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an. rn 70 O 3 r- rn 4 fri 15 ai .. 4 4 -'.Y ' , , ,.-, Q 5 'x EL? A 57216 ZA 1 y::f','. k X- 'il "ZZ, , . ZLL ,"' ,f 1 ?,,k,,-' ' i is ' ins.. Af, sg ff' M" ' 1 1858 L - ' gg..-2 .- . Vj"f',f Y.-f ' IN MEMORIAM Our classmate R1chard Boettcher, born on Sept ember 16, 1940, was stricken with polio and taken to Slster Kenny Institute where he passed away on May Zh, 1956 As we look back upon the many memories filling the years, we find our hearts very close to him The S2H10I Class BOARD OF EDUCATION NAME: Super Skoog DEGREE: M.A., B.A. COLLEGE: Gu St. Peter esota. STANDING: Freeman Gesche CDirectorJ, Melville Skoog CSuperinten dentl, and Vincent Krinke CDirectorJ. SEATED: Dr. D. R. Snyder CChairmanJ, Tom Wicks, Jr. CClerkJ, Ar nold Aamodt CDirectorJ, and Otto W. Kitzmann CTreasurerJ. ADMINISTRATION intendent Melville NAME: Principal Ray Pearson TEACHES: Psychology DEGREE: B.S. COLLEGE: Bemidji State Teach- ers, Bemidji. stavus Adolphus, , and U. of Minn- SC HCOL STAFF lf5?,5gii?? OFFICE SECRETARY! Joyce Legried BUS DRIVERS: Keith Polton, Albert Fritz, Paul Pugsley, and Gerald Teems. NOT PICTURED: Clarence Erickson. COOKS: Clara Stanton, June Garmann, Phyllis Blondin. ENGINEER: Glen Gregor CUSTODIANS: Carl Walters and Sam Clark Carl Walters Appreciation night was held Tuesday night Jan. 21, 1958, in honor of his 44 years of service to to the Elmore school. NAME Mr Thomas Swope TEACHES Gen Sci Physlcs, B1ology, Basketball and Track Coach D REE B A , M E D COLLEGE Huron, S Dak , Of S ak JUNIOR 81 NAME Mr Harvey Hulsebus TEACHES Industr1al Arts Jr Hlgh Math Asst Coach DEGREE B A COLLEGE Westmar est mar, Iowa SENIOR HIGH FACULTY NAM : Mr. Ralph Rogness TEACHES: Social Studies, Element- ary Phy. Ed., Athletic Dir. COLLEGE: Luther, Decorah, Iowa Colorado State College of Ed. Greeley, Colorado 'fir NAME: Mrs. Astrid Ahrens TEACHES: Home Economics, Eng lish DEGREE: B.A. COLLEGE: Concordia V . ' J' I I " n I 1 f H W , A I . he I U : . o , EG :i . . . . . U. s T. C., W - . D . 3 NAME: Mr. Robert Wegner NAME: Mr- Jawes Welton TEACHES: English and TEACMESI SOC181 Studies, Jr. DEGREE: B.S., MOA. High Phy. Ed., Football and College: Mankato State Track Coach DEGREE: B.S. COLLEGE: Morningside, Sioux City,Iowa chers, Mankato, U. of Co lorado NAME: Mr. Milton Wilson Y TEACHES: Jr. High English, Drivers Training, Social Studies, Librarian DEGREE: B.S. COLLEGE: Winona State Tea- chers, Winona NAME: Mr. Boyer Egge NAME: Mr. Monte Kruse TEACHES: Commercial TEACHES2 Science and DEGREE: B.A. DEGREE! B- S- COLLEGE: U. of Minnesota COLLEGE: Mankato State NAM : Miss Marjorie Carlson TEACHES' Grade Music a d Gi 1' NAME: Mr. George Feuerhelm Phy..Ed. n r S TEACHESZ MUS ic DEGREE: B A . DEGREE: B.A. COLLEGE' i th C 11 D h COLLEGE: Luther College, Iowa u er 0 ege' econ ' Decorah, Iowa GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY STANDING: Mrs. Hattie Manther, Miss Shirley Kephart, Miss Lenore Flugum, Mrs. Alice Rogness, Mrs. Audrey Looft, Mrs. Marie Wilson SITTING: Miss Iva Romo, Mrs. Gertrude Wise CPrincipa1J, Mrs. Lois Wagner, Mrs. Alice Hesseldahl, Mrs. Vesta Lloyd W JOYCE HUDSPETH Chipper gal...willing worker ...warm smile...loves horses ...pleasant ways. SHIRLEY BOETTCHER DONALD ENNEN Pleasing ways...quiet manner Horror Shgw enthusiast TERRY BREITENFELD Class poet...grand grin...the answer man...good natured... classy dresser. ...Ford .