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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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M Rf rf K fx W W wi Q5 QKQNSNX x Q Xj if V 1 A X v r 5 x S Q gw A , 3 if X ' ,N 3 V . X 13 R QA -I i es X. Xb fu, '7 21, Dwi ' jk if x46 , "B I, - , 5 .. .1 LJ , -. N, ' .-, ' 5 . wx ' "5 X YA ' X - 3 " L Xxx "-- -.,. , f xJ x A - x J N- X. X 1 , Q ue? ff 'S' - wr' .' f ' '- .:,.. . ,-ug .. ' P w..f . ": , '- ,, 2'1" '1 ' 'f- "A' 1. .' , ' ' ' N' - 5' wi, w -f ' :. , . fy , 5 I ,N Liiggf A i , 0 ' Q Y J WQWM ,gag O' W 9 n ' SQ, Grab, f T i WM ' 'Y K" Til . wf'UXf If , f f ' :ff -153: 1 - , A ,+ -A ' T ' V X! I I -w ""Qj -.F""'A :iz . if y ,L ' ' 523' Z ff V X 3 I K 4 ' if 4 K A f ' 31 0" V ff S ""' 8 'le ' f'A Q ff" f " I Q + ' f 4 X .w . .CWM K Jr , 3 ? 5' .V 'f , ,,.,q f W xx- H X ,fffff ai f - "xl , H JU X, , . T' ' f, . , f +- 5 , N E, JA, ,yy . 5 Q. - gif . ff V 5 in if Q11 I ff . X MQ., Wig? X7 'XL' ' cf!" ' f J' 1 1 .1 i f 2 l L JW We VV? My ww Q ff Wy f iQ Xb'g,f. J3Jfff,,,13,,, iii? 0' 'fr -J' U 4 Q1 ' - 7. ' , A 'vm . Xxx K 4 X . gvf ,R 3? SNS - X X X X 3 A .ly , - A , f.,4 f ,gl .L Q' x va M '. P' Q ' ms, , L.: ' ,J D 4 ,- I, .Q J . F, W , v .kr X. J, Lv, f 1 ,Q uw A at ,. s ' I 4. ,p,,v- .' 4 . J, w . W -1" 'ff . ' A e 1 M N1 "Sf , - qs tj Q .H 1 , 1 ' '-, .,-:A f F ' ,M 3-: 1 N, ,f- , . ,fr ,.,-, ,, f wk , i,,,, ,, -2, . V- , ' X K '- -,wg-X' ., K 4 9' ' , ,A ' f '-'V ,V '.' ,, gy: : yu' ,A Y f'.f9f f, ' - N il . lm W ,' 'JU -4 . ,. ',.., YW, Af, ,Q , VL ' " 'L ' , c . if ,-. X M nty5v,g,v-.sf Q, . I -Q My-1, . ,,-3 I vt" had 44 A .wiv I J- J 1 ' ' ' . , -1 A 12,1 -gy . .- . ,HE- . ,eg TQv"' -.liifi ' 'Qs tux ...J A f-xx , ,, ,,A,,, ,4,, mf: .g Atv. f, 11' ff""'ll- R W, ' - , . ' Ap,-. 7 ,,, . ,Iv . A ' - W' wif, I ,, K -fr-:H '- 4' .,.. 4 K HV, ,,,,,, ... . x - .Q ig ,g ' ' -X . ggi ,Y AWA ,A ,A '--,Q '1 W ,., nu ,X 1 ,, 2 f I, ,fag , 'X A ,Et ,, .,, 5, L 3 -H il-f N fl X Q- ,ff ."1',2j ff- i., .-,,AiM gn , . fn, 1. V . ,fx A , .M .- ,, Af f. if . .., X . ,.x- , -L ,,..,.. fy, I ,.1""'... I " ff,,, ,v,,. . 5, 1 .. , , ,.,., ' 1 I -,g.w,. Q, f 2, '-f ' ea. , .- f ' ,L . 3., ,',.J 3, .Zn Q, ,KM ,X k fx X -',j.1a,. , .- tub: ,'-if, ,Q . ,T f 1 4 ,. , V 'rf 'iii M4 K- J, r f W .0 ,VP 4 If I 7 Z W1 get Z - f 5 I Q f U3 f Q ,f X X x X if Nlma Maia Dear' to us altuayx, This .vflzaal and all its -walls, T11au'lt nw' 'zoiflz us stay, Fair E. 17. fl. LVl1c1'1 iw are gone from time Still than .vlzali ezw' bc' Fairvxf an laml anal sm, Dear F. A-I. Our lzvarts may well grivz'U, Sa .won to part from 11100, H111 a'car ala' sclzaul lwlic-Iv, ' 7 IVL' rc true alway. Truc llvarfs and f7'lClIllS fzuvllfuzl Thy vlzarms are with us yvf. Nor can we for forgcz' Fair 14. T H E T U R C H of Nineteen Hundred Forty-three pad-fbifzezf iq 7fze Sealed 01644 of Zlmlha awe fqcacfenuf Zbmha, New Weak WWQW Editor-in-Chief ,..... ........... ...... I Q obert ,-Xckles Associate Editor .... ..... ........,..... IV I ary Lou McKensie Business Managers .. Ralph Canter, Barbara Poppleton Art Editor ......... ................,..... I Setty jean Querqui Advisor ................... ............. A nthony A. Schwenkler English Advisor ..... .......................... R ose Kingston Art Advisor ...... .........,,........ E lbert Ryerson Nil z. STI-:1'm-:N PRIDKOIZ Miss Rosh: Krxusmx 6 TO MISS ROSE KINGSTON AND NIR. STEPHEN PROKOP, NVITH SINVERE GRATITUDE FOR THEIR PATIENT ANI! UNDERSTANDING GUIDANCE DURING THE PAST YEAR, THIS "TORCH" IS RE- SPECTFUIIY IJEDIC.X'I'EI7. MQ? Q 3 Q X RM X X Q QNX 4 m RX V X W W l F X AQMWWQ' ff 5 M X + XX XXX X Xl if f wh jf MZ, .D Jfgd' aww DR, H ELM KAM P There is an old saying that if you want something clone. ask a busy man to do it. Besides tackling a full-time job as our school principal, Dr. llelmkamp has given up his personal pleasures and devoted his leisure time to the many tasks connected with the war effort. VYe admire and respect him for performing these duties so well, but we shall remember him most for the personal interest he has taken in us, for his kindness and his patience, and for his genuine friendliness towards us. TO THE MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS: VVhen, in September 1939, you entered the Academy as carefree, happy freshmen, Hitler was invading Poland. That event must have seemed afar off and of little moment to you then. You were juniors when the japanese launched their sudden attack on Pearl Harbor. However eager and patriotic your response,-and it was both,--you must still have felt that the war was primarily the job of older folks, that perhaps the conflict would be over before you had a real chance to take part in it. But so swift has been the rising tide of events, that today, even before you finish your schooling, the pressing needs of total war require our government to reach down into the 'teen age group and call you to an active part in the struggle. Already, many of your comrades are in the armed forces. Some during the past year have seen service in Africa and the South Sea islands of the Pacific. Hardly a boy among you but expects to join one of the armed services in june. Hardly a girl, but sees opportunity for service, immediate and imperative, For all of you, normal peace- time hopes and ambitions must wait upon the performance of war time tasks that brook no delay. A ' To extol youth and to tell them that they are the hope of the future, has, in the past, been a usual part of the sometimes empty rhetoric of Commencement Day speeches. There is no need to tell you that opporunity and duty wait upon you, here and now, with clear and incisive meaning. A task comparable to that given to young men and women in 1776 and 1861 faces you. May you prove worthy of our great historic past and meet the challenge of our day. Your teachers wish you God-speed, great courage, and indomitable will in your efforts to win the victory, a full measure of equity, tolerance, and mercy to help establish a just and lasting peace. May the moral purpose that sustains you during the coniiict be motivated by the desire to "raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair." 'fjoyous you too launch out on trackless seas "Fearless for unknown shores . . ." With a deep and abiding confidence that America is gathering the strength of her youth to fulfill a noble destiny, "Away 0 Soul! . . . Sail forth-steer for the deep waters only ,.... For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared to go, And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all." Sincerely yours, 6745. Ma. Gaiff Fm' his friendsliip :mil the privilege wc hzxvc had in :associating with him, we cxprcss our sincercsl gizmlitiulc lu Mr. Cady. Ma. Ke ' XYQ cxprcss our thanks In M11 Kcrliu for his inlcrcst in our school during our stay Ill the .-Xvacleniy, Sitting: Svllwm-liklo-l'. IIil'st, Itmu-I:-ull, l':l1Iy, II:-lmkzuup, Vulgstll. Xlusml. I':ur1'y. Stumliugfi liawclm-r. Iilzxlivlln-ttf-. NIzu'XIiII:un, XX'iptI1-r, I'illIl'l'44lll. I.:t11g:xx'nl'tI1y, l'1'ukup, Iiyvl I Illl il Na-wnmn. XXX-:nvvr. Nm-num. ICNIQLISII SCPCIXI. SQIICNC filzulys Lf. Qihillllllilll, ,X.I2. Czmmlyn M. Ilolgu X I' Iiztthrvn llztly, 4X.II. Mary II' Xzlily' Ax II ' u IXI:11'1u11 IXIcLzn'ty, hlcztnncttc I . Ilcucl. .X.I,, Kathleen Miucrq .Iulm If. COIQZIII, .'X.I3. Ilclcn XX'. ICIISUII, X I' llorothv Martin, 4X.I1. -IUIIII QYUIIIHS' Mb j .IUIIII X. Ilruoks. Ixnsc IXIIIQSUJII, .'X.I,. X-Ula Slmlm' Us .-Xlmzt I'm'tc!'. ,X.ll, L'I:u':1 IJ. IXIIIIISHII fh.m,L, If' Mmm., Ally IsuImcI M.'NvI:1rtl1x XI X I Q , XI. IiL'2lII'lCL' Izspcy X I AXIW Sum' 'XX' NZIINJICUII Illzmclutlu XI X Iimlzt IE. SIZIIIICYIIIZIII. IX,l2, Iicnncth XXICZIXWJI' f" I5 2' Sitting: Mt-t'artl1y, litkind. Spolxn, Stewart, Nady, Bulger. Brooks. I,Q!ll't'll, lffrig, Ntanrling: IN-ns-l, Pollm-k, XV:-st. Hopkins, Yzlnlluynt-, li1lYTlt'I'UH. BIt'flll!'lf'. I.og:m. ICSW-y. Nlnnmn Stott, llillvr, llnnnu, llolialuov. X Mom-:RN 1.iXNt9L',Xt1liS 1.,x'r1N 'lulia Y. llroolis, ,X.ll. M. Ileatrice lispey, ,-XB. Harriet N. Kellogg, .-XB. Clara IJ. Munson, A.l-3. Yctla Spohn. A.l!. KlATllliMATICS Mary ll. Condon, HS. lilizabc-th Deneen. -X.I1. Ruby Hopkins. .-X.l'5. Mary Stewart, ll.S. Celia N. Stott, All. Harriet Wixon. .X.l3. Stephen Prolcop, MS. Lena ll. Logan, ,-X.l'3. Marion Nlcfarty, AH. SCI IQNCE Sylvia K. Beranek, M.S. Dillon A. Cady. ILS. lfniory Donelson, lfcl.M. Helen Kingston, HS. Silas F. Parry, All. Stephen Prokop, M.S. Anthony A. SCl1WCl1lilf:'l', BLS 1.1!-IRARIAN lilizabeth Eldreclge, 13.5, A ,swf 1 'hi-frgxgr Q 1 E. . i .fi-4 4't312i5 Sitting: llally, Staluterxnaui. Stumlilisri 31111012 1'oi-ter. Park t'tJK1M1iRC1.X1.. 1103112 HCCJNOMIC5 Dorothy Cummings, 11.5 Margaret Donzihoe, A.1'1. Anna 11. Iitkind, 13.5. Mildrecl M. Iffrig, M.5 Annu Nine Inerney, 13.5 Robert Patterson, M.5. Iflizztheth Bartholomew, FINE ART5 Betty Park, 13.5. A11. Iilbert Ryerson, 11.F.A. Terresa Cameron ix'1Z1l'j' C2ll'1I'l2lK1y, 11.5. Irene Dunne, MA. Katherine Pollock, 31.5. Adu Vfest MANUAL ART5 Dztvici XY. Allee, 11.5. Anthony likes, 13.5, Robert Gardner Virgil Lzmgworthy, M..X. Cztsimer Norman Neil A. McMillan George Newman. 11.5. in C.1 Roy 1.. Tucker PH Y51C.-X1. 151 DUCATION Marguerite Van Duyne, M.A. Arthur Hirst XYi11iz1m XVipHer. MS. -'31 15 fif- ?f Tf? WW WM 'W WW Mwwmj 353 1wWwMMff5gZWf 3W,,? wwwffffffyfy W' MJWZQQWW ZWWMWW M wQmgzQMf?Effw fNW9WfgEkfl,ffMQfUff'MfjfjiwffjWffd gfwwiiwpf, WL . ig -' W. .vE . 453, ' ,, . .4 ,A ,L' 1 Z-5 tv . 1 'N ,YG X2 4 . , uf Ky- -1 -:Q W W 7 2, f 5, f K ' 2 X aj SMLQ, X . Smm Glaaa .Jhaiwf In 1940 we timidly entered the halls of the Elmira Free Academy for the first time. "Green" to this new life, we elected James Wilson, for president, Barbara Allison, vice-president, Maxine Fairchild, secretary, and Arthur Shoe- maker, treasurer of our class. As "freshies" we weren't very active, but soon caught on to Academy life. We became more active in school affairs in our sophomore year, under the leadership of Robert Kinner, Eleanor Stamp, Barbara Poppleton, and Carl Krug. Skating parties, dances and carnivals were high lights of our second year. In 1942 we at last became "upperclassmen," proudly bearing the title of juniors. With Ray Murray, Virginia Gerrity, Barbara Poppleton, and Robert Kinner as our officers, we took an active part in school activities. The most out- standing event of our Junior year was Junior Day, on which we proudly dis- played our class colors. A year later we attained our goal. As leaders of our Senior class, we chose Chester Malanoski as president, with Virginia Gerrity, vice-president, Marjorie Edmunds, secretary, and Robert Swart, treasurer. During this year, by far our most successful, two Senior dances took place, the "One O'Clock Jump," in December, and the 'iSpring Fever Hop," in March. The Student Council Carnival was another popular event, with James XVil- son and Virginia Gerrity reigning as King and Queen. The Senior Class pre- sented something different in musicals this year with their 'C-Xnnual Senior Frolic,'l at which cartoon movies were shown. ' Barbara Poppleton and VVilliam Cassada were the stars in our very successful Senior play, "The Nut Farmf' The high light of the whole year, however, was Senior Day, followed by the Senior Banquet, a memorable event which the members of the Senior Class will never forget. Now, at the close of our last year, and with the future uncertain, we look back with fond memories upon four pleasant years spent in these beloved halls of the E. F. A., "so dear to us always." +24 18 13+ CHEsTER MALANOsKI, X7lRGlNlA Gmkkrrv, Roartm' SwAR'r President , Chester Blalanuski Vice-President Virginia Gerrity Secretary ,, Marjorie lidmnnds Treasurer Robert Swart Dear Classmates, As our final school term draws tu a close, we, the members uf the Class of 1943, will he ahle to recall four juyous years spent at the Academy in quest of knowledge. Our search was not in vain. At the Academy we were introduced tu Dr. Helmkamp. the principal, and members nf the faculty to whom we will always he indehted fur their unfailing guidance and inspiration. During nur course of study at sehuol, our country was thrown intu the present, critical, life and death struggle against aggression. Our ranks were gradually depleted. and our hearts gn nut to all those whu ent shurt their sclwul career tu help make the wurld sale fur demueraey. XYe wish them luck and Godspeed. Xow. as we emhark on tn the sea of life, may success and gum!- furtune eu hand in hand with us intu the future. Yours truly, VH ICSTIQR Xl.-Xl.,XNl PSKI +3199 A'BRUNZO, LOUIS St. Anthony's Smiling, sincere and not too studious is this likeable lad. AL7KI.IiS. ROBERT Birmingham, Michigan Our editor, we all agree, Has both tact and energy. Torch Editor-in-Chief: Hi-Y l, Z. 3, 4 QSecretary 45: Photography Club 2, 3. 43 Intramural Basketball Z, 3, 43 Football 2. 3. ALLEN, ALCOTT New Lebanon, N. Y. Amiable Al has the knack, For friendliness. which many lack. AIYGUSTINE. Al.HI'fRT St. Casimir's Here's a friend to the end, On "Jelly" you can always depend. IIAIl.liY, JAMES Thomas K. Beecher Always joking, on the go, jim is a boy wl1o's fun to know. Orchestra 23 Hand l, Z, Hi-Y 2, 3. 4. IZARRIERI, VICTORIA L' No. 2 "Yicky" is so full of fun, She makes you laugh 'til day is done. Ushers' Club. "9'Xp fo 'leg 'W' Q at 'si' I ,Qo- T A. ISE, .- E -fl ll Q? Y 453' 'Q' . 20 Fe , I If BATHLUK, HELEN St. L'asimir's A busy lass from class to class, But alter school, fun's the rule. Hi-Y, Ushers' Club. BEDNARCHIK, LOUISE Mt. Carmel. Penna "Lou" is a real friend, VVho is true to the end. Ushers' Club 4. BEECHER, JAMES No. ll Active, scholarly, and amiable, He's E. F. A.'s own "Mama," Yindex 3, 4 fAdvertising Manager 451 Torch Business Staff: Student Council 3, President 45 1 Forum 2, 3, 4. BEN N. I. I-I fI"Iendy Avenue F ' dly, che rful, ' Y, B 'ng. ji? -J Hmnzlo, . NT t. . 11thony's A en' 1 d r lad. it if ' . X' I, V I 7 1 ' fljgilfl ff 1' , I' Y f 1 BIQNI-QDICT. RICHARD Hendy Avenue Under that carefree exterior lies a serious character. Torch Literary Staff: Forum 21 Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3. 4: Track 3, 4. yA1'1Wf'.bmJ A, ,, I I 1 IJ J his .f,ff"X iffy: J" , I6 ' s 'IJ R," 1 ' ff i I U' 1, ' 1 REYIJQR, HI.ANcHE Hendy Avenue She's gentle, she's shy, But there's mischief in her eye. Howling l, Z, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. IIIRKHOLZ, XN'II.I.I.-XM Thomas K. Beecher His winning personality and manly traits attract many triends. BISHOP, MARY LOU Hendy Avenue To his doom goes old man gloom when Mary Lou comes along. Cinema Club I, 2, 33 Yindex l. 2: Hi-Y 2, 33 Bowling l, 2. 