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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Q Yf"'1, 41 wr' 510 r 4, .-fu if v rr W JW -r A. l r' " . ..- L. .' l 'y . .451 .,::,r5, X ,J 5 - -. 'I Jn 1 fu . wu 'T I' 5 ,.rs:?f:- L ,Q w I ' I x '- , THE JTQRCH THE SENIQR CLASS OE 1953 ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY ELMIRA, NEW YQRK 60 mpaadane in Sedan! Zampcmicwza in Wfemaziea 'sims M 'L-few f esygexk L f-617' ' ta77Zemafzq.4'cme THIS YEARBOOK, which attempts to garner as much as possible of a Past, is really designed for the future. Pictures and text have been blended to form a Nlemory Lane, through which future readers may wander and rem- inisce. Neccssarily much is omitted. Of the many experiences which have left an imprint on the lives of students and faculty alike, only the most obvious and concrete can be in- cluded. Yet we hope that remembrance of the more subtle influences may be revived by what is here suggested. Still children upon our entrance as fresh- men at Elmira Free Academy, we have pro- gressed through our years of adolescence, leaving high school as initiates to adulthood. We are thankful for the opportunities that have been afforded us as Academy students, both scholastically and socially. The know- ledge we have acquired and the friendships we have made during this brief Period of our lives will remain with us always . . . a Mem- ory Lane. "Wl1en Time, who steals our years away Shall steal our pleasures too, The mem'ry of the past will stay And half our joys renew." Thomas Moore-"Son ru E-1 Dedication 771644 ace z S'I'l'DIZNTS Ama ll0RTUNATli when they find an educator who has not only the skills of suc- cessful teaching, but also a whole-hearted interest in her pupils. Such a Woman is Miss Grace Nliller, whose thoughtful suggestions, sense of humor, and sincere concern for the girls of our class have helped to make our high school years memorable ones. Setting an example for all who know her, Miss Nlillerls wholesome attitude has inspired us to higher goals. Her pleasant disposition, capahle guidance, and genuine interest make her an ideal woman for the task of counseling high school girls. Because of our appreciation of her, it is a pleasure for us of the Class of 1953 to name lvliss Grace hfliller one of those to whom this yearbook is dedicated. 770, Zag W Simmcm TACT, PATIENCI5, SINCERITY-these are only a few of Mr. Ray W. Shermanis admirable qualities. Witli a genuine interest in the Problems of young people and a desire to he helpful, Mr. Sherman has counseled the boys of our class with quiet patience. His concern for us and his willingness to help us over our difficulties have won him deep grati- tude. Taking a fatherly interest in us all, he has encouraged us when we have needed reassurance and ehided us when we have needed correction. In gratitude for the many things he has done for young men especially, the Class of 1953 names Nlr. Rav XV. Sher- man to share this dedication. In the fourth year, students re- ceive much of then educational counsel from Di l-lelmkamp. Zz. :Wind W ,ezdnafpaf and cacawetbz pcm ezoeilence WHEN WE LOOK down Meniory Lane over our high school years, we recall with deep affection and esteem Dr. Helkamp, who has made our stay at Elmira Free Academy a memorable one indeed. We remember him as one always ready to offer helpful advice and constructive criticism to our projects, to encourage our teams before an important game, to listen to our problems, and to advise us in our future plans. ln our closer associa- tions with him during our senior year, we have come to recognize his many commend- able qualities-his acumen, genial wit, co- operative spirit, and genuine interest in the students of his school. Dr. I-lelmkamp efficiently Per- forms duties ranging from cleri- cal details to matters of Policy. Alampam goo! To THE c:1.Ass or 1953, SINCE THE BEGINNING of free popular elemen- tary schooling in 1849, education in New York State has broadened its scope until to- day it is possible for every boy and girl, will- ing to learn and ambitious to succeed, to achieve a high school education in any one of a number of varied helds. You have been the fortunate heirs of this development. To youth, school hours often seem long and the years of preparation even longer. The routine of daily duties, broken though it may be by assemblies, dances, athletic contests, plays and other social activities, sometimes results in a lack of appreciation of the educa- tional advantages that have been offered you. This is a natural human reaction with which all teachers through the years have had to contend. l'School is outn is a joyous shout to which all youth responds. Still not too many years from now, most of you will look back upon these days with wistful nostalgia as the golden age of youth when you were carefree and happy. Aided by your yearbook you will recall the many friendly associations you had here, and in your mind you will travel back to these days with pleasure. That this may prove to be the case and that the future may hold forth every prospect of success and happiness to you, is the wish of your teachers and principal. Sincerely yours, 0 Wise-,azincqkai 6344 pmzq ,4ccwlemg'4 Zlnaung Wefzo Hlilili, IN THIS I2S'I'IMA'I'lON of our class, is a man wbo deserves great praise. During tbe four years we bave been attending tbe Acad- emy, lVlr. Parry bas belped us in many ways, often unknown to us. I-le bas taken care of tbe lockers, operated a lost-and-found de- partment, watcbed attendance and, for good measure, bas ably taugbt science. Daily be bas been seen in tbe corridors trying to un- ravel students' personal Problems. We of the class of 1953 are deeply indebted to blr. Parry for bis efforts in trying to train us for more responsible adultbood. Pollock. Abbott. XX'all, George, Dubberstein. 7a0:a-oily Q-afzddaafcvze Among tbe administrators of our scbool system are the direc- tors in tbe various fields. Tbese include Mr. Osmond XNall, Academic: blr. Williar11 Dob- berstein. Guidance: blr. Elbert Ryerson, Art: Gerald Longb- lin, Audio-Visual liducationg Mr. Clillord Harding, Com- II'lL'I'Cl1llQ Miss Kathryn Pollock, Home Economics: blr. Roscoe Tarbell, lndustrial Arts and Vocational Education: Xlr. George Abbott, Musieg and lVlr. Roland George, Pllysieal liducation and Healrb Instruc- tion. VVe tbank tbem for a job well done. 7 Seann' Brooks, Stewart, l'Vl'cCarthy, Cuffncy. Stamlnzg: Harrigan, Looney, Lottriclge, lrnpeciato, K. Nliller, Bvrml, Colgan. Cn rn m erdzzf Eleanor hi. Chambers, 15.5. Marry E. Cuffncy, M.A. Dorothy M. Cummings, BS. Catherine U. Kahatt, A.B. Henry B. Lottriclgc. RIS. Anna C. lVlaelnerncy, B.S. Dorothy Woorls, M.A. Scien ee George G. Brubaker, NIA. Emory E. Donelson, M.Ed. Florence Haig, M.A. lVIargaret A. O'Connor, M.S. Silas E. Parry, A.B. Anthony A. Schwcnkler. NIS Ray W. Sherman, A.B. Social Studies Carolyn XT. Bolger, A.B. Beatrice E. Collins, A.B. lvlartin Nl. l-larrigan, M.Ecl. Victor lmpeciato, A.B. Isobel NI. lXflCCarthy. lVI.A. Kathleen B. Nliller, Plm,B, lulia C. 0'Snllivan, his. Kenneth S. Weavr-1', M.A. Iforciiqn Lznzgmzgcs Iulla V. Brooks, A.B. Glaclys C. Chapman, A.B. Esther Cooke, A.B. Ellen Nl. lXlcTiernan, lVl.A. Clara D. Xlnnson, A.B. Svented: Bolger, Van Dnyn, Vlfoorls. Arla-ua. Stann'ing: Donelson, Elfces, Brubaker. Ijilglljll ll.ulu'l Xl. l5owv11. .-X.l'm. john li. Colgmm, A.l'r. Killlllyll l.. Daly, AB. Ck-lin li. l"lutclxinson, liml.lN'l Rum- M. Kingston, A.1S. lim-My Innc Loomis, KLA. NllII'lL' lf. lX"I1lCNLlIll1ll'il, KLA limmlmy lXl.u'ti11, Ali. Chun' lf. Xlillcr. lXl.A. Allan' lj. Scott, Ali. l'1l.1 ll, SILlllIR'I'II1.llJ. Xl.:X. 1fnH1w111'nH fwff mx lvxwlmlmvllc' R. Dmiiw, lVI.A. In-imc NI. Dummc, l'Vl.A. Acln l'm. VVL'st iw: S1vmfd.' West, Miss Alice Scott, lVIncNn1nn1'n, OlCOllIllbl'. Sl!IIl1ffIItQ.' Bowen. lflclrulgc, Sl1CI'IU1lIl, HllfL'lllllSt3I1, lnnlmmis, Cool L lil lllcl Smzml: Kingston, SU1llH'I'lH1l11, G. lVIillc'1'. SLanr1'irf'Q.' C:llHI7lll1l1l, Mc"l'iL-1'11:111, Kaball, Dcnccn. Ii'- .7Wr1ll1r'H'1f1lf4's Mary D. Colulun, BS. IQIimln-rlm DK'llK'k'I1, AB. lIJK'l'IlLll'll Etkiml, lXl.A. lxlllfy' H. Stcwalrl. BS. Cl-lin N. Stoll, Ali. Iml1r.v!r'i.1l .'l1'l.v .Hlfl l 0!'z1fl0il41! lilllfhlllllll julm l. Byrcl, l'm.S. l:l'i1I1lCllI'l D. fflmllivlml Amlmny M. lilww, BS. Rolx-rt Gm-llm-r VV.ml lvl. Hum lluwnrrl F. l.UOI1i'f. HS. Al'll1llI' l-. XIul,a1ugl1lin Ray I.. -ldllk'liL'l' Smted.' Clmmlucrs. C. lX4illc1'. Collins, Haig. .llliilf ljillllllli' NI. Bowllw, BS. G. lVlu1'tin Vxfcinzcl, Nl.S. Pfvysiml Edumtion Anthony Xl. Pcclmlly, BS. Helen B. 5l7l'CCllCI', linlll. Harold E. Vwluitc, NIS. lVl:1rgucritc E. VnnDuyn,Nl.A Vx7illiam Vxfipflcr, NLS, Stmzzling: NICI.Clllgl1lll1. Dunne, Pcckally, Xlnnson, Condon. 'x Seated: Bowlby, VVcuvcr, Tucker, Canncron. Standing: Daly, Wil1HL-1', Parry, Gnrcllmcr, Cll1llIX1lllgS, VVcnzcI. Art Tcrcsn Xl. Cameron. BS. Di'l'L'I'I' Y-fzllllliflg Clmrlcs R. Nlillcr, licl.lW. Lilzmrimfz liliznlwtll Elnlrcclgv. PLS. I0 Dfgbiamaa maxi lie end af Wiemafzq .lane l I Seaton RICHARD J. ACKLEY Tlmnms K. Bccrlicr SONYA M. ALTMAN George IVU.l'III.!1fjl0Il Student Council 1, 35 French Club 45 Spanish Club 4: Ush- ers' Club 45 Sophomore Couneil tSeeretaryl5 Secretary, Sopho- more Classg Secretary, Junior Class. LEONARD XV. ANDERSON Tlmzzzus K. Beecher ALICE XV. ARMSTRONG George II'IU.S'l1I'1lflf0JL Ushers' Club 45 French Club 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Jr. Red Cross Student Chairman5 Torch Lit- erary Staff, fEditor-in-ehiefJ5 D, .-X. R. Awardg Youth Coun- ty 35 Elmira College Key A- n'ard5 Oratorical Contest 3. EILEEN J. ARNOLD George IVKZSIIDIQIOIL Masquers I, 3, CTreasurer 355 Academy Atoms 3 5 J. V. Cheer- leader 35 Stylus 25 Glee Club 35 Choir 45 Spanish Club 4 CTreasurerD 5 Student Council l, 35 lil-l1dCi' 2, 3, 45 Torch Lit- erary Staff, fAssistant Editorl 5 Knights of Columbus Essay A- ward 3. JOAN Y. ARNOLD George Ilfaslzizzyfofz Ushers' Club 45 Jr. Red Cross 4. DOROTHY M. AUGUSTINE Sf. Cl1SiIllII'i5 Cheerleaders' Club 3. NICHOLAS J. BACCILE Sf. :1l1fl10JIj',S Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 J. V. Football 15 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 J. V. Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Senior Play5 Boys' State. JOAN IM. BANKS Sf. Prim' and PKIIIIIS l'i11dv.v Business Staff 2. JO ANN BARENBRUGGE George Ilfusllizzgtozz Sophomore Council. SHIRLEY C-BASTEDO ALBERTA 13. BEDNARCHIK George VVllS1l1'llUf0ll DOUGLAS XVAYNE BAUER Thomas K. lm'm'cl1rr Proscenium Club 25 Football CAssista11t Managerb 1, 25 Baseball fAssistant Managerj 1, 2, CManager 35 J. V. Basket- ball CManagerD 25 Varsity Bas- ketball CManagerD 35 Intra- mural Basketball 3, 4. HERBERT F. BAUMAN Thomas' K. Bcvclzvr XI l LDRED .-X. B.-XUMG.-XRTNER Guorge IVUSIII-HQf0H KlERl.lf F. BLXYLOR t'z'1'llI'11lS St. CJtl5illll'I'lS Academy Atoms 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Lflub 45 Torch Literary Stalfg l'iudc.r 45 Ushers' Club 45 Stu- mlcnt Council 45 Senior Play. JOHN J. BELL YJIIUIIIUA' K. Bcwrlzvr JACK D. BENJAMIN George M. Divm Football Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 15 J. V. Football 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 J. V. XN'restling 35 Varsity XYrestling 4. JOAN R. BENNETT George l'VI1S111.?I!If0H l'1'mz'v.f 45 Torflz Business Staff. RlCH.'XRlJ C. BENNETT Ccorgu 111. Diiwz l,I'lJ5CCl1l11I1l Club 2, 35 Football Club 15 Football Ukssistant Managerl 1, fMHl1HgC1'J 2, 3, 45 Baseball CAssista11t Manag- crl 3, CManagerD 45 XVrestling lN1anagel'l l, 2. 3, 4. Santana SANDRA E. BLANDFORD Thomas K. Beecher Biology Club Z5 Orpheus Club 2 CTreasurerJ5 Spanish Club 3 tTreasurerJ5 G. A. A. l. JOAN L. BLASH H endy .flwnne Ushers' Club 45 Academy At- oms 25 J. V. Cheerleader 25 junior Council. JOHN BLUMENSHINE Hendy Avenue Football Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Playg Various Committeesg J. V. Football Z5 Varsity Football 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 J. V. Wrestling 25 Intramural Bas- ketball l, Z, 4. JOYCE A. BOHN Thomas Edison Choir 2, 3, 45 Glee Club Z, 3, 45 Octet 45 Ushers' Club 45 Sen- ior Councilg junior Playg Var- ious Committees. RICHARD K. BOMBARGER George ill. Dizfen Proscenium Club 2. N RONALD GENE BORDEN George Waslzingfon German Club 45 Sooper Snoop- ers 35 Track 2. LEONARD A. BOULAS Sf. Pafrick's Football Club 35 Senior Play5 J. V. Football 25 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 45 Track l, Z, 3, 45 In- tramural Basketball l. 2, 3. MATTHEW BREWER Handy Avenue Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play. MARK R. BRINTHAUPT Handy Avenue Sooper Snoopers 35 German Club 45 Octet 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 Choir 3, 45 Masquers 35 Jr. Red Cross 35 Vindex 3, 45 Varsity Track 3, 45 junior Playg Senior P1ay5 Manager Book Store 2, 3, 4. BARBARA A. BROVVN George IDI. Diven V'1'nde.r 35 Ushers' Club 45 Academy Atoms 4. EDXYARD E. BRONVN Purley CUIIUVH ELNVIN R. BROWN Handy Atwnzce Biology Club 2 fVice-Pres.Dg German Club 4 fPresidentJg Boys' Stateg Youth Countyg Torch Literary Staff 3 Vindex Literary Staffg Brown's Boysg Track l, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY A. BROWN Tlmmas K. Beecher Academy Atoms 23 Orpheus Club 2 CPresidentl. M.-XTHIAS D. BRUSSO fer'u.ralcm Hill Track 3. 4. BARBARA J. BUCKHOLTZ George M. .Dizfvn ll-XTRlClA A. BURDULIS Sl . Cu 51.111 l.l'i.V Various Committees. MIRLXM C. BURNE George lVasl1ingtur1 l'lnde.1: l, Z, 3 flfditorb, 4 QCO- liditorbg Choir 2, 3, 43 French Club 3, 45 I. V. Cheerleader 25 Varsity Cheerleader 33 Ushers' Club 4: Glee Club 1, 23 Co- chairman of Junior Promg Sen- ior Playg Youth Countyg Amer- ican Legion Oratorical Contest 4g Vice-president FI'CSl"lI'I'l21ll Class. CHARLES S. BURNESS George lVuslzingtnu- Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Football Club 3, 43 Camera Club lg Track 2, 3, 4g J. V. Football 33 Varsity Football 45 Junior Council. STELLA G. CALLAS George W arhinglou Glee Club 3, 45 Choir 3, 4g I'1'f1de.1' Business Staff 4. MARY A. CAMBIO St. .':l7lflll071y,S Academy Atoms 25 Twirlers' Club 13 G. A. A. l . eadofw em'cvw IO ANN CANIS Handy XlZ'L'7L1lC Ushers' Club 45 Biology Club Z5 Spanish Club 45 Masquers 1, 3, 45 Vimlex 3, 45 Torch Bus- iness Staff CManagerD5 Christ- mas Pageant 35 Youth County5 Various Committees. ROSEMARY A. CANT.-XNDO St. .'qlIfll01lj'vS MICHAEL R. CARDILLO George Wasliington DANIEL G. CAROZZA Sf. Pat1"ick'.v Student Council 25 Football Club 3, 45 I. V. Footbal 35 Var- sity Football 4. DAVID O. CARPENTER Gvorge Il"ashington PHILIP E. CARPENTIER George Washington Glee Club 1, Z, 35 Choir l, 2, 35 Biology Club 25 Sooper Snoopers 35 Student Council 35 Vindav 4 CCo-circulation Man- agerjg Various Committcesg Youth County. ROBERT P. CARPENTIER George Washington Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Biology Club 2 CSccretaryD 5 Sooper Snoop- ers 35 Vindcx 4 CCO-circulation Managerl 5 Choir l, 2, 3: Youth Countyg Various Committees. NANCY H. CARROLL Fairfax Hall lfVflj7MfCSb0'l'0, Va. French Club 45 Glee Club 45 Ushers' Club 45 Various Com- mittees. GERALD F. CARTLEDGE George JI. Diwn Biology Club 25 Sooper Snoop- ers 3, 45 German Club 45 Stu- dent Council 4. MARLOWE D. CASSETTI Handy Avenue Camera Club 15 Biology Club 25 Sooper Snoopcrs 3, Presi- dent5 Viudrx 45 Junior Coun- cilq Youth Countyg Treasurer. Sophomore Class. CHARLES E. CASSIDY Gcurgc llhslzinyfon Sophomore Council 2g Biology Club 2, Youth County 33 Boys' State 35 Senior Playg Brown's Boys Quartet, Student Coun- cil 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Intra- mural Basketball lg J. Y. Bas- ketball 2, 35 Varsity Basketball 45 Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Treasurer, Freshman Class, American Legion Award XN'in- Her. JOSEPH XY. CAVALUZZI SI. ."l7'lliI'I!J7l:l7,5 MARIE J. CAYALCZZI George l4Vll.S'hl71gl0H Glee Club 3, 45 Choir 3, 45 Ushers' Club 4, Vindrx Busi- ness Staff 4. CHARLENE F. CIIAAPEL Gvorgv JI. Diwn lillldtil' Business Staff 3. JAMES E. CHAAPEL George JV. Diwnf SHIRLEY C. CHADWICK George Ill. Diwzz JOANNIQ T. CHALK St. Prim' and Pauliv Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Choir 1, 2, 3, Cbeerleatlers' Club 3, 4 fTreas- urerl 5 G. A. A. 4: Twirlers 4: Academy Atoms -1: Cbcerleatl- or 35 Varsity Cheerleader 4. MARCEII. Y. CHAMIZERLAIN Cvargc ,ll. Diwrz ANTHONY J. CHRISTOFARO St. .