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 - Class of 1946

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'F 1 Y ag. f.-.AQN in 9 4- L55 Im ,V Y,. s -1 Tw. bswas . . . V 5 .wi '. S -wh" W N. 1 vf Q A u , v . gf J! J, 1 ."v ,- Nr," if - ,.,4 L 4 x. A' 1 1 - 4' .N-. x , 3, V ,,. - V, K . 4,-A-'w ' Y ,Q -49" . 1 .A -fs A A .4-fm, , A 1,-Q35 : ll- "K .' ,wfleufnw , . fwql is A ' E712 'Sf 4 In-, 2, 1 I- gh Mx., 'Q v P. - .., y V ,,' , - 5.4-'W ',,-'V' 'Tv' ,-',,,' V" gif A-,, 14 n Jnlfv 1 5 l -.I-WF, 1 - ' .r T J - A in if . . w wg. U -,1 .',f"'Nix ' X I l 1 .y.3"n Y I 1 1 , 1 , 'X-. RN -WL . 1 ,- , a 'P Y '55, ' fs'-A, , Y' S ' J 'jlf 1- , nm, fp- , - ri! 'fljg' - '. 1-' '1 fa - -'fu"1vff'gf.g.. '?ie,"'N. L ' I 'fill 1 gm i., ,-f-- ,.-P . Q. 'ms tj s--V 4 1 A - -3.1 ' K z . X5 N .Al 1.1 X , it, .kr xl 5 J' . 4 lHjS':j.l .N P5 A xx.-'Nh' ",,4 C5 A ' FK ' 'viii' ' J A fx lip ,ll H iillgf lf ll I l ll ffslli If Sn us m 5 arillwl I fi N. , 1 V '1 A.-:vi 7 'r . fd? .Q-' -Info' l ' O -r fav' , 2,' ' I if Iilxl 1' I 5 V 1 -is LM' 7 ' ' ' ' 3 o'rw - I 1 I V . 'ul - 2 1 8- 'I' I C ,V ,. L-.31 +.r' '- , .9 3, Q,-3. , - o ,- '- -' 'Wh - 4 V 0 f' U .'l Q ,.. V. .ge N! v Ok ' ' s Qin gf w...l-u' Q., -+1 e af- , 5- '- . ' - . Y 1 al, iii' ' - 'T - ' - 3 W- 5 L,,'. ls ' 1 v - - 1 : ' - . - , , ' 1 9' Q 3 - it - 'K' ll . ' 4 . 1. Q . ,r i- g. ' , ' 2. .' 'QT ' in i. ' - 'SQA' ' - . pq .y -9 . A A ., J' V S . -X ' 5.1 V 4 P' j - . ' A , 0 Vx 6 NEI. is A 0 'F , ' 1 , ' 'Q , -So 4? -- N ' Q' in U ' A 41 Q' QA 0 . .A 04 'Y-fi x - , 3 ' . lie f ,Q fr, if ss ,, 4 C- i .. . T5 - I t 4- as g Y -I ng ww- ' Q 1 2 s.. I f ell- . G: , 1 A , w Y TIHIIE 6 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Avis E. O'Dormell BUSINESS MANAGER Patricia M. Dowling ART EDITOR Elizabeth A, Sullivan ASSOCIATE LITERARY EDITORS Evelirre R. Breault Dorothy M. Callahan M. V1'rgz'nz'a Murphy Margaret M. Swords vgiifngy, QCWLLJEGIE 0111 SUR LADY roll THIS USMS 5 S CIHIIICCOIPIEIE . MASSACHUSETTS 1 M IE: . -. ,Sm 796 Survey our empire And behold our home! 'These are our realms l41 lF O R lE W O R D Upward till we reach the pinnacle our steps ascend. Slowly the class of l946 has climbed the stairs of success, and now it lingers on the first achieved landing. Quietly in retrospect our minds reflect on priceless lessons learned, while our hearts rejoice in the magic memories of four col- lege years. Pausing in our flight we stand strong in the pride of youth. A heavy mist of peace enshrouds the stairway that our eager feet have just passed over. At the top stretch noble heights of destiny. Momentarily searching back we revel in the beauty of the pattern -knowledge, faith, and conviction woven with Catholic principles-and with firm hearts lift our eyes to the future. l5l STAIRS There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion ISI IN TRCDUCTION CAMPUS C O N T FACULTY IE N CLASSES I7I If S ACTIVITIES PATRCNS Hu E.x1'cHwzc5' THE MCDST HEVEHEND THOMAS MARY OLEARY, DD Emhiwp Qi Sf2T1I'1QfiS1d F31 D lE D ll C A T ll CO N The last steps in our college path bring us to a glorious victory as graduates of l946. With deep appre- ciation We turn to you, Reverend Bishop, through Whose kindness and model guidance We have attained our end. Realizing the trend of the World, We are prepared to face its problems with Catholic ideals as our bulwarlc. Too often the blossoms of victory are cut off from their life-giving blood. The fruits of our education will not rot or wither. Rather do We promise that they will flower magnificently, augmented by our life-giving faith. lt is a symbol of our loyalty that We gratefully dedi- cate these pages to you, Reverend Bishop, for to valor We pledge faith and to faith We pledge truth. l9l cnt Jcxzrc that you will be always true, noble won I 10 I The end of all learning is to know God H11 Like some low and mournful spell, We whisper that sad word, farewell L121 THE 6 Caught in a web ot majestic archi- tecture, We have passed through glorious college days on our campus, 'Neath the murmur ot elm trees and the echo of marble halls our fond tare- Wells are Whispered. A golden chain ot friendships is linked to this earth We dearly love. Every step in brown spring soil leaves an imprint on our hearts. Through these realms We have climbed heavenward-to these realms our loyalty We pledge. 796 I 1 I 1 MEZZANINE LOBBY 'Theres nothing zll can dwell in suclz el temple CORNER OF FOYER "Then Beauty IS IIS own excuse for being" l15l LIBRARY - REFERENCE SECTION 4 Q U L 2, !1 5 lblcllf' ns not L1 1lLXllTf',l7lll U71CU'fRIIIC nu "" lrzes of lzfcf' I 161 LIBRARY OFFICE OF VICE-PRESIDENT USIICTZ mu e NIUNZ 11 71 L17 Tis beauty truly blestn 7 LIBRARY WINDOW The mnnipotence of God Shines forth from the mmeme U91 'For science is-like PHYSICS LABORATORY 'LIIITFIIC-f1'fS own exceedzn great reward" CHEMISTRY LABORATORY "The awful shadow of some unseen Power Floats tho' unseen amongst usn BIOLOGY LABORATORY "And yet we yearn for what is out of our reach" I9 P as 1, Vrfv, 1 A' -- 'Q ""--ace: 1 ' 1 ' 1 W., W'--.1-.-:,:, guni 0 LL, MN' , 'xx'-4.1-sf CLASSROOM "A monz 1111112 11' lh11I11fEs,1,x 11 monz 1111112 zvztlz t31011g11ts AUDITORIUM "A fabric huge . . . rose like an exhalation' I -vb: I4 fr X i201 A 1, 1, 1 1 Nr f lex 11-310 lhll' .it CH Qx 3 Q' 'I e ecralrle M f f Q Cm: every' .mill N1 L n pg God comes closer to me here- He is hiding-and the air Thrills mth calls to holy prayer I221 GROTTO ,yin Y' . V. . .rg , l , . ,M V ""1lnmMa-wg , - A' V - iz -ll, ' ' - 'V'ff'f1. 1' ' f 5-1..'.4 R-rv' .f QQ A my . ,.,, Hfflze spell has never passed aumzy That fell upon my spirzt tlzere W3 1 DORMITORIES BEAVEN HALL ST. THOMAS HALL "A place to dwell with friends- In comfort and in peace" OLEARY HALL IZ4 1 "Our hearts in In such a pid e If ez enmde U53 WEST PORCH -1 5 H "But when the sun kneels in the west . . , The stars begm their song of rest LOUNGE Good company and good discourse Are the 'very smews of virtue" IZ51 DOUBLE ROOM DINING HALL That allfsofrenmg, o1'erpowerz'ng knell, The tocsm of the Soul - the dz'1merbeH" 1271 ..,. .MM - 4. 2 4 wap 1 A My ff K, 1 ' - N-.-.. at QU!! numw -X1-y.. 4 'md -.,., 4-ww-Qg.,4,, w-,.-sq ras 4, x wiv' ,iff-Zygij vw- : 5 , , 'lla 2 1 Ji sie qv TH jacultq, Over the pitfalls of indecision to the soaring heights of success We have come. For every new born hope a wealth of encouragement lay at our feet. Each trivial dream gained impor- tance and became a reality with the kindly understanding of our faculty. lt is to you, then, that we dedicate a special "thank you." May you find a partial recompense in our present vic- tory and future good faith. 796 I I I I I II I I I I I I II I i I II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I IF A MOST REVEREND THOMAS M. O'LEARY, D.D. President REVEREND IOHN R. ROONEY, S.T.B., PI'1.D. VicefPresident SISTER MARY LIGUORI, M.A. Dean REVEREND IEREMIAH P. SHEEHAN, B.A., ICD. Religion REVEREND GEORGE A. SHEA, B.A., S.T.D., Ph.D Philosophy SISTER HELEN IOSEPH, BA., M.A., PILD. English SISTER MARY CORNELIUS, BA., M.A., PI'1.D. French, Spanish SISTER TERESA MARIE, B.A., M.A. Mathematics, Physics SISTER MARY ANTONELLA, BA., M.A. History SISTER LAWRENCE MARIE, B.Mus. Music, English SISTER REGINA DOLORES, BA. Speech, English, journalism SISTER HELEN CLARE, BA., M.A. French, Spanish SISTER MARY CHRYSOSTOM, BA., M.A. English, Eclucation SISTER ROSE WILLIAM, BA., M.A. Latin, Matliernatics SISTER CATHERINE PATRICIA, ELA., IVLE. History KATHERINE LONG, BS. Pliysical Education DWIGHT F. MOWERY, Ir., BA., M.A., PIf1.D. Cliemistry MAURICE A. MCLAUGHLIN, BS., MS. Cliernistry FRANCIS l. GLAEEEY, BS., MS. Biology IAMES L. SHEA, BA., M.A. German, Chemistry MARY AGNES GOUGI-I, BS. Librarian I30I W ww! lx REV. IOHN R. RCCNEY, PhD V1cefPres1dent i311 REV. IEREMIAH P. SHEEHAN, LCD C,1LlpILll71, I'rufcs.wr' of Refugamz f32I REV, GEQRGE A, SI-IEA, PhD l'mfcssm' of Ijlzlfosuplg' i331 DWIGHT F. MOVVERY, PHD Professor of Chemistry i341 MAURICE A. MCLAUGHLIN, MS Professor of Chemistry l351 FRANCIS I. CLAFFEY, MS Professor of Biology i361 IAMES L. SHEA, MIX Cl1C7?lI4Sf7'5', Gernum U71 if 3 MARY AGNES GOUGH, BS. L1b1'ar1an I 38 1 KATHERINE S. LONG, BS Physical Education X391 Q Fr- Sheehqn ggwned fgf DI. IVIOWSIY 1T1CII'kS time iI'1 ocode-mic procession The Ch9miSTTY kib- F1 - Miss Longs word Mr. Shea owoits is finol the next H01 i 1 h Fr. Shea joins his Mr. McLaughlin in colleague in academic guest for the end gown point Y N A W Lg .Al Miss Gough will stamp Mr Claffey is looking you in or out into that mu l s ir is it lmpelled by the power of charity and inspired by the manifold wisdom about us, We have passed four memorable years. As We stand on the threshold of tomorrow our hearts are reluctant to bid farewell. ln leaving behind our campus with its aura of peace and virtue exemplified through its sisters, we face a world of diverse quali- ties. But our spirit is high, for in departing we take your truth and faith. With you We leave our fond gratitude and a very special prayer. l42l lP A R lE N T S The taltering steps ot intancy have strengthened under a caretul guidance until at last they stride mightily on. ln the joy of our convictions, in the seren- ity ot our tultilled hopes, may you, our parents, tind a deep gratification. As We walk down the graduation aisle each senior realizes a task completed, But we do not Walk alone. ln the depths ot appreciative hearts we carry a Wis- dom and love rooted in the path pre- pared by you. For your every sacritice and your every toil we pray a heavenly reward. l43l ..f-4' Motlzer dearest, Motlzer fairest, help of all who call on Thee M41 TE ln their swift current, tour fleeting years have captured memorable hours. Gui' chain ot friendships Winds like a sparkling brook that terminates in the sea ot lite. Although We say goodbye to college days, our departure from classmates is but temporary. Along the road that leads to glory We'll be seeing you. 796 THE S lE N ll 0 R S A joyous note lingers. No Words can express our mood in receiving the cove- etecl college degree. And yet each gay strain rings with a melancholy air- for into each heart creeps the sadness of farewell. 796 crm Omar 'F if Ji. President Vl'C6'P7'6.Sl'LiC71f Avis E. O'Donr1el1 Margaret M. Swords Secretary 'Treasurer Mary Iarie Flood M. Virginia Murphy wi W sn In M fwQ13n,A T Murrxy. L M Ldiiidt F1 W.Ke1nnQdy,M L Fdinirixg, E I Reinhard, P M. Dowling, M. M. Swords T rf Hi'-1" 11 1 rAfA1fxf1Q P E B-gpm-f rf A C A 1. ..,f, BASS FLGWEPJ CARDFNIA Syner C M Quinn, M I.F1ood 0'q,g, ,4 r P iii M V. Murphy, E A,Su11ivcm,H T, Fitzgibbons, P H Bcxrdsley, M D Brur1tQr1,M A StQ1:'1tor1,M TI Sene-C-31 A E Q'DormQ11, M T Street, C M Geddes, D, M K6-1Iy,E R Bra-f1ul1,L I Boland, B T Stow-if M9 CLASS COLORS MAROON AND SILVER an param ummm, aa. Uxbrgdge 'AA laugh 15 just like sunsltme. lr fresltens all the dayf' ULTRY scngstress ci '46 . . . amazing and endless repertoire ot heartrending ballads . . . sleek feather clip . . . sojourn at Old Silver Beach . . . one of the 8:06 commuters . . . infallible authority on Uxbridge news . . . unhurried in her Ways . . . characteristic scent ot Matchabelli . . . one ot the dorm's bright- er lights alter ten . . . the lite ot any party . . . bewitching seicrita . . . personality plus . . . vivid . . . eitervescent . . . lov- able Pat Scdalityr Athletic Club l 2, 3, 4: Debating Club l, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: 'Elee Club l, 2, 3, 47 International Relations Club 2, 3, Interracial Club 4, Literary' Club l 2 3 Qr La Corte Castellana l, 2, lTl 3, IPD 4, Science Club 2: Social Action Club' Study' Club l53l "IF i4s'..lf2Z'. 'Q' vtqlfpf -- ll Q' 1 I Q f I ui a5'nlarwL 0.43. Norih Aclaris "Lady of qiialzry, gentle and street." DRESDEN quality all her own . . . charm, sincerity, trivolity perfectly blended in her petiteness . . . lovely blue eyes framed in curling lashes . . . French major , . . possessor ot rnany CI chic ensemble . . . keeper of the key-Morgenthaus successor . . . chairman par excellence ot the Elmata Dance . . . meeting her a privilege-knowing her grand-rernernbering her o pleasure Sodality l'Tl 4: Athletic Club 3 if f.'f.f.B. Debaiizta Society' I 2 E 4- Dramatic Club 2, 3, 47 Glee Club l, 2, 3: Le- Cercle Francais l 2 T? 3 T 4' Study Club Social Action Club lflf t if mr fvnlzha H. Aglmaulf, 0.63. Chicopee Polls A' 'Tis goodfwill makes intelligence." BRILLIANT . . . grdcious co-hostess of the second floor suite . . . deep brown eyes flecked with gold . . , bright with CI Witty flcrre , . . philosophicolly clctssic . . . ot mind bespeorking her neotness . . . her sodcrlity bulletin cr college spur . . . intelli- gently cdpdble . . . GH enjoyment of the better things of life . . . d highlight on the bdsketbcrll court . . . the delight of gn crppre- ciotive dorm . . , dn occctsiongl duet truly blue . . . efficient French Club president . . . may fortune be your fofrnel Sodolityg Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Le Cercle Frongois l, 2, 3, fpl 45 Study Clubg Sociol Action Clubg Elmcrto Stcxff l52l mmm 5 iifwpftq, ate. Dalton "Part siren and part Socrates, Her face tilluring yet reconditef' DALTON'S darling damsel . , . disarming smile and spark- ling green eyes . . . captivator of l. R. C. audiences . . . shining light of many a debate . . . Tourmalines pride and joy . . . definitely collegiate . . . many an ardent tan at Mass. State and Williams . . . always dressed to perfection . . . a truly ideal friend . . . versatile dramatic ability . . . her presence a "must" ior any get-together . . . the 'lPat Boyd" ot O. L. E .... knowing Pat is loving her Sodality, Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4, lfl.l,B. Debating Society l iSl 2 iVPl 3, Pl 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Interracial Club' lnternational Relations Club 2, CTD 3, CPD 4, La Corte Castellana l, 2: Literary Club l, 2, 4, Social Action Club, Study Club, Tourmaline Staii wi 'N- Wnamlfa Q. Agfumfvn, 0.53. Springfield "A daughter of the gods divinely tall, and most clitfinely fairfl BEAUTY . . . brains . . . talent . . . avocations by the score . . . music, dancing, and singing only a few . . . ready smile . . . generosity her password . . . zealous president of the Glee Club . . . generally serious . . . occasionally not adverse to a little diversion . . . definite flare for dramatics . . . conscientious precision . . . a Wardrobe to be envied . . . perfect hostess on many occasions . , . espanol on her mind . . . Elms ambassador to Puerto Rico . . . life can hold only the best for one so capablel Sodality, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Debating Club 45 Cllee Club l, 2, 3, CPD 4, La Corte Castellano l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, Social Action Club, Study Club A i541 Qwzofhq 977. Kallahan, 6.43. Worcester "And as the bright sim glorifies the sky, S0 is lier face illumined with her eye." AFFECTIONATELY called "Muffin" , . . avid member of the breakfast club . . . a fabulous Wardrobe as extensive as her vocabulary-and as becoming . . . her humor, our joy . . . vivacious . . . glamorous liairdo . . . golden by nature . . . West- over's pin-up . . . Falmoutlfs favorite . . . a tan as smooth as velvet . . . unaffected . . . sophisticate of naivete . . . her flare for driving, an aid to '46 . . . a Wealth of knowledge-a treasure to know Sodality, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, La Corte Castellana 2, 3, 4, Literary Club l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, Study Club, Social Action Club, Elmata Staff l55l fzifhm 977. Qdlon, 6.65. "To those who know thee not no words can paint, But those who know thee know till words Lite faint." ESTHER . . . cool, calm, collected . . . interesting and unusual conversationalist . . . ready self-assurance . . . envied class- room technique . . i potential authoress a la Kimbrough . . . flashing smile . . . twinkling blue eyes . . . her own particular brand of dry wit and hidden humor . . . shining gold bar on her left lapel . . . English major . . . independent outlook . . . social work, for pleasure and profession , . . the library, her favorite haunt. . .a star of '46 Sodality, Cilee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, Study Club CCD,.La Corte Castellana l, 2, Social Action Club CVPD, International Relations Club 2, 3, 4 iwi Waw H. Qnnvhwz, 6.5. Clinton 'AI-fer very froimis are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are . . MARY . . . famous for flowing golden tresses . . . true-blue character reflected in matching eyes . . . demurely dig- nified . . . strictly feminine . . . well-displayed Wardrobe . . . size nine . . . sweet in pastel shades . . . dinners at the diner . . . pa- troness of Saturday night suppers . . . frequent excursions to the paper city . . . Father Andys favorite guest . . . mellow so- phistication on the dance floor . . . Room fourteen's gracious hostess . . . Clinton's cute cherub Sodalityg Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 4, La Corte Castellano l, 2, 3, CSD 4, Athletic Club l, 2, 3, Literary Club 3, 45 Social Action Club l57l ' 4'8- W""l"'x .Q-I Faffuda 'WL Qnw , 6.43. UFLISIIIIOTICJ slenderly A 'Young and so fair." 44PAT' '... waving brown hair . . . groomed to perfection . . . fastidious about those essentials . . . wings worn with an air most becoming . . . mathematical wizard . . . energetic manager of the Elmata . . . a lady to her fingertips . . . stunning jewelry . . . a way all her own . . . sophisticated symphony in black . . . petite, yet abounding in energy . . . "Roger" at the Roger Smith . . . a girl whose future looks bright-may all your dreams come truel Sodalityg Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, llg Cilee Club l, 2, 3g La Corte Castellana 1, 2g Science Club l, 2, 3, 4g Study Clubg Social Action Club, Elmata Business Manager l53l Jvmle fanning, 6.63. Chicopee Falls UDMR eyes - eternal soul of pride, Deep life in all tlmfs true," CCROSY cheeks . . . dark eyes . . . contagious laughter" . . . Mary Lou . . . Chicopee Falls gift to CLE .... avid cross- word puzzle fan . . . modern sophisticate . . . suave in black . . . attractive canteen hostess . . . reaper of a harvest of "fan" mail . . . definite likes and dislikes . . . literary advocate . . . both class- ical and modern . . . happy . . . gay . . . nonchalant . . . a past in Gloucester . . . a future in New York . . . good company . . . stories galore . . . "hastal" Sodalityg Dramatic Club 1, 2, 4g Glee Club l, 2, 3g Le Cercle Francais l, 25 La Corte Castellana l, 2, 3, 4g Social Action Club l59l I . ... ,.,......4 Halen J. Jdgqlllznna, QB. "A 'merry heart maketh A cheerful countenance." CCAITCI-l' '... bubbling good nature . . . Irish conviviality . . . charmingly naive . . . feather in her throat . . . "What I mean is, honestly' '... majors in Spanish, minors in giggles . . . characteristic explanatory gestures . . . interesting red lights in a cute feather bob . . . adverse to glassware . . . burner of the midnight oil . . . precarious piles of books . . . conscientiously attentive during philosophy class . . . clever modiste . . . always a smile . . . definitely a good humor gal Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, La Corte Castellana 1, 2, 3, 4, Le Cercle Frangais l, 2, Study Club, Social Action Club l5Ul ,V ' H . ' sie! 971511111 glam Jlo1mL 6.48. Longmeadow l'Tliere is nothing so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real stretigtlif' TINY, lovable "Mern' '... dependable as an Elgin timepiece . . . interested in le francais . . . socially prominent . . . at every college dance . . . efficient secretary of the class for four years . . . Fred Waring correspondent . . . pet peeve, philosophy exams . . . host of friends . . . a girl of infinite zest . . . of most ex- cellent fancy . , , her joy Worn like a flag unfurled . . . musically gifted . . . 46's proud boast and gift to society Sodalityg Class Secretary l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 4, Le Cercle Francais l, 2, 3, 4, La Corte Castellana 2, 3, 4, Study Club, Social Action Club l51l flabby 977. Hndclea, 53.5. Ashton "And still they gazfd, and still the wonder greu Tlmt one small head could carry all she knew. CCCLAY-CLAY' '... cute as her name . . . clever . . . impish grin . . . passion tor goldenrods and gardenias . . . "I think it's very dumb", her cri de guerre . . .pet project-photogra- phy lab . . . weakness tor gremlins . . . staunch defender of mush- rooms-uncanned . . . artiste par excellence . . . biology, her major . . . but math, her tirst love . . . unusual posters . . , advo- cate of mental telepathy during bridge games . . . a slick Rhode Island chick Sodality, Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Interracial Club QP? 4, Literary Club 1, 2, 3, 4, La Corte Castellana l, 2, Science Club l, KSD 2, CVPD 3, CPD 4, Social Action Club, Study Club lf32l l l jhmma fm. MM, are. Chicopee "Deep brown eyes rmmmg over with glee." 66TESSA" . . . provocator ot rollicking laughter . . . pert bangs . . . long brown locks that swing with appealing ease . , . shining brown eyes that crackle with merriment . . . actress of great dramatic depth . . , Hartiste extraordinaire" in making the piano talk . . . Winsome Wit of the senior study hall . . . charm- ingly collegiate . . . a taste for Well-balanced mischief . . . dur- able, even character , . . diplomat of l. R. C .... tor you We fore- cast a bright future Sodality, Athletic Club l, 2, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais l, 2, Glee Club l, 2, 3, International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Study Club, Social Action Club, Tourmaline Staff l53l Qnlwfhq 977. , 63.5. Worcester "The reason frm, tlie temperate will, Endurance, foresight, strength and skill." DRAMATICALLY graceful hands . . . attractive in black . . . toujours "Gay' '... energetic president of the Athletic Club . . . snappy figure on basketball floor . . . convincing debater . . . cool, blue eyes . . . softly curled honey-colored hair falling to her shoulders . . . one of Worcester's favorites . . . refreshingly un- perturbed . . . photogenic smile . . . striking combination of poise and personality . . . sense of humor all her own . . . soft spoken . . . scholastically gifted Sodality, Athletic Club l, CTD 2, CVPJ 3, CPD 4, M.l.B. Debating Society 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Interracial Club 4, Literary Club l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, Study Club, Social Action Club CSD l54l Ruth 60. , 6.5. Chicopee 'KSl1e ceas'dg but left so pleasing on tlze ear Her voice, that list'-m"ng still they seemed to hear. CCZRUTI-HE" . . . tall, vibrant, and attractive . . . ambitious . . . possessed of the pleasing manner . . . polished president of the Dramatic Club . . . genuine love tor the drama and the glare ot the tootlights . . . a gleetul laugh . . . staunch member of the C. S. Club . . . master ot anything mathematical . . . famous in freshman year tor missing the bus . . . high grades . , . study never mixed with pleasure . . . PoWer's dream . . . a model tor all Sodalityg Dramatic Club l, GSP 2, CVPD 3, CPD 45 Le Cercle Francais 1, 2g Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Science Club 2, 3, 45 Social Action Clubg Study Club f65l l l 4 C lwna WZ. , 5.5. Winsted, Conn. 'AEacl1 morning sees some task begun, Each evening sees it close." LEONA . . . punctuality personified . . . ardent movie fan . . . clever couturiere . . . impeccably neat . . . conscientious about bells . . . tantalizing greyish-green eyes . . . shining page- boy bob . . . biology brain . . . chemistry whiz . . . cooperative and persevering . . . assiduous reader . . . daily commuter . . . dinners at O'Leary . . , sentimental about bus drivers . . , master hand at playing the Warsaw concerto . . . charming guest speak- er for 'lLe Cercle Francais' '... destined for success Sodalityg Dramatic Club lg Le Cercle Francais 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, 4g Social Action Club ' lf55l 1 . aw g. mazpau, me. Holyoke "Of soul sincere, in action faithful, and in honor clear." UANNE IDE" . . . her future course charted by the Navy . . . that gladsome twinkle on the third finger, left hand . . . thoughtful . . . contagious laughter . . . conscientious student . . . reams of notes . . . shy . . . retiring . . . reserved . . . cheerful- ness her keynote . . . her heels tapping a stacatto beat through the dorm . . . an appreciative audience . . . "Banjo" to her inti- mates . . . a gentle spirit . . . faithful recorder of important events . . . may your ship of dreams come inl Sodalityg Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4g International Relations Club 3, 4g La Corte Castellana l, 2g Literary Club l, 2g Social Action Clubg Study Clubg Elmscript Staff l57l '.' ',,.,.-,' ' fm. Ummm , 4.48. "Her glossy lmir was clustered der a brow Bright with mtellzgence, and fan' Ll'I'!dS'l71OOfl1.U TALL, dark, and smooth . . . startling with stars in her eyes . . . shining black tresses . . . a picture in a certain red coat... a Voice clearly intelligent . . . inflected so often with laughter . . . connoisseur of languages . . . friends acquired spontaneously . . . a sparkling diamond to set off a glowing personality . . . al- ways truthful . . . Witty with ease . . . the author of our "junior prom dreams' '... may every hour be happy, and every day "Don" clearl Sodality, Class Treasurer l, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Elmata Staff, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Interracial Club 4, lunior Prom Chair- man, La Corte Castellana l, 2, 3, YVPD 4, Literary Club l, 2, 3, 4, Social Action Club l 58 l dlica 1 , d.d?. Chicopee i'Poets are all who love, who feel great truths And tell tlzemg and the truth of truths is lovef C6-ALI" . . . merry smile . . . liquid laughter . . . spontaneous Wit . . . efficient editor of the Tourmaline . . . outstand- ing Verdeoro dramatist . . . dynamic debater . . . famous funster of the senior study hall . . . one of the reasons for '46's fame . . . a summer at Gloucester , . . generous . . . excellent linguist . . . outstanding qualities of friendship . . . a yen for pale pastels and Suivez-Moi . . . her blond streak very fetching . . , so is Ali Sodality, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 4, M.l.B. Debating Society 2, 3, 4, La Corte Castellana 2, 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais l, 2, 3, CSD 4, Study Club, Social Action Club, Tourmaline Editor-in-Chief l59l dub 67001111214 63.5. West Springfield "Burn for success she seemed Xxvlfll grace to tum, with heart tu hold, Vfzth sltmmg gzfts that wok all eyes." AVIS . . . dark-eyed beauty . . . captivating smile . . . petal- soft complexion . . . a crowning glory of midnight black . . . lilting laugh . . . a perfect setting for that exquisite diamond . . . mild of manner , . . logical cogitator . . . poised in any situa- tion . . . versatility plus , . . capable Elms defender behind the rostrum . . . queen of the drama . . . distinctive poetic expression . . . an inspiring leader r . . the Elmata, a tribute to her genius . . . a fourteen karat girl Sodality, Class President l, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Debating Club l, 2, 3, 4, Drarriatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Interracial Club 4, Literary Club l, 2, 3, 4, La Corte Castellana l, 2, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, Social Action Club, Study Club, Tourmaline Staff, Elmata Editor-in-Chief l7Ul f 5 fm. QM, ate. East Springfield "You flavor everytliingg you are the iunillti of society." C6KAY" . . . a gleam in her eyes and a glow in her heart . . . vitality plus at any hour . . . efficient prefect of the sodal- ity . . . inquisitive mind . . . zealous worker . . , originality her treasure . . . reading her love . . . music her joy . . . summers in New York . . . winters at l. R. C. conferences . . . classical inclin- ations . . , from Bach to Gershwin . . . her friends attracted with the magnetism of her person . . . a girl to know . . . a friend to cherish - Sodality CSD 2, CVPJ 3, CPD 4, Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, MJB. Debating Society l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Cflee Club l, 2, 3, International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, La Corte Castellana l, 2, Tourmaline Staff, Study Club, Literary Club, Social Action Club l71l mz , 43.0. Chicopee "Good mitzwe zs tlie proper soil upon zvlizclt virtue grous. 44 ANIE' '... serious . . . unobtrusively frank . . . sincerity per- sonified . , . soft, lnand-knit sweaters . . . never too busy for a trip to the caf . . . indispensable for success of stage produc- tions as connoisseur of curtain and lights . . . personal friend of Livy and Cicero . . . inseparable of lackie . . . First Lady of Cres- cent Lake . . . her cottage recalling golden memories of class pic- nics . . . one of the math gals in the blue books . . . maze of courses . . . amazingly unperturbed . . . a friend's friend Sodalityg Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4g Science Club l, 2, 3, -15 Social Action Clubq Study Club tm ' 97. , 6.6. Shrewsbury 'iNone know tlzee but to love thee." C4MlKE" . . . long brown hair with redding glints . . . shuttle board enthusiast . , . charter member ot the stage hand sorority . . . Sl'1reWsbury's best promoter . . . indestructible faith in the 8:06 . . . periodical reports on rapid garage construction . . . authority on history and current problems . . . companion- able . . . easy-going . . . a host ot friends , . . bridge tan . . . sales- woman for the missions . . . a heart ot gold . . , tun-loving . . . a perfect blending of warmth, sincerity and friendliness Sodality, Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Interracial Club 4, La Corte Castellana l, 2, 3, 4, Literary Club l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom Chairman, Social Action Club, Study Club l73l I, , ' I 971. jfantnn, 48.5. "XX'l:evi ptzm and tzngzazxlz iurmg the brim' A nzinistering angel tlzuuf' UANNIE' '...' 'where? no Ware' '... Docs rival in stature . . . adamant in her viewpoint . , . majors in chemistry, minors McCall . . . priority on sympathetic understanding . . . big sister . . . authority on U. S. M. C ..,. Greek via calculus . . . poetry devotee . . . mighty wielder of the slide rule . . . soothing voice . . . glamorous long bob . . . gooey sundaes . . . hamburgs with . . . tall tales . . . twirler of the tresses . . . bridge player ex- traordinaire . . . always dependable Sodality' Afliefgc Club l 2 3 4' f.fl.B Debating Society lr Z 3, 4g Dramatic Club l 2 3 -Q Science Club l 2 3 4 Study Club' Literary Club l-, 2, 3, 4: Sosial Action Club l74l Bmfha jr Siem, 43.5. "Here m her lmzv' The painter plays the spzderg and lwth wot en A golden mesh to entmp the hearts of menf' BERT . . . sparkling brown eyes . . . sott blonde hair . . . Well dressed in red . . . well read in anything . . . amazing pon- derer ot problems philosophical . . . just as proticient in things athletic . . , dancing eyes and dancing teet . . . her Harvard men down to a UT' '... laurels tor performance in lane Eyre . . . last but not least ot the tour Stone sisters . . . partial to air corps . . . a girl to be remembered Sodalityg Athletic Club l, KSJ 2, QT? 3, CTD 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, ITQ 4, M.l.B. Debating Society l, 2, 3, 4, Literary Club l, 2, 3, 4, Interracial Club, Social Action Club CPL Science Club l, 2, 3, 45 Study Club l75l I o Pittsfield "'T-rue eyes 'Too pure and too honest in aught to disguise The sweet soul sl1z'm'ng thro' them." MARIANNE . . . biological sage . . .probing mind in matters scientific . . . avid reader . . . ready conversationalist . . . Warm brown velvet eyes . . . enviable Wardrobe . . . first of a long line of Streets . . , a voice soothingly restful . . . famous and unequalled for her puns . . . faithful member of cafe society . . . good natured . . . obliging . . . fabulous laundries . . . always busily engaged . . . will strive 'til she reaches her goal Sodalityg Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Literary Club l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Action Club, Study Club wi fhgalmih a. gunman, 4.43. 