Elmwood High School - Royale Yearbook (Bloomdale, OH)

 - Class of 1960

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-.. " . ji A - "Q . 4. '11' 5r'-" f-3 11' , . 'n if V. fisf ,L .373 1 aw 1 'W Yo a Y '..1 57.1. ,LA,:. . 7'ff"t- VXAP3 . mg. ll, -1, 11-qw A 5,55 ixsfqf K . -fav' E022 'af-27' ' 'fy ,. tefg. 4 'n rr r . W F04 1, QQ' -Yu L 'l wi' A .I H LA .g ig :Qin .gi Q 3 .AL fi' nffl- ' fffq ffzgif' , - -- '5 T " . .X -. ' , 'fiix 1' ' -- - gn., , ,iv- V 4"f.,!f ' .,.. ,. .. .nfl .ilui N, 5 , Af- '. -ju n ' '-'A.ifL m, ,, ., J . ,, -:V in ' ..,Pf'H.,P W - ' . 3' 4 'QQQFFIQS ' 1 ' if f ' ll ' if ' ,hw : ' . . 4 . 5-,. 5 ' 5 - '1 .5 .sg I -uf w ,.u wwf' gy. ., ' - .,,.w H .M f Jw. " ' im..- -'fi , ' 1 ' -A--Us . ' "r-'-.f-- "' 3 v S L .M , ,. 51 A " .i Q 'f-Hr i lg n .' Q Q 1 Q M Q , .F 1 3 ' '-U. 1 rs! 2 Q ,L- Q' tx Y, ,fa , Aft' I-B3 I kb w 5 ,, . ' fish. 'TU 4 Li Ui. '15 . Q ' 7' 5 ,sq- , 1 , -9311, V, ,i ' 4- , A . , - iv-,,.. L. . 1. ' .,f, . , 1 ,gf . fm-7,21--Li,:'. , ,, I Z1-JUN-,Thr-'13,--1 -.,r. vY...... -,. - , , Y H N. . , Q14 4, ,,. - K l 1 .- ,H K RGYALE I959-I96O ELMWOOV Q5-,YA VOLUME I PUBLISHED BY THE RCDYALE STAFF CF ELIVIWOOD HIGH SCHGOL BLOOMDALE, OHIO ELMWOOD LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT I M. E. ACOCKS, SUPERINTENDENT RFD I, BLOOMDALE, OHIO TELEPHONE CYGNET 20 RUSSELL OXENDER, PRIN. BLOOMDALE BUILDING L. E. JOHNSON, PRIN. CYGNET BUILDING K. E. WEBER, PRIN. PORTAGE BUILDING ALLEN ALLION. PR ELMWOOD HIGH BUILDING NELLIE GARNER, PR WAYNE BUILDING RUTH SELBY, CLE ELMWOOD BUILDING CONSOLIDATION FOR BETTER EDUCATION The latter part of 1955 and the early part of 1956, the old Boards of the former Bloomdale, Cygnet, Portage, and Montgomery School Districts met together on numerous occasions to discuss the possibility of consolidating the four into one district. A survey was taken by the Ohio State University Survey Board and submitted to the Boards in April of 1957. The four Boards voted to consolidate in July 1957, and it was approved by the County Board of Education in August of 1957, effective in September 1957. The architect was hired in November 1957, a Citizen's Committee formed in December 1957, and the Bond Issue in the amount of 31,100,000 was voted on in May 1958 and passed. Contracts were let in September of 1958, and the ground breaking ceremonies were one week later, One year later in September of 1959, Elmwood High School was opened to the students of the former Bloomdale, Cygnet, Portage and Montgomery School districts. In April of 1960 Dedication was held and the keys were turned over the Elmwood Board of Edu- cation. Consolidation had been completed. It is the opinion of the Elmwood Board that much progress has been made towards the development of a comprehensive educational program. Continuous strong support is needed from the Elmwood School District to develop the Education Program to the highest level possible. On behalf of the Board I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to the Citizen's Committee for their untiring efforts and hard work in making this Building a reality. s, Del E. Phillips, President Elmwood Board of Education 2 f,EH3H?HHH 52 ,H H me Hen H- H H ' 'H H vwf,WuH'H Hia : -:ia HH HHH HH HHHH :gy-HHHH , HX, -- ry- H. . g, -,,, Hh:gH2HagHH5gH1Hf H H X HH UHHHHHHHE f. Hgrigkg. HHHWSHHNHHHHSH HfH-HHHH:H-ygfeH1HHfHQw:Hf . H H.HHH,H:,fHsgm HH HHHHHHHH- HHHHHHH H- 55125-HQQHQH-., mf H H H HHH1fsfQ:g,- HHH-H X, -- HH,HH --HHHHHHQHXX HH HHHH HHHHH12mfsHgX, H ' HHHS11 HH H- HHH -f "f L , H - HHHH H. .H HHHHH, V" HXHHQHHHQ-asH'HHeHieHHgq5gQgH 1,:m'QHH" f "f??Q?S?HaHHgfH H HH "ZH: 'H - 'H'-HX' ig: 1 HH H SHHHHHHQWX L 05,1 my :wg H,H.HHHm,,,X, WHHH T s. hi HMHHHQH mg KX H, X , L HHHH? Y H wr HHHH H - ' 'F A ' 1 'H WQHHHH HHHHHHMH HHH LZE HLHXXHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HH H " "' ,HHHH f . H - . H H sr, Sf ,gvzzmgpgg HH sHHH,QHH'HHHH ' " 'H ' ' ' ' 1."'HHH M H ' H HH H,HH H HH H H ,.f.., .WHXHHH H HH HMHHHH-ew . H.. ,HL -H , ,, RH, , ,A H HHH , , HHHH . HH mg H , Y H bf -W H -H may ,H kj, . us., HHHH ,.., WH gas, f H ' HHH Kev "'HR35'iHs Y ,, - H V, mf .5 HHH HH W ,- B54 fl 1 ww H ' +11 M - " H . Hwy ' H ' 1 ,- X I . I X.: 'ja HXXXXXY EEHN, Y. N., 15: HH S ' . ' HHHSHHN 2gfggHHHHXX,HHHXXXHHHXX XXX is " Y ' HHH HH 5 'H HHHHHHHHHHHH H HHH Q- - H -is Wm X HHH ,H - HHH HH 5,5 . YEL, H HHHXXX- ,HHHH H-- XX 1 fzggwg, A ' J , J H rf- H was ' 'QA' 'ii , '- W' .H,,,,H.,f.wyy.- :gg -tw. :A-kv my V H' H ' -H-- HH- Hn- .-'- . H, Vj p H, j H ..,M XH SE H 'HH H ' '- 9 2 HX X i. XH . H 'Hi 5 Hg,-,H X .4 i ,ff . H - .3 W H, Hf - H HH ,H ' H HAH A T' L- - , F2 5 ' 2. -. HH N EL S. H. HHHHHH' 5' Hilti 'HHHHXX N H ,H ii Ava H. HH, HH H H, 5 4554 HHHH HHHH H H HHHH H ' HHH HH , f ' "'HHH"' 5, H H XX X HH, HX X H HHH fy X.- H A HHHHXHHX . HHH tw I X X H' H HH' ' H X X HHHHH H H H ' HH H' H HH HH HH HHHH HHH H HH ,X . H HX , H H ,H H H . , H x H PHL Qf HH HA H H H '1 :,HL.., Q si ' H521 H ' E55 HHH' , HHHH fi FV ? .cl :H H H H' H "H X W ' .ili::::-"C HHH ,HH H g ' ' HH. . gf -5 H, H L , H HH- ' ' - H H, . V n Q I 04 sir " 2- H . , 5' H ' O , ., . . . H ' E ' Hg. , ' . L .. - , , . :3!' - .- 253' : I '4 H ' L Q 7:51 - g ' . X H ' ' I , . 3X ' " 3... ,. X H o X. X H 5 P I H X , H . O ' I F H ' ' H ' Q- I , ' H ,- H ..H H H . 'E+'- H. F ur ' H A X . H . ,H ig H H111 H W H , H HH 4. ' H, HH H H H -HHHHHHHH gym HH HH M, HX H H ' 'HH ' " H 'H X Hn. , pr a HH MQ fs if M ?3if2fff2 sa- ,Q 'ir uw wi- m:,,1xx mag, wwf ggff ,- in U f" Q,x,,:?5- 1. , V , T-ww. ,V I f-3,14 K ,- .J f.-P - , .f ,.z V. .gf . sf N .- .XR ,L,,..,f 'EK N., 1 -FE xf ' "1- A . 'x-xx, wig. X jf fix' y ,EFL "' dxiarzfaig? 'gffgsgfggjzn 1 'I5?32E.e'W' N j A 1i,t2'CHI55 ,I it 31 E52 11: W W S3 "9l2Q ' s S I w u w v w Y w w .,.,,,.,.,,,,,-? it NX y I ez 'Lv' Hg' l 4 B 4? ,L .-,,, ,mmwws-:vi ,. ,QP A ' K! 'iq XA, f R W G i Q . fs: fffs:2fL,, J t, .,,, , lE35i5?::Z5?fi3Si23?i? V t 215351233451 ,, .,A. W5 4,--gm is' I' W , l Ei- sys, X 140 . -.lm Wliv , ' if 5. 'QM ff... .. " .: - s ' 2 ' .-' ,, ei: Jr' - " sz, ina E- B. M , , Q- :rt ,Hr A, I lgffgf 'xiii , 1, , -, gf- M . Wd fi 3 M el A 3 "Q-Q? v 11 , r L' W2 , L ' 'qw A J ' -1 K.. 72- f ' Y 14' - -? 1 H wg? , I 5.5-'Till P . - -. H . 1 " .K "Lf mifww' . ' 1' M 'r' ' ',,,X. iw 'fr ' il, ,wgzym 1 ' M: -W., V i -A, A R , w i .- 4 l.75'I'L' fifif!'gE'.s.- J .JA 1 ' 'iziz P K1 X - , 15.-',:.:. :Ts 'Z .- 4 " .L 'l m 14, ima' y,l .vgfnrf -,f fi 31:2 T5 '. 4 . :, - '- f ' . 1 'A.'1:-,f.,i 1 e,-'49 1Q"'Q,1, kyW,,,,- , ' V V- Y , -V .. wmgfui .M .' Y I H' i .,y g If ' 3 Fung I ia , - IN-1 XE i.. Vifiqn X Erin' '-E.. gsm Kfltzgx. affair, U, ,, 'N WN mei if .,,H,n,,,x K be S lr 1 m,. 47- Qlfwfw 5- 9 5. . K i- , a-ix an J- if ' '1'-1'-. 1 kr ,M . 