3: fi. A. A. 2, 33 Student Council 3. BLACK, CLARENCE Thomas K. Beecher Quiet, but always completes his task. BLAKEY, HIRIJIE Parley Coburn A cherry smile and twinkling eyes. In such a face good humor hes. Ushers' Club, Hi-Y. l3l.ANCl'l.-XRD, THOMAS Hendy .-Xveinie A smile for every boy, and two for every girl. Photography Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Choir 2. 3. 4: Orchestra 3, 4. QF? Y W' 53' f iv 'C' -'El 21 ff- BLANDFORD, EUGENE No. 3 Musically inclined, "Gene" and success are inevitable partners. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Football Z, 51 Orpheus Club 1, Z, 3, 4: lloys' Glee Club President 3. -.P .EY . I.-XRION ' Yonkers, N. Y. or 1 o ha' rxhere such a sl ' , ,"' s . rely made her mark. V , Heudy Avenue .ff1?',1' ' nc.RnAANgANN' full ll 1,1 if I "nn gets our votu 'for ,personality lus. . Student Council l. Z, 3, 43 Has- ketball 1: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Torch Business and Literary Staff, l-XOXSIGNORE, FRAN K No. 2 .-X delightfully friendly fellow is Frank, He hails from No. Z school, Torch Literary Staff. ' BONSIGNORE, ROSE No.2 Rose is really a wonderful friend, She's true to the very end. Torch Literary Staff. HORST, N.-XTALIE Xll, l .'ev r harms y mu . ly ys ' ' 1. 'l'o'ch Bu .lC.', i' .iiflgaul 3: Studq Co il ff ipfe. 4 BRENZO, GENEVIEVE St. Anthouy's A cheerful smile is always worthwhile. Ushers' Club. BRINK, BETTY JANE Hendy Avei ue She cox ibut h i BV l lt. 3065-141 f 7 ' i-Y 1, 2, ,,l!7J r lied K iimirio .'F . sill 'J V H 5' 4 No. 10 Hear giggMThatYs v, -I. P LAS er's'fi me iggma ner. , , ffyrhoi 2. f 1 ' MI' Zh, 'ld' 1 4, .Nu J" BROWN, RICHARD Thomas K. Beecher A fun-loving fellow with winning ways! BROXVN, ROBERT Big Flats, N. Y. Business School is Bob's goal, Good luck! H BUCK. JOYCE No. 11 Personality plus, that indescribable something-that's why Joyce gets ahead. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Bowling, Cinema 2: Baseball 2, 3: Ushers' Club 4. 22B+ fi ' f 5 , 'v i, if i y . K IBURYRTTT, MI -DRED j 5 l- ' Thomas AK. Beecher V2iriety's the very 'ce of Elite, 7That giqesiit all ' avdr! iHi-Y, MiasquersjiG Club. Mixed Choir., ' by . ., 7 JV' 1g1g121.i-g3,Q.4AiitjgER!15E - , ' sf. aging' , 6.ClLQl-JK , tu , title in thy , 1 , I J mak the bpm ngg,Qg-jdivhflfk. I e e G 4' eer shers Club. f ' i V 'hC.f1,L. ff BYSTROM, ERIC f No. ll This boy "Red" is a real whiz on the tennis court. Tennis tournaments. CALKINS, JACK No. ll A man about town, a journalist, and a central figure in many activities. And with his personality and wit, he's THE center of interest. Boys' Photography Club 1, 2, 3 CPres. 2, Vice Pres. 35 1 Vindex l, Z, 3. 4 CAssociate Editor 3, C0- Editor-in-Chief 4J3 Student Coun- cil 4. Torch Editorial Staff. CAM IIIBELL, GLADYS No. 10 Only her friends know her true worth. Library 3, owling 2, Vindex 1. CANTER, RALPH Hendy Avenue Ralph, always cheerful, has a host of friends. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 QTreas. 45 Photograf phy Club Z, 3, Forum 3, C0- Business Manager of Torch. Z 3 flgigeas. V25 Bovlglglgag- Q lqkj CAPORICCIO, LOUIS St. Anthony's Cappy can never be forlorn As long as he has that horn. CAREY, FRANK Hendy Avenue Frank Carey, What's in a name? We hope "Doc" will rise to fame. Bowling 2, 3: Intramural Basket- ball 3, 4. CARPENTER, JOHN Hendy Avenue Patriot plus, John is now trying for his wings with Uncle San1's Air Corps. Photography Club 2, 3, 4: intra- n1ural Basketball 2, 3: Choir 3: Boys' Glee Club 3. CARR, MYRTON Plattsburg, N. Y. Sparky's the fellow who always "gets hy." With all his friends, he's all high, CA, 3, AU1. V CTI ' 'EN dy 1 c ver t, a ' , Paw ' nds , I lly w 1 Photography Club 3, CASEY. CIQCILI-I St. Patriek's Sl1e's a friend in need, And ambitious indeed. -H23 lif- CASIL KAT - .n To s ee r , h gp does t 1 s let y, t well. VJ' 1 G. .Me 3. 2 fl? dldovpll CASSA DA, XVILLIAM No. ll The "Mad Cass" can really be seri- ous sometimes, no kidding. yasquers 1, 2. 3, Student Council CHADVVICK, GERTRUDE NVatkins Glen, N. Y. Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, Nothing there is that worries n1e. CI.l'fVEl.AND. STAFFORD Hendy Avenue "Bud" is silent but forceful. Interclass Softball 3' Interclass I Basketball 2, 3. ' 1 1' f fi 'V' ,f lv - pk, Q 1 Jfl 4 f r 117,21 . IJ, I ' 1 QV 1.1 2" 'I I 011, , sf Q jj fl ' 1 llicndy . -ue wie ecl'rnu6i'cia11i' l an fl," e alvwilys says, '11 t yet." nv . I 1, 2,-Za. 4, 'fs' Club ,Z 3, oir 3 shcrs' Cl ,V 5 Cl ' y Staff 4: S d ounc' . KH :VM HfEQl..-X fl l"2fiNlCl-I A pt ,J Ny. lil This li y ha' ,a mbst 'rvef , exterior,rf'i?l 1 1Disguisi11g'a.corclial warfin i11tf.4ior. Agora 2 .2 li11xx'li,1'ijQ'l,f'2, Sf? .l.YSllCl'g, Oluxlgfl. JY ,.,f'7 ,N rj u X1 ,- s l l r- ,Y 1 f ' fx 'xl 1 ,ff - K 3,1 ,ly ,Nl F, f i K V,.- , HI' I' ' ,f r 'il " J" X l ' ' l ,fd ,1 ll ,If a -T .J UN X f' , . - ' 'S , -R.: CI , CA NI ' 1' ,Q , RQL sail' W 7 Q rx! . s ilef ana humor would e it r' he x u :Q so bitter ltalvi Llub' 1, 2, Basketball 1. e ...fill-5 l 1,117 CLARK, BARBARA Auburn, N. Y. Barbara is one of those persons who works hard in everything she does. Ushers' Club 4. ,J ' .J ' ' A H1 If Hxx M CLOSE MARION . ,H -f , ' Nql n brown ltafir. beautifully cprled. A shy. sweet smile for all the Wlvorld. I , J 'Jf'CinemaNl, 2: Bowling 2, 33 Libra- l J M li X. Y 7 1 ry Council 33 Ushers Club 4: Stu- ,d8IjtHCgunCil 2. E ' f CODDINGTON, AGNES No. 8 Little she talks, but much she knows, For when she talks, her wisdom shows. Ushers' Club. COLE, DONALD No. ll Full of fun, cheer, and vim. VW: wish we knew more like him. Horace Reid Hi-Y Z: Cinema Club 2, 3, 43 Vindex 2. COLEMAN, VVINSTON Thomas K. Beecher A boy with personality magnetic, You have our Word, His success is assured, He is also extremely athletic. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 42 lnterclass Softball 3, 43 Orpheus Club 3, 4. -23 24 B+ COLLINS, TERESA St. Cecilia's "Tess" is never too absorbed in her studies to be cheerful. Hi-Y 2: Ushers' Club. COLEMAN, HOVVARD Thomas K. Beecher Unassuming and good natured. A jovial fellow is he. I Intramural Basketball 4. c . . N. MAR .Amigo ew gli OA Syracuse, N. Y. "Ma ,as a per etual moo2, That' to be happy and never ude. Torch I.iterarExwdqQZU3.t y CREIGHTOX, MARY St. Patrick's "Liz," so interesting and fair, VV1thout a worry, never a care. CRISPIN, ROBERT - No. 11 His name will be great in the words of the wisest censure. Yindex 1, Z, 3, 4 tBus. Mgr. 3, 473 Cinema Club 1, Z, 3, 41 Forum Z. 3. 4 fPres. -lug Student Coun- cil Z3 IntramuraLJ-lasketball 33 Track 39 ' -' Y J M , I, . S , K c Home ,JOSEPH .4 N5 A Pe anflxlPaul ays ha a lelerfu mile lgryon jkes tKiy'le. - r i . tl In-1 EFS' A ,s Jw F55 :Ulf b'li.m If FQ y J Q fl: if ff. I li ,,,,'l 4 H f-Mlfx 'LQ XJ" i -JJ ,, l Kkxn :Tl ' 'x x N 's AR - ,.. awk ve-Lt Q mmmammaakt Lg '-. . A 1 TY nts tux tm j1nA'3yt' li, K' 'Vp IJAYI S, liXYlCNlJOl.YX Hendy A venue Gwen is dependable. kind, and true, In all she does and is asked tu do. Klasquers .Z3 Hi-Y 2: Cinema Klub Z. 3, 4: Vindex 2, 3, 4 tAssistant Adv. Mgr. 45: Agora 2, 33 Stu- dent t'nuuCil 1506. 4.3 Ill-I Mliflllilili, l.L't'll.l,li Ko. 2 liright and vivacious, nn the gn, l.ueille's the girl that one should know. llli RISIO, YIXCICNT St. Patrick's Quiet, modest, and intelligent. VVith these qtlalifleatimis. bww can he fail? Hi-Y 2, 33 Cinema Club 2, 3: Stu' dent Council l, 23 Band 2, 3. 41 Orchestra 3, 41 'litvreh Literary Staff. DI C'liN'l'l, LfAR0l.l Nl-1 No. 2 liverytime we hear a giggle, VK e know HD. C." is around some- where. Howling 2. DI 'KINSON 'l'Hl-11.31 A Thelma is quiet. reserved. and ' smiling, Her w'Ays are really must beguiling, ffm . :,4. 2 , X s Fx ay sm x ., . 6 f E ,ei l fi l t e .11 f- .. i I 1 25 jg? gp-s....J M.:-,-1-Ulvf' J-1 I DO.'OVA , Gl2 ' x NI l 0. l41'Ehds,,he Q ofe, P rsorkrlity,-he ha' eveme. 6 r lm 7 ' in- V' 1 2 , 4' l'-t leint Limitin- , 3, , 1- 21 's' Glee ub l, 2. QA A' lJU0l.liY, MARY lil.l.liN XO. 5 XYnrry little, study less, XYherever she is there's happiness. liuwling 2, 33 lli-Y 2, 3, 4 tl'res. ll. lJOOl.l'l"l'l.li, QL'lfN'l'lX NU. 2 'lhough he seenls a little shy, "Doc" is really quite a guy. Track 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 4. c. SHIRl.t1jl1 . 'A , . I . 5- - ,,.Xt,.IX1r-'lfjg Ready, a C, poss-ssing a will, t Hasvearnecil her e,titl? versatile. . J Ch islCllib.lL - xi iq!-ff! , . J ,VR I If A . 6.1,-.X V X A I 4 -r fe. a 1" -' D'I'K,. D' I ., a '-go ck' 1 1 ft , P bil all ln une. . mfg l ' l ' rxfkiauatifllf gm 3? I.5a , 7-Q f 'UM ' f ,fL4AJ.!' yff i,,ff,,- , ' j ' lJL'N'l'ON, jliANli'l'll'l-2 A 4 f' H endy A venue Quiet and witty with a peaceful charm, To know her certainly dues nu une harm. lli-Y 2. we I . 1 1 N 11 ' 1 , ' ' 1 . wi ings. Forum 3. EGHNOZ, ROBERT No. 10 Every red-head is a lot of fun, This one is no exception. Football 2, 33 Intramural Basket- hall. EDMINSTER, JOY No. 2 Here's to the girl with heart and smile, That makes the bubble of life worth while. , Stylus 1, 2: Vindex 1, 2, 3, gg Agora Z, 31 Torch Business Sta . 'rlgflu s NIAR . J IE No. 11 emure s ' ne a2 X ex yy A gh et , is po ar, lable an ambitio . 'Y 23 Ci 1 , 35 7i 2, I , g .3 V'c re 455 e ni f Li rary ' 3 ' S ude uncil ELLI T'I, FREDERICK JR. No. 11 Happy am Ig from care I'm free, Why aren't you centented like me? Boys' Photography Club 1, Z. 3, lPres. 35 Boys' Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Cinema 1, 21 Forum 2, 3, 4 CVice Pres. 45: Yinclex 1, Z, 3, 4 LAdv. Mgr. 35. rx s E XVOOD, BAR RA ' No. 11 1' clothes and c rm make her ractiv o ll. udeht,C il ,4 Cor spond- ' Sec.fQX N, I x gm? 5.1 ENGLISH, MARJORIE No. 8 Reserved, quiet, and self-suiiicient, but under these qualities dwell a warm heart and pleasant gaiety. EP TE A . E No. Ill ' 1 y nd telli ence, e N der s s every test! Ago 2, 3, , Cinema 2, 3, 4 CPre . 45, Hi-Y 1, Z, 3. FARRELI., JANE George M. Diven Full of pep, full of fun jane is liked by everyone! FIXK. THERON Elmira Heights Theron has the knack for friend- liness which many lack. FLYNN, IEDVVARD George M. Diven A full six feet of athletic ability! Remarkably popular too! Football 4. l FLYNN. ,IIQANNIZ ' f St. Patricks Qheerful, happy -to her friends -true, Reddish-brown hair, eyes of blue. HHN 2, 3. FLYNN, PATRICIA ' St. Patrick's Pat's a charming, lovely brunette. Shes a girl of whom we all are 1' fond. ltvwling 2. 1 ' 4 . X T FORREST, ' ba' Hendy Avenun So ambitious, so willing, She des -rves our top billing. Q J life: Ras etball: Li ary x' JC ci :, Z, 3, Girls' ju lphotogrqp y Club 33 ' em '. M 1 ' r ' 'V Cv liiyf-,fy Ujj-PJ .YJ EU N . ' YY lx 'Q .df .. NN we ?0QSYf1i1-1 0 N' iul of lghtedan ,lqtgxolw lwaysjiv 'Xnd,gePpi 'L . ,Q z 'KQV ,1, Zig: Limi- r,, om . 2' I, l, , , A f , ,1l4"l" ,lf ' s J... ll, ' '73 -" ' I L I' ' FRAWLICY, JULIAA 1 Hendy Avenue Introducing Judy: pretty and blonde She's a girl of whom we all are fond. Bowling I, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y l, 2. R, 1 is +2l27lB+ PP' FRISK, RICHARD 'f N K No. 1 Diek i6 anixindustryms fellow who' knows what he wants and will, surely get it. , I x ' A f 'A asp 1 K I . FROHXIC, ROBERT 'lill0lll2lS K. liceclicr XYhy worry about tomorrow, Enjoy today. FRUTLIH Y, XVILLIAM No. 2 lfrutch is a friend to have indeed, He's one you'll want and always need. Football 3: Interclass Basketball. A' GAXVRONSKI, JOSEPH St. Casilnir's Any time you want to Chat, Look up "Cubby" just for that. Hi-Y 3, 4g Intramural Basketball 33 Intramural Softball 3. ,f' I ,- GERRIT ' 7 NIA anc the c th L or e yone J , Agora Mia' r ' , 3 'i es. junior Class ce Pr ' enior Class: Torch iterary ' ff. 1' ' I io. llf Giily is a fri in ive Sens ,VI of t w e's t e, cgenl I ' k Q ' - 4 a GILI.. CATHICRINIQ No. ll By the gentle look in her eye, We can tell that she is shy. f l . ik 0. GRADY, JANE St. Mary's Academy, Panama A true friend like our Jane is cer- tainl-y worth having. GRANT, XVILLIAM No. ll He's in the army now, Our loss is Uncle Sam's gain, GRANER, CHARLES Thomas K. Beecher Happy-go-lucky, That's the life for me. fl ,' , ll if! ,ILC 4SjREENE:, YLVHUT ,A V y ' l Hendy Av N Her eve ' actlezgemfplilies her quiet and dign ed manner. i 1' V . w N J T x X X 'S b HX Q lil' W QS ,RP T DOLX as Y , X Q Wilk Bair 6. Paf dx for study jea f arm id ability a in on , v. X Nilgorglig Pregl g Eihers GROVE, PAUL Hendy Avenue He's modest as he's mild. Student Council 3. i I ,E 4. fy . -. .. Q K iw" s- fgi., F ,. t .-fi GRYSKA, PAUL No. ll Self-confidence is the first requisite to a great undertaking. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 fSec. 3, Vice Pres. 45 3 Cinema 2, 3 QPres. 35 3 Forum 2, 3, 4: Empire Boys' State: Torch Lit- erary Staff. , GUENON, PAUL Hendy Avenue Sports and airplanes are Paul's chief interests. Intramural Softball and Basketball. HALI, MARGARET No. 2 ' et's 'ling sense of humo an ' cholastic abilitv ' wo 1 er . :. 0 ' 1. !! 4 en orch ' 1 1 ii ' Aw 2:- s 3, ' r - .' ' res. ' ls rs . ,gy . I HART, .. l hlqtul ' . p Energ ' . ve eat ite ry Staff: asquers l. 3 Yinde l. 23 Gl Club l, 2, -V if HATWKESJ Y .4 'Q -'Ei 28 lif- fv fo 'XJ - S. Xxlyxlru tif e andf Pdf fun, A h setscbh we forijlryonef C yCTub 4. X ff -R IR NIA . atrick's forsaki n I I1 d 11155 4 -J XF I I r 1 , J HF E' R.D 1 Q x I I V . o. 5 ' irier Zxess, good-wil d loyalty. X re 1 o be found i Harold. K ma 2, 33 Student Council l. HERMAN, MIRIAM Thomas K. Beecher Big brown eyes, shining black hair, Charming smile and "it" to spare. Agora 2, 3, 4g Ushers Club 4: Hi-Y 3. HETHERINGTON, RALPH No. Z Serious-minded, but lots of fun, Ralph is liked by everyone. Intramural Basketball Z, 3: Cin- ema l, Z. ll .M 1"r s,wuW'yNgl l nffvu 1 41 N B , . , A ' Z3 f enue : V i l f F fest .- jf 2i2gZiQ5 I'?u4 G 'mb 0 I t l ers ANY' ww' H eading, Pa. 5 sid sihg a winning smile, . 's a ha 'ig example of st le. .. ' 'C' Y Ushers Club 4: Student Council 4. HOLDEN, RANDALL Hendy Avenue From thoughtful men come great deeds. CL, q4wVl1f6w5WD NCLM4- a 6 .I 'H29l'3+ is lrliiv 8 ! V 127 HOLLERAN, MARY ' St. Patrick's Quiet, well-dressed, Fine qualifications to be posscyised. Student Council: Girls' Photogra- phy Club. HORNE, LEXYIS ' ko. 2 A friendly. cheerful, intelligent lad, He has many qualities we wish we had. lforum 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3: S udent Council 1: Torch Business 'tatfg lzmpire Boys' State 3. TO ,N ,ARET uP! No. 1 P r' erenee, ' tness, b' mired ' F r Ma ret, mo e 's desire . af' -HQREIEARBNJKJJU , V . off? ffl? " Ijlgaflatr Spgirff or is 1 ier style, Th' ma' timetspynt vith Barb wor 'h le: ,ff D gifra I 'Z 6VChoir l hfgheer- emjjfvmmxa , f It .Aj I' HCXTLEY, BALLARD Heudy Avenue He-re's a lad whose name is Bal, Anyone will tell you he's a real pal. Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track l. Z, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball. HL'TCHliSON, ELICANOR Hopkins Street lf you have a job to do. D0 it with a will. Torclf Literary Staff, Bowling 2, 3: Library Council 1, Z, 33 Hi-Y 1. 