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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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4 1 Donald xvwcxapd E.F.A. HJL. 2.0, EX LIBRIS AW gf 4 Y 'Q f is Z big ,Ax THE TORCH 1935 ff gi . !4! 492 1' I f PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS GF ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY, ELMIRA, N. Y. Editor-in-Chief IANET STEVENS Business Managers KATHERINE CUFFNEY IOHN BRAND DAVID MILLER FUREWORD ll Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate, Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor, and to Wait." THAT We may never forget the happy days we have spent to- gether and the many friendships we have formed in our brief stay here, We publish the 1935 Torch. 1: zz DEDICATION I To MISS KATHLEEN MILLER ATRON SAINT AND SOCIAL ADVISER TO US DURING O SENIOR YEAR WE DEDICATE TI-IE TORCH EOR 1935 CCNTENTS FACULTY SENIORS OTHER CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATUIUES ADS Pictures in this hook were taken hy Redfeld, Elmira, Zvew York. Engravings were made hy lahrz and Oiiier, Chicago, Illinois. This hook was priritea' hy The Commercial Prem, Elmira, Nezu York ' 'll11 II I Vllllll 7 illlll 'A if Ill " ,..J- lll11114 I 1 7 In Z 1055Q m X 6 'wwf N Q ll :Sf ,,WZZ5Wjg x 1, v swyzfl 5 " - , .A I dpi ' "'-ix. ,114 X Z ' .,-'f,'tvY'c-'QV an N X X ,ffnzggv 4,1 1 I -.,4 4 01400, 52- I 7 5 ' - X I X5 ' 'M l "wif ,,f11f f 5 all X U is 'Vx ,qi- U X -I 4 QQ , ,Q 5. 6 N ,.n'-HTMW S fn 'fan , 'W is vw' ' A Il . ' 2 E I Q6 xxx? 21?ill11pg--fiw' ' I ! Ji X .-. I I Q .-q:LQz?? '.'f.-?Z i it ,B -1 ,iq 2 I f Q , : W fs? I 7552 A Q fi , S ,ff 5 ,Z , Cf I' 'f . ' J lg ,I 'I Ink, K A 5 Ms' X f-gg X fA,11 S, , ., 1.1 ,-si :Lf-v V it x I 1 FACULTY To Nlr. Parker, our genial Principal, wllonl we admire as a man of broad sellolarsllip and lime tastes, whose influence upon us has been all for tlle good, who Claims our deepest respect as a veteran selloolmaster, and whom we love as an understanding friend who has always sluown tlle wisest regard for our best Welfareg we Wish to express our most grateful appreciation. H To Mr. Cady who has watched our four years of progress with friendly and helpful interest, who has guided us in all matters, especially during lvlr. Parkerys absenceg we extend our most sincere gratitude. 12 M. LOUISE GODFREY HELEN M. HIBBAIID fh En M3Il16Hll1IiCS DEPARTME T HEAD HARRILT1' N. KELLOGG ELIZABETH TASHIHN Nfodcrn Languages Latin I 'x , I . ,.S ' , if 4'1" ' Rum ROCKWELL History I3 DILLON A. Cxm' Science . -. .ei . 4 gs A XG,.'x M XX 'Y .3 Q N XS X I Xe X Q5 :XXX ,mga J of I .528 xx' in A . fr' 'fi' Fafxxcis R. Pixamln, A.M., l'rim-ipal 1 IJILLON A. CADY, B. S., Pn.B., Vice-Primripal Dillon A. Cady. B.S., Pd.B. Emory E. Donelson, Ed.NI. Rena Rockwell. A. M. Mrs. Mary B. Cady, A.B. M. Louise Godfrey, A.B. .lane M. Birehard, A.B. Mrs. Gladys C. Smith, A.B. Louise K. Gamble, Ph.M. Helen M. Hihbard, B.S. Mrs. Mary H. Stewart, B.S. Mary D. Condon, B. S. Elizabeth Tashjian, A.B. Harriet N. Kellogg, A.B. Julia Y. Brooks, A.B. SCIENCE Sylvia V. Kotrha, B.S. Silas F. Parry, A.B. HISTORY Frederick .l. Leverich, AAI Kathleen B. Miller, Ph.B. ENGLISH Ecla B. Stauterman, A.M. Mrs. Jeanette P. Deuel, A.B. Alice P. Scott, A.B Kathryn L. Daly, A.B. MATHEMATICS Mrs. Celia N. Stott, A.B. Helen E. Bower, A.B. Harriet I. Wixon, A.B. Ruby A. Hopkins, A.B. Anthony A. Sehwenkler. A.M. Geraldine Sullivan, B.S. Esther A. McGowan. A.B. Mrs. Carolyn M. Bolger, A.B. Grace E. Miller, A.B. .Iohn E. Colgan, A.B. Rose Kingston, A.B. Rachel M. Bowen, A.B. Elizabeth Deneen, A.B. Vera M. Bange Anna C. Maclnerney, B.S. Anna C. McMahon, A.B. Mrs. Gertrude Tatelbaum, A.B. Lena B. Logan, A.B. MODERN LANGUAGES Isobel Mark, A.M. PHYSICAL EDUCATION M. Beatrice Espey, A.B. Mrs. Clara Munson, A.B. Mary O'Dea Arthur Hirst ART Mrs. Helen W'insor Katherine E. Youmans, A.B. SALESMANSHIP PENMANSHIP LIBRARIAN Viola A. Heinen, M.S. Margaret E. Collins Elizabeth Eldredge, B.S. SECRETARY HOME ECONOMICS CUSTODIAN Mary C. Mitchell Irene M. Dunn, A.M. Alton Passmore Ada B. West I4 15355.21-,-,! f ! - Il I ix E -3- I Qvztffz ll " -Xgifg' . , Y X-231. of ' 9 f '-N fzflnz. . la Ia , 0 Z A big..- - 1- X H Ei N N Q :- Q-JP A S I E . E A aj,0.Q.yQ xx 2 X N f f f - x - if Q O! W 4. vfw, . SE V'744f!W Hx X -52 . . 535' WW" 'X' flnfilvlll- ZUJ lid W0 2551! OJ X EE? ' ' , ' , 522225 Z T5 M X 7 1' w x X 75 5 'Z L-4 31 ' E . Y" T f - 0 kr fr '?fl'.?vf.,,,f,ff1" 1' Q IQ ,Wi 'S a,f13 ran W 1 A,'fM,, -.,- " .:' 246, SQP5 W Wfqq -'-W1 -- ' - wx 4 -L f -- , -.ns 3 Y , Q-T R45 J ' J A ml X ! 01 A f X Vx-A H I STHT1 351 3 L A. i is SENICR W.Nl,TEIi CHAPEL President FRANCES HURLEY Vice-President IUNE CARY HARRY TIPTON Secretary Treasurer Dear Classmates: It is with a touch of regret and an inward feeling of sorrow that we, the class of 1935, take our leave from these beloved walls of learning. The time has come when We must bid farewell to our school, our faculty, and the student body, all who have contributed so much to the joys and the Pleasant memories of our too brief sojourn within these walls. The acuteness of existing conditions, relative to the Present, should not dampen the spirit of our youth as some of us enter higher institutions of learning while others thus early in their lives are faced with the arduous task of trying to sustain their existence minus further education. But, let us remember that even though we have completed our academic studies, education never ends. Let us explore in this life and seek out the hidden treasures that surround us so abundantly. Let us early in our lives become acquainted with those qualities of good character which include humility, truthfulness, temperance, unselfishness and justice. With these qualities as the foundation stones of our characters l believe, with all sincerity, that we will succeed with some greater or less degree of success and so make our lives shine before men that they may reflect further honor and glory upon our Alma Mater. Therefore in conclusion, my dear friends, let us not forget each L 'HTH' ,Y other and the associations which we have enjoyed through the - msgs' medium of the various student organizations. And last, but not least, by any means, the teachers who have so patiently and so generously -. that we might Hnd the way, the truth and the light. They are S! H wmv second only to the Motherhood of America. .1l!. illi. . . . . llwi' contributed of their time and knowledge in an ever present hope ii .full llnlll 'A Fi Z' i " Prn- Sincerely yours, WALTER CHAPEL. I7 , l l J gm 531 . .I' ' Y .Nl f ,aff . C. HOWARD ADAMS UHOWYH . h HENDY AVE. RSJCHESTER Aeronautical Engyulfzcring. "A smile, a friendly word of cheer, A lllake ns glad when I-Iowyys near." Glee Club 4Q I-li-Y 2, 3, 4Q Orchestra 3, 4. RUTH ALLIS nRlIIl1,i HENDY AVE. UGentle of speech, Benefieient of mind." Library Council 2. E. ANN ANDREW UAIIDH BUFFALO CITY "A70ne knows thee ban to love thee, Nor names thee but to praisef, lVlasquers 2, 3g Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3Q Agora 2. ALICE ANDRUS L'Alice" NO. 2 CORNELL Designing npeace is rarely denied to the peacefnlf, Masqiiers 3, 4. ERMA AVERY "Erm'y G. xl. D. BUFFALO CITY HOSPITAL Nursing 'KI would rather he found saf- fering than doing injnsticeu EDNA BABCOCK "Balm" NO. II P. G. "The hand that hath made you fair, hath made yon goody: Stylus 3, 4. BERTRAM BAKER L'Bertie" NO. II PENN. U. "I-Iis disposition is likened to a hook of humoixn Band IQ Forum 2, 3, Glcc Club 4. IOHN BAKER Hlakeu HENDY AVE. P. G. Aviation lXlech:mics HA'n ounce of mirth is worth it pound of sorrowf, IEAN BARBER "Yol1nny" HENDY AVE. ELMIRA "The world means something to the capahlef' Clee Club 2, 3Q Hi-Y 3, 43 Agora 3, 43 Vindex 43 Press Club 43 Torcl13 Student Coun- cil 4. MARIORIE BARBER L'lNTarjc" HENDY AVE. BUFFALO U. AND CITY HOSP. Hcapahility, dependability and willingness to do her part Are a few of the qualities that dwell in Marjoriels heart." Library Council 1, 23 lnt. Bas- ketball 1, 23 Glee Club 2, 3. BETTY BARNES "Betty" No. II E. B. 1. HA well disposed nature joined with a lovely featurefl l-li-Y 43 Glec Club 3, 42 Girl Reserves IQ Stylus 4. EDWARD BAUER "EclclieU No. 8 "Aden of few words Are the hest men." SARAH BISBEE 'hSally" Ss. P. P. EIAIIRA Business "A fair girl of seventeen, Fresh glittering with graces of mind and of mienf' Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 43 I-Ii-Y 3, 43 Ir. Ring Committee. MARY IEANNE BONNAR Hleanncn NO. II GENESEO NORM. Teaching "VVhat kind of record has our leanne? Unusually fine, straight and cleanf' Glee Club 2, 33 Biology Club IQ lnt. Basketball 1, 2, 43 Sty- lus Club 4. IOHN BRAND Ulolmnyu NO, 2 AXIHERST Arts "I am monarch of all I survey, llly right, there is none to dispute." Iournal Club I, 23 Eorum IQ Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, QTreas 4D Ir. Prom Chrm,3 Torch QBus. Nlgizjg Senior Prom Comm. KATHLEEN BRETT 'Tatu ss. P. P. ELNIIRA Business "Shy and quiet to a good degree, Small and pretty as you can see. Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 43 QSec. 453 lvlasqucrs 3, 43 lnt. Bas- ketball IQ l-li-Y 3, 41 Ir. Ring Comm. DOROTHY BYAM s. H. s E. N. c, WALLESTON, MASS. "I love tranquil solitude And such society As is quiet, wise and goody! Glcc Club 4. IEANNE CAREY "Yeanie', No. rr ELMIRA "Ifere's a smile to those who love me And whatever skies ahove me, Here's a heart for every fate." Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 42 CPYCS- 3jg Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 42 Masqiiers 4. IUNE CARY "lune" No. II ELIXIIRA "Grace is in all her steps, heav- en in her eye, and dignity in every gesture." Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 3, 4, QTreas. 45: Masquers 4: Sec. Senior Class, Student Council 4. MARY CARRIER "Mary" HENDY AVE. LA SALLE Economics "She has two eyes so soft and hrown, Take Carel She gives a side glance and looks down, Beware' Beware! LILLIAN CARRICAN "Lil" sr. ceciriis Rocu. IXIECH. INST. Interior Decorating "The worldls no hetter if we worry, Life's no longer if we hurry." Agora 3, 4. WALTER R. CHAPEL LLWa1t!Y No. II COLGATE "We never saw his like, There lives no greater leader." Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 QSec. 3j, fPres. 415 Band 1, 2, Vindex 4Q Pres. Senior Class. CHARLES A. CIERI K'Charlcy" ST. ANTHONY,S CORNELL Law "Goliath, in David met his Waterloo. Watc.h Charley well, for he's a David too." EUNICE CLARK A'EunieH NO. zo CORTLAND Teaching "fl perfect woman, nohly planned, To warn, to comfort and com- mandf, IOI-IN CLARK "Bud" ss. P. P. ALFRED 'Kliegone old care, and fprithee, hegone from meg For il faith, old care, thee and I shall never agreef' GENEVIEVE COLE "Ienny" BIG FLATS TUSCULUM, TENN. Lab. Technician "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite varietyf, VJAYNE COLEGROVE "Wayne" NO. II PURDUE HBe silent and safej Silence never betrays you." INIARGARET COLLINS ST. CECEI,IA,S ELMIRA Teaching mfhe nohlest mind the hest contentment has." Cirl Reserves 1, 2, 3, QPres. 3,5 Student Council 3. LOI5 CONEVERY K'Loie', sr. CECILIA,S CORTLAND "Teach us half the gladness, That thy brain must know, Such harmonious madness, From thy lips would flow The world would listen then as we are listening now." Phi Alpha Kappa, 2, 3, 4, fpres. 4, Tr. 3DQ Var. Basket- ball ig Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3. GORDON C L N 0 aff 0 HESTER H i ' he great in ra ths of w censu .H Hi-Y 2 f WILLIAM CROWLEY NBII" I NO. 5 CORNELL "An aimahle disposition needs no further letter of introduc- tion." KATHERINE CUEENEY "lane" ST. PATRICICS ELMIRA Business 'Such a girl is the heginning of all good things, For the world welcomes sunny people." I-Ii-Y 3, 41 Agora 3, 4 QV. Pres. 4,2 Library Council 2, Iunior Prom Committee, Torch QBus. Nlgrj IAMES CUNNINGHAM ulininiyu ST. P.-XTRICKYS 1 NOTRE DAME Law "He lives his life and lives with a srnile, The deeds he does are deeds worth whilef' Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 41 Int. Baseball 35 Football 2, 3, 4, CCapt. 453 Int. Boxing IQ Forum 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 I'.!Ias- quers 3, 45 Student Council 2, 35 Pres. Soph. and Iunior Class5 Iunior Play. MARY CATHERINE CURRAN ST, PAT'R1CK's TRINITY COL. "Auhurn hair mingled with curls, Was meant for lllarys type of a girl." Stylus 3, 4. LOUISE DADDAINIIO "Lou'I ST. AxTHoNx"s ELXIIRA Art USO fair, She takes the hreath of men away IfVho gaze upon her unawaref' ROBERT DENISON "Bob" NO. II SYRACUSE "Tall and lithe as wands of willow, Smiles and friendly words mark this fellowf' Orchestra I, 2, 3, 45 I-Ii-Y 3, 4. GEORGE E. DENNIS "Yorge', No. 2 Engineering 'lf-Ieart ana' hand that move together Feet that move on willing errandsf' Biology Club 15 Torch CBusi- uessb. IVIARY DOW "Dinh" NO. II "Sweet enough to he soothing and tact enough to he enter- tainingf' Student Council 33 Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 45 Masqiiers 2, 3, 45 Intcrclass Basketball IQ Ass't Iklgr. Varsity Basketball 21 Nlgr. Senior Interclass Basket- ball 45 Senior Prom Com. BETTY DOYLE L'IVIontie'l CORNINC FREE ACADEXIY NEW ROCHEIIE 'AA happy disposition is fertile soil for popularityf' Stylus 3, 45 IXIasquers 3, 45 Ir. Ring Conim.5 Student Council 4: CVice-Pres. 455 Torcb5 Sen- ior Play. ELEANOR DROLESKY "Ellie" sr CXSIXIIRYS STRONG NIENI, HOSP. Nursing uShe moves a goddess Ana' she looks a queenf, Clee Club IQ Girl Reserves 1. LOUISE DUI-IL "Louise'l No. 2 CORNELL Business . "I hear, yet say not much, hut thinle the rrzorefy Agora 3, 4. RTARGARET DUNN Mpeg.. rar. PATRXCICS 'lfllthoy the last to school, not the least in our hearts." FRE ER NS tl.. NO. 5 CLARKSON TECH. l ie . Engineering man of character with a heart of goldf' Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CARL EDSON ucarlu NO. 5 E. B. I. Business "He is full of good rrzetmirlgs and wishingsf, REEVE EDVVARDS uTarzan" NO. 4 "Strength is his as you may guess, Honor, truth and righteous- nessf' Radio Club 3, RALPH EMRlS Hpatsyu No. 1 L'He prefers silent prudence to lorluacious follyf? KARL FAI-IRENWALD Mluney' No. II BENTLY SCHOOL OF FINANCE AND ACCT. Business Administration you wish to he good, first believe that you are hadf' Ir. Ring Comm., Ir. Play, Forum, 2, 3, 4. SUSANNA IANE PAIRCHILD issue,- No. II ELMIRA Hospital Supervising "All the worlaps a stage and Sue's E. F. Afs star player." Clee Club I, 2, 3, Library Council 3, 4, Agora 3, 4, Vin- alex 3, 41 Biology Club 3, 45 Press Club 3, 43 Nlasquers 43 Sr. Play. MARGARET FERNAN ..Marg,, sT. Cl2Cl1.lA,S sT. 1osEPH's Hosp. 