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R , ' n 5: 1 AQ 3 w .V ' HK' 157549 CHS Becomes lackhawk onference Member Sock Dance,FSl2Rs,FF Entertain Crowd at Homecoming Nov. 3 3 Last Friday was Elmwood's SECHS Selioifclassi 'Prepares Yearbook ' Ralph Bell of Hamilton Press, iHamilton, Illinois, was at the Elmwood high school last week lvlclwwfi Chosen for DAR 1 Award in Elmwood is Miss Marilyn McKown has' Elmwood hi h school became . . n' 1- cla star been chosen the winner of the v member og the Blackhawk first known. football homecomlngdiiroorll-:eip thee ie"B"""'EE"""'g "" ' Good Citizenship award.!.g inference as the result of action Aitlglough 19 Wash 8' C013 12 , proof BGV5 Attend 'has been active in school 5 :en at a meeting of the con- :Say lfgsllggf' of eggnsweaf thi as soo T Q 1 . the past four years g egg ig Bradford- Monday-I game to see Elmwood win. gitpfjblatioiiai Convention ,?'m"'fAYe2,f,,X2i ff Eegiini ' i the 1951 foot Eujnilmediately afterk the gameuturesi --1 an - Him. play lc HLMH1' fd a2nQ,'i20f5'If ffgcandgffnggg and il William Keyser' ani Gene wi ' App Get sg X ,t F. F. A. Group Attends ,Wd of 350 many more than, e of the Elmwooa -chapter of 00 S T 419,43 I ' I S s expected I 6 returned Friday from the Na b pb tba, 170 n ntefnatfona toc ow gveryone lleieived t W FFA convention, which wa -21,99 IG IB sack dance tlin Muncipal Auditorium, . cron, USL- Wahix Q11 ,V t Delbert Messrs rode herd OH th fl W A cm-, Mo.. after a three el "leafy w,,"'-Ss S-sp QQ .1 27 of the FFA boys when the-ce eu of fvhile the bovs We,-et 0 Ofc,-,, el' 1 - lshed -- 66 5 - and Pe E group attended the International 1 GX3 . '------1 -- -----L --A-A' "r 'Y . Livestock Exposition at Chicago,,v QQPS Q . 1November 28 and 29. Willardkt QQO yay Wg Sheley. Elmer NVilson. Bert Miles' 'e 140 .9051 ez '50 - . and Glen Dikeman assisted in ,cm - an enxn eo 10065 .rounding up the mavericks from ,nest asmetli! eng0E1gAg9KXxerK'v1 time to time. ' B K-0 QQ . The first day at the show, the fqiflngt iofwgg at Xglef' forex' visitors saw the judging of the up G -Qxef-7 my nseefnwrnv Grand Champion Hereford steer mg. T yL0?ft-5 vin e- teifxpg land spent the evening at the. Mxfs toWx9e11 og, Society Horse Show. Irge Wy, 1,25 The night was spent at the .d - YMCA, where rooms were ob--' . tained in two' dormitories-f ATR5 t-,hearsay-..seersew.ss ,mace 26.2 ' .ference games will be playa , wg, , successive Friday nights al w15t0 Fry 3 the Christmas vacation, skipbe Hgfe 1 g the Friday of the last week-V angy 05,311 l in January. For the 1951-52 ?,,00l's io wine son these dates will be Jan- high Sfin me Wgaxnst ry 4, 11, is, February 1, 8, 15, ,Inwood 6 fire 'game Q' l 22. Em open? their flash io, 'he 1951 football schedule for Blackhawk conference will lude games on September 14 Toulong September 22 with thersfield at Elmwood: Sep- iber 29 at Galvag October 6 4 Walnut: October 13 with nceville at Elmwood: October at Bradford and November lr 9 at Wyoming. e a - Y - Afgxmqteswg Fridzhe 111123 at Ah acffjrisa H 1-0109 down 1 ifom the touchal battle X Second' he ,ir Ra59, 131 the ima took to Ewmcn of tun .Shown ui. Qi 6 two -to Levfl S to awe and ,. . n'ASSe.',-'nI1 .L-MOA . , llrnwoaod -'Qt play one other. CHS, 455 Valley, 2 1 Final Game ' lmwood closed the 1950 foot- season Friday night with a. win over Valle in the first f l K .one of the best games of the Y ecoming at Elmwood. Q fhe season was a very suc-l sful one for Coach Hartleyf l his squad, with 4 wins, 11 and 2 losses. Elmwood scoredt points to their opponents 68. Howard spent the last game the bench as the result of an iry received in the game with vistown. A number of substi- Es were used in this final e and made a good showing themselves, low the attention'of the fans . athletes will turn to basket- l. First ract-ice session was P ti Tuesday iight. . I ,ettermen returning from last- rs' -squad are Aman, Bickfordg gver, and Howard. The loss' Bane, Haahn, Murdock, -and, lultz will leave openings to' filled for the team this yearjg Elmwood will open .the seasong rimfieldg 1, and the-firstlx e game will be' against' Wil-, fisfield on December '5'.- ' ECHS Defeats VIT I 38-145 Bradford Here Friday Night, Oct. 20 E1mwood's football team de- feated VIT Friday night by a large margin as the boys played season. VIT opened the scoring early in the game but Hart1ey's men came back strong and with some well executed plays, soon had they situation well in hand. Y ECI-Is Juniors In Eii1Tv5bd PHA A Class Play Nov. 17 The Junior Class of E C H S ' will present the comedy,"'JanuaryI, Thaw" in -the gym Friday, Novem-E ber 17, at 8:00 P. M. This is thef play presented by the Scottish Rite l Players in October which was sol well received.. The cast wi1l'include: Madelyn Beamer, Ronnie Finfrock, Janet, Shissler, Janice .Worley, Betty! Fl 'fl Holds Style Show The Elmwodd FHA sponsored! a style show Thursday afternoonil February 1, in the music room oh the school. The mothers and friends of all home economic! students and FSHA members were, guests of the afternoon. A var-l' 'iety of articles of clothing was styled by tlie seventh and eighth grades and 'all 'high school Home ' 'Ee classes. g:g1O?ay'u12:iI?eMg21?g?1g.' if After the style show, punch and Layman' Berwyn Meehan, Johnj cookies, malde by the freshman West, GeorgesaSnlder, and Dean? class, were served to all. Punch Glenn. A ' - 4 , fvigas poured .by',Mrs. Ralph Mc- Donft .miss hilarious comedy Watch for notice next week. Kown. c'hapter.mother, and Bettyy -Sollenberger, president. Special, lmpnsi-,3,were 1-ha mmap enlnnnlaandl ECHS 42, Valley 33 In Ninth .Straight Win for Elmwood 1 The Elmwood basketbau tean-E got into action, Tuesday night, they met Valley high school s. the London Mills floor. Playing an inferior brand o ball, the locals. came from be- hind to win over the host team, after seeing the reserves re- ceive a setback in the opener. The final score of the varsxt game, .was Elmwood, 423 Valley, 33Q,, , 'T ' . f In 'spite of the heavy fog, manyi of the local boosters were on after the holiday vacation, whe 'Z l li ffl D f .4 Q 69, Ib :YEIIIIWOOCITJOSCS to Senior Class Play 1' . , ,, . ' - uval Dancxo be plays Posters iwethersfleld, 20.65 ,To Be Given I i Y x . X 1--- . . fn' M9095 Qeevoevqv X eirglloggf 556 bg1:3Ll!,eE1rg2g3dg,Avon Here Friday 3Fr1day, March 30 lem QJ900 QF! wtwitfe '90 6 America ii'i11diSll'ibuff'f, VVethersfield high sensors foot I on Friday March som th 1 . ' 9 " 'fl - I 1 Exgltb Q5 Aaixofx x9 so-2-get-x 5:5385 posters mek ig ball team defeated Elmwood 20-6 E. C. H. S. Senior Class will pre , MC' , Q10 00550 'lv Cowes, deb Xrs Qin can attep-,. at the Wethersfield homecoming sent the class play, "Willie lil b md x Niigata Deism- 09 ed' 5 ol t hazard to safel game' Fnday night' . Week'End-" by Felicia Metcali hffegt el ed 9q,0e1yIS,Oq,.N 25,210 69 'wel X601 1 tal fans aromjkd. Morey, of Vlfethersfield, set the Mrs. Winkle, played by Marly li are I new 'gxlbzem oqQ0v,3Q.4 Woodgivvfxo 'We' e v' sared bl' gacteoifglldocgizi Fagdngruiilig lvlltalt gclljcirtsonl hs tlfle typllialt Mio e o . , - . ' ' o er" w o ears a e 22253215 italy?-Witihlleiiloetieiiell Q R ff 1 Pzie:':zz:..in vieiizy Sr might , x. o - 1 , . . a ---nwic casexsar Endwroundwdafb Wig: inane' enossolesiogzee QZQSP' ,7 Afeeplijq. or wood'sd1one t:JuchdlovmA:amF --me to a cat hospitg or 5 n 0 ' on quar er w en mar ' - an lzrnivoalldbopens it o'5v66e.5lov0ieQi'bi0'4f5X -q'go99e'0e'c'3'5f' .FI 7718 gh gabi ickford, who ran 4 ranC1S P D will start Blbllxgly Q29 9' 69 oigeeh ow' te. Olga . eld Iveatlb N ' 3WSon 3' dx X 3. 19 Goal K- 041,15 12256 -1. max U hal A 56 yards Y CWM ts an , 01 five ,WG K. f It 1' was 621011 In E5-dip opponents 20E EI1'lb.gr of h. Tueeglb 14, Pass - acu le bolbeesd-if of 61, 'W 2' yaxldspgsa hy 113 et "--Wake-ij 97 QV 42. ' Francis P la 4. I? TH 1 bv: tgn' Iuino, ' Dakvson of 3101 G: at U Sch gXXf,,,iNi1ug?12- teacher SIS, has beer: hi!-Scopes- ar if , B 5 001 H Eclzom Svste the Elmwood as ahtll . GQD . old . ....i.., here gl- and Wm be -high nee PIII. S F n Mondav gm h1sJ0!1' A11 Ire 3-1'ilVSon, a " es 1 Ou 1 Ufliversit. graduate of' sh .171 we t In 1' .Str-uctor alld a former I te mwood dhilg o25 .wld Vvar the -Iva-try du S th Hrflioon b -Schoolltfas h Mlatics and II, will teaclg it i Q mst: J' an - We Qld Ht 5 asslst Co K-E111 0 in P31109 Insp dnesd the" , ach Th spec 00 ecto ay is '11-,e.,, ,, Va b if sur ood Downs np, 66 2 405 lburn, 50 - 43 gd went out after reve y met Dunlap on floor, Friday, after t ating on the Dunlap fl O en 10 tlhz dl next 'I W 615' i gs: -Ulall-e14f and Weelfek fsnb tflafi su It is ' Oclob em' 111 2' 11,-ey 0 8 good ef- I eg-ard -your tljngga 0'?'1d1- 0 nr Om Fil. e ted I' for af' b.:,,g3-.4 1 ,ws he. nfS1,,s.,5,fgf jrvises and laughszfne sa.. to se uit. at the Elmwood school gyrr -March 30th at eight o'clock. To add to your listening plea sure the new eight - speaker sounl -system will be used so that ever: Abody, regardless of seating, will b :able to hear every word. Totals 13 CUBA Hopkins 1 :McConl-:ey 1 Waughtel 1 McCaughey 3 Owens 0 Phillips 1 Clayberg 2 Totals 9 Score by quarters: Local Boys Attending Elmwood Ends FFA Convention in K. C.' . B-asketball Season i Bill Keyser and Gene Wilson ares I l1gE the season, and Hartley's ned things up with a 66 ory over the visitors. ' led all the way and rackets with Aman each getting 15 poi men in the double figure , and. n ts, 14, and Finfxjock, 11. Snider, Callister and . contrifbutedto the total yood. Blackburn of 'Dun- the I ak- Q oor I attending the National Conferencei of Future Farmers of America ah Kansas City, Mo., Tuesday, 'Wed-? nesday, and Thursday of thisj week. They will also visit theg With Loss at Canton Elmwood high school closed the basketball season with a dull' thud rather than with the tradit 4 M A lional bang when they met Lewis? - town in the 'second game of the ELMWOOD 1621 I ft Aman. f 5 4 tg Grover, f 3 1 7 Bickford, c 3 2 8 Shane. g 7 4 18 Finfrock, g 1 2 4 Callister, c , A - 5 1 11' Meeha-11. C 2 0 4 Mcflallister, 2 0 n ni Canton tourney on Thursday night., The boys had a real cold night at the bucket, hitting less than 25 percent and never looked good at any time during the evening. ' .It was ,probably the 'poorest -game the boys had played all sea- son and' was-lone of those. nights when nothingseemed to go right.-A en' ' e "L ' On, 45-The ,cast inchi-des: 'Marge Nel ELMWOUD 2 863 0 Honor roll for the fourth si Aman 3 6 . weeks for the Elmwood Cornmur ?1Ckf0rd 0 5 10 .' ity high school is as follows: -Meehan 3 0 6 SENIORS: Jack Bickford, Jane gsfgngck 5 5 15fQClark, Connie Foose, Jane Btu z.1'ows, Betty Ruth Haines, Ray 2? -nrond Hill, Eugene Johnson. J SC Tohnston. Marilyn McKow1 H0 Hartson Brian Rodgeri N. , y Soller I - ' Bert V can lesd OL N 2 5 1 ay 9, g Austix 3 7 IhWo0dE"1fI1g S mai 2 5 Dom, Cha the 1, Graw 2 7 ,aaa Ck d-Dfer Iefhbe .ymai 4. s '38 0fUf'SrS,"1'1er nfs Ofpravei 0 15 -Slavihhaildd goool' tb iey. 1 4 5, the 'itfigt fo hd atteew.-y Cline .... Consefar 'Alf' 57 ECCIQ5 14 37' az was gu0o1,serl'arfO!j-,Leweuyi Ength e oft est S Vagjoiin Schroe 44 55 ,ceq bind R231 spieakefv 24 3'7k'Ze becfo thagth D112 jnxiy Dunn. 5' if 0111-'ne econ'-1' -I'u1"fl.'7 the FH 1567 bu bat f top 'lscfo S' li' ek Tll 5 12i'0o,,fwa"01L US- 6" .' 6 12 lonserwptry ts up lgielasl on tblie gcr ffl g Of ag 013163-'nolinvzlnll Noam b U2 fee bell, Mary Mal 3 gl'Qyv'B'iJ1e1f1'0g,- s, Betty Broaf 5 13 tht 00.31 sflfeqzggl Lou McBeth pre 1 2 0 by 010 b n the study hal eahis-gegolzqjby e passed out wit ' 2? '52 Eg tgfeen 1 and to. follow. 0 -11 6 A , gg, ,811 ieetmff 0- the Fl-L 129, mi el' -a1s211fYedd.larch D14 to discus 09,2 tflcg Pe. he FHA Rally Da o , W. . -1 2' 'iw 112- at Green Valley. 