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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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2' " l"'Y'21'.' Fr"-,'5'.'?Tf.f"'7., gtisffifi. . -'z,,, V, P4 RUAIN WIS IDR YOILR VCIYABI THROUGH HIGHSCHOOL H.M.mBARD. DME Cl-X E Em 193-1 12 11111 iiiiiiiibii THIS IS YOUR TRANSCSFTATI ON E.F.ACADVIEK NDRTH LAKE STREET. I ' 1, gg If 217gy,f"'V L J wa R 'jr ,- .. - M4 ,NWI ,l ,, ,'v5,15, 1 A-f 4, ik x r l 'HH ,f .iii 1555. .gl ,. r:.L,. ,,5- F- X-af. -V .5 ,H-f,-v ye V-, My .51 K. V .dp W Q, V: E1 ru., WAN, -.ku ,9f.,n1.-M57' '!w,4NA,:J, ..- ,rvgrglslw I A xx V . ff 1 . fy 5 i...A.g. a..1.,-...nil.'mLLJA.L2.5Lw, 5 .J .gL..4q,g,,.g.X.,.,.,g,,,,,. g,,,,,,..N..,.g4,'u:+,.,..,x:,.:-.. .:Krug,,,A:,-lf..-,5-,fA..'.i1f1,ug.: w.3g.eH.1l,..1-'L-.LLQV,.dLsL-:1z g,,3VLL,,,i,,g-,gMJk,ALg-irkg, . y ag TCDRCH Nineteen Hundred Thirty-Seven Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY ELMIRA, NEW YORK EDITOR 1 - f ELIZABETH BAKER BUSINESS MANAGERS 1 ELIZABETH GREGORY, ROBERT ISZARD -""' ...K Foreword X S we sail the .sea of life, may the "Torch,' relight the memory of the course we steered through high school .... Though there were stormy days . . . and days when we were hecelmed . . . we will rememher only the smooth sail- ing on this, our pleasure cruise. DEDICATIO As a small token of our appreciation of her wise and kindly guidance throughout our high school days, we, the class of '37, gratefully dedicate the "Torch" to our Patron Saint MISS HELEN I-IIBBARD TENTS FACULTY SENIORS OTHER CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADS Pictures in this book were taken by Redfield, Elmira The Engravings are by jahn and Ollier, Chicago The Book was printed by Commercial Press, Elmira Z I VA Q09 K 4 Q NI FRANCIS R. PARKER FOR three and one-half years the ship of '37 was guided and piloted through both calm waters and stormy seas by that loving, faith' ful captain, Mr. Parker. Each member ofthe crew had the privilege of seeking advice from this kind captain. His decisions, which were wise and just, were always respected. I-le was an inspiration to all, because of his fine intellectual ability his liberal ideas and opinions, and his sympathetic understanding of the problems of young people. DR. ALBERT H. HELMKAMP WE welcome Doctor I-lelmkamp as the new principal of the Elmira Free Academy. l-le has already proved that he can competently fill the position which Mr. Parker held for so many years. It is a difficult task which faces him but We are confident that, with the ability he has shown from the beginning, he will overcome all obstacles. I-le has shown his interest in and fairness toward all students and his unfailing efforts in their behalf have already endeared him to their hearts. We wish for him much success as principal of the Academy. DILLON A. CADY VicefPrincipal WE wish to express our gratitude to Mr. Dillon Cady for the interest which be has shown in the students during and since Mr. Parker's absence. His patience and will- ing cooperation will always be remembered and appreciated by the pupils of E. F. A. HARVEY O. HUTCI-IINSON Superintendent of Schools Gaul YD: adm!-an! f I r X 042, 7 l.BLlZT B. I-IL1.x1k.xx11', Ecl.D. . DlI.l.ON A. Cnw, BS., Pcl.B. . SCIICNCE ENGLISH Dillion A. Cady. HS., Pd.Il. 'lane M. Birehard, A.l3. Mrs. Sylvia Ii. Beranek, M.S. -lohn E. Colgan. ATS. Emory E. Donelson, Ed.M. Kathryn Daly, A.I3. Silas F. Parry, A.M. Mrs. Jeanette R. Deuel, Anthony A. Schwenkler, A.M. Louise K. Gamhle, I'h.M. Rose Kingston, A.I!. M'.y1'HI.:MAT1CS Dorotliy Martin. A.I3. Helen M. Hihhard. HS. llrflcc ll" Mfllef' 'NH' I Mary D. Condon, IIS. Glue 51' Tong AELQI A P A I El- ,I tl D I v AIR. I rs. wacys . ...nnti, . .1 ,KL ,fffff ,fn fffx ?q.1IfItil,HE51Lv ALB- Edna B. Stauternian, A.M. Stephen A. Prokop, AB. Mrs. Mary H. Stewart. HS. Mrs. Celia N. Stott. AB. Harriet I.. M'ixon, A.B. HISTORY Rena Rockwell, Alf. Mrs. Mary Il. Cacly, A.M. Frederick Leverieh, A.M. Mrs. Esther M. Loew, A.I3. Kathleen ITS. Miller, Ph.B. K' FRENCH Harriet Y. Kellogg, AB. ,lulia Y. Brooks, A.I3. M. Beatrice Espey, A.r5. Isohel K. Mark, A.M. ART Mrs. Helen VVinsor Katherine E. Younians, AB ,ll 7141-in-.. . . Principal . Vfcefprirzcipal E. GERMAN Mrs. Clara D. Munson, A.l3. LATIN Elizabeth Tashjian, A.Il. Lena R. Logan, AB. Anna M. Mehlahon, A.I3. Mrs. Gertrude Tatelbauni, A.I' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Arthur Hirst Breezie Owen MUSIC jean Christian, HS. COM MERCIAI. NYilliani F. Dohherstein, M.A. Mrs. Helena L. Landon. HS. Anna C. MaeInerney, HS. Irene M. Dunne, A.M. Elizabeth Eldridge, BS. Mary C. Mitchell Mary Scopes, BS. wt l wg y X emma W X 5 Q., f-Wu,-f ,fav-5, 1,...,5.1-',q,-43'i'1-sl-be 1' -- +1 g.m,v.6 -wx5n:i1,'-I A154-Y i21fj,Q"XwQ- Q'f ' S" . j..1,:., " . . ,1 -4 ,, 1, , L A ,,3 ,L fag, 5, 'jLf,, ,1..,3'- V .. -, f, f ' f'- 2. W , 2. ,, ,,.. , u w K, , , ,. , 1 X , ,kg fi ..'., 151 L- , lf ' f,:r1,,.,n,-mn'-, .,,,ff-1: ,,,fL1.'-gfi. ugfazagz' iw-1'?+.,g1"'1:y,,9 'f,eyfg4'f' H. - M y '-ir 4J4g .ii,.f61Qg I ,a L . ',gggiifgilfffx'+,,a'+,,:.'12,,-fgy', 322, gg, ,'.1l1'fgg-4, rrfgs wif: ygy-3.351 mfr'- . R 31359 f n, V , kg. " M -Q , msfzvf p ,mf U Q. , 5' '-A .4?3ijjf' w Q55 k V .. . , - ., f , , . 1- ,A . . , 15,7 ,. ,,1i iiggj .., V , - A y H1 A . ,,, ' :, 1 ,--'.. 'N , , . . A:-. - . , I.. wh' K .5 ,if -Ln. 5' 1 Wy., 4- K 4 .. ,. , y. W Af 3,1 "M -.- . , - . . ' f N .ff if ' q' In ' , ' z. K f, , 1 1 . Q Ln' , N - YYV..Y ....4, . ,. .4-.,.., A ,x , mf , 1 V04 2 H1 wig WSW 'wh-' 'V ' 1-Jvww 'fps W ,Qu gum-, m x v,u:5' zgmgegg-Q 3, M ,wer Xx' - ' .- ah 'RLS 'r . A ra i -E 1 J .M .4 . . :I , ,, -1 W I j -1 S ,f ' 43 1 J I 1 1 1 i 1 ,NH 2 .f 1 1 .,, 5? gg, , 5. gy .3 , ,,. wx. L2 M. 4 :fig-5.-j V. M .j- w Q1 J '-V fi,,- "1-4-,HQ N 'Jn - ' 51, ,,- , - ' Ax ,, . Fififglni?-,l.15v2ii A 3 1 1 ,gn--.' -L4 f1J',' , -. 1, - 5.2, 2,31 45 ",,1gf ' ,-J 1- -'A"fQj,'5L? 'THR' wif-55.-V-H Quli1rfiJ.f"'iaX5v?Z " AQ,7,1f"g. f"1v.',li, "r4'3'4'Q5 5 Rfb '- --v ' ' H' 1ff:,jg:-12 'Q :sz iii "iff,-,-,f g.,s.g,l1" 'P-'24-M gf: ja-,k'11'fv, Aj a'W 55, , -1 2 3 57 , Q fxqyg 4, 41 -mi P' ' Af?-' ' .,, - ' " . . F S ' . 'f i 'xff '1f S2." L+ -.f'- '1'f:'Wa fs: 1 , - . 1 fZy2J. A, -fve,43.,ecN,-In A - Pmvidwzr . . . ROBERT PIAHOXIAS If7icckPresizlw1t . . IXIARGARIQT I'I.XRDY Secretary , . Ioxn STLIEN T7'C'HS!47'L'7' . x7INTON STEVENS SENIOR CLASS Dear Classmates: I could Write Pages on the "glories of old E. Ii. A." but I dont think I shall. Of course we shall all remember the wonderful good times we have had in connection with this school, and I don't believe there is one of the class of ,37 that does not feel deep regret leaving, although we are looking forward to the things we are going to do and the good times we are going to have after graduating. Surely you will all back me up when I Pass on a word of thanks and appreciation to the faculty who have proved themselves real friends, always ready to talce a Iew niinutes to help any of us with our problems, in spite of the hardships brought upon them by the overcrowded condition of the school. I hate to think of the memories that the teachers will I-ave of some of us, myself included, but we will have to agree that all of our classes would have been less of a problem and therefore much more Profitable and enjoyable if we had realized the full importance of what Charles Steiuiuetz was talking about when he said, k'Cooperation is DOI a sentimentg it is an economic necessity." This seems to be one of our trustiest weapons in the hunt for that most elusive and most sought after of all quarries, success. Yours for lots of it, Ro1s151zT Tnoxms I7 CLASS HISTORY WE, THE CLASS OF 1937, are nearing the completion of four of the most exciting and eventful years of our life. It has been a period of mental growth for each one of us and the ultimate goal has, of course, been graduation, the most thrilling climax of all. The first stage of our journey was rather uneventful, since we failed even to elect class officers. Nevertheless, we became well acquainted with our surroundings and the tradi- tions of E. F. A. which prepared us for the future. In our Sophomore year, we elected Robert It-rome president, Mary Clarke vice- president, Margaret Hardy secretary, and Robert Thomas treasurer. As sophomores, we successfully celebrated a class day and gave an assembly. On the third lap of our journey, we chose Robert Thomas president, assisted by Elizabeth Baker, Frances Day and Robert Iszard. Gay red and white ribbons were con- spicuous on Iunior Day, which seemed to mark the beginning of real prominence for our class. The Inuiors collaborated with the Seniors to have a socially successful prom. Upon our return as Seniors in September, Robert Thomas was again elected president, together with klargaret Hardy vice-president, Iune Steen secretary, and Vinton Stevens treasurer. On May fourteenth, the Senior Play, 'LBig-Hearted Herbert," was presented under the able direction of Mr. Iohn Colgan. It was most amusing and met with huge success. The Senior Prom was not held this year, so the Senior Reception remains the sole social event on our calendar. However, Senior Day made some retribution for this disappointment, and the long awaited commencement is yet to come. Soon the members of the Class of ,37 will be making their individual marks in this world, backed by their friends and educators, the faculty of E. F. A. May they have success. 18 PI-IYLLIS ALLEN "Phil" NO. II MATRIIXIONY "The blue of her eyes Doth match the sleiesf, Cheer leader 3, 4. FRED ALTMAN EAST SIDE HIGH PATERSON "Much can he saial on hath siclesf' EILA ANDERSON P. 5. -193 N. Y. CITY SXVEDEN HANDICRAET 'KDignity is not lacking here." Stylus 3, 4 QTreasurcr 45. SR. PLAY AGNES ANDREW HENDY AVE. ELMIRA DIETETICS "Happy anal carefreef' Torch Bus. Staffg M3SqLlCfS 4. RALPH ANTELL NO. II CORNELL Ulllany, many friends has hefl l-li-Y 2, 3, 4 QViCc Pres. 4,3 Nlasquers 3, 4 Qprcs. 4DQ ln- tcr. Basketball and Baseball I, ZQ Torch Bus. Staff. ht ' 'Q S5 1 :F f- 5: g PI-HLLIP APANOWICZ NO. 5 UNDECIDED 'KA smile anel cheery word mean everythingf' CHARLES ARNOLD ucharleyu ST. PAT1zICK's E. B. I. HA friend to allf, FRED AVERY 'KB1ul" C. xl. D. UNDECIDED "To he or not to he That is the question." MARIE ARWINE Hflrryn sr. CECILI,x's E. D. I. 'zlificient and capahle quiet and truef, Girl Rcscrves I. ROBERT BACORN 'KBoh" No. 1 1 BUFFALO MED. MEDICINE "He contrihntes his little hit By his everreacly witf' 19 ELIZABETH BAKER 'rLiz,' NO. I I ARNOT OCDEN NURSING HA friend in need Is a friend indeedf' Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Mas- qucrs 3, 4g Editor Torch, SCC- retary Iunior Class. NORMAN BAKER MANS FIELD HIGH ANTIOCH ENGINEERING "To gain thy ends lay bashfniness asidef' I-Ii-Y 4. ROBERT BAKER HDoc" GLEASON CORNELL CIVIL ENGINEERING "I bear, yet :ay not rnncif, HARRY BALDXVIN No.2 UNDECIIJED KIUSIC 'KHoid the fort, fm coming" Glec Club I, 2, 3, 4 CSCC. aml Trcas. 35, Qpres. 45, Orches- tra I, 2, 3,41 Band I, 2, 3, 4. DOUGLAS M. BANFIELD "Ike" NO. I O ALFRED AGRICULTURE "Light-hearted and gay He goes on his wayf' 'Lg 5 ELEANOR BARNES Hspunkyn NO. 2 ROCHESTER ART MIIB ber laughter, so they say, That makes her known at E. F. WILLIAM BECKER "Bill" HENIJY AVE. CORNELL 'fQuiet and reserved." TI-IELNIA BENSON "Tbel" No. 8 ALBANY TEACHING K'Her only aim is to gain friendxfl NORINIA BERNAS "Normey" ST, PEIIER GC P.-XULJS ST. IOSEPI-I NURSING Hsweet and gentie, sbeyli rnaiee a good nnrsefl Biology IQ Girl Rcscrvcs I 2 fprcs. zjg Basketball I. PATRICIA BLAKE "Paz" sr. I1,xTRIcK's E. B. I. SECRET.