Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL)

 - Class of 1946

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Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1946 volume:

1 , V. ..-VV,V V. : - V VV?-400 V V195 V W., . ' - i N V - P' V?V1s,1.t yVfa,.V 'HV' J , ',, 5, -. . - -VVV-- H . hy, 2 ,- .SW -7y..!i.Vff iff' ,,lsg5fwi u,'g!f2,.'f5x11f'lf' j ,g5"i:'gVl f1!iWVg"1f'Vf V 521.2 . - -V wr' V ' - -G'--V,,. 'V A . V . V -hr ..-', ,, L' V, . VV .,, ,.' ,r " ,,.VV V 'V ,2- .112 .. VV XA 'V Y-MViV,z! ,V-1if1VE1 ,' ,.fi.. ff? ,r'Vm1 M M. ,'-Vffe, V..-9. V .f- V, Va V , I. , g A V . . . V ' K Jbkgcgyjg M .H H,- .Q Jimi: ,135 qi V.5'5,u K! E? . X... 'LL V. 1. 'l.VV--'ygp V V:.":1"?'1:'5 V' w"'V,V - V' ,.,.-1 .' fy' V . "" ,.V iVV' ,V'., f5f.-11 15? f' Sy' .YQVCYB xff. .,V' Vg,q."Vf.1f:',',j.- V ff..- . . VV' -fly Vw .V if 555-,ii,5"f':'V-...V Vw V V:.i,9V2w. ,,ggf1iMV V.VVVV?V3 7,aj,,,V fevj"Vgm-V3i1iV,y"' .1119 , A, V V 5 3-.Eff V -i .4 ...Vx ' ..V- 5- V-,., 1.L.0. I-4:91 b.-YA-.A by ,V ,- 1 V , VM H.-VV, , f L VV. , jx. V., 4 f-V Nz' V , 2VVV,V,V. V, , V,.V U ffv ' If 6 .5: - , ,r - V.-if Vr.V.-.V,-VV'fVf,- r4g.V".V .f .-12, wif ,x.V ' ,VV.V,?.. JasM.ff' 5.!.,5,.V':Vg ' .1 J V. ,, 4. 1' LJ iiv,.,,.::.?..3'-,flg-15-Z?..L-L-Q,-, V . Vu . V, -E sq?3i'1-f',,fL , J,fi9fyQLP ,W-,J ! fjf ,,., ll VVW fwfr' 1. ,g,gQi':V 1' .V - - ,nj , h .5 yay., 3 ...Z-, ',.-,Q 5 V .fi ..,,5V:fy-, ., fn, ,f ' V, 'gp .-,V- .4 'gf ., 2, Pg . '5',-y:,,,yI' VV ,VV ,, , V ' -4 ,, , . until .'V 1441.114 'VL I r V,. 1'1". 7 V .-" , VU Pr! '-ff " 'V r" V 1V".'J',f-'-'V1V- 1 . V wg I ' 1-6155. f. , . ..lfwzlgl ,.,.i,+ f54VV fgfW ' ,VP My jj," Nggr' ,VJVL V .qi : ,., .,V ,,.-.V .V Lgh fff 5 . ,1,VV V I. ' V ,Wy W. -, .. V, W, , Vg ng f VJVV-14.1111 .:.,1. V. - I . ---.V Vf-14 -, M ' gg , . V' 'V ' 5 1 ' V ' , 52 V' :wifi fi. .H -"" '1 1,.VV.f-VVV -QT? - 43' 2 - VVJV V V J ", -L-V. -.5147 ..' -V. w-'Vfvf-'fe.4a'V ' 7' f"'f'iV,ti ,"-, .akk ez V Q.-.i4'g,.., ',".. '. N J..j::,L,V. - ,,.' -f+'Q4,V. ,5g.'V, ' ,.. V"-4I'..fafl45:'p-- fj,ff Mf4Q,1 I .5 , .Val 53pAMA1g,,,L1....f-- - -. r Vi -nuff V. V-, C: ' , .2 V' QQ 'f M- " - V- -V ,g,,-... ....- fwfr--:'1"1fi ' , ,,........-.4-51"-gg 3 -V V 5 1, y..,., x- .V,,p-..- -, - .1'.... . .,,. . ,,,,,,r..-,.. .... , L ,,,,.,,1V.,,.g,..w....uq- -V ..-WTI 4 V, , fa - A - V4!:.1f:Vw'Vf WV ',.,..vf--1. V-V,.,---:-- -f-'fr .1 . V-V..fVVV:' V V A -' I iff y' fi ,ffTJ"??5'-"L" w' ' J - 'gQi5'ti?4f: . Vip- 'H ,f-V' ! fVV' '-17 fp WJ' 1 432" VV':1'W " It Eli. V V V-gf' , -V E ,.:24?1:gqL 5 17f ,JZ , fiif' 42 V, V: -5,- V35-, V2 -V .. "V -f A , .. Q 11.4 . ,5,.f-'r-'-V--.V J eff. ,A ,IV - gi?f.fVWiV .f ,EQV V-'4iQ1ffVyV V V2 VV V ' ff- 9'.Vff: -. --f+.,.V,4 VV , V, ,. ..f- VV -if f HPV ,357 .afiiiw f'if5i5Vip,'1f1'. ' " .jV ' J V' ,VJLVA4 fn" ii gg" "JN-:V':.:F ' K 1. "" Tai, ', ,, Wi. A .-M. V,.fV 1 H ,l.Vf . Iipf' 5 -V .. .. .V .- -PJ-VV Vw VV,::V.Vf - . ,. .V . ,V , 1.51, . -5, h :tc .. fu !gJg:,!ffft.f. iiVY:,,'.ff" ,EU 1, 12, 1,41 M .,'.v.-X ,V I I if . . 1 f. , 141: e..fi. V- . .,A ' Q V . ng 'V-.egg gf , -' '. 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Sw: Sm f f fs ,rf "?l.w1w, ii lv EH' E ,Z ix rg 5 XS Q .Wy X- 'sw X f Qgfix is it 5 gy A if I y IN HONOR or THE Boys WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN WORLD WAR II LYLE roar 7 r Private First Class Lyle Ford 99th Division Infantry Killed in Hollerrath, Germany December 17, l9Ln 9 Graduated - May l9AO LESTER H. MCALLISTER 2nd Lt. Lester McAllister Killed in a bomber collision in Tunisia, Africa , March ll, 1944 Graduated - May 1939 FRANCIS M. ITLQRPER Corporal Francis Harper killed on'Okinawa June 27, l9h5 Graduated - May 1928 AROHIE MILES Killed at Pearl Harbor ,December 7, l9Al He was on the U.S.S. Oklahoma Served in the Navy nearly ' four years Graduated - May 1937 . HAROLD MONTGOMERY N Harold Montgomery Cook 3rd Class Died July A, l9A3, Navy Pier O Entered Service February 2, l9b2 -..... 1--in .-.- .9 if it-A 5 Y X ...ei ln- V 1 ' '- +0.K .. ,490 nw- A--51'--'J - f Ma ff? MM' L ifkiia Q Q Fs.i-wb xv .we . , K ,M ,mp i -5 , xx -Q 'nr wwawavmfaiif FAC U LTY William Turner - Ill. State Normal Univ. B.Ed. Science, Mathematics , Jack Harn Western Illinois State Teachers B.Ed. Social Studiea, Coach Helen McQuiston Ill. State Normal Univ. B.S. English, French, Latin Isabel Hart ' R. Frank Alexander University of Illinois B.S P W Agriculture E. Bickford, Supt. , Knox College BQS. Univ. of Iowa M.A. S cience, Mathematics Irene Smarz Bradley College B.S Commercial Lillian Forcht University of Illinois M.S. Ill. State Normal Univ. B.S. English I - Home Economics i Jeanne Skyrm Oberlin College B.M.Ed. .K Music, Band iiikxra, r . .. W .. X5 . A Bw 'Q Qfiwifi . imp? X. -N :f1Y.LAXfA"1i 'Q Q-ww f N' W.+fE9Rif.1QQ .. mix -' ,say 'f X K M . XS ,vw X lgiy.. ' .1312 W. K grfflwisg ...xiii 439 My M QF' an 1, 9,5 im up me:-. W-wh' f ,Q ',. S., 2525 K Q f HAH PETTY 'c:mRre'ce,ma:eera e1c.+eAeo'ronfme.e 'QSQUIRRLET' FCY? . ' 'SLUG-" - 'To flunk is homang Wmeke much of me--good UAn athletic men is ttD PHSS-divine.' men are soarcefN'o neg end one who? V . reall deserves his . HBH,H V. President ePresident eSee.-Trees. THE JUNIOR-SENIOR RECBETIGN The junior-senior reception of the year 1956 was held on the evenin, of April 26, l9L6. The banquet was Held at the ?reee byterien Church where a turkey dinner wee enjoyed. The program was held at the church also of which everyone enjoyed. The church was decorated with bouquets of tulips one windmills on the tables. After the program the group retired to the gymnasium for tdancing. The gym was decorated with a Holland Scene, and looked r very nice with the windmills, tulip boost and everyone dressed up in their fine array. SHEQ?3d? Gn May 3, the seniors tumbled out of bed at L O'c1ooK in the morning and took their trip to Chicago, with all out two of the class going. The dey woe spent going through the ?leneterium and Aquarium. Some had interesting experiences in trying to find their way about ,: f Q - . f-' .. - .E M44-'-.. ' N " 'f t " the Hwinoy' city. Aztel e very exerting oey, the tue puliec into Elmwood at 11:30 p.m. 'W' ' 7' Y -..la M1121 ., - 1 'wc' : y' xu,I'.n ' NI lovu tc wind mysglf uw, l lov to hear me go.n 1OwET.MTiIT I "iL'5.fEl1E" WSHQ looks like an angel, mmf icts llko une tuo,4Uut you nfvnx can tail what an mage wlll dc.H T 1 -'-w -gf' If-A 'wr u.z ..1 ...'I'.XJ H1 'I 'Y' 'H' " 'T 'PY' 4.Ix'-Ji.-..L ...1 HOT all flowers, Sweet Tllll A is the one size 111605 om. t. " ?nETLT HIRE WEVZiGCE'lN HA boy so vary mild and meek that even his Q Jul lufuqe to squeaK.W IIRY GRLIG f'.131LI.'JI'f'f' Hiome things can walt, but nat a date.W UILHA DUNN HE? GIFT, II 1 SJ HDia he gone, aiu he went, did he leave l all alone? Oh, gow cruel to treat I s lt cannot wasln BQLECHB EDfAhD3 HEDDIBU ' nThe belle of H:ll's Hill.H SILENT Q ODIF2 " .7 G SUV" WSercue Iileen.N -'5rAv"'f - -fp vt- , f ennhllkl UALTL HV"-'F' li,-,PH HHOS us bmshful 1: Sue lOOKS.n, CHARLEGELRIUELS 1!2'j,"'Tf'v1 .Lx...u.L4 "I.