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S If Q 53 T35 w Sli 'GBQ Badg I' ir L by members of the Senior Class, who hope that in its pages you will find remlnders of pleasant associations and happy hours, and that for you it will prove to be a valued record of the year 1941 at Elmore 61125 Qfzglrscfroo 7 J is compiled and presented for your enjoyment In honor of our Senior sponsors Miss Carmoleta Vaughn and Mr Lee Lewis, we the Senior Class of 1941, respectfully dedicate this vollme of THE BADGER By their kind and patient guidance we have advanced another step toward the higher ideals of life They have not only served the students of this school as worthy friends, sharlnv our problems and making our search for knozledge more en joyable They are loved and respe ted by all who come in contact w1th them Their ad vice, assistance, and encouragement have been indispensable in the preparatlon of our lives to meet the obstacles ln our chosen fields of endeavor The Senlor Class and a host of friends, join in wishing them contlnued success and happiness in their task of teaching others In every comm nity there are certaln people who are foremost in promoting civic enterprises In this c1ty such phi1anthrop1sts could justly be called boosters of Elmore Clty Wrthout the suPP01't Of these business and professional men and women, this publication would have been impoes1b1e As we, the Sen1ors of 1941, be11eve 1n falf Play, '0 pledge our support and patronage to these contributors in the publica tion of the Elmore City Annual si- "5 -I 1 ' ' N I !'1,,lJn1f X 7 O ., advisors and instructors, but as trust- fl ' .K 'Bef ' . 1 , 2613. vi V1 4:14 1 W R Go1nS,Suporintondent For THEIR untiring efforts to launch forth our school on another successful year we should like to express in our ineffective way the respect and appreciation we feel toward our Superintendent and Board of Education The Student Body Dr C L Sullivan, Clark ' we Dale Lindsey Director G901'Se Graves, Wimbel' 1-5 pf QP' f . 7 X 1 11' 1 I . .-'X 9 Q 0 .p at 'Q' Q: y it pf 5 . ,, L f sf xx 'X ' l I A , lQQf5r AsgJ'Qf'f V 43 :L . ,', , . vc, . Rafe? ,, s."' , f I--A 'I 1 ' "Q?n'SQV'fF'?" fv ' ' 'Y3VPQ NH 4 div' , . ,,.w,, .' .4 yhv Y-3. HH . Pearl Brewer Grade School Princ lpal 'AQ -Q Essie Shirley 3- 8 Patrina Kelley ,r Laura Mae Lindsey -701 ws' . . REL i ilvr ' Lee Lewis Lonnie Milburn High School Principal Q15 Roy Speaks ling School Principal Frances Abernathy Goldia Anderson af 'W Carmoleta Vaughn C. 43 IB H-4 s Q Alice Caldwell Nolan Wade Evelyn Vaughn gg GR Melven Stockton Orville Knight ' , .v "' J. J, f . I, , V A r 'N wr . Q,s, .. 1 1 oo. , ,b -gr W 1 i ' 4 , ' . W - .! ,Q 1- IA . , , QglQ f' HIM 8 -N -.. D , I z.1 J! ' 1? Q1 , x ' ', '. ,. 1 ' .. 1 , Q ,f , . 4 , I ' . -' 4 V4 7 I -J is ' t - -f .,.5 f " v v' 1- "' V H , . . -r, , 4-.,-.1 5 wgcc-uvg'4-gan-1 , mm 4 ':.',f" -3- - - - ' ,ref -hH:w,v-:n,vg-J' ' l ,www 4-knobs.-: v.:q:,n1g. 3 Q . C907 H. T.....,.3.t.:.. 3,.1,..:..,., V.. , . r V jg x-::,,.,'.' .g'g:.g:'- Q. W ' -- -'JG 'V+'-.'-1',.g.'-Q,-" , .. HIGHSCHOOL ADMINISTRATION BUILDIWG iu .5 GYMNASIUM 1'-T-ii HOME ECONOMICS and INDUSTRIAL ARTS lb it l T' Alf Drennan BADGER STAFF The Badger staff is chosen from the Senior class with representatives from the other three classes Ruth Welch Editor Adell Cross Cletus Terrell Christeen Paul Dortha Nash Ivan Dell Ashley Betty Jo Richardson Donald Adams Miss Patrina Kelley Adviser Sketches 8 Printing Guy Brewer A John R Eskridge 23 .'-lit- Ns.-4- ?N Q . X 44 f? . f l ll! x,,,.....! 9 VN Left to right Faye Burch, junior representative, Russell Moore senior representative, Claudine Burch, sophomore representative, Chrlstlne Lerriman, Vice President Herman Cottrell, President, Imogene Cottrell, sec retary, Jo Dean hc Key, senior representative, Velma Jean Lindsey, freshman representative, Fern Burch, freshman representatlve, Alva Brooksher, sophomore representative, and Harold Bradley, junior representative STUDENT EUUNEIL The governing board of the student body is the Student Council. It is composed of two representa- tives from each class together with three officers elected from the candidates of the three upper classes. All students are members of the organization which works toward obtaining the best administration of student affairs. -' , A aj 7 , I A M ILA, " ' 'e 4 t JL Q ,O X , 1- A I - v' -. U 'V V , , v E .,,. - 1 - 5 s . if , ,, W iw' 1 A V , . -4 at 4 I Q ' W H vi " Q : - , , . . 