'lHer gesture, viiotion, and her S1T11ilCS, Her wit, lter twice, my heart beguzlesf' A twinkle in her eye . . . bubbling laughter springing from a fountain of mirth . . . demurely sweet voice . . . classically inclined . . . at home with literature . . . capable critic of best sellers . . . the Elmata's artistic reflection . . . conscientiously de- pendable . . . humor at the most trying hours . . . a star of Hol- yoke's co-feature, "The lnseparable Duo' '... modest and frank . . . sower of good will-may you reap a bountiful harvest! Sodality, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, International Relations Club KSJ 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais l, Literary Society CPD 4, Study Club, Social Action Club, Tourmaline Staff, Elmata Art Editor Wi lf ,... t iii' .1 ' fm. gwwfi, 6.5. i'She's pretty to walk with, and pretty to talk with, And pleasant to think on, too." THE typical Elms girl . . . a friend in need . . . a joy to under- classmen . . . diplomacy her mainstay . . .sincere . . . her Irish songs a boon to any banquet . . . as authentic as her trip to Erin's shores . . . a willing helper-a popular leader . . . tops in athletics . . . a favorite overnight guest . . . scientifically in- clined With a promise lor the future , . . photographic mind . . . personitication ot loyalty . . . "Swordsie' '... to you our spotlight points with pride Sodality, Class Vice-President l, 2, 3, 4g Athletic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Elinata Staff, Cflee Club l, CSD 2, CVPJ 3, CTD 4, La Corte Castellana l, 25 Science Club 3, CTD 4g Social Action Club, Study Club wi gram a. , me. Springfield "Her smile was prodigal of simzmery slime, Gaily persistent, - like L1 morn m lime." CC LAIREH . . . long glamorous bob . . . agreeable . . , gen- erous . . . flare for pocketbooks and hats . . . mathemat- ically inclined . . . efficient business manager on many occasions . . . attractive smile . . . unpredictable . . . serious and Witty . . . competent and carefree . . . study hall debater . . . unique term- inology all her own . . . cheery greeting at any liour . . . good company . . . friendly . . . true to the Elms . . . a girl We'll always remember Sodality, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, Cflee Club l, 2, 3, 4, La Corte Castellana l, 2, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, Social Action Club, Study Club l79l endow BARDSLEY, H. PATRICIA BOLAND, LOIS l. BREAULT, EVELINE R. BROPHY, PATRICIA E. BRUNTON, MARITA D. CALLAHAN, DOROTHY M. DILLON, ESTHER M. DONOHUE, MARY A. DOWLING, PATRICIA M. FANNING, MARY LOUISE FITZGIBBONS, HELEN T. FLOOD, MARY IANE GEDDES, CLAIRE M. HAFEY, THERESE M. KELLY, DOROTHY M. KENNEDY, RUTH W. LACHAT, LEONA M. MCALPINE, ANNE I. MURPHY, M. VIRGINIA MURRAY, ALICE T. O'DONNELL, AVIS E. QUINN, CATHERINE M. REINHARD, E. IANE SENECAL, MARIE N. STANTON, M. ANNETTE STONE, BERTHA T. STREET, MARIANNE T. SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH A. SWORDS, MARGARET M. SYNER, CLAIRE A. ISUI irecfory 25 Oak St., Uxbridge 6 Elmwood Ave., North Adams 34 Theodore St., Chicopee Falls 59 Carson Ave., Dalton 42 Ranney St., Springfield I8 Shaffner St., Worcester 7l Waldo St., Holyoke I8 California Ct., Clinton 204 Pleasant St., Holyoke 230 Montgomery St., Chicopee Falls 40 Columbus Ave., Holyoke 752 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow Mendon Rd., Ashton, R. I. 150 Fairview Ave., Chicopee I6 Gates St., Worcester ll0 Bell St., Chicopee 183 Stanton Ave., Winsted, Conn. lf-165 Dwight St., Holyoke 48 Howard St., Pittsfield 38 Davenport St., Chicopee 52 Craiwell Ave., West Springfield 372 Page Blvd., East Springfield 130 Rimmon Ave., Chicopee 232 Mill St, Shrewsbury 79 North St., Ware 1l4 Livingston Ave., Pittsfield 201 Second St., Pittsfield 104 Allyn St., Holyoke 42 Granville St., Springfield 43 Massachusetts Ave., Springfield armor irecfory ALLEN, THERESA A. AMIOT, THERESA M. BOYLE, MARY C. BURNETT, MARION E. CANTY, ANNE T. CARTIER, THERESE F. DESAUTELS, MURIEL C. DOLAN, ELIZABETH M. DONLIN, CLARE DONOVAN, ROSEMARY C DURKAN, IANE A. FITZGERALD, SUSAN E. GALLAGHER, ROSEMARY A. GALLESHAW, MARGARET M HOAR, PHYLLIS M. IOHNSON, PATRICIA M. KING, ANNE MARIE KING, CAROLYN V. LAPPIN, ALICE D. LARKIN, BARBARA G. LAWE, DOROTHY A. MANION, DOROTHY G. MARA, MARY A. MARTONE, ELLEN I MCCABE, ELLIN B. MCCAFFREY, IOAN M. MCDERMOTT, IEANNE A. MCDONNELL, CATHERINE I. MCELROY, MARY T. MCKENNA, ELIZABETH 1. MCMANUS, MARY T. MCNAMARA, MARY IEAN MEYER, LILLIAN M. MINER, DOROTHY L. MORIARTY, KATHERINE V. MOYNIHAN, ELIZABETH ANN O'NEILL, HELEN B. PARNELL, BARBARA C SHEA, IEAN M. SHEEHAN, MARY H. SHEVLIN, MARY ANNE SMITH, MAUREEN S, TOWER, ROSEMARY A. VIGNEAULT, PHYLLIS VITTENGL, MARY C. WOLOCHOWICZ, HEDWIG S. 1811 18 Casino Ave., Chicopee Main St., North Oxford 133 Lincoln St., Framingham 83 Walnut St., Springfield 120 Hampden St., Chicopee 53 St, Louis Ave., Willimansett 18 Melrose St., Adams 76 Margin St., Peabody 73 Miller St., Springfield 50 Daisy Ave., Floral Park, L. I. 391 Meadow St., Agawam 12 Elmwood Ave., North Adams 919 Wilbraham Rd., Springfield 10 North Main St., Whitinsville 324 Center St., Chicopee Church St., Lenox 43 Armory St., Springfield 20 Pine St., Pittsfield 12 Portland St., Holyoke 19 Greenbrier St., Springfield 52 Lawndale St., Springfield 82 West St., Milford 516 Broadway, Chicopee Falls 4 Vernon St., South Barre School St., Lenox 7 Princeton St., Newport, R. 1. 17 Kulig St., East Springfield 196 Nonotuck Ave., Chicopee 3 Wyman St., Worcester 14 Haynes St., Worcester 41 Pine St., Fitchburg 71 Pine St., Pittsfield 44 Washington Ave., Lynbrook, L. I. 88 Iastram St., Providence, R. I. 12 Crown St., Springfield 236 Locust St., Springfield 23 Longwood Ave., Holyoke 32 Payson Ave., Easihampton 125 Ranney St., Springfield 844 Carew St., Springfield 50 Lyman St., Holyoke 106 North Main St., North Grafton 54 Alvin St., Springfield 2851 Main St., Springfield 10 High St., Westfield 21 Scott St., Worcester THE .ll lU N ll U R S Only a short distance in time must be traversed before you will have gained the dignified position attributed to seniors. If the past exemplifies the future - yours should be a happy one. Until the time when you join us in the ranks of the alumnae We say farewell. 796 my Umm 5 ,E PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Llary if N4cN4anus Cfathernze L h4cIDonneH SECRETARY TREASURER Mary T. MCElf0y jean M. Shed T331 3 .au ja -Q-,N ,I .Y l i'illH'H51V ws. I Iflurtcxe, M, T McElroy, C I McDonnell H B OIN?1I, H S Vfolochowicz, I, M, McCaffrey, M E. Burnett, M, C. Boyle B A Cfzzligher, E B MCCZIIL-9, C V King, M A Sh-e'.'lm, E M Dclcm, T P Cartier, B C. Porne-III A, Durkcm, D C.Mcmior1 A M Kmg, P V1gr1ecuIt,B I Mf:Kermcr,I A McDermott LABS FLOWER BACHELOR BUTTON I94I 4,4 X 1 f W , I 56 v .0 f -, J' J -I ,, P"Pv' '-"-- '-u--i.v...,.,, ..,,,-, Y -1 I Y f 1 2 I c " '-C.....-.. 'I' ' 1' ---1-N- ' " xi'--H ' " In-N " ' " " K- ' .- I .'. Y....--.. 3 .-4. -'4- --A-A--A. fq- - LM.. ' -'- x...T.. .-. ..,,.S , ,g.,,,,, 1 ' UA- P- T jugw- N-4 - ur xr xr NN- Qjxr , - F- Hrxxw NY - xr xfg--n, xr - - rg... , C .. ...-.,:,-.., 7 . .-. J-.. gf. X, , ,,.,. .. - .. - - N , Tk-jd xl ,L,,' xr 3 Q- ' x1 Q QW xr - xf,V5 - M H --:F , -. , . .-., . ,.., ,.., .-. X XM.. . , -.- v xx -.-. -X xx --v -ygy ,.Y..,, CTKQ55 M4 forty IUNIOR MISS Prom bewildering Freshman days, leaving sophisticated Sophomore ways, she stepped forth-a lunior Missl LADY OF CHARM - Who could forget her, delighted, entranced on the night of her lunior Prom as she danced 'mid the soft shadows at the foot of the rainbow? . . . EAGER AND POISED f With a newly-won self-assurance she discovered enjoyment in debating. Holy Cross, State Teachers, Saint loseph - names like these offered a challenge that she confidently answered .... GAY, DISARMING- She found herself in a whirl of happy, carefree chatterg of bright, sparkling smiles on the afternoon of the tea dance in the lounge in OLeary Hall .... GLOWING WITH PRlDE - Delightedly she welcomed her Dad to the campus of O. L. E. on Father-Daughter Day. Proudly she introduced him to her classmates and friends. Proudly, too, she showed him the favorite corners of her college campus which he had heard of so very often. lt was her chance to say, l'Thanks, Dadl" for all these and more. . . . ENTHUSIASTIC, CO-OPERATIVE - What fun she had doing her part to help to make the Bazaar the success that it was. The Freshmen sold the "cokes", the Sophomores displayed a tempting array of pastry Cwhich quickly disappearedl, the Seniors brought out their pet White Elephant, and the luniors opened a model Cthough not modernl Little Red Schoolhouse where they bartered their school supplies. The gym rang that afternoon and lunior Miss was very much Hon the ball" working with Frosh, Soph, and Senior for G. L. E .... l85l THRILLED WITH HAPPINESS - Why? Because she was the favored one who made a long, long dream come true. The first copy of the ELMSCRIPT, 0. L. Efs very own campus news, will hold a privileged place in her scrapbook of never-to-be-forgotten college memories .... HIAUNTY IUNIORH - Yes, Easter and spring saw a new-blooming lunior Miss. ' With a light heart and sparkling eyes she stepped forward to add a bright, cheery note to the passing parade ,.., LOVING, SINCERE-Like every other Elmite she had looked forward to the second Saturday in May, her third Mother-Daughter Day. It was a day to be remembered-the entertainment, the tea, the flowers, all were tokens of love for Mother .... LOYAL ELMITE, DEVGTED CHILD OF MARY r- Iunior year she again renewed her pledge of fealty before Our Lady's court of honor. Together with her collegemates she passed along "Our Lady's Way" beneath boughs laden with fragile apple blossoms to the Grotto where Mary stood with arms outstretched in welcome. That was Marys Day .... SCARED, BUT DETERMINED-Exams were ever fearful things and Iunior, Senior, Frosh, and Soph suffered equally at "blue-book time". But bright days were ahead, so with undaunted spirit Iunior Miss, too, braved the terrors so fatalistic in their name -finals .... Mary Vittengl, '47 i ELMS IUNIOR MISS! i 87 i THE S 0 lP H O M O R lE S Our sister clcrssl And in these three Words dre embodied the essence of hcpe, joy, cmd comrade- ship. Cur steps will be eagerly filled with your lcydlty, yeur humor, cmd yeur leve. Cchiideritly iii yeu We place cur trust. Kfcm icem 4 n Z I - , '- PRESIDENT .TCE Pgfgiziffl EIZVIJEEIII 1f1.l7'pI1f lxfsgjfig Xgign - , , SECRETARY TREASURER Rutlmmry K. XXx'I'7'1.'n.1Hd G57-JEJW5 E, 1fCCJ,-I FSS' CLASS FLOWER ' I RC IM Ml. RM BR FA. CE IRIS Dalton, M. E. Diggins, C. G McCourt, K M, Metcalfe Walsh, A, M Martin, N. A. Connors, A. L, l-leaphy Kleindienst, A M Bousauet, M. E. Lynch, M A Sullivan . Hannigan, S. M. Eisenrnann, l. R. Moehak, M I Drisfoll, S B Madden Hourihan, E D. Sheehan, E M. Ambrose, E A Mulgrew, C M. Canty Boratyn, l. Morales, E. M. Shea, M. Nelligan, S. A. Matthews . McCarthy, E, M. Murphy, A. M Marshall wot M M A M R. P. C CLASS COLORS PURPLE AND WHITE P. Fehily, K. M. Courtney, A. M. Moriarty, M. B. Hurley A. Urban, M. C. Scannell, M. M. Finn, I, M. Bourque R, Rigabar, G. E. Pierce, M. T. Mahoney, M. A, Dowd F. Mackey, M. M. Rynn, R. C. Strain, M. E. Morgan, B. E. Gregory E. Cotter, I. A. Maynard, M. M. Bowen, M. R. McMahon, M. I. O'Malley L. Kelly, M. A. Blair, M. F. Mercier, L. T. DesRosiers, P. I. Street . E. Fitzgerald, R, M. Wirtalla, M. T. Nelen T911 670454 ,Mo for SOPHOMORE SESSION All those things that rnean so much to us are renewed in our memories as We rezninisce back to the many happy days oi our Sophomore year at O. L. E. The Hallo:-.'e en party, -that is where our Sophomore history started,- '.-:hen the Class of A48 presented that gay musical show, where its hidden talent displayed in an unforgettable manner. The style ot the "Manhattan fferrg'-Go-Flound 2-:as imitated, and each act was different and so captivating that a wonderful effect was achieved. After the musical entertainment a party of cider and dougnnuts vias enjoyed in the gym, highly decorated that evening in black and orange witches and goblins peeping from every corner. A '.-.'eQQ-nieritea Three cheers for ine Scpns 1-has echoed by all, as a gala event carne to an end, GaQety filed the carnpus on the seventeenth of November, tor the night ot ine Elniata dance nad finaly' approached, Exciting and pleasant memories oi a '.-.isning-'.'.'eQQ cornstallis lanterns, and scarecrcivs fill cur rninds as we recall that clear Eiarvesi-inoonlii evening danced away to the strains of sofg si-feet niusic, As the clock struck niidnignt, 1-re all took our unwilling fare':.'eQQs 'xfnlie ine tune of Good-night S'.'.'eetneart'i still echoed in our ears, Af:.'aQ's snail reniernber that dance the Seniors who made possible sac: a '.-ronaeriu. eiengna. The college chapel 'xfas the scene of the Sodality Reception on December eighth, the feast of the lnirnaculate Conception, The soft blending oi voices in 'Ave fqfarial and On This Day, O Beautiful fffctherii helped to complete a niost beauaful and stirring ceremony as the :nernbers of the Freshman Class 1-:ere received into the Sodality oi Our Lady. Her snrine was adorned with lovely White and red roses, and We, the Sodalists ot previous years, renewed our pledges of constancy and devotedness to Mary, our Mother. 5 it 'CW' II.. .4 7 l le- ld - - -. fx' I--,M -' "M J.. Q - -N few- ,-.-- -.A l ' l ' " ' Suaaen-y, -. .a as t.r:-s.--las1 lhls as algcahcea ,o- me :e-oa-c ana peacetul Clristas caro-s or Lie G-ee C-uo -.-:hose sexes c: g'u-e:ae concerts was exquisitely done in firrn and clearly-blended tones. Crdg' in the holly- decked foyer was ioeir perforrhance surpassed by ice foint ehacthent of the Drarnatic and Glee Clubs in the additional Chgisxas story. Tfe ah knot-.t so well that age-old tale of the birth of Christ but yet each year hot.-.' look forward to its brilliant portrayal once IICI'-El As ite czxtahn finally fell on the beautiful tableau at the stable ite solexritg' '.-.ras disturbed. Eels pealed out and Santa Claus arrived, laden gifts for Behhtd ite :any pillor.-:s :md false write whiskers, we all late-.-.' that Phylhs l-loar '.-:as our jolly Santa -.-:ho distributed her gaily-wrapped presents arhid ide laughter and fcys of everyone. What a glorious prelude to cm vacatcn frorn ores and books began the next morring. Those following days slipped by so quickly :md soo: '.-:ere back at O. L. E., now anxiously lookhtg fort-:md tc ite annual Senior-Alurrtnae basket- ball ganie and dance, '.-:hich '.-ras fast approaching. Vfoat a rip-roaring garhe ensued when ice second Saturday night in lanuarg' fatally arrived. The agle and adroit Seniors t.-:ere victorious over joe Aluhihae old the: e:-:cited arid eniflused, t.-.te danced at one of joe aatfest affaks of ite vear. The :usic 1-ras furnished by lohnnv luke and our first dance held in the rec-root: of O Leary hall '.-:as a bcorhing success. "Barbara Allen and 'Up front 'Zorieroet -these :te oriy t'.-to of the siring ballads which, when heard at.-.talrened in us the hiexorg' of ioat great and renowned baritone, Emle Spicer. Veritas Auditoriux '.-ras ite scene in :nid- lanuary of a concert given us by that very talented stzger. His prcgrar: con- sisted of both tradtiond English and Axericcm balads plus added selecions by Gilbert and Sullivan scxe serious sorhe tender and others hurcrous all of which went into ine molding of a rnost beautiful perfcrrhomce. The 1-:cnderful opporturity afforded us to hex such a presentation t.-ras appreciated by everyone. Gloom and dark clouds filled ice air and our D rnelancholy rnoods were reiected in the tadi- z tional blue-books which all so reluctantly if purchased. For :nid-gem exarns had rezed l , their ugly faces, and we knew-.' the trying tirnes which were ahead of us. Long and fatiguhng hours were spent pouring through books and more books, and pondering over ioose terrible - problems, both rnathernatical and philosophical. X Soon, however, the soleznnity and horror of exarns were over, and we emerged tired lou with a feeling both of triumph and relief. Catherine Cantv, 48. l93l ,SDIO 0lflfL0lf'8 AMBROSE, ELEANOR A. BLAIR, MARY ANN BORATYN, FRANCES A. BORYCZKA, ANGELA T. BOURQUE, IEANNE M. BOUSQUET, ANNA-MAY BOWEN, MARGARET M. CANTY, CATHERINE M. COTTER, ROSEMARY E. CONNORS, NATALIE A. COURTNEY, KATHLEEN M. DALTON, ROSEMARIE C. DES ROSIERS, LORRAINE T. DIGGINS, MARY E. DOWD, MARY ANNE DRISCOLL, MARY 1. EISENMANN, SARAH-ANN M. FEHILY, M. PATRICIA FINN, MILDRED M. FITZGERALD, CLARE E. GREGORY, BARBARA E. HANNIGAN, RITA M. HEAPHY, ANN L. HOURIHAN, PATRICIA R. HURLEY, MARGARET E. KELLEY, PATRICIA L. KLEINDIENST, MARY LOU LYNCH, MARY ELLEN MACKEY, MARY F. MADDEN, SHEILA B. MAHONEY, MARY T. MARSHALL, ANN M. MARTIN, ANNA MAE MATTHEWS, SI-IEILA A. MAYNARD, IOSETTE A. McCARTHY, GERALDINE E. McCOART, CAROL G. MCMAHON, MARY ROSE MERCIER, MARION F. METCALFE, KATHLEEN MOCHAK, IRENE R. MORALES, ISABELLE M. MORGAN, MARY E. MORIARTY, ALICE M. MULGREW, ELIZABETH A. MURPHY, ELIZABETH M. IIELEN, MARY T. NELLIGAN, MARGARET OMALLEY, MARY IANE PATRIE, B IACQUELINE PIERCE, GEORGIA E. RIGABAR, ANNA ROSE RYNN, MARY M, SCANNELL, MARY C. SHEA, ELEANOR M SHEEHAN, EILEEN D. STREET, PATRICIA 1. SULLIVAN, MARGARET A. URBON, MARGARET A. WALSH, IOAN WIRTALLA, RUTHMARY K. ireclior 27 Monroe St., Springfield 4 Prospect Ct., Northampton 47 Edgemere Ave., Whitinsville 16 Weston St., Indian Orchard lll Pasadena St., Springfield 76 Roosevelt Ave., Springfield Providence St., South Uxbridge 120 Hampden St., Chicopee 84 Woodland St., Worcester 2 Avon Pl., Fitchburg 73 Clantoy St., Springfield 21 Bartlett St., Westfield 9 Orient St., Worcester 16 Massachusetts Ave., Worcester 118 Westford Cir., Springfield 825 Worthington St., Springfield 61 Ventura St., Springfield 326 South St., Pittsfield 44 Calumet Rd., Holyoke 49 Brooklyn St., North Adams 32 Kimball St., Chicopee 45 Dearborn St., Springfield 208 Main St., Lee 145 Pleasant St., Easthampton 50 Mooreland St., Springfield 1594 Carew St., Springfield 203 Atwater Rd., Springfield 56 Underwood St., Springfield 29 Snowling Rd., Uxbridge 45 Ridgewood Ter., Northampton 13 Massasoit Pl., Springfield 11 Iaques Ave., Worcester 19 Governor St., Springfield 114 West Alvord St., Springfield Dresser Hill Farm, Charlton CDudleyl 43 Chestnut St., West Springfield Aruba, Netherlands, West Indies 18 Linden St., Holyoke 135 Newbury St., Chicopee 25 Prospect St., Ware 38 Taylor Ave., Westfield 3 Ashford St., Guayama, Puerto Rico 77 Westlord Cir., Springfield 52 Colurnba St., Chicopee Falls 76 Phoebe St., Woonsocket, R. I. 93 Rhode Island Ave., Newport, R. 1. 