-lnztlrmzylv Sooper Snoopers 35 Student Council 3 CTl'L'2iSlIl'Cl'JQ J. V. Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 3, 43 Treasurer Senior Class. JAMES F. CIERI St. ,'1ntlz011y's Proscenium Club l. eniafw endow JOAN CLARK Garrison. High BllHl.1l'l0l'L', Md. Glee Club 35 171i11dI7.'V 35 Mas- quers 3. JOSEPII D. CLATE Sf. ,-lnitlzorzyk ,l. V. Football Z5 Varsity VVrestling 3. MARILYN L. CLEMONS Handy Avenue Camera Club 1: Cheerleaders' Club 33 Iv1'lllfl'.1' Business Staff 4, QPl1otopjrapl1erjg V. Cheerleader. I'.-XULINE A. COLDIRON Hvnidy 1111011140 Ushers' Club 4g Choir 3, 41 tilee Club 3. JAMES H. COLE fllllbridgz' High A111ib1'idg1c, Pa. MARTHA M. COl.l'1MAN Gcorgff' ll. Dfwu BIASE A. COLETTA Sf. A7Lf11!IP1'3J,S Student Council 1. JOHN F. COLLINS George lVasl1iHgf0H Masquers 3. MJXXCY COLLINS Sf. Patrickif Intramural Basketball l, 2. JOAN H. CONNELLY Elmira Catholic High Masquers 3, 43 Ushers' Club 43 fl-lead Usherjg French Club 3 fTreasurer'l, 45 Vizzdar 3. 43 Cheerleaders' Club 35 Student Council Z5 Junior Playg Senior Play: Senior Couneilg Christ- mas Pageant 35 Various Com- mittees. Llili J. COOK George M. Divcn J. V. Basketball l, Z, 3g Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 43 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 43 J. V. Football 2. MARY M. COOK Civmfge Wasliingflfazi PATSY CORNACCHIO George lflfashingirm Football Club 3, 43 Football 3, 4g Varsity Basketball 3, 45 J. V. Basketball Z3 Track 3, 43 Student Council 2. JANE A. COCSE George Washington Academy Atoms l, 2, 3, 4g Twirler l, 23 Head Majorettc 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 CPresidentJ 3 Ushers' Club 4g Christmas Pag- eant 4g Various Committees. JAMES li. CREIGHTON St. Patr'icI."x Masquers 3, 4 cT!'C3SL11'C1'JQ Student Council 33 German Club 43 Senior Playg Junior Red Cross. CHARLES CROSSEIJ St. Ijtlffllfkk EDVVARD L. CURVISH ff1'07'flf7 IIIKISIIIUIIHIUIIV Youth County 3. CAROL J. CUSICK St. l"u!1'ick's Cheerleaders' Club 33 lliology Club 23 Torch Literary Staff 4g I"i1zdv.r Literary Staff 3, 43 Ushers' Club 4 fTfL'ZlSlll'Cl'JQ Sophomore Councilg Student Council 4: Senior Play3 Var- ious Committees. JAM ICS A, CU'l'HBlE'R'l' George VVaishi11fylm1i Masquers 3, 4g Hi-Y l, 2, 33 Octet l, 2, 33 Choir l, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glue Club l, 2, 33 Student Council 3, 43 Junior Councilg Torrlz Business Staffg Senior Play: Christmas Pageant 43 Various Committees. MARGA'RlET A. DALY St. l'uIrifk'.r Sophomore Council. 5645024 ROBERT E. DAVIS Sf. Patrickis' Biology Club 2g Youth County 3. M. JOAN DE LANEY George Washington Spanish Club 33 Masquers 4g Ushers' Club 4g Torch Business Staff 4g Vmdex Literary 3, 45 Glec Club 1, 3, 43 Choir Z, 3, 45 Red Cross 3g Cheerleaders' Club 3: Youth County 33 Soph- omore Council. PATRICIA E. DERR George M. Divan Octet 3, 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Choir Z, 3, 45 Junior Red Cross 4. liI.l.liN E. DICKINSON George lflfovliington G. A. A. lg Library Council Z, 3, 4 Cl'residentjg Cheerleaders' Club l. 4XRI.liNli P. DOLINSKY Elmira Cuilmlic lliglz Masquers Club 3, 4g Cheerlead- ers' Club 3, 4 CVice-presidentb 5 French Club 3g J. V. Cheer- leader 3g Varsity Cheerleader 4. WILLIAM S. DORAN Sr. Patricklr Student Council l. ROGER VV. DUNH.-XMf TllU1!lHS K. Beecher Student Council l. FREDERICK J. ELLETT Tlzomas K. Beecher Student Council l. PA l,'L EPSTEIN George llYtISflll1gfUll Student Council 23 Intramural Basketball l, 23 Youth Countyg Senior Council: I'indv.r Liter- ary Staff fSports liditorj 43 Torrh Literary Staffg Senior Playg President, lfreshinan Class. GEORGE R. IiY.'XN S Ellll1.I'tI Callmlic High Student Council 4: VYrestling 2, 3, 4. ROBERT VV. EVANS George PVa.vlzington Proscenium 15 Track 3, 45 Sen- ior Play. RICHARD M. EVERITT Brown High A tlanta, Ga. Biology Club 2 fPresidentJ5 Sooper Snoopers 35 Glee Club 35 Choir 35 Masquers 35 junior Play 35 Octet 45 Senior Play, Student Director5 Track 3, 45 Iililldffl' Literary 3. RUSSEL E. FAUVER Coldbrook Park Student Council l. JO ANN FIERRO SI. fiIll1lUI11V,.S' RICHARD E. FITZGERALD St. Cec1'Iia's PETER R. FORCE St, Peter and PauI'.r Football Club 25 lfv1.1ldt'.I' Liter- ary Staff 3, 45 Hi-Y 35 Mas- quers 45 Sooper Snoopcrs 4 4Treasurerl5 Youth County 35 Various Committees. LOUIS J. FOSSACECA Sf. .'lnflmuy's Football Club 25 l'indv.r Lit- erary 3, 45 Hi-Y 35 Masquers 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3. THELDA R. FRANK Ilcndy .-alwzzxlv Biology Club 2 fTreasurerD5 Student Council 2, 45 French Club 3 CSecretaryJ, 45 Spanish Club 45 Masquers 3, 45 l'indm' Literary Stat? 3, 45 Torch Lit- erary 45 Academy Atoms 3, 45 J. V. Cheerleader 35 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Junior Council 35 Ushers' Club 45 Youth Coun- ty 35 Senior Play5 Various Committees. ELIZABETH J. FREEMAN Tlmmas K. 1v'cc'cl1vr PARK FRENCH George lfVn.rI1i11gton- Sooper Snoopers 3 fVice-Pres- identj 5 Masquers 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 Octet 45 Choir 3, 45 Track 25 Intramural Basketball 35 junior Play5 Various Com- mittees. Seaiafze JEANNE A. FULLER Ccawfl' iVaslzh1g1lnn Glce Club 2, 3, 45 Choir 3, 45 Ushers' Club 4. M .X l J ELINE FUSARE Ceann' VVashh1.gln11, Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Cboii' Z, 3, 4: Masquers 2. 3. 45 I. V. Cheerleader 45 Cliristmas Pag- cant. .-XXX.-X MARIE MARC.-XRET fil.'XNCRISTOl7.'XRO Cvurgc JI. I71"z'm R.-XRR.-XRA M. GREEN Parhfy Colnzrut Hi-Y 35 Vimiftv 35 Orcliestra 1, Z, 45 Choir Z, 35 Glee Club l, Z, 3. IJAWNA M. ISROOM Sf. Pl1ll'ft'fC'S High, Schnnl lfanlerzkce, Ill. Uslicrs' Club 45 Academy At- oms 3. 4 tSecrt-tary. F11-iicli Club 45 Masquers 3, 45 Clioii' 2, 3, 45 Glce Club 25 Octet 45 Senior Play: J. Y. Cheerleader 35 Varsity Clieurleader 45 Var- ious Committees. FRANK QI. CRUSH St. Cr1.vimi1".s' Sophomore Council: Student Council 12 ,l. V. Football 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 J. Y. Basketball Z5 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 45 Yarsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. ,I li.-XNXE I-. H.-XXLON Gvorge U'a.vhhzgt0u, Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Choir 2, 3, 45 Masquers 35 Student Council 2, 45 Biology Club 25 V1'11d1'.1' 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Ushers' Club 4 CAssistant Head Usbcrj. ICSICVERLY A. HARCHISON Cffoffge VVn.v11,ingf0n Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Clioii' Z, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 25 Masquers 2, 35 Spanish Club 4 Cljresiclentlg l'ii1de,1' 2, 3, 4 CNews Eclitorl Z Ushers' Club 45 Torch Literary Staff5 Student Council 3, 45 Youth County. M.-XRGARE'I' T. HARRIS Byrd Prilhvrman High School Amigo, W.Vn. CLAR.-X Ii. HAVVLEY Thomas K. lfvechef' THOMAS A. HIENTZ St. Crvilialv Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. MARIE A. HEPPY George 11, Diwn G. A. A. 23 Student Council lg Glec Club 45 Choir 3. ROBERT C. HETHERTON Thomax K. Bcvflrcr J. V. Football 1, 25 Varsity Football 3, 4g Track 35 Base- ball Z, 35 Intramural Basketball 1, 2. VVALLACE M. HILL George lVa.vl1ingI011, Intramural Basketball 1, Z. DOROTHY F. HOFFMAN Gvorgv lVasl1ington Masquers 2, 3, 43 Virider 1, 45 Torch Literary Stalfg French Club 3, 45 Ushers' Club 43 Youth County. JOYCE I. HORTON Thomas K. Bveclwr Orpheus Club 2g Biology Club 2. DONALD K. HOXVE G'r'm'gc WasI11'11g1m1, Student Council 45 lntranniral Basketball 3. FRED If. HOWE Gvorgc lf. Diiwl ROBERT J. HUDZINSKI St. Casi111ir's Masqucrs 3. 43 Sooper Snoopcrs 33 Glec Club 3g Choir 3, 43 Stu- dent Council 3, 4 CPrcsidentDg Senior Playg Brown's Boysg Youth County. JOHN G. HUFFMAN Gmrgc l'VU.Vf1l7lflI0l1 Senior Play. Seadaw JAMES WJ. HUNT George Wa.vlzi1zgt011 VVrcstling 1, Z, 3, 45 Junior Council: Various Committees. CYNTHIA R. H URLIZY Genrylr' WG.f11ffMgfIlf'Z Masquers l. 2: Virzdzxr l, 2: Sophomore Council 25 Ushers' Club 35 Yarious Committees. YIil.M.'X H. ISBEL Tfzonmx K. Bccclivr Y-Teens 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 fVice-presiclentj. EDVV.-XRD R. JASKOLKA St. Cn.vi1'nir's Prosceniuin Club l, 2. GORDON H. JOHNSON Ilmzdy .fl1.'c11ur Student Council l. IRVING F. JOHNSON Hfndy flZ'C'1ZIIL' Proscenium Club 2. MARLAND P. JOHNSON Handy .lilrfvnzie Soopcr Snoopers 3. SANDRA A. JOHNSTONE George VVashi1'1.gtrm Y-Teens 35 Masquers 35 Usb- ers' Club 4. JOHN R. JONES Ilfglrland High 5511001 Pnnglzkrcfvsiv, Ncfv York Spanish Club 4. C.-XROLYN A. JUPENLAZ Geuryc IVashiugton Glec Club l, 2, 3, 4 fPresideutD 5 Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Masquers 15 German Club 45 Orchestra l, 2. 3, 45 Band 45 Torch Business Stag: Junior Council: Junior Play: Various Committees: Yice-president, Sophomore Class. M.-XRGARET A. KANE Gcorgv M. D1'z'vr1 Masqucrs 2, 3. 45 Ushers' Club 4 l'SccrctaryDg Vindvx 43 Torch Business Staffg Senior Council: Sophomore Councilg Secretary, Senior Class. ARTHUR H. KELLER SI11lflISilI'L' High School Track 3. MARLENIE T. KIELSEY Tlmuzas K. Bccclzcr P.-KCI. T. KINGSLIEY Gcorgv JI. Diwn Proscenium Club 2: Varsity Football f.-Xssistant ManagerJ lg Varsity Football CManage1'J 2, 3, 4: Varsity Wrestling fManagurl l, 2, 3, 4. MARJORIE A. KLIMICK George Hf'asI1ingt011 Musqucrs l. RICHARD J. KLUGO Sf. Ca.v'imi1".v RICHARD li. KNAPP George lll. Divan JANET .-X. KNIGHT Gvorgv llylljflfllflftlll l'iudi'.r lg Hi-Y l. EDNYARD F. LAGONEGRO Padua High Srlmnl Wzztkifzix CIM, N.V. Student Council 35 Baseball 3, 4. STHRLEY M. LANDON Handy .4?'4'lll1t' Masqucrs lg Biology Club 25 I'i1m'i'.r 3, 45 Ushers' Club 45 French Club 4 CSecret:1ryDg Torch Business Staff QAssis- tant Managerlg junior Playg Various Committees. endow Seadaw ROBERT M. LARKIN Gmrge M. Divan Sooner Snoopers 35 Intramural Basketball 3. DORIS A. LAVRIS George' VV 11.117-iMgfl77'lf Stylus 1, 2 CSccretary-treasur- crl, 3 Qljresiclentjg Masquers 3, 4 tSccretaryJ5 Torrh Art Staff CA1't Etlitorjg Biology Club 25 Various Committees. PATRICIA .-X. LAVVTON Thomas K. Ifecclxcr Stylus 1, 2, 3 tSccretary-trcas- urcrj, 4 CIJrcsicl0ntj 5 Masquers Z, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 35 Vindcx 4: Student Council 45 Various Cmnrnittcvs. JOAN IC. LEE Gfarye Wa.9lii1zg1t01z G. A. A. 1, 25 Masqucrs 2, 35 ivlllldcil' 2, 3. LEE AI. LEELAND 1x'cad1'ug1 High School Reading, Pa. M asquers 1. EILIQEN L1-IM.-XIRE Gcorgt' llfaslzizlyffolz Masqucrs Z, 35 Vinden: 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 4. N.-XTALIE I. LIBERATORE St. Afztlxonyis' Academy Atoms 1 5 Library Counci1 1 5 Senior Councilg Ushers' Club 4. SANDRA VV. LILLEY Thowms K. BFFCILGJ' Library Council 1, 2 CPresi- clentl 3, ADOLPH V. LONG SI. ClISI.IlIfl".Y Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Var- sity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1. JOSEPH J. LUCE Thomas K. Bccclwr ANTHONY J. MACERI Sf. Auzthmzgfs Soopcl' Snoopcrs 35 Junior Llmuncilg l'1'miv.r 4g Junior Red Cross Rep. 4: lntranniral Hus- kg-Lball Z. JOAN M. MA NDELL Hialmlh Jr. High School llialcah, Florida Ushers' Club 4. JOYCE M. MANICY Snzlflzsirlc High Sclzunl Acadcxny Atoms l, 2. SIDNEY J. MANN Handy Avcwc Soopcr Snoopcrs 35 Vindex 43 'l'm'uI1. Literary Staff 5 Youth County5 Scniox' Play. .XRLENIC Xl. MANNION Gvmwc WdSI1l7lf1f!7IL ROIEICIQTA D. MANSlfllCl.D George llf'11.vl11'11g1!uu T'iz1u'v.1' lg filet Club 3. JAMICS F. MARMAS Gcorgf' VVUXIII-Ilfll!7ll PI'0Sl'Cl1lllll1 Club 35 Freshman Councilg Track 1, Z5 Iutrzunural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN IT. MARTIN George' Ill. 17I"Z'l'II' LIL'l.l AN M. MARTIN Jcjfrixmu Swzior High School ROBlfR'l'.-X lf. MARTIN George VVrml1ingl01z O1'Cl1L'Sll'Zl. l, 2, 3, 45 V1i11llt7.1' 1, 2, 3, 4: Gln-4: Club 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 45 SlJZllllSl1 Club 45 Biology Club 25 Academy Atoms 35 T07'Cfl Litcrary Staffg Student Council 45 Octet 3, 45 Varsity Clieerlczulcr 35 Cliristnms 1'z1g'- cant 35 Various Connnittccs. Semen eacofw ROSS L. MARTIN George Woshington VVrcstling 2, Track 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3 Q junior Red Cross 3. ANTHONY MASONE St. Anthomfs Junior Council 3, Senior Coun- cil 41 Youth County 3: I. V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basket- ball 3, 43 President, junior Class. JOAN B. MATTHEVVS Handy A'zm1me Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 2, 3 CScc1'etary-trcasurerl, 4 lSecretaryJg Masquers 3, 4, Student Council l, 3, 4 tVice- prcsidcntjg Executive Council 4, Sophomore Council, Junior Council, Senior Council, Vin- dfxr 3, Academy Atoms 3 CVicc-presidentj, 45 Usht-rs' Club 4g Junior Play, J. V. Cheerleader 3 CCaptainD, 4g Vice-president, Junior Class, Various Committees, Spanish Club 4. CONSTANCE MCCABE George H'r1sl11'11gtrm Ivlllllthl' l, Z, 3, 4 fAdvertising Managerjg Masquers 2, 3, 4, Choir 45 Glee Club 3, 4g French Club 3, 4 QVicu Presidcntjg Torch Business Staff 45 Soop- er Snoopers 41 Student Council Z3 Orchestra 3, 4, Youth Coun- ry. G. MICHAEL MQCARTHY Sf. ,lIa1'y's Student Council 2. RICHARD V. MCCREIGHT Hendy .rlz'e11ue Hi-Y l, 2, 3. BETTY J. MICHAELS Hendy Avenue Masquers l, 2, Vindex 2g Glee Club 35 Choir 4. MARY C. MICHALKE Sf. Cffflfclii Masquers 3, 4. STEPHEN E. MICHALKO George IW. Divan ALAN C. MILLER Hendy .rlverzzzv Vindex l, 2, 3 fNews Editorj, 4 QBusiness Managerjg Torch CAssistant Editorjg Student Council 23 Boys' Stateg Youth Countyg Intramural Basketball l 3 Junior Play, Treasurer, Jun- ior Class, A NNE M ILLER Cmrgi' ll'r1sl1i1zgf01z Glec Club I, 2, 3, 43 Choir 2, 3, 4 lLll5l'2lI'l3.lllI Youth Countyg junior Rccl Cross 2: Student Council 13 Masquers 23 lrilldtil' 2, 3 tlfczittirc Editorl. 4 KEX- changcw liclitorjg Ushers' Club 43 Spanish Club 4g 'l'11rr11 Lit- Q l'Ll1'y S121 ll. NANCY E. MILLER Gmrge l'l'vI1S11Z.l1gf07lf Usliers' Club 4. -IAMES A. MI'I'CHliT.I. Sl. I:l't17I!'l'S of 51351-Sl lirunklyn, Num' York German Club -lg Camera Club 1. NlCHOl..XS .'X. MUNITELLO Sl. .lullzmzylv Football Club l. Z, 3, 43 I, Y. Football lg Varsity Football 3, 45 lnt1':1n1urz1l Basketball l. MARILYN A. MOORE Gvorgc Waslzingtzm Mzisquers 3, 4: Ushcrs' Club 4. ROSE M. MORGAN St. Pvtm' und .l'uul'.v Y-Teens 2, 3 CScc1'ctai'yDg Li- brzxry Council l. MARGARET JN. MORRIS ffvorgfv Ill. DI'I'4'II PgX'l'RlCI,iX J. MOSES Gmrgfr llv1ISIl1.lIflfHll Glu- Club 1. 23 Choir 2, 3: Ushcrs' Club 3. RONALD A. M UCCI Sl. Anf1znny's junior Council 33 Track 3, 4g llll.l'Zlll1lIl'2ll Baskctlmall 1, 2, 3. PATRICIA A. MURPHY l9fl1flfIlIHlf0H Ccnlrul Usln-rs' Club 4: Soopcr Snoop- ers 45 Youth County. Sendafw CONSTANCE A. MURRAY St. Peter and Paullv XYALTER R. MYERS George IU. Diven LORRAINE A. NIMTZ St. Casimir? G. A. A. 4. AMADIO A. NISCO St. Artthohyiv Baseball 3, 4: Intramural Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3. MARGARET A. NOLAN St. Peter and Paul's MARY C. NOLAN Sf. Peter and I aulls D RGDERICK E. NORGREN Plymouth High School Plymouth, Micltiganl SARAH M. NORWOOD St. Peter and Pauliv Stylus 1, 2, 3, 43 Masquers 33 G. A. A. 4. H. PATRICIA NUGENT George Washington Glee Club 45 Choir 33 Ushers' Club 45 Masquers 3, 4. F. BRUCE OLM STEAD Hendy Avenue Choir l, 2, 3, 4 QPresidentDg Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 43 Octet 1, 2, Student Coun- cil lg Football Club 35 Sopho- more Councilg Junior Councilg Glee Club 1, 2, junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3 Varsity Football 33 Junior Playg Vindex 1, 2, 3. MARIANNA OSGOOD Thomas K. Beecher Library Council 1, 2, Y-Teens Z, 3 LVicc-presidcntjg Ushers' Club 4. ANNE M. PARROW George Woshiizgton Masquers 4. MARY PERRY Thomas K. Beecher Orpheus Club 2 QSecretaryD. BERT B. PERSONIUS George lVashington Sooner Snoopers 53 Senior Play. RICH.