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t ELMWOOD HIGH SCHOOL A Review of the Achievements and Events During Elmwood High ' s Sixth Year 1964 - 65 WE SINCERELY DEDICATE THIS YEARBOOK TO OUR SECRETARIES IN APPRECIATION FOR THEIR MANY YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS OF ELMWOOD HIGH PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE (Kickoff to opening football game) A book of this kind is a graphic example of the work of which modern young people are capable. To produce a Yearbook today is a highly complicated business venture involv¬ ing the co-operative effort of a number of students. That young people are not only capable of carrying such a venture to a successful conclusion but doing it with style is something which society in general should applaud. The students directly and indirectly concerned in this publication have earned the sincere congratulations and thanks of the staff, students and friends of Elmwood High School. It seems a very short time since last September and my introduction to Elm¬ wood High School. Short as it seems, it has been long enough to realize that I have been so fortunate as to be placed in a very fine school. Following a beloved personality like Mr. D. S. McIntyre is difficult but the kindness and understanding of the staff and the students has been a wonderful help. My thanks for the assistance I have received. PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE A school does not have a rubber stamp with which each student, leaving high school, receives, across the forehead in bold letters, the word " EDUCATED " . High school is but a step, giving us a further understanding of ourselves and the world which we are to enter. In high school, we acquire not only an education from books, but also a source of experiences in leadership and co-operation. I believe this year Elmwood High has succeeded in developing a graduating class capable of handling itself well in the world. Miss MacDonald and the staff of Elmwood High have handled the problems of a larger high school expertly, and the operation of our school this year has been both smooth and efficient. To Miss MacDonald, I would like to express the wish of con¬ tinued success as principal of Elmwood High. A long sought dream was achieved this year--the " Elmwood Eskies. " Our football team handled themselves well, and Elmwood can be proud of its first foot¬ ball team. The future can only hold success! Though victory was not always ours, Elmwood has been well represented in inter high athletics. Our inter-school teams reflected the high calibre of inter¬ room athletics at Elmwood High. Always there to cheer on our teams were our ever-faithful cheerleaders, who deserve credit for their untiring devotion. To these girls I extend my personal thanks. The Inscipta has finally come of age--hard covers. Despite the increased cost of production, the yearbook staff has had a financially successful year and has created a book of which Elmwood can be proud. This fine book is a tribute to Allan Galbraith and his staff for all the hard work they have put into it. I should like to thank, the Student Council, the Social Committee, the Red Cross, the staff and all those individuals whose willing assistance made my task a little easier and made Elmwood High a little better. In closing, I should like to wish each of you the best of luck and happiness in the future. Thank-you. Bob Fostakowsky Vice-Principal ' s Message It has been said that one can find a quotation from Shakespeare to suit every occasion. Much of the charm and appeal of his plays lies in the timelessness of many of their passages. Those of you who have been exposed to grade twelve English will recognize the following excerpt as Polonius ' advice to his son Laertes on his departure for France. Even though it was written many years ago it con¬ tains several good suggestions which might be of value to all of us. And so, for your consideration: " Yet here,.I 1 aboard, aboard, for shame! The wind sits in the shoulder of your sail. And you are stay ' d for. There; my blessing with thee! And these few precepts in thy memory See thou character. Give thy thoughts no tongue, Nor any unproportion ' d thought his act. Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar. Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried. Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel; But do not dull thy palm with entertainment Of each new-hatch ' d unfledged comrade. Beware Of entrance to a quarrel, but being in, Bear ' t that the opposed may beware of thee. Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice; Take each man ' s censure, but reserve thy judgment. Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not express ' d in fancy; rich, not gaudy; For the apparel oft proclaims the man, Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry. This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man. Farewell: my blessing season this in thee! " iRead your own name here, (with apologies to Shakespeare) 2William Shakespeare - Hamlet, Act I, Scene III. Mr. S. G. Black Mr. H. J. Chernov Mrs. R. Deacove Mr. W. N. Gilchrist Mr. E. Hendricks Mrs. E. L. Holden Mr. F. Issak Mr. H. D. Kemp Mr. J. M. Kozoriz Mr. C. Leaven Mr. J. A. MacDonald Mr. L. A. Miller Miss F. Ryback Mr. M. September Miss E. L. Siemens Miss N. Skremetka Mr. R. A. Storch Mr. K. Tinsley Mr. V. D. Toews Miss F. Baskerville Mrs. S. Wilson Mr. G. Scott Mr. F. Pauls Mrs. M. Wardell GOVERNOR-GENERAL ' S MEDALIST The task of choosing from among the candidates for the Governor General ' s Award is not an easy one. Each person must have shown in the past year an outstanding scholas¬ tic record coupled with a dynamic personality and an unfailing interest in school develop¬ ment. Ian Thomson has shown all these qualities and more. His untiring efforts have led him well along the road to success in all of these fields and have made him a brilliant highlight in school records. He received the highest marks in two of the subjects on the course prescribed for matriculation in grade twelve, and proved himself to be of extreme¬ ly high intelligence as a member of the Elmwood High " Reach For The Top television team. He, together with Richard Luddick, Thompson Owens, and Noreen Marshall set an example for all future students by defeating their competitors from throughout the Province by a substantial margin. He was also one of the two students chosen to repre¬ sent Elmwood at the Model United Nations Assembly in April of 1964. For the two years that I have known Ian Thomson as a friend and cohort in the Year book editing business I have found him to be an outstanding person and an excellent busi¬ ness man in crucial periods. An illustration of this would be the 1963 Inscripta of which our man lan was editor. We are proud of his achievements and wish him the best of luck in the future. - JIM EMLER V VALEDICTORY Miss MacDonald, honoured guests, members of the staff, fellow graduates, ladies and gentlemen: As we gather tonight for the last time, let us depart from the usual sadness which accompanies farewells, and be happy in the thought that now we are high school grad¬ uates, a challenging new future lies before us. To some of us, this represents the chance to begin immediately to earn a living, while others have gone a further step, and set out to study at the University, or become es¬ tablished in a professional career. As we think back on our years of school, however, we cannot help but realize that the eligibility to earn a living, or proceed to further studies, is only one of the many benefits we have gained from our high school education. We will always cherish the memory of the experiences we have shared, and although we may be widely separated over the coming years, the mutual aims that we have developed here will continue to bind us together. During our years at Elmwood High, we devoted our extra time to many activities; among them the newspaper, the yearbook, the Red Cross committee, and the various athletic competitions. Not ail of us, it is true, could be members of the inter-high school athletic teams, or the quiz team, but the thrill of cheering for our competitors made us all participants in spirit. The various activities that we undertook, over the years, taught us sportsmanship as well as scholarship, and have established within us a feeling of fellowship and goodwill. The guidance of our teachers and parents has been a very important influence on us throughout our years of school: With their help we have learned to be independent - to make decisions for ourselves. We have been given a sound attitude and a responsible approach to life ' s problems; an understanding of people; the world; and a respect for the rights of others. It is to our teachers and our parents that we owe special thanks, for they have given us the tools with which to build our lives. Now, as we step out into our chosen fields of endeavour, we find a modern world in which each year brings new advances in a great many, fields: Science, technology, medicine, transportation, communication and space travel - to name just a few. But while we enjoy the benefits of this wonderful, and plentiful age, we must always be con¬ scious that elsewhere in our world there is conflict - between nations and within them; there is racial and religious prejudice, and there is widespread hunger. Perhaps our generation can make some small contribution towards correcting these ills, but whatever we do, let us determine to accept the challenge of life with courage, resolution and fortitude, as we now bid one another farewell. - Robert Pawlik 12-1 Dave Anderson: He almost became a quarterback for the Eskies. He vacations at Sandy Hook and spends the rest of the year with Bud ' s boys. Joan Arthur: Joan works as a professional librarian and Sunday school teacher. Her main ambition is physiotherapist and her main interests include reading and Hondas. Jim Baker: The comedian of 12. 1 whose humour is contagious. He is famous for his " not meant to be heard comments " in Chemistry. Favorite saying: " How come ? " Dennis Beacham: A quiet lad who is destined to be a gambler, his main interests being poker and money. Pet Peeve: School and haircuts. Ambition: Engineer. David Bornholdt: A quiet sort of person who has the most deplorable handwriting imaginable. He is an accomplished musician in the band, and has not yet decided on a vocation. Cheryl Broughton: The literary " sparkplug " of 12. 1 who is famous for her opinions in poetry. She has an avid interest in Junior Achievement. Ambition: Pharmacist. Richard Brown: A quiet, good looking lad who is usually seen driving in his red and white Vauxhall. Ambition: To own a Cadillac. Ultimate Fate: Soapbox builder. Bruce Campbell: A quiet person - sometimes! He can usually be seen philosophising on the perils of the world. His main interests include cars and the opposite sex. Asher Drory: Asher is one of the big three brief¬ case toters in 12. 1. He is known for his complicated explanations on all subjects. Sharon Dubesky: The " not so quiet as she appears " girl of 12. 1. Pet Peeve: The freshness of the air in Chemistry. Favorite Saying: " I really don ' t know. " Lynn Einfeld: The walking department store of 12. 1. Interests: Working at Eaton ' s; Patches; Tuffy; and the special boy. Ambition: University of Man¬ itoba. Gary Firth: Gary plays a cool tuba in the band. Ambition: Chartered Accountant. He is presently program director at Junior Achievement. Bob Fostakowsky: Bob is the enterprising president of Elmwood High. He delights in getting out of classes, coming in late, and arguing with Mr. R. Ken Gibson: A mail handler at the Post Office. His main interests include girls and Jaguars. Larry Hamilton: The quiet " southpaw " of 12. 1. His main interests include hockey, and his ' 64 Corvette (one twenty-fifth of the size. ) Pet Peeve: Physics Lab. and rodents. Orton Harrison: The athletic great of 12. 1 who broke the Manitoba high jump record last year. He hopes to break a world record some day but at present has to be satisfied as a member of the football team, etc. Gail Hauser: Gail is our forgetful secretary- treasurer who plays trombone in the band. She ' s " mad " about Physics and Chemistry is " fabulous. " GLenn Johnson: Alias " Mr. Vocabulary. " An up- and-coming rival for Mr. Webster, the dictionary writer. Ambition: Economist at University of Manitoba. Andy Kendel: A quiet, hard working member of 12. 1. Interests: Sports, maths and science. Am¬ bition: Mathematical genius. Diane Komodowski: The quiet quarter of the Big Four (alias those biologists). She can be seen suffering with the rest of the clan in Physics. Ambition: Bacteriologist and University of Man¬ itoba. Enid Lambert: Another member of the Big Four who plans to go to Germany in the summer of ' 65. Ambition: Pharmacist and University of Manitoba. Terry Lawrie: His main interests are girls, Vauxhalls, and Pontiacs. He works as a part time grease monkey. Ambition: To get his standard license. John Leus: " Louie " is 12. l ' s secret weapon against teachers. He is reputed to have the longest list of phone numbers in Elmwood. R. R. room 2 is his ambition. Linda Locke: Linda is one of the quieter members of 12. 