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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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1 Qflekgfwvp 'wx WMQWM WMMQMQ EX LIBRIS '3W"A QW .pw MXTW M1 'WTZZLTM1 D TQ if f'M4'f'f,,.,,, W fy if ww TW If Wife A Zwwfagjwjzw ici! WMM WW WM WM 3 U ywj 0,110 ID 'Aww ! M 206' www W7 , 'ff MffZfQfw?W3 MMM M f QM, wwwgyfww .1YWkl7lfMdj"gW M Mmyvgfbijtamd , s W Dowd' wwf Wwfkffifjifgfjyfkw xjyx K+-f'y3 U0 , GMM 3 O93 f . 9.1-94 595 x,7b0pks,,0MJw UC, i Ky, NM,-fp GMU, 1 'VJ ,WV WW' LD 'ks' yy- x4wef"5 ef 'A sxogf Hyffgabwwy MM' wx QOH? KW! esp' M265 , A-h,, if, i i P s i w K I I 2 x i V 1 I E TQRCH - L'lFlil.IbH I-,lu -ln Cllr Senior Gfass of Cifmim grae Gflcczknzy Elmira, Wew york K K K K K K G K CO-EDITORS - FLORENCE PA-Xl.lZ.'XY - PHYI.I.IS CON: HUSIXFSS NIXNAGERS - YIYIAN R. HRIYCIT - RUTH CROOKS K K K K K K 44 Cl -Q DEDICATIO yy yy yy To our Patron Saint and Loyal Friend during our Senior Year . . . to express the appreciation of the students of Elnlira Free Acadenly for his long and distinguished period of service here . . . we appropri- ately dedicate this, the 1936 edition of The Torch C MR ANTHONY A. SCHWENKLER Always a loyal friend, kindly counselor, and rare humor- ist, Mr. Schwenkler has more than earned the title of "patron saint". Regarded as a "regular fellow" by all his students and associates, he has for several years acted as adviser of the Year- book, consequently, the office is not new to him. His dauntless energy and congeniality have made him many lasting friendships, and have acted as an incentive to the several staffs he has super- vised. Our faith in him will remain undiminished in the years to come. As a toast to Mr. Schwenkler, let us say: "Here's to the patron saint of the Class of 1936. May he ever remain in our hearts". FUREWORD n the years to 001116, when we have long since left our Alma Nlater and are scattered among lifeis divergent pathways, lnay this book recall to us niany happy memories of pleasant associations and last- ing friendships which we have fornied here. 77 77 77 K 44 44 FACULTY SENIORS OTHER CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADS C0 TENTS Pictures in this book vert' taken by Rc If ll Fl The Engravingq are bv ,Iahu ax 1d Oll The Book was printed by The Lommerciul I El K9 WW Ugj K X X2 QWJUNMJMMZJJJAE X. 5 M Wifgwffw -. ,K gf NV W FACULTY T0 MR. PARKER, a true scholar and a kindly principal, we wish to attribute the inspiration without which we could not complete a successful sojourn at the Elmira Free Academy. We extend to him our sincere gratitude. By dint of hard labor, he has made the Academy out- standing in scholarship and social perfection, an accomplishment attainable only by a person of sterling character and rigid perseverance. His cordial interest in each individual of the school has created countless friends for him. His willingness to aid us in bettering ourselves has made us eager to prove our mettle, and his ability to guide us during this, the most turbulent part of our lives, has stamped him as an intrepid leader, and has forever endeared him to us. Through Mr. Parker, we have reason to remember the Elmira Free Academy, and to regard it as one of the most joy- ous and significant stages of our lives. Q Clxmf CZ K f X57 'wms ""f""d"" H0 'J 'UV' W FRANcis R. PARKER, A.M. . .' ...... Principal DILLON A. CADY, BS., Pd.B. . . . . Vice-Principal ENGLISH IXIATHEMATICS ' SCIENCE Albert B. Helmkamp, Ed.D. jane INK Birchard, A.B. Mrs. Gladys C. Smith, AB. Louise K. Gamble, Ph.M. Eda B. Stauterman, A.M. Mrs. Jeanette P. Deuel, A.B. Kathryn L. Daly, A.B. Grace E. Miller. A.B. John E. Colgan, A.B. Rose Kingston, AB. orothr Marti AB. LATIN El abeth Tashjian, A.B. Anna C. McMahon, A.B. Lena B. Logan, AB. Mrs. Gertrude Tatelbaum, AB. 5, PHYSICIAL EDUCATION Mary O'Dea Arthur Hirst ART Mrs. Helen VVinsor Katherine.E. Youmans, AB. SALESMANSHIP Viola H. Heinen, M.S. HOME ECONOMICS Irene M. Dunn, A.M. Helen M. Hibbard, B.S. Mrs. Mary H. Stewart, B.S Mary D. Condon, B-.S. Mrs. Celia N. Stott, A.B. Harriet I. VVixon, A.B. Ruby A. Hopkins, AB. Elizabeth Deneen, AB. Anna C. MacInerney, B.S. Stephen A. Prokop, AB. XVillia1n F. Dobberstein, AB. MODERN LANGUAGE Harriet N. Kellogg, AB. Julia V. Brooks, AB. Isobel Mark, A.M. M, Beatrice Espey, AB. Mrs. Clara Munson, AB. ' HISTORY Rena Rockwell, A.M. Mrs. Mary B. Cady, AB. Frederick J. Leverich, A. M Kathleen B. Miller, PhB. Mrs. Esther A. Loew, A.B. DIVEN ENGLISH Rachel M. Bowen, AB. HISTORY Mrs. Carolyn M. Bolger, AB. SCIENCE Helen C. Kingston, B.S. A l I Q, s i A. Cady, B.S., PdB. Emt . Donelson, Ecl.M. Mrs. Sylvia V. Beral . Silas F. Parry, AB. Anthony A. Sehwenkler, . .NI MUSIC Jean Christian, B.S. ENGLISH Mrs. Helen VV. Edson, AB LATIN, CIVICS INIarion Kelly, B.S. LIBRARIAN Elizabeth Eldredge, B.S. SECRETARY Mary C. Mitchell CUSTODIAN Alton Passmore ANNEX MATHEMATICS Helen E. Bower, A.B. Violet May Packer, M.Sc. HOME ECONOMICS Ada B. Wvest HELEN M. I-IIBBARD Mathematics RENA ROCKNVELL History f .IR k xi: . -" t Q A f if ,ff ' - Ax BERT B HELNICAXIP Englzsb M75 DEP RT ENT HEADS 2 62-Ci DXLLON A. CADY f Science . . HAIQIQIET N. KELLOGG fllodern Languagex 7 v1.1Qez,,.,7 ELIZABETH TASHIIAN Latin 1 I' SENIORS V L , QQ MWA QZ?Z4flf7-5,C,,4.,..Z-,. 0,015 - fhff"AffC-ffg,-ecfwin MAQVJQWBQ ,wff5-f-3Q --'Q4'!- QMMMZZQZJMAQQ j Lk M4-w77fil,,A fm,Zyfff5 ' ffA,3f,,,,,,5, Qfjj4MAm5mfg fcfZffWC?fmfc fiff9'fQ'Af5 ff SENIOR CLASS Presiflefir . . , WALTER ZIMDAHI. VffEeP7'C'SIl1l'71f, . IESSIE lX'lOULD Secretary . . . RUTH Cuooits Treasurer . . ARTHUR BURT Dear Clfzssmfltesi As President of the Class of IQ36, I have been accorded the privilege of writing in your behalf a message of farewell to our school, to each member of the faculty, and to the student body. Commencement draws near. It is a serious and memorable occasion for each of us. It rings down the curtain upon the most carefree, the most enjoyable, and the longest-tofbe-remembered chapter of our lives. The recollections of high school days will always be cherished, and it is with a touch of regret that we, the class of 1936, leave the Academy. The Academy guided, directed, and developed us these last four years. To her, we have incurred a life-long debt. Qpportunities have been accorded each of us. No one has been denied an equal opportunity to excel. The impressions made, the lessons learned, and the friendships gained here, will ever be a part of us. Yet, we must go on, for we must "see life through and see it whole." Though we have Finished our academic studies, we realize education never ends. In nartinfr then ma f we fro on with liffhr hearts and o wen minds to face our urob- l rv ' 5 rv z-' l l lems, may we continue so that our lives, through their achievements, may ever reHect honor upon, and express gratitude and appreciation for our school, Elmira Free Academv. Sincerely yours, XVALTER L. ZIXIDAHL 191- 1 nf CLASS HISTORY WE, THE CLASS OF 1936, have nearly completed four successful and eventful years at the Elmira Free Academy. When we, inexperienced and queer freshmen, gazed with awe upon the big knowing seniors, we little realized that we, too, given time, might possess that same poise and self-assurance. Although we were practically without organized leadership during our first year, we were capably represented the next by the following officers: Iohn Hirst, president, Katherine Kinsman, vice-president, Phyllis Cole, secretaryg William Love, treasurer. In the third stage of our high school career, we again chose superior leaders: Daniel Coleman, president, assisted by Eleanor Chapel, Iessie hdould, and Emory Stoddard. Soon after, the president appointed William MacNamare to head the committee for the careful selection of the pattern of our jewelry, which would distinguish us as the Class of 1936. That year, for the Hrst time, the Iuniors agreed to hold their prom with the Seniors. This arrangement was so successful that it was decided to repeat it the following year. Iunior Day, the most important day of the year to us, found both boys and girls gaily decorated with flattering red and white ribbons. Returning in September, ready to cope with our Hnal and most difficult problems, we elected Walter Zimdahl, president, Iessie Motild, vice-president, Crooks, secretary, Arthur Burt, treasurer, to guide us along untried paths. They worked hard and so cooperated as to make our social activities outstanding. In early May, the animal Senior play, "Three the inspiring direction of Mr. Colgan. Each member his part in making it a success. Today, we are eagerly anticipating "the are already busily making plans, the Senior school career, and, the Senior reception. Then the goal for which we have striven so faithfully since What the future holds in store for us is sure to do his best. We should, E. F. A. has laid a good -po f wxptff' lr. ' 4 1 STEPHEN E. ABBOTT "Steven NO. IO f17'V1l7ili0I4S,, find can lie model airplanes! llfho can tell wlyat the future may bold for 'AStezie".3 Biology Club I, 2, 3, 4: Iuuto Club 3, 4. KENNETH ALLEN ..Km,, NO. 8 A still tongue but an eloquent pen, The class :iCal Coolidgef' AGNES AUGUSTINE ,.Ag,, NO. 5 P. G. Coy, conservative, and cornelyg a rare combination nowadays. 1 .jJ ! l Y NXQI RD No. II ' D f -LMIRA So ' we or s ig g stude s e t er this Qi ' .can d o y thi , yet e e cw ses, Girls HLY 3, 4, ADRIAN VV. BIERWILER mgleeatsu No, 5 PLJRDUE Nlcclm. Engineering ,idrian certainly knows his fl's and Us His report card verifes that. 211- Jf' ELLEN BOWMAN NO. 5 ROCHESTER MLCH. Lots of pep anal loads of fun Cloarra and ability all in one. Biology Club 1, 22 Glcc Club I, 2, 31 Girls I-Ii-Y 4. IEAN BREVVER Hleannieu DIST. NO. 5 UNDECKDED A serious miss of winsome nature. GEORGE YV. BROOKS IR. 'lBud" NO, II CORNELL Mcclicinc liurlls giiite a liors c rider. .myte '. l6iI7I16Ll such ght r ' ofn Vindex fm ' rology Club 23 Z - 1b I, 2, 31 Qprcs. 35 Z' - nil 31 Vimlcx , fA4lv. Nlgr. 45 Pres ll 3. ELLEN Nl. BROWN MEIN NO, 8 LINCOLN HOSPITAL Happily, srnilingly, sive makes ber way. - VIYIAN RANDALL BRUCE IR. 'cViv" NO, II DARTNIOUTH A man about town, a cartoonf ist, and the controlling power of many activities. A70 wonder lfeys a center of interestl Student Council 4 fprcsjg Vklrcsrllng 21 Chairman Iuuior Day: Stylus 3, 4, Torch Busi- ness Stalf 3, 4: lXfIasqucrs 2, 3, 43 I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4. WINIFRED BUNDY fcwinniell NO. 5 ARNOT OGDEN You can always aleioenel on VVinnie to help. Shels never failed us yet. KMETTY BU 'X-'yr . PT 1 . " YORK e l' e s eserihe our V Bett . wee smi g, anel tylus 3g Agora 2, 32 Girls Hi- Y 3, Vinclex 1, 2, 33 Phi Alpha Kappa 1, 2, 3g Bology Club 2. PAUL BURKE ST. PATRICISS CORNELL C'mon smile! You can't help it when you hear Paulls cherry greeting. Forum 2, 3, 4 Cfrcas. 45, Hi- Y 3, 4. THUR BURT rf rtn g lives and running Hi-Y ese are Art's avorite pas- times. 1 1 U A ' I ll wl II PENNSYLVANIA f 1 K . f Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Qpres. 453 Treas. Senior Class. NY .RBARA BUSH Barhien NO.,1I 'X-, UNDECIDED ome Egonomics A hed lady whose tunes aiwiist as louelyuas her laugh. X Masquers 2, K3iQiQs 'Y 3, 4- ' K BERTI-IA BYSTROM , B NO. 11 Shy and unohtrusioe Charming and elusive. Glcc Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MARIE CAPARULO NCHPIUU ST. c:Ec12L1A's E. B. 1. Happiness and goorl cheer fol- low in her wake. OW 6.1 o. 2 sPR1 FIELD 1 'S 17 -'chu Az aneing he's quite Astaire. Ritiitlub 1A,,1 33 qi 45 O1' 1HCSS Sta . HENRY CARRIGAN "HanleU NO. I The foothall players are ruth- less not only with the oflfzosing team hut also with the assistant manager. Take it from me. Asslt Mgr. Football. IOI-IN CASCIO No. 5 RENSSELAER Dynamite often comes in small packages. -l22 LILLIAN CATO "Bohhy,' HENDY .XVENUI1 ROCHESTER NIECH. INST. Vivaeious, athletic, anal a foot- hall fan. Ivo wonder she is President of Ph1Alpba Kappa' Agora 2, 3, 4, Phi Alpha Kap- pa 3, 4 QPres. 452 Girls I-Ii-Y 3, 4, lnterclass Basketball 2, 3: Nlasquers 43:1-orc'l2 Lit. I 5 ,cffiiftciiixixfczgvcis-ixviii-Elf., 41 ff .. . . - - ,.. , 1:1 y,,jj,7fyo. ,w ?Qi,f4fEi'XH-IRA ,, ere s rea arrnony ffy, .fu ifllways in tlernantl. XJQ, l hi Al wha Ka 7 a 2 ' Nlas l IP i 3' 4' A ' uers 3, 4, Vlce-Pres. Iunior Class: Girls Hi-Y 43 Athletic Council 43 Student Council 4: Senior Play. f5Uj"' ADELAIDE CICCOTTE "Ad" ST. .xNTHONY'S CORTLAND Ait'elaia'e, unrufflezl hy the ex- citement of the clay, Srnilinlgly goes her placid way, LUCILE CICORA Ushipperu DIST. NO. 5 UNDECIDED Shy and reserved, hut known to her friends as a regular little tlliss-Fix-It. MILAN CLARKSON HBuci"' NO. 8 YVASHINGTON He may he a A'Bud" but he surely is a Hhloorrzingu jqne fellow. lnt. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. 