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 - Class of 1946

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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

Page 6, 1946 Edition, Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collectionPage 7, 1946 Edition, Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection
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Page 14, 1946 Edition, Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collectionPage 15, 1946 Edition, Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection
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Page 8, 1946 Edition, Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collectionPage 9, 1946 Edition, Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection
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.Z 25' , 1 VY Nw 2 , p g A W psig if na Lu cilfafffclf 'prim W1 5 gy 4mf b , vf f 1 . Wig M! if X aigf X . 1 X n . -4 V4 it V . M M. kx kj ,t Mg.p F , ' I Jffjfy, f'!" J L'., .c: 'I vi x X? 'F ,621 09235, Q ggi? WJ-'JP ' Q3 1 Lg .A ff W f, rwff 1 my KQQMK x ,ff 1 1 , , . fwfsw - fffgig af f , xJoEW5.'V 4' Y ,X f ' , Q-L:E:"E"' Q' x 3. ",, 11155-QQ 'ww 5: - -- F900 r A ,, ' " Ax Q l 3 w r A A ' ' A 1 - ' '- " .. I V X ,Vi - 41' I t-1, . . ' .fu -A 1 W dwg 0,5 WJ W fm., . nf fjyfg KM X , - ' ' ' - ,S qi , L+ ,1?'F IWW 4, 1 A ' Ai J LWJQ' 5 Wffpf - X, m vb V ' V9 wr Y - - l I : , 4 f -- , ,HM ww W A f l VW, WWW ' gf ' ' MN Wa! Q f i 'af U . A ' rf A. -A ' P, ' ' fir' AA' -P ' ' t- P i.?'l.,,,.gw ,Q-. fwwzifofwf , - 4 ' ' 4 , vi - E I. , V,,:i., - '--- -' ' A Y X N BL 355 QQZFL, x, f,XQ7?fQl'Qrv yr it . fi ,45"x g JAM' IU. . IA bfi Q'M""f'1j ' 1 , :N Q ei mf f r X .f I VI Af ffl, - 1 L N vi " filk . AJ! K NQ5lLIQj?5"Cnj'lg,, ,. f ' if If ' 1' 'O X - Claw' 4- ,pant 0 0 9 - ' A H' ' 6 'na X . 9.0.3 'dm 'L bhdas X4 4 fr qow Lo 6 .9 5 q K I 'U 0 , pd 5. of' ana En, H qv W PM HW, 's 5m 5 1 SE +3555 Q 2 Gin ,N , JFK, fx i 5- w .Q 6 ,rv ..1. ,ily ,.. .... .,.. .,,..,-,Nii9M-,J-QE' 4.11. , . LL..El.1:ii.f.L.Am, ......QLn.,:.L-.l.,M....1:n if fi , J I-'ga' -' f' Q, QX1 N' , In, v , XY, 1 . I x 5 , . 'if f N , if ,Liz 2 L . -' 4 f 'Y' ,776 if! flff K I, I f ni f Tw f f - of'f ',.-g' 6 ONE' jlv v ,xy A X, ix" 1 if M f f w ,,, Jw f Q f 5 7' LVM fpllu l Ll ff! ' XDXIA' XL L fx 15: J ftzmz yf VV! Nj X 1 L b X ' A ' . f" J J .,, AW, MM 1 N 1V'y'N QI X X .r'!l,2lf!' dy ,N W? Q 1 QR' 9' f GV . bk Ei fx 'IJ V X11 3 l Y L :Q 4 X, . -'W 'FNB ' 'Q :S - . wffif' X43 Y 3' ' 'iff'-X 5 ' i 5,1 A L QQ A ., tx J- Upyk.. qkxvfkjf x ,QA ,vy- ,v Q v - QW ' ffm ' WK? if M Y 52. Xxiil ima, W XV Q . 1251925 mgfggsigf a fum figgfi "Q" if Sv, ' ftxbfxbf- S Vpggyi 3 Vwx HWS yefgfj j2ff?'34if5?PAL 'ESsggZZi5555rQ N 'WW 3 5 Q23 CL, ' A fv3W5 2 73-asf x Wx-AQ I Q.,-I Qvgzcjjlw 27 A A ff f V f ,f W MQWK .L My Ywfwfiff ?5 f AP MM I A w I x , 3 J few 1 : f I n. fy JL X . W l,Y 1fP" 'gilvufvlilfdfij A 1 Y Ailfrv q'Fo'jV Q D ' K 0 WC, f 4 Q nik., :K I M 1.-Y f Vg dv4fDJuff g0ff'yiLfJ if ,ff illxjyvf' i db riff AWK 1VbvQ ' V J Q' J I If fin f ,Lf f , . 5fj ' 'f A EFNQ f 5 "X 'I N 1 L f i l :sic i k.f?CfC5" kmQjc'c,.eZ2, Foreword 'T-2'i56 -M 1 , k 3 W W lk QU mffi fflvi le' 1? J ' ' ,gl lf: W he 9 f if W oii ,h WW' , QQM if W fi Q cbl l f f I b Pl. X. v i X794 xx 5 WX H QU Vie' , My 0 i l S Ki + W JK i 0RW4lRD T0 CUNQUER NEW WORLDS ! Preseriting Atomic Archie - - the symbol of all the atomia grads of 1946 and of the new age in which we're about to try our wings. N -'4 6 48 an ww Qg,",.4Q,,'!fdf1f i M,,f,,, ,9t,-4 flfiqfm X ,i ggi ' 'aff W mf f QQ, i Zvi 4 A 1i5'?" ' 'f'f""'k 351 . '15 'Ng . Q85 'S 512 Q . M5 33523 ,1 , , 1 I , ., In Ei . -11 u Wah, ,X . ,I 4 ,1.', yi K 4 ' S f if 3 , it wa t .vs f if fgw fgfgg f f . A we 1, ' If E N 'X L'L1 5 ' Hiaifggggf 1 L ?' M lm, A , as-fy - , SEX 4 A Q' Jgk gf Q, Wi"-' ,Q .,- IX : V A. I A A W 7 K R Q , LVGQXQXVQ A QQ? fw5'q. f5zIge3Qj ' ,Q L ,, . V wwf, v 'iI+"'f?-4' ' K 'GN 4 il, F 5 4 Q ,M . fr 1 me Q f W Q' ?' gig . 5 iiuikw we-.W .asv-Q4-mm, lg E 7 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY ELMIRA, NEW YORK Cu-1'1'zfilo1'x .. Harlnara Crawford. Slamlisln Piper Business llnnagers Juycv Nliller. Rulwrt Cvsari flrf l','!ll'l0I', . Clara fVIac'Nill Plmfograplly Editor Ralph Miller .llIIIIlIgf'l' , . . Antlmny A. S1'llYN'lllilPl' Ll.I6l'Ul'-Y AdL'l'SPI' Celia ll. Hllli'lllIlSOIl slr! .4lIUl'Sf?I' . Tf'l'l'f'Hil f:Hl!lf'l'UIl D1-divuliun To Miss Wixcrll GH- And Mr. Weaver For Il'iSlllIIIl snzunf, For S-YIIIIIHIIIUY For lmpz' mul lrusl Irv gel Fur IlllIlf'l'S1flllllil1g, 1'11lvr'1'sI Inn. WP lIIl'l' -Will 110111 fl 110111. For lu'lpfulm'ss, for 3'.'flll.Ill1IIl'l? Azul lvl'S film' il' l'l?llSIlI'l' fluff lWv A'II0ll' il u'axn'l PHS-Y For IH' ll'l'ff'll.l lnriflvls Irma! Wisvlmn. .V.YIll,l!lfll9'. mul lrusl All llwsr' Illings :re look. Sn. gI'Hfl'fllllvl' lu you ll'llIJ gnw. Wi' 1l1'1fir'nI1' lllfx lhzrlk. . ,. hw mmm-KW-2 Faculty ili r1""'3 0 H0 'I' SPDT' AN ATMI lXL:L'f3B AT M 3 Jxxgy 2 lv dk wg wma XQ S I . 46 ,wp- Q+-L ef Q, 'Lv F? we O w o 0 'I Q 2 0 A J, i7J'3':J2Q gl +X Vx v' S I' 411 '1 'av .s L, ,,Y ii-ins b X QQQB, M 1 I I ai , I I I I I I . I I LETTER TO DR. HELMKAMP Dear IVlr.Il'lelmkamp: I I am rvriting to express my appreciation to you for your personal part in making: these years at the Avademy memorable ones. Your fine leadership and wise counsel in sc-hool afllairs l can never forget. I As plincipal of a large school you have a joh llelililllflillg Imoth your time and energy. et you have shown interest in us as individuals. And you have taken time to do little hings like writing "Oh, E.F.A.',, helping behind scenes with assembly pro- grams, and clashing off those comprehensive college recommendations. For the big: things ailcl the little things you have done for us in EFA.. the Class of 1946 and I wish to thank you. I Sincerely' yours, I ARCH!!-I ATOM I u I I I l l l l l To THE MEMBERS on THE SENIOR CLASS or 1946: l Despite the wail and all its attendant evils, your lot has been most fortunate. Your rights as free American citize s have been safeguarded at terrific cost in life and treasure. You have been permitted to enjoy ll the traditional advantages that our free society affords its youth. You still live in a land of libe ty, of plenty, and of opportunity. Let us hope that a long period of peace lies ahead, in which you! may make the most of yourselves, to grow in breadth of mind, in generosity of spirit, in service to your fellowmen, free of intolerance and selfish self-seeking. l For millions of oys and girls who inhabit other parts of the globe, these opportunities simply do not exist. The halrd task, merely to keep alive, to glean the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, and medicinis, consumes all their energies and precludes concern for the noble things of life. Many border onl abject despair. l These victims of war, famine, and pestilence are something more to us than items in the daily press. In the new atomic age, as never before, man cannot afford to live to himself alone. Every human instinct warnb us that we cannot "pass by on the other side". For in the long run, we shall all sink or swim togeliher. The need of the hour demands men and women of action, of reason, of faith, and of vision. We must draw fromithe wellsprings of our American heritage to make our nation strongg strong in a leadership that will bind up the wounds of a stricken world and make peace and loving- kindness a reality. l To that end y0lil have been educated. To that end may you be dedicated. The best wishes of your parents and teaphers go with you as, with high hope and courage, you enter upon the road of responsible citizenshfp. l l Sincerely yours, l l l I' . -H319 Kathryn I.. Ilzlly. A.Il. ,Ir-um'llv I'. Ile-ne-l. 'LIL Ilnr Il' XIHFIIII. A.II. How NI. Kingston. A.Il. MAE, mL.A...-.- lc. Nlillvr. xm. Q AIIH- I'. Svnlt, A.II. Ifelu II. 5ILllIl4'l'llliIIl. XI.A. Imp: Xl'-114 I. Sf-lm:-nkln-1. U'lI:.nu u. Ixnlmll. llulgnu. llnn-hin-nn. Parry Nfw-mul: 1:-umm. lhnlv. ll. Nlillvr. 124:-In--1, Spmgnw. S4-Ulu'-, IC-pm. Czulu-ron. Klvllurllnv. Hmm. Wnnu. I f1k.lIlx I'l:'r Xl:-I..mgIuI.n. ljlmllu-Ill, I.ug.un. king-lun, llrnw-n. lim:-ka. NM'-I. llunnv. Illlwn. Iiuwvn. Ix. Xlullvu. N:-hurl. illmnulu-mx. km Ilnxnm rlh: I'.uI.. II:-lulnlullunlv.'I'u4-In-I.1QaluIx.4..nIx. lIuI.I.illN. ll:-nvl. Slulltwlmlll. Small. Wivuu I FACULTY I 'WILISII Iil SINICSS Iflvanur NI. fIIl1filllIN'l'S, H5 Ilorotlly NI. IIIIIFIIIIIIIQIS, BS. Anna C. fNIzu'Imrr1wy, BS. I"'IIJ:llIl?Ilii ff. Sl-llllllfil. NI.A. NIurg:arc-I Ilnnaluw. A.II. Kiliffonl Ilanling. HS. IIQIIIILIVIII1' W. Kubutt. A.II. .Muux Nlae Iitkiml, BS. lnlm I1..4.ulgan. A.II. ul X ' ' Iiuvlle-I NI. Bmw:-n. A.I3. -,-I 4- , - N .3 lx' IIUXIIC ICKIONUINIIIIS RIzII'il1-IIE, lIIlaII'IQlzIlIlIIII'I1.I Ifnlimhuwnlimw' MA' .' .-411.05 Iolufn'-N I'AINI'l 'u'I"5 XIAIW I'lII1'lI W1r4r1II'1rI'4I. IIS 4I"I'U I- I,Ir""If5- A-Ii ,In-anm-llv II. Ih'uim'. NI.A. NI. Iivzllruw- Izspvy. A.II. Clara II. 'NIunfnn. MII. SUCIXI. S'I'lIIlIIfS I.:-nu II. I.ug1un. A.II, lfurolyn NI. BIIIQIVI. A.II. Nlurie- I". NIzu'Nunmru. A.II. I Xlurx II. Czulv. A.II. Nlurion NI1'lfurly, A.II, ff' .Iuliu I.. Collins, NIS. .. . ,. .. .' - II'-If-n W. Ifrlsnn AB. NlAIIlI'.NIAIIl.5 -" V V Hun H' Hlmlnn. BS' X In Igylu-I XI. NIlI..dlIIIQ., NIA. - .H ' Ivltlllf-1-11 II. NIIIIQ-I, IILII. I'.IIt1lIl1'IIl llvnsw-n. -LII. KU .ll Q wh VP- H A IIllIry A. IIopIiIns. A.II. ' I, Unk- I 'lm X B ' IQ' Xlurv II, Str-wurl. IIS. I' 'M V' ' Hlmdv' A ' A' I '. I I--fl'l Nvmhn. Bb. Ilzlrrn-X I. XVIXHII. A.IS.Q , , ,.4 V , H '3"'i1' N- S""'- 'I-'I' JL xf''TIOI'c'R'l'l'ffIffi'11fxiBk rx I41lIIl1ll'IIll' W. Kzllmlt. -MII. 'H " L 'A ' ' Krlllllr NIVIJIIIQIIIIIII Sl:-plwn I'roImp. NIS. NC.IIuN1.I'. IIiIIun A. tially. Bb.. I'IlII Ifmnry If. Ilom-Isun. If1I.fNI II:-I4-11 lf, Kingston, B9 Nlab It Parry. ALB ! Sl:-plwn Irukup. NIS. Anlfnmy A. Sc-Iuwm-nklvr. Wurgure-I A. 0'Cmmor. NI N IJIIIIAIIIANY l'.lnzu!n-1.1 I'.IaIrvalg14'. ILS. I-'INIC ARTS II:-ily Park. VBA. Ivrrvwu NI. I.i1lIH'l'UlI. Hb lNIJl'S'I'RIAI. ARTS ANIJ XII XIWINNI IDIVXI UN I . ' ' . 2 IIn:1uI1I .I. lflulxnln-rs An'I:nm' NI. Iffkm-s. IIS, RUM-rl .I. llurclxwr Ilan I.. 'INlIl'IU'l' Franklin fII1ul'5m-Inl Arthur AI1'I.LlllQ,IIlIIll ' 1 5'1'lIIIl'Il Il'uIiuH, IXJIIIUI' I. Vc'I.u1'lv. IIE. -U I,'PHLlIfI lc. wunf-. B In.-'. I'IIVSllf.Al. ICIll'4I'X'I'lUN xIllI'gllll'l'IIl' Yun IIuv"e- Xl X Vufimx SlH'ilg1lI". H fIIiYf'r XI4'Y1'l'. IIS. .N A"I"u!lX I'm'IauIIx' II5. Q Y' To Miss iVI3CN3IIl3l'H and Mr. Prokop goes our deepest appreciation for the untiring assist- anve and steady guidanve they have given the utomic class of 1946. Nliss XiAIllH NIA1:NulAnA. NIH. STI-IPIIIQN Picon: I' Torch Advisers 2. iq X ri 9 ' . I T I .z 1 'P - i 1 X f y v"' W N ' -. i ,As i.,.. M W Qi Miss C-xMi:noN MR. ScHwExKLi1n Mm, lllrfgmygoy Thank you. Mr. Sm-hwenkler. Mrs. Hutchinson. and Miss Cameron for your wise counsel and infinite patience- in helping lo make our Torch a true revord of this atomic year-1946. .Z v t R. CADY With alt-vp:-sl rvfpml uml mlmiratimn thif pagv of tht H10 101111 ns mlvcllvuta-cl to N111 Dillon Luth. Nh: Luth has lilllpllll Ihr ttlirly-se-vt-ll ye-uns in tht- l':lllliI'2l Frm- !Xt'z1ch'l11yAfflt1v longvst periml nt' svl'vir'n' gixcn Ivy any mule lt'1l4'Itl'l'. :Xa In-ufl of tht- S1'il'Ilt'l' lll'llill'llllQ'lll willl'Q' l'JIfv. he- has lwlpt-el lllUllSillllIS nl' stlule-nts tu pass through tht- lmrtul ut' tht- Al'Zllll'IIlY with at vzalllzlhh' kllmxlwlgv ut the Sl'it'lllinl' unrlcl. Hx- hilnsvlf has tlillgvlltly il1st1'lu'lv1l vlassvs in tht- highly iIll1'l'l'SlillQl and llM'f.llISl'il'llK'Q'0t'll'lySi1'S. , Rf' f g, 2Zf,Z6wz C-Q47 Qfa- ln zuhlititm to his illSlI'lll'liNt' post. he ha In-Id tlw IPUSIIIOII ut X ll't'-l,l'1ll1'lliill 1155151 ing huth Hr. Plll'k0I' :xml Ur, tlc-lrnkulnp Mr. lfmly has gzlilwsl our rvspc-vt and out :lite-climl. H0 has lN't'Il un intvgrul part nt our lift- all tht- Avzulvlm. Thus it is with rvgrvt that nv learn that this ftxill' is Nh Laulv s lust nl l'..l'..'X. Nvxt full ha- null lwsrm il NPN-l'ilI'Ilt'4I I't'lil'l'Illt'lll. NX v. tht- iuvully uml slmlvllts. XXISII lu thunk Mr. llmly for tht- faithful Hl'l'Yil'Q' uml lliltlvllt h-mls-l'slllp he' has QLIXUII to l',.l'.'X XX ilh him as hc' In-axes ft-html this Junta gn nur SIll1'l'l't'Fl XKlSht'Sf1ll'lltb gmul ht-ulth mul IlilllIlill1'SF in tht- futurv. Seniors ' V 1 G g 4. 'I' ' I, ,M V52 N is X f Q N f I km , ,,.,.. . h li2l:j,i" , ,Q '4 I an .SE Y LJ 0 Q 1 J ll' Q1 -a. X1 'Ui' lllAIKHAllA tlmnm. Wit.1.t.-ni hlIlfllAl.KU: BARBARA 1InAwi'm:n. Rir.ii.Aim linnnip limit lIt.xssM.-x'1't:s: lmuping aitutnsl lirznltmtimi alrvzuly: it harflly svmns possilmlv. lor just four shurt yvurs ago we :-nt4'rt-il l'1l"A in seurvli nl u high st-lmnl e-cluvation. Now we lime arrivetl at that ntfvasiuii when wc are luuns-lnwl out into tht- wnrlfl tn sink or switn. For us it is il wnrltl hurstingl with pnlitivul intrigue. ecu- nomif' strife: and rlvivntihc mliscoxeries. However. with utmost self-Coiifitlvtivc wo shall clnlvztvnr to slit'- r-vc-tl in this ntighlh lush lwlvnn- us. Un mnr lu-lnltlf l mint to thunk llr. Ht-lmkamp for his siinw-rv and nnfuiling aicl. Miss Nlilt'lX1lIIllll'2l and Nlr. l'rnknp fur thi-ir gvnuinv intt-ri-st anfl gtticlaiive. ztnrl the rvst ul tha- llil1'lIlly fm' ulun thi-y linu- clunm- for tts. lml us nut lnrggvt tht- clvhl nf Qfilllllllli' wt- wwf- nur purvnts. Withmlt thvir lming vurv :Intl stu-i'ilirt-. this gmdtuttinn wnultl not ht' pnssililc. I slmnhl liki- ln tukv this in-vusitni tu wish 4-an-lt ul' you sum-vess and liuppinr-ss in all ynnr tnnlvrtukings. Siiirmfii-ly yours. Rtczn uni Rnnnl-2 I amlcfiag On that September morn of 1042 the rain lashed down, but it could not dash our joy in being freshmen. Rain or shine we had at last entered the sacred portals of high school. Our first day was one of meandering marches, haughty looks from upper classmen. new acquaintances. and initiation into the whys and wherefores of schedules. absenteeism, and detained slips. During the hectic days that followed we grew used to the bustle and managed to elect John Marks. president: Jean Sullivan. vice- president: Beverly Siegal, secretaryg Allyn Hoffman, treasurer. With this quartet in the driveris seat we made history by holding a Freshman Dance-the first in many a moon. By June the green- ness had worn off a little. and we began to feel like vets. Sophomore year. we must admit. was the most melancholy year of our stay at l'i.l7.A. We devoted our hours to study and books- a dance. what's that? Not even the whole-hearted efforts of James Maynard as president, Theresa Ford as vice president. Marjorie Williams as secretary. and Ray Cicconi as treasurer could arouse us out of our reverie. ln our junior year the old hre came back! We surged ahead under the adroit leadership of John Casson. president: Barbara Evans. vice-presidentg Mary Thomas. recording secretaryg Beverly Siegal. corresponding secretary: and Charles Sullivan. treasurer. Fun and frolic were the order of the day as the coins rolled in at our "Snowball Shufllef' ln early lVlay came the long-awaited event -Junior Day. The school saw red and white as we stepped proudly down the aisle in our dazzling finery. At night we gaily tripped the light fantastic at our Junior Prom. A whirlwind political campaign began our final year at E.l7.A. ln a close election we chose Richard Rohde as our chief executive: Barbara Crawford. vice-president: Barbara Garvey, scribe: and William Nlichalko. treasurer. We got off to a flying start with the "Shivaroo Swirlw under the chairmanship of Janet Stemerman and Robert Cesari. Swing your partner to and fro! Next on the docket came a skating party at Grotto managed by Barbara Beecher and Robert Shaffer. All the worldis a stage or it was that May night when the Senior Class presented "The Life of the Partyv to an enthusiastic public. For the record. we received only applause-no vegetables of any description. 