5 - g a I o Adell Cross President Valedictorian Badger Staff F H O C ub Dramatics xxx: CLASS OFFICEHS Presldent Adell Cross Vlce President Herman Cottrell Secretary Treasurer Cletus Terrell Reporter Ruth Welch Sponsors Miss Vaughn and Mr Lewls ii!! CLASS COLORS Red, White, and Blue itil CLASS FLOYER Red Rose YYY' CLASS MOTTO HThe Door to Success is labeled 'Push'H ' Wifajvf ...X ...Q .. ,., .' Q. ,.' . . . . l .l V ....-...-..- ... S 00000 I ill .- Ol IOC!!! ....... -......-. ...... .vo Q l Y 1 AP Q-I fix Donald Adams Basket Ball Baseball 4 H Club Student Council QQ Billie B Birch Trio Band Glee Club Dramatic! ,Q ,I Gig, 9-1 Ruth Blackburn Glee Club Band Dramatica f 931 'Qff -3. Clifford Butts Herman Cottrell Arthur Daniel 4 H Club Student Council Basket Ball Dramatics Dramatica Baseball Glee Club Band Basket Ball Journalism Club 'S -Q., Nenona Brown Glee Club F H 0 Club Softball Pep Club nfl X Jayne Davis F F A ' "' !" .4 " ga 7 5, v NN.sv X53 QR? it J! 45- , n Jim Dickenson John Robert Eskridge Elizabeth Graves Irene Griffin Bond 4 H Club Band State Honor Soc1ety Dramatic! Oratlon Library Staff F-14.0 Club Journalism Club n x 'I , i l Q . -n ' -Ti L 1 .J " x ' ' b x gf X x 'K' . --.i 'Hb lj X IY' i . f 2 ' I 'N l 4 f n M. A l ,XV . g?iv ,.,K egg .- .' " sv C C -B , r, i . if .1 I-fx ,.a - K I ',, - A is C 0 v . nb v. C V' C ' fs , , ..- 5 : -v -SA I.: ,z ' x . .p QY' "' '. 'nfs' N-' m ,X ffl: 2, fvfyxx Ax" A vw 'w?'7 NSJ LW- ggn"'x' QAXX' B - ww 1 T ,N f ' at xv Jethro Heath Band Student Council ,5'Cl ,psf X i Earl Maness Jr Baseball Wrestling Q 'W 'Q 3 Jo Dean McKey Student Counc1l 1 ii Edna Maye Johnson Band Basket Ball 4 H Club Pep Club IK Christine Merriman Trio Dramatic: Glee Club Student Council 'QQ5 1 'W HH P Jane LcNei1l Basket Bell Softball Dramatice Ametha Kennedy Band F F O Club Pep Club or fs j r Joe Lindsey Basket Ball Baseball Band 4-H Club Q' Russell Moore Dramatics Y 'EY ,df 5' it .-Ni 3' Lenora McCaskil1 Journalism Club Library Staff :F Daphine Norvill Sherman Osborn F H 0 Club Band Dramatics Junior Reeves Basket Ball Baseball 4-H Club Band 8 K Salutatorian Basket Ball Band Badger Staff 'IVY Betty Jo Richardson Glendale Roberts Henry Roberts Baseball Baseball Band Ban glae Club Basket Ball Q. ,gp lub rv af' f"' 'T IL PQ? Martha Romine Betty -T0 Smith M B Sm th Cletus Terrell Basket Ball Band Band Softball State Honor Society Dragaticg L1brary Staff Dramatice Pep Club 47:- Roy Thompson Baseball Basket Ball 4-.f-5 Ruth Welch Badger Editor Band Glee Club Journalism Club at Trio Band Salutatorian DflmBt1C8 Glee Club 96,1 ..-P0 if Marie Walker Orville Nalker Glee Club Dramatice F H O Club CC ass Histo 'M'- Since early childhood we have been constantly cautioned nRemember, it is highly essential that you prepare now for the futuren Nith this aim as our guide, eighty three Freshmen enrolled at the Elmore City High School in the fall of 1937 Green and inexperienced we stumbled through this first long year, following the leadership of our class officers and de pendable sponsors At the reorganization of our class in 1938 we found that our enrollment had decreased We met this obstacle however with a keen class spirit and elected the following officers president, Christine Merriman, vice president, Betty Jo Smith, year we also succeeded in obtaining an OfflC6P in the Student Council Ruth Welch, our candidate, was elected Secretary treasurer, and served that office well As Juniors our responsibilities increased First we re organized our class, changing officers again Arthur Daniel was elected president, Jethro Heath, vice president, and Cletus Terrell secretary treasurer The Junior Class Play NGrandma Goes hollywoodu, several clever assembly programs, and the appropriate Cowboy Banquet were all very successful Surely nothing remained to be accomplished Now it is '41 and only thirty seven, of the vast Freshmen class of elghty three, remain to be graduated Our highschool records have been remarkable from an intellectual standpoint, and our years together at E C H S have been intertaining and pleasant As Seniors, we shall always remerber The Trlo, The Edmond Tournament of 41, The Easter Pageant, WThe Secret Door The Flesta, and Graduation We are still looking forward with confidence, but there shall always be backward glances some