'ATO be merry best becomes you, for, out of question, you were born in a merry bourf, Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Agora 3, 4g lnt. Volleyball I, 2, 33 lnt. Basketball I,2, 3. MARY FITZGERALD 'LEitzy" ss. P. P. ST. LOUIS U. Laboratory Tech. "lay rises in me like ri sum- rner,5 mornf, Torch QBusinessj. KENNETH FORBES "Kenny,' No. 4 CORNELL "Who will believe my verse in time to come If it were fill'd with your most bigb rlesertsf' lnt. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 42 Int. Baseball 2. HAROLD FOWLER "Hal" No. 8 wEsT POINT "My smile must be sincere or not at all." Biology Club I, 2g Stylus Club 3i 4' MJ' of p 1 LEoN' o 1, AN .. U.. . s GU USIHCSS 6 Z S515 I up l rcs 3, 4' Sta P Club 3 Cfr as 35 4 Qpres 45, Stu clcnt Council 4. I' c' fsu ,9 iw' I ' 7' IAQ, able, l b '54, n, ,3, 4g V1 x ' ' 'f M rj' D , , 4, . g. , C.. . ' - lOl-IN FURMAN "Willie,' HENDY AVE. DUKE Law "Tis nice to be natural wben you are naturally nieef, Hi-Y 3, 42 Football 2, 3, 43 lnt, Basketball 3, 4 QCapt. 453 Athletic Council 42 Student Council 43 Clirm. Senior Prom. MARGARET GAFFEY Mpeg, ST. PATRlCK,S ELMIRA "In many a dark cloud sbefs been the .shining ray, For who bas ever been more jolly, more gayf, Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Agora 2, 32 Masquers 4g Stu- dent Council 43 I-li-Y 45 Ir. Ring Comm. BARBARA GANUNG 'ABobbyl' HENDY AVE. CORNIZLI. Buying "I-Ier merry beart maketb A ebeerful coiintenuncef, ENIILIE GEHRIG HEYHV No. r lp 11. 0. 1' .-. lVlusic "The rule of my lifels to malee husines a pleasure, and pleasure my husinessfy ' Library Couucil 1, 2, 3 flqrcas. 25 MALQOLM GIBSON 'ukiala' NOQ2 ' Aviation 'llc' 'is an indomitable courage I'1f'i5x4Hi'?lU14n'l6'7'!lblU liorlyf' Belxing 1, 2, 3. GEORGE GIESA "Gcorgc'l NO. 1 "That whieh is worth having is worth going after!! Biology Club IQ Int. Softball 2, Football 3, 4. EARL GQODRICH l'Earl" NO. 5 'Affharacter is what a man is in his inrnost thoughts." ANNA GORNEE "Ann" NO, 4 "Only the actions of the just Smell sweet aml blossom in the dust." I-li-Y 4. IOSEPH D. GRAHAM "loc Df' HENDY AME. "He was a scholar and a ripe ana: goozl one, Exceeding, wise, fair spoken and persuading." Biology Club 1, 2, 3, 4, QSCC. 25, Forum 3, 41 Rlasqucrs 3, Ir. Playg Viuclcx 2, 3, 4 QEd. 452 Glas Club 3, Press Club 3, 4 fprcs. 4jg Student Council 4, Torch, Sr. Play. GRANDISON GRIDLEY K'BuCl,' NO. II CORNELI. Hotel Administration "His wit killeth hut his .spirit giveth lifef' I-li-Y 2, 3, 43 Torch Qliusincssj. f ls ' ,X A ERA . CRI CLD! Cr , 5 HAQA f6NS "J sic is M2311 sawgo he thf ech pfhmg 5.4, ffu o,4M1Us1o lllb tglibrary fcguncil 41 I , J. L N! ll s Q, .ll V -sub g' 'll' I 5 WILLIAM BRUCE GROFF "Bill" No. 1 COLUMBIA Business "But most of all, the 'Lifel of the classroomf H Crchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 3, 43 Torch QBus.jg Base- ball 2. ELEANOR GRYSKA "Ellie" ST. cfxsmiiis ST. 1oSEPH'S Nursing "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it." Hi-Y 43 Agora 3, 43 Lib. Cou. 2, 3 Qpres. 3jg Biology Club I, 2, 3, 4 flireas. zj. HENRY GUBLO "Hank" ST. CASlNlIR,S "Hel: a quiet lad, his words are few hut well ehosenfl lnt. basketball I, 3. IAMES HALL alay., ST. cEcu.i.-x's "Varsity football, hard and rough, Showed that lay has the stuff." Football 1, 2, 3, 41 Baseball 2. FRANKLIN HARLAN "Barney" HIENDY AVE, P. G, Engineering "Good nature and good sense must ever joing To err is human, to forgive, divinef' Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4. MARSHALL I-IARTER "Mart" No. io PARKS AIR coLLEoE K'No care, no worry, So why the hurry?" JANE HASKELL 'ilonathann NO. 5 "To thoye who know thee not, no words can paint, And those who know thee, ' know all words are faint." lVlasquers 2, 3, 45 St. Council 4.5 Stylus 2, 3, 4 CV. Pres. 3, 4j. MARY I-IAWKES "Nlan1ie,' No. II ELMIRA "Quiet, lovely and devoid of guile, She hears you welcome with her Jrnilef' Student Council 31 Hi-Y 3, 4: French Club 43 Torch. IOZ-IN lN4. HENDRICH "Iol1n" KI 1ivi.1,AND, O. ANTIOCH Civil Engineering 'llfmc and smart and full of mirth, He plays the game for all its wortlyfy Hi-Y 4. ROSENIARY HENRY 'lR0cleyU ST. ci1gcZ11.1,x 5 E. B. 1. "Tis quality not quantity that counts." Girl Rc-scrxcb 1, 2, Qprcs. 23. 3 R BSR-T J QH LKERAN' - flgobff , I i 1 .' . 8 1 F.-6. rcs apo tzmc com zg, 7? 1 fi 2 J M4 qlloysl f ' , x 14004 WA CWQE- ' ' y ,lngf Sfitlg1lll2,3. . J ETHEL I-IOLINIES "Edu" No. 8 "Skis wisest, it seems, lVho avoids extremesfj BERNARD HOROWITCH "Bcnnyl' NO 2 CORNELL lVIcdicine "For he's fl jolly good fellow," Foruni 2, 3. HAROLD HORWITZ NO. Il CORNELL Law UHis precision is so great, be seems to have been modeled for the business worlolf, Forum 1, 2, 3. ELEANOR HOUSNICK "Elmcrw NO, Il ARNOT-OGDEN 'lQ14ict, reserved, yet efficient." Hi-Y 45 Foreign Relations 1, 2 BEATRICE HOVVELL "Bea" xo. IO ELMIRA Teaching HSlll'l'ICL' is deep as Eternity S'pccz'l9 is shallow as Timef' l.ilv1'11ry Council 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY HUNT "Dot" sr. CECIl.IA,S Teaching "Dancing,s a toiiebstone that trite beauty tries, Nor suffers claims that na- ture,s hafta' zlcniesfj ANN HUNTINGTON NO. II CORNELL Hflmbitious Neat lveigljborlyf' Glee Club 13 Phi Alpha Kap- pa 2, 3, 4 fl-rcas. 4jg Hi-Y 3, 4. FRANCES HURLEY 'llzrann ST. PATRICICS Euuxu "Her modest ariszvci' aim' grace- ful air, Show ber wise aim' good as she is fair." Hi-Y 3, 43 Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Nlasqucrs 41 V.-Pres. Sr. Classg Student Cou. QTr.j 4, Ir. Ring Comm.: Athletic Coun. 41 Library Council Cljres. 25. WESTON IRVINE "VVcsty" NO. 5 P, G. "lVh9 trusts iii all with wlwm be deals Inspires the confidence be feels." TH ERESA M. IANOVVSKI sr. C.XSINllR'S E. is. I. "lfVliat sbe wills to do or say, Seems wisest, discreetest, best." BERNICE IARRE l'l G. xi. D. B, 1. Business "Silence is as great an art as speech." VVILBUR IENNINGS "VVill" Nu, 8 if. cz. 'vfalkiizg comes by nature, sil- wive ln' iL'f5l1l0?7Z.n PAULINE IESSEN "Polly" 0 No. II IOHNS HOPKINS Nledieine "Unis world belongs to the e.'iergetic." Glee Club IQ Agora 3, 41 Press Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 4, Foreign Re- lations 2: Preneh Club 4Q Mas- quers 4. ABRAHAM IOSEPI-ISON 'SAbc" NO. 1 P. G. Architecture "Good, merry and fine-terrr pered, This fellow was liorn to do fine tlvingsf' Biology Club IQ Stylus Club 4. ELEANGR KEATING K'Nolly" ST. PATRICK'S E1.x11R.x Library Work 'KHidderz by a calm exterior, lies the spirit we izdmiref' Library Council 21 Vindcx 4, Agora 3, 4, CSCC.-TFCQIS. 453 Press Club 3, 4, Torch, Hi-Y 4. FLORENCE KEAVIN "Flo" sr. CECII,l.X'S x11cH1o.xN Io111'11z1lisr11 'lHer rmtnre so sunny. ber smile so sweet- Somedizy shell have the world an ber feetf, I-li-Y 3, 41 Phi Alpha Kappa If l: r qucrs res. Com v Soph Foot Sr. P 1 IAMES KELLX H1 inincc do nl that may becom ar ares ' re is none. , 4 A . 4 3 lvlas- ij t al 1 Council 4 ' l - 1 unior ' 1 3 Trcas, las lu . l Z1 Play, 2, 3, 4, lntcrclass Basketball 1, 2. NO. v PRINCETON H l . K e I ,lg I l bo I . ,, 0 1 JI 9 D CP D I 5 l Q 1 1 A sg : Torch, LOIS KENDALI. 'lleoicu No. IO CORTIAND Teaching A'Lois is good without pre- tense Blessed with sweetness and common seiiszull Glcc Club 1, 2, 3. LEE KINNER "LCC" No. 5 diamond in the rough A fellow's pal, lsift tlvizt eno14glJ.3U Forum 2, 3g Iunior Ring Comm. BETTE KNIETSCI-I HRQJ' HLND1' AVE. NEW ENGLAND GUNS. OF MUSIC "l:erninine U!l71llV,' that divine gift that rrmlees iuornen claurrn- ing. Biology Club IQ Glcc Club 1, 2, 4: Nlasqucrs 41 Sr. Play. MARGARET KNISKERN 'lPcg" HEYDY AVE. ELNIIRA Tcncliing 'llvhen it's fim yoifre after, 1t's Peg you need." H1-Y 3, 41 Sriiilcnt Council 4. ELEANORA KOEHLER "EllaH No. 5 Rocn. BUS. INST. "So light and airy are her feet, As a dancer she's hard to heat." DOROTHY KOSLOSKE "Deen ST. cAsmm's E. B. I Business "In days of old when knights were hold And fought to win the misses, It seems to me that Dorothy fklust then have heen a prin- eessfl Girl Reserves IQ Library Coun- cil 2, 3. MARY KUBINSKI "May-i'l ss. P. P. ELMIRA "Shy and retiring, But well worth admiringf, Hi-Y 3, 4g Library Coun- cil ZQ Int. Basketball 1, 2Q lnt. Volleyball 2. FRANCES LEVETAN "Fran" NO. I BUCKNELI. Iournalism HA never failing friend is shef, Girl Reserves 2Q Vinclex 2, 3. BENIAMIN F. LEVY, IR. "Ben" NO. II HARVARD Meclieine "Self-confidence is the first re- quisite to great undertaking." lnt. Track 2Q Ir. Ring Comrn.g Stamp Club 3, 41 Student Council 4. 1 4 Dvlzbf' . HENDFY Avigyf' sir. ,,1.oS'fPH's ix Technician -'Fug oviifyimi full of jwmf 'Dubbyl is losedqhy' every- 0776. J Biology Club IQ I-IifY 3, 4. GEORGE MILLER iilow-, NO. II "Care to our coffin adds a nail, no doubt, xlnd every grin, so merry, draws one outf, I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 41 Varsity Basket- ball 42 Int. Basketball I, ZQ Track 1. LOIS LOWMAN "Loki" No. II SWEET BRIAR Chem. Engineering "Hoping and waiting is not my way of doing things." Girls Reserves I, 2 ffreas. 253 HI-Y3, 4 Cpres. 451 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. IAMES F. LYNCH Iimniy sr. CECILIAIS P. G. "Be alwavs merry as ever you can, For no one delights in a sor- rowful man." Forum 3, 45 Int. Softball 2Q Football 4. RITA MacNAMARA i'Rita" sr. PATRICKIS EI.x1mA "Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens aref, Phi Alplia Kappa 2, 3, 43 Agora 2, 3 fVicc-Pres. 3DQ Ir. Ring Comm., I-Ii-Y 4. CYNTHIA MANLEY uCyntl1ia,' GEO. xl. DIYIEN ELMIRA "The fairest gardens in her looks, Ana' in her mind the wisest hooks." Girls' Glcc Club I, 2, Library Council 2, Agora 4, I-Ii-Y 4 QVicc-Pres. 4j. MARGARET MCTIERNAN 'klVIarg'! sr. PATRICKIS ELMIRA UFull of pep and full of fun, I'Vhereuer she goes she brings the sun." Agora 2, 3. 45 Phi Alpha Kap- pa 2, 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 42 Student Council 4. CATHERINE NIESSINA Uliatcl' W. CARTHAGE E. B. I. Business HA true friend is forever a frienelf' Library Council 4. DAVID B. MILLER .IBN No. II SYRACUSE Law "In all thy humors whether grave or mellow, Thouyrt such a touchy, testy, pleasant fellow." Int. Basketball 1, 2, 31 Track 2, Baseball 2g I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 41 Co- Sporrs Ed. Vindcx 3, 42 Torch QBus. lVIgr.jg Sr. Play, Senior Prom Comm. IESSIE MILLER as A wx Icssic Noi xo BUFFALO GEN. HOSPITAL Nursing "IVhen lessie uses her winning ways, Her patients will ail for very few daysf, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Intcrnat. Re- lations 2. CELESTIA IVIINCI-IELLI 'lPl1il" sr. ANTI-IONYIS "Great hopes make great people," EUGENE INIORRELL 'AGenc'l sr. PATRICKYS FORDHATXI Law "Born for success he seems, IIf'ith grace to win, with heart to hold, Wyith shining gifts that take all eyesf, Int, Baseball IQ Ir. Class Treas.g Forum 3, 4 QPres. 4jg Mas- quers 41 Student Council 4 CSec.jg Torclig Ir. Play, Senior Play fLeaclj. LESTER MOSES .iLCS,, No. 1 U. OE KOCH. Cliiropody "Deeds are hetter things than words are, Actions mightier than hoast- ingsf' IXIARY LOUISE MUCCIGROSSO L'IVIary Loun NO. 2 ELXIIRA "Little and sweet, tlloolest ann' neatfl HERBERT MUNSON "I-Ierbiel' NO. I "The reward of one duty is the power to fulfill another." ELIZABETH MURPHY "Betty" s r. CECILIAJS D,YOUVII.LE 'AQaiet people are often those who make the deepest marks in the worldfl Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Library Council 2, 3, 4. VVILLIAM INIURPI-IY iiMll1'Pl1l, sr. P.xTR1Cx's P. G. "Hes fall of pep, vigor ana' vim. Popeye the sailor has nothing on himf, Int. Basketball 1, 2,9 Int. Base- ball IQ Football 3, 45 Vfrestling 1. MARION NEWMAN "IXIern,' HENDY AVE. ELNIIRA "Beauty lives with kinilnessf, Agora 2, 3Q Stylus Club 3, 4 QVice-Pres. 41g Masqtlers 42 I-Ii-Y 43 Vice-Pres. Ir. Class, Ir. Ring Comm. FRANKLIN C. NORTI-IRUP "Frankl' WEST HAVEN HIGH CORNELL Red Cross Field Work "A man of foreign partsg He is esteemed? I-Ii-Y 4g Torch QBusinessj. MICHAEL NOTARTOMASO "Nlike" NO, II NAV.-xi. TRAINING SCHOOL Aircraft "His rriina' may he likened to a garden, intelligently Cultiva- teelf, Boxing 2, 3, 4. IWARGARET O'BRIEN A'Par" sr. cEcii.i.x's ia. is. i. Business Milly tongue within rny lips I reign, For who talks rnuch rnust talk in oainf, Girl Reserves ig Stuclent Coun- cil 2. IERONIE CTDONNELL "Recl'l NO. 5 "Few minutes are dull when Redys around, And monotonous minutes are never foundf, Football 3g Asslt. Mgi'. Foot- ball 4g Nlgr. Basketball 4. IEAN O'HERRON 'ACracie!' sr. PATRICKJS LUCY XVHEELOCK Teaching "Full of questions and full of glee, Describes our Gracie to a T." Agora 3, 4, Biology Club 3, 4g Library Council 25 Internat. Relations zg Girl Reserves 1 QScc. Ijg Stylus 41 Int. Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 42 lnt. Volleyball 2g Vindex 2, 3, 4g Press Club 3, 4Q Cheer Lader 42 Fr. Club 4. CLARA OPARIL i'Claral' tixklis CORNERS ELNIIRA Hl'Vorf1an's gentle hrainln Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 31 Student Council 21 Press Club 3, 4 flnrcas. 453 Vimlex 4. C. VVILLIANI OSTOSHESKI "OscarH cixliR'S CORNERS CORNELL "Up from the rneaflow fresh with hay, He surely hath a tinning wayf' Boys Clee Club 2, 3. NICHOLAS PACANELLI 'lNick" sr, .