- .J0aI1'S constant C0mPaf15-011 fan.. .always Blue Earth bound ...friendly smile. ,,,heartbreaker. I DEAN PLANTZ Careful driver...courteous... quiet boy...HPeanutH...witty ...good sport. Never caught studying ready smlle sometimes surprising MARLYS KLATT JANE HOLLAN D Musical laughter. . .beautiful blush. . . likes to travel . . .ex- pensive taste. Mischievous menace nice to be around. ..spec1.al giggle swell personality DIANE OLSON Cheerful chum P1e d1m ples.. punctual p1xy some times m1SCh1eVOUS GWEN KROSCH Always up to mischief...short and snappy...hearty laugh... crazy driver. Z . ONNP' Gow artist m LAD aker-" rt6d"' homem arm hea vuwfe iam- - "" in- JOAN KROS i f, S ev er? mo de S XY a tru CH ROBERT OGILVIE Shir1ey's constant compan- Able actor...crazy curls... ion...simp1y sweet...quiet stick of dynamite...exce11ent 1ibrarian...sincere. egg man...HBi11H ELEANOR OGREN Steady beau...proud owner of HZekeH...super seamstress... sparkling eyes. MARILYN VILAND JOHN STEWART ERNA ZIEGLER Merry laughter...future beau- Elvis fan...known by everyone Active in 4-H...top twir tician...dancing party doll ...sporty new Pontiac...will ,,,fun to be with.. ...reigning Homecoming Queen. be a big game hunter. marry a millionaire. CLASS MOTTO HThe past is forever gone, but the future is still our own." CLASS FLOWER Pink Rose CLASS COLORS Black and Silver 1 ? 6 I 1 , 5 'I ffj lm, X gk Q if .7 4 5 , A 1 ,v""" X 'A fs +A, I Q X x Q 5 , b i 'W U THE CENTENNIAL CLASS OF 1958 CLASS OFFICERS: DOORWAYS TO THE FUTURE Vice-President, Linda Secretary, Marilyn Treasurer, Erna President, John F7 7 3 f V Q ny., 1: ,f i- fl ...xli- Jane Linda A Shirley Ralph LaDonna ,1.- rgym, ,W W,W,, L,.A , Dean Glen G Gwen Roger Diane Eleanor Elgene Marlys Terry Cynthla Marilyn John EIDE CLASSES JUNIORS BACK ROW: J. Ehrich, M. Hauge, K. Dahl, G. Dahl, J. Weiler, C. Flo, and E. Roba. ROW 4: G. Jagerson, and R. Goltz. ROW 3: R. Hawbaker, house, and B. Ehrich. J. Snook, M. Brown, K. Overfield, B. Teems, M. Nansel, E. Huber, J. Ihle, R. Holland, J. Weiler, A. Ritten- ROW 2: Mr. Hulsebus, J. Buscho, D. Polton, S. Schuler, I. Milbrandt, D. Brandt, E. Rhoda, A. Johnson, and Mrs. Ahrens. ROW l: J. Butler, S. Vereide, N. Henderson, G. Wiegand, D. Kurth, M. Evans, and N. Baum. ' AND BOYS' COUNTY: Sherwood, Jane, and Betty. b if GIRL AND BOY STATER: Marion and Sandra nm m n ' 2,5 CLASS OFFICERS: Q,- ' wif qdpii President, Arthur ' Qii!":,,x i J "" 'W-' ' Vice-President, Diane I Secretary, JoAnn Treasurer, Betty soPHoMoRf s as 1 ww T, CLASS OFFICERS: President, Kenny Vice-President, Jeff Secretary, Steve Treasurer, Patty N WAITERS AND WAITRESSES AT THE PROM BACK ROW: T. Clark, P. Schuler, D. Olson, P. Erickson, K. Stewart, C. Wells, J. Smith, R. Skoog, R. Snook, and J. Hilpipre. ROW 3: N. Brown, D. Thompson, C. Snyder, D. Ehrich, C. Ekleberry, J. Lloyd, S. Holland, I. Ehrich, C. Ziegler, and S. Terhark. ROW 2: B. Hudspeth, D. Stickler, R. Cooan, L. Ziegler, K.Willmert, R. Rhoda, and Mr. Swope. ROW 1: B. Vereide, K. Taylor, D. Ferch, J. Krosch, T. Pugsley, D. Krosch, and R. Hager. BACK ROW: T. Johnston, J. Ostermann, E. tin, G. Johnson, C. Roba, J. Snyder ROW 3: R. Steele, V. Kurth, A. Krosch, Milbrandt, D. Taylor, M. Krupp