72 Carver St., Springfield 125 Skeele St., Willimansett 164 West Park St, Lee 50 Chapel St, Aldenville, Chicopee Falls 825 Chestnut St., Springfield 23 Call St., Willimansett 34 Converse St., Worcester 16 Belvidere Ave., Worcester 173 Broadway, Chicopee Falls 223 Pine St., Springfield 201 Second St., Springfield 14 Russell Ave., Newport, R, I. l00 Iackson Pkwy., Holyoke 37-31 79 St., Iackson Heights, New York City 39 Delmont St., Manchester, Conn. 1941 ffm AIDICON, ELIZABETH A. BARRETT, BEATRICE V. BARRON, ELEANOR I. BLACK, NANCY M. BRESNAHAN, BETTY A. CARLISLE, BETTY ANN CASEY, DOROTHY T. CONNELL, PATRICIA V. CORRIGAN, NANCY A. CORRINET, MARGUERITE CUMMINGS, SHIRLEY M. DONOHUE, HELEN A. FLYNN, ELIZABETH A. GODDARD, HARRIET A. GOGGIN, MARY T. HALEY, FRANCES A. HAMILTON, ELIZABETH M. 1-IANNA, LOUISE M. HANNIGAN, ESTHER M. HOAR, MARION B. HURLEY, BARBARA M. IONES, ANNE F. KEATING, MAUREEN M. KENNEY, ALICE M. LaMOUNTAlN, ROSE MARIE LANGTON, ELEANOR T. LAWLER, MARIE E. LeBLANC, MADELINE T. LEROY, SHIRLEY M. LOGAN, MARILYN M. MALOY, MARY E. MacDONNELL, ANNE M. MANGAN, NADINE H. MARTIN, KATHLEEN A. MARTIN, MARY T. MEAGHER, BARBARA A. MEEHAN, MARILYN T. MEEHAN, MARION T. MERRIGAN, MARY A. MORIN, IRENE T. MORRIER, ROBERTA I. MOYNIHAN, MICHAELYN E. MURPHY, RUTH A. NESBIT, MARGARET T. PRINGLE, ELIZABETH F. OUIRK, ROSALINE L. ROONEY, VIRGINIA M. ROSCOE, FRANCES E. RYAN, CLARE E. SAVOIT, NORMA M. SAWTELLE, CLARA M. STREET, CAROLINE A. TUCKER, PATRICIA A. VECCHIA, HELEN M. ZAK, MILDRED A. lflflitlfl 1 irecfor 272 Sanders St., Athol 192 Main St., Monson 68 Mendon St., Uxbridge 36 Woodland Rd., Auburn 40 Morgan St., Holyoke 6 Church St., Barre 97 Castle St., Great Barrington 294 Sumner Ave., Springfield 14 California Ave., Springfield 79 Richmond Ave., Pittsfield Parkerville Rd., Southboro 31 Freeland St., Worcester 35 Buel St., Pittsfield 22 Caperon St., Uxbridge 119 Ranney St., Springfield Monson Rd., Palmer R. F. D. No. 1, North Adams 45 Ellsbree St, Chicopee 16 Court Sq., Milford 1120 Worthington St., Springfield 47 Leyfred Ter., Springfield 12 Theurer Plc, Watertown 323 Nottingham St., Springfield 39 Mt. Vernon St., Newport, R. I. 124 Littleton St., Springfield 3 Robinson St., Newport, R. I. 395 Elm St., Northampton 55 Grant St., Chicopee ll Church St., Cheshire 36 Palmyra St., Springfield 666 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield 34 Lenox St., Springfield 102 Piedmont St., Worcester 44 Ridgeway Ave., Pittsfield 19 Governor St., Springfield 199 Belmont Ave., Springfield 50 Hamlin St., Pittsfield 15 Morris St., Westfield 10 Barlow Ave., North Adams 146 Rimmon Ave., Chicopee 100 Briggs St., Easthampton 66 Maple Rd., Longmeadow 93 Rhode Island Ave., Newport, R. 1. 47 Forest Pl., Pittsfield 165 East Main St., North Adams 4 Waddell Rd., Manchester, Conn. 438 Chandler St., Worcester 61 Everett St., Springfield 20 Itendale St., Springfield 215 King St., Springfield 119 Firglade Ave., Springfield 201 Second St., Pittsfield 371 Armory St, Springfield Main St., Lee 112 Third St., Turners Falls 951 THE F IR IE S H M IE N In the brevity ot our acquaintance We have tound you abounding in good Will. Your hearts are gay and your spirit high. May you carry on the traditions of the Elms as nololy as those who have preceded you. 670145 UMCW6 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Ruth A. Nfurphy Nfarilyn M. Logan 35 iw-f"' SECRETARY TREASURER Louise M. Hanna Beatrix V. Barrett rw N A Carrigan, M M, Keating, F. A. Flynn, R. M. LaMountain, M. T. Corinet, M. T. Martin, N. H, Mangan, C. M. Sawtelle S M. Leroy. C E. Byan, C. A Street, I Cusack, M. T. Nesbit, A. M. Kenny, B. M. Hurley, P. A. Tucker, E. M. Hannigan, I. T. Moran. E F Pringle, M. A Merrigan, M T. Goggin, B. V. Barrett, M.. M. Logan, B. A. Meagher, E. T. Langton, M. E. Moynihan K, A Martin. CLASS FLOWER BED BOSE T981 E A, Aidicon, H. M. Vecchia, E I. Barron, M. T. Meehan, H, A. Goddard, A F Icnes, M, M Black, D. T. Casey, M B Hoar, E. A Bresnahan M T LeBlanc, S, M. Cummings, H A, Donahue, E A, Haley, M V Rooney, E M Harnihon, M. A Zak, M. T, Meehan A, M, MacDonne1l M. E, Lawler, P. V Connell, R. I. Morrier, L M. Hanna, R A Murphy, N M Savort, M E Maloy, E A Carhsle i991 CLASS COLORS RED AND WHITE CALM .Ma fora FRESHMAN FROLIC We are the Class ot '49 ot the College ot Our Lady ot the Elms. To make ourselves ready tor those meaningful days ot '49, we started with REGISTRATION. "They have their exits and their entrances." SAS You Like It. lust short of sixty in number, we passed from our high school exits into the entrances ot the Elms. Fear and trembling mingled with the hope that springs eternal. There were dreams to be realized, trials and tribulations to be crowned-may this be propheticl -with success. What better introduction to our new lite than THE MASS OE THE HOLY GHOST? "Prayer ardent opens heaven." -Edward Young. And all ot us lived in the happy thought that those prayers and a cascade ot succeeding ones would be the guiding light to aid us in our scholastic achievements throughout our college year. And then INITIATION WEEK. "Take each mans censure, but reserve thy judgment." -Hamlet. Who said it was easy? "Crazy", we thought, and how hard it was from day to day to reserve our judgmentl But we reserved it, didn't We? Or you'll never know it we didn't. And this was followed by ELIVIS NIGHT. "All is well that ends well." -Heywood. 4' H001 Oh joyl Oh laughterl lt's all overl And no ones hurtl Sensibilities, perhaps, and temperaments, maybel but we came through it. And were still here, ready for the RETREAT. "True beauty dwells in deep retreats." -Vxfordsxvortli. For three days we laid aside those things which constitute our ordinary school course and our thoughts dwelt profoundly on a clear examination of our conscience and our duties to our Creator. Oh, for the IUNIOR TEAl "VV'liat would tlie world do witliout tea?" -Sidney Smith. On that gorgeous Sunday afternoon, in October, our "sister class"-the luniors-arranged a tea party for us at the Wayside Inn. We more than enjoyed ourselves, and even though you didn't care for tea, it was the fellow- ship, the comradeship, the hospitality, the open-heartedness-those are the things We treasured, tea or no tea. And then CAP AND GOWN SUNDAY. i'Slzall come appareled in more precious habit." -Much Ado About Nothing. How impressive they were, those learned Seniorsl Will We ever be like them? What do you think? May God bless and guide their future lives and shower them with much happiness. Marion l-loar, '49 l l , - ,N-. r limi 1. "Where majesty reigns, and a whisper echoes joyfully H021 TE ln the path at work there are diversions suited for all. The span at our college year was made short by extra-curricular activities. The joy of those mo- ments has been captured in flight, and live once again on these pages. For the Class of '46 they are a lasting remembrance. HLJQES :Xl xmwxwx ww: x jfmlalff, gf me MW! My PREEECT VICE-PREFECT Catlzerzne M. ,Quinn Anne T, Canty SECRETARY TREASURER Ann M. Marshall Lois Boland H051 5 ommiflfee CAQZVMQW EUCHARISTIC Eveline R. Breault MISSION Ma-rie N. Seneca! LITERARY Elizabeth A. Sullivan STUDY H. Patricia Baifdsley SOCIAL Patricia E. Brophy INTERRACIAL Claire M. Geddes OUR LADYIS CCMMITTEE Ivfary A. Donahue 11071 LITTLE SISTERS NI. Annette Stanton gmc arm fic Gmmiffee .2 Keeping postedl The bulletin board ot the Sodality conducted by the Eucharistic Committee attained a new height in excellence during this past year. Every day some signiticant item concerning religion or some topic vital to the Sodalists of 0. L, E. was graphically presented, The board was truly a Work of Catholic Action and our gratitude for very splendid aid is directed to Eveline Breault. l-ler taithtul contributions to the printed voice ot the Sodality and her untiring zeal in sponsoring its artistic upkeep evoke praise and appreciation from every Sodalist ot the Elms, twat 5556014 ommiffee Claire, F. Boratyn, and Mike, the Mission supporters The Society of the Propagation of the Faith found an able and energetic promoter for the Elms in Marie Senecal. ln the history of the Sodality here at the college never was such a successful year experienced by the Mission Committee. The mission priests and sisters in the far-flung centers of religious endeavor have voiced their sincere appreciation for the material aid which Marie has secured from the student body. The solicitous and untiring interest which she has had for the laborers of Christ in fields afar has obtained its remuneration in considerable financial sums for our many Catholic mis- sionaries. Every study hall and dormitory found itself with a "stamp box". The dispatch of stamps to the foreign missions was as great as the income of mail to us here at the college - and that was pretty largel Good work, Mariel H091 ffglfdlf' Ommilffee Betty discusses a best seller The lounge of OiLeary Hall was the scene of many entertaining and bene- ficial gatherings during this past year. Under the well-chosen supervision ot Elizabeth Sullivan various members of the Literary Club ot the Sodality presented reviews ot modern literature. Reviews and criticisms were com- pletely and tairly given so that the audience might well appreciate the high- lights and disadvantages ot a book, Among the particular books reviewed were ' Brideshead Revisited", i'Behold Your Kingm, 'The World, the Flesh, and Father Smithf and No Greater Love -the Story ot Our Soldiers". The importance of the public support ot Catholics for Catholic literature is one ot the maxims of this literary circle. The ability to appreciate good literature and avoid the evil and damaging are two of the main benefits that one acquires from attendance at a Literary Club meeting on the campus ot O. Li E. tiioi CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Processional, O Come, O Come, Ernrnanuel ......,.... Cflee Club THE NATIVITY PLAY SCENE l-AT NAZARETH. The Annunciation. Ave Maria .............,.............A....,... Glee Club SCENE H-IN THE HILL COUNTRY OE IUDEA. Th Mary Sang Magniticat ....,.....,A..,A....A,... Cflee Club SCENE IH-IN BETHLEI-IEM. The Nativity. Silent Night ......,..l,,.,. ...,., .... Carol of Drifting Snow, , . , A . . , c . . Carol of the Wind ,......,. , . c ...,,. . , . A The Eirst Nowell ............,,..,t... ..t..... Soloist, Marion ltfeehan When Christ Was Born .........,...,...,...... Glee Club SCENE IV-ON THE HILLSIDE. The Shepherds. Shepherds in the Eield Abiding ...,.......,.. While Shepherds Watched Their Elocks ......... Soloist, Nadine Mangan Venid Pastores ..............,.....t..t....r.r Shepherds, Awake ...................,,,l.. Glee Club SCENE V-OUT OE THE ORIENT. The Magi. Rejoice, Ye Christian Men ....,,l..,........... Gesu Bambino .,.,...,,............,...,.,.... Soloist, Mary McManus Bring a Torch, leannette Isabelle ....,.......... Adeste Eideles ........,.,....,............. Glee Club I lll l G ,I . , . .Gregorian ,,,...,...Grassi ation, ,,,,.,..Adapted . . , ..,. Gruber t t . ,Cyr de Brant , .Elmore - Reed t , , ,French Carol ,Mvlohns , , , , .Ancient , ,,.,., Martin . , .Spanish Carol ,.........,Davis , . . ,Praetorius .,,......Yon . . , .Old Erench . . . .Traditional oem Gmmiflfee Easter Ball Committee 'lfloonlight and Roses" was the predominant theme of the Sodality's spec- tacular social event of the l945-46 season-HThe Easter Ball", Under the dynamic direction of Patricia Brophy as chairman, the highlight of the Sodality's social calendar was acclaimed as a huge success. May fourth was the all- eventful day. The day was warm and sunny -truly it was a day of sun and roses 4 later to evolve into a night of moonlight and roses. We danced away four heavenly hours to the sentimental strains of Iohnny Newton and his orchestra. With 'The Easter Ball" a tradition has been established which promises to be a much-anticipated function on the campus of O. L. E. lCome one, come all to the bazaar." A gay afternoon on March twenty- ninth was had by all in the gym, Brightly-decorated booths, tricky trinkets, delicious dainties, and melodic music were offered to all for a very small sum. Holy Cross, Harvard, and Yale banners also found their way into the market place and how that money rolled inl H121 This Way to the White Elephant Booth at the Sodality bazaar. 4 . JUN' L-f""" Lois, Kay, and Mem Committee heads for the Father - Daughter Banquet 3 '01, A After the tea is over S QS Q ? Q2 S Q IW F Y Q? Q 'HE vniiihiglxt Our Mothers cclmpused Moy 11 ,Jl0LfAQlf' - Edwgkfef EOL? at X if ff' fx , .. 'P 571-f 5 .N X is .1 A l Before the banquet I 114 1 xx 'I jnferracia! Claire, P. I-lourihan, and G. Pierce A new and vital activity was introduced to the sphere ot Sodalistic activities this year. Claire Geddes organized the Interracial Club and under her direction its tirst year ot existence attained amazing success and popularity. Every month the lounge in O'Leary Hall was the scene ot discussions. Various topics Were taken up as the brotherhood ot man, the Catholic attitude toward Negro Foundations, and the work ot "Friendship I-louse". The Interracial Club at- tended a lecture in March by Walter White, who discussed "Color and the World Fight tor Freedom". Considering this year's success, the Club will continue in popularity. H151 OW oZ76L6!yf'5 ommiflfee Before Our Lcrdys shrine Devotion to the Mother of God hos goined omnipotence through the united oction of Our l.cidy's Committee under the copoble direction of Mory Donohue, The perfect exomple of beoutiful womonhood stonds before eoch student in the chopel. One of the most inspiring evidences of devotion to Our Lczdy tokes ploce every yecrr on December 8, when the new students of the college ore received into the Soddlity, Through the work of this committee, o new interest in Ccrtholic literctture wois developed. Books ond pomphlets on our Blessed Mother were ovidly reod. The ideol of every young girl finds its seed in the holy life of the Mother of God. iiisi ULF? if GL? In the beautiful month of May, the month of Qur Lady, an inspiring tribute is paid to Qur Queen. Amid the fragrance of fresh blossoms and the caroling of Sodalists the statue of Mary is crowned by the prefect of our Sodality. The beauty of young girls adorned in evening gowns reflects a part of the special homage. The ceremony is begun as the procession leaves the Administration building and winds its way to the grotto of Qur Lady. As hymns float heavenward 'neath the mantle of blue sky, Mary's blessing descends on each light heart. At the grotto the court assists in the crowning, and each Senior pays a special act of love in the offering of a rose. The gay festivity of the day is marked with due adoration as benedictiori culminates the ceremony in the chapel. As the Queen of all hearts and the Queen of all men, Qur Lady of the Elms smiles down upon her campus While the strains of "Oh, Mary, we crown Thee with blossoms today" echoes across green lawns. Q m ' T t Kay crowns the statue of Mary I ll7 l CML sgfmfemi CM Y 41 i- ' ' ff l l Annie prepares gifts for the little ones Nothing could be more praiseworthy and charitable than to bring a portion of joy and cheer into an unfortunate child's life. Such was the laudable task of the members of the "Little Sister Committee" of Our Lady's Sodality here at the college Annette Stanton's kind and thoughtful planning arranged reg- ular trips to Mount Saint Vincent, where our girls devoted many afternoons to the entertaining of the little orphan girls. Numerous boxes were sent last Christmas by girls to their "little sisters" at the home directed by the Sisters of Providence. The appreciation of the little ones for our small acts of kindness is overwhelming. What a great work of charity this, and how great will the reward be in heaven of such charitable gesturesl We have divine assurance that "whatsoever is done unto the least of these" is done unto Christ. lim 52.4, fir B. Mulgrew, Esther, Pat, and C. Canty compare views on current problems The newly-organized function of the Sodality, the Study Club, is one of the most informal clubs found on the campus. lts meeting place is any locality where its members can recline with ease and comfort- conditions most con- ducive to fertile conversationl Its topics include every possible problem that might Wend its Way into this, our life. Many modern controversial subjects were freely and fairly discussed at these informal gatherings. The correct Catholic advice always abided at these meetings and the present-day dangers to morality were discussed. The Club has accomplished untold good during the past academic year. It has been accomplishing and promoting Catholic Action and preparing Cath- olic women Workers for a world that needs them badly. The l-loly Father has always emphasized the great need for such organizations. The Sodality has heeded his advice. H191 W Cmegafila ocielfy PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT PL1tric111 E. Brophy Mary C. Vzttengl SECRETARY TREASURER A1166 V. Nf0v'zL11'ty Af1Ll?'1lVI'l C. Burnett MANAGER Lum Boland H201 The objective of the M. 1. B. Debating Society is the attainment of skill in formal argument. At its monthly meetings the members have an opportunity to discuss a question logically in informal sessions. ln this way poise and assurance are acquired, points for improvement of delivery are noted, a good background in current topics gathered - in short, the meetings are the training school. Then in actual interclass and intercollegiate contests what has been learned is put into practice. 