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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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1- ,, ' 1 X .N M. . A ,f M '. 2 Y f . ,,, H ,A .Q,f,.V,4. J, Q r, A+ aww. 3 1 , .gl 4 : nw Y V- Q f M - vs 1 ' ' , . , XJ, In 'f.. A . , 1 H. 1 Q ' Y 4 ' , au . f- ' -uf . , gg .A , " f K. , 1.1 fig QA M7 2 Q2 LMQWW Q KQQWWM loncw X14 X, lm 'iff- W2 of M 'f W U6 - I s Q. i 3 'mx S IX jx px lk XY.: 1 ff X x in I .3 9' 3 s MXN ' gdb Le fl wi tm N ,gig ff fm, 7fze TORCH of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-eight Pudahefl Af 7fze Seniofl, eladdf of gffnha 4466 Ncacfanq Zlfmhcz, New Zfofzk 4 pfuuslix Twfsfwg 5 "fir: E 51 inuaslmlg i mow L 5 J Editor-in-Chiefs f Suzanne Noble Art Editor -- e- Connie Mann Business Managers e f Martha Coykendall, Thomas Gryska F CREWORD Just to prove to you that these lofty Seniors are really human, we have endeavored lo personify them, show their aeeomplish- ments and amusements. Vlfe sin- cerely hope that this hook will help to awaken the most pleas- ant memories of your high school years. I I C l - U' -x x X! A CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMiNis1'RAT1oN SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS SPoNSoRs ADVERTISERS i ff ff X DEDICATION To our Patron Saints and ca- pable advisors, We gratefully and respectfully dedicate this bcok in appreciation of their wise and co-operative guidance. HARVEY O. HUTCHINSON With the end of the school year, Mr. Hutchinson, who has been superintendent of schools since 1921, severs his connection with the Elmira school sys- tem. We take this opportunity to voice our appre- ciation of his constant devotion to our welfare. He has shown a deep interest in the improvement of school facilities both in the class room and on the athletic field. His many friends in the Academy and in the community cherish his years of associa- tion with us. L ALBERT B. HELMKAMP To Dr. Helmkamp we owe a debt of gratitude for the privi- leges and opportunities we have enjoyed. He stands for a theory of high school education that only we, as students, can prove true. The class parties, personal interviews, and appropriate as- semblies are all a part of this plan, and it is evident that We have received material benefit from them. We sincerely thank him for his cooperation and hope that in future years he will be repaid for his interested efforts in our behalf. To THE CLASS or 1938: What changes a few short years have wrought! Four years ago you entered the Academy as hoys and girls. Within the next few months you will leave as young men and women. For good or ill. your life here has helped to fashion you into the persons you will be to-morrow. If your faith in democratic institutions has been firmly groundedg if intellectual interests have been awakenedg if social contacts have been broad- enedg if moral insights have been quickenedg in short, if you have matured into Well-rounded personalities, then will rich dividends result from the investment that American Education has made in you. Into the anxious days that lie ahead we let you gof-with solicitude for your welfare, but with pride in your present success and in the promise of your future achievement. The hest wishes of your teachers and friends go with you. These wishes are not for the pleasures of idle ease but for the happiness and true content that come from doing a man's work and a womatfs work wherever life may find you. Maltbie Davenport Babcock has expressed so well the thought that is in my mind for you, that I quote his poem in closing. If it strikes a responsive chord, it will help to keep you in tune with the highest aspirations of our race: Be strong! We :ire not here to play, to dream, to drift: Wle have hard work to do, and loads to lift: Shun not the struggle-face itg 'tis God's gift. Be strong! Say not, g'The days are evil. Who's to blame?" And fold the hands and acquiesce-oh shame! Stand up, speak out, and lmravely, in God's mime. Be strong! It matters not how deep intrenched the wrong, How hard the battle goes, the day how longg Faint not-light on! To-morrow comes the song. Cordially yours, March 1938 I F 0 E?C2.x, DILLON A. CADY To Mr. Cady-by Whose judgment we have been directed always to our best advan- tage-We express our thanks and apprecia tion. X .ef XD Q num C' x 0 .l DEPARTMENT HEADS Science . . . Dillon A. Cady, B.S.,Pd.B English . Albert B. Helrnkamp, Ed.D., lVl.A Math . . . . Helen M. Hibbard, BS Modern Languages . Harriet V. Kellog, A.B History . . . Rena Rockwell, A.M Latin . Elizabeth Tashjian, AB . " ,-.1 1 ' VV 'N ' l 'fix 1 ' 4 ff' N W Thjj l , A fjj rrwwpi 4' v ' i FACULTY Albert B. Helmkamp, lVl.A., Ed.U. . Principal Dillon A. Carly. B.S.. Pcl.B. . Yice-Principal Sfznznurz ENGLISH P Dillon A. Carly, B.S Pd B Mr S S. ylvia K. Berziiiekp M Emory E. Donelson, lCd.M. Sl ' ' 1.15 F. Parry, A.B. Stephen A. Prokop. A.B. Anthony A. S ,h Y ' C wenkler, MA. lxl.-X'l'IlICXIA'l'IlIS Helen M. llilmliard, ILS. Mary D. Condon, B.S. Ruby A. Hopkins, A.B. M " ls. Mary H. Stevvzirt, B 9 Mrs Celia N . ., A . . Smit, A.B. M llnrriet I. Wlixon, A.B. S UCIAI. S'l'IJllU'1S Renal Rockwell, A.M. MN Carolw 'N . .. jn .l. Bolgrer, A.B. Mrs Ma ' H . . ry B. burly, A.B. .lulia L. Collins, A.B. William Dolnherstein. Nl.,-X. Frederick .l. l.everir'h. MA. Kathleen B. Miller, I'li.B. Mrsnz lean Christian, B.S. .5. Y Albert B.Helmk'1mp M A John E. Colgrun, i Kathryn Daly, A.B. Mrs .leanett P . -e K. Gamble. Ph.M. Bose Kingston, A.B. Dorothy Martin, A.B. Grace E. Miller. NB. .lulnes D. Bnpert, A.B. Alive P. Scott, A.B. Mrs. Gladys il. Smith, A.B Eda B. Stuuternnin. M.A. Monuim LANCIJAGI-3 Harriet N. Kellogz, A.B. .lnlia V. Brooks, A.B. M. Beatrice Espey. A.B. lsoliel K. Mark, M.A. Mrs. Clara D. Munson. A.B. Yivizni Tnttis, A.B. l.A'l'I N li Lena B. l.ogri1n, AB. Anna M. Mr-M lizabeth T1l4lljl'lIl A.B. llll0H, A.B. . . ,. . ,E .lane M. Birehuiwl A B -. , e . Deuel A.B Ionic HYSICAI. EIJVCATI fl.D. Arthur Hirst Breezie Owen A ici' ' Mary Keppen, BS. Pllhert Ryerson, B.F.A. limi xi rzufzmi. Flizuli tl ON e 1 M. Bartholomew, A A , W . und M. Botnick, BS. l':liZlllPPtl'IlJt'l1?Pll A.B Anna f.. lYl1lf'lllf'l'il1lBY . , j, .S. Ruth lf. M " orrirwnn, MS. llowa ECONOMICS lrene M. Dnnm M ', L .A. Mrs. Annu l.. ' D. I5Ld.l d, BS. I.1mmin.xN Flizulif-th lflclrerlge. BS. Srzczin-1'rAini3s Mary C .lilitrhell Mary Scopes, BS. We admit that . . 'S 5 fiw at times we've been disinterested, and spent ' afternoons like this . . . -'7' - and less often have we applied ourselves like K X L SX this . . . gif. L35 QD So that we've deserved your reprimands . . I Yet for your generous and patient guidance, we thank you. Q31 1, wid ef-A av- Z'- Q M l 'fiiiefm Q' 56 ZF C9 x J lf Z5 rw f I 5.x w rt tale To MY CI.,xssM.x'rr1s: The graduating class of ,353 represents only ahout half of the students who started with us four years ago. Various factors have comhined to eliminate enough of our contemporaries so that we represent a relatively high degree of intellectual maturity. The majority of our class intend to continue their education. Of course. for some, graduation means an end to formal schooling. For hoth groups there is potential- ly muchivalue in the short time at EFA which still remains to us. Let us consider these last few weeks as a high plateau overlooking our lives' paths. At this point those who have devoted themselves to intellectual pursuits will receive the reward and acclamation which is their due. Those who purpose to engage in practical. husiness pursuits may give a hnal inspection to their preparation to see that they are ready in every respect for the tasks they must perform. Many who are eager to devote themselves to the building of a better, saner world may still affirm their idealism uncompromised hy the wx eight of cynicism or despair. Here I speak for the Senior Class in expressing our gratitude to our teachers for their friendly, patient assistance which has made our Academy career very pleasant. May we live up to the high ideals that they hold for us. Yours truly, Donald Groll Donald Groif Edward Hare Marguerite Cieri Iane Puxson 21 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The little boy and girl depicted on the Senior pages following might be you, or you, or you. They are there to typify the work and worries, fun and frolic that weive had these last four years. You remember way back in the fall of '34 when we started out with Phillip Flanagan, president, Suzanne Noble, vice president, Robert Chely, treasurer, and Jane Paxson, secretary, leading us. Then the next year William Hendricks, Antoinette Bovier, Mary Claire Kennedy and Stuart Bolger acted respectively as president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. On Junior Day we felt our pronounced authority and voiced it strongly in a special assembly presided over by our officers Thomas Gryska, president, Jane Tipton, vice president, Jean Roe, secretary, and James Schiefen, treasurer. In our last, yet best, year we accomplished a great deal and showed fine and commendable cooperation, even if We do say so. Wie sponsored a musicale, several parties and assemblies, a play, and what's more, attended them. Then we sold in- expensive pins, rings and name cards. However, to Don Groff and the rest of his capable helpers, Marguerite Cieri, vice president. Jane Paxson, secretary, and Edward Hare, treasurer, we owe good hefty pats on the back, for none of these projects could have been carried out so efficiently, had it not been for their interest in making this year a success. The Senior Banquet planned for May will fittingly crown this grand high school course. And so . . . here's luck and continued happiness to you and may you ever remember with a smile the good times we,ve had in good old li. F. A. all mn x , I , no .LQ Li: hails from Hendy Avenue . . . canit you just see the personality sparkling in'her eyes? .... Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2. Hi-Y 4, Senior Play -- Cavwge .... No. 10 .... MO I say ole chap, he's a jolly good fellow, isn't he?,' .... Masquers 2, 3, fl, Forum 3. Biology Club 1, Hi-Y 3. 4, Senior Playrffflrzrly .... No. 11 .... good, athletic, and fine- tempered .... Int. Basketball, V. Basketball 2, Football 4 Hereas Rulhy from No. ll ..... a happy horticulturist .... busy in Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 114, Basketball 2, 3, Student Council 3 fA nimble nim- rod is Erielz who comes from Hendy Avenueefs--A winning personality. a cheery smile, will lead to success for Curley .... St. Anth0ny's .... Italian Club 3, 4. Softball, Basket- ball, Touch Football -- A new- comer from llion High School is Fred .... shocking shirts .... Tennis .... dimples .... Bowling 4-, Hi-Y 11--Y-'Pa uline .... Hendy Avenue .... pretty yet thorough and intelligent . . Vivhy, here,s Cub . . a combination of Buick and Freckles please for Steve . . form l .... checkers hairli Hi-Y 444- No. 11 .... 'white heatf' - This way Oh that uni- . . and bushy , N 4 X., M9 5,9 'l awoxf if jig! ,F s be ibxv' 23 . Elizabeth Abell George Alley Martin Andrews Ruth Ayres Eric Barnard Iohn A'Brunzo Fred Allison Pauline Williams Robert Baker Stephen Barrett Robert Bartlett Norma Bashline Bernard Berman Stuart Bolger Clarence Brown Ralph Barton Betty Mahal' Iohn Bermingham Iva Bretz James Brownlow J 1 W.. x . ,K 14' X? u ff f :six ' 0 g . I W 51? Bob came across the river from the Southside .... dotes on bigger and better motorcycles .... even if he has to break a leg to enjoy them--Norma No. 2 School dashes off really good poetry when in in- spirational niood---Cornrade Chick . . . . EX-No. l School pupil . . . . a sterling Vindex reporter .... known as fearless ever since his dar- ing, single-handed capture of a wild weasel when a mere Junior? Fagin .... originally at No. 2 .... was treasurer of Sophomore class, author of many a practical joke .... had a bout with scarlet fever in the epidemic .... Hi-Y 2, 3--Folks is Brownie .... Lodi Center Boy . . . . has enterprising spirit Bart was taught his three '4R's,, at No. 10 .... played Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 B0oz5s went to No. 3 and Southside before coming here .... vivacious and sprightly brunette- Hed-headed lack attended St. Peter and Paul's .... hopes to be a second J. P. Morgan-only hetterp-Skip from No. 2 .... petite and piquant . . . .member Agora l, 2, 3, . . .. Biology Club 2 .... going in for interior decoratinge--Mechanically minded jim .... No. 8 .... can out-swim any fish in these waters-- 1 Vile now turn to Bucky .... No. 1 .... a loyal member and staunch supporter of Hi-Y 2, 3, 44-Bill comes next .... a graduate of No. 1 also .... better late than never! --Poise plus sincerity plus friend- ship equals Rosemary .... No. 5 44Did Margie bring all that pep and vivacity from St. Anthony's'? . . . . Basketball 1, 2, Tennis 1, Gam- ma Rho 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, Volley- ball 1f-foe .... St. Ceciliais .... a real artist when it's the squeeze box .... a real athlete when it's a football .... Int. Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4 l T. f. might be Irish but he's no Hgreenyl' .... no-sir-eel .... St. Patricks .... Torch Business Staff, Int. Basketball 3, Track 3, Football 3, 4, Senior Play-f---Abie .... St. Anthonyis . . . . an ear for music and an eye for the gals .... Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Italian Club 2, 3, 4iHere's Little Oscar .... Hendy Ave ..... he certainly lives up to his name . . . . he's Hwhiten thru and thru . . . . Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Forum 3, 4-Y Rusty .... No. 3 .... ambitious, athletic, and fond of forestry .... Boxing 1, lnt. Softball 2, 3, 4, lnt. Basketball 2, 3, 4 fCapt.j, Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4, ltalian Club 4,- Bob .... No. 11 .... laughable, laudable, and likeable .... Treas- urer Freshman class, lnt. Softball 1 ,2, 3, 4- 9. C ,i' K ws., YJMTY Q' f" .7 pf-Q N59 aft QW . W x s or . QW W X I f' ,J ,Mx pg, We W Lillian Buckholtz William Cady Rosemary Thatcher Margaret Cassetta Ioseph Cesare Thomas Burke Albert Cappozzi David White Adam Castellitto Robert Chely Marguerite Cieri Henry Clarke LaVerne Bellamy Agnes D'Abbrczcci Evelyn D'l-lnnunzro K fx- J' xtmxx , J ll I .0 5 7 , X A X Clzurclty .... friends know her . . . . G. M. U. graduate . . . . sports- woman .... Basketball l, 2, 3. 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, Soccer and Softball 3, Girl Reserves l, 2 - Roly Poly Mussolini . .. . Aca- demy via. St. Anthonyis .... Stamp Club, treas., Italian Club 2, Student Council?L0uis .... attended St. Casmirls before E. F. A., special- ized in making friends?