2, 3, tPres. 51: Ushers Club QPres. 41. ILARDE, MARY ' St. Peter and Paul This petite miss wins -our .universal admiration for her infinite intel- leetualg Capacities. Ushers Club. . fk ,ll-IKN' 1 MAR' I ,, ' , No. Z Q I e s ies in , or studies none. 11 has mer I ssons done. frm t V l by f W 4 , mv! is O LIQXIOX, XY. -ACI-1 era' No. ll Ev yo e kno ttle ".XVally," ikwgt a boy ure is Jolly. ' rum 2, 3, 4. U' JURUSIK, BERN ARD St. Lfasimifs Bernie's a pal for any guy 01' gal, Get to know him, we think hes KAMAS, LEO St. Casimir's Keen Avid Modest Ardent Sincere Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basket- hall. . Ktxnix I, srlxlclimf 4 ' ' St. Casiinir's gli?-argl determined,is our X ayorw il X e 'as baritongin our choir. i . '-lussCf'uvb' 23 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Choir LX ,Pg Glee Club 25 3, v J. -..-' KARSKI, GLADFORD St. Patriek's Heres a lad who never lets size interfere with athletics. Football 2. 31 Intramural Basket- ball l, Z, 3. swell. Hi-Y 3, 2, 3- ' P ' KELLY, HELEN 1 , V ' St. Patrick's , . A, L, ' Helen has a most reserved exterior i , sf . A which hides her friendly interior. V t . ,'f-' e t ' ri, ' .. lj .l i 'l 'ww . K, iq 1Tz,H.-xRRuf.1 , J - l JO H W . X - Afldistm. N. Y. , ' 3 p :J Her tlpleasant manner ntakes her ' y Q9 V loutstauding among her friends. X I . A , A 5' IQ fni-Y. l - W' A- ELEY, MARY CA QRI- 3 JN e is rl i to pare, 1' A . wa n vhat' to do and just t t ea ' KALEC, EDMUND Hi- ' . St. Casimir's I K Porkie brims over with Congeniality. is IQ .V One of the fine points of his person- it Q X Hllty. Intramural Softball Z, Intramural Basketball 2. -:jf Ec- KEMP, NITA ' 10 Neat Industrious , Trustworthy :Xmiable -That's Nita! X . zvfmy -721.6 s KOPCZYNSKI, LORRAINE S .7-,QD NO. 2 A, ' .. Q, K H -A-env W- Www a I f 61 A A D . W , . ' ' Practically 7 1 Y 71 4 V Y' b . . . Perfect jx. . XYC5, iuglegd! AVOC3' N- Y- Hi-Y 2. cs. A. . . 2. Here's a girl who's always happy, i 5, Full of fun and cute by eraeky. "rr 'l'ri-Y 4. ' ' .. ' X ' Q "' 4 9 ' r1ir's ' . N ku I ' A 5 f 1' an easy gms' ' - . llakes 4 ' , - Y 'orthwhile n A AM. If -asf. 'n ' I K1NNlEV'iamG'Y1i Ji ' A Horace fd HW 3- 4- . .3 I . A V , if if . I X if ,I XYyallusing. Pa. If ElaymeLaltlio1i5'fli new to us. J I 'She has a,way with us. 'Glee Club 45 Yindex 4: QF ature I I . f izdiffar 43 i V q I, W4 IxRAMI'.R, BARBARA J .f LA l , Suffern, X. Y. !V X a . 4 Wvllatever is w rth l ' Y t :ll " J ' . worth doing well. lomk a l lb Kmsm.-xx, wu.I.IAM M , NU. ll 1 K Lf Here is a boy whose pals call him by Bill. A Q Vl'ill he be a success? You know he .. W will. E Forum l, 2, 3. 4: Cheerleading' 3. KRLTG. K-'NRL 4: Pliotograpliy Club 1. 2. 3. 4. NO- 2 ' X , , ff A A tall, lanky, likeable senior, whom A N! v 'J' 2 6- everyone knows. Mila, X, "XXV ' A T ITlliit0gI'21lJllj' Club 2, 3g ,1.l't,'Q1S, KITTF .fl I' X 1' ' Q 5UI110 OF' flns. ,iw .Q ,, VU Yo., lg Ill L 'ls If -, . ' '. 'ff VXk'knm2,h 'ihat' kvl' x illQak1' a " 'fi e nuf eg shk as wh tqiijak-gf' ! , . ,. . '. . A ri' n H1 3g lri-X 4'fN,P!S.re1.ig. ' bf IJ! I-lygxlovghyg I.x.' A , , ' 'H' I -X F Q Y 1 VV' Y l ,. L, 'V Pjrk., .7 l'.XlaR. RI'.I1V YY U X. v ,r we i gg M. 1 X if .V place oxlei . sunslixnepu Eye!-y . Is gh' Aefygiiiig away, of a EH 1. ' ' ' natupec ace, . , APP .l.I. . ' . - A J W! . P Stylus 'l1:JBowl1ng. l,. .23 lfli-Y l, l nton. a. f',k3:,f1lii-Y 4. ' u L! , , who s in the glate ' I ' ' 1 il' of Pa. V . il I J' A Charm. 1 s w' ler cha lllg,XY3.j'. Cxgikstra . Tri- ' . -1. I..-XGONICKSRO. THOMAS IPA St. l'utriek's 'I Q A man of true clmrneter and a . heart of gold. Student Council .w. KO , I ' ' ' , XIARIANNA , li mira Heights 0, A t ly. ne ""l -with host of XQ ' frii s. 1-Y 2 : 'l1 4. X 1 LASKOSKI, PAUL St. Casimir's Never a worry, never a care, Paul will succeed no matter where. Horace Reed Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 fSec.' 3, Treas. 4Jg Styjus 2, 3, CTreas. 35 1 Football 4. I LIEISENRING, JAMES Xo. ll Ah, .for the life of all engineer ls J11nn1y's great ambition. Rand l. 2, 33 Student Council 1, Z. Kal 1 ii f lqrnwis, AVRYI. Hendy Avenue 11. ,ti l xg xg' 13 Nw S J. I hl AJ f ' way., M f Three cheers for Avryl who has won through all to reach her first goal. Volleyball l: Glee Club 3, 4: Stylus lg Special Choir 3, 4. 3 '-N, 1 TTETBTISTQJEAXT 1 1 V ' . slior WOII long yea J Nr if ive Titchlirmi 1 ' i , 3 ,T . 'QT e lci.v1gyEllsdxrev'e' graq .h X4 car , W ar 15 c oo l Vh t ' ay I rn have been Y if .- 3, S e . X1 , - . 1.,. , Ail, 1 nt o 11 1, 'llgilg 1. te dasbiof ll and s et- 'Q al ' 'nd 1 3 4 us 1 1f.m,,..S:3551g.,..iQd.?.2 Ll-IVVIS, VVILLIAM No. 8 Knowing "VVillie" is our luck in- deed, His fairness 111 sports embraced the school's creed. Track l, Z, 33 Fooball 3, 4: Basket- ball Z, 3. LIBERAT RE, PHI -M . ' V' K N0 7 7 t 1 0 ,N ' l l m, ' I . - 1 -, I I ,, f -23 32 13+ 127 LILHOLT, JEAN Hendy Avenue "Jeannie with the light brown hair" Is quite appropriate for this lady fair. . , r T ll Q J 14' ' ff, ll 11 ,f , f" i I 1.1TT1.1:,BF j a'i""L' George ash' 1 . eerfazis ' lo e y clothes. Isour Be weal 1 . ' asquer , - ,ora 2' or e V taff. J Q, LOGAN, BARBARA Thomas K. eeched , VVhenever yo 0 forg yoiy A trouble or your w s, X Call on Barb, for sh 's one o knows. ' Torch Literary Staff LUCCI, DOMINIC K No. 2 I have a smile for everyone. LYNCH, WINIFRED S. S. Peter and Paul She's fair, she's square, None better anywhere. Student Council lg Bowling 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3. ' 1 4 - ' . MQQKINNON1 BARBARA Q 1 Winsted, Count uietness, surenei and lots of fun, VVere added to th Academy- with this new one. MacNITT. noxarn f-. N 1 NO. n "He is not in herkulnlmf Cunnnun menfl 1 r V Stylus Club. f A . W, MALAXOSKI, CHESTER St. C3Sllllll'l5 NVQ give you tact and brilliance, un the cuurt, in class and out, Here's to our proxy, "Chet." Torch Literary Staff: Student Council l, 43 Hi-Y CPres. 43 3 Basketball Z, 3: Seniur Class Presi- dent. , 1 V llil f Vi irwtlclhxlrvroxlo. QOSI-IPH 5 l NO. 2 Life will al 'ayf bd ay, I lf you smil: wayf 'etball. , Hnys' qlee Lfllrb, Intrmiiural Bas- h A lyke' ld . 1 . fl, I MARKS, IQLIZABETH Hendy Avenue Always a friend tu the end. Agora 2, 3. MART I N, ROBERTS Hendy Avenue Ambitinus and amiable describe our boy "P0rky.', M .-X TH EXV, FRANCIS Thomas K. Beecher All I need is a smile, You can have the rest. Intramural Softball and Basket- ball l, 2. ,Nr AY I , 'rid Q MAXCY, PATRICIA' ' l ' Avenue Charming, fernkleve XVef1l rer11ern'ha:?:,P5'tQJreve1.- 1 . . Q' Y RD, ROB!-IRT K lfveryune knows Bob well, V I They all say he's really swell. T f ii, ' , . ,, . . . v. .. ev- 'U V lurch Literary Staff, X index, Cm- 'gzj I ema Club, Track 3, 4: Vhuir, Or- A It ' ' ' ehestra, Glee Club, Hi-Y Z, 3. Ci -8 6 15, X . . 'wx 'E , -22+ 33 lsf h ppy . llar 'N g tue the TWT I M etf.-X RT I l Y, M .-X RJ O RI li A , St. Patrick's HQ . , , Merry, Agreeable, Responsible, Joyful. ' Masquers 2, 3, -lg Vindex Z, 3, 4. v-I C? l ,U K' K m1Jcnv1cI.1,, novn ' L No. ll Beneath the rule of men entirely great, . The pen is ll'llgllllCI' than the sword. Tnrch Literary Staff, Student Council 43 Vindex tNews I-.ditor 3, Co-Editor-in-Chief 41. x1fcs11.l., JA mis' 3 U xx St. I'at1lick's Strung, silent, suave, reserved. ' Intramural Basketball l, Z, 3, 43 Student,k'uuneil 4. Q X Stylus, A , Mi qu .. ' 3, A '53 L l. sgf . 'iq S MCKENSIE, MARY LOU Kingston, Pa. With her gay disposition and stu- A dious mien. A brilliant future for her is seen. Torch Associate Editor, Agora Z, 33 Cinema 2. 3, 4 fVice Pres. 453 Hi-Y 3: Vindex 2, 3, 4 CAssociate Editor 4, Feature Editor 3, 451 Ushers. Chili. A Y, v", l K r , vxn-tienrinsoxlralvir-i95sf' - , J 1 ' ' Wu " L ny's""si.'nui' ispo i ' n 'avs es hi J ok on e sids t'n JJ 'Oindel' 9 . , 4. f . X J! JJ yy s . ,' s J 1 J JV, ij' L Q f 1 X , y , 1 pi.. ,, f .U H MERRITT, DONALD K New York City A newcomer to the E. F. A.. Everyone likes Dons friendly way. Football 4. MICH.-XLKO, XYALTER G. M, D. A bit versatile-even in sports. Softball l, 23 Interclass Basketball l. Z. 3, 4. MILLER. L'HARl.ES No. ll A friendly, popular fellow.in the Academy. "Bud's" now doing his part in the Army Air Lorps. Hi-Y 2, 3: Photography Club 2. 3. MII . .R. MARILYN X Hendy Avem 'dll of jokes and always gay. ' lClll0'Sn happy the,1ivelong' day. Ha-Y2,3. X' X .X ix x X X Asp x X W A wifi. ' N . 11, Q A M .li , Tn l. Watkins Glen, N. Y. etty. newcomer to our alma maae , s one we all should know. If a very sweet pal, sie "Sis" won't fail. MORSS, PETER Ko. ll A diligent worker. a faithful lad, Willing to give and still be glad. Student Council 3: Intramural Bas- ketball 3. 4. Rl ERR.-XY. RAYMOND Hendy Avenue Popular with all the guys and gals, Ray can't be beat and has a host of pals. junior Class Pres., Intramural Softball l. Z, 3, 4: Basketball Stu- dew. Council 1. MURRAY, ROBERT New York City A cheery smile and lots of vim, Are reasons enough for liking him. Torch Business Staff. 's smile B3!'l3Ell'3.'S the while. 34 I-3+ l YH. WM.-XR rabln as T atm o C 1 l Student leader ' I 16 vo ll 3 . l 'Spf mle lf' Y U1 ful l' ."l'll , Yll- Val 1.2: I 1wlin5.: -3 G. .-X. A. l: Torch 'ine' . ta! f ' .A .' 4. 1 X.bX'l'llliNSON, JOY No. ll Joy is hard to know, lint well worth the effort. Torch Business Staff, Agora 2, 33 Xlasquers 2, 35 Student Leader 4. NELSON, JAMES St. Cece-lia's In the school or on the football field, Jim's the same good sport. Intramural Softball and Basketball 2, 3, 41 Football 2, 3, 4. XIMTZ, JOHN Thomas K. Beecher Exceptionally friendly and skillful is this boy "Gus" If XOYIKK. ROBERT St. Casimir's lfntertaining and energetic, he has the "stuff" for success! Football 2, 3. OLIPHANT, RITA No. 8 With a friendly smile and a merry jest, She goes her way and does her best. Hi-Y l 7 ,... -if 35 ga 2 13 'E' ORLOWSKY, MARY St. Cecilia's Wie wonder why we all can't be, As likeable and reliable as she. Torch Business Staff, Student Council 4. ORM I STON, GlCR'l'RL'lJl-I No. 8 Good at sports, full of fun, Gert1e's liked by everyone. . Il ' . my's A ClllllJlIl'l.'D 0 work and play -- 5 l 1y" is deiig 11. -' Tor h Business Staii, Ushers Club Z, G. A. A. 3, 4. J P.-XLMER, FRANCIS Lopez, Pa. It is a wise person who shows off his knowledge only to himself. K l r 4 J J ' fl' f , IA ik 4167517 'fav-Q m'y4j .ftyuxg ff .JCKM1 l'.-XPPJXS, JOHN l Thomas K. Beecher Everybody likes "Pap"- "Pap" likes everybody. Intramural basketball 1, 2. PARKER, ABE U. M. D. A popular fellow is our "Abe," As a sportsman he takes top place. Torch Literary Staff. Forum, In- terclass basketball and softball. Vindex 4 tSport Iid.j fy , X X ,f .l ,x .f , ,O 24768 f ef to A LE? LILLIAN Hendy Avenue dable 1k able Lillian is everv- jvyjlffiyiraf be f" PEPP a she WJ' fr" JM my PERRIN. JOSEPH Niagara Falls, N. Y. He lives his life with a smile. The deeds he does are all worth while. -' 1 . X li! ' will 'KJISESXL U iijkcx 11 t.,1lPovx'i' in , X is if PITCHER. JOHN Henrly Avenue In the classroom, on the street "Pitch" is a boy that's hard to beat. Intramural Basketball and Base- ball Z, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. PITTS, JOHN Hendy Avenue '1'here's something about Jack we all like. And that's his personality. -if 36 P31- POLEY. DOUGLAS No. ll Tall, blond, Doug's graduation will be the Academy's loss. Za ITON, BARR.-XR.-X ' 0 No. 5 e5'ent smile and iav come an in- but she Turch 3 POXYERS, FRANCES St. Cecilia's Franny-so agreeable and friendly with personality plus. PRISLOPSKI, JOHN Detroit, Mich, Jack. in a short space of time has won many new friends 1yE.F.A. S I . SN A if Q A1 PX P so .+ to J jj P J .1 K St: tasim 's 1 . l . J N vigor rej a' . of-,her o tstan 'ng ip, HX 13. X4 OW ng 1, 3. 1 3 gf- C Qtius. osx PQLD ' NO. 11 io. surely one ell guy His many friends will testify. Football 1, 3, 43 Student , uncil ' U' H toil, .j fl rl CQ if, V I I. ' , . X lf' Q Y X' 1 rkx' X! In ' -sl. in N QUERQUI, q3ETTY N 1' X ,J . No. 5 Here's a likeable girl and we find, Qebboth artistically and music- , ally inclined. Orchestra 33 Torch Art Editor RATHBUN, ALBERT - St. Cecelia's If you don't already know "Al," Do so, but quickg he'd make a swell pal. f ' r . dip! f I j M5 XV-'RE W K 1, R 1 E ho . Beecher' "Gerry' A sweet rathe Q63 sa' V11 ys h 3 'twinlaef in her , e. Ushe spfliib 4. I Tiqf W... MW RICHARDS, HARRY Bloomsburg, Pa. A friendly fellow, full of fun, "Chand's" liked by everyone. Intramural Basketball and Softball. RITTER, WILLIAM No. ll His friendly manner and his wit Both make Bill scorea hit. Forum 3, 4 CTreas. 43 Q Alpha Hi- Y 3, 43 Student Council l, 4. 'vll 37 E+ ROGERS, HENRY No. 11 Hank is one fine fellow, As his many friends are proof. C ROHDF '. IA ' m 1 f echer ecil" 1 a e ,Q -' y, n ,lg 1' et bv. . . qi ,I 5. , 1,2, 4 . ROHDE, DORIS G. M. D. A person who may not say much, But has such a friendly touch. Student 33 Ushers Club 43 Hi-Y 2 RO DE, HA St. Peter and Paul Dutch's. taciturnity doesn't at all affect his popularity. ROHDE, WALTER Thomas K. Beecher VValt's genuine enthusiasm and in- stant adaptability will make him a desirable addition to the United States Navy. ROHVER, HENRY St. PatriQc's To Hank, school is just a passing fancy. Football 3, 43 Track 35 Intermural Basketball 3, 4. .tw . it QRS , ff R ,BET f ' I I No. 10 -J. ha "gla1 c ,ydilve erchance, Th s things El F. h21l1C6. s C 43 Hi-32' . W .' . f 1 . R gf, A TGELINA Ny lv J St. Authouy's A gig' , a wislt! crack-not hard 104 5, c, "A yes" around some- vh f 'J N 4. u RUGCR, FRANK Elmira Heights Frank's presence here makes lul- mira Heights loss our gain. - ill M-iw ,SHIRLE ANN I XL f v. ll e smiles f ake of smiling, nd laughs 10 reason but tun. rch Bus' ss Staff Masquers 7 Se. 43: Cinema 2. 3. Agora 4'g G. A. .-X., Bowling. A .I St. u viy' x " ' ' t ' li . I li n ' , 3 C v - ' fill? SAUR, FREDERICK No. lll Fred's a studious lad and a hard worker. Boys' Glee Club li Choir 4. '2l38l9'- SAXVYER, DOROTHY No. Z VVith fervor she works, Theres not a job that she shirks. Hi-Y 1, 2: Tri-Y 4. SCHROCK, HAROLD -- f X ' , , No. 2 ' . . 1 . ,f '-f' Giye jim some'work ,and h'e's happy- ' I , ,, Q1 ff, , ,, . 11ff.f,. . I . 