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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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J' kwP X H 1 , , , ,ws ' , 1 .J View . ' nf I fb ' ' ' '-,K .' Wfifyt' "3 V .Draft r W .A . A t fixr f 4 ir," I , Y- 1 ' , ,gu- Wf KW -.J ,I , 3 - ,1.. ' - ,V , A 4 . . 4 ,' M .x ,, f,. , xxx W H gig? V W w Q,?,'i ,ff' . V, , A fn? . aff M M Q V K,, L Q A X 1 5 . ,, .3 . f 1 R . ggi? iff! 5 -' 4 -1 i I V Wx, ' ' A X9 K mf g Li v 5 A - , A V , , A.,A W R ,U Q xi W . ,ff 1 Q x .AA' ' f 3 it If-Mwfk a .ww 'f-4' A-4fcAo7' - 0744417142 'b.ff.",f24- 41497 2 ,N ' J fexvvf-If 'Qvbdf 4 711-hr 2 "" ,,Qf gpg...-lm pfW,.,.5 f h,.W, W gf . ,A I . f . lc VKV' ' i I i . u ll I A ,f"?'f,7ijg1,, . , A ,fd-ffffi-, f' .A ' ,f if . 1 V fa ,.- ' In 1 f X s-V iv Q . ' ' s 5 1' I 1' - l x i5 K YN 'xl 44 xy 1 n 1 ,fy X K fx!! I Z ,A Q lv sf! Q M ff AH v x VX . XX x ,, gy, f KW P J' wi M! if ,fgffg Y MVRJXJSX QMWK QQXH M 58 Q, I 5 I 4 o MfWW wif W Wggfjlm ix X VZVQZWV Q MMM? X 'REQ 5 5 R X R Mi Nfma. Maja Dear to ns always, This school and all its walls, Thoiflt ever with ns stay, Fair E. F, A, lVhen we are gone front thee, Still thon shalt ever be Faircst on land anal sea, Dear E. F. A. Onr hearts may well grieve, So soon to part from thee, Hnt dear old school, believe, We're true alway. Trne hearts and friends well-rnct, Thy charrns are with ns yet, Nor can we e'er forget Fair E. F. A. THE TCRCH of Nineteen Hundred Forty-two nurzufmzrq 7fze genial: 01644 of gllftlhd- aaee fqcafemq gffmha, New Weak Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor . Art Editor . . . Business Nlanagers Advisor . . . Art Advisor . English Advisor . . . lane Straehen . . Ann Wootlliouse . . . . . Rollin Mairqtiis . . Robert Dalton, lane Snyder . . Anthony A. Schwenkler . . . Elbert Ryerson . . Dorothy lVlartin MAY THIS TORCH HELP US TO RELIVE IN THE AFTER YEARS OF OUR LIVES THE NEVER-TO-BE-FORGOTTEN HAPPI- NESS OF OUR SCHOOL DAYS. W W W! X XY M In J A inf f f . Af f f ' If' ,ff A -f My-J XMLJ ' 1 I A ' Gonlenld 1 FACULTY . I f' SENIORS H UPPERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES ' ' -ATHLETICS A A FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS f MIX MR WILLIAM VXIPI-LFR MISS HARRIFT NVIXON THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1942 WISHES TO DEDICATE THIS TORCH NVITH DEEPEST APPRECIATION FOR THEIR GRACIOUS ASSISTANCE TO MISS HARRIET WIXON AND MR. WILLIAM WIPFLER WHOSE FRIENDLY INTEREST WILL BECOME A CHERISHED MEMORY. 'F D f F nj If 5 h f L HX IN N f . 'Q i , I J To Dr. Helnikamp we extend our heart-felt thanks for his unselfish efforts in our behalf. He has ever lent a willing ear to our problems, and his wise counsel has proved invaluable. We shall be ever grateful for having had the privilege of knowing, and associating with him. '70 Me lflemdazfi afffze Senior. Glafu: 1492 - 1942 Four hundred and fifty years ago, as you have heard many times in school, Europe suffered from the loss of trade with the Spice Isa lands of the Far Iiast because Constantinople had fallen into the hands of the Turks. Then it was, that Columbus, seeking a new route to the fabulous riches of those islands, crossed the Atlantic and un- wittingly discovered a new world. America, peopled by refugees from European tyranny, developed a strong and prosperous nation that made its rich contribution to the world, not only in terms of mate- rial goods, but also in the high ideals of religious liberty, political freedom, and human equality. Today, as in the days of Columbus, the world has again suffered the loss of trade with the Spice Islands of the Far East. The fall of Singapore and the islands of the East Indies has disrupted our eco- nomic life. New threats arise out of the Pacific that jeopardize our nation, its wealth, and its ideals. There is no new world, in a geographic sense, to be discovered in this time of crisis. But new horizons of human development beckon to you and me. The call comes full and strong to each of us, to stand fast, to fight for our heritage, and to pledge our all, not only to pro- tect what has been given us, but to use it, so that after the turmoil, confusion, and strife, mankind can reach new levels of historic achieve- ment, in line with the ideals that have made America great. You leave school in a year of war. livents crowd in upon us, dark and foreboding. The future seems uncertain. Yet, if you and I are true to th-e best that America has meant to the world during its past history, an equally glorious future must be ahead. My best wishes go with you. 0 5 0 46' f 'Y 8' Ma. Gai? A vote of praise is due Mr. Cady for his cheerful understanding and helpful- ness throughout our high school career. Ma. Kahn For all he has done to make our stay in li. F. A. a pleasant one, we express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Kerlin. fliii rw r, 1--wma.-.:,r.,T',-.... mm.. i Qiyfif 'l "" J ,,. , 59-ai First Row: Schwenkler, Colgan, Parry, Cady, Hvlmkump, Donelson. Second ROW: Prokop, Uill'Kll101', McMillan, Lmigxvorthy. Rupert, Allee, Ryerson, fflmtfielzl, Tucker Patte so S l ul j n, 'umz . E fu... -e 4 ENGLISH SOCIAL SCIENCE Gladys C. Chapman, AB Kathryn Daly, AB. Jeannette P. Deucl, All. John E. Colgan, A.l3. Dorothy Martin, A.B. Rose Kingston, All. Alina Noonan, A, ll. blames D. Rupert, A.l3. Grace lf. Miller, A.l3. Alice Scott, All. Ecla H. Stauterman, AB. Rachel M. llowen, All. Carolyn M. Holger, AB. llflary ll. Cady, AB. Marion Kelly, A.B. Kathleen Miller, Ph.B. Helen XY. Edson, AB. Julia Collins, MS. Williziiii llolmberstein, M.A Julia V. llroolis, All Veda Spolin, HS. Clara lb. lXlunson, i-LB. Isobel N. McCarthy, M. A M. Beatrice lfspey, AB. First row: Second row: Davis, Kelly, Hopkins, Botn ll Il Third r0WZ Stewart, Munson, D. XY MODERN l-ANGL'AGES julia Y. llrooks, All ll, lleatrice lispey, Ali. llz11'1'i1el N. Kellogg, AB. lsoluel 3lCC2lI'll1y. MA. Cl:11':1 D, Munson, All. Yccla Spolm, HS. Rl.X'l'llliMATlCS Mary IJ. CO1lllOIl, ll.S. lClizz1lJetl1 Ucnccn, All Rulmy l'l'oplci11s, A.l!. C:1ll1e1'i11e Kzxlbalt, All. lX'lz11'y H, Stewzlrt, ll.5. Celia N. Stoll, All. ll:11'1'icl XVlXOll, AB. Stn-pl1e211 Prolqop, MS. oft. Unllms, if 14 lil? l..'X'l'lN l.CIlZ1 ll. Loga Il, Xl lxllllll Xl. lXlCKl2lll01l lfliz:1l1cll1 'll2iSlljl SCIENCE Sylvia K. llcrznml Xl N lJillo11 A. Czulv l N lcll lfmory lDU1'IL'lS0ll l c llL'lC1llil1lgSlUll l S Silas lf. l':11'1'y, Xl SlClJllL'll llflllillll Nl N ,xllllllllly A. S l72lX'lIl XX.1Xll l.lllli,XRIAN cl1xxL11l lu Nl S Cl l'.l1zz1l1c1l1l'.lcl1'ul,,l I N First row! Bolger, If I lgilfl, Tzlsllgmu, Clmpm D l Cady f 6 J I ll Z If I Second row: Edson, Sfilllli-'1'Hl2ll'l. Daly, ltlspey, Kelly, Spohn, Kingston, fl. li er .V ..- C0lNlMll2RCIAL Anna M, llotnick, ILS. Elizabeth Deneen, AB Anna C. Mclnerney, HS. Ruth Il, Morrison, MS. Rolrert Patterson, MIS. Margaret Kelly, AB. Dorothy Cunnnings, B. Catherine Kabatt, All, S 5 . I l-, flil if FINE ARTS Elbert Ryerson, B.F.A Terresa Cameron Frederic Schaad H OM E ECONOMICS Irene M. Dunne, MS. Kathryn Pollock, BS. Ada B. l'Vest Dorothy West 3 1 x w 1 KV .I .U . 3 i Ji A -5 No. Y 1 Y.. -1 . mu. ,mama-m..f,+mi alkyl .- -.2 , 1 my afxkfkfxm maui .M f.-.MN .fm-mf lfe Kr xN9mQaeg. L wvuc.,.,: aL.,1? 4f'1. ,A' l ": ' 'N'V X A . si ' Q, l3.suuu NQo.A:-vw H .,...Q I. 5 WM if . up Q Muymwawgmmdwom M55 .mos ,Qxlu-i V50-wx-'. ,W-,of1..o, ll., Illll M Q' Q L.,,,,ul3Q,,h',1.,k?f'MiiJkA...5' WM? We J Um a th J?-W-4 ww. f 0PH MGM www MQ JW M 'fu ' QU-QL E Gffu WML 'Jw-WJ? 4bf.,'. ' UQ-Jv 'ax-UNVVVL QHAJJJQAJJ -. OL'5'j"A' dl-'H iwu' Quake-.k,l.Q.l3' N3,1,W,,,.,, ua, Wow- was guJfQ.,M,,fL3QQx.H,, + ,Qw-1-J-Q wf1.lJl.uw.bcJLoAM.f1A3couA:XJCUfvJ-4'Q,-fQ URL... JJ-A-'-T3 Sw-X-Kwik QQ.. BCXQQNQSN qo.o9MJJMX can c2p.',,,Q. 1 LAJQLLUQ ' -1.,o.c,9v:.v-Uluv ouvow-AAQJN Q , .44 1' V ' - ' ' -- A ' - " -15--1m1.hv 4 V 'vw . -fx vp.: 1 .W ...M-M24-f'mwzmfv Senicvz. 01644 All Seniors will agree that the four years spent at F. A. were really happy ones, in spite of the fact that ours was the first class to learn the disadvantages of a short noon hour. Some of us spent our Freshman year at Diven. The unfor- getable event of that year was a dance sponsored by the Student Council. The officers chosen to represent the Sophomore Class were Robert Valois, Esther Hood, Edwina Ford, and Henry Rogers, president, vice-president, secre- tary, and treasurer, respectively. VVe were so pleased with their leadership, that Hob and Esther were re- elected for our Junior Year with Carol Cleveland, secretary, and Dan Furey, treasurer. VVith the arrival of junior Day, we felt. for the first time, like actual upperclassmen. As Seniors, we settled down to enjoy completely, the social aspect of school life, and chose Ben Brown, liugenia Marks, Henry Rogers, and Doris Chamber- lain, for our officers. Initiated this year was the memorable Senior Prom, held December l9 in the gymnasium. The class of l942 considers it one of the outstanding events of their Senior year. The Student Council Carnival was a great success. john Barnett was crowned king, while Dorothy Cox reigned with queenly grace and beauty. A new idea was adopted for the annual Senior Musical, a piano concert by Hans Helm. On the evening of April 24, "The Crocus Hop" heralded the beginning of the Spring activities of the Seniors. The Senior Play, an amusing comedy entitled 'tEver Since Eve," was one of the highlights of the year, starring jane Snyder and Richard Markowitz. Senior Day brought our activities to an end with the banquet and dance. Our feelings of accomplishment are mingled with regret as Graduation draws near. We will miss F. A. and will look back to our school years with pride and happy memories. eil 18 Ee President A,AA.,,..... ,,,..,..., B en Brown Vice-President ,,,,, ,,..,.,,,, E ugenia Marks Secretary ,,,,.., ,,,, D oris Chamberlain Treasurer .... ,. ,,,, Henry Rogers Dear Classmates, Time marches on and we march with it. In a few short weeks these halls will know us no more. No more will we be urged to "Get to your room before the bell rings", no more will Mr. Parry herd us, when tardy, into the ofhce, nor Miss Kellogg grudgingly hand us an early excuse. Dr. Helmkamp may still lead the assemblies and Miss McMahon guard her study hall, but we will not be there. Of course, all these little attentions, so justly deserved by us at some time or other, will, in a few short years, blend in with our fond memories of school life at the E. F. A. We will recall the day when as timid Freshmen we entered these hallsg how we grew into carefree and fun loving studentsg how in the course of time we rose successfully to the stature of Seniors. VVe will long remember the friendships we have made when much we otherwise have learned may be forgotten. VVe owe much to our teachers and in your name I sincerely desire to thank Dr. Hempkamp and the other members of the fac- ulty for all that they have done for us. None of us can know for sure what life i11 these uncertain times may hold in store for us, but as good Americans we face that future unafraid and with ambition. May success and happiness come to all of us. Sincerely, BEN BROVV N i lg all 19 gl ALBRIGHT, PATRICIA Buffalo, N. Y. Sweet and bright Pat's all right. ALLEN, CALVIN No. 11 Tall, blond, Cal's in the band, Shy, but nevertheless hels grand. Band 2, 3, 4, Masquers 4. 1 ANGELL, CLI FORD D Wheref nl oncerne 's al ay . IIV 1S YH e, 4 . B t ' t t 1 e o ' a. . F rn 2, 3, nterclas asketb ll 1 3 4- : 2 1 ' ARNOLD, AVIS Parley Coburn A pretty lass with curly dark hair, Her friendly smile makes the world more fair. ATWOOD, RUTH No. 2 Oh send up a cheer for our tiny cheer-leader, She has a smile ready whenever you meet her. Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Softball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Bowling. AUGUSTINE, SARAH ' St. Casimirls Sheis so very pretty, with manner so shy, That we are reluctant to bid her goodbye. Hi-Y 4. +21 20 jQ5lKER,,f1y1ARGA1iET , . yf' .rf-Aw pee-W ' ,LL ,,,, M, J. AUSTIN, BETTY BIRD Hendy Avenue Blond, vivacious, and friendly too, Is this pretty girl with eyes of blue. Girls' Glee Club and Choir 1, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. Sophomore and Junior Class, Masquers 1, 2 CTreas. 2D , G. A. A. 1, 3, Torch Business Staff, Torch Literary Staff, Basket- ball, Bowling 1, 4. AVERY, ORMAN G. M. D. 'LSug', is smiling and evil-may- care, Where th r ' fu ure to be there Softball 3. www BAKER, DOROTHY Ellenvil ,N. Y. Dot is quiet, and ra y, But we won't shels sure to pf f A fl-if V u. ,f V G. M. D. leasant, jolly, the friendly sort, 'She excels in almost every sport. it A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- c' 1, UshErkClublQx, Hi-Y 4. NX W., . 'x X E. I . , Xyfifw Ji 1 u Pretty, l sa t, rien Q and , Betty' ir "" '1IH'h1.fI6n-- t. G. . 1.Y2,3,. 0 BARBER, RUTH No. 2 Always happy and full of fun, Polly's a pal to everyone. Hi-Y 1, Agora 2, 3, 4, Cinema Club 2, 3, Masquers 2, 3, 4, Vin- dex 2, 3, 4, Torch Literary Staff. OU Q ' ! BARCHET, GEORGE J. If I . Beecher Hig ildeals and veg good marks, For vef a pal with mentakiparks. ' 4' ,f Forunf 2,, 3,14 .ff'Treas. 3j 5 Empire Boys' Sfate' 3Q' Torch Literary Staff. W , BARNETT, JOHN E. SS. Peter and Paulis The girls just stare At the king of our fair. Forum 2, 3 'fTreas. 3 3 Student Council 3. - t O frenz, BARTON, LEE No. 10 A great boy, nobly planned, To help, comfort, and command. Vin x 3, 45 Emp' e Boys' 7112 , I ,- BALUMAN, ROBERT lx pk 'X Southside Bob came to us latefin the year, 'But jjust the same, we're glad he's here. if 'A BEACH, ORVILLE No. 5 Everyone's friend, To the very end. ' Stamp Club. lr - ' '! 'I JJ f M 9 Z 7 x BENEDICT, JEAN G. M. D. Magnetic personality, Everlasting vitality. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 QVice-Pres. 4jg Ushers Club 4, G. A. A. 2, 4. 2 K ,ali , ? X f ' ' 'U 'Kr' Al ys happy never sad , 'Til P4 BERMAN HAROLD Beecher Harold is a quiet lad I 11 ' I 1 ,rc IG , " No. 5 E . id ' ie name, le' et anxious to earn his rum 6.8 3 Interclass lame. f s tbal Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Torch Business Staff. B ERWILER, CARROLL No. 5 as any fa t , e has left doubt, least ur years, we ha ot fou im o orch i ss St . BISBING, JANET Hendy Avenue Always laughing and full of fun, Janet is liked by everyone. Basketball 1. BONSIGNORE, MARY No. 2 In manner and appearance Mary is sweet, Here's a girl you'll like to meet. Italian Club l, 2, Hi-YA-., .. ,f Al , A , , - . L . . sy "I r s 1 -. :l,f' J K E, ROBERT . No. 5 ever you see Bob around, h ' V4 .QQ that fun can always be X i"Oun . ,I Student Council 2, Football 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Forum 2, 3. B , BEN CW N . 11 f 0' f 0 ur t Brow ree clow . G1 l l 4' Og a C ' r . 5 tra- ural 5. -pt' ,4gSni PYCS1 'u . 4 -J I f 14 -E' 'iii . f fc. x ' -,3 ' G.M.D. BROWN, ci?92gfLEs Introducing Charlie Brown, No one better will ever be found. Student Council 4 CVice-Pres.l5 Torch Business Staff, Glee Cl b 45 Empire B t te, F I- i 1 Track Ma :fu j -F: - es.4. 2 . BROWN, MARGARET E. SS. Peter and Paulis At the Blue and White call, She is the belle of the ball. Usher's Club 4. 1 lt -ew .. ,, . '1 . a Q A lf sf 9 Igtakwky I - Q A . f -ix, X. I Q11 ,Q WX, f QQ , 1,2 ff, ' N U ' ' i 1 ' . .1 , . . I ,,. . 4: . 1 -xLx , Q , BUONO, DAVID X V -' No. 2 Dave is another Yeal athlete, With him very few can compete. Interclass softball 1, 2, 3, Volley- ball 3g Interclass Basketball 25 Basketball 35 Football 3. ' f x BURGESS, ,IQIENI Q Mtswernon, N. Y. My tongue Within my lips I reign For talk much fust talk in vain. ," meiclass Baketheill 3. V-fx , J . BURNS, ROBERT " St. Patrickls Eyes aflashing, Handsome an das 'ngfa aff! Torch Lit - BROWN, MATHEW 4 f6 Beecher 1 ' -MM Mat is a combination of sincerity M ' -2 and fun, When he wants to do a thing, he's ' sure to get it done. X BUTTS, No. 11 He s k L ot and yet there lies t ' le in his eyes. ,, Qs. - - 2 ' ch Business Staff, 'i ,Cf f " ' Vin ex . 1 BRO giWLOW,f'MARSH LL K ,f No. 11 Happ o lucky thro and th ' ugh, Always read fqr e hing new. I , Hi-Y 2, ai ilfiflgliit Council 2. ARY P, ue lass s owledge L Club 3, 4g BUG EE, 0 dex 1, 4. . 0.6 'v Ch tte is friendly wi t a J X oubt, ' J h ' o coukn r d w - 1- s G. A. A. , 5 Hi-Y 3 4 hers e 4, Girls otogr Pres. CHARLES 413 Bowling 2, 3, ' asketball 2, 3, 4, Softballg2y6. G. M. D. s aying pranks, hearts he ranks. Inte s Softball 2, Interclass 22? CANTANDO, ANTHONY St. Anthony's He has a smile, That is worth while, I DJ Tw CAPORICCIO, DOMINIC St. Anthony's Hurrying only tireslo e s 1, 0 f'2Z:'- O et S res C Un. Off if 1 I ,. I f" af 1 Jw' -lf J' CARD, RUTH G. M. D. Happy-go-lucky, full of fun, Has a freindly smile for everyone. Masquers 2, 3, 45 Cinema Club 2, 3. CARDONE, LENA St. Anthony's One like Lena is seldom seen, With faults so few and far between. . I ' 1 . , T 6, Her le cha s aw l oom nd makes hine e roo L1 ry C cil ' i 4 'QP s. R , R c 4 G .45 sher Club . ll CARY,RONALD No. 11 ' 'ip ' Ronald is just the quiet kind .