-Marty . . . from No. ll .... a keen sense of fun . . . . whirnsically witty Student Council. Phi Alpha Kappa, Mas- quers and Soccer Team, Senior Play, Torch Business Staff?.'llary spent pre-Academy days at No. 8 .... has a pleasant presence, comfortably complacent 4 Mellow-mannered Marg Cieri lfittingly pronounced "Cheery",t .... St. Anthony's . . . . one of the more active girls, respon- sive and charming .... Gamma Rho l. 2. Pres. l, Library Council 2, Junior Ring Comm., Torch Literary Staff, Hi-Y 4, Student Council 4, Senior Class Vice Pres., D. A. R. delegate------Harry .... from No. ll . . . . Embarrassing pose?flook up quick -4 there's Harryls camera's click .... Hi-Y 3, 4, Forum 2, 3, Vindex 2, 3, 4-, Torch Literary Staff ---f-Kink .... hails from No. 3 . . . . has three years of Basketball and Softball to his credit, Vindex l, 2 ---Agnes .... a really talented violinist from No. 5 .... imme- diately joined orchestra and quartet a highlight since .... predicted future, concert performer - Evie . . . . attended St. Anthony's . . . silent, serene and sincere? Iirzlnctta Hefty is a No. 5 product . . . . been one of the better mem- bers of Biology Club for three years f- -fllvl learned his ABC's at St. Ce- celiais .... capable manager of bas- ketball team 2, 3, starred in lnterclass Basketball and Softball 2, 3--Bet is a former No. l School girl .... athletic and attractive -1 Jimmy transferred from Catholic High .... Biology Club member 1 .... some- times known as 'fDapper', because of slick haberdashery Shirley started school life at Ovid Grammar School .... blond and graceful . . . . Agora 2, 3, 4, Girls Hi-Y 4, Torch Business Staff, Senior Play- Artist Bart .... once pride and joy f 1 ' 1 ,, 1. if f, of No. l0 .... contributed his ver- ,ull ' J. satile talents to Vindex as Art Editor 1' L , f" 4, to Stylus 2, Forum 3, 4, also Hi- U., ' I f v ' Y 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4 .... chief cause ,I of heart trouble in women-Mitzi J, ,' V . . . . Hendy Avenue . . . . one of the reasons why school is tolerable .... combines varied social activities with high marks .... Phi Alpha 2. 3, Vin- dex 3. Masquers 2. 3 A7L7'L,S Thomas K. Beecher school graduate . . . . noted for her contagious cheer- fulness .llfzrirzrfs from l-lendy . . . . gracious a11d friendly . . . has cool patrician poise .... member of Agora. Girls Hi-Y. Vindex 4, Mas- quers 3. 11. Stylus 2, 3-Bud is a No. 2 grad .... consistent plugger . . . . wants to he a forest ranger!- 0755! 55,14 , MR Betty Dartt Thomas Delaney Betty Dickinson Iames Donovan Shirley Dunbar Barton Davis Frances Detamore Anna Colucci Marion Duhl Vernon Dykins X Wgwiitw Frederick E e Leota English Norman Fairbanks Gerald Field Weston Iayne My 'N Ioseph Ellett Grace Eyres Alice Fean lack Fiester Michael Fossaceca lv ffuy 7 , 1 v . L-fy!! 1 , JV. If AV .- 5 7 Q , .1, ijt- f Q , if A Qt' rf www XMB . XKLJUX. G .. .W M if W- C . rc: -Z 3, N 3 4 , if Vi Obwg-27'Q V1 o'V"gg"5 Fritz Ellett .... strikingly friend- ly .... remarkably popular .... Diven graduate .... Student Coun- cil 4 .... future in aeronautics-- Likable .... limber Leota Snook- umts .... kindly .... ambitious . . . . No. 8 . . . . probably nursing career -- Foobtmks .... a swell pal .... capable along model air- plane lines .... No. ll .... Forum 2, 3---ferry masculine .... musi- cal .... masterful .... mischievous . . . . Diven Band 1, 2, 3, ll-, Orches- tra?Westy .... woodsy .... wise beyond our ken .... No. ll .... Forum 3, Football 4- - ----foe .... ingenious .... genial . . . . skillful . . . . patient . . . . Diven Cracie .... calm . . pleasant .... companionable .... No. 5 Alice Fean .... frank .... feminine .... freshly charming .... No. ll ,.... Inter- class Basketball l, 2, Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Masquers 2, 3, 4, Agora 4---Bugs .... manly .... independent .... clean. Sturdy is the word .... No. 5 .... Stamp ClublF0ssy' .... really the life of the classroom .... witty and gay, friendly too .... St. Anthony's-- ' . Mb ffl f I Avenuevffinny . . . . cool, cheer- Herman .... the jovial Ger- man from No. 8 .... Football 1, Basketball 1, Rifle Club l-Marion . . . . friendly, fun-loving every day of the week fnol only NFridie,,j ....No,l1....Agora3,4-- Dadie .... she's everybody's pal, but only Bart's gal .... Hendy 1 ful .... co-operative fand very ." 1 Hi- 1 I JW? . Y 4, Stylus 2, 3, 4--Bob .... the . 3 born, engaging leader .... Editor- in-chief MVindex,' 4, President Stu- dent Council 4, Forum 3, 4, Vice President 4, lnterscholastic Debate. Torch Literary Staff 4--Johnny . . . . a gentle . . . . genial . . . genius . . . . music and art too . . . . Clee Club 2--Marg .... lovely to look at .... feet fully capable in dancing careful with his car f?j .... No. ll ffiuthie .... a Goodwin blows no ' .... Pennsylvania Avenue . . . . Library Council l, 2,?Don .... Damon and Pythias .... David and Johnathan .... Castor and Pollux . . . . Bob and Don . . . . Sam Pepys . . . . Wllorchw Literary Staff, Hi-Y 2. 3, 4, Junior Ring Committee, Student Council 3, Forum 2, 3, 4, President 4, lnterscholastic Debate, President Senior Class, '4Vindex" 4, QColumn M 7 K 902. ,adpaw we 5.2 29 Herman Foster Marion Fridie Katherine Furman Virginia Giesa Robert Gribben Iohn Frawley Marguerite Furey Richard Gerard Ruth Goodwin Donald Groft Thomas Gryska Allred Hancock Edward Hare Lois Hart ,- X, Ml Walter Heaxt George Hamberger Malcom Hanrahan Cameron Hart Anne Hasbrouck Dorothy Hinkelman Qiwftl, f M . JJJ-A fr: A ' f pf ff L jj! W ' r J ' I I wi K me jfjiv px, el. 5 I K l X f .f f' ' , ,WA - sf 'VU X wwf ,pa mmy .... No. 5 .... 3 jolly , ff " good fellow is Tommy as testi- fied by Hi-Y, Forum. Vindex. Torch and his classmates, who elected him fq K President their third year AIfrefI 1 'j .... either the Glee Club's done 5 A lots of good for Alfred or heis done X ' ' lots of good for the Glee Club-? will 'g'fw.gl' .LQQCL - ' ' ,..:,4fnaV KM, rnfgififf' .Jiv- I , 5 30 Hendy Avenue e 1 X X .... .,.. l 1 J ' r iust be honest, as the Senior Class elected him Treasurer .... Stylus lpres. 4-l and Hi-Y keep him busy, Senior Play--Lois .... No. 5 . . . . has the qualities that go to make up a good nurse .... she's sturdy of will and stout of heart .... Library Council----Vfllifrllt .... No. 5 . . . . logical and likeable, you can tell he's got something there .... Glee Club, For11mA+Bffalts .... Heudy Ave- nue .... alxtays ready with a smile and a blush .... he and Tommy make a pair .... Hi-Y, Forum. Ath- letic Council. Torch i Hummer- fzerul .... basketball and softball are l1is diversions .... he's attractively athletic .... hails from No. 5 .... aspires to business ff Cum . . . . demonstrator of dippy dancing de- luxe for which his interclass football and track keep him in training .... No. ll is Cam's former alma mater 'H-fflrzrze .... No. 5 .... good things come in little packages .... trite perhaps, but true .... one word describes Annefcharming .... her activities are Phi Alpha 2, 3, 4, Agora 3, 4, Soccer ball 3, Hi-Y 4, and Torch Business Staff--Dol .... No. ll . . .. subtle sophisticate with a capital S .... Biology Club l, 2, 3-1 Mywwtl HoL:ie's here from No. ll .... he certainly is a genuine, generous, gentleman .... Torch Business Staff Y- F ro m Beecher School hails Hutglzsey .... a carefree fellow, full of fun, n' always rarin, to gol .... Hi-Y, Forum, Torch Business Staff, Senior Play--ffeg hums her happy way down the hall .... No. 2 .... Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Library Council 2, 34-You can see she's Impie by her eyes .... you can see she's popu- lar by her activities .... Basketball 1, Biology Club 2, Agora 3, Masquers 2, 3, 4, Vindex Staff 2, 3, 4, Press Club 4- Unworried. Winsome and winning is Civ! .... a graduate of St. Casimir's-Ship-a-Hoy! ..,. she's off again, sailing smoothly down the hall, smiling at everyone . . . . Beecher School . . . . Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3, G. A. A. 3, 4lPoise + sincerity friendship 1 Mar-' garct .... she graduated from St. Patrickls-ffolmie .... G. M. D. . . . . industrious, intelligent, able, and willing .... a real pal4- Intense, determined, and true . . . . I that's Bill .... Glee Club. 3, 4,-4 Ronnie is pretty, petite. and playful . . . . she's good company anywhere . . . . St. Casimiris . . . . Glee Club 3, 4, Biology Club 3, Masquers 23, 4B. KVI If I ff I" r xx E ,fa I wwf, '.,, K J .1 yixfl f x 1 ,- I I M7 Le! 15 -L.. fl!-v.M! -ll u - o-,,v.f,.-.Qfr 31 Jn! J Nathan Holfzfnan George Hughes OnzgHummer 1 , Ca ' rin I son Ciaci ia Iankpiwslgi N - x X lane Hoy l l Margaret Hughes Iohn Hynko William Iackson Veronica Iankowski Margaret Keough Ethel Kielqaurd Iohn Kubinski Alice Larison Geraldine Keavin Dorothy King Ruth Kinner Ethel Langworthy Walter Larson . f , l K 1 X, l ! , L. V ., I . ' I , in I5 l .J ll ' N' " ws , - . ff if X M154! If vf Q., 1 -Vu . 'V if - 1 W KW-fait like E jx VLA. uf I .1 I, , L, , .-,nk ' :IVY ,fl 32 Evelyn ..... No. 8 .... broad- minded and interested in school work .... Girl Reserves ll- Then comes Peggy happily, smiling- ly making her Way .... No. 2 . . . . Girl Reserves l, Hi-Y Ili Wee .... a fair blonde from Cold Brook Park follows .... Library Council 1, 2, 3, 4 fTreas. 2, 351-- Remember that still water runs deep when with Johnnie from St. Peter and St. Paulis-ilxlext comes Larry from George M. Diven .... good willed and a peace maker .... Glee Club 34-Three little words describe our ferry .... sweet, smil- ing and sincere .... St. Cecelials . . . . Phi Alpha Kappa, Athletic Council--Next comes Hoyt cheer- fully and merrily .... No. ll .... Library Council 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Bowling Team 4-Wlith Toti there's laughter, forever and after in Girl's Hi-Y 4 .... George M. Diven---Quiet Ethel is gifted with a sense of humor .... No. 5 .... Agora 2, 3, 4, Girlis Hi- Y 3, 4 fSec. 45, Glee Club 3--lt's too had this blonde boy Ding Ding from No. ll doesn't give the EFA Girls a chance . . . . HLY- f.. Dick .... a dependable friend and ambitious athlete who hails from No. ll .... Band 1, 2, Int. Basketball 1, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4 -f-Paul .... from No. 5 ..., is studious, smiling and sincere . . . . Senior Play co-Business Manager, Agora 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Hi-Y 3, 4-, Pres. 4, Torch Business Staff-f-fBob .... from No. ll, we mean it when we say that '4Bob" is a real pal .... Hi-Y 2, 3, 44- Don .... G. M. D ..... breezy. blond and boisterous .... Biology Club 3, Stamp Club 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Clee Club 1, 2, 3,--Mart .... from No. 5 .... an apt artist and masterful musician .... lnt. Basket- ball 1, Track, 1nt. Fooball 1f-fini . . . . comes from No. 10. ...not very tall, but dark and handsome . . . . Student Council 1, Int. Basket- ball 2, 3. 11, lnt. Softball 3, Biology Club 3, Senior Playf-Dot .... No. 5 .... should model for a toothpaste ad-----Huey .... Southside High . . . . l16,S very happy about the whole thing .... lnt. Softball Toad . . . . hails from Buffalo, no less . . . . he's the one who got E. F. Afs goat for Forum .... Stamp Club 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 1, 2, 3, Track 3, Forum -1lTiny .... from No. 11 .... merry and modest, willing and wittyfAf ,f Y 1 I .48 ff f Y-fmff +94 .4-f""5 Z 1 U , 5 - SQ.2 1 W e fe . ,L ml -,-- gil-n4P"VV , X ,M - lx ,,a- l . 55,11 t 6 firi- - Oo Mp 7 rt? Richard Leisenring Pauline Little Robert Logan Donald Loomis Martin Losito Iames LeMark Dorothy Locke. Ioseph Long Bernard Loomis Robert Loveioy 65,1 Helen Lovell Garnet Lyon Icme Carrigan Hilda Maney lohn Marincm lennie Lucci Iames Macarle Mary Malcolm Connie Mann Margaret Marks f ffaf S r' J' 1 r A I f I 4 , I ' hjjgf, ,Aff 'X H X' I' I 1 g L---it X X !,.1,AffG,' i 1 -J 2,1 ff' Q, C . X , J, ll!!! My I 1 fill f I 4 f if i I is F fs lv X t X J.-f ef , 4. 34 Amiable, pretty and quiet cle- scribes Helen completely .... No. 114Ca,rnet Lyon .... a hand- some fellow with a remarkable capacity for concentration .... Hendy Avenuefefflney .... seri- ous hut smiling .... she fights her hattles with cheerful humor .... No. l . . . . Basketball 1 4'- Humorous, humble, Hilda . . Peanuls .... an ahle Agorite .... a desirahle friend .... Agora -li . . . . St. Peter and Paulls School H4Snuggles .... courteous: cool . . . . St. Cecilials gift to the school hy way of Catholic l-ligli-Jennie . . . a pleasant, pensive, imperturhalwle person .,.. No. Slfimmy .... spirited. swashhuckling. spontaneous . . . . No. 5-456 . . . . cooperation personified .... popular, ahle .... No. l .... graduate ,.... vice president of Stylus 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, G. A. A. 3, 4. Phi Alpha Kappa 3 nf-Connie .... skillful, original . . . . beautiful . . . . a newcomer from Friends, Seminary .... active in Stylus 4, Masquers 4, Art Editor of the HTorch'l lTl1Gy'7fC her clever little drawings in this bookil. Senior Playffllurgie always makes her mark .... a girl after all our hearts . . . . Hendy Avenue-fv Plzil .... St. Anthonyls .... cap- tivating. cheerful. clever .... dark eyes and sparkling too .... Hi-Y and Gamma Rho, Treasurer Zi Billy .... curls and boys .... viva- cious . . . . so nice .... Glee Cluln, Divenite -f- Dick . . . . courteous and concise . . . . not too much of a scholar . . . . line on skates . . . . Track 3 , , , , Lock Haven-q- Mickey .... sweet serenity .... Winsome willingness .... St. Peter and Paullsffoan .... reticent, intelligent .... yet friendly .... Agora and Biology Club .... Hen- cly Avenue .... genius burns in Bob .... No. ll .... reliable, re- served, refulgent - Hugh .... keen, curt, competent .... potential- ly a basketball star .... Hendy Avenue--fvllell-liked Willy .... wears starched collars but isn't a stiff neck ..,. Torch Business Stall, Hi-Y . .. . No.1l?Lady Frances .... poised ..,. gracious .... radiant... .Agora and Biology Club .... Hendy Avenue -Dolly .... entertaining and energetic .... casually companion- f We We if 945260 A6353 Philomena Martino Wilma Maynard Richard Burner Margaret McMahon Ioan McNeill VI' W pf -f. fra, cg' 6 ff ff If 1 x , 1. Y Affif jfn' 1 It ahle .... No. 10 X AIP, fi. f' !'f,,,,1v" W- '7"'i!H . yw-M? Trl! i 42351 l v' ,ff iiitt lf' T if ll!! it I fj WJ!! l fyjl All T1"lf'lf Q-'ILTV H 1+ I ,Try kbxvv 5, 1 y 5 l' 7" ' 35 , Robert Mason Hugh McCall Willard McDowell Frances McNeill Delcine Melead H4- GWMQQW s K- fs l f Mary Messina Louis Muccigrosso William Murphy Helene Newell Genevieve O'Leary Rita Monahan Newell Mullin Burleigh Names Suzanne Noble Iohn O'I.eary X.-Q X , IL1,f ,X p l. . lg, w X X 1 W. ,BWI -via' 'MN 1 R' Merry, modest. fllury .... No. -ll ' f 2-From No. 2, Louie .... a styled X., 'fivory ticklerw .... would like to study music .... Biology Club 3. Stylus 2. 3. Italian Club 2. IS. Ql fllice Pres. 3, Pres. iltiwfllurplzf the mischieveous mite from St. Patls . . . football 3, 4-----Suzy .... Penn. Avenue School .... The good sport sort -ff Versatile. vivacious l'1'f'1'11 ' .... coming from St. l'at's .... Biology Club l. 2. 3, Agora 3. ll. Hi-Y 3. 