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X Ah X L i .j 171' 3.227 257500 The ULMUS 1954 Pubhshod By Tho Senior Class 0F Elmwood Community lhgh School 5 msg, w E gs. 2 A. Jr ' 55? A3 ,Q Jifi 'kv ,V I Af W EP? fa , V 7.5. Vw S , . 1, ,S fq fin. N153 FAQ. T Q' ...fi -' f ' v 'Wi ,N 1. - 1' 5-i i? 5 . k v ,. , if u A gx A - 1 -z 45' k"' ' YL " 1 1 . 1 ap. ,ww 19 gl. Q. 5 li .QL .ff R- W V, "" Q. ? A 13 7 A .2-arg. 473-'TAY 111 if 1 21 f, rf g. .- :Lf , ,1 .K ' 'n 'Sf W 'f' iv 5 . E. .Yl.. 'fa K k L, -E ,. ,- ,115 4' s If Y r I .K 4 . 4 sf ,, -fx :-Q ,Q .15 ' q -ll 4 ' rr Q' 52, Q vc W 1. ' f Ns, fx x Q' if 3 .. ,Q aff' ' 'ff A F -ik L ' a 2 585- 1 MR. R. E. BICKFORD Principal of Elmwood Community High School PATRICIA MORSE y M. ISABEL HART Illinois State Normal Univ. of mi' B-S-I Ms. B.S. in Education English Commercials MAX MURSE CLARA E. MCCRAITH I NOYYIWOYU Illinois Bradley University, B.S. State Teachers College, Ham, Economic, B.Ed. Coach, Math, P.E. R. E. BICKFORD, Supt. Knox College, B.S. Univ. of Iowa, M.A. Science WILLIAM TURNER LOIS TAYLOR Ill. State' Normal Univ., Western State College, B.S Social Studies Girls P.E. DELBERT MAGERS Univ. of Ill., B.S. ROLLAND CADY . RUTH MONROE Agriculture Bradley University, B.S. Bradley Univ. Biology, Science Univ. of Illinois, B.S Northwestern Un iv. Latin, E ngl ish BURDE TTE SWANSON Agriculture GLADYS PROCTOR PAUL VEGNA Music Bqnd Senior Baby Pictures .fa EQ ,F ,ma 4-M X - . 'sggmv 0 -. .. f if gf W f - . - -qu. rg: . SJ JR f.'gjw' L1- wwf? MMLZQXKMJM W yezfwf fi owl YY My My fm 67 E LK di WwMj K iffy fmwww . 5 ffl, QWQEMW wigs X C5952-mage DOROTHY ANN DUNN JAMES NIXON WILLIAM DIKEMAN 'DOY' "Jim" 'Diapers' Pfesi dent Vi ce-Presi dent Secretary -Treasurer sh-'dYln9 does no' fake Full of pep and non- Extremely busy, but all her time. sense too, does what quiet about it. he's not expected to. Class Hi tor One morning in September of 1950, 42 very green fresh- men wandered into the halls of E.C.H.S. The class officers were chosen at our first class meeting. They were: Bill Dikemon, President, Kenneth McAlister, Vice-President, and Beverly Dembinski, Secretary-Treasurer. Our lw0 parties for the year were a hoyrack ride and wiener roast and a skating party with the sophomores. ln September of 'Sl we elected the following officers: Jim Nixon, President, Dorothy Ann Dunn, Vice-President, and Virginia Hill, Secretary-Treasurer. Our parties for the year were a dance and a skati-ng party both with the sopho- mores. ln August of '52 we were back again, this time as iuniors and past the half-way mark of our high school life. We chose as officers: Dale McBeth, President, Marcia Norris, Vice-President, and Bonnie Rice, Secretary-Treasurer. We presented our class play, 'Seventeenth Summer," in Novem- ber. March was our big month. Our class rings arrived, we sponsored a bake sale, and started making plans for the prom to be held on April 'l0. The theme was 'Starlight Gardens." Gene Daley and Eleanor Nickeson were crowned king and queen. As this year came to a close, we were looking forward to next year when we would be seniors. August of i953 found us in the new high school. Our officers for the year were: Dorothy Ann Dunn, President, Jim Nixon, Vice-President, Bill Dikeman, Secretary- Treasurer, and Linda Kratzer, Reporter. We found another busy year before us. Our first party was the traditional steak fry. It was held at Bradley Park. At the end of the football season we sponsored a homecoming dance after the Princeville game. A pep rally was held the night before the game highlighted by the burning of the Princeville Princes in the huge bonfire and a snake dance through town. March 25, we presented our class play, 'My Little Margie." April l7, we were guests of the Alumni at the Alumni Banquet, and April 30, we were guests of the iuniors at the Junior Senior Reception. As the graduating class, we now number 38. We are proud to.be the first class to graduate from our new high school and are ready to go forth and make use of the knowledge we have gained in E.C.H.S. during the past four years. Colors: Maroon and Gray Flower: White Rose Motto: 'Climb though the rocks be rugged.' BILLIE BOOK 'Bill' Of easy temper, natural- ly good. SHIRLEY CLEMONDS 'Peach' Give her a lantern, she'll find on honest man. ADA ABRAMS 'Phyllis' Quiet - but oh my! JOHN BRIDSON 'Hank' Sometimes l sit and think. Sometimes I just sit. JEAN DeFORD Jeannie l've been a good little girl. ROSE DUNHAM 'Rosie' When one is truly in love, she not only says it but shows it. MICHAEL CROUCH 'Mickey' A boy so very mild and meek, even his shoes refuse to squeak. BEVERLY DEMBINSKI 'Bev' Always ready for o good time. JAMES FLYNN 'Jim' "Our naughty boy from Farmington with the million-dollar smile." CHARLES GARRETT "Chuckie" God gave us mouths with which to talk and l certainly use mine. KATHRYN GIBBS 'Katie' She looks like on angel and acts like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do. RONALD GOETZE llRonll Not as bashful as he JAMES GEBER 'Jamie' A man among so many children. JUDITH HAlNES 'Judy' There's a little bit of silliness in every good little girl. VIRGINIA HILL "Ginny" Naughty but nice. looks. RICHARD HARKNESS "Dick" Never iudge a man by his chest measurement, it may be filled with hot air. MARY LOU HOWARD 'Lou" Tired of school and its confusion, she is now some mun's illusion. DONALD HOWARD He talks, he talks, ye gods how he talks. LARRY JOHNSON arr I love fo wind myself up. I love to hear me go. RAYMON D K OLOWSKI n Raye The world knows noth- ing of its grearesf men. DALE McBETH g oo l didn t do if PEGGY MILES ll waters run deep. LINDA K RATZER 'Kracker' lt"s germy! JOE MCCOY 'Joey' I can be convinced, but it's a hard iob. JEANNETTE MORAVEK "Squirt" Give her time, sl1e'II get there. MARION O'HEARN 'Ruth' What would life be without ioys - or school without boys. - FANNIE MOORE Moorehead I clon't talk very much, but I think a lot. MARCIA NORRIS 'Morshie' Love is like measles, we all have to through lt. WILLIAM SCHOENBEIN The farmers are the founders of civilization. MARY LOU WEBER 'Lulu' Life is no ioke, boys either. BONNIE RICE "Ride" She's good when not otherwise. GEORGE SILZER 'Buddy' Small towns are fine, but me for the bright lights. DAVID WILSON GLADYS WILSON DIAN WINN 'Dave' "GladioIo' "PeeWee' Make much of me -good I know myself better Some things can wait men are scarce. than anyone. but not a