'Wlho would have thought that we had another Bank- head and Peck in Flo Ann Avery and Richard Rohde. the stars? lVlr. Colgan deserves highest praise for proving that there's talent in this har class. How we relished Senior Day when we paraded in blue and white! The honor list was announced and there were yearbooks to sign! Weill never feel so movie-starrish again as when the fresh- men threw yearbooks at us right and left. The Senior Banquet with the traditional will and prophecy climaxed this day of days. Now comes the time to say good-by to all we've known and loved these past four years. As we go our individual paths we cannot help thinking of E.F'.A. The days we spent here are etched forever in our memories. 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HE'l"I'Y llllililli G1-orgy' xviiilllllgllllll 1f'1'11sl1'l' 1111s 11lI't'l' 1111114 11ror11.S lo 111's1'ri111' lfclly--s1'1'1'111', s1111gl1i111'. 111111 x11g111'i1111s. 421111-Ullllrl. 2. 3. li0lll'lR'l' DICKINSON llvmly AVt'lllIf' Slopf 1111117 1'11t 111111 lre1'.' If 111111 3111111111 1'1'1'r s1'11.' Hix 111111 i11 life is 111 111' ll rarzgvrg That he'11 f11i1 there is no 111111g1'r. lli-Y 1.2.3. XXX DIY ENN' SI. l,Llll'l4'li-S C1ll1l'l1' 11.9 1ig11t111'11g 1ll 1111' gvm. Triggw'-s11111p in hunter- Dir is 11111 of Ferre 111111 rim, .4111'11x'.'e in Il 1'Ill11C'l'. C.:K.A. 2. 3, 4g 5111111-nlCo11n1'il 1. 23 Agora. Nlassluu-rs. vllUI'Fll lllIFll1l'FQ Stuff. l SllQ'l'!i. fflull -1-. IURIMINIC IJONIBHOSKI Cf-orgc' WaNl1i11f1lo11 "Sho is so guy, so Very guy, 511111 1111! 115' filx 111111 xlurfx. l'lUI't'I'l'V', lllfllllgh 1'Ill',I 1i1'1'-1o11g 11!IVV. 5110.8 s11ns11i111' to 1111 h1'11rt.S." Vw'll.l.l1XNl DONAHUE llcorgc' xl. llixvll .11 lorer of sporls 111111 II 1:01111 spar! 11111, His grin tells 1111 1,1111 11435 11111'1'r b1111'. Footlnall 4: lnt. Baskellxall 1: Ili- Y l: lnl.5oftl1ull 3. W, 1 - A-1. -:-n 'F ., .ff 1 1 gy . 1. Wa 41' A ,Y .5 ,S THOMAS DRAKE l,1'llHli. Avvnuv Smooth looks 111111 ll 5111111 f1IlllCt?lA, To II I7ll11l16'I1.X 1lI'l1.Vt'I'. hffs Ihe !lllSIl'f'I'. lnl. Basketball l. 2. 3. -1. WINFIELD DRAKE l'11rl1-y lIolmrn SkAVSt'l'!I116l' hS!IlII1j'H is fl born 11'11111'rg To IIIGIISUFC his flllllf' 11'e'11 1191211 ll meter. Int. Basketball 2. 4. JAMES Ill NIAI' l'a1'l1-3 flolnurn "Thy l77II11l'S1j".Y ll 1'111111l1' lo thy llIf'l'11.ll l'l11g:i116el'il1g1 Club. CARI. EDUY Gvorggc' xyklilllllgllllll ,4c1:e11t 1111 11111 . . . 11110-111110 . . 111e1'h1111i1'111 bon! . . . "W'11111111 ship. f1'111111's?', l,UlS ANN l'll,lW'NRllS llm-mly ,'xVt'HlIi' .11 f11i1'y-f11l1' 11111'1'11 she mighl 111' With lwr .S!'l'l'IIlf look 111111 gl't'f'lI-lllllt' eyes. 11111 Lois is sI1'11'I1y i11 l111' gr11o1'e A1111 from 111111ghli111'xs, IIl'l't'I' slzivs. llrlilSKlllFI'S lg Tri-Y l. 2. fi: Vimlvx 3. 4g Torch Busim-ss Ftaffg llslu-rs' lllllll 1 IJOIIIS IiNCl.lill'l' Tllomas K. Ig1'l'l'll!'l' Doris is Ollf gay so11gbir11 Want ll song? just say 1116 11'or11. llsl1ers"1g Tri-Y lg Choir l. 2.3.'1g f1l1'CCllllT l. 2. 11. 22 I-if I swvm IHITKINIJ I 'I'll1npas K. IIl'l'l'IIl'IA 'tfft' tlml llIIl'SliUIll'f1l inl11'h slmll l1'11rn much. I 'l'ri-Y 2. 3. LI: Yin1l1-x II. 2, 3: Aguru 'I I' lv'Ilf'l", f'IuI1 LI f' I f ,. 'I I n K , I , . I ,f 4. ,. , 'IL 1 l1A ANY . , 'l I vPnu1- Uj ' ily s ' lms 1 N' u I1' 'IHII " fy V111 ' u sro 1" ' llll 7' uli 'IPI' 1' iq I 'r 'll'll-V .h1"s 'vi' pon . , ' ,l4'l'5 I: 'I1nr1'Il I rfnvss SIHIIIQ .IIIHIPIII IIUIIIIFII '12 Q 'i1'1--I'r1-sizlc-nt .Iuniur Class. . I lx.-xsll.i:w'.fxNYK ' 1 I'IlIla1IfwIphia. I'a. "I irgf' . . . llt'l4lIl'flllIl ,zwml hunmr . . . IIIIVIIIIIS l'lljIIl1l:l!'fIqS . . , aialflllvs in I'ill'lIl . . . 1lil'llll1llll.' Int. Ilaskvllmll I. 2. 3: I'1v0lIvuII I. 2: Inl,S11I'llmulI I. 2. . I I IJUNAl.DIf'l-lI.IX I SIHIK' If1vII1-gv. Pa. 'Tis his lll'!lll'l. Hwy srlyf 'l'll1lI rrzlllws him A'll0l1Il III f'f.I"..4. EI.I.I'IN FELIX 5 Slug- C1rII1'gL1'. Pa. ll1'r h1'Ill'l.S in llnlfx'11l1m1l. llvr nus1' is in u luwlnf llrr ours ulzsnrlxing GlIIXl1Il'ill - ,'Ill uf "KiI'1" l'tlll'S rlglnulf. I'AI I. IFUIIIJ ' ,IIIlllll?i1S K. IIl'l'l'Ill'l' Tin' original fll'I'S0lllIlI.l-I' ifi1l . . . IIIISIIIIIH . . . I-RlIl'A'j'-I . . . ll l't'Illlj' grin . . . lmrrl lI'lH'A'IIlkY . . . lfnighl- lltlllll in its fl11l1'1'r." ' Inl. IIusk1'!I1aII I. 3. -Ig Ilnxingr I. 21 XvvI'l'5IIIllg I3 F1mlInaIIj 2. 3. II: Slu- 1Il'llI Ifnunvil I. 2. 3. 'I I'IIl'1'LlS. 3. I,l'1'N. 'I-I. I Y ., X 5 IQ 1-E Ki' il . Ii 'ffiig' ,,1, hx ,., 1 5: .4 TIIERESA FORD St. Patrick! Slcelr . . . sprlrlfling gray eyes . . . rlvnmn 11r1'1'1'r . . . Kufherine Hep- burnislz .. . what Ziegfelrl missed . . . po pul 11r. SIIHIPIII lfounvil 2: Yi1'e'-I'r1-siflc-nt S1vpll1un1ure Class, 'Q , 4 it 1 Lf' . RA ' ERIIIK wrf' fuslxi gum Hn' 'V refrv. n , mf iv, rnu T11 1' Lmr uh' 011 li rrriy , zruuv Sl'h!llIl.I ' ' 1nQIx usiness Staff: llhef. 4.' 1 . if f ROBERT FREEMAN Watkins Glen. IN. H. As for my 1if1' l'1f1' lwm' it Wilh fair vorzlent 111111 rrwlil It says 'mlrz' lhis.' I lake it. S11-vs. 'LPIIUKZI and 1 forsfzlrz' il." A N N ETTE FR ICK fIt'lll'Q1l' Washington "Tl1ir11' vycs ure springs In lrlmsv servm' A1111 silvnf irnlers llt'Il1'l'I1 is sewn." Vinalex I. 2. 4: ICI!-fIIl'l'lIIiiIIlYll Mgr. 3. 4 I: T1rr1'I1 BIISIIIPSS Staff. BARBARA FRISBI E 'IIIIUIIIHS K. H1-1-1'I11-r I'Iil1Il'f'l'X in l11'1' hair. .4 quid frivrrrlly air. 0flll'l'l-I' and neat Tfmfs Hrirffs I11IIlll't"f lmnl 11: heat. II'l-I 2. .Il lshvrs I.IuI1 I. IJUNIINIKI FIIOSOIMNIC Sl. XnlI11my'f l.if1' In him is just ll lurlr: lflll f'I'f'I1 so h1"ll Nllllfl' his mrzrlf. I11l.II1lrIwlImII I. 2:1251-1-lilulul. 1 i i .IOIIN F1f1.1,El: St. Peter and Paul? "What though the night miay come too soon ? There's still a month of afternoon." THENESA l-'llNDUHUI.IC. SI. Casimir 5 Ill lflesserl u'ith temper 10,1058 unelourletl ray lfun make tomorrow rheerful as tozlay. B.-XRBMCA ELLEN GARVEY SI. Patrick? Barlfs smile is hundred-watt-it's her heart of golrl shining through. Agora 2. 3, 4g Ushers 4 fVice-Presj 3 Yimlex 23 Torch Business Staffg Se-eretary Senior Classg D. A.R. Award. GLORIA CABVIN Thomas K. Beecher niltrays jumping, on the goi She has nn time for useless noe. NIARY JUAN CIBBS George Washington Hipf Hip., Hoorayl llere vornes "Gibby" with a cheer and a gag To loss our tray. lihf-erh-uiler 3. 1 ilieail Cheerleacler 115 Ushers 4g Torch Business Staff. 'NIARl?ARE'I' GOWDY . George Viiashinglon llulnbling orer u'ith energy aurl pep l'eggy's u gal Il'lIU.S alteays hepf Torx-h Business Staff: Ushers 1. RILLA GRAVES Hemly Avenue With a disposition ever sunny Life to her is altcays funny. Tri-Y lg Torch Art Staff 43 Student Council 4. JOHN GRAY George Washington Life's a jest and all things shou' it. I thought so onee and nou' I know it. lm. Basket hail 1. GEHTRUDE GREBLESKI St. Casimir! Serene, mild but oh-so knowing is K'Gert'!. She possesses a ealmness of manner and sweetness of personality' pleasing to all. ROBERT GRIFFITH llenmly ,Qeuue ,, y his murals 1 o nm. ol ev Vir i hi u ei f lll ll6 1. 2, 3, 4. qi-1-'6 DOROTHY CUTTERMAN Thomas K. Beecher "Darlin, Dotty" has a sperial smile for rhasing gloom, Anil a passion for Taboo perfume, She's tops in humor anrl everything funny, Anil has a nature thafs forever sunny. Ushers 4. RICHARD I-IAIG George Washington Prosperity may spoil me Anil all my fares enhanee But Oh! ,lust semi some eoin my ieayg I think l"ll take a rhanre. Tm. Baskelhall 2. 3. 41. D'7lL. -'EI 23 24 NI XIII I.0l IIARIIIS 'I'Imnrus K. II1'4'K'Ill'l' Uh. slighl .Illlf-V l,nu I In lII'Sl hlllllfll In 'mu l"nr llI'l' :ml llllll lllllllflll-llllllf' xpiril: I l'I xlu' ix. in lllllliliun l"llll of .lun mul nmxl k"llil'll'l1I. IIIN' I:IlIIm I. 22 I NIIUIS IlUI.HliIiS IIANIUN H 1.4-nrgv V941-Ilnlgllm "Sf IIIVIIVH' lll'pl'nfll1la1l' lin! ljllll'l llllll llvmurl: Sulrlvulw l'UIlIllll'llllIIllll' 7'l1r1l'.s Il1IlllI'l'S, ll'l'.l'f' 'Slll'l'.u INIIHIPIII I.tllllll'II .51 lg-Iwrf I. IIQINIIN IIICSS l,l-nrgv Wudlillgrlml "Ql1il'l11f'.w.s llml lmr. I .Sll'l'I'l rnul. Ifllllll lrlliflr all lrullllllx l'il'll11'x .xlmnlf l.Is-lf f.IuIn I. 2: ISIIGIS l.IuIr -I. I IiI11IlKIiIlIIII.l, 'I'I1nn1us K. lil-1-l'I1l-r "Ifl',u wurlls l'llll lu' Illll'ft'll by any mlm. ' Yllll' plrlixl'l1'ur'IlH' nm' ll1ll'X ull lil' run." I'IlIQ1Illf'l'I'IllL1IIIIIIIII. AIIIN lllllfl-'NIAN 1 Ill-m'gv Waslnillgzllm Tlnfx 1l'll-Illrlrrlllvl jIIlll.Wl1'l' has lm! Il ll'Ul'lvI' 'lull linlls nn FUIIMIII 'ln l'I'l'l' hurry. I"uolIvz1II 2. II. I1 Inl.' IIusIv'II1uII I. ZZ. I: Inl. SuIlIrzlII 3,11 Wra-stlillg I. 2: SIIHIYIII ffuunl'iI I. 2: 'I're-uw nr:-r I"l'Q'NIllll1lll Illu-ff SIIIIILIIC IIURTUN 1 C:-:u',uv XI. Dive-n "I,i,z:llI IIN ll lll'llI'l llzllfx frm' of l'llrl' l,i,2l1l us Il Irrxa nf IHIIFIIIIL' lllllf.-I I S I . .4 , If I " 1 4 6 fx 4 I -Q fu' X Af lf? A is 'K iilnl xik " '-'JJ' - ,nl-, I. ,gy-'I , ' 111' .tx 3. - -., w"I"' ' 32: .xg -V. . I w 4-1- 1. Ziff ' ' - vm.: f .IANIICS IIOY 'I'Iunnas K. II:-I-4-In-r llll.YlIvllll lun' lrilh hull' in lie' TIIUFUIS llorlllly Irislllrnz in FYOIII' lim. ll XX XIONII Ill IIIIICS Sl, I'a!ril'k1 lf'l1l'n rm llirplllnl' lIll.'iSt'N His Il lll1lllSllIIIl miles jrnnz l'll1.ssl'.s5 Hu! lll Iinwx lil' lllIIllN on gfllllllll To xqnirl' ilu' lnvrll ft'lIlS llmulzll. 'l'IlUXl,-XF.IICSSIlIK I 4 u .- N. I.2ihllIllI'r I fvvl sirlf 1011011 Il1l'rl"x Il'1ll'A' lint lm! juz: llllll sllwp I Ill'l't'l' xllirlr, Inl. Buskelluull I. 3. IJOY:XI.II .IUIINSUN 'I'lmumlu. I'a. Un ilu' .vlllge ur in ilu' l'lllS5 "lI11ll'l1" lllIl'll-YS is ll l'lnll'n Tln' grin lil' lzllx Alllll' lllll ul' lam Ilwill llmsl' l'I'l'l'j' fru1l'r1. Ulm- IIIIIII I: ffhuir I, 22.3.-11 Uvll-I I: I-I.II.S. IIHINI 2: 'I'lbl'l'Il Lila-rary SmfI': Inl. Iiuskl-lIvaII 2: Wrf-slIing I. 2, ICl.Sl IC .IOI I 'NISON Gall-llm. I'u. "P1'11llf0l'f'll" Elsil' rllslx flfsl41'l1l1Iff1,L' gl1IlIl'f'i flllll in Ihis IITIVY all nl nx slzu' l'l1lrlll1l'l's. nuxAnwH1JoxHs W In-urgv II ualunghm Wlm lmx llrI1'.stil' Inlvur gllltlfflj tlllll llpplivx it in m1ls1'l'. rlnllzl-.v lllllI'IIl.Y Hllll murlf? If'lw'x lflllllfll rn all IIS ll "4-url' llixlf' 7'l1f'r'l"x ills! one llIlSll'1'l'. IHIIIS- llfw "Tisl1."' ISIN-xx I: 'IIlYl'l'II Xrl 5IaII. NIQXIIY .ll l'lfNl.AZ C1-111'g1- Yvililtillgltnll ll1'111'11111 I1 IIIIISAA of 11111'11111'a1'11 l.'1'l1'.wI1111 .0115 Il! 11'ix1111111 1111r11. Ngnra 2, 3. 4: Tri-Y 1. 2. 3, 4: Ush- 1-rf 1: Yimle-x fig Vlx0l'Cll I.itv1'a1'y Stuff. Xl.0XSIl 5 KANIAS St. Cusirllifs ".-1 11i1 11,1 111111.v1'11s1' l10Il' 111711 111l'Il lx r1'li.w111'11 Il-1' 11111 111151 nf 1111'11.'A llllramllral Baskvthall 1. 2. 3. 1. BE'I"l'Ff KIEICHCR Tl111111aQ K. B1'1'1'l11'1' lll'l't'.3 111 II11' gal 11'ir11 1119 1101111 111111 s111i11'. T11111 IIIIIATS I111' 1111111111' uf 1if1' 11'111'l1111'11i11'. Fiowling: 2: lslwrs 1: Student l.1111111'1l vl. XINIQINIA KICNNRIJY 'I'h111nus K. H111-1'ln-1' I.1111g1'11i111 111 11ir. A SVHIVIP S11 r11r1'4 1.'1111r111'I1'ri:1'x 1'1l',QllItII .-1 111.vx 511 fill-f. .NIFIKICIJ Klilll llll St. I,2llI'il'k.S x1 1111111 I 111111 I11 llf' 1,1 x1'1111111 11111'x11't finixlz lIIQ'. lnt,S11flImz1II3. lil GICNIC l.l1ISl.lt-IKILKIER St. PLlll'i1'k.S "Tlll'I'4'1S f11.w'i1111ti1111 i11 his t'!'l'j' 110111.- Wrvstling 3: 'l'11r1-I1 Literary Staff. ,ga Srl'Hl'ItliN KISTLER 111111111 AYt'llIIl "G11o1l-T1'111p1'1' 1ri11111p111'1l ill 111.: f111'1' .-11111 i11 his 11t'!Il'1 11Q'fUllIl11 fl ll1llI't' 1"111' 1111 I111' 1'1'ri11g 11111111111 1'111'1'." 51tIllt'lll f.1111n1'1l 2: H1-Y 2. 3 151-12- 'l'1'eaS. 31 I 'l'11r1'l1 l.tIl'l'Zlt'y Stuff. IlIfI.l'fN Kl'I"l'l,l'l l.1'11rgv Nl. DIXVII "l1',111'1j1'. 11'I il l'11Il 1111'11,1'.' l,i1'P ll 1ijP. 111111 1i1'1' il g11,1' " JOHN KOLXNAIIII f1l'llt'gl' Wufllillgtwn I 111111 si1'1.' 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Wre-stling l: Choir 3. 43 Boy's Ulf-P fIlul14g Yimlt-x 1, 2. 3. 4 lffollvction Mgr. 3. 4t: Proscr-nium 3, N4 lSec.- Trf-as. 4lg Masqlwrs 3. 45 Torch Businvss Stall. PHILOMINA LUCY St. Anthony's "Of all the things of life worlhtrhilv The greatest one is just a smile." Tri-Y I. 2. . , I . ' N .C cl r '. e 'c tri in with lent' alore. wi 1 2' II h wdhrill r. V' f- . uh , .l ' . V CILARN MACINITT Cf-org? Washington llcr gay little .sketches That are gold to treasure Rt-flee-t the sparkle and trit Shi' has in full rrzensurv. Stylus lg Cinetna Cluh 1. 23 Torch Art Editor. CHM Ili Xl.'XlJDEI.lSNA St. Anthony's "So from this glittering trorltl with ull its fashion. l.vt mf' lutrc uistloni. Beauty. n'istlom anrl passion." l sltvrs 1. NURNIA NlAl.I.l'I'l"l'E George Washington 'Slwt us gaily tread the measure lllalrt' the nmst of fleeting 1IlPIYSl1fl'.,, flint-ma l. RONALD MALLETTE George Washington '4Ronnie" . . . fancy skater . . . a pal to all . . . checheretl mackinaws . . . tlevil-may-Care . . . a born boxer. Boxing 2. 3, 4. THOMAS MAHGEIT St. C3SllIIlI'.S For ll lorlr of his hair The girls all clamorg With that sportsmarfs air He's got glamour. Footlrall 1, 2, 3, 45 lnt. Basketball 1. 2. 3g Varsity Basketball 4g Boxing 1. 25 lnt. Softball l. Z. 3, 4. SUZETTE MARCHAFF St. Patrir'k's Wistful eyes, a sudden smiley Laughter plus brains to heguile- thafs Snzette. l, she-rs 4. Rl TH MARKOWITZ George Washington She tcent au'ay, "The Tirnirl Saul" Anil oh. what she zlitl learnf The strains ufere tvaiting by thu score For "Ronnie', to return. Cin:-ma l, 2g Stylus I. 2. JOSEPHINE MATERA Gr-urge Washington "Why this is as it shoultl beg here In my true rvalm. amidst bright eyes antl fares Happy and fair! Hvrv sorrou' rannot rea1'h." illasqtwrs 4. 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III1lII'flI'I' II. l'fYI"I'IfIISfIN SI. .'M1lI11111y's "1 1111111111 l11111111g 111' ,Y1'Ill'll.Y 111 111'. I11 llrix llllll 1ll 1111' 11111 1111! 111' 111 x1'11. IIi1'lI.'XIII1I'.XlI. In '1-5 1.111 1' 11155 5111711 11111 l,111'1'1'-I 711-,Y 11'111 11' 111'1'1.g -1 1ll'1K,LflI1 .w11111111,u 1111l11'l' IIIII' lllllll 1I'I' 111111111 114 '. . LNQ' 1 . N'I.XIIli 'I ' . mc., . N11 111'fg11' ix 11111 x'1" 'l. 'Q I lx-' X it l'I111 .I1f11'1'1' I11 11.s1'1'1111. 11 1,Il'll'-S .v111111'111 Ang 11'11111111'11111' 1141! 1111! 111 11111 1-1:11. Ximh-x I. I: 'I'111'1"1 IIlI--IlIl'N- SIIIII-I IIIlt'l'I'I1'1llIt'I' I. IiI.IZABIi'l'II PEIISUNII S l1I'!lI'gI' XVQSIIIIIQIIUII 1111114 x1r1111ge to see 10151111111 A II 11 111'11111y 1'11111111'11e'11.' Lf: is ll 111111 111111 I7Ifl1il'S 11p 111-r 11111111. Student Council 4. I1-111. .Xu-111111 N I 1311111711 , 6 - 1 111' 'I l'Sf1II11I' ey 111" 11' 111111p11'. 1' 1111" . 1 11111111 1 1 111111111 A1 - - 1111. ' ' .-1 ir .1 - 11 13N1' ue ' .Zg ' 'r-lI1uIl 3. slwrw . mines 'Kuff I. 1 '11 SIIANIJISII 121111311 Cvurgf- XVUSIIIIIQIIIIII S1lll1l11S1I, 11111 S1lll1t'II1. 1111s ll 111111: 1'1111ge of t111untx I11 11111111e11111l11-s 111111 s1'i1'111'1' 111111 1'11u11111111.v 111 1111111n1'1': Hix sharp I1'1-1 llllfl IIIAAY 111111111r 11111111 111' ll'l111l1g1'V 1111115 111111165 111111 II 111115111111 111-'light 111 his f1'ic'1111x. C11-E1Iitor Tora-Im. MARILYN Pl'I'lIIIliR IIc'n1Iy .Mclluc T119 girls 1:11:11 111 f'111'-Y: Thv 11015 111011 in lIII'l' fill polite, prully "1'1'I1'11" W1111's so q11i1'11 1111 1111' 11l'!lll'. 5111111-nl ff11unr'il I: ILA.,-X. -I: Ihnw- I1uII 4: Vinalvx I. 1I: XILISQIIIUTS Ig T11r1'I1 Bnnsim-as Staff. AIITIII R PITTS II1-111I3 ,Me-111111 1'11:' gm' 1111111e' 111 C1'11l!11. 111 1l'II't' 11111 is 1115 11111Jl11. I'-wkullr-1II I .1 - L . l.!,I:fXNUII PIIALI. H C,c111'g1- XNu4I11ng11111 Shi' 1:11"s1'.v 111 11111191111 nj 1111111 T11 111 III '1' 1'11f1s 111:11 11111111 IIQIIIII U1 111':'.':1.1' 1111 11"1'11s 111' 1111111' 111 1111 11r'11'1111 111:' I 1II11l'.X' 11111111 XIus1111f'1s I. 2. 3: SIIHIVIII If11l11n'1I 2: lsI1v1'r I: Ulm- lfluln 3: 'I'111'1'I1 . . . . 7 I,1I.11111aI 4111 I: X1111Ir'x I. L. II. I: 1Ass. Amlv. fNIg1'. 2. Adv. Nlgr. 3. -11: I 1 1g1:11fx1,11 111111112 I U1-olgv Wa1fI1i11g11111 "ln nzaslrs lIIllI'll,Lll'fIllS mul uusl4'rz'. Thr' ,1 mrs gn lzy in xinglv lilv. H111 nunz' hrlx n1f'ri1mf my fvl'llf. .-lull lllflll' lmx quife' r'Sr'11pe'1l my Slllllf... 1.11. 1111111111111 1. 2.51: I'14HIlll2lH 1: 5111111-nl f:0lIlll'iI lg fl'11rc'l1 H114111--N Stull. XIAIKY PIIUKO 'I'IIOillils K. H1-1-cl1v1' l'l'op1'llnr..xlmrp il1lf'Hlg:4'11r1'. ill ull .slw rlrwx, II Zl'l1iL', P lflml ll jl'ic'l11lly. ?Illt'I't'SlllIg gal lllls rlrflrrll RlI.Y.SlAlll' ixl Slylu, lg Agora 2: Nimle-x ll 11.11. 