- -, 'F' 'fl Whose nature never varies." l-M5 if rrf ,HLY'Z a f i I 4 1 ' j f' 1 ' fi fr a -94? X' f 4 45mmrm ff CASTELLINO, CLAIRE St. Cecelia's Cheerful, lots of fun, A happy smile for everyone. Italian Club 1, 25 Ushers' Club 4. CAVERLY, MARY RITA St. Cecilia's Maryls a pal so kind and sweet, She does her best in every feat. Student Council 3. CENTOBENE, ADELINE R. Altoona, Pa. Gentle of speech, kind of heart, There is no higher, nobler art. a a.U'h""7 t "t'i""' 4 - - n V ' 'Y f ' 'fx' f A " A 4' . l X. , +L- ,xx . Q I K 4-' J r u w"v Atxso 4 o' CHAMBERLAIN, DORIS il No. 10 Characteristic of but A few, Swpet to knoyv and fair to view. ff f . ' ,'3, 4, Agoraf3, ,Ushe153"" 'lub 45 Vin? 2, owling 22, 35 Torclf usiness St . jg .Af I !.4,4-MW' CHILDS, VIVIEN No. 5 The flighty miss with lovely clothes, Is our"Scarlett"as everyone knows. Glee Club 15 G. A. A. lg Library Council lg Hi-Y 3, 4g Girls' Pho- tography Club, Ushers' Club 4. I X CHRISTOFARO, ANTHONY St. Anthony's Anthony is loyal and friendly you see, A very good pal he always will be. Bowling 45 Interclass Baske ball 3, Ping ong b . r- ' ,U ,Myer CHURCHMAN, IRENE.. y A Q. M. D. A willing hand, a ready smile, Make Irenelsgfriendship well worth ' -while. - Glee Club lg GfAA. A. lj Hi-Y 2, 3, Library Council lg Ushers' Club fSec'y.l, Torch Literary Staff 4, ,Softball 25 Basketball 1, 2. z l N., . J 4 CICOTTI, ANGELO St. Anthony's He's fair, hels square, None better anywhere. CLARK, CHARLES No. 2 For friendship's sake, No task is too great. Interclass Basketball 2, 3, Inter- class Softball 35 Interclass Volley- ball 3g Stylus 3. ' ca ' ' wi LQUWJY Co c1lP e ent she ' s ou cho 4 la 2 4 Pre resident of Freshman Cla CLEVELAND, CAROL Hendy Avenue This lovely dark-eyed miss, Has a charming personality you canlt resist. Riding Club, Hi-Y 43 Sec'y. of Junior Class, Torch Business Staff. 5 f 4 "' X ,I . . n in df ,-f' ' -nc: 5 F ,Ziff-' 74""474'A7' l D U :... .. l 'UF' X, 'QM it eil 24 la? 'iiiflii CO N, ARY G. M. D. r e ' who a ys gets by, Wit all er frien she's rated high. Hi-Y 2, 35 Ushers' Club 43 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4. COLETTA, JOSEPH St. Anthony's He looks as if he knows his mind, A more determined soul is hard to End. 5 E K -Al-X ol- . COMAN, LAU A Syracuse, N. Y. She hasn't been with us very long, But we're going to miss her happy song. Y COMFORT, EVELYN No. 11 Shy is she, whose lovely eyes, Reflect the blue of summer skies. b COONSA SHI E This retty miss of red, vivacio s 1 a temper oo, ,tis s . Ushers' Club 4. coPP, LAURA G. M. D. We think that we shall never see a girl with such activity. Glee Club 1, Library Council lg Student Council 45 Vindex 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Ushers' Club 4 QPres. 43, Basketball lg Volleyball lg Torch Literary Staff. No 5 J-Iygheer n u o be e en '-'wt gy.. X CORNWELL, POLLY No. ll Her shy -kserved and friendly smile, x Captures friends by the mile. Agora 45 Ushers' Club 45 Torch Literary Staff. ? ,Q , u,- W 5 ceciiiafs , Af 51 2She's one sweetf and lovely queen, With her maianer so serene. Hiqy 2, 3, 4 .QPres. 2, Ushers' Club fTrcaS. 41 5 Stylusl3, 4 fVice- Pres. 4,5 5 Vindex 25 Library Coun- cil l, Stixdent Council 4. CRAMER, ALAN B. Hendy Avenue sm' ing and gay, o c ong the wa . 6, Glggbgi O lvll, --...,.,-Qi':, I CRJSPINA WILL AM Th l boo 5 ? od . -7 , -2, 3, 4 QPres. 3, Vice-Pres. 5 rack 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club . 1,5 - K WW? "7" G IN, JAMES W 5 st. Cecilia's In all his actions whether grave or mellow, - Jim's certainly one pleasant fellow. Assistant Intramural Manager 25 Intramural Manager 35 Interclass Softball 2, 35 Interclass Basketball 2, 3. . if P N OB, , ,. No. 5 rved, Q yet f ll of fun, t io B 1 ' nd to everyone. , c. J','Bd 1, 2, 3, , Forum rcl ' Basket- ball 1, 2, 45 b 3, 45 Torch Busi ss age wW 'W - .. Ji I 2 pf ii 25 lk 5 aw 1. 5 ' , . . 1.,'f. DEAN, MADLYN Parley Coburn A newcomer, but she gets around, Where there's fun, she's to be found. DEATS, BERT ' A f - SS. Peter 'nd Paul Wvhen yoiife in 'eed of acxiefld-X On Bert you cy? ,lways depend. , ' l df' .Lf-- -24,4114 I-rf... ,I f -H--aL--.. If - " . M,,..l' DELAMARTER, MARY JANE District No. 4 Here's to Mary Jane that sweet little blonde Of whom everyone is so fond. DELANEY, ROBERT St. Patrick's Always ready to lend a hand, Bobis a boy we all think grand. Student Council 2, 3, 45 Forum 25 Vindex 3, 4. I DIFASI, JOHN Oswego, N. Y. Calm, intelligent, quiet, neat, The kind of boy we like to meet. WMM DISTEFANO, MARY St. Anthony's Sweet and polite, a friend in need, She's kind in word as well as in deed. Ushers, Club 4. ffl -1 .I DQMBROSKI, AGNES St. Cecilia's Happy am I, from care I'm free, Why canit they all be contented like me? l by , Flmo Y Bowling 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3 , Glee Club I 4, Student Council 2. ff No. 10 f ,v.- IS s is modes ent, , ' om all her teac r c 'd A 9 it prudent OHS1 er ' A f , I Cinema ub l, 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, DOUGLAS,"? H E. Xl - H, iff . ,oo Ushers' Club 4. 'xx . ' , O!! .. '- Ruth's s 22352: V I I if Sh " ' S 915 ,th her W ' ' F' C 'I F. y Ll- ' '," . . . U I' is ' ii ' I I 'ff A Jil N- ELLISO D M,-A 'QP' ff: We urg N. Y. DOYLE, ALTON B. ,No. ll Where there's fun, 5'ou'll always hear, Altonls laughter ringing clear. Glee Club lf Band l, 2, 3, Inter- oloss Softball, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Vindex lg Intcrclass Basketball 2, 3, 4. DU - ETTY JEAN l No.5 I P ' it or is it e style, , lj. es xii 6 K lth Di 18 X x - l ' X c X w I A X Hi-Y "' 3, in .1 , 3' gora Ag 3, sl o- . .Q 2, Tora! l ' - a taff. S I X DYKINS, SHIRLE No. 2 Quiet, pretty, neat, and blonde, She's a girl of whom we're all fond. Hi-Y 2, 3, Ushers' Club 4. EDDY, EDWARD Big Flats, N. Y. Untouched by the excitement of the day, ' Ed cheerfully goes his placid way. Orchestra 1, 2. A 49N QL Sl if , F if l vo YK, . ... -. .3- if . A s f . , 5 J, , ..... . , 3, -if 26 4.--of Ee H -g - 5: cgggifie Don, Ev cgphe d yo ltwlr MW ELLISON, FREDERIC Spcllccr, N. Y. Quiet, friendly and lacking guile, He greets your Welcome with a smile. LI , M , o. 5 ' he and 'WS -' u lping an . ' L 2- ' A C ent - l3'Hi-Y ' . . FABRIZIO PHYLIS St. Anthonyis Pleasing in manner and ready for un With all her friends she s A-nuln- ber 1. Italian Club 1. P NCIS St 1 a's 3 F151 NAN, F Wi out hi sports are , m- ete- Ou. Fraxxixs a llow hard beat. ?3Football' 3, , Track X4 Inter- , da? ikball , 3, 4, erclass 'Vilas et 3, 4. i' FERRIS, CATHERINE No. 2 With a friendly smile and a merry jest, She goes her way and does her best. FIDELMAN, EILEEN A - Beecher School Gra.cious, happy, the friendly sort, She's sure,to have friends in every port. . ' ,Ush,ers' Club 43 Hi-Y 45 Library Council 1, 2. FIELD, CONNIE G. M. D. Full of goodness and full of glee Describes our "Connie" to a "T.7' Hi-Y 45 G. A. A. 2. FINN, ROSE ' No. ll From all cares I am free, Why.aren't more like me? Bowling, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 CVice-Pres. 21 5 Torch Business Stah. K M..x'. if V, 1 4. Y 1 " I I 4. A5 0 "1 . ' ,J 1 ' W' . FITCH, GEORGE 4- ' "I ' No.8 On or off the basketball court "Babei' certainly is a great sport. Orpheus Club 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Empire Boys' State 3. FLYNN, 131.01512 I If G. M. D. And in the glances of her eyes, Ever her heart's good humor lies. G. A. A. 3. My 1,,',, 71 FoRcE,EDDA , ,Mft y G. M. D. Gay and is pretty giggle gel V ta-than 2, , 45 Ciinem 5 Us s' u 4 . 1 mx S. L XJ I f Xi FORSLIN, CATHERINE Olean, N. Y. Kate's a newcomer in our midst, Despite her short stay, she's going tobe missed.. FORSYTHE, DOROTHY No. ll Happy-go-lucky and full of fun, Pep and ability all in one. Glee Club 15 Basketball 17.1, aaawjvfc 7 . iii," .ill FOULKE, EMELINE No. 8 A friendly, quiet, capable lass, A valuable asset to the Senior Class. Ushers' Club 4. FRIDIE, ARDELLE No. 5 Serene, happy, sweet, Ardelle just canit be beat. Hi-Y 3 fSec.jg Masquers 2, 35 Student Council 2. . i lift, z - S- f A A A FUREY, DANIEL ,. V 3 ff' li A bit of devil in his eyes, T - will ..:l: 1 I, '. , ' A bit of laughter in all he tries. L i' Q ' A":.. 2 Q yn Student Council 25 Treas. Junior ' 5 " 1 gf Class. f 93212, ' A -H- 5.. X I if Z7 FUSARE, CATHERINE St. Anthonyls Rather shy, with a twinkle in her. eye, And a friendly smile, as she passes you by. Ushers' Club 4, Torch Literary Staff. FUSARE, FRANCES No. 2 A rosy smile-a twinkling eye, A cheery word for every passerby. -K1 ' R NSKI, NE St. Casimir's as s ts ligh s air . laughs . 1 car . A' 1 0 ARLES ,x cher School ys alk 'L fi' 582155, kno s j 'J ' to get his way. Glee C b lf' ,Boys' Glee Club 2. .J X .1 GERE, HARRY Hendy Avenue Handsome, dark and tall, "Lud" is liked by one and all. Torch Business Staff, Track 2, 3, Football 3, 45 Interclass Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. I N, AL fl 0' Beecher School Aleen is a wonderful friend, She'd be true to the very end. Ushers' Club 4. ' fvvlw.-ft' ' D. 'Q ,I 1 Q. 4, , vi. GIESA, ERNESTINE Beecher School A helping hand and a friendly smile, Makes Ernestine a pal worthwhile. Hi-Y 3, 4, Stylus 2, 35 Ushers' Club 4, Photography Club 3, 4, Student Council 1, 4. GILBERT, ANDREW G. M. D. 'KAndy's" t e of any party, For heql ay hale and hearty. yt GILES, BETTY Pittsford, N. Y. Betty's always on the go, Really one of the best we know. Hi-Y 25 Glee Club 2, 33 Agora 2, 3, 4 fVice-Pres. 35 QPres. 4lg Cinema Club 3, 4 fVice-Pres. 45, Vindex 3, 4 fEditor 45, Student Council 4. No. 5 wlggglll, iggwyals P W Hei witty n ' a a. B Hf1g2t'e liao. lhq WW GOODMAN, BERENICE St. Louis, Mo. A good sport, a good worker Never a pessimist, never a shirker. Orpheus Club 4, Torch Literary Staff. I I GO , ROBERT No. 2 od fellow lot of fun, ch rf mile for everyone. nterclas sketball 2, Interclass Softball . GOULD, JOHN No. 2 Talented, witty, full of pep, For these things John has quite the iirepy, i E RICHARD G, 'l 1 Waverly, N. Y. lt gh he's new to E. F. A., ti as a will that's sure to sway. . A J' qt GRUHLKE, WILLIAM No. 5 Bill does all his work with care, A fellow like him is really rare. Interclass Basketball 3. aiu , 1 ff o 1, i RONIGA , f , G. M. D. , 'e in a nice sort of way, 7 e e esence makes fair the v 1 VT L, 'i . -'X LL.,-V17 ,,,,,,I E C1355 '64, . ' 'HADLOCK, JOHN St. Patrick's John is popular in E. F. A., joking and laughing every day. uv-l"7,2-4 !7,N 11 fffdf Jiifpfdfllflx f lqfjyl HALE, GEORGE Southside High No care, no worry, So why the hurry. Football 2, 3, 4, Interclass Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Interclass Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. l rl ., 5.4 , HASTINGS, WILLARD Hendy Avenue Blond, handsome, too good to be true, Willard, we wish we had more like you. Forum 2, 35 Interclass Basketball 2. 411,67 ,dal Z- 'jf' .522 4: HEHER, MARILYN St. Patrick's "Maizie's" the girl with the curly hair, Always dependable, fair and square. Cheerleader 4. . 4. 5 ' A Full of pep and full of fu A , Frances is loved by ever e. V I -L, Q G. A. A. 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Ushers , E - Club 4, Library Council l, 2, 3. HERNE, SHIRLEY J nton, Smiling, hel fu ways sw She's on at 'people i e meet. ' ,, shers' 4, Masquers, ee C 3. ir I c 5' HILL, MARGARET V , , 2 ,i -L -V No. ll f Z9 Tlyis the' reason' Margaret likes 5'smile, , , -, ,ff It makes life so xnueh more ,worth- while. I Hi-Y 33 Photography Club 2g Bowlingg GleevClubjl.f" " , HIRTREITER, JOHN Canandaigua, N. Y. It's nice to be natural, When you are naturally nice. gn Q-if Ei. -,J HOFFMAN, HARRY 1 No.5 Hereis a fellow, they call him, scRed,as He's liked by all, need more be said? Hi-Y 2, 3, Band l, 2, 3, Orches- tra 2, Torch Business Staff, Foot- ball 3, 4. HOFFMAN, LOIS No. 5 Lois seems to be demure and shy, But when you know her, me oh my. Agora 2, 3, 4, Torch Business Staff. HOFFMAN, MARJORY G. M. D. Sweet and neat, She can't be beat. Hi-Y 2, 4g Ushers, Club 4. HOFMANN, LOUISE Ellenville, N. Y. Who never defers, who never de- mands, But smiling takes the task in her hands. Vindex 4. 2 X HOOD, ESTHER- X Hendy Avenue Brilliant, weet and petite A combinsafion hard to lygt. G. A. AXQg Hi-Y 2, 3, '4 gms. 4l, A ora 3, 4 fVice-Pres. 4-lg xnndeflh, 3, 4, student councu lg Class Vice-Pres. 2, 35 Ushers, Club 4 CAsst. Head Usherj 5 Torch Literary Staff. N ...XA HOUGH,WANDA Beecher School She loves her life and lives with a smile, The deeds she does are deeds worthwhile. HLY1,2,3 Xu! -1 ,tax 0 HO D MA No. 2 ea with its he , W e ' y miss arion, come g r. i- , 3, Vice-Pres. 315 G. A. OJ , 3, 4 fVice-Pres. 4l5 Cheer- ader 3, 4. HUBER, DOROTHY No. 9 A hearty chuckle for everyone, A smile as bright as the noonday sun. Student Council lg G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CSec. 21 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4 CSec. lj fVice-Pres. 21 3 Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Ushers' Club 4. Torch Literary Staff. HUYLER, DOROTHY No. 5 Shy and retiring, But well worth admiring. Hi-Y 3, 45 Ushers, Club 43 Photog- raphy Club 3. tx N Y HUYLER, GEORGE . 4 ..'t . -'fi g-F . . N05 gif pfii Witty, with much to say, . - 1 Q43 V',L' . ,F exwill 316833 iravmflhe play. ll fish. ,F A , . , '- 1 A In u I CLQKK4 .1 'I Vk,- f . . fzltryf' .vi fl! ,Y fvfky 1. . . ' Q ' ,f '. A---4 , .. .4 6 K .,,.! 1' Ifwaur V , ' . +51 30 gf JANKOWSKI, LUCILLE St. Casimir's Laughing and speaking to everyone, Lucille undoubtedly creates much fun. Hi-Y 4. JANKOWSKI, ROSALIE St. Casimir's So quiet and still, She spreads good will. JANOWSKI, JOSEPHINE No. 5 As welcome as sunshine in every place, Is the beaming approach ofa good natured face. Library Council lg Glee Club lg G. A. A. 2, Hi-Y 3, Bowling 3, Ushers' Club 43 Photography 4. J NS , , Cecilia's ed hair an eyes, Johnny' ating is no surprise. If 1 ,I I JONE , HAROLD ' X DV I C5 'Bi-gfalo, N. Y. W O33 2 cout, , W't A nary a dou f yf N ' 'G f 'I JJ!! Ko- ffl A Xl., JONES, HELEN " E f I NO. 2 X. Small 'Qmd neat with smiling haigx She can draw your gaze, no..matter X wh ere! ' Hi-Y l., 2, 3, 45 Bowling 2, 3. fl. KAKRETZ, OTTO Suave, a good sport, You know, the agreeable sort, KALEC, BERNARD St. Casimir's With shoulders broad and hair so dark, x Equally ready for labor and lark. Interclass Softball 3, Interclass Basketball 3. HV- -PEI 31 B+ KANE, PATRICIA St. Peter and Paul Patls a charming, lovely blonde, She's a girl of whom we all are fond. Student Council 1, 25 I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4 CTreas. 253 Volleyball l, 2, 3. KANE, THOMAS St. Casimir's Tom's a lad who takes things as they come, He never worries and has lots of fun. Hi-Y 3, 4. KARSKI, WILLIAM St. Cecilia's Always happy never silly, Is our quiet, friendly Billy. Interclass Basketball 2, Interclass Softball 2. KENNEDY, DON Beecher School Here's to the good artist that we all know, Don's got the pep that will make him go. Stylus 2, 3, 4 fPres. 2, Bus. Mgr. 3, Treas. 425 Student Council 3, KIEFFER, LILLIAN '.,, ,-,VL .J. M, ,G.AlN:I..D. Devoted, generous, voiclg of guile, Her whole heartls welcome in her smile. . K, I A A ,L , 7, Hi-Y 2,' 3 5 I-IikingIClub 2, Ushers' Club 4. v,ik..A','14 ,tav- fh 1 3- . ' I. - KISTLER, WILLIAM Hendy Avenue A true friend found When Kirt is around. Hi-Y 25 Student Council 2. 4 f . I 4 ,l...A w KLIMZAK, MILDRED ' ,aye n G. M. D. Degliure and' syveet, 1-Iard tp beat." Studentldlouncil lg Library Coun- cil Ll 'I' KLUGO, DOROTHY Blossburg, Pa. Our pretty chum, Chuck full of fun. Hi-Y 4. KOHLER, JANE Hendy Avenue We need say little of one known so well, Whose qualities their own worth do foretell. KOZDEMBA, FELIX St. Casimir's With patience and ease, He tries hard to please. LANDON, MARY LOU No. 11 That smile of hers can't be beat, Mary Lou will put you on your feet. Student Council lg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 fVice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4-jg Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. LEPER, WINIFRED No. 2 Always happy, always gay, Living her life in her own sweet way. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Masquers 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Ushers' Club 4, Vindex 2, 3, 4 fCirculation Mana- ger 3, LH. , Gu fi A at 5 1 5 J, 'Ne " gig: ig iv, Q c ' x gh: we IU'- -ril 32 lie 4.23 ji, jfldf. ' 4 .J f If ' ,Q y L ish ANN , l Lf' ' , j st. Pamha With a j st yi er tonguje an a smile 0 if lips, I4 f' . Cf S X She's bu ' g over fun to h tinge . Hi-Y 4, Ushers' Club 4. LI REi . No. 2 In E. F he' he man. Hereis to fun-l i r , Italikp . LILLEY, HELEN Easton, Pa. Helen's clothes are quite the style, Her future looks bright and worth- while. Hi-Y 3, Ushers' Club 4. LOMBARDI, DANIEL No. 5 Honest endeavor, A pal forever. ww LONG, MARJORIE Ithaca, N. Y. Sweet and gay, Is her way. Hi-Y 4. '- 1 LOWMAN, CAMILLA Hendy Avenue Vivaeious smile and sparkling eyes, Within that mischief wisdom lies. Student Council l, 25 Basketball 1. LUCY, MARY ELLEN St. Anthony's Vim and jest, Gayety and the rest. Italian Club 1, 3, 4 fTreas. 