ROW 2: Mr. Egge, B. Hiatt, D. Ehrich, A. Reiffer, M. Martin, G. Eichhorn ROW 1: L. Ehrich, W. Blondin, R. Madetz son, J. Sandsgaard, R. Krosch FRESHMEN Ihle, S. Ristau, R. Groen, L. Mar- R. Groen, E. Thovson, M. Smith, D. S. Meyer, G. Ferley, C. Boettcher, ke, S. Ristau. M. Walton, D. Mikkel- CLASS OFFICERS: Treasurer, Judy Vice-President, Margo Secretary, Doris President, Larry FRESHMAN INFORMAL Eighth Grad , X BACK ROW: S. Ehrich, D. Osberg, K. Ehrich, G. Ehrich, R. Keister, G. Hagge, M. Egesdal, and M. Johnson. ROW 4: R. Anderson, S. Gesche, S. McCormick, B. Rieffer, M. Zierke, F. Perch, and R. Dahl. ROW 3: M. Teems, D. Terhark, V. Darnell, J. Hanevik, N. Bauer, P. Krosch, and S. Thompson. ROW 2: D. Baum, R. Milbrandt, L. Hagge, L. Ferch, J. Brass, H. Huber, and A. Ristau. -N-"'n ROW l: P. Krosch, R. Johnson, L. Lloyd, R. Brandt, J. Hinrichsen, R. Kurth, and T. Hudspeth. ABSENT: D. Mulkin, F. Overfield, and Mr. Welton. Seventh Grade BACK ROW: F. Blondin, J. Boettcher, S. Gesche, A. Haase, T. Wicks, B. Hil pipre, B. Quamme, V. Krinke, and V. Steele. ROW 3: T. Smith, N. Erickson, D. Dahl, H. Ziegler, E. Drieman, C. Madetzke S. Ripley, B. Hiatt, and T. Snyder. i ROW 2: Mr. Pearson, S. Thovson, B. Milbrandt, M. Huber, M. Breitenfeld, L Norman, G. Sabin, and M. Sandsgaard, ROW l: R. Rieffer, T. Hudspeth, J. Krause, L. Tvedten, T. Henderson, K Scott, F. Brass, and L. Ehrich. Sixth Grade BACK ROW: M. Franklin, N. Ehrich, P. Gesche, N. Loge, S. Keister D. Peter and M. Gibler. , , ROW 4: C. Zufal1,C, Brass, and A. Ehricn. Sandsgaard, J. Ostermann, L. Cooan, K. Boettcher, R. ROW 3: R. Ristau, R. Ferch, D. Ferley, J. Thompson, M. Wiegand, J. Thomp- son, and R. Krosch. ROW 2: Mrs. Wilson, Zierke, and B. Ogilvie. ROW 1: L. Collison Krosch. D. Ferley, M. Johnson, H. Anderson, R. Eichhorn, S. , B. Hinrichsen, S. Snyder, R. Dutton, G. Kabe, and B. 5th 8. 6th Grade P BACK ROW: T. Kruse, J. Thompson, J. Severson, J. Martin, J. Skoog, S. Ihle, and ROW ROW ler ROW B. Emerson. 3: S. Mair, R. Ripley, J. Huber,R. Chewning,G. Wise, and E. Jansen. 2: Mrs. Hesseldahl, M. Hiatt, G. Ristau, J. Yahnke, D. Sabin, A. Zieg- and L. Brass. 1: R. Rieffer, J. Terhark, M. Golta, P. Snyder, and P. Ferch. Fifth Grade BACK ROW: S. Brown, J. Munyer, A. Wilson, R. Johnston, S. Roba, T. Wicks, and S. Franklin. ROW 4: D. Krinke, C. Sandsgaard, T. Hommerding, P. Clark, H. Rieffer, T. Swope, and G. Thompson. ROW 3: Mrs. Looft, S. True, B. Hodges, S. Viland, R. Mayland, R. Brandt, and R. Kitzmann. ROW 2: B. Drieman, D. Nagel, M. Ristau, D. Weiler, R. Flo, and L. Erickson. ROW l: D. Hudspeth, M. Busch, R. Smith, D. Lloyd, M. Madetzke, and G, Dar- nell. Fourth Grade BACK ROW: D. Sabin, J. Krupp, D. Roelfsema, S. Mayland, P. Farris, S. O berg and B. Thompson. ROW in Miss. Flugum, J. Keister, P. Rieffer, L. Zierke, R. Chewning, S. Ho ington, and R. Cooan. ROW 2: K. Smith, D. Brass, M. Bauer, V. Boettcher, B. Emerson, and Ehrich. ROW 1: B. Krosch, V. Peter, R. Drake, P. Boettcher, S. Kaus, and K. Hag dorn. 3rd 8. 