vague and restless, longlng for that whicr is no more We are greatly indebted to the faculty, our sponsors, and class officials who have expressed their loyalty to us in a tanglble manner with their friendly cooperation and helpful instruction we have reached our immediate goals, and our hands are placed forward to open the door to success, labled Push' 0 Q I? , J U 1' 7 ' Q secretary-treasurer, Mary Helen Brewer. During our Sophomore - . , ll I. CLASS OFFICERS President Yvonne Drennan Vice President Edison Grimes Reporter Armintha Pickett Sponsors Miss Abernathy and Mr Speaks 1444! CLASS COLORS Red and Nhite lklkilk CLASS FLOWER Red Carnation Ikiklklk CLASS MOTTO Uwe build the ladder by which we climbn fm XX 4 Secretary-Treasurer : I . : I : : I :Ethel Marie Brewer I Beaty Overton Bradley Yvonne Drennan Burton Hensley , Q Floyd McKey jr .9 -v. w . v 'T Christeen Paul :JI Harold Bradley Geneva Bfles Vivienne Evans T ,Z pu' Helen hinkle Odell Mclanus Armintha Pickett Ethel Marie Brewer Leon Burch Cleta Graves Earl Horton Buster lulgrovo Euella Brown Carl Childress Edison Grimes Lutie Jo Hudson Ji '5?. Herbert lation m lelba Dora Bell Pickens Rose I Louise Bryant Nettie Pearl Crooms Q Wilde Dean Henderson Alice Holland -f lary Lou Norvill -Y Pays Louise Dillingham Marian Harmon Ninfred Long 4' Mary Ruth Parks Billy Joe lla Lee Pyle Robinson Otha June Cagle Juanita Cunnis Maurice Guthrie Comilla Lerriman if Paterson , 5 -V-1 ' ff 'fl Floyd Pool f ...Q 1-Q 41' paul Geneva Winona Joleen Smitk Thomas Thompson Weaver Selby Class History '13 A 11. " g O V511 'mai Nd,,l Eighty Freshmen entered the Elmore City high School in 1938 determined to follow the council given in the proverb, Pick vour peak and climb After the rigid initiation given to us by the Seniors, our greeness was somewhat subdued and we became full pledged highschool students During the year, our class boasted the larg est number in the band, walked away with both Band Queen and Carnival Queer honors, Helen hinxle receiving these, ard produced the best forward ever to enter El ore high School, tary Ivy As Sophonores, we developed a class spirit that couldn't be beat In the Student Co1nc1l election 59 we obtalne the two major offices of President and Vice President, due to the splendid supyort of our sister class, the Freshmen In celebratlon ox this victory we lower classmen buried in effigy the loslng Junlors and Seniors Since a few Band Queen was not chosen for '39, Helen Hinkle again accepted this honor in her sophorcre year It was fron our ranks also, that a larger magorit, of the Glee Club was composed We embarked upon our Junior year, bravely assuming the responsitilitie of upper cla smen As a res lt we had a large number of students who made the State Honor Society, several who maintained outstanding 4 H club records, ircluding state and natlonal honors, and others who received extra curricular recognltion such as dist rict officers of the F H 0 club, Band Vajorette yearsl, and basket ball esteem The Junior play 'Listen to Leonu proved to be a grand success, and never was appreciation so genuinely expressed, as in the lovely Fiesta given by the Juniors in honor of the Senior class have en remember our two Spiced in among our routine activities, we joyed several skating parties this year, and we various picnics and line parties enjoyed during previous years in highschool. It is with sincere admiration the Juniors bid farevell to the Seniors, wishing them every success in life. We shall loyally do our best to carry on the fine NSchool Spiritn demonstrated by them during their four years at E. C. H. S. I at ku A L, Q I A. ,I f '4. I Q v, gt I . x -wk ,-1 , ,Z L., X . Y " if , 3 M U E. D 0 li V U ln t ' -A ii . ni ' -U11 N' xvff- c -:tn if 'LZ ll A ' Q .ll M , ' ' of " ' ff - . . . A ' cs I President CLASS OFFICERS Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sponsors Miss ttti CLASS COLORS Pink and Blue kit? CLASS FLOWER Pink Carnation iii! MOTTO Ulndependent ever, neut Bruce Lindsey Jack Skelton Ethel Cross Imogene Cottrell Kelley and Mr Wade ral nevern Colleen Robert Aileen Guy Floyd 46, ,ss p Adams ,Q Aleeta Brcoksher L-.fl Jennie Mae Bryart T arolyre Ellis as Virginia Moss Inez Primrose Abshure Allene Beaty Neta Vae Cottrell There a Edw rds na Moore Adams Alva Brooksher Imogene Cottrell Dorothy Glenn Verbon lonasco 81' "7 Q Billy Joe Geneva Pyle Simmons 'Q' Beeson lardena Beaty i Ethel Cross Lary Etta Holland fx Milford HcCur1ey Brewer Ruby Be O Ll O P-5' DO-5 UGO Ill Es C Raymond Johnson Dortha Nash 0 il Brogdon William Brockman Inez Ellis 0 x Norma Lee King Dortha Horvill Orvill Jack Robert Selby Skelton Stewart Claudine Burch Junior Blackwood bert Ellis S Bruce Lindsey 'Rn- David Price Ray Smith . f- -1 v , , - Y - be 1 I h I 5, -J Q! -JL 07" iw W' . lv ' ws. . Q I rx R YY, Q , l Y' ' , i' js x3 . x' I I ' 1 i R. B. ' , if . . 