-XNTHONY,S U. s. NAVY "lily greatest glory is not in never failing, But in rising every time I fail." Football 4g lnterclass Wrest- ling 4. RUTH PARKER uparkerl' HIENDY AVE. LLMIRA "She is ever fair and never proudg Has tongue at will, is never loudf, Foreign Relations ig Library Council 1, 2Q Hi-Y 3, 4Q Press Club 3, 41 M3SqllCfS 4g Torch QBus.j, Vindcx 3, 4, Student Council 4. IANE PETZKE "lane" HENDY AVE. PRATT INST. "For where is any author in the world, Teaches such heauty as a wornarfs eyef' lvlasquers 3, 4. PHYLLIS PIKE "Phil', HENDY AVE. CORTLAND Teaching "I-Ierejs sweets to the sweet, Whose virtues can not he heatf' Hi-Y 4g Library Council 2g Torch Bus. Staff. MARY PITTS 'ACl1erry" HENIJY AVE. ELNIIRA Library Work 'iHer voice is ever soft, Gentle ana' low- An excellent thing in woman. JACK 1-1. PORTER "Iack', 4 NO. II RENSSAELE-XR POLY. INST. "fl loyal supporter, staunch ana' true, E. F. A. will sure miss you." Stamp Club 31 Radio Club 3, 42 Forum 3, 4. IOSEPH PROE "Toe" No. 8 Engineering 'flgorn to excel and cornrnandf' lnt. Basketball IQ lnt. Softball 22 Stamp Club 3Q Torch. BETTY IANE QUICK "Biclgel' S. H. s. LUCY NVHEELOCK Kindergarten Work "She is pleasant and courte- ous to everyone." I-Ii-Y 4. RALPH QUIMBY "Burl" NO. 1 SYRACUSE Law 'Skilled is he in games and matches, Skilled in sports of strength ana' hazarzlf' Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4g Boxing IQ Int, Basketball 1, ZQ Foote ball I. RICHARD B. RECORD HB!'lLlCl1n HENDY AVE. CORNELL Law 'AA marvelous witty fellow I assure you." I-li-Y 3. 4. DOROTHY RHODE 'LDottiC" NO. I ROGH. INST. Hygiene 'Bright as the sun her eyes the gazers strilee, And, like the sun they shine on all alike." Girl Reserves I, 2 fVice-Pres. zjz Hi-Y 3, 41 Girlls Glec Club I, 2, 3. EDWARD RIESBECK "Eclcly', HIENIIY AVE. E. B. I. Business "He's modest as hels mild." NIARION ROI-IEL "lVlickyU sr. CECILIA,S SAVAGE Physical Training "Day hy day our hearts she has wrought upon, Ana' won her way into the inner most foltlsf, lnt. Basketball I, 2, Library Council 2g Phi Alpha Kappa I, 2, 3. PI-IYLLIS RYAN "Phil,' sr. CEClLIA,S E. B. I. Business "I-Ier charm strikes the sight, her merit wins the soulf, lRVlNG SANDLER "Sunny" NO. I MICHIGAN 'KA lad of excetling industry, He hath ahility in all linesf, Forum 2, 3, 4g lnt. Basketball I, 2, 3g Orchestra IQ lnt. Soft- ball 2. ADELAIDE SAVEY "Addie" NO. IO U. OF ROCH. Home Economics "A woman that deliherates is lostf' Glee Club I, 2, 3, Biology Club I, 2, Masqliers 2, 3, 4 Qsec. 35Q Stylus Club 3, 4, Girl Re- sewes 1, 2. GERALD SCHUSLER 'ABuckU NO. 1 o CORNELL Agriculture 'KI-Ie, hehinrl the straight plough stands, stalwartj firm shafts in firm handsfy GERALDINE SCI-IUSLER ulcrryw No. IO Nursing Hltys the little things we do that heeome big in the heart of othersfj Girl Reserves IQ Int. Basketball I, 2, 4, Glee Club 2, 3. RICHFGRD SCORES "Dick" HOPKINS ST. SYRACUSE Forestry "W'ith his quill in hand and a hit of ink He doth sketch as well as philosophers thinkfy Stylus 41 Torch. MARY LOU SHAVV "Larry'y NO. 4 CORNELL "Confident and calm, She goes her own way." ROBERT SHERMAN 'kSl1ern1" No. II SYRACIQSE Electrical engineering "1 will he corespondent to com- mand and do my spiriting gently." DONALD SHOEMAKER "Don" HENDY AVE. DUKE UNI. Mech. Engineering "I-lis purpose is firm and is Therefore, equal to his deed." Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Iunior Prom Comm.g Vindex IQ Football 4. MILDRED IOYCE SHULMAN "Millie'7 No. 1. MACY,S IR. TR.xlNlNc. Buying UReproof on her lips But a smile in her eyes." Agora 3, 42 Hi-Y 4. ZELDA R. SINGER 'ABubs'! NO. I P. G. :Zelda smiles and all the world is gay." Girls Reserves 1, 2, HAROLD SKOG L'Skogie" No. 5 ANNAPOLIS Aviation HI-Ie hath the power and own'st the gracef, Hi-Y 3, 4: Eootlmll 3, 4. FLORENCE SMITH "Elorencel' NO. I 1 ROCH, DENTAL Dentistry Hfor fair, thereys fairer none Height ho, fair Florenee ,f5,,,tfXa,e.flM GERALD SNYDERh M No. 8 , SI.-XNF RD U. "Happy am l,' c I'm free. ' ' llfby aren't they all content- ed like me?" I-li-Y 3, 41 Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3, NIARY A. SNYDER tisnyn HISNDY AVE. ELMIRA Home Economics 'KTbe only way to have a friend is to be one." Hi-Y 43 Foreign Relations 22 Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 41 lnt. Volleyball 2. GRACE SPALLONE "PattieN NO. 5 ROCHESTER Dentistry "She never speaks ,til spoken IO, She never makes a fuss, fler sweet, calm manner real- ly is A deep reproach to us." Lib. Council I, 2, 31 QTL 35. LCROY E. SPRAGUE 'LSpragieH No. 4 PARKS AIR COLLEGE Aviation "The hill may be steep, But a good engine will make tlve gradef, LOIS IOSEPHINE STAGE ul0-l0" NO. IO E. B. I. Business "She that liears much and speaks not all Shall be welcome both in bower and ballf, I-li-Y 3, 41 Foreign Relations 2 ONALEA STAMP HENDY AVL. ELMIRA Dietetics 'Poise plus Sincerity plus Friendship equals Onaleaf' Hi'-Y 4, Agora 41 Foreign Re-i lations 2. IANET STEVENS "Stevie" No. it ELNIIRA Social Service HTbinkin well is wiseg Planning well, wiser, Doin well, wisest." Etlitorin-Chief Torcl13 Agora 2, 3, 4 QPi'es, 4DQ I-li-Y 3, 42 M8Sql1CfS 41 Student Council 41 Sr. Play Qlxaclj. VVILLIAM STOWELL "Bill" No. 1 1 FORDHAM Teaching Hllfitli ambitious feet, secure and proud, He ascends the ladder, leaning on a cloudf' Forum 3, 4 cw'-PI'CS,4DQ Mas- quers 4: St. Coun. 41 Clee Club 2, 3, 4 QSec. 3j3 Ir. Ring Com.3 Ir. Play Qleadjg Int. Softball Z1 lnt. Baseball IQ Senior Play. ANNE STROZINSKI Hpeanutn s'r. cAs1x11R's E. B. 1. Business "To he efficient in a quiet way, That is my aim throughout the dayf, Girl Reserves IQ Library Coun- cil 2. BETTY SUTEIN R'Sut" mo. II SYRACUSE Pliysicial Education "lfVherever an exceptionally good time may he found 'S1it's' in the center with friends all around." Biol. Club IQ Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS IANE SWARTZ HP. 13' WILLIAMSPORT ELMIRA Law and Finance 'fTis not in mortals to com- mand success, But .vhe'll do more, Shelli deserve itf, I-li-Y 41 Foreign Rel. 2Q Biolo- gy Club 2, 3, 4. JEROME SWEET ulerryw HENDY AVE. COLUMBIA Iournalism "An aristocrat with a tall sille hat, And a gold tipped walking cane. LEVVIS TALLMAN C. NI D. "Custom hath made Lahor in him, A property of easinessf, MARSHALL TERRY "Marti, NO. II K'Possesscd of an unfailing disposition, Good points only are his description. Crchestra 2, 3Q Band 1, 2, 3, 4. J MA TI-IA L. ' T lL IGER " L' rtyn I l f X COLLEGE Y isi plen ' su erior to silly ,sz tua lqg.OAtra 3, 41 Glee Ubfl, 2, 3, 4. DAVID THOMAS 1iDaVen NO. II ALFRED 'KRare compound of oddity, frolic and fun, Who relishes a joke and re- joices in a pun." Radio Club 1, 21 Football 32 Forum 41 Torch Business Staff. MARY ANNA THOMPSON "Me-Mt-" NO. ir ELNIIRA Dress Designing "A thrill passes through all men, llfhen she smiles upon themf' Hi-Y 3, 4 CSec. 45, Torch CBus.5, Klasquers 3, 41 Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4 QV. Pres. 45, Ir. Prom Com., Sr. Prom Com., Int. Basketball 1, 2,. GRANT THORNE "Wliitie" No. IO P. G. U. S. Naval Academy "A man, he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident to- morrows. HARRY S. TTPTON, IR. Iunie NO. II UNI. OF PA. Finance "A proper man as one shall see Full of ambition, and man- nerlyf, Treas, of Sr. Class, lr. Prom Com., Ir. Play, Vindex 2, 3, 4 QAclv. hlgr. 3, Bus. Mgr. 453 Eorurn 2, 3, 4 CTrcas. 45, Biol, 1, 2, 3, Band IQ Glce Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Nlasquers 3, 43 Press Club 3, 4 CSec. 45, St. Cou. 4, Torch. G. ROBERT TIPTON "Bohn NO. II HARVARD Iournalism "Thought in the mind hath made himf' Vindcx 3, 4 Qkfgr. Ed. 45, Band 1, 2, Biol. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 QPres. 35, Glee Club 31 St. Coun. 3, Stamp Club 3 CV- Pres. 35, Nlasquers 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4. LYNDEN TOLES "Lindy" HENDY AVE. E. B. I. Physical Education "Among our athletesf, Wi'estliiiU , 1 Track 21 Eoot- : 3 4 ball 4. CHARLOTTE IRENE TOXVNER "Fluff" LQ. xi. D. SALVATION ARMY Theology and Sociology "Who does the host her cir- cumstance allows Does well, acts nohlypangels coula' no more." Stylus Club 4. ANTHONY C. TRIFOSO i.TOny,, s r. .xxruoxfs CORNELL Engineering ult is sincerity which places a front-n upon our lives." ROSEMARY TROGNITZ "Troggie" No. 5 Nursing "A charming, roguish lass, Indeed, an asset to our class." Glue Club 3, 2, 3, 4. 7AyU"' 37 4 f'M-'-A ,ff ,lug 16- . la Lg 3 ,f "' 9 X . V T' if fri. I .71 rf 'qv , V, iq sa 4 frvA,Lp9a.f " ANN V AZZANA ulackw No. 2 E. B, 1. Postal Service "xl good companion and a firm friendf, CHARLES VOORI-IEES iKCllllCk,, HIENDY AVE. CORNELL IVIetlicine ulfirtifie is certainly the most nohle and secure possesion a man can haue." I-Ii-Y 3, 4Q Forum 3, 42 Torch QBus.j. GEGRGE I-I. WATROUS "Prof" No. IO CORNELL Agriculture Hflll may do what has hy man heen donef' ELIZABETH WEST L'Betty" No, II U. OF x11CH. Lab. Technician "A lovely lady Garmented in light From her own heautyf' Sec'y of Ir. Classg Ir. Ring Com.g I-Ii-Y 4Q Glec Club IQ Biol. IQ Int. Basketball 31 Torch QBus.jg Senior Play. XVESLEY R. WILBUR Mvwlebbl' VO. II ROCHESTER 'iyou may relish him more in the soldier than in the scholarf, Glu: Club 2, 3Q Int. Basketball IQ Int. Baseball 1. r , S I dear' If E LE1 ,. ill,v H VE. N I ALL ' 1.1Nco1.N Nursing unc Dietetics "l have simply tried to do what se, s Jr e h dayi s each y ca in J r 3 Hi- i eign R - l ons 2. FLOYD A. WILLIAMS 'Tloycln NO. 5 B. I 'KDarle hair and dark eyes, And a pleasant smile, fllake us all consider him Quite a friend worthwhilef' LUCRETIA WILLIAMS "Crete" No. 5 ELMIRA Mtlsic "Knowledge she sought, and so soon caught It seems for her knowledge had soughtf, No. "I I ETTA VVILSON A'Etra' 8 Xlusic leave m reatness unex- Y K pressed, leave my greatness to be guessedf' NIERTIE VVINCI-I "lVIcrtU HORSEHEADS ' T ST. "O ful "She holds the silence I Jat is in the starry sleyf' IRENE VVISNESKI CASIMIR,S Nursing that you may be as success- in the game of life as you have been in the game of bas- leet Cir ballf, l Reserves IQ Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3. NO. "VV cha e LESTER VV. WOLF 1 P. G. hat is better to test a man's racter with than sports- specially basketball? Int. Basketball 1, 3g Ir. Var. Bas 4. kctball 31 Var. Basketball 2, INIARY LGUISE WRIGHT HENDY AVE. ELNIIRA Business 'KAs merry as the day is longf' Banjo Club 1, 2, Phi Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4 QSec. 3jg Int. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Int. Vol- leyball 2g Senior Prom Comm. SANFORD L. ZALBURG 'lzall' NO. I Iournalism K'His speech was a fine sample on the whole, Of rhetoric, which the learnld call 'rigmarole ,.,, Int. Basketball 1, 2. MO ERGER I Alger ' " fs' HENDY AVEQ wus A. A "A ha w e :et a cz' e fllorey is zfefforne wbegg, Q, he goesf' N fu' Forum 3, 42 Stamp lu'b 3, 4:- Press Club 3, 42 Vindex 4. D. OLIVER FRANCIS Upcanutn SCHENECTADY LIVINGSTON COLLEGE, N. C. Mczlicine USO jolly and carefree is he, That when there is practical joking You know that it must be hef' THONTAS M. GIBBS MDoc" NO. II CORNELL Conservation "For Torn there are many jqne predictions, For his accomplishments, no restrictions. Intetclass Basketball IQ Biolo- gy Club I, 2. IRVING I-IANIBERGER uII'v" HENDY AVE. "Quiet, unassuming hut ex- ceedingly wisef' Hi-Y 41 Stylus 4. FRANCIS HOGAN uliranu sr. PATRICKIS c1oIIxIeI,I. Hotel Aclmiuistration "Pleasant company shortens the milesf, Basketball 23 Bus. Mgr. Foot- ball 2. ROBERT KAI-ILEY "Bobl' NO. II BUCKNELI. 'II-Ie lives to do the hes! he can He lives to help his fellow man. I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 45 Int. Basketball 3. RW U' J ' 6 JU .r ROBERT NIODERI-IAK "Bob" HENDY AVE. SYRXCUSE "A jolly cheerful fellow IVith a heart of gold and a voice that's mellow." Biology Club 2, 33 Stamp Club 3g I-Ii-Y 3, 41 Vindex 3, 43 Football 3, 4: Cheer Leader 4. VERGIL LOUIS NICKENS "Nick" IIENDY AVE. DELHI :'Goa' gave me hills to climh and strength for clirnhin ! ' 712424 y DAVID SI-IOEMAKER 'ipiukyw HENDY AVE. MICHIGAN Engineering "Ill rather laugh, a hright- hajrea' boy, Than reign a gray-haired kingf' I-II-Y 2, 3, 4, Bookstore 3, 4. LEE VVATKINS Klee" No. 5 E, B. I. Business HHe is not in the roll of com mon men." LINDEN 'WATKINS ML- ., lfl NO. 5 SYRACUSIZ FORESTRY SCHOOL "Me1'rily, merrily, shall I live me" 1 Under the hlossorn that hangs from the tree." Hi-Y 2, 3, 42 Track 2. EDWARD IWORRIS 'klfddiel' HENDY AVE. "Boldly ventured is half won." Intcrclass Boxing 2, 3g Inter- class Wrestling 3. ',1un". ,A - .. b v f s I Z I ' N -5,4 -. .1178 I-IOMER WILSON "ButCh', Ss, 11. P. U. S. COAST GUARD ACADEMY Aviation "A wit's 61 feathers, and a chief A rodg An honest man's the nohlest work of God." Intcrclass Basketball 2, 3, 4g In- terclass Baseball IQ Track 2Q I-li-Y 3, 45 lWasquers 3, 41 Iun- ior Prom Com.g Iunior Play. um V .xy A , f-35 - iii ., ,I , Q FL ,wb ,Ag w A.. qs, A311 If if ' S '-E jf Ami OTHER CLASSES DANIEL COI.ENIAN President IESSIE MOULD Secretary ELEANOR CHAPEL Vice-President IUNIOR CLASS Eriioiw STODDARD Treasurer For the second consecutive year, the class or 1936 has been organized and prom inent: in school activities, both social and otherwise, ln their Sophomore year, the juniors chose as their leaders, lack l-lirst, president, Katherine Kinsman, vice-presi- clentg Phyllis Cole, secretary, William Love, treasurer. This year they chose Daniel Coleman, Eleanor Chapel, Iessie Motild and Emory Stoddard to direct their footsteps. Une of the first things to which the luniors turned their attentions was the selection of their class jewelry, a matter capably managed hy the committee selected. The Iunior Class lnterclass Basketball Team carried off the honors in this field by triumphing over all contenders for championship. Now the Iuniors are eagerly looking forward to Junior Day when they will be the leaders of the school, and the Iunior Prom, this year to be held with the Seniors. 46 I. -MJ 4 .. . U 4 1 If iff, ,ii ff QW ii f lfluiffu J ' If W ,S Sf JUNIOR CLASS --WJ! IUNIOR RING AND PIN COMNIITTEE X, Willirlimm MaCNan1ara, Chairman Barbara Bush Stuart Epstein Ruth Crooks Thomas I-lolleran Doris Dunn Williaill Love Lucy Rathbun Clarence VVl1iting IUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Iosepb Mae Namara XX Herbert Epstein Chairmen Mary Clark Priscilla Swan k Bernadette Kane Vlfilliain Kennedy . Katherine Kinsman Robert McDowell ' A Iessie blould Henry Weinstein -Q Dx A 'S x ' f' -ku Y ' f .sr Q 47 SOPHOMORE ROBERT IEROME lvl.-XRY Cll..