-XRD D. PFIFFER George M. Dizfeu Proscenium 2, Youth County 3. CHARLES A. PILLA George W!l.Y1!fi1lffjt07l J. V. Football 25 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 45 Football Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Council 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Choir 1, 2, 3. SUE ELLEN PINELLI St. Aiitlwnyiv Cheerleaders' Club lg Glec Club 43 l'7i71fl1il'.1f' 4. LOUIS A. PIROZZI, JR. George Washington Sooner Snoopers 39 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Senior Play. ROSIEMARY M. PIROZZOLO Sl. Afiflzonyiv Library Council lg Masqucrs Z, 33 Choir Z, 3, 4, Glce Club 2, 3, 4, lf,1i7HIL'2V 4g Ushers' Club 43 Cheerleaders' Club 1. SHIRLEY A. POTTER Thomas K. Beecher Masqucrs 3, 45 Junior Council, Various Committees. Seadaw JANE E. PRECHTL T110H'1fI.Y K. Becclzcr Masquers l, 2 fTreasurerj, 3 CVice-presidentl, 4 CPresideutj Biology Club l3 l'vl'HfZ'E.1' 3, 43 Glec Club l, 2, 3, 4 CVice-pres- identlg Choir 2, 3. 43 Band 13 Youth County. ELIZABETH J. PRTBULICK George l'Va.rlzir1g1t0n G. A. A. 13 Masquers 1, 2, 3, 43 lvllldlbl' 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. ROGER L. PROKOP George IVIISIIT-1I!lf01L Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Viudcx 1, 2, 3 fBusiness Managcrl, 4 fEx- change EditOl'JQ Octet 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Biology Club 23 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Torch Literary Staffg Senior Playg Youth County3 Boys' State. BEVERLY J. PROPER George IVfIS11l'11flf07Z Masquers l, 33 Biology Club 23 Ushers' Club 4. TERRY M. PRUDHOMME Sf. Crrilirfs Student Council 3, 4. JOAN lXlARlE ANN PRZYGODA Sf. CtYSlJllfI",S Academy Atoms l, 3, 43 Ush- ers' Club 43 Varsity Cheerlead- er 3, 43 Student Council 3. ELTON H. QUILLINAN Sf. Peter and Panfs Prosceniuni Club 2. PHILLIP E. RANDALL George Ill. Divan RICHARD V. REIDY Sf. Patrickhr CHARLES L. REINHART George M. Diwn, I. V. Football 23 Varsity Foot- ball 33 Track 1, 2, 3. SHIRLEY A. RIIINIEIIART Tlmmas K. Brcflmr Rlasqucrs 35 Ushers' Club 4. I'RISClI.I.A K. RHOADES Ilvmly .-lwrlzfv Ivlllllfdl' 3, 43 Masqucrs 1, Ush- ers' Club 45 Glcc Club 2, 3, 45 Chuir 2, 3, 45 'l'urflz Literary Stafiq Senior Council, ROBERT P. RICE Thomas K. BPFCIIFI' Track l, 2, 3, 4. CATHERINE BI. RICHARD St. Clare High School ll'0a11.wCkrl, R. I. Y-Tccns 3 CSccretaryJ5 Ush- urs' Club 45 Torch Business Staff. liI-IZABETH A. RIDALI, Ilcndy .4vc'u1u' Biology Club Z5 Vindm' 3, 45 Tnrvlz I.itc1'ary StatT5 Ushers' Club 4 CSecretaryD5 Spanish Club 45 Youth County. J.-XMES H. RIFICNBURG Ccnrgc IVn.vl1i11gt011 Hi-Y l, 2. JAINIES E. RITTER Gvnryc IVUSIII-lI.llfU7l Masqucrs 3, 45 junior Red Cross 3. F. JACQUIELINIE ROBINSON George JI. Divan Stylus Club l, 2, 35 Sophomore Council. LELIA K. ROBINSON Cmrgc JI. Difwz Ushers' Club 4. ARTHUR T. ROHDE Tlzmlzas K. Ifz'UCIll'I' Junior Council. Semlafza endow ELIZABETH M. ROSSI George lVa.vlzington Library Council l, 2, 35 G. A. A. 35 Cheerleaclers' Club 3. BARBARA E. RUGER Thomas K. Boucher Masqucrs 3, 4. SALLY A. RUNDELL Tlwuzas K. Beecher Camera Club lg Masquers 1, Z, 3, 4 CVice-Prcsiclentjg Vindex 3, 45 Ushers' Club 45 Senior Playg Various Committees. CECIL A. RUSSELL Gcorgv lVaslzingion Track l, 2. M.-XRY A. RUTZKE SI. CUSIIIII-I'J.Y ANTHONY J. SAVINO St. A1zt1zu11y's Student Council Z, 3, JONATHAN G. SAYERS George Washington Hi-Y l CChaplinl, 2 fTreas- urerjg Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. JOAN C. SCHMALENBURG Tlzomas K. Beecher Student Council l. JOSEPH L. SEMENTILLI George IVa.rlzi:1gtan. Hi-Y l CSecretaryD, 25 Intra- mural Baskctball 4. ROBERT M. SEMSKI Sl. Cccilialv j. V. Football l, 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 W'rcstling 1, 2, 3, -1g Student Council 1, Z. D.-XXYN li. SIIARP !fvru'ge N. Jliwmi c1.A.A. l,3. RI'I'.X M. SHARP lfcforgc .U .Diwn C,.A..'X.1. .Xllfli I.. SIIAXV ll'l1ilt1'vr Union High School ll'l1ilf1'vr, Culiforzzirz RON,-XLIJ W. SH.-XXX' Guuryc ll'US,1lllfjf0lL Student Council lg Junior Litlllllflll Wrcstling l, 2, 33 ln- trarntiml Basketball l, LZ, 3, JAMES R. SOPHIA Sf. flnzilmrzyk Student Council 2, 33 hlunim' Council: KVM-ntliiig 2, 3. ROSE M. SOVVA .Sl. f,tl.YlHIIJ'A' , . . ., Acaclcnly Atoms 33 '.l'Wirlc1's' flulv l 3 'l'wi1'lc1' 2, 3, 4 . l'l I I LOMAN M. SPICNCTIQR ll"'4IfCJ'l'!1TW1 High .S'rlz,00l ll"utv1'1mw1, Nm' York ,IAMICS M. SI'lNlJI.l2R .flquizmx Inxiitute 1fUl'Ilf'Xlt'7', Nrw York fit-rinan Club 45 Varsity Foot- lmall 43 Varsity Basketball 4g liascball 4g Christmas Pageant. JOHN R. STlTNl3liRti Cfmmft' ll7tl.Y!ll'llfjf!17I BICTSY XI. S'l'OCli'l'UN Gcurgc ll"u.vl11'ugfon Stylus Club l, 2, 3 tYicc-1:rcs- itlcntjg l7imz'1'.1' 2, 33 French Lilulw 3, 45 Student Ctmticil 45 Ushers' lflub 43 Youth tfuuntyg 'l'm'r!1 l.ite1'a1'y Stall tlmyout litlitmjbg Senior Play. 6016014 Seadwza Xl.fXRll.YNN C. STONE Gmryc lVUS1lIJ1gfUll I'i11dv.r 15 junior Council 35 Choir 2, 3, 45 Glue Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Stylus Club 35 Ushers' Club 4. DAVID W. STRANG GCU1'jlL' Waslti11gt011 Sooper Suoopers 35 Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. JOAN M. sU1.1.1x'AN Gmryu llvUS1IIlIHf0ll KATIILIQIQN A. SULLIVAN llrndy Avenue l'imlr.r 3. JACQUEIJIN li A. SUTOSKI lifnfyff lljflflifllflfflli CJ. A. .X. I, lzmiin 2, 3. 4, Academy .Xtoms lg Hasquers 35 Spanish Club 4 l,Secretary7. SALLY V. SUTTER St, Pafrick'5 Student Council 2, 3 LSecre- taryjg Academy Atoms 1, 2, 3, 4 tI'residentJ5 Ushers' Club 45 Youth Countyg Junior Play5 J. V. Cheerleader Z5 Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4 CCaptainJ5 Various Couunittees. BARBARA L. TAYLOR Tlumzas K. Beecher G. A. A. 1, 35 Cheerleaders Club 1, 25 Orpheus 1, 2 fPres- identj. DEANNA M. TAYLOR .hllllllllllkill High Sclmol JON L. TliliTER Handy I4i't'lI1lL' Hi-Y l5 Sooner Snoopers 1 fSeeretaryl5 Student Council I5 Vlfrestliug l, 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Baseball 25 Intramural Basketball I5 President, Sopho- more Class5 President, Senior Class. SHIRLICY H. TEMPLAR limrge lfVCl.S'1'Li71ffjf07'1 Glee Club 45 Choir 45 Various Committees. l 59x ,lL'DITH S. TOUMHY llvudj' .l1'm1m' Masqucrs lg Glue Club Z, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, lfslicrs' Club 45 Student Council 43 l'iu11'r.1' l, 3, 45 Torch Literary Stall. DOLORES R. 'l'RliMRl.AY Thomfzx K. Beeclzer l.ib1'ary Council lg l'llItlr'.l' 3, 4: Stuclcnt Council 4. YERA M. TRIFOSO Cmwyn' ,lf. Dizfrn DONALD H. TURNER Ilvndy .llwuuv Biology Club 25 Soopur Snoop- crs 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 7'o1'fh Business Staff. ROBERT F. UI-H. Ilvmiy .Vlt'm1m I'im1c.1' 1, 2, 3, -lp 'l'urvl1 Liter- ary Staff CSports lfditorjg Choir l, 2, 3. -lg Glue Club l, 2. -lg Octet 4g Youtli County. Rl.-XCRIEI-IX Nl. L'XliliR Iflfilsml Iligh .S'rl1.rml lljfflililllxlf, Pa. Senior Play. FRANCES Ii. VQXN IJORICN ffmrifl' ll .tl.YlIl!lflflVH SHARON nl, Y.-Ylllfli frl1'1U'A!I1' ,ll. DiT'A'll JOAN M. VliCliI,I.IO C,'vul'g1l' llfuxlzirigllmz Masquers 2, 5, 4: Y-Teens 3, Usllcrs' Club 4. YIRGINIA .-X. YIQRR.-XL Ilvmly ,l'z'i'r1m' Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 43 Clunir Z, 3, 43 Octet Z, .lg Bzuul lg Orches- tra 2: I'i11dv.1' l, Z, 3, 4 ifo- Iiditorlg Frcucli Club 4: Usb- crs' Club -lg Stumlcnt Council -lg Tnrrlz Literary Stull 41 'llrri-11 Business Stall' 4: Yontli Coun- tyg Various Coiuiuittccsg Christmas Pzign-znmt. Seaview , ,N MM .e. 2 . VX. . . RH. w KATHLEEN J. VISCHANSKY Tuwalzda High School Tmvmida, Pa. Masquers l, Z, 35 Ushers' Club 43 Studcnt Council 35 Senior Councilg Senior Play. 'l'liRlfS.'X A. YISELLT Sf. .lllf1lUIIj'lX G. .'X. ,-X. lg Masqucrs l, 2, 35 Ushers' Club -lg l'il1n'v,r 4. li. DIANE YOCKROTH Gvnrglv Hilljfllillflfllll- Gcrman Club 4g Student Coun- cil l, 33 Yicc-prusidcnt, Senior Class. JUIJITH VOSS lhuslzihgflmz Ir"r'ing High School ,Vriv liorh City Masque-rs 2, 3. JOSEPH M. WYXRAIQOMSIQI Sf. CtISilIIl7"S l'rusccniun1 Club 1, 2. MARY J. VVERNER George h'VG.9111'llgf0lL Ushers' Club. MARILYN J. VVHEELER Sf. Pctrr and Pa11I's Masqucrs 3, 43 Academy Atoms 3, 4: Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4 CCO-captain 5. HAROLD li. XVHITE .S'o1cll1.r1'dc High School FLORENCE I. NVHITSON Gvorgf' N. Diweaz Library Council lg Masqucrs 3, 4g Student Council 2. -IESSIE .X. VVILCOX Tlmums .-l. Edison LAWRIENLTIE F. VVILCOX ffmrgv l!'asl11'nyt0n Foutball Club 1, 2, 35 -1. V. Football 15 Yarsity Football 2, 3, 45 XYrestling 15 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. RICHJXRD I.. NVII.l-lAXlS Cfvurgu Ilvdillllljlftlll Xl.-XRIQI, R. XYILSON Gvmfgv l4VIlSl1l71f!f07Z l'imlv.r 2, 35 Y-Teens 35 Mas- quers 35 Ushers' Club 4. MARGARICT A. VVILSON Cfvargv ll'us11i11g1f0n G. A. A. lg Student Council 2. R.-X NIJALI. XVINK ZICRT limrgv llhslzixzglon Choir 3. 45 Glce Club 35 Senior Play5 Senior Councilg Junior Red Cross 35 Various Commit- tees. ,IANICIC I.. XYIXSON Gt'!I7'!j1' N. Diwu MARGARIET li. VVOOD Tlwzmrs K. 1?vm'I1vr Library Cuuneil 15 Masquers 3. CATHIERINIC JL ZAVVKO fimrgr' JI, Diwn Secretary, Freshman Class. ARTHUR F. ZIMMICR CmI'g1f U'lIJl1l'l1fIfUlL Germzan Club 45 Band 1, 2, 35 Track 3, 4. endow Outazfa ' du dilqeuadfp l l For dependability, service, leader- ship, and patriotism, Alice Arm- strong received the D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award. Her prize-win- ning essay, "Youths Contribution to Citizenshipf' won the D. A. R. KCI!-COUDIY district contest. As a result of being named the outstanding girl of her class in her junior year, Alice was awarded the Elmira College Key. Charles Cassidy was selected to receive the American Legion Award for his outstanding characteristics of honor, courage, leadership, scholar- ship and service. YOUTI-I'S CONTRIBUTION TO CITIZENSHIP Church Youth Fellowship Gives Saturday to Hello Needy . . .High School Student Council Gives Beneft Program . . . Twenty-Eight to Leave Thursday for Induction . . . These arc all actual headlines. Similar ones appear in local newspapers throughout the United States, illus- trating how youth leads, how youth serves. Although the hrst headline mentions only church youth fellowships, the idea behind it represents all the young peoples religious and service organizations widely scattered through- out the country. Wliile these organizations car- ry on programs to benefit the entire community, the participants themselves learn more about their future job as full-fledged citizens. The second headline also illustrates a phase of youth's contribution to citizenship, except that this time it is in our schools. Here the Stu- dent Council controls many of the schoolls activities, and, simultaneously, the young peo- ple learn about leading and serving their own contemporaries. Perhaps the idea brought out in the final headline is youth,s most obvious contribution to citizenship-that of giving themselves to the cause of their countiyls safety. Recently the fol- lowing headline appeared in our own local newspaper: 127,000 Casualties, Million Youths Drafted. That speaks for itself. Headlines don't tell the whole story though. Behind these headlines, through programs of religion and service, through school Student Councils, and through gifts of themselves, young people everywhere are gaining exper- ience and knowledge in preparation for assum- ing the responsibilities of good citizenship. Giv- ing, training, serving, leading . . . youth is doing all of these in the interests of better citizenship. 0 I 475644 .fdmld zfiaceeaialcwe 'Janome FIRST HONOR ROLL Alice Armstrong Thelda F rank Eileen Arnold Elwin Robert Brown, Ir. IoAnn Canis Charles Cassidy Paul Epstein Beverly Hmiiason cymiiri Hurley Alan Miller Nancy E, Miner viigiiiiri Verral SECOND HONOR ROLL Marlowe Cassetti Philip Cnrpentier Robert E. Davis Miirioii Ioan DeLaney S. Park French Dorothy Hoffman Carolyn Iupenlaz Richard Klugo Edward Lagonegro Shirley Landon Constance McCabe Malhel Wilson Roberta Martin lane Preehtl Richard Pfiffer Beverly Proper Roger Prokop Elizabeth Ridiill Betsy Stockton David Strang Iudith Toomey Delores Tremblay Donald Turner 4-1 Diaim- Vm'l41'4m1l1 .lon 'llcctci' Mzii'g:ii'u1 linni' Antliony Clirisiofzim 7 '1'ff'f1'r.vi4ivni P7'I'.Yldl'71f .S'i'r'1'ri411'y 'l'1'vr1.iu1'w' l.:-fmixi, 1:,xi'i4 migic our fwinx yn-:iiw :it lflfl. uc are uvcr umm- xxiili a fueling uf iimtzilgizn. li liziiwlly wi-iiis that fun M q yi-:iw uinlcl have liilbrtfl fincu ilizii bvptciiilwr inrwrning 1' I , l . . , I . , A .. , . . ll-W xxlnn xu nut niituul tlii .Xn.uliin3 .inrl tgmk nu plain-N in thc 2lllClli4ll'lUIIl. .Xin-i' ilu: straiigumss uf win' neu fi-liiml liml xxnrii wi zi littlv. iw clcftccl win' first QVHUII 411' -'Kilim-iw. XXI' Clins l':inl lzpxtciii, lircsiflciiti Klirizini lliiriic. VIVA'-1lI'CS1flL'Ilt lizitliiiiiii- Klclmrirl. SL'L'l'L'i2ll'j'I zinil K lizirlvf Vsiuicly, tl'L'2iS iirvr. l'1llwl Ultll tlic spirit in fllI'lNIlll2lh. iw liclil our hrs ilsilivv. ilu- "Santa Siviizilzif' in llwi-iiilwi'i'. .Xa wpliuimiiws wc felt vcry siipwiiii' In tliv new ircsli niun zinil lfiwwccl it by gli-sting ,lun 'IR-vtcr, presicleiit tfziimlyii -lnpenlaz, viuc-mcwiflciill Sunyzi .Xltnian, SUCH' lziryg :invl Xlarlowv Czlssctti, ti'vziwiii'ci'. Hin' nniquc "Supl Suck Ilziiivcu :xttractcrl inziiiy fimin Hlllk'l' vlxifws as wcl :is lrmn mn- uwn. Stzirting our junior yczir, wc liclil tlii' iii-wi'-tn-Inc-lui' gutlvn "Xl'aikilii VVlii1'l" in Sk'lDll'llllll'I'. Ks nppi-rclassim-i wa' vlmsi- fXntlimiy Mziscnic, pwsiilciilg ,Ianni Nlattliciw x'ic'c-1ii'i'siflv1itg Sonya Altinzin, sn-c'i'vtz1i'yg :incl Alan Mil lcr, ll'llilSllI'QI'. ln lTCl3l'1121l'y wc simiimiwl mn' wvoiicl clanu of thc yi-any tlic 'fliiiiicn' juinpf' 'l'Iu- liiliirious junior Play, 'fliiiiv filmlf' was prcscntcc on May Z, l95Z. The clinizix ul mn' linsy jnnim' year wa: tlw uxviiing junior Day. llrcssvrl in while- rlrcsscs ana uni' lwsi suits, we ciijoycml mn' "Sl:1i1'w:1y In Pziraclisct' pmgiziiii. At the junior l'mni that night, V1-ra Trifosn :ind -lziinvs Hunt rc-igiicrl ovci' tlw lnwiixfiiiw. flYL'l' tiny juniiirs 11-ucivul lu nni' in:ii'lv in thu ,limi licgviila. Sizirting our scniur yuzn' :ictiviiiw vzirly. we liclfl 2 , "I-zivli-hi-Scliijml Dance" nn Suptuiiilwi' ll. I I Hd lx my XM in lu Xlmu ul R Q1 .Xiu-in :in exciting Caiiniziigii. lun 'llwtci' xxcii clcctcr m va' ' ' -2 H A ' -' all " Nl-'Hall lll'L'Flflk'Ill wif thc Scnim' Claw. .Xwisting liini xwrc: Dianm tilzizfillnn' . l11'I'i.x1'i'.v 42 lfirxl rm.-: Yiwlumsky, Lliiiiiclly. Nlattlicws. X'iwlmitl1. Kaus, liliuzulw. .hiffllllll riffs: liwlm, 'll-cu-1', XYingt-Vt. Cznssifly. lfpftt-int, LfliriNt1wf4ii'4u, Nlztwiiv, l.iliv1':ttfwi'v. Ynultmtli, VlL'K"lJl't'5lllk'lllQ Nl2l.l'l.lZll'Cl li1lllt', svm'1'ct:L1'y3 mul .Mitlmiiy l,fl11-istulzim, lI'l'2l5lll'Cl'. Um' wry s1u'u'ssl11l Sviiim' Clilfibi l'l:1y, "The Man Wfilm fiillllt' tu lJlllllCl',n uns atugccl in iilicl-Nuvuiiilmcli lJil'0L'fl'll hy Miss llctty-.Imic Imciiiiis, tht- play Sllll'1'Cfl Sidney ylilllll. fllirizmi llurnc. Vzxml Ctisivlc, :tml Rulicrt Huzlxin- alxi. llu- Haiti-vllzll 1-lt-ftiuii Villlllbillgllb iw fullliwurl vlmt-ly. zmtl. hy -vm' Ntrzux xwwtw. imllvzxtul lll'L'lk'l'R'Il1'k'F wliivh xxcu- tht' Nzum' :lr thuw 'wt thi' IIlZlj4II'lly ut tht- L'HllllU'j'.S vutt-iw. NMA lilu-ml llw :it lfIf,X, tim, 'lhc llmtlutll M-:twink lxtmgt-at wmwl wziw tht- lil7.X tczuu vznnily elvfczlt Snutlihirlc lust full. giving uw llll lblllllllflllllly tw lwvp thc liric lit-ll Im' 2lllllll1L'I' yt-ur. XM' www dimp- piniitwl. liuwt-vt'1', wlicn iw lust thc Smitlu-i'11 Tin-I' Um- ln'l't'l1t'L' 1-YUXYII til llll1ll'Jl. l'illll'l'1ll'lSlll,S1 5ClllUl'S 5llIll'lik'fl tht' first llllK'll'f'SllUXX' :ls- M-iiihly iii scvm-ml yt-urs. linlm lliiclznislci was IHHSYCI' ul cvim-iiiiiiiius. 'l'lu- lllll'lSlll12lS pzigvziiil, mziiiitziiniiig stzxmlzmls sct iii l-llI'IIll'l' ycars, tlirillc-cl its :ill with its inspiring music :xml in-.xiiig tlrzmin. Thi- Ilvxt inztjin' liurfllu war thc ftnlv wluilziiwliip cx- xmililutiiiu. .Xltluruuli iw l11:211'lx' flu-fl. lm lives wwc zu'- luznllv liiq, Xllu-11 um' IIlllk'll-IlllllflllSlICfl SL'lllUI' Ilziy uri-iw.