-e emu .,jl1'.L fri end, my girl I'1Ji?I1Q, -na IWC. 35210 is she?" z,:c?iiLz?3 IC umm? ' "?ElRCY" nTflfi'I'ig'f5 one timing I like about my girl exe Lhet'z the guy she 5:0 ee wi th . " ROBILT Kilred nS'LI:A'1v "He ssxiled and said, "D3n't rush me, girlS.W ' DCEZOESC EZCZIGXIE "LEGS" "Give me a lantern--I'll fine an honest man.N 'j.'ILLIAI.i ?,?CKO':.'N "FI2L1" 02115521 school for dates are swell but he likes the older ones just well." 9 LZARCILLE MCKOHIN "CII.LY" "The1'e':s a little bit of silli- zzees in every good little girl. nILLiAi.1 NEAL ' "MOD" "If wise men were judged by feet I'd be a Solomon." 1 ITZN NETH NTL? - "cL1czfft'f Wwiser men than I have ridden e motorcycle and lived." DAVID PMKAICZ ' HCLEIW NFirst in war, next in pence, but least to get to his study hall seat." I.ifJ1IAN FEIS? " Tllii FLW" ' l . , ,. ' . ' ,., ' - "Img, nom. 13 ln nemen, I'M here on za visit." HAR 'HTA i3ClZI.OTS ":Q.?I1JE.D" "They say S:'1e'S fas t--on time typewri ter . " MARK TAYLOR lIC1lETV' "Oh, me! Oh, my! What el red- haired man." - A EIEDEILA I'IICK'..IFiE? "i?LI1EJIE" "If love is zzlzxdxness, she is insane." JEAN 1!"1"f1.','T TW!! L.l1.A.iI.L1. "Good things come in small packages." I OHIILIIJ ZIEMESR "C-OffT.iIF" "Work: is nam on tue cen- Lmitntion, I trieci it once." XI , H SLASL HISTORY of 'ho' , One rainy dayyin the fall of l9h2, a group of boys and girls, young and green in the ways of hiib school, entered the doors of E. C. H. S. thirtyesix strong. after receiving a Wonce-overn by, the upper clessmen, ie settled down to our first year of high school life! The following officers were elected an our first class meeting. Q -Pres.--Mary Craig V. Pres.-emartha Schlots Sec. M Trees.--Jane Brown ' The following year, havinl lost sore of'our'TreshieU green- ness, we settled down to business. Due to withdrawal from school and change of residence, we nunbered only thirty-three. Dick Korth and Junior Krisher tried their hand at basketball this year. Class officers elected were: Pres.--Martha ochlots V. Pres.--Dick Korth ' i Sec. M Treas.--Mark Taylor Our third year sew only twenty-nine of the oriiinal number returning to help us out in the many activities we would enter P into this year. The big events being the Junior-senior Reception and the Junior Play which proved to be a great successes. Those chosen for the job of vovereing the class were: x Pres.--Dave Pankake V. Pres.--Dick Korth sec.--siii riiieut Trees.--Dale Petty P Our class was well represented in sports this year by Dick Korth, TuniorEEsha5Lill,McKown, Davie Penhahe, and Bill Elliott. Our fourth and last year found us sittin, in the rows that , were put there for seniors only,--something that we had looked for- ward to for three years. This year we thought we could take it easy, but soon changed our minds and settled down to writing essays. Class Officers elected werezf by Pres.-4Junior Krisher V. Pres.--Dick Korth Sec. M Trees.--Dale Petty Two of our senior girls, Roberta anundsen and Berdelle Wickwire, were cheerleaders. The main events of the year were the benior Play, Junior-Senior Reception, and carnival dance. It didn't take lone for us to decide on:Glass'Motto--Hand Now To- morrown, Class Jolors--Red and Hhite, Class Flower-fRed Rose. It is with a feeling of sadness we find that we will no longer take our places in the activities of E. C. H. S. We ' are now ready to venture out into the world and make good-use of the Knowledge we have gained during our four happy years here. TIF' 7 I -19 f .,-W ,Auf , . Xxx ,AA L , -, . ' Wm. -. -- --'- , ks -5 :ig 1, 1? 2 ,s 1 yeiixif gm F y 1 1 N , , JTT?XiC?i CE 3,3 E ffVnJ?f? Tie firsi weak in :Qptawber Q? 1933, vmyty h3l?wscarui itUg9g+3 Sijned up to UQdPTiEEQE ihe Qfeliisg JQL oi L,ing Freshman. 'Q finally fwuai sur eff ZIGVHG ggi afbtlai Comb fbr the gaar. Tha officers elected-were ?rvmi!ent-Ra? LiwlPHsiQug Vice Fyesidwutw 5a?beTa Ebigslurg SQS Egcrwtgxy and Treasurer-?QTthQ Keith. when September rolled arQund in LQQQ we were 5 liitle more ex- pariexce5 ami not Quite so eicitQQ. The ?mssicent wma Joe Heamullg' Yica ?resiient-Bill Kingg and iccrenary ans Trexgurar--Yillisiindish Siem it was time ff? Sensei tc Stiff egfin in 1945, iLa jnuinfs eneered tif building mitb ima thsught-just Que ncaa ycwr after this. Se elected we GffiCQ?Sw-?IESiiQSZ'Eill Fostarg Tice-?rQsiCeutwKildreu iuahingg aad Secretary ang TTQQSUIQE-HWFQ Ellen Eokhaff. ifter our geod aggg Q? mQgazinQ5-Ql??-we had Q cLilli supper. This gear we Tait m little superior, maybe because we get Qui class ring, ar nay- De it was that we gave s QUm5d5 QRS? QGrmgs Ky HQarL,V wr was it be- QHQSG we had the CfiVilEg2 mf the rcspmugibiliiy for the Junimr- Eeniar Rwbegtimn, anyway TQ ,f-.- lashed fsrward Hts get to xii by the wisdows.W W Q . Sz , . K I 5 f,m,ff'u"M H' ' ' ' i som-somone CLASS TTQFVXK' .mJk-h- is-, f--Q -,--..-.--U-X-.V 1 --W . , - K I LJ K L J .,.:. .N EL, .u yy - . .-,. up A ,:.. .... ... ,114 The cgapz of 'AS :nQr1.u its hijg school cure I Lmptamber sixt xftq LMi1ty-Linn gyLLp ann lied. At the first MiiCiHQ, visas officers were elected. Ihaze mere: presidgut, Eicgarc Qesihg ViCS-DTCSiCCJZ, LiLl LQUSQ4 sccreterg wmi tregburoa, Lgrhnra Yyurs There were two cl as aztEsQ. Gun was 3 Wiener Iogcl in L0ffe3's woods. Hua Qther wha u UQ1 atm 5 party in Lhe music room. During tLc School ymml tgrge guyllb mgved fiom Lgg communiyy. Those were Lguru TuoLQ3, 31 Zubeth Gunxelqsn, ana Jack Br1bgeL. bchqoi closed ihy 43, ljqb, with Q11 remaiuinb freshmen pzsmotea to spQAomJres. The sophomore year oy- QC Lepusmber Q, lyqg. Thin year thirty- seven ,ugils more nnrollec. CLGSS offlcerb for male year were: I prisiceutg Barb rn Uycrzz vlcs-prcsicent, Carl 3: mfg secretary and ' trgdsurel, Eolores Enures. In Lhe,Ial1 the sophomore class had a wiQggr IQUSH ig ?ooth's woocs and H nuyrcck ride afterwards. At I Christmas time the Qophomorc sponsored a party fgr Q36 rest of the nigh schuol and the seventh ana e15nth graces. In march there Wag a cluls roller Smdtihg party. During this year Dorutny Qhorp, agc FioyQ Hay left our class. gg are lO3KlHg forwaru to gfahddtlhf 1n '53 with u large class. ,ff-j.,,,. ,Af ,J--ZX! "' .? 3, 3, I ,.,,,-wjf 5 ,V--"'E If N ,U 3 lx 3 s 5 4 ff!! If ,- 5'fil?f""' f-fix ,-f"""' , ' if 1,5 4? A I M 3 ' u 31- b s if , , ze 5 F ?' Af 2 ' ' 1 1 ! 11 i 3? 5 .' ,uw-""'1 -v-41 AM- !""'S: .,,,.-H' JZ Yami?-'E U-A--J E1 E 3 . Q..-. 3- ,awww .,,.,,,.y-Jf1W-W 4 I - nb S S -,W y FRESHMAN CLASS ' FRESHNEN CLASS HISTORY Forty-six green little freshmen wandered searchingly into the study hall of Elmwood Community High School on the morning of Sept- ember A, l9t6, eager to start their high school careers. They took their intelligence tesms and learned in which rooms they were to have classes. They were dismissed at noon, promising to come at 8:t5 the next morning. After they organized with the help of their class advisor, Miss Forcht, they elected class officers. Russell Sherlock, presidentg Carroll lwers, vice president, Dick Windish, secretary and treasurer. The freshmen than had a class meeting and planned a class party. They decided.upon a hayride and Wiener roast which was to be held at Carl Korth's. -Committees were appointed and they carried out the party successfully. - On the fifth of October, the night of the freshmen initiation, all the freshmen filed painfully into the gym. All had aching backs from bowing to the class officers. There were four boys who didn't Know the school song so they had to learn it and sing it in front of the assembly a few days later. The sophomore and freshmen classes had a skating party on March 8, at Brimfield. This was the second successful party. - There are now thirty-nine freshmen looking eagerly ahead to when in May of l9h9 they will have completed their high school careers. x. .HZ 1 413 , 1- P, H ,4 . f' r J 5,7 vga' n ls.. if 5 ':.: . ,- 1 H' ,W -M ur Iv. -.: r ' f' AT' 4. .FL P.,i Mrk ' .32 ' MW. 4 I R A f Ns ' A rm 1 V wud- wr A R '-M ,. ,,,v,,..,w:w'-,,.A..,3A 'Ei Afaswlk -5-f-me Q W ww-X ig ki'z-.