1 .,.!!nAf, Uv A 1 97 Ce. Of appmess eservesf asure Intramural b L e l dent Council 3 No.1 f u Nlivzed Choir of 'ii , - 1 ' l W O i ,fi I-'Q ', h Snap ily dres -u of f ' an 1 Cl 23 SEMSKI, EDVVIN St. Cecelia's "Ed" is the athletic type as you can readily see, He plays all sports to the best of his ability. Student Council Z3 Football 43 Basketball 35 Tennis 1, Z, 3, 4g Softball l, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, Z, 4. SHEEHE, HARRY No. 10 The Army will never be sorry they took Harry. VVe'll be sorry we lost him. SHUTT, JOY RX N 'illiamsport, Pa. Joy liv X116 tdllier name. Any oxgfdayvlt s just the same. l . A X lx es f5YrlX I X 2 I SIMPSON, DANIEL Binghamton, N. Y. Although rather reserved. Dan's a real friend when you get to know him. , DA, RIC RD - o ti es or bad, l Dick' lwayst . e.. ' SLIVA, ROSE St. Casi1nir's Although her fame is a bit insig- nificant, Rose has a friendliness which is magnificent. , W I SMITH, CAROLINE No. 10 Clever, active, thoughtful, too, I We hope success will come to you. l'Ush ' Club 4: Tri-Y 4: Library 5 3. t, , .I f I ' sM11iH, DORESTHY , .' L I' Q Xu. ll s l ' N ff' Ha py-go-.lucky,.f1ir ajiid free, V Thgse vvdrds ht "Do1tie"5po a "tee" j' Agora l, 23 Basketball J, 'lg 'Stu- J' dd8I?"d.C3.ClCIf 4. 'K' ' . 1 n SMITH, FRANCIS St. Cecelia's Smitt 's smilin face is an encour Y 8 ' aging sight in the halls of the Academy. s '1 .qi Mil -nfl 39 Ef- SMITH, LENA G. M. D. Good nature is the proper sail upon which virtue grows. Glee Club 1, 2 fSec. 43: Orpheus Club, SMITH, MARGARET St. Cecelia's Always happy, on the go, She has no time for useless woe. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. YARD St. Casimir's h Smickie" IS no Nicky." SOLOMIETQ, 'KARL ff .ff .4 11 fPaMey Coburn N630 ' O" is-tl t happy, smiling lad youhzlvlf seenytrattfng around the corridors. gt I 'A 1. 1 I, ,, .Af f 'MLM WWE . -OPERUXQNJE-xlit Uj-2 ,Aff-frf , .Nlo. 11 ereig . fn 1 ie heart 'S' a S a eg 't ubble of .life ile. 1 . ,JY 9 : 1 Council 2. U MIM! XX ... T . 1 sd' SOZANSKI, XVAI.'I'E :Xl lou h 1 g 1' eni i 's ' 5 . if. ust as harp as n I' A SJR 4 QM cg STACHEL, XVILLI.-XM Parley Coburn If you know Bill you know a grand fellow. S'l'l-Ilil.F, lil.l2,-XNOR No. ll Ellie will go a long way Because of her fascinating person- ality. Torch Business Staff, Glee Club l, 2: Hi-Y 3: Student Council 23 Masquers l, 2. STEEN, BARBARA Hendy Avenue XYhcrever Barb is, there is lots of excitement. 'ff. A J , .J I ST-EELXXI, MAR JAR1zy , ,fb f , fi V. . ff ' J gt.'A15hony's Under her- outward calni ,dwells . U, , -mischief. 5' - ' Bowling 2. G. A. A. 2, 33 Ifslfers Club, Tri-Y 4." 1. ' ' I -t' . , ff STE. ERMAN. RENA Thomas K. Beecher XX Dep xd ble in work and play, X ljRena usy all the day. X R c Literary Staffg Ushers Club 4 ra 2, 3, 45 Student Council X 2 i STEVEN S, VVAIT STILL Il!! Rose Valley District No. 5 Amiable L'Steve" has the knack of friendliness that many lack. Tri-Y 4. xx Dv nw of mul ' 4' . 1 - tl. STIZVENSON, COLETTE Larchmont, N. Y. 3' Soft blonde hair, bright blue eyed, ,fi f - Schola ly student exemplifi l. x ,f I . , ' 4 I s 5 We s gif e . . ..v ,,,V:,. . o sTi:vENsoN, MONIQUE Larchmont, N. Y. Q . .,-sf :':' i i -if 40 li'- X 2 I f' .. . . P, 0 Golden hair, wide, blue eyes, Sweetly shy and dignified. - .PZ .J 7' 734.11- yfsy .X 5 B .rfxb I Y if , O QN 7 fflm I ST it?tER,-J.XMEs I ' ' J, t St. Casin1ir's .3 Q, I Som' 'pebple rare quiet, some are oud, , The happy medium is Where Hjim- lllifbu is foun 1 ' ' Interclass Baf etball 2, 3. SULLIVAN, JOHN St. Patrick's "Sully" is one of the carrot top boys, From him, however, you'll hear no noise. Softball 1, Z, 3, 4. SULLIVAN, MARSHALL St. Patrick's This happy fellow seems to know everyone in the entire school! SUTTER, VIRGINIA St. Patrick's Her eyes of brown and her wavy hair, just add to all that make her so fair. Agora 25 Torch Business Staff. 112 ff l l'i.,,K-www. Mwdkff l u,ciw- I, wut LyfLJQu,.QQ1ku,aQJLouz,ls0ag SVVART, ROBERT V Hendy Avenue "Swarty" gets all his work clone. and still has time for lots of fun. Torch Business Staff: Football 3: Forum 25 Intramural Basketball 35 Treasurer Senior Class. TANGORRE, FRANK No. Z Frank. a lad who is tall and dark. May be quiet, but he's happy as a lark. TERPOLILLI, VINCENT No. 10 He goes about his work in a cheerful way, That's why "Woppy" stays so gay. Intramural Basketball 1. , x - LLI R, MARG RET Q, N, X . B. . ll Arti a ' ty, Xi not t' tic X rm t. J N , S pb J- sqllylbl hib . . Ry? if 1 . I TRIPP, JOHN Somerville, Mass. Life is happy, life is gay, Let us live our life today. Intramural Basketball l, 2 3, 43 I 1. V. Basketball 3. TULECKI, ROSEMARY St. Casimir's Rosemary's quietness does not make her less likeable. +'F:l41B' I... 1 1 . .1 TURNER RUTHXY N 3, ' ' h ,No. 2 K y's madly dashigg iwjtll hm- .- f' yes lflfig. 1 ' 'Y 1751 ' o 3' ' V, ' ' xy mx S Hendy Avenue armoni s combina A ' of YS W . fie in "Marty." ' 6M1Glee 3 a uers 1, 3 A 2, 33 C' ' '3. 1 'I VAN HOUTEN, JEANN Odessa, N. Y. Red hair, cheery smile, vim and vigor all the while. G. A. A. 2g Interclass Softball: Basketball and Volleyball 1, 2g Glee Club 1. WALKER, DONALD Thomas K. Beecher Don is really liked by all, We are sure he's on the ball. WALLACE, NETTIE Thomas K. Beecher Here's pep and gladness, ' Much mirth, no sadness. Orpheus Club 1, 2, 3. l l W1-:L1.1vER, A HUR NO. ll If you n know happy Art you are reall issing something. D Student ouncil 13 Football 4. sal li lx O 1 WESTERVELT, CARL No. 11 Carl's happy, smiling face is an E. F. A. institution. "r i - iv! , 5 . . k A fKy'HI'ii'FoRD,it'if15NiiTy'N X . St. Patricks - N 1 . fy x A, slgarkling blolgtll, OfQJWh0m iydxall l . get ond. j, -. V l n 4 orch Btis' 1 NQ'Sta.ffg USMS tomb . 1 Y 5 VVHITTAKER, RAYMOND No. ll Why worry about studies, A soldier's life for me. ,V if 1' s X . VVILSON, JAMES ..' t X Iwo. 10 Popularity is the keynote of sucw cess. Ask Jim! 1 Freshman Class President 19395 Band and Orchestra l, 2, 3. 4. Student Council fTreas. 45. f X .ufxxl , EDYTH Buffalo, N. Y. al h c e ss, never ends. Ed h ' ho ' to make friends. XYILLIAMS, VVINTHROP Bulialo. N. Y. Too bad we didn't know him before, VVe've missed a lot. Football 4. -'If 42 E+ 2244 ' s . ff,,d asf! - " 'H' ' 2--I-tr, 11.1 if 1-I fri--ff , W'I5IgER'li,!1NIARIE ' ' -.4-' ' r fff' Nay, 1 I,A'f-riidfindzrd, . ! w . ..,' If,Qtie's eyer i Aneed. , 4 Tor'el!.Busin qs Staff: ,Vindex 2, gf I 4: Student ouncil 4: Cfne?na"Cfnb K6 Z, 3. " v I f' - fl V ,I NYISNESKI, ELIZABETH A No. 10 Betty is loads of fun, and has plenty of energy to spare. Hi-Y Z, 3: G. A. A. Z, 33 Bowling Z, 3: Basketball and Softball l, 2. XVITIAZ, MARY No. 10 Never a worry, never a care, Always helpful everywhere. Yindex l, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2. XYOLCQTT, ARTHUR s 1 No. ll For Art there are so many l-ine predictions, . In his accomplishments are almost no restrictions. Yindex 1, 4. NYOLFE, ARTHUR No. 2 "Art the butcher boy," they call me, Because that's what I'm going to be. XVOLFE, LUCILLE No. 2 Quiet, but always willing to do her share. Student Council 1. I A R.. .sf LL' WCOD, EDNA Carr's Corners School Where there's music, There's merriment. Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Choir 45 Tri-Y 43 Ushers Club 4. WRIGHT, WILSON No. 10 Wilson is the quiet, friendly type, for whom success is assured. Hi-Y 3, 45 Student neil 4. X , ,, DQND 1-A-'Zi . YARNEL , AD A Ashland, Pa. mb 'dus, A ut' ul, ' Eeeable, army- F Gl ei B 3, 45 Choir rian 453 Hi-Y 4, Us YOUNG, MARQUERITE G. M. D. Her disposition is winning and sweet, Very few with her can compete. Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Softball, Volleyball, and Basketball 1, 25 Bowling 1, 2. APPLETON, AUDREY MAHONEY, NORMAN OGDEN, FIDELIA VOORHIS, ROBERT QI 43341- YOUST, JOSEHINE St. Anthony's Her sense of humor bubbles over in most delightful giggles. Italian Club 1, 2, 3g Student Coun- s Club 4. ZEMAN, s FORD ' J n'+- , Shehield Pa. .. . rl. 1' S r fwlyhl? il:-eafemibufe Eogld said t mi, " e's ariegu r e ow.' ' ' V Tomb Business sSta, deraaiss Basketball, Forum 2, , 4. f l 3 1 , ITXQAY LANpo .ff ' Zlflw i6 I No. 10 'Mesa laughing eyes' help "Yo's?' isgnile' along. f Italian Club 1, 2. , . R ' x ZU RISKI, ANNA f jf 'i U ll' n pctls to no ci' wit . , Y I ,l P Km s! il. WHITE, J o. 1 4 Vice- ixy, in, , ii. 'li S 1 Bette late t n ver Y , 4'. i m Q , 01 - f s. 814914716 Qfzee ,dwflmff Smuice duanaa Rall I U. S. ARM Y Albee, John Bronson, Charles Carpenter, John Dickinson, Lewis Frutchy, VVilliam Grant, William Guenon, Paul Miller. Charles Naples, Archie Sullivan. Marshall XX'estervelt, Carl Xlilliams, Kingdom Yolino, Nicholas - .f ig 1. -is Ps ?7'v5.fP- 752,239 4 ' W1 .1-, t f . -fr-'1-. Mr. Franklin Chatiield, U. S. Navy Mr. Frederick Schaad, U. S. Army Mr. VVilliam Dobberstein, U. S. Army Miss Rachel Bowen, W.A.A.C. Mr. Edwin Mason, U. S. Army Semhu U. S. NAVY Carr, Myrton Gawronski, joseph Hintz, Edward Owen, Lawrence Rohde, VValter Terpolilli, Vincent Voorhis, Robert gas 44 Lf. S. MARINE CORPN Nicholson. VVilliam Prislopski, John Rugur, Frank Salman! ealenclaa 194.2-43 ANY SIMILARITY BETWEEN THIS AND WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED IS PURELY INTENTIONAL September 7-Last day to sleep 'til 10 o'clock. 8-At last! The long awaited day has arrived-school. 9-Our First single. 10-Good things never end-another single. ll-No single. First social event-Dance at Community Cabin. 14-War stamps for sale. Bought your quota? 21-lst air raid drill. School praised by authorities on efficiency. 22-Vindex presents "The Lurch of Time." 29-Upperclass assembly. Hi-Y and Tri-Y. 30-Underclass assembly. Freshman learn school cheers. October 2-First issue of Vindex. Hi-Y "Kick-Off" dance in gym- 3-Football season opens-Elmira 46, Syracuse East- wood 7. K. E. presents "Back to School Dance." 5-Surprise! 5 weeks' tests. Air raid drill. 12-First holiday-Hooray for Columbus. 13--Another air raid drill. 14-Report cards. Yipe! 16-Upperclass assembly on art and sculpture. 17--Football game-E. H. S. 20, Auburn 20. 23-Vindex "Tag Day" Assembly. 24-Corning toppled by E. H. S. 13-7. 26-First snow. Where is everyone? 27-School mourns death of Miss Gamble, retired E. F. A. teacher. 29-These air raid drills are habit forming. 31-Elmira journeys to Rochester. E. H. S. 13, Aquinas 6. November 3-Masquers presents "The White Phantom" at Underclass assembly. 4-Warm weather-Fire drill. 6-"Pep" assembly--Band, Cheerleaders, Team. 7-E. H. S. 6, U. E. 7. 9-What, already? 5 weeks' tests again. ll-Armistice Day-No school. 12--More snow. Fewer pupils. 17-Report cards. 150+ 50 I 1005. 25-Ginny Gerrity, queen, and Jim VVilson, king, at Student Council Carnival. 26-Thanksgiving-E. H. S. 0, Ithaca 0. D. E. Dance. 30-Back to school after 4 days of vacation and eating turkey. December J 5-Senior Class Dance-"One o'clock Jump." 7-Remember Pearl Harbor!! 18-Christmas Assembly-Vacation Begins! 25-Merry Christmas. K. E. Dance-complete with mistletoe. 28-"Campus Owls," brought by Lamb, hoot at Fed- eration. 31-Class holds annual New Year's Eve Party- Whoopee! January 1-Hi youngster! Are you going to be good to us? 4-School again-More snow, more cold weather. 5-Upperclass assembly-"Song Hits of 1943, B. C." 6-A Christmas present from the faculty-Report cards!! 13-Hmm, these blackouts are very convenient. 14-Mid-Years begin-Oh, I wish I had studied. 18-Regents week. What's everyone so worried about? 25-Nfxv term starts-"I don't like this schedule at 3. . 28-Hearing tests begin. Anything to get out of classes. 30-Adelphia "Clipper Club" Dance at Mark Twain. February 2-Vindex campaign begins again. ' 12-No school-Lincoln's birthday. Lambda Chi V al- entine Dance. 14-Valentine's Day-Will you be my, etc. 15-20' below-School like an icebox. 17-Army Air Corps grabs some of the school's finest beaux. A gloomy day for some of the Academy's coeds. 19-Asselrnbly-Clergymen from 3 different religions spea . Cass and Gin Sutter voted best looking by Vindex po . 22-Torch campaign begins. Washington's birthday. Vindex Tag Day. 23-School out at 3:15-Maybe rationing isn't so bad after all. March 1-5 weeks' tests stare us in the face again. 3-Upperclass assembly. 10-Report cards--What, again! 13-Lambda Sigma Annual Blue Dance. 16-E. F. A. goes over the top in it's Red Cross quota. Nice going! 31-March goes out like a lamb. April I 2-Army and Navy V-12 exams. Why do all those Senior boys look so sad? 5-Five weeks' tests begin. Lovely day, isn't it? 8-Senior Frolic. 9-Freshman dance a social and financial success. 13-Cinema Club brings Deanna Durbin film to E. F. A. 14-April fool joke, only a little late. Did anyone turn up at a certain house on HoPfman Street for a War Bond rally? ' 24-D. E. holds Easter dance. May 14-Senior Play. Cass and Barb display their talents to a roaring audience. 20-Senior Day. Seniors start countingktiays now. 21-Spring Concert for erstwhile music lovers. 27-Juniors learn how butterflies can Hit-! June 9-Last full day of school. Kids skip home to cram. 15-Good-bye diploma after today's Regents. ' - 21-Graduation. Good luck Seniors! 22-Senior boys get their "Greetings" from their rich Uncle Sam. +345 Er efafu WZUWJ7 To Whom It May Concern: Know ye, all persons, that we, the Senior Class of 1943 of the Elmira Free Academy, in the County of Chemung, State of New York, United States of America, being of stable minds and strong bodies, although both slightly in a weakened condition due to rationing, do hereby make, execute and declare this to be our last will and testament. 4 Firstly, to some of the members of our beloved faculty: 1. To Mrs. Deuel, forty-eight hours in every day to enable her to comlpete all her school work and her reading too. 2. To Mr. Prokop, an automatic excuse--fixer for his enormous home-room of Senior boys. 3. To Mr. A. Schwenkler, a well-organized and thoroughly eflicient staff for editing the next Torch. 4. To Miss Hopkins, a bigger bank for her donations to England. Secondly, to the other classes: 1. To the Junior class, our treasury CD our Senior superiority, extra privileges UD and the joy of selling everything from doughnuts to ads in order to make ends meet. 2. To the Sophomores, our blessings and congratulations on having finally attained the rank of upperclassmen. 3. To the little Frosh, just our third-Hoor elevators, for C'est dommage, mes enfants, mais, we've nothing left to leave. Thirdly, to some distinguished individuals: 1. To any boy who can handle it, our service boys' patriotic spirit. 2. To Stanley Donelson, Joe Crowley's loquacious powers especially on biological subjects. 3. To Betty Hebbe or June Curran, Virginia Sutter's title of best-looking. 4. To their two worthy successors, Bob and Mary Lou bequeath the remains of their gross of aspirin. w 5. To Lynn Momo, Winston Coleman's exquisite zoot suit. 6. To Virginia Knuth, Ann Boardman's extraordinary collection of service jewelry. 7. To the favorite of the Junior class, Chet's office as President. The following generous individuals most kindly have donated a few possession to worthy individuals. 1. I, Bob Swart, hereby bequeath "Meatball" to Richard Roemmelt, if he promises to bestow on it the best of care. 2. I, Henry Rhover, most gladly leave my poetic ability to Leonard Van Keuren. 