2 5f3P0Jeg?ded ere also discussed fc 3 16 ,mf fhg ool, party' to ,be hel 2 5 . fe he theme will be "Th . ,gn .1 5-te" , A contest will be he! . e - 1 0 0 ,terhxlq fbest modern alt. alffem APRIL I, 1934--FEBRUARY 4g 1951 L. EDWARD SHOOP s One by one his chums shall miss him And each day we'll mlss him more But we'Il not forget him ever, Though his work on earth ls o'er, He has finished with the labors God had given hlm to do But to ev'ry task he tackled He was worthy and was true: And he left to us a lesson- One of truth and royal worth- That the love ol' noble effort ls the finest thing on earth, -Franklin Lee Stevenson f R. E. Bickford, Supt. of Schools Elmwood Community High School f4mawz-mam Sedan! r W 'F' .2 'gf' H5 R. E. BICKFORD, Supt. M. ISABEL HART Knox College, B.S., Uni. of Iowa, M.A. Uni. of Ill., M.S., Iowa, M.A. Science English Speech . Q llol A 'YQ . A eoo , if gf. 6 1 fx, Xi 2 ' 3 WILLIAM TURNER Ill. State Normal Uni., B.Ed. Social Studies .54 l i 'f ' ' Q , W .f DELBERT MAGERS Uni. of Ill., B.S. Agriculture 3 ind. RUTH MONROE Bradley Uni., Uni. of Ill. B.S. Northwestern Uni. Latin English ELINOR MORGAN Knox College, B.Ed. Music Girls' P.E. English 3 PHYLLIS TERRY Ill. State Uni.. M.S. Ed. Commercial l ' x th, f ati +2 A 2 is E -. k 1 g Q 1 , 4. ' 1 fly. . lf 5 .e :..,-: - 1 2 s 1 g . Q A PAUL VEGNA Band FRANCIS DAWSON Purdue University, B.S. Driver's Ed. Mathematics Asst. Coach as if K Ai, .. f iii' ,lf ' A DONALD HARTLEY West. Ill. State Teacher's College, B.Ed. Science Boys' P.E. Coach fc" . M-4-Q A i BARBARA FELTHAM Bradley University, B.S. Home Economics at Qmale Sadool G 7646401 4 LORA MOSES Fifth Grade. First Semester he f ' il A K , 14, -P'g"""" S .. -' ISABEL GRAY Sixth Grade sag fiw r - ,pay-f Z t y 9-'gil I ,, N ' X fears? a5f55g - 5rpf.Q'eisg5 2 .- - my ERMA TIDD Second Grade 14.2 Y . fi k. . ., S I 1 ROMA SHIVELY Eighth Grade AM, if I ADA NORTON Seventh Grade CJ.-, IRMA FLICKINGER Fourth Grade fum 1 F P reg! 'P ei- is . . I' -f QT5.M GLADYS, HAWLEY Fifth Grade, Second Semester sv A 1. - JANET JOLLY Third Grade iil, . 7h '-xv M ,if P - ' , if - fi 9 1 ' , I .,f - r skate f ,Q .- s, MARIE EKSTRAND First Grade 51 WW im., d in ., , ., . vw. 1 GLADYS PROCTOR Music ,...,.-.. " , . f N1 5 JN ? yfwXXiw ,w,w-,W - ' P WW: K4 ' -f , f ,gy -- :: -2 2. 1 if 'Q fu YS 1 X ,if 2 Y II A ..,, ..x. W tr V 'x Q .M.M 'Aa Q ? Q INQ RAYMOND HILL President MARILYN MCKOWN Vice President I RICHARD GROVER Seeretary - Treasurer .4. RAYMOND HILL MARILYN MCKOWN RICHARD GROVER "Rocket Ray" "Bessie" "Fritz" 'Captain of the crew!" "She 100kS,11ke an angel "He is just too cute to talk And acts like one too about!" But you never can tell What an angel will do!" 6444 Wdetofzg One 'morning in September of 1947, fifty-six very green freshmen wandered into the halls of E.C.H.S. The class officers were chosen at our first meeting. They were: Ronnie Aman, Presi- dent, Kenneth Howard, Vice-President, Berwyn Shane, Secretaryg and Raymond Hill, Treasurer. During the year we had two class parties-the first a Weiner roast in Roffey's woods and the second a freshman-sophomore skating party at Brimfield. We lost seven of our original members during this year. The class of '51 began its sophomore year with forty-nine. For officers this year we elected Ken- neth Howard, Presidentg Raymond Hill, Vice- President: and Berwyn Shane. Secretary-Treas- urer. Our two parties this year consisted of a hayrack ride-Weiner roast and an all school party. The Evrn was decorated hillbillv stvle for the Hill- billy Wedding which a group of seniors presented. This year we lost more members, making the class now have a total of thirty-six. We were very proud when we walked into E.C.H.S. in September of 1949. We were juniors and past the halfway mark in our four years of high school life. This was to be a very big year for us and it proved to be a very busy one too. The officers elected were: Raymond Hill, President, Betty Sollenberger, Vice-President, and Gene Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer. Our first party of the year was a hayrack ride-weiner roast. In October we presented the play "Take Your Medi- cine" under the direction of Miss Holm. The play was such a huge success t.hat we gave it again for as large a crowd as before. In December the big moment arrived that we had long been waiting for-our class rings arrived. In March we started plans for the Prom to be on April 28. Our theme was "Club '51" and when the time arrived, it proved to be a big success. Dean Mur- dock and Ann Miles were crowned King and Queen. As this year came to a close, we were looking forward to the next year when we would be seniors. September of '50 found thirty-five of us sitting by the windows in the rows reserved only for seniors. Our officers for this year were' Raymond Hi1l,APresidentg Marilyn McKown, Vice-President, and Richard Grover, Secretary-Treasurer. We found we were to have another very busy year. Our first party was the traditional steak-fry at Detweiller Park on September 25. At the end of the football season, we sponsored a football home- coming, the first one for many years. The new field and the gym were decorated with orange and black streamers and pennants. A pep meeting was held at the field the night before our final game with Valley and ended up in a long snake dance through town. After the game, a sock dance was held in celebration of our victory. It was estimated that a crowd of three-hundred fifty were there. Kenneth Howard and Marilyn McKown were chosen King and Queen. Later on we also sponsored another sock dance at Christmas time. On March 30, we presented our class play, "Willie's Week-end" under the direc- tion of Mrs. Monroe. In April we were guests of the juniors at the J unior-Senior Reception. As the graduating class, we now number thirty- seven. We are now ready to go forth and make use of the knowledge we have gained here during the last four years. Colors-Blue and White Flower-Yellow Rose Motto-"Tonight we launch: where shall we anchor" J OANN ADAMS HDOtH "Early to bed, Early to rise, May make you healthy, But won"t make you wise." HELEN BRIDSON Q "Birdseed" "I'm not a flirt l'm just good natured!" RONALD AMAN "Rock" "His limbs were cast in manly mold- For hardy sports and contests bold." JANE BURROWS "Calamity" "Her wavs are wavs of oleasantness. and all her marks are A's." 4 RALPH BACHER "Jersey Joe" "Me and my girl My girl and me Who is she?" STEVE CAMP "Steady Steve" "Sometimes I just sit and think- Sometimes I just sit!" JACK BICKFORD I nBiCkn "On the football field he fights his best, In .basketball he stands the test, And on the track he will be fine And yet-He keeps his dates on time." JANET CLARK "Shortie" "Her heart is not in her work- It's in Edwards." A fs. 5- E 5-- h 'nf if AMYDELL CLEMONDS Amy "Short, but sweet!" ALBERT HACKER Albie "A1bie is known as the Woman's Home Companion. WILLIAM DOUBET "Big Bill" "A Mother's pride A Father's joy A great big bubbling, bouncing boy." BETTY RUTH HAINES 'Boopie" "It's easy girls-if you have the eyes CONNIE FOOSE "Foosie" "Gentlemen nrefer blondes!" KENNETH HOWARD N N "Be it ever so handsome, There's no form like my own WARREN FRENCH H Twa-twa" "A good lad we here behold Who in the classroom is never bold." EUGENE JOHNSON "Swede" "They say he is bashfu1-- But you'd be surprised!" J OANN JOHNSTON HJC!! "When one is truly in love she not Only says it, but shows it." WILLIAM KEYSER Q HA'bel! "I am not bashful I'm just well trained." PATSY KEEFER upatn "Tired of school and it's confusion, She is now some man'sOil1usion." MARIANNE MILLER I 4zMarys: "Never trouble trouble, Until trouble troubles you." LAWRENCE KEEN Y uLarI.yu "He talks, he talks, Ye Gods! how he talks." CHARLES NEAL "CHUCK" "A perfect gentleman!" WILMA KEIME "Willie" "We like to hear Wilma talk- Because she knows all the news." MARGE NELSON ccMaggierJ "There is a little bit of silliness in every good little girl." lk fl 1' ,if em, - WILLARD PARR "Milo" "He argues but seldom reasons." EARL RUSCH "Dean" "He lost his heart-and ring." MARLYS ROBERTSON "Robbie" She did well whatever she under- took to do." BERWYN SHANE "Bernie" "Yes, he has his share of wit, and We often hear him using it." BRIAN RODGERS "Basil" "Our naughty boy from Sheffield with the million dollar smile," EARL SHELEY "Little Earl" "The girls like him but what does that matter? It isn't a sin." ALAN ROSECRANS HAI!! He smiled and said, "Don't rush me, girls!" BETTY SOLLENBERGER UBet!! "Ding dong dell, there goes the bell, Classes have begun and here comes Betty on the run." A GENE WILSON llTug9! There will be a great gap in the world when I die." . DUANE YERBY "Biff" "Wiser men than I have ridden on motor-cycle and lived." 70. We, the members of the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-one, being of unsound mind and infirm body, and having lost entire control of our faculties, but realizing that the end is drawing near, declare all former wills void, and do affirm this to be our last will 'and testament. SECTION I To The Faculty We, the Seniors of Elmwood High School, in order to show due appreciation and love for the faculty, do bequeath peace of mind forever. SECTION II To The 'Inderclassmen We, the Senior Class do give and bequeath to the Sophomores, our ability to get along with thestudy hall teachers. We, the Senior Class do give and bequeath to the Juniors our dignity and our ability to yell at pep rallies. We, the Senior .Class do give and bequeath to the Freshmen a few hints First: Don't studyg it's too much work. Second: Don't throw erasersg you might get caught. Third: Appear sophisticatedg chew gum., g SECTION III I, Ronnie Aman, do grve and bequeath unto Ted Kinnicutt, my ability to stay home, -read comics, 'and listen to the Red Sox. I, Brian Rodgers, leave 'my quiet ways to James Geber. I, Betty Ruth Haines, will my ability to "go steady" to Betty Ramsay. I, Marilyn McKown, will and bequeath my singing talent to Jack Purtle. I, Albert Hacker, leave my extra weight to Jerry McCoy. I, Patsy Keefer, bequeath my diamond ring to Marilyn VanSickle. I, Earl Rusch, do will my ability to farm to Bill Howard. , I, Marlys Robertson, do will and bequeath my hair bows, especially my pink ones, to George Snider to wear in his black curls. I, Fritz Grover, leave my daily trips to Yates City to Ronnie Finfrock. I, Jack Bickford, will my ability to play basketball to David Wilson. I, Bill Keyser, do will and bequeath my sideburns to Donald McCoy. I, Warren French, do will and bequeath my ability to study to Larry Johnson. I, Marianne Miller, leave my quiet ways to Janet Shissler. I, Gene Wilson, leave my Toni-wave to Louis Colgan. I, Margie 4Nelson, will my temper to Kathryn Gibbs. I, Kenneth Howard, leave my Ford to any junior boy who has a girl and can drive. I, Larry Keen, leave my loud shirts to Franklin Schroeder. I, Jane Burrows, do will and bequeath my ability to type rapidly and without errors to the Typing I class. I, Earl Sheley, do will and bequeath my place on Maggie's Aggies to Buddy Silzer. I, Steve Camp, do will and bequeath my ability to get along with St. Francis Hospital nurses to Bobby Korenowski. I, Janet Clark, will my ability to go with Edwards boys to Mary Lou Howard. I, Alan Rosecrans, leave my job at the Fair store to Johnny Bridson. I, Wilma Keime, leave my even temper to Pauline Settles. I, Willard Parr, leave my ability to meet new girls to Donnie Howard. I, JoAnn Johnston, leave my A's in bookkeeping to Spike Taylor. I, Bill Doubet, do will and bequeath my stock car to Carol West. I, Ralph Bacher, leave my ability to get along with Mr. Magers to Bob Ledger. I, Betty Sollenberger, do will and bequeath my collection of Harry's to Joan Camp. I, Eugene Johnson, bequeath my good behavior to Norman Daley. I, Berwyn Shane, bequeath my ability to pronounce big words to Mary Emery. I, Amydell Clemonds, will my firm ways to Beverly Dembinski. I, Raymond Hill, do will and bequeath my position at Steer's Pharmacy to Donald Phares. I, Duane Yerby, do will and bequeath my nocturnal parking places to Donald Schoenbein. I, Helen Bridson, do will and bequeath my seat in the red Ford to any girl lucky enough to get it. I, Charles Neal, do bequeath my ability to build model airplanes to Dean Glenn. I, Joann Adams, leave my desk in study hall to Marilyn Austin. I, Connie Foose, leave my sober ways to Barbara Meehan. We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty- one, do hereby acknowledge this document as our last will and testament. Any signs of sanity are purely coincidental. . ... ..... a JW -Q X -. M., . ,. Q, ,W-. - K E ix 3 .. ,, Q, yigwg f- w x, A 1 ,f l sm w ig s W YLX' :Q h im 2- Q. .