2. g S.-XI.I.N 111411111111 A . A i N. I,illI'Il'lx - SllllIlll0l'L'N Illllllllfll urs l1l'f llfllll ll"ill1 guy mul fr1'1'r1rlly lfarzlcrx. -lull .1l4'x'1'1'11l1fl rnlur: Sl',Il'llll'.S Slwlrll fllvulzzx llml 'yrixlf' mflrvx. Ximlvx I: 'l'm'a'l1 l.itQ-rury Fluff. F 1 .I -X Xlhh H laN Nl'.I,l.5l N1Yl'XXillk, 101111. 7Allt'll' is lIlll.Nl1' in lzif wry lIr'lll'l.' U1'll'I I1 1:IlIDiI'2.lH I1 Buy-' film' f'l11l1 I. S-Kl.l.X RICIIDY fhl'UI'QQ' Xl, H111-11 lxixx ma' fully. 1 llug ma' Illlflllj l,iI1' lllflllllll mu. 1 lx lllllllllly ll'0l'l,l. Nlumln-nl l.lllllli'iI 2. 3. 1 'xiw' l'l'I'-' :Je-111 -1 I: lf..N.A, -1: l-In-1-F I: IllI'f'!l H11-i114'u Stuff. Q XYlNlI"Rlfll IHIIIJYI Q Sl. l,.lllll'k.' vl'l'l'l' I111111. nw rr' lulslv '1llI'IlYX ln' in ,gnml lrlwlv. lslu-rs 1: HIIMIIIIQI I.. I I 3253+ ,ffl X - 2 --.- I .1 12"-:S ' ' :rg-Q" I ....,,,, . W gs: 'luv s if 4..- 'Y' IMNIEI. Rl-QSAVAGI-I Sl. lIu5i111i1"f Sonw may be nu! so xnmll l,rmlr more like Il man lin! 14-11011 if'.s flrlloll 1f1'1l1 u lrull W0 all lnel nn Ilan. l11l. Basketball I. 2, 33 Yursily Bas. ketlrull -Lg liuxing: 2. 31 l11l. Sulllnall I. 2, 3. -UI!-ll l':l.lNl'1 111111.-111125 llvmly AYl'llll1' Rare' wnn1puu111l uf IIllXI'l1if',l. jmlir. aml fun. If lm re'lixl1v1l Il jnlff- uml rc'julf"1l in u pun. .'x,LKIH'll 2. 3: Uslwrs Club 4: 'l'1'i-X . . ' g f:llt'Q'l'- lvaulvl' 3. -I. IIN INC HIFNIJI-I 'l'IlUlll'l K ll K 5 . l'Q'1'llI'l' "Win-11 lluly .sullluls lzvr lmlllq' rrp Say IIt'l.3t'l' that I shlrlrg ll ix11'1 lrzziuesx ul all llul rm allergy' Io 11'nrk.A' llll. Hu-kvllmalll 1. 2. 3.1. Illfl.l'N lIlI'l,l-IY llrnnly JMH11111' K-lIl'I'Xl'Ill Illlflll lllllll fIl't'S1'lll lllIl,2llll'lAQ If l111I'.x In l'0IIIf' is .still llllX1lI't'.u A gmru 2. 3. XNNIC ROBINSON 'l'l1o11111f K. B1-1-4'l11-1' Slw ulrx hw' lllllllgllli In u'u1'1lx nf fun Tlml arf' lllllfll suuglzl H1 f'I'l'I HHll'. llllS CUNSTANCIQ ROGERS George Xl. Diven "Into the starlight Rushing in .spray- Happy at niirlniglzt, Happy hy llll-Y.,, I fliers f.lnlr 4. AIIAIQEN ROIIDE 'lllIOI'l1EiS K. Benher .4 gregarious gal With tang and zipg To guys and girls Shefw a pip.' LURRAINIC HOIIDE Thomas K. Beecher "'Tis nice to be natural when you are naturally nif'e." U..-XA. 2g Tri-Y l. 2. IIICIIAIQD IIOIIDE Thomas K. Beecher lfliief rmrw' :rho Iozrers Hardly ever gloirers llwhat gay anil busy hours l Want some hearts? Here's ours. l'..ll.H. Banil l. 2. 3. 4g EHS. Orell. 3. -1: Orr-ln-slra Alg Presirlent Senior Llaf-. SOPIIIE KONI-XNKI George Xl. Dive-n "lli. Zusl1.", The usual greelilzg lfor this gay. genuine person llue aluays enjoy rneeting. HOSEIIARY RYAN St. l'atrir'k's "Haste thee. nymph, anrl bring with thee ,Iext anrl youthful jollity Ouips anfl CFIIIIIZIS, anfl wanton :files Nails. and beclrs anzl zvreatherl .vuiles.', .IOSEPHINE SAIA George Washington ".l0,' mixes reason irith pleasure and wisdom with urit. Cinema Club 1, 2g Slnrlenl ffuuncil lg Ushers 4 lPres.Ig Tri-Y l. 2, 3. 4 fTreas. 3. Vice-Pres. 4rg Torch Literary Staff. ANCELINE SANTONI-I SI. Antlnnlyis With 'Sf4ngie" there's laugh!er forever anrl after. l-sllers 4. RICHARD SCIIORNSTHEINIER llenily Avenue Milknian, keep those holtles quiell Dicks pursuin, his Symphonia diet. Orchestra l. 2, 3, 4. ANTHONY SCHWENKLEH SI. Patrick's Though not inclined to be a thinker He's zoorlrls of fun, this fellow "W'inlrer". Student Couneil I. MARTHA SECUNDA Vllallinglnrrl, Conn. "She's shy to those irho rIon'l know her well, But oh. her ffI'CI1llS+ll'll!ll they roulrl tell. JOHN SEMSKI St. Cecelia! 4VvteranI He keeps the punch of life u'ell-spiherll 4'-l emly Avenue p . lub 1 may go: ui " ' ' ' hu , lhal will .' '4' ' ' ' I ss: Curr. S -1-rv . A' . . ' -sz Masquers I, Z.: "1" .' 1. 3 i.A.A. 43 - l QGWIQVIQII ' SIF , I X , , I 5 l t le Y 1 la ' jlunt V hi 'N f 1 Inngl' him the resi. N ri r h I Ila I I lr d 7 I uh Ill ry Niall' I Xi 1 X 2 I I IIUISIQIVI' HIIAIWICR Ili-mls Avenue u HIIVIISIIII firm unfl Irempernle lrill. l'llI!lllflllH'l', foresight, slrengfh mul skill." 011-lu-slra I. 2. 3, -I: l'..ll.5. Uri-ln-se Ira I: lIi'Y 2. 3. -I. I Ill ICNN SIIICIIWIDUIIJ Ilvnily AYPIIIIQ' "I"llfll'lll'Il. Il1l'Il fnruvlril, 0 time in lhv flighl. , l'leu.w- mulre Ihr! bell ring lIt',lllI't' l l'l'I'l-lf." IJIIIIIIIZIII I. 23 Vinilex 2. 3. I CI..-NIIYS SIIll'I"I'S I G1-urge NI. Ilivvn ,AI lf-ruler in song. inllearning. mul fun I In ull lhese. high prrlise she's zmn. Agiira 3. fig cl.-ff lihlh 1. 3. 4. fzlmif I. II, -1- 1I.ilr. 3i: Virylex I: Octet 4. Numms SXIITII ' Qeorge- M. Diva-n "Smilly" l'Illl'll'lIl rpullrlgerf- mop- eralim' -lmmlvv with llhe bolts'-A gon- uim' -"You ln-nrrl fhe III!lII,u Int. Ilaslu-llrull I. 24 3, I: Fuotlmall Mgr, 2. 3. I. I MARY Sol.0xmN I-v GL-rgrge Washington Scinlillating, jasrinnhink, mptivaling Salomvui -the gal who lusses aff ml- umns or rlrnma Izvilh eqliril aplomb. Agora 33 Masquers IZI 4:'l'sI1ers 4g Tnrell Business Stal? I . I 1 fax X git W.. VICTORIA SPAZIANI St. Anthony's A snappy dresser, from head lo feel. "Spi1i:', is II girl 10,1018 hard to beat: Though she's shy, sh.e's nliuays gay, A 'iwlirl sec." she'll be somerluy. JAfNI'I'I' S'I'IilNIIiRNI.-KN Thumas K. Been-ln-r Direct as lightning, l5'r111'e as rluy. .4111l rlenr-cyell as fl star: .lrmefs lzeaileil on her irriy. Going very far! Stull:-nt Council Ig 0fl'lll'SII'kl I. ZZ. 3. 4: I'I.H.S. Orchestra I. 2. 3, -I: Agora 2. 3, 4 fI'res. 3, JI! 3 CAA. 'I: Torch Literary Staff: Basketball I. 2, 3. 4. IIIi'I"I'Y S'I'I'IVI'INS George XI. Diwn .-1 r-nine-hillzer nmnner -- Sprirhling hrozen eyes- Mrrlfes Ihye boys runze 1-loser .flnrl llzc' girls all sigh. Tri-Y Ig Ushers 4: Bbwling I, 2. 3. I Y Jus sri,1.iv.A,N , llendy Avenue "Gus" has loazls on the hall ' I Her merry grin lights up the hallg' A rhalrlpion in every sport ' Friemlliness is her forte. Student Council 2. 3: G.A.A. I. 2. 3. LI lI'res. 4lg Vive-Pres. Freshman Class: Torch Business Staff. WILLIAM SWALES Syl'lll'IlSl'. N. Y. "fd rather be a failure llzan the man u'h0's never lriefl. l,rl rnlher seek Ihe mountain mp lhnn !llIl'!Ij'S sfanrl nsirlef' WAYNE TANNEII IXIIHIIOIII' Falls. N. Y. "The man I!'h0 II'llIS is the man who l1'url1's Who neither lalmr :mr trouble slrirlrsf' GLORIA TIENIPIAR G1-urge Washington "Glow" he.I--trurzquil--no extremes -shy frienrlliness-habitual hilrer. lkin-ri fIl11I1 11g Tri-Y I. ICIIUAR 'I'IfIlWII.I.ICIiII District 5 "Twig" has a mop of briglzl rezl hail' .f1l1rl loruls of frivnrls but none to spore. BE'I"I'Y TIIOXIAS George Washington Krzorrn for much Ihr1t's good and wise, "liar" in lmrneroom takes th Jrize. 'I'ri-Y Ig lsln-rs 4g CIW S ess S ff. A I B , AIM I A A5 1 Q II at I 1. aulif l . . fo aughi eye rift? rumor I eu f ain oh p 115 'h res . . . wzlrl ary 1 4" .41 ang wo s flown the ' To:-1' nsiness ftaff incl -1' Rv lftilll Sl SAN TIIORNIC Ct-urge XI. Diven Susie-Q is a jitterbug! Il"or1rlf'r of l,Iv0I1!ll'fSi Hou' shi' von f'Ill that fllg., Tri-Y I. 2g U..-XA. Ig Iisilors 4. IIOSIQXIAIIY TIERNIQY Sl. Patrick S lililhr' spirit . . . the height of glam- our-shr' ronzus nvnr it . . . rr yen for zlrnnzn . . . i11rl1'ri1lurzlist . . . husky l'flif4f', Xinfli-X I3 'I'o1'1'I1 Hiifinvss Staff. A ' 1' -f't,xf x Q ANN TRENGO St. Antilonyl "Cheer ond good will rlolh she svnrl A true and loving, loyal frienrlf, PA ULINE TUPICZAK Ceorge INI. Divcn A talking bird has nothing on Polly: When she gels going, Cel really for folly. T . A I 2 K R , -, I I iM.-XIIJOIIIE 11111 Lv . f . A ' Ilenmly Aqetiut- "She loohfslihe on angel ,. Anrl nrifs it loo, '. 4 1 ' , Hizt you never' ran tell' ii , 1 I Wirlllll on angel- may rlnfrri ' INIi1SfllIt'l'S Ig' Vinid? I., V PATRICIA VAIIN Hr-n1Iy Avennc S'Shc ron be as lrisz' as zu' And wiser when she wishes." Agora 2, 3, 45 4'I'reas. 2. Sec. 33g C.A.A. 2, 33 Tri-Y 1, 2. 3, 4: fVicf'- Pres. 2Ig Vinrlex I, 2. 3. 43 Torch Literary Staff 4. DONALD VESNESKE St. Casimir! Don 'ilr1ssos" IIS 11'ith his friefnrlly manner, cowboy' gail. ond flashy shirls. Wrestling I. RAYMOND VREATT George- XNIUFIIIIIQIIIFII HAllIIS-l7IlII.l1l'II-SICOOVI-lgi-ff for ,sob -powerhouse builrl S rut-up - peri- pathetic Int. Basketball 4. llUli0'l'llN WXIJH I U1-111'f'v , Nl. llivm-11 Guy 11111141 1111 111'1' f1l7Lf1'I4S !111 1'11l1'11ig1'111'1' 111111 "11111'x: 111111 111111r1's lzuppy 1151510 11 111'1'1'1'1'1' s111' guvx. Nimla-x I: Agora Z. 3. -1: f1l'l'lll'Sll'2i 2, 3, 4-g iflmir 3. 41 illef- Club 3, 4: 'l'ri-Y l: 'lilIl'!'ll l.lll'Eill'y Nall. liillllflfl' W XI.I,M1,I'l V 'l'l111111us lx. B1-1'1'l11-1' "1'1lI 11I1111'l1: 111111 1111 1111l1' 11111' U 111111 pluyx 1111' ,UI111111 111 11 IS 1111111'. lnl. Bzlskvllnzlll l. 2. 31 Yawily Bus- k.-1I1ulI -13 llll, S1111l1all l. 2, 3. 1lIlAlil.lCS WA'l'lCliS St. P611-1' uml liillll-5 ".-1 L'1Il11 IZIII1 gcnllu 1ll'lll'1 111' 1l1l.Y. T11 11111111111 1f1t'1711S 1zn11 111121. Slllllflll 1f1111111'il All l11l. liaslu-ll111ll 1.2.3. 1. 1,1111 WA'I"l'S W l1l'0l'gl' NW i1Sll1ll,fl'l1lI! 1111111 1111 w111 SP0 1111111 111111 111f13' 11l'I.,!I111, I I V A Y11111' 1111111 111 11.112 lI1l'l'll1lX' 111 SI,L'111.2 l.li0NI'IWl'IIl1'Il. ' l'.v1-1'g:1'1-1111. l'z1. '111111111,u11 XIII'-N 111'11' 111'1' fr1'1'1111.w 1111' 11111 11'11': 111'r l1111'11l.w l1l't' 11111111'1'1111s: 111'r 111115. 1'111111111'111111s, t1l'll'l li 1rll'l' 1.llIll'11 lla-lwllralll fl. 'l'l111111u- li. l1t'1'l'lll'l' g l'fXl'l,IlNI'I WlilNS'I'1111K I 1'-11'11s1111 1l'1l'S If-my 11'1l'Ill,111Il'.N,K S-111111 111111 11-rlppy-gn-1111-111 1 I X4 0 161+ l l'llH l.l.lS Wlilijll VI'lllllllElS K. B1-1-clwr C1Il1l'1 11.9 ll 11111 . . . 1llllII11S117l' . . . g1'111'1'1111s . . . 11 "11'1'1'111"' . . . 311111011 1111 gum. ANNE Wlil,l,lX lil! Gcorgm' Wa-l1ing111n 111'1' 1111111111'r is sn s-111-11-11-1-11 111'r 1'1111111's Ilft' 511 1'1111'. T111l1 she 1L'1ll'l'S 11.9 11r1'11l1111'xs 111111 11f'I' lH'l'S1IlIll1l'1-Y x11'1'1f. l1l1-11lIl11l1 l. 2. 35 X imlvx 25. l. llllil l .KRD Wlfl.LlYl:lll l1l'lll'gl' xviihlllllgllbll E.1".!1.'s 111111 of 1'11r11s 1111111 1111111 11111l11'111111 Slllllll 11111-11 effort 1'1'111's its ugly 111'1111. 'lt'-S sitting 111 11111 Sllll. l"1111ll1all fl: S1llKlt'lll ff11un1'il l. 2: lxwl 1.11155 'lg i,I1-1-1.11111 l. JEAN WlIl'l'lC llvmly AYUIHIQ' 1111-1'-11I'l'1IIlll'f . . . 11111 I1 11111'r 11111 111 p1111'1' . . . PIISQ'-gillflg . . . "1f'h111r11 1111 111 1i11e1111s1ry.", l'IAlil, WlII'l'Nl01ili C11-orgrv WuNl1ln,':l11n Fish .slorirs 1 1011 1,1111 1111: g1'1'1111'.v1 111 l'Il.Wl'. .'l11' I1'I.11l'-l'j'f'11 1lll1111'I11'1' 1 111111 I11 11l1'11s1'. SlIllil.liX WIHIUX V l11'l1l'g1l' NXa,l1111g111u "T111' 11111111 s1111111.v 11111 1111 1'i1111'1' s111r .N 11 l1A111I'l' 1111111 1111- 1If'III'1 is 11'1'111': :1111111 1111' 11'111'111 ix .s1r1'11'111'11 1111' sl.-rv .N11 111g111'1' 1111111 1111' 511111 is 111,211.0 I-'IIANIIES WILKINSON Thomas K. Beecher Fran u'oulrl like to teach us Hou' lo slrum on the guitarg lfut from her friendly. airy trays Well .surely learn nzurh more. Ulm- flluly I. NIARJOIIIIC WILLIANIS llemly Avenue .-I lovely golden dream lfornex sountering hy, Youll lfnou' her by the gleam Of mischief in her eye. Sevre-tary of SOIJllUI'IllJI'f' Class. fNlAll'l'lIA WI'I'l'KIl+lWIIlZ Sl. fiilrllllil'-5 Spring ix sprung. the grass is riz, l zronfler unhere our Martha is. Agora 3. MARILYN WOODS Hcumly .Ivvnue l nrler her feel no grass IYVUICSQ .411 there is to know she knows. Tri-Y Ig Il.A.A. lg SIIIIIPIII Council 2 IIII bIRI.0'l'Tl-I YANOWIAK Thomas K. Ileeeller Tran qu ll?7SUIIIl'flIII6'S fifllllll ?--alu'11-rx II1SlI1t'f'l'l'?" -nerer SIIIIILIQY YENIQEII Ceorge XI. Dixrrn She shates her nay through Hut not on thin ireg Her gaiety. humor give Living its spice. Yimlex I. 2g Tri-Y 2 fTrea4. Zig Howling I. 2. 3: l.ilvrury Ilounvil I. A7 Il"I'c1'- QI 'G- LOIS YOIINIANS Farley lIolmrn Airy as zz parfait She has a smile Like II morn in May. Tri-Y I, 2g Bowling I. EUNICE YOUNG Corning. N. Y. Champagne laughter. Crinlrling eyes, Without half trying. She "gels the guys' . Agora 3. PETER ZAWKO George Nl. Diven Good nature and lore of sports go hand in hand. Boxing I, 2. 4g lnl. Bark:-lllull I. 2, 3g Varsity Busliellmall -I-. A SENIORS IN SERVICE Richard Hill Roger Tucker Irving Rinde Alexander McLeod SEN IORS NOT IN PICTURES Lawrence Laskaris fVeterzlnJ Edwin Hintz Cveleramj Joseph Verbanic fveteranj Frank Cox CVeleranJ Lewis Carpenter George Robert Zimmer LIFE UF THE PARTY presented by the SENIOR CLASS CAST Ivan Hughes , . , ....., ,. .... .. ......., Flo Ann Avery Milrlrerl fluglics . ,. .,... Mary Solomon ,fimy llagluuv ..,.......... ,Joan Danzig: Mrs. Iluglzvs . ,. .. .. Lois Ann Erlwarils Mrs. l"ir-luria Cnalvs, Ill ,..... Margaret Murray Sally I"razic'r . . .. ,Mary Lou Blanc'har4l llollif' Ki,X'llIilli'l' . . , ..,......, ......... it ionira Daly Marvroxalic- lfagnlllut .. ...,,..., Ann Divenx llope' Slmlllrzrorlli ,... June Petzkr' .,..,,..,...,Beverly Siegal Ruth Caalvs, .. .. Twlrlv llilglies . ....,.. William Donaluu- Tummy' King , ,....... Richarml Rhode Mika' Tisrlala' . ......, Donalfl Johnson Mr. ,Ivss1- Iluglws .. ,. ,..,... Robert Cesari .......,...Erlgar Lum- fflzarles l,'ollif'l'. III ., , Jrllllvl' I,ip1'un1b . ....,.,.. Allyn Hoffman Another SIICCPSS for Mr. Colgan was this year's Senior Play, "Life of the Party" by Marrijane and Joseph Hayes. The Hughes family move to Butterhelrl with a bang. From the time of their arrival, the atmosphere begins to sizzle. To ber-ome the "Life of the Partyv becomes Jean Hughes' main ambition. She stages a baccanalian brawl at her house to impress lVlike Tisclale, the school,s playboy. lVlike's stooge, Snazzy, falls for Jcan's younger sister, Amy, and her older sister becomes involved with the banker's son, Charles Collier, III. Teddy Hughes, who is quite im- pressed with his own importance, invites four dates to the party and has to step lively to keep up with all four. The Hughes home is the scene of all the riotous activity, and Walter Lipcomb, the local policeman, makes numerous appearances to quell the riots. MR. Jou N Coumx Director BUSINESS ORGANIZATION Cn-Managers John Casson. Louis l.oclic-o, Lawrence O'Connor, Janet Stemerman. Rilla Graves. Stage Manager Walton Barrett ti . t Sf-rand: Sin-gal. Ki-tl--r. .lohn SENIOR CLASS WILL l l ive, the 260 some dd fsome not so odd! members of the class of '46, having staged strikes, written excuses, defied solicitou pedagogues and reeled in a whale of knowledge, do hereby bequeath our all to sundry citizens of this atomic academy: "Firstly," to the captains! of our souls, our teachers tbless 'em-our souls, that isl : 1. To Mrs. Cady: three robot Mr. Cadys to direct trafic and guide their speed buggy to its proper resting place. 2. To Mr. Shermaln: a job as Hoorwalker in Iszardis. He does it so gallantly in the senior halls at 12:59. l 3. To Dr. Helmkarhipz a collection of hot jokes like his little brother Elmer's. 4-. To Mrs. Deuell a walkie-talkie, with lawyer attached to solve her terrific, complicated proh- lems: namely, the case of Ralph Miller, Jr. 5. To '4Hutch": the copyrights to 6'Mark Twain in Elmiran so she can stage a revival every Nov. 30. Secondly, to those who wiill soon tread in our tracks: 1. To the juniors:l a camera to take pictures of A. Schwenkler when he isn't looking, thereby cap- turing his charm for the lages. 2. To the sophompres: the privilege of listening to the record machine in the back room of the cafeteria, and if you turn out to be talented in this, we might even let you play "Oh, EFA," by Laskaris, Knapp, Muccigrosso and! Co. 3. To the freshmen: Oh, whatis going to happen to you! We deed you a special room with a sky- light for watching the passing planes, and also a monkey wrench for fixing all the water fountains so the water will come up as colfe. Lastly but not leastly, tolprivileged characters who are still in their first childhood: 1. John Casson leaves his safe-cracker and invisible eraser to the next Business Manager of the Vindex. 2. '6Danny" Resavpge will exchange his harmonica, complete with the Polish National Anthem, for ,lim Burkhardt's pianp-saxe combination. 