5, -" EES ws mg S , . A pf hx 5 w ' fied! . K -: f lag: 'LZ' ' XV n R ' W51 7 se' Q ff W "ii ff , , 356 it rtts s L A Nw f' -fi s2ekr fx' .Qiil , gr- F' di hz Z-L..i1s f' ,,,, 1- "3 '-- ' if' M, E, ACOCKS Executive Head of Elmwood Schools ' s iii 1 :ses Q53 121225 The school system of the new Elmwood district is the direct results of the efforts of our capable Mr. Acocks. When we entered our new High School building last fall few of us real ized the many months of detailed planning that had preceded us. Thru the year we have seen Mr. Acocks performing as a school admin istrator, a building inspector, and a common laborer. As this first year draws to an end, we wish to commend our "driving force" for a job well done. It is a pleasure to see Ruth in her new environment, During this building program, and with the enlarged system, her tasks have multiplied, but her friendly smile remains the same, ELMWOOD HIGH SCHOOL "ROYALE", BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT Fred Oestreich, Jack Rager, Del Phillips, Presidentg Gerald Stahl, Vice- President "HH-i-inuw .st -Q, 3 -- aa ia 2.4 5' ,gi E625 we H 'W ma H Less: 'Emi' ,LZ ,A v M5,ws-We-W-W 'if s 1:2 is 1. in - :.N 3N,-A.. f ., - .,,1 fssvfessizsggf I l, , ' 5 - 'fi-,M Y! . rg Q r u r pg R Q ty, , I I izi ...... H 9' ke 'E ' V it E sig as , fi S as gg ,B . is S "'..,-1 4 -' Ngfili, "" F u It fi 'ye If Q91 ppp 'iss-f-iss' ALLEN ALLION HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL A pleasant personality, a strong friendship, and the ability to getthings we have found in Mr. Allion, the first Principal of our new high school, "You have won our deepest respect, we like you." GORDON MILLER Guidance - Testing Our first full-time guidance department in good hands-. MRS, JEAN MERCER Office Secretary If you don't know, ask Jean ---- ym,,,,ai,, am aws- fsa AZ? as if f . 21, sfi at 5 Q, if A-. I QQ- ,,,-.- .:- done--these are the qualities .-:,n r. , lb' 5595 'Q MAXWELL E. CRAFT B.G.S.U., B.S. in Education Mathematics MARIORIE ENGLE 'CW ,Ke my A ' Ll 1 MARY E. D l BENDER M it Muskingum, B.A. , Home Economics 'A if H- c MARIE 2: 1 M , O all BR WN A xi. . B.G.S.U., B.A. ...,gT' 5: 511f --T't fl2,. ' Physical Education ny --V ww W ,ti f A-JL.. any Y? DALE M. 2 -H? W BRUNING B.G.s.u., B.S. and M.A fm' I ffffif Social Studies, Coach ' rs! 1: in B.G.S.U., B.S. U1 Education ' i-1 Vocal Music MAX L. FLAUGHER B.G.S.U., B.S. in Education Industrial Arts, Metal Shop 5 I -':.: 2 4:1-ai' -we R ' Gem H 1 f M2 'x . 1 W A nniig MARILYN S. .TURKO B.G.S.U., B.S. in Education Art HENRIETTA B. KELLER B.G.S.U., O.S.U. B.A. and B.S. in Education Language, Library W. C. INSLEY O.S.U., B.S. in Business Administration Commercial t 1 M G HOSKINSON 'FS 295 .4055 B.G.S.U., B.S. O.S.U., M.A. Mechanical Drawing IOHANNE HOUSER Miami, M.A. Speech, English MRS. LYNETTE MC CU LLOUGH B.G.S.U., B.S. in Edl Home Economics IK IIC PI-IERSON l3.S.U., B.S. in Education mcial Studies, Coach :river Education . MARJORIE fIEYER .S.U., B.S. in Education mmercial VIRGINIA EYERS VA. U., A.B. in Education French, Library 'if' W TI-IL SIEKERES .G.S.U., B.S. in Education athematics A. WAGGONER .S.U., B.S. in Agriculture VVS RAMSEY Findlay, B.S. in Education Health, Physical Education, Coach RICHARD E. SANDERSON B.G.S.U., B.S. in Education Science, Coach 'iv' Science WARNER , B.S. in Education ' Vo Ag 1 Q ! v iw My ROBERT L. RGGERS O.S.U., B.S. in Agriculture Vo-Ag 'fig' ROBERT I. WILLIAMS B.G.S.U., B.S. in Education Driver Education, Coach FLORENCE K. ZIMMERMAN B.G.S.U., B.S. in Education English PAUL . ZWEIDINGER B.G.S.U., B.S. in Education Instrumental Music 1 rrrjj' I . is 'U Q il '11 r- """-mr- 'rf may-i ya COO KS ,B Mrs. Bertha Wiechart BUS DRIVERS Charles Waggoner Juanita Martin Don Amos Don Kidd Weldon Apple Clint Thompson Max Flaugher Safe and Sound for Homeward Bound. Mrs. Betty Phillips Mrs. Marquerite Distel "My! that will taste good. . .ra , . , - Q., ' as-ia. isa at -at ffm- 'ww are rf-2 fi: p B , 111, if ,sg gr qi ,il ii. m CUSTODIANS Ralph Purkey John Trudel Kermit Meyer The busiest guys at Elmwood Hil 1 f' 4 . S Eff H W Y rrimmxiiikgg r N E, of SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bonnie Bateson, Secretary Becky Miller, Treasurer Harley Tyson, Vice-President Bob Long, President ' 'Nf' x., W5 x Q MAURICE ALLGIRE .TACLYN AVERY ERNEST BARNHART ,! L I X 13 ef' Zi: i ,iw 1 Z pgs 5-11 CAROL BLASIUS DIANE BROOKS JANET CARR I I JF IL? RQR A NANCY DUNN CAROL FELTMAN JUNE FIRSDON x JERRY GLASER GARY GOBEL TERRY HAINES 4? Jr" ,.....f-'- , , .Y I gif.-if --Q' I, '-M , 1 . A ffvirfsava kytiifiii , V- .f 42 ,N TIM HOILES ROBERT HUDSON LINDA JONES .ov A 'Ib 3' .Sir . gm , --Y. I 'uf' Q-uf' if SHAREN HARDY PATRICIA HARTLEY CAROL HAZEL RICHARD JOSEPH SANDRA KIGER ROSEMARY KREAIS 'I5 ,fz-I: E TERRY MC GIFFIN 'lf' ef! 5 . ,gm W X,-5' : JOHN MATHLAS E BECKY MILLER fv 'WP VIOLA OESTREICH TIM RAY JUDY .ROSE 'I6 . 1 .133 gm H w Y , T RONALD LINDQUIST BETTY JANE LO MBARD ROBERT LONG 'Q' -my nyz gg? T' SHARON MORGART JOHN NICODEMUS ROBERT NIETZ an-afff MH 1 R-.if 715512 . , X- LARRY ROSENDALE PAULA SAMSEL S HARON SC HROEDER J .2 X' 555' RICHARD SOLETHER SANDRA STAFFORD MARVIN STINEHART '67 'sf Q--.-'f"" N an WR 'xx RL' IEANNE SEXTON ROB ERT SHET ZER NF iii'- fi?" GEO RGIA SO LARIK N- iv" RITA STUBBINS ELAINE SWOPE MARYELLEN TEEPLE JANET WARD RICHARD WASSON RICHARD WEBER NT-Y IEANETTE WRIGHT NANCY YOUNKIN DALLAS ZIEGLER Win A E I A I ., , ' ' ELMWOOD HIGH SCHOOL May 29, 1960 High School Auditorium, 8:00 P. M. BACCALAUREATE Organ Prelude . Processional , Invocation Psalm 150 - By Louis Lewandowski , , Holy, LordGod -ByNobleCain . . . . . . . . ..... . . . . . Directed by Mrs. Marge Engle Class Sermon . . . Paula Samsel . . Mrs. Virginia Miller . Girls Glee Club . Girls Glee Club Benediction ELMWOOD HIGH SCHOOL June 1, 1960 High School Auditorium, 8:00 P, M. COMMENCEMENT March Nutmeggers - By Eric Osterling Concert Band Overture lrene - By David Bennett Concert Band Processlonal Pomp and Circumstance - By Edward Elgar Concert Band Directed by Mr. Paul Zweidinger Invocation Bloomdale Methodist Church Reverend W. Scott Westerman Music Roll Jordan Roll - By R. H. Gillam Mixed Chorus Music The Lord Bless You and Keep You - By Peter C. Lutkin Mixed Chorus Directed by Mrs. Marge Engle Introduction' of Speaker Class Address Presentation of Class Presentation of Diplomas President, Board of Education Benediction Bloomdale Methodist Church Superintendent M. E. Acocks Principal Allen L. Allion Del Phillips Reverend W. Scott Westerman SE IOR ACTIVITIES MAURICE ALLGIRE Bloomdale Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Chorus 25 Varsity Club 4. JACKIE AVERY Bloomdale Band l,2,3,45 Majorette 35 Chorus ,2,3,45 Ensemble3,45 Bowling 45 Operetta35 Class Officer 35 Pep Club 2,35 F,H,A, 2,3. ERNIE BARNHART Bloomdale Football l,2,3,45 Basketball Manager 2,35 Track l,2,35 Hi lite 35 Chorus lg I. Q, League Alternate 2,3. RALPH BARRINGER Bloomdale Basketball 25 Football 25 F.F,A. 45 Class Play 3. BONNIE BATESON Portage Chorus l,2,3,45 Band l,2,35 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Class