-cl :lt lint, xu- 1-:Umm-cl it hut i'vui'n-llccl zn'1'ix'i1iQ :it thc cml of tht- mml, Sm-L-ing :ill tim' k'l1lSSll12lICS watt-ll tugctlicr, 282 stiunm, wc rczzlixwl that this war imc ul' tht- last timcs wc xmulil lic twg'ctl1ci'. illlllll night at nm' lmiiqlivt emrl Swim' I'1'mi1 uc zulclcfl pix-viuiih im-imwics whivll will always :ulurii hm' Nlciiimy l.:im-. May wt- 'Agivt' n'1'L'rlil WllL'l'C crczlit is cluvn? XYC ut' thu vlzlss ul 1953 tcm-l nur imlcbtccliicss tu our priilcipal, Dr. lluliiikmnp, who has cu-opc1'zxtucl with us Clllltlllllillly. l,ilwxx'ist-. wc :irc ggrzltcfiil to M r. Parry lm' thc aid he has givun us imlivimliizilly. Om' zulvianws, Miss Nlillur :mtl Klux Slicrmzm, Miss XlZlL'N1lIlllll'2l and M11 liikiml. hnvc :ill wniti'iIii1tvml tu mzilw our high svliuul yt-urs sonic ul must plcuszint :mtl lJk'lll'lll'l2ll yunrs nt' ami' lives. VVL- 1-xtcml our siiicm-iw thzmlcs to tht- two xwniicii who linvv givcn so lllllfll ul their lima' tu Illlllil' this yc':u"s U'lllJI'l'llH il Slll't'L'S5, Mrs, l'l1lll'lllllSHll :mtl Miss Lll11lIlIlN'1'S. Anil to :ill tht' tczu'lu'rs wliii liavc mzulc lk'lll'IllllQ Zl plczifuiit vxpcricilrr I'-ii' in. uv my "'l'l1:mlw." Miss Marie lx4lik'N2lIll2ll'2l, Mr, lic-1'i1z1rrl Htlciilcl .Nrrzznr .l4l:'15t'11v 4 .1 'YJ Bob Hudzinski, Mark Brinthaupt, Carol Cusick, Miriam Burne, Dawna Groom, Thelda Frank, Sidney Mann endow Scene in Dmmalica THE NIGHT OF NOVEMBER 12 provided the class of '53 with another stepping stone along Meniory Lane when they presented their senior play, "The Man Wlio Came to Dinner" by Moss Hart and George S. Kauf- man. This three-act comedy, which had been so well received on Broadway, proved to be equally enjoyable when presented at E. F. A. The story concerned Sheridan Wliiteside, an irritable and domineering dinner guest who slipped on the doorstep of the Stanley home, breaking his hip and necessitating a six-week con- finement period with the Stanleys. This situation created a perfect setting for comedy and insured a delightful evening of entertainment for all who attended the play to see the hilarious outcome. Under the excellent direction of Miss Betty-lane Loomis, the able cast presented Academvites with one of the most unusual senior productions the school had ever seen. CAST Mrs. Stanley . . . . Dawna Groom Mr. Baker . . ...... Iames Ritter Mi55 P79071 - - - - - Carol Clwifk Asst. Expressrnan ana' Plninelothesrnan - Paul Richard Stanley . . Iames Cuthbert Epstein. lem' Stanley . . . lvlllllfffll Unger Lorraine Sheldon . . Thelda Frank lohn . . . Sarah .... Mrs. Dexter . . Mrs. McCutehe1211 Mr. Stanley . . Maggie Cutler . Dr. Bradley . . Sheridan Whiteside . . Harriet Stanley . Bert Iejerson . . Professor Metz . . . . Charles Cassidy . Kathleen Vischansky . Alberta Bednarchik . . . Ioan Connelly Mark R. Brinthaupt, Ir. . . . . Minii Burne . Randall Vxlingert . . Sidney lVlann . . Sally Rundell . . Robert Hudzinski . . . Louis Pirozzi Luncheon Guests-l-eonard Boulas, lack Blumen- shine, Nick Baccile. 44 Sandy . . . . Peter Force Beverly Carlton . . . lack Brewer Westcott . . . . Robert Evans Radio Terhnieian ...... Bert Personius Six Choir Boys+Donald Berry, Tracy Everitt, Bruce French, Iohn Peterson, Fred Cwens, Robert Hall. Banjo .......... lack Huffman Deputies .... Ion Teeter, Ianies Creighton. Prornpters-Betsy Stockton, Chairmang Con- stance McCabe and Nlahel Wilsoii. Stage Manager ....... Paul Epstein Zampmzdone ,-Wang Wiemafzq .fame 45 In-.fl wav: RUM1. Xlultzml, hczlrmugc, Kltrfgliill. Klcally. Rutzkc, Swain, SlllllYZlIl. Ru-fl. Kzulkin. scll, lXl2lllWZ1l'lll2, lx. xxllllllllllx I, VN'l1itc, Sltaulcw, Suvullu. !f1ir'fi1'u2t'.' l'ctt-Vw. fXIm'1'vll. ll. XYl1itu, fllt'l.2l11g.!l1llll, Mattltcw, Vllltipplc, Russiclc, Zaltmialm. Young, M. Whitn- licyll-vltlf. XX'-tml. Flu-ppzllwl, 'l'u1'n'la, tlrltlflsy. lwzlrlfl rffrvi 'l'xxilligv1', Rllillcllztrt. l'Q1lllL'll. vl. llalmcr. Yuclirutlt, lYulx't'r. liutlwlge, liulbwts, Sltlffll, Nul'1'ls S. l':1lmc1'. NIZIYIIIHS, Nlurplwy, S1lC'1lk'l'l', XYm1ucla, Mcrrill. J larsl mtv: Civci, llmvc, liillwy, Clzmsc, .X. tlmlc, I'. liuwxm-11, lllmnn, licllcr, liztltclwzt, C2ll'1JClllk'l'. Mtwuni Vwztx' Curly. lless. Ham. lfmvc, linnc, Ilaly, Castle, lfriclcsmt, llzxlstvzul, llOlill2ll'l7, ll2lj'Vx'UtKl, lX'lalcuwict' lwllt-rn. Klzxjvltwztlq, l.l-lyrl. im' r'n:t': -lziultwn, G, tftmlx. Alclxlliuugx llllllL'l'lIl2-Ill, Czmlzzzt, llillmzm. llLltlL'l', Hu-1-lmv. flats. L'liut4,m. t'ax'zu't:ttz1 llzlmm, Htwncss. .-Xtlclclt. ll2ltl'UllL'y. I IIVIII 7'17'It',' Hmmm, VI, lirowu. llull. lfwstlcy, Fmsolouc, ,l"11cro, ll1'01l1l1Ll1, Ilazclttnm, lfztrlcy. Czlssvtti, ltfvcritts. licavlm lf:-ctxuy. Frat-Ism'11. Cumliugluam. lnrfz fwzv: lllk'l'N1PCCli, j. lltbXX'1l!t'l1, :lv Yrie-s, l-klutulu-1', Allen. .X11fl1'11N, Cluriftizm. lh-eclu-xx llzttclx, Curvixlx. lxullu lluclcl. lnsu, llwtlcv. ll. Clark, lf, Clark. Ntmrnl rwrw Klztycttxmtlsm-, Nlarlcwn, Spcrry, XYilcux. Yuuulaus, Sclutvkclx. ll, XN'illizuus, Sltarp, M. XYilliznms, Rus- ? T l'lr'.v! Vuzvi l':V2lIl5, lgxllgrlmm, X'lAL'IlCllIJlll'j.2, Hull, IJ. XYhilc. Luwis, I'l'iu', R1lIll2lIlSki Urtcll. ,SVU T114 'ml rnzvf J. IQ-vlwrtm. Slum. Ya-:IRL-I1 l.:1m'. Nlustivw. lf. 'lhlln-l't, l'iUl't'1'. Kilwllliill. Run. NYYflI'H. Mlll'K'i2l"'N Hzlllrln-ll, li. l'ctm'I'w. ml rwzuf I,lt'k'lll'll. xlllfllglllll, bl. 5lIlk'41k'li, ll. I'utL-rs, Sluzum, IJ. Rulmwts, Rk'llllk'l', Nzlgcl, Nlillcr, l, 'Ilrllu-1't, Incl 1 , . Iuvlnmml, Iizzrwki, S21ViIlH. l'frIlI'lfI ruzui Xlvycrw, xlk'l.Hl'I'Iill, I.:mgwu1'tI1y, fi. SillC1K'k. lircfgc. l.:1l1c, I.L'xx'ia, l'1lll'ia'k, Tfmxxllsclul, lmllrkw, xlllll ning, Miclmllm, R. xX,llitL', xllllllitull. lvflfz min: XXI-mall, Iizulu, Nlzzllzuulrzx, liovll, SlllIiY1lIl, Xvllllllllll, Spriggs, Vlxhwlllllx, l'ustl1:n1c1'. Rlcllrielv, 'lhtn 66444 N11-ltzm-V, liiumlmll, IllblllllL'tHIl, Shzlrp. Y lwrxl mrs: Iiurtn-alll. llzlltuu, lzllls, Llllfilllilll, llunkm, lI1lly:11'cl, Ilzxvls, Lmlvllu, Llzltv. .Sfmml wiv: Kgzm, ID. f1l'k'L'H, Llvvullcy, ll1w11gl1t:1li1u1. lJU1lllk'l', lmao, I:L'2ll'll. Ibrnkc, lllznh. Ifllnxurllm, I,, -lulumm SUIHIIII, Wlvrt, .XHUL -lmlcs, Hvrwlcl. 'I lzlm' m-zu: lhlmzulnx, l':V2lIl5, IJ. fLl'CL'IlC, I'1llS2ll'l', .X1'g'ylc, I'lllflSlPIl, IJurzu1, Iflllllilllllb, Cirulli, Q,-lII'islIlSlit'. llurtllclt fnhlw, 1.1m-fly, fnrzmll, HIIIAIIUSS. l'rVllFf1Ilrln llu ' ' I slow. Rzmlw, I, -lwllllsml, Lrzmc, Qlliillllvll, lJ1mlm:1r. llznll, Illvstmw, Hzmlv, l'1!'L'l'Ill1lIl, Ilrutt. Ifrulrlmx Gray, -IZlhik'Zk'l', Ik-ckcr. D D l"z'j'fl1 nm! fhm4l1'iclgx'. IJt'lll1iNIlll, Ilugllw, Vustzng, IIUH-Illilll, f3uttclw1', Ihr--, 'g 5' , - , '- yu Klllllllllil lhll llamll llmulw fox, filllllii, K-!'Cigl1IuIl. Q. Gibbs If. Rutledge VI. Cliaimpell VI. Frost Miss Esther Coulee, Rlr. Ray Sheiiuni llI'1'tI.YIIVi'I' l'irt'-jU'i'.ridt'r1l lP1't's1'zi'v1il .S't'r1'i'lt1r',v Jmiim' . ltf'Z'l'Sf'l'S aaceaaafw Za Me Mae ' XIIXIIHRS at the Iunior Class have hall an eventful and pleasant year. They gil! oil to a laroiuisuig start as iipperclassnieii by electing Iohn Cliappt-ll their presitlunt: Elise Rutletlge. vice- prusitleiitg ancl lean Frost and Bob Gibbs, secre- tary antl treasurer. iwspectively. ln Novcinbcr, the Class of '54 helcl the "Cran- berry Quiverf' their first dance of the season. Later, in February, they danced again at the "Dribble Dragf, i Then the entertaining Conn-tb' "Our Hearts were Young ancl Gay" was Presentecl late in April uncler the Capable and Patient clirection of bliss l.oomis. On Iunior Day, the future seniors reignetl supreme until tht- climax of the spleuclicl Iunior Prom. The Iunior Class is grateful to their aclvisers, Nlr. Sherman and Miss Cooke, for their help anal cooperation. .S'miim'.' Sullivan, Gibbs, lliitletlge, Cliappell, Frost, Butler, Heller. .S'tmz11'im1: Oi-lousk 'l'o1a Russick Harding Kane Ilurness Frosolone, ll"i'u1.eliv Q yi J 7 7 2 I .J Liirltlli 1. Keagle M. Holmes 'l'. lJiSauto S. Taylor Miss Dorothy Martin, Mr. Victor lruptti IW r'.virlr'nl 'l'r1'u.v111'vr' I lift'-f7l'l'.YI'tfl'71f .S'r'r1'4'lr1ry .S'frlv11n1:1nrr .rlr1'r'i.wr'.v Saplamazea Soon to Ke Zippezclaccmen 'IAHE Clnsxss Oli '55 returned to the Acatlcrny in September with the full realization that they would no longer he classifictl as lowly freshmen. They had acliievetl the far-superior position of sophomorcsl This year's sophomores wisely chose for their class leaclcrsllip Larry Kengle, Teresa Disauto, Mike' Holmes, aml Sandy Taylor for the orhces of president, vice-presicleut, treasurer mul secre- tary, respectively. Ar Christmas time the class of '55 successfully presented the clauce, Mhlistletoe lNlacluess." anal on Nlay first, "The Spring Fling." The sopho- morcs have had remarkably attractive mlccoratious at their tlances this year. At the Student Council Carnival the SO13llOlllUl'4' class was representecl hy a clever and attractive hooth. To their cupahle advisers, Miss Dorothy lVl2ll'1ll1 and lVlr. "Vic" lmpcciato, the class of '55 owes much of its success. l"ir.vl zwrez Rauh. Persouius. llulil, Trzlvis, Crandall. ,S'4'ruurr' ru-rv: Spencer. Holmes, Taylor, lsleagle, DiSz1uto, Sl2lCllUXYSlil. 'l'l1iru' rn4zv.' l'lalclxx'iu, Stottle, Blaine, fiowtly, Lavris. Virozzolo. llevliu, Klarslmll. lforrl, Xlcfiauu, lireisler, Getolu. Couuelly. 49 lzrsf Vnrv: Gray, llultx, llzlyek, Draper, llmlham, C1'a11clall, lissick, Haskins, IJQVOQ, 5Lt'1IIIt1' 1'rm'.' l.i1'z11152,'c1', -I. llrwwn, Baxter, lilwvsc, l.. Brink, Umllclly, Blair, 1XI1l11zzi, Baylor, L-lilfli, Hurllciglml, NI J T Q K'lczu'y, Aflcldt, lumw1's, Lixby, l'JC1llli'l, N. Lrown. ird lwrv: Canlpallclli, Ciuoclriclgc, l311ll0l'S, Cf. Bailey, Holm, Card, lJiS:111lu, Ifosscvcva, Cuclcliugton, fistula, llnrmly. Hiutz. lluhl, lh-Pama. Llillllillll, llcl-auru. ,lul1mm1. I fzlrflz wiv: I.. .Xrnulrl, llzxlflwiu. Ll. Hrmrll. Heyman, llm-lmx. Capuzzi,LNz1l:1ls1'u-NC. Grant. l, llriulf, fhlmlurluzm, tllcxlwu, Grzllmzml. Lfzlllzllxall. Grumxalrl. K-1lfUllZl. T. linwmn, Gmvc. Sa damn. lux! row: liakritz, Vvilfll, Moffc, Russcll, Ruull, Licldy, Vllaclc, Kauhnall, Jlflllllfillll, Kcrr, Lluyrl. N um! wsu: Kimlmll, liyzm. Villa, l.-wp. XYl1itmzm. Xiu-lnlls, Rugur. Ywcl4m1l1. 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A111-1' 51111-11011 1-11-1'11o11s, W1111z1111 S111-1-11121, 1111111 C411'1so11, 1:1c11 1X1cK11y, 111111 B11I'172'11'2l Mc- 631111115 w1-r1- C11osc11 ns 1111-S1111-111, v1c1--P1'cs1111-111, f1'CflSll1'CI', 311111 S1-C11-1111-y, 1-1-5111-1'11v1-ly. N111 1115- l1la1v111g 1111- llSllil1 1:l'l'S1ll11l1l1 11111-111s of 51111111-ss . 1 A Y Q , 111111 1'Cs1-l'v.1111111, 1111' Qluss ol QF1, 1111111-1' 1111- 1111v1S1'1's11111 of X11sQ Haig 111111 N112 1'11lI'l'1g1lI1, 511142611 1AUl'N'.l1'1l 111 s111111w1' 11111- 111' 1111- 111011 5111'- C1'SS1:ll1 11111111-S of 1111- f'CTlI', UT111- Tulip Twirl.-' 1111 April 17. O11 1111- W1-C11 following, 1111: 1-11155 co111111c11-11 1111- Dz11'1 T111-owing 11110111 al' 1111- 5111110111 C1111111C11 Ca1'11iv111, w111c11, 111111 1116 11111101-, was Il 1111111111111 s11cc1-ss. T111- 1-1-1-s111111111 c111ss 111 '53 will long bc r1-1111-111- 111-1111 for its 11111 111 SllC1l 1111po1'1a111 school activirics as 1111- R1-11 Cross, Sll1J91'IA1PI10I1 111'1v1-S, 111111 its 111- va1111z11J1c s11u1'1S111z111s111p 1111 1111- 1111111-111 1'1C111s 111 11111 SC1111111. First 1111-z1'.' Baxter, 1'.l'Ck'l1lH1l, M1-Kay, 51160111-r, Ca1'1s1111, '1':111g11r1'e. .S'1-mud 1'n111.- I'i1'aw11-y, ICpst1-111, R1-1-11111, Swz11'1w1no1l, A111-sm, ,1011l1S111l, Lovell, Talcl- baum, 111111111 55661564 Wane Qdaen Drizectian Za Wlenwfzq .Zane Wacationaf 14114 Tm, xmgxnrixn' also ollcrs its snu- clcuts nu extensive array of vom' tional courses, located in the hnse- menr annex, :Incl in the in-nr-hy XICFLTLIIIS School. In these classes. the rr-rlmiqur-5 of worlilug me-tnl null woocl, Quul rhe- opcrntioll nml Il1lllllll'llill1CC ol mnclmincs am- raughr. The shops, Well cqllippvcl and cilieienrly supervised, are am lIUPUI'l.ll'lC part in our progressive cclucntlon svstcm. The Academy offers numerf ous courses on both local and Regents levels. GMMZQCCHZ Till: COMXILRCIAI. couzsu is a popular one nt the Acuclemy. The school 1l12'll11IIlll'1S momlcru office facilities in Constant repair, for che use of its students. Along with typcwrltlng, sllorthancl, and hook- kecpiug, thc use ol- the clieta- Pl1Ol1l', comptomc-ter, and ofllce filing systems arc taught, I il? M ii, '- 11, Students are given a wide choice of subjects to stimulate interest and to develop ability. z4a4demrJc I.,xucpl2s'r IN its scomz of clcctivt-Q .incl nunilucr of suulcnts is the .iciulcniic course :it lflmim Free IXCAIQICIIIY. ln ntlclition to certain i'cqi1i1'ctl subjects. tht- stuclcnts may choose courses from the Holds of murlu-imrics, f0l'L'lgl1l1lllgll2'lgK'S, scicnu- and fine arts, Qualihell lk'ilCllL'l'S, monlcrn laho1'uto1'y equili- mcnt :incl a well stocked library all help to mzikc thc Academy Ifllllllllg an cllcctivc prepairatioii for further stucly :intl for life. -7 Wamemakdnq lx Tllli rouk ROOMS which ton- stitutu tht- major part of our home- nmking nlt-pnrtnient. the suult-nts of our school are ollcn-il opportuf nities to iiicrcasc their knowlulgt- of piuctitzil 8115. In aulclilioll to Cooking :incl sewing, ilu' girls ln'- comc ncqualiilted with such house- hold iimltvrs ns lipliolslcring, clict nlanliliuf, wrsonnlitv stiulu-s, nncl l rw l . Care of tht- sielt. 74261654 cum! gym Pxlc II rrsrs, lm rhf llurccuon ol nulwrf Cllllr8lN. worm' Q,lYk'I1 In NL'11lUl'S llllkl wplwf lmm-s lor the hrst rnnu rhrs past xx-4111 Ur, llluch .lllll our sr-lmnl nurse. hlw. Ark-Wx. IN'l'lllI4IllCLl Kllli SL'l'YlL'L' rn nclclltlon to tha- ll8ll.Il clntics of ll sr-lmml health clcpzlrtlnclml. "Clvl11," nn glial ru gnoql hc-zllrh, lumps Auulcllmy stnclcnrs colmlolls of thc vnhu' olk ll suuncl hmly nnal mind, which am- c'xsc'nllul facrors lor s11c'c'c'ws in any cmlc'z1vn1'. Qaddcmce lll,MlRX FRU. lxc'xl111x1r's Guidance Depart- nlcnt IS stnllul nmrnlv luv 1IilVlSt'l'S who lcach part rnnu. lirom frcslnnzln lu junior yvars, czlch class is asslgnuml two aulvisc1's, nnc for girls nncl one for hoys. Ovcr this thrcc-year pcriml, il given counsclor assists his aclvisccs in matters pcrruinirmg lamb to their conrscs .lllll to personal AILHIINKUICIIIS. Dr. HL'lIl1liLlIllIU, .lt the lJL'QlIlI1lI1g of thc NCIUOI' vcnr, tnlu-5 uvcr thc- gulvlwrx' clutlcs for both hors .1Il4l girls Szha-auzzdaalaw awe Qzeen Spade Jiang Wfemazq .lane I 59 gmdneaa Staff 5u4,eZc'e4 Me 7cvzc4 Wild 'financed and piotogmgiq Muixiisiaias or 'mia Busixisss S'I'Alflf worked diligently this year in cooperation with the Literary Stall. Io Ann Canis as the efficient business manager and her assistant Shirley Landon started the year in full force with the largest sponsors and patrons drive ever conducted by any stall. Assisting Io Ann Canis were james Cuth- bert and Carolyn Iupenlaz. Those who earned a place on the Business Stall by soliciting more than sixty dollars were Virginia Verral. Iohn Stenberg, Robert Rice, and lvlichael lN'lcCarthv. The Business Stall was also in charge of the sub- scription drive. Ioan Delsaney as circulation manager, assisted by Peggy Kane, conducted the most successful drive in recent vears at the Academv. Iames Cuthbert and Carolyn Iupenlaz took over tlieadvt-1-tisiiig for the drive. Constance Mccalvc, who was in charge of senior pictures this year, did an excellent job. Wcirkiiig along with the Literary Staff. the Business Stall helped the photographer to take other pictures for the Torch also. Besides typing all the niaterial for the drives, Sue lillen Pinelli, Ioan Bennett, Catherine Richard and Rosemarv Pirozzolo typed all literary material for the hook. 1 Witliotit the faithful and enthusiastic assistance of Miss Eleanor Chambers, Business Adviser, the Business Staff would not have been so successful. Iiirst raw: Kane, Canis, Jupeulaz, Richard, Lantlou. rch lfi1.vi1iu.v.i Sfiljii .llmnigfrrs fc- illixx lfleiiimi' fll1lIllIl7i'I'.Y I311.vim'.r5 .'ltl'?'lSFl' Second row: Verral, NlcCartliy, Teeter, Turner, Cutlibert, Delaney, McCabe. .fdtefzmg and filet Smffa 5,0416 Me 70164 70664 layout and Waiting A aux x ORP!! .VII Rum . Ll ms 'vu w ns mu ru- A T I S ll I X ll I I l Auxclclimyk 1Hl'lH01'y lmuok. As usual, xllcmlmcrs havn- slrugglcml to equal zmcl, il'-possible, lu I-xccl ycnrlmolas pulwlxslucml lay prcvlous stalls. XNIIIII COl11I'I1L'lllliIl7lL' SCI'lUlISl1L'SS ul' Plll'l10M'. Alias Al'IllSKl'OIlg, Rohn-rt Xluruu, Rolmcrt Ulml zuul Alma Xllllrr nltclulccl ilu' bglmlnsrif Yun-lmuk CiOHl,CI'L'IXCk' nt Colum- bin Uuivcrsity in Ocwlu-1-, 1952. Thou l7L'g1l11 ilu' unluous lnslc of COIlVCl'llI1g tln-my ,MTII ll-,l,..A,,.x, WHX7' l:m',l,,.x. into plucticc. VVIII1 Aliu- A1'n1su'ung .ms L'llllUl'-Ill-Cl1lL'l. . 