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PNG Ween ee He 3 ies deine Sh fe mt ro aa ee i we eM | | TAT 3 1833 07540 2393 THE ELMWOOD COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL 1970 ULMUS PRESENTS has TIME FOR US ’ } “ = oc O ri iT = bee LLJ O O Re, LL ‘an @ — A TIME FOR US TO HONOR SS ST RALPH KILPATRICK a | From the time we, the staff, were freshmen, we have noticed Ralph Kilpatrick at all school events. We dedicate this book | to him because we view him as the symbol of school spirit. He represents all the townspeople and merchants who support Elmwood Community High School. The Staff wishes it was possible to name all the loyal backers. Mr. Vaughan Mrs. Beres Mr. Ted Ardnt, Bradley . Page, Bradley Mr. Presti Miss Schlink Judy Brookhiser, Western SCHOOL PERSONNEL CUSTODIANS—Harvey Ekena and Howard Windish. ‘uzanne Silvercrys, one of the world’s most reknowned sculptors, completed the face of Mr. Joe Brown gave a lecture on Trudy Runyon. Carver Center at Peoria. The Booster Club bought new blazers for the Varsity Bas- ketball Players. HNN RES - Class Book Sale. Mr. Schetter’s program on Yoga had many education bene- Ist Place from the Veteran’s fits.. Day Parade for the Band. ULMUS STAFF Ulmus Staff, 1st Row—Sally Richards, Sharon Korth, Rosemary Miller, Deb Gilles, Cathi Renwick, Carla Binegar, Roberta Carter, Brenda Pillman, Connie Neer, Cathy Wheeler, Diane Watkins, Lynda Duggins. 2nd Row—George Snider, Carl Luthy, Brad Barrett, Bob Shoop, Robert Neal, Tom Endres, Richard Shissler, Larry Turner, Tom Korth, Mike Slayton, Mike Bran- nan (Absent), Mr. Cady, Advisor. ec es a ea CO-EDITORS—ELLEN HUDSON and MARY ENNIS LARRY CARLOS TURNER “Toe” “You can do anything if you put your “toe” to it.” CLASS PRESIDENT 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, President 4; Echo Staff 1; Pep Club 1,2,3, 4: Foreign Language Club 1,2, 3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4, President 3,4; Letter- man’s Club 3,4, Secretary- Treas. 4; Drama Club 4; State Latin Contest Honors 1,2; Football 3,4; Junior Class Play; Boy’s State, Junior Marshall; Ulmus Staff 4; Weight-Lifting 2. SHARON FRANCES KORTH “Sharon” “One who blushes is better than one who turns pale.” Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3; FHA 3,4, President 4; CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Ulmus Staff; Homecoming Atten- dant 4. SALLY ANN RICHARDS “Missy” “My day isn’t complete without a smile from Tom.” CLASS SECRETARY 1,2,3,4; FHA 1 ,2,3,4; Degrees Chairman, Recreation chairman, Treasurer; Drama Club 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1; Sweetheart Dance Attendant 1,2,3; Homecoming Attendant 4. ELLEN LOUISE HUDSON “Ellie” ““You’re always well dressed when you’re wearing a smile.” Pep Club 1 ,2,3,4, Pres. 2; for- eign Language 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2,4; Chorus 1,4; Band 1,2,3,4; CLASS TREASURER 2,3,4; Junior Class Play; Musi- cal 1,2,4; Ulmus, Co-Editor; Senior Class Play. CATHERINE MARIE RENWICK “Cathiz ‘We are never deceived; we de- ceive ourselves.” Band 1,2,3; Color Guard 3; Chorus 3; Drama Club 1,2,4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Reporter 4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3; Secretary 4; Vice-President; CLASS REPORTER 4; Echo Staff 2,3; Co-Editor; Yearbook Staff; FFA Sweetheart; All School Musical; Junior Class Play. JOAN IRENE ASBELL “Joanie” “You're always well dressed when you are wearing a smile.” Cheerleader 1 ,2,3,4; Punch girl 1; Prom attendant 3; FHA 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Home- coming Queen 4. BRADLEY J. BARRETT wa + yah Dias “He that bulls the cow must keep the calf.” Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Foreign Lan- guage Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 2,4; Prom Attendant 1; Ulmus Staff; Junior Class Play. CARLA KAY BINEGAR etraria: “There’s a little bit of silliness in every good little girl.” National Honor Society 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Echo Staff 3, 4; Ulmus Staff 4; Junior Play 3; Chorus 1 ,2,3,4; Foreign Lan- g uage Club 1 ,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,4; GAA 1,2; District Latin Contest 1,2,3; Junior Marshall aA MICHAEL STEVEN BRADY “Mike” “Live and let live, love and let love.” Science Club 1; Foreign Lan- guage Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1, 2,3,4; Junior Class Play; Foot- ball 3. RICHARD MICHAEL BRANNAN “Mike” “Live your own life, and you'll be a free American.” FFA 1,2,4; Ghorus 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 4; Drama Club 4; Band 4; School Musical 1,2; Junior Class Play; Conference Chorus 4; Ulmus 4. RONALD D. CAMP COLKY “If you are going to do some- thing, do it right the first time, then you can have fun.” Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3; Letterman’s Club 2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Junior Class Play. ROBERTA LYNN CARTER eperta GAA 1,2; Point Captain; For- eign Language 1 ,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,4; Speech 3; Foreign Language Club Treasurer 4; Drama Club 2,4; Ulmus Staff 4. LARRY G. COCHRON “Ace”’ “Do it now, for tomorrow may be too late.” FFA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4. LINDA SUE CORBETT “Linda” “A little smile doesn’t hurt.” FHA 1,2,3,4;GAA 1;GAA Stunt 1. BRUCE LEROY COULTER “‘Teroy” “Determination and desire to improve can help you toward a goal.” Football 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4: FFA 1,2; Baseball 1; Weight Lifting 3; Letterman’s Club 2,3,4; Homecoming King 4. RANDOLPH LYNN COULTER “Randy” “Kiss me quick, I give Green Stamps.” Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Echo Staff 2; FFA 1,2,3; Christmas Play 3; Speech 3; Winner of Loud Mouth Contest 3; Weight-Lift- ing 3; Speech Contest 3. DONNA LEE COX “Leech” “Easier said than done.” Drama Club 1,2,3; Pe p Club 1, 2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3, 4; GAA 1; Chorus 1,2,3. CLIFFORD HARRISON DORETHY “Cliff” “College is for higher learning; I wonder where our teachers went? Pep Club 1,2,3; Foreign Lan- guage Club 1,4; Track 1; Weightlifting 2,3. EDWARD DAVID DRAY “Dray” “Death kills, you live till you die. FFA 1,2; Pep Club 1,24. LINDA LOUISE DUGGINS “Sunbeam Kid” “We are what we make our- selves.” Chorus; FHA 2,3,4; Drama Club 2,4; Ulmus Staff 4; Mc- Cabe Declamation 3; Christmas Play 3. PHYLLIS EMERICK “Phil” “There’s one thing money can’t buy—Poverty.” Music 1; Drama Club 2; FHA 1, 2,3,4; GAA 2,3; Pep Club 3.4; Foreign Language Club 2,3. RAYMOND WILLIAM EMERICK Purk= “Life would be lonely without me.” Pep Club 4; Drama Club 4; in- termural Basketball 3. THOMAS JOE ENDRES “Tojo” ““A boy becomes a man when he walks around a mud puddle instead of through it.” Football 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4, President 4; Class Treasur- er 1, Class Vice President 2; FFA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3; Sweetheart Atten- dant 2,3; Ulmus Staff 4; Track 1,2,3; Homecoming Attendant. MARY LOUISE ENNIS “Mary” “Life is but a mirror; you get out of it what you put in it.” Pep Club 1 ,2,3,4; Foreign Lan- guage Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4; Band 1 ,2,3,4, Secretary 4; GAA 1; Drama Club 1,2,4; Echo Staff 3,4; Ulmus Co-Edi- tor 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Junior Class Play. DEBORAH ANN GEIER “Deb “Life is said to be a thornbush, so look before you leap.” Transfer Student; Pep Club 3,4; Echo Staff 4; Drama Club 4. DEBRA JOANNE GILLES “Debs “Love’s sweetest meanings are unspoken.” Foreign Language 1 ,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2, 4; Secretary 4; FHA 4; Echo Staff 3,4; Ulmus Staff. LARRY LEE GROHMANN Seer “Live each day as if there is no other.” THOMAS LEE KORTH Blom. “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Chorus 1 ,2,3,4; Football 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Science Club 3; Boys Ensemble 3,4; Basketball 1; Ulmus Staff 4; Musical 1,2; Junior Class Play. RONALD WAYNE LLOYD “Burrower”’ “It’s not that I’m slow I’m just not fast.” Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4. CARL JAY LUTHY Carl” “arly to bed, early to rise, and your girl is going to be out with other guys.” Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2; Football 1; Cross Country 3; Letterman’s Club 3,4; Pep Club 1 ,2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 4; Ulmus Staff; Junior Class Play; Boy’s Camp Delegate. BETTY LOUISE McCOY ““A friendly smile can do a lot of good.” ' FREDRICK WALTER MAHER ““Fred”’ Pep Club 3,4; Cross Country 3; Transfer Student. RICHARD WAYNE MATSON “Duke” or “Rick” “Don’t always do as I do, do as I say.” Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Foreign Lan- guage Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2; Junior Class Play; Basketball Manager 1; Home- coming Stunts 1,2,3,4; FFA 1. DAVID EDDIE MILLER “Dave” “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2; Foreign Language Club 2,3, 4: Baseball 1,4; Track 4; Pep Club 3,4; Letterman’s Club 4. ROSEMARY MILLER “Rose” “Only one life and it will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.” Chorus 1 ,2,3,4; Language Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Drama Club 4; Science Club 4; Ulmus Staff. DEBRA KAY MOORE “Charly” “Just counting the way I love thee!”’ Foreign Language 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 2,4; Echo Staff 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; FTA 2; GAA 1,3. PATRICIA ELIZABETH NEAL Pata “To each his own.” Girl’s Ensemble 4; Echo Staff 4; Foreign Language Club 4; Pep Club 4; Drama Club 4; Ulmus Staff 4; Chorus. Transfer Student. ROBERT BERL NEAL “Rufus” “If you think all men are cre- ated equal, then you had better take another look at my foot.” Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Echo Staff 1; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 2,4; Weightlifting 2; Track 1; Baseball 4; Science Club 3; Junior Class Play; Band 1 ,2,3; Class Reporter 3; Faculty Stunt; School Technician 4. CONNIE JO NEER “Bouncer” “Live it up while you’re young cause you're only young once.” Foreign Language Club 1; GAA 1; Drama Club 1,2; Pep Club 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1 ,2,3,4; Junior Class Play; In- termural Basketball and Volley- ball 1,2,3,4; Echo Staff 1,2; Student Band Director 4; Busi- ness Manager Ulmus Staff 4; McCabe Declamation 3; All School Track Meet 3. KATHY SUE PHILBEE “Daffy” “My Mommy Knows!!!” FHA 1,2; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,3,4; Intermural Basketball 2. BONITA JO PECKHAM “Fish” “Tam a flirt, 1 am just good na- tured.” Chorus 1; Intermural Volley- ball 3; McCabe Declamation 3. BRENDA DELL PILLMAN “Brenda” “I'd rather be looked over than overlooked.” Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Foreign Lan- guage Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 2,4; Secretary 1;GAA 1; Echo Staff 1; Chorus 2; Ulmus Staff 4. PATRICIA LUCRETIA POWERS erat “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Band 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4, ‘President 4; Foreign Language Club 3,4; Drama Club 4; Pep Club 4; Chorus 4; Junior Class Play; Echo Staff 4; National Honor Society; FHA 1. NANCY LEIGH ROSECRANS ‘A smile is but a whisper of a laugh.” GAA 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Foreign Lan- guage Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; Chorus 1 ,2,3,4; Echo Staff 4. DAVID EDWARD RYNEARSON “David” “Drink BLUE and PEACE be with you.” FFA 1; Pep Club 4; Echo Staff 1. DENNIS EUGENE RYNEARSON “Deputy” “DOs FFA 1,2; Pep Club 1,4. STEVEN LOWELL SARTIN “DL” “The world is but a stage and we must all do our part; has anyone taken the alcoholic?” Football 1; Track 1; Pep Club 12,3; Weight-lifting 2. RICHARD DALY SHISSLER Pep Clubil2 34; Foreign Lan- guage Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,4; President 4; Band 1 2,3,4; Junior Class Play 3; Class President 1; Ulmus Staff. ROBERT EUGENE SHOOP “Bob” “There are two sides to every story, the right side and MY sideicey Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Track 1; Band 1,2,3; Honorable Men- tion All-Conference Football; 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; FFA 1, 2,3; FFA Sentinel 3; Boys’s State Delegate 3; Letterman’s Club 1,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Ulmus Staff; Homecoming Attendant 4. MICHAEL D. SLAYTON “Mike” “Think now and then.” Football 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Secretary 4; Science Club 3,4; President 3,4; Letterman’s Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,4; Ul- mus Staff. VAL EDWIN SMITH “The big V” ‘All hope abandon, ye who en- ter heres « Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3, 4: Track 4.23.45 Pep. Cluba, 3,4; Letterman’s Club 3,4; Vice-President 4; Chorus 1,2,4; Junior Class Play; Foreign Lan- guage Club 4; Cross Country 3; School musical 2. GEORGE THOMAS SNIDER “George” “Life is strange, but strange is better than nothing.” Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Sargeant-at- Arms 4; Boy’s Camp Delegate; Foreign Language Club 2,3,4; President 4; Letterman’s Club 3,4; President 4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Captain 4; Basketball 1,2, 3.4: Track] = Baseball: jo. Drama Club 4; Ulmus Staff. CONNIE SUE STEEL “Connie” “When everything else fails, try reading the directions.” Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1; FHA 1 ,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; GAA 1,2. KENNETH LEE THOMPSON Rene “Live your own life, cause you die your own death.” FFA 1,4; Pep Club 1,4. DIANE WATKINS “pi” “Life by the yard is hard; but by the inch it’s a cinch.” GAA 1; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Class of “70” 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 2,4: Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 1,2, 3,4: Junior Class Play; Echo Staff 4; Ulmus Staff 4. SANDRA KAY WEAVER “Naney” “I came, I saw, and with the help of many people, | conquered. Boy was it fun!” Foreign Language Club 2,3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4; GAA 1: Class of Seventy 1,2,3,4. DEBORAH JEAN WESTALL “Debbie” “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” GAA 1,2,3; FHA 1; Pep Club 2,3; Foreign Language Club 3; Town and Country 4. CATHERINE LOUISE WHEELER “Wheel” “Live every minute to the full- est while you can because someday all you’ll have is mem- ories.” Band 2,3; Drama Club 1 ,2,4: Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Language Club 1,2,3,4; Echo Staff 1,2, Editor 3,4; Class Reporter 1; Ulmus Staff; Junior Class Play; GAA 1; McCabe Declamation a VERA MAE WHEELER “Vera Mae” “If you try hard enough your goal will become a success.” FHA 1,4; Echo Staff 4; Pep Club 4; Foreign Language Club 4; Librarian 2,3,4; Town and Country 4. JOYCE ELAINE WHETSTONE “Joyce” ‘Always be yourself and try to think of others.” Chorus 1; FHA 2; GAA 1. LARRY DEAN WILSON “Willie” “What you get out of life is only what you put into it. Track 1,4; Junior Class Play. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1966 seventy-one inexperienced freshmen entered the halls of Elmwood High. The Seniors gave us our first taste of this new world with an unforgettable initi- ation. We elected Dick Shissler, President; Terri Debo, Vice President; Sally Richards, Secretary; Tom Endres, Treasurer; Cathy Wheeler, Reporter. Our advisors were Mr. Mc Kechnie, Mr. Varner, and Mr. Beres. Our first Homecoming Stunt, “Gone With The Wind” and Float, “Ripping out a Victory” received Honorable Stunt. Our Sophomore year fell under the direction of Larry Turner, President; Tom Endres, Vice President; Sally Richards, Secretary; Ellen Hudson, Treasurer, and Terri Debo, Re- porter. Our advisors were Mr. Hamman, Mrs. Schelkoph, and Mr. Beamer led us to a first for our Homecoming Float, “Cage the Eagles’’, and third for our stunt, “Charlie Brown.” Our Junior year brought many new experiences. Our officers were Larry Turner, Presi- dent; Sharon Korth, Vice President; Sally Richards, Secretary; Ellen Hudson, Treasurer; Bob Neal, Reporter. Our advisors Mr. Hancock, Mr. Webster, Mr. Whetstein, and Mr. Ward directed our Magazines Sale and Dunking Machine at the Fall Festival to a success. We received second on both our Float, “Indian Washout”, and our stunt, “Mavetz and Almasi Laughin” Our Play, “George Washington Slept Here”’, was directed by Mrs. Janet Shaffer. A very original and beautiful prom was presented to the Seniors on May 3, 1969 with the name “Through the Looking Glass.” Our final year was led by Larry Turner, President; Sharon Korth, Vice President; Sally Richards, Secretary; Ellen Hudson, Treasurer; Cathi Renwick, Reporter. Our Sponsers Mr. Cady, Mrs. Runyon, Mr. Morse, and Mr. Ellsworth guided us through our last Home- coming which was reigned by King Bruce Coulter and Queen Joan Asbell. Our final float, “Victory Express”, received first. Cur last stunt was “The Dating Game.” Mr. Dimitri Beres directed the Senior Class Play was held on April 17. The Juniors presented us with a beautiful prom on May 2. We achieved our goal at graduation on May 29, 1970. The first of June we left for our long awaited Senior Trip. JUNIOR R. Rimington, President M. Patterson, Vice President S. Cisel, Treasurer J. Moody, Secretary C. Cady, L. Slayton, R. White, D. White, I. Rusch, S. McKinty, D. Gor- ham, G. Sloan. D. Smith, R. Strickland, D. Wilson, D. Wilson, C. Record, V. Korth, B. Whetstone, S. Kiddy. S. Haahn, R. Smith, R. Butterfield, L. Porter, S. Wormington, N. McNeil, S. Hudson, M. Stillson. P. Manley, M. Inskeep, B. Day, B. Powell, T. Seipel, J. Miller, V. Mc- Coy, S. Ennis. M. Neal, L. Silzer, N. Forrester, M. Lapsley, W. Stenwall, M. Sloan, J. Bennett, M. Taylor D. Bateman, G. Bitner, M. Brannan, G. Fleisher, D. Hall, D. Dorich, D. Chase, J. Gilmer. P. Hartley, D. Dray, S. Clark, C. Kee- fer, M. Kennedy, G. Keefer, E. King, D. Vallas. J. Travers, S. Carter, J. Williamson, D. Mitchell, P. Miles, A. Morse, D. Rushing, S. Oltman. CLASS R. Perry, R. Worsfold, M. O’dell, M. Shoop, M. Powers, C. Mason, K. Still- son. SOPHOMORE D. Renwick, President J. Endres, Vice President T. Gilles, Secretary R. Koll, Treasurer D. Meehan, Reporter