-ARK President Vice-President lVlARGARET HARDY ROBERT THOMAS Secretary, Treasurer f During the Past year the Sophomore Class, having been organized in the fall of 1934, the third Sophomore class to organize in as many years, has taken its place in school activities. Following the leadership of their chosen oflficers, the members of the class of 1937 successfully celebrated Sophomore Day on Marcli twentieth. On this day they Presented an assembly and an amateur contest for the entertainment of the rest of the student body. As a means of further proving its ability, the class was also represented by a booth in the Student Council Annual Spring Carnival. 48 SOPHOMORE CLASS 49 FRESHMAN SUZANNE NOBI-E PHn.i.1P FLANAGAN Vice-President President ROBERT CHELY Treasurer Secretary tiiat it r , ', 1 1 . " zf' 1': :" IANE PAXSON For the first time in many vears the Freshman Class has been organized under V - J 'X , . the direction of the Student Council. Those to whom the youngest students ol the Elmira Free Academy have intrusted themselves for their first year of high school life are: Phillip Flanagan, Presidentg Suzanne Noble, vice-presidentg lane axson, secre ar g o er ie , reasurer. P t y R b t Cl ly t Although the class of 1938 has not been the most active of school organizations during the past year, it has accomplished things which Point to its success in the next three years. Freshman Day, a new institution in the Academy, will in all probability be celebrated by the members of the class by an assembly and other special features. 50 lg 'x. i ,, 2 U 4 .f , ' K -7'Yv'vLLB,,f X- 'X-M-rv1Li FRESHMAN CLASS .3 1f,M.M, 4f I 'H' 51 ff' f if .1 .-f",fAE'lsV Q Y . Y rvx, x. Im . Fame SCOPES-j ACTIVITIES ..f- 3 Lyq,,4X,1 ' Q-...ur ,W 4. LW le " iffa f . ff l I 'N l-l ill...- -. - - lli.L .i ..li.i. -T lkirst row: lane Haskell. Janet Stevens. Xlts. Stewart, Betty Doyle, Iames Kellv, Frances Hurley. Ruth Parker, Iune Cary, 4 Second row: Leonard Preidnlan, XYarrt-n Stevens. Xlargaret Galley, Phyllis Cole, Klargaret NIcTu-rnan. Nlaria Ranclul, It-an Barber. loseph Graham. Harry Tipton. Third row: Stuart Epstein, Raymond Tucker. Daniel Coleman, Iohn Furman, George Brooks, Wrllllam Stoxvell, Bcnjanun Levy. M STUDENT COUNCIL Prerzziwzz .r,rvvrr..r, .,....... I Axuis KELLY Vice-President .vrr. ...,...wr.... I 5t3'1'TY DOYLE Secrcrmy ......... ...... E UGENLQ MORRELI. Treasurer ............., ......... F mucus I-IURLEY Faculty Adviser .... .... N TRS. M.xRY STEXVART As the leading organization of the Elmira Free Academv, the Student Council has had an active and successful vear. During the football season a student cheering section was organized by the council. The sweaters, Presented by the Student Council, gave the cheerleaders a neat, uniform appearance. Cars, text books, and even jackets were adorned by the Councills football stickers. Under the guidance of this group, the Freshman Class was organized for the Hrst time in many years, Although the Student Council has to its credit several brilliant assemblies given throughout the year, the Presentation of a moving-picture program at school, the establishment of an inter-school council, and the sponsoring of a most successful spring carnival, its outstanding achievement has been the founding of the HBettet Clubs Contestll. This is a Plan adopted to stimulate the competitive spirit among the clubs and to spur them on to greater accomplishments. 55 ' ' ' v First row: Eleanor Keating, Harry Tipton, Ianet Stevens, Ioseph Proe, Nlarv Hawkes. Second row: Betty Doyle, Ioseph Graham, Richford Scopes, Ianies Kellv, It-an Barher. TORCH LITERARY STAFF Editor-in-Chief .,,,.,,, ,,...........,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,e..,.,.r.r. I ANET S'r13vuNs Art Adviser ....... ,,...,.,..,. M Rs. HELEN WINSOR Faculty Adviser .... .,.. M R. ANTHONY SCI-IVVIENKIJER The Torch Literary Staff of 1935 has worked with excellent cooperation towards producing a year hook of distinctionfone that would he worthv of the class it represents. Several new features in designing and material have heen added to the pattern laid out in previous years. For their kindlv advice and supervision in this project, the Staff extends its most sincere appreciation to lNTrs. l-lelen Vvfinsor, art adviser. and Nlr. Anthony Schwenkler, facultv and financial adviser. The Business Staff and its three capahle managers deserve much praise for the wav in which they have financed the issue despite almost unprecedented advertising difliculties. Credit for this vearls novel drawings goes to lean Barher and Richford Scopes, staff artists. 1 Thanks are due VValter Chapel, Clara Oparil and Nlarv Lou VVright, nienihers of the senior class, and Phvllis Cole, Florence llalizav, Vivian Bruce, juniors. who have helped with the literary work. Vlle also wish to express our appreciation ic anv others whose names we have unintentionally oniitted. Finallv, recognition is rendered each nieniher of the staff for his earnest efforts in behalf of the annual. ,.. IWLT S'1'i2x'ENs 56 First row: Elizabeth Wfest, Katherine Cllfl-llL'y', Iohn Brand, David hliller, Phyllis Pike, Frances Hurley. Seconnl row: Ruth Parker, Grantlison Gricllev. Iohn Henclrich, George Dennis, Xlarv Anna Thompson, Third row: Vinton Stevens, Vlfilliam Croft, David Thomas, Franklin Northrup, Leonarcl Friedman. TORCH BUSINESS STAFF KATHERINE CLTPFNEX' Hzfxincfs i7l41177A'gC7'5 .,,. ,,,.v ,,,.Y D . -XYID MlI.I.lIR IOHN BRAND Faculty Adviser .,,..,......,.,. .,...t. IX IR. ANTHONY SCHWENKLER il-he financial success of the Torch has been accomplished through the never- ending perseverance of the staff. Under the capable direction of the business mana- gers, and their faculty adviser, Nlr. Schwenltler, the success of the vear-book has been made complete. In the teeth of the gale of the depression, these 'students have conquered all oclcls. The Senior Nlusicale, helcl under the chairmanship of Iune Cary, was exceedingly benehcial to the success of this book in that it gave the Seniors an opportunity to Pav for their engravings. Praise is clue each member of this staff for his excellent cooperation with the managers and the literary staff and additional thanks are heartily given Vinton Stevens, Vivian Bruce, Barbara Hausner, members of the Iunior Class who helped the staff. The cooperation of the town merchants is also gratefully aclinowledgecl by the Senior Class. '- S ..... l cccc --fix: 7 :.: f K.Xl'H12RlNl5 CVFFNEY Ions BRAND Davin Miiiigu 57 First rowz Ruth Parker, Robert Tipton. Ioseph Graliani. Xlrs. Dueul. Harrx' Tipton. Herbert Epstein, Doris Long. Second row: Clara Oparil, Iean Barber, Alice Dennis, Ruth Stewart, Nlarv Louise VVrig,lit, Betts' Burke. Eleanor Keating, lean Cl-lerron, Third rowz Stuart Epstein, Leonard Friedman, Robert feronie, Daniel Ziff. George Brooks, Robert Fischman, Vinton Stevens. VINDEX Ediloi'-in-Chief ..... ,,,,,,, I OSEPH D, GR,-XIIAXXI V Nfdflaging Editor ,.,. ...,,ee.,.w G . ROBER r V1-IPTON Sports Editors ,,,,,,,,., .,,, 9: ETXYID NIll'l'ERw v Y ,mimiiiw Raiiiisiix Persona! News Editor ..... ....,. .r...,ee,,,,w R l 7'i'ii ly.-XRKIFR flssncmte Editor .v...... .....,...,.,...r. S rifAR'1' Eifsriziw Faculty Adviser .v.. NlRS. IEfxNNi3T'1'e Dielriii. Business Zlfiffznfzger ..Ar.4rw ,YY.. H ARRY Tufrox Exchange Editor ,.....,.w.t .r.........,w D oius Lowo Circulation zllmfzger ..tr,ere e.v.e ........ H E RBERT EPSTHN The literary success of the Vindex this year has been outstanding. The three staff members who attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest in New York City brought back the news that our paper won third place in its class From a business and financial view also, the Vindex has been a success Tle Business Staff should be congratulated for its strenuous efforts in the adxertisinv and circulation campaigns. The close cooperation between these two stiffs lm made possible the continuance of the high standards always represented bs the Vindex. The Press Club, which is closelv associated with the Vindex, Promotes thc studv of good literarv abilitv and better methods of soliciting advertisements This organization is made up of members of the Vindex staff and those who are trxing UUE fOY CllC Still-f. 5 S i - - -T i First row: Elizabeth lVlr11'pl1y, Ruth Goodwin, Beatrice Howell, Lucille Rittenhouse, Esther Talerico, Elsie Vxfheat. hlary Brvclges. Second row: Vera Griswold. Louise Kjelg,aarrl. Nlarx' Frances fXTurphx'. Cj.1El1C'I'llIC Xlesslna. Katherine Butler. Klatre Rutzke. Alice Flanders. Xllss lildredge. Lillian Trump. LIBRARY COUNCIL Prcsizfent ,Y,,,.llll . Y,.... BE.-XTRICIZ HOWELL Vice-President .,.Y .,.,.,.,. L Lfcrrug Rnernxnousu 1,il1wzf-ifzn ...... ,,,l ll.., . . . ,,VY lvllss ELIZABETH ELDREDGE The Library Council. under the able supervision of Nliss Eldredge, the lsbrarian, has been verv helpful to both the students and the teachers. The duties of the members of thisuorganization are to charge and discharge books borrowed from the library, Put the books in their Proper Places when they have been misarranged, help get out new books and to send overdue notices. The girls also help the students find desired material and make themslves generally useful in the library. Through this work the members of the council learn how to choose books and become familiar with the fundamentals of library procedure. By helping reinforce .and repair books and magazines in the library, these students learn how to care for books. Each member of the Council spends one Period in the das' and the cooperation wrth Nliss Eldredge makes the hbrarian's work considerably lighter. 59 First row: Helen Yeomans, Eileen I-lanrahan, Dolores Costello, Iean Barber, Katherine Cuffney, Ianet Stevens, Eleanor Keating, Nliss Deneen, Nlary Olney, Doris Sherman, Kathryn Qlney. Second row: lean O'Herron, Nlary Cuffney, Lenore Iarvis, Alice Kistler, Patricia Peneau. Eleanor Gryslca, Vada Niles, Virginia Nladden, Nlildred Shulman, Ruth Crooks, Charlotte Dalglish, Eleanor Lindell, Cynthia lVIanley, Ellen Wilcox. Third row: Louise Duhl, Charlotte Kohberger, Lillian Cato, lean Roemelt, Susanna Fairchild, Onalea Stamp, Ianis Dewey, Pauline lessen, lX4argaret Fernau, Ruth Stewart, Pauline Niles, Betty Burke, lillian Carrigan. AGORA President ,,,........, ,.,,,,,.. l.-XNET STEVENS Vice-Presirlenf ......tt. .. Kfxriiiaaixe CLJFFNEY S'ec2'etr:ry-Truimref c,,, ..,,,,,,....r F 1,i5ANoR KEATING Faculty Au'wser ..,, ..... .... Iv I iss EI.IZABE'I'H DENEEN During the past school year the members of Agora have experienced u un usually active and interesting Program ol activities. Shortly after the commen t ment of the new school term, fifteen recruits were added to Agorals ranks and soon atter this the annual Forum-Agora dance was held in the gymnasium with 1 reco tl attendance of both clubs. Nlanv interestinff nieetin s, featurinff s ealters, informal debates and discussions 1 O . 5 . , Q P . . all helved Avora to vain the distinction of winnin the Cu for the Student l 7 'Q rp , ' g P Council s Better Club Contest and holding tlus honor lor the first two months ol the competition. Besides the regular weelclv meetings, and the night meetinv held once a month at the Steele Nlemorial Library, the members enjoyed severll Picni suppers, a theater Party, a swimming party and are now looking forward to tht annual picnic. The rivalrv between Agora and Forum was again tested when thc two organizations debated on a question of Public interest. On Pebruarv thirteenth, which was set aside as Agora Dav, the societx spoi sored an assemblv that was enthusiastically received bv other students, and Avon members were distinguished bv the wearing of the club colors. 60 J 1 X f 1 l J ii - ,l.-l...l-.- First row: Iohn I-leher, Karl hahrenwalcl, Vinton Stevens, Xkrillilllll Stowell, Ianies Kelly, Eugene Nforrell, Harry Tipton, Xxylllllllil h'l1lCNLlIll1lI'LI, Ioseph klilCNLlIllA1I'1l, Ioseph Graham, Stewart Epstein. Second row: Robert Ierome, Edward Donahue, Nlorev Berger, Emory Storlclard, Daniel Coleman, Herbert Epstein, Robert Fischnuin. George Hetrick, Iohn Stowell, Ianies Lynch, Leonarrl Friednian. Third row: Robert Thomas, XValter Zimdahl, Paul Burl-ce, David Thonias, Iames Cunningham, Irving Sandler, XVillian1 Love, Henry XVeinstein, Wvalter Klills. Daniel Ziff, Thomas Holleran. FORUM President ..,.,...1.. Eiioiiisiii N'IoRRELL Vice-President ,,,,, .,111., W iiiifxm STOXVELL Secretary ,,,,,,,,. ,,,,i1,,,1 I Axiias KELLY Treasurer ,,,,,,,,..,,., .,111..,,i.,., H ARRY TIPTON Faculty Adviser ,.... ..... , . ,,,,,. NTR, IOHN E. COLGAN The success of the unclerstalaings of Foruni during tl1e past year l1as been astounding. Primarily a debating club, Forum has kept its Purpose ever in view. Foruni meetings, the schoolls niotlels of Parlianientarv Procedure, have been both enter- training and educational. Various speakers, ll mock trial, and numerous debates and cliscussions constituted the weekly assemblies. Gooil will ancl frienclsliip between Forum and its conteniporarv, Agora, has been proniotecl bv several joint activities. Early in December the two organiza- tions enjoverl a clance ii1 the gvninasiuni while this terni a debate was held on the following: Resolved: That chain stores are cletriinental to tl1e best interests of the Ainerican People. A debate over tl1e local raclio station was also sponsored bs' Forum. Plans are now being niarle for tl1e annual Iune dance which points towarils being as outstanding successful as tl1e other activities of this organization. 61 P1rst row: Eleanor Clmpel, 191'1111ees Hurley, Bette K111etsC11, IIYAIIICCS Day, Adelaide Suvey, XxVy11l1211'11 Love, Lucy Ra1t11111111, Herbert Epstein, 1V1LIl'f' Dow, 11111e Haskell. 1ess1e Nfoulcl, Doris Long. Second row: 11111et Stevens, 101111 1XfIL'Ci1'l1l1l, 1LlIlC Cary, Cillllflflffk' D111g11s11, Klary A111111 T11o111Pso11, B2l1'1J1ll'Al Bush, 1ez1nne Carey, N1:1r1on NQ'XVIllilIl, 17:1111111e 1l'SSL'Il, S11s:11111:1 1:a1re1111c1, Rut11 Crooks, 11111111 Sc11o111o, Bettv Dovle. Tl11rc1 row: Kathleen Brett, 1VI1lI'gl11'CI Guffev, Harry Tipton, George Hetriek. Robert Tipton, Emory 5fOL1C11ll'l1, Robert N1z1c1c1e11, 1z1:11es Kelly, Henry XxYC1IlSIL'1Il, XxNY111131fH Stowell, I if "I ' Vi1'11111 Bruce, T-110111118 1"1011K'I'JI1, VV1111:1n1 Nf11eNa1111u1'u, Ruth Parker. jf! A L A 1 I ' , N' ' 1,13 1. 