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4 V w ,8 x 0?; f STAFF EDITOR--Jean Qstenberg ASSISTANT EDITOR--Glenda Yarborough SPORTS EDITORS--David Fox and LeRoy McKern SNAPSHOT EDITORS--Lola Johnson, Mary Jo Taff, and Carol Archer TYPIST --LeNoire Hanson BUSINESS MANAGER--Sevilla lessee ADVERTISING SALES--D1ane Hayden, Sandra Nelson, Carolyn Bangs, and Gayle Harrington ADVISOR--MIs. Marian G. Pickens ELMIRA UNION HIGH SCHOOL Elmira, Oregon 1956 FOREWORD Our school is primarily a place of learning, but it is also a place of laughter for we aren't too serious 3 bunch. Our willingness to help raise money for the Polio Drive, the fun we have at club initiations, OUI energetic efforts to keep our school attractive, our Student Body meetings, a typewriter pecking away, the school dances, our screaming and cheering at games, our small talk and laughter floating down the halls at noon or between classes, and our basketball team practicing--these things, too, are a part of our school. In classes and extra-curr'icular activitieswe also learn that responsibility, initiative, and private thinking, are encouraged to better fit us into this worldinwhich communism and democracy are striving for domination. NR em h xxx h tweet y vmx w um MR. WILLIAM F. HARCOMBE Principal MRS. LOUANA LAMB MR. REGINALD MENEGAT Dean of Girls Vice -P1'1I101P31 Commerci al Industrial Arts SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: Ralph Phillips, Earl Surcamp, Carl Petersen, Elmer Hansen mhailmam, Clyde McClure mlerm, Ralph Johnson, and William Harcombe. . A. CXQ - MRS. RUTH LYNCH Office Secretary MR. RUST AND MR. GARD MR. OLSON, MR. EMERSON, and MR. Custodians YARBOROUGH, Bus Drivers MR. RONALD CARPANI Music AME MRS. HELEN HALL Home making MR. DAVID NELSON Social Studies Senior Advisor MRS. MARIAN PICKENS English : MRS. MELBA GILBERT MR. JOHN GUSTAFSON English Social Studies Junior Adviser MR. EDWARD JACKSON Librarian 8; English MISS PATRICIA MOUNTS Girls' Health and RE. MR. CHESTER PETERSON Science 8: Shop Freshman Advisor MR. DALE PETERSEN Mathematics MR. WILLIAM PICKENS MR. STANLEY TESDAHL Boys' Health and P. E. Science Sophomore Adviser Jim Lusby Presid ent Wilma Settles Shirley Davis Secretary Treasurer Larry Armstrong Bowlsby Buckridge dm 6 mm mim mm Nm mm mm ma MC n m mm m Niw mu ea IO 30 RH RC ED 11 llard Dake Bi Bill Hess Wi David Haynes Edwin Cortez Fradenburgh Norma Norma Charlotte Johnson Ve axle Dorothy Killitz Lake Larry Disque Je anette Linker Lunceford Marion Annette Bob. McC arty Nome E In 3; a Y. Lewis Tucker W7 xx, V rm WM Q Phyllis Staats Ulam Dixie Vaughn Donel Randolph Daricne Wheeler a . u m. n m. o a M m A n M . H a Bunny Nelson Treasurer Neil Martin President Peggy Wood Wes Martin Secretary Vice-Presid ent Castof"Father Knows Best." STANDING: Laura McKern, Karen Perkips, Barbara Dahlin, Charles Berg, Judy Hoffman, Leo Gray, Wesley Mama, Mike Odell, Laurita Ruth, Larry Michealis, Lynn Melhom, Mrs. Gilbert, mirecton. SEATED: Erlene VanDevender, Kay Gibson, Judy Rust, Judy DelRosso, Neil Martin, and Peggy Wood. Gaither Abbey Bill Adney Charles Berg Myron Berg Ruth Bishop Karen Bourgeis Gary Britmn Kermit Carlilc Gerald Clift Marilyn Cochran Bill Conn xxx N3 wk fwx$x Norman Crawford Barb ara Dahlin David Daniels Jim Davis Judy Del Rosso N'elson :urer xmw w$ Charles Ev ans Kenny Farmer Edith Farnsworth Phyllis Fisher Patsy Fleming Bob Flick Kay Gibson Leo Gray Pat Grigsby Nathan Hanson Denny Harrington Mary Hess Doris Hockley Judy Hoffman Delbert Hunter Sevilla Jessee Claude Johnson Jerry Lane Dale Lawson Diana Lusby Bob Maloy Jim Martin Laura MCKem Lynn Melhom Larry Michaelis Lee Nickerson Marlys Nyswdt Mike Odell Rita Oliver Jean Ostenberg Torn Paddock Karen Perkins Judy Rust Esther Ruth Laurita Ruth Ron Salchenberg Harvey Schartner Ruth Settles Belton Shoemalker Barbara Simmons Barbara Sisson LaVeme Slayter g-VAVW6V , LaVonne s1ayter Janet Smith Jerry Stair Wayne Standeford Evelyn Stanley Mike Stimson Christine Stogsdill Steve Surcamp Billie Templeton Neal Thompsvn Erlene VanDcvcndcr Tom Warden Hunlnnh'hitv Paul Wingu SOPHOMORES k NNNXV in: XxXxx Fred Lunceford Martina Pecnick Dorothy Pierce Sandra Fleming