3. To "Shaver' Ml3C0nnell, ,lim Maynard bequeaths his bevy of co-ed admirers, his flexible blush, and his dramatic talent. 4. Marjorie Uhl ill siphon out a bottle of peroxide from her private still to Doris Jacobs any time she gets a hankering to change her hair color. . 5. To Martha Teefer, ,loe Davis vacates 20 square feet of macadam including a year's supply of parking tickets. 6. To "Vonnie" Tmlmole, Shirley Yenger transfers ownership of her locker bedecked with photos of her conquests. i 7. To Jim Ross, "Dutch,' Johnson's preference for wine, women, and song, and his assurance as master of ceremonies. 8. Ellie Prall leaves her long, red fingernails and way with men to Julie Hamm. 9. Bud and Babe l ave their reputations for playing the Held fin more ways than onel to Donny Coleman and Louis Piro ollo. 10. To Dave Sulliv n, Larry O,Connor leaves his map of shamrock fields. To this will and .test wment, we affix our seal on this twenty-ninth day of May, 1946. i i THE CITIZENS OF ALLEN'S ALLEY i A ffm? WMV 54,1- Ouwr' wmv- ,,,L.r- Z5-M? 5-Lfiilzi, BQ G0-'VN ,,.,,f'4,,,,,,,x WUVAWPXQW M JN-cu-1..-s ly -'LA-I 9- . "D darn Mxlwffvv-Q2 Zii""?J'Ma""v QNQW Q4 +'N1"V"'4"'6"f" f-4--,fwfzikf-1+ AQKMMMWW if rZZA mf M4 fm4,.,,,,,g 52 0-JR pdf -114'-'L, V. I . '-L " i aifiiu., 'mziijiiifa JWWQ Other Classes awrwlhm MMM' 6,JL,?,ZZ-TIA'-1115 W M11-bfdwa?,.s.fwf1.QF,,,,M .Q AM-X .MM,Af WW 0cm,j,,,,zis,J,,,, gk WM -Mm M7 fQ,,,,..4Mf,, .QJk,.f.lC3Z1v Aww. LQ-Z5E4fQ -.fwvd jj' E 1 WWW MA 'ws W WCM ,Qi Mffflzy ff-'J' 2 S 4 ,Qqf L ,QA-JLL igx f s . W Www W .Ms MW, waz, WMM lj JJ ' WWW MJ M74 42 mwuzsifi swffwfffff '54-W 7"fQ?i 3767 AMW WMX5 Q X mf! "7""7"7 91 W fm, M-if W AMMQM s mv - PM M s Q3jt2'Mlff"""X QQ,,'L ... Inu lilmux. ,luux SA1A..InAx lll-NIH ' ,V lll'L!lllIllll1I llu-ir l'iII'l't'I'S in l1i1-'ll svlnml clurinu om' ul' llw musl 1'x'1'11ll'l1l wars 1 1 I' 1 . F reshmf s I - ., 'l, in slurx.llwl'r1'sl11m-l1l1zulloprow-llxe-ruse-luis1-ulmlvlvol'lmmllinullw111-xs.vx1'ilil1Qa1g1J xx llll vxlra 1lz1sl1 mul 1'lll'l'!X. 1 . .M llwn' ll'l'5lllIlllll purtv. tlwv lu-1-unw lillllllllll' Nllll lllPll' new lmmv and fuuml llml ilu-ir vlzlss Ill!'2lSllI'k'fl up lu ull l'Pqllll't'lllPlIlS. lllI'llli'lllillly. lllvy amaz1'1l llw ulmlv Sl'll ull:-n llu- numlwr nl lmys 1-x1'1w-cl:-cl llw Illllllllfl' of girls Ivy il fair lllllfgllll. 'lllwy vis 01 ll 1-lv 1151- ,Iulm Sain. prc-siclvnti ,Ivan llvmly, vic'f'-prffsiflvnl. l.lblll Brmrn mm ilu- t'l1'l'll0II lm' Sl'l'l'1'lill'Y. anal l"rankUilvsl1mkm'1'rtl11:uflivvnft1'1'asllr0l'. A lazss 'Lf Kliss AN.-XS'l'AlflX RUSIINSKI. Mn. Sims Putin I I ,,. , -Q- K., f They proceeclefl with caution, then, li t " l - , l u Mlll more tlan usual persistance. to acquire the worlflly airs of olcl-timers. Mr. Parrv and Miss Rosinski were chosen advisers lVlemhers of the class are grateful to both. hut feel especially appreciative for Mr. l'arry's carrying on alone after Miss Rosinski left at mid-terni. The class and its oflicers are already planning a list of activities for next year to make sure their atomic heritage will not he wasted. i .SEN f if opho 5 or N no mmx SIXIXIUNN, .lfuzx Sulfur-xnxx. Bon Owmvs. Ku WAl,m:u 'SV N llmlvr thc- 4-upalule lf'1lIlf'l'Slllp of Holm Owens as presiclenl, Nlarilyn Slllllllllllli as vi4'v-pn-sirlc'm, Kay Wlallufr as sewelary, anfl lark Sl'lll9ll9ll as ll'9klSlll'FI', tlw sopho- llllll't'S sprinlml lar alwufl in student aviivities anfl in lwiggvr profil plans fm' tlw future. X Last full lllf'y nuule' what tlwy llopecl was il lwig splash with their spunsurslmip of an series uf "jam SPSSlUllS-H in llw gym cluring the noon hour. ,lim Hlll'lil1kll'IlllS Ul'i'lll'Sll'il playml fm' ilu- uflilllflllgl aml listening pleasure" of the stuflents allvmling. HSS lei. Miss Donornv lllARTIN, Mu. EMORY Dowursox Continuing the custom established hy the preceding class, they hrightened BFA. with green and white on Sophomore Day in May. An entertaining assemhly program and a dance in the gym at night highlighted the dayis activities. At the present time they are in a huddle planning a scintillating musical with 'clocal talentil-an affair to dazzle students and faculty alike. As in other functions they are being guided by their advisers, Miss Martin and Mr. Donelson. To them for their part in making this year a banner one, goes the gratitude of every sophomore. 'I fvn 'vp v--V1 i UA "X,.!VVV iQ,:r'aAf 'id'-Rig, X xt. V it ,R y" Junio vii , K I 11' I Y" ' if JU , . X J 1 X ' 3 . f i f N .uh , 1 J ri 'X J p i if Wi 11 ,r, Y ' '5' W if if t 4 . i W ,tv . x X , I 5 V '-J juli-as ltms, l.m'is l'iimzm,i,n, Drums jiuzmss. ANN l'i-:NNN t ' 9- j ,Ig j ,1 ' . 1 ' i I i 4 I fi J '-x I .54 - JJ . i N X H I If Uur first urtivitv us loftx' lllN'l'l'l2lSSIIlt'll was the elevtion of vlass 0Hit'vrs. WH' " ' . , I I vtmsc- as pit'-siflc-lit, Jim Russ: x'ir'v-prvsident, Ann Pmiiiffyz Sc'c'1'0tal'y, Doris ,luc'nhs: xl Qi ziml tl'vz1sii1'vi', Lou Pirozollo. ,tix Y. Wa- sta-ppt-tl into the- sum-ial wnrhi with our presentation of thc' 'cT1lrk0y Trot" in fx' tha' I-I.l4'.A. llzillrmnn tuvm that ist. In keel iinff with thx' Thanksfvivinff ss-asmi. thvrf' , A .. I n P ri QI fx xx 1-rv Illllllt-l'llI0l't't'l turkvys clc'1'm'ating ovvry square invh of the walls. The joint really ' L J 'H' junipvci us ltick Hi1IT1liIlqS orchestra gave out with melody. i K 'I . n q u 1 1 Y XJ ' UN' fur tht- most 0lllSlillltiIll2 vvvnt of tht' cur tm the 0 union of the unmrs. ut it KX X ' ' y I 1 yi lc-aiftt was tlw prmluvtion of "Miss Alma iVlater.,, Tlw hrst Junior Play vu-1' to lu' J X ,, ' , V Q . ,X vc X v X USS X . Q 1 , . f ZLL. my -V eff 3' V 19 If J , of ' 1 J . A X V X 'st 'tx qff Miss BETTY PARK. Mn, KIQYYI-Q'l'll XXI XXII presented at the At'3Cl6llly, it was enthusiastically received hy students and adults alike. "He-anon Parlo, Shirley Havens, and Sam Horwitz were starred in this comedy of college life. Next on our schedule came the traditional Junior Day. Bedecked in red and white we thoroughly enjoyed the attention of the entire school on this red-letter day. ln the dayis program we departed from the routine practices of classes and hlossomed out with originality. Night found us swinging and swaying at the Junior Prom. For our success in hranehing off the heaten path in Class activities. we juniors extended our deepest appreciation to Miss Park and Mr. Weaver. nl' 'fm Af' XJ YJ' 11. F, 3 ""jt?LLiW v L kr - "LV L 'lflmri fi pe" 'L X ll NL fu 'fx . X if . ' ix .fi Lf, K' Q NA' tn ft, Y., 0. 1 Jr vl .ff Mat wk tt f N x ' I Tap: Hurt. Stun-km-r. Pnrlo. l':n llm-will Svwm-I: Rm-n-lmw. l'vluu'y. H ons. 'IR-1-I4-r'. Craig. Prop:-r MM, '+ .dew .M - W It CAST K AV ' t f Iimmy Mathews .... ,,.,. .,.,. . . ...,,... F abian Parlo ' Steve Lane .,.., ....,.. D onald Parry Lee Powers ..,,.. .A.... J ames Stocker Faculty Advisers Silk Cllllahllll ,44... ,..,. S amllel HOI'WiiZ Iiss Betty Park, Mr. Kenneth Weaver, Mrs. Murphy ....., Shirley Proper and MY- AHYIIOHY EkCS- Leslie Rice . ...... ...,....,... A nn Penney Mary Howarrl . . ......, Shirley Havens Jessie james .. . . .,..s...... Alice Craig Business Smyj Dr. Lyn Whitney .,.. ...,. ....., M artha Teeter Don Com-n. Doris Jacobs, and Gwynnt Mrs. fUllkl'.II!'lll'l' UHI.f,I!'IIl .. ......,. Marie Brown DPHIOH- Ruth. ... .,...l,,,..... ...,... .Julie Hamm llrs. I. .llorlinwr Monk . .. ..,., Emily Renshaw Dr. Peek ,,..,...,..,. .. .. ..,. Harold Hart We present orrhids to Miss Park, Mr. Ekes, and Mr. Weaver for their marvelous directing of the first Junior Play, ,lames F. Stone's comedy, '6Miss Alma Materf, College was never like this, or so it would seem to beg but at Fairfield anything can happen. The financial trouhles of three students of Fairfax. Jimmy. Steve. and Lee. put them in the clutches of the money-loving Silk Callahan. To compensate for money loaned to the three hoys, Silk moves into their house. Fast action sets the pace for the rest of the play, when the boys have to present Miss Alma Mater as Silkis fianvee. Affairs get straightened around in the end, and everyone agrees that Beno makes a darling "Alma.', JU IOR PL Y - 66Miss Alma Materv 48 li'- U21 A,,,.,.f Clubs VL-0'-f-D 'Ai M MWLQW' -Vwfvvwjjl GM . Q 9 MJJ!b,,ff,4-MMM. X g X xl 2557 Wgif filffwf X X , f UVJ 1, ,, X f X ff Jfyf eff"jLgZif7fJjg,uP1f N X67 I x x f' ' 7 f Nix N 4 W , fy' s Q X pa 'ff Lf' 'fJV,g A Y. M255 4f!J RN9K .. WWWWWW aff I UJUIU. fdfivsf Q 5 ' ' ,M ,, 5 fffiffqiwfwiiff, 'fag MMQWW ' W WWW , W fV'L,7' wfjw Red etter Days on the E. F. A. Calendar SEPTEM Srhool 4-ommenves. Fres and -The seniors take uvcr t l leaves come tumbl -Hilarity reigns as Vind assembly. I'm from th are you from ? ER men come in droves ird floor. g down. presents promotion South. son. Where Horn OCTOB R nr of horrors-live Iwceks' tests. -I've taken over Fido's doghouse. It's leporl card day. -First gridiron thrills of the season. Elmira loses to Auburn, 33-0. -First symptoms of skipping fever noted. -EHS vs. Syracuse-score Iii-0. Better, eh? Let'n scintillate at the Syudent Council danrt- --lnuait' by Maestro lla ilin. -How the wind doth bio . -Ah. thrre's good nr-ws tonight. Our team triumphs over Acquinas, I9-0. The ghouls. goblins and tl breathe-r. Aa for me I 4ll1 ll three-hour spree. pooks rome out for ru just a little felon Our i NOVEMBER Ions again as the manga- and black of Endicott batter us fr-0. jeans in full form-. Cu gives uprourious lesson in sql Noon clit-at -EII5 out with the mu time dan:-vs fs-atur ra. "Dain-v with thr- vs. Manliua UU-0l we gavr- '1-lu te run for for teams afterward a mystv-ry: when- wt-rt: all First wage- wins t:..t.t.n., ,,..t.t.1.- Senior Dance with lley .lohnson's band div. and we get an dare dancing. l ing Iiurlthardfs 0r- elite while- you ent." Muulius's favor but their money. Soiree "Y.W." Unsolved those rad:-ts? I night gume in l'i,mira's history. Wo a lien-v but losi 7-ti. ng buttlv as Sayre t . lt-t's holtbln- to tht- "Turkey Trot." A-4 the sophistiralc-tl su-nior remarked lo tho juvw-nilv junior. Unha- uftt-r rs' "Moonlight Skat tha' night lrvforel "Nico goin'. kids!" o." Uh. the morning rt hen- I eornvl l'lI -.luniors send us fgoodness knows -Tryouts for Little Theater play Duilarry Suri-1--u Cours nowd it after swallowing h prodigious amount ol' turkey and trimmings, S1-niors uw pt-rsttu-iw' llletluuls lblowguna. Wim-hi-au-r-. knivff-t t-tr. fl to sell Tort-h. as anuunl subst-ription drivt! begin-. DECEM Thr- most st-rtuuptiou' i BER tt-sl-mbly I Stuupst it Nutt Band has 1-it-rv kid jill'-ibuggfu' in thw- ui-lrs :ind what join'-l liuukt-Ilrull's but-k and ICFPR got it. Amttlexm bt-tits Bing., 30-32. Arndvluy bows to Iliinois. Uh. mt-ll. we't't- gvttioll hottvr 4-wry day. Words urn' too luodios-rr' lo dt-wrilw thi- ht-auliful Christina: 1-ul Nlusit- lla-purtuwnt for ilzllu pr:-sentml by the dhtr onjoynu-nt. A wonderful tluy of gift-uixvlmugiug. sampling holidnv 1-als und enjoying tht' family t-irvle. K, l'I.'- Nlistle-too Hull at night. Dill you got 1-uugltt ? IQ-- li- JANUARY -Ah. Champagne! lt's so gay. i-"School days, school days." Mother. p-l-e-I-s-e let me do the dishes lWouldn't you know, report cards againl. -We walloped Southside 38-24. What high. wide, and handsome shots unr boys made! -Faith begins where playing stops as EFA triumphs over undefeated Binghamton North. Q33-iili. 24-Goose pimples are here for a while as we try our hand at mid-year exams. -Regent's Week-Oh. well. l've still got that gopher hole tn retire to when the going gets too excruciating. FEBRUARY Yippee! I passed everything! The cerebellum must have been working overtime. Chaos is in the saddle as Aeadf-mites begin their second stretch. --Ushers Tea-very infortnal. Without sure:-ss we try to hold our teacups daintily while jittt-rbugging around the room. -St. Yah-ntine has his day. And students hu-ar three top-notvh orators in svhnol oraturiral Contest. -EFA is host to vontestants in distrir-t oratori- ral rivalry. An award for Janet and a two- hour assembly for the upper:-lsssmenl What eould be finer? But methinks the-re's im-fha riency in the front oflive. 2.2-Holiday! Georgie has a birthday. whvrel with their play. "Miss Alma Mater." MARCH "Sp:-llbon:rul" hits the lot-al theatre. Ah. Crt-gory I t'tltttt'Ni. Broadway. ht-re I come, Solid Jackson! Jazz lands in our midst with the noontilne jam session in the autl. Sn-uiors are on pins and needles as trvouts for "Life of the Party" are held. Right ht-rv. ladies :mtl gents, place your bets. -"5ardines" draws a lot of laughs but loses to Edison High in Little Theater t-outest. What is so rare as a day in lilarrh? -W ith all the eandids floating around v.e'll haw enough for our own "Lift-." APRIL April Fool is pustf You'rt- tht- biggest foul at last. In tht' hnrtlvs ut Guy Lombardo I found thttl a pullrakt' has nothing in nie. -"The Bloody Nt-ws" 1-irt-ulnte--. Soon' Avail- eiuvitv- final thelulr-lvl-s front-pogo news. Is youu fum- rf-dl S-fniors tlnzlll- school with ztnutml musit-nl. The bunny ratvhes up with us as wa- take time off to go Fishing. Ho. hum. Xlv nose is we-urilrz off on thi- grintl-tom'. l MAY -Scholarship Tests. 6-Ushers Club stage another skating party. I4 -I"ive' wet-ks' tests. My brain drastirally needs an overhaul. Does yours? lb--Talent scouts line up to see the Senior Play. I8-Ushers Club 20 "Life ol the Party." long-suffering actors winds banquet and dam-e. -A day for the , and white, speaking books. Posies to all of you for a grand evening. up year with annual Seniors parade in blue to no one in a lower vaste. "Is that a senior?" can be heard throughout balls. .jv JUNE senior class. The plague-writt-r's vrump- -owe-ps through l7'- Regents' Vit-ek. Ah. Sv.:-et Myst:-rr . do or dun't we? 26 -Graduation. J ULY VAC TIO VACATIO zc4de2an4z'4eS 7 President. Vice-President Secretary ........ Treasurer ..., Advisers . OFFICERS Sally Reidy . , ,,,. Ellen Basler . .,.....,...Robert Angle Dr. Helmkamp a STUDE T COUNCIL .Paul Ford nd Mr. Weaver DR. Al.m:n'r B. Hslmkmrl' Have you noticed the new screen in the auditorium? You should have because it's used in practically all of our school assemblies. Student Council, realizing the need of a new screen, purchased it for the school. The club also sponsored several dances. The first fall. With the purpose of raising money for the War possible a contribution of 344.44 to the fund. of these was the Football Frolic, held in the early Memorial. it sponsored a benefit dance. making Included in the club's activities was a banquet given for the football and basketball players. Late in the year the organization put on their annual Student Council Carnival and Dance, at which time the Kinff and Queen were crowned. Tap: Wal:-rs. 'i tiny-1. llamling Angle i tl V11-4-I4-r I! Brown. Xlill:-r. Sill il lllltll 4:.,.,k. st...,,.A. o'n... in.. .Sr-r'n'11l: 'lilivmiu-. Kin: Huff num, fins-nn, C1 Nlitvhe-II X r-um. Lorgun. Grain. Thirrl: Un f-f' igro-su Ros-i. Sloan- Hcllnun. Iintlvr-, Nvlluulir- rumffllf Rn-i-lv. i,.f.r. n...1.-. .51 lop: 1..1ll.lh.nn. lllumx. NI mtv uhm, J. llnkf-t N.'rHml.' Fxnilh. 51v'lnv-v linmlwll K. Klaulfml 'llrffflf Halle. Mun. lhinfig l'.l kool Ultlt-1. ll. Ilirkm ltmfflh- Jul---nV..f. hhnn-. Ho... ll-nwiu. Il.