Officer 3,45 Queen Attendant lg Librarian 1,25 Office Girl 2,35 Queen 4, MARY BENNER Cygnet Class Officer l,2,35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Queen Attendant 2,35 Drill Team l,2,35 Royale Editor 45 Class Play 35 I. Q. League 1, 2, 35 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, CAROL BLASIUS Wayne Class Officer 25 Chorus l,2,3,45 Ensemble l,2,35 Operetta lg Girls State Alter- nate 35 Band l,2,3,45 Teen Editor 2,3,4. DIANE BROOKS Wayne Chorus l,2,3,45 Ensemble 3,45 Band 2,35 Cheerleader 45 Queen Attendant 2,35 Class Play 3. JANET CARR Wayne Band l,2,35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Ensemble l,2,3,45 Class Officer 2,35 Saxophone Quartet 2,35 Bowling 45 Operetta lg Queen Attendant 1,45 Annual Staff 4. DAN CARPENTER Wayne F.F.A. l,4. JIM CESSNA Cygnet Basketball l,2,35 F.F.A, 45 Class Play 3. DAN COPPES Cygnet Baseball 1,25 Basketball l,2,35 Basketball Manager 45 Bowling 2,3,45 Projectionist 35 Chorus l,2. NANCY DUNN Bloomdale Chorus l,2,3,45 Home Economics Club. CAROL FELTMAN Cygnet Band l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,35 Class Play 35 Queen Attendant 35 Bowling 2,3,45 Trumpet Trio 4. JUNE FIRSDON Wayne Class Officer 15 Chorus l,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Queen Attendant 3,45 Ensemble l,2,3,45 Operetta lg Brass Ensemble 2,4. JERRY GLASER Portage Basketball l,2,35 Baseball 1,25 Bowling 45 Class Officer l,2,35 Track 1. GARY GOBEL Bloomdale Chorus l,2,35 Track 2,3,45 Class Officer l. SHAREN HARDY Wayne Band l,2,35 Chorus l,2,45 Ensemble 2,35 Cheerleader 3. TERRY HAINES George Washington High Football 45 Varsity Club 45 Baseball l,2,45 Track lg Bowling 4. PAT HARTLEY Wayne Chorus l,2,35 Cheerleader 35 Queen Attendant 2. CAROL HAZEL Wayne F,H,A. Officer 1,25 Librarian 2,3,4. TIM HOILES Wayne Football l,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Chorus 35 Varsity Club 45 Bowling 4. BOB HUDSON Cygnet Class Officer 1,25 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Bowling l,2,3. LINDA JONES Bloomdale F.H.A. l,2,3. ' RICHARD JOSEPH Portage Class Officer l,2,35 Track 15 Basketball 1,25 F,F,A, 45 Baseball 15 Bowling 4. SANDRA KIGER Portage Office Girl 35 Paper Staff 35 Librarian 1,35 Class Officer lg Student Council 35 Girls Glee l,2,35 Bowling 4. ROSE MARY KREAIS Wayne Class Play 3. RONALD LINDQUIST Bloomdale Class Play 35 Football l,2,35 Basketball Manager 35 Track 3. BETTY LOMBARD Wayne l,2,3,45 Pep Band 45 Librarian 2,3,45 Clarinet Quartet 4, BOB LONG Wayne Chorus l,2,3,45 Band 2,35 Boys Octet 45 Football 45 Track 25 Basketball l,2,3,45 Class Officer l,2,45 F,F.A, l,2,3,45 F,F,A, Officer 2,3,45 Varsity Club 4. JOHN MATHIAS Cygnet Bowling 2,3,45 Basketball l,2,35 Projectionist l,2,35 Baseball 25 Class Play 3. TERRY MC GIFF IN Cygnet Baseball l,2,35 Basketball l,2,35 Class Officer 2,3. BECKY MILLER Cygnet Chorus l,2,3,45 Ensemble 45 Drill Team l,2,35 Bowling l,2,3,45 Queen Attendant 1,35 Queen 45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Class Officer l,2,3,45 Classs Play 3. SHARON MORGART Wayne Band l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Ensemble l,2,35 Operetta lg Majorette 2,3,45 Cheerleader 3. JOHN NICODEMUS Wayne Basketball l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4, BOB NIETZ Wayne Band l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Dance Band 2,45 Basketball l,2,35 Football 35 Track 35 F.F.A, 1,2,3,4. VIOLA OESTREICH Portage Class Officer l,2,35 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus Pianist l,2,3,45 LQ, League l,2,35 Office Girl 2,35 Papet Staff 35 Annual Staff 45 Queen Attendant 2,3. TIM RAY Cygnet Class Play 35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Basketball 35 Bowling 3,45 Band 2. JUDY ROSE Cygnet Class Play 35 Chorus l,2,35 Bowling 2,3,45 Band 25 Drill Team 3. LARRY ROSENDALE Bloomdale Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Track 2,35 Band l,2. PAULA SAMSEL Chorus l,2,3,45 Operetta 35 Class Officer 1,35 Queen Attendant 1,35 F,H,A, l,2,3. SHARON SCHROEDER Bloomdale Chorus l,2,3,45 Ensemble l,2,3,45 Band l,2,35 Annual Staff 3,45 G,A,A, 1,25 Class Officer 2,3. J EANNE SEXTON Wayne Band l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Ensemble 1,2,35Bow1ing45 Girls State 35 Saxophone Quartet l,2,3,45 Pep Band 45 Dance Band 2,45 Class Play 2,3. BOB SHETZER Portage Class Officer 1,25 F,F,A, 45 Basketball 1,25 Track 15 Wood Co., Student Council 35 Chorus l,2. GEORGIA SOLARIK Bloomdale Chorus l,2,3,45 Ensemble 3,45 Queen Attendant 25 Band l,2,3,45 Majorette l,2,45 Operetta 2,45 Class Officer l,2,35 F.H,A, 1,25 Cheerleader 35 Bowling 4. DICK SOLETHER Cygnet Basketball l,2,35 Baseball 1,25 Bowling 3,45 Football 4. SANDRA STAFFORD Wayne Band l,2,3,45 I, Q. League 2,3,45 Pianist l,2,35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Clarinet Quartet 45 Bowling 45 Honor Society 35 Student Council l,3,45 Ensemble 2,3,45 Class Play 1,35 Pep Band 45 Dance Band 45 Prince of Peace Contest l,2,3. MARVIN STINEHART Wayne Class Officer 35 Basketball2,35 Chorus 15 Baseball 35 F,F,A, l,2,3,45 Bowling 45 Varsity Club 3. RITA STUBBINS Cygnet Bowling 2,35 Drill Team 2,3. ELAINE SWOPE Bowling l,2,35 Drill Team l,2,35C1ass Play 3. MARYELLEN TEEPLE Wayne Chorus 2,35 Queen Attendant 1. KAREN TI-IOM Wayne Chorus 1,25 Bowling 4. HARLEY F. TYSON, JR, Wayne F.F,A l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,35 Track l,2,35 Football 2,3,45 Chorus l,3,45 Boys Octet 45 Class Play 35 Class Officer 3,45 F,F,A, Officer 2,3,45 Varsity Club l,2,3. NANCY TYSON Wayne Chorus l. JANET WARD Wayne DICK WASSON Bloomdale Band l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Bowling 2,3,45 Basketball 15 Boys Quartet l,2,35 Octet 45 Trumpet Trio l,2,35 F.F.F. l,2,3,45 Annual staff l,2,35 Operetta 3. DICK WEBER Wayne Football 35 Track l,2,35 Chorus l,2,35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Class Officer 35 Varsity Club l,2,35 Projection Club l,2,35 Class Play 3, JERRY WENTZ Wayne Basketball 35 Chorus 35 Class Officer 35 Bowling 4. MARCELLA WHITE Wayne Chorus l,3,45 Bowling 45 F.H.A. 1. DON WILLIAMSON Portage Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Class Officer 25 Track 15 F.F.A. JEANETTE WRIGHT Wayne Class Officer l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Band l,2,35 Queen Attendant 25 En- semble 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 3,45 Girls State 35 Bowling 4. NANCY YOUNKIN Wayne Chorus 1,25 Bowling 4. DALLAS ZIEGLER Bloomdale Band l,2,35 Track l,2,35 F,F,A, l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Varsity Club 35 Class Officer 15 Baseball 3. CLASS COLOR: Royal Blue and White CLASS FLOWER: Blue and White Carnation CLASS MOTTO5 "The door of success does not lie open5 it takes a little push." X' IUNIOR OFFICERS J f QS -, az -, Shirley Reese - Secretary JE f -:-:-.,.: 1 F an ugjfgfffu .,,.-: : A .,.. :-, 1? 