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 - Class of 1945

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'!3iiEf347'kfE!+E E , 2 E 5 E s 2 .2 X ,z E 5 4 , E 5 2 5 5 21 E 3 if a x 2. Ei 2 ' ?2i.S"EE?4i'Z"f .H4 -O .Len .9 ... n , . ,Qc f 3' " I W Q 4 a. al. u O . l S o , f , . I 5'l', 'E-1 A Q o o . .. "Q 4 . 'I O 4 an ' 1 "' ' J- ' Q 1 v I 9 f I Q Q Vx s 1 1 -.. '.A T 's 4 - 373-ff, gl exft - l'i'l E 1945 E LI AATA osz W gl X 'Z'-1 QQ 5 2 -92 ,f""'v-V-5, 1' 4 xxx ff f"w 'T A Xe .. E3 Q Q fy! if-, v-..:.g-39 . X Q g - , M -.. ff f COLLEGE OF OUR LADY OF THE ELMS CHICOPEE o MASSACHUSETTS J AW .1 fy ff f ff 'l'f'L 'ff ff wx, f"'Ne-1 '-Mm., n .X 'W 'JY wfwmx ff , , ., , 5','A5,+5iqQf3 . -"1:2,t:f5.,.1.'1.f , J - , . .--QM -..:' f:1" K' ' Lp, " 5 7' ,C sz.. -' "" P'5?- "M C 'V . N ' " 'F flu ' .M . 4. Am AX Lx' 'af AHA W-My favs ..nem....... f f Fmfewom' Behold the portals ot learningl These are they, behind whose broad and bland exterior swift days of college lite have passed, as in a dream. Within the sanctuary they sentinel, a thousand other doors lie open-doors to wisdom, to culture, to friendships, to ideals, to the innumerable treasures ot the mind, Comes lune, the ponderous gates will swing back, and another graduating class tiles forth. Into a world ot sunlight and shadow they will take their hopes, their courage, yes, and something more. They bear with them a heritage, the priceless benefits gleaned ot tour years ot college living. It is a heritage time cannot alter, nor circumstances attect. The multi-colored, shitting scenes that have been enacted behind these doors can never be recap- tured or recalled, They have already joined the swelling throng in the misty halls ot memory. It is the purpose of this book to open tor one last glimpse these barred doors. One look. It is enough. And we are gone. lfll E., - MES, iv sm., 1 N.. wig ' mg l. gf .f J 1 'Teb'f , 1 of 4 4 S Q K . M 'Sri f '-tw' vi pu. s 'ir-fi 1324 gy, , ,N ,Agjjif .8 , ,-, s , 123' . ,..i'.2, F 1 'ff' K' if :ff 'E wifi I F2 'a 1 . 5 ,4 vm. i L. 'J' rf- -- ff--Q 7, WWW... ...Ag M ?' 5 a EditorfinfC'hief MARY M. MAHONEY Business Manager IOAN E. EISENMANN Associate Literary Editors MARGARET M. HOFFMAN ELIZABETH P. MCDONNELL MARY MARTHA QUINLAN LILIAN A. RYAN To His Exfellency THE MOST REVEREND THOMAS MARY OLEARY, D. D. lust as in the days of old, when the toasts were raised, the cry Went 'round the boards, "To the giver of the feast," so do We offer our toil and the fruits thereof to him who made them possible. To our Worthy President, the Reverend Bishop, then, We dedicate these pages. May the years smile kindly upon him, and may God's blessing descend upon his efforts in behalf of Catholic Education. t6l 5 , , , H15 Excellency THE MCDST REVEREND THOMAS MARY OLEARY, DD Bishop of Springfield T71 L I' For knowledge is a door which none may find, Save by the light of wisdom and an open mind." Faculty MOST REVEREND THOMAS M. O'LEARY, DD. President REVEREND IOHN R. ROONEY, STB., PI'1.D. VicefPresident SISTER MARY LIGUORI, M.A. Dean REVEREND IEREMIAH P. SHEEHAN, B.A., I.C.D. Religion REVEREND GEORGE A. SHEA, B.A., S.T.D., Ph.D Philosophy SISTER HELEN IOSEPH, B.A., M.A., PhD. English SISTER MARY CORNELIUS, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. French, Spanish SISTER TERESA MARIE, B.A., M.A. Mathematics, Physics SISTER TERESA IOSEPH, B.A., M.A. Latin SISTER MARY ANTONELLA, B.A., M.A. History SISTER LAWRENCE MARIE, B.Mus. Music, English SISTER REGINA DOLORES, B.A. Speech, English, Spanish SISTER HELEN CLARE, B.A., M.A. French, Spanish SISTER MARY CI-IRYSOSTOM, B.A., M.A. English, Education SISTER IAMES MARY, B.A. English, German SISTER ROSE WILLIAM, B.A., MA. Latin, Mathematics SISTER CATHERINE PATRICIA, B.A., M.E. History KATHERINE LONG, BS. Physical Education THEMISTOCLES F. ACCONCI, B.A., M.S., M.A. Biology DWIGHT E. MOWERY, Ir., B.A., M.A., PI'1.D. Chemistry MAURICE A, MCLAUGHLIN, B.S., M.S. Chemistry FRANCIS I. CLAEEEY, B.S., M.S. Biology MARY AGNES GOUGH, BS. Librarian IIOI REV. IOHN R. ROONEY, PhD Vicefpresident H11 REV. IEREMIAH P. SHEEHAN, ICD Clwplam, Professor of Religion H21 W- . V, - , 1. ,VW , - . ,fsfwpsx V.,-.vi ' f 1 " - 521, Y .2 1 A 5x,,ff3,ff",a ' 13:1 A 1 . '5 ' :J , .aff , .,.,. JiA,Q44ii,if ' ,ai 2 ' if , E it nf Q Es f V f REV. GEORGE A. SHEA, PHD. Professor of Phzlosoplzy H31 THEMISTOCLES F. ACCONCI Professor of Biology U41 DWIGHT F. MOWERY, PHD Professor of Chemistry H51 MAUHICE A. MCLAUGHLIN, MS Chcmzstry H61 1 E F I 1 1 I i J N FRANCIS I. CLAFFEY, MS Biologv I1 J H71 KATHERINE S. LONG, BS Plz-vslimzl EdllCLlfIO'l'l H81 K x ' M-. -x ,,.. E - - xy: ' sn. 'Lge .F ifi ' 1 Tfg - 1552? 5 5, , ,f --V z ' 1-w ,uw - .25 '19- 4 - 'Q :. "iff .- - 114 . P ' ,.,.. - . ,a I , A MARY AGNES GOUGH, B.S. Librarian I 19 1 filler! 'iOne tlimg have I asked of tlie Lord, tliis will I seek afterg that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all tlie days of my life." These are they whose lives are lived, in the hiddenness of sanctity and sacrifice. As incense, rising from the glowing cinders, the beauty and holiness of their chosen world have filled our days with the sweet scent of devotion. And as incense, waiting ever upward, so the prayers, the gratitude and affection of our hearts, ascend higher the throne of l-lim Who reads all hearts. l2Ul Przren if "Revered, beloved - O you that hold A nobler nffice upon earth Than arms, or power of brain or birth Omilrl give , To you, who have brought us thus far along the path of life with loving care and guidance, We can say but x'Thank You." For this love, this understanding, for the sacrifice this love and understanding entailed, a lifetime would not suffice to repay you. Yet a lifetime is all We can offer, a lifetime devoted to the ideals and aspirations with which you have inspired us. May We prove Worthy to be your children. l2ll i-I LC' f I x X f I i231 'll ll E Fond scenes LUl'l1'C1'l delighted my youthful exzstencel XX'1'th feelings of sadness I bid -Ye acfienf' AIRVIEW OF CAMPUS And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow, Dropping from the veils of the morning . . .U TENNIS COURT So that Sport went hand in hancl with science." l24l -, 5- u I .4 V Qik'..r, ' r V , , Q ,f ,J ' 4' 'LY , ' . Q 111' '. 'Q' V pf r " fly .1 . -'ff ,Y- fii-.4Jf'f. 44" fi' of 7 '7 'V-,' ,inf . ff' in 1 ff . fa I 'I' 2 Q.:-K , . , , . I 3. , . 43:15 49' P It is thou who hast made a light unfailing to rise in Heaven! When He made a cross over chaos, the Omnipotent had thy face before Him, As I have it now in my heart, O great Lilyfflower, pure Virgin! i251 .NA K ' - x ! OUR LADY'S GRCDTTO N Beauty is truthg MEZZANINE LOBBY .. ,ms:r""'. "'f"'7'7A'd'- I U -truth, beauty". CLASSROOM E271 Knowledge is now no more a fountain seal'd,' Drink deep OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT IZSI LIBRARY BIOLOGY LABORATORY T11 SO CHEMISTRY LABORATORY . . . than we dzpt m dl nzetlmzg of the fmnze, the rock e swf, the bud, the fish, the sIzeII, the TIou'c"'. Electrzc, Jzemzc Idzus, and .NI the rest, Ani u'I1.1tS0e1'er um be mzcqlzt .md Ii 7'!OLL'71,u .. -bf ,X Y K fi 29 ,,,- 1, . K Z l v ,N I , W ,. . Il' ,. i . . PHYSICS LABORATORY 'Thus truth was multiplied on truth, the world Like one great garden show'd, And thro' the wreaths of floating dark upcurl'd, Rare sunrise flow'd." l 30 l VERITAS AUDITORIUM 5P:Qf?fE?.'5 A 1 . YS 1-rf-P-Y 3 Q 2? Fair gleams the snow5'altarfclotl1, The silver vessels sparkle clean, The shrill bell rings, the censer swings, And solemn chants resolmcl between" l33l HAPEL I 'i Comrades, leave me here a little, while as yet ,tis early morng OLEARY HALL Leave me here, and when you want me, sound upon the lnugle horn". l32l DINING HALL :ff fav wi "The road, besides, is not easy-for this is no cotton snow Let us go on just the same, by Heaven! To a joyous heart all is good." -L - AZ, A A. BEAVEN I-IALL ST. THOMAS HALL ISSJ i-I 1 n .K Y A S35-Q-1251114 ' H1255 A'-P liv,v19L2if-V' ,wam'.'i'-I V 3.gs.ic:1"i'E ' - 1-. L! . . , 5f',ux,2g.1-tad ' hggdolcd uu'BW-?g- slS35!m' e f 'K-In n Mlm 35 'Time cannot change, nor the broad ocean sever Hearts firmly united and loved as our own." JEANNE DIAB IE BLANCIIET Southbridge JEANNE . . . with the dark brown eyes . . . slight of stature . . . sincerely frank . . pursuer of the modern languages . . . active member of Le Cercle Francais . . . possessor of a dry humor . . . quiet in appearance-known to be otherwise . , . Senior mail- carrier . . . hall crier . . . vacations in Montreal . . . generous in the extreme . . . friendliness accentuated. Sodality, Social Action Club, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, CTD 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Athletic Association 4.. l36l t 1 PATRICIA E. BIINNELL Chicopee PAT . . . tall, slim, dark-haired Diana . . . a gorgeous diamond on that certain finger . . . famous for breathless conversations and brilliant recitations . . . astounding and comprehensive back- ground of English literature . . . deep-seated affection for the classics . . . combination of dignity and humor . . . warm friend- liness with dimples . , . a perpetual smile. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Dramatic Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 4. l 37 l 1 v '-'Q' .1 2 FRANCES Nl. BBUYVN Springfield 45FRANNIE' '... dark haired and slight . . . cool reserve . . . independent in outlook . . . laurel-Winning philosopher . . . member ot "Cat" society . . . a Science major With chemical aspirations . . . dry humor , . . equally at home with a test tube or a "T-5' '... daily traveler on the Springfield bus . . . with a ready answer for any remark . . . petite practicality. Sodalityg Social Action Club CVPlg Science Club l, 2, 3, 4. l 38 l , 'laiseil 5 lVlABJOBlE ANN BPGBEE Chicopee 4CMARGE' '... brown-haired, brown-eyed . . . alert, enthusi- astic, industrious . . . pert, piguant face . . . earnest appli- cation to things Worthwhile . . . fond of art with a capital A . . , infectious laugh . . . Wholesome and spontaneous . . . mathe- matically-minded . . . accurate and conscientious . . . astounding repertoire of all songs from Gershwin to Porter . . . pedagogical popularity inevitable . . . a student and friend . . . a favorite always. Sodality, Social Action Club, Glee Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. l39l :rf J BITA DIAY Cllr! PDELAINE Chicopee RITA . . . ace among chemists . . . driving passion for getting things done . . . of firm convictions . . , excellent conversa- tionalist . . . Arthur Murray's closest competitor . . . famous for personal acquaintances with men in khaki . . . lively and good natured . . . sincere and frank . . . earnest in her every effort . . . . . . possessing an individual knack for jokes . . . for chem majors exclusively. Sodalityg Cap and Gown Banquet, chairmang Social Action Clubg Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club l, 2, 3, 4g French Club 2. l4Ol IIITA Nl. CIl0QI'ET'l'E Holyoke RITA . . . of the gueenly stature . . . shining hair and glowing eyes . . . flair for clothes . . . that clressed-up look . . . musical accomplishments . . . one of the trio . . . French major and lover of the language . . . minors in the mother tongue . . . dinners at O'Leary . . . enthusiast ot German speech and custom . . . mod- estly, yet delightfully frank . . . truly genuine personality. Sodalityg Elmata Dance Committeeg Social Action Clubg Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club l, 2g French Club 1, 2, 3, CPD 4. l41l F ANN T. CLANCY Springfield ANN . . . debonair day-hop . . . her Wardrobe the cause for many a green eye on campus . . . a horde of sweaters flaunt- ing silver Wings . . . pocket-sized edition of swank . . . a coitfure tor every change of mood . . . positive statements in a clipped British tone . . . one of Springtield's own . . . language major . . . a chic chick. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 International Relations Club 35 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4. l42l fi . ' rm" BOSElVIARY FRANCES DONOIllTE Pittsfield ROSEMARY . . . sandy locks . . . deep-fringed blue eyes . . . illumined gaiety . . . unconcerned and carefree . . . effer- vescent . . . unrivaled animation . . . diversified ambitions . . . coif- fures at will . . . generosity and sincerity in ideal proportions . . . an active interest in International Relations . . . auixotic love of ad- venture . . . vitality plus geniality . . . a ray ot sunshine . . . for remembrance. Sodality, lunior-Freshman Tea, General Chairman, Social Action Club, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, International Relations Club KP? 3, 4g Spanish Club l, 2. l43l 1 ANDIABIE L. DUGGAN Holyoke ANMARIE . . . charm in the classic manner . . . shoulder sweep- ing bob . . . cool blue eyes . . . expressive hands with taper- ing fingers . . . incredible nails . . . a suit in every shade . . . firm believer in victory through air power . . a "direct hit" at the field . . . one ot I-lolyoke's fair daughters . . . majoring in Spanish . . . glamorous in a sWeater'n skirt. Sodalityp Social Action Clubg Spanish l, 2, 3, CVPJ 4. l 44 l ' wx. 2. W AILEEN ELIZABETH DYPBEE Peterborough, N. H. AILEEN . . . carefree and gay . . . her lite-a bowl of cherries . . . sweetness and light . . . with a fellow feeling for reverie and reminiscence . . . on the optimistic side . . . ready tor an argument . . . always with a book and a blanket . . . rhapsodi: about "Moonlight Sonata" . . . haste and hurry absent from her vocabulary . . . pet protegee ot the class. Sodalityg Class Will, Social Action Club CPD, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, M. I. B. Debating Society 45 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, International Relations Club 3, French Club l, CTD 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4. l45l CATHERINE ELIZABETH DUBNIN North Adams CCCATI-IY' '... tall, vivacious and attractive . . . blue eyes with a bright light . . . keen about her figures . . . dependable organizer . . . strength behind the carnpus athletics . . . loves to argue . . . arch supporter of the Debating Club . . . sincerely frank and generous . . . answers the first call for assistance . . . partial to Newport and Navy Blue . . . invaluable friend. Sodality5 Christmas Party Cornmittee5 Social Action Clubg Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 M. I, B. Debating Society 45 Science Club, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club, 1,2, 3,45 Athletic Association l, CSD 2, CVPD 3, IPD 4. l46l g JUAN ELIZABETII EISENBIANN Springfield JOAN . . . special ability for "getting things done' '... efficiency plus . . . lucky recipient of unlimited "free" mail . . . engaging smile . . . merry giggle . . . reliable in any emergency . . . capable "first-aider' '... particular about details . . . clever hands . . . presiding genius of Biology Lab . . . crusader spirit . . . weekly visits to Springfield and Ventura . . . business brain of '45, Sodalityg Elmata Staff, Business Managerg Social Action Club- Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4g Science Club 45 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club l, 2. l47l DIARY ll. FITZGERALD Chicopee 5CFlTZ" . . . soul ot agel . . . the applausel . . . the delightl . . . the Wonder ot our stagel . . . our claim to dramatic fame . . . aueenly carriage . . . charming grace . . . dotes on the bard of Avon . . . cosmopolitan and modern , . . clever sense of humor . . . loves the theater and Kit Cornell . . . talented, humorous and sympathetic . . . incorrigible funster. Sodalityg lunior Prom Committee, Chairman ot Favors, Social Action Club, Glee Club 2, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, QPJ 4, International Relations Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 2. l48l Q fat' D c r U nolmnn' A. FLYNN West Springfield C5DEE" as in dreamer . , . head in the clouds . . . air-minded . . . molder ot the mighty verse . . . suave in black . . . sen- timental about certain songs . . . owner ot the bulging "him" book . . . charming sophisticate . . . connoisseur ot Debussy and boogie- Woogie . . . drawerful of trinkets a la Dartmouth, Air Corps, Navy . . . mainstay of the Tourmaline . . . deadline beater . . . career girl edition. Sodality, Tourmaline Staff, Christmas Party General Chairman, Class Poet, Social Action Club, Glee Club l, CSD 2, CVPD 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1,3,4, French Club l, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4, l49l BUTII PATRICIA li-0NY0ll Whitinsville UR P.' '... bright light of any fun test . . . humor to spare . . . 1 cause tor many a "tit ot laftin' '... sober as a senator on occasion . . . depth of character camouflaged with mirth . . . enterprising circulator of the Tourmaline . . . of the order of the Outstetcheol Palm . . . unstinting ot time or talent . . . inventor ot the elastic teabag . . . solid to laugh with, super to know. Sodality, Christmas Party Committee, Social Action Club, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, M. I. B. Debating Society 2, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 45 International Rela- tions Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 2. l 50 l 4' MARX' BEBNADETTE GBANFIELD Pittsfield CCGRANNY' '... raven hair . . . shining eyes . . . gay and sud- den laugh . . . industrious . . . reliable . . . sincere and unaffected . . . discriminating taste . . . shrewd business Woman . . . captivated by her English major . . . composure perturbed only by equally "how to Sodality, Historian, Dramatic 1. CSP 2. early morning bells . . . ardent fan of Van Heflin . . . ardent debater for a "good provider" . . . authority on gain weight" . . . incurable optimist. Elmata Dance Committee, Tourmaline Business Manager, Class Social Action Club, Cflee Club l, 2, 3, M. I. B. Debating Society 4, Club l, 2, 3, 4, International Relations Club 3, 4, French Club l51l . 'Q -:xi ' 2 if 2 3 FRANCES DIARY GBEANEY Worcester FRANCES . . . apparently quiet and demure . . . refined sophis- tication . . . lover of gooey chocolate sundaes, but firm advo- cate of calorie counting . . . dazzling smile . , . softly Waving tresses . . . expressive eyes . . , synonomous with fun, fastidious- ness and friendship . . . tinkling laugh . . . soprano voice at its best in l'Ciribiribi' '... or after lights . . . combination of humor and sympathy . . . the perfect lady. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Glee Club l, 25 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Interna- tional Relations Club 3, 45 Spanish Club l, 25 Athletic Association l, 2. l 52 l 'Wkiry Y is P Z,-Chg ANN PATRICIA llAIlC0l'llT North Adams CCHARKlE" . . . laughter loving Aphrodite . . . unpredictable as New England weather . . . wielder ot a weighty pen . . . king pin ot the Quarterly . . . many faceted personality . . . irre- pressible humor . . . basso protundo voice . . . Robert Nathan en- thusiast . . . mad about the Cape . . . also the Navy Signal Corps . . . unforgettable in the role of Mrs. Bennett . . . amateur play- wright . . . power behind the lunior Prom of Proms. SodalitY:i Tourmaline Editor-in-chietg lunior Prom General Chairmang Class Prophetg Social Action Clubg M. I. B. Debating Society 4g Dramatic Club 2, 3, CTD 4. ' l53l MABIQABET DIARY Il0FFlVl'AN Pittsfield CCPEGGIE' '... defined as pearl . . . precious gem . . . petite . , . lovable . . . generous and sincerely frank . . . a special spot for "Begin the Beguine' '... particularly fond of good books and lots of them . . . staff support of both publications . . . increas- ingly diligent . . . most efficient . . . gracious and considerate . . . lover of fun . . . inclined to favor Navy Blue . . . wary of addi- tional avoirdupois . . . potent personality. Sodality, Literary Club Chairman, Elmata Staff, Tourmaline Staff, Social Ac- tion Club, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4, International Relations Club CTD 3, 4, French Club l, 2, Athletic Association l. l54l FLIIBENCE lVlAllJOIlIE lAf0Nl Worcester FLORENCE . . . our jovial Worcesterite . . . lustrous black curls with eyes to match . . . serious Science Student . . . a brain for Biology . . . copious Wardrobe elegantly displayed . . . avid theater-goer . . . in her element at a piano as in an opera box . . . vast assortment of records . . . rhythmic to a rhumba . . . dashing sports roadster . . . ever present smile giving way to infectious laughter . . . untiring efficiency . . . esteemed companion. Sodalityg Iunior Prom Chairman of Refreshmentsg Social Action Clubgg M. I. B. Debating Society 4g Science Club l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 4g French Club l, 25 Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4. l55l l , JGAN G. KEATING Springfield JOAN . . . simplicity her keynote . . . unassuming and sincere . . . demure without attectation . . . easy manner a cloak for gentle Wit . . . real depth ot understanding . . . flair tor interior decorating a la Hliemtone' '... hiking and Rachmaninoft, her favorite pastimes . . . avid reader . . . quietly observant and keen . . . to know her is to meet with wisdom. Sodalityg Social Action Clulog Glee Club l, 2, l 56 l 45 'T K YVETTE Rl. LA BBANCIIE Chicopee YVETTE . . . intriguing ndme, intriguing girl . . . chdrmingly Winsome or merry ds the occosion demcznds . . . on bcrnd with the family chciriot for conveyance . . . Lortin temperoment . . . linguist superb . . . Weofring d poiir ot silver Wings . . . with the Well known feminine touch . . . noncholcint oind nice . . . CI triend's friend. Sodolityg Elmdtci Donce Committeeg Sociol Action Clubg Cilee Club l, 24 45 French Club l, 2, 3, QVPD 4: Spdnisli Club 3, 4: Athletic Association l 2 3 4. l57l 'Half' .i DIARY DIAGDALENE lVlAll0NEY 'Worcester CCMCEH . . . our president par excellence . . . extemporane- ously eloquent . . . clear, noble mind . . . petite dynamo ot etticiency . . . expressive brown eyes . . . amazing knowledge ot the classics and contemporary art . . . imaginative, favoring the realistic . . . simple, ettective manner . . . wonderfully human- aware ot lite's oddities . . . sense ot humor . , . sincere, straight- forward and genuine . . . our leader through College days . . . a leader alwaysl Sodality, Class President l, 2, 3, 4, Elmata Editor-in-Chief, Tourmaline Staff, Social Action Club CSD, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, l-fl. I. B, Debating Society CSD 2, 3, IMD 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Athletic Association l, 2, l58l ANNE T. NIALLUY Greenfield ANNE . . . infectious grin . . . contagious giggle . . . addicted to debates, pie or relish . . . favorite spot-the "Lab' '... A-plus sense of humor . . . witty replies . . . impulsive . . . lovable . . . with a fund of amusing stories . . . enjoyable as summer vacation . . . loyalty her forte . . . unpredictable as firecrackers . . . vitality on the basketball court . . . appealing directness . . . singular blend of sobriety and jovialty. Sodality, Social Action Club, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, M. I. B. Debating Society l, 2, KVPJ 3, CPD 4, Science Club l, 2, 3, CTD 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club l, 2, Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4. l59l DIARY DIABGABET NIABTIN Worcester C5MARTlN' '... what every girl should know . . . somnolent- eyed, tatty-haired . . . enigmatic . . . impulsive, impetuous imperious . . . passion tor the morning pillow . . . a delivery to influence the judges . . . "Elms" press agent tor the Worcester "T, and Cm' '... skilled in interior decorating . . . combination of realism and idealism . . . the "Voice" ot '45, Sodality, Tourmaline Staff, lunior Prom Publicity Chairman, Christmas Party Committee, Class Marshall, Social Action Club, Glee Club l, 2, M.I.B. De- bating Society l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club l, 2, CVPJ 3, 4, International Rela- tions Club 3, 4, French Club l, 2, Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4. l60l WDM ELIZABETH F. DI1-D0N'NELL Clriicopee UZBETTYH somber-eyed beauty . . . of many moods . . . her piano playing-poetry in sharps and tlats . . . melodic in the classic vein . . . also beats out a mean boogie . . . number two daughter of a remarkable family . . . morale builder-upper-superb . . . low tones with a hint ot Celt , , . poised in any situation . . . Saturdays child. Sodalityg Elmata Statfg Elmata Dance Committeeg lunior Prom Music Chair- mang Class Songg Social Action Clubg Glee Club 3, CPD 4g International Re- lations 3, 4g Spanish Club 2, Hill 1 t fl HELEN PIIYVEBS NIULLIGAN Uxbridge HELEN . . . ot the flaming hair . . . eyes with a soft light . . . lunoesaue in stature . . . a smile that makes friends . . . de- pendable yet carefree . . . casual yet competent . . . Madame Curie in loaters . . . untiring Worker as Elmata chairman . . . official slide projector . . . with a surplus ot Vitamin C . . . a standout in any gathering . . . one of the best. Sodality, Elmata Dance, General Chairman, Iunior Prom Committee, Social Action Club, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, 2 KVPD 3, CPD 4, French Club l, 2, Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4. l52l X NIABY DENISE lYll'B'PllY Chicopee CCMURPH" . . . Irish eyes . . . Wealth of auburn curls . . . Won- derful combination of endearing amiability and Socratic depth of thought . . . Dynamo in the chem lab . . . imbued with soldierly spirit . . . love of music in the Iames Way . . . queries often "Who's this guy l-lallucination?' '... everybody's confidante . . . heartening optimism synonymous with "Murph' '... our gift to the World of science. Sodalityg Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Social Action Club, Glee Club l, 2, M. I. B. Debating Society 3, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4. t63l LYCILLE DIARY 0'B0tYLE Pittsfield LUClLLE . . . Parisian piauancy . . . sparkling brown eyes . . . glowing black hair . . . tond ot dancing, "Stardust" preferred . . . vivacious and sophisticated . . . thrilled "solely" by parades . . . romantic cynic . . . opinions readily voiced and often start- lingly original . . . variety her spice ot lite . . . enthusiastic relater ot unusual experiences . . . tavorite ot the tleet . . . imaginative deviser ot lunior Prom setting. Sodality, Tourmaline Statt, lunior Prom, decorations chairman, Father- Daughter Social, general chairman, Social Action Club, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, International Relations Club 3, 4, French Club l, 2, Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4. l54l ELIZABETH ANN IYBBIEN Worcester CCOBI' '... dark-haired . . . lolue-eyed . . . full of rnerrirnent . . . accomplished in the Swedish language . . . lover of Indian summer and reservations . . . takes English major serious- ly . . , unhurried voice . . . reaper ot a harvest of V-Mail . . . delight- ful combination of tun and earnestness . . . possessing the quali- ties for true friendship . . . spinner of fascinating it fantastic yarns . . . sincerity in all. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg International Relations Club 3, 45 Spanish Club lg Athletic Association l. l55l ALNIA NIVEA PELEGIIINAJ Santurce, Puerto Rico ALMA . . . as charming as her name . . . twinkling brown eyes beneath incredibly long lashes . . . photogenic features . . . melodic voice Worthy of the "Met' '... alluringly bashtul . . . re- served yet friendly . . . pet aversion-milk . . . instigator of near- riots in O'Leary . . . Weekends in Worcester . . . long distance calls from Michigan . . . a tropical treasure . . . Puerto Rico's best advertisement. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Glee Club 3, 4g Spanish Club CTD 3, CPD 45 Ath- letic Association 3, 4. l56l ALICE li. PIIENDISIIGAST Pittsfield MALI" . . . common sense hidden under blond waves . . . long- lashed blue eyes . . . humor with a tang . . . unlimited col- lection ot songs tor every occasion . . . subtle Wit . . . addicted to brisk walks . . . can bandy words with the best . . . History major . . . definite opinions on matters ot moment . . . always with an iron in the tire . . . big week-ends with gold-barred "looie" . . . our gal, Al. Sodalityg Elmata Dance Committeeg Tourmaline Staiig Social Action Clubg MJ. B. Debating Society 3g International Relations Club CVPD 3, 4g Spanish Club l, 2. l57l DIARY DIABTIIA QYINLAN Pittsfield MARTHA . . . clear eyes ot corntlower blue . . . enchanting daintiness . . . endearing charm . . . cameo complexion . . . aueenly grace with a taste tor the glittering gem . . . susceptible to show-Window displays . . . her major on her mind . . . gracious over a teacup . . . devotee of dinner in the diner . . . guintessence ot courtesy . . . Emily Post in campus attire . . . refreshing as a breath of spring. Sodality, CTD Llp Elmata Stattg Ring Committee Chairmang Social Action Clubg Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4g Spanish Club l, 2, CSD 3, 4g Athletic Association l,2. l58l J-' ELIZABETH CHRISTINE QTIBK Detroit 4CBETTY' '... diminutive, dark and dynamic . . . vocation-sci- ence, avocation-debating . . . determined but delighttul . . . brilliant in repartee . . . in command of every situation . . . at her best before an audience . . . energetic and unattected . . . analytic in thought, explicit in manner . . . personable in the Prom depart- ment . . . hostess and correspondent . . . on the road to the mid- west and merited success. Sodality, lunior Prom Committee, Social Action Club, M. I. B. Debating So- ciety 3, 4, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club l, 2. l 59 l LILIAN AGNITA RYAN Vlfeloster ULIL' '... Symphony in smoothness . . . her rddidnt glow o re- flection from third finger, left hdnd . . . rectlist in friendli- ness . . . ideolist in dredms . . . cr Soccrlity prefect of Whom We looost . . . unorffected ond dependoble . . . one of the duo in ci minor key . . . fdvoring Marines in generol, or lolond in pctrticulctr . . . prolific letter Writer . . . inherent generosity . . . proficiency in dll. Sodollity, CSD 2, CVPD 3, CPD 4, Elmotcz Stdff, Sociol Action Club, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Dromotic Club l, 2, 3, 4, French Club l, 2. l7Ul ... Q f w "X EYGENIA F. SCANLUN Watertown CCGENE' '... music her meter . . . singing her forte . . . integrity of character . . . complete generosity and loyalty to friends . . . fund of logical theories . . . irrepressible laughter . . . fond of dancing and Navy . . . partial to Boston and "Hub" traditions . . . . . . blessed with lovely fair hair and complexion , . . genuine friendship for all . . . a big bouquet Sodality, Class Treasurer l, Vice-President 2, 3, 4, Christmas Party Commit- tee, Class Day Oratorg Social Action Club, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, M. I. B. Debat- ing Society 3g Science Club l, CSD 2, 3, 4. l71l f .v- -I Q DIARY AGNES SIIEEIIAN Methuen MARY AGNES . . . Methuen's fair daughter . . . short, blond and blue-eyed . . . quiet and reserved . . . honest and sincere . . 4 Spanish and English vie for her interests . . . her cube a "model" for the Hdorm' '... novel collection of trinkets . . . more relatives than Bob Burns . . . Wears honor With simplicity . . . wholeheart- edly generous . . . the perfect audience. Sodalityg Social Action Club, M. I. B. Debating Society l, French Club l, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, CSD 4, Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4. l72l I l EBIS D. TIO y APIDNTE Central Aguirre, Puerto Rico ERIS . . . the other halt ot our Puerto Rican duet . . . flashing dark eyes . . . Wealth of dark curls . . . weekend jaunts to Pittsfield and Worcester . . . cover girl smile . . . always ready tor fun . . . generous . . . enamored of anything American . . . Wisttul about "Tico-Tico" . . . delightful accent . . . particular about the pronun- ciation ot her last name . . . charmed by the "slanguage" of the States . . . a vivid touch of the tropics. Sodality, Social Action Club, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 4. l73l lVIAll1GI'EB ITE TIIEBESA XVII ITE Worcester CCPEG' '... unique . . . more friends than Dale Carnegie . . . tea drinker extraordinaire . . . tastidious about food . . . never a dull moment . . . famous for last minute entrances . . . pin-up girl oi the underclassmen . . . History her major . . . cafeteria a second minor . . . her tavorite spot-the arms ot Morpheus . . . deep dimpled grin . . . sharp in classic Cardigans . . . train dasher . . . perpetual motion personified. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Glee Club l, 2g Dramatic Club 2, 35 Interna- tional Relations Club 3, 4. l74l fn Memofzdm 1 'V' E MAUREEN I. BYRNE DIED OCTOBER 25, N44 Against the lot.-.'-carved sky a star of white Has gently drifted cross our bleak lifes And pausing in its fleeting path its rag' Has shed its brilliance on us in the night. And we have co:-:erld before its azffful riigb But one there was among us who did lay Her soft beauty in the searching ray And changed the piercing glare to hallowed Mary, we charge thee this tender care Be mother to this maiden Christ bas seen And loved and wanted as His ow: Lxjb there From where He shone that gleaming star so . . . . , 1 To gulde ner to Ln lts 1-.fegcorie snare- - ' L .' ,, 1 H ' r 5 5 x r ,A Be rtiotaer .o .15 aaagnte- .a-r -.-aureew . V J Ex-Mem bm ANNE MARIE BAILEY, student at Regis College, Weston, Mass. YVETTE BRABANT, student at Pennsylvania State College. CLAIRE BRUNELLE, student of aeronautical engineering. DOROTHY CONATY, stenographer. ELIZABETH DANIELS, student nurse at Oak Park, Illinois. HELEN DEARY, student nurse at St. Vincent's Hospital. ELIZABETH DESMARAIS, employee of Haynes, Springfield, Mass. ELIZABETH ANN DONOHUE, service representative of N. E. Telephone Co CATHERINE DOWER, student at Hamlin University. CATHERINE KELLEY, Sister Maria Patricia, S.S.I. MARY LAWLOR, technician at Mercy Hospital, Springfield, Mass. MARY ALICE MANNING, clerk. SHIRLEY MURDOCK, student nurse at St. Vincent's Hospital. SHEILA MCDONNELL, student at Westfield State Teachers College. IMELDA NUGENT, technician at Mercy Hospital, Springfield, Mass. DOROTHY O'BRIEN, Mrs. Thomas Moriarty of Springfield, Mass. IRENE O'LEARY, student nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital. MARY O'LEARY, student at Westfield State Teachers College. PAULA RITCHOTT, student of journalism, University of Missouri. NANCY RODIER, student at Purdue University. HELEN RUSSELL, student nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital. ELLEN SWEENEY, Sister Patricia Iarnes, SSI. IEAN WILLIAMS, student of sociology in New York. I76l fembff Diffecioffy BLANCHET, IEANNE M. BONNELL, PATRICIA E. BROWN, FRANCES M. BUGBEE, MARIORIE A. CHAPDELAINE, RITA M. CHOQUETTE, RITA M. CLANCY, ANN T. DONAHUE, ROSEMARY F. DUGGAN, ANMARIE L. DUPREE, AILEEN E. DURNIN, CATHERINE E. EISENMANN, IOAN E. FITZGERALD, MARY R. FLYNN, DOROTHY A. GONYNOR, RUTH P. GRANFIELD, MARY B. GREANEY, FRANCES M. HARCOURT, ANN P. HOFFMAN, MARGARET M. IACONI, FLORENCE M. KEATING, IOAN G. LaBRANCHE, YVETTE M. MAHONEY, MARY M. MALLOY, ANNE T. MARTIN, MARY M. MCDONNELL, ELIZABETH F. MULLIGAN, HELEN P. MURPHY, MARY D. O'BOYLE, LUCILLE M. O'BRlEN, ELIZABETH F. PELEGRINA, ALMA N. PRENDERGAST, ALICE G. QUINLAN, M. MARTHA QUIRK, ELIZABETH A. RYAN, LILIAN A. SCANLON, EUGENIA F. SHEEI-IAN, MARY AGNES TIO, ERIS D. WHITE, MARGUERITE T. 77 60 Hamilton St., Southbridge 53 Bonneville Ave., Chicopee 141 Pendleton Ave., Springfield 3 Academy Drive, Chicopee 53 Lemuel Ave., Chicopee 299 Sargeant St., Holyoke 175 lohnson St., Springfield 32 Curtis Ter., Pittsfield 42 St. Iames Ave., Holyoke Peterborough, N. H. 102 Notch Rd., North Adams 61 Ventura St., Springfield 135 Davenport St., Chicopee 55 George St., W. Springfield 20 Willow St., Whitinsville 35 Weller Ave., Pittsfield 11 Wawecus Rd., Worcester 288 East Main St., North Adams 13 South Church St., Pittsfield 21 Berkeley St., Worcester 323 Nottingham St., Springfield 27 Leclaire Ter., Chicopee 18 Hancock St., Worcester 27 Abbott St., Greenfield 14 Caroline St., Worcester 196 Nonotuck Ave., Chicopee 31 Oak St., Uxbridge 44 Granfield St., Chicopee 26 Richmond Ave., Pittsfield 11 Kalmar St., Worcester Santurce, Puerto Rico 159 Elizabeth St., Pittsfield 201 Bradford St., Pittsfield 11640 Somerset Ave., Detroit, Mich. 18 Lincoln St., Webster 92 Barnard Ave., Watertown 100 lackson Ext., Methuen Central Aguirre, Puerto Rico 20 Seymour St., Worcester 'i-IE C 11 Ib O7 O7 111 07 L X.,--Eg I79 Through summer sunshine, winter rain And then, farewell-we shall meet again v nip CLASS OF 1946 President Avis E. OIDODHGII VicefPresidem Margaret M. Swords Treasurer M. Virginia Murphy Secretary Mary lane Flood i801 fumar auifiaal "The night shall be hlled with music And the cares that infest the day Shall fold their tents like the Arabs And as silently steal away." And filled with music it was, that night of February second, when the tantalizing strains of Al Strohman and his orchestra swept you onto the floor. Like some giant magnet, the enchanting light of a crystal ball caught your lovely image as you danced in a world of white magic. Remember? How enraptured you were, enveloped by the delicate perfume of the fra- grant flowers you wore so proudly! How your eyes smiled in the realization that your lunior Prom was at last a reality. "Bless Them All" you hummed softly to yourself in tune with the orchestra's beat, as your glance fell, in turn, upon the prominent khaki, the navy blue, your very own escort resplen- dent in uniform. Before reluctant good-nights were whispered, you said, "Orchids to Iinny Murphy", whose untiring efforts made this gala event one that will linger in your garden of memories. . . If we can piece our broken dreams Till tawny bright again they gleam It is because of you, Dad." All your heart could ever say, Ann Harcourt seems to have captured in her lovely words you found yourself repeating the day of the Father- Daughter Social. Your Dad was entertained royally at a delightful operetta, one of the Glee Club's best achievements of the year, followed by a dinner fit for the gods. You were proud, were you not, showing off your Dad? Little wonder at the close of the day, that you murmured a grateful "thank you" for the firrnest friend a girl e'er had. "Life and death together fought Each to a strange duel were brought." l81l lmliliiil! 