-XRIAL tcClJ6L'Tfl4i7l65J can drive away a world of sorrowxf' .RTM IN IVE. f smxpu' s I he ' st spa klesfy I :I ucrs 3, 4, To 'ch Lltcrary Staff. DOROTHY BROWN "Dot" No. 1 E. B. I. sTENoGRfxPHIc,xL 'She has a personality ham' to heatf' VVALTER BROVVN "l'Valt" H. S. INDIANA CHENI. ENGINEERING "As hashful a hay as can he found, He wifi not he where girls are around." MARY BRYDGES HENDY AVE. EIAIIRA "Quiet hut not irllefy Biology Club 2, 35 Agora 3, 41 Stylus 3, Literary Council 3, 4. CATHERINE BUCK "Kay" G. xl. D. CORNELL DIETETICS "A pleasing smile will all hearts hegziilef' ALICE BUCKBEE "Tiny', DIST. 6 UNDECIDED "Vina, vigor and vitalityg She has them alff' Hi-Y 4g Agora 3, 4. ALVIN BUELOW 'salty NO. 5 BOEING AERONAUTICS Ullliteh study is a weariness of flesh." VJILTNTA BUSH "Bill" NO. 2 ROCHESTER NURSING K'TVhewf Late agairtf, Glcc Club 2, 3: Basketball I. ENTILIE CAMPBELL G. xr. D. LUCY XVHELOCK TEACHING Hfttst a quiet lass is she Bat who can tell what she may he?" Glas Club I, 2, 3, 4, Torch Bus. SHUT. IANE CANIPBELL HA1m'rey" NG. 2 SYRACUSE ARTS 'KLittle Andrey, iazighezt and laughed, 'canst' she knew sheja' graduate." Nfusqllcts 3, 43 Phi Alpha Kap- pa 2, 3, 4, Torch Literary Stag. LINDA CANTPBELL "TedU G. M. D. JOSEPH NURSING "All things Corrie to those who wait. Glcc Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Torch Bus. Staff. KENNETH CARR 'KKc'nr1yU NO, II CORNELL HOW own Eddy Dzzcbinfy ROBERT CARR "Bob" C. M. D. UNDECIDED "Aff work and no play rfmfees lack iz dnl! lzoyfy BERNICE CARROLL "B1inny,' SE.-YITLE BENTLEY "Lots of friends lead to szzccessfj NANCY CAUSER Hlvancey' IOURNALISM HA clever girl, and so petite Sbeys not derrzizre but very sweetf' lVlasquers 41 Vinclcx 3, 45 Torch Lit. Staff, Press Club 45 I-Ii-Y 4. CLAYTON CHANEY Hclrzten NO. I UNDECIDED 'KA merry fad who makes beizrtx glad." JOSEPH QHELY aloe., NO. II NORTHEASTERN Hrllisc'fJief lurks within his eyesfj Inter. Basketball 1, 25 Inter. Softball 3, 4, Inter. Football 4, Sr. Play. HELEN CI-IELY "Chill', No, 1 1 KATHERINE GIBBS 'ffl lizzsybody and so gay That all are fond of ber win- ning wayf' INTARY CLARKE "fWiekey,' NO. I I P. G. 'Everyone envies ber pretty blond lmirf' Nlasqucrs 3, 4, Phi Alpha Kap- P3 3' 4' TVIARY COOKE Ucookieu NO. 1 1 E. B. I. STENOGRAPHICAL Hperseverrince wirzsfu Girl Rcscwes I, 2. DELORES COSTELLO "Do DDU ST. PATRICK,S ST. JOSEPH NURSING 'She smiles for the sake of smiling, Anil laughs for no reason hut fun." Agora 3, 41 Glee Club IQ Biol- ogy Club 2. Pl-lYl.l.lS CDX NO. 1 1 CORNELL DIETETICS "Patience will overcome all things." IVIARY CRAWFORD NO. 2 B. I. "Quiet hut not unnotiCeil.n Library Council 3. HENRY CUNNINGHAINII ST. cEcII.IA'S UNDEGIDED "With his high forehead anrl stualious mien A hrilliant future for him is seen." FRANCES DAY 'KFraiIiIieH NO. I I ROBERT PACKER NURSING 'KHere to the girl with the heart anal smile That malee the huhhle of life worthwhile." lVlasquers 2, 3, 4g l-li-Y 4 CTfC2lS.IQ Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4 QVICC Pres. 3.53 Vice Pres. Iunior Classg Basketball I, 21 Soccer 43 Torch Bus. Stall. SABI DANNA "Sammy, NO. I N. Y. S. RANGERS "Destir1ea' to reach great heightsf' Inter. Boxing IQ Inter. Basket- ball 2. 33 Inter. Touch Foot- ball 43 Inter. Softball 2, 3. DOMINIC DEGAETANO HD07V1U No. xo ST. ANDREXVS THEoI.oc.r Ullfork is well done when t'is :lone with a willfj BETTY DENMARK C. NI. D. ROCI-IESTER NURSING "She has two aids to her suc- cess Her winning way ana' whole- someizess. Inter. Basketball I, 2, 3. ALICE DENNIS UDir1nyU No. 8 ELNIIRA Milly mind to me an empire is." Vinclex 2, 3, 4 fAssociatc Edi- tor 3, Editor 453 Agora 3, 4 Qpres. 453 Basketball I, 21 Stu- tlent Council 4 QScc.53 Press Club 2, 4. EDGAR DENTON "Denny" NO, Il .XNTIOCH 'KA horn leader." Band I, 2, 33 I-II-Y 2, 3, 4 flires. 453 Literary Staff TOICIIQ Student Council 41 Iunior Ring Com. QCIILIIFIHQIIIDQ Sr. Play. IANIS DEWEY UDe'L'e 1" L HENDY AVF. I ELMIRA SECRETARIAI, K'IViNing is she and eager to pfease, VVhat other virtues are hetter than these.3,' Agora 2, 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 4 QVicc Pres.j: Biology Club 2, 3: Torch Bus. Staff, Sr. Play. Q MARY DIGBY ..Djg,, NEXV IERSEY CORTI..-XND PHYSICAL EDUCATION "Fall of life and the joy of livingfy Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4 QPres. 45, Agora 35 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 fCaptain 2, Co-Capt. 33. INIARY CATHERINE DISINSKI s'I'. cAsIMIIz's E. B. I. HA sweet disposition, Aiever a frown, A heart of gold Two eyes of hrownf' ADRIA DRAKE I "D14eh,' NO. 5 ARNOT OGDEN NURSING "The girl with the firey topf' Biology Club I, 2, 3, Clee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Agora 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, 3. FLORENCE DRGLESKY "FfossieJ' ST. c.xsIxIIIz's BUFFALO IOURNALISM K'Nat1ire,.s chief masterpiece is writing wefff' Prcss Club 2, 3, 41 Vinclex 3, 4, Torch Literary Staff, Inter. Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Agora 3, 41 IX4asqucrs 4. IDA ETKIND Nldieu f No. I CORNELL "Her smaflness is in size alonef' Student Council 45 Masqtxers 41 I-Ii-Y 4: Torch Bus. Staff HAROLD EAI-IS NO. 5 YVILLIAIXIS ENGINEERING 'AIVe are such stiff as dreams are rnade off! KIARIAN EERNAN s'I'. CECIL.-X35 P. G. Hforward, turn forward, O time in thy ffight. Please make the hell ring he- fore I reeitef' Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Bas- kccbnll 1, 2. ROBERT FISCI-IMAN .IPOPU NO. II SYRACUSE f:IVbdt6'U6'7 is worth doing at aff, is worth doing wellfl Forum 2, 3, 4 CVICC Pres. 451 Press Club 2, 3, 4, MRSqllCfS 2, 3, 4, Viuclcx 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4g Inter. Softball 3, 41 Stu- dent Council 4, C-I-reas. 4j, Sr. Play Lead. ALICE ELANDERS "Polly" IIENDY AVE. ARNOT OGDEN NURSING "A true friend is a friend forever." Library Council 2, 3. IACK FLYNN Hloclen ST. PATRICK,S COLUMBIA "May he always he a great sneeessf' Inter. Basketballg Inter. Soft- ballg football 4g V. Football I. HILDA ERIES COLUMBIA ELNIIRA PRE-MEDICAL "Great works are performed hy perseoerancef' ELINIA GERE "GereJ' HENDY AVE. ELKIIRA LATIN UElma is hard to know bat well worth the egortf' Masqtmers 42 Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4g Press Club 3, QQ Vindex 4. CARLTON GOEBEL "Karl', G, M. D. UNDECIDED ENGINEERING "Right is mightf, Football I. ELIZABETH GRAHAM "Fritz,' NO, I I ELXIIRA ARTS "Those who say the least accomplish the mostfl Vindcx 3, 4g Student Council 3, 41 Biology Club I, 2, 3, 4 QPres. 453 Torch Literary Staff QAss,it. Ecl.lg Stylus 2, 3, 4 QVice Pres. 355 Press Club I, 2, 4. EVELYN GRANT "Ewen NO. ll UNDECIDED "A gay, happy girl with many friendsf, ELIZABETH GREGORY "Sis" NO. 2 ELMIRA IOURNALISKI "So fair she takes the breath of men away, Who gaze upon her unawaref, Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4 QSCC. 453 Ivlasqucrs 3, 4 QPres. 453 Co-Bus. Man. Torchg Ir. Prom. IEAN GRIDLEY Wg., NO. I I ROCHESTER DESIGN "Always happy, on the go, She has no time for useless woe." Masqiiers 3, 4Q Phi Alpha Kap- pa 2, 3, 42 I-Ii-Y 45 Soccer. 1! LYINI AN RID .. n 5, N 1 NNSLYVA A ' ff 'Mn farm ll? jo-ff Z' I-Ii-Y 2 as 4 1 17 . I Inter sketball, To Bus. Sta . ROSEMARY GRUSLIN "Grnsie" sr. CECILI.-VS COLUMBIA "It's a friendly heart That has plenty of frierza's.,' Torch Literary Staffg Vindex 2, 3, 4g Press Club 2, 3, 43 Hi- Y 4. IEANETTE HAMILTON nlimmyu NO. I I UNDECIDIZD ARTS "last an All American Girlf' Basketball 2, 3 QCO-Capt. 355 Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4g Torch Bus. Stafl5 Hi-Y 4g Ir. Ring Com. Powis HARDING 'fpollyl' G. XI. D. HAIXIPTON Milly best praise is tbat I am your frienclfj NIARGARET HARDY ..Pgg,, HENDY AVE. CONNECTICUT BUSINESS "Outstanding in the class." Stuclcut Council 4 CV i c Q Pr:-s.j5 lVlasqucrs 3, 4 QVicc Prcs. 435 SCC. Soph. Class5 Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 45 Vica- Prcs. Sr. Classg Torch Literary Staff. 1 IOI-IN HARE nlobnyn HENIJY .-WE. CI-IEXISON Hlobn bas a winning personal- ity all bis own." lntcr Basketball I, 25 l-li-Y I, 2. DORIS HARRIS HDorie'y NO. 6 EI.xIIR,-I MATHEXIATICS "An amiable, jolly way has sbef, Biology 2, 3, 4. ELEANOR HARVEY MEIN HENIJY AVE. ITHACA MUSIC "The countenance is the index of tbe mind." Orchestra 2, 3, 4. AGNES I-IASBROUCK 'tdggien A. C. IR. HIGH ELNIIRA ARTS "In ber eyes a sparkle beams In ber auburn hair it gleamsf' Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Soccer 4. ELEANOR I-IAZELTON 'ffosbu HORSEHEADS ARNOT OGDEN NURSING "One does not baue to be load to be admirea'.', Glen- ClIIb I, 35 Crchcstra 3, 45 Agora 4. GERTRUDE HENSHAW "Gert,' No. 5 .IRNOT OGDEN "Alever too gay Never too sail." Biology Club I, 2, 3. lWARlE I-IERFORTI-I Nlllarien No. I ST. IOSEPI-I NURSING "How goodness brightens beauty." Agora 4g Hi-Y 45 Torch Bus. Stall, GEORGE HERMAN "Curley" NO. 2 CORNELL ENGINEERING 'Smile and the world smiles with you." Sr. Play. NIARIORIE HERSCI-I 'Wlargen NO. 2 NVISCONSIN ARTS "Ami in the glances of ber eyes Ever ber heartxs good humor liesf' Hi-Y 3, 4 QVicc Pres. 45, Torch Bus. Staff. IUNE HILL G. M. D. BUFFALO NURSING "Knowledge comes but wis- elom lingersf, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 CVicc Presj, Biology Club I, 2. IANIES HOAGLAND ROCHESTER ROCHESTER CHEMISTRY K'His very loeart has music in itf, ELIZABETH HOFFIVIAN "Betty" NEVV.-XRK COLUMBIA IOURNALISM :'Her face shows deep thought." Torch Literary Staff, Vulclcx 3, 4, Press Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Nlasqucrs 3, 4, Agora 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4. ANN I-IOLLERAN No. 8 ELMIRA "Life is a jest ana' all things slvow it. l lloozfglit so once, lint now I know it." Agora 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, Vuulex fAss't. Ed. 45. WILLIANI HOLLERAN "Bill,' ST. PETER K P.'XU1.,S ALABAMA PHYSICAL EDUCATION "Prosperity may spoil me And all my troubles enloance Bat olvl lust send some my way, I think Iyll take a chancef, Basketball 4, Football 4. LEE I-IUYLER 'KI-lay" NO. 5 NEXV YORK CHEMICAL ENGINEERING "Iles modest as keys mildf, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra I Torch Bus. Staff, Football 4. NINA ILARDE ROCHESTER E. B. I. SIECRETARIAL "Sweet ana' petite, A combination bard to beatf, Agora 3, 4, Hi-Y 4. ROBERT ISZARD NO. II MICHIGAN AERONAUTICAI. ENGINEER "Happy am I the lioelong clay." Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Nlasqucrs 4, Pres. Student Council 4, lutcr. Base- ball 3, 4, Football 4, Trcas. Ir. Class, Bus. Manager' of Torch. IRA MAE LEWIS No. S UNDECIDEIJ HA cheerful heart has many friends." ROBERT IEROME "Bob" NO. 8 CORNELL 'TU not budge an inebf, Forum 2, 3, 4 QVICC Pres. 3, Pres. 453 Press Club 2, 33 Vin- clcx 2, 3, 41 Soph. Class Pres.3 Student Council 2, 4. GEQRGE IOSEPI-I 'fTarle" NO. 2 NAVY nf-Iis bark is worse than his bitefj Football 1, 2, 3, 41 Softball 2, 33 Inter Football 4. FLORENCE KAKRITZ HSfJrirf1p" ST. CECII.I.X S LYNDECIDED "The greatest IJIIQYSIIIAQ is a pleasant friend." AUSTIN KEITH "Keij5e" G. M. D. N.-WY SCI-IOOI. OF MUSIC ENGINEERING "Fair play is a jewelf' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 42 Biology Club 1, 41 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 4. ANN KELLY "Babe" NO 1 sr. IOSEPH Nuasmo 'klfetter to be small and shine Than to be great and east a shadowy," Hi-Y 43 Torch Bus. Stulf. ALLENE KINNER HAI., G. M. D. SYRACUSE NIUSIC AND ART "Learning is the eye of the mind." I-Ii-Y 43 Glcc Club 1. EUGENIA KOEI-ILER "Ewen NO. 5 SYRACUSE "A srnile that wins everyone." Clcc Club IQ Biology Club 2, 32 Agora 3, 41 I-Ii-Y 3, 41 Vin- nlcx 43 Press Club 3, 4. ELIZABETH LEACH Uliettyu IILNDY ML CORTI..