1 Q! ,ugh .:- 4 W Gene Stone - Treasurer i"' bfi A f 1:75-r' i.X if Ellen Engle - Vice President 4 Jim Fulford - President YN 'K N SY- ' r X 5 30' f A n 41 Bob Allgire Roger Ault Bob Babcock Marcia Baird Lola Baker Loretta Bockbrader Wayne Boltz Ed Bressler Lee Bursiek Ralph Cessna Gary Cheatwood W' wg X.. Cloyce Clifton J fg THESE PEOPLE WERE ABSENT: Ellen Engle Jack Firsdon Jerry I-Ioleman Betty Peebles Edith Peebles Dick Whitman my 9 I 2 ... W ' " 1 , wt! f i i .4 at Q .5 A Y . .Mia 1 .4,,. . 'V k g . 1' .A ,lf -,L :sim ' K- ' J sg ,., 4 y I .T - -W , s " Terry Dunn Diane Easley Sandra Evans John Ferguson Barbara Ferrell Teresa Flames Doug Foster Tim Fulford Ronald Galbraith Eleanor Gallagher Bill Glaser Torn Harrison Joyce Hernandez Walter Hofman Nancy Hummel y 6 f 4' A 5 T if jg 0 . ,lv 3 K .y""lT,t ,r.. Vrl, 1 W .Jail John Cline Jerry Crawford Richard Cribbs Pat Curtis Gordon Daugherty Marlene Davies Angela Dick Barbara Dillon Michael Distel Denny Dobis fha ' Clarence Hunt Patti Husek Jim Kerr Marion Kerr Nancy Kiger Linda Kresser Linda Lindquist I ack Marsh Richard Mathias Sharon Mesnard ,nu ,... Joel Miller Ron Miller Bill Moyer Barbara Myers Janice Nelson Penny Pelton Carl Phillips Bob Phillips Nancy Pierce Shirley Reese -, fa 1 5 z H QA N 'lx' u 15 qs.. A w- 4,- Auf 1 "isr- -ai , W., n " if if ggi a r W ' me .' ..-J Hr- sw W, , Z fs.:-'ff-: J J il , -V I I - 1 Qsszff gg..-3 , J yy :I 4--1 ,' ..... . ,V 1 - 5 my Y ' 4 F- '-. J,-' 4 - -' - as ,fs 11: ., J ,, 1 -I JT, fp-B , I , l.,,l.. N I ky EEE-:-:-:E.:. F E? 1 .,.,E::-3: V M1 x 3' , . , if ' sf '- 4. . 7, I 'ggi' ' ' K J J f - ' T eccc of :'l J 5 1 W .:,. - ii. , t 2 ,J V. '- ' ,- ,J " r-1 5 All K 49' ..:'f' ' D l E J 1 I 37 - u -7 Q , l.,, F 2 I T I ,ri 1- t Ruth Thompson Sharon Thompson James Turley Norman Tyson Ausker Waltermeyer Frances Warner Ray Weiker Janet Westrick Janet Wickard Evelyn Wilson Carolyn Richendollar Wilma Roberts Pat Rojewski Pat Ruggiero Paul Sams Richard Saylor Judy Schmidt Roy Schroeder Bill Sherman Joyce Shultz Cherrie Shupe Jim Siville Gene Stone Fred Stubbins Sharon Swanson ' Vsw glbf- . i sa . gn it r J fl Q J ' , v l, . , Y X 5 :-: , 1 l ll if a So f' Jeff Acocks P Qi QW SOPHOMORE OFFICERS President, Ed Maurer Vice-President Wayne Beaver Secretary, Nikki Waynar Treasurer, Marsha Winkler These people were absent Marvin Bernal Louis Brossia Garry Alley Alice Schroeder Marilyn Warner Lee Woodruff Alana Allion 3 Eugene Ault l' Glenn Aurand 1 If AA 1s I Myrna Barnhart " 1 - l "J . Steve Beard ,T , f t fig ' A-gs Wayne Beaver 2 f sss V l,tV - 'Q " a David Bisbee at F :-: tett B to - l I Charles Bloom vii " ' 1 B gr? Q J Y , Bob Boggs Carol Brand Ralph Bresler Mary Burns Carol Cammell Joyce Castor LaDonna Cole Judy Coss Jack Cotterman Allen Craley in -Q , 2 x 1 15- 1.1 .- ' W or if ' J in Nu I ' X' -"QQ 1 H111QQ""'. ' Q FJ mlllx Sharon Long Alice Lorenzen Fred Luman Karen McEwen Pat McGinnis Sharon Kerr Nancy Krassow Linda Lamb Ronald Lee Ron Lee , J-l 'I ' nm J, J J M -9 ! i.E ', ' X W . "- , . r i ff? B ,fuk Y.. V f w J gy .-017 .15-:Q , .js Y 155 1 ug ,, , ,em H ,. Magi' ' H an , .- h JU J J WH My H E ,I In :gf .wt 1 - 3? 'e -- f IQ- ' A J B ' U A ,, My X: J L, ull, K J N J N -,liij-,bwyr J Q Q W -'um , - is F FUN M., zzz zzz L E ls: wrfr W .i , I, f , ' .x i' ll e ' 'Q .-.- ---- a o f , Q . -:-:-: 1 . we ff EWR N ,,,,. ,,:y.r! W J ' ' I P 1 5 ' 5 'G fm' f X A J T 1 J H D-eg nf ,W.a.,l' J Ib I I ' -vv- .. J Y- A David Crawford Mary Daugherty John Dilley Linda Dillon I Bill Drmipace Ken Fittro Joe Gallagher Jim Gill Carl Good Jim Green Diane Hull Bill lnstone Marilyn Irvin Linda Johnson Dick Keesbury 1 ,if ' -v ,,,,- , ,-i5 Jil I ,X V-Z, -Q as ix' i 9 N J I 5 M6 -fiifi if .. gg 1 Q Q a 5 I E W M-me gr- 11 ,.1, mr. 'a rr ., -Tsai?" , 551. V94 1 1 S 1 C Fa. 11H11"?i :Hg 111 Q 1 1 -1- 1,,1..s1.1H iii: f 1 l225P'?D 111 N ..1:1:aa: W will time .Z i. s 1, Q t -V VV: fi. -'1"11 iii, . ' 'D , -. 1 H2 1 sss , F all A lx,-4-Y 'M 0 t 2' Liv- A , ,,.lA'EW A U 4 WW I L,,L,, . 531. -H, ' .msziifzi ' 1 1 " il Z a ,zf-PZ 1 1 --"- ' f-.g IOH N0HHemakef f 1 2 Susan Ray Ron Remhard 1 1 1 Leslie Richard r will b -"" Ti 1 1 ' P Ro erts 1-1:2 As: '--" T' -M Q ' I Patty Roseboom Rudy Russell Mary Ryan Joe Schmidt Denny Shane Bonnie Smith Sandra Stewart Carolyn Stinehart Dan Tyson Larry Tyson I Mg x Shirley McMahan Dallas Mathile Bonnie Matson Ed Maurer Charles Mears Don Mercer Norman Merritt Donald Meyer Larry Miller Daryle Moore . ,ja kb 4 'n 5 sf., JJ. 'FW .. sas q:g1a151,..-t-15,131 1 ,fx NA ,5 f ,ff 1 ' 3 1 14 ..... 1 E if A -A ,.,,. .gf we 1 Sf. 'Q' 112: , 1 w WQ1 asf" Y '121 , ,::::,,.r1vi111' . .W 1 1 1 rr 1 5 " 1: :Q 1 1 .. - r X11 1, ' Z, 1 Y D '.-' I-1 . J I r ' " -- ' - y -iff X M J ' ' H r sig h 25 .,..1 . H' 5.5, :ss Qi -- '1 1 ""' r 1 Marilyn Walter Nikki Waynar Judy Williamson Marcia Winkler Denny Wise Denny Wood John Wright Ralph Wright Gary Yoder Tom Younkin 111. :Tien '1 ,1 -gag,-:iw . , y ,5,, ,Z i 0""2 I 3 1 N 4 ' rv 1, FRESHMAN OFFICERS President, Joan Nietz Vice-President, Barry Phafl Secretary, Loretta Gobel Treasurer, Carol McCullough Linda Bibee Larry Brand Cheryl Brueggemeier Bill Butler Paula Butler Pat Cammell Gary Campbell Jackie Carnicom as George Amos Susan Andrews Roger Barringer Mary Bateson Jim Carpenter Ann Cessna Nancy Cessna Mary Clifton is i e - 'B ,.. V. - ei' M H1 N H M 3 r 1 'ln I 1 r r S: 'fr if ...rr , 1 , , 1.4 X 1, I. '-ig., ', , 'Ef Wm m :Fw use H' ,. W7 1 . Q ,lll w' 1 'he ' V 'Y L 95-rf ' Qi' J- V ' N H' V i lla- f 4' ' T tl fr -s:s:El': X il E' 1' , , H L- . :L-5 V f '- P - 2 fx "giiy,qg.?i 7 k ,., A .I Y fir! V r' A ff sie ,rag W 6 3 QLQI , - ,, W az 5- T Hia 1 f 1 ,- Q - ,Liszgiff P A h E r E t L x 4 y lgmre U V , A X Danny Fry David Fry Evelyn Gallagher David Glass Loretta Gobel Ed Haldeman Dianne Harrison Linda Haughawout Keith Henline I ohn Henschen John Himes Ronald Hosley Bill Hudson Ruth Hudson Bonnie Kelly Terry Ketcham Duttie Knauss Sylvester Kreais ,rt I rr.o , 4 V. sr: . Z' " ' " wfiz . 5 '- iz -' f f ' wg ,R B :A if 3 J. 5- f, G J .Zi ,. s :gif 31 is gd ' N N ar W X Y 5, fr, fssgs - , '. -- EJ N - , V I L ,T Y V fi I Lei' gi --'-'QI' A E",-1 g',' F I+! L ' - -- T-2521? V. Y ami, " ' Yi Y 95? wfff-'g 352.3 ' r rw ,, , nfs-., 1 w fs I r Q' M Don Coe l i r Sheryle Cole my x ,. Kathy Cool so yy Carl Cotterman , yy Karen Crabtree c 'lrll"i'l X -lif Janice Crawfoot I M Dick Daniels . V Q Marylin Dauterman 1 W , st Alberta Dilley viii ' K V viii?" C, i A Charlotte Feltrnan f"'f , ' . ,,.. Gif A1 , , ' s 'f.. W Jamce Flrsdon ' '-A ' "" ' Jim Firsdon . .4 A ' .L K, , - . 31 V ,. HQ g E- .-3142 E- K, ,Z ,Sli fi, 1- K ,. ,f -. is if ' gf' 5J3'ff5 ' M, L1 lil ,,,, . Kam, it z my W F S i 73: TTS xfvr 321 lk 'L fi r 3. J "4 'l 2- -1 Y , U, , ,4 31 Tis .S . ly, Aja V. A ..'-LW I Y f - :'V1fi:"? 5.- " , A F' if -'i QN ,W .