-xl--1 lylllr: 1-ull.n,1lif'l. lllll. ll. ima lord. 1,1-.u. U, tmulou-I 'T' 1? ,Q After heing the girls' dehating eluh of the Aeademy for many years. Agora, with the help of their new adviser. Nlri. Holger, amended their eonstilution and therehy ehanged the purpose of the eluh and the qualifir-ations for membership. The aim of Agora is lo help eaeh memher attain poise. self'-eonfidenee and worthwhile ideals through the diseussion. dehate, and forum of enrrent prohlems. Whereas in former years a girl had to have the qualities of a good speaker in order to join, now a girl ean strive for these qualities through the eluh. Some ol the dist-ussions whieh Agora held eoneerned personality lhow to attain one that is well developed t. teacher-student relations thow to improve lheml, and voeations for women. Besides hene- liling from eaeh disc-ussion itself. the memhers gained valnahle experienee in leading disenssions. During the year. lwo initiations were held. The first one was in the fall at the home of Barbara Crawford: the sec-ond, at the heginning of the seeond term at Dorothy Wadeis. In lVlareh the eluh had a hanquet at the Mark Twain Hotel. For-ial meetings were held onee every three weeks at various mem- hers' homes. Agora sponsored a quiz helween team-hers and students in an assemluly given in May. A pic-nie ended the elnlfs aelivities. IIN- memhers ol' Agora wish to thank Wlrs. Holger for her understanding guidanee this pasl year. 1 fav. A Nlns. Hx S2 P+ 1,l'l'.YI'1lI'III I 'Ire-l'1'e.v1'11 en! Sl'l'fl'I!ll'-Y Trauszl l'l'l' ,f1I!1?l'SI'l' It1lI,INI'. lion.:-.lc OIVFICICRS Janet Sleniernum Nlargaret Nlnrray .Alive Callahan joan Hiekey Nlrs I' 1 .. molger 'wide an AGOR LIBRARY CUUNCIL OFFICERS .i6'l'I't'llll'.l' Shirley Pml 'llll'I-.S'l'l' Nliss Hlizalietli lflclredgze ., K fl' Nliss l'.l.lzAln In lllilll-I.lH.li Swine people like lo whistle wlxile they work. liul lliese girls donit dare, for they perfurin their duties in the lilirarygtlie rmnn where silenee must reign. And speaking: of work. lllt'I'f?iS ll lot uf work inwlved in assisting in the library. Besides checking books in and out, mending worn-out ones. stan-king them. and enlleeting fines. the girls uf the Lilurary Counvil frequently have helped students in seleeting lmunks and finding tlieln. ln addition to the services the lllf'IllllPl'S have rendered in lnaintaining an efneient library for tlie student lmdy. the girls haue gained valualmle experience for thernselves as future lilurarians. ni. I 1 I--1-tl'-in-k-. llnlwi. llnitvli ,. 1:..1,a...1 i..1 I.. .H IH., I.:x.nn-In-ku. Lulu- N -.,'..1f I-,.liIx. in..-. i-...,... l'.ilIi.-.lp-, II.uII, Ilnhm. Xl 4-ng.: .1 l.. I It tx Inf-. l.n,nif-, lt. XI v Nil - tlfux-It-mu-4 V I Xiu x ink. Ii. Xlluri- I I Ilum Stylus Cluh is npr-u to all stuflvuts iutPr0stP4l iu art. for its PIIYIJOSP is tu prtmiutv awarvm-ss uufl .apprcriatimn nf art. as we-ll ilSlUQ'lll'Ulll'ilf.I9H1059 whodisplay 11-altzilmit. 'lihis ,t'i1I'llN'l'lllll was hmmretl hy a visit from the loral artist. Lars Hulitrup. who vxplaiueml to mu-mln-rs tht- priuviph-s of tlytlillllil' Sf'lllllll'tI'f'. Stylus prujc-1'ts for 1045-L10 lIll'llNlPIl a soup-m'au'vingr mmtvst. a Christmas party. mul skvtr-hing flur- IIIQI il Inikt- tn Harris Hill. Thf- Cluh also visitml Arnnt Art Callvry. attvnrlml El muviv. zlucl vic'su'cl an art rxhihil at tha- Stvvlv lVlI'lIlUl'lZll l,tlll'ill'j. Miss ffamerrm has given unstintingly of her time. guirlauve-. and interest to Stylus ami c-lull mem- lwrs wish tu voir-vtlwirz1pprv1'iatim1. OFFICICRS Pl'l'Sill0IIl , Rust- Mario Mlm-if'i'ussn f' VL1'e-Preszdcnt .,.. . . . Rust' Malrif' Colf- SCl'l'l?lIIfYY'Tl'CfISlll'l?l' , . Polly Harm Arftzzlwr' ,. . ,, Miss Tc-rrvsa CRIIIPIWIII Nils- 'l'IilllH11sA if-un-Lmvx f4'zc4c'e Z7 ' ' ein an TYLU I 1':'1'-l'1'es1'rle11l 7vl'!'lI.VIll'I'l' 'ache D064 4 Weiea Qfczqea in OFFICERS lJl'l'SI'llf'llf . Rose Nlarie lh'iCl'll2llkt' . Nose Alice Mclnerney gl'.'l'l'flll'wY , Kathleen Rohde Mary Rose Lorgan ,'1Ill7l'.Wl'IA Miss Betty Park gl he xxifa 2 LAKQ ER WWI. ,ge .. ' W if tiff? W bxfefsrf nd Cz 3 'wk it i'.i?Z2:,:f:s.ef if-, iv- .32 Nliss Bi:'r'1'i' PARK llasquers, the drainatie eluh of the Acadeiny, whit-h meets every Tuesday after school. started this year? activities with election of officers. This was followed hy a party at which time new memhers mere initiated into the Cluh. The treaisurer. Mary Rose Lorgan. took part in the Little Theater Play "Sardines.'i This spring Vlusquers hopes to enavt ai one-att play for an assembly program. 1u,,,. u..n-..., 1..,t.l tml..-ii. l.u.-1-. t..-.1 lilnlnh-Il M-,,f,.1f c:..11.... ap.- li.-nif-.-, timmitlit. I.. tluiti-'tt-. Xim- Ihtliliiot Ihinl: 'l'.nt..1. l.iot Xl.-i-Imlkf. ttoh-lr, flint. w.nin,,, X. I xwonfl- tv- ui Hunt: Nl: Xl ,nli-. I.ni 1-. ll M.. l,.,. m....M.-li, iz i 1 , Gli' llmkluinill Xoiwoml. IH-.ako The l'rosr-enium Cluh. founded in January of l9l45 hy a small group ol' interested students under the direvtion and leadership of lVlr. Donald Waite, has as its main ohjeetive designing and huilding: of stage sets for sehool produetion. ll also has eharge of lvaekstage activities for assemhlies and all other work in the Auditorium. llir-k Shepherd and Ted Hahle. as ollieers of our eluh last year. varried on the husiness and financial affairs with great fidelity. Last year, the two main events for whim-h the 4-lub prepared sets were the Choiris operelta 4'The Belle of Bagdadv and the Senior Class Play "Best Foot Forward," while this yearis af-livilies have ineluded the Christmas Program. Junior Class Play "Miss Alma Mater" and the Senior Class l'lay "'l'l1el.ifs-of the Party." The new Clul: is looking forward to many years ol' sueeessful produetions on the lflmira Free Aeadeniy stage. N , , OFFICERS Y' i 5 lll't"Sl.Il!'IIf E. Walton Barrett I K. SClfl'l'f!II"Y-TFHUSIIFBI' Edgar A. Lure ' M .fllllll-Sl'l' Mr. Donald Wlaite li. i ' NIH. Iloxvxrn WAl'1'i-. l I f 'ache ew lie an l l l E' S if ' ll M USHERS CL B OFFICERS Presir1ent.,. , ., . ,Josephine Saia Vice-President .,.A . ..A,. Barbara Garvey Treasurer ....,.. , .,.., ,loan Danzig Secretary. , ., ...,., June Bastilla Arlviser.,. ,, . Miss Julia Collins Miss JULIA Col.L1Ns Une of the most popular clubs in the Academy for senior girls is the Usheris Club, which has just completed its sixth successful year. Maintaining order and seeing that every seat is taken are the club's responsibilities during assem- , blies. Members are also in charge of the hostess table at the main entrance to direct strangers who come into the building. Activities for the year included a tea, two skating parties which were held at Grotto Rollercade and were greatly enjoyed by all, and making and selling corsages at the Student Council Carnival, with a gay banquet and dance as the last social event of the club. On Senior Day, Ushers handed down their ribbons to Junior girls with a feeling of pride at having belonged to the Elmira Free Academy Usher's Club. They knew that every girl who will belong to Usheris Club in the future will carry on with zest to keep it one of the largest and most popular clubs in the school. All club members wish to express their thanks and gratitude to Miss Julia Collins for her interest and leadership during the school year. Engl:-rl. Daly l.urgan. Liuxinn 11111: him. l'la-slvrit-R-. Huxlnw. 5:-ruml: lxlkind. Hnlrlmin. Mail- nlalvna. Nl:-I-ilrmy Nlnrrav. Lipshulr. Cullum-i. lit-mlv Rhmulesr jones. Gullvrlnun Third: Nlnstivn. Barlow. tiar- pr-nle-r. Canlvlla. Gibb-. Ixos- lnski. Collins. Xln-Dani:-l-. Leah. Fourth: Czllluhun. llmlna-. tlol-f. Hanlon. Harris. K1-gli-r. Fris- lnle. Hs-ss, l.zwl'ski. lingers. Mm-any fifth: llurvi. Sulltmlv. Balnluf. Ngan. Hrinrligiln-. lfvzine, PQ-IlkP. Reilly. Xlr'l.nughliu. ilrlvll. lupf-nlar Sixlh: Prall. lluvvnpfnl. 'l'lmnms. Miller. Bnstilla. Danzig. Said. barn-v. Solomon, hle-u-n- Blanchard. Ifruwftml JH 57 Top: llotlillmn. lxisll--i. I!-nun nu-I. lI.nn.nd, 4.1. I-on: Html: tlnpwnlaf. Mon. XX.: lonvs. Kwrv t:.md..,.i. vs,..4.. s..a.i W1-'w ht-Id tho nrllUl't'll.- high. hut what a struggle il was! To lw diflervnt was our aim. and wc' set to work vxpvriint-ntingl with now ideas. Gallons of midnight oil and thousands of aspirins w0i'c- consumed in tht- prom-ss. 'flu-rv won- hull-sessions ovvr a theme. mad dashes to tht- printer and hair-tearing ovvr st-nior vvrst-sf fWhat rhynws with cow? -lwfore the TOI't'l1 was put to hed. lfvvn aftvr its pululication. om- vntc-rprising svnior suggest:-d that we pass out malvhes with e-avh ropy. "Sy1nholit'," hv said. Despite- all tht- haste- and lll'ittli1f'llt'S. 1-ompiling our Torch has heen fun. l'or tht- polish on thc' finish produt-t. we wish to thank Mr. St'l1w'c-illclvig Miss UZIIIICFUII. and Nlrs. Hutt-hinson. Without thvir guiding hands. wc' should haw fumbled the hall. Likflwise our deepcst grati- tude- got-s to thv IIlt"Illltt'l'S of the staff whose' literary and artistir' 1-ontrihutions made this hook possible. Now as wt' stand rt-ady for the tomatoes to fly. wc' are happy in the knowledge that the Junior Class has a similar task ahc-ad of thc-nl. May th:-ir hat-ks he strong! NlAKl'i-lil, 7 .loan llnnzigr. l.l'l'l'i RA RY STA FF--- l,1lll'll'lit Yarn, l'risr'ill:1 llzirlow. .ltlIlf'I SIPIIIPIAIIILIII, llorothy Xxi1ltl1'. ,losvphinv Sain. Sully llvvord, Flo Ann flwry. 'Hairy Host- l,0l'flllll. -Him' tfullalmn, Br-vt-rly Sie-gal. .lilll1t'S Nlaynurd. lfixge-iw kIllllt'l', 5t1-x't- lxlstlvr. Donald Johnson, Ray l.lt'l'0llI. -NIH' 5'l'Al"l"f - llillu liraivvs. lflizallnvtll .lone-s. llost- Xlariv ffolv, Allyn HHH-Illllll. l'll0'l'0tlli.'Xl'llY S'l'Al-'F- lil:-ainor l'r:ill. 'lilivrvsai xl0I'llIl. 'l'Yl'lS'l'SH llvh-n lliplvy, Aunt' W1'lliu'l'. Nlary ffuthvrinr- fflunc-. l"l'z1nr'r-s Xloflv, Nlary llzirhivri. liairlnirai lit't'l'lll'l'. .Munir-ttv l'il'it'l4, Sara ,-Xntt-ll. 7afzc4 "S Smouil: ll. Ylill--I, KH-ali. kl Stn-inf-1ni.ill. In-I-owl. l..ill.ihin Fomlh: Xl.n'Niti. tlmu-s. Ill Milli: lmnfip, l'u.uIl. NI-lil: x Top: U'lInra. Iluly. Barre-ll. livnlu. M. Thulnus. Pctzkv, lx an- Sz-runrl: Xie--sr-rigrw, Lui-r-. 0'Cun- nor, lnnlir-o, Prim-, Milli-r. Casson Third: B. Tlwmas. iinlnlwin. Nolan. Laskaris, Ticrncy, Solo- lnun. l'arlnclr'v Fon lh: Gibbs. Gnrxcy. Murray. Fi hi llimn, Colncci, Lipshutz. Klmaulos. l"rvcl1'rirks flu: Pitcher. Rcirly, Purrolta. Lv-ari, Nliilvr. liriwarnls. Gnwcly Tramp! Tramp! Tliamp! It's not a regiment of soldiers but members of the Torch Business Staff on the march. Through hick and thin we have scurried around to get ads-the ads that put this book on a sound financial ba is. It was a case of "more pics or moideri' with us. And eventually we put the advertising campaign oxier the top. In the late fall we launched a subscription drive. As we preached and cajoled, the orders flowed in. Good fortune smiled oh the venture as final tabulations showed the very pleasing result of twelve hundred copies sold. 1 The frantic days prbceding press time found us soliciting doctors, grandfathers, parents, merchants, and chiefs for sponsorship of the Torch. Before the task was completed, every member of the Senior Class had dangled cards ibefore unsuspecting individuals. Still not content wi h our working capital, we presented a Senior Musical, featuring the hot jazz of Laskaris, Muccigrosso a d Co.g the jokes of Johnsong and the singing of Crispin, Losito, and Blanchard. What a bonanza that wa ! Through it all, we ad the shoulder of Mr. Schwenkler to lean on. Now as we look over months of work, we want to thanklhim for his patient counsel and assistance which helped immeasurably in mak- ing this Torch a successf l business proposition. 'Imac' sag 9 ut I Ii.sI.t.tI,tt shout, I It v Itoxkotl tt. lI.,,...:..f no. on Mit-II I'titott.i. I I :kr I,ttI-It Il .tltt-. :I Il I- Ilftmm lx. . I I-.,,t,,,. I I-WI, II tI.o4.iu it I it It XXIII-it Xiu lr notult IIt-.ni.i- I Xltli L.-.oi ton I I it lttiiftgf Ut. I XIIII-I, I-it-It I XX I'uti I"or att atomiv agv. at motm-iilotts yt-ar. alitl a tttotlvrtt svllool, what vottlrl ht' ttiort- limi-ly than an 1-xplosixi-. Itistory-ntakitig tit'nspzip0t"f 'I'I1t- Ximlvx In-gan its progrvssiu- tt-rm with a nova-I Villltllillgllfil ouv-ya-ar suhsvription for T041 'lille' rvsponst- of om- tliousaml slttclvnts to tha' hilarious promotion assi-nihly hrought twmtvttIvtl-Iikm--tt-um' smili-s to tht- Ilan-vs ol' tht- Inusim-ss stall. Sltaring in tht- hooty wa-rv tht- 1H10-lllllllll'1'Il-pt'l'-l't'ltl Iiomi-rooms who gohhlt-II vhot-o-pops. Alitvr soaking: up jUlll'llllllSlII at tht- l'iltlpIl'Q' Statv Svltool I'rvss Assovialiolt Cotiyvtitioti in 5yt'at't1sv aml Nlllllllljl tht- tIlSlIIlt'IItlll ol Itavttig an l'llll0l'lill puhllsllvtl in a national svhool prvss lllllgfillllltx. tltv Yimlc-xt-rs tlt-vlarvtl. "'I'otIay. New York Staten' tomorrow Aim-rival" S0 they ittvatlwl News York to will at Iit'st-plat-v uwurfl the- Iirst in sow-titvi-ti yvars for the Vitttlvxs--at tht- Coluimhia Sm-hool I'rvss lfotiwti- limi. Non nothing I-oulcl stop the-ml With they appearam'v ol' tlw vrlitors and hnsim-ss tnanagxvr on Jam' lgtlllll-S program the-y took ou-r racliol Finally tlwy clrmcl both prititvrs aml t'vatIPrs happily insane- ysitlt IIN- April I-ool s papt-t'. Nou as tltv mmttal Iutmpwt looms up. tlw stall' is looking hack with gre-at priclv on this homhastit' yt-ar, ll:-spits' Iiartl-I'ougIil haltle-s with printf-rs ancl vlaslies with thi- 4-4-nsor. the-y Itayv put out tue-Ive' hig issues' Irig lvevause ol' nov:-I make-ups. spot nvxss. volorful I'l'1lIlll't'S. super pivltlrvs hy Wlillvr aml top-notvlt ails hy I'raII. ,-X votisitlvtutlnlv sliarc ol' the Iaurvls 11-c'eiy't-tl hy tlw X imlt-x shoulil Iw Itt-ape-tl on Mrs. Ilvttt-I whosv mist- gruiclam-v :tml gootl humor mach' this rt-vinrtl-Iirvakittg yt-ar possihlv. six tftf 110-I'iI3I'I'UIl5 ,, ,,,.., , ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , loan Ilatnziu. Ilolwrt xll'FSf'IlQIQ'I' lfH.'X'I'IIIiI'I ICIIITUII ..,,,. .,,,..,,, .... ..,. ...,.. I X I I nr- Vu-Iliu-1' 5I'0II'I'S ICITI'I'UIi .. .,.,., ,,t. I 'Iohi-rt Iivsatri HXtIIIXNtlIC IiIII'I'0R ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , Ioym- Nlillc-r S'I',-XI"I" I'IIO'I'0t1II'lI'IIICIi . ..,., Iialph Nlillm-r IEININICSS 'NIAN-Klllill ,,,,.,, . ,.,, .lohn tlatsson 'KIJX'IiIi'I'ISINtl INIANAtiI'III ,.,,, .,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I ' ill-nmn' Ilrgill tiIIiIfIiI,.-YIIIUN MAN,-UiI'III5 ,, , ,,t, Mtttvttc' l"t'in'Ii. Ilarliarat Ile-e-i'Il1't' 1IUI,I,I'if1'Ill0N 'NI!XNAIll'III5 ,,t, ., Ifiluat' ltllt't'. lilltlI1'I4IIll' Nlillvr Xltcs. .ll-FXNNI-,'I"II, I'. Illtl I-.t, -XITNIFICR ...,...,.. .,.,,..,..,,..,.,...,, ,.,,,,,,,,,, N I rs. ,Ie-atm-tw II. Ilvuvl filfzcdie eeta Me eczdfdae in Me VI DEX Presirlenl .. . ,. .. . .... . Ray Shepardson l'1'Ce-Presia'e11l .. .Carmine Dandrea Secretary-Treasurer .. .. . James Hites ffzlviser . . . .. .... Miss O'Connor 'wide ' 7164 Zackfaae in BIOLOGY CL B OFFICERS Miss lxlAItfL Amir 0'CoN Non Something new has been added! No, it's not apple-honeyg it's the Biology Club. This exclusive organization is limited to only those boys and girls who either have passed the biology regents or are taking the subject and getting at least 85 in it. ' Meeting every Tuesday at 4 o'clock in 307 from October to May, the eight boys and one girl who make up the club have experimented with microbe biology, the human skeleton. fingerprinting, fruit flies, and heredity. ln the fall the members visited the Elmira College biology lab. In February, Lynn Brunner of the lzilmira Police Force spoke to the club. On forms supplied by the F. B. I., the members tingerprinted pupils in various biology classes. This new club has provided an excellent opportunity for biology students to experiment beyond their class work. The scientific curiosity and initiative of the members have enabled them, with their able adviseris guidance, to become better acquainted with some of the many fascinating phases of biology. lop: Shiite. Wil-on. l Sernlrrll Xlzilonc. l'laitl Dumlrmz i t 1l1Lnl. Nlicplivlnl-nil. I I I,l'f?Silfl?I1f IvI.l'l'-PI'f'Sill8Ilf SPl'N'l0I'vY Tl'f?GSIlfl?l' . l.l.,N'HfiUlIS . 1'11'1'0lIIlll1lll'Sl :I 1l1f1'.sar x11l xxa- 1111' larggvst in H111 IIIN x 1 Nfl 111111 111111p11N 11 115: N x xx1r1- 1111110 in 1-1111111111 111111 xulh the fr N lll xx 111 1 11111s1Qt - x 1 xx 11111 111 t11111 qlmlity. ll x 111.111 lfll IIN .1 1 11.11.1111'11 al Cl11'ist111.1w xx 11111 11x IHQHPII 11 .1 It dlltl ll .1111 111sp11.1t1111.1 1ll.1x.1 ll l11 illxxlx lf 111111111 was SP1 l1y 1111 1.1111 1' 15211 p1111PQ'211111.1 xx 111 1 xx.1x 11 11xx1'1 JN N11 11 .1111 1 FII 1111111 fl ll ll 11111 ll s1'111111s 1111 1111 slave Mal was plaxvd lx Maxx lou Blz11111 1 N Ill . - llll 1'11pP1's. R11l1111't Slll Q . ll 111. S- 1 111. President .. . ,. , Vice-President , . . Secretary ,. Accompanist Adviser . ' ' 7fc2zWac2:ec2e OFFICERS CHOIR .. .Donald Johnson ...,,Harry McCarty Joanne Van Order ,,...Dorothy Wade Miss Betty Park Robert Shutts, Jimmy Burkhardt: Shepherds, David Burkhardt, Fabian Parlo, and Charles Mendenhall: and Angels, Marjorie Uhl, June Petzke, and Ann Penney. The program was climaxed by the singing of famous Christmas carols by the choir as they walked through the halls. On May 17, they performed in the annual Spring Concert at the Southside High. The events of the year were Cliniaxed by a most enjoyable trip to Owego on May 211- and May 25. Here. for the first time in many years, they 1-ompeted with numerous schools in the surrounding territory. Members of Choir and Clee Club found it a pleasure to work with their genial director. Miss Park. hp: Xlvlfnrllii. Shnlls. New-ns . . ., sr.