1. Her ambition may be summed up in one word: " MEN " . Good Luck, Linda. Greg Merner: Greg is 12. l ' s president. His main interests include collecting Beatle cards, playing checkers, and writing poetry. Ambition: Chartered Accountant. Ron Mezon: " Smiley " , our social representative, enjoys laughing at his own jokes and having people laugh at him. Ambition: To attend University. Tom Paige: Tom, one of the smarter members of the room, won the Grade eleven award for high average. His hobbies include guitar playing, Shirley, and getting into debt. Thompson Owens: Thompson is the quiet intellect of 12. 1, who is an alumnist of our famous quiz team. Favorite Saying: " What type of shoe do you want? " Bob Sargent: " Sarge " may be found at Sherwood playing the pin-ball machine. He always has a harem of girls chasing him? ? Favorite Saying: " No, I don ' t have any. " Richard Schellenberg: He is a quiet, good-natured person. His main interests include all sports, especially hockey and track. Ambition: Engineer. Melody Shlemkevich: A cheerleader dropout, who is another member of the Big Four. Her main in¬ terests include teasing and eating. Ambition: Social worker. Ron Stewart: The athletic veteran of 12. 1 usually found sleeping in the study room. Favorite Say¬ ing: " Who? ? Me?? " Lynda Voreaur: Lynda, another member of the Big Four, is usually seen with the other biologists of 12. 1. Ambition: Archeology at University of Manitoba. Jim Way: Jim, an industrious member of 12. I excels in telling sick jokes. He hopes to become a comedian after learning the Art of Being Funny. Shirly Blair: The pert, young, auburn Miss of 12-2. Main Interests: Music, food and boys. She can light up the room with a blush! Ambition: Music. Dorthy Clark: 12-2 ' s Madame President. Her main interests lie in horseback riding, archery, and other sports. Ambition: Laboratory technician. Ken Davy: Hard working blond of our room. Likes: Girls (from Sisler) and money. Ambition: Bachelor. Dave Desmarais: " Des " , someday hopes to marry (Gome). Favourite Saying: " Don ' t ya never want ta ' mount ta nothing? ? " pet peeves: Essays, poems, and loose dentures. Gerry Gerelus: Blonde-brunette of our room, who is trying to transfer to Room 3. Hates to have her slumber disturbed in class. Motto: " Time waits for no man, and neither do I. " Bev Grey: Plans to study and pass Grade 12 with a 60% average. Interests: Lab., Corvettes, and boys. Ambition: Lab. technician. Bruce Hilder: Better known as Mr. Chateau. Likes: Blondes from Sisler. Ambition: Psychi¬ atrist. Fate: Getting his frustrations under control. Gerry Hutchinson: Mixed-up blonde who can ' t seem to bring the right books to school. Main in¬ terests: Boys. Ambition: U. of M. Deana Korstash: Cute, quiet, dark-haired Miss of room 2. Ambition: A certain tall man. Favourite saying: " Pay up Shirley, or I ' ll blackmail you! " Bob Leggett: Likes all sports, especially hockey. Ambition: Pass Grade 12 and pro hockey. Pet peeve: Yearbook write-ups. Ron Macrae: The smooth talking conman of 12-2. Usually found walking to each class. Ambition: To buy a trailer. Ultimate fate: Baton twirler for Blue Bomberettes. Linda McMurray: Linda couldn ' t resist " exciting " Elmwood High. Ambition: Finish grade 12 be a Lab. Tech. Interests: School??, boys. Wendy Norman: A pretty blonde miss, can be seen either laughing or crying. Pet Peeve: Driving out of the garage. Ambition: Home Ec. or Teachers ' college. Joyce Oleksiuk: " Joey " likes the 4M ' s; men, money, mink and music. Usually seen checking stock. Ambition: Find the 4M ' s wrapped up in one. Bill O ' Neil: Is room 2 ' s man of the hour, arriving at school at precisely 8:59 each mornipg. He is an ardent musician and excels at miniature hockey. Bob Patterson: The quiet lad of 12-2. Main interests: Collecting Ray Charles records, the Sporting News and girls. Ambition: Public servant. Dislikes homework in English. Mary Peterson: Our Reporter for the Free Press. Happy go lucky. Very well liked. Pet Peeve: Anyone disagreeing with her. Favorite Saying: He ' ll have a hemorrhage. Ambition: Lab. Technician. Bob Scott: 12-2 ' s genius who rates high in bowling. Spends his spare time playing chess. Ambition: Writer. Pet Peeve: Money. Eileen Shewchuk: Usually seen with les garcons. Likes: Candy, food, and clothes. Ambition: Stewardess. Bill Skyhar: 12-2 ' s Sports Captain who excels in sports. He works nights, but won ' t say what he does. Ambition: Yet to be decided. Marlene Stephen: Hot-tempered, red-haired, Scottish lass of our room. Main interest: Eating and sleeping. Ambition: Car owner. Dorthy Thompson: Quiet-working member of 12-2. Spends spare time working at Eaton ' s. Ambition: Nurse. Carol Williamson: The cute Scot who hopes one day to trade in her kilt for a cap and gown. Ambition: Nurse. Pet peeve: Eating. Dave Winters: One of 12-2 ' s Eskies who excels in hockey, lacross, and girls. Ambition: U. C. L. A. Pet peeve: Homework. Dave Barluk: One of the rooms many returnee ' s. Dave ' s wit is often in use. A handsome lad well liked by all. Ambition: To pass grade 12. Pet Peeve: Beatle haircuts. Larry Bender: A repeater who hopes for better marks this year. Does not believe in homework. Likes: Sports. Favourite Saying: " I don ' t know. " Tom Bingham: Drives a little red Austin. Made smaller by the addition of Mrs. B. Protege of a sophisticated student. Ray Bracegirdle: Strapped into his " bomb " , Ray dreams delightful dreams of surfing and dragging on the Texas shores while earning his Engineering Degree. Miles Briggs: Happy-go-lucky guy of 12-3. Usually found running away from the innocent " femmes " in Garden City. Ambition: To be " Mr. Personality. " Gord Buckels: Tall, dark, handsome, intelligent, and witty. A gift to the opposite sex. Now can I have my quarter, Gord? Bob Clark: Elmwood ' s Ringo! Plays for the Road-Agents. Ambition: To out-beat Joe Morello. Do n Dubinsky: Sleeps during classes, so that he can watch the late movie on television. Don is a swell guy who just loves school. Dennis Ducharm: " Duche " can be found loitering around Chateau. Likes: Wine, Woman, and Song. Ambition: Bachelor. Pet Peeve: Classes that are boring. Brian Homeyer: Refugee from Tec-Voc who enjoys his Chemistry class. Ambition: Chartered Accountant. Dan Hunter: Only boy who never goes to class with his home room. Arrives at school early to parti¬ cipate in activities. Can be found playing pool. Ron Jones: Deadly in Garden City. He conserves his energy for the weekends. Ambition: To play " The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt " on the piano. Pete Komarnicki: Tall misfit from last year. En¬ joys Lit. classes. Ambition: Organize a schedule for people who skip periods. Pet Peeve: Trying to avoid stepping on people. Henry Kotyk: A determined taxidermist who hopes to mount a bird eventually. Ambition: Pass French. Future: The field of Chemistry. Steve Lichynsky: An ardent sportsman who excels in nothing. Pet Peeve: People who meddle in his love-life. Ambition: Engineering Degree. James Machnicki: Quiet and well-behaved. Works hard to maintain his high average. Ambition: Medicine. Allan Malanik: The judo expert of 12-3. Ambition: Receive his black belt. Pet Peeve: Those who do not do their English homework. Leo Marunchak: Passing Grade 12 on his second time around. Confidence is his middle name. Ambition: Another Charles Atlas. May be seen displaying his muscles. Bill Meagher: Can be seen or heard trying to shift gears in his " black bug " . Likes: Chalmers dances, girls, money, etc. Bruce Molerson: Handsome lad of 12-3. Wears his playboy shoes on weekend trips to Penguin Studios. Likes: E. K. girls, study periods, and " hot " ' 56 Pontiacs. Rick Nordal: Our answer to Ted Peck can be found " skipping " during hunting season. Sports Captain of the room. Pet Peeve: People who flick his ears in chemistry. Glen Pancoe: 12-3 " s flyboy and football player. Ambition: To become principal of Elmwood High. Can be found entering classes with a stunned look. George Pauls: Elite man of the room. Can be seen speeding down Pembina Highway. Ambition: Owning his own parking lot. Fate: Parking attendant at " The T. and C. " for life. Dave Peabody: President and founder of the elite " SEE EL TEA TRIPLE SEE " . One of our re¬ turnees. Dave is handsome and humble. (Ask him.) Ken Roach: Our contribution to " wine, women, and song " enjoys life. Favorite Saying: " Austins are great! " Ron Seamark: Ron’s favorite pastime is completing his Physics Lab. correctly. Pet Peeve: Physics Lab. Morley Selver: " Pud " excels in dictating his own yearbook write-ups. Pet Peeve: People who call him Morley and early morning Math classes. Eric Sterns: 12-3 ' s answer to-? Favourite Saying: Oh, no! Not night-school again! Ambi¬ tion: U. of M. Nick Synenko: The handsome, musclebound cassanova of 12-3. Attentive in school this year. Ambition: Organize a root beer party south of the line. Pet Peeve: Replacing lost rear ends on his car. Glen Walker: Active flyer who excels in all sports. Ambition: To receive his " wings " . Fate: Ground crew. Ross Watson: Arrives at school every morning in his blue bomb. Very ambitious especially in school. Ross loves boat racing, cars, food, and girls. John Whiklo: " Big John " is so fond of Grade 12 he thought he would give it another whirl. Ambi¬ tion: U. of M. Fate: Working next year as a manager of the Kelvin Snack Shop. 12-4 Barbara Beverly: Proxy blonde of 12-4. Always has a smile on her face- and has a wonderful personality. No Ambition: Pet Peeve: French. Daryl Burdiak: Finally made it to grade 12. Says he ' ll make it in two years. Plays for the Eskies. June Cochrane: A girl with an appetite and a fondness for school. Ambition: Teacher. Ultimate Fate: Professional student. Norrie Coley: A kind soul with a heart of pure gold. Ambition: To get out of grade 12. Ultimate: Fate: A great humanitarian. Don Cudmore: The shortest guy in the class. Is on the two-year plan for grade 12. He is well liked by everyone. Terry Downey: Member of 12-4 ' s terrible trio. Likes to look for grammatical errors in Shakespeare ' s plays. Pet Peeve: English. Linda Ellison: Quiet girl who likes filing her fingernails in History. Ambition: ? ? Brian Gadsby: The prize football team member. Leading scorer on team. Brian Griffin: An earnest student finishing his education. The only person in 12-4 who has al¬ ready joined the navy and seen the world. Ken Hauser: Summertime farm-hand. Plans to take every subject available. Must want to be well-educated. Ron Hawksworth: One of the most intelligent boys in the class except in grade XI Maths. Also one of the quietest boys in the room. Sharon Hilder: 12-4 ' s quiet, intelligent girl. Can be seen rushing to borrow books from her brother. Ambition: Talk louder. Fate: Laryngitis. Dennis Huggins: Commonly seen with friends. Local shark of Bud ' s Billiards. Hacks a ' 56 Merc which he washes five times a week. Walter Kolm: " Fireball " is usually seen in his ' 64 Chev. Pet Peeve: Unfriendly girls. Ambition: To have a harem. Tom Kouk: A congenial member of room 4 who spent his summer hitch-hiking to resorts with the boys. Gord Miller: This suave, carefree lad of 12-4 is our answer to the " Jolly Green Giant " . His foot¬ ball career was cut short when he dislocated his neck. Ambition: End for the Bombers. Ultimate Fate: Turning green and doing vegetable com¬ mercials on T. V. Diane Pasaluko: 12-4 ' s " little one " . Usually seen in the halls chewing gum. Pet Peeve: French. Sandra Pellick: One of the room ' s quieter girls. Sometimes does her homework and likes to make people think she is studious. Ambition: To get through grade 12. Sharon Prociuk: A dark-haired girl who loves to argue especially in English class. Ambition: Teachers ' College. Pet Peeve: The Beatles. Christine Sass: A blonde-haired, blue-eyed, good natured girl who has just recently arrived here. Her ambition is to complete grade twelve. Dennis Seager: Intelligent member of 12-4. Seen with multi friends. Plans to do what he didn ' t do last year. Works at the Bay. Jim Sedgewick: Tried out a few other classes before he decided to settle in 12-4. Elmwood ' s al most football hero. Favourite Saying: Hey fellas, the tank ' s kinda empty. Louise Wizniak: Short brown hair and big brown eyes. Veteran band member, and a terrific sense of humour. Ambition: To get through grade 12. Pet Peeve: Mathematics. Carol Berringer: Enjoys tobogganing, talley-ho ' s and roller skating, besides boys and sports cars. Ambition: Teachers ' college, and England. Glen (babbling) Brooks: Loves the finer things in life. Ambition: Write a book on " Love and the Single Man. " Fate: Brewmaster at Carling ' s. Bill Buffie: Works hard at school and is doing quite well. Can be found at North Star anytime during and after school. Barbara Church: Member of the Varsity basket¬ ball team and President of the Red Cross. Usually seen " bullying " 12-7 to get after their project. Ambition: Teacher. Helen Erenenko: Ambition: Visit merry-old England and have hair as long as J. A. Loves Ringo and hopes to marry him someday. Linda Faykes: 12-7 ' s smiling sports captain and a member of the Dance Club. Ambition: Social Worker. Alice Gaertner: President of 12-7 and secretary of the student council. This busy girl plans to get her B. Ed. at United college. Brian " Silent " Hogberg: 12-7 ' s only classmate who works while he sleeps. This Maths genius comes skipping into class at 8:58 a. m. Gail Holding: Ambition: Drag races this summer. Likes: Cars, Shakespeare, white sweaters, and food. Pet Peeve: The working hours at the Sal ' s. Gerry Holowchuk: 12-7 ' s Romeo and maths genius. Pet Peeve: Money, clothes, and girls. Ambition: Business Administration at M. I. T. Colleen Iverach: May be found in the Yearbook room eating " hugh " lunches. Likes: Edgar Allen Poe, mushrooms, and arguing. Pet Peeve: Thomas Hardy, track-meets, and bathroom scales. Rick Keach: Well liked by everyone. Ambition: Professional Grade 12 student. Fate: Only 5 years in Grade 12. Greg. Livingstone: 12-7 ' s Butterball and authority on questionable literature. Can be found at North Star every weekend. Ambition: Playboy editor. Brenda Neufield: Ambition: The campus. Lives for weekends. Likes: Black hair, cars, Phys. Ed. periods, late movies, and U. of M. sweatshirts. Calvin Paul: " Melvin " spends most of his time studying great composers, 18th century dress and usually dines at the Y. Loves: Music, poetry, and the arts. Maureen Sneesby: Petite Miss who enjoys her dancing classes and Y.P. U. meetings. Hopes to go to the U. of M. and teach French in an all boys ' school. Rosemary Trann: Norman " Stormin ' 1 Wilson: One of the ambitious boys of 12-7. Works hard in all his subjects and is sure to be a success. Fate: To be the only 69 year old student in Grade 12. 