231- fm l It IAMES, CLEARY English is ygne, hut who in- troilucetl oral topics? Oh well, hoxing is more fun, Int. Softball I, 21 Boxing I PI-IYLLIS COLE "Fifi" YO. 5 UNDECIDED Miisic A leader in song, in learning, antl fun In all thesef h ra'e sht-'s won. ok Co-editor TO.FCl1, Student Council 3, B 2, 3, 4 Qpres. 3, 4 AU ra 4, hlasquers 41 Girl' -Y Sec. Soph. Class. MARVIN COLEGROVE Ht'VIarnie" YO. II ALFRED Engineering A gooil nature -l- a keen sense of humor i"iWartI." lnt. Softball I, 23 Int. Basket- ball 2, 3. DANIEL COLENIAN UDan" ST. P,xTRIcI4'S l'ENN'ST.YI'E flttractiue, pepivy, witty Dan.. In E. F. A., hels quite a man. Forum 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 3-4: Stu- ilent Council 3: Pres. Iunior Class. HENRY B. COLLIN IR. "Har1k,' NO. II ERNEST VVILLIAINIS SCHOOL OF NIUSIC Hi1L'e you ever heara' Heizry toot toatie-toot on his flute.: Nvo? Then you've rnissetl sorne- thine. Cl Orchestra I, 2, 3, 43 Band 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Biology I, 2: St. Council 4. M EVERETT COONS ,.EU,. G. M. D. BUCKNELI. Chem. Engineering If ambition and an amicable disposition males for success, Evlll some day have a colossal fortune. Torch Business Staff. HENRY COPPINI "Hank" No. 2 UNTJECIDED Henry is one of the liicley fel- lows who went to flliami. While down there, he certainly did some 5718 tackling. Football 2, 3, 4 QVarsity 3, 1 Basketball 3, 4 QVnI'sity 45. UTI-I CROQKS 'tCr olesiew IENDY I ' ELTXIIRA s nal' , lovei ss and ef- , env! Quite a trio to be ssed by one girl, but that is ou "Croolesie.,' 9, 2, 3, 4g I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Phi Ia Pa 3, 4, IXfIzIsque1's 3, g' dent Council 4, lr. Rii omm, Co-Bus. Mgr. of T 3 Sec. of Senior Class, '. Miisical, Sr. Play Lead. SADIE V. CRUSADE Hsnuffyv No. 8 wasu. SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE A girl with snapping black eyes who is casual yet animat- ed and completely self-reliant. Girl Reserves 2, Inter-Class Basketball I, 2, 3, Inter-Class Volleyball I, 2. NIARY CUFFNEY ,. ST, PATRICKIS CORTLAND True in thought, ioord and deed lllay Mary now and forever 'succeeds Agora 3, 4g'I-Ii-Y 4, Student Council 4.' ALICE BOWLER CURRAN "Alice: ST. PATIzIeI4's TRINITY The saying that red hair goes with a bad disposition has been proved false. Alice is the proof. Stylus 3, 4g Erench Club 3, Torch Business Staff 4. VVILLIAM CUSI-IING HENDY AVE. coRNEI.L lt's too bad this blonde boy doesnjt give the girls a chance. CHARLOTTE DALGLISI-I NO. 5 ELNIIRA Secretarial Course A stenographerl Her future bossjs wife had better be on her toes. Agora 3, 4, IXiIzIsquers 3, 4, Vinclex 3, 4g Glee Club I. CLARA A. N. DAVIS "Candy', S. H. S, ST. LAXVRENCE U. This versatile young lady can change quickly from colorful capriciousness to clever serious- ness. I-'Ii-Y 4, Biology Club I, 2 Library Council 2, Business Staff 4, Inter Basketball 4. ' NE DAVIS Q ENISEXQQ che plu 'fril- f 'Ig lee lub 3, 43 tud Conn K. xy N' 'W I '5 'x Nl RUTH DECKER 'IT-oflcllesl' mortiixs ic. BEECHLR ST. 1osEPH's And a good time was bad by all. IVby.9 Because Rmb was tbere Girl Rcscwes ig Stylus 4. RUTH DERRY G. M. n. Determination and courage- tbe qualities to overcome all obstacles. EDVVARD DONAHUE "Toozlles" sr. m1'iziCK's HToodles', is a big asset Zo Zbe football team. Forum 2, 3, 4Q I-Ii-Y 3, 4g Pootf ball 3, 4. VIRGINIA DRAKE "Bobby" NO, 5 UNDECIDED The furtiue glances of ber brown eyes ' Sbow us wbere ber interest liesf Glec Club 1, 2Q Biology Club 1, 22 Torch Business Staff. IOI-IN DUI-IL No. 2 E. B. 1. Here's a boy wbo's started for tbe top. Go on, Iobn! Stamp Club 4. 251 . MARITA DUNKLE ss. P. AND P. ST. IOSEPHIS Nursing Loads of fun, 'til day's begun. ORIS DUNN sr. RI " C RTLAND H i ' Is e ' b r wido 's woes. i-Y , 1 or ing Commit- tee. 4-1,90 MADELENE DYKINS NO. 2 E. B. 1. fl "bome-bozlyu? Yes, but equally interested, too, in scbool, in cbarcb, in commun- ity. Broaalminaled, weld call ber. Girls Hi-Y. " v IEAN O. ELLIOTT ,.loe,, FARMINGDALE OHIO lean, in ber inimitable manner bas been ibe backbone of our girls' interclass basketball team. G. R. 1, 2, 32 Library Council 4g Int. Basketball 2, 3, 4. ARIE HE DY E. E L YAN Tbe ivor' sing to be tbe ban Witb e y toucb o tbrynls d. 5 Orchestra 4. HERBERT EPSTEIN rrHMb3Tt,, No. II A "reg'lar fellerfl and a splen- did mixer. Need more he said? Forum 2, 3, 4g Masquers 2, 3, 43 QTrcas. 3, 4j Student Coun- cil 4, Vindex 2, 3, 45 QCirc. NIgr. 3, Sports Ed. 45, Co- clmirman Iunior-Senior Prom, chairman I-Iallowccn Carnival, Intcrclass baseball xg Torch Literary Staffg Press Club 2, 3, 3109! RALPH No. 8 Ralph will surely someday he one of our coming industrialists. Stamp Club 2, 3. ANTHONY R. FADALE HShorty" sT. ANTHoNY's He flies through all Urnathu with the greatest of ease. MADELINE FAHS H Ullladgeu No. 8 sT. 1osEPH's Madeline is, as always, a loyal friend and a staunch supporter of all class and school activi- ties. ! X, 4' N r ROBERT H. FIX ffB0t" No.'8 1 A ' ELMHURST . Plgfsf M Education , Hatslvog to a witty, conversa- tionahst and a sleilledlsports- man. WILLIAM FLANAGAN "Bill" NO. 5 E. B. I. Bill is wright there." He likes people and things. Masqtlersg Int. Baseball IQ Int. Basketball 2, 3. PAUL FLETCHER i'Fletch" NO. II He is witty and gay In his own happy way. Cleo Club I, 2, 3, 4. VICTOR GEI-IRIG UVM, NO. II P. G. Vietofs the fellow who always "gets hy." Vlfith all his friends, hels aces hi gh. ALICE GERE "Gere" HENDY AVE. ROCHESTER MEC!-I. Illustmtion With "Gere", therels laughter Forever and after. Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4 CSCC. 4j, Stylus 2, 3, 4. -ps MARGUERITE GLEASON "MickeyJ' NO. 2 Modesty and graciousness are only two of her many virtues. Glee Club 3, 4. HOWARD GRAVES "Howie', HENDY AVE, CINCINATTI A quiet, capable, unassuming chap, a friend we assure you. LESLIE GREGG IILESJI No. 8 P. G. Thoughtful and leindhearted, Leslie never fails. Girls Glcc Club 1, ZQ Girls Hi- Y 4. IEAN GREIG NO. II lean is quiet and always serene lfs due to her sense of humor, we deem. FLORENCE E. GRIFFIN "Eele,' NO. 5 ARNOT OGDEN Do you need a good forwarrl on your basketball team? "Eden sinles the ball every time . . . almost! Int. Basketball 1, 43 Varsity 2, 33 Phi Alpha Kappa 33 Volley- ball 3. 271- BERNARD GULKA "Bernie" NO. 4 ITHACA IVIusiC Bern, the E. F. A. speedster! And his Auburn isn't all of it. IANE HAASE RURAL DIST. NO. 5 VASSAR A poised young woman of in- finite grace. Ana' can she re- cite! I-Ii-Y 3, 43 Qpres. 4j3 Stylus 41 MHSqllCfS 43 Sr. Play. FRANCIS B. I-IALL ..Fmn,, No. 8 R. P. 1. Business Admin. He receives many a glance from the feminine eye. Forum 2, 33 Int. Basketball 1, 2. ROBERT I-IALL "Bob" sr. CECELIA,S ALABAMA IfVhen there is a finer athlete or sioortsman, he'll have to surpass "Babu Boxing and wrestling 2, 31 Football 2, 3, 4. 1oHN HAMILTON "Hank" NO. II CORNELL Law Full of wit, spirit, and bar- mony. How that fellow can strum a banjo! Band 1, 2, 3, 4. flask ' I . EILEEN CHARLOTTE I-IANRAI-IAN 'lBabe" NO. 5 ROCHESTER MECH. Smiling Irish eyes and danc- ing feet. Eileeifs a typical Irish colleen. Agora 2, 3, 4. ANNE HARDY HENDY AVE. CONNECTICUT When Anne talees the reins, she makes the road easy for all the rest of us. Basketball I3 Phi Alpha Kap- pa 3, 4 QVice-Pres 4j3 Iunior Ring Comm.3 Student Council 4 QPres.j3 Torch Literary Staff3 Stylus 33 Masquers 4. EMMA I-IAWKES NO. II ELMIRA Delicacy of feature and abun- dance of talent mark Emma as one of our genteel folk. Girls I-Ii-Y 3, 4. ALICE VIRGINIA I-IEDCES ffAm0J,, sAYRE PR.-XTT,S INST. Peace and good will are Aliceys constant comrades. IOI-IN SYLVESTER I-IEI-IER Hlohnnieu His jolly smile anal twinkling eye, Help clear 'flohnniel' to get by. Boys, Clce Club 2, 31 Forum 3. 4: I-Ii-Y 4, 1 ,J ,I 'A . , f, l l 'il "1 p". , ,, A 1 .I ,O 3 .f -,of A .1 . 3 , l X' , 3, IIA WIA: H avg? GEORGE HETRICII 3 "Gawdge" I' 45. ,f gl NO. II MICHIGAN Iwilcl of manner, ale I ofhmina' A alramazic trend, and humor you'll final. ' Band I, 2, 3, 43 Stylus 3, 4 Qljres. 4j3 Forum 3. 4: CSI:-c. 451 Boys I-Ii-Y 3, 43 Nlasquers 3, 41 Press Club 3, 4 Cvice- Pres. 453 Student Council 43 Asst. Ecl. Vinclex 43 Torch Lit- erary Staff, Sr. Ply. I-Ii-Y 3 Play. HENDY For are In his are most Boys Council 4. THOIVIAS ST. PA DUKE He seem a bit with the Stnrnp W, , Vice- orum 2, 3, 4 CVICC- Pres. 3 Masquers 4, I-Ii-Y 41 Iunior Ring Committee. LENORE IARVIS Ulm, PATIQICISS COLUMBIA Inalustrious and efficient to the ,nth degreeg always willing to aicl in any school activity. Agora 3, 43 Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Torch Business Stuff. -fzs RAYNOLD IELLIFE NO. I Looking at the world with twinkling wide open eyes. Orchestra. ARTHUR IENNINGS NAM' No. 8 CARNEGIE TECH Self-czinfidence is a requisite for good work. GORDON IENSEN NO. 2 E. B. l. ':Oh, you hlou' through here!" Gord can play that tronfzhonef Orchestra 3, 41 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. IULIA IOSEPHSON ffludyu NO. I E. B. I. "fudy's" curly hair is the envy of many a girl. G. R. IQ Girls Hi-Y 4. LORAINE IUDSON Hluddu HENDY AVE. ELMIRA Here's to a girl who is a good sport and a good student. lVhat would we o wit t her.: l Xe y 291 - BERNICE KAKRITZ "Bernie" sr. CECLIA,S Calm and cool Like a gentle hreeze. BERNADETTE KANE 'KBunny" sr. PA'1'RICli,S CORTLAND fi smile every day drives the hlues far away. Iunior-Scnlor Prom Commit- tcc. MARGARET ELLEN KEANE HKeanie" QT. CECELIA,S CORTLAND fin all around good scout, even though she delights in playing pranks on her friends. lnt. Basketball 1, 2. VVILLIAIVI KENNEDY "Cannon Ball" ss. P. AND P. NOTRE DMIE For he,s a jolly goodxfellowl F ll ARIE KIIOWSKI 'Chubbyn sr, CASIMIRJS E. B. 1. She studies in earnest and plays in earnestg no dullness here. 'We MARY KINNER No, 5 CQRNELL Here is a carefree lass, a joy in any company. A real pal. Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4, Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Int. Vol- ley ball 1, 2. KATHERINE KINSMAN "Khin NO. II CORNELI. Gifted witb brains and wit, Sbe always scores a bit. French Club 32 Iunior Prom Committee. ALICE MAY KISTLER 'KC'ustard" SOUTHSIDE HIGH ELMIRA Herejs to a girl with faults so few and far between. Torch Business Staff, Hi-Y 43 Agora 3, 4. CI-IARLOTTA KOI-IBERGER "Connie: HENDY AVE. CORTLAND Devoted, generous, and fun- loving Connie, we deem a most agreeable companion and true friend. Agora 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 3, 4 QV. P. 45. IOI-IN KOSMICKI ,. ,, lack No. 5 NOTRE DAME Baseball and drumming A good combination for versatile lack. Int. baseball and basketball 1. ka Wlwwl NO II ORTLA P . ucation z f Hip! May ontinue to ebe u v' or y. l?AlEha Kap - , 4 Q es. 3DQ Student ncil 4, QTreas.j lnt. Bask ll 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, A SIBYL 1. LEACH fflgrryss NO. I I BELLEVUE Nursing Witb Sibyl as nurse, wbo would mind being sick? Eb, boys? Library Council 1, 4 QPres. 4,2 Biology Club 1, 3, 4 QSec.- Treas. 4D. DOROTHY LEISINRING "Dot" sr. PATRICKJS ST. 1osEPH's Sweet and Lovely, a veritable song. GLADYS LEISENRING "Hwy" NO. 5 ARNOT OGDEN Gladys' outstanding character- istic is ber ability for saying the rigbt tbing at tbe proper moment. Cvlee Club 1, 2, Library Coun- cil 2. 2 I BELINDA LE MARK "Lynne, NO. IO E. B, I. Sbels just coming, has .vbe'll arrive on time. -D0 PALMINA LIMONCELLI HENDY AVE. p. G. WatclJ the hoys gather now. Herels Palmina. PI-IYLLIS LINDAU "Phil" HENDY' AVE. ELNIIRX English is udticle soup" for Phil. Clee Club 42 Orchestra 4: French Club 3. DORIS F. LONG nshortyn SCOTTSVILLE SARGENT Bright and peppy , ,,fQf' I atch her speed nr xdrum major Keeps t lead. V Xm CEXCl18UgC Ed. 2, jg Bus M r. jg Mas- que 3, 4, dialog 41 1, 2 QV. P. 2j, ent 0 cil 4: Press Clu 1, 2, 3, 41 l-Y 4: Glee Clt 1,1 2, Band 3. 4 QDI'Lll11l Jorj: H! . yltltgq ,LM l V Jjgto. l' X co NEL1. rare cd A ' on rliss, jfwli' V' d 1 , . 2 u ton an HUM 4 ff ,,., y , J! IBf,3y.Q'l?l'Hi-aglllm 3 vlmC,j5,4q xEd pl Xl igllv, 4, , I Glep.Cll1b f , 3, es. g .Blmy 11b'y'J2, 3,3 . Qflnreas. S ll. Cl ni lnv and 1n Co? all gg Lierarv smysf. tif. ' ll -,mil tuwudfp HENDY AVE!.X J A111501 OGDEN A hlo e 7 if ff if ' F r o e ture ani Cl' LJ-Nl 311- IAMES LYNCH ST. CECELIAIS BENTLEY Finance He has the right spirit, our spirit. He helongs. ROBERT LYON "Bob" vo. 6 NAVY Firm of purpose And a steadfast friend. VVQIAM MCCARTHY ST. PATRICK 5 M. I. T. I didn't think I'd make it, hut here I am. 1,7 Z-.Iv - THOMAS MCCONNELL 'KTommy" ST, CECELIA,S GEORGETOWN Medicine Quite an athlete But oh so hashful with the girls. Int. Softball 1, 3, 43 Int. bas- ketball 3, 4, Boxing 2, Foot- ball 4. ROBERT A. lVIcDOWELL NO. II SYRACUSE Small and noisy, but logical withal. Hzfll he Hjiidgiizgu us all yet. Orchestra 1, 2 ,3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 CSec. 4jg Iunior Prom Committee, Student Council 4, Stamp Club 2. 