date. ' Class Will 5 We, the members of the senior class of nineteen hundred and fifty-four, being of unsound mind and infirm body, and having lost entire control of our faculties, but realizing that the end is drawing near, declare all former wills void, and do affirm this to be our last will and testament. SECTION I To The Faculty We, the Seniors of Elmwood High School, in order to show due appreciation and love for the faculty, do bequeath peace and quiet after four years of teaching us. SECTION ll I, Phyllis Abrams, do will and bequeath my quiet ways to Pat Chambers. I, Billie Book, will my gentle nature to Bernard Snider. I, John Bridson, bequeath my iob at tCisel's Mobilgas to Dick Neal. I, Shirley Clemonds, leave my clever iokes and witty ways to Franklin Keefer. I, Mickey Crouch, -do will and bequeath my I936 'Jewel' to Bob Shisslor. I, Jean Ann DeFord, will my ambition to be a bull- fighter to Ethel Beard. I, Beverly Dembinski, leave my daily letters to Darlene Crowe. I, Bill Dikeman, do will and bequeath my musical ability to Joyce Webber. I, Rose Dunham, do will and bequeath my engagement ring and diploma to Sandra Coon. I, Dorothy Ann Dunn, bequeath my winning way with the teachers to Larry Proctor. I, Jim Flynn, do will and bequeath my 'Cassanova' ways to Nathanial Mooningham. I, Charles Garrett, leave my ability to go steady, steadily to David Page and Carla Haines. I, Jim Geber, do will and bequeath my masculine build to Jim Martin. I, Kathryn Gibbs, will my position at the Gazette office to Sandra Clark. I, Ronald Goetze, bequeath my good grades and extra- ordinary mind to Brian Kiellenberg. I, Judith Haines, do will my frequent absences to Beverly Snider. I, Richard Harkness, -do will and bequeath my Hollywood mufflors to Larry Doubet. I, Virginia Hill, bequeath my priceless sense of humor to Catherine Mclntyre. I, Bill Howard,1do will and bequeath my curly hair to Bob Kelly. I, Mary Lou Howard, leave my ability to go steady to Carol Broadfield. I, Larry Johnson, would like to leave my ability to study to David Shindley, but on request of the teachers, I am taking it with me. I, Raymond Kolowski, do will and bequeath my long legs and lovable lips to Freddie Miller. I, Linda Kratzer, do will and bequeath my pleasant, quiet ways to Bobby Hayes. I, Dale McBeth, do will and bequeath my little red Ford to anyone who thinks he is rich enough to take care of it. I, Joe McCoy, leave my ability to remove big guys from in front of me in football to Stove Harding. I, Peggy Miles, do will my shyness toward the opposite sex to Carla Haines. I, Fannie Moore, do bequeath my lady-like manners to John Moody. I, Jeannette Moravek, do will and bequeath my flirtatious eyes and love af man to Sharon Sloan. I, Jim Nixon, bequeath my ability to get a ballet dancer to Mack Street. I, -Marcia Norris, will my senseless chatter and charming disposition to Patsy Morby. I, Ruth O'Heam, do will and bequeath my Irish temper and my ability to use my long fingernails to Judy Davis. I, Bonnie Rice, leave my first aid knowledge to Dorothy Remington. I, Buddy Silzer, do will and bequeath my farming md agricultural abilities to Gene Gilman. I, Bill Schoenbein, leave my willingness to help others and do a good job to Paul Korth. I, Dave Wilson, 'do will my hot rod to any freshman who thinks he is man enough to drive it. I, Gladys Wilson, do bequeath my pool hall to Melvin Cowley. I, Mary Lou Weber, do will and bequeath my shortness to Jock Enfield. I, Dian Winn, will my deep bass voice to Harry Sherlock. We, the senior class of nineteen hundred and fifty-four, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. Any slgns of sanity are purely coincidental. Witnesses: DMM Zjuwn Q 8 T3 'CK 0 'A Presidentfglllss of '54 gublllulm V' gage S civil fofQ54 H A Cul ice. rest ent, ass 0 an A 1,4j,ll'1an-I 1Mf'7am0l7 Secretary-Treasurer, Class of '54 1 Class TE Prophecq ELMWOOD GAZETTE May 25, l964 Class of '54 Reunion held May 2l. May 2l at Elmwood High was the scene of the '54 class reunion. The former president of the class, Dorothy Dunn, brought the meeting to order. Dorothy is now a Farmington resident and married to a farmer. The vice-president, 4Jim Nixon, gave a short speech on past school days. He is now one of the top insurance agents in the state. The secretary, Bill Dikeman, gave the minutes of the last meeting. Bill has quite a large Duroc hog farm out east of town. Next on the program was the principal of E.C.H.S., Mr. James Flynn. He had received several letters from members of the class who could not attend the reunion. The first letter was from Phyllis Abrams, -who is private secretary to an executive in New York. lt was also announced that she will be giving up her position as secretary, and be getting married before too long. The next letter was from the tall red head of the class, James Geber. He is now stationed over- seas in the navy. The third letter was from Mrs. Marilou Howard Wilson, who is living in Texas with her husband. The last letter was from Mrs. Linda Kratzer Simmons, who was unable to attend because she could not find a baby sitter. A phone call was received from Shirley Clemonds, who is a Wac. She said that she was to be discharged in a few days, -and would be getting married to a Peorian. The table in the comer was completely filled with teachers. All during the meal they were- seen discussing their many school problems. Among these were, Kathryn Gibbs, -who is teachin at E.C.H.S., Judy Haines, who is superintendent at the grade school, Virginia ilill, who is professor of English at the U. of l., and Jeannette Moravek, of the grade school. At another table sat the former basketball stars discussing old times. Larry Johnson, basketball coach at Bradley, is still the same, finger-chewing fanatic. Across from him is the balding John Bridson. He now owns several of the Mobil- gas service stations, and there is a rumor that he is planning to purchase more out of state. The old faithful forward, Bill Howard, was also there. He has a welding shop in the south-east part of Elmwood. Dale McBeth, who now sits in top engineering position in Chicago, discusses some of the old basketball games with Dr. David Wilson. Dr. Wilson erected an animal hospital in Peoria not too long ago. Across the room sat the former Ag students. At the end of the table was Charles Garrett. Charles was the first member of the class who married and is still the