1 . . . tlu' stall was nssurcml lalctful, lIlfL'lllgl'llI. vutl1usl.1stlc lC1lilL'1'Sll1P. liqually Cl1lllllSILlSIlf wcrr Alan Nllllcr .uul Elle-cu Arnold, SISSISTEIIII' cclllors. Ollwr nfuvv slnll' -I I1lt'Il1lX'1'S wvrc' Rolwrr lllml, sports Wl'lIk'I', Paul lfpslvin, me syg Bcvcrlv Hnltlusmm, Rolwrtn lXfln1'til1, AIIIM' Klillcr. Priscilllgx Rl1ozulL's, Illllllll Tmuxmcy, Xylfgllllll Vvrrzll, Cl1.u'lcs Cllssicly, Tlu-lml.1 Illllllli, Carol Cusick. Allwxu Bl'Klll1l1'Clllli, Dm-mlmy Hilll-Illklll, llliznlu-llx Rimlnll, Rnln-rx Brown, Rolu-rr Prukop, mul Sillm-y Nlnuu. Art Stull 11lCll1l7Cl'S, Doris Lnvris, nrt vmlitor, nucl Bvtsy Stockton, layout cclilor, wcrc cspcciully lxgutlllkul in plnunixmg thc llHllllllCI4ill7lL' mln-tails ul' luyuul. A valuaxblc scrvicc IIIINIYLIILWI by tln- -53 stuff was thc ffilllllllg of lunior Class zlppwlmliu-s. Iuluors wlm scrvccl as rhuy lcnrnccl wcrc: Iolum Clmppc-ll, limlwccu Ham, Nlnrv lfliznbctll Hillman, Srcvcn HC5l'fllli1I1, Ruin-rr lNllllLZ1', HL-lm Rulwrts .uul Elm- Rutlcllgc. Tlmc l'XPL'I'lCllCk' .lllll guiclnucc Xlrs. Ck-lin Hurcluuf Hu Clwliu llnlrlrirzxml son, litcralry aclviscr, willingly ol'l'c11-cl lo ilu' stall wus l"'l""l' Al"'7"'I"" clvclmly z1lvp1'cCialc'cl. lirzvl rflzvf Slfwktuu. liirlzlll. ur,-riff mgu: L'l1l. ll-fffulzm, Rlmuzulcs. .XI'IIlhtI'lillg, Cusick, lfrzumk, l.:u'1'is, Klnrtiu. llzml rn-zu: 'I'n:nuL'y, Xvk'I'I'1ll, I'rukup, liruwu, Miller, Cassidy, Manu, lipstviu, Igk'KlllZll'Cl1lli, llawlmismx. Winder: Eaacbzew Staff pfzaurialea I4dae'zZ64emeaf4, Sufdwllfchad, l..fXI'NCHlfl7 BY x SPIRIIIED emnpaign in the fall, the Business Slarl ol' the Vimiex achieved ns goal of aclequately financing the paper. Speeches by the ealitors antl the advertising anal business managers Qwho were unexpectedly serenaclecl by BIUVVIIQS Boysj at the assembly lugllligluefl the opening of the subscription clrive. A new and lower sub- scription rate ol, one mlollar was announeecl by the business manager, Alan Xliller, who felt that this price woulml enable more sturlents to buy the Vimlcx. Anal incleecl it chtll lVlore than 800 sub- scriptions were reported at the conclusion of the clrive. XVorking in close harmony with the Business Stall was its adviser, bliss lilizabelh Deneen, who successfully kept the paper out of the reel throughout the school year ancl eapably assisted in Illilllilglllg the papers financial affairs. A remarkable job was clone by the aclvertising manager, Connie lVIcCabe, who fouml aclvertisers when it seemenl that there were no more to be tliseoverecl. To supplement funds gained from subscrip- tions anal advertising, several pizza sales were Ifirxl rwrzu' NYhitmover, Carozza. Kntuzzi, Slmuekers. S. Travis, Clauss, Kelly, 'l:rax'is. Reed, l'iml4'.r IflI'I'f0I'X heltl at noon in the cafeteria. These were well patronizetl by hungry Acaclemyites. ln aclclition to this, Hnancial support was given to the Vindex by the Stuclent Council in an elfort to procluce a better paper. To this staff, as well as on the Literary Staff, assistants from the ranlcs of the lunior Vinclexers were appointed in Nlarch. Brown. Czlntautlo, Personius. Pinelli, Fossaceea. Sr'rn:1r1' fore: Hreese, Shay, fietolzl, Hillman. VVestney, Stallorwl, Young, VVoolf, Marmas, C. llleffabe, I.. .-Xruolcl, I Cl. lVleL'abe, lfarley, Cavaluzzi. Tllim' rote: Farley. Brennan, Bet-eher, lVisneski, R. C:n'pentier, Prokop, Miller. Cassetti, P. Carpentier. Roh- inson, I,yneh, Cassetta. Norris, XXX-zlver. l Hllltfl lztlzfffrs. .lItllItlflt'l'.V XVII'H SliVI5llAI, Ylimts of appremieeslmip hehintl them, the etlitors, the business ancl advertising managers, antl the atlvisers workccl together with greater efficiency anal co-operation to Pnhlish ll lwetter lvllIlIf',X' for 1951-33. Untler the alvle tutelage of Miss Ellen Nlcv liernan, the l.iterarv Staff prtuclucetl ten issues ol' the Vzudrx with their aim to inform their readers lfizzvl rn-re: lfssielc, Iluffman, Russi, Frank, Reitly, Mefabc. g V 1 L':trlsun. ' ' ' ' ' ' IL riflje, farrnll, Runtlell, Markstm, 'l'I'Cll1lJlIl', Drawer, ,Newml ruzuf Lfmnelly. Iaurne. llenmns, fmltlrarlv. Feeney. Sntnski, llmrer, Ilaltlxviu. l'reel1tl, Vztlmer, Hanley. Klan' mdexldtmmg Staff Zompacec afdtafufafa, ?e4zfuze4, Wzdte-ape of sclumol news anal social events. Anuung the issues were a special "extra" 11llI1UllIlClI1g class electrun results and the seniur Plas' east, an Aprll lfoolls Day issue, antl elimaxing the scluml year, the publication of the senior honor Sllltlk'I1lS. The stall nlenllmers galheretl helps antl hints in editing, a school IlkWVSP.IlK'l' in Oetoher while attentling the Elllplll' State School Press Assocrt- tion L'0lllxCl'CllL'L' in Syracuse. This week-fentl trip llllXCil pleasure with husiness, for not only tlitl the group see the Syracuse University ealnfuls, lwut they also 11fICI11lK'll the Sf'l'LlLslISL"HlJlf' Cross football game. Among the new "expernnents" attemlmtecl by the Vimlcx this year was the alvlaointnment in lylarch nl' junior stall' l'llL'l11lX'l'S as assistant etlimrs. By working with the nmre experienced memhers of the staff tn learn some ul' the "tricks of the traalef' Cll1l7I'yUI1lC etliturs heeame hetler l'LlllllWPt'tl to carry on their work elheiently next' year. C17llC'llllllllg ll Pl'05PC1'OllS year, the Vimfex' staff heltl the Lllllllk' lvI,HlIl',Y Banquet in Inne. Rimlall, Rlmcles, 'I'ravis, Cusielc, llll'UZZlll1l, lluorl- uhn, flruve, llztreltisun, l.anrlnn, l.2lXYltvl1, Vrzygurlat tin. 'l'!1irtl mae: 'l!lNIlllL'y. Hztnlnn. Delaney, Ritlall, frllll1lk'l'Il13Il, l"tn'ee. lilhlkllll, llwt'i'l11:t11. L'l1l, lhwmlr, lfmset-e-egl. Reimer, Vllllltllllllllll, lslreisler, Rutledge, Yerral, Stepatnmr, Hcdnarelnk, 611 Wiaeguma . . , Wozkcda fz Dfmmatica UN111111 T1111 .1111.E 1,m111511s1111' of P1'csi1lc11t ILIIIL' P11-cl1tl, hcr Cilpilbit uihccrs, 111111 faculty 11dv1st-rs, IX4iss Dorothy IY'12l1'I'11l and Mr. Charlvs Millc1', tht- XI11sq11crs Dflllllillit' SOCiL'I1' h11s carried 11111 its 11111'post' SllCCCSSfllHf' to fllI'li1C'X' tht' cause ui' 4il'Llll1ilfiCS 111 the El111ir11 Fira' Ac11tlc1111'. Other oH'ic1-1's of this Ol'gLll1iZi1fi0I1 11rc Sully Rtilulull, viCt'4111'csicic11tg Doris I.11v1'is, l'L'CO1'liiI1g s1'C1'ct111'yg A111111 M1l1'il' Rossi, tto1t1'1-sPc1111h11g scc1'ct11ryg lamvs iiI'L'igl1IO1l, 11'1'11s111'c1': 111111 hflnry Louist' Pct-11t'y, 111.1rsh111l of tht' 11ttc111l1111Cc. Tugcthui' with tht- hoard of cii1't'cto1's. which consists of Linda iX'I1ll'l'i501l, C1lliI1CVL'l'L' McC11l1t-, CIJIISILIIICL' h1cC11hc, Inmcs Cuthbert, 11111l Rohn-rt H11clzi11ski, tht- ofhcvrs drew 1111 u COllSliflIIi0ll to 1-xpl11i11 the PIITPOSC 111111 aims of thc chzh. The 11ri111111'1' ohiuct of tht' cluh was fulfillcci hy thc l,11'o1h1ctio11 of thc 11111111111 thrcc-11ct play. u13L'Lll' Ruth," by N1111111111 Fr11sr1111, which was cxpt-rtly dim-ctctl hy Nliss Bt-tty-I1111c I.11o111is. MCH1i7L'l'SiliP of the N11tit11111l Thcs11ia11 So- cicty was also gra11tccl to Mi11sq11c'1's3 111c111bc1's ,1l11.1'11111'r'.r OjIi1'1'r'.v who c11r11t-11 points hx' acting. QiiI'CClil1Q',. stugc 1111111.1gi11g. 1111d working 011 1'11rio11s 111111 comtnit- UUU5. To climax thc vcnrs activities, mcxnhcrs Llgilill tr11vt'lCci to New York for AHIOIITCI' WCCIC-Cllii trip to sec how tc1ev1s1o11 11r0g1'a111s arc prochiccd. lfirzvf rwzu: L'l1111pc1'. Kl:11'ks1,111. 111111111-ll, K-ZIYISUII. l'll,li:fl'l1Hll. Rossi. Ktmiski. N-1'1'1'lIlf r'11'z1': Iiztrdt-011. 5car111gt-, Essick. Koch. Lf111'uzzz1. lfusarc. ri'T2lVlS. 1.1-ynktawski. XL'StiCl'Ulik'. IJl'2lI1C!', Fcut 11. J .X11t11zzi. ll, Ncfuhc, Muss, Frank. Raub, h11lI1v11'. flzird rfmt' Rlcfreiglu, Huclsnn, VYl1its1111, C. Mcfzthe. Michalke. Murphy, Hill1111111. .Xr1111l11. Nfcfarty, 17115521- vvca, C111111t-Ilv. I.:1w1o11, Vtuttcr. Davis, Pricc. Shay. lfmlrllr r'11'z1': Ynhug, 511111111-1-11, l,CL2ll1Cj', DlJiillSiij', Lavris, Mcmcvrt-, Ntigcnt, Cal:f1h1'c-csc, Stuttlc, Guy, R1lQL'!', u'X1l11ess:1, Mo11al11111, Prcclitl, Grant, l"uc11cy, Ilnwcr. Ffiih Vow: Kolh, Gillcttc, Mafiijlilll, F111'1'c, VVis11t'ski, H11cls1111, Lavris, CEITJKJIII, H11111, Beecher, Uotic, l'l11dzi11ski, C11-igI1t1111. Lynch. Ci1'1,111111. l11lli1i'!C1't. ll21ZL'l'Elll1. 1 Inv .xlllltffllf Llfzrlzcil U,1lln'1'.v lllllli 1951-53 li. 15. A. Suulcnt Cuuxmcil guinccl Llll 1l1Cl'L'ilSt' Ill PUWCI' lll OL'lK?l3L'I', Hjsl WllUll ll wus uwamlcal llu' mglu to Plilll zuul Clllltlllfl au Jsscrulvly. lxml lu' prvsulcnt, Rolbcrl Humlzluskiq xficc-P11-siclcxlt, Ioan Nlaxttluwsg SCL'I'L'l'2ll'y, Nlnry lnulsc lfcclluyg zuul ll'C2lSll!'L'l', Calvin Lewis, tlu' SlllKlC11l I'L'PI'L'5L'llIilflVL' luulv l'llU'2lf"L'Cl in umm' , THD .' lK'llL'f'lL'lLll alctlvuu-s. Sfudend ouefmmenf Early in ilu' full, llu' olHcc'rs llllC11Lll'll llu: Snutllcru Tim' Stuclvut Council clU!1l.1'1'L'l1L'k' nt johnson City wlu-rc lllL'y gnuuwl Illillly vnlunlmlu ull-ns CllIlCL'IAI1lllg stuclcxIt-gowrxurmg opcrzuimms. Tlu' first Council project was tlu' installation ul' colorccl lights lu tlu' gyxnunsllxm. Ou Novvm- lu'1' 7, tluf Councills successful US:ulu' Hawkins Hopll ln-Oki: Pl'L'CCLlCl1CL' RIS 'lllusy lVlau's" nslaul "I.i'l Al1IlQ'1'S'l to clauuu. Otlur llllpllflklllf Council LlClllCYCIIlL'I1IS uulxulcml tlu' rcfuusluug uf tlu' lmplmy cnsc mul lllSlLlllLlllOIl of four l'lllOl'L'SL'K'IlI lights. A trophy lmouoriug tlu' 11,351 lhmlmll u-nm was prcsclmtccl lo ilu' Ifootlnall Club as il IX'l'lllLlllL'lII award. A 3550 "gift" In tlu- Vinulcx 1llIL'l11IYll'll to llt'Cl'L'2lSL' tlu' auuouut of ililVL'I'llSll1g I1k'CCSN.ll'f' tu liunucc tlu' pnlwclx Tlu- luglmliglu of ilu- ycm' was ilu- lin-mmmbw lhnculryfsuulcnl llTHlL'lll-Sl1l7W.ll During April, llu- Council ncllvuus wcrc cluunxul luv llu' nuuunl Lalrxuvnl, l-L'AlIlll'lIlg tlu' Coronation ol t-lu' liiug Luul QlllL'L'l1. lim SPlIllllC1' :uul Pcggy Kguuz Tlu succcss of tlu' Sluclcut Councils 1u'l1uvc- mcuts cnu luc Imcccl lo ilu' lulpful gulclzuuc uf Dr. HL'll1lk1lIlll3 zuul ilu- slum- CO-0I1CI'1lIllrI1 lu'- uvuqxl tlu' Council zmml tlu' L'lllll'L' suulcut lvmlv, l"i1'.vl was: lllllllilx, Xlcrrivk. HHXXIIIHII. lllll'IlL'. l"l'flllli. Klcfulu-. liusscll. Rmsi, .S'm'n111l wmv: NN'l1ilv, I.zuulm1, 'l1llUI'l1l01l, Jxlllfllll, Mzutlu-ws, Armmlcl, lJiS:uuu, fl0lKlHIllill'I. 'l'l1i1'rl rfmu' Urluuslcy, Q':11u11z111clli, VVi1u4crt, Clmlk, lll'flll1ll'L'lllli, l.2lX'Vlllll, lircsgc, 'l'z1ylm', Stuvlslmm, lllumrlllvj Iizuuus, llzluluu, l'lz111'l1iso11. lffrzlrlll rw'-:vi IFCCIICX, xYt'I'l'Zll, I":u'lcy, lQllllk'fl5lk'. SlllL'4lL'li, XYI1ll1lk'L'. l'utti11gvr. l'r1ullunuuu', K-Z1I'llk'll1ll'. Xlznuuiug lAllllll1L'l'l. Iifmsv, llazvltfm. Clrzuu, l"1'-I-111 mrs: Nlvlslay. fuwmllm. lJuulvzu', Hulmlvr. KI--.nm-. llurlziuslii. l'zit1'ivk. Czlsshly. lllfilllillll. llmlv, l.rxx'is. llmxa lluuglwtmm, lhwlmlccko, llrctt. ll-rzuul. Zidiew' 66:45 . . , ada at Hcaemflq, Wdaamea Wc'a61!aw Euan: xczrivr ix E. lf. A. school atlairs is Ushers' Club, an cxcliisivcly scnior-girls group, which assists in asscniblit-s and as hostcsscs in tht: front corriclor. This yi-ai"s slatc ol ofhcivrs, unclvr tht: advisc'11 ship ol' Xlrs, Iulia U'Sullix'an. has proniotccl tht- rlub's varicrl activities. l'5c'ginniiig with Senior Day and Cfornniciircniciit of IQS2, tht: girls havc upliclil the Ushers' lraclition of a "white blousc lxigaclcu through this yt-ar's acrivitics. Untlcr rht- clirct-tion of Icannc Hanlon. assis. tant livacl ushvr, tht- girls at thc main-hall hostess tahlt- arc assigned pcriocls during which thry wclconu: tht- visiting public. The ushcring for thu asscniblics ol' our school is compcicntly nianagccl by co-sccrctarics Peggy Kane and Betsy Riclall. To tht- task ol' assigning positions to tht' lifts'-two activc mcnibcrs arc amlclul special assigninunts for plays anal concerts. ln lfcbruary tht- pcrsonalmcarnl sale, unilcr tht- flirccrion of Carol Cusick, treasurer, anil Anni- Xlillci' was a succvsslul clliort to rufill tht- Clubl lv.fll1'I'X' Club 0-ffii'i'l'.v ircasury. The group! social cngiigcnicius began with .1 spaght-tti supper ai Lilfs .incl climaxutl with the annual banquet in Nlay. Unclcr thc' supvrvision of he-acl ushur, Ioan Connclly, thi- Ushcrsl Club has contribute-il greatly to tht- wall-bving of the sfliool, providing L'l1crisl1vcl mcinorics along our lanc. lirxl row: llollman, llurlcy, Rlioaflvs, llroxvii, Yistiliaiislay, Carroll, llivliziiwls, Virozzola, Osgood, fousc, Cava- luzxi. Vwvllio, lffilllli, C'olrliron, Kunrlcll. Mwwfiiil r'o':.': Klillt-r. Vusiulc. lianc. Xi'n1sti'onQ. l.anflon. Xlilsoii, XYQ-i'nui'. Yisclli. Most-s. l7I'4i1l1'I'. lfiillvr, blohnstoii. .Xi'i1olfl. llurnc. tliiiiiclly. 1' lrird roiu: Stone, Moore, Miller. 'I'-iomcy, llzinlon, lic-fllizlrcliili. l'l'yzgofl:1. flroom, Sutter. l.ihei'atoi'v, l,L'l.2lllCj', Riilall, Ycrral, Stockton, Bohn, Niigvnt. As 'rms cuR'm1Ns PARTED for the final scene, a song welcomed the babe in the Nlanger, with the shepherds and angels paying tribute to the Infant King. The three kings appeared hearing their gifts, while Nlary sang I1 lullaby. ,l' IN THIE DISTANCE, the song of Maury and Iosepli was heard as the curtains parted to reveal the inn and the innkeeper. lVIary was portrayed by lVlaclcline Fusare and losepli luv Bula Ulil, with Vincent Nlalamlra IIS the innkeeper. 7444 74006146 ' agecmt . . . ide aaa! ?o6n1! of Me Seaman THE c:l,A1'ri5R OF HOOFBEATS was heard as Santa Claus, portrayed by Dick Everitt, came down the chimney "with a boundf' He filled the childrcn's stockings and left lay way of the chimney. LIST OF CAST fllary ...,.., ..r..,. M adeline Fusare loseph .,r,,,....,.,,,...,,,,, ....,.,.,.. ..,....,,. .,,r..,... R o l vert Ulil Kings-Iini Spindler, Anthony Cliristofaro, Charles Brooks. Shepherds-Leonard Boulas, Iames Cuthbert, Robert Davis. Angels-lane Couse, Sally Runclell, Anna Nlarie Rossi, Ann I-Iazelton, lean Frost, Virginia Verral, Nancv Van Rensselaer, Patricia Bowman. Innkeeper .,,..,. ,.,..,,,,,, ,.,.,.,,,... V i ncent lvlalandra Mother ,.,,.. ,,,,,,.,....,....... A rlcne Dolmsky Children .... , ,.... Iulie Cleary and Kathy Leahy In Sleigh .,...., ..,,,, I oan Mattliews and Skip French Santa Claus .,.... ,,,,...,r..,..,.r,.,i , Dick Everitt 67 Student' doomed! allen!! Siam Vnefadee 7czcuZtq The Student Council Talent Show, including both students and teachers, proved ro be one of the best assemblies ever presented to Academyites hy local talent. As master of ceremonies, Boh I-ludzinski introduced each performer in his own creative and sprightly manner. The program was varied. Piano soloists, Nlr. Kenneth VVeaver and Roger Prokop, showed unusual skill in their art. Song- sters were Diane Butters and the "Straight from Hollywood" Brown's Boys. Giving their version of the development of dances in America were Pete Force, EFA's Fred Astaire, and his sister Sandy. Edward Pariso enttanced the audience with "Lady of Spain," played on his accordion. The highlight of the entire show, however, came last as we found hits. Pauline Bowlhy and Nfr. Charles Nliller acting like Ma couple of swells" with that colossal song, "A Feudin' A Fussin' and A l:ightin'." ' Deaf: Pali, " Wiczogueu pzeaeutation o 4 77o,6ul4fz ?Zaq "DEAR RUTH," this year-'s Masqucrs' Play, was Presented at the Academy on lklarch iz. In this drama, the parents, Bob Hudzinski and loan Delsaney, try to bring up their two daughters as young ladies. Involved in the com- plications are boyfriends, lim Creighton and Gary Hudson, both of whom find themselves in love with the older daughter. Ir was the old triangle in a modern setting-a refreshing comedy. Wd-Z Pzomatea 71694 554014214 of Wzdctian edaxzactefz l1111 1'11:1'.' X1z1111111. IQ11l1111N1111, 1K21x11-1'.511:111,-I. l'1111x1'. Iillif, 1iI'l'N2k'. I.. 11:11 11 lll. N 1111! 1111.0 1'1:1111'1N. 1111111:11'14. 1xl1111. 11-11N1-. 141111-1111. 1f1'111:1111-111' 111111111 1 1 111. IQ. 11111111111 H111111. XX1Z1111l, 111111-111 1'1'c111'l1 1111-111 '1,HIs Yl,.'1R1'1l-Y 1'11r1111.1's41111.1 111111 IHL'I'gk'l1 111 1Vl1flIl .1 5lllg1t' lll11l 111' K11'21Wlllg up il 1'1111s1111111111'1 w1111 tl11' 111111111, H111 1'1'1'1111- 111111 1-x11-1111 1111-1111131111111 1111- scl111111 LlIll1 1-11111, 111111111x' 1l1Q1l NIAlllL1All'11S 111 C11l'l5' Ullll 1'1lllI'AlL'Il'I'. I.1111' C,1111s11 .1x 111'1's1111'111, 1112111117 111' w1l11 1111' 1'111111wi11g U1I1lnl'l'S 1111111-1 111-11 lllillly 111'11v1t11-s 1111' 1I1Y 1111'111l11-up 111-11 R1111111x1111. 