2 Mn. ,-. , CLASS CDF 1947 President Mary T. McManus VicefPresident Catherine I. McDonnell Treasurer lean M. Shea Secretary Mary T. McElroy 1841 f 01060744076 .SlC7f0llDb00k There it is, our Sophomore Scrapbook, tilled to overflowing with inemen- toes of bright days and gay times at O. L. E. lt seems natural enough that it should fall open to this page 'Why? Why, lookl There in the upper corner is a daub ot black-lace makeup. and another ot red, red lipstick, and there beneath them are a bow tie, a gay patch ot calico twith basting stitches still showingll, a crumpled sheet ot songs-remember? Who could forgetl We sophs were certainly excited about our Halloween Minstrel. We'll never forget the breath-taking thrill of that night filled with lights, gay songs, and hilarious comedy. End-men, chorus, specialties, all were bubbling over with fun. Oh, and down there in the corner is a tiny lack o'Lantern grinning from ear to ear. I-le, too, must remember the scene in the gym where we had the party. Gay testoons ot black and orange, witches, ghosis and goblins ot every form and hue caper- ing the length of the walls. Oh it's great to be a sophl Whats next? See? Tucked away on the next page is a tiny dance pro- gram ot green. Memories of a bright harvest moon, pumpkins and corn- stalks, scarecrows in fence corners, those precarious "leaning towers" ot paper cups, those tangos, that polkal Then came the close ot the Elmata dance . . . three cheers and more tor the seniors, our Senior Sisters l l l A tiny petal ot pink-remember? Our Lady's shrine was ever so beauti- ful tor the teast ot her Immaculate Conception. There she received her new Sodalists and the renewed pledge of love and devotion ot her sophomores, Il auwdnaqngsx l85l her juniors, and her seniors. Below the flower are a few phrases of music, "To you, Our Virgin Mother dear . . yes, to her. Clippings, clippings, and more clippingsl a news picture, tool "Glee Club Entertainsn - "Elms to Present Program" - "Choral Group from Our Lady of the Elms". Those were surely nights to be remembered. They were happy nights filled with song and gay laughing voices. Remember "tingle Bells" in the crisp, cold air, while the sparkling stars above showed but dimly through those huge, fluffy popcorn flakes of snow that were falling every- where? What a beautiful night, so soft, so still, so white. Let's turn to the next page. Yes, there they are, two darling little angels bearing an invitation to the Christmas party. "lf indeed we aren't snowed unda', we'll see you at seven in the Rotunda." And there below the angels is the program for the pageant. How we look forward each year to this event. Scene by scene the age-old story of the Nativity unfolds before our eyes. The figures move quietly to and fro and then, as if by magic, we have that beautiful Christmas scene. The lights are dimmed. One by one twinkling candles glow. The choristers descend the marble stairs at either side of the rotunda, and, singing all the while, they gather 'round the crib. A scene unchanging, yet ever new. But come, we cannot dream here all the day. On to the next page- Oh, ohl Only a date cut from a calendar, Hlanuary 22, l945", and a bit of doggerel, but what memoriesl " 'Twas the night before Midfyear's and all thru the dorm, Not a creature was sleeping, no, not until rnorn, ' But then at last each Soph went to bed, While 'visions of 'blue books' danced in her head!" -no mementoes needed herel But 5 bright days were ahead. Over and- Mmmmmn. A faint lingering fragrance stays with the roses gracefully looped with silver that are lying here together with a fascinating, sparkling silver skate which holds a dance program, "Winter Won- derland", the lunior Prom of 115. Fond memories are treasured here. lust close your eyes and you have the picture there before you. Soft lights in ever-changing patterns of color-faint snatches of melody-a soft swishing of shadowy gowns-and thenevthe scintillating stars o'erhead+a last "good night"-and all became a dream-a beautiful, beautiful dream. Mary C. Vittengl '47 f86l 51 olohomoffo Diffooloffy ALLEN, THERESA A. AMIOT, THERESA M. BOYLE, MARY C. BURNETT, MARION E. CANTY, ANNE T. CARTIER, THERESA P. DOLAN, ELIZABETH M. DONLIN, CLARE DONOVAN, ROSEMARY C. DURKAN, IANE A. FITZGERALD, SUSAN E. GALLAGHER, ROSEMARY A. GALLESHAW, MARGARET M. GIBSON, MARIGAIL HOAR, PHYLLIS M. HONNEN, WINIERED V. IOHNSON, PATRICIA M. KING, ANNE MARIE KING, CAROLYN V. LAPPIN, ALICE E. LARKIN, BARBARA G. LAWE, DOROTHY A. MANION, DOROTHY G. MARA, MARY A. MARTONE, ELLEN I. MCCABE, ELLIN B. MCCAFFREY, IOAN M. MCDERMOTT, IEANNE A. MCDONNELL, CATHERINE I. McELROY, MARY T. MCKENNA, ELIZABETH I. MCMANUS, MARY T. MCNAMARA, MARY IEAN MEYER, LILLIAN M. MORIARTY, KATHERINE V. MOYNIHAN, ELIZABETH ANN O'NEILL, HELEN B. PARNELL, BARBARA C. SHEA, IEAN M. SHEEHAN, MARY H. SHEVLIN, MARY ANNE SMITH, MAUREEN S. TORRES, ODDETTE SABATER TOWER, ROSEMARY A. VIGNEAULT, PHYLLIS VITTENGL, MARY C. WOLOCHOWICZ, HEDWIG S. I8 Casino Ave., Chicopee Main St., North Oxford 133 Lincoln St., Framingham 83 Walnut St., Springfield 120 Hampden St., Chicopee 53 St. Louis Ave., Willimansett 76 Margin St., Peabody 73 Miller St., Springfield 50 Daisey Ave., Floral Pk., L. I. 391 Meadow St., Agawam I2 Elmwood Ave., North Adams 919 Wilbraharn Rd., Springfield 10 North Main St., Whitinsville 26 Linden St., Holyoke 324 Center St., Chicopee 15 Gibbs Ave., Newport, R. I. Church St., Lenox 43 Armory St., Springfield 20 Pine St., Pittsfield 12 Portland St., Holyoke I9 Greenbriar St., Springfield 52 Lawndale St., Springfield 82 West St., Milford 516 Broadway, Chicopee Falls 4 Vernon St., South Barre School St., Lenox 7 Princeton St., Newport, R. I. I7 Kulig St., E. Springfield 196 Nonotuck Ave., Chicopee 3 Wyman St., Worcester 14 Haynes St., Worcester 41 Pine St., Fitchburg 71 Pine St., Pittsfield 44 Washington Ave., Lynbrook, L. I. 12 Crown St., Springfield 236 Locust St., Springfield 23 Longwood Ave., Holyoke 32 Payson Ave., Easthampton 125 Ranney St., Springfield 844 Carew St., Springfield 50 Lyman St., Holyoke 106 North Main St., No. Grafton Box 175, Guayama, Puerto Rico 54 Alvin St., Springfield 2851 Main St., Springfield 10 High St., Westfield 21 Scott St., Worcester CLASS OF 1948 President Elizabeth M. Murphy VicefPresidcnt Mary T. Nelen 'Trensm'cr Geraldine E. McCarthy Secretary Ruthmary K. Wirtalla ISSI Fmkmma Folzb The expression on the face of each new Frosh conveyed bewilderment on September twentieth, Registration Day. All were anxiously looking forward to the new and exciting year ahead, New faces were everywhere and all felt a trifle puzzled and not just a bit lonely. Our "college life" actually began the next morning when we assembled to attend the Mass of the Holy Ghost at which we asked for enlightenment in our studies, throughout the year. Our regular schedule went into effect within the next two days. The first week was a trying one, but that was more or less expected, since it was initiation week. Besides the imposed task of familiarizing our- selves with the rules and regulations of "Our Lady of the Elms", we were constantly being teased, tortured and disciplined by our Senior advisors. During these memorable days, the Freshmen were transformed into a rugged football team with practice sessions daily, full equipment at all times, car- rots to build up the muscles and liniment on hand for all aches and pains. This strenuous hazing reached its joyful climax on Saturday evening, "Elms Night", when faculty and students gathered together at O'Leary Hall for a candlelight supper and party, Here, the Seniors proved themselves really wonderful friends in spite of the fear and awe they inspired in us during the week. l89l ln Mid-October books and lessons were set aside, not too reluctantly, for the annual Spiritual Retreat which was conducted by the Reverend Edward Winsper S. l. Those days were rich in graces and blessings for us, for we were afforded an excellent opportunity to see and appreciate things at their true values. For the first time, we realized how fortunate we were to be at a Catholic college. Under Father Winsper's guidance, we were brought to the realization of what each of us in our own small way might do to help bring peace to this war-torn world. One beautiful Sunday afternoon our sister class, the luniors, arranged a tea-party for us, held at the "Chalet". Glowing in the yellow candle light, our faces were radiant with happiness while we sang the many school and class songs with which we already quite familiar. Everyone was deeply moved on October twenty-- ninth, a breezy Sunday afternoon, when the proud Seniors were officially invested in their Caps and Gowns. Dignified in their newly-donned robes, they closed the academic procession that wended its way from the Administration building to the Chapel. Happy we were to have with us again our retreat father who delivered a most inspiring address, in which he happily combined the significance of the investiture ceremony and feast of Christ, the King. Catherine M. Canty, '48 l 90 l F765bWdW Diffeciory AMBROSE, ELEANOR M, BLAIR, MARY ANN BORATYN, FRANCES A. BORYCZKA, ANGELA T, BOURQUE, IEANNE M. BOUSOUET, ANNA-MAY BOWEN, MARGARET M. CANTY, CATHERINE M. COTTER, ROSEMARY E. COLBERT, ANNE E. CONNORS, NATALIE A. COURTNEY, KATHLEEN M. DALTON ROSEMARIE C, DALY, MARY EILEEN DES ROSIERS, LORRAINE T. DIGGINS, MARY E. DILLON, PATRICIA I. DOWD, MARY ANNE DRISCOLL, MARY I. EISENMANN, SARAH ANN FEHILY, M. PATRICIA FINN, MILDRED M. FITZGERALD, CLARE E. GREGORY, BARBARA E. HANNIGAN, RITA M. HANNON, KATHARINE M. HEAPHY, ANN L. HOURIHAN, PATRICIA R. HULLER, BARBARA M. HURLEY, MARGARET E. KELLEY, PATRICIA L. KLEINDIENST, MARY LOU LAMOTHE, LUCILLE G. LYNCH, MARY ELLEN MACKEY, MARY F. MADDEN, SHEILA B. MAHONEY, MARY T, MARSHALL, ANN M. MARTIN, ANNA MAE MATTHEWS, SHEILA A. MAYNARD, IOSETTE A, MCCARTHY, GERALDINE E. MCCOART, CAROL G. MCMAHON, MARY ROSE MCGUINNESS, IANE E. MERCIER, MARION F. METCALFE, KATHLEEN M. MINER, DOROTHY L. MOCHAK, IRENE R. MORGAN, MARY E. MORIARTY, ALICE M. MULCAHY, IOANNE C. MULGREW, ELIZABETH A. MURPHY, ELIZABETH M. NELEN, MARY T. NELLIGAN, MARGARET O'MALLEY, MARY IANE PATRIE, B. IACOUELINE PIERCE, GEORGIA E. RYAN, EILEEN B. RYNN, MARY M. SCANNELL, MARY C. SHEA, ELEANOR M. SHEEHAN, EILEEN D. STRAIN, RITA C. STREET, PATRICIA I. SULLIVAN, MARGARET A. URBON, MARGARET A. WALSH, IOAN M. WIRTALLA, RUTHMARY K. M. E911 27 Monroe St., Springfield 4 Prospect Ct., Northampton 47 Edgemere Ave., Whitinsville 16 Weston St., Indian Orchard lll Pasedena St., Springfield 76 Roosevelt Ave., Springfield Providence St., So. Uxbridge 120 Hampden St., Chicopee 84 Woodland St., Worcester 35 Union St., North Adams 2 Avon Pl, Fitchburg 73 Clantoy St., Springfield 21 Bartlett St., Westfield 44 Westminster St., Springfield 9 Orient St., Worcester 16 Massachusetts Ave, Worcester 11 St. Iames Ave., Lee 118 Westford Cir., Springfield 825 Worthington St., Springfield 61 Ventura St,, Springfield 326 South St., Pittsfield 44 Calumet Rd., Holyoke 49 Brooklyn St., North Adams 32 Kimball St., Chicopee 70 Wilmont St., Springfield 101 Plunkett St., Pittsfield 208 Main St., Lee 145 Pleasant St., Easthampton 163 Beech St., Holyoke 50 Ivlooreland St, Springfield 1594 Carew St., Springfield 203 Atwater Rd., Springfield 60 Cumberland St., Springfield 56 Underwood St., Springfield 29 Snowling Rd., Uxbridge 55 Fairfield Ave., Holyoke 13 Massasoit Pl., Springfield ll Iacques Ave., Worcester 19 Governor St., Springfield 114 West Alvord St., Springfield Dresser Hill Farm, Charlton fDud1eyl 43 Chestnut St., W. Springfield Aruba, Netherlands, West Indies 18 Linden St., Holyoke Box 123, Rhinebeck, N. Y. 135 Newbury St., Chicopee 10 Prospect St., Ware 88 Iastram St., Providence, R. I. 38 Taylor St., Westfield 77 Westford Cir., Springfield 52 Columba St., Chicopee Falls 34 Leonard St., North Adams 76 Phoebe St., Woonsocket, R. I. 93 Rhode Island Ave., Newport, R. I. 72 Carver St, Springfield 125 Skeele St., Willimansett 27 Franklin St., Lee 50 Chapel St., Aldenville, Chicopee Falls 825 Chestnut St., Springfield 10 Levin St., Newport, R. I. 34 Converse St., Worcester 16 Belvidere Ave., Worcester 173 Broadway, Chicopee Falls 223 Pine St., Springfield 46 Alderman St., Springfield 201 Second St., Pittsfield 14 Russell Ave., Newport, R. I. 100 Iackson Pkwy., Holyoke 37-31 79 St., Iackson Heights, N. Y. C. 109 West Center St., Manchester, Conn. i-I i A little work, L1 lzttle play To keep us go1'ng and so, goodfday Fall 1944 September 20 Registration Seniors entertain Frosh in Recreation Room September 21 Mass ot the Holy Ghost "At home night" in O'Leary by the Iuniors September 22 First Senior Class Meeting of l944-45 Officers President, Mary M. Mahoneyg VicefPresident, Eugenia F. Scanlon Secretary, Dorothy A. Flynng Treasurer, Mary D. Murphy. Initiation planned Sophornores present Fashion Parade for the Freshmen September 23 Rally, co-sponsored by three upper classes and Athletic Association September 25-30 Initiation Week For the Seniors Pomp and Power! For the Freshmen Chains and Slavery! l94l September 25 General Assembly-Address by Dr. Iohn H. Rooney, Vice-President of the College September 28 Sodality Officers " ,V Prefect Lilian A. Ryan Vz'cefPrefect Catherine