4. Torch Literary Stall. P ess Club 3, ill, Vindex Literary . associate editor 3. managing Wd tor 'lf-fPretty Pete is so com- plete .... No. l- --fNut .... Hen- 'C dy Avenue grad .... gridiron stal- 'art for 3 years .... crack chemist . . . . football 3. 'l--f-vsooky, as friendly as a pup's tail .... skilled in svulpturing .... Hendy Avenue . . . . l-li-Y 2, 3, fl . . . . adept at assembling model airplanes -ff Sincere. unceasingly smiling, in- telligent. energetic. that's Susie . . a competent Yearbook Editor .... lllasquers l, 2. 3. fl. Phi Alpha Kappa l, 2, 3, Hi-Y 3. 4, Vindeig Staff 2. 3. 4 lassoc. ed. 4gl 1alc1' A ..... St. Pat's .... an ardent sports enthusiast . . . . sparkles with true lrish wit .... Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, lnt. Basketball and Softball 2, 3. 4a 36 A delightful, friendly girl is Barb, Hendy Avenue's gift to E. F. A. . . . . full of life and fun and pop- ular tooll .... Phi Alpha Kappa. Hi-Y. Torch Business Staff. Senior Play --AM Sweet is the word for jeep, the pretty little girl from No. ll .... active? yes indeed .... sec- retary of both the Freshman and the Senior Classes .... Masquers 3, 44 l'Vice President Lift. Hi-Y 3. 4, lSee- retary 37, Vindex 3, Torch Literary Staff, Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4 .... No. ll Despite his gift of gah tdonit tell us youire going to be an auctioneerll Windy is full of fun and is the life of any party .... Hi-Y 2. 3. 4---Wvaverly High School . . . a sweet person with a pleasant person- his that Doris came to us .... Glee Clul.1.,7 ality is rare indeed .... we are glad - ---Hendy Avenue .... Cingeris snappy and just as happy-fsaint Peter and Paul's .... in spite of his modesty Real is E. F. A.'s foot- ball hero .... Football l. 2. 3. 4. Basketball 3, 4fNo. 2 .... Tesszlf . . . . a dancing dazzler . . . . pretty and peppy .... to G. M. D. Q f Beatrice calms the chaos in the library .... Library Council 3. 4 eff' Hendy Avenue .... lim shines and scores in basketball . . . . other sports toog these All- Americans had better look to their laurels .... lnt. Basketball 2. 3. lnt. Football 3, Int. Softball 2. Varsity Basketball 3, ILTG. M. ll. . . . . Vive really haven't the time to put this into rhyme, but Dickies generous. willing and charming .... Glee Club--- .Z-'S N5 . f, we... . 'fi ,Info 'V l f Qfvf . I hifi fix .X Xxf ix -in 101 Q N ful X l . XPP 37 ll VV Barbara O'Neill lane Paxson Iumes Peck Doris Peterson Anne Parkmun Harry O'Neill Frieda Peck Beatrice Pettit Iames Robertson LaVal1e Dickinson I Ieunette Pres Evelyn Quigley Kenneth Rcmchil Car n Rum ch G hke Ernest Ray ert R 'nson Dora Rinebold ' Iecm Roe l l . lg , 1 - , if il l V ' i , , lim! I 3 X! -A! Qlfgf QL. fit" " , 7 .. X A 1 ,L t - I X cu J WU "li K, I My .W iw ' H f lfwawfe W , f5'7f'2"'J"'!y79'j Aff' f" If j fr' j f' finzmy .... from G. M. D., is al- 'jf7. fj' fff "4 ways smiling and jovial in school 'fi fl! iff, f . and Hi-Y 4-fD0uble Dose . . . . -ff' "I K 'I spent his grammar school days at No. 5 .... is clever in chemistry and fast in Football 2, 3, 4---Bud . . . . hails from G. M. lil. . . . . is 3, a star in Int. Basketball l. 2. Var- 'IY .2 sity Basketball 3, 4413011 . . . if ,V KH from No. 2 .... tall, tan and ter- ! Qtr 3, rifle -1n Varsity Basketball 5, 4, . KJ? Pr BOWl1l1g 3, 42---Judy .... No. ll I- . 1' V .... pretty. peppy, and a hard A Xi .il wlx nj worker .... active in Stylus 2, 3. U' x, -X35 uflf. 4. Pres. 4, G. A. A. 3, 4, Pres. 4, dj J ,U Masquers 4. Student Council J' Vg I J' SJ Cheerleader 4 N0rrna .... G. V ,J if f "5 Kgflll. ll. prettily pert .... the quin- '1 nl . -Z., ,tessence of quiescencelffen . . . . l 4 . . . . . . . 11 Ni' ' C a vivacious Xflklllg and sk1 jumper w- 1 sl X , 'JV xg. from No. 5 .... likable and willing. cf ibusy on Torch Business Staff, in H Biology Club 2, 3, Vice Pres. 3, Stu- XTGD dent Council 3. Forum 2. 3. 4 Sec.. 4 .... Senior Play co-Stage Manager lnterscholastic llebate Ernie . . comes from Thomas K. Beecher .... active on court, diamond and grid- iron .... lnt. Basketball 2. lnt. Soft- ball l. 2. 3, Int. Football l, 2. 3i Dot .... Hendy Avenue .... one of E. F. A.'s fascinating featuresi lean .... llendy Avenue .... per- sonality plus pulchritude yields 'cleanly .... l-li-Y 3, 4, Masquers 3, 4. Sec.-Treas. 4. Junior Class Secre- tary. Torch Business Stall. Senior Play-4 J 38 ier I Willy .... No. ll .... One thing Willy has lots of pep, she can be at five places at once .... Hi-Y 4-Ylarry .... No. 2 .... En- thusiasm, imagination and initiative . . . . ltalian Club 2. 3, Stylus 2, Biology Club 2, 3, Student Council 24--figgs .... G. M. D ...... E. F. Afs Connie Mack of basketball . . . . lnterclass Softball 3, 4, Man- ager Basketball 44-fini .... No. 5 .... keeper of the Academyss coffers .... Stamp Club, Forum 2, 3, ll liTreas. 3, -ll, Student Council 3, Treas. Junior Class, Senior Play co-Stage Manager. lnterscholastic Debate ffl- Ruthie .... Hendy Aye- nue .... distinguished clebater, art- ful actress .... Hi-Y 3, 4 fllice- Pres. 423, Masquers 3, 4, Agora 3, 4, Vintle:-1 3. Torch Business Staff, Senior Play -1 Paul .... St. Patrick,s . . . . skillful skier, daring diver. but spasmoclic speller .... l-li-Y'- Ed .... No. ll .... competent clever, and casual .... Torch Lit- erary Staff. Yinclex, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Senior Play co-Business Manager, Forum 3. J1. lnterscholastic Debate g--Mirthful .llike .... E. F. Afs ollieial backslapper .... No. 10 .... Interclass Softball l, 2. lnterclass Football l, 2lH0bby .... No. ll . . . . smoothie Schneck has a way with the girls -4 Butch .... G. M. D ..... ln poetry she follows in the footsteps of her namesake. Sir Vllal- ter .... Biology Club, Girl Reserves Hi-Y Senior Play tu dx F f, 1 , ,, , X 'y:..f. S V, J 4 U3 W. I M 44-r., 1,1 :VM -,,.- X f fi U Qrlffflkrfii ff!! cfiiig l f NW i .va f 'rf X17 f 4, aw. -4- X' lf I J 39 Willadine Rott Lawrence Roush Iohn Ryan Iames Schieten Ruth Schornstheimer Paul Rohver Edward Rutan Michael Savino Robert Schneck Florence Scott I Bodine Sechrisi Joseph Shortsleeve Henry Sleeper Raymond Sly Elizabeth Smith Ruth Seeley Garson Shulmun Burnham Sleeper Leona Card Iulia Smith if 5 ' Q ff t i I r Ma, 1..- fljgxffk A F ,, ' I v ' ' K f-ve 24 -gf ' . 1 fi" f ,fJ.!f'!l Nj'- Ki X ' f 1 , Slug .... automotively active . . . Biology Cluh, Forum. Hi-Y. No. 5 ilolly cloes it fm' .... cherishes Christmas colored car .... nice- looking . . .. athletic .... Masquers, Torch Business Staff .... St. Patrick's -----Hail to Hank the avid athlete . . . . attractive and amhitiousQ Ray .... No. ll .... slick soft- lvall slugger ----- Pensive Betty . . . . winsomely wistful -f Rutlzic . . . . persistent. pert. pretty . . . . saucy nose and twinkling eyes . . Hencly Avenue e - Carry .... masterful mathematician .... pre- cocious philosopher .... liaskethall team----flinrlzie and lwaskellmall . . . . foothall Held fame .... all-rounrl athlete anal so riice----Leona . . . . musical anfl athletic .... lovely eyes .... hasketlwall .... Diveu f --fAnd flliclcey too .... agreeahle and friendly .... pleasing person- ality .... from lliven .... lots of funf--- ff!- .Wurilyn .... sweetly sincere .... St. Patrick's-'vfI,ois .... quietly radiates friendliness .... Carr's Corners .... Library Council l, 2 ---f-Inky .... what pretty teeth you have grandma! .... No. ll . . . . Stylus 2, 3, 4 . . . . Phi Al- pha Kappa 3, Girls Athletic Associa- tion lla--"+'Bl0IlllI'I? .... our national 4--H winner .... Carr's Corners4- Benny .... staunch and straight forward .... Hendy Avenue . . . . Hi-Y l, Qf-A-A41 .... self-confidence personihed .... No. 5 .... Italian Club 3---Irv .... unobtrusively brilliant .... Beecher School .... lnterclass Basketball, lnterclass Football, Student Council 1, Forum --Betty .... mild-mannered and modest .... Lodi Hlgll-TLOIIQ' folm .... bowling is right up his alley .... No. 1--Mer .... full of spontaneous liveliness .... No. ll .... Agora 3, LL, Hi-Y 3 4, Masquers 3, 4, Biology Club l, S e n i o r Nominations Committee, Torch Literary Staff, Senior Play- N f lt infy ' 'E ' 'J ' "1 f I ll li ff .AJ t V, X l--,fu 1 nl! if l -U1 a ff 4 me l lj' ,Ml 'V' J . I . J J, My I, f .ffj V, " 'VA 1 nl! el" 147' fix xl Lf! lid! dec, an vw? ff spy -xjrxh Adwaqnp-Ah 1.,,..Q.,, M vLv'wv'v' Marilyn Smillij Lois Steffen lane Sterling Elsie Storch Glenn Stull 760 - ,L . N' Alffedjpullone Irviinq Stemerman Betty Stewart Iack Stowell Marion Sutphen s Edward Sweet Robert Swift Norman Taylor Luurette Thomas Howard Tinney fgja Henry Swift Iohn Wronkowski Iulius Taggi Craig Timberlake lane Tipton dx' ll "'- . ,fbi er, 253,53 we , ,yplff fr' All Fi we have T111 .... Hendy A nue .... he trips the light fan- astic well, A future Astaire? Gee, who can tell?--Bob is next . . . . from No. ,ll ..... a chemist and an aeronaut who will go places some of these days .... Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Forum 2, 3, Torch Literary Staff. Bowling 3, 41- -Horsey .... Hen- dy Avenue .... Norman loves to ride his horse, a brilliant student too, of course .... Biology Club l, 2, Senior Play. Forum 3 Ritzie .... No. 8 .... she has the Hstuffn that makes for success! . . . . a member of Press Club, Torch Lit- erary Staff, Basketball team, Vin- dex Staff Hou'ie hails from No. 5 .... he has a mind for mechanics. and what a mind! .... heis also a fiend for photography--Uncas is from No. ll .... Hi-Y and Bowl- ing .... heall keep the ball rolling -- -Wron .... St. Casimiris . . . . he can run the scales in the band, run the downs in football, run the bases in baseball, and he isn't ru11 down yetl .... Band l, Football 3, 4, Int. Softball l, 2, Ziflflacky from No. 5 is heavenis gift to foot- ball and its female fans .... Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3-- Craig is accomplished in music and polished in manner .... graduated from Hendy Avenue .... now a member of Hi-Y 2 QSec.j 3, 4 Presb, Senior Play!-Tip .... No. ll . . . . a beautiful, breezy, brunette . . . . Agora 3, 4, Masquers 3, 4, Hi- Y 4, Torch Business Staff, Vice President Junior Class, Vice Presi- dent Student Council, Senior Play- - 1 la Milf lx Maybe itis Palais red hair that warns us .... No. 8 .... Girl Reserves l. Library Council 2. 3, 4 K+ Modesty and graeiousness are only two of Tutls many virtues .... No. 2 .... Agora 2. 3, 4, Stylus 2 -Aefack is as carefree as the day is long .... from St. Patrick's .... lnterclass Basketball l. 2. 3, 4, lnterclass Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Inter- class Football 1, 2, 3, 4-Pinky from No. ll seems a bit shy but he has a way with the girls .... Masquers 3, 4f Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 41, Student Council, Senior Play, Torch Business StaffTThen comes Edna from School 5 .... a good time maker .... Stylus 3, 4, Basket- ball Zfffllickeyls smile drives the blues away .... No. ll .... Glee Club 2, 3, Agora 3, 4, Hi-Y 4- When Phil from Hendy Avenue takes the reins, she makes the road easy for all the rest .... she is busy in Stylus 2, 3, 4 QSec. 43, Masquers 2, 3, 4, Vindex 2, 3, 4, Press Club . . . . Hi-Y 44-,llarg . . . . No. ll . . . . happily harmonius . . . prettily pert .... Masquers, Stylus, Clee Club, Library Council-+Bill from No. 5 is one of our ubuilder-uppersl' but he isn't headed for a Mlet-down" .Lf s MW, . fp, 4 infos 3, l,Je,,s' 4 . . . . Stylus 3, Biology 2TCalrn, s- , , -. cool Millie from Carr's Corners .... j .3,g,v,,l4!5vQ'1'41QfiF: Library Council 2 iq- ,JU l be Qs' in xi f -'15 X ' K. Q N gifts XFN X ie? , lisa X ,NW N my MW We I V X .-,, l ,t . , ,,, Alice Trimm - N ' b Mir' m Trowbridge Savilla Tuttle 4 3 67 ' ' Phyllis Tyler Iack Underwood ' ' fllllarquret Yanpprery Charles VanHouten , f ' 'J' '- 3" ' ' 'William Vaughn Edna Voighi M V' Mildred Watts M- S Iohn Woodhull Homer Woodward Elsie Wrench Ruth Searle u V 1 J X if .9 fl' .4 Winilred Wood Eleanor Woodford William Yungstrom Mary Mulligan . as jr , 1 ,Cv V. fr ' 171 -Q 5 M,f'VQ'X 04 W Xffff' I Kuff l l a Ayr' J ffl I I 'x 4. -ggi my xl -.. fw ty K 1 xx J ' 11 , V, tx .1 xi, J Q A 'N. X X le J. pw ' x 'V' ASJ No. l .... Woody, si:-1 feet of friendliness, has been in Stylus Club 4 tTreas.t and in Track 4 .... Ithaca High SchoolffHeaven help happy Homer who haunts high f , ' 4 ,J ' placesffafill the sweet swinger of songs from No. 5 .... Glee Club 2, 3, Library Council 2, 3, Biology Club 3---ffrfoo fleet is this impression of Cercafs cool convincing calmness . . . . Vllilliamsport High School . . . . Agoraf-No. 8 .... some say you can't win, but Winny will .... 'Glee Club l--No. 5 .... Eleanor flotes on dietetics .... Glee Club l, 2, Biology Club 1-Hendy Avenue . . . . Bill, our boisterous bowler . . . . his spirits are as high as his scores .... Stamp Club 1, 2, Hi- Y 3, 4, Forum 3, 4, Senior Play -- Mary Mulligan .... Sayre High 'School .... Anglais active and acts amiablel 44 X Y 1 'U 4 x.,.,w, I K 4 Y X, ' E3 Q Ye Senior Class Almanac Published by Ye Senior Class of 1938. 99 44! 10071 Pure-Bull. September December 7. Hi there! Where have you been all my life? 16. Senior Musical. Connie dances, Gribben stooges Are you back again? Deslardines sings, others assist, Timberlake 8. The grind begins. screams. Also Forum-Hornell debate. 20. Where the heck is this new furnace they have 21- When does baskeihall 500900 Start? been bragging about? 23. 0'Leary pins mistletoe over Vindex door. 21. Still no heat. 24 Do your Christmas shopping early. Mme. Fur- 22. You gotta cold id the head, too? man shatters bean with beam- 27. Vindex campaign starts off with a bang. 25 Same I9 YOU! I 30. pep Assemblyvngill Pope, Hirst, and that new 27. Adelphia dance. Croff practices marksmanshrp Cheer! on radio gun at the M. T. October .lanuary - 1. Vindex and Vacuum Cleaner appear. 1. Simile--As out-dated as yesterday's calendar. 2. One smooth start! Elmira 13, Eastwood 0. 2. Report cards. This is no way to start 1938! 4. Whatta weekend! A. Z. dance, pep fest, game. 4. Bob Mason slips. Average plummets to 97. All P00h0d Out- 5 Wie learn that Mr. Leverich is to leave. Con- 7. Five weeks tests. Vi-!e're unhappy about the gratnlations! Whole thing- 15. Student Council carnival. Huge success. Biggest 9. Auburn 6, Elmira 0. 'Nuff said. crowd ever. 13. Report cards. Two fifties do not make a hun- 20. Midyears. Why doesn't somebody tell me these dred. things! 16. Elmira 25, Utica 0. 25 Regents. So soon? Whatta brain drain! 18. E. F. A. nimrods take to the field. T b 19. Senior Class oiiicers elected. Groff, Cieri, Pax- C mary son, Hare. 4. Burleigh Names offers to escort Miss Eldredge 23. Elmira 6, C. B. A. 0. 27. Forum-Agora debate. Forum 3, Agora 1. November 1. Senior pictures. Wipe that smile off your face! 2. Mr. Paul Harris elucidates fin assemblyi on foreign affairs. We know less than we did be- fore. 4. Miss Noble to Annapolis. Disarmament advo- cates experience increase. 5. Vindex wins honors at Syracuse. 6. Elmira 0, U. E. 12. 