROSS COU TRY TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING: R. Buckingham, T. Rosendale, P. Tyson, J. Rosendale, Coach Ramsey. BACK ROW: D. Long, J. johnson, L. Drake, I. Nonnemaker, B. Sams, B. Hubbantl 'DUO'-'Zrnm GOLF Coach Rice, Greg Burton, Larry Burnside, Tim Lee, Jeff Allen, Dan Patton, Dean Ginter, Phil Klingensmith, Chuck Bresler 1 9 S E N I O R S 7 6 t tw V t F to , it Greg Burton Dan Patton 93 SITTING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Bresler, L. Hackathorn, C. Noel, T. Ault, B. Shaffer. MIFDLE ROW: J. Lewis, C. Tyson, P. Matthews, D. Bruns, TOP ROW: C. D. Baird C. T Jus FRONT ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Lewis, D. Baird, I. Bair, V. George, R. Farabee, B. Long. BACK ROW: B. Durst, N. Shaffer, D. Baird, J. Flaugher, M. Burton. Trina Ault ii Deidre 4 mdk! 'JL' B A S K E T B A L L TERRI BRESLER - l 96 H Wigs' Senior Attendant - jill Hummel junior Attend ant - Kathy Montgomery Escort - Brad Knisely Escort - Darrell Mears BASKET- BALL 1 974-75 Queen - Viv Lombard Escort - Ted Lorenzen EHGNH? CONN Ci ra, i V . Q A ,a ,, ' f 4 ,. .43 5 ,fr t L J. Sophomore Attendant - Joni Bair Freshmen Attendant - Linda Ault ESCOIT - Bob SimO11 Escort - Kevin Chamberlain ROYAL BASKETBALL PLAYERS H , r,g?5.,1,.,, , by Sf JUNIOR VARSITY FR ES 5 4 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Todd Flaugher, Matt Kendall, Dean Ginter, Doug Barndt, jeff Cunningham, Bob Stewart. BACK ROW: Mr. Wellman, Matt Burns, Gary Rothenbuler, Scott Romaker, Rob Chamberlain, Scott Bamhisel, jeff Chapman. RE B AIS C Q '53 C m oi Ss 'F- cn L-' 1 1, ' N I W 1 I Ha Z U1 5 ,Q EU. 'ITV LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Abke, G. Borowicz, S. Rose, Coach Fanning, P. Gill, E. Schaull. 99 A I f y , . ,g:- . g O A A QI R . , BA S K ET B A L L G G 7 6 3 9 MANAGERS Julie Garner S Robin Romaker L JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT LEFT TO RIGHT: B. White, L Ault, R Farabee, T McPherson, L Sm1th, C Snyder BACK M Sheldon, J. Bockbrader, M. Burton, L. Stephens B Durst L Stearns Coach P1ckuf B V A A S R K S E I T T B Y A L L FRONT LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Matthews, B. Shaffer, T. Ault. SECOND ROW: M. Burton, D. Bruns, L. Hackathorn, P. Bockbrader. THIRD ROW: R. Fara bee, C. Tyson, N. Shaffer, C. Noel, STANDING: J. Bockbrader, Coach Wynn, M. Sheldon. 102 ROYAL CHEERLEADERS ' e--1 ACROSS: Terri Bresler, Deb Bruns, Trina Ault, Jil1F1augherg TOP: Deidre Bairdg KNEELING: Terri Swaver J V S 3 'E I S 3 5 Y R 1 I ,X E--f E' ACROSS: Sandra Myers, Dawn Baird, Diane Lombard, Beth Bankeyg TOP: je annette Harrisong BOTTOM: Mary Sheldon R R EG 0 Y G 5 2 A I L E ff' FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS L FIRST ROW: C. Benschoter, I. Ernsthausen, S. Smith. SECOND ROW: B. Myers, T. Ackerman. TOP: D. Mathias Dawne Hathaway fw- . 