A. Rynearson, R. Reich, P. Hartley, P. Dixon, J. Hutchinson, V. Mims, C. Miller, J. Hamilton. A. Reed, D. Taylor, B. Emerick, R. Slayton, D. Cox, G. Gutshall, D. Ferro, G. Camp. S. Hulslander, L. Bowhay, C. Bran- nan, L. Jenkins, E. Morris, S. Busch, D. McAlister, R. Lloyd. D. Van Norman, K. Windish, L. Lankford, M. Smith, S. Forrester, M. Morse, Y. Keefer, G. Beard. D. Korth, M. Johnson, A. Green, N. Cox, R. Bricker, S. McCoy, A. Pierce, K. Thompson. C. Carter, D. Rosecrans, K. Kuck, J. Moore, J. Schilling, K. Gomes, S. Moody, M. Harris. N. Shissler, D. Lubar, D. Mitchell, R. Johnson, C. Oltman, M. Eliot, L. Dixon, C. Martin. K. Moody, W. Hanlon, C. Smith, S. Korth, S. Moody, M. Clark, D. John- ston, T. Foster. CLASS B. Keefer, M. Nowak, N. Pillman, J. Legg, M. Doktor, R. Dray, D. Zilch, ' B. Coulter. J. Geier, W. Henderson, J. Legg, T. D. Vance, President C. Honald, Vice President P. Stillson, Secretary R. Hudson, Treasurer D. Reinhart, Reporter. FRESHMAN D. Whetstone, J. Hamilton, D. Rusch, T. Runyon, R. Snider, R. Slagel, C. Turner, C. Stenwall. J. Whetstone, C. Wolstenholme, A. Ziemer, L. Ziemer, S. McCoy, C. Mc Neil, L. McKinty, S. Manuel. D. Morse, J. Purtle, C. McAlister, D. Johnston, D. Rynearson, T. Rogers, J. Doubet, R. Gunter. A. Burgett, M. Durst, T. McLean, J. Gutshall, R. Courtight, L. Bowhay, G. Hurst, L. Korth. K. Jaggard, M. Bedwell, C. Honald, - D. Purchase, M. Brown, M. Rynear- son, B. Snider, B. Rynearson. R. Wheeler, D. Westall, S. Cochran, P. Korth, D. Wilson, M. Conneely, K. Manley, J. McCoy. J. Minton, D. Bennett, B. Keefer, J. Luthy, V. Leadley, K. Kilpatrick, R. Neer, R. Morris. B. Moore, D. Patton, J. Miller, J. Niedziela, M. McCoy, D. Metz, R. Miller. ee ALANA cosines seoeonianceieno5e ssn oR We pire. Es “ORR eeeceniaitanninicas Sieber. =e ee Oe | H SS SPER SI aoe MR i ee eee s ‘ CELSO ARAUJO ECHS experienced the rare pleasure of having a foreign exchange student. Celso Arnaldo Araujo was our visitor’s name. Celso was 17 years old and came from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Celso spent his three months in Elmwood with the William F. Turner family. ECHS, the Turner family, and Elmwood will never forget their friend from Brazil. THE FRESHMEN GET THEIRS TTR ws a g George Snider, Tom Endres, Bob Shoop, Bruce Coulter, Joan Asbell, Sharon Korth, Sally Richards, Cathi Renwick. FRESHMAN FLOAT—FOURTH s e O08 onacert? vere tec esd hosineieesee r évttftt?t +: : 3 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class presented ‘Stage Door” on November 21, 1969. The Following participated: B. Day, N. Forrester, R. White, D. Wilson, M. Neal, J. Miller, C. Mason. 2nd Row—D. Chase, J. Moody, D. Gorham, L. Slayton, D. White, S. Hudson, P. Manley. 3rd Row—K. Stillson, M. Inskeep, S. McKinty, V. McCoy, M. Shoop, D. Dorich, D. Smith, D. Rushing, J. Gilmer, D. Bateman, D. Wilson, P. Miles, L. Silzer. 4th Row—C. Keefer, M. Patterson, C. Cathy, G. Keefer. “Stage Door” was directed by MR. Beres and Martha Stillson. FHA—Delores Gorham, Historian; Carol Oltman, Public Relations: Jeannie Endres. Secretary; Joyce Moody, 2nd Vice Pres- ident; Sharon Korth, President; Susan Ennis, lst Vice President: Teresa Gilles. Reporter; Sally Richards, Treasurer; Linda Porter, Recreation; Mrs. Page, Student Advisor; Mrs. Schelkopf, Advisor (not Shown). FFA—Tom Korth, President: Wayne Lloyd, Vice President; Michael Slayton, Secretary; Ron Worsfold, Treasurer, Dale Korth. Sentinel; Steve Korth, Parliamentarian; Mike Brannan, Reporter (Not Shown). PER CEUs Pep Club—Mark Patterson, Vice President: Tom Endres, President; Joan Asbell, Treasurer; Jeannie Endres, Secretary; Cathi Renwick, Reporter; George Snider, Sergeant at Arms. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY National Honor Society—Mr. Hamman, Advisor; Carla Binegar, Pat Powers, Larry Turner, Cathy Cady, Mary Ennis. Advisor. 5 ck Hanco Co-Editor; Mr. c ise] Ss O g = Fa 5 Editor: LIBRARIANS LL Li 6 Ie DN : O « aE O LL 1eeler I C.W Echo Staff—V. Korth, Co-Editor; GAA—Advisor—Miss Schlink, Secretary—Becky Day, President—Pat Powers, Vice-President—Nancy Rosecrans, Treasurer— Deon Meehan, Reporter—Nancy Cox, Teresa Gilles, Shirley Forrester. LETTERMAN’S CLUB Lettermans Club—Advisor—Mr. Mavetz, Secretary-Treasurer—Larry Turner, Vice-President—Val Smith, President—George Snider, Advisor—Mr. Almasi. DRAMA CLUB Drama Club—Mark Patterson, Vice-President; Dick Shissler, President; Deb Gilles, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Beres, Advisor. SCIENCE CLUB Science Club—Mr. Presti, Advisor; Bob Koll, Secretary; Mike Slayton, President; Dave Lubar, Treasurer. or” ever tr, ting EIGHTH HOUR CHORUS FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB Foreign Language Club—Cathi Renwick-Vice President, George Snider—President, Mary Ennis—Secretary, Roberta Carter— Treasurer, Mrs. Runyon—Advisor. ‘BLISS | eALTy pn, BBS 4780 | See O O O = = at LL CHRISTMAS AT ECHS GRADE AND HIGH SCHOOL COMBINED CONCERT CHRISTMAS PROGRAM PRESENTED BY THE SPEECH CLASSES TIME FOR US nNoaOmcrW TO CONTEST 6 Ap emma nme 100 Ament neg al atm = eR Nt VARSITY FOOTBALL ont eee B. Shoop, L. Turner, T. Korth, M. Slayton, B. Coulter, T. Endres, Clark, E. Morris, S. Carter, A. Morse, T. Leadley. 3rd Row—D. Hall, Mana Keefer, M. Stenwall, Mr. Almasi, Coach. 4th Row—D. Rushing, T. Green, D. Renwick, P. Webster, Coach. G. Snider, D. Miller. 2nd Row—T. Foster, M. Morse, M. ger; G. Beard, R. Bennett, D. Johnston, G. Miles, R. Bricker, R. Worsfold, Mr. VARSITY SCHEDUEE Princeville 26 — 6 Bradford 0 — 26 Wyoming 28 — 12 Dunlap 14 — 2 Western 0- O Walnut 31 — O Wethersfield 6 — 25 Toulon 0— 6 Manlius 2 6 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL M. Brown, R. Courtright, Managers. 2nd Row: R. Lloyd, B. Coulter, D. Rynearson, E. Morris, M. Bedwell, D. Van Norman, | R. Morris, D. Johnston, T. Foster. 3rd Row: G. Hurst, J. Hamilton, M. Harris, D. Johnson, R. Miller, D. Reinhart, T. Leadley, | J. Miller, G. Beard. 4th Row: Mr. Mavetz, Coach; D. Vance, D. Patton, M. Smith, D. Whetstone, B. Snider, M. Clark, M. | Morse, C. Honald. 5th Row: B. Rynearson, M. Durst, K. Jaggard, S. Korth, J. Minton, T. Green, D. Renwick, M. Eliot. | | ELMWOOD Coach Almasi Coach Mavetz Coach Webster Bob Shoop, Little All State ALL-CONFERENCE PLAYERS-—Coach Almasi, Bruce Coulter, Offensive Guard Honorable Mention Defensive Middle 2nd Team; Dennis Rushing, Offensive Center 1st Team; Richard Bricker, Honor- Guard. able Mention Defensive Tackle; Mike Stenwall, Honorable Mention Defensive Halfback; Bob Shoop, Offensive and Defensive Tackle 1st Teams; Gary Keefer, Defensive Safety 2nd Team; George Snider, Linebacker 2nd Team, Coach Mavetz, and Coach Webster. WE’VE GOT SPIRIT VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEA DERS Susan Ennis Marcia Neal Joan Asbell Sharon Korth VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Susan Ennis Joan Asbell Sharon Korth Marcia Neal JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Susan Manuel Jeannie Endres Teresa Gilles Pam Korth SENIOR BASKETBALL PLAYERS GEORGE SNIDER VARSITY BASKETBALL Randy Rimington, Jamie Gilmer, George Snider, Val Smith, Carl Luthy, Rocky Bennett, Dan Renwick, Mark Patterson, Steve Carter, Gary Keefer, Scott Cisel, Mike Stenwall, Doug Mitchell (Not shown). BASKETBALL SCHEDULE November December December December December December January January January January January January January January February February February February February February i) O WO — oO NO - ODWNADOMNY Brimfield Williamsfield Princeville Yates City ICAC Tournament Princeville Tournament Dunlap Wyomung Bradford Dunlap LaFayette Western Toulon Walnut Whethersfield Glasford Toulon Manlius Princeville Wyming JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Back Row: Joseph Almasi, Coach; Dick Johnson, Gary Beard, Tony Green, Dan Renwick, Dennis Westall, Bill Henderson, Morris Harris. 2nd Row: Gary Hurst, Mgr.; David McAlister, Ed Morris, Tim Foster, Dennis Whetstone, Mark Durst, John Min- ton, Butch King, Mgr. Ist Row: Dennis Reinhart, Bob Snider, Rick Miller, Larry Bowhay, Mark Bedwell, Mike Brown, Don Patton, Dennis Rushing, Manager. — ust 2A bake ee = a ee | FRA AA AAA AA pt RAL ARETE soca | = CIVICS CLASS What do you mean?? Leaders of Tomorrow??? Wash my clothes??? : | Mrs. Metz swam the I have to retake Algebra II!!! The Cafeteria turns me on! The Play was last Atlantic Ocean!!! week?? List of Graduates CLASS OF 1872-B. C. Allensworth, Prof.; Ella Brain, Mary Hopkins, Eliza Hurlburt, Hattie Keene, Eliza Mathews, Hettie Purcell, Minnie Rog- ers, Stella Rose, Flora Smith, Edson Wal- ton, Ella Woods. 1873-James M. Greenley, Prof.; Laura V. Ram- say. 1874-James M. Greenley, Prof.; Lettie Barthol- omew, Joseph Williamson. 1875-James Kelly, Prof.; Alice Biggs, Rosa Ryan, Florence Whitney. 1876-James Kelly, Prof.; No graduates. 1877-James Kelly, Prof.; No graduates. 1878-J. M. Crow, Prof.; Lois Brown, Ed Egan. 1879-J. M. Crow, Prof.; Asa M. Brown, George N. Brown, Bathena Coon, Florence Darby, Belle Kellogg, Hubert Marshall, Flora Mc- Kay, Lillie Purcell. 1880-J. M. Crow, Prof.; Mattie Barrett, Hettie Coon, Minnie Purcell. 1881-J. M. Crow, Prof.; James Les, John Phei- fer, Mabelle Ryan. 1882-T. B. Bird, Prof.; Ella Flanegin, Ida Pat- terson, Eva Slaughter. 