same happy Chucky. Next to him sat Mickey Crouch and Bill Schoenbein who talked about the new types of farm machinery. Buddy Silzer flew in from California and remarked that he has one of the largest Corriedale farms in the West. Ronald Goetze, another farmer, was also included in the group. Raymond Kolowski, who is farming south of town, is waiting for Lieutenant Mary Lou Weber. They plan to be married in June. At another table sat Bonnie Rice, who is Superintendent of Nurses at the Methodist Hospital. She, Fannie Moore and Peggy Miles, also nurses of the sur- rounding area, were discussing new drugs with Medical Technologist, Dian Winn. Also at the table with the nurses was Billie Book, who is now married and living in a twenty room mansion in Oak Hill. Mrs. Marcia Norris Neal, who was attired in her usual black, was talking to Jean De Ford, secretary and receptionist of a Peoria firm. At the last table Gladys Wilson, now owner of Wilson's Pool Hall, sat with Mrs. Rose Dunham Johnson, and Mrs. Beverly Dembinski Craig. Ruth O'Hearn, who is married and living in a log cabin in the woods, was also among the group. Joe McCoy, pitcher for the Cubs, gave a short talk on National League Base- ball. He talked as the guests ate dessert, cake which was provided by Richard Harkness, who owns a large interest in the Betty Anne Bakery. The class plans to have another meeting May 2l, T974. Uiiicer Nancy Hahn Bill Colgan Larry Doubet On August 2l, l95l, 4l freshmen started the first of four years in Elmwood High School. Our first class meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Gene Endres, President, Deanne Patterson, Vice-President, and Janice Rodgers, Secretary-Treasurer. Our parties for the year were a dance and a skating party both with the sophomores. ln the fall of '52, we were back as sophomores. The officers for this year were: Gene Endres, Presidentg Larry Doubet, Vice-President, Flor- ence Wolschlag, Secretary-Treasurer. As we entered our iunior year we also entered our new high school building. Our class now totals 35 members. Class officers elected were: Nancy Hahn, President, Bill Colgan, Vice- President: Larry Doubet, Secretary-Treasurer, Dick Neal, Reporter. This year we sold maga- zines, had a bake sale, and sponsored a movie. A new proiect of the junior class was the organ- ization of a school paper, 'The Elmwood Echo," which we published once every six weeks. Our iunior class play, "The Ruggles,' which was held November 20th was a big success. ln December our class rings arrived. During March we started making plans for our iunior-senior prom, which was April 30. We chose as our theme, 'lrlawaiian Paradise.' We are looking forward to next year when we will be seniors. i 1 1, . .' ,111 ' Q -152 1 Judy Bain Merle Clark "A'h 1 '1 7 g l-P sg? ffl :QQ ily? as -f:,. , I Darlene Crowe . 3 5 Nz a Eg 'X N2 jg? gi F 2. X, 11 . 1 ax 4, Xt S ii . mf it jg 4 Q S QEEESEFELEE .L ' - l Q fs Bob Harkness f- gg: 'tif 5E?i?Q5H?iEf 3 H s sw H E 'fi lg Y E EE if ev" 4 wa' A ill' f-Pfc.Q.Li,f Joy Key ser K. ,. , ' Qi -c . . if -,,. eff A S f'7 .ixff Ei Q.glif '2 44, gas: 15, ersq. L- r K V, :i - ' ' Judy Parker .1 Ka . ,sm 1 . N' ff , ' f SLE -- 5 Ni ' :Ps 1, 'V . Q r r .show -Ee, ' fffilsjgwl fa by J Siigfix x .JTQEEL Nriifliili.-1 ' f?W 3' Q Sandra Clark Bonnie Dawson Leona Geeseman qriy Q ,n, . ,.:,,1: 51, ...fzrrrfl Q fs :Sai A ' is ,sm ., . W. i X A 5 V Stk A was P51 -A, XXE gm. 'F i Hi? 4 3 5' 9 A34 T Q M C ' A M ,J 3, Liv 1 5 Jim Lane Deanna Putters an f , fig 2 V s 1 c R K ix. 'Xi 9 ' x QQ? , gf? ...wr W 'iff' a K M ,B xx 'asf -: Mwsw-fs v fo 2: Kendra Book " 3153395 v w J " is 4 'f L' ' 5525 'ic " li i :- ' 1 lf EP ..1f- ., A - ' 1 f S A- E vel ina Cochran ar Q if SEEKS? 2322? i s L arry Coon , ew .-,f . is ,,r f ,, -..M X-ww .sm W- -XX xii ini sig? is . - " 1 I .W , , g Y Roger Dunham ' az, ,Q X., . --asf ii in .M 5 Wei? g Hel? Q r , 2 o ,, fl if QF --sw 'sms -ff-, ,ff -' 15? Q2 X 5? Norma Griffin aegis --'i T111 .N ,fg-1.2 F? TF V 1.Y353l7 ' il .5 ' ' Q Ziff , 1 Gene Endres R v,,- 1 i , 11 , 2 f f " Z "fy - ii ' A Q 'K 9 5 , Q W '. . ww f9'S5"W Mi.. Q: '51 . ' gigs, fw- r' -- . if 2-z Nancy Hayes siisssssfss V f vain? QW ,N ,Q S X 5 PQ Q Q SM X is gilpk Q Q x Q, X i 'M , :.- is N , e ' 1' -tg, Q1 L. 5 .. is ,ng mg? J So ,Q Jack Ledger X J is X X . Y Q 'RZ 1 x S fl J :ti 5 SX 5 f Q 3 A so E Patsy Morby Janice Rodgers David Shindley " J if . is A, Rig A , fi no 5 we 1 sg .fs S? 2 ,' Tw? -ipzsfffgg k ffm ' wi' 'W f'-'-'P' -A Sandra Coon 4 ,..,, V iiffi " i qv Q 2-' S ' Y ei Jack Enfield W K- rf- larsw- ' J -- we f -.iff . - W Q Sharon Hoffmann Dick Neal 4 3. X X i 1 . .N X 3 if 5' S X l if B ihfi Mary Stambau gh 1' fevioiyzs- Mir? ' qw? 2251 ' + 'f fl Q' A 4 w 1 E , . X , i . 'ix " :SFFRYH 2f,fil:. j'ig aww Xvv WW.. . ,, .s:g52i5, ' 1 02" S 1 . Carol Broadfield Melvin Cowley Jim Forney Eigifi easing' f- , , ' Bob Kelly David Page Margaret Whiie ophomore FIRST ROW: Jean Davis, Betty Duggins, Raymond Cox, Nat Mooningham, Harry Sherlock, Delmar Hawk, Bill Overturf, Donald Mohn, Jim Martin, Bob Shissler, Paul Korth, Gene Gilman, Diane Butterfield. SECOND ROW: Alice Stear, Peggy Broadfield, Beverly Snider, Shirley Walker, Barbara S ears, Mary Persak, Dorothy Rimington, Delores Whitmore, Larry Boyer, David Rodgers, Steve Harding, Danny McBetl:, Ada Jones. THIRD ROW: Leona Flynn, Pat Simpson, Vonda Archibald, Mary Colgan, Sandra Phares, Jackie Kilpatrick, Sharon Sloan, Charles Howard, Tom Melnfyre, George Whitney, Karl Taylor, Larry Cox, Pat Chambers. FOURTH ROW: Phillip Kratzer, Sam Jones, Dale Worley, Blair Haines, Mack Street, John Moody, John Cox, Bernard Snider, Dick Eccles, Jim McGuire, Brain Kiellenberg, Bob Howard, Carla Haines. On a fair day in September of 1952, 54 green freshmen meekly stared at the classrooms they would occupy for the next four years. At the first class meeting Mack Street was elected President, Ada Jones, Vice-President, and Bemard Snider, Secretary-Treasurer. Near the close of the school year we sponsored an all- school party at the gym. The class of '56 began its sophomore year on August 31, 1953, with 53 students. We elected the following officers: George Whitney, Presi- dent, Dick Eccles,Vice-President, Carla Haines, Secretary-Treasurer, and Diane Butterfield, Re- porter. We had no class parties this year, but the biology class took an interesting trip to Chicago on May 8. Fre hmen 4, ,,,,, M