Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY)

 - Class of 1931

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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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Page 8, 1931 Edition, Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collectionPage 9, 1931 Edition, Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection
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mfg -rr .....,... Y. -v.,.-T ., ,Q gs:- x A ,M T., x ww Lx., , xg y , -, my x A '14, vp 1 x , 5 , ., , - 4 ,Q ,V , W in I 4 6 4565 4, w 1 H .1 ,k 5 L -we vf 4' L in ' ' 'iw' 'WF' y N Q. J .W 4 Q ! ,Z- W' K l',f fill. ANT IM I , M54 I' ' ' . 44", rl Y mi, X- ? ,gl - S!5ii'i1:.: l. Q - x .. x f,, f .. A ., ff-5 CX, x 5,-. X Q ff X if f 44 Q fx. Xl Xl: g! K lp Rx I 6' X , Q, ,Z K IDPYIQIIE T' 1931 MARJORIE HURLEY Editor-in Chief SALLY SHULMAN CHARLES SWIFT Business Managers M145 fu ,R Y ,M :U tx Gqbqlr S 9 APPRECIATI ON LN QFKOI 106 Cxtenrl f lur thanks for lwr To MISS HUA, .7 2 . , , ' ' f vrzt unrl cornpletion "llil1Clfll'l' ln. ffm arrungem 5 work in this IYIPILLITLU. of the url 14, DEDICATION 22 To MISS JANE ISIIHAH,-Xlilb. for fzrfr lzrflpful llIll'l.l'l' and 1'0- 01Il'I'Ilf1.UlI in our 114'H'1'ifi4'.w, uw. Zlzf' CIIISS uf 1931, flwlicfztv THE S,4C0YA4uW.'1T11A. AVL,-AJ VN' "vs--fi... 'is,..-, CONTENTS Lx FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS ,, , , my my Q 2 fi 2 Z 9 54 S ? i E 5 ,i ss 2 E 5 42 9? Q 5 22 s Q E 5 S Q 2 r 5 ,, s X SACEKKDYAWMFHA p I-'RANCIS R. P AHKER PICIYCIIFXI, 'nr ll' msff IDIICKIIILPIITCI e emffrs zip as our 4: Iilfh 1 urin, nur I' I bl I 1 I I U l four years in Ilzv lflnzirrz Frm, .-lcaderny, ure urislz to express our s1'n1'f'r1' appreciation. iff P , 112983311 X... SAGQDYAWATHA N DILLON A. CADY VICE-Px:1Nc1P,xL whom we wish In extend our sincere gratitude for his omnipresent interest in. the welfare of our class during Mr. Parkerzs absence. HSDSEBH H SAQBGDIVAWATHA ANTHONY A. SCHWENKLER wlznrn, for his unselfish vjforts to make "THE SAGOYA W,4THA" a SLIFCGSS linzuzcially, zu' pay homage. 11983311 SAQEGDYAWATHA DILLON A. CADY, B.S., Ph.B. EMORY E. DONELSON, A.B. RENA ROCKWELL, A.M. MRS. MARY B. CADY, A.B. M. LOUISE GODFREY, A.B. JOHN E. COLGAN, A.B. MARY E. KEANE, A.B. MRS. GLADYS C. SMITH, A.B. HELEN M. IIIBISARD, B.S. MARY D. CONDON, B.S. MRS. MARY H. STEWART, B.S. ELIZABETH TASHJIAN, A.B. HARRIET N. KELLOGG, A.B. ISOREL K. INIARK, A.M. ROBERT C. Fox IIELEN F. SEKOL SALESM ANSHIP IIELEN SCIIERMERHORN SECRETARY IYIARY C. MITCHELL FACULTY FRANCIS R. PARKER, A.M., Principal DILLON A. CAIIY, B.S., Ph.B., Vice-Principal SCIENCE SYLVIA V. KCJTRIIA, B.S. SILAS F. PARRY, A.B. HISTORY KATHRYN L. DALY, A.B. ESTHER A. MCGOWAN, A.B. ENGLISH IANE M. BIRCHARD, A.B. MRS. JEANETTE P. DEIIEL, A.B. GRACE E. INIILLER, A.B. EDA B. STAIITERMAN, A.M. MATHEMATICS VLRA M. BANCE HEI.k1N E. BOWER, A.B. ANNA C. INTACINHRNEY, B.S. MRS. CELIA N. STOTT, A.B. LATIN GERTRUDE EPSTEIN, A.B. ANNA M. MCMAIION, A.B. MODERN LANGUAGES JULIA V. BROOKS, A.B. PHYSICAL EDUCATION ART PENMANSHIP NIARGA RET E. COLLINS HOME ECONOMICS IRENE M. DUNNE, A.M. AIIA B. WEST HQDSEH ANTHONY A. SCIIWENKLER, A.M. HELEN 1. TUCKER, M.S. KATHLEEN B. INIILLER, Ph.B. FREDERICK I. LEVERICII, A.B. RACHEL M. BOWEN, A.B. LOUISE K. GAMBLE, Ph.M. ALICE P. SCOTT, A.B. NIARCARI-LT BRETT, A.B. RURY A. HOPKINS, A.B. IIARRIET I. WIXON, A.B. Ll-INA B. LOGAN, A.B. M. BEATRICE ESPEY, A.B. MRS. CLARA MIINSON, A.B. NIARY O'DEA KATHERINE E. YOUJIANS, A.B. LIBRARIAN EIJZABI-I'l'H ELDRIDGE, B.S CU STODIAN ALTON PASSMORE LASSE QSM 41, -i SACGMDYAWMIHA Rom-3R'r CoRNw1f:1,L A1n.rNi: Mfxnsn President Vice-llresident Jams Slums ANc1:s JOHNSON Secretar 'Treasurer Y Dear Classmates: Commencement is almost here. 1927 has given place to 1931. Freshmen have be- come Seniors. All too soon we must leave old E. F. A. behind us. A new world of interests will be oursg new duties, new responsibilities, and new problems will confront us. But shall we forget these four years, or the institution which has nurtured us? No, never. For here we have been laying foundations for the future. Here we have made friendships, some of which will endure through life. Here we have learned of the faith- fulness and patience and friendly spirit of those who have taught us. Feelings of regret must be ours as we go. But with them, feelings of gratitudefgrati- tude for the privileges which our American system of education affords us, gratitude to our good city, gratitude to principal and institution, gratitude to parents. ive go. But we go with hopes for the best success of E. F. A. in days to come, and with good wishes to the members of the faculty. Let us cherish her fine traditions, and resolve that this class of 1931 shall always live faithful to them. Faitllfully yours. ROBERT CORNWELL. HS-D311 ELOISE AHN HENDY AVE. U. OF MICHIGAN uHappy am I, from care lim free, Why aren't they all content- eol like mefw Glee Club 3, 4g Agora 3, 43 Masquers 3, 4 fSec. 41 3 Vindex 3, 43 Junior Play3 Senior Ball Committee. BETTY ATWATER No. 5 P. C.. '4Bright enough, witty enough, .lust enough- Betty Agora 4 EUNICE BAKER No. 11 MEEKER7S Hflnd, as the bright sun glo- rifies the sky, So is her face illuminid by her eye." Sagoyawatha S t a f fg Mas- quers 2, 3, 4g Masquers Play 3, 4g Agora 43 Glee Club 2, 3g Girls' Debate 3. BARTRAM BANKS R G, PA. UNDECIDED thin h clers me or rlaunts ,fi 353353 tt' SAMDYAWATIIEHA I H933 , . ' RRIETTE ALPERT No. 11 NATIONAL PARK SEMINARY nStars are not the only ones that shinev Masquers l, 2, 3, 43 Vindex 2, 3, 4 fl3us. Mgr. 4-ll 3 Cvlee Club 33 Girls' Debate 33 Agora 2. EVELYN BACORN No. 11 ELMIRA COLLEGE HDevoted, anxious, generous, voifl of guile, Anrl with her whole hearfs welcome in her smile." Agora 43 International Rela- tions Club 4. HARRIETT BALTZ HENDY AVE. CORNELL U. MI-Iappy art thou, as if every zlay thou hadst picked up a horseshoe? Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 43 Ago- ra 43 Senior Ball Committee. DOROTHY BARCUS No. 1 ELMIRA COLLEGE 'Ll do not fear, I have a heart In whose strength I can trusty Agora 43 International Re- lations Club 4. X .uf it ' DORA BAXTER GRANVILLE CENTER ELMIRA COLLEGE ult's the little things that make the world go 'roundfi Girl's Reserves 4g Library Council l. EYELYN BENNETT 4' fj NO478 BRYANT AND STRAT- fr A 1 ft TON COLLEGE gfonsteiizcy is human na- turev Vinclex 3, 4. f L A EDWARD BOHLKE No. 10 ITI-IACA SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION '4Nothing can bereave him of the force he made his own" Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 4 gBaseball 4. JAMES BOTTCHER FLORIDA U. OF P. HLet us, then, be up and doing With a heart for any faten i SAGQDYAWVATHA 11983511 , 4 I eel within me a peace bove all earthly digntties, still and quiet conscience" DOROTHY BEMENT sro. 4 P. C. T6 f ' ' . . 1 z glee Club 2, 3, 4g Library l founcil 2, 3. I K BICKFORD xr 0. 11 COLCATE a. th orld laughs Ou? la .aw taffg Mas- , Q, fVice Presi- 3lg Masquers Play 2, Y 5 Y .I S 1 3, 4 fleacl 41' Forum 4' Fli- Y 3, 4gEtu3ent Council Iva 4 Vmdex 5 Ath ctic Councll 4 Senior Play g Senior Ball Committeeg l- fTreas.lg Ch. Spring Car- 1' 1 5 ' ' 9 - I ' 3 3 anjo Club 1 JUHIO P om ommitt e Your dneds are k 5 ' We BENJAMINB C vo. v I. ' ords that ki dle or om he t ew aptaln 4l Baseball 1 2 4 Basketball 2 3 4' ack 4g Chlef of Police .' ootball , 2, 3, 4 Bovs, Week. LEON BRAUDE vo. 1 TEMPLE U. ut uhat as yet 1 know not The deed I intend is great, 31 I V I , as N nterclass Basketball 35 'lasquers 4. ALICE BRAZDA , No. 8 ALBANY '!l'ATE ' COLLEGE Hllleasurisj ,not 7 lnen, have always b .hiker mark" Qt ROBERT BREESE No. 5 MEE1cER's NA careful man and a great f s r X scholarv XL f , M W s UMW' ln,-ao' STEPHEN BROWN No. 4 BLISS U. HA good name is better than bags of gold" Football 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 4g lnterclass Basketball 1, 2, 4. EDNA BUCKLEY ELMIRA I HTS N. .I , FORl 4'Silenc t sea on is tisd and vbettfil than any spe , Glee Club 3, 45 Agora 4. SACGMDW-KWATIHA HSDSBH GERALD BREESE No. 11 WESLEYAN fCONN.l MTurn him to any cause of policy The Cordian knot of it he will unloosev Vindex 3, 4 fAsso. Ed. 35 Circulation Mgr. 42 g Forum 3, 4 fVice-Pres. 453 Mas- quers 3, 43 Hi-Y 4, Student Council 4. MAR RETT ss. P. P. UNDECIDED HShe h s irits light as air, And a , rt that laughs at car ' Va ty a etball 2, 3, 4, ' Alpha appa 3, 4. f DOROTHY BUCKHOL No. 1 sr. J0gEPH,S Eos. MNothing is more simple than greatness, indeed, to be simple is to bvgreatn J. VVILLIAM BULLOCK sr. PATRICK,S NOTRE DAME NFriendship buys his friend- shipw Baseball 2, 3. lf- r X L Q, LILLIAN BUSHNELL No. 11 ELMIRA COLLEGE '71 merry maiden free from care, With sparkling eyes and wavy hairy Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4, Soccer 3. HELEN CANTER ACADEMY OF THE SACRED HEART IRochesterj SMITH COLLEGE 'glf popularity is the keynote to success, this young Iaclyis future is securew Sagoyawatha S t a f fg Clee Club 1, 3 fSec'y and Treas. 