Elmore City High School - Badger Yearbook (Elmore City, OK)

 - Class of 1959

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Elmore City High School - Badger Yearbook (Elmore City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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,wifi ,.. 77 49 WML 777 4 2.24,-,, B ,,...,, Y4A,,.,,, Lfwwg C' f'?2'3fZff A V , 'FL' JQMJW 7k 5, ML WMM J,,,,,,,,f,ff,,zW,.!,..2 ff? JW if f Jww A QJQJMM O gw - 5 f . fZjZfM'7f"Zl J ' wvwwMJ ' a7d4f0'P6fA" ' fi - 50,05 ff 594 ,, J- ' QAWX MW Jmwhwjrpziid .Lf - J WWA' Eff f23'?f,f7 W imfizkfwmvwff lfwff JAMA, ,J ,GLAWQJJMWJMJQMMJ A, -'u2?5,g'7!H : Pi,:'.r1,44Qf'2i' px!" m,.l,q-if if if , V , -iss-1v'f4 f.1fSMf1Si 'Li " .' RWM ' ' uw 5 -' f' - .4 + .. ' - 21" "1 J57 ' i 4.i "f :ew vF?f' 7'1"1 1 w a- . r an. ,Q H J 3 4 fy if I ,,g1"Y ' H I. Q' w - " 1- i-'1 4 4' 5 5 wp 'f , ,,,,f-Si., .- 1 Y yu 4 1 . ,V 1, 1 2 , , 1 I Al if Y r.. . 4 v' Q vi 2:5114 IJ V 1 X ae! Qu 4'LJf0ff"90 9 ' 1 ,mama QQ! l J , lt W ,K 4 ,,. n g .L. I Him mimi-A l M Q- ,..,Q -,.., -,..- Y"""""'3r? -"" 2 ff mi A ef E"m"m' ,L , -. " ,,.' gnfroofzczkzy yo UI' 1959 yeargoof f76e JZJQGUQQZ' yea,-5005 gf 635220168 Qgcfoof Trzh feof fy Uaykr Tu y G Crjfn ore 6129, 0 0. OFQCUOFOF the Teachers and Students of Elmore City High School: The atmosphere of an institution is the subtle spirit and pervading influence that surrounds it, High school at- mosphere lives in memory and in history. School spirit, tradition, and atmosphere are caught by every generation of students like the faint aroma of incense lingering in sacred halls. Music and songs, poetry and painting, stories oft repeated and dim unspoken memories carry these subtle qualities down through the years, Atmosphere belongs to the school itself, It has been created by the generation of students who have lived and learned within its walls. Here the faith of parents in their sons and daughters mingles with the high ambitions and sturdy efforts of youth. Here is hope sometimes tinged with doubt -- for many have won but some have lost -- the way of learning is not always light. Here are friends and friendships. Here activities too -- football, basketball, banquets, class parties. Here are customs that were learned and observed, traditions that were respected, the atmosphere in which you live, Acquire it, contribute to it, improveg maintain it. This edition of the Badger has preserved the memories of the past year. The mem- ories of Christian fellowship as well as the memories of Good times and Hard work. Through hard work and cooperative efforts, we offer this publication to you, BOBBY MARTIN Editor , ,wmmmgfw u-, Editor-in -Chief BOBBY MARTIN ,A .,- ,gn f,- wx, 1-1 -xzfxfy A ' T . , 11 Y ,gsm ,. , ,. , - .- M E , 11 ,s 1. , 5 W fiofl can sowe am we 1Cd Mr Fisher , out supeximendem, who 'cuXa1 To . X or exuacusn W ith eimet schoo ptobktv W e Xov infpxj kindly wisdom , dedicate The X959 Badge: . 