President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer The big Homecoming Bonfire with Band and newly formed Pep Club attending. Sophomores enjoy their dance as a part of the Homecoming festivities. As did all of the students, the Quigleys enjoy Bill the Sophomore-sponsored dance. Anderson Lorraine Caldwell Dorothy Clark Wanda Clark Dan Coleman Jack Coleman Duane Conley Monte Grover Gordon Fisher David Fox Sandra Garboden Verna GiIIaspie Melvina Graves Leslie Grigsby Gayle Harrington Bill Harris Diane Hayden Beverley Hess Jim Hibbard Don Huddleston Wayne Hunter Dennis Inman Barbara Johnson Lola Johnson Jimmy Johnston Harvey Kau Sharon Keeler Frances Knight Mary Lawson Byron Lloyd Susan Maddux Charles Martin Tom Matthews Mike Mclnwrc LcRoy MCKcrn Barrv Mclhnm Martha Moore Sandra Nelson Nancy Netherton Geraldeene Nickerson Vern Oremus Larry Paddock Eugene Parkerson Charles Quigley Edith Randolph Tom Rhoads Bob Roehm Sharon Rowen Deanna Self Eugene Slayter Marshall Smith Madrene Snyder Ken Sprouse Dorothy Stinnett Earl Stults Stuart Surcamp Mary Jo Taff Bob Tanner Marilyn Titus Barry Vaughn Gary Waldien Jack Walker Jim Walker Merle Walker Lois Wellette Lora West Jim Whitaker Martha White Norman Whitlatch Don Wilson LuWanda Wingo Glenda Yarborough .wwe m X: w V g1 W DON MC CARTY VIRGIL WARDEN BARBARA DANIELS President Vice-President Secretary Richard Adney Roy And erson Janet Ansell Nancy Ansell Leslie Berg Margaret Bickford Richard Bickford Barbara Blocher Ju dy Bourgeis Roger Bown Sidney Britton Norman Bnckholz Gail Buehler Benny Cagle wwwxemQ Marv hm Vhrlman Shawn Clark HERMAN CORTEZ Treasurer Stanley Doyle Pat Darlene Bobby Joe Rebecca Crawford Crownover Crowson Dahlin Davis Davis Ju dy Karen Jan Sharon Arthur G ary Deitch Dragt Drummonds Egan Fisher Fisher David Jolene Diana Carol Richard Alita Foster Gaither Gillaspie Hansen Harris Haynes ' ' Sall Ev e1 n M elv a Ronald L015 Mane Y Y Jeanne Huddleston Hughes Inman Jeffers Haynes Hoyt John Ronny Na than Dolores Donna Ted Lane Lawson Lenart Lowry Mab erry lice Sandra Terry A Larry McClure Marshall Marshall Marshall F a ne Darryl Peggy Leslie Diane lorence M rlie 1111 5 M tgornery Oliver Parker Peck Pecn ck F11 P on . - La la Edwm Stella Shirley Mary Ruth 261:3; Simm ons Sou therland ' ' ' Sanders P1pk1ns Reld Jde' David Roger Lawana Mcrri 11 MW 1. 8m . 0, Spencer Stair Stimson Smlt 5mm x Kathleen Thomas Stanley Thom as Char! iv. V chndh XA lhmn H mgo Thompson In. Lu W ' NEW STUDENTS xix x N K x X xxx A 9N xxx X . w; XX Freshmen: Doyal Seale was a transfer from Crow and Sandra Nay came from Kalispell, Montana. Lorena Jacques, a senior, attended Roseberg High before re -entering at Elmira. Sophomores: Lawrence Pieroni transferred from Sutter's Creek, California, Naomi Chaffee came from Eugene High, Nina Behreandt from Mapleton, and Giles Parker from Chula Vista, California. Loretta Srite, a new junior girl, was a transfer from Eugene High. This page sponsored by ECONbMY LUMBER YARD and AMERICAN STEEL and SUPPLY co. PHYSICAL SCIENCE Jim Russell, Bob Maloy, Claude John- son, Lee Nickerson, Shirley Davis, Billie Templeton, and Diana Lusby. MI. Tesdahl is the teacher. Shirley Davis, Pat Grisby, and Norma Hornbeck, lettering posters; Delbert Hunter, holding battle axe; and Duane Conley holding his coat of arms. Mr. Nelson is the teacher. ADVANCED ALQEBR NE 11 '. xpv- JleQHSWIJIC An w. mlc VHF? PUBLICATIONS The publications class, which was added this year, was organized to pro- mote better schoolpubh'cations. In their class work the fourteen students learned the principles of writing for publications. Mush- s- , s Cg ' They received practical experience XWX . x I through writin stories, t ping, mimeo- LL x - , x ,, graphing, andgdistributinilg monthly the i school paper, "Falcon Flashes." Class work centered around the yearbook in- cluded scheduling and taking pictures, making layouts, writing copy, and fi- nancing, ithrough the sale of yearbooks, advertising, and by selling cokes at bas- ketball gamesi all of which culminated in the production of "The 1956 Falcon. " xi .5, y Jean Ostenberg iYearbook Editors, LeNoire Hanson, and Sevilla Jessee iYearbook Business Managers typing for "Falcon Flashes." Mrs. Pickens, publications teacher, checks over a lay -out mat. Diane Hayden, Sandy Nelson, Glenda Yarborough, Carolyn Bangs, and Carol Archer mimeographing an issue of "Falcon Flashes. e an :ter- Jim Davis, school photographer. ' STORE This page sponsored by RALPH JOHNSON LUMBER C07 and SUTTLES Gayle Harrington a:lub Editoo and Mary Jo Taff Newspaper Editom cut stories for layout pages of "Falcon Flashes. " Phyllis Fisher Exchange Editon and Lola Johnson Circu1ation Managen getting ready for distribution of "Falcon Flashes. " an'c m and lcRm McKcm work 0111 statutivs tor a sportssrorv. 