- frl 1 ' --9, , W5-Q K . NL, LX QQ, Km' 1 L. g X ,fm SN ,A A V - w g, -y . Q f . F I Q WAYNE CALLISTER GEORGE SNIDER President Vice-President J ANICE WORLEY Secretary-Treasurer Back row, Left to Right-Shirley Gray, Bobby Korenowski, Kaye Keefer, Betty Ramsay, Regina Layman, Marilyn Austin, Ruth McDonald, Donald Howard, Char- lene Bateman, Rodger Dunton, Margery Rosecrans. Middle row-Donald Meehan, Dean Glenn, Ted Kinnicutt, Edward Shoop, Berwyn Mveehan, Wayne Callister, George Snider, Ronnie Finfrock, Barbara Hahn, John es . Front row-Peggy Moravek, Joanne Moravek, Dorothy Wagner, Joan Bacher, Hazel Emery, Marilyn Weber, Janet'Shissler, Marilyn Van Sickle, Janice Worley, Madelyn Beame, Betty Rynearson, Mary Emery. S ry, 'x s In 1948, forty-four green freshmen flockedl-into the halls of E. C. H. S. At our first meeting 'for the year we picked the following officers: Roger. Dunton, President, Betty Ramsay, Vice-Presidentg George Snider, Secretary-Treasurer. Our two parties for this year were a hayrack-ride and a Weiner roast the first semester and a successful all school party the last. During this year we lost six members. In September of '49, we elected the following officers: Janice Worley, Presidentg Ruth Mc- Donald, Vice-Presidentg and Janet Shissler, Sec- retary-Treasurer. Our first party for this year was a hayrack-ride, and the last. one an all school party. We were also invited to a skating party by the freshmen. In September of '50, we were back again, this time as juniors. We now numbered thirty-six. We picked as officers: Wayne Callister, Presi- dent, George Snider, Vice-Presidentg and Janice Worley, Secretary-Treasurer. Our first X-Xparty was a hamburger fry at Weber's but Since it rained, the party was held at the gym. Then, in November, the big moment arrived, our classxrings were here. Before long, we gave our p1ay.NIXanuary Thaw. The last highlight of the year W the prom, which we named "Wonder- land." - ny Howard and Helen Bridson were Ch0Sen Kmg and Queen. At the end of this year we number irty-three, and are looking very anxiously to ing seniors next year. X Xi . -XR CAROL WEST President GERALD McCOY Vice-President 0164 A wx 'TSA Si Q-:3 A r H' .T?E'f553'3k'fff.'w",." Q' iifiifxggik: VMARYS .09 ' 11 '25 4' Ti -s-5 ,, w 1--, ww V2 1 85,5-Q A F., z 411 . , he V W ,Q , ff' '55 , X 2 'Rim K v IL MARY MAHER Secretary-Treasurer 1 Back Row, Left to Right-Betty Lou McBeth, Donna Morby, Imogene Harwick, Donald Phares, Carol West, Neal Duval, Lee Miles, Donald Schoenbein, Joan Camp, Dick Hacker, Mary Maher, Lorraine Slane, Barbara Meehan. Middle Row-Ralph Endres, Donald McCoy, Leonard Colgan, Bill Plumer, Eugene Dembinski, Franklin Schroeder, Charles Taylor, Louis Colgan, Donald Lewis, Leonard Grove, Gerald McCoy, Duane Patton, Shirley May. Front Row-Jimmy Lewellyn, Jackie Craig, Eleanor Nickerson, Evelyn -Doubet, Betty Broadfield, Ruth Wyman, Shirley Rodgers, Carol Keen, Rosemary Cline- Bell, Jacqueline Ekena, Hope Hartley, June Sollenberger, Florence Edwards, Norman Daley. 66444 Zfamq The day was fair and the grass was green and so were the forty-eight freshmen that entered Elmwood' High for the first time on that well- remembered day in 1949. At the first meeting, we elected: Donald McCoy, President, Leonard Colgan, Vice-President, and Pauline Golden, Secretary and Treasurer. Our entertainment for the year was a skating party and a weiner roast. In the fall of 1950, we-,again entered the cor- ridors of E.C.H.S. as sophomores. The forty-two of us were still a little frightened, but not nearly so much as the year before. We again took up our studies, and as before our entertainment took place in the form of a weiner roast. Our officers for this year were: :Carol West, President, Gerald ' McCoy, Vice-President, and Mary Maher, Secre- tary-Treasurer. We are now looking forward to next year when we will enter the bracket of upper classmen as juniors. P if- X7 - lil Q11 ' 'P -' PW . 3 i gvg, X x f. h N r fr. I ,lg x K ,cfrpfjf ww 4 V- fmf.3Qg -' . P' E fk , Lf. 1 agp ,ffs5gfs,yI ew: 'N A N BILL DIKEMAN President 525: 5155 4 : wzrgaxsg-:W . KENNETH McALISTER BEVERLY DEMBIN SKI Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Back Row, Left to Right-Marcia Norris, Buddy Silzer, Larry Johnson, Jim Nixon, Bonnie Rice, William Diebold, David Wilson, Bill Shoenbein, Charles Garrett, Michey Crouch, Mary Lou Howard, Dorothy Dunn, .Toe McCoy. Middle Row--Bob Ledger, John Bridson, Virginia Hill, James Geber, Bill Dikeman, Richard Harkness, Raymond Kolowski, Jack Purtle, Bill Howard, Kenneth Mc- Alister, Floyd Hall. Front Row-Jeannette Moravek, Pauline Settles, Marion O'Hearn, Linda Kratzer, Peggy Miles, Dian Winn, Donna Sears, Fannie Moore, Shirley Clemonds, Jean DeFord, Mary Weber. 66444 Wdetow On September 1, 1950, 42 very green freshmen entered E.C.H.S. and took a look at their classrooms for the next four years. At. the first class meeting Bill Dikeman was elected Presidentg Kenneth McAlister, Vice- Presidentg and Beverly Dembinski, Secretary-Treasurer. The two parties for this first year were a weiner roast and a skating party with the sopho- mores. s the road. e L lf. .z,f,,,av.'m.ax-mmm.f:was,:xagg Dum y 'bdfiftiftf This completes the third year that ECHS has had the driver training course, sponsored by the Chicago Motor Club. Each year one of the car dealers in town furnishes the school with a new car equipped with special dual controls. This year, under the instruction of Mr. Dawson, 30 students have taken the course in "safe and sane driving". The class meet as a whole once a week, using a special book entitled Man and the Motor Car," and then the groups of four students each, go out and drive twice a week The parents f these boys and girls should be very proud of this course, as its main principle is to teach the young drivers the fundamentals of driving and the rules of DONALD HARTLEY Coach tdetiw We-nity Squad Back Row, Left to Right-Ralph Bacher, Alan Rosecrans, Edward Shoop, Ronnie Aman, Kenneth Howard, Ronnie Finfrock, Fritz Grover, Brian Rodgers. Front Row--Eugene Demibinski, Berwyn Meehan, George Snider, Albert Hacker, John West, Ted Kinnicut, Wayne Callister, Jack Bickford. ' The scores of, the games for the year were We had a very successful football season this year, with four wins, two losses, and one tie, over last year's two wins and three losses. Six of the seven games were played here on our new field, with the boys, being more experienced this year, putting on very good exhibitions. On September 23, the team was invited to Ex- position Gardens to witness the Bradley-Ripon game. Then, on the 30th, the seniors of the team went to Champaign-Urbana to watch the open- ing game of the Illini football season. On November 15, a football banquet was held at the legion hall by the Kiwanis Club in honor of the players. A most Valuable Player Award was awarded to Ronnie Aman by the letter win- ners. Kenneth "Hap" Howard was elected Honor- ary Captain for the year. FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORE SQUAD Back Row, Left to Right-Larry Johnson, Charles Gar- rett, Jack Purtle, Kenneth McAlister, Jack Craig. Front Row-Eugene Dembinski, Franklin Schroeder, Gerald McCoy, Ralph Endres, John Bridson, Leinard Grove, Bill Howard. 'Elmwood Elmwood "Elmwood 'Elmwood 'Elmwood "Elmwood 'Elmwood it Home Games Wyoming Wethersfield Avon Bradford V.I.T. Lewistown Valley H MMS sr 35 QW DQ: i f iw P K 'A X.-mmap I .. TX..lY.g5. N1,, 'Q Q Q 4 X W Q? ,1 51 .P Q Q 3 ' W 34 f xxi M X J R x X l H s K , K fe nf 5 M 5555 X' A JF- Y X xv ,Q Q ,.r.. J 'flfsk 'T' - "7-35, -ffl . 'R SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Back Row, Left to Right-Bill Howard, Eugene Dem- binski, George Snider, Bobby Korenowski. Front Row-J im Nixon, David Wilson, William Diebold, Kenneth McAlister, Johnnie Bridson. get FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL Back Row, Left to right: Kenneth McAlister, Wayne Callister, George Snider 'Berwyn Meehan, Ronnie Finfrock, Bobby Korenowski Front Row: Berwyn Shane, Fritz Grover, Jack Bickford, Ken- neth Howard, Ronnie Aman. Elmwood had a very successful basketball sea- son this year, winning 19 and losing 6. The team got off to a very good start, winning 9 in a row, one of these being a 55 to 39 victory over Knox- ville in the Holiday Tournament, giving them first place. They soon hit stormy weather though when Farmington beat them 52 to 48. The E.C.H.S. cagers then went into a slump after the first of the year, but soon came out into another winning streak of seven games. Glasford then stepped in and stopped them with a 48 to 44 victory, thus costing them the undisputed first in the Kickapoo Valley League. However, they didn't lose out altogether, the team tied with Glasford, sharing first. In March, the boys entered the regionals at at Canton and beat Yates City in the first gameL They were soon to be disappointed, when Lewis- town won with a victory of 43 to 35. During the basketball season, E.C.H.S. was made a member of the strong Blackhawk confer- ence. Actual competition will begin with football next year and will carry through with basketball, and track. I . . w xi. if 1. 4 . ,Qliyfffgf -, MTX. .fav M l wi. . 2 L ' A Fl ' 957' f".i':' k f -1 I ' ' , K-X I ,. ., Wg, , fgzrju. , .. -qwvfywuwp , H , ' V ,W 1 ,. Q. 1 xg X 1 5 E E 8 wi , va ' Xl ff, Q 'gay 1 ,af gm Aw QW X x 2 f 12 Aavhgl is Q I Y -Pix x x ' . QS, 4 nr ng, jg A . - x ,y f-Q i 2 ' , , 4 " Q I ,- Fw " 6' f ' 'Q Q Ls' S 'QT . . , e Q g V I- Q- -Raw? -v5w-uk-xg 4 .,,,,,.g. ,Wmim Tw.,,g ULN ff'-lv-if 'f+-42? 1'tQ+f'i1rf 1+vi:s 15 nnfqfvw ,uf V' 14, P- - -wg wr, 1 ?A3:'j,, Axf ig , . . ..:W.-sfwmmfqwLf,s:M,?fMxxW , - ff - Q f' t .1Q?fwNaw:4?wmzy'4Hhvwarfaffm i XM x-ggi 3, , E if fi, W f ,vgv'w N '1 gi: , mpg, N ' V if-22 Q ev I Ti if Q ' S ' fy - , A ga, -0 L' w:,5..:f. ,- gf Q1 ,, ' .L 'V Q A ,E 4,f.f g :rlL1 : Z':'.f-wif" K Q k 3 5 4 i QQ' , fiff-5"-'v'--'W E ,ri at -gl 1aPi:Ijf te:i - 1 , " f QQ Q Q4 3 4 I A n' Ig' N 2 Q, L, ' -.if ' M-1, 'lll' if- 1 'WW H :TW N9 , 3"':ff?? 1 - .15 ,. ,gin E Vg 4 ' k if gf j "" ti -W.,--JL'i llfpa A MA .f ' LH A',' 'T' W M fb . . 5 1 1 , 3. ly x y 1' 32? lv V X fr 8 L, L M i if J ""Q gi 3, 75 vi.. - 3 I - 1 Y Zaaaedad emu Back Row, Left to Right-Steve Camp, Coach Hartley, Charles Garrett, Wayne Callister, Bill Howard, Donald McCoy, Ronnie Aman, Jack Bickford, Eugene Dembinski, Albert Hacker, Gerald McCoy. Front Row-Ronnie Finfrock, George Snider, Bernie Shane, Jim Lewellyn, Kenneth Howard, Ted Kinnicutt, Alan Rosecrans. Q FXS.