4th Grade Q BACK ROW: , , and G. Warner. J. Keister, L. Mair, R. Thompson, M. Haase, B. Hauge V. Vaughn ROW 2: D. Luckow, K. Hagge, A. Cooan, J. Ehrich, A. Stewart, K. Wise, and Mrs. Manther. sfrf ROW l: S. Engleby, P. Green, V. Huber, T. Severson,"R. Blondin, and R. Hiatt. Third Grade BACK ROW: J. Nagel, D. Ziegler, L. Ziegler, F. Wilson, S. Clark, T. Hommer- ding, M. Osberg, and D. Weise. ROW 2: Mrs. Lloyd, J. Brette, L. Norman, K. Krause, R. Rieffer, K. Kaus, R. Mayland, D. Ripley, and M. Dray. ROW l: D. Root, S. Kiewett, L. Kitzmann, D. Zierke, K. Kurth, T. Thompson, and R. Busch. Second Grade BACK ROW: A. Zufall, D. DeNeui, M. Schaefer, G. Gesche, P. Welfare, A. Thompson, and J. Pirsig. ROW 3: B. Larson, J. Beenken, M. Bossett, B. Flo, T. Swope, K. Ryan, and E. Jansen, and Miss Romo. ROW 2: D. Roelfsema, B. Yahnke, A. Johnson, A. Vereide, W. Dodd, D. Muel- ler, and V. Ripley. ROW l: S. Smith, H. Meyering, D. Bonk, R. Gjerde, P. White, and G. Vaughn. First Grade BACK ROW: Miss Kephart, M. Mayland, R. Zierke, G. Hoisington, L. Pirsig, Brown, J. Hodges, A. Farris, and F. Hill. ROW 2: R. Tech, J. Warner, P. Mueller, M. Johnson, R. Simmons, F. Drake, Boettcher, and J. Snyder. ROW l: R. Hauskins, A. Cooan, B. Krosch, J. Root, R. Dutton, T. Rieffe G. Eichhorn, and A. Engelby. ABSENT: S. Engelbart, and T. Houstin. First Grade BACK ROW: C. Wells, E. Ihle, S. Rieffer, I. Ferch, K. Smith, D. Ennen, R. Martin, and M. Mensing. ROW 2: Mrs. Wise, S. Dodd, J. Volz, J. Ostermann, C. Ehrich, T. Chewning, K. Ristau, D. Kessel, and M. Hilpipre. ROW 1: P. Hiatt, A. Brass, B. Emerson, P. Blondin, T. Garvick, M. Terhark, A. Scott, and T. Dray. ABSENT: E. Trillo, D. Prinzing, and G. Ihle. Kindergarten 5 TEACHER: Mrs. Lois Wegner , f. A Mervin , nr" 5, 'H "x-Akxiw. Rh .WM N Qu 'W ,Xx- fhsfi., ixfkxx N ff. ,yr Mar1on - 'WP'-1 Mr. Welton L i5i.w2?n7K'-i3'N Roger TN 'sim 'Na Jeff, Steve, and Elgene. Dean Art BACK ROW: Asst. Coach Mr. Rogness, Arthur Rittenhouse, Marion Nansel, David Ristau, Jeffery Smith, Kenneth Stewart, Roger Jor- genson, John Stewart, Mervin Hauge, Elgene Darnell, Steven Te- hark, Dean Plantz, Bill Ogilvie, and Coach Mr. Welton. MIDDLE ROW: Jerrald Lloyd, Shurdeen Ristau, Irvin Milbrandt, Ervin Thovson, Eldean Ihle, Allen Krosch, Alfred Rieffer, Marlin Krupp, Michael Walton, Ronnie Madetzke, and Douglas Milbrandt. FRONT ROW: Manager Terry Breitenfeld, Douglas Ehrich, Gary Eich- horn,Thomas Johnston, Gary Johnson, Gene Baum, Gaylen Ferley, Dick Krosch, and Manager Garry Wiegand. VARSITY FOOTBALL -. PTAI PRE - GAME S TRATEGY JQHN S BACK ROW: Steve Terhark, Roger Jorgenson, John Stewart, Gary Dahl, and David Ristau. ROW 1: Marion Nansel, Jeff Smith, Kenneth Stewart, Eldean Ihle, Roger Holland, and Art Rittenhouse. CENTER: Coach Swope. ls ? E STARTING FIVE COACHES: Mr. Hulsebus, Mr. Swope, and Mr. Rogness CAPTA N Biloxi! BASKETBALL Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore Elmore 1957 27 46 36 39 51 60 61 49 57 58 61 53 59 53 60 56 55 36 59 Q2 58 RECORD Rake Bricelyn Emmons Rake East Chain Delevan Freeborn Alden Frost Kiester Bricelyn Emmons Kiester Delevan East Chain Blue Earth Frost Wells Huntley Truman 'kai DRIBB DAVE MANAGERS: T. Clark and A. Rieffer S. Ristau, T. Pugsley, R. Cooan, J. Snyder, J. Smith, K. Stewart, E. Ihle A. Krosch, D. Thompson, B. Vereide, R. Madetzke, and Coach Mr. Rogness. BASKETBALL JUNIOR HIGH BACK ROW: Coach Mr. Hulsebus, T. Snyder, T. Smith, S. Ripley, L. Hagge, F. Blondin, S. Gesche, D. Osberg, B. Quam e, R. Dahl, B. Anderson, M. Johnston, D. Terhark, and D. Dahl. ROW 1: F. Brass, T. Henderson, L. Tvedten, J. Hinrichsen, R. Kurth, A. Ris- tau, T. Hudspeth, R. Brandt, M. Breitenfeld, and D. Baum. ROW and ROW and 'EQ-f' W '-KV alll piiii FOOTBALL BACK ROW: R. Kurth, R. Anderson, T. Wicks, RJ Dahl, D. Dahl, M. Breitenfeld, and Coach Mr. Swope. 