FRONT ROW: Betty Largent, Marilyn Cochran, Barbara Kell, Pauline Crowe, Linda Parker, Jim McCoy, Stanford Randle, Jim Strappe, Fred Miller, Stewart Lewis, Bill Andrews, Bob Hayes, Floyd Dunham. SECOND ROW: Sharon Ekena, Judy Purcell, Carol Smith, Betty Harkness, Celia Cowley, Beverly Griffen, Rowena Geeseman, Joyce Webber, Janet Harlan, Virginia Ekena, Judy Davis, Catherine Mclntyre. THIRD ROW: Mary Etta Pettaw, Janet Faubel, Mary Vance, Karen Kleen, Patricia Dunn, Frank Keefer, Larry Proctor, Gerald Eccles, Edward Cosby, Claude Spellman, Ronnie Coon, Larry Page, Robert Groeper. FOURTH ROW: Douglas Coulter, Richard Coon, Bill Crowe, Dale Patton, Tom Kilpatrick, Bill Robinson, Malcolm Bollinger, Noel Myers, Ronnie Brooks, John Wilson, Bill Travers, Everett Cape, Vernon Broudfield, Sonny Patterson, Maurice Stambaugh. On August 3l, 1953, 56 very green freshmen dent, Ronnie Coon, Vice-President, Linda Par- entered the shining new halls of Elmwood High ker, Secretary-Treasurer, and Richard Coon, School. Af the first class meeting the following Rep'orter. Our class party for the year was a officers were elected: Douglas Coulter, Presi- skating party at Brimfield. Special Honors Dorothy Dunn Bill Dikeman Linda Kratzer Valedictorian D. A. R. Homecoming Queen Queen of Prom D. A. R. Jim Nixon Kathryn Gibbs , John Bridson Legion Essay Blackhawk Queen Pep Club Awards Jean DeF0rd b David Shindley virginia Hill Mc C056 D0CiGm'-'NOD Free Throw Salufatorian Rollond Cady Assistant Coach Athletics Max Morse Couch A Basketbah rack FootbaH BasebaH shots Game Il 0f Football quad l l FOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW: Bill Howard, John Bridson, Jim Forney, Dick Neal, Joe McCoy, Gene Endres, Bob Kelly, Dale McBeth SECOND ROW: Bemard Snider, Charles Garrett, Dick Eccles, Jim Nixon, Bill Colgan, Mack Street. THIRD ROW Harry Sherlock, Vernon Broadfield, Larry Proctor, Nat Mooningham, Claude Spellman, Danny McBeth, Steve Harding Stanford Randle, Larry McCoy, Bob Shissler, Doug Coulter. FOURTH ROW: Blair Haines, Gerald Eccles, Malcolm Bollinger, Richard Coon, Stewart Lewis, Edward Crosby, Noel Meyers, Bill Travers, George Whitney, Tom Mclntyre John Cox, David Rodgers. The Elmwood Football Homecoming was held October 23, l953. The team played Princeville for their last home game of the season. Before the game, Linda Kratzer was crowned Queen by Bill Dikeman during an impressive ceremony. After the game the seniors sponsored a dance in the gym. At ll:00 Linda Kratzer 'crowned John SEASON'S RECORD Starting off the season with a bang, the Tro- ians defeated Williamsfield 7 to 0 on our home field. - We tied Princeville l3 to l3, our homecoming game. The graduating lettermen are: Charles Garrett, Joe McCoy, John Bridson, Jim Nixon, Bill Howard, and Dale McBeth. Returning lettermen are: Dick Neal, Mack Street, Bernard Snider, Jim Forney, Bob Kelly, and Bill Colgan. Bridson as King. The attendants were: Kathryn Gibbs, Bonnie Rice, Dorothy Ann Dunn, Dian Winn, Mary Lou Weber, Charles Garrett, Joe McCoy, Dale McBeth, Bill Howard, and Jim Nixon. A huge crowd was present to enjoy the music of Woodie Worley's Orchestra. RECORD Williamsfield ---- 0 Elmwood - - - - - 7 Wyoming ------- 52 Elmwood - - - - - O Wethersfield ----- 32 Elmwood - - - - - 6 Galva ------ - - 25 Elmwood - - - - - 0 Walnut - -- --47 Elmwood--- -- 6 Princeville ----- l3 Bradford - - - - - 45 Toulon - - - - l9 Elmwood - - - - - l3 Elmwood--- -- 0 Elmwood--- -- 6 Charles Garrett Dale Mc Beth Bernard Snider Joe McCoy Eccles Dick Neal John Brid son 'hm N'xon Bull Howard Jlm Forney Bob Kelly Gone Endres Blll Colgan Ba ketball FIRST ROW: John Bridson, David Wilson, Dale McBeth, Bill Howard, David Shindley, Larry Johnson SECOND ROW: Steve Harding, George Whitney, Bemard Snider, Sam Jones, Sonny Patterson, Philip Kratzer. The first game on their new floor the Trojans defeated Wethersfield 40 to 35. This year hav- ing five seniors and one iunior retuming letter- men, they won IO and lost l4, a great improve- ment over last year's record. The graduating seniors are: John Bridson, Larry Johnson, Dale McBeth, David Wilson, and Bill Howard. The returning lettermen are: Junior, David Shindley, Sophomores, Sam Jones, Phillip Kratzer, George Whitney, Bernard Snider, and Steve Harding, Freshman, Sonny Patterson. VARSITY RECORD Elmwood Brimfield ------ Elmwood Farmington ----- Elmwood Wethersfield Elmwood Yates City Galva----- Elmwood Yates City Elmwood Alumni ---- - - - Elmwood Fannington - - - - Elmwood Walnut - - Elmwood Princeville 56 Elmwood Bradford - - 58 Elmwood Wyoming - - 69 Elmwood Dunlap - - - 47 Elmwood Glasford - - 62 Elmwood Wethersfield 48 Elmwood Brimfield - 43 Elmwood Walnut - - - 72 Elmwood Galva ---- 51 Elmwood Bradford - - 59 Elmwood Princeville 59 Elmwood Toulon - - - 30 Elmwood Wyoming - - 73 Elmwood Toulon ---- 39 Elmwood Regional Canton - - 55 Elmwood Junior Varsity The iunior varsity had a record of l6 and 9. They played in the Blackhawk Junior Varsity Tournament where they received a third place trophy. Bill Howard Dale McBefh John Bridson David Shindley Sonny Patterson Steve Harding Dove Wilson Larry Johnson George Whitney Phil Kroner Bernard Snider Sam Jones Jr. Varsity Basketball FRONT ROW: Danny McBeth, David Rodgers, Blair Haines, Richard Coon, Douglas Coulter SECOND ROW: Mack Street, Larry Cox, Edward Cosby, Johnnie Cox, Bob Shissler. Track FRONT ROW: Mack Street, Steve Harding, Bill Howard, Charles Garrett, Phillip Kratzer, Dick Neal, Bemard Snider. SECOND ROW: Tom Mclntyre, Noel Myers, Gerald Eccles, Edward Cosby, Jim Lane, Richard Coon, Larry Doubet, Gene Endres. BASEBALL TRACK RECORD Our first meet this season was at Farmington with the host team winning first place. This year we went to the Galva Relays. Bill Howard won 4th place in the high iump. We also got 4th in the high hurdle shuttle, which included Jim Lane, Steve Harding, Charles Garrett, and Bill Howard. At the Knoxville Bernard Snider placed first in the Discus, Phillip Kratzer placed first in the Bas Pole Vault, and Bill Howard placed first in the high iump. In the Blackhawk meet at Galva Charles Gar- rett placed 5th in the broad iump, and Bill Howard tied for 2nd place in the high iump. Kathryn Gibbs was chosen as Queen to represent Elmwood at the track meet. ln the District meet at Peoria Bill Howard placed 4th. ball FRONT ROW: Nathaniel Mooningham, Larry Johnson, Joe McCoy, Charles Garrett, Jim