-E31-TL R7 t flu The E.C.H.S. baseball team started out their first baseball. season play- iflg the Qntral Lionss who wan the team 13'--2, For the next game, Ennis. Aman and Bernie Shane combined ote.lents' to pitch at 8-ll.. no--hit. gzm-.er over: Knox- villef In the neact games with htyonving, Jlman ,ni.tc1'-ed a '71-0, no-shit, no--rum Vimmer, Aftenseveral games, gnc team entered district contest and heat Bushnell, 81320, only to lose the next day to Canton, l2--LL. "Aman finished the season with an pitch.ing record of f our wins, and t hr-ee lossesg Shams finished with two wins and one loss., Flmweod 2 Centres 5 Enmwood- 9, Williamszfield 3 Elmwood 8 imc-:mile 3. time od 3 Grzsfsvwgl 5 Elrrzwocd Vvtvoming Q Elmu-:oo-.i BUSLVIIEELL1 O Elmwood-'8 Williamsfield e Elmwood ll, Canton 12 Ellsnwood 2 linoscviile 3 "1IRACKAREC0RD The first meet for the season was at Wyoming with gm- Om team winning first, pillace, George Snider won first in shot pu t, 100, LLLO, and broadjump. Berwyn Meehan won first in high jump and third in shot pat and high hurdles. Wayne Callister' placed first in discus , high hurdles, and tied for second in high jump. Willard Parr wah first in low hurdles and second in the 880. Charles Garrett woim second in 220.x Elmwood lst, Wyoming 2nd, FOI' their SGCOYIC1 meet, the team journeyed to Cuba for the Cuba-LaHa.rpe- Elmwood meet, where they placed second. Wayne Calligxter won first place in 1 high hurdles and high jump. George Snider won firstin the 100, AAO, and bg-Cady... Jump. Kenneth Howard placed secsnd in broadjump, fourth in discus, fifth in W high JQIIIP, and tied fOI' SSCO1'1d in the 100, Willard Parr won Secgnduin 1QW"h'qrd..f les and tied for fourth in pole vault. Berwyn Meehan won second in Bighvj "sb: up and third in high hurdles. Leonard Grove placed second in the 100 and ibmugg ' in the mile. Alan Oosecrans won fourth in shot put. William Diebold. tied for - 8 second in pole va1iLt, Albert Hacker placed fourth in shot put. Elmwood lost -- finstn place by only a half point. Laharpe lstg Elmwood 2nd, Cuba 3rd, The third one was held at Knoxville for the Knoxville'--Elmwood-ROVA meet' n where the team again placed second. Waynge Callister won first in high jump' and second in high hurdles, George Snider placed first in broadjump, and second- ima- , shot put, 100, and LAO, Berwyn Meehan tied for secondin high jump-hand placed third in 220, Alan Rosecrans placedufirst in pole vault, foumh in broadjump S-Hd fifth ifl jump.. Willard Parr won first in the 880, Albert Hacker pllaced third in shot put and discus, Knoxville lst 5 Elmwood Zf1d5,ROVA 3rd, At the district track meet, the team won sixth place out of the twentye-., seven 'schools participating, with ,George Snider making all the points. H e won third .in broadjump and shot put. In May' the team Went 130 the Blackhawk Conference meet at Galva where they " ,placed third, .George Snider placed first in shot put and set a new Blackhawk re-. cord by jumping 19' 85' '3 he also placed second in the 1,405 Wayne Callister,first in high jumpg, Leonard Grove, third in 880. Walnut lst 3 Galva Zndg Elmwood 3rd, ,v-fr:-1-W-GP? 6 N W rgvg- 0: W1 "3l.f' 1 'aaa J by 1 'R 'I "XA W 2 YF ' " Sqn r."'4- H14 'T11 AY L '21 'L' rw 'Q M ,, --.np L- - rf-.. 1-. 1 QE V, H,-.A 1- - 5,4 x. if T.. -ZW'-'J N4 F- HSP rf-fff-fialffllff' - EEK, fiiififf iax f 9if?f-5 5-5" 7" i7"'-i ' f- .W .A Y 33- T ,ii --- .1 ' ' 'L ' f'gf - .pi JH' - .,Q,'?k,9., as ' fn., 'sf-i w v Au-as -,.-- - Q -- ' -fr ,--A-lik--fx r 1 . -A 3,4 . if-19-5 '22 '1j,"""f -L.. '-r'f,-Lhliif - 1. - ntl' -.2 4 .:,-A. ,, A-, uri,-.,11,., , ,,. A . , A,g A -, A . -- 1 .- -.,-.A '-c. - .Af--v :A ,A -1-1. 1: .A , 1. '42 f' -:" A. ff.:"'e ,N-2 , -,Q-,q 2521, ,- Q-1-'-Q. -,:A,:,A -,g , 1- A :fy--,fi ' A-9 ij , a- . -.fs-.AfA A .f--,A- ,,1:- fj :if fA.g:5,: .',,I- H--Y-A--11-:f g, g 1. 'f. f- wi w-H.- wi 51-11.1-i'a?'f -wif'-Pei - 'J--:wif-,'.'-i-1 -A :A aa-Am Af-1'--T V'-A :EW .zgi-5f.'.V-?5f3:'a'-Q", 1:15.-:f-'iw-,ff"ffN.x"i-''1-r'.:'-1535.9 -A -N - A ' 1 fir.-P' 151- ,Af -if-.gre-:-41.-352 -12 5- --f,i'?zAi- ' 1 , 251 -' 22? 'w il A-:A 'f-AA,AA: ww-ig, , f , -5 I . .- A . H . .5 ',,.--- . ' A -1 ,--A-A--:x-A 1,,.jg:.'.-gr -Q. x -. -A. ,I :uvgeg -i A - .1- A ,AA fb, w A-gf.f-- 1 A- A'-A 4,1-A: f, A-,Ax gf' 5 3 ,P J I? : ' .' 'f"yj'z 5-' 1 -,L .,.- --f-rf-'f1"'Q 3-"1 -if-""" fs-A".-, Ja- UQ :A 2.g,:., ' ri 2 9 -IJ 2- -55 "F'-5:-1:Q+'.-' H-'tk L'-Q'-. ..f':,-.2 f'.f':'fL 2 'A' '- A5 12-1 L x L - ' "tn, '-. 'J': -'.. A' L YI..-"1 V, :"l.-,rI..' A"l...v "'., -. 1 u A- .g- --3 5: x gp.: -.A . g' -,4 M 4 R --4. ff'-as -'-'Q1aa+A1:A- Ap - H 1-5 S' 'Q I " 2 ' - A wg- "-'-. nt,,g':-..:'v- +R- ., Q, , . fer? a:--'ak A. A A. AA .- .L A --K. --17-, ' -I-',' ' A Andi , A 1, AA A -35331 r-1 Q, "3-.1 1, - -Aj.-5 g':fg?fQ"1 "731if'1"'ffJ'QV! -o'Q"':i 4 A ,Q ,,,i mf ' A .--':-,?g5A,1gf- A:-.3-f,gfA,- -. FJ.-Ag-v D ,3 - HA-A., , -Q ' J7FTl"'-E-et!!-'T157-ef"3'iffif"'.Q"F A ,!?'?2"'f4' b , A- A ,n f V '- -'Q fr , . Aiigf ffl'-..' H 4-Q?-:""-. Ji. -A ' - ' 4' ' - -- A 1ELZ"micf-if-i-.' 'lAif:ff'EE f'?'i'i, -1-' ' -fw- r., ' A AA- " ' - ' .'-',,:.w-5--J -A+,-A ' Q' - -.. '31,--p A '- -:anfir-AAAQ-,gs if- AfH12 ' ef2fi-f1'f"?Q - - - 1 Ae--41, i E- A 61252 -has -A A - A ' ' L1'25iQ'5'1--11:-2-'-:A T ' - 2. f 'u ' - 12-.Aw ., Ai I 4" A- -A .gxfis-AA,4, ' ,.- " - ' --1 - ' '3'f5l'lT'-fr' , - ' I-gil--A'r"g-4 1135 -'srriwf -' gifs '1 :-- -1. f A A 4, A- -A -STKE A - Ab- -A+-as fa A - ' 'ia L:A'Ai"1 .l Yeffs- A A A A " 7." Gi.: . '-'Ei' 'i iincfffk-Lfflii ' A-sit-f A A-igfrgaiii' 1 f - ,Ugg AA A-A? pq- -114: A ' ff." Ni Q ' ll .-If "ff 'T' G3 "4"-5 , AEA- 1 H11-1f4si,'A 143 3!:7i52'j' -yliifw I , .lA5....A, 1:.,A.f' 4.'N1:fgxi,,A.gA.,: -A, . .S QFQQCQZ r. Q Jr.--V? 'I ,A-253. A- -, A ,A A -A -ff - . - A 1-. ,I -v- A. -A-.-s'2' 'S-' - U'-:1,ig::, -4, ' A - - :f ?'Z'2-A5-ni if "fi Z.-Af' " - V. E A' Y Hfffi'-3 H ' A, "1A ' ffa-'Hi' '-eAfL5fr"3:cQA' P ' 3 . . 4' ' 7-W -T-'f'f'Il1':f:A3 ' " A' "H ' g " 'l i" '4 A' A A ' V ' 'Ik---5 '5"5'-7 A ' A E if 5 -3-rp Ria - tails. -a A 4 - " ' -7"f' 'f-2' A . 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Y -' 'A I.: ':':?J:?Z' Faq .ivy V ,r , 1 If .,: A - -"1.F,..-JA--.A Af.A.xf.f .A..- 52 12- 'NC ,.:--1f::ErA':g'fz 323:-Lk? flfiwv-1'-"8'jg' Ag' - , ,yi , zur , ,Q , -1-" " , "U, 'fn , -' 1- .4 ,- A ' y Q. .' ,q ' ",-A 1'-f'-A".-gf ' ,Tig:4f,A.'A ' 'L...,.. .1,--E1-if -I-51,7-I-'fl-A '1 51,6 't sg' Z-azA'F.A1'A1'?",'1-1'f?Aff' '. J-ilf-L 3-Iii!-T Q-Vg-'gif'Qj'3:q Q'Z, 1 iii 5'2- 1?ff-wm-'S Af'-1---L Q--if 1- 1,-.,i-wr' " A f 'A A, , , ' - -'Q-19 ' . f A-f Q, f. 1 -A A ,f-53 jjfivff ,Aff P,-U-f5,i'fi A ,,I'I.,A,1, -.,, .An ,L-y ,W 4 A- P A A -, - H A, ,A A- A ,.--.A . A A--. . A YA , -. A - .A -1 1 A 1 -A Mug' 'Pa-.'ff, '1-Q-94,1-Akai' 31- Aff ' 1-L ::m'f ?wg"5 Ef'15L+-ii'f1- f-C1139-fE "1'I2-iff' HL- 3 A -A ,. s--1 -A--'rf -I f - A M .A l- 'fp ,- 1 - A - Q' 5 i V. ,, -- A,:f,-..g,,,-29 - ' A -'A Av A. E540 .A E 3.551 HLALEV:-:rIr:2f gak':fas.52pflJ,SES -A-3-Uflf 'jfaLjAf:,?5 A 4 1, ,uf 1. ' -,:A A-15 ' , ,fr ' 'A',- ,, A ,"g,i','.-'-,..1 ' -A A- -. 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T.:-WA A f A fa-.-. - A- -' 1- NE-.IA--:A A-'. u! A ' 1., .::.g'A, .515 J' ,jlyygw f- -' -1- Q." -gr 'J' 5 -m'."'L.j,"-'A:fL.fgs-" 1 ' -- ii- . " if me Back Row, Left to 'Right-Richard Hacker, Charles Garrett, Jack Craig, Donnie Meehan, Leonard Grove, Robert Ledger, Bill Howard, Bill Diebold, Coach Hartly. Front Row-Ralph Bacher, Willard Parr, Berwyn Meehan, Wayne Callister, George Snider, Kenneth Howard, Albert Hacker, Alan Rosecrans. I Q la FOOTBALL . Left to Right Helen Bridson, Betty Sollenberger, Marilyn McKown. A GRADE SCHOOL Left to Right Carla Haines, Martha Harwick, Nancy Hahn. BASKETBALL Left to Right Joanne Moravek, Imogene Harwick, Betty Ramsay, Margery Rosecrans. 74 an Cal Standing, Left to Right--Gene Wilson, Marilyn Mc- Kown, Mrs. Monroe, Ronnie Aman, Kenneth Howard, Brian Rodgers, Larry Keen, Margery Nelson, Betty Sollenberger, Connie Foose. Seated, Left to Right-Helen Bridson, Albert Hacker, Amydell Clemonds, Raymond Hill, Marlys Robertson, Bernie Shane, Betty Ruth Haines. SE N IOIl CLASS PLAY Mrs. Ophelia Winkle - - Marlys Robertson Willie ---- - Berwyn Shane Mrs. McDonald - - Betty Sollenberger Eva Wood ----- - Betty Ruth Haines Mr. Hodges ---- - Raymond Hill Mr. Posey "Napolean" ----- Brian Rodgers Ozro Sanders "Captain Kidd" - - Larry Keen Mrs. Wood ----- - Connie Foose Janie Lou ----- - Margery Nelson Mulligan - - Amydell Clemonds Brenda - ----- Helen Bridson Shirley - ---- Marilyn McKown Orderlies - - Ronnie Aman-Kenneth Howard Groomsmen - - - Albert Hacker-Gene Wilson On Friday night, March 30th, the senior class presented their play, "Willie's Week-End", Wihich proved to be a very good success. The story centered around a sanitarium, the Bide-a-wee nursing home, where several slightly "demented" patients were found wandering around the rooms, some of them being a little dangerous- at times. The play was under the direction of Mrs. Monroe. Standing, Left to ,Right-Dean Glenn, Madelyn Beamer, Edward Shoop, Berwyn Meehan, Betty Ramsay, George Sniderfl Wayne Callister. Sitting, Left t.o Right-John West ,Ruth McDonald, Ronald Finfrock, Regina Layman, Janice Worley, Janet Shissler. J UN IOIl CLASS PLAY Frieda - Mrs. Gage - Mr. Gage - Sarah Gage - Paula Gage - Paula Gage - Barbara Gage - George Husted - Jonathan Rockwood Mathilda Rockwood Matt Rockwood - Mr. Loomis - - Carson - - Constable ,- - , ---- - Madelyn Beamer Betty Ramsay Ronnie Finfrock Janet Shissler Ronnie Finfrock Janice Worley Ruth McDonald Edward Shoop Wayne Callister Regina Layman QGeorge Snider Berwyn Meehan - Dean Glenn Bob Korenowski The Junior class presented their play, "January Thaw" on November 17, which was a howling success. This is a story, centering around a New England farm home, which shows what happens when one family moves in on another. Politics, plumbing, elopements, and living room livestock all made this a very hilarious play. The play was under the direction of Mrs. Monroe. Back Row, Left to Right-Lee Miles, Donald McCoy, Donnie Meehan, Donald Schoenbein, Earl Rusch, Ralph Endres Raymond Kolowski, John West, Bill Plumer, Jack Purtle, Leonard Colgan, Dick H,acker, Donald Howard, Ralph Bacher. Middle Row-Richard Harkness, Bill Dikeman, Albert Hacker, Bill Doubet, Kenneth Howard, Louis Colgan, George Snider, Wayne Callister, Bill Keyser, Gene Wilson, Berwyn Meehan, Earl Sheley, Eugene Dembinski, Charles Neal. Front Row-Tackie Craig, Buddy Silzer, Mickey Crouch, Charles Garrett, James Geber, Neal Duval, Kenneth McAlister, Donald Phares, Gerald McCoy, Bobby Korenowski, Robert Ledger, Bill Schoenbein, Gene Daley, Joe McCoy. Future Farmers of America President - - - Earl Sheley Vice-President - Bill Keyser Secretary - Berwyn Meehan Treasurer -. ,- Bill Doubet Reporter - Sentinel - - We started the activities of the year by send- ing four boys, Berwyn Meehan, Ralph Bacher, Earl Sheley, and Wayne Callister, to the Sectional Fair at Henry on September 2. Following that on the sixth, we attended a plowing contest at Gay Harlan's farm. In that same month, the officers went to a Leadership Training Camp at Camp Wokonda. On October 6, we attended the annual Farm Youth Day in Peoria, Following that, Bill Keyser was awarded a trip to the National F.F.A. Con- vention at Kansas City, by the Rock Island Rail- road for his outstanding sheep production. Bill also won the District award in the state. In November, twenty-seven boys and four dads - Earl Busch - Louis Colgan went to the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago. Here they saw the judging of the Grand Champion Steer, and later went to the Society Horse Show in the evening. This spring, in April, a skating party was spon- sored by the chapter with an attendance of fifty people. On March 20, we held a potluck supper and Parents' Night, with movies, a vocal solo, and piano solo as entertainment. A very interest- ing talk was given by Mr. Orrie Potts from the District Conservation Office in Pekin. Earlier in the year, the F.F.A. boys formed a basketball team which was better known as Maggie's Aggies. We played Glasford and Brim- field F.F.A. F.H.A. Nickeson. Norris, June Sollenberger, Marilyn McKown. Moravek, Amydell Clemonds, Jean Ann DeFord F.H.A. CALENDAR 1950-51 OFFICERS President ---- Betty Sollenberger Vice-President ---- Margie Nelson Secretary - - - Eleanor Nickeson Treasurer ----- Janet Clark Public Relation Chairman - Peggy Moravek Song Leader - - - Marilyn McKown Historian - - - Amydell Clemonds Parlimentarian - - - Wilma Keime Recreation Chairman - Joanne Moravek Chapter Mother - - Mrs. Ralph McKown Chapter Sister ---- ' - Pat Persak Chapter Adviser - Mrs. Barbara Feltham The fifty-six members of F.H.A. held their first meeting, September 12, 1950. September 23, Betty Sollenberger, Connie Foose, and Peggy Moravek attended the F.H.A. House of Delegates meeting in Washington, Illi- no1s. September 28, informal initiation was given for the twenty-two new members. October 6, attended Farm Youth Day in Peoria with 4-H Club and F.F.A. Back Row, Left to Right-Betty Sollenberger, Bonnie Rice, Virginia Hill, Ruth McDonald, Charlene Bateman, Kaye Keefer, Janet Shissler, Marge Rosecrans. Middle Row-Betty ' Lou McBeth, Regina Layrnon, Marilyn Austin, Barbara Hahn, Joanne Johnston, Betty Ramsay, Joan Camp, Mary Maher, Connie .Foose. Front