1111 1111w1111111t1 111111111 KI't'Ngk'. su 1'1- t.11'1' 111-.1x111'1'1'L 1g.l1A11Ql1.1 C11'1'1'11, 11-1- I'L'f.l1AX 11111 11-111i .11111 N111A111.111 11111. c1111I1111111. '14111' 111g1111g'11l 111 l111' yC'1ll' was t11c SILIIL' 1'111111'11111111 .11 1X111.1111' XY1llt1l IAIIIL' C.1'1111w1' 111111 1'111'111x 1X1'1'xg1' .lII1'l1111 11. 5111111 11.ll111x .l1!11 111111' 1'.1l111x w1'111' 111511 s1111a11 1,llllL1111Il5 111 1111' 1,111 l'. 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N115 A1111 171-171111111 YVVCA l11l'1'L'1i11', 1111'1x1'x 1111' 111'g111117.1111111. 1111- 11111'l111w 111 l1lL' L'1ll11 IN 111 11.1111 111 231-1 .111111g 111111 11111- .11111111f KI .IIIL1 U1 1lL'1I5 l1l1IL'IAN. 1'.lg11I. 241115 1111111111111 1111- 141111111111 11111111-11111111 111 1'1111g111111111111 1111' 1111- 1 IUIIVIIUSL' 111 119111112 Il1'V1' ll1l'LlN 1111 1 1 111111' 111 1111I11'111'1- 1111' Lk1lI11. xvl1lA14Il15 NI1k'.l1iL'l'8, .1 s11111'1s 11.111114 1 11, .1 11L'AllIlY 11111111-. .11111 U1llI'N 111 l7ll111lkk 51,'1'N111' 11L'pL1I'l1111111L5 11111xI1- 11111'1I 11111s1 111 1111- 1'11111's :1ct1v1111's. lfifxff 1'11':1': VY11i11'1111111, IP11111.1w, 1.l1151l. -1'!'l11ll1l1'1i, 171-X111: 511111111 111.12 X11l1111s, Xuyus. XX111'11x, 111 XX1111:11115. l'111'1'1'. X11'I11111:1111, x1ll1 11z11'111g, C1. 111 'Hz' I 6 9 XVII X111-111t 1- .. , ,. . 11'1l 1'11:1': M1111-111111w1'. 1111111 12. XX'111121ll1N. l'111l11i11p11111, 111111. IJ11-1. 1'1 11 H1111 1111111111111' 1 11111111 H1111 Y11111f X111 1111111111 1111111 IQ11111, ' 1 :min fed 62444 Sewec 0f46'2d lim! mmf: Noyes, Squircs, Covt-ney, Grunwalcl, liolh, Ret-cl, VVcrclt-y, lis- sivk, Mrs. Gladys Cliapinznl, Hcllm-r, Wisnicwski, Zawko, lirccsv. Ni'i'IYlllf rurv: Seyinour. lloiiglitaliiliz, Kiliflflllliliill. Molinaro. Mcllriflc, Rla, ct-ri, Davis. lloxxcil, Yau Kviisstlatr, lltii, Qlialk, Xlitrlwll. eawciefz Wefzeda--z4mdemq'4 9670440 66515 lHl'. c.laRAl.xN til lui was organizccl lor SllKlClll'S to incrcast- their lmmvlvdgt- of Gcrman lIlI'lgllLlfIC. llIL'l'Llllll'C anil lift-. antl to t-ncourk nga' liriciullv rclations. Nlcvtilifls arc ht-ld alilmroxilnatcly c-vcry two wcclts anil havt' incluclccl tht- lvaruiiig of folk songs. pocms, thc plllylllg ol ganics. anal, at tht- vntl. UE1'l'I'lSL'l1UllgL'11.H 'liht' hirthilays ol' ilu- lollovvinig 1HL'll'l,lX'1'S wcrc felt-- hratccl: Nlarlq Brinthaupt. Ronalcl Pottingcr antl Xlary Iant- XYitt- nian. Ron liortlcn, lim Nlitchcll, anal Civralnl Cfartlctlgc finrl that thc cluh is very valuahlt' in liurtlivring their intt-rt-st in GCYIHLIII cvcn though they no longcr .utcntl Cicrinaui Classes. Lc'atlcrsliip for tht- ycar has hccili Xlrs. Xlunson, iuhiiscrg Boh Brown, prvsulcntg Etlvins Ernian- ovirs, vicc-prcsiclcntg Artlith cllll1llL'l'Il11lI1, st'c1'c'ta1'yg lion Mzls- on, tn-:1s1i1'ci'. Amin BY xuzs. ca runs Chapman. faculty aclx'isCr, thc Iunior Rt-tl Cross cxcvvrlccl last ycar's goal in mcnihcrship contributions. Stu- clcnt chairmen, Alice Armstrong anal Charlotte Knlb, wt-rc assistul by rcprescntativcs in cach hornc- rooni who inforniccl students con- cerning Iunior Rt-fl Cross activities. ln Dcccmber thc annual ranch' collcction was ht-ld, a large contri- bution lacing niaclc by thc boys' chef Class. As in past years, tht' Cancly was givcn to the vc'u'rans at Bath Xin-morial Hospital. As a special projcct this year, thc lunior Rccl Cross snonsorccl an cxhilvit for a two-wcclt period in Xlarcli in thc lflmira Bank and Trust Company. This tlisplav, acl- vcrtising the Rt-fl Cross Hlootl Bank, ft-aturccl maps of thc East ancl XVcst Hemisphcrcs. with lil- mira and Korca ioinccl bv a lift-- linc ol' bloml rlonations. Y lim! rms: Rauli, Klaiixrziriiig, xvllltllllfill. Ham. 'l'urck. Yockrotli. Nirmzd mis: Pricc, Stlit-cr, Brown, Mason. -lllIK'lll2iZ, liunclcrinan, lirmano virs, Pottinger, llorrlt-n. 'l'l1i1'd row: Sarclo, liaiw, Ziinincr, Spinrllcr, Munson, Mitclicll, L'i't-igliton Cai't1edg'o, Brink. 70 A e ew! fzcmaaie--fifcaeiem 'a 7zem:4 Glad wg, l.1, 1,1-lull, lf1c.xNc'.xls l1.ul lm-11 lurnuwl tu Althllll il lu-llvr llI1llK'l'f xtsllulillg uf l:l'k'IlL'll Lllllllll' mul us slu-ali tlu' l1ll1LQll.lLfL' nlmm' lllu'1ulx'. Lllllltl' ilu' nlmlc' allwctiull ul Nliss lllllkl V. liwulqs, l"I'l'llL'll lL'.ll'llk'l' mul Clllll gulviscr, ilu' clulw Ima lHl't'St'lllCll IIIAIIIY lIllk'l'L'Slll1L: lift! . 1 2-CIIIIIIS, slim, mul QAIIIIV5 .11 ilu- lilfllllllly Illl'k'IlIlg5. Auling lu-1' wa-rv Iulm Clmlwlvvll. I1l't'Slil1'llIf CRJIINIAIIILK' Nlciigllw, x'u'L'-lun-sl cle-mg 5llll'lL'y ljlllllllll. scc11'I111'x'1 .llul lXllll'jOI'lL' cllkllll, lI'L'Ll5llI'L'l'. ln Ulllfllllll' ilu' x'a'.l1"s Aullvlllvx, ilu- lll'L'I1Cll filulw l1.ul Al yicnu' in Imul In wlllcll tluw' lI1X'lIl'll all l1ll'IlllN'I'N 'rl Ilu' l'I'l'llL'l1 rlnsws. lzrxl I'1f'IA'f l'1':mk, lllll4IlC, kurlllvllv. l.11mll. llutlmzm. M'mmlr1m': lm Nlzurc, lxilllllllilll, hrzlm, C lmppvll, MVK-11l!k'. Imulmm, -Xllmzm. lhilfullil. Illini www: Sluukunn. llill, X1-1'1'z1l, RL'llllL'l', l'ln'islizm. l,l'llL'll2lI'll, Nliw llmukx, I.1'mm1, Norris, llZllllll'l'. Yllll Rv11favlzu'1', 4i1'ux'c, .X1'n1aI1'm1g, Zcdnce--,4aaclemq'4 Spamkzd Zia! Clllfls QUINVI has CUI11Plt'IL'll :1 NIlC'Q'1'SSl,lll vom' lllNlCI' thc guul, QUICK' ol' Nlisx lfslluw' Ccumlw, tlu' aulvisvr. 'flu' lllL'Hll7L'l'5 ul' flu' clulx lmvc :1lmnl'lu'rl Slmlmislx ClIllllI'L' mul uxsmlus, auul lmvc alcvclupa-Ll ll lmlctugll spcnkillg lumwlwlgc ul Spgmislm. Nlcwlltlllx' llumlllgs lmvc lu-nn L'UllilllL'KK'll ill SCIIUUI, W'hllL' Slikllll glll-lll'I'lIlgS, lligllliglltcnl by lI1Ik'I'f USUIIQS' QIIUSI xpcakclw, wsu' lu-ld .lt IllL'Illl7k'l'S' l1Ulllk'S. Alllllllg rlu' clulfx VAll'lL'Ll nctiv, ituw was 11 joint social gLlll1L'l'll1g with Smltllsimlv High Sclumlk Slmnislm ffluln, In tlu- Sl1I'lIlg,HlCIl1' lu-rs CIIfllllSlAlSIlCilllV workml on lllk'lI' Ixllllllllll' pizza Slllllll :lt flu' Suulvnl Cumuil cj2lI'lllYLll. ljlllfllllg Cllulm Quinn' in its wculul vca11'wc1'c rlu' lollowmg ullu'n'rs: PI't'SlllL'IlI, licvcrlx' Hnrclmh Nr, . . . Y l"ir.vi ru-rv: Flilllli, ,Xltman, Martin. 150111 vlcc-P11-xuluxll, IUSL'l1ll Iu- M'llL'lll SCCI'R'fll!'y, IilCLlllL'llIlC Sul- mki: Il'l'1lSllI'l'I', Filccn Arruvlml. H, fwmlari wmv Szmlu, H2lI'l'lllSlIl1, .'X1'1uvlfl, Linus, Mlm lzstluw' K mrlw. ,Xclvmw Sutuski. " ml rmv: iinlmlfzirh, l.L-xvis, Hzmllm, llltfllfll, Rixlzxll, -Imu-5, Milla-11 Nlxll tlu-ws. 71 Xlfflllflllljll llowc, Cnrrivr, lilinc, lXl0l'Cl1UllhL', Robinson, l'l1ll'li. Tliorn Saapez Sazaafeew '7nga6-ze ch tie add of ?4q4c2:4 Il' IN llll cl,Ln's Iwolicx' to inks cclncnrionnl trips wnli tlic intcnr of olvscrving intcrcsling applica- tions ol' scientific Ilicorics stnmliccl in scliool. Thi- Hiclaling Station, 'I'lmrclu-is, tlu' Corn--Cola plum, Itlnnrn l'onnclri'. nnrl thc Cyclo- rron in Ciorncll l'i1ix'crsirx' gnc v.1ln.1lwlc lirst-llnnal information. lXlL'cllI1gS alll' lic-lil Alf Sflmol clnring noon lionr or nr tlic lul- cranion llnilcling clnring rlic cvc- ning. Clnlm nicmlwcrsliilw is opcn to glnx' lmovs wlio lmvc stnilicil pllY5lL'S. l"ir.rl rfmu' Mzicligwil, Forcc, -Ioncs, Donncr, Fusarc, Coveney, M r. Ray Slim nmn, Aclviscr. .S'vco11u' aww: rlw11l'll4'1', Hrinilunipt, Poslliznicr, Tota, llzxlton. cffawaq doomed! 446225 an cz Swan!!-'zcmnazq chaay i'uiuu'.' Nloiic, Ixlnslnnn, lxznncs. lcpkoxxslci, llickinsnn. klatc, Stznliorrl lxonislu. Rnpliznlcn-, Miss l'1lcll'cclg'c, 'llUl'l'?lllCC, Cleric, lilCZll'XX'2ilL'lA. 72 ton, PliRllfXPS sonni of us lmvc taken tlic work of ilu- girls on llic Li- lxrziry Council forygrrmrccl. Many of us clo not rczilizc tlmt it is tlic work of tlicsc girls tlmt lic-lps to lxccp the ncrvc ccntcr of lfl5A, tlic lilurgwv, running like clock-work. 'flicsc girls cliccli books in :incl ont, replace' tlicin in orclcr on thc sliclvcs, anml linnr up than refer- cncc lvoolc yonlvc lnccn loolcig for, as wc-ll as scnmling out ilu- little slips rlmt rcminfl you of Al book ovcrilnc. Ilii- I.1l7l'2lI'l' Council wlrli its nrlviscr, Nliss Flilalvctli Flmlrcclgc, liolils occasional nlcctings Io alis- Cnss ncw lmoolcs that lizlvc come into llic lilwrnry :incl ncw lilurary mc-lliofls. Thr- offccrs ol tlic group rliis ytlll' nrc: prcsnlcxmr. Fllcn Dickin- son: YlCL'-Pl'L'Slll1'llf. Xlnry Lon l.c-plqowski: sccrcrary, lXl.n'ilyn Clntc. fm' A NIM' 11111:,1N171x'1'111N IILIS In-1-11 111I1Ic'1I 111 II11' Ilwl 111 1I11- v111'11111x s1'I11111l 1'I11I1s Ill lfl1A. IXYlI'Ik'l'S CI11l1, I111.1s1111g, 1111-11 11'f11111' 1111'111I11'1'x, 11'.1x I11I'I1lL'lI 1111I1' IIIIN 11.113 11111I 111111 1I11A .11Iv11'1- 11l KIM. H1'I1'11 5111'1'1I11'1' I1.1x 1'I1'1't1'1I lI11'N1' 11II11'1'1's: IVl'l'NI1Ik'IlI. Pntwx I51111111.111: 1'11'1'f111'1w11I1-111. I'I1 C.111I 1I111g11111: Nk'Cl'CILll'X. I.111'1'.11111' I'1'I1Il, Il'l'.lSllIAk'l'. xI.lI'Ik'llk' I I.1Ix11-.11I1cI1.111' 1111111 for 1'1111c1'ss11111s, Ci1'1'1'v R11g1'1'. VIAIIL' Plll'I7OSL' ul 1I11s. 1'I11I1 is 111 1111111 girls II1l'Cl'k'NlL'tI 111 1w11'I1115,g 111 1 1 l11'1'111111- f111111'1' 1111111111-111-s 11I IIA. QEIIIV I1lL'lllI7L'l'S QlI'k' 11II11w1'1I 111 Irv 111 I1II ll 1111H1t11111 x'.11'1111'1I I11' Ll 1w11'I1'1'. S11-1111111 IIIQII Ill 11131 w1'11': I,.11sx' I'111w1111111. I'.11 5lN'llL't'I'. Rum' 811111 XI.11'1' C1.1111I1111. N.11111' VXI I1.1111x. C11'1'1'1' RIIQVIA. .lllll I1I111111' l , f.111I1Ill1QI11I1. l111l 1'11'1': l111l1l111g11111, I1111111, Ik-1121. lAI:1l11-111' XX1ll1:1111x. t:1111I1111, I.z1111I11'11 1 H11111111' 111111: R1-y1111I1Is, llz1Is11-Jul, VVI1i1111:111, M1151-1', I311w1111111, l'l1z1Ik, S111111. R11ll11, IQ11l11'1'1s, H1':1I1:1111, Lester, XX'I11111111y1-11 X XIXNIH XL.ll'. IW 63645 , . , 4 1753 f4ciaf6z'dan 146mg -fame I- 11111,1N1f111 111111111 IIIIN 11'1wt1'x' CiI11I1 11 11I.11111111g 11111111111 11I 11-11111 N1.1111111. lHK'Nk'1l 111111 11I Iurcst I11'1'Q, z1111I l7I'L'SCl'V2l 111111 ol I1sI1 :1111I I111'1I I1I1'. II11111gI1 KI11' 1'I11I1 is s11111II Ill 1111'111I11'1'sI1111 ll II11- 111151-111 Llll1I I1.1s vvt 111 All 11111 11111111' 11I IIN 11111111-11115, If IN , . 11'1I111'I11I1'. L111I1'1- LI11- It'4ltIL'l'5I11lV 11I l,I11x'1I XX 11111111 .1x 1111-x11I1'11 t 11111I 1. I.1111111'1' LIN .11I11s1'13 I'111A1wt1'1 CI11I1 NI1l1llIlI 11111- 1I.1x 11111 YL' .I 1I1i111111' 1'1I111'11111111.1I 11ss1'1 111 II11' ll DUI. l1:11111ixl1'1'. 11111l111g1.' I31'11x111, l11':111u1'1', IQIYQUN. XM-111111, lxvlly, I':111:111:1, In-112-1, -1 1.1 N'1'1111'11': H. 3111-11. 111-ll1111w. 5I11'z1l1z111. I111N11111, I.1l1IIlL'j'. II11111'ig:111, IQ. SI111 lifzrl rtrztw Robinson, Nippert, Davis, 79 Szqaw 7mm Vmmz at 1-he Srrmld row: X'vL'l'H'llSUIl, Cameron, Marinas, Norwood, Stallord, Olivey. Ai I'HOl'lQH functioning for the most Part behincl the scenes, the l'roscenium Club, uncler the com- petent tlirection of lVIr. Iohn Byrd. perfornia many vital tluties neces- sary to keep activities in the audi- torium running smoothly. Wlieii- ever the occasion tlemancls, the bovs are reatlv anal willing to Provide the needed service, wheth- er it is the creation of scenery for a play or the operation of the motion picture projector or the public atltlress system. Through- out the year. the members of the Proscenium Club combine school work with practical experience by learning as they serve. UNlJI:Il THIS LEADERSHIP of Presi- dents Patricia Lawton, first term. antl Victor Nippert, secontl term, Stylus Club has completed an- other successful year. Wet-klyf meetings have been supplemented by home gatherings at which Elf mira artists have spoken and given clemonstrations. M1'. Ryerson spoke on illustrating, M1'. R. Fox tlemonstratetl metal etchings and Xlr. Ian Grvbos showed the group slitles of water color technique anrl color photography. Entries for the lune art show, in which members are taking part, have been coznf Pletetl. Other officers are vicef presirlent, Dick Verguson, secre- tary-treasurer, Diane Nlartnas. Xliss Terresa Cameron, acting ax aclviser, has been helpful in guiml- ing the group. fm ' m Edu! 77Zem5'ew me Emma ch Wzazma of S z liirst Vuw.' Bailey, Mehalick, McFarland, Butler, McKee, llughes, Mr. Byrd Adviser, Nrromz' rmiu' Pierce, liolub. Grosvenor. Carr, Sehrom, Davis, Dunbar, Rice Chalk. 74 7cac'fzZm4, Ekezieadezc, Qnceeadcw Wfdmgew eomfeoae ,4ccwlemq ,Q-frame l111 x1111111111s ul our fX1'111lc1111' 1Xm111s club cuiistiriitc Ll 31111111 ul wrv lnusx' girlx wlm Llll' Vtlllllllf 1111ll1' worliiiig l111Il1 1111 Illl' xu-111' 11111l l1cl1i111l llli' xu'11c 111 11ll fXL'z11l, 1'111y sports vvcms. l'Q11rl1 girl, Wllt'lllL'l' sl1c lw Ll l11gl1sl1-lulwiiiq 1wirl1'1', 1111 t'llL'I'gL'llC ClIk'k'I'lL'1ltlk'l', 411' .1 Polity' L'c1l1L'L's5l1111 1111n'1'11l111', alum lu-1' 111111 i11 11m111oti11g s1l11111l 5111111 Alllll goml s1m1'1a111.111xl1ip. lllllll'l' thc lt'iltlt'I'1illlP ol Mrs. Sl1l'CL'l1L'l', 1111111111-1 Sally Slllllif, l1I'C5lllL'Ill1 AI'lL'Ilk' llloliinlw, vim'- 1111-sialciit: D1111'11.1 G11111111, SL'k'l'L" t.11'1'1 lilixllll Cll1.1lli, 11'c11x111'1'1'1 11111l N1111cx' l'lctcl1c1', u111ccss11111 lll.II1- . . 1 . 1, 1. . 111111, thc Girls llilVC 7l'OVl'Cl ll1k"1l' "111'l 111711: Lnllctzi, VVl11t11111y1'r, Look, l.1clcly, Llnilk, QICLTI, Wycl1'11, MQHQ. 1' 2' l Sirnml rufu: l"1':111lc, firillis, M, 'llI'2LV1S, lifilllillll, llilllillllllll, 17111411111-111, l'ai11l1-1', Warlc. 51-IW-5 gm Cm-I-gg-tif, L-,,,,l,L-,mivL- nl rmw: XVl1it111:111, S. 'l'1':1vis, Mf11'1'1-ll, Ruger, l'1111sc, l.k'lP21, lilISl1, XN'is11iL-wski, I Q Xx'llt'L'lCl', li1111'111:111, Frost, flute, lf11l1L'I'lS. 0l'g.L2lllll11fl0l1- lffurlli rnfv: l'lI'2lllL'lS, L'z1p11zzi, vlzlsiczck, l'1k'Illl, Rlzittlicws, Hllllll, lluliiisky, Czirsl, l'ustz1. lXl1llll'I1, lilim-, lbmviif, K':11'1'i1-1'. Cl1ZlllllL'l'i llllll r11'z1': f'li1111111. 1211111111111-lli, rlxlllbflllllll, l.llliL'. Nl1111z1l11111, FlL'Il'llCI', Limuiil, SllllL'l'. l'1'yzg11rla. llIlZk'llHll, llk'4lIl1iI't'llll'i, K'-11lfli11Qt1111. XX':11':1lw111sl4i, l':1l111cr. able' ,4t4ZeL'cb ffuncdcztdon noawzagee good Spode ' 'l41114, 4:1111 s' 111111 15'11r' Assoc111ri1111 l141s lX'Cll 1111 active 11111l vicroriaiiia al11l1 lllIS vc'111'. Their 111111, 11S tl1v11' IIJINL' 1l1ll3lll'N. ll1l9 l5L'L'l! to pdflltl- IHIIL' Ill LIN IIILHIY 51111111 1-1'c11ts SN iwmilvlc. l'11-mln-S sol1l1.1ll Lllltl vulf I1-ylmll, Ilw girls l111v1- l11kc11 1111 Alk'llVC 11111-1111 111 l111slcctl111ll. l11 llll'lI' P111wl41'll111ll Play Uay. 1l11- fXL"lClL'IIlV girls wo11 wwiul plau- 111 cr co11111ctitic111 fffllll 0ll1Cl' loc11l wlmfils. llic OlHCk'l'S 1l11S yc'111', l'l1711l11'Il1 C11'cc11c, l11'c's11lc11t: 'Nu-lk lllll Islwl, VIL-L'-Pl'C5lilk'l1lQ Hull-11 WK'SIll7l'Kll7lC, sn-c1'ctn1'yg csCl'tl'lllll' Noycs, lI'L'2lSlll'L'l'Q Miss V1111 Duyii, 11mlvisc1', l1:1vc not only lcml tl1L'i1' girls to vicrorv ITIZIIIV 111111's, l1111 l111vc' gfivvii lllCll1 illl 1111p111't11111t1' 111 flisplnv tl1c11' 11tl1lct1c 11l11l1t11-N .1111l ml1'1'1'lnP l1l1Vs1C11l st1111111111. Iiirst ruru: Ik-ll, Ma1'111z1s, Iflucl, liriiik, Hatch, XY:11'11ku1115ki, l11'1111'111 YFFIIITIII 1'0'ZQ'.' Wisiliexvslci, Noyes, R. l'l1z1lk, hlzuaivzcla, St:1l'fu1'1l. liruwii, lXfl1'l,:11111 Kiiapp, C21l'l'lL'l'. 'l'11i1'd row: Lloyd, 1Jlllllll'L'il, Cook, l.luyrl, Ni111lz, :Xi'fcl1lt, Wcstxxwicl, bl. i'l111ll4, R1 111 75 gum ,-4614 .Jazz Zo Sedan! .lege THIE CHOIR, Glee Club, Octet, and Boys' Double Quartet have this year been 0l'g2llllZCLl :Intl direct' eel by the Ac:ulemv's new music teacher, lvlrs. Pauline Bowllay. Untler her clirectlon, the Choir has been Ill0lilCKl into one of the best singing groups rlu- Acaclellly has known. The Choirls artistry was exemplified in the beautiful :mel un- forgettable Clwistxnzls pageant :mtl also in the AlIlIlll.Il spring concert. lfarlj' in the full. elections were helcl in the Choir when llrnce OllllSIi'34l was chosen presulent nntl ZISSISIQHII lll1ACCfUl' and loan lvlnnthews Si'L'l'i't1ll'y. Qfee Hu! ln the feminine clepautlnent. Girls' Glee Club comhinetl with the Choir for the Christmas pageant. adding its voices to the chorus for :1 t truly effective Pl'OgI'3I'I1. Girls' Glen' Club really came into its own, however, in the Spring FL'SflV2ll, when it gave n group of selections with sparkle :mtl charm, captivating the most critical listeners. Presiclent Kav lupenlnz nclcletl n certain zest to the 1't'l1e41rsnls when she contluctetl nt xxlrlous tunes. lane Prechtl, secretary, lm kept the re- corcls for the LlI'5-fillllllltliill, l71ll'flClllQl1'lY uttenclunce, in good orcler. l'ir.vl mtv: lluaztre. llerr, Litlvliek, Rztuh, Loop, Llrztntlall, NI. Travis, S. 