11 M in NTARY C. Mc GINTY Nlwugginsu G. A. R. HIGH WILKES-BARRE A rosy smile, a twinkling eye, A cheery word, for passers-by. ELIZABETH F. MCGRAIN K'Betty', NO. io One good turn deserves an- other. Several people must Noweu Betty. Cwlee Club 3, 4. LOTS B. NICKAY Hllliekeyn ADDISON HIGH E. B. I The humdrum of life? Lois loves it. The more it drums, the more she bums. xl in .bf N x my Q, X5 ACFEIGGAN yy, . Q' HENDY AVL. DUKE NP Medicine li iackys humorous drawl has drawn many a laugh, but he can be serious too. IOSEPI-I NTACNAMARA .. 105, ST. PATRICKJS BUCKNELL Chem. Engineering X "A bit of nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men. Surely, Ioe is one of the best. Forum 2, 3, 4g Stamp Club 2, 3, 41 Co-chairman Iunior Prom. 11' 'lf OW XVILLI M NflglfARA "Mae,' 'X Tlzlcliif Jlfgorkefiimli edicinesukj J lj rqigwl' g friends, he ' the acle! ' f A right WJ is 1. illy jf MM f . 'Ai J oru AE A Masl' rs gf lmirn n gggyhmgiigtebf BERT L. MADDEN "Slirrf, No. ll ROCHESTER Tall, darle, amiable. Not bad! VVL' think so too. Nlnsquers 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 2. NIILDRED MALANOSKI "MillieJJ ST. CASIMIRJS ELMIRA ,Tis infnite quality, not great quantity, that is worthwhile. Girls I-I-Y 45 Torch Literary Staff. ISABELLE TNTATHEWS "Dimples,' HENDY AVE. ROCH. MECH. Itls the little things she,s said And the little things she's done That have made our Isabelle The friend of everyone. DONALD IXTENDRICK No, 1 . We have fun a-plenty in the homeroom. How about it fel- lows? -l32 'J LOUISE A. IXIILLER 510, 2 ARNOT ODGEN Nursing A cheerful countenance and ll merry heart. PI-IYLLIS MINER 'KPhil,' Gro. M. DIVEN Lab. Teclmician I'Vhaz is this secret of 'Kthe chin you love to f0lll'hU.D Iibrary Council 2. NIARY ELIZABETH IXIITCI-IELL U.I4ary Leon 'o. 5 BUFFMO ti ious? R6.Y6fUL'Il.D Yes, hut w t fl lovely smile. Some- times, she even giggles. Biology Club 1, 2, 3, IXIO I T LAN Hlimmyl' sT. CECII IA s UNDIHCIDED ccounting h o of many II foothall cfame and iz vorite with the lfzdies. Mayhe 't' Jthose merry luc' eyes, I ' nt class Basket- z1II 3g Il erclass S rbnll 1, ZQ SSW VVILLIAIX4 TXIYI-IALYK "IVr15h" No. IO MICHIGAN Engineering "IfVu.vhie', has certainly shown us that he can play foothulll Intcrclass Boxing 1. 2, 41 In- tcrclass Softball 1, 2, 3Q Inter- class Basketball 1, 2, 33 Varsity Football 3, 4. VADA ELOISE NILES HENDY AVE. CORTLAND Sererzely and quietly she goes her way Oh Vada tell us how in this world of to-day! Agora 3, 41 Stylus 4. IXIARY CATHERINE OBRIEN Hflluyclien ST. Cl2CEI.IA'5 NAZARETH Her shyrzess arm' sweetness only zzilcl to her many charms. Torcli Business Staff. 6 5' A my bl - mai en whom ev. on i . A 2, 3 Phi ia Kap- l 3 , , a Cr 43 Inrc ass Baslcctlyi Torcli Business Staff. PATRICIA O'NEII.I. "Pai" HLNIJY AVE. NIICHIGAN An impish smile and ever- huhhling laughter. Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 43 Stylus 3. FLORENCE PALIZAY rrF!05Xie,, ST. CASIMIRJS CORTLAND A hrilliant student, outstand- ing in scholastic work as well as in outside activities. Co-Editor Torchg Student Council 4g Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 45 lnt. Volley and Basket- ball 1, 2 fCapt, 2jg Library Council 2. ALLIE PASIELSKI No. 5 P. G. The proud possessor of a sun- ny disposition and a most dis- arming srnile. It PA ci PNAU I ENDY , sn't kno 'K ty' and lenow- ing h snlt like her. You can, . J 5 . A UAW to nah rn e who Agora 3, i- 4, Phi Alpha 'a a ,3, , asquers 45 St t Cou il 41 Torch Busi ss Staff. DONALD PERRY "Donn G. M. D. UNDECIDED He's dexterous at playing the unwieldy hasson, Which to him and his class- niates is often a hoon. Band 3, 4g Orchestra 3, 41 Biology Club 3, 4. I 1 Q 1 A Q AZ ri' XM sro. I I W T 4 1,4 'A ' 1 HM ' 5 1 r , C , 4 H . Y , 3 lx V rn re f girls ar to tter ' . 1' Glee 3 i- I 'WW PAUL W. POOLY No, 2 UNDECIDED Paul has shown us what a good drurn major really is. We chuckle with glee at his antics. Band 3, 4. DELORES PRESTON G. M. D. MT. SIN.-XI Hosp. Nursing Quiet, sweet, and hind, that's what everyone says ahout D61 Ofgf . jj, sswiw ,twidi NO I ORNELL W 0' con ics The en r of jjmlau h'n group, tb ' of n ty, that's 'K cy." Nia uers 2, 3, 4 V. P. 3, 453 Stylus 3, 4Q Girls I-Ii-Y 3, 4 Cfrcas. 4jg Iunior Ring Comm., Torch Business Staff: Senior Play. BETI I REED HBetsJ' ST. PATRICK,S STRAYER,S A dark-haired lass, cute, and full of life. Glcc Club 1. 0- 0 LUCIL TE HO .L G. .D. s . In Sw , an unajjte dx Girl Re es 5 eglQlub- v Q ' -I34 ANDREW ROBERTS "Prof, G. M. D. BUFFALO Pharmacy fhe will to win is half the ight. He nwillsf' Band 1. HELEN RODZAI ST. CASITx'lIR,S BUFFALO Charming and bright An athletic young sprit. Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 43 lnt. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4Q Int. Vol- leyball 1, 2 VIRGINIA ROEMMELT Hleann G. M. D. CORNELL Hleanjsu reputation is hased on her excellent taste. Clcc Club 2Q lvlasquers 4, Hi- Y 4Q Stylus 3, 4g Agora 2, 3, 4 QPres. 41. , LORETTA ROSINSKI sT. CASIMIR,S ROCH. MECH. Never missing an opportunity to he cheerful and entertaining, she hrightens even our darleest moods. LUCILLE RUHMEL "Blondie" THOMAS K. BEFCHER BEARDSLEY Her leindly appearance does not helie her disposition. 351- FRED SAVEY, IR. "Freddy" NO. II P. G. He has never Hfallenu yet. Whc'n he does, watch outl Inr. softball IQ Biology Club 1, 2g Stylus 2, 32 Boys Glee Club 1, 2. FRANCES SCI-IAEFER HI:7'd7lU THOM. K. DDECHER UNDECIDED Hou' drah school would he if we didn't have Frances spread- ing sunshine around. HARRIET SCI-IANLEY No. II ELMIRA To those outside her circle, Hari'iet appears quiet and re- served. To those inside, she is renowned as a person of qual- ity. l ' . W HOVV ARD T. ECK AW NO. C G ' Pre, Medic o you want s e to share u fu . ind Howard. Heys r' ere when youlre not' ing so good, too. IUNE SCHIVANE READING, PA. UNDECIDED A pleasure to he near, A memory to hold dear. Girl Reserves IQ Glec Club 3, 4 QSCC.-Treas. 4,3 Agora 4. LoIs I. SCHNECKENBURGER No. 1 o LUCY NVHEELOCK Loyal, Orderly, Industrious, Sincere. Thatfs L-0-i-s. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD SHAW .Edu HENDY AVE. SYRACUSE A smile for every boy, and two for every girl. Clionian 3, 4. IOI-IN SHEPARD ST. PATRICK,S Have you tried fohnls latest anti-cold remeelyf' Oh well, have a eoughelrop, anyhow. DORIS SHERMAN nffustyu HENDY AVIS. IiI.NIIR.X Hlayhe it's her red hair that cheers us, lint we think itls her personality. Agora 2, 3, 45 QSCC. Trcas. 451 Hi-Y 3, 4Q Torch Literary Staff. WILLIANI SKIDMORE "Skirt", NO. IO MICHIGAN Bill has a ready grin and a twinkling eye. Football 1, 2, 31 Int. Track 2. - - DORGTHY SMITH 'fSkeeter" ra. M. D. OLIVET A lovely voieel IVhat great' er asset is there? Glas Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY EDYTHA SMITH No. II Diligent and graceful To ideals, faithful. . u 'SAMUEL E. SMITH "Sam" No. 2 HAMILTON Law Course Do you know Sarn's favorite color? We'll wager theylre rea' ana' green! Baud. WALTER SMITH "Smitty" NIO. I ROCHESTER liven though he likes to eroon If'Ve have a feeling heyll get there soon. Clue Club 35 Student Council 3, Radio Club 31 Biology Club 4. ELEANOR LOUISE SNYDER No. 5 CORNELL A quiet girl with a Alena Lisa smile. It makes us wontler whatls hehintl it. Glcc Club, Orchestra. -I36 IESSIE STEMERNIAN Hlessn NO. I UNDECIDED Srmzllf llaylle. But ber ,vmile is bzg and generous. Girls' H1-Y 4. RUTH STEX' ' RT HEND AV . , W fkbirz ' ' . greetin d nsteuuie on us , rch 4 CN Club 2, 3, 4 CSCC- ENl0RY F. S "Era" ax' 3 . II I x11CH. rominent 'kool affairs lmve 3, been ostez brongla his 1411- 'ri effor 5. 1 Student 1nc1 4: Vin- : x 4 CFCZIEIII Treas. Ir. Class: Press Cl 4: Glcc Club 4 qL1crs 3, 4: H1- X l 2: Sr. Play. LEOCADIA STRYZINSKI Hlflzdzn ST. C.xS1x1IR,s ROCHESTER NIECH. Ijyex like velvet Teeth like pearls fllrlke Hlfnzlzl' stflml out fl mong the girls. NTARY ELLA STLYTSKE "Starr" NO. IO ELRIIRX Only five feel tall' But, olv. wlml 41 lizmzlle of miselyieff Glu- Club 1. 2: H1-Y 4. 371- THONIAS SULLIVAN ST. C12CEL1.is E. B. I. fls carefree and jolly as the 11.151 IVA' long. ROBERT THONIAS 'iliolf' NO. 5 BIQCKNELI. "Boll" is a elmmpiorz at two things, studying and llluslying. Band, Qrchestra: Forum 3. EUGENE A. TI-IONIPSON xo. ll IQNDECIDED "Al" Still water runs deep. lnt. Basketball IQ Softball 2, 3. ff 1' ' 1 fi RAY I 90,6 ' JjB't'N1j.E? . ' A11cllt116f 11111ff if lzt5 IA a , assetfzn-any walls' 0 '. E A 3irzr'f' M?ir1g4ersom'- fl 1 ' a tl f . Hi-Y 37 ,CTI'CT!f p,5'61dl'fnr' Councgilf Torch itemry -f DOROTHY UNDERWOOD "Dot" sr. 1rx'1'1z1C1Cs co1zT1..1xD IVZML ez cheery smile and dl friendly word she always lmsf ljli-Y 4. . 8 , W of 'Q 6 d TE It HELEN VERBANIC sr. CECELIAJS E. B. I. Quiet? Luughingly, mischiev- ous? It depends on which mood yoifve seen Helen in. ROGER WADE "RizjahJ' G. M. D. ROCHESTER MECH Photography The dull world just isn't dull, when he's around. Glee Club 2, 3g Orchestra 3, 4. JAMES E. WATERS "Spark,' ST. CECELI.-VS UNDECIDED A70 one is ever hlue when limrny's around. Torch Business Staff. A s -fx 1 'Quik 5 " 1' ' ' 1' fs ' ' coxumgxui ,7 tr yself I X-JF m , lima ueafs 2, 3, , i lub 3 wah. IQ l C b ' ' llI'l1OI' X S , .J OF opfom' ' eej enior Play. X x KENNETH WEISMANN Ken NO. 1 I PENNSYLVANIA Finance You think him quiet? Kenny's friends will tell you than there's no one livelier or finer. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. IOI-IN WENZEL "lock" HENDY AVE. E. B. I. With him, verything is Ufuleef' ELSIE E. WHEAT "Red" NO. ro UNDECIDED Full of pep und fun, she is wel- comed hy everyone. Library Council 3, 4. LEONA WILCOX HENDY AVE. COLUMBIA Full of pep, full of fun Leona 's liked hy everyone. Biology Club 32 Stylus 3. IRENE WILLIAMS HENDY AVE. ELMIRA Life isnjt worth living unless you have something to show for it. Irene will. DONALD F. WOODARD 'EDOHH No. 8 P. G. When ills time for the or' ehestm to hegin, Don is there with his violin, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3Q Stylus 3g Stamp Club 2, s4,6w-v- -l38 WALTER VVYLIE "Walt" No. 8 ROCHESTER Big ,ri friendly 'n quiet is he. But don't be fooled by modest Walt 'cause he 's headin' for big things. Football 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Boxing I. IOI-IN EDWARDS YAVORSKI NO. IO DUKE I don't believe "Silence is golden." Ask my teacher. HELEN YEONIANS I-IENDY AVE. ARNOT-OGDEN H6lC'IIl5 certainly bright. Not a bit dumb- Ready to start If we but say Heomeu. Agora 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 41 Vin- dcx 4. GEORGE ZEPP NO. 2 CORNELL Zest also begins with Hzn, and George adds that to any good time. Glcc Club. WALTER ZIMDAHL "Walt,' NO. 5 SYRACUSE l'Ve give you tact and brilli- fznee-on the Held, in class, in Senior meeting. Here,s to 'KWalt".l Eootball 2, 3, 4, lnt. Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, Eoruxn, Student Council, Ath- letic Council, President Senior Class. 391- 69,4-'..,.:lL Syl,-.1,A,,,g y,Jl..,-4-..,-i'L I-1-4,.fLlfK , JOHN E. ZINIMERMAN "lack" HENDY AVE. ROCHESTER Pre-Nlecl. lacks one of our 'Abuilder-up bers", but don't be fooled, he isn't headed for a let-down. NIARION D'ANNUNZlO ST. :XNTHONY'S CORNELL There are smiles that make us happy. .Marionls do. Italian Stuclents Club CSec.j, Girl Reserves I. 2: Library Council I, 2. DGROTHY DAVIES 'KC'arrots" NO. 5 Vlfhat girl is there who doesn't feel a pang of regret when she looks at Dorothy? Some red head! lnt Basketball 1, 2 - , . .1 VAU I-IN D. DAVI No. II SYRACUSE lVe foresee great things for this boy in the business line. Vaughn is a real "go-gettern. Torch Bus Mgr , Vinclex Con- ,-I ,Wu tract Nlgr., Biology Club I,MR 2, 3, Glec Club 2, 3. Kwlfllff-iw J. MADOLYN DOLAND "Pat" Amos. R, BEECHER Have you ever sen Pat with- out her K'Carrots'lP Nice diet, weld say! ka IANE EDDY "Sisteru NO. 5 UNIIECIDED Rejqned, scrupulous, ana' dis' ereet. Herels a "lane" welre proud of. Biology Club 2. MORRIS ELLISON Hpeteu TI-IOS. K. BEECHER UNDECIDED Aurora borealis? lX7o, only the glow from our warm-heartea' "Petey, ARTHUR E, GRONER "RedJ' NO. 5 IE. B. I. flrfs one of those calm reel- heads. He needs to he with that paper route. NIARIORIE LUDLOXV "Latin HENDY AVE, MICHIGAN "Lael" is always followed hy a e crown' Wh not? She P PP5' ' 3' ' has both wit and humor. PIII Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Int. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Ccapt. 35g Banjo Club I. GEORGE NIILLER, IR. Vow.. NO. I I UNION Two of "lows, weaknesses are dancing and girls. Well, hejs only human. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basker- ball 3, 41 Int. Basketball I, 2, Track 1: Senior Prom Chair- man. PAULINE NILES "Penn HENDY AVI3. ROCHESTER Friendly, frank, and cheerful. Herels "Pen". Stylus 2, 3, 45 Agora 2, 3, 4g l-Ii-Y 4. HELEN ELIZABETH REAGAN NO. 2 KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL A girl with such a lovely dis- position is Certain to succeeal HELEN SI-IEEI-IE SI. CECEI.IA,S COLUMBIA S0 many ehums? Alaturallyg if you are a friend, you make them. CLARENCE WI-IITING Ulvhilieu No. 8 ALABAMA A shining personality A laudable tap dancer. Int. Basketball I, 2, Eootball I, 2. DOROTI-IEA WILLIAMS NO. 5 UNDECIDED Her qualities are pleasing, her nature amiable. Leis het on Dorothea. .Ho AUGUSTUS BRACE 'ALaddic" NO. 2 lfNm3ci1DED Kfusic Yozivrc' hoard of rhivafrous knights ana' their fair ladies. lfVh6r1 Corrzpared with Alad- zfien, thcyyrc' just hegimmrs. Baud 1, 2, 3, 43 Orclmcstm 2, 3. IAMES R. SAGINARIO Hljmmyn str. ANTHONYYS ST. NIARYJS Carefree and easy going! Thatjs only Iiirzmy on thc' sur- face. Thoiighlfuf and indus- trious that's the real lzrnrnyf Interclass Basketball 1. CWMMD 411- THOMAS HENNESSY s'l'. PATRICKYS UNDHZIDEJ Ulfifiy' may he an arrzatcur in vht'rnistry,' but he secfms prof frsionaf to Ms, SAMUEL- IOSBENU 'tsarff' -. 1. 1J.xT1:1c1x's "Sam woufd rather "lead a IIKIHLIIH. Band I, 2, 3, 41 Hi-Y 3, 4. OTHER CLASSES I E'-was ,',- e-'24 M,Mm sv W HW if Prcsjzfcnt . . Rolsum' THOMAS Vicchllrcxidvrzt . . , FRANCIQS DAY Secretary , . . E1.lzAxBE'rH BAKER Treasurer . , ROBERT ISZARD 1 N It A -H4 1,5 , 1 ,f IUNIOR CLASS IUNIOR RING AND PIN COMMITTAEE Edgar Denton Ieanttte Hamilton Walter Mills Edith May Tidd WE, THE IOLLY IUNIORS, soon to be entering our proper sphere as the Senior Class of Y37, go forth to blaze new trails. We feel that this year we have gained much from our studies, from new friendshi 5, and from artici ation in school activities. , P P P V To our Ring Committee we express our pleasure for its fine choice of class jewelry. We recognize the ability of our superiors, the Seniors, and Promise to emulate them. - 451- Lund!! President .... . ....,... XN11.1.mm I-IENDRICH Vice-President . , . . IVIARY CI,.AIllIE KENNEDY Secretary . . . . . ANTOINLTTE BOVIER Treasurer . . . . STUART BOLGER . 4 VL-4'-"'0'd:fTvLtjuIo'07n4, w-l.ow.77oa4.u ,wwe 7m04,.em awww' .:..,.0c.e...a up R, ,, xl I ki. A 4 B' I Am- JJ C I 1 ,Af Y BM N X , 4, 1 W JW 4 l N Vnfxx i Q M pAJ'-if J Illia-fd l i l fu 'fw0Ur'f'17f rwffrfmmi' 520' , l p fr- M AQKW J! i 995535 P? Ti? ,,Q,Qf1ei'yXr ws i WJ My f l l mt p ff A fgf, . WHAT A wonderful feeling it was to know that we were no longer "green froshu but "sophisticated sophomores." ln September we returned to school with the novelty of high X l school life worn off but with the desire to procure more knowledge still fresh within us. QXXN For proof that we have talent in our midst look at the number of our names which X 3 appear regularly on the honor roll, notice the number of us who have been admitted to Q l clubs, and look at our basketball team. VVe are proud of our team for it won the lnterclass A i Basketball Championship. Heres a Warning seniors, and seniors of IZOIIIOITOW. Basketball is not the only thing ' we can accomplish, well soon be upper elassmen and prove it to vou. N 5 Q N r it ig i Q X fr xl l fp Q,QvCf4 if 44' 'L -fr il 1 jf, X .fn-h L., All :C ' W S W I .ff K L, 4. filo gb l i 471- are " f 1" h rx 1 like Y K 'x . It + G P7'6'Jillll'lII . . . . Amr-xuu SMITH Vice-Prcmlenz . . FILJIKLNCE V'ANDIVER SC'l'7'Cfd7y . . Hmzlul-T HOFFMAN Trcnmrw' . . LAWRENCE BICKPOKU x49 Qi K. FRESHMAN CLASS CQ A FRESHMAN CLASS of about two hundred members entered Elmira Free Academy last fall. ln the distance was our reward, a diploma, an education, and the benefits derived from these. At times we found the way hard, but our teachers were always ready to help us. For anything worthwhile we may have accomplished this year, we unhestitatingly give credit to them. Cnr class has shown an intestest in all phases of school life. lX4any freshmen are active members of the band, the Biology Club, and the Girls' and Boys' Clee Clubs. VVC are conscious of our defects, but we hope to overcome them during the coming three years at E. P. A. ' -J 2: 491' l A.. . ' X WW My ACTIVITIES 1 M,QM5EK M5453 TMWWWW 4 WW WWW WWW! WW mf First rote: lilizaheth Graham, lileanor Lhapel, Doris Long, Florence Palizay, Patricia Peneau, Mary Ctitfney, Anne Hardy. Second 7'0'Zi'.' XYarren Stevens, Maria Ranchil, Ruth Crooks, Phyllis Cole, ,lane Lauster. Third rote: Stuart Epstein, NYalter Zimdahl, Mrs. Stewart, Jack Hirst, Frank Hoagland, George Hetrick, XYilliam Love, Vivian Bruce. Robert Mcllowell, linlory Stoddard. STUDENT COUNCIL Presia't'Ht . l"it'c'-Pzrsidezit Secretary . . Trezlsu rw' Fllflff Tf'f7f1 Yixixw BRLTIQ ANNE Hamm' S'11i.x1zT E11s'r151x lxxu Lausrnn Secunzf Term ANNE l'l.XRDY XV11.1,1,xx1 LOVE Siuxnr E11s'rE1N Ixxu L.xUs1'ER THE IQ35-1936 STUDENT COUNCIL stands out as one of the most efhcient governing bodies in vears, Vxfhen it had sponsored a series of six assemblies, featuring trained speakers and en- tertainers: had issued stickers for major foothall games, had Purchased sweaters for the cheerleaders: and had directed class elections . . . the indefatigahle group had merely begun the activities which will make its name famous in the annals of E. II. A. Besides the animal Spring Carnival with the crowning of the Nlay Queen and her attendants, the Council sponsored a l-lallowe'en Carnival ruled by a witch, wizard and spoolcs. It arranged for the hrst after-school dance in two vears and followed it hy several other informal dances in the gvinnasium during the vear. A unique situation arose when Vivian Bruce resigned the presidency in Ianuary 1936, and Anne Hardv, vice-president, succeeded him. Thus she became the first girl in the history of the Academy ex er to l1old the responsible position of president of the Student Council. 531 - Seated: Florence Palizay, Phyllis Cole, .S'fr111fling.' Mildred Malnaski, Ray Tucker, Doris Sherman, Lillian Cato, Vvilliam Love, Anne Hardy, Herbert Epstein, Ruth Stewart, George Hetrick. 'TCIRIHH LJTTERQXRHTEYFAJFF Co-Editors . . . FLORENCE PALIZAY, PHYLLIS COLE Art Adviser , . .... MRs. HELEN WINSOR Faculty Adviser . . NIR. ANTHONY SCHWENKLER Literary Adviser . . . . lxfliss IANE BIRCH,-XRD THE 1936 TORCH LITERARY STAEE has worked hard to present an annual worthy of the class it represents. It has introduced several new ideas which it hopes will meet the approval of all. The staff is sincerely grateful to lvliss lane Birchard, literary adviser: to lVlrs. Helen Winsor, art adviserg and to Mr. Anthony Schwenkler. faculty and financial adviser for their kind assistance in compiling this book. V76 also wish to express our thanks to Daniel Davis and Robert Thomas for the material they have contributed to the book, to Vivian Bruce for his art work, and anv others who have helped, hut whose names we have unintentionally omitted. Praise and thanks are due all members of both the Literary and Business staffs for their willingness to co-operate, and their sincere efforts to make the hook a success. -IS4 i l l l l Svrliudf Ruth Crooks, Jessie Mould, Lucy Rztthhun, I.enore -i2ll'YiS. Vivian Bruce. .S'fa1Ldi1zg1.' Ray Carpenter, lletty Olney, Patricia Peneau, Mary Catherine iflirien, Vaughn Davis, Alice Kistlcr, Katherine Ixinsnizui. TORCH BUSINESS STAFF RUTH CRooRs C0'I3l45fIl65J llfzmzgerx , VIVIAN BRUCE Vxiiciiix Dxvls Faculty xldumfr . MR. AN'I'HONX' SCHVVENKLER Till? I 6 TORKQH BIQSINLSS STAIYIY deserves heartx' eoninienrlution for its lllllifillff efforts in 93 . cw behalf ot this book. The cooperation ol' each nieinber with the business managers has Intuit- this hook 21 success. Vve extend to Nir. Schwenl-:ler our sincere thanks anti aipprecigition for his nnerring guidance, without which we would have heen at 11 loss to eurrv on. To Vaughn Davis for hir exeeechnglx' fine work in the uhsenee of Vivian Bruce, to lark Hirst and Eniorv Stotldarcl for their eiiiorts. and to all others who have kincllv aided nw in Pnhhegition. we express on! LIl'AlfiEll1it'. We Wish to thank the entire Senior Cihlss and the local nierehaints for their cooperaf tion and interest in this annual. 551- First row: Alice Dennis, Mrs. Deuel, VVillianI Love, Doris Long, Stuart Epstein, George Brooks. Second row: Barbara Hausner, Ruth Stewart, Vaughn Davis, Emory Stoddard, George Het- rick, Ann Holleran. Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor . News Editor . Feature Editors . Sports Editor . Faculty Advisor . Business Zldanager . Advertising Maiiaiqer Circulation Mfznager Exchange Editor . Contract fllanager THE VINDEX . S'I'ImRT EPSTEIN . ALICE DENNIS . . . . . . . xVII.I.IATxI LOVE GEORGE HETIKICK, ERIORY STODDARD . . , . . , I-IERIaER'r EPSTEIN . MRS, IE.-XNNETTE P. DEUEL . . , . DORIS LONG . GEORGE BROOKS . ROBERT JEROME , ROBERT FISCHNIAN . XLXUCHN DAVIS DURING 1935-1936 The Vindex'5 literary staff did untiring work to bring to the subscribers complete news coverage of the schoolg they also published special issues for the I-lollOwe'en Carnival, Christmas, April Foolls Day, and Senior Day. Behind the scenes is the business staff, who made possible the paper by their strong Hnaneial support. In November, 1935, a delegation attended the convention at Syracuse University and won honors in va1'ious departments, ln lvlarch, 1936, Hve staff members journeyed to New York City to the Columbia Scholastic Press Convention and placed third in its class. The Vindex, the news-organ of the Academy since 1899, has maintained its respon- sible position as one of the most influential organizations in the school. -I56 l 5 l l V I I I l l l I l I X -7 i I I V l y l l l 1 , I Y First I'0iA'.' Margaret Hedges, Louise Kjelgaard, Mary Hedges, jean Elliott, Orril Hummer, Rita Cinelli, Mary Crawford, Doris Rolison, Sihyl Leach, Mildred Schoneman. l Second row: Alice Flanders, Mildred NVatts, Betty Orin, Lois Steffen, Miss lildridge, Elsie , l VVl'ieat, Lucille Rittenhouse, Jeanette Stethn, I-Xliee Triinni, Betty Vvliittaker, Ruth Goodwin. ll4iL'1Ill7Cl'.S' 1101 in the picture rua Catherine Messina, Dorothy King, Freda Peek, Marguerite 1 Ceiri, Lillian Larieu. t lx ' f . ' rw i f 'A' 'I J' lj ' , If' Ji Y Q? l l ' W gh i l LI ARY COUNCIL , , l j Prcmlcnt I SIBYI. LEACH l . . I , Vzcc-Preyzdenr . . DORIS RoI.IsoN 3 t l Trmsurer . . Louise KIELGAARII l l , l I THIS YEAR there are about twentv girls in the Library Council. Each girl serves one period N . e , a clay in the library and fifteen or twenty minutes after school one day. Their duties are charging out books, arranging them on the shelves, sending notices for overdue books, taking attendance, Preparing new books for circulation, mending old ones, reinforcing mag- azine covers and making themselves generally useful in the library, The work sewes a two-fold purpose: to give library assistance to the whole school, and at the same time to give the girls valuable library experience. l l 4 l l l l y 511. i First rote: Alice Dennis, Doris Rolison, Mary Cuttney, ,lean Roemmelt, Helen Yeomans, Doris Sherman, Miss Martin, Katherine Olney, Eileen Hanrahan, Delores Costello, Mary Digby. .Second ro-zum' june Sehivane, Charlotte Dalglish, Lenore Jarvis, Alice Kistler, Pauline Niles, Janis Dewey, Eleanor Lindell, Patricia Reneau, Betty Olney, Phyllis Cole. Third row: Clara Lindsay, Vada Niles, Virginia Madden, Shirley Dunbar, Lillian Cato, Ruth Stewart, Ruth Crooks. AKSCHQA First Term Second Term President . . HELEN YEOMANS IE.xN ROEMNIELT Vi'ce4Presidenz . . IEAN ROENIMELT PAULINE NILES Sec'y.-Treas. . Doms SHERMAN Vixm NILES DURING THIS past year, Agora has made great progress. In the hrst semester, ten, and in the second, Fifteen new members were initiated into the club. The club meetings have featured speakers, debates, and discussions. A special treat was the mock trial which some of the members presented in the auditorium. Menibers of Agora have enjoyed many social activities including a theatre party, a Christmas party, a picnic supper, and a swimming party. However, the high spot of the yearis activities was Agora Day, and each memher wore the club colors. On this day, Agora sponsored an assembly, at which she spiritedlv debated with Forum in the hopes of vanquishing her debating rivals, and thus provide a fitting close to a successful year. -ISS First rme: John Statts, George Hamburger, -lack Knapp, Harry Clarke, Robert Swift, Charles Yan Huuten, James Schiefen. Sefomz' mtv: Vinton Stevens, Paul Burke, Stuart lipstein. George Hetriek, Thomas Holleran, Dr. Helmkainp. Third rfmn' Donald Ciroff, john Sullivan, limory Stoddard, lidward Donahue, Bodine Sechrist, Robert Fisehman, VX'illia1n l.ove, Kenneth Ranehil, Henry XYeinstein, .lack Stoxvell, Irving Stemerman. FORUM First Term Secmzzz' Term President . . S'rUi-url' EPSTEIN Vive-Presidmzz . . 