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 - Class of 1944

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I if - -- 1ji2'5'.I-I II ---I IA II .. 1 - lg II I - . L - If If'-Irfffjg I Y 1 I A-2 III 1 I I I III .': .,-gJ,II ,III ll LSI IQIII . - " 'f 1-.I N1 . , " 9 I - -Q-,Egg-..-4f'3' , IWW ---M ' fx . U '- , -W, 44- , -'vii ., .' Q '-I I ,Q ' 4 . I :I I gf .va 4 ' . . 1 'M 4 -4 IgIII.'.Ifg.3JII31.- - I 4 l LI? V I ' . II lx XIII I ' , K l II I , 'Q III .K 'In' I IJ17?-?ZI.IIII'Ii - III 4 4 . . A. , 4 N -P' F-bi - rw " . ' ' , -' . 5. f .4 - f- .3 - f- . ' II N I I1' I I ' Q 'I ' " 'gI'QQ",'a.'? 3 III '- 4 -- 'I "- ' I . , ' 1- ' A1 .1 ' f 4 " m Mm.. --Il ,Ig , f -. II I U I uk- , - - - I V 'r-K . II .- -I , Iv. A IRI: I I I II 16' ' ra . . Q .I I 4' . Q "l . ' W s .X 'A " , 'I I' . p-O Lg' ,l ,IIA , f , I ,--- I. . 4 - ...iq - I 4 my .I II II- I I I I. II NIII -III., III I I I '. x II I II , 4 ' I H 'I IH II 4 I I I . 4.-.A I I II. x II II'I-I Y."-. If I If B ' ' II if ,IOL QI x M ,-fa. .RN , sx, J. II 'f d I' 'I ISI I X L. g I, ?4hQxI .v ,. N K . II I , II II I I ' I I .-. . 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Q, Lx 0 l 5 " A w 5 I - I ' 1 W 4' his I M If 'N' 1 l in I ' I tying "2 'I 1 t , A , s i' H I. ., WW, , ! V I . A K' 'X f . ' U A X. 1' .A X, , I 1 f' , 2 'ly fn I A . .I Y : --. 5 -I .A :C -.I -. F Ax x . ' - 1 ' f 'Q' F' -. - I Q V V . ir , -- ' .. X . 1 - - 1'- . X 4' - . u ' ,J ' 'W' A K ' Y "A, ,vt , ' . -I , .L,.g,g :L ', . Q, ,A-,' F ' . ,R uk-I E .I Lu' ' 4 "Ti ' 4, ,Q K N ff: fl -. '14 ' --1-5! Nr. . S i Y , . A ' 7' 4 ' 1 V ' xx ' It Q , ' i ,, , 1 - A 41' 1 I- ,f"' - , V - wif! .. 'quiz 5 I 'LW if N ,r KJ .' 3 f , ,. ' , rg v' , . - ' V' PM rf K. . jf' ' M ai ' W H A ' H -' ,' ' . K .. F ' I 1, X - "-1. , Q' Q W-FII '--lf' 'EV 'L fIgf?if'i3Ef.,.ff,"'- .1 ' M -N' 'f.,f -, ,su tggufl-Jw,L' I' ,1' wr 14,-XJQ ,YM ax Nu! !'5,.7, ut ivy! L , w swf - ' 'HH -, .HI ,Ta-rg'?1?'3.'. -Y 1 ' A h .' 'U-Q' .V',, Rl 'Ml' ,Q I ' 4, fi, I 23 ' A. -1. V' v,, l 'J :WZ-' 1 . 4 1 " Yfu -'Eli ' I -"'Vifu1" V ' ' ' 14, .. I., b . ' , "" f14""v'- " . . - fb, 1 I , .' .Jw , , ' f' 455. . f lf! 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W ' " J 5 Ni, fr 1- F A f 3 sl H Q f . Jia-15 ,f , -V -. - ,' . ,V -,4 1 A N . I -v-.f ' 'Q -gk ' 'ffrf' 3 '- F ,aff- , ,. f get x ' .ri 4 fi , x x .: v Q Q Q ' T 5' 1 A. , A mf ig!! I., we A ' f' I ff' f ,, . . rf.- I fr bl, : ,, ff ffl. Q, f F Ab I Q 5 1 ,in 'gin ', 1 , - A , ' H-.2 Z ,, 5 5. lv is 315 ,Y 151 is ' Ni! x -16 4 v 4' .-V... V1.3 . 5 -.--...M 'N""""""-W--.... 41- v , Mi... - Q if fi , 'cm'-'H mag r"fK'1i . . ' --J . ' .wc :V 5. Agri- ,Q -- L ff.. - , 1.- -..Asn-.--iw my 0 I l Rig Zf1'j.3Q N.-4... ., W aim xny , QQ?-'-f ,lg ' - A : ' W .- ' THE ,f EUHEQE of Uur Lady of the Elms CHICOPEE MASSACHUSETTS Ed tor Mary C. McDonnell Business Mcmciger Mary A. D I 794 FOREWORD As Time, the essence of life, is enshrined in our symmetrical, ascending tower, the stately clock sym- bolized to the Class of '44 the center of our college activities. lt has looked down from its supreme lofti- ness upon grave, sombre baccalaureate columns, it has passively scrutinized the colorful May-time pro- cessions and the rainbow-hued daisy-chain, it has cynically smiled at the frantic student who, gazing distractedly up at its disinterested countenance, has found that the restless indefatigable hands do not wait for those who falter. The Class of '44 knows that the precious minutes solemnly cast aside by the golden hands have not been wasted ones. Rather they have been rich in the full satisfaction of literary and scientific pursuits and have firmly tied the undetachable bonds of true friendship. Now we are leaving the shadow of the tower,- the moments registered by the great timepiece are no longer ours as students. The hands of distant clocks will reckon our time,-time forever influenced by our years at Our Lady of the Elms. T51 Hzs Exccl1cm'y THE MCDST HEVHHHND THOMAS MARY OTKARY, DD Bughop of Sprmqileld W1 DEDICA TION As the relentless hands of the College Clock slowly bring to a glorious culmination our four unforgettable years at Our Lady of the Elms, the Class of '44, Reverend Bishop, Wishes to assure you of their sincere appreciation for the countless dreams which you have made realities. You have given us the opportunity to prepare for a deep, Catholic life amidst present chaotic surround- ings. As our college expands to meet in a modern but Christian manner the distending needs of a new World, the deep Wisdom of your choice and decision becomes further apparent. Today more than ever the World needs educated Women, cherishing their sense of values, appreciating and doing what is good and right despite the taunts of a materialistic sphere. Today, more than ever, your Excellency, highest honor and praise are yours. And so with a poignant esteem for the noble Executive of a magnificent Work in their behalf, to you, the Seniors dedicate this lasting representation of those collegiate symbols which have become significantly dear to them. We thank you, your Excellency, and in return offer a promise that by our actions we will always proudly manifest the standards here impressed upon us, and with our promise this,-a fervent "God bless you." l7l vis W , . A " "".'5-"f.k'!' -1 V, 5 ,-1 " s if 99- Q: L ' - up il, 5. - L.. V -"F iv .U ' V .vb 2. ' '1 . ,, I ,X A ' ' '. .1 'fm' f, . ' 14'-1 ' . ..- , . ' figm' M Wir. A W M Q1 f 1 'A x -N' a' Qi ' . 4 1 14 Jw 1 X qt. 1, 4 X x K Ali 5 N .Q Q.. y s ' 4"""'lv"rA X wi -1 ' X ak' F hx 1 : 0' . V 4 f r- gl , M, , 7 . Q1 .f :Hi U Q M 4 A ,-gg. Vi .- Q 1 . M ' if M' A Q 55 ' . Q ...W X, N ,., ,V -A 9, 4 an 'Af , . rf ff , 'V A D . 1 M m .I 1, ,. .f"?1"1-1-w, fflyhx.. xv FRI.,--a,, .yvlw H.. -we v - 1 4 f , Y, mrf"?'q " 'Plz' .WH 3.2 9l?'g,Q,, 11. 3 'A gk3Ai' bf, Q V4 - Q ,A W ,W Ib. f nn .WJ 'av My ku ,.,, 'el' v- X rg,.i ' 55, HZ E2 9 , Q.'ffm'2 ik 'X' 4 's 4 ' QV. f QM 4' 415 Q v 4 ,M vs? WX, . 1 ,ff Lx' l 'dm a 4 5' A , - I . 5 'il' - NC. , ' - Q We au, --an fslagxmiiff .-Q. P Q 4 QA 'LZ F? 150 ' . ,xi 1 Q IK 5-,, , us! 'lf 3 . iw 9 I 1 1 9 1 9 GAS fi' rg " Y H!" ifill I X". U if " sq -un 3 N , I. M, , , A , , . - 1!: nw. iff . , f W M :I 'i ' N' Q' al ,4 lf' V. W df "ff fi ' , ,S n vw- 1 'va' ZW ,N 4 " ig ,,. 1 4221 ,f kiln ' f Jn gi' X1-ff -L xf r if 'r 'I ffl ,iv I l , YI 1' , 4? 'U 'KQQW uf 1' N if 'Zn wiv! "'1'bf"' ,R J' .-.Q-n. xiii, CON'l'EN'l'S INTRODUCTION: Foreword Dedication CAMPUS: Chapel Administration Building: auditorium, ottices, laboratories, classrooms . O'Leary I-Iall: reception rooms, dining-hall, dormitories Grotto FACULTY: Priests, Lay Professors, Sisters ol Saint loseph, Librarian CLASSES: Seniors, Iuniors, Sophomores, Freshmen ' ACTIVITIES: Clubs-religious, philosophical, social, literary, scientific, debating, language, musical,-Retreat, Parties, Teas, Dances, Dramatics, Athletics, Commencement PATRCN S: Alumnae, Classes, Schools, Private and Corporate Busi- ness Houses, Photographer, Engraver, Printer IIUI d 1 ig 1. : I I In Fl. 5 I I lil' llol E3 YW SIL' Ill gg , .4 .wav zu-, vxiiw '21 A' +w a'fP -1 W , Q ip' ,P all if 4- f 1, .M . 'fi-"'f'9'f"'i!?1 arf, , . 5. ,Q li a 53 . , iifl ll Ig I1 law F32 nil Ill 23:5 :QM I 'lr lla-' 1!li fill A Il llil It will not satisfy me if religiorz is lrere and science there. . . I want the same roof to contain botlz the intellectual and the moral clisciplirle U21 THE 5' Time can never efface the vivid memories that We cherish of our campus with its masterful timepiece, powerful ruler of all it surveys. The intimate silence of chapel, and the quiet shaded lane spreading to the grotto Will not become vague to us with the pass- ing of years. f-lours spent in the dignified reserve of the library, fleeting moments as We dashed to class through the corridors of the administration building, the gaiety and friendliness of Cleary Hall, these are integral, never-to-be-forgotten parts of a glorious Whole-all represented in our majestic symbol of learning, the tower. 7944 Sparklmg winch is spirited "Books are yours, Vfztlnn whose sxlent ffnmzbers treasure 1165 LIBRARY ARCH LIBRARY yet dCllCL1ICH I 15 J IH INN , . c lm x IIL mr II lm of IhL'l1c'Ll?'I L tmllu IL tvzjx the idffc 51 LIBRARY WINDOW "A pillafd shade High O'U6TrlTClI'd and eclwmg walks between" Fair and gorgeous to the eye" OFFICE OF VICE-PRESIDENT MEZZANINE LOBBY U71 I Knowledge is the only fomltain both of the love and prmczples of lzmnan lzbenyn CORNER OF FOYER I 19 I . A 1 I :gli "lt adds a precious seeing to the eye CLASSROOM CHEMISTRY LABORATORY I value SCICTICC' none can prize it more. If gwcs ten thousand motufes to adore" PHYSICS LABORATORY "There is always work, And tools to work wzthal, for those who lull!" BIOLOGY LABORATORY "And stzll they gazed, and stall the wonder grew" "f' QI L ', 4' f I ,Q I191 T, x ,nw- 4 ,"'f:-'G 1 Q, A x Q.. Q-r ,...'- ,4- .-"""' 32? ,,. V.:-' 111 ,s Q X V fx rf. va? W 4 ,M 1 . Jim, ,. X 5 0 .sl .Wx N js. ,. V V -Q .:-.4 1' A .x 4. ' -as . Y 4 "1 51.4 A xii wav A : J. f mf- -if 1,21 I V .,.---.-our v"""".-v'..- W W fi- vc. .M,,..x :iii fi 2 i'f l ig., ,, . . ks.: J' xdr'Fi?1 lg. 1 ggfgii V 'LQ-45?-Ci .1 - -11. . 11 31?-A - A Ni r 'Q I -.XJ g 'i 4 7 D ' I Lf- ' , 3 x , 1 , Q - 4 2 - ,aff rg, f , AS ,, 1,393 -v , Q.. ' h V ? . + 1 X gy Wy' 'Qi 'Wy fi. if ' x U -4, 6' CHAPEL But years, or ages, or etcrmty Vv'1ll find me still in tlwuglzt befwre Twin' lima H11 its , 1 eff'-vi.. , a y H N -.. 'I F ' QQ.-4 I., A x wg - .yn "' lg i , ' 4 3' t -L '11 . f I xrf W "".'-" ' 4' 1 X 4 ,V K?-ff! I 1 ,-A' in A A "Tw yum, Our VI7"Ql71 Mother dear, Tlzfm .Quccn nj' Hcuwvl ulmwe, Tw Thus wztlz gmtcjrlcl IICLITIS we sing, Tlllill Slllll'CC of QTLICC LHR! IOP?-t If I 22 1 iw., OUR LADY'S GROTTQ 'TW ':T'Tf if law mm, Qllgi A'Tl1e nights were onlv dreamier davs And all the hours zn tune" "Stream of time ghdes smoothly on and is past o before we know :tn SOUTH ENTRANCE OLEARY HALL I i DINING HALL WEST ENTRANCE It has some prctentmn, too this front" Good company, good discourse" U41 "That is a sure place of rest 'ff W gf s B ROOM A handsome house to lodge a friendu L25 ff LOUNGE OLEARY HALL 5 I!! K N E 5 An upright natural presence, facing you, As tall as you, in the soft ambrosial air, Smiling, and looking you straight in tlie eyes like a man And telling you what it was you wanted to know. E251 THE With the powerful hands of time veiling our col- lege years in a mist of memories, we acknowledge, dear professors, the lasting influence of your strong personalities and the indelible imprint which the association with great men and women has made upon us. With silent pressure you have moulded us to your ideals, with untiring intellectual guidance you have richly endowed us with dignity and free- dom of mind. Because of you, we cherish an eternal and invalu- able treasure as "l-le who gains time, gains every- thing." May the future bring forth glorious fruits from the intellectual seeds you have sown in the hearts and minds of the class of '44l 7944 " ' J 'I Y rr Cl L MOST REVEREND THOMAS M. OLEARY, D.D. President REVEREND IOHN R. ROONEY, S.T.B., PhD. VicefPresident SISTER MARY LIGUORI, M.A. Dean REVEREND IEREMIAH P. SHEEHAN, B.A., ICD. Religion REVEREND GEORGE A. SHEA, B.A., S.TD., PhD Philosophy SISTER HELEN IOSEPH, BA., M.A., PhD. English SISTER MARY CORNELIUS, B.A., MA., PhD. French, Spanish SISTER TERESA MARIE, B.A., M.A. Matliematics, Physics SISTER TERESA IOSEPH, BA., MA. A Latin SISTER MARY ANTONELLA, BA., M.A. History, Education SISTER LAWRENCE MARIE, B.Mus. Miisic SISTER REGINA DOLORES, B.A. Speech SISTER HELEN CLARE, B.A., M.A. French, Spanish SISTER MARY OHRYSOSTOM, BA., M.A. English, Education SISTER MARY CECELIA, Rivius. ' Art KATHERINE LONG, Rs. Physical Education R. DALE SMITH, B.S., M.S., PhD. Biology SISTER IAMES MARY, BA. German, English SISTER ROSE WILLIAM, A.B., M.A. Latin, Matliernatics THEMISTOCLES F. ACCONCI, BA., M.S., M.A. Biology DWIGHT E MOWERY, Ir., BA., MA., Pl'1D. Chemistry HAROLD E SOHAEEEER, B.S., M.S. Chemistry MARY AGNES GOUGH, B.S. Librarian I28I REV. IOHN R. RQQNEY, S.T.B,, P11 D X1lCC"P7'CSldC7lf E291 REV, IEREMIAH P, SHEEHAN, UCL Clmplam I'rofcs.wr of Rchgmn E301 if W e J , .. ,, ' 'e ' 2 :ff A . ' ' ,.5Q . Q1 V f gif ' A it iw: 5, ufgq if 5 ms? , 3 , if ,A-L5 - ,fly ww i ,Q ' I , W Q Q 5 ,V aw , , 1 'Sy 1 ,5- ,4 I' I " '. '.-'rg' f ' 77514 V f f'4flf. ' 'hyd' REV, GEORGE A, SHEA, STD, PHD I'rufe.ssm' uf' I'lznlu.wpl15' U11 R. DALE SMITH, PHD. Bmlngy I 32 1 'W THEMISTOCLES F. ACCONCI Biology U31 DWIGHT F. MQWERY, PHD Clzcnzlxtry' H341 H1-XRGLD F. SCHAEFFER, MS Chemistry H51 KATHERINE S, LQNG, BS I'lzys1u1l EL11lCdflU71 i351 MARY AGNES GOUGH, BS, Lzbm11'4m I 37 J OUR SISTERS "Blessed crre they who give the ilower ot their dcfys, cmd the strength ot soul cmd body to Him, blessed ore they who resolve, come good, come evil, come sunshine, come tempest, thot l-le shorll be their Lord cmd Moster, their King ond God." -Newmctn. Deeply ond reverently we thank the Sisters ot Soint loseph tor the privilege thot wots ours in osso- cidting with them. Blessed ore we who hove bene- fited from their tecfchings cmd principles, intricately woven into the dcfily porttern ot our student lives. Not for individucil glory or prcrise do they lcibor, but only in the sublime hope of imprinting upon mortur- ing minds the tecrchings of the lvlcfster. Moy their hope be reolized in time ond eternityl l39l OUR PAI ENTS "Down the years, and down the days" as faithful guardians ot an endless vigil, you, our dear parents, have loved and led us. Your cherished hopes tor our future, your many self-denials and untiring de- votion encompassing us on every side make us aware that it is not in our power to repay a service so generously, richly and silently rendered. The proud moment that Time now registers when we are awarded the scroll ot our Alma Mater has been made possible through that same love and care. You labor not in vain who build tor God, and we trust that the structure of our lives, moulded by Catholic training, will as the years go on, bring you joy and your reward in the Hpeace that passeth all understanding." l39l 4-A nn ,rw "Be ever strong and stazcl as now Thou art, and ever be the home Of Truthg the heavy arched bow Of care dispel: for them that roam Lifes sea a haven of repose Reflectzrzg Lzfels eternal glows." 40 THE 5 Time forges many links, clasps loonds of friend- ship, alters events and entwines the lives of many in a strange, delightful manner. Such has been our experience in the association with those who will soon take our place in the swift course of college life. ln parting, we wish for you the happiness in achievement that has loeen ours and hope that you, in your remaining years at Our Lady of the Elms, will enjoy the same congeniality, comfort and satis- faction in your associates as We have found in ours 794 S E N I O RS CLASS OFFICERS Prusidunr ........, ......... M ary G. Shaughnessy ViccfPrcsidcnr ..,..... .,........ D orrit C. Washington Sucwrmy ..,...... .,.,...... M Ury C. McDonnell Tmmmv ...,...,. Marjorie M. Smith D121 AG. , . ffl .S 1 4 Hath. Springfield CC'IfHEREf5oton1woylookin,youreyes '... sondylumr... vusuuleyes.., dmoInung'dHnpks ...senunmnuolobout "Sunrise Serenotde' '... closs HA" knitter . . . connoisseur of giddy hots . . . ombition-to be or designer . . . mothemotticorlly inclined . . . occosionol jounts to Boston . . . R. V. S .... gbility to see funny side of of situotion . , . Trophogen . . . slow, eotsy smile . . , summer school gt AIC .... Moy oll your dgydreoms come true, Moriel Sodolityg Sociol Actiong Glee Club, ElHlCJlCI Donce Committee l 43 l Worcester KAY-definitely collegiote . . . perky tecrther cut . . . cr ton to be envied . . . English Mctjor . . . essence ot nonchotlotnce ...engognQggnn...sununerotFohnouU1...HSKHdust'ond Signdl Corps pin , . . serene exterior belied by "stcfrtling" dec- ldrnotions . . . lcfughing brown eyes . . . "sisterly" sister to Dot . . . dry humor . . . blithe in spirit . . . generous . . . host of friends . . . dnother Worcesterite . . . Indy the excitement she's olwotys seeking be "just ground the corner" tor Koy. Sodolityg Sociol Action Clubg Glee Clubg Elmoto Stoltg Sponish Club l 44 l Q. it l Q 6Jff144hli'L Holyoke ' I 'ALL vibrant, and attractive . . . glowing titian crown . . . convincing enthusiast in history discussions . . . irnpulsive, generous, intelligent . . . pithy sarcastic wit conveying no con- tempt . . . BVS .... invaluable friend . . . nonchalant except to the strains ot "Semper Paratus' '... her literary gems-an expression of noble qualities . . . alert, modern . . . a representative college senior, of whom We are genuinely proud and equally fond. Sodalityg Social Action Club, Debating Club, Treasurer, Elrnata Staff- lnter- national Relations Clrb l45l f I 11' M J' .Ya fx f '7 XX ff! Bjyw: .fl , J X Xu, fgff'X if-J Ll" e, -JX, in Q, fum, Northampton CCJAYNIE' '... definitely unigue . . . possessor ot on ettervescent, bubbling energy . . . cr woiy of keeping people cfnd things in constont stote of feortul crpprehension . . . cfctive rnind . . . inces- sontly searching for some new ond novel venture . . . snctpping brown eyes . . . two stubloy pigtoils . . . Hloeg your pordon?" . . . overwhelming spirit ol generosity . . . incredible knowledge ol English literctture . r . Nl-lere, Prince' '... BVS .... on irnorginotion turning fiction into toct . . , cr tregsurctble enigmo ot '44, Sodolityg Sociol Action Clulog Sponish Cluhg Elnioto Stoll l 45 l -sg., . f Q Northfield HPEG' '... blonde, blue-eyed, baby of the class . . . expressive, shy smile . . . nonchalant . . . still Water running deep . . . thrilled by beauties of nature both urban and rustic . . . quiet but not passive . . . merry, infectious giggle . . . noted tor her Victorian blush . . . introspective . . . dreamy and naive with a Womans "comfortable" understanding . . . every man's ideal of the girl he left behind. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Alumnae-Senior Game Committee, Orchestrag Glee Clubg lnternational Relations Club H71 I Manley, Grafton DYNAMO of efficiency . . . fount of youthful merriment . . . shrewd business woman . . . unpredictable . . . serious and fun-loving, competent and happy-go-lucky, responsible and care free-all in the twinkling of an eye . . . O.L.E.'s strongest booster . . . Hamptons favorite daughter . . . amazing ability for digging up last minute dates . . , genius for getting Mads' '... blue eyes . . . sparkling, bubbling with enthusiasm for her latest pet project . . . nnpehlous,unpulive,conqiekiylovakie...truerepnesenk1uve cithespnitof44. Sodalityg Literary Society: President 3, 4, Social Action Clubg Classical Club: Viceepresident 2, Spanish Club, French Clubg lunior Prorn Cominitteeg Publicity Chairinang Musical Revue Conirnitteeg Freshman Reception Coinmittee, Elinata Staff Business Manager H91 ilk.. f9Qh. K""i gg- f Qnollhq, North Adams FIVE toot two, eyes ot blue . . . petite, attractive, charming . . . tnendhness,herwNaKinNord. ..SpmHnsh,hertoNe. ..agree- abka cooperauve,sumere. .,insugaKx ofrnany good nnmw, particularly at "Uncle ToIn's Cabin' '... diligent knitter . . . very patriotic as evidenced by her attitude toward the Williams' cadets . . . favorite song-'iDu, du' '... always ready tor tun . . . an asset to any gathering . . . a friend to cherish. Sodality, Social Action Club, Spanish Club: President 4, Cflee Club, Elrnata Dance Committee H91 an 115 Q 'mm-If Jffflljllf Pittsfield CCREGGIE' '...' laaugbter of the gods, divinely tall' '... gueenly in name, stature and poise . . . proverbially ilusterecl Frosb beconmepHovedmaHy suave Senkn ...ingenuous appeal.. glamorous long bob . . . luscious sweaters . . . refreshing irankness ...sophwUcakxlHiappeamHme,nanweatbean ...conmandy cross-sntcbinci...ralncllnstory'h1n. ..cbcunpHorisvvnnrner. ..in and out oi scrapes . . . impressionable and impressing . . . every- boaysixn...c1genuHM2aHcHoundgnH. Sodality, Social Action Club, Dramatic Cliibi Treasurer llg Spanish Clubg lnier- national Relations Clubg Literary Cliibg Cliairman oi ljresliman Receptiong AlumnaeeSonior Game Committee l5Ul nga! '1 A gram 3,1 Springiield GRECIAN beauty . . . classic, but not cold . . . stately dignity that unbends easily to warm friendliness . . . a lazy smile that speaks volumes . . . sott, rnelodious voice-Han excellent thing in a Woman' '... USO. hostess . . . charming, pleasant . . . gracetul hands with amazing fingernails . . . Claire and Betty-twentieth century Damon and Pythias . . . Soignee-the Word tor Claire. Sodalityg Social Action Clulog Senior Banquet Chairrnang Spanish Clubg French Clubg "l-iojas de Los Olmosnz Associate Editor l51l it at Jmca, Holyoke CCGRACE' '... by definition, ct gift . . . by experience, o grond person . . . "uno estudiontef' not only of Spcrnish but of ollied subjects . . . clever with her fingers . . . generous, dgree- oble, dependoble . . . definite in her views . . . felt fotctor in those dormitory discussions . . . one of the fortuncttes Who dotsh home tolkiyoketmheneverduespuninoves...neoLcxHwervonve,but not obnoxiously so . . . Groce, not supernoturctl, but definitely CI ggift. Sodolityg Sociol Action Club, Glee Clubg Clossiccxl Club: Secretory 2g Spomish Clubg "I-lojos de Los Olmosui Associote Editor i521 '-n. 11"- ami Qmhi, ynlmzlla, Huntington MATHEMATICAL precision . . . rhythmic grace . . . "Doe"- generous and kind A . . never unprepared in class . . . lucky recipient ot daily air-mail . . . tastidious and well-groomed . . . selt-sufficient . . . biologist and mathematician . . . conscientious and reserved . . . critic, and rightly so, ot dance orchestras . . . mild, pleasant expression telling the story of her calm, intelligent existence . . . a lovable character , . . one we have cherished. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Elrnata Dance Coininitteeg Glee Clubg Science Club l53l ,fzigazmffi Holyoke CCDUTY by habit is to pleasure turned' '... Betty, irrefutable example , . . her French Major-a subject of deep enjoy- ment . . . conscientious and earnest . . . beautiful face and spark- ling smile . . . thorough in everything . . . a logical intelligent existence . . . envied for clear thinking and capacity for friend- ship . . humble, generous, and consistently pleasant . . . an unusual young woman with a profound mind and sagacious Wit. Sodality, Social Action Clubg Spanish Clubg French Club: Treasurer Llg 'Chuchoe teiiients Des Qriiieswi Editor f54l gram Jw., Chicopee Polls ESTHER . . . serious, copcrble, kind . . . holding respect ot dll who know her . . . ot few Words lout Wise . . . hedrty chuckle . . . tweedscnMisportcknhes,. .everydnng'dcdmnphshed'wnhout usugllnnry ...tnermHy,consckm1nous. ..toshdKmxdy'neot... rfunorkdkde Enghsh bdckground... .nevertoo busy tolend o helping hcrnd . . . host ot modern ideols loelying her guoint exterior . . . good luck to this loyol Elmitel Sodolityg Sociol Action Clubg Christings Pgrty Coininitteeg lnternotionol Relo- tions Club l55l 4? I 'Malcolm Indian Orchard CCMAL' '... impulsive, generous, lovable . . . candid blue eyes . . . hard-Working victory-gardener . . . "My Heart and l" . . . sophistication, melting into tun . . . science major . . . camera tan . . . R.V.S .... exquisite diamond Worn on that certain finger . . . avid reader . . . engaging chuckle . . . discriminating taste, be it clothes or entertainment . . . grey convertible . . . personality stamped With individuality . . . May Victorlyb be yours in '44, h4aH Sodality, Social Action Club, Science Club, Elmata Staff: Art Editor l 56 l pil' gpiqfm mmm, Lenox VIVACIOUS, happy . . . that's Colet . . . head in clouds but in practice, down to earth-lunior Prom, a proof . . . definitely collegiate . . . jaunty teathercut . . . tlair for clothes . . . trips to Worcester and New York . . . laughing eyes and disarming smile . . . happiest on the dance floor . . . sincerely frank and generous ...indnuduahshciand.aggremmve.. .eyeiortechrncahhes.. journalistic achievement-her goal . . . attain it, she will! Sodalityg Social Action Clubg lunior Prom: General Chairmang Athletic Coin- mitteeg Glee Club l57l 'WI was-0 'Y t gzigawfr wfzfgwwu, Springfield CCMARY LIZ' '... skillful blend at humorist and student . . . auannsweehwms..mzheancigakl..abaxbedinpmapke and things . . . RVS .... fine sportsmanship and sense at fair play ...unaHeded,rehabke...tunaloyalandciamnedtathoseshe loves...tnendshqy-herindue ...sparkhng'bHmNn eyes wnh prim character lying beneath them . . . her prize possession-the green tin box . . . earnest and unseltish . . . una buena estualiante delalenguaempaiakr Sadalityi Treasurer 4g Elinata Dance Cominitteeg lunior Prom Coimnitteeg lVlathereDaughter Tea Cornmitteeg Spanish Clubg Glee Club l58l J . X WQCQDKHQZL Clncopee CCMICKEY' '... o smile thctt's exclusively hers . . . rnerry hecrrt . ..opnnnmn,HKekeynom otherchdnnier . .HSweet personohty,tuH otroscohty' '... SGQET cordndgrne .,. depnh ot mind, clocfked with gcfiety . . . cleverly nonchoflctnte, noncholontly dever... QXNHGHGOUSlHGDdhHGSS... unbounded genenmny .. .RWWS .... zesttorlndng. ..ChGGdUlCOUIHGDGHCG.. .hord- working Elmdto editor . . . musicolly gitted . . . "forever young" ...onlYULAnmncon'gnN Sodolityg Sociol Action Clubg Close Secretory: l, 2, 3, flg Editorein-Chief, Elrnotog Glee Clubg French Clubg Spcrnislt Clulog Drornotic Clubg lVlothereDoughter Teo Connnitteeg 3 l59l I ? i Wlcynath, Easthampton CCMARGE' '... madonna-like coloring reflecting spiritual beauty . . . golden hair and smiling blue eyes . . . sweet- ness of expression . . . quietly and keenly observant despite apparent nonchalance . . . RVS .... uncanny insight . . . courage . . . honest and frank . . . a complex character . . . a Chem major with a classical mind . . . thoroughly intelligent in Work and play . . . a Wonderfully deep person . . . a friend to cherish and acquaint- ance ot Whom to boast. Sodalityg Chairman ol Mission Committeeg Social Action Clubg Science Clubg Vice-President 3, President 4 H501 -0 if 'Wlc Worcester BLONDE, curly hair . . . deep-set blue eyes . . . auiet adjectives most descriptive ot Marie . . . at exam time envied tor her perseverance . . . Chem and Biology student . . . vacations-a period for acquiring further scientific knowledge . . . always a good friend . . . forceful and dynamic debater . . . intolerant ot red nail polish . . . devotee ol classical music . . . particular about good movies . . . reserved . . . a lady to her fingertips. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Debating Club: Treasurer 45 Science Club l 51 l 71 Y ke get ,A xg I S Q -fl DCLlI'IiE3 fini IQLFFECTKINATELY'known.asUSki '.,. redlKnr,..snnhng eyes . . . shy grin . . . triend to all . , . distinctive likes and dis- hkes.. .speckines-egoodtood and.novek ... petavenuons -apncom,red nad pohsh,andjemmiry.. .ardenttan otCkny Cooper . . . delighttul early bird . . . amazing memory . . . brilliant French Major . . . daily letters to l'Eleanor" and Matthew . . . charrningly bashtul . . . tirrn triend . . . lingering child-like charm. Scdaktg' Social Actpcn Club Fresident 4 ffetapliysicai Club: Secretary 3g French Club: Secretary 2 T1ceePres1de:1t 2 Preadent -lt Classical Club: Treas' urer Z Sjcanisli Club till Qmofhy, Worcester UDOT' '... our Very Worthy sodality prefect . . . industrious, dependabke...indonnKdiezeal...gramouscnKicapa- ble . . . pleasant manner anol pretty face . . . quiet beauty . . . reserved yet friendly . . . personal magnetism . . . enthusiastic and quietly intellectual . . . never lacking in Words . . . sincere and undeniandnmg...pungentnanknexs...weH4houghboutopnv ions...loyal...kkxnleaderforoursodahnk Sodality: Vice-Prefect 3, Prefect flg Social Action Clubg Elmata Dance Committeeg Glee Clubg Spanish Club i53l J - af gmnzi Uqagarqft Chicopee Falls CC ECILIAH . . . as charming as her name . . . musical . . talented violinist . . , sott brown hair . . . blue eyes . . dimpled smile . . . irrepressible laughter . . . petite and dainty . . . science major . . . mysteries ot physics mastered with compara- tive ease . . . many admirers . . . essence ot refinement . . . care- free in sport clothes . . . Esther and Cecilia-continuous twosome . . . Worcester bound . . . gracious, serene . . . charm personified, "Cecilia" Sodality, Social Action Club: Secretary 4g Orchestrag Science Club I F34 J 'UW K 1 lcfbuffmal UZQLZJ74. Holyoke CCWINNIE' '... merry interpreter ot lite . . . belle ot Holyoke . . . typicdl lrish beduty . . . ettervescent, sunny disposition ...incunjde opnnnm ...TShGQUHQ6HHhUQGSHl... gkwmng descriptions of l'1er 'lone ond only' '... wholesome ond friendly ...unddunkxlbyHwodi...enonMxedcdherSponEhlMdKH... dubkmm dboutherliencb Nhnor.. .GGQGTEHUdGUl... Henis luckto'you,VVnune,cm THHfClIDGNjKB onl Sodolity: Sociol Comrnitteeg Socioll Action Clubg lunior Prom Committeeg Sponish Club: Viceepresidentg Glee Club: Treosurer 4 l E551 ,., 7- ,.4 Zlelcmf' Pittsfield UI..Il2LEN' '... charming, self-assured, intelligent . . , harlequin glasses . . . expressive hands . . . deep thoughts 'neath a wealth ot honey-colored curls . . . her idol-Bette Davis . . . theatre devotee . . . serious about her Shakespeare . . . unusual poise . . . rich, vibrant singing-voice . . . this generations Claire Booth Luce . . . that "dressed-up" look . . . British in sympathy and sen- timent . . . a grand person to know. Sodality: Secretary 3g Clee Club: Vice-President 3, President 45 Dramatic Club: Secretary 2g International Relations Clubg Freshman Reception Committeeg Musical Revue Committee E661 Pittsfield CCLOVELY to look at' '...x 'Delightful to know' '... smiling hazel eyes...known'wavy han. ..nny'WaHHhne.. .unnhng conhdence.. .unhurned.chaHn ...fond ofspony Hnngs.. debonnaire in riding outfit . . . active in dramatics . . . gay prom- trotter . . . occasional jaunts to New York and Columbia . . . quiet finesse . . . lovable and sincere . . . pride of four doting brothers ...'touknussvehe' '... daUuylady'H1Chesden. ..ULucHkaH Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Athletic Association: President 4g International Relations Club: Secretary 4, Dramatic Clubg Christmas Party Committee l67l Hzlafioddm Westfield RITA . . . definitely feminine . . . cameo fairness . . . impeccably neat . . . suppressed laughter and engaging smile . . . dainty with a fondness for pastels . . . quietly reserved . . . pleasantly aggressive . . . patience, tenacity of purpose . . . faithful, relent- less student . . . deluged with HV" mail . . . serene until the caissons resound . . . enviable diligence . . . Weakness for perfumery and Westfield . . . unalloyed happiness to Rital Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Spanish Clubg Glee Club H531 fr' '19' mm ameri North Adams CCROWL' '... astounding combination of scientific acumen and feminine charm . . . tiny, fastidious . . . sharp wit . . . analyt- ical mind . . . cooperative and generous to a fault . . . in her ele- ment wiring the gym for a dance . . . in her glory at the dance itself . . . fiery debater . . . vest pocket edition of fact and fiction . . . definite ideas about things philosophical . . . lover of poetry . . . artistically inclined . . . a favored child of destinyl Sodalityg Social Action:Vice-President fig Science Club: Secretary 2g Debating Clubg Musical Revue Committee wi 4 'jauzwdla Bennington, Vermont CCMIDGE' '... blond, slencler, serene . . . creative genius at Iunkn Pnnn. ..connowseurciinodenilanguages... speaks French fluently . . . vivacious . . . basketball enthusiast ...chK:...demgnerotckHhes...'lWadenuMseHeH...gueenhf gracecnidancetkxx...conespondentmnHiPErdhaniandlMKnni . . . trank, loyal, witty . . . a brilliant past . . . deserving ot a shining future. Sodality, Social Action Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Athletic Association, Dramatic Club, lunior Prom Coininittee, Musical Revue, Halloween Party Committee t7Ul 'Q' Qmothq, Sunni Springfield CCDOT' '... tall, blonde, stunning . . . sophistication counter- acted by disarming dimples . . . outstanding dramatic abil- ity . . . innate intelligence . . . sincerely appreciative of all that is beautiful . . . essence ot culture . . . earnestness mingled with a keen sense of humor . . . R.V.S .... capable leader . . . a "friend in need" at all times . . . obliging and courteous . . , a lover oi life and a connoisseur of its use . . . Dot-a woman perfected. Sodalityg Social Action Clubg Dramatic Club: Vice-President 3, Piesident 4g Classical Club: President 2g Metaphysical Clubi Viceepresident 3g Iunior Prom Committeeg Musical Revue Committeeg French Club l71l '5"' l Millard 44 HALHW '... mnaH,mne,dynannc.,.dad:haH,gNxHieyes . . . captivating as her Irish songs . . . warm and vibrant . . . Uushwonhy Hitnendshqn... nirepanee,smnH and bnHKnn as hghnnng. ..deKxnnnedcandchsarnnnq. ..candKland honey .. .keenannukxland dearvkucned. ..CUHOUQYQCITGGhSUC ideahst...anHAkniLaddtan...edaauentctspeech.i .poewss . . . 