-gizgf-g,.,,x 1, -sir 4 4 Ls ' - -- ' '- 4...:1,,Q3, 'Q X Ks . Q V fit, V YY zlgghgva ww A , . , 3-355: ,fd ' was J- 9 .ny Q Q' ,Tw pw-QW , 1 E ix. A ,. . ,M LH J is V N S ,gf ' : WF? '- mga 1 .92gi?A','-4 5 ,gf C-ff' Www' gif: mf- R,-1+5Qa, Q: A y " M: ' , .n"W' A . X3 wi' ,gf A- f' A M: ,ff av gk Q .nf S, A ,N NN! . Jwirfgl WX? Lvl? Q .NS-' ' :sf Q, M2191 'fvgsx ,es 1 , pg gba. . 1 X ' Q F gg: X X 75. M5 ,img .L EE ...-- ff Q71 F in 3, 3 . 4, as , . , QR , . L, , 'g- if Y mg 3 Li P Y I ff -A W Sh KZ ,fy f . ' - ' 'K ' . ' x 2 A - fs ji: ' W " M 9 :E f f . . ff :ff 4- H fn .1 'fl 1 1- .V 5 ar. -. Jw u -'--1' 5 1 4 'f A ,. , .ft , -T ,hu f A 4 Q N B 'ix - ? ' ' ' i ' 'W . 4 Q 'Gi' f 15551 35? , A s ,il -ff 4- rf: ' li ' A 1 if ' Bu. , . L E . ,.,.. W 5 1-jg.: 51' , . Z V 5 Q. 1-A. uii 19 'x iv S22 , f-H 33 W W 1 y f 90' 5 W Eg A uf. 3 7 ' L - ms -ji 'vf , 1445 , m V .,, W nt- V In x ,swan Q , :A lug ,- gpg ., - :gf . 1 .3 ff " ' 9 ' - if A L 355, 21 12 K- ...L T1 5 '1 'Vg zz: 1- f fQf -l 11? Q f L59 , 5. mg ffl? X, L A .I nga I' V054 5 -Q gf L ,, , .L , , , wifi' ,Q A j 1 , .lr " ig? 5 'Qi 5 S223 F39 . ,Q A QQ Q -1 T I if +2 4 R Q. I , U -1552, .V -ee A-ffm ' 4 5 Q7 Q ' rj j '-3 ff l!! 1,3-iiwz 1 , ., 'W ,sf lf fsfg. .Q K E 1: :V - xp- xr M 1 .:. ' Q? :Q 'lfix' H f-, '- ii T- f - ?' ' 'S 4- f W Vg ia ,QQ : ' X ,Q A M- N- M.. .. ' THE ELMNOOD GRADE SCHOOL SOFTBALL TEAM. FRONT ROW - Wubert Ayers, Duane Yerby, Richard Duval, SECQND ROW - Gene wilson, Herb Butterfield, Richard Grover, Ernest Duvall, Robert Schulz, James McCoy. THIRD ROW - Jack Bickford, William Clark, Dean Murdock,Robert Taylor Derald Haahn, Dale Crozier. The Elmwood Grade School softball team opened the season by traveling to Farmington and beating their grade school team 9-2. we went to Silliamsfield for our second game and we were beaten 5-4. In this game we got our only home run of the year, a long right-center field drive by Dean Murdock. Our return game with Farmington saw them a much improved squad. They defeated us 7-5. Our fourth and final game was our return gamewith Williamsfield. It was a last inning thril1er.Going1nto our half of the nintht1e score was 12-12. Elmwood led by Jim hhCoy collected 8 runs towdn the game. DTE STARTING LINE-UP OF LDST OF THE GALES WAS! P. ------ -BOB SCHULZ Std. B. ---- DERALD HAAHN C. ----- ELAN NMRDOCHC L.F. ----- ERNIE DUVALL lst B. ----- JIM LCCOY S.F. - -'- - - DALE CROZIER 2nd B.- - - JACK BHIKFORD C.F. ------ BOB TAYLOR S.S. ----- DICK DUVAL R.F. ----- FRITZ GROVER SUBSQ- DUANE YFRBY, HERB BUTTEBFIELD, HUBERT MYlRS,GENE WILSON. L SCORES Fan '11-If: SEASON. ELLWOOD 9 - - FJRBINGTON 2 ELMWOOD 5 - - FARBJNGTON 7 ELMWOOD 4 - VILLIABSFIFLD 5 EIAWOOD 20-WILLIABBFIELD 12 ELIJNOGD GRADE BASKETBALL TEANIQ -The Elmwood Grade basketball team opened theseason against Brim- field, winning easily by a score of 28-15. Later they went to Fair view losing by a score of 15-24. The next game was at Brimfield, Elmwood winning again by a score of 24-6. The county heavyweight tourney came in late January. Elxwood drew a bye which automatic - ally put them in the semi-finals playing Chillicothe, thehost team Chillicothe won by a score of 29-20. The team then played Dunlap for third place in the tournament, Elmwood won 28-18. 1 The llghtweights played their first game at Fairview losing 17- 10 in an exciting contest. Next came the tournament and the first game against Princeville. Elmwood won on a last minute basket by Jack Eickford, by the score of 17-16. The second game was with Eartonville. Elmwood earned the right to play in the finals by a score of ls-ll. The boys didnit have their shooting eyes against leoria Heights and lost the championship game 28-9, winningsmcond in the county. This is the first time both grade school teams have won trophies in the same year. THE HEAVYZYEIGHT Tl-JAM. THE LIGHTHVEIGHT TEAM. F. - Bob Schulz F. - Bob Schulz F. - Derald I-Iaahn F. - Hubert Myers c'. - Dean Murdock CCapt.J a. - .Jack Bickford G. - Jim McCoy G. - Jim McCoy CCapt.J G. - Dale Crozier G. - Herb Butterfield The last games of the season were played with Fairview, Elmwood winning the lightweight game by a score of 17-10, and the heavy-- weights winning by a score of 31-15. A Egg THE Limruoon omni SCHOOL PATROL. A FRONT RON - Duane Yerby, Herb Butterfield, Charles Neal, Richard Grover, Robert Schulz, Hubert lyers. BACK ROW - Jack Bickford, William Clark, Robert Taylor, Derald Haahn, James hbCoy. The Elmwood Grade School Patrol was organized in the fall of l959 to protect children going to and from school. The patrol is divided into two squads composed of captain, lieutenant and four patrolmeru each. The patrol members are chosen on the basis ofalertness,intrest, scholarship, leadership,aptitude for the work, intelligence, depend- ability and popularity with fellow students. The lieutenantscheck the a,pearance of each squad and are directly responsible to their captains. an Auxiliary patrol composed of two girls from the eighthand two from the seventh grades is responsible for safety in the hallsand on the stairs. During the last year, a Legion of Honor was organized. when a patrolman gets no demerts in one month he can be on the Legion of Honore This has helped to keep the patrol efficient at all times. Violations of patrol rules are tried by the patrol court.The Cap- tain of the morning patrol acts as prosecutor and the captain of the night patrol acts as judge. The patrol court follows regular court procedure and has helped cut down violations. weekly meetings are held for the entire squad where problems are discussed and safety rules and regulations are reviewed. Tech year students have cooperated with the patrol and are learn- T ing better safety habits. Since the patrol has been in operation there have been no accidents. JQANNE JOHNSON LARGARBT SHOOP 5 DQURINE MITCHELL SHIELA SHISSLER ra ,Mw- vi ,,W.Ya,.,yv' , - 1' -- q,WSgiy,, C . XS , U zfzipx :sf . X' -1 . gyggp zen .vi 1- X E' . , .,A, K . as Q2- -kgy, Q 1- Huw., :fx 1 A Y X 52,54 gk 4 A X Q S L 1 K ,, Q l K - t X 'Z W 2 1 X ww i ' N 1 X 2 i f 2 H Rx 'Q K U X , ,.,,. ' xi .K W' X 'ki L 3 in X . A S 3' ,K ff, Wi, ip XY' J X 6 xxxshk 'X i S ig iv ., .,'m'- xg 'Vw 6 Q -,X 9, A :fy M g, . ,. 