'IQHOMAS HOLLEIKAN ROBERT IEROME Secretary . . . GEORGE I-IETRxcx Treasurer .... PAUL BURKE Family Advisor . . DR. .ALBERT l-IELMKAMP UNDER THE leadership of its new faculty advisor, Dr. Helmkamp. Forum has had a bene- Hcial year. ln September, new members were admitted and a few meetings were devoted to practicing Parliamentary procedure. Throughout the year, informal debates on topics of current interest and round table discussions on news topics were held within the club. Nlembers of Forum have debated with debating clubs of other schools and have challenged Agora to a debate, the old spirit of friendly rivalrv being aroused at the Forum-Agora debate held in assembly. The crowning event of the vear, the Forum dinner dance, is planned to take place at the end of the term. 591- Fir.vtr0-21-5 lilizaheth Gregory, Jessie Nllilllll, Lucy Ann Rathhnn, XVillia111 Love, Frances Day, Eleanor Chapel, Doris Long. Second rote: Betty Olney, Ruth Stewart, jane Haase, Lillian Cato, jean Roennnelt, Patricia Penean, Ruth Crooks, Phyllis Cole. Third ro-w.' Suzanne Noble, Lyman Griilley, Emory Stomhlzird, Tho111asAHolleran, Henry XYein- stein, George Hetriek, Charlotte Dalglish. DWJXSCQLUERf5IJRQXBJPYITCISCJCHEYTST Prcsidefzr . . . . X?N7II,l.IANI Lox'12 Vice-Prwidwzt . . LUCY ANN RATHBUN Secretary . . . . IESSIE MOUl.lD Treaszfrw- . . I-IE111s1g1zT EPsTE1N THIS PAST year has been ll successful one for Nlzisqiiers Dm :miie Societv. Nlanv new mem- bers were admittecl both in September and in FL'l7l'll1ll'Y. Ac the vveeklv meetings at the Steele ML'Il1Ol'lL1l Librarv, nlav reviews, 1'e111linffs, unrl rli11loU11es have been resented. .1 l .f Fr ev P A scene from Dickens LcCll1'lSIIll1lS Carol" was enacted at the Cl1I'lSfHlLlS assembly by members of the Club. Ac one of the joint meetings with the Southside High draniatic society, lvlusqners Put C11 the pantomine, "And the Lights Weiit Ont." The l'1lClHl3Cl'S have both given and reeeivecl pleasure during the year. nncl, at the same time, have anhlerl to their practical knowledge of clrainntic art. -l60 Mele E afl- sui-N!a7fo MV ' if Meme lfMJQ,oa,cTmia,oj-1ff-o,'fdo'1'n-L!676- ' -wUs04"W""" 462, SENIOR PL Y f s s' . ,f f , ' 1 . Rzmplegnr ............,. IANE HMSE lliznbezh Rimplegm- ....,,...... RUTH Cnooks fanny ....,..,......., Lucy R.xTnrsuN Kitty f.........,..... Eiiiixou Cu.-u-EL Dr. Alan Stevens . . . NVILLIAM LOVE Donald . . . . GEORGE I-Iuriucit Ea' Rimplegar . . . . . IACK HIRST Kenneth Riwzplegnr . . Enom' S'ronmRD Douglas Rimplegnf . . l'lliNRY WEixsTuiN "Three Cornered Nloonu is a comedy in three acts, the storv of a family who ex- changed witticisms with the depression. Elizabeth Rimplegar, lacking more serious things to Worry about, cultivates a naive Uweltschmerz" and plans suicide with her immature novelist fiance, Donald. VVhen Nlother Rimplegar, vague and flightv, announces the collapse of the family fortune, Elizabeth and the spoiled, idle family are lost. Ar this junction, Alan Stevens assumes a mild dictatorship and induces them to go to work. Sobered bv the sanity and sweetness of living by working, Elizabeth becomes dis- satisned with Donald, Who,'lost in his dreams, feels artistically exempt from the responsi- bilities confronting him. ln time, even the mad Rim nleffars learn to ado it more realistic standards of livincf, 1, D . l . .. O though they can never abandon their peculiar humor and innate tlippancy. Produced under the capable direction of lVlr. Colgan, the play was successfully given by the ambitious voung actors, and enthusiastically' received bv an undisappointed audience assembled for an evening of enjoyment. 611- l I n-6 lfzzxrf rote: Dorothy Underwood, Mary Cuffney, Patricia Peneau, Lucy Ann Rathhun, Ruth Stewart, Jane Haase, Mary Jane Bickforcl, l.eslie Gregg, Ruth Crooks, Jessie Mould, Jessie Steniernian. Snfozzd 1'0tu.' Doris Long, Barbara Bush, Marjorie Herseh, Vada Niles, Maria Ranehil, Dorothea Murphy, Phyllis Cole, Alice Kistler, lfugenia Koehler, Lenore Jarvis, Eleanor Chapel, Betty Qlney. Third rote: Doris Sherman, Marlelene Dykins, Doris Dunn. Pauline Niles, Lfharlotta Kohherger, Jean Roemrnelt, Ellen liownian. Lillian Cato, limnia Hawkes, Julia Josephson, Katherine Olney, Jean Stage, Clara Davis. GIRLS' HI-Y President . . . . JANE I-lAAsE Vice-President . . . RUTH STEXVART Secretary . . . IMARY JANE BICKFORD Treasurer . . . . . LUCY ANN RATHBUN Faculty Advima- . . Miss KATHLEEN lXfIll.l.liR SOON AFTER the election of officers in September, Girls' I-li-Y held a supper meeting for the installation of said olhcers and initiation of new members. Since then, the club has com- pleted many successful projects: the members sponsored a booth at the lTlallowe'en Carnivalg helped the visiting nursesg and made pop corn balls for the Chemung County Preventorium. For entertainment along with their work, the girls have had supper parties and skating parties. Their plans for the rest of the year include regular bi-monthly luncheon meetings, swimming parties, and what they hope will prove to be a most worthwhile assembly Program. -l62 l 4, , l"i1'.r! rote: Ralph Antell, llarton Davis, Henry Swift, Yinton Stevens, John Statts, George Hamburger, Phillip lflanzigzni, Robert Swift, David XYhite, Richard Leisenring. Fvrmzzi rote: XYillz1rrl Mellowell, john Hare, Robert Melhowell, Arthur Hurt, Ray Tucker, George lletrick, Robert Thomas, john Helier, Fftlwarrl Rutan. Third 1'o'zu': liclward Cooke, Frecleriek Loomis, Louis Mathews, limlwarfl Donahue, Frank Hoagland, Mr. Donelson, Robert Iszarfl. lhirleigh Nznnes, XYallen Peterson, Ilan Davis. 1'i01l7'f1l rntv: lfclwarcl Hare, XYalter Mills, Paul Burke, NYilliam Love, Emory Stocldarrl, Lyman liriclley, Vivian Bruce, lfclqar Denton, XValter Miller, Thomas Hollerzni, Henry Collin, Richard Mefirath. BOYS' HI-Y I'rc.videm . . . ARTHUR BUR1' Viw-Prexidum . . . . PAUL BURKE Secretary , . ROBERT lX,TciDowET,1. Trmzsnfer . . . .... RXY TUCKILR Ftzmlzy flzfvunr . , hill. Exiom' LUONELSON NIIENIHILRS oi- THE Boys' HRY have experienced nn unusirillv active year. Each week, .ir the Y. lvl, C. A., they have helcl Al clinner meeting, for which, as often as possible. they have haul speakers. In this way, the progrgnns, besides being enjoyable, have proved educational. At the Hollowt-'en Carnival, the booth sponsored by Hi-Y featured Bob Thrasher, the inngiciiiii, who proved to be an entertaining attraction. The club htitl the privilege amtl responsibility of patrolling the football lieltl during games, helcl tin autumn outing, ll joint swim meeting with the Southside Hi-Y, and ii spring dance. The bovs .ire now planning for their .innuul spring outing, which tht-v hope will exeel all previous ones. 631- 5543 Q-LOL ELMIRA HIGH sCHooL BAND Director. . 1 NIR. Druwz jlfffljfli' , C4101 ' lvl Edward Cooke Philip Smith jack Harrington George Hetrick Cecil rl-llOUlHS NYillian1 l.ove Robert ',lSllOfI'l2i5 ,fXusti11 Keith Harold Farmer John Hamilton lighert Ayres Robert Haines Iirzvzrlz Hornz Robert liisch john Statts Harold Mathews Ba1'z'z'0l1v VValtt-r Mills Robert Culver Gordon Copeland Bassoon Do11ald Perry Slczxafvlzoizrf Burton Osborne ,lohn Mcfiilley George Starkey Fred l.oo111is D1'11111.r Alerry Fields Franklin Harlan .lack Raplee Richard Fritchley Flute Richard Howland Henry Collin Richard Denton Bass Horn, Jann-s Peck Melvin Hagerman X7X71l.I.IAk1 BIERY . Doius li LONG 'l'V11111-Pet W'illard McDowell Theodore Taylor Edward Steele Iohn VVI'OIlli0Slil Edgar Denton Charles Macllonald Harry Baldwin Edward Timbrcll Sam Smith Gordon Mosher ' Trnnnlmlze Glenn Thomas Ray Straight Ralph Dutenhocfer Gordon Jensen John Diveny Oboe Lincoln Vllhittaker THE ELRIIR.-X HIGH ScHoo1,s BAND, under the direction of Nh-. Bicry, has well der11o11sr1atcd its marching and Playing ability. At thc football garnrs this year, the fans were delighted by the many novel and impressive formations which the boys made. The hand gave concerts at Park Church, the Refornmtory, and the Boys' Hobby Fair. It also furnished stirring marches on several civic occasions. The annual Spring Concert at the Southside High School closed a busy season for the hlue and white l1andsn1Cn. 164 . a I 1' Q ELMIRA HIGH SCHOOLS ORCHESTRA DIfl'tSllI?' . l'11'.tt I mlzzm Robert McDowell Donaltl XYootlarcl Paul llates lflcanor Harvey Xlargt-ry Newell .-Xgncs D1-Xhracci Clayton NYahl .S'1'1'0111i 111111115 Phyllis l.inclau Knnc lflliott Florence Halliday Haines Gridley Marzt-Ita l.2Itll?ll1l Frank Hellegs 'lic-Cla Kingsley Yirzluzful linlwarcl 'liimbrell Gordon Mosher 'l'1'0111l1011v Gordon ,lcnscn 1511111171 fftfl Robert Fisch f?I70l' lincoln Xlliittaker l'1'1'c115si011 Jerry lficlrls IXIR. Guoucsii AIBISOTI' C fz11'111c1 Rohcrt Thomas liglmcrt Ayres Civllo lilcanor Snytlcr Russ I'1'0I Robert Tanner Austin Keith j'ilIlfL' Ht-nry Collin 111111111 Ralph Patterson Tm. Euiiiu I-hon Scnoois Om.HEs111.x is unclcr tht- able lcmlt-1-ship of Mr. Abbott. lts playing season this vcar has included concerts at thc Reconstruction Home. tht- Rcformatory, thc Rotary Club. thc Boys' Hobby liair, ancl the banquet for thc championship Elmira High Schools football team. Some of tht- musicians had the novel cxpericncc this year of rccorcling several Pieces. and were thus greatly aitlccl in their plaving. The climax of the orcht-stra's activities was thc annual Spring Concert at thc Southsiclc High School. 651- First ro-zci: Charlotte Kline, Margaret Yan Deren, XYinifrecl NVoocl, Ruth Stewart, June Schivane, Miss Christian, Phyllis Cole, Elizabeth Roth, Marcia Lee Crispin, Marie Bailey. Second r0'zt'.' Jean Temple, Alice Dibble, Rita Des Jardins, Mary Curtain, Sally Berger, Dorothy Smith, June Hill, Bertha Bystrom, Phyllis l.indau, Martha McCorkle, Linda Campbell. Third row: Miriam Trowluriclge, Adria Drake, Ruth McGrain, XVilma Hush, Elizabeth Me- Grain, Phyllis Barrett, jane Austin, Emily Campbell. Orril Hummer, XYilma Maynard. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB President . . . PHYLLIS COLE Vive-Prexideizt . . . . Ei.E,xNou SNYDER Secretary-Treax14rer . . . . TUNE SCHIVANE Director .... . . . . .Miss IEAN CHRISTIAN THE GIRLS, GLEE CLUB, meeting bi-weekly during the seventh Period, has enjoyed a husy year. ln the fall the old members delightfully entertained the new ones at a Party at the home of Nliss Christian. At the Christmas assembly, the Girls' Glee Club sang carols in both French and German. They repeated their Program at the chapel in St. Ioseplfs Hospital. Late in Feb- ruary, the girls presented a program for the l-lendy Avenue Parent Teachers' Association The high spot of their winter activities, however, was Participation in the Park Church Lenten Forum on Nlarch 8. The club is now looking forward to the annual Spring Concert which is to he held late in hlay. This will terminate the clulfs activities for this year. -tae Left to right: Margaret Van Deren, Virginia Martin, Betty Morris, Jane Haase, Jane Sterling, l r Kathryn Furman, lxuth Decker. Vivian Bruce, George Hetrick, Elizabeth Graham, Judy Ritter. STYLUS ART CLUB Prmdcnt . . . GEORGE I-IE'rRicit Vice-Presiflwzz . . . ELIZABETH CSR,-KHAKI Secretary-Trfmvurer . . KATHRX'N FURMAN Famlzy Advisor . . . . . bliss X7IOI.A HEINEN STYLUS has had a busy year, making signs for the I-lalloweien Carnival, for school clubs and for the yearbook. ln September, a picnic supper was helci. at which time new members were initiated. For their part in the Mark Twain Celebration, members of Stylus designed posters, which were Placed in the halls of the school. Before Christmas. they macle hand- blocked greeting cards to sell to friencls. Stylus members feel that they have benehttetl greatly from the speakers anal from the lessons on lettering which they hacl at their regular meetings. 671- f First ro-tv: Rose Terpolilli, Peggy Hardy, Alice Gere, Anne Hardy, Lillian Cato, Jessie Mould, Priscilla Swan, Mary Kinner. Surorzd ru-tw: Betty Olney, Mary Digby, Helen Rodzai, Barbara O'Neill, Jane Lauster, Patricia Peneau, Elizabeth Gregory, Suzanne Noble, Frances Day, Eleanor Chapel. Third ro-zu: l.enore Jarvis, Marian Fernau, Patricia O'Neill, Ruth Stewart, Alice Fean, Ruth "Crooks, Jane Campbell, Florence Palizay, Elizabeth Baker, Florence Halliday- 3 dv l We-.. 1 x 1 I . -A x ' J ,f i PHI ALPHA KAPPA Presiderzt . , . l.Il.I.I.XN Caro ya'-S51 : Vice-Pfexmlciit . . ANNE HARDY W Secremry . . . Aucis Guiug 61865 Treasurer ........ . Jessie MOULD Student Council RL'iK77CJ6J'1fcllfUl' . . . ELILXNOR CHAPEL Faculty Advisor . . , . . . ivliss Nlxlu' 0'DiE,x l PHI Al.I9kIiX KiXPP.fX is completing one of the most active years of its existence. Under the capable guidance of the president, swimming and supper parties were enjoved and cake and runiniave sales were held. The club also s onsored a booth at the Student Council Fall . tv P Carnival. ' Because of previous successes, the athletic sorority again chartered a bus, this time 3 for the purpose of seeing Elmira victorious at the U. E.