11-11 Len Zema: 12-7 ' s comedian and French lab. specialist. Lkes: Billiards, bowling, and poker. Ambition: The outer world. Linda Barchuk: " Little Miss Ritz " who yearns a Mink and a Honda. Her main goal is Grade 11. Ambition: Own a Mink and a Honda. Jim Beckel: Our Lit. class fiend who waits for the day when he can look back on his wonderful Lit. classes. Jim is well liked by all. Rick Brodsky: " Oscar " is 11-11 ' s studious student. This boy is always smiling at the fairer sex. Likes: Hockey, football, and girls. Ambition: Pro. Hockey. Scott Brown: " Brun " in Chemistry is 11-11 ' s mad scientist. Hopes to pass with Honours. Ambition: Pharmacist at Brown ' s Drug Store. Fate: Grade 11 . Brian Cadle: Is one of the towering giants of 11- 11. He can usually be seen chumming with " Big Daddy Dalzell " . Ambition: Quarterback for the Bombers. Fate: Goal-post repairman. Penny Chitty: Penny is the active type. She has interests in basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, and the social committee. Penny is a cute number who has an eye for boys, and she ' ll probably hook some millionaire some day. Leslie Clark: Is another new arrival to our school from Daniel Mac. Les is a slick chick. She is good in all subjects and hopes to pass grade 11. Frank Collins: Can be seen smiling at the fairer sex. This dashing Romeo is tall, dark, and hand¬ some. Ambition: Millionaire. Fate: Chinese coin engraver. Stuart Cochrane: Laugh a minute boy. Can usually be seen running the four minute mile at 8:59 A. M. Ambition: To be on time every morning. Fate: Arriving at 9:05 every day. Charles Cox: " Charlie Boy " is one of the teachers ' favourites (of course). When he is not studying. Bill Dazell: This quiet Romeo spends his time with the boys. Ambition: Star for the Elmwood Eskies. Fate: Equipment cleaner. Ted Doan: Red-headed male of 11-11 who is a ham around the females. Ted excels in talking, sleeping and Mr. Leaven ' s Lit. class. Mernie Einfield: New member of 11-11 ' s driving club. Mernie blows a real cool hOjTn in the club and likes driving Daddy ' s car. Ambition: To own a G. T. O. Fate: 1908 Essex. Sharon-Lynne Foltz: Our little bundle of joy. This newcomer hails from St. James. Sharon is always smiling and laughing. Ambition: Psychiatrist. Fate: Her own patient. Allan Galbraith: Editor of the yearbook, and one of the room ' s good guys? ? Spends his time at the Winnipeg Judo Club (getting hurled frpm wall to wall). Ambition: Editor of the New York Times. Bill George: " Clarence " , a brain who spends his time playing hockey, lacrosse, and working at Clark ' s. Ambition: The Riviera. Fate: The Craig Hamblin: Blond haired Ringo of 11-11, and is a big mover in the Pep Club. This guy will really go places (we hope)! John Hildebrand: The mad chemist who has a secret lab in his coal bin. Pet Peeve: Acid burns in his asbestos pants. Ultimate Fate: No pants. Roman Holian: Quiet lad who creates H-bombs in chem. lab. A regular riot. Ambition: Comedian. Fate: A nasty cameraman. Larry Hryciw: One of the remaining slow drivers around the school. A real laugh and liked by all. Ambition: Fastest man on earth. Fate: Bicycle repairman. Wayne King: Another quiet guy of 11-11 who can usually be seen struggling with Grade 12 Math problems. Enjoys Lit. classes, and study periods. Tiny Kirby: Brunette with lots of etiquette. Her main goal is to get out of Grade 11. Can be seen with Penny rushing for the bus to night school. Fate: Miss the bus. North Pole. Linda Kull: Petite miss of 11-11. When frustrated she has been known to shout " Hae Youse Guys " . She enjoys school and riding in Vauxhalls. Zenon Kushnir: Our football hero. Known by all. Advancing in all subjects except shaving and shoe¬ lace tying. Wilf Marq: Elmwood ' s answer to Einstein. This boy imported from Daniel Mac is headed for success. Rod Mason: Is our handsome secretary who is never working overtime. This studious, hand¬ some, and well-liked person adds the " umpff " to E. K. ' s football team. Ralph Napady: The laughing boy of our asylum. He is our gift to choir ' s tenor section. Ambition: Teaching. Fate: Selkirk. Don Romaniuk: " Mr. Speed " drives his crystal blue Chevy around Elmwood Heights. He works hard, most of the time. Ambition: Indiannapolis Bill Serson: This intelligent looking boy is well- liked by fellow colleagues. Likes: Food, cars, and movies. Ambition: U. of M. Fate: M. I. T. Lyle Settee: Thought he might as well stay in Grade 11 another year. King of the French lab. and most likely to succeed in study hall. Ambi¬ tion: Unknown. Jim Shewchuk: " Sookie " , room ll ' s gift to the 1965 basketball team. This six foot lad spends his time " marking-in " others at Chateau. Ambition: Las Vegas. Barry Sys: The " number one joke teller of room 11-11. This import from Daniel Mac, likes car racing, girls, and jokes. Ambition: New York ' s Rat Race. Doug Auld: One of the carefree lads of our room who can be seen either talking or sleeping during our classes. Ambition: To be manager of Safeway. Barbara Bisio: Bangs on the door at nine o ' clock every morning. Borrows everyone else ' s home¬ work. Pet Peeve: Runs in her nylons. Ambition: To be a nurse. Jack Bona: Not only is he one of the handsome lads of our room, he is also Mr. Nazeravich ' s little helper. Ambition: To get through school. Dennis Boychuk: A rather quiet lad (?) who can always be seen grinning, especially in chemistry. (???) Ambition: To spend only ONE year in Grade 11. George Dodds: Famous for changing his clothes every lunch hour. Keeps the 11:21 girls barrelling in laughter. By the way, what ' s the attraction in the back of the room, George? Bonnie Dowsett: Plays in the band, loves music, television and football. Ambition: To travel to Europe. Keith Doratt: One of the quiet, witty, charming, handsome lads of our room. Can be seen trying to leave school at 11:20. A1 Dudzic: A really quiet lad of 11:21. Likes: Cars, and women. Ambition: To become a Combine Pilot at Gimli. Betty Eyolfson: This redhead is well liked by everybody and turns bright red if you even look at her. Usually seen trapped in the halls. Les Fay: The tall good-looking clown. He ' s the best homework-lender-outer in the room. Always heard singing under his breath. Leslie Gillies: The tall blonde who is usually seen struggling in at the last minute. Ambition: To be an educated surfer. Bob Gorda: Looks like everyone feels on Monday morning. Bob ' s one of the few serious students but it doesn ' t seem to help. Karen Hawthorne: Karen ' s cute and liked by all. She participates in most sports, plays in the band, and is smart too. Erica Koenig: Elmwood ' s answer to Oscar Wilde. Spends her time spreading his good word. The rest of her time is spent in the study room, frustrating her friends. Diane Korpesho: A quiet girl who takes her work seriously. Can be seen lending her homework to friends! Ambition: Teacher Bill Lennon: Another fine lad of 11-21. Likes: include girls, sports, cars, etc. Sandy Livingstone: Can be found racing down the stairs to find Pat. Pet Peeve: Hiccups Ambition: Remains to be seen. Brian McCulloch: ' Away from school all week ex¬ cept Friday afternoons. Ambition: To attend school five full days. Liked by all. Robert Purvis: A quiet guy who is well-liked by all all, (even the teachers). Once in a while he privileges Mr. Nazaravich by landing in his Maths notebook. Lorraine Ritchie: Frequently confused but usually comes around when certain people give her the eye. Likes: Other Certain People. Dislikes: All the Rest. Ambition: To be liked by (???). Peter Schaible: The tall redhead type intellect of 11-21. Always with a look of extreme thought on his face. Likes: Girls and volkswagens. Ambi¬ tion: To travel the world. Richard Slovinsky: " Slinky " can be seen everywhere but where he ' s supposed to be. Likes: Pool, and girls, and cars. Dislikes: School, of course. Ambition: Darlene Stacey: Can always be found in the wash¬ room combing her locks at 8:59 1 2. Pet Peeve: Over-sprayed hair. Ambition: To be a nurse. Malcolm Stevely: Carolyn Tait: The great (? ?) sports captain of 11-21. Ambition: Famous Orator. Pet Peeve: George and his " hey! Bunion! " and Ken and his " hey! Red! " Violet Torfasson: Can always be seen frantically borrowing homework at 9:00. Pet Peeve: For¬ getting the attendance sheet. Ambition: Nurse. Ross Wallace: A handsome, blond-type who can always be heard sneezing. Likes: Swimming and Tiny people. Ambition: Professional lifeguard. Pet Peeve: To drive big cars. Elmer Wiebe: The pool shark of 11-21. Likes the Leafs (Mohovolich in particular). Ambition: To be a teacher. Pet Peeve: Maths classes and Reg Fleming. Wilma Wurtak: The tiny " riot " of our room. Has a laugh for all. Always betting George to see who can keep quiet the longest. Ambition: To win the bet. Harold Bewcyk: The one and only quiet boy of 11-24 because of one main reason--he usually sleeps during the periods. Ambition: Sealy mat¬ tress tester. Future: Rip Van Winkle II. Brian Brooks: Smiler of 11-24 who laughs at any thing. Loves dogs (private joke) and doing home¬ work. Ambition: To learn how to play pro-hockey. David Brown: 11-24 ' s answer to Dean Martin. Loves school (?) and mostly weekends. Ambition: Absolutely NIL. Pet Peeve: Dry weekends. All around great guy. Gerry Campbell: 11-24 ' s quietest, most studious, energetic and " disliked " , no, really, he ' s a nice guy. Ambition: To learn how to be a bad one. Pet Peeve: Being accident prone. Laila Carlsen: The likeable blonde of 24 who is a friend of everybody. If you get on the wrong side of her, Beware Of Her CLAWS! Jim Cottrell: Can be seen with Cheryl sometimes but mostly the blonde Linda believes he is a " wolf " but is only a puppy dog. Ambition: Mr. Manitoba. Larry Hicock: Nickname " Wild Bill " . Can be seen at Bud ' s " rarely " . Ambition: A Wild Dragster. Pet Peeves: ' 49 Dodges, cheapskates (especially Binks !) All around great guy. Cheryl Humphrey: A well-liked girl, smiling at all times. Ambition: Receptionist for Elmwood High School in 1980 (?). Good luck Cheryl! Marion Hunter: Known as " Moose " to everyone. Redheaded brunette giggler of room 24 who left us in October for Success Business College. Mavis Kasprick: One of the three musketeers of 11-24. Known as " Smudge " to her closest friends. An authority on the fads and fashions of the season. Pet Peeve: Homework on weekends. Janis Kirkland: Misses her dear friend Marion now that she has left us. Can be seen trying to fight her way to the fountains between periods. Pet Peeve: Brush cuts. Ambition: Housewife. Dennis Krenn: One of room 24 ' s hot rod boys. Dennis is never seen with gum in his pockets-- it ' s all in his mouth. Ambition: To build a hot rod. Janny Lamsdale: 11-24 ' s fashion plate can be seen looking for her better half Gail at 8:55 A. M. Likes buying sharp shoes and purses. Pet Peeve: Messy hair. L eslie Lumsden: Our room president who enjoys listening to Jackie ' s band rehearse and being an avid football fan. Pleasing personality and a " barrel of laughs " . Carolyn Manveiler: Can be seen fluttering her eye¬ lashes at. Likes: Football, boys and laughs. Gayle Martin: The " Vogue Girl " of 24 who spends her weekends working at A W. Can be seen walking down the halls with her better-half. Ambition: Policewoman. Ron Martin: The