-.lv-r. Howl. lla-mia. Klar- Klill Wait.-, lin--, lin:-khan--Ii l.nFnuI. lin:-illi. I-'nliiolli tv-mul: I.o-ilu. Nagin. lfislivi' liau'ru'lI. l.nn-1-. Ynlillorm-li. ll:-N .lzxrnlins. Kvuglv. livnnvll- Publ-, lhlnlhrnupl, lnllvlt. X14- 1,1-ml. Sinlniuns. llollni-Q illinlf lizlllzlglwl. Craig. llilvlwll l rmill. 'llvlxvliziv-. Xnllilrzlu-I' l'n'nn1-it lim--41-ll. Tuuivlili. liinllvy. llnrringl-In 'unrill : Sinlnioll-. ll:-nlon 1i.mglnt.n. l'.iImi-iii, ii.-I..-.lam l':nmi-l r'r-. Xlilli-H. XM-:li-I. Xlil li-r. lil rxivn l iilh: Park. 'I' iuiv lv. Jnnowski Hroonihall. Willey, Brown Ur afw- imngb. linllin. lfngl--rl Illini.:- irlla: J. Iil.mvImriI. IYllnfrio ibv'1ll:lllli.ull. X. iihri-lil' I.:--obs, S-mIb.n4I. Nl, Hlnm-b 31.1. 'l'..i1.,.'. m:.a.,.a.. in-. sd, 1 I 1. Sw .,,,f i'...k. shun.. mir. si...-it.-.'. mn.-, is...tiii.i.lt li.:-villi. XI--l,.-ml ruml, lhuwlt. li. Fvhutt Novi. lion, Xnlllli-iii. llollm lilli-lt. Fnlrliioli. tlmhim-ki l'n,,.1f L...-.-. i,..tn.-ii. rom.. ,l..i......... ia.-......i1.. :wma ,. ,, . l.il:i-, I-ililllimiipt. ll:--.laiiwlili The mule voiees of lf. l". A. were organized as a Clee Cluh this year for the first time in a numher nl' years. They have llIlllSll2llly fine harmony and tone quality. Thi-y marie their hrst appearance at an asscmhly, at whirh time they properly surprised aml t'llill'llll'Il everyone present. The 4-hlh performed along with the Choir and Girls' Clee Chili at the Spring Convert at Southside High in May. To Miss Park is clue the praise for organizing the boys anfl raising them to such a high stamlaral of exeelle-nee, unml to the hoys go the luurels for cooperating with Miss Park zmfl working so harcl to li-urn their music' in sueh u short time. ,Q en 41' 'ig S xr' . ' 'Y '.,. " V tl- .X K ff' Xa .". . +- . x n I -' T Q5 .. if A 'I -'uf' Y' " rv ' Nllss llli'l"I'N l'.-um ffuide tie in BOYS GLEE CLUB uhh mama and Qzaamz in OCTET Xlthougli they still call themselves an oetet. since eight was the at numlier of the original group. actually. memlaership has lseen increasecl to fourteen. 'lihroughout the year this music clulm has presented variefl programs for 1-s WJQVT, X V iii ifif. Q W 'ff Nliss Bmrv PARK cliflferent service groups. some of which inclufle: Kiwanis, Cooperative Clulm, White Shrine. Exchange Club, Masonic Group. Nrnot Ogden Nurses. the llath Veterans' Home. anrl the Arc-tie League. Besides singing solo ancl chorus nuniliers, they quite often are accompanietl luv Marie Brown or Nancy Loomis who give reaclings. john Palais anal Harry Mc-Curthy who clo specialty acts. anal Johnny llfluccigrrosso and his jazz hancl. 'liiiev have also performecl at various musical assemblies. With Miss Park to guitle them. they have not only enjoyecl a must successful year, hut have harl great fun in their ventures. surf 'il Xltwliill. Shanti-L llliim-lnutl, Shinto i,.,.at... rings.-.-1. tum... t....,...., Seroml: Kllzipp. .lolin-on. luvlf.. as ful 1 flu- inslrnmentalisls of the Aeacleiny eomlwine to form the lf. F. A. Ureliestra wliieli faithfully -Wins and brings to a vlnse nur assembly programs. After playing a lively march. it eoiidlicts the opening exercises with the assistance of johnny Muccigrosso. trumpeler. Besides participation in asselnlmlies. the 0I'l'llf'SIl'il played lietween the ac-is of both the Junior and Senior Plays. as well as for the Cum- menvement Exercises. An apple to tlle alwle clirectm. Miss Belly ljurkl ,-p-Q 4!"'.l QPR'-il! Ywgiix 'W-Rf: V. n R. 'l ' i..:xLaL1i: Q.. Xllss Bi1'l"ri I'xlm 'ache' dialed: ORCHESTRA Twp: Uni-n-. Fi-livr. XX il l nl Shin.- .M-'-nml: lhnklmrill. kl klmpll. llauvn-. ll n I n I l'n-I-hll. ll-runnin. l i I I Thinl: ll.ui-. Ili--x. NI in :ini lI.inli1-Ill. Fulxluinln N ll in n..-im.-1. mn.-. s hull i ip: 5Imll'vr. ll'-ismlli. .l. Sain. Barlow, Argvlc -1--in. l'rn-nhll. hhrrwoml. Cillctlv. Il'Bv'im-n hiul' Fiulclnmn. Hurwitz. bhvp- he-nl-on. Rowe. Enlwunle. Alla-n I: Brownsh-ni. Xznll'alu-u. HI-Y OFFICERS President .A,.., ,,..A .,..A....,. .,,.,A,.... ...... F r e d erick Edwards ADVISERS Vice-President .,..,.... ...... ,....,.,......,A.....,..,. Richard Allen HR HERBERT VEDDEH Secretary-Treasurer ....... ....,......,....,..,........,.....,..., R aymond Shepardson iw i D I W Y Advisers ...,.. ...,.. . ...,A Mr. Herbert Vedder, Mr. Donald Walker A R' GMU, AMER Under the capable guidance of Mr. Herbert Vedder and Mr. Donald Walker, the Alpha Chapter of Boys, Hi-Y at the Elmira Free Academy had a progressive and very successful year. Hi-Y was more active than usual in 1945-46. In November four members attended a Hi-Y Confer- ence at Cortland, and in December, Norman Case represented the group at the state Hi-Y Conference in Albany. Club social activities included a hayride and several parties. Members organized a baseball team and heard addresses by various speakers. Civic problems were studied. Norman Case. former president, was forced to vacate the office when he entered Manlius Military Academv. -4641 I ff. Mun, XIvf.unnf-II. Xnhlf-s ull: Iliil.-I.mi-. Will'-x, h.ni.n. N Hunl: Nninil. ,lnrx, Nrulmlt. llul-ns. ll:-ll-lu.m l..l:...-H.. ILM .ni 6 i lI'l-Y is mllvnlvcl mln llm-0 svpurzilv vlulmsz lin Wslmizul 'l'ri-Y, 50I?ll0lIlUl'P Tri-Y, anal ,Iuniur-Senior 'l'ri-Y. All vlulvs an- mart of lliv Y.W.C.A. Ynunffvr Dc' lLlI'lIllQ'lll and unite' in umm avtivilies. l fs I . Ulnjs-4-live-s ol' llu- 1-lulv arm- lu proniolc- lwllvr vilizcnsliip anrl lwltvr llIIIl0I'SlilI1fllIlg of CUIIIIIIUII ideals :uul ul' ll1'l'SOIl2ll. illlil suvial living. Many lllf'l'llllgS arc- mlm-vulecl lu rlisvussiun of lllvsc' slilijwls. Suppf-rs. skating purlivs. 4-umly sales, slf-igll rifles, ancl clam-vs :nuke up llw 'liri-Y ugrvmlu fur I0-15--110. lllemlmers 1-ntvrluinvcl llw lVlilIIllllS uml Elmira High Svlmols liillllllilll tr-anis xsilh om- uf the rlmu-vs. ln gLl'2lll'l-lll rc-lm-niln'mn-v uf ussislanrc' rvnclvrc-rl llIl'UlIQIlI0lll llw your lmy Miss Mary Alvxumlvr mul Miss Arla Wvst, memln-rs vxtvml to llwsc- liiml friemls mul aulvisvrs llwir l10zn't-fell tlizmlis. lil-vallsv ul il IlllSlllHll'I'Sl3IlfllllQI. mil all nwnilwrs of llw Tri-Y Clulis norm' presvnt for ills- pivturv. li'Rl'ISIlNlfXN TRI-Y SOP! IOXIUIHI 'l'liI-Y l'rc'si1lf'l1I . l,il'l'-l,f'l'.Ylilll'Il1 . Sl'!'I'l'flll',l'-TI'l'llSIll'l'l' Progmm Clllilflllllll .'1lll'l-SVI' , l'rr',wi1lr'l1t . 1il'l'l'-I'l'l'8l'llt'III .gl'I'l'!'f1ll' r TI'1'IlXlII'l'l' Sliirlvy l,0l'Sll'0Ill Ifurinni- wiuluslll Nlary Lou Kinnf-r . ll4'lCIlfiiiI'lll'Ill1'1' Nliss Nlary Alt'Xi1llKlQ'l' NIOII-SIQNIUR 'l'llIsX l'rf'sirlf'r1I , Sucretnry- T1'cr1.v11r'vr Prugrnni f.'hlIil'lfIflll Jl!ll'lSt'l' , lfmily lll'llNllilNX ,Ii-si-pliliiv Nillfl llvlll Wiilllw ,. Prisvillu llzlrlmx .. lfurllwlal lla-Sli-lialm Rim lim-ssc-l . . Nlary Bavilr' . Nliss 'Nlary All-wuruler AIJN ISICIQS Xliss NM fill-XKFI-IIIANIJ Nllss -Xu-px x Nllllli l'rn,urnm l.-llllliflllllll .. Rusvliiary 'Xlllwigrussu Nllis XYICNI' .'1tll'l'Sl'l' 'Xliss Arlu W1-sl wide .Z alma and ' A ace 0' f 0 CW ' l -1 3 11+ . r l Sports , F Q 5 X X 'I L- Q-JJ P Ns x Q F . wx x ' X Ng- wa :ff-Z1pGflQ,, QIIIIWIDAZ :Q fd, .21 ?-. i 1 a 1 X - , ' X xxx! , -ami!! 1 in lxf f SCORES Elmira O Auburn Elmira 0 Ithaca Elmira 0 Endicott Elmira I9 Aquinas Elmira 0 Manlius Elmira 6 Sayre Elmira 0 Ithaca Total I U I l 76466 Q04 CW 33 13 6 0 19 4 T S5 Ip: Narrli. IN-4-kally. Super Brurv. Erwuy. Wallasnn. .l Smith. Culvlnun. Rnlhwvll Hua-y. Ou. I-Xml, Cn-sari. Kam S4-rnml: N. Smith. lilo-ye-rs Znwku. Nhnrgvit. Fings-ralil Pirnzmlu. Kaiu. Maynard Noyes. K. Hulfni-r. Skunlynski Huffman. Wagnc-r. Yamleiilwrg Dix-vris Third: Dulan. Dunahuv. Nh-Cm: In-ll. Ilnhli-n. Mivhulku. Cox Dunavain. Sunni-rs FOOTBALL The Elmira High with a record of one vic '44 lettermen, the team The opening date on that date a strong was followed by a 13-1 On Ocotober 27 E scored the first EHS to with the local boys on th A week after the A After an even battle for and raced 70 yards for but this wasn,t enough Local fans got the prep school team invad during the first half. H 5 I L FUOTBALL 1945 - 1946 chools finished a rather unsuccessful 1945 football season on November 22, lory in seven games. Despite the fact that it was blessed with the return of seven was unable to "get startedl' until the Aquinas game. of the season, October 13, proved rather unlucky for the Blue and White, for uburn aggregation -crushed the Elmira team, 33-0, on the Auburn field. This I defeat at the hands of Coach Eddie Pierce's Ithaca squad. mira played host to Aquinas for the first home game of the season. Bob Cox lchdown of the year. His tally was followed by two more, and the game ended e long end of a 19-0 score. lluinas game Elmira lost a heartbreaker to U. E. on the latter's flooded gridiron. most of the game, an Orange and Black halfback slipped through the EHS line :the lone tally of the contest. Don Noyes made a 40 yard run in the last period, tlo stop the Orange tornado from taking the game, 6-0. i If ed Parker Field on November 10. The Blue and White held the cadets scoreless first chance to see the highly touted Manlius eleven in action when the up-state owever, in the second half the loss of Huffner and Miller was keenly felt, as the visitors tallied three timds to end the game with a 19-0 score. fb On November 16 an Elmira team. Sayre The final score was Say to lthacais Little Red. e EHS squad traveled south to Sayre for the first night game ever played by scored in the second quarter and maintained a lead through the rest of the game. te 7, Elmira 6. Coach Meyer's squad finished the season at Parker Field on November 22, when they played host Th score of 7-0. Letters were awar Margeit, Ford, Hoffma Erway, Fitzgerald, Huff e game was hard fought, but the blue and White succumbed to the visitors by a l ded to the following: Coleman, Cox, Donahue, Holden, Noyes, Michalko, Kain, nt Maynard, McConnell, Pirozollo, Smith, Somers, Skordynski, Wagner. Zawko, her, Miller, Rothwell, Weaver, and Wallison. l +71 "-' 'r VARSITY 72h ,M'u4le'1ny Am-ad:-:ny Aczuh-nly Avanln-nly Aranh-:ny Acauh-my Ac-aah-nly Acad:-my Acuah-:ny wide Hinghumton Ce-ntral Yvstal . . . Ithaca . Binghamton North Ifhnira Southside ,lohnson-City Cortland lnion lCn1livott Binghamton ff:-ntrzll SCORES M'a1lc'tm Al'2idl'Illy 'Xcath-nly Acad:-xny Avzule-nlv Avatlvnn' Acaderny Avarlvntv AC'i'ltlt'IIlS : .urv-. Slug:-it. Xlvh Ha Inn. IH-1-kallv ul o. Wallurv. Col.-man Alot Ye-Stal .29 32 Ithaca 37 35 Binghamton North. 51 37 Elmira Southsitlv 26 56 ,Iohnson-City 3T 50 Ifortlantl A 35 31 lnion I-Imlic-olt 58 13 Ilorselwads tl 56 Ehnira Height, 53 dz BASKETBALL Sllkli,,,Xlh t ,I unior Varsity Top: Parry, NU-yeS.,Eox, Boss. Skordynski. D ,Q Sw-nnrl Rnzc: Hamm, Se- kt-lllu, Nlukoritch. Cook llaniewicz. lvnder the capable leadership of Coach Anthony Peckally, the 1945-46 basketball season at Elmira lfree Academy seemed a very successful one to EFA fans. The Blue and Wliite cagers played sixteen league games with Southern Tier teams, breaking even with eight wins and eight defeats. In the initial clash of the season, Elmira upset a cocky Binghamton Central squad 36-32. The Central team was rated as one of the best teams in the Southern Tier. The Academy then played Horseheads in a non-league tilt, in which Horseheads swamped EFA, 4l-18. The Vestal and Ithaca cagers defeated Academy after the Horseheads game, and then the Academy began to click. The next tilt was with the league-leading, undefeated Binghamton North cagers. This battle is con- sidered to be the biggest upset in the Southern Tier of the entire season. The Blue cagers edged out the North team, 33-31 in the last few seconds of the game. Despite the height of the Bingo team, the speedy Academy boys overcame theln. The Academy then romped over Southside High School, 38-24, bringing the number of wins to three. The next night, the Academy lost to Johnson City on the opponents court 49-38. However. Captain Bill Nlehalick scored 29 points in the encounter, a record for the season. The Blue and White then scored an easy victory over the Cortland five and lost to Union Endicott the next night. In a return bout, the Bingo Central team defeated EFA 65-30. ln the return bout with Vestal, the Academy scored sweet revenge for their former defeat, by overwhelming the Vestal cagers 44-29. The Academy then copped the city championship by defeating the Southside for the second time, 37-26. The Academy later downed by ithaca and Bingo North in successive weeks. The Blue and White guns blazed again as the speedy cagers overwhelmed Cortland High School again, 50-35. The EFA lads were led by the sparkling captainship of Bill Mehaliek. The Academy then defeated Johnson City, once again scoring revenge for a former defeat, 56-37. The last seasonal game was with U-E, when the Academy went down before the battering orange and black. The highlight of the season was a clash between Elmira Heights and the Academy. At a polio bene- fit tilt in the State Armory, the Heights and Academy battled up and down the court in one of the tightest games of the year. The Blue and White were behind in the first half, 25-13. They had been completely outplayed, and it looked bad for E.F.A. But in the second half, the "never-say die spirit" of the Academy soared the Elmira lads up the court, and at quarter time the score stood at 37-34, Heights. The Academy finally charged through in the final minutes of play to conquer the big Heights lads, 56-53. Chalking up a record of six wins over nine losses, the Elmira Free Academy junior varsity basket- ball squad gave spectators plenty of thrills this season and garnered valuable experience for next year. Captained by senior Don Noyes. the team was representative of all four classes, from freshman up. d,4Zg7..de,a6uZ-22 ' Jn- of ' WWW' ' ' ' 'L' 'Nt f - ' - V -:wt-4---imap-.wus 75 s 'payee wwlaqpuwckda BOXING Nunnir Wullvlv. EFA. by knockout. Doug liurpenle-r. SHS, by 1lt'I'ihi1lll. ,lark Smith. EFA, by dvfaull. Bulb 5lli5ll3llil'. EFA, by 1le'1'isl4n1. ml. Tnp RKIHLI Hollenlruvk 1211 r p P n t P r. Xlullvtte- Knapp. Yllllglhll. Fran! Row: xIilShlll1i1'. Pin' uzollo. 0'Brie'n. Top Razr: Hiller. B. Ma- shauic, Pirozollo, Steiner. Front Razr: Hollvnlwvk, Karr. Holden. C. Mushanic. CHAMPIONS 105 pound vlass--Cilbert Kelley, SHS. 120 pound c1assA-Charles Mashaniv. EFA. 127 pound classA' Donald Carr. SHS. 135 pound class-'--Russ Hollc-nlwvk. SHS. l nlimitvd c'1assA-Lou Pirozzolo. 'eeatcnada 145 pound class--Darien Miller, SHS. 155 pound class'-Harvey Holden. EFA. 165 pound class--Dick Steiner. SHS. 'Robert Masllazxiv. EFA. 175 pound class EFA. WRESTLI G - I 1946--ATO The' past svhool year has lits. 'lihv l'il"A t'2llEIt'I'S linishc sf-vu an elf-1-triliying revival with il rvrortl of 4-ight wil of sports at thv At'2ltl9llly. ln mul Q-ight lossvs. liill Mc-lla zulflition to the rvlurn ol' ivk mul Danny livsuvzlg haskvtlrall. whit-h haul lwe-ii Wf""' "3m"'l l" l'l'5lll""5 4 ,.m-tailed during the wmv. ull-1'oi1fvi'vlu'0 lt'illllS. hasvhall vunw lim-k aftvr ai ln Mun-I1 tht- hoxing ur lupw of fiflvvll yvals. wrt-siting tournaum-nts mlire The football sf-ason in lvfl In Sum Ml'Yl'l' mul lin spitv of 3 losing ti-mn, 511- xillNll'lIlN'l'QI hvlcl the 11-ntt trzu'te'cl the largc-st rrowxls in Ill lllf' SUIQIV- ililll' Sftlllllslf rvvent yt'ill'S. Louis l'irozollo. 