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--J Tl-IE ULMLIS Volume XVI ll 9'-ii Pulslislied lay rlblme Senior Class - of - Elmwoocl Community High Sclwool Elmwood, lllinois l928 gp Elmwoocl Community Higlw ,hi if - Sclwool, a review of the f LJ N if g5EV5Q9 i 5 H9 2 E 2 Giambi? .- FURELUURD It is vlfitlm earnestness anal muclm jog? that we, the Class of 1928, have labored to place tliis sixteenth volume of THE ULMUS before you. As a mirror reflects your lilceness, may tlme pages lierein reflect pleasant memories of your high school Clays. It is our one great purpose to bring before tlwe students, Alumni and friends of tlme ' 1 accomplisliecl, we feel repaid . Tiliiz Lluvius. pt tvt t t i i p i ar t i i t i ll 3 THE ULMUS 5 x eventful year of IQ27-28. If . l tllis in a measure has been V , for the publication of N 1 6535 'Y 3 H9 2 5:5:g5:3:51zf' swf Ifclilnr-in-I 'Iliff x'IlRGINIA IVIII.I.lCll l?zl.wi1I1's.v jlmlllgfrfr SVSANNI-2 SMITII l.ifr'mry lfflifnr lg!-IIKNICI-I PII1I:snx SlI!lllN,I0f lfrlilor NIAIRII-I l'lKs'I'I:.xNn Soriwllzj Fdilnl' l'1I,Iz.xIII:'I'II S'1'I'1l41II glfllllftir' lfzlifor Jmlx lI.vI'1IIs :.:.:.:.:.:.:Q-,X as:a:a11:a5zgsgsg555zg,R F I: 'I EHWHNX X I ssl. I I' us. .ll rr Il u fl 1' r S'l',xx'I'oN Mnmn: ,lui-'rf IJIIHIII' BIARIUN IIIIIIPI-:le .lrf lfrlilur ISAIIIII. llnvl' lllllfllflfll' Ifrlilnr til-INIGYIIA Zrxu I"PIlfIll'Y' Ifrlilor 1'wNAXK'l'fS l'l.I:MMI:lc l"IlI'lllf.If .fl1l'z'i.wn' Mn, Dowxlxu 4,34 1 ,. Q i I 11. I 4, ' I 4 gr f Elf fy I I, I tw I. 14 I If il W ,I I I 1 Typhi.: 1"le.xNcI:s YIIIIIIY 1' 5 Mun' Jmlxsox ily IB lla if-I V L l Wluss l'I'l'.Vflll'lll' . fd ? IN:-ix SBIITII , '1 . , - if "3 l'Ir'r'-l'I'1f.vul1'11t t gl N,- BIAIKIUN ll.xIII'I:Ic I I, ,Q L' Sf .XI TITIIN Il rf' 1' SVSANNIC SMITH 14' tm? HY +- U ,I I '21 rm III QI :-:-:-:,:f:6::- :-::::1:2-.:.:::.:.:r:3f:EI:iI':':':'3 3 THE ULMUS E 2? THREE 5 L 5 ia Q2 22 o ::- l 'im 1 as 1 .:5:5:2:2:E:5:2 I, ii X DEDILATIUN iw 'Wir t . W, ii M , To 5 . Wm Hamett Walton W 1 our Second Gracie Teacher ii ' i As an appreciation her Q many years of work in our MLW, I c school, and of her constant ffl Q11 Wi N N ' :T aggressiveness in teaching F . high stanclarcis of commu- - v ' if nity life, We, the Senior x , I Class of 1928, dedicate this ' is W sixteenth volume of X nl X J THE uuvius tli Qi? :zzz ::: 3 THE ULMUS 5 I 1 5 Q Q 3 THE ULMUS E 3? FEB I E I I 3 Q9 2 E E Pm 'i I-,. I. ,I . af 'IW' IM I 5, -NIH. W 1n JM f I I- I 'VII N ORDER OF BOOKS Q31 I, BOOK I N SCHOOL C, QI :lzx BOOK II W I ACTIVITIES IZ, I 51 BOOK III WT O ATHLETICS f il I ,I S 1 C , 1 BOOKIV OJ IK ' JOKES and ADS ' V' , gt t Y ' I :::II taser xsrsas ::-:,1-:::::-:-I::-:: s:sf'T' '- ""' -- - M KK'ff f H f-'- ,. A Q I: 1.1.:.:.:,:-:.:-:v:-:-I-I-1-1-:+I-I-1-:-:-:,:-:-:-:-:-I-I-I-:-:+:-:-:-I-1-1-:-:-I-:-:+:.:.:.: ---' ' '''Eze:ss:1::::::s:::-:.:.:-:-:Q.:-:-:-55151355555:5:5:Srir21355555:5:5s:E:E:5:5:EEE5E3E:2:5:5:5:5:5 'I:I:I.F:F'2:2:f:2:2:2:I:1:2:15:f:f:1:5:5z55:11323:I:7:T:5:5:2:I:f:2:I:2::g::5::- IEI5EI2IEIE9:Iz5:!E35E5fET5:t5:372727:EEZB5Sg:z1:73iEIEi3E!21E1E1E1EIZIEIEIEZE- THE ULMUS 5 -IE. SCHQQL 3 H91 2 Er 3 THE ULMUS E QEVE ?W 5 QUQMQ? 5 119 2 Q Q ? TEN XV. ll. B. Cl,INllH YV. XV. DAY Iligh School lloznrnl High School lloarll J. EDSUN SMITH ll. M. KILPATRICK cs, nf Grade Srhool H0ll1'fl Sec. of Grzule School llozlri Pres. of High School llozml Sec. of High School llonrcl DR. D. H. MORTON Grade School lionrfl High School Board DH. H. M. SIMKINS D. A. JAQUES flraclc School Board iirumle School llozml F. C. BUCK C. R. BOWERS Grade School ,liozml Grade School Iloard 3 THE ULMUS E is FHCULT 'LDQH CQEVAUQD 'Y 3 U9 2 E Q ? QA!! E. E. DOVVNING SUPERINTIEXDICNT Jlathenlaticx University High School, Carbondale S University of Illinois, li. S., TWELVE 3 THE ULMUS E outhern Illinois Normal M. S. 3 3 H9 22 E El.IZABE'I'H M. I,. BROWN Ilistory and English Peoria High School University of Minnesota, I3. S. MILDRICD CRUM Jlusir: and Public Speaking Cropscy Community High School Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois, B. S. M. E, DORIS CROKER GCSSIE M. DOVVNIXG Languages Assistm1t Principal Hyde Park High School, Chicago Eflylish University of Illinois, H' S' Vienna Township High School Southern Illinois Normal University of Illinois, li. S., A. M. ROY Mcli. MANN Science and Athletics Kirkwood High School Monmouth College, ll. S. HOWARD STINSON A griculture Buda High School Herlding College University of Illinois, B. S. GARNETT BABBITT MARY F. MILLER Sewing and Science Commercial Galesburg High School Donovan Township High School Lombard College, R. S. Illinois State Normal University 3 THE ULMUS E 3? THIRTEEN News ii E 32 H3 2 E ELMWOOD HIGH Elmwood High! Elmwood High! Letls raise a merry din. Elmwood High! Elmwood High! lim sure we'll sec hcr win. 'We'll boost her, lVe,ll boost her, YVe'll boost her l1ard and fastg lVc,ll cheer her. YVe'll cheer her Shc'll win the game at last. lVho'll beat her? YYho!ll beat her? Itis she will lead the band. Wle love her, lvo love her, The best in all the land. She'll WVin it! She'll lVin it! Sl1e will, now wonlt she kid? She won honor, she won it, lVhy, yes. of course she did. 5 l BOOST Boost for E. C. H. S. May her colors fly. Love her and defend her As the years roll by. Defeating or defeated lvclve a spirit true. Cheer for Elmwood High School, It will wi.n for you. I I ll it 9: 2: ELMXVOOD LOYALTY Elmwood High, O Elmwood High. Faithful to you we'll be. All our hopes and all our fears Will be for you, just youg Studious days throughout each year Have kept our hearts aglow, And until the end we'll be loyalists and friends To the school that we love the best. Q ?f - 3 THE ULMUS 5 FOURTEEN H. M I semo 5 yr 3 H9 2 E L INEZ SMITH 'Teck "Did lie gone, did he went, did he leave I all alone? Oh! how cruel to treat I so, It cannoi was." JOHN RYAN "Ryan "Bezca1'e.' I may get do some- filing xensati011al." "Like a 'rose embowerecl In its own green leaves, Hg warm 'wincls Lll9fI07,U!?'l'6'd.U "The jolfiest, wittiest, sfo1'g-tell- ing, song singing, laughing- est. jolliesl feller gon ever .vawfl SIXTEEN 3 THE ULMUS E E MARY JOHNSON "Mary JJ MARION HARPER "Munie' Av ggvngi V 119 2 e QQ Y ELIZABETH STEER "Steer-girl" you knrrzc. er we yrowf' STANTON MOORE A frztherlv joy ISABEI, HOYT '31 Iiltle noixeless the !eaz'ex." FRANCES YERISY "Ye heed nuff we blast, ever past," N "So I simply deny the old nature That the wiser we yet as the old- "Fatso" "A 1l1UfIlI'?'yN pride A great big Ifuhbliny, boufzrivzy boy." "Toots" noise amony 66FranY7 are only as rm A moment heard and then for- 3 THE ULMUS Ee f E SEVENTEEN 'Y 3 5 H31 2 g Q GENEVRA ZINK "Ge1my" 'X-A frieml To soothe the vares mul lift the thoughts of 1llflll,.U ROLEX SEARLE "Searle" "Be great. he true, mul all the Scipios, The Cates, the 'wise patriots of Rome Shall flock to you and tarry by your side." BERNICE PIERSO-N "Beans', HAH Ihafs lmst of flark and bright Jleet in hor aspect and her eyes." SUSANNE SMITH "Susie" "Boys may come, boys may yo! Doctors, lawyers, merz'lza.nt.v. Ah no, Therels none like Uaseyf' 3 EIGHTEEN 3 THE ULMUS l of QA!! "A violet by a mossy stone Half lzifldon from the eye, Fair as IL star, when only one ls shining in tho sky? of his mind. rolmllf'cl." LOUISE ANDERSON "A happy girl, IVitl:. stop as liylz uirf' VIRGINIA MILLER THE ULMUS EI I L HELEN MORAN "Della," GAII, EMERICK "Emerick" "Hn wuulcl not yiolrl alo1ninio11, To spirits against 'whom his own "Lou" t as summer "Pc1'cl1" "A fare with yladness over- A spread! Soft smiles, by human kindness bred? NINETEEN C55ExY!E1'Q9 3 3 U9 2 E 5 Gimme? 'fThis little 'miss to us appears To deal largely in laughter Aml wot in tears." "It keeps him busy trying to de- cide whether he will believe his own stories." MARIE EKSTRAND "Ea 'fThe toil which stole from so many au hour Is ended and the fruit ix at thy feet." BERNICE CURBETT "Bemi-cie "-I will be wise, And just, aucl free, and mild If in me lies such powerfj ? TWENTY 3 THE ULMUS 5 E FRANCES CLEMMER 'iPunky' .TAIVIES FOSTER "Red' g5EXEQ9 3 2 s KATHLEEN MANOCK "Kitty" "Serene will be our days and bright Arzcl happy will our 'nature be. W'her1- fore is an unerring light Anil joy its own security." JOHN MATHIS "Johnnie" "He can ask more plagued ques- tions in a mortal minute than his yrandpop in Para- dise could answer in a yearf' 2 THE ULMUS E 3? 4 5 H9 2 -7 QQQADQ? is , rf I, Till' Row C14-ft to Righll: Hail lim:-rirlc. ROlL'Il Swirls, john Ryan, Xlzwion l'l:1r1wcr. Stanton Moors, john Mathis, JIKIIICS lfostcr. Slccoxo Row CIA-ft to Rlgllllf Mr. Downiiiq, llclcu Moron. licm-vrzi Zinlc, Louise .Xiuh-rson, Nlaric l':li5U'ill1ll, l:l'1lllCt'S L-lflllllltff, SIISZIHHL' Smith. lluruice liflrlurtl. illllllill Row CIA-ft to Rightl: li!llllltYt'll Rlzmock, lilimhcili Stccr, lh-ruins Pierson, Yirginizi Milli-r, Mary johnson, lsuhul lloyt, Int-z Smith. l'r:nu'vs Yerlvy. Senior Class History Four years llZlVL' passed. How short they sa-cmvd. and yet. thi-y :irc gone. :md only lmppy mrmorics rcmniu. Thirty-six of us started out toguther as fl'l'SllITlCll. but only twcutyvtwo 1'l'II1IllIl. VVhC11 wil worm' fl'CSlll1'1l'Tl wc c-hosc our colors. lava-ndcr :md whitvg our flower, the Violetg and our motto, "Bc slmrp. ncvcr he Hatf' At the hc-giniling of our Svnior yceir wc' hurriedly Huishcd our elections so that wc could scttle' down to work :md make our lust your the best Qalthough thnx others wvri- good cnoughj. Thi- ofiiocrs whom we chose were luez Smith. Pm:-aidvlltg Marion I'Ifl1'llC'l'. Vic-0-Prosidc-lltg and Susanne Smith. Svcrctury-'I'1'c:1s111'6l'. But now tllC 4-nd of tlw yvar has comm' and we must laid our faithful ollicvrs :md other classmsltcs ' EI,LA,li '28. goodbye-. 'D o 5 THE ULMUS ' g TWENTY-TWO aww 'Y 5 i'3 H9 2 E E Ciaami? Last Will and Testament VVe. the Senior Class of Ifl. C. H. S.. Elmwood, Illinois, realizing that this is our last year. and mindful of the necessity of our good qualities remaining in High Seliool. do make. ordaiu. and publish this to be our last will and testament. I. .Tallies Foster, do give and bequeath my green sweater to Paul Tliompson, hoping it will mateh his hair as well as it does mine. I, John Ryan. do give and bequeath my speedy exit from .Xmeriean Ilistory elass to Harold Montgomery. I, Isabel Iloyt, do give and bequeath my diiiieulty in speaking to Virginia Bailey. IVon't Virginia be different when she becomes heir to it? I, Stanton Moore, do give and bequeath my diminutive size to Owen Meliinty. I, Marie Iiskstrand, do give and bequeath my quiet dignity and ability to work eva-ryone's Math. to "XVoody" lVorley. I, Marion Ilarper, to keep it in the family, do give and bequeath my athletie ability to Tom Clemmer. I, Susanne Smith, do give and bequeath my knowledge of handling men to Mary lillen Manock. I, Helen Moran, do give and bequeath my loud red sweater and my boisterous Ways to I.ueille Hiteheoek. I, Frances Yerby, do give and bequeath my expert ahiiity in tickling the typewriter keys to all future typists. I, I,ouise Anderson, do give and bequeath my Chevrolet to "C'ornie" Vanee-it Will probably go farther and hang together longer than the Ford, "Cornie." I, John Mathis, do give and bequeath my aeeomplishment of arguing and throwing' sareastie remarks to Alfred Miles. I, Bernice Pierson, do give and bequeath my dexterity to turn eorners on no feet to Ralph Graham. I, lilizabeth Steer, do give and bequeath my daily, coveted letters from Champaign to any- one who will have them Qeome early and avoid the rushli, I, liolen Searle, do give and bequeath my big feet and track achievements to Thoiilas Cooley. I, Iierniee Corbett, do give and bequeath lny lady-like manners to .Xdeline ffhomas. I, Kathleen Manoek, do give and bequeath my Duteh Bob to Lois Carter. I, Franees Clemmer, do give and bequeath all my gum to the future typists, and request that they use it with care. I, Virginia Miller, do give and bequeath my inelination to study to Kenneth Davy. I, Mary Johnson, do give and bequeath my eurly hair to I.ouise Turner. I, Inez Smith, do give and bequeath my flirtatious eyes and walks in the sixth row to Belh Shively. I, Cienevra Zink, do give and bequeath my garrulous raft of gab to Charles Livingston. I, Gail limerick, do give and bequeath my egotistical and sophisticated mien to Charles Manoek. YVITNESSICS: IJORIS QIIIOKICR ilrIll.DIKI'Ill CIQVM H. YV. S'l'lNsox SIGNED: THE CLASS OF '28, ? 3 THE ULMUS E f TWENTY-THRE awe 3 5 H3 2 2 Class Prophecy After a hard day at the ofiice we decided to go to the theater and enjoy ourselves. At the entrance of the theater there was a peanut wagon and we discovered that the owner of the wagon was Jolm Mathis, one of the class of '28. It seemed as though he was saving looney to get his Master's Degree at the U. of I. Approaching to buy our tickets, we saw that the ticket girl enjoying her gum so much was Genevra Zink. VVe talked to her only about a minute, but, my goodness, she talked so fast and hard that in a minute's time we learned quite a hit of news. Genevra told ns that Susanne Smith was now living in Paris and had announced her engagement to a very wealthy French financier. "But,', Genevra hastened to add, "she still corresponds with Casey, who finds it rather difficult to read her letters, since he must use a French dictionary or forget his embarrassment and have Miss Croker translate them. Miss Croker is still teaching in Ii. C. H. S." Presenting our tickets to Gail Fmerick, we were shown to our seats hy a elite little blonde girl in a Dutch uniform. It was Helen Moran. IVe then took notice to see who the brunette usher was, and it was Kathleen Manock! As it was a few moments before the performance would commence, I looked through my opera glasses. Glancing over the audience, I saw a sudden Hash. Looking in the same direc- tion, I discovered a large, brilliant diamond on the left hand of Isabel IIoyt. I suspected that the man at her right was her fiance. The lights were turned off and the Comedy was shown. The place of I.loyd Hamilton was taken hy Stanton Moore, who has become very famous in the comedy line. As the pic- ture was very funny someone started to laugh. I thought I recognived that voice. Using my glasses, as the laughing became more hysterical, I discovered Virginia Miller, who having forgotten her school teachers, cares, was enjoying herself immensely. VVe were anxious to see the NVorld News reel, which was next presented. The first pic- ture showed a familiar aviator. It was then explained that Jolm Ryan was the first man to fiy around the world in two days. A large picture of Marie Ekstrand was flashed upon the screen, telling that she is now considered the most important interior decorator in the world. She is redecorating the VVhite House and from there she goes to France. There had been a world typewriting contest which had been held in Berlin, Germany. Each country sent two of its best typists. As we were shown the results, we beheld Frances Yerby and Bernice Corbet, making their fingers fairly f'ly. America received first place, and both of the girls came from E. C. H. S. A tennis international meet was held in England. The American girl received the title of championship. How could it be otherwise when Frances Clemmer represented the United States? Suddenly I came to the realization that my hand was all wet. I turned to find the cause and there was Elizabeth Steer sitting beside me, crying as if her heart would break. I asked what the trouble was, She said that she had married Thomas Miller, and that Pud Fagotte had written her a letter wanting to see her. Her lmsband had become so enraged that he packed up his belongings and left. Poor Elizabeth had not seen him for a day! I promised to help her if I could. The main picture was then shown. The producer's name was Rolen Searle. The picture was very good. The two leading parts were taken by Bernice Pierson and Inez Smith. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and found Louise Anderson, who said that when the play t'Betty Lou' was given, a very prominent movie producer was in the audience and was so very much enthused about the girls' acting, that he promptly gave them a five-year contract. I asked Louise what she was doing now and she said that she was teaching school. The best part of the vaudeville which followed was an act by Mary Johnson and Marion Harper. They were dressed as negroes and their act consisted of singing and dancing. There was nmch applause and we felt proud to think that they were of the class of '28 of IC. C. H. S. The show was over. VVe made our way to the door, stopping to buy some more peanuts from Jolm. After waiting tive minutes, we boarded a street ear. The conductor wore a green sweater and had red hair. I ought to know him! I stopped beside him to get a better view and-saw that it was James Foster! I wondered if we would get to our destination safe and sound, as the car went bounding along. At last we stopped and proceeded to our home. It had been a pleasant evening, renewing our friendship with the class of '28. ? 2 THE ULMUS E is CSSEVEQD 'Y ii fe Q- 5 H9 2 E Seniors Four years have passed since first we met, In the halls of Elmwood High. Four years of hope and frown and fret How soo11 the days pass by! As freshmen we were loyal to Our dear old Elmwood High. VVe yelled and screamed for our dear team How fast the days sped by! Also as sophomores we were true To the school we loved the best. How soon we found this next year through, It fled like all the rest. At last we met as juniors gay In the halls of Elmwood High. lVe had to work instead of play As the busy days sped by. And now as seniors we plod along Through joy and cares and fear. VVe'll soon be Scattered far and wide For which we'll shed a tear. And as we leave our High School days To join the busy world, VVL' start in life in our own way As a flag tlliltyS just unfurled. So now farewell, dear Elmwood High Youive done so mneh for each. Yon've sheltered us in years gone by Put fame within our reach. So now goodbye, dear School, goodbye, VVe leave to you our blessing. Youfve taught to us that work :md "try,' VVill keep us from transgrcssing. 2 THE ULMUS 25 lg "DELLA,,' ,28. 5' TWENTY-FIVE Ann? " 7 Kif E! 'I'o1- Row fI.eft to Righ llowurrl lfofler. llzxrolwl IIILI Slifowr Row CLL-It to I I'1'oetor, jesse Iloire, -Iohu I'o11oxl I'1xx Cl LI't to I I xl ' .N jznrmzm, Ixzullryu Iiowers, I Ciglltl: GgxWX!1Ef'QQ IISI Z tl: llug Xa. Qlglltll lyle I'h: we h Nixon, Armin Liseher, Iilou Steer. I.eI:nu:l Slllllxlllx, Snuforll Coon, NI1' Ytineou. Iuuuim Ileflroot, Iixther Sehulthef, Iiugene Iiuxtou, Ilill XX el-ks, Virginia .XtI1er1ou. I"1'nm'er- Liuflzey Xlzlr one Coulter, .Xunlrey l'oon, 'lhelmzx brrugg, -Illllllllfl Iiohrer, Ruth .I area, Ileleu Lllllx. I'IUl'L'IIL'L' Ixzulhmnu. unior Class History The ll1t'lHIICl'S of the .luuior class who strxrterl school together as first graclers and have 1'eu1:xiued tOgf'tIlt'I' throughout the years are Helen Zink, Gayle IDIIJIITS. .I A 't: B I -1' IIIIIUIINEI Seraw' , Ruth .l:1ru1au. Leland Simkins, Jesse Boice :md ufnu 1 o lre , bg .lolm NYM-ks. IYiII we ever forget how we struggled through "reacIin'. writin' :md Il'IIZllIl1t'tICIII Several lHk'I1lIll'l'N joined us :md when we rezxcllecl high school we llllllII3l'I't'il tllirty-ouu. XVI: have 1-0:14-I11-cl the third year of our high school life. twenty-live in number. Our officers are .lolm NYU-ks. President: Ruth .I2lI'!T1JlH. Vice-President: Helen Zink, Seeretury :md IlIl'l'il5llI'l'l'. Our class flower is the white ezlrnntiou :md our colors :ure purple :md white. In anotller year we almll he leaving school :xml entering upon Iife's journey. ZlIIlIlItI0l1S to live up to our motto, "IYo1'I4 XVins I'IVK'l'ytIIIllg',II in the future as we mst Ii .I I29. have in the ln, . THE ULMUS rv if TWENTY-SEVEN ra f'N -'-1 fx! 1-111 l 1 1 1 5 L g ,,. GQEXVEQQ GOQAXQQ? e 5 U9 2 E Toi' Ron Clmft to Riglnl: Cecil Trowlmriilge, lohn Lindley, Paul lfussuer. XYalter Clinch, Norman Clark, Arwine Archibald, james Voorhees, lfldon XYiley, Carlos Haines, Paul Hitchcock. Safoxu Row Cl.eft to Rightl: Miss llabhitt, Alfred Nliles, Ralph Graham, Vivian Robinson, Mildred Krisher, Nlihlred Reed, Lois Carter, Gladys Heller, Philip XYest, Eugene llourgoin. Vlllllklr Row Qla-ft to Riglitlz Alice Foster, Virginia llailey, Mararet Swartz, lvola Yates, lieth Slum-ly, Louise Turner, Mary llerlmert, Nlargery Mathis, Klan- Anna XYQ-luer, Cecelia Arnislroug. llo'r'ro'u Row Qla-ft to Rightjz lirlwiu lloelr, Charles Illanoek, Charles l.ivi11gston. Thomas iiooley, Robert lfuglanrl. john llarl. Sophomore History Two years ago, one September morn, A new Freshman class was horn. I,lglltll1'ZlI'ti'4l we entered thi- spacious halls g Running and jumping at all class ealls, Sophomore-s thought us very grcen, But whether we were was yet to be seen. VX- studied diliggentlywevery soul. And many were rewarded by the honor roll. NVQ took part in all affairs, From studies to running down the stairs. And when the term ended in May, The upperelassmen had nothing to say. Now, we are classed as Sophomorvs, YW: 4-ann: again this fall. Big Sophomore-S! VVe tell tlum all! YVC fave manv a fiwlitinv' lad. in 4 P' 2' To thc host Baskctball team the school ever had. Again we exeel in all school work. Never has anyone seen us shirk. With Caesar we have many a iight. And there isnlt a theme that we ean't write! No one has heat us yet. lvcfre the class of '30, you he-tl M. R. M., '3o. 3 THE ULMUS 5 TWENTV-NINE 3 H9 2 E 1 1In flbemoriam l'lllI.l P AI.I.liN WEST Sadrivss and silvncu haw- fillvcl thc halls of l'l. C. H. S. sincu the spirit of our ow11 Philip took its flight. All wcvk wo waitn-cl anxiously. always vagci' for a iwport that our coinradv was lwttrr. lint alas! our hopvs worn in yainl Gocl. who clot-th all things wvll. lwclmrlm-ci l'hilip and ln' lm-ft ns. Oh! how wv miss hinil Philip, with his plc-:wing pvrsonality. l'll?ll'?lCtl'l'iStlC quim-tin-ss. and clvsirx- to rlo the right thing at all timvs. has won a placu ill our ln-arts that cannot soon ha- tillvll. ln all school activitivs hc al- ways pnt forth his vvry hfxst t'H.0l'tH. As l3l'CSidl'Ilt of they Sophomore Class ln' qnivtly and otlicirntly guiclucl our voursr-. On onr haslcuthall tcam hc al- ways playvcl :1 good. clvan gains. hfxlp- ing'us to win our vivtorics. smiling hravcly wha-n clcfcat c-ann: onr way. llle shall always rc-Iiiviiilwl' how wvll hc playccl in the Trivoli game .lannary 5th. only 8 days he-fore hu went away. As il pupil Philip was a favorite among all thc- tl'Zl0lli'!'S. not lic-crnisv ln' sought to hc: hut lll'l'?lUSt' cvcryom- who lint-W Philip lovvrl him. Q 3 3 THE ULMUS E THIRTY 9: ll C55CiVEQ9 Gimme? 9 3 H3 2 E Tm' Ron' Cl.eft to Riglilli Paul Thrnnlxsoii, Ralph G aymzin, Thonlas Cleminer, Sznnuel llaines, Uunalil Golml, Dennis Dwyer, Kenneth Uavy, Iohn Pierson, Elmer Kloofly, Cornelius Yanee. SIAZCOAM Row Cl.eft to Rightlz Blisw Brown, Cliffor Moore, llernice llall, Afleline Thomas, llormhy XX'hiting, ll Yerhy, lletty Armstrfbng, Helen hhveelis, Dixie Roger Tarliy, Xhbnrlrow NYrirley. Tnuziw Ron' CLeft to Rightlz Lucille llitehcoelc, Nellie Livingston, Vera Custer, Greta Golden, Mary Herlllen, livelyn llliss, Mary Ellen llniloek, Ethel Fuller, liorrim Ron' fl.eft to Rightl: liclwin Shively. Uwe Lois Nleliown, Ruhy XYellx. n Meliinty, Daniel Maller, llarolil Ncnitginnery. PI'9Sl'1IT1e1'l FRl'ISHM.XN CIAS S OFFICERS Preszzlenl ., ,.., ,,,, , ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,...,,...,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,i,,,,,,,,,i,i,,,,,., bgxarrmr, Iiiuyns Vive-I'r1fsizle11 t ..,,..., SUCVHffll'.U'Tl'0dS'l.ll'6I' ,. .......1,I'Cll.I.l4I Ilrrcllcocic ,...,liUGl4IR VIARPY Freshman History Listen everyone and yon shall ln-ar Huw we Freslnnen began our high selmul eureer. In nineteen twenty-seven we started to High Svhool To study, learn, and niincl the rule. YVith minds inside np for proper work Nut one of us was known to shirk. XYe hacle farewell to the gramles with joy But with fonml lllf'lll0Y'lCS of each grirl and h0V. Oni' work is new to us this year lint we can clo it never fear, In basketball our boys rank high For great things are ueeoniplislied if once we try. XVH also have girls in other lines skilled Anil when they perform, the halls are filled. KW- often lIl'Q'llll?li" and shake with fright 'l'o ns "Green Fresl1ic" does not seein right. But we are here to stand the test .Xml for li. C. H. S. We will clo our best. is. A., un. 3 THE ULMUS E I THIRTV-TWO 653545 'Y Pi Giraiifc ,,,.,,...... 119 2 s A coma E. C. H. S. Zoo Polly Parrot ....... ....... Y VIRGINIA ATHERTON ..........,Y,NORMAN CLARK MOORE Elephant ...,........ w C uckoo ..............,,,,, ,......,,,7......,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,...,..,,.. . IAMES FOSTER Howling Monkeys ..,.,7....., JOHN YVEEKS and HAROLD HICKS Lion ,.....,............l,.l 7....777.........A,...............,.......... Hippopotamus Owl .......l,,...,,., Bear ......,...,,,,..... ..,,.....,7l7,.7,,.....7,....,,,,,.......,... MR. DOIVNING ..v......LOIS CARTER .Y,.....MRS. DOXVNING .FRANCES YERBY Blocking Bird l.l.,,...,..l.....,,l,,.....,,,,,,,,.,l.,,........,,,. XVALTER CLINCH lVildc-nts ....,..7w.,,.... GRETA GOLDEN, ARYVINE ARCHIBALD Ostrich ..... .......,,.............,....,,.,,,....... B ERNICE CORBETT Sunfish ..,.. ............ A RMIN LISCHER lV:1rbler ........,,...... l.,,.... B IARY HERBERT Snapping Turtle ....,., ,.......,,,.. I ZOLA YATES Porcupine .,..,............ ........,.,7,..,,....,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,r,4, IN IR, MANN Birds of Paradise ............ EVELYN BLISS, EDXVIN SHIVELY 1 . Swordfish .,,..,7,........,, .,.,447,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bobolink ...... Swans ........ Sharks ......., Crane ,r.,,,,-,,,, Glow-worms ....., , Shrimps .,..,.... Katydid ,,,,..... Goose ...,, Sponges ...,.. Honey Bcvsh, Deer ..........i,..., I Gorilla ..,.........,... Humming Bird .,,,,. Jenny VVrcn 7,i., The Frog ....,7 The Moth ...... ELMER MOODY ENGLAND ....,......MISS BABBITT, HELEN MORAN ...WWGAYLE PHARES, RALPH GRAHAM TURNER ,.,.,w.RUTH JARMANQ PAUL THOMPSON. MAY ANNA WEBER .......CORNELIUS VANCE, JOHN PIERSON KATHERINE CUSTER EMERICK .,i......CARLOS HAINES. "BUGS" DAVY and PAUL HITCHCOCK JOHN MATHIS and BETTY ARMSTRONG BROWN ,,,.,,.MARION HARPER 7,,,..n....,.lNIlSS C RUM Y......wGENEVRA ZINK i.,,,,..MISS CROKER , YY,.,,, MISS MILLER 3 THE ULMUS E 27? I'HIRTY-THREE g5ENE09 ii 3 Raccoon .......A, Rl1lllOC1'1'0S Tortoise . Krmgzxroo Chic-ken .,,, Pcncovli .,,, lf ox ...,,,,, Camel .....,.... Looparcl .,,,,,,... Spotted Lynx ,7,,.. C'1'oc'oclilc ....,,.. Reptilv Alligator' Duck ..,.,,.. Dove .,,,.,.,,,,,.,, Cat and Dog ,,..7,. Jack Rabbit ........ Bllu-jay .,....,,.. llolc ,,,,,,, .,.,,,,,l Wvllip-poor-will ,,,,. 4 . C owblrd .,,,..,,,,.,, Hawk .,..,...,.. King-fislicr ., Pelican .,,,...,,,..,,, I.?i1l2QfllII'lg Hyena .,,,.. Sandpiper ....,..... Eel ,,,,...,l,,, Mosquito ,.,.,, llule .,...,.,., Sheep ,,., Minnow ..., HQ ? E ,,.,..AL'DREY :md SANFORD COON RCIIN IA M II,I.laR ..........,..,,ISABEI, HOYT ,, ,,,,,,, liI,IZABli'I'II STEER .....,Y,I+'IiANCES CI,liMNIl4lR Y,n,m,..Bl'l'I'H SHIVRLY .,..,...,....lOHN HART RYAN .,,...l'1UGENE BUXTON SEARLR .n.,,,I,IlCII,I,E H,ITCHC'OC'K .,....,,,....,.PAIJI, FLSSINICR ....,,,Y..VlRGINIA BAILEY DWYICR LIVINGSTON ZINK and I,EI.AND SIMKINS CLHMMRR ........lKATHI.EEN MANOCK Y,,,,YHAROI,D MONTGOMERY ,,,,,,,.,..,.,.....,,,,ROGER TARPY ..,....,ES'I'HER SCHUIATHES Y.......w....MARY JOHNSON HAINRS STINSON ,v,,.,,..MILIJREID REED .......,.....MARGERY MATHIS ,l,,..,.CHARI,ES LIVINGSTON .......,,U,.,.WOODY VVORLEY ,...i.,.......,AI.IC1u I' OSTER ,,...,Y.,I,OUISE ANDERSON .,Y,U.l..OXVRN Mc'KINTY R? 3 THE ULMUS THIRTY-FOUR GQGXEQD Ei 5 U9 2 E Eg High School Curricula ancl Organization COURSE OF STUDY The following course of study provides subjects which will give the pupil a broad, thorough secondary training in one of three fields: General Academic, chiefly for college entranceg Agricultureg Commer- cial. It is expected that each pupil will follow one of the above lines and not pres- ent an unconnected group of subjects for Itl'lQI'Iltl'lMl'lN'1'S FOR GR .Xlll'.X'l'l0N graduation. REQFIIKIZIJ 1-11.1-:c'rrvi': First Yam r Algebra I. I.atin I. English I. .Xncient History General Science Agriculture Seeonrl Year English Il. Bookkeeping Plane Geometry Uzesar Agriculture Zoology and Botany llnglish History and Commercial G e 0 g- raphy Third Year English III. French I. Agriculture Chemistry Stenography I. Medieval and Modern History .Xdvanced Algebra and Solid Geometry Fo urth Yea r English IV. American Ilistory Stenography II. Agriculture Civics Physics French II. Coininercial Arithme- tic. Economics, f'ommercial I.aw, Latin III and IV are offered provided there are sutlicient pupils to justify teaching the course. Some of the half year subjects named in the above course will be given dependent upon the same condition. Sew- ing is given in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, and is elective in the Iligh School in case of no conflict. 