-Elmira football game. l i All Phi Alpha Kappa is looking forward to the presentation of a silver cup to the most athletic Junior or Senior girl in the Academy. The cup, which will be a permanent award, will be an animal event, in the hope that it will create a better interest in girls' athletics. The judges for the award are Principal P. R. Parker, Miss Nlary O'Dea, and Miss Isobel lVlark. 168 First role: Mary Hedges, Sibvl l.each, Charlotta Kohherger, Mrs. Beranek, Maria Ranchil, Alene Baldwin, Elizabeth Graham. Second ro-zu: Louise Kjelgaard, Margaret Hedges, Mary Malcolm, Rosanna Smith, Betty Hoffman, Dorothea Murphy, Catherine Impson, Delcine Klelead, Betty Fitzgerald, Betty Dartt. Third rote: Norman Taylor, Donald Loomis, Thomas Gryska, Kenneth Ranehil, Wialter Smith, I Bernard Loomis, Stephen.Ahhott. ,F - ' ", 4 , ,4-r-9.7 'liked-fcf,ef"-1--'L f ,DVUI '7f,L 4-A ,f ,Y 4,.,Q C, f-f4,vi,4 J President . . . , . lN'I.'kRl.'X RANCHIL Vice-Prmmlenr . . . CH.ixRi.oTTA KOHBERGER Seen'tzzry-Trmsurer , . . . SIBYI. LEACH Faculty Advisor . . Mas. Srtviix BERANEK THE BIOLOGY CLUB affords an opportunity for students to gain an increased knowledge of natural science. This vear it has featured the presentation of scientific topics at the weekly meetings and efforts to build a museum for the beneht of the school. lvlembers have enjoved, ILJO, many social activities. Both old and new members enjoyed the festivities attendant on initiation. They have had swimming and theatre Parties and picnic suppers. Now thev are anticipating their annual Iune banquet and dinner dance, when the olshcers for next vear will be installed. 691- ATHLETICS We, the Class of 1936, affectionately dedicate this portion of the Year Book to the best sports of all: Miss Mary 0,Dea and Mr. Arthur Hirst. 'TCJKSCJANIIIIJIRQYF ARTHUR HIRST, coach of the Blue and Xvhite athletic teams, is a graduate of Springfield College, where he distinguished himself as an ace backfield man on the football team, as number one pitcher on the baseball nine, as intercollegiate wrestling king, and proved himself a sterling hockey player. lVIr. Hirst served as assistant athletic director of Syracuse University immediately after being graduated from college. ln 1918 "Art, was in the army. A few days after the Armistice was signed he accepted an offer to coach the football team of our most deadly rival, Binghamton. The new official started off i11 the proper manner, his first team winning the Southern New York State championship and losing the State championship only by a touchdown. However, the next year the Hirst-coached Bingo team did win the State championship. Of course, both years the teams beat Elmira. Wliile refereeing a basketball game here in Elmira, he was offered the position of coach of the high school team. After a struggle, he was lured from Bingo. The first team Mr. Hirst coached started off with all guns Hring, winning the first three games but hitting a snag at Bingo in the form of a 70-o setback. It was a terrihc drubbing but the boys recovered in time to finish the season with only one more loss. 1922 brought to Elmira its first championship. Nlr. Hirst's championship habit clung to him. However we had to share the honors with Oneida, with whom we played a 3-3 tie game. Six years passed before lvlr, Hirst was able to assemble another championship outfit. ln 1928 the Hirstmen won seven games and tied one, and were considered by newspaper- men as the best team in the state. Again in iozo, the Hirstmen came within one game of being undefeated, this game being disputed. The greatest team ever coached by hir. Hirst was the 1935 squad. This was the first undefeated, untied football team that Elmira has had. Not only did they win every league team but also defeated Nliami, Florida, in a post season game. What a feather in our coach's capl Mr. Hirst's teams have always bee11 famous, win or lose, for their fine sportsmanship. Hatls off to Coach Arthur Hirst, one of the fairest, cleverest and best liked gentlemen that can be found. 731- . Q .,,.' ,xr x' k T , L -. -. -Q. 4. f. . 7 K X. .-LV 'Q ,t wx 91' if 11.51 fi First row: McConnell, Myhalyk, O'Neil, Zimdahl, Smith, Murphy, Moylan, Connelly Second row: Toomey, Coach Hirst, Scriver, VVilliams, Cunningham, Andrus, Hall XX escott Coppini, Sayles, Skelly, Mullin, VVhittaker. Third row: Kittle, Sleeper, Comereslci, Joseph, Hirst, Le Valley, NViley, Brooknian XX allxer Donahue, Messing, Brewer. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Coavb ..., . Assistant Coacbex . Captain .... Honorary Captain . Student fllanager . . Assistant lllanager . Trainer ..... Mascot . . THE SCHEDULE Perfect Season E. H. S. . . I3 Corning . E. H, S. . . 37 Auburn . E. H. S. . . 26 Eastwood . E. H. S. . . I9 Binghamton E. H. S. . . I2 Endicott . E. H. S. . . 52 Cortland . E. H. S. . . I4 lthaca . E. H. S. . , I3 Nliami . ARTHUR HIRST AL SCRIVER FRAN TOOMEY . BILL WESCOTT . . Bora HTXLL HAROLD BREWER . GABE SMITH . Doc KITTLE . GABE SMITH WHAT A SEASON! Champions of the Southern Tier and winners of a game in Eloridal This was the result of the Elmira High Schools football campaign for 1935. Eight games were played with the Blue and White winning all of them for a record season. The most outstanding feature of the '35 football season was the team's post-season trip to Elorida and a victory of I3-O over Miami High on Christmas Day. Walter Zim- dahl, line smasher superb, registered the two touchdowns which won this Cocoanut Bowl game. The victorious team returned home and was feted at dinners and banquets through- out the city. At the Community Banquet given for the team, Coach Hirst and his unde- feated Elmira High Schools football squad received Elmira's official tribute. About 350 persons unanimously seconded the praise and appreciation expressed to the boys and Coach Hirst by Iudge Thomas E. Eennell and Frank E. Tripp. Clinton Williams who was unable to make the Southern trip, was presented the ball used in the Miami game. A quad of seventy-five candidates, nine of them veterans, reported at Athletic Field on September third, for the initial grid practice. As the date for the opening clash ap- proached, Coach Hirst had developed a light, but speedy combination which was to rise to magnificent heights and display its true greatness. Saturday, October fifth, saw the first of the eight victories for the Blue and White. Corning was conquered, when our team registered two touchdowns making the first score I3-O. " The next Saturday also resulted in a victory for E. H. S. Auburn saw a lone touch- down, six points, while the Elmira tally totalled thirty-seven. Another Saturday saw the team continue its march to glory by vanquishing East- wood twenty-six to six. Now hopes began to rise for a championship team, but there were still such formidable foes as Bingo, U.-E., and Ithaca. On Saturday, October 25th, one of the largest groups of Elmira football fans ever to visit Hodskins Flats, saw the undefeated Elmira warriors run roughshod over Bingo, their age-old rival, with the final score E. H. S. 19, Bingo o. The following Saturday the Blue and White journeyed to U.-E. to take on the Orange and Black. This was one of the most exciting games of the entire season. The score was a tie six and six, when in the last three minutes of play, Elmira scored a spectacu- lar touchdown. This brought us six more points and won for us a "heart-breakerl' game. A game Cortland team was defeated Nov. 15, 52-O. The Reserves were put in and aided a lot in running up the score. This made the sixth consecutive victory. One more team to conquer and we had a championship teaml The final Southern Tier victory came the following Saturday, Nov. 28, when the team conquered Ithaca I4-O. Now a championship team for the first time in many yearsl At a banquet given for this championship team by the Neighborhood House Asso- ciation, all the Varsity and several reserves received their coveted block UE" for faithful service. A few days after the banquet, the Blue and VVhite received their invitation to play Miami High at Nliami on Christmas Day. This invitation was brought about by the ceaseless eHort of Ted Huntley and many others. Bob Hall, veteran guard of the E. H. S. eleven was elected honorary captain of the 1935 team by his team mates while en route to Florida. The Student Council presented the Elmira Free Academy with a picture of the 1935 championship eleven which will hang on the Academy Wall as a reminder of all that the 1935 all-star men accomplished. 751- First raw: Punzo, Miller, l.eVallcy, Skelly, Coppini, Gillette Stroud Vow: lilrewer, Messing, Shaft, O'Neill, B1'OOl-illlilll, Sleeper, Vunlc, Coacli Hirst VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Captain . C.uzo1.Us SKE1.1.Y Coach . . . . ARTHUR HIRST Manager . . . l'l.-XROLD BREWER THE SCHEDULE . S. . . I9 Union Endicott . . . 20 . S. . . 34 Iohnson City , . . 45 .S. . . I3 Ithaca . . . . 23 . S. . ZI Binglmmton . . , . . 37 . S. . . 31 Cortland ...... . . 39 QS. . . 29 Corning Ercc Acadcmy . . 52 H. S. . . 32 Union Endicott . . . . . 37 . S. . . 28 Iohnson City . . . 36 . S. . . 31 Ithaca .... . 20 . S. . . 26 Binghamton . . . 35 H. S. . . 39 Cortland . . 31 -I76 BASKETBALL ,TAI-IE 1935-36 BASKETBALL SEASON was the most disasterous experienced by a Blue and White team in several years. A lack ol seasoned mateiial and scholastic rulings were mainly responsible for the poor showing. Moreover, Coach Hirst, because of the Miami football trip, was unable to start practice of the team until a week before the season opened. Union-Endicott came, saw, and conquered the E. H. S. quint, but the closeness of the score led the loyal supporters to believe we had a good team. The score was U.-E. 20, Elmira 19. This was the first time a U.-E. team had ever won on an Elmira court. Next the Hirstmen played Iohnson City and received a more convincing setback to the tune of I. C. 45, Elmira 34. Ithaca was the third team to defeat the Blue and Wliite. Despite the fact that lthaca's team was without the aid of the "Great hlacalil'-who has been graduated, nevertheless they managed to Win 23-13. Our ancient foe, Bingo, revenged her last yearls defeat with a 37-21 win. Bingo had a fast, snappy, outfit which was in the process of developing into a championship combination. To wind up the first round Cortland took her share of the wins of the E. H. S. team. The final score was Cortland 39, Elmira 31. ln a non-league game, Corning Free Academy defeated the Hirstmen for the first time in the history of the two schools' basketball competition. The Corning team iolled up the biggest score, 52 points to our 29. The second half of the season was more successful, but left very much to be desired. The team won two games, one from lthaca and one from Cortland. However, Bingo com leted her reven e b winnin for the second time. P g Y g U. E. and Iohnson City also defeated Elmira in the second half. All of the fellows played Well, but the team lacked cooperation. Mr. Hirst was forced to change the lineup continually but never seemed to find the combination that would click and stay clicking. The brifrhtest s ot in the season was the work of Carolus Skellv, who was the third in P J highest scorer in the league. The Iunior Varsity showed signs of providing a fine team for the high school next season. Thev won all but two games. 