-XND Mffer manner wins frienzlsf' I-ILQY 4. ELIZABETH LANGBELL 'Lizn NO. 8 UNDECIDED 'She is gentle, she is shy. But there is mischief in ber eye." VINCENT LEAI-IY ST. CECILIAJS CORNELL "Alf fm every inch a kingf, softball 3. GERALD LEEsoN ffGerr-yy, BUFFALO CORNELL LAXV "All great men are dying, I d0n,t feel so well myself." Vindcx 42 Sr. Play. FRED LEVALLEY "PowerhouseI' NO. 2 YALE LAXV 'KA smile for every fellow Ana' two for every girl." I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4 CSCC. 3lg Foot- ball 2, 3, 4Q Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intcr Baseball I, 2, 3, 41 Inter. Basketball IQ Intcr Track I, 2, 3. GEORGE LEWIS Hfishleyu sr. PATRICKJS CORNELL AGRICULTURE ., I assume my work, It consumes mef' I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Mas- qucrs 2, 3, 4, Torch Bus. Staff. ELEANOR LINDELL "LinzlyJ' HENDY AVE. BUCKNELL IOURNALISM "Gentle, laughing all the time, Vlfith each jest a smile suh- limef' Agora 2, 32 I-Ii-Y 43 Torch Literary Staff. CLARA LINDSAY NO. 2 ELMIRA TEACHING "Capable of accomplishing great thirzgsfl Agora 3, 43 Student Council I, 42 Bus. Staff Torch. CHARLOTTE LINDSLEY "Char" NO. I I coRTI.AND TEACHING "A true friend is hetter than silver and gold." FRED LOOMIS "Fritz" NO. 2 GREERS DIESEL ENGINEERING "He that inquires much Doth learn muehfl I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 4. ELEANOR LUNDY "Luna'y,' FIENDY AVE. ROCHESTER BUYING "To he content is true happinessf' HAROLD INIACLAURY 'II-Iam" I-IENDY AVE. H.-XRTRICK "I flare do all that may he- eorne a man, who does more is none." Football 3, Inter Football 4. ELLEN MCCARTHY 'KNapoleonJ' ST. PETER 6: P.'xUI.'S NAZARETH "l'Vee KNap, Wleffarthy, the gayest of all, Shes one in a million, tho! not very tallf, Torch Bus. Staff. IOI-IN IXICCAULAY HA 1,1 gieu ST. CECILIAJS BENTLEY FINANCE 'IA good presence is a letter of recommendation., I ROBERT MCDoNAI.D 'KHHPPM' NO. 2 P. G. "Plc malees it a point never to eomplainf' Football 43 Softball 3. RUTH IXICCRAIN Uflflicleeyu NO. I O ELMIRA NURSING "Full of hidden mirthf' Cvlec Club I, 2, 3Q Biology Club 2, 3Q Vindex 3, 42 Agora 41 Press Club 4. VIRGINIA INICINERNEY "Ginza" sT. I1,ITRICK's SYRACUSL IOURN.-XLISIXI nContentment can rear a gar- den in a desert wastef, Viuclex Staff 43 Press Club 4. CHARLES MCPI-IERSON K'Chizele" NO. I I UNDECIDED "lVhen Charlie and a piano get togetherj yoifve got something therel VIRGINIA MADDEN "Ginny, NO, I I MICHIGAN I.AI50R.xTORY TECHNICIAN "Twinkling hliie eyes and a freeleled nose, That is Virginia wherever she goes. Agora 3, 4Q I-II-Y 41 Sr Play Lead. ADRIA IXfIATI-IEWS 'Aden No. I I EDGEWOOD "All the hoys will heave a sigh When lovely Adria passes hy'.' IX'Iasquers 3, 42 Sr. Play. LOUIS IX4ATI-IEWS "Bad" NO. 2 CARNEGIE "I will make husiness a pleasure, And pleasure my husi- nessf' Biology Club IQ I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 41 Glce Club I, 2, 3, 43 Inter. Touch Football 4. ISABELLE MITCHELL "Izzy, No. 5 ELMIRA TEACHING K'Learn to smile at troiihle and half the hattlefv won." VVALTER RIILLER "Walt,' NO, II CORNEI.I, ENGINEERING "Happy am I, from care I'rn free, Why arenyt they all content- eil like rnepn I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 43 Stamp Club I, 25 Bus. Staff Torch. WALTER MILLS "Walt" No. 5 SYRACUSIL FORESTRY "Self confidence is a requisite of good work." Student Council 41 I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4, Forum 1, 2g Baud 2, 3, 43 Torch Bus. Stnffg Ir. Ring Com., Sr. Play. DOROTHY MORTON nDot', NO. II KIT. HOLYORE friend to everyhoiiyfy ELIZABETH INIOSES "Bet" No. 1 UNDECIDED 'cIVe gaze and gaze the more the wonder grows, How one small head can carry all she knowsf' DOROTI-IEA MURPHY NO. 5 ELXIIR.-X "Wherz it comes to doing Latin, shels way ahead of everyone." Agora 3, 43 I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 31 Cleef Club IQ Torch Bus. Staff. s i .Q V etlt, i v4 fi . '4 'fr MARY FRANCES MURPHY "ZIIiirivh" ST. CECILIA S LESLEY DIETETICS "Little she says But much she knows, And when she talks, Her wisrlorn showsf, Girl Reserves I 2, Library Council I, 2. FLOYD MURRAY nlfazoon G. M. IJ. E. B. I. liW0rk is work and rniist he alone, But as I work, I have my fun." Cleo Club 4. IEAN E I I No.5 I ELMIRA ' t ydzsix i'COl47lL'5l pleases much and cost 'tle." f , his it CONSTANCE NOTARTOMASO "Connie, NO. II FASHION ACADEMY DESIGNING "Duty eornes hefore pleasnref, KATHERINE OLNEY ..Kay,, HIENDY AVE. SYRACUSE "Brirnrning over with eheerf, Glee Club 2, Inter. Basketball I, 2, Agora 2, 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 3, 4. MARTHA OLSZGWA "fWarge'J ST. CASIMIRJS ROBERT PACKER NURSING "The secret of ber sweetness lies Beneath the dark brown of ber eyesfj HELEN OSTAZESKI "Osieiu ST. CEcILIA'S ELMIRA " 'Tis better to be brief tban tediousf, VIRGINIA PALLADINO 'KGir1r1yU NO. 5 ST. 1oSEPH'S NURSING "Candor is a great virtue." BETH PEALER HBetb,' KINGSTON AIQNOT OGDEN NURSING IICOITZIHIIHZ ebeerfiiiness is a sign of wisdorrzf' GLADYS PERSONIUS "Babe" No. I UNDECIDED "He that coraraandetb welt, sbaii be obeyedf, Inter. Basketball I, 3. 43' NIARY PFEIFER 'AFrar1nieH No, 1 PHILADELPHIA "A good companion rnakes good eornpanyf, GRACE PLATE "BiondieU S.-XGETOXVN UNDECIDEII "Confidence is tbe companion of success IOSEPH PUNZO 'KSqueales" ST. ANTHONYJS COLUMBIA "The greatest rnen are not al- ways the largest rnenf' Inter. Basketball I1 Inter. Soft- ball 2, 3, 4Q Inter. Football 41 Inter boxing 1, 2Q Basketball 2s 3, 4. IXIARIA RANCHIL NO. 5 ELAIIRI SCIENCE "Sine bas a stately grace? Biology Club I, 2, 3, 4 Qprcs. 2, 355 Hi-Y 3, 4 Qprcs. 451 Agora 4g Student Council 2, 3. FLORENCE RATHBUN HFIitl71Cl3U ST. P.-XTRICKIS ST. IOSEPHIS NURSING "A joyful heart rnakes ber a wortb wbile friend." MARIAN REAR ".MartyU R.-xI.DwINSX'ILI.E SYRACUSIE NURSING "Brimrrzir1g over with personalityfj I-Ii-Y 4. KATHERINE REAGAN "Kay" NO. 2 RIDER UA thing of lzeauty is a joy foreverf, AGNES REIDY HAggieH ST. CECILI.-X,S E. B. I. SECREILIRIAL HA sweet personality, A charming rrzarzrzerf' Girl Reserves I, 2. IVIARY BAILEY REYNOLDS Hlfeteru NO. I I PINE MANOR "Take lots of personality, Add a flash of verve, Heat results with heauty 'Beter' is the wordfi IOI-IN RICH KlC07ISl!llIlEI, ST. .fxNTHONY'S UNDECIDEII "You eliclat think lla' rrzalee it, hut I did!" Inter. Football 4Q Inter. Soft- ball 2, 3Q Inter Basketball 2, 3, 4g V. Football 2. ROSS ROGERS sr. IIATRICICS E. B. I, 'lliig words can he uttered hy any man, The praiseworthy one rloes all he eanf, EDVVINA ROI-IAN "Eddie" NO. 2 CORTLAND TEACHING '!They eorzrjuer who believe they eanf' Girl Reserves IQ Library Coun- cil I. KATHERINE ROI-IAN NO. 2 ARNOT OGDEN "NURSING" HCo11siste11ey, thou art a jewel." VVILLIAIXI ROI-IEL Hperehw NO. I CLEMSON ufvothirzg hirzrlers me or zlaunts mef' Intcr. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4Q Intcr. Softball I, 2, 3, 4Q Foot- ball 3, 4. DORIS ROLISON "Doe" No. 2 BOSTON IJHYSICAI. THIERAPY URl'IqI'16'W16'7lf is her nature and frienzlship is her aim." Agora 3, 4 CVICC Prcs. 455 HI- Y 41 Library Council 3, 4 Cprcs. 352 Biology Club I. MARIE RUTSKE ".Warica" sT.c13cI1.1.x's E. B. 1. SECRET.-xR1,xL "A feflow feeling makes us worlrlrous kirleff, ROBERT RYAN "Bob" sr. PATRICKJS UNDECIDED "Ba.v19fnl ana' shy, But a regular guyfy Softball I, 2, 3, 4, Iutcr. Bus- kctball 1, 2, 3, 4. INIARGARET SANGSTER Mpeg., No. 8 IZIQXIIRN BUSINESS K'A7ot too serious, not too gay, fmt reserved in every way." Agora 3, 41 Hi-Y 4. NIILDRED SCI-IIXIECK nrllily' NO. II UNDIECIDIED "fWildrez1"s very quiet arzzl shy, But the goal shels aiming af is high." Agora 4. IVIILDRED SCHONENIAN "Iliff" NO, I UNDECIDED '7lflilalred, so neat, I5 lovely arm' sweet." I-Ii-Y 4, INIasqucrs 45 Library Council 3, 4g Torch Bus. Staff. 3' MARGARET SCHXVENNESEN upggu VX'IfSTI:IIiI.I7 UNDECIDIED AATITIT .veholar may war the master. I-Ii-Y 4. INIAROARET SCOTT nscottyu NO. I UNDECIDED PRIMARY TEACHING 'iffetion must be founded on kfzoufledgefl IANE SCOTT NO. 5 UNDECIDED Hflrnbitiorz has 110 restf' DONALD SENISKI HD0n" ST. ciE1.1.-x's UNDECIDED 'ffl gona' companion arm' a firm frierzafu IOI-IANNA SENNEWAI-D ..I0,, CORNING ELMIIQA "Full of pep and spirit." I-Ii-Y 43 Agora 4, Stylus 45 Glce Club 1, 2, 32 Orchestra 3. SADIE SHEMOIN Hsaden ST. PATRICKJS E. B. I. COMMERCIAL "Merit is sure to rise H AGNES SMITH HAggieU ST. CECILIA,S ST. IOSEPHJS NUIRSING '11 will maintain bltmor to tbe lastf, Girl Reserves I, ZQ Biology Glub IQ Basketball I, 2, 3. MARGUERITE SMITH Peggy NV.-XYERLY P. G. "He is noble who performs noble deeds." Girl Reserves I 2 IVIARTI-IA IANE SMITH NO. II ELMIRA "By wisdom peace, By peace plentyf, PHYLLIS SMITI-I "Phil" NO. II ROCHESTER DIETETICS "She is gay and extremely pretty, And needless to say, quite witty." Agora 3, 42 Basketball I, 2, 35 StylIlS 2. ROSANNA SMITH "Sis,' NO. 7 BUFFALO MEDICAL "Cheer and good will dotb sbe send, A true and loving, loyal friendf' Biology 2, 3, 4Q Basketball 3, 4. BETTY SMUTZINGER Usmntzu ROSSITER UNDECIDED "Ponder long before you act." IEAN STAGE 'ileannen HORSIZHE.-KDS ARNOT OGDEN NURSING Mflt Rome, do as tbe Romans do. as Hi-Y 3, 4. IUNE STEEN "Steeno" HIQNIIY AVE. ELMIRA "Variety, that divine gift tbat makes a woman cbarmingf' Student Council IQ Masqucrs 3, 4: Senior Ivlusical, Scc. Sr. Glass, Torch Bus. Staff. IEANETTE STEFFEN ..Iid6t,, C XRRJS CORNERS UNIJECIDED NURSING "Notbirzg can be sweeter tban friendsbipf' Library Council 3. MARION STEMERMAN 'fstemmien NO. I UNDECIDED "Gently comes the worlol to those That are cast in gentle moltlfj VINTON STEVENS .,V!m,, NO. 5 MICHIGAN ENGINEERING LAXV "Van, the life of any party, Is always happy, hale and hearty." Treasurer Sr. Classg Hi-Y 2, 33 Forum I, 2Q Vinclcx 23 Biology Club IQ Torch Bus. Staff 3. A LORRAINE STILWELL "StillieJ' HENDY AVE. CORNELL DIETETICS 'KThey are rich who have trite f7'iEilfl5.U I-Ii-Y 4. IOI-IN SULLIVAN "Sztlly,' NO. 5 SOLf'l'HERN CALIFORNIA "A little biz shy But a rlarn, swell guyf' Forum 2, 3, 41 Football 2, 3. ROSENIARY SULLIVAN Hsallyu ST. CECILIAJS E, B. I. "Smile anal the world smiles with yoaf, DOROTHY SUTFIN "Sat" No. II MICHIGAN METEOROLOGY i'To those who know not, no words can paint, Anal to those who know, all words' seem faintf, Basketball I, 2, 3Q Soccer 4 QCaPtaiII 45. DOROTHY SWAYZE "Dot" NO. 2 CORNELL HONIE ECONOTXIICS nfin aeltlition to any school" Torch Business Staffg Hi-Y 3, 43 Vindex 4. ROSE TERPOLILLI 'KTripyU No. 8 CORTLAND TEACHING Wfhree cheers for one of E. F. Afs hest cheer leaalersf' Athletic Council 43 Girl Re- SCFVCSQ Basketball I, 2, 3, 4g Vollcy Ball 4Q Cheerleading 3, 43 Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4. ROSELTARY TI-IATCI-TER No. I UNDECIDED UA joyful heart, A winning smilef' ROBERT THOMAS ffT0mmy,, No. 5 BUCKNELL HI-Ie sioealeeth not, and yet there lies, A conversation in his eyesf' Hi-Y 3, 42 Forum 1, 23 Glce Club IQ Treas. Soph. Classg Pres. Ir. Class3 Pres. Sr. Class. ROBERT THOMPSON "Rohn No. II S. CALIFORNIA "He has an eye to h14sine.vs.n EDITH TIDD "Eddy, NO. II EDGENVOOD MEDICAL "Cheerful company xhortens che rnilesf, Nlasquers 45 I-II-Y 4, Ir. Ring Com., Torch Bus. Staff, Sr. Play. KENNETH TIFFT UKKHU HORSE!-IE.-XDS CORNELL LAXV "Friendly ann' mellow, A jolly good fellowf, Vindcx 4: Torch Literary Stalf. GEORGE TODD I3I.xIIR.x HEIGHTS IQNIJECIDED "Each has his characteristic, whether it is honor or cour- rzgef' EDXV ARD TROST .IEW NO. II COLGIXTE Hflhility and intelligence are certainly his, A70 wonfler he passes every qnizf' Stuclcnt Council 41 Glcc Club I, 2, 31 Eorum 4. , 'i If S .1 J . X eil ? 