35 Q Agora 2, 3, Masquers 3, Masquers Play 3g Soccer 23 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Vin- dex 3, Phi Alpha Kappa 2, Student Council 3 fSec7y 33 g Junior Prom Commit- tee, Junior Ring Committeeg Senior Play fleadj. ti l ' ALS ix, REY .X 5 . if lCHfCi3i ' pi ve : oman. .R X Esta" 'Student I c 3, 4 Vi -Pres. 4Dg W X ' ' 4, Pr Junior Class, X la rs 3, g Masquers I Pla- g Carnival Commit- tee 3, Junior Ring Commit- tee, Senior Ball Committee. VINCENT CASSETTA No. 5 I-'ORDHAM U. "fin athlete and a mighty one, , 'Who plays the game until ifs done" Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 4, Interclass Basketball Ig Track 23 Rox- ing 1, MARTIN BYSTR No. II UNDE IDED g'Every man is the architect of his own fortunev as .j Rand 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4. 0 ' a GENEVIEVE CAREY No. 1 ARNOT-OGDEN '24s welcome as sunshine in every place, ls the beaming approach of a good natured facen Glee Club 2, 3. FRANK CARROZZA wo. 5 FORDHAM '24 football hero with pluck anzl jight, Aml that in itself is enough to writew Varsity Basketball 3, 4 ICO- Captain 41g Football 3, 43 Interclass Basketball 1, Box- ing 3, 4. FRANCIS CHAMBERLAIN No. I BUFFALO U. M000 cha 'a l t o un, and a smil verffjne,' 0rcheipa"2, 3, 4g Forum 3, 45 Hi-Y 4, Senior Ball Corn- milige' -I., K 'i K nf' SAXCGMDVPXWATHA iefj' LAURA CHAPEL NO. II ELMIRA COLLEGE M0011 made her small in or- fler to do a more choice bit of workmanshipl' Sagoyawatha S t a f fg Mas- quers 45 Chairman of Junior Ring Committeeg Glee Club WILLIAM CLARK NO. I1 U. OF P. c'Defer not till tomorrow to be wise, Tomorrowls san to thee may never risen HELEN CODET SAYRE, PA. KATHERINE GIBBS SCHOOL MA beautiful face is a silent commendationu Agora 3, 4. ROBERT CORNWELL No. 2 U. OF ROCHESTER ccCalm and unrufflecl as a summer sea, when not a breath of wind flies oler its surfacev Pres. Senior Class, Treas. ,Iunior Class, Forum 3, 4g Hi-Y 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Student Council 4. ANTHONY CIERI ST. V ANTHONY,S ALBANY SCH. OF PHARMACX 'gSmooth runs the water Where the brook is deepn Interolass Basketball 3, 4, Hand l, 2, 3. will iff LEN C ENIN NO. 2 A NOT-OGDEN "A life that leads melodious tlaysv Sagoyawatlia Stalfg Agora 3, 43 Senior Ball Committee. ' RUTH COLLIN NO. 8 WELLESLEY a'Fare of hair and fair of face, .4 picture of sweet and wholesome gracev Agora 3, 45 lVlaSquefS 3, 4, Vindex 4. , VA IA, AWFORD ST. L RZS 1 OSEFRHIS HOS. 61 I si 0 thgalzj u77rds c 1 ay, l X Ci es eS 4Xl it ' Y A fl l . , . NWN DOROTHY DAVIS No. ll I-JLMIRA COLLEGE HA Dot with much dashv Sagoyawatha Staffg Inter- class Basketball 1, 2g Var- sity Basketball 43 Soccer 3g Junior R i n g Committeeg Masquers 4-g Vindex 4. MARY DE SOCIO ST. ,xNTHoNY's UNDECID1-:D HThey,re only truly great, who are truly good.-H ,Aw fly!! ,www MARY DOANE HENDY AVE. ELMIRA COLLEGE :'Kind words are the music of the worlclf, Vindex 3, 4 fAdv. Mgr. 4- lg Bus.Mgr.4-25g Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 43 Agora 3, 4-3 Soccer fl, . it rr' 'll frvlvai I" 4 ALICE DOOLITTLE No. 5 ARNOT-OGDEN 'Tatience will overcome all things? SACGMDYPAWATFHA Haan HAROLD DAYKIN No. 5 UNDECIDED 'cflnfl I oft have heard de- fended Hhittle saicl is soonest mend- edf' DOROTHY DIMON A No. 1 ,Ig G. 'f daylf R ' -ah hou-r for S ' . 'K K x i But iend shortw Ji Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 49 Soc- cer 3. if X xx, -S MARGARET R XOMBROSKI ST. CE IA,S T. JOSEPH,S iii Xl HOSPITAL 4' 'he filtl smile, the sym- ym het r,7!X lg -- X' vi-. HARRY DRAKE HENDY AVE. CORNELL '4Charms strike the eye, but merit wins the souli' ROBERT ATWATER No. 5 U. OF MICHIGAN MEre he was born, the stars of fate Plottecl to make him rich and greatf, Hi-Y 4. v' . JJ J jJ KJ . XIAMES Nl?CH0RN R,6CHESTER, gmt. Ni- 'S . X 1 UNDECIDED - IJQY4 mahlsf gk is always light if his h , t is lightly Forum 3,h 4. MARY ERVIN ST. I'ATRICK,S ELMIRA COLLEGE '4Nothing turns up in this world until someone turns it up" Agora 3, 4. BERNARD ETKIND No. 2 COLUMBIA U. MThy whole countenance is a certain silent language of the minrlf' SMYIQDYAWATFHA wan THELMA No. 11 EASTERBROOK ELMIRA c0I.L1-:GE 4'Patience is a. fl wer that grows not X in ev r garclenlq 1 gora 5, 4. ff Glee C lu I, 3 I fo xx LOUIS DER J. ll- UNDECIDED Pr e is beauty of souln Lf K VX- 45+ 0 Q JANE ESPEY N0 11 CORTLAND NORMAL "4 girl she seems of cheer- f yesterdays and confident tomorrowsw Phi Alpha Kappa 3. 4 Qpres. 4M Vindex 3. 4. MAX ETKIND No. 1 U. OF MICHIGAN Elie who has a heacl wonlt want for at haf, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Boxing 3, 4. FRANCIS EVANS No. ll ROCHESTER 7 DENTAL SCHOOL 'Tllen of few Vwordpsgare the best of meri"'f,fil" H1.Y QMQ4, 1 p rv 1 I '- I f MARGARET FENNELL ST. PATRICK,S PRATT '71 good hearfs worth goldw Glee Club 2, 3g Agora 3, 4. A hllx J CORNELIA FORBES No. 11 BOSTON U. HA little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men Sgoyawatha Staffg Varsity , l 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4 QTreas. Byg Soccer 3g Masquers 2g Athletic Council 4. MARGUERITE GANUNG HENDY AVE. UNDECIDED CG ' 7 ' ' Fazr natures sweet simpli- city with elegance refznedfa Sagoyawatha Staff. SACGKKDYEXXWATFHA CARL F ALLETTA ST. ANTHONY7S UNDECIDED RTO be a hne gentleman is to be a generous and a brave many ROBERT FLAHERTSQ Sw . RICK,S K Gfliaughing cheer 'ul ss 'A thro sunt' . on paths fof f'.'ffVQ1 if - L Forum 3,41 qseif. Axle Bai: bg' ltall 3. up H' K X , w A 'Q .2 MARGARET FRISKE SOUTHSIDE HIGH f ff fNAZARETH COLLEGE Wltargftfls gzod aniygi- out pretense, lgisfd' with r ason and oomnfoif Girl Reserves 4. , ROSALIE COULD NO. ll ELMIRA COLLEGE 'GWho does not feel the might. thevmajesty of love- Iiness?U ' A Vipdex 3,4 fflditorjg Stu- dent Council 3, 43 Vice-Pres. ,I niof'1CIassg Junior Ring CO mitteeg Masquers 4g SO iomore B O O lc a Review Prize Vllinnerg Junior Play. HQLDSSBH A f ff' CA GRAV s ST. PA CSX 'IVIBIA S H. DXENTA GIENE :cRea in haf? ready in x han .i I l I if ANNA GREEN No. 2 .UNDECIDED g'Gracious and hind and loyal as the day.'7 MARY GRIFFIN ss. P. P. ST. JosEPH's Hos. ulietter be small and shine, than to be great and cast a shadowfi Glee Club I, 2. abd ,Q -. .. g --' - - . , :E-ji X Ng V Q n -gr, .L . ' ' ' , ix bs!- A X ' xi HELEN HARRINCTON No. 5 MEEKER,S HThought is the soul of actf, Library Council 2. Saooyawmaa A Wi HENDY AVE. ELMIRA COLLEGE MDeeds survive the doerv Vindex 3, Ll- fAsso. Ed. 4-lg 1 Masquers 43 Masquers Play 45 Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 45 I Soccer 3g Sophomore Book Review Prize Wlinner. DOROTHi ERIFFIN AM y I l No. 5 UNDECIDE 'gMy tongue within my lips I rein, For who talks t 0 much must I talk in vain7,Nf!,jl,Vp l PEARL HAGER No. II MATRIMONY I g'She's heautifulg andthere- fore to be w0o,dg She is a wornang therefore to be wonj' Orchestra 2, 3. , . X Q -JJ0 . rv V ffo' ,QE F ' HARRIS . 11 HEIDELBERG COLLEGE 5GWhose honor cannot be measured or combined." Sagoyawatha Staffg Vindex ll l'Asst. Bus. Mgr. 4-Zlg Carnival Committee 3g Mas- quers 'lg Senior Ball Com- mitteeg Hi-Y 4Lg Mgr. Senior Play. 11983311 SESCGQDYEKWAXTIHA HOWARD HASKELL No. 5 CORNELL ul worry not, for whatis the use? To worry bores one like the deucef' Sagoyawatha Staff, Hi-Y 4, Junior Prom Committeeg Junior Ring Committee. ROBERT HERRICK No. 5 MACKENZIE PREP HThe gracious boy, who did adorn The world whereinto he was born? EDWIN HINES WATERT N,iN1Y., MEEKER,S an wa My be a g ' . A Masquers Play 43 Senior Play. RAYMOND SEELY No. 8 CHICAGO ART INSTITUTE uHi.v pencil was striking, re- sistless, and grandf, Sagoyawatha Artist, Vindex Cartoonist 2, 3g Banjo Club 2, 3g Track 3, 4. H S9833 Il Jo fslfwlvde Q WEBSTER HASKINS HENDY AVE. P. G. :EDU well and right and let the world sinkf? Track 1, 2, 3, 4. MARGERY HESSLER No. 4 UNDECIDI-:D "1 leave my greatness unex- pressed,- I leave my greatness to be guessed? JOSEPH HUDINSKI sr. P.