1946 saw still more laurels gathered for the M. 1. B. Debating Society. Van- quishing Worthy opponents, the Club enjoyed a most successful season- building a reputation for itself and the college. THE SCHEDULE February 5 March 22 Holy Cross at Worcester St. loseph at West Hartford February 14 March 26 Worcester State at Worcester Fitchburg State Teachers at Fitchburg March 19 April 5 Holy Cross at Chicopee Worcester State at Chicopee April 16 St. loseph at Chicopee Pat and M. Vittengl, affirmative team I 121 1 roanfwafic PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Ruth XV. Kennedy Mary jean McNamara SECRETARY TREASURER Rita M. Hannigan Bertha T. Stone S H221 Theater-goers of the l945-46 season acclaimed the production of the Verdeoro Players as stellar performances. ln the lovely Veritas Auditorium unusually talented actresses stepped before the footlights interpreting roles with the skill of professionals. Clever settings and costuming combined with fine charac- terization to keep the audiences spellbound until the brightening of the house lights marked the end of the presentation. ln November the dramatic spotlight focused on the star-studded cast of the perennial favorite, "lane Eyre". Skillful character portrayal caught exactly the right atmosphere for the staging of the eerie tale. The house was deathly still. Critics were generous with their praise, and justly so. The Dramatic and Glee Clubs presented their combined Christmas program in December. The age-old tableau of Bethlehem was presented in the marble rotunda with traditional hymns and glorias descending on the scene from the balcony above. V "Thy Will Be Done" Was the Lenten selection of the Verdeoro Players. The solemnity of the Passiontide offered an excellent background for its presenta- tion. The story of the soldier who nailed the Savior to the Cross and the son of the l-ligh Priest, Caiphas, was masterfully enacted. Marita, Ruth, B. Hamilton, and N. Mangan at tea at the Eyres I 123 l Bert cmd Cldire initiating E. Flynn dnd B. Pringle into drcrrncrtic drt Behind scenes with the stdgecrdfter Setting the stdge for the Verdeoros Mike, Pgt, dnd Kdy I 1241 At the ho1ne of the Romon soldier in "Thy Will Be Done" R. Morrier, I. Wdlsh, M, Vittengl, ond M. I. McNomord When Seniors donned coloniol ottire I 125 l Doncing The light lontdslid Q48 Cm PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Af4cl7'If4l D. BTlL7'lfO7'l Lrllmn INT. Nfeyer SECRETARY TREASURER Lormzne T, Des R0s1'er.s Nfmgaret YW. SlL'07'dS 11261 iQ Glee Clulc Harmonious voices, pastel-colored gowns, beautiful melodies-all com- bined to make the spring concert a proof of the words "Music hath charms". This program was colorful and varied. lt included a choral arrangement of Negro ditties, a few Gilbert and Sullivan airs, a group of religious hymns, a medley of songs from the modern musicals, and other miscellaneous selec- tions. But this Was only one of the many delightful entertainments presented by this very active and popular club. The traditional Christmas carol program was performed not only for the enjoyment of the college students, but also for civic organizations in the neighboring cities and over the air through station VVMAS. The A Cappella Choir provided a solemn, liturgical background for all dignified academic activities. Against the setting of the college chapel the angelic voices were at their best. Both musical groups blended in with college life and helped make it more beautiful and gay. H271 jtldrtt CWM PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Dorothy M. Kelly Lillian M. Meyer SECRETARY TREASURER Margaret M. Bowen Bertha T. Stone 11281 Mary McManus "All work and no play makes Iill a dull girl." To otter an hour or more of good healthy exercise and sport to book-Weary stu- dents is the objective ot the Athletic Club. With such a variety ot activities the program ot the year encouraged the spirit ot good sportsmanship and lair play and kept a rosy glow in every cheek. Ar- rangements Were made to provide tor every sport in which interest was exhib- ited-trom riding to swim- ming and bowling. The annual basketball tourney-as always-tilled the gym with enthusiastic rooters. l946 was a banner year tor the Athletic Club-and its otticers deserve a vote of thanks. Senior Basketball Team H291 jnfernafionaf Qfafiond PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Patricia E. Brophy Mary T. McElroy SECRETARY TREASURER Dorothy G. Tvfanion Ehzabeth A. Sullivan 11301 Off to the Hookset Conference . -v 1. . ,.v,x:4.'-M.. Betty, D. Manion, M, McElroy, and Pat If it is current situations and events which have such a fascinating appeal in your life, the International Relations Club is your goal. The big event for the year for I. R. C. followers during the past year was the three-day confer ence at Mount St. Mary's College in Hookset, New Hampshire. All prominent Catholic and secular colleges were represented - the latter through Newman Club mernbers-at this peace federation. It was the long-awaited moment for Elms' rooters to present their opinions on current international affairs. The guest of honor was the Honorable loseph P. Kennedy, former ambassador to Great Britain, who spoke on the Catholic contribution to World events. The main theme Was the "Catholic solution to present global problems". The Elrnites very capably conducted a panel discussionwaccording to parliamentary form-on "United States and ideological conflicts". The mae terial was thoroughly understood and well handled. During this Week-end sojourn, the social side was not neglected. All were royally feted at dinners and dances, The whole program was fittingly brought to an end by solemn benediction in the college chapel. The trip proved to be a splendid success and was representative of the type of Work carried on by this up-to-the-minute Club sponsored by the history department. 11311 OL Qlffg 50L55If8!!0LlfLOL PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT H, Patvzma Bardsley M Virginia Mzcrplly SECRETARY TREASURER Nfary A4 Dcmolme Rosemary E. Cotter H321 Hotas in the making M. Boyle, E. McKenna, and T. Amiot As Spain figured prominently in the international situation during the past year, so "La Corte Castellanau was an important activity on our campus during the past school year. Last September, amid the charming atmosphere of gleaming silver, lovely china, and delicious dainties, the members of the club were introduced to Senorita Nieves Alfaro de Fournier at a tea in her honor. With all the appeal of her cadent tongue and Spanish charm, Senorita Alfaro enlightened the Spanish students on Spanish culture and life. For a few fleeting hours we had a bit of Spain with us . . . truly it is a land of mystery and black-eyed senoritas. The strains of Iesu Bambino and "Venid Pastores" floated o'er the rotunda out into the night as "La Corte Castellanan made its contribution to the annual Christmas party held here on the campus. The dulcet melodious intonations of the Spanish carols cast a spell over all and brought everyone back in spirit to the first Christmas night. Isabel Morales, at a meeting of "La Corte Castellanan this year, spoke to the students concerning the social, political, and economic status of present- day Puerto Rico. H331 8 QVC 8 ,JlIf'0LlfLC6LL15 C PRESIDENT VICEPRESTDENT Evehne R. Breault Mary C, Vittengl SECRETARY TREASURER Mary Anne Dowd Lozs Boland 11341 Bits of French Opera Alice, Mern, and M. McManus With the martial measures of Chopin's Polonaise and the soothing strains of Debussy's Reverie still reverberating in our ears, it is easy for us to reminisce and to conjure up in a series of vivid flashes a unified idea of the activities of "Le Cercle Francais" for this year. The aim of the club is to instill in each member a deep-rooted, far-reaching knowledge, understanding, and love for the language, ideals, customs, and culture of "la douce France". This was achieved by the open-forum discussions of popular French musicians and painters, by travelogues, by the presentation of original one-act plays, and by daily conversations at the French table. The 'Chuchotements des Ormesn - official organ of the club - was eagerly awaited and avidly perused each rnonth. Highlights of the year were the Christmas program and tea, the meetings of the Alliance Francaise Where We heard distinguished personalities as Mme. Mackee and Professor Andre Morize, and the final social coffee hour. lt was a very successful and beneficial year for French enthusiasts. H351 dence PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Claire M. Geddes Susan E. Fitzgerald SECRETARY TREASURER Kathleen M. Courtney Margaret M. Swords 11361 ls it or is it not? Ask Avis f ,NS ,M During this year of activity, the Science Club went a long way towards accomplishing its end, namely, the presentation of scientific facts in an inter- esting and comprehensive manner. Because of the growing interest in photography both as a scientific project and ot pleasant pastime, the trend of thought for the year was focused along that line. A photography laboratory for the use of the science students was established, and instructive lectures on the proper methods of technique for developing and enlarging were given at the earlier meetings of the year. At other lectures the technicalities and chemical applications were discussed with the aid of specially-chosen slides. In March the members of the Science Club were guests of the New England Association of Chemists at their annual meeting which was held at the college. What is lacking in number is counter-balanced by spirit and this club proposes to continue in the future to aid those interested in scientific work. To those who will follow us we leave a society richly endowed with student loyalty, beneficial scientific accomplishment, and unlimited opportunities in the modern scientific world. 11371 0CLOqL!..ACfLOlfl 3 it W 5 A - PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Bertlzu T. Stone Estlzer M. Dillon SECRETARY Dorothy Nl. Kelly The name "Social Action" epitomizes very aptly the underlying purpose of the Social Action Club, Only senior philosophy devotees are allowed mem- bership in this exclusive organization where outstanding social problems of the day are discussed. Monthly meetings were held under the benevolent auspices of "Pere Shea" At these informal gatherings the main topics under consideration were capital and labor, socialized medicine, compulsory military training, and the ethics of the use of the atomic bomb. A special program was arranged for the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of all students, and in particular of philosophers. During this assembly his life and work were discussed in relation to our own philosophical studies, ln interpreting modern problems, each girl prided herself on her ability to present her point of view in precise, syllogistic form. To speak clearly, to think correctly, to argue logically, these were the unflinching standards whereby we set our goal- -an adeauate preparation for upholding the Catholic ideal in the future. 51391 fairway fo ffm ESTZWA , , n ' C '-.4 T 9 A .. 'A if.-QL A "' ' fi-jgff' The mght was piled zvztlz muszc ' V A And the Lures that mfested the du no .G , A - Folded then' tents Wie the Arabs if "' , And as ,efcwttly slzpped Llluly. 1' X A X WK' 1 A V4 f Of' N V 2 l Tvhl, 'ix v 3 L"3,3Y1" 5 . 1, J x vf A A W hy ' Q ,x 4 1 5 Qg 21 fi' f Q N" A' 'I ip, t L v f M9 r of ,,.p- V4 M , 1 zzz, 4 affix Ax, 4 3 . A 1 , Q ivrxwi u Q Fic K8 X , -A L S 1 . - A, A q-1- Hg ,A., I -' N f. A "H ' OUR IUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE GENERAL CHAIRMAN DECORATIONS ..,.A TICKETS T....T.,,. REFRESHMENTS ,E.T FAVORS ...... . PROGRAMS 4 . . MUSIC .,... , . Nhmta Brunton Virgzma Nfzwphy . , Clawe Geddex . , A1166 Nfzwmy . Evelme Breault Dorothy Kelly Nfary jane Flood Clczire cmd Iohn I 1391 oem! xgielw STEP TWO Our debut in the field of dmmcxtics ' The Upper Room" STEP ONE - '43 Our reception into the Sodcrlity - sect of all 1 I , , ' .f 1 X tcp 51401 social relations 5 -v 4 4 1 e x STEP THREE - 145 Our ddisy chgin twines 'round the Seniors on their clgss dofy - eve of our Seniority 0 Zi 4 iw T? 1 in STEP FOUR - '46 Our corp ond gown investiture. The beginning of the end 6L!0 6LlfL Qlflflflf OL? The day of renown arrived in splendor-the day when We as Seniors donned the noble cap and gown. Our realization was as great as the antici- pation that had been growing for three years. On October 28, 1945, We received the garb of academic scholars. Our joy was boundless - our thanks were endless. To those who aided us and those who rejoiced with us We give a special place in our memories. Excerpt from the sermon delivered by Reverend Peter Dolin, on Cap and Gown Sunday It is not without significance that the ceremony for which we have assembled here should have been arranged for the Feast of Christ the King. This college is a tribute to the diocese of Springfield. These halls of learning are sturdy and permanent witnesses to truth. They were builded in sacrifice and gener- osity that truth might be taught to you and to the succeeding generations of the diocese of Springfield and to those daughters of the Church from other sections who are in quest of true education. .f ,,f9"3' From chapel to gym - Cctober 28 T 142 l And, While your education is being completed l '.':ou.a rerngna you Iflflf you will never learn very :nuch :nore than you lea H1621 lH your '3'C'a1fI'1 LR your Q "A-1 lrvsn-,y tr-u4Lx .. - V., ..A.c1 H .- U4 penny catechism. Lite is only worth living insofar a based upon the elementary consideration that the' and you have your soul to save. '3'S Divine Truth - God, You now wear your cap and gown, out you have days and hours of study before you. Your study will not be in vain if you keep in rhind that Lite is Worth living it it contains an elernent ot the Divine. lt will be shared lay those who trained you. You rnust prove that your college is for the exten- sion ot Christ. We will pray that in consequence you will have the strength to speed you on, that each day and each milestone may place in your hands the grace and strength ot the Peace of Christ. Arnen. Reception in gyrh - October 25 11433 OVW' fA8 gd X455 LlIf'6L6!8 The first ot a series ot lectures was held in the auditorium of the Administration building when in October Miss Mary Louise Hickey rendered her adaptation ot "The Barretts ot Wimpole Street". Her cleverness as a dramatist, author, and diseuse captivated lrier audience. "1 A lecture on the lfladonna in art was E given by Father Bernbardt of Weston Col- lege. To every listening student and guest liis presentation ot the Mother of God as an inspiring subject for art was of utmost interest. Using slides as a means ot dem- onstration, be brougtit art right, into the gathering and made it live vividly. H441 The well-known baritone, Mr. Earle Spicer, entertained us with bits of English ballads and folk songs. Music has always held a predominant note ot interest for the girls and that evening we were at the height of enjoyment. Mr. Spicer's friend- liness and talent completed the evening The last ot the series ot lectures was given by Masie Ward Sheed, ot Sheed- Ward Publishing Company. Her renown as an author and lecturer has increased daily, and it was a pleasure tor the stu- dents to be an audience for the lecture "Some American Writers and the Catholic Church". These tour lectures heightened our enthusiasm for the arts. 11453 gfmdfd NS? Dottie, Peg, Iinny, Evie Betty, Avis, Pat "Vv'lien to the sessions of sweet silent thought I summcm up Teineinhrance of things past . . Publication of the Elmata every year at the College of Our Lady of the Elms has become a treasured tradition. Generally, a beautiful thing is a costly thing and in keeping with this the Senior Class, with all the undaunted spirit and renewed vigor that only a newly-won peace can arouse, under the capa- ble and enthusiastic loyalty of its chosen leader, Lois I. Boland, and her com- mittee, gave to the Elms its opening dance of the college year. Truly the mar- ble halls resounded that night with "mirth and cheer." The harvest moon, rustling leaves, and soft music whispered not only happiness but success to a very important undertaking. The Senior-Alumnae basketball game and dance which followed a little later on in the season proved none the less successful. The splendor of the marble stairways, because of their architectural design, has captivated us. To use these stairways for the theme of our yearbook seemed to us a most fitting manner in which to convey all that we wanted to express. 