41 , , ., I 1 , X f 1 'v" s YJ HV' ff wH,1f'1,4'f Ip' J" 'j ,'- Je 1 V 1 ff'1 1 I 'VJ f MASQUERS 7 -fx - ' Prexident ,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,. .... VV ' 11.11111 LOVE , Vice-Pre.virz7ent ..... LIYC1' R.-XTHBUN al Secrctmy ..,.,.,., .1 .,.,11,,. TXIAR1' Dow Treasm-er 1,...,,.,,,.,. .,,,,,,1., I-I ERBERT EPSTEIN Ffzcmfty flffuisea' ,,,,. ,..1 Tx IR. 10HN E. COLGAN This venr 1111s Proven to be o11e of t11e f111est rears N111sq11er's Dr11n1at1c Soeietx' 11115 ever ex11erie11eec1. Durinwf tl1e venr ITILIIIV 111115, so111e of W1l1Cll were written 131' n1en1bers, were enacted nt tl1e 1l1CCElI1gS. F1 l1e 11111111111 Cl1r1stn1g1s 1111111 entltled Do 1N1e11 Gossxp was Presentec1 111 a1sse111b1y twice to 111eet with t11e 11011111111 t1en1a11c1. Several other Plays, spo11sorec1 bv t111s society, have n1et w1t11 t11e great :111Prova1 of t11e student bodv. AlCllOllLTll in mst veurs N135 uers 11118 been ll verv successful or :1111zat1o11, t11e a- H 1 . C1 A . n1e111bers ure ll1C11IICt1 to look back 011 t111s Present year as t11e IHOSI aetlve. 62 lf! f ff .il .. .- -1- . i l'i1'st row: Bette Knietsch, Eugene Nlorrell, Ianet Stevens, Vkvilliam Stowell, Betty Doxlt Second row: Susanna Fairchild, David Nliller. Iam:-s Kelly. Ioseph Graham. lflizabtth XX t t SENIOR PLAY NNGTHING BUT THE TRUTH" Bv Ifxxnas lXfIoNTooxiERY CDireetezl by flifr. lolfn ff. Cofgzznj CAST Robert Bennett ,,,,.. Eugene Nlorrell ff. WI. Ralston ,... ,,,,, N Villiam Stowell Dick Donnelly ..T,,,,,.,,. www, D avid Nhller Clarence Van Dmen ,,,, ,,Y,,,, I ames Kellv Bishop Doran T,YYY,,...,. Ioseph Graham Gwen Ralston ........ .,T.,,,., I anet Stevens M1's. E. Aff. Ralston ...., ...,.. S usanna Fairchild Ethel Clark ...,.......... ..,,,. I iette Knietsch Mable Dickson ...... .T..... B etty Doyle Sable ltzcksorz TT.. ...T, E lizabeth West Illfzrtbfz ..,t,,,,... ,,.t,, ,,,,. ..... . . . ........... N larv Kubinski To say that uNothing But The Truth" is a delightful rollicking comedy is nothing but the truth, Rehearsals began in early hflarch and under the very able direction of Nh: Colgan the acts formulated until in lvlav, it was played before a large audience. No more need be said other than it was an overwhelming success. i'Nothing But The Truthn consists of three acts. The Plot centers about bob Bennett who, for his fiancee, Gwen Ralston, makes a wager with Mr. Ralston, Dick Donnellv, and Clarence Van Deusen that for twenty-four hours he can tell nothing but the truth. For two long acts Bob dodges, stammers, but tells the truth. He has a hard time of it but the other three also suffer through this inability to tell even white lies. The swindling of the Bishop and his reaction, Nlable, Sable, and Nlrs. Ralstonls little talk, the insulting of Ethel and many others Provided the laughs which contributed to its success. 63 R" L First row: hlary Hawkes, lessie Nlould, Ruth Parker, Dorothv Rhode, Nlary Kubinslci, Phyllis Pike, Katherine Culfney, Ianet Stevens, Nlargaret Caffev, Rita lX4acNamara, Doris Sherman. Second row: Ann Huntington, Frances l-lurlev. Florence Keavin, Nlargaret Kniskern, Nlary Anna Thompson, Lois Lowman, Iune Cary, Cynthia Nlanlev, lvlildred Shulnian, Lucy Rathhun, Helen Yeomans, Betty lane Quick. Third row: Betty Barnes, Eleanor Keating, Edith Schonio, Betty Burke, Nlarv Olney, Patricia Peneau, Ruth Crooks, Ruth Stewart, Nlargaret lVIcTiernan, hlaw Snvder, lane Haase. Emma Hawkes, Nlarion Newman, Onalea Stamp. It-an Barber, Elizabeth XVest, Clara Oparil. Fourth row: Kathleen Brett, Lois Stage, Ellen VVilcox. Nfarv lane Biclcford, Barbara Bush, Nlarv Louise Limoncelli, Lillian Cato, Nlartha Terwilliger, Anna Cornee, Charlotte Kohberger, Pauline lessen, Sarah Bisbee, Phyllis Swartz, Eleanor Housnick. GIRLS' HI-Y Pmvident ,,,,,,,,.. .,,,i,,,, L ois LOWMAN Vice-President ..........., CYN'I'lll.A lX'lANI,EY Secretary .,,,.,.. lvl,-XRY ANN.A PLHOMPSON Trefzmrer ....,...,,.,. ...........,...,,,,r,,,, I UNI? CARY Faculty Adviser ..,, ..... M iss Viom HEINEN Although organized only a few years ago, the Cirlls I-Ii-Y has rapidly become a promoter of school interests, high scholastic standings and friendly rela- tions. This year, through the cooperation of its members and the help of its able adviser, Nliss Heinen, the club has been able to carry on numerous projects, one ol which was the making of shakers during the football season. Besides holding a tea for some of the facultv advisers and the Cwirl Reserves, during the winter, the girls have. within the passing semester, conducted a Victor lifecord campaign in an endeavor to secure a radio for the school. 64 First row: VValleen Peterson, Edward Cook, Robert lX"lcDowell, Ralph Antell, Vxfalter Chapel, Iohn Brand, Howard Adams, Harry Tipton, Vinton Stevens. Second row: Crandison Cridlev, Arthur Burt, Ci0l'ClL'll Cornwell, Harold Skog. Ravmond Tucker, Arden Peterson, Iarnes Kelly, Donald Slloernalier, Russell Wlhekeler, XValter hliller, Richard lX'lcGrath. Third row: Daniel Coleman, Robert Kahley, john Hendrich, Franklin Northrup, Iohn Furman, David hliller, Vivian Bruce, George Kliller, Lyman Cricllev, Charles Voorhees. ' BOYS' HI-Y President .,.,,,,,,, ,... VK 'VALTILR CHAPEL Vice-President .... ,,,,,,,,,.,,, H OVVARD ADAMS Secretary ........ .,.. F REDERICK LE VALLEY Trezzsurer ,,,.,,,,,,..,.. ,.,.................. I OHN BRAND Faculty Adviser ,..,.. ...,. .... M R . EMORY DONEI,SON ln the fall after a number of new members had been initiated, Bois Hi-Y adopted a scheme to stimulate interest in the weekly meetings. The members were divided into two teams which competed with each other in attendance, swimming meets and football games. Various other entertainments and activities, including a dance held in the fall, have made the Hi-Y a leading organization in the school. lvlany Prominent Elmirans who spoke at the meetings made these not only enjoyable but also educa- tional. This Pleasant schedule of activity was marred by only one event, the death of lay Horton, one of the younger members of the club. 65 f I 4.1! JI. l lil! ..f'f2'ri,UU ELMIRA HIGH SCHGQLS BAND Conductor .....,..AA,,,,v.,, Drum fllajors CLARINET Qilver Libby Robtrt Thomas Cecil Thomas Harold Farmer Vivilliam Love Iohn I-Ienrv Hamilton Egbert Avers Edward Cooke Austin Kieth George Hetrick lack Harrington GBOE Lincoln VVhittaker BASSOON Donald Perry SAXOPHONE Robert Swift Fred Loomis lack Livens George Starkey WII.I.I.KNI E. BIERY j Doius F. LONG I BKTTY NEWELL PICCOLO TRCNIBONE Richard Howland FRENCH HORN Robert Fish I-Im-old Iklathewt Iohn Starts Ned Hoffman CORNET Edward Timbrell Harry Baldwin Charles IVIcDonald Iohn YVronlcoski Edward Steele Samuel Smith George NIitchell VVillard NIcDowell Edgar Denton Gordon Nfosher Ralph Dutenhoefer Gordon Iensen Robert INIiller Iohn Divenv Glen Thomas Richard Leisenring BARITONE Robert Culver Gordon Copeland Wlalter lNIills TUBA Drummond VVvlie Augustus Brace lames Peck PERCUSSION Gerald Field Burton Osborne Franklin Harlan Iames Ferris Richard Fritchlev The Elmira High School Band, composed of students from both the Academy and the Southside High School, is completing the most successful vear since its inception seven years ago. Under the able direction of Ivlr. VVilliam Bierv, the band has given many performances, all of which have been exceptionally creditable to the members and the director. In addition to all the football games and several other school functions, music was provided for all prominent civic affairs, including the Waiter Street opening and Governor l.ehman's Elmira visit. "A splendid organizationf, said the Governor, commending Drum IVIajor Doris Long. Enthusiastic applause greeted the band at the New York State Reformatorv during a winter concert and special praise was received for the splendid performance at the Southside High School. During the Past Weeks the band has been Practicing for the Spring Concert which promises to be as commendable as the other enterprises have been. 66 ..... .. T- 4047410 ELMIRA HIGH SCHOOLS ORCHESTRA Director ..... FIRST VIOLINS Robert IXIcDowell Floyd Adams Paul Bates XVilliam Croff IXIarjorie Newell Bertram Rundell Norman Schoonover Donald Wooclard SECOND VIOLINS Robert Denison Florence Halliday Tecla Kingsley Iwlarzetta Latham Shirley Roberts IVIartha Terwilliger Clayton VVahl MR. GEORGE ABBOTT Y Q ii , 4 .. if VIOLA TRUMPET 'Z?7e"e'i'f"f Ralph Dutenhoefer Cordon lN4osher 7 T 'f Edward Timbrel , fi CELLO Eleanor Snvder BASS Laddie Brace Vvilliam Tanner OBOE Lincoln Wliittaker CLARINET Robert Thomas FLUTE AND PICCOLO Henry Collin BASSOON Donald Perry TROIWBQNE Gordon Itnsen FRENCH HORN Robert Eish Harold Mattliews PIANO Howard Adams Nfartha Elliot DRUMS AND TINIPANY Donald Iayne Ralph Petterson LIBRARIAN Harold hlatthews The High School orchestra, composed of about fortv students from both high schools, has completed a verv successful Vear. The members, who receive re- gents credit for their work, played at assemblies during the vear. In addition to this, performances were given at the Teacher's Convention, the Rotarv Club, and the ew or' tate e ormatorv. ie orc iestra, wiici re iearses wee V at . 0. 2 N Y L S Rf Tl l l l l kl N School, has a Ene reputation, widened not only by its excellent playing, but also by the great variety of instruments represented in it. 67 First row: Doris Long, Iune Schivane, Phyllis Cole, Nliss Christian, Eleanor Snyder, Ruth Stewart, Kathryn Olney, Nlary Claire Kennedy. Second row: Bertha Bystrom, lean NlcCann, Ruth NIcGrain, Lois Lovvman, Iune Hill, Dorothy Smith, Nlarguerite Gleason, Linda Campbell, Betty Barnes, Vera Griswold. Third row: Iva Bretz, Dorothy Byam, Qrrill Hummer, Nlartha Terwilliger. Elizabeth Kle- Grain, Lillian Campbell, Adria Drake, Emily Campbell, Rosemary Trognitz. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB President rrwv.rrv............i.ii rr,......,........ rrr,.w.,,ri.. l 3 HYi,i,is COLE Vice-President ....... ii,.. E LEANOR SNYDER 5'ecre.mry-Treaswer ,,,, .,.,.w,,,,,.. R HTH STEXVART Faculty Adviser i,,.. ...Vi ly liss IEAN CHRISTIAN The Cwirlls Cilee Club, which has met bi-weekly during the seventh Period under the direction of Miss lean Christian, has again enjoyed a favorable year. Ar the Christmas assembly, in unison with the Boyls C-lee Club, they presented a delightful tableau representing the Ulxlativityw. A lovely Christmas Party was also enjoyed by the members of the club. Later on in the school year, a sextet of girls from the club assisted the mem- bers of the Girlas l-li-Y in Presenting a radio program, Un Nlarch 31, the Cilee Club was again heard at the Park Church Eorumg and the members are now Practicing for their appearance in the annual spring concert, which will mark their last recital for the year. 68 ..1- l.l.. -1 lil- -1 l. - ---. lirst row: lane Tipton, Eleanor VVoodford, Gertrude lulenshaw, Ruth Stewart, Nlaria Ranchil, Nliss Kotrba, VVilliam Love, Nluriel Updyke, Betty Dartt, Dorothy I-linkleman, Leona Vlfilcox, Nlary Brydges. . Second row: Barbara lVIcNeil, Alene Baldwin, Sibyl Leach, hlarion Sutfin, Betty Hoffman, Ruth lVfcCvrain, lX'Iarv Nlitchell, Charlotte Kohberger, Adria Drake, Dorthea Nlurphy, Elizabeth Graham. Louise Kjelgaard, Ioan NICNQ-il, Barbara Hample. Third row: Vinton Stevens, Robert Evans. Ioseph Graham, Donald Perry. George Brooks, Robert Tipton, Thomas O'l-lara, Bodine Si-crest. Richard Ol-lata. Wvilliam Vaughn. BIOLOGY CLUB President ............ ..... Iv IARIA RANCHIL Vice-President .,....,.... ,,..,, X XIILLIAKI LOVE Secretary-Treasurer i..,. ..,.,.,,,,,, R UTH STEXVART Faculty Adviser i...., ...... lx fhss SYLVIA KOTRBA The Biology Club, now in its sixth year, requires little introduction. The study of natural science has well proved its instructive value, while social activities l'-,ave enhanced its appeal to the students. New members admitted in October and February, as well as older ones, have heard many interesting lectures during the course of their membership. Miss Lydia Vxfalsh of the Elmira College Faculty spoke before the members, early in the year. on her trip to South America. An assembly at which Dr. Kellogg of Cornell University lectured on birds was sponsored by the club during the Hrst term. For a fitting conclusion to this part of activity, the Biology Club stages annually a Spring Nature Contest. Climaxing this year,s social and educational undertakings, a din- ner dance will be held in lune, its special feature being the installation of new officers. 69 First row: Frances Hurley, Eleanor Chapel, hlary Dow, hlary Anna Thompson, Kathleen Brett, Lois Conevery, Ann Huntington, Nlary Olney, Iessie Moulcl, Frances Day. Second row: Iune Cary, Patricia O'Neil, Alice Gere, Ruth Stewart, Iaue Lauster, Anne Conevery, Betty Burke, Ruth Crooks. Patricia Peneau. hlary Louise Vllright, Rita lXlacNamara, Greta hlack. -lhird row: lVlargaret Gaffey, Florence Keavin, Nlary Digby, Betty Suthn, Margaret Fernan, Sarah Bisbee, Lillian Cato, hlargaret NlcTiernan, Ieanne Carey, Nlarjorie Ludlow, Anne Hardy. lean Gridley. PHI ALPHA KAPPA P7'5-Vff176'7?f c,,,,Vw.,. .r.,,,r,,,,,Y..,,,,r, I ANI? LAUSTER Vice-Presidenz ,,,.. MARY ANNA THGMPSON .Slecretfzry Yccc... .,.,...,,,,,. K ATHLEEN BRETT Treamrer ..Yv........ ..,, A NN HUNTINGTON Faculty flrlviser Vvt.. .,... M ISS TVIARY 0,DEA 'AGood sportsmanship and the promotion of athleticsf, Vwfith this slovm in mind, the girls of Phi Alpha Kappa have accomplished much toward the enlix ening of school spirit. The members have cooperated with each other by holdinv hikes and swimming parties, and with the students by honoring the best basketball teams at a supper and attending games. A similar sorority at the Southside High School has also participated in some of the activities. ln an effort to create enthusiasm for basketball, the girls have ardenclv sup ported the interclass contests and sponsored the Army-Navy game, an exciting competition between two teams composed of picked members of the intcrclass teams. The organization also chartered buses to Cortland and Endicott, in order that the students might have an opportunity to see the E. H. S. championship basketball team complete its undefeated season. 'YO X Z ,jk ll f W W www ,E W in ff! 