4' x,.. Y . f-' A M haw 29,- CAROL TYSON WRESTLING 'PUC'-ZCIQ "4"1""UJ7U3P4 VARSITY 1 4 FRONT, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Hill, D. McEwen, D. Nonnemaker, D. Lee, KNEELING, B. Sarver, J August, STANDING, Coach Breznay, I. Wagner, G. Laborie, B. McGrain, D. Lowery, B. Boltz, N. Wagner x9f'lf'wn 7 V y ,aa - .us ,fam v , W n-., 'A w-mfr W ,004 W W ' 'f , A K ' f "EE, A - -'T Q N M., , . -' Y" , w --X Z' ".' 4- , ,- 4-I M , I .j7m3,xa: fa. LW ' A f'x'.'v 'V X-. U V E ,bf ijffftd 1,5 , ,,,, A-'ggi Q"f-1.25 1 fu, b yivzgififisl - ' VA ,N ,ff A ww h:"3,- 2 ,,,, , " rwwf 'K ' nn - " ' 'ff-N T: ' 'Q 33, l . jf, 1 , F 1 5i,,,-.S-iv .cy r- .' L, Wifi 4 . 9 ' " -I-' Af' f'71"'54iQ b ' f-53 ' -. 1. . . Tit , drags -'h .Pj V. A Q" .fpfiyl ', Q Y 1- I V 0 1xff5'5.f-Wa' f ff A in -s:x'2?ff B-B, ,.,. ,,L J 109 VARSITY BASEB LL LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT: D. Mears, J. Hagemeyer, T. Bursiek, D. Brooks, J. Allen, BACK: Coach Reynolds, D Miller, D. Eblen, T. Sheline, G. Rothenbuhler, M. Kendall, D. Lowery. QB RA A SL IL LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT: S. Rose, I. Hagemeyer, I. Allen, BACK: G. Rothenbuhler, B. Mathias, Coach Wellman, P. Gill, D. Brooks. 110 as T .... -mm-mr tu 1 una.. A uv Mp is uname- .. 'W , . ...nf "4" ,M 1 Q.,-ex nm N 3 mm is nuns sus T W " xx. K JN.. Q 0 - --wx ul mx-1 ww mb, ,m,.gW f I of - , WW, ,ww -we ml . . A f C M lx,. ...We ,. ww H ' ,m,, N ...mb - . 'gunna M- V - J k , ,. M... . .,,, an ,M ,,,,.., ,., mn - . Xe ,W . H ,.. . em. -.nn ,QU :na .sw 44 as I .. l i lime" HUF "' . uw n .ew mn sany- :nu ,-, , mm. na an mm new :xl ww ua. 'Q .ww Q' z we :lm han X .ww was nm ,uw ,"' 4m.w.-My 1.-www aww V , ,, . . , :fu was fs, -N 1 M 'wus ..s.,xw was an sq...- gizaimm was , .1 .. ,. an ef.. I ww ww, aqua my , A Mn, una: Luau N A 1 QQ' ru: . mu Q . -wx BACKLEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Pees, B. Loe, G. McGinnis, R. Hosmer, J. August, C. Spears, M. Feasel, R Buck ingham, I. Nonnemaker, L. Drake, D. Yarnell, R. Lee, B. Boltz, Coach Poulos, FRONT: T. Flaugher, E. Schaull, T. Rosendale, D. Lee, D. Nonnemaker, P. Tyson, D. Long, T. Lorenzen, B. Hubbard, L. Chilcote, J. Lee, G Pur F' 4 ,, I . .5 u l If X 7 t I ff key, Coach Ramsey R X Q N . X QQ XXX 1 I 'KI If J S f X x Qi, S lx Q x 1 r"' if' :,' 1 1 1 iff' 1' ,ll I Ol nl -'L ,1 r-- 4' I ,' ' A I I I , I n I 5 ' --1 1 1 Wyi W 1 FRONT LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Snyder, D. Hathaway, S. Myers, A. Hathaway, T. Ackerman, B. Long, I. BACK: Coach Pickut, L. Stearns, I. Bockbrader, V. Spears, C. Noel, 1. Garner, L. Hackathorn, L. Stephens 1975-76 112 T ed Lorenzen Track ROYALS A T S E S H . N P 'L 1 R E 0 I T R N ES THE G SPIRIT OF 76, 113 E v O i an -,. .,,. ,,,-,,.. is Y f' Sn- 1-fy A '23, , ,g gwzvgl v hai: ,R 'java' fmg, Q f ' l3'f',fg1'ff Q 141 Q. ' ,Q fx QW ' . A H , sf .-'x , ' ' V' e if , 1, 5 an :QTEQQV M ,-,,..f A ,.,, W., ,, Q' - ' ' '5.ffV5't,f5' A 1,59 'H V ,gL, ,g:. A . , 1,15 'A N if v ab, , H. -f-' at i mf' Y as .Aa , Q gQf'1f??f,ff lk L v ' I 3 . , . f is -I fg ,rk Egg v . 