'I'r:u'is. 4i+msln'itlgt-, lleppy, Q11lX'ZllllZZl Ilmw11, lXlt'L'abe, Xlztjclu-zznlc, Vztllztclilm, Heller, Lfieei, Vlauss, Gray. Xvrwlzl' raw: lineh, lflgillltll, lfenton, llzunm, Grove, Kuugler, lVl1u'pl1y, Stune, Bohn, Carrull, Callas, Pinellr l'i1-nzzcnlu, llarcly, fupp, lilzur, Reirly, Vockruth, lupenlaz. hm! rnz.': 'l'n1nuey, Nlztttlwexw. Hilhnztn. Wvillizuuf, Martin, Klelhmztlcl. llI'llllXX'Zil1l. l'rt-clnl. xlwllllwn, llrnulo lfullcr, l'ett-rsuu. llumlsun, XX'ilcux, Vlintuu, Xlekfabe. Xlztrtin, 'l1L'II11Jl21I', llelgmey, lffzrrlh wiv: Zzthurntn, barflu. lit-ll. X :mn lletlsselner Sftjlillllilll, llerlnxtrchik. Yerral, Nugent, llunt, Hzneh. T115 lnr, Llflllll, Kfztlalux-exe, C. llI'lIX'Vl1, Sll1iXYlSS, llmrcll, Yvllllg. HUwe1', Kresg.g'e. 'llu' Uclvl, or cloulula' Oulu 1lSll is 1non'1'igl11- Dirk lfvcrill, Skip l:1'Clll'll, Stcvc llllllqlllklll, Bulm llllly nnllvcl. lm lu'L'n ncllw' llns your, singing All lllll. lswxnlnlics, mm' tlu' rlulum, mul alw 411 P1'lVLllL' An illlumvnnull clnring llu' HFS! lvnn ul ilu' lulutums, Tlu- Arru' IAHIQVIIL' PI'Ogl'.lIl1 at Cln-inf uluuml your w.1s llu' Boy! l7mllmlcUvu'1. cjUIl5lNl nmx mm' tlu' Umlct pu1'lu1'11nng in lullvlic lim' ilu' ing nl' Q-iglu Imp, tlnx grmxlw Pr'gu'1u'ul l71ll'l'M'I'- lint nnuz iXlklL'I' ns inltml lWL'l'l,UI'I11LlIlKK'. ilu' Qctrl xlunp l1.II'l1llDIl,'-IYIDL' song. sung ill SQVK'I'2ll ilS5L'lHlJlll'S All scluaol Jlllll all lwlvzlu' A vntc ul' tllzlnlcs gucs 10 Nlrs. liuwlluy lm' lllllllL'l'5 :uul clnlv lunc'lu'uns. MCIlll7L'l'S of this lu'1' ilnvrcst mul cllorts in nmlcing 1lu'sL' groups IIlll5ll' group arc: Sopnlllfxsf--Ioycc liulxn, Lorena wnrllmvvlulc PL'l'l-UI'IIlL'l'S. Azul ul conrsc, ws Ulllll cjllllp, l,11t1'u'i.1 Dcrr, ljAlXVl1J G1'llilI111 Altos lwUl'gL'I our .lCCOIllPLlI1lSf, lllJgt'l' llrolmla, wlum clv l'lnlunu'nn cl.ll.ll5I'L'NL'. Rwlufrn Xlartln, c3lllllCVl'I'k' wu-ll so IIlIICll ol' his tinu' Qnf wlmulx lu' luul Xlliunluy Ellvn 5l'CP11I1l.l!l1 Tcnors' -l51'c4l Bnnu: liltlvj gnul lm mlunt Col' wllulm lu' lmx nmclml L41 llul Riggin, l'c1c1' Ryan, Clary Sl1i'll'i'lAQ Basses' f ilu' in1pl'ovc'nu'n1 of all ilu' groups. alle Svluwu'lQ, AllVIll'N. lirzvl rwrv: Sllk'l1l.t'I', llurat, l4Ill'1'1lll, Sll'll1llll2lll, Argyle, VYilcnx, Lirlclick, lluxtcr, Ryzul, lX1n'lClligutt, k'l:n'k, Nam Smurf!! ruficf l'2ll'lYL'IllCl'. l':1ll:nrlinn, -llllltlllill, L'1,mlrli1'm1, lilmzulu, fhuulrimlgu, 'l'1'21Yia, KA. Nlcklilu-, Clnpp, KY,lX.l lllffl, llcyv1wj.', l'ilwrxz-rlw, lllzlnaf. ll1ll'L'lll5HIl, xlilfllll, ll-ll?lll'k', l,k'l'l', l"t'lIlHll, li, KlvK':nlu', .XI'Ilxrl4l, XI4n'l'n'll, llliml fmruf XX'illi:nnx, S, 'l':nylflV. Slwxxia-. lfnllur, 'l1k'IlllYl2iI'. xl1lI'l!llj'. Slwxug llillrnzm, llcll, Ymnmg. f:1l1 Xlwwx, ll:n'-ly. l'ruvlxll. llnlxn, Qhllllllx 'I'-umu'y, Yan lQCllNNt'l1lk'l'. Slljfillllllll. Llinl-ln. llI'lIlH ' ' ' :'.' . Jmluwxf. llL'l.llllL'j, Xurrzxl. Lzxlzilvxrvw. Nlnwry, l3n1'1u', KllQK'lll. Num. lifmw, l.IlllQ.fXXUl'lllj', 'lu I llllrll nf. XI lk'llJZl1Illl. Syu-1u'u1', lVl2llll1L'1'f2,, li. 'l':nylm', Riggvlm, Millvr, SlL'lll0!'lIlEl11, Ii1'csgs', lgl'HWll, llunlon, Mu'l1zu'ls. liflh rwrv,' l'11't'lli'l1, XYlllQ'l'I'l, I'nmlmp, lilysimux lluni, lllulzinski, Ollnstczul, finunn, Mmunw, Ulml, llntlulu-r, llnll man, S1n'ig,1gs, lluluwtx, lxlillllllflfll. llxllvlm. l,mu'lw, lll'll1ll12llI1bl, lfvwitt, SlH'L'llJlUZ1ll, Nuwl. 77 7044: Waald ?aaZKczZZ game Ze 7Uc'z'4oaZ ide Zaman! 7 RAISI: .x CHLLR, for licrt' comes tht- E. II. A. bziiiil, iiiiclcr tht' tlircctioii of lVIi'. M:i1'ti1i Wciizc-l. Wl1CfhL'1' it hc n football gniiiv, COIlC'C1'f, or pnrzlclc, thi' Acaclciny Baiml cagcrly displays .i skillful varicty of miisitxil cmtitiiiiiniciit. This school ycnr tht? bniiel has actively pziiticipzitwl in tht' Elcctioii Pzinitlc, thc Community Chest Paratlc, aiiifl tht' Constitu- tion Day Pziraiclc. Also, they pivsciitccl concerts at Thi- Gcorgtx Xvaisliiiigton klllll Gcorgt' Xl. Divan Schools. nt which Dick Argylt' was l'c.itiii'ccl its soloist. At thc H. S.---Ii. l5. A. football gaiiiic, thc schools joiiiccl forces to perform ai scrics of original llormntions. Among :lit-iii wcrc tht' "Wlit-t'I of l5ortimc,', "Tht- lN4t-fry-goVi'oi11itl Brolin Dowiif' :iiitl "1-Xiilcl Lang Syiicfh to symholizt- liiciitlsliip htftwtui the two schools. Ifilivi !'1fTt',' Rllllyfli. l'ii'oxzi. fiorrloii, Vloliiisoii. Crt-c-ii. .-'Xrgvli-, Boggs, Hiiriiv, Xlclfay, l7ol1vli, i N1-,-om! rozv: Ilcdck, liiittcrs, Hcss. l.aiigxx-irtliy. Kresge, NYcld. Moore. Bruulis, Mr. NYciizcl. Myers. Klux. Shot'- tlcr. Broxxii. Hill. 'l'orrei1t't-, Moss. Tliirtf wiv: vliipciilaz, l't-rgoiiiiis, firiiiiwziltl, Tliomzis, Tiiiiicy, Spatilcliiig, Yt-tltlt-r, XYiiisor, Gt-tcr. Nlorgziii, ,lQlll'llC1'. Straiig, Spt-iiccr, l.. Pirozzi, Ulmstt-zitl, Hoiigliloii. 78 Oz 70445 WMM rfcaemdliec ge 706561446 Me 0'2C46df'Z4? Act,-xlmmn' Sl'UDl2N'lS are ncvci' cnniplctclv satisfied with an amvnihlv without Ll ninsical contribution lironi clu- lf. lf. A. Orcllcstm. Nh: Vxfcnzcl nncl his group of Iulcntccl EPA musicians provimlc music not only for imciiililics, hut also for thc Scninr. Innior, anal Nlusqucrs Plgws, Iunior nncl Senior Dux: Cimum-nccnu-nt. nnml rho Spring li-wtiv.1l. This May thcir progrann for thc Spring llc-stivnl consisu-al ol' "Domi" hy MI-ihifli anal iiMlIlllt'fl' hy Hgiycln l-I'Olll rhu l,nn4lon Syniplinny. Thi-y also Pro, wntccl two spa-ciullii-Q, "Thu Song of lulwitcrf' which is nn 1ll'l'Lll1gC1llK'llt of "W'lic1'c 'Er Yon Wllllill hy Hnnzlcl, :incl iivillllilllilll hy Wl1gIlL'l' featuring lzrvncli horns. l"ir.vi rnw: Sc-kcllu. Ham. Clinton, Martin, liiw-sgc-, lVll'Ci21lDQ. l.zmgwm'tl1y, l'c-rsoniils. ,S'1'f'mnl' rufu: .llll7L'lll2lZ, 'l'nIhcrt, lissivk, :'M'g'ylv, VVcnzcl, Boggs, liurnc, Circ-cxi, Dnlph. 'l'f1ml r'n'zv: llcilck. llnttcrs, Slrzlnlrling, Pirnzzi, Sl1CCflL'l'. fjllI1Slt'I1ll, llniiglitim, Ycltcr, Cox, Spa-iam-i', flrinnx xlal 79 l'1Av1vl f'f':.': Hululrlmrey. Kiuycu. I1-mllmy. IZ-IH-rw. 5llL'f.I-L'I'. .Mmwurff wig: XYixm-ski, Spriggs. lvlxl, I.mu'lw, Wlemdeze of Me Octet cmd gage' Dosage Zcccwtezf one Wiwacmd Emma I-:f.v.' wry: fmmmm, 5lk'I'1lI1lZll1. tzdzmhrww. Ilulm, Xlnrtm. f11I'I'. lla-V13 Klckniw. .Nlxwzlfl Fury: l'l1l, H1vt'i'm:m, I':YL'I'itT, Kiggru, Hl1!'lIl', Bnxla-V, SIM-1ki'u1'. ,lf fifrlm: IVIWIIQHIJQ ,fl-Vfffillfff Hrs, Umxllvy. 80 7a 77Zemwzq Zane, Spun fffze 77Zcwe 74cm P547 Waudg 244412 'Mace ,4ll-SaaZ4efw- 76e'z dm mance Stew UP UNTIL A FEW' DAYS before Academy's season opener, football coach Vic Impeciato was uncer- tain as to many starting berths for the game. Also upsetting was the fact that star halfback Prank Gush was removed from the Held indebnitely because of a knee injury. Fred Hughes, a top guard prospect, underwent an operation, and was lost for the season. lmpeciato was also slightly perturbed by the fact that, during scrimmage sessions, the players were not spectacular in their timing and blocking. However, the team pulled together nicely, and by game time on Friday, September 19, were quite well prepared for the Iohnson City clash. Strangely enough, this first game was one of the Academy's biggest, because the Wilclcats had last year been beaten for the first time in twenty- eight games by E.F.A. putting Iohnson City in second place. The ,Cats were back for revenge this season. Our starting lineup, which remained the same all through the season was: Len Boulas at left end, Larry Wilcox at left tackle, Bob Hetherton at left guard, Butch Todd at center, Chuck Pilla at right guard, Nick Monitello at right tackle, Vinnie Malandra ar right end, Iunior Long at Quarterback, Frank Gush at right halfback, Nick Baccile at left half- back and Harold Manwaring at fullback. The game was a scoreless, seesaw battle until, in the final period, an unheralded sophomore, 150- pouncl Ed Prettyman, scooped up a fumble and picked his way, with the aid of excellent blocking, to a thirty-three yard touchdown. This was the only scoring in the game, since Baccile's attempt- ed plunge for the extra point was stopped. Binghamton North was undefeated when the Academy went into her second game on Satur- day, September 27, at North. Larry Wilcox sparked this game, spending much of his time in Northls backfield. Academy won the game I4-O. On Saturday, October 4, E. F. A. played host to Middletown in a non-conference fray. Gush, Manwaring, and Baccile pulled in yardage by chunks. The Middletown eleven was powerless against the Blue Devil,s oHense. This was followed on Saturday, October 11, by another non-conference game which wasn't much of a contest. Frank Gush scored two touch- downs, and Ralph Todd, Nick Baccile, Harold Manwaring, Mike Holmes and Pat Kane each scored once. The Academy-Central game on October 17. proclaimed at the time to be "Game of the Year," was anticipated as our toughest test of the season. Binghamton spectators saw a nightmare unfold before their eyes as the Blue Devils romped to a lopsided 30-0 victory. Gush, Manwaring, Kneeling: COIIC11 lmpeeiato, Semski, Cook, Boulas, Malandra, Festag, Todd, Holmes. Sfaazdingz Prettyman, Kane, Blumenshine. Locke, Gush, Long, Cornaeehio, Isaacs, Baeeile. Baccile and tackles, Larry Wilcox and Nick Mon- itello led this contest, putting the Academy solidly on the top shelf, a position previously shared with the Little Reds of Ithaca. On October 25, our animal intracity contest was another overwhelming victory for E. F. A., as the Blue Devils rode the crest of an almost sure-fire success in the Southern Tier Conference. Then came "Black Saturday." The bleak Saturday of November 8, 1952 saw Ithaca's keyed-up Little Red smash our win- ning streak with a 7-6 victory. In this game, Frank Gush intercepted an Ithaca pass three yards over the Academy'e goal line and ran for a spectacular 103-yard touchdown. The Academy still had a chance at the S. T. C. crown if successful in the Endicott game on Saturday, November II. We were just recover- ing from our defeat at the hands of Ithaca, when the orange men of Endicott spilled our last chance with a I9-O victory. This was a jolt to all Acad- emyites, because it meant, of course, that we weren't to be the holder of the Southern Tier Conference crown for the second consecutive time. The 1952 Academy Blue Devils were a great playing team, powerful both offensively and de- fensively. All of the E. F. A. students are in- debted to Coaches Vic Impeciato and Ivlarty Harrigan for their splendid work in Producing one of Elmira's greatest teams since the South- side-Acadcmy split in 1947. Frank Gush, Nick Baccile, and Larry Wilcox were elected to the all Southern Tier Conference football team. Honorable mention went to Ralph Todd, Vince Nlalandra, Nick lvlonitello, lim Spindler, and Iunior Long. VARSITY FOOTBALL Opponents E. F. A. Oppoi ieii ts Iohnson City . . . 6 . . . o Binghamton North . . I4 . . o Middletown: N. C. . . 31 . . 6 Olean: N. C. .... 46 . . . I2 Binghamton Central . . 30 . . 0 Southside . . 39 . . o Ithaca. . . 6 . . 7 Endicott . . . o . . . I9 lX'Ht'I'lfIZflf Pilla, Gublo, Frutehy, Sineock, Spindler Strrmfirzy: Coach Harrigan, Cirulli, Monitello, Benjamin Sullivan Bottthti Mt! ann 83 First rote: Chalk, McDonald, Mowry, Christastie, Keagle, Smith, Peechio, Kamas, Jones, Cleary, Mehaliek Cerand. .S'frm1d row: Peekally, Chapman, Houghton, Manning, Ford, Lovell, Cowilick, Devlin, Hobler, Maloney, VVaite. Third mtv: Hobler, French, Snow, Hartnett, Groom, McConnell, Rossi, Pagio, Mandell, Muecigrosso, Gough Prettyman. Q. W 7aaZZa6Z 7mm Qmpletea ?e'zfecL' 564400 THE LITTLE BLUE DEVILS of the Academy started off their unbeaten football season with a rousing victory over the Ithaca High School Iuniors on September 29 at Ithaca. The score was I3-O. On October 13, these little iron men downed Binghamton Central with a closer mark-13-Q. The spirited Junior Varsity squad, coached by Anthony Peckally, assisted by Harold Waite, was just beginning to show its colors as another game against Ithaca approached. In this second clash the teams fought on even terms, until the third quarter, when lim Hartnett, on a quarter- back sneak play, went over from two yards out. Iohn Cowilick and Larry Keagle received passes for the other scores. On October 23 the annual intracity contest was held. The Academy V.'s won again, mak- ing this the fifth time E. F. A. has triumphed over Southside, and also giving the Academy a four-win, no-loss record. About six hundred fans watched the two squads see-saw back and forth, quite evenly matched. The Blue Devil's first score came when lim Hartnett slipped a twenty- six yard pass to Larry Keagle. Hartnett pulled another quarterback sneak in the fourth quarter for the clincher. Hartnett, a left-handed passer, and Gerrand Cerand, a snake-hipped speedster, starred in this game. Cerand gathered up most of E. F, Afs twenty-three yards rushing. Hart- nett completed seven out of his twelve passes, for one hundred one yards and a touchdown. The Blue Devils finished off their perfect season with a 26-o crusher with Thomas A. Edison, with an astounding total of eighty-four points, at the same time holding the total oppo- nents' score at fourteen. The members of the squad who saw the most duty were Gerrand Cerand, Ioe Christastie, Iohn Cowilich, Iohn Devlin, Tom Ford, Kirt Hobler, Phil Houghton, lim Hartnett, Iim Iones, Larry Keagle, Ioe Kamas, Dan Mandell, Ioe McCon- nell, William Snow, and Robert Smith. Others who participated were: Ed McDonald, Don Mowry, Bob Smith, Iohn Pecchio, Ioe Kamas, Iim Cleary, Andy Mahalick, Iim Chap- man, Bill Manning, lim Lovell, Dan hflaloney, Ron French, Mike Groom, Len Rossi, Anthony Pagio, Nick Miiccigrosso, and Iohn Gough. As the primary function of the Iunior Var- sity squad is the training and seasoning of the players for the Varsity team, it is evident that when these boys join the Varsity, they will continue the stiff competition that other teams of the Southern Tier Conference have been taught to respect. .WZ Coaciii i-mnoin WM'I'IElS junior cagers played ini- pressively, finishing the season with a 13-5 reeortl. Dan Nlaloney was high scorer this year for the V. Teani, with a total of 174 points. Toni Brett anml Rai' liestag were seroncl anml thircl in line achieving totals of 16,5 anil iio respectively. Iini Klaliar anal lil Prettynian also showctl skill as the season aclvancefl. The only overtime game ol the V. baslcet- hall season was the Fnilieott-Academy game 7eczm Siam pzomdce which we won with a final score of 56-54. Prolia- bly the niost exciting V. game was the ltliaea- Acacleniv contest in which lthaea trinnipliecl over us luv a mere one point, the final store heing 42-41 in their favor. As niost of the V. players acquiretl exper- ience. it is to be expeetecl that the inaioriti' will play varsity lnaslccthall next year. The freshmen on this yearls V. team were allowetl to Inlay suflieiently so Coach Wziitt' preclicts that they will form the nucleus of next yea1"s V. tearn. l"ir.vl mrs: Cliappell, llulines, l'rettyman, Maloney. Ceranrl, Xlelialiek. X'l'I'Q'llSU1l. Npmrril rare: XYaite, iieter, lfestag. llzisal. Hughes. Grown, llrett, Hudson, l'rettynian. Maliar. 87 Firsl rmv.' Gush. Lagoiiegro, lfrutchy. Sermid row: Bennett. Mann. Christofaro. Holmes, Hartnett, Pizzo, Majer, Maloney, Niseo, Barteau. Third raw: Yergeson. Todd, Christastie, Baecile, Claset, Long, Brewer, VVipfler. Basal, Gough, Cook, Hughes Xyllllillllitlll, Bauer. 