- , ,W ,,, H ,1 . ,n.4l4 fig, , .., ,seg , ,. XJ sg 12.2. .V si S nn. 5"-ve wyfsf .aus Mr,-ra-gig Y 3 ,X ,, s . S .Q 2 5 li Q- Kiwi: In i' t ffm W -'S Y, If ,N A Q it-,f s A Ei V - f.. ' W' -f :H 1f:f2,.,122':- Q2- V i 1 K ' ' K. 55 x Q w ,W . K' lf wafi P A a X 5 .1 ww 4 f t was .Q , Y' av' L rf W A ,tlziuyggv ., r - , . 1 - z :- A 1 Y.Q.PeW, Dianna Lee Susie Long Mike Long Carol Jo McCullough Carol McDonald Sharyn Maidment Gerald Mathias Diana Merritt Margaret Morgart Doris Motor Julia Nicodemus Joan Nietz 29 Esther Nonnemaker Phyllis Nungester Howard Oestreich Camilla Ortega Barry Pfahl Darrell Reynolds x Ls- . iw - , R ini., w I 1 0 ak' ' .M A fr N i I x ma I -ak rr- as P N' ' 3' 11' f 2 K g 1 H J V W R , David Reynolds ' R ' N 7 John Reynolds -5,7 l f V 2 -9 U, A 9 -,I g, Louise Reynolds 4 , ,.,. j-fig +1 R, Janice Richard ' .lr. f 555 J - Av so ,- ., ..,',13.. W. Z Donna Richendollar 551441 -R f. X W 2 . . R f-:sy gf7!:':::i ' y Lois Richendollar Y J .,,, riff- ,yi:::'.J!3 Y 1 X If mt I . , yin? 'rl Q5-ei-unix A., R R ,Ei yye ,DQR yl,ys 1, R RR ' M' ' " J llle f ws, 3 ,J R R V ,. J rRslsRR -R, J I " r,n, in MR J Rr J' jr, J :gEi? ..., D a t ex: my 3 E ' 6 he jx i-,X 'AW ' .' 7 ,.RR:' 1 - .1 . J f Doug Rosendale Glenn Rosendale Wally Rosendale Larry Salisbury J ane Sams Janice Sander Linda Schooner Roland Schwyn Richard Sernler Jerry Shaffer Allan Sharninghouse Mickey Shetzer Charlene Solarik Richard Swanson Dianne Tefft Steve Thompson Linda Tyson Jay Walters WM F RRR, KAV . .R.RR f RM V . LRRR W RRXN 5 iz, 1 if , . Q 4 5 R i- L X RA 1 4? ,vi .J rkfsf Y lvll I- . J J M is - +4 Q 'lg X, A I X X. Y Janet Wasson Bob Weaver Don Westrick Kirby White Nancy Wickard David Williams Lynn Wilkinson Patty Williams John Wittenrnyer Elaine Yates Jeanne Yates Dick Ziegler 30 ti ef: 'S' ' I 5 if 2 'P ff! Fl- Herald Trumpets FH? MARCH ?'S MA 1 'ELL I FX- Ex' Gegygia SO13Ii.k ,-5,-X ,Jil .fi r, " X X if j I ,2- Kell Il-12 I Y IW K Iliff I-AA-I . 'III :AJ-II' 4 .I I X , 2 it were - W N ,. nr , , ' H wx limgiiiiii H J N 'iw' " --it -"- 1 " H it M , ,T J , 1 .1 f l nw, w . ' mlm up , 'M ae' H Higgs ,fm"'mmiuH'Fymmm im '55 71555545-it A., HEEL Q M 'kfgfw my f f , :ev Q niilgggg Q w ui w ??3fLKf'lsa1f1fEi2nu21g?f M ,.sff2?"nl.w ., ,, f as "1 ii ' Girlie' 1:12412 We ,M H M w ui .in 1,1wf.,awf M r , r rwfzyfggf M i l'f,fA::iaf,'f - is . wire, win -it ,, -, , ,ly 'H1PNw"svw ' " Fill r ' 'Ein ' K M ' fi" ' V ' 1 M'-:Elem mfg Hi NH 72 M2392 52:7 vim hz kiln ' e-W, ,.Je'5:.o 503 95151 we Q , W,-. -W ,I l 'll - f My ess ii? H H -- ' fs, L A W, in H J, ..,, N ,N--,, , -,, - f, ,Z as sf? - H H aug, ' aw- 3, we., A , , l . , ,-" imawwni .,u.m71'. - J, H W H it ,... .M l : ,l ff . , D ef mg r-1,-F--W 23,-y E ,. , ,iv .. ..-1... , Q' , - ' 'ii , Y "rar-' i ' Y ' ' -- ' ' "'B"' ' , up H ,, ,, , , HY' ,Maier Y- --.,,.s.sr..i...-.,..- - I' 53' ' an ' H . 'I . ll' ' 'K " - - - A-ms-A .. 1 fE7i?R' "L-' -a3ifQ?s'f'2E ff' ami.-Y ,, 1 f. , ny, W ,, , Z , ' ' of 75? ' .Lv aight' Esc i w, ' nw My " -V it ea- 1 lw-,f'V " ' Wm it J, if 12 ,. H, 555 , wi.-M ,lu " . 1 ff wr H ' , nn: i - ' ii 1 N' ii '-' ,ea ' Qi' , ' ' H in ,s ' rf' " ' ' ' ' '- -' V ' . 4 "WA '1 " ' ' 1-uf' - R '- ' ' d-- : ' , i ':, A.. J: 1 ff' STANDING: Dianne Harrison, Ken Fittro, Eugene Ault, Denny Wise, Jim Carpenter. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Holeman, Jack Firsdon, Garry Aller, Joan Nietz. FOURTH ROW: Richard Saylor, Bob Babcock, Bill In- stone, Jim Firsdon, Mike Long, Mickey Shetzer. THIRD ROW: Janet Wasson, Nancy Krassow, Bonnie Matson, Kathy Cool, Lynn Wilkinson, Shirley Reese, Judy Coss. SECOND ROW: Viola Oestreich, Sandra Stafford, Sharon Morgart, Mary Daugherty. FRONT ROW: Ellen Engle, Pat McGinnis, Betty Lombard. The Elmwood High Band is all dressed up in their new uniforms ready to go at the drop of a baton! This active gang has found manyplaces to toot and parade. During last summer they visited such places as the Van Wert Peony Festival, Wood County Fair, Pemberville Fair, and the 32 ' ?"'?"? ii' .' ' 1 ' . ' , .. . . ,q-'55 , J- ' ' ' - -r 7 V . 5 ' f . ,Z if. '.,5cf-"1.a 3: . "' A . ., .. -sw-f a.: ..::- up- - 1 ,. E5 . V. -I in-tri ,V ,Q , I . H59 Tw-'15'-if-F-.ss-a, ..l 5 fr - .0 ' 103' - 'Q STANDING: Jerry Crawford, Mr. Zweidinger, Charlene Solarik, Jackie Avery, Susan Andrews. FIFTH ROW: Sheryl Cole, Leslie Richard, Bob Nietz, Howard Oestreich, Loretta Bockbrader, Charlotte Felt- rnan. FOURTH ROW: Larry Salisbury, Carol Feltman, Wilma Roberts, Janice Sander, Marion Kerr, Dickwasson, Richard Cribbs. THIRD ROW: June Firsdon, Ralph Cessna, Georgia Solarik, Eddie Halde- man, Gordon Daugherty, Pat Ruggiero, Mary Jo Burns. SECOND ROW: Jeanne Sexton, Patty Roseboom, Allen Craley, Jackie Carnicorn, Ann Cessna, Judy Williamson. FRONT ROW: Sha1'ynMaidment, Evelyn Wilson, Marcia Winkler, Ohio State Fair, intermixed with numerous evening concerts. The fall was their busy season with football games and Halloween and Christmas parades. Concerts in the spring make this an all-year affair. TRUMPET TRIO Carol Feltrnan Janice Sander Wilma Roberts SAXOPHO NE QUARTET Ann Cessna Judy Williamson Patty Roseboom Jeanne Sexton TRUMPET QUARTET Larry Salisbury Aaron Babcock Richard Saylor Marion Kerr BRASS SEXTET Wayne Boltz Bob Nietz Joan N ietz June Firsdon Dick Wasson Richard Cribbs Q M E4 ff U. 'Ts- 1 ,I W ,vm ,typ .v 'T' J' ' ':': . E A X ?3 1 :.. f?'xr4if ff Ln, f , T M ' N . - 1 V ,Q - f igs awfyl ' AY ' bixv wk -L 1 Mgr mL.as 4.-1 J! f ,ti 2 -:R -., fmt. " -"E+ ? f . v S. .W Q, i I. -' X-1 I r ,-V. 'U , 1 r X 71' ,.- 5 "?' 5 N H if ' f Y, ,. -1 I " .. qi. , 'an 'Qi -1 . ' W-N., , I , X QS'-L.,,: f ,jgx g . ff Q . X Zif'-L' . 'NJ CEI" KX Q ' . -"W-f v 'Nb ,ef 'Q v 9 QQ..--.U fg: -543, Qgx .B jx 4 ' K -Nia axr - .5 " ILI f .i1 1',,. . Q-,,S.'b qt- , .. ff ' 'UN .,-.-:gg ck - ' I -, .1 . .9-..., Pi ' ,I Q' mix Tj' . ,wax W? U it -S X ..f'.,iBb , .f H I X .Q ll -N . K 4 -K ,as-. ..,-V 1 - - - J .. , N ' jp V .5 X iii. V, fi- E 'xxx -MV an k - V K m. 5vQwf ffa.!faf?n 1 . ff Y W JJ' ' b v-:yr Id ' X . fr - . ,ia ' if . ' 2 Qnflf f ' f iff M' ,Ia 'f , ' I :gli t " u " N174 . , ,VW ,tl , A. r, an Z Y DANCE BAND: BACK ROW, Left to Right: Joan Nietz, Sheryl Cole, Sandra Stafford, Viola Oestreich, Richard Saylor, Marion Kerr, Charlotte Feltman, Bob Nietz. FRONT ROW: Ken Fittro, Pat Roseboom. Jeanne Sexton, Judy Williamson, Ann Cessna, Gordon Daugherty. - tk PEP BAND: BACK ROW, Left to Right: Ken Fittro, Sheryl Cole, Leslie Richards, Charlotte Feltman, Marcia Winkler, Dianne Harrison. MIDDLE ROW: Richard Saylor, Janice Sander, Wilma Roberts, Carol Feltman, Ann Cessna, Jackie Carnicom, Jeanne Sexton. FRONT ROW: Pat Ruggiero, Judy Coss, Shirley Reese, Viola Oesteich, Sandra Stafford, Betty Lombard, Nancy Krassow, Bill wford, IH, C QVC D dale, C11 Turley, Larry Ros im cGinnis, I Mercer, Pat M 0I'l D arsh, M esidentg J ack Pr asurerg Harley Ty-:fi-'1 . IC Iohn Ferguson, T ill mG ghr, J i ri hnW rnicom, Jo Ca riang Alana Allion, Jackie I3 nny Pelton, Lib Pe net Carr, Ia Easley, GJ ci N -f-4 D J Morgar W: Sharon H RO URT FO Instone. erltg esid -Pr CS asson, Vi line, Dick W S11 H Keith Moore, ks, Daryl u o o SC E an P"t o-T 4: on 'I-1 I-l 3 an I-5 I-3 cu ::: ni an 5-1 on o F-1 cz AFI or :N 0 cf ai Z r: o UI 93 G5 on an 'I-C cz r: o an Z I-4 cu 5 cd K4 cd .cs I-l su no CD .