22 W. MW. . SP Q-12 ' 1 W with ' is if N x ky, 3? xx ., qi 2 Q' 1 4, 1 fn X 5 .f rv X, W 5 xx .,:, ELWJOGD COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL SOFTBALL TEAM FRONT RCW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Carl Korth, Kennth Krisher, Harry McCoy, Willis Windish, Robert Hammond, Jack Boice, BACK RON - Bill Rimington, Bill Foster, Bill King, Donald Haahn, CCACH - Jack Harn, Bill McKown, Richard Korth, Clarence Krisher, David Pankake. The Elmwood Trojans after completing a softball schedule of nine games found they had won seven and lost two. The scores of the games are as follows - Elmwood Z5 ----- Gilson O Elmwood 9 - - Yates City 1 Elmwood ll - Williamsfield 4 Elmwood 9 - - Yates City 5 Elmwood ll - Williamsfield O Elmwood ll- - Brimfield 12 Elmwood 15 ---- Haquon 10 Elmwood 9 - - Brimfield lO Elmwood 9 ---- maquon 5 After a pretty successful season with the exception of the games played with Brimfield the Trojans ended the season in second 'place in the Tomakawk League. - They were nosed out by Yates City whoalso had two losses to the Elmwood team, but played one more game and thereby winning with Y a higher percentage, BATTING AVERAGES. Haahn ---- - -.555 Foster ----- .555 Krisher Jr. v - -.457 Korth - -e- - - .555 King , - .... ,424 Dunn ------ -e250 Mccoy , , ,,,, .468 C Pankake - - ,- - ,222 Rimington - - - -.575 windish "" 'l57 McKown - - - - - e555 Q - TEAM AVERAGE - - 0558 I 1 S55:Cib3lL fl945-oo? Ko vera fortunate in securing Q now coach ot Elnmooo tiis yea Jack Horn como here after being oisohnrgod from the Unitoo jtatoo Coast Guard. Eur zooord wuumft oo good but moot of tho your was soot in experimenting and builoing up for next your. Us won only three vonoo and lost eighteen but our season wosn't u oomolote 9- D I. Q , A al I iluro oo one of our victorian was over our ancient rival, Yates City. Our other triumphs were over Brioooville ond Hoquon. Je were invited to ploy in tho Princeville Holiday Tournament but we were dofooteo in the first round game by Sporlano AO-37. In the Rogionol Baskotboll Tournament at Canton we also loan o-t in the first rouod'w:eo we played Deoria Central but wofo Gw- l ated El-li. To have Your losuernoo returning next year so watch for our J C. H. S. thou. Our schedule and scores was as follows: Elmwood 25 Dunlap 42 Elmwood Yates City Q5 ELKWUUQ lb Farmington 35 Bl wood Chillicothe 55 Elmwood 33 Glaoford 36 Elmwood Briofield 5h Elmwood L5 Yates City al Elmwcoo Magnon 26 mlmwooc 37 Sparlond A0 Elmwood Qlosforo Air Elmwood 36 ?rinceville L9 Elmwood farmiogton o5 Elmwood 24 Eoouoo 30 Elmwood Dunlap 50 ElMWOOf 20 Chilli otha 55 Elmwood Erimfielo io Elmwood 31 Gilsoo 36 Elmwood Princeville 46 ElMWUOd'50 Williamsfield 65 Elmwood Williamsfiold 5: Elmwood l9 Control 51 E. Xe + A 1 X Q m Q '91 x M 'SQ 'xg IQ S E51 :Wim R xi Y 25 1' N X H Q :X X 3 N .-M 52 Ki b 2 win- ,. x - fkkg, .bfi , 3? ik P , T GLEE CLUB mgftr 1'3:,vf'1 :-HW?-11 1-ff 771, ...LA , f'..f,.L.a ',f,..-....4 x1.u'. ... ihe Eogs' Glee Club functioned as usual with twentx nina members., A p riy wus uivQn'jmr the Sirgs' G4ee Club in :etgrn for A party-liven enllier in L.e gwwr for inc Inga' Club. 'A vvrg gomd iimf MLS had by ull A both :armies witn ua1c-mQ, singing, and list but not least eating. Practice was Leia every Friday the LMDL gezium in tile Lgagf. It was held Lim er Lge nail-e,ctio11 oi' Efrs. Jeanne .ik- l THE FUTURE HGMEMAKERS OF AMERICA - The Future Homemakers of America Chapter of Elmwood Community High School was organized this year. The years officers were: Q K President--Mildred Rushing Vice-President--Carol.Weyhrich ' Secretary-eDonna Callister TTeasurer-eMary Ellen Eckhoff Point Captain--Joan Crouch Song Leader--Mary Lapsley , Reporter--Elvessa Crozier - t The Sponsor was Miss Lillian Forcht. The Chapter theme for the year was NAMERICAN'HOMEMAKERS CALVACADEY Twelve meetings were held throughout the year. A style show was given called WGerden Memoriesn and a mother's tea, Two Christmas baskets were given to families.in Elmwood. Among other activities were: the selling of pop corn at all the home basketball gamesg the selling of magazine subscriptions, and the serving of B Kiwanis meeting. The F.H.A. Chapter is connected with the State and National Organizations. F. 'F. A. F. F.A'. NEWS The Elmwood F.F.A. Chapter has had a very successful year. Our main source of income has been from the sale of refreshments at basketball games and from the sale of seeds. We have a system in which the boys earn offices by the amount of work they do and the grades they get. New officers are appointed each semester. The officers this semester are: Dale Nelson, presidentg James Doubet, vice presidentg Dick Booth, secretaryg Andy McCoy, treasurerg and Harlan Nickerson is reporter. ' THE smvrce CLASS PLAY. FRONT ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT - Mary Craig, Jane Brown, Katherine Haines, Martha Schlots, Dorothy lcKown, Marcille LbKown,Hrs.Hart BACK RON - Robert Burns, Richard Korth, Robert Keefer,Junior Krisher, Ellery Adams, Dale Petty. 'ASK me: ANOTHER" Wilma Shepard, an office girl ----- ----- Dorothy McKown mr. Gates, managing editor of THE HERALD ---- Junior Krisher Mrs. Snell, Society editor of THE HERALD - - - Katherine Haines Harriet Hogan Q Aunt Sally Ja cookery expert - - Martha Schlots Joyce Martin, a young newspaperwoman -------- Mary Craig Mike Warren, a reporter on the Examiner ------ Ellery Adams Joe Weber, a detective ------------- .- - Bob Keefer Eloise Archer, a society girl ----------- v Jane Brown Mrs.C.B.Hammond, a wealthy widow ---- - - Marcille McKown Frank Sylvester, a cook - -' ------ -' - - - - Dale Petty Marco, a mystic ----------- ------- Bob Burns Shorty Cass, an underworld character ----- - - - Dick Korth SYNOPSISV ' The action of WAsk lb Anothern took place in an outer office of THE HERALD, a morning newspaper in a fair-sized American city, dur- ing the afternoon and evening of an early spring day. The plot centered around The Great Marco, who sees al1,knowsedl but is known only to the managing editor and Joyce, his secretary. Many complications were ironed out concerning Mike Warren,the rival newspaper editor and the strange disappearance of Irs. Hammond's jewelso - Mrs. John Hart directed this play which the audience considered a very good play and well acted. Front Tow - Left to Right - Bertha Korth, Shirley Tucker, Mary Eckhoff, Barbara Shissler, Joan Crouch, Mary J. Lapsley, Elvessa Crozier, Mrs. McQuiston., Back Row - Ray Livingston, Joe Kendall, Dwight Jones, Donald Dean, Rydene Amnndsen, James Arbogast. I Junior Class Play The class of '47 presented a very interesting comedy in three acts. It was 'Cross My Heart,W written by John McRue and George Savage. Mrs. Robert McQuiston coached the play. She certainly deserves plenty of praise for the excellent supervision. Now letfs recall the cast just as they appeared that night, April 5, in the Elmwood Gym. . A Mr. Adams..... ...Dwight Jones 9 l 0 0 U I 0 Q s El Pauline Adams... Bob Adams....... Eleanor Ross .... Mrs. Ross ..... Mr. Ross.' ....... Jim Ross .... .... Charlie Westover Carl Young ...... Lola Pomproy .... Henrietta Duval. Patsy Jones ..... Barbara Shissler Ray Livingston Bertha'Kbrth Elvessa Crozier James Arbogast Joe Kendall Rydene Amundsen Donald Dean Mary J. Lapsley Shirley Tucker Joan Crouch I L xx The Carnival Dance The annual Senior Carnival Dance wis held on March 29. Although there were still shortages, there was an abundance of noise-makers, paper nets, and confetti. Speaking of confetti, you should have seen the seniors one day down in the farm shop, Because Mr. Bicxford couldn't get confetti ' in sacks, he