44's tour-year president . . . the spirited leader at a spirited cjasd Sodality, Social Action Club, Class President l, 2, 3, 4, Metaphysical Club: President 3, Science Club, Debating Club, Dramatic Club 1 l72l 'G' l Worcester SHINING jet black hair . . . twinkling smile . . . deep resonant voice . . . one of the most likeable persons on campus . . . conscientious class treasurer . . . faithful student . . . sincerity- her torte . . . humor and kindness-her guintessence . . . enthu- siastic addict ot terpsichorean art . . . hearty sonorous laugh . . . optimistic and cheertul . . . thoughtful and generous . . . a precious gem ot '44, Sodalityg Class Treasurer l, 2, 3, 4g Social Action Clubg Elmata Staftg Glee Clubg Chairman of Christmas Party l73l 415 Qvnlzii 60 Springfield OLD-FASHIONED charm in a rnodern setting . . . long glamor bob . . . pug-nose . . . adorable pout . . . blue-eyed paragon of solemnity and mischief . . . our capable vice-president . . . R. V. S .... a scientist rather than a linguist . . . irnpish grin . . . her favorites, corsages and custard pie . . . "Anniversary Waltz" . . . the violinist and debater of '44 . . . natural and unaffected . . . very non-cornrnittal . . . an oasis of calmness in a chaotic World! Sodalityg Social Action Club, Debating Club: President 4, Vice-President 3, Secretary 2, Class Vice-President l, Z, 3, 4g Science Club: Treasurer 4g Orchestra l'f4l wg. Utica, New York CCXVSIALKS uibeauw' '... Hague wuh dnna San and dad: hGH'...dI9GHHfGYGS... dehghuulcondnnahon otpen- siveness and gaiety . . . drawn to people with vivid personalities ... nghtin anyHung'bhMe... Hueresnng'converaunonahst... amazing dramatic accomplishments . . . class poet . . . artistic . . . flair for clothes and aversion tor gaudy colors . . . sincere, frank, generous . . . a tuncl ot humorous stories . . . Hamilton . . . COHGQG'WQGkGHdS...kHOM7hGTCHKiYOUlOVGlKHi Soclality, Social Action Club, lunior Prom Committee, l-lalloween Party Com- mittee, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club l75l E'X'MEMBERS 'lnartnig arul forgettntg?--XXfhat faidtf ful heart Cari do these7 CDur Great thoughts, our great affections, the truths of our life never leave asf' MARGUERlTE W. ADAMS, Sister Catherine loseph, SSI. ANNE M. CORCORAN, student nurse at Mercy Hospital, Springfield, Mass. IANE E. DEMPSEY, technician at St. loseph's Hospital, Hartford, Conn. MARGARET M. DUNPHY, receptionist for Dr. M. M. Dunphy, Northampton, Mass. MARY G. HARTY, Mrs. Iames R. Kelley of Barre, Mass. PHYLLIS A. LAVERY, student nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital OLGA A. MAYER, employee of United States Government, Springfield, Mass. GENEVIEVE M. G'ELYNN, student at Worcester State Teachers College VIOLETTA T. PADILLA, Mrs. Eugenio Morales of Puerto Rico RITA M. SMALLEY, Mrs. George Flynn of Easthampton, Mass. MARY ANN WEBER, Mrs. William Corbett of West Springfield, Mass. f76l "N V fI'EC'l'f RY Qnlll R Jn AUTH, MARIE C. CALLAHAN, CATHERINE A. COUGHLIN, MARY E. CREAN, IAYNE F. DONAHUE, MARGARET M. DOOLEY, MARY A. DOOLING, MARY A. FEHILY, MARY R. FITZPATRICK, CLAIRE A. EOLEY, GRACE E, GOBEILLE, DORIS C. HULLER, ELIZABETH M. LACH, ESTHER M. MALCOLM, MIRIAM A MCCABE, COLETTA A. MCCARTHY, MARY E. MCDONNELL, MARY C. MCGRATH, MARGUERITE M. McKENNA, MARIE C. MEYERS, MARY K. MULRY, DOROTHY R. OGAZALEK, CECILIA M. O'LEARY, WINIFRED M. PRENDERGAST, HELEN P. REDDINGTON, LUCILLE M. RODDEN, RITA A. ROWLEY, ANNE E. SAUSVILLE, MARGARET M SAVOIT, DOROTHY E. SHAUGHNESSY, MARY G. SMITH, MARIORIE M. WASHINGTON, DORRIT C. WILLIAMS, IEAN R. 77 607 Belmont Ave., Springfield 16 Shoffner St., Worcester 157 Brown Ave., Holyoke 239 Stote St., Northompton Northfield 36 Worcester St., Grdfton 37 Frederick St., North Adoms 326 South St., Pittsfield 56 Mossdsoit Ave., Springfield 124 Center St., Holyoke Huntington 163 Beech St., Holyoke 2 Pine St., Chicopee Eolls 151 Oork St., Indian Orchord School St., Lenox 3 Marlborough St., Springfield 196 Nonotuck Ave., Chicopee 14 Holyoke St., Eosthcrmpton 14 Hoynes St., Worcester 6 Green St., Shelburne Polls 3 Dix St., Worcester 72 Moin St., Chicopee Polls 39 North Summer St., Holyoke 159 Elizobeth St., Pittsfield 12 Pond St., Pittsfield ll West School St., Westfield 62 Holl St., North Adoms 118 Dewey St., Bennington 215 King St., Springfield 44 Summer St., Milford 45 Plontotion St., Worcester 86 Armory St., Springfield 57 Grctnt St., Utico, N. Y. O burnished Tower, 'You do not change and your laws are not altered. Wflldt mines of Thought lie deep and inexhaustible! E781 THE Hour by hour as time departs, recalling three years ot daily companionship, we are unusually reluctant to leave the class ot '45, to sever the ties of understanding and friendship that Time has so firmly bound. Fondly we leave you. Carry on as leaders. Fill the remaining short space ot time with endless achievements. Proudly manifest the standards ot Our Lady ot the Elms While we await you in the ranks ot alumnae. 794 President Mary M. Mahoney Viccfllrcsidcnt Eugenia F. Scanlon '45 JUNIV R JUS E'BOX SERENA DIE A stream of nickels clatters its turbulent way into the huge gaily-painted nickelodeon, a series of levers presses down, neon lights flicker and blaze over the frontpiece, a record rises, spins slowly, gains momentum, and the serenade beginsl Will you not join in listening and reminiscing? l. "When Youre a Long, Long Way from Home" Tearful good-byes, glad hellos, crammed trunks and catch-all hat boxes, whirling taxis, hopelessly cluttered rooms, new faces, old friends, happy cries, and perhaps just a few moments of loneliness shared exclusively by you cmd your pillow-yes, you're back at school once more, murmuring a reluctant good-bye to summer and looking eagerly ahead to your lunior year. 2. "The Blues in the Night" The wailing of the trombone in this bluest of blue songs calls to mind the playful wailing of the Frosh "babies" during Initiation Week .... You love the way they can "take it," and you admire the way they can "give it"- and very suddenly you feel maternal pride in these young 'uns and you adopt them as your little sisters, and they've proven themselves the finest little sisters for whom you could have wished. 3. "My Ideal" The simple dignity of the members of the class of '44 as they file slowly down the aisle during academic procession on Cap and Gown Sunday, their unas- sumed poise and reverence as they kneel for Father Paul Powers blessing, the resolution and determination in their eyes, mingled here and there with a tear or two, as they head the solemn recession, these are your seniors and as you gaze at them in quiet wonder you suddenly realize that they might well be the ideal to be attained in your remaining college years. t80l ,J ,, Yvvrr ---fzvri Trccisiircr Secretary 4. "Shoo, Shoo, Shoo Baby" The Freshmen have measured up to all tests and standards and from re- placement center are now transferred to primary training, but a few past humiliations of their fledgling days haunt them yet. Understanding their current outlook on life from vague remembrances of two years ago, you "Shoo, Shoo" their uneasy minds and invite them to that most sophisticated of teas at the Roman Room of the Hotel Highland, and youre very happy about the way the young 'uns are growing upl 5. "The Things That Mean So Much to Me" To many students the most precious days of the school months, the hours that hold the fondest memories and that mean so very much in later years are realized during the annual Spiritual Retreat. This year you have so many things for which to pray, you determine to observe these three days of medita- tion as never before. Through the inspired conferences of Father Richard Hegarty, Sl, you emerge from your vigil with a clearer concept of your role as a Catholic woman in this warvtorn world and a more steadfast resolve to fulfill it. 6. "ln the Blue of the Evening" You can't help feeling a tinge of excitement and a thrill of pleasure as the night of the Elmata falls due. Of course, before the under classmen you act your blase self, but when you see the setting of pumpkins and cornstalks, scarecrows and lanterns, when you glide your svelte presence into the waiting arms of your cadet escort for the night and when you take your unwilling leave to the strains of "Good Night, Sweetheart," in your enthusiasm you'd like to fire a double salvo in tribute to Dorrit Washington and the wonderful group of seniors who helped to make possible such a fun-filled evening. 7, "Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There" The stirring strains of this tender song awaken a brilliant panorama of red, white and blue, the heartening roll of drums, and the inspirational tableau of Mary, Queen of Peace, shedding an aura of light and love over the kneeling figures of a representative military group. Co-directed and staged by Helen Prendergast and Dorothy Savoit, this musical production, "America Sings," f3Il Mary D Murphy Dorothy A Flynn I 4 Sw' IEE!! 22:25 :IEEE F.-.::.-.., juniors foster "France, forever." was the first of its kind to be presented at Our Lady of the Elms and its unprecedented success must have thrilled your star-spangled heart. 8. "Sing Alleluia" And sing alleluia you will on that glorious, longed-for day on which a just peace is established. ln the meantime, however, your college is taking an active part in determining a firm basis for that peace and Rosemary Donahue of '45, president of the International Relations Club, heads a delegation of history majors to the Peace Conference held by the New England Confedera- tion of Catholic Colleges at Emmanuel. Mary Coughlin of '44 is chief speaker and your confidence in her is rewarded by her excellent presentation of the Christian principles of liberty and justice to be applied to lapan in the post- war era. 9. "White Christmas" Gaiety fills the air as the Christmas holidays approach. All cares, from the omission of your daily vitamin pill to the writing of your term paper, are tem- porarily laid aside and to the joyful refrain of "Silent Night" you join with the Glee Club in heralding the birth of the Infant King. Under the direction of Helen Prendergast, the Cilee Club presents a program of Christmas carols of many lands over station WMAS in Springfield. The perfection of that perform- ance is surpassed only by the beautiful renditions of the Christmas story by the combined dramatic and glee clubs. Readings from sacred scripture and the lilt of heavenly airs transform the gleaming marble of the rotunda into a stately palace befitting the majesty of the "jesus Bambino" as you offer Him your heart during this holy season. IU. "They're Either Too Young or Too Old" A swiftly passing Christmas vacation is to be climaxed on your return to school by the Annual Seniorlilumnae basketball game and dance. Looking about anxiously for a date you find to your dismay that all available man- power is "either too young or too old." The Seniors, however, that class that knows all the answers, come through with one of their usual ingenious inspira- l82J tions and convert the dance into a stag Cc'est la guerrell affair. A wearing- tearing game is mastered by the surprisingly nimble Alumnae with an 8-6 score and then an Auld Lang Syne get-together is enjoyed over refreshments. You're convinced that it's still a lot of fun this way, And then there is the thrill of the official opening of the basketball season. After the triumph of your Sophomore year under Captain Ann Malloy, you're looking for new laurels to win, and later you find them and win them by emerging as victor in the inter- class tournament, with casualties amounting to half a dozen bruised shins and five dozen broken fingernailsl ll. "Stormy Weather" Darkening clouds gather on the horizon, restless winds blow ominous warn- ings, thunder rumbles mournfully, lightning crackles gleefully and exams are herel You've known they were coming this month as they always have, and yet again you feel completely taken by surprise. With a Hchin up" express sion you diligently thumb your way through volumes of knowledge and emerge from the chaos of exams with a dogged but triumphant feeling. The storm clouds lift, the skies are clear for four more months. l2. "Stardust" . A myriad of dimmed crystal lights swirl over the highly polished floor, the stardust of yesteryear's memories and illusions, the stardust of future years' dreams and hopes, transport you to a magical wonderland above the clouds. The haunting melodies of dreamers and lovers fill the air through the medium of Larry Lane and his orchestra, the swish of taffeta, a golden ribbon, the gleam of silver wings, the lingering fragrance of a chaste gardenia-yesl It's your very own lunior Prom. Under the able direction of Ann Harcourt, the gym is transformed into a magical world which you enter breathlessly, revel in rapturously, and part from regretfully-with a little of the stardust still clinging lightly to your heart. l3. "Easter Parade" The solemnity of the lenten season sounds the prelude to the glorious rise The Tuniors feature in Glee Club line. T 33 l and surge of Easter. Mounting increscendo during Holy Week the awe-inspiring climax is at- tained on Easter morning. At the dawn of the new season your heart guickens as the quiet stirrings of living things within the womb of earth re- spond to the gentle caresses and loving watchfulness of these warm sun-flooded days. And you return to school for- tified with new flounces and ,L ..,,X.J aff Y. 1' 1 T' :fy 1 f 'ra'-'23, ,. 'T 1" pf -- L- " ruffles, and a cute Breton sailor Chatll for the remaining weeks. l4. "Because of You" The Mother-Daughter Tea is a high-light of May and you proudly entertain your very own mother at a silver tea in the college gymnasium. Ameri- can Beauty roses are given as favors and you try in this insignificant way to express some tiny iota of your boundless gratitude to the woman who has made these years possible for you-Mother. Dot writes more than history. l5. "Moon and the Stars" The traditional Senior ballad creates an aura of romance for the Senior Prom. As their last endeavour the Seniors determine to make it their best endeavour, and you find yourself once more in the mad whirl of swirling skirts, fragrant flowers and 'xborrowedn men. A tiny note of solemnity, how- ever, oershadows the gay festivities as you greet this week-end-your last for the year, the Senior's last for life. lE5, " 'Til We Meet Again" A stately file of Seniors in black caps and gowns, a rolled inscribed sheep- skin, the changing of a tassel, a solemn, tear-dimmed recession as the Alumnae of the Class of '44 leave the auditorium in a body for the last time-and you're experiencing graduation, Your Seniors have heard and are answering the challenge of a stricken world, they are going forth with a reluctant farewell for the stillness of Chapel, the closeness of friends, happy hours in the "Cat," "cokes" at the drug store, fun in the dorm, and so many, many little things that they'll never know again. But youre a Senior nowl Youre taking up where '44 left off-and youre going to make the grade as surely as they did. Best of luck '45. The last few notes sigh away into the stillness, the levers are released, the colored disc drifts slowly to a stop, and the brightly-colored frontpiece fades in the dimness as the neon lights burn low. The serenade is ended. Dorothy A, Flynn. f 34 l JUNIVR DIIECTVIY BLANCHET, IEANNE M. BONNELL, PATRICIA E. BROWN, FRANCES M. BUGBEE, MARIORIE A. BYRNE, MAUREEN I. CHAPDELAINE, RITA M. CHOOUETTE, RITA M. CLANCY, ANN T. DONAHUE, ROSEMARY F. DUGGAN ANNMARIE L. DUPREE, AILEEN E. DURNIN, CATHERINE E. EISENMANN, IOAN E. FITZGERALD, MARY R. FLYNN, DOROTHY A. GONYNOR, RUTH P. GRANFIELD, MARY B. GREANEY, FRANCES M. HARCOURT, ANN P. HOFFMAN, MARGARET M. IACONI, FLORENCE M. KEATING, IOAN G, KELLEY, CATHERINE S. LA BRANCHE, YVETTE M. MAHONEY, MARY M. MALLOY, ANNE T. MARTIN, MARY M. MCDONNELL, ELIZABETH F. MULLIGAN, HELEN P. MURPHY, MARY D. NUGENT, IMELDA G. O'BOYLE, LUCILLE M. O'BRIEN, DOROTHY M. O'BRIEN, ELIZABETH A. PELEGRINA, ALMA N. PRENDERGAST, ALICE G. QUINLAN, M. MARTHA QUIRK, ELIZABETH A. RYAN, LILIAN A. SCANLON, EUGENIA F. SHEEHAN, MARY A. TIO, ERIS D. WHITE, MARGUERITE T. 80 Hamilton St., Southbridge 53 Bonnerville Ave., Chicopee 141 Pendleton Ave., Springfield 39 Granfield St., Chicopee 71 Woodlawn St., Springfield 53 Lemuel Ave., Chicopee 299 Sargeant St., Holyoke 175 Iohnson St., Springfield 32 Curtis Ter., Pittsfield 42 St. Iames Ave., Holyoke Peterborough, N. H. 102 Notch Road, North Adams 61 Ventura St., Springfield 135 Davenport St., Chicopee 55 George St., West Springfield 20 Willow St., Whitinsville 35 Weller Ave., Pittsfield ll Wawecus Rd., Worcester 288 East Main St., North Adams 13 South Church St., Pittsfield 21 Berkeley St., Worcester 323 Nottingham St., Springfield 70 Canterbury St., Worcester 27 Leclair Ter., Chicopee 18 Hancock St., Worcester 27 Abbott St., Greenfield 14 Caroline St., Worcester 196 Nonotuck Ave., Chicopee 31 Oak St., Uxbridge 44 Granfield St., Chicopee 318 Walnut St., Holyoke 26 Richmond Ave., Pittsfield 327 Carew St., Springfield ll Kalmar St., Worcester 31 Sagrado Corazon Santurce, Puerto Rico 159 Elizabeth St., Pittsfield 201 Bradford St., Pittsfield 278 Grattan St., Chicopee Falls 18 Lincoln St., Webster 92 Barnard Ave., Watertown 100 Iackson Ext., Methuen Central Aguirre, Puerto Rico 20 Seymour St., Worcester O tall, massive Tower, rimmed in gold light Beautiful is your strength and steadfast, joyous is your radiance and eternal." E851 THE Sophonwfma, We have always been proud of our "sister class." Now, as you triumphantly reach the halfway mark in your course at Our Lady of the Elms, our only advice is to continue as you have so Well begun. Retain the buoyant enthusiasm and pride in your college that you have thus far shown. With a future as fruitful as your past, We foresee the culmination of your college years rich in success and fulfillment for you, our "sister class." 