11461 Deadline in the otling Realizing that memory is often a little bit hazy and has need ot gentle prod- ding, the Elmata has endeavored to tix within these pages the happy and carefree adventures ot our lite here on the campus, Each page is a key to a volume ot memories bound in youthful mirth - each page written and edited While memories still are green. Co-operation is the keynote to success and it is with deepest sincerity and utmost gratitude that we offer our heartfelt thanks to all the underclassmen, Seniors, and those interested in our work who so generously gave of their time and effort. May the publication of this book be a lasting tribute and a storehouse ol memories to the Class of '46 Elmata Dance Committee I 147 , The iovwnfm ine Staff A year ago, here on the college campus, the already familiar sound of Tourmaline took on a new meaning, as we found it heralding the first edition of an outstanding collegiate magazine. This year, under the capable and versatile direction of Alice Murray, Editor-in-Chief, and her staff, the faltering steps of infancy were banished and the Tourmaline was promised a place of prominence among the other leading college publications. lntroducing a newly-adopted policy, the winter issue featured a guest article written by an acknowledged master of the pen who willingly gave of his time and talent. "Lady of the Trinity", inspired by the poetic genius of the poet, Eddie Doherty, a prominent member of the editorial staff of the Chicago Sun, graced the pages of this issue. Prominent among the Tourmaline poets this year were Avis O'Donnell and Elizabeth Sullivan of the Seniors, whose inspiring verses are a credit to their poetic talents. From the underclassmen, Mary McManus, Theresa Amiot, Geraldine McCarthy, Claire Fitzgerald, and Eleanor Langton, came contributions also. H481 53' , Y Q ""'i'7"l'l tx has Senior members ot the staff The palm for versatility goes to Alice Murray for her many articles, editorials, and verse. Short stories tlowed from the pens ot Catherine Quinn, Geraldine McCarthy, and Theresa Amiot. Patricia Brophy and other essayists furnished a number ot interesting pages. The year proved to be a very successful one. May the publications ot future years reap the benefits oi a seed Well sown. Ali, Editor-in-Chief I M9 l we 5 Knf1,5crLpIf STAFF juan NIcCI1jfrcy . EDITQRAINACHIEI7 R.u'Imf'L1I11rvzclI , ..., BUSINESS MANAGER Mwry FvIcEImy I , . .ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER INIIW5' SCLIHHCII I . . . , , . , . CIRCULATION MANAGER Rmcn1L1ryCwtIcr ASSISTANT CIRCULATIGN MANAGER Efz:.1IwtI1 AILKUHTILI . .,,. . . . . . , SOCIAL EDITOR ,NI.n'yVfrzev1gl I , . ASSISTANT SOCIAL EDITOR Lzlfmn Nfeycr . . I . I ,.... SPORTS EDITOR 'I'I1cv'csI1 Ammt , , . I ,.,. STAFF ARTIST K.1tI1lcen Nfctculfe . . . I . A I ,... , ,..,, STAFF RHGTOGRAPHER D4PI'LPlI1j' Nfmlmn, Ellen Nfartune, Nfury Mum, Afzce Luppzn ..., FEATURE EDITORS Hcdzwg Vv'wIuclwu'1c:, Anne ML'A1p111e, Kutherzne M4vY1I1v't5', Dowtlzy Laws, EIITLIIUEIII Dulun ...,.,........,......... ..., C ONTRIBUTING EDITORS 11501 The year l946 found peace and contentment burying deeply the only too- recerit sound of guns and shells. Was it not only right, then, that out of this chaos something new and beautiful should be born. All over the world the newness of peace was breaking forth-and so it was on our campus, too, when in April the first issue of our college newspaper, the Elmscript, made its debut. Cries of "Have you seen . . . " "lt's here" echoed forth from the marble halls as each enthusiastic student received her copy. Years of plan- ning and dreaming had at last materialized. To actually see in print the fulfillment of a dream is a joy experienced only by those who have worked tirelessly and endlessly for such an accomplishment. To the editor of the Elmscript, to her staff, and to all who so generously gave of their time and effort, we, of the Senior Class, say, "Well done". May your first issue of this paper ever be to you a shining light to lead you on. To know that you have endeavored to spread her fame proves the worth of her guiding influence. May the Elmscript ever grow in publication, popularity, and prominence. f Sodalicyxol-told ' mmuumyq - J f +aji.g?f1p4.s.... Edfiw Daliqiy Guru Quf ,-pj"g, 1 , , lining! fourmulnu: """"9"""l' lj' cz , ,. Q ,, jj- .Q ..,,,Q,,Q,,,Q, ' Q F 1. ' 1 V tl, 1:6126 Club Prepants 'L YT gif: Tiff-if For Sprivrgibn V lt.. nfsliem. A' gn -- nur'-nm-1 ' V First edition iisii QW nip fi . 3 . .sn -,-.,.- THE fn The last stair has been passed. We find ourselves suddenly on a wide landing that leads ahead. We shall not turn back - only in memories. Onward and upward we go, beginning a new flight, another climb to master. We are just commencing. 0lflfLWfL8lfLC8lflfL8lfLf mg Qf'09l"6LlfVL Monday A Friday Senior Play Senior Ball 'Tuesday Saturday Senior Picnic Alumnae Reunion Wednesday' Sunday Marys Day Baccalaureate Address 'Thursday Monday Class Day Graduation CLASS DAY CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS Daisy chain CLASS DAY OFFICERS MARSHAL ..... .,.,. P atricia M. Dowling OHATORM . .,,. Marita D. Brunton PROPHET ,.,. ...... L eona M. Lachac POET i,,..... .i.. M argaret M. Swords HISTORIAN .,.. ...... A lice T. Murray WILL ...... ..........,.., D orotliy M. Callahan SONG ..... ........... D orotliy M. Kelly, Mary jane Flood H541 aa. I 'Q l 6 ' 1 1 is , iv . 5 3- if ' I .,. 'S Mary McManus, lunior Class president, and Avis planting the l946 Elm tree TREE ORATION The world of tomorrow rightfully looks for help in the solution of its problems to those of us who are being graduated from the College of Our Lady of the Elms this commencement season. Never before in the history of man have we been so strongly convinced that we do not live for ourselves alone. Throughout the entire world there is suffering, destitution, and poverty unparalleled in the record of man. Those people, whose senses have been dulled and stupefied, whose emotions have been torn and stretched to the point of complete unbalance, are the people with whom we are going to meet and to mingle to form a new world. These distorted minds look to us for leadership. We have been thrown the torchl l-low fortunate we, the Senior Class of l946, are to have had four years in the blessed sanctuary of the College of Our Lady of the Elms. Our technical education has been enriched by the spiritual. We have acquired not only the enlargement of knowledge, such as we will need to face the future, but we have received a spiritual balance under the Divine guidance of God through our devoted teachers. lust as our tree which we have now planted spreads its roots for the nourishment and food to sustain it and lifts its arms to God for eguanimity to balance it, so, too, have we drawn from the rich, wholesome storehouses of our Alma Mater and grown and developed in spiritual and mental knowl- edge. Let us, the Senior Class of Forty-six, promise each other as we go forward, never to forget the Catholic ideals of Our Lady of the Elms. ln this manner the world may be assured of our leadership and whole-hearted co-operation in restoring peace on earth to all mankind, Marita D. Brunton l l55 l Antonio . . . Bassanio .... Shylock .... Lorenzo . . . lessica .... Portia . . . Nerissa .... Gratiano ...... Duke ot Venice .... Prince of Morocco .... Prince ot Aragon .,.,, Salanio c....,.,. Salarino . . . Saierio .,.. Launcelot . . . Gobbo . . . Tubal . . , Leonardo .... Balthasar . . . Stephane .... Servant ..., Servant .... Cfaolor ..,,... Stagecratt ...., Costumes ..... Publicity . Tickets ..., Director . amor THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Cast ot Characters . . . .Ruth Kennedy . . . .Patricia Bardsley . . . . .Lois Boland . . .Patricia Dowling . . .Catherine .Quinn . . . . .Avis O'Donnell . . . .Bertha Stone . . . . .Patricia Brophy Virginia Murphy .. . . .Alice Murray . , . .Therese Hafey . . . . .Eveline Breault . . . .Annette Stanton . . . .Anne McAlpine . . . .Claire Geddes . . . .Marie Senecal . . . . .Leona Lachat .. . .Dorothy Kelly . . . .Marianne Street Elizabeth Sulliiiaii Helen Fitzgibbons Dorothy Callahan Mary Louise Fanning . . . .jane Reinhard, Margaret Swords . . . .Marita Brunton, Esther Dillon 11561 Mary jane Flood Mary Donohue . . . .Claire Syner At Iortes cottoge, our tovorite resort, otter or quick swim enior icnic ff 'A 'O ffm' 'W Port, Iirmy, ond Dot As they went rowing olong Mory Lou, Ruth, Port, ond Mem I 157 I Cfom J4144 for Some of the history makers When the history of the Class of 1945 comes to be recorded in the annals of our college, there will be one word more outstanding than all others Written-a word which might Well be considered the keynote of the Senior Class of '46, The mere saying "farewell" is synonymous with the saying of "Senior", for though we graduates were oft reticent to admit this truth, with each lovely happening of this past year we were actually whispering good- bye to our Alma Mater, Since fresh Septembereand almost without our knowing-the tall, graceful letters of our parting expression have slipped silently into place. Fulfilling our fondest and rnost expectant dreams, they imply far more than a Seniors adieu, Rather do they bear the cherished memories of an unfor- gettable year - a year which, to our Way of thinking, was "slow in the coming" but Hquick in the passing". F-the first important letteremajestic in its height, recalls the fun and frolic of initiation night! And frolicsome it was-that memorable Saturday evening when fiction turned fact and the story-book version of Disneys "Snow White" became a wholesome realityl Spirited freshmen enacted their roles in a performance which offers a challenge to prospective Elmites, while direction was ably undertaken and managed by officious but well-meaning seniors. Yes, this was the occasion which the graduates had anticipated all during their college years, it was the moment when we faced the almost incredible but all-Wonder- ful fact-we were Seniors at lastl A means simply the aura of prayer which permeated that autumn air. 11581 How spiritually beautiful retreat-time was and how precious were the hours of those fleeting October days! Like the traditional calm which comes after the storm was the reception of this peaceful interlude following the hustle- bustle activities of September and curriculum readjustment. 'Twas then we were made wealthy, not in the monetary sense of the word, but rather were we rich in the treasury of graces and blessings which poured forth in unlim- ited abundance. R stands out boldly, recording in red the rush and rejoicing of great days ahead! A prosperous future indeed loomed forth with such events as the Elmata Dance and "lane Eyre" holding prominent places in the college spotlight. From all corners of the campus issued hearty and well-deserved praise for a social function which has yet to be equaled and for a dramatic enterprise which added another feather to the cap of Verdeorol E reflects the elegance, elation, and renown which came to us as Seniors in donning cap and gownl Words scarcely suffice to express the honest sentiments of the graduate on that October Sunday when the symbolic garb of Senior became officially her own. As a soldier boasts of his uniform, so did we boast of our academic dress. Proudly have we worn it, and proud forever shall '45 be of this integral part of her college wardrobe. W tells of the wonderful prom which followed exams-then, too, soon was gonel Morale builders "par excellence" might well have been the title ascribed to the luniors after their very spectacular prom which transformed the col- lege into a galaxy of rainbows and has had us chasing them ever sincel E reappears in ecstasy clad evoking remembrance of tribute to Dad. As someone has so aptly expressed it, St. Patricks Day this year truly was a red-letter day in green. Fathers and daughters together participated in the mirth and happiness of one of Sodality's most outstanding and successful achievements. When March l7th drew to a close, so, too, closed one of the most cherished chapters in the history of '46 L implies the lovely spring when the Glee Club raised its voice to sing. And well was there reason for singing! lt was perfectly evident that our joyous reaction to the Easter Ball could not be contained in our hearts, and so it was rendered in song in a concert which astounded the severest music critics. L again stresses our love now and ever for dear Alma Mater which time cannot sever. There was a time when commencement for us was a dream, but now as Seniors we are awakened to its honest reality. The word which for so long was but a shadow in space is now as clear as time can tell- Our Lady of the Elms . . . we say "Parewell"l Alice Murray I 159 l CKHLZM I BE IT REMEMBERED that I, Dorothy Mary Callahan, a Senior at the College of Our Lady of the Elms, in the city of Chicopee and county of Hampden in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being of sound mind and memory, but knowing the uncertainty of life, do make this my LAST WILL AND TESTA- MENT, hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made FIRST: To our most beloved Bishop and Reverend President, Thomas M, 0'Leary, D.D., we give our eternal gratitude for having enjoyed the privilege of being students at the College of Our Lady of the Elms. We are not un- mindful of the many hours of ceaseless toil and worry which our beloved Bishop spent in establishing this institution of higher learning where Gods choicest truths are unfolded and our character molded after the blessed character of the Mother of God. We hereby give to His Excellency our undying pledge of spiritual remembrance during the natural term of our life. SECOND: To our beloved Vice-President, Reverend Doctor Iohn R. Rooney, we give and bequeath the gratitude of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-six for his fatherly guidance of all of us at the College of Our Lady of the Elms, and we hope and pray that he will always experience the choicest of life's blessings. THIRD: To Reverend Mother Iohn Berchmans, S.S.l., and the Reverend Sisters of Saint Ioseph we give our heartfelt thanks for the learning, patience, and unselfish example extended to us during our four years' stay at the college. Their life has been the personification of the blessed heart of our dear Virgin Mother and they alone, of all teachers, can truly sit by the side of our Blessed Mother and truly impart her lessons. FOURTH: To our Professor of Religion, Reverend Doctor Ieremiah Sheehan, esteemed by all the students, we leave our deepest appreciation for his learning, his unfailing kindness, and his ever-willing spirit to help us out at any time during our stay here at the College of Our Lady of the Elms. We shall never forget him . . . we shall always cherish his memory. FIFTH: To our Professor of Philosophy, Reverend Doctor George Shea, we give our everlasting appreciation for the many, many hours of scholastic philosophy so patiently imparted to us. Doctor Shea is a true apostle of Saint Thomas and we can never repay him for his kindness, his learning, and his good example. SIXTH: To the Faculty of this, our college, we