bought some in bulh. To save Mr. Worley the grief of cleaning up' we tooh confetti, scchs, stapler, pans, and the senior class doin "'u' to the shoe. The pans were used X to hold the confetti while we sacked it. We prepared over six hundred bags in an hour and a half. The north side of the gym, as usual, was occupied by stands. There were: a fortune teller's booth, a NMental Marvel,H cohe bottle throw, fish pond, a dart booth, and at the end a booth where people not lucky enough to win them, could buy hats, etc. Over on the west side wie the basketball booth which was taken care of by various'members of the team. Nearby iere c the telesran typists who carried on a flourishing business of ' anonymous insultsn On the stage was the bingo stand. Those lucky enough walked away with soaw, syrup and other hard-to-get things. Other attractions vers the show in the smoiins room and the food stand in the kitchen. Me also had a ylon stocking raffle and a school popularity contest. Two juniors, Barbara Shissler and Joe Kendall turned out to be the school's favorites. . Most of the floor was occupied by a picket-fenced dance pavillion where Dich Franklin and his Seven from Heaven played toe-tickling rhythms. ' all in all the Carnival Dance was a success and as a class, we will our ability to get things done to those unfortunate juniors. ...l Q s 4 , 3 I 1 ! li A v 5 E 4 5 3 , Q 3 S ! E' 'Q . z Q s 3 I 9 5 i ,. ,. 5 3 E H I 1 E 'I 3 E i 1 A J f. 2 5 E D E Q 5 ! H 5 4 E K J- 5 -4 ' - W f - ff -' -..1. .A-.1 Ms-u-,.:.1.' -1-avr-,,-..--u, Luv' w,1.n-app um- :her-.nv-Us-gm.1a.,,.v-.w.snu.n.m-s.-uv.v.uuu-L-n.,.4n:1:.nu4rm3-1-.1z.1.nrnmuxaruAuu1 2 , w SCFOOL CnLENDAR Tuesday, Septemberla. . Wednesday, September 26 Tuesday, October Q. . . Wednesday, October 10 . Tuesday, October lo . Friday, October l9. . . Thursday, November 15 . Tnursday,.Ncvamber 29 . Saturday, December 22 . Wednesday, February l3, Friday, Maron 29, . ,'. Friday, April 5 . Monday, April 8 4 Friday, April l2. . Saturday, April 20. Friday, April 26. Friday May 3 , . 7 Sunday, May l9. . Thursday, May 23. Friday, May 24. . , . 1 , , School.Started Sophomore Party Home Es Party Senior Steak Fry Freshman Party Glee Club Farty Junior'Farty Senior Ilay School Party Glas Club Party Carnival Dance Junior Play F Grade Sdhool Operetta Kiwenees' Supper for Seniors nlumni,Banquet Junior-Senior Reception Seniorfs Trip to ,..r Chicago Baccalaureate Claes Day Commencement 1 Q i i X'- , Y Q., -. 94 ,weuz-K. X ,ggfgzqg 'sf -5:15 Q Q... Q -i 2, -9" ' . . , :.-rs: f Q f K 1 ,ag kf T9 .. ' 4 -'- 'A:4:!:':Sf'E"'E::sre-':-1-.5. ,.. If--f 'ff S5153 - 1:2 QW:- ..4,.es.:ew .3f w A "w,w2w:v2 X, - . - 9:":i'f-'f' 221, P ' :vsp 4 gy:-ff.. H524 fl -. 1' gif' N' K ' . .+.fw.,,-.,-, , .M M ri? . v ' 1 wa ' fy Q 4 5 -P, 2 15 ' - ' -'sim . 1' 5045 ygglfgf-fx ei I .3.f:j.g5?f,ggi :, gggwv 1525 ii, + T ff ..: is 2i5.i.z :gn :- " ,iv vfszfiggi,-g .lP Ilgg 5 " 'N 'fx Fw Hifi si 'J ?f?Sfi5'4?lQ 1 ..,- 1 ew -,., 2:1:SSf5"Nf-Q1 . N-ff.:f...ff?w . m -HW 14 fi 1 vf , AL ,Mm V 2 . 24.1.3 www ,eu , 744, ?:f3iym,w .SQMS1 4, ,..x L ' ' -212 5 .1 if 2 'faQff :ai-W. ' ' '- 'K "-1 ', 'c2'1-"UQ ,1I5i3f'i QJTQ rfb t. " 1 5. fqzfwzsiqzwx - N "'ff'2'3 W If , 1. - fa:-fQys?,Qim.zQf X ,Q fx- fr Q- pzwhizf-' gym. I 1 ,. f vsiiilibif' , vf emfix-in ,ssl 1 52121: , 4 if , - 1 'grin 5ng,fs2sf:iiSflf.2 ,4 3.1 .1 lfswfge ' 1 '-ami: 1. ZA-' Rig-,i"'!'.3:-,,-N P 5 -' 3 4 .1 5 9E4 + W ' s wf3w f f' f as :I J fa 1 ::f,1-ggfffpg P -, ga-2 ,N -fy--435-If -fx f 1- f r Q 1 Y, . x-Q. .fi:"wp. . ,yin M.,f,- ,- 1 zfief Q 4 . 3, we A I -Y 'V V777 if f'T EQ i-glitz if-1.LQ bQC44.h'G .4 NJ D.A.R. Winner chosen by members of the Senior Glass and Faculty on the folkowiug points Depeniability, Service Lea6ermhip, ?atriotism ERR? CHQIG winner of the Lorain Taft Essay Contest iii? k,Z' 4' EIQLIOKFF? Valeuicialian YEQETNMS Salutatoriau CARGL UEYFRICH WLnner of Senior group an the Legion Citizenship 173431321 WILLIAM BUTTZRFIELD Sinner uf Junior group 1 the Legion Citizenshin Essay Contest r ,A Uv... - C. v., 1 ' , X . .W , " .,- f X-. -fu i xii. 5 .f X x 5-,xy , Ay Q- . - url. .K x ' . A "mx, E , ' ' , 'KX 'Yu " . ., 'E ' ' Q-. 5 - V' P: .FW 4 L' K Q k 3 3 ' 'J V' . "5 ' '- f. -4 3.-552215 'S ' ,wa ik- S-ML , - Y 'WY - vibgf 1 M , A Q ' 0 ckvfsx. nf . f wif-1, ,.?1?i'f W , ' 2 55 f. ' . ' -V ff - igg k ji Ig, ifvff " ' 355 ' 'ZQS " X . ,- ' f .. .- 'f ,wg ' 5 K-M, ,L wv,.Sw.EElkJ' v Q m 5 1 5, at N f 5 X 3 xv, 'aiixsax . 4, M. 'wwf' y rl E I . E S' X S 2 QQ , .M .ss sgfag ' 'F 4 fx 16 1 J H., - -2 X. v. 4 , -,,-:M"' A., L ,Xi X .f .-El Qi fH7'f. .17 Q 'ri is :- , 1 I .14 .fa X fQQ5Qk'f'725f1FE! ff V v E5 'Jim-. ,1fs,:,s fffm , X 'iQ'9ifIilfF4: ,xy K ' Y - 1-P-"iq y 595561 mv r E-34 , ,gk-f 5fzAw,A '- - ff, 552 'fps ' ,.,,,,-'riiiiztt PM ,W Q 1 X was .. W 1" R .. 4 .L , X wif wif.. mf., Q' FL... V Alfwi ' ' f wumfs- .X '- .f141'g',f.-I :- TYHURST COWLEY'S RECREATION f Barber Shop A Billards Sandwiches lV A. A. SIPFLE E COM?ANY Insnranoe JOHNSON'S Servioe'Station L. RICHARD WHITNEY The REXALL STORE Attorney-At-Law- STEER'S PHARMACY T ' 4 X GROVER PRODUCE DEFORD ' S' - Poultry' Eggs Cream Barber Shop DR. A. H. CLARK A GUS FaANKU's Physician and Surgeon Meat Market W , , " ' Y jd' ' ' Yi--y ,L , Y, Y W' , r , ,S l M SCHULZ CURRIER'S DRUG STORE Grocery Elmwood, Ill. - 1 PATTERSON FUNERAL HOME Elmwood, Illinois ELMWOOD TELEPHONE EXCHANGE U ' I Local E Long Distance Service.TT A I . .il I LOUIS UPTT STANDARD AUTO SERVICE Harness and Shoe Repairing 1 Elmwood, Ill. W U U O O' area U are I' O- irc T T ,, D T H TRANSPORTATION, TNC. ELMUOOD GAZETTE -' All A .T c'I A ' 1 1 ,. , ,' 1 V, r -.. 1 ' ' V " 'l' I 3 """"' ' F " . COZY-INN CAFE A ELMWOOD TAP Derk Swagman, Prop. Roy M Jeff Dinners M Sandwiches , Elmwood, Ill. MC QUIRE'S Fine Shoes E Shoe Repairing ROYAL BLUE some MARKET f Fine Foods M Friendly Service Grocery Meats Produce F. C. BOCK. I u Men's Furnishings Q Shoes DrytCleaning - HAZEL DALTON Beauty Shoppe Phone 85 Elmwood, Ill. ,Sin ',, I I f--W ,ii , , Leo McKown Hospital, Life, and Insurance Phone 1091 Elmwood, Ill. MILLER FARM SUPPLY Feed, Produce M Supplies Elmwood, Illinois 4 P ,,,, , , WOODIE'S SUPER SERVICE STATION Every Accessory For Your Car ELMWOOD ELEVATOR COMPANY ' Grain Coal Feed Fence Seeds Phone l9ul Elmwood, Ill. Custom Milling ARMSTRONG'S A EDSON SMITH M SONS, INC. ' Furnishings Clothing Shoes Elmwood, Ill. Hardware ' Elmwood, Illinois CLARK MEMORIAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 2A2 Elmwood, Ill. INVESTIGATE--You'll Insulate- 'With Comfort Wool Kuhl R McCoy PAUL V. FUSSNER Furniture-Radics-Appliances ' Elmwood, Ill. THE FAIR STORE Variety,Merchandise B. H. Sparks, Prop. SIMPSON-POULESON LUMBER coL 1 Building Headquarters I PENNY Geodesy nmaxrfr e Fresh Vegetables and Fruits- I. ALJ.. Wi-Lin ! E E I 3 4 E 3 E . I l i5 E i k R1 1 E 5 E E 5 5 I H B F T -i" , JT 1 , l , 77 , I - -an .-. - - .-Zur.-v i - I M4115 I I - Q. H. Morton, MG Dc Elmwood Illinois I f , ,, --.: , -..-l...-,.-L,,,.., ..........., ,...-.-...