-XTRICK,S CORNELL HA laugh is worth a hundred groans in any marlcetf, I-li-Y 4, Forum 2, 3, 4g Or- chestra l, 2, 5g Band 1, 2. ROSE ALICE HUGHES ST. PATRICK,S CORTLAND NORMAL 'gThe best strength of a wo- rnun is shown in her daily deeds and characterf, Sagoyawatlia Staffg Agora 23 Girl Reserves 2, ffl' 4-f ,A fl f , 'VVV A ' V . flf' "' MARJORIE PINRLEY ST. PATRlCK,S . ELMIRA COLLEGE 'Tleasure and action make the hours seem shortfi Sagoyawatha Editor, Vindex 3, 4 flVlanaging Ed.J , Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4 fSec. 45 , Varsity Basketball 2, 3, lVlaS- quers 3, 4, Orchestra l , Soc- cer WINIFRED JAYNE No. 11 SAVAGE SCH. or PHYSICAL CULTURE nlfer sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleecef' Girl Reserves 3, 4, Inter- class Basketball 2. I J , ,f .5 r Y tb' l u . j-1 Q LJ NEW KELxYL,' If'I.oRIBy , 'MX ROCHESTER J MECH. INST. NCly2erfulness and content great beautifiersfi Phi,Alpha Kappa 4, Vindex l. WILLIAM KOSAR No. 4 RENSALAER IfoLY. INST. NThe only way to keep a secret is to say nothingf' lnterclass Basketball 3, 4. SQMEIQDIVAWAIFHA ' l . r 'l . 5, l" Ag- . W X -. f , . HSDSSBH " HAEu ROBERT HUTCHINSON No. 11 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE Hflnfl when a ladyis in the case, You know, all other things give placef, Student Council 4 fPres.lg Masquers l, 2, 3, 4, lVlaS- quers Play 1, Football 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Junior Prom Ch., Senior Ball Committee, ANGUS JOHNSON No. 2 P. G. "The intent, not the deed, is in his power, and therefore who dares greatly, does greatlyf' Forum 3, 4 fPreS. 4j , Hi-Y 4, Masquers 3, 4, Vindex 4, Treas. Senior Class, Student Council 4, Senior Ball Ch. JANET KIMBALL UTICA, N. Y. WELLESLEY "So light of foot, so light of spiritf, Sagoyawatha Stall, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4 fVice Pres. 4j, Junior P r o m Committee, Masquers 4, Vindex 4, Soc- cer 3. EUGENE KOTUR LEMBIQRG, UKRAINE NORTHEASTERN U. "The most manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheer- fulnessf, I Vindex 4. j 1' r ur VR' J Q HELEN KRUCKOW ss. P. P. UNDECIDED 6'Good nature is the proper soil upon w h i e h virtue growsf? MARION LESZYK ST. CASIMlR,S UNDECIDED HI would rather have the ajectionate regard of my fellow men than I would have heaps and mines of goldf, Girls Reserves 4. FRANCIS LISI sr. AN'rHoNY,s MEI-:KER's c'0ne today is worth two lomorrowsf, MARJORIE LOGAN N. Y. CITY UNDECIDED :Vin eloquence scarce given to mortalsf, Masquers 43 Senior Play. SAGGDYEKWATHA HSIDSSSH A X. rj I LIZABE H LANE No. I ST. JOSEPH,S Hos. Hfilways smiling, always 8099 She takes it easy along life's wayf, Inlerclass Basketball I, 2g Girl Reserves 4. LOUIS LEVENTHAL No. I COLUMBIA U. HThe man who wins is the man who works, Who neither labor nor trou- hle shirksf, Forum 3, 4g Interclass Bas- ketball 2, 3. BERNARD LOCHERN ss. P. P. HOLY cRoss " ,Tis impious of a good man to be sadf, ROBERT MALONEY sr. P,xTR1cK7s NOTRE DAME ul-lim strong genius urged to roumf' Forum 2, 3, 4 lTreas. 31g Vindex 2, 3, 4 lAsso. Ed. 4-I 3 Hi-Y 3, 4g Student Council 4g Masquers 2, 3, 4g Supt. of School Boys, Wk. 3. JTDJK fyvvff-VxJ7 Joy f' SEMBQDWSWMIHA FLORENCE LOVELL No. 11 ELMIRA COLLEGE HEarth has not anything to show more fair? .. Wall MWXAALQQLE ,YONS P, sr. Mm E ' L CO LA DNORMAL M he strongest passion which l have is honorf, Agora 4, International Rela- tipns Club 4. x, UR MADDEN br ,' IDA UNDFICIDED SJ K M ' dm do an that may be- A, X f , come a rnang r Who dares do more is nonef, Forum 3, 4g Masquers 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Senior Play fleaclj 3 Masquers Play Mgr. 4. WILLIAM MALONEY O HY LYON NO. P. G. 424 more to her than gold or gain, The .skillful hand and cul- tivated brainf, Sagoyawatha Staff, Vindex 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves l, 2, Agora 3, 4 fPres. 4l, Student Council 45 Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4. A 1 f ,A M wr x l . V, If,H!l,, ,lf f L MARION MACKAY No. 1 CORNELL U. uWhatever is worth doing at", all, is worth doing wellfy K lnternational Relations Glu. 4 lSee.l. ' 'tiki l RUTH MADDEN FLORIDA ELMIRA COLLEGE H5he has a lovely face, Cod in his mercy lent her graeef, Masiluers 4, Masquers Play 41 Agora 4. LOUIS MANN V I sr. PAT ICli,S OTRE DAME 0141! n C around to No. 2 NEW YORK U. them w wil 5 twaitj' ciqiich good-looking fellows In Ba b ll 1 3 1181797 stay single? 4,5 H 7 Baseball 2, 33 Track 2, 3, Qq K ML h A lnterclass Basketball 2. ' fl., t it AJ xi x T l l, 3 ' HQSBH ll A za 3 ' X, 4 mf A I F I an if . C W. . , I lf, i' l ll fx ' , .A ' ff, ARLINE MARSH No. 11 ELM1RA COLLEGE "Grace was in her steps, heaven in her eyes, In every gesture dignity and love.,7 Junior Ring Committee, Ag- ora 3, 4, Phi Alpha Kappa, Vindex 3, 4 fAsso Ed.J , Senior Rall Chairman, Vice- Pres. Senior Class. . -Qs - FE, NC X RRY! fXST'.PATRICK,S 2' X NELLU. f' ' rds are the nly things th tqbkh 67612 ,f . ' i i4l pa 3, 4, Mas- ' quers 2, 3, 4, Agora 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3. M, x ' 1 FRANCIS MOCKLER No. 8 Norma DAME uBid me discourse, I will en- ehant thine earsf, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Track 3, 4, lnterclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fPres. 41. FLORENCE MYERS No. 1 sr. JosEPH,s HosP. uHer air, her manner, all who saw adrniredf' Glee Club 2. 3. r . , i 1' I A! . 4 sl K SACEGDYAXWATIIEHA HQDSSBH i 20 CUSHING MCGRATH HENDY AVE. U. s. N. A. '6Variety,s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor." Track 3, 4, Forum 3, 4 fTreas. 43, Hi-Y 4, Cheer Leader 4. ADELINE MEZUR sr. cssimnfs ELMIRA coL1.EcE ULo'1'e, sweetness, goodness, ' ' 2 73 ln her person shin d. A gora 4. BERNICE MURPHY ST. cECEL1.A,s sT. JosEPH,s Hos. MI care not, Fortune, what you rne deny, You cannot rob me of free nature's gracef, Phi Alpha Kappa 4. FLORENCE O'BRIEN sr. PATRICK,S CORNELL U. nShe is not one who thinks too little and talks too muchf, Clee Club 3, 4. SACMDYAWATIHA ELEANOR O,CONNOR No. 8 STRONG MEM. Hos. 5'Honest labor bears a lovely facef' ISADORE PARKER No. LL NEW YORK U. "Thought is deeper than all speeehg Feeling is deeper than all thoughtf, Interclass Basketball I, 2. WILLIAM PATCHEN JERSEY SHORE U. 01-' P. "A bashful boy is he, as shy as can be found He will simply not be where, there are girls around." Banjo Club 3, 4. JUNE PERKINS H DYvsyEa-.., CORNELL 'G nhnite humor and un- atchednggwityf' Sagoyal thai , Council 4g Senior Play Castg Junior Playg Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4g Agora 43 Mas- quers 4. use ll . ' D RAYMOND PAINTER HENDY AVE. UNDECIDED. 4'Not a man of iron but of ' live oakf, 1 X I 1, X A ,W A - 1 flfl 6944 ill' 5 ROBERT PARKINSON HORNELL, N. Y. UNION uThere's not a wind but whispers of thy narnef, Hi-Y 4. No. 5 UNDECIDED MWho lives without folly is not so wise as he thinlcsf' EDGAR PEET S Interclass Basketbal l. I. NJ OUISE PETERS NO. 4 P. c.. 4'Th 2 f gh that winf, SAGGDYAWATHA s'3 ETERSON 'N E. UNDECIDED amel Where is thy ushw, Track 2, 3, 4. I . . 1 CORNELL U. W hateler he did was done with so much ease, In him alone 'twas natural to pleasef' 67 NDISH PIPER '3 Interclass Basketball 3, Hi- Y 4. MALCOLM PRENTICE No. 2 UNDECIDED 'The teachers always dis- cover my faults, They never appreciate my charmsf, NJIWANCIS ROBIN ST. PATRICK,S CORNELL U. uOne who where 'ere he moved Drew after him the hearts of manyf' Forum 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 4g Base- ball 3, 4g Senior Rall Com- mittee. H9333 31 Il FREDERICK PETZKE ST. I'ATRICK,S BUCKNELL HLet labor meet delight half- way. Interclass Basketball 1, 2g Track 41. DANIEL PUNZO sr. ANTHONYJS TULANE "Whoever excels in what we prize, Appears a hero in our eyesf, Varsity Football 2, 3, Co- Captain Elect 43 Interclass Basketball I, 23 Basball 3, 1143 Jr. and Sr. Boxing Teams. ALFRED ROBINSON No. Il BLISS ELEC. sc. Hlj he has any faults, he has left us in doubt, At least in four years we could not find him outfj Hi-Y 4. HELEN ROSE No. 8 MARTHA WASHINGTON 'lLife,s a jest and all things show it, I thought so once, and now I know itf' Agora 2, 3. 