794 President Avis E, O'Donnell ViCC'P7'CSidC7lf Margaret M. Swords '46 SOPHOMORE Ci-IARMS I had time on my hands. 'What to do? Chestertonl That was it. I had been meaning for some time to read his biography and now the golden oppor- tunity presented itself. I hurried to the closet where it was stored, took the unwieldy volume from the shelf, and opened it expectantly. Alas for poor G. KI for there, between the first two pages, was lodged my silver charm bracelet, each trinket a mute reminder of happy days of my Sophomore year at OLE. I had to smile at the first charm--ea miniature umbrella which fascinated me deeply the moment I saw it. That September was such a rainy onel It did not, however, dampen the spirits of the Sophomores, who plunged into serious work with hearts that were happy, confident and gay. The second token, a tiny white rose, I carefully handled, and renewed the resolution made at the spiritual retreat of that October. Were not our paths surely bedecked with roses, when we Sophomores were so privileged to share in the abundance of graces and blessings afforded us at this time? The somewhat forbidding representation of a skeleton, which hung loosely from my much too fragile chain, recalled the memorable Halloween night, when the Sophs displayed their talent in a style that is yet to be surpassed. To conclude a hilarious evening, we enjoyed cider and doughnuts, candy and nuts. Not to be outdone by their Sophomore sisters, the next day was proclaimed by the Seniors as their own. That Sunday lived again in my memory as I gazed longingly at the tiny academic cap, which even in its ISUI Trcas 1 ITC T SUCTCIdTy insignificance was so strongly symbolic of that wondrous occasion! The Sophs were deeply moved with happiness as they watched the Seniors don their dignified garb and march into the chapel, heads high, hearts proud, and maybe a bit sadl And what followed next? Oh, yes, the Elmata dancel How well I remem- bered it in glancing at the diminutive soldier who ranked "number five" on my chain. It seemed so fitting a charm for that occasion, I simply couldnt resist buying it, since practically every Soph, myself included, danced that night with an escort in khaki or blue. I could not escape a hearty chuckle as I fingered the next token, a cherub of a Santa Claus, wearing a broad grin across his open mouth. Immediately, I thought of Christmas at the Elms and particularly remembered as old St. Nick, the inimitable layne Crean, whose jovial manner and winning per- sonality, so loved by '46, made that party a perfect prelude to one glorious vacanon. A new year, and one which brought gloom to all Sophomores because of the horror of exams, was vividly recalled to my mind as I gazed upon the savage dragons head which I had purchased in a mood of aggression. lt reminded me especially of that biology test I can never forget. And there were others, too, which all Sophs are still trying not to remember. My favorite charm was the one I now came upon. It was only a star, a simple little star, with really nothing compellingly attractive about it. Unim- pressive though it was, I cherished it, because it bore a flood of memories of the Iunior prom when we Sophs danced the eve away to the heavenly strains of "Stardust," O night of nights, and one never to be forgottenl I39l 46 M. Virginia Murphy Mary lane Flood For a moment, I paused in my reminiscence, cmd noticed a decided break between my dance memoir and the one that followed. But, of course, there was a lull in activities then, Pleasant memories of the prom had held the Sophs spellbound, but we finally returned to a normal life of routine and regularity. April, despite her traditional, unpleasant show- ers, conveyed the happy thought of an Easter holiday which was gratefully welcomed by the Sophomore Class. I remember the difficulty that was mine in selecting the trin- ket I now beheld. It was a small Alice, taking time out, and not truly genuine jeweled crown, but for me, it seemed to hold a particular sentiment. Mary's day with all its loveliness and beauty, a day which climaxed a month of outstanding events, including the interclass debate4a spectacle of keen competition, and the assembly in oral expression -a certain guarantee of the talents of our Elmites. A tinge of sadness overcame me as I glanced upon the tenth trinket, a rather poor imitation of a diploma which naturally recalled Iune and Com- mencement. How proud we Sophs were as we gazed upon our Senior sisters and watched them take their final curtain call at OLE. before leaving to assume their role in the vast and frightening world before them. A bit envious, a trifle blue, we longed for the day when we, too, would don the Academic Cap and Gown and adopt the title "Seniors" But one charm now remained on my bracelet. I tondled the small anchor, which shone in its brightness, a symbol of the hope that was in our hearts, hope that our sister class would continue the enviable traditions they had established at their Alma Mater, hope that we as Iuniors would return to our Alma Mater, singing her praises: "We love it, revere it, Our green and gold." Alice T. Murray. I 90 I SOPi-IOMORE DI! ECTV RY BARDSLEY, PATRICIA H. BOLAND, LOIS I. BREAULT, EVELINE R. BROPHY, PATRICIA E. BRUNTON, MARITA D. CALLAHAN, DOROTHY M. DILLON, ESTHER M. DONOHUE, MARY A. DOWLING, PATRICIA M. FANNING, MARY LOUISE FITZGIBBONS, HELEN T. FLOOD, MARY IANE GEDDES, CLAIRE M. GIBSON, MARIGAIL HAFEY, THERESE M. KELLY, DOROTHY M. KENNEDY, RUTH W. LACHAT, LEONA M. MCALPINE, ANNE I. MURPHY, VIRGINIA M. MURRAY, ALICE T. O'DONNELL, AVIS E. PAQUETTE, CLAIRE A. QUINN, CATHERINE M. REINHARD, E. IANE SENECAL, MARIE N. STANTON, M. ANNETTE STONE, BERTHA T. STREET, MARIANNE T. SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH A. SWORDS, MARGARET M. SYNER, CLAIRE A. 9 25 Oak St., Uxbridge 8 Elmwood Ave., North Adams I Broadway, Chicopee Falls 59 Carson Ave., Dalton 42 Ranney St., Springfield I6 Shaffner St., Worcester 7l Waldo St., Holyoke 18 California Ct., Clinton l28 Pleasant St., Holyoke 230 Montgomery St., Chicopee Falls 40 Columbus Ave., Holyoke 752 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow Mendon Road, Ashton, R. I. 28 Linden St., Holyoke l50 Fairview Ave., Chicopee I6 Gates St., Worcester ll0 Bell St., Chicopee I83 Stanton Ave., Winsted, Conn. l485 Dwight St., Holyoke 48 Howard St., Pittsfield 38 Davenport St., Chicopee 52 Craiwell Ave., West Springfield 438 Britton St., Fairview 372 Page Boulevard, East Springfield 130 Rimmon Ave., Chicopee 252 Mill St., Shrewsbury 79 North St., Ware ll4 Livingston Ave., Pittsfield 201 Second St., Pittsfield 104 Allyn St., Holyoke 42 Granville St., Springfield 26 Somerset St., Springfield ll O strong, bright Tower, Wlzar oils of Love gush upward, Wllat 'Truth empowers your flame! I look upon your glowing citadel, Hungry to share its light and glory. O massive, tall Tower! 92 THE 3 The magical transformation ot our excited little Freshmen into Womanhood, serene and dignified, is a subtle play that Time has enacted in the course ot one short year. We sincerely regret the limita- tion ot our acquaintance with you, but have appre- ciated and enjoyed what We have known. The readiness with which you have adapted and loved your newly acguired ideal-Qur Lady ot the Elms- is shining proot that you will carry her proud tradi- tions to a glorious end. 7944 President Mary T. McManus ViccfPrcsiClciit Catherine I. McDonnell '47 LFG VF Ti-IE '17 15th ot September, 1943. The SS. '47 is in her berth in Registration Harbor while the crew assembles, and all is made shipshape tor the coming voyage over the Freshman Ocean. 16th of September, 1943. Lat. 34F2' S, Long. 7233' W. All hands are aboard. Anchors aweigh. The ship is underway and going lull speed ahead, Weather is fair and promising. 17th ot September, 1943. Lat. 2lO5' S, Long. 71OW. The new crew is learning the ropes quickly under the expert guidance oi Senior advisors. Initiation Week beginsalll matters oi discipline are being well taken care of by the Seniors. 25th ot September, 1943. Lat, SF4' S, Long. 7005 W. First port ot call, Elms Night Island, There is a general gathering of all Elms mates as the joyous climax ot Initiation Week takes place, Will set sail on the morrow. 12th ot October, 1943. Lat. 23'3' N, Long. 6l'5'2' W. Dropping anchor in Columbus Bay. All hands have shore leave. 13th ot October, 1943, Lat. 2303' N, Long, 6lrt2' W. Will remain here on Retreat Island for three days. Crew under direction ot Father I-legerty. All will be granted week-end leave on a 2-day pass tor the 16th. 18th ot October, 1943. Lat. 233' N, Long, 6l'2' W. Up anchor once more. Crew members back at posts. Weather favorable, course: dead ahead. 29th of October, 1943. Lat. 5535 N, Long. 52" W. Crew members from the Sophomore Training Ship have been taken on board, This relief crew is giving the sailors oi the SS. '47 some well-earned enjoyment with its tradi- 1941 '47 Trcaszwcr Sccrctczfy tional 1-1a1lowe'en entertainment, bringing with it a host of spectres of every size and shape. 31st of Gctober, 1943. Lat. 6435 N, Long. 493 W. Land is sighted. It is Cap and Gown Sunday and we are anchoring at Academic lsland where the new crew will view for the first time the impressive Cap and Gown ceremony in which the Seniors assume their.robes of office. 2nd of November, 1943. Lat. 6436' N, Long. 49':tW. We are leaving the island and are proceeding according to schedule. 13th of November, 1943. Lat. 69"2' N, Long. 32'4' W. We are anchored alongside Senior Sloop, gaily rigged for the Elmata Dance, which our crew is attending, The intermingled sounds of music and laughter tell us that al1's well in that guarter. Will continue on our voyage in the morning. 24th of November, 1943. Lat. 78'5' N, Long. 21"2f W. The S.S. '47 is putting into the harbor on Thanksgiving Peninsula where we will remain for four days. All crew members will be granted leave while we refuel and take on new provisions for the voyage. 29th of November, 19431 Lat. 78:3 N, Long. 21T2' W. Anchor is raised early and we are off to a fine start. Crew is in wonderful condition after a four-day relief. All are anxiously looking forward to sighting new lands. 8th of December, 1943. Lat. 581' N, Long. 133' W. Our long-awaited land- ing at Reception island took place. All new crew members are being re- ceived into the Soclality of the Blessed Virgin Mary at a most beautiful and soul-stirring ceremony in the Chapel. 9th of December, 1943. Lat. 580 N, Long. 103' W. Faces are beaming, hearts are light as we set sail for our final port on the 1943 schedule. 15th of December, 1943. Lat. 3416 N, Long. 153 W. "Sparks" has just T951 lean M Shea Mary T McElroy Freshmen, enrolling as Sodalists. contacted shore by short-wave with the call letters-WMAS. The ship's Glee Club will sing traditional Christmas carols over this local station. Tomorrow night all hands will gather on deck to sing their favorite Christmas songs in unison preparatory to our landing on Christmas Island. l7th of December, l943. Lat. 2U't2' N, Logig. 2394 W. Our goal has been reached and we land at Pageant Beach on Christmas Island. Shore leave is granted to all crew members, and all enjoy a wonderful Christmas enter- tainment and party in a gathering of all mates. The following day, all will leave for home and a glorious, well-earned vacation. 2nd of Ianuary, 1944. Lat. 2U"2' N, Long. 2304' W. The crew is returning. All are in good health and ready for the continuation of the voyage. 3rd of Ianuary, 1944. Lat. 2U"2' N, Long. 23'4' W. We are leaving Christ- mas Island. All hands are aboard. The barometer is falling rapidly, the weather is becoming colder, and the sky is threatening. The wind is whip- ping up into a gale and gives indication of a fast-approaching storm. All hands are battening down the hatches and making ready for a stiff blow. 15th of Ianuary, 1944. Lat. 130 N, Long. 804' W. We are out of the path of the storm for the present, and the ship is anchored at Alumnae Atoll, where the Seniors annually play the natives in a game of basketball. The crew was looking forward to the dance which was to have followed the game, but mutiny aboard the USS. Westover has prevented the fulfillment of their hopes, and they are slowly returning to their quarters. 24th of lanuary, 1944. Lat. 953' N, Long. 342' E. All hands are fighting the T951 gale which has finally struck us. We are now passing through the narrow Examination Straits. Everyone is deadly serious and prepared for the worst. 3lst of lanuary, l944. Lat. 604' S, Long. 20 W. Sea calm. The Straits have been passed. The SS. '47 is none the worse for the recent beating that she received. Today marks the beginning of the second stage of our voyage. All the crew members are in very high spirits. Sth of February, l944. Lat. 903' S, Long. Sol' W. We cast anchor beside our sister ship, the SS. '45. The occasion is the lunior Prom. The sky, dark but clear, and studded with myriad twinkling stars, provided a scintillating setting for the event, and everything aboard is in harmony with this theme. 22nd of February, l944. Lat. l8O7' S, Long. llO5' W. The ship is anchor- ing olf Washington reef. The crew is going ashore for a holiday. 23rd of February, l944. Lat. l8O7' S, Long. ll05' W. Crew aboard. The SS. '47 is ready to sail. Anchor up at 8:20, course set for a promontory named Passion Play Point. i 2nd of April, 1944. Lat. 3lO6' S, Long. l9O2' E. Passion Play Point is reached. The ship is anchored for the coming Easter leave from the fifth to the seventeenth of this month. Crew will set out on the fifth. l7th of April, 1944. Lat. 3105 S, Long. l9O2' E. Steam is up once more and the crew is giving the ship a thorough going-over before we head out into the English Channel, 8th of May, l944. Lat. l3O8' N, Long. 3802 E. Here, in the middle of the English Channel, the annual Oral Expression Assembly and annual Debate Freshmen in Nativity Play. T971 , are taking place with many 2' crew members actively par- ticipating in the various events. The S.S. '47 is moving forward toward Senior Shoal. l2ih oi May, 1944. Lat. 4307 N, Long. 243 E. Senior Shoal is reached. All go ashore to be regaled by the entire Senior force. The '47 will lie over until the night oi the thirteenth, Marys Day, on which day all will take part in a procession to Honor Mary, Our Queen. l4th oi May, l944. Lat. SUOZ' N, Long. 2495 E. The S.S. '47 is underway and steaming ahead to Ascension Land. l8th ol May, 1944. Lat. 73047 Mary, with book and "apple a day" N' Long' 27' E' Ascension Land sighted. All hands are granted one-day leave ashore. The wind is rising sharply. l9Lh oi May, l944. Lat. 82:3 N, Long. 42'4' E. Severe storm bursts upon us as we head tor Examination Reels. All hands on watch and prepared for a long, stiff blow. 30th of May, l944. Lat. 3075 N, Long. 72Cl' E. SS '47 enters Memorial lnlet to allow crew to rest, and to repair damage caused by storm. 