423 Hiking Club 1, 2. I LUNDY, EVELYN . Hencly Avenue Her smile is the sun, Warmth and cheer for everyone. LUTOMS I E ELIA ' e by eac everyone. Xglliiof e,f o'f , TWA. 2 4, Bowling 3, 4, 5 O B k Staff. No. 11 A fine la ' winning ways, He'll e fr nds throughout his LYON S wi? day ass as tb 1 , ,Inter- cla So ball 2, g3g nterclass Fo tba 1, 2, 'Doro Business St . 3. MACKEY Worry, Live a Club o m e a frien d go a mile. Ita' Club 4 CPres. 3l. St. Casimir's a smile 46- 45? 1 ,i ' i , s, . "hh fg .1 5' .,.-f N ,, K , 13' rv ' W. -. .,. , ..-,,, .yrri . . , Z 5 as at ., ii., , -.--- ,f ww iff 2 Ya. ,- . H35 14 "-:cms f F11 in , 1' 52k?..,s:'. 4 , . QW "! Y 1. ff -sf -, f its rf - -1 -if 'ww.'-11--.3-Vs-NZ?-.1 , I-1' :- , hwy.. s. L. A MAGGIONE, GERALDINE Geneseo, N. Y. Not having much to say, 1- She's gentle and quiet elverfway. HiY2,Uih.+AfQm34f, ' 1, K 1 f! f, Jhfi f - ' ' I , ,,- ,f ,ftlf f ,J 1 MAKOVITCH, LEO No. 5 Tall, red-head, ace of the court, Always ready for fun of some sort. Basketball 3, 4. MAKOVIT H, P L No. 5 Alt s boy, H ' 1 s nd finds much 162-f"-Qyrflf MALANOSKI, AGNES St. Casimirls Liked in school and all about, She's known by all without a doubt. Library Council 2. MALNOSKI, DOROTHY St. Casimir's Always contended and well at ease, She is never hard to please. G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, Torch Literary Staff. Q, MANNIX, ROBERT Hendy Avenue With merry laugh and wit and jest, He goes his way and does his best. M 22.2 WW 1 In l x -IEQ 33 MANUEL, DANIEL St. Anthony's Dan will soon go from our E.F.A. Although he must leave, some wish he would stay. ' I 'x MARCHINOCK, AMBROW St. Caslmiris Tall and lanky with lots of vim, No one "gets the 'um i' on hun, B 1' AR HI , IS A ' .ns S . Patr1ck's ' ' greets u fr Catholic Q ,Mk igh, , ""' -iq ittl ie , b 21 gUY- V, ' X pl W' 5? A ' 1 -:'i',,f' .15 ,iff MARKOWITZ, RICHARD Ft. Wayne, Ind. For Dick there are many fine pre- dictions, - For his accomplishments, no re- strictions. Forum 3, 4-5 Torch Business Staff. Y s MARKS EUGENIA ' , Hendy Avenue A ready smile, a twinkling eye, A cheery word, for passers-by. Hi-Y 2, 35 CVice-Pres. 23 5 Student Cou il 3, 4, A etic Board, Vice- enior ass ' 1' MARQUIS, ROLLI endy Av ue Sometimes solemn, sometimes gay He takes whatever comes his way. f iw Stylus Club 1, 2, 3, 4- QTreas. 35, Forum CVice Pres. 41 3 Alpha Boys' Hi-Y 35 Masquers 4-5 Student Council 4-5 Torch Art Editor. JJ if 34 MCCARTHY, ALFRED Hendy Avenue "Red" knows almost everyone. He surely is a lot of fun. Student Council 2g Football, In- terclass Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Inter- class Basketball 2, 3. MCINERN , OM . r atrick's T wo is better 'f we worry, Li o er' wpiddrry. I MCLOUGHLIN, HENRY G. M. D. In basketball he did excel, But that's not all that he does well. Basketball 2. M -1-id,-grit-2... ., l c ,erful th ' g day, i I 4 ari gr ey y. M- 1, 3 i- , b, 4 Mas- s 3 4g aH. MELEAD, JAMES No. 10 A good fellow with knowledge to spare, When brains were passed out he got more than his share. Hi-Y 2, 35 Torch Literary Staff. MENTUCK, ANN No. 5 Willing is she and eager to please, What other virtues are better than these? Hi-Y 2, 3. I l- ! , , ,' f , J '. MILLER, ARTHUR' No. 5 Art can dance and win his girl, His social life is quite a whirl. Hi-Y 2, 3, Band 1, 25 Torch Busi- ness Staff. MILLER, ROBERT X V 5 No. 5 A likeable, industrious, and happy feller, '- , Is a definition of Robert Miller. .M MITCHELL, ELSIE No. 8 Elsie is quiet, reserved yet smiling, Her ways are really most beguiling. Ushers' Club 43 Girls' Glee Club 4. . i 4 OGRd5Sg7MiA1ilwif,-9 J J 7 'I , e's quiet, petitef ,N And so vgy sweet. 1 - SiLid6l'Jf! ouncil 2, 35 Photography Club 3, 4-,,Ushers' Club 4. MORTON, FRANK No. ll Of friends, I have many, Ill-humor, not any. T , SI N Y ur p ular Si s i reality, A d ossessi con ious vital- mema 5 i- 2. ,z 1 St. Pairickfsfy f 'C T I f f 35 53+ ' woo. MUCCI, PHILOMENA St. Patrick's Philomena will surely gain success, And everlasting happiness. Hi-Y 4. ll W Florida Having a Cheerful disposition, Good points are Paul's only de- scription. f ' . MURRAY, JOHN. A V . No. 5 Jackls good loolcs are the envy of many, x , ,--ff He has friends a million, but' en- emies nqt an . .,-' . , L f , Y XR I .. ' '-. V Y,Y,,,4, y .,.- 1 l 'f MYERS, HELEN A ' ass ull of fu it a ' e. I H'- , as etb ll 1 ' 'Volley- ba ' X NAVONE, JOSEPH f ' St. Antlmo ' , Jo 's de ts d, L H ' free nd never s a +6 Hide., NERVICK, MARJORIE No. 8 The happiness that's in my heart I gladly to the world impart. NOVAKOSKI, JOSEPH St. Casimir's Although one o the scho ls 's Thi e is , u as ev yone k s. WA K, E O St. asimir's mg thi in a sihiple way. yf! Y, f 1Y I OBLER, LEONA er S ol Both boys and gi thi im well, Brains and pop ' y ser him well. Forum QSec'y. g Torch Business . OLSEN, PARNELL ' No. 8 Parnell, very gentle and kind, Has an exceedingly active mind. ORCUTT, VIRGINIA No. 5 Always smiling, always gay, She takes it easy along life's way. HLY 1 1 4,1nhms Cmb M Mixed Choir 4. ORLOUSKY, JOHN St. Cecilia's A smile, a friendly word of cheer, Makes us glad when Johnny's near. uf book we I-fffJ'L,x"i- Jvftvo J jd, vu- Jr'-XX JNUK ,f ,., 5'l'f"' ' 1 - WMA . -,, I :le -'2f36h PACK, HARRY G. M. D. We say this as a commentary, Better watch for high stepping Harry. , Aw. ,L K! A, Y ,ff 1 if 1 ,ft No. 2 if 'a's snyfl' 1 a all e is lw s xight, Quot , for I, no d It, -am Italian Club 2, 3 CVic -ires. 355 Softball, Volleyball, Bas etball. PARKE, BETTY l Southside Quietion the outside, impish with- m Thaf's where Betty's personality begins. ' Ushers' Club 4. PARLO, PETER No. 5 Few minutes are dull when Pete's around, And monotonous minutes are never found. PARRY, WILLIAM W No. 5 Bill's a president of this club, and officer of that, He's the boy to whom we tip our hat. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 fVice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4-J 5 Forum 3, 4 fPres. 4D 5 Cinema 2, 3, 4- fVice-Pres. 355 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Empire Boys State Alumni Association 3, 4 CSecly. 3, Vice-Pres. 4j, Vindex 3, Torch Literary Staff. P RSON , WALTER . I I, No 10 .9 f th . sical nent in ed, A ay .I wt e C- l ceed. f Glee I 3 Mixe Band l 3, W PE ACHEY, HARRY Hendy Avenue A popular one is our Harry, Full of laughter, always merry. Torch Business Staff, Hi- Y 2. b P BE eec ch A p . i In senui rea . LI s 4 oun ' I r yj if I X3 PE QMU ,DRBHRAH No. 11 be effi 'exit in a qtbilway Deb s e day Glee 1 XHaY2 3 res ' Q wthr , '. i 1 s 4 , I' s 2 ' squers 3, 2 , Cinema 4 A 4, Vindex 3, 43 Torcli Bus ess Staff. PETRIE, WILFRED G. M. D. Rare compound of friendliness, frolic and fun, Who relishes a joke and rejoices in a pun. PETRUSIW, NICHQLAS SS efyrifn Paul's "Nick's t s a cky type, He he s foo t. PIECUCH, FRANCES St. Casimir's Frances is to all of us, A girl with personality plus. ' M nfl?-25 7 ,vin PIERCE, ROBERT No. 11 No care, no worry, So why the hurry? ' PLAT , TH I y qzv Ho s ads l a ea n ' e work, ,She neve ' ty r Baske lg So , 0 . ROPPLETON, RICHARD ,ft No. 5 Varsity football hard and rough, Shows that Diek has the stuff. Band 1, 2g Football 3, 4, Torch Literary Staff. P w s, J f C' , " N No.8 ol1y,jSv' John, , Is e al g wegfcaf always ount . Stylus ., ' Q ice-Pres. 35 Pres. 4 5. PRATT, EILEEN ' G. M. D. Quiet and calm without much to say, She'll get along most anyway. Hi-Y 25 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 QTreas. 315 Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling 2, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soft- ball 2, 3, 45 Bowling 3. PUNZO, ANGELINE St. Anthony's Her disposition is Winsome and sweet, Very few with her can compete. Hi-Y 4. ! A RECORD, JEAN ANN St. Patrick's Jean Ann is just a bundle of fun, With a winning smile for everyone. Hi-Y 2, 3, Student Council 1, Softball 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, Basketball 2. R ESE, YVONNE ' . ndy Avenue 'ly er ne ishes t ossess, 'X 5 .bv s ' i nce and eerfulness. 1 --w ers 3' i 2, 3, Vindcx 3, 4 ora , ec'y. 4l, Choir 2, owlin , Glee Club 1, 2, 3, CVice-P s. J, Torch Business taff. REIDY, JOSEPH St. Patrick's Joe does better every year, That he will succeed is very clear. Intramural Basketball, Interclass Basketball. I I 'X , ld ,fi in REIDY, T CIAj f. , ' 51 St. Patrick's Nevera orry,1n'ever acare, K- ' Alwayi elpfuleverywjxerea fl G. A. Af2, Hi-Y '45 Ushers Club, Basketball 1, Softball l, Volleyball 1 f .I ' ' I i . REIDY, PAUL S. S. Peter's 8: Paulis There's lots to be said for persistent Paul, He'll find his place and certainly won't fail. ROBERTS, KATHRYN G. M. D. She does her best With willing zest. Ushers' Club. 38 ROBIBERO, CELESTE ANN St. Anthony's Celeste is good without pretense, Blessed with sweetness and Com- mon sense. Hi-Y 2, 3, Ushers, Club 4. ROBINSON, DONALD G. M.D. Don has that infectuous grin, That makes everyone join in. ROFF, BAR!BARA ' ' ! . No. 11 1 ',- , ,I , ' KP?gislng'xookfu , cjaarnjpg know ,f .- l e has 9 host of friguis' always in 1 tow. ffff ,JQ Zlsgndent Council 3, Hi-Y , ho- gdpgwel 3, B ' -9? ,fwlipg f RosPLocK, JOSEPH St. Casimir's Joe is your friend thru thick and thin, If you stick by him,you will win. Stylus 3. I X I RQSSI, ALTRORA vb " , l .w , N! Brlght-eyes, black hair shining and glossy Plus honest friendliness, famed in a Rossi. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 2, 3, Basket- ball, Bowling, Softball, Torch Literary Staff. - IQOSSI, LUCY' ' No. 5 Lucy's smile chases away all gloom, It makes sunshine till the room. Hi-Y 2, 3, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 fPres. 4.l, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling l, 2, 3, 4. 4 RUBIN, JANE No. 8 Our friend Jane is liked by all, She will be great, although she's small. Usher Club 4, Volleyball 1, 23 Softball 3. IO LV-L St. nthon oe pla . r him play IS qui treat. ' Council, Gle lb, Choir, e C ass Softball . SANO, NANCY St. Anthony's Small and petite, Really very sweet. Cinema Club 35 Student Council 3, Hi-Y 4 CSec. 4jg Basketball 2, 35 Volleyball 2, 35 Torch Business Staff. SARCONE, JOSEPHINE St. Patrick's If you seek a friend, just look for .josh She's jolly, sparkling, and worth- while to know. Hi-Y 4, Basketball 2, 3, Volley- ball 2, 3. ki lam ii T , C QE! ' just on or I X man N man. A .A C a estra Pre. , 5 Stu- de nci . 5 'Oli' .x 'A Q ' fi gg.-A ' ik ' .fs s it 'hr is 'WE .4 1,5 .g f 3 'Z ' - -1' ' W L l ' f di ff' - S -wil 39 Ee T SCHUSLER, DOROTHY No. 10 Here's a girl, who is calm and sweet She never will admit d feat. X Hi- 4gUsh?s, Clubggyyy fl", i, . 114 4, L., -P X" J .1 ' N' SCHWENKLER, MARY St. Patricliil A charming representative is she, Of those long-famed in our acad- emy. t. Torch Literary Staff, S Councilg Secretary of Fre a s f ,,1,f.,.,x,,gJ Class. K I" .jf ,Une-uvgfl-JC vin. f jffffx-ot! J-fLfLf1'Q-Hxfrf if: . -ez " -a.z f,-'v4'vv.f.6l ' 1, ffffv SCOTT, THA1iE1fI ' ' f,,,,, Maybrook, 6'Scottie,' is never still a minute, For her one laugh is not the limit. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Ushers' Club 4. SHAW, RITA Thomas K. Beecher There in the glances of her eyes, Ever her heart's good humor lies. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 2. SHEAHAN, THOMAS K St. Peter and Paul's S. . A loyal true scout, Whom all 'the world couldn't do without. SHERWOOD, BETTY . , .a Al - 1 her!!-.rli-" is bit in- 'SBe has a friendliness, ' h is magnilicant. I A 1 s Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 G. . 5 ' Club, Vindex 2. ff 4 O ,Q 5 . g gif T sHiJ1l'MA1l1f ivixg R Thomas K. Beecher 339115116 is hiarkllgxef mig tygfhigh, ,ne 'and-oth ffma f siigh. ,Tore if item y Staff, orum 2, 3, 4 RQ. -if fe", s1MoNs, GEORGE l GT M. D. In all content, George sings bass, Happy or sad-a smile on his face. Band 1, 2, 3, 4,G1ee Club l, 2, 3, 4 QVice-Pres 4j, Choir 2, 3, 4 QVice-Pres. 41. , SKEBEY, EDWINA St. Patrick's Very pretty and charming to see, This little miss fro1n the Academy. Bowling 3, 4. SKLARKOWSKI, RAYMOND St. Casimir's Tall and blond, And always calm. SLATER, FLORENCE Luthers Mills, Pa. Florencels wise and irnpish grin Comes from a glad, gay heart with- 111. H1-Y 3, 44 Ppotogfap ly Club 3, 45 Bowling 4. , X ' jf9f""' SMITH, PAUL Waverly, N. Y. The man who wins is the man who works, Who neither labor nor troubles shirks. F04 Qwffffgw ClJg,,,1,zwQ.J7f' H -ms-. QQ -in M V,-, W 3 K S he .-2 12 -P 's 2 . f is Y A tif' if E +3 40 lie I, I ra I - C SNYDER, EDITH JANE No.2 On the Vindex, Torch, and in debates, And with everyone Jane really rates. Masquers 2, 3, 4 CPres. 455 Agora 3, 45 Torch Business Manager. 1 i SOPER, ROBERT No. 5 Bob is suchia'-lot of iun He increases the joy of everyone. x SPARLTNG, MELVA No. 2 She smiles and winks and speaks to all, She is certainly popular in the Academy Hall. G. A. A., Hi-Y 3, 45 Photography Club 3, 4. s AZ' NHMARY X T .IA-aq'1ony's Here's a rl! ith personality to spar , nk e ' eye like her, we wouldn't v 4 1" N, SPLANN, H ri , .Pa ' EN A nice fel w is har t find a , is o r choi erytime. W y ,Jr ,W JJ STEMERMAN, LILLIAN Thomas K. Beecher "Lil" is gay and can make things whirl, Besides that she is' such a sweet girl. ' Student Council 1 QSec'y.lg Glee Club lg Cinema Club 25 Photog- raphy Club 3, Ushers' Club 4g Hi-Y 4, Torch Literary Staff. I l ,v 1 STEMERMAN, REVA 'Thomas K. Be er Reva always has her fun, X K But not until henwork is done.X"' I 11-bfi" -' ,Lv M ,W f TRACH . No. 1 l Words c s the hel ess of , Who works in fait il P6 deed is done. Torch Editor-In-Chief, Masquers 2, 35 Agora 2, 3, 4 fTreas. 3, 4-jg Hi-Y 2, 3, Student Council 3. O l I Hendy A enue 1 S ' ' ' Amiable , et h the a 1 Of fri d n s that Ci ..- in 4 ec'y.4jg qu , res. 4 g i 2. STROCK, ESTHER No. 8 Where ever she goes, She will find no foes. SULLIVAN, JOSEPH SS. Peter and Paul's Although Joe is short in inches, When doing a task, he never flinches. SULLIVAN, ROBERT No. 5 Here is a lad, tall and spare, And one for whom we all care. Forum 2, 3 fSec'y. 3j, Student Council 3 5 Empire Boys, State 5 Torch Literary Staff. l4M,.o,v2i4 SUTTER, PH,fLIPf , . ' A f J . St. Patrick's OE look at "Phi1'7 and your heart is glad . Tligalifou l?rVE'E0?l'lCi sudh a witty Torch Literarvy S't.a.f-ll. . SYKES, CHARLES No. 10 Plenty clever, suave and dark, He certainly hits the mark. TAGG, NORMAN No. 8 Here's one who is a friendly sort, He's what we all call a sport. THOMAS, JOHN Philadelphia, Pa. Quiet indeed, But a friend in need. Vindex 4. TRAUM, FLORENCE No. 11 "Babe's" manner is blithe and debonair, From the tips of her toes to her dark brown hair. gdwaadfo uw TRENGO, JOSEPHINE St. Anthony's Her wit is nev lost, No tter w, t t e cost. 'Q ...., . 2.4 . 5 LMC .... ,I f ! ' . lf' , , f, K f' ,lff,rf g -, ' l t I .fi f. , lie kj ff, .,, L GM.. "B y" e ells in athleti s, es r am energet' . 1 1, TRIPP, RUTH -x M X Somerville, N. Y. eAlthough' she has a quietmanner, Her knowledge is a Flying banner. Library Council 3, 4, 'i TULECKI, HEDWIGE St. Casimir's "Hedy" is so full of fun, She should be known by everyone. I TUPICZAK, WILLIAM G. M. D. A smile is better than a frown, He'll be a person of great renown. UNDERWOOD, ELIZABETH St. Patrick's When you've a task to do she's always ready, Industrious, fun-loving, likeable Betty. Student Council lg Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Ushers, Club 4. VALOIS, ROBERT G. M. D. A bit of nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men. Student Councilg Pres. of Sopho' more and Junior Class. TRIFO , B ,r 42 la? VERBANIC, MILDRED St. Cecilia's Millie laughs and smiles all day, That's how she chases the blues away. Hi-Y 2, 3 fPres. 3l 5 Student Coun- cil 4g Ushers' Club 4. VINCENT, WALTER G. M. D. Here is tall, blond Walt, One with whom we can! find no fault. I ff . . uf .- , .1 A . X P- jf if N e . 4' VISELLI, ARMANDO No.5 He's willing to do anything you Say, He believes in the easiest way. VREATT, MARY No. 11 Mary is really a whiz at math, Everyone would like to follow her path. G. A. A. 3, 4g Hi-Y 3, 45 Ushers, Club 4. St. trick's d ac, l is this u :tn b er than WASCHEZYXN, SUSAN So quiet no Xone hears her ap- proaching, So reliant she needs no reproach- ing. Hi,-Y 4. X p xx 'Y' XJJWATKINSJ B A Suns ' ra' , She's ys t . gi-ef. 2, 3, 5 L I' M . 9 f x I WB'C s.P apQPall I 'KCar ' has ' woe, . H , ,555 Fe B Wa 1ffff""" f 1 x WEBSTER, HUG No. 5 I worry not, for what's the use? To worry bores one like the deuce. WHEET, NORMA Breesport, N. Y. Her long black hair Causes everyone to stare. 5 . WHITTIER, LARRY No. 2 No ordinary Tom, Dick, or Harry, Is our little amia le La gg , wwjfzjw w1Lcox,. FRfgNcss y " No. 5 She has friends galore, Personality-even more. l xy. . fp ' 1 1 if 43 is WILLIAMS, ROBERT Hendy Ave. Brains and looks and plenty of skill, 2 In football hc certainly filled the bill, Hi-Y 3, Torch Literary and Busi- ness Staffs. fffqa f it . .Qui WILLISON, 4292,-, attle Greg, Mich. Some have b 6ve brains, " Z When one has both, what else remains. WILSON, ROBERT No. 2 A well dressed lad, Who never looks sad. Euler' 51" OQWQR BET Y M eecher School In eet e moves through Sh mee s worry or strife. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3g Ushers' Club 4. WOODHOUSE, ANN Nd. 111 . , ,f- f' . ,Q . -'-Four grand years her charms these lowly walls have graced, ' ,Empty hey will bewhe t ghazm' , .hftslgeen erased 'pk Tor h ,A,ssocia!e',E?no' PQ'AgD? 1, 2, f ig Masquersi , 3, Hi-Y , 35 Basketball lg Volleyball 13 Softball 1. v"" ZIMMER, CLIFFORD Hendy Avenue dz K rs, stylish c thes, ' a very b ng CHU. 1 x P ra I' C , 4. A ZINN, WILLIAM Hendy Avenue To "Billy,, we owe a lot of thanks, For making us happier with all his pranks. JOHN St. Patrick's finally got and printed it- rnuch ado and fuss- So here it is,-it's not our fault, So kindly don't blame us!! QED M 750 0' I N , ip Exp X xx I T BAUER, HERBERT BROCK, GORDON DOOLITTLE, EDNA NICKOLSON, JOHN POUND, CHARLES "'s' as 44 yes 1' I sazmze ,S September 2-Students journey back to the old hangout to learn more stuff. 18-The first assembly and the poor Upperclassmen get gyped. 19-Well, Well, an upperclass assembly. Imagine that! 23-Vindex starts off with an explosion. Bang!! Z5-Censored ! October 4-Football is on! Syracuse Eastwood game. VVe won. 7-Report cards. Two fifties do not make a hundred. 10-Teachers don't report for work. Must be worn out all ready! Uust a convention, my dear readers.J ll-See you at Auburn, Marion! 13-Too bad you don't have more birthdays, Mr. Columbus. Z5-Nothing. 28-Seniors vote Ben Brown, president. Nice going! Ben. November 1-Acquinas is coming to town. Do your stuff E. H. S.! 3-Well a few precious minutes off classes for elections. Don't be too pleased for it's also the start of 5 weeks tests. 7-Guess what! Two assemblies in one clay. 12-Report cards again! However, we upperclassmen have an assembly. - 14-The Student Council Carnival, a great one in the history of E. F. A., had a beautiful queen presiding. Don't you agree, boys? 17-Dad, how about some extra change for defense stamps. 20-Oh, my tummy!! Joe Trengo's C. L. L. P.'s would come in handy now. December 3-Good news!! Only 28 days till Christmas. 6-A fine issue of the Vindex has just been presented to me. 10-No news is good news. 15-Oh! Oh! Caught napping-5 weeks, tests. 19-The mighty Seniors have a prom. 25-Merry Christmas!!! Presents and K. E.'s Mistletoe Ball. 26-Sonny Dunham and my money! 31-Gee! Are we having fun !! 1942-January l-Still hibernating. 4-Mum, a blackout! Very, very interesting. 6-Professor Schwenkler has a hard time trying to make Chemists out of us! Don't you think so, Jack? 15-Surprise-Mid Years. . 19-Heavenly Days!! It's Regents and I don't know anything. -aj! 45 Ft- f94f-fune 194.2 27-March to school with your dimes so we can have algood school representation for the March of Dimes campaign. February 3-Something happened-but nothing important. ll-Vindex gives us a break with an assembly. 12-Happy Birthday, "Honest Abe!" Z0-If, after the assembly today, you see Tony Schwenk- ler looking like a peacock, don't be surprised, for the Bucknell pictures, we are going to see, will recall sweet memories for him. 24-Oh! Stuck with 5 weeks test this A. M. 26-VVe, Seniors humbly salute you, Dick for winning the oratorical contest. Z7-W'ow! Another Latin test. March 3-Lots of snow today! VVhat, no single? 4-Boys, did you see Lucy Rossi's pretty pig-tails? 6-Second Senior meeting with plenty of zip. L ll-Don't tell anyone, but Prof. Schwenkler was teach- ing counterfeiting in Chem. CDon't get excited, just a lab in Plaster of Paris.D 24-Guess what, kids! Mrs. Chapman postponed the book reports nobody did. 25-G. A. A. calls off their basketball game!! Sorry boys. 27-The Annual Blue Dance. 30-Hey, Easter vacation is just around the corner. April 1-No school today. April Fool! 3-WHERE is everyone today?? 6-We go patriotic at D. Efs Victory Ball. 9-Wow!! Tony Pastor, and every one's going. 13-My, everyone looks worn out today. I think we all need a vacation. 24-Hippity Hop to the Crocus Hop. May l-Let's all support the Orpheus Club dance! Half-holiday, Pioneers arrive in town. E. F. A. opens its doors to music lovers. Music Festival. May Day-Adelphia Moonlight Cocktail Ball. 15-Senior Play-Jane and Dick take a bow for a day. 21-Senior Day-Sorry, just for Seniors! 29-The Juniors practice today for Senior Day-junior Day. 30-Memorial Day falls on a Saturday-VVe got cheated! June 10-Last chance to skip, Seniors! 15-Why is everyone so nervous? It's just Regents. What am I saying? 24-Commencement-Seniors say their good-bys. 61644 Wil! We, the members of the Senior Class of 1942, being of hopelessly unsound mind and envied by the masses, with rings on our fingers and precious rubber in our necks, and fearlessly about to jump from the frying pan into the fire, do toss this last will and testament into circulation, kindly requesting the full and complete energies of the executors to be entirely spent in following our parting desires. To our worthy successors, the Junior Class, we bequeath: 1. Our epidemic of measles for a week's vacation when the going gets tough. 2. Our instruction leaflet on: "How to Keep Kool when Kaught Skipping." 3. A special section in the bookstore where back-number book reports may be bought and exchanged. 4. Permission by the Board of Education for girls to wear slacks in winter, and shorts in the summer. To the following school organizations we bequeath: 1. To the new Student Council, an opportunity to finish the long anticipated mural for the auditorium. 2. To Masquers, a specially built, sound proof room, in which to hold their quiet UD meetings. 3. To Forum and Agora, a "get-together" that will "click." 4. To Ushers' Club a special permit to use night-sticks on those incorrigible students who are determined to disturb school assemblies. To these well-known individuals we bequeath: 1. To Jack Calkins, Bob DeLaney's wit, with a little more snap. 2. To Dorothy Smith, Irene Garczinski's twelve-year perfect attendance record. 3. To Bob Ackles, Art Miller's "way with the women." 4. To Martha Thompson, Carol Cleveland's title of "Brenda," if Barbara Poppleton doesn't sneak it and steal it. 5. To Rachel Robinson, Jane Snyder's dramatic talent. 6. To Fred Bacorn, Myer Shulman's scholastic ability. To any worthy soul we, the following individual members of the Senior class bequeath: 1. I, Jean Clark, my extraordinary voice to anyone who has the ambition to get up at six o'clock every morning to practice. 2. I, Betty Giles, a year's supply of aspirin to the next editor of the Vindex. 3. We, Bob Valois and Dan Fury, our ability to drive ujaloppiesl' to any daredevil who likes to risk his life. We hereby and forthwith appoint Stumdimer and Hamonson as officers to see that the terms of this testament are strictly carried out. Signed, SONGOTTA FORTASITUATE -'2l46lft 3umoRS , q g SONS ' QA!-.-.4 ,mggneu I ff .- ' 1 X M --- . E ,, F an ' 90' U dai' ul" ll ,flu GMM GMM Wwlfffn -V 'll i 1 lxo1mR'r IQINNER, RAY lN'lURRAY BARBARA P0l'l'I.ETON, VIRGINIA GICRRITY , . 2, - t.' s k.f'X, . f AS Our junior dayS'come to an end, we look forward impatiently to being Seniors, well knowing the responsibility the coming year brings to us. Xlle, have been exceptionally fortunate in our choice of officers during our three years at the E. F, A. ln our Freshman year James Wfilson, Barbara Alli- son, Maxine Fairchild and Arthur Shoemaker were elected President, Vice Presi- dent, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Robert Kinner, Eleanor Stamp, liar- bara Poppleton and Karl Krug acted as our Sophomore officers. In our junior year our entrance into the ranks of upperclassmen was guided by Ray Mtirray, W3 .v il . f' N , l 3. , I t 2 Ja. 3 ' ' s x Q 1 li K Miss liwzxii Ihvis, Mic. S'l'El'lllCN Pieoiq VPYX r' , -.. Wy 3 X Q. Q s 1 i ,-e, X Presidentg Virginia Gerrity, Vice Presidentg Barbara Poppleton. Secretaryg and Robert Kinner, Treasurer. llarbara Poppleton and "Chet" Malanoski served as the junior representa- tives at the annual school carnival. XYe are planning to have a -lunior Prom, if satisfactory arrangements can be made. Hy far the most outstanding event was Junior Day on which we proudly displayed our class colors. Although this has been a successful year under the guidance of Miss Davis and Mr. Prokop, our very able Junior class advisors, we are eagerly awaiting our Senior year. . S f 4 , ,. ,K v JOHN SIiLLIvAN, 'YHOBIAS SULLIVAN 1 'V ' GRACE QLTINN, NANCY KENNEDY 1 J! i Q It , 5 X', l I rv . 2 ' "I I .I , 1, ' A rs x XVe made it. Although at times it looked rather difficult, we'v-e succeeded in becoming upperclassmen. jokingly we can look back on the mistakes we made while we were Freshmen and Sophomores. VVe can remember our experiences in getting acquainted, and becoming a part of the student body. All these incidents have helped us to prepare ourselves for leadership in our future school life. Wie elected Thomas Sullivan, Nancy Kennedy, Grace Quinn and John Sul- livan to the offices of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, respect- ' x ,lf X Al, l 6+ f ,P , , J W' N ' WML .lj V q,fwy"' I 3- J A My J . I t if I I , f 0 A 1' f p 7214! u I I , , f ff . I fi, I DV, I9 ' f ' ' - .4 .. Y ' 'f ' X F I 'J I I I ,pg J Q MR. jAMEs RLTPEIQT, Miss DOROTLIY lWiARTIN , .K I ,V , . ,A I " 1 .' I , y1,r f4'i' - ' 7 lf, ' 4 . 1 f K 1 I I I I fy fl 7 .1 I 4, A -' ' I ,li F ' 4' 14 ' 1 3 X' ively, with Miss Dorothy Martin and Mr. james Rupert as our class advisors. The Sophomore class was represented at the annual carnival by Nancy Kennedy and Roderick Prectl, pages. Unfortunately, we do not have a day set aside for us, but next year as up- perclassmen, we hope that we shall be able to make our contributions to our Alma Mater, IXN, J Q .I wJ .3 x lxx JJNR J i u Y Q .I JJ jxt 4 FRAXKLIX I.ocKwoon, Tiloxms Kmcrox XTIRGINIA Rl2N'NI7l,lJS, NIARY ELLEN M.-xxatv R Yes, we've just completed our first year at the E. F. A. NVe admit that at the beginning of the year we were pretty bewildered, but, under the able guid- ance of our class advisors, Miss Marion Kelly and Mr. XVilliam Dobberstein,, we're getting along just fine now. We got off to a good start early in the year by electing our class officers: Franklin Lockwood, presidentg Virginia Reynolds, vice presidentg Thomas Kea- ton, treasurerg Mary Ellen Maxcy, secretary. VVe chose Virginia Reynolds and James Digby to represent us at the Student Council Carnival Coronation. 'tx , ?!aa4 Q ' ff. '!l,'2fff!J i Ny! ,MM Mu. WILLIAM DoIsIsEIIsTEIN, 311155 MARIUN KELLY In October '41, the P. T. A. gave a party in the school gymnasium in our honor, where both we, and our parents became better acquainted with our teachers. Our first year getting used to high school life has been a pleasant experi- ence for us. We'll be looking forward eagerly to the remaining three years that We will be here, when we can become members of the various organizations and participate in the school activities. f"'l P, .,... M l, 4.5, ' f" 'f,-' .1 v .f"' , ., 1 - H ,, .. 1, ,.-w r . , ,, A ,'. 4 x A. , fa q - I V, ' ff lf-, -I . 5 v 2, ' 'Iv - Q7-wf'1, . L 'rfwqv-2.- ,.,fL': Kg f'g',p+5.5q+1:i',, ,,'j?gk, -r 'fn-4 E Fw' V41-,ehvg,3,,,V,-IIFH-'fig....,r-gb ,W ,Q 31, 1 ' ' V ' K ' ' - , :X ' ' J -" , X .T 2,3 ' 'T W n ,ff ' .J gf. Q31- ' fc ggi, V . H1 , A 'fs 1.35 '10 ' ."- aft. - L5 E' W iq -L qv r I Fry.. A 'flu A .lj xf ', . v V V K , I A - A V 23' BI .55 , 3, . it R ,fl ftp SA 1 R, , rw L . Q, . 2 ' X fi? I" gin it r r gi" 4 2. -if 1 j., , -,R , ,' .f w . ,. '. '+L ,. ,, if ff ,4 4 . ai -, if .3 A 11, Q ua, 'xv f .. .. , uhm .1 ff 1 ,gf J 2 3 'a -he , 1,4 4 p .. A, : .4 3 K . gf ' I ' -- - I, . L' - ' ' ' , f ' v 'Jw ' . wffw- -- '.'g-evg 'ia1jf:f" 5' ' W I 'NW Y f 1+ X r!3iglQr?xy'l7"" 545.1 vF.1QfI1,1.'7'.5" wi:41k214f:HmQQQ1fh4.44.a:vg,5rgi,g,LmimiuAnim,..,e.-Li.mQ.-i4m2.L1M-gm5',4.m Axd.i.v..:4iu:ibir52m2:1ifaL5?,3,2f?w:uL.idL iLfi,1irLffHi2.4Zm?ArEi,hfQ.'mimiIr: " SM .miu?Z,.l1m..zL 1 - ' in 'Xt , President ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, I e an Clark V -, Vice-President ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, C h arles Brown N' i Secretary ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, M arjorie Edmunds , .. ,Hx Treasurer ,,,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, K ingdon Vlfilliams ii Corresponding Secretary ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, I4 Ileanor Stamp N. ' 'K Advisor rrrrr r.,. ..,rrrrrrrrr,.,. . . . . Dr. Albert Heimkamp Q " I Throughout the school year Student Council has carried out its program effectively. The pupils, teachers and other school officials have cooperated with it. A delegation, consisting of Dr. Helmkamp, Jean Clark, Marjorie lid- munds, Jim Beecher and Hill Kinsman attended the Inter-Scholastic confer- ence at Ithaca. From the discussions on school problems our delegates brought back new and valuable ideas. ,lim Heecher and Bill Kinsman spoke. , The annual Fall Carnival, under the direction of Eugenia Marks and Charles Brown, proved to be a great success. both financially and socially. The proceeds from this have been set aside to buy materials for the mural which will be placed in the hack of the auditorium: and to purchase frames for the best pictures painted by the art students. These pictures xvill then be hung in the school halls for all to enjoy. The "May Mart" was very well attended. Co-chairmen were Marjorie lfdmunds and Joe Saginario. Proceeds will be used to buy a motion picture screen for the school, and to purchase more slides so that we shall be able to sing the latest songs. Student Council has also sponsored several school assemblies which showed the talents of the various clubs, For their participation, clubs received a gift. All clubs are under the supervision of the Club Advisory Committee. Dia. gXI.l'ZlTRT HELMKAMP Sbufenl' ewwcil eii 56 li:- '7 1" .t. ,s, 1. ' A 0. ,U . P14 l'f't, ' it ..,. ,4.. .Y X ,7 1 l'V' P 5 1 V1 Hit-sa, lbonzivan, Bonrdnian, C si-tin, S2lI'f'0TH", Hi-'ndrie BMMQ Hee-eher, Rai tiryskn. 1, 'vc-ny. Baker, Bu Iixurrows, J. Uzissidu, Kuj wsh l, Konzlsiewiell, Preellt' , 'iddh-, lihode, Per Vox. 4'nnning'h:un, Trembl lilwood. XVestn'ood, Gii Dzxvis. zlrcnnionio. Leon, Saxton, Ilvlzlney. l". NVilliams, Lag 4-ero. Sugzixlario, Marks. V luinie, Sano, Horst, Ulairk, Iidmonds, Stamp, NX lianis, Brown. .Y. Pllersori, llood, llzlli, Park- er, Davis, Marquis, Owens. sonius, lirown, Miller, liitl- munds, lszard, lin rbi-r. tsl-, lmpper, Iirug, lidmin- ter, Nlelh-nzii-, Ilenbesl. Dowi-ll. Giles, Mrs. rispin, Nnvtler, Elliott. I Jeni-l. ,ZR , . . f l'.fl1tOI' . ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . .. Betty Giles K Associate Editors .. ,,,, Ann Riggs, Jack Calkins 'r Z Sports Editor ,,,,,,,.,,,,,, . Robert Delaney " :Xrt Editor . ,,,, Rollin Marquis ,C Business Manager ,,,,, Robert Crispin News Editor . ,.,., Boyd McDowell Feature Editor . 77,,,,,,, ,o,o,o J ane Snyder G Advertising Manager .. Fred Elliott W -V' A e. , 1+ w s-f:'Se .- , , ,, . , A Q' -Q The Vindex commenced an exceedingly successful v 'r with its usual a campaign. Bob Thrasher entertained the Tag Day audience "th his displ , f magic. In October the members of the staff attended the limpi' State c ool Press Association at Syracuse. Mrs. Jeanette P. Deuel, able advisor ur p per, was elected vice-president of the E. S. S. P. A. There they listened to ' struci tive lectures and were awarded All New York Rating. An editorial wrftte by Betty Giles won second place in the state competition. At the close of the First term, the campaign for the next semester was be- gun. The "Pep" assembly featured a skit called "The Lureh of Time" written by Jack Calkins. At the Tag Day assembly, subscribers enjoyed entertainment provided by Royal Denson, the ventriloquist. ln March, staff members attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Conven- tion in New York City, at which they gained valuable information about news- paper work. The publication was handed over to the new staff in April. The annual banquet in June closed the presses after a most successful year. Tliroughout the year the staff concentrated especially on making the Vindex a living record of Academy life, Various new ideas were tried in order to maintain the stand- ards that a high school paper should follow. es. .llCANNl'2'l"l'E P. Drtriil. .. My Ni: " R X or ly. ..- . 