4, Vindet-1 I, 2, Masquers I, 2, 3, 4, Mas- quers Play 2. SAGKIDYPSWATHA lx r xx 'X CI? . a A .Xa ,wr A as 'BETTY RUDY RAC UEDIGER B1NcHAMToN, N. Y. No. 8 STRONG MEM. Hos. WELLESLEY "To doubt her fairness were to want an eyef, KATHLEEN RYAN No. 2 KATHERINE GIBBS uShe moves a goddess, She looks a queenf, Sagoyawatha Staff, Student Council l. JERIS SAYRE ELTVIIRA H EIGHTS ELMIRA COLLEGE Mr know we anything so x 'r f IM 1 s is the smile upon tty face." ,Senior Class Sec., Masquers 4g Agora 43 Phi Alpha Kap- pa 3, 4, Vindex 2, 3, 4 KEX- ohange Ed. 43 Q Cheer Lead- er 4. RUTH SHERMAN NO. 11 SYRACUSE U. 'There is no truer heartedf, Glee Club 4. nas Il ROCHESTER, N. Y. 'lWhen once our grace we have forgot- Nothing goes rightf' VVILKES VVISE , " 5 A if ,"P.G. A mar ea be wisef, MARGUERITE SCUDDER No. 2 UNDECIDED Hfd rather be a small yet audible voice, than but a big noisefl Library Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Cfreas. 3, 4-lg Glee Club 4, Agora 4. SALLY SHULMAN No. l SYRACUSE U. NThere is a woman at the beginning of all great thingsf, Sagoyawatha Business Mgr., Agora 2, 3, 43 Vindex 2, 3, Masquers 2, 3, 4 lPres. 4lg Glee Club lg Student Coun- eil 4g Senior Play. SIMTICIDYE-KWMIHA EDITH SMITH IIENIW AVE. MEEKER,S ulife ' ove . , , e pi at n, rogr U VI 3 . ' I ' . LQ .AJfL"' Qyrloff ' ELINOR STERLING No. II CORNELL "Cheerfulness c a n drive away a world of sorrowf, Vindex 3, 4, Phi Alpha Kap- pa 3, 4. I , ' I ffl GENEVIEVEJ HIRQMIQI Nkji I .UNl?ECjJD!E'6 2' e, above llijis the rn t ey Jgoiozjfldzkf' Librar 'ncil 3 fSec.tg Girl Regis 4. LEO SUTKOWSKI ST. CASIMIR,S OHIO U. 'gYou never can tell what this fellow will dog He has a habit of surprising you? Football 3. 4. 11293335 33 Il ,,, -f.l',,,,V VHA, V K MARY-KATHXRYN SNYDEII OAK PARK, ILL. U. OF MICHIGAN uThe actress, like the poet, is born, not made? Sagoyawatha Stall, Agora 3, 4 fVice-Pres. 49, Vindex 3, 4, Masquers 3, 4 fTreas. 49, Masquers Play 3, 4 llead 413 Glee Club 3, Junior Play, Senior Ball Committee, Senior Play. KENNETH STREETER No. 5 CORNELL HRare compound of oddity, frolic and fun, Who relishes a joke and re- joices in a punf, Sagoyawatha Staff, Hi-Y 3, 4 lSec. 43 3 Student Council 45 Interclass Basketball 3, Senior Play, Junior Ring Committee. FRANCES SUPPLE ss. P. If. sr. JOSEPH,S Hos. Hllly smiles must be sincere, or not at allf, Phi Alpha Kappa 3, 4g Var- sity Basketball 3, 4. CHARLES SWIFT NO. II BUCKNELL 'iWork is work and must be done, But as I work I have my funf, Sagoyawatha Business Mgr., Vindex 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 45 Football 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, , f lt fSec. 3, Vic Pres. fJo SAGQDYEKWATHA BELA TIFFT HORSEHEADS CORNELL U. 'There was a man who built his character upon a rock.'7 .ELIZABETH TUCKER si. PATRICIQS QNDECIQED4 Njood humor andtgerierosity c rry the day y.y?y'U1,e.p'op- ular, heart all the world over." GEORGE VAN KURIN No. 5 EASTMAN sc. or' MUSIC HAZ! music is what awakens from you when you are re- minded by the instrumentsf, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. .X iii L G VOC L No. 2 P. G. M1-Ionor lies honest toilf' lnterclass Basketball 1, 2. H2983 34 Il KATHERINE TOWART No. 11 ELMIRA COLLEGE 'LA daughter of the gods, di- vinely tall, and most divine- iy fair. D Vindex 3, 4g Phi Alpha Kapoa 45 Masquers 3, 43 Senior Ball Committee. X . fa x' K , . Q X N wx MILDRED VAN AUKEN NO. 11 GENESEO NORMAL 'Taithfulness and sincerity are her jirst principiesf, Librarv Council l, , 3, 4 fPr Ish, 19' Aff- .,, N I ELAER R OLY. INST. 'G l vt . io s of his life do s owffle is not in the role of common menfi F ' 1 . VA ENSS SYBIL VOLKER HENDY AVE. PRESBYTERIAN HOS. nLabor is the law of happi- nessff Banjo Club 2, 3g Junior Play. fu Q - 4 I 1 ' ' 1 Q21 1 I f 5.8 JAMES WEIGLE ST. C.-XSIMIR,S UNDECID1-:D 4'The man who masters him- self is freef' KENNTEH WEST No. 11 BUCKNELL 'Thrice noble is the man who of himself is king? Hi-Y 43 Senior Play. EDMUND WHITE L'TICA, Y. MICHIGAN TECH. MA man more pure and bold and just 1 Was never born. unto the earth." Forum 4. JAMES VVILSON ST. CECELIA,S UNDECIDED 'Ullichief thou art afoot Take what course thou wiltf, Sagoyawatha Staff. SEMTMDYAWATFHA ls: s-- . Hassan RONALD WELLS No. 5 UNDECIDED G'My only books were wo- manas looks, And folly,s all they,1Je taught mef, PHYLLIS WHEELER HENDY AVE. U. OF P. HSuceess is getting what you wantg Happiness is wanting what you getf, Agora 4g Masquers 45 Vin- dex 4. s- LOUISE WILLIAMS No. 5 UNDECIDED g'Quiet but not idlef, WW SAMDYAWATFHA CLASS HISTORY The class of 1931 is about at the end of its career. It has enjoyed four full years of interesting and eventful life, and now is ready to leave the destinies of E. F. A. to its successors. The class was not organized until the beginning of its junior year, when Halsey Carey was elected presidentg with Rosalie Gould as vice-presidentg Marjorie Hurley, secretary, and Robert McGredy. treasurer. The class instituted the idea of Junior Day, and on May 9 held a Junior Prom at the Country Club. an event that was voted most successful by all who attended. Becoming seniors. the class named Robert Cornwell as presidentg Arlene Marsh, vice- Jresident: Jeris Sa 're, secretary and Angus Johnson, treasurer. l Y n U At Christmas time the class sold greeting cards as a means of raising funds, and in February brought Captain Hliobw Bartlett for a lecture on L'The Land of the Eskimosf' But in this venture the funds disappeared! The audience was so small that it might have been a committee meeting. But the doughty llxplorerjs fee had to be paid just the same! Vlie made good, however, a few Weeks later. when, on March 21, the Senior Ball was held at the Mark Twain l-lotel. This was a big success both as a social affair and as a means of replenishing the treasury. The Senior Play was presented in the auditorium on Thursday and Friday, April l5 and 16. The members of the cast did credit to the class, under the able coaching of Mr. Colgan. As we Write, the Senior Reception still lies ahead, so we can only note it with pleasurable anticipation. This will bring to a close the social activities of the class, and Commencement will be the next and last great event. Then we separate. each to go his or her own way. But always with deep affections for E.F.A., and keen appreciation of what the old school has done for us. Signed ROBERT CORNWELT. naar saeoyawattta CLASS WILL To Whom It May Concern: Wie. the class of l93l of the Elmira Free Academy. being of alleged sound mind and memory. do hereby publish our last will and testament. FlRSTffw'v6 bequeath to the Junior Class:- l. The joy and privilege of composing briefs. year books. and what have you. 2. The prohts and cute little yellow tickets remaining from the Captain Bob Bartlett lecture. fm. The brass band for a concert to raise year book funds. 4. The unusual number of honor students and their brilliant intelleets. -1 Srzcoxn-We bequeath to the faculty:- l. The privilege of relating to future generations our remarkable records. 2 Kid brothers and sisters-the oncoming menaees to the school. 3. A new supply of sarcastic remarks to wither the most conceited youngsters. THlRDfbYv6 bequeath to individualszf l. To Paul Henstridge. Bob Maloney's brass buttons and wanderlust. 2. To Julius Lewis. Bob Cornwellls silence. 3. To anyone that wants them, the Vindex pirate costumes. fl. To Alice Faul. Helen Canter,s popularity. 5. To the Erie Barge Canal, Dan Lewis, shoes. 6. To Vincent Casselta, accident insurance. 7. To Mrs. Munson, quiet and peace in Room 16. 8. To Max Easton. athlete's feet. 9. To Ivan Daugherty. Bob Turnbullis position as Mrs. Deuelis shadow. lil. To anv four demented maidens, ,lune's. Hattie's, Phil,s. and Edithis positions as hash- slingers at the Hi-Y so-called luncheons. FOURTH' -We bequeath :-- l. To The Vindex, 999 subscriptions. 2. To Masquers. regular and orderly meetings. 3. To Agora. some debaters. 4. To the girls' basketball games. bleachers. 