1883-T. B. Bird, Prof.; Linda Dinan, Nettie Kightlinger, Maggie McCowan, Lizzie Pul- sipher, Atic Purcell, Nettie Wiley. 1884-C. R. Vandervoort, Prof.; Orie Bartholo- mew, Kate Callister, Laura Lobaugh, Lu- man Royce, Howard Spangler, Bertha Wheeler, Frank Whitney. 1885-C. R. Vandervoort, Prof.; El Clingan, Francis Daniels, Fredericka Mathewson, Frank Widmeyer. 1886-W. J. Pringle, Prof.; Lura Helen Bartholo- mew, Harriet Jones, Ed C. Slayton, Harry Tompkins. 1887-W. J. Pringle, Prof.; Anna Enright, Minnie Lawrence, Edward Siegel. 1888-W. J. Pringle, Prof.; Edson E. Dalton, Kate Hurff, Ernest Lobaugh, Fred Patter- son, Sam Tidd. 1889-W. J. Pringle, Prof.; John Bitner, Ed. U. Henry, Milo Ketchum, Edith Kightlinger, Howard Kirkpatrick, Philip Phares, Fred Pratz, James Slayton. 1890-W. J. Pringle, Prof.; Charles Burt, Sadie Clinch, Fred Darby, Bessie Ewalt, Orrie Snyder, Estelle Wasson. 1891-W. J. Pringle, Prof.; Emma Anderson, Gertie Davis, Evert Kemp, Lillian Wheeler, Frank Wing. 1892-W. J. Pringle, Prof; Harrison Dixon, Charles Farnum, Fred Heptonstall, Edna Lawrence, Nellie A. Perrin, Fred Slayton, Leila Williamson. 1893-S. B. Allison, Prof.; Ora Cullings, Frank Higgins, Asa Kirkpatrick, Harry Macy, Emma Putnam, Sanford Schriers, Anna Vandervoort, Esther Wasson, Katie Wai- bel. 1894-S. B. Allison, Prof.; Ethel Cullings, Charles Day, Bertha Denning, Reba Herriot, Charles McCorkle, Bert Riner, Anna Smith, Myrtle Slayton, Mae Smith, Rose Wood. 1895-S. B. Allison, Prof.; Anna Anderson, Laura Bodine, George Davidson, Cara Duth, Bessie Ennis, Edith Jones, Bertram Kemp, Daniel Ketchum, Harvey Lott, Edith Rat- terson, Mary Rose, C. Vance, Minnie Woods, Winifred Wheeler, Hortense Wal- ker. 1896-L. R. Flanegin, Prof.; Fanny Bourgoin, Eva Clingan, Grace Farnum, Martha Holt, Stella Kirkpatrick, Nellie Mannock, Nina Miller, Marie Regan, Emma Riner, Nellie Slayton, Rena Webster, Lavarre Wy- coff. 1897-L. R. Flanegin, Prof; Mable Denning, Rose Douglas, Samuel Garrison, Gertrude Hardenberg, Ortha Heptonstall, Elmer Hubbell, Leo Johnson, Mary Kinnear, Sa- die Lott, Jessie Mannock, Effie Mathis, Ethel Runyan, Harry Wells, Earnest Wheatcroft. f 1898-L. R. Flanegin, Prof.; Frank Armstrong, Charles Clinch, Harold Cullings, Nellie Debacher, Frank Eslinger, Blanch Her- riott, Henry Jarman, Patience Jarman, Roy Kightlinger, Ethel McCann, Alice MeCul- lough, Anna McDermott, Esther Nelson, Harry Rose, Bertha Waibel, Myrtle Web- ster, Emma Westbay. 1899-L. R. Flanegin, Prof.; Leslie Anderson, Anna Armstrong, Ada C. Buell, Anna De- Bacher, Pearl Greenough, Myrtle Debach- er, Lora Hart, Elliott E. Head, Harlan Hubbell, Harlan Jones, Nellie E. McCabe, Nora E. McCarty, Tessie A. McDermott, David H. Morton, Margaret M. Nelson, Nora Nelson, Edna L. Patterson, Mar- garet E. Stewart, Blanch Swigert, Harry Troth. 1900-L. R. Flanegin, Prof.; Archie Miles, Harry Richardson. 1901-L. R. Flanegin, Prof.; Edwin Brown, Mar- ion Brown, Nellie Earing, Lloyd Graham, Earl Henry, Allan Higgins, Amy Hotch- kiss, Dean Jay, Leroy Kershaw, Florence McKerrow, Albert Van Patten, Neva Wal- ton, Clifton Wycoff. 1902-J. M. Martin, Prof.; Mary Bowers, Ev- erett S. Cathcart, Bert Conrey, Ross E. Cullings, Mable DeBacher, Maurice Grumley, Mina Morton, Nina E. Palmer, Elsie M. Philhower, Fannie E. Remmele, Charles E. Smith, Dale E. Snyder. 1903-Charles Stuart, Prof.; Marilla Cooper, Margaretta Jay, Rea Harkness, Edson Kinnear, Fred Martz, Harry Quigley, Maud Smith, Raymond Troth, James Tur- ner, Earl Vance, Nellie Wells, Belle Wilbur. 1904-Charles Stuart, Prof.; Will Bolin, Lottie Bourgoin, Evalina Brooks, Leta Cathcart, John Grumley, Mary Humphreys, Monica Smith, Merle Snyder, Nellie Wheatcroft, Sylvia Zoll. 1905-Charles Stuart, Prof.; Lelia Armstrong, Lottie Armstrong, Anna Booth, Charles Bowers, Florence Gabriel, Charles Grum- ley, Earl Horsley, Alice Orvis, Paul West- bay. 1906-Charles Stuart, Prof.; Gertrude Bowers, Mildred Bowers, Orral Conver, Ina Lear- ned, Glennie Tyler, Gertrude Waibel. 1907-Charles Stuart, Prof.; John Boswell, Irwin Dalton, Bertha Graham, Gilbert Lane, Raymond Lyons, Cara Nelson, Essie Ryne- arson, Florence Walton, Ada Wheatcroft, Paul Wells, Earle Zink, Dale Zink, lan- tha Zoll. 1908-T. S. Henry, Prof.; Wilda Armstrong, Frances Jay, Edna Learned, Clifford Lott, Lillie Mannock, Agnes Morton, Edna Parr, Miriam Potts, Wallace Snyder, John Troth, Frances Walton, Katherine White, Marie Zink. 1909-T. S. Henry, Prof.; Florence Criger, Hen- ry Kessler, Alice Lott, Harry Niece, Mar- garet Schori. 1910-T. S. Henry, Prof.; Goldia Booth, Samuel Conver, Sara Conver, Sidney Cullings, Ar- thur Dalton, Lola Fish, Floyd Gooding, Mabel Higgins, Walter Mannock, Ray- mond Nibbelin, Ella Oakes, Mable Schori, Clarence Shissler. 1911-T. S. Henry, Prof.; John Bowers, Mabel Brooks, Hazel DeBacher, Frieda Korth, Ella Van Pelt, Jennie Philips, Eleanor Schlots, John Stevens. 1912-T. S. Henry, Prof.; Frances Bowers, Wil- liam Criger, Raymond Dikeman, Neal Higgins, Chester Lyons, Florence Lyons, Thora Morton, Lois Nichols, Bernice Noel, Ethel Reed, Newell Reed, Florence Seltzer, Harold Shissler, Alice Tolbert. 1913-C. C. Condit, Prof.; Laura Brown, Bernice Goliday, Oliver Gregory, Ralph Kilpat- rick, Howard Schlots, John Schultz, Hazel Seltzer, Wilhelmina Taylor, Elwyn Troth, Leroy Watkins, Vivian Whiting, Estelle Whitney. 1914-C. C. Condit, Prof.; Hazel Atherton, Edna Brooks, Louise Condit, Margretha Fried- richs, Roy Gore, Clifton Humphreys, Eve- lyn Humphreys, Eleanor McCann, Esther Nichols, Blanch Oldknow, Frank Schultz, George Shissler, Margaret Smith. 1915-C. C. Condit, Prof.; Maude Adams, Grace Barrett, Gilman Davidson, Leona Higgins, Eva Holt, Charlotte Johnson, Marie Kelly, Edwin Kilpatrick, Leonard Lang, Elsie Ly- ons, Jessie McCann, Myrtle McKown, Lo- gan Nelson, Una Nelson, Lena Seltzer, Louise Shissler, Georgia Taylor, Lillian VanSickle. 1916-C. C. Condit, Prof.; Frank Allen, Leona Day, Charles Dooley, Edna Foster, Leo- nard Higgins, Veda Holt, Fern Hum- phreys, Earl Kelly, Winifred Kelly, Maude King, Esther Korth, Almetta Maher, Ed- gar McDonald, Mary McFall, Howard Redding, Roscoe Redding, Margery Sch- enck, Margery Strufe, Merle Threw, Na- omi Waibel, Gladys Wooten, Ruth Zink. 1917-C. C. Condit, Prof; Marjorie Bowers, Clifton Conver, Frank Johnson, John Kil- patrick, George McKinley, Lulu McKown, Elmer Miles, Hugh Nelson, Donald Niece, Russell Schori, Catherine Stevens, Henry Tully, Max Wasson. 1918-C. C. Condit, Prof.; Howard Atherton, Isaac Barrett, Elmore Brown, Leola Burt, Grace Carlson, Dorothy Condit, James Cusack, Patrick Cusack, Mary Davis, Pearl Dragoo, Thomas Dwyer, Lora Flan- egin, Russell Fuller, Margaret Gmahle, Marguerite Gregory, Roy Harkness, Har- old Herbert, Ruth Ireton, Nan Johnson, Naomi Johnston, Lucille Kelly, Opal Kelly, Alma Lindzey, Gladys Lindzey, Edna Mac Donald, Leslie MacDonald, Mildred Pe- ters, Nellie Schenck, John Schori, Leah Thatcher, Charles Tidd, Mary Threw, Frances VanSickle, Gayle Weeks, Helen White. 1919-C. C. Condit, Prof.: Leroy Andrews, June Bandy, Ada Boice, Mark Brennan, Horace Demick, Maude Miller, Louis Miles, Edwin Miranda, Margaret Phares, Gladys Proe- tor, Richard Schenck, Mona Snyder, Ro- sanna Stevens, Wilda Threw, Lauretta Tul- ley, Elma Wasson, Rowena Wasson, Mar- garet Wickwire, Verna Wooten, Francis Zink. 1920-C. C. Condit, Prof.; Gladys Archibald, Ralph Bacher, Howard Carter, Marianne Clinch, Mary Cusack, Mary Dwyer, Har- ley Green, Anna Grumley, George Gut- shall, Hazel Gutshall, Birdella Harkness, Frances McCarty, Verna Miles, Bruce Mul- len, Elva Peters, Forrest Reed, Genevieve Riner, Mona Ristine, Doris Shively, Harry Stalter, Ruth Thatcher, Anna Trowbridge, Dean Threw, Ferne Threw, Harvey Van Sickle, Adrienne Herbert, Mildred Higgins, Rachel Holt, Gerald Jarman, Alta Johnson, Roy Keeling, Helen Lindzey, Owen Lindzey. 1921-C. C. Condit, Prof.; Clare Baggs, Dean Condit, Ruth French, Myrta Martin, Ches- ter Miles, Ralph McKown, Fred Schlots, Margaret Sporrer, Ruby Wasson, Mabel Worley, Albert Wolford, Ruth Wocten. 1922-C. C. Condit, Prof.; Elora Burt, Kathryn Callister, Leon Carter, Ruth Caldwell, Ar- thur Dragoo, Lawrence Harkness, Clyde Hendrix, Roland Hitchcock, Faye Hoyt, Edith Jarman, Margaret Kilpatrick, Harry MacDonald, Erma Mckinty, Bernard Mullen, Loren Oakes, Florence Phares, Everett Redding, Walter Redding, Russell Remmele, Earl Schenck, Herman Shelton, Roma Shively, Ensley Strapp, Florence Threw, Daniel Tully, Edwin Watkins, Mary Whitney, Grace Wickwire. 1923-C. C. Condit, Prof.; Della Brown, Floyd Brown, Pearl Clinch, Doris Colvin, Cecil Coon, John Cullings, Kathryn Cusack, Walter Dalton, Millard Day, Willard De. Ford, Mary Demick, Margaret Ekstrand, Everett Epley, Lucille Flint, William Sch- enck, Margaret Seltzer, Harry Stotler, Les- ter Turl, Earline Weeks, Elva Wolford, Dorotha Young. 1924-C. C, Jeanette Coolidge, Ruth Eslinger, George Condit, Prof.; Minerva Carlson, Fleisher, Lorena Fleisher, Myrtle Flickin- ger, Jessie French, Pauline Jarman, Agnes Kelly, Opal Lindzey, Louise Macy, Lela Murphy, Chester Patton, Zelda Perrill, Iona Rambo, Ruth Shively, Nina Threw, Etta Vohland, Leonard Windish, Edith Worley. 