4 -G - ff 1 .1 I , 4? 0 I, 3 'X Q - E-fv .:- - , f , , r , ' a . - V 1 X , x " x' 5 ' fy 'I R6 S . N I' v x YH H Z 4, X-X X X l. I Q ' , A ' 1 11 R v A 5 . 'I V. ' l, y A Z 4 J x I ' 1 "il, ,ji if :H v . Q ' , 1' Z .- . ,' K X R A Ro , Y le, na? K -5 ', I , .-.. AA., 1 1' , , a K 5, , a I w 2 , V V,V, V -4 ' ' ' Y , - " - " Y .. f AH "QL , X.. 4' , 'A X 1 . . --' t f ll R x ffl X N :'.l,5l'Wl . - fn' M . - y as ' . I ef ' l. ' X T, 4 , 1 5 - - 2 .. gt t , K3 W -y If I 'fV: 1 w N' A,-' i Y' ' ' 'r X W I A l I 7 3 s 1 v - 4, V ' 1 , J- , Q ' 1.'f, Q f I L - 1 A g I H ', 'A ' A -x is k 5' iff as - , R 4 A 7 'f . ' 1 Q' Q- W . - -.ff .xi ' , 1' N I 7 x - i XL4, -40 R ' Doris smith 43 Stewart Off? VN-5. l. -7 lurel Towery 4 I9 all 5 1 Y Jack Nadire Alice har, hell Lawana Christine Terry Tutor We cher Nelcher Wickware Lillus Washichek Class H sto nuud?nuunu I lllIlllllIllll g 0-,A 1 'SUM' Our Class History began in the eventful when we entered the Elmore City High School greeness we made a splashing record with the boys intra class tournament and the election Freshman class as secretary treasurer of the In September 1940 when our class met to ywroflQ94C In spite of our victory of the of a member of the Student Council reorganize it was somewhat smaller in number, but still as strong and eager to win We elected as class officers: Bruce Lindsey, president Jack Skelton, vice president, Ethel Cross, secretary treasurer Virginia Moss, Yell leader, and Imogene Cottrell, class reporter Our first victo y of the year was the winning of both boys and girls intra class tournaments The next scoring of our peppy little class came with the election of Imogene Cottrell as secretary treasure of the Student Council And following this event, came the Carnival and Carnival Queen campaign A a class we did everything possible to see our candidate elected Queen And as fate would have it Aleta Brooksher, the So homore candidate, did receive thls honor Ne earned the sum of 554 which was the largest amount of money turned in by any class With all of these ac'1vit1es, the Sophomores found time for recreation Tre two outstanding recreational events were our skating party at Poila and the entertaining of the Freshmen class We have enjoyed our first two years at E C H S and are eagerly looking forward to our remaining years may they be as eventful and successful as these two have been - LN f , .a ., " J, sv ,gig 4 A . ' x vw I1 i tg , uk" 1 ,G . it I 5 Ji' A' if 4 ig -ET -i o 149' A 1 - 9 - - - 3 I' 1 Q . S ' ' . ' .70 Q:-1 CLASS OFFICERS President Billy Stephens Vice Presldent Marvln Gilllspie Secretary Treasurer Madell Skelton Reporter Sponsors Mrs Shlrl tlklkrk CLASS COLORS Silver and Blue 4412? CLASS FLOWER Violet 28101184 MOTTO HExcelsiorH Fern Burch ey and Mr Stockton 36' -av Wilma Je'9l Allen Adkins vu '5 Fern Burch Dolph Dye Jr Captola Harmon fu Graves Edward lcKey Waunice Simmons John Kent Brewer 9' I Dye Harry Henniger Paul lcCask11l Charlene Simmons Ivan Dell Ashley Kenneth Butts Clifford Daniel Floyd Johnson rl' 'Q Cordie lassegee Lola Smith Barnes '1 ..,1 'rl Louise Berniece Floyd Burch Brockman Brovn Rosalyn lary Joe Curtis Crooms ,Q he Marvin Gillespie Velma Jean Lindsey "'x Q'- Pearl lusgrove ladell Skelton Era Mae Glenn Billy lcKey Doris larton Gerald Sparks Charlie Childress A? Gena lerl Graves 'Q Goldie lcGee Cora Roberts Leroy Dotson Emma Jean Binkle -6 Calvin lcCurley 7 Jim Delbert Roady Edgar Billy Sparks Stephens l, 46 fv- ,an Eugene Jack Owen helch hastichek -L 147 14 Lois Georgia uusap s ith Jr Gibhart West CC as HISWTY 5 . Clk! '1"0 1 l l it i1 'k fl l 1 It was ir the historic year of 194C 41 that our class ristory begar In September, much to our surprise, the Seniors failed to initiate us, but never was negligence so delightfully received by Freshren Because of this neglect we have made a splendid record and are proud of it Our president, Billy