55 ' '- ' K i. . ' a - W W , . ,. .- . vw' if 54 Q!"5 'Si-3-'57-4,'f 4251254 H A-f 'F ' ' ' zf:5ff?3'9'L-w' FXTJ? 1 I fy: ' lfH'?'I'W,f 1 4'4" ,1.f-'ing' ,I 1 av f 'fi' "1" :"""'7 QW- f' 5' ' ,qgfxa 94 f Iife:"'B 4- i,gZ'H'j: if-VDC. . 3 4 4 :P 1 :f1sL'931rf " 3 2 , a f H , A N, 44, DV' 504 Sgpoff u 9 0 a't'o.l,- tg, 2 Somoa- S2 -'fe pssvoxm wo me W1 b semis. ww E YMN m wk Y W-IK X nom P-JNJPQP bwlood YXLQYN Scivxool, so pm. ff woo Mx. Bubba! T ww W u 'ng tim, "C QJYQQJU' vgiffb Ngifqff V119 QQPUM womb BOM9o Voipvuif' lmgvopffp' W9-000 . xAovw"'q,JPvL Golmflwb cmd mo, Suwgvww Y-J' 5 A V' .J 'x 9... 7' . I QQ 'L-Lgfh 3 i 'K lim YE - v f A. 4-xf L 1155 119 yf 12 ,- T , PE? Z., h4PUY 15 1 1976 pw fl c .' 0. ,, I. X in sexy 4 F sf- x 'X B55 CCOKS '!!'Q"fg4uv-' ,,,..---"...--"'-'S ,Wm ' ,,,3NM,., . ' 5 Q ' Eff- 29 'ig iii f M ., Af',f'.,,, ,K T -' f. fl ,t Q f ' ' 'fi ' K 'T ' 32.35 LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Moelman, F. Bowsher, M. Wetherholt, R. Woodruff. 122 Tim Gwilt E Glyde Brooks Orville D ev ere aux EL WOOD Pictured, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralph Myers, Reginald August, Marlene Rose, Carole Yoder . BLOOMDALE BUILDING Reginald August Marilyn Hamman Ralph Myers Betty Ramsey Darrel Burns, mechanic CYGNET BUILDING Betty Bockbrader Mary Wickard Margaret Bankey PORTAGE BUILDING Merle Dauterman Marlene Rose Tommy Williams Carole Yoder WAYNE BUILDING Judy johnson Leona Sams Russell Snyder Clint Thompson W I fs il r 0 ' f' - I i w 123 , x Y 3 , ' I . 1 X .. -J I " E 5 4.1 L Y Y' M-4'-x bk., 'Gila i l Q, v INN 'W H4-2 x 124 I' 'Mfi ' M Ya 114 INU4 A M SJ YL 4-, ff' w.,f.H i.. 'P "BETTER BANKING TO BUILD WOOD COUNTY" Northwest hi0 Bunk or woon coumrv Cygnet ' Bowling Green 0 Perrysburg ' Wayne Bloomdale Lumber Company Bloomdale Ohio DEAN BROS BLOCK 8. TILE C0 RR A DNRYGB LDINGC N R C DRS CDR RP ZBI P CINE ZBB 3934 D D434-C16 Harrold Baker Funeral Home Inc 301 West Trffm Street Fostorxa Ohlo 44830 . u MANUFACTLI E S CIF QUALITY BLDCK AND DRAIN TILE M S NE R' R - B congratulations, graduates r ,CUIIIIIIERGIIIL Bunn Evans Off1CC Equlpment Machmes Furmture Supplles 201 West Crawford Street Fmdlay Ghlo Shop The Friendly One! 59 It Fi' wl BLA QHARD ..9" Q for Lumber Bulldlng Mate lals Rt 224 WEST Hardware FINDLAY 0 Eitglgen Cablnets O . X n- 11 Fwd' 'A 'Hkg Q U' ,llllgr I Ilh :jf A X . p mln I 1 ,Qt lL.g,, x I. hallllll V I r I5 I ll 1' X x , .. X the and saumgs company SIIVING IDSYOIIA IN UNO lOCAIl0NSllA5COMfNiW IIIGIL . , . 