1925-J. H. Francis, Prof.; Howard Berger, Ev- erett Bohrer, Ruth Clinch, Cornelia Day, Gladys DeFord, Leone DeFord, Daniel French, Kathryn Golliday, Loren Hark- ness, Helen Hart, Lois Henry, Neva Hig- gins, Norma Huber, Loring Jarman, Kath- ryn Maher, Beulah McClure, Verna Metz, George Moore, Laurence Moran, George Montgomery, Dorothy Nelson, Ruth Ni- chols, Opal Richardson, Alice Shawver, Loren Shelton, L. Richard Whitney, Fran- ces Wickwire, Mildred Wiley. 1926-J. H. Francis, Prof.; Dorothea Bowman, Wayne Callis, Ruth Cullings, Bertha Dal- ton, Doris Dobbs, Julia Dwyer, Harley Fleisher, Lester Hartley, Clarabel Herbert, Deforest Hitchcock, Ada Hoyt, Owen Hub- bell, Milford Kirkbride, Thomas Lee, Irene Maher, Adell McVey, Thomas Miller, Mary Noggle, Dean Proctor, Lowell Red- ding, Ward Schori, Carl Scragg. 1927-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Ada Bohrer, Helen Buxton, Thelma Callis, Lois Challacombe, Mable Dawson, Glenn DeFord, Wallace Emerick, Velda Eubanks, Lynne Fagotte, Marie Fleisher, Irma Flickinger, Oral Gal- lagher, Lloyd Graham, Glenn Hall, Leo- nard Heller, Raymond Hicks, Louise Me- Kinty, Lucille Murphy, Julia Patton, Har- old Redding, Velda Scragg, Francis Shiv- ely, Clyde Wheeler, Leo Windish, Louis Windish, Corinne Zinn. 63 1928-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Louise Anderson, 1929- 1930- 1931- Frances Clemmer, Bernice Corbett, Marie Ekstrand, Gail Emerick, James Foster, Marion Harper, Isabel Hoyt, Mary John- son, Kathleen Manock, John Mathis, Stan- ton Moore, Helen Moran, Bernice Pierson, John Ryan, Rolen Searle, Inez Smith, Su- sanne Smith, Elizabeth Steer, Frances Yer- by. E. E. Downing, Supt.; Virginia Atherton, Juanita Bohrer, Jesse Boice, Kathryn Bow- ers, Eugene Buxton, Audrey Coon, Sanford Coon, Marjorie Coulter, Juanita DeGroot, Howard Foster, Harold Hicks, Ruth Jar- man, Frances Lindzey, Armin Lischer, Gayle Phares, Bill Proctor, Hugh Nixon, Alice Redding, Esther Schulthes, Leland Simkins, Thelma Scragg, Elon Steer, John Weeks, Helen Zink. E. E. Downing, Supt.; Arwine Archibald, Cecelia Armstrong, Virginia Bailey, Edwin Bock, Eugene Bourgoin, Lois Carter, Nor- man Clark, Walter Clinch, Thomas Cool- ey, Robert England, Alice Foster, Paul Fussner, Ralph Graham, John Hart, Gla- dys Heller, Mary Herbert, Paul Hitchcock, Pauline Hitchcock, Mildred Krisher, John Lindzey, Charles Livingston, Margery Ma- this, Charles Manock, Alfred Miles, Mil- dred Reed, Beth Shively, Louise Turner, James Voorhees, Eldon Wiley, Izola Yates. E. E. Downing, Supt.; Betty Armstrong, Dorothy Bates, Thomas Clemmer, Vera Catherine Custer, Kenneth Davy, Ralph Gayman, Mary Hedden, Lucille Hitchcock, Berwyn Huey, Nellie Livingston, Daniel Maher, Mary Ellen Manock, Owen Mce- Kinty, Elmer Moody, John Pierson, Ros- coe Pullen, Opal Shane, Edwin Shively, Adeline Thomas, Paul Thompson, Cor- nelius Vance, Helen Weeks, Woodrow Wor- ley, Justine Zink. 1932-E. E. Downing, Supt.; William Armstrong, Clifford Atherton, George Boyer, Eldon Burt, Hazel Coon, Eileen DeGroot, Fran- ces Dobbs, Wilma Frame, Harvey Haines, Samuel Haines, Ralph Hall, Ophelia Hux- table, Signell Kauffman, Gladys Kneer, Ge neva Mathis, Harry McFall, Jr., Wilden McKown, Paul Miles, Raymond Miles, Margaret Miller, Orville Moody, Roberta Moore, Fredrick Nagel, Frances Old- field, Milo Phares, John Shell, Lloy- dine Taylor, Joseph Thomas, Helen Troth, Howard Windish, Jeanette Worley, Hugh Wycoff, Gerald Yerby. 1933-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Frances Ann Arm- strong, Richard Atherton, Wilma Bohrer, Adeline Boice, Lawrence Buxton, Dewey Clark, Jack Clinch, Artie Frame, Harley Garren, John Brown Grover, Benjamin Hall, Manford Harding, Judson Kratzer, LaVergne McCuen, Lynn McKinty, Mil- dred Manock, Earle Murphy, Harold Nix- on, Clifford Perrill, Howard Pierson, Rob- ert Pullen, Lilah Roffey, John Shaffer, Char- lotte Shelton, Katherine Smith, Eugene Traynor, Eleanore Waibel, Richard Wil- kinson, Gerda Wormnest, Erma Worm- nest. 1934-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Richard Bailey, Har- lene Boyd, Merle Clark, Esther Clemmer, Mary Clinch, Keith Currier, Edwin Foster, Kenneth Golden, Harold Hartley, Arthur Hasselbacker, Maxine Huber, Leila Hoyt, Chester Kuntz, Mabel McAllister, John McFall, Dorothy McMullen, LaVeda Miles, Jack Miller, Winogene Miller, Gayle Owens, Charles Patterson, Paul Reed, Paul Shaffer, Sidney Thompson, Dorothy Troth, Owen Waibel, Robert Wileox, Ruth Wolfe, Katherine Zink. 1935-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Jean Atherton, Mar- garet Boice, Alice Boyer, Frank Bridson, Clifton Clark, Helen Gallagher, Dale Gut- shall, Ruth Hedden, Billy Jarman, Donald Livingston, John Manock, Carl Meehan, Martha Moffitt, Charles North, Herman Norton, Elizabeth Patterson, Violet Ray, Susie Robinson, Doris Roffey, Alvin Sollen- berger, Gerald Talley, Carroll Taylor, Woodrow VanTine, Doris Waechter. 1936-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Harry Bateman, Pauline Bourgoin, Fern Briggs, Ruby Bru- ninga, Lola Chapman, Eugene Clemmer, Mary Louise Coolidge, Florence Coon, Floyd Coon, Mary Louise DeFord, Helen Dwyer, June Gibbs, Marjorie Golden, Ce cil Gutshall, Elsie Gutshall, Leo Gutshall, Lawrence Hall, Kathryn Garber, Ralph Harkness, Charles Hicks, James Inskeep, Ruth Jones, Leila Kratzer, Raymond Mc- Kinty, Bill McQuiston, Robert Miller, Ruth Ann Moore, Shannon Powers, Jackson Reed, Jean Rhodenbaugh, Raymond Selt- zer, Merlin Smith, Marcia Steinman, Ar- thur Trowbridge, Sara Wilkinson, Shirley Winn. 1937-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Ernestine Bock, Maxine Bohrer, Leora Boyd, Hazel Bux- ton, Maurine Dunivant, Virginia Gibbs, Janet Golden, Ted Inskeep, Emma Jac- ques, Dorothy Kuntz, Marjorie Kyle, Ar- chie Miles, Anna Miller, Elaine Mullen, Wiley Reed, Jack Steer, Gordon Thomp- son, Theodore Trowbridge, David Wy- coff, Phyllis Worrell, Lucille Zink. 1938-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Lucille Clark, Rob- ert Dale Collins, Clifford Cowley, Pearle DeFord, Arthur Dixon, Myrna Frame, John Gallagher, Mildred Gooding, Mer- lin Gutshall, Bill Grover, Harlan Hall, Catherine Jacques, John Jarman, Marie Jones, Robah Kellogg, David Lapsley, Ruth Livingston, Robert Lott, Nelle Manock, Betty Mers, Donald Metz, Dorety Metz, Earl Morrison, Evelyn Perkins, William Reed, Bernard Taylor. 1939-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Jesse Bradshaw, Mayme Briggs, Viola Buhl, Marjorie Ann Chapman, James Clark, Marie Conklin, Marl Cooksey, Perle Coon, Jr., Virginia Cowley, Mary Cullings, Eva Doubet, Kath- erine Fidler, Viola Forquer, Mary Foster, Nellie Gallagher, Howard Garren, Marian Golden, Ruth Graham, James Hart, Jack Lapsley, Giles Martzluf, Lester McAllister, Lois McCoy, Roberta McLennan, Robert McQuiston, Charlotte Miller, Ella Miller, Raymond Pack, Richard Pritchett, Arvid Rambo, Earl Ramshaw, Juanita Reed, Marvel Reich, Orie Shane, Hubert Shelton, Howarth Taylor, Robert Taylor, Jerome Vogel. 1940-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Ruth Andrews, Rena Beetler, Paul Betts, Janet Bond, Beverly Chase, Lucille Conklin, Lucille Corum, Le ona Doubet, Margaret Edwards, Lyle Ford, Donald Garren, Vada Green, Juan- ita Hartley, Ruth Hagy, Robert Jones, Gertrude Kellogg, John Maher, Jr., Charles Mann, Charles Morrison, Helen Mottaz, Marguerite Pack, Marcella Page, Virginia Purchase, Gerald Reed, Helen Riggs, Er- nest Rosecrans, Alys Shane, Gertrude Shis- sler, Audrey Sparks, Jane Spicher, Gloria Swygman, Stanley Taylor, John Thomp- son, Gene Troth, Ruby Waechter, John Young, Loren Young. 1941-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Harold Beetler, Evelyn Bowen, Dorothy Bowers, Dean Collins, Sam Cooksey, Mary EthelynCro- zier, Celia Dalton, Donald Eldert, Ruth Frame, Claire Gutshall, June Higgs, Betty Hunt, Donald Korth, Robert Korth, Betty Kratzer, Walter Livingston, Mable Mann, Paul May, Betty McCuen, Charles Miles, Ralph Riggs, J. D. Rutledge, Alva Lee Rutledge, Donald Schlots, Mildred Silzer, Dean VanSickle, Russell Waechter, Lois West, Roy Wheeler, George Woodley. 1942-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Mary Ines Beamer, Wilma Beeney, Alice Bleichner, Wilma Bowen, Russell Briggs, Floyd Broadfield, Maxine Callister, Bonnie Edwards, Dean French, Lowell Fuller, Wallace Fuller, John Gutshall, Velma Hall, Dorothy Kendall, Margaret Kilpatrick, Jeanne Lott, Martha Lott, Hazel Mammen, Donald McCoy, Katheryn Mohn, Fred Neal, Mary Nelson, Irene Pack, Harold Page, Thomas Rose- crans, Mary Jean Schade, Theo Shane, Georgia Shelton, David Shissler, Mary Ruth Shissler, Betty Taylor, Rachel West, Marion Winn. 1943-E. E. Downing, Supt.; Harriet Bond, Eli- zabeth Cisel, Leona Cisel, June Clinebell, Mary Lou Corley, Oretha Corum, Charles Craig, Thelma Crozier, Edithe Donovick, Dan Duval, Donald Grover, Lorene Hart- ley, Max Honts, Earline Huber, Tommy Hunt, Freida Keyser, Walter King, Russell Korth, Paul LaFollette, Marguerite Lott, Bill MacDonald, Leland McLennan, Bob Miller, Dorothy Orren, Clayton Prest, Marjorie Schlots, Billy Dean Shane, Shir- ley Shaw, Bob Shoop, Dorothy Taylor, William Thompson, Alice Waechter, Gene Waibel. 