World Series Sports Commentator in school-describing the play during classes. Ambition: The World Series. Danny Maskiw: Answer to Einstein? ? Favourite Expression: " Wheresyergun " . Liked by everyone, especially himself. Pet Peeve: Anyone touching his hair. Gary " Mac " McLennan: Plays all sports especially hockey. This pool shark is well liked by all. Ambition: To pass Grade 11 clear. Walter Podwarniak: " Pud " has his main interest at Gorden Bell. He has many such interests if you know him. Ambition: To finish school. Terry Romaniuk: " Shy Guy " who likes getting Jergen into trouble. Chauffeur for Elmwood High kids who hates cigar smokers in the backseats. John Shillinger: One of the " Great Sleepers " in Lit. classes. Main Interests: Sports and girls. Ambition: To stay awake in Literature classes. Brian Schledewitz: " Shady " plays Guard on our football team and notices all the girls around our school. Ambition: To get a drink of water at the fountain. Jurgen Stockman: One of the brightest boys in Mr. Toews ' room who likes getting Terry into trouble. Main Interests: Sports, girls, money, and Cokes. Ursula Stockman: " Coshie " , a real swinger, can be seen doing the Slawson under her desk while the teacher is talking. Pet Peeve: Washing her hair. Gerry Stoesz: Main Ambition: Mattress tester. Gerry is a terror to all the teachers. Can be seen walking at four o ' clock to Miles Mac to see-? ' 11-26 Lloyd " Butch " Thompson: " Natural " blond brain left over from last year. One of the " great " soccer players of 11-24. Ambition: To succeed in " Professional soccer " . Jack Anderson: Enjoys bowling, biology, and camping. Jack can always be seen walking with Les. Favourite Saying: " You meatball " . Everatt Basaraba: Likes cars, bowling, and chemistry. In chemistry he is affectionately known as " Books Basaraba " . Carol Beech: The cute, pert, little Miss of 11-24. Ambition: Teaching. Likes: Reading, dancing, and music. Barbara Gelhar: A tall girl ;o match. Likes: Dancing am Ambition: Private Secretary Maureen Goddard: Small gir oe a registered nurse. Likes and reading. Joanne Harris: Musical Miss Learn to drive because she cs test. Pet Peeve: Tall frienc grow tall. Ron Hopkinson: Hoppy the pool sha: spends his nights with the opposite se: Sports, girls, money, and girls. Barbara Jaffray: One of the " Crazy E main interests are cheerleading, spoi Corvettes. Ambition: Physical Educ Claudia Johnston: Can be seen skippi halls at noon hour. Likes: Boys ' Pa] choir, and C. G. I. T. Ambition: Aust ' whose joys, and Teacher wn the ent. ijt Egm - W . ' • HI Pat Bui -ns: Pert little Miss ot 11- b, wno spenus her tim 0 in tliG field of music. Fcivouiitc retying. " Quick what ' s the right answer? 1 Ambition: Teache r. K Joyce I )aniel: One of our smaller cheei leadd s ' - ' VB ’ -HL ' •• ” ' T , . fiflEL ' HR who pai rticipates in all sports. She is a member HF Wm. m k m, ' of the ' Crazy Eight " and V.P. of our room. 1 ML ' Mm Lynne Drewniak: Can be seen passing out gum and Ik w A chocolc ites. Inkes: Sports, food, and clothes. mk V Ambiti an: Commercial artist. ft n m 1 - - Hi Sylvia Jurkow: One of the giggles of 11-26 once she gets started. Likes: Reading, food, sewing and music. Ambition: To travel around the world, Donna Lawrence: One of the true blondes of 11-26 who likes horseback riding and bowling. Ambi¬ tion: Lab Technician. Lorraine Lorenz: Quiet but scheming member of our room. Lorraine is the secretary of our private club. Ambition: Dress Designer. Peggy MacLeod: Left us kind of early, so we have no write up. Monika Martens: The quiet, shy, off balance, brunnette of 11-26. Likes: Boys, dancing, and clothes. Ambition: In the future. Ken McCready: Our president who never attends a meeting. Enjoys Lit. especially Act I Scene VII in Macbeth known as " The Slippery Fish " . Marlene McEachern: " Man " the sports captain of 11-26 member of the " Crazy Eight " . Her interests include sports, maths, and 11-11. Favourite pas¬ time: H 2 O fountain. Penny McKeen: Known as " Peachie " to the Kelvin guys. Interests: Bowling, basketball, football and guys. Pat McMorland: An active member of the " Crazy Eight " who enjoys sports and cheering. Likes: Messengers, and Ringo. Maureen Miller: Elmwood High ' s junior counsel¬ lor. Loves her red blazer and paychecks but not the work. Ambition: Dress designer. Linda Myhara: Carol O ' Neill: " Une bonne jeune fille " who hates French lab. Enjoys bowling, T. V. , and eating. Pet Peeve: Hunger pangs. Beatrice Oryniak: The popular’traveller of 11-26 who likes boys, food, and cars. Ambition: Stewardess. Pet Peeve: Brown roots. Wendy Peterson: Can be seen in the halls between classes running into people. Pet Peeve: Her multishaded blonde hair. Favourite Saying: " Well, it wasn ' t me ! " John Pirie: Another quiet boy in our room. Likes Sports, especially hockey. A nice guy to know. Ambition: To play professional hockey. Linda Salavich: Blue-eyed sports fan who likes clothes, dancing, mushrooms and boys. Ambition: Liverpool, England. Pet Peeve: Wind, and maths. Darlene Schade: A girl who enjoys reading, not eating and not working. Ambition: To pass Chemistry. Ultimate Fate: 49%. Jim Waluk: One of our quieter guys. Likes chemistry, swimming and water skiing. Pet Peeve Glasses. Ambition: To ride the surf. Sharon Wilson: Pet Peeve: Cold weather. Ambi¬ tion: She is going to leave Winnipeg and head for warmer parts-namely Bugham Young University in Utah. What a lucky kid! Gerry Bausman: " Kraut " is a member of the " Turkey 7 " and the varsity basketball team. Can be found checking stock at the water fountains. Ambition: Pro. basketball. Fate: Ball washer for Mr. Germundson. Jamie Berzuk: Member of the " Turkey 7 " who is the sports captain of our room. Can usually be seen chasing Nancy around the room. Barbara Butterworth: " Butterball " can be seen cracking jokes in the lunchroom. Pet Peeve: Pic¬ tures, French, and chemistry. Carolyn Cooney: 11-27 ' s sports ' captain who is always talking in all classes. She appeals to the members of opposite sex, although she says she can ' t stand them. Laurie Creighton: One of the taller boys of 11-27. Can be seen guarding the water reserve with Vince. Ambition: To reach 6 ' 6 " . Fate: Remaining a runt. Dennis Doan: 11-27 ' s worst driver who can be seen screeching to a stop on almost any corner in Elm¬ wood. Ambition: To crack 100 mph. on his motor¬ cycle at Keystone. Fate: Elmwood cemetery. Nellie Drabek: A nice kid of 11-27 who is always smiling. Likes: Roy, clothes, Roy, food, and Roy. Bill Enstedt: Handsomest, smartest, gentleman in the school. Hates: Maths, history and kids. Ambition: To finish school. Wayne Folster: The great enthusiastic Honda driver of 11-27. Likes to pick up girls on his Honda. Ambition: To break world records on his little-. Nancy Frederickson: Our room ' s secretary- treasurer and Elmwood High ' s " Sweetheart Queen " Can be seen giggling down the halls attracting the opposite sex. Lynne Glover: This petite Miss is well liked by everyone and spends her spare time playing the trumpet in our band. Ambition: Lab. Technician. Frank Goral: " Ginger " is the little red-headed prince of 11-27. Ambition: To average over 200 in five pins. Fate: Under 21. Allan Hammerback: " Big Swede " of our room who is found roaming the halls with the " boys " . Ambi¬ tion: 5 ' 6 " . Fate: Remain 5 ' 6 " . Darlene Hobson: This shy, quiet, and cute girl has a habit of writing " Darlene Dave " all over her books. She trys to stay away from Mr. N. ' s room. Bruce Hoakanson: " Hoaky " is the fair-haired, blue-eyed president of our room. Ambition: to own a Stingray. Fate: His ' 57 Ford. Bill James: Member of the " Tu rkey 7 " and one of the foremost basketball players in our room. Ambition: A case of six. Fate: A. A. A. urn Sandy Rauch: 11-27 ' s Vice-president can be seen in the halls with Rod. Can also be seen stumbling over her opponents in basketball. Pet Peeve: Rough basketball players. Bernie " Broinka " Rogocki: I. G. A. ' s lazy produce man can be seen running into the back room with Pancoe and James for a quick smoke and a swig of orange juice. Jean Russel: The smiling chemistry " brain " . Ambition: Teacher. Fate: Nursing. Ken Johnson: Nicknamed " Floppy ears " is a mem¬ ber of the " Turkey 7 " . Hates: School and Mogo. Ambition: Shrink his ears. Penny Kitney: The quietest member in 11-27. Can almost always be seen at all choir practices. Pet Peeve: History. Ambition: Orthopedic nurse. Jim Kleyh: The shortest guy in our room who usually can be seen piling-up the z ' s in Mr. K ' s class. He loves school? ? (ha-ha) Barbara Koyk: Noraleen Kull:. Can be seen trying to dodge a cer¬ tain person of 11-27 in the halls. Ambition: Tec- Voc. Fate: Elmwood again. Pet Peeve: Maths theorems. Sandra Locke: Cute brunette of 11-27 who can be seen holding up the halls with Alvin. Likes: Dogs. Ambition: The best mother in town. Ron Lynch: The " Chief " of 11-27. Ambition: To collect ancient tomahawks. Pet Peeve: French. Fate: Cleaning boards for Mr. L. Lorraine Machnicki: The green-eyed blonde of 11-27. Lorraine is our yearbook representative. Ambition: Nurse at Misericordia Hospital. Wayne McKay: Likes: To read Playboy during French periods. Fate: Caught in the act of read¬ ing. Ambition: Editor of guess what? ? ? Gary McLaughlin: " Mogo " is a member of the " Turkey 7 " . Hates: School and Johnson. Ambi¬ tion: Bowling Pro. Fate: Fingering balls at Chateau. Wayne McRae: Big strap of 11-27 with the brains of a little strap. Wayne is trying out for the " Five year plan " because of the reduction in prices. Rick Meyers: The fat boy of room 11-27. Ambi¬ tion: To pass Grade 10 French. Pet Peeve: To lose a few pounds. Fate: To gain a few ounces. Joan Millar: One of the quieter ones in the room. Ambition: Business machine operator. Fate: Mother. Jay Mitchell: Member of the " Turkey 7 " . 11-27 ' s most studious student. Ambition: To pass Grade 11. Fate: An early vacation. Pet Peeve: Driving Ted " Porkey " Patterson: Member of the " Turkey 7 " . Can be seen dragging Diane around the halls. Ambition: Bowling pro. Fate: Under 130 average. Rhonda Schellenberg: 11-27 ' s true cute blonde who can be seen helping Lorraine with her prob¬ lems. Likes: Cats, Beatles, and the colour blue. John Sersen: One of the " five year plan " boys. This handsome, dashing Romeo has a very unusual pet peeve. He hates girls! ? Claire Stephensen: A big, bright, jolly girl who wears big shoes and has a good sense of humour. Favourite saying: " Oh Mother Murphy help me! " Eileen Tachinski: She may be seen trying to annoy someone (to get rid of them). Pet Peeve: P. K. gum and spelling. Ambition: To pass Grade 11. Roy Vance: A debonair young lad who can hardly wait to get out of school. Ambition: A " 426 " ham- charger in his ' 28 Dodge. Glenn Yallits: Biggest mover in 11-27. Has his eye on a certain girl in room 27. Ambition: Some¬ one in room 27. Pet Peeve: Phys. Ed. classes. Greg Barker: The only person in 11-32 who needs a pilot ' s license to walk down the halls in his per¬ petual search for special people. Ambition: To get 100% in Physics. Destiny: Trying again next year. Randy Bell: Good in all sports except tiddly-winks Always making noises in class and eyeing girls. Ambition: Physical education instructor. Pet Peeve: Back seats of cars. Ron " Binkles " Boyko: The intellect of 11:32 who is always late for school. Ambition: To out-argue Mr. September. Pet Peeves: French, glasses. Happy squinting Ron! Barbara Burton: The redhead of 32 who loves to confuse teachers as well as the students and her¬ self. Likes to ask very technical questions in Physics. Ambition: Medicine. Stan Burton: Seen walking the halls with his great friends. Likes: Science fiction stories, etc. Ambition: Chartered Accountant. Destiny: Join¬ ing Mr. Storch ' s grade 11 class next year. Donna Campbell: Capable president ant cheerleader of the great grade 11 room asking technical questions in Mr. S. ' s t Ambition: Journalist. Bob Dane 11: Tall, dark and-, oh wel] many witty works in Physics. General] all, but who knows? Likes: Shiny shoe 10 girls. Maurice De Piero: Radio nut of 11-32. Broadcast band D-Xing. Ambition: To perfect antenna. Fate: Have antenna d a bolt of lightning. Pet Peeve: Bolts o blue. Lorraine Dudzic: One who has everything. Al¬ ways phones classmates and says " Guess what? I forgot we had homework. " Ambition: Lab-techni¬ cian. Eric Fonager: The quiet boy of room 32 who is seldom here. If he does arrive he is first out of class and last in. Barbara Johnston: The chauffeur of 11:32. Can be seen on Henderson Highway or Champs any Friday or Saturday night collecting points. Likes: Names beginning with G ' s and W ' s. Ambition: Nurse. Allan Korolyk: An amiable guy. Likes: Science fiction stories, pool and girls. Pet Peeve: School. Ambition: To invent a 3-D pool table. Harry Kuenstler: One who likes to sit back and watch everyone else get into trouble. Pet Peeve; School! Ambition: To own a chain of cars. Dave Lamsdale: Tall, lean basketball and football player of 32. Always sitting at the front of the room to improve his mind (big laugh!) Pet Peeve: Mr. M. ' s classes. Donald Leitch: This man adds beef (???) to Elm¬ wood ' s football line. Likes: Money, food, cars, sports and girls. Ambition: To play professional football. Barbara Lofvendahl: Alias: a " lofty " Beatlemaniac. Can be seen playing the ' field ' at all football games. Favorite pastime: Catching cute guys with her trombone. Vince Lovallo: All-star trainer of Elmwood likes?? The ex-header of " Tiny Three. " Ambition: To learn about football and get rid of two classmates. Destiny: Playing for the Eskies (Elmwood Eskies, that is. ) Adam Mordarski: Playboy of 11. 