Flynn. SECOND ROW: Dick Eccles, Douglas Coulter, John C'ox, Sam Jones, Bill Howard, John Wilson. Elmwood had baseball this year after an absence of two years. We did not do very well althoudt we tried hard. We had a record of l and 9. The graduating seniors are: Charles Garrett, Joe McCoy, Larry Johnson, Bill Howard, and Jim Flynn. Returning will be: Sam Jones, Dick Eccles, Bernard Snider, Mack Street, Johnny Cox, Doug- las Coulter, and Sonny Patterson. Scores Knoxville ------ Elmwood Wyoming - - - - - - Elmwood Glasford - - - - - - Elmwood Toulon -------- Elmwood Princeville Elmwood Knoxville - - - - - Elmwood Galva- - - Elmwood Toulon - - Elmwood Galvd- ' ' Elmwood Glasford - - - - - - Elmwood District Cuba - - - - - 7 Elmwood Cheerleader Basketball Jeannette Moruvek, Bonnie Rice, Kathryn Gibbs, Dian Winn, Jean Ann DeFord Football Diane Butterfield, Carla Haines, Put Chambers, Ada Jones. Activities GA. . FIRST ROW: Nancy Hahn, Janice Rodgers, Sandra Coon, Linda Kratzer. Jean DeFord, Jeannette Moravek, Virginia Hill, Kathryn Gibbs, Ruth O'Hearn, Dian Winn, Judy Davis, Shirley Clemonds. SECOND ROW: Leona Flynn, Pauline Crowe, Linda Parker, Sharon Sloan, Karen Kleen, Carla Haines, Bonnie Rice, Fannie Moore, Judy Haines, Ada Jones, Sandra Phares, Mary Vance. THIRD ROW: Ethel Beard, Virginia Ekena, Janet Harlan, Violet Lewis, Evelina Cochran, Betty Duggins, Sharon Ekena, Janet Faubel, Mary Pettow, Dorothy Dunn, Diane Butterfield. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Hoffmann, Pat Simpson, Joyce Webber, Jean Davis, Peggy Broadfield, Dorothy Rimington, Judy Purcell, Betty Harkness, Cflia Cowley, Pat Dunn, Marilyn CoOl'1r,an, Barbara Kell. G.A.A. CALENDAR G.A.A. OFFICERS Danville Workshop -------------- Oct. 3 Kathryn Gibbs ---------------- President East Peoria Play Day ---- - - - Oct. I7 Bonnie Rice - - - - - - - -Vice President Initiation ------------- - - - Oct. 20 Nancy Hahn - ----- Secretary G.A.A. Turkey Trot Dance - - - - - - Nov. 25 Ada Jones - - ---- Treasurer G.A.A. Sport Night ------- - - - Apr. 9 Linda Parker- - - - - - Reporter Yates City Play Day- - - - - Apr. 13 Mrs. Taylor- - - - Advisor Princeville Play Day- - - - - - May 8 G.A.A. Banquet ------- - - - May i3 Those receiving numeral awards this year in orgmized activities are Sharon Ekena, Judy Davis, Marilyn Cochran, Judy Purcell, Virginia Ekena, and Janet Harlan. One to receive a letter is Fannie Moore. FIRST ROW: Deanne Patterson, Nancy Hahn, Janice Rodgers. Sandra Coon, Jean DeFard, Jeannette Moravek, Virginia Hill, Bonnie Rice, Ruth O'Heam, Judy Davis, Shirley Clemonds, Kendra Book, Carol Broadfield, Darlene Crowe. SECOND ROW: Sandra Clark, Lee Flynn, Pauline Crowe, Linda Parker, Sharon Sloan, Karen Kleen, Carla Haines, Fannie Moore, Sharon Hoffman, Judy Haines, Phyllis Abrams, Ada Jones, Diane Butterfield, Mary Vance, Deloros Whitmore, Mary Stanbaugh. THIRD ROW: Rowena Geeseman, Ethel Beard, Virginia Ekena, Janet Harlan, Violet Lewis, Evelina Cochran, Betty Duggins, Sharon Ekena, Janet Faubel, Mary Pettow, Dorothy Dunn, Sandra Phares, Gladys Wilson, Patsy Morby. FOURTH ROW: Judy Bain, Mary Colgan, Jackie Kilpatrick, Joyce Webber, Jean Davis, Pegg Broadfield, Dorothy Remington, Judy Purcell, Betty Harkness, Celia Cowley, Pat Dunn, Marilyn Cochran, Barbara Kell, Leona Geeseman, Margaret White. OFFICERS CALENDAR PreSiCl9I'lf --'-"""""' 5l'lUl'0n l'l0fimUf1 September- - - - - - Host to House of Delegates Vice-President --------- Dednne Pdttefsfm October ----------- Installation of Officers Secretary ----- ---- J edn DeF0fd November ----------------- F.H.A. Week TFSGSUFBI' ------ ' ' ' B0f1l1ie Rice , -Wrapped packages to send over seas Parliamentarian -------- - - Dorothy Dunn December ...........---- Christmas Pony Historian ------------- - - Jufly l'l0ineS Sent packages to service boys in states Public Relations Chairman -------- JUCly Bain Placed carnations on hospital tray Proiects Chairman --------- JaniceiRodgers January - Song Leader --------------- - -Dian Winn February - - ----------- Formal initiation Advisor - - 4 ---------- Mrs. Clara McCraith March ---- -------- S pring Rally Chapter Father and Mother - April - - - - Family night pot luck Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Patterson May- - - - - Election of officers Chapter Sister ---------- Betty Ruth Haines OFFICERS CALENDAR F.F.A. I FIRST ROW: James Strappe, Richard Harkness, Frank Harkness, William Schoenbein, Donald Mohn, Charles Garrett, Frederick Miller, Sanford Randle, William Crowe, James McCoy, Frank Keefer. SECOND ROW: Vernon Broadfield, Gene Endres, Edward Cosby, Claude Spellman, Joe McCoy, Raymond Cox, Tom Mclntyre, Malcolm Bollinger, Bobby Shissler, Tom Kilpatrick, William Travers. THIRD ROW: Bob Harkness, Ronald Goetze, Roger Dunham, William Overturf, Gerald Patterson, Phillip Kratzer, Dale Worley, Steve Harding, William Robinson, Bob Kelley. FOURTH ROW: Larry Coon, William Dikeman, Larry Doubet, William Colgan, Jack Enfield, David Page, Raymond Kolowski, James Geber. President - ---- ------ ----- - Vice President Secretary ----- - - - - -Jim Geber George Silzer Bill Dikeman Sept. Oct. Oct. - - - - - Officers Training School - - - --------- Freshmen Initiation - ----- Section V Soil Judging Contest Treasurer - - - - Gene Endres Nov. Trip to lntemational Livestock Show Reporter- - - - - - Joe McCoy Dec- ---------------- John Deere Dey Sentinel . - ...... Tom Mclmyre Dec. ----------- F.F.A. Christmas Party Instructors - - - - - Mr. Delbert Magers Jan. ---- Mr. Burdette Swanson becomes our Mr. Burdette Swanson Feb. Apr. Apr. Vocational Ag. Instru ctor - ---- - - - F.F.A. Roller Skating Party - - - - - F.F.A. Parent And Son Banquet - - - - - Beef And Dairy Judging Contest Pep Club A FIRST ROW: Dian Butterfield, Jeannette Moravek, Jean DeFord, Dian Winn, Ruth O'Hearn, Carol Broadfield, Pat Chambers, Peggy Broadfield, Evelina Cochran, Joyce Webber, Jean Davis. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Dunn, Ada Jones, Linda Parker, Nancy Hayes, Mary Vance, Karen Kleen, Virginia Hill, Bonnie Rice, Sandra Coon, Nancy Hahn,-Janice Rodgers, Carla Haines, Pat Simpson. THIRD ROW: Judy Haines, Marcia Norris, Darlene Crowe, Margaret White, Mary Pettow, Judy Davis, Alice Stear, Janet Faubel, Mary Stambaugh, Sharon Hoffmann, Deanne Patterson, Sandra Clark. FOURTH ROW: Judy Purcell, Janet Harlan, Sharon Ekena, Pat Dunn, Shirley Clemonds, Fannie Moore, Betty Dugans, Billie Book, Phyllis Abrams, Gladys Wilson, Jackie Kilpatrick. inns year a new club was started at Elmwood High School. The officers for the year were: President --------- Deanne Patterson Vice-President ------ Sharon Hoffmann Secretary-Treasurer ------ Nancy Hahn Reporter ------------- Sandra Clark The obiect of this club is to promote good sportsmanship and to have a good cheering section. 