-1 OO C1 Ll'-l ckie la son, Charlene Solarik, kin il Lynn W Bockbrader, Loretta fahl, ard, Barry P nh n Rei R0 Lee, Ronnie OCC, right, Bill Dunip hum, Ralph W Terry Ketc 0 --4 CI C! O LD .- CPN 1-1 GS o-I CD n-4 O KD UJ :T o -cz V3 -5 u. an E i-1 E cd nd l-4 GI x.. .D uv-l -I N. J-3 .2 Z II! C!! O v-1 a-7 :S o 3 cd Haugh Linda SECOND ROW: Viola Oestreich, wfoot. I3 C C6 teson, Jani Ba Avery, Mary 'ci' l-I E E QJ O .L C1 CY! P-'U G. O v-I P1 -v-1 Ct G1 I-1 CYS .-C! I-I CYS DQ J 'U E JI'- O CD PS 'U 21 P'1 1.7 KD 'U KD E U U3 II O I-4 K1 .Ci CD ul' .Z O O I-Q CD O C! G! 'I-l Q orgart, M Margaret 'cf l-1 o U-1 U-4 K5 C-l UD cd I-4 1:1 r: as UD E fu 0-1 ld 'NS I-4 ,Q 'l'1 -1 uf on .Q .Q 'FC no as 'U z: 'P-Q .1 lly, Ke ai lil no c: rn an 'F1 If-1 o --. I-4 5 :rl 5 'o c: cd :J an 'El :s no CU .. :K fd '1- uf an O-V CU P" so 1: c: CU rn U-'A . KI! an 'F4 :: N Q KD 1: GJ vii I-4 rd 2 of an ..: O C! G3 --4 D Maidment, aryn Sh Stewart, 113. Sand llagher, anor Ga Ele E95 Qxax u'5e'x6' 'QE . XXXL ' 0193 itlowg r. WW Wt x Vs G XF' Wade' gre. . ggaiox XQ ' CYS Q0 Sr 920,610 if even ser VH' 5CXNi0X XYNXXSOQQSQU' X969 is YLQGYJXGXCG S6 we ,Ga W new FRESHMAN ENSEMBLE Janet Wasson, Sharyn Maidrnent, Kathy Cool, Lynn Wilkinson, BonnieKel1y, Char1eneSolarik, Joan Nietz, Nikki Waynar, Julia Nicodemus, GIRLS ' CHORUS FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Joan Nietz, Georgia Solarik, Becky Miller, Joyce Shultz, Janice Richard, Charlene Julia Nicodemus, Marcella White, Jackie Carnicom, Linda Haughawout, Sharon Morgart, Bonnie Bateson, Jeanette Diane Easley, Penny Pelton. THIRD ROW: Janet Carr, Sharen Hardy, Barbara Myers, Ellen Engle, Alana Allion Nancy Dunn, Judy Schmidt, Cheryl Brueggerneier, Mary Benner, Sharon Schroeder, Carol Blasius, Nancy Pierce, J Crawfoot, Leslie Richard, Janet Wasson. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Walters, Sharon Kerr, Jeanne Sexton, Loretta Bockbr der, Lynn Wilkinson, Jackie Avery, Diane Brooks, Phyllis Nungester, Margaret Morgart, Janice Sander, Linda Bi Viola Oestreich, Bonnie Kelly, June Firsdon, Kathy Cool. FIRST ROW: Carol Brand, Evelyn Wilson, Mary Bateson Cherrie Shupe, Eleanor Gallagher, Paula Butler, Paula Samsel, Marlene Davies, Sharyn Maidment, Diane Lee, Je Yates, Sandra Stafford, Janice Nelson, Mrs. -Marjorie Engle. BOYS' OCTET Ronnie Reinhard Barry Pfahl Dick Wasson Pat McGinnis Garry Aller Bob Long Harley Tyson Bob Nietz BOYS ' CHORUS BACK ROW: Larry Rosendale, Jack Marsh, Bob Hudson, Bob Long, Bob Nietz, Ray Weiker, John Ferguson, Harley Tyson. MIDDLE ROW: Ralph Wright, Daryl Moore, Don Mercer, Jim Gill, Jim Siville, Jim Turley, Ronnie Lee, Pat McGinnis, Bill Instone. FRONT ROW: Terry Ketchern, Keith Henline, Bill Dunipace, Barry Pfahl, Ronnie Reinhard, John Wright, Garry Aller, Dick Wasson, John Himes, and Mrs. Engle, The operetta "Brigadoon" was presented on April 8 and 9 in the newly constructed Elmwood audi- torium. There were 24 members in the mixed chorus, 20 members in the dancing chorus, and a 30-piece orchestra. Seniors were given preference in the double cast, which included: Cast A Bob Long Jackie Avery Ed Maurer Sharon Schroder Diane Brooks Pat McGinnis Jeanne Sexton Bob Hudson Bob Nietz John Ferguson Dick Wasson Larry Rosendale Eugene Ault From Chorus From Chorus Tommy Fiona Jeff .Tean Meg Harry Beaton Jane Ashton Frank Mr. Lundie Archie Beaton Charlie Dalrymple Angus McGuffie Andrew MacLaren Sandy Dean Maggie Anderson Cast B Dick Wasson Sharon Schroder Pat McGinnis Jackie Avery Sandra Stafford Ed Maurer June Firsdon Bob Hudson Bob Nietz John Ferguson Bob Long Larry Rosendale Eugene Ault From Chorus From Chorus Thanks to Mrs. Marjorie Engle, Mr. Gordon Miller, and Miss Johanne House: for a wonderful job of directingl ll fi Football Queen Becky Miller is being escorted across the field by co-captains, Harley Tyson and Maurice Allgire. VZ QQ Our lovely Queen is being crowned by as Maurice quietly looks on. The first Elmwood Royal FootballQueen, Becky Miller, officially opens theE1m- wood-Van Buren game by throwing the football onto the field before a crowd of anxious fans. Her lovely attendants are: LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlene Solarik, Freshmang Wilma Roberts, Juniorg J une Firsdon, Seniorg and Carolyn Stinehart, Sophomore. Congratulations to this group of beautiful girls who reigned at the Royal Festival Dance later that evening! V3 L1 l Z"' l 'T FOOTBALL QUEE BECKY MILLER 43 fn. K .- fmfgggq w- " x..-gi..- 1 , I x., ff., y , if milf Tinif.. NHL. ,,.. -, , ,xv V N ,H W N ,, M " ' ' W 1" i "" ' 1 OFFENSE TEAM John Nlcodernus, Endg Denny Wlse, Tg Marv Bernal, HB5 Denny Dob1s, Gg Ern1e Barnhalt, Cg Maurice Allgire, FBg GordonDaugherty, QBg RudyRusse11, G5 LarryRosenda1e, I-IBg Roy Schroeder, Tg Tim Hoiles, End. 9 fn il 1 .y Br F" 4a5 if':eQ,,- E 4 , A . -. X . . , V, f'f?f'gg-fillitif iw? J. " at fig. I A' ff .. ',.-J..,w L --' .,.,.,n.-4 vi, , .-.fi ,A 4- 5 ity -,ir , E -. - - M E '53, I ah - , .A - i f '- 'i'T'1'1:.f-ff - ,Y AT' 9 all-..,y ,,,....1 . my . s gn, ,W mm .... q .,, : A 'j' ' . Ff. -E E " - ay in W .' 1 ' qi , f if . .- . , . f , :QL 3.1 ' fs? , A rife ' G F 1 , ' Q G 4 N 5 . G' ',--L'-"7-iff' - . F7 -2,1 ' "'L' -' 'ff 44 :lf ir. 3 1 - : v 245' 133: i - 'fi 1 Eff-T ' fL H " -9' ' - Off 'nl F' iff" f M E 1 fa Eff- ' g L"', - ,n - M" .' :L-pf' U!b:j.-.r."--4,.-r-,a-fgyV+- Eg. dons-.., ,Egg -3::... .-'. ,M . E , fl , V . , 4 5 pp. -H ,, ,ff-dr, ' 4-f,'3'5-. ,+.,:f -f, fvfff.E12,fsf'Ef-fffo i Q. 5? 1 , " - E .J-,gr V f . .nw A.A 22.12 K --1,1 .ifffl."---.frinizffllW-.ff L E. . , . .' J' E aria- " " " ,,1,..fi, -1, .Fw-,, ,. ,f1'ffh22'- '?2'?f!HT' '. Aff' -H '. .i.,-'EV A ES-.,' n -34:2-f:.' . i '- -.am-I f -H: . .fm-ws-if . 1. LG . f no A ,-Eg M, E E .r I. 7 ,. .., E gg. E .-.. .f - - Y-a 1. , 2?-'-"".--"WIP ' . 