Row-Carol Keen, Betty Broadfield, Marilyn Van Sickle, Jacqueline Ekena, Barbara Hahn, Donna Morby, Rosemary Clinebell, Evelyn Doubet. October 26, formal initiation and installation of officers was held. Our mothers were invited -as guests. I The F.H.A. and F.F.A. also had a food stand at the football field which opened with the first football game. F.H.A. week, November 5 through 11 was ob- served with a special task performed by mem- bers each day. During December, Christmas gifts were taken to Neighborhood House in Peroia. All were made by F.H.A. members. December 20, we had a Christmas party. The basketball foodstand was started with the beginning of the basketball season. February 1, the F.H.A. had a style show with mothers and friends as guests. In March, the F.H.A. sponsored courtesy week. The general committee was the freshmen. In April, at a special program, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe gave us a very interesting demonstration on flower arrangements. During May the F.H.A. took a tour to Daven- port and saw many points of interesst. Back Row, Left to Right-Joanne Moravek, Janet Clark, Patsy Keefer, Peggy Miles, Dian Winn, Betty Rynearson, Madelyn Beamer, Wilma Keime, Eleanor Middle Row-Dorothy Dunn, Margie Nelson, Helen Bridson, Janice Worley, Mary Lou Howard, Marcia Front Row-Jeannette Moravek, Marion Ruth 0'Hearn Mary Emery, Fannie Moore, Shirley Clemonds, Peggy President - GM. Back Row, Left to Right--Linda Kratzer, Peggy Moravek, Eleanor Nickerson, Joanne Moravek, Janet Clark, Madelyn Beamer, Wilma Keime, Patsy Keefer, Betty Rynearson. Middle Row-Dian Winn, Marge Nelson, Betty Ruth Haines, Joan Bacher, Mary Howard, Dorothy Dunn, Marcia Norris, Janice Worley, Helen Bridson, Marilyn McKown. Front Row-Ruth O'Hearn, Pauline Settles, Amydell Clemonds, Fannie Moore, Shirley Clemonds, Mary Emery, Donna Sears, Jeannette Moravek, Jean Ann De Ford. Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer - Point Captain - Song Leader - The first meeting for the year Was' held in September with sixty-one members present. There, were seventeen new girls to be added to the club. In October, we had our first. party, during which we initiated the new members. At our November meeting we elected two girls from each class to attend the Peoria Central Play Day. They participated in all the activities. We discussed ways of raising money for the treasury in December at our next meeting. It was decided to sell chances on a bedspread which brought a very good profit for the organization. Helen Bridson - Connie Foose - Marilyn Austin - Carol West - Wilma Keime - Marilyn McKown In January we decided to have a Sport Night in which all of the G.A.A. girls would participate. During the evening they played volley-ball and basketball, some of the girls put on stunts at in- termission. This event. took place March 8 with a very good audience attending. Every year the G.A.A. girls have a banquet, this year being at the Block 8z Kuhl Tea Room at Peoria on April 30. We were served a very de- licious dinner and were afterwards entertained with a program by some of the girls. We elected new officers for the coming year at this meeting. Back Row, Left to Right-Bonnie Rice, Virginia Hill, Ruth Mc- Donald, Kaye Keefer, Marge Rosecrans, Janet Shissler, Charlene Bateman, Betty Ramsay, Carol West, Betty Sollenberger. Middlee Row-Betty Lou McBeth, Joan Camp, Jane Burrows, Barbara Hahn, Marlys Robertson, Marilyn Austin, Regina Layman, Mary Maher, Connie Foose. Front Row-Hope Hartley, Carol Keen, Jacqueline Ekena, Bar- bara Meehan, Rosemary Clinebell, Shirley Gray, Marilyn Van Sickle, Shirley Rodgers, June Sollenberger. Back Row, Left to Right-Bill Dikeman, Betty Broadfield, Regina Layman, Ray- mond Hill, Douglas Coulteer, Gary Fincham. Middle Row-Marlys Robertson, Carol West, Wayne Dalton, 'Donald Spellman, Marilyn Van Sickle, Donald Phares, Lee Miles, Ronald Boyd, Randy Snider, Claude Spellman, Richard Hacker, Mary Maher, Peggy Miles. Front Row-Virginia Hill, Madelyn Beamer. 'gmmf Clarinets-Marlys Roberston, Carol West, Wayne Dalton, Donald Spellman Saxophone-Marilyn VanSickle Trombones-Donald Phares, Lee Miles Coronets-Randy Snider, Claude Spellman, Mary Maher, Peggy Miles, Ronald Boyd Trumpet-Richard Hacker ' Melaphone-Virginia Hill Flute-Madelyn Beamer Baritone-Bill Dikeman Bass Drum-Betty Broadfield, Raymond Hill Cymbals-Regina Layman Snare Drum-Douglas Coulter, Gary Fincham M The band had another successful year, gaining more members and learning many new musical numbers. We played for all the home football and basketball games, and at the last game, our homecoming, the band marched in formation for the first time. On April 9, we gave a concert in the gymnasium with several marches, concertos, and South American numbers. We are looking forward to next year, and we hope we shall have ' many new members join. Mr. Vegna has been with us two years and has done an exceptionally fine job in teaching band. He is the director of the Peoria Municipal Band besides teaching at various l other schools. Having won national championships and honors during his years as a musician, Mr. Vegna is a very capable band teacher and we can be very proud to have him in our music department. Special Hmmm JANET SHISSLER FRANK MCCABE, E Declamafivn MARLYS ROBERTSON Valedictorian Lorado Taft Essay V.F.W. Essay Legion Essay Sr. I Berwyn Shane Salutatorian - Free Throw ff . MARILYN MCKOWN D. A. R. . N w e -ff- , T-.. V TD -.h' Nilfxf . RL .' j ' Q , ..., il" " Saw . 1 this " ,Z , 62575 993 Q 5, 1- K R T lf' . :M-1v?"' ',--. rx GEORGE WHITNEY Legion Essay Jr. EIGHTH GRADE J . Back Row, -'Left to Right-Nancy Hayes, David Shindley, Janice Rodgers, Sandra Clark, Margaret White, Evelena Cochran, Judy Parker, Berlene Maxwell. Middle Row-Merle Clark, Tom'Wel1s, Judy Hildebrand, Martha Harwick, Joy Keyser, Deanna Patterson, Nancy Hahn, Mel-vin Cowley. Front Row.-Bob Harkness, 'Dick Neal, Larry Coon, Jim Lane, Bill Colgan, Sylvia Hall, 'Jim Forney, Lynden Lischer, Jack Enfield. . C SEVENTH GRADE at Bacli Row, Left to Right-Diane.Butterfie1d, Glenn Nelson, Steve Harding, David Rodgers, Robert Howard, ,Danny McBeth, Brian Kjellenberg, Robert Shissler, Frank Barwick. ' Middle Row-Robert Emery, Dale Worley, Blair Haines, Karl Taylor, Ada Jones, John Moody, George Whitney, Phillip Kratzer, Jimmy McGuire. ' Front Row-Mary Persak, Mary Colgan, Sandra Phares, Sharon Sloan, Betty Duggins, Carla Haines, Larry Cox, Sammy Jones. Absent-Dorothy Rimington. slxm GRADE Back Row, Left to Right- Donald Emery, Donald Nelson, Claude Spellman, llgatxgcia Dunn, Robert Hayes, Larry Proctor, David DeGroot, Janet Harlan, Linda ar er. Middle Row-Mary Vance, Shirley Morris, Edward Cosby, Franklyn Harkness Marilyn Cochran, Celia Cowley, Betty Harkness, Karen Kleen, Frankie Keefer. Front Row-Bobby Churchill, Douglas Coulter, Ronald Brooks, Gerald Patterson Jr., Malcolm Bollinger, Judith Purcell, Virginia Ekena, Richard Coon, Keith Schroeder. Absent-Jimmy Strappe. FIFTH GRADE Back Row, Left to Right- Jack Jordan, Jimmy Dawson, 'Nancy Glenn, Philip Simpson, Douglas Eckland, Judy Dugnins, Jackie Miles, Patty Boice, Lavonne Libby, Glenn Moody, Bernard Maxwell. Middle Row-Richard Whitney, James Fruit, Donald Hague, Kathryn Imler, Mary Alice Bourgoin, Mary Ruth Dikeman, Patricia Patterson, Mary Ann Emery, Roger Schoenbein, Larry Mattson, Jack Trowbridge. Front Row-James Dalton, Ronald Sollenberger, Richard Churchill, Sandra Pilman, Sandra Fincham, Letitia Steer, Bruce Howard, Alan Sears, Bonnie Perryman. Abents-Gloria Swanson. FOURTH GRADE Back Row, Left to Right-Roberta Schoenbein, Shirley Slane, Betty Gray, Carrol Lou Shaheen, Dexter Harkness, David Roffey, JoAnn McLaughlin, Carolyn Sparks, Ronald Boyd, Gary Finchan, Eugene Polen, William Folkenroth. Middle Row--Robert Sollenberger, Jeffery McKinty, Roger Guild, Judy Keyser, Patricia Super, Robert Whitney, Randal Snider, Louise Bourgoin, Joyce Rimington, Larry Miles, Kenneth Archibald, Raymond Dunton. Larry Miles, Kenneth Archibald, Raymond Dunton. Front Row-JoAnne Gutshall, Kay Lynn Harkness, Sandra Gurshall, David Nelson, Nicholas Moore, Elizabeth Talley, Retha Cowley, Carol Lee Dunn, Eleanor Hall, Donald Spellman, Mary Miles, Linda Lou DeFord. THIRD GRADE Back Row, Left to Right--Lester Trowbridge, Edward Graves, Jimmie Moravek, Virginia Monroe, Lyle Slane, Edward Barwick, Jack DeFord, Tommy Harding, Kenny Forney, Dean Vance, Bobbie Parker, Sheila Harwick. Middle Row-Lou Ann Hoover, Glenn McBeth, Judith Schwartz, Gary Cox, Mary Ellen Morton, David Purcell. Robert Jones, Sandra Cochran, Allen Eckhoff, James Thompson, Duane Clift, Kay McCartney. Front Row-Larry Dawson, Karen Peal, Larry Jones, Ronnie Ecklund, Bob Hogue, Nancy Miles, Linda Bateman, Johnnie Simpson, Fred Rowe, Jackie Frame, Tommy Reinhart, Jimmy Haines. SECOND GRADE Back Row, Left to Right--Patricia Emery, Harry McFa1l, Bobbie Murphy, Louise Philbee, Sherry Clark, Bobby Patterson, Patricia Maher, Robert Morris, John McLaughlin, Allen Cochran, Betty Hall. Middle Row-Carl Snyder, Linda Hall, Keith Cox, John Morris, Alex Morton, Walter Fetgatter, Marianne Kleen, Jimmie Althiser, Ronald Thompson, Betty Sue Perryman. Front Row--Sharon Proctor, Sondra Klinck, Bill Roffey, Warren Crabill, Lowell Cooper, Martha Ann DeGroot, Roberta Hall, Sharon Hall, Bobby Talley, Janet Nelson, Elmer Bennett. FIRST GRADE Back Row, Left to Right-Jimmie Philbee, Edward Threw, Dale Keime, Barbara Beal, Suellen Swanson, Pauline Slane, James Lee Wyman, James Reinhart, Robert Gray, Judith Wallick, Carol Rodgers, Mary Lou Morris. Center Row-Janet Marie Finfrock, Janet Sue McGuire, Bobbie Joe Perryman, Gerry Shaheen, Pamela Lott, Linda Kay Guild, Melanie Sue Frame, Kathryn Jepson, Mary Ann Johnson, David Jordan, George Shaheen, Vicky Sue Cox. Front Row-Joan Nelson, Linda Lou Bollinger, Roy I-Iogue, Russell Rowe, Roberta Miles, Connie Sue Folkenroth, Raymond Graves, Linda Sue Howard, Bonnie Lynn Bennett, Barry Coulter, Steven Sears, Bobby Glenn DeFord. ' Absent-Sharon Ray, Mary Beth Fetgatter. Back Row, Left to Right-Glen Nelson, George Whit- ney, Phillip Kratzer, Jim Lane, Robert Shissler, Steve Harding. Front Row-Sammy Jones, Richard Neal, Jim Forney, Lynden Lischer, Jack Enfield, LarryYCoon. BOYS PATROL X Elmwood Grade School Patrol has been under the direction of Lynden Lischer, Captain of the morning patrol and Dick Neal, Captain of the evening patrol. The lieutenants for the year have been Jim Lane, morning and George Whitney, evening. A Certificate of Award was received by the school from the Chicago Motor Club in recognition of our no accident record for another year. The Elmwood Kiwanis Club presented the school with raincoats and hats which were greatly needed and for which the boys are very grateful. Every Thursday ,the patrol court meets in the Eighth Grade room to try any violators. Filrnstrips are shown to the different grades to give them an idea how patrol works and what they can do to help. This spring a day was set aside to test bicycles. 794ml GIRLS PATROL Back Row, Left to Right-Diane Butterfield Sandra Clark, Janice Rodgers Ada Jones Front Row-Sandra Pharhes, Calra Haines Joy Keyser Martha Harwick. 