53,1 , , iff ' ' Q7 A ' F. sei? fit 1 .4 .,',. , 5 A ., ,. N f is I.. Nli G0 . T asf I E x 1 eil 57 lie Editor-in-Chief A...A. ,7 77, J ane Strachen Associate Editor .7.. Ann Woodhouse Art Editor ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,, Rollin Marquis Af-Xdviggf A--.,,--,-,7,,,,,,, 7.,,,,, M r. Anthonv Schweukler English Advisor ...,,. ..,,..,, M iss DuI'Othy Martin Art Advisor ,.,,,, ,,,,,7,,,ll,,,,,,77,,,,,,,,,,7,,,,,,,,,,i,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,... M r . Elbert Ryerson Staff Members: Laura Copp, Lillian Stemerman, William Parry, Philip Sutter, Catherine Fusare, Dorothy Malnoski, Lillian Kieffer, Esther Hood, Robert Sullivan, Myer Shulman, Betty Bird Austin, George Barchet, Irene Churchman, James Melead, Richard Poppie- ton, Aurora Rossi, Ruth Barber, Polly Cornwell, Margaret Meeker, Mary Schwenkler, Berenice Goodman, Betty Jean Dugan, Robert VVilliams, Emelia Lutomski, Dorothy Huber. T The task of compiling a year book is undertaken annually by a group of seniors known as the Torch Literary Staff. These erstwhile literary artists, amazed at the seemingly endless accumulation of duties which the publica- tion of the Torch entails, might well have become discouraged but for the kindly direction and encouragement of Mr. Schwenkler and Miss Martin, whose patience and understanding have been never-failing. The staff will count their hours of work and planning well worth whilc if their fellow students enjoy looking through this year's record of Academy activities. Miss Douornv lX'lA1r1'1N '7aach .Bdmmq Slaff Poppletou, S ll tl t e r, Fus Meeker, lllarquis, Pa. Schulman, Melead. Goodman, Barber, Dugan, 2 tin, Cornwell, Copp, Bare Huber, H 0 o d, Woodho S t r a c 11 e n, Stemern Clluflfhlllilll, Kieffer. l l A I Jn, Markowitz. Ulller, lintts ', Brown, Rossi, Yvillizlms, 'lo-, wmni.-l-. Iuxlrstmitis J. Hofflnzln, Rm-se, ll. Hoff nun. mtellino, Szino, li. lirown Iimmt-r, Dzulton, Snyder, '1'idi0. wifi ,P Business Managers ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, J a 1 1 e Snyder, Robert Dalton Members: Craig Biddle, Carrol Bierwiler, Mary Bonsignore, Robert Hrogdale, Ben Brown, Charles Brown, Mathew Brown, John Burgess, jay Butts, Mary Cain, Ronald Cary, Claire Castellino, Doris Cham- berlain, Carol Cleveland, john DeLancy, Leon Fabbioli, Rose Finn, George Fitch, Dorothy Forsythe, Ardelle Fridie, Harry Gere, Williaiii Grant, Harry Hoffman, Lois Hoffman, Stuart Lyon, Richard Marko- witz, Arthur Miller, Leonard Obler, John Orlousky, Harry Peachey, Deborah Personius, Yvonne Reese, Lucy Rossi, Nancy Sano, Elizabeth Underwood, Robert NYilliams, Lawrence XYhittier, Clifford Zimmer. o ' 7 M yn' 4 ' Approximately forty faithful seniors gave freely of their time to insure aw J, V , W. C . Cf. I if Y- 2 , X .A . . C -X 154.5 Q , I K -an-41 ff 7 ffl' fvifi if l. A 3 , X It . , 3, 9 ' g5,,ge, ig1g j ' thc financial success of our yearbook. In the face of serious odds mainly war priorities which limited the possibilities of gaining advertisements-these stua dents came through with flying colors, and over one thousand subscriptions were sold to seniors and under-classmen. The "Musical Hobbyn given by Hans Helms, a f'Relieve-It-Or-Not" find, took the place of our annual Senior Musical. XVe have Lucy Rossi and Robert VVilliams to thank for its success. In behalf of all staff members the business managers wish to thank Mr. Schwenkler for his wise and faithful guidance in this project, and to express gratitude to all who supported the "Torch" 'TIIUNY SCH XVICNKLER vawaa' sag I 'T X' , 'l President ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Y v ice residlt ..... ..-.. Q etary . ,,,,,,,,, 1 W, reasur ..,........ .........-...-.. W' Q fry! 65, ,,,,,,,,, .,,., M iss .l WW The fundameng purpose of Agora is to increase interest in the art of debating. To develop in its members the ability to discuss a problem impartially, the club has had several intra-club debates, after which critcisms, from Miss Martin, its able advisor, and members of the club, were heard. In November, Agora and Forum had an informal debate on the subject Resolved: "That the Electoral College should be maintained." Early in the spring, Agora had a formal debate, and later a panel discussion with Forum on the question of socialized medicine. Agorites who took part were Esther Hood, Josephine Pollock, Betty Giles, and Yvonne Reese. Agora has been active, not only in its debating interests, but also in enjoying numerous social activities, among which were a banquet for the purpose of initiating new members, a11d, together with Forum, an Old Clothes Dance and a Christmas party. Agora wishes to express its gratitude to Miss Martin for her kindly advice, and to Mr. Schaad, who has so kindly given us the use of the music room for our meetings. The members of Agora wish to express their best wishes for success to the future members of the club. Miss DOROTHY iV1ARTIN if 60 Ee Betty Giles Esther Hood Yvonne Reese Jane Strachen Dorothy Martin 1 1 Pollock, Robinson, Epstc I. . . ,fill ' ' ' ' Hunt Adlllnr e, Hardl Vanderlip, Snyder, Stem mann. Horwitz, Pm-sonius, Logan, I thenson, Cllaniberlnin, I minster, Barber, McKem Herman, Yvoodhouse. Knapp, Miller, Straellen, Ree Giles, Hood, Borst, Dax ltldmouds. 1 I' tter, Bzxiwlxvt, l,0Il0lS0ll, Chis llolm, Dygert, Mr. Riipeit, Obler, Jorulonion, Horne, Murphy. nter, Crispin, Carter, Bray ton, Kolb, Zaman, tlryskzx. ,iott, Marquis, Obler, Parry, Sh nlmu n, l'au'ki-r, lieeclier. 'A 'i . Fw ey' 'tc . PI'CSid6I1t ........... ...... W illiam Parry , Vice-President .... -W Rollin Marquis S6Cr6t2l'y ....,,,, A...,, L eonard Obleig . fy Treasurer .... .,...,.... lv Iyer Shulman V Advisor ..... ..... M r. James Rupert W? . The primary purpose of Forum, interest and spirit in public speaking and ' parliamentary procedure, was stressed by the members and officers of the club during the year. Forumites held interclub debates on vital questions, presented a mock trial, debated with Agora, and participated in panel discussions of the present crisis. The club extended former policies by adopting a plan of having guest speakers, and by petitioning the Student Council to award its debators letters. It also attended the Hi-Y Round Table Discussions, and purchased Forum banners for its members. Forum expanded its social program this year with a public "old clothes" dance with Agora, a hayride, and an Agora-Forum party in January. The club traditionally culminates the year with an outing and banquet. Mk. JAMES D. RUPERT +3 61 isa BI vi-lwr. Personnis, Bro Sayre, linth. ierne, llzlrt, Marquis, X hr:lug'll, Allen, Shi-fpherd. Iiohinsmi, Little, Lepper, Vi sit-r, linrritt, Manley, Barl lwnyili-r, Mr. .li2ll1g'VVH'l'llly, St ton. .f y X President ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, .Y.f..,. J 8 UC Sllyflel' i l Vice-President ,.AA... .,,,,, ,l and St1'3ft0U .Xu Secretary ,Y,,,Y,,,,, ,.,, S l'lll'lCy HCYHE N T1-eagurer ,,,,,,A ,A,A,....,,,...,. Rollin Marquis Advisor 7,,,,,,, .....,. M r. Virgil B. Langworthy 4 With the induction of twenty new members, Masquers began a year of "reconstruction.'l The first semester was largely devoted to the renovation of the club. However, in the second half of the year, "That Younger Generation," N , . a one-act comedy of the love-life of a young high-school girl was presented 'N before the P. T. A., and two assemblies. Xa The cast was: Joy Haydn-Rachael Robinson, Matilda Hadyn-Janet Strat- ton, Bob Cory-Bill Cassadag Paul Royce-Calvin Allen, Hattie Morse- Prudence Manleyg Sylvia-Margaret Halig Lois-Mildred Burrittg Roy- Rollin Marquis. On March 10 the group held a skating party at the Y. VV. C. A. It was their Hrst social gathering and proved very successful. In June the annual banquet will be held. At this time all the retiring, otiicers and members are honored, and new oflicers are elected. 'S 2 l 1 Y v in All the Masquerites wish to thank Mr. Langworthy for his cooperation. l Through his efforts, Masquers is rapidly retaking its former place among the other school organizations. MR. Vnzcn. B. LANGVVORTHY M fb ' -1El62l5P 1ite. XYhitnuy, Cole, Parry Henbest, Allen, Lewis. eeker, IC p s t 0 i n, Genger, i3rown, Edmonds, Davis, Van Ilerlip, li'oi'1't-st. ard, Parry, Carter, Giles, flryskzl. Mc'Kenzie, Ruth Bishop. President ,..,,,,.,,, Vice-President Secretary .,,,,,AA,,,,, Treasurer ,,,. Advisor ,,,, ., ., Paul Gryska janet Stratton Gwen Davis + fuzz 'line'-A' 9.-.1 D Ji JA. Mr. James Rupert This past year, under the guidance of Mr. James Rupert, the Cinema Club introduced a new plan for their meetings which were held each Friday during the fifth period. Besides holding a square dance, a spring picnic, and several parties, Cinema Club members participated in regular discussions of current movies, and the methods of judging these movies. Each week one person reported on inside news direct from Hollywood, obtained from a pamphlet not available to the public. Thus the members received first-hand information on odd facts about the movie World. To insure a comprehensive and interesting discussion of one outstanding picture a week, Cinema donated theater tickets to members who viewed the pictures critically and reported to the club. Mk. JAM1-is D. RUPERT einema Glad iii 63 its 7' k'gp,,,lQ an 'filth Betty Giles ,Yu . AWA 52.-VY' e President ,,,,,,,-, ...., R ollin Marquis Vice-President ,,-,, ..,A... .... C a rmen Steiner Secretary ,-,,,,,,, ,,,,,, M argaret Terwilliger Treasurer ...., ...,,,,,,,,, P aul Laskoski Advisor ....,, ,.,,. M r. Elbert Ryerson The basic idea of Stylus Club is the study ot Art. During the course of the past year, local artists have visited the club, demonstrating the various mediums of expression in Art. Projects have been planned to beautify the school, including a new bulletin board for the main hall. W'e have also accepted the responsibility for the continual care of the present board. To do this successfully, the club needs the cooperation of each individual in the school. The advertisements of clubs will be displayed to their best advan- tage if they are both made and hung by the members of the Stylus Club. Our social calendar has been very complete, including a Round and Square Dance with the Cinema Club. We wish to thank Mr. Ryerson for his kind guidance, and to extend to the students of the Academy the services of our club. MR. ALBERT RYl2RsoN Slam GMA ef 64 33+ 15 Steiner. Segur, Shay, Nil olson, Naples. lim-rows, Keeton, Laskows Kzuninski, Marquis, Pmva-rs, Mr. Ryerson, C4 Dudley. l P2 nks, Rossi, Quinn. Huber. XVzltkins. lforsytln-, I lowlaz nd zzanzl, Pnrlo, Szireone, Stef- fani, Perry, Moffv, Koj- czynski, lliln-raltore. ekhee, Corbett, Ruth, 1'z1i'ry, Krug. lleisenring, XYieh. lluoski, Speen, Davis, Rossi, Howland, Kinner, Monk. President ,,,,,,,,,,, , Vice-President Lucy Rossi Marion Howland Secretary ,,,,, Faith Kinner Treasurer ,,.,,,..,,, ., ..,.,,,.,.,, Helen Parry Faculty Advisor Miss Irene Davis ff ' - v 1171. . ' 1 N.. uf -. ' , . 5 K, f i 5 , - ',,f, f, -- .1-1 . ,, , , fi. an M. M V X ,W .A . . . . f f . ' . ' . The Girls' Athletic Association has comple'Ql one ot 1ts most interesting years. The members of the club have enjoyed swimming, and skating parties, a spaghetti supper, a camp weekend at Harris Hill, and an annual Play Day. Horseback riding, a sport never before enjoyed here, was introduced by Miss Irene Davis, our capable faculty advisor. Teams were organized for the traditional Faculty-All Star basketball game which was one of the highlights of the sports season. The purpose of the club, to furnish letters for girls who have completed hxed requirements, is accomplished when letters are awarded in June. The members of the club wish to express their thanks to Miss Davis for the increased interest in girls' sports which she has inspired. Miss llamiic Ilixvis . Z. . . It +:i65iis l President ,,,,, ,, ,,,, Charlotte Buckbee Vice-President 7,7., ,,,..,,77,7,7, M arilyn Jones Mary Helen Stover Secretary ,,,7,,,, ..... Treasurer ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. J osephine Pollock Advisor ,,,,, ,,,,,,, M iss Margaret Kelly Early in the fall, the Girls' Photography Club fitted up the shower room of the girls' gym as a dark room which they used for developing pictures. Here they met each Tuesday night after school, either to take, develop, print or enlarge pictures. A course was given for the freshmen and new members of the club on amateur photography. In order to do the work better, new equipment was purchased. In january the club met at the president's home, and during the afternoon took many beautiful snow pictures which were later developed and printed. The club plans to have outdoor meetings at Rorick's Glen in the spring when the girls will take nature pictures. Plans have also been made for a skating party at the Y. VV. C. A, At the end of the school year the club plans to mount all the excellent pictures they have developed this year in scrap books for use during the coming year. The ofheers Wish to express their appreciation to Miss Margaret Kelly for her kind and helpful assistance during the past year. It is their sincere desire that the future members of the club will Hnd as much pleasure in their work as they have. Miss KIARGARIUI' IQIZLLY aa' p a, ew 15 Loop, Bowers, Giesa, Chili Genuug, Christensen. 1 Baurnzm, Beebe, Kelly, Hex risks, Huyler, Church. Camsselti, Jones, Miss Marge' Kelly, Butfkbee, Slater. , . 4 n x 4 resident ,,,,, LW Fred Elliot X Vice President . ,,.,, jack Calkins, Jr. Secretary ,,,, ., VVilliam Kinsman l i , Treasurer ,,,,...,, , l,.,,,,.,..,...,, Ben Brown X. Advisor ..,. Mr. VVilliam Dobberstein -M k ,Y md-,A -2 If, during the past year, you have noticed a lad with a camera in hand stalking his prey on the school grounds, the chances are two to one that this "shutter bug" is a member of the Boys' Photography Club. At the beginning of the year, their activities consisted of traveling to scenic places near Elmira to take pictures. The tire shortage, however, has reduced their trips to a minimum, and, as a result, the boys are now shooting their hlms on local subjects. At the annual Student Council Carnival, the club operated a booth. Pic- tures taken of the customers were developed and printed, and within a few minutes delivered to the waiting subject. In order to raise money and help the defense effort, the club held a paper collecting campaign in January. The annual banquet, at which the next year's olnhcers are elected, will be held the last week in May. The club is very grateful to Mr. NVilliam Dobberstein for his kind and understanding guidance during the past year. MR VVILLIAIST DOBBERWI-:IN Boyz' P Glad President .,..,,.... ,. ...... Charles Brown Vice-President .......,..... 777,,,, L ena Mae Smith Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,77 ...w........,....... A1 ina Benson Advisor v.,,,,,,,.,,,,,.....,,.... .,,,,,, M r. Frederick Schaad Under the capable leadership of Mr. Frederick Schaad, the Orpheus Club, founded in 1938 by Edith Smiley, has completed another year of successful activity. In the spring the club sponsored a recital by the Rev. George F. Fauntleroy, pastor of the A. M. E. Zion Church, which was presented in an assembly. The Rev. Fauntleroy was accompanied by Mr. Frederick Schaad at the piano. In May the club sponsored a "Double V. V.-For-Victory-Dance" in honor of the First Negro Aviators to receive their wings from the United States Government. 1E r. Si-huzul, Smith, Blanfor Bentley, Fiteh, Thompso Robinson Halle, Davis, XVallace, Thom sun, Benson, Brown, Goo IUPUI. l 1 As a climax to the year's program, the Orpheus Club will have a banquet at which graduating Negro students will be guests of honor. MR. Fiziaimmcu Scuixixn 0 Glad -if 68 Ef- P2 tier. Billl!L'ilill'Il, Oxley, Cnr pentur, I-Illiwn, Sinmns, Berg Kamlinski, Fzlhlrinli. lhoney, Saxton, Miers, Co maxi, Hearn, Griffin, Clute, Stone, Ori-utt, H4-rue. nsmun, Vhnitt, Moss, Bur ritt, Yurnull, Tsxsirzl, Hunt Hart, Austin. Q1 l fi l 'wtf l l 'i l ,y A xg! l o n 1 ,, . a 4 ' Y' l -wt' L r.-1' 'Q 4, 'sf 'QZPQJIQXQQ s ' ,. B' .f ,, Sf . qv? ,ew ii EJ' X ii , ' Vie A I . fi' 0 President ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, B etsy Clute Secretary and Treasurer ,,,,.. ,.,,,..,,, R ichard Erway Librarian ....,, ,,,,,. 'I 'homas Blanchard Director . ,,,. ,,,,, M r. Frederick Schaad Perhaps the most representative, and certainly the most enjoyable of school organizations, is the mixed choir. At several social functions during the current season have been offered t excerpts from its repertoire. Last fall the Choir proudly participated in the Centennial Celebration at the A. M. E. Zion Church. A program was also successfully presented for the March P. T. .-X. meeting. The group is eagerly anticipating the May Festival in which it will repre- sent its Alma Mater in both accompanied, and acappella chorals, Students who enjoy singing and who may he clcpenrlcd upon to attend rehearsals and social eiigagemelits are heartily welcoincrl to join the organization. --7' flfll - I ,ft ., . 6, . , fa-bf u,s....,1,.-..g gnfptiy-s.:'fr---- ..,. t.. . if up 3 . .feb-, in K' WAC.,-5-Tru, - tj,-Ldv ,gy iii , 'kr I wi W., A - fr- ,f'T""'4"' ' K Vx 1' sa ' 'I ix' 7 ' ' .,..,. ,,m,N" in ' JA i ' MR. Fkrznicluctii SCIIAAIJ I "'i Vi ' L. 1 p n-. W s ' -.1-"' I' 5 1' I e469 ' '-3' 't 'FW '--sh-,., tt 3 We ..