1 4 LESLIE FISHER, Superintendent To Teachers and Students: We are living in the "Satellite Age" - a time of bright opportunity when new inventions, improved ways of living, and marvelous innovations are being realized almost daily. For progress in America we need better scientists, better trained technicians, better farmers, and better teachers. If this brilliant future is to be realized, the youth of our time must take advantage of their oppor- tunities. The key to the future lies in an education which enables each individual to find his place in a complex society and to make his greatest contribution, It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with this annual staff, Congratulations on a job well done. Sincerely yours, Leslie Fisher BONNIE SMITH, Secretary Lunch Room Supervisor -ff, 'Qu--0-4' Y if X f , if 3 4 lg it 4 sr P+ t . an .. vt 'xx t W? A an as J KENNETH MOBBS, Principal To Teachers and Students: We, who work with students, are always pleased when those students tackle any situation or prob- lem with enthusiasm, . . . d The members of this year's annual staff, as well as the student body, have certainly condrtione themselves to their task, As long as they continue with this type of attitude they will fill any role giv- ' ' f lt and ersonalfriends willbe the first to notice your traits, entothem ascitizensoftomorrow. Your acu y p personality, honesty, ' ' lt' ate those as you go about your work. faithfulness, enthusiasm, and etc., continue to cu iv We, the members of the faculty, say "thanks" for making our job easier. Sincerely, Kenneth Mobbs Mx is Q as ata PAUL SANDMAN , , , , i to 'N f lm Jr, High Principal and Shop OQIY Lesl1e F1sher James Terrell Roy Roady, Doyle 5. 5 Uh .i m , 3 ,. V' 4' f 4, ,L 4' ml 5 l 'gif , E -m S I3 JH i 3 A l 'Y' "" W ' f' -f - -'--- ---'----- - f -'--- ---- ' -- 4- ------- ---- - 1--------H-H --------vu-H--nun..'n.unnuu:v:n.n au.n-nu:u.r-unun.vnun uhm- num:fun-,I-.u....n,nu nn NA DINE FLEMING Second Grade LA URA LIN DSEY First Grade 'QQ-...,,., J. 1 EDNA SMITH Fourth Grade ILA CLARK Third Grade i -'---....,,,,,-bk '95 ,A X ERNESTINE FISHER Sixth Grade iff LELA CROOM Fifth Grade 1 H A4-A DONNA VANATTA Elementary Music 'Xa rfx av E ir. I QQ 5 CATHERINE GRADY Jr, High Social Studies f v 2- ' f A ' 2 P 3 - vw ggi 5 3 x FAN IO POTTS Ir. High English Yi ..,.....-....4ufMll- CARL DOLLARHIDE, IR. Mathematics ETHEL NA LE Home ECOl'1OlT!iCS REYNOLDS CANTRELL Science H IM S bw it ,par wi' n f ' ,M 4 L , if ff M ' 5 A Q fa Q53 Y 3 'gg v 'Sv .' , ,, 553: K F Q? we , ga K n 1 .3 xxx ri: 5 , ,X E QQ 6 Q Q ,X wg 1 im S 3 2- 2, 'E' "' 'a ya Wei' 4 -3.-S S se 'zz Si! X , L ,, . 4 'tiffji 2 gf W, . Wim, , 2 fi . if Q55 X 'J Lf We.. 6 19525 W , 1 s IJ:-If M K 'ff .Zi ,X YF' ,a A .rw-ii,':eg?. .. k , L L ' +P ' 5252 Fi '2'jf:af'.m fw fzf..