5. To the school. bigger and better single sessions. SI-gill!!! by-W J. E. P. ,XND H. E. B.. Oyffirirzl vgwcufors of the Class of 'Sl 37 1 . uf' 4 mx ,. ,J 3.1 vt' gym S f smfqvyaxwmwa 9 0 J If ' 105 If JJ Sf ,XX Q Ji X L' I fic' J I " n LASS IOR C JUN D '-1 il B Q I H-K -J X4 . .L JX x . Q ,x x. N. S 'Y 6 ,K E A. k -xii in- V J' . ?,f fn-'f'j"Jff-jf! X ' I .Ai--Nww 'i ,fr--E7 Cjify fs . L- K'-"F"-. , l V -1.421 R, HQQDSQBILW-lv 2 W wx. -N, 5 N, b , , N41 E, :af-1 H gy-A f' Z""'x X' L - -X--,A 'gain ., SAGEQDYAWATHA HQSBHW-+ 39 cf, T W . f W! ,A 2' .ASS SOPHOMORE CI M 1: A I 3 .J 4 'N X S ia 29 2 1 4 SAGQDYAWATHA 7 HQD3Hw-+ Tl ITIIQ -fl-1147 7-' I-xl' SAMDVAWATHA THE NSAGOYAWATHAR STAFF l lVlXRJORlE l'll,1RI.EY ,,.,.... Editor-in-Clzief Sully SHFLM-W V . HlLSl.H,f:'SS ,llanagers LH,xR1.Es Swn-'T Miss HELEN SEROI. . . . A Art Adviser MR. ANTHONY SCHWENRLER . , Faculty Adviser LITERARY STAFF BUSINESS STAFF JACLR RICRFORD FRxNR HARRIS KENNETH STREETI-IR HALSEY CAREY JxXE'1' KIMBALL HOWARD l'lASIiI-ILL JUNE PERKINS NIARY-KATHRYN SNYOER DOROTHY l,J.u'Is HELEN CANTER L.xItR.x CHWEL KATHLEEN RYAN EVNICE RAR ER The "Sagoyawatlia" Staff expresses its deepest appreciation to Mr. Schwenlcler, Miss Selcol, ancl Miss Bircharcl of the faculty for their advice and supervision in the work of producing this hook. Also we wish to thank Robert Cornwell. Raymond Seely, Rose Alice Hughes. Marguerite Genung, Helen Clendenin. Elinor Sterling, and Dorothy Lyon of the senior class and Harry O'l7onnell of the junior class, for their Cooperation. 11293311 SAGQDYEKWATHA lWARY-KATHRYN IYDER ROGER BREMER FRANK HARRIS llERRICK CHAPMAN JERALD BREESE CHARLES SWIFT ANGUS JOHNSON HELENE MIATHEWS ELOISE AHN VINDEX STAFF Those In The Picture Are: KATHERINE EATON DOROTHY DAVIS JANET KIMBALL ELEANOR STERLING RUTH PARK KATHERINE TOWART l'lI-ILEN CANTER DOROTHY LYON RUTH COLLIN EMILY GRANT MARY DOANE NIARJORIE HURLEY MRS. DEUEI. ROSALIE COULD HARRIETTE ALPERT ARLINE MARSH JERIS SAYRE ROSALIE COULD ..... Editor-in-Chief MQNIIJORIE HURLEY . , Managing Editor lvl.-XRY DOANE . . Business Manager ARLINE lh'lARSH . . . Editorial Page HARRY O,DONNI-ZLL . . , Sports Editor JERALD BREESE . , Circulation Manager CHARLES SWIFT . . . . Humor EMILY GRANT . . . . , Feature Editor MRS. JEANETTE DEUEL ....... Faculty Adviser The staff of the Vinclex has Successfully piloted its newsy craft across the ever-changing sea of another school year, recording faithfully all school news and offering original and unusual reading in the way of its editorial and humor pages. Emharking in September, l93O, on the Second year of its puhlication as a weekly, the Vindex has continued this policy as nearly as possible except for a partial swing hack to the lui-weekly in l93l. The features of the year have been the l2-page Christmas edition and several 6 and 8-page 1933531 editions. 7 SAGQDYEKWATHA N STUDENT COUNCIL X Those In The Picture Are: l"R.xNcIS MOCIQLEII JLNE PERKINS MAIIY CoPLr:Y GERALD BREESE ARLINI-I iw,-XRSH HELEN CIINTER JOHN DELIINEY DOROTHY LYON ROBERT HITTCHINSON ROBERT CORNWELL TTOSALIFI COULD Jxcli RICIQFOIID KENNETH STREETEI: Ll-TOY.-X PALTROWITZ HxLSI-:Y CAREY :XNGLES JOHNSON OFFICERS HOB!-IRT HI'TcHINsoN . . . . . . President TTALSEY CIIIEY . . Vice-President TTI-'LEN CANTER . . . . Secretary Jimi BICIQEORII . . . . . Treasurer MRS, CIARA D. MLNSON . .,F,l,-A111 MISS K-ITIILEEN NTILLER Wu U Miers TlIe active work of the Student CoIIncil this year has clone a great deal toward maintain- ing the excellent reputation that the Academy lIas hnilt up in past years. TlIe outstanding achievement of the Council has heen the sponsoring of eight assembly Speakers. The annual Spring Carnival. under the direction of the Student Council and the Senior Class, was staged in the halls of the school on May l. This was 0116 of the most brilliant affairs of the year with each organization of the school taking part. Through tlIe efforts of tlIe Council, IICW fountains were installed in the lIalls and the Yinrlex othce was refurnished. After school dances, the chartering of huses. and the selling of arm hancls during tlIe foot- hall season were among the yearls activities. 1193311 SAGQDYAWATHA First Violin GEORGE VANKLTRIN JOHN IQING GERALDINE IVES WILLIAM SHEMOIN THERESA COSTELLO ROSE CONNELLY Flute STEWART PETERSON HENRY COLLIN Clarinel GERALD PRITCHARD HENRY FISCIIMAN Horn LOWELL MOSS ORCHESTRA Bass FRANCIS CHAMBERLAIN Taba LAWRENCE DRAPER Trombone JAMES COLETTAI Baritone FLOYD SWEET Drums J-XMES FIARPER Viola AGNES OLIVER GEORGE J. ABBOTT, Conductor Second Violin HELEN BOARDMAN BEBE LOUCHRY RICHARD GETMAN BYRON PHELPS ERNEST PRUYNE lvl.-XRGARE'I' SHEIVE LOUISE HANCOCK NELLIE SPENCER Trumpet RAYMOND HAUY'ER MARTIN BYSTROM Piano ESTHER YVILLIAMSON LOUIS LIDDIARD The orchestra has had another very successful year under the leadership of Mr. Abbott. The Orchestra played at the Masquers and Senior plays, besides weekly performances in assembly. The Annual Spring Concert with the Glee Club will be held May 22. May 8, the orches- tra traveled to Endicott for the annual convention of orchestras and bands of the Southern Tier. 119333311 , SACGICZDYAWMIHA Clarinet WILLIAM MATHEWS RODMAN ROMAYNE LAWRENCE DOOLITTLE GERALD PRITCHARD DIEWITT DALY HENRY FISCHMANN ROBERT BALL OLIVER LIBBY LESTER PIERCE PHILLIP WALKER ROGER HUNT Flute RICHARD HOWLAND Piccolo FRANKLIN HARLAN BAND Saxophone SHELDON CLARK NlARSHALL TERRY HOWARD SCHNECK Baritone FLOYD SWEET CHARLES CAREY WILLIAM NOWILL Tuba LAWRENCE DRAPER WILLIAM BAUER Trombone CHARLES FARMER FLOYD PECK YVILFRED KELTS JACK lvll-IRRILL WVILLIAXNI BIERY, Director Trumpets RAY HAUVER lVlART1N BYSTROM CLARENCE STEPPE CHARLES BICDONALD ROBERT CULVER ERWIN HARVEY SAM SMITH LEONARD SHEER KENNETH FRYER WVILLIAM SCHIEFEN Percussion DON ALD JAYNES NORMAN HELD Horn LOWELL MOSS GEORGE DOSTMAN Under the capable direction of Mr. Biery, the Boys' Band has made great progress th1S year, During the football Season, it played at all the important games. The Band gave a concert in the Fall to help raise funds for the Year Book. 11933331 K I xt rv E W?iS-ACMDYAWATHA l EVELYN BACORN DOROTHY BARCUS CYNTHIA WFHITE RUTH FRENCH MARY ERVIN JANE VFHITFORD PRISCILLA ECGLESTON lvl,-XRY DOANE ELEANOR WWHITEMAN HARRIETT BALTZ NIARGARET KELLY BIARCARET ANDREWS DOROTHY DRATII AGORA Those In The Iicture Are: HELEN LYONS ALICE FAUL EDNA BUCKLEY AILEEN BROICH AGNES BROICH RUTH lX'lADDEN JERIS S.-XYRIC PHYLLIS XVHEELER HELEN CANTER SALLY SHULMAN JUNE PERKINS FREIIA HORWITZ THELM-'A E,-XSTIERBROOK EIIWINA BUTLER ISARELLE EPSTEIN AIRLINE NIERICLE BETTY ATWATER MARY-KATIIRYN SNYDER DOROTIIY LYON HELEN CLENDENIN ELOISE AHN' EUNICE BAKER RLTTH COLLIN lxlgtllll-I lVl'XClxlAMARA AIIELINE llflEZUR OFFICERS DOROTHY LYON . . .... , President MARY-KATIIRYN SNYDER , . Vice-President HELEN CLENDENIN . . Secretary-Treasurer MISS KOTRBA . , Debate Adviser MISS CAMBLE .,... .... P 'acuity Adviser The past year has been a very interesting and successful One for the Agora Debatin Society. Early in the Fall, twenty IIew members were admitted. The clulfs activities have consisted of varied programs and parties, as well as debates On topics Of curreIIt interest Several joint meetings have been held with the Forum Debating Society. HQDZBBH SAGQDYEXWATHA 1 fl' If JOSEPH CLI-IARY FRANCIS CHAMBERLAIN HERRICK CHAPMAN GEORGE TUTTLE HARRY O,DONNEI.L DAVID HORWITZ XVALTER BLOSS JOHN DELANEY EDMUND WHITE ROBERTS ROSE ROGER MCGRATH YWYILLIAM WTIPFLER FORUM Those In The Picture Are: WILLIAM NIILLER MR. COLGAN PETER RUTIKN HAROLD EICHORN CHARLES SWAN JAY DECATEUR DANIEL LEWIS " JACK BICKFORD ARTHUR NIADDEN DONALD HAWKS IVAN DAUGHERTY HARLAN JACOBS GEORGE GREGORY WILLIAM BURKE JOHN DANAIIER JOSEPH HUDINSKI JAMES EICHORN ROBERT FLAHERTY ANGPS ,JOHNSON JERALD BREESE CUSHING NICGRATH ROBERT CORNWELL FRAYCIS ROBINSON JOSEPH LYNCH ulllbffr I f LY OFFICERS ANGUS JOHNSON . . . . . President JERSLD BREESE . . . Vice-President ROBERT FL.