3. I, Jack Calkins, leave my extra pair of shoes to any boy who lives as far as I do and still has to walk, c'est la Guerre. In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seal on this, the first day of June in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty three. THE CLASS OF 1943 C. I. KNOWE U. R. WRIGHT -'Sl 461-21- GMM Glauea M ' 1 ' .J .,f If aj . X" .f ,iv ll 'N' . , 5 O' 1' l ' 1 'ly .hyd l fix Sl'I.I.IX'.-XX, jrxic fil'RR.'XN, joycit H,xx1.oN .Xs we approach the 'end of our third year at the lflinira Free Academy, we loolc forward to our senior year with both pleasure and trepidationfpleasure in the anticipation of the activities of seniors--fear of their responsibilities. For the past three years. we have been preparing for these duties and re- sponsilmilities of seniors, Wie recall with horror the struggles of our tirst year. hut under the capable leadership of our ollicers, Richard Roennnelt, Nancy Kennedy. Hope Smith, and Grant Pealer, directed by Bliss Marion Kelly and Mr. Silas l'arry, as advisors. we enjoyed a successful year at dear If. F. A. C lui' sophomore officers were Thomas Sullivan, Nancy Kennedy, Grace Quinn and -lohn Sullivan. Bliss Dorothy Martin and Mr. james Rupert were our advisors. O f ?!a44 'li' N111 .l.XKll'QS 1111-1-i1c'1', Miss 1111.111 X ll 1 Il 11115 11-111' 111111 'ltlllll 5111l1x':111, hlllllf 1'111'1':111, AI11111' ll:111l1111, Illlll 'lxllllil l':11 lPk'll11'l'1lS 1111111-1's 11'cl1:11l 21 111111111 111 1111- 5111111-111 Q41lllIl1'll 14:11'11ix':11, 111111 W1-rc 11111 111 Nllllkj' lic11111'11y 111111 1iC1Jl'gL' l'cz11'l11', 11111' :111cn1l:1111s 111 1111- King Zlllll Q111-111 fllll' lll1lk'l'I'S 1111' zissisling Yirginin Klllllll 111111 VN':1l11-1' LlHl'llL'll, 1-11f1'l1z1i1'111 uf 1111- -l1111i111' ll:1111'c:1111l 2lI'C Illlllilllg 1111:1l plans 11111 hlllllllbl' Huy. Ks 111- 111111 1111- 11':11li1i1111:1l 11:11 111111 x1'1111c, we llfflllllly IIl2ll'L'll 1111111 Kllllllldl 111:11 111- 11111 1111 1111- sl1111's 111- 11111' XX'1l1'1llj' 1111-1ls:1'ss111's. XY1- 8111111111 like 111 1ll1ll1li Kliss 11111011 Klillcr 111111 1'1111111111c1l l11'1' Qlllilillllk :1111111', 11111-11 X111 lQlllJL'I'1 left. vfi, 1111 Xu Sa uzixu l'licxl:1m"1', jules Dluiw, Rom-tm' lnxxnox The fall of 1943 will see us juniors. XVe have been greatly helped along our road to this accomplishment by our class advisors, Mrs. McCarty and Mr. lllanchette. Starting' in our freshman year, we were fortunate to have as officers. Franklin Loeliwood, Virginia Reynolds, Mary Ellen Maxcy, and Thomas Keeton. After we had won our spurs and advanced to Sophomores, we elected ?!a44 Mn. X.XI'lYI.ICUX Hl.,xw1'lllc'1"l'1-1. Mies HITIIIIY liiglmv, Q'h2lI'I0llL' -lzmrvis. Yirginizx l1L'llCfhL'l :md Iiulrvrl I.zmmlm1 lu aluul 1' zlclivilics. .Xl thc :mmml C21l'lliYJll wc wcrc ahh' l't'lll'L'SQI1lL'fI ln' V111 IXICCHINILH md llmmx' liifflrv, Illll'1lllCINlZ!IllS to the Kinff :md Uuccn. . Fu , PS A.. .Ks wc 1lllIll'U11L'l1 th-c cxzxltccl IDUSIIIUHS ut .IllIllUl'S, xxx- lwpu In llc :ns xxmllmx uf nur .Xlmu lxl1llL'l'ZlS thu prcvious -Iunim' Classes. 1 await ' 4"7W"5E" lll lux Bluuts, 'lux 5L'1.1.lx'.xx. A1.l.x'x Hmfifxixx The term laegzm with the usual rush :mal turmoil. Naturally, we weie touml mlasliiug' frzmtirally :irouncl the hulls, looking for our class rooms. To tluett oui :irtivities during the year, we elected the followiiig Officers: l,I'6SlflC11l ........ -lack Marks Yiee llresiclem .. .lezm Sullivzm Secretary ......., Beverly Siegel Trezlsurer ....... .... ........,,.., , ' Xllyn Hoffman Bliss Spuhu :mtl Mr. XYe:1ver were chosen by the Freshmen as class We wish tu thzmk them for their participation in the class meetings. Miss Xrzim Svmix, Slit. lxrgxxirrii Xlm The selimml clubs have uttered many opportunities to the Freshmen to bemnie iequainterl with their elztssinzltes. .Xl the Stuclent Cnuneil Carnival, the lfreshinen were represented by l.:1rry tltmnmr :intl lheresn lwircl, who servefl as zittenclzints. lleing lmuwn as "green freshmen" has been 21 little pzlinfulsbut now that nur tirst year :at the Aezuleiiiy has enmlecl, we can really say it's been fun. We are looking fmwvzirfl with great zlnticipzitiun to the coming yezir of activities :incl zxsssr eizitiuns with our elztssnizit-es here all the l':lll1lI'Zl lfree ,'Xe:uleiiiy. ew X U-8-0 DQNCE N-5N'uu. 'K President , James R. Beecher Jr. Vice-President , Marjorie Edmunds Secretary ,,,, Gwen Davis Treasurer ,, James Wilson Corresponding Secretary Barbara Elwood ln the past school year, the Student Council has furnished the students and clulms of the school the democratic rights of representation and participation in the internal government of their school, through their representatives. liarly in the fall, under the chairmanship of Gwen Davis and Bill Ritter, the Council sponsored the fall carnival. which was successful socially and financially. Fol- lowing that, it started a contest in the sale of war savings stamps. The winners uf this contest were presented with an interesting assembly, Later in the year, the council started a fund to huy a plaque on which will he the names of our fellow students who lost their lives while in the service oi their country. During the past year. under thc leadership of its Hue officers and the gnidance of Dr. llehnkanlp and Mr. Nteaver. Student tiouncil has had a very successful school year. M ic. KEN NET!! Xtiiixvrzk Slfucfenl auncil 56 19 up How: Hrloxvsky. l'lll Maldden. Uollidun Sehwznkler, tiilln-rt. Ros si. l'onn-reski. ixlflflllilll Whittenhall. Kanh. Third Row: Daly, Rllll'I'2lj' liiddle, Jarvis, Xl:-Von nell. l'it1-ln-r. Sipka. Und lc-y. l"oi'sythe. litkind. Second Row: Vlurk, llor witz, Garvey. Anderson lliveny. Kennedy, Fitch Daly. liarrows, Donovan. Bottom Row: Miller, Stern erman. Davis, lie-eeller lildnnlnds, lilwoonl. t'h:litt Kaplan. up Hun: Sm-llii'nrt1, Valssml, Un 1-lu. Xl:-ss.-rig:-l', liruwil sts-in. hnwl II: iw: ,Ml1'1:nlu'4-, Ilunt, llznmiltfm Izpsti-ln, Nl :Ili-r, Shay, llurililng. XXX-s1 uuml. 1-mul limit XY:ng:m-r', lVil lxrams, Hari:-y. lltwwilt. llc-inrivlu, t'um:lu. llzlli. Vaurrp, lirmru. Immun Itmv: Nl:-K4-nsit-, Iluvis. l'lrllnumls, Xlrlhuwf Q-ll, f'rispin. lim-sv, Kimi:-. in-l'.ClllUF5-lll-f him-I .Xsszwizltc lfclitul' News lfrlitrmr lfl-:iturc lirlitnr Sport lfilitur lfxcllzlilgc lfrlitm' lhxsim-ss Mzuiztgcr ,Kilim-rtisiiig Mzmagcr .xssistiillt .Xmlvcrtisiilg Virciilzntimi Mzulzign-r Viillcvtimi Kl2lIl1t1.1'L'l' -Link lzillcms, :tml lhvycl KlL'l7tm'1'll. ll Mary l.mi Mclicnsiv 'lam' llzxrrling lflznyllc Kilim' .-Xlnc llllflibl' llctty llcwitt Rullcrt Vrispin 'IZIIIIUS R. lit-cflacr Mzumgcrs Rlzmrjuric lfclmumls, fiwt-11 Davis lit-vcrly llrnwil lyiiliflvlll livcsl' 'Hn' 1Y1'lIlit'.l', as usual, was thc fcntci' of sclimvl spirit :it lCl".'X. lil Sk'Dll'llllN'l mn Cilllllllilgll tu uhtzun l,000 suhsvrilmcrs was sllcct-sstlil, :tml um' thru- zisscm lmli cs, part of the clrivc. wcrt' the first nf thc sclnnul year. lil Nmm-nmlwr, thc tww to-ccliturs mul Mrs. lh-in-l :lttcilrlvrl tht- lfSSl'.X cullvciitioil at Syracuse wllcrc fm' thc sixth straight yczu' 'flu' l'1iml4'.1' Wu Ill Yitt l'mL Nulimf tht hight t mirrlul In .1 high snlnml iihlit timni . "" ' ' l , ' 'S 2 'Z ' ' .' ' 11 'Rl . Thu cncl uf thc first term saw co-4-rlitm' .lack Vzilleiiis lm-:wc lil'l:X In Clblllilllll his stuclics at Syracust- L'i1ivcrsity. XYith thc lwgiluiixlg ul' tht' in-w tt-rm, lhwml Xltl Juwcll ll continual as Cillttll'-lll-L'lllt'l with Klziry Lou Nlt'Kt-visit' ln-iii :ulvzmccfl to associate ctlitur. lflayiic Kllllll' was lmmt-cl lk'2lllll'K' crlitur, rt-plzivillg Mary l.mi, The sccunrl tc-rm sulmscriptimi mlrivc umlc-r thc lt':ulci'sl1ip ut' llnlv K-Ylillll xml Jill ll l 1 lgllll vull rumixul tml for 'ling llli xt rr , iz zu-s 1-cc1L'r,vi':s:z " z z-'x'-it I L N , sclltctl hlms U11 thc nvws t'nVcr:igt' ul tht- war since l'czlrl llzu-Imr, if 'iggv - During thc 'car 'Hu' 1lIiIIlf1'.l' staff IIlllIIlK'l'lllj,1 liftx' stuflvnts, frmn tht- trims . A ,,,, 1 3' , , . . V , , , K, , A t uuh rt-murtcr tn thc crlitur, mhlislicrl Iuurtt-t-ii 1sSlll's. lhc lmsim-ss stzttt rlul 1 .. . . l . . l. . . .. 'A ' 2 A hm- Jul: ut sccuriiig :uls clcslntc war liznlicllczlps, :tml thc lllvmry slznlt mzult' smlll ' L 9 5 ' cxcullcnt "sCuups' alum: with nutstznuling lt'ZlIlll'k'S :tml mln-r zirtirlus. j ii ,-X lP1llIfllL'l ill tht' s bring was tht' highlight uf 'l'l1l' l'1'mll'.1' sfxviail :lctivitivs , l l b .A7 7 ' an ' Qi Y 't S' V, ' . Jil- 4 l V1 ' ffl Si , F , f K I , Nlitsl .lli.fXXli'l"I'Ii l', lJlil'l'.l. l . QQ." 7 .JJ f ,az un 45 s u .df ' .l "" ". ., 5, V. liditor-in-Chief , ,,,, Robert Ackles Associate Editor Mary Lou Mcliensie Art Editor ,,,,, ,,,,, , ,, , Hetty Querqui Literary Advisor ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, , ,,,, Miss Rose Kingston Stat? Members: Benedict, Gerrity, Little, DeRisio, Calkins, Me- Dowell, Logan. Parker, Honsignore, Malonoski, Gryska. Riggs, Epstein, Blandford, Steniernian, Hutcheson, Hali, Yanderlip, Lfoinan, Lewis. fhaitt. Edminster, Crowley, Maynard. lfdit a Yearbook! XYhy that's easyf The only hard thing is choosing a theme: the rest is easy-or so we thought. lfxperienee has taught us: we've learned that it wasn't so easy as it looked. However. in spite of all our dittienlties. we've had fun. This yearbook may he ditterent, hut remember. there's a war and that was our primary consideration in almost every ease. Nevertheless, if you enjoy this annual. we, weary editors and staff menihers. and our hard working' adviser, Miss Kingston, will feel that our eltorts and worries were not in vain, Miss Rosie Kixusrox 19 Third Howl lienediet, Littli tierrilv. llnteheson, Hal fitllllil 11. Seeond Roni lie Nisio, H1 Ibowe-ll. 1'h:iiIl. lflpsteii Slt'Illt'!'lll1l!l. liottoin Row: lil'YhkZl, Mm Kensiv, ,Xeklf-s, Blnlatnosk I' as . T F 'lk , sr P , 5 jr , .,.. '7afw!a .fdimmuf Siaff -bil 58 li? 43 up limi: Sxvanrt, Nllirrny Urlowxky. Elwood. l'nl illlllv, Ruth, llnrm-, Z1-f mann. Suttuln li u vv : Kinsman, Vrispin, Vinum-i', Pupplv- ton, li:-4-eller, Slltlvr, Cn-lhisiiiess Mznlagers Ralph Kanter, llarlrara Pnppletnn Members: Sutter, Orlowsky, Carey, Klylialyk. liherature. Crispin, Beecher, Hurst. Zeeman, XYhitfnrd, Nathensun, Pzilzmge, Murray, R. XYright, Davis, lfdnninds, iiassacla. Steele, Sxvart, Murray, li. lfairchild, Boardman. :X yearlmuk is like any lmnsiness enterprise. Tn he 11 success. it ninst he hacked by snflicient capital. The lucky t?J grnnp xvhn are clwsen tn nhtznin this capital are called the llusiness Stall. .-Xs usual, it was hard to CUllYlllL'L' the staid husinessnien nf the 2lllV2llll1lQl'9 gained hy advertising in the Tureli. llut the undying etTm'ts ul' the stuff nmde light work of this seemingly diflicult endeavor. The staff wishes to express their appreeizitiuii tu Nl r. Selmvvenkler fin' his patient enuperatimi and sincere tnlerzinee. . , xn, 7aacf1. Bwiinafi 'slag President . Vice President Secretary Treasurer ,,,, Advisor Helen Parry Mary Kinsman ,, Cornelia Buck Marjorie Kellogg Miss Dorothy Martin Mjilfl ' Agora Debating Society, which was organized to give girls experience in the art of debating, has been very active during the past year. Several debates were held at the regular meetings, and one debate with Forum was held. Aside from the debating experiences, several social events were held. New members in the fall were welcomed at a banquet at the Candle Light Tea Room, while those joining in March were initiated at a party at Rossi's. Mrs. Albert Helmkamp gave several readings at one of the meetings. The sale of li. F. A. class pins proved a successful venture. Agora wishes to express thanks to Miss Xlartin for her very kind and capable assistance, Miss Douorn v M .XRTI N Top How: Diveny, Parson Miller, lienediel, Fitch Ribble, Iipstein. Seeonil Row: Perry. Rey nolds, Dudley, Cxlssetti Ruth. Horwitz, Maxey Evans. Bottom How: Baker. linek Kinsman, Parry, Kellogg Su-nu-rnian, Levy. villa! ,vm-,V 1 f. fottom I 43 up liow Yun-llronglu Hhitl lI:lul1. lfllcin-l. woml ltow: .Ion-:nh-mon, Blurpluy, llorne, Owen. yi ootl, lit-1-eller. Urispin, Scluw:ll'tx. foxxj lileyer. XY4-sh Q , is . . , l'resiclent Robert Crispin Yice-l'resiclent lfreclericlc lfllioll Secretu ry 'I' reasure 1' Nl ie. hlniitis Stanley llonelson XYz1llace jorzilcnizui The activities of The l:Ul'lllll Ilehating Society have heen vurierl :incl exten- sivc during' the past year. They inclnrletl the stucly and przlctiee of pnhlic speaking and IlZ1I'll2lIllCl1tH.l'y procerlure, which were put into effect through rliscnssions and formal clehates at the cluh meetings :incl through :mn zissenihly program, presented hefore the stuclent hotly. In the llllIlSt of this program, lforuni sutfererl :1 serious loss, Nlr. ,lzunes Rupert, the clulfs faculty advisor for the past six years, left lilmirzt to :tssiune El position in war work in lfrie, Pa. During his association with the clnlv, Mr. Rupert plztcetl 'l'he lfornni lie- hating' Society in the worlrl of forensic competition in New York State. lle gniclecl l'x0l'lllll, the only eXtra-curricnlzn' society in the state to represent its high school in clehate competition with the high schools of snrronnrling cities, lo near perfection. llefore the war cnrtzlilefl traveling, seheflules were lllilllllilllldl with schools of lfhnira lleights, llorselleztcls. llornell, t'orning, :incl llinghzunton, while several trophy competitions were niuintuinecl on the simle, the keenest uf which was with llinghzunton Central, in which the respective tezuns vierl for the possession of za trophy, mlonzltetl hy il local corporation. Mr. Rupert has the prayers :intl hesl wishes from :ill the nlenihers for success in his new venture. Rl'1'1a1e'1' 45 ni gf n President - ' . Ada Mae Epstein Vice-President , ,. Mary Lou McKensie Secretary Marjorie Kellogg Treasurer .. ,,,, Donald Yarbrough Advisor , ,,,,, Mr. James Rupert Since the purpose of Cinema Club is to gain a wider knowledge of motion pictures, members of this club were given several opportunities to achieve this aim. NYeekly critical reports of current movies were given by members. A movie quiz, which made up the program for several weeks, gave additional information. Meetings were held each Friday during lunch hour, with one social gather- ing a month at the home of one of the members. Members attended several movies together during the course of the year, In the spring. the club brought a full-time movie to the school. All Cinema Club members wish to express their gratitude to Mr. james Rupert for his kind assistance and their deep regret that he had to leave in the middle of the term. The new advisor, Mrs. Holger, has been most helpful in continuing the activities of the club. MR. J.-xxnis Rt'1-rpm' eine-:ma Ubi 19 Top Row: Mapes, Owen, linono. Contini. Greene, Uunningliam, Flute, Div- eny. Ret-ond Row: Van Kenren, Butman, Edminster, Wieh, Shay. Neiterberger, Parry. Bottom Row: Kellogg, Yar- brough, Epstein, McKen- sie. Prislopski. 