-,agfr A 'H+' - ae. .V PM .5 1, 1 f- .' E2 '- ' diff? 71:52 Ag 9 1 - M - 12 : - f f y- f f Q7 - , W .W V fy ,grew X if ,, iff' WW - g Lfikwiw M "W7?5ff':'91F5rzf.N,?5'?Ef, ' "M, ,W "fffPif?Zl"?.m+ff ' ' N...Ad' MA URICE CANT WELL W Agriculture - U X TED LILLA RD Ba nd Instructor fjjbx RILEY CHURCH Football . J jaw MA X PRICE Boys' Basketball Qfx N I .u-num n -v.-n1-nun-nun-nnrnnunu-nn,uuunnnunuu IM Wcfzbzfzesj 1241! mf 'ijt MR. TED LILLARD Band Director To Members of the Band: At this writing, one se- mesterhas passedg a very successful first semester I might add. I am sure the second semester will be just as successful as long as we all co-operate in work- ing for our common goal, that of "being one of the finest bands in the state. " May I take this oppor- tunity to express my sin- cere appreciation for your co-operation and to offer my congratulations on your many fine ac- complishments. Thank you for making me a part of your band. Sincerely, Ted Lillard Sponsored by McDOWELL BROTHERS Oklahoma City Organized 1954 Purcell Festival First Place Trophy District Contest Excellent Rating 1955-56 Purcell Festival First Place Marching District Contest Excellent Rating Craterville Festival First Place Trophy UAQ 8522 are 1956-57 Edmond Festival Superior Rating District Contest Superior Rating State Contest Superior Rating 1957-58 Purcell Festival Third Place Marching Cz? yganaf HISTORY ' 1958-59 Pauls 'Valley Marching Contest First Place Trophy Contest Marching Second Place Award Parade Marchmg Fxrst F lace Award Specral Maneuver Mrdwe st C1ty State Marchmg Contest Fxrst Place Trophy Parade Marchmg Our C Jncert contest season begms rn March and we hope to conunue our fme re cord 1 ill-7 l yn . ! J K ,Q gif. ggi y 1? A xr ff H5 7. 5 -W, W .f, , Q1 in -'lei f'1""f'!qi5': I - A V+ :Q K R7 i ,,.. - K i 1,-,. . f ' X1 Ng, ,. 11, V, ' "5 1 . 1 .nv A , W . . Q 4, ,, Q , Q r ,- , .f 5 , E ,Mmm mm, M A 2 1 'BT if 'Wjff-MM-W gymur 3, lu ,,,l4, ,fa ay H ,5 Q , ...., 13 L .135 w ,QE ,g 5 L. g m , A Q an 2 ,W . W , Wi, "-'V' ' iv W'., M ' ' " 4- 'I' 'r N-1p . Q ' - few -: .. V ,m , , AX' 'HL ,H ilrzgiif il l V A 1Eg"1Jf'5i VW if wg.,,misgaggmglA-fgwwdN L , A M , V, -5 5' ' 5.749 rx Z, ,Wi .55 53 Vi X HT,-lzv, ' A as V - waz. ,,-Lf' fbi I A f :Q -,J 12,0 A - f Q f J P 3 ,g g , 4 E - 1, , -W e YW f , 31 A Y Q if 'L , if -.N , eQ?f- ... 4 -- ' 4 WT"fw ' , f 'rf ,. 'H .' Q3 " l I , fi' ' ,v A yy A sf f Nl A XS, . Q n , A! ,,, ,AJ i .7 Q 6 ,Y gk 'jk:k'H . Y K -. K , , ' 'H , ,. ,A sw I W ' A4 ' ' -Aww . 3, N , , Q ,af , , , , t , ' vs X, " ,fn F Q -f I ' .. ,M , .-. .. , I fi! K v X, .Q 51 , wk in ff w rf V ' Q W, , ,tg ,A . 4' , Ng W-sw .. , . an F W V f , , f jr KH I r ggi, , E K K V Q A Jw, f ff E Lg In., . y f ' 7 53 ' V V ' '13 wtf., f ' H ' - - "'-A 4 f QL' y xii? . f " ..., Drum Major, Gayle Iohnsong Majorettes, Judy Shoffstall, Kathy Martin, Charlena Mayberry IQIYIIIZ Wdfkll' anff Way?11'QffQrS Sponsored by SPARK'S VARIETY STORE, Elmore City D C '16UL'l'A9ClfA1lTS' Wanda Roady, Virginia Hursh, Glenda Blankenship, Kay Newell. W X my K W xy Nr 'ff' Y . -., I K k y: K in 2 5 x X E E Q K 5 ,Kumi al x ...N 'J if fi 3 S. ff 1 X :K jfwlfiq ef wwf , ,f .xg If 'Q , , MX Y . .,,,.. my ,. L3 kt.. , A. 1? K-QV,5m.,Q,,wfv'4ffAAgf' . QQ ,gf -msgsv A' I K ff gs QPYYW f' m. .