35255 MVSIC AND DIi.XMA'l'It' .KRT Music is taught by a full time teacher in both the Grades and High School. Dramatic .Xrt is also offered the pupils of a part of the Grades and all the High School. ir THE ACCltl+lDI'1'l?lD REI..'X'l'l0NS Ifllmwood Community High School is fully accredited with the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Col- leges. This means that the school is con- sidered among those of first rank in the North Central territory and that its grad- uates are privileged to enter any college or university, a. member of the associa- tion, without examination. In addition the local high school is ac- credited with the University of Illinois and is recognized as a four year high school by the State Department of Edu- cation. ?X5 livery candidate for graduation from High School is required to present four units in llnglish, one unit in General Science, one unit each in Algebra and Ge- ometry, one-half unit in American His- tory and one-half unit in Civics. Iflvery graduate should have two years of Science, and for the second unit a pupil may choose Biology, Physics or Chemistry. In addition to the above, there are indi- vidual requirements for entrance to certain lines of study in colleges and universities. The pupil should plan his work so that these requirements may be met by the time of graduation, Pupils should inquire of the Principal concerning these requirements and for help in their fulfillment. 1525? .XIISENC ICS Absence blanks properly filled out and signed by a parent or a guardian should be given to the Assistant Principal iimne- diately upon the pupils return to school. If the absence is excusable, the pupil is given a permit to re-enter class and to make up his work. If the absence is not excusable the pupil is given a permit to re-enter class designating his absence as inexcusablc, no privilege to make up his work, and in such cases a certain percent is deducted from the absentce's grade. Until an excuse blank is returned by the absentee, his absence is reported as inex- cusable, with a certain percentage deduct- ed from his gradeg therefore, it is impor- tant that the parents and pupil alike real- ize that care and promptness be exercised in returning these excuse blanks immediate- ly when the pupil comes back to school. ULMUS E . 2? W4 g5GVE4b 7 S 5 H91 2 GOQADQ9 Our Grade School llle are very proud of the wo1'k of our Grade School. lVhile our enrollment is more this year than it has been for several years prior to this. it is yet small, be- ing only one hundred ninety-eight. This number divided among thc eight grades. does not burden any teacher, and makes it possible for each pupil to receive in- dividual attention, if necessary. Our teachers are trained especially for the work they are doing. lVe a1'e for- tunate this year to have in each room, teachers that have had experience. Vie were not foolish enough to think that experience always means success, however, if all other things are equal, we are quite sure that it is a great asset to a teacher. The curriculum is very similar to most of the Grade Schools of the state. for we follow in a large measure the State Course of Study. As in all communities we have particular problems that can be met better, by local changes. In these in- stances we institute changes wc think necessary to fit the situation. In addition to the regular academic studies such as reading, arithmetic, geography, history, orthog- raphy. physiology. etc., we offer sewing, music and public speaking as a part of the regular program. ln the first three grades music is given, but no public speaking is offered until the Fourth Grade. Beginning with this grade we alternate music and public speaking as a part of the regular program. Sewing is given four days each week to girls of the three upper grades. alternating between grades six and seven, and seven and eight. Physical training is included in each teacherys daily program as a part of the instruction in hygiene. The Grade School is fortunate in having a Board of Education that is in har- mony with the progressive movements in education. This Board consists of six members and a president, who are representative business and professional men of the community. Three of these men are also members of the Community High School Board. This interlocking of members is very desirable where the two sys- tems are as closely related as is the case in Elmwood. ln the management of the schools. the Board is always considerate and thoughtful in its actions. keeping fore- most in mind the efficiency of the school. ln the pages prior to this you have read something of our high school and its activities. YVe realize that there is much yet to be done in both schools, however we also think there is much of which we should be justly proud. As our Grade School functions better, our high school will also become better. An organization that runs through twelve years of time as the school does, becomes more efficient as cach cycle of the machine improves its individual part. This improvement I think is on foot now, and let each patron of the school work with the teachers that we may send forth boys and girls that will be "realm men and women. Your school is one of the biggest assets the community has, and no part of it can be neglected with- out the whole being somewhat injured. Remember that education is most exacting in its demands. most far-reaching in its influence, most satisfying in its returns. The greatest service that can be done for the child is to teach him to think for him- self, judge for himself, do for himself-make him self-reliant. Our job, then, is to build for this educational ideal in training the children in our care. 2 THE ULMUS 5 ' THIRTY-SIX 5 3 H9 22 E A wif ' l QQ .i A ' , ia x V N. LAO , I' W 5 5 1 1 - Q .. , S. - 4 ,quy V W I A W ' E 3 '," f VO M A N A L O O , O Grade School Faculty .XI,'l'AH YV. JOHNSON LORENA I. FI.1'1ISHl'1R Fif ICDITII JA K M A N Tllirrl Urarlz' GRACE E. CARLSON Eiyllfll and fflH'-lllllf Sezwfnllz Grnllzfs ? ERMA C. McKIN'1'Y First Grade 3 THE ULMUS E fl: H radlf l"fllll'f1I Il ruzlr' MII,Dlil'lD CIILTRCII Simflz and Our'-half Sezwufl: Ilrzules M RS. HARliIET'1' VVA I ,TON Sevund Grad? f THIRTY-SEVEN 5 U9 2 'M 3 EIGHTH GRADE AND ONE- " Ll" OF SEVENTH GRADE Tm- Row Clcfl to rightl: -luv 'l'lm1nzxs, Robert Dzxum, H1-rzxlml YL-rlry, llama ilzxllnglu-r, llurvcy llznincs, Ralph llzlll, l'l:xrI'y Mcl":1ll, Elflfm XlCKOM'!l, l'l0w:n'4l XYvsl1L'1'. 'l'll1uu Row: Miss fIl!'lS0ll, Clifford .-Xtlwrtrm, lithcl llill, Kzalllryu Smiih, Hell-11 Trotll, Sigucll Kauffman, Frances Olllliulrl, Eluzumr XYailwl, Thorax llult, julm lironn lirovrr. Sl-Lroxlw Ron: Mznrgzurut Millar, Gsm-va Mathis. Frzmucs Dolvlu. XYilmz1 Frame, ,lvzxucttc XYOrlcy, Mary Rzuulxlzxlrxnuglx, Oplu-lin Huxlnlwlc, XYilmu llohrf-r, Mahal IM-rriclcsrm. P' FIRST Row: john Shaffer, Lyle Tzxlmmlge, jzlclx Clinch, XYilliznm ,Xl'lI1St1'0llpg, lflwoml lllmrcs, lluwzlrrl lLIl'5U1l. SIXTH GRADE AND ONE-HALF OF SEVENTH GRADE ' ' HW- - . 4 A l?L5L?fi5lT3?f, M A , .. A I r,,.' Tm' Row Qlcft to riglltj: lirlwiu Fosivr, Qlaclx Miller, Uwcu XYz1il1cl, licilll C'urriv1', llcrsclu-l limvry, llerlc Clark, slrzm Traynor, jack llrown, llzlrley llzxrrcn. SECOND Ruw: Misw Church, Thomas lizmHl11:a11, l:I'ZlllL'L'S Ann .Xr1us11'm1g, Avlvlim- lirvicu. .Xlflnh Daunm, Esther c4lt'Il1H1C1', Hayle Owens, lh-wiv Holt, Richgnrrl Atlmrtrm. .Xrihur l"r:1mc. . rlllllkll Rcm: Mary Clinch, In-nc Snlzlllcxllvclxga-1', Helcn ilnllzugluw, Ruth l'lcr'lrlu-11, Ilorullly 'l'rotl1, Ruth 'l':urpy, Maxine Huber, li!!llll'l'lllS Ziulc, llctty Sclxulrlu-5. l'l47l7RTll Row: luck Mclfzxll, lfclwzxrcl lh-Fowl, Axfllllll' l'lz1ssillr:zcl1u1', Rulwrt XYilcfw. P11111 Slmffvr Riclunrml XYill4insfm. THlRTY-EIGHT 3? 3 THE ULMUS 5 A QEXXECB : ' 3 H81 22 E 1"Il"'1'H GRADE G Tm- Rem Cleft to rightt: Nlixf Aluhnsrm. tit-nc Atlu-i'tvm, Rzilph l'l:11'1t1ivw, Km-ith I.m':nN. .lack NIM zthv. Iretl Snynlt-r, junlrn' lismlvy, I.:txui't'tlcc Hull. .Xlffvri 'iota-I, XXmul1'mv Yginliilc. N ri 1 ' x li IJ SICK' NI lxov: 'illy jarilum. l.:iwrt-use Il:iIl, Herald Tullvy, Holt-11 wycr, l.l1cilIt- Boulton, Iluiucr Daum, lluroltl Ifurrl, john Raluizthnllgll. FIRST Ixmx: Susit- lmhinsmi, flux-itciolyit Stem-its, Iitht-I Nlrlifvvsii. Nl:tt'u:n'ct I-crivc, Nlury Mau- Urn-ii. Immzi l.m1 Smith, Ilrmrotliy Ijillllll. FOU HTH GRADE -as 5, ... Tm' limi Qlcft tu riphtlz Rxiyuiuiirl St-ltzt-r, llowarsl Cult-iiirui, litigcm- l'It-inincr, I.ylc Smith. Iflhllililil, llilly NlcQuistuu, Max Sizurrrr. , , . . , llmiillnl Nfvuxln Ixmx: Hush Ifle-isltcr, Sllirh-y XYiim. Y11'g4ini.t Smith, lztulim- limlmoiit, ilviris Ii2ll'ixllx'wx, Alim- I. K'rmlimlf.gv, Klziirlzi Slt'VL'llS. I-wi'1'ux1 Rim: vllmt- Mxhln. Xigiry lmtiiwv lltlwmi. Ruth Init-I. 5:1111 llt-.iflt-iz, lxntliryii lttliimut-, Szirnh Ouist XYilLinsrm, 3 THE ULMUS 5 l'HIRTY'NlNE kff-7 5 g5EXEQ9 HQ ? THIRD GRADE 'l'o1' Row ill-ft to rightj: Miss Iarmzm, ,luck Fostcr, Rlaxinn :nur cur lm Lcilzx Cooke, Phyllis XYorrill, lizlrl Nash. SICCONU Row: Yirginia fiilmlrs, Blilrlrml flooding, Elaine Mull 1 nesml r -Xluq lxu11l'm'm Mary Stone. Cl FIRST Row: c'l1!l1'lCS llzmn, ,lack Stl-cr, lizxrl llorrison. Ilownrr IHA uur lunar ,J nylon. .gf ' SECOND GRADE Tm' Row Cla-ft 10 rightl: ,lzunes llzlrt, llonnlfl Nlvtz, Blarni A x L 1 xr xn mr IL Czxtllcrimz Jaques. lilsic Snmllcnlmrgur, HL-lun Klrceu, John Hznllugllu lmlxgrt in 1 MIm+I.E Row: Hlzulys Yicln-1'y. Euuiu- Trwtell, lJomll1y Klutz Nun dllllll 1 m lx lL'll lk-l"01'ml, Xlilclrwl Smith, lloriw Clim-ll IZu'r1'oNI Row: lirviu Putty, ,-Xrlluu' Ilixrm, John Dlilflllilll, H1 ln rn s 1 ox Q L00 Ilrnvcr, 2 FORTY THE ULMUS 5 g5CiXf56b 'V l 3 H9 2 Er arm FIRST GRADE x 1 1 3 .yi ' 5 lvu, lava urss, lilwanrla lfullur, Xlahvl fllzmn. HL-lxa llurnharlc. lfetlu-r Klorwi. xlflllll Hmlnlvn, K1-1111 Hum. Tm' Row Qlcfl tu rightl: Miss Klcliinty, liram X1-lsrm, hlr.. Knln-rt Nlcgjliir-trail, I4-una llgfh SICCUNIY Raw: Virginia Cowley, livclyn Iiimlur, Nellie liallaglu-r, Nnrim' lfzugmtc, llvtta Lou Sliallfcr, ary Cullings, Yii"inia Stinson, Blur' l"nf.tL-r. 52. .5 . . Y. . 1:lRST Rau: flilrmm Imum, flifforcl Slaylmi. lhmnalsl Ilwycr, Roy l',n1c1'y, Carl Xickcry. lharlvs xlrmrrimn, Clarcmw- Smith, ,lnniur Smith. OU Ii G RAD lil SVIIOOI. lvc he-ar it lxrrv. ws lll'J11' it tllP1'l'f' The activitivs of lilmwoucl High. They tn-ll us that only High S4-lmnl folks can cars. lilltlllgll for hm' to cllcvr---oi' lll'L'!ltllQ' :1 sigh. Thvy say that wc rlon't vwi' know. .lust what it means to lon- a M-lmol! But WVt'Yl'tf In-rv to ye-llftllat it's not sol '1'lu-so things thvy say ahout our rulv. Tllcllfls om' thing that wx-'ll tell tha-in all, Thcy'll prolmalmly just laugh when wc say. "That our low- for l'l. C'. H. S. is not small. And that it's growing vvm'y clayln E THE ULMUS 151 FORTY-ONE QEVEQQ 'Y 3 CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF Florenee CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF Pureell. CLASS OF 5 H9 2 2, 5 List of Graduates 1873-V--Jalnes M. Greeley, Prof.-Laura V. Ramsey. 1874-James M. Greeley, Prof.--Lettie Bartholomew, Joseph AVllll8.lI1S0l1. 1875'4Jaxnes Kelly. l'rof.ffAliee Biggs, Rosa Ryan, Florence YVhitney. 187fif.l2llllCS Kelly, l'rof.f4No graduates. 1877 -f'. Iames Kelly, Prof.-WNo graduates. 1878-V--J. M. Crow, Prof.---Lois Brown, Ed Egan. 1879-J. M. Crow, Prof.-George N. Brown, Asa M. Brown, Bathena, Coon, Darby, Belle Kellogg, Huhurt Marshall, Lillie Purcell, Flora MeNay. 1880-J. M. Crow, Prof.-Mattie Barrett, Hettie Coon, Minnie Pureell. 12-GSIYJ. M. Crow, Prof.-James Les, John Pheifer, Mahelle Ryan. 1882512 B. Bird, Prof'.4Evan Slaughter, Ella Flanegiu, Ida Patterson. 1883-'l'. B. Bird, Prof.-Nettie Kightlinger, Lizzie Pulsipher, Lida Dinan, Atic Maggie MeCowan, Nettie M'iley. +Orie Bartholomew, Kate Callister, Laura Lo- 188-l-C. li. Vandervoort. Prof. haugh, Lmnan Royce, Howard Spangler, Bertha AVheeler, Frank 'Whitneyz CLASS OF 1885H4C. R. Yanderroort, Prol'.+Ed Clingan, Franees Daniels, Frederieka Mathewson, Frank VVidmeyer. CLASS OF 1886-AV. J. Pringle, Prof.- Lura Helen Bartholomew, Harriet Jones, II?ll'1'y Tompkins, Ed C. Slayton. CLASS OF 1887-VV. J. Pringle, Prof.-Anna Enright, Minnie Lawrence, Edward Siegel. CLASS OF 1888fVV. J. Pringle, Prof.fEdson E. Dalton, Kate Hurff, Ernest Lohaugh, Fred Patterson, Sain Tidd. w CLASS OF 1889-XV. J. Pringle, Prof.--John Bitner, Ed U. Henry, Milo Ketchum, Edith Kightlinger, Howard Kirkpatriek, Philip Phares, Fred Pratz, Jahez Slayton. CLASS OF 1890-VV. J. Pringle, Prof.-Charles Burt, Sadie Clineh, Fred Darhy, Bessie Ewalt, Orrie Snyder, Estelle Wasson. CLASS OF 1891--VV. J. Pringle, Prof.-H-Emma Anderson, Gertie Davis, Everet Kemp, Lillian Wheeler, Frank VVingr. CLASS OF 1892- VV. J. Pringle, Prof.--Harrison Dixon, Charles Farnmn, Fred Hepston- Stall, Edna Lawreniee, Nellie A. Perrine, Fred Slayton, Leilia AYilliamson. CLASS OF 1893-S. B. Allison, Prof.gOra Currlingxs, Frank Higgins, Asa Kirkpatrick, Harry Macy, Emma Putman, Sanford Sehriers, Anna. Vandervort, Esther M'asson, Katie VVeibel. CLASS OF 189-IWS. B. Allison, Prof.-Ethel Cullingxs, Charles Day, Bertha lJCl1I1l1lQQ, lteha Herriott, Charles MeCorkie, Bert liiner, Anna Slnith, Myrtle Slayton, Bose AVood, Mae Smith. CLASS OF 1895- S. B. Allison, Prof.fAnna Anderson, Laura Bodine, Georgie Davidson, Cara Duth, Bessie Ennis, Edith Jones, Bertram Kemp, Daniel Ketchum, Harvey Lott, Edith Patterson, Mary Rose, C. A. Yanee, Minnie NVoods, Vlvinifred VVheeler, Hortense YValker. CLASS OF 1896-L. E. Flanegin, Pl'Of."l"ill1lly Bourgxoin, Eva Clingan, Grave Farnum, Martha Holt, Stella Kirkpatrick, Nellie Mannoek, Mina Miller, Marie Regan, Emma liiner, Nellie Slayton, Rena NVehster, Lavarre NVyc'oi'f. CLASS OF 1897-L. R. Flanegin, Prof.-Mable Denning, Rosa Douglas, Samuel Garrison, Gertrude Hardenherg, Ortha Heptonstall, Elmer Huhhel, Leo Johnson, Mary Kinnear, Sadie Lott, Jessie Mannoek, Eflie Mathis, Ethel Bunyan, Harry XVells, Ernest AAYlll'2l.tCY'Oft. CLASS OF 1898--L. R. Flanegin, Prof.--Frank Armstrong, Charles Clineh, Harold Cullings, Nettie DeBaeher, Frank Eslinger, Blanch Herriott, Henry Jarman, Patienee Jarman, lioy Kigrhtlinger, Ethel McCann, Aliee IVleCullough, Anna MeDermott, Esther Nelson, Harry Rose, Bertha VVaihel, Myrtle Wehster. CLASS OF 1899-I.. R. Flanegrin, Prof.-Leslie Anderson, Anne Armstrong, Ada C. Buell, Anna Deliaeher, Pearl ci1'l'l'l1OlIfIll, Myrtle Deliaeher, I.ora Hart, Elliott E. Head, Harlan Huhbell, Harlan Jones, Nellie E. McCabe, Nora E. McCarty, 'l'essie A. McDermott, David ii THE ULMUS E FORTY-TWO 'XSS OF 1909-T. S. Henry, l'rof.--Margaret Schori, Florence Criger, Henry Kessler, CQEXJEIZQQ 'Y GOPA UQ? 3 HQ 2 Q 4 ig , H. Morton, Margaret M. Nelson, Edna l.. Patterson, Nora Nelson, Margaret O. Powell, Nellie M. Regan, Margaret E. Stewart, Blanch Swigert, Harry Troth. ASS OF 1900-L. R. Flanegin, l'rof.---.Xrchie Miles, Harry Richardson. JXSS OF 1901-L. R. Flanegin, l'rof.--Edwin Brown, Marion Brown, Nellie Earing, Lloyd Graham, Earl Henry, Allan Higgins, .Xmy Hotchkiss, Dean Jay, Leroy Kershaw, Florence McKerrow, ,Xlbert Van Patten, Neva VValton, Clifton XX'ycoft. -XSS OF 1902--J. M. Martin, Prof.--Mary Bowers, Maurice Grumley, Mable DeBache1', Ross E. Cullingfs, Fannie E. Remmele, Evcret S. Cathcart, Mina Morton, Bert Conrey, Nina E. Palmer, Charles E. Smith, Elsie M. l'hilhower, Dale E. Snyder. XSS OF 1903--Charles Stuart, l'rof.--Fred Martz, Earl Vance, Nellie XV1-lls, Belle Wil- bur, Raymond Troth, James Turner, Maude Smith, Harry Quigley, Edson Kinnear, Mar- garetta Jay, Rea Harkness, Marilla Cooper. XSS OF 190-1--Charles Stuart, Prof.