-XHERTY , . . Secretary CGSIIING NICGRATH - . Treasurer JOHN COLGXN .... ...., I' 'aculty Adviser This year, Forum has beeII very active. Monthly debates have been held between the two sides, the Hliluesn and the Hvlihitesf, Besides enjoying current topics, readings. and discus- sions, the members have heard many interesting talks given by Outside speakers who have discussed various topics of interest. Several mock trials have been staged at meetings. On March ll, Forum and Agora sponsored a party in tlIe gymnasium. Robert Flaherty was chairman. A buffet supper and dancing were enjoyed. The Annual Forum Banquet was held at the Delsuxe Inn On April 2l. Roberts Rose was 112983311 toastmaster. SACLTICKDYPAWQAIFIEHA Vx Nl,-XRJORIE RICLEOD RETH SHERMAN lX'lADELlNR KEOUGH Nl-XRCUERITE SULLIVAN LOUISE HANCOCIQ CHARLOTTE FLEET ELEANOR WTHITEMAN CLARA SHAW EDITH HARDER ALMA ALLEN MARGARET FASSETT ELEANOR HUTAN NIARY FEAN ANN FENNELL ROSE ALICE XVESER GLEE CLUB Those In The Picture Are: MARY RHODES R'lARCARET HERCHESKEL HELEN GRYSKA DOROTHY HEMI-INT ELEIINOR LEASNER OLIVE HETRICK lvl-XRY GRAHAM lVlARGUERlTE SCLTDDER EDNA BIICRLEY JEAN NIEISWINKEL RUTH COLLIN LOUISE COSTELLO BETTY RIED HELEN NICGRAW lXlARY KENNEDY HELEN C-INTER Mrss CONNOR THERESE COSTELLO PATRICIA FENNELL EDITH SMITH ALIVIA BENNETT ELOISE AHN hlILDRED SCUDDER ANN OsTAsHEsIcI BFTTY KNIETSCH HELEN PIPHER URSLTI,INE SPOHN ROSE PAWLAK LILLIAN BUCK OFFICERS TH ERESE COSTELLO . . . . . . President HELEN CANT!-IR . . Secretary-Treasurer LAURA CHAPEL . . . . . Pianist R'lISS DOROTHY E. CONNOR ..... .... D irector The Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Dorothy Connor, has been very success- ful this year. New members were admitted to the club in September and January. Prac- tices are held twice a week in the Auditorium. The club sang several selections at the annual Christmas assembly. ln November, the members enjoyed a party at Hedding Church House. A musical program preceded the HQDCSBH games that were enjoyed. SQQHUYHMNKUUHML .ff lvfff f,'."r4 A. ,A J' .4 . , 4, -, '.:- :NT .94 Q, 1,5 HELEN ROSE ANGUS JOHNSON ROBERTS ROSE ROBERT ALBEE CARL SCOTT STEWART WATTS YVALTER BLOSS JOHN DELANEY FRED XVAGSTAFF GERALD BREESE JAMES COLI-:TTA JOSEPH LYNCH LEON BRAUDE WILLIAM BURRE EUNICE BAKER MR. COLG.-AN MASQUERS Those In The Picture Are: FRANK HARRIS CIIARLES SWAN DANIEL LEWIS ROBERT HUTCHINSON JACK BICKFORD PAUL HENSTRIDGE RUTH MADDEN ALICE FAUL PHYLLIS WJHICELEK ISABELLE EPSTEIN JUNE PERKINS HELEN CANTER EMILY GRANT KATHERINE TOWART ELOISE AHN ARTHUR MADDEN SALLY SHULMAN MARY-KATHRYN SNYDER NIARJORIE HURLEY ELEANOR XVHITEMAN ROSALIE COULD JERIS SAYRE RITA GRAVES HARRIETTE ALPERT EDWINA BUTLER RUTH COLLIN FANNIE SNOWISS LAURA CHAPEL DOROTHY DAVIS JANET KIMBALL MARY SPLANN DOROTHY MEI-:RER OFFICERS SALLY SI-IIILMAN . . . . . President ARTHUR lx'lADDEN , Vice-President ELOISI-I AHN . . . . . Secretary lx'lARY-KATHRYN SNYDER . , Treasurer JOHN E. COLCAN ....,.... Faculty Adviser This year, Masquers Dramatic Society Successfully presented the drama, '4Craig,s Wlifefl under the direction Of Mr. Colgan. The Country Club was again the scene of the Nlasquers, dance, which was enjoyed lmy tlIe members anfl their guests. Weekly meetings were held at the Steele Memorial Library. ll292S33Il SAGQD5?-XXWATFHA FLORENCE NICINERNY lvl.-XRY BRETT RUTH FRENCH l'lARRIET BALTZ KATHERINE TOWART Nl,-XRY DOANE NEVA KELLY EMILY GRANT LOUISE DAWDY ANN TORMEY NIARCARET KELLY KATHERINE EATON ALICE FAUL FRANCES SUPI-LE PHI ALPHA KAPPA J Those In The I iclure Are: HELEN CANTER LILLIAN BUSHNELL JUNE PI-:RRINS JERIS SAYRE ARLINE MARSH ELEANOR STERLING CORNELIA FORBES lvl,-XRY SPLANN KATHLEEN CAIN RITA O,LEARY ROSEMARY DICKENSON ARLINE MERICLE LEONA PALTROWITZ lxfiISS 0,DEA CATHERINE NIXON JANE ESPEY JANET KIMBALL BIARJORIE HURLEY DOROTHY DIMON BERNICE MUICPHX' EDWINA BUTLER DOROTHY LYON ROSE PALWAK GENEVIEVE MEZITR ANN COLEMAN GRACE 0,BRlEN ESTHER WlILLIAMS OFFICERS JANE ESPEY . . . . . . . President JANET KIMBALL , Vice-President BETTY LEAHY . . . . Secretary CATHERINE NIKON . ,..., Treasurer MARJORIE HURLEY . Corresponding Secretary MISS lVlARY OQDEA .,....... Faculty Adviser Phi Alpha Kappa was Organized a year ago for the purpose Of promoting interest in girls' athletics. This year it was largely responsihle for the increased attendance at Girls' Varsity basketball games. Wleekly meetings are held at the Y. VF. C. A. 112933331 50 SAGQDQVAWATIHA F HI-Y ' 4 Those In The licture . re: Mn. EATON ROBERTS ROSE JOSEPH LYNCH FRANCIS ROBINSON FREDERICK XXSAGST-XFI-' GERALD BREESE ROBERT HIITCHINSON WYAYNE MCLAIID HALSEY CAREY GORDON IIONALDSON FOREST REYNOLDS ANGUS JOHNSON FRANCIS h'iOCKL1-IR . CHARLES SWIFT . KENNETH STREETER RICHARD SHOEMARER ANTHONY SCHWENKLER MR. SCHWENIXLER ALI-'RED ROBINSON HOWARD HASRELL JACR RICR'IfORD GEORGE CRAIG ROBERT TIIRNBULL KENNETH WYEST ARTHVR iWADDI-IN DANIEL LEWIS ROBERT CORNWELL PAUL HENSTRIDCI-I OFFICERS H0131-IRT PARKINSOFI HARRIS PATTON CHARLES SWAN JOSEPH HUDINSKI THOMAS KEETON CIIARLES SWIFT RICH XRD SHOEMARER FRANCIS NIOCKLER KENNETH STREETER CIISHINC N1CGRATH RICHARD SEEM KENNETH WFEISM,-KN . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . , Treasurer Faculty Adviser Hi-Y is One Of the outstanding Organizations Of E. F. A. The memhers meet each week at the Y. M. C. A. for luncheon at which Speakers are enjoyed. Members were admitted in September and in January, making the total membership forty-eight. The eluh owes much of its success aIId financial soundness to its Capable faculty adviser, Mr. Sehwenkler, and to Mr. Eaton of the Y. M. C. A. 119383531 SESGQDYAWATHA Harriett Craig Walter Craig . Miss Austen . Ethel Landreth Mrs, Harold . Mazie . . Urs. Frazier . Eugene Fredricks Billy Berkmire Catelle . . Harry . . The Drayman CRAIGS WIFE ' QC 7 79 WV Presented by Masquters Dramatic Society CAST OF CHARACTERS MARY-KATHRYN SNYDER , JACK BICKFORII . EUNICE BAKER . HELEN CANTER DOROTHY MEEIQEII , RUTH NIADDEN . EMILY GRANT . HALSEY CAREY . THOMAS KELLY . EDWIN HINES , JOSEPH LYNCH . DANIEL LEWIS On Derember 19, the above cast produced the Sophisticated drama, nCraig's W1 e lo George lxellyglieforealarge audience. The play deals mainly with the dominance of a selfish woman, Mrs. Craig. over all her associates. Because of lIer selfishness. In the end She IS deserted by her husband, her friends, and her servants. The entire cast did remark ably well especially Mary-Kathryn Snyder inthe dillicult role of Mrs. Craig. Haan SAQEGDYEKWATHA I , L "THE GOSSIPY SEX" Presentezl by the Senior Class CAST OF CHARACTERS Danny Grundy .Linn Sterling . Alice Howell folzn BOZFPII . Hilda Norris ,Wilton Norris . .llazie Mason . Chief Mason . Gerald Kenyon . . Flossie Baxter I'l1z'IBaA'ter . . Hamilton Foster . . Briggs . . Jllarlfza ........... . ARTHUR NIADDEN HELEN CANTER . Bl,-XRY-K,-XTHRYN SNYDER JACK BICK FORD . NIARJORIE LOGAN KENNETH WYEST SALLY SHULMAN CHARLES SWIFT GERALD BREESE HARRIETTE ALPERT HALSEY CAREY EDWARD H1NEs . KENNETH STREETER JUNE PERKINS This snappy, fast moving comedy was very ahly presented hy the ahove cast e Gossipy Sexy was written hy Lawrence Gratton. Danny Grundy, the playwrights Concep tion of the male gossip, is the central character, His apparently harmless, hut really devas tating habit of disseminating news, preferably of a scandalous nature. gets his fiance and himself into a series of domestic and business complications, However. all relations are finally adjusted and Danny wins his hride. 53 l I , .. 'JN l YJ' SMIWHWRTHR Jftf ,J y, I V xy S, h N Y I :Mix RUTH SIMS ELEANOR VANBUREN JOHN DELANEY GUY DEWEY EDITH SCHOMO OLIVE HETRICR ANNETTE SNYDER ADELAIDE SAVEY CLARA SHEEHE BIOLOGY CLUB Those In The Club Are: JEANNETTE SNYDER lVlADELINE HODGE IRENE GORDEN DOUGLAS llvlACLAURY HAZEI. PIERCE MISS KOTRBA RICHARD ALLEY RICHARD NIACHEMER WILLIAM BAUER MIIRION SCHULSER LIICILLE KIEFP'ER KIYMOND BENIDICT LEWIS VVHITTAKER SAIIL KAHN BETTY SUTFIN llrlARY BONNAR NIARY IIEMONCELLI JOY PHILLIPS OFFICERS Doucms Nll-XCLAURY ..,, . President HAZEL PIERCE . . , Vice-President RICHARD ALLEY . . . Secretary RICHARD MACHEMER . . . , Treasurer MISS SYLVIA V. KOTRBA ....... Faculty Adviser The Biology Club is one of the most active organizations in the school. Anyone who has seen the members on their various hikes, lielcl trips, and parties will agree with this statement. Much time and effort have been given to the upkeep of an aquarium which is very helpful not only to the club members but also to all the biology classes meeting in Room 26. HQDSSBH 1 I F3 f' X sgcosfaxc It :fx api- X I nl i IN mp: e I I , W xx 11 l INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB NIARIPI IIIIIRIIIX ULIYI: HETHICR GRETCHIIN CIIRISTIIN W7ILI.IAM BIITTCIIRR EDGAR PERT M-IRI' RHOADES MARGIIIJRITE l"oRTIi Those In The Piclurrf Are: DIIROTHY B-xRcIis Ex'Ig1,YN H,-KCURX MISS GAMBLI2 MISS RocRwI:LL MR. PARKER NIXRY IZRIFI-'IN I-IIIITH BRIMRLI: HIZLRN Lroxs lil-lTTY WIIIGLEY HARRY AXIIRIS lux IJIUGHI-:RTY M IRION lN'l,xCIi xx' RICHARD HOXCH fx r 'V' gk fl - ' OFFIIIILIIS 2 , IYIN l'Jxt'GHERTY . . . . . Y, l'rf'SiJOIIt . . PICS'-1Jf!'Sl'l1f'Ill . . Recording Svcretarw' HELEN LYUNS . . 