43 111 1111111 Nlilla-1', I'1'isl11pski, 11111111 111111: 511111-r, 511111, 11111, H11111111, AliI1'Nll. 11:111. 1 111111, M1-ss1-111.51'1', .K1'1'l'y, N11-lush-1'. 13111-11y. 111111 1111112 1':1ss1-111, S:111- 111', 1llll'l'illl, 161111111-, 111111, 111', H1-l111'11'l1, 1',1111':11'11s l111'11n1', l'1-tnkv. 11111111 ll1111': XYi1'k. 111111111-, 1 111'l11'1'. N1-12111. S:1y1'1', 1111111111 111111: 1'11111:111, K1-114 11s111'111, 1i:1p1:111. llzluh, lu 1 sc lllllllllx 1x11lx l11lll1Il11-x 191111111 11111 1111153 011-1-11, Y:11'h1'1111L:l1 N11 lil 11111 1111-y. lflllll, Shay. 1'111, . . President 1 1111111-1111 Yz1rl1r1111g:11 Yicc-Pres' 11 xxiilliillll 1311811 Sccrei -' , T ,X S11i1'11-5' xxllll 1111111 ' ' asurer, 1 1 Pr111lc11cc 111211111-3' .31d'is11r , , Mrs. 1'111't1-1' , N. 1 N S. xwgqx, K 3 Q1 R l 7. - - . . K 111 turthcr nur aim, namely, !lt'Yl'l1DlJll1R 2llJ1l2il'L'll1 211111 1111111121111 llrlllllillll' ahility i11 students and thereby Cl1tL'l'1Zl1ll1l1j.1' 11 15. A., KlZl511llL'I'S 1111111111-11 111111 1 tx operated an i111111strio11s PFIPQTHIII this ycar. ' . I11 the fall we prcmciuced Zlll exciting 111ystcry flralllll, "'1'11c X'Y11i11- l'11z1l1t11111," for 3.11 3.SSQl1llJlj'. The cast: Mrs. Illack-111-11-11 Parry: Marian 11121141--f.'X1111 ' Biddle: Officer N11la11-Francis Rauhq livclyn ixllllift'--Sllllllllli' 11111111011 Mrs. '45 -9 'mr Mus. .X1.x1. Frazier-Gloria Cassetti: Curtis 1"rz1zicr-XYil1ia111 cJV1'L'llQ 111112111 Sharp 1XY11i11- Pl1a111111111-Ricl1a1'1l 811011132-ll'l1, XY11rk was 211511 111-g'1111 1111 a thrcc :wt play. "XVe're i11 the Army NlPXN','v hut l1I'llIllIC11Ull pr11l1l1'111s f11r1'1'1l 118 111 t11'HIl this vciiturc. 111 its stead we 1112-11111011 a 1115171211 uf i11divi1l11al tz111'11ts. The cluh also had its social 1-v1-111s-11 lll1j'1'1ilL', Il s11'i111111i11g party, 111111 1111- amuial june 132111111101 all pr11ve1l 1-1111-rtai11i11g. 111' of the Masqucrs 511011111 lilo: 111 111211114 Mrs. 1'11r1cr lilll' 1l1'I' 1-11111'ts i11 11111' hchalf. 1 P1111'1'1:1c luafiguwad fbawnalic President ,, . Robert Lynough Yice-President ,,,, ,, Richard Shephard Secretary , jean Prislopski Treasurer Betty Conian Stylus is hasically an art cluh. It accepts members who are interested in art as wcll as those who are able to draw. Many projects and social activities have been carried on this year. VYe had two informal parties at school and also a formal initiation which was held at the Langwell Hotel. We have made many posters for other extra curricular organizations. and have also responded to the war effort by producing posters for various puhlic services. We officers and nn-mhers of Stylus wish to thank Mr. Ryerson, our cluh advisor, for his careful and instructive guidance though the school year. MR. l':l.l3l'IIi'l' Rvi-tics saw em 19 Sittings: D u li l, Lynougli Prislopski, flonmn, Shep herd. Us-rrity. Standing: Wlleeler, Bar rows, Merritt, H u I1 f Markoxvitz, Mz1cNitt. Dig by, Cornell, Swan, Jones Ile-lulrivks, Ryerson. Kon nsweiez. .,-we-yn ham- EEK y 4 op Row: llill, linthluek Konslsiewieh. lluli. llurde tlurk. Rolls, liednaurvliik of-ond llow: X'lelia-nsie Yonst, lbonprlns, Steiner- mnn, llnteha-son. lirey. Terwilliprer. Blakey. olloln How: lludiek, Hut ler, XYood, Yarn:-ll. Stn-ff uni, lim-nip, t'h:1itI, Hill Head Usher lfleanor Hutcheson Assistant Head Usher Dolores Grey Secretary and Treasurer Margaret Terwilliger .Xdvisor Xliss Collins Our chief job is ushering at assemblies: that we do with zest. whether the students appreciate our efforts or not. After three years, li. lf. .-X, is finally getting the idea that all seats have to be filled in quickly: for that we are grateful. As has happened to so many other clubs, the war cnt our social activities to minimum, informal meetings and the banquet in june. However. we feel proud to have sponsored an assembly in which Mr. Clyde Powell, Magician and Hypnotist, was presented. On Senior Day we regretfully hand our ribbons to the new ushers, because only Seniors can be members of the club and the juniors need grooining to be hard enough to push and pull, pinch and command when the new term brings assemblies. Miss Jl'l,lA L'Ul.l.l vs '7!1e Zldwn Glad President ,, Stanley Donelson Vice-President , Paul Gryska Secretary , , Robert Ackles Treasurer ,, ,, ,, , ,,,, , Ralph Canter Y. M. li. A. Advisors, Mr. Harry Truman, Mr. Richard Machemer School Advisor ,,,, Mr. Emory Donelson The Alpha tihapter of the .-Xeadeniy lloys' Hi-Y has completed another year of extensive activity, Our membership drive, the first activity of the year. was highly successful. It was eliniaxed by an impressive induction ceretnony that gave a hetter understanding of the purposes and aims of the organiiaiizn. lfor entertainment the club has had representative Iihnirans as speakers, 11 ventriloquist, sxvinuning parties, participation in a baseball league. movies and interesting discussions. Because of the gas shortage, the club was unable Io send delegates to the various annual conventions Mr. Harry Trunian. our Y. M. Lf A. advisor for 1.art of the year, did much to further the prestige of the club. In the middle of the club year. Mr. 'iiI'llIllIill enlisted in the .'XIIlt'I'lC2iI1 Red Cross, and is now serving overseas. Nlr, Richard hl?iCllClllt'l' has been appointed by the to snecee'l Mr. 'iil'lllll2lIl. XXX' feel that he will do as nnieh for the eluh as his predecessor, Mr. liinory Ilonelson has been interested in Ili-Y work for several years, XYe feel fortunate in having hint as our school advisor. M nz, lixiokv Dov:-il.soN nzpza ezwpza of lffze aw' 4.2, eil 66 li? 1 l'op lion: Lngonegro, llrey Kll,lJIXXYki Ki-ouse. Millet Hroyxiilow. Rynilers. 'st-eond Row: Tripp, l":u'i'el' Meade. lionzthue. May nard. ,Xndi'eyvs. XYlllLft'I'T llottotn It o xv : Ibonelsot y':unter, llonelson, Aekler Htkind, W4-hster. 1 l np Row: Bailey, KilllltLS, Koslosk i. Kalninski. ottom K o w Z Laskoski, XVright, Xlalnlioski,YYl1itn- President , Chester Malanoski Vice-President , James VVhite Secretary I.eo Kamas Treasurer Paul Laskoski The membership of the club was eut to a minimum due to the war-time requirements placed on the students. Lack of manpower has required that many students take up positions in order to help quench this vital need. Consequently the group was small and aetivities few. Regular meetings were held 'l'hursday evenings. After the eluh business was terminated, dis- 1 enssions were held concerning topics of the day. Swlllls and skating parties -- -731 , were among the clulfs activities held during the year. Under the. line supervision of Mr. Patterson and Mr. 'llrnman, advisors, the Horace Reed Hi-Y enjoyed a sueeessful term. Mu, Romgwr l',A'I"l'liRSlJN -, Jlaaace Reef Jfi-ff 1 resitlent Yiec President , , . J Q PAV if .ij , f r w X Q l' 1 Q I Q Secretary and 'l reasurer f ll if l l ,U 1 .1 " ljhrarian Ailvisor Q 1 , I 'LJXLIAI Wy f ' 1. I f t nj ,fj lg 5-D" " ,J X ij . i IJ X J ,xl 3 J Nanettc Chaitt Ann Biddle , Charlotte Rutty Sally Geistweit Rl iss Betty Park Glhmler the clireetion of Miss Park, the Knrls' Glee fluh has greatly inert secl its inemhership this year. This has come ahout by the co-operniion of tlieihnclerelass girls, whose help has been greatly appreeiatezl. XM sang for our own pleasure and amusement. hut also llCll,Cfl to make the L'hristmas L'antata a sueeess. The elimtix of our aetivities was our partieipaa lion in the annual Spring Concert. The filet- fluh will long renieniher the few weeks' work that Mr, Frecleriek Selizuul nut forth hefore his induction into the armecl forces: and we shoultl like to thunk our new zulvisor, Miss Park, for making ns enjoy our sessions with qw' wee ew I it 6 her. 1, Toi Row: l':u'k, Davis. X xi l nell. Het-he. Swann, Pint Nh-rktl1:nler, l':1rmele 1 Nutty. Heistweit, Starr Vhnitt. 'I' h i r tl li o W: Welliui Sll't'0ll'l', Urispint Hlzn :nr-l. Wliamiele. U'Con li:nliei', Quinn, lions, lialrrou, Sh 91-eoml Snyde utts. Row: llnurlert, NYoo:, In-ist-nrinz, Mzlxey, Poi tingt-V. Finnell. Bith 4 Kennedy, Forsytlle. Han ilton. Douglas. Wilkins Bottom liowi I'ulIi'ow1t lit-lim. Kinne, llairris, Dil hh-, llvss, Hunt, Hz-yn Ilurtt sn. IH-tiki, liestllll s s liiirrr P .nz ii lip l 43 limpltt-ll, X4-lsnn, Nil-ks n ltmx: lie-nsnn Miller I Iiumpsun. Smith, 'Fhump low: l'a1'lt. lfluytl, ,g...a,...duuaannu sv v President Anna Henson Yiee President Yvunne llentley Advisor Miss Park 1 1 The Orpheus Club was fuuntlerl in 1938 hy lfclitli Smiley :mel has heen the means for us to participate in the social activities uf lf. li. :X. and to con- tribute something to life here. The Club memhersliip eunsists of smne nf the Negru Students uf Elmira Free Aeacleiny. We wish tu extend our appreciatiun to hllss Park wlm has successfully succeeded Mr. Schaafl. She has shown a real interest in the cluh, guiding the plans for our Spring' Dance. Our Motto, "May the Orpheus L'luh always remain at prime lillllkllitlll in seliwol life." hest states our ideals and aims, M I ss lil-i'l"IAY PAR K aww em ,i f 1.1- mt Oli pf N SENIOR-JUNIOR OFFICERS 19 Top Row: Pitt, Baker, Ku jowski, VVake, Pottingei' Nash. Maxry, Mt-Uann 0'Daniels, Harder. Hill. Third Row: Thorne, Lind enmuth, Forrest, Knapp Ross, Mathews, Madden Heinrich, La Fever, Tux' ner, Kittell. Sn-eond Row: Prislopski Priee, Swan, Smith, Bu ono, Shay. Corhertt, Stef ani, Stevens, Forsythe Howland. Bottom Row: Spohn, Parry Kuhn. Wood, Patrowitz Hayman. Kennedy. Kram er, Ilali. Uttell, Mtflnlugll lin, President , ,, , ,,,, ,,,, , ,, ,,,, ,,,, , ,H ,, , N ,, Margaret I-Iali Vice-President ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, J olene Kittell Secretary ,,,,,, Jean Prislopski Treasurer , ,,,,,,, Joan Corbett Advisor ,,,, ,,,, , ,,,, , H , , ,,,,., ,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, IN I iss Veda Spohn SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN OFFICERS President ,,,, ,,,,., , ,,,, , , ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,, ,,,, , Marguerite Pitt Vice-President ,,,, ,ii. P hyllis Forsythe Treasurer , , , Betty Howland Secretary ,, ,,,, Marie Lindenmuth Advisor Mrs. Ralph Hawkes .X novel method has been tried this year in membership grouping. The first group is composed of girls in the Senior and Junior classes and the second group uri the girls in the Sophomore and Freshman classes. Our objective as Christian women and girls is devoted to better realization of common ideals, of personal and social living, and better citizenship. This is attained through discussions on boy and girl relations, personality, wartime jobs for high school girls, social, athletic and educational activities. :Xt a community party which we held we gained a clear and better understanding of our city government. Our gratitude is herewith expressed to our advisors, Miss Yeda Spohn, Mrs. Ralph Hawkes and Miss Lucy Irwin of the Y. VY. Li. .-X. 745- 41 70 lle Miss XTEIIA Sronx Mies. R,x1.1-11 Hixuiaiis Miss l.l't'Y linwlx Swan, llory 43 o p li o ui Xll 4'i'nhle, NYhi ltenhzull. lil:- l4'4'I:3l'osso ny, Ile liisio l'1-:lli-V. lion- lltlll-, lil:llu'li:lrd, sq 4' o n ml Hou: Milwhf-ll 'ielioi' , - nsilnnni. hxntltlu, Nllzn-l'l'n-l', Yun Kenra Xlriynznrd. Vonrt, Smith. lotion: liowi Nl enn-ruin n inn. lx insmnn lil. Park llnll Ynlrlvs, Sulli- van, lt:nv1-iiporl ,Q 'Vs livery Academy student realizes the important role the lflmira liree Academy Orchestra plays in making the school assemblies interesting. Their fine performances make these assemblies much more enjoyable than they ordinarily would be. The orchestra has been greatly enlarged this year by the addition of not only a number of new musicians, but also by the addition of new music. Much of the success and ability of the orchestra is due to the capable direction of Miss lilizabetll Park, who has so admirably taken the place of the former advisor, Mr. Sehaad. Xll s lZi:'i"rx' Iixiuc gfmfha awe fqccxfemq 0 The li. F. A. Choir has a inenibership of over forty boys and girls. They chose as their officers Franklin Lockwood, president, Richard Saxton, vice- presidentg and Sally Geistweit, secretary and treasurer. The first presentation, given under our present leader Miss Betty Park, was a Christmas cantata entitled "Shepherds Christmas." The choir participated in the Annual Spring Concert at Southside High School and thus ended a successful, enjoyable year. r l C 1 9 A wx o i 'Z O'Daniels, Kam i 1, axto ,- u-kwnod ul urpl ' ii-if 'z C stin, Daur Z Bla I ha d it-ker, XVhite Milflei igorre. Reese Mmyn d l Second ow: Crispin, Sny der, rion, Blanchard Ilend 'eks, Evans, Hutch esnn, Field, Purmelee Fitzgerald, Leisenring. llottnm Row: Davis, Pali rowitz, Belig, Yarnell Park, YVo0d, Geistweit Nutty, Bastillzi. Miss BETTY PARK glmha awe rqcafenuf fzoh C 4 'Inn-2 linlpln l'r:ilnill, Sylxiu lr:ux'i4lN:m, l':ltl'lvl:i Nnlnlo-N. 'lnrinn-1' Yilnwixl lh-llixiu, lim-l':nl4l iiFI!'1l1'llHIIl, lfllgvlur 1'urlm, .XllLCn'ln IM-liixin, liivllurrl lilimlv, 1'll:1l'ln-N I.n-xxis. .ln-nnnv Swzllln, Nlnlrlvy Sll4'liIIl'j', l5:il'lr:lr:l 1'l':iwt'ul'nl. H1-Hy llniluw, Grunt l'1-:A lvr, 'l'lwnl:m Ku-1-Um, Ynlnix I.i+lmIi4-k, Xvnlln-I' lilial-5. Plum-I lillvn Nlalril- Iinlwr. Lnxnplwm-: ,lim-pl: Imvip, II1-1-vv Annnvrlncln, .lnvk ll.-wilt, lil-tty Iintnnnn, l9nn'lmr:n llnlnlm. 'rvnn-In llurni Iiuln-rl l'uul'1. .Xlln-rt Smith, Ihvnnlrl lint lnnn. nn'm'lI,l:llll4-N XYIINUII. liugfm' XX'umlw:ul'4l. .lulln Tripp, llivlinril llrninlin, .Invk Svlxixnnn-, l'14lxxnr1l XN'lli1f Ivnl1:ulI,.lulin Nllu'viul'uwu, lmn NY4-iw-n1'lul1, Iiugrvr Vllrixlizun, lilm Xlitvln-ll. 'rulnlmnvt l"I':nnk l,m-kwuml, Lynn lin-ntmulauu, l's-1-ry Klimrs-r, .lnnnw Ibzuiclmm, .lnvk Ill-ilu, inrltmnv: .lnhn ll:u'r1-nn. 'nlvni Ilnlu-rl .lalym-s, l"r1-rl liil-lmlwlx. lmnnlll Sulli- vnn. H-rw-xlwimn: liivllzlrnl Snxtmi, William Murphy, Iii:-Imrrl lie-rgr, llnnu llnnlifllv, l"r:ink Xlillvr. brnin Mnjmwt Wilma lin- ne-nlx, lmrutlny Slingvr- luml. Pir4-mluri Nvllllillll li, Hiery. llIlll1'I' thc very cznpalvlc flircctinn uf Mr. XYilli:nn li. llin-ry, thc lilmim lligh Sclmnln lizuul lun given 11 llllllllwl' uf Ullllilllllly line llL'!'l.1lI'l1l2lllCl'5 in thc past j'k'2ll'. llcsirlm-A pruvicling vntvrtzainlm-11t at fuutlmll gznncs :incl ZlS5CllIllllK'h, tllc lwznnl priwirlcrl music' at such functions as tllc .-Xrctic lmzngilu Prugrzlnl and ilu- :innnul Spring lAHlll'l'I't. During LvIllIL'fl Nzltiuns XX11-k, thc lllllltl tuuk part in il Ilftlflflllll it tlw Koa-in-y 'lilIL'2lll'!'. 