4 Our first project was to purchase megaphones for the football cheerleaders. During the football season a bus was taken to Toulon,and bleachers were roped off for Pep Club members at home games. During basketball season the meetings were held in the study hall every Monday evening. We took a bus to the Canton Regionals and purchased a plaque for the school. Individual trophies were given to the boys winning the Good Sportsmanship Award. John Bridson won both the awards, one for football and one for basketball. His name will be engraved on the plaque. . This year the club was made up of only girls, but we hope that next year there will be a large number of boys to cheer the Troians to victory. 9 Newspaper Staff FRONT ROW: Richard Coon, Sharon Hoffmann, Linda Kratzer, Judy Bain, Diane Butterfield, Linda Parker, Joe McCoy. SECOND ROW: Jim Lane, Richard Neal, Sandra Clark, Deanne Patterson, Janice Rodgers, Bill Dikeman, L arry Coon. " Elmwood Echo' The iuniors undertook a school newspaper this year. lt is called 'Elmwood Echo' and the staff ns: Deanne Patterson - ---- Editor-in-Chief Jim Lane ---------- Assistant Editor Judy Bain ---- - - - Feature Editor Janice Rodgers - --------- Art Editor Larry Coon ------- ---- S ports Editor Reporters Richard Coon ------- Freshman News Diane Butterfield - - - - Sophomore News Dick Neal ----- -- ----- Junior News Linda Kratzer- - - - -Senior News Joe McCoy ------ - - - FFA News Sharon Hoffmann - - - - - - FHA News Kathryn Gibbs ---- ----- G AA News Sandra Clark ---- - - -Pep Club News Bill Dilceman - - - ----- Band News Mrs. Morse ---- ----- A dvisor The first big question was to find a name for the paper. All the students who had any ideas turned them in to the eclitors, and it was voted on by the entire school. "Elmwood Echo' was the name chosen for the paper. The paper has proved to be a big success, and will probably be a proiect of the iunior classes in the following years. Their advisor, Mrs. Morse, helped them a great deal when it was started, -and has been a great deal of help to them all year. Pr Ill On the evening of April 30, l954, the iunior class invited the senior class and faculty to take a trip to 'Hawaiian Paradise." Beginning at 6:30, a banquet was served by the iunior mothers. The meal consisted of fruit cocktail, swiss steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas, bing salad, pineapple upside-down cake, and coffee. Through the dinner hour, the soft strains of Hawaiian music could be heard. Following the dinner was a short program consisting of the welcome by Nancy Hahn, junior class president, the response by Dorothy Ann Dunn, senior class president, Hawaiian music by Larry Coon on his electric guitar, a decla- mation by Sandra Coon, 'Now That April's Hereg' a speech on modem education' by Mr. Cady, a piano solo, "Tarantelle,' by Mary Stambaugh, and as a complete surprise to every- one, 'The Cunningham's" from Galesburg danced the Hawaiian War Chant. Following the program, everyone enioyed dancing to the music of Kenny Landin and his Orchestra from Peoria. The highlight of the evening was at 'l'l:00 when the King and Queen of 'Hawaiian Para- dise' were crowned in an impressive ceremony. Proceding up a crepe paper isle were Nancy Hahn and Bill Colgan, Mary Ann Vance and Tom Kilpatrick, the punch boy and girl with the crowns, iunior attendants, Deanne Patterson, Gene Endres, Margaret White, Jack Ledger, and senior attendants, Kathryn Gibbs and Ronald Goetze. Then came the King and Queen, David Wilson and Dorothy Ann Dunn. The reigning couple were presented the gold crowns and beau- tiful Hawaiian leas of white, pink, and red carnations. Then the royal group led the next dance. At 12:00 the doors of the "Misty Isles' swung closed, and 'Hawaiian Paradise' was a thing of the past. L, Glee Club FIRST ROW: Bill Howard, Linda Kratzer, Jean Ann DeFord, Charles Garrett, Jim Lane, Dian Winn, Phyllis Abrams, Jack Ledger. SECOND ROW: Karl Kay Taylor, Sandra Coon, Janice Rodgers, Bob Shissler, Blair Haines, Virginia Hill, Bonnie Rice, Bill Dikeman. THIRD ROW: Dale Worley, Pat Simpson, Marcia Norris, Deanne Patterson, Dorothy Ann Dunn, Larry Boyer. FOURTH ROW: Dick Neal, Shirley Clemonds, Fannie Moore, Billie Book, Kathryn Gibbs, Gladys Wilson, David Rodgers. Frosh.-Soph. Chorus FIRST ROW: Diane Butterfield, Ethel Beard, Janet Harlan, Linda Parker, Beverly Snider. SECOND ROW: Shirley Walker, Barbara Spears, Delores Whitmore, Dorothy Rimington, Virginia Ekena. THIRD ROW: Jackie Kilpatrick, Carla Haines, Vonda Archibald, Mary Ellen Persak, Judy Purcell. FOURTH ROW: Pat Chambers, Karen Kleen, Mary Ann Vance, Joyce Webber, Judy Davis, Pat Dunn. Fresh men Boys' Chorus John Wilson, Bill Andrews, Larry Proctor, Malcolm Bollinger, Ronnie Coon, Richard Coon, Frank Hark- ness, Douglas Coulter. Ba nd CORNETS: Peggy Miles, Claude Spellman, Duane Runyon, Tom Harding, Carol Lou Shaheen. FLUTES: Gloria Swanson, Jacky Martin. FRENCH HORN: Jerald Appel. CLARINETS: Judy Ke ser, Joyce Webber, Donald Spellman, Evelina Cochran, Sandra Finchan. BARITONES: Bill Folkenroth, Bill Dikeman. DRUMS: Douglas Coulter, Floyd Dunham. CYMBOLS: Jean Davis. BASS: Tom Kilpatrick. This year the band has had a successful time. We were under the leadership of Mr. Paul Vegna from Peoria. We number nineteen in our mem- bership which is mostly made up of grade school members. The band played at most of the home football and basketball games. Nine members of the band attended the festival which was held at Macomb. We also attended the Blackhawk festi- val on March l6, for a whole day of music. This year the band commission is going to give two trophies to two members in the band. They will be given on the merits of best conduct and ability to play. The winners are Peggy Miles for ability to play, and Judy Keyser for best conduct. ' This year was the first time that we had a band commission. The commission consists of the members' parents. They have been a big factor in our success and we hope that they continue to do so. enior