M. Quinn Secretary Anne T. Canty F Treasurefr M. Martha Quinlan C liaz' rm en ?" Eucharistic Committee +- -- Mary B. Cranfield -w Literary Committee Margaret M. Hoffman Mission Committee Marjorie M. Bugbee Social Committee A Mary D. Murphy The Sodality of Our Lady is the crown and center of all the college activities. lts meetings are bi-monthly, including a spiritual meet- ing on each First Friday. Business meetings are followed by ani- mated discussions of current topics. September 30 Elms Night. The chains are broken. l95l Social Action Club holds eleclion of officers for the year. October 6 Membership in club restricted to Seniors. President: Aileen E. Dupree VlC6'PT6Sl'dCHII Frances M. Brown Secretary: Mary M. Mahoney October 12 Columbus Day, and a group of Seniors Greenfield-bound. October l6 International Relations Club meets. Officers President: Rosemary F. Donahue VicefPresiderit: Alice G. Prendergast Secretary: Elizabelh A. Sullivan Treasurer: Patricia E, Brophy October 17 Announcement of Staff for Elmata, Senior Yearbook. Plans for the business year involve the annual Elmata Dance in November and the Senior-Alumnae Basketball Game in lanuary. Plans for the literary year anticipate much writing, re-writing and sur-rewriting. l96l l -1 October l8-21 Annual Retreat, Three days of silence, meditation and prayer. Conferences daily. Rev. Edward Winsper Sl., Retreat- master. An interlude of inspiration. October 21 Weekend number one coming up. October 22 lunior Prom Bridge. October 29 Cap and Gown lnvestiture. Formal pro- cession to Chapel. "You, my dear Seniors, are following those who have gone before you, down the avenue of learning and culture. Be- cause the College of Our Lady of the Elms is teaching you Christian law, it wishes you to live a Christian life as Rev. E. V. Vlfinsper S. l. well. She says, 'take the lead, live your life, be kind, be patient, be understanding, be all of that, but be it for Christ. Do these things but be able to say that you are doing them for Christ. Be tolerant, be understanding, be patient, be charitable, not because it is the nicer thing to do, but because it is the Christ-like thing to do'." Clfrom the address by Rev. Edward V. Winsper SH Conclusion with Solemn Benediction and Recessional. Reception tendered to the Seniors and their guests by the luniors. A memorable day, windy but wonderful. Senior Banquet in the evening. Rita M. Chapdelaine, in charge. ....Q,,,ww - ,. if w-Us-sv.-sz 1 ., si ' .y E sf . ..cmfsi-,f in 1 gmmgnsfnffl October 31 Halloween Party and Minstrel Show. l97l Fa!! 1944 November l All Saints Day November 5 "Freshman-Sister" Tea Sponsors-luniors Place-"Chalet" Time-Sunday, three o'clock November 7 Literary Club holds first meeting, under the direction of Margaret M. Hoffman, its compelent president. Margaret is aided in her lit- erary Work by the following committee: Aileen E. Dupree '45, Lois l. Boland '46, Elizabeth A. Sullivan '46, Dorothy Cf. Manion '47, and Clare Donlin '47, November 8 Monsignor Doyle Science Club inauqurates season - Doctor Dwight Mowery lectures on 7 "Synthetic Fibers" With illustrations. Officers President Helen Mulligan VicefPresident Claire Geddes Secretary Susan Fitzgerald Tveaszwer Anne Malloy November ll Armistice Day-Seniors hike to the V. L. November l8 Elmata Dance-Harvest setting Mi General Chairman l-lelen P. Mulligan Committee Alice Prendergast Mary Cranfield Elizabeth McDonnell Yvette LaBranche Rita Choquette l98l November 20 Lecture-Propagation of the Faith Reverend Thomas D. O'Connor, C. M. November 21 Discussion on "Catholic College Graduates" at the Sodality meeting in charge of the Eucharistic Committee. Mary B. Crranfield led the discussion, objectors were Aileen E. Dupree and Margaret M. Hoff- man. November 2l Tourmaline is bornl Y . . r- Q -.J .. 'K 4' s L Editor, Ann P. Harcourt, Associate Editors, Dorothy A. Flynn, Mar- garet M. Hoffman, Mary M. Mahoney, Alice Cf. Prendergast, Biisf iness Manager, Mary B. Granfield, Assistant Business Manager, Mary M. Martin, Circulation Manager, Ruth P. Gonynor, Assistant Circulaf tion Manager, Lucille M. O'BOyle. As intriguing as its name is this literary production of the College of Our Lady of the Elms. Staffed by competent members of the lour- nalism Class and headed by Ann P. Harcourt, the first edition of the college quarterly was issued in November and met with immediate success. This first issue was followed by a Winter edition and a spring edition in February and May respectively, which proved to be as superior in literary style as the first issue had been. May the success attained by the quarterly, in this, its first year of publication, continue with it in future years. November 22-26 Thanksgiving Recess. Holy Cross-B. C. Game-High spot in Senior weekend funl November 27 Lecture: "Flemish Art". Miss Mary Curran tonight began a series of lectures on the various types of World art. Slides were shown of the outstanding works in "Flemish Art" with explanations by Miss Curran. T991 December l 'WYWZW 1944 Ping Pong Tournament, sponsored by the Athletic Association gets under way. December 4 Lecture: "Renaissance Art". Speaker: Miss Mary Curran. December 5 Literary Club Meeting. Place: Lounge ot O'Leary Hall. Reviewers: Mary M. Mahoney December 8 Ann P. Harcourt Lois I. Boland Sodality Reception. Place: Event: Speaker: College Chapel. Induction of members ot the Fresh- man class into the Sodality ot Our Lady. Rev. lohn MacPherson. Following Reception in the Chap- el, the luniors entertain in the "Little Theatre", with 'lMimi Lights the Candle". Refreshments. H001 December 8, 9, 10 Annual meeting ot the Ne ff England C n dera 1 ri o Ca holic Colleges. Place: St. Michaels College Winooski Vermont Representatives: Delegation ot members ot the lnterna ional Re lations Club and Rosemary P Donahue president Speak er for the College ot Our Lady of the Elms Catherine M Quinn '46 December 15 Glee Club Begins Series ot Christmas Con erts Director: Elizabeth F: McDonnell. Accornpanist: Theresa M. Amiot. First Glee Club Concert Sponsors: Catholic Womens Club ot Springfield. Place: Catholic Women's Club House. December 17 Second Glee Club Concert Sponsors: Notre Dame Alumnae Place: Holy Name Auditorium Chicopee December 18 Third Glee Club Concert Sponsors: Catholic Wornen s Council ot Holyoke Place: Holy Cross Auditorium Holyoke December 18 French Club Meeting Production: "La Veille de No l Director: Mary C Vittengl December 20 Christmas Party and Entertainment. General Chairman: Dorothy A. Flynn '45. Entertainment: Musical and Dramatic Clubs combine to present a beautiful interpretation of the familiar Christmas scene. Soloists of the Musical Program: Alma N. Pelegrina '45, Marita D. Brunton '46, Mary T. McManus '47, Katherine M. Hannon '48, Song Leader, Elizabeth F. McDonnell, Accompanist, Theresa M. Amiot, Violinist, Elizabeth l. McKenna. THE NATIVITY PLAY Mary, Mary lane Flood joseph, Mary C. Scannell Gabriel, Mary C. Vittengl Elizabeth, M. Annette Stanton Shepherds, Catherine M. Canty Angel, Claire A. Syner Lucille G. Lamothe The Magi, Kathleen M. Courtney Eleanor M. Shea G. Carol McCoart Ruthmary K. Wirtalla Margaret E. Hurley Herald, Alice M. Moriarty Narrator, Catherine M. Quinn December 21 Profession of novices of the Sisters of Saint loseph, attended by stu- dents from the College of Our Lady ofthe Elms. Seniors congratulate their former classmates-Ellen Sweeney on her holy profession and Catherine S. Kelley on receiving the habit. December 21-lanuary 4 Christmas vacation. H021 We fer 1945 lanuary 8 lllustrated Lecture: "Venetian Art". Lecturer: Miss Mary Curran. Ianuary l2 if vvuum , . . twv, Bulletin Board Drive. Sodality urges its members of the Eu- PRAYERA charistic Committee to renewed efforts in G planning and exhib- ' iting posters. The bulletin board is the Vwwon focal point of infor- mation on campus events. Quicnfui A ll L lanuary l2 ,Q lunior Discussion, "Mixed Marriages", led by Dorothy M. Callahan. Mary D. Murphy, chairman of the Social Committee, was in charge. Ianuary l5 Lecture: "Les Cathedralesn. Lecturer: Mlean- Marie Guislain. i' Attended by meni- bers of Le Cercle Francais. Le Cercle Francais President Bita Choguette VicefPres1'der11: Lois Boland Secretary Alice Murray Treasurer leanne Blanchet Bedaction de 'Chuchotements Des Ormes' Editeur, Eveline B. Breault, Assistantes, Alice T. Murray, Mary C. Vite tenglg Gerante, Leona M. Lachat, Artiste, Theresa M. Amiot. lanuary l7 Ping Pong Tournament begins, sponsored by the Athletic Association. lanuary 20 Senior-Alumnae Basketball Game. Proceeds for Elmata. The win- ners-The Seniors. Ianuary 22-27 Mid-Years rear their ugly heads. lanuary 29 Second Semester begins. Alas-Our lastl I H031 WDZZZEV 1945 February 2 lunior Prom, For this gala occasion the gym was gloriously transformed into a winter wonderland. The magic spell of the moonlight on the campus brought us back a prom ago to our own Stardust creation. Memo- ries of thai bygone February still remain fresh in our minds as one of the happiest affairs of our college life. l February 3 'lLast nights gardenias are Wilted'-and so are wel February 7 Seniors begin Practice Teaching in the parochial and public schools of Springfield and Holyoke. February lO Monthly meeting of Le Cercle Francais luniors Lois I. Boland and Eveline R, Breault co-edit and co-direct "Le Retour du Soldat", an enjoyable one-act play. lntramural Basketball Season begins, sponsored by the Athletic Association. ln the first game the Freshmen were defeated by the luniors. February l l Intercollegiate Panel Discussion-Holy Cross and Our Lady of the Elmseheld at the college, flllil lnternational Bela- tions Club officers preparing for their discussion with a representative group from Holy Cross Col- lege. Subject: Bishops' Peace Plan. Place: Lounge at O'Leary Hall. Presiding Officer: Alice G. Prendergast. February l2 Annual Bazaar sponsored by the Sodality in the gym, colorfully decoraLed for the occasion. A success socially and financially. February l5 The M.I.B. Debating society inaugurates its season by defeating the debators of Clark University at 'VVorcesier. Patricia E. Brophy and Elizabeth C. Quirk represent Our Lady of the Elms. February l6 Sophomore Discussion, l'Conscription of Women", in charge of the Literary Committee at the monthly business meeting of the Sodality. Mary lean McNamara led the discussion and Clare Donlin and Elizabeth A. Moynihan were the objectors. February 18-20 Forty Hours Devotion. During these special days of prayer, the mem- bers of the A Cappella Choir raised their voices to glorify Cfod as they sang the Mass. 'Tis said that song is the noblest expression of prayer. These prayers were indeed nobly expressed. llO5l February 21 Movie, "Hudson Bay", shown in the Little Theater for the faculty and student body by Mr. Francis I. Claffey. February 24 Members of La Corte Castellana set the stage in the Little Theater for the opening of their Spanish Art Exhibit. Speakers were Mary Agnes Sheehan, M. Virginia Murphy, Patricia H. Bardsley and Mary Martha Quinlan. Ann T. Clancy presided. February 27 I March March Freshman talent manifested itself in the production of "Thanks Awfullyn at the Dramatic Club Meeting. flvzfincg I9 5 Lecture: "Heros lnconnus de la Resistance Francaise". Speaker: M. Andre Girard, officier de liaison entre l' "underground" ei les armees alliees. Attended by members of "Le Cercle Francais". 7 Students see "The Eternal Gift", a picture that could not fail to in- spire us with devotion for our "Gift" of daily Holy Mass, 6 P W fwMlx.,J'I" March gl' ll Father-Daughter Banquet. General Chairman: Lucille M. O'Boyle '45. Speaker: Rev. Kenan Carey, C. P. Toasimistress: Catherine M. Quinn '46. Program: "Miss Caruthers' Return" by Glee and Dramatic Clubs. H061 March March March March March March March March March 16 Operetia: ' A Bit of the Old Sod . Place: Veritas Auditorium. Written and directed by Mary T. McManus, more class, and presented by our sister class' lb, 17 prostdcfi f' 'fa : - V... , ,- ',5.'! .." -q. V- L-- Seven rnernbeis of the Senior class take the National Teac P arninations in Pittsfield and Springfield. 20 Meeting of the Literary Club. Place: Lounge of OlLeary Hall Reviewers: Florence M. laconi Ann P. Harcourt Dorothy G. Manion Zl Meeting oi the Monsignor Doyle Science Club Subject: l'Our Avian Friends". Lecturer: Mr. Homer l'J6'!f9ll of Littleville. 23 The lunior class presents the passion play, The Upper 24 Athletic Association begins its bowling tournarnent. 26 Monthly rneeting oi tne Sodalists oi Mary. Presentation ot The Seven Dolorsl by Sodalis 27 HElrnata" goes to press. 28 Easter vacation begins. -.,,...- L- Lb, A,-s-Y vw-- . -.- .-rf P16Lo5 '.1. 2""'.:. Prefzaev - -, .f,,-x.,..-- . KN you xiC6' 'XA DECTE ...----x.4 TJTX 1 l.6u.5.t'5. .5 - A 'NS 'W X ..u,- .--J Q.