5ilil4llill0l'S Utftli HW' Ulll 4 1-o-vzlptalin. was xlistinguisln-rl nine- t'll2llllpltlllSlllpS. hut tl for his outstanding alnility hy nvxl um-k thi- Aruflviiiy ho' llif- appointmvnt to thv Sym- PVS 1'2HlN' ltilfli ll' llllil' SPV' 1-use Hvralcl-Anwrivanis ull- Nl' llllx Ulm' lWNlll2 "WWI gum' U'im'- 'flu' llIlt'I'l'Sl in sports tli Thr' mul ol' thx- footlmall not stopwitl1tli1'f1'llows.UI svlwrltllv llSllt'l't'tl in il mvm- ilvr thi- lt'illll'l'Slllp ol' Mi: orahlv lizislwtlialll svzlson. Al- xilll lluym- :tml MissSpr1lgIt though tlivrt' was El luvk ol lhv gals vnjoyvcl at most su. svusoiic-cl playvrs. Com-h t't'SSl'lll sports progruni. l l'0vlu1lly lllilllitgtxll to mold thi- siintvr the-y 1-ompvte-cl ft logxvtlwr at tvum Wllivll upsvt honors in lutslwtlmzlll with fl the' highly fuvorm-cl lgillslllillll- nmlv l'ilQt'l'!4 from in-iglilso ton Cvntral :tml North out- ing sa-hools. .-Xml lln-rv xwi I 4 AR SPORT ' l'l'l'lilS5 QIHIIIOS in whivh ' lvtiflllltlilllll' SCtll0l'5 tmwli tht' laurvls. 'llHllI'tlZllllf'lllS wmv-n vlussvs in vullvylmall rl :ufthall vlimaxvcl tht- .tr's zlvtixilivs. An April Z. at group of yrs- than um- llllIlfll'0fl lmys mrtml tu Mr. llflvyvr fm' svhalll pravtic-f-. Sinvv many tht- lmys haul vxpf-l'ivt1t't' Im-.tl and rc-gitmal lt'HQIll0S. guorl sluming in thc inter- mol granws latvr in tht- Ylttgf was illlllt'llDillt'fl. lJlll"lIlQI tht- yvur bowling cl ping-pmtg tultrlwys wvrf' rlt-rl tn thc' Sports agmmdu. l:Ill!'4ll' Cvsarini vuppvrl hrst im' in llUWllllQI with at total 0230 pins fur tivo ganws. UUlISlflPI'lIlgI thc vurivty of urls: oflft-tml mul tho skill tht- illllll'll'S ilwolvvml. 1046 ls 11 lNlIllllLl5llf' year for lhv 'ilflt'l1tl'. ,f 'Nllss YXl4m:Att1+:'1'YAN DVYNE, Nha. Sul Mvtzus. MR. ANTIIUNY l't-11'14al.m'. Nllsg ix, f W ' l zchk 4 Zaeketaz G. A. A. OFFICERS -XITVISEHS I H i Nllss Al-HIION Sl'llAtLL'E Presuleut . ,lean Sullivan xl D xl Y D l'ice-President .. Cwen Carpenter N A i"'GA""1 M NNE Ser-retary .Kay Walker Treasurer .. . ,.,.,. Florence Mathews Aalvisers Miss Van Duyne and Miss Sprague I c A whirlwind of activities. including speedball, bowling. basketball, swimming. volleyball, and soft- ball, kept the members of G. A. A. busy in their efforts to accrue 85 points. Those who were successful will receive their letters. Une of the highlights of the season was a series of basketball sports days. The Academy girls com- peted with the female Cagzers of the Heights, Horseheads, and Southside High Schools. ln addition to the games played between schools, G. A. A. members participated in interclass com- petition. The seniors Carried away the honors by winning all games from their opponents. The mighty seniors also showed their strength against Southside by defeating them twice in the last two games played. ln the spring a series of interclass volleyball and softball games elimaxed the club's activities and brought to an end a season made successful by the efforts of the two able advisers, Miss Van Duyne and Miss Sprague. I if l lv. lleitly. l'ilrlicr. Lal l.iham. Stn-xvns, Hanlon. Bene ilrsi. lien th. t.....t. 0 alla! Thlul' liiuirigvv. iiaunlnin, lfal ptnui lung Kinncr. Cnrpen l"onnlr Flblx Y-nnmiuk toll- l.ol1-:nun - It.-w in Fifllzr lwluw, Conn:-Ilv. llur -. . a f. Jinmell. Ito.-. -ell. l.. Xlntlu-ms . .xllzr We-ln-ll. tl, Carpelilcl. Sul .x '. . 1- Features H4 f My .6901 Vyflyy qjvlfiwg, 'H ff 1 J W' ,G . N f Sgggm' A ' " XxX4fffQf b I 5 fx , f if ag :gg .': - I . Ar 'L P22 ,t S k 4 in M53 yt .ef .3 ,Vt . .. N - s X- 4' Q W af fx Tha Sl: hs- Q -I l E My X W X A N A f f'!' x M .13 A 'X V . J v, A V! 1 viz? i?V'l Q4 w In 5' -UF 5 5 ,V fr f ., " gh .ia Wm jf W .J Jim ' 56-A ,tf 473.1 -N THE M00 BEAM VOL. WHO KNOWS VENUSVILLE. THE MOON TWO ATOMS Dr. T. S. Piper's Miracle Salve Saves Leslie Eugene Kilmer, Jr. A lI4'Xl', iw-x'IIlIItiIuiI:II'y il'l'lllllt' p:IstI-, III-VI-luiu-Il lay llr. 'lf S, l'ipI-I', vhim-f 4'lIl'llllSl in tlu- ll1'HIIl'l Sl1l'l'llNl' Works, lllllillv w:Is IlI-I-l:Ii'I-Il tlu- lYllllll'l' in tlu- lI:IttlI- with IlI-:IllI which flllll' .Yi'Jll' olil In-sliv li. Kilnu-r. .lI'. lI:Is III-I-II w:Ii.fiIIg' fI'InIiI his vrilv iII tlu- Np:Izi:IIIi All'lll4ll'lill llIIs1Iii:Il. l.I-slii-'s l"IIlll1'l', tlu- l'llIlll1'lll l'l'VUllllllllIlHl l,. li. liiliiu-r. llilN IIIIt II-ft his sIIII's lu-Il siIlI- lllll' thi'I-I- Ilziys QXI-I-pt for :I tI-lI-pluIIu- I-:Ill lu sI-tllI- :III 1ll'1.L'llllll'lli witlI llIIssi:III .XnIlI:Iss:IIlInI' Mary l'I'llliU, llr. l'llll'l' will lI0!IlVIIl'lll'llill1' liI'j'Illll lil'IlYl'l'.V llzulgi- soon iII I'I-rI- llllYllll'S :It l"1'islIiI--ll:II'ris l7IIix'I-rsity. Gibbs, Grid Star Wed: Will Start Family Cf Cheerleaders lhlillj' -lllilll liilvlis illlll HNlllNl'lt' litllllllln M:Il'f,-:I-it tis-Il tlu- knot lllllily Ili-spitv tlu- t'r:IIItiI- l:Is.'t-IIIiIIlItI- III-It pos:Il ul' l'llll'lil'll lll'Jll'll'll llllll Nuyi-s. l'IIlg:II' l.lll'l', llilhlliil' of ilu- llililvln- Sli-IIuIri:Il l'lllll't'll Ill'lllIl1ll tlu- lllll'll0l' l'l'lllll tlu- IIIItIII'iIII1s SI-I'lIIul:I Sul! WIII'l4s-l"liII.x' .Xin l fliitti-1"'l pi-I' l'lil'llIl'Il tlu- l't'l'l'lllllllX. Mr. lNl:II'gI-it w:Is :itll-IIIII-Il ily llr, Xl'illiI- lllllllllllli' of lSiIIi,flI:InIlIIII Nt:ItI-, whili- lIis sim- Iu-I'iIIg.f lIi'iIlI- w:Is follnwr-Il up tlu- :IislI- lly Ruth Nlnrtoii Jlllll lll'l' l'illll llilllj' ut' II-n :IirIl:IlI-s. WWI- llIl1'lIll.ll Nlrs. WlIIl'Lfl'll I-ImtiIlI-Il, "to I-:IisI- :I t':IlIIily Int' I-lu-I-I'lI-:IIII-I's,7' Welliver, Adrian Wed, "Marriage Of Convenience", Bride Announces Aniu- WI-lliu-I' llI-I't'iIIi,L' ll:Ilu-litI- NliIIIII-t .lniu-s WI-llix'I-1' w:Is wI-Il in I-l:IlIIII':ItI- riti-s lllllily to AIlI'i:III, llul lyiwoil I-lntlu-s lll'Hlg'lll'l'. S:IiIl tlu- llruli- lu III:ItI'IIII lllillll Int lununl' All lll'll1' l"I'iI'li Nliisliiiiluiiini-i', "l lou- .XIlI'i:In lu-'s so i.fII.Y.7l 'l'lu- thiiwl lu-st IlI'I-ssI-Il in tlu- I1:I.tiIIiI IIlSll von tirli-Il tlI:It thu iII:Il'I'i:IgI- w:Is mostly t'IIr voiivi-Iiim-I1I-I-'s s:IkI-. llIll'lllLf tlu- I-I-rI-nuniim-s, XIIi'nl:In Smith, :I giu-st, f:IintI-Il. llI- w:Is flu- ,iIIIlg'I- ut' :I lhl'Illli.X' voivjtm-st to follow :It'tI-l'w:II'Ils Illlil Ifoillillill III:IliI- up his llllllll lllllltlll l'IllI l'x lllN xllll ltix ai- -- I-. V. '. ' I. lu .,. I-ny, Sully R4-I-III'Il Illlll hlIIl'll'Vll l'itI-lI I-I'. 'l'II :ulwl lu tlu- I-oIIft'IIsioiI, :I nu-s- Nl'llf.fl'l' :II'I'ivI-Il witlI QI-ws llI:It thn- sturk w:Is laiizxing tlu: Znwlm lgflou for tlu- lwc-ntiI-th tinul, l l Avery P. G. After 20 Years, Thinks "Life of Party" Comeback Due l-'III' twenty yI-:Irs Flu Ann H-ll'Illl llll2.flll'HH .XVI-ry who wuwi-Il 'I-in witlI lI1'l' sultry llIIllllll'l' iI1 tlu- '-ll! Sl'Ill0l' l'l:Iy. "l.ifI- of tlu- l':Ii'ty" lI:Is lu-I-n t:IkiIIg.y I-xti-Iision l'Ulll'Sl'S :It H. F. .X. FI-mII l'I'IIfI-ssIII's L:IuI':I .l'll'01ll'l'll'li :IIIII Nlihlri-Il l':Ii'l1I:Ili-0 in lllllTl'N tl1:It :I 4:1-Iiu-llzu-li of tlu- 'flti hit iniglit lu- lll'llIllISl'4l Ivy Mr. litilgilllit-l sIu'I-I-ssIII'. lion l"I-lix. S:IiIl l'l'lllk'lll2ll, Hlllll1'llu .lIIlIIIsIIiI of Miss AYt'l'.YlS :iltitiulr-. "l'IIlllIl liihu Drake Commits Hari- Kari as Wife Puts 0n Thomas Chapeau I l'IItt1IIg his llll'llIll j'l'Slt'l'1l2l.X' with :I pit-I-v of vlllllllflllli 'l':II' l,IllN'l'. NIIIIII5' lll'2lli4'l'llllIllllli1'll sI1iI-iIlI- :IftI-I' his ll'll:1'2llllH'lll'l'1l in tlu-ir llll2ll'lllll'lli ll't'Jll'lllLf Inu- of tlu- lllilllillxlllllg' 5lt'l'l'l 'lllIltlll1lH 'LI':II'oIIsI-l'l lI:Its. Sll'l'l'i I'lI-:Iiu-I' IZIIII Anglo foniul tlu- luuly of tlu- t'oI'nu-I' lll'IIl'j'lVl'lQIlll luuxing vlllllllll of tlu- wIIrlIl llll tlu- llIIX'l'lllQ'lli wlu-rv XIIrnI:I ll'llHlllll'll lI:IIl SlllDX'0ll his luuly 2Il:ll'l' :I riotoiis party :It tlu- luunu- nt' rusiiu-tii' ly1'INlll Alum- ll:Ix I-Iii-Iirt. Williams Re-Divorced Claus Cals in Court To Swap Husbands "Toss IIt'l' :I NluIIIsI-" lNl:Ii'gI- Wil llJllllS ll'lllI lll'l' twenty Sl'1'llllll I'IIiIsI- vutivm- Ilivoiw-v llL'l'l'K't' iII RI-I'III'IlI-I' Ht:InlI-,V lhlilylhl t'lllll'l this 2ll:ll'l'll1lllll frunl U-lllj,flll'Illl,U il ll1'l'lllll iII tlu- North Wmuls. 'iliiglli-:IIl" ll1lllIl'JlllX I'III1lIl not :Imu-:II' in t'Ulll'l, hut IEIIII xll'SSl'lIl.1'l'l' ill'l.flll'4l tlu- l'ilSl' with siu-li I-IIltIlI':Il l:Il1I,5II:Ig'I- :Is lu- pix-lu-Il up IIII his "liI'st-I'l:Iss t1':Ix'I-ls Zllllllll tlu- XY4ll'lll-M Also llll tlu- IlIu'kI't W:Is tlu- I-:Isv ut' tlu- llillllllllll-ljill'l'l'll0ll l'l:IIIsI-sf l'l:II1s vs. fll2IllS. NWI- lV2llll tu sw:Ip lIIIslI:IIIIls," tlu-y tnlfl tlu- pri-ss. S:IiIl lu-wilili-I'I-Il liulrlmil-s, 1Alllll1'll Illlll Nl'llWL'lllill'l', "Life is lon nuu-h with ns. llughes Flies Rocket Ship Through Cladiola Greenhouse .Xtoin pilot li:I5' lluglu-s. tlivr for tlu- RI-IIIII-lls R II I- li I- t liziilwziys lIlllllQ.l'l'll into tlu- I.-:l:Iss iiulnstry Qtlu- NlillI-I'-l'I-tzlcv lll:IIliIIli Nol:II'iunIil iII :I tl-st tlight illllilf' to provn- lllill lilll' I'I-tt g'l:Iss is lirr-:Ili:ilIlI-. lt is. lII tlu- g:I'I-I-IIlIII1IsI- :It tlu- tinu- llnglu-s gliili-Il onto il ll't'l'lIllllllll, wI-I'I- Ll'Ill'4lt'll0l' lion l"1'osIIlIuu-, pv- tIIIIi:I-III-lIyIl1'zItI-I' "lush" lilllllillllil :IIIII tlu- UlYllUl'S. NI-:II'lIy in :I lllilflllllll lltllllfj' llllllll' listn-ning to N:Ilx':Ition .lrniy lYlll.fll'l', .lnhn lhllll'l'lQ.fl'llSNll, s:It .Xlivv llilllilllilll. "1lIIoIl lilllilll w:Is lu-I' Ilnllv 1'Hlllllll'lll wlu-n tlu- lllillll' l'l'IlSll llll. MacNitt Designs Murals for EFA lavatory Walls l'l:II':I "'l'lu- lil'llSllll lll:II'Nitt. l'llI'- :ItIII' of tlu- llowmly lllllll'l'X, wus given :I I-uiiiiiiissimi hy SllIl0l'lllit'll4lt'llf of Nl'llU0lN lhlJll'lllil Witukh-wil-z to Ilo- sign llllll'illS for tlu- snunki--Ilaunalged EFA l:Ix':Itoi'iI-s. llill:I lll'ilYl'S oop- Iu-Il tlu- juli of tiiigm-1'-l1:IiIItiIIg the w:IslIIIIIw!s, lIIIt w:Is fun-I-Il to sacri- tivi- it lM'1'2llINl' slu- I-luiu-Il with one of tlu- ,i:IIIitIII's, so Russ- Colo, rv- llUWllQ'll sump I':Il'x'I-r. tnurli Iwi-l'. Solomon's Fire- side Chats Are "Bane of Radio" --OPA Ford , , --Y I hliillll' ot llilllllb HlII'll'li1'1l Ul'.X Ifhii-f l':IIIl l'llll'll Iwi-1' tlu- win-li-ss Xl'Sll'l'llIlj' I-vm-IIiIIg', :Iftm-I' lu- h:ul lu-on pin-lu-Il to pil-cus hy tlu- :Iptly-plIr:IsI-Il Ilinlugiu- of "lliI'IlsI-yI- Yu-w" Solo' nuun, l'l'lll2lll' lll'XYSi'2lSll'l'. Also imlig.-5 llillll :It tlu- IlisI-ussiIIII of his t:Iliing.f lurilu-s front lh.l2ll'gill'L'l ihlllllilj' tu il'Zll' up Illt'llll'l'N of lu-In :IIIIl Miss IllnI'I':Iy, was Pllgllll'l'l"llll0iUlI Nlillm-r who s:IiIl lu- w:Is gwniiig to ,iunip ull' llrowii- sts-in's llriIlgI-, Iliil so, :liul took :I piv- llll't'1lf it whih- lIII1'tliIIg tliroiigli tlu- :III'. YOGI BAY WINDOW HOFFMAN SELLS HAREM T0 HUR BROWN mu N I ll.lll.'Zll'illlllS wi-rv 4'ltllllll0ll'll tu- Il:Iy for ll'2lllSl'l'l' of Illl I-ntirv llIll'l'lll of l'Igypti:II1 vutiu-s, ilu-lIIIliIIg1 oll'illl ll:IlIlwiII, lA'lltll'l' l'lll'lll'illl. l':llllll'l' Young, :IIIII li:II'lI:II':I lil-I-I-lu-I' hy Yo- gi .hlllllwl liny xvlllllllll' lltllllllllllll to lll'll llnr llrown. l Suppressed Desires What do the suave and sophisticated seniors want to be doing after ten years have rolled by? What are their hopes, ambitions, and suppressed desires? We quizzed a number of Forty-sixers on this subject and needless to pay came up with some startling answers. Bette Keigler-expects to "live alone and like it." Bob Shaffer-wants to lcommit the perfect crime. Sara Antell-"I hope td go to Finland and visit my relatives." Dick Allen-will own his own home in the suburbs of a large city, and have a private airplane landing strip in his backyard. Franpies Moffe-is packing for a trip to Italy. She will bring back with her a tall, curly-haired -1 with ue eyes. Glenn Sherwood-plans to write a book on psychology for women . . . on how to handle men. Edith Baker-has the alim to meet the man of her dreams-He is tall, smokes a pipe, and wears a tweed jacket. t Beverly Baylor-wants to go to Paris and "buy ust oodles of clothes." A Dolores Colucci-plans to travel by air in ten years to all the places devastated by war. Mary Catherine Agan-thas always wanted to be a detective and solve the almost-perfect crime. Tony Schwenkler-hasl no ambition. Clinton Case-will accoinpany Eugene Kilmer on a trip to the moon. .lean Blanchard-sees herself as a librarian with a sizable fortune from fines collected. Phyllis Blandford-hopes to make a tour of all Europe. Jean Kosloski-wants to own a mansion, a convertible, and a swimming pool. Ray Cicconi-wishes he could be chief cook at the Waldorf Astoria. Sally Reidy-will be cohtent only when she can be a nurse and marry a handsomedoctor. Richard Schornstheimer-will take over the management of the Mark Twain Hotel. Alfred Keough-expectis to be buzzing Elmira in his own plane. Joan Danzig-will be rriaking a world-wide lecture tour as the author of the "Great American Novelf, John Gray-wants to own the grocery store down the street. Mary Barbieri-will originate a startling hair fashion . . . The Barbieri Bob. Patricia Varn-aims tolcommute from her mink farm in Alaska. Thomas Jessick-hopesj to be reclining under a tree. Anna Corbo-would probably faint if she got the chance to see Bing Crosby in Hollywood. J oe Davis-plans to design bridges that will withstand atomic bombs. Bob Messenger-will be batting out copy for "The Hobo Newsf, Marjorie Lilholt-as a ciourt secretary, will "see all and hear all" at sensational trials. Charles Mendenhall-wants to be a businessman in the land of the Wabash. Janet Stemerman-willbe happy only if she is behind the wheel of a Greyhound bus scaring motorists and pedestrians alike. - James Hoy-hopes to be a . . . censored. John Beam-aims to doctor horses, dogs, cows and any beastie that comes his way. Priscilla Barlow-will be a second Betty Crocker. Bob Dickinson-wants to be communing with the pine trees in the jungles of Africa. Gladys Shutts-visualizes herself attempting to imbue jazz-loving teensters with a love for long-haired music. -C-183 'V .lin '50 , . all' ,,d"""""' BHS? QQ aw. ,...A...lP AL llvnr In us !Illl'I1-YS. Tlzis sflmol ami all fls walls. Tllllllqlf PIWI' lrflll Us stay. Fair f,'.F.f1. WIIIIPII Il'!' arf' gow' from 11100. S1171 llmu, shall vrer be. FfIfl'PSf on Inna' nuff sea, llvnr l','.l"..f1. 1 .wfqglz A MATER Our lmarls may well griew. S0 50011 I0 part jrnm thee. But rival' 0111 school. lufliew. f , h A, We re Iruc' alzm-x.x. True lmarls ami fI'l't?lIllS zrvll-n1f'l. Thy vlzarms are 1l'l.fll us yet. Nor can we e'0r forget Fair F.F.A. KXW , M, aw: -fn' 51-pf-f"":""" """'! ' ,4'f M ,ww pwjoymzym Mfgff gA"f2f"lff'4 MMM 86 I I I POHSOTS Mr. and Mrs. William C. Petzke DeFillippo Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Flynn Mr. Pasquale Limoncelli Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. Larkin L. H. Rosenbloom Mr. and Mrs. Elmer S. Rohde Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Hanmhle Mrs. Arherta Gowdy Eleanor V. McMahon Mr. and Mrs. David V. Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Corho Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Walter John Lorgan Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Murray Mr. anq Mrs. C. M. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lakin Mr. and Mrs. John I. Diveny Mr. Vincent J. Clune Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Varn Mr. and Mrs. Earle W. Barrett Mrs. Cdtherine E. Ford Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Parmelee Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schwenkler Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Ott Mr. andz Mrs. Charles H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Angle Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Woods I I I Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs George P. Rohde Harold I. Frederick Charles A. Hughes Edgar Denton E. C. Nobles F. J. McFarland Gideon Tropp Gladston Mrs. Stanton J. Hess Mrs. J. W. Oil-lara Mrs. Kirtsel Kistler Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Dr. Dr. J. G. Mr. and Mr and Mr and Mr and A Friend Mr. and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Dr. and Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton J. Case George N. Blanchard C. Walter Luce B. C. Leah Jerry Meany Andrew Colucci Ross G. Rogers Philip Gutterman Elton J. Wade S. Stemerman H. M. Messenger. Sr. M. Casson Francis I.. Rohde A. B. Helmkamp Emory Donelson Stephen Prokop A. F. Cesari Harry L. Hanmore Mrs. Fstelle Danzig Advertisements ,... 