771- W! FEATURES 'o 8+why4 94-CL-S. LH un, WMM? ffM74gD, QMMMQL Qhqu MLWJJ! Sept. Sept. Sept Sept. Sept Sept Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nou Nov. 2 Nov Nov. IO Nou N ov. Nov Nov Nov Nov. N ou. N ou N ov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. . I THE RECORD AGAINST US VVhere were you all summer? UProsh,' are given the Hworksu. !'Viv" makes Vindex campaign sign in record time. Half-holiday. What a fair! According to the absent list, several students are ufairning badly. Another Vindex assembly W Bud Brooks convalesces in hospital. Boys, Hi-Y initiation. We release the animal in us. Some fun! Who smells garlic? Uh boy! First single session! Now for those book reports. Florence and Phyllis become co-editors of the "TorcbU. Rear-Admiral Byrd visits Elmira. We indulge in a pep fest for first game of football season Corning conquered, I3-O. What a beginning! We decide to annihilate Auburn, and do 37-6. Eastwood eradicated 26-6. Some nifty band formations! Certain Seniors are caught associating with goblins and pumpkins. Halloween Carnival! New event in E. F. Afs annals. lack Hirst has first date. Clubs wonder where their carnival profits are. We upset U-E 12-6. What a thriller! Some take out, Nloylan! Coughdrops are in great demand after the game. Hooray for Armistice Day! Vacation. Wallace Bruce Amsbuiy addresses assembly. "This is where we came inn. QWitli gesturesj. Cortland conquered 52-0. VVotta team! Pretty cold in those white trousers, eh band-men? Auto show. Well! take that Rolls-Dusenberg. Student Council plans anti-noise campaign, beginning in Student Council. "AH barn dance. Have you thawed out your trumpet yet, Red? Seniors have their pictures taken. Ruth Stewart decides that hers are 'lperfectly awfulw, and goes again-and again! VVe beat Ithaca I4-O. Bring on that turkey! OW! Did someone say we Americans eat too much? Co-editors save the Vindex by allowing it to use IKTOTEIQY, football picture. Blue and VVhite are champs! Yea, Elmira, Hirst! George Herrick is congratulated after concluding episode of 'AWings of Couragem. Nice work !'Gawdge". Cleveland P. Grant entertains us with a bit of Hwild life". Whose idea was this of having Hve weeks tests? Billy Love waxes eloquent as Dickens! "Scrooge'! in Christmas Assembly. Foot- ball team makes plans for Florida. Schoolls out! Miami, here we come! Woe to you alll Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and the radio is all set for to-morrow's game. Special: Elmira defeats Miami 13-o! Zimdahl comes through! Bruce leads cheers over WESC. Hip, hip, hooray! -l80 l E l P I l l i i 1 l i i I 1 r l l l 1 l l l l i l r l MORE OF THE SAME Ian. 1 Ian. 2 lan. 7 lan. IO lan. 20 15171.27 lan. 28 Feb. 2 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 4 6 7 8 Feb. IO Feb. 15 Feb. 20 Feb, 29 iwarrb 6 March I2 March I5 March 20 March 21 March 22 March 23 March 28 March 30 April 1 April 2 April A pri! April 8 3 6 A pri! 9 April II April I2 April I5 April 20 May 1 flffay 8 May I3 811- Gut with the old! In with the newl Wliat a headache! You tool Victorious team returns home after southern iaunt. Oh for an orange grove! Team members proudly display new football sweaters. Basketball starts. U.-E. win from us zo-19. 'Nuff said. Regents week begins. Woe is mel I meant to study, but - New term begins. Say, is your schedule as mixed up as mine? Well, well, well, Herbie ol' boy! Glad to see you back. Groundhog day. So what? Not even the groundhog came out. Too cold. Warmer to-day, actually Eve above zero. How were the electric doorknobs at initiation, Tom? Viv decides to leave school. Anne Hardy becomes president of Student Council. A hero in our midstl Art Burt rescues a younger bov from Chemungls icv currents. Bravo, Artl Stevens ruins his face in a bobsled wreck QSO he saysj. Seniors plan a New York Trip. 'ACrooksiel' is getting dizzy from trying to End chaperones. Union College glee-clubsters put local men on the shelf. Have you received any proposals yet, boys? Senior play try-outs. Can we act? No! lane Haase can, however. Vindex sends delegates to Columbia's Press Convention. First Senior-Play rehearsal. Embryo actors return home bleary-eyed and half- dead. They'll stick to knitting after this. These floods are getting us down. Inter-sorority carnival. how money can be spent! Band plays at Reformatory. They almost keep Herrick, The co-editors are disgusted with certain Seniors. Three E. F. A. girls have some fun with three traveling salesmen. So you thought we didn't know, huh? Navy brings down Army. bliss O'Dea deems lane Lauster 'lsport of sportsn at Phi Alpha dinner following the game. Wl1Hf'S that behind you? Mr. Leverichls C-2 classes view farm machinery at Lain's. Did someone ask whatls planted with a reaper? The coffee was good, wasn't it, teacher? "Fifi" brings a pair of twins to school. VVe think were seeing double. Mrs. Deuel's Us eciall' class writes short stories. Now she knows we're oodl P g Student Council wrangles over spring circus orchestra. Frank Hoagland on one side of the controversy, and the remainder of the Council opposing. School dismissed at 3:20. Seniors decide to wear blue caps and gowns. Cupid "lNlrs." Sylvia Kotrba. Congratulations! At the Easter parade. The co-editors proof read. Will this book ever be Finished? Vv'e return with reluctance. five weeks' tests return also, not so reluctantly. Spring fever gets the upper hand. VVhere, oh where have the students gone? Can I sell you a ticket to 'AThree Cornered Moonll? Fine, here's three. That's the spirit! CP. S. l'm dreamingb. Are we "the tops" to-day! Oh to be a Senior. VINDEX HIGHLIGHTS L Ygliwijwgggyan wvwqm WPS' me W xx we WW 929 P-5311 coxwff Merrie 5109 I Mr. Schwenkler Is Chosen xm, SQQYY Senior Patron Saintd Rdates Thirngiggigglisit Here rd BW ieW Dunn Amir al RICISOI1 dex hxterv 3 Exdusive 1 B1 Sorority To Give Cup To Us an Best Girl Athlete d W t MQwmQE ' FJOU 1e"e11 w. Senior Musical Is Complete Success ah' Friday! papa -F' 01, cess? 0 t P e Sue A PsaaXY - . 0 qax Psxxgn sl -X3 THX eaS 8 we Q3 at 9 0 Hun Bgbv awww? Robert Thom S as IS Elect d . e Presldenf of I . . Are unml' Clas Blue and me Champlons WALTER ZIMDAHL WINS SENIOR PRESIDENTIAL RACE R 02,6 03 C5044 AN HVHg7HRH?AWH Gyfgega HB ARD CONVENTION? QM gee? -nz SUI-I e ..- , gash? 2 ? Qi. mg 2455 I ONS 22, H by "fi 'lf' bf: ,.. b fffv ' ff? O 1 w J! 7' s-n-'v-1-w.- wwfvf-- -"' ' if Wy fi .- R' WMA! Wg w,M,f1fA, fmw Qymww , f?z?mmMQZQ7fwf,,, 3241, WLM, J 4grww JMQ! W Md ? MDMA, Q9 ya jf aww 7WM,fL.M'm'A - JA wMmQZ M'h JM AZWZM Wm fm ffffi fwwfffffwwff Uma jX0QWlK AM6L66 I JMAZJWWWMW MJ., ,,c,fMf:ZMTzZ ,ffmgw wbfwwxvm fmQMJ:,W0z1mM My '74 Zyufhfmfc, Y- , .am 1, ...wus 1. . ., ,, of , , fy! 1 , 'I fy "-W M1 fi' x 7 W f ' f- X ' f -. n ' 1 X 'mi' W 1- ll ' wsws lIlIHlBll:K J i 'lfalglllllllll 1 Q W ff' ' i ,.,.l W W1 il X 544. if Qlviivllf MIAMI 1935 X D f M :HE Moms f A? 7 f ,, f ,lf ! ' I fl HL! df- . 3: is if 'Il ' A x CQ A fi IF U RT 4 ll- ,Manx Hi 1 2 D 1l!lWfli11 ZHlIllIlllllf f 'P D f h M fl cLosE.D "WW BIN x FOR we M: "1 f 0 1 F'lfWAfr'W ,Q 1 l 5or1r1ER MM f " E W '- " a ,7 L 'Q X COL G croooBYE Z 01.0 scnoov., if JJW 5 W! A ,IE I0 ', 0 4, lg WW ODLE5 , -ad '? W --Wazaa wff oonmwg -mx? isis f a X ir X ' ff 4"t,x , X '1' f K? f 711701 3 aw 72 13 ffl, , '65 W CLASS WILL We, the Class of 1 6, as a artinfr Gesture before settin out to con uer the world, 93 P eu 2: 3 Cl would like to express our gratitude to our E. P. A. benefactors by bequeathing the fol- lowing in this manner: First-To the faculty: 1. To Freddie Leverich, more money and less red tape. 2. To Tony Schwenkler, a carton of coughdrops, 3. To Mrs. Deuel, an especially quiet 'lspecialw class. 4. To Iohnny Colgan, more power to rescue the morals of the younger generation. 5. To the new teachers, an iron hand for ruling our successors. Second-To the luniors: 1. Our outside lockers. 2. Our superiority complexes. 3. Our lovely dispositions. Third-To the clubs: 1. To Nlasquers, more quiet and less Hlaovew. 2. To the Student Council dances, more students. 3. To the Biology Club, a dinasor, with our compliments. 4. To the Hi-Yls, bigger and better lunches. Fourth-To individuals: i. To Elizabeth Gregory, lack I-lirst's bottle of peroxide. 2. To Fred Loomis, a horse to pull his lin1ose11e. 3. To Virginia Bowlby, Ruth Crooks' popularity, if she needs it. 4. To Peggy Hardy, Iessie l'xfIould's twinkle in her eye. 5. To Lemon Gridley, Sardo McCartl1y's way with the women. 6. To Mary B. Reynolds, George Hetrick's Southern accent 7. To Paul Rohver, Hank Vxfeinstein's dancing feet. 8. To the future Home Ec. girls, a large box of Rinso for the i an hands. 9. To the school at large, another incomparable football team. Io. To the new football team, Herbie Epstein's ability to "take itll. 11. To everybody, a pleasant memory of the Class of l36. A P. A. M. fOfficial Executorsj 'IS6 . ' Q, Q, ,vi ,. . if gi? M' QQ V1 ' it Ti YV A Q ff 4 " Y ' , :ff , I KY' ,. I ff xx I 1 if Mi .V X H M ,.,.,:,,,. "" R 5 ' Q ' 1, fisiif ""' "" ' f I '- 'V '4' 5 mf' A -, g .V ..,,,-, , V . .'-'? V- VV 7 A L V U ,. ffl ,, is 'ma .,.: 3 VV: ,.,,.., fs::1,i::-ii i ? " ,. IVV V 5 .. ,A,, ,. W W ' - xii' A " ".f- 7'fqI..- 4 " Vf-V-A ' 1.::, V L I, ?f'r Iy V ,, .. ,. . V ' ' " if ' Ly K "" 3 zz' 9 ' ,. .,:,.,. . L lzlqqz 3 in 5 ,,:. ,AQQ A Q V4 V V fiff MQW!! 12333 1V,.. , ' if Q? 3 ,A .,::,. , ' 1 i gc. 3 K? , --.'- - ff V1 i:f'Zf3 if 4 V' fi 3 ' ifyylfjws V... " 'A , MM -V 1 VII, M ., A E N, 5 ,. 4 ,.,, ,Q A , tw' XV . 3 -V , ,, " 5 'lf 1 "' M' 1 M V 1 Q YMSSPSBR if H , ' -----V A ' "' "f" -is V' " - '... ' , 1' A V , .,.:1,.::,, 1,,. M , zz. I V Q . 4' , 'fs-2 -.,.f 3-:Q - we .1 ., . 2, .. V Y +11 . in - erin , M 1 W 'f K, ,if 4 3 Ny: gn Q ,Q 1 fi . I if? 45 if V 'I' 'k-- 2 1 ' V A hw --M., ,.A7'l,vr ' lp RW! , V: L S955 15,535 0.55642 X I? 2 S53 172075. 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Q ADVERTISEMENTS my U2-2-4lJ U OCJGJWGI 71,u,G'Lw Aw AAAJ. . 4,U2,d,4,Lw.dlLdm.,u4,e, ?Uhmww do ok-cup I . Lb ,Jw " " Quin .imfdfawmum . . ww co I 9 1' VHA-Q4,L.x'1 q dxauui mm gm Afltdwgiwyjji ao. 'Qw-A.o.! Z A u HH, MW .' fF5. mimi M07 Q aw Q-2 470 ffmwwa. sQVmj!l7'Ajfw!?Zw67wf,g4,4 jzgya, 09,-awwdWw',1J,ZfMWMM?fWJAwwfm' ay, if if ff ffmfwff 4W1f.f JWDJLM7 n I,dMQ0ww Edfqw M? ,Jw ,J fw- A 'QAM ia- Aff' Q-62,1-44.1. f,q:,0.4,2,t'0z,4,.fm.6?ft,L?'6cfvn,6g nflglcffi-,6L,'f4,,2hj6 wv"fa7ffnbfZf2j1'd,ZZ Va. WV-'LZ ocfwffv N., xQ5f7o1VZ2-,,Z6L if ,fdff f' 4 91, ,f,.,ff'iif- ' f Qxiy. 1 9551-Kiwi 54,14 'V ff' 4, Maafzmazfzmf 'I 1- , ' ' f . if , L gff- . Z, W-fZL!"1Q14y'Q' cwfb V Sponsors of the Torch Mr. and lWrs. A. M. Bovier Miss L. M. Rockwell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bush Mr. F. R. Parker Mrs. P. H. Davis Mr. F. A. Carey Miss Louise K. Gamble Mr. and lX4rs. C. H. Cole Mr. and Mrs. loseph O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stutske Mrs. Cornelius Kane Mrs. Esther McGowan Loew Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Bowen lNTiss Viola A. Heinen lX4iss Kathleen B. Miller lN1rs. Sidney Hersch Miss Irene M. Dunne Mr. L. C. Gamble Mr. and lWrs. D. A. Cady Mr. and Mrs. D. F. O'Neill Miss Kathryn Daly Dr. and Mrs. Albert B. Helmkamp Miss Elizabeth Eldredge Miss lane PVT. Birchard lVIr. NI. NL Hali, D.D.S. lX4r. and lX4rs. K. C. Winsor Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schwenkler Miss Sylvia V. Kotrba lVIr. and lX4rs. Herbert M. Redfield lX1r. and lXTrs. Earl C. Crooks Mrs. Dennis Reagan 44 57 Mr. Mr. and Mrs. William McGrath and Mrs. S. A. Prokop Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Morris Shepard Prof. and Mrs. E. H. K. Mould Mr. T. Sturdevant Mr. and Mrs. Thad Walter Mr. and Mrs. W. Schanaker Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Meinert Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dart t Mr. William Lockwood Mr. and Mrs. William Epstein Mr. B. Toomey Mr. C. F. Evans Mr. and lN1rs. Philip Suskind Mr. Robert R. Schmidt Mr. Mr. and lVIrs. Ioel H. Carroll R. L. Champion Mr. and Mrs. Vincent McConnell Mr. H. I. Pettit A Mr. D. Bernard Horowitz Mr. M. Rosenfield 56 Son Dr. and Mrs. Reeve B. Howland Miss Miss Miss Nliss lWiss Grace E. Miller Rose Kingston Helen M. Hibbard Frieda Horowitz Rena Rockwell lXfTr. F. H. Kecton lXTiss lNTary C. Nfitchell 'S Y ' K S l Compliments of Elliot T. Bush homas . Arthur C. Smith Richard O. Gregory Rex hlorrell R. H. Davis Helen Elston S. L. Larson C. S. Dale Carl G. Zimmerman K. D. hflay ilzl rd Iohn H. Burke Charles Haase I. H. Hunt Iohn A. Bennett Arthur W. Booth K P7 Charles L. Stevens W. T. Boland Leon Hamilton Herbert W. Fudge Stewart S. Piper C. H. Ott E. L. Curvish Iohn F. Lynch Compliments of Lawyers Gardner and hloseson Frank D. Pulford Benjamin F. Levy Anthony Kabatt Iohn Sullivan Iudson R. Hoover lsaac Allison Thomas F. Fennell Harry H. Hays Henry and Denton lXfleDowell and NlcDowell Nlandeville, Vxfaxman, Buck, Teeter and Harpending Sayles, Flannery, Collin and Evans -pp- I' 37 I t,,,,,3M , M mf 7' -- Mk 'Kt ELL NIVERSITY fl CU-l7LJIlt':lff0IIzI! Ur1ic1z'1'5ity with 41 Ixiuljxgrnzxzzzz' of ninety vmzrx' ,wwiff to .Alrf1cz'iuzu yozrtfa Gtfcrs, under its new progrmn. ll broad gt-ln-ral Cflllfilfitjll ivn the first two ycnrs, fl'L'CiI1g the last two yours for COI1CL'IlIl'L1Ki0Il, pvc-profcssiollzxl and profcssioxml spccinlizutiorl. There arc ovcr one thousand students cnrollul. Tht- faculty is C.ll'L't-lllly Qt-lt-cred. and tht-rc arc :unplc religious 0Pl70I'fl1llifiL'S. All atlllctics arc orgnnizcd. lilll infommtioll on rcqucst. Plcnsc Lldtllvv H. XV. I-101 11412, Ifvtqitvtmr BUCKNELI, UNIVERSITY I EXYISI1l,'RCQ. PHNNISX 1 N wlx O TO QUT I This section of The TORCH represents the in- terest of Elmirals best merchants. Only by means of their advertisements has it been possible to sell this Year Book at about one-half its cost. They have done their part toward our success THE DIXIE BARBEQUE BULKHEAD Compliments of ALBEE REO MOTORS 361 State St. EIAIIRA, N. Y. Life Insurance and Annuities THE UNION CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Security for the American Family Since 1867 C. HARRY GILFETI-IER, Gen. Agent FEDERA'r1oN BUILDING ELINIIRA, N. Y. Compliments Of LINN S. CHAPEL CO. INCORPORATED BEST VJISI-IES " -"'i" Esnausnzo een .'M9 seen EVERYWHERE -I94 COMPLIMENTS OF The Kennedy Valve Manufacturing Co. I I ELNHRA,N.Y. I VALVES PIPE FITTINGS FIRE I-IYDRANTS I 1 I Ifzr Y We , , . ,. VV. Love: KKWHIIUH neck?" I R. Crooks: "Nav I W. Love: uYou couId use some back- bone." I R. Cmokx: A"I'I1anIc you, I'm getting along very wcIl." I W. Love: "You havcrft any wings either." R. Crooks: "Dont get sarcastic." W. Love: "Well, darn It, you can't have all the white meat. I Iikc It ruyselflw of' KT' I 1 BLUE RIBBON NIAYONNAISE GOSPER-KELLY INIAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE PRAIRIE ROSE BUTTER SHOES ' HOSIHRY IXIARK TVVAIN ORANGES CD Q I V I One-Sixty Main . -I - 951' HUDSON and ISZARDS TERRAPLANE LEADERS PF if EB 9 Elmifag I-argcst Dffxign 4 Safety - Comfort Department Store . 