- ,A-,T K fpffincg I9 5 April 9 April April April April April April Relurn from Easter vacation. Seniors begin the last mile of their journey through college. Announcement oi cast for "The Song of Bernadette", after two weeks ot intensive casting, by a special committee of the "Verdeoro Players". 10 Elmata Staff Candlelight Tea held in the staff room Cminus cuts, copy, typewriters, etc.l. For Staff members onlyl ll Movie, "Saludos Amigos", presented in the Little Theatre under the auspices ot the Spanish Club by Mr. Francis I. Claifey. President Alma Pelegrina Vi cefP1'esident Anmarie Duggan Secretary Mary Sheehan Treasurer Patricia Bardsley 14 Bowling season concluded. l7 Literary Club meets in the evening in the Lounge of O'Leary Hall. Reviewers: Aileen E. Dupree Mary B, Granfield Lois I. Boland Following the meeting refreshments were served in the Music Room. 17 Badminton Tournament, under the sponsorship of the Athletic Asso- ciation, gets under way. 18 Pan-American pictorial in the "Little Theatre" for members of the Spanish Club and guests. 11081 April l9 April April April April April April "A full holiday". ln the morning all hands are drafted for the pack- ing of the clothes baskets for the War Relief. ln the afternoon all are off to Northampton on a shopping tour for summer cottons, followed by a movie at the "Capitol" and a birth- day dinner at "Wiggins Tavern". ln the evening we return, tired and Weary, but loath to retire before the girls bring back the returns of our debate with Holy Cross. 19 Holy Cross Debate in Worcesier. National College question. The M.l.B. Debating Society President Anne Malloy . Vice'Presz'dent Patricia Brophy Secretary T Mary Vittengl l Treasurer Marion Burnett Manager Mary Mahoney 2l Under the direction of their capable leader, Rita Choquette, the members of the French Club present a Puppet show, "Le Petit Guignonu. 24 Tourmaline presents three one-act plays Written, directed and acted by members of the staff. Proceeds for the quarterly fund. 25 Tennis season begins. 26 Members of the Clark University Debating Society journey to Chico- pee for a return debate with Our Lady of the Elms. 27 Spanish students under the direction of Mary Martha Quinlan pre- sent Quinteros' "Mariana de Sol" at the monthly meeting of La Corte Castellana. H091 May 4 flzvffincg I9 5 "The Song of Bernadette". The Verdeoro Club chose for its outstanding production "The Song of Bernadette". The role of Bernadette was played by Avis E. O'Donnell, '45 Other major roles were played by the following mem- bers of the class of '45: Mary R. Fitzgerald, Ann P. Harcourt, Ruth P. Gonynor, Mary B. Granfield, Catherine E, Durnin and Rosemary F. Donahue. ln this play the Seniors outdid even the fine histrionic ability they had already displayed in lane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". Action shots featured on this page were taken at that production. May 7 May 8 May lO May 12 The annual public assembly in Oral Expression was held in the auditorium at eight o'clock. While an appreciative audience sat tense with expectation, representatives from the four classes vied with one another in applying the "art of speaking". A close contest was enjoyed by faculty, students and friends. Annual Inter-Class Debate, Debating Club closes seasonl Freshmen-Iuniors vs. Sophornores- Seniors. Ascension Day. Seniors spend the day at Van Horn Park picnicking and frolicking. The Sodality sponsors the"Mother-Daughter Tea". The reception of our Mothers takes place at about two o'clock, after which an en- tertainment and lunch are provided. At the close of the day, girls and mothers leave together to spend Mothers Day at home. lllfll May May May May May May May May 14 Senior Class Play. The annual Senior dramatic production for '45 is presented in the auditorium. Dramatic Club Officers President Mary Fitzgerald VicefPresz'dent Ruth Kennedy Secretary Mary McNamara Treasurer Ann Harcourt 15 French Club attends lecture on Sarah Bernhardt by Madame Dou- deuil. Place: Museum of Fine Arts. Sponsors: Les Dames Frangaises. 16 Shuffleboard game among sport-loving Seniors. 19 Baseball tournament! Cn the campus diamond, an exciting inter-class baseball tourna- ment takes place. It is followed by a "Wienie roast" on the campus, sponsored by the Athletic Club. Some of the girls concluded the sport-fun for the day by an exciting tennis match. 21 French P1ay. "Le Cercle Frangais" presents "Rosalie", by Max Maurey, in the Little Theater. 21-26 Week of final examsl Blue books are bought, borrowed and brooded over While the final exams last. These are the final finals for the Seniorsl 28 Seniors picnic at "Mont Marie". 28 Interclass Play Competition. Directed, acted and produced by mem- bers of the four classes. 11111 Com managment Week 1945 May 29 Marys Day. The Program for Mary's Day is one of the loveliest on the school calendar. Beginning with the procession to the grotto, it continues with addresses by Q members ofthe Queens Court, and hymns in concert. Next, the Seniors present their floral offering, the cere- mony culminating in 4 .4-.ig the crowning of Our Lady. Benediction in the College Chapel concludes the program, followed by refreshments on the lawn. May 30 Field Day-sponsored by the Athletic Association. Sports carnival and lawn picnic. May 30 Feast of loan of Arc. French tables at O'Leary Hall celebrate the event with a party including feasting and singing. Chairman: Mary C. Vittengl, hostess of "La Table Francaise". May 31 Class Day. Officers Class Mtirslial: Mary M. Martin Class Poet: Dorothy A. Flynn Class Omtor: Eugenia F. Scanlon Class Historian: Mary B. Cranfield Class Prophet: Ann P. Harcourt Class lkytllj Aileen E. Dupree Class Day exercises begin with the Daisy Chain and the traditional ceremonies of the planting of the class elm tree. The classes then assemble in the Foyer for the reading of the class prophecy, poem, lll2l history and will, The lunior Class President, speaking for the stu- dent body gives the farewell address to the Seniors and is answered by the Senior Class President. The Senior Class banquet and Campus Masquerade for the three other classes conclude Class Day. '-'5""- '- 'P ' ' "Rt i ,, . .L Stow! . . - -.1-exif' ' iummm fwvrvv 97.-Bu - 5 Q 1 ' it 1?- lA.'i Clary Hilary lt is Graduation Day. The class of 45 stands before a door that is slowly opening to us, It is the door of life we face, and Graduation is, for us, at once an end and beginning, And as we stand, waiting a moment or two. each one of us goes back in memory over this last year at O. L. E. Our last year-a year made up of days that slipped by as quickly as the beads from a broken strand of pearlsl September found the new Senior Class arriving in the dignified attitudes worthy of their position. Soon, however, they became just any Elms girl -glad to be back after a long summer vacation, greeting friends and ex- changing all the latest news, Resolutely they turned to the task of initiat- ing the Freshmen. Then Elms Nightl The Seniors in their first formal appearance of the year made an impressive sight as they took their places about the candle- lit center table. The Freshmen, after a week of strenuous work-outs as they tried, in the role of scrubs, to make a mythical Elms team, could breathe freely once again. Cap and Gown-symbol of our seniority, garment of dignity? On the l-'east of Christ the King we marched in stately procession, wearing ours for the first time. We had seen three other classes don Cap and Gown and pass, too soon, from out the portals of this college, into the world. We fll3l thought seriously that day, of all we had to do well in the short space of time that remained to us. Shine on Harvest Moonl And shine on it did while all the school danced at the years gayest affair-the Seniors' Elmata. Everyone was there and everyone had a marvelous time in the cheerful rustic setting of our autumn ball. The year sped on and, all at once, it was Chistmas. Slender, lighted tapers cast a softly golden glow about the beautiful tableau of the stable in Bethlehem, humble birthplace of the Eiernal King. And lo, He comes, the Prince of Peace, born again into a war-torn world. And thus, with the sweet music of the old familiar carols filling the Foyer, decked with ribboned wreaths of holly, ends the traditional Christmas pageant. Now the Iuniors stepped into the spotlight as they staged their prom-a Winter Wonderland Ball. The gym was a Winter Wonderland that night, transformed by clever fingers, seemingly as skillful as those of lack Frost himself. lt was a memory-making affair. And then, too soon, we raised our heads one day to find that it was Spring. In no time the last precious week came. Our Commencement be- gan with the beautiful and traditional exercises of Mary's Day. Down at the Grotto, lovely and fragrant with the sweet breath of lovely blossoms, we pledged a final allegiance to our Mother as Queen of the May. The other activities of Commencement came and were done, each one a step toward the final and most important-our Graduation. And now we stand, diploma in hand, before the open door. We walk on and out to meet the future that calls to us. May it be kind to the Class of '45 Mary B. Cranfield. flllll Clam Pffopbegf AIRBORNE . . . 1955 "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. At the sound of the next cough it will be 9:15, time for the latest Walkie-talkie with your Washington cor- respondent, Mary Fitzgerald, brought to you by Chapdelaine's Cough Drops for Cold-Conscious Kiddies. "Greetings alll I-Ias your cough sounded different lately? To avert that wheeze and sneeze try Chapdelaine's, please. "Today is a big day in Washington. Everyone is out, the streets are packed. Why, you ask, why, lady? Blanchet Broadcasting Company is bringing you the flight of the Flynn Clipper's record-breaking globular trip. Twenty-four hours, just think of it, twenty-four hours to see London, Paris, and Istanbul. Chart your flight now and pick up a toothpick from what's left of the Emperor's palacel And while you are bending over be sure your hand is sheathed in a Greaney glove, everyone wears them now. "Yes, today is really a lovely day . . . all the trees in bloom. Walking along this boulevard I can see the airport ahead. Quite a feat of mathe- matics, that fieldl Contractors came from all over the world to submit plans for it . . . the former Lilian Ryan wrote from Trinidad that Butch knew of several men there who were trying . . . but an American finally got the assignment . . . and a girl, at that. Such symmetry, such precision. Notice the circular structure. People say Miss Quirk got her inspiration from an ad popular in 1945, remember? 'So round, so firm, so fully packed'. "But I am being pushed, ladies and gentlemen . . . the people are in such a rush . . . the lady behind me seems to be getting tangled in the wires. "lust a moment, Madam, and we'll straighten things out . . . Why, Betty O'Brien, what brings you here? "Well, my four children are on that clipperg regular little Indians! I wouldn't want anyone to be hurt . . . Bye. "Theres loyalty for you . . . four tiny children entrusted to an old school- mate. "The crowd is moving now. They're looking up but I can't see anything yet, the sky is perfectly clear, not a . . . nol . . . waitl . . . there it is. It is breathtaking, ladies, it's making a smooth landing, round and round, low- er and lower. Everyone is running now, and we are at the door of the plane. "Miss Flynn just stepped out. She is wearing a lovely navy suit by La- Branche and Keating, Inc. l"Reasonable" they say, and so chic . . . notice the insignia on the shouldersl "Miss Flynn, would you care to say something to the Great Unseen? "Yes, I would. This trip has been so wonderfull On our way over we carried Rosemary Donahue, the distinguished authority on international af- fairs, and Rita Choquette, minister to France. They lent such a cosmopoli- tan air to the trip. No, I don't know why they went . . . some secret busi- ness, I suppose. "And coming back? I ll5 I "Oh, coming back, we had the conductor of the All Girl Orchestra with us, Liz McDonnell, and two of her stars . . . Florence Iaconi and the vocal- ist, Anmarie Duggan. They argued all the way across the Atlantic about two notes in Florence's new composition . . . The Molecular Weight Blues . Liz said too high, Anmarie, too low . . . They never did settle it. "What is the new invention rumor says you were testing on the flighi? "I'll let the navigator tell you about that, Fitz . . . Frances . . . "Folks, Frances Brown is now descending from the plane . . . "Hello, Mary . . . did you see us come in? You know it was all made possible by Helen Mulligan and Anne Malloy. They perfected a synthetic gasoline from apple juice. They have been working on it for thirteen years in a lab at O. L. E. Said they got the idea from watching Westover planes going over at breakfast every morning. "Wonderful, wonderfull But Frances, what is that noise? "One of the passengers, I suppose . . . step in and see . . . I've got to go