1hev arc Ihc NHWU lkhxors. ,zr tjfx 30 whdm BAND Clarinets: Alice McClure, Barbara Blocker, Bob Rhoem, Gordon Fisher, J udy Rust. French Horn: Janet Smith. Flute: Barbara Dahlin. Saxo: Darryl Phillips, Ron Huddleston, Diane Hayden, Dorothy Pierce, Jerry and Mike McIntyre. Kettle Drums: Jerry McKee. Cymbals: Roger Bown. Bases: Ernie Douglass, Ed Simmons, and Ed Cortez. Baritones: Don McKern, Gary Lake, and Marshall Smith. Instuctor: Ron Carpani. 1 wOIK T T18 7 BAND CLUB ' . FRONT ROW: Charlotte Johnson, Janet Smith, Kay Gibson.V1ce-Pr631dem- Doris Hockley; Treasurer, Judy Rust; and Dixie Vaughn, President. ROW: Mr. Carpani. Advisor; Ed Cortez and Dorothy Lake. BACK The Music Department under the direction of Mr. Carpani, gave three con- certs this year. The concert in March was 21 pops concert. The band plays at all the home games, sponsors the annual Harmony Ball and competes in the annual Western Oregon Band Contest. The chorus performs for community groups, as do special instrumental groups. Glenda Yarborough, Carolyn Bangs, Rose Fisher, Kay Gibson, Doris Hockley, and phones: Judy Swezey, Jim Thorpe, Kermit Carlile, andJim Walker. Comets: Cochran, Dixie Vaughn, Darlene Wheeler, Charlotte Johnson, Jack Walker. Snare Drums: Gerald Clift, and Leslie Grigsby. Base Drum Rita Oliver, Huddle- ston, and Tom Warden. Trombones: Torn Matthews, Virgil Warden, LeRoy. FIRST ROW- Lore . Cllumlx - tta Srlte ' , - LOIS Wellctte, lLSIhCr Hmh' HIVHM Hullmx, Hmn marll, XHHNW MVUM'W. Nun x Nmmrtm. Charlotte 0 J hnson. and Darlene M1celm. sman Rnw vam h WM . A HHRP RUWI Barba ' ' ' ' Lee Hga Slmm.ons, D1x1e Vaughn, Barbara Simon M Irv l nson, J1m Dav1s, Harvey Schnrmo r h'lrv i .IHWHHL th , 31 a ,xYPJH, . xUY I'ka' l""" 'Hl 1V Hui s :1 i trtY. ton. OW: Nx xNNNm . . N NNx WW N x t X Nx A t A student librarian pin is presented at the end of each year to an outstanding stu- dent librarian who has rated high in duties and performance. Some of these duties are: Checking books in and out, replacing books on the shelves, checking overdue books, seeing that books are in their proper places on the shelves, processing the books from the publisher to the library and work- room housekeeping. STANDING: Dan Coleman, Judy Hoffman, Judy Del Rosso, Glenda Yarborough, Carolyn Bangs, and Mr. JacksontAdvisorL SEATED: Laura McKern, Dorothy Pierce, Diane Hayden, and Jean Ostenberg. OFFICE STAFF SEATED: Jim Russell, Bob Maloy. STAN- DING: Mrs. Lamb tAdvisoU, Charlotte Johnson, Bunny N elson, Doris Hockley, Jackie Robinson, Betty Ansell, Ruth Bowlsby, Edith Farnsworth, Marlys Nystedt, Jean Ostenberg, and Judy Rust. LIBRARIANS FIRE CREW FIRST ROW: Fred Lunceford, Bob Rhoems, tChieD, Tommy Rhoads tAssistant Chief; Charles Quigley, and Bob Tanner. SECOND ROW: Mike McIntyre, Larry Paddock, Jim Martin, Ernie Douglass, Torn Matthews, and Mr. Menegat tAdvisoU. The purpose of the fire crew is to in- spect all fire equipment and do their best to eliminate allr fire hazards. Membership in the club is open to any student of Elmira High School. .mmmuc ".5... ..,....... we-v-wm'x-vq-HW' ,M MAW ,x STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council consists of the StudentBodyofficers, three PRESIDENT representatives from each of the four classes, afaculty representative, Disque and an advisor. They meet twice amonth to discuss the business of the Lunceford Student Body, This business is-budgeting, passing all student body bills. planning student body meeting programs, regulating club and student body activities, and passing on the awarding of athletic letters. They also participate in district and state student council activities. ' ford President; LeNoire - - hnson,SecretarWDISAlUeLunce ' , L S TE : tt "11 1e - D1X16 Vaughn, CharlotteJO ' G: ud Bourge1s, Mary on HESsonDT :BeeasZrEr-gBiiil Conn. Vice-President; and Bardbarabllnllslg: aigglgystgdt ygrlene VanDevender, . i ' ' San ra e ' " Martin . . ' PlckeHS. Faculty Representauve, . . be, A dv1sor: Charles ' :2::::12'T:::Ssurer- Steve Surcamp, Bob Tanner. Leshe Ohver. Mr. Harcom and Ruth Bowlsby. 