3rd oi lune, 1944. Lat. 29:9 N, Long. 53: E. We've joined the flotilla anchored oil Class Day lsle. All are going ashore in formal attire for the traditional ceremonies held here. The Seniors are taking the major roles, and will be attended by those from the S.S. '45. Here will take place one of the most beautiful and impressive events of the year as the Seniors, escorted by the luniors with the daisy chain, go in procession to the place where the Elm tree will be planted, -ith of lune, l944. Lat 352' N, Long. 62'3' E. We are near our linal port. The crew stops at Baccalaureate Atoll to rig the ship in gala attire tor our entrance into home port. Preparations in honor of Seniors well underway. Sth of lune, l944. Lat. ZUCS' S, Long. 73:4 E. We are now in our home berth in Graduation Harbor. The crew assembles to pay its last tribute to the outgoing Senlors. All tarewells are said, and the years cruise across the Freshman Ocean comes to a triumphant close. The crew is gathering dulile so as to be ready to leave in the morning. Log entries completed on this, the Sth day of lune in the year l944. Mary C. Vittengl. l 93 l FRESi-INV-XN DIRECTV RY ALLEN, TERESA A AMIOT, THERESA M. BOYLE, MARY C. BURNETT, MARION E. CANTY, ANNE T. CARTIER, THERESE P. DONLIN, CLARE DONOVAN, ROSEMARY C. DUCKWORTH, GENEVIEVE DURKAN, IANE A. FITZGERALD, SUSAN E. GALLAGHER, ROSEMARY A. GALLESHAW, MARGARET M. HOAR, PHYLLIS M. HONNEN, WINIFRED V. IOHNSON, IUNE M. IOHNSON, PATRICIA M. IONES, BARBARA M. KING, ANNE MARIE KING, CAROLYN V, LAPPIN, ALICE E. LARKIN, BARBARA G. LAWE, DOROTHY A. MANION, DOROTHY G. MARA, MARY A. MARTONE, ELLEN I. MCCABE, ELLIN B. MCCAFFREY, IOAN M. MCDERMOTT, IEANNE A. McDONNELL, CATHERINE I. McELROY, MARY T. MCKENNA, ELIZABETH I. MCMANUS, MARY MCNAMARA, MARY IEAN MEYER, LILLIAN M. MORIARTY, KATHERINE V. MOYNIHAN, ELIZABETH ANN MOYNIHAN, HELEN A. O'NEILL, HELEN B. PARNELL, BARBARA C. RYAN, MARY I. SHEA, IEAN M. SHEEHAN, MARY H. SHEVLIN, MARY ANNE SMITH, MAUREEN S. TOWER, ROSEMARY A. TYER, MARY T. VIGNEAULT, PHYLLIS VITTENGL, MARY C. WILDER, ANN M. WOLOCHOWICZ, HEDWIG S, 18 Casino Ave., Chicopee Main St., North Oxford 133 Lincoln St., Framingham 83 Walnut St., Springfield 120 Hampden St., Chicopee 53 St. Louis Ave., Willimansett 73 Miller St, Springfield 50 Daisy Ave., Floral Park, L. I, N. Y. 720 Hampden St., Holyoke 391 Meadow St., Agawam 12 Elmwood Ave., N. Adams 919 Wilbraham Rd., Springfield 10 North Main St., Whitinsville 324 Center St., Chicopee 15 Gibbs Ave., Newport, R. I. Church St., Lenox Church St., Lenox 74 Grand St., Worcester 43 Armory St., Springfield 20 Pine St., Pittsfield 12 Portland St., Holyoke 19 Greenbrier St., Springfield 52 Lawndale St., Springfield 82 West St., Milford 54 Westmoreland Ave, Longmeadow 44 'Washington I99l 4 Vernon Ave., South Barre School St., Lenox 7 Princeton St., Newport, R. I 17 Kulig St., East Springfield 196 Nonotuck Ave., Chicopee 3 Wyman St., Worcester 14 Haynes St., Worcester 41 Pine St., Fitchburg 71 Pine St., Pittsfield Ave., Lynbrook, L. I., New York 12 Crown St., Springfield 236 Locust St., Springfield 147 West St., Milford 23 Longwood Ave, Holyoke 32 Payson Ave., Easthampton 18 Lincoln St., Webster 125 Ranney St., Springfield 844 Carew St., Springfield 50 Lyman St., Holyoke 106 N. Main St., No. Grafton 54 Alvin St., Springfield 4 Dix St., Worcester Main St., Springfield 10 High St., Westfield 238 White St., Springfield 21 Scott St., Worcester X vvvfujlf X 'ilu- Film- x A , - ' I- ...f"'-' tv " . W , N A Xu A-T , Xp ,M , f, ,NV ' .11 . ' . Q .,:fN:j,nfl4 ,gm - B -' HK' " 'A "' ,'.'.., , . ' K X . ik 4 f .. N x . - - , ' X - ,, .,1-atlwff " 'Wil' .. XT x ' -f x f ' Af. wi I 446' ...1"'5xf9'i, Q I Q-"""'fA x.,A X 3 V VV, u-, -f-1.-f' ' , P ,ww-4: 4.11 WNW. KYL 44.1 Thx 4 but if-5 :i"f ITPPS .9 .5- jw .vsgygii-I A 315, THE dctw "The clock of life is wound but once," the course of time ct swift one We knew thot todciy is more precious thctn tomorrow ond filled every moment with significont dctivities-meetings ccrlled to order, musicotl choruses bursting into glorious song, proms colorful ond ggy, ceremoniol processions reverent ond dignified, formolity ond fun supplemented by study ond Work. 7944 SODA LITY VF Ti-IE BLESSED W IRWIN MARY A' ivy 59' 4 4 4 W KF iff., 2, ij, WW lki, ff 'Q . ,fnz--:W xg.-.1-1-9.11 , '- 2:-1-1-""' .Jw ip pf ' 2-A ' -r g: -ply fig fmt., 1635 1 W i ' I fm S? A fx V952 fi' "W . f ' ' '-'ICJ-' 1' ' ff ' 2 w:QA',-7' i,.I:51'.- . , ,P 1 fecfvssrfasgfqzgxr?" " ' 7 '- 2235113 if ' ,,L "ff ,' " f 'bf '- Zii - ' ' ,WJ W9 ,., NX- H021 Ave, Se-des Scxpienticrel .ff V FFICERS Prefect: DOROTHY H MULRY Secretary: CATl'lERlNE M. QUlNN VicefPrefect: LILIAN A. RYAN Treasurer: MARY E. MCCARTHY COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Eucharistic: Doris C. Gobeille Literary: Mary A. Dooley Mission: Marguerite M. McGrath Social: Winitred M. O'Leary In this sacred traditional organization We tind the nucleus of collegate lite. Every student is a member: every member an earnest one. lts various com- mittees are responsible for those customary social tunctions which have been a memorable part ot our college years. lt inspires and guides us in spiritual activities: generously contributes to charitable and patriotic causes: fosters good literature: instills in us an undying enthusiasm for every phase ot Catholic action. H031 December 8th brings new members into Sodchty Fresh entertain at Sodcrlity Social Hour. SOCIAL AND SPIRITUAL ACTIVITIES H041 Eucharistic Committee Crt Work in their new office. EUCHARISTIC AND LITERARY ACTIVITIES SODA LITY Ci-IRISTMAS PR' GRAM MUSICAL AND DBAMATIC CLUBS Silent Night AA AAA AA A A A A ,,.. A ,....,A, A A A A A A .Gruber O Little Town ot Bethlehem .4.A,, A A A . ,.A A ,.,,AA .,.. R edner Hodie Christus Natus Est .,... A A A A A A A A Kreckel Glee Club THE NATIVITY PLAY Annunciation and Visitation When Christ Was Born AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA ..... j o lins La Vierge a La Creche A A A AAAAA, AAAAAAA A A A A AAAA Penlhou Glory to God AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA. AAAAA D a v is Glee Club The Nativity The Shepherds Shepherds in the Fields A T The First Nowell Abiding Ancient Hymn Vf EA. ' Lf Traditional Shepherds Awake Dams A35 if l Iesu Bambino AAAAA AA A'Yon Venid Pastores P X N Glee Club Spanish Folk Song if A A The Magi Glee Club A. ,,-- - L Adeste FidelesA'I'raditional Soloist, Alma Pelegrina W Y 0 T, Glee Club v A 4- X A 1 A ,fl i f ' ei: M f + 2 N A' N ri 'LAW ' gal e. 5 vb A "' 4 1 T5 wit' , ' 1 'El Cast of Characters Merry A Dorothy Manion jfmeplz A A A .Annette Stanton Gabriel A A A A A AMary Vittengl Elizalvetli A A A AAAA Mary Coughlin Sliepllerds A A A A Teresa Allen The Three Kingx A Florence laconi Claire Donlin Catherine Kelley Avis O'Donnell Elizabeth Quirk Mary AA Sheehan 'Tlie Poet AAAA A A l-lelen Moynihan Reader A AAAAAAAAAA Catherine Quinn Song Leader A A Helen Prendergast Accmnpamsr A A A Elizabeth McDonnell I: 106 I N OT i-I EI MGTHER Heavens blue Is in her eye Angel voices In her sigh, Strength to me Her sweet caress Soft with Marys Tenderness, Firm in spirit Pure in heart Christe own Mothers Counterpcxrt. Nfury G. SIlLllLQ117l6SS5' '44 -DA UGi-ITE! DA! H071 1 A '5 - li 4 K x 'E'-'Q Q3 1""S ., ..,, W J 1 1 fr l",'l l'rlEf'f JAUC' Jrrff IDA' THE FATHERK . GIFT If we 7'E17lC7llb6T 11111'se1'5' 7'llj'771c'S, B1'111'c st111'1'cs uf fm' J ' 'Told I ' If-1111111 we ll 1 177168, Q I, 111 " 15111111 'I 11 11.x 111 111111111111 mx It IS I1e11111x1 nj 11 . 5' ll, Dad? I N milk 11 1 sl111zt111g TLH'7l A111111 1111: S1ll'L'7' sl 'YU UI , . . .' TC KTL . mjts uf 1111111 5 wry jimi 111 111-6.8 j 1111 It IS budllw uf 147111 I A V " C U 511111, Dad 1 111111 111 111 11 tl11111gl1ts 1111116 11111011611 x lj ll 1 1 1 p1c'cc11111'b1'11 1' ' 'Tzll t1111'111:x' I1- 11091 .e11111s, lg 11 L17Ucl?7lS, rzglzt 111111111 tlzcv It IS be1'1111.w 11 5 gIe11111. . . j you, D1111' A7171 P. H11 1'1'11z11't ' 43 ENTERTAINMENT Auld Lang Syne. , 1 . Rose of Tralee .,... . Taming of the Shrew .... Poinciana. 1 , , . . The Royal Garden , . . Medley . , . Piano Solo, , . , Gay N1net1e3 Flur11d11r11 Scxtct D1d Your Mother Colne From lreland? Md7'X' ML'El7'lJN' When a Fellow Needs a Father 1 , .D1'u11111t1c Clulv Tribute to the Flag Song: MClDt7717lCll Trm Dance: MLITIILI Bruntrm Story: Claude Dmmlm Cd7'l7l5'71 Krug Betty M1151111l11111 National Anthem ,A.i.9C17IlI7lf U1'cl1cxt1'11 Mary McM11m1.s ML17'v' F1t:.gcr1111l Alma I'clcgr11111 C11tl1c1'111c fllllllll A Cappella CI11111' Tl1crcm Amml H091 J UNIV 1 PROM COMMITTEE: Coletta McCabe Gcneml Clzamnun Mary G. Shaughnessy Ex'Ojj'lc1'o Mary A. Dooley Tlckcts and P lean R, Williams Favors Margaret Sausvllle Decorations Winifred Cleary Music Mary E. McCarthy Refreshments Dorothy E. Savoit Pllbllflfy mu' "A11r111'cn'.mry WM' C271 tlzu SfLU"llf roof guna INITIP 'HON PA RTY ,M-.A rsely "Aren't those Seniors terrible?" The owe-stricken question wos te whispered by miscellotneous groups ot bewildered Freshmen os they com- pctred notes during thot untorgettoble initioition week. Perhcips such o des- perctte pleot should hctve shcimed us. Perhops we should hcxve been humili- oted ot such obvious reoctions to our torture sessions. But os cill post records hove proven, no motter whcit the public pulse might register, the Closs of '44 is not eosily thworted. Since we did not hctve to wdste time on such drudgery ors mciking our beds, cleoning rooms, ond kept ourselves in excellent physicol condition by ollow- ing the "new elmites" to corry our books cmd extro pctrophernolio, there wos plenty ot opportunity to concentrote on the climox of this prelirnindry initiotion. Mctry Fehily cts generol choirmon wos given the responsibility ol moking this evening on untorgettcible one. Results proved thot the cdpoble commit- tees, tired with the spirit of '44, zeoilously plonned ct luncheon ond tormcrl initicition, the memories ot which we, the Senior Clcrss, will forever cherish, We might insert thot the Freshmen, olthough not cherishing the some, will never forget it. Mcrry Shoughnessy cmd Helen Prendergczst ctcted os co-workers on the scene ot the crime. The Senior Clctss wcts proud to see the victims squirm while the cxudience howled with delight. And so it ended, thot golo occosion which we hod ointicipoted tor three long yeors. Our Cldss enjoyed every minute ot thot initiotion. Cur only tinge ot regret on thot momentous evening wors thctt this initiotion wos our lost. We ere envious ot the Frosh becciuse it wos their tirstvthe beginning ot their w college course. I lll I GLEE CLI B As those "blue Mondays" dawned on campus and found the students in the inevitable post-weekend depression, the gay harmonious voices of Cflee Club would lift us from our temporary melancholy. This was their weekly gather- ing held in the Assembly Room when melodious, youthful voices tried new and old selections with heartewarming enthusiasm. Their tones would fill our hearts with merriment, soothe any pessimistic forebodings of prospective trials, restore us to our natural state of "laugh and the world laughs with you." Reviewing the achievements of Glee Club we see not only private triumphs but public victories as well. The musical revue "America Sings" gave elaborate testimony to the varied scores of its programs. A December broadcast over Radio Station WMAS in Springfield was ex- quisitely done as sweet feminine voices blended softly in Christmas carols. At our own concert held annually in the foyer soft strains of music gave an atmosphere of peace to the portrayal of the yuletide drama. With the coming of spring the air vibrated with music and the Glee Club prepared to serenade our mothers at the May tea. Commencement brought to a climax the glorious achievements of the Club which has instilled in us a love of good music and we leave with innumerable pleasant memories of happy events, made happier because of the heavenly notes that serenaded them. i iiizj I T' Elizabeth McDonnell Darrit Wasliihglah Cecilia Ogazalek Elizabeth McKenna Margaret lvl. Donahue :ax nplzune Mary Ryan Elizabeth McDonnell SOCIA- A CTI' N CLUB OFFICERS Pfevdent lfory K. lqleyers X':rafI'wex:tlavz: Anne E Rowley Sain-et.ir5. ,Cecilig fl. Ogdzolek ?211lcsopn'g :lie Queen of the Sciences gl:-:gys irnpcrtont, becoxties ci rtiojor Curt of the Senior C'.LfYlC',1l',1IY1, Students of Psychology ond Sociology know ist Qke TIIYLIE they rigs. look lcdck not only on hippy college dgys but ornegd 1 tQ.e pxioertoxinies cf the 1-.ide '.-:ide '.-:orldi Hence, the Sociczl Action Club orrelgies scnolgsiic prxiciples '.-.'itE1 the proclerns of everyday lite. Among e sucjeois decussed gt zzieetings '.-:ere the prdcticdl gspects of such pertinent eaten: 33 spiritisrn evolution and the responsibilities of the Cotnolic College 'iduixie life '.-:ere cilio ztidde cognizant of ine opportunities in vcirious fefaon: particularly tlie liuzticxnitgrign fields of sociol work gnd educge 'itil tlterizpy. li is edsy to see '.-.' 213' Socigl Action Club is considered glniost ine dug non for Serxorz ond one of our inest ds 1-:ell gs oldest trcxditions. fll4j MEN Pi-IYSICA L CLUB jf? ,,,I: -, , E - . If .t If I N' 'V Y?-0u.,.,,, l . ' YD,-. V Aileen E. Dupree President . . A Vicefpreszdcnt, iltflary D Murphy Eugenia F. Scanlon Secretary ,.,.. t To see the Hlolly luniors" plunge into a maze of philosophical controversy is a unique but interesting picture. Such a feat was accomplished at the monthly meetings of the Metaphysical Club when the intangibles ot Cosmology and Gntology were given verbal materialization, lt is through these meetings that students discover that much can be learned from the mere consideration of philosophical terms. To hear the Iuniors as they answered objections, advanced proofs all in logical syllogistic form is to realize that St. Thomas Aquinas is still exerting his salutary influence on the schools of philosophy. H151 DRAMA'l' I C CLUB Patriotic Tcrbleou, "Say CI Prayer for the Boys over there SEQ gecrafters Gt Work for their premiere 51101 4. Dorothy E. Savoit lvflary lfl, Martin Kennedy Ruth W, Fehily President Vtcefpvvxidevit Secretary . Mary R. ' the field of drainatics. e of a Treasiwer T son of l943-l944 has been a glorious one in e stage-minded and certainly the appearanc ected, has proven that the contagion b and U The sea All students have becom . veritable horde of actors, hitherto unsusp is spreading with unprecedented rapidity, Early in the season, through the combined efforts of the dramatic clu glee club, the musicale "America Sings" was presented. lf we may use common stage term, according to popular opinion, it was a Whit' and worthy of a "run" on Broadway. A humorous portrayal of the conflict 'Pride and Prejudice' was staged in April when seasoned Thespians presented lane Austens novel with a quality Worthy of the Barrymores and Drews. The lnterclass competition plays directed and enacted by members of the four classes ushered in new aspirants of the stage in hilarious comedies. The season, ending with the Seniors bowing to the final curtain in their annual play, has indeed been successful and full for the members of the ' lub. I ll7 1 Dramatic C LE CERCLE FRP NGA S President ., ...,... Mary K. Meyers Vicefljreszrlevit ..,. .,4.4 Y Vette Q. l.aBranche Secretary . . ...,., Alice T. Murray Treasiwer, , . .,.. Elizabeth M. Huller Fervent, young voices singing "La Marseillaisef' treasured autographs ot Andre Maurois, lines ot French classics zealously memorized for dramatic presentationgeall cry out "l'esprit gaulois" as manifested by "Le Cercle Francais." The foreign correspondence course inaugurated this year, con- sisting of letters to and from French air cadets, has proved most interesting and fruitful, Each month these enthusiastic linguists attend the meeting ot "L'I-Xlliance Francaise," imhibe the spirit ot "Vive la France," and return to campus filled with the conviction that the country which has fostered the language and liter- alure they love, will never die. rum IX new cover design for "Les Chuchotements des Ormesf' Staff-Les Chuchotements Edztor-Elizobeih M. Huller Asszstants-Lois I. Bolorld Dorothy E. Sovoit Busmess Nfanager- Mary C. Vitterrgl Pcrssez le Sucre, s'i1 vous plcxftl Elles dinent et porlent lo belle lcmgue fromgoise. 