- 53 V . . f gc-F A g I as , K - f .Q ia: 5 Q . . e " ' -.R f gg" S' N f' KN? H Q. Q K t -v Hx - my f s 5 3 Q 5 3 x -qi inn! 3 rv' M' K Sig mfs. -v iii? Q-'TQ' .N TEN' x. Q f 'Sax Q E fs ,G - -f v S, 75" ill ll? -QW, ..., ,N kk v . ' :ef 8 n '. . , V ,L , V! 5 46? i 4 I g g is 5 j Q' 1 5 3 Q Q e , X i A1 g 2 I ' IL ? 5 E ' il 34" E 2 f 5 9, . Q E K 'Xa 11- U .-,N 'M ,, W N f fr, I ,, K W XA, rf' MQ- an lf' :.'..-J as - 1 I .35 '- +,"1 ' 5' ' "f . mf' U, ,hffjf . f W, ' . ' x - '. A ' s 1 , tu Q 'T'-- , . ,, .., . 0. , ' 1 ' qtggil'-qgxfsayli ii ' 22: - " ""W-v 1.5 5' V L 3, p .4 A N i Q Hz- . 1 ,I . 3 K ' 'fi' B U f ' we -M SJ E 3 2 5? 5 . L X x F3 3 ' X15 aw Q-'gg s iv 5? -4- V we I 43-Wm ,Q f:'w.S 4' x a- iw I in . , 3 1 .-H ff iff, E .l5' K., 'f'-A EHR a erm w, we ,545 .fg- 1 I 41 A4 M4 9.422 ,,. ig 4 11 'S K,-Q A my ll ifififf 'xref scan 'ff - A 'Ju L i Sponsored by AUTO ELECTRIC SALES 85 SUPPLY CO. , Ardmore Ae 1959 ELLEN DOLLARHIDE Sponsor BOBBY MARTIN Editor-in-Chief 3 NEVA SHIRLEY " Business Manager 4 . fu, 5 S: D w-1 il x' 5' R SHARON HENDERSON - 'wi ' - ' WS Iumor Edrtor Q ,i 1 T' - -F Z' nw- E 4' K Y :vi ' X ,n - 13V 'Y - X ,lf 'ii 'Y in I ., 7, - , ,W - DON COMBS RICHARD SCHARMAHORN WANDA PALMER HARVEY DEAN staff Member sraff Member Staff Member Staff Member K., Sponsored by BOYD'S CLEANERS QP. V. Laundryj, Elmore City PAULA CA TLIN Sales Manager 1212 uczf cgfcyff I I-5 MARQUIETA STUBBLEFIELD Sports Editor LEONA MOORE Copy Editor BONNIE TOMLINSON l LONNIE COMBS Copy Educ: Sports Editor President Jerry Kennedy, Vice President Donald Moss, Secretary Ronnie McCaskill Sponsored by PARKEY'S GROCERY, Elmore City RHODES DENTAL CLINIC, Pauls Valley MAURICE CA NTWELL Instructor TOM WELCHER and DONALD MOSS with their hogs at Ardmore. 1 fi QL- g. ..Ql' ,5 ' ,OPT 4455 MAX' 'ESF 4' " -1 Qlcux. 9 DAN CROOM and ROYCE SE QRCY are walking their Duroc barrows. A 3.5 i TOM WELCHER is exer- cising his Berkshire barrow. i 3 DAVID GRIMES is showing off his LEON PIRTLE is getting his hogs welding shop skill. ready for the fat stock show. Sponsored by WASHITA VALLEY GRAIN, Pauls Valley af K' 1- ASQ 1 ""4!,,y BACK ROW: Paul Kennedy, Mickey Smith, Willard Moody, Terry Cagle, Wayne Russell. FRONT ROW: Sherry Mayberry, Linda Kennedy, Sue Park, and Debra Cagle. Bileta Paul' Song Leader' and Joe simmons' A Grade School 4-H Club with their sponsor Reporter' Mrs. Edna Smith. 