32 with the other three great friends. Likes: Sports reading and cars. Ambition: Baseball player. Pet Peeve: A certain person. Paulette Naumann: One of 11. 32 ' s few industrious students. Member of the band and still trying for that certain someone. Ambition: Unknown. Destiny: Outer Limits. Lawrence Olynyk: 11. 32 ' s model car fanatic. Hobby: Customizing model cars. Ambition: Design a new Cadillac. Pet Peeve: Horseless carriages. Eleanor Radakovits: One of the band members who has a smile for everyone. Manages to sneak into school at 8:59 with no effort. Ambition: To control the horizontal. Maureen Robertson: Always seen coming into classes late and is forever haunting the halls looking for special people. Likes: Champs, front seats of cars and boys. Dennis Sansome: Makes a habit of passing tests without studying; he sleeps in class instead. He finds it very hard to take P. T. - uses up too much energy and calories. Pet Peeves: Exercises and two certain classmates. Clair Sargent: All-star guard of Elmwood Eskies? He is the strongest member of the " Tiny Three. " Ambition: To play a full football game and to exterminate a few friends. Judy Schwartz: The tall blonde who just doesn ' t dig homework. Favorite Saying: " But I have to work that night. " Pet Peeve: Perfecting her French accent in the language lab. Richard " Soaky-toy " Sokol: Car expert whose Pet Peeve is cleaning up after his big weekend parties. Ambition: To own the wildest car in Winnipeg. Maurice Steffano: Blondest male and the greatest junior executive of Elmwood High. Very fond of sports and, of course, girls. His main ambition is to buy himself a car. Linda Stewart: Petite, dark-haired miss of 11. 32. Destined to follow in her brother ' s footsteps. Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: " Fresh " patients- to-be. Jim Tallon: The newest import from Daniel Mac. Likes: " Cheerleaders " , tennis, Daniel Mac and Gordon Bell. Pet Peeve: Other girls. Ambition: To run a 4 minute mile and get. a Honda. Dan Teichman: A popular vote during election time in 11-32. Ambition: Educated bum. Pet Peeve: Moving from one room to another. Herb Thiessen: Quiet (?) Physics brain (laugh!) of 32. Can be seen correcting Mr. M. ' s mistakes. Ambition: To carry a briefcase to university. Pet Peeve: A heavy briefcase. Grant Wake: Is a-(censored by the Yearbook Committee). Pet Peeve: Good neighbour Sam. Ambitions: Archeologist? Probable Fate: Jolly grave-digger (in Hamlet). Henning Wiebach: The Physics brain? ? ? of 11-32. Usually seen making his presence felt. Ambition: To annihilate a certain one in a chemistry experiment. Dave Zebrasky: One of the not-so-quiet intelligent ones. Ambition: To own a Honda and see the world. Destiny: Honda salesman on roller skates. 11-33 Joe Arbuckle: Crazy, funny fellow of our room. Well liked by all. Spends his spare time working for the Royal Alex and at Chateau. Pet Peeve: The P. A. System at Chateau. June Cansdale: The quiet blonde of 11-33. Can usually be seen with H. T. after school. Ambition: Bookkeeper. Probable Fate: Dishwasher for a certain redhead. Larry Collier: Usually seen with Den or Pat. Member of the five-year pension plan. Ambition: To marry someday. Pet Peeve: False teeth. Glennis " Shorty " Dale: The cute petite blonde of 11-33. Can always be seen after four, and in the evenings with her " Better Half " . Likes: Clothes and a certain person. Florence Dutton: She likes to skip P. T. without being caught, and talking to Sandy and Wendy. Ambition: To get out of Grade 11, and work with I. B. M. machines. Dave " Koon " Gillis: Defensive end, sub-offensive end, and quarterback for the Transcona Nationals. Pet Peeve: Gaye. Ambition: To play for the Bombers. Fate: Coach for the E. K. Lions. Linda Hodge: One of the smarter girls in our room (HAH!). She ' s crazy about confetti, old boots, and rice. Carol Hoffman: The big problem of 11-33. She can frequently be seen in the North End visiting people. Favorite Saying: " He ' s getting better. " Pet Peeve: Rainy days, and frizzy.hair. Sharon Johnson: Long-haired and blue-eyed chick who likes to dance. Ambition: To pass Grade 11 Ultimate Fate: Five year pension plan. Gail Karp: Unquiet-type cutie of 11-33 who can usually be seen with her double, Linda. Ambition: Private Secretary. Josephine Keller: Jo is a blue-eyed blonde, often seen flashing a smile from the ' 50 Meteor. No ambition, but is currently promoting Chop-Suey ice cream. Wendy Laidlaw: A pet, young mischievous miss of 11-33 who spends most of her time creating havoc amongst the girls. Favorite Pastime: Boys, boys, boys! i all E9r 1 |.j» SW . 13H : : i-; i,g; V1; c 1 !i; ESffig BE»5W SjBBI RiwolTAJ 9 in ; v;: ' Mi;ih- ii i339 EfTij B || ■■ I jftk . | 1 , 1 liSll «£Q|M g£H IfCfB J i- r ' HI ..Q ' if: gSfifSf ; lr p IP Jp IT - ■ M fl ' I rf r. . Up : . - Bill (Wee Willie) Troniak: Bill is usually one of the more mature boys in 11-33. His favourite vacation spot is Tijuana, Mexico. Going back again, Willie? ? ? Linda Vincent: Tall, cute, light-brown hair, and brown-eyed lass of our room. Ambition: To get the highest mark in shorthand all year. Dennis Weedon: Comic of 11-33, usually seen lau ghing at Mr. Toews ' s jokes. Ambition: To appear on Ed Sullivan. Pet Peeve: Competing with Mr. Toews. Angie Wenzel: This blonde of room 33, can usual¬ ly be found cruising the halls, with W. W. , looking for a certain guy. Favorite Saying: " You know. " Derek Whiteside: Derek can almost always be found at Chateau, Bud ' s, or taking stock in the halls. He is one of 11-33 ' s pool sharks. Ursula Wicha: Is known for her incessant running around, whenever there is an opportunity. In class she is quite studious? ? ? Frances Wickstrom: Black-haired beauty of 11-33. Can be seen with K. S. , G. D. , J. R. , and M. P. Ambition: To marry her Honey. Ultimate Fate: To marry her Honey. Linda Wilwand: Transferred from 11-24 so she could acquire a KNOWLEDGE? ? of her favorite subject. Typing. Ambition: Get rid of her blonde hair. Pet Peeve: Brown roots. Bev Woods: The Beatle loving, boy chasing, fun loving kid of 11-33. Can be seen fighting with T. Ambition: To get that letter from R. Jim Babson: This usually quiet but very funny guy delights in Biology Lab. Favorite Saying: " Oh that gore! " Boys ' sports captain of the room, his interests include girls, sports, and Literature classes. Don Banks: Noted for composing his own language in typing class. Favorite Saying: " Matter of fact . . . " Spends his spare time walking the streets of Elmwood. 11-37 Ken Boyko: Very intelligent ? Known for the quaint questions he asks in History. Loves arguing with Mr. September. Favorite Pastime: Working on his car. Bob Brodsky: A great guy to know. He ' s always willing to help. Often seen wheeling around in the " Wildcat. " Interested in girls, sports, week¬ ends, and marks. Pat Crabb: Hard-working part-time cashier. Girls ' sports captain. Pat ' s favorite saying is, " Two more and we ' ll have a team. " Interests: Boys, sports, and school. Dennis Downey: Better late than never, " Gome " is always seen wearing a smile. Loves surprising teachers and passing tests. Dr. Gome performs interesting operations in Lab. Jim Emler: Frequently seen wondering what study period to go to next. Business manager of the Yearbook. Favorite Saying: " Wanna go for coffee? " Ambition: Grade 12. Ken McDonald: Wonders why he can ' t watch girls ' games in the gym. Likes driving his ' 56 Dodge. Only serious-minded guy in the room. Tom Pennie: Usually teams up with Jim and keeps the class in stitches. Interests: Girls, sports, and a certain bakery shop. Favorite Saying: " What did I do? " Linda Ramm: Everybody ' s friend. Needs a 301 2 hour day to keep up with cheerleading, sports and student council. Favorite Saying: " I ' m starv¬ ing! " Fate: Starvation. Susan Roach: " Boy, wait ' til I get my license! " is her favorite expression. Wonder why? Hmm. Friend to all, Sue ' s interests are sports, pep club and travelling. George Sykes: " Gino " is 11. 37 ' s President and is well-liked by all. Likes: Girls, sports, and Jim ' s corny jokes. Dislikes guys who like themselves. Spends spare time at " Del ' s. " Betty-Ann Young: Mystery surrounds this cute import from Melville, Saskatchewan. Wonders why we have to play basketball. Interested in boys, and weekends at Home in Melville. REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE November 11, 1964 " O Canada " Scripture Reading. Pat Brough, Vice President Prayer for Remembrance Day . Thompson Owens Hymn: " O God Our Help in Ages Past. " O God, our help in ages past. Our hope for years to come. Our shelter from the stormy blast. And our eternal home. Under the shadow of Thy throne Thy saints have dwelt secure; Sufficient is Thine arm alone. And our defence is sure. Before the hills in order stood. Or earth received her frame, From everlasting Thou art God, To endless years the same. Address .Bob Fostakowsky, School President Choir: " Let Us Now Praise Famous Men " - Ralph Vaughan Williams Two Minute Silence and " Last Post " " God Save the Queen " 10-17 Amy Abe Steven Banman Sidney Bell Tibor Bodi Ted Bollenbach Tom Bourbonniere Larry Brown Linda Coulter Karen Crane Rennie Donald Barbara Dowsett Donna Faykes Linda Fedorovich David Gaertner Jeanine Gagne David Geswein Garry Hammerback Phil Hansen Walter Hickey Gilles Huizinga Mary Jane Kalenchuk James Kane Dennis Kasperski Stephanie Komodowski Blair Kruger Ian Livingstone Bob Matthes Diane Mazur Douglas Murata Wayne Nichol Louise Nowicki Lynda Okrusko Karen Osted Gwenda Peters Linda Pietracci Randy Risi Larry Vander Graaf Marlene Way David Yallits Tom Pennie: Usually teams up with Jim and keeps the class in stitches. Interests: Girls, sports, and a certain bakery shop. Favorite Saying: What did I do? " Linda Ramm: Everybody’s friend. Needs a 301 2 hour day to keep up with cheerleading, sports and student council. Favorite Saying: " I ' m starv¬ ing! " Fate: Starvation. Susan Roach: " Boy, wait ' til I get my license! " is her favorite expression. Wonder why? Hmm. Friend to all, Sue ' s interests are sports, pep club and travelling. George Sykes: " Gino " is 11. 37 ' s President and is well-liked by all. Likes: Girls, sports, and Jim ' s corny jokes. Dislikes guys who like themselves. Spends spare time at " Del ' s. " Betty-Ann Young: Mystery surrounds this cute import from Melville, Saskatchewan. Wonders why we have to play basketball. Interested in boys, and weekends at Home in Melville. REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE November 11, 1964 " O Canada " Scripture Reading. Pat Brough, Vice President Prayer for Remembrance Day . Thompson Owens Hymn: " O God Our Help in Ages Past. " O God, our help in ages past. Our hope for years to come. Our shelter from the stormy blast. And our eternal home. Under the shadow of Thy throne Thy saints have dwelt secure; Sufficient is Thine arm alone. And our defence is sure. Before the hills in order stood. Or earth received her frame. From everlasting Thou art God, To endless years the same. Address .Bob Fostakowsky, School President Choir: " Let Us Now Praise Famous Men " .... Ralph Vaughan Williams Two Minute Silence and " Last Post " " God Save the Queen " . Amy Abe Steven Banman Sidney Bell Tibor Bodi Ted Bollenbach Tom Bourbonniere Larry Brown Linda Coulter Karen Crane Rennie Donald Barbara Dowsett Donna Faykes Linda Fedorovich David Gaertner Jeanine Gagne David Geswein Garry Hammerback Phil Hansen Walter Hickey Gilles Huizinga Mary Jane Kalenchuk James Kane Dennis Kasperski Stephanie Komodowski Blair Kruger Ian Livingstone Bob Matthes Diane Mazur Douglas Murata Wayne Nichol Louise Nowicki Lynda Okrusko Karen Osted Gwenda Peters Linda Pietracci Randy Risi Larry Vander Graaf Marlene Way David Yallits Gloria Bartosh Bryan Bender Clara Booth Susan Brandt Valerie Brown Patricia Cruse Gladys Cumpstone Barbara DeMarco Ricki Dietz Judy Gilbey Brenda Gloux Rosemarie Hunt Judy Johnson Richard Kitney Linda Kowlyk Pat Linklater Joan Mabb Ian Menzies Pat McKinnon Donna Morash Bonnie Pauls Jeanette Peters Dave Phillips Elizabeth Radchuk Bruce Rathbone John Reid Ron Ryland Ryan Sichkar Craig Smith Dolores Swan Hope Thickson Marcel Toupin Cynthia Truss Judy Turzak Connie Wickstrom Linda Winstanley John Zahariuk Diana Ziolkoski Allan Rogocki Brenda Briggs Linda Broughton Wayne Bruce Tom Douglas Diane Durnin Bob ELlett Jill Fox John Gaertner Linda Gibson Herman Green Ken Gudmundsoi Barry Hamilton Terry Hampson Lawrence Howa Garth Innes Robin Kadillac Joe Kalansky Linda KrasnoW: Stanley Kucera