11. Rutan and Hare, electricians' local 6M, install wiring and colored lights for 12. Senior Party -- managed by Timberlake and Tyler. Cider, doughnerts, big apple, night club. Mr. Parry successfully shuffles the shag. 13. Elmira annihilates Aggies, 36-6. 16. Jill Edwards in assembly. Personality pointers. 19. Forum-Agora wassail at E. F. A. pub igYmJ. 25. Thanksgiving. Boys don rubber belts before feasting. Elmira 6, Ithaca 6. 26. Recuperation the order of the day. 30. .lane Tipton breaks record. Three boys in one hour at Bingo. December 2. Forum-Agora debate in Assembly. What's it all about? 7. Vindex out again. If you don't make the 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. vacuum cleaner, youive lived in vain. Freshmen Party, bless 'em! Italian Club minstrels. Some fun, Sambo. B. Names threatens to write book on "Love." Timberlake and Davis off to Albany. Did you sell your musical tickets? Me too, pal. Five weeks tests and another weakening week. 7. 12 22 24 25 28 March 10 11. 21 22 24 April 11 14 May 13 26 to Senior Valentine Party. Valentine Party announced. Bring a date and your valentine. Jim Brownlow and Louise Kjel- gaard chairmen. E. F. A. royalty!-McDowell, Hasbrouck, Don- ovan. Next time the Senior Class holds a party in opposition to a scout circus, two dances and Cornell Junior Vifeekend, it will be limited to one table at bridge! Washington 206 years old today. Swell Masqucrs' assembly. G. A. A. dance. What's Tommy Dorsey got that we ain't? Brr! Coldest day of winter! Ten students with that Vindex complex leave for New York. Male Vindexers prefer Goodman to Wagner. Spring is here with a vengeance. Afternoon absentees increase. Eggs to the right of us, eggs to the left of us, volleyed and splattered! Amalgamated Hen Fruit, Inc., experiences boom! Colder. We knew it couldnit last. Agora splits decision in debate with Elmira Heights. Chem Lab becomes madhouse as Torch dead- line approaches. Ye Editor and associates ready to adjourn to padded cells in Bingo. Forum debates Heights in the evening. Senior Thespians strut their stuff. Hollywood talent scouts jubilant WJ Senior Day, O Senior Day! How we love thee! We've waited four years for thee. FEL1.ow INMATES: f Lf PIX. Nm ff 9 ' z R CLASS WILL gal! X XM Wie, the Class of '38, having successfully survived four years of incarceration, and realizing that the knowledge that we have gained will be of much value to our successors, do hereby make, declare, and publish our last will and testament, to wit: Firstfwle bequeath to the faculty: 1. 2. 3. 44. The chance to wonder again how such people ever got out of the kindergarten. To Mrs. Smith and Mr. Parry, our thanks for being A-No. 1 class advisors. To Miss Tashjiau, a second hand Greyhound bus. To Miss Birchard, a carton of gum. Second-Vive bequeath to the Junior Class: 1. 2. 3. Our nonchalant manner of disposing of hall slips and other such rubbish. The opportunity to pace the carpet before Dr. Helmkamp's desk. Our treasury. 65.851 Thirdfvive bequeath to individuals: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 3. Fourth 1. 2. 3 4. To Larry Bickford, the position of class genius. To Phil Tyler, the opportunity to bag another president. To Bob Bishop, Bob Gribben's supply of midnight oil to burn when Vindex time rolls around. To nSon7' Avery, Louis Muccigrosso's title of HKing of the lvoriesf' To Bob Colson, Ed Rutan's task as jack of all trades. To Joe Friedman, Norman Taylor's way with the uwimmenfi To Angelo Cambio, Craig's height. To some poor editor the courage to refuse to edit this darned book. fwe bequeath: To E. F. A. hallways, cinder paths for the use of potential track stars who wish to run the 100 between classes. To the auditorium, an applause meter, to be used only after hymns are sung. To NSlim,7' a soda fountain and lunch counter concession for use between classes and on singles. To the Board of Education, 31,000,000 to build a new high school. Executed this umpteenth day of Umph, Signed. G. Whiz 47 W' Q, L X gif Q Q .f I ! X Y SN I MC Ih Tpt C ta D Is phH1y Ih D1 y B MYS it R h dP ell D thy S hwsck B th B Sh ld L E11 M C thy X S 1- :I :- -1 4' ' v . . , f ' I 1' . 1 ' , P x' -1- K .5 1 I 'ji of g"f.' If 436 fn B. Albert A. Allen B. Bellamy F. Baker C. Bernard C. Browne P . Barner H. Basenbark F. Brinthaupt B. Brown D. Billengo B. Bowman G. Brian C. Bryant T. Cadek F. Cady .L Cain S. Casil J. Catelle H. Cesari W. Chutsek A. Cicotti E. Colegrove G. Copeland A. Corsi G. Corwin J. Dahlhaus B. Danks R. Danks H. Denton I UN IOR BOYS F. Drake R. Eaton B. Fcklor W. English P. Ewanyk J. Ferris P. Flanagan W. Foster H. Gekoski A. George F. George L. Graves B. Haesloop M. Handler B. Harpendir g J. Havens C. .. Hobson B. Howland R. Hoy J. Hurley .l. llardi W. lzard F. lellif A. .laranelli L. Kaminski .l. Kennedy .l. Al. Kennedy W. Keyes .L Kiefier YV. Kolnarnisky L. Konkaloski B. Langeland F. Langstine H. Leach L. Leach H. Lee A. Lewish W. Liddy .L Loop W. Losinger .L hlahar C. Morrison P. McConnell W. McGill .L Mc:Cilley Xl. Messenger B. Miller W. Murphy A. Nathenson .L New .l. Noonan P. Norton W. Patterson .L Perry .l. Porcello F. Proko YV. Propester F. Radford H. Hathbun L. Rnpelewski I. Ruben A. Butan B. Salmon G. Sohrage E. Sefthrist L. Senkow F. Shappe J. Shappe F. Shortsleeves B. Skebey A. Smith P. Smith VV. Spiegel V. Spohn A. Sullivan W. Sullivan C. Swanson D. Swarthout S. Szerszen S. Terwillger F. Turner L. Tuttle VV. Van Duzer T Walter .L W'alter VV. Weale B. Weigle W. Wrench CI. Young ft. Young l . .' 'VJ f.. li f ,I x ,f -, 5 x, L tvfffrlav , r ix l Lszrflil R. Thatcher M. Thayer G. Thompson J. Thompson J. Tillou K. Traum D. Tucker A. Tupiezak P. Tyler D. Van Atta J. Van Atta C. Van Ben Caten M. Van Carnpen F. Vandiver A. Van Dyke E. Voight R. Voight A. Vosverg C. Wagner W. Wall .W M. XValliet E. Walsh M. Whitile I. Wiezielowski B. Wilcox ,Le E. Wim 544 R. Wrigley ix. Wylie Qlfbegcgalz J B. Young , J. L. Young - R. Yl1lnlgSU'0lH',LJ H. Zin' .NIV S. Record A. Roberts A. Rodzai M. Rohan Lgwlzosen grant Pl. Both M. Ruhmel Fi. Russell C. Rutski J. Schivane B. Schneck J. Schomo J. Sehurstedt G. Searle J. Sheahan R. Sheppard E. Simons I. Slee er E. Smiley R. Smith M. Snyder G. Soper A. Speen G. Stevens K. Stevens J. Stowell R. Strarhen B. Stratton M. Tallman J. Temple C. Terpolilli 'MU 've' ' A J 'M Q A gf - , 1 ,,i- 'J 9 Zrifx 'IQ-llvb 1 1 I - ' . , L!! V' ,Hi -J ,JJ IUNIO GIRL X, . . 1. ' iw. ...ie is. Gillette s. Kaplow H, Mills .. Al ,. Collin M. Gillette L. Keeney S. Minier 1 ' J A . in C. Comereski J. Gimharski lf. Keith H. Mitvhell g X . yers li. Cortright M Ginardi M Kennedy lf. Mix X l. Bai .y M. Crispin F. Goble B. Keyser J. Morss F. er C. Davis B. Goldsmith G. Kinner D. Morton ' F all M. DeLauro M Griffin D. Kinsman F. Mruk .l. Barnett R. DesJardins li. Groner C. Kline M. Murray M. Batronny M. Detamore S. Guhlo D. Koehler M. Muskovitch li. Bauer A. Dihhle H. Gumoski P. Leahy M. Nimtz R. Belin D. Dickinson A. Hoflett M Leisenring B. Norakowski S. Berger V. Dickinson M Hager P. Levetan V. Novitski P. Besemer K. Dimon V. Haich M Lewis R. 07Donnell y G. Boni M. Doane K. Heher D. Lincoln L. 0'l'lare M. Bonnar J. Doland A. Herman J. Little P. Olsen G. Boughton M. Doty J. Herrick C. Logan J. Olszowy f M. Bravemzon lf. Dow H. Hoffman D. Loveless J. Ott ' J. Bray D. Duhl M Hoffman I. Luisi M. Ozard 1 fH. Caparulo M. Dygert D. Horwitz li. Lundy F. Patterson X L. Carofsuio B. Eggleston J. Hover M. Lynch S. Paxson M. Carpffntc-1' B. Elliott lf. Howell F. Mac Fwen J. Pawlak YM. Cascio J. Emery M Hoy M. Makovitch M Peck Q M. Castellino C. lfttenherger D. Hudinski M. Mastronardi B. Perrotta Y. Catelle P. Ewald V. Huyler E. Malnoski P. Petti I F. Cerio M. Fellows M Hynko J. McCanna D. Petzke Q S. Chalk F. Festag G. lnsogna M McCorkle N. Petzke E. Chamberlain J. Field A. Jankowski A. Mclfflligott L. Phillips N- L. Christastie L. Fisher M Jankowski D. Mclnerne-y M Pierce T. Christofaro B. Fitzgerald S. Jelliff D. Mclntyre M Polidori S. Churchman J. Fossececca A. Johnson C. McPherson B. Fresher A. Cicci li. Frank M Jones B. Miller N. Quigley J. Clarke F. Garey J. Kahley B. Miller lu. Ranchil WSV OW N f , 1. Q, it FV is X iwa! ti Sf! J . I 'J Y Y' T 1 Y x. W ik . 4. W . XI ie .2 Eg ix X W 'fi-.f :F V -1 'N n 1 E N S'- . P.: N . Jr? ix- hw ...ws ,- ic? Q5Jf30"" 'SOQZWU wwf"- SOPHOMORE BOYS T. Abbott Y. llc-vkc-1' i F. Hunnn:-r P. A'Br11nzo li. Um- Nimxilwi' C, Irving G. ,-Xllclgrf-tto Nl. Uri llI'iI!lO S. .lzinkowski J. Archer K. l7vVzirv D. Johnson H. Arnold J. Uivinti J. Johnson J. Augustine IC. Uoiwlsun Nl. Johnson H. Avery H. Duty VV. .lolinsnn R. RHCOVII if. Urolcfsky R. jiulcl A. Baker l'. Dnlmiuk P. KP1llll'4i3' F. Baker F. Unrff-y I.. K65'SQ'l' XV. Baker D. ifmlwurrls I.. Kmlzik VV. Bates ' I.. Pzuliilc- F. I.L!lU0l'i'2ll1 C. Bauniun H. Fc-rnun Il R. iflbiwlzil R. Beilainy .Ferris R. lfrzu H .Bennett V. Fvstay E. I,.0szyk F. Benson W. Fitvh A. i.Pwis F. Beinais lf. Fuslvr P. Lewis I. Booth li. Fnrnnin 5. Lewis C. Horst .l. fluriliwr I. Lntmnski fi. Brainlmle R. lliirrismi Lynrh K. Brusso lf. tiI'llIIfIQ'l A. Muflzirlc- D. Burns .l. llriillvy .i. Kizuimluii K. Burritt 11, llrmnii K. 3iilhl'l' S. Bush 41. lluflvtt T. Mukmvitwli D. CLIIIIIDIPCH FC. llznris A. Xluluinlru J. Cusil H1lI'fl'I' D. YlLlIllif'Yilil' H. ffusson l'. ilziwi H Vxlairks VV. Llieri X. iit'ilf'l' U. xif'Kily' 1. COIIICII .l. llvrsii H. xlI'l,llPI'SUll D. Coiiins Ile-tin-rton F. Nlillzml H. Crefiie lf. llnlnn-s D. Moak ,I. Crolnic- .i. llowm-s J. Niorrvll A. DfXbln'uc'c1 if. Hugin-s Al. Morrvttv XY. Davis Nl. Hughes R. Morris P. Morrow 55 . Ninrcigrosso ' 1 . ' I 1 F I.. Nlustico H. Nnstifo F. Nivlics .l. Nilnlz IC. Nisco H. NnViCk .l. fTHil!'il .l. Oi'lowQkv .-X. Ijllllllfllil .i. Pzipiniski F. l'a1t1'lu1lflo H. Perry H. i,f'l'I'y I. Petzke H. Pillai .l. l'irmzz0lu F. Powell Nl. Vmko i.. Ptuszik .l. Hillllllfllllx fl. Hvnning IT. liiclf-r ii. Riggs U. Hohilfw D. Kulwi il. Hzmivy .l. Hnsinwki ll. Nylnlrrs R. Nr-ynoirls ll. Szllnilini Xl. Szintonc' I. Surclo l. Svlirzigre il M. X. bvzirim' Q. Svc-if-y .. Sin-pm-il ff. SiI0l'Ill1lixl'V . Sowa 5. Sozainski . Smith I . Smith H . Smith Xl. Stzunp R. Stainip li. SILll'i1llf'k .. Strirlwr Sutton Swzirtmit Sykvs Sykvs 'Fi1LlIl'ill'I' Tilswortli IIWHPI' 'Fl'2lllIIl T 'Fri llosn V011 vain ic: X' uffvl Wvllv I' ,,. . Wilkinson Vvviisnn viii rtil xxiiHiLlIllS Xxifiglllt Vs'l'ollk1ns'ski X 011111 Young Zuwko Q 7 A , I f fl ' f A., ' if A , f !'1 'x '11 1 I X I 1 ' Y . A., U" 1 , -, rj , ! 11 , ,- Lf , I -V1 l , 1 1 K 1,51 'yi J J xlfll .. Y X' SOPHOMORE GIRLS ' Allen Ni. llnrns C. l7eVorv S. 1115111111111 LynCl1 .l. 1Jl'Q"Hll0I' fl. SIlllll0llH Amlerson 1. Bush 5. Digby Nl Hood 1xlZ1CNvi11TlZ1l'll F. Prymusir: X. SpPl'1lPCli Asvline ll. Iiystrmn M, Diruny II. Hortoy Munnix NT Runiewicz C. Spcrtzic-fino Atlwrton 'l'. llaicwirmtti F. Urulit lf. llorwitz Mastronurdi lt. Rilfllllllll Nl. Spounn 1 Avery 5. llumlrio ll. Dunn .l. Hoyt Mclgride H. Re flonper lf. Sterling lill1lill1Ski M llinnplwll Ni. Frlrf S. Hllllgf?l'f0l'f.1 lllclizlrtliy T. R6-gun W. 5tl'TYf'llS Bailey I.. fiunti-llat N. Fulmbioli H. llnnt NICDonu1rl ff. Heiil K. Sullivaum Baker Nl flaipzxrnlo ,l. Fulsfy NI ,lulmlonski Mrlllalioii Nl Reilly .l.'1'uylor Rilllilfll F. lluplnivci l'. Filflllllllll A. .lunkowski Nlvgpurroil .l. Robinson F 'Ibwl Burt-iw: M lluppm-r'i 17. Fist'l1er ll. .lvnnings Nlongee l.. Rogers Nl. Tvinplcr Burcfhet 'l'. ifzirflonf' Nl. Flynn NI ,Iolmson Miers lf. Hosonlmloom Nl. 'l'l1z1yvr llurivtt Nl ffzirroll ff. Fornl U. .lones Hiller Cf. A. Rossi H. Tllalym' BeCk6r Nl Cfussirly lf. Fowler N. Kzikritz Hiller ff. lt. Rossi ll. TlIll1N'I'lLll'if3 119llll11l'4?k ll. lfnto ll. Fruwley F. Kano Moak Ni Roth .l. illI'flPl'iLl llonwlict F. Clark K. lfiw-liizlri H. Kane Xiooro Y. llotll Xl. 'Frost Berry fl lili'ilI'Will4' K. Frisk .-X. KPf'llf'Q' Nlorgain ll. Rowo 13. 'llront Bc-sh-y N ffm- X. Frntvliy .l. Kelly Niorton C. Rowlvy Nl. Xulois Bliinvlnirfl F Collins AX. Geloso l'. Kcnclull Xlnccigrowo li. Hyun -X. Yzizzunu Horliliv F. Collins XY. Cerlwr .l. Kicllil Nffrvick Xl Sayles ll. wiilIlIlQ'1l Rownizin 1.. lfollins li. llillwrt ll. Kies New NI 5f'11nECk 13. Vflwelvr Broun' ln. lilllllStUf'1i Ni. flill ,l. Kijouslxi Nifliols R. ?'?:'l1wnrtz Xl. Vfliitvniorc Rrintliguipt Nl Conklin li. ffoxk Nl Kinnor Noonan .l. Sclflors ll. XYlIit1.I'JI'll Brooks Nl liliilllflly .l. Gray U. Knapp 0'Connor B. Sliuff li. vViil'li1lLlHl Brown Nl flook F. Urs-e-n F. Knott O'Herron .l. Slwurer B. Vfilliinns Brown Nl Cronin Xl. flrilrlwn 1.. Kumuszi Patterson U. 5116611811 l.. Vfilson Brown N1 llnlgxlihli l.. flnlrlo :L Lilnvrutore Patyknla M Sliopard Ni. Wolfe Brown H. Uuniiai .. flnlrlo l.. Linclslvy Peccliio J. Sllerunt Nl. Vfoofl Brownlow Nl llvnton 1. l'lum'of'k l.. Lflisonrilig Peters B. Smith Y. Vllormley Brunozzi .l. Dr'Unulino Nl. liuyvs F. Lfxxlllfli Petoski .l. Smith Xi. Yonst Burke H. llvliisio N. llollnnin KI Loveless Potty John Y. Smith S. Znlmriski 'Nl Lynvh Pickel 2 f , laflwof "1 1 'if N 'i 1 ' L! , gf' L if 4. - 1 f f , 7 .f, V ,iv 57 . . ,,,.