--Sylvia Zoll, Nellie XVheatcroft, Merle Snyder. Monica Smith, Mary Humphreys, John Grumley, Leta Cuthcart, Lottie Bourgoin, XVill Bolin, Evalina Brooks. XSS OF 1905-Charles Stuart, Prof.- Earl llorsley, Paul XVesthay, .Xlice Orvis, Charles Grumley, Florence Gabriel, .Xnna Booth, Charles Bowers, Lelia .'XY'llIStl'0llg, Lottie ,Xrm- Strongr. XSS OF 1906- -Charles Stuart, Prof.--Gertrude Bowers, Orral Conver, Glennie Tyler. Gertrude XX'aibel, Mildred Bowers, Ina Learned. XSS OF 1907--Charles Stuart, l'rof.--Irwin Dalton, Jolm Boswell, Bertha Graham, Gil- bert Lane, Raymond Lyons, Cara Nelson, Essie Rynearson, Florence Xvalton, Paul XX'ells. Ada Wheatcroft, Dale Zink, lantha Zoll. ASS OF 1908--'l'. S. Henry, l'rof.-- Frances Jay, Edna Learned, Clifford Lott, Lillie Mannock, Jolm Troth, Frances XValton, Katherine White, Marie Zink, XVilda Armstrong, Miriam l'otts, .Xglnes Morton, XVallace Snyder, Edna Farr. Alice Lott, Harry Niece. XSS OF 1910-T. S. Henry, Prof.-Clarence Shissler, Lola Fish, Mabel Schori, Mabel Higgins, Raymond Nibbclin, Sidney Cullings, Goldia Booth, Floyd Gooding, .Xrthur Dalton, Sara Conver, Samuel Conver, Ella Oakes, XValter Manock. XSS OF 1911--T. S. Henry, Prof.--Jennie Phillips, John Stevens, Ella Van Pelt, John Bowers, Eleanor Sehlots, Hazel Deliacher, Frieda Korth, Mabel Brooks. XSS OF 1912--T. S. Henry, Prof.-Raymond Dikeman, Harold Shissler, Chester Lyons, Neal Higgins, William Crigrer, Newell Reed, Florence Seltzer, ,Xlice Tolbert, Lois Nichols, Ethel Reed, Florence Lyons, Bernice Noel, Frances Bowers, Thora Morton. XSS OF 1913--C. C. Condit, Prof.--Leroy XX'atkins, John Schultz, Ralph Kilpatrick, Oliver Gregory, Howard Schlots, Elwyn 'l'roth, Laura Brown, Vivian XVhiting, Estelle VVhitney, XX'ilhehnina Taylor, Bernice Goliday, Hazel Seltzer. XSS OF 19111--C. C. Condit, Prof.--Louise Condit, Frank Schultz, Esther Nichols, George Shissler, Hazel ,'Xtherton, Roy Gore, Evelyn Humphreys, Clifton Humphreys, Mabel XViley, Olive Troth, Edna Brooks, Eleanor McCann, Margaret Smith, Margretha Fried- . richs, Blaneh Oldknow. XSS OF 1915--C, C. Condit, Prof.--Lillian Van Sickle, Louise Shissler, Grace Barrett. Charlotte Johnson, Georgia Taylor, Vna Nelson, Maude Adams, Eva Holt, Marie Kelly, Elsie Lyons, Lena Seltzer, Leona Higgins, Edwin Kilpatrick, Leonard Lang, Gilman Davidson, Logan Nelson, Jessie McCann, Myrtle McKown. 'XSS OF 1916--C. C, Condit, Prof.--Merle Threw, Charles Dooley, Mary McFall, Naomi XX'aibel, Leonard Higgins, Margery Strufe, .Xhnetta Maher, Frank .Xllen, XX'inifred Kelly, Ruth Zink, Roscoe Redding, Esther Korth, Veda Holt, Edgar McDonald, Gladys XVooten, Earl Kelly, Fern Humphreys, Margery Schenck, Leona Day, Maude King, Howard Redding, Edna Foster. XSS OF H117--C. C. Condit, Prof.-Max Wasson, Catherine Stevens, John Kilpatrick, Frank Johnson, Lulu Mc-Kown, George McKinley, Russel Schori, Marjorie Bowers, Hugh Nelson, Donald Niece, Elmer Miles, Henry Tully, Clifton Conver. XSS OF 1918--C. C. Condit, Prof.--Lucile Kelly, Harold Herbert, Frances VanSickle. Ruth lreton, Isaac Barrett, Helen XX'hite, Mildred Peters, John Schori, Mary Threw, Nellie Sehenck, Charles Tidd, Lora Flanegin, Marguerite Gregory, Howard Atherton, Gladys Lindzey, Leola Burt, Leslie MacDonald, Leah Thatcher, Dorothy Condit, James F r 3 THE ULMUS E' 3? FORTY-THREE QEXEQQ .3 U9 2 E fe i GOQADQ? Cusack, Mary Davis, Margaret Gmahle, Elmore Brown, Nan Johnson, Grace Carlson, Thomas Dwyer, Pearl Dragoo, Opal Kelly, Roy Harkness, Naomi Johnston, Edna Mac- Donald, Patrick Cusack, Gayle VVeeks, Russell Fuller, Alma Lindzey. CLASS OF 1919,--C. C. Condit, Prof.--Richard Schenck, Maude Miller, Edwin Miranda, Lauretta Tully, Rosanna Stevens, Margaret VVickwire, Mark Brennan, Verna VVooten, YVilda Threw, Elma M'asson, Louis Miles, Rowena M'asson, Horace Demick, Margaret Phares, Ada Boice, June Randy, Leroy Andrews, Gladys Proctor, Francis Zink, Mona Snyder. CLASS OF 1920-C. C. Condit, Prof.-w-Gladys Archibald, Ralph Bacher, Howard Carter, Marianne Clinch, Mary Cusack, Mary Dwyer, Harley Green, Anna Grumley, George Gutshall, Hazel Gutshall, Birdella Harkness, Adrienne Herhert, Mildred Higgins, Rachel Holt, Gerald Jarman, Alta Johnson, Roy Kceling, Helen Lindzey, Owen Lindzey, Frances McCarty, Verna Miles, Bruce Mullen, Elva Peters, Forrest Reed, Genevieve Riner, Mona Ristine, Doris Shively, Harry Stalter, Ruth Thatcher, Dean Threw, Anna '1'rowhridge, Ferne 'l'hrew, Harvey VanSickle. CLASS OF 1921-AC. C. Condit, Prof.--Mahel M'orley, Ralph Meliown, Ruth AVooten, Fred Schlots, Ritj French, Clare Bragg, Ruby AVasson, Albert M'olford, Margaret Sporrer, Dean Condit, Myrta Martin, Chester Miles, Edna Clark. CLASS OF 15122--C. C. Condit, Prof.-Hermon Shelton, Everett Redding, Ensley Strapp, Edith Jarman, Roma Sliively, Roland Hitchcock, Florence Phares, Arthur Dragoo, Ruth Caldwell, Harry MacDonald, Margaret Kilpatrick, Loren Oakes, Mary XVhitney, Edwin NVatkins, Elora Burt, Russell Rcmmcle, Daniel Tully, Faye Hoyt, Kathryn Callister, Bernard Mullen, Earl Schenck, Florence Threw, Lawrence Harkness, Leon Carter, Clyde Hendrix, Erma Mc-Kinty, AValtcr Redding, Grace VVickwire. CLASS OF 1923--C, C. Condit, Prof.4Leah Maher, Floyd Brown, Earline AVeeks, John Cullings, Elsie Manual, Millard Day, Mary Demick, Harry Stotler, Elva AVolford, Mar- garet Seltzer, AVilliam Sehenck, Ralph Melville, Dorothea Young, AVilliam Jaques, Mar- garet Ekstrand, Cornelius Kemp, Cecil Coon, Lucile Flint, Paul Miles. Everett Epley, Pearl Clinch, YValter Dalton, Doris Colvin, Lester 'l'url, Kathryn Cusack, AVillard DeFord, Della Brown. CLASS OF 1924-C. C. Condit, Prof.-Nina Tlirew, Iona Rambo, Etta Vohland, Edith YVor- ley, Ruth Shively, Agnes Kelly, Myrtle Flickinger, Opal Lindzey, Lorena Fleisher, George Fleisher, Jeanette Coolidge, Jessie French, Louise Macey, Ruth Eslinger, Pauline Jarman, Chester Patton, Zelda Perril, Leonard VVindish, Minerva Carlson, Lela Murphy. CLASS OF 192511 H. Francis, Prof.--Y Leone DeFord, Laurence Moran, Cornelia Day, Ruth Nichols, Loren Harkness, Helen Hart, Kathryn Maher, Leon YVhitney, Gladys DeFord, Alice Shawver, Howard Berger, Loring Jarman, Dorothy Nelson, Verna Metv, George Moore, Ruth Clinch, Opal Richardson, Mildred NViley, Neva Higgins, Daniel French, Everett Bohrer, Frances AViekwire, Beulah McClure, Kathryn Goliday, Loren Shelton, Norma Huber, George Montgomery, Lois Henry. CLASS OF 1926-J. H. Francis, Prof.fAda Hoyt, Harley Fleisher, Doris Dohlms, Owen Hulmlmell, Milford Kirklmride, Claralmel Herluert, DeForest Hitchcock, Ruth Cullings, Bertha Dalton, Lester Hartley, Dorothea Bowman, Thomas Lee, Ward Schori, Irene Maher, Thomas Miller, Julia Dwyer, Adell McVey, Lowell Redding, Mary Noggle, NVayne Callis, Carl Scragg, Dean Proctor. CLASS OF 192T4E. E. Downing, Prof.--Helen Buxton, Oral Gallagher, Lucille Murphy, AVallace Emerick, Leonard Heller, Irma Fliekinger, Glen Hall, Mahel Dawson, Ada Bohrer, Clyde AVlieeler, Lois Challacomlic, Louis M'indish, Francis Shively, 'l'helma Cal- lis, Glenn DeFord, Louise McKinty, Lynne Fagotte, Corinne Zinn, Leo AVindish, Julia Patton, Yelda Scragg, Harold Redding, Lloyd Graham, Yelda Euhanks, Marie Flcisher, Raymond Hicks. ? 3 THEQULMUS E G eff? FORTY-FOUR g A C T I V I T I E S MUSIC ZZ 9 3 H9 2 GOQADQ? , , , IZALTK Row Ch-ft to rightl: Mary Ilcrhcrt, li:11hh-cn Nlzinock, Vluzniiigi l1rvlu'ci', Yirgiuizi Allii-i'lcm, Louise' 'llllI'lll'l', Hch-11 XYcelsS, llelcu Xlorfui, lh-tty .Xl'I'llSlI'U!1Q, lflizuhcth Steer. Si-.cirixiv Ron: Xliss 1-I'Ll1l1 ClJii':ctm'5, Virginia llnilcy. lucz Smith, fizivlu l'h:ii'cs, llclcn Ziuk. Kathryn llowcrs, Hciu-vm Zinlc, Susanne Smith, Ruth -Izirnizui, Fiusi' Row: lilzulys llelhr, Virginia Millar, Ili-rnicc Picrson. Nlxirggcry Nlrithis, Lucille Hilchcock, Mary jrmlinsuii. You-lin .hflllf-l1'01lQ, Nlziry Nlzumck, The Girls, Glee Clula "Music is Lovc in si-:n-ch of :1 woiwlf' Our Girls' Glcc Club is onc of the livclicst 0l'Q2llliZ!1fl0IlS in thc school. It is composed of girls who try out each full :xml arc sclcctccl hy the Kli1'0C't01'. 'l'hc1'c are twcnty-fivc mcmhcrs this ye-:ir undcr the direction of Miss Crum. licrnicc Picrson was choscn us prcsidcut and Virginia Millcr :is lih1':11'i:in. Onc night si wcck is clcvotcrl to prricticc :ind who cl0csn't know that night hy thc soft sti-:iins 0 "C':11'nu:11a" that conle from the auditorium? Th:-rc are some rcal "Chilli Curcisl' in the Glcu Club this yczu' :incl Miss Crum plans to prcscnt :nu opcrcttu so that sonic of thc :irtistic qualities can hc shown off. "But music is :x housc not mzulc with huncls. Built hy 'I,m'c's futher. whcrg :x little spaci- Thx- soul may dwcllg :i royal palncc lit To meet thc inujcr-:ty of its flK'lU2lI1ClS.U Roisicm' H.xv1aN Sl'IlAlTl"I-'LICI-K, M.H.S.. '22s. Q 3 - 2 THE ULMUS 5 T E fn 1, , I QEXEQD 'Y , H3 2 E lilutx Row Clcft to rlghtjz licum-th llznvy, Paul lfnasucr, XYilli:u1i l'roctor, Nlnrion llnrlwr, XY:iltcr Clinch, Izuncs Foster, Lclzinsl Semkins. ' Si-ifoxn Row: Virginia Hiller, Iiiigcm- lluxton, Roh-n Scnrlc. john Xlntliir. ,lllllll Xllw-lxs, Carlos l'lnim-s, Miss fiflllll Lllircctorb. MNST Ron: Cornelius Nanci-, XXoorl1'o-.v Worley, lllllllbl Nlzillcr, -lohn l'icrf'm, lilon Stu-r, Saunucl llzum-s, lulwm llock, Rogi-r 'l':ir11y. Tlwe Boys, Glee Club '- Tlnr lloys' Glue' Club bas bcvn :in ixnportaixt o1'g:111iz:1tion in tllc l'llmwood Higll Scllool. Tllis club was orgrxnizrd tllis ycar undvr tln- lc:xdc1'sl1ip of Bliss Crum. At the first of tlllf your wc vlectvd tlu: following people for our ol'l'lc01's: Carlos Haines, Pre-sidvnt: .lolm lV6'cks. Vim'-Prcsiclellt: Siunucl Hninw. Sm'c'1'Ct:11'y-'1'1'Q:isurcrg lvil- liam Proctor, Sergcmlt-i11-:1r1nS. This year we have trivd to work :ind :irc doing our best considcring the timC most of us spend in ntlxlctics. VI- sllowvd our ability in tllc Opvrvttri "Carrie Comes to C'ollc-gc." :ind also in tlu- CJl1'IliV3l. VX' intend to do more. . C. H.. 30. 3 THE ULMUS 5 i CAD Tr BACK Row Cleft To rightlz Virginia Atherton, l':LlVl'H1'll llelford, Arwine Archibald, lilizaheth Steer. Mary Herbert, Bliss Crum Cllirectorj, XYilliam Armstrong, Louise 'llLl1'IlC1', XYalte1' Clinch, Thomas Iiooley, XVo0Elrow XYorley, llaniel Maher. FRONT Row: Vornelius Vance, Roger Tarpy, Ralph Gaymon. ,lack Miller. Our Orchestra "'I'apl Tap I" Xxvllitt is that? Tm Miss Crunfs rank and I can see everything that goes on. That "tap, tap" is Miss Crum beating me with her baton, when someone gets out of time. Miss Crum does hit me hard sometimes, but I do not mind it, when I think it's for ll. C. H. S. VVl10 is Miss Crum? She is our direetress. VVe eouldn't get along without her. XVhen she smiles I forgive her for all the cruel taps she has given me. There are only three violinists but they surely do have pep when it comes to playing their violins. Mary is always laughing whenever anything goes wrong, she always sees the bright side. Hear that obligato part? 'I'hat's Louise. She's always ready to play something "different" Virginia ean make that bow of hers step around. Our trombone player, 'tDannie," especially likes "Heroes of VVar," in which he has a solo part. Tee-tee-tee! That's Ralph and his Clarinet. Ta-ta-ta! That's Jaek. He never can get his clarinet tuned with Ralplfs. "Eddie,' comes up from the grades with his flute. He and "Archie" play together and they never can agree. Just listen to that noise over there! 'l'hat's i'.Xrel1Ee" and his saxophone. He's always playing jazz while the others are trying to "tune up." 'I'here's "YVoodie', and his Cornet. He is one of the reasons why I get hit so often. "'I'ommie,'i the Senior member of our orchestra and also librarian, plays the eornet. hliillyli comes up from the grades with his eornet. Boom! Boom! 'I'hat's our big bass drum. Our drummer, although small, surely can make plenty of noise. This is Gladys' first year and she is doing fine. The first name of our snare drummer, Pauline, is "Pep." She puts pep into everything she does, including her clrunnning. VVait-here comes Elizabeth as eool as a cucumber and late as usual. She's president and pianist of our orchestra. VVe eouldn't get along without her. At last they are all tuned and really started, harmony follows diseord-pep-yea, that's our motto. M. E. II., '30. 3 THE ULMUS E - FIFTY 4" if W fl, C L. U x ax t' "MXWwS,x, ff! Y V gQ L 1 - M -wx ,A ,4 L 4-1 .L X N V ' l'!'1 lx ,Aw X f MWWW JL-' N f y X fx 1' f 'l:6.ff, f ff X- 97 Ku O. XXXIXLX 'ff NX XX 'X X 1 J Kam 5 ff' J f: H 1, T 3 H9 2 CVX... Tniizn Row Cleft to righll: llarolcl Hicks, Juanita llohrer, Virginia Atherton, lilon Steer, Marion Harper, liugene liourgoin, Paul liussiier, Frances Linmlzuy, Florence liauffman, lluph Nixon. Sizroxn Row: Mrs. Ilowning, Hayle Phares, Helen Zink, Nlildreil lived, lienevra Zink, Maria Elcstranil, Louise Turner, Frances Clemnier, Ruth Jarman, Susanne Smith, Kathryn lloxvers. FIRST Row: Gladys Heller, lnez Smith, Mary Herbert, Margery Mathis, Yiruinia Nliller, llernice Pierson, Margery Coulter, Alice Foster, Elizabetli Steer, Mary Iohnson. English Club Two years ago llfiss Riddle, our English iLC2lCllL'1', suggested an English Club for the three upper classes and under her supervision it was organized. Member- ship was given to those who wrote a satisfactory theme on "The Value of Good Eng- lishf, Instructive programs on Literature and English were given every two weeks by the club members. The first year closed with Good linglisll llveek in which the entire school participated. Last year we reorganized under the direction of Miss Beulah Darling. Armed with a new Constitution, in which we agreed to read, write and speak Better English, we accepted twelve Sophomores as members. This increased our membersliip to the constitutional maximum of thirty. This year with lNIrs. Downing as our advisor we are striving to make English Club better and better. Club officers are Bernice Pierson, President, Ruth Jarman, Vice-President, and Helen Zink, Secretary. Our motto is "Promote Better R1lgliSll.H A. M. E.. '28, 3 THE ULMUS CQEXJEYQD 'Y 3 Q9 2 E., irwi, , i, ,. ,. 1 l BACK Row Cleft to riglltjz Iflon Steer, Eugenio lluxton, Helen Nloran, Kathryn llowcrs, iit'l1EVl'd. Zink, John XYeeks, and Elizabctll Steer. Sl-ICONU Row: Inez Smith. Gayle Plxarcs, Helm-n Zllllx, Maris Ekstrznul, Ruth jaruizm, Esther Schulllius. Aumlruy Coon, Juanita llcfiroot :mil Miss Crokcr flnstruutorj. FIRST Row: llarolil Hicks. Leland Siiulcins, Yirginia Miller, llrrnice Pierson. Nlargcry lfoultvr, l'lowar1l lfoslur and Hugh Nixon. The Frencll Club was composed of tho members year under tlll? supervision dontg Iilltll Jarman, vico- trcasurcr. This club mcvts oncc enjoying a social hour wc' music. 