9 LA CORTE CASTELLA NA President , . ,Mary A. Dooling Vice-Prcxzdmit Winifred M. O'Leary Secretary .lVl. Martha Quinlan Trciisurcr Alma Peligrina llSaludos Amigosll' became the theme of La Corte Castellano this year with the emphasis on South America. War Spanish ran a close second in popu- larity. No selfsrespecting estuoliante de la lengua espanola could fail to know the difference between un sargento y un teniente and happy was she who could boast of un alferez, Las l-loias de Los Olmos kept abreast of the times with articles of modern significance, and also deepened the student's appre- ciation of ancient Spanish culture. On the social side, the outstanding event of the year was the Christmas party which was an effective blend of Latin and American traditions. Yes, our senoritas were very much awake-not at all deceived as to the real interpretation of "La Vida Es Suenof' H201 "Los molinos de viento" dt- tdcked by Don Quixote under protest of Soincnovdroniotized by the Seniors f1211 The stott ot "Los Hojos de los Oinios' discusses pldns for the Corning edition MONSIGNOR DOY LE SCIENCE CLUB Vcxgcrries of vapor pressure mcmde less vague for ihe mem- bers of the Science Club 11221 Osteclogy Vic Oscar ,.Marguerite M. McGrath President ....... VicefPresident ..., . .. Helen P. Mulligan Secretary ..... ...., C laire M. Geddes Treasurer ..,. .... D orrit C. Washington lt is highly improbable that any of the members of the Monsignor Doyle f M 'e Curie "to touch a star," Science Club will ever achieve the ambition o ari but We like to think that the flame that burned in the Curies, in Pasteur, in Edison has been fanned just a tiny bit higher by the interest and efforts of our pioneer women scientists. During the year our own impotent wanderings in the scientific maze were given direction and new impetus by the lectures of Dr. D. F. Mowery, Mr. Harold Schaeffer, Dr. R. Dale Smith, and Mr. T. D. Acconci on such diversified subjects as the philately of Chemistry and the solution to the problem of "why we are the size We are." Thought provoking d ro ressive the Science Club has shown itself capable of generating the an p g , power to climb to ever higher heights of success. 51231 INTERN! TI' NA !.. IELKIIONS CLUB Presulent R Vmcfllresulcvlt. . . , osemczry F, Donohue Alice G. Prendergcmst Secretary . .. Margaret M. Hoffmcm Trelmmw . Lucille M. Heddington H241 Ott to Emmanuel to dis- cuss the problems ot peace The members ot the International Relations Club take their history seriously -history in the sense of a record of the past shedding light on present events so that we may better plan tor the future. ln union with our Catholic colleges in New England, Our Lady of the Elms looks to the post-war world, and to our responsibilities and obligations in it. To clarity opinions and unity trends ot thought frequent discussions are held on international problems in their relation to the current crisis and possible implications in the coming peace settlement. At the annual convention, held this year at Emmanuel College, Rosemary Donahue was elected second vice-president of the New England Federation, a signal honor for a club which is in its infancy. May its iuture be as successe ful as this its initial year promises. 'N "f"ws..,,,,,wW 'Nad' ,, fl251 X 'QNX ' 1 . F1 I'rILr. IIC CLUB H281 Mary Mac, aiming high, sets the pace for the Freshmen Forty-love cmd they do love it . Lucille lvl. Reddington President . . A VtCE'PT6.9l'Ll67lI, . t Cdtherine E. Durnin Secretary ,.,. ,. Berthct T. Stone Treaszwer. . Dorothy M, Kelly The resounding whctck ds bctt meets bcxll, the crcish of pins going down tor cr strike, the clcttter ot horses' hoots on the country lcine, these gre the sounds we love, sounds that coll to mind the Athletic Club, never more dctive thgn in '44, The bctsketboill, bcxdrninton ond ping-pong tournaments kept our athletes busy during the winter months while spring crnd ctutumn tound them ' h' ground the dicunond, en- disporting themselves on the tennis court, dcts ing joying cr brisk cgnter or plgying Robin Hood on the crrchery rgnge. Luck gnd continued success to our tuture Digncrsl H271 IWLJ. B. DEBATING CLUB President i . A , . , .Dorrit C. Washington Vl'L'E'PT6Sl'Cl6Tlf .,,..,, Anne T. Malloy Secretary., .. Patricia E. Brophy Treasurer , . Marie C. McKenna Each year the M. I. B. Debating Society seems to reach the peak of its achievement-yet each term is more successful than the last. Not once during the past year has it declined the severest challenge, not once has its teams bowed in defeat to a "worthy opponent." The meetings are held bi-monthly, when in a decisive, intelligent manner various subjects are disputed. There are always healed discussions where definite views are postulated, and each gathering has volumes of information to offer on post-war problems. May the M, I, B, Debating Society always continue to conquer the uncon- guerables and remain as nowgthe undefeated team. H281 DEBATHJG SCHEDULE FOR V344 lnterclass Debates Sophornores vs. Freshrnenfs flflarch l Seniors vs. luniorseelvlarcli 3 Seniors vs l7reshrnene-eMarch 12 Decision in favor ol Seniors Intercollegiate Debates Clark Universityelanuary lil Clark University at Worcester-lanuary l9 Massachusetts State Collegeelularch lO llassachusetts State College at Arnherstelflarch lU College ot the Holy Cross at Worcesterellarch l7 College ot the Holy Crosse flflarch 22 St. loseph College-ltlarch 2-l Question tor lntercollegiate Delaatei Resolved: That the United States should co-operate in establishing and maintaining an International Police Force upon the defeat ot the Axis Annual Prize Dehateeel.lay Q Congratulations, Seniors. H291 ELIWIV 'If !N Ti-IE MAKING an 6 42, 'A S X H ,gf-'+ ' xibf--I-fc Q Decrdiine on Write-ups! All present and crccounted tor? -Thdt's ci stdif secret Art Editor, practicing on her felloweeditors "in con- terence'i H301 -LIIXA r If lc? , Mary C. McDormell Mary Cf. Sllauglmessy , Mary A Dooley .Miriam A. Malcolm Catherine A. Callahan layne F. Crearm Mary lf, Coughlirx Marjorie M, Srrritlr E LMATA D14 N CE Dorrit and committee discuss dance dilemma. "Yes, a dancelw We did have courage-courage in an infinite degree. An acute plague of "Man-shortage" was putting dances far back in the album of treasured dreams. A deplorable situationl We were Seniors, wearing our gowns with conscious dignity. Now was the time to employ our ingenuity. Patriotism they wanted-patriotism they receivedl The Elmata Dance, so synonymous with flying banners and college tweeds, became a panorama of "Navy Blues" and "Olive Drab." With "Sky Anchors Aweighu we greeted Williams cadets and mingled the green of Dart- mouth's fighting Marines with the khaki of Springfields Air Corps. Thus, that which first seemed doomed to inevitable failure had risen to shining success. The Elmata Dance was to the Senior class a climax of four swift yearsg to the Freshmen it brought the thrill and newness of their first college danceg to the Sophomores the superiority that becomes themg to the Iuniors, we say, "Elmata, of course, Elmata of '45l" H321 Guess Who Won? Senior Team Lines Up. ,M ai. f F' H331 JV AND GOWN INVES'l'I'l'UR" Selection from address delivered by Rev. Paul R. Power You, members of the Senior Class, have done nothing more than emulate the adaptation of the dress of the medieval days, You are to wear this garb in token of unity and mutual love. However, this unity and love is more or less a material thing. There is a far aredter unity, a unity which springs from the wonders of your faith, a unity which springs from our Holy Mother Church, This unity which you have had for three years and will have for another year being taught to you in the principles of Christian living. My dear members of the Senior Class, you are going forth into a world of reality and actuality, You go forth with the label of a Catholic alumna. You go forth as the label of truth. That is what you have taken upon yourselves, assuming this academic gown today. lt is not enough that you should merely know. Knowledge of itself is of no avail unless it motivated by character, unless there is an appreciation of Christian education and unless it is the force of all that we think, and say, and do The aim of this College is not merely to impart knowledge, but to employ intellect and will in Catholic principles. The traditions in which you have been trained and moulded in the truth, make knowledge your servant, not your masier. You have been taught the right thing. Guide your lives according to the principles that you have been taught here at the College of Our Lady of the Elms and which are manifested in the academic gown which you have receved, then, truly, your life will be a life of loyalty to Christ our King Who has promised us to be Our Way, Our Truth, and Our Life," A H341 rr-rr-,- h!.". l!.'Zr Vfe live in time, so little tmic, And we learn itll .w priinfiilly That we muy' spiirc this lziiiirfs term To practice for eternity. Never did we realize so tully the significance and insigniticance ot time as when, with Father Richard Hegerty pointing the way, we weighed the things of this lite against those ot the lite to come. Retreat, under his able guidance, was truly a withdrawal into one's self, a spiritual ciccounting ot our standing in the eyes ot our Maker, a period ot peace and quiet, troiii which we emerged better able to see things in their right perspective, highly resolved to use our brief time of probation to lit ourselves tor an eternity ot happiness. ln a modern interpretation ot age old truths, Father brought to mind the well-known retrain "smoke gets in your eyes," reminded us that the lure ot worldly attractions may cast a haze over our outlook on lite and we may easily lose our way in the tog of materialism. lie urged us then to continue to strive tor a clear insight into the problems facing the Catholic college graduate today with a view to solving them according to the principles ot Christian ethics. This we now must do. There is no turning back. We can only endeavor to keep our vision unclouded, our judgment true and our wills tirm as we utter a silent prayer that we will never have to otter God the excuse that "smoke got in our eyes." H1351 "AMERICA SINGSN I MUSlCAL REVUE presenfed by the .I Xi X X MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC CLUBS x 4 A 0VGYil,1I97A1'i1CIlCCiH Airs Orcheslra X 4 if 1 if Pnoioauig X X 4 fl 1 i Voice ol America Mary Shaughnessy k v I ' t Opening Chorus College Glee Club 1 if - fl' tr X Y 4, Episode ls-lNDlAN TAl3LEAUel'liaWaiha's VVcoing ' Rosemary Donovan, Catherine McDonnell, Mary ' McManus, Mary Vittengl q Vocal Numbers--lndian Love Call, Land of the Q Sky Blue Water Episode llell-lE l9lLCfRlMSseslohn Alden and Priscilla Anne Marie King, Mary McElroy, Elizabeth Mc- - Kenna U Vocal Seleciionefllynin of Thanksgiving Episode lllefTHE COLQlllAL SQU'l'HeeThe Minuet Mary Louise Eanning, Therese l-laiey, Mary Martha Quinlan, Mary lane Elood, l-lelen Mulligan, Beriha Stone, Virginia Murphy, Avis ODonnell Vocal Nunibers Down South, Lil Liza lane, Carry Me Back S. 0-2' Llfifaj Episode lV VVlfS'l'VVl-XRD HQl The Covered Woqon lvlory Mahoney, Morgorel Holfrnon, Anne Molloy, Lucrllo Qllioyle Full erine Kelly, Florence loconi Vocol Nnrnloerse eQl1 Susonnolr, Cowboy Song, Crolno Lrndo, lrlonre on the Ronge Epizoole V fllllf ClVllJ WAR Cornplrre Reverre Morgoret Mory Donohue, lvlory Couqlrlrn, lflory l'l1llfClCllCIlCl, Ocldelle 'lbnf Vocol Nurnloers l Dreorn ol leonQe, Tentlnq Tonrqln, Wlren lolrnny Conn lrflorclnng Home H371 PART H Old Time Favorites College Glee Club Episode lfeTl'lE GAY NINETVES eConey lfalarid Margaret Sauiville, lean Williai.is, Dorotliv Savoit, Vfiiiilred Cleary Mary Feliily Floradora Sextete Helen Prendergast, Mary McCarthy, Elizabelli Huller Marguerite lVlcCfratli, Miriam lffalcoliii, Claire Fitzaipatriclc Vocal NuiiiberseeSunsl1ine of Paraclirge Alley, Bicycle Built lor 'l'wo H381 Episode ll-WGRLD WAR lefl'he Unknown Soldier L Catherine Quinn, lane Reinhard, Margaret Swords, Annette Stanton, Teresa Allen, Claire Donlin, Elizabeih Ann Moynihan Vocal Numbers-Over There, KAKAK-Katy, Its a Grand Old Flag Episode llleTHE RGARING 'l'WENTlESeDance and Song Alma Pelegrina, Lillian Meyer, Marguerite White, Ruth Gonynor, Anne Harcourt, Claire Geddes, Mary Ryan, Mary Dooling SpecialtyeRichard Fournier and lanice Beauregard Vocal Numbers-Blue Skies, A Pretty Girl ls Like a Melody Episode lVeWORLD WAR llefStage Door Canteen Ruth Kennedy Vocal Numbers-Say a Prayer, Angels ot Mercy, American Eagles, Cais- sons Rolling EPILOGUE-JTHE FOUR FREEDOMS Announcer, Catherine Durnin Theresa Aniiot, Alice Murray, Mary Martin, Helen O'Neil TARLEAU--OUR LADY OE AMERICA Dorothy Mulry Hymn ot Praise College Glee Club Accorzipanistelflizalineth McDonnell Committee: Mary G. Shaughnessy Margaret Sausville Anne Rowley Helen P, Prendergast Dorothy E. Savoit Mary A. Dooley H391 V UI COMMENCEMENI Vyprr -5 PRCGRAM MONDAY Senior Play KJ TUESDAY Senior Picnic WEDNESDAY Marys Day THURSDAY Class Day Class Day Cjficers Class Nlarslial , , . . , , , . . .,., Elizabeth M. Hullel Class Orariw , .Dorrit C. Washington Class Pmplier . . . E Anne E. Rowley Class Paar. . A lean R. Williams Class Hrmman Helen P. lfrendergast Class KWH, E Coletta A. McCabe FRIDAY Senior Ball Committee General Chairman Clzarrman of Nlilsic Chairman uf Refreslznients CllLll7'T7l Clzawm SATURDAY Alumnae Reunion an of Tickets an of Dccuratmns Catherine A, Callahan Helen P. Prendergast ,Marguerite M. McGrath Margaret M. Donahue layne E Crean DELTA EPSILON SIGMA Induction SUNDAY Baccalaureate Address and Renediction MONDAY Conterring ot Graduation Honors by His Excellency, Most Reverend Thornas M. Ollaeary, DD, Bishop of Springfield H401 FUI !.ADY'S DA Y V ,QA .- uk . ,. 4 -Vit fa' ,vl'm.ii . ,134 J E - mg. pf i 5 x .Q V l .E 3 lr""f' Mrs. Goldstein Nord ,.,. . . . Betty Kelton Mddome Lowell Mrs. I. lones Luelld lones. . Vi Hudson. . . Polly Wentworth Moritzor Lopez Port O'Keete Corolino. . . Solly Ridge . Processionol to Grotto Hymns ond tributes Elorol offering ot Seniors Consecrotion Crowning Recessionol V UI PLA' HERE SHE CGMESI Presented by the Senior Gloss of 1944 Chdrocters flfllj Mory A. Dooley . . Mory G McDonnell Morgoret Mory Donohue Cloire A. Fitzpotrick leon E. Willioiiis Mory G. Sliouglinessy .,Winitred M. Gllseory .. Morjorie M. Sinitli Morgoret M. Sousville . . . .Mory E Couglilin Dorrit G Woshington . Colettoi A. McCobe F UI ELM . T, ,si .1 .M .A i'Car1ie your name upon a f7'CC Tluit thrusts its roots below. Better than niarlole this will be 1 For you can watch it grow." Trcc Orzition hy Dorfit Washington. Q V J R i'l S O R' "All the world's a stage," said Shakespeare, and now for us the stage was set, the actors ready after a summer vacation and the curtain about to go up on the fourth and final act of "Elms '44." The overture completed the last measures, the curtains slowly parted. It was fall again at the Elms. Old students were gaily chatting about summer experiences, new courses and plans for week-ends. At one side Freshmen looking quite ridiculous with their baby bonnets, bibs and rattles, were talking with exaggerated lisps, and with much embarrassment bowed awkwardly to those terrifying Seniors. Such were the antics of Freshmen week. But Elms night was a fitting climax and the dining hall made a beautiful setting for a dinner by candlelight. Every- thing was gay, charming, subdued. The Seniors were impressive as they took their places at the center table. Reggie Fehily was in charge of the affair and her classmates were proud of the success she had made of this first official function of their Senior year. A blue light, stately and ethereal, now envelops the stage and another phase of this drama of life is about to be shown. We see the girls of '44 in a quiet, pensive mood for it is the time of retreat. As a bright light mingles with the blue maze, soft organ music floa's through the chapel window and we see a procession closed by the leading characters in caps and gowns. Their faces are calm and their expressions lofty as they pass on their way to Benediction, but despite their solemn reserve, we know that their hearts are guickened with excitement and happiness. They have donned their cap and gown. Now the cymbals clang in the pit and the serious mood is broken. Music, sweet and low, soft and tender, curls about the stage among the scarecrows and cornstalks of the Elmata Dance. The tempo changes and we recognize tunes distinctly American. The girls are preparing for a pageant-a history of America in song! The chorus in long, navy skirts, white blouses, and brilliant red sashes makes a colorful and appropriate background for the scenes--some serious, some silly, others H421 tender-as the history of our country is portrayed with the songs of each period blending with the historic drama. Preparations are now under way for our Christmas party. The tempo of the drama reaches a high note of tension and confusion but then mellows down to the peaceful melodic strains of favorite Christmas carols. Before us we see the Glee Club at the studio of VJTJTAS singing the tidings in firm, clear tones. The figures gradually drift away and the