2 T. Snyder, T. Henderson, F. Brass, S. Gesche, D. Baum, McCormick. J. Brass, T. Smith, A. Ristau, L. Tvedten, P. Krosch, Krosch. JUNl0R HIGH INTRAMURALS TRACK BACK ROW: Coach Mr. Welton, T. Wicks, B. Quamme, M. Johnston, S. Gesche, D. Osberg, G. Ehrich, D. Mulkin, M. Zierke, S. McCormick, S. Ripley, R. Dahl, T. Smith, and D. Terhark. ROW 2: L. Lloyd, J. Hanevik, D. Dahl, M. Breitenfeld, G. Sabin, F. Blondin, T. Snyder, R. Anderson, B. Milbrandt, L. Hagge, and A. Ristau. ROW 1: J. Brass, B. Hinrichsen, D. Baum, L. Ehrich, R. Brandt, T. Hudspeth, L. Tvedten, T. Henderson, T. Hudspeth, and R. Kurth. 1 64" '--'f'1v- ' ' ' .-Aj . ' ,K TRACK BACK ROW: Coach Mr. Welton, J. Snook, D. Olson, J. Smith, K. Stewart, E. Ihle, J. Stewart, E. Darnell, G. Johnson, J. Snyder, D. Milbrandt, D. Plantz, and Coach Mr. Swope. ROW 2: I. Ehrich, J. Lloyd, D. Polton, I. Milbrandt, R. Groen, A. Rit- tenhouse, T. Clark, S. Terhark, E. Thovson, D. Thompson, and K. Willmert. ROW l: D. Krosch, S. Ristau, G. Ferley, D. Mikkelson, G. Eichhorn, A. Reif- fer, B. Hudspeth, D. Ehrich, A. Krosch, M. Krupp, and M. Nansel. if CAPTAIN ELGENE DARNELL Dean RELAY TEAM John QQV kmfkh V, ' f ' J Q.: -' fi x Q ka - - ' C1 -H .4 CROSS " CCUNTRY if 'iff D. Krosch, I. Milbrandt, A. Reiffer, A. Rittenhouse, D. Mi S. Terhark, M. Nansel, E. Darnell, M. Hauge, and Coach Mr. STANDING: T. Hudspeth, A. Reiffer, and D. Krosch. SITTING: Advisor Mr. Welton, G. Baum, M. Krupp, E. vnu. ,- ., Johnston, M. Walton, G. Eichhorn, and D. Milbrandt. CENTER: D. Plantz and R. Steele. Thovson, T. WREST LING 1 Kathy, Sophomore Attendant Jo Ann, Junior Attendant Cynthia, Queen Candidate Etna, Queen Candidate HOMECOMING QUEEN MARILYN VILAND Patty, Diane, Kathy, and Camilla Eleanor G 6 , Cynthia 7 A Marilyn Sandra CHEERLEADERS I an THE GW ' Sandy CORNETS D Ehrich C Wells T P l . , . , . ugs ey, and TROMBONES S. McCormick, R. Holland, A. Rittenhouse, and C. Flo. Absent D. Polton. Schuler. FLUTES DIRECTOR R. Skoog, J. Ostermann, M. Egesdal, and V. Mr. George Feuerhelm Kurth. SAXOPHONES W. Blondin, L. Martin, S. Ehrich, J. H01 land, and M. Viland. Lf , X fb 7 I g f xg A' 3 1' 1 Q '40, 'I ., v.. 1 , Q 16 yff 'F if :WF 15 ' Y-2 5 T9 Q: . . t ,fn- .' 1 an'-gfeg Q I A L., . ' 2' 5 'l '71 ,, --., WX X mei 5 I gy 9 ,J ' V! WL GIRLS' GLEE CLUB MIXED CHORUS JUNIOR BAND ACCOMPANIST SHAR JUNIOR CHORUS MUSIC GROUPS SOLOISTS: Rose Ann, Carolyn, Sandra, Roselyn, Patty, Diane, Marilyn, Eleanor, and Arlyce. ACCOMPANISTS: Judy, Erna, Eleanor, Diane, and Betty. FLUTE QUARTETTE: Miriam, Vickie, Judy and Rose Ann CLARINET QUARTETTE: Diane K., Jane, Patty, and Diane 0. MAJORETTES Jane, Connle, Etna Llnda, and Jo Ann GERMAN BAND AND DANC ERS DLane, Patt,, Jane, Arlyce, IrvLn 4a11Tyn, Carolyn, and Sandra , L . Linda, Tommy, Erna, Dean, Labonna, and Elgene ID. V . . , , , - quad UBRARY CLUB 1 2, if gf JoAnn, Janice, Kay, Doris, and Advisor Mr. Wilson. SPEECH S' O gf KVLV Q , , . xi! - ik xfmi STANDING: Mary Kay, Carolyn, Connie, Nancy, and Advisor Mr. Wegner. SITTING: Arlyce, Linda, Eleanor, and Tommy. .f I , . ft s ' u 'i j , ngm , I y,,.,.fu F.T.AU STANDINGr Brenda, Gloria, Advisor Mr. Rogness, Kay, Mary Kay, and Nan. SITTING: Linda, Nancy, Signe, Connie G., Carolyn, and Diona. il IE 77 CLUB Qfifk' 14 V' .Zf5' Q Jjhi' Q55 V . ,Q ,Q . , . ,LX ,,,A U A: I, Q.. V . .I -If '4 ix -1- . 