-ffggaigo ' A. Abbott W. Augustine R. Austin D. Baccille H. Bahner L. Baltimore W. Bargesser S. Barthluk VV. Batrowny D Blandford V Brewer C Bramley R Brownlow G Burton R Butler A Cambio D Contando P. Carboni M. Cardinale R Carter F. Catelle S. Carallaro B. Cesare V. F. Christofaro V. M. Christofaro A. Ciceatti J. Clune H. Coleman J. Carnicchio A. Cramer B. Daloisio J. Dalaney FRESHMAN BOYS T. DeLallo J. DeMaria J. DeMarti J. DeRico A. Des Jardines A. DeStefano J. DeStefano C. Dickinson J. Disinski R. Drake J. Dunbar C. Dunkle J. Durwin E. Eddy J. Edwards J. Eldredge E. English W. Ewald L. Fabrizio R. Fassett D. Fennell YV. Fitch R. Fogarty F. Funolurulic F. Fusore R. Gallagher N. George A. Gilbert C. Gireus F. Gizzi R. Hamilton W. Hastings J. Heater R. Henbest H. Heppy H. Houck A. Hyde E. Johnston M. Kemas T. Kane J. Kearney B. Kennedy J. Keogh L. Kies S. Kilbashiau P. Kingston B. Knapp J. Knesel J. Komarueslce A. Kosloski C. Krolak F. Leach D. Lewish F. Liberatore F. Lockner D. Lombard J. Makovith A. Malletto P. Maney D. Monnel J. Nlathews A. McCarthy T. Mclnerny A. McKenzie J. Michaldo E. Mikolas T. Morgan L. Mospau R Mucci C. M ustico E. Niekols R . Nobles T. O,Brien R. Oparil R. Pipher J. Pirozzola R. Powell J. Powers R. Presler J. Price G. Quigley C. Ramber T. Raniewicy T. Reid L. Reidy F. Rolls J. Rosplacl-1 C. Rugur L. Rybok A. Schrage R. Schwab T. Sebura J. Semski E. Sharp W. Shields H. Smith L. Smith Jr. J. Smykowski J. Sowa L. Spielman B. Stage W. Stanton D. Strong V. Tangarre F. Taylor J. Terpollili W. Thompson J. Troccia D. Turtle W. Van Woert E. Vaughn J. P. Walsh E. Weigle A. W'estervelt J. Wlhitford D. Wilcox R. Williams R. Williams L. Wojnarek I A. Wood K. Woodward W. Young R. Zimmerman J. Zubrislii 58 J. D. H E. M S. B. E. R. L. 0. V. D. B. .l. L. R. .l. M L. J. J. R. S. L. M F. K. C. E. M D. V. Allen Andrus Angell Angello Antenore Armitage B. Austin Baker Bauman lleardslee Benl-.horn Belin llellinger Bermauer Roni Ronsignore Boscaino Rower Brown Burbank Burke Bushnell Butts Callas Carroll Carroll Caruso Chely Colucci Conklin Conklin Contini Copp FRESHMAN GIRLS N. Davis L. Decker K. Dellroat Nl. J. Delnlarter K. Dellaney R. Della Rocca A. Della Rocca T. Deming J. Dehlardo S. Dolmik D. Dodson H. Drolesky R. Eames M. Englert P. Fabrizio G. Fallon E. Ford M. Forsythe C. Frosoolne B. Fuero R. Geary L. Colata M. Gorsky J. Croner L Gnllrlo W. Culhlo A. Cunderman R. Hall A. Hammond H. Haskell R. Hazen E. Hockstaff B. Hough D. Howland B. Isaacs Nl. Jackson lf. Jaynes J. Johnson L. .Johnson M. Jones l. Juskin C. Kijowski .l. Killean Nl. Kimber R. Kinsmey D. Kiser R. Kissone H. Klimczak Nl. Kline R. Krapp J. Kohler R. Konkoloski .l. Kopezynski C. Kroseski .l. Lee L. Leisenring F. Liddick R. Lindau S. Lipshutz Nl. L. Lowman R. Lucy J. Lyvers R. Lundy M. Mace E. Marks V. Matera Matteson McCloskey McDermott Mekos Messina Miller Miller Miller Millspaugh Morse Morton Mruk Nader Naylor Nichols Nisco Novakolwski O'Donnell O'Donnell O'Leary 0'Sowski Uzard l'ahis Palizay Peet Perrottu Pike Prynusic llsikal Punzo Quattruni Qnattruni Rawlings E. Rice ll. Rockwell C. Rohde T. Rohde A. Rusgrazak A. Ryan G. Saia A. Sardo D. Schnick R. Schrock R. Sheahan L. Shepard M. Sheraut R. Sherwood H. Slater D. Smart N. Smith R. Smith V. Spicer A. Storch R. Sullivan B. Swift A. Sypnuoska J. Tanner P. Tuiniey li. Tulecki S. Turner M Vazzana M Walker F. Wanrlell E. Waschezyn J. Wemgmle C. Wright X . Wifi 1' , Jax fW J v W 59 at-Clfwf ff FNS mmmqn Qgny My UN DERCLASSMEN HISTORY Soon after the heginning of their Junior year, the class of '39 chose as their president, John Tipton, vice president Constance Davis, secretary, Jean Mcflanna. and treasurer. Joseph Hurley. Their advisors are Miss liirchard and Mr. Rupert. Under their leadershii they successfully sponsored a Junior Party in the gym- l . l . . . nasium. Joint chairmen for the affair were Constance Davis and Arthur Smith. Having now lvecome more familiar with the Academy, the Sophomore class is well represented on the foothall and haskethall teams and in various clubs, As officers for this year, they selected Paul Mcffonnel, Beth Burke, Eleanor McCarthy. and Sheldon Lewis, as president, vice president, secretary and treasurer respectively. They selected Miss Condon and Mr. Prokop as advisers. Under the chairmanship of Sally Hoffman and Henry Hathhun. they held a very enjoyable party at school. The Freshmen organized early this year with John Delaney. president. Detty Swift. vice president, Dorothy Schneck secretary. and Richard Powell. treasurer. Miss Martin is their adviser. Co-chairmen of the freshmen party were John Eldredge and Ruth Butts. W1 Nw 6' 3 1 Q ",!. gfawumiifik fS??,V,,,fl,Q-WJ. Gift i'f2fJsfPQmX xsvuuw- NMR il ull N in-.Z Y------1 CLUB meenuasjx QE 'ki cY 5,35 OIZQ 1, ," Sl , s LQ mc!! 451565 Pfam WX I i Y'-Sr: 6' STUDEN Buck TCW: Gamfdi' Hoffman' President .77,...... lloherl Crilmben Clute, McCarthy, Petzke, H , I Comstock, Reidy, Russel, say. N106 President ,,v. ...w. J une Tipton do' Ferris' Young' Maude' Secretary .. ...., Jane Austin ville, McNeil, Elleii, Swan- ' ,I son, Burns, Eldredge, Trochii. Treasurer "'-'-"' "-' "--'-'--- ' i xllllur SHULI Middle ww' swing: Dickinson, faculty Adviser Y Dr. -Xlherl llelmkamp Cieri, Smith, Tipton, Gribben, Austin, Givens. V Front row: S1owe11,VO'Lerxry, Bower, Keavin. Throughout the past year the reorganizegl bturlenl Louneil ol tl 'lU'dflGlY1y has proveml itself successful in cliregting' the alfairs of the stufl I lvocly. 'llhe stuclents responclefl CHll1llSi21Sllf'?1llf to the Council's call for HSSIN ance in Conducting the annual Carnixal helcl in the spring. Also. in 'Xpri when council memlwers contrived to produce a "magical sllowfi the rc avlion was equally satisfactory. During the last halt' of the ilonnr'il's reign, the ollicrers were clelegalew lo a r-onference helcl in llingliamton. 'llhere they eonlerrecl xsith other repre- sentatives on the prolvlems of school government. 64 I . 1 ' lf' XJ 1.-:ff .J -r-'VM6 X, . , ' X -fffvQ.Wv'f,:4, President ,,,,. ,..A. . .. ,,..,Y... Betty Keyser Lihrarian 7,,., ,.,7 1 liss lflizaheth lfldredge Front row: Teed, McIntyre, Ka krilz, Collins, Kiehl. Second row: Erie, A. VcmDyke. Keyser, Dibble, Kielgcxard, Mtnier, Tupiczuk, Vozzannu, Breon, Goble, Miss Eldredqe, l'ew people realize hon niueh nork is done hy the Library Council. King, Bubfirskil Pettit, Trimm- Eaeh of the twenty mernhers of the council gives one period of her time a Absent when Picture was taken - - . Shhd,Ctk,R1- day and one night rt week alter school helping Miss leldredge. They meet imjsp er ones DC uw every Tuesday noon. Their duties are many and varied. They must mend hooks, put maga- zines in their covers. and me old ones. charge out hooks. and reenter them. arrange the shelves in order and generally keep the Lihrary running smooth- ly. All this is accomplished with such apparent ease, that the Lihrary is L! always one of the pleasanter places in sehool. IQ' dv 79 1 J JO . V T nfl 1 T i V I' 5 , I' ,611 J , V Lp A' ,yt i -4 N J fl" Je 1,1 r' ' up ' ' A " -1 - , . .,' 'fir fl ii ,J . ,,A ,, , ll .g 55 Standing: Th A it 1' ' asf TORCH LITER Omflsf Ciefif Swift Eciitor-in-Chief .. Suzanne Nohle G bb , o'L . 1 . 1 . H an wry Art Ldiior ,,,Y,, .7,,, l ,onnie Mann Seated: Paxson, Noble. Clarke, . . . Davis, Mmm' Graff' sutphen. Sports Lfhtoi .,.. ,.,Y,,.,,......, P tenry Hathhun i'iilCllitis' 'Mhisvr Mr. Anthony bchxvvnkler f ' "Whom-'S your c'opy?5'. "What7il no say about her'?". 'Can you identify 1im'. " vio oo' ia cu '. " u i 1215 o we in W onigi an var' us I ' Siltkrlttf Brtl 11 lat lt' d 10 other rs-marks typify the frantic state of mind of tho literary staff before 1 the hook was puhlished. However. it's out now and our worries are over, and we Certainly hope you enjoy our eliorts. Without Mr. Sf'ilXSP1liillxl'.S infinite pativnce' and assistailvv we Couhi not have rnauagvml. and um- take this opportunity to thank hinl. Also we thank Miss iiifliililfii for her adept collaboration. Orchids should go to Connie Mann for the Slliilllfiili art work she has fionv. The TORCH staff thanks you for your coopcralion and e'-Qtencis its apprvr-iation to eu-1'yo11e who has lielpml to make this hook - fl SIIVCQSS. 66 Buck row: Little, Timbel McDowell 1- ake. . Hughes ten, B , VcmHou- urke, Shortsleeves, Holtz- mcm, Rcznchil, Hamberger. M i d d I e row: Schornstheimer, O'Neill, Dunbar, Tipton. Seated: Roe, Friedman, Coyken- dull, Gryskct, Hasbrouck. TORCH BUSINESS STAFF lo-Busine 1, . Managers .,.. Marth Faculty Arlviso a lloykenclall. Thomas Gryska r .,,,..,,,, ....... .,l.,. ll l r. Anthony Schwenkler The business staff. which is partially responsihle for this hook. wishes to express its sincere appreciation of the aclvice aml supervision given hy Mr. Schwenkler when we were met with clillir-ult prohlems. We also wish to thank Joseph Friedman of the Junior class for his work on the stall. Craig Timher- lake for his cflorts in making the Senior hlusicale a succcss. anal lifdwarcl Hutan as head ol' the Sponsor Committee. The stall' is grateful to the local merchants who have co-operatefl so generously to make this hook a realization. ,ff 57 St VINDEX fmdimlf GYYSMZ Young' Bef' Editor-in-Chief' ....,, ....,.. R olvert Crihhen 738 mC1:,Qs,,AI:IZr:Aev::?s' Clarke' Managing lrlditor .... Genevieve Ullieary '38 Nex, ,ow smndinq. Nmhenson' Associate lfditor .,.. Suzanne Noble 738 ggjimcglgssxodefhukf Gfofff Column lfditor ..... Donald Groff '38 ' i Sports Editor ,, Henry liathliun '10 At desks: Detamore, Rathhun, . . ., Gribbenl Cleary' Art Editor ,,,,, ,,,, , ,,,. l iarton Davis 38 In from, Tyler, Mrs. Dwell Exchange Editor ,..., Phyllis Tyler 739 BiSh0P' Noble' Doane- Business Manager v,,,, ....,, l lohert Bishop '39 Advertising Manager .. David Mandeville 7-1-It Circulation Manager .... ,,,.. C llarence Avery 739 Contract Manager ..,.. ,... P lenderson Higgs ,110 Faculty adviser ti.., Mrs. Jeanette P. Deuel ln recognition of outstanding journalistic achievement the YINDIQX received an international Hrst place award from the ltledill School of ,lout nalism, Northwestern University and placed third at the tlolumlmia Scholastin Press Association. VINDEX delegations were sent to the llolumlmia Con- ference and to a statewide conference at Syracuse University where Donald Croft' was awarded a silver cup for a prize editorial. The staff thanks Mrs. Deuel for l1er continued help and interest. In March, Cordon Moderhak. former advertising manager. his duties to David Mandeville. 68 relinquished ITALIAN CLUB Ilresitlent Vice-I7 A I.ouis Nltu-cigrosso Back WW: R- Del ROSS? IIUCY I , ' F. Muccigrosso. A. pct one. resident . ..7,.. Ifenora Carey Bcmistil capozzil Ciccii G. Ser-retary ...., Mary lllastronardi Slmlonef PUNC- 'llreasurer .. ,Iennv Ifossececa Middle row: Speteccino, Cicco- ' tti, Le Mark. Polidori, Asline, Bonsignori, Frosolone, R. Muc- ciqrosso, Y. Del Rocco. . . . . . . . . . . F'ont row: Br mo ', L ', Besides aclnevtng its main OIPIIUTTIIYC. the addition of tlue Italian language lsmeyl Miss Timizl. to the If. In .-X. vurrivulum. tlte Italian Students' Clulw has rnaintalneml a 1135501F055eCeCUfMC15l1'0UG1'di1 . . . F oro, Ch Ik. well-rountlecl program oIaf't1Y1t1es. u G Under the direction of Miss 'I'nttis, adxisor. tlte organization purvlmased several llooks on the vulture and language ol' Italy for tlie seliool lilmrary. At the senior party anal an under r-lassman ass:-inllly. the IIICYIIITGFS presented an old-time niinstrel show. displaying lwotll tlieir talent and executive alwility. ' Although the Italian Students' Club has already enjoyed a varied social -fl 'fl Q a 1 1 . 1 xv. mrogram. the climax will Come uitlt the annual dinner-dance. Q jf' L sa . ,t f ff l , ' , 1 -x f' t tx . . i ,J l 59 I www- Back row' D . r. Helmku son. mp, Col- Hecxxt S , eeley, Tipton. Friedman, Mr. Rupert, Wecrle. Kinner, Ave1'Y, BiSh0Pf Slemef' man, Salmon, Hamberqefl Moderhak. Middle row: Rutan, Cain. Deck- er, Runchil, Schieien, Groif. Gribben, GTYSICCL Yunqslfom' Bottom row: Winkel, Casson. Schwenkler, GridleY- FORUM This year Forum has definitely advanced its chief aim, dehatinff thc diligent guidance of Mr. Rupert and Ur. H ' received much valuahle infc ' ' urn has l C. Under elmlxam ' ll matlot c ehated p. 1ts dchators have 1 concerning this educational sport. For- . several out-ol'-town high school teams and emerged victorious from the verlwal contests. To improve its memlvers in the ahility to dehutc. intra-l"orurn debates and discussions were held. The Forum-Agora delvates and social affairs lent their aid in furnishing diversity to the programs. During the last term the cluh sold hluc and white felt lvadges nith a picture ol' 'Lilyf' the school mascot. on them. These were enthusiastically received hy the students. 'llo properly crown such a highly successful year the annual hanquet was held. Indeed. the l'w0l'IlIl1ilGS can look hack uith proud hearts over the success to which the cluh has lreen led lay the fine cooperation of all concerned. cerned. 70 F'gf'kleH lozzqhgibsck gow: President ,,,7,7,,,,,7. ..,, I 'auline l,ittle IC lnson, I , upen, ag' "Ll-Jqil' l . 1.x N- -N lish, Morss, I. Little, Gillette, lui' I "i1flt"' """"' "" ' ' fdlllff' bgllllgme Kell Lev , n Mm, , 5et'returt- I reasurer ,, .,,,,.,, I hvllls lresemer Y, eu , ey, F , , MacNeil. Bcrtrony. Flynn, I. l'a1c'nlty Adxlsor ......,,,. . ,,7,,,, ,,A..7,.. ll liss Dorothy Martin Mc1cNei11, G i 1 I, Hasbrouck, Young, Schornstheimer Agora has given its members the opportunity to lormulate concrete St , St h . - ' ' - evans me en ideas and express themselves through debating on important St1ll,l9t'lS of the Middle row: Duhl, Hager, I V Logan, Besemer, P. Little, Cay' Schivcme' Trowbridge' Lang' This societx started oil' well at the bevimlinv of the year by acceptinff worthy, Fecm, Dunbar, Miss - ' ' I l . I 5' C - " Martin, McCarthy, Shearer, twenty new members at an 1I11l1i1l10lt banquet. and has held several enter- MqcNumUm' taining social events sinve then. Front row: O'I.ecxry, Smith, Mills, I , D u . Howell, Ritter, Yunqstrum, Une of ftgorus main debates was held in the Steele Memorial Library mme' Cnspm' against lforum on the question ol' the unieameral system of legislature. They also debated the lilmira Heights High school girls debating team in the Aeademy Auditorium in April. The members have obtained a good foundation for further work in this field. , ..-,H 71 I 1 A 4 K 0 BOYS' HI Y Buik "CWI skmdmq' len to President ,,,,,..... Craig Timherlake right: Grxdley. Perry, Hoy. Y. I K' Logan, Knapp, Names, Rich- lice-President ,,,7 Hohert Nlc-llonell mdson' Clarke' Alley' Bow' Seeretarx . .,7,,. ,. llicliard Leisenrin, HIGH. ' Treagurer ....,....... .. .. 77,,.,7 Part U 'ig Further side of table, left io N ' "" ' ' U" al N right: Bickford, Antell, Peck, Faculty Mlwiser .... ,,., tl lr. Emory llonelson Rathbun, Mr. Donelson, W. Mc- Dowell, Timberlake, Hughes. Davis, Leisenring, I. McDow- ell, R. Swift, H. Swift, Casson, V , , , , , , Bom, Grysku, llhe boys in ill-X lll1S year have hail many interesting speakers n to Inside of ,ublel lei, ,O righi: haue spoken on varied topir-s of particular aflvantuge to the seniorx Whne- A- Smith' Gfoff' Den' 'l'hex' sponsored Nlr. Paul Harris. Secretary ol' National Conneil for Prewn ton, P. Smith, Tipton, Bacorn, , ' ,, , , , , Mr, Shinn, Mandeville, Grid. tion of Vs ar. in an assemhly program. rmesitles other eonstrnetive work in 1eY' Shoemaker' Yunqslfom- clonations. ln lleeemher they sent delegates to at Conferenc'e in -llhaiiy. am again in January representatives xx ere sent to a Central Area tlonferenee in Sll'2ll'llSE'. llonewr. the main event CHITIC in Nlareli when they were hos to the Older Boys' Conference in lilmira. 'llwenty-live hoys were taken in this year at rush parties in the fall am spring. The last year has heen aeelaimefl as one of the most enjo ' l progressive ever. 72 ya nle an I Back row: Keouqh, Hager inson T 1 , Dick- , y er. Doane, Buckholtz. Rolf, Malcolm. 1. Pressler rams, Ki , Wil- nq, Duhl, Strcxchen. Middle ro ' w. Hasbrouck, Kinn Brcxvemari L er, , encci, Tipton, Martino, D u n b cx sthei r, Schor mer. Littl Bottom row: Schneck, Noble, O'Neill, Cheri, O ' L e rx r y. Churchmcrn, Roe, Paxson, Tillou, Schivcxne, Trowbridge, Besemer. -X' X X t 1 S- .J n. e, Lungworthy, Sutphen, O'Hm'rx. SENIOR GIRLS HI-Y President, 7,,,,,,,, Vice-President Secretarv Pauline l' I .inte inth Sehornstheimer 7, Ethel lrangworthy Marion Sntphen 's , ..,, lliss lxathleen lililler. Nl ' rs. liartl 'llreasu fel' .... l'arnlty .3xilXlSl'l ielomew A most enjoyahle tradition of the Girls Ili-Y has ln-en the lnncheo meetings held twice a month at the Y. W1 ll. fi. The girls have heard man, interesting speakers and henehted directly from the appropriate programs. Beside the regular meetings, they held an initiation liant ll ' Y and again in Fehruary they invested anoth ' ' strnctive aetivities they fill l ' ' tree and l ' ll Y I et in Uetolmer. er group of girls. .