7454661264 J 1 sorrml TEAM Back Row, Letlt to Right-David Shindley, Danny McBeth, Blair Haines, Gerald Patterson, David Rodgers, Steve Harding, Douglas Coulter, Coach Hartley. Middle Row-Richard Coon, Phillip Kratzer, Sammy Jones, Richard Whitney, John Moody, Ronald Brooks, Merle Clark. Front Row-Robert Harkness, Larry Coon, Jim Forney, Lynden Lischer, Bill Colgan, Jim Lane. HEAVYWEIGHT TEAM Bacl: Row, Left to Right--Steve Harding, Merle Clark, George Whitney, Sammy Jones, Jim Lane, Coach Hartley. Front Row-Jack Enfield, Lynden Lischer, Jim Forney, Larry Coon, David Shindley. LIGHTWEIGHT TEAM Back Row, Left to Right-Coach Hartley, Gerald Patterson, Phillip Kratzer, Douglas Coulter, Robert Shissler. Front Row-4David Rodgers, Ronald Brooks, Blair Haines, John Moody, Dale Worley, Richard Coon. Q The Elmwood Grade School had a fair season with the heavyweights winning 9 of their 15 games and the lightweights winning 6 of their 14. The 'heavyweight tournament was held at Chillicothe and 'the lightweight tournamen at Bartonville. The scores for the season were: Heavyweights Lightweights Elmwood 20 Farmington 32 Elmwood 12 Farmington Elmwood 23 Brimfield Elmwood 18 Brimfield Elmwood 22 Williamsfield Elmwood 33 Williamsfield Elmwood 33 Glasford Elmwood 14 Glasford Elmwood 20 Gilson Elmwood 33 Gilson Elmwood 34 Maquon Elmwood 36 Maquon Elmwood 22 Farmington Elmwood 7 Farmington Elmwood 32 Ellisville Elmwood 16 Ellisville Elmwood 14 Williamsfield Elmwood 18 Williamsfield Elmwood 36 Brimfield Elmwood 12 Brimfield Elmwood 18 Gilson Elmwood 33 Gilson Elmwood 32 Maquon Elmwood 25 Maquon Elmwood 40 Yates City Elmwood 37 Yates City Tournaments: Elmwood 20 Gardner 19 Elmwood 22 Wilder Waite 23 Elmwood 20 Bartonville 38 Kenneth Howard and Helen Bridson were chosen king and queen to reign over "Wonderland at the gymnasium Friday night at the annual junior-senior reception and prom. The junior class worked hard all week decoratin-g accord- ing to the theme of 'tWonderland." The predominating color of dark sky blue was used on all sides of the room and in the drop ceiling. Silver stars, a moon, and clouds were floating on the blue. A gingerbred house with candy cane windows and flower boxes of lollyfpop plants was constructed at one end of the floor for the visitors to stand in. At the entry way to "Wonderland", there was a bridge crossing over a little stream where lilly pads were floating between grassy banks. The throne of the royal couple was draped in white and covered with red roses and surrounded by palm plants. Several torch lamps were placed around the room to cast their light on the silver moon and stars. The banquet was served by the Presbyterian Guild. Vifhile re- corded dinner music played in the background, the meal, consisting of tomato juice, ham, stringed beans, sweet potatoes, hot rolls and butter, coffee, and hot fudge sundae, was served to apfproxi- mately 80 peovple. After the very delicious dinner, Wayne Callister, junior president, welromed the seniors and faculty. Raymond Hill, senior president, gave the response. Betty Ramsay then sang, 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." accompanied by Ruth McDonald at the Piano. Delbert Magers. agricultural ln- structor, was the guest speaker. His tonic for the evening was on the definition of freshmen, sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors. ac- cording to Webster. Janet Shissler sang, "Blue Shadows on the Trail." After this, the gifts were presented to the seniors. An intermission followed this part of the program while the orchestra set up their instruments. Duanne Manlove's nine piece orchestra played the dance music for the evening. Everyone agreed that the music was exceptionally good. Later in the evening, Ronnie Flnfrock gave his rendition of "Desert Song," followed by the junior girls quartette, composed of Regina Layman, Betty Ramsay, Joanne'Moravek, and Janet Shis- sler, who sang, "Pagan Love Song." and, "Magic is the Moon- light." At the stroke of eleven, the grand march was played and the royal couple marched to the throne with Deanne Patterson, Lynden Lischer, and Wayne Callis- ter escorting them. Wayne then placed a crown of beautiful gar- denias on Queen Helen and a shin- ing gold crown on King Happy. The royal couple then lead the next dance amid much arprplause and flashing of cameras. The orchestra dedicated the next num- ber. "Sweet and Lovely' 'to the pretty queen. The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing until midnight. Carol West and Hope Hartley were the checkroom girls, and Lynden Lischer and Deanne Pat- terson were the"punch boy and ere' W' 50 or -,xetv , I F.'!I'5"' P a . 'ew 16 ,Q ln n 'f AJ 1 "Y f ' 1 4 F Q, A A ' A' A -ff i . ...A I ' -, V Q' . .55 5 , , .47 L A 515 -1 i' vi S 'fs gn 6 4 YW. t , ,FA 6 is :Z -:, -- 3 ,ss ,si I 1 Y I' a ,EA 1 H List of Graduates CLASS OF 1872- B. C. ALLENSWORTH, Prof., ELLA BRAIN, MARY HOPKINS, ELIZA HURLBURT, HATTIE KEENE, ELIZA MATHEWS, HETTIE PARSELL, MINNIE ROGERS, STELLA ROSE, F LORA SMITH, EDSON WALTON, ELLA WOODS. 1873--JAMES M. GREENLEY, Prof., LAURA V. RAMSEY.. . 1874-JAMES M. GREENLEY, Prof., LETTIE EARTH- OLOMEW, JOSEPH WILLIAMSON-. 1875-JAMES KELLY, Prof., ALICE BIGGS, ROSA RYAN, FLORENCE WHITNEY. 1876-JAMES KELLY, Prof., No graduates. 1877-JAMES KELLY, Prof., NO graduates. 1878-J. M. CROW, Prof., LOIS BROWN, ED EGAN. 1879--J. M. CROW, Prof., ASA M. BROWN, GEORGE N. BROWN, BATHENA COON, FLORENCE DAREY, BELLE KELLOGG, HUEURT MAR- SHALL, FLORA MCNAY, LILLIE PURCELL. 1880-J. M. CROW, Prof., MATTIE, BARRETT, HET- TIE COON, MINNIE PURCELL. 1881--J. M. CROW, Prof., JAMES LES, JOHN 1882 1883 PI-IEIFER, MAEELLE RYAN. -T. B. BIRD, Prof., ELLA FLANEGIN, IDA PATTERSON, EVAN SLAUGHTER. -T. B. BIRD, Prof., LIDA DINAN, NETTIE KIGHTLINGER, MAGGIE MCCOWAN, LIZZIE PULSIPHER, ATIC PURCELL, NETTIE WILEY. 1884--C. R. VANDERVOORT, Prof., ORIE BARTH- OLOMEW, KATE CALLISTER, LAURA LO- BAUGH, LUMAN ROYCE, HOWARD SPANGLER, BERTHA WHEELER, FRANK WHITNEY. WYEFAP Q 1885-C. R. VANDERVOORT, Prof., EL CLINGAN, 1886 1887 FRANCES DANIELS, FREDERICKA MATHEW- SON, FRANK WIDMEYER. -W. J. PRINGLE, Prof., LURA HELEN BARTH- OLOMEW, HARRIET JONES, ED C. SLAYTON, HARRY TOMPKINS. -W. J. PRINGLE, Prof., ANNA ENRIGHT, MINNIE LAWRENCE, EDWARD SIEGEL. 1888-W. J. PRINGLE, Prof., EDSON E. DALTON, KATE HURFF, ERNEST LOBAUGH, FRED PATTERSON, SAM TIDD. 1889-W. J. PRINGLE, Prof., JOHN BITNER, ED. U. HENRY, MILO KETCHUM, EDITH KIGHT- LINGER, HOWARD KIRKPATRICK, PHILIP PHARES, FRED PRATz, JAMES SLAYTON. 1890-W. J. PRINGLE, Prof., CHARLES BURT, SADIE CLINCH, FRED DAREY, BESSIE EWALT, ORRIE SNYDER, ESTELLE WASSON. 1891-W. J. PRINGLE, Prof., EMMA ANDERSON, GERTIE DAVIS, EVERET KEMP, LILLIAN WHEELER, FRANK WING. 1892-W. J. PRINGLE, Prof., HARRISON DIXON, CHARLES FARNUM, FRED HEPTONSTALL, EDNA LAWRENCE, NELLIE A. PERRIN, FRED SLAYTON, LEILA WILLIAMSON. 1893-S. B. ALLISON, Prof., GRA CURRLINGS, 1894- FRANK HIGGINS, ASA KIRKPATRICK, HARRY MACY, EMMA PIITMAN, SANFORD SCHRIERS, ANNA VANDERVOORT, ESTHER WASSON, KATIE WAIBEL. S. B. ALLISON, Prof.,- ETHEL CULLINGS, CHARLES DAY, BERTHA DENNING, REEA HERRIOTT, CHARLES MCCORKIE, .BER'I: RINER, ANNA SMITH, MYRTLE SLAYTON, MAE SMITH, ROSE WOOD.. . "' 'i WMI 'Wm 52321 I X " "' 'ia '-if "" iv? 'Ewa I N5 FRY! 'X P 'J A .. t'a"1HJP5'f ,ZA . Efgfff-I Wffi ,fl gg, ,, A if .-A -M 2 vw AW. 'z .A f If " R. N In 4255 M3 F R vw. . ,, 3-I W 3 -I k up 'MIW"? ' .ff ., -391. "- I- 64' , 'AJ ,KG-w-ibn-q qs F4 83.5, ,ix F V ",:.fiQ's.f." .w ,-,,-.U.1I!',f5,, - .-,, ,. J, --I-902511.-.J S5 N ' av, . . .A .gf Ag., . 4' l ,. 1 ,, ' ' .,1.I2i5..1f '23 V- ' 151, . ' I' .,.I,,jg:-aj:- .5 ' if -'ff14x,q.., I ' f .V .ii"1"v43" '-'vi-' . 'I' EX- .4 ' -T '.".l1 - ' ' - -.,.t.z- Q. A- ,E g.. . -M.--, -. ny- A A ' '- -- 2 4. ...U A .gf .Mag A W e-f ., f... ,' 3:3 -"Stir, ..-f...,:f,, .' ,-...Q ,xg 5. .,. - My ',' ' vw., '-,,. ' A' , me :fb"f.w,' . , . 1 -. . -. , . ,Er .1 f- H1 .4 wA,+.'k. E.. .- Na+ ' I , A Nix in. , 2?'!V:fgf.ifK.r!p.,9:.I11 .,-I 1511. T ,.f 5 .-- ' ' " A--"..f.' v... J . ' . "2 FQ- nj 9" 'Q 'iff '-"PB: ii.-'fif-if .- I I ,-- ,?r ..y '.7 1 4,v.n-. s Q'i:.hhh fdvtifg 5.2,-fRf.v.Q'--fig?-A I.-J. '35, . - X --.S 2' .w-7 .av V, 1, , -4' .-I, -. f,.I.f.:'... -4 "-5: - flfdq.-te ,, xj' ' ,Af-ggj, .'1??,:" Nfig- - ' .1f'1f"'f., ' - . -J . vi, E Q, 819,51 . ff ":,Qgt"Qjt . ,Lrg . - - .. 1-A-,J I --RA ", A ,. .' v,2":5?' .UNE .. -A! . -. ph", ' ..f f w. . fn: , .A , ,J ...AI-R .-' ,. Ima.-a,,f,v1r V -- . aw .'f-.-'.fE:,E f? , ,,1, ., . --. - ,,,.-5-" f .. A., ,. 'V ,.-,L .. , -1- L. xg' A,-' A . A- . I, it FSL' A '- '--'inifv-1 EL 1 3, . ,j"'fg+, I-A 5, 3 ,, . , 1. , " - 4 " 'F-". . - .- 1"f':-g"I"' A-.JS Iv' , '.-. V- wk ..,.-na. , , '.,',...?" fx- "'f""?p.1l 125 -2.-by :Q f if .1 Y --11 'if' f's'1?w'!fggSwi' -.-vii..-I-W . -A PH' -- 59' . . - .qw I . , g k' pp., . -.. -. , -,4 ,, 'I - i' -A Y '.34'i'f9.. . ' IEYSWAI, wfzfiv,-'z,!5K.lgfx3fz? '. I '.,1., 3' .M . . ,,-., ,Q . -.,, ,S ,. .. 15 Li! , A- .- A . nw' 4..".'.fm.fv.s u-f'f""..-- ' A - . av , . 1 If ,. -.f H.-.-.., - .44-.sw 'fm--ug I-:I . y., 4. . ' ' fo?-,515 f'L3.'f' - J' ' ...ilu 3,11 'ffili' A . , V. . , -35,1 ., I.. I 1 t 1 .a ,I . .hr 1895 --S. B. ALLISON, Prof., ANNA ANDERSON, LAL'RA BODINE, GEORGE DAVIDSON, CARA DUTH, BESSIE ENNIS, EDITH JONES, BERT- RAM KEMP, DANIEL KETCPIULI, HARVEX' LOTT, EDITH PATTERSON, MARY ROSE, C. A. VANCE, MINNIE WOODS, WINIFRED W HEELER, HORTENSE YVALKER. 1898--L. R. FLANEGIN, Prof., FANNY BOURGOIN, CLINGAN, GRACE FARNUM, MARTHA HOLT, STELLA KIRKPATRICK, NELLIE MANNOCK, NINA MILLER, MARIE REGAN, EMMA RINER, NELLIE SLAYTON, RENA WEBSTER, LA- VARRE WYCOFF. 1897-L. R. FLANEGIN, Prof., MAELE DENNING, ROSE DOUGLAS, SAMUEL GARRISON, GER- TRUDE HARDENBERG, ORTHA HEPTONSTALL, ELMER HUBBEL, LEIO JOHNSON, MARX' KIN- NEAR, SADIE LOTT, JESSIE MANNOCK, EFFIE MATHIS, ETHEL RUNYAN, HARRY WELLS, ERNEST WHEATCROFT. 1898-L. R. FLANEGIN, Prof., FRANK ARMSTRONG, CHARLES CLINCH, HAROLD CULLINGS, NETTIE DEEACHER, FRANK ESLINGER, BLANCH HERRIOTT, HENRY JARMAN, PAT- IENCE JARMAN, ROY KIGHTLINGER, ETHEL MCCANN, ALICE MCCULLOUGH, ANNA MC- DERIVIOTT, ESTHER NELSON, HARRY ROSE, BERTHA WAIBEL, MYRTLE WEBSTER, EMMA VVESTBAY. 1899-L. R. FLANEGIN, Prof., LESLIE ANDERSON, 1 900 ANNA ARMSTRONG, ADA C. BUELL, ANNA DEBACI-IER, PEARL GREENOUGH, MX'RTLE DEEACI-IER, LORA HART, ELLIOTT E. HEAD, HARLAN HUBBELL, HARLAN JONES, NELLIE E. MCCABE, NORA E. MCCARTY, TESSIE A. MCDERMOTT, DAVID H. MORTON, MAR- GARET M. NELSON, NORA NELSON, EDNA L. PATTERSON, MARGARET O. POWELL, NELLIE M. REGAN, MARGARET E. STEWART, BLANCH SWIGERT, HARRY' TROTH. -L. R. FLANEGIN, Prof., ARCHIE MILES, HARRY' RICHARDSON. UI Q its . 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 -L. R. Flanegin, Prof., Edwin Brown, Mar- ion Brown, Nellie Earing, Llyod Graham, Earl Henry, Allan Higgins, Amy Hotch- kiss, Dean Jay, Leroy Karshaw, Florence McKerrow, Albert Van Patten, Neva Wal- ton, Clifton WycoffL M. Martin, Prof., Mary Bowers, Everet S. Cathcart, Bert Conrey, Ross E. Cullings, Mable DeBacher, Maurice Grumley, Mina Morton, Nina E. Palmer, Elsie M. Phil- hower, Fannie E. Remmele, Charles E. Smith, Dale E. Snyder. -Charles Stuart, Prof., Marilla Cooper, Mar- garetta jay, Rea Harkness, Edson Kinnear, Fred Martz, Harry Quigley, Maude Smith, Raymond Troth, james Turner, Earl Vance, Nellie Wells, Belle WVilbur. -Charles Stuart, Prof., Will Bolin, Lottie Bourgoin, Evaline Brooks, Leta Cuthcart, John Grumley, Mary Humphreys, Monica Smith, Merle Snyder, Nellie Whaetcroft, Sylvia Zoll. - -Charles Stuart, Prof., Lelia Armstrong, Lot- tie'Armstrong, Anna Booth, Charles Bow- ers, Florence Gabriel, Charles Grumley, Earl Horsley, Alice Orvis, Paul Westbay. 1906-Charles Stuart, Prof., Gertrude Bowers, Mildred Bowers, Orral Conver, Ina Learned, Glennie Tyler, Gertrude Waibel. 1907-Charles Stuart, Prof., john Boswell, Irwin 1908 Dalton, Bertha Graham, Gilbert Lane, Ray- mond Lyons, Cara Nelson, Essie Rynear- son, Florence Walton, Ada Wheatcroft, Paul Wells, Dale Zink, Iantha Zoll. -T. S. Henry, Prof., Wilda Armstrong, Fran- ces jay, Edna Learned, Clifford Lott, Lil- lie Mannock, Agnes Morton, Edna Parr, Miriam Potts, Wallace Snyder, John Troth, Frances Walton, Katherine White, Marie Zink. A H? . T , . , W If if-Tlx, 4? it, mg? Y :gig N N 11393 ,sv 44? A '34, Il, X is " -ta , AQ,rieoi,+twg,,,fr' 'Q 5 A-5' 5. I' 5.8.1 in Q3 'T V' 'Q 'I J, .-A 1152 +..,Q3i' 5. 'lffla Q A 41' ' ni? +A at css' lsfftfxfe ' X PK R, ,FAM--NVQ.-g .g A X X 'S' ,ka 41. ,QI-, J . 4' 'tIf'.-'Rafi -1 I, ' ,,' A--'.'.:,,g:1,IRffl" R' . ' A. -qj:.i.v?3rP 55,9 " 5' f?':'fA.',: A 5' ---.'l'f?1f'f H55 ,f-lv '-' "'l"'1':"-WAR - ' ,A Q31-.. ,"',, '.1-fi - img, :T m 1' 'syn ' Sq ' ' ' " X ' W' In v' I -'W -A ' . . . A --.-:1r3-- QW. .. 4 r . 2' -- . -'.,..'..-. f . ' - ...,.ig-5... 942 at -36. 'f' -. K H" 2, ,2 ,.'.g-'i'M-p.4'w- --1 r - -.fp tune ,Q f- ' f .- .1 ...QM -. 'L' bww "..,A- want.--, , M, . A-, ... . ..- ,.., .. , I, , I' . -q. , ,Liv A, .34 .f . . 3, S.. h . 