leave our appreciation for the countless hours they have spent with us during these past four years. Your many acts of thoughtfulness and kindness made many a dark moment take a lighter hue. The interest you showed on our behalf and the aid you extended to us on so many different occasions will always be remembered by us, the Class of '46, with grateful hearts. SEVENTH: To the Undergraduates of this college we give and bequeath all the joy and happiness that has been in our hearts and minds during our four years at O. L. E. Now we are leaving you . . . the time has gone by so quickly . . . our departure is drawing nigh. In our farewell we leave to you, the underclassmen of O. L. E., the charge to nurture the ideals set before you, to make the most of each moment of every day, for they will slide quickly by. Inculcate in your hearts the principles of Catholic womanhood and be true to Our Lady of the Elms. This is the charge we leave to you. H601 EIGHTHZ ln the presence of the members of the Senior Class l hereunto subscribe our seal in the year of Our Lord, l946. The Senior Class of O. L. E. Dorothy Mary Callahan, Class Attorney Cfdifff 08100, lnto the golden past of yesterday Have slipped the carefree days we loved so well. lt is with deep regret and heavy hearts That from our lips must fall this sad farewell. We've cherished our four years within these halls. Learning, friendship, truth we found were ours, But quickly did the days swell into years. The time proved short when filled with happy hours. Clothed in our new-found knowledge, bold we stand With hopes undaunted and with hearts so true M A challenge to a newly-conquered world. O Alma Mater, we'll keep faith with you! I N611 CLASS PROPHECY lt is a Saturday afternoon in Iune, 1956. The sky is a bright, clear blue and not a cloud is to be seen anywhere. All nature is bursting with joy as the warm rays of a golden sun beam down upon it. The air is calm and peaceful- no noise pierces the stillness. Suddenly the trees, whose leaves had not stirred all day, begin to wave back and forth in a strong wind which seems to have arisen from nowhere But, it hasn't. Here is the cause now - Kay Quinn's new ROCKET, designed by Bertha Stone, foremost designer in the world. Bertha's ideas are so far advanced, and change so often, that the older airplane companies haven't been able to keep up with her. She has had to form a company of her own. Kay, who has always been on the lookout for better and faster means of transportation bought Bert's new plane for her extensive travels between Springfield and Alabama. Kay is doing historical research work in the South, but she likes to fly to Springfield for week-ends. On this particular Saturday afternoon, Kay and Marie Senecal are flying over the Springfield area, taking in all the beauties of nature before landing at the home of Mrs. Norbert Neffinger, the former Miss Avis O'Donnell. Avis is holding a reunion of the Class of '46 today. Mike, who is chief photographer for the Springfield Union, is to take pictures of the event. She is well armed for the task with her atomic camera invented by lane Reinhard. This camera, which is worn as a ring, not only takes pictures but develops them at the same time. lane has made millions overnight with her idea. Well, the plane is now circling over the Neffinger home. Slowly it begins to glide downward, right over the mirror-surfaced swimming pool surrounded by huge maple trees, then comes to a sudden stop on the lawn in back of the rambling white house. Kay and Mike are first met by Virginia Murphy, the present Mrs. Donald Hurley. Says Iinny, "Avis is in the house taking care of her twin baby boys. Believe me, she's glad now that she majored in chem- istry. l-ler training in proportions and measurements certainly comes in handy in preparing formulas for those two. l came early to help her with the dishes for this affair." "Where's the rest of the crowd?" says Kay. "Most likely in or near the swimming pool," replies Iinny. "lt's such a hot day that everyone is seeking the coolest spot available. Betty Sullivan seems to be the center of attraction there right now. She's one of the leading reporters on the New York Times, you know, and she's got some news about quite a few other members of our class. Let's go over and join the girls." Down near the pool Betty is besieged by questions. "Whats this we hear about Eveline Breault winning the Nobel prize for literature?" asks one. "Evie wrote one of the best French novels of the year about college life," replies Betty. "I believe it was entitled 'Les Ormes Apres Dix Heures' or 'Girls, Put Out That Light'. Others who have distinguished themselves in the field of literature are Alice Murray and Claire Syner. Alice, who has been hailed as America's most prolific writer, recently published her latest collection of poems in two volumes of five hundred pages each. Claire has considerably shaken the foundation of the field of education with her amazing text on 'The Proper Method of Teaching Mathematics'. This book is dedicated to the practice- teachers of math. at the Elms. "On Broadway, Ruth Kennedy is making quite a name for herself as a portrayer of character roles. Ruth received so much practice during her four years at the Elms that producers find that she can play those parts so well that she is the highest paid stage star at present. Marita Brunton is in New York, too. She is making excellent use of her dancing and mathematical ability as assistant manager of the Rockettes. tiezi "By the way, are any of you girls going to attend Mary lane Floods concert at Carnegie Hall next week? She has just returned from a tour of South America. Helen Fitzgibbons, who speaks Spanish so fluently, went along as Mern's manager. While in Rio de Ianeiro they met Dr. Marianne Street, who has been doing bacteriological research in that region. Marianne, who likes the country down there, said that she intends to come up North for the summer and spend some time at the Fanning and Haley exclusive summer resort out on Cape Cod. Mary Lou and Tessa decided 'way back in '45 that there was no place like the beach and so they decided to make a lifetime occupation of staying there. When the weather gets cold, they go down to Florida to bask in the sunshine. What a life!" A luxurious limousine can now be seen winding up the road to the Neffinger home. Who can the occupant be? Why, it's Lois Boland, newly-appointed Secretary of the Treasury, and Margaret Swords, inventor of an automatic slide rule for physical chemistry students. Lois obtained her position because of her excellent method of taking care of the Sodality funds during 1945 and '46. Swordsy has been of invaluable assistance to Lois with this amazing slide rule which will figure out any problem in the winking of an eye. This gadget might also come in very handy to Pat Dowling, who has her share of difficul- ties in the Internal Revenue Department in Washington. Swordsy tells us that on the way up from Washington she and Lois stopped in New York to shop. Of course, they stopped in Dorothy Callahan's Depart- ment Store to buy some of the most distinguished gowns designed by Pat Bardsley and modeled by Mary Donohue. "Bards" is the leading designer of gowns in this country and Dot's store has become famous as the source of Bardsley's originals. Dottie Callahan saw Dorothy Kelly just the other day Kell was shopping for her trousseau. It seems that life is going to be "Gay"-er for her quite soon. "Speaking of weddings, Mr. and Mrs. George Bissonnette will be celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary soon," says Esther Dillon. "It seerns that Ann is quite busy redecorating her home and trying to keep George, jr., under control. just the other day she had to pay a visit to the eminent child psy- chologist, Patricia Brophy, to find out what could be done about juniors temper. Pat, who has a special knack for handling children, solved the diffi- culty quite well, and Ann's worries are now over." "What are you doing now, Esther?" asks Avis. "Oh, I am chief buyer for Annette Stanton's chain of restaurants. I travel all over in search of food. Last week I even had to go to Ashton, R. I., to get chickens at Claire Geddes' poultry farm. She has an enormous thriving business. Her interest in chickens started with that poor little chick that was hatched at the Elms on March 7, l946." And so we find all the members of '46 well off on the road of life-all happy in their particular field of activity. Still they like to look back on college days and recall fond memories. It is their sincere wish that succeeding classes may follow in their footsteps and attain as much success, ever keeping in mind the words of our Alma Mater song: "Be our light, our guide, our friend always. Lead us on our path each day. Dear C. O. L. E., ever our pride be, To your name we'll bring fame. On life's way, your lessons we'll defend. On your strength we'll e'er depend And raise your emblem, its standard hold, For we love it, revere it, our Green and Gold." Leona Lachat And as for our prophet, we are wondering just how she will use this data in her classes of experimental pedagogy at her Alma Mater. jisaj eniozf ga! COMMITTEE General Chairman Marie Senecal Ex-Officio Avis O'Donnell Decorations Mary Louise Fanning Publicity Patricia Brophy Refreshments Ruth Kennedy Music Mary Donohue Programs Therese l-lafey A starry lune night with much of that silver moonlight. Such was the night of our Senior Ball. A gleaming marble rotunda opening onto a moon-bathed campus, soft liquid music filling the calm night air, dreamy gowns contrasted with for- mal masculine attire, and there you have the scene of the last formal class function of Forty-six. muuQ...- . . . Vv'lien tlie deep purple falls Over dreamy college walls." 1154 0LCCOL !0LlfLIf'80L i8 SLM UL? As we pause in fleeting farewell, we glance hack in retrospect on our years at our college. The strains of "Praise to Thee, O Lord" are fading away and our Baccalaureate Sunday is coming to a close. We leave the college with our degrees commending us for four years' work. The memories of our years here, the benefits reaped from the study of God and man, and our ability to trust all things in God is strong armament for our years along life's rough way. The end of the ceremony in the church was followed by a gathering of our parents, relatives, and friends. Their happiness in our success made our own twicefold. lmbibed with the spirit of our convictions we look ahead to a future resplendent in glory. Il g mf: Baccalaureate Sunday A I 165 I .mega 6255414 Sgma R The national scholastic honor society, Delta Epsilon Sigma, in A which the College ot Our Lady ot the Elms was granted a Charter A Chapter, the Alpha Gamma, was tounded to afford recognition and A ,, encouragement to high scholarship and Catholic culture among the Q ' students and the graduates of Catholic colleges and universities. it The society receives its name from the Greek initial letters ot the Aristotelian phrase, rendered by St. Thomas as "Sapientis est ordinarew, ie., "It is tor the wise man to set things in order." Those selected from the Senior Class tor membership are Eveline R. Breault, Dorothy M. Kelly, and Avis E. OlDonnell. The ceremony of induction took place on Alumnae Day in the Alumnae Room ot O'l.eary Hall. The new members were presented with the otticial key and diploma by the president ot the Alpha Gamma Chapter. 'U X ng 5'5" M 5? --1. EV C. Walsh, 442, L. Ryan, '45, D. lflulry, '44, Eveline, Avis, K. Shea, '43 l 1661 .!4ffLlf1fLVLOL8 OFFICERS PRESIDENT: Gertrude Flannery VICE-PRESIDENT: Virginia Campbell SECRETARY: lvfrs. Howard Mzirpliy' TREASURER: Agnes Cassidy CHAPTER PRESIDENTS BERKSI-IIREI Katlierme Vvlalslz f BQSTQNZ Nlrs. Kathryn Brophy Lyons L NORTHAMPTON: fayne Crean SPRINGFIELD: Margaret Caltalan I rj - WORCESTER: Helene Butler A' A N'-by it QV s N, . X ef - C. Gertrude Flannery President, Parent Alumnae As prospective members of the Alumnae we Seniors directed our interest to their affairs. Thus it was with due appreciation that we thanked the Alumnae for the tea given in our honor the last Sunday of March. Amidst shining silver and china we found new friends, ones most highly prized, Our years here at school have been filled with the choicest of blessings and joys. May our years as members of the Alumnae Association be as fulll M. McDonough, '33g Avisg Gr Flannery, '34 I IE57 'qi --I .5131 .Q . . 1, ., nw, xi ,.'fwQfm:gQ Q ik 1. 'iWaiting For the Mail To Come In" 2. 'xThere's a Great Day Corning" 3. "Why Dont We Do This More Often?" Night and Day" ive Got My Eye On You" -keeping tabs on the trosh Friendship' '-just a perfect blendship 7. "Some Sunday Morning" 8. 'iWhistIe While You Work" "5 9. "Personality" 5 . A 'K nf-P' 'f"" W-xx +o H. Q- ' "' at " 8 7 1 'Leis Take Gonna Take A Sentiznenial Tcurnej: Tea For T:-.ro and Tvro For Tea -- Freshman-Tunior Tea There were Ten Pretty Girls' Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, Irs Off To School They Go" -Frosh Initiation lust Give ffe The Sharp e T"e l-.4 -V ..4.- . 1 - f . Lei It Snow, Let It Snow" The Long Way Horne" , We Three" VVhiTe Stroll- ing Through the Park One Day' H - 11 1 QQ' ' 7' , 'T ' Q ,, , . 3.I.qi,!':L x 'gt Q... . if Ji, si wzffci. r mi "Q Q ,MW-1"-axawi 'S 5- was ff wir , 'K X i., 20 Gother ln Together Girls" Give Me A Little Smile, Will Yo', Hon?" 'Going My WCW?" 22. 'Why Don't You Do Right?" After Lights, After Lights, Whot Goes On In The Dorm After Lights?" 21 24. "lust A sittin' On A Log" Row, Row, Row Your Boot" 26. "We Boise Gur Cups, ond Now We Drink It Down"-To linny ond Don 27. "Time On Our I-londs" swf.. , .1 i ,Ma-" y . Q -v,,f px, A fa:-f"""' gina 'T' .mu-.... gl Give Our Regards To Chicopee ln The Middle of May Coininenceinent Week Ill Never Sinile Again A Pretty Girl ls Like A Melody" Along The Westover Trail' Walking ln The Winter Wonderland" Caps And Gowns In Black And White' Throw An- other Log On the Fire" Lay That Mustard Down, Pat" Yi. - -' vu , .5 -.---.-.--.....-m...... .-.,,..., ar ,, ..- Ag f ,, s 'W' , ,. I -s ,,. . If f., - ' ffw Q fo? 1 if uf'-gr . j' . 3 - S - - V , 1. v 1 ,W-f'. - ' , "", xv' HQ, vnu , ' N' 'il' an f Q J 1 W, x ', ' f . f fa rg y , ' 1 .Q 1 ,. l 45' Y . , f s ,wh xi , 1 , A ' ' 1 'I .WJ ' Om Lady of the Elms . . . lead as on our path each day." I 1721 5, .- THE Faffwna, To you who have aided us in our Work We are deeply grateful. This book is a printed realization, a token of our dreams Corrie true. Through you ii has been made possible. 796 I M W I N W W 0 N W W N N N f BEST WISHES of the ALUMNAE of the R DY LA R GU OF LLEGE C0 CF THE ELMS to the 1946 OF SS CLA NIOR SE S E5 i 5 ix Ei E N R N S Q Ei Ei X 5 N 3. N ls li I N 3: if ri PE Q 31, 'Q S2 Q N if Em Q N is ' 11741 W W -C9 nm -X6 S 7 W N E S M E P W M 0 A C Q9 2 E v 5 E CHU. ard O. Bourb W Ed Hon. Y Q Q 2 S s Q 3 Q Q Q 2 s Q 2 Q Q Q X Q X Q X I M W 3 M W W W W f JJ W W M W I N W N N J H751 , 42711 J J ,dv v 7 A A ,435 ,, 4, ,ik , ,,Zf efZ:'c'f?' 4, , ie? 3'E?Z?'c'1E,?'4S"c'2' IDD: nib-9 S HIT GN tp 5' v on 4 fu ip o Cmrzplimcnts of . . . DREIKORNS BAKERY J' .l.7J.7J' Q Q S Q Q Q Q Q X Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 'Q S Q Q Q 1 E -f.7'-f' A A 's.A'!'.A'f'J.7'J:f' .A'f'.f7'.f7'.f.7' .A7'.!.7" .f.7'.A'!'.f.7'.f.7'..A!'..A"f'.!.7'.A7'.4'f' .A'f'.A7'..A'7".f.7J.7" may Arnold 81 Aborn ESTABLISHED 1878 1 Green and Roasted Coffees Teas 1 43 Pearl Street New York l Compliments of l'n:i6g11am'5 QUALITY APPAREL, FURS. and ACCESSORIES 1 FOR MISSES AND WOMEN MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY Estllilislied 18641 Wfater Colors and Crayons Art Materials Handicraft and Teaching Aid For All School Grades Home Otiiee: Springfield, Maiss. NEXV YORK: 200 Fiftli Avenue CHICAGO: S11 So. XIv7.llW.lSl1 Avenue Compliments of S William P. Brown Co. Contractors and Engineers Heating-Pl14mbing- Ventilating 31 Sanford Street SPRINGFIELD. MASS. 1 il N 1 l it ,g'dcG'f"?3f."f'?'c'1'i"-9fc'c'f?'ff'f4f'?'f"c'Q'c'e'e'e',.fp6f226'cfc'e'e'4f'1L'- 1 I I A 1 5j3C'79'pf A 1177 H l QVSVQSQ f" f' T:'f:'f?7:'75'C'f9?'7"??7"f:'2:'7t'4:Q"f!'3" X Q'g'QQv'.g',9'.f',v,oc'fcS 'iz "die wggi QQ' f"5'Q'f'Q'0'S'4'5'f'??97'5'?'ff?'e'c'f:'Yf!5'9' Qi? it 1 t 1?If'2f'9' CHICOPEE SAVINGS BANK D. G. Canty Co. SAVINGS Masons, Supplies, sand and Gravel for C111 purposes CHICQPEE : MASS. 36 Center Street : Chicopee Christmas Club - Tctx Club Mortgage Loans Solicited CCNVERSE- CARLISLE f fl: 'llfo CCUNWAY but COAL COMPANY l 19 Hurisun Avenue 195 Armury Street SP1'i17!llCld. Mass. Plumbing gncl Heating Tel. 6-631 1 CONTRACTORS Exelullve Siles .md Inst.1ll.1t1mi Agents for Timkfll Silent Automatic 1 77 Winter St., Springfield, Mcrss. Oil Burning Equipment A Service fm all types PITOUG POXVER OIL BURNERS i ff?