1944-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Ruth Beetler, Ada Bridges, Betty Briggs, Dorothy Briggs, William Cutter, Jay H. Dailey, Francis Edwards, Robert Gibson, Paul Haines, Joan Heiken, Jean Hoyt, Dorothy Jones, Wilma Keefer, Theodore Kendall, Wilden Lynall, Darlene May, Harriet Martzluf, Mary Neal, Helen Taylor, Franklin Vo- gel. 1945-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Bill Aman, Donald Beetler, Flossie Bowen, Robert Boyer, Thel- ma Callister, William Carter, Betty Clark, William Correll, Melvin Coulter, Marvin Courtright, William Cowley, Anita Crozier, Betty Dunton, Roland Eckhoff, Mary Jane Gibbs, Robert Hall, Cecelia Johnson, Grace Keyser, Ruby LaFollette, Phoebe Lott, Harlo McKinty, Irene Nelson, Deloris Ratcliff, Donna Ray, Jack Reed, Dale Shane, Jim Sheley, Gene Shissler, Mildred Tyhurst, Eloise Waibel. 1946-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Ellery Adams, Ro- berta Amundsen, Jane Brown, Robert Burns, Wilma Dunn, Mary Craig, Blanche Edwards, Eileen Gooding, Katherine Haines, Charles Harkness, Richard Hart- ley, Robert Keefer, Richard Korth, Clarence Krisher, Dorothy McKown, Marcille Me- Kown, William McKown, William Neal, Kenneth Nelson, David Pankake, Marion Penn, Dale Petty, Martha Schlots, Chester Taylor, Berdella Wickwire, Jean Yerby, Orville Ziemer. 1947-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Rydene Amundsen, James Arbogast, Margaret Boice, Donna Callister, Jo Ann Courtright, Katherine Craig, Joan Crouch, Elvessa Crozier, Don- ald Dean, Mary Eckhoff, William Foster, Eugene Geber, Dwight Jones, Joseph Ken- dall, William King, Bertha Korth, David Korth, Kenneth Krisher, Mary Lapsley, Raymond Livingston, Andy McCoy, Gene McCoy, Leland McDonald, Ruth Plumer, Wilfred Rimington, Mildred Rushing, Rob- ert Scholl, Richard Schrimp, Martha She- ley, Barbara Shissler, Donald Shoop, Mary Wagner, Carol Weyhrich, Willis Windish, Shirley Tucker. 1948-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Sue Barkley, Phyllis Bleichner, James Doubet, Charles Dunton, Winifred Duval, George Edwards, Carl Ekena, Dolores Endres, Shirley Gilman, Dale Ireton, David Johnston, Virgil Judd, William Keefer, Jacqueline Korenowski, Fred McCoy, Harry McCoy, Clifford Miles, Barbara Myers, Dale Nelson, Har- lan Nickeson, Donald Patton, Mary Lou Rosecrans, Kenneth Shane, Donna Shis- sler, Ruth Super, Walter Taylor, Donna Worsfold. 1949-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Phyllis Aman, Charles Atherton, James Dunn, Donna Barclay, Geraldine Duval, Kenneth Bo- wen, Donald Haahn, Mary Driskell, Betty Howard, Bill Gibbs, Charles Judd, Dick Windish, Tom Ireton, Carl Korth, Faye Waechter, Emerick Korenowski, Marilyn Jones, Ann Maher, William Butterfield, Ray Maxwell, Phyllis McDonald, Russell Sherlock, William McCoy, Arlene Shaw, Albert Neal, Raymond Smith, Charles Nickeson, Ronnie Watkins. 1950-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Ruth Gilman, Der- ald Haahn, Ruth Snyder, Richard Mee- han, Errol Brewer, Faye Boice, James McCoy, Jane Meehan, Robert Taylor, Ev- elyn Harwick, Sheila Shissler, Howard Layman, Doris Dunn, Virgil Day, Ruth Ann Hoyt, Margaret Geber, Richard Du- val, Matilda Wagner, Dale Crozier, Min- nie Purtle, Deloris Persak, Herbert But- terfield, Margery Haines, C. Dean Mur- dock, Robert Schultz, Margaret Shoop, Robert Hall, Betty McAlister, Harry Bain, Donald Ekena, Ann Miles, Ernest Duval, Patsy Harwick. 1951-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Joann Adams, Ron- ald Aman, Ralph Bacher, Jack Bickford, Helen Bridson, Jane Burrows, Steven Camp, Janet Clark, Amydell Clemonds, William Doubet, Connie Foose, Warren French, Albert Hacker, Betty Ruth Haines, Kenneth Howard, Eugene Johnson, Joann Johnston, William Keyser, Patsy Keefer, Lawrence Keen, Wilma Keime, Marianne Miller, Charles Neal, Marge Nelson, Wil- lard Parr, Marlys Robertson, Brian Rod- gers, Alan Rosecrans, Earl Rusch, Berwyn Shane, Earl Sheley, Betty Sollenberger, Gene Wilson, Duane Yerby, Fritz Grover, Marilyn McKown, Raymond Hill. 1952-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Wayne Callister, Shirley Gray, Janice Worley, Donnie Mee- han, Marilyn Austin, Joan Bacher, Char- lene Bateman, Madelyn Beamer, Hazel Emery, Mary Emery, Ronald Finfrock, Dean Glenn, Barbara Hahn, Donald How- ard, Clifford Kinnicutt, Robert Korenow- ski, Regina Layman, Ruth McDonald, Ber- wyn Shane, Joanne Moravek, Peggy Mor- avek, Margery Rosecrans, Betty Rynear- son, Janet Shissler, George Snyder, Mari- lyn VanSickle, Dorothy Wagner, Patricia Walker. 1953-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Betty Broadfield, Joanne Camp, Rosemary Clinebell, Leo- nard Colgan, Louis Colgan, Jack Craig, Gene Daley, Gene Dembinski, Evelyn Doubet, Neal Duval, Florence Edwards, Ruby Eccles, Ralph Endres, Jacqueline Ekena, Donald Goetz, Leonard Grove, Richard Hacker, Imogene Harwick, Hope Hartley, Carol Keehan, James Lewellyn, Mary Maher, Shirley May, Betty McBeth, Donald McCoy, Gerald McCoy, Barbara Meehan, Lee Miles, Donna Morby, Elea- nor Nickeson, Duane Patton, Donald Phares, Shirley Rodgers, Donald Schoen- bein, Loraine Slane, June Sollenberger, Carol West. 1954-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Ada Abrams, Billie Book, John Bridson, Shirley Clemonds, Michael Crouch, Jean DeFord, Beverly Dembinski, William Dikeman, Rose Dun- ham, Dorothy Dunn, James Flynn, Charles Garrett, James Geber, Kathryn Gibbs, Ronald Goetz, Judith Haines, Rich- ard Harkness, Virginia Hill, Don Howard, Mary Lou Howard, Larry Johnson, Ray- mond Kolowski, Linda Kratzer, Dale Mc- Beth, Joe McCoy, Peggy Miles, Fannie Moore, Jeannette Moravek, Marcia Nor- ris, Marion O’Hearn, Bonnie Rice, William Schoenbein, George Silzer, Mary Lou Web- 65 ber, James Nixon, David Wilson, Gladys Wilson, Dian Winn. 1955-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Deanne Patterson, James Lane, Larry Coon, Judith Bain, Kendra Book, Carol Broadfield, Sandra Clark, Evaline Cochran, William Colgan, Sandra’ Coon, Darlene Crowe, Bonita Dawson, Larry Doubet, Roger Dunham, Gene Endres, Jack Enfield, James Forney, Leona Geeseman, Nancy Hahan, Robert Harkness, Nancy Hayes, Charles Hitch- cock, Sharon Hoffmann, Joy Keyser, Patsy Morby, Richard Neal, David Page, Judy Parker, Janice Rodgers, David Shindley, Mary Stambaugh. 1956-R. E. Bickford, Supt.; Vonda Archibald, Ethel Beard, Joseph Boatwright, Larry Boyer, Peggy Braodfield, Diane Butter- field, Patricia Chambers, Mary Colgan, Everett Cox, Larry Cox, Raymond Cox, Jean Davis, Betty Duggins, Richard Ec- cles, Sally George, Gene Gilman, Carolyn Greene, Louis Gunter, Carla Haines, Blair Haines, Stephen Harding, Delmar Hauk, Charles Howard,Robert Howard, Ada Jones, Samuel Jones, Jackie Kilpatrick, Brian Kjellenberg, Phillip Kratzer, James Martin, Daniel McBeth, James McGuire, Thomas McIntyre, Danny Mercer, Mary Persak, Sandra Phares, Harry Sherlock, Robert Shissler, Shar- on Sloan, Patsy Simpson, Beverly Snid- er, Carroll Stambaugh, Alice Steer, Karl Taylor, Shirley Walker, Delores Whitemore, George Whitney, Dale Worley. 1957-C. O. Garrison, Supt.; William An- drews, Gerald Blankenship, Malcolm Bollinger, Vernon Broadfield, Ronald Brooks, Evert Cape, Marilyn Cochran, Richard Coon, Ronald Coon, Ed Cosby, Doug Coulter, Celia Cowley, John Davis, Judie Davis, Floyd Dunham, Gerald Eccles, Sharon Ekena, Virginia Ekena, Rowena Geeseman, Robert Groeper, Janet Harlan, Tom Kilpatrick, Karen Kleen, Betty Largent, Stewart Lewis, Violet Lewis, Larry McCoy, Catherine McIntyre, Joyce Nelson, Larry Page, Gerald Patterson, Dale Patterson, Mary Etta Pettow, Larry Proctor, Judy Purcell, William Robin- son, Carol Smith, Claude Spellman, Maurice Stambaugh, James Strappe, Beverly Tanner, Mary Vance, Judy VanDusen, Joyce Webber, John Wilson. 1958-C. O. Garrison, Supt.; Kathryn Bain, Patricia Boyce, Mary Alice Bourgoin, Evelyn Broadfield, Beverly Buskirk, Charles Chapman, Wayne Dalton, Ger- old Davis, William Dawson, James Dawson, Mary Ruth Dikeman, Judith Duggins, Mary Ann Emry, Lester Endres, Laverne Ennis, Sandra Finch- am, Nancy Glenn, Vernon Hauk, Tyrone Henderson, Donald Hogue, Bruce Howard, Thomas Jones, Jack Jordan, Judith Lair, Lois Libby, Henry Lawrence, Jacqueline Miles, Glenn Moody, Patricia Patterson, Duane Run- yon, Wilbur Rushing, Terry Ryan, James Sherlock, Philip Simpson, Ron- ald Sollenberger, Letitia Steer, Gloria Swanson, Jack Trowbridge, Eileen Wagner, Richard Whitney, Kay Wind- ish. 1959-H. H. Metz, Supt.; Kenneth Archibald, Edward Austin, Beverly Book, Louise Bourgoin, Dorothy Bowen, Linda Chap- man, Annette Clause, Philip Cunning- ham, George Cusack, Ronald Cusack, Sheila Cusack, Roger Davis, Mary Mc- Beth Dawson, Linda DeFord, Carol Dunn, Mary Lou Endres, Fredrick Ennis, Gary Fincham, William Folken- roth, Judith Gillham, Carol Goetz, Jo Ann Gutshall, Kay Harkness, Vincent Hauk, David Inskeep, Judith Keyser, Evelyn King, Evelyn LaFollett, Robert Lafollett, Emalena Largent, Jeffrey Mc- Kinty, Jo Ann McLaughlin, Anita Mc- Neil, Mary Miles, Mary Newcombe, Eugene Polen, Janice Runyon, Mar- cella Smith Rushing, Dale Rynearson, Carroll Lou Shaheen, Randal Snider, Carolyn Sparks, Donald Spellman, Rosemary Swanson, Elizabeth Talley, Kenny Warner, Robert Whitney, Ar- lene Wilson, Robert Woodcock, Steven Wrestler. 