-is for Con- ec a 'lhanksgiving liaslcet. and gave a Christmas basket for a poor family. There was a hooth at the carnival under their auspices, and they sent a delegate to the conference held in Syracuse. This Conference nas the inspiration for a minatnre one held in Elmira in llareh. 73 Asif K Qi I N? 1. YH s 1 2? NIOR GIRLS HI Y 3 IU - v t"V Q. V' ' "ni 1 n -'ll 1 M-J f BUCK YOW. lefi to Fiqh!! BYGYI Ijfggiqlg-111 ----,V, A---YV-- Iafgarg-I H0111131' Crispin, C. McPherson, E.Mc- ,, , , , Y, , Phersonl Kinsman, Ziff, Mor. X100-l rtvsitlent . i2l6E1ll0l' f1l1a111l1erla111 ton, Bower, Polidori, Roth. Secretary -V'w-- v --YY A A Betty Kex 591- Middle wwf Kline' WYlle'O15ef" 'l'1'eas111'vr .,,, ,,.. l illlll ,A1111 wv1lllQSll'0l1l Wrigley, McCo1'kle, Wall, Shecxhen, Ktnner, Bergen, Fos- sececa. Front row: Rosen, Young, Key. lii-ITlOIlllIlf l1111Cl1c'm1s were tlw featurvrl avtivity of tlw l1111io1' Girls' scr' Chamberlain' Miss Kep' lli-Y this war. Miss l'it'l'HllSOIl. Quest spvalier at one ol' tltem tliscussecl pen, Bonnur, Yungstrom, In- In . 'M ' R I 1 V soqna, schema. "Skin Deep. 21 recent lmok Oll lmattty. ancl Mlss lzlsa llronl4l1eld spoke OH ltlxl' xisit to xX'ilSlliIlglOl1 tmcl tlw Vl'l1itc House. 'xllllilllgll tlte junior lm1'a11c'l1 of tl1e Girls' Hisi was Ol'Qi1lliZPfl only tltis year. rlclegatvs were sont to ilu- state-witlv Hi-Y l'0I1llCl'Cllf'l' at ROI'll0StCl'. :XlGINlll'l'S also pttrticipatvcl in llliltlllillg tlw 1-ity-ttitlv l'U!llil'!'Cltl'l'. Ullxm' avtivities ol' the vlulr ixwltlclerl at lJCl'S0lli1lily Quiz. slc tally pull. anzl il hike to lloric'lc's Glen. 74 ating pa1'i'iy. SOPHCMORE GIRLS HI-Y Pres' l - lt 1 lll ,7.A,,,,, Yic-e-l'1'esi1le11l Se1'1'11l111'y' ...... T X .lary Hiller l'E'ilSlll't'l' lieth I3 .-X1lxis1 " nrko . L1I'k'l " 11s ,,,,, ,,,, X li 1 1111 Tl1 o111pso11 lilljillllll' Nl1'l.a1'll1y . . ss llose lilllgililll. Qlliss lflizz1l1ell1 llc-111-1-11 The 1'l11l1 was oral " 1s'1'1'c el ' ly lll1l':'Cl last lull if e1.te1l. Jon alter s- At one ol' 1l1 ,flllllll starte1l Lllltl olli1-111' e early 111eeli11'fs s I of lltfl' lyook. "N C, . lN'l1':. fva 'l'a1y'lo , lell .Nre l3rotl1ers " 1'11ss1'1l ll1e lvo V' 1 rgave ,. At - A ok "Soc"- tl1e 1'l1l an interesting review a later meeting ll1e Hey. llo1l1lie 1lis- 111l llelalio11sl1ip llel111'1'11 tl1e ll111'es." ln llt'f't'IIlli0l' ll l1el1l il novelty party. ln 0l'ilEI' to earn money to send il l'l5lll'GSCl1lLl- tiye to ll1e Syracuse 1'o11l'e1'e111'e lll l'l6lll'llLlTy. ll1e 1'l11l1 sol1l If 1'a111ly at tl11' 1-a1'11iy'al l11-l1l ill J111111111'y. Nlary l,o aliye CllOS6'll. The so1-iety' also l 2 ' lor lll6 Boys' l '- T ll IJ1111 11ll111l ll my L '1 lll 1111 -1 I Jy1K'Ol'll z1111l - on was llllx 11-1111 111 1 lllllllllllllid 1l11111 .l ll11 N XX f X ' llll'l'l'llffC'. 6 S I I Y Back row: P e c hi o, Iohnson Betty, Kaplow, Sayles, Pickel, Morss, Kcxhley, Griffin, Denton, Stevens, Gill. Second irom back: Herman. Kane, Hayes, Ranchil, Mor- ton, Roth, Ott, Rogers, SPIUDHI Kelly, Hood. Second from lront: Ginardi, Wielzowski, Levetan, Dygert, Hover, Miller, Dcxlqlish, Kiehl, Gillette, Burke, McCarthy. Front row: Mlnier, Howell, Pax- son, Little, Clute, Thompson, Shearer. 75 i 1 I I 1 I I f I r .J A J . N ,. X . x f I lj 1 ' I f I 1 Buck row' S . trachen Smith , Gridley, , Tipton, Alley, Short- sleeve, Sull' MASQUERS President .,..,,,.. ,, Charles VanHouten wan, Lewis, Nafh. Vice-President ,,.,,,,, Jane Paxson enson, Hurley, Roth, Howell, Secretary M---,--Y -------,P J eau Roe Besemer' Treasurer ............. ,,,777,,, lj ugenia Dow Second from back: Ritter, Etten- , , berqerl on, Egq1es,on,K,,h1ey, Faculty Advisor Mr. James Rupert McCorkle, Coykendall, Fecm, Morton, Duhl, Tipton, Sutphen, Hover. Munn, Levetan, Bar- nett. ,1 . . . . . llus past year Masquers has heen husy reorganizing. A new constitution Second from front: Bruveman, . A . . Bailey, Strunonl Schoms- was adopted. At each meeting a well planned program, consisting of play theimeff I- Paxsonf Van HOU- reviews, dialogues and drama technique has heen enjoyed. ten, Roe, Schomo, S. Paxson, Temple, Hager, Thompson- Under the direvlion of Mr. Rupert. filasquers has presented two plays Front row: Gill, Klein, Crispin, fsgr 355QmlJlx' l11'f1g1'3ms, Detamore, Noble, Van Deren, ' L Little, Clute, Miner, Kaplow, The past year has come to an ond with much satislu Mins' the numher of varied programs enjoyed. ation gained from 76 STYLUS ART CLUB President .77,,, Y ,..... Edward Hare Vice-President . Marv M l Secretary ............ 'Hon J a colm Marilyn Smith orary Secretary ..,, Phyllis Tyler Treasurer .,,..........w. ,.,,,,.. J ohn Vvoodhull l"z1cult,y Adviser .,,, Mr. Pllhert Ryerson Stylus has lveen especiallv active this year. not only in actual art work. but also in utilizing the advantages offered for art appr ' ' made several conducted tours including a ' ' ' trips to the Arnot :ht G ll ' ' studio. ' eclation. It has n dFll1llE'Cll1I'Hl survey of Elmira. a ery. and a visit to the local artist. Lars Hoftrupfs fhe cluh attended the sculpturing class at Elmira College, where Ernfred Anderson, instructor, explained the art of sculpturing. Besides these trips and the decorative work done for the school, Stylus participated in various school parties and initiated its perennial new bloods. 7Qtogether, their year has been satisfactory and constructive. it so Buck row: Loveless, Van Dyke Smith, Mr. Ryerson, A. Wood hull, B. Sechrist, I. Woodh Kinner, Mmm, W. P Sulliva ull, atterson, n, Muccigrosso. Front row' . E. Sechrist, Lo Schivane M gan, , . Hoy, Hager, Hare, Loop, I. Hoy, Ritter, Malcolm, Herrick, Sterling, Voight. 77 WWW C5 GIRLS A Buck row: Horwitz, Cappucci. President ----AV-,, A,,, , H Jl1d5'RiltQ1' Liberrxtore, Gelosi, S. Holi- v. J . . 4. W man, Kaplow, Ziff, Polidori, N 1ce-lresltleut Y,.,, Nlarjoue Jones H- Hoffman, M. Hoffman, Com- Secretary ......... .,,, l Dorothy Morton stock, Phillips, Bauer, Baker, fs i N v , Ausnn, Cluml Thompson- lreasurer .,..A .7,,, hlary flzard Second row: Schivane, Gublo. Rosen, Bonner, Miss Breezie Owen' Tones' Ritter' Morton' The Girls' Athletic Association have lmeen espcc-iallv active during tho Ozard, Mitchell, Miller. , , , ' ' , past vear. Some of the mam' aml varletl programs c-arriecl out were a swim- First row: Collins, Chamberlain, , ' I ' ' . I - , rnuia Jartxp a skatuiv Jartx. ancla successful dance ulth colorful decoratumus Kinsman, Baker, Morse, Van K , C , Diver' Lime- PUXSOU' HOY- representing a typical West lmlies vruise. During April Work Vlveek. the clulw memlmers viecl with each other to see who coulfl earn at flollar hrst. The money earned doinw odd 'ohs h1lhlSIHHHH6F was turned over Mithe club. At Ute 37 annual hanrpun awards were nuuhzto those giHs xdio had earned at sevezny-live,lmoints for attivity in intraniural athlethzs least 78 ORPHEUS CLUB President, ......, Vice- President Edith Smiley , .,.......,7 .,.. t ilarence Smith Secretary-Treasurer ..,....,,, .,...7,,...,..........., .,7...... L y fdia Boddie Facility Advisors .7,. Miss ,lean Christian. Miss lireezie Owen To increase the numher of social activities for colored students and to give them an opportunity to exhihit their talents, The Orpheus was established in E. F. A. late in the spring of l93Z'3. The cluh selected 'G0rpheus." the name of the Greek god of music. for its name and proceeded to live up to its name by forming a glee cluh. After the officers were elected. a committee consisting of Clarence Dart and Sara Reid made arrangements for a party which was held at the home of Lydia Batty the evening of Nlay 7. The memhers enjoyed dancing and re- freshments were served. On the xshole. the organization can lmoast a line record for its and it bids fair to accomplish its purposes. first year Back row. standing leit to right Blandford, Smith, H o b s o n Dart, Wilkinson, Reid, Wil- licxms. Seated in front row, leit to right: Iones, Iohnstone, Owens, Smiley, Christian, Boddie. 79 1 ff'-W BOYS' GLEE CLUB Back row, lei! to right: Wilkin- Dl1'GCfOI' son, W. Sullivan, Schwab, A. Sullivan, Kohberger, Hunco Second row: H C ck. obson, Q ' apozzi P' uiqley , 1 p h e r Emor ' , Andrews, Y, Miss Ch ' ristian. First row: Pressler, Ferris, Des Iardins, Gridley, K ncxpp, Decm. Miss Jean Christian For those who have Z1 love of music and a clesire to learn more ahout it. the Glee Cluh ollers the opportunity of applying their voice in coordina- tion with a hetter lcnoyxleclge of the art. ln spite of the comparitiyely few engagements in wliich the cluh has participated this year. il presented a highly compensatory performanc-e at the llarlc Church Forum in lllarch. lllemhers of the clnh have. without a clouht, given the sluflenls of the Academy a lnetter a J Jreciation anal en'o 'ment of music: through their mart . ll .l 5 l in school assemblies. The Glee lllulv is sincerely felt to he an essential part of the school curriculum. 80 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Pres' ident .......... Secretary-Treasurer .. Director lieth liurke lietty Swift Miss Jean Christian The membership of the Girls, Glee Cluh has greatly increased thi During the past active season, the girls have assi of the Christmas Assembly. and sang Christmas C , , s year. sted in tl i , togethe " ,arols t girls al ie presentation r with the Boys, Clee Cluh, they a the hospitals and the Home For the Aged. The so sponsored a very successful dance following the Union-Endicott basketball game. They presented their annual spring concert after much strenuous coach- ing by Miss Christian, and express their appreciation for her patient co- operation. First row: Butts, Fellows, len nings, Buhcxrski, Bailey, Burke, McSparron, Messina, Haskell. Second row: Lyvers, Temple, Gelosi, Teed, B. Austin, How- ell, Barnett, Emery, Belin, Leahy, Stratton. Third row: Dickinson, Des Icxr- clins, Keith, Cappucci, Keel, Miss Christian, Gublo, Eng- lert, Allen, Wylie. Fourth row: Horowitz, Collins, Olsen, I. Austin, Swift, Iohn- SCH. .wwf 81 First row: Strack ELMIRA HIGH SCHOO en, Parry, Dal- DiI'CCIOI' .. ton, Wheat, Bernard, Steele, D'Abbrcxcci, Miller, C h a s e, Haines, Keyser, Cole, Hoff- fndn- The hand has rendered many services to the Elmira schools system dur Second rvwr Vincent, Wirth, ing this year. It played hetween the halves of each foothall game. giving Harfngton, A re , M her, A Y , Pmslnsl smiths Pcnzzianl programs each week. It presented concerts at the New York State feachers Fields, Waters, Anderson- Convention held in Elmira last fall. It also participated in programs at Third IOW2 Fish. Menqeef Stri:k- Parley Coburn. Beecher. George M. Diven schools. at the Southside High er, R. Miller, Gage, Straight, S I 1 d v . i I I i . I . I F. Y 1 Tupper' Iszmd, Thomas, cioo an at Y21I'lOllb ot ler p aces in tie community. o vert 151 won tie Bishop, Copeland. McDowell- highest sectional honors for French Horn playing, and he with several other Fourth row: Timbrell. Howland. outstanding members will compete in a contest at Jamestown in May. They Tuttle, Woodward, Peck, I Y I 7 t t rl P D I f 1 I. Bieryl Connelly, Hagerman' iave meen xery or una e tus year to iave oro y ee er or c rum major. Camp, Rutan, Thomas, Sutton. The hand will terminate its activitles with the annual picni the year. c at the end of 82 ORCHESTRA Ilirevtor .7,, Mr. George J. Ahhott The primary engagements of the orchestra came in spring this 'e in May they were especially husy. playing at the Hot' ' ' the Mzuors Convention at the Mark 'll ' ' York Association of W So " 3 ar. ary Lon' ' Xtalll. Tl I bchool ll ' uthsitle H' vention. and iey also entertziinetl the New roarcls. 'llheir annual Spring tlonvert at the lgll School was very successful. ,illll'OtlgllOlli the year the orchestra has given very enjoy ahle presenta- tions at the schools and at various civic- functions. It is considered one of the most vulnahle interschool organizations and has helped in hincling the schools more closely. Back row: McDowell, Keyser B is h o p, Tupper, Patterson, Winner, Fish, Timbrell, Mush- er, Vincint. Middle row: Foote, A. Des lar- dins, Wahl, Heller, Swarth- out, Gridley, R. Des Icxrdins, Smith, Crispin, Slinqerlcmd. First row: A. D'AhbracCi, Lect- vitt, Welch. Thorne, Emery, Browne, Andrews, Doolittle, Elliot, Schomo, Kane. 83 Buck row: Timberlake, Coyken- dull, Hughes, 0'Neil, Hare, Scott, Alley. Mann, Van Hou- ten, Burke. Middle row: Tipton, Abell, Roe, Yungstrum. Front row: Schornstheimer, Sut- phen, Dunbar, Le Mark. SENIOR PLAY Stage Managers .....,. James Schiefen, Kenneth Rancil Business Managers ..... .,..,. E dward Rutan, Pauline Little Director .,.., . ........,. ....,.. ......... M r . John Colgan Vlvith the incomparable aid of Mr. Colgan, several seniors interested in drama succeeded in producing the play, uGrowing Painsf, The play humorously deals with the problems of adolesence from two sides, that of the parent, and that of the child. The human element of the story makes it enjoyahle to the actors as well as the audience. 84 George Melntyre ..... Terry Mclntyre ...., Mrs. Mclntyre ..... ....... Professor Mclntyre Prudence ................, Brlan ......... Dutch ................. Mrs. Patterson ...... Elsie Patterson .... l-lal .,........,.......... Umar ............... Olheer ...... Pete ...... Patty .....,. Miriam .....,. ,lane ..... Vivian ..... Sophie .... CAST Charles Vanl-iouten Barbara 0'Neill Martha Coykenclall Craig Timberlake Connie Mann James LeMark George Alley Marian Sutphen Florence Scott Vllilliam Yungstrom Edward Hare Thomas Burke George Hughes Elizabeth Abell Jean Roe Shirley Dunbar ,lane Tipton Ruth Schornstheimer 77 77 77 44 K K WHO'S WHO IN THE SNAPS PACE 48 Top left: Whom does Gaw',f1e make these faces at? Top riglzt: Are we always so attentive? Center left: Student Council progresses. Center right: Spring Fever. Bottom left: Senior olheers reach an agreement. Bottom center: Sheldon hashful? Bottom right: Caught another skipper? PAGE 49 Top left: Why is this necessary? Top right: Slipping? Center left: Whose late this time? Center right: Together again. Bottom left: E. F. A. masses in passing to classes. Bottom right: Apart! Of course not. PAGE 60 Top left: A handful of F. F. Afs ordinarily smiling inhabitants indulge in pugnacious expressions. Top right: '4Double threat" McConnell, football hero and class president combined, gazes over the shoulder of Sophomore secretary McCarthy, while Beth Burke looks on. Left center: Is that overcoat of Hennie's constructed on the piece-work plan, or was this photo taken on April Fool's Day? Center: From the hilarious expressions which cover the countenances of these Junior ollicers, we gather that the photographer has just told a good one. Right center: Grace Rawley is getting in Ruth Ayre's hair. Bottom left: This room looked swell after the boys Finished it, but oh, that smell! Bottom right: These Freshman class olhcers still have nearly four years of E. F. A. ahead of them, which may explain the serious expressions. PAGE 94 Top left: 10 second Abbott. Top right: O'Neil on the loose. Center left: Whose got the hall? Center right: Our crashing idol, the Redhead. Bottom left: Struttin' their stuff. Bottom right: Down! But not out. if Vg? f t me 85 y 1 git W I I f' x x '.. N l ' ,Exo-6' a I lvNygjulv.:',- 54' I H s.,v,:":L""Ah" I, 5' VKNMQNNQ: x"""' A I? Zi ZIZIHMMMTEYS 1 5 g Q f W? 2 MM? ,,-,-, ll. ffifa,-,J 41 I ., M :M Vi lx We, the Class of 1938, dedicate this por- tion of our yearbook to Coach Arthur Hirst and Miss Breezie Owen, who so faithfully guided our athletic careers during our high school life. Coach Hirst provided us with many championship varsity teams, and Miss Owen conducted her gym classes with ever increasing popularity. To Coach Hirst and Miss Owen . . . 