'X 'K 1 -iw lb The FI'9I'lCl'1 organized tlirsc ycars ago by Miss Ruth Darling. It is of tllf- two l'l1'l'Tli'll classcfs. It is being carried on tllis of Miss Croker. Tin- oflit-ers arc: Bernice Pierson. presi- presicle-ntg Marie Ekstrancl. sccretaryg Howard Postr-r, a montll at tlle lxome of onv of tlle mcmbcrs. As wvll as learn about tllc Frvncli peopln-. customs, language and G 7 '98 3 THE ULMUS E FIFTY-THREE Q 3 89 2 E, 5.54, 1 Tor Row Cleft to rightl: Harold Hicks, Hugh Nixon, Roger Tarpy, Paul lfussner, l.el:1nil Siinlcins, liugeue lluxton, Sanford Coon, llowarcl Foster, liclwin llock and llnniel Maher. SECOND Row: Mr. lliann, james Foster, john Mathis, jesse lioice, XYalter Clinch, -lflhll Ryflll, Rfllfll Searle, Hail limerick and lilizabeth Steer. FIRST Row: Gayle Phares, Mary Iohnson, Inez Smith, Florence Kauffnian, Louise Anderson, Kathryn l70u'ers, Virginia Atherton, Helen Zinlc and Kathleen Blanoelc. E. C. l'l. S. Science Club The Science Club, a society new to our school, was organized early in the second semester, at tl1e suggestion of Hr. Mann, the Science teacher. Anyone in- terested in this subject was allowed to become a member of the Club. Our name, the E. C. H. S. Science Club, was chosen, a constitution was drawn up, and ae- cepted by the Club, and the following officers were elected: President, Kathryn Bowers, Vice-President, Harold Hicks, Secretary, John Mathis, Treasurer, Leland Simkinsg Librarian, Elizabeth Steer. The purpose of this Club is to promote among the students a greater interest in Science, and to help us to have a better understanding- of the world about us, and of the many little, every-day things which have often puzzled us. The Club meets every other lVednesday afternoon, and our programs are always interesting. They usually consist of talks by several members of the Club, on tl1e different phases of whatever subject we may be studying, and a few experiments are performed. Then our Question Box is opened and the questions answered. This Question Box is a means by which the members may submit to the Club any questions which they want answered, and in this way a great many things have been cleared up for us. Al- though the Club is new, so far it has been very progressive. G. P., '29. ? 9 THE ULMUS E e 493 'ECB 'Y GOQAD gg 3 H9 2 Toi' Ron Cleft to rightb: Mr. Stinson, .Xlirufl Miles, Dennis Dwyer, Nornizm Clark, llill Proctor, lnmes Yorhers, lilclon XYiley, fhzirlr-s Livingston. llorroxr lion: Paul Thompson, fharlus Mzmoclc, Roller! Iillglllllfl, Sanford Yoon, Elmer Moorly, Donzihl Ciohl, Armin Lischer, Owen Mcliinty. Agriculture Clulo YVhen we entered school this year there were not as many boys who wanted to take agriculture as there had been in years before. Mr. Stinson thought it would he best to join the Agronomy and the Animal Husbandry classes. This would con- sist of the boys who had had one year of Ag. and the Freshmen boys who wanted to take it this year. The Dairy Husbandry class startvcl the year with eight members. Since that time Cecil Trowbridge has withclrziwn, leaving seven in the- class. The field trips lmvu been of much interest. The one taken to Peoria was the outstanding trip. B. P.. i29. 3 THE ULMUS E Q ,ep 5 H9 2 : 'i GGQICQ? .N A 4 Toi' Row: lzola Yates, Virginia llailey, llerniee llall, Evelyn liliss, Miss Babbitt. iiUT'1'0M Row: Illailys lleller, Alice Foster, Vivian Robinson, Lois Carter, Ruby XVL-lls, Sewing Club The Sewing Club was organized last year under the supervision of our present supervisor, Miss Babbit. The elub is eomposed mostly of new members this year and of girls who are interested in learning more about sewinga giving time and thought to their work. ' The following of'l'iee1's we1'e ehosenz President, Virginia Baileyg Vice-President, Gladys Hellerg and Sec-retary-Treasurer, Alice Foster. The members assemble every two weeks in the Sewing Room. The purpose ofthe club is to accomplish as much as possible in the short time we give for this work. lve plan to have a program every fourth meeting that is in some way related to sewing. Every member is striving to do her best to make the club better by her efforts. Wie wish our Sewing Club to be as much of a success as the one before us and hope those of the following years are the same. Credit is due Miss Babbit for her untiring efforts in our behalf. May we always have so patient and capable adviser and show her our appreciation of her efforts by working diligently and doing our best. G. H., '30, 3 THE ULMUS 5 5 FIFTY-SIX 5 ' -' ? J KE ATHLETICS ATHLETICS X 5 "JJ Qxxgq CAD ToP Row: Coach Roy Mann, Cecil TrowhriLlge, Kenneth Davy, Carlos Haines, Iohn Mathis, jesse Boice, Marion Harper, Stanton Moore, Rolen Searle, john XVeel:s, Eugene llourgnin and Philip VVest. B '1"roM R 'z Tom Cl S l Ha'1 es Cl les M. k Ll- l S' k' ' P 1 H't'hc0ck 0 011 emmer, amue ll , iar , 111oc , e ant 1m ins, au 1c , Robert England, John Hart, Elon Steer, XValter l,.l111ch, James Voorhees and John Pierson. Football E. C. H. S. opened its doors for work on September 12, 1927. During the afternoon of that day Coach Mann announced football practice at 4 P. M. A large group answered the call for several days, but two. VVith only four letter-men from last the number finally decreased to twenty- year, Coach Mann developed a well- balanced team for its size. The year's record included three victories, one tie, and four defeats. The following boys received letters this year: Captain Boice, Harper, Mathis, Hitchcock, Haines and Moore. Simkins, Bourgoin, VVest, Steer, Searle, Hart, VVeeks, England, Following was the line-up for the year: Left land ........................ Paul Hitchcock Left Tackle ...... Left Guard ....... Center ................. ......Eugene Bourgoin ..........Rolen Searle ..........Stanton Moore Right Guard ....... ...... Vl 7eeks or Haines Fullback ..........,............ FOOTBALL SC Oct. lfliiggsville .......... There ..,, VVon Oct. 7+VVashington ........ There .,., Tie Oct. 14-Averyville .......... Here ..., Lost Oct. 21-Bradford ..........Here ....W on Right Tackle ,.....,. ......,.... T esse Boice Right End ,....,... .......,...... P hilip West Quarterback ...... ...... S imkins or Hart Right Half .....,.,.......... England or Steer Left Half ...,...,..............,. Marion Harper ........lohn Mathis HEDULE Oct. 28 Abingdon ,.......,, There .... Lost Nov. A11-Knoxville .......... There .... Lost Nov. 17-Chillicothe ........ Here .... Won Nov 2 Farmington ...,,. Here .... Lost 3 SIXTY 3 THE ULMUS 5 J. H. M., '28, f A .3 Q9 2 Q i 17z1A.-3 I Tor Row Cleft to rightl: Nlr, Stinson, Charles Klnnoelc, liziil lfnierielc, Cecil 'llf0XVl3I'illj.LC, 11111165 Voorhees, XYilliam Proctor, Tlionius Clemmer, Kenneth llzivy, Samuel Haines :md Mr. Mann. SFVOXII Ron: lilon Steer, Paul lliteheoek, liugene llourgoin, Nlzirion Hzirper, John Mathis, lielunfl Simkins and john llart. FIRST Ron: Ralph llnynuni, Clifford Yerby, john Pierson :md Cornelius Vance. Baslcetlvall, 1927-28 Playing one of the hardest schedules ever attempted by an Orange and Black five. the Elmwood quintet. flushing their new jersies in the face of :1 dozen strong teams, finished what most 'ifzinsn eall :z successful season. Coach Mann's boys opened the season with victories over YVilliamsfield and Chillicothe. Then. they took il long jnunt over to Kirkwood where they lost by oniy one basket. After this. practice really lmegan in earnest. lVh:it H. C. H. S. pupil of 1927128 will ever forget that spectacular game with the Alumni December 27? Our boys completely surprised everyone when they won. Iflitelu-ook. Fleisher. Miller. Tidd. Schori. X7JlTlSiClil0. Proctor. Hall. Fzigotte. and Deliord represented the "old gradsf' Elmwood was en'ovin0' a verv sueeessful season but the death of Philip Yvest .l . an , i January 13. 1928. was nearly too much for our boys. Their comr:1de's :xbsenee seemed to cause loss of interest in the sport. They rallied, however, :ind won second place in the Clounty Tournament held at Brimfield, February 10-I 1. Glnsford was easily deferxted in our opening game. Next we met the strong Averyville quintet whom 3 THE ULMUS 5 ' A if 3 H91 2 Q Q comme? we defeated at a great eost. Two of our boys suffered sprained ankles. This vic- tory entitled us to play in the semi-finals. Here we met the fast Princeville five. The score was very close, excitement ran high, Elmwood won in the last few seconds of the game. At this time Elmwood was the only team that had not been defeated during the tournament, but the double elimination plan required that we play Averyville whom we had defeated on Friday. VVe lost this game, thereby winning second place in thc tourney. Next we attended the Macomb Invitational Tournament. Here we met Avon. The teams were evenly matched, and the score was close throughout the game. Elm- wood finally won. Then came the Macomb-Elmwood game. Talk about your "whiz- zcrs lu This was one. lVe won by three points, made in an overtime period. In the semi-finals we won over Good Hope with a 21--20 score. In the finals we lost to Macomb Academy thus receiving second place. In the District Tournament Elmwood met defeat when they played the fast Lewistown five. E. C. H. scored 5-17 points to her opponents 4436, winning 18 games and losing 10. 93 92 W SCl1edUle Bnd Scores S Date , Opponent Place Dcc. 2--E S ....... ..,,.,.. 2 0 NVillia1nsfield ...,............,,.....,, Here Dec. 9sE S ....... .......,. 2 9 Chillicothe .,....,,.,,.,.........,.... There Dee. 13--E S ....... ........ 7 Kirkwood .. . There Dec. l4-- S .,.,.,. ,....... 1 7 Trivoli .......... There Dee. 16-L S ....... ......... 2 0 Farmington ,. There Dec. 17-It .,..... ,....... 1 5 Knoxville .,.,.. There Dec. 22fE ..,.... ........., 1 8 Brimfield .... Here Dec. 27-E ....... ........ 1 -L Alumni ..... Here Jan. 5g ..,...,. ........ 2 7 Trivoli ..,.... Here Jan. 10- S ....... ........ 1 3 ,Yates City .... Here Jan. 12-E S ....,., .,.... . .Y15 Princeville ....,. Here Jan. 20- ...... .,..,.. 3 0 Chillicothe .... Here Jan. 24- S ..,,,... ,....... 2 2 Farmington Here Jan. 25-E S ....... ....,... 2 9 Glasford ,,.... There Feb. 7- S ..,.,.. .....,.. 1 9 Knoxville .,,,.. Here Feb. 17-ala .,,,.,, .......,. 1 9 Princeville ...., There Feb. 28-E ....... ,....... 23 Yates City ...,. Here Mar. 2x1 .......... .......,. 1 6 Kirkwood .... Here Mar. 2-14 ....,,......,..,.......... 19 Glasford ...............,............. Here PEORIA COUNTY TOURNAMENT H. S ....... ,...,......,............. 2 2 Glasford .,,.................. II. S .,.,.....,,.,..........,...,... 29 Averyville ,..,,,,.,,,,.,,, S ....... .. ...... 15 Princeville H. S .........................,..... 16 Averyville ........,......,.......... .. ,.,, ,. IVIACOM15 INVITATIONAI. 'POURNAMENT S .,.,,...,.,.....,..,,,,,,,,,,,.. 18 Avon .................,,..,.....,....,, ..,..,. . S ....,......,...,....,,...,...... 17 Macomb QOvertimej .,..., ......... . ........ ....... 2 4- Good Hope ..... ,..,.,...,..... ......., . S ......... .............,..,... 1 7 Macomb Acadeniy ....... ..... DISTRICT 'l'OURNAMl'lN'1' S .,Y,.,,. ,,.,.....,.......... 1 7 Lewistown ...,.,. . -g --45' wil ? 6 THE ULMUS NE. SIXTY-TWO g5EVE74b 'Y Ei 3 H9 2 2 Q CAD MARION HARl'l'ili, Captain "Manic" Manic, our Nordic center, is always on the jumpfin more ways than one. His snappy work in both defence and offence gained for him the eovetcd position on the All-Star team. One of the big problems of next year will he to' find a man capable of filling Marion's plaee. Atta boy, Manic. JOHN MATHIS "Mathis" Mathis, our running guard. holds a diiii- cult position. His speul and his ability to make goals won him a place on the All-Star team. lveill sure miss John next year. Rah, Rah. liah, Klathis. THE ULMUS 5- SIXTY-THREE 5 G45EV1?Q9 e e 5 as a 2 it QQQABQ? PAUL HITCHCOCK "Casey" Casey, our whirlwind forward, has a good eye on baskets and excels in dribbling. Often his last minute shots proved fatal to the cncmy. VVhat's the matter with Casey? He's all right! EUGENE BOURGOIN "Curly" Curly, our "Stonewall," never let a man by him. His excellent defensive work and his ability to pass the ball proved indispen- sable to the team. Curly takes a lot of abuse but he always comes "smiling thruf' Rah for Curly. LELAND SIMKINS "D0c,' Doc, little but what il fighter! He has a way of popping in baskets where they are most unexpected. He has another year in which to perfect his ability a basketball player. Yea, Doc. ? 2 THE ULMUS S f SIXTY-FOUR GQENJEQD 55 3 H9 2 s CAD HLON STEER "Lon Bull" HI,on Bulll' played his strong card at for- ward and it didnit takc him all day to inakv his mark E'itlll'l'. Hc hc-lpcd turn the tide at lllacoinb in a fast. ovcrtimc gamc. Rah. Rah. liastusl XVILLIAM PliOC'TOli "Bill', Bill lwcamc vligibln- for the team the last senicstvr. H0 plays a good, cle-an game' and has another ycar to show his prowess as a lmaslwtlnxll playcr. Conn- on, Billl KENN l'l'l'H IJAVY "Bugs" Bugs showcd "his stuff", at Macomb lmy sinking a Basket in an ovvrtimc period. "l,ittlm- ltalyi' is the only Frcsliman on the squad and has threw morn' years to play for E. C. II. S. Yca Bugs. h't's go! 3 THE ULMUS E f . g5GV45Q9 ,ig 5 H9 2 E w at 2 QA! ' JOHN HART "Hartie" Hartic is thc lczist in sizc on thc squad but :is big in Ufiglltu as anyonc. Ho plays si good, consistent game and will be with us two morc ycars. Tllrcc cllccrs for Hartiel CECIL TROWBRIIJGE "Scoop" Scoop joined thc squad the sccond semester. Ho is :1 good floor man and passes the ball with ability. VVatcl1 out for liim next year. ?5 SJXTYYSIX 3 THE ULMUS 5 3? GQEXJEQQ 'Y CAD if '13 H9 2 E E Toi- Row Cleft to rightl: Artie lfranie, Jack lirown, 1Yildon Mcliown, lloward XVeber, Mr. Blaun, Keith Currier, Robert Damn, Iohn llrown Grover and Robert NVilc0x. 1:lliS'l' Rou Cleft to rightl: john Xlelfall, Gerald Yerby, llarry Blclfall, Ilarvey llaines, Ralph llall, Clifford Atherton, lfdward lleliord. Gra e Basketball The Grade basketball squad, led by Captain Haines, opened their year by playing: the Freslnnen. NVe were defeated three games straight. Our next game was with Trivoli. They had a fast team, but we won an easy game, 14 to 1, at home: then at Trivoli. 24 to 9. YVe went to Bartonville to play. The Bartonville Grades, being so llllll'l1 larger, defeated us 18 to 0. The next game was with Farmington. They defeated us on our own floor. Then we went to play on their floor. There our boys fought harder, but as Farmington was the larger we were again defeated. VVe held them 9 to 9 at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter they made two baskets and defeated the l'lllIlW00d Grades 14 to 9. In the Bartonville game on our home floor we were defeated, 4 to 27. Our last chance was the County Tourney. The first game was with .Xveryville and they defeated us. NVe then played Glasford on Saturday afternoon, This game was by far the best ever played by the lihnwood Grades. The final score being 19 to 15. John Brown Grover was leading basket shooter for the Grades. Our last game was with Dunlap. They defeated us 13 to 15. Haines was the leading: man in this game. Elmwood Grades won fourth plaee in the County. Our line-up for the season was: Forward ,,,l,,.,l,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,.,,....,.....,. . Iohn Grover Guard ...... ...... W Vildon Meliown Forward ,,,,, ......., I 'loward VVeber Guard ..,.. ......,. H arry Mvlfall Forward ,,,, ...,,.,,,.,. l talph Hall Guard ....,................ .......,,... G erald Yerby Forward ,,,,, ,..,,,,,, 1 'Edward DeFord Guard .,,,..., ....,....,... ...,,... C l ilford Atherton L enter ,,,,....,,....,,,,,...,,. ,.,,,.. 1 iarvey Haines C. YV. A., '32. 3 THE ULMUS 5 E? GQEXXEQQ SIX QA!! 3 5 H3 2 2 Q 'liol' Row Cleft to rigl1t5: Miss Miller, lzola Yates, Yirginia Atherton, Alice Reclrling, Frances Clem- iner, and Helen Zinlc. FIRST ROW flfff IO riglltl: Cecelia .xl'll'lhil'0I'lg, Kathleen Nlanoelc, .Xuilrey Coon, Virginia Hailey, Lucille Hitchcock, and Margery Mathis. Girls, Athletics Given. A group of girls with thin, sallow faces. To Prove. To convert these said girls into a bunch of healthy. peppy athletes. Proof. Girls of this age must and ought to be healthy. lVho likes a skinny, languid femme? The above mentioned girls were given ten weeks of basketball as a remedy. One night each week, Friday night, the girls assembled at the gym and tossed the ball around. No, Kathleen, I won't tell that at first you eouldnlt catch the ball. And by the end of the time, after Miss Miller had Worn out her voice as well as her whistle yelling at them, they were all fighting for tl1e ball, as long as Helen Zink didnit come towards them-for then she got the ball. The first attempt was when Cecelia Armstrong, Blargery Mathis, Frances Clemmerl. Helen Zink and Elizabeth Steer played the town girls and beat them 8-5. For full proof of the marvelous results of the Wonder-medicine basketball, see the above picture. Q. E. D. M. E. S., 328. ? a 3 THEQJULMUS 5 5 TY-EIGHT T R H I: K of The 1927 trac-li sm-axon opcncd with I.ittlm' Fivn' num-t on April 23. I.ITTI,E FIVE Elmwood ,,,.,.,, ..,,Y ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., Farmington First ,, ,,,, Sm-ond Yates City ..,,, ,,,.A. ' I'hird Brimfim-ld ,,,,,, ,,,, . Fourth Trivoli .,....,,,,,,,,, ,,..,,... ,,,.,,. ,,..,.,,. ...,,,,,,,., . , ,,,,,,, I ' I iftll Ilvillianlsfivld ,,,,,,,.....,,..,,...,...,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,....,,,,.,.....Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ..,,,,, S i xtlm D6Ford. Fagottv, Graliam. Haines. IIal'11v1'. Mathis. Svarlv. lVlir'cler and Yvcst won points for Elmwood. Graham svt a nvw record in luigln Illl1'CIIt'?s. Farmington won the relay. MILITARY TRACT CLYDE vFIIICl'II,ER,., r.., ,,.. I Yvmvul Pla:-1' .,,,,,,7, ..,,,,,, I ,ow IIurdlcS Lnovn CIRAIIAM ..Ar,.A, .,.... I 'lzird Plm-r' ..,, ,.,,,, A7,,,,, . Y f,I'JltIOIl BEIINIFIC I'musoN ,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,, I Virxt l'Im'f' ,,..,.. ,,,.,.,,, .,,,,,,,, Y I oval Solo PEORIA C'0l'N'l'Y MEET The big nlcct of the year was thc founty Moet held at i'l1illicotl1c. May 16. Elmwood and Cliillicotlir were kccn compvtitors throughout thi- Mott. Chillicothc won first place and Elmwood, second plac-v. Following is the rccord made by thc' Elmwood boys: Rolcn Scarlv ....,,,..., l,,,,,...,,,.. I "ir.vt l'Iaf'f' ...., L up d-Sl ,............ Srff-mul l'Iar'1f,,7 mm m hi I ......,....,. Sw-ond l,1Ill'f',,, John Mathis .... .Iohn Hart ,...,,, Carlos Hainrs. n ,,,,.,..,...Tl1i1'd I'la1-ff... FIOIIFIII Plzrvru ,,,,, ,. ,,,,,,,,S1'1-ond Plavff... ...ft-140-ycl. Dash ...220-yd. Dash ,.,-I1-L0-yd. Dash ...,,.......,,,.,BIiIc H1111 .Half Milt- Run ...IOO-yd. Dash Clyde VFIll'l'It'l' ,,,,,..,,,,, ,,,,,,, P 'if-.vt Plm-ff ,,,,..,,,,,.,,,,,,,,..,.,. Low Hurdles PIliIip FVl'St .............,,....,.,... PIUHVIII Pluck .,.,......... ,,,,,,,,.,...,..,,..,. . Iavvlill Hall and I?1fFord tied for second placc in Polo Vault. The Elmwood relay team compost-d of VVIM-oler, Scarlc, Fagjottm- and DcFord also won svcond place. INTELLECTUAI, MEET Girls Glen: Clulm ...,,,...,......,,,,,,..,...l,,...,.,,,,.,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,.. ,,,,l.,, I Virst Placn' Vocal Solo'-Bvrnicc Pivrson ........,r,,..,,.., ,..,, .... S Q -cond Placi- RCadingfHclcn Moran ..,........,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l, ,,,,,,l,l , ,, ,,,,,,, . .,... ,.,,.. ' 1'l1i1-fl Placer Grade School Vocal Sologltoger Tarpy ',,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,l,..,,.....,,,,r,.r,,.,,,,..l, I "irst Plat-1' Coach Mann awarded the following lmoyx lcttvrs for 1927 track 3l'IlIUVCIllQl1tSZ DeFord, Haines. Hitclicock, Mathis, Svarlv. Xvhcclcr and lVindish. 2 THE ULMUS 25 I , 5 3 H9 2 Q ri ? 3 THE ULMUS E EN TY ?- " ' bmi? if Book E21 W JOKES AND ADS JOXANADZ f f QT ff Xxx w Q ww VK? N LJ , O 0 0 g 2 2 ! JQQ Q X 4. ut - - X Z f ll Af ff! I " -- - Q Q fl ff 'Af " , ' Q. E 1 ff ' -Z 1 ,X ,Q Nm av QS 1 Funny horse and funny me, 'fur-n The page and more 'fun y oufll see. 3 3 H9 2 2 ? 2 ,THE ULMUS E VENTY-FOUR if 3 H9 2 Ee Q Gov? u..m.-W-. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..m..m..m..m.....w..4..J.. .. .. .. .. .. .....M.- Eclson Smith or Sons Hardware - Heating - Plumbing 00 Stoves and Furnaces Auto Accessories ancl Gooclyear Tires TWNEHIJTER Products oo Established in 188.3 and we still believe in the future for Elmwood. I I -w- '--- - '-" --------- '--- - r--- - '--- - -VII - - ---- - ---' - -'-' - - -- ------- H-M--+ 'iii' 3 THE ULMUS if SEVEN f '- - -CSBEYEQQ I-r ii H9 2 Es f lVli:xt Xlvllilt xxvllllt Vvllilt VVl1:1t lvllilt llvlmt Xvllilt Vl'l1:it lVl1:xt Xxvllflt lVl1:1t xlvllilt lvllilt Vvllilt lVl1:1t llvliat lvliat lVliat lVlmt llvlizit l'Vlmt lvliat "lVHA'l"S XVHI girl is tliv most popiilnr? ,,..A, boy IS tllc most popular? .... girl is tlic most lkhlltlflll? ,,,, boy is tlic most lianclsomv? ,,,, comme? boy is tlic most liouu-ly? ,,,,,,,,,,,,, - : girl IS tlic- most iiltcllvctliul. ,,.., , lioy is tllx' most lIltL'llL'l'tll?ll? ,,... lioy has tlic biggcst fort? .....,..,,, purson lms tlil- liiggvst IIl0lltll,,, . pvrson nvvvr works? ..A.,,.,,,,,,A.,, ,,,,,,,,, pcrson works all tlnc time? ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,, pcrson tries tliu most to look swvvt? l.,l,, boy lms tlic most cliccrful disposition? ,,,, girl lias tlll' most c-lim-1'f11l disposition? ,,,,,, pursou is always serious: ,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, PUYSOYI HCVU1' SQTl0llH? ,,.. ,,.,,.,,, , piirsou ments :ill tliv trains? ,...,,,l pcrson 1'ccn-ivm-s thc' most lQ'ttf'l'Sf' .,,. girl do tlic girls like lu-st? ,,,,,,,,,,,,, boy do tllc- boys liku lwst? ,.l,, girl is tlin- man hater? .,,,,,l,,,, boy is tlic woman lxatvr? ,.l,l, XT" IN E. C. H. 31511 .,,,.,Sllh:1ll!lt' SlT1ltl1 ,-,,,,.M:11'io11 Harpm-r ,,,,,Nl-llin' I,lVl1lgSt0Il .,.,.,,,,,,...l0llI1 Mathis Harold Montgomvry .,,,,l"1'a1ic'l-s Cluninu-1' ,,,,..li:xlpli Grzxlmni ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,JlJlll'l Ryan ,,,,Arwim- iX1'Clllb?1lll ....-,,..,.l?l1ll0S Fostvr .,..,,....cil!lflyS Hella-r ,.,,l,11c-illc Hitvlicoc-li ,,.,...,St:1nton Moore .Y,..,.l3k'l'1llC'0 Pivrson ,..i.,.BC1'lllt'l' Corlwtt ,,.,,,,,...l0llIl Hart ,,,,,,,...Miss Brown ,,,,,..l7'lliz:xl1ctli Stvcr ,,,,,,,.Virgini:1 Miller ,,,,,.,l'aul Hitclicock ,,,,........IIlCZ Slllltll .,,,Y,,.....,.,I'i0lK'll Searle girl is thi- HL'lltl'St looking"'?.,, ,,,,, Pzxulim- Hitclicock SvmlQ lYOu,5Tnil . ff! QA ' . ,O 5 L.,- fa , HA 'ml f O emi , i 4 ' ' fj vx .::j,, -i f L...- X ' ,4 ' E 5 0 1' 5 1515-,,1xi1rr.g mx gum, , E2 1 ' 5 3 if 33 3 THE ULMUS Ei SEVENTY-SIX ff' QEXIZQQ 3 H9 22 Q .1 1 1..1.1..1-1.1..1 1.,1....1....1....1,1.1 1 1,1 1 StrIcIcIer and Armstrong GXQQZZ-3 C LOTHIERS L + ELMWOOD. ILLINOIS 1....1.-..1....1....1.1 1 1 1 ..1....1....1 1 1.1 .1 1 1 1 1 The Penny Grocery e-Joyce, Livewell io? J. L. C Brand Canned Goods The lligllcst quality of fresh meats " IVU fjllIll'llllfl'l' you an l1m1z'.v1' .wzrirzgw TayIor E99 Son 4, . 1..1..1.1, 1..........-....1w.u1..,.1....1.m1..u1....1..m1...1.m1....--....1 1 1 .1....- 4. 3 THE ULMUS 5 ..,,,,1, 1 1 1 1,,,,1,.,,1,.,.1,.,,1,,.,1...,1u,i1,,,,1,,,.1W1mi..,,,,1.ui1mi1m.1,,,, CQGXEQ? I 5 H9 2 E Q GCQQLQ? Dr. WAYNE H. WEBER PR.-xCT1c1+: or' n1+1N'i'1sf1'RY D QZBCXD . Office Phone 61 Residence Phone 280 PIIIIIXVOOLI, Illinois 1,,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1,,..1,...1..,,1 1 1..,,......,,1 1 1,1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1,,,,1..,,1 1,...1. 1 1 1 1....1..v.1,,,,1,,,.1i1,...1.,.,1,,,,1M1W1M1H..1I...1.UI1.,.,1..,.1....1....1 1 1 1un1,,,,1 Dr. O. CLARK BAILEY nnN'1'1s'i' QIYXQ lcimwi ,f,f 1, 111i flf, is 10.11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-n1'm1un11m1m-1m.1.m...,...1...f... 11 1,1 1.1 1 1 1 1.m1,,,,1 1,,,,1 .... 1 1 1 1,.,.1,.,.1..i.1,,,,1,...1...1H111,,H...M1.m1un..,.,,..,...1....-.,..,1i...1.1 1 1 1,.,.1m.1 Dr. HUGH COOPER Boxn AND Jo1N'1' Slflzonnv QZYXQ Lclnnan Building Peoria, Illinois Dr. D. H. MORTON QZWCXED ELMVVOUD. ILLINOIS Phones: Iles.. 115: Office. 160 1nu1 1 1 1 1 1,.n1i:..1uu1 1i.,v1,.,.1i,,,1,,,,1.,,,1,...1,,,.1.m1.m1n-.1im1,.1 1 1 1 1i.i.1u.i1 - 3 THE ULMUS E E g5E'-Vick CCQQAJQ? sf ti i H9 2 -sem- -,,,. 1.-,,..- . -A --,------, J- -. -, ---- -...I--i-gs l l Dr. H. R. SIMKINS 1 VETERINARY i Phone No. 71 Elniwoocl, Illinois -z-- .... - ,.-- - -.-. - .-.. --..-.N ---------- .- ---- -A. - --.- - .-.. - -m-..-- .-.- - .,.. --..-----I Miss Brown, after trying to explain zu St2l,Il'Illt'Iltiuxvlilll-S the nmtter with you people?" XVoorly W.-H"YVe're green!" M 95 95 Mr. Downing in .Xlgelrra l'lZlSS'i'I'I?ll'0lil, what are you tillliiltgf about?" Ilaroltl M.---"Ol1! Nun! I see now." Mr. IlowningfnlIzirolcl is like the nnln who szlicl he liketl to talk to il snizlrt man and 1' :L SlU2l.l't lllilll talk." 4 .4 . 9: ff: 9: Miss linlxliit usketl, in General Sc'ielic'eg"ll'li:1t is an organ?" Marion Hurpel'-V-",X thing you play on." ll A Ad 2: 9: 5 Szuinny Haines would like to know if zi llzieterizl is the lm-ek mlool' of il Cafeteria 93 92 233 When Susie was an little huhy she was pettecl quite an hit. She is now eighteen :intl the situation is lIlllK'l1 the SHIIIC. If 5' ll ff: 5: 7: 'I'eene :intl NYM-nie were lmving their lirst It mzule Teenie feel had hut it hurt Weenie XVnrst. 95 255 93 .X nnlle has two legs on I5 hincl, .Xntl 2 he has li -1-g I' stand li hinml I3 4 ll final VVhat the 2 B hind I3 4. 1...-.,.-..1..111,111-,.,-ll..--1..-11,1 Buy CENTRAL ILLINOIS LIGHT CO P11E1+'E1iR1411J swoeli -:min if l 1 ! l Phone 43 lVith I ELMXVOOD. ILLIUNIS miifety I -...,-.,..-.,..-.....-...,-..H-....-....-..H-.......i..-....-....- - - .. - ... .. - - - -......,.,.-....-....-....-H+ 3 THE ULMUS E 3? SEVENTY-NINE EIG 3 U3 2 QQ: A, nt? .su '52 ER l2SMad rush to get a seat, after whieh we are quietly introdueecl to Sing-Sing keepers. 13-XVanted: Some eolor to neutralize green! Seniors eleet oiiieers. liif IQYLYLDIFS Staff is eleetecl. 20---School begins at eight A. M., beeause of Caravan from Galesburg. 23--Sehool let out at noon for the Fall Festival. Many upper elassmen forgot their dignity and rode the merry-go-round. Miss Brown swats flies all clay. 30-Pep meeting for liiggsville game. Freshmen are terrified by sudden antics of the yell leader. 29+ sf QCTQ ER 1-Biggsville sc-alps us-32 to O! 7-Football team goes to lVasbington. Score is 0 to U Qfavor Elmwooclj. I!-Thunder! No-Boys' Glee Club. 12-Freshmen find out that Columbus diseovered Ameriea. 14-VVe discover Averyville ean play football. I7-Seniors have frolie out in J0hnson's Pasture Qin the form of a Wiener roastj. 20-Girls .Xthletie Club roast wieners and gaze at stars. Vietory! Bradford! Rah for the team. 21 24-Sixteen meek little Juniors are initiated into the Freneh Club at Virginia Miller's. 28fAbingclon is vietor! Sueh is life! N: 14.1, ., Nffrt. A XJ ll 1' X xfy 'rj ,- D 5' il'il.m'5'fl . . 1 rgsf -sf ll - N' 21-W gf' , V l--The day after the 1--Elmwood falls before Knoxville. 'T--Musie Class goes to Peoria to bear Sousa's band. lllfliiwanis Club entertains the Football boys. Four "would be seliool-marins" are studying diligently. 17-lilniwoocl smothers Chille- 24 to U! 21--Inmates of li. C. ll. S. see themselves as others see them Cgroup pietures eome from Pykcfsj. Z.3-- Farmington won the game! YVe fought the rain. 21---XVe reeeive word night beforefstrange auto on the Golden Grass. A , . G25 15-.g 5 M FQ Y 'WI' that liiggsville game was forfeited. Pretty good for usl 28f--Basketball season is here! Have you your Season tieket? ? S3 THE ULMUS -. 5 HTY G E i T I I l 493 55479 5 is g gi e Q m--- ------ : ---- 1- - -- ---- : -------- --III-wg' L l e armers tate an , F S B Elmwood, Illinois g GXJLZO - CAPITAL STOCK, SS60,000. SURPLUS, 311,000 2 I QIBCYPD I : M. T. LOTT, BOARD OF DIRECTCJRS CHAS, E. CLINCH, President J. E. Smith, Cliairman Cashier ' VV. A. Clinch 5 ,Q 11. L. Carter 1 M. T. Lott - VV. J. Tlirew i C. E. Clinch - C. W. Lott Q ...... ...... , -, ..... .,u-........i-.,n- - ..i ...... .- - -..-,4. .------ - - 1 ----------- - ------- '-'- - -mg l D 'd M'11 I HVI . 1 Cl' : I INIEATSfTHE BI+l'I"I'ER KIND - Elmwood, Illinois - I 1 lill 11--- V 1--- -inn 1 nnnn -- r m-nu-uu- uxuv 1 nsuv 1nu-uu- 11- 1. --11 -- -'III--'Iii' ,,,,-,,,.- ,.,. - - ..,. -....- ..,, -. - .. . .-.... .- - .. ,- i-.-..........- .... .-....- .... -....-..,.-Mg. 1 Service Station Soda Fountain - Gawline Cold Drinks I Lubricating Oils am Ice Cream . and Greases i LID S Wit s VB 2 1019 Farmington Road QQESEZTON Ro DCIICIOIIS - on the Wav to PEORlA,ILL.FI.R.N95 Ba!-B-QIIS Z Peoria Sandwiches ' - .... -.... .,.. - -1 .-.- .--.-.V-. --------- .i.. - .... - .... - .,.. - ......-iq. ?i THE ULMUS Ei f EIGHTYfONE 5 H9 2 E Coe? 2 THE ULMUS 5 CQEKEQQ 'Y 5 H9 2 1 E OGQADQ9 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1 1 11 1i.u1im1mi-u.1,-1:- 1 1 - 1 - -v- - - Always 'Remember T 11115 - Before buying things for yourself' or the honie, find out the priee at The Peoria r Goods C o m pa n This is one of Aniericals largest Chain Stores, Buying and Selling for Cash. YVe have no Credit Bookkeepersg . Credit llanagers, Collectors or Bad Debts. Naturally not having this added ex' pense we do sell quality Eler- ehandise for liess llloney GLJQZD in -N QIBCXQ Read our ads from day to day, buy the things you actually need, pay CASIIQ and to your surprise youlll have a snug amount that was aeeuniu- lated through shrewd buying. .gn -... --.... ... .................- up i 3 THE ULMUS 5 G E 653545 ,li 5 H9 22 E 'I Ig! GCQQLQ? Of- I ------- ---- 1 m-fm- ...1 -..-.-1- -1 ----- - 1 1 ff' Tw PYKE DIC 107 South .Iefferson Street PICORIA, ILLINOIS QOpposite Ni:1g.g:11':1 Hotc-lj The 1JI10'f0g.fl'2IPI1Y for the HIII.lNIUS,v for the last IUOUI' years was all made by this studio ------ VVhat more 0111, 01' need be said. 6'P0rtraiture of the better sort" e 2 THE ULMUS 5 1 I QEYEQQ I E? 3 J 5 gi s oo Q 2 Q Q 5 Ginkgo? ,?,,,,..,,,, -,.-.