Stevens, successfllly proved to us his ability in being a capable leader The officers elected to serve with him were Yarvin Gillisple, vice president, Ladell Skelton, secretary treasurer and Fern Burch reporter Our rep resentatives to the Studert eouncil were Fern Burch and Velma Jean Lindsey The events which we have contested during the year consisted of the Student Council electicn, Intra class basket ball tourn aments, and the Carnival Queen electior In each of these con tests the Freshmen have been unusually enthusiastic We had six Freshmen who made the State Honorary Society, seven in the Band, and nine in the Glee Club Ne are also proud of the fact that kadell Skelton, A Freshman, made the Girls Basket ball team, and played in a number of games The high light of the Freshman year came with our skating party at Cedar vale, April 21 Out of this year together at Elmore will grow personal friendships whlcr will last a life time To the school goes our true devotion, and may our lives be enriched during the coming three years at Elmore, as they have been in the year just completed Us Erwin Morris . V if J . sq 'ling' 'g-"N 4' Im,-L 'ta '1 " - , gg, A S 1:- J A . q Fx W' xgqil 3, 2 X 1 . U, L. H o O, 1 n N- ' vel' ! . 1 SJ' .2 . ' . ' a 6 First Row Second Row .JLA La Home Lynn, Evelyn Alexander, Lois Bell, Vlolet Sanders, Iris Hipp, Eunice Priest, Beulah Oden, Kathryn Jackson, Uillle Marie Ficklin, Gloria Sue Crabtree William Lee Cunnis, Kent Nation, Jean Ray Drennan, Junior Herrlage, Loy C Bell, Howard Osborn, James Everett Terrell Carl Leon Roberts, M153 Breyer First Row Second Row Third Row Zetta Ruth Cornwell, Oma Moore, Lena lae Dan1els, Helen Jean Blackburn, Wanda Martin, Verta Mae Smith, Charlotte Ann Welch, C A Romine, Willie Ray Bell, Sannde Pyle Ima Letia w11118m80D, Imogene Mann, Anna Bell Ferrell, Norma Louease Kennedy, Paula Harman, Ida lae Dunn, Elva Lee Robert son, Bessie Branstetter, Valda Smlth, Wilburn Furr, Rad Cagle, Ray Cagle, J H Glass, Jimmie Paul lr Knight, Cecil Simmons, Leon Horton, Ferold Mc Kay, John Walters Stephens, Joe Paul Garner, Billie Bishop, Billie Earl Butts, John Dill Graves, Hollis Branstetter, Paul D111 Jr., John William Bush. 'I 9 09 ,R OO IC 4 .. .. oo . N mi k - I I . . .. e ' D .. , X ' Y .f 5' ' ' e I ' . . ,,, . O A .al if 5 . i the-y V, fs ' , lu ' ' ,, A' l k V 4 ' 4 . Y ' , 5 v fbi - j . W A1 ' eff' 45 e l KAI' 4' T . -Vx . W 5-, w H 4 m 1 9 ,A l I . K' ' l' Lv: , 12h I ' I , 11. L.,,,c Q. I 3 un , .qi 5 J f Y 1 V jr fggx ' . y ' T? h Mai, E4 f h Q .-...wma on fl! 0' ,lull I"l IIIICIIIVO 14 DD-I-I 02000145 -l'l'l-Tl 149601 aa. mini Ei wi m 07945 -NDN -'ll .bij 1. kv F , 1 ,ff 4' ,rf Egatvgi-Ifaw' vin: 9'-' 4 iw' if mv 4 uxpfa 4' f OAK GROVE BUILDING OAK GROVE SCHOOL First to Eighth Grade 'We 3 WWA QS' S7 ffw 2 CLOff 1 Z f XM? W Q PLY WW Qi W ff' I 2 Wig! XQ -xx 1 4 ix L 1 'lv 43.26, 2 3 - A Q 17,1 , J 1 E, jj ff Q I 9 0 vzl f ,, 1- , L 4' ! Q H23 I P u , -T' 1, ff gz. 1 2 sf fx! ff"-rf BAND QUEEN Cletus Terrell gq Q " . A ' .' , 9 I k N of ' .S .',L ' g Q 0 .J . .' P .1 f va . li ifiisx! T The Elmore City Band under the capable direction of lelvin Stockton and the leadership of Christeen Paul as Drum Major has made a very excellent showing in all the Band Trips made this year Among the most well knounwere two trips to Ada, a two day trip to Shawnee, one to Purcell and the very commendable exhibition made at the '89ers celebration in Guthrie The Band is looking forward to an even better, larger and more successful year in 1941 42 than in the year just completed CLARINETS Betty Jo Smith, Geneva Thomas, Wilda Dean Henderson, Edna Mae Johnson Mary Ruth Parks, Ametha Kennedy, Ethel Marie Brewer CORNETS Ruth Welch, Jim Dickerson, Betty Jo Richard son, Helen Hinkle, Emma Jean Hinkle, Norma Lee King, Floyd Brown, U L Smith TROM ONES Billie B Birch, Sherman Osborn, Glendale Roberts TUBA Herman Cottrell SAXAPHONES: Christeen Paul, Jethro Heath, ladell Skelton, Billy Stevens. SOUSAPHONE: Edison Grimes, Henry Roberts. ALTO HORNS: Floyd lc Key Jr., Joe Albert Lindsey, Herbert Nation, Eugene Welch. DRUIS: H. B. Smith, Elizabeth Graves, Ruth Blackburn, Cletus Terrell, Cora Roberts. 