back and turn off the switch of the Durnin maritime slide rule. That's new, too, the bill came today. "Here we go, good people, we are in the plane now, and the noise is deafening . . . sounds like someone singing and there's some sort of music . . . and, yes, I can hear groans. "Pardon me, but . . . why Ali, what are you doing? "Hi, Mary . . . isn't this awful? . . . Lucille and I are trying to cheer up Ioan. Since she got that job as Secretary of the Treasury she is upset all the time. Now it is because we threw out her last Murphy-Scanlon vitamin pill, and she keeps complaining that this plane got her here too soon for her appointment with Mary Mahoney, Co-ordinator of Internal Affairs. Says she'd be two minutes early if she had the energy to descend from the plane which she hasn't, and it's all our fault. "Lo, Fitz . . . Ali, if you want to sing that song again, you'll have to hold the zither. It's all right to hear about the rest of the world going by, but if you don't mind, I'd just as soon watch this time. "O, Lu, now don't be . .. "We're going outside now . . . stepping down from this giant silver bird, and the crowd hasn't thinned out a bit . . . let's just walk around and listen in on what Washingtonians think of this trip . . . "Heres a group I didn't expect to see here today. Mary Granfield, head of the rival Southern Air Lines, and her South American representative, Martha Ouinlan . . . Probably looking for trade . . . Yes, there's Peg Hoff- man, their contact woman saying, 'Hello Girl', to Mrs. Roosevelt. Probably wants to book her passage. "And on my left, ladies and gentlemen, there seems to be some sort of disturbance . . . a large car has just driven out to the field and the pas- senger is embracing the Schedule Adjustor . . . I'll walk up closer and see . . . the car is from a very exclusive school and the woman . . . the woman . . . why it's Peg White, She is talking rapidly to the Adjustor, Miss Gonynor . . , I can't make sense out of the conversation, but Miss White just exclaimed . . . "I knew the 8:06 could make it, R. P. "Now she's shaking hands with the beaming Miss Gonynor and driving away. "The grounds are a little less crowded now, and although our time is al- most up, Id like to see Miss Flynn again before we go . . . there she is . . . Miss Flynnl Miss Flynnl Illhl "Miss Flynn, where do you plan to go on your next flight?" "Well, Fitz, we are invited by Mary Martin to come to South America at once. She writes she will be unable to keep her position as American con- sul unless something is done about the Dupree Missionary Band. lt seems they went down a few years ago with the intent ot converting the lncas. Miss Tio and Miss Pelegrina did a splendid job . . . so good that the ln- dians can't speak Spanish any more, Now even the tourisis are confused. The government is quite worried about the whole prospect and they have asked tor a group ot volunteers to reconvert the reconverted Indians. lt is all very complicated but Ann Clancy has chosen Marge Bugbee and Mary Agnes Sheehan to set torth wiQh her. Come down Saturday and see us oft. "Thanks, Dee. Perhaps I shall . . . but now my time is up . . . so just remember, ladies and gentleman, A-Choo is not tor you with Chapdelainesf' Ann P, Harcourt. Clam UW! We, the Senior class ot nineteen hundred and forty-tive, having reached the last days ot our college lite at the end of a happy and varied career, and being about to pass on to a new lite, do hereby draw up and publish these designs, which we do declare to be our last will and testament. Article l. To His Excellency, the Most Reverend Bishop Thomas Mary O'l..eary, our President, and to our Vice-President, the Reverend Doctor lohn R. Rooney, we leave our reverence and gratitude tor their part in the guidance and dis rection ot our beloved college. Article 2. To Reverend Mother Iohn Berchmans and the Sisters of St. loseph we be- queath our recognition and deepest appreciation tor their great work in the tield of education and especially in the establishment and maintenance of our college. ill7j Article 3. To the Faculty we leave our sincere affection and the knowledge that we will remember always their patience and understanding, and the willing expenditure of self with which they have striven to impart to us learning and knowledge of God and His world. Article 4. To the luniors we leave our Senior dignity and pride to be worn along with our Caps and Gowns, and the hope that their Senior year may be as happy and memorable as ours has been. Article 5.. To the Sophomores we will our best wishes and hopes for future success and achievement, knowing that our sister class will more than fulfill our faith in it. Article 6. To the Freshmen we leave the prospect of three whole and untouched years to come, years that their venturesome spirits and inquiring minds can- not help but make joyous and profitable ones. Article 7. Lastly, on our beloved college we bestow our undying love and remem- brance, our gratitude for gifts of faith and knowledge, our memories of friendship and devotion, and in our hearts, to thee, our Alma Mater, "a song of love and loyalty." To this, our last Will and Testament, we do affix our name. Signed: The Senior Class, Class Attorney: Aileen E. Dupree. Clam Poem Farewelll What a depth of subtle feeling locked within that time-worn phrase, Echoing the hearts of maidens, sounding through their chosen ways, Drifting Wraith-like toward the heavens in an aureole of praise, Hurrying the swift recession, heralding the coming days. lust a phrase-yet in the speaking we shall sever friendships tie, Leaving, like pale ghosts, new-shrouded bonds we swore should never die, Tearing life into dream-patches, wherein vivid memories lie. Time it is who bids us speak it-Time whom none may dare defy! Though we answer to the challenge, through our lives' run there shall be Ever shining in the drabness, shining clear for all to see, Holy Wisdom and the Faith we've shared here-like Golgothas Tree- Pointing onward, upward, always-into Gods Eternity. Dorothy A. Flynn. I ll? l lune l Iune 2 Iune 3 lune 4 Senior Ball. Graceful palms decorated our stately marble halls at this the last and best of our college prorns :e.a in the Foyer and fzfezzanine Lobcy. 'Vfltevi blue slwclou-s fall m dreams I recall The college of my heart . . . And I'll be once more in the school I adore, On the Campus of O. I.. E." Alumnae Banquet and recepiion tor the Seniors. Delta Epsilon Sigma Induction. Baccalaureate Sunday. Address and Benediction. Commencement. Conferring ot Degrees and Awards by I-lis Excellency, lfost Reverend Thomas M. Cleary, DD., Bishop ot Springfield. From the address of His Excellency- "My dear Graduates, these are the last words of your Alma Mater as she bids you Godspeed, and they rnust remind you that your privileges have made you debtors to this college and to yourself and to society. As you leave these college halls Alma Mater says ot you to the world: 'Here are those Whom I have truly educated: to Whom I have given the highest ideals ot conduct and character by Illill whose lives l may be judged. Here are women with noble womanly hearts and high noble souls. But they are more than my students, my scholars, they are my children, and l have expended on them all a mother's care and all a mothers love. It has been my purpose to make them worthy inheritors of the exalted traditions of Catholic womanhoodg prompt in faith, prompt in love, prompt in sacrifice and devotion, ready and able to see the meaning and the virtue of the lowest and the highest service of God. In their ranks will be found no one who would defame the sanctity of marriage. From their lips will come no insult to things sacred. They will always cherish what is splritual and religious True to their ideals, they will scatter around about them the sweetness and the light of their souls' virtues The freshness and beauty of their own lives will keep alive the sacred flame of womanly honor, the hope and the sustenance of the world, And wherever they go they will recall to their sisters the first type of womanhood, and inspire all hearts with renewed yearning for those more gracious things in the world, which alone give to wom- anly life its breadth, its dignity and its glory. H201 A fum me Affacmfzm x rA:'J'1r 1 -,N- 1N.Ix.1 -,,-- ... ,NAUA 3 g1v--C'vv 1 .4 -x T12 ,-Ay.,-,fy -Y - Inv .4 v-5-...,..v-fy .-A. ,-., P, fy,-, ,-,. VA.-v fqg,-fv-2:3 1-f A - vw- .4v:1-vv .4 .Ava f-,-AQ,-x,. -AA A, A A ,Q v..n.f-- .-v-N4 V .4 va--v-f--vw 3: fvv-rw A v- s.1----v-v-v-.. N... V VA- .... ...Q ,A .4 1-V-ff-qs'-2 A- .v -V-Juv-, V- ,A ff-f-Y--Af-rf-N f-A A w A --..,------.Av .-,T .., .A xx .5---. ...R .1 - --C .J-4 I ,-.,-,-.,.,,-2 -..A- ,vu V A.-N - ' ..--v-- ,.:,-., N.4----..A ,. , , . ,W -- ,. -. A- ., ,,,,-- A- we - W- lie -..---r::1e :::--::.-c -- -,... -- ---, -.--- JL.. vw -,--' -'Z '.. - - Af A -Q ---emserbzfs Qf3G.,.3.S: V- --, -MW -- ----. Vout Cxchieverxeii cf this 1:12, 'Wa "A" "gi LS out 3 ::c:r.".--e::e::e:i: 3: 3 an pw- L--fs muy.- af. ,,f.-2-.-,-,H -A --A.., ' Ln., ...----b MAL vvv---E .--C ..,.l.....-,tv .V -V..- V-- 'your c:c-ce -- 3-3.21-: .3, -3 .--, x,...-----, sig: 1:1e3-s :ct :ave see: se: :1 . ' --. 4 - '..,.. A ce an alba -3 .-,.- -,---:tc1e 3: X 'Nia' '-vim 'hc ---x.4.v. 11--- :Ju 'VV ',.A,.A 'N'-.M A- ,:': M.- W-.- e-x,N.,---e, x.,-v.:: V- -..,:., .4--.1. ---M- L t Ar .- 1-v - - -, CICIQ V- me L- A'r'1 rx- - -T1-fs-:-:Q A--5 L.k.J-.-- - .. - - -,--,N. ,un P ,-,d t. 1 fm.-- - A,.A..,W X,..,.. .--gs Trib. C71 , ,.,,A- - ---x,..fv--x.,.,.,.-- 7 ...., 1- ,pn ,J . 1 f,- up, :,,A.--m. ,, .gf 16.54 SHI. ---.:. ,.,---- -.:x.A- Q--- w -. ,. - R.- ,,. , , beuerufy. -.-Q x,c---33-- Lef .Q . if.-..-L-..- :,N':,.,-': 5. l6..L,lLf6!. ..zv-v.--- -C .... ti- ... X 'f' ac'- X.-- -- +3 -f N . 1 V T ..,-. . Q ,. ..- O'.'..J74PLk7.4 ----:. U .. .. 'i-IE N rs X will X They who scatter zwth one Hand cr IUIIII two. Nutlung nmltiplzcs x 11241511 as Rl71d?lCSS. M I K - S BEST WISHE the of ALUMNAE the of COLLEGE OF OUR LADY OF THE ELMS to the Q Q Y Q Q Q Q Q 'Q Q Q OF 1945 SS A CL OR I SEN S Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q X Q Q Q X Q X Q Q Q Q Q Q Q X Q Q X Q Q Q Q X Q S Q Q Q Q Q Q Q I 'W M X X LZ 111 51 Nix Q 41 II! my I X X I H23 8X'3X"XYkY'XY8X'8X"XYxYXxXx"XYxYXY8xXX,'xYh'X'BX'lXYxYxYkYh'X'8X'8xS 8X"xY'Q'BX' XX' Y S 'XY S I NJ S .QS XXBX S S Bourbeau TS EN Q COMPLIM dward F O J?69A A W N,i89n .,-E9 gwww E H 0 H 1 H24 E S 3 S32 C GN H I T5-0 -X' v U ov 4 fs 79 0 4 I L ILEADCC 4 fl f " I wr' K Y C GILBERT X BARKER MFG. CO. Q WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS I 125 1 , Eine 'Ju c'f:'f!5e'e'369 ' ,-55427 ,Of 4052599 ,FLZQA 1sf'e9?,2'iZ'fJf5se'f5?Z3Q' S 5 E Q I E 2 S S L v 5 33 5 V Daniel O9C0nnel1's Sons, Inc. Gefzeml Contmftom Established 1890 Incorporated 1926 QP S no HAMPDEN STREET gg HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS 3 R E, , H261 15 S S X S S S S S S 3 S Q S S S Q S S X S 3 ? 0 .f7'.A'!' .A'f'.!.7'.A'f.A'!'.f.7J.7'.A7" f.7.7:f.7'J.7J.7'.f.7'.!' 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OLI,zc!czlen omlocmg l , 'X Q Plumbmg fx' E 272 EXCHANGE STREET CHICOPEE .A'fJ.7'..l' J' .!.7'.A7'.A'!'.AV' 1' Q 0 5 5.5 95 gm Co Z4 P Z rn Z rn 75 'Se IH U CD '-1 77 I-ri I-I1 '-l 101' J' .Cf J' f'f'w'i'2f154Q9'f'f'1f4'iQ3'f9f" , ,aye CHICOPEE. MASSACHUSETTS l q, I K I 1. l It 1. l I 9-' NJ Xl iii l l L. l I l c c l i"f,Q',oov,3',6',v,vyg',off-f,of,6',3',b' Neil A. O'Brien James O'Brien l SINCEREST WISHES OUT to SISTER CLASS from the S 5 Q Q x Q x 5 x 2 2 x S s S 3 s Q x Q Q Q x Q Q S x E Q x Q S Q Q x x S Q x S S Q Q x ASS OF 1947 CL Q E 2 Q H281 .!.7'.A'f'.A7'.!J7'..A'!'.A7J7'.f.7'.f.7'.A'fJ.7'.!.7' .A'fA7ZfA'fJ' J' .!.7'.A7'.f.7J.7'.!' .!.7'.A7'.A7'.f.7J.7'.A7J" .!.7J.77.7'.A'f'.!' .6 .ff ,, - S ,, , I Leo Simard QLUZLI' 54 SUFFOLK STREET HOLYOKE, MASS TAFT OIL COMPANY GASOLINE MOTOR OILS TIRES RANGE AND FUEL OILS OIL BURNERS CORNER OE LYMAN AND FRONT STREETS T' 1. 9Q47 9 9 I I 3 f N Holyoke, Mass. C L xx J' .A'!'.A'!'.A'f'J' A A J'J.7'.!' JL f T SS ' O TIS A ffQ 'O'I"T' 1 H291 Compliments of M N W M W W N W W W W W W N W I I I M W I M W M NM T. P. SAM PSON STATE STREET 730 X Q Q Q X Q X Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q S Q X Q Q Q X Q X Q X Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q X Q Q S X , TT ,329 W U 2 Q 5 ! W w W E j F W G W W W Q my W J U FJ 1 'Ik 2 S Q E E E A J.7'.f'J.7' fA'f'.A7J7'.A'f' .f Z .f7J' 7' .A'ff.7' :WL 61-t n ALBERT E. MAYEB M. J. WALSH as SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS Holyoke Massachusetts l ? v v H311 1 X I ef diff?" dfzffi' "3 Sfmt X ,MA5fing!L0lfwe Mala A fpiofge . . . . . thot in Worr-time our only business is victory . . . and thot it core ornd skill ond conscience con insure it, every Westinghouse product shcxii prove Worthy of the high trust our fighting men put in their Worr Weorpons. 8889? 