- fr K 5+ rx, ,,, fi 1 , Nlznlnoski, R. Gryska, XXI 1, Saxton, Kunms, Saxton. I li':ul1lmioli, Laskow ' .l uri ylt Nil P It-1'soK:Txvidslc i. ll Q., af 5 will ill President ....,,..,,, ,,.. .... I . eon Fabbioli t Vice-President ,,,,. ,..., C hester Malanoski ' Secretary ,,,,,.., A,.....7. P aul Laskoski I Q I M . M 1 reasurer ,A,. ..... S tanley Kaminski 'pi l - rw" , Q X R Advisor .,,,,, ,,,,,, It lr. Harry Truman X X tl , X J ,' gf Y, i 4 l X mf 'MV l M l , f f The past year has been Filled with all kinds of successful activities for the Horace Reed Hi-Y. Our membership drive, the first activity of the year, began with an under- class assembly. Following this drive we had a very impressive induction ceremony. Special robes were worn for the occasion which gave the ceremony additional interest. Several parties and dances of different types have been held. At some of X x N l t w l ',f our affairs, the Girls' Hi-Y's were also represented. ,ffwi Mr. Sherman Hardy, who has been our capable advisor this past year,' X has done much to further the prestige of the club. It is our misfortune that . X he has left us to accept a position in another city. VVe appreciate all that he psf' has done for us and sincerely regret his departure. Mr. Harry Truman has been selected as his successor. XVe are indeed tor- tunate to have Mr. Truman for our advisor, and we are confident that he will help us bring our club to even greater glories. VVe also wish to thank Mr. Patterson, our school advisor, for his co- operation. Miz. Rom-:RT Pitrrmsox Jfaaace Reef Jfi-'lf .xi fi lkf V, i 4 2 ii 2 uteheson, fillY1dPl'Ul2ll1, Solo- meto, Pezmler, Etkind, Ku jawski, Ritter, Collins, Daily ronson, Mnynzu-xl, Grey, Dailey, Marquis, Canter, Chisholm, Elliot, Kynders. 1'. Hardy, Done-lson, Kiryskzl Parry, Crispin, Ac-klcs. President ,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,, VVilliam Parry Vice-President ,,,,,, ,,,,l. X 7Villiam Crispin Secretary ,...,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,, P aul Gryska Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, S tanley Donelson Faculty Advisor .,,,,,,,,, ,,,. M r. Emory Donelson Y. M. C, A. Advisor .... ., ,,,,,,, Mr, Harry Truman The Alpha Chapter of the Academy Boys' Hi-Y has completed another successful year of extensive activity. The club has had representative Elmirans as speakers. An Alumni Banquet, suppers with the Girls, Hi-Y, swimming parties, movies, a scavenger hunt, and discussions were part of the program. The club has also sent delegates to the Southern Tier Conferences at Binghamton, Cortland, and Ithaca, the Older Boys' Conference at Syracuse, and the State Hi-Y Congress held in Albany. The chapter's bill introduced at the Southern Tier Congress held in Elmira was presented to the Albany Congress by two delegates, and by its passage there, was sent to the State Legislature. Last summer, President VVilliam Parry attended the Officers Training Camp near Hamilton, N. Y. The club lost a faithful Y. M. C. A. advisor in Mr. Sherman Hardy and welcomed in his place Mr. Harry Truman. NYe are very fortunate in having Mr. Donelson as our school advisor. M R. ICM om' IJONELSUX AMA exam af uw ew' my President .,,,,,,. . Vice-President ...., Secretary ,,,,...,, Treasurer ..... Advisor To most of us in Senior Hi-Y, this year has been a climax to three enjoy- able years in Hi-Y. Last fall we started off an auspicious beginning by having a big Halloween party at the "Yf' At Christmas time, we molded favors out of parafin, which were sent to the hospitals. Miss Cullat, from the United States Employment Office, spoke to us at our January meeting concerning work after high school. On our program during February was a talk by Miss Thurston, a home-economics professor. However the main event of our year was the annual banquet for all Hi-Y clubs held this spring. VVe settled all our business problems at luncheon meetings held each month here at school. The success of our club was due largely to the help of our advisor, Miss Cameron whom we all thank for her kind assistance. v Miss TERREsA CAINIERON Swan 19114 z-W sit 72 33? Esther Hood Jean Benedict .. Nancy Sano Virginia Carr Miss Cameron 15 liewish, Reidy, Underwox Kane, Record, Stemerm: Spaziani, Vlfasuhezyn, Pun Miss Cameron, Svhuslor, Hr man, Giesax, Copp, Chil Huylcr, Yrentt, Trango, Ste erman, Jankowski, Hardy. Kciffer, Maggione, Sano, Hon Benedict, Carr, Scott, Hub Cox, Cliurt-liman, Pepke, A' tiu, VVatkins, Oreutt, Bn signore, Nowaczyk. Buckbee, Coney, Chzmiberla Fidelrnan, Klugo, Mucei. ss Irwin, linrrilt, llilllvvllilk Jiranible. lic-lly, livnns, ljnvk, Gengvr, liowxnnn. t rwlnnd, Forsytllv, Hendricks, Biddle, Nirntx, liirlmrds, Ham'- ris. I President ,...,,...., ,,,, ,,,, , A nne Biddle ri G Yice-President ,,,, ,,,,,, N Iarjorie Nimtz Secretary .,,,,7....7 .,,,7 P hyllis Forsythe 1 ' Treasurer ,,,,. Betty Hendricks IXL, Advisor ,,,,, ,i.,, M rs. Edgar Austin r The theme that was selected by the Freshman Hi-Y for this year was "Boy, Girl and Family Relations." VVe have had three speakers who led dis- cussion groups for the club on this subject, Mr. Howard Shinn, Mrs. R. E. Biddle, and Miss Thurston. The social activities have consisted of a membership tea, a hayride, a candle- light service, and a bake sale. VVQ hope that we may help the incoming Freshmen in building a successful Hi-Y Club. NVQ wish to express our gratitude to our advisor, Mrs. Edgar Austin. Miss Mfuuow lfEl.I.Y 6? Quia Ji-W ,...-vi-..-?- ,YY, . .. ' .,,, Eleanor Hutchenson President ....,,,,,,.., Dolores Grey V ice-President ,,,,,., Eleanor Steele Secretary ,,,,,,.... Treasurer YYYYYY ,,,,,,,,v,,,,..,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,.. .....,, ll! I afdi Coman Advisors ,,,,, ..,,,,, M rs. Bolger and Miss Lucy Irwin The Junior Girls' Hi-Y has felt very keenly the difficulties which have been facing all club organizations. Under the competent guidance of Mrs. Bolger and Miss Lucy Irwin, the membership has been increased and several speakers have been entertaindg among whom were Mrs. Arthur P. White, who spoke on "Personalityl' and Mr. Sherman Hardy, former Boys' Secretary at the Y. M. C. A. His topic was "Boy-Girl Relations." One of our goals this year was for a closer working relationship with the Boys' Hi-Ys. We have had a Scavenger Hunt and a Skating Party with the Horace Reed Hi-Y. 4 Mcliensie, Benson, Byler, Ci mings, Knapp, Kitell, Fever. Gill, Flynn, Hale, Dooley, Ke sieiwich, Jenson. Steele, Hutcheson, Mrs. Bolg Grey, Coman. 'We wish to extend our thanks to the Y. W. C. A. for their interest in our , club and to our advisors. MRs. Cmzolsvx BOLGIQR a 0 f o nh 4-W eil 74 EB? I rvey, H fl n l o n, Jupi- ?1'ice, Harder, Krug, Mur- Jhy, Abbott. tchley, Granger, Bonurd, slay, Magnw, Buono, 1' upski. nk, Shay, Horwitz, Parry, Richards, Dool ittl e, K imv iii? 'W 6. uw Y . xx. , it l x .1 X f Xp ' A President ....,,,,,.,,, Vice-President A..., Secretary ,,,.,,,,, kk N1 Treasurer ,..,,, - Advisor ,,,,.., Rr V ,. 'X 6 ,jffl 'J X jfsfyrjlffl J' 0 X' X ' l i . . ,N i :VA J I . X el s 1 Q - Mr x . s, 5 Y X f l jig . .x Q " xg i ' . lg f Q N Q X : W . ' 'X N: . X , J X X X 2 X X N - L X L.. Helen Parry Helen Horwitz jean Swann Elsie Richards Miss Marion Kelly During the year the Sophomore Girls Hi-Y strived to maintain its purpose ot building a fellowship of women and girls. Early in the year Ada Mae Epstein and Marguerite Young were elected as representatives to Inter-Club Council. A Mother-Daughter banquet at which Mrs. Rollin Marquis, president O1 the Y. NY. C. A. was guest speaker, started off the activities. At a later meeting Mr. Howard Shinn, general secretary of the Y. M. C. A. led a discussion with the girls on. "Boy-Girl Relations." A "Come As You Are" Christmas party and an 'All Hi-Y Skating' Party' with the boys Hi-Y constituted the social events of the year. ln various ways, the girls raised money to send Helen Parry as a delegate to summer conference and Jean Swann as a delegate to the Mid-VVinter con- ference at Cortland. The Sophomore girls' Hi-Y wish to express their appreciation to Miss Marion Kelly and Miss Lucy Irwin, younger girls' secretary of the Y. VV. C. A. during' the past year for their kind interest and guidance in all our activities. Miss Mmuox Kic1.r.x' S e QDLLL' i-W U l 'I' 1 E l l Head Usher ,,,,-,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....,, L aura Copp Assistant Head Usher ..... ..., E sther Hood Treasurer ,,,......,..,.,,.,,.,,,, ,,,,,,AA. D Orothy COX Secretary ,,,, .... I rene Churchman Advisor .... ,r,,.r M iss Julia Collins The Ushers' Club, now two years old, has just finished a grand year under the sponsorship of Miss Julia Collins. The club's most important duty is to usher for the school assemblies. It has also proved its worth at other school affairs, including the Senior Play, Junior Day, Senior Day, and special P. T. A. meetings. This year the girls innovated two new features. The first of these was the hostess' table in the main hall. Some girl is assigned to this table each period of the day to direct visitors. The second and most exciting was the new uni- forms. It was agreed to have a simple white cotton blouse, monogramed HE. F. A. Usherf, 1 a Janowski, llulrer, Under wot Orvutt, Roberts, P a r k VVood:1,rd, Mitchell. Cornwell, Hoffman, Chili Watkins, Stemerman, Huyl Fidleman, Gilded, Robibe Scott, Keefer. Buekbee, Mziggione, Cox, C01 Hood, Cllurchman, Lewis Reidy. Castellino, Pepke, Chamb Iain, Eiklur, Dykins. N l i The club's activities are not all work, however. There have been several ' social affairs including weiner roasts, skating parties, and a banquet at which prospective members were accepted into the club. Miss JULIA CoLL1Ns '7!w Zfaheu Glad l 1 Io 421 ya? l, Tripp, Smith, Hutrheson, Dudick, Church, Levy, egory, Adzmmvich, Griffin, Xbhott. rgan, May, Ilill, Pirozzolo, Koss, Sagunzwio, lie-obo. President ,,,,,,.., ,,,,,,, R uth May' Vice-President ..... .... E laine Griffin SCCl'Ctary ,,,,.,... ,,,. C aroline Smith Treasurer ...-. ...A.....,....... T eresa Pirozzolo Advisor ...... ,,... L Iiss Elizabeth Eldredge Each Library Council girl helps in the library one period a day, They charge out books, keep the library in order and do many other useful things to help keep the library going. Weekly meetings are held in the library Tuesday noons, when library procedure is studied and discussed. Besides doing library work, the Council has a few social functions, the highlight of which last year was the Christmas party. While helping in the library and making many friend- ships, the girls are also gaining valuable library experience. fv?'Huar Miss EI.IZ,-XRETIX ELIIRICIJGIC .fidaafuf Gcwmcil -SEI 77 E+ Xe nf J 1 R President ,,w,,7...,. .Y.w M ary Lou Landon x I x Vice-President .......... ,,,,7.... Y vonne Reese K-KA, ' Secretary-Treasurer ,,.... . .,.......A......,,.,Y,......,.,,....., Barbara Logan I xx Librarians ..........,,.,...,. ,.,,.,, E ileen Cunningham, Adah Yarnell Advisor .,,r. ,sss.,,sss,,,,,s..,,,s M r. Frederick Schaad IS. fa ,aiizlf The Girls' Glee Club, composed of girls from all classes at the Academy, is under the direction of Mr. Frederick Sclaaad, who also supervises the auxiliary group which meets on Fridays. The activities for which the Girls' Glee Club has sung this year are: the Christmas Assembly, The Curiosity Shop over VVENY Radio Station, the Parent-Teachers Meeting in March, the Spring Concert at the Southside High School, and the State Music Festival. The girls acted as hostesses for the participants of the State Contest, 19 Coman, Hetherington, Know Forsythe, George, Qu: Field, D a v i s, Boardn Fairchild. Swan, Stark, Brinck, Snyt Buckholtz, Mitchell, Bid Bucusbi, Stone, Brion, I. don. Morgan, Price, Perry, Lyv Coman, Supple, Person Myers, Logan, Mr. Schaal DeLaMnrter, Davis, Robins Belig, Burritt, Chaitt, H itt, Dudley, Reese, Yarne MW which was held at the Academy on May first and second. MR. FREDERICK SCHAAD mf greg ew .ef lo. qi Ihr x pkell, Ellison. f'2ll'lll'llit'l', Si- t nous, lin-rgr, Pznck. ipkins, Collins. Dalton, Sax- 42 on, Blarwliziwl, Uxley. ibowski, Ils-ppy, Iilnggionv, 1. Saxton, Fallihioli, Ilnnn, imninsky. ler, Addaiblio, Dixon, Ilan- lon, Butler, lilzuiford, Mr. Hclizmd. s President ,,,,,,,,,,,, Eugene Blanford Vice-President ,,,,,,,,,.,,,.... ,,,,,,,, G eorge Simons Secretary and Treasurer .,,, ,,,A.,.. T homas Blanchard Advisor ,7,, .... M r. Frederick Schaad 'T-A Under the direction of Mr. Schaad, the E. F. A. Boys' Glee Club has endeavored to develop a. background of four-part choral music with special emphasis on the techniques of music reading and interpretation. To attain an organization which will permanently service both school and community, is the aim of every member. From this year's experience, the Boys' Glee Club shows promise of becoming one of the most popular and enter- taining groups of Elmira Free Academy. MR. FRICIJICRICK SCHAAD Boyd' Qlee Glad ' if 79 E+ 1 f l'l:irim-ts: Panrry, Swain, Dali Ntivknify. Y. IM-Risio. Hur iiill'IllHliIll, A, De-Risio, C1 pin, l'v:lli'i'. liotifmiin, Ke-et f'urilvts2 NY. l,oc'kwoml, Simi: NVilson, Ii. llxlmlin, 1321130 XN'uoilw:LI'ii. Tripp, Nlvhitt hull, lh-inhzirl. Scbivu I9iei'w4'ilvi'. Jzlvm-s. 'lirmnbuxlvsi l". lloikwooli. All Iirolzxmm, 5il4'1'il2l!l. heist ring: Klingri-r. Suxuphom-2 NVirth. f'u1-lm, Jet i np, li, llaimlin. 1 Drums: li. SIlXl1lIl,TglIlIllll,BE Murphy, 'l'ni'rio. Iinsm-s: Fznbbioli, NxYll1'llQ1'. ilu:-ns: Court, Uzirpeuter. liziritonest Biddle. liauisher. Oboe: ii6li'kl'l' Bassoon: V. Saxton. I 5 X l ' V 5. A , W V. f if '5 Mr. XVilliam Biery A .A , Director 1, - " Wilma Ennedy ,..,.. ,, .,,. Drum Major 0 - ri it KJ A it 4" if . K qv A L, . ' , J . 'gf if 4 Ax i ,v U I ' i J 3 f' . ,Ji The Elmira High Schools Band under the direction of Mr. William E. A ,Q 'V Biery has given many performances during the past year, all of which have ' I it fl '- been creditable to the members and their director. f' Ji' histili' , ix p . Besides supporting the football team and playing at pep assemblies, the HJ, Al 'i x band participated in the Arctic League program and the Spring Concert. 3 K i 5 The assembly concerts presented in the two high schools certainly displayed -vi' - Li if the talent of the group as a concert band. A .gl - t, Q ,rw tl rf The band was greatly honored in the fall by being asked to play at the impressive ceremonies at which the Eclipse Machine Division of the Bendix Aviation Corporation was awarded the Navy UE." The members Of the band wish to thank their able director for his untir- inf: interest, and to congratulate the drum major on her tine exhibitions. A1 I MR. XVILLTAM if we exam ,yr s game Hiiciev 1, 2 :T V-' U l2 ckwood, XV. Loomis, XYl1it4 tenhall, Berg, H:lnlJcr, r Schnnd. mt nsmnn, IME, Querqui, Swan, A. Deliisio, P1-:llc-r, Collins, 0'Brien. lzlpp, L4-lisa-nring, Cowliv, Horwitz, Mzlynnrd, Parry, V. DeRisio. - l ll l 0 ,,,,1,i 1 fi 'U I y Under the Q1 le lea of Mr. Schaad, the Academy Orchestra has gained in e ti b ag 'n r d ring music for the assembly programs through- o the 'e r Ch ngi g heir hearsals from Monday afternoons to the noon o rs o uesclay e ra has been able to obtain the services of more ' ns, and to produce a better quality of music for listeners. Conform- ' ig o a Pon ' ,tablished custom, the organization plays for the Parent-Teach- r's Musi Festival, the Senior Play, and the graduation exercises. Mk. FREDERIEK SCIIAAIJ 746 A Ufwlmm Johnny Clover ,,,,, .,,,, R ichard Markowitz Susan Blake ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, J ane Snyder Spud Erwin .,,,,7 ,.,,,,,7,, H arold Jones Betsy Erwin ....,, ,,,i,, B etty Jean Dugan liucybelle Lee ...,,,, ., ..., . Martha VVilliard ,,,. ,,,, Henry Quinn .... ,,,i., Mrs. Clover ,,,,, .,,,,, Mr. Clover ,,.,. .....,..,,,,,,,,,,,, i.A.., Preston Hughes .,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.. Officer fCappyj Simmons ,,,,.,....,,...,,,,,,,,,, .,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., Football players ....,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,i.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,, VVilliam Parry, Robert Dalton, Calvin Allen Under the capable direction of Mr. John E. Colgan, the Senior Play of 1942, "Ever Since Eve," a comedy in three acts by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements, was produced. "Ever Since Eve" is the mirthful story of Susan Blake, a Hcareer girlf' and the troubles which beset two loyal musketeers, Johnny Clover and Spud Erwin, Editor and Business Manager of the Preston High School 'tPenguin" when Susan high pressures herself into the position of Assistant Editor. The innocent enthusiasm of Susan and her side kick Betsy, Spud's younger sister, entangles them all in an illegal pin ball game, almost bankrupts the 'tPenguin," gives them the measles, gets Lucybelle, the southern flirt, in trouble with her family, and involves a young teacher and principal in a never-to-be forgotten scandal. Mrs. Clovcr, Johnny's mother, saves the day and Susan becomes the heroine. n MR. JOHN COLGAN ,s - wa, ai8Z12+ Betty Bird Austin jean Clark Clifford Zimmer Janet Stratton Myer Schulman Robert Vllilliams Rollin Marquis Harry Hoffman Shulman, Stratton, Zimm Clark, Dugan, Marquis. Austin, Markowitz, Snyder, VN liams, Jones. f ZVQZQ ,zWZ.f7ZfW+w ,Jigga '5 4..f Z 'Wife WW N' xfifj Wygfiiiff " . bi V 1 14' . ZZWWQMMW ' .ff9f, f"f4fWW"9Wi"'f2'L MMWZM fp A Q f 3 ' I -2' I If ' ' . ' 55 L , , , A igj jf 7 ' " lf? 1 ' Q 712 21 'ii' 12? 