9 ERS This Page Sponsored by HOFFMAN S J EWEL JEANETTE MARION President MRS. LAMB NORMA FRADENBURGH Adviser Vice -President DIXIE VAUGHN LE NOIRE HANSON Secretary Treasurer Each month the Girls' League sponsors a "Girl of the Month" contest, for which all girls are eligible. Each fall they have an an- nual "Get Acquainted" paIty for the girls, which is held after school. This year they helped sponsor the Vaudeville Show. Membership in the Girls' League is open to all irlsenrolled atElmira High chool. S 8 Panel on Good Grooming: Karen Perkins, Gayle Harrington, Jeanette Marion, Dixie Vau hn, LeNoir McCarty, g e Hanson, Norma Fradenburgh, Lela Southerland, and Annette Martina Pccnick " Miss Merry Christm .1 s" Girl of tho Month Awnnl Wnuu-lx Sevilla lessee . Marlys Nystedt ----.C00v-" . P .1 datum llllrllr Mm 1M x. Hdm m tmlgushlr --..,,- 01x." l. L 9011 lllW hull: Rum lain Mmhwshw the Girls' i 'Girl of nest, for eligible. e an an- ted"party :h is held his year mos the in the 3811 to all aim High .71 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA x is s x s i i i i i x N FIRST ROW: Sandra Garboden, Gayle Harrington. Vice-President;Jeanette Marion, Sandra Fleming, Presi- dent; Martina Pecnick, Treasurer; and Lela Southerland. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Stinnett, Edith Randolph, Dee Self, Delores Lenart, Pat Fleming, Erlene VanDevender. Nancy Netherton, Fern McCready, and Bunny Nelson. THIRD ROW: Sharon Clark, Lola Johnson, Madrene Snyder, Mary Short, Phyllis Fisher. Florence Peck, Sandra Nelson. CarolHansen.Lois Wellette,BarbaraJohnson. Sharon Rowen. and Mrs. Hall, Advisor. The F HA. is organized to promote better homemaking in general; to create leadership in home and community life; to promote international good will; and to further interest in home economics. The require- ment for new members is one year of homemaking. During this year they have sponsored ice cream sales each day and the annual formal 'iSweetheartsi Ball" valentine's dance. King Neil and Queen Bunny of the Sweethearts Ball. F. H. A. Initiation HONOR SOCIETY Kay Gibson, Marlys Nystedt, Erlene Van- Devender, MI. Jackson tTreasuren, and MI. Dale Petersen tAdvisoU. To be elected to the Honor Society is an honor which falls on a very few. The reason for this is found in the rigid require- ments for election: Scholarship t3. 5 grade averages, leadership, service and character. .0- '8- T DANCE e: COMMITTEE ; :5; SEATED: Laura McKern, Emily Rykert, Betty Quigley, Sandra Nelson. STANDING: Judy Deitch, Ian Drummonds, Judy Hoffman, Mr. Dale Petersen tAdvisoo, Stuart Surcamp, Bob Tanner, and Charles Martin. The purpose of the Dance Committee is to prepare for the noon dances and to see that before each dance all arrangements for the dance have been made. F. B. L. A. SEATED: Jean Ostenberg tReportenr Janet Stone tTreasuren, Betty Ansell tSecretatyL Judy Rust tVice-Presiderm, Jackie Robinson tPresidenQ. STANDING: Jeanette Marion, Ruth Bowlsby, Betty Quigley, Mrs. Lamb tAdvisoU, Emily Rykert, Karen Perkins, Sharon Rowen, Rose Fisher, Donna Staats, and Inez Buckridge. The F.B.L. A. tFuture Business Leaders of American is a national organization whose purpose is to promote better business under- standing. The F.B. L. A. made the programs for the home games and sold tickets at'home games. This organization participates in many state activities. E Rykert, .V DING: offman, Arcarnp, trainee i :0 see :ents for SEATED: Susan Maddux, Sharon Egan, Kathleen Th meme mghwnbeee an Wheeler, Presfdent; Stella Pipkins, Lois Marie Hughes. Judy DelRosso La.urita Ru;h Pvlisilr ??rlene Esther Ruth, Stacretary-Treasurer; Gayle Harrington. Sandy Fleming, Marylou Christian. Jug 1; lshgr. and