0 M A S ,,, uoeagownn ' ' IALNIIARI x 1- 'x M ' W' ALLEY Tri- County National Bank '1 1 PROFESSIONALS IE 1 I, Douglas S Hess MD Sald A Shehata MD 920 N Mam Bowling Green Ohio 43402 V H Huston, Jr D D S 1064W Wooster Bowling Green, Ohio Phone 352 1615 1052 W Wooster St Bowling Green, Ohio Phone 353 1061 Carter W Rae, D D 735 Haslcms Rd Bowling Green, Oh1o Phone 352 1357 . , . D. L. Gamble, MD. Inc. f . . S. Dr and Mrs Leonard P Fostoria, Ohio Robert W Moore OD 135 W North St Fostoria, Ohio 44830 Dr john R. Slosser OD Fostoria, Ohio 44830 Lehmann zsi w. Tiffin sn. ' BUY, RE WE .5- ' Wax o .691 -. A 'Wa 1 1 , Q ,. sl 7 Good Luck and God Bless Mr. SMrs. Ron Laborie May the Spirit of 76 be yours always, Jim G Janet Hummel Congratulations E. H. S. class of 1976. Congratulations Birgitta. Mr. S Mrs. Dale Hansen Congratulations and Good Luck Seniors of "76" Bessie Tolbert Congratulations Deidre, Good-Luck to all the "Royals of 76" Mom S Dad Thanks for all the joy you have give us. Best Wishes! Dad SDiane PRC D. Congratulations Seniors of '76' Mr. S Mrs. Melvin Tyson In life -- work or play Good luck -- in every way! Mr. 8Mrs. Kenneth Snowden Congratulations, and may good luck follow you in the years ahead! Stanley Benschoter Great job Steve! We're proud of what you have accomplished r yourself. fo Mr. SMrs. Duane Pierce Sr. Congratulations, Brad, and all The Royals of '76' Mr. S Mrs. Wayne Knisely Congratulations Greg! We are proud of you. Dream high - but keep your feet on the ground Mr. S Mrs. Russell Burton Best wishes Kathy and class of 76 from Mr. S Mrs. Robert David Zhi! PACKING CO Fostoria Ohlo 44830 ' HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION P O BOX 7 PHONE 419 257 4813 NORTH BALTIMORE OHIO 4lO72 -v-v-31. I-'h i Good Luck Senlors Keep Up The Splrlt Ron Laborle Excavatlng no 4588 Stearns Road Fostoria Ohlo 44830 Phone 435 1243 "OPEN DITCH WORK"' Knaggs Insurance Agency john and Donna 121 North Maln Bloomdale Ohlo Phone 454 2821 T K i i 7 ' - '-' l 9 mi. X I 4.4 ' ... g g l V-f G E SA 2 -: , I .. "ijt n. ,QQ - - . - . . L' -Id L., 'F' 4- - ll . . I . - . Q Y Fostoria Ohio 44880 Crop and Soil Service COIVIPLIMENTS OF CARBON PRODUCTS DIVISION FOSTOFIIA OHIO gosmrm Aura Dealers Assn Cole Motor Sales Tom Davls Motors Hummel Motor Sales Inc Kreals Sales and Servlce Nye Inc O'Donnell Chevrolet Inc Relneke Ford Inc Walter Motor Sales Inc ' U . . I Q , . 7 . , . 7 . Paden Funeral Home 515 North Main Street North Baltrmore Ohlo Phone 257 2651 Complrments of Carl s Restaurant Food Glft Congratulatrons to the Class of 76 ATLAS CRANKSHAFT CORP FOSTORIA OHIO PHONES HOME 655 2317 BUS 352 5936 BRUNS INSURANCE AGENCY MOIOYISTSITISUV9-VIC9 336 s MAIN smear COITIDSDIGS aowumc GREEN omo 43202 Auto Home Busmess Lrfe 3 I I Cygnet, Ohio RU I , yr, ,.. wry nw fr.,.a,g.,Aw ,I , , +-'.4a.,r' bxjyf-f' "V A 4 fm 'wh , Aa Q-4 .pw ff HM . ., , . , , . r' ,,,,4, Y new 1ff1'r3,'- Q fr gf, a,,,J.u- Q ,M . M.wMvVvQzy,, , M., -ww - ' . - w,,-wwf L , 5 1 - '1fY'g. u . , "+'rQ'2"..,' va 7' a.,..1Ln-,MM 3 guy., 'K , K UL E uid, "9 M- wgiwz ' .a,1,3Qlw,,' , V' f f..f, M . x , wi, ,aM,k.'5.m-M., A "' afw, Www'-G ' -'W' 4 . Y-.-W .,...., .nh 1 fs -L '--f.. X -5.,Af' V 1 ,..,, , .- M lv.. , --A 14, ww, . -..r 5 , -Q , L V l Vs.