1960-H. H. Metz, Supt.; Virginia Asbell, Linda Bateman, Karen Beal, Bessie Brown, Jack Burns, Gary Carey, Sharon Coon, Gary Cox, Analea Davis, Larry Dawson, Jack DeFord, Jerry Egan, Kenny Forney, Jack Frame, Janet Freerking, Ralph Geeseman, Jack Gil- mer, Edward Graves, Rita Groeper, Jim Haines, Tom Harding, Eldon Harper, Allan Hartley, Jean Hitchcock, Larry Jones, Kathy Kimbrough, Marilyn La- Follett, Glenn McBeth, Kay McCart- ney, Terry McCoy, Larry Miles, Nancy Miles, Virginia Monroe, Nick Moore, Mary Morton, Bob Parker, David Pur- cell, Tom Reinhart, Nancy Runyon, John Simpson, Alberta Swanson, Fran- ces Traver, Lester Trowbridge, Donna Webber, Shirley Worsfold. 1961-H. H. Metz, Supt.; Ruthmarie An- drews, Bonnie Asbell, Ellen Benesch, LeRoy Bleichner, Dan Boatwright, Linda Brannan, Ethel Bleichner, Don- ald Catton, Ronald Catton, Sherry Clark, Keith Cox, Douglas Cunning- ham, Margaret Danz, Dorothy Gillham, Pat Fleming, Emily Goetz, Jeareal Gravitt, Paul Groeper, Gerald Hauk, Veronica Hauk, Gary Inskeep, Mari- anne Kleen, Sandra Klinck, Carl Korn- meyer, John LaFollette, Charles Lov- ingood, Wayne Manley, Jo Anne Me- Alister, Harry McFall, Walter Fetgat- ter, Alex Morton, Robert Murphy, Bob Patterson, Louise Philbee, Jim Pill- man, Sharon Proctor, Leslie Ramshaw, William Roffey, Dale Runyon, Carl Snyder, Elmer Stambaugh, Vaughn Stiles, Robert Talley, Aleta Trumpin- ski, Judy Wallace, Joseph Wells, Jim Windish, Janice Windish, Tinaz Can. 1962-H. H. Metz, Supt., Connie Asbell, Bar- bara Beal, Bonnie Bennett, Elmer Ben- nett, Joyce Binegar, Linda Bollinger, Jeanette Brown, Patricia Carey, David Barry Coulter, Victoria Cox Harkness, Donald Danz, Barbara Davis, Jo Ann Davis, Donald Dawson, Robert DeFord, Janet Finfrock, Connie Folkenroth, Melanie Frame, Raymond Graves, Sheryl Green, Richard Griswold, Linda Guild, Shirley Hale, George Hall, Den- nis Hopwood, Linda Howard, Mary Ann Johnson, Dale Keime, Robert Kendall, Sharon Lewellyn, Pamela Lott, Janet McGuire, Mary Elizabeth Fetgatter, Sandra McNeil, Roy McRae, Roberta Miles, Richard Parr, James Reinhart, Patricia Runyon, Cecilia Ryan, George Shaheen, Gerald Sha- heen, Mary Ann Sherlock, Suellen Swanson, Edward Threw, Loren Tom- linson, Connie Walker, Judith Wallick, Dennis Wrestler. 1963-John Lyle Archibald, Mary Lyn Archi- bald, Clifford Lee Bateman, Larry Robert Beard, Rosemary Ann Bennett, Jerry Allen Catton, Ellen Jane Cun- ningham, Thomas Willard DeFord, Sandra Kay Dunham, Timmy Lynn Dunn, David Joseph Fleming, Clifton Maynard Forney, Barbara Joyce Gil- mer, Gene Frederick Goetze, James Wayne Grohmann, Theodore Thomas Hauk, Rosemary Ann Inskeep, Judith Joan Jones, David Lowell Jordan, Linda Susan Keefer, Lloyd Darrell La- Follett, David Mclntyre, Daniel A. Fetgatter, John O. Miars, Patrici a S. Miars, Delliana Ruth Mill- er, Janet Lee Murphy, Cheryl Ann Nor- ris, Ethel Viola Omohundro, James Orville Philbee, Marilyn Diane Ram- say, James Darrell Ryan, Sharon Marie Schoenbein, Mary Thalia Smith, Steph- en Alan Stewart, Nancy Una Thomp- son, Charles Richard Traver, William Clifford Whitmore, Betty Elaine Wil- liamson, Dale Eugene Wilson, Glenene Lee Windish, Rose Marie Wrestler, William Alan Wyatt. Franklin 1964-Julie Ann Bateman, Pamela Kay Beal, Pamela Kay Book, John Eugene Bour- goin, Ruth Kay Boyer, Twila Jean Brewer, Dan Brothers, Donald Lee Carey, Maria Ciampi, Margaret Jean Cofield, Barbara Jean Cochran, John Joseph Coon, Nancy Beth Cunningham, Diane Elaine Dailey, Chester Robert Dawson, Cheryl Lee DeFord, Shirley Ann Egan, Thomas Leonard Elms, Ronald Lee Goldner, Larry Lee Hall, Richard Eugene Hamman, Wayne M. Harding, Fredrick M. Keyser, Jr., Wil- liam Douglas Kilpatrick, John Donald Kirkman, Kathleen Kleier, Larry La- Follett, Brenda Sue Leachman, Lonny Legg, Thomas McDonald, John Steven McIntyre, Sheryl Jan Manley, Leonard Eugene Manuel, Frances Karla Miles, Cynthia Joyce Miller, Melvin Mosher, Una Ann Murphy, Bonita Lynn Parr, Constance Jean Pillman, Patricia Ann Renwick, Thomas E. Roffey, Ernest L. Rosecrans, Mary Alice Runyon, Terry Allen Runyon, Allan Fredrick Silzer, Leah Lorraine Simpson, Paul Vernon Smith, Ruth Marie Steer, Carol Suz- anne Strappe, Barbara Jean Swindler, Clifford Van Taylor, Edward Glenn Templeton, Jack Wilson, Barbara Irene Windish. 1965-Frederick Rollen Beard, Daniel Otto Benesch, Rebecca Arlene Bennett, Norma Jean Bleichner, Jean Elizabeth Chambers, Boyd Kenneth Christy, Ward L. Churchill, Richard Edward Dailey, Robert Lee Dalton, Daniel Orlo Davis, Max Kert Davis, Scott F. Davis, Barbara Jean Egan, Diana Lynn Ennis, Geeseman, Ronald Eugene Gibson, David Wayne Gorham, Jaylee Frances Graves, Jerry Herman Green, Robert Terry Griffith, Michael Glenn Gutshall, James Robert Halsted, Shirley Mae Hamby, Kathleen Jo Harlan, Calvin Edward Holliday, Rose Marie Honold, Janet Karol Hopwood, Alan Keith Howerton, Donald Eugene LaFollett, Walter Erwin LaFollett, Janet Marie Lewellyn, Cathy Jean McFall, Martha Lynn Metz, Carl E. Miars, James War- ren Miles, Marilyn Jo Moody, Carl ren Miles, Marilyn Jo Moody, Carl Larry Nixon, Eva Elaine Omohundro, Donald Lee Peckham, Betty Jean Phil- bee, Robert Eugene Phillips, Philip Paul Reed, Patricia Ann Reinhart, Richard Lee Runyon, Terry Lynn Schulz, Harold Raymond Snider, James Lee Steel, Dennis Adrian Swindler, Larry Michael Tomlinson, Douglas Paul Thompson, Marla Kay Thompson, Donna Sue Vallas, Raymond Owen Walker, Dennis Paul Worsfold. 1966-Dianne Irene Asbell, Leonard Arthur Asbell, Margaret Ann Asbell, Terry D. Bedwell, Karen Elizabeth Melvin Dean Brewer, Sandra Kay Buhl, Patrick Leroy Cape, Martha Lynn Clark, Robert D. Colgan, Jeffrey L. Coon, Roberta Lee Corbett, Jimmie Lee Courtright, Wayne David Cox, Joyce Ann Cunningham, Jay M. Decker, Jon Mark Decker, James Barry DeMent, Terry A. Dunn, Sherry LaJune Elms, Barbara Jean Ennis, Susan Kay Fin: frock, Karen Lynn Forrester, Jean Kay Gutshall, Mary Annette Hulslander, Leroy G. Inskeep, Nancy Lee Jenkins, Katherine Elizabeth Johnson, Charlotte Ann Kleier, Linda Gail Knight, Linda Lou LaFollett, Ronald Lee LaFollett, Paul Michael LaFollette, Ila Sue Lep- pla, Pamela Jean Lewellyn, David Allen McCartney, Thomas L. McCoy, Joseph B. McIntyre, Nancy Lou Me- Fall, Jean Maher, John Edwin Maher, Charles Lewis Miars, Janet Lynn Miles, Bennett, Sandra Darlene Mims, Barry Montgom- ery, Steven Frederick Neal, Linda Lou Pack, Katherine Sue Parr, Charles E. Patterson, Susan Louise Patterson, Ed- ward Allen Perry, David Melvin Phil- lips, Nancy Eugene Porter, Charlotte Jeanne Reed, Jeffrey E. Reed, Verland Paul Rich- ards, Susan Frances Rook, Linda Jean Rosecrans, Ronald L. Sartin, Nancy Schuler, Michael Shissler, Susan Lee Shoop, Thomas Carl Silzer, Lawrence Joseph Smith, Nancy Lee Stewart, Sue Phillips, Dennis 1967- James Lynn Taylor, Teresa Yvonne Turner, Claudia Jean Vance, Barbara Gale Whetstone, Gloria Jean Whit- more, David Alan Windish, John Wil- liam Windish, Paul Lynn Windish, Patricia Anne Worsfold, Pamela Jean Wyman. Stephen Barrett, Stephen Bell, Joseph Bennett, Margaret Bernard, Cheryl Binegar, Nancy Bollinger, Robert Bow- en, Linda Caulkins, Vera Cochran, Bar- bara Cox, Ronald Cox, Nicholas Cow- ley, Chieko Crozier, Ernest Dailey, Franklin Donath, Cathy Endres, Rand- all Fitch, Stephen Fleisher, Lloyd Gor- ham, James Gutshall, Anne Hamman, Peggy Harkness, Ronald Harkness, Patty Hudson, John Johnston, Butch Kauffman, Jennifer King, Janice La- Follette, Sherida Kuck, Daniel Leach- man, Dora Livingston, Catherine Mc- Coy, Wilden McKowan, Betty Moore, Donna Murphy, James Patterson, Dav- id Perry, William Powell, Virgil Rick- ard, Edward Rushing, Chuck Runyon, Bernard Seipel, Claude Smith, Elaine Smith, Milo Swadinsky, Randall War- ner, Patricia Wheeler, Carl Woody, Jerry Wyatt, Ken Fleisher, Jean Decker. 1968-H. H. Metz, Supt., Bill Beard, Rebecca Bedwell, Susan Bedwell, Gloria Ben- nett, Mary Bennett, Gary Bitner, Con- nie Boley, Randy Brannan, Mike Broth- ers, Shirley Brown, Melvin Coulter, Jerry Cox, Mark Davis, Deborah Dem- binski, Sandra Dembinski, Jim Dis- mang, Robert Doktor, Joyce Dunn, Dav- id Egan, Berwyn Ekena, Donald Ferro, Connie Fleming, Kenneth Gibson, Christine Gutshall, Ella Hall, Bob Hamby, Gerald Harkness, Mary Hart- ley, Venita Hulslander, David Johnson, Vickie Jones, Carol Keefer, Daniel Keefer, Roger Kilpatrick, Ronald Lar- gent, David Legg, Lou Ann Leppla, Frederick McCoy, Margaret McCoy, Sidney Manuel, Rosalie Metz, Gary Moody, Sharon Neal, Walter Neer, Paula Nelson, Jim Peckham, Patricia Perry, Laura Record, Mike Reinhart, Phillip Renwick, Vicki Richards, James Rimington, Fred Rushing, Debo- rah Sartin, Mary Ann Seiple, Thomas Shissler, Catherine Simpson, Janet Sloan, Ray Stillson, Marvin Taylor, Charles Templeton, Louise Thompson, Julia Weaver, Mary Whitmore, Chris- tine Windish, David Worsfold, Chris Varner. 