Ljawanaf Stlnsont ON STAGE: Barry Vaughn, Kermit Carlile,Charles Berg LaVernc'e Slayte OUIZSCIS. Perkms, Vloe-Pre51dent; Bunny Nelson, Pat Fleming, LaVonne Slayter. Lorraim; Caldwell L 3; Eahnaren Sandra Garboden, Sally Inman, rLuWanda Win20, Barbara Johnson. Gail Buehler, and Ja'm Srimmorslgrsl' EIRST ROW: Janet Stone, Kathleen Thomas, Nancy Ansell, J anet Ansell, Pat Grigsby, Landra Garboden. SECOND ROW: Rodger Bown, Leslie Grigsby, SharonRowen, Karen Perkins, 60 Gray, and Charles Quigley. THIRD ROW: Bill Adney, Lynn Melhorn, Carol Hansen, Sandra Marshall, Earry Melhorn, Kennith Sprouse, and Mr. Tesdahl, Adviser. Rzrmer. Claude Johnson, David Fox, and Earl Stults. NOT PICTUR oads, Bob Roehm, and Lois Wellette. This page sponsored by the U. 3. NATIONAL BANK AND THE J. c. PENNEY co. Treasurer; and President; FOURTH ROW: Larry Michaelis, Kenny ED: Marilyn Cochran, Secretary; Tom WCr-O mOZm-Om WCPO Z?wU FIRST ROW: Lane Angle, Jerry Cochran, Ernie Douglass, Jerry Stair, and LeRoy McKern. SECOND ROW: Mr. Menegat mdvison, Jackie Strunk, Richard Bickford, Dan Coleman, and Gary Fisher. THIRD ROW: Paul Wingo, Don Wilson, Gordon Fisher, Bill Gray, Bob Noice, and Tom Paddock. The purpose of the Rifle Club is to teach the members the safe way of handling a gun. Awaxds are also given to members who get a score of 20 on 10 targets at 5 511015 each. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB 't FIRST ROW: Fern McCready, - I: h h h h x h h V Plckens hAdViSOIj. Don McCarty EICTLCW DLI k, IURHV RLHHVUIHVI h . l h 0 KW ,l h . h ha! hxg XL'HWIH, xh . ' OF C .' hf w ' x , . - x '. h Blshop, Mary Hess, Bill Conn, 'Claudc 11hr, lmxlu 0mm. m, Mm: WNWH' q k OXD MW. kmh 01H 3 m x h h N J HOH' Huh lM'HVI. lMW 1mm , Jihi K011 NHVhCHbCl'Q. IHIH W. Mal- R0 - y Short, h CulfOl WUSl' llklllllnn YMMV I HJIIh h le'. W. NH? 1tl1x thkksc. Delores Lenart, As a new club this year . I own f11ms. After the processin take better pictures. the pholmunphv h Iuh hm- lu'rn 1. .Hi ,. ' . J . . 1 mm mm x . w h u; Uh xh xi hl lxwh JHh h 9. Hit. Dlrlmm .4th hlltlpwuwl lHi IL. HM" ledCIHS how tn 1 Jydl h . w 5HL' LETTERMEWS CLUB K5 $$21441 72$$0 FRONT ROW: F red Lunceford, Stuart Surcarnp, Marshall Smith, Secretary; Gary Lake, Denny Harrington, Wes Martin, Disque Lunceford, and Bill Gray. BACK ROW: Mr. Nelson, Advisor; Neil Martin, President; Bob Flick, Treasurer; Ed Cortez, Harvey Kau, Charles Berg, Lane Angle, Norman Whitlatch, Tom Warden, Larry Armstrong, and David Haynes. ROD Clnd GUN CLUB FRONT ROW: Vern Oremus, Barry Vaughn, Don Wilson, Ernie Douglass, Jim Martin, Tom W, Matthews, and LeRoy McKern. SECOND ROW: Eugene Slayter, Ed Simmons, Darryl Philligs, m'ahth J ackie Strunk, Stanley Thomas, Claude Johnson and Mr. Carpani, AdVISor- THIRD Row: 8111 h;m Anderson, Jerry Cochran. Mike MC Intyre, Ron Huddleston, Don Huddleston, Charles Martm, Ken Sprouse, and Kermit Carlile. ., L v The purpose of the Bible Study Club is fab? X27 to promote a better ChIiSIIFas Program and f, W, to furnish those students wno are Interested in Bible study with help in understanding the Bible as a whole. Indembership 13mg club is Open to all the students of Elma High School. FLRST ROW; Lorraine Caldwell, Edith Farnsworth, I-Aclvina Graves $ecretary- Treasurew, and Diane Parker. SECOND ROW; Mrs. Gilbert Mdvisoo, Laurira Ruth, Charles Berg, Barbara Simmons, MaryLaw- son, and Lawana Simson Wrendent, not pictured; WCFO-xm FIRST ROW: Disque Lunceford, Martin Qresideno, ROW: Sandra Marshall, Dorothy sm dolph, Barbara Daniels, West, Norma Hornbeck, Merle Walker, Gary Clauscn, 1 Jim Lusby, Gordon Fisher, H Xcil x ' '! rCS!JLh ' Denny Harrinumn, Ed Hutu. IHW ' W k 0 l? TH xFCONP 7' H 1 ! kw - Stuart Surcamp, Mike Stimson, Mvn' .Nuh'mm, .Usu M pr Nnh Ran- mcll, Fricnv Van Hmuzdm, Xtmhmw watk, 11m. Carol , K NH '3er '3 ' MaryJO 'l'nff. Donna IWH. NHm 1 ' ' I L , xxrwnLhiVlSOI'x , n y g . and Shirley Davis UWIUMIW. HW'W MWV M ' k i HUM QWF'ICV' . , i x -' x. 1an Stultx, va HJIIwH, 1.1x x ,w J tn v . , hum WRNHM Kcnlwl'armvl, lA'Im Mrllmm, Mn tn-M. ' x This is Elmira's first Ski Club I r . 4 :m WM WWW .lm Iwn 1 nu mmw w' " q Hls is to promote better skiing lw unwhsw, pm. 1.. luv. ...,. . 