89 Bottom, left to right: Sleeper, Messing, Stage, Rouse. First row, left to light: Assistant Coaeh Botniek, D. O'Neil, Michaels, Rzimich, Taggzi, Ahhott, Fischman, H. 0'Neil, Lemonrrelli, Walker, Crittenden, Sleeper, lefts, Bailey, Assistant Coaches Tryon and Blanchette. Second row: Coach Hirst, llarpending, Richardson, Jayne, Ropelewski, Cesare, VanTassel, Ayres, Foster, Cekoski, Gobel, Wrotikowski, Sullivan, Mullin, McConnell, Schneck. Hack row: Lewis, Schwenke, Cain, H. Smith, Rawlings, Burke, McGill, Szerzen, Kearney, Eames, Rockey, F. Shortsleeve, Scriver, McDowell, J. Shortsleeve, Ferris, Hirst, Trainer, Kittle, Mgr. L. Smith. xl X QXS 90 Although not measuring up to their previous two seasons, Coach Arthur Hirst's 1937 Light Blue football team enjoyed a very successful season. They won four games, lost only two, and tied one. Coach Hirst had a particularly Hurculean task before him to continue Elmira's winning streak, only four regulars of the 1936 team returning. Aided by the effective work of Ben Botnick and Nap Blanchette, he built a strong machine. From the seventy candidates reporting at spring practice the coaches selected thirty for the varsity, eliminated about twenty, and formed from the remainder the Junior Varsity team. After having won eight games in 1935 and seven in 1936 without a de- feat or a tie, the E. H. S. team launched the 1937 season October 2. This fine afternoon found a goodly number of spectators gathered to see the Blue and White down Eastwood Academy of Syracuse 13-O. Ne:-gt Saturday the Utica Free Academy came to town but went home disappointed as a result of the 25-0 defeat handed them by the Hirstmen. Thus the seventeenth win went into the books. The disastrous ninth of October spelled E-N-D to the glorious E. H. S. winning streak as a Maroon wave from Auburn outsmarted and outplayed an overconfident Blue team to the tune of 6-0. Determined to avenge this defeat, the Hirstmen worked all week repairing a shoddy attack and came back to beat the Christian Brothers Academy of Syracuse 6-0 in a mud battle. Truly a miserable football day. Saturday, the thirtieth of October, was a very welcome day of rest for a tired E. H. S. team, but on the beautiful afternoon of November 2 they journeyed to Endicott, to suffer the severest defeat of the season at the hands of a big fast U-E team 12-0. Newell Mullin, Mickey McConnell and Cordon Bailey were unable to play. Back in Elmira the next Saturday, the Hirstmen regained their scoring punch, soundly trouncing the Morrisville Junior College of Agriculture 38-6. The final game of the season with Ithaca was an inspiring battle. Early in the third quarter, the Light Blue took a 6-O lead as the result of Bed ONeil's romps. 1thaca came back by way of the air late in the final period, to tie the Blue 6-6. This game was marked by the great all-around play of Bed O'Neil, who, that Thanksgiving Day afternoon, closed a brilliant high school athletic career. In a post season game, the team members who are to be graduated beat those who would be playing next year. The outlook for 1938 looms bright because of the 1937 stars who will be back and because of Coach Hirst's uncanny knack of developing good players. At their banquet of honor, Coach Hirst awarded the block E to the follow- ing deserving men: Harry O'Neil, Don O7Neil, Abbott Burnham, Sleeper, Jefts, Taggi, Bailey, Crittenden, Bamich, Michaels, Fischman, Mullin, Wlronkowski, Goebel, Bopelewski, McConnell, Messing, Wvalker, Lemoncelli, Stage, Van- Tassel, and Smith, the manager. He also congratulated those inglorious substitutes, the ones who took it with a smile from the regulars four days a week.. The Torchis heartiest congratulations to the footballers of 1937, and best wishes for a successful season to those of 1938. 91 X., BASKE First rnux' llflcffonnell, Lemoneelli, Robertson, .lf-ssup. Fecoml muy' Crittenden, Messing. Ropelewski, Robinson, Young, 0'Nf-il. Tfiirtl rout Coaeh llirst, Rust-hke, Lewis, -Xyres, Hulslander, George, liunies, Hirst, Hyun. Early in December, Coach Hirst switched from his football logs to his basketball suit and issued a eall for candidates for the l937-323 basketball team. The team had a fair season. winning and losing five league games. ln their only outside encounter before the Conference opened the Light Blue beat the team of the New York State Heformatory 35-20. The evening of Friday, January 7 found the li. H. S. basketeers in Oneonta where they auspiciously inaugurated the season by winning 30-26. Leon Rope- lewski and Hughie Crittenden starred offensively garnering ll points apiece. Johnson City invaded Elmira the next Tuesday and emerged victorious by the very slim margin of one point. lf. H. S. battled valiantly to the end but their inability to shoot fouls kept them from obtaining any better terms than a 30-29 lose. Elmira beat Eddie Peareeis lthaea team by the overwhelming score of 44--22. Hopelewski sniped the meshes for 20 points. This was of a Januarv 1 15. 92 The Blue and Vllhite did not play the next week, but on February 4 beat Union Endicott in a thrilling game, climaxed by an overtime period 36-34. Ropelewski threw in the deciding counter. Cortland's coming to the Southside Gym was disastrous to the Light Blue, as they were defeated 37-30. Bob Robinson and "Rope" each had 13 points to lead the vain Elmira attack. Oneonta avenged their first defeat by Elmira by downing the Blue and White 29-25. For the Light Blue, Crittenden scored 10 points. February 18, the Hirstmen journeyed to Johnson City with still a good chance to participate in the playoffs, but were beaten 33-28. Ropelewski was high scorer with 8 points. There was a ray of hope, however, when Elmira again beat Ithaca 27-18 in the College Town. Ropelewski did the scoring while Donie O'Neil and Bob Robinson did a great defensive job for Coach Hirst. The following Friday the team traveled to Cortland and were beaten in a very close contest 22-20. Ropelewski who seemed to be habitually high scorer for E. H. S. again led the losing cause with 9 points. In the last game of the season, Coach Hirst and the team bussed down to Endicott with a minute mathematical chance of ending in the first four. Inspired by this hope and led by Ropelewski who scored 20 points, E. H. S. defeated Union Endicott for the second time 44-31. Their hopes were blighted though as Oneonta beat Norwich and slipped in ahead of Elmira in the final standings. Ropelewski was high scorer of the team and was third highest in the conference. His final count was 4-8 field goals and 19 fouls for a total of 115 points. The men who received varsity letters for their services are: Leon Rope- lewski, Robert Robinson, Don 0,Neil, Hugh Crittenden, Burnham Sleeper, Paul McConnell, Keith Jessup, Clarence Messing, John Lemoncelli, Douglas Hulslander and Robert Ryan, the manager. The Junior Varsity team also enjoyed a good season. They won 6 and lost 4-. Playing with the ,layvees were Gustav Raschke, Douglas Hulslander, Frank George, Robert Lewis, Robert Hirst, William Herron, Raymond Eames and Paul Ayres. 93 INTRAMURAL The Intramural Sports of E. F. A. took a severe drop in 1937-38. The Interclass Softball League which had been running for about five years was discontinued as a result of the resumation of track and spring football practice. These two sports occupy the time of so many students that it was deemed advisable to cut softball from the Intramural list. The Interclass Basketball League. which was again run by Robert ,I. Habersaat was won by the Sophomores. This was the first time in many years that an underclass team has taken the title. The loop has slowed considerably compared to past seasons. For three or four years the interest in this league has run high but for some unaccountable reason it dropped heavily last year. The regular season ended in a tie between the Sophomores and the Seniors. This necessitated a one game playoff between the two teams. The other teams finished as follows. the Seniors and Diven Sophs tied for second place. and the E. F. A. and Diven Frosh also tied in last position. Thursday, March 24, saw the Sophomores defeat the Seniors in the playoff in a close tilt, 14+-ll. At the end of the first half the score was deadlocked at 5-5, but scores by Devore and Szerzen moved the Sophs into the lead. Members of the winning Sophomore team are: Baker, Devore, Szerzen, Mason, L. Smith and Seymour. Mr. Irlabersaat expressed regret in the apparent lack of interest and hopes sincerely that the league will resume its former standing in school activities next season. He was ably assisted throughout the season by studentsg Referees George and Young, Scorers Handler and Bennett. The Torch All-Star Team, team standings and the leading individual scorers follow: ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY INTERCLASS LEAGUE Teams Won Lost Percentage E. F. A. Sophs ..... ........ 5 1 .833 E. F. A. Seniors ........ 41 2 .666 G. M. D. Sophs ...... ........ 4 2 .666 E. F. A. Frosh ........ ............................................. 1 5 .166 G. M. D. Frosh ...... .......................... . .. ................. 1 5 .166 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Games Foul Total Player Team Played Field Goals Points Points JiBaker ................ E. F. A. Sophs 5 16 l Dombransky ...... G. M. D. Sophs 5 26 Zowko .............. G. M. D. Sophs 5 24 FDeVore .............. E. F. A. Sophs 4 24 J. Bauer ............ G. M. D. Sophs 5 19 Traum ...... ....... G . M. D. Sophs 5 15 FF. Bauer .... .............. S eniors 2 14- Smith ...... ..... E . F. A. Sophs 4 12 Patchaldo .......... E. F. A. Frosh 1 10 W. Smith .......... G. M. D. Frosh 5 10 Babcock ............ G. M. D. Frosh 5 10 Loomis .............. G. M. D. Sophs 5 10 ii Excluding playoff game. TORCH ALL-STAR TEAM F. Bauer ..... .................. S eniors ......................... ..,.. F orward Zowko ........ ............... G . M. D. Sophs Forward DeVore ......... ........ E . F. A. Sophs ...... ..... C enter Baker .................. ........ E . F. A. Sophs ., Guard Dombransky ...... ........ G . M. D. Sophs .. Guard Wilkinson ......... E. F. A. Sophs 95 Alt. QJWJWWWMWM. ,, W , krkkr V, A I GIRLS ACTIVITIES MEvery girl in a sportw is the aim or objective of the Physical Education De- partment of the Elmira Free Academy. It believes there is a sport or game for every girlfnot just for the few who excel. It considers that every girl-Whether she be studious, frail, gregarious, dynamic, or shy--should be given an opportunity to participate in sports according to her interest and ability. It puts forth the modern theory that there is a greater joy in wholesome recreation than in intensive com- petition which aims at championships and records. And so, an intramural program has been organized. This program consists of both group and individual activities to meet the particular needs and desires of some six hundred girls. These activities include soccer, volleyball, basketball. tennis, baseball, badminton, shullleboard, and ping pong. Golf, horseback riding, swimming, skating, skiing, bicycling and hiking are activities outside the school jurisdiction which are encouraged. Emphasis is placed on sports and athletics which have the greatest carry-over value, that is, an activity which will provide wholesome recreation and healthful exercise through the years to come. 96 Points for participation in hoth intramural and outside sports are gained. Any girl earning 75 points is awarded the block letter E. Each girl is urged to learn and to enjoy and be active in more than one sport. mln our work we make a living, ln our play we make a lifef' Another department that henehts the girls of the Elmira Free Academy is that of the Home Economics. The purpose of this department is to help the girl, as a member of her home and community, to solve her problems in social relationship to develop the girlis interest in her home, its functions and organization, and to give her ideas and ideals as a hasis for the possible foundation of a home of her own. The following courses are given: Personality Development. Family and Social Relationship, Nutrition. Meal Preparation. and Serving, Selection, Care and Con- struction of Clothing, Home Planning and Interior Decoration. Household Manage- ment, and Home Care of the Sick. 97 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Helmkamp Miss Jane M. Birchard Dr. Floyd H. Jones Mr. Mr. C. E. Killinger and Mrs. Dean Taylor Dr. John H. Burke Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schwenkler Dr. and Mrs. John F. Lynch Mr and Mrs. Sheldon Roe Mr. Richard Marlowe Mrs. Clara D. Munson Mr Dr. Dr. Mr Mr Mr Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. X WSW. 1 li and Mrs. W. L. McGrath and Mrs. John A. Bennett and Mrs. W. T. Boland A. L. Fidelman and Mrs. R. S. Heller and Mrs. Paul B. Paxson Morris Dreyfuss Arthur C. Glover Charles Haase and Mrs. C. A. Dunhar . 2 l SPONSORS Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr. Mr Mr Dr. Mr Dr. Dr. Mr Mr Dr. Dr. Mr Herbert W. Fudge and Mrs. R. 0. Gregory Leon Hamilton and Mrs. Harry S. Tipton F. Raymond D. Minard and Mrs. James Rupert and Mrs. J. H. Hunt .John E. Sullivan and Mrs. K. D. Maynard and Mrs. Stewart Piper and Mrs. John Ernest Webb 0. R. MeLaud and Mrs. J. Lee Kinner John P. Murphy James Melead Miss Helen M. Hibhard Dr. and Mrs. B. G. Voorhees Mrs. Wlalter Groff Miss Rena Rockwell Dr. and Mrs. George R. Murphy Mr. Claude E. Chilson Dr. and Mrs. Wlm. Cusick 98 Mr Mr SPONSORS and Mrs. Henry A. Keavin and Mrs. Robert P. McDowell Dr. and Mrs. L. L. Hobler Mr Mr Mr Judson R. Hoover and Mrs. John L. Fiester and Mrs. D. A. Cady Dr. R. B. Howland Mr Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Bray and Mrs. Donald J. Tillou Dr. Helen Elston Mr Wm. F. Dobberstein Miss Mary D. Condon Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Lewi Mr. lsaac Allison Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mathews Miss Kathleen B. Miller Miss Irene M. Dunn Dr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Blash Dr. and Mrs. F.. L. Curvish Mr Mr Mr Mr Richard Marlowe and Mrs. VC'illiam E. Palmer and Mrs. Jack Elias and Mrs. H. O. Deuel Mandeville, Vlaxman, Buck, Teeter and Harpending Gardner and Moseson Levy and Seeley Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Ott Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Smith Mr. George B. Ahn Mrs. Arthur Keefe Dr. and Mrs. S. L. Larson Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schornstlieimer Mr. Julius Epstein Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Peterson Miss Elizabeth Eldredge Mr. and Mrs. Emory Donelson Dr. and Mrs. Wferner Block Dr. F. S. Hassett Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Dale McDowell and McDowell Phillips and Carey Henry and Denton Mrs. Thomas J. Bolger 99 Cv f I x 'X 3 z 1 i . i X U A f X ...J ll ,gi Qi W FQ ' N L, Q G 7? ai 25 3 fi f n .Q Q Q if if 5 'L 2 E 5 E 'S 5. 