4, 3. A 3.,'w,,,., V, ,, , , V Q. g gym' , ,iu'-'A-.ttf , .. ' Zigi- ' ,flg53g,g,3't5.-3,9 ,ty ...-'I ., . - 11, 1 1. f . ...f ,.:' ::.,.:.. . g i ,aiftga-H. . . , ,q9'9,7Qw-...J-f,-.. ,, O, -Wi. Sf-LlryizxB+?"QEy,!,ryti,iv1.f,i:fQ:f4,?.::!?, . 1 us- -gr-Aw -. Ha A -' -, 'f 'R tw: -.2 f-1. . 'ikrifu-'---9' .51 M. --is .UNA 'vw ' 4 .-' ,. 4... ,TSR ': 3.,... . . 'Q-Mgt. -J., If--It J. new-, ,Mrs-A . . ' .5 1 'i"sf-tx-?ff'f?25"' ---'59, - ' .f':..f.r if- i ' ii-'.. ".a"...-f ,. ,-. ..,. , . .M 4,-, gnu . + A- .A .. UV , Y ,,,-17, . , .F , 315-4 A . 3's121' .1.:+?J,-I, A ' 11. jg 5.1513 .,-g.,s.Q,..,J-.', I' ':,.-ally 'C' Aff: .Egg "1'- ,. ,..f,.-2t',1-ggi? .:.AR,a F Q3 , 9:5-,,.'f.sf f. A: ft -4 ,., . ef A - -" ,Q 1' . ' '-f-., X wwf' qv I "J '--,R .,-. 15, - -.,,, -nv fi -A , , ' 5 My-3 I, . Teff-,le ,T fzifif. -3, A -fygfp - - ,, "L: i:f.7"fA1.1:,,,, Q, A :N Qi,-2-'. . ' '1.-'klqff x'1:Y '2 A , -4S.5TrIQ 21.2--I ., 'wg' 'I-ff?f." '--12" - f A- -e .-.- .A 5 1 53 . . REE...-,.-, ' N.. ,,g,'g,:.gi.i,.:.,:,if..-f, 1, gl y, . .,,-15, .l 1, , Z, , M, .3 Miha., H . 1 . ,..,.,,.,,,, ,NLM H A . . , 4 , .... ., ., , -1 , .. . ...If .,15.4,,:, ,,.,f,yf- , ,A--,,. , - . .A--,-. 0, f--I . 'i"f -" f ' ' ' f . . . ng. -4- if: Y ,,, ,I 1909-T. Si Henry, Praf., Florence Criger, Henry Kesssler, Alice Lott, Harry Niece, Mar- garet Schori, 1910-T. S. Henry, Prof., Goldia Booth, Samuel Conver, Sara Conver, Sidney Cullings, Ar- thur Dalton, Lola Fish, Floyd Gooding, Mabel Higgins, Walter Manock, Raymond Nibblelin, Ella Oakes, Mabel Schori, Clar- ence Shissler. 1911-T. S. Henry, Prof., john Bowers, Mabel Brooks, Hazel DeBacher, Frieda Korth, Ella Van Pelt, Jennie Philips, Eleanor Sch- lots, john Stevens. 1912-T. S. Henry, Prof., Frances Bowers, Will- iam Criger, Raymond Dikeman, Neal Hig- gins, Chester Lyons, Florence Lyons, Thora Morton, Lois Nichols, Bernice Noel, Ethel Reed, Newell Reed, Florence Seltzer, Har- old Shissler, Alice Tolbert. 1913--C. C. Condit, Prof., Laura Brown, Bernice Goliday, Oliver Gregory, Ralph Kilpat- rick, Howard Schlots, john Schultz, Hazel Seltzer, Wilhelmina Taylor, Elwyn Troth, Leroy Watkins, Vivian Whiting, Estelle Whitney. 1914-C. C. Condit, Prof., Hazel Atherton, Edna Brooks, Louise Condit, Margretha Fried- richs, i Roy Gore, Clifton Humphreys, Evelyn Humphreys, Eleanor McCann, Es- ther Nichols, Blanch Oldknow, Frank Schultz, George Shissler, Margaret Smith, Georgia Taylor, Lillian Van Sickle. 1915-C. C. Condit, Prof., Maude Adams, Grace Barrett, Gilman Davidson, Leona Higgins, Eva Holt, Charlotte Johnson, Marie Kelly, Edwin Kilpatrick, Leonard Lang, Elsie Ly- ons, Jessie McCann, Myrtle McKown, Lo- gan Nelson, Una Nelson, Lena Seltzer, Louise Shissler, Georgia Taylor, Lillian Van Sickle. P' we XXQXW 5 me 1916-C. C. Condit, Prof., Frank Allen, Leona Day, Charles Dooley, Edna Foster, Leo- nard Higgins, Veda Holt, Fern Humphreys, Earl Kelly, Winifred Kelly, Maude King, Esther Korth, Almetta-Maher, Edgar Mc- Donald, Mary McFall, Howard Redding, Roscoe Redding, Margery Schenck, Mar- gery Strufe, Merle Threw, Naomi Waibel, Gladys Wooten, Ruth Zink. - 1917-C. C. Condit, Prof., Marjorie Bowers, Clif- ton Conver, Frank Johnson, John Kilpat- rick, George McKinley, Lulu ,McKown, Elmer Miles, Hugh Nelson, Donald Niece, Russel Schori, Catherine Stevens, Henry Tully, Max Wasson. 1918-C. C. Condit, Prof., Howard Atherton, Isaac Barrett, Elmore Brown, Leola Burt, Grace Carlson, Dorothy Condit, James Cusack, Patrick Cusack, Mary Davis, Pearl Dragoo, Thomas Dwyer, Lora Flanegin, Russell Fuller, Margaret Gmahle, Marguer- ite Gregory, Roy Harkness, Harold Herbert Ruth Ireton, Nan johnson, Naomi John- son, Lucille Kelly, Opal Kelly, Alma Lind- zey, Gladys Lindzey, Edna MacDonald, Leslie MacDonald, Mildred Peters, Nellie Schenck, john Schori, Leah Thatcher, Charles Tidd, Mary Threw, Frances Van Sickle, Gayle Weeks,,Helen White. - 1919-C. C. Condit, Prof.: Leroy Andrews, june 1920 Bandy, Ada Boice, Mark Brennan, Horace Demick, Maude Miller, Louis Miles, Ed- win Miranda, Margaret Phares, Gladys Proctor, Richard Schenck, Mona Snyder, Rosanna Stevens, Wilda Threw, Lauretta Tully, Elma Wasson, Rowena Wasson, Mar- garet ,Wickwire Verna Wooten, Francis Zink. ' -C. C. Condit, Prof., Gladys Archibald, Ralph Bacher, Howard Carter, Marianne Clinch, Mary Cusack, Mary Dwyer, Har- ley Green, Anna Grumley, 'George Gut- shall, Hazel Gutshall, Birdella Harkness, it Q + if W5'5'mE Q ,E up B5 g,,k1',Q , iyvgxiiln ees-Q H as -was Al VW -91 337 N29.-1 is-la f -1 5 45 vs-ii' EN EF xl Qgirw WHS' Q5 Gigi' 1 ,- ali Www sh s in ss., an uf is 'gh ,rewif-'fish'-5 fi, it Es.,-v wif, if ff 1 v' .I - 4' '.g1Tf"gf'fq-. , . , . fi .V-,nga . - . :..-- ...,... -,Q ml , s '- ,J .. v .' f'-.Zl'f'3'r" ifiwiwef-'vw I-: ' .1P' ""1.Xm'. . ' . f . ,-X,-ff:f:f2gf 'atheist f '- 13, e ryan- 5 2.4 1- ' . . .:-'?'Hv' vt- ': . , 'f s - X' 'snare " , ,f :-1-... .,.svx re '-4'-fs-xv N if -w,ffff'X3 915-'Ya ,t --.,,' 'ci 1 - 'T F25-3"4b' . M- ".'3- .'-' 1 yi:-'i-Sftfrl'-..,,' . 11: t s K ...UE , ,gg s r ,gg I , ,- .,. .2 . is,,gAq.:1Q.,p.-:lug 3 . ' : . . : ..f- , -' ' 1' - . vy. 5. 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"iTS':i' ,K . npr! z, sag? . ,. , faq. ...T -,,,,,!iiLlv,L,'l!,g?:, A ., f, ...sae-. -' 4 " ' iw' 1- ' ..- Y1 1 "ff . ' e .pf . Aflac? -3 fs r .IQ 3 J lvl 32' u Frances McCarty, Verna Miles, Bruce Mul- .len, Elva Peters, Forrest Reed, Genevieve Riner, Mona Ristine, Doris Shively, Harry Stalter, Ruth Thatcher, Anna Trowbridge, Dean Threw, Ferne Threw, Harvey Van Sickle, Adrienne Herbert, Mildred Higgins, Rachel Holt, Gerald Jarman, Alta John- son, Roy Keeling, Helen Lindzey, Owen Lindzey. 1921-C. C. Condit, Prof., Clare Bragg, Edna Clark, Dean Condit, Ritj French, Myrta Martin, Chester Miles, Ralph McKown, Fred Schlots, Margaret Sporrer, Ruby Wasson, Mabel Worley, Albert Wolford, Ruth Wooten. 1922-C. C. Condit, Prof., Elora Burt, Kathryn Callister, Leon Carter, Ruth Cladwell, Ar- thur Draggo, Lawrence Harkness, Clyde Hendrix, Roland Hitchcock, Faye Hoyt, Edith Jarman, Margaret Kilpatrick, Harry MacDonald, Erma McKinty, Bernard Mul- len, Loren Oakes, Florence Phares, Everett Redding, Walter Redding, Russell Rem- melle, Earl Schenck, Hermon Shelton, Roma Shively, Ensley Strapp, Florence, Threw, Daniel Tully, Edwin Watkins, Mary Whitney, Grace Wickwire. 1923-C, C. Condit Prof: Della Brown Flo d 1924 J a 1 Y Bdown, Pearl Clinch, Doris Colvin, Cecil Coon, John Cullings, Kathryn Cusack, Walter Dalton, Millard Day, Willard De- ford, Mary Demick, Margaret Ekstrand, Everett Epley, Lucile Flint, William Ja- ques, Cornelius Kemp, Leah Maher, El- sie Manual, Ralph Melville, Paul Miles, William Schenck, Margaret Seltzer, Harry Stotler, Lester Turl, Earline Weeks, Elva Wolford, Dorothea Young. it .X -C. C. Condit, Prof., Minerva Carlson, Jean- ette Coolidge, Ruth Eslingee, George Fleisher, Lorena Fleisher, Myrtle Flick- inger, Jessie French, Pauline Jermgn, Ag- nes Kelly, Opal Lindzey, Louise Macey, Le- la Murphy, Chester Patton, Zelda Plcrrill, Iona Rambo, Ruth Shively, Nina Threw, Etta Vohland, Leonard Windish, Edith Worley. 'X Mrs' ,zkvlkfceds my Mx 1925-J. H. Francis, Prof.g Howard Berger, 1926-J. Everett Bogrcr, Ruth Clinch, Cornelia Day, Gladys DeFord, Leone DeFord, Daniel French, Kathryn Goliday, Loren Harkness, Helen Hart, Lois, Henry, Neva Higgins, Norma Huber, Loring Jarman, Kathryn Maher, Beulah McClure, Verna Metz, George Moore, Laurence Moran, George Montgomery, Dorothy Nelson, Ruth Nich- ols, Opal Richardson, Alice Shawver, Loren Shelton, Leon Whitney, Frances Wickwire, Mildred Vv'iley. H. Francis, Prof., Dorothea Bowman, Wayne Callis, Ruth Cullings, Bertha Dal- ton, Doris Dobbs, Julia Dwyer, Harley Fleisher, Lester Hartley, Clarable Herbert, DeForest Hitchcock, Ada Hoyt, Owen Hub- bell, Milford Kirkbride, Thomas Lee, Irene Maher, Adell McVey, Thomas Miller, Mary Noggle, Dean Proctor, Lowell Red- ding, Ward Schori, Carl Schragg. 1927-E. E. Downing, Supt.g Ada Bohrer, Helen Buxton, Thelma Callis, Lois Challacornbe, Mable Dawson, Glenn DeFord, Wallace Ernerick, Velda Eubanks, Lynne Fagotte, Marie Fleisher, Irma Flickinger, Oral Gallagher, Lloyd Graham, Glenn Hall, Leonard Heller, Raymond Hicks, Louise McKinty, Lucille Murphy, Julia Patton, Harold Redding, Velda Scragg, Francis Shively, Clyde Wheeler, Leo Windish, Louis VVindish, Corinne Zinn. 1928-E. E. Downing, Supt.-Louise Anderson, 1929 Frances Clemmer, Bernice Corbett, Marie Ekstrand, Gail Emerick, James Foster, Marion Harper, Isabel Hoyt, Mary John- son, Kathleen Manock, John Mathis, Stan- ton Moore, Helen Moran, Bernice Pier- son, John Ryan, Rolen Searle, Inez Smith, Susanna Smith, Elizabeth Steer, Frances Yerby. -E. E. Downing, Supt.g Virginia Atherton, Juanita Bohrer, Jesse Boice, Kathryn Bow- ers, Eugene Buxton, Audrey Coon, San- ford Coon, Marjorie Coulter, Juanita De- Groot, Howard Foster, Harold Hicks, Ruth Jarman, Frances Lindzey, Armin Lischer, N Y' J Th ,fl if 'J Qixiiiiitflaft s r s iq, 9, Sf' R' 'waits were H 3 0 -ls? .,, Nl' is Q as -t-1.512 l 'tifiriftifi Z wt ia w ,ug mi. 4 , , .af.':..,.s, -ar, 1 W ff X1-fe'J?ffg, 4f f..j,, ' .' :f',::'fii,w':Z, fs QI - YJ' ' . i f- .- s.,,g,t,,, V- f-se , , ,,'.as, . . :if-,,-f-ii-Ei.. Hynes" . sr.p,, ' , ,. 'f.g:fi?'33l - FQ Es .F 'W sfQ"5".-as ' -T-'i.Iiifii',.,"5i 'il' 72. ' V ' 4 , .Wf,.fa-'FY "'i:.j ai. 'i,3l"4i"f 3,4 ' . 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Downing, Supt.g Betty Armstrong, Dorothy Bates, Thomas Clemmer, Vera Catherine Custer, Kenneth Davy, Ralph Gayman, Mary Hedden, Lucille Hitchcock, Berwyn Huey, Nellie Livingston, Daniel Maher, Mary Ellen Manock, Owen Mc- Kinty, Elmer Moody, John Pierson, Rosco Pullen, Opal Shane, Edwin Shively, Ade- line Thomas, Paul Thompson, Cornelius Vance, Helen Weeks, Woodrow Worley, Justine Zink. -E. E. Downing, Supt.g William Armstrong, Clifford Atherton, George Boyer, Eldon Burt, Hazel Coon, Eileen DeGroot, Fran- ces Dobbs, Wilma Frame, Harvey Haines, Samuel Haines, Ralph Hall, Ophelia Hux- table, Signell Kauffman, Gladys Kneer, Geneva Mathis, Harvy McFall, Jr., Wilden McKnown, Raymond Miles, Margaret Mil- ler, Orville Moody, Roberta Moore, Fred- rick Nagel, Frances Oldfield, Milo Phares, John Shell, Lloydine Taylor, Joseph Thomas, Helen Troth, Howard Windish, Jeanette Worley, Hugh Wycoff, Gerald Yerby. -E. E. Downing, Supt.g Francis Ann Arms- trong, Richard Atherton, Wilma Bohrer, Adeline Boice, Lawrence Buxton, Dewey Clark, Jack Clinch, Artie Frame, Harley Garren, John Brown Grover, Benjamin Hall, Manford Harding, Judson Kratzer, 515 F '21-fra, fs 5 A as-'S-Us 6,556 1934 La Vergne McCuen, Lynn McKinty, Mil- dred Manock, Earle Murphy, Harold Nixon, Clifford Perrill, Howard Pierson, Robert Pullen, Lilah Roffey, John Shaffer, Charlotte Shelton, Kathrine Smith, Eug- ene Traynor, Eleanore Waibel, Richard Wilkinson, Gerda Wurmnest, Erma Wurm- nest. -E. E. Downing, Supt.g Richard Bailey, Halene Boyd, Merle Clark, Esther Clem- mer, Mary Clinch, Keith Currier, Edwin Foster, Kenneth Golden, Harold Hartley, Arthur Hasselbacker, Maxine Heuber, Leila Hoyt, Chester Kuntz, Mabel McAllister, John McFall, Dorothy McMullen, LeVeda Miles, Jack Miller, Winogene Miller, Gay- le Owens, Charles Patterson, Paul Reed, Paul Schaffer, Sidney Thompson, Dorothy Troth, Owen Waibel, Robert Wilcox, Ruth Wolfe, Katherine Zink. 1935-E. E, Downing, Supt.g Jean Atherton, Mar- 1936- garet Boice, Alice Boyer, Frand Bridson, Clifton Clark, Helen Gallagher, Dale Gut- shall, Ruth Hedden, Billy Jarman, Donald Livingston, John Manock, Carl Meehan, Martha Moffitt, Charles North, Herman Norton, Elizabeth Patterson, Violet Ray, Susie Robinson, Doris Roffey, Alvin Sollen- berger, Gerald Talley, Carroll Taylor, Woodrow Van Tine, Doris Waechter. E. E. Downing, Supt.g Harry Bateman, Pauline Bourgoin, Fern Briggs, Ruby Bruniga, Lola Chapman, Eugene Clemmer, Mary Louise Coolidge, Florence Coon, Floyd Coon, Mary Louise De Ford, Helen Dwyer,,June Gibbs, Marjorie Golden, Cecil Gutshall, Elsie Gutshall, Leo Gutshall, Law- renee' Hall, Kathryn Harber, Ralph Hark- ness, Charles Hicks, James Inskeep, Ruth Jones, Leila Kratzer, Raymond McKinty, Bill McQuiston, Robert Miller, Ruth Ann -A Moore, Shannon Powers, Jackson Reed, Jean Rhodenbaugh, Raymond Seltzer, Mer- lin Smith, Marcia Steinman, Arthur Trow- bridge, Sara Wilkinson, Shirley Winn. Q ' if,-isgsitr 4 552535, 40 'N 'ggi K-'44 "'il:ll?p'xl'lf -xl' 'SJ' t is-Eiga -alia 'tif 'i 'M 'J' 1 gl ah '4 s 'we "'i'W' rg, vi A -Aitllvks q 54 iexq-'g 5 it ' as V, E-' .. 