2.4, Q, ,H-I-1-,N 1 H.. DEFENSE TEAM if """'-55' -'-f Q ,,-,,, of E+, . . , . . . W M Denny Dobls, LB: John Nlcodernus, Endg Ausker Waltermeyer, Tp Pat MCGIIIHIS, HBg MHUFICS HBg Marv Bernel, LB. Alligl-e, LBg Jim Gill, G3 Denny Wise, Tg Rudy Russell, LB: Tim I-Ioiles, Endg Gordon Daugherty, fs 45 i L ffsfffff !, 5 ggdgesff MQQM N x HARLEY TYSON Halfba ck -Semor I MAURICE A LLGIRE Fullb ack -Semor TIM HOILES End -Senior SENIOR JOHN NICODEMUS End-Senior LETTERM EN LARRY ROSENDA LE Halfback Semor D f K TERRY HA IN ES End -Sem or ERNIE BARNHART Center -Senior A I Sw AUS KER GORDON WALTERMEY ER DAUGHERTY Tackle -Junior Quarterback-Junior DENNY DOBIS Guard -Junior JIM GILL RUDY RUSSELL Guard -Sophomore 30 Guard Sophomore ROY SCHRODER Tackle-Junior MARVIN BERNAL DENNY WISE Halfback-Sophomore Tackle-Sophomore 'A . FOO TBALL S QUAD REAR: Coach Sanderson, David Bisbee, Marv. Bemal, Ron Lee, Pat McGinnis, Gordie Daugherty, Bob Boggs, Ed Maurer, Maurie Allgire, Harley Tyson, Dal Mathile, Larry Rosendale , Coach Ramsey, Coach Williams. SECOND: Manager Mike Bernal, Ronnie Rinehart, John Nicodemus, Bob Phillips, Dick Cribbs, Don Mercer, Mike Distel, Roy Schroeder, Sylvester Kreais, Ausker Waltermeyer, Denny Wise, Joel Miller, Terry Haines, Ion Nonnemaker, Tim Hoiles, Mana gerg Ralph Wright. FRONT: Wayne Beaver, Glenn ROSe11dS-16, Louis Brossia, Danny Fry, Jerry Crawford, Denny Dobis, David Fry, 103 Schmidt, Carl Good, Ernie Barnhart, Rudi Russell, Jim Gill. The "win-loss" record does not reflect the long hours of intensive drill of these boys and their coaches. This squad represents the first effort of the newly consolidated Elmwood High. Many of the players had no previous experience in this rugged sport. Few had played together before. We look forward to next fall when we can field a much more experienced squad. 1' September l 8 Green S prings 33 O 5 25 Risingsun 8 48 i Oc rob er 2 Rising sun 20 O 9 Elmore 20 22 1 6 Eastwood 1 4 32 23 St. Wendolyn 0 38 3 0 Rossford 1 4 36 November 6 Van Buren 0 22 Coach Bob Williams looks 'em over. ,yrffr ,x 1.6. singsun aumee tsego ossford iffin Calvert estwood Bettsville Grand Rapids Gibsonburg Oak Harbor Eastwood Lake Holland Clyde Woodville Olney Green Springs Holland Wauseon VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Nancy Diane Pierce Brooks Ieanette Becky Bonnie Wright Miller Bateson VARSITY BAS KETBALL REAR, Left to Right: Coach Dale Bruning, John Nicodernus, Dick Weber, Ed Bresler Fred Luman John Ferguson, Bob Long, Don Williamson, Manager Dan Coppes. FRONT: Dallas Ziegler Ron Miller Bob Hudson, Harley Tyson, Fred Stubbins, Lee Bursiek, Gary Cheatwood, Manager Mike Distil When the one Great Victor comes, To write beside your name, He writes not if you won or lost, But how you played the game . N 'fi f ff if JB wel. ,, s K, nga . Ku fm jj wt SL' o --we M ' - ' ' 1 TJ , ' 1 . fu, 'if' H V "'..gg.: M , Cfhf Z f F, w 5'T'5"f253a if ' ig- , giiiifaff y ' Q , ,Q IQ - 4 --': .,.. : ':., ,. .. ' G x g gfg gi fx f fix, ' 3 122253525 M2231 EYEW, f i M3 f ' X Q V' 2 H , ,. fa BN giv- Q S ggi. ,. in .- A , 1 I 5 if ...- r-'g ,--1 H qi 141' -1 x ' 1 A a -! ff! ,'-QQ -Z4fgY,, , f , fa 2 I r 1 I i if lag Y Y ag? DICK WEBER Forward Sr HARLEY TYSON Guard Senior DON WILLIA MSON Forward Sr. SE IOR LETTERME BOB LONG DALLAS ZIEG LER V Guard Sr. Guard Sr. V BOB HUDSON JOHN NICODEMUS Forward Sr. Center Sr. BRESLER Center Jr. RON MILLER Guard Jr. FRED STUBBINS Guard Jr. LEE BURSIEK GARY Guard Ir. C1-IEATWOOD Guard I r. FRED LUMAN JOHN FERGUSON Center Soph. Forward II- and 11116 EIIIIWOOCI captain, IISOD HUGSOD. 7 77 Y Our lovely Queen is being crowned by Bob as Randy patiently waits. The first Elmwood Royal Basketball Queen, Bonnie Bateson, reigned over the activities of the Elm- wood-Lake game. Accompaning her were her lovely attendants: Left to Right: Cheryl Bruegge- rneier, Freshmang Marlene Davies, ,Tuniorg Janet Carr, Senior: and Bonnie Matson, Sophomore. Congratulations to this group of beautiful girls! ri 19' it ,Nl t tapp E 4.5. 1 ., . y. 3 we i .QWWJ -it Wfezgfgzkig ' V, " 'Q fx M mu ww w -11 15: Nfjiiizi . M mv: - H U Y Nw' ,M 1 fuuwfw w 5 J , - r':, x M Q-' Tgfnf 1 . M if , fm . H w uw wx Wu Msgs' mg? w 5 -yan H w V, , ,, Q H ff A--. ww u,w,,w Www w 11'Lf65 H X w ,Q ,H 0 'ww m 1 " w 5213525 W, li E - 'x W, ,:1, M .XM u ,mum H wx ,H M ' E1 W" uv w sa fm, u v w V w uwviiiii? ww H ,WE , ,1,, , L Y a 5 QQ Qi, ,,Qgs 1ll'11 , , T? TE? if fl wx W gif? Q22 Z :.: .:.:. ,, ,, H w w w we W1 N 2:41 3"7'i.. f X if I-A40 X, EG! " sf' f V hw X AW' , -ryh N N W, X my f : 4 Q M MN :NV ,Q 'v1 W Q A VW ' 35-"ig: F 'xii f :. M-M. iQ!:ff Hz, if YLIA Q- pr-w W.. iixgy if . i'j,1 35555, 43,1 , w A A e if if . be ' X ,E may 4, k LJ HMA f m A f-, 7 S w, w ,X Q ,Q . ,,-ug' 1+ v T .,. HQ ,N'N,,, M 3? r .HQ- ,..- wfw EFS ww Ii is , mu Emp 'HE 7 :gawk rr -y, -ae 1 L RESERVE BASKETBALL Neg, Left to Right: Charles Bloom, Bennis Wise, Darrel Moore, Dave Crawford, Gene Ault, Ray Welchart, Cessan, Gorden Deaugherty, Ralph Bressler, John' Nonnemaker, Ralph Wright, Coach Jack McPherson. Jeff Acocks, John Wright, Jim Turley, Bob Philips, Terry Dunn, Ron Lee, Bob Boggs, Jim Kerr. E 35 Risingsun 28 Maumee 18 Otsego 32 Ross ford 34 Calvert 49 Westwood 43 Bettsville 40 Grand Rapids 40 Oak Harbor OPP. E 18 38 19 36 30 31 33 25 36 29 28 32 28 42 18 27 38 Eastwood Lake Holland Clyde Woodville Olney Green Springs Holla nd OPP, 26 35 19 43 25 28 24 12 -ff RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Bonnie Matson Karen McEwen Judy Williamson Peggy Roberts Alana Allion Cathy Cool N FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 'Sax REAR, Left to Right: Coach Ramsey, Berry Pfahl, Carl Cotterrnan, Danny Fry, Dough Rosendale, Bill Hudson, Larry Salisbury, Mike Long, Jerry Shaffer, Bill Stearns, John Himes, Larry Brand, FRONT: Allen Sharninghouse, Don Westrich, Steve Thompson, Dick Ziegler, Keith Henline, Dick Daniels, Howard . Allan Sharninghouse and Bill Hudson guard E1rnwood's first trophy. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Charlene Solarik Jackie Carnicom Carol Jo McCoullugh Cheryl Brueggemeier Bonnie Kelly Oestreich, Darrell Reynolds. Eastwood Anthony Wayne Bowling Green Maumee Otsego Risingsun Rossford Eastwood OPP. E 47 30 44 40 21 24 16 37 Otsego Port Clinton Genoa Perrysburg Risingsun Webster Lake OPP. 32 20 18 18 19 33 22 .2 Q' Nr.-' 4 TPW .44-:L lmp 'rx '7 1 X .Lf XF, A , QF x -., I I 4g5g?:,?E'fz1a 152?Tff5:7-" fitffi ,,.,.jL3iL:Q51gQ 9.,!,2.'QI: It'517yEf4,E.L lwllflw-IQ: fa? yiglalqlu 'w:7:,x: A g :g,,Qg,n.: L, rw-Vg A,:"4 H A-w.,.1is J 1 - if n , pw, ' 'if' ' ' . 3' Vg Q1 .- II A' 1 VW ll Q ,u .z-,-4. .EJ AN. 4: 'V - MM . I,m,.1.1.g ,, 1. , ., 14-7, 7 , J JILL!! ' . X' ' J STANDING, Left to Right: Linda Kresser, Wilma Roberts, Pat McGinnis, Charlene Solarik, Bonnie Kelly SEATEDg John Wright, Chairman Tim Hoiles, Advisor Mr. Allion, Secretary-Treasurer Sandra Stafford Jeanette Wright. I 5 4 1 -...X A .Z'.h.L-sm! tr Q. STANDING, Left to Right: Viola Oestreich, Diane Brooks, Shirley Reese, Walter Hofman, John Wright Marcia Winkler, Carol Jo Cullough, Alberta Dilley. SEATEDg Sandra Stafford, Ellen Engle, Nikki Waynar Joan Nietz. --- - - . E1-.1-esp, , '15 M 1: -.., ,-, ,M ROYA LE STAFF STANDING, Left to Rightg Sharon Schroeder, Shirley Reese, Penny Pelton, Jerry Wentz, Gordon Daugherty, SEATED: Viola Oestreich, Associate Editor Ellen Engle, Editor Mary Benner, Business Manager Janet Carr, Advisor Mr. Insley. LIBRARY STAFF BACK ROW, Left to Right: Bill Dunipace, Walt Hofman, J im Seville, Dennis Wise, Ralph Wright. SECOND ROW: Nancy Kiger, Carol Hazel, Cherrie Shupe, Judy Williamson, Nancy Cessna, Betty Lombard, Sharon Kerr, Marilyn Walters, Donna Richendollar, Joyce Castor, Karen McEwen, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Myers, Julia