- , ' 1. D PALACE THEATRE I Eddie Hahn, Manager I-X Jane B. Jones Beauty Shoppe Mc Cartney's Garage Elmwood . Illinois I ' ' A ' ' X1 J '- ' ---'W ' . BOWLING ALLEY - ' Forney's Cafe. Elmwood ' Illinois 4 'F' Metz Standard Service Station' Elmwood IllinoisA " tc' l 1i,J1-, ,714 , v, nad: First Farmerfs State Bank A A. Schneiber, Prop. Elmwood Illinois . L I-1 771 L .TW -2 - f ' -- Y---Y - Y W - 1 Kroger Company Cox Bros. A A I Groceries and Fresh Produce Dry Cleaning Elmwood Illinois Elmwood, Illinois Refrigerator Service Moravek Elmwood Illinois 1' ' ' ' Aus 'mi in nur ' Ecklund a Quirsfeld Authorized Sales A Service I Elmwood Illinois 3, nun" " ""i' FUNK'S WGN HYBRID Seed Corn A and other farm seeds Phone 8113 SHISSLER'S -Elmwood L it ' H01 ' 1 , ' Jniinf "tins: I Wm. CBillJ Folkenroth I A Real Estate--Insurance Car Financing i Yates City Illinois I ' K l CARTER'S STOCK FARMS ,,,' , '3:l"i nl hr I Eldon MoKown, Agent berdeen Angus Cattle and Duroc Hogs' Insurance A A alph K. Carter William H. Carter Protection with Service Route 78 Elmwood, Illinois Phone 8218 Elmwood A 1 Es Jo Duval Manufacturer of Barrelstave 1 . Elmwood, Illino plnulgn W I s and Headings A is 'itil 4 I CLASS 1872- .J"' "Ti 'f.2.-x1,n"'! ' .,.f .5 K.-LQ v,gL:1,:,-'l-I ',.L, OF w , -B. C. Allensworth, Prof,---Ella Brain, Mary Hopkins, Eliza Hurlburt, Hattie Keene, Elizalnnmews, Hattie Parsell, Minnie Rogers, Stella Rose, Flora Smith, Edson Walton, Ella Woods. l873--James M. Greeley, Prof.--Laura V. Ramsey, g 1871+--.Tamesl li. Greeley, Prof.--Lettie Bartholomew, Joseph Williamson. l875--James Kelly,Prof.--Alice Biggs, Rosa Ryan, Florence Whitney. 1876--James Kelly, Prof.--No graduates. 1877--James Kelly, Prof.--No graduates. l878--J. M. Crow, Prof.m-Lois Brown, Ed Egan. 1879--J. M. Crow, Prof.-HAsa M. Brown, George N, Brown, Bathena Coon, Florence Darby, Belle Kellogg, Huburt Marshall, Flora MoNay, Lillie Purcell. 1880--J.BL Crow,EToffulmttie Barrett, Hettie Coon, Minnie Purcell. 1881--J. M. Crow, .Prof.-nJames Les, John Pheifer, Mabelle Ryan. 1882-JT.B.l3ird,ProD--Ella Flanegin, Ida Patterson, Evan Slaughter. l883e-T. B. Bird, Prof.--Lida Dinan, Nettie Kightlinger, Maggie McConan, Lizzie Pulsipher, Atic Purcell, Nettie Wiley. 1884--C. R. Vandervoort, Prof.-eOrie Bartholomew, Kate Callister, Laura Lobaugh, Luman Royce, Howard Spangler, Bertha Wheeler, Frank Whitney. A ' H 1885--C.EL Vendervoort,Prof,-4H1Clingen,Fiancee Danieha Fredericka Mathewson, Frank Widmeyer. Q ' 1886--N. J. Pringle, Praia-eLura Helen Bartholomew,+Harriet Jones, Ed C. Slayton, Barry Tompkins. A 1887--W. J, Pringle, .Prof --Anna Enright, Minnie lawrence, Edward Siegel. , , I ' - 1888--W. J. Pringle, Prof.--Edson E, Dalton, Kate Hurff, Ernest . Lobaugh, Fred Patterson, Sam Tidd. 1889--W.JlfFringle3 Prof.-sJohn Bitner, Ed U. Henry, Milo Ketchum, Edith Kightlinger, Howard Kirkpatrick, Philip Phares, Fred Pratz, James Slayton. A 1890--W.JL Pringle, Prof.Q-Charles Burt, Sadie Clinch, Fred Darby, Bessie Ewalt, Orrie Snyder, Estelle'Nasson. E 5 5 v 1 E 3 s ? B 4 f 5 ! I, I 5 2 2 e 891 392 s93 894 895 896 97 98 99 OO Ol s I I W. J. Pringle, Prof.--Emma Anderson, Gertie Davis, AEveret Kemp, Lillian Wheeler, Frank Wing. W. J. Pringle, Prof.--Harrison Dixon, Charles Farnum, Fred Heptonstall, Edna Lawrence, Nellie A. Perrine, Fred Slayton, Leila Williamson. S. B. Allison, Prof.u-Ora Currlings, Frank Higgins, Asa Kirkpatrick, Harry Lacy, Emma Futman, Sanford Schriers, Anna Vandervoort, Esther Wasson, Katie Vaibel. --S. B. Allison, Prof.--Ethel Cullings, Charles Day, Bertha Denning, Reba Herriott, Charles McCorkie, Bert Hiner, Anna Smith, Myrtle Slayton, Mae Smith, Rose Wood. --S. B. Allison, Prof.--Anna Anderson, Laura Bodine, George Davidson, Cara Duth, Bessie Ennis, Edith Jones, Bertram Kemp Daniel Ketchum, Harvey Lott, Edith Patterson, Mary Rose, G A. Vance, Minnie Woods, Winifred Wheeler, Hortense Walker. L. R. Flanegin, Prof.-- Fanny Bourgoin,' Eva Clingan, Grace Farnum, Martha Holt, Stella Kirkpatrick, NeDie'Mannock, Nina Miller, Marie Regan, Fmma.Biner, Nehie Slayton, Rena Webskm, Lavarre Wycoff. ' L. R. Flanegin, Prof.--Mable Denning, Rose Douglas, Samuel Garrison, Gertrude Hardenberg, Ortha Heptonstall, Enmriitbd, Leo Johnson, Mary Kinnear, Sadie Lott, Jessie Mannock, Effie Mathis, Ethel Runyan, Harry Wells, Ernest Wheatcroft. L. R. Flanegin, Prof.-- Frank .Armstrong, Charles Clinch, Harold Cullings, Nettie Debacher, Frank Eslinger, Blanch Herriott, Henry Jarman, Patience Jarman, Roy Kightlinger, Ethel McCann, Alice McCuIUmmm, Anna'HrDermott, Esther Ndson, Harry Rose, Bertha Haibel, Myrtle Webster, Emma Westbay. L. R. Flanegin, Prof.--Leslie Anderson, Anna Armstrong, Ada C. Buell,' Anna DeBacher, Pearl Greenough, Myrtle DeBacher, Lora Hart, Elliott E. Head, Harlan Hubbell, Harlan Jones, Nellie E. McCabe, Nora E. McCarty, Tessie A. McDermott,Iavid H. Morton, Margaret M. Nelson, Nora Nelson, Edna L. Pammson, Margaret O. Powell, Nellie M. Regan, Margaret E. Stewart, Blanch Swigert, Harry Troth. --L. R. Flanegin, Prof.--Archie Miles, Harry Richardson. --L. R. Flanegin, Prof.-- Edwin Brown, Marion Brown, Nellie Earing, lloyd Graham, Earl Henmg Auan Higgins, Amy Houhkiss, Dean Jay, Leroy Kershaw, Florence McKerrow, Albam Van Pdxen, Neva Walton, Clifton Wycoff. - ' -- Lg.. x 1902--J. M. Martin, Prof.fNMsry Bowers, Everet S. Cathcart, Bert Conrey, Ross E. Cullings. Mable DeBaoher, Maurice Grumley, Mina Morton, Kina E. Palmer, Elsie M. Fhilhower, Fannie E. Remmele, Charles E. Smith, Dale E. Snyder. l903--Charles Stuart. Prof.,-Marilla Cooper, Margaretta Jay, Rea Karkness, Edson Kinnea:,, Fred Hartz, Harry Quigley, Maude Smith, Raymond Troth, Janes Turmmy Earl Vance, Nellie Wells, Belle Wilbur. . 190A--Charles Stuart, Prof,v-Will Bolin, Lottie Bourgoin, Evalina Brooks, Leta Cuthnart, John Grumley, Mary Humphreys, Monica Smith, Merle Snyder, Nellie Nheatcroft, Sylvia Zoll. - 1905--Charles Stuart, Prof.wMLelia Armstrong, Lottie Armstrong, Anna Booth, Chains Bowers, Elorence Gabriel, ChaNwsyGrunley, Earl Horsley, Alice Orvis, Paul Westbay. 1906--Charles Stuart, Prof.--Gertrude Bowers, Mildred Bowers, Uma 1907 .1 , r" 1908-- 1909 1910 Conver, Ina Learned, Glennie Tyler, Gertrude Waibel. Charles Stuart, Prof,--John Boswell,4 Irwin Dalton, Bertha Graham,. Gilbert Lane, Raymond Lyons, Cara Nelson, Essie- Rynearson, Florence Walton, Ada wheatcroft, Paul Wells, Dale Zink, Iantha Zell. ' T. S. Henry, Prof.--Wilde Armsmxng, Ehrmes Jay, Edna Lenmed, Clitkmd Lott, Lillie Mannock, Annes Morton, Edna Parr, hhrian Potts, Wallace Snyder, Jenn Troth, Frances W-lton, Katherine White, Marie Zinn. N --T. S. Jenry, rrof.f-Florence Uri er, henry Kessler, alice Lott, larry iiece, Largeret ecnori. I --T. S. Kenry, Prof.4-Gonna Booth, Samuel Conver, Sara Conver, Sidney Cullings, Arthur Dalton, Lola Fish, Floyd Gooding, Mabel Higgins, Walter Manock, Raymond Nibblelin, Ella Oakes, Mabel Schori, Clarence Shissler. ' 1911--T. S. Henry, Prof.--John Bowers, Mabel Bnnks, Hazd.DeBacher, 1912 1913 Frieda Korth, Ella Van Pelt, Jennie Philips, Eleanor Scmnts, John Stevens.' --T. S. Henry, Prof.