44 Efffkiiq. ' 1... ' I, .-,1I,i5i54i!g5, , A 1 g-4 I ,J nl, :NSN 1,A.,,,. -4 ' 1 ' ',,.,,- -..,, -it-fef-1' fri:-et me-zft'-i"-41.9 if A-..f-Q 'n-X ' '-."' ' "Q :J ' ' ' . ff-' . -- , -. ,-,.-..-- in 1 - 5 -I, A--. ,. 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Downing, Supt. 3 Lucille Clark, Robert 1939 Dale Collins, Clifford Cowley, Pearl De- Ford, Arthur Dixon, Myrana Frame, John Gallagher, Mildred Gooding, Merlin Gut- shall, Bill Grover, Harlan Hall, Catherine Jaques, John Jarman, Marie Jones, Robah Kellogg, David Lapsley, Ruth Livingston, Robert Lott, Nellie Manock, Betty Mers. Donald Metz, Dorthy Metz, Earl Morrison, Evelyn Perkins, William Reed, Bernard Taylor. -E. E. Downing, Supt.g Jesse Bradshaw, Mayme Briggs, Viola Buhl, Marjorie Ann Chapman, James Clark, Marie Conklin, Marl Cooksey, Perle Coon,Jr., Virginia Cowley, Mary Cullings, Eva Doubet, Ka- therine F idler, Viola Forquer, Mary Fos- ter, Nellie Gallagher, Howard Garren, Marian Golden, Ru-th Graham, James Hart, Jack Lapsley, Giles Martzluf, Lester McAllister, Lois McCoy, Roberta McClen- nan, Robert McQuinton, Charlotte Millen, Ella Millen, Raymond Pack, Richard Pritchett, Arvid Rambo, Earl Rarnshaw, Juanita Reed, Marvel, Reich, Orie Shane, Hubert Shelton, Howarth Taylor, Robert Taylor, Jerome Vogel. 1940-E. E. Downing, Supt.g Ruth Andrews, Rena Beetler, Paul Betts, Janet Bond, Beverly Chase, Lucille Conklin, Lucille Corum, Leona Dubit, Margaret Edwards, Lyle Ford, Donald Garren, Vada Green, Juan- ita Hartley, Ruth Hogy, Robert Jones, Gertrude Kellogg, John Maher, Jr,, Char- les Mann, Charles Morrison, Helen Mot- taz, Marguerite Pack, Marcella Page, Vir- ginia Purchase, Gerald Reed, Helen Riggs, Ernest Rosecrans, Alys Shane, Gertrude Shissler, Audrey Sparks, Jane Spicher, Gloria Swygman, Stanley Taylor, John K. 'S if 91. 1941 1942 1943 Tompson, Gene Troth, Ruby Waechter, John Young, Loren Young. -E. E. Downing, Supt.g Harold Beetler, Evelyn Bowen, Dorothy Bowers, Dean Col- lins, Sam Cooksey, Hary Ethelyn Crozier, Celia Dalton, Donald Eldert, Ruth Frame, Claire Gutshall, June Higgs, Betty Hunt, Donald Korth, Robert Korth, Betty Krat- zer, Walter Livingston, Mabel Mann, Paul May, Betty McCuen, Charles Miles, Ralph Riggs, J. D. Rutledge, Alve Lee Rutledge, Donald Schlots, Mildred Silzer, Dean Van Sickle, Russell Waechter, Lois West, Roy Wheeler, George Woodley. -E. E. Downing, Supt.5 Mary Ines Beamer, Wilma Beeney, Alice Bleichner, Wilma Bowen, Russell Briggs, Floyd Broadfield, Maxine Callister, Bonnie Edwards, Dean French, Lowell Fuller, Wallace Fuller, John Gutshall, Velma .Ha1l, Dorothy Kendall, Margaret Kilpatrick, Jeanne Lott, Martha Lott, Hazel Mammen, Donald McCoy, Kathryn Mohn, Fred Neal, Mary Nelson, Irene Pack, Harold Page, Thomas Rose- crans, Mary Jean Schade, Theo Shane, Georgia Shelton, David Shissler, Mary Ruth Shissler, Betty Taylor, Rachel West, Marion Winn. -E. E. Downing, Supt.g Harriet Bond, Eliza- beth Cisel, Leona Cisel, June Clinebell, Mary Lou. Corley, Oretha Corum, Charles Craig, Thelma Crozier, Edithe Donovick, Dan Duval, Donald Grover, Lorene Hart- ley, Max Honts, Earline Huber, Tommy Hunt, Freida Keyser, Walter King. Rus- sell Korth, Paul LaFollette, Marguerite Lott, Bill MacDonald, Leland McClennan, Bob Miller, Dorothy Orren, Clayton Prest, Marjorie Schlots, Billy Dean Shane, Shir- ley Shaw, Bob Shoop, Dorothy Taylor, William Tompson, Alice Waechter, Gene Waibel. 194-4-R. E. Bickford, Supt,3 Ruth Beetler, Ada Bridges, Betty Briggs, Dorothy Briggs, Wil- liam Cutter, Jay H. Daily, Francis Ed- wards, Robert Gibson, Paul Haines, Joan Heiken, Jean Hoyt, Dorothy Jones, Wilma Keefer, Theodore Kendall, Wilden Lynall, il' egg N Q95 at in 1 .Qfhg A this rw its is mi' we ,Ag V- 9 letfsqq mtl 'wwe W wma fs 1- 55' 3- E if ,M 1 52,7-,qs Q titans '35 aswell, ' 'W' ,Aw lx!-S, gil. X53 E1 4, T li ' .ff ',,.,,fl" ,:sja.. 'l, ,d . L V "?.wif.,Qa,,- fi' 3,154 .-, ' A ,f ,5'f'.tiqf'3.Q"s?t4!a,,., 1- "sir-ra,-,, , - t -w,,:,'::u- -,Hs sf- - at . F sp. . , . 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Bickford, Supt.g Ellery Adams, Ro- berta Amundsen, Jane Brown, Robert Burns, Wilma Dunn, Mary Craig, Blanche Edwards, Eileen Gooding, Katherine Haines, Charles Harkness, Richard Hart- ley, Robert Keefer, Richard Korth, Clar- ence Krisler, Dorothy McKown, Marcille McKown, William McKown, William Neal, Kenneth Nelson, David Pankake, Marion Penn, Dale Petty, Martha Schlots, Chester Taylor, Berdella Wickwire, Jean Yerby, Orville Zicmer. 1947-R. E. Bickford, Supt.g Rydene Arnundsen, James Arbagast, Margaret Boice, Donna Callister, Jo Ann Courtright, Katherine Craig, Joan Crouch, Elvessa Crozier, Don- ald Dean, Mary Eckhoff, William Foster, Eugene Geber, Dwight Jones, Joseph Ken- dall, William King, Bertha Korth, David Korth, Kenneth Krisher, Mary Lapsley, Raymond Livingston, Andy, McCoy, Gene McCoy, Leland McDonald, Ruth Plumer, Wilford Rimington, Mildred Rushing, Ro- bert Scholl, Richard Schrimp, Martha Sheley, Barbara Shissler, Donald Shoop, A 4 W swf "' gig' 1948 Mary Wagner, Carol Weyhrich, Willis Windish. -R. E. Bickford, Supt.5 Sue Barkley, Phy- llis Bleichner, James Doubet, Charles Dun- ton, Winifred Duval, George Edwards, Carl Ekena, Dolores Endres, Shirley Gilman, Dale Ireton, David Johnston, Virgil Judd, William Keefer, Jacqueline Korenowski, Fred McCoy, Harry McCoy, Clifford Miles, Barbara Myers, Dale Nelson, Harlan Nick- eson, Donald Patton, Mary Lou Rosecrans, Kenneth Shane, Donna Shissler, Ruth Super, Walter Taylor, Donna Worsfold. 1949-R. E. Bickford, Supt.g Phyllis Aman, Char- les Atherton, James Dunn, Donna Barclay, Geraldine Duval, Kenneth Bowen, Don- ald Haahn, Mary Driskell, Betty Howard, Bill Gibbs, Charles Judd, Dick Windish, Tom Ireton, Carl Korth, Faye Waechter, Emerick Korenowski, Marilyn Jones, Ann Maher, Bill Butterfield, Ray Maxwell, Phy- llis McDonald, Russell, Sherlock, Bill Mc- Coy, Arlene Shaw, Albert Neal, Raymond Smith, Charles Nickeson, Ronnie Watkins. 1950-R. E. Bickford, Supt.g Ruth Gilman, Der- ald Haahn, Ruth Snyder, Richard Meehan, Errol Brewer, Faye Boice, James McCoy, Jane Meehan, Robert Taylor, Evelyn Hard- wick, Shiela Shissler, Howard Layman, Doris Dunn, Virgil Day, Ruth:Ann Hoyt, Margaret Geber, Richard Duval, Matilda Wagner, Dale Crozier, Minnie Purtle, De- lore Persak, Herb Butterfield, Margery Haines, C. Dean Murdock, Robert Schultz, Margaret Shoop, Robert Hall, Betty Mc- Alister, Harry Bain, Donald Ekena, Ann Miles, Ernest Duvall, Patsy Hardwick. Quia Mwxiaifgi xi 'Alt ,ti 1 Tag ,a 4 sgigm ,QQQQJS ,g-+x.,Wf,f, Ivnhfv A ki 5' kia' 'iv'-F-"gifs wi- 'f-is-fail" Pt " .1--5, A it .ha figs ,ij lg VM' NSRML fn- K it 'eg Aw?-New ,gf 3' 5 '35 l L' ' i f . r' Y--T'r-..',3., , .:.,.,,,5,- ,. . - 1 1 4..t"- - . 4 . .t,.:ff5't11F-an-w."' 4 5' . A - .4 '-,"w.L:-ix, 1 "- . w '-'-Q' ..-.1 . mr...-... ,P f--. .-.f--1 ' . - ., .sf-f-..,:f ' qs 4- X -f ..- . f31w.,- lm., - , . 4553531 13-gf ' . 'U H, , i"'ig5 ,Mg-3,xxa::m, s - Q ' - --21:1-, . 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A Marlys Robertson ,Cylinder - - Jack Purtle, Wayne Callister, Donald Phares, Leonard Grove, Kenneth McAlister, Bill Howard, Johnny Bridson, Franklyn Schroeder Battery - - - - - Spike Taylor Windshield Wipers - Roger Dunton, Biff Yerby Pistons ' Kaye Keefer, Regina Layman, Joanne Mora- vek, Charlene Bateman, Janet Shissler, Peggy Moravek, Marge Rosecrans, Janice Worley Hub Caps - Carol Keen, Ralph Endres , Richard Hacker, Beverly Dembinski. Parking Lights - - Helen Bridson, "Happy" Howard Fenders - Louis Colgan, Leonard Colgan, Mary Emery, Hazel Emery Fan f ---- - Larry Keen Air Ride Tires Joanne Camp, Donna Morby, Al- bert Hacker, Richard Harkness Starter ----- - Mr. Bickford Chassis ----- Betty Sollenberger Connecting Rods - Mary Lou Howard, Madelyn Beamer, Eleanor Nickeson, Patsy Keefer, Janet Clark, Shirley Gray, Jeanie Harwick, Marilyn VanSickle Muffler - A- - - A Jane Burrows Cushion - - - - - Bill Doubet Tail Lights - - Connie Foose, Wilma Keime Accelerator - ---- Mrs. Hart Intake - - - - Miss Terry Blow Outs - Raymond Hill, Jack Bickford Headlights ---- The Faculty Bumpers - - Betty Broadfield, Rock Aman Radio - - - - Marilyn McKown Rear Speaker - - - Barbara Meehan Stearing Gear - - - Overdrive - - - C! ock - - - - - Delbert Magers - Mrs Feltham - Bill Turner Glove Compartment ---- Jim Lewellyn Air Horns ---- Jim Geber, Mr. Dawson Heater Doors Aerial Nuts Brakes SONG HITS In My Merry Oldsmobile - - Marilyn McKown Abba Dabba Honeymoon - - - Happy Howard Take Me Out To The Ballgame - - Ronnie Aman Old Black Joe ------ Ralph Bacher Lazy Bones ' ' ' - - - Fritz Grover I'd Be Lost Without You - Raymond Hill, Jack Bickford Happy Days Are Here Again - - Helen Bridson Day After Day I'l1 Always Love You - Janet Clark Billy Boy ----- Bill Doubet We ding March ---- JoAnne Johnston Deep In The Heart Of Texas - - Willard Parr I'm Just Wild About Harry - Betty Sollenberger Oh Johnny! ------ Mrs. Hart How You Gonna Keep 'em Down Farm ---- Give Me One Dozen Roses- - If I Knew You Were Comm' I'd've Baked a Cake Fm An Old Cowhand - Dian ---- Sweet and Lovely - - Sound Off! - - - Honey ---- When My Baby Smiles at Me - Peg O' My Heart - - Margie ---- Betty Ruth Haines - - Ruth McDonald, Shirley .Clemonds B111 Keyser - Freshmen ' Mr. Hartley on the . - Mr. Magers - - Mrs. Monroe - Mrs. Feltham - Mr. Bickford - Charlie Neal Betty Ruth Haines - Bernie Shane - Jane Burrows - Mr. Hartley - Biff Yerby - Margie Nelson Mmm We would like to thank the following merchants who have donated toward the publishing of this book. We hope you will help us th k th an em by patronizing them regularly. Remember-"Always try the home store first." Armstrongs Allen Furniture and Radio Brown Lynch and Scott Bob Shoops Phillips 66 Service Station Cisel Brothers Curriers Drug Store Central Illinois Light Co. Cozy Inn Cafe Cowleys Recreation Clark Memorial Home Deford Barber Shop Hazel Dalton Beauty Shop D8zH Motor Corp. Elmwood Gazette Elmwood Locker Service Elmwood Food Center Edson Smith 8a Sons, Inc. Ecklund Motor Co. First Farmers State Bank ' Fair Store Wm. Folkenroth, Real Estate ' 8x Insurance Forney's Cafe Grover Produce Gus Franke's Market Glenn Implement Co. Illinois Commercial Telephone Co. Johnson's Service Station B C. Krisher Jr. Radio Television Lewellyn "Dam" Construction Miller Farm Supply Murdock Dairy Dr. Morton I Monroe Flower Shop Metz Standard Service , McCartney's Garage McCoy's General Hauling Eldon McKown, Insurance Dr. Nolting Penny Grocery Pat's Beauty Shop Palace Theatre Patterson Funeral Home Rushing's Sandwich Shop Steer's Pharmacy Schulz Grocery Shisslers Seed Co. Tyhurst Barber Shop Walt's Conoco Service L. Richard Whitney Yates City Implement Co. Dr. Clark We would especially like to thank Kay Bennett th , e photographer, for the very fine work she did in taking pictures for the Ulmus. W M WW WMMKWWWMW 44 Maw C30 lu may www 6wEJf'f" aww wwvgff71"E4"' a 1-WM QM J G QMVW V,,,,,,,..,s2 'lf XM MMMWQWJMW new 2 03. G ff AM H mufnQ7.vl.4n1-f . H .. VHHNW WW 5 ? XWWW Dfw W Aman, sm., M? UWM' Wm ez!-JL Gvr-3l'5-vjb-f W . -Vigo O W W 'vw wwfffw Wqfjwl i!2"f'f1 5"2sQM?i dz! Qaggmq 7,.,4zf,.,4,,,.., 1. ,S ' F.,T 5 K ' ,X .li .'.L,. in ' sift- f' v w 1 Q 1 .Q Yr gif Hia-:+i-- 9----151+ --A-24 -. .-3 i , v 1- I iv 4 I, A - I P f .g' 3 5--FWF f , guna.. , .,1. 3 ia I , , 3.3: -1 A gy-L, ' -i'., gg.. ,,.a: iz- J, . . . 5.-..', ,-',f, 'ITM- Hw 1 , . ' I Z L x 134.22 ici' ' Wi? .Q"f'f.6 f gif ' 111-'mv-1"i:-S ' I 42' 'z ' ,.'!' I ,'-. ,J am, r ' L fffilllggiglfs -V V t-Kwai A' by .1 'Jw iff. Ami, Y-. J , .-,G ' Q .,,, tx x ,Q x L 'i ri' HN t I z ,f A isa HT I u - " I X A, I n X' I ,ni IMk1HxIlflltl'ILllIlSllllIllIMll 1 ' ' ik " 111' :iw

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