'Qi 4 Qi -.gha xt X The Trio consists of Cletus Terrell, Billie B Burch and Christine Kerrimn who are graduating Seniors These three glrl a have made as many public performances ae any other group in Elmore However, the1r scope of entertainment has not been local We sincerely hope their graduation will not separate then, but will only be a step toward greater achievement :Ln the musical world C 3-UWLQ, I 161 tx fs., X83-... Left to Right Armintha Pickett Wilda Dean Henderson, hrs Robert Shirley, Christeen Paul Wilda Dean Henderson and Armintha Pickett Foods Demon stration team, placing first in the county contest and Grand Champion in Manual project for 1941 Mrs Robert Shirley Elmore City 4 H Club Coach Christeen Paul's Timely Topic, 'Health and National Defenseu, placed first in Colnty and Grand Champion in County Contest SZ' .X ,.. ,O 'A - -- x Q ! T, 3 f . J., 'H V, ,f .. A,.s Fiat! I , , I :A S . ' I ' 5 " 1 . 7 I . . , . .A 173. ,K , ' . X A .- -4 0 f-2' ' O ..f, Blix ,Aw 9 f . 2 i,....,.r,hs'i5 'K Af? nk-Vw X Q ' ' "' ,, ,, V , . I I W.. - if , mah' , , I i ,X 5 ' he -- 4 R" Q., ' s , 1 U . w K 1-S, ' . l U ' . h an l-.Y,,,d A V L . l . M V " ' g,q, F M , ,ii s AJ 2 f 9 ' . - , 0 1- ,S ,V 1' ' ' . g - T .' i . 1 . . ' n 1 Q GIRLS GLEE CLUB UPPER GRADE MIXED CHDRUS ll ll iii I H il LDWER GRADE MIXED CHORUS I i li' I ' .V f,,T'2 3, A A I Z -i f 1 ig " , . I fffgu I . fl . ' . ' ' A I 1 4 ' I ' r' - A - ., J 4 ' ' A ' N 1- 5 ' ' - I.-4 .A ' :- " . I I I f I .011 0 , ,A . g- -' V - . . Q-'Rx 1 R Lef 11 'CO right coach lr Levi., Leon Buren, E D Selby, Arthur Daniel, Overton Bradley, David Price, Donald Adams, R B Abeure, Harold Bradley, Alva Brookeher, Supt lr Goine Inset: Junior Reeves The Elmore Badgers opened the season with one of the most promising outlooks in years During the season these boys played in 25 games and scored 779 points with an average of 31 points per game In the Garvin County Tournament we defeated ending the game with a tie Pauls Valley, playing on her own court, recieved all the advantages and won by scoring 2 points during the Ntie periodn The Elmore Badgers entered the worlds largest tournament at Edmond in A class, showing what a Basket Ball machine Elmore really had In the tournament we defeated Cushing Straud, Putman City, Shawnee and Yukon We were well paid for our efforts by recieving the WAN class plaque which stands out above all others Later we entere the District Tournament at Maysville, eliminating four outstanding teams: Washington, Lexington, Lindsey, and haysville Here we won a trophy as winners of the d1str1ct', an honor not recieved by Elmore for three years We were eager to win the Regional Tournament and go to the state The conditions looked promising when we defeated Lone Grove, but all hope vanished when we lost to Marlow in the finals Although we were eliminated in the Regional Tournament we had a very successful season, defeat ing some of the best teams in the State Wynnewood and went to the finals with Pauls Valley, ll I. Left to right Martha Romine, Jane llc Neill, Betty Jo Richardson Llllun Waehichek, Ethel Cross, Imogene Cottrell, lelba P1ckene, Juanita Cunnuis, Helen Hlnkle, Lutie Jo Hudson, and Coach Mr Lewis The 1940 41 basketball squad, considered one of the best in years, went through the season of eighteen games with thirteen victories The squad's five defeats came from the Wynnewood Savages who later won the state championship In spite of the five defeats, the Badger ettes gathered in 525 points to their opponents total of 436, demonstrating a powerful scoring machine In the Garvin County Basketball Tournament we elimi nated haysville and went to the finals with Wynnewood, but were defeated by nine points Later we entered the Thirteenth District Tournament at kaysville Here we eliminated Rosedale in our first game with a score of 36 28 We met with some worthy competition in our next game, the Lindsey sextette, winning the closest game of the tournament by only one point 30 29 Hughes was the next unfortunate victim to meet the Badgerettes, who spun them through a game which ended in our favor with a score of 42 31 In the finals the Elmore lassies again met with the Wynnewood Savages and gave them a battle royal The scores at the half were tied but our worthy opponents flounced into a ten point lead which they held through- out the remaining part of the game. This climaxed the season, as we were then eliminated from our chance at the state championship. The team will feel the loss of three seniors this year: McNiell, Richardson, and Romineg but all are look- ing