-?' I 178 1 Zi' J' .f.V'.f' .A7' J' .lCf' J' .A7'.!.7'.A'!J.7'.f.7' .A7'.f.7'.!.7'.A7'.!.7'.l.7'.!' J.7'.f.7".A'f'J.7'.f' .!.7'.f.7'.f' .A"f!-V' -ff' .Cel N l x r f t r I I J l J J gl .wsagf D Attleboro Massachusetts gy U T H CLASS RINGS AND PINS Q if l CIIMMENCEIIIEIST ANNIIUNCEMENTS lg 5,07 BELMQNT AVENLIE l DTPLlTfX,T,'XS'TjERSllN.XL CARDS Q MEIMLSWSETRIIPHIES- -CUPS I PHONE 7-1468 CLUB INSIIINIA Represented by S. G. LEE 5 COAL COKE zen BINISISII SI., BSIIEIII, MISS. I I li I ESE A A I 'S ARTHUR BALTHAZAR C . Omplzments of ony cle,-P I CHICQPEE 1 MASS. ' JOHN S' BEGLEY Q ' li RCS. 278 East St., Chicopce Falls, Mass. I HOLYORE' MASSACHUSETTS I E me I TT APA TE I P A Q 4 Compliments of Compliments of S' XI l f BELMUNT P.J.BRAULT Q3 L A U N D R Y I REAL ESTATE AND ' 327 BELMONT AVENUE INSLIRANCE AGENT l Springfield f Mass. Clmicopcc Falls, Mass. A l uE'L'6Tj'fT'll'llg From a Pin to a Safen A I CHARLES W- BRAY BROADWAY OFFICE SUPPLY 4 y Real Estate and Insurance AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY SUPPLlESfSTEEL. WOOD AND I CHROME FURNITURE I STEEL EQUIPIVIENT Q 71 MAIN STREET I U 4 I 55 Vernon Strcct Sp1'1IIgfIcld, MQISS. Q l Tel. 142 Cluicopee Falls, Mass. l Tdcphom 34139 Qi l MICHAEL CTORDONSTEIN ' C C' 1 A H791 I I I 'l l x lg C.,,,,pi,,,.e,.,.S of I CABOT FURNITURE co. Q 233 Exchange Street, Chicopee, Massachusetts S li B U R N A M 7 S JOSEPH KULA, Prop. Q lo, I ri . S 1402 MAIN STREET Complete Home Furnishers SPRINGFIELD, Mass. Q p Phone 1854 Easy Terms Q llg ' Telephone 26969 We Strive to Ple se S 5 L. W. CALLAHAN E 3 is Painting Carr Hardware Co. 2 gi CCI-gtrqctgr l Hardware, Paints, and Household Goods is 4 Plumbing arid Electrical Materi'al and Fixtures Ai 48 Westffiird Circle Springfield, Mass. Q 413 North Street Next to Strand Theatre Q ii TEEEEHONE 34063 4 PITTSFIELD, MASS 3 x S X lf' Compliments of I Center Department 3 l Store 3 it C LIRRQLL CUT RATE S .Q - 3 A mmplete line of M. Ferris U Bro.. Proprietors 5 COSMETICS ond PERFUMES Dfw' C0048 and Clothing Q 5456 CENTER ST.. CHICOPEE, MASS. fi CHICOPEE. MASS 5 T I h mo Q Q3 I eep one -. X I S XJ I EEEeEl--- ll Chapin 85 G'Brien l S A! Emhidlg.. I J. F. CHENEY AND STAFF Q N 4 - X il Jevvelers Incorporated Q The XX'edding Gift Store of Worcester DIASPENSING OPTICIANS S l sm BRIDGE STREET S tl Dlmoxns, jExvELRI', SOLID SILVER SPRINGFIELD j MASS if U6 Main Street. Worcester, Massachusetts p -a I - - f K - 4 4 - I 1801 I 5 IIA. llllx. llllx. 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Co. 2 WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS S 3 fx N 5 M s S S ix N 3 STEAM, HOT WATER AND FURNACE HEATING X Sheet Metal Work a Specialty Crawford Ranges Kitchen Goods Q S 3 X lg efzafafei 14. .fucfcfen eampaxuf Qi A w Plumbing Q l it 2 252 EXCHANGE STREET : CHICOPEE E at ll X N, Q When you are next in need of plumbing or heating-whether new work E or modernizationflet us figure with you N X lm 5 it ll ZZ ' -hstnife ' ,?""A' TA 51831 A ,QQ6eee,13QQe JD c Compliments of -11 C 2 5 PE Fm H352 FU 5 n rn Serving Springfield and Vicinity N , , ,gf e'c2'c'i7"ff'5' gfggiffivzaf,-f,.f tl i W 5 fi JY Y 3 l li I J. F. Kahl Co., Inc. Distznctive-Reliable 5 l Quality jewelers for 65 Years E PITTSFIELD, MASS. 1 Registered jewelers American Gem Society 84 Compliments of Jorczalc's Pharmacy MARKET SQUARE Telephone 8190 KAVANAGH'S was founded by a Catholic immigrant seventyfsix years ago and consistently has sold the highest quality merchanf disc for thc lowest possible price. The courteous service given by this instituf tion c.mnot be surpassed. WM. KAVANAGH FURNITURE CO. Owned and Operated by the Employees 443 STATE STREET, SPRINGFIELD "Original Out of the High Rent District Furniture Store" g8Z5'??5'??9T S l .df .AV'.A7' .A7'.!.7'.!.7'.f.7'.A7'.!' ..Cf'.!.7'.!' J.7'.f' -,Cf J' i .A7'.!.7' .A7'.AV' .A7'.A'f' .A'f'.A"!' .A7'.A7'.!' .J.7'.l.7' .A"!' 3, ,, r, .I ,,- , QE 6 2 XJ' I W, ,f' S E E It I '1 if IIIsIIr.IIIcc of all kinds to mcct your A 5 SQ pcrsonnl and business needs. il S CIIIIIITIIIIIQIIIE tl I Tu of is 5 5 OP Q I MARKET I I 1? Q, I A A MacDonald S Shea, Inc. Q I It fl THIRD NATIONAL BANK BUILDING N Y I Q I I E Q HOLYOKE fi? gu I . . is Natlonal Llbrar I if McAuslan SL Wakelln I u Y E5 S Bmdery Co. Q u DEPT' STGRE West Springfield Massachusetts if QI 'Y ...A STORE 2 YQUSLL LIKE T0 VISIT Bibles cmd Prayerbooks I AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY Buuuufuuy Buuuu 5 Pi -'I MAAIN ENTRA-XNCE ON DXVIGHT STREET TCICIWIIOIIC 377145 E5I4ltWlIShCd 1925 Corner Maple St., HOLYOKE I , E, E ,E Jfwesfsfeeeefeffffffeffeeffefeeefffieeiw I 185 ,di 1 i E- , ,EE F? X . Q Compliments of X BEVERA 1, CES R . E2 CIUCUPCC Hat Sh0PPe GOLDEN and PALE DRY it GINGER ALE A 33V2 Center Street it . CI-IICOPEE SODA COMPANY Q Cl'11COpGG I Mass. CHICQPEE, MASS' Q Telephone 605 'S E 1 it li 1 K l X 5 . . 1 3 3 CIW Tire Company 1 COLONIAL CATERER 3 QQ U, 5, TIRES 1 WEDDINGS BANQUETS PARTIES Q 1 S il E Edna M. Jerrold g gi TELEPHONE 711419 p Q ll 218 Dwight St., Springfield, Mass, l 1464 STATE STREET TEL. 66288 Q k Rccappmg - yulwmzmg SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 2 93 l Q ll l Compliments of Q Inc. l Q ix Dealers fn l james Dowd 8: Son 1 'S Plumbinv and I l I Heating Silpplies H S U 7 a H C 6 i A sz EMERY STREET y ' 1 SPRINGFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS l HOLYQIXE' MASS' ' 5 l 1 A See 1 it ALFRED E. DUNLOP 1 ig p Compliments of I it , 4 . , S 1 Eddle s Meat Market g 1 mi l X 'K X i WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Q 1 ii: GRAPE STREET GHIGOPEE Q 3 l x 5?-" S 1181-31 E ' . S 'T T" T f ' T I ' ' it Conzplirnents of I ELECTRIC BAKE SHOP "Fresh Every Day - Baked the Electric 'XVay" NORTHAMPTON : MASS. Compliments of FOLEY PAPER CO. 385 LIBERTY STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASS. J Phone 351 It MLLE. GAUTHIEQ 26 Center Strcct Chicopec, Mass. HOSIERT, MILLINERT, and LADIES' UNDERWEAR Compliments of GLENWOOD LUNCHEONETTE SPRINGFIELD, MASS. II 1 I I 4 1 FIELDIS HARDWARE f MOORE'S PAINTS-KEM-TONE A GLASS-TOOLS-SEEDS HOUSEWARES-HARDWARE 56 EXCHANGE ST., CI-IICOPEE, MASS. If CQMPLIMENTS A UF A FRIEND A Cornpliments of Y GLENWOOD I FOOD CENTER SPRINGFIELD, MASS. I JOHN E. GRANFIELD at SONS N Real Estate and Insurance T 60 Springiicld Street, Chicopcc, Mass. I I ARTHUR J. WILLIAM T. Q? 87 I x -667 2 PQI-,ez 5 V! 75 LX W fl F S K Compliments of I . P. SAM PSON 730 STATE STREET SPRINGFIELD f f MASSACHUSETTS 5 Af A ff?f2ff2vwfffWza1e4nQQW 4',fQ84-1Q2222Qfaiaae2S H881 ' ' ' ' H QPQQQQZ' A E' " 6d56d6E K' ' " A T?1?Q3J5'5'4!' cf4Se'i'5'3'ii?'1e',6e,1':',-45' , -, S . - , . ,-P0'Lt'155!f!'f!x!'xW POMEROY COAL and QIL COMPANY EMERALD STREET CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS N I A O B jdmcs O'B Leo . Simard feweleff SUFFOLK STREET HOLYOKE, MASS. 1'555e'Pf" , Eff' . A 1 ue' V . ,f A A 0 V f 51891 ,dc 'P' 9'25'i'9'?Z"' 5MiI'e"e32 v A V Compliments of RIVOLI THEATRE Chicopee, Mass. Conzpliflzefztf of J. G. Roy Lumber Company w 1 190 3 phone 7fOO14 ROVELLFS Springfieldfc Leading Restaurant 17Of174 Vxforthingtou Street Springfield : Massachusetts JOHN F. SHEA Pcrsteurized Milk cmd Cream Buttermilk K 42 NAOMI STREET CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS. 1 4 ,, , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 N J 1 P51 1 D 11 ' ' A , ' ' I O" ,85 A A I . O A ' ' i,e559' O 3iJz45"2"9'fL5'L:' SPRINGFIELD OFFICE D' Sweeney 86 Son SUPPLY CO. 220 Wcimrthi11gt011 Street Everything for the Ojfce SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 1615 Main St. Springfield, Mass. Quality Furniture Since 1910 for Your Entire Home Complnnents of Francis C. Tylunas Compliments of J. Stevens Arms E I SAVAGE ARMS CORPORATION 1 1 1 I f I 159 Bxwmdway Chmopee Falls : Mass. I I CI-IICOPEE FALLS 1 1 Tcl. 1826 11911 fZ5ZB9Pf5dJ9" 1 1 6!f'JfJfii?9 1 :R S r L 1 1 T ,f'je'1339,f3ff'L3,5'4',4'.JfJ6f" III sm me me fb '1 FU' '4 1 : : fb "2 an i I o : 5 fb om imen S 0 THE GRISE FUNERAL HOME Compliments of 333 SPRINGFIELD STREET CI-IIGGPEE. MASS. ,RZIFD Compliments of G ,,,3f3"39 HASTINGS DRUGS 2 O PU O ITJUJ cnc I-T313 Z Q2 Z im cn'-I ?S?Q EES E 5 cn A We Specicrhze m Cuetom Tcrmlormg for Wome jOSEPH'S Tailors and Clothiers S628? G .-.. ff 'TJ ..- .1 .1 .-1 ff J. X VJ, IJ -X .1 ,.. ' 1821-1825 Morin St., 2 Blocks above RR A 1 It ,-Q25 O 1 12 1 12 H 1 '-H O 3 3 'EL 5, N 3 FP VJ O '-Q-. 1 192 GUIMOND'S DRUG STORE Hastings Stationery Store 2-4 Center Street Ghicopee : Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CHAS. NW, KING Prescriptions Carefully Compounded 749 SUMNER AVENUE SPRINGFIELD SPFLD. 2-0082 117 MAIN STREET CHICOPEE FALLS CHIC. 145 . gw T I .I.7'..A'f!.7' 1 1 .A7'.A'f'.f.7'.A'f' .A'f'.l:'!'.l' ..Z'.f'.A'f' .f.7'.A'f'.A'f' -A'f:l'f'.A'f'.Zf:Z7' J' .A'f'.A7'.A7'.A'!'.A'f'.!' ..A'!'.A'fA'f' YR i ,,!,,,., ,,,-.,'E45'9f -V N KOHN BROTHERS, Inc. Q Famous Shoes from Famous Makers jc' 174 North Street Pittsfield, Mass. Branch es 1 Also Dcnpys in Troy. N. Y. Raymond J. LaFIeur Greeting Cards Picture Framing Artist Supplies Stationery Hairdvvzire Paint Vvhill Paper Glass Electrical Supplies 2 f ,?4L5f' 246 EXCHANGE STREET CHICOPEE, MASS, John J. Lynch, lnc. jewelers T T. ,QZQYZQA IJ xl IJ EIJ "1 f-. Cl.. UQ W CD f-v "1 C 0 rv Specxalzsts in the Remounting of Precious Stones Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Compliments of The Supply Department Marine Biological Laboratory 5 , ti t t to S E N S S Q1 te is it XVOODS HOLE. MASS. Snratoggi Springs. N. Y. fGlens Falls. N. Y Vt ii t S it li T W J' ,P ff-7' " fl? If: IE-SEV' 1" -Qfyio 'lt vigil HLEK .Y Lie.LP'1'.5 . T 3.4.31 5140 FRONT STREET CHICOPEE. MASS. Compliments of .2',2f66v,f'a'vQ-1-'4e'1.4446vfof.v4'eC'e'f9'2!?'fVf5'f"T THE LAYMENS RETREAT LEAGUE VJEST SPRINQQI-'1ELp, Massxrzu USETTS F. J. MALONEY Athletic Uutfitter QV! Zvi 333 Dwight Striet p Springfield. Mass. l Compliments T of A Edward F. McDonnell r-a v-I LO 0.3 - 4 Q, 540' Luwp D. FERNALD Boston Stock Exelmnqe A 5 xxx S SXXX' SXSSXX SSSSSSXSXSS SSSSX SSXSS SSXSXXXSXS SSSS Sxxx SSSSX X 'X' 'X' 7 W W W W S M M D M W WA A N W N E A U F I W H M 6 M M W Nsxlsgxgil Xikwxvxxxgqhalklwxtwmgqxxbxlwxqxx Xxxkxlik N XQQ!XNlN3.WtwQQQ!SWlMYit1 KQNSWQQ5 I 5194 S,, I l 'SJ3' I, TAF T OIL COMPANY GASOLINE, MOTOR OILS TIRES RANGE AND FUEL OILS OIL BURNERS CORNER OF LYMAN AND FRONT STREETS HQLYOKE : MASS. Tclcphcmc SJS47 Compliments of Wall-Streeter Shoe Company FOOT PALS ISQEQE NORTH ADAMS - MASSACHUSETTS 1 T 3 T2 TN 3 Q 52 3 5 T it 3 is Q T Q 5 3 UPQRPO .'G'e', -1 MQ if ' gf 10' lifffinfifi' T E in' ,.f,g,Q,Q',,',.f,f,g.:y5z:f,y,g:.f,',8f,v,v,.f,3',Pf9,4 wfffwwilitbid it' fgfg,-'1,s',55'i'e'c'b'e'f'.f,J "Gi ,INN M. J. WALSH 81 SONS General Contractors Holyoke : Massachusetts Nicholas Zeo, Inc. Commission Merchants and Wholesale Dealers 171 FRUIT and PRODUCE Zoo Building Lymm Street Springfield, M.1ss. Worcester Telegram Evening Gazette Sunday Telegram 'WBEN' Radio Station WTAG WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 96 l Y- Av. ,-89' i A 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 X George O. McGlynn, Opt. D. 1 JIM" O'NC1'OPtI D iViitc:l'Iell's Filling Station MCG1ynn 81 O'Nei1 'Serliice l4.'1fl1 I1 CuIIscIeI ei' Bookstore BIIIIIIIII54. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 1 437 SPRINMELD STREET Isss MAIN STREET Plume 2,9514 TCI. W4 EstQI111ished 1910 I Compliments of CUMPLIMENTS I Gerald F. Moran, Inc. OF A FRIEND U 38 Vernon Street Springfield, Mass. AUCTIONEERS APPRAISERS Conzpliments inf E. J. O'Nei1 Agency Insurance and Real Estate A 22 Broadway Chicopee Falls, Mass. Compliments of RIEL HARDWARE CS: MILL Rice SL Kelly Inc. SUPPLY 9 XV. F GARRITY C000 FURNITURE 129 DXVIGHT STREET PITTSFIELD. IVIASS. SPRINGFIELD. MASS. A ,-cvpfp:-c4f,.Gf4Gf' 'Q-'.".'6f'pfi" .f.'f6'ig?I?y'i" v li i LO XI iifff-'.-wfic-fsifof K , ,, , S wi AGS 1S4'5'Q'ff'?7'W3'f"f41'j.'J'e'e'f"f:'E" ,4i35F'?C .P?f c'3f'7"9?'i'9c"fJ9'1f'F'8' C0"'Pl""1fnfS Of SCHERMERHORN FISH CO. Incorporated ROSENFELITS SPRINGFIELD HOLYGKE North Street Largest Seafood Dealers in PITTSFIELD I MASS- Wester11 Massacliitsetts PURE CANDIES RIGHT PRICES SHARP'S CONFECTIONERY Is Guaranteed li These Goods Are Not Satisfactory Return Them to Us Our Ice Cream ls the Cream of Creams WHOLESALE RETAIL OF A SHARP'S HOME MADE ICE CREAM For Weddings, Socials, Showers, etc. 342 Front Street Chicopee. Mass. Tel. 1058 Compliments of T F WALTER M. SHEA FLORIST Atrm'neyfatfLaw CI-IICOPEE FALLS I MASS. 136 State Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments of Solin s Market, Inc. A. J. SPECHT TRAVELERS 1111 Wcst SUCH BRANCH OFFICE CHICQHPEEQ MASSACHUSETTS Sth Floor Security Building 44 Vernon Street Springfield, Mass. L , , , L JJ' , , J' .A7f!.7'.A7' 11981 C4 J.7'.A'f'J' J' l 1 .A7'.!7f.7' J' .f.7Z7J'.!f .A7'.!.7".A7'.A7' e.!'.A'fJ.7'.A'Z'.f7 .f.7".A7'.f' , ..f'.f.7"..A'!Zf'.f' .!.7'.A'lJ' J' J' - .f.7J' f I 1 1 ::5"'fJ8?i832'3'3'1ES55:DEQQPES5'f?S5'5'19:QJ6e'4'f'P',f"A'15'15'f55f3',6it'4f"k'1"14'i'3'occ'o"ff:'Gec".v,-',M5f5ftL!f,+iffmffilfyt I I Q C , Q HAND-SEWN --PRONTOSH ii 1 OH1f"I1771L71f.S of ' Q S -Famous for Fit X . . . . 9 Q. 2 Sprmgiield C1V1I SCTVICC 5 I . 11 Q and Commerc1a1 School I 1 Q 145 State Street, Springiicld W W SPRINGFIELD, MASS. fs TCI' "Mm "More by the Pair-Less by the Year" it I I 'I I 9 f 9wf 9999999 9 9 99 9 9 9 99 e Y 1 1 5 C0mp1ime'r1tS Of if At I I Q? STEWARTS --- WEEKS ffloujgm 11 1341 MAIN STREET Next to Union 'Trust 288 Bridge Street Q SPRINGFIELD I SPRINGFIELD, MASS. I SSSSL, 1 S,.,-iiiiSSS I SS 19 I Compliments of DIAMONDS Imofpomfed WATCHES 1 ' 6 ' 5 ' N I Walter Trybulskl TRUE BRQT1 1lg1x5 151 I . , tleuielevzs IQ w CNY Tfegsufef Esmhillghed 1999 1999 MAIN STREET CHICOPEE I MASSACHUSETTS Pine qucihty-large variety-fair prices IEWELRY SILVERWARE 1 1 Q2 Q CL771ll17I1711E71I.i of church Goods and A B C TAXI CQ. Religious Aiiicies Tcl. C99,,m W 5 1 All drivers Exfscrviccziicn 'tj Greeting Cards, Gifts I Day .md Night wc 256193 Exchmgc St. 203 WORTHINGTON STREET NWN Sm, Clmm Q5 SPRINGFIELD. MASS. 11991 iifijifi S6635 666' 1,129 .f5f5C5',f" ,A?' 4i" 'Ziff'diliI19W,!!i?!Hi?f'J5f!5ff99P?iiiI ,,4'eG3C9,i'f94"'4' W-5551546 o - 297 " MENS SANA INCORPORE SANOH Your years at the College ot Our Lady ot the Elms have equipped you with Iooth a sound mind and a sound body. Keep physically fit by sensible athletic participation throughout the years. SPORTING GCJODS INC. SPRINGFIELD : MASSACHUSETTS NIc1mctl1ct1n'crs of THE SPRINGFIELD LINE of Sporting Goods c',-',94'vJ55e'fQf'4'e'P"'f"!f'Z0'11i?fFif'J9519?l 1?2?d5ffJ'J5d?f'2if927 moot X ' ' Ak , JQ ' A' A f ! ' ' W A A ' 'cad' ' T- Ji' and rn 35' ru Z Q O Q2 5 Lg -1'U :U L55 ,ln TC- 3 n-IF: 222 Ibm yi-:l'l?l'? cn Qm gm l"'1 525 '-Il 3 8 C .-3 I." IT1 UD 'L' 'S :O hi UQ :J fb a-I D- C75 I is 0 FT' Q ? 2 C5 2 P P E fi E 5 G as I C 21 SD ig U1 sc 5 E. 3 S S E' 'S EST :L Q' '3- ': 9- ? Q- E 37' E U1 92 2- U1 Q Q G 3 O C Q U2 5 2 3 U1 l Estalmlislued Employment Service I 630 MAIN STREET HELEN CYKEEFE, Director ,AY 36 Trumbull Street VJILLI.-XM C. LYNCH, Mgr. Teleplume Zf-1126 WQRCESTER f f MASS. E I I compzfmms of 'I BRIDGWAY CHARLES HIGHLAND KIMBALL II OAKS 2 PIONEER I SHERATQN Q35 SPRINGFIELD I VICTORIA I Members of THE SPRINGFIELD I-IQTEL ASSOCIATICDN ' . , , , l2U1l , -E S, , 689' v R'828c' IIIIJSSIJSOIT EFI Bc Q 1 1 GRIIVIHG CO. P14107 0 'EHGRHVERS 'DESIGNERS 'RETOUCHERS nes 6-4 5 7 8 ' 77 WORTHINGTON sn Pho 6- 4 57 9 SPRINGFIELD MASS. .Qt Zu Wictwbe 'Zlowz Pfwduct FOR "Plumbing of Stabilityv CALL OR SEE ALBERT E. MAYER 4113 MAIN STREET SI RINC FIELD. MASS. X 1 Ai S 'E' 3 A "e'1:'f5f"!:'f:'f:'ff'ff'?7f"5'f"f:Q E IZUZI 2 I 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 I I 1 2 2 2 Q2 2 2 2 2 I 1 2 2 1 I 2 'Q 2 2 2 2 2 R I 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 l 1 2 2 2 2 'Q 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 I 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 29" 66 ' I I' li"f7i?875?" 9 AAQQLQ'-'f T' ,,6ddeJ""AAL8? ,0'f9'f'5'f3'f3' 1383 MAIN STREET SPRINGFIELD. MASSACI-IUSETTS -. , , M IllNvNX8.Ewlpp0NkSvQlhihiwwwiixiQshtlxlxlwwQqgbxlkhigiixbxii ky 5 I IZOSI x- v gm. v 5 ,S w M .. In I Wi Mg 'fg- M? 4,1 X5 v 'Q- 4. ,, Us f ' rv ,ff fix'-3 , , ,SN .K gf'-'33 - ,z-?'Mif'v' fx 5 iff ,. - 4 .-ygpv-f' 1 9 A2 I? 'jg I ls' 1 f Q Q. ll A gl! 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'I ' Q A Pe- v 4 K . , la i -1 f .3 , ggi' W '- 34, - b WV ,E Q . . Q , , ' lf ,ri f 4 ,, J ,4 QA' . QM, 1 Q vfxfia , Q ' r,-1 -. ., v 'fl ' s. . ,Q 4 5 " X C, a any . , '1 .f'qf!,':K.. . .-.V 'L Y' fa, , tk, sw , , ,fl HA ' 'N - 1 Q :A 6 'WA a ry fm a. My A H 'S rw 4 sv dv-1 ff ' ,1 5 ' 1' . Y Q i-lg ifwvl vb' rv 1 0 1 if 'L ef?

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