1 ,, , , WV "Humirkd 35 club were on week ends and lISllnHV lwltl .n tin h 11+ . 1 ' ' Y prHCH M both advisor and insIrm-mn xx: '9: ,. ex x; Mm , .- x C . "a x . e haunted x. L !Imlp 'm e 3:: 3f . m l I B r: libilmn. n- icozm 4w: Rm k Mm. 55322:, not The purpose of the Pep Club is to promote better school spirit. In order to be a member you have to be at all the meetings, pep rallies, and home games. You can only have two unexcused absences. FIRST ROW: Ruth BishOp, Carolyn Bangs, Diane Hayden, Dorothy Pierce, Judy Rust, Lola Johnson, Mary Hess, and Glenda Yarborough. SECOND ROW: Sandra Garboden, Barbara Dahlin, Doris Hockley, Madrene Snyder, Edith Randolph, Barbara Sisson, and Ruth Bowlsby. THIRD ROW: Mike Odell Wice- Presideno, Pat Grigsby, Karen Dragt, Dorothy Stinnett, Sandra Nelson lTreasuren, Karen Bourgeis, 3 Laura McKern, and Mr. Gustafson lAdvisorl. FOURTH ROW: Steve Surcamp, Charles Berg, Leslie 1 Grigsby, Mary Jo Taff lSecretaryl, Emily Rykerthresidentl, Bunny Nelson, and Judy Hoffman. r-r-m-e f 3115 KNEELING: Jeanette Marion and Betty QuigleylHead yell leaderl. STANDING: ; 7nd 35 Ruth Settles and Wilma Settles. i l GIRLS, ATHLETIC WILMA SETTLES President Some of the activities of the G.A.A. are the fun nights, the G. A.A. picnic which is held for all boys who have gone out for sports during the year, the March of Dimes Drive, and this year they have taken on the project of cleaning up the school grounds. 150 points: Emily Rykert, Ruth Bowlsby, and Jeanette Marion. To join the G.A. A. you must earn 50 points and be invited in by another G.A.A. member. The points are earned in various ways, some earn points by playing in the in- tramurals at noons. Others earn points by hiking, swimming, skating, and other things pertaining to sports. 100 points: FORMING THE E FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Norma Fradenburgh Geote- taryy, Dixie Vaughn, Judy Hoffman, Laura McKern, Betty Ansell, Annette McCarty. Darlene Wheeler, Betty Quiglcy Judy Del- Rosso, Marlys Nystcdt Wicc -PrcsidcnU. and Kay Gibson. ASSOCIATION 50 points: KNEELING: Diane Lusby, Erlene VanDevender, Esther Ruth, Pat Grigsby, Rose Fisher, Bunny Nelson. STANDING: Janet Smith, Jean Ostenberg, Rita Oliver, Karen Bourgeis, Doris Hockley, Dorothy Lake, Charlotte Johnson, and Pat Fleming. z; ? Basketball intramurals at noon. The tumbling team provides halftime entertainment at home games. Members of the team are Dorothy Pierce, Sandy Nelson, Kay Gibson, Judy Del- Rosso, Verna Gillaspie, Janet Smith, and Martha White. This page sponsored by the G.A.A. n mg for history? w H sumu-d mm' wc hm! a hnlidav Barb and Jean Cfamm Thv d ' Room 13? 1D The assembly on Java? ?- w, m P d e t n .1 a u a. c A - t e G m The noon dances memmmw w. HARMONVEALL H" ..u......: H...Nuu- . . Band and Tree QUARTER AGE SPONSORS McKay's Market Millers's Department Store in: Lane County Title Company Coast-to-Coast Ed's 4 Wheel Alignment Medo-Land Creamery Koke Chapman Kle-Klo Cleaners Country Casuals Jensen's Service Elveta Garage Strasburgs' 1.0. Olsen Mfg. Company SWEETHEARTS BALL SHMAN CANDIDATES : OMORE CANDIDATES FRE 4 OR CANDIDATES SOPH . d Primigbgm and Princess Wilma Prince Toby and Pfrmce 1134C: afou Princess Dorothy. mcess y . rut " We caught you. " CROWN BEARERS CEREMONIES Jackie Tanner and D O N O R 5 MASTER OF Disque Lunceford Linda Pecnick. Fisher's Market Veneta Garage Euge ne Surplus Stone wrm, ' Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bangs MI. C. H. McClure Mr. R. B. McClure Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mack Time out for refreshments 5 Mr ml Mr I l V H 1 HWH 1;: Mus m um Iht throne . 