67 TO GENE WILSON- 1969— H.H. Metz, Supt., Larry Stephen Bowen, Steven J. Brannan, Edward Alan WE HAVE FOUND YOUR DUCKS Briggs, Mary Elizabeth Brothers, Nancy Brown, John Buhl, Jim Kenneth Busch, Theresa Ann Carter, Roland Caulkins, David Lee Colgan, Robert B. Courtright, Stuart A. Cunningham, Michael Law- rence Danz, Michael Alan Dorethy, WANTED—HULA DANCER WITH Debra Susan Fenwick, Jacqueline Sue Fitch, Dennis Flaugher, Patricia Anette BLON DE HAIR Fleisher, Jack Forney, Janis Lynn Foster, Gregory B. Gilles, Thomas CALL 742-1 -234-56 78-9-0 Emery Griffith, Timothy Edward Grif- fith, Donald Michael Haahn, Albert Leroy Honald, Joan Hudson Gorham, Carolyn L. Johnson, Debbie Johnston, James Harlan Jones, Joseph Russel Kuck, Deborah Arvetta Lewellyn, Roy COM PLIMENTS A. McCoy, Marvin McNeil, William Lee Mason, Lou Anne Meehan, Alfred Grant OF Miles, Harvey Dean Mims, Linda Belle ’ Moody, Raymond Keith Morse, Janet SNURD S BU RGER Oltman, Keith Wayne Patterson, Diana Lynn Patton, John Powers, Sally Jan PICK-UP Reed, Timothy Mark Reinhart, Terry Lee Richards, Gregg Silzer, Gary Wayne Swindler, John F. Turner, Nancy Ann Walker, Harry David Wallick, Dennis Jay Warner, Charles W. Wheeler, Glen Whet- stone, Connie Leigh Williamson, Cheryl READ THE WANT-ADS Gaye Windish, Ronald Windish, Ken Wormington, Virginia Lee Turner. BABY PICTURES Coulter Richards Neal Rosecrans Snider McCoy Watkins Moore Shissler Binegar Corbett Luthy Brannan Asbell Westall Emerick Miller Geier . Steel . Ennis . Weaver . Turner . Miller Sartin . Carter . Barrett Whetstone . Endres Hudson . Cochran . Phillbee . Wheeler . Gilles . Wheeler . Powers . Dorethy . Duggins 19: . Neer 20. . Emerick he I . Renwick PG 0 . Wilson 233 . Peckham 24. . Pillman 25. Cox 26. . Grohman 2h Maher 28. . Lloyd 293 Korth B05 . Smith a . Camp Jd Shoop SIF . Coulter 34. Dray sels Neal 36. OMANIDNAHWN Himnnown MenroMwrwrawor OPS ODOA CP MAY eODWHNMOONED OAMOMZOrNUOOFOZr YS Congratulations Class of 1970 ARCHIE MILES POST NO. 4724 Veterans of Foreign Wars Elmwood, Illinois Compliments SIMPSON-POWELSON of LUMBER COMPANY RAYMOND PACK’S 3 aye. Your Building CONSTRUCTION Headquarters” Ph. 742-9211 Ph. 742-7871 ae Elmwood Illinois Elmwood Illinois Compliments of Compliments of THE HOME SHOPPER HARLAN MOODY BUILDER Ph. 742-2511 14,000 Each Week Ph. 742-8179 Adrian Jean Swindler Elmwood Illinois Congoleum-Nairn Floor Covering Compliments of H H INDUSTRIES, INC. FLORENCE COX’S Commercial, Industrial, and BEAUTY SHOP Institution Lighting Products Phone 742-8264 Sales and Service 210 Butternut Compliments Compliments 2 of NA-CHURS LIQUID FERTILIZER D H MOTOR CORP. Sam Stillson Elmwood Illinois = eapdaeta Elmwood Ilinois ere Elmwood Slaughtering Complete Processing Mr. Mrs. Jerome Powers Elmwood Elmwood Compliments of GLEN DEFORD’S BARBER SHOP Elmwood Locker Service Prop. Phone 742-9611 Compliments of HICK’S MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats Illinois Illinois Illinois Elmwood Elmwood Elmwood Compliments of ARCH’S BARBER SHOP Compliments of Bob’s Market Ph. 742-2811 Compliments of GILMER’S MARKET Phone 742-9911 Illinois Illinois Illinois METZ FORD SALES Farmington Phone 245-2477 Specializing in Body Fender Work Home Phone 742-9751 Elmwood Compliments of GUTSHALL FARM AND FERTILIZER Phone 742-7401 Compliments “John Fred” of Elmwood Illinois L. W. Hammond, M.D. and Staff CARTER’S 2334 Hrs. Towing Service Phone 742-2721 Elmwood Illinois ee Ss, hs ELEC “WHAT IS PAST IS PROLOGUE.’ — Shakespeare The space program is only slightly more than a decade old... and man has already walked on the moon. The electric industry has yet to mark its one-hundredth anniversary. However, it has transformed human lives far beyond even the vision of Thomas Edison, who foresaw great changes arising from his invention of the electric light. Truly, today’s dreams are tomorrow’s realities. Prepare yourself well for the adventures to come. CENTRAL ILLINOIS LIGHT COMPANY Compliments | Compliments of | of | BOB BITNER’S | PHILLIP’S “66” STATION PATTERSON'S | FUNERAL HOME Phone 742-4401 Elmwood Ilinois Elmwood Illinois DALEY INSURANCE MONROE FLOWER SHOP AGENCY REAL ESTATE Flowers for all Occasions “Your Protection Is Phone 742-2411 Our Protection’”’ Yates City Elmwood Elmwood Ilinois 358-1122 749-9411 73 ELWOOD WHEELER 206 North Ivy St. Elmwood, Illinois Telephone (309) 742-8227 Illinois Licensed ‘‘Real Estate Broker’”’ Confidential Service to Buy, Sell, Manage, and Appraise Compliments ‘“‘Real Estate’ of A. H. Clark M. D. Compliments of Elmwood Ilinois DON HURST FARM IMPROVEMENT CO. Phone 742-4271 Congratulations Bank of Yates City Member of FDIC Compliments of Trivoli State Bank Trivoli, Illinois Ph. 568-2155 FDIC Compliments of DR. H. |. PATTERSON Elmwood Illinois Compliments of ELMWOOD TAP Pete and Steve Ph. 742-9711 HUFFMAN’S CHEVROLET CO. Sales—Service—Parts Ph. 245-2432 Farmington Illinois Compliments of MURDOCK DAIRY BORDENS DAIRY PRODUCTS Elmwood Ilinois Ph. 742-4281 B B Builders Supply, Inc. General Contractors Lumber—Paints and Hardware Ph. 568-2102 Trivoli Ilinois Buick, Rambler, Opel Sales and Service HOLMES SERVICE STATION Farmington Illinois ELMWOOD SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Loan for Home Ownership or Repair Savings with Safety Elmwood 742-3621 105 S. Magnolia Elmwood 75 Compliments of DALES STANDARD Elmwood Illinois Ph. 742-9311 Compliments of MR. HOWARD'S BEAUTY SALON Ph. 742-8021 Elmwood Ilinois ARMSTRONG’S CLOTHING STORE Harvey Haines, Prop. New Home for Levis and Hampshire House Shirts by Van Heusen Ph. 742-4521 Elmwood Iinois Good Health for All from Rexall STEER’S PHARMACY “The Rexall Store”’ Ph. 742-2611 Elmwood Illinois 76 THE FAIR STORE Variety and Dry Goods Elmwood Illinois Compliments of WILSON’S RECREATION CENTER Elmwood Illinois TOWN AND COUNTRY FARM AND PAINT STORE Wayne Feeds Glidden Paints Ph. 742-2911 Elmwood Illinois Compliments of DORETHY’S BUILDING MATERIALS Ph. 742-3821 Elmwood Illinois Compliments of Your CLARK’S WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO. Country Companies Agent Dutch-Boy—Pratt Lambert DAVID L. JORDAN Paints Ph. 742-9301 Elmwood Spit: Ph. 742-4951 Elmwood Illinois SWANSON’S AUTO BODY DIXON’S A W DX SERVICE A W ROOT BEER “Everything Automotive’”’ Orders to Go Ph. 742-2621 Elmwood Illinois Elmwood Illinois Compliments of ELMWOOD ELEVATOR CO J. J. DAWSON CHIROPRACTOR Phone 742-9421 =a Elmwood Illinois aes | Elmwood Elevator | Company Compliments of Owned and Operated By Farmers WARREN STENWALL AGENCY Grain, Feed, and Fence Custom Milling Ph. 742-4221 77 Ph. 742-3001 Elmwood Illinois TOE Ree ONY BLUNIER BROS. CEMENT ES CO. INC. 77-85 E. Fort ! Phone 245-2911 pe anno Clothing—Shoes Surrounding Areas Farmington, Illinois Phone 742-4011 GAMBLES Compliments of “The Friendly Store” PAUL’S SUPER-VALU Ph. 742-4321 Farmington Elmwood Illinois Congratulations to the Class of 1970 Kelso Studio E. Peoria, Illinois 78 Illinois Compliments of RICHARD’S TASTEE FREEZ | SHISSLER SEED CO. INC. Phone 742-3311 Elmwood, Illinois GULF FERTILIZERS FARM CHEMICALS | Seed Beans Funk’s Seed Formulas 79 Compliments of WHITNEY AND WHITNEY Elmwood Illinois BRAHAM JEWERLY Quality Diamonds Watches and Gifts Complete Watch Repair Service Ph. 742-2601 Elmwood Illinois Compliments Cisel’s Friendly Mobil Service 80 Compliments of ELMWOOD GAZETTE Elmwood Illinois Compliments of Y-C HAIR FASHIONS Betty Shideman Phone 358-1530 EDSON SMITH SONS INC. Ph. 742-3411 Elmwood Illinois 84 Years Serving Your Community Hardware—Houseware General Electric Appliances Value and Service Paints American Standard Furnaces Illinois oo ies Oo © a hand o | 3s‘ ajeud S | es DO) ” eau oO OO FARMER’S STATE Elmwood ELMWOOD BOWL KITCHEN Louis Shaheen Elmwood Ph. 742-4001 Compliments of JERRY COPPLE’S BARBER SHOP Yates City Congratulations McFALL MONUMENTS Illinois Illinois YATES CITY LUMBER CO. Lumber and Buildings Materials: Ph. 358-1212 Yates City Illinois PALACE THEATER Elmwood IIlinois Compliments of CORNER INN RONNIE BECKY Ph. 742-8231 Elmwood Illinois Congratulations! After 12 years, you ve got a good start | on your education. And you can plan on spending the rest of your life com- pleting it. Because your education doesn’t stop here—or | with college, business school, or job training. It continues...as life continues. The world will be your Classroom, the future your curriculum. So keep up the good work. Our best wishes to you...as you con- | tinue your education. (8 CATERPILLAR Caterpillar, Cat and G are Trademarks of Caterpillar Tractor Co. Compliments to the Class of 1970 Especially to BRADLEY, MARY, DICK, CARL CATHY, BOB, LARRY, CELSO “| never believed they would make it.”’ A SPECIAL THANKS TO MR. CADY MAGGIE’S BEAUTY SALON Proprietor Margaret Barrett | GEORGE MOODY Phone 742-4711 205 E. Main Elmwood, Ill. BUILDING CONTRACTOR . Phone 742-9901 | COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of FLOYD MC CLINTOCK | EXCHANGE STATE PAAMLON EM ENT | BANK | OF BRIMFIELD PARE Enh ae Elmwood Illinois 83 Congratulations TO Compliments of PEARL EKENA, PRES. BRAD, DICK, AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY MARY AND CATHY 16th DISTRICT FROM BRAD, DICK, Department of Illinois MARY AND CATHY Mrs. Betty Harvey, you have bad Crocker USA. Preath. Another Faculty Party | wish | had my hankie. Oa 4 Notice the HAIR. 4 Those tacos really get to me. N THANK YOU MR. CADY The Ulmus Staff would like to thank Mr. Cady for his time and dedication. This book would not be possible without him. ™ S manera scr he ere Sm spAAM NRHA LO e er . Pa ed ge

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