-. .... - .-1 1----- 1 -------- no-mi-I-.4-I-.I-ug, i -. Dry Goods, l - - ! Q Shoes, i I U L . Q I ,gf -' ' ' ' - Ready-to ' : , l i 'IQ fd' wear i A 1 f.'- gl i . .. . l ..,..,i 2 I 51495. DIFEEENCE . . : I I 0 I I I I , Illinois I .i,.,... .... .. - .....-....- ...- - -. .......-. -..... ,...-..-..,.-,..l. Freslunzui4"'I'lu- doctor said if I didn't quit smoking I would he hailf-wittm-d." S011llUIIl0l'C' -"IVliy didn't you?" 93 93 93 .Iohn Ryan 7 -"I want to huy two twenty-iivc cw-nt tickets." Mrs. Downing fliitinglyj-V"Vl'li:1t l'or?'l .Iolin-J'Fifty cunts." 93 25 15 Miss f'rok0rw4"'l'cll what you know about thc NIOIIQIUIIZIII rave." John II.-'f"I wusn't thi-re, I wont to thc hall gI2ll1lC.u die l E. L 95 yu in 1. ,. Miss Brown-"In what hzitllo did Gem-ml XVolfo, when hearing of his Victory, cry 'KI iz1ppy?" Kenna-th Davy--"I think it was his lust lmttll'." nf KNOVKIN hfliglht o't'loCk! Iiigrht o'Clom'k!" Paul II. Qslcwpilyj--"'I7i1l you? llc-ttvl' IE! Miss I3rown4"Wlicrc was King Henry 0 Szinnny Iluines- f'Un the lu'ud." 93 Elon S.f4",X1-e you tix-klish?" I.uc'illv II.-f"No, Swedish." yu ll "You llrutvl NYlu-re did you kick that d "Ah inzfznn, tllc-11-lmy ll2lIlgS u tale." 93 Iiernivc I'ic-rson' "I lll't'llllN'1l lust night '. H. S. lied I"osta-r--f"Diml I duncc well?" 93 Iiogcr Tzorpy-"I wont out to soc my gil' Scoop 'IlI'0XVl7l'lllQl' ul9lllll.t you cvvli go liogrci'--"Noi 'l'lu-rc was u our out in fra ,aa ff int with an sign on it that suid, "Willys Knigrlitf ll nl 9: 53 G ,XT DOOR- gxvt u doctor." 93 ii rownt-d?" 93 93 93 93 og?" re! ue- ,- ,- that I danced with the most popular nmn in 91 oi! - y- l lust night and walkt-d right on past." ini" 7 uv ll ff: 9: I+'.XMOl'S SAYINGS Any crook van get his picture took.A-lied Foster, 3 3 THE ULMUS 5 EIGHTY-F lVE 1.,,.1,.,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1my1H.,191.1ii4,1....1....1..,.1,,,,1,,,,1 1, 111 1 1 1 1 1im1.m 63EkEQD ii 3 U9 2 2 GQQQADQ? 1...,1 1 1 1 1,,,,1.,,,1....1,,,,1,.,.1M,1Hi,1.,,,.1,...1,,,,1,,,,1ml...-im1mi1.m1,,,,1 1,,,,1,, 1 1 1nn1,,,,1 BROWNII-TS .II'lXVI4lI,IiY AND GIFT SIIUI' Qfwfxf-3 Elmwood, Illinois 1,,,,1m41.i.,1....1.i,,1.i1,.,,1,,,,1,,,.1.,.,1,,,,1,,,,1 1.,u1..,i1,.,,1,,,,1m,1,,.,1m...-,,,,1,,.,1 1 1 1 1,,,,...,,.,1 Roszelfs Ice Cream The best by 'fest Sold at BROWN' C FE IiC22'lll2ll' Illcals, Short Orders at All IIOIITS CIGAIIS, CIGARI'1'll"I'I+lS AND CANDY om: Mo'1'To: "UT Try Io I'lUa.w"' 1,,.,1 1 1 1 1 1.1 --, 1- 1,.,-1,,,,1,,,,14m1il..1w,1....1 1 141 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,,1.,.,1 1,.,.1 1 1 1 1,,,,1,,,,1 1,.,,1,...1M1HH1,,H1W1W1,..,1,,.,1.,,.1.m1,.,,1,.,,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,1 1 1,,,,1,m1 W. H. SCHLEIFER HARNESS, SADIJLERY AND HORSE GOODS Phone 195 Elmwood, Illinois 1M1im1,.,,1,,.,1,,,,1.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1,1,,,,1,..,1H,I1,,,11,,,,1,.,,1,,,,1,,..1....1 is I 2 THE ULMUS 5 3 H9 2 E- 3 THE ULMUS E SEVEQQ if 5 H95 52 Q E OOQAQQ? QUIT "" T "" T T T "V' T "" T 5"' T "" "" l"' T llll T 'lll l YIIW T IIIW 1 llll T llll T llll l KIYI '-' llll 1' llll -- Illl l llil -1 llll 1 Ibll -1 illl TllVl4lllllTllll'-' CURRIER'S DRUG STORE TIIE IRIOINIE OF FANCY SUNDAES 0 Elmwood, Illinois .PMT llll T "" i7Tlll?' 5 HT llll 'T 'lll T T T Vlll T llll T 1'il5l ililliil TIVIYTIIYIT +"T"lT ll'l T T TNT 'lll T lll' T l"' T llll T "" T "l' T 'lll T llll T llll T lll' T llll T l'll T llll T llll T llll 1' llll T' llll 'T llll -1 llll T llll 7 lllllTllYlT 5 MAYER'S RESTAURANT I lllain and Adams Street Z PICOHIA, ILLINOIS CIGARS, CIGARIITTES AND TOBACCO I Phones 5690-6010 l ,!..,,....,.- 1 1 1 .. 1 1 ,.. 1, ...,.,-,..,- 1 .....,.-..........-,...- -.- - 1.1 1 1 -....-.im- 4,..-,.....11111111...11-1,1111-1-..1-11,...-,.,.- R O Y A L C A F E A good place fo eat I MEALS LUNCHRS I ici: CREAM sHoR'r ou,n1fzRs CALLIS az CALLIS, in-OPS. T lilmwood, Illinois -3' ,i.u1..l1 1 1 1,l1,l.I1,m1,l.I1lm1uu1,,,,.-,m.1,m1.m1.m1lm1,m1,m1mi..,.i,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,.1 1 1 1pyll1vvuv1 SCHULZ GROCERY Phone 76 ELMVVOOD, ILLINOIS I ,!,.,,1,,,,1 1 1 1 1 1,1 11m..,,,,1.1,11.111.m1,,,,1.m1,,.,1,,,...,,,,1,...-..,..1,4 1 1 1,1 1 1,,,,1,,.,1 ?5 3 THE ULMUS E I Eff GHTY-EIGH ,..1...1 1 1 1 1 111....1v,.1,,,,1im1.,,,,1nn1,,.,1.,,,1...,1nn1...u1.,m1'11, 1 1 1 1 1 1.uu1m.1 F259 if 3 U9 5 2 E, Q 0491112-N57 'llggqxtu Qld' ll . 'l if 1 DECEZNX ER I. 1-Marion informs the Assembly that they should improve their hearing. 27SOI?ll0lIl0I'CS Win season ticket campaign! Rah for the Sophoinores. 7-Miss Brown: "Did it take you an hour to write your test?" 8 13 19 23 3i 44 9 13- 16 17 187 19 Class-"Yes." John M.-"It didn't take us an hour for we only had forty minutes. i.lolm V'eeks and Jesse Boiee take a day's vacation by request. +S?I1l01' girls hear results of Teachers' 1'lxaIns, -Cornelius and Coaeh Mann have a round in the Assembly with Mann winning. -Diseoverv of a water fountain in the Senior aisle. I fNo names mentionedj. Merry Christmas. gl-4 -' offs' . JANUARY 1 Resolutions are made-and resolutions are broken! Bernice P. loses her dignity--also her footing-in front of the Philip VVest is taken to the hospital. School is saddened by the death of Philip. Student body attends Philip's funeral. More exams! lied is eaught playing in History Class. Qagainj. Mr. Hellar of Public Utilities gave a lecture in the Assembly. Assembly. 26--"Carrie Comes to Collegel' was a big success. ee ieuaie 2--Sandwich sale for the grades-John and Marion must still be grade students. S-Mr. Downing suggests that the boys in the back of the room install telephones. 9-11-County Tournament! Silver cup comes to E. C. H. S. 13-Program in memory of Lincoln. 17 18 22 24- 27- 29 Radio program for Grade and High School pupils. Macomb Tournament! VVe got the basketball. Hip! Hip! Hooray! Entertained by Grades in Memory of XV:-ishington. Girls' basketball team beat the Town team. 8 to 5! Frances Clemmer bears the effects. "VVhat's VVbat" is elected. Football and Basketball boys are royally entertained by the Downings. Yep! The day that makes it possible-1Ve've wondered why our boys are so shy! after ?r ee ea THE ULMUS E EIGHTY-NINE 1..,,.. 1,,,,1,,,,1,,q,1,,1,,..1 1 1,1 1 1 1,1 141, 1 1 1,,,...,,,1 1m.1,,,,1m.1,.,...,,1 --im1nn-uu-mn1nm.1.m-m.1un-un--in---m,--mi-ml-ml-nn--nm-nn.-nu..mi-nn1nn-nun-nn-lm-H111 I I -in -....- - -M... -. ----- ....-....-,.,.-....- .-i...-....- -. - -. -in .--- .-..-...I 4. 55 s H9 2 2 Q Fred H. Heptonstall FIRE, LIGIBITNING, TURNADO, IVINIJSTORM GX 9118 RANGE V Qfucxfl AUTOBIOBILE, LIVE STUCK, LIFE ANU LIABILITY Plione 97 Ifllinwood, Ill. First State and Swings Ban of Elmwood ELMVVOOD - - - ILLINOIS C-ixxfa CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 330,000.00 QIWCXZD A General Banking Business ',ll1'ZLIISdCt6CI Interest Paid on Time and Savings Deposits Deposit Boxes for Rent Omficisics D. A. Jaques, President M. Isl. Tarpy, Vive-President I Selt C sl ,. E. Q zer, 111 xier ? . 3 THE ULMUS E In-1 mi1 ni-un.- S 5 HQ ? E E 3 THE ULMUS 'E CSBEVEQD E if 5 QQQ QZ Q Q 00 65 +--- ---- - ---- - '--' - -1-1 - --'- - 1-'- - '-1- - 1-'- - -'-' - -'-f - '-- - '-'- - --'- - ---- - -"' - --" - '--' - '-'f - '-'- - '-1- - -"- --'---'- '-'- -H'--Hf'-ff'-""- 4- J. C. SIMPSON LUM BER COM PANY explfa IIIGH QUALITY BUILDING INIATERIAL Telephone 7 Elmwood, Ill. .g....-.,.......,...,..-.,..-........,.- - - - - -M.-..,.-...,-....-..l.-,...- - - -.,,-....-.......,,........-....-ul..-...,- q...-..........-...,-..........-,...-W-...l-....-,.,.......-...,....,.,,-,.,.-...,-...,-..!.-....-ml-....-..........-..,.-...,-....- - .-....- YATES CITY LUMBER CO. GXJQZ-D I I BUILDING BIATERIAL OF ALL KINDS Phone 120 Yates City, Ill. -i- if ELMWOOD ELEVATOR CO. GRAIN, COAL, SEED, FENCE, CEMENT Satisfaezfiorz given for your patronage I Phone 418 Elmwood, Ill. I 4- +..-....-.....-....-......-M..-....-..,.-..........-.K..-..,.-....-..,.-........,... -....-....-....-....-,...-....-.-,.,.-...-......u..- ..-...,- L .ELMWOOD BAKERY Fresh I1fIl0lC807l1G Bread lVe also handle orders for fancy pastry I 6 ' Phone 32 P2IIl'lJlllZC 1101116 Trarle 4..-,...-....-y...-....-.,.. -..-----. I-, - - -....-....-....-..,.-....-....-....-....-....-I...-H..- 4. E' 3 - 3 THE ULMUS 5 if INETY- .,1nu1nn1ml..uu1.un1, 1 11,1 14.1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1..1m.1W1H..1U,....,.,...,,,,1mv1.,,.,1 ,.1,,,,1.m.. 1.m...uH111n1.m.1uu1.m1,,,.1M1,,,.1,.,.1,.,...-.,,,1,,,.1 ,,,.1,,,,1,,,,1H.,,,.,1.,,,1,,,,1 ,1,,,,1 ,.,..,,,,...,,,,..,,,,.1n,.1.,.,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-111 1 1 1 1 1 ....,,1,.,.1,.,,1,..,1 1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,-, 3 Name ISCTHIC1' C ............ Helen ......,,, .,,..., Stanton ,..... ..,.... Marle ,,,....,. .,..... Susanne .,....,,...,... AIHFIOH ....A,, ...,,,. John M .......,A,A,,,, Frances C ..,,,,,.,, Louise ..........,,...... Kathleen ,.,,,..,,,... . , . Gall ......,...., ....... Isabel ,.....,,,,,,,,,-.., Frances Y. ....,,.. ,. Inez .....,..,, ltolen .,,,.. Virginian John R .,7,..,..7,7,.,, y . ltllzabeth ,,,,.,,,r,,, hlary ..,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bernice P. ..,.,.,, ,. James ........ .,.,,,, awe 3 119 2 Q Disposition Qulet ,..,........,A..... Dreamy ...,,,,.....,,, 1 bleepy .,,... .,,.... , . Stlldl0llS .,.,.7....,... Digniiied ......,,,..,. .lolly ......,,,,,,.. Noisy .,....., ,, .Grinny ,,,,.. ,, Helpful ......,...,,... Happy ...7,Y,.... Determincdm Amiable .,,,.,..l kllld ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Flirtatious .........,. Consistent ......777,, Sweet ,,.,,,.,..... 1 .Obstinatc 7,,,,,. Bossy .7..,7.. .. Cheerful ,,,,,.., Persistent .,v.,, Stubborn ,,,,,,....... cbanxnv' lclentification Tag Feeds 0 II, ,Own at'f:urS ,,,,,,.,,,,,, Clarke Crackers .,,,.. Milk ......7YYYY.,,,,,,,,,,,,. Cookies ,,,, Bridge ,,,,7,..A,,,..,. 77,. Snappy Stories .,,.... Armstrong's soda .... v w . Gasoline .,....,,...,,,..... Banana Salad ,7....,,.. Nutmeats .....,777,,7...7, Entertainment ,...,,.,. Candy .7....7Y77.Y,.A7,,..... Dates .Yw...V Hot air ...,,.,,,, Knowledge .,,,Y,.,,,7,... Arguments ,... Letters ,,,. Pickles ...i. Beans ,,,,.. Gum ....,, Crab .,,.7,......,......,,7,,,7, Ilercaftcr Co-ed l"armer's wife Pullman Chef School teacher Movie queen Dispenser of free air Lawyer Foreign interpreter Opera star Beauty Doctor Professor Milk maid Toe dancer Society lady Filibusterer A lovable old lady Aviator E Lecturer on HAIlti-lxI31'1'i3,f2,'CU First Lady of the Land Stage directress Radio Announcer W3 . 165936 ,H ' 715 v 3, if Y ? 3 THE ULMUS 5 if' NINETY-THREE 3 THE ULMUS i 1,,.,1,,,.1,.,.1 1 1 1.1 1 1,11 1..,.1,,,,1uu..y..+1..,.-.. 1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1,...1..,,1 1 1 1 1,,,,1 .1m1,,,,.. 1 1 1 1,,.,10,1101..-.,,,1..,,1.,..1,,,,1uu1.,,,,1.,...1.m...m1.m1,..,1,...1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1M101,1,,,,1..,.1u0....,,.,1W1,m..m.1m,.......41,,,.1m.1,,,,1,,.y1.m.- 1 1 1 1,,,,1,, 1.m1.,,,1,.,.1,,,,1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1.1 1 14,1 1,1 11,1,..,..,,,,10u1,,,,1,,,.1...,1,.. 1.,..1,.,.1,,,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.111 1,,.,.....,1 1 1....1,.,, QEXEQQ C 3 H9 2 Sf Ei 602,59 LET C A R L S O N DO YOUR PRESSING Over the "VVhite Storew EI, MXVOOD, ILLINOIS XVAI ,K-OVER SHOES for DIEN-VVODIEN 37.00, 38.50, 310,00 ALBERS VVALK-OVER STORE 327 Blain Peoria, Ill E-C-H-O FLOUR CHASE 8: SANBORN COFFEE l.ZO You will l'CIllClllb6l' the quality long after you f'01'g'et the price harles R. Bowers - 1 1 - -un-un1nu1nn-vm.-un10.1-nu-un1un1uu1.un..vm1.:u1n--110.1.m1.m-.m1m.-nu- 1 -nn ? C 3 THE ULMUS E NIN 5 H9 2 tg 5 3 THE ULMUS E .1vm1mi1 1yiu1.m1..,.1...,1,,,,1,,,,1,i,1 1 1,.,. 1m....m1m.1,,..1,,.,1.,.,1.,.,1.,.,1,.,.1,,1 1 1 --un-nu-nin-lm1fm1.lu1.1u-mi-un1im1im1uu.1I., 493509 Si 5 H3 2 E E .!.,.,.,....i.........-....- ...i.,.-i.i.-,.i.-,.i.-.:i...m.-....-.,,-5. .i...-..........-....-...... ......-....-.......,...-....-....-..,......- C. L. DEF ORD The Barber Elniwoorl, Illinois -...,-..,-...-....-....-.,.,- -.,..-....-....- - -,.i...i.g. 4... Phones : IIotel 9217 E. G. WEEKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOKS AND STATIONERY c5x.9 IVALL PAPER and PAINTS cmn ICIJIIVOOII, ILL. 1nu1ui.1.m1.i.1 1 1 .1im..mi..uu1uu1nu1.m1un1nn1 Restzuirant 6330 Rooms 33.75 AND 31.00 H . B . M E E K IIOTICL AND RICSTAIIRANT 316 Fulton Street Peoria, Illinois 1, 1.1 1 1 1:1 1n:.1un1nn1 1uu1m.1uu1m41 1.11.1u..1mv1.m1nu-uniun1m,1un-un-nu-nu-un-uu1nn1 STEER'S PHARMACY Tin' 136.11111 Sforr' School Supplies, Ifoclaks, Candies Stationery, Toilet Goods "Tln- bust in Drug Store Merclizuidisv, Tlle best in Drug Store Service." J E4 THE ULMUS 5 I lione Xo. 26 NINETYY 1in1nn1n-1 1nvi11:u.-un-i-n-im-nu1uu-uu-nn- 4 i H9 2 unior-Senior Reception Ufiee, Blom. we l1ad il swell time at the l'K7L'Q5lJtl0Yl to11igl1t and tired--I Ctlllldlllt walk another step, At the lihnwood Illll there were nine tahles. and tl1e entest favors! Little. fluffy. erepe paper ducks with snapper hills. XYQ- had fruit cock- tails. haked ham. 1'?lISllI sauee. ereained peas. esealloped potatoes-shut I donyt like potatoes very well--rolls. butter. and perfection salad. Then we had vanilla ice eresnn with a lavender 'ZS in it and eake a11d little 111i11ts. Oh yes. eotfee too. Mr. Downing was toast-111aster and he surely k'IIlI5ill'l'?lSSl5Cl some of the kids. .lohn Yllceks a11d K'l'eekH Smith gave the welcome a11d response sinee they are tl1e presidents of the elasses. The Girls, Quartet sang some iawfnlly cute' songs a11d who can ever for- get those rhymes tl1:1t Harold Hicks gave ahont the Seniors? I do helieve that boy will he a poet yet. The Boys' Trio took their t111'11 and sang something about 'iAll'X2lHLll'l'.'I Ruth .IiU'Yl1?lll was i'Gifto1'ia11" and sl1e gave little gifts to each Senior Y-and some ot' them surely l1it the spot. especially Vi1'gi11ia's harp 'er,' John Ityanls rmeroplane. Bernice Piersonls 'Copyf Miss Brown almost made us Seniors ery. talk- i11g ahont AXIOIU' Presents., Boy. it sure was a good prograni EXYMI then we went to the VVOOCIIIIIITI Hall and, Mom. you should have seen the decorations! Tliere were little rooms fixed H11 so some could play cards and then there was a sort of fence with flowers all over it. O. the lights were so pretty--tl1ey had ers-pe paper ilowers strung all over them'-f-all colors. a11d from the lights to the wall were Stl'f'2ll11t'I'S of hlaek and white. There was the entest little Hwelll' of l2iYt'IlClK'1' and white wllere K'l'egi' Miller and Geneva Mathis. who were "all dolled np" i11 IZIVCIIKIVI' and white. served frappe. The Black Cat oreliestra played and they had ll heap ol' pep. Almost everybody danced and ol1 my poor feet! I danced every danee. YVell. I'n1 tired and it's late so l'111 goi11g to hed. Gee. I wish they l1:1d a reeeption onee :1 111o11tl1 in- stead of once :1 year." N. li. S.. i28. 