--Frances Bowers, William Criger, Raymond Dikeman, Neal Higgins, Chester Lyons, Florence Lyons, Thora Morton, Lois Nichols, Bernice Noel, Ethel Reed, Newell Reed, Florence Seltzer, Harold Snissler, Alice Tolbert. --C. C. Cbndit, Prof:-Laura Brown, Bernice Goliday, .Oliver Gregory, 'Ralph Kilpatrick, Howard Schlots,. John SuhultZQ HazalSeltzer, wilhelmina Taylor, Elwyn Troth, Leroy Watkins, Vivian Whiting, Estelle Whitney. - , uf fy . l9lh-- 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 "C Q C C.Condit,ProffMdkmel Atherton, Edna Brooks, Louise Condit, Margretha Friedrichs, Roy Gore, Clifton Humphreys, Evelyn Humphreys, Eleanor McCann, Esther Nichols,'Blanch1Oldknow, Frank Schultz, George Snissler, Margaret Smith, Olive Troth, Mabel Wiley. C. C. Condit, Prof-H-Maude Adams, Grace Barrett, Gilman Davidson, Leona Higgins, Eva Holt, Charlotte Johnson, Marie Kelly, Edwin Hilestrick, Leonard Lang, Elsie Lyons, Jessie McCann,MyrKr3mdKrwn Logan Nelson, FHS Nelson, Lena Seltzer, Louise Shissler, Georgie Taylor, Lillian Van Sickle. , C. Ccndit, Prof,--Frank Allen, Leona Day, Charles Dooley, Edna Tester, Iecrnnfiniggins, Veda Holt, Fern Humphreys, Earl Kelly, Einifved Kelly, Maude King, Esther Korth, 'nrmetta Maher, Edgar Nohonald, Mary NcFall, Howard Redding, Roscoe Redding, Margexy Schenck, Margery Strufe, Merle Threw, Naomi Waibel, Gladys Tooten, Ruth Zink. . --C. C. Condit, Prof.--Marjorie Bowers, Clifton Conver, Frank Johnson, Johnjkilpatrick, George McKinley, Lulu McKown, Elmer Miles, Hugh Nelson, Donald Niece, Russel Schori, Catherine Stevens, Henry Tully, Max Wasson. C. C. Condit, Prof.--Howard Atherton, Isaac Barrett, Elmore Brown, Leola Burt, Grace Carlson, Dorothy'Condit,James Cusang Patrick Cusack, Mary Davis, Pearl Dragoo, Thomas Dwyer, Lora Flanegin,iRussell Fullmg Margaret Gmahle, Marguerite Gregory, Roy Harkness, Harold Herbert, Ruth Ireton, Nan Johnson, Naomi Johnson, Lucille Kelly, Opal Kelly, alma Lindzey, Gladys Lindzey, Edna MacDonald, Leslie MacDonald, Mildred Peters, Nellie Schenck, John Schori, ,Leah Thatcher, Charles Tidd, Mary Threw, Frances Van Sickle, Gayle Weeks, Helen Nhite.' Prof.--Leroy Andrews, June Bandy, ada Boice, Horace Demick, Naudelhller, Louis Miles, Edwin Miranda, Margaret Pharcs, Gladys Proctor, Richardimhenck, Rosanna Stevens, Hilda Threw, Lauretta Tully, C. C. Condit, Mark Brennan, Mona Snyder, Elma Wasson, Rowena Wasson, Margaret Uickwire, Verna Wooten, Francis Zink. --C. C. Condit, Prof.--Gladys Archibald, Ralph Bacher, Howard Carter, Marianne Clinch, Mary Cusack, Mary Dwyer, Harley Green, Anna Grumley, George Gutshall, Hazel Gutshall,Birdella Harkness, ' , Frances McCarty, Verna Miles, Bruce Mullen, Elva Peters, Forrest Reed, Genevieve Riner, Mona Ristine, Doris Shively, Harry Stalter, Ruth Thatcher, Anna Trowbridge, Dean Threw, Ferns Threw, Harvey Van Sickle. Adriene Herbert, Mildred Higgins, Rachel Holt, Gera1d Jnfman, Alta Johnson, Roy Keeling, Helen Lindzey,'Qwen Lindzey, . , r 1 I 1921 1922 Q 1923 192A 1925 i K 1926 1927 --U. C. Condit, Prof.-- Clare Bragg, Edna Clark, Dean Condit, Ritj French, M,rta Martin, Chester Miles, Ralph McKown, Fred Schlots, Margaret Sporrer, Ruby Wasson, Mabel Worley, Albert Wolford, Ruth Wooten. ' --C. C. Condit, Prof.-- Elora Burt, Kathryn Cgllister, Leon Carter, Ruth Cladwell, Arthur Dragoo, Lawrence .Harkness, Clyde Hendrix, Holand Hitchcock, Faye Hoyt, Edith Jarman, Margaret Kilpatrick, Harry MacDonald, Erma McKinty, Bernard Mullen, Loren Oakes, Florence Phares, Everett Redding, Uaher Redding, Russell Remmie, Earl Schenck, Harmon Shelton, Roma Shively, Easley Strapp, Florence Threw, Daniel Tully, Edwin Watkins, Mary Whitney, Grace Jickwire. --C. C. Uondit, Prof.--Della Brown, Floyd Brown, Pearl Clinch, Doris Colvin, Cecil Coon, John Cullings, Kathryn Cusack, Zelter Dalton, Millard Day, Willard DeFord, Mary Damick, Margaret Ehstrand, Everett Epley,r Lucile Flint, William Jaques, Cornelius Kemp, Leah Maher, Elsie Manual, Ralph Melville, ?aul Miles, William Schenck, Margaret Seltzer, Harry Stotler, Lester Turl, Earline Weeks, Elva Wolford, Dorothea Young. V --C. C. Condit, Prof.-- Minerva Carlson, Jeanette Coolidge, Ruth Eslinger, George Fleisher, Lorena Fleisher, Myrtle Flichinger, Jessie French, Pauline Jarman, Agnes Kdly, Opal Lindzey, Louise Macey, Lela Murphy, Chester Patton, Zelda Perril, Iona Rambo, Ruth Shively, Nina Threw, Etta FVohland, Leonard Windish, Edith Morley. --J. H. Francis, Prof.--Howard Berger, Everett Bogrer, Ruth Clinch, Cornelia Day, Gladys DeFord, Leone DeFord, Daniel French, Kathryn Goliday, Loren Harkness, Helen Hart, Lois Henry, Neva Higgins, rNorma Huber, Loring Jarman, Kathryn Maher Beulah McClure Verna Metz George Moore Laurence Moran, George Montgomery, Dorothy Nelson, Hath Nichols, Opal Richardson, Alice Shawver, Loren Shelton, Leon Whitney, Frances Uickwire, Mildred Wiley. - , --J. H. Francis, Prof.-- Dorothea Bowman, Mayne Callie, Ruth Chllings, Bertha Dalton, Doris Dobbs, Julia Dwyer, Harley Fleisher, Lester HarUey,Ckarable Herbert,DeForest Hitchcock, ada Hoyt, Owen Hubbell, Milford Kirkbride, Thomas Lee, Irene Maher, Adell McVey, Thomas Miller, Mary Uoggle, Dean Froctug Lowell Redding, Ward Schori, Carl Scragg. --E. E. Downing, Suggs--Ada Bohrer, Helen Buxton, Thelma Calha Lois Challacombe, 'ble Dawson, Glenn DeFord, UaBace Emerick Velda Eubenks, LymraFagoUm, Marie Fleisher, Irma Flickinger, Oral Gallagher, Lloyd Graham, Glenn Hall, 1 Leonard Heller, Raymond Hicks,a Louise Mckinty, Lucille Murphy JuhaPetton, Harold Redding, Velda Scragg, Francis Snively, Clyde Nheekm, Leo Nindish, Louis Nindish, CorinneIZinn. K J. 1928 x 1929 1930 lQ31 1932 1933 I --E. Downing, Supt.- -Louise Anderson, Frances Clemmer , -Bernice Corbett, Marie Ehstrand, Gail Emerick, James Foster, Marion Harper, Isabel Hoyt, Mary Johnson, 'Kathleen Manoch, John Mathis, Stanton Moore, Helen Moran, Bernice Pierson, John Ryan, Rolen Searle, Inez Smith, Susanne Smith, Elizbaeth Steer, Frances Yerby.V1fgini3 Mins, ' f --E.E. Downing, Supt.--Virginia Atherton, Juanita Bohrer, Jesse Boice, Kathryn Bowers, Eugene Buxton, Audrey Coon, 'Sanford Coon, MarjcrleCoultsr, Juanita DeGroot, Howard Foster, Harold Hicks, Ruth Jarman, Frances Lindzey, Armin Lischer, Gayle Phares, c1ll.?rcctor, Hugh Nixon, Alice Widening, Esther Schultnes, Leland Simkins, Thelma Scragg, Elon Steer, John Weeks, Helen Zinn. A y .I A --E. E. Dovninsl Supt.e-Arwine Archibald, Cecelia Armstrong, Virginia Bailey, Edwin Boch, Eugene Bourgoin, Lois Carter, Norman Clara, Walter Clinch, Thomas Cooley, Robert England, Alice Foster, Dahl Fussner, Ralph Graham, John Hart, Gladys HeUer, Mary-Herbert, Paul Hitchcoch,IPauline Hitchcock, Mildred Krisher, John Lindzey, Charles Livingston, Margery Mathis, Charles Hanoch, Alfred Miles, Mildred Heed, Beth Shively, Louise Turner, James Voorhees, Eldon Wiley, Izola Yates. --E. E. Downing, Supt.--Betty Armstrong, Dorothy Bates, Thomas Clemmer, Vera Catherine Custer, Kenneth Davy, Ralph Gayman, Mary.Hedden, Lucille Hitchcock, Berwyn Huey, NellieiLivingston, Daniel Maher, Mary Ellen Manoch, Owen Mchinty, Elmer Moody, John Pierson. Bosco Pullen, Opal Shane, Edwin Shively, Adeline Thomas, Paul Thompson, Cornelius Vance, Helen Weeks, Woodrow Worley, Justine Zinh. ' A --E. E. Downing, Supt.--William Armstrong, Clifford Atherton, George Boyer, Eldon Burt, Hazel Coon, Eileen DeGroot, Frances Dobbs, Wilma Frame, Harvey Haines, Samuel Haines, Ralph Hall, Opheliallrxtable,Sighell'Kauffman, Gladys Kneer, Geneva Mathis, Harvy McFall, Jr,, Wilden,McKown, Raymond Miles, Margaret Miller, Orville Moody, Roberta Moore, Fredrick Nagel, Frances Oldfield, Milo Phares, John Shell, Lloydine Taylor, 'Joseph Thomas, Helen Troth, Howard Windish, Jeannette Worley, Hugh Wycoff, Gerald Yerby. ' --E. E. Denning, Supt.