1, ,ii 85' VVESTINCHOUSE ELECTIC 81 MANUFACTURING CO. 653 Porge Boulevard Springfield, Moss. YVESTINCHOUSE ygfei, t- -s td. .fierce H321 JJ' N .!7'.f.7'.l.7'.f .f.7' .A7'J.7'.!' 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' I ' I I A 1 3 Q ' glgft-school has the complete cofoperation ot Airlines both in Training and Place' 3 5 Q S Applications by Personal Interview Unly Q Q ENROLL NOW-CATALOG UPON REQUEST g S Summer School, july 2-Fall Term Begins September 12 Q 5 Q . . 3 3 Worcester School of Business Science Q Q 88 Front Street Q 3 DIAL 612569 Q Q Katharine Foley Ward, Director S 5 Q S , ll35l CGMPLIMENTS xl X S 2 3 Q Q S S Q x Q 3 S s Q 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 3 5 Q 5 Q Q x E x mvaii ND IE FR 2 W 9 M W Y V A M W P W i H M M W my W W W H361 1 x 1371 A Qfffzfffffnwf-zfdyfffwafm-fear 162111511-P ,Q ,gf 1 4-1-yi 55 2 Q gf 5 fs 03 M sm 3 Q DP 1 5' 3' Q V-' 1 Q H C QU Q2 : "" fn N m :5 f' 3 I Q' SD 75 R 3 o an I 53 'E 9. B Q 9' S :D '-' 5,2 a Q 55 QM on Q- Q H 5 Cf 'U 2 E N I 33 S Q ' 'Q 5' E13 20 A 53 gg of sn. m 5, '-u 5, Q , 13 5 I 5' 3 Q S .. :lb I ' r-A Q QQ Q-N O0 5 'si 2 7 Q 54 S' w W 5 5 E 5 if fm v-s GN N. -'U N gm Z O M Q D KV Q 5, oe Q 91' gi K. ffl - W , f' l I S Q E kg Ei Q fo 1 g, F3 0 3 C- qi VJ E EM U 3 A P v rx G Cn . :U 3 I: H 1' '.: Q- P-I H Q V gf-P3 E Q v 2 J' '4 ' Q if fy H1 5 Q 3 Q Jw E 5 3 H w if l" SD an U1 E 5: gf rx! fb -' if I3 2 E2 CP 51 tg fs 2 ff U Q W as 2 2 QQ Q4 E W m w pi V Q o 5 F if 41- Q 5 Cn '11 if F211 fn Q . 2 C: 9 D Q 5 Ui L my ' fc xg m Q5 N . Q .N gk FB E31"1"f"10'f"10C0'fO'.0f,0',O'zOC0'z0'f"40O0'A0504OC0ff0C0'10',O',0'40'r"f"f0'1O'10f",0C0'10'10'f0'10'4"f",0'f0f'T'f"1"10'1"1"4"40',0'10'10C0f'f1",O'10'1"10'40'f"r0""f"10f'f4"1"4"1"10'4"4"z0',o',0',O'.".OC"40'a"z"4"4"10',"f0',0C".0'-0'10'10'f0'1"4"k.Y Bug... U. S. War Bonds and more U. S. War Bonds Chicopee Savings Bank Compliments of 1orczak's Pharmacy l MARKET SQUARE Tcl. S190 Compliments of Glenwood Pharmacy UA Reliable Drug Store" E. J. MCGINTY, Reg. Pharm. PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 435 Springiield Street Phone P10257 SPRINGFIELD, MASS. J. F. Kahl Co., Inc. Distinctive-Reliable Quality jewelers for 65 years El PITTSFIELD, MASS. P Regzsterecl jewelers American Gem Society 8 FF 'FEE ' t:E KAVANAGH'S was founded by a Catholic immigrant seventy-tive years ago and consistently has sold the highest quality merchan- dise for the lowest possible price. The courteous service given by this institu- tion cannot be surpassed. WM. KAVANAGH FURNITURE CO. Owned and Operated by the Employees 443 STATE ST., SPRINGFIELD "Original Out of the High Rent District Furniture Store" Buy War Stamps and Bonds To Insure Your Future FE MacDonald 8. Shea, Inc. THIRD NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Compliments of Harry H. Lane Co., Inc Wholesale Con fectioners SPRINGFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS Compliment MARKET SQUARE EJ Q P 'FJTE' .5 1:33 1.5 uE5'5.1TLQ L 1391 .RE51 l M'A IGWLI l '54 M l H is BBEEBBQ -' QBBBA ' T ll rt ,xi ii 5, McAus1an 85 Wakelin HOLYOKES GREAT DEPARTMENT STORE -Always Reliable -Reliable Always H1oH, DWIGHT and Nl.-XPLE STS., HOLYOKE Q MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY Established 1860 Water Colors and Crayons Art Materials Handicraft and Teaching Aids For All School Grades Home Qfhce: Springfield, Mass. NEW YORK: ZOO Fifth Avenue CHICAGG: 811 So. Wabash Avenue National Library wma Bindery Co. West Springfield Massachusetts Bibles and Prcfyerbooks Beautifully Bound l Telephone 3f71-15 Estnhlishcd 1925 N H40 Q23 ROVELLYS Springfield? Leading Restaurant Q23 170174 Wrvrtliirigtciri St., Springfield, Mass. '1 Springfield Buick Co. 630 MAIN STREET Springfield, Massachusetts 1 1 I I New and Used Automobiles I Service All Makes of Cars I WILLI.xM C. LYNCH, Mgr. Telephone 14126 SCHOOL RING BOOKS LOOSE LEAF FORMS BRIEF CASES DICTIONARIES-BOOK ENDS GREETING CARDS-STATIONERY AND A THOUSAND AND ONE OTHER ITEMS for the HOME AND OFFICE Springiield Office Supply Everything for the Ojfce 1615 MAIN STREET TEL. 46691 Sprihgiield, Massachusetts 1 I I 1 1. STEVENS ARMS , COMPANY Division of SAVAGE ARMS CORPORATION CHICOPEE, MASS. Call Chicopee 1880 D. C. Sweeney Sz, Son EI .Q,uaIz't5' Fm'm'ture at lowest prices E Springfield IWQSS. H411 Q 3 S S 2 2 Q X Q 2 Q S Q S S Q X 3 Q E Q X .f.7' , Complfmfms of Worcester Telegram N Evening Gazette T Francis C. Tylunas Sunday Telegmm 1529 a ia Station CHICQPEE FALLS WTAG f 3 WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Nicholas Zeo Inc. T' J' CONWAY CU' H J7' J7' J.7'J7'J.7' , A I-' N-K' -1 T' 5 27 Q - 2 5 N E' 5. I Q 22 XO Q 3 5' on W we . 1- g 5 '-1 E, 3 0 Q- 3 9 U Z C- ui :J ro fb 5 rv '3 UQ 91. 71' xc Z 0 X, fe as g L as Z' C- T' z v-4 Oo ON N Q. El .A'!'.f.7'.f.7'.A'l'.A7J.7'.!.7'.A77' h Plumbing cmd Heating I CONTRACTORS if .f.7' .A77' .Cf'J' 1 gi 8:1 Q E X S N W J N N Ev X J J' .f.7'.A'f'.A'!'.f.7'.!' .f.7'.A7'.A'ff.7'.A'!' Fruit and Produce 77 Winter St., Springfield, Mass. . 'xiii E, iss. Phone 2-5131 .A'!'.A'f'.f.7'.!.V'.A7'.A7'.A'!'.A'!'.A7'.A7'.A7'.A'!' .A7'.A7'.A7'.A7'.f.7'.!.7'.!' .A'f!.7'.A'!'.A'!'.A'ff.7'J7!?ZfffZ!JYA!'.4fZfffZ!'.Eff?l?f7ffJY!7Z!'.!YJ7ZfJ?Cf -2 DALE? EEELL3 Compliments of For ITlCl1'UlCl'LLL1lI'fj' m College Sportswe i I Near 1 HAFEY FUNERAL SERVICE Sfafe ESS DRESSES MILLINERY BAGS HOSIERY Serving Springfield Shop Angelanes First and Vicinity SPRINGFIELD : MASS. Compliments of JOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL I LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY RICHARD A. DOOLEY, District Manager Q Compliments of I I. D. Roy Lumber Co. 203 MAIN STREET MILFORD z MASS. Telephone Milford 258 62 CHURCH STREET WHITINSVILLE : MASS. Telephone NVl1itmsvillc 2030 ,CC Y ,582 ?g H431 TO THE CLASS OF 1945 SINCERE WISHES for SUCCESS ALWAYS from the CLASS OF 1948 ?gL H441 is a Covnplzvments Oj VITAAL FOUD FOLEY PAPER CO. E ESE LIBERTY STREET l DONT WUSU2 If-' QPRINL FIELD. MASS. E -X '- 1 -as etronc. TM? TTTTT TTTATm-T KI IR 'essary food. CO. ISS Exchange Street, Chicopcc, Iv1.1ss.1chusctts Use .mme dawg products every day' Joseph RUM PT F 5 1 l . f S Complete Home Furnishers K Phone 1854 Easy Terms 3 H451 r Q fl as df PB Q4 fl, V5 if? fi 5:4 Q, 411, is lv , r,,r,,f ff' Q: Xi '52 S 5 :ii Q N E iii 5 Q Ln lv HH lj G' Q :D ' I I t , S 4: lf :D um U1 U' .E 3 . , 'B Q .3 an - NO 5 1' Ez? O 'Q rl'l Tm 'F I 'Y 'Q UNI Q G5 , 3 'ow Q .T U Z , E no 5 D N 35 'N S Sf: l' 'i Q Z U0 5 G5 , 55' 3:1 rx Z b T 321 U1 O 524 ' ' ' .Ei is ST di Q RANGE and FKRNACE OILS Inc. 1 we Chutney Sfmt, BoSToN, MASS. Phone: LIBerty 1150 61,17 BELMONT AVENUE PHONE 7-1468 Religious Articles Church Goods l COAL COKE Books of All Catholic Publishers T l Compliments of ARTHUR BALTHAZAR caw Clerk P. J. BRAULT l REAL ESTATE AND Chicopee, Massachusetts 1 INSURANCE AGENT RES. 278 EAST ST. CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS. Chicopee Falls, Mass. Complgmfm CHARLES Wl. BRAY o 1 l Real Estate and Insurance S' 71 MAIN STREET HOLYGKE. MASSACHUSETTS Tel. 142 Chicopce Falls. Mas.s. 1 so S EEEWSX- I4- 4 Complnnents of Compliments of B E L M 0 N T N ROS LAUNDRY 1 CALLAHA B . l 337 BELMONT AVENUE l 36 Trumbull Street SFfiI'l!6C1L-1 f f f M,lSS, ' ' ' H451 QQQQQQQ 556655 s sssssssss ssssssxssssssssysq T Tephwn 6969 We Strlx tw Pleaie Carr Hardware Co Harduare Pamts and Household Goods C mplzmentc 0 Ch1cOpee Hat Shoppe Plumbmg and Eleetrzcal Tvfatenal and Fzxtures 331!2 Center Street 41 North Stre t W xt to Strand Th atr Chlcopee Mass PITTSFIELD MASS ow, em CARROLL CUT RATE BEVER AGES A complde me of GOLDEN and PALE DRY GINGER ALE COSMETICS and PERFUMLS CHICOPEE SODA COMPANY CHICOPEE MASS CHICOPEE MASS Telephone 605 e. L e If ' 'fe L J O M f ' . . . M, ChaPin5f'O'Bfien CITY TIRE COMPANY Q n l, . I I. p -- 7 . Q . 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GRANFIELD S SONS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 60 Springticld Street, Chicopee, Mass. ARTHUR J. XVILLIAM T. Cornpliments Of THE GRISE FUNERAL HOME Cmrzplmzents of GUIMOND'S DRUG STORE Compliments of HASTINGS DRUGS 390 MAIN STREET WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS L. W. Kenney Hastings Stationery K E N N E D Y ' S Store MAIN AND TAYLOR STREETS Women's and Misses' 2-4 Center Street Apparel Chicopee : Mass. . Sprlnglield, Mass. Shop at Either Store Kane Furniture Co. HOLYOKE SPRINGFIELD KOHN BROTHERS, Inc Famous Shoes from Famous Makers 174 North Street Pittsfield, Mass. Branches: 1 Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 86 Glens Falls, N.Y. CHARLES W. KING Prescriptions Carefully Compounded 749 SUMNER AVENUE SPRINGFIELD SPELD. 'LOO82 117 MAIN STREET GHICOPEE FALLS CHIC. 145 I W. CC. IKUSIIORIEIK F ILORIST El 500 FRONT STREET , CI-IICOPEE, MASS. l149I vfeezew QQQQSQQDP I P I ,zweeew I I-.a2eGaee.-'P Q.-22Q,w ,ez-ff I C geese-' If X S Raymond J. 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Q ' Im MAIN STREET Phone P9514 Established 1910 Q I TI Y -E S X X X 3 F- Mitchell's Filling Station Q "Service with a Conscience" X ATHLETIC OUTETTTER Q 437 SPRINGFIELD STREET Q I 340 Dwight Sireet Springfield, Mass. Tcl. 8094 i , - , , 11501 Jf'f ,9f'59999 A?'!f?D'997Dwfff-fi? 'I:'7 I 1 I l I N I xl' K lm I I I I I l I I I I I I IN I 4 1 x! lx I IS gf' .ff J' .A7'.A7'.!.77.7J' .f.7'.A'!'.A7'.!.7'.f.VJ' .A7'J' .!.7'.f.7' J' .A7'.!.7'.!17'..l' J' .AfA7'.A77.7'.l7' JJ' if S cw Q Q U '11 Q . FU z Q H fu :fa m SZ' 1 RIEL HARDWARE 6. MILL SUPPLY MURIEL'S Jlnuneogj ' I SPRINGFIELD 129 DWIGHT STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASS. PURE CANDIES RIGHT PRICES SHARP'S CONFECTIONERY Is Guaranteed If These Goods Are Not Satisfactory Retum E. J.o'NE1LL Insurance Agency Them to Us Our Ice Cream Is the Cream of Creams 22 BROADWAY, WHOLESALE RETAIL SHARP'S HOME MADE ICE CREAM CHIQQPEE FALLS For Weddmgs, Soc1a1s, Showers, etc. 342 Front Street Chicopee, Mqgg, Tel. 1058 Distinctive Clothes for . Comphments of Men and Women PETLUCK, INC. Chicopee, Mass. C WALTER M. SI-IEA ATTORNEY-AT-LAW hicopee Falls - - - Mass. Compliments of I G T. P, SHEEHAN Rice 84 Kelly, Inc. I W. F. GARRITY 136 State Street Springiield, Mass. PITTSFIELD MASS I ISI I tx -fzzizevl 4L5?Q9,22e' 4'E'l',b3I",0' 1,2 A x, I 5 E I I I I I , Q HAND-SEWN UPRONTOSU 33 -Famous for Fit - 9 Solin 5 Market, Inc. 4.1, i 110 West Street I CHICOPEE. MASSACHUSETTS SPRINGFIELD, MASS. "More by the Pair-Less by the Year" Compliments of Compliments of A- J- SPECHT STEWARTS-WEEKS TRAVELERS 1341 MAIN STREET BRANCH OFFICE Next to Union Trust Sth Floor Security Building SPRINGFIELD 44 Vernon Street Springfield, Mass. SPRINGFIELD , BUSINESS TIERN EY S INSTITUTE jf Secretarial Training OLUQPJ I DAT AND EVENING CLASSES SHORTHANDfT'YPEWRITING COMPfTOMEfTER!CIVII. SERVICE 288 B .d S Telephone 6f8931 U ge tree! 31 El S ., C S Bld . 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Lynch, Inc JEVTELERS etc 2 Ilia RCYVI-,l1tl1I"'.g U' E 5 Strauss Diamonds - Watches Jewelry If Britig: S nE7.'67'j'fil1i7lg From .1 Pm to tl Safe" BROADWAY OFFICE SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY SUPPLIES-STEEL. wooo AND CHROME FURNITURE STEEL EQUIPMENT H x'-mm QU-E-I qw-f'-YQH1 xr-- . L A, U UU Ut ...g......N... . .:::. N - -5 NJ Telephone : f .- l - . TXIICHAEL Goanmxsifxx Center Department Store Ixo IRPI IR vii BI. Ferris 69 Bri.. Frye-:f:5-'s Dry Goods and Clothing -life CENTER ST. CHICOPEE. MASS Tcicgfi iii: IQPC f QQQQ' ,g'f'-1' f .A!J.77.7'.f.7'.A7'.A7'.A7'.!.7'.!.7'-J.7'.A7J.7'.f:f' J.7'.A'f .A'fA'77:f".A7'.A'7' .A'f'.A'!'.A7'.A'!' is X 'I TR COMPANY 3 S L' G' BALFOL MASSACHUSETTS COLONIAL CATERER Q ATTLEBORO WEDDINGS BANQUETS PARTIES Q I I , X Q Class Rzngs and l9ms Edna M.JerrO1d A ga . Commencement Invztatzons Q X Diplomas Personal Cards 1464 STATE STREET TEL. 6-3288 Q Q SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Q Q Represented by SAWYER G. LEE, Boston, Mass. Q Z S X S X S X X 5 Compliments of Compliments of Q S X X S X ELECTRIC BAKE SHOP X Q E. si J. CIGAR CO. MPM EW Day 3 S 23 MAIN STREET -Baked the Electric Way" S X X S NORTHAMPTON, MASS' NORTHAMPTON I MASS. E X X X X X X X 3 5 S X X SCHERMERHORN FISH CO. m im n X S INCORPORATED CO pl C L5 of Q X I S S X S SPRINGFIELD HOLYQKE 5 S Largest Seafood Dealers in of Q S W'estern Massachusetts Q X X X X S X X X S X X S HOWARD-MARTIN COMPANY S Compliments of A O Q Fabncators and Constructors Q X X X r X X SHEET MET.AL WORR - ROOFING S Q H. L. Handy CO. 5 X SPRINGFIELD 3 X 15fl7 WALNIUT STREET Q MASSACHUSETTS X Springfield, Mass. Tel. 3fl433 S X S H541 ACKER PRINTING COMPANY A BETTER CLASS OF PRINTING FOR A QUARTER CENTURY IMIQ' 1, eanwge' "PRINTING -- A Billion Dollar Industry, Indispensable in War or Peace" ,,,,,,4"' - -, , O Il55f I I I I I I I I' I1 I I "' ,FY ft' Adi? T Qdif 185'-ef'J0' Jil' ,e'2",-'Jdv' 'f5f5'-9'f',-'fA','!'i"1'fs'0'f'J:'JQ'f",0!0','59"' I I 22 S16 9 'H if 9 3 wifi? ZA fx 3 4, A 0. -si if 52 :-2

Suggestions in the Elms College - Elmata Yearbook (Chicopee, MA) collection:

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