5 VICTOR IOSEPI-I TULECKI ST. CASRIIRIS COLUMBIA i'They conquer who believe they cunf, CHARLES UPDIKE "Chuck" No. I SYRACUSE ENGINEERING "Confidence is the companion of snccexsfy Stylus I, 2, Inter. Basketball I, 23 ClIccI'lCaclIng 4. IOSEPI-I VERBANIC "1 0-I 0" ST. CECILI.I's ROCHESTER 'KA man of courage never wants zueaporzsf' IEROME VAN BEN COTEN Ulerryu s. s. PETER fy I1.xUL's CORNELL ADVERTISING "Good counsel is better than a great armyf, Inter. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. IANE VVARBURTON UIfVf1rhieU HENDY AVE. ELIXIIRA DRIIRIATICS 'UTM fleecls must win the prizef' GITIST HI-Y 4, Agora 43 Klas- quers 4. MARY ELIZABETH WEALE NO. 5 ELIXIIRA BUSINESS ADIXIINISTRATION "Go hravely, go serenely, go augustlyf IfVho can withstand you thenfu GEORGE VVENZEL HENDY AVE. UNDECIDED "A cheery smile and twinkling eyes, In such a face good humor liesfl Eootball 4. ELIZABETH WHITTAKER K'BetseyJ' NO. I I NIANSFIELD TEACHING "Few delights equal the presence of those we trust utterly." Library Council 3, 4. TI-IOINIPSON WILLIAIXIS KIT07VlJ, NO. 8 HOYVARD BUSINESS 'II want to he your friendfj MARY ZIMINTERMAN AZ., HENDY AVE. ELMIRA NURSING "Quiet and witty, with a peaceful charm. To know her certainly does no one harmf, KATI-IERYN BUTLER nlfayn ST. CECILIAIS E. B. I. HI would help others out of fellow feelingf, Girl Reserves IQ Library Coun- cil 2. NORMAN CURTIN I-IENDY AVE. E. B. I. KcHe's started for the top." Glee Club 3, 4. IUSTIN EDWARDS .flmin No. 8 COLUIXIBIA "He is quiet, he is shy, But the devilys lurking in his eyefj ROBERT FIX 'Bohn No. 8 ALABAMA PHYSICAL EDUCATION "VVork,s alright, hut let me say That fd rather mix my work with play." RICHARD FORREST "Dick" HENDY AVE. MICHIGAN CHENIICAL ENGINEERING "Columbus discovered America in 1493. Besides that, all the history I know chiefly concerns just mef' IOSEPI-I HAYES 0106, ST. P.-XTRICKIS FORDHARI "Firm of purposef, FLORENCE HERNE "Flops" CORNING UNDECIDED "There is rnore here than meets the eyef, Glee Club I, 2, 33 I-Ioeky I, 23 Inter. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Inter. Baseball I, 2, 3g Usher Club. ROYCE LUCE DUNKIRK P. G. "His shy disposition Doesn't hlocle his anfzhitionf' MILDRED LUNNER "Millie" No. 1 E. B. I. HA faithful friena' is a strong defensef, Girl Reserves I. VIRGINIA MARTIN 'KGinger,' NO. I POLLY TECH. 'KHer cheery smile wins many hearts? Stylus 3, 4, Girl Reserves I 2. WALLIN PETERSON "Wally,, NO. II MANLIUS K'He overcomes all ohstaclesf' I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA SLOAN 'Il inn yu DETROIT MICHIGAN "For a newcomer, she has gotten along very wellf, SALVATORE SPALLONE "Chip" NO. 5 UNDECIDED UA champion in sportsf' Inter. Basketball I, 2, 3, 49 Inter. Softball I, 2, 3, 4. IAMES SNOWDEN No. 8 UNIJECIDED UI talee what I want- Thas are all gains achieuezlf, Inter. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Inter. Softball 3, 4. LORENZO TAYLOR No. 8 UNDECIDED 'ADcterrnination is the way to saccessf, Forum 2, 3, 4. MILDRED XVILLIAMS "1WilIie" No. 1 UNDECIDED "A faithful friend is better than gold." 40 WE, the Class of '37, now that we are leaving the Elmira Free Academy, wish to express our gratitude to the faculty for the unceasing help and interest shown us. Their patience and thoughtfulness will be remembered and appreciated. X7 IJ 'S xd Ji? x W X N 01 EY' 0 M855 ES l,re5irlwzt . . . THOMAS GRYSKA L!iC6fI77'65fL!l?I'll . IANE THJTON Secretary . . . . JEAN ROE Treasury? IAXIES SCI-IIEFIEN ,A -4 , l 6 . px, VP aafl IUNIOR CLASS FOR THE THIRD coNsEcU1'1vE YEAR, the Class of 1938 has been organized and active in all school affairs. This year the class has chosen as their leaders, Thomas Gryska, presidentg 5 lane Tipton, vice-presiclentg lean Roe, secretaryg Iames Schiefen, treasurer. l l 1 The Hrst thing the class undertook was the selecting of the class jewelry. An able committee was chosen and immediately plans were made. The committee was composed of Frances Detamore, chairman, assisted by lxflarguerite Flanagan, Nlarguerite Cieri, Willard McDowell and Donald Groff. Now the Iuniors a eagerly looking forward to Iunior Day which promises to be a l colorful affair fo f the school year. E . flfl WCM ' 1 .f4 . . , ky, X A ' ' , QM., ,, , , V, kffiifww, k , A - f , -,, .V LW' ,L - ,wffwm-Sifal' fra -J A,-, ,,f,7,,,,.,- ,., It ww If' L ' ' " ' ,Q 'wyifs I 'V ' in ' ' A ' , ' U 'ir11'A1T'ELll,Eiii' ' M W iid' f I I ' 'fav . , W Q -4 , A :.,:: A - I'rff5ia'cnt . Ali'I'HlIli SXIITH Viva-I'rem!wfzz . LII.I.I.'XN CiOI,l.INS Svrraznry . , . lkffxlzllz Byxxuiv Trcfmfrer . . Iosuvn HLYIQHQY 46 SOPHOMORE CLASS NVE, THE SOPHOMORES OF E. F. A. feel that we have accomplished much this year, in acquir- ing knowledge, Participating in athletics and school activities, and in gaining new and valued friendships. After we have acldecl this year to our lives we will remember it in the future as one well-filled with reminiscenses. Early in September, the class electecl Arthur Smith President, assisted by Lillian Collins vice-president, Nlarie Bailey secretary and Ioseph Hurley treasurer. The Sophomores who will soon be the Seniors of '39 wish their fellow-stuclents success and happiness in their future years. 47 f . , U ., X4 : 9 nv W' we M WQW 'fy1,,wf,,J-01 1, K' X 1 . bf , f I 0 x -- 37 if" 'QU if .f J JJ if 'u 1 aw .N Z 75 ,fs - "".K X ig A X 1 5 K . -f . 4-1 Wifi . -4 pf. wwg 1 ' ,k,'i1 - H 4,4 f ,Vf ffiwmf A'V' ' My Wx I 'RA ' . Ny X ff' 'w X fi f, f , lt M5 Qu bf C " . . J" -'W , f' if ij 'X L 35,3 PA 02754, E I il J ' ,Ili-1. . 31 ' lufu S5 J, Q X - , wx ' ,President . ..,..., . ,.,.. HAINLS Gkluuix' - - . - A I I ' , l 2 -'ju' gY7lC6'-lJ7'6'.Yld6'!1l . . SARAH HCJFFKI.'XN K -' 'mfg ' : ----Sf'crezary . . , . . . BLTH Blfmug L ' wh , r . ' K- ' Q -Q LTrmsurer . . . . lX'1.u'lz1c'L 5Hl:PHkRD ' , J A-, , 'K i 9 v 4 5 , 64' Q -1 fr ff" 1-, Q, X fs ' 'Y . 1 sb f . 1- " V' ' V 1 N , K L, ' A 1, ,V - kfmxx X R13 as 83 , S.. E H , xr, X, 3 5 1 f ' . , H' ' v LX If X 48 fi X Af ,K Q if., I FRESHMAN CLASS IN SEPTEMBER, the Freshman Class arrived to join the students of Elmira Free Academy hoping, hot only to be happy with them, but also to gain sufficient knowledge that they might become as brilliant as the upper classmen. Later on, the class elected its ofHcers for the year. Freshmen activities, however, were somewhat restricted owing to their youth and inexperience, particularly in athletics. Never- theless, they showed Promise for the future not only al ng educational lines but also in their interclass workouts. I .f QWQ l f i X 0 X 5 49 A CTW WWE Tliird rn'zc: liclwarcl Trost, Kenneth Ranchil, Donald Groiiif .S'i'mi1u' m'zu.' Martha Coykendall. XYalter Mills, lirlgar Denton, Robert Jeronie. ,lanies Scliiefen, Frances Detaniore. l:Ill'.ff 1'fm'.' lflizabetli Graham. Robert Fisclunan, Alice Dennis, Robert lszard, Klar- garet Hardy, clara Lindsay, Judy Ritter, STUDENT CGUNCIL President . . . ROBERT lszixun Vice-President . . lxrf.-XRGARET l'l.-XRDY Secretary . . ALICE DENNIS Treasurer . . . ROBERT FISCHNITXN As THE HUB or THE XVHEEL about which the activities of the Elmira Free Academy revolve, the Student Council has very successfullv guided the destinies of the student bodv this vear. The Council sponsored the Hrst school social event of the term, the fall carnival, at which a witch and a wizard were chosen to reign over the festivities. ln collaboration with The Vindex, the Council arranged the E. F, A. Varieties of 1937, a show which was enthusiasricallv received bv the student bodv. Another carnival, held in the spring was also the result of Student Council work. ln addition to bringing many interesting assembly speakers to the E.,F. A., the Council has proved itself to be an efficient, valuable organization in directing the affairs of the school. 52 .bll'l'0l!lI' 1'n:I'.' Margaret Hardy. jane liainpbell. Virginia Rowlby, lidgar Denton Walter Mills, Eleanor l.indell. Nancy Hauser, First rn-rw Rosemary Gruslin, Elizabeth Hoffnian, Kenneth 'l'il'ft, lflizabeth Baker Elizabeth Graham. Florence Drolesky, Mary Zirnmernian. TORCH LITERARY STAFF Edizor . . , .,....., ELIZABETH BAKER Assismflz Editors . . KENNETH TIFFFT, ELIZABETH GRAHAM Arr zlfluisnr . ...,. Mas. HELEN WIINSOR Faculty fldvism' . . MR. ANTHONY ScHwENIiI,ER., Literary ,-1a'w'sm- .......... Nlks. IEANETTE DECEI, THIS YEAR, the Literary Staff has tried to develop some different ideas for the Annual and we sincerely hope that they meet with approval. VVC wish to thank Nlrs. Deuel for her help as faculty adviser and Nlrs. VVinsor as art adviser. VVe also are grateful to Xlr. Schwenkler for his untiring interest and aid in out behalf. Also, to Elizabeth Graham and Kenneth Tidt, we are grateful for their line work. The Literary Statf and Business Stall have combined to edit this book which We cer- tainlv hope vou'll enjov. 53 Illini' 1'n-ze: Ralph Antell, l.yn1ztn Ciridley, Rohert Villllllllliii XYztlter Miller. Swrwnzal rose: ,lnne Steen, Uorthezt Klnrphy, Elma Gere, llnrntln' Swaze, Jeannette Hamilton, Marjorie llerseh, Clara Lindsay. irsf rate: Mildred Sehoneinan, Agnes ,rXndrews, lillen Mellzn-thy, lilizaheth Gregory, Robert Iszard, lfdith Tidd, Ida Etkind. TORCH BUSINESS STAFF E1,i7.-xBt2TH GREGORY C0fl3l4Sf?1C'5,Y rllfzrzaqfrs . . . Q ROBERT lszrxxn Faculty Advisor . . lxllx. KXNTHONY SCHWENKILR THE TORCH Besnwisss STAFF extends its sincere thanks to Mr. Anthonv A. Schwenkler for his indispensable advice in the organization of the IQ37 venrboolc. Also to Elizabeth Gregory and Robert lsznrd the stall expresses its deepest xlpprecizt- tion for their earnest etlorts in making this book a success. The members ure grateful to the entire Senior Class and to the local merchants who have so generously cooperated. 54 Tlzird rwztif Lawrence Roush, Bernard lmniiis, Donald llmoiiiis. Rwhert l3uartlman, Erlwarcl Sehcrist. lmuis Miiscrigrwsca, .S'urmzd rwzt'.' Mary Klusinary. Maria Ranehil, Durthea Xlurphy, Ann Curran, Marion Sharp. Mary Nlaleulni. Betty Dart. Iirmzt mzu: liiline lflliut, Betty HoH'inan, Kenneth Ranchil, Mrs. lieranalc, lilizaheth Graham, Myra Gillette, Genevieve U'l.earx. BIOLOGY CLUB Presidcfzt . . . EIIZABETH Gie,xH.xxi.. Vice-Presm'wzt . . . KENNETH RANCHII Secretary and 7i7'l'.cI5ltI'l'7' . . . . DORIS H.'XlillIS Faculty Advisor , , Nhzs. SYINIA Brlzxxrxx THL BIOLOGY CLUB is now completing its eighth year of activitv in the field of natural science. During the past year, it has tried to make the meetings educational as well as social, bv having speakers discuss special topics. Durinff the vear, new menihers have enioved icnic suv ers, theatre and swimminff , A tv . l . ,P IP n :1 parties in the companv of the old members. The main event was the annual dinner dance at which the officers for next year were installed. 55 fi1IlI'tI, rote: 'flioinas iiryska. Rolmert Swift, XYeston Jayne. liclwarcl Trust, XYilli21m Youngstroni, Lorenzo Taylor, llocline Seclirist, Irving StClIlIllCl'lIl?1ll, Donalrl firoiif. Vfrflllf row: Barton Davis. fit-urge Alley. Robert Salmon, Norman lfairluanks. George ll1lg'llCS, Etlwarcl Rutan. Robert lhsliop. l'i1'.vt mtv: Joseph lfrieclinan. Harry Clarke. James Scliiefen. .lolin Sullivan. Robert l7isclunan, Kenneth Ranelnl, liclwin Seclirist. lfarl jones. Davicl XYl1itc. Prwiflwiz . . . ROBERT IEROXIIE l7fC6'-IJl'!?5illL'lIl . . ROBERT FIscHx1,xN Secretary . . . . KENNETH R.-XNCHII. Trc'a.v14rt'r Ist tcrwz . . IOHN SULLIVAN Tuwslfrcr 21111 term . . ........ IAXIES SCHIILFILN UNDER THE c.'xP,xB1,i5 t.ii1n,xNcI2 of Dr. A. B. I-Iclmkamp, l:OI'llII1 has enjovctl a successful vear. The club was cliviclecl into f-ive teams which flt-lmml each other on suitable topics. The team which etnergccl victorious most oftcn rcccivetl an award at the encl of the vc-ar. Forum accepted a challenge from I-lorncll High School to tlcbate on Nfarch 24. A committee was also appointed to schedule for clt-hates with other schools in an effort to icvivc the interest in this cclucational sport. As a crowning feature to a highly fruitful vcar the annual Forum banquet took place carlv in the spring, Forum can look hack over last year with much satisfaction tlerivctl from its splenclicl debates and discussions. 56 Ifuzzrlfz rwru: Ruth Mcfirain, .Xrlizl Drziku, Maria Ranchil. lfthcl l.zu1gu'm'tliy. -lanis Dcxx'cy, Jane XYarhurtmi. Tliirff mis: Judy Ritter. liathryn Olncy. Durthca Murphy. llctty Hntifnizzii. lilczninr Hazclton. Margaret Sangstcr, lflnrciicu llrulysky. Savilla Tuttle, Iva llrutz. Sfffllltf 1'fm'.' Mary llryclgcs. liugcnia linchlcr, Phyllis Smith, -lulmiiiiu Scnncwalcl. Shirley Dunbar, janicu Schivzznc, liluzuinr Macliwen, Anno llaslmnick. Anne Hnlleran. lfzfvf 1'ni.': Nina llarrlc. Alice lluckhuc, Clara Linclsay, Duris Rnlismi, Xlicv Dennis. Pauline Little. Miss llurutliy Martin, Ruth Ann Youngstrum. Q1ZllllCTlIlL' lmgan. AGORA 1Jfl'5If!L'I1l , . . ALICl2 Disxxls l'YfC'tk-PFl'5Ifl611f . . . . DORIS ROLISONH S!'!7'f'lH7'3' zlillll Trczzsfzrw' . . . . l7.xL'I,lNI3 LITTI 1- Sfl11lf'iIf Cwzfzcif Rc'p1'Uxf'11tfzliL'z' , .... CIARA LIXIJSXY Ffzmlzy Advisor ...... . fxllss DOROTHX' lX'l.XR'I'IN DURING 'uni 1,.xs'r YEAR, AGORA has lx-cn va-ry active in school activities. ln thc first sum-su-r, fifteen ncw mcnihc-rs wcrc initiutccl into the clulv. Sinus than it has fcaturcrl infornml all-lxircs, spa-lilac-1's unrl rliscussions. The annual linriini-Agoixi mlclxitr is now being plunncnl. This yan' Agora sponsorul thc selling of li. A. Pins in golcl, lnluc :incl whitc to nnclu1'classnu'1i. Thu Cluh lvought new pins for its own l11L'IHl5C1'S. 57 Third rote: Larry Bickford, George Alley, Lyman Gridley, Robert Fischman, Charles Yan Houten, Marshall Lowman. Second rote: Eugenia Dow, Betty Hoffman, Frances Detamore, Suzanne Noble, Alice Fean, Virginia Bowlby, jane Campbell, Adria Mathews. First Vastu' Frances Day, Mary Clarke. Margaret Hardy, Ralph Antell, Elizabeth Gregory, June Steen, Jean Gritlley, Constance Davis. MASQUERS President . . . ELIZABETH GREGORY Vice-President . . . . CHARLES X7ANl"IOUTEN Secretary and Treasurer . . LAWRENCE BICKFORD Miss MARK Faculty Advisors . . NIISS DENEEN TI-us PAST YEAR has been considered a successful one for MGSQLICYS. Many new members were admitted after tryouts in December. Plays, reviews and dialogues have been given at the meetings at the Steele Nlemorial Library. At a joint meeting with the Southside Dramatics' Club, Nlasquers presented the play, 'AThree's A Crowdfy In Nlay, they put on their annual play. Pleasure and practical knowledge of dramatics have been both given and received by the members during the year. 58 Third rn'z1'.' Lawreiice Roush, Bodine Seehrist, VValter Patterson, liclwarrl Hare, Louis Kluecigrosso. Swnrzd 1'n-zu: Mary jane Hager, A111121 Yan Dyke, Marilyn Smith, Mary Malcolm. X irginizi firesa, Johanna Sen11awal1l, lfleannr MacEwen. K Firsf zwmx' Marie Bailey. Elizabeth Gralizmi, Indy Ritter, liila .'XllilL'I'SUll. -lane Sterling, Ruth Yincent. Margaret Yan Deren. STYLUS CLUB Prexiziezzz . . . IUDY RXTTIQIY Vice-Presidwzt . . . . EDWARD H.XlZl3 Secretary and Trmsnrer . . IANE STER1.1Nc3 THE STYILS CLUB has been hnsy making signs for 1111- Clll'I1lYL1lS and school cluhs. In Octol her, L1 banquet was helcl for the new members and at Christn1as, the club lllkllli' Cl11'istm11s cards for the members' use. During the year the work of rhc members has been posted in rho hulls of the school. On St. P11t1'ick's Day, a party was held in a local a1'tist's stuclio. Several speakers have been the guests of the clnh und the members lmve C0llU'll3llfCLl talks at the meetings. 59 Illini rote: fatlierine Logan, XYilma Maynard, l.incl:1 Lfznnphell. Adria Drake. Marian Campbell, jane Kiehl, Betty Kies, Sally Berger, .lean Temple, Miriam Tron'- hriclge. Snmiizl I'n-zu: l.aYalle Dickinson. Esther XYeleh. listher .-Xiirlrews, Rita Des jarclins, Jeanne liniery, Dorothy King. Majol vlohnson, Mary Ruth Gill, Emilie Camplnell. I'r'.vf ro-rt': lva Hretz, Veronica ,IaiiImwti, ,Xhna Keeney. Margaret Yan Deren, Miss Christian, ,lane .eXustin. Marie Hailey, l.illiz1n Rosen. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB President ...... , lXlARG.XRET VAN DEREN Secretary and Treasurer . . . . JANE AUSTIN Director ........ . . IX-liss lux CHIzIsTI.xN THE GIRI.S' CvI.EE CLUB has IIOI only had a great deal of fun singing this veur but has been working diligently. The main recreational event was ll swimming Partv and later on thev entertainetl the new members. Following the usual proceclnre, they presented a cantata, HThe Child lesusf' at Christmas time. They sang l'The Fur l-lorizonf' at Park Church in Nlnrch. The Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs of the Southside High School and the members unitetl for this event. To conclude the Program for the year, the members gave a concert in the latter part of Nlnv. The club feels that it has ticcomplishecl ai great deal this vear ancl is looking forwnrcl to the activities of next veur, 60 Third ruzv: Frances Detamore, Suzanne Nnhle, lingenia Dow, Alice lfean, Elma Gere, Ruth Ayres, Barbara O'Xeil. .S't't'm1d riizusvlaiielfanipbell. Marian Fernan, Agnes Hasbrouck, ,lean firirlley, Mary Clarke. Geraldine Keavin. Rose Terpnlilli. First ro-zu' ,lane Stowell, Margaret Hardy. lilizabeth Gregory, Mary Digby, Frances Day, Jeannette Hamilton, Elizabeth Abell. PHI ALPHA KAPPA Presiderit . . N"l:XRY DIGBY Vice-Pravidwit .... . . . FRANCES D.KY Secrezary tim! Tmmirer . . . . . Ei.iz.xBteTH Gizizcom' MGOOU sifoizrssiaxsiiiv untl the promotion of Athletics." This is the slogan that the girls of Phi Alpha Kappa have nseil to enliven school spirit. Under the direction of the fucnltv advisor, iX'liss Breezie Gwen, the tnetnhers spon- soretl the founding of the Girls' Athletic Association. The girls have snpyortetl the inter--class contests and gave it picnic snpper tor the Arinv-Nnvv Plavers. All Phi Alpha Kappa is looking forwaircl to the presentation of ii silver cup to the must athletic Innior or Senior in the Academv. The cup, which is Ll Pertnnnent nwiirtl, is given annually in the hope of creating it better interest in girls' athletics. 61 lui Ili ff I 1 rx Y irfli rn-zu: Marjorie Hersch, Janis llexrey, lliiriitliy Swzize. Betty Hiilfiiizin, 3 Durutliezi Xliirpliy. Yirginia Mzitlclen, lzinline l.ittle, lfthel l.angwnrtl13'. Marie llerfiirth, Lillian liucklioltz, Jeanette l'lz1niiltun. im! rn-ze.' Margaret Schwennesen. Suzanne Nuhle, l.nrraine Stilwell. Blariun Sutplien, jane Rlarhurton, -lean Xiintz. Marian Rear, ,lean Stage, lflizaheth l.each, lfleanfir Lintlell. Nancy fanser, Ruth Scliurnstlieinier. wil 1'n-re: Nina llarde. Margaret Sangster, Aluliziiinzi Sennewaltl, Jane Paxsiin, Maria Ranchil, Frances Day, lcla lftkincl, .Xnn lielly, litlith Titltl. llarhara Hample, Allene liinner. - I mire: :Xliee lliickhee, Genevieve Oleary, llarriet l.ex'y, Katherine Olney, ,lean Gritlley, lliiris Riilisoii. Rosentary Grnslin, liiigenia Koehler, .lean Rue. GIRLS' HI-Y 1'rcsi11wzr . , ixliiltlk Rxxeun. l'irc-Pwfirlcfzt . . lxxis Dtawiix' Src:-mir-y . . . lixxli lfvxxsox Trmsnrer . . ..., Fluxcirs Du' I-'arulzy Advisor . . Kliss K.-XTHI.EEN lkln l.liR Snow .xr'1'l3R THE u.EC'rloN and installation of officers, the Girls' I-li-Y launcliecl ii highlv successful progriini for the year. One of the first things it tlitl was to sponsor gi fmiiiit- teller at the l-liillowelen Carnival. Aiming other things, the Hi-Y put on nn original song contest, :incl uicletl in making the College Conference possible. The club heltl luncheon nntl business meetings everv two weeks, at which the nioving picture inclustrv :intl movie actors were stiuliecl. 62 ii Af X ,fpdcyfln J 41' ' 1' 1., - - J, fxf 9 9 lfniirlfi r'im',' Richard Denton, l.an'rence Hickford, James Peck, YYalter Larson, l.yman W f firiclley. Craig' Timberlake, Robert Racnrn. Thomas Gryska. Donald Grotf. : 'Hiird 1'nn': Phillip Smith, Robert Swift, NYalter Miller, Frederick Loomis, Walter M XX Mills, Richard Leisenringg, Rohert Logan. Edward Rutan, George Hughes, Jack :X Knapp, Bodine Sechrist. .Sltitniiil rn-rv: George Hamherger, Burleigh Names, Norman Baker, Barton Davis, Robert .'Xntell, Robert Bowman. Rohert Thomas, Arthur Smith, Marshall Low- nimgu-Harry Clarke. ,VKA -M VYvVVA W y... First r'n'zu.' Xvilliam Van Duzcr, .fl'ipt4m, Ralph Antell, Edgar Denton, Robert lszard, Xvllllillll McDowell. I avid XVhite, enry Swift, Richard Harpending. BOYS' HI-Y President . . . EDGAR Dexrox Vice-Prwnfwiz . . . . RALPH ANTELL Secretary . , . XYILL.-XRD NIcDowELi. Trc'a.v14rcr . . . . . ROBERT ISZARD Family flzluimr . . . , . . NIR. Enom' DoNEt.soN SOON ,xiftiaiz scriooi, oifiaxhn in the tall, the Bovs' Hi-Y initiated a number of new members and since have experienced a pleasant, active year together. Each week at the Y. NI. C. A.. the cluh held a luncheon meeting at which many prominent Elmirans spoke. This not only made the meetings enjoyable hut also gave the boys tnuch valuable information. At the foothall gaiues in the tall. the cluh had the privilege and responsibilitv of patroling the rield. Then later in the year, several members attended the Older Boys' Con- ference at Alhanv. Vx'ith the coming of Spring, the members are planning for the annual outing. V Q A 1 ' - 6, 65 Tfzirrl inf-:t': Glenn Tlioiuas. .Terry lfieltls, llarlancl Gage. Robert Miller, Rohert Yin- cent. Robert Coniielly. Charles llisliop. Melvin Hagerman, liclwartl Timhrell, james Peek, liorclon Mosher. XYalter Mills, Harry Flalclwin, XYilfrecl Kainp, liclwarzl Steele, NYillia1n Tupper. Charles Price, Ray Straight, jack Chase, YYilliain lszarcl. Sftwziti' 1'fm': john McDowell, Richard Denton, ,lack Raplee. Rieharcl Howland. Roh- ert llartlett, lfrecl Loomis. George Starky, llurton Osborne, Robert llowlancl, llarolcl fXlatliews, Robert lfisch, Davirl Tuttle, Gordon fopelaiul. First rote: .-Xustin Keith, Haroltl liarmer, lfghert Ayres, ,lack Harriiigtini, Arthur Rutan, Phillip Smith, lynn Keyser, llavirl Cole, Robert Haynes, Manuel Pano- sian, XYilliam XYirth. Director . . Nik, BIEIRY ELMIRA HIGH SCHOOL BAND THE Ei,xnie.x I-Iic:H ScHooi, Bxxn, untler the direction of Mt. Fmierv, has well tlemonstratetl its marching anal playing ahility. Again this year and as usual the fans were tleliglitecl by the many novel and impressive formations which the lwoys matle. Since this picture was taken new recl and black uniforms antl new lvass instruments were pnrcliasecl. Although the hantl tlitl not participate in the state contest here, they clemonstratecl their swing with great applause from the autliencc. Anal now oil to a new fear antl the bantl struts on. 3 64 l Y Qi A Frou: Ivf! fu riglzt, fron! rnzv: Jeanne limery, llarhara Brown. Mary l.ou Denton, listher XYe1ch, Margetta Latham. Agnes D'Ahhraeci, Teela Kingsley, Eleanor Harvey, Margery Newell, Joyce Smith. Cfulltvz' ro'zt'.' Frank Heller, Clayton lYahl, Haines Griclley, Arthur Desjardins, Norman Schoonoyer, Ralph Patterson, .lerome Field, Gordon Mosher. Edward Timhrell. Burk rote: Charles Bishop, ligbert Aires. .