forward to another successful season in 1941-42. L- eg JDK egg? 0 ,v 7 41 .xx ' ' 'of 4 H Club The Elmore City 4 H Club has an enrollment of 45 members President Harold Bradley Vice President Billy Stephens Secretary Christeen Paul Coaches Irs Shirley and W R Goins The Club They won placed Second Clifford Crops Judging Club Congress has been very active in 1940 41 the District Model meeting Contest and in County Butts and Overton Bradley were on the Team that placed first in National 4 H in Chicago Their pictures appeared on the cover page of the Crops 4 H Club Manual for 1941 Otha June Cagle and Dortha placed first in the County Dairy Demonstration Contest Jim Delbert Roady and Clifford Butts placed first in County Livestock Demonstration Contest Wilda Dean Henderson and Armintha P1Ck9tt were County Grand Champion Foods Team and will represent the County at the 4 H Club Roundup at Stillwater Christeen Paul was County Grand Champion in Timely Topic and will represent Garvin County at the 4 H Round up in Home Improvement Demonstration and Tlmely Topic Harold Bradley was a Garvin County Representative at the American Royal Fat Stock Show in Kansas City K , 3 'sign ' ,AFHc IE 1. b " 9 'Tl ' w Y H ' ' M- k 1 1 Q I 7, v 4 - ' 5 W 14 u ' si ,QF 'ip 4? E -. E, A :. -Ls A, Q 4,ff TPI: . 'halt' Q if 'Q JI ' A' S, 4 'VI W-I ' 'J .'."" V' lg JL, ' ' ' V? JH , 's 8, .44 Mele SPEECH PLAY The Secret Door Left to Plgrt ll B Smith, J1m Dickenson, Betty Jo Smith, Billie B Burch, Herman Cottrell, Clifford Butts, Ruth Blackburn, Gletue Terrell, Adell Cross, and seated Christlne Merriman Below Russell Moore and Herman Cottrell The Play was centered around e farm house that had been abandoned by a farmer, who had murdered his W1f6 and dau hter The ghost of the daughter appeared every nivht at midnight, from a secret door The house was used as a hideout for kldnappers A photographer, who wanted to take e picture of the ghost, trapped the kidnappers and returned the kidnapped girls to their parents J I... 311. - I L.. , U ny ALETA BROOKSFER, Carnival Queen Attendants Madell Skelton, Daphine Norvill Mary Ruth Parks tlr il' 4 xAllINl -3 i ,yr F H 0 CLUB The future Homemakers of Oklahoma was organized in Elmore City High School February, 1940 The offlcers for 1941 were elected the following fall These girls were elected as officersx Chairmen Adell Cross Vice Chairman Wilda Dean Henderson Sec A Trees Ametha Kennedy Advisor Frances Abernathy Club Mother Mrs Les Brewer The act1vities of the year were started with a Friendship tour when the girls vislted home economics departments in four adjoin1ng communities laysville, Stratford, Vanoss and Wynnewood The following made the trips Christeen Paul, lslba Pickens, Ethel Marie Brewer, Faye Burch, Hilda Dean Henderson and Frances Abernathy In February the F. H. 0. girls attended the district rally at Healton. The Elmore City Club had charge of the installat1on and 1n1tiation meetingg Christeen Paul acted as chairman and Dortha Nash was elected to represent this group at the state rally in Oklahoma City. At the general meeting two girls from our club were elected as district officers for the following year. They were: Christeen Paul, Chairman and Dortha Nash, Secretary and Treasurer. At the state rally 1n Oklahoma City only four girls were able to attend. They were Ethel Marie Brewer and Faye Burch, who served as delegates, Dortha Nash, who attended the lnstallation and 1n1t1at1on group meeting and Christeen Paul, who gave a read1ng at the general meeting. This concluded our year's activities and we are planning to be more active in the coming year. ll A 'W W yay, 1':"f , A ,V x .1 cwyff I' 1 . J -we - - ' L' -, 5 f - 0 7 , ' U 4 w ' O U 0 l e , . 3 Q f Q G v '. as V V I I O A Q . Q . . l . . Q .Xl XXX fNxN-.2 .4-.., "E? .nmxoa smxon FIESTA May 3, 1941 The Junior class of Elmore City High School entertained the Seniors, Faculty and School Boari Members at the Annual Junior Senior banquet The banquet room was decorated to represent a Mexican patio with cacti, pottery vases Mexi can hats and fiesta colored table decorations The program which was very interesting and entertaining included a reading, dance, songs and an address by the Superlntendent pb -.x Q f rfb U A 'V I J I A L -4. ' . A .pf 1 , 5 I -,fe X X Y S , " , ' - ct! " , X 3 ., w a s 4 L osers? Wr- -1' 5 his-.Q :ue ll El vw 9' -iii, sl' me T' gnv. 1 A -.