'M' .einbwi 'wil 1-.h, .1'vygf, ,Q,J-4 swwf'r' V' . A STANDING: Eldon, Gary, Terry, Elgene, John, Irvin, Dean, Bill Roger, and Mervin. SITTING: Dale, Steve, Marion, Roger H., Arthur, Jerry, and Dave JUNNDR G A A BACK ROV U Taylor, M bmlth, M Martln, J Ostermann, C Boet tcher, V KUFCJ, v Blondln, 5 oesche, B llatt, J oandsgaard, C Poba F Overfleld, L Mart1n, and S Rlstau son, S PhfLCh, C Madetake, N HFLCKSOU, B Hlatt, V Kr1nke, J Boettcher, and B Rleffer AOR l iuber D Scott, 5 lhompson, A Haaae, L Perch, M bgeadal V Darnell, Advlsor M155 Carlson, K Ehrlch, M Teems, and 1 Klester STUDENT CBDUNCH. Arthur, Roger, Sandra, Betty, Advlaor Mr Pearson, Eleanor, Cynthla, Flgene, Jerrald, and Kathy 0 g , " E V x 3..- , ff- ., f X, N 4 l 'fl . A. H h Q I Q ' Q ' ' Z '1 ' " f' :' ' Q K 'Q 0 U I O Q x , - ' ' 0 ' - ' ' 0 ROW 2: N. Bauer, L. Norman, M. jandsgaard, H. Ziegler, S. Thov- W v' I 54. I , . N, 1 . " . . , we , .. . ,Q , ,. . . L. x 1 ' Xu s I ell NNXXX JUNIOR if ld BACK ROW Mervxn, Gary D , Norma, Sandra, Arlyce, JoAnn, Nanoy, Arthur, Gary W , and AdV1S0f Mr Wegner FRONT ROW Glorla, Drane K , Jane B , Marlon, and Roger H SENIOR PLAY CASTS BACK ROW: Advisor Mr. Wegner, Dean, John, Roger J., and Elgene ROW 2: Ralph, Diane O., LaDonna, Jane H., Lrnda, and Marilyn ROW l: Bill, Cynthia, Erna, Marlys, and Eleanor. :Jeff 763' ,A H- -' ' Y' 1. ' - fn A'.,MTf:.4 N ' -A "fi: . . ,x F .. I - O f I ' ' f 1 fe". -I , wx N 1 :wiv ,O f V S fu 1 Q -sl 4 .- M: h wi' N A , 1 ' A Ln Q wi y ,Ng L 5 Y 1 . 1. I . . 0 -I 1 Q l I I U 2 . . a 0 ' no 'rf fi , . x - 0, , ,JA . gk 1 e . 1 1' 'K V x - 7 . ' , I 3 . 1 , ANNUAL STAFF X I 1959 STAFF 1958 STAFF Diane, Editor, Betty, Asst. Editor, LaDonna, Art Editor, Roselyn, Asst. Art Editor, Cynthia, Typist, Arlyce, Asst. Typist, Marlys, Class Editor, Linda, Class Editor' Roger, Sports Editor, Erna, Business Mgr., Diane K., Asst. Business Mgr., Marilyn: Jane, Elgene, Glen, and Dean, Sales. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY CHARTER EM ERS Sherwood, Gary W., Roger J., Signe, Carolyn, Rose Ann, Cynthia, Diane K., Sandra, Diane O., Betty, and Eleanor. F.H.An STANDING: Kay, Janet, Advisor Mrs. Ahrens, and Mary Kay. SITTING: Norma, Janice, Gloria, Joyce, and Elaine. FJV.A, STANDING: Diane O., Diane K., Connie S., and Jane B. SITTING: Norma, Advisor Mrs. Ahrens, Janet, Eleanor, and Jane H. ART CLUB A Advisor Mrs. Wilson, LaDonna, Terry, Linda, Sandra, and Roselyn. SENIOR ACTIVITIES MARY JOYCE HUDSPETH Glrls' Glee Club G A A Llbrary Club, V1ce Presldent Project and Bulletln Club Paper Staff, Operetta, Pep Club TERRY WAYNE BREITVNFELD Football Manager, Basketball Manager, Junlor Band, Alxed Chorus, Junlor Class Play Camera Club, UEH Club Art Club, Paper Staff, Operetta, Boys Glee Club, Projectlon Club SHIRLEY LEE BOETTCHER M1xed Chorus G1rls' Glee Club F H A , Llbrary Club, Secretary, Pep Club DONALD HENRY ENNEN Football Track, Wrestl1ng Projectlon Club Llbrary Club, Camera Club Junlor Class Play DEAN SANFORD PLANTZ Football Basketball, Track Wrestlxng Wlxed Chorus, Folk Dancer, JUH10r Class Play Senlor Class Play, HE