'WMI J! I 'I u K V, U ' XR lfhwkw ff - V' 4' QXEQQR ATHLETICS 1 a ., Af i ' 25: V fu? SE .1 .F -1 ,Q ,- 41 . ,4 E -,412 7.5: is . N! -gg fi Z W. w ' "uf ,- .mi ,pg WE DEDICATE THIS SECTION OE THE TORCH TO MISS MARY O'DEA AND MR ARTHUR HIRST, GUARDIANS OE OUR ATHLETIC CAREER. 73 First row: Hirst, Wcscott, Smith, Allen, Vlfhittaker, Coppini, Limoncelli, Cunningham Clate, Andrus, Nlurphy, Furman, Paganelli, Second row: Delaney, Donahue, Karslci, Zimdahl, Skclly, Burke, Hall, Ioseph, Widman Giesa, Reidy, Kettle. Third row: Vwlilliams, W. Nlurphy, R. Hall, J fl Comereski, O'Neil, Myhalyk, Nloore, Byrne gdtm it imma-I -.x 1 fi VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM w . Captazn .............................,...................... Coach ...........,,......... Asszstant Coach ....... .............. Manager ................. Assistant Managers Mascots .... IAIVIES CUNNINGHAM ARTHUR HIRST IOSEPH RILEY D,NNIEl. REIDY HENRY CARRIGAN . .... THOMAS DELANEY LAWRENCE DICKINSON LEO CICCONI " YONKERS dogj THE SCHEDULE E. H. S E. H. S E. H. S E. H. S E. H. S E. H. S E. H. S I9 Hornell ............... I3 Alfred Frosh ..... O Corning ............. 20 Binghamton ........... O Union Endicott ........ 27 Cortland ....i........ 7 Ithaca ....... 74 FOOTBALL sEAsoN Elmira High Schools zo - - -- S Binghamton o. It was this decisive victory over the traditional foe from Parlor City that prevented the Elmira High School's football cam- paign of 1934 from appearing like an immense blot on the football annals. Seven games were played with the Blue and White winning four of them for a .571 percentage. Probably the two most outstanding features of the Y34 season, aside from the actual playing, were the appearance for the first time in several years of an enthusiastic and deter- mined group of cheer-leaders, and the presentation of twelve heavy, navy blue blankets, bearing a white block HE", to the team by the Harper Street Athletic Field Neighborhood Association. Although all the home games were broadcast through the facilities of WESG, the majority of these games were well attended. Aided somewhat by a splendid spring practice, although many likely prospects failed to be on hand in the fall, Coach Hirst began immediately at the opening of the Fall term the Hurculean task of building a winning team from the seventy candidates, five of them xeterans, who had reported for the initial roundup. As the date for the opening clash approached, it was apparent that M1'. Hirst had succeeded in developing a light but speedy combination. It was feared, however, that this squad would find the road quite hazardous with such formidable opponents as the Alfred Frosh, Binghamton, U. E., and Ithaca lurking in the shadows. Many even thought it doubtful that the E. H. S. would be able-to defeat Hornell, their first opponent and usually a sure victory, who had already survived in great form the effects of several gruelling battles with stronger teams. Nevertheless, Saturday, October the sixth found a fairly large crowd present at the Elmira High School's Athletic Field to see the Blue warriors trample their highly talkerd about rivals by the impressive score of I9-o. The following Saturday the team continued its march to glory by defeating the strong Alfred Frosh I3-O. Hopes that this speedy team might rise to championship heights were quickly quenched on Cctober twentieth when Coach Craumer's confident veterans from Corning definitely avenged the crushing defeat of the previous year by setting Elmira on the short, round end of a I3-O tally. Determined to repair all the weaknesses that appeared evident in the Corning fray, and confident that this defeat by the C. E. A. was omen that history was about to repeat itself, the team drilled faithfully on the Held for the Bingo clash, while all attempts were being made to elevate school spirit to its highest possible level through the media of assemblies, pep fests, and enticing signs. These efforts were not in vain, for nearly five thousand spectators braved a spasmodic rain to witness the amazing performance of the light Blue as they ran roughshod over a heavy, highly favored dark Blue from Broome County 20-o. Saturday, November third was an open date. The largest crowd ever to push its way through the Athletic Field gates watched Elmira, handicapped by several injuries, bravely lose a real Hheartbreakern to the Orange Tornado from Union Endicott on November tenth. The final score was Elmira o- U.E. 7. The following Saturday the Blue and Vxfhite came back strong to trounce an over- rated Cortland eleven 27-O. On November twenty-fourth Elmira's greatly battered team machine journeyed to Ithaca to accept the hospitality of the powerful Red and Gold. Although greatly out- classed from the start, the Blue and Wliite fought doggedly to stop the Red's swift aerial attack, but all in vain, for they were soundly trounced 31-7. This game ended the 1934 struggles of the E. H. S. moleskin wearers. At the banquet held in honor of the players, eighteen received the much coveted "EH for their faithful service. The system of selecting a captain for the coming year was abolished and that of appointing a captain before each game substituted. 75 First row: Lcstcr Wolf, Carolus Skclly, Iohn Bisbcc, Ioscph Punzo, Iocl Robinson, Charles Dimon, Carlton Wood. Second row: Couch Hirst, Adolph Hailstork, George lvfillcr, Henry Coppini, Fred Lc Vnllcy, Martin Andrews, Ioscph Byrne, Williatn Shaff, Stephen Lewis, Vlfilliarn Arrowsmith, Thomas Delaney. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Honorary Captain .........,....,..r.,r..r....r.r. ...r.Arr.o. I om, ROBINSON Coach ................... ..A.,r.r,rr. A RTHUR HIRST Manager ........... ...,..........,.,..............rr...,, T SHOMAS DELANEY THE SCHEDULE E. H. S ...4...... o4........ 2 7 N. Y. S. R. .........,., . E. H. S ,,,,,,,,,, ...... 4 3 Binghamton .,..,,,,l,..,...lA..,., E, I-I. S .,.,,,,.,. ,..... 2 4 Corning Free Academy ....... H. S .,v.,..,ar ....., 3 7 Ithaca .......,......................... E, H, S ,,,,,,,,,, .,.... 5 4 Norwich ,....,.,.,...... E, H, S .,,,,,,,,, ...... 3 o Union-Endicott ...,... E, I-I. S ..,,.,,,,, ...... 2 7 Cortland ............ E. H. S .,,,Y,,,r, ..,... 3 1 Binghamton wr,,,, E. H. S .......... ...... 2 4 Ichnca ................ E. H. S .,,.,,,,,. ,...,, 2 6 Norwich ..,............. E. H. S .......... ...... 3 o Union-Endicott ....... E. I-l. S .......... 27 Cortland ......... E, H, S ..,,.,.,,, ,,.,,, 2 8 Iohnson City ........ 76 BASKETBALL SEASON '4The greatest team, by far, that we have opposed or seen on the COLIITS this year" was the comment made by Coach Larry Wheeler of the Iohnson City High School basketball team, after the Elmira High School great 1934-35 quintet had clinched the Class A title of Section Four of New York by defeating his charges in a colorful game played on the Endicott High School court. The Blue and VVhite earned the opportunity to compete with Iohnson City in the sectional play-off by her creditable performance in winning the Southern Tier Conference league title. This was accomplished with seemingly great ease, although several of the contests required thrilling last-half rallys to assure the Hirstmen of victory. Because Auburn and Oneonta withdrew from competition, the Elmira-Johnson City tilt was the only game necessary to decide the sectional championship. T ln winning the Southern Tier Conference title, the E. H. S. dribblers took to the court in ten league games, clinching victory in all of them for a perfect percentage. The team was also sucessful in two non-league games and the sectional play-off, bringing the total number of victories to thirteen without a defeat. Although teams representing the light Blue have won eight conference titles under the tutelage of Coach Hirst, since the loop was formed in 1921, this is only the second quint that ever won the championship without meeting at least one setback. The Hirst courtmen of 1924-25 were the only other cagers to accomplish this feat. The E. H. S. witl1 -a non-league victory over the N. Y. S. Reformatory to its credit opened its fourteenth season in the Southern Tier Conference by playing Binghamton at Binghamton. Uncorking a dazzling passing attack, the light Blue courtsters overwhelmed the Parlor City "Bulldogs, 43-24. Corning Free Academy fell next in a non-league game, 24-21. Playing its first home game of the season with Ithaca as its guests, the Elmira team trimmed the Little Red 37-17. The following week Norwich came, saw, and was conquered by the notable score of 54-15. On Friday, February first, the Queen City cagers journeyed to U. E. to battle the un- defeated Shoetown five in the game that might decide the conference title. Playing true to form, however, the Blue basketeers returned with their fourth league victory won by the tally of 30-24. The Elmira five ended the Hrst round undefeated by trouncing Cortland in a surprising tussle 27-16. In the first game of the second round the Blue-VVhite cagemen repeated their previous victory over Bingo by nosing them out in a whirlwind finish 31-28. The Iunior Varsity likewise won its second engagement of the season with the dark Blue understudies. These four victories in basketball, together with the varsity and Iayvee victories in football, gave the light Blue six straight wins over the Parlor City lads in inter-scholastic competition for the 1934-35 season. March first the E. H. S. clinched the Southern Tier Conference title by again defeating Norwich. With the title now a certainty, the Hirstmen continued to realize hopes of an unde- feated season by overcoming a stubborn and determined Orange and Black five from U. E. for a second time 30-25. Only Cortland stood between the Blue and White and an unde- feated season. This final battle proved to be a real hair-raiser, the score standing 22-22 at the end of the four quarters. However, in the overtime period the invading Elmira team scored five points while holding the home towners to a single point, making the final score read Elmira 27 - Cortland 23. In the sectional play-off Iohnson City was soundly beaten 28-10, definitely showing the Hirst boys to be the court marvels of the section. When the final standings were compiled they showed that Elmira had scored 408 points to her opponents 251, an average of 31 points per game. Ioel Robinson, E. H. S. center, was undoubtedly the most outstanding player of the team, if not of the entire league. He scored 114 points to lead the home-team scoring, and was second only to Augie Maealie of Ithaca in league scoring. Ioel, no doubt, would have led the league if he had desired to sacrifice team play for individual honors. Nluch credit must also be given Iohn Bisbee, a stellar guard, who always shone highly on the defensive. The Iunior Varsity, with Bill Shoff the leading scorer, also turned in a fine seasons record, winning 8 out of ten games. The men who received letters for their splendid playing and invaluable service to the basketball team are: Ioel Robinson, Carolus Skelly, Lester Wolf, Charles Dimon, Iohn Bisbee, Ioseph Punzo, Carlton Wood and Thomas Delaney, manager. 77 an , awry ,Lk K, kr X ff -Lai? 2' I 'z r l- ' First row: Toles, Carrigan, lVlcl.a1zrv, Reilly, Rapley, Lynch, Rich, Srobhel, Bunn, Delaney. Second row: Shoemaker, Skidmore, Rich, Sleeper, Robertson, Nlessing, Horning, Connely, Nlclsayne, Cunsman, Hailstork. Third row: Sleeper, Gray, Allen, Sullivan, lacohson, Brown, Brown, Vxlineski, Mont- gomery, Rubin, Pulford, Shear, Riley. a"wff'f , Sp- IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Conch ,,,,.,..., .,........... I ostPH RXLEY fllmzagef ..............., ..,,.. l-l ENRY CARRIGAN Assistant Manager ,e,e ..... T Hoixms DELANEY The Elmira Iayvees under the tutelage of "Red, Riley may well boast that the 1934 season was the best in the history of the understudy competition. They played four games, winning all of them for a perfect percentage. The victory that made the 1934 campaign outstanding was the one over Bingo by the score of 21-7. It was the first time in the many engagements of the two great rivals that an Elmira Iunior Varsity scored a triumph over a Bingo layvee squad. ln its other entanglements, the Iayvees defeated the West Side 2-o on a slippery snow covered gridirong swamped the Heights team zo-og and again defeated the Vxfest Side in a return engagement at Parley Coburn 26--O. 78 ..i ...-. -- First row: Wz1ltn'1' Zimclahl, ILIIIICS MOX'lLlI1, I-IUIUCI' Wilscxll. 5ccond row: 1110111218 Nfcconrxcl, Robcrt Hull. Iohn Huwr. INTERCLASS BASKETBALL IUNIORSAINTERCLASS CHAMPS Captain ,. .. .. ., ,. .4,., , , , A,4 .A... Ionx I-IIRS1 Coach , ., ........,,....,..., , , ., A RTHVR I-IIRST TEANI STANDINGS Team H3071 Los! Per Cent Iuniors ., A,.A 5 1 .833 F rcshman .,,,,,, 4 2 .667 Seniors 2 4 .333 Sophomorcs ,..,,,,...,,,.A,,,,vA.................ww. I 5 .166 TEN HIGHEST SCORERS Name Team FG. F. TI T. Nfcconncl-Iuniors .... II 4 V. Sobk0skikSoPhs ..... .,.,. 9 I H. Wilscalm-I1111i01's .. ..... 7 5 N. Rich-Frosh ...... ..... Q ' I . Nfovluniluniors ...., 6 3 R. KLIIIICB'-SClliOfS V Z 4 . FLIYIIILIIIYSCIUOFS ..... 7 O R. Hull-Iuniors ..... 6 O K. Forbcsfseniors ..... 4 3 N. P1lgLlI1Clli-SCIHOYS 3 5 79 44, I ,M .4 1- r Q 1 . Y x 1 ix , 1 x , Q H 1, AA: ,, 1 w , A ' N 1 4' u W 1 1 " 1 v v K .Jw I , H. , . gm 1 1 5- 'L 1 v ' v 33 l-wi QA 1 ,NPQ Air Q V , , 1 D 4 Y "4 x "1 , X in qw .f si A - .- I 1 1 x -K , . 1 v W Y ff Q , , , 1 1 ' fn x 'U Y ' A " V ' r N-L f A Al " f V C lm A 1- uf" -s -uf Z w Q ww 24' -W .J Q nfs J ffwr flffy 'J' 'fx Xu X B fm' 1 w-suv' X ' X XX E. W A f I f f ' xx QW! 5 f K ' ffl f ll M xyxb X ,V 39. M I f" , Xiu 5 fl X , X-H Wm'- 'x ,X W xx ' .1 ' .S fQx QSWEEJ N VQ fx ,A xX1 - - 1 cm , K ' 'lY: 'TY1"' - ,iw 1, 1' ,K X ESWTHWAH V1 I l JE AN :fi ,""s' ',, ffcffff - 5 " mfs Y f ry 1M!fQ vV7 . 1 , 'V-iff ,Vik RQ! H W X n if ' Al If W.Ax Zl5' we P F3 9 fm X X! xii Lf mm gif! xv., xx 2 xg!! MW X W if k 17 Y Xxlx 5 vm ' 'pf ,X , ,','K X f 7 if M, Q 5 tv J A ff, mimi! fm, W , ' V x 'A .N w,j C hu X H' I il tl A ,mfs ' T' rw P' QQ ,ill A9 Q. 5, mi M al 5 aww nw WW' I W iris! - .2 ' 'iz' ' ,if X fW,5 . A, 2 -1f!J!4',f'l, L15 ' . W . f M .V Vw Tj f 5, " fff5'f,ff QQf1j f m XX l f - P1 14W X"l'J1' f'fhf-'W wf11'w '." 