--If-if l',5La .rw SEASON S uREETxNG5 nv ml! ENN 'Q Mm 1 U " nf' . ,. , ., , - -wb 'Kkfm . - .5 4 Jx i M moon e Aff film J W f rfx ff f ff Jg ? 3 is Q, 0 ' ,,-, f 1 X . - - . X , .Q S c I " ' K . X f K M ff,,'41.W. ,rff OH? ' fifi,A "- f -.x. UUTRQYHCYI 1 'I X A Y f, Z ix W 43 Q-Q 'A I --- . 'EQ' is f - ' di", SI , ' ' . I9 .0 - ' ' ,Z y , f Vx -7 L b ' If ' jf ' . L I fl: L -51 I mm COMf. XN mmoy f fr-1955 TPINN s I N AMOS' LTRENNAN GROCERY MARKET THIS' I3 'PHE PLACE TO BLY GPOCERIQS Tuff Steaks Short Weights Phone 22 Elmore C-:tv I-BIPLETE FIIEQAI. SERVICE lgearg Haughn Iffunrral Ilinmv SEILJTHERN ELIRIAL ASSDCIATIDN ELMURE CITY CIKLA W 'T VAUGHN C ompl iment s if mnre Em Wnmpuny CERT I-FAPQD PLANTING XSEED COTTON GINNERS AND DEALERS ELMORE CITY, OKLAHOMA' .77 PHONE 4165 A 4 ,A , I it Cl , 1' 7 ... iA - 1 V - 'I . X v. , I .I 4 ' YV.. -ri I Y ' 'V f L A 1 Q, ' .1 D V ..- u - ,, " r ' 1 V f ' .' J t I 1 ff ' ' '- E. . YE Y ' ' - :nm Q fm 04 f' '- ' U J r -s. 3 'Sz fr 'Xu I ' si 'y qs 4. 'E' ,Us 9 .e 9 .J va l'7 ss 11 U I N., M. . .557 liogtfp' 505 ' - , . of C ompl iment s FRED MERRIMAN GROCERY MARKFT SEEDS-FLOUR FEED Phone 83 Elmore C1tw FIRESTON Phone 99 MQKLX OIL QONH ANS I A Frm ndlx Place To Trade E TIRES AUTO ACCESSORIES Elmore Cnty LONIPLIMENTS JH xn BEST WISHES .JU ig 0 from 1' X FIRST STA TE BANK To Orgamzed 1903 SEMCO S .38 Yefxrs Contmuous SQFVICB lzffn-n 4?L4l f A Ban k of Character SCHOOL AN NU ALS Box3 Ol C OKL Hom Strength and Service Phone 14 Elmore Clty Okla of -A D . 1 7 1. 'w 1 , 3 ' ' Y A 4 1 who esale and Retail Anderson-Prichard Gasoline .O V l ' d If 0. 1 A , Z! f ' N 15. .1 , 2 A Q -- gf . F I I 1 s 1' , 1 I ,1 1 ,1 1 Y J I 21 x AHOMA .lTY, A - , . COMES QQ: SONS Dry Goods- Ready to Wear Shoes OLTFITTERS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY The Money you Sperd at Home Helps to Build p the Community PHONE 20 Elmore C1ty DODGE PHARHAC Y PHYSIC IANS PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COIPKITNDED FATE N E WTDN GROC1'.RY SERVICE STATION TIRES 'V TUBES 4' ACCLS ORILS PHONE 44 ELLIORE CITY PHONE 5l'll1ll ELHORE CITY THE CITY CAFE SHORT ORDERS PLATE LUNC HES fi '20 QQ, vf fa J' ELMORE CITY TELE PH UNE CUHPANY li-5 H I IWQITII I ' x ' A ' U .Y IL.-, I -A,-V, -JI, ' , " .1 '- . ' ' . ,A 4' 1 ff' I ,.- I I V T C' bg X ' 4 is ' L1 ,. -- JPG? 6' 1g 00 ! I 'i' I M 1' F i 2 - -xJe5f..2' S 0-409 x A I 9 3 LOBENB BEAUTY SHOP ALL WORK GUARANTEED Permanents Sl 00 UP EIUIOTC CNY S G SMVVH Visitors Always Welcome See us before you trade. Phone 9? R S f Elmore Clty ' Talzaferro Colluw Hdw 62 Furniture Co REPAIRS CREAM SEPARATORS OTS We Handle Anythmg X PHONE 18 ELMORE CITY F77 f ufzffr. Phone Elmore C svaea-E GROUETRIES Whefrc'SerViT:e T5 a Pleasure ELMORE CITY Rainbow Beauty Sa on Elmore I ity 'Sire Alxa Ford Prop PRIEST STATION GARAGE XL! couoco WASHING GREASIIG Phone 51 Elmore Clty r ' ' A - ,1 1 l - I V! 4 1 W J , - - - u n ll 'r ,A 4 ,. Q A f V f' .r , K .1 ' ' ' - ' .2 R' A ' X"-, . 4 V ,' if : " -1' 5 f. . N . 7.0. ' A . ,. , ' I . N V I XF 'rf' 4 I' J I' rl! fA K ffffl gf - A 44.4, .x fy' -' ,' , ity L ,, I W .h ,.,,,, I X I . '. . l y 1 . Compliments of Claud B Swmney GARVIN COLNITY SHERIL F YOLII SAY FIRST BELAUSE ll S I-'INFST Rabon Motor Co CH FVROLET 90.-207 West Iaul Avenue -" '11 '-'. 1-f-I-,AllLS.,YAll.EY OKLA I .AJA,fq4 .l I f T' I: S f 6111881 grail LUMBER LOMBARD YOUNG 6 COMPANY auluamc MAremALs or Au. Kmos Jlwfma ahuaqx a Gum, Bfmnch handy LUMBER srones um OKLAHOMA Re-y-i-liars Mflnxger Paul Valley G F Wackers Stores Wlrle Qeleetlon Of Glfts Pauls Valley Wynnewood FIELD BROS an Pauls Valley Compllments of the followlng County Officials ED C AI ES R B fARVlN ED IRAN JR OEORIF 'VI J EWERT TANNER S M B Smlth s Jewelry AND fIFT SHOP PAULS VALLEY ERNEST WALL ULINTYEU E E E CDU W PAULS VALLEY DKLA NATIGN ClEANING I fffd Sfadeo HAT WORK PHONE 606 mms vnu.n',oKuwoun l0llL 106 nu X1 Customer Q Clothlng Insured Next door to Rambow Hatchery I O . U 1 l YL ,. 5 s ' 1 , , , A I 4 v 'l . X 1 J r"' 711 l 5g,7v- J,l'5'0 O YF A il ' 0 o e :J i A . A .. . I v 1 , I 2 I' . S "f' f - 1'-rf 4 ,I . I I - cl- A A A CLAUDE FAREONS ' Q, PHELPS 1 1 1 1 ' 9 O I V , - I A X I , Y 5 ' I f 4- I O D O F C F' RINT ND NT I GARVIN NTY X , T - "" , -"I O, ,Q L, A 1 1 Y g 5 A . : . I: K 1. ' ' I-, K W . z CO. , . l'l - I l': l.+ H lley '

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