-vtl, M , -nw-A ,, 'W f - ,V,+.,.,W ww-ff: ,.. - f, ,rs - ,N-yAlfv.,f,5 ,.. we , ,-- i ., my H ,,,- v4 v' .rw K Won t R st While America eeds Energy Marathon mnnmaon COITIPHI1 .. .,- 135 L L TROUT FURNITURE INC Phone 257 3211 Open Nlonday Wednesday and Friday 9 to 9 Closed Thursday Afternoon Open Tuesday and Saturday 9 to 6 Open Sunday 2 to 6 136 North lVlaun Street North Baltimore Ohlo THE FRUTH HARDWARE Fostorsa Ohlo Phone 475 7777 Congratulatuons Sensors THE LORRAINE Oll. COMPANY Distributor of Sun Oll Company Products Sunoco Gasollnes and Fuels Onls 218-222 S. lVlain St. Foster Duck Farm, Inc. Wayne, Ohio Nan 81 Van's Snoop Shop Cygnet, Ohio Dick Wilson Pontiac -Buick- GMC, inc. Bowling Green, Ohio M0nty's Beauty Salon Bowling Green, Ohio Klotz's Flower Farm Bowling Green, Ohio Earls of Bowling Green Bowling Green, Ohio R.j. Appliance 81 T. V. Bowling Green, Ohio Rosalez Cleaners Bowling Green, Ohio Mid-Wood Inc. Co-Op Bowling Green, Ohio Congratulations Class of 1976 Kenneth A. Harris Family Caroline's Ceramic Corner Bloomdale, Ohio Els ie's Beauty Shop Bloomdale, Ohio Speck Sales Co. Bowling Green, Ohio Roth Furniture Store Fostoria, Ohio PAT RONS Franks Sales 8: Service Bowling Green, Ohio Ducky's Flower Shop North Baltimore, Ohio Dukes Sales, Inc. North Baltimore, Ohio Swartz Sohio Service North Baltimore, Ohio Econ-O-Wash 81 Norge Village Laundry North Baltimore, Ohio Griffith Sales 81 Service North Baltimore, Ohio N. B. Food Center Inc. North Baltimore, Ohio Lloyd Hardware North Baltimore., Ohio Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. Wayne Hatchery Division Billie 8: Buds Cafe Wayne, Ohio jonnettes Hair Styling Wayne, Ohio Robert W. Lee Nationwide Insurance Wayne, Ohio Mennel Milling Co. Fostoria, Ohio Bentley Furniture Wayne, Ohio Fenstermaker's Shoe Store Findiay, ohio The Tarbox-McCall Stone Co Findlay, Ohio Dick's T. V. -Antenna Tower Service Fostoria, Ohio Burris Carry Out Bairdstown, Ohio Rudolph Market Rudolph, Ohio Leroy CBussJ Kline Western-Southern Life Fostoria, Ohio Soder's Leather Shop Findlay, Ohio Moe's Body Shop Fostoria, Ohio Ad-Mar Printing Fostoria, Ohio Hammer 81 Heinsman Fostoria, Ohio Bill Murphy Realty Fostoria, Ohio Mennel Milling Co. Fostoria, Ohio Mann Funeral Home Fostoria, Ohio 137 the real thing f Today's realities... Q yi. 0 4 , - Q- f Tomorrow s memories... ai. Preserve them for always ' ,iff fl . . ry? S with your Class ring. .. -- i ' " " M1 'K .-1,5 -X, gv A X M .1 .I I I iii." 1.1 4 5,lf"Xgf'N .QQ Sy h iy."'1',2v'g,,.,I, I Qi! . F ,-ff: U W iw v' 1iifiil,., Af'n.,,,, ' K X ,.,1 .,.' Xxiiiixixiiiiiiu. ugh ily-xg V 'fr' :i of r 1 1 X ., V..-xg " f i f 1 Represented by: ' -:www-S R 5 ' sf-- fi 1-.