4.9 Reggie Henderson showing his Champion S SOI d b Susan Vaughn working on her Food Prepara- Shorthorn Steer. Pon e Y U03 Pfolecf- MA RQUISE STUDIO Enid, Oklahoma Sharon Henderson, President, Linda Tomlinson, Vice President: Kathy Martin, Secretary Sponsored by CASSELL'S MOBILE STATION, Elmore City, and ARCHIE DOTSON SALVAGE, Satterwhite x Pat Atkins, Presidentg Lynda Fisher, Vice Presidentg Floy Bullard, Secretary. Sponsored by MERRIMAN'S GROCERY, Elmore City and J. C. MOORE, BUILDING CONTRACTOR, Hennipen 7 Q P G f 6 H ,, Em of T , ,,,, V' 3, w,4g,s.1+ 1'f::g.if ' 'E ,,.V ,,x3.f' ,T 'AV '::fa22,m:'qii2': Sponsored by RITZ THEATER, Elmore City DAIRY TEEN, Elmore City 5 IN, Mferkz MRS. BONNIE SMITH Supervisor QQ Vfkkkz- ' -- -- Sponsored by DAVIS WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY, Oklahoma City Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Parkey, Mrs. Tillery, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Garrett, and Mrs. Fowler. Sponsored by JOE CHRISTlAN'S D-X STATION Elmore City Ed Pyle, Charles Johnson and Clarence Brooks. Mr. Stubblefield, Mr. White, Mr. Christian, Mr. Shirley, Mr. Parkey, and Mr. Evans. - .... . ... ,..,. . ....., ........v.. ..,....H..,........--..f.uvnu,-un-unI..-u1.n.nrxnnu-n-'nununnrr.-unnnunnun.nn-lu'nn-nunn-.u,nu.-nnnnnn.u-,H-urn-nu-rnnumnnu..-.nnlvu-nuruuuun CHARLENA MAYBERRY Sponsored by McKEY OIL COMPANY, Elmore City PAULA CATLIN Q 4? J Sponsored HUGHES FEED STORE, Elmore City 41 1, 'fo Y RK NEVA SHIRLEY GLENDA BLANKENSHIP Sponsored by KENNEDY'S GROCERY, Satterwhite K Sponsored by PAULS VALLEY NATIONAL BANK, Pauls ff' GOLDEN 6912 Y!-?I2I2UGf J!-YIYQIZ OQI2 fs SHIRLY ROA DY GLENDA BLA NKENSHIP ,fr BONNIE MOORE Sponsored by SATTERWI-IITE'S GROCERY, Satterwhite Sponsored by HIGDON'S NURSERY, Wynnewood Qmk cgcfoof Cjarnzbafxff-?ffe120Q12f5 ' N 1 X I 1 N W 1 f ,f Q 29,5 1505007 . X K f -X n OfQCIQQ12 JOHNNIE FOWLER FRA NKYE CHILDRESS Ka, 594 217 'A ? X 9 , .L V Q, my '5 L, jgponsored by EMBmzLiN'S GROCERY, Katie 3923 2755 an Q weefgearfs GLENDA BLA NKENSHIP JIM YORK Sponsored by DRIVE INN, Maysville .-:ug Sponsored HANKINS STUDIO UaQ0fCf0r1dn LEONA MOORE ufaforzdn DON COMBS MRS. FAN JO POTTS, outstanding teacher of the year at Elmore City, is presented a savings bond by Elmore City High School Principal, Kenneth Mobbs. The First State Bank furnished the bond to be presented. Sponsored by STAR ENGRAVING COMPANY, Houston, Texas NEVA SHIRLEY, who represented our high school in the BOBBY MARTIN and LEONA MOORE were chosen 35 the Junior Miss America Contest, placed third. outstanding genigf boy and Senior girl, ...,........... . .. ,. ...,........ ......-....,., ............,, .....Um-........1,-..,...y H v--nm ' 'cya -vu..-7,-Q 'lui 'Nl funn By! swung.,- na, ,.,M.,y-f Sponsored by IVEY'S STYLE SHOP wry -siilfillihl' v',.:i!" 1' "lf Elmore City 0 OOM If BACK ROW: Reggie Henderson, Donnie Springfield, Tony Jones, Phillip Nation, Bryan Carlton, David Patton, Jerry Combs, Jim York, Jack Til- lery, Delayne Smith, Bill Mercer, Tommy LaMascus. FRONT Nz "1-" -l.L Sponsored by WASHITA VALLEY GRAIN Pauls Valley ROW: Wiley Garden- hire, Tom Brandt, Sam McCaski11, Bobby Martin, Don Gregg, David VanBuskirk, Ronnie Williford, Jerry Kennedy, Rich- ard Iohnson, Jimmie Edwards, Larry Jones. 