7952 gaaelczfl 'feam Wind Mem ' ' FOR THE FIRST TIXIE since E. F. A. and S. H. S. took separate paths in 1946, the Academy base- ball team, under the able leadership of Coach Bill VVipFler, held the championship of the South- ern Tier Conference. The triumphant Blue Devils Won ten of twelve games during the 1952 season, losing only to Binghamton Central in League play. The only other loss was inflicted by Horse- heads, a non-league foe and therefore, taken rather lightly. Dunn Field was the scene of two of our most cherished victories, the conquests of our cross-town rivals, S. H. S. Nlike Holmes, the Academyls outstanding freshman shortstop, led the batters with a .349 average and collected the most hits, 15. Center- fielder Iunior Long placed second in batting percentages with 333, closely followed by Bill Williallisoii at 325. Williainson, playing his third year as regular varsity Hrst baseman, also stood first in R. B. l.'s with I3 and home runs with three. The team as a whole compiled a .246 bat- ting average, garnering ninety hits in three hun- dred and sixty-six at-hats. Southpaw Iohn Claset and righthander Nick Baccile topped the Academy pitchers, each win- ning four CO11tCStS. Ed Lagonegro and Lee Cook accounted for the other two victories, while Bill Basal, a sophomore, was used chiefly in relief. Claset also led the moundsmen in strikeouts, whirling sixty, and in innings pitched with forty- two. The pitching corps as a whole compiled an excellent E. R. A. of 2.16. Since seven of the nine first-stringers will re- turn next year, the future appears bright. How- ever, the Academy team of next season will have a formidable task in attempting to equal the record set by Coach WipHer,s squad in 1952. mel mmm, 4z70e4z?Pmz SINCE Mosr or THE Acadcmy's strong runners had graduated in 1951, the 1952 track team was not up to standard. The boys were inexperienced and lacked the confidence of winners. However, Coach Peckally believes that this year the track team, with all of its returning lettermen, will do much better. E. F. A. started off the season with a Relay Carnival at Vestal in which we placed sixth. Af- ter the Relay Carnival there was a triangular meet at Ithaca in which the Academy made another poor showing. Next came a quadrangular meet at Parker field in which the Academy placed last. Following this came another quadrangular meet with Academy, once again making a good tryg but not having the experience, they finished near the bottom. Then came the big night meet at Parker Field. This was the first night meet ever held in Elmira. A .ls . 1 There were eleven teams entered. Of these, Wil- liamsport placed first and the Academy placed tenth. Following this night meet came the Geneva Relay Contest in which E. F. A. placed fourth with eleven points. ln the Annual South- side-Academy meet, Southside outdistanced the Academy 60-35. Then came the Western Zone Meet at Parker Field. Once again E. F. A. placed fourth. For this meet E .F. A. qualified two men, Bob Brown and Bob Killey. Bob Brown placed first in the 440, and Bob Killey placed sixth in the mile. Bob Brown, who was a consistent point-scorer all season long, was the only E. F. A. man quali- fied to go to West Point. Ar West Point Bob eliminated early in the meet. Hats off to these participants! The Academy hopes to see many more in the future. lirsf rote: Sineoek, Prettymaii, Brusso, Spriggs. Blumensliine, Killey, Teeter, Zawko, Rhinehart, Keeler, Hetli erton, Blash. Svrmid row: XVaite, Boulas. Zimmer, Snow, Cornaecliio, Everitt, Brown, Gear, Martin, Cassidy, XVliite, Riet Horrigan, livans, Ellis. Peekally. lvlivf wiv: I'I'2lIlk. klxalk, XYIM-ulcr. lhxliusky. .N1wvf11d wma' Suttvr, P1'zygm1.1, Ilunlluxx. Q, W Zdeefzfecwlew alfom Suit Wczzedtg demfeaafefza Sea! Me Pace , Liclcly, jwhnlson. mur, Lfnlmvinllclli, lu. lu, Klrwrcll. ITZIYIF .x Q Wow 90 out time and ge! 'emf See what '7 mean? 'faafkzlazg few Wcblofzg X 00,64 .7 lrlrmmrul n'mr'1l.r. fra11srr'if1l.r, Imlfvfirlx . Ill ll Hr,'nL for E. F. A. "74eq 644 Sauce" IN JANUARY, lxlr. C. I. Kittie, widely known as "Doe,'y flied of a heart attack. For eight years he had been the efficient enstocllan of our school. Previously, "Doe" had served the school svstem as gronnclskeeper of Parker Field. For sixteen years he took an active interest in football anal was helpful fur beyoncl the call of clnty. Y14 W1-Yum! nxvr n1f1Hrr.v ilu' ojfive .viujll is i11dis,ln'f1.vabIe H' 92 4' 1m.vfe.r.r lfllflf is E. F. .Alfs mzsreu "Information, plr'f1.fe.U Adelphia Sorority Albee Motors Co. Alpha Zeta Fraternity Alpert's Iewelry Store Al Todd's Liquor Store Mr. and Mrs. George P. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arnold Automatic Shoe Repair Barry's Tire QSC Service Mrs. Edna Bartlett Bern Furniture Store Blanchard Bros. Mr. and Mrs. D. Bohn Bond Paper Company Irving D. Booth Incorporated Mr. and Mrs. A. Boulas Brady Electric lnc. C. F. Brown Gt Company Miss Edna Brown Mr. and Mrs. Elwin R. Brown Buchholzer-Tailoring Mr. R. B. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Elwin L. Canis Caparullo's Gas Station Caparullo's Variety Store Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carpentier Dr. and Mrs. Angelo Cassetti Chemung Canal Trust Co. Chcmung Coal Co. Mr. and Mrs. Merton Clemons Commercial Press of Elmira, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T Connelly Corbett's Sunoco Service Crusade Bl Smith Co. Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Curvish Mrs. Rose C. Curvish Nlr. and Mrs. Harold Cuthbert Dandy Foodtown Clarence D. Davis, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Davis Dee's Iewelry Store Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeLaney Delta Sigma Chi Sorority Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph DeSouta Dixie Bar-B-Que Dounce, Drake, Secly Corporation Eastern Metal of Elmira, Inc. Eclipse Machine Division Edgcomb's Furniture Co. Elmira Arms Company Elmira Automobile Merchants Assn. Elmira Coca-Cola Bottling Works, In Elmira Drug and Chemical Co., Inc. Elmira Market Place Elmira Milk Company Elmira Savings Bank Elmira Savings 56 Loan Association Elmira Wholesale Grocers Company C. 7745-:me Chas. F. Evans Company. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flynn Friends Rudy's Greenhouse The Gorton Coy L. W. Hastings Hickman Motor Inc. Higgins Foodtown E. A. Hoffman Sl Co. Bus Horrigan Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Howland Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes Dr. Hunt Iack's Grill Mr. and Mrs. Lester Iacobs Ieanne's Grocery Chuck and Iunker Iohnson Capt. and Mrs. Charles T. Iohnston Ioy Automatics Mr. and Mrs. Charles Iupenlaz Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kane Kelly Dry Cleaner Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kingsley Lee Kinner's Barber Shop Kosmicki Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Paul Knox Lambda Sigma Fraternity Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lawton LeValley McLeod Inc. Levanduski's Dairy Lillian Schuyler Mr. and Mrs. Frank Limoncelli Lovely Dress Shop Luckenbill Motor Co. Lucy's Dairy Mr. George C. MacGreevey Mr. O. R. MacLaud Mandeville, Buck, Teeter 55 Harpending Mapes Food Market Mr. and Mrs. Leon Markson The Mark Twain Hotel Mr. and lylrs. Francis Marmas Mr. and Mrs. Iohn H. Marshall, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Martin Miss Dorothy Martin Mrs. Beth Matthews Perry 56 Maxcy F. L. May F. P. May 56 Son Dr. and Mrs. K. D. hlaynard Ambrose V. McMahon McPherson 66 Mclnerny Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Cranston Miller Dr. Earl Miller Miss Grace Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Miller M 56 M Red Hots 95 1. Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Mogros Morrells Tailors Morrison's Hobby Shop Myhalyck's Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. B. Olmstead Palls Sporting Goods Mr. and Mrs. William Palmer Peerless Dry Cleaning Co. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Petzke Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Pfilfer Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pinelli lwlr. and Mrs. Charles Pribulick Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Prudhomme Mr. and Mrs. Richard Raitt Mrs. Helen Rennie Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rhoadcs A. C. Rice Storage Corporation Dr. and Mrs. Earle G. Ridall Mr. and Mrs. Earl Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Rosenblatt Rossi's Bowling Alley Royal Dairy Ice Cream Bar L. Earl Russell Schanaker's Diner Sherwin-Williams Co. Shreibman 65 Son Iewelers I. Shulman 56 Son Co. Inc. Harry Sigel Silverman's Bargain Store Rev. Albert L. Simmonetti Socony Vacuum Oil Co. lnc. Southern Tier Glass 86 Mirror Corp. Southern Tier Roofing 65 Insulation Co Southside Sport Shop Spanish Club Spaulding Bakeries State Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Stockton Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Stone Stout Motor Co. Inc. Stylus Club I. P. Sl M. Sullivan, lnc. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sutoski Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sutter Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Teeter Theta Sigma Sorority Dr. and Mrs. B. Toomey Town Tavem Mr. and Mrs. Sam Trifoso Tyra Television 56 Appliances Varden Studios Mr. and Mrs. Iohn E. Verral Welds Pharmacy Whipple's Automotive Equipment Co. Williams Produce Co. Woolf's Florist W. 55 E. R. Young Lumber Co. Mr. and Mrs. George Zurenda Browns Boys sing the praises of others who helped make this book possible. Academy Hi-Y Alfred's Beauty Saloln Rlr. and Mrs. Harry Altman lvlrs. Leonard Anderson Anonymous Mr. anclMrs. H. H. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Augustine Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baner Mr. Frank A. Banks hir. Norman Barchet lxlrs. H. G. Barenbrugge Barrett's Service Station Miss Buzzy Bauer Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Baumgartner Mr. and Mrs. Merle Baylor Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Bcdnarchik Mr. and Mrs. Rosco C. Beebe Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bennett Mr. Harlow Bennett Billls Barber Shop Mr. and lVIrs. F. H. Blumensliine Iosepli Brennan lwlr. and Mrs. Nl. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Brinthaupt lVlr. and Mrs. Clarence M. Brobst Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brogdale Miss Elsa Brookfield Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt A. Brown VV. L. Brown Nliss Rita Brusso klr. and Mrs. Michael Cardillo Carozzals Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carpenter Mr. William Carr Central Y. M. C. A. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Chamberlain Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Christofaro Cicci Dry Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Cook Nliss Esther Cooke Elizabeth Maxy Collins lxlr. and Mrs. lack Collins Mrs. Lillian B. Connelly F. M. Cornelius Co. Mrs. Grace Crane Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Creighton Pvt. Burton Crompton Mrs. Edward F. Cuffney Mr. and Mrs. Iohn F. Cusick Cut Rate Food Market Klrs. Alice Dalsis Don Davis Davis Street Food Market Carl and Arnold Deiseroth Delta Gamma Delta Mr. and Mrs. Harry Derr Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas DeSocio Mr. and Mrs. Harry O. Deuel lwlr. and Mrs. Angelo DiRisio 94- S Attorney and Mrs. Paul M. Donos an Dream House Furniture Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Drew lwlr. Robert Duffy lvliss Irene Dunne Miss Elizabeth Eldredge Elmira Ceramic Supplies Elmira Heating Supply Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Epstein Federation Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Frank Pauline Freeman Freidman and Ryan Mr. Addison R. French Friends Mr. and Mrs. Iames R. Fusare Mrs. Gladys Greene Mr. and Mrs. Frank Groom Ioseph P. Gruslen Hample's Clothing Store Hample Equipment Store Handy Shop lVl1'. and Mrs. K. Hanlon Frank T. Harchison Harris Foodtown Hires Turner Glass Co. Mr. and Mrs. George Horton Mr. Kenneth L. Horton Mr. and Mrs. H. Hoover Mrs. Iohn Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Hudzinski Irene and lack Elias Restaurant Mrs. Helen Isbel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Iszard Mrs. Max Ierome Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Iohnson Mrs. Jessie B. Iohnston Mrs. Arthur Keller Bud Kennedy Chester H. Koniski Charles Kromer Mr. George La Duew Lambda Chi Sorority Mr. and Mrs. Charles Landon Mr. Ioseph Lapergole Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lavris Miss Nancy Levy Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Litteer Miss Betty lane Loomis Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Love Dominic A. Lucci Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Maceri Mallory's Sport Shop Mr. and Mrs. Louis Malone Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Martin Miss Mary Martin Shorty Mason Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Masone Guy May Mr. Smith May Mr. and Mrs. Iohn McCabe McCann's Variety Store Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCreight In Memoriam Mr. and Mrs. Charles Michaels Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Michalke Mr. and Mrs. Iohn A. Miles Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller Miss Kathleen Miller Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Moderhak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moffe Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Monitello ' Mr. and Mrs. Alva Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mucci Mrs. Clara Munson Nick's Westside Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Ignazio Nisco Odessa Panell's Grocery 66 Confectionary Store Mr. and Mrs. Frank O,Donnell Olson's Bakery Palm's Restaurant Palmer and Stearn's Town Cleaners Sam Palmieri Mr. and Mrs. Silas Parry Perfect Service Laundry Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petrie Mr. and Mrs. Richard Prechtl, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Prokop Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Przygoda Miss lxiarie Quigley Rathbun's Karmelkom Shop Richard's Clothes Mr. and Mrs. Low Richards Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Robinson C. Rocmmelt 55 Son Mr. Frank Rohde Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Rossi Miss Angelina Rossi Rubins Service Station Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Rundell Mrs. Thomas Sayers Schmidtls Food Market Eric Scott Miss Florence Scott Mrs. Loretta Senko Dan Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sherman 95 S Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sophia Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spindler Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Stenberg Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Stermer Steven's Moving Company Stone's Cleaners' Supplies Dr. Tracy Sturdevant Mr. and Mrs. William Swan Mrs. Grace Taylor Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Templar Thomas Machine Company Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomson Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Toomey Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Tracey Mrs. Helen S. Tracy Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tremblay Mrs. William A. Tryon Mr. and Mrs. George F. Uhl Van Atta's Grocery Van's Food Market Miss Marguerite Van Duyn Vic's Diner Mr. and Mrs. Alfred K. Vockroth Mr. and Mrs. George Vockroth Mr. Richard Vockroth Walt Smith's Mobil Station C. F. Wardwell Glass Co. Mr. Weinbein Mrs. Ruth Welsh Miss Ada B. West Mrs. Kathryn Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Leon White Dr. and Mrs. William Willits Winch's Food Nfarket Mrs. L. W. Wingert Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Wixson Mr. and Mrs. Harolld Wood Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Woyak Wurtzman's Pharmacy 7 am wit! Zan, Wmdezmg Zdwagd Wiemcnq .lame I5 ll uw 11x .mlunxxm VIYIAIIL' 1u',11'tx .xml trivlnlx xwllfm I lln wlwul .xml .xll in xsnllx, 'I'l1ynl1.11'x11 no willx ux yu. Ilm u'l1 uw-x' with mx may Nm' mn wc 4'NL'l' lmgm I'Lll1' If lp A. I'.1i1' If. In A. Uri I ,., H5 11. . , f'I1f"'?-2".FI,, . ....51-sri-gfF1g1'5, 113-1 f-3-T-1f1'...- . .- ' 'V+ T-'fFe"l'..-f' if-'vI'i"' .-TIE!-F'5.Q!'jg.T?Z'L'4i '41 7'3m"' -vf 'Y dl'-" Q I 1-1' -I1:,I 3' x 'I-,1 52- "' ,- I: 'I , fp- ' - r- nv.: .H 5:37 ff' 5 Mfg .Igg.'jl,. iljifr .. 0 'T-1-'g2:1'..f"-' -I , .- 2- 1. '--f . f- fu .fi 'w---- - 1- ' - '- . 'H'1E-...-f1..e-1-1.- . -.',Ti'2.1"'q..g-, ..'ffi'1fQ1'. .... '-- 1'l'T.:1' 1-fi . 5?-i'3' "iff:-Q -P-E" '- I' ' 'I3.'7" 'J-1 45-3-.M-2'-'4-':i1.z:.1'. jk? 2- . E5 J' .'.-- -. F -'2i?fLf"'L - 1-91" 7. ni. 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Suggestions in the Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) collection:

Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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