1 Q if , ww H 1-K f- f 'fff WXxw xfw w m'w' N' f 1 1 'ax f M N, ,mit f" "'Q '1 MJ! V ' X K N x -342,-2 A ' - Q ' 2 ' K .N X W f N gk: X A ai" li 'ii C 'A 'D ,Q 'fan-T"',g:6 ' sl I I I Q y ' x ti 'Lf' f N5 XLXQX N I J I lx ll, gl M 1 L I I .lg ?,1g L xxx ,Q W W 1 - x n H n nl ll, K lynx X N y V' f mkx If X-S ' W X Q 1. il Nic' , I . X KW l'l 10' N5 if xg? at X al 1 s W7 I xv' K 'gf FEATURES 'P gf. ,. T4 " :wi url-1-A, ,nv .Q-Q 'uf ' iw' wifi: lv' nf 1. . 1 -4 . ,e-A 'Q' N- df."-rX,f" 5' 'A ,,,- ,.. - f M .VV , ,Q Mx. . V, ,M uf' nk -1' 9 QVV3. 'Eg V M fb as-1 A ,555- .T . ,., T 1' if 1 .M V S7 .iff - 5 , L., .f Q 1 Vik: fi? Sw ,:,. 1.,V M' F? 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A ai V X .1: . 9 sa F-W 2 f .fg1,5 F if A ' af' If if Identification of Pictures on Page 99 83 I 3 O 0' 0 I Sept. ll KN 'N I N X X! .Vxvf 19 Sept. 14 sa 5 , Efxirixin biligxvmill QI I 74: Ill 12:5 I' . 'YA . 1 B A Q - I Ili 4 If I' 4: I Oct. 17 I it ., ff ' ' IN CASE You DIDNT KNOW ' Sept. 4-Hiya pal. Sept. 5-Odd, the way these freshmen act. Sept. 6-What happened to E. F. A.'s boys and red hats in the milk day parade? Sept. 10-Vindex rally. Bigger and better promises. Sept. 11-Merry-go-round proves popular with E. F. A. fair goers. Sept. I4-Got a quarter for the Vindex? Sept. 17--Constitution Day CW. C. T. U.j Assembly. In other words, dry. Sept. 20-James Kelly elected Student Council president. Nice going, jim. Sept. 21-Nice job, Joe! First Vindex. Sept. 27-Who writes news for the News? Wait'll I get him, the- Oct. 1-In which we choose Chapel, Tipton, Hurley and Cary to lead us. Oct. 3-Flo Keavin gets another pin from-well, just another admirer. Oct. 4-Con-grat-u-la-tions, Janet. We know you'll make a grand annual! Oct. 5-We welcome the teachers or anything that give us an extra day off. Oct. 6-VVe celebrate E. H. S. 19 - Hornell O at Phi Delt's dance and janet and jim get lost. Oct. 12-In memoriam Columbus, -er-somepin, NO SCHOOL! Oct. 13-Those lowely Frosh. E. H. S. 13 - Alfred Frosh O. Oct. 17-Were tlhose singers ever good! How DO you fry your eggs? Oct. 20-Is Corning laughing or is Corning laughing, 13-0. Oct. 23-It's up to Dave Miller, John Brand and Jane Cuffney to make some money for this darn thing. ww- QQN Q-X A 'lil Oct. 26-Elmira flatfeet vs would be pepfesters. Oct. 27-Did you say 20 - 0? Yes, and Bingo too! Are we good or are we good! Oct. 30-Our staff meets. What! No ideas! Shocking! Oct. 31-Are all the chairs off the porch, Abediah? Nov. 3-Boys! Hi-Y outing a success. VVho won the football game anyway? Nov. 5-Another triangle-Miss Gamble, Howie Schneck and MacBeth. Nov. 8-Adelaide Savey tells Masquers a thing or three. My My! Nov. 9-Gord Cornwell is seen flirting with young ladies at Ferguson's dancing class. Nov. 13--Tom Holleran finds how hard it is to make a motion in Forum and get it passed. Nov. 14-The entire school feels either sore or sorry for Bill Feaney after his assembly debut. Nov. 15-Get well quickly, Mr. Parker. Nov. 16-Betty Doyle changes her name. It's Ophelia McSnish now. Nov. 17-Oh, boy! E. H. S. Z7 - Cortland 0. ' Nov. 20-Bill Murphy and Nan Morse talk away another lunch time. OH ME! Nov. Z1-Jow Miller plus a loud burp equals jow Miller kicked out of English class. Nov. 22-Mary Dow sneaks an evidently much needed snooze in Mrs. Cady's 6th period. Nov. 23-Ed Weaver, Ivan Daugherty and Bob Moderhak explain why they skipped. Nov. 24-Ithaca musses us up to the tune of 31-7. Too bad. boys. Nov. 27-Sue Fairchild and Frankie Northrup continue to be stared at together. Nov. 28-Sophs get wise and organize. Nov. 29-Thanksgiving and too much turkey makes D. E. dance crowded but big success. Dec. 3-Bob Marsh returns to Boston and Jane Haskell returns to school teary-eyed. Dec. 5-School goes highbrow and turns out full force to see Oliver Twist talkies. Dec. 6-Betty West and Much Record amuse E F. A. by their flirtations. Dec. 7-Members of Forum and Agora kill their dogs on gym floor. Dec. 10-Hurrah! Skating! Dec. ll-Howy Adams and Barbara Bush cut a mean figure at Foster's. Dec. 12-Karl Fahrenwalcl sports his new pipe. Bravo! Karly. Dec. I3-Bob Denison goes somewhere besides R. 16 between 12 noon and 2 P. M. Atta boy, Bob. Dec. 14-And where's the glue for the Literary Staff, you, there Business Staff. Dec. 18-As far as Miss Rockwell is concerned Bert Baker is just another funny creature. Dec. 19-Loie Conevery declares, "The fellows are all just crazy about me.'! Dec. Z0-Masquers Christmas party a great success, what with toy dogs, carts, etc. Dec. Zl-Where'd all these alunmi come from? Dec. 22-E. F. A. signs off. Dec. 23 to 31 We spend our days in bed and nights? Jan. 1-Oi Oi Oi!!! My head! or is that a balloon up there? Jan. 2--Harry Tipton sports two very black and swollen eyes. Do we know her, Harry? Ian. 3-Bob Burke finally recovers from his New Year's Eve hangover and comes to school. -Ian. 8-Forum meeting and three members show up. Evidently Forum is improving. Jan. 9-A red letter day. This book obtains Sarah Bisbee's legs. Jan. 10-John Hendrich hooks my bread and butter at Hi-Y. You Nasty Man! Jan. 14-Wanta buy a ticket to the senior Musicale? Holy smoke! Ya can't even give 'em away. Ian. 16-Vindex lets us know who we think are school favorites and pests. Jan. 17-Senior Musicale. It's rumored that Ben Levy was quite taken by Lillian Adams' singing. How about Helen, Ben? Jan. 21-Regents! WVhy must they ask so many questions? 84 . . fo Q i U U Nov. 22 lf", 1 ff' .2 i 1 'V"N"'B 1" H Q1 x W M 2' L ' 'Qs I 11170614 -rd 1 , 'K I., IN CASE You DIDN T KNoW 5,1 51 aj 5 A soME MoRE 14 "' 'hf l Dec. 10 jan. 30 Jan. Z8-VVe realize that Albany isn't the only place answers are needed. Jan.59YIHeh! Heh! Heh! My fine freshman, you are in my power. Please, sir, Pm a Soph. . . D. Jan.g0-Gene Morrell is now "Specs" to his numerous friends. XVhere'd you get the Cheaters, ene? Jan. 31-Red O,Donnel gets a job for his er-ah-orchestra. That's what you call it isn't it, Red? Feb. 6-Fran Hogan is pretty happy. He just had his picture taken for the yearbook. Feb. 7-Not so cold. At least there were only 10 fellows in Terrys' car this noon. Feb. 8-Dave Thomas keeps Mary Snyder busy writing our words to songs for him. Feb. 11-After winning a prize for the best short bob, Mary Curran has stopped wearing a hat. Feb. 13-Agora Day, boys and girls. A new fad, no doubt. Feb. 14-Tags appear on school spirited students. Feb. 15-Staff hands in Senior write-ups. Editor hands them back with comments appropri- ate to the occasion. Feb. 19-Agora and Forum have long debate on what to debate. Ha Ha Some fun! Feb. 20-Masquers members go dramatic in assembly. Rest of school goes nuts. Feb. 22-Hurrah for the Father of our Country and our basketball team. How's this FI. H. S. 24 - I. H. S. 16. Feb. 27-"This History C is getting me down," cries Jack Porter in despair. Feb. 28-Mr. Colgan tells Masquers that as actors theylre fine cheerleaders. Mar. 1-Championship clinched. E. H. S. 26, Norwich 16. Robinson 12 points. Mar. 2-Last night Art Burt took Mary Hawkes out. Today he kept me 15 minutes telling me what a nice girl she is. Mar. 4-Eleanor Keating comes to school looking sleepy. Evidently she spent last night walk- ing the floor with her new dog. Mar. 5-Five weeks tests over. CBig sighb Average senior standings unknown but are about 99.9 per cent, of course. Mar. 6-Dick Scopes and Jean Barber sport their stuff to envious staff. Mar. 7-WARg Navy trounces Army, 17-12. Mar. 13-Morrell and Stevens leads in Senior Play. Mar. 15-E. H. S. 27 - C. H. S. 23. Girls on Phi Alpha Kappa bus drag in at 3 A. M. Wolf and Punzo become spaghetti hounds. Mar. 19-Senior Play rehearsals start. Boy! It sure looks like a wow! Mar. 22-An undefeated team! And are we ever proud! E. H. S. 20 - Johnson City 10. Mar. 26-Keep this quiet because his parents don't know it. Bertie Baker was seen smoking a great big see - gar. Mar. 28-Oh, Me! What a job! Staffs begin to despair of this darn book's ever getting finished. Apr. 1-And guess who celebrated his birthday today, of all the days to pick. Apr. 4-This Virginia Drake seems to have quite a lot of admirers. Jack Porter, Laddies Brace and - oh, what's the use. Apr. 8-Student Council thas grand time plastering the school with signs. Apr. 10-Last night Bill Stowell called up a girl and his face is red yet. Apr. 12-Spring Carnival. Everyone is broke including the clubs sponsoring booths. Apr. 15-Jim Cunningham explains his interest in school this term in tive letters. A-L-I-C-E. Apr. 18-E. F. A. students break down at the news that there will be no school for a week. Apr. 21-NVe parade our Easter bonnets. Apr. 29-Back to the grind. And what a grind! Seniors jittery because senior averages were figured during vacation and no one knows them. May 3--John Furman declares of Mimi Thompson, "Boy! she's-er-ah-she's O. K.." 'day 6-Pat Brett is embarrassed into one of her famous blushcs by Em Stoddard. May 7-Peg Gaffey declares she doesn't like to be yelled at. May 10-Mr. Levrich is seen without George. May 14-Mr. Schwenkler begins to wonder where the yearbook is. May 15-Seniors strutt! and what fun! Cudgel thy brain no more, At least I don't have to monkey with these things any more. I 4 'K fax 9 - x I O ex Bovahf 3 0 X Thf I x L nu t! I P 5 2 Ze f f , Z I' X Z Z 91 --Q 1, J R- Dec, ll Nov. Zl Feb. 14 85 CLASS HISTORY The "Good Ship 35, began her long and somewhat tempestuous journey in September, 1931. We, as her crew, had as our destination, Diploma Isle, our land of promise. After weathering through the seas of the first lap of our voyage, we sailed into calmer waters, choosing as our Hrst captain, Iames Cunningham. I"Iis trusty officers were Marianne I-Ienry, Grace Eaton, and Iames Kelly. It was the first time in many years that the crew of such a Uship-of-staten had organized. The next year, Iames Cunningham again took over the duties of captain, this time assisted by Marion Newman, Betty VVest, and Eugene Morrell. With Iames Kelly guiding us. we chose class jewelry to be used as the ensignia. Twice we forgot our work-a-day selves, to frolic on board, once, on a Iune evening, we held a prom under the chairmanship of Iohn Brand, and on a sunny Iune day, we celebrated Iunior Day, with fluttering red and white ribbons, white frocks and flannels. Even King Neptune chuckled at the droll antics of the Iunior boys in the Iunior Day Play. In September, 1934, we landed on Diploma Isle, and chose as our leaders Walter Chapel, Frances I-Iurley, I-larry Tipton, and Iune Cary. The Senior IVIusicale was one of the many social events held by our distinguished organization. Witli spring came the many events accepted as privileges of our rank. The annual Senior Play HNothing But The Truthl' was presented early in May under the capable direction of Mr. Iohn E. Colgan. Today, we are commanding, cap- tains in our own right, while the others look on. Our unique rights today, how- ever, are not all, for we are looking forward to the long-awaited Senior Prom and Senior Reception, and finally our goal, Commencement. And then, as we again set sail, each one piloting his own ship, we will glance back fondly to the days we spent together. For the most part our destina- tions are unknown but we can go forth with happy hearts for we have found what we came in quest of, Knowledge and Friendship. 86 CLASS WILL We, the class of 1935, having reached the end of our high school career, realize that the time has come to think seriously for maybe not so seriouslyj of those who will be dependent upon our superb and laboriously gained experience. In is, therefore with this thought for the future of our inferior successors in mind, that we have drawn up this, our last will and testament. IZAIRST-WC bequeath to the class of 1936: I. The honor of carrying on in our footsteps fnot too farj. 2. The distinction of giving away tickets to Senior Nlusicale. SECOND-T0 that consolidated corporation, the faculty, we express: 1. Qur gratitude for their patience and sucess in forming our bril- liant careers. THIRD-TO the following efficient institution, we bequeath: 1. To Agora, more of Mr. Colgan's advice. 2. To the Vindex Office, a speakeasy panel and a radio. 3. To the Stamp Club, our stamp of approval. 4. To the Freshman Class, a renewed lease on life. FOURTH-WC bequeath also to our successors, next year's "big shotsw: 1. To Ruth Crooks, Mary Dow's popularity. 2. To Barbara Bush, Mary Hawkes, sweetness. 3. To Miss Daly, the thrill of going around the Mark Twain course in 37. 4. To Miss Deneen, a senior girls, homeroom. 5. To George I-letrick and Bill Love, a fight for Senior Play lead. 6. To Mr. Schwenkler, a fling to celebrate the publishing of the Torch. 7. To Walt Zimdahl, an open line. 8. To Herbie Epstein, Walr Chapells popularity. 9. To Danny Coleman, some high class tobacco. io. To Alice Dennis, more inspiration for editorials. Signed Y. O. U. G. U. E. S. S. 87 f Q IfT'Y:Qf5fV , A ffm M - A - SQ 'J I A Xvf"fffy,fff,f',P f f ' X' if :SW ' f ve V z Nj J iw af' fx W MW 'ww QI ' ! wwf JA fmfllltldhdllllllh ! f , X X fr Q, miaaa " "-, Y UM XX , I ' , , i ' pw AQMQWHXIMQ ff X5 f f P077 ff Um-W' ' A J X Q wx fmwj f s mg J JF "H J X ff Q ff ' I . A y XX . js X f " 4-1-49' A - 1 :- 5-g Aix- t Ax X Atfffalxxi 6 QQOHQTOL UQ Z mxxwxwsx EIIVECE Gil lm 'EK W '-f' A ll K! 5- UA LT CF-39 P6 L 1 1 ' Wmwfwfffffzfzzwww WMWJWJWJA w y I rjvkkkv , is 1.2 F f V f d F r w-v f , 5 I 0 X fxwx 5 X? 'E A f ..-frY7w X 61 'Zi' WX!!! ,M XW4 Lqf'Q,EVJ!M'Sg?g I 1f ,W X V ff! Z 3 mhMMffTy, g,, ! t my A Q Q jw,.,'5NN, l VAV Q , 7, 3 If NM C W Q7 XHQZ12 llws x w 2 F L J M fi !: A , ?, f f l A ,A ' 'ff " ' 4 3' '? M '1' n fy W umlmmlllunllmlnmmmmmnmmmnlnmmm : mmm . f f K Q W K -.xk "f' f"'x f f! i7 I EX Y Wh' Q Q ? ,X .' Wx X fig! ww w f X fx A 6 ff X ' f1 X X q 'A X 0 ' ' . X ,ff f f x Em+Q.x1mJme.f Z 3-A f h- 'T-Q W! llllllWFlllllHllHl Fj xxmgp-Sql E 0 CUU1 In fmvusg Q3UD'1D15D'lG'I01Cl1m" 88 N' fx W M X is 3lLLY ' D25 A 'i 'g3x :L 5 I f iilff' x gl' Q fp-1' H x fo Q Ax f 44' , X 9 KS!