'FT KM A M. . K o W . Miki Junzbr 2:4 S1 il: Sponsored by COMBS DRY GOODS, Elmore City pee Klee o7Qam ,af u -1 ,f 5 3 l 3 LL, A Ql5H -V, Qggggfjww Zib Aui, K l Se Q ' ' " ' 'H vu xx 'FIIQII ' . Nr wwf w w SB 'Q a Q 5 i gr" l .M A, 1 , v - 2 8 J iw ,ft E?-'Wg Agix mg? if y ' , f wM?MUg 3 , T v 5 ...":: 5 ff ' ' 'lWllld" I " 4 N kills-'il Sf. 'lf rf' V ' , Q If 5 1 :J , Left to right: Wanda Roady, Leona Moore, Floy Bullard, JoAnn Woolsey, Patricia Guthrie, Carol Wool- sey, Sue Emberlin, Ruth Golden, Glenda Blankenship, Alene Hayes, Marquieta Stubblefield, Bonnie Moore, Coach, Charles Burnett, Manager, Sherrie Brandon. 91246 7 J3a.fAef6a1f7Qam The Elmore City Girls' Basketball Team have been very successful the past four E y63.l'S. 1 5, In 1956-1957 they lost two games. They won the Conference, County Tourna- ment, District, Regional, and played in the Semi-finals of the State Tournament, also, placing second in the All-Girls' Toumament at Lindsay. - 'if Q vis-.T In 1957-1958 lost four games. They won the Conference, County Tournament, District, Regional, and All-Girls' Invitational Tournament at Lindsay, losing the first games to Harrah in the State Tournament. In 1958-1959 have not lost a game up to the present time. Won the All-Girls' Invitational at Lindsay. oach: CHARLES BURNETT In the State the girls in 1957-1958 were rated No. 3. In 1958-1959 they were rated the First team, and are doing their best to prove this rating correct. The girls' team have participated in 114 games and have only lost 6. Forwards MARQUIETA STUBBLEFIELD ALENE HAYES SUE EMBERLIN ,,.,....... gsm ,..f- mln Guards LEON A MOORE RUTH GOLDEN GLENDA BLANKENSHIP S is .I-I. O kJ Sponsored by EUDALEY S DRUG STORE Elmore Crty boys yjasfefgaf jeam 1955 1959 .TOE SIMMONS BOBBY MARTIN Z3 Silefif' 'f i JERRY comss DON COMBS Center BILL BLACKWOOD Forward Forward R., w xlib, x M' Q ' H W WK W ' H rel' 35' , f ir, fag 1 sf 4 5 Il ,tj 25 I: ,H ww- H V ,, his X sk? A 1-.un--I-.H U O I' QNX vu-Q3--...L M,,,.x,,,,fm4-gm aww 'S :'.-. r . BILL BLACKWOOD a Sponsored by C 8L W TANK CONSTRUC Jerry Kennedy, Presidentg Joe Simmons, Vice nd NORMA GARDNER TION CO., Elmore City Presidentg Leona Moore, Secretary. u uf e iii? 1 L T 4 5 Q4 4 BRANDT, TOM Football Track ANDERSON, JIM BLACKWOOD, BILL Band Basketball Class Favorite BULLARD, WILBUR FFA BULLARD, FLOY Basketball FHA, Officer Pep Club, Officer BUSH, ALICE Pep Club FHA Band Band Attendant CASSELL, MAX CATLIN, PAULA Band Band FHA Annual Staff Pep Club Band Attendant COMBS, LONNIE Basketball Track Annual Staff COUCH, CARL CLARK, HAROLD COMBS, DON Basketball Track Honor Student Class Officer Annual Staff GARDNER, NORMA Annual Queen Class Favorite Honor Student Band FHA FFA Sweetheart GARVIN, KENNETH FFA CONASTER, RANDALL DRENNAN, BOBBY Basketball Track GREGG, DON GRIM, ROBERT Football