156011011131 Extends Congratulations Q5 EB and Succesx CAREY KASUBE CO., INC to the IX'Iain at First St. CLASS OF 1936 , I Phone 6157 I Compliments of PACKARD ELMIRA ARMS Co. Motor Cars Elmirefs IVIost Interesting Store Nw rx' I U7 N. Mdj77 St. ' 7 NEWTOWN MOTOR CORPORATION DIAL 8128 THE ADVERTISER JOB PRINTERY, Inc. BOOK JOB LAW SOCIETY and COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Dial 2-2787 218 BALDWIN STREET ELMIRA, N. Y. QL? ELMIRA COLLEGE FOUNDED 1855 Old in Experience, Rich in Tradition, Modern in Outlook THE PIONEER COLLEGE FOR WOMEN For Literature address the Registrar ELNIIRA COLLEGE ELMIRA, NEW YORK THE i FURHMAN MARK TWAIN A A CANDY STORE HUCK FINN ROOM A AND X L es Q SODA BAR X X CANDY For t SODAS Light Rc'fr'e,vlvrnents 1 W ICE CREAIXII LIGHT i L LUNCHES A Fuii .7We11i A OUR ENTIRE PRODUCTION ENTERS INTO THE MANUFACTURE OF GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. MOTORS, GENERATORS, TURBINES AND A COMPLETE LINE OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT ,1f,1f Elmira Foundry Co., Inc. ELMIRA, N. Y. HYGEIA . NI. FLICKINGER CO., INC. 255-259 State St. I and ELMIRA, N. Y. NN Nw MV Nw WHOLESALE GROCERS Dimibamr.: of BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOOD and RED AND WHITE FOOD PRODUCTS FROZEN PRODUCTS OF PROVEN EXCELLENCE 'TI IT, Fanfy Ice Cream For Any Occasion ITU T I-IYGEIA ICE CREAM CO. RICI-IFIELD GASOLINE O O ELMIRA OIL CO. 616 William st. O O RICI-ILUBE OIL BLIRTHS INC. 103 W. VVater St. XX Where Style, Quality and Economy Rule S6 Compfimerits 'Moa TAVERN of X Q0 BARBEQUE STANDARD A1415 FOOD STORES X ere uaht Iimfiiori Church and Sfqyyfp AnXcjIV1Econc?ny IVyIeet 'qfiyx . . IfVater Sis. fO There is One in Your XV Neighborhood Wright Electric Company Nw NN WIRING H FIXTURES SUPPLIES - RADIO mv MN pw NN II8 N. IVIAIN ST. Automatic Shoe Repair Hats Cleaned arm' Blocked While You Wait 101 VV. Vxfatcr St. Phone 2-1239 We call for and deliver PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS E7 I C Burn: USay buddy, can you Iet me have a dime for a cup of cofIec?', Miss K. Miller.' 'LA dime! Why, I thought that coffee was a nickelf, Burn: K'Yeah, but I got a datef, 11,- Mrs. Deuel fm schoof Uisitorj: "The Academy is a school without a Hawf' Visitor: 'Tor goodness sakcsf What CIO you walk on?" S BLACKSTONE MOTOR CO. G9 G5 See our New 1936 CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Models which are here now We also have some very attractive buys in USED CARS G9 GB 263 State St. - IO8 Church St. E1.x11RA, N. Y. I-IOGG-NICHOLS, Inc. Contractors IRON PIREIVIAN STOKERS, TI-IE AUTOMATIC HEAT GAS RANGES REFRIGERATORS Dial 2-0332. 158 Baldwin St. Elmira, N. Y. Vg. FOR QUICK HEAT ON COLD MORNINGS depend on 'blue coal' Chemung Coal Co, DIAL 6268 MARKSON'S SPORTS COATS PLANNEL PANTS SPORT OXFORDS If'Vest I'Vater at Mail: ELNIIRA, N. Y. ROSSLS BAKERY and TEA ROOM 408 VV. VVnsI1ingto11 Ave. Branfb Store Gorton Building We Cater to All Parties .West Albert and IVcar Diamonds COXIPLIXIENTS OF INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS A Style and Size for Every Hauling Nc'i'il from C-1-Z Ton to A-8-jf Ton ALPERT . . INTERNATIONAL I-IARVERTER Iewclcrs and OPIICIZIHS CQ. INC' Colwrxo ELMIRA 1 656 State S11 ! CORTLAND 1 ELNIIR.-X, XV. E I 'I 100 rfnthmcitff Bztuminom Fuel 011 TWICE SCREENED CONE CLEANED ANTHRACITE ELMIRA coAl. Dial 5158 323-332 PIENNX, AVE. C barcoal X gffi FRU-JUY ICE CREAM X Ji You GU! the Seruicc You Like Cforrzplimwzts Of W. 1. as E. R. YQUNG 1 C 5 K Y Agents fur LAUNDRX COTTON K HANLON You Lifw the Seruiu MAXTERHI' FOR Y011 Ggg UTM' Harm' Crmzplvtu .l- HONQZELL iELM.I RAI Boxesd Adverfiszhg F PLHOWELL L C0 El.Hl A, N.Y Cnmplimefztf Of HAZEL MURPI-IY'S DRESS SHOP Phone 1-6.396 111 Wcst XKIQIYLT St. 101 WARNER BROS. THE!-XTRES T i K E E N E Y Offering You The Very Finest Motion Pictures Made Presenting Those Pictures You Might Have Missed - J i O I O RIVERSIDE FLOWERS i Cmrffrfrff of I ncor ora cd I P t MARK TWAIN ,F X FOOD MARKET, INC. I 154 North Main St. "May We Serve You Frff Parking In T196 Flrflifi' T Delivery Service S Phone 7141 -7142 , i ra so A I H A It W I WRUCK'S WALL PAPER i Best Wishes From N AND PAINT STORE A N 142 E. Vvater St. Q I The A7610 Q G Emzmefac Finish U , I H The Latest Designs Its Dejqniteiy ri Gorton Year W in Ufrzii Papers ' T 102 i eyomj flze gow' Qfyaffs Your bank, like your home, is a vital, living part of rhe Community. If your house were surrounded by a desert, would you still care to call it a home-without neighbors, without stores, without civic improvements and modern conveniences? This is equally true of your bank. It is the customers-the business houses, the farmers, the wholesalers and industries-that make a bank. If you were to erect this building on a remote mountain top, equip it and man it -it would not be a bank, no matter how perfectly organized. The essential element of human contact and service would be lacking. Only when an institution plays an active, considerate part in the life of the community -understanding its people and their financial needs, and giving them its best in banking services-is it worthy of the name BANK. CI-IEMUNG CANAL TRUST CO, FOUNDED 1833 ROSENBAUM'S Smart "Carolyn" Procks for Graduation and Class Day SWARTHOUTS IEWELERS 215 E. VVater St. RATHBUN HOTEL CORNER LOUIS HAMPLE Clothing and Furnishings for Men of All Ages STYLEPLUS CLOTHES NIANHATTAN SHIRTS STETSON HATS 322 E. Water St. ELNIIRA, N. Y. 103 George Hetrick: g'Women don't interest me. I prefer the company of my fellow menf' Art Burt: Shake pal, l'm broke too.'y Mr. Parry: 'iVVell lad, what have you been doing all day?" Unwise Sopb: 'LShootiny craps-" Nh. Parry: uYonng man, this must stop. Those little things have as much right to live as you havell' ,E E., W 1,1 insf I QUALITY JEWELRY re ELGIN WRIST WATCHES ' GOLD RINGS Z J KIRK STERLING SILVER 1 Greater Value Always l 5 'fh 1 W' sCHREIBIv1AN's I 5 AV W- Established 1893 N il? 1 214 East Vfatcr Street Asa ' 5 I R I X 1 , FISCHER S l LLP Jo I READY-TO-VJEAR STARTIX means safety. It conquers stalled engines I CY? T and gives you automatic QIQ Eaxt lfvalcrstreet protection In traffic, on Y hills and at dangerous dw E E E" E K railroad crossings. l lf W Em'EEW-EAN You simply turn on the y ignition key-.STARTIX Home' of The Ma3ffair Club N starts your engine auto- I ,IQ sk l mafifally ' ' ' and re' X ELlX4lRA'S FRIENDLY HOTEL starts it automatically if Facifitics for fmzctions of any l'1If17r'1I7l'7' it stalls. STARTIX adds I y I 1 :K 1 N convenience, too - no l t X starter button is necessary. X EOR R1:sERvAT1ONs C.-XLL 8121 STARTIX can be easily, i EWWJ5 lddww "ii dt' W E' I 'dnl quickly and inexpensive- E U EEE ' ' in W' 'E' ' d' ' ly installed on any car equipped Withsa Sgenglix CUSHINO MOTOR CORPORATION Drive. Price 8. p us y installation. Come in and FOX and Cm-mi1.Sf1-fm talk it 0Vel'- EIAIIRA, N. Y. ECIIPSC M3Chlll6 Co. QLDSMQBILE Eln1ira Heights. N. Y. -I 104 l ESTABLISHIJJ 1870 PERRY 63 MAXCY X X INSURANCE or ALL K1NDs PERRY INSURANCE BLDG. Corzzfr Baldivin 64' liars! 2714i .5I17'I'I'f.Y l Phone 5277 The Only Complete Low-Priced Car CHEVROLET CD 0 ELINI CHEVROLET CO. INC. 510 E. VVater St. Elmira, N. Y Phone 8178 Limou Gridley: "I-Iouestlx' now, woulfl you ever think this w1s a seeoncl hrmcl Car?-I I ELMIRA lame flfould: i'OfIqeourse not. I thought C L QL you macle lf yourself. AL Kenny IVeisman-Em'Z:vingj.' "Yes, I was I1Afl'CS1lI'll1'II1 too. Yes sir, some of the hup- ELXHRAY N. Y- p1est years of my hfe were spent as a fresh- mnuf' Nurscrymen Iulia Murphy Landscape Arcbitcris Florists Lib J, l APPAREL 51-10p I Hoffman Nurseries, Inc. Growers of Cut Flowers, Potted Plants Flo Cl? Nursery Stock 122 IV. fllarleet Sr. l l 921 Hoffman Street ' Puoxr 2-0335 ELx11RA, N. Y 1051- Compliments of Elmira Paint Co., Inc. 206 East Water Street ELNIIRA, N. Y. EEG? Complete Line of LUCAS PAINTS AND VARNISHES Wholesale and Retail Compliments of the Distributors of Hearts Delight Food Products ...N My NN ,W SCOVILLE, BROWN 85 CO. WELLSVILLE, N. Y. Compliments of Banfield - Iennings Corp. SEEDS BULBS INSECTICIDES .222 VV. Water St Diehl 63 Bauer Book Bindery ' Zlffmziifactizrers of HIGH GRADE BLANK Booics Loose LEAF BINDERS AND RECORD BLANKS Bimlirig of Mizgazines and Art Work t 416 E. klarket St. Elmira, N. Y. ll I1 Williams and Bickford Church and Hofmari Streets EEG? SOCONY SERVICE MOBILUBRICATION Compliments of T lay H. Parker FLORIST WEST IWARKET STREET 106 4 fe ,XXV f iff' df M39 2 gi if WWZ M M Z M51 If ly jf l on If S115 on If e QEIZC6 DCCICTC 1l11t xou Wlll at Qorncwhcrc 111 IhlS game of Ilfc The Hrst Qtep 19 the fl hr bfmkm connection Bulld up your iccount Wllh tI119 Bank 1? . I TZ.-. 7 I , A71-A L' X L "fV J' f L 7.55 -,151 'I K L 15- EEE - ggix-XxA,i1T.g' 4 L FIRST NATIONAL BANK 63 TRUST CO of ELMIRA 'Q FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS M4111 Offs, 150 Lake St. Merchants Bmnrb, 109 W. Water St. South Side Branch, 418 S. 1114111 St. Elmira Heights Bmnrb, 156 E. 14th St. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT CORPORATION I I A I Speciflfizing in C0"1Plif""'m of QUALITY CLOTHING ana' FURNISHINGS Coca-Cola 1 - For the Stylixb Grad Bottllng Works 1 1 and Under-Grad 415 W. SECOND ST. I I H. Strauss, Inc. A A EI,TxIIR.X, N. Y. L L . . L T L ,LL 1, ., NATIONAL CASI-I REGISTER 5 7 Y COBIPANH IVIYIJ Corrzpfimwzts of SALES I SERVICE ' SUPPLIES P, M. Buell Co. VV. T. LOVE, Sales Agent , - YOUR FLORISTS II7 Baldwm St. Phone 2-4921 E1.M1RA, N. Y. T N 107 1. The Photographs in the TORCH WCF6 Illilde EDFHHJD by TLHDHD - f---f- - -Am 1- -W L Knapp School of Music A G d, IO4 CoI,I.EGE AVENUE eral' S Continues .with the same policy of Courses 122 Lake St. Phone 2-0314 Il1StI'UCt1011 and SLIDCFVISIOII under the IIIaIIagement of Mrs. Fred Knapp ' IMPERIAL INSTRUCTORS I I WASHfXBI.E WALL PAPER DONALD I-IAIQTMAN, Mandolirz, Banjo, , .. . , I Sfmmfh and Hdwmmn CWM' 1 2 PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS CLARENCE ADAAI, Vzolzn I I HAZEL BUTLER, Piano and Harmorzy V ' WINIYOXX' SHADES 1 DM! 24787 ! VENETI.XN SHADES llfmvzfal I1zstrII1Iw1It.r and .S'1lf7f7l1.C.S' 4 I Compliments Of TI-HRTY-EIGI-IT YEARS OF HONEST VALUES Mark Twain Gown Shoppe, Inc. PK X A MARK TVVAIN HoTEL Werdenberg's Phone 4823 I KATHERINE B. SCHNEIDER WATER AT INIAIN 1 , Proprzetor 7 YY, l im, -nos The TORCH, this year and for the past six years has been printed by THE COMMERCIAL PRESS We of the Commercial Press pride ourselves that Year Books bearing our imprint are a little finer, a little better done than the average, and We strive to maintain that average in all of oIIr work .... The personal thought and careful attention given each ineli- vidual job flarge or smallj Cannot help but show in the Hnishetl pro- duct. VVe appreciate the trust placed in us by each succeeding TORCH Staff and will endeavor to retain this eonHdenCe in the years to come. THE COMMERCIAL PRESS PRINTING IVITH PRESTIGE PHONE 6188 1: ELMIRA, N. Y. CLOTHING HATS if fi HABERDASHERY EOR YOUNG MEN H. H. Smith 63 Co. GROCERIES MEATS I ,S X , l M M l Berger E3 Rodin Corner Gray and Hoffmarz Streets l 137 E Water St SPECIAL l Sheehan Dean EB Co. FOR MAY ONLY i 2071 Reduction l SMART DRESSES ON ALL PIPES I l I I COATS NIILLINERY LINGERIE Q Q L Y P Sh ACCESSORIES a one ro s i e O g g p l INTERIOR DECORATION 157 LAKE STREET X X .. L el L, L 109 1. N I SOUND managerial policies and long, successful experience have provided us with sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers ol fine printing plates. That you will be secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN 8: OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 West Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois ln the foreground f Ft. Dearborn referected in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. Illustration by Jahn 6- Ollier Art Studios. 110 WMWLQMQM3 KAMQQ-13 LL-MQEVDQQQN if Xi ww W QW? WW www 1 5 i , i gwfjklgdvjfnaf ,ZW-7wW jlfzw, TIWWX? M W pgiff? wi? f

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