Club, Pro J6Ct1OH Club Llbrary Club, Operetta Outdoor Club Annual Staff RALPH ERNFST HUNDT Track Cross Country, Art Club Llbrary Club, Speech, JUUIOI Class Play Sen WILLIAM WARD EVANS Football Track, Projectlon Club, L1b rary Club Camera Club JUn1Or Class Play CYNTHIA BEA FKLEBERRY Band Pep Band, M1xed Chorus Glrls Glee Club Junlor Class Play Senlor Class Play G A A President, Craft Club Annual Staff Paper Staff, Class 1ce Presldent, HA' Cheerleader, 'BH Cheerleader, Homecomlng Queen Candld ate, Operetta, Student Council, Secre tary, Pep Club, V1ce Presldent Glrls State MARLYS ROSE EMMA ALATT Chorus, Secretary, Glrls Glee Club, Llbrary Club, Annual Staff, Craft Club, V1ce Presldent, G A A , Pep Club, Paper Staff Operetta, Senlor Class Play Mlxed ROGER DEAN JORGENSON Football, Basketball, Capta1n, Track, Mlxed Chorus, JUHIOI Class Play, Sen lor Class Play, HEH Club, Camera Club, Progectlon Club, Annual Staff, Junlor Class Presldent, Student Councll, V1ce Presldent, Operetta, Boys' State JANE LYDIA HOLLAND Band, Pep Band, Grrls' Glee Club, Mxxed Chorus, Instrumental Solo, German Band, F N A , Secretary G A A , Sports Wana ger, Camera Club, Craft Club, Annual Staff Plass Treasurer, Operetta, Pep Club, Student Drrector Senlor Class Play GLEN ARLO KROSCH Track, Cross Country, Wrestllng, Pro Jection Club, Llbrary Club, Outdoor Club Annual Staff DIANE JUNE OLSON Band, Instrumental Solo, Ensembles, Pep Band, M1xed Chorus, G1rls' Glee Club, Accompan1st, German Band, Sen1or Class P ay F T A F N A C A A , Operetta, Craft Club, Annual Staff, Ed1tor, Paper Staff, Class Treasurer, Speech, Student FOUHCII, Pep Club, Treasurer, Girls County GWEN ARNO KROSCH Outdoor Club, Football Club, Projectlon Club Track, Camera LINDA MAE HINRICHSEN Band,,Pep Band, Glrls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Majorettes, Folk Dancer, Jun1or Club, Craft Club Annual Staff, Paper Staff, Class V1ce Presldent Homecom1ng Attendant Speech, Operetta, Pep Club G A A Senlor Class Play Student Dir ector ELGENE VERYL DARNELL Football Track, Captaln Wrestling Cross Country Band, Pep Band, Mlxed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club Folk Dancer, Junlor Class Play, Senior Class Play, 'E Club ProJect1on Club, Class Vice Presldent, Llbrary Club Outdoor Club, Annual Staff Paper Staff Operetta, Student Councll LADONNA MARIE GOLT7 Band, Pep Band, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Folk Dancer, Jun1or Class Play Senror Class Play, Art Club G A A , Secretary, Camera Club, Craft Club, An nual Staff Paper Staff, Homecomlng At tendant, 'BH Cheerleader, Operetta JOAN CAROL KROSCH Glrls' Glee Club, F H A , Llbrary Club Paper Staff Operetta, Pep Club ROBERT CHERRY OGILVIE Junlor Class Play, Senior Class Play, Football, Basketball, Track ' 3 . . .3 ' ' ' ' 3 . . . 5 ' . 0 I H I Z o o 0 ' 1 ' . S g , ' ' S ' S ' 0 I I S . 5 g ... .' g , . g . . . , , . Q ' S . 1 3 o I as 0 I as Jo I 0' . . I ' l - . . v J 3 ' 5 I ' 5 - L 1 I . 0 ' . I' . , - Q , Q . 5 . 5 . ' . S 0 I I ' I 1 ' ' I 3 3 . . 3 - . . . ior Class Play. Class Play, Art Club, F.T.A.g Camera . Q . ' s Q . . , 3 . . 3 g 5 . . .g - I I , , - , - I . ' . . , , s 9 1 5 S 3 ' ' Q . . ., ' . 9 V. , . , 3 , I I 'I 3 ' ' . , . . - . 5 . - - - 3 s ' . . . l . 1 ' , O , . . . - , - 9 . . ' . 3 . - . . ' - 5 , , , . . , . . ., , . . . , g . . 