'l'ln- nlmlilmcrx wiali tu cxprcss tln-ir zippn-cizltiml of Mr. llin-ry's guiflzimm- incl nnmcllisli intcrcst in tlnl lmnml, and wish to cmiggrzulllzm- tlic zlrnm nmjfn' fm' tllc lim- cxlnlntnms sln' gavu. XI N, lYlI.l,I.X Nl lhmex' me eww ay, sczmu gm! .Y "'W 4, -, 1.1,- ,, .. William Cassada , , Barbara Poppleton .. Martha A. VanDerlip .. ,,,,,, Robert Svvart Robert Murray NYilli'e Barton .. llelen Bent , Mrs. Barton Robert Bent ., .. Ezra Sliseomh ,,,,, Agathe Sliscomb ,,,, ,,,, . ,, Barbara Hunt Hamilton Q. Holland , ,,,,,, Paul Gryska J. Clarence Riddleford ,,,,, Fred lilloitt Harold Yan Horton ,,,, ,,,,, Donald Cole Shirley Ann Ruth Hilda . . Xtith Mr. john li, Colgan directing, "The Nut Farm," a hilarious comedy by john V. lirownell. was successfully produced by the Senior Class of lf!-13. The play centers around the Barton family, consisting of XYillie, an ambitious young chap who yearns to he a film director, his married sister Helen! ambitions to become Z1 movie star, and their mother, the patient Helen's hnsbannl. who has sold a grocery store in Newark with the intentions of buying 11 nut l.Zll'1Il in California, is more-or-less the motive of the plot, for his money enables llelen'to get a chance to be a star. Hy the time a slick film producer. 'Pop lioyri Vols. lzlssiltll Swzl rr, l. ryskal, Murray Elliot. ottom Row: Hunt. Vopple ton. Ruth, Yam lierlip. :1 senario writer, 21 bored leading: man. his own wife and brother-in-law get through with that SS3ll,ll00, all Hob has left is his memory. Fortunately Willie saves the day and the money by a bit of Movie Magic, and everything ends lizimxily. M R. Jo n N tfor.csA N +25 74 lie 91414 !ARI'1Y 9 fw7' .9,WzW NAVY, ,A,,,,f?iiff'f A7 MWWMW, of 2 f ,, fspddjd- migffwwawffdw ,Qf'2:v!,Zlf wfwwj-,MQ fuzzy M WHWWMZQQJZQM .P C m,ff1!,.,A,A! Miss NIARGUERITE VAN DUYNE, MR, ARTIll'R Hmsr, MR. VVILLTAM VVIPFLER f- 1 Q-lfcf I 1,0 ' 1 .. A V1p4zL,l,"1,vVlf" .I Ll.. " 1 Q -' LY g c UOg,.,,J QQ M Wo. XYe, the class of 1943, cordially dedicate this section of our book to our athletic instructors, Miss Van Uuyne. Mr. Hirst and Mr. XVipHer. Their excellent guidance has developed in students a lasting quality of sportsmanship which will aid in building a better world. -ill 76 liz. .xi QQ wi 1 iii 3 Coach ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,A,,,,.,,....,,....,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,...., .,,.,,,,,g,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,., A r thur Hirst Assistants ,,,,,,.,,.,, Benjamin Botnick, Nap Blanchette, William Wipfler Co-Captains ,,,7 Armand Malandra, Lawrence Owen, Robert Kirkendoll Student Manager .,..,,.,..e. Y,,,,.eee,,,A.....,..Ye,,V..,,,. - YYY,,eY,......ee..i. J oseph Collins Faculty Manager ,,,,. ,,,,,,, A nthony A. Schwenkler Trainer ,-,,, ...,, . ,..,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, D o c Kittle SCHEDULE RECORD Elmira ,,,,, ,,.,,, 4 6 Syracuse Eastwood ,,,, ,,,, 7 Elmira c,,,, 20 Auburn .,,.Y,,,,,, ,,YY,,,YY . 20 Elmira ,,,,,, ...... 1 3 Rochester Aquinas ,....Y... ,i,. 6 Elmira ,,,,,, ,...,, l 3 Corning Free Academy ..... ..,, 7 Elmira ,,,,, 6 Union-Endicott ,.,.,, ,...,, . 7 Elmira, , 0 Ithaca ...,,,...,. 0 40015611 +24 78 E1- First Row: M. Malandra, Kirkendall, Owens. Third Row: Kittle, Losin- ger, Dickinson, Nelson, Karski, Huntley, Sayles, Quass, Brown, Collins. Second Row: Christley, Hirst, A. Malandra, De Laura, Fernan, McCarthy, Musteko, Semski, Blan- chette. Fourth Row: Lagonegro, Tucker, Addabbo, Smith, Pittnan, Merrit, YVo0d- hull, Geloso, Peeehio, Gee. 4 Prospects were indeed bright when Coach Art Hirst assembled his football warriors for the 1942 grid campaign. Eight varsity lettermen plus capable second team reserves returned -to give the Light Blue a claim to the mythical Southern Tier championship, with a record of three wins, one reverse, and two tie affairs. Backfield material was the highlight with Coach Hirst building two complete backfields for alternate duty. The inaugurating game against Syracuse Eastwood proclaimed a banner season for the Light Blue and the 46-7 rout inflected upon the helpless Syracuse, gave impetus to the hope that Elmira would continue along the road to victory. The whole team coordinated perfectly with the backfield running rough-shod over their opponents, rolling up 24 First downs in the process. The following Saturday, on a rain-soaked Parker Field gridiron, the Light Blue encountered trouble in the person of Coach Ki Young's Auburn eleven and when the final whistle sounded, the game was a dead-lock at 20-20. Highlight of the contest was Semski's 67 yard Touchdown jaunt along the sidelines. The Blue and White continued their momentarily-interrupted victory march on Oct. 24, when they met, saw, and conquered an inspired and aggressive Corning Free Academy team 13-7. Larry Owen smacked the Hirstmen with his smashing line-bucking which resulted in both touchdowns. On the following week, the Light Blue journeyed to Rochester, and with Larry Owen and Ed Semski leading the way, scorned their third victory on the long end of a 13-6 count. The loss of over one hundred yards via the penalty route stopped the frequent Elmira scoring threats. Then the victory bubble burst when on the following Saturday, the orange and black-clad warriors of Union Endicott invaded Parker Field and toppled the Hirstmen from the ranks of undefeated teams by the slimmest of margins, 7-6. Owen's 25 yard run accounted for the Elmira score but two conversion attempts failed. The Light Blue outplayed the U-E Tornado in both the passing and rushing departments but lacked the necessary spark for triumph. The annual Thanksgiving Day encounter with Ithaca on the foreign grid- iron marked the final appearance of the Blue and White and resulted in a scoreless tie. The contest was a bitterly fought affair with the Hirstmen's only serious scoring threat stopped by a penalty. Huddle's booming punts consistently set the Elmira lads back and was a definite factor in the outcome. Thus the Hirst charges closed another successful season, which, considering this present war, maybe the last for some time. Congratulations to all the players here and those in the armed service plus good luck to the latter. Coach Hirst and his able assistant trio, Ben Botnick, Nap Blanchette, and Bill NVipfler deserve praise for welding this but-once defeated pigskin eleven into the coordinating team it was. +Sl79l9+ ll U Coach 7.,, ,,,7 N ap Blanchette Captain ,,,., .,,., L arry Whittier Manager ,,,,7. .,,, J oseph Collins Under the capable leadership of Coach Nap Blanchette and Captain Larry VVhittier, the 1942 track team opened with highly successful victories over Sayre and Ithaca. Sparked with these two victories the boys traveled to Union Endicott for their third and Final meet. U. E. who was sporting one of its better track teams beat the Napmen in an up and down meet. The last meet of the year was held at Union Endicott, who were hosts to the conference track meet. U. E. again monopolized the first honors, while Ithaca galloped away with the second place red ribbon, After the conference meet the trackmen lost no time in electing Robert "XVashy" Allen, now with the United States Air Corps, and Bob Keegan as co-captains for the 1943 track season. With such regulars as Captain Keegan, Quent Doolittle, Dick Summers, Thad Carpenter, Bob Whittier, Russell Ghee, Jack Pitcher, Allen Russell, Bob Crispin, Bob Maynard and Art Held, back for another season, the situa- tion as far as manpower is concerned, is bright. .Although the'O.P.A. has a ban against chartering buses for athletic purposes, Coach Blanchette is optimis- tic as to having dual meets with nearby cities. Track is one of the finest conditioning sports today, and it is hoped that a large turnout of boys will be present at practice. The national physical fitness committee has stressed the point that it is the job of every boy to put himself in the top physical condition so he will be prepared to enter the armed forces prepared for everything. 7aac-A et! 80 la First Row: Ersley, llag gione, Landon, Diveris M. Cieri, Kosmicki Thompson. Second Row: Crispin, Hunt ley, K e e g a, n, Fernan Young, De Lnuro, L NVhittier, Allen, Gee Maynard, Held. Third Row: R. NVhittie1 Brown, Nowaczyk, Rus sell, Campbell, Carpenter Holden, Pitcher, Morton Doolittle. Blanchette. -Mmz spat With more than a year of shortages and curtailments, even sports have been affected in more than one way. Basketball between E. F. A. and out-oi- town schools was discontinued this year because of the difficulty of securing proper and convenient means of transportation for the players. To offset this, a broadened and extended program of intramural sports was mapped out by Physical Director William Wiptler. At the top of these, was basketball. The games played were between school homerooms, with the champions of the underclasses matched against the winners of the upperclasses. In this series Home Room 312 came out victorious with Captain Winston Coleman setting a blazing pace by scoring a total of 72 points throughout the series. Joseph Marino of Home Room 117 led the scoring in the Freshman league with 42 tallies. The high scorers were: UPPERCLASS TOURNEY FRESHMAN TOURNEY Player GP TP Player GP TP Coleman ........,,,.,, 6 72 Marino .,,,,,. ,,a,,, 3 42 McMahon 5 61 Shilling .,,.,t. ..,,, S 36 Malanoski 3 50 Margeit 4 34 Prechtl i.............,... 5 45 Resavage 3 33 Kosloski .....,........ 6 34 Janowski 3 25 Parker .,,, 4 32 Zeman .,,. 4 30 Tripp ,,...,..,,.,......,. 3 30 In late spring of 1942, softball took the limelight with games played be- tween the classes. In the final game the juniors overcame the sophomores in a hard played game. Chester Malanoski and Ed Semski formed the batteries and led the way to victory for their team. This spring and winter many E.F.A.ers were busy training themselves for tussles and matches in wrestling and boxing. For the first time in a number of years, the Physical Education Department inaugurated these sports in the extra- curricular activities program. The boys were classified in various weight classes. Many of the boxers and wrestlers competed with contestants from the Southside High School. XVith the advent of physical training for war, Mr. Wipfler and Mr. Hirst have been extremely busy in the past year getting the boys of E. F. A. into a better physical shape. Our hats are tipped to them. -'Ci 81 131- l I ' 'o!H7'Y3 ' MM in :Q mifuefw yur-5w.,zo,474,.,z.sf ,W ,,3:Q'0Z""zZf',L.'f'0z1",.1 fb, ' VZ! awk ' 21 W QQ A3122 M2153 0'v""' MLC' A-o-ow.. ,cf ' Fi , EQV1-v ' Q f,L060-0--.-P! 4'4 ,MW M4410 we - 74'-Z,L..,-121 Mffzw av . , 2,,,,Z':Z, -9 lbcwwil-'Z2f-w LVMWM- 255 Avg, 2,9 f I IQ!!! , , 1, 4 4 ' v 224.1 , :ggi X X x V S QS' IGS 5 XX .f QNNQFL ,X 5 7 Y YN' " -', Q N , Q xx N gx VM Zleaimax .. l 1 D ' , Q ,'.,'f, - ' 5 A - Y 'ij Nv A , 42 I' 'IA' !A f as 'lf J 92 4 f f 1 ' if ..l-1 H ,gg 4" -4 1 lf we . A 54.5 L1,,. K 'I Sidi- f i ' idx L , '--' f"9 Q ,S , far M fx, dk: 5. . 'Ya .N,a,5.a V. if .,',,Y ,nf lv , , if X ,Q ,M . , 'S X Sw I- H465 5 , Y . J 5' I 4 LI, 3 E , I Q 1 I Q Y' : Q9 S 425, 1 V .NQQX 'E 9 C Xif J S V14 , ,Q . Sv QE yawn- M V' 1943 01444 liwpbwf TWENTY YEARS FROM NOVV . . . Joe Crowley, president of the American Society For The Furthering of Knowledge About Our Wild Life, has just defeated Winston Coleman, famous physical education instructor, in the national table tennis championships. ' Betty Querqui, world renowned organist, recently gave a concert in Carnegie Hall before such notables as Robert Crispin, governor of New York State, and James Beecher, president of the United States Steel Corporation. William Cassada, CBS and New York Times music critic and consultant, was announcer for the concert, which was broadcast. Art Wolcott, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Cornell University, and recent exchange professor with Oxford University, is still peddling an evening paper route for his health. Chet Malanoski, whose EHS football team won the Eastern Interscholastic championship last fall, has accepted an offer to be head football coach at North- western University. Douglas Poley, Hollywoodls No. 1 box-drawer, has completed his most famous picture, "The Black Swan" at MGM. Ada Mae Epstein, the film capitol's most widely read reporter, declares that the new masterpiece is "sensa- tional!" The Welliver Construction Co., whose president Art Welliver has been conferring with the President of the United States about new building problems in Europe, has announced a new three hundred million dollar contract with the government to erect thousands of private homes in France and Germany. Connie Hawkes' "Facial First" Beauty Shop in Elmira was voted the best outfit of its kind in the Southern Tier by beauty salon operators in the vicinity. Marie Wingert, New York and Paris fashion designer, published a new booklet for high school girls on the "how" of proper dressing. Ray Murray, professional footballer and star centerfielder of the St. Louis Cards, is holding out for a 340,000 salary for his playing services next summer. Bill Kinsman is now head of the Eastern F.B.I. headquarters in New York. Abe Parker, chief sports editor for the Associated Press, is covering the world olympic games in Italy this summer. Barbara Poppelton is still trying to sell The Vi-ndex in HR 315. Hank Rhov-er, notoriously famous for making a lot of noise, now is in his prime. He's selling "hots" at the stadium of the Yankees! Mary Lou McKensie, director of the European and Eastern Asia Relief Council, spoke last night at a banquet in Washington, D. C. to open a drive for fifty million dollars for her society. Opening at the Cafe Rouge in the Hotel Pennsylvania last Tuesday was 'lim Wilson, whose band was voted the best in the nation by a Downbeat Poll. The great trumpeter, will sign autographs for fans, even though he is as bashful as ever. Ralph Canter, proprietor of the Elmira Arms and Sporting Goods Store, was recently elected president of the Arctic League. The "Sly Boys"-yes, all four of them, held a conference in Kalamazoo over the weekend to see if anyone else is eligible to join their mystic circle. No one was, so there are still only four of them, the original founders! -12-l 86 Es- npvvanw .Q 9 .: 64 V .Viv V- ,,xV V . Y . fV' 4 P " . -X',,,f-.:'i-'Q l V V .gV4Vg5xVf-VV- -- . .VV V. - V V AVV-Vff--VV-VVVVV".1V , V 'VV " 'V -JV" 'fir' f "iv ' J '- ' -lV'iV.J."??,".'x..-1V"' FV "1 V. V - . V., 1 , .- . V ' .. " ,'?"fA'Vf' .7 "A-j'Qi5.V""5'f F' if Q'7f?V 'f I " 'V ,V"'xf"' 1' ..-V', 13' f,J"f-,,.,p1nS5V,.Vf5V-f---Qs.' i'3fiVr.'V L ' . L V ' .,..'ns: --T15 --:14 V-'-v 5?'i'?ff'5?c2-e, .yf V .. V -,.b..V. .VA fir:-V-f 1-'.VV-A-sp e, . -rw VM f . . . ,V A -f . V . -VV 1. YA V .V r3', w,-'Q ,ff-'A FJ- Q PV, . .ff"7SR-QR 'B - ll ,, a " 5.7.-", V -,V 4V-sr, V, ..,,,4f,-'1VV,VV,vV.., VV 1 , . I , A V .JV V, Vvrhygi ,.,-:.V.-,531 VVF W., J. V. 