Leslie Kurz Gloria Laudinsl Carol Loeb Ken Marchuk Joyce McDonal Roberta McEac Judy Nixon Harold Penziwc Ronald Sansom Rodger Spelme Bill Stearns John Stevenson Jim Stomp Gladys Thomsc Maureen Tram Manfred Wadi Gerald Waiter Gary Warren Charles Welba Edwin Yee Vi [ f ( ■;.j. b mm m 1 % X W - u 1 - — ■ 3 Sharon Adam Marilyn Allwood Linda Bruce Carolyn Chelly Janice Church Linda Deal Georgina Decock Linda Dentrey Margrit Dieckmann Barbara Douglas Sharon Finlan Linda Gunn Colleen Harrington Bonnie Hawryluk Linda Hunter Diane Jenken Linda King Karen Kirsh Shirley Kocian Barbara Langner Mary Lochert Doreen Mondor Shirley Morrison Diane Mowatt Laura Ott Patricia Park Joan Pietras Carol Rathbone Marlene Schindel Elizabeth Semeniuk Sharon Stockwell Barbara Stokell Sally Storey Sharon Winn Gary Allen Marvin Bewcyk Konna Boutang Peter Bozlovitch Ed Burridge Robert Byers Bill Chester Bob Deitz Wayne Engstrom Jack Faulkes Don Foster Archie Gagnon Jerry Gillis Lome Jennings Ron Kasperski John Kitzul George Lawson Barbara LeMoine Cathy Lennon Rodger McCarthy Ron McKenzie Roy Mitenko Gerry Mulvihill Erwin Noga Barry Ogrodnik Dennis Ottenbreit Wayne Pilkington Joanne Rogot Larry Smith Clifford Spence Sydney Spence Phillip Squarie Bob Streib Mai Tinney Glen Vincent Linda White 10-28 Jeff Dempster Larry Eggett Margaret Fay Dick Furukawa Philip Guy Lydia Harria Bill Hibbard Paul Johnston Dale Kendel Pat Kozoriz Kate Krawchuk Maria Lech Judy Livingstone Douglas Meacham Wendy Mruss Pat Nicholson Earl Pukin Beverley Rafnkelsson Jacqueline Russel Robert Sarginson Emily Sochor Stephen Stepien Murray Trudell Marvin Wickstrom John Wiznuk Joyce Himrua Bill Beckel Arlene Boyce David Cowan Linda Allan Emily Bewcyk Joe Bobko Norma Bornholdt Clara Everett Brenda Friesen Kenneth Fumerton Wayne Gates Jean Glass Ronald Goral Joyce Harrison Rick Hedley Bruce Hill Brian Hodgkins Tom Hughesman Ursula Koenig Barry Kruger Donald LeMoine Ken Lesperance Ian MacRae Donald Mathieson Robert McCormick Wendy McRae Leslie Murata Allan Rogocki Grant Rowe Barbara Saunders Doug Skelton Brian Somers Theresa Spence William Thickson Linda Troughton Donald Whitehill Gordon Wladyka Gladys Allen Blake Ardelian John Borys Harold Church Joe CondeLlo Jo Ann Defer Alex Dratowany Karl Dreger Shirley Frederickson Herman Fruehm Catherine Green Bill Hakman Dorann Harper David Hopper Allan Jorgenson John Joss Alvin Kaus Roy Michaluk Ellie Niemar Zela Postlewaite Wendy Pritchard Sidney Ramm Barry Shale Stanley Swystun Harold Winters Joanne Vander Nagel Eddie Bjorklund Margaret Bjorklund Maureen Bradfield Ronald Carlisle Bill Cobb Doreen Coe Roger Desjardins John Douglas Roberta Ellison Rick Engstrom Bob Finnbogason Thomasina Hawryluk Jim Hayes Larry Honke Bryan Hunt Sandra Ings Diane Kellner Jim Kerr Barbara Kleyh Brian McKay Kathy Marshall Charles Molnar Betty Morrison Bernice Nordal Cheryl Perin Suzanne Quaye Gail Rerie Gerry Rossiter Diane Scharien Iris Schmidt Lorraine Scott Garry Shotbolt Linda Topolnicki Edna Unger Mary Unger Jim Wilson Howard Butterfield Bonnie Cann Patricia Church Brenda Colquhoun Larry Colquhoun Olga Eremenko Dianne Fedorchuk Lynda Fedorchuk Sandra Finney Brenda Godfrey Fred Goretski Joanne Gray Lorraine Greening Ronald Hunt Colleen Hutchinson Brian James Ron Laramee Bill Leake Wayne Lloyd Bill Main Mildred Meldo Monica Naskar Susan Okumur: Don Paterson David Popovitc Ricky Robbs Marianne Ross John Rura Lynn Schaefer Kathleen Steel Clifford Sulym Gordon Taylor Valdene Vance David Yakel Ken Anderson Rene Beaudry Brenda Brown Linda Cardey Bill Church Evelyn Cooney John DeVries Bill Ferris Beverly Foste: Garry Gospodj Evelyn Harper Linda Holding Heather Iverac Linda Kafka Barbara Kaise Laurie Keating Leonard Kostc Linda Kozak Douglas Lloyd Carol McLenn: Terry Merner Glenn Mitchell Phyllis Murphr Angela Pasalul William Peara Larry Pitsanuk Randy Prawdzik Barry Preston Terry Proctor Wendy Rorabeck ROOM Audrey Schellenberg Maria Schwartz Barry Topham Paul Brodick Walter Osychenko George Park Peter Smith Orest Stefanow Glen Wiznuk John Zohar Albert Mitchell Weston Monkman George McLoedan Jack Offerman Isaac Offerman Ralph Kuny Bob L ' Abbee Ron Litman Reggie Manulak Richard Markus EDITORIAL We have reached our goal; a hard-cover yearbook. As you can see, this book is compiled with the highest quality material available. Into this book has gone ten months of hard work by the Inscripta staff. We are proud of it! The staff of this fine book wish to extend their sincere appreciation to our staff representatives. Our chief advisor, Mr. H. D. Kemp, who elevated the Inscripta to a profitable organization; Mr. K. Tinsley and Mr. C. Leavens, who spent much of their time on our yearbook write¬ ups; and Mr. September, who did much work with our literary section, are all worthy of our greatest esteem. I would especially like to thank the Assistant Editor, Colleen Iverach, Gail Holding, our Secretary, and Jim Emler, Business Manager. To the hardworking Yearbook Staff, to our Staff Advisors, and to those who helped with the production of this book--I thank you. Allan Galbraith STUDENT COUNCIL Under the lead ership of Bob Fos- takowsky, this year ' s council has achieved a success ful year. The couti cil continued to suf port our Greek fos- ter child, granting funds for her sup¬ port, and to sponso the usual school dances. However, the Council also ad¬ vocated several net activities in Elm¬ wood, such as directories and pro fessional dance in¬ struction. The Council charity was the March of Dimes and to raise funds i advocated a pro¬ gram of roam pro- , , , , , jects, which in¬ cluded coke dances, movies, desert sales, and a swimming party. This year the Council gained a fuller control over school activities. With this control, the student Council co-ordinate d the activities of the school ' s various organizations. The Social Committee, Red Cross, Yearbook, Drama Club, etc. The Student Council, on the whole, has had a successful year, and also important, a financially successful year. Deviating from precedent, the Council has not been plagued by poor attendance and has received full co-operation from both staff and students. The Coun¬ cil this year has achieved the position of control for which it was originated. SOCIAL COMMITTEE October ' s Freshie Dance started off the year ' s festivities with the biggest bang since the Graduation Dance last year. Our Freshie Queen, chosen from among the many belles by the student body, is a cute little number by the name of Brenda Gloux, while our emcee. Dean Scott, had the pleasure of giving the King ' s Crown to the ever popular Alan Rogocki. Bob Burns and the Pepsi Pack of Teen Dance Party fame came to our fair halls for the Mistletoe Mash. Bob proved an in¬ valuable asset and the Pepsi Pack provided some wild entertainment. Cupid ' s Ca¬ pers, a catchy little title, is the name of our Sweet¬ hearts ' Dance for 1965. Emcee Gary Todd from CKY and his brilliant per¬ sonality announced George Sykes and Nancy Fredrickson as our SWEET¬ HEARTS of the Year. This has been a very successful year for the Red Cross thanks to the active participation of students and staff. A new kind of project was undertaken when members dressed 120 dolls for distribution at Christmas by the Winnipeg firemen A ontest was held in conjunction with this project; the winners were Nome C ° ley ' d and Brenda Neufield. In addition we conducted a clothing drive for children s clothe ■° r mVyearf agof ' Elmwood formed what was known as the Red Cross Entertainment Rroup. At the request of Mrs. Carpenter, the convener of High School Red Cross, new group was formed under the direction of Joe Condello. Our year-round project, the Nightingale Nursing Home, has been carried on successfully. Eight members visit the Home weekly and render, we trust, useful services. Special occasions re¬ ceive special attention and this year we provide a cake monthly to help remember those with birthdays. Our Christmas party this year was particularly well-received; there were more decorations and presents for all. I would like to give special thanks to Susan Fahy and Joe Concello for their assistance and, of course, many thanks to Mrs. Janus for her help and guidance. CHESS CLUB A tournament was held in Room 2 to decide who would represent our school in the Free Press Chess Tournament this year. The team consisted of Osher Drory, Bob Scott, Bob Fostakowsky, Bob Clark and Doug Wonnacott, (spare). Despite a slow start, the team played well and placed eleventh in the Tournament. QUIZ TEAM This year ' s Quiz Team was made up of Bill O ' Neil, Erika Koenig, Larry Hamilton and Dave Zebrasky. All four members worked very hard, staying after school and reading through books, magazines, and newspapers. Although the team was unsuccess¬ ful, Elmwood can be extremely proud of them. Thompson Owens, a former Quiz Team member, coached them this year. GIRLS ' CHOIR ELMWOOD HIGH SCHOOL CHOIRS The school year 1964-65 has proven quite eventful for Elmwood ' s choir under their new director, Mr. Keith Tinsley. The beginning of the year was started with a girls ' choir rehearsing for the Gradua¬ tion Exercises which were held in the school auditorium in October. From here they proceeded to rehearsals for our Remembrance Day Services during which selections heard were " Let Us Now Praise Famous Men " and " O God, Our Help In Ages Past " . With the approach of the Yuletide Season they were honoured with request from the Winnipeg Hydro to take part in a Carol Program which was broadcast over Radio Station C. K. R. C. By this time Mr. Tinsley had acquired a boys ' choir who joined the Girls in singing numerous carols. In spring, a young man ' s fancy turns to love and their ' s to " The Swallows " . Yes, with the coming of the Music Festival their voices were once more heard in a " charming ditty " , " The Farmer and the Milkmaid " , and " She ' s Like a Swallow " , a Newfoundland folk-song. They were victorious in their class and placed first with marks of 88 and 86 for a total of 174. Our mixed choir competed in the same competition along with our boys ' choir. In the J. S. Little, Trophy competition, which followed on March 25 as a final competition, the girls did not place first, however during the entire festival the three choirs received wonderful adjudication. ROMEO, FAIR ROMEO On one frosty morning in the middle of our fair-foul season, November, that is, these famous words echoed through the halls of Elmwood High. As one might have already guessed, it was a visit from the merry players of The Manitoba Theatre Centre. As always, they provided the students and the teachers with an amusing rendition of how theatre must have been in the days when Shakespeare wrote his immortal plays. We wish to thank the Manitoba Theatre Centre and the actors and assure them that their time was not wasted. THE UNITED NATIONS CLUB January marked the launching of the United Nations Club in its first season at Elmwood High. Our first meetings were devoted to the election of the executive and to the establishment of the club on a permanent basis. In February we became a chartered club with the United Nations Association in Canada. At later meetings, the United Nations Financial Crisis, the situation in South Viet Nam, and other topics before the United Nations in New York were discussed. Two members of the U. N. Club, Bob Fostakowsky and Alice Gaertner, were chosen to represent the United States at the Model United Nations Assembly held at Grant Park in the Easter holidays. Special thanks go to Mr. September, our staff advisor, for the guidance which he has given us. CHEERLEADERS Barbara Jaffrey, Susan Fahy, Joyce McDonald, Linda Ramm, Penny Chitty, Shirley French, Donna Campbell, Jill Fox, Joyce Daniel. BOYS ' VARSITY SOCCER It was rather pleasing to note the enthusiasm shown by Elmwood Soccer teams, both in practising and in playing official matches. Neither of the two teams brought home any trophies, but they did not in any way disgrace their school. Enthusiasm, however, is not the only requirement for playing soccer. Efforts should be made to bring about improve¬ ments in all departments of the game. Soccer, although more widely played than any other football game, is still the Cinderella of sports in Winnipeg, for obvious reasons. Would regular soccer Clinics, ;herefore be too much to hope for? Let ' s hope not! BOYS ' FRESHMAN SOCCER BOYS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Ron McKenzie, Randy Bell, Dave Lamsdale, Jim Shewchuk, Orton Harrison. FRONT ROW: Gerry Bausman, Jim Baker, Ron Stewart, Don Leitch, Lloyd Thompson. The team started the season with a loss, but due to fine coaching it started to form about half-way through their scheduled league games. Fine playing led to having all games close in scoring. Ron Stewart led the scoring with 113 points in 10 games. Fine spirit and good sportsmanship was always displayed. Many thanks to the students for their support and to Mr. Jermundson for his untiring effort. BOYS ' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Of Freshman basketball at Elmwood it may be said, " Valiant are those who serve " . The odds for years have been against our teams--fewer years of experience per player, smaller numbers for selection, and so forth. Yet each year a team is fielded and games are lost. The important thing is that the boys have always played with great spirit, al¬ ways hoping for a win, though usually striving for a certain score. Loyalty has always been strong; fair play has always been the motto. The team deserves our admiration more than any previous team has deserved school support. They returned to the floor repeatedly to face the tallest opposition ever. When you jump and find yourself elbow high to your check, it can be discouraging. BACK ROW: Irwin Noga, Phil Squarie, Mr. Wolfe, Coach; Rick Headly, Gilles Huisinga. FRONT ROW: Robin Kadillac, Sid Spence, Bill Stearns, Dale Kendal. 