195 ' f ,ap ,drama if f we ' :Q A52 'vi 5: -,J'J:Q.,1,,-f:TLQ:l' 1 '.,, ff1,g3Q,l,,e -313' Mr. William Wipfler, Miss Irene Davis, Mr. Arthur Hirst Wfe, the class of 1942, take this section of our book to give our heartiest thanks to our athletic instructors, Miss Davis, Mr. Hirst, and Mr. Xvipfler. All of us have spent many enjoyable hours under their guidance and we feel sure that by their kindly assistance they will have enabled us to stand by the principles of true sportsmanship, which they have taught us. at 84 lie :C 85 fl M v C ch .,,,,.., A , ..,,, ,,,,,.., ,....,,v,,,..,,.. ,....,,,,,,.,...... , , 7 Arthur Hirst .Assistants ...,.,,, enjamin tnick, Nap n ette, William Wipflgr Captain ,,,,,.,,.........., Armand M andra Student Ma ger ,,,,,, ,,,.,.A...,., W i iam Smith Faculty anager ,... .... A nth A. Schweukler Traine ..,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,....,,,. ,,,,, D oc Kittle ff Elmira Elmir llmi E . ED ' RECORD -viii 861131- Syracuse Eastwood Auburn ,,,.,,,,,,..,...,,,,, ..,, Jamestown ,,,,,.,,,,,. Rochester Aquinas Union-Endicott ,,,, Ithaca ,,,,, Doyle, VVigston, Backer, Dicl son, Reid, Hall, Sayles, Mu tekio, Semski. qfiack Field Conclij Nap Bla chette, Trainer "Doc" Ketti Coach YV. YVipfler, Huntle Gere, Singer, Knapp, Poppl tcm, Hoffman, Karski, Tc maud, Helflnger, Line Goa Botniek, Head Coach Hirst. Fish, Petrusiw, Rohver, M Carthy, M. Malandra, Trifos CGunar7 Smith, Co. Cal Kirkendall. QBillj Smith, Brown, De Lau! Owen, Capt. A. Malandr Sareno, VV. Lewis, Collins. 4 Handicapped by the loss of almost his entire 1940 eleven, which suffered only one defeat at the hands of a highly rated U. E. eleven, Coach Art Hirst molded a new team which finished the late grid campaign with three wins and three defeats. The season's opener with Syracuse Eastwood revealed flashes of fine ball playing which was not, however, too reminiscent of former light blue charges. Elmira came out on top with a score of 14-0 which proved that talent was not lacking in our midst. On the following Saturday the Hirstmen journeyed to Auburn and re- ceived their initial setback of the year at the hands of a superior Auburn aggregation by the not too decisive score of 12-7. The following week saw the locals playing host to an over-rated james- town squad which held last year's outfit to a scoreless tie. Elmira trailed the invaders in a bitterly contested struggle, until the fleeting minutes of the game when Elmira pushed over their lone tally after a sustained drive. Kirkendall calmly booted the extra point which spelled victory for the home forces. Taking advantage of a week's rest, the light Blue were at their peak when they played host to a stubborn Aquinas eleven and handed them a severe lashing to the tune of 20-0. Bill Lewis' speedy running and Larry Owen's line crashing featured the win. Elmira received its severest setback of the current gridiron campaign at the hands of a superior U. E. eleven on the latter's Field, the score being 32-6 with Elmira unable to cope with the experienced pigsters of the Orange and Black. On Thanksgiving Day, despite beautiful runs by Bill Lewis who dashed 70 and 80 yards respecgvely for touchdowns, it just wasn't a Blue and VVhite day, for both these sprints went for naught and the game ended, likewise the '41 season, with Elmira's arch rivals, the Little Red from Ithaca, on top of a 13-12 score. This yeaifs football eleven didn't end the season with a seven game win streak. Neither did it go untied nor unscored upon. However, it was a team which played straight heads up football all year. Despite constant setbacks which were in many cases by very close margins, they came thru with a rec- ord of which we can all be proud. Winnixig games isn't everything, but where there's spirit and fight and cooperation you're sure to have a team such as ours was this year. Prospects for the next football campaign are the brightest in years. Since only six regulars, Armand Malandra, Al McCarthy, Nick Petrusiw, Bill Lewis, Dick Poppleton and Bob NVilliams are being graduated, this leaves five var- sity men plus capable reserves rgturning. The annual banquet at the Parker Field Clubhouse saw the awarding of letters to the following gridders: Bernard Trifoso, Captain Armand Malandra, Nick Petrusiw, Mario Malandra, Richard Poppleton, Robert VVilliams, Al McCarthy, Lawrence Owen, Williain Lewis, Robert Kirkeudall, Henry Rohver, James DeLauro, Peter Dickinson, Harry Hoffman, Kenneth Fish, Francis Fernan, Carmen Sorino, John Karski, Joe Brown, Carl Mustico, Ballard Huntley, Tom Reid, Francis Sayles, John Knapp and Gordon Dinger. Congratulations are due Benny Botnick and Nap Blanchette whose val- uable advice and assistance to Coach Hirst were greatly appreciated. As a closing thought, may we express the best of luck and success to the next E. H. S. football eleven. The Torch wishes to compliment Coach Arthur Hirst on his excellent ability to mold such a fine team, and express the hope for a successful season. ail 87 13+ P' 7 M Coach ,,,,,,,,,,,-,,-, ,,,,,,--,-,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, A rthur Hirst Co Captains ,,,,,7,, ..,,.., G eorge Fitch, Tom Rein Manager ,,,,,,A .......,.,...,....,v.. M Ike P0w6rS SCHEDULE H. S. 77.,, ,,,,,,., 5 9 H. S. ,..., ......,, 3 3 H. S. ..,., ........ 4 3 H. S. ..... ........ 3 7 H. S. ,,,,. ,..,.,, 7 29 H. S. ..... ,,,,, 5 9 H. S, ,,.,. ,,,,,,., 6 6 H. S. ...,. ........ 3 7 H. S. ..,,. ........ 4 4 H. S. ,,,,. ,,,., 4 1 H. S. ,,,,, ...,, 5 2 H. S. ,,., ,,.,. 6 2 Cortland ,,..,................. ...... Binghamton Central Binghamton North ,,,,,,, ...... Johnson City .....,.... Union-Endicott ,,,.,, Ithaca ...,,,,,,,,,,,, Cortland ,,..,...,,.. ...,. . .... ...,.. Binghamton Central Binghamton North ...,.., ...... Johnson City ,,,,,,,,,, Union-Endicott ,...,. Ithaca ,,,,,,,,,,,, ...,, Eaakezfdall eil 88 lif- i'llli'll10ll, Buono, Hall, Tril Colenmn, Dunbar, Bidd Bauer. Wipfler, Losinger, Eadie, K Co kondll, Smith, Young, Gi dan. :wh Hirst, Semski, Shepai Reid, Powers, Fitch, Mali vitch, Mulnoski. I B One of the best basketball teams in years was produced in this 1941-42 edition which garnered the splendid record of nine victories against three defeats. In league competition the Hirstmen topped all other teams in both the offensive and defensive departments, thus showing their dual strength. Elmira also received an invitation to compete in a sectional tournament at Little Falls, N. Y. but because of school regulations, this had to be refused. Having as a neucleus Torn Reid, George Fitch, and Leo Makovitch, Coach Hirst added lanky Nap Shephard and Ed Semski and the "jayvee" graduates, Chet Malanoski and Dewitt Smith to mold a formidable aggregation of which the Elmira High Schools might well be proud. The initial game against Cortland provided hopes for a successful season, when the Light Blue five swamped the Maroon 59-25. George Fitch went wild in this game scoring 19 points. Our joyfulness was short-lived, however, for the following week Bingham- ton Central came, saw, and conquered by the count of 38-33. Another Bing- hamton team was our opponent in the next game when the Histmen gained partial revenge by defeating Binghamton North 43-42. Three more victories were added in rapid succession-the first over johnson City 37-32, the second over Union-Endicott 29-26 and the concluding one over Ithaca by the overwhelming score of 59-24. Elmira seemed to be traveling with the speed of a championship team eager to avenge its defeat by Central. At the beginning of the second round the Blue and VVhite continued their winning way, this time against Cortland whom they took into camp to the tune of 66-I6! The following week Coach Hirst took his charges to Binghamton for the Central game. In a spectacular contest, Central again triumphed 44-37. This second loss did not discourage the team, however, since they triumphed over Binghamton North 44-33 for their seventh victory. Johnson City inflicted the final defeat when they topped the E. H. S. Quin- tet in an extra period encounter 43-41. The Blue and VVhite then concluded their season with two more triumphs, one over Union-Endicott, and the last over Ithaca. The Orange then fell 52-39, whereas the Little Red received a 62-31 trouncing. Individual scoring records saw the Light Blue place three men among the Hrst ten leading scorers, Tom Reid ended the season in second place with 138 points. An interesting sidelight is the fact that George Fitch was the foul king Nap Shephard, lanky center, ended up in the seventh place with a total of 92 point. An interesting sidelight is the fact that George Fitch was the foul king of the league leading with 41 points. Prospects for next year's edition are bright, with only Tom Reid and Nap Blanchard not returning to action. The Torch Staff wishes to extend its congratulations to Coach Hirst and to the members of his team on their line playing. +24 89 113- KY7, -1 li I ' AI ' 7 TJ liwyflgj Coach , . Nap l-Elanchette Captain . , Xliilliam XYirth Manager . ,,,Y,, James jones The 1941 edition of the track team had a total record of one meet with L'nionvl-Indicott, losing hy the overwhelming score of 70-34. The other sched- uled meet with Sayre was called oh' heeause of unfavorable weather. However, the Hlanchette charges attended an invitation meet at Syracuse. and competed in the sectional contest at Parker Field. In the latter tournament, Bill Lewis, previously undefeated sprint champion, met his match in the dashes and finished in second place. Howard Horne also finished in second position in the mile run, while the bright spot was furnished hy Marty Stamp who carried ofl' the pole vaulting honors. In the invitation tournament at Syracuse, the Light Blue hnished in fifth place out of a total of twenty teams, representing high schools from all over the state. lilmira shared the spotlight with two spectacular victories. The first was the relay victory. The team, composed of Jimmy DeLauro, liill VN rth, Larry Vklllttlcf, and lill Ltwis, outdistanccd all other entrees to win the Post-Standard Trophy. The second victory was lllarty Stamp's record- making' jump in the pole vaulting contest. Marty's ahility carried him to an ll ft, 6 in. triumph, one foot higher than the previous mark. Thus ended the track season with the outlook for l04Z uncertain, The fact that Lewis, llorne, Stamp, and Vliirth are gone, ofisets the return of DeLauro, Vl'hittier, and a few others. However, Nap Blanehette may he able to develop some championship calihre out of the numerous candidates. The Torch extends its sincere appreciation to the track team and Nap lllanehette, and hopes that the l942 squad will meet with greater success. 7mck eil 90 lie Keegan, Fe1'n:1u, Young, C penter, Putman, Sulliv Coneh Blanehette. Owen, Delinuro, Reid, YVl1itt YVi1'th, Starnp, Horne, Lei Jones. Maynard, Quigley, Hi Thomas, Allen, Brown. fnha-Muaal Speak The second year in the introduction of a complete schedule of intra-mural activities saw a season as successful as the previous one. These sport programs, inaugurated by W. J. VVipHer, physical director, were 11ot only a great source of enjoyment to the participants, but they were also tools in keeping ht the youth of America. Mr. VVipt1er, ably aided by Student Manager James Cronin, made a vast sport program available for more than 400 students. Both Mr. VVipHer and james Cronin should be heartily commended for their excellent work. Commencing early in the Fall at the beginning of the football season, Mr. Wiptler took charge of his junior varsity candidates and followed last year's plan, dividing the squad into teams with different formations. Inter-squad games were waged after school. Then King XVinter marched in and with him came the basketball intra- mural league. First, was the freshman inter-homeroom struggle with Room 104 Hnally finishing in top position. Then the upper league composed of the sophomore, junior, and senior homerooms started a double elimination tourney. In the finals Room 216 and Room 313 were arrayed against each other. and, in a bitterly fought contest, Room 313 scored a decisive 29-16 triumph for championship honors. Following this tournament came the Inter-Class contest with the players chosen by Mr. Vtfiptler, J. Cronin, and the referees. Selection was based upon ability and conduct. The Juniors who had won last year were ceded favorites to repeat and gave evidence of this by marching to the finals with three straight triumphs. However, a small but fast-passing Sophomore five rose to great heights to stem the junior quintet and go on to win the title by a 33 27 count. Casey and Brown. each with ten points, were mainly responsible for the Sophomore victory. Thus ended the basketball program, and with Spring on its way in. ping- pong flashed into the spotlight. Secdings were as follows: 1. Norman Hoppe 4. VVinston Coleman 2. Phil Lipshutz 5. Abe Parker 3. Babe Fitch 6. Stuart Ghee Starting with over 60 entrees, the held eventually narrowed down to the finalists, Norman Hoppe and Babe Fitch. This time, Hoppe who was runner-up last year, refused to be defeated and decisively trimmed Fitch 21-10, 21-17, 21-18 to become school champion. VVith Spring on full bloom, the students' fancies lightly turned to thoughts of softball and thus the Inter-Class softball tournament was reborn. The Seniors, softball winners last year, trotted out again to attempt to win two years in succession. The captains of the respective teams are: Freshmen .... B. Sawyer Juniors ...... .... . J. Nelson Sophomore .......... M. Powers Seniors ............. F. Libertore The concluding intramural sport activity was the annual tennis tournament. Abe Parker, twice champion, was given top seeded position and, with Ed Semski, twice runner-up, and Eric Bystrom the tournament will be an interesting one. Parker beat Semski last year when he WOl1 three sets to his opponents one. Mr. Wipfler should be congratulated for his excellent work in directing these school activities. VVe wish to extend our congratulations to Jim Cronin, Student Manager, for his able assistance and hard work, and last but not least to the students themselves for their cooperation and participation. May the intra-mural activities continue for years to come as an aid and diversion to the E. F. A. students. -'Sf 91 P21- ...- M355 4 1 . MRL Q Q F if 5 is 1 sf ,I 5, 32 1- ea-4sGi4i'e5,ff1-fi gi, I ,V ,. hw, E mK, x4 f ii pg , .E EE' YW 'vigrx if " T -,i?,3i6d l. t 1 5 Q ff 1 2 VJ r, 19 gg -... 1 ' ,ex Q. X if ' , F 'ff :L V, 1 7 '-, ,2.f4fTf3?gZ,+ixg:'E5'E.ifg? ' Q- jg w: me lm- ..a.....i .ii-5' Bgfnw , Y -Rqqgi,,' Q pk in k f if 1 . " , - 4 ' ,WY t ' an ' f Af. A H ' , ' , ' g 5 mf 7 x, . W' Q 9 . 