Football HAYES, ALENE Basketball Honor Student FHA Pep Club Student Council Class Officer All-State KENNEDY, JERRY FFA, President Class President Football fx 'inf alllll""' 'i' MARTIN, SUE Pep Club FHA Class Favorite Annual Attendant K. JOHNSON, ROY Band MARTIN, BOBBY A11-Conference Football, Basketball Track Football, Captain Editor of Annual Student Council VM Award Letterman's Club President Outstanding Student of ECI-I MCCASKILL, RONNIE FFA FFA, Officer MERRITT, IUANITA FHA Moss, DONALD FFA MCCASKILL, SAM MCNEIL, LARRY Football Band FFA Vocal Music MOORE, LEONA Basketball Honor Student Annual Staff FHA Officer PATTON, DAVID PHILLIPS, THELL Football FFA Band Class Secretary Outstanding Student of BCH I PARKEY, JEANETTE FHA Pep Club 91210119 ROA DY, WANDA Basketball Cheerleader FHA Class Reporter SHIRLEY, NEVA Honor Student SCHAMAHORN, RICHARD Annual Staff Band Honor Society B d SHOFFSTALL an JUDY Annual staff Band Band ciusen Ma jorette :ep 5 E d Pep Club oot a Atten ant FHA Student Council SIMMONS, JOE Basketball SMITH, JERRY Honor Society 4-H Officer wff' I J SPARKS, HM STUBBLEFIELD, Football MARQUIETA Basketball Annual Staff Pep Club Honor Student FHA WELCHER, BETH FHA Pep Club Glee Club WHITE, BETTY FHA Basketball MRS. PAUL MR. CHURCH Class Sponsor Class Sponsor 91210145 TOMLINSON, BONNIE VAN BUSKIRK, DAVID FHA Officer Honor Student Pep Club Basketball Annual Staff Football FFA WELCHER, TOM YORK, JIM Football Basketball Track Student Council 1 .-p.--'-""""'- STANLEY WOOLSEY and KA Y NEWELL Sponsored by VAUGHN FUNERAL HOME, Elmore City. Wiley Gardenhire, Presidentg Elmer Garvin, Vice Presidentg Dora Childress, Secretary. I. C Q F exif' I' 4 1 ' s rl . an f ,fd 111210119 ADKINS, PAT BEGLEY, SLA DA BLA NKENSHIP, GLENDA BRISTER, MARY BRYAN, GERALD CARLTON, BRYAN CHILDRESS, DORA CHILDRESS, GENE CHILDRESS, FRANKIE COBB, PAT COPPENBA RGER, LA NELDA CROOM, ANN CROON, DAN EMBERLIN, SUE FISHER, LYNDA FOWLER, JOHNNIE GARDENHIRE, WILEY GARRETT, CHARLES GARVIN, ELMER 'md .f -.nv-Ma-P' RQN. 95? GIBSON, ANNA GOLDEN, RUTH GREGG, IRENE GRIMES, DAVID GUTHRIE, GLENNITA GUTHRIE, PATRICIA HARDY, LYNDA HENDERSON, SHARON HURSH, VIRGINIA JOHNSON, GAYLE JOHNSON, RICHARD KITTRELL, CARLENE LAMASCUS, TOMMY LEE, MARTHA LIGHT, KENNETH MARTIN, KATHY MARTIN, PAULINE MATHIS, NELLIE IOITS' 1 Sponsored by C. N. STEVENS MOTOR CO. Elmore City YFQWBQQ MCCASKILL, VANIS PARKEY, JACKIE MCGREGOR, IERLYN PATTERSON, DEWAYNE NATION, PHILLIP PERRY, CLEAVEN MAYBERRY, LATRICLA NEWELL, KAYE PIRTLE, LEON MERCER, BILLY NIPPER, LEROY PRIMROSE, RONNIE MORPHEW, HUBERT PALMER, WANDA PYLE, EDD ln . .. .3 PHOYO NOT AVAILABLE unzbrs PYLE, JOAN PYLE, KAY RANKIN, JUDY ROBERTS, WARREN ROA DY, THOMAS SEARCY, ROYCE SMITH, MAXINE STOVER, BILL THOMAS, NORMA TOMLINS ON , LINDA TURNER, SALLY WARD, JOE WHITE, DEWAYNE WILLEFORD, RONNIE WOOLSEY, JO ANN WOOLSEY, STANLEY MRS . SMITH MR. 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