'i Muuox NI-If:I4n '- RICHXRD ROICH . COI'I'GSI7llILl1illg Secretary " HXRRY ANIIRIS . . , ,4udI'zor. Chaplain I MISS NIGNA Roc:I4w'IcI.I. . . Faculty Adviser MISS LOIWISE GXMBLEL . . lillllllfllfy' .llfvrilwrs MII. Im H. PXRIQI-IR , I The lIIterIIatioIIal llc-lations llluh was organized curly in NIaI'clI hy 21 group of students interested in IIIteI'IIatioIIal affairs. The club meets oI'Ice a week al the Steele Memorial Lib- rary. .M meetings. memhers discuss topics of worldly interest. Outside speakers will be in- cluded iII the programs of future meetings. A The memhership is made up of students of the history and Civics classes of the school. It is a very successful oI'gaIIizz1lioII and is rapidly gilllllllff prominence in Academy life. msn SIMBQDYAWATFHA LIBRARY COUNCIL Those Ill, The Picture Are: NIARY FUSARE CHRISTINE QUATRANO CECELIA NIEHLIQE TWARGUERITE SCUDDER GRLICE SI',ILLoNE ANNA Llsi HELEN LOMBARDI MILDIIEII SCIIIDER TXIXRIE KELLY Miss ELDHIDGE CAIIMELITA FLISARE MARIA CAIIIIILLO YOLANIM LLISI OFFICERS CARMELITA FUS-XRE . President CHRISTINE QU.-XTR,-KNO . . Vice-President MARGLIEIIITE SCLIIDI-:II . . , . I Treasurer MISS ELIZABETH ELDIIIDGE . . Librzrrirzn and Faculty Adviser The Lihrary Council is composed of students from the school who are interested in help iIIg in the lihrary. Each member gives one period a day and helps after school. Their duties are mainly charging and discharging books. putting away hooks, sending overdue notices, help ing to get new books posted and ready to circulate, and reinforcing magazine covers. The Cluh is very helpful to the librarian. 1983311 SAGOYAWATHA FREDA HORWITZ lu.-XRY RHODES wlINIFRED JAYNE EDITH HAKDER CELIA COX CATHERINE FOCARTY ALTA DURANT ELEANOR LEASNER GIRL RESERVES Those In The Picture Are: ERMA SHERMAN SUE PELOXI-I ELEANOR NIILLER OLGA STAXTON OLIVE HETRICI4 lxlARG.-XRET SIIEEHE GENEvIEvE STROZINSIQI EDITH BRAMBLE ALMA BENNETT EIINICE CLARK DIARION SCIIUSLER DOROTHY NIEEKEK CAROLINE THORNE LYRSLLINE SPOHN ADELAIDE SAvEI' DORA ISAXTER CLARI: RLSSELL OFFICERS DOROTHY EIEEKER . . . . . . President CAROLINE THORNI-3 , . lViCl'-lIfC'Sid6?llf NIARION SCHKSLER . . . Secretary URSILINE SPOHN , . , Treasurer MISS GRACE NIILLER . . . Faculty .4dL'iSl'I' Girl Reserve activities began last Fall with a memlwership drive. Twetity-Eve memberx were taken in at that time. Thailksgiving. the elulr sent baskets to nee fly families and it gave a party for poor clIil Ilren at Christrnas time. Basketball. picnic slippers and ll21llCliCl'3lil were included ill tlIeI1 activities. H9311 SAMDYAWATHA BANJO CLUB Those In The Picture Are: ARTHUR TWILLIGER JOSEPH LIMONCELLI DoRoTHI' 'I'wII.I.IcER GEORGE GREGORY RICHARD SEEM MIIIELINE HODCE HENRY C xssAnA JOY PHILLIPS MR. KNAPI' This year the Banjo Cluh has made great progress under the direction and leadership of Mr. Knapp. The memhers have practiced faithfully and diligently every Friday noon. Although the club made only one public performance, a concert given on New Year's Day in the Y. M. C. A., next year it is expected that still better reports will he heard from this organization, one of the newest to be formed in the Academy. 1129983311 'II DO SAQGQDWIWMIHA AIAHY O'DEA , I 5 Romzm Fox HQLAND Gamma AK'1'uI'R H1Rs'r WE DEDICATE THIS SECTION OF OUR YEAR BOOK TO MISS MARY O7DEA, ROBERT FOX, ROLAND GEORGE, AND ARTHUR HIRST, THE ABLE CHIEFS OF OUR ATHLETIC TRIBES. 11923511 SEWGDYAWMFHA ALLEN ARNOLD BESLEY BOTNICK BROWN CARROZZA CASSADA CASSETTA CICCONI ln. H. S. E. H. S. E. H. S. E. H. S. E. H. S. E. H. S. E. H. S. E. H. S. E. H. S. ARTHUR HIRST ROBERT FOX . EMURY DONELSON BENJ AMIN BOTNI CK THOMAS KEETON FOOTBALL Those On The Team Were: COMERESKI EASTON EDMUNDS GRAHAM HABERSAAT HAMILTON KATZ KEETON SCHEDULE . 33 Athens . 34 Oneonta . 34 Auburn . 0 Ithaca . . . 0 Binghamton . 23 Eastwood . . 9 WTEIISYIOWII . 0 Asbury Park . O Jamestown HQDSSBH 60 KNAPP MOCICLER NIURTAUGH OGRODOWSKI PUNZO SHOEMAKER SLO CUM SWENSON Swl FT . Coach , Assistant Coach J. V. Coach . Captain , Manager SMTICCDWSWMFHA FOOTBALL SEASON The Blue and Vlihite banner of the Elmira High Schools which has wafted at the masthead of the Southern Tier Football Conference for the last few years. was superseded in the Fall of 1930 by a new banner. The Elmira'High Schools. which have fairly dominated the grid- irons of southern tier New York, sank into the quagmire of competition. New opponents abetted by old enemies that hitherto were ground to bits by the Hirst-made machinery, defi- antly Haunted the light Blue pennants and proved to be literally Hsand in the gears." The campaigning of 1930 goes down in the E. H. S. gridiron annals as the most disastrous of the Hirst regime. The rancor of culminating the season with less than a .500 average was suffered as when cruel Fate finally released the Elmira crew on December 6 after the James- town game. the victories. four in number, were lifted high into the air by the defeats. five in number. on the other side of the scales of luck. At the season's advent it was apparent that Coach Hirst was confronted with a Hurculean task to produce a w inner. even though eighty candidates arranged themselves at the Athletic Field at the initial appeal of Coach Hirst for material. That greatest of all team wreckers -graduation-had mutilated the 1929 eleven beyond recognition. Coach Hirst had but four regulars from that team to use as a nucleus for the l930 machine. He grimly set to the task and all the Southern Tier sat back to watch. Vllhen the hour of the opening game approached the hopes of F. H. S. were floating serenely at a lofty level. The Blue eleven inaugurated the 1930 season by clashing with Athens. As was to be expected the Pennsylvanians were humbled 38-0 as Coach Hirst paraded three complete teams up and down the Athletic Field. Oneonta, represented by a heavy brute-charging eleven. and Auburn were also blanked on the succeeding Saturdays. Both aggregations were stifled I3-1-0. The hopes of a championship seemed well substantiated. But then something snapped. That unaccountable reversal of form. that lifts lowly teams to the pinnacles of sportdom and drops the mighty into oblivion, secured aivital hold on the Hirstmen. Seeking their fourth victory, the Blue eleven journeyed to Ithaca. Smarting under the sting of eight successive defeats in as many years by Elmira, the Red and Gold team turned about and on a field that can only be adequately described with the time-frayed expression usea of mudf' swept to a smashing 20-0 triumph over the Blue. The following Saturday. Binghamton Central, Elmira's perennial rival, invaded the local domains. The Hirst troops, unable to repel the warriors from the valley of the Chenango, were routed 21-0. The Blue and White gridmen broke from the trance long enough to subjugate Eastwood High of Syracuse. 23-0. but Once more fell victim to the mystic spell and bowed to Water- town 19-9. After a -100 mile journey to the Atlantic seahoard. the Elmirans on Thanksgiving Day yielded to Asbury Park, 14-0 in a game that was broadcast on the air. But the time for the E. H. S. gridders to doff their moleskins for good was not yet. On December 6, the Blue and Vllhite, emulating colleges and schools the country Over. locked horns in a post season game with a new opponent, Jamestown High, at the Athletic Field, the entire gate receipts of which was turned over to the unemployed of Elmira. Although unacquainted with Elmira and vicinity, the western New Yorkers left in the form of a 7-0 defeat an impressive calling card. Daniel Punzo and Louis Knapp, veteran E. H. S. performers of repute, were selected as co-captains of the 1931 eleven by the varsity players after the Jamestown game. HQDSEH SACEQDYAWATFHA BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Those OIL The Team Were: HIRS1' GRAHAM SNYIJI-:R HURST HABERSAAT VECELLIO CICCONI PLATT OoRoImowsR ALLEN KNAl'P EDMUNDS HAMM LAGONEGRO BICCARRICK PIPER CARROZZA BESLEY ARTHUR HIRST . . , Coach LOUIS PAI.TRowITz G b Captains FRANK CARROZZA ' VINCENT CASSETTAI . ...V . Managers PHILLIP PL,-XTT SCHEDULE E. H. S. . 