3 THE ULMUS S -1 5 NINETY-ElGHT g5 b 'Y 5 said why ? 3 H9 2 E 2 Miss Brown-"Jesse, what does the word 'filibuster' mean ?" XVhy, that was a man who died and left lots of money to az 234 BZ France." Jessie Boice-J' John Mathis-" Poor Freshie Did you ever take chloroform?" fCorny Vancej-WI don't think so. YVhat period is it?" SEM? Miss Brown-"VVe're going to have a test on the work in our notebooks." Doc Simkinsin I sure wonlt have to study much then." 959222 Bored Sophomore-"I've been around with girls, girls, girls, and girlsf' Freshman-"YVhere? On a Merry-go-round." 95295 Miss l3rownf'tVVhat do we think about when we think of Russia?" Ruth Jarman-"Russia." 2 M S4 "How's life as a Freshman?" "I've only a hazy ideafl 95 95 BZ Mrs. Downing'-"VVhere was the Declaration of Independence signed?', Gayle-"At the bottomf' 195 BP! 32 Miss Brown In M. 8x M. History class the title of the lesson was "Modern Improvements." that there were more hardroads in Illinois than in any other state. Red Foster-"VVell isn't there one between here and Oak Hill then?" 15 as 55 Miss Brown fln Freshman Englishj-"Dot your i's and cross your t's.,' Ralph Gayman-"Yes, and watch your C, B, and Q's." 95 R2 95 Helen Zink flooking at new 1928 calendarj-"VVell Easter Comes on Sunday this year." M9592 Miss Brown-"Leland, who was Leland Simkins-"VVhy, she was Nickolas Longwortlfs wife?" Mrs. Longworth, I guess." 951395 Rolen Searle--"My picture is in James Foster-"That's nothing! the year book six times." My bow tie is in there seven times." M9495 Miss Brownfuln Greece there are many different racesf, Q1Vlcaning races of peoplej. Paul H.-i'Horse races or dog races?" 939295 Ruby VVells fat her first football gaxnej-'KWhy did they yell when John VVeeks got hurt?" Elizabeth Steer-"So the girls couldn't hear what he said." 95 94 95 Jolm Hart-J'Hooray! I passed the course." Freshman+"Honestly ?" John Ilart-"VVell let's not go into that?" 2 THE ULMUS E E' e 5 H9 2 I com, ae? A CLEAN STORY Said one of the Gold Dust Twins--"I'Iere's our ehanee to make a cleaning "Nothing doing!" replied the other. "Lux against us." 93 15 I HE Love is like an onion, you taste it with delight, pa And when it's gone you wonder, whatever made you hite. 5293 93 2 y's u r 2 y's u Li I e u 1' 2 -I me. 93 93 93 Two in a hanmioek attempted to kiss, XVhen all of a sudden 'siql mm popuni ,Cain SZ 93 M "I don't eare if you do hire a thousand men. You "No, XVhat is it?'l "Gun powder I" 93 93 93 I was struck hy the beauty of her hand. I tried to kiss her. As I say, was struek by the heauty of her hand. 25 93 93 l'I just returned from Montreal." "Do they have reindeer in Canada?,' 4'N,llgfItlss1tlssyss 'su o car in . n iis pea oi i a 'ax snow. 93 E 93 "You look sweet enough to eat l" "Do I-where shall we go?" 93 ii! 93 ean't hold a candle to what I make The height of 1noclestyW"The girl who woulcln't do improper fractions." 9395 93 I.ines of Cieero remind us XVe ean make our loves sublime. And by asking silly questions, Take up all the teaehc-rr's time. 45 if.1,f .. , M - x rv yd, I :W S' -X ig, 2-Students grieve for four ahsent teachers. 5-Mrs. Atherton substitutes for Miss Brown. 6ABox supper. New romanees cliseoverecl. 12AMiss Brown comes hack-minus tonsils and 13--Smells issue from Science room. H-Seniors decide not to wear eaps and gowns. 15---Carnival. Took in 34181.45-Cleared 5li139.20. 19fSeniors work a cross word puzzle in Civies. 22-Program in which the Juniors pass their opinion of the Seniors ten cents. 23--Teaehers meeting. No sehool-hooray! 27-The soothing qualities of Miss l3rown's voice lulls Rolen to sleep. 27--Junior-Senior Reception. I THE ULMUS X a few glorious locks. 1' ' " '. '.Qx,ii1,,.x -'S ' I:-. -.' ' ' , X. I 2372 figs K 4 was B I 'p 2 V .: for ,-'. , -- . . . all :u gly March 15 ggvffw 5 . Q 5 QQQ QQ Q Q 5 +V- ---- ---1 ---- z ------- -"' - -'-- - "'+ ------- - ------ ' ' '-"l'!' I l HCVUIIILIYII Illinois' I,argCsf Ozzffifivm fo Ulm, UYUIIIPII and fl'l1iIrI1'r11" ' v Y i l Forward March . s Qfwfxev . 2 School will soon he 0VC1'fi1l1il the cam- pziign ol' life begins for the Grzuluation - Class. How huoyantlv, with what an air I of victory these bright faces and brave - 2 hearts face the world! ' l . I School is over. Now for the quick-step - into the school that is never over. Now for Z active service, for personal sense ot' re- - sponsibilitv-without the guiding hzlncl ol' ' the clrillniaster at the elbow. G l 1 1 1"orwarcl niureli, bolrl spirits! The Z l world is yours. But YUV will have to 1 take it ' I ' . i 1 1 Q gi i I Efasmwosn 1 f L - gd I fi,-3 i , Q Eg.: i S is V L - i So. Aflanis at Fulton, Peoria. Ill. f l -if+-- -1-- -H ------ ' ------ -- ------------- "" - '3' ? E THE ULMUS 5 DRED O aww ii 5 HQ ? E Q-f5"?25'm59l??A:f1:K?" w?X:55f4T5j'?X:llf4?T?A!:ll?::T?AZ2, -?Mi?TA!5:f4??:5 'r I' in if Y gr A Gund Sclnnnl Annual Must lg Yi Cnmumine Finca Typography P i gg' and Exccfemfenff printing U, L if .. HQQ::KfqSx-::2s??x-2'-4525-"zf?T1 ' fS'vx::2f'q?x'::lf':: 9 ri xl M, All Q Eb we believe If WC RBHLVC PTOJUCCKH dl SCHROOH BHHUMH M ,T of the best craffsmaznslhip, and one is S that deserves your commenmllaviion. E V, N wr if ERSONAL ATTENTION is 33: A given to all details entering into V 4? kk' Unis, and mu other .annuals we produce. dl 4+ A Q, n n, n ,jf 55 ' 5: 6' if i?E-E ' 15 W E' ar nm YV, 47 7 1' on iz ngnncer rnnifung no Rb Printers of High Class School Annuals 42 GALESBURG, ILLINOIS Z' 'Q Ar' 'Q 2:4-372:QGiggfiiszlfg372:i1fgg7P::Giggi::Ifgg2"k:n.,:f::2fa:Q ?: E THE ULMUS 5 CQEXXEXQD if 3 H9 2 E GOQADQ? 33 'Q'-"' --'-'-' " " """" M ""' ' ' """""f' I I I - I I B 0 C K I I ' ' I CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS AND SHOES 1 HART. SCH.Al"l7NEH X MARX CLOTHES l I WALK ovlan sHoi:s S Phone 56 Elmwood, Ill. 4..- .I.. - .... - V... - .... -V. ------------------ ,-,. - -1-- - ---. - -I-. - 2,--------2. Miss Croker--fe-"I.eluml, will yo11 please run up the shade." Lelancl4"I'd like to hut none of my ancestors were monks-ysf' u u .1 9: 7: 9: Mr. Downing'-"Have you livecl in this country all your life, Stanton: Stanton-"Not yet." lu ,ia su If 1: If Miss Crokerv -"VVhy did llannilml cross the Alps?" John Hart--"For the same reason the hen crossed the road. You can't fool me on any of them puzzles." + or 94 vp: "At what time do you wake in the morning?" "About eleven." "How do you make your morning class?" "Oh, I get up earlier than that." BZ 235 V3 Mr. Mann--"Now you must remember that it is the law of gravity that keeps us on the earth." Rolen Searle-"How clicl we stay on hefore the law was passed?" 93 22 ZZ Miss liahhit-"You clon't understand? YVell watch the hoard while I go through it again? 95 BZ 95 Miss Croker- -"YVlu-re was Caesar kills-cl?" Eugene Bourgoinf'On page 27." 93 253 93 Bernic'cf"I love men with recl hair." Inez-"I'll take them with green hacks." 'gui iiil T yiii --nnvpn-1un1uuLn.n1 lii. - i.nn fun- l:ln -uu:.m 1TL11T .T -- T 1 T 1 ...uinig I I 1 V l Q AIBEL ELEC FRIC CO. 1 Phone 97 Racliose-Electric and Battery type, Hoover Sweepers and l lVushe1's, Electric 1lClll'lg'Cl'21t01'S and Crosley Icy Ball I I EVERYTIIING ELECTRICAL ' l i.-I---I ------- I ----------- I- - - - - -I.-ia. Q? 3 THE ULMUS E ONE HUNDRED THREE 4935479 ii 5 H9 2 Q JUST FOR FUN Down in the mouth of an ulley An Elepliant lay asleep. The wild cuts nionnecl in the parlor The Lions murinnred peep, peep. The coal svllttle run thru the hallway Clizisecl hy the fll'llIlClf2ltlll'1"S Clovk. A eentiperle played the organ As u tinosonr eireled the hloek. Ten thousoncl Oooties Plziyeml leap frog over zz chair. VVhile halrllieuclecl, with 2-L shoe in his month Sent pezwefiilly eoinhingr his hair. From out of the depths of an chimney corner .X IIippo's well-known sereznn, YVhile at hright retl relhhit with sixteen legs Clmsecl n green ent away from the ereznn. .Ks I took nry hath in the eoul bin I saw :I trolley Cnr born. Anil I swore hy the right llilllll of Pluto To stay soher, :intl stop mlrinking eorn. A1 A 1 A 4 ,: 5: 5: Going! to the Iirilnlielcl 'll01ll'IIilllll'lll, Mary J. asked the eonclnvtor-'ZXt which end shall I get off?" Comluetoi'-"It's all the szune to ine, lumly. Both ends stop." .g.,.....,,- -. 1 1 1 --1--- in-mi-og sgn1m.1.1 ,1 11:1 11 1-.1 1 I l I I I I I T e Two Ostel' I I I I I I B lm - 3 C 5 I I'0t CFS I I I : I T o Pure Fowl Gm001's or Sefvlce I I Ive handle the best of everything I GXJ I in our line L I I I VVeclcling.1' Ring Canned Goods I 'S Ba1'1'ing'ton Hall Coffee Town Crier Flour Oeeident Flour Gxy - Tele Jhone ll I Phone 35 I I T T .g.-H--i--- - -1 - -1--- ----- -i-1 - Hi- -i- -1-- - -'f- - - -1- - - ? ONE HUNDRED FOUR B THE ULMUS E I 3? IOI Main Srrecr GQVSXE ., 3 H9 263 GQ-wie? 1 'gf l I '4 VER seeking to serve :md satisfy, has been and shall continue to be the guiding spirit f the organization to whom you entrusted the engraving of this annual. 1 Peoria Engraving Co. "Pioneer Engrauzn of Central Illinois" Arnsrs, Engravers, Flu-rrnrypcrs, Cnmlugne and Cnlwr I'!nie Mnkers I'cnrm, Illinois l 4 i P l J 3 THE ULMUS E ONE HUNDRED FIVE 3 H3 22 Q Pg Keeping Up T 0 Style and Down to Earth This is an important style age. Fash- ion enters into everything. Good taste and correctness are iinportant essentials. lllost people though, Can't aiorcl to close their eyes to practical quality and eonnnon-sense value. Bergnerls offers you satisfactory, style-right lll61'Cll3.lNllSCTlllZ1KlC even inore sz1tisf'acto1'y by its practical quality and clown-to-earth pricings. CLQYW Q-wwf-D P. A. Bergner 6? Co. Peoria, I llinois -1- - ---------- ------- I -------- -In 2 THE ULMUS YE g5 6b 5 day 'E' 1 l ! l l -1 3 3 H3 2 E E Gems Staying up all night may make you as wise as an owl, hut owls don't time. know anything in 95 if 95 "M'l1at are you going to write on for your theme?" "The 'Result of ldleness' and hand in ei "ht hlank iagesf' Y n 95 95 95 Miss Miller----"XVliat does 'ete.,' mean?" Marion-'It's a sign used to make helieve you know more than you do." 95 93 95 used for?" guess." Miss llahhit- "What are feathers of ai duek VValter Clinell-'1'WVell to keep them warm I W Eiga Mrs. Downin 1' in En flisli---"C'eeil 'l'., where is your exeuse sli m?" W - iq Q Li N Ceell---"I havent any.' Mrs. IJ0NVl1lll"W-MXVUII cannot enter my class without one." . iq l Q Cecil-"Chl I have an excuse hut not a slip., 95 95 93 Doe Simkins--VSav Miss Brown, Minnesota's 'ot a swell basketball . 7 , MISS Brown-- 'l'hat's good." Doe-"Yeh, they rank tenth in the Big Ten." 4 sa A 9:22 Miss Crokeri "Give me an illustration of Ahlative of S0lll'CC.,, Mary Herhertsul Ie was his 1Il0tlIk'I"S sister." 93 Q 95 Miss Brown fangrilyji"Janies what are you late for today?" James Foster--"For Class I guess." 5 K, 95 94 95 Betty A.--6'Don't you love driving on a night like this?" John M.-J'Yes, hut I thought I'd wait until we got outside of town. ' ' 93 LZ 95 Simile-,Ks helpless as a bride without za can opener. E 95 93 Ile who laughs last has told the joke. team this yea r." -Q .....i..- - - -....- -.,.-..,,....,.-........,-,.,-...-......,.-..,-...-,..-...-........-,...-....-...-,...-......,...-....-...g. ELIIIIDOOD PRODUCE COIIIPAIIII 1 Cash Buyers of POULTRY, EGGS AND CREAINI Elmwood, Illinois Phone 58 -.1..11-.-11111.31-1...1..1-.11..1-11,911.1 I 1 -1- 3 THE ULMUS if' ONE HUNDRED SEVEN T 5? Q92 "I 479 A 6' 1 5. msg 2 a si , GOQASQ? '2"'-""-""-""-""-""-""-""'-""-""-'1"""'-""-'1"-1"'-""- -"H ----------- ""- 4' : 0 5 If you 'want frzends - - I G: UONHI' contradict pcoplu vvcn if youu sun you , :lrc right. - Cl: UONUI' bc' inquisitivv about the affairs of your - friends. l G: DONHI' lll'ldl'I'l'?ltE' anything bCK'2lUSL you don't pos- sess it. I G: UONU1' hclicrvv that c'vc1'yhody vlsc in tlu- world is 2 happier than you. I Q DONHI' L'0l'lC'illd0 that you have nvvcr had :my op- ' portunitius in life. ! G: DONUI' bclivvc: all the evils you hear. i Cl: DONH1' jvcr at IIIIYOUCES rcligious buliuf. K G: Lourn to hide your aches and pains. Fow Caro. I QZWC-X9 KILPATRICK SER V ICE g ELBIVVUUD, ILLINOIS ,i,...-....- 1 1 1 1 1 1....1....1..u1.u.....w1....1....1,11...1...-.....1,,,.1.,,,1-.,.1 1.1 1.1 1 1....1 -g-.--...- -. ----- .- -1. -- ...- ....... ,... . ..... - - -...,- l L 0 ll on- 031' 0 fornzvrly 1NIUI,1"ORD'S, Inc ' 315 Blain Street Q P1+1oR1A I i Stein-Bloch Clothes - Dunlap Hats - Nunn-Bush Shoes l EARL JOHNSON 2 formerly of Iflvnzvood Vassar Underwear I ,i..,.1...,1 .1....1 1 1....1...,1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1,11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1 Q is s - E THE ULMUS S ONE HUNDRED EIGHT if H9 2 g. QOQADQ? W1 1 2 - X R '1 X x 1 N t NIH1 lx11nxx'illr'. 1 illm-. 1 t llllfgf. mmf 'X Sc 11111 Slll 4 ess. ,. It IIX 1 H. llllgr -lirmllcy N met I uglish l'l11l1. 1141 'Vlce-Y It l'0or1z1. 11 111111: 1U S1 rx HKS lt Pl'l'Sllytl'l'iilIl mt lt ll1illic'ull1v. IIUI P1111I'rv pntlllc-li M11 mol c 11 as 11 IIS 11111 l1c:11'tlu1'1-:1ks. 11 t S1111 nuts of Qlt'UlllPtl'j' tus if ylllll' ll 1: .X- -'l'I11- girl I3---'I'l1c lwuy Z- 'l'l1ec'l1111 .X 4-I5 -Z- XIII 111 2 THE ULMUS 5 if 3 H9 2 E GUQAQQQ VVHICRE, VVHO, AND YOU XVhere can zx In:-in buy at cap for his knee, Or :L key for the lock of his hair? Cam his eyes be Called :Ln aeaflelny Bevause there are pupils there? In the crown ot' your heucl VVl1at jewels are found? If you want to shingle the roof on your mouth 'Would you use the nails of your toes? Can you sit in the shade of the puhn of your huncl? Or beat the clruin of your ear? Cain the Calf of your leg eat the corn on your Then why not grow corn on the cur? toes? Cam the crook of your elbow be sent to jail? If so, what clid it do? How ezm you sharpen your shoulder blade? I'll be darned if I know, do you? yu yu pt I: fi fl At Maeoinb a lady was eonnnenting upon the sinallness of some of our basketball boys und asked Mrs. Downing if we mlicln't have any big boys at lihnwooml. Mrs. Downing, "Oh, we send them to college when they grow upfi 959393 Stanton Moore cliseovered that Edwin Booth, the slayer of Iiinvoln, was shot in the f'1. 'Live at -o' awe' it 1 iw i"1 TVIII V I 1 un blm t hncl this ml Q in u CKTCIT clctiun lj 9' 9' 55' Gail Finuriek-"You're it big fool." Charles 1lrTElIlOL'k+uXVllll.Y'C the biggest fool in this room." Mr. Stinson-"Boys, boys, you forget Tllll here." -Q-I--in -------- --I ------------------ -'-- - --fg- l l I l l L I L T The Hood-Powell Co. T l MoNMoUTH, 1L1,1No1s l T l ATHLETIC GOODS 1 wiwiesaie lzefaii i T I z SPECIAL ATTENTION TO sc11ooL onmzns AND I l l 11oNoR sw1+1A'r1+:us z I in.- .... .--.---- K... - i.i. - ..., - 1 ii- .... -..i- .... .- - T... - ,.,. - .... -l.. -------. ..,..-ni. ?6 2 THE ULMUS it 3? ONE HUNDRED TEN E ? 3 THE ULMUS E M 3 H9 2 Q f 3 THE ULMUS E

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Elmwood Community High School - Ulmus Yearbook (Elmwood, IL) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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