- v in ' I W W - 5' X X I ha uncu.. gm Qgofq, A wil 5 " fl U3'NE! F' f ' "' 4 "lf ff ONLY Qs Q fm' 434 Q' PWS N I Q J WA W 'X 7 f jx NL K Y 1'f Q hn.,..111M U A ' ff J! X'-on U LY- ' ' ' ' f 1 IllllfllllIlllllllllllllllzvlllF 1 N ,f ffm ,J 7, lf!! 2 I fr .E E01 HB5 'LW mf 1 rn Ken, , gui llllll H K Q if "fm , V CANNONBAU-LWHURPHY J Ns X ss af ,. f R f QQ WR f . ff Q W . ' 4 Q lj MM ' X I, 1 1 , ff ' ., Q X ' If ? 'ze f'?Z4zJ ' w iki f f, X ' " gy nfliin f 2 ,S 5 im fi W' ' ' 1, fm 1 F - ,,"' -V x ,k lxzdl M A Z f p V mxmw Wmrggd ' f ll! W4 ' W .lfvllilmfmuffwixw Q X X K .1l!E!?g!!!lW .,Wf1"7W Aifii-Ria JJl :sis-, Q A X xg mm v .Assisi 1 K .. , PR Eeeaiimag-A.z1-121 .1 , W- PH we X W j f! BILL STOWELL ...N ,.,.,,,, , ,,,,.!Zfn .,.,. , I f 1 A si 4 D RTOQNI S T , A V 89 -f 'UI R145 gvlv, ' S Idcntifilcatiou of pictures on Page 103 90 FIELD NRISE K X f ADS NI r. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. NIL Mr. NIL Mr. Sponsors of the Torch GJQFQD and Mrs. Herbert Brand E. IVI. Lowman and Mrs. Iohn Ernest Webb and Mrs. Iames M. Kelly and Mrs. Max Ieronie Irving D. Booth and Mrs. Lester Newell F. R. Parker and Mrs. Stanley Qparil H. E. Snyder Mrs. Frank W. Wriglmt Dr. and lNfIrs. Raymond B. Stevens Miss Kathleen hliller lXfIr. lVIr. Mr. and hlrs. D. A. Cady and Mrs. A. A. Sehwenkler and Mrs. K. C. Winsor Mrs. Clara Munsen Mr. Francis N. Mullen Miss Rena Rockwell Miss Helen M. Hibbard Miss Rose Kingston Mr. Ira Kendall Mr. Howard H. Smith Mr. Henry Pohhnan Mr. and Mrs. VV. F. Hendricks Mr. Charles D. VVright Mrs. L. S. Bisbee Mr. and lVIrs. Arthur B. McLeod Mr. and lNIrs. H. H. Porter Dr. Wzilter C. Ervin Dr. Daniel F. O'Neill Dr. Louis Lodico Dr. Earl L. Miller Dr. Donald H. Miller lVIr. and Mrs. D. Hurley Esther A. McGowan 93 Compliments of Doctors Arthur VV. Booth VV. T. Boland T race y Hamilton William Cusick Helen Elston Anna Stuart Floyd H. Iones K. D. Mayruard A. A. Blash GDQFQ C. G. Zimmerman B. G. Voorhees Leon H1 iiii ilton Arthur Smith Thomas I. Burke Herbert VV. Fudge S. L. Larson Elliot T. Bush Ieseph S. Lewis Iohn A. Bennett F. S. Hassett R. Lawler Charles L. Stevens Rex. I. lvlorrell Richard 0. Gregory lvlorris Dreyfuss I. H. Hunt Ross G. Loop Wg-59 Compliments of Lawyers Danaher and O,Dea Gardner and Mosesoii Henry and Denton Benjamin F. Levy Frank D. Pulford Levi and Samuel Ginsburg Iohn Sullivan CNPQQ lsaac Allison Charles Eacker Diven and Diven Anthony Kabatt McDowell and McDowell Maiadeville, Waxn1ai1, Buck, T and Harpending CCCCI' 94 BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY A Co-educational University with a background of ninety years' service to American youth. Offers, under its new program, a broad general education in the first two years, freeing the last two years for concentration, pre-professional and professional specialization. There are over one thousand students enrolled. The faculty is carefully selected and there are adequate religious opportunities. A11 athletics are organized. Full information will be gladly sent you on request. Please address H. W. HOLTER, Registrar BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY Lewisburg zz zz Pennsylvania A VIEW OI' THE LOWER CAMPUS 95 TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS: This section of our book represents the interests of Elmira's best merchants. Only by means of their advertisements has it been possible to sell this yearbook at about one-half cost. They have done their bit toward our success. H RY I.. DLISTER SHERXI.-KN D. BUTLER EM DEISTER E4 BUTLER D D U C E Qualgyieivelers 330 F. VVATER ST., ELlNllRA, N. Y. Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise Maxwell House Coffee The Prairie Rose Butter Mark Twain Oranges M n HUCK FINN ROOM and l Graduation Clothes Blue Sport Suits. . 11317.50 SODA BAR Sport Coats ...... 9.95 White Flannels . . . 4.45 White Oxfords . . . 3.45 '-'ZZ'-' OR A FULL lNlEAl. MARKSON'S Water and Main Sts. FOR LIGHT REFRESHMENTS 96 -I l 21122 T . . 21122 The Elmira Savings Bank Will compound your Interest four times a year. We Welcome small accounts. Total Deposits over Five Million Dollars. zz zz zz THE ELMIRA SAVINGS BANK 218 E W , S 2165 h ast ater treet B LAC KSTO N E MOTOR CO. C O.WI'LI,MEZX7 TS See Our OF NEW 1935 CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH Models Which Are Here Now W l h ., , STQRE elfgicjlfbiclfinvm USED CARS 263 State sf. M Phone 6214 108 Church St., Elmira, N. Y. 97 ll? Why Not a Snappy, Good Looking FORD V-8 ,..,,i:',,,,-f L. D. Clute Motor Co. 1181124 w. Church sf. F... Elmira,N.Y. Phone 6174 KNAPP SCHOOL of MUSIC Compliments of 104 College Avenue D CONTINUES HOLLY FUNERAL w1th fhe same policy of courses. ffflilgifloeltaif 1iI13Z,'fVii2'i?DuI11E1f1fQ3115 HOME INSTRUCTORS- - Q ' - DONALD HARTMAN-Mandolin, Banj H SEZEENZIE' I,I1IiH'SaIli31Il'i'?ii5?1f. 640 W' Gfay St' HAZEL BUTLER-Piano and Harmony Dial Elmira, Y 1:1211 2-1787 S. M. Flickinger Co. Inc. PACKARD 255511 St.-E1 ' ,N,Y. a 6 me MOTOR CARS Distributors for PM F , , - PM RED A 25023222 FOOD NEWTOWN MOTOR CORPORATION 0 q lity is always higher th p ' A CO.'L1PLI.VEXTS OF ALBEE REO MOTORS 361 State Street Elmira, N. Y. C OWIPLI XVI EN TS OF G. H. E3 I. T. KELLY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Supplies zz Power Apparatus Elmira, N. Y. lst SNAPSHOT PAGE ,im 1. Ianis Dewey Charlotte Dalglish Alice Kistler Lenore Iarvis Onalea Stamp -. North Entrance of E. I'. A. w 3. Bob Nloderhak I lean O'I-Ierron Vivian Bruce lane Lauster 4. lvlr. Sehwenlcler '. Iilorenee Keavin , Sarah Bisbee . lean Carey . Iafnes Kelly 9. Coach I-Iirst and Part of football team D 6 7 8 10. Leona and Ellen VVilcox II. lean Barber 13. Adelaide Savey 13. Eugene Morrell 14. Nlary Louise W1'iglit TALK ABOUT DILElVllVIASl mAh, good niorninl, lVIrs. Chapel, and how is everythin'?,' 'LSure, an, I'm havin, a great time uv it between Vxfvalter and the fire. If I keep my eye on the wan, the other . ,, is sure to go out. NICE IIELLOW Sunday School Ilqeacher-"Can you cell something about Good Friday, Arthur? 'I Art. BurtAYes'1ng he was the fellow that did the housework for Robinson Crusoefi WI-IO'S DRIVING TI-IIS CAR? fNIrs. Northrop to Frank who has fallen asleep at the wheelb-HI donlt mean to dictate to you, but isn't that bill-board coming at us awfully fast?" -Pennsylvania Gnnrdsman. COMPLIMEA'TS OF W. 8 E. R. YOUNG Agents for Cotton 8 Hanlon lX'Iaterial for KITHE HOME COILIPLETEU Sweet-Van Houten Co. Inc. Brighten Up Paint and Wallpaper Store 210-212 VVest Gray St. : : Elmira, N. Y. Phone 2-1489 SHE1zw1N-VV1LL1Aii11s Cofs PRODUCTS The Advertiser Job Printery, Inc. Book, 1oB, LAW, Soc1ETY and CoMMERC1AL P RIN T E R S 218 Baldwin Street Elmira, New York BEYOND HER KEN C A physician attended an old lady M y from Scotland who had caught a severe Tig. BUSINESS wldbnd 1 I 1 VQ IALQP 'K 1 your teeti ciatter Wien you felt the chill coming over you?" asked Fit- the doctor. ' UI dinna ken, cloctorg they were ly- Elmlrar N' Y' ing on the tablely' was the Pleasant reply.-Fran. Hurley. C Oil! PLI JME N TS OF CGCAHCOLA Bottling Works 415 W. Second St COIIIPLIMENTS OF L. M. ROCKWELL, T. I-I. DEAN. C. E. RIGDON, F. I. CASSADA Life and Accident Insurance and Retirement Annuities 502 Robinson Building Elmira, N. Y. CO.7l4PLI.7WENTS OF ELGIN VVRIST WATCHES STANDARD coup RINGS KIRK STERLING SILVER Vvbwe GREATER VALUES ALWAYS QUALITY and EcoNoMY SHREIBMAN'S MEET Establislaed 1893 There is one in your neighborhood 214 East WHICY SCYCCI IOO SOCONY SERVICE I. FORREST WARNER F. L. TINKER - - E. A. BEMENT 1 - ANDREW TANNER Water St. and College Ave. - Walnut and Second Sts. Church and Hoffman Sts. - Church and Water Sts. ' :, QE One Step At a Time is the only way fortunes are amassed- Get the habit of regular de- posits in an Interest Account. ,-fig,- FIRST NATIONAL BANK 6 TRUST CO. OF ELMIRA AND A DQDILLAlR.+TCllCllCl'7'bGl'lll cl ll VOUI' llllflllfl' COllltl SLIVC Ll LlOll1ll' Ll XVL lx l lillll' VVC'C'liS VVl'lLlf VVOllltl llC llLlVC?n Bud. Gridlcx'-9AA ruclio, Ll new suit, cl 4 V . set of fllflllfll l'C. 1 DIAL 6268 FUR FAST DELIVERY Urder 'blue coal' CHEMUNG COAL CO. 299 E. Washington Avenue Also Branch Yard- ELMIRA HEIGHTS-Dial 6135 IOI lnSU'e failed e'19"' 5 with RT l STARTIX means safety. It conquers stalled engines and gives you automatic protection in traffic, on hills and at dangerous railroad crossings. You simply turn on the ignition key- STARTIX starts your engine au- tomatically. . . and re- starts it automatically if it stalls. STARTIX adds convenience, too - no starter button is necessary. STARTIX can be easily, quickly and inexpensive- ly installed on any car equipped with a Bendix Drive. Price 38.50 plus installation. Come in and talk it over. Eclipse Machine Co. Elmira Heights, N. Y. airI57 ag - es Life Insurance and Annuities The Union Central Life Insurance Co. Szrczwity for tba' f1rf1z'z'1'4'f111 Ffzmifxf xzizin' 1867 C. Harry Gilfether, Gen. Agt. ifcdciuirioii Bldg. 1: :: Elmira, N. Y. ROSSI'S BAKERY AND TEA ROOM 403 VV. VVASIIINGTON AVE. Bmwctn STORl'ffCiOR'l'ON BUILDING IVE CATER TO ,AILL PARTIES C.XI,I. .Z-OQZI 'iliic man I marry must be as brave as n lion, but not forward: handsome as Apollo, but not conccitedg wise as Solomon, but meek as a innibg a man who is kind to evcrv woman, but loves only mefi A David B. iviillcr, Esqful-low lucky we mctln RICHFIELD GASOLINE '-'II'-' ELMIRA OIL CO. 616 William St. ,..::,., RICI-ILUBE OIL Carey- Kasube Co. Incorporated FISCHER'S Misses and Iunior Misses READY TO WEAR I-ludson---Terraplane 319 East Water Sr. Stewart Trucks SALES and OSTRANDER SERVICE QUALITY ,.- GROCERIES DIAL 6157 220 W. Water St. COl1PL1llE.YT5 OF COMPLIMENTS TO THE ELMIRA ARMS CO. Elmiras Most Interesting Store 117 No. Main Dial 8128 P. M. BUELL FLORAL COMPANY Main at Market ,..,::,-f BETTER FLOWERS ,-at,- LOWER PRICES CLASS OF 1935 Thirty-seven Years of Honest Values ,-f,-.::,-f,-4 Werdenberg's VVater at Main PRO-JOY ICE CREAM 1oE BRoWNLoW Cordially Invites You to the City Recreation Center For Bowling -Pool-Billiards 118 State St. FREE 1NsTRUcT1oN ,i,.f::,-1,-f 735 BALDWIN STREET Phone 6118 SI-IEEI-IAN, DEAN 63 CO. Smart Dresses Coats Millinery Lingerie Accessories and Interior Decoration The plwotogroplws Used in Ti-IC -I-QIQCI-I Were Made by RCD!-ICI D STUDIG 157 Lake St. Elmira IO4 Compliments of The Kennedy Valve Mig. Co. ELMIRA, N. Y. Valves - Pipe Fittings - Fire Hydrants 2nd SNAPSHOT PAGE ,if,..1 fvliss Taslijian Harry Tipton, loc D. Graham :mtl Robert Tipton. Ioscpli Proe lirzmces Hurley, lwlary Dow :incl Betty Doyle Iam' Cuflncy, janet Stevens and Eleanor Keating Iulin Ioscplison nncl Miltlrecl Shul- mam. Bette Knietseli and Pauline lessen Bertram Baker Willlillll Stowcll and Emory Stoddard Iam- Cufilney, Doris Dunn, Dorothy Umlcrwootl, lvlary Cullney, Bunny Kane fvlnscots of Football Tc-nm. SWARTHOUTS IEWELERS ,-mimi 215 E. Water St. Rathlmun Hotel Corner GOSPER-KELLY sHoEs II Hos1ERY One-Sixty Main 135' SOUND managerial policies and long, successful experience have provided us with sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers of fine printing plates. That you will be secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN 8: OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. B17 Wes! Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois ln the foreground - Ft. Dearborn referected in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. lllustration by Jahn fr Ollier Art Studios. l IO6 Beyond the Four Walls Your bank, like your home, is a vital, living part of the coma munity. If your house were surrounded by a desert, would you still care to call it home--without neighbors, Without stores, without civic improvements and modern conveniences? This is equally true of your bank. It is the customers-the business houses, the farmers, the wholesalers and industries-that make a bank. If you were to erect this building on a remote moun- tain top, equip it and man it-it would not be a bank, no matter how perfectly organized. The essential element of human contact and service would be lacking. Only when an institution plays an active, considerate part in the life of the community-understanding its people and their finan- cial needs, and giving them its best in banking services-is it worthy ofthe name BANK. CHEIVIUNG CANAL TRUST CU. Founded 1833 SPECIALIZING IN QUALITY CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS EOR. THE STYLISH CRAIJ AND UNDERAGRAD I-l. Strauss, Inc. ELNIIRA, N. Y. CUSI-IING CADILLAC CORPORATION Fox and Carroll Sts. Elmira, N. Y. ,-ftp.. CADILLAC-LaSALLE OLDSMOBILE I-IYCEIA ICE CREAM and FROZEN PRODUCTS OF PROVEN EXCELLENCE FANCY ICE CREAM FOR ANY OCCASION I-IYGEIA ICE CREAM CO A WORLD RECORD IN BUSINESS EDUCATION Y EA R S IN BUSINESS Our Successful Past Experience Is your Present Safe Assurance BRYANT 8 STRATTON BUSINESS COLLEGE 1028 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO, NEW YORK Established in 1854 SEND POR. YOUR FREE COPY OI' OUR LATEST CATALOG CON cfm if ULIAI TIONS ,1A'D 1V1.s'H1fS AOR SUCCESS TO THE Crifisx Off 1935 I-'Il-' BORST 63 CUFFNEY Drugs-Stationery-Soclas 531 Lake St. Opposite Acadeiny INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS X Style and Size for every Hauling Need from Mfton to 7M-ton International Harvester CO. of America 656 S'1'A'rIi S'l'Rr3iQ'1'., ELMIRA, N. Y. Telephone 5127 IVIEET ALPERT AND WEAR DIAMONDS CU1'11,f7Ii77'1f6Hf.S' of Alpert IEWELERS AND OPTICIANS ,TN1 CORNING ELMIRA CORTLAND ROSENBAUM'S SMART APPAREL For the High School Girl 112 W. Water i C556 Cfommercztzl QJT655 fi-ZZ'-' ,T Qprinters of the ffcgorcff' ,-f Corner South Main and Mt. " 5 1:1i . Zoaf Streets I A 1 -v1"'1 ff: ifr ""A' "'.' "VA Elmira, New York 1 Dial 2-0790 Anthracite Bituminous WRIEQEEREQTRIC DIAL 5153 WIRING fi FIXTURES for SUPPLIES zz RADIO TWICE SCREENED CONE CLEANED ,-fx? 118 N. lVIain St. ANTHRACITE ELMIRA' C Q A L Co111PL1111E.x'T5 C 0 OF ' MARK TWAIN FOOD MARKET, Inc, 3224532 Penna. AVC' 154 NORTH lVlAIN STl11212T Fuel Cil Charcoal F766 Pmnlemg Delivery SC1'VlCC+Pl1OI1C 7141-7142 HI QM ybkb QQQQQMY T 1 gun I 4 r 1 'X k AUTOGRAPHS Mb rw fa Qiwzf l9fL9.9.lyau7f'6lfw0 v N , UMW, fwwwwwhmw Q M A ' .. X XML Qyfyvf MW MWWVw JW

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