Nicodemus, Margaret Morszart, Carol Feltman, Penny Pelton, Pat Curtis, Mrs. Keller. FARMERS Op FUTURE 'N T00 -if it Squuof FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: Richard Swanson, David Glass, Marion Kerr, Jerry Holeman, Gary Aller, Ralph Baringer, James Cessna, Jerry Crawford, Jack Firsdon, David Mears, John Reynolds. FOURTH ROW: Larry Brand, Richard Joseph, Robert Shetzer, Rudy Russell, Richard Semler, Lee Bursiek, Mike Distel, Daniel Carpenter, Cloyce Clifton, Ausker Waltermyer, Allen Craley, William Instone. THIRD ROW: Robert Rogers, Darrell Reynolds, Glenn Aurand, Ronnie Reinhard, Donald Myer, James Green, Danny Fry, Joe Gallagher, John Wittenmyer, David. Fry, John Dilly, Glenn Rosendale, Stephen Thompson, Ronald Hosley. SECOND ROW: Robert Allgire, Howard Oestreich, Ralph Bresler, Richard Wasson, William Sher- man, Terry Dunn, Larry Rosendale, Robert Nietz, Fred Luman, Ray Weiker, Eugene Ault, Ronnie Lee, John Henschen, Richard Ziegler, H. H, Warner. FRONT ROW: James Fulford, James Turley, Harley Tyson, Ed Bressler, Robert Long, Dallas Ziegler, Marvin Stienehart, Jack Marsh, William Moyer. This group is unique in that they have two sets of officers and advisors. Combining this first year, Mr. Warner brought in from Bloomdale, President Ed Bresler, Vice- President Sallas Ziegler, Treasurer Jim Turley, Secretary Jack Marsh, and Historian Bill Moyer. From Wayne, Mr. Rogers brought President Bob Long, Vice-President Harley Tyson, Treasurer Jim Fulford, and Secretary Marvin Stinehart. THESE GUYS GET THINGS DONE! ,-M, Q: 'eg '55 v mu" 'Egg " QMQQHM ww mgwwgh 1' -y, e. -lm 1 f 1 e 1 U-5 iz 4 wx, ,Q 1 rigiefeiweae' ee? .sian Hwang ww N eau? 1 H Aj.-x' w ezggilf :-,: ,,,' ' YEQERQ, - M 'WHEWQ X n , ei ..-3..13,5,,,. V My Hlffryg YV , 4-V47 ,,. , . I 4 , 'V en., , I i 4 E ,-,..,.,- ,. ..,, .-..-.,.-- W' Hep, N yn " W, ' fi . V Im bf' jygiuli V X . J -- 1' S I Qi?53zLi?5fiQa'LEi4Q....iYff'H2..:.1A'fl-'' f'bame6,L-iaxlflmb j Vi 31.-32321.31-':5,4:Li'. 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Two Convenient Offices Cygnet, Ohio Wayne, Ohio Remember No Service Charges if is .1 vi: -Z ' N 3355 ,S 'WC 'N W' .. EE, Q M MW, C OMPLIMEIN TS OF AAS L. LM ATIAIES JANITOR SUPPLY Findlay, Ohio "First with The Finest In Quality' SIMON'S DRUG STORE Sundries Gifts Bloomdale, ohio Phone LL2711 ALICE'S HOME RESTAURANT Short Orders Meals Fountaln S6TV1Ce Bloomdale, Ohio C O N G R A T U L A T I To The C L A S S O F 1 9 6 O L. Wayne LEE'S FOOD LOCKERS F. Hartenfeld, Prop. , Ohio Phone 38141 O N S MARSH'S POLAND CHINA HOGS Breeding Stock at all Times NORMAN E. MARSH AND SON Phone h27Gh Bloomdale Ohio C. C. ELDER LIVESTOCK TRUCKING Phone h229h Bloomdale, Ohio BLOOMDALE HARDWARE CO. Everything In Good Hardware Q Appliances Phone M2521 Bloomdale, Ohio WNAGBEN3'S gif IK: 4 'a 1 1 'rg A 1 - , .131 , . . Bloomdale Ohjg Compliments of THE HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings 3535 Current Home Loans North Baltimore NORTH BALTIMORE GRAIN ASSOCIATION AND LUMBER DIVISION """--sam-. IQA 55' North Ba1timore...Hoytvi11e North Findlay THE PRAIRIE FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE CO. GRAIN, COAI., FLOUR, FERTILIZER, SALT, SEEDS AND FEEDS WAYNE, OHIO Compliments of KNIGHT ' S CORNER ARCADE MARATHON GAS W GOODYEAR TIRES I Phone 5855 Wayne, Ohio LAND MARK Wood County Headquarters for Farm and Home Supplies Phone 107 cygnet' Ohio Everything To Build Anything by BLOOMDALE LUMBER COMPANY Pre-cut and Pre-fab Homes Phone 42121 Bloomdale uHave Lumber Will Buildw KEIDAN'S JEWELERS The Place To Go For The Brands You Know Famous Make Watches...Jewe1ry...Diamonds...Cameras.. Silverware...Radlos...Luggage...Aoo1iances Convenient Credit Terms 115 North Main HE5-3559 Ph. Fostoria Best Wishes To The Class Of '60 MELBA'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 42021 408 North Main Bloomdale Ohio ii Compliments Of JOH NISVS SUHIQ c,'hiO COMPLIMENTS OF H. P. HUDSON and SONS CLOVER FARM STORE Cygnet, Ohio Phone 19 DEAN BROS. BLOCK AND TILE CO. 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Compliments of LYNN'S BAKERY Bowling Green Ohio Gifts Printing Office Supplies and Furniture School Supplies Portable Typewriters EARL'S 198-ZOO s. Main street Phone M051 Bowling Green, Ohio THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Depositors And Borrowers Alike Have Found They Can Depend On Us For Every Service Consistent With Good Banking North Baltimore NORTH BALTIMORE FOOD CENTER Super Market Open Sundays North Baltimore Ohio .6 .. :axial REEL 71VO'r S ,WM !,,,,,,,, A 5 .. 3 . .,.,, , r I ln, J, ii. ppm-wE?Qgg,, qw ' eff 'efN4QEg.1i?'W fm w as ,1-W lL - . w 2. ,mu UE M," NNE: I-11,0111 H J H" W ,1i!!,ivEi :Ql,111' 55225, jf!"-gf'w,'wI? Smigf WH 'f fl W H1 f " " A ,, H ew! ,,w.,i ,gap ,, A ww as I 355 a gua:-ga s::a',.5f:.,:Ef,,sg,f5fw' H I qsfmia sfsgfi,-sf fm- H f new 5' -Bti .fgmflwfc -A ' ft, 3 f,'JsEi4s5f5iL" " if ' N Y .,, .M 52515, .1 . W f A 2 A- L ,U H 1 L 5 3:3 1 "T 'O'ffw'V" - V ,,A. 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No Service Charges Bloomdale FOSt0ria , M n ,F Yiwfwiigfigflew BLOOMDALE FARMERS ELEVATOR ASSOCIATION Feed - Purina and Ohio Farmers Farm Supplies Seed Cleaning Bloomdale, Ohio phone M2321 FLAUGHER'S GARAGE Chevrolet Service Bloomdale Ohio FERGUSON PLUMBING Q HEATING M12 North Main Street Ph0ne 112751 Bloomdale , Ohio Bloomdale Congratulations Class of' "6O'1 MAURER FUNERAL HOME Ohio THE GREAT ATLANTIC 81 PACIFIC TEA COMPANY, INC. ..4: QUAKER MAID DIVISION-BI,OUfNIDAI,E CANNERY BI.UUNIIJ.XI.E, UIIIU HAGERTY CONSTRUCTION C OMPANY MASON CONTRACTORS Outh St. Fremont, Ohio Fe. 2-6551+ WE ARE HONORED TO HAVE HAD A PART IN CONSTRUCTING SUCH A FINE EDUCATIONAL FACILITY HINDALL Q SONS INDUSTRIAL ROOFING CONTRACTORS Ada Ohio COHPLIMENTS OF HULLENKREMER CONSTRUCTION CO . , INC . Findlay Ohio G H A P'M A N Fostoria's Leading Jewelers THE B'k W OIL COMPANY Distributors of Cities Service Petroleum Products cufiss ssnvlcs Service to Farm and Home Telephone No. 2311 Wayne, Ohio Roofing nOverheed Doorsn Siding Storm Windows M Doors Spouting Built-in Appliances WALTER AND RAY MYERS New Building And Remodeling Phone BMI Bloomdale, Ohio 'VW S A gg ,wan ,wx , AL SMITH'S MARATHON Qnvggi, Mermi 11 Ohio WINTON HARDWARE Phone 2162 Port age Ohio DRYGOODS : SHOES 2 READY-TO-WEAR DRUG SUNDRIES : WALLPAPER 2 PAINTS HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES 2 TOYS Rudolph, ohio BEE GEE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CO. Complete Athletic k Trophy Supplies 156 N. Mhin Street Bowling Green, Ohio Welt Householder Co-Managers Tom Black CENTRE DRUGS MAIN E WOOSTER BOWLING GREEN, OHIO Complete Drug Service Phone 32641 Compliments of NEW CAR - NEW TRUCK DEALERS ASSOC. J. Oliver Pore Hhm el Motor Sales, Inc. Buick M Olds Cadillac k Pontiac Northup Motors O'Donnel Chevrolet Inc Edsel Chevrolet Willis J. 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