24 t 34 Boys ' Indoor Track This year the team competed in the Meet of Champions in January and the Red River Relays in April. Both meets were held in the Winnipeg Arena. Qualifying for the Meet of Champions were the 4x1 lap relay team, John Lues for the 60 yard dash, and Orton Harrison and Dave Peabody for the high jump. Orton went on to win in the high jump. In the Red River Relays, John Lues and Orton Harrison qualified. The team practised hard, and a good effort was put forth by all. We would like to thank our coach, Mr. Jermundson, for his assistance. ELMWOOD ESKIMOS This year marked the debut of Elmwood High ' s football team. After years of fund raising campaigns, Elmwood succeeded in raising the necessary funds to maintain a football team. The team started practices under the capable leadership of Louis Mainella and Hugh Turnbull. The season started with an exhibition game against Portage la Prairie. The final outcome was 25-6 in favour of Portage. Elmwood ' s lone tally came when John Schellinger recovered a fumble and rambled for the touchdown. The team spirit was high as the season started with a game against Gordon Bell. Gordon Bell won 37-20 but the team came on strong to score all their points in the last half. Brian Gadsby led the team on touchdown runs of 42, 68, and 2 yards. The fan sup¬ port for this game was tremendous. The offence faltered in the next four games, but the defence came on strong to hold the other teams down. Elmwood lost by scores of 8-0, 7-0, 15-0, and 25-0 to St.John ' s, Tec. Voc, Sisler, and St. Paul ' s respectively. The team recovered to give a good per¬ formance at the Red Feather Tournament against Grant Park. It was a close game as Elmwood lost 12-6. Brian Gadsby scored Elmwood ' s lone marker on a brilliant 53 yard run. Elmwood closed the season with an outstanding, all-round, performance against Daniel Mac. The final score was 25-12. Elmwood ' s touchdowns came on crowd pleasing runs by Derryl Burdiak, and Brian Gadsby. Some of the outstanding players throughout the year were: Orton Harrison, Brian Gadsby, Calvin Paul, Derryl Burdiak, John Schillinger, George Sykes, Brian Cadle, and Greg Merner. The defence was lead by Harrison and Cadle while the offence was lead by Schillinger and Merner. Elmwood Eskimos gave a fine performance for a first-year team. We feel that in the coming years, with the added experience, Elmwood will be champions. GIRLS ' VARISTY BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Penny Chitty, Marlene McEcheran, Sue Roach, Miss Dunning, Gail Hauser, Pat McMorland, Pat Brough. FRONT ROW: Barbara Church, Leslie Clark, Karan Hawthorn, Tiny Kirby, Joan Arthur. Despite injuries and sickness, the determined ambiton of the girls and the fine coaching of Miss Dunning and Ron Stewart, the team won all their scheduled league games. The only loss, to Tec Voc, in a sudden death, semi-final game was heartbreak¬ ing, as the team lost its chance at the city championship. Fine playing ability and sportsmanship were displayed in all games, and the team was on e of which the school can be proud. Both teams are to be congratulated on their fine efforts this year. The Varsity team in particular have set a very high standard for teams in future to meet. They are the first Elmwood team ever to go through the Basketball schedule undefeated. It was a pleasure working for them. GIRLS ' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL There was a large turnout of members for this team, and this contributed to a fine season. They did not reach the finals, but each game was hard-fought and spirits were always high. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gwenda Peters, Lydea Harris, Roberta McEcheran, Karan Krane, Linda Petracci, Miss Dunning, Sid Spence, Pat Kozoris, Linda White, Maureen Bradfield, Donna Faykes. GIRLS ' VARSITY VOLLEYBALL BACK ROW: Barbara Jaffrey, Pat Brough, Pat McMorland, Mo. Robertson, Marlene McEcheran, Tiny Kirby, Miss D Dunning. FRONT ROW: Carol Tate, Penny McKeen, Penny Chitty, Sue Roach, Daran Hawthorn, Beth Fisher, Joyce McDaneil. Although unable to experience a win all season tne spirt and morale of the girls of the team were always high. All games being well-played, fate just seemed to be against their winning. Perhaps next year will prove more successful. GIRLS ' FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL Through much practice under the fine coaching of Miss Dunning, this year ' s Fresh¬ man team made a fine showing. Winning the majority of its games, the team reached the semi-finals, but were unsuccessful. Fine teamwork was displayed in each game and hopes are high for next season. BACK ROW: Pat Linkletter, Lydea Harris, Zeala Postle- waite. Miss Dunning, Sharon Adams, Linda White, Pat Kozoris. FRONT ROW: Linda Petracci, Roberta McEcheran, Maureen Bradfield, Barbara Dowsett, Clair Booth. I 9B |B ' r m « -5S, 0 [ « [ifBJ GIRLS ' SPORTS COUNCIL BACK ROW: Dorothy Clark, Maureen Robertson, Donna Faykes, Marlene McEachern. FRONT ROW: Linda Faykes, Karen Hawthorn, Linda White, Carolyn Tait. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF WINNIPEG 287 Sherbrook Street For two hours, one night each week, between September and May, thousands of teenagers are find¬ ing out what makes Business " tick " . In over 370 Communities in Canada and the United States, young people in high school. Grades X, XI, XII, are run¬ ning businesses of their own. Divided into groups of 20 to 25 teenagers, they form their own Board of Directors, work forces and sales staff. Through the co-operation of high school authorities and your Board of Education, Junior Achievement offers an opportunity for high school students to become part of this economic education program. Twenty-seven Elmwood High students are mem¬ bers of the association working in some eleven busi¬ ness enterprises. Among the positions are two Vice- Presidents in charge of Production and Sales, a Treasurer, two Safety Directors, a Personnel Man¬ ager, a Sales Manager, two Safety Directors and a Quality Control Inspector. The experience all of the students gain in business administration will, without doubt, be of great value to them in the future. The group of Junior Achievers is to be congratulated for its initiative and effort. :era The Stranger I walked slowly towards the lecture hall. Glancing down at my watch, I noticed that it was seven-thirty. The lecture would start at eight. Upon entering the huge auditorium, I decided to sit in a back- row seat. I picked up a program from the seat next to me and began to read it. Apparently this lecture was going to be about battles fought by Canadians, during the Second World War. People were beginning to enter the hall. After ten minutes the onslaught of men and women re¬ lented but a few sporadic groups rushed in at the last minute. The curtains were drawn back and in the middle of the stage stood the lecturer. A young man suddenly appeared from the wing of the platform and introduced the lecturer. Dr. Braicken, to the audience. In a loud and booming voice Dr. Braicken said: " We Canadians can justly be proud of the soldiers who fought for our great nation dur¬ ing the Second World War. They have won glory and prestige for Canada. " I listened intently to his speech and digested it eagerly. After half an hour has passed, I realized that I was being overfed. To make matters worse there was no dessert; humour was scarce but four- syllable words were abundant. While gazing about the auditorium I noticed a man standing in the doorway of the side exit. He seemed to be different from the other people there. In dress he was different. This man wore a dull dingy overcoat and shabby trousers. His face was weather-beaten; he had a parchment-like skin. His forehead was hideously wrinkled and it held a continual frown. The eyes of this man were deeply set in their sockets and the huge dark eye brows produced a horrifying effect. Beads of perspiration appeared on his face as stray rays of light pene¬ trated the dark corner of the exit. This man ' s face revealed the silent, subtle turmoil that possessed his mind. As his speech was drawing to a close. Dr. Braicken ' s eyes fell upon this desolate fellow, whom he instantly recognized as an old war¬ time " buddy. " The lecturer gestured to his old friend and the desolate man walked slowly to the stage. Dr. Braicken shouted proudly: " Ladies and gentlemen, this is Bob Helton, one of the best fighter pilots the Canadian Air Force has ever had. During the Second World War this man shot down over twenty Nazi Fighter Planes! " A deafening applause arose from the audience. As Bob Helton stood in the centre of the stage I knew that pride did not grip his mind, for shame and regret were too deeply rooted in his soul. Murray Trudell 10-28 A Forest Fire Weary as I was from hunting on that autumn day, sleep fell upon everything but me. Endlessly my eyes searched the opposite banks of the lake. How could I rest, while knowing my companion might be alive and suffering within the devil-like fires which raged across the forests near the shores of the lake. The blaze grew, but the spark of hope within my heart weakened. The shrieking winds sent flames high into the heavens, to join the stars in their infernal dance across the skies. Huge trees swayed fiercely before toppling to the ground with a crash. The bushes along the ground crackled in reply. As the fire moved closer to the shore, it flung its hand out across the lake, not succeeding in reaching my side. The waters of the lake frothed fiercely upon meeting the scornful fire, and sent smoky mists into the sky. Slight breezes blew towards me carrying the scent of burnt meat. Could this tomb enclose the life of my faithful companion? Just then, a huge fiery creature dove into the lake. The water sizzled about it. I dashed forth shouting, " Teddy! Teddy! " He swam as though pursued by Death. I heard him yelp for help. Alive, the beast was--but, it was not Teddy. Out of the water had sprung his ever-lasting friend, his dog. Pat Kozoriz 10-28 Opening Night I walked stiffly down the centre aisle feeling uncomfortable in my stiff collar and new suit. My stomach was squashed against my ribs; my entire body was taut; my eyes were squinting into the glare of the roving spotlights, but mechanically I moved on. My first night! Mr. Benson whispered his final advice to me from the owner ' s box in the front row. " Put your stuff across with pride, son, " he said. With this thought fixed in my mind I turned and faced the crowd, feeling the hot glare from their stares. My tongue was balled against my tonsils; I could scarcely breathe, but I had to say my lines. I hesi¬ tated while the nausea shook my frame; then I opened my mouth, cleared my throat, and the words flowed out, " Peanuts, Popcorn, get ' em before the show starts. " Jim Baker 12-1 The Necessity of Bringing the Right Book To Class When a student does not bring the proper books to class, he is either of a forgetful nature or an indolent disposition, or both. Perhaps the psycho¬ logical motive behind this lapse of memory was a hidden hatred for the sub¬ ject and an unconscious desire to evade it at all costs. Or perhaps the teacher of the subject states his instructions ambiguously and this leads to confusion and indicision on the part of the pupil. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that one must bring the right books to class, and for several reasons. The most important is that the wrong book, or no book at all, hampers the students ' scholastic progress, and this forgetfulness can have very painful consequences. The teacher, if he be of a choleric temperment, loses his patience and the other students are annoyed at having their work interrupted. On the whole, a number of unpleasant situations can arise and it is really much wiser to bring the right book. Erica Koenig 12-7 Stage Fright It was Friday, the twenty-fourth of May, 1965. Right at this moment throughout the province, people were dragging themselves out of bed. The eight o ' clock whistles announced the start of a new day. For one man, this was to be the most tedious, drawn out day he would ever spend. To meet our " friend " , we must travel to the provincial prison. He can be found pacing the floor in his cell, thinking of that ' special attention he was going to receive at five o ' clock on this quiet Friday. His cell block was completely empty, and the only sound in the area was the beat of his foot¬ steps. This harsh noise seemed to increase as he continued his ritual. Lunch was brought, but he refused to eat. Mouth dry and stomach queasy, he continued his pacing throughout the entire day. Finally, he heard the clinking of keys and the approaching footsteps of the guard. He mutt ered, " Oh God! My time has come. " Silently he stepped from his cell and proceeded to wend his way through a series of halls, a guard on either side. A hundred yards away was that door! Once he passed through it--.! The blood rushed to his head and beads of sweat covered his body as the door swung open. In front of him was the warden, surrounded by news reporters. A hush fell over the group as the warden moved forward to speak. " Well , John, after fifty-seven years, you are finally free. " Orton Harrison 12-1 The Touch I see him coming Slim and sun-bronzed My tall and tender one His warm brown eyes on me Melting me, holding me. Drowning me in their mysterious depths Our fingers intertwine The touch tells all No need to speak My world is right, he loves me still. Anonymous Our Foster Child, Ionna Nikolopoulou My dear Foster Parents, You cannot guess the joy I felt when I got your dear little letter. For whole hours I was reading it over and over again and would not let it go. I was specially pleased to know that you are quite well. In my prayers I always ask that you may be blessed with happiness and prosperity. Our school has opened and I am making good progress at my lessons. I wish you to spend a good year at school too. We are now in the second fall month and the first rains have come. The farmers are getting ready to plough their fields. Thank you ever so much for your monthly grant of 240 drcs. ($8. 00) and for the blanket and the pretty material you sent me for a dress. I like it very much. Many greetings to your families and to all your clubs. My own family send you their warm greetings and thanks. In my next letter I shall write you more. So here I end my loving message with my best love and wishes. Res¬ pectfully and with all my warm affection. Your foster daughter, Ioanna NIKOLOPOULOU. Elmwood High ' s foster child, fifteen year old Ionna Nikolopoulou, lives with her mother and three brothers in the small agricultural village of Vouliagmeni in southern Greece. Ionna is in her second year of the gymnasium, the equivalent to our junior and senior high, and especially enjoys mathematics, and ancient Greek. The monthly grant of eight dollars provides food, clothing, and medical care for Ionna. In addition to this grant, a large food hamper was sent to the family for Christmas, as well as a new wood stove for the Nikolopoulou ' s two room home. The school ' s " adoption " assures the provision of all the material benefits which are still sorely needed. ELMWOOD HIGH SCHOOL BAND vaiaaiit 01 ! lily 1 A This year marks the tenth anniversary of our band. For a decade now the band, under the direction of Mr. Buss, has been enjoyed by various audi¬ ences, a circumstance brought about by much hard work. So it is fitting that there should be a special Day, May 3rd, on which certain band members will be rewarded for their diligence through the years. The past year has been as busy as usual. In November, the band played at a concert at Tec-Voc where Mr. Isaacs, the head of the School of Music at the University of Manitoba said that the band was " a very good band indeed. The trip to Swan River in the same month was a huge success, and this year we plan to visit Fargo at the end of April. This year the band acted as hosts to some 175 students attending the annual Band Clinic. There have been two concerts, one at Elmwood, the other at David Thompson, and our final concert will be held in May. We would like to congratulate the band on their fine per¬ formances and at any rate, we have all enjoyed ourselves immensely, and may Mr. Buss prosper! Going to Business College? TYPEWRITING SHORTHAND BOOKKEEPING ALL COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS Special High School Department.. .3-rades 9 to 12 Individual Instruction — Enroll Any Time DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Also CORRESPONDENCE COURSES in High School Grades XI and XII All Commercial Subjects Kindergarten Courses Write, Telephone, or Call MANITOBA COMMERCIAL COLLEGE 201 Avenue Bldg. — 265 Portage Ave. Mrs. R. W. McLean. Principal Telephone WH 2-8518 STARTING SALARIES of $175 to $240 a month are being paid to those who have studied Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping, and related subjects at " Success College. " Take the first step toward a successful business career by enquiring for additional infor¬ mation. PHONE WH 2-6434 or WRITE TODAY for FREE CATALOG SUCCESS Commercial College Portage Avenue at Edmonton Street WINNIPEG OPEN ALL SUMMER HOME ECONOMICS DEPT. AIR-CONDITIONED AIR-COOLED GREATER WINNIPEG GAS COMPANY WH 2-0351 OLD DUTCH FOODS LIMITED 1700 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg 21, Manitoba Manufacturers and Distributors of Food Products PHONE SPruce 4-2561 Compl iments of JENNINGS SHOOTING SUPPLY 289 Garry Street ★ ★ ★ STADACONA BUILDER’S SUPPLIES LUMBER A complete Line of Builder ' s Supplies Corner of Stadacona Gordon Winnipeg 5, Manitoba 533-2330 J. KERR BROWN LIMITED Prescription Druggists Established 1905 JAME’S STORE 224 Kelvin Street Phone LE 3-2122 239 Kelvin Street at Johnson LE 3-1175 - LE 3-2619 Ladies’ and Children’s Wear Men’s Furnishing things gO better,! wwith Loke Both Coca-Cola and Coke are registered trade marks which identify only the product of Coca-Cola Ltd. tlnjiieir Ji}mt Young men attending the Canadian Services Colleges and Canadian universities under the tri-service Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) train for challenging and rewarding careers as officers in Canada ' s Armed Forces. High school graduates of Senior Matriculation or Junior Matriculation standing qualify for entrance on a competitive basis. These young men are selected and will advance on one basis alone— ON THEIR MERIT. For information regarding tuition, board, lodging, uniforms, books, instruments, medical and dental care, and salary, con¬ sult the Navy, Army or Air Force Re¬ cruiting Office in your area, or write to the Director General Officer Cadets, Canadian Forces Headquarters, Ottawa 4, Ont. REWIRE YOUR HOME - the Easy Way with WINNIPEG HYDRO’S REWIRING FINANCE PLAN The Plan, which enables you to improve your home wiring to meet present day elec¬ trical requirements, is available for houses and duplexes now served by WINNIPEG HYDRO. Simply arrange to have your licens¬ ed electrical contractor do the work. Win¬ nipeg Hydro will arrange the financing and bill you monthly on your electric service account. For further details contact your electrical contractor or WINNIPEG HYDRO 5th Floor, City Hall 946-8235 ELM BARBERS The door to investment opportunity is open to you at James Richardson Sons Ettabluhed 1857 INVESTMENT DEALERS EXECUTIVE Of TICES — WINNIPEG MONTREAL • OTTAWA • TORONTO WINNIPEG • CALGARY • EDMONTON VANCOUVER • VICTORIA • PRINCE GEORGE LETHBRIDGE • MEDICINE HAT • REGINA SASKATOON • MOOSE JAW • SWIFT CURRENT • BRANDON • KEHORA • LONDON CHATHAM • KINGSTON • KITCHENER LEAMINGTON . GALT • SI NCOS . WINDSOR PEPSICOLA PEPSI-COLA CANADA LTD. 1099 King Edward Ph. 786-3351 Great-West Life ASSURANCE COMPANY HEAD OFFICE • WINNIPEG. CANADA (jTB Personnel Office • 60 Osborne Street North • 946-9324 GIRLS - WOMEN Compl iments Learn Hairdressing Day or Evening Classes of MARVEL BEAUTY SCHOOL SNOWDON’S LIMITED 273 2 Portage Avenue Winnipeg 2, Manitoba Chalmers and Henderson Hwy. WH 2-7740 NORTHLAND WILD RICE CO. LTD. KELVIN FLORISTS LTD. 660 Washington Avenue 247 Henderson Hwy. Winnipeg 5, Manitoba Phone 533-4711 Buyers, Processors and Packers of Wild Rice and Wild Rice Products QUALITY FLOWERS City Wide Delivery Members Florists’ Telegraph Delivery Association CHARLES BRUNING CO. (CAN.) LTD. JACK DREWRYS Mfg. of Bruning Model Blue Printing Equipment Drafting Supplies and Furniture General Office Copiers Copyflex Copying Machines and Supplies Telephone 533-8123 KELVIN ELECTRIC LTD. ‘‘Satisfaction Guaranteed” 229 Martin Avenue and Brazier - Free Estimates - D. John Arondeus Phone 586-9671 Music Store Exclusive Dealer GULBRANSEN Transistorized Organs Quality Pianos Instruments — Supplies 249 Henderson Hwy. Phone 533-4796 Flowers by . . . (Be t J og£tS Operating:- St. Boniface Florists Hespeler Ave. - Elmwood Compl iments SEALY MATTRESS COMPANY of 431 Thames Avenue HARBISON PHARMACY Winnipeg 5, Manitoba Watt and Harbison “Sleeping On a Sealy Is Like Sleeping On a Cloud” Compl iments Compliments of of THE WESTERN PAINT CO. LTD. MACLEOD LTD. “The Painter ' s Supply House Since 1908” 521 Hargrave St. 1 18-120 Higgins Winnipeg 2, Manitoba Compliments of Best Wishes to the Graduates from NATIONAL PRODUCTS LTD. DOWN’S PHARMACY LTD. Watt and Ottawa 311 Nairn Avenue 586-9667 Compliments of Compliments of KING KOIN LAUNDERETTE MUNROE BARBER SHOP Nairn Shopping Centre Corner of Nairn Avenue and Hwy. 59 505 London Street TALBOT PHARMACY LTD. THERMO-FLAME HEATING CO. Pharmacist: MATT GLASS 200 Henderson Hwy. Prescriptions, Cosmetics, Post Office Winnipeg 5 661 Talbot at Grey For Gas Water Tanks 533-2216 For 24-Hour Service — Phone 533-5316 Compl iments of TALBOT GROCERY STARKELL’S GENERAL STORE 663 Talbot Avenue 850 Talbot Avenue Welcome 7 days weekly School Supplies Phone 533-2516 Confectionaries and Dry Goods Manager: E. MICHALSKI Open Evening Phone 533-6471 KENT PHARMACY BENDERSKI SELF-SERVE Try Your Drug Store First 498 Jamieson Avenue Fresh Fruits and Meat 935 Nairn Avenue Home Delivery Phone 533-5396 533-5802 Post Office - Utilities Agent Delivery Service KENDEL’S WHITE ROSE SERVICE Compl iments of 337 Naim Avenue ST. JOHN’S MUSIC LTD. 533-7677 635 Portage Avenue Winnipeg 2, Manitoba DOMINICIS Tailor Shop Men’s Suits and Pants Ladies’ Slacks and Skirts Custom Tailors Tuxedo Rentals Alterations and Repairs Dry Cleaning Phone 533-8007 247 ' 2 Henderson Hwy. Service is a Stock in Trade GUEST SHOES Elmwood Branch 335 Kelvin Street Savage Shoes For Boys and Girls Hush Puppies For The Year Round Casual RED PATCH TAXI PROVINCIAL CONCRETE and COURTESY - COMFORT - CONFIDENCE BUILDERS SUPPLY M 533-5755 - 205 Stadacona Street 24 HOUR SERVICE IN YOUR COMMUNITY Winnipeg, Manitoba ADOLPH’S TAXI THUNDERBIRD TRADING CO. Compliments of 592 Talbot Avenue TALBOT MOTORS Talbot and Grey REPAIRS - LUBRICATION - TOWING 533-7605 5H v - -— — " n i VARIETY STORE Always Open McLEAN PRINTERS Publishers of the East Kildonan and Elmwood Herald “Everything in Printing” POLYETHELENE BAG CANADA LIMITED Henderson Hwy. Hart 533-5721 335 Tweed Avenue Winnipeg 5, Manitoba CHATEAU LANES Special Student Rates 23 Automatic 10-Pin Lanes Billiard Salon WESTERN CANADA’S LUXURY LANES 1145 Nairn Avenue, Winnipeg 5 Phone 533-4791 BEST WISHES From Your INVESTORS REPRESENTATIVES “YOUR BEST FRIENDS FINANCIALLY” • SYNDICATE LIMITED MAURICE STEFFANO YOUNG CANADA ON THE WAY UP ... and what it means to you Heading for the top with the newest ideas and trends . . . EATON ' S Junior Councillors and Junior Executives keep right up to date with what ' s new, exciting and orig¬ inal . . . and they speak for you, telling us what the youth of Canada wants. Their young enthusiasm and energy makes a happy combination with EATON ' S experi¬ enced merchandising. We ' re proud of them and the way they help us keep young as the Store for Young Canada. Compl iments of Compl iments of JOE’S BARBER SHOP MILLER BROWN HARDWARE Talbot Grey Talbot Grey C. KELEKIS RESTAURANT MERCURY DRUGS Phone 533-2066 North Winnipeg’s Most Popular Restaurant Prescription Pharmacists B. MALCHY D. MALCHY 233 Kelvin Street, Elmwood, Winnipeg 1100 Main Street - JU 6-9554 Your Friendly Rexall Drug Store LOEWEN ELMWOOD JEWELLERS FUNERAL CHAPEL 184 Henderson Hwy. 194 Henderson Hwy. at Hart Avenue Winnipeg 5, Manitoba Winnipeg 5, Manitoba Our Specialty: Serving Urban Rural Families of All Faiths WATCH, CLOCK and JEWELLERY REPAIRS 533-5458 Compliments of ROXY PHARMACY KARL’S BEAUTY SALON 341 Henderson Hwy. 533-2302 520 Talbot Avenue 533-8397 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS, LTD. Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements Inkster Boulevard at Bunting Street Winnipeg, Manitoba : ?

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Elmwood High School - Inscripta Yearbook (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Elmwood High School - Inscripta Yearbook (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Elmwood High School - Inscripta Yearbook (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 54

1965, pg 54

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1965, pg 60

Elmwood High School - Inscripta Yearbook (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 45

1965, pg 45

Elmwood High School - Inscripta Yearbook (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 42

1965, pg 42

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