'Q fg, EANTHTO UPPVN PQT'0l"1 ATQM Gun 05 ,.,,,..-phi 3N'd'1d Szlvw o.L08 J . ,Q PN N5 I X, XJ , - - ' . - - . , fr. 1.1. I .- .-U-,iii...f:.. : .I ...:,-sit.. .. l. xx, I Q I "I 1 ' 1 J Q-'ts 'I . -' ' ."', Q.. r - Q Y' 5 "'. I. ..'.- ' gn -' fr. 1, .'.A,-,1.',.,..-.tm-A.: -540-Lb! gf. 9 Q ' NN. ' D-' 1' :-'- WIA ' h E JK xt' v' u' 4 i ' . I'-3 U-rua :FJ 'ff ",' .. ul a"' "Zi 911. 'll'- H n 1 ' I I " ' '.- 1 :f-.xw'.'t. 'K 'ni '."L, xr-. 1. -.. ' - 1. A31-.15-.,x n-:,.-1-5.-.xg.', . . ' x x . '. '. ' 5 - ' ' f .X v ' ,s , v Y -+387 BEST WISHES from WARD LAFRANCE MOTOR TRUCKS TROLLEY COACHES FIRE APPARATUS WARD LAFRANCE TRUCK D1V1s1oN LGREAT AMERICAN INDUSTRIES, INC. T ELMIRA, NEW YORK T 5 1 I Class of '46 Take Your World . . . and Make It Better! You, as the First class since 1941 to finish high school in a world at Peace, have been granted a glorious opportunity! You were pld enough to sense the horror and futility of modern war . . . with its robot planes . . . atomic bombs . . . its grief . . . cruelty . . . destruction . . . and death. You were young enough to possess the courage, enthusiasm and idealism neces- l . . sary to transform your hatred of war into an enduring Peace. America has been given the key role in the formation of the new world order. You are soon to be the leaders of America. Yours is the privilege of spreading justice andl freedom throughout the world. We have seen many of you at work in our store. We like your wholesome appearance . . . your youth and laughter. You have helped out mightily in this wartime emergency to keep the wheels of our economic system turning. YV e hope you have enjoyed your association with us. We hope you have found that we, top, are young in heart . . . and are trying to do our job with enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility to this community. l 1 1 . Class of 446 . . . we congratulate you on your accomplishments . . . and join with you working for a better world. ' Q szard's -6f89 90 How wsu CAN You JUGGLE MONEY? O learn the trick, you must separate your income into parts. One part is for essential living expenses, another for emergencies, one to earn income, others for home ownership, etc. Until you learn this basic principle, you will never have enough money to juggle with. CHEMUNG CANAL TRUST CO. ELMIRA, N. Y. 1Congrat14lati0r1s, Class of 1946-- IVIOMO'S ACCORDION SCHOOL Established I9I8 THE OLDEST AND MOST RELIABLE ACCORDION SCHOOL IN THE SOUTHERN TIER CHOOSE YOUR ACCORDION FROM THE BEST STOCK MOMO'S ACCORDION SCHOOL 829 Lincoln Street Dial 2- xo 5 5 ELMIRA, NEW YORK PERRY and MAXCY Fire Insurance COR. BALDVVIN AND E. SECOND STS. TICICPIIOITE 5 177 92? UNIVERSAL Electric Vacuum Cleaners Electric Washers Electric Ranges XXX -MCl.f0U.fflN,r4l0 9 fa we I Q' ' - Qu . N rw 193V Xl .EAS wvl 1 ANL Distribwfor A105 -ff PJ Vs 4. X ,APVA ,. . XCAL SUVVEWS zbmfl, Iilefififal ELECW "WW f1KCtton,m, f XXX' 'War f Sl' 44 . N f Radios MAD: EN AM:mcA . Refrigerators X 6lMl5A.NEW'mQ+ Freezer Chests See the Famous CLIPPERS FOR 1946 SIX, EIGHT AND DELUXE EIGHT, SUPER EIGHTS, CUSTOM AND DELUXE NEWTOWN MOTOR CORP. FUEL OIL STOKERS 5:58 CQAL CI-IARCOAL OIL BLIRNERS 2 33 22- Z -' PENNA. AVE. "TWICE SCREENED COAL" , Y i 2 AD- R L! ,, , COMPUMENTS L 3 HOTEL LANGWELL O14 X 1 1 Efminfs Most Friendly Hotel H. STRAUSS, Inc. A L In N. Khin Sn-ect Our new function room ' now available ELNIIRA, NEVV YORK 1 Outyqtters to W , Call 7I3I NTEN, YOUNG NIEN O and BOYS 3 N CARL XVOLFF, flflgr. L L 9419+ COMPLIMENTS l OF WELLIVER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF ELMIRA ARMS CO. Elminfs .Most Interesting Store an ar as II7 North Main Street Dial 8I28 -:'9.::- so EIHCATIUJ Youf Greatest Asset! Congratulations, Class of '46, lxlay many of you be able to continue your education. by attending college. May' none of you ever cease seeking to leaml Elmiga Bank 5 Trust A Company A Murine Midlcmd Bunk MEET ALPERT and WEAR DIAMONDS A L P E R T ' S Credit lcwelers and Opticians ELMIRA CORNING CORTLAND L NVITI-I ALL GOOD WISHES from the GGRTON COY Elmimk Home of Ffzsbimz LOVELL'S GIANT SUDA ' EL- ELVIIRA Labels Boxes 61 F M HOWELL 8 CO ELMIRA NY eff Afdverfising ...E-L'6!'yfbi7Ig lVitl9 Which to Build" LINN S. CHAPEL CO Inc. COAL LUMBER BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Sr 1-11 11-Stu-l Quonscn Buildings Electric Appliances Dial 5191 1040 Caron Avcnuc Elmira. N. Y. I I ., .Y,,,,, I COMPLIMENTS I OF I I CHAS. F. EVANS I , Co. I359 East Fifth Su-ccr I I I U II I ,d EYE I EE SAVE YOUR MONEY in- THE ELMIRA SAVINGS BANK ZII East Water Street I I FIDIQILITY MUTUAL LIFE INS. Co. I qE,f,Ibzf,bed 18785 CoIIfIPI.l5'rE LIFE PROTECTION Sroo PCI1 lvlonth-Disability for Life lllloo pc-I1 lXlontl1-Family Protccthion 55100 PCYI lvlonth-Retirement for Life I Gcncral Agcm fur Southern New York NVILLIAM E. MURDOCK I Manager I AUTO --FIRE GENERAL INSURANCE Cainpbell-Murdock I 5 Co., Inc. Qlfstablisbed 18685 302-303 Sniydcr Blclg. Dial 2-4373 I Bmutify Your Home ARTISTIC LANDSCAPING P. MUCCI 63 SON QSIW, Lincoln Street Phone QI73 EVERGREENS SI-IRUBS I I I 961 I 6830 ICE QBEAM COMPLIMENTS A-f V OF GENERAL ICE CREAM DE LUXE COMPANY CLEANERS 735 Buldwl S EDGCOMBYS CHARLES F. HUGHES AND SON Best Place To Save on FUNERAL HOME QUALITY FURNITURE CHARLES A. HUGHES, Prop. 161 N. Ivfain Sm-ex E,mg,1f,b,,,,g ,896 Elmira 311 Lake Street 1 4324 9819+ I EIXfIPIRE FOODS INCORPORATED I I Whblesaler: and Distributors GROCERIES f FRLIITS and VEGETABLES I I BEVERAGES I 1 I Phone 61 1 1 I COMPLIMENTS TO Class of '46 YOUR DEPARTMENT STORE I ELIVHRA -- Alufays Reliable T HORNELIL BINGHAIVITON I I 1 TEV BUILD BETTER WITH I WHAT YOU SAVE -,AT.. IWHIPPLES LLIMBER YARD ' Lake Street Phone 8169 IVby Have Your Home COLD IN WINTER HOT IN SUMMER? Better See the CLLITE MOTOR for EAGLE PITCHER INSULATION l I I I i 1 They go together COMPLIMENTS OF MARK TWAIN HOTEL l , Bottled by Elmira Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc. To Our Subscribers 1 This section of the book represents the interests of Elmirals best merchants, Only by means of their advertisements has it been possible to sell this yearbook at about one-half cost. Consider them in preference to others. They have done their bit toward our success E ' V SELECTING A MEMORIAL flrffl, may be a difficult task if left until necessity calls. You ' 4. . I S, can avoid worry and distraction by planning your f3ga I EQ memorial program without haste. . Mfr-5 - -. --.Q 1 bib- Build while you live. Leave not to others a choice "Z sxgxuw' W.. Qs nth '..A. ,pn ' , H, . , 3,1 . -, -.kr rig ty yours. 5' , -.235-."2':f, ,, .fifty-.,L ' -fs-' Milne s Memorial Studio - - ---- -Q 1 A " Us IIO5 Walntit Street, Elmira, N. Y. Dial 5569 -:El 99 O0 I 1 I Friendl Metzger E1 Co., Inc Txleat Vegetables, Poultry, Fish Oysters and Clams Sansa , Bologna, Liverwurst and i Frankfurters, etc. Dial CLI47-5148-5I4Q 164-166 Lake St. Q V , ,i ,. . ,,, 7 Compliments of U Mark Twain Gown Shoppe, Inc. hlark Twain Hotel Elmira, N. Y. Telephone 4823 K.-x1'HEmNi5 B. SCHNEIDER I . I UT-, . v s Lulzcbcs -- Soda.: - Drugs I Federation Pharmacy I E. C. I. MARKS, Proprietor ,,, ,,,,,, Iayne's Dress Shop 116 W. VVater Street Dial 2-3481 -L..----, - so MAYTAG WASI-IERS KELYINATOR mi PHILCQ 'REFRIGERATORS I , Young s Hardware l :IO4-106 Lake Street Compliments Of K0backer's ,Q 7, I I Horwitz Bros. I :loo E. Church Street I ELMIRA, N. Y. I FINE and COARSE I PAPER I f, -g?,,, ,,,,. -W , Compliments of Henbest Insurance Service 312 East Water Street IIMMIE SAYS - Exclusively in Elmira Michaels-Stern Worsted-tex Hart-Schaffner 81 Marx Botainy 500 Tailored by Dflroff Frank's Clothes Shop Main at First Elmira, N. Y. Lagonegrds Pipe Shop Pipes--Pouches and Lighters Coffee Soda Bar 157 LAKE ST. The El-,Ric Shop LENDING LIBRARY Greeting Cards -0 Stationery - Books 103 West Church Street Dial 2-7330 Open Evenings Until 9 P. M Loomis 65 Hall Studios PORTRAITS - FRAMES PHOTO SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING 364 N. Main Street Advertiser Iob Printery, Inc. "Printing for Every Purposen Iulia B. Murphy APPAREL SHOP 122 W. Market St. lust off Main St. 218 Baldwin Street Dial 2-2787 C l ' . om? 'mem Iustin B. McCarthy of Funeral Home I W I S . D' l 88 N 3 hilt I 13 5 O I +51 101 102 l-LV T -, ?"' , . Elmira I . C m l' t' Drug and Chemical Co. 0 P 'mm A 157 Baldwili St. Phone 4248 gf CHQMICAL GLASSWARE Q RING STANDS Werdenberg s And other Chemical Supplies I Y 2 Ar SU, -fa T le Handy Shop It Peascs Us to Please You Comphmcms - I Quality Groceries - Notions E o Schotml Supplies - lce Cream i and Toppings lce-Cold Carhonatecl Beverages Hudson Shoe Co. IIS Hollnian St. Dial 2-QI62 I I l , , i .,7,,, I i Blanchard Bros. Compliments of M. Doyle Marks E3 Son Elmimlv Ola' Reliable lllusic Store 309 East Water' Street X37 Langdon Plaza Dial 6186 FURNITURE RUGS 14210 Grand Central Ave. SANl 1 ED NATE l l I, , I Schanaker's Diners l ELMIRA mul VVFLLSBORO, PA. I Good Plares to Dine I State Grill Flmirals lllozlern Restazlrmlt STEAKS CHOPS SEA FOODS 133 F. Watt't' Street-- Phone 2-9183 l I l Compliments of Congratulations to SEEDS PETS i and Crispin Library SUPPLIES 209 W. Water Street Limoncelli Compliments Z I P P E R of Replacement and Repairing Elmira Miffgf Wgfks 221 W. Water Street 248 W. VVater Street 2-9454 M 1 l l WARMEST GREETINGS ! FOR SMART APPAREL from DOUHCC C031 Co. Lggan ,. Rggefs 109 E. Second Street 134 West Water Street H. C. VARN E. B. VARN TT T- Tl SUNDURE PAINT PRODUCTS HEADSALESMEN "DIZ" and "BOB" updintws Wise Sundurizen i of "The Store of Personal Seruicen M' Suskind 8 Sons' Inc' Invite You to See Us Often Wallpaper-Paints-Window Shades To Keep That Venetian Blinds-Art Materials WELL-DRESSED FEELING Phone 2-0888 116 Lake St. ELMIRA, N. Y. 4 Burt,S, Ing. I 103 104 HI' Weld's Pharmacy WEST ELMIRA'S COMPLETE DRUG STORE I School Supplies, Stationery I lcc Cream I Vitamins, Drugs I I WHITES for Graduation SPORTSWEAR for Play Tots E3 Teens I4 Turner Bldg. 4 I A 1 L , I- W-, ,W ,,,,-., FINANCE YOUR AUTO A Through the MCYCEIBHLS Acceptance Corporation ELIllIRA, NEW YORK - L+, L, L ,-,- 1 Compliments of YOUR Liberty Shoe Store 105 E. Water Street L ,L p, L, L L, CHEMUNG VALLEY MILK I '-t' Compliments Return EBottlcs at Each Delivery To Your Milkniarm of 5 .Ti Chempng Valley Milk Diqtributors, Inc. -1 .-. ,L YY,, ,-. I Holly Funeral Home LL I Compliments I Of Spaulding Bakery Brady Electric, Inc. ELECTRICAL SUPPLY, IOBBERS 255-259 State St. ELNIIRA, N. Y. Phono 9191 I I I. H. Carroll Motor Co. Dial 5184 DODGE md PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS DODGE TRUCKS Baldwin at Gray Elmira, N. Y. Kosmicki Bros. 400 W. Washington Ave TOBACCO - CIGARS COSMETICS - PHOTO SUPPLIES PAPERS and MAGAZINES PRO-IOY ICE CREAM McKESSON 86 ROBBINS PRODUCTS RICHFIELD HI-OCTANE GASOLINE Elmira Oil Co. 616 William Street RICI-ILUBE OIL Compliments of Aster Candy Store Compliments of Compliments I Blue Goose Gift Shop 0 f BEAUTIFUL GIFTS GI'0ffO INTERIOR DECORATING Rollercade 209 College Avenue I ELMIRA, N. Y. ' SUCCESS TO IOY Automatlcs ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY IO8 East Church Street GRADUATES We HW Rossi's Bakery LATE POPULAR RECORDS Tea Room NEW and USED Bowling Alleys 1061? I W, , . Rosenbaum's SMART "c,,f01y,f' FROCKS for Grpcluation and Class Day Exblusiue in Elmira with 'ROSENBAUNVS Swan 6 Sons-Morss Co. Inc. INSURANCE - ALL LINES Corner Lake :ml Water Streets Hulezt Building ELMIRA, NEW YORK FOR' EVERY OCCASION KINNEY SHOES I l35-L37 West Water Street Pipe Welding Supply Co Distributors ACETYLENE and OXYGEN GAS and ELECTRIC WELDING SUPPLIES 612 William Street Elmira, N. Y Dial 2-2944-Night Calls 8903 IS - ' Compliments 0f I Serv-U Sav-U I I D L, Y IVY. W YV Y. -- White- Star Coach Line : lI6 Fox St. BUS 'SERVICE BETWEEN ELMIRA-ITHACA Special Trips to Any Point Group Party Athletic Teams Call 4100 or 8879 Operated by Stanley and Iohn Mckos Drink Fawn Beverage ELMIRA, NEW YORK L Shreibman's BLUE COAL HEAT REGULATORS 1- and 1 DIAMONDS WATCHES 5 T O K E R 5 KIRK STERLING SILVER Iewelers Since 1893 214 East Water Street Chemung Coal CO. 299 East Washington Avenue Dial 6268-2-4500 State Flower Shop IOS State Street I Flawers for ,411 Ommom N. COLLATOS, Prop. I l Phone 2-9471 Elmira, N. Y. Compliments INTERIOR5 by Of . , MOFIISOH S I SOUTHERN KITCHEN ELMIRA1 N' Y' l 1O-212 VV. Gray St.-Phone 2-5666 1 lm' In my 'I Z' . Compliments EOR A TR11v1-sL1M 1 Of NIORE GLAIXIOROUS LOOK W I-IILDA SCI-IIVANE'S Katherine K. Corset Shop IO2 East Water Street . ELMIRA, NEW YORK l Smart Woman's S1400 Main Street ELMIRA, N. Y. l08l9v- I t -, , we i -, E l SMART HARRY D. FEAN STUDENTS CHOOSE R REALTOR T l ' RENT -.- SALES - APPRAISALS I ,M l C' ' 1 . CLC! ' l y LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH ME Q 1 KNOW THE BUYERS Particularly , 812 VValnut Street i Dial 7431 ICE CREAM l ,Q ANAIQUNCING, ' me noir, ,R Z COAS7Z'2 364156 Made by the manufacturers of the famous Morrow Brake, the Bendix Coaster Brake has behind it Eclipse Machine Division's forty years of experience in the building of bicycle brakes, plus the engineering resources and facilities of the Bendix Aviation Corporation, Americas foremost maker of brakes, for the automotive and aviation industries. For more fun and greater safety in cycling, give yourself "a real brake" . . . equip your bike with a Bendix. Only the Bendix Coaster Brake Has All These Features Stops quicker-coasts longer 0 Longer Lite-trouble-free performance 9 Lightweight-easier pedal- ing 'Simplicity of design-fewer parts 0 Easy to put together and take apart 0 Self-aligning brake shoes 0 Sealed against dirt and water 0 More efficient braking-requires less pedal pressure and travel 0 Every brake factory tested. Eclipse Machirie Division --f Bendix Aviation Corporation ELMIRA. NEW YORK I 1 aka Gommerciaf Tren PRINTERS OF "THE TORCH" OFFERS ITS DEPENDABLE SERVICE TO ALL WHO DESIRE QJri1zH1zq wiflz gyresfiqe 380 SOUTH MAIN STREET ELMIRA, NEW YORK 1l0lf" ! QOH one S T U D I O PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTIGN Your photographs in this book are the work of our 'l s. XVL- w W l sincerely hope that all thc-sc photographs will perpetuate thc mcmory 7 1 of happy days spent at k fELlVllRA FREE ACADEMY l I of having served you. f s GQLD TUNE STUDIQ Q04 VV. Vvaler Sl. Phmlf 9--745' Elmira, N. Y. i 1 H i:2ifS2++.N wk, Qiiisgixii pglfvibjb 'gf Mwwdw ' 1.9 TMJ MUJZQYU O' Wa' QANSRVQYNWQXM wwlifwiiiiw JW RWM? Jv0'QQW,"SL'lw WNV L ,, W vrggqiww Viy '7 'X M 1 K 1- . H 1 w . 1 " W JP' W vf M HJQWQM fpgwfff, MWM4 a A ,Fw f 'FS A , H ,5 :A ,fa,'..h- , H55 2 I 1, . ' I T ' I 31.17 I . -img, X I .- 1 I 5,1 WL- N 1' . ' -S" - . 4 .:' Pfi "' . - I ,,,,::.,, ,, 1 - ' ,M ,' f , ' X ,V . I k I , I, V' ,, rg , p"l-7 Y ' . 9.4 11.-.wx le'M:'L?Ei f"g'm+ '.f .P- LH .,,. 1 ' I ' ,M Y Il 1 35 " qt 'ix x 1""b Q V ' . QL ,C kf A QQ ,. gg . D :, A I ' Q ., ' ' 47' D 1 ' l I 1 ,Q 0 ' I U " ' 5- 5 V N' f'1g?l'?i-.L: 4 f ' f ff- - -rv 3 , I 5 ,:,r,,. ,tif ' .... I A N , w Mg., V .. 4 Av,'ljf W Lak q, R ,'. L. ,m-flilif 1,.....3I.. ff: I' ni: .23 . ,A A 52164. L. ,vm Mow may JW M57 ffm s AM ? 2 wwf Wffgf lffwwf ,wwf fwqg -f , dfif-wg ' ,?3wf. ,mf . W wg Q M.,4 MA, WU W , af-nfwf amp.. 7'--ff . ' jgbfpm W dwfffwk fm' 0 dk F 53 ly. fffgmfl51+93'5f5f?'ja,,ff,,f:2fW 19 4 if 4, ,ff XX, n Wvpw If 1573 '1DWWW'f 3 V' 2 MM' -4!:w'V! "QB VQHYX? my ,JQ1 'ig QMWJMQQETQK 3:3 3 Q N. Hip, Q' UQ gg Wy V A 54 5 2 QW W .nk xffg,,,pf' L0 14, MQ M fb, aomwww jf? MW MWMWEA Wgwwfww' MWMW WWM4 W W XWQWU ag' JVMA6 ,L 2 EEK Mx xii! g-'G' --'K' sick., aug 1 '11 QL6 fgrq, 'B'-c SX img ky? H QQUW Wi? QQ MW QQ X Q ' ' K 4 I Q, Q ' X ,U V .. 4, M? bl . K1 x I X W x . V- CEN V E f l . '11 I? , x , . ' ii X if K Af, L KM, v, . "X 5 3 QQ , Q rj Q4f ' , V A7 X A . v 1 ' h , C' ' X A 1 23' Q X I . g L C 1 Q 2 Q Q! L , C Qu, KY? X5 Z C2411 CCC", . A X , , ., 21 . ,Lf X V E I OX , 73 yeff "J -' C' fl ., A 1' ' ,Map-gw -gr E X , Avvl I

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