'iq I . QP -its? 143 5' sw- 5 ggi 4' it we 1i ,ggfn 5f-K1,, 5 gfhjm is Q ..,..i ,N .glfzrff , , as N 5? gg 5- v' , A. f i? ff iff , ' -, .5 5 3 Q i X s 5---f 2 , - rw S' ' - L W"'m"-f :LW 5 gl Q as l V at ,, 3 Q f ,M 2 'H AK Q .'A, i """'r"' mz N V, "'M if EEI, : 1 ,?? g i - igh wi ig J , f i V Yk' A 'Q 1 f , My uh, Ys. g 1.Vj3'5 ' . Mi? K V VVAAV J . :,. fan! ' ' l 'i Hifi!! L '7wenJf4f Weazzfi 4400! New OR WHAT VVE OVVE THE ACADEMY I 'lean Clark, popular nightingale, is now entertaining soldier boys in the war with the aged Hitler. The famous journalist, Miss l-letty Giles, and cartoonist, Rollin Marquis, are covering the Vlfar publicity. Dr. Helmcamp is in a Sanitarium following a relapse upon completion of his work on sugar rationing. I Dr. Esther Hood is treating the neurotic virtuoso, Yvonne Reese. after her brilliant concert tour. Mr. Richard Markowitz was praised for his splendid address on Americanism at the dedication service of the New Academy building at which Reverend C. F. Saxton gave the invocation. Jeannie Marks and Dixie Dugan share the dual leads in the current dance show sponsored by Broadway Romeo, Clifford Zimmer, for the benefit of the Actresses' Old Age Pension. janet Stratton, leading designer for Mme. Schiaparelli is making commence- ment gowns for the Senior Class of '62. It is rumored that the brilliant medical surgeon, Dr. XVilliam Parry, upon examination of the cranium of George VV. Givens Qnow starring in the radio serial, "It's All Over Nowuj has made discoveries amazing to the scientific world. Nabbed after donning a sweater, following Notre Dame football game, one frigid afternoon, t'Red" McCarthy, was charged with -evading the draft. Recent news dashes reveal that Robert Brogdale was finally apprehended just outside Horseheads aft-er pretending to be Paul Revere and riding his fiery white steed, Silver, in an attempt to warn the people of the burning of the Academy. Dr. Myer Shulman psychoanalyzed Mr. Rrogdale and turned him over to Deborah Personius, famous dietitian, who attributed his malady to a lack of vitamin A. Robert Dalton, mechanical engineer, now at work on the Flood Control Project, estimates completion of the work in less than twenty years and economics expert, Marshal Rrownlow, calculates that the total expenses will not exceed live million dollars. It is rumored that john Barnett, distinguished manager of Keeney Theatre, fulfilled his duty as truant officer by sending William Zinn back to the Academy where the defendant was found guilty of insubordination and A.XV.O.L. by teachers, Laura Copp and Ann Vlloodhouse. At the last meeting of the HI Xvanna Tappa Keg" literary fraternity, Robert Burns was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as a peace offering to discontinue all poetic contributions. Benjamin Rrown, recently elected to his fifth term of oflice as President of the United States, appointed Robert Valois as chief distributor of gasoline. The latter charged Daniel Furey, with violation of the Rationing Laws in numerous trips to Keuka in the twenty-year old, streamlined, f'Gizmo." Moving-picture director, john E. Colgan today named Bernard Trifoso as the male lead in 'tGone VVith the Gasoline." Other coming attractions are Harold jones in his seventieth portrayal of Dr. Kildare, and Dorothy Forsythe in "How Green Was the Chemung Valley." Agnes Dombroski fthe Hoohl' girly is the 1962 winner of the Academy Award for her outstanding work in the drama, "The 'luke Box Bluesf' Visiting the ruins of E. F. A. we find the two Delaneys still vainly searching for discarded diplomas. eil 95 lie S Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Helmkamp Miss Helen Kingston Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Cady Mr. Wfm. Dobberstein Miss Harriet VVixon Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schwenkler Miss Mary D. Condon Mr. Elmer L. Ficks Mrs. Clara D. Munson Mrs. Carlton VVest Dr. and Mrs. F. NV. Chamberlain Miss Eda Stauterman Mr. Stafford C. Cleveland Dr. Helen Elston Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Dale Dr. R. L. Champion Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson Dr. and Mrs. Harold Wfalker Sayles, Flannery 81 Evans Mr. and Mrs. R. -I. Cain 96 Ee Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. Snyder Miss Ada B. XVest Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Obler Mrs. Helen Edson Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Langworthy Mr. and Mrs. David VV. Allee Mr. VV. F. Schaad McDowell 8: McDowell Dr. and Mrs. K. D. Maynard Mr. and Mrs. H. O, Deuel Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Tucker Dr. and Mrs. K. G. Houghton Miss Kathryn Pollock Mr. Harry Tress Miss Irene M. Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Prokop Mr. and Mrs. James D. Rupert Dr. Floyd H. Jones Mandeville, Buck, Teeter 8: Harpending wwf? ' rv-o f':"7jJ2'2-'vvo' 594 V73-'wr S Mr. Ralph D. Klebes Mr. H. L. Gardner Dr. and Mrs. Wlalter C. Ervin Miss Marion Kelly Mr. and Mrs. XVm. E. Biery Mr. and Mrs. Silas F. Parry DeFilippo Brothers Levi Ginsburg Miss Elizabeth Tashjian Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Personius Miss Kathryn Daly Dr. and Mrs. Louis Lodico Dr. H. A. Peterson Dr. T. B. Sturd-evant Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Ryerson Mr. and Mrs. joseph Beranek Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Meeker Benjamin F. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stemerman 4397556 Mr. and Mrs. Emory Strachen Dr. and Mrs. Robt. Larkin Dr. VValter Decker Henry S: Denton Mr. Richard Marlowe Mr. L. M. Wihittier Miss Dorothy Martin Mrs. M. R. Taggart Miss Kathleen Miller Miss Rose Kingston Dr. Al. T. Christastie Mr. and Mrs. VVilfred Dr. H. H. Peterson H. Hnderwood Dr. and Mrs. Earle L. Miller Mr. and Mrs, Emory E. Donelson Miss Mary Scopes Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Brown Diven Sz Diven Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. R-eese 1 V. ..f-Vx. 1. V-My -wf.-M - ---+ --' V V: v----- ' 1 "YW X.-' u I MWWW WW ., f , ., ,MAN ..v, ,... ,... f' f A ' ' v' , ' . A f' l. ,iff-'f' ' ig" A' my fi me . J " A ' CL"9S"'f0 RWE"-Tw - ' 'N ' ' E fl ' A ' ,Z Q L 1 x 4' f' 4- " N' . Wwffffizfffgm W - sf 1- ' -- ' - 3 4- , 'q ,u,ee44,,Qw4e,ZZ0L,1QffL if V V Q V - 6 , r - ,- X V ' an 'im 'V 53? x 1,1 M ! A Y W1 V vt . , Z ' . ' , . ,. 2 JW f XX W I .. I ig-, I ,1v, fm, M-M G-,ff ,wx WL!-defy' W iW , .fifzfvy Qlfzf ,wflwffff-c5?,2fau62f"-1 7, T " 'Q A f ii Q ,ffajfyww 14,-J ,,4,,,1 V ,P A V4 V Y . D in amz, f H M f aZ7dM4M k7' !'!lljf" 1, n - -7. .Qfgx - - -- , I f , - 41 A ., 1 ,f - -f , ,f ' , , . L - Q ., YV, 1 tl 1:15, . V .4 A V '!v4"44cy:'fL fl A 572' -Y L ., A .1 , . -j , ,WI V2 t X., 1134-M444-H5-1' if 64 MESA V4 .ff- oizqmfrrfafions . l Class of l942 As the first class to be graduated during this War, you enter a world that's been turned upside down. None of us knows exactly what we can expect in the days ahead . . . but We Welcome you as able assistants in the Work that must be done to win this War. We have confidence that you will help to correct the mistakes that have been made before you . . . that your education and religious convictions, and above all your youthful enthusiasm and courage will contribute to ultimate victory. lszard's is trying to continue to serve you and the community in the best Way possible . . . by efficiently bringing you the things you need for active War-time living. lszard's has a Whole department devoted exclusively to High School girls' clothes. As new merchandise is developed to suit changing conditions, you will be sure to find it at lszard's. lszard's Will continue to serve you to the best of its ability . . . and joins with you in Working for victory. lSZilll3tD'S -Stl 100 Ef- PERRY Sz MAXOY INSURANCE COR. BALDWIN AND E. SECOND STS. TELEPHONE 5277 COMPLIMENTS OF i COMPLIMENTS OF ELMIRA ARMS Co. I Warner Brothers Elmirds Most Interestinq Store KEENEY THEATRE PF 96 ELMTRA'S LARGEST AND FINEST TO- 1l7 N. MAIN ST. THEATRE DIAL 8128 Y LL T T T +25 101 E? CI-IEMUNG CANAL I COMPLIMENTS i V OF TRUST CO. Founded 1833 1 BANKING IN ALL ITS I-1. STRAUSS, Inc 1 BRANCHES 121 Main St., Elmira 1 Member Federcd Deposit Insurance 1 OUTFITTERS TO MEN Cgrpgfgfjgn Q 'W ' f """"" ' WE Q HVC I 1 th'ng from every 1 A- E I ' 'WX 1 --- ash .6 I to J 1,1 f A am I -f 'I I at the f7f,V,. QMESTEAD The taste 07 N that always charms Come to DRINK YE OLD HOMESTEAD Cmtzu I F ,Ju 1 1 Where the Best is odwdys served fPnint of Church and Wzzler Strj 102 is MEET ALPERT I I I Congratulations and ' I SHEEHAN DEAN 63 CO WEAR DIAMONDS -,,.- A L P E R T ' S Credit Iewelers and Opticians Complete Home Appliances of Norge-Refrigerators CrosleyeRefrigerators and Radios Stewart .Warner-Refrigerators Bendix-Washers I I Elmiffl l Ironrite-Ironers Corning Cortland Serving Elmira Since I ' 1888 l i l I I WHEN YOU HAVE GRADUATED with , high honors and selected the lady for l I DON WILLIAMS your life-long partner, do not forget to visit our new Showroom to select your for s Plumbing Fixtures, Heating and Air I C I I I I I SUPERIOR SERVICE onditiomng Equipment for the new , home. Qt q Also Distributors for I I Industrial, Mill, Waterworks, Gas, Oil l Lines and Contractors Equipment Q Q LeValley, McLeod, Kinkaid Co. 5 I t cl ncorpome Church and Hoffman Sts. 215-221 E. Church St., Elmira, N. Y. Branches: Olean, N. Y. and Schenectady, N. Y. I , I l -w5f103I3+ l l f D YoUB T if X? o par ' 7 X to keep T X lj! f "our Way" of lite. Earn and save by l ff l fl B ' D f 1' , X ff UYIHQ 9 SUSE l W Stamps and Bonds l . 7 XX regularly. V ff, ' ELMIRA BANK B TRUST l l CCMPANY A Marine Midland Bank is more fun with a MoBBoW ooAsTBB BRAKE l Member F-D 1-C- Eclipse Machine Div. 6 Neiqhborhood Qffices for your Bendix Aviation Corp. Convenlence ELMIRA, N. Y. l l l 1 f l THE Compliments of MARK TWAIN HUCK FINN ROOM THE GORTON CoY AND o o SODA BAR l DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS Men, Women, and Children i YO-- 1 0 PoB Fashion Comer Light Refreshments , or: i Water and Main Streets A Full Meal if 104 IBA BARBECUE DI IE BowLlNG I SNYDER BRCS. PRINTING CO. CQMPLIMENTS M. BUELLF- FLORIST 2II W. Gray St. Judge: "You are accused of shooting squirrels out of sezisong is there any plea? Hank Rohver: "Ye-ssir, Judge, I plead selfsdefensef' 'F 99 if Mrs. Deuel: 'SWhat's the srnnllest book in the world?" Red Hoffman: "WhoIs Who in Cermanv s SELECTING A MEMORIAL may be a difficult task it lett until necessity ,' I calls. You can avoid worry and distraction by J y IMINARDI ' if planning your memorial program Without haste. .1 gif . s '." - . Build While you live. Leave not to others . .Ili a choice riqhtly yours. I wsu,-Q1 .CLIE Y . MILNE S MEMORIAL sTuD1o 'Q t . f fJ " i Q, lIO5 'Walnut Street, Elmira, N. Y. Dial 5569 -I gi 5 521' I ROSENBAUMS . WALSH o REAGAN l GOSPER-KELLY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS I Dial 4311 SHOES-Q HOSIERY 114-116 W. wafer SI. ONE-SIXTY MAIN ELMIRA, N. Y. I 1 PERFECT- SERVICE Q LAUNDRY Sinari "Carolyn" Froclcs Telephone 6235 for Graduation 409-ll Madison Avenue cmd CIGSS DUY l ELMIRA, N. Y. 7 -. E. .E I seg IEW. . .... .. asf To Our Subseribers: This section of the book represents the interests of El- mirals best merchants. Only by means of their advertise- ments has it been possible to sell this yearbook at about one- half cost. Consider them in preference to others. They have done their bit toward our success. DRINK lirnmy Says: X Exclusively In Elmira bk bk MICHAELS STERN CLOTHES i E ' FRANICS Phone W3 1 CLoTHES SHoP Elmira, New York I I Main at First Elmira, N. Y 106 It Lawn, Garden and Flower Seeds Doq Food' and All Pet Supplies Banfield-Iennings Corp. 222 VV. Water St. t I. P. 63 M. SULLIVAN FURNITURE RUGS and DRAPERIES 115-117 E. Water St. ROYAL DAIRY M BEST We Since 1882 665 Lake St. Elmira, N. Y. Dial 2-2877 Compliments of M. DOYLE MARKS 63 SCN Elmira's Old Reliable Music Store 309 E. Water St. Dial 6186 ROSSI'S BOWLING C2-93761 TEA ROOM cz-osazn BAKERY 408 W. Washington Ave. Main St. Store C245709J W. H. RITTER AUTO ELECTRIC AND BATTERY SERVICE 307 Railroad Ave. Phone 7137 Elmira, N. Y. Home and Car Radios l 1 , so so 1-LLM A NURSERYMEN ETBALL BA EBALL SO S LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Dunc:an's Sporting Goods l FLORISTS 1 . Store Hoffman Nurseries, Inc. Y Growers of Cut Flowers, Potted Plants WGTGI Sl. Nursery Stock TENNIS BADMINTON , 921 Hoffman Street i Phone 2-0335 Elmira, N. Y. I l Compliments of Silver Dollar Dry Cleaners W. D. LOCKWOOD, Proprietor 214 West Gray 2-5678 Compliments oi HENRY W. STREETER CORPORATION GENERAL CONTRACTORS Elmira, New York FINANCE YOUR AUTO THROUGH THE Merchants Acceptance Corporation Elmira, New York TMLILgTrQgQgl0t1E5f 116 Fox st. EUS SERVICE BETWEEN ELMIRA-ITHACA S125 one way-S225 round trip Lv. Elmiraf7:00 A. M.: ll:30 A. M.: 3:30 P. M. Lv. Ithaca-9:00 A. M.g I P, M.: 5 P. , and also Charter Service or Special Trips to Any Point Group Party-Call 4100 or 8879---Athletic M. Leave from Lanqwell, Mark Twain Hotels Teams I Operated by Stanley and Iohn Mekos SMARTSTUDFNTS Lite Insurance and Annuities CHOOSE THE UNION CENTRAL PR TS I LIFE INSURANCE CO. Ci 1 Security for the American I Family Since l867 X7 C. HARRY GILFETHER, Gen. Aqent Particularly I Federation Building I Elmira, N. Y. FOR ALL MUSICAL NEEDS and FINE FURNITURE CLAUDE BUCKPITT l54-156 Lake st. Mrs. Chapman: 'gMr. Jones, corrcc sentence: 'Girls is naturally better lo than boys' ". t this oking Horace jones: t'Girls is artificially butter looking than boysu. 'X' 95 'X' Mrs. Cady: "Where is the populati this country most dense?" Bobbie Williams: "From the neck u on of pn. 1 :El 108 if 1 1 FOMSSIESRS l Rider College of Business 1 ,. l Ig ERS WOMEN Administration WGSIEES BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREES IN ' ' Accountancy Secretarial Science C S Finance Teacher Training i lOL1I'I'1CIllSI'Y1 I Special Intensive Courses 112 N. Main St, Founded l865 Trenton, N. I. 1 -. ,, H, I Q -f- Compliments of l l I VISIT WILLIAMS COAL CO. , . Wh . SCHANAKER s o Supplies the Coal to Keep Our , f Schools Warm To get the pg-roier Coal for your home Good Food is Good Health I or ess money I I . Il I E I EEE I DIEI-IL 6 BAUER l BOOK BINDERY l Compliments I Manufacturers of I High crude Blank Books ' RUDY'S GREENI-IOUSE I Loose Leaf Binders and 1 I Record Blanks 973 Hoffman St. E Binding of Magazines and Art Vifork Edwgrd Cluussl P1-Opel-jefoy V 416 E. Market St. Elmira, N. Y. EE It IEEE. ,WW , , ,, , E I Compliments 9 INTERIORS of l I by ALBEE MOTORS lVIORRISON'S PONTIAC PASSENGER CARS Elmira' N. Y- and G M. C Trucks ZIU-212 West Gray St., Phone 2-5666 l E I l L . We Wei I it 109 tl? PERSONILIS 8 MALONE READY TO WEAR ACCESSORIES AND LINENS Fealuring HB0-vl' Coats for Smart Girls RICI-IEIELD I-IIAOCTANE GASOL INE l ELIVIIRA OIL CO. 616 William Street RICI-ILUBE OIL BETTY LU BAKERY TRY OUR HOME MADE COOKIES 217 I-Ioffmon St. Phone 803 ,l. HOWELL ELNEJERA F M. HOWELL I. CO ELHIRA, NY Compliments of RALPH I. HASKELL Compliments of W O O L F ' S FLOWER SHOP Diol 2-0855 IOS Vv'. Church Y Elmira, N. Y. l L, I 'i'7 "YY"" Y I Lagonegrds Pipe Shop HKIRSTEN RADIATOR PIPE" COFFEE SODA BAR l 157 Lake street Swan 63 Son-Morss Co. Inc INSURANCE ALL LINES Corner Luke of Water Streets Hulett Building Elmiro, New York MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR Compliments ot WERDENBERG'S Main at Water Pay Cash and Save Compliments of SERV-U SAVE-U Compliments I Elmira of -fi Business BOB VVILLIANIS Institute KELLY DRUGS ELMIR-'if N- Y- C6-K BRADY ELECTRIC INC. ELECTRICAL SUPPLY lOBBEP1S 255-259 State Street Elmira, N. Y. PHONE 9191 E D G C O M B ' S HOME FURNISHERS AND uBigPgt'R',t HI wish you boys wouldn't call me DECORATORS Chem. gang: "Why not?" l6l N. Main Street Elmira, N. Y. Parry: 'rlwhose high-school names stickg and I'm going to be a doctor". ,W ,..., 7 ' 64Qd A gf- CW 4 ICE r RASTEURIZED T and CREAM l l l ' B Mur IAY PARKER julia - Ph Fl-ORIST Apparel Shop l Dial 9101 l l22 VV. Market Si lu oF THE l N3 Compliments oi 0 , MOSHER S DRUG STORE 1100 W. Washington Ave 901 Lake St. "bu 1 A UNIT p Wi ppp i, , W? B u R T ' 5 IN C . r Ouiiiiiers i , I FoR MEN AND Bovs l Compllmems irorn of HEAD TO FOOT r l l57-l59 N. Main Si. ' The Store of Personal Service CO' ASHION PARK CLOTHES Friday Evening to 9 P. 'XI all 11219 Compliments of BLUE GOOSE GIFT SHOP I , QLA BEAUTIFUL GIFTS I EPSI' I I INTERIOR DECORATING I l l 209 College Avenue l Elmiror, N. Y. I gf.. so do I I E EE, I S T O K E L Y ' S FINEST FOODS Complete Line of CANNED FRUITS cmd VEGETABLES RIVERSIDE FLOWERS 361 W. WATER ST. PHONE 7109 I EMPIRE FOODS I Incorporated I lf, ,MY N- ,WW ,VME f A W MW W YW, 4, Y M, M, W, ADVERTISER I IOB PRINTERY. INC. I I I I I U I T "Printing for Every Purpose" C I 2l8 BoIdWi1'1 Si. Diotl 2-2787 ' I M.. lNI'll "d h h ' h h 4 Comphmems Of I l Arthil' qjloflfillfciufiho Qisogfcgingliidl if i take Ruth Butts to a dance, got dressed in , , record time. I 8 I Mrs. M. faccusinglyj: HDid you take a I bath?" CAMERA SUPPLIES 1 Art: "No".i - ' 1 Mrs. M.: ' Now listen, son. You wouldn't 364 N, Main Si, go tg-a dance without taking a bath, would i you. ' l EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC I Art: "Sure I would, Mom! It's not formalfl 6351135 5 D R A K E y S Compliments 144 E. 'Water si. t of t Beautiful Line ot Gents and Ladies A l Rinqsf -also Hamilton, Elqin and J Waltham Vlfatches. Gorham Silver and Watch Repairing l Dmmonds t i RECORD SHOP Phone 2-l9l4 A RECREATION EoR THE NATION ROLLER SKATING s " 9 blue coal AMERICI-1-5 FINEST ANYHRAClTE ORDER FROM CI-IEMUNG COAL CO. Gt 299 E. Vtfashinqton Ave,--Dial 6268 Elmira He' hts Yard-V-Dial 2-4500 l t A NICE RINK FGR NICE PEOPLE ELMIRHS LARGEST ooAL cot l ARE YOU BUYING W R STAMPS V REGULARLY? In tour months ot war E. F. A. teachers and students have made purchases through the school amounting to 555,000.00 Give Uncle Sam the use of your dimes and dollars-and l Keep ,Em Flying ! l eil l 14 lil? ala! 7one STUDIO PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Your photographs in this book ore the Work of our studios. We sincerely hope thot all these photo- graphs will perpetuote the memory of hoppy days, spent gt ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY Moy we thomk you for the honor and privilege of having served you. oLD oNE Swnlo ZIQ W. Water St. Elmira, N. Y. -:- Phone 2-71-I-3I -:- 11 E7-lze Gommerciaf jJre5s PRINTERS OF NTI-IE TORCI-In OFFERS ITS DEPENDABLE SERVICE TO ALL WI-IO DESIRE N U I jnrizzfinq wifh jaresfiqe 380 SOUTH IVIAIN ST., ELIVIIRA, N. Y. 110 Ilk- ff J WW! x ,42','2gZ5fif QA WTZMH 'Wk x X A. Q32 fc-f JQQWWW WWW M7 X., , , R 'Y Q, 2? 1 .1 14 ' if ' 'Q Q fav. f -"1 Y A . 5 , M, fb ' M x fkfv 'I K' 1 l " , X ,M A . .gt 4 . I fl .fgA'llf"fA Q. I It I! 5? I J," A ' 11 'xx 'N L 'YV rf, ef" "W - '- , f ' ' 1 ,f f . ,f e - , u 0 M Z Sail, ,MM7 S4 'ff 1 ff 'J ,u . rw! ,

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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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