Play "My Little Margie' A select cast of seniors, under the able supervision of Ruth Monroe, presented the play, "My Little Margie', on Friday, March 26. The portrayals of the Albrights and their friends brought much laughter and excitement to all who saw it. Cast Margie Albright --------- -------- - - - Jean DeFord Vem Albright - - - ----- - - - Bill Dikeman Mr. Honeywell- - - ------ Jim Nixon Freddie ------ ------ B ill Howard Mrs. Odetts - - - ---- Jeannette Moravek Roberta ------ --------- D ian Winn Miss Sherman - - - ----- Virginia Hill Sir Saiyid Nasif ---- - - - - David Wilson Madame Nasif ---- - - - Dorothy Dunn Bill ------- - - ----- Jim Flynn Nurse ------- - - - Linda Kratzer Assassin ---- - - -Charles Garrett Prompter - - ---- Fannie Moore Junior Play 'The Ruggles' Cast Sharon -------- -------- ---- S a ndra Coon Margaret Rug les - - - ----- - - - Sandra Clark Charlie Rug Yes - - - - - - Jack Enfield Chuck Rugg?es - - - - - Dick Neal Donna Ruggles - - - - - Judy Bain Donald Ruggles- - - "'- - -Jim Lane Susan Sherwood - - - - - - Janice Rodgers Maxwell Davis - - - Roger Dunham Messenger Boy - - ' ' - -Jack Ledger Mar Ann ------- - - Nancy Hahn JefILogan ---- - - - Gene Endres Preston Finch ---- ---- L arry Doubet Prompter ----- - - Deanne Patterson Advertising Armstrong's Clothing and Shoes Bennett's Standard Service Bob Shoop's Phillip's 66 Carter's Body Shop Carter's Television Service Central Illinois Light Co. Cisel Friendly Mobil Service Clark Memorial Home Cochran's Grocery Coulter Home Furnishing Cozy lnn Cafe D. and H. Motor D. E. Kemp, Ins. and Real Estate Dr. W. E. Nolting Edson Smith and Sons, Inc. Ellis W. Johns, Chiropractor Elmwood Elevator Co. Elmwood Food Center Elmwood Locker Service Elmwood Upholstering Elmwood Tap Forney's Cafe First Farmer"s State Bank Gamble Store General Telephone Co. of lllinois Goodwin's Barber Shop O-U1Ah3!Q-I 1l1ln-I-l1l1lxl1l X19-uiaure-Qfooosi 'I8 19. 20. Grover Produce Co. Hick's Grocery Howard's Welding Shop Hugh Nixon, Ins. and Real Estate Lishman's Conoco Service Lott Insurance Agency L. Richard Whitney McCartney's Garage McCoy's Skelly Service McKown Ins. Agency Metz Motor Co. Miller Farm Supply Monroe's Flower Shop Murdock's Dairy Pat's Beauty Shop Patterson Funeral Home Ramshaw Motor Sales Simpson Powelson Lumber Co. Soldwell's Jewelry and Sundries Steer's Pharmacy The Elmwood Gazette The Fair Store The Penny Super Market Tyhurst's Barber Shop Willis Dalton, Barber Shop Wilson Lunch Clue to Baby Pictures Billie Book Rose Dunham Bill Dikeman Peggy Miles Ph llis Abrams .Billgchoenbein lm uxon Linda Kratzer Jean Ann De Ford Mary Lou Howard Bill Howard Ruth O'Hearn Marcia Norris Joe MCC UY Fannie Moore Dian Winn Kathryn Gibbs Viriinia Hill Dic Harkness Dorothy Ann Dunn LIST OF GRADUATES CLASS OF: 1872 - 1873 - 1874- 1875 - 1876 - 1877 - 1878 - 1879 - 1880- 1881- 1 882 1883 1 884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 B. C. Allensworth,Prof., Ella Brain, Mary Hopkins, Eliza Hurlburt, Hattie Keene, Eliza Mathews, Hettie Parsell, Minnie Rogers, Stella Rose, Flora Smith, Edson Walton, Ella Woods. James M. Greenley, Prof., Laura V. Ramsey. James M. Greenley, Prof., Lettie Bartho- lomew, Joseph Williamson. James Kelly, Prof., Alice Biggs, Rosa Ryan, Florence Whitney. James Kelly, Prof., No graduates. Janes Kelly, Prof., No graduates. J. M. Crow, Prof., Lois Brown, Ed Egm. J. M. Crow, Prof., Asa M. Brown, George N. Brown, Bathena Coon, Florence Darby, Belle Kellogg, Huburt Marshall, Flora McNay, Lillie Purcell. J. M. Crow, Prof., Mattie Barrett, Hettie Coon, Minnie Purcell. J. M. Crow, Prof., James Les, John Pheifer, Mabelle Ryan. T, B. Bird, Prof., Ella Flanegin, Ida Patterson, Evan Slaughter. T. B. Bird, Prof., Lida Dinan, Nettie Kightlinger, Maggie McCowan, Lizzie Pulsipher, Atic Purcell, Nettie Wiley. C. R. Vandervoort, Prof., Orie Bartholo- mew, Kate Callister, Laura Lobaugh, Luman Royce, Howard Spangler, Bertha Wheeler, Frank Whitney. C. R. Vandervoort, Prof., El Clingmf Frances Dmiels, Fredericka Mathewson, Frank Widmeyer. - W. J. Pringle, Prof., Lura Helen Brrtholo- mew, Harriet Jones, Ed C. Slayton, Harry Tompkins. - W. J. Pringle, Prof., Anna Enright, Minnie Lawrence, Edwcrd Siegel. -W. J. Pringle, Prof., Edson E. Dalton, Kate Hurff, Emest Lobaugh, Fred Patter- son, Sam Tidd. - W. Ja Pringle, Prof., John Bitner, Ed. U. Henry, Mila Ketchum, Edith Kighrlinger, Howard Kirkpatrick, Philip Phares, Fred Pratz, James Slayton. -- W. J. Pringle, Prof., Charles Burt, Sadie Clinch, Fred Darby, Bessie Ewalt, Orrie Snyder, Estelle Wasson. W. J. Pringle, Prof., Emma Anderson, Gertie Davis, Everet Kemp, Lillim Wheeler, Frank Wing. W. J. Pringle, Prof., Harrison Dixon, Charles Famum, Fred Heptonstull, Edna Lawrence, Nellie A. Perrin, Fred Slayton, Leila Williamson. S. B. Allison, Prof., Ora Currlings, Frank Higgins, Asa Kirkpatrick, Harry Macy, Emma Putmm, Sanford Schriers, Anna Vandervoort, Ester Wasson, Katie Waibel. S. B. Allison, Prof., Ethel Cullings, Charles Day, Bertha Denning, Reba Herriot, Chcrles McCorkie, Bert Riner, Anna Smith, Myrtle Slayton, Mae Smith, Rose Wood. S. B. Allison, Prof., Anna Anderson, 1 896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1 904 1095 Laura Bodine, George Davidson, Cara Duth, Bessie Ennis, Edith Jones, Ber- tram Kemp, Daniel Ketchum, Harvey Lott, Edith Patterson, Mary Rose, C. Vance, Minnie Woods, Winifred Wheeler, Hor- tense Walker. L. R. Flanegin, Prof., Fanny Bourgoin, Clingan, Grace Famum, Martha Holt, Stella Kirkpatrick, Nellie Mannock, Nina Miller, Marie Regan, Emma Riner, Nellie Slayton, Rena Webster, Lavarre Wycoff. L. R. Flanegin, Prof., Mable Denning, Rose Douglas, Samuel Garrison, Gertrude Hardenberg, Ortha Hepronsrall, Elmer Hubbel, Leo Johnson, Mary Kinnear, Sadie Lott, Jessie Mannock, Effie Mathis, Ethel Runyan, Harry Wells, Earnest Wheatcroft. L. R. Flanegin, Prof., Frank Armstrong, Charles Clinch, Harold Cullings, Nettie Debacher, Frank Eslinger, Blanch Herriott, Henry Jarman, Patience Jarman, Roy Kightlinger, Ethel McCann, Alice McCullough, Anna McDermott, Esther Nelson, Harry Rose, Bertha Waibel, Myrtle Webster, Emma Westbay. L. R. Flanegin, Prof., Leslie Anderson, Anna Armstrong, Ada C. Buell, Anna De- Bacher, Pearl Greenough, Myrtle De Bacher, Lora Hart, Elliott E. Head, Har- lan Hubbell, Harlan JUDSS, Nellie E. McCd:e, Nora E. McCarty, Tessie A. McDermott, David H. Morton, Margaret M. Nelson, Nora