-gsxisz'-is-, Q , ,. KENT KAZMAIER 303 Northgate Court Findlay, Ohio 45840 Swift Edible Oil Company Fostoria, Ohio lhe onli CLE Bill FE L52 EJiQlfPf.l EfTI'1KlRflY27 "OVER A CENTURY OF SERVICE" Phone 353-5Oll Bowling Gteen. Ohio I K.NOWN FOR VALUES I complete ready -to-wear for men, women, and children WAGNERS IGA Congratulations Royals from employees of Wagner's IGA Bloomdale, Ohio Compliments of' n u Lloyd H. Chamberlain Realtor Joe Sarver C 1 R 1 - - Estate Service Plumbin and Heatln Omp ate ea g g Ph. 288-3821 405 Union St. CYSUCB Chio Also B gl L Enterprise, Inc. Building Service phone: 655-3681 Ph 288-3821 CARPET VINYL "our prices will floor you" . I Rippeth-Hare Funeral Home Thomas R. Hare, Director NORTH BALTIMORE, OHIO LES and JAN 109 W. MAIN -Monument Sales- WAYNE, oi-no 257'2121 Phone 288 -8881 WALLPAPER CERAMICS Congratulauons Semors we do It all McDonalds for you T M Fostorla Oh1o 435 2126 in Farm Ponds f Land Clearmg X 9 Earth Movmg Lester and Ollendorf NOAH LESTER D G QLLENDQRF ROUKG 1 Van Buren Oh1o North Balumore Oh1o Ph 299 3486 Ph 257 3443 CHILCOTE SOHIO SERVICE Complete Lubrication West Mlllgrove Ohio JACQUA'S Fmdlay, Ohxo . . . . I li- 'fix is- ls . . I Q 0 - ' .. HOODLEBRINK MARKET Frozen Food Lockers Meat 84 Grocery 2883841 Wayne, Ohio BARNDT FUNERAL HOMES Wayne - Bradner Charlie 84 Barbara Barndt, Co-Directors Stahl Oil Co. Texaco Distributor gas- oil - fuel - grease Tank Wagon Delivery Rudolph 686-2732 Wayne 288-5511 288-5252 Al Gonyer's Marathon auto supply wheel alignment spin bar Wayne, Ohio F-'HIJNE ZBB 5'lB2 THJE PRAIRIE lFAJRMIlERS COs0PlElRA'll'1VE CO. Grain, Feeds, Fertilizers, Cool ond Farmers' Supplies WAYNE, cu-uc: 43466 Compliments of ALEXAN DER'S PROCESSING Wayne, Ohio Compliments of J-Izzdswzk Market Cygnet, Ohio 6 f' K im a MYLES up i s -ff FLOWERS f 'f' 434 . ooser Q1 Dairy Qlieellll Builiding Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 Phones: 352-2002 - 353-2802 DISTRIBUTORS OF MARATHON PRODUCTS GASOLINES-FUEL OILS PROPANE GAS BOTTLED-BULK Our service brings new comfort and convenience to farm and town homes. Use our Propane for cooking, water heating, refrigeration, home heating, tractor operation, and grain drying. Our gas is available in 100-Ib. cylinders of bulk tanks--Tanks sold or leased. Cylinders filled at our Bowling Green, 01-no Sand Ridge Road Bulk Plant. Open Year Round THE PEARL OIL LP GAS CO. INC. Bowling Green, Ohio Phone 353-5811 dream, think, create. may a better life be yours. IIEII Huntington Banks McHaffie Ford Sales, Inc. phone: 454 -2421 Bloomdale ohio 44 817 New and Used Cars, General Auto Repair Serving Our Friends Since 1927 Keller Szgns , yr Q. - ' L1 .gs :iffy-s.. Realtor .... WALL .... Truck Screen Print 281 Bradner Phone 288-5171 Dale E. Rose Realty farms, homes 81 appraisals phone 288-6441 Wayne, Ohio The B 8a W Oil Co. Distributors of Citgo Petroleum Products Wayne, Ohio phone 288-5311 288-2681 Bloomdale Farmers Elevator Association grain and feed complete service phone 454 -2321 m E I I I R ky -K i ,Vg M 1 A -gl ,, N .4 Q1 ff! W Ll, , 6 'C '4ga3eg?if , ' ff ,M if JE ,E , i, lt- - ' - in I .,,,,. Wg. .,, ,N ., G'n Q f ,',', . . F ,. ZLMIQQL 'w fy? "f'I5f"if"e ' V . N' H -3 148 Q v L4

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