--Eancis Ann.mmwtrong, Richard iAthertong Wilma Bohrer, Adeline Boice, Lawrence Buxton, Dewey Clark, Jack Clinch, -Artie Frame, Harley Garren, John Brownihovaq Benjamin Hall, Manford Harding, Judson Kratzer, La Vergne McCuen, Lynn McKinty, Mildred Manoch, 'Earle Murphy, 'Harold Nixon, Clifford Perrill, Howard Pierson, Robert Pullen, Lilah Roffey, John Shaffer, Charlotte Shelton, Kathrine' Smith, 'Eugene Traynor, Eleanore Waibel, Richard Wilkinson, Garda Wurmnest, Erma Hurmnest. - ' , 1934-+E. E. Downing, Supt.--Richard Bailey, Hihlane Boyd, Merle 1935 1936 1937 1938 Clark,w Esther Clammer, Mary Clinch, -Keith Currier, Edwin Foster, Kenneth Golden, Harold Hartley, Arthur Haaselbaoker, Maxine Heuber, Lelia Hoyt, Chester Kuntz, Mabel McAllister, John McFal1, Dorothy McMullen, Lexveda Miles, Jack Miller, Winogene Miller, Gayle Owens, Charles Patterson, Paul Reed, Paul Shaffer,' Sidney Thompson, Dorothy Troth, Owen waibel, Robert Wilcox, Ruth Wolfe, Katherine Zink. y --E. E. Downing, Suetaf-Jean Atherton, Margaret Boice, Alice Boyer, Franc Bridson, Clifton Clark, Helen Gallagher,' Dale Gutshall, Ruth Heddon, Billy Jarman, Donald Livingston, John Manoek, Carl Meehan, Martha Moffitt, Charles North, Herman Norton, Elizabeth Patterson, Violet Ray, Susie 'Bobinson, Doris Roffey, Alvin Sollenberger, Gerald Talley, Carroll Taylor, Woodrow VanTine, Doris Haechter. --E. E. Downing, Supti--Harry Bateman, Pauline Bourgoin, Fern Briggs, Ruby Bruniga, Lola Chapman, Eugene Louise Coelidge,E1omence Co11,E1oyd Coon, Mary Helen Dwyer, June Gibbs, Marjorie Golden,- Elsie Gutshall,-Leo Gutshall, Lawrence Hall, Clemmer, Alice Louise Da Ford, Cecil Gutshall, I Kathryn Harber, Ralph Harkness, Charles Hicks, James Inskeep, Ruth Jones, Robert 'Killer, LeliaKratzcr,'Raymond Mcliinty, Bill lfZcQuiston, Ruth Am Moore , Shannon Powers, Jackson Reed, Jean Rhedenbaugh, Raymond Seltzer, Merlin Smith, Marcia Steinman, Arthur Trowbridge, Sara Wilkinson, Shirley Winn. - --E. Ez Downing, Supt.--Ernestine Boch, Maxine Bohrer, Laora Boyd, Hazel Duxton,'Maurine Dunivant, Virginia Gibbs, Janet Golden, Ted Inskeep, Emma Jaques, Dorothy Kuntz, Marjorie Kyle, Archie Miles, Anna Miller, Elaine Mullen, Wiley Reed, Jack Stecr,i Gordon Thompson, Theodore Trowbridge, David Mycoff, Phyllis Morrell, Lucille Zink. ' 9 -fE. E. Downing, -Sept.--Lucille Clark, Robert Dale Collins, Clifford Cowley, Pearl DeFord, Arthur Dixon,' Myrana Frame, John GaUagher,NHldred Gooding,Nmrlin Gutshall,' Bill Grover, Harlan Hall,a Catherine Jaques, Howard Jaeues, John Jarman, Marie Jones, Robah KCllOgg, David Lapsley, .Ruth Livingston, Robert Lott, Nellie Manock, Be ty Mere, Donald Metz, Dorothy Metz, Earl Morrison, Evelyn Perkins, hilliam Recd, Bernard Taylor. . - l939--E. E. Downing, Supt.--Jesse Bradshaw, 'Mayme Briggs, Viola Buhl, Marjorie Ann Chapman, James Clark, Marie Conklin, Marl Cookscy, Perle Coon, Jr., Virginia Cowley,' Mary Cullings, Eva Dubit, Katherine Fidler, Viola Forquer, 'Hary. Foster, Nellie Gallagher, Howard Garren, Marian Golden, Ruth Graham, James Hart, Jack Lapsley, Giles Martzluf, Lester McAllister, Lois McCoy, Roberta McClennan, Robert McQuiston, Charlotte Millen, Ella Millen, Raymond Pack, Richard Pritchett, Arvid Rambo, Earl Ramshaw, Juanita Reed, Marvel Reich, Crie Shane, Hubert Shelton, Howarth Taylor, Robert Taylor, Jerome Vogel. ,Wm gl 4. ' L' v!"i'4I' . X " 4 N' '4 V "YJ 2-' I' ' N l9hO l9hl 19u2 l9h3 19l+l+ l9l+5 --E.EL Downing, Supt.--Ruth Andrews, Rena Beetler, Paul Betts, Janet Bond, Beverly Chase, Lucille Conklin,. Lucille Corum, Leona DubUrMarnaret Edwards, Lyle Ford, Donald Garren, 'Veda Green, Juanita Hartley, Ruth Hcgy, Robert Jones, Gertrude Kellogg, John Maher, Jr., Charles Mann, Charles Morrison, Helen Mottaz,Marg.erite Pack','.Marcella Page, Virginia Birc hase, Gerald Reed, Helen Riggs, Ernest Rosecrans, Alys 'Shane, Gertrude Shissler, AUd1E'E1f3P91'kS, Jane Spifhelw Gloria SWYBY-mil, stanley Tmdor, John Tompson, Gene Trcth, Ruby Weechter, John Young, Loren Young. ' , -.E, E, Dgwning, Supt.--Harold Beetler, Evelyn Bowen, Dorothy Bowers, Dean Collins, Sam Gooksey, Mary Ethelyn Crozier, Celia D ton, Donald Eliert, Ruth Frame, Claire Gutshall, JuneH E5, BetwHunt, Donald Korth, nobert Korth, Betty Kratzer,, Walter Livingston, Label neun, Paul May. iietty LCCUSH, Char1HSfM11eS, Bakm Riggg J, D. Rutledge, Alva Lee Rutledge, Donald Sniots, Minred Silzer, Dean Van Sickle, Russell Weachter, Lois West, Roy Wheeler, George Woodley. U --E. E. Downing, oupt.--Mary Ines Beamer, Wilma saeney, Alice Bleichner, Wilma sowen, Russell Briggs, Floyd uroadfield, gaxine Cellistr, Bonnie -dwards, Dean French, Lowell Fuller, Wallace Fuller, John Gutshall, Velma Hall, Dorothy Kendall, Margaret Kilpatrick, Jeanne Lott, Martha Lott, Hazel Mammen, Donald McCoy, Kathryn Mohn, Fred Neal, Mary Nelson, Irene Peck, Harold lege, Thomas Rosecrans, Mary Jean Schade, Theo Shane, Georgia Shelton, David Shissler, Mary Ruth Shissler, Betty Taylor, Rachel West, Marion Winn. --E. E. Downing, Supt.--Harriett Bond, Elizabeth Cisel, Leona Ciseb June Clinebell, Mary Lou Corley, Oretha Corum, Charles Craig, Thelma Crozier, Edithe Donovich, DanlDuval, Donald G-rover, Lorene Hartley, Max Honts, Earline Huber, Tommy Hunt, Freida Keyser, Walter King, Russel Korth, Paul LaFollette, Marguerite Lott, BlllMacDonald, 'Leland McClennan, Bob Miller, Dorothy Orren, Clayton Prest, Marjorie Schlots, Billy Dean Shane, 'Shirley Shaw, Bob Shoop, Dorothy Taylor, William Tompson, Alice Waechter, Gene Waibel. --R. E. Bicxferd, supc.-- Ruth Beamer, Ada Bridges, nanny Briggs, Dorothy Briggs, William Cutter, Jay H. Daily, FrancisEdwards, Robert Gibson, Paul Haines, Joan Heiken, Jean Hoyt, Dorothy Jones, Wilma Keerr, Theodore Kendall, Wilden Lynall, Darlene Nay IEmrietMartzluf, Mary Neal, Helen Taylor, FranKlinVbgel. R. E. Bickford, Supt.--Bill Aman, Donald Beetler, Flossie Bowen, Robert Boyer, Thelma Callister, William Carter, Betty Clarh,Bill Correll, Melvin Coulter, Marvin Courtright, 'Bill Cowley, Anite Crozier, Betty Dunton, Roland Eckhoff, Mary Jane Gibbs, Robert Hall, Cecelia Johnson, Grace Keyser, Ruby LaFcllette, Phoebe Lott, Harlo McKinty, Irene Nelson, Deloris Ratcliff, Donna Ray, Jack Reed, Dale Shane, Jim Sheley, Gene Shissler, Mildred Tyhurst, Eloise Waibel. f 1 'A Q 'V-T, ' . '- 5 l A Q: 'J ' f. - 1 .V , ., if I ' Q 'A :Ti -f 1 k- ' gl -. I, ,,,, 4-4 Y . 4"' 'eff' "" , V Q. ' 'W f T -'- V .. 1 f -VY- , I K.,.aev:-gr' .V :mf 4'-gf..-.,,, I 5 , - -T-. , , 2 " " '-if-'R 4 1 J ,ll . ' 3- ,-g 1- - , :-., , 1 ', - 'QS' ' I '5'Z'. ' 5 , f 'zfl . ' , , V , f" ff 'bfi' IFJ? f.p"- . , -" f ' 'f fag- J' fag?-1. ,QL ,- , xg' ww- '-. f, , ,V ,f '- 'L' 5, .,- ' ,. K 9.--,:,,--.-.ggi 4 I' :V f, '- V: ' 4' -ff., J: ' ' - A --"-- ,K - ' - f V. ,.x1,,ix - ,V at .V -ew wg ,gi 'Q' V ' -""" , . .- J ,H .: ,lfgfvlg , ff. 1 ,QL-55:3 - ' xii.. " 'aff' f-,SAS Y ,

Suggestions in the Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) collection:

Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


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