-Xustin Keith. Richarcl Howland, Marcia l.ee Crispin, Xliilliam Tanner, Rita Des jarrlins, NYilliam lszarcl. Robert Howland, Robert Fisch. Dircfmr . . Guoacig I. Aisnori' ELMIRA HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA THIS YEAR, untler the capable leadership of George Abbott, the Elmira High School Orchestra has improved both in numbers and in musical ability. The orchestra began the season at the Park Church Lenten Forum on hlarch 21. where it united with the Glee Clubs of the Academy and Southside High schools to present a cantata which was heartily received by a large, enthusiastic auclience. A prograin was arranged for an assembly at the Academy. The closing performance was helcl at the annual Spring Concert at the Southside High School, A full scheclule is being plannerl for the fall. ln connection with the orchestra work, strinv uartet was formed under the direction , . 21 C1 ,, . . of Gerald lxeenan ancl a French horn quartet which was learl bv Vlilham Biery. These groups also performed at nianv local affairs. 65 Sftllldfllfj, left fn riglzf: Mildred XYatts, Louise Kyelgaard, Doris Harris, Eunice Hauer, Anna Yan Dyke, Miss Eldridge. Lois Hart, Conzetta Prozzola, Doris Chappel, Alice Trimm, Orril Hnnnner. Smft'1i.' Beatrice Pettit, Dorothy King, Doris Rolison, Elsie XXYI'6llCl1, Betty Keeper, Charlotte Kline, Alice Dibble, Carmella .-Xloi, Elizabetli XYhittaker, Anna Tupiezak, Jacquelyn Sliealian, Frances Cable. LIBRARY COUNCIL President . . , Dolus Ro1.1soN Treasurer . . LOUISE KYELGAARD BOOK RHYTI-IRI Bookl Boolcsl Books! We stamp 'em. We slip 'em, and put 'em away. VVe straighten them up at the end of the day. If you tear em, we fix 'em almost like new. If theres something you want, we Find it for yon. VVe take registration when e'er you come in, And sign all your slips to show Where youlve been. The pictures and clippings we sort and we file. It seems that welre busy all of the while. Sometimes Vou hate us for things that we clo, VVhen we won't give you slips or let you renew. Yet we trv to be helpful and courteous too. Our name? The Library Council to you. 66 Efzlitw'-in-fbief . 1-1s.v0z'ifzte lfzfftors . Sports Ifcfitm' . . Bzfzsmess 4T1tHI!IgL'7 . Associate ,lflmznger . Afluertisirzg illamzgor Circulation iwnnngcr Contract lllzznagcr Faculty flzfuiscr . lX'l1es. . . Allcii. DENNIS f'P1,o1ufNct1' DROLESKY AYNL Hol,1.15RAN KI-.NNIQTH TIFFI' EITCZILNIX KOIQHLER Roiauu' GIQIISBEN GENTQYILVL O'LE,x1zY . Tnoxr.-is GRYSKA . ROBERT Ixauomi . ROBERT FISCHAIAN . GlER.XI.D LEESON . . R0ls12RTB1s1-IOP GORDON lVTODERI-IAK IIQANNIEFTIE P. DEUEL THE VINDEX THANKS TO THE eoxuslwlin EFFORTS of the literary and business sralTs, The Vindex has eu- joyecl a very Successful year. The literary staff Proclueecl a Paper capable of Winning third prize in Competition with thousands of other school newspapers at the Columbia Press Con- ferenceg and the business staff has clone commendable Work in the advertising and circulation campaigns. Much credit is clue also to lN4rs. leannette Deuel, The Vinclexls able adviser. The 1936-337 staff has acldecl much to the Vinclexls long traditions of high quality in journalistic endeavor. 67 1111111 1'nfu.' XYa1tc1' Mills, Iiclgar IJCIIIUN, f1C1ll'Q'k' 11L'I'lN2lIl, 1.j'lIlZl.ll fi1'ic11cy, 114113011 1:15C1ll112ll1, Jo 501111 Chely. Izrxl I'U'I1',' Janis Dewey, 1511221110111 f1l'CQUl'j', liflitll 111111. 111111 .'Xll41Cl'SIIl1, Yi1'g1i111z1 Macldm. :Xdr 1:1 Mat11e11's. Hfrberf If!I!lIC'.YJ fffizabclb Kfzflzvsx flnzfrcfu' Gf7l1l!7ft'l7 A1106 Kafzzesx . fzzfzior Kzzffzrsx . Robert Kafness A my IJKZZLTFIICC' fim Lazvrmzcf' . 11112 Goodrich . .1ffr.f. Lzzwreizrf' . .1111 Hzwwzs . .Um Havens . llartba . . CAST . Rr11s1.11'1' I51sr1Hx1.1NN V11cc,11x1.1 NI.1111113N . 11111111 Luasox 1111115111 G11113o1z1' XV,11'1'1211 XI11,1,s . I0s151'11 CH1311 A111111 N11'1'H15ws L1 Nl xx G1111:1,1a1' C515o11cz1a I-1E11x1.1N E111 Ax11121zsoN E11c1,111 DENTON . I.1N1s DEXYEY . E111'1'H T11111 SENIOR PLAY HBIG HE.XRTED 1'1ERBERT,H 1s 21 COH1Cf1y 111 t111'cc acts, t11c story of ll 171l1SICI'1I1g, sclf-11111110 Illllll, 1'ICl'17CI'f, who is c1eterm111cc1 to 111- ll 11111111 1111111 at 11111' cxpt-11sc, cvcu if t11c 11z11'111o11y of 1115 11o111c is 171014611 up. If QIIIYOIK' is lll111W1ll'L' of 111s 111-tc1'111i1111t1n111, 111- tnkcs gl'CL1t pains to let 111111 know about it. Fiuullv 1115 f2iII111V turns thc tnblcs 011 111111 to slmw 111111 how 11111'c11so11z1b1c he 15, LIIIL1 thc result is cxtrcmclv 1111mo1'o11s. Under t11c capable L111'CCK10I1 of N111 101111 Colgan 1111- 1111111-1's gave t11c p1'o1111ct1o11 before an CIlf11llS1i1St1C audience O11 May fOll1'ECCI1I11. 68 !5""37X N RX?-if X5 4K,, r!4, K ' XX! ,X f f f f In appreciation of their patience and helpfttl interest in our athletics, we, the Class of37, afectiovzately dedicate this portion ofour Year Book to ARTHUR HIRST and MISS BREEZIE OWEN 70 A, - V A 'A lfirsl rotv: Taggi, XVenzel, Lemincelli, McConnell, XVillia1ns, ll. Slccpcr, H. O'Ncil, Smith. Sayles, Mullin, Donahue, Crittenden, llailcy, NY:1lkcr. Kittlc. .SM1-1111 mtv: Botnick, Lewis. D. O'Neil, jerge. Conklin, McClain, Sliati, l.eYalley, Murphy, Connelly. Messing, Sclineck, H. Sleeper, Amlrt-ws, 'VX'ru1ilwski. Tlzird mtv: Hirst, Fisclnnan, Goebel, Rainicli, Michaels. Hulluran, Rulicl, Cacsarc, Pnrter, Abbott, McDonald, Flynn, D. VN'illia1ns, Bright, I-Elzincliettc. Coach . FOOTBALL flsfistzzflt Cozzcbcs Captain ,,.. Student lllfznzzger Trainer . . . fllascot . . E. H. S .... E. H. S. . E. H. S. . E. H. S. . E. H. S. . E. H. S. . E. H. S. . I 20 9 2.1 7 9 24 26 . Ali'I'HLlli I-Imsr NM-oi ix Brxxcnurrig BLNI.-XXIIN BOTNICK . . Huuu' O'Nun. . Gfnaiz Sxlrrn . Doc KITTLL . GABE SMITH Enstwoocl . Anlvnrn . Utica . . . Binglignnton . . Union Endicott . Cortlmicl . . . ltlmca . . ANOTHER CHAMPION TEAM WITH A SEASON as impressive as the last one, the Elmira High Schools! football team again won all their games and gained distinction of being one of the major undefeated teams in New York State. It is generally conceded that the Utica team was the hardest to beat, but the majority of the fans will recall the Ithaca game asdthe most exciting. Great things were expected of the 1936 team. There was a good reason for the expectations, for twelve letter men returned from the fine team of the year before. With this group as a nucleus, Coach Hirst molded a combination which, in all respects, lived up to the standard set by the team of the previous year. The Blue and White started with a bang. On the third of October the strong East- wood team of Syracuse came to the Harper Street field. The Syracusans returned to that city a sadder, but wiser group, on the short end of a 19-7 score. The following Saturday the team, together with a large group of local fans, made the journey to Auburn. This game was of great importance to the upstate city, since it was the Hrst game played in their new stadium. The warriors of E. H. S. were very inconsiderate, taking a good, but inexperienced, Auburn team by a score of 20-o. October seventeenth was the first time that the Blue and White followers were worried about the outcome of a game. But the powerful Utica team came, saw, and was conquered. The score being E, H. S. 20, Utica I2, The next victory was over the traditional foe, Binghamton. By winning this game, the local boys evened the score with their ancient rival, each has now won fifteen games. It also was the last game ever to be played between the two schools, as Bingo has broken athletic relations with Elmira. The score: Elmira 7, Bingo o. The closest score was that of the U.-E. game, Elmira winning by a margin of only three points, nine for E. H. S. while all that the Orange Tornado could get was six. A hard-fighting Cortland team fell on the next Saturday under the push of a superior Blue and White. Using numerous reserves, the E. H. S. was able to win 24-O. The Hnal game of the season was with Ithaca. Nearly one thousand followers of the Blue and White accompanied the team. They were not disappointed. The two fast, light combinations fought the full four quarters. The E. H. S., with superior teamwork and blocking, won 26-zo. With a string of Hfteen consecutive victories, the Elmira boys have set a Hne record. The whole school will join in wishing the team of 1937, which will have sixteen returning letter men, all the luck in the world and that their season will be as fruitful as that of this year. 73 Rasclltc .S'crn11zi mtv: Robcrtsnn, Young. .-Xntlrcws, Lenlincelli, H. Slteper uhnbon Ffrsl rfmx' Shan, Messing, Ropclcwski, H. O'Xcil, I.cYal1ey. Critttndtn Xlttnnnell Il. Sleeper. Coach . . . Stzzzlwzt flfarlfzcgcr , E. H. 5. . . 26 E. H. S. . . 25 E. H. S, . . 27 E. H. 5. . . zo Ii. H. 5. . . 23 E. H. S. . . 29 lt. H. . . 35 E. H. S. . . 26 E. H, . . 20 E. H. S. . . 21 E. H. S. . IO 74 Rcformntorv Union Entficott Iohnson City . Ithaca . . . Binghamton . Cortland . . Endicott . . Iohnson City Ithaca . . . Binghamton . Cortland . BASKETBALL ALTHOUGH THE RECORD of three victories and seven defeats in league competition compiled by the 1936-37 edition of the Elmira High Schools' basketball team was far from brilliant, things were not as dark as they seem. A glance at the records shows that Blue and White lost only two games by a margin of over ten points, and only one of these could be called a 1'OLlt. In its final game, Elmira succeeded in doing what no other team had been able to do in the league race, namely, to triumph over Cortland, champions of the western divi- sion of the circuit. Finally, and perhaps most important, there will be a large group of experienced players returning next season, and prospects are bright for an Elmira champion- ship in 1938. At the start of the campaign, Coach Hirst was blessed with only two veterans, "Redl' O,Neil and "Flip'l LeValley. These two, together with the sensational Sophomore shooter, Ropelewski, formed the nucleus for the team that Coach Hirst found necessary to juggle quite constantly during the season in an effort to hit upon a winning combination. Sleeper, McConnell, Messing, Shaff, Heher, Robertson, and Crittenden all saw considerable action in varsity games. The opening game was a non-league encounter with the Reformatory who were a highly lauded aggregation. The Blue and VVhite made a strong showing, and hopes rose regarding the conference chase. However, Endicott served notice that all was not to be so agreeable, when they took the Hrst league encounter from the locals by a 38-25 score. Leon Ropelewski brightened the gloom somewhat by tossing in 16 points for E. H. S. A week later, the Hirstmen dropped a second decision to Iohnson City, but kept the score close all the way. The Elmirans scored their initial victory of the season at Ithaca, when they piled up an overwhelming advantage in the second period. The game was enlivened, or marred, which ever way one looks at it, by a display of Hsticuffs, but Elmira beat off a last quarter rally to win 30-26. The Blue and Wliite suffered its worst defeat of the season at the hands of Binghamton in a game about which the least said is the best. In the Hnal contest of the round, the Hirstmen nearly upset Cortland, but failed by three points. E. H. S. avenged its earlier licking at the hands of U.