4 k S. .0!!! H 11 ' Y M ulv m Eulsmt Kanmnapfdmk' s s $i$ s MTES Watch it Winner of Snapshot Contest Looking MI. Harcombe Hike--2, 3, 4, for bugs? QUARTER- PAGE SPONSORS Olsen's Jewelers Valley Stationery Producer's Public Market Lane Auto Company Central Heating Ron's Drive In Eugene Welders Supply Co. Eugene Business College Elliott Mercantile Co . Rick's 76 Stations. If I pUSh real hard. . . . Oh, hello. I'll pose, this time, Young models. QUARTER- PAGE SPONSORS Loren V. Bryant Economy Service Big Y Supermarket Bon Marche Euge me Music CO . Campbells' Automotive Service W orking hard? Heath's Fabrics Elmira Lockers Eastside Market Elmira Shopping Center WWWWNWlWVWA Sur rise! P And luv xnul 2: .m xlulhml. Captain Harry Linker. STANDING: Gary Britten. Tom War KNEELING: Gary Clausen. Richard Craw- ford. Gary Waldien, and Coach Gustafson. HENDERSHOTT '8 SP0 STANDING: Coach John Gustafson. Manager Claude Johnson, Earl Stults. Mike Stimson, Bob Maloy, Jim Russell. and Manager Stuart Surcamp. SEATED: Gary Clausen, Gary Britton. Tom Warden. Jim Martin. Richard Crawford, and Gary Waldien. NOT PICTURED: Larry Linker and Bill Hess. den. and Jim This page sponsored lw RTING GOODS and RADIO WE 55 54 64 60 52 82 60 65 73 63 47 63 68 81 63 92 59 7'7 64 81 STATION Harrisburg Philomath Harrisburg Monroe Monroe Pleasant Hill Willamette Oakridge Drain Junction City St. Francis Creswell Pleasant Hill Philomath Willamette Oakridgc Drain Junction City St. ancis Crcswcll kl KM mmummmusmwui- oomup-cncooozcoooto J CT 0.: cnrf-bcn $.01Hoo mum's; l3 C7: tQHO'J J p U! 4 ,st n: ith the rooters at the game w d n a B ies for a touch - Jim Martin runs with the ball in the Creswell game. isque Lunceford tr D down JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL . vv 1 f I . Waldien Larry A lker Don McCarty, Gary ' , - rman Cortez, Merle Wa , 5 mmons' KNEELiNihdngoyle Crownover. STANDING: Coach Dave NeISSELEdFO: Lane fjfkoifvaiker, Larry Marshall, Gary Bayless, Roy.Angiierigjs , Angle Charles Martin, Jack Walker, and Coach 8111 c . We They 19 Junction CiIY 0 5 Oakridge 0 12 Willamette 12 13 Pleasant Hill 0 7 Springfield 0 19 Creswell 7 Elmira holds against Junction City. . . - itv Varsitv end, Fncd Lunccford: Junior Hush; halfback, Imrv Paddock; and wmorxam , guard, Charles Martin. k?"yait! 1L. 5? t 9" - mmm hm. Our first junior va rsity team with an organized schedule was very succe ssful this year. They won all but one of their games, the one against Willamette, which they tied 12-12. Throughout the season the boys showed interest and teamwork. Ae. VARSITY FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Disque Lunceford, Herman Cortez, Don McCarty, Merle Walker, Larry Paddock, Lane Angle, and Ed Simmons. SECOND ROW: Jim Thorpe, Steve Surcamp, Jerry Cochran, Stuart Surcamp, Harvey Kau, Gary Waldien, Bill Anderson, and Gary Clausen. THIRD ROW: Coach Dave Nelson, Fred Lunceford, Jim Lusby, Ed Cortez, Larry Linker, Bill Hess, Jim Martin, Wes Martin, Charles Martin, and Coach Bill Pickens. We They 6 St. Francis 26 Head Coach Nelson with Ed and Jim. 6 Junction City 39 6 Oakridge 19 0 Willamette 25 ta: 6 Pleasant Hill 12 J. 31-: 0 Drain 14 q 0 Creswell 6 Siuslaw Coach Pickens watches a play with Disque, Gary, and Wes. a d n u 0 w s e V Nod n o C 1 a F e h T L e y a 1 D. V. t .1 C n O .1 t C n u I The overtime game with Willamette creates excite- S F A TION VINHHI lUMRFR CO. and h x IHVRUN PsXUl' J.V. BASKETBALL 1W1? SEATED: Mr. Nelson, Coach; Jim Hibbard, LeRoy McKern, Charles Quigley. Marshall Smith, Captain; and Gordon Fisher. STANDING: Merle Walker, Manager; Charles Martin, Don Huddleston. Gary Bayless, Harvey Kau. Mike McIntyre, and Norman Buchholz, Manager. WE THEY 51 Harrisbuxg 39 49 Philomath 2'7 47 Harrisburg 25 39 Monroe 34 54 Monroe 35 55 Pleasant Hill 44 51 Willamette 52 36 Oakridge 64 41 Drain 39 7t 34 Junction City 70 a P' 59 St. Francis 58 , 3:195? 63 Creswell 58 61 Pleasant Hill 40 32 Philomath 39 46 Willamette 56 44 Oakridge 60 49 Drain 29 56 Junction City '71 55 St. Francis 48 Don Huddleston coming down with the rebound. while 51 Creswell 32 Jim Hibbard 43L is looking on. n! i ii :3' This page sponsored by SWANSON BROS. LUMBER co. FROSH ASKETBALL Junction City Willamette Junction City Willamette Monroe St. Francis Creswell Monroe St. Francis Warden gets set for the rebound. NWh-il Shall we try now?" MWNDINU; Herman Cortez. N Simmuns. Mr. PickenS. VHQH Warden. Don McCarty. xxuham. KNFHING, Richard fucker. Benny HJIHS, Damn Oliver. Doyle MIN. Icshc k MW mwm. xxx xx o$i' . 