setting becomes blurred. When the volume increases we find the Glee Club in the mezzanine lobby and we are in the foyer watching the sacred story portrayed once more. Bells ringl The solemnity is disturbed and Santa arrives bearing gifts galore. We are not fooled. VVe know that behind the false whiskers, straggling white hair and pillows is layne Crean, lt is amid shrieks of laughter and delightful atmosphere of Christmas joy that our curtain falls on the first scene of the last act. The campus is comparatively quiet with groups here and there gathered to talk over what they did and what they would like to have done over the vacation. Without warning, the strains of the music from the pit loweri It is the hour of exams. The girls surrender to their subjects, tangle with the theses of Psychology and Ethics, pour over Dante and Don Quixote and study Shakespeare with determination. As unexpectedly as it had begun the solemn strain is ended. The theme trips hysterically up the scale and dances on the high notes as we have a glimpse of the gym in its glorious setting for the lunior Prom. Seniors with their escorts dance to the center of the stage. Light trickles of laughter bubble up here and there and the charm of the music has captured all. There is a new awakening to the song of spring. The campus looks fresh and bright and girls take time out to admire the miracles of nature. Easter comes and after it we see the glorious finale of our production. The action of the closing sequence begins with the May Day exercises at the grotto with our Sodality Prefect, Dorothy Mulry, crowning our Lady. We can feel our- selves climbing up to the beautiful ending as the tempo which accompanies the activities of commencement week carries aloft our dreams. And then, having reached the peak, we see our leading figures on their graduation day. We watch them proudly receive their diplomas and as they rise to sing the Alma Mater, the curtain is slowly drawn on the l'Elms '44." H431 V UR WILL bla I-Iear Ye! I-Iear Ye! Hear Ye! Know ye all men by these presents that we, the Senior Class of O. I.. E., being of sound, disposing mind and memory, we hope, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us at any time heretofore made. Section I Article I To our President, the Most Reverend Thomas M. O'Leary, and Vice-Presi- dent, Rev. lohn R. Rooney, we leave the knowledge that anything we have accomplished while attending these revered halls of learning is their handi- work. Article II To Reverend Mother and the Sisters of Saint loseph we leave the pledge that throughout the years we will carry on as true Christian women. Article III To Father Sheehan we leave the pleasant memories of our class hours and also a dictionary of French phrases. Article IV To Father Shea we leave his Philosophy Class with regrets . . . we never heard the conclusion of "Problems in Ethics." Article V To the Faculty we leave a deep appreciation for their spiritual and intel- Iectual guidance. Section II Article I To the Iunior Class we leave the sudden realization that they are about to take our place. May their Senior year be as full of pleasant memories as ours! Article II To the Sophomores, our sister class, we leave our confidence in the belief that they will never "let us down." Article III To the Freshmen we leave the knowledge that half the battle is won. May increased success be your reward! Section III The Senior Class possesses numerous other priceless and significant tokens which they will present in person, before their departure, to those worthy, or in need of, aforementioned tokens, Section IV Article I We appoint "the Elmitesw executors of this, our last will and testament. In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our seal in the year of our Lord, IQ44. The Senior Class of OLE. X Coletta McCabe, Class Attorney. H441 V J I F UT U I E Time: september is 1960 Place: Cffice of the Registrar, College of Our Lady of the Elms Occasioni Registration Among those awaiting their turn at the Registrars office, this lazy September afternoon, is one particularly proudelooking mother and beside her a tall, slender, blonde daughter. "Mother, who is that? ' asks the girl excitedly, indicating a trim clark-haired woman in flying-clothes. "Why, that ,... thats layne Crean. laynie, laynel' "Shaunl Whatever are you doing here? Are you going to teach Chem'W "Nothing of the sort, layne, l want you to meet my daughter, Edith. Edith, this is Professor Crean, head of the Aeronautics Department. Edith has come to register. Shefs been attending Helen Prendergasts Progressive Educational Foundation and all her students are ready for college at fifteen. l flew up on the Sausville Skylines with Miriam Malcolm. Shes enrolling Victor, lr., in Holy Cross this very day and Claire Fitzpatrick has made application for her son to go next year. Cecilia Ogazalek has invited them to a tea for the Faculty wives." "I cant get over itl When will Winnies daughter be coming?" "As soon as Tim is transferred back from China, Winnie likes it over there, though, with Coletta so near while she's writing on the "Rise of China" and Rita Rodden just a few hours away at the American School of Sociology at Peking." "And Esther Lach at the same University Library ..., Did you know the Navy is sending Dorrit Washington over to establish a chemotherapeutic research laboratory? Which reminds me , . , come on over and see our own aeronautics lab." H451 "lt's this building on the lelt, isn't it? Didn't Marie Auth design it?" i'Yes. Now, this contrap- tion here is the Gobeille lmprovement ot the Link Trainer. The girls have great times in it." "No doubt. Speaking of great times, you should have come to San Fran- cisco tor the Pan-Ameri- can Congress. Mary Dool- ing and her husband talked on "The Basis ot Real Spanish - American Relations" and Grace Fo- ley, who has been down there, coordinating the va- rious branches of Mc-Ken- na and McGrath Chemical Co., gave a report on "ln- dustrial Solidarity." Final- ly, everyone was urged to study Spanish, now that the Huller-Learn-a-Lan- guage-Overnight course Carrying away our Baccalaureate message. kms made it is easy' After the conference we went to see the latest lean Williams' Storybook-Land Production. All of us enjoyed it immensely, and were planning to fly back to see the grand premiere of Dorothy Savoits new play. Kay Callahan hopped on our plane at Chicago and gave us previews ot the tall showing at Callahan Costumersf' "Did she mention that her nearest competitor, 'McDonnell, Modistef had already displayed her otterings on Fifth Avenue?" Mllo, but theyre very triendly. Each realizes that competition is good tor business." "As tar as Tm concerned, the real lady in business from our class is Mary Meyers. l guess the Meyers Finance Co. just about runs Wall Streeteat least Mary Dooley thinks so and as president of the Advertisers ot America, lnc, she ought to know," Nl think the Class ot '44 should go en masse to the coming presidential inauguration. Look at all our members in Washington. Lucille Reddington in the Attorney Generals oftice, Mary Coughlin in the F.B.l.g Mary McCarthy, Assistant Secretary ot the Treasuryfea throw-back to her days of handling the Sodality dues, ot course, Dorothy Mulry, at the Catholic University ot Social Actiong and last, but not least, Mary Fehily, Senator from Massachusetts." llDonlt forget that Margaret Mary Donahue will be there, too, leading the WAVE orchestra. lsn't Mariorie Smith establishing a Washington Studio of the Smith School of the Dance?" llSliaun, lets make plans to hold the Sixteenth Annual Reunion ot the Class ot '-111 at the Inaugural Ball in Washington. We have to select a worthy sitel" H461 V UR FRESI DENTS FAREWELL Excerpt from the Commencement Address of His Excellency Most Reverend Thomas M. Oleary, D.D. The College of Our Lady of the Elms has added to her record another year of splendid achievement and today, for the thirteenth time in her history, presents a group of Catholic-minded young women thoroughly trained to cope with the problems facing women in the world today. But come what may, we have no fear for the graduates of our College of Our Lady of the Elms. They leave us fully equipped, not only mentally but ethically and morally, prepared to meet any eventuality which may arise. Here their Catholic Womanhood has been developed to a high degree, they have been nourished with the conviction of sound thinking, high ideals, noble aspirations, and, my dear friends, these are the things that are going to safe- guard, to protect these young women in life as they tread the difficult ways the future holds for them. lt would seem that today the whole world is rushing headlong into chaos, and no one can deny that all this grotesque, barbarous catastrophe is but the logical consequence of the materialistic, godless education that thinks only of stuffing a man's head with facts, making him a member of the animal king- dom of the world, and still believing that he will make progress, The Worth of the woman of tomorrow is to be found not so much in study and learning and social Work, these things will claim your time and attention Mbut your true worth is to be found rather within yourself, in the high char- acter of your Womanly life. "All the beauy of the Kings daughter," remember, "is within." I particularly Want you to realize the importance of the place you must take in the world. Your college days are over. Your Alma Mater, your College, and your Church have taught you to discriminate beauty from sin, truth from sophistry, innocence from guilt. You now begin to embroider the garment of your life. Alma Mater sends you forth. Surely she will hear of you again with every increasing joy. Commencement is over, and we Walk into the future. l ll47j P7'C,XlLlC71f Vtccfllrcsztlent Secrcuzrv T7'CLl.XlL7'C7' Bcrlqslrtrc llnstmz NtP7'flltl7P1,7f1J7l SPTl7lIQflt.'lLl Vx'm'u.'xlcr V UR A LU WN! E. 457' ,nts Mary M. McDonough Qtticers Chapter Presidents fl48yl Mary Mr lVlCDOIl0l1Ql1 Mrs. loseplt Reardon Hlta Corrldan Dorothy Zielinslci Kathleen McDermott Mary Sltanney Mrs. Wlllram Lawler Dolores Donlxn Vlrqinla Campbell With the primary interests of lending to its Alma Mater the support of its graduates and of strengthening the ties of friendship among its members, the Alumnae Association of Our Lady of the Elms continues to grow through the years. As a group in the several chapters of our Association we have attempted to keep always uppermost in our thoughts and activities the way of Catholic action and Catholic culture. Reviewing the calendar of activities for the year l943-l944, we find one of the outstanding events in each chapter's program was the Communion Break- fast, a gathering which indeed marks us as Catholic Alumnae of a Catholic College. Another event which deserves special mention was the guestetea. This year the Springfield Chapter held its tea at the College with Sister Rose Benigna Hannon, sister of three of our Alumnae members, as their guest speaker. We were pleased to have this affair socially so successful and happy to indirectly have a small part in the spread of our faith through the work of the Maryknoll Nuns. Our Aumnae members have taken their places in the religious life, in the role of motherhood, in the business world, in the fields of education and science and today in the Armed Service. We are proud of our girls and most happy to welcome the thirty-eight graduates of l944, knowing that as they join our ranks they, too, will bring strength to our Association and honor to our Alma Mater. DELTA EPSILON SIGMA Q Q. The national scholastic honor society, Delta Epsilon Sigma, receives its name from the Greek initial letters of the Aristotelian phrase, rendered by St. Thomas as "Sapientis est ordinaref' i.e., "lt is for the wise man to set things in order." The society, in which the College of Our Lady of the Elms was granted a Charter Chapter, the Alpha Gamma, was founded to afford recognition and encouragement to high scholarship and Catholic culture among the students and the graduates of Catholic colleges and universities. The Faculty and Alumnae members of the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma have elected from the Class of '44, for membership in their society, Mary A. Dooley, Dorothy R. Mulry, and Dorothy E. Savoit. The cere- mony of induction took place on Alumnae Day in the Alumnae Room of O'Leary Hall. The new members were presented with the official key and diploma by the president of the Alpha Gamma Chapter. H491 G 'fa mls 'Tgrzw-x.., , W T Q u J, , ,A """4m.y , . if X 'M mf - P ' ,f f 11 v ' an ' '. r X .. . -I I' L .Q .' O ,M NW Ifjlg Holy Cross V12 ond his HSiraters,'W Father Sheehan on route to Room Ig of: "jolly jllIliOFf'1,N fn: "grimy, young SODMOIIIOTGFLM Cl-z11cf': In the hoontihrl month of Mary, Flowerw of tho Forroswt, Those rore occasions' Rlghli Escorhno the Seniors, CT veritohlo klfll- dontg Mthe fleeth in?" A N D I' I' us 15 un F :- I' L f f 'l'l I '7 C r l O F11 1 111 H 1-I C' J M P E. I' rf: if-Q Q' I 1 I Iujrz It .2 .:1j1r111g1 15u1g1111m 1911111 111011011 due UWIIIOI- rovul, -11 1U11c1e TOIZIXS3 Cqliblll, the 5111111 uf HQIHOWEEICII, lucky X'dc1yfl1op::f ifu111c1: H0110 za 111 111111 111111py 111.111py 1 :, 1110 "cull of thc IIICIIl,H 111OfsTly 1111110 111101 sllll 111,110 Ally Svphrz. ll1gl1r: O111 proh-:s.e1o11c11 cegulcz-1t1'1u11115- C'IO1lI11Il 1 up lt!.3 AI HU' 793 Q 1 " firfrfjg X1 1 "' -3 4 :s me : i il r - .7 , 'H' gill: if 55 I H 'wage r-'Q lar! 1:1 E I -1-1 ' V711 Fg p x ,. e -1 1 - X : 1 . A I l -N1 V 'lv U -Q 4 in 'f f L -.J!' -1 -TTL GIVE WAR 1+ 1' -'wx 1.,."ar QF BEND nx- ef-': e ' - 'iii I- if-.1 s, 'H 2.5. ff"- F.. , A il yffi' , MII, F! .1'::Z"TW X Y -r-"" 5 H iz3j1rg,,3EJa I' ' 1 5 Tr-2h"'i"4"J ' ul!! - v 7 , yrifxpf U -f ' x ' I as ll I I r A , f A I' -er x 11, ..5. L- 1 Left: The Ehns ide: again, feminine nrcxn power, wheels turn . A , Ehncrtcr thrives Canter: A non-Credit Courage, Army and Q LE plan new strategy. Rrglzrz VVQRMS CVVornen Crgcinized to Tieheve Manpower Shortcfgej Ut work, rurini te ge, fresh hshl, cxfler the pernp Und procegsien, Senior? soiree. I2 v 4 3 O- . .J .4 N 9 A . . The snow had begun in the gloaming And busily all the night Had been jilling the paths and the highways With a silence deep and white. H541 THE 67atfwn,4, And so We bring to or close this book, so olive with memories that the turning of its poges will moke us re-live our cherished doys ot OLE. We ore especiotlly grolteiul this yeotr to hdve such CI lasting token of our college which hors been CI hotven of pedce grid Cf tower of strength in the midst of Widespread choos. To you, our pottrons, our kind ond generous friends who hotve mode possible this Elmdtd, We with deep oppreciotion wish to soy o sincere, "Thank You." 7944 JJ SS XSSSS 'h'.x'SSSSS S SS SSSX S M 3 W 3 WW h est VV is A SKYKYS 'XYkx'S X 'XYBXS X' KYXSS S 'X S m W N M 0 ,F M W f K mm 4 th 4 ft 9 Od 1 W PI WWCO Zi 3 'M O1 0 vm Cf .1 m0 H C C S Ok dl C Nwmwwmomvj t s VXQNNWQRNI- x -SwwwmwxywswlbwmrwwwhgghywyqiwwwqVpwgqqx H561 i E Q is xv Q if 2 I is 2? Q E E S ki i N Q I is XE w ii E 2 I gr E i 2 S i'?'2'A fi-, ,,dS',9fof , Q QX-Ackd. s 5 fr- a E E E wi N1 fs O- 'U 5: OJ 917 A. L. FREEDMA .fQ3w1115,.,1,Q1, .1Qpwzs,,55,,,, ,,w,wAzQ f5'f4'f3'if95g9:'f:v5'123'f6f5'3'f'.Q5f5'.fe4fi'i'f3'i'3'4"fZ':f:1f"5'5'f6fi'5'49:,':zMfi'f29i'5'i'f5f5ffL:2! 4 1-919176,-6t,"JflifQ' r'-t ,... CD X7 L-A L n Q V ,JF c'??f ff f3'6'?f3359f??f5095-",ff',:ff?fZ?f?f??" Q:'3f?f?fif2?f' Qc'f?f?'13L'L2?f.'9" A A x W 'J U7 L: TIG f-1"3 ' 1 r if I QE' G2 P12 Q A rr fc. cg, cn -n 'fm -m Ulf-+ - FT! ' -, -'V 1-V,-1 F M A 325-gfgfga' i I 0 Z 5'f1O52f,2:' 'L 2 5 'QD -Lzfsmv H :D Q GQ! 290 M22 1 5 Z F' .,,': L13 3,43-2, A -. f' ' Q AX 2 :,fTQ1fEwf,. l e 5 no--X4 ' ff: Q rn Q - A,.,- c: mr: N- F-5, Q HUC, fn U cn Q, W U: HC ' :'-1 :'....fW 0 77 -i mm... CCH 'L -1 CH- A FU 3' 33.53 Tc' 9511 - H FU U3 7 'TQ ' 1024 C rm ,U '.. E'-vfagxz 4 2 "I f'J5'Y: F32 Q I AE'-spin.. f 9 nf 3 f- 1m".,IJ' 31' ' - r- -4 Sz 9:1 :Sw g 1 "4 21,073 CH 1 74 Q -fcxgfgg 2' :- - Q Kc- dfvfi 4751 E 'uk 3 EINQQTQ-gr N. 7 "3 Q:'G 2 3 - -Jzwfifiii In P ik G 9 QSM- fs--J - , :U 4 ' ':.'...i?i. 1 z 5 SDN : ' 22232523 OG r 'Tl A3 20,11 ...C-. - C :YQ : xc cf: 7 E Q C 77 F23 :gm . S Q A' 3?-L" Zmxf. rf 1 z -f C... 'U -.,-...a 7, C 2:-HAQE5g+ P L41 71 'G .."-1 - ' 51 05? 553 5:0 I A 9?3'-2,13 E-.33 I -f V11 2.-"' -- G '-v-. - Q V' 9 Q-V3 CQ: '1 r-. SD -4 - '1Qfc1.5"E'g P F ' ,f num 30: 4 Z rg! j"'Q..r-+,3.."1 A 71 A1723 :xx 4 - ' C0 Ln: 71,7 1 Q LQLMDD 'ac H H 7.. In 2. 