1 I .0 - . c ' - - ' ' . . .' ' g . , . , - 5 , . I ' , , . - . . ELEANOR KAY OGREN Band, Pep Band Glrls Glee Club, Mlxed Chorus, Instrumental Solo, Ensembles, Accompanlst, Junlor Class Play, Senlor Class Play F T,A,, F N A Cheerleader, 'AH Cheerleader, Speech, Craft Club Class Presldent, Operetta, Student Councll, Secretary, Presldent A I I MARILYN MARIE VILAND Band, Pep Band G1rls Glee Club, Mlxed Chorus, Instrumental Solo, Ensembles, German Band, G A,A, Camera Club, Craft Club, Secretary, Annual Staff, Paper Staff HBH Cheerleader, Senlor Class JOHN CHARLES STEWART Football, Captaln, Basketball Track Senlor Class Play MEN Club V1ce Pre sldent, Class Presldent ERNA MARIE ZIEGLER Band, Pep Band, Glrls' Glee Club, Mlxed Chorus, ccompanlst, Majorettes, Head Majorette Folk Dancer, G A A Craft Club Presldent, Llbrary Club Annual Staff Paper Staff BH Cheerleader A Cheerleader, Class Treasurer, Pep Club Operetta, Senlor Class Play HOmeCOm1Hg Queen Cand1date Play A Cheerleader, Class Secretary, Operetta, Homecomlng Queen A N I G SENIOR CLASS PLAY PRACTICE ps SENIOR Fw THE NINE l957 PROM I I e.-...s nous:-3 REACH i JUNIORS WORKING ON HDEEP SEA MAGICH BORDER LEAGUE CHAM PS 1958 Aamodt's Cafe Anderson Ancel kAnderson s Federated Barr Dr James WBorder Theater kBre1tenfeld Plumblng and Heating FE J Butler Clark John Coll1nson Shoe Store kCooan Brothers Garage Don s Body Shop fEgesdal, C L Ledyard, Ia kElmore Nursery Elmore Varlety Store kEI1CkSOH s Servlce Stat1on Eye Offlce kFarmers Elevator Co kF1ISt Natlonal Bank Frerich's Weld1ng Shop FIICZ Dr Donald Fr1etz Texaco Station Gamble Store George s Cafe Halverson s Plumb1ng fHarold's DX Station fHauge Hardware Jones L1vestock Co fCl1p and Curl Beauty Shop and Benny's Tavern V T T BOCSTERS fK1ester Market Klester Wllber K1ngs s Kleaners Larson K fLarsen s 66 Stat1on Loulse s Lunch Maland s Grocery WMarlys' Hairdress1ng Salon, Ledyard, Ia WMart1n Hardware WMohn Dr E J WMoses Servlce Stat1on Mueller s Furniture Oldenberg Paul Olson Corald Ostermann Produce Pan Pr1de Bakery P1lot Grove Lumber Polton Ke1th WRock Island Lumber fSchuler s Plumblng and Heating Schwen s Ice Cream and Candy, B E Sm1th Dr M H fTed El Super Market WTeems Grocery fT1lmer Thompson Hatchery Vaughn Produce WW1cks Funeral Home Wise Motors Zentz Rad1o and Electr1c WThese buslnesses contr1buted S7 00 or more and are entitled to an annual I v I I . . R. I o u 0 n I I . ' I ' . I . l Q . Farmers Coop. Co., Ledyard, Ia. Pilot Grove Market ' Co. . . , . ' I ' O l 0 I v

Suggestions in the Elmore High School - Eromle Yearbook (Elmore, MN) collection:

Elmore High School - Eromle Yearbook (Elmore, MN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Elmore High School - Eromle Yearbook (Elmore, MN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 46

1958, pg 46

Elmore High School - Eromle Yearbook (Elmore, MN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 37

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Elmore High School - Eromle Yearbook (Elmore, MN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 42

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1958, pg 60

Elmore High School - Eromle Yearbook (Elmore, MN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 13

1958, pg 13

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