'x Captain Linker breaks through. E xx xx x. X K x L Ni X GO FALCONS! Elmira's new victory bell which was fixed up by Don't fall down. ' Wes Martin, Fred and Disque Lunceford, Steve I 11 get you yet. and Stuart SurCamp, and Merle Walker mot pic- turedy Don't work too hard. Never touch the stuff. Balloon time at the March of Dimes Dance. . This page sponsored by KENNELL-ELLIS , PNM xh INTEI lNTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - hver Manulatturers - Book Binders FACTORY - HOME OFFKE Kansas City BASEBALL FIRST ROW: Dale Lawson, BillConn, Disque Lunceford, DickCrawford, Larry Michaclis, Charles Martin, Monte Crover, and Steve Surcamp Qianagen. SECOND ROW; Mr. Pickens moacm, David Fox, DarrellThorp, Jim Martin, Larry Linker, Myron Berg, Fred Lunceford, and Wes Martin. THIRD ROW: Gary Baylcss, Neil Martin, Doyle Crownover, and Leslie Berg. 0 Lowell Crow W illamette Monroe Oakridge Creswell Creswcll St. Franc1s Willamette Drain Willamette Junction City Pleasant Hill HIDLJ-L-DJOZAJCJ! ".3 :0 t3 H :3 Team Captain k Jr -' Pitcher Berg Dick Crawford Team Captain Disque Lunceford This page sponsored by JOHN WARREN'S HARDWARE FIRST ROW; D. Tucker tManagen, Quigley, Walker, L. Paddock, McKern, Oliver, Rhoem, and L. Tucker. SECOND ROW: Mr. Peterson, tCoacm, Wilson, Parker, Angle, Lusby, Noice, Kelly, Harring- ton, and Surcarnp. THIRD ROW: Kau tManagen, Flick, Stinson, Crotez, Warden, Seale, White, Waldien, and Smith. NOT PICTURED: D. Huddleston, R. Huddleston, and T. Paddock. SEA SON RECORD Elmira defeated Monroe and Drain in one triangular meet, and also won over St. Francis and Creswell in another. Elmira placed second in another triangular meet with Willamette and Pleasant Hill. Elmira got two first places in the Willamette Relays, and scored three points in the Central Relays. At the Sub-district meet 13 boys qualified for the district meet. At the District Meet Gordon White placed first in the mile and the half mile to qualify to participate in the State Meet. Larry Paddock and Eric Kelly also qualified in the half mile and pole vault respectively. At the State Meet Eric earned a fifth place ribbon in the pole vault while Gordon came in sixth in the mile. Distance Medley Team: Larry Paddock, Jim Lusby, Doyal Seale and Gordon White. This season five new school records were set by the track team. Eric Kelly set records in the high jump with a leap of 5' 10" and also in the pole vault with a vault of 10' 6". Mike Stinson and Don Wilson both broke the shot put record which is now held by Don with a put of 39' 7". Gordon White set new times in the half mile and mile with 2:09 and 4:41. 8. Team Captains - Jim Lusby and Gordon White. Did he drop it? High Hurdlers . . " ".8. M, w ' . a I s. . '" "A. y" u; " a "3145? ' bl" 1 wJ ' 3:. hi. 1......21 - , Stee-rike Over the bar. Make it good. Will it be a homer? Spectators want Lusby to win. ? axh I you dance $ Av Proud advisor and wife. Four bus boys i Why don Moments to remember. $ Next course please. . . . . . . . ews G W N EVE What happened to the girls? AN In a little grass shack . . . . . SPRING ACTIVITIES Va Q AyA Noon Dances Awarding the Sportsmanship TIOphy Windy McKem at work. Nix , Xx Wish we had our swimming trunks. A trio of prominent girls: Student Body president elect Erlene Van- Devender was the first girl to be so honored in 26 years. Dorothy Pierce girl of the month for March was selected for her outstanding sportsmanship. Peggy Wood girl of the month for April was chosen for neatness. Poncho, he is looking for a senorita maybe? exx COMMENCEMENT ACTIVITIES Senior Award Winners: Richard Crawford, Danforth; Disque Lunceford, Athletic and Citizenship; Char- lotte Johnson, Band and Citizenship; Ruth Bowlsby, Salutatorian, Danforth, P.T.A. Scholarship, and G.A.A.;Jeanette Marion, Girl of the Year; and Donna Staats, Valedictorian. This year the seniors working with their ad- visor, Mr. Ne Is on, sponsored several projects. One was the new Student Union. They with the help of the art class did the work to provide it for our enjoyment. Other groups helped to furnish it. During the spring they presented a panel to the stu- dent body on student behavior based upon a survey which they took. This was later given at a P.T. A. meeting. Before commencement activities began the seniors cleaned the stage and gym. Class of 1956.

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