1 1 v-Q 1-' :Q-w S 1-4 X4-1 2.541 ig,-E 1 4 X Q T -13 9lfN?3 f T A O z mg .JQ-8: . 3 A . II: fn 5' QHQS' 1 P5 5 Z if 23' WT! Pi F " CD 55 -- 'J-' w -4 9 : 'Y C-,T In Q 1 2 57 :ui EW V e F521 5, gc :rw 35. If 5 A . -4'-1 f'?"'1 sl! Y iff' e7:fQ7'C,, ,A 1,,2':7:f ,J ,d?,?'ifc",,- , ,6?2?f -, , , 4 I LIBA x - Q PN 13" - A"A "" f T " ir ak t up ,qv iv X L 158 J Q29 jd' I I I I I I I I I I -. I I I I 5 Q In I Il, R 32 Q Compliments I II of I I I I IG IE R A IL ID M U R A N I I Jeweir Ar My CVQJJ OZIQ44 Q 38 VERNGN STREET Springfield, M S I I I II I C0l75Z7lI.llIl6'l1fJ' of I Honorable LEU P. SENEGAL I I II I I f159J L '1E9j1T lf! ame onne S ons, Inc. D ' 1 09C 119 S Gfwml Contmcfom E Established 1890 Incorporated 1926 E 5 + 430 HAMPDEN STREET E il HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS E D5E 0 51601 A O ,egg 2, I 'il qs 1, E Y E I il 'is Y is 1, 1",5'f'f5,'9',o',of,5fv" 1 1 Q? PQ?" ff Leo Simard QLUQLI' 54 SUFFOLK STREET HOLYOKE, MASS. The Springfield Hotel Association extends their sincere greetings to the faculty and students of College of Our Lady of the Elms BRIDGWAY OAKS CHARLES PIONEER HAWKINS SHERATON HIGHLAND SPRINGFIELD KIMBALL VICTORIA Members of the Springfield Hotel Association, Inc. H611 ,cf'f','fQ'i",-iffc 'jf' ' Mfiif x 1 Je-4LZ'Lfe" 1227 K S k f' Qiffi' I E I I I I 1,7528 4g'j',3',3fT " !?'I , " e'58'f"ft'E" J 6'ci"Q'7:'c' I , 414355 I 'K if 'li 'Y 1 apers with Pnrsnnalit fk 'K 1 'K EATON'S FINE LETTER PAPERS 'row- 'GA 3 S. , ..., , 's 18939: gb 4' 0 9 LETTERVPX I tlsfield. Massachusc-tts Fvatured in all fine stationery departments TAFT OIL CIINIPANY CASOLINE, MOTOR OILS, TIRES RANGE AND FUEL OILS OIL BURNERS Pm x CORNER OF LYMAN AND FRONT STREETS I'IuIYuIiC, IVIJSS. Tcl. 9347 -GZ! Y I it I I I I I I I I I al I fi I E I if 52 I I I H621 ' 'iE ".iT F 1 f9LQ5?f,2'f5'J 51 E TQJQCUNWAY en, JUHN F' SHEA plumbing and Heating Pasteurized lllilk and Crcam Eg Buttermilk CONTRACTORS 53 77 Winter Street Springfield, Mass. 42 Naomi Street Phone 2-5I3I Chicopce Falls, Mass. FOR If U O l Plumbmq, uf, Stability, CALL OR SEE I I Di K N V 1 1 I Y w ALBILR li IL. DIA! lull 419 MAIN STREET f ' SPRINGFIELD, MASS. H631 ' C plim Of A FRIEND 'UTT I SPECIALISTS IN . . . Secretarial Science I and Business Machine Training Worcester School of Business Science ii T I tx ts I IQ I l A I N l IE 1 it I I fc, is I 5 I I -155??8"e' ' ',,1G3?,'E'3J?3' ' De ?fZe'4Q? I I SS Front Street 0 Diail 60569 Q A KATHARINE FIILEY W.ARn, Director lj I L s me I , I I , Q Compllmemb Compliments of of TI-IE LAYMENS RETREAT S .I LEAGUE ' ' N I WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS HQLYOKE DD I I MASSACHUSETTS I LL L LL LL L I A A 'fiierytlzilng From a Pm to a Safe" A NEVVELIJS I BROADWAY OFFICE SUPPLY L' W- KENNEY AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY Iv SUPPLIES f STEEL, WOOD AND NEWELL'S, INC., IEWELERS CHROME FURNITURE STEEL EQUIPIVIENT 1690 MAIN STREET 55 Vernon Struct Springfield, Mass. Tclcpliniic 38129 'Ac SPRINGFIELD ----- MASS. X MICHAEL GIIRDENSTEIN H651 L1 P0 ERQY I O Land0IL CQIVIPAN EMERALD STREET L3 EI CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS 5 Ncil A. O'Bricn Ct777lPIlI77lE71I.9 of B E L M O N T L A U N D R Y 327 BELMONT AVENUE Springfield ffffff Mn 53 Cumplimcnts of Edward E. Russell E Fllllfllll Hmm' U33 STATE STREET SPRINGFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS E gF gl SS. James C Br1en Shop at EIIIIET Store Kane Furniture HOLYOKE SPRINGFIELD Clmmplimcnts of STEWARTS - WEEKS IISSJ 1341 MAIN STREET Next tu Ummm Trust SPRINGFIELD '51 .RR52i . RF HF 'E l'u E11 F' D3 ANQELANEUS Arnold CSC Abom 13 ESTABLISHED 1878 E E Disfincfive Gowns fo' EWYY Gmvz tnztf Rfmtaf Czwiziv Occasion E3 YSELUS FQ 117 State Street Springfield, Mosse 243PCl1flStI-Cct New YM-k E i E E Compliments Compliments of Of i . . E t W1111am P. Brown Co. rrghamzi L Q5 S i Contractors and Engineers E QUALITY APPAREL, FURS, Heating - Plumbing - Ventilating and ACCESSORIES r E1 For Misses and Women 31 S.xNmR1w STREET SPRINQ IIELD, MASS. 'ESQ 'E 5LLTis'g3 H1671 4 S 2 3 E N J x ,632 fa K I w A , Very Best Wishes to the Class of 1944 from the Class of 1945 is 3 3 H681 Wlth hecirtiest congratulations CABOT FURNITURE CO. cmd good wishes to the class of 238 Exctmngc Struct 1944 CHICOPEE, MASS. M' S NIUSEPH KUL.-X, Prop. "Women's and Misses . Complete Home Furnishers Smart Apparel" SPRINGFIELD MASSACHUSETTS Phong 1854 EASY TERMS Center Department Store D. INCORPORATED M. FERRIS 81 BRO., Proprietors Mt1,s'111z fzppfzkzr, juni' tum' Gzzzwvf Dry Goods and , t t Clothing t CI-IICOPEE, MASS. ilu 54-56 Center St., CHICOPEE, MASS M691 Telephone I20 E 517595 " Si? SLU 5255 Si? i X 1 v 1 N Q X . P J . Q W Chapin or OBMHM 5101- - -- 3 i x KR ESTABLISHED 1857 S U S W ar Bonds Q i Jeweim S Q3 and more 3 S The Wedding Gift Store X l of Worcester Q DIAMGNDS 4 JEWELRY S SOLID SILVER 3 K 336 Main Street Worcester, Massachusetts g HELEN F. SHEA 5 X ' Compliments Compliments il 3 t Q i of E X Q The Q 1 I . S Q35 -71'-Q' wma Hampton Beach Casino 2 . X 5 fglwpf Gift Shop S S A Complete Line of 2 if Springfield Street U'W5Ual Gill? 3 gl CHICQPEE HAMPTGN BEACH,NewHampshire Q it S S s fafeaffnwfffgaffwwvafaavpwwfzffafvpwwwvffee129QQQSYaQfa5e?QQQ'p H701 I-,XT I MILK 5 ' is a I VITAL FOOD It I ig Don 'r Wasfe III v America needs us strong! COTYIIWIITIICTIIS of Of John Hancock I Mutual Life Insurance Co. Milk is a necessary food. I I I Use some dairy products every day! I RICHARD A. DUIILLY, District Ivfgmngcr 62 Church Street ' 'I I it I I? I I I IE I I N I 32 I3 'At I I I? 'Y I 1292221 A 4253? , J? I I I WHITINSVILLE, MASS, 'I I 'QI I HQGDIS MI LK I It I Telephone: Whitixmsvillc 2030 I J I 1 I 7 7777757 '75 YW, iw' Y V 15577 In I KNOWLES 6: COMPANY l CtImp1Ime1m of I Incorporated 5 . I Marttcfoctzcrers and Importers of I Church Goods y I Statuary, Ecdesmstncal Furmture X I and CImrcI1 Decoration Wcnrk A Statues Repazred and Redecorated I WHOLESALE CCNFECTIONERS II ' I I 609 ATLANTIC AVENUE ft I BoSton'MaSSachuSettS Springhelci ee Massachusetts II I Telephones HUBBARD 9550-9551 I I N I H711 QZQFQQFFQZZQQEQFV A QQZQQQQEFQV e2222Q25?F?Q?2Q?' A c22Q?5F5f ' A BX .c3666d8Z22Z25555352Z2e29CCCCCC "" 42zzzz2232Z? , Cc22?E ffl S 5 sl Q, ll D' UD EB. 50 UQ 50 Ph G r+ C H FD "4 FD 93 H U2 to the Senior Class Your Sister Class, the Class of 1946 ?555Z822222Z3H7 Q E E Sr l 5 S ll P r,555.f,Qz.fre.2vfr,z5.5QvAfpzf-r-v,-f-,w46aad,.'1e32 C I 1 C. eyggzigini E 3 G Buy War Stamps and Bonds C0'nI'l""Cm To Insure Your Future Of 5 MARKET SQUARE DINER EI MacDonald 81 Shea, Inc. U THIRD NATIONAL BANK BUILDING T MIA IGWLI 05112 sein I ,V Cmnplivnents EE! Q , ll,l IW of -I LL.. Y - MCAUS1311 85 Wakelin Edward F. McDonnell HOLYQKES I Eg GREAT DEPARTMENT STORE - Always Reliable -" Rellable Always LLUYD D. FERNALD I Boston Stock Exchange HIGH, DWIGHT and MAPLE STS., HOLYOKE UTELEEESP F. G H731 L .R: 65 National Library Bindery Co. WEST SPRINGFIELD MASSACHUSETTS Bibles and Prayerbooks Beautifully Bound J PEASE PLEASES V1 Costumes and Makefup by Ld DAN H. PEASE COSTUME CO. Decorations of All Kinds r 2497 Huron Street Springield Telephone 3-7145 Established 1925 Telephone 618775 Compliments of lf 'Q Compliments of S Restaurant I. G. Roy Lumber Co. 174 XVORTI-IINGTON STREET Springfield, Mass. Q1 Vb2E 2 H1741 Q, Ao 1 ,1 ,Q no 0. ,Q 9. 1 ,Q .- 'o Q 1 9. x 'ivip 2 5 ls X S ll 2 l E ii ls 2 S l S 1 S S X E S S 5 li R i x S Qrzxy 'll r-1 Xl Cn Ll un 0 m1.LFo1-Ds ' E A Sulllvan fg Q KIZYTAINERS ' ' ld:- ' 11 1 N . Q 0 max SETS C In n in l - 1:0014 ENDS O pc' Y Q DICTIONARIES Q . . . Q as Q URIQETINU CARDS Fecrturlnq new m1Cl-season clfuf- jg, l l pw is 0 STATIONERY fons, terffetq, and net . . . softly V Alld il Il1OUS2iUC.l Zllld UBC other items used in the ufflcc it . . . priced for that Q: Q, . . . fi Q Spnngflelcl Office Supply Co. subdued budget if ff "Everything for the Office" It I 4 N 1615 Main Street Tel. 4-5691 Maln Street gli lu if Q Springfleld, M3SS3ChUSCtIS ,lj A tl if 1 Q 9, nv ga. w ag s gg D. C. Sweeney 61 Son CUmFl'memX "1 If R ii E i T, ft I 1 F ' C T 5 rancls . ylunas lg, b A 52 1 Ei Slualzty Furmture fl ii? jg Q at lowest prices jf 3: ff' ff 1 Q 139 Brwadwuy ff.: F 1 E CHICOPEE FALLS 1 l I S Springfield f f Mass TL-14 lklf, fi xv A gl' 1 i md Q P Q M CS c?3??,f?? Y , M Sincerest VV is KM ,V 2 0 C CSS appm h TY 1' CVC fo C1'11G1'S S e h t O t 2 Q Q 3 S 3 2 1947 Class of FE JOCOGM E S 5 x E S i S i K. S 5 R S S S S 5 5 5 S E 3 5 E E S x S 5, S 3 1 S 5, 1 E176 I r ' 0'4"0'w'i2'Z5" I fi 'QI . u is I M- J- WALSH 31 SONS Worcester Telegram li Il E ' e A is if Uelllllg 06.6116 . E - General Contractors Sunday Telegram SI 3 I I"I . ll 5 2 I l 'l HDLYDKE, MASS. E f Radio Station Ill I, Qi WTAG Q . m ' Telephone 8271 Lit: i WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS li i'11-eS eeeAeAA A 2Y72 7YY 7YV7Y S i S I Nicholas Zeo, IDC. C""""i"le"'s of I - 1 Commission Merchants II I I AND Murp y Funera Home I v 1 Wholesale Dealers T ' IN as Q Eg Fruit and Produce N 'ir zo ANNANDALE ROAD Q II zEo BUILDING y Ll fl 1 . . Q L I 2 S . S gh ld, M' ss. iq mm t mme 6 A NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND T i 1 5 li E 'MSW A I 'D ,eddie-pfafear-1-:ew I I 51773 I l I ' QQ'1?33'T'Tf9 .,e5c'ii' , A f3E'6?-? A ,.,J6i, 8E'1E'e'f? I QI. STEVENS ARMS COMPANY Division of SAVAGE ARMS CORPORATION CHICOPEE, MASS. Call Chicopec 1880 MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY Estzllvlishcd 1360 Water Colors and Crayons Art Materials Handicraft and Teaching Aids For All School Grades Home Ofliccz Springfield, Mass. NENV YORK: 200 Fifth Avenue CHICAGO: S11 So, Wzmlwzxslm Avcnug Springfield Buick Co. 630 MAIN STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS New and Used Automobiles Service All Makes of Cars W1LL1xM C. LYNCH, Mgr. Telephone L4126 H781 Complmients of .lorczak's Pharmacy MARKET SQUARE Tcl. S190 ,fin ev-if P r KAVANAG ll'S was founded by a Calliolic immigranl sevenly- Complimciits of five years ago and consislenlly has sold fhe highesf qualify merchandise for Ilie lowesl pos- sible price. The courleous service given by 4 Glenwood Pharmacy 'rhis inslilulion cannol be surpassed. WM. KAVANAGH FURNITURE CO. Owned and Operaled by lhe Employees 'AA Reliable Drug Store" l S E. J. Muomw, Reg. film-iii. ' i l l i PRESCRIPTION DRUGCISTS l N 443 STATE sr., SPRINGFIELD 435 Spriiiglicld Street Plionc 210257 noriginal Om of me High Rem Dishiid SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Furnifure S+ore" Distinctive Clothes for Men and Women F. J. ATHLETIC OUTFITTER PETLUCK, INC. i i 349 Dwight Street Springfield, Moss. Chicopee, Mass. l Compliments of Compliments of GUI1VI0ND'S 1 Q Fitzgerald 81 Sullivan DRUG s1roRE i l i l l l I 179 J "fi'fE'f5G5'fS'fff-?'A 1 fi ni' Eli Na it l l 1, if if lx I 4. if ls E is I lvl f J lv Q, l 4 is l li I li ll X, l S Q Q J".f5j7'L5'f5J2? Q-5912912 Compliments Of T. P. SAM PSDN ,6?'i',?f82?f' SPRINGFIELD f f MASSACHUSETTS 12,4552 I 180 1 I x 1 i ARTHUR BALTHAZAR CHARLES W. BRAY Ciiy Clerli Real Estate and Insurance I 1 l A Chicopee, Massachuseffs 1 ' - 1 71 MAIN STREET Q 1 1 ' RES. 278 EAST STREET CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS. l A Tel. 142 Chieopee Falls, Mass. 1 1 use 1 l 1 i 'E of A L. W. CALLAHAN it 1 P. J. BIIAITLT 1 Painting , REAL ESTATE AND l Contractor INSURANCE AGENT l S2 1 48 Westford Circle Springfield, Mass. Q Cliieopee Falls, Mass. Telephone 361162 Q f. 1 1 RANGE and FURNACE OILS Compliments of P C -1 I 0 P F P I P Z on W 0 Sf' 2 on rn r-4 Z O Z '-l P 4 rn Z C m if' 36 Trumbull Slreei' PHONE 7-1468 P Q-3 COAL COKE A WORCESTER - - - MASS. Q U ' 15 Teleplione 26969 We Strive to Please A Compliments ill H of Lg Carr ardware Co. CARROLL CUT RATE 1 l Hardware, Paints, and Household Goods 1 ii Psi Plimzbirig and Electrical Material and Fixtures A Complefe line of 1 ll 413 North Street Next to Strand Theatre and li PITTSFIELD, MASS. CHICOPEE, MASS. l 51911 1. F. CHENEY AND STAFF CITY TIRE COMPANY 'LL 5. Ibm, INCORPORATED DISPENSING OPTICIANS 301 BRIDGE STREET 218 DWIGHT STREET Springfield Mass SPRINGFIELD 2, MASS. ' ' ' Cmnplwments A L00 M, O I BEVERAGES GOLDEN d PALE DRY GINEIER ALE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CHICOPEE SODA COMPANY CHICTOPEE, MASS. Telephone 605 Tel. 6-3288 Cl777ZPl177lC71f.i lfolonial llilt0l'0l'S of WEDDINGS BANQUETS PARTIES ZIIHCS DOWCI 55 SOD 1464 State Street f11y111'L111g' Springfield, Massachtxsetts HOLYOKE, MASS. Cumplzmcnts uf ALFRED E. DUNLOP 111 IESAII liQl'l as fo. ESI. l884 Known for HOME-MADE CANDIES, ICE CREAM, LUNCHEONS, AND THEIR MODERN SODA BAR G2 GEAEE ETEEET CHICOPEE 485 Dwighf Street Holyoke, Mass Dial 7252 II821 FIELDTS HARDWARE MOORE'S PAINTS-KEM-ToNE GLASS-TOOLS-SEEDS HOUSEWARES-HARDWARE 256 Exchange St. Chicopee, Mass. Plione 351 We gwfiiw 26 Center Street Cliieopee, IVIASS. Hoxieryg Nlilliiiery, and Ladies' Underwear Vv'e Do Particular XxV'Il7'l'k for Particular People Quality .ind Serviee We Call and Deliver CC1LA'YTON9S lCllCZl1H ers emdl Dyers TAILORING ee FURRIERS COLD STORAGE 13 I-Izunlwurg Street ee Springlield, Mass. Telephone 7f1195 All Goods Are Insured Against Loss or D.lIHllgC liy FIRE, BURGLARY .ind TI-IEFT Complmievits of THE GRISE FUNERAL HOME Compliments of CHICOPEE HAT STORE CI-IICCPEE f f MASS, Glenwood Food Center 462 RIMMON AVENUE SPRINGFIELD, MASS, Dial 26355 Cliie. 1126 JOHN E. GRANFIELD 81 SONS Real Estate and Insurance 60 Springfield Street, Chieopee, Mass. ARTHUR J. WILLIAM T. Compliments of Haggerty Funeral Home 333 SPRINGFIELD STREET CHICOPEE, MASS. H831 5 5 nE,, A JEQHA 1 1 1 I JQEQM AN 'A r i4Q2?8?1ZiNAN A AlQ'28?fZ??U Q4 Compliments Of Hon. Edward 0. Bourbeau H841 n L x I K 1, V17 .!?IMkiA film!- S E E 32 E E 2 E E N E Cfu111pI11nc11ts NI'- H. L. Handy Company SPRINGFIELD MASSACHUSETTS CO111pIi111e111s of Hastings Stationery Store Y Cfcnlcx' Struct N , CmrzpIm1c'v1t.x my HASTINGS DRUGS 31111 MAIN STREET XYURCESTER. INIIASSACTI-IL'SETTS COIIIIDIIIITSITIS of HOTEL ROGER SMITH HQLYOKE, MASS, C,I11mpQQ . 1 f f M.1ss. Cmmlfvlznzcntx of .Iohn Hancoclc Mutual Life Insurance Co. E. bl. RR11NN.XN, IDISITICI Alclmlgcr 183 Sturm Srrc-ur Springliclcl, IVI.1ss. IQOHN BROTHERS. INC. Famous Shoes from Famous Makers 17-I North Strcct Pittsfield, Mass. Branches: Saratoga Springs. N. Y. 86 Glens Falls, N. Y. CIIARLES W. KING Free Dylircrjv Prqscriptimzgz Carcfzrllj' C0lllp0lHIdCd "-W SUIIIIIUI' Ax'c1111c w - x wj1'111gI1cIcI Spllcl. IIHIS IIT IXIAIII Struct cf111,.1p.-1- IZIIIS c1111. 14 Raymond J. Lc1F1eur GREETIIIG CARIWS PICTURE FRAMING ARTIST SUPPLIES STATIONERY I-IARIWVJARE PAINT WALL PAPER GLASS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 243 EXCHANGE STREET CHICOPEE, MASS. IISSI bL COMPETENT OPTOMETRIC SERVICE DR. FRANK W. LARROW 1 OPTOMETRIST i Opposite Steige-r's i Besse Bldg., 1490 Main Street 1 Springheld, Massachusetts Bus, Tel. 2-0818 Res. Tel. 2-0709 Compliments of The Supply Department Marine Biological Laboratory wooos Home, MASS. Gcorgc O. McGIynn, Opt. D. john O'NeiI, Opt. D. I Mc:G1ynn 65 UNCH Qofomefridfd Bookstore Building SPRINGEIELDJVIASS. I 1333 MAIN STREET Phonc 19514 Estaiiiishcd 1910 Mitchell's Filling Station '1Ser1'1'ce with a Conscience 437 SPRINGFIELD STREET Tcl. S094 DIIIRIELS' Home john D. O'Connor SPRINGFIELD E. J. Cmnpitnzcntsof Insllrwwe Agency I Rice 8 Kelly, Inc 22 BROADXVAY CHICOPEE FALLS 1 I I 11861 W. F. GARRITY GOOD FURNITURE PITTSFIELD, MASS, Riel Hardware Sr Mill Qt,,,,,,1,,,,,,,,r,l,f Supply Rowley Motor Sales 129 DWICEHT STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASS. NORTH ADAMS, MASS. SAM S MARKET Schermerhorn Fish Co., Inc. . . . SPRINGFIELD Gl'I2l't'l'Il18' film' PI'l12'I.t'Il1lI,t' HOLYOKE WESTFIELD 638 DXVIGHT STREET Largest Seafood Dealers in SPRINGFIELD 1 K I MASSA Western Massachusetts PURE CANDIES RIGHT PRICES SHARP'S CONFECTIONERY COmPlimemS Of Is Guaranteed lf These Goods Are Not Satisfactory Return Them to Us Our Ice Cream ls the Cream of Creams ATTORNEY-AT-LAW WHOLESALE RETAIL SI-IARP'S HOME MADE ICE CREAM For Weddings, Socials, Showers, etc. l Chicopee Falls - - Mass 342 Front Street Chlcopee, Mass. Tel. 1058 SPRINGFIELD BUSINESS T. F. SHEEHAN INSTITUTE Secretarial Training FLORLS71 om' AND EVENING CLASSES .SHORTHANID TTIIEXWRITIINXG 136 State Street Springfield, Mttss. COIVIPTOZWETER CIVIL SERVICE Telephone 68931 31 Elm St., Court Square Bldg. 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Suggestions in the Elms College - Elmata Yearbook (Chicopee, MA) collection:

Elms College - Elmata Yearbook (Chicopee, MA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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