-E. by outpointing them 8-2 in an extra period to win 36-30. The Elmirans, however, suffered setbacks in their next three contests, losing to Iohnson City by five points, Ithaca by two points, and Binghamton by five points, after leading at the halfway mark in each encounter. The locals completed the the schedule in a blaze of glory when they handed Cortlandfs Purple its initial conference defeat with a last half drive that carried them to victory, 19-17. The Sophomore star, Leon Ropelewski, who finished fourth in the Conference race for point-getting honors, led the team in scoring. He caged forty-one field goals and twelve fouls for a seasonls total of ninety-four points. Harry O'Neil was second with twenty-nine Held goals and II fouls for sixty-nine points, while Fred LeValley, veteran guard, was third with fifty-one tallies. 75 .Smmld Vrrzv: john Rich, Gonrge jmcplm, IADIIIS Blzxthews, jamcs I.cXI:n'k. l'z11v! wmv: john l"lynn, Rulmcrt ITISCIIIIIZIII, XYilli:1n1 Holla-ran, jamus Snmvclcn. INTE Tcain Seniors . Iuniors . F. F. A. PIRIVCI' Young Flynn . Hollcran Scmskc Slmlmtura R-BASKETBALL Crmfh . . . Captain . . . . . . . Romam' I-I.xm2R5.'xAT .........IOHNRICH TEAM STANDINGS Wfon Lost Pct. . . IO 2 .833 - - - 9 3 '750 Sophomorcs . 4 6 .400 FIRST TEN FG F TP - 44 II 99 . 34 IO 78 - 33 9 75 3 - 36 3 75 I 33 3 60 76 Team VwIon Lost G. IVI. D. SOPIIOITIOILS . 4 6 G. M. D. Freshmcn . 3 7 E. F. A. Freshmen 2 S HIGH SCORERS L. Smith . . . 25 I2 Snowden . . 25 7 Fitch . . . 25 1 IVIathcws . 22 3 I7atcI1alcIo . 20 6 Pct. .400 .300 .200 62 57 51 47 46 fl- 2 My "X J x iq i.ffX f f 'N wi is al x - ffwx f x X 005 4 I ,X qv ,mf gt! fix I lfkxy O XM 66 QE 14 v .- gy: if ra and 1fl4df1,f,fL J'C5Q' Jqfrfcf, Q1 , 5, . , 35 , .r ..: i --T Q K .K N, Li :- E .M ' 1' g ' 'yn' W W5 L ! Q lg . - 3 ., . 1, Q. .. yf V A 1 -L.-5 - i f . -f.- g Q ,Q 4,,. is .,h. .. lf- A Tu LL 1.4: f 78 -X W 'xx 1 2 X 2 Q - M, xf , 4 'Q .1 ' --All 52:15 9, fee no 5, Ab . .lX,. x,,, .,m ' -w. , 'Qi ' 'X Fl, gg, ge' Q A ', f Vx. Y , R Q - -,-A " A U " ,lf ,Jr-5,5 f1K,x.4rux' H 'J , 'A'W W f'Q- WX ff Y ,. A xx ffwk I Y X W R f 9 ,sa E sl i ,ff J D V Y I -.Oval 1 Q , " , L g-ff , P . . - , w' f?',4 gi - f,i:?.X.f3,x.: jig, ph ,j as: 1" -" AN' ' X' fs. 3 Q 4 x ,f , away WUGQ 79 Tkzdvy 4 CALENDAR September 8. School starts. . Team's at it a ain. 9 g October 1. Football assembly. 2. Torch slaves picked. Editor-Baker, Business lvlanagerklszard. 3. First game. Elmira 19, Eastwood 7. ' 7. Announcement of Mr. Parker's retirement. 8. No school for 4 days. Vlfhoopeel IO. Elmira 19, Auburn o. 14. Assembly Tags. 15. Senior Pictures. Get your new wave girls? 17. Elmira 21, Utica 12. 22. Report cards. Everyone staying in nights. 23. Iunior election. 24. Elmira 7, Bingo o. 28. "Pinky', Vanl-louten walks to Roe's house. It must be love! 30. Carnival. Is Burnham red? November 3. Straw vote-Roosevelt wins. Looks like we're all Democrats. 4. First single. 6. President Seeley speaks in assembly. 7. Elmira 9, U.-E. 6. 9. Everyone's talking with their hands since the Indian Assembly 11. No school. Any good shows on? 14. Elmira 24, Cortland o. 17. "Bob" Thomas president of Senior Class. 18. Tests. Time out to study. 21. Elmira 26, Ithaca 20. 25. Vindex out. Bowlby out for revenge on scandal writer. December 1. Assembly-Mrs. Brown-dinosaurs. 2. Report Cards. What already? 4. What's this about "Bob', Baker and Ierry Keavin. 8. Alfred Glee Club. Hi Girls! 16. Senior meeting. 17. Senior Musicale. 19. lack Zimmerman comes home--fl-Ii Sis! 22. Mr. Parker resigns. 23. Dr. Helmkamp is principal. 25. Christmas vacation. 80 CALENDAR farumry 3. 8. 18. 25. 26. 27. 29. February 3. 8. 9. 12. 14. 19. 22. 23. 26. March 6. 13. 16. 18. 31. April 1. 3. 6. II. 13. 21. 22. 26. 30. May 13. 14. 19. "Goof, and "Sis,' are seen together a lot lately. Virginia Madden caught skipping. ls my face red! Regents. Seniors are praying. School again. Oh me. Bowlby restricted to one date a week. Too bad boys. New Bells. Everybody mixed up. Whoyd we see Lindy with at Clionian. Business Staff worried about ads. Who's Gridley taking to Lamb? Single. ' Where was Bowlby? Health seems to be pretty bad, isn't it? Valentineys Day-oh boy! Southside Carnival. Who was Iitz with? No school, hurrah. Tests-What again! Try-outs Senior Play. lszard steps out. Who is she Bob? We saw 'ABob!' Ierge with Susie and having a gay time. Loomis wrecks his car. Whds going to Lamb? How did you like lack Denny? Adria and Peg bring Cornell to Adelphia. We hear Adria and Lyman are practicing Senior Play on the side. Spring practice starts. Get out the crutches, boys! lean Roe comes home. Har Chuck! Virginia hladden kind of thoughtful these days. Learning your part? Our first single this term. Buy Senior Ribbon. What already! Who's got Bob Schneck's Lamb pin? No school-Shows are crowded. Wonder who's valdictorian? Senior Play is big success. Do the Seniors shine!!! 81 CLASS WILL TO WI-IGM IT MAY CONCERN: We the Class of 1937 of the Elmira Free Academy, being of sound mind and memory, do make, declare, and publish this last will and testament: First-We bequeath to the faculty: I. Our regretful departure, No! 2. Uur hundreds to those who follow in our footsteps. 3. That endless duty of collecting worthless issues of magazines in restless study-halls. Second-We bequeath to the Iunior Class: 1. A new supply of excuses for those constantly occurring "spring fevern days. 2. The joy of the teachers in criticizing the seniors as their most unruly class of that day. 3. Nlore ubrain trustersl' to occupy our past positions. Third-We bequeath to the favored specimens of humanity: 1. To Bobby Schneck, Bob Ierge's expert technique with the women. 2. To Erwin Foster, "Lemon" Gridleyls accident insurance. 3. To some poor devil, nLiz,' Bakerls job as Yearbook editor. 4. To "Pinky" Vanl-Iouten, blushing "lVIickey' Clarkels love of oral topic days. 5. To the Erie Barge Canal, George Lewis' shoes. 6. To "Skip" Vandiver, "Babe', Flannagan,s hot-dancing feet. 7. To 'LSuzyl' Noble, Upeggyl' Hardy's engagement book, Qdon't rush, boysj. 8. To K'Mitzi" Detamore, "Erannie', Day's capturing personality. 9. To "Phil" Flannagan, "Ierry" Leesonls line with the teachers. io. To lane Paxson, those gorgee-ous rolling eyes of Adria Nlathews. 11. To Eleanor McPherson, "Blondie" Gregoryls nickname. F ourth-We bequeath: 1. To Mr. Schwenkler, a bigger lab for Seniors to loaf in during study halls. 2. To Mr. Perry, a new pair of rubber soled shoes so that he may continue his "pussy-footin' " fClear the halls, etc.j. 3. To The Vindex, another equally fine writer of scandal such as Nancy Causer 82 CO uzcfz Scszim' lvfzm is C7lfC7'Z'7ZkQ' upon lijlfs stmvny seas, we can only wish, "Smooth Sclfllflg um! Happy LLz1zJzA1zg5.U 180 A-'sl MN gcvwflafrmj WN Jffw WW! WY EYSKSENW SPONSGRS GF THE TORCH and lNlrs. H. E. YVarburton and Nlrs. A. A. Schwenkler and Mrs. Herbert Bartholomew Mr lX4r and lXfIrs. D. A. Cady Nlr. Ioseph Robinson lNlr. S. lkl. Seafuse Mr. Mr. and Nlrs. H. H. Rolison Mr. Mr. Grant N. Pealer Mr. Clayton Lovell Dr. VV. Rocky Mr. Dr. L. Houck F. A. Carey Miss Dorothy Martin Dr. T. Sturtlcvunt Mr. B. Henry lwliss Mary D. Condon lklr. and Mrs. E. Dento lX4r. Willianl Flannery lvlr. Albert Vancllver n Ir. Nlr. and Mrs. VVilliam Tuttle Mr, and Mrs. Harry G. lszard Mr. Ralph Klebes Mr. and Mrs. Iohn A. lylathews Mrs. Henry Keavin Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Glute lxlr. and Mrs. Frank H. Bray Dr. Bernard Toomey Dr. H. B. Go x111 elly lVIr. and Mrs. A. Harry hlills Dr. E. L. lyliller Nlrs. Ruth D. Hardy Dr. Robert R. Schmidt Mr. Freclerich L. Lcverich Miss Irene lNl. D 11x1 n lNlrs. K. E. Stilwell lvlr. Halsey Sayles George H. Cotton and Brother lWr. and Nlrs. VValter A. Lindell COMPLIMENTS OF DOCTORS Richard O. Gregory Sarah Green Stuart Piper Iohn WV. Sheahan Florence S. Hassett Kingsley D. Maynard Floyd H. Iones Swen L. Larson Samuel hi. Seafuse Arthur C. Smith Helen Elston Reeve B. Howland Alfred Westlake Lawrence L. Hohler Leon C. Hamilton Bert G. Voorhees Ross G. Loop William T. Boland Charles S. Dale Morris Dreyfuss Herbert W. Fudge Charles L. Stevens Charles Haase Iohn A. Bennett S. Tracey Hamilton Ioseph S. Lewis Iohn F. Lynch COMPLIMENTS OF LAWYERS Richard Marlowe Iohn Hassett Charles O. Eacker Judson R. Hoover George G, Reynolds LeRoy Stein Henry and Denton Mandeville, Waxxnaii, Buck, Teeter and Harpending Iohn A. Mathews Lewis E. Mosher William E. Palmer lNlacDowell and NlacDowell Lyons and Casson Gardner and Moseson Philips and Carey COMPLIMENTS OF DENTISTS OF ELMIRA 88 B CK ELL NIVERSITY A Co-educational University with zz background of ninety wears' service to flrnericfirz youth. Offers, under its new program, a broad general education in the first two years, freeing the last two years for concentration, pre-professional and Professional specialization. Thr-rc are over one thousand students enrolled., The faculty is carefully selected, and there are ample religious opportunities. All athletics are organized. Full information on request. Please address I-I. W. I-IOLTLR, Registrar BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY ILWISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA 89 ELMIRA COLLEGE FOUNDED 1855 Old in Experience, Rich in Tradition, Zllodern in Outlook THE PIONEER COLLEGE EOR WOMEN For Literature address the Registrar ELMIRA COLLEGE ELMIRA, NEXV YORK . -1 - N Life Insurance and Annuitie C I' , Omfmmts THE UNION CENTRAL of the LIFE INSURANCE CO Security for the American I Family Since 1867 C. HARRY GILFETI-IER, Gen. Ag nt FEDERATION BUILDING EIAIIRA3 N. Y. EI I Y Specializing in EISCHER S N QUALITY CLOTHING H H ana' FURNISHINGS 7 For the Stylish Grad READ3 'TO'WEAR and Under-Grad H Ll: 319 East Water Street I-I. Strauss, Inc. ELMIRA, N. Y. 90 . F. olzqrafufaiions to the Class of 1957 may success and tame he the guide posts of your tuture 9 Compliments ol S Elmirals Largest Department Store l , 3 lszarcl s new Tea Room is fast r hecoming Elmirais smart rendezvous New, modern interior of ultra coral and chromium makes an atmosphere of gay, informal sophistica- tion. Plan to meet your friends here for luncheon . . . or stop in during the afternoon for a tidbit l or a delicious sweet. Youyll Hnd the moderate prices Well within your allowance. l Special-Double Dip Sodas l5c n i 91 COMPLINIENTS OF The Kennedy Valve Manufacturing Co. ELMIRA, N. Y. i 5 VALVES PIPE FITTINGS FIRE HYDRANTS N l HOMESTEAD 8 V f-Q ESTABLISHED 1 70 Xexfqg e 1AVERN 7 Ox BARBEQUE 7 X O X Qaee X140 + + XXPX eeee n aX e afabgx PERRY 61 MAXCY lnnczimz Church and x x XA x xX INCORPORATED Water Six. Y Y 7 mx Vi X X a aaa' Me n INSURANCE N OF ALL KINDS a n With Compliments of I 2: Dai w P' Buell CO- PERRY INSURANCE BLIIC. YQUR FLORISTS Corner Baldwin 45' East Semna' Streets I A Phone 5277 n 92 In the Game of Business f Save . A young man was asked whv he saved. UNot for a swell funeral, not as a cushion of safetv, eitheru, he said. I-Ie was too young-too sure of himself for that. He saved to get ahead, to get working capital. . CI-IEMUNG CANAL TRUST COMPANY Ilfl FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION .l. HOWELL iELIvfijiRAl L ab els B oxe s 5. fldverfzszng F M.HOWELL L CO ELHIRA, NY I ALSO VIADUCT Miss Kotmba: UNOW, Mr. Gridley, I be- lieve we studied the bird family last week. Please tell the class what kinds of ducks there aref, "Lemon', Gridlcy: "VVell, letys seeg there's the wood duck which lives on the land, and, uh, er, the aquaduct which lives in water. Miss Wix0n.' "Now we Find that X is equal to zerofl "lim" Bowlby: 'RGQCY All that work for nothingf' Compliments Of Mark Twain Gown Shoppe, Inc. I MARK TVVAIN HOTEL 1 Compliments of I ELMIRA ARMS CO. ELMIRAJS NIOST INTERESTING STORE Phone 4823 II7 N. Main St. KATHEIIINE B. SCHNEIDER Proprietor W DI,-XI. 8I28 93 The Plwotograplls in tlie T 0 R C H WCF6 lllilfle REDFIELD -lTUDlQ lvlain 2 llmc l VXfater Streets Elmira. New Yorlc GoSPER - KELLY Cmfffmfffff of SHOES - HOSIERY Q Q l l Elmira Paint Co., Inc. O11 c'fSixty Alain ilvertown Motor Co., Inc. l DISTRIBUTORS OF 1 BUICK MoToR CARS l LUCAS Church nt Baldwin Street Elmira, N. Y. 206 East lVater Street EIAIIRA, N, Y. EE 65 Complete Line of PAINTS AND VARlXllSl-lES lfvholesafc' and Retail 94 THAT A YARD SHOULD MEASURE THE DISTANCE FROM HIS Nose TO ms THUMB. YOU? LATER IT WAS INDICATED BY TWO MARKS ON A METAL 2 Roo EMBEDDED IN THE m...t.,. Measuye' MASONRY OF THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT Your Nleasure is determined by your friends and your business contacts. Make every effort that they shall be of the best. Establish an account in this Bank and use its many departments more and more as your need grows with your progress. Co, of Elmira First National Bank 63 Trust IVIAIN OFFICE-150 LAKE ST. INTIERCHANTS BRANCH SOUTH SIDE BRANCH IO9 W. Water St. 418 South Blain St. ELMIRA HEIGHTS BRANCH-156 E. 14th Street Member Federal Deposit Irzsurarzce Corporation THE DIXIE BARBEQUE 63- as BULKI-IEAD I I I RIVERSIDE FLOWERS Incorporated 96 Pls f 'fllzzy VVe Serve You In the Fntureu Best Wishes From GORTONS Q Q "It'.v Deffrzitefy 61 Gorton Yerzrn INSURED IXIOTHPROOF DRY CLEANING Lockwood-Heath Cleaners l l l lIICOI'pOI'ilfCil I 221 VV. XNVATER 950 S. M.AIN Knapp School of Music IO4 College Avenue, Elmira, N. Y. Dial 2-1787 IN STRUCTORS l DON-x1.1J H.XllTXI.