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D. Maynard Dr. Mary H. VVytenback Mr. and Mrs. VVm. G. Youngstrum Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Graner Mr. VVilliam H. MaeElwain Miss Mary C. Mitchell 88 l-3' Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Killinger Mr. and Mrs. Angelo DeRisio Mrs. Howard F. Horne Mr. and Mrs. Roland George Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Gryska Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Turner Miss Sophia Pipes Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rehwinkel Mr. and Mrs. Hume Morss Mr. and Mrs. E. C. J. Marks Mr. V. S. Stevens Dr. and Mrs. Robert Murray Dr. and Mrs. Walter C. Ervin Miss Mary Scopes Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Ryerson' Mr. and Mrs. joseph Beranek Mr. and Mrs. john W. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Tucker Dr. and Mrs. Harold. Hunt Dr. Arthur C. Smith Dr. and Mrs. C. H, Ott Mr. John E. Colgan Dr. and Mrs. 8 A. B. Helmkamp Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Fairchild Mrs. Daniel P. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Willard J. McKensie Mr, and Mrs, Maurice Stemmerman Mr. VVilliam A. Gaskin Mr. and Mrs. john J. Madden Mr. and Mrs. William McCarty Mr. and Mrs. N. LaFever Mr. George E. Kellogg Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Gerrity George Leisenring Stephen Prokop Emory Donelson F. A. Carey Mr. and Mrs. John Myhalyk Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Young Mr. Sheldon F. Roe Mr. J. R. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Peter Palange Mandeville, Buck, Teeter and Harpending Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Coman Miss Grace Miller Miss Dorothy Martin Mrs. Clara Munson Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Don Ruth and Mrs. Clair H. Horton and Mrs. Grant Little and Mrs. Charles Caswell and Mrs. B. C. Parmelee Herman Hable and Mrs. Ernest H. W. Schwab and' Mrs. N. J. Blanchette and Mrs. Robert Patterson Miss Rose Kingston Dr. and Mrs. M. M. Hali Mr. and Mrs. F. Hart Mr. Levi Ginsburg Mr. NValter C. Garey Hays 8: Bradley Mrs. M. Burritt McDowell 8: McDowell Dr. and Mrs. Hubert W. Fudge -'Cl 89 131- TWT?-' 5 , WAAC3 f ' Q 5 JJ Q ' Q QBQQWRQUI Nah olzqmfufafiolz, fuss of 43 .l Can you answer this 364 question? What large department store Qthird letter is has a popular high school fashions shop? lThe store's slogan is "Shop at ...... and Save the Differeneenl? We knew you could do it! J PERRY Sz MAXCY INSURANCE COR. BALDWIN AND E. SECOND STS TELEPHONE 5277 SNYDER BRQS. 1 PRINTING Co. COMPLIMENTS OF ELMIRA ARMS CO Elmirds Most Interesting Store Y Pk 117 N. MAIN ST. Dial 8128 COMPLIMEN TS OF Warner Brothers' MEET ALPERT and WEAR DIAMONDS YLOYY KEENEY THEATRE A L P E R T' S Credit Iewelers and Opticians ELMIRA'S LARGEST AND FINEST . Elmira THEATRE Corning Cortland A A Iewelry Hats Lingerie HOWELL THE FRENCH sHoP E L Nl I RA Ready to Wear Iunior, 9 to I5 A Misses, I2 io 20 FMMOWELLIACO 'L""-'N 207 W. Water Si. Phone 4298 Compliments COMPLIMENTS OF RLIDY'S GREENHOUSE EMPIRE FCODS 955-965 Hoffman St. Edward Clauss, Proprieior. 4 OF TH Q, 'Y EC0 Compliments of WELLIVER 0 CONSTRUCTION CO "'41UNl1'l I RICHFIELD HI-OCTANE GASOLINE HEADQUARTERS for ELMIRA OIL CO. 616 William Streei EICHLUBE OIL GRADUATION CLOTHES 814211 ' 4 157 N. Main Street T ICE CREAM i 131 GENERAL ICE CREAM COMPANY i 735 Baldwin Si. WHY HAVE YOUR HOUSE Cold in Winter, Hot in Summer? Better See the CLUTE MOTOR CO. for EAGLE PICHER INSULATION I Lite Insurance and Annuities THE UNION CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. I r L r I Security for the American G K Family Since 1867 C. HARRY GILFETI-IER, Gen. Agent Federation Building Elmira, N. Y. l WHITES SPORTSWEAR Lagonegrds Pipe Shop y for for HKIRSTEN RADIATOR PIPE" GRADUATION PLAY COFFEF SODA BAR Tors E TEENS , X X 14 Turner Bldg' 157 Lake Street I I l 1 g IEUZFEQ N I t Compliments of N X' I XS l r l THE GoRToN coY R . I N I O O I low my If wfivz' i I DISTINCTIVE PAsH1oNs Symbol of Freedom and of Iustice Men, Women and Children Let it be your Inspiration i l Let us be your bank. Q 9 ELMIRA BANK as I FGSl'1lOI'l COTHGI' A Marine Midland Bank R 'Water and Main Streets l Member F. D. I. C. lol .L L 5 LA A .- L -fit 96 Ef- COMPLIMENTS l or X-CEL OIL CORPORATION Distributor AMERICAN OIL COMPANY 2000 Colleqe Ave. Elmira, New York I "Everything With Which to Build" .-.O-.. t 5 LINN S. CHAPEL I COMPANY, INC. Cool, Lumber arid Builders' Supplies I KLM i IREAUING . . ' zma arzw., Dial 2-4538 l040 Coton Ave. Elmirct, N. Y. Dicml 5191 iw I I L, L.-.,. , -L .WLLLL . i l Iimmy says-- Compliments MICHAELS-STERN of cmd F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 1 I l 4 VVORSTED-TEX CLOTHES i Franks Clothes Shop Main ot First Elmiror, N. Y. l COMPLIMENTS OF KOBACKERS 1 Mrs. Smith: Mrs. Canter, I'm iIll'lIllL'CI tn think that your son Ralf is spoiled. ' Mrs. Canter: I clisagrcc with you, lIl'2llll. Mrs. Smith: XVCII, come out zmrl sec what 21 stu-:mi roller just rlicl to him. Mrs. Chapman: Name Z prmmoiilis, Joseph. Joe Crowley: NVIIU, mv? 97 it!- To Our Subscribers : This section of the book represents the interests of El- mirals best merchants. Unly by means of their advertise- ments has it been possible to sell this yearbook at about one-half cost. Consider th.em in preference to others. They have done their bit toward our success. - UW' W " 'W ' I l DRAKE'S 5 I44 E. Water St. Beautiful line of Gents and Ladies Rinqsfalso I-Iamilton, Elqin and Waltham Watches. Gorham Silver and Watch Repairing Diamonds Phone 2-IQI4 W. H. RITTER AUTO ELECTRIC AND BATTERY SERVICE 307 Railroad Ave. Phone 7l37 Elmira, N. Y. Home and Car Radios . E .--E I YE E I I T 3 I 1 ,lY!'7Y5.x DRM I -X 1 C1-1EMuNC CANAL 4, TRUST CO. I '. ft 0 Founded l833 . 4 "Im l MI il I , ' ' BANKING IN ALI. ITS The pause that refreshes BRANCHES Bottled BY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Elmira Coca-Cola Corporation Bottling Works , I Compliments of M. DOYLE MARKS E3 SON O O 309 E. Water St. - Langdon Plaza One Flight Down For Budget Meals Have you tried the New Soda and Coffee Shop i ati. HOTEL LANGWELL Lunches from 35c Dinners from 55c Fountain Specials Daily And the same Famous LANGWELL QUALITY Entrance on State Street ..,-O.T Parks Swan Trio Terrace Wed. - Thurs. - Fri. Nites - SMXRET TTT 'TTD FINANCE YoUR Auto STUDEQQEOSE THROUGH THE y ' PRODUCTS Merchants Acceptance . Corporation Elmira, New York Particularly I ICE CREAM I , W. SELECTING A MEMORIAL may be a difficult task if left until necessity , , ' . . V l Nix calls. You can avoid Worry and distraction by A l 4 3f,, 5 planning your memorial program without haste. ,gf . -sg ' Build while you live. Leave not to others figiiq-.x" .Quia a choice rightly yours. 'Fm t fl ",- t 'g"1-fl.jj2g,.,"2'fe-., 115135,-we , MILNE S MEMORIAL STUDIO me Lf " -' --f llO5 Walnut Street, Elmira, N. Y. Dial 5569 99 lie ---- W-Y me -- WY- fel l SEARS CATALOG ORDER DEPT. ' 100,000 ITEMS T in our big catalog makes S E A R S Your Store for ECONOMICAL, ONE-STOP 'WARTIME SHOPPING i r l Saves Money, Time, Tires, and Gas SEARS, ROEBUCK AND Co. l 1 207 State St. - Phone 6251 - Elmira, N. Y. F BICYCLING is more fun with a MORBQW COASTER BRAKE Eclipse Machine Div. Bendix Aviation Corp. ELMIRA, N. Y. l ia L 3 LL Compliments Compliments of of LoowHse,HALL l IOE MARCANTONIO T CAMERA SUPPLIES , and T T KELLY DRUGS 364 N. Main Si. EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC LLL LL , L L .LL , l SCHVVARTZ' T Youthful Slenolerizinq Fashions I i for , T Iuniors, Misses, Women T Sizes 9 to 5696 COMPLIMENTS OF DOUNCE COAL CO, -:if 100 Ef- . I THE MARK TWAIN ooMPLIMENTs I HUCK FINN ROOM OF AND soma BAR TRAYER 'OM PRQDUCTS I Liqht Refreshments OR A Pull Meal I W 1 E Elmira VISIT Business s SCHANAKER'S 1- Institute s NEW STREAMLINER 1-nweye Open ' ELMIRA' N- Y- Good Food is Good Health I never saw a pale blue cow, I never hope to see oneg But from the milk we're getting now, I'n1 sure that there must he one. Lady: Little boy, I w0uldn't kick my sister around the street like that if I were you. Cass: Oh, it's all right. She's dead. i Compliments A of GOSPER-KELLY, INC. I A SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY I 160 Main Elmira, N. Y. I 1 -IGI 101 ISI'- Swan 63 Son-Morss Co. Inc. INSURANCE ALL LINES Corner Lake and Water Sts. Hulett Building Elmira, New York KOSMICKI BROTHERS 400 W. Washington Ave. CONFECTIONERY STORE STATE GRILL Elmira's Modern Restaurant STEAKS CHOPS SEA FOODS "Next to Chemunq Canal Trust Co." l33 E. Water 2-9183 Compliments of TlNNEY'S FLOWERS Hoffman at Church Dial 2-5656 Sheehan, Dean 8 Co., Inc. ELMlRA'S QUALITY STORE Visit the Sport Shop and the "Hi-School Shop" IUSTIN MCCARTHY 403 Walnut Street Complete selection of Sportswear: phone 5880 Sweaters - Blouses - lackets Skirts - Slacks - lerkins Special Line of Summer Sport Clothes DIEHL 63 BAUER BOOK BINDERY Manufacturers of l-liqh Grade Blank Books Loose Leaf Binders and Record Blanks Binding of Magazines and Art Work 416 E. Market St. Elmira, N. Y. Bar Tender: That whiskey, sir, is Z0 years old. Syracuse man Cguess who?J 1 Rather small for its age, don't you think? Elayne Kinne: Youre the nicest boy l've ever met. Jake Pitcher: Tell it to the Marines. Elayne: I have,-dozens of them. Sergeant: Have you any scars? Pvt. Frutchy: No, but would you care for a cigarette? 102 HORWITZ BROS. 1 v 100 E. Church street I IAY PARKER Elmira, N. Y. ' FLORIST FINE cmd COARSE Dictl 9101 P A P E R Compliments . f . PEERLESS O DRY CLEANING CO B. I. UTTER CO., , MO-- Contfactors 263 West Fifth Street 359 E. Fifth st. Elmira, N. Y. 1 Phone 2-5137 1 . J L. - BRING US YOUR OLD BROKEN RECORDS We VVIII Allow 5c Towcrrds Your purchase! CLOTHING cmd FURNISHINGS RECORDS, 200 SCI.-'Right Off The luke Box" Main Gnd Wafer IOY AUTOMATICS 1 Elmira, N- Y- IO8 E. Church St.-Opposite Viozduct 5 SI-IREIBMAN'S DIAMONDS WATCHES KIRK STERLING SILVER IEWELERS SINCE 1893 f 1 214 Eorst Water St. EARL 8 IERRY'S Lanqdon Plaza RYLL'S PHARMACY 0 Soda Bar 0 SeaIteSt Ice Cream RESTAURANT and 414 N. Main Street, Near Third SODA FOUNTAIN 1 Elmira, N, Y. R O S S I ' S 1 E BOWLING Compliments KZ-93767 TEA Room of C2-09211 BAKERY SERV-u SAVE-U 408 W. Vtfashirxqton Ave. Main St. Store I2-57093 I INTERIORS I BRADY ELECTRIC INC bY I ELECTRICAL SUPPLY IOBBERS M Q R S Q N ' S 255-259 State Street Elmifgl 210-212 W. Gray SL, Phone 2-5666 PHONE 9191 Compliments of FUNERAL HOME SCHWEIZER AIRCRAFT 311 Luke Street CORP. I Phone 4324 I L, L.- I -AEI 104 13+ NURSERYMEN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS julia FLORISTS Apparel Shop 122 W, Market St. Inst oft Main St. Hoffman Nurseries, Inc. Growers of Cut Flowers, Potted Plants Nursery Stock 921 Hoffman Street Phone 2-0335 ELMIRA, N. Y. DRINK FAWWJBEVERAGES 1 LOVELUS 1 1 CHANT Phone 2-1713 Elmira, New York SODA 1 1 I IW, -- , , l l S' -EEE l 1 ROSENBAUM'S 4 Compliments ' "' " ' ' Q of Smart "Carolyn" Frocks 5 for Graduation and Class Day Exclusive in Elmira with f Roser1baum's "You can't believe everything' yon he-ar.' . ' "No, bnt you can repeat it." s IOHNS eme- Herc's to man-he can afford anything hc 1 and can get. I-lere's to woman-she can afford any- thing that she can get Z1 man to get for her. Bill Ritter Carrestecl for specclingl: But I 506 ECIST WGl9T S3991 your honor, I'm a college hwy. 1 I Judge: Ignorance doesn't excuse anybody! 1 3 Y , ,, ,, 105 12+ COMPLIMENTS OF H. STRAUSS, Inc. 121 Main St., E1mira OUTFITTERS TO MEN The Academy has sent over 50 boys into the Armed Forces, and there are more to go. Our boys are doinq their part to Win the War. Are you doing your part to sup- port the members of our Army, Navy, and Marines? P14 P11 BUY WAR BONDS and AND YOUNG MEN STAMPS 5! C g o o Compliments - 071 dL'CL6.4 of PASTEURIZED MILK LOGAN 63 ROGERS and CREAM 134 W. 'Water Si. Lawn, Garden and F1oWer Seeds COMPLIMENTS P. M. BLIELL-FLoR1sT 1 211 W. Gray St. Doq Food and A11 Pet Suppiies Banfield-Iennings Corp. 222 W. Water St. 1 06 CARPENTERS DINER I VVe Seat 500 PeOple-- 50 at a Time I lust an Even 200 State Street 1 I 1 W. 1. S E. R. YOUNG LUMBER Building Materials Complete 861 E. Church St. l 1 1 ADVERTISER 1 IOB PRINTERY, INC. 1 At , . J! l Printing for Every Purposr' l l Phone 2-5935 A. D. DUNCAN SPORTING GOODS l 218 Baldwin St. Dial 2-2787 217 W. Water St. Elmira, N. Y. 1 A GRAND PLACE TO 1 SHOP ..... I. P. 63 M. SULLIVAN 1 , FURNITURE i P BUGS and DRAPERIES Langdon Plaza 115-117 E. Water St. Dial 2-9391 1-7' Ni77'7 www' Aiyw-mn 7 'WNW 77 77 7 7 i Compliments 1 Compliments of O 1 l f HENRY W. STREETER 1 EMPIRE RESTAURANT CORPORATION 200 Baldwin St' 1 GENERAL CONTRACTORS i Phone 2-9543 1 Elmira, New York 1 W , K H , , L , L, D, H, , gofcy 0126 STUDIO PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Your photographs in this book are the Work of our studios. We sincerely hope that all these photo- graphs will perpetuate the memory of happy days spent at ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY May We thank you for the honor and privilege of having served you. Goto oNE STuDlo 204 W. Waker St. Elmira, N. Y. -:- Phone 2-7lI-3I -:- h IPS Tl-IE KENNEDY VALVE MANUFACTURING CCD. VALVES ELMIRA, NEW YORK PIPE EITTINGS EIRE I-IYDIQANTS ghe Gommercia gbress PRINTERS OF "TI-IE TORCH" OFFERS ITS DEPENDABLE SERVICE TO ALL WHO DESIRE ugyrirzfizzq wiflz Qjresfiqev 380 SOUTH MAIN ST., ELIVIIRA, N. Y. QSI 110 Ef- fqaiag-aa,pA4 WE? was hi In Fr -f1l'?'5f1vK'493I2? " hifQ5w,25a5g 1f"'wp.,H 4. ' 3 n 1. if llf I gf dy' fi Mfif s X . :J 1433, ' R'-P ff' L fy? ,j , ffm 1 A O N 0, 44 A53 fd . i ,ff l' 'l..Qz'L4v4 -7 M4 af X M 1 fy 3 4 wx x 1 N X E? Q' '51 Vg., . nf' SP7 ' ir.: . H MM mv I A . 1,4 ' ':'M!5, . L ,f I . A ii ,f I f "': ' 3 A - I ' ff ,Q x I r ' U Jigjf I Q, agx1f+v - i?i.Qi. A L' ' ,, f ,i Y, 'Off' ,M -' v ,. 'J lx, 5 '12 ' HM: ,M 'jf ss- ffxff x ,fr sg. ., ' 'EM ' V32 Y 1 Lp V 'mkxif' ,- . Tv. , .cs-, 1 , Q I, -U ., ,.,,: QQ. Q ,.,1v1,gf, ' ,iii . Ta 4'I"l,x . ' 33.2 .mf .. A . ' 3..- ' fPC.'l'vf,.T . -'- 21115 . - H4 mi 1 1 ' ' usa? ,. : 9.33"-I --fl , , -1WJ:1".- ,L -' " v 1 'T .Q-'iff 4, Q35 .17-wr -,ig ff? .jfX' . ' 1 v wwf M My Ar . - ' ' Q 3 . , 4 ..v fikfx A -, Q I , , V X , A 'vm ' -- ' aff' 7 25. Q-J, ' " v'x"'4 ., 7 '1' ,' ' ' Ll ' ' ,Tr ' 'If .5 1 , W ,H . " HA-a..,.,Q., 4, X. ., -gmsfiywu-xr 1 v I :vm ,rqi.gE1,1.fz?Ii -, :X ,,,...,,., I e' .A- If , fi f f' 'A X xv- ' , P' . J. Zi? , iffy Wag if V, ' ' If yfyfff 7 E20 'I . ,x QV N I N. , ' - 9 N . QQ N A 1 . X , , , x :X -vi. g'N In .R- 'm N X X 5 ? Q S 4552? , fi Q ff, f V 4,5 W . N ' ' , i A X J W W4 A MP5 Q5 v , MWL 2 , ' 1 MW -.1fJZ'4pLsgk UQ Y as J'Yf?f.,,f-,,Jl',LQlrL.,, Wx EAQWL1' JQY4 .x Q' X I f N - A X M -uf 4,V0,L,,f.!i1I,- V, , X 1, J V A V X .9 I ,I Vxfl J , X9 M4119 Lyufl 'fF""fk I

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