Nelson, Edna L. Patterson, Margaret E. Stewart, Blanch Swigert, Harry Troth. L. R. Flanegin, Prof., Archie' Miles, Hrrry Richardson. L. R. Flanegin, Prof., Edwin Brown, Marion Brown, Nellie Earing, Lloyd Graham, Earl Henry, Allan Higgins, Amy Hotchkiss, Dean Jay, Leroy Kurshaw, florence McKen'ow, Albert Van Patten, Neva Walton, Clifton Wycoff. J. M. Martin, Prof., Mary Bowers, Everet S. Cathcart, Bert Conrey, Ross E. Cul- lings, Mable DeBacher, Maurice Grumley, Mina Morton, Nina E. Palmer, Elsie M. Philhower, Fmnie E. Remmele, Charles E. Smith, Dale E. Snyder. Charles Stuart, Prof., Marilla Cooper, Mcrgaretta Jay, Rea Harkness, Edson Kinnear, Fred Mah," Harry Quigley, Maude Smith, Raymond Troth, James Turner, Earl Vance, Nellie Wells, Belle Wibur. Charles Stuart, Prof., Will Balin, Lottie Bourgoin, Evaline Brooks, Leta Cutheart, John Grumley, Mu-y Humphreys, Monica Smith, Merle Snyder, Nellie Wheatcroft, Sylvia Zell. Charles Stuart, Prof., Lelia Armstrong, Lottie Annstrong, Anna Booth, Charles Bowers, Florence Gabriel, Charles Grumley, Ecrl Horsley, Alice Orvis, Paul Westboy. 1906- Charles Stuart, Prof., Gertrude Bowers, Mild'ed Bowers, Orral Conver, Ina Learned, Glennie Tyler, Gertrude Waibel. 1907-Charles Stuart, Prof., John Boswell, 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918- lrwin Dalton, Bertha Graham, Gilbert Lane, Raymond Lyons, Cara Nelson, Essie Rynearson, Florence Walton, Ada Wheotcroft, Paul Wells, Eole Zink, lantha Zoll. T. S. Henry, Prof., Wildo Armstrong, Frances Jay, Edna Lea-ned, Clifford Lott, Lillie Mannock, Agnes Morton, Edna Parr, Miriam Potts, Wallace Snyder, John Troth, Frances Walton, Katherine White, Marie Zink. -T. S. Henry, Prof., Florence Criger, Henry Kessler, Alice Lott, Harry Niece, Margaret Schori. T. S. Henry, Prof., Goldia Booth, Samuel Conver, Sara Conver, Sidney Cullings, Arthur Dalton, Lola Fish, Floyd Gooding, Mabel Higgins, Walter Manock, Raymond Nibbelin, Ella Odces, Mable Schori, Clarence Shissler. T. S. Henry, Prof., John Bowers, Mabel Brooks, Hazel DeBacher, Frieda Korth, Ella Vm Pelt, Jenrje Philips, Eleanor Schlots, John Stevens. T. S. Henry, Prof., Frances Bowers, William Criger, Raymond Dikeman, Neal Higgins, Chester Lyons, Florence Lyons, Thora Morton, Lois Nichols, Bernice Noel, Ethel Reed, Newell Reed, Florence Seltzer, Harold Shissler, Alice Tolbert. C. C. Condit, Prof., Laura Brown, Bernice Goliday, Oliver Gregory, Ralph Kilpatrick, Howard Schlots, John Schultz, Hazel Seltzer, Wilhelmina Taylor, ,Elwyn Troth, Leroy Watkins, Vivien Whiting, Estelle Whitney. C. C. Condit, Prof., Hazel Atherton, Edna Brooks, Louise Condit, Margretha Fried- richs. Roy Gore, Clifton Humphreys,. Evelyn Humphreys, Eleanor McCann, Esther Nichols, Blmch Oldknow, Frank Schultz, George Shissler, Margaret Smith, Georgia Taylor. C. C. Condit, Prof., Maude Adams, Grace Barrett, Gilman Davidson, Leona Higgins, Eva Holt, Charlotte Johnson, Marie Kelly, Edwin Kilpatrick, Leonard Lang, Elsie Lyons, Jessie McCann, Myrtle McKnown, Logan Nelson, Und Nelson, Lena Seltzer, Louise Shissler, Georgia Taylor, Lillian Vm Sickle. C. C. Condit, Prof., Frank Allen, Leona Day, Chules Dooley, Edna Foster, Leonard Higgins, Veda Holt, Fem Humphreys, Earl Kelly, Winifred Kelly, Maude King, Esther Korth, Almetta Maher, Edgcr McDonald, Mary McFaIl, Howard Redding, Roscoe Redding, Margery Schenck, Margery Strufe, Merle Threw, Naomi Waibel, Gladys Wooten, Ruth Zink. C. C. Condit, Prof., Mariorie Bowers, Clifton Conver, Frank Johnson, John Kilpatrick, George McKinley, Lulu Mc- Kown, Elmer Miles, Hugh Nelson, Donald Niece, Russel Schori, Catherine Stevens, Henry Tully, Max Wasson. C. C. Condit, Prof., Howard Atherton, lsaax Barrett, Elmore Brown, Leola Burt, Grace Carlson, Dorothy Condit, James 1919 - 1920 1921 1922 1 923 1 924 Cusack, Patrick: Cusack, Mary Davis, Pearl Dragoo, Thomas Dwyer, Lora Flanegin, Russell Fuller, Margaret Gmahle, Marguerite Gregory, Roy Hark- ness, Harold Herbert, Ruth Ireton, Nan Johnson, Naomi Johnson, Lucille Kelly, Opal Kelly, Alma Lindzey, Gladys Lindzey, Erha MacDonald, Leslie MacDonald, Mildred Peters, Nellie Schenck, John Sdworik, Leah Thatcher, Charles Tidd, Mary Threw, Frmces Van Sickle, Gayle Weeks, Helen White. C. C. Condit, Prof., Leroy Andrews, June Bandy, Ada Boice, Mark Brennan, Horace Demick, Mwde Miller, Louis Miles, Edwin Miranda, Margaret Phares, Gladys Proctor, Richard Schenck, Mona Snyder, Rosanna Stevens, Wilda Threw, Lauretta Tully, Elma Wasson, Rowena Wasson, Mrlgaret Wickwire, Vema Wooten, Francis Zink. C. C. 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Bicktord, Supt., Joann Adans, Ronald Aman, Ralph Bacher, Jack Bick- iord, Helen Bridson, Jane Burrows, Steve Camp, Jmet Clark, Amydell Clemonds, Williun Doubet, Connie Foose, Warren French, Albert Hacker, Betty Ruth Haines, Kenneth Howard, Eugene Johnson, Joann Johnston, William Keyser, Patsy Keefer, Lawrence Keen, Wilma Keime, Marianne Miller, Charles Neal, Marge Nelson, Willard Parr, Mcrlys Robertson, Brim Rodgers, Alan Rosecrans, Earl Rusch, Berwyn Shane, Earl Sheley, Betty Sollen- berger, Gene Wilson, Dume Yerby, Fritz Grover. R. E. Bickford, Supt., Wayne Callister, Shirley Gray, Janice Worley, Donnie Meehm, Marilyn Austin, Joan Badter, Charlene Bateman, Madelyn Bea-ner, Hazel Emery, Mcry Emery, Ronald Fin- frock, Dem Glenn, Barbcra Hahn, Donald Howard, Clifford Kinnicutt, Robert Kore- nowski, Regina Layman, Ruth McDonald, Berwyn Meehm, Joanne Moravek, Peggy Moravek, Mlgery Rosecrans, Betty Rynearson, Jcnet Shissler, George Snider, Mcl'ilyn Vm Sickle, Dorothy Wagner, Patricia Walker. R. E'. Bicktord, Supt.p Betty Broadtield, Joanne Camp, Rosemary Clinebell, Leon- ard Colgan, Louis Colgan, Jack Craig, Gene Daley, Gene Dembinski, Evelyn Doubet, Neal Duval, Florence Edwards, Ruby Eccles, Ralph Endres, Jacqueline Ekena, Donald Goetz, Leonard Grove, Richard Hacker, Imogene Harwick, Hope Hartley, Carol Keehn, James Lewellyn, Mary Maher, Shirley May, Betty McBeth, Donald McCoy, Gerald McCoy, Barbara Meehan, Lee Miles, Donna Morby, Eleanor Nickeson, Duane Patton, Donald Phares, Shirley Rodgers, Donald Schoenbein, Loraine Slane, June Sollenberger, Carol West. . A 5 3 2 E 1 I 5 5 9 i i E 3 Q E 'Q 1 2 . 24ff.mLufurlfiwu , 'yawn-mv

Suggestions in the Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) collection:

Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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