-XNYBRIIIO, lwlnmlolin, Spanish and I-Iawaiian G11itz11'. Nllss B1..-xNCH15 Clk.-XNIJ.XI,I.-VlOlll1. llldltjffdl Irzstrzffrrzcnls and Supplies PACKARD l Motor Cars MN ,M Nw My NEWTOW N MOTOR CORPORATION SWARTHOLITS IEWELERS 215 E. Watci' St. RATHBUN HOTEL CORNER THE BENDIX R E D - CA P Garden Hose Coupling CS, ,-.1 xg 2 , ,x , -.is f x 6 ' xbj Oc K Coxi111,1sTE " C59 , fry-5 EXTRA FAUCET I 6 Dfwlalj' CONNECTIONS iekfkirtx . .EXCH .. 1 fs T----Ace 2' CENTS SNAPS ON CJ, D VVATER TIGHT - VVON'T LEAK SNAPS OFF IN AN INSTANT End all your hose-coupling troubles-perm- anently! The Red-Cap coupling snaps on to any garden or threaded laundry-tub faucet . . . water-tight . . . disconnects in an in- stant, You have "snap on-and-off hose serv- ice." Red-Cap coupling can't pull apart- stands as much pressure as the hose itselfl You can twist it freely 'round and 'round, because of its unique SWIVEL actionl Use it in the garden, the laundry, on sprinklers, or to Connect several lengths of hose. Equip every screw-on faucet NOW, with RED-CAP connections. Ask your dealer for a demon- stration. 1, 2 H . Hg -2 , f Z - Y- : i gre? wrt-1? ' A ' '1' Ne BANISI-IES CRAB GRASS AND VVEED PESTS One of the most annoying problems of lawn care is now thoroughly solved by means of this simple, inexpensive device, Quickly in- stalled on any lawn mower, new or old. Gently combs, disentangles and lifts up grass and weeds for smooth, even cutting-gives your lawn a "barber's trim." Prevents re-seeding of low-growing, lawn- destroying grasses and other annual weeds which ordinary mowing leaves untouched- they can'I' re-seed if you keep them cut down. Only with Mowerake can these lawn parasites be cut with an ordi- SI nary mower. Ask your dealer ' to demonstrate it. fLarge size for 18 to 20-inch mowers, 15c extra,J ECLIPSE MACHINE COMPANY SUBSIDIARY or BENDIX AVIATION CORP. ELMIRA, N. Y. RICI-IFIELD GASOLINE O O ELMIRA OIL CO. 616 VJ1LLmM STREET RICI-ILUBE OIL FRLVJOY Sheehan, Dean 63 Co., Inc. SMART DRESSES COATS MILLINERY LINGERIE ICE If CREAM , X PF ACCESSORIES X l INTERIUR DECORATION l Nlanufacturezi Under Smltest Laboratory The burly truck driver leaned out nf Ins cab and rounclly abusecl Ierry Leeson 1n Ins Zfiliiliilir. Ierry's date stood it as long as 103 W. Watcl, St' "Ierry,', she protested, Hsurely youlrc go- ing to say something to that surly loutf' Q5 QQ ferry: "You het I am. lust Walt fill I get the car startedf' WHEIIE STYLE, QU.-XLITX' and Ecoxoxn' RULE THE ADVERTISER JOB PRINT ERY, INC. BOOK IOB LAW SOCIETY and COMMERCIAL P R I N T E R S Dial 2-2787 218 BALDWIN STREET ELMIRA, N. Y. 97 xliltbmcitc' Bituminozfs 1 TVVICE SCREENED APPARFL SI-IGP CONE CLEANED DV T4 X ANTI-IRACITE I 122 IV. llfzrlect St. ' . I'I. H. SMITH 8 CO. Din! 5158 it 2: OCE IES 32.3-332 PENNA. AVE. GR R P O O INIEATS F1101 Ulf Cbarcmlf W MN Crlwlm' Gray amz' Hoffrnfzzz Streets QUALITY IEWELRY ELGIN VVRIST WY.X'I'!iPIIiS C0111 RINGS Klux S'1'1iR1.1Nc5 S11.v121z Gran ter Vzzfm' Always SCI-IREIBMANS Eftablished 1893 214 East W2lIL'f Strcct D.7ur.verymw1 Lmzdseupe Architects Florists Hoffman Nurseries, Inc. Growcrs of Cut I2lowc1's, Potted Plants Nursery Stock 921 Hoffman Street PHQN13 2-0335 ELMIRA, N. Y. EMPIRE PRODUCE COMPANY PK X BLUE RIBBON IVIAYONNAISE NTAXVVELL HOUSE COFFEE PRAIRIE ROSE BUTTER MARK TVVAIN ORANGES DIEHL 63 BAUER BOOK BINDERY Zllanufzlctiirers of I-IIGI-I GRADE BLANK BOOKS LOOSE IEE.-XF BINDERS AND RECORD BIANKS Binding of fblngizzincs and Art Work 416 E. INIaI'kct St. Elmira, N. Y. CASTELLINO'S SERVICE STATION LAKE STREET HIGHEST GRADE GAS and BEST GRADES OF PENNSYLVANIA OIL HUDSON and Swan 63 Sons-Morss CO. IncoI'po1'atccI INSURANCE LEADERS Design - Safety - Comfort Q Q Economy I-IULETT BUILDING, LIKE AND XVRTER STS. EIAIIRA, NEW YORK Kasube CO., Inc. INI:II1I at First St. if 53 ELMIRA THE BUSINESS MARK TWAIN INSTITUTE I-IUCK EINN ROOM ELMIRA, N. Y. AND SODA BAR Wright Electric Company For M W Light Refresbnfzeiztx VVIRING -- FIXTURES SUPPLIES - RADIO NN MN MN NN II8 N. AIAIN ST. A Full Meal FINANCE YOUR AUTO THROUGH TI-IE Merchants Acceptance Corporation Elmira, New York i --s , Meet Alpert and Wear Diamonds X X ALPERT'S CREDIT IEWELERS and OPTICIANS E1.M1R.-x CORNING CORTLAND C50 C9ur Subscribers: The Merchants of Elmira by their interest and cooperation have enable us to sell this year- book at about one-half the cost. To acknowledge our indebtedness we wish our subscribers would please patronize our advertisers. :Everything VVith IVbiclJ To Build" LINN S. CHAPEL CO. INCORPORATED COAL, LUMBER AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES IO4O Caton Ave. Dial SIQI Elmira, N. Y. ANGEL FOOD Pauline Little, as they drove past a stand: "Mm, but that popcorn has a heavenly smell!" Walt lllills: 'KI-Iasnlt it? I'll drive a little closer." George Lewis, complimenting his grace- ful dancing partner: 'LIVIy but you're a graceful dancer. I wish I were in your shoesfy Asblefs Partner: "Nice of you, but would you mind not trying to get in them until after this dance." Compliments of l STANDARD FOOD STORES THE GEO, W. PECK CO. Vv'here Quality Hardware And Economy hleet I02-IO6 State St. " Elmira, N. Y. There is One in Your Neighborhood Comptijcmmts Comfliments BANFIELD-IENNINGS of CORP. STENIPELE ELECTRIC SEEDS BULBS INSECTICIDES E. CHURCH ST. at XNIILLIAM PETS AND SUPPLIES 222 W. Water St. Dial 5267 Nash LaFayette I NOW ITS NASH I Wolcott Motor Co., Inc. Vkfilliam at Market I Compliments Of Chernung Valley Milk Distributors Association U55 PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS Iohn's Body and Fender Shop 5oo East Water Street, Elmira, New York lust East of Madison Avenue Auto Painting Simonizing Striping Upliolstering Body Rebuilding 1 Tops Seat Covers Side Curtains Glass I , .Since 1915 5 "The Newest First" l CLOTHINC, I-IATS and I-IABERDASHERY i for I YOUNG MEN BERGER E3 RADIN 137 E. Vxfatcr St. S. M. FLICKINGER CO., INC. 255-259 State St. ELRTIRA, N. Y. OO WHOLESALE GROCERS Dismbawrs of BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOOD and RED AND WHITE FOOD PRODUCTS Compfimwllx STUDENTS of CHOCSE DeLaney Reynolds Co. H 3 FUIQL OIL M HEIATING Y PRODUCTS E'5E1"E"'1'EE'E Y and W " W" "1 ' 'W SERVICE BLACKSTONE MGTOR CO. Q Q Hpmfticzflarlyu SCC Gul' New 1937 I CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH f Moclc-ls VVIITCTI Arc Hcrc Now I C E C R E A M W We also have some vc-ry attractive buys in T , Used Cars 1 N 263 State St. : 1 IO8 Church St. I The Sherwin-Williams Co. I T Cf"'1Pf'W"T'ff PAINT - 'WALLPAPER STORE of 2IO-212 W. Gray St. ELNURA, N- Y- EVERYTHING EOR THE FARM Pl90'7f 2-1489 700 Xfaclison Ave. SHERXVIN-VVILLIANIS C0.'s PRODUCTS ElIUil'21, N. Y- P50116 6067 BEST WISHES EDDIE KNDTT I MOHICAN MARKET f RICHPIELD GASOLINE T and BAKERY I 5 Elwzinfs Finest mm' Lzzrgcxt Coz. State and Gray Sts. QUALITY FOOD STORE N T , 169-171 Lake St. Phone 6281 - 6282 L T IL L ,LE , L LLL -- 102 V DI-3VoE's ly. K? ENMIELS, PAINTS C0mP1jmg,,fJ . V-S 'll and 'f 3 , VAIZNISPIES UI , N I I Now Is the time to , sq I enamel your porch S ' I and lawn furniture YOUNGS HARDWARE IO4-IOD LAKE ST. VXI.-XTER AT INIAIN Iwiss R0ckzuc'U: Wllglt was one of the most Important dates In historv? Ralph Afztrffx Anthony's date with Cleo- patru. SI-IE SAID A MOUTI-IEUL I gazed into her dark and glowing eyes. I-Icr lips were saying those three wonderful words I had waited for so long. I could not believe it, and yet It was true. Again she said, fulnlling the LIl'CllII1 of my life, HNQ Compliments Of CLAUDE BUCKPITT 156 Lake Sl. SHEET MUSIC RECORDS BAND INSTRUMENTS STRINGS, REEDS, ETC. geonletry 2'lSSIgIHHt'I1t.H -"H K ' Slenderize with Stylel f A -:fn 9 I I L, S chwartz s Tl ' .-'I-I Smart Ivomanly Shop I' I On Mm sf. l , Z , Y, ,, , I ' TS I I T FOR QUICK HEAT RATHBUN HOTEL BURN ANTHRACITE AIR CONDITIONED 61,1119 coal, DINING ROQNI America's Finest Anthracite F011 t I4 ri Il g I'IgXRRY SI,IzINoI3R at the New EILQTIIIC ORGAN CHEIVILING COAL CO. 299 E. VVushIngton Ave. Dial 6268 I-Ieights Branch Dial 6135 I I T l I Elmira Store Fixture Elmira Tobacco Co., Inc. Corporation Ifvholesalers of MODERN STORE FIXTURES X CIGARS, CANDY AND SMOKERJS ARTICLES and SUPPLIES T Elmira' N' Y' I52-I59 Baldwin Strcct Phone 8521 i Elmira, New York A 1 V- C Y DoN WILI.IANIS AND IACK BICKFORD -' S -' FINE IEVVELRY IDI.-XMONDS VV.-XTC!-IES CLOCKS DMZ 2,9402 STERLING Gooos Cars Called For and Delivered Diamond Setting and Vxfzztcli Repair Work I W of All Kinds I TT' Church and Hoffman SU' 144 E. Water St. - - We Buy Old Gold , S, , W I CUSHING MOTOR I C Pl, t 5 om zmcrz 5 I CORPORATION I It 0 OICDSMOBILE SALES mf SERVICE I M Q R R I S 0 N ' S INTERIOR DECORATIXIG Fox and Carroll Streets T Elmira W New York HOUSE FURNISHINGS I l l EDGCOMPYS ROSENBAUM'S I " ' ,THE BEST PLACE To SAVE 1 Smart ucarolynw Rocks or for Graduation QUALITY FURNITURE and Class Day IO4 DO TVN TO I VX SCHANAKERS GRILLE my STATL S'I'Rl2l2'I' I71'cc Pnrlaing 3: Always Open Booths for Lnchcs "Thr Hmzvnfz After Alirlnileu PLYMOUTH 8 DeSOTA MOTOR CARS QB ED Goou Usrn Cues Southern Tier Sales Corp. 311-319 State St. Phone 5228 SPECIAL FOR NIAY ONLY lon RCcIuCtIo11 ON ALL PIPES ,-X A Lagonegrds Pipe Shop 157 LAKE STIIITITI' HERBERT A. TINNEY or PLORIST of Ffowers for 1:'Ua'ry Ocwzxiozz I-Ioifmnn at Church Dial 2-5656 iffy Ihr' R4'f?'L'SlJf71g thing to 11704 Elmira Coca-Cola Bottling Compfimfffllx vf INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY Q-T FARNI IIXIPLFIXIIENTS INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS I I ,ir , I Wgfks 656 S'1'A'I'L S1 RIZITI -Imulcplioiic 1-21 16 ELTXIIRA. N. Y. + 'llahnfiijflmerlklgaiii X Aff d Mk fF P fgPlrf BI k CI y,,gL If 3 Jahn8XU I,I ier Engraving Eu. Egg d 8f7W bxiifinfton Ame gAl'Cdf0, .gfflnohii Tfeze J odugdtifuiefoz gudfify mffsmmzs ip . . V V Whether you huy goods or services, the important factor is craftsmanship. Knowledge and experience enable us to offer Better Printing with prompt, dependable service at reasonahle prices. Q Che ommerciaf Qgress PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS Dial 6188 380-386 South Main Street f Elmira, New York 107 A UTOGRAPHS 6 M 63722 G XF jk Q. Qf mfx W A U TOGRAPHS

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