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Vxfaslungton Avenue 1 I 402 SU1.1.1v,xN STREET f EIIXIIRA, NEW YORK Es Y ,Y L..-,. , . ,,,,,,,- ,, VISIT OUR NEW SI-IOWROOM On Your Next Shopping Trip We Cordially Invite You to Inspect our NEW SI-IOWROOM Displaying the Latest ...in... PLUMBING and HEATING EQUIPMENT AIR CONDITIONING FURNACES OIL BURNERS and HEATING ACCESSORIES ...also... A Complete Line of Deming Deep and Shallow Well Pumps and Septic Tanks on Display NOW you can have MODERN PLUMBING and HEATING on NEW LOW E. I-I. A. PAYMENT PLAN For Complete Details on This Plan Consult a Muster Plumber or Out Representative LQVALLEY, MCLEOD, KI NKAI D CO., lr1C. 215-221 E. Cliureli St., Elmira, N. Y. Phones: 6166-6167-6168 109 Congratulations to the Class of 1938 May success and fame he the guideposts of your future. ISZARDVS TEA ROOM has become Elnurafs smart rendezvous! After a busy morning at school plan to meet your friends for lunch or after 21 day of classes stop in for n cle- licious double-dip soda or sundae. Youlll like the cozy, chummy at- mosphere that prevails and the fine foods served at lSZARD,S TEA Room. Compliments of I S Z 3 r Cl 7 S Elmira's Largest Department Store 110 BUCK ELI. UNIVERSITY A C0-ediicntionni University with n background of ninety yearns' service to Arnericnn youth. QFfers, under its new program, a broad general education in the Hrst two years, freeing the last two years for concentration, pre-professional and professional specialization. There are over one thousand students enrolled. The faculty is Carefully selected, and there are ample religious opportunities. All athletics are organized. Full information on request. Please address I-I. VJ. I-IOLTER, Registrar BUCKNELI- UNIVERSITY LEXVISBURC, PENNSLYVANIA III COMPLIMENTS OF The Kennedy Valve Manufacturing Co. ELMIRA, N. Y. VALVES IIIIIE FITTINGS FIRE I-IYDRANTS I SMART W THE STUDENTS MARK TWAIN CHOOSE HUCK FINN RCCM AND I SODA BAR IJRCDUCTS I Q 9 and j SERVICE FO, Pmmlmy Ligl11:Refrwlome if of ICE CREAM ff MMI II2 In the Game of Business f Save . . . A young man was asked wliv lie saved. HNot fO1' Il swell IFIIHCYZII, not LIS ll CLISIIIOII of Sllflity, eitlierfl lie said. I'Ie was too young-too sure of liiniself for tliat. He saved to get zllieud, to get working capital. CI-IEIVIUNG CANAL TRUST COMPANY XIIZXIBER FEDERAL RIESERVIT SYSTIENI an al IIDIERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Elmira Tobacco Co., Inc. IVb0lemfer5 of Cloxlzs, CANDY AND Sxioxiauls AIiTICI,ES Elmira, N. Y. l Compliments RUDYS GREENHCUSE l RICI-IFIELD CASOLINE O O ELIVIIRA OIL CO. 616 VVu,i,1.xN1 S'rRi3i5'1' O O RICI-ILUBE OIL Bill IXIcDowell: Goin, around much with the women lately? Pinky VnnI-Iouten: Yep, my new job makes it compulsory. Bill: Wl13K,S the job? Pinky: Collecting fares on the merry- go-round. Tom Burke says he studied the Consti- tution for a year and just found out it's Z1 boat. 113 GE 6 FRU-JOY ICE CREAM EB E13 iwauzrfactured Under Scalzest Laboratory xlrztbrarizc Ifitnminom TVJICE SCREENED CONE CLEANED COAL ELMIRA COAL C9 1 Dia! 5158 323-332 PLNNA. Aw-. Fuel Off Stokers Charcoal - DRAKES - FINE IEVVELRY D1 memos Vv',x'1'ci1112s CLOCKS STERLING Goons Watch Repair Work 144 Ii. XVatcr St. - - XVQ Buy Old Golcl Ii0SENBAUM,S Sinnrth 'lCa1'olyn" Froeks for Gracluution and Class Day DRINK FAWN BEVERAGES Phone 2-1713 Elmira, N. Y. Borline Sechrist fmusingj: Yes, I was a freshman too. Yes sir, some of the happiest years of my life were spent as 11 freshman. Mi's. Taylor: "Vx7hen are you going to fix that front fence, clear?" lVlr. Taylor: UO, next week when Noi'- man comes home from college?" lklrs. T.: 'KBnt, are you sure he can fix it?" Mr. T.: Of course, he wrote and told me that he had been taking fencing lessons for a month." The Photographs in the T 0 R C I-I i Were made hy l l S Main and Water Streets Elmira, N. Y. .2 L. l. 2 2222- V - BEST WISHES PITTSTQN ANTHRACITE COAL KO l sEN1oR CLASS MANTELL Thames C0566 Company 101 YVoocllawn Ave., Phone 2-2551 , , T CALL THE Harnllton s l Vvhl S C ' Prescription Pharmacy ite tarfor Cach Lmes 13. F. Ryll, Pharmacist 3 414 N. Nlniu St., Near Thircl, Elmira, N, Phone 2- 1644 Swfvifzlg the pubfic for 31 yezzrx. Dmvors have fonfdcfzfc in this store Y. Safe, Courteous, C:O1l1l-OI'I1ll7lC, Charter Bus Service ut Rezlsonnble Rates NIZVV COACIHIES Stanley and fnlm flflckox, Prop. l Phone '--f fU1CHce 4loo, Resirlenee 8879 E 5o6 Acnrleruy Place ll5 I THE BENDIX T R E D ' C A P I Garden Hose Coupling I G E R A R D ' S fx I 1 6 I NVALLPAPER S PAINT STORE L2 Oc I T CONIPIETE I I 4 i I 122 Lake St. 'X' es. ,f' EXTRA FAUCET I ' f 5 . X ' X CONNECTIONS Imperial Wasllable Wzlllpzlper' 5-fsis 25 CENTS SNAPS ON EACH PITTSBURG PROOF PAINTS hi WATER TIGHT - XVONYT LEAK as smooth as glam SNAPS OFF IN AN INSTANT The Red-Cap coupling Snaps on to any gar- den or threaded laundry-tub faucet . . . water- Wallllide, Elorhide, Porchhicle and Waterspar tight . . . disconnects in an instant. You have A "Snap on-and-off hose service." Red-Cap coupl- Enamels and Varnishes ing can't pull apart-stands as much pressure W I as the hose itself! You can twist it freely 'round and 'round, because of its unique SVVIVEI. - I action! Use it in the garden, the laundry, on Window Shndcs Sprinklers, or to connect Several lengths of hose. Ask your dealer for a demonstration. ECLIPSE MACHINE COMPANY PHONE 2-0134 SUBSIDIARY OF BENDIX AVIATION CORP. I ELNIIRA, N. Y. W . . Complimentx right Electric Company Of WIRING-FIXTURES BANFIELD-IENNING5 SUPPLIES - RADIO W W SEEIIS BULBS INSECTICIDES W W PETS AND SUPPLIES II8 N. lwhin St. . ' 222 W. Vxfater St. I , TELEPHONE 2-0120 ESTABLISHED 1908 TOMLINSON TRAVELERS AGENCY 204-206 lwlerchants Bank Building CASUALTY AND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE SPECIALISTS Regional Agency For THE TRAVELERS The Travelers Insurance Co., The Travelers Indemnity Co. The Travelers Eire Insurance Co. STABILITY ,IND SERVICE UNEXCEIIEII 116 SMOOTH SAILING comes to every man or woman who atlcls to their determination to be a success in life-Energy anal the ability to spend less than they earn. The right banking connection is 11 real help. Build your accounts with us. ,..-.f ,W MN Nw First National Bank E3 Trust Co. of Elmira A M.-XRINI2 MIDLAND BANK fllember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FINANCE YOUR AUTO TI-IROUGI-I TI-IE Merchants Acceptance Corporation Elmira, New York BUY I-IIS GRADUATION GIFT FROIVI A MENS STORE G3 O B U R T' S IN C . 1574159 Nlain St. ROAD TO SUCCESS liinish high school Hrstgthen specialize. Ruler College offers this aclvice to young men anrl women who aim to enter the business Worlcl. It is basecl on 72 years of experience in training business execu tives. It will pay you to follow it. Litfmtzire on Request Rider College of Business Aclministration iroixniin 1865 TRENTON, N, 1. Bum: "Say buclclv, can vou let me have a dime for cup of colh-e?', Aft. Smith: 'AA dime! Wliy, I thought that coffee was a nickel." Bum: "Sure, but I got a rlatefx George I-Iamberger: i'VV'omen clon't in- terest nie. I prefer the company of my fellow menfy Cryska: "Shake pal, IQIII broke too." I I ELMIRA I CHROME PLATING WORKS 312 Ia. CIIIHOH 51. BI1111 l-21 , N. Y. ' I Plating of all kinds i M .W , I M. M RADIATOR SI-IELLS I -Itvx the Refreshing thing to drag BUMPER BARS 1 I I I I ' - 1 B td' HEADLIGHT REFLECIOR5 Elmira Coca CO a O mg Works IOB PLATING I I I T1II1-111111116 2-2116 1 I ILILIA B, MURPHY Sheehan, Dean 51 Co., Inc. EE G9 SIVIART DRESSES APPAREL SI-IOP COA-IS NIILLINERY LIINIGERIE G3 EE I ACCESSORIES 122 W. INIarkct St. INTERIOR DECORATION , I Q, EY Y A ,,,,1, E, E THE ADVERTISER JOB PRINTERY, INC. PUBLICATIONS IOI5 E cgoIxfIMI2IzctIAI. P R I N T E R S DMI 2fZ787 218 B.XI.I7WIN STRLIET EI.xIIR.x, N. Y. II8 Compfiwzcn Ls of Elmira Paint Co., Inc. 206 East IVHECT Street EIAIIILI, N. Y. If? N C f,,11 PIAA Line of LUCAS PAINTS, VARNISHES ANLI WALLPAPER Ilvfwzmff I ffff I Ifvmil 1 WIPIE IsA.RIsIfQI,IE I OF DISTINCTIONH Q Dixie: Barbeque Illfet Alpert and lVL'zl7' Diamonds Q? Q A L P E R T ' S CREDIT IEVVELERS mf oPTICIANs El . x IIRA COIQNING CoR'I'LAND BL'l.KHlQ.XD FOR 6 " 9 blue coal CALL CHEMUNG COAL CO. DIAL 6268 Lagonegrds Pipe Shop Dunhill Comoy's Cvrrmcl Slam Tally-ho Prior, by Snsicni PCICFSOILS l-l. R. l-l. by Susie-III Flame Grain, Kaywooclic 157 L.-Hill ST. Nliss Rockwell: K'XVlI:It was thc leader of Russia called?" Willf Larson: A'Tl1c Czarf' lWIss R.: Lhwlldt was his wife c:1llccl?'y WIIlt: "CzariI1a.', lvliss R.: "Wcll tlmcn, what wcrc the CzI1r's chilclrcn called?" Larson: LKCZHftllllk'S.ll S. M. Flickinger Co., Inc. QE XVI-IOLESALE GROCERS KN 13 Q7 Di5l1'i1m!0rs of RED 8. WHITE Pl XIIRX, N. Y, Compliments Of ELMIRA ARMS CO ILXIIPXIS MOST IN'I'lERIiSTING bTORL II7 N. Blain St. Dial 8128 Cnmjnlirncnts of Innes Restaurant 133 XXILIICI' St. SUCCESS to the CLASS OF 138 MN ,W Liberty Shoe Co Keuka College for Women YOU WILL LIKE ,,,,, the New KI:llK.X LAME Young Man'S Sitmzzcd SHQIJ IIN 'IIIIQ I5INGIi3fI..1XKI2 RIEGION at thc M,OllCl.11 NI:VV YORK BA. N 11.5. 131-gn-Q05 - 11ml Cm 35640 W 5,4 Apply ' I. HILLIS TNTILLER, Prcsiclmt lza MAIN fr. ELMIRA A SAVINGS ACCOUNT is one of the best assets ll young mlm or woman can possess. U76 corzzpozarza' your interest four times zz year The Elmira Savings Bank 218 East W11ICf Street RATHBUN HOTEL AIR CONDITIONED DINING ROOIX4 Featuring HARRY SPRINGER at the CUSHING MOTOR CORPORATION QLDSINIOBILE SALES and SERVICE Fox and Carrot! Streets New ELECTRIC ORG.-xN Elmira M NOW Y0fk EDGCOMB'S ELMIRA Tm? BEST PLACE To SWL ,,,, INSTITUTE QUALITY FURNITURE ELMIRA, N. Y. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER ROTA-ZOL COMPANY BENZOI- INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS MOTOR FUEL 656 S'I'ATE STREET ELMIRA, N. Y. INDEPENDENT DEALERS We Specialize in SPORT COATS - BUSH COATS SLACKS - SPORT SHOES CoMv1,,Ia1'E oUTF1Ts Fok CLASS DAY AND GRADUATION Iohn's Body and Fender Shop Soo East VV:1ter Street, Elmira, New York lux! East of .Madisoiz Avenue Auto Painting Simonizing Striping M A R K S 0 N ' S Upholstering Body Rebuilding Corner Muifz and llfater Tops Seat Covers Side Curtains Glass HERBERT A. TINNEY C0mPZfmf"f5 'T' FLORIST 'Y' of SHOE OUTLET Flowers for Every Occasion Featuring Hoffman at Clmrcll Dial 2-5656 QRADUATIQN SI-IQES PACKARD Motor Cars GroWe's Beverages W M NEWTOWN MOTOR CORPORATION THE GRADUATE I AND THE FUTURE GROTTO ROLLO-RINK SKATING Already you may be a Gorton satisfied Cus- tomer, if not, you are a potential purchaser W EVERY NIGHT EXCEPT IWONDAY here. May we extend to you now and in years to come: 69 Q5 Gortorfs Service, Courtesy and Re- 1 liability . . . Gorton's lexicon of EALL 2-9241 Foil PARTY good and nationally known Brands Q X . . . Gorton's own liberalized W RHERVATIONS Charge Plan, - EB G3 Om' Hes! l'lf"isl1e.v for flu' FllflH'C 3 Percentage Given on all Parties 1 to Schools and Cb ebe The Gorton Coy l W 5 l H. I-I. SMITH 53 CO. I Q9 Q3 I P. 8 M, SULI,IVAN GROCERIES Elmiralv Oldest Furniture MEATS I and Rug Store 59 Q9 y II5 E. Water St. l Corner Gray arzel Hoffman Streets Y I I QUALITY IEWELRY E1,c:1N XNIRIST VV,Ix'1'ciHEs GOLD Rmcns ' SCIENTIFIC KIRK STERLING SILVER Bob Baker says: To remove Hy specks, GWMH, Vdlug Alwayx tlirt and rain from the winclshield, remove the winclsliielcl. l Roger Rowley says: In Connellsville, Pa. ljxtalzlislzed 1893 214 East Waters Street he cliscovereal that the sun rises in tlie east, fry ,L . if 'MPH' if ' ' f ii ix IAHN AND OLLIER AGAIN" .X Wu, , A , it F Wy - ':iiiwiii' 41 I". ry it -' ,uf f 4 1 X , y R" Ng , 1 Q1 Q Repeafed accepfance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and susfained the Jahn 8. Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significance wiih each succeeding year. 124 3 Whether you buy goods or services, the important factor is craftsmanship. Knowledge and experience enahle us to offer Better Printing with fprompt, dependable service at reasonable prices. A A 7!ae0 ' Pam PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS Dial 6188 380-386 South Nlain Street Elmira, New York 125 :+L 7 1 i Zvi, ,Q fluff D 4' W N. I xff' I 4 4 ,f .- 1 ., L .A" ?, ' "i1.' . - I , 92 ' 2 ' L mf! lg f mf 'K' ls'- 54 J -ff M' If 2 W fpffffffff fix! if lf! if fjff? 35 ' 9 ', i f1 si 4 '1'57 -'- ' L 1 Q A H " X I I 1, . ' y, f- A ny xii- f . ' " ' ,f I1 g I J . 1 J , i 0 ' Z' 'Dfw M aff . vi T I . ,V X f I VV QQ: 7 X IZA! -X 'iE2 g.g if ,- N iii! g X f 5 -' ,'xl,-to A ' In-1 I' N X ,.f:17,V K. , x 1 , .1 J I 2' - gt 'ip . Xl 3 . ff , af 4. ' .. 5 'Iii e ff - ' 'V' , " - n X 5 ' , 4, , X.- i 1.12 -:Tv , is SQ! , E . 1 ' J ,- .C ' Z 1 lf! uw ' 5 A 1, W ff .X vu, . A X f I :gr - V . wg.-A h 3: gf. x " :iii V zip- ' . f - ' 35g.,.1.., , . Q ' 'Y 1 'J X' , :EEST f ' ..: i-ggi ,Q - ,pg -Y , , .46 5:-: ' , C ,Qi-Q K . L - 2111.41 gf, :Magi G fvhf- '. 'FQQQQ . i , 51: Q Q1 f aft 41'-, v 4 Ib" 1 K 3,3 Z r E 1 v. Q, 22.3.1 ' an f .. '7T4: . :',"?2v , ,,"':'i'?15r1L2"fgiag,.,j--. " ' 1 x'47A " 'l jfs' .. - ,, : ,f. , f , 1 'J 'Q1Q- R 5 T : , , , ,:g.- ' .' 4'-3 '5ff2"J1.rf'i7' -f" 'f' gg .4-gif-, 'i- 'hy-eff' - v f. - Y .5 ,Q ,gm-', .1 'Z gy. Qj' b " K - .V+ ,345 : b eg i n f i ! ! ii yfi l - '1 if 1 'w a rm :QE--5v.5xEL's4f-Tw, Ita-J-A1..'g... A-23"-!a:"'fh-.'4 3' ',1 I'1 il' FE .ELL . 4 .. . ily g y f. .j' - 4' g1'f5.1' 1"5 :lg mf- -.W 757555 i"',Jgv5-si, 1 -.Like , X:-,.'E'-J ,. " , , . , , . -, 5, -. , ., - -N7 q w ? i 5 +:.- Q :L 'f' 'H H L lf H L A-ff, v ffef. - 2 X' , w p. -fnwf ,Q .1 X . , ' 4 . -. 4 ' 1, .gn 1 . ,1-Lf 1 , :X .- , ' .-..q,. K if, IV. -1 . fb flfff A, 'A I 5" " . 1 . W Y 77 1 :,, , ' If X an ., A A , f . 1 ,, . 547. ,' A ' 1 v ' A Q 85 Q1 ' . 01 rg 1 , 6 0' .' . 45- N . Q ' 9. - ' ' -' ,195 . , 5.4 . iv. K. -'41 ,I Mig. l fe L ' - Ai. ani .V . fa? A Q "5 i V 3' :nt 1 MAH. , ,V 2. 3251 ' . w, fig 4 M- D gl f Egg? , 1, .,.L Px 1' , A F 1. 335 "Lx Q V X S ,gk .X 5 . . if V -I A I 5,55 ' L""' N gg, 5: 'fm . . Q5 W g , . 6 , W, , " , I gf .". I A yx gif, l S L . Y ,v ' .W fu 11-. gn, ,' .L H A L . up-, ., W - A P ,ugh 1 R ' J' 'I Kg A ai A ix ' J . X f Lv, I ' ' x A ,. 4 Q I cr? ',3',' I 1 4 .. YY is ' M - ,inf Q, ' LE -I-yn ,. ,Q r S r

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