24 Binghamton E. H. S. . 23 Cortland . E. H. S. . 27 Norwich . E. H. S. . 23 Heights . E. H. S. . 20 Ithaca . . E. H. S. . 24 Binghamton E. H. S. . 32 Cortland . E. H. S. . 29 Heights E. H. S. . 32 Ithaca . . E. H. S. . 32 Norwich . E. H. S. . 29 Binghamton HSSDSESH 62 'I SEAMDYAWATKHA BASKETBALL SEASON S-t-a-m-i-n-a may spell stamina to the world in general but to the Elmira High Schools' basketball team of 1930-31 it is symbolic of Southern Tier championship, for a lack of this necessity cost the Blue and White the championship of the Southern Tier Conference. I do not mean to infer that a complete dearth of that element, which occupies such a place of prominence in the make-up box of champions, was the case of E. H. S., nor do I wish to infer that what want of it existed was prevalent throughout the season, for it was not. The Light Blue tossers possessed sufficient stamina to capture the title of the Vlfestern Divi- sion of the Conference without a set-back after a heated race with Ithaca, Cortland and the Heights. It was when the Hirst cagers sought to scale the heights to Conference supremacy over the winner of the Eastern Division that they faltered. They weakened but eight min- utes, not long, true but it was long enough to close the doors of the Hall of Champions to Elmira and to open them wide as Binghamton Central majesticly ascended the throne for the second consecutive year. Binghamton won the Eastern Division title from Union-Endicott on a technicality that resulted in a forfeiture and on February 27 met the Elmirans at Sayre in the play-off game. The Schuster courtsters snatched two non-league victories from Elmira earlier in the year by staging dramatic last quarter rallies. For three periods the Blue of Elmira led the Blue of a darker hue from the Parlor City but the local netsters faltered in the final frame and were buried under an avalanche proportioned attack that netted the Broome countians 14 tallies to Elmirais 5 and changed the final reading to 37-29. In the sectional playoff the dark Blue quintet was eliminated by Johnson City, the first time a Counties League champ bested the Conference winner in four years. E. H. S. courtmen fared forth to combat on eleven ccasions. Six of these encounters were against division quints while tl1e other five were non-league frays. Cortland, Ithaca and the Heights were handed a brace of defeats each in the league games while Norwich bowed to the Blue forces twice and Binghamton annexed three victories at the expense of the Hirstmen in non-league tilts. Hostilities opened on December 18 when the Elmirans, with Co-Captain Paltrowitz banned from the game, were entertained by Binghamton at Binghamton. Content with leading the home boys for three periods the Blue performers surrendered the lead in the fourth and dropped the tilt 28-24. It was not until January 9 that the respite from scheduled action was expired. That day tl1e locals journeyed to Cortland and eked out a 23M-22 win over the Purple in the Hrst Conference go. The following evening at the Southside the Blue crew opened the home season with a 27f-IB triumph over Norwich. The Heights followed Norwich to the block to the tune of 23-18. Binghamton re- paid the Elmira visit and invaded the Southside successfully, returning home with a 29-24 win. Ithaca then threatened but was silenced 20-IB. After that the Light Blue coasted to the division title with decisive wins over Cortland. Heights and Ithaca, and was provided little exercise in squelching Norwich 32f19. As the curtain fell and the players retired, the score book told its annual tale. Ambrose Ogrodowski garnered 101 counters to clinch team scoring honors by a comfortable margin. Frank Carozzais 1147 tallies were the nearest but distant match of Ogrodowskiis imposing total. Julius Vecellio, phenomenal guard and captain-elect. checked his opponents closely, allowing opposing forwards the slight total of 27 points. which was 10 points less than the Mbarnaclen guard numbered in his own cache. Elmira outscored its enemies by a 295-233 count. 63 SACEQDYAWATFHA GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Those On The Team Were: DORA MOLTER FRANCES SIJPPLE ELEANOR HOLLIDAY DOROTHY JILLET FRANCES STEVENS IRENE HLTNTER BOBERTA MYERS CATHERINE NIXON J,-'SNET KIMBALL IRENE SWEENEY LEONA PALTROWITZ CORNELIA FORBES BIARY BRETT LILLIAN BUSHNELL BETTY O,CONNOH ROSE PAWLAI4 EI.Iz.xEE'1'II SNYDER ADELYN DAVID . Il MISS NIARY O,DE:X ..... Coach LEONA PALTROWITZ . . . . Captain LOUISE DIWDY . ,..... Manager E. H. S ..... . 40 Heights . . . I E. H. S. . . 33 Owego . . 19 E. H. S. . ll, Ithaca . 16 E. H. S. . . I4 Cook . . 23 E. H. S. . . I6 Wwatkins . . 3 E. H. S. . . 40 ItlIaca . . I4- E. H. S. . . 35 Heights . . I3 E. H. S ........ 25 Watkins . . .,.. . 21 The Blue and Vllhite Sextette has made an excellent record this year, losing only two games out of eight. Much credit is due Miss O'Dea, whose experience attained during former Seasons with E. H. S. and Savage School teams, enabled her to put So fine a team on the field. Leona Paltrouitz was elected captain Of next year7S team. 293311 as J sm wgi mi A . . 2477,- INTERCLASS BASKETBALL CHAMPS .JUNIOR TEAM Those In The Pivture fire: D,xNxHER DENUNZIO CHmsTAsTiE BRONSON LEWIS DEEGAN HOCKEY IQLICE KEANE WFIPFLICR Moyirxx D xvls ROBERT Fox ..... . . , Coach JOSEPH CHRISTASTIE . . . .... Captain JULIUS LEWIS ..,...... lnterclass Manager Final Team Standings Team Won Lost Per cent Juniors . . . . . 5 l .333 Seniors . fl- 2 .667 Freshmen . ...., 2 A1 .333 Sophomores ....... l 5 .166 First Ten High Scorers Player F, C. F. T. P. Player F. G. F. T. P Cassetta . . - 10 33 Bohlke . 7 2 16 Farrington 4 19 27 Keane . 7 1 15 Dec-:gan . 9 6 24 Robinson . . 4 6 14 Etkinci . 9 6 24 Cunningham . 4 5 13 Christastie 6 10 22 Maloney . . 6 O 12 ings 11 SAQEQDYAWATHA TRACK TEAM Those Un The Team Were: HASKINS SEELEY FRENCH BROWN LEWIS T OLBERT TOBEY WAGSTAFF GRIFF KNAPP PULLEN COSTELLO Mosu ER BREWER Z1 rr CLARK KEENER GOODALL PETERSON MAPES SIZBRING WEDGEWOOD LADD BOWERS 11l1ALONEY NICGRATH ROLAND GEORGE . . . Coach ROBERT DRAPER ............ Manager BERTRAM ZIFF ......... Assistant Manager In perpetuating the 1930 track team it would not be far amiss to edge the page mth a hue of somber black, for the 1930 season on the cincler lanes was a death lcnell to Coach George in his eifort to add another span to the bridge of successful seasons he has engineered for E. H. S. The 1930 spikemen were unable to amass paints enough to take a single meet. The Blue squad opened the season at Endicott, in the En-Joie invitation meet. The George gang was tagged fifth in class A. Binghamton gained its second leg on the Turner Trophy by claiming the garlands of the annual dual meet. Waverly administered the third consecutive druhbing to the Blue and White. The sec- tionals were held at the Athletic Field with nearly a score of schools vieing for the sectional honors. Haskins garnered the pole vaulting honors, Seeley, the hurdles, and the Elmira relay team that title, with the right to compete for Empire State titles at Cornell. 119135311 SACGIGDVAWATFHA KILPATRICK COMERESKI ALLEN BOTNICK OGRODOWSKI CASSETTA ' P.xI.TR0wITz A. A. SCIIWENKLER AMBROSE OGRODOWSKI SANFORD BARCUS . RIORTIMER BENYAS THOMAS KEANE . E. H. S. E. H. S. . E. H. S. . E. H. S. . E. H. S. . E. H. S. . E. H. S. . E. H. S. . BASEBALL Those In The Picture Are: LAGONEGRO MCCARTIIY LPJVANIIVSKI DAVIS BAZZETT XVICHTOWSKI 0,DONNELL MR. SCHWENKLER . . . . Assistant . .... Assistant Q Cortland . . 9 Elmira Heights . . 12 Ithaca . . . 5 Auhurn . . . 10 Allhurn . . 8 Cortland . . . . 0 Elmira Heights . . 11 Ithaca . . . 11933311 DEEGAN CHRISTIAN MEADE KEANE BARCIIS Bl-JNYAS RIIFFNER Coach Captain Manager Manager Manager E E 2 4 5 i 1 A l 2 X I 5 K E S s 2 5 5 1 K X 2 E E E 5 . K X K Q 2 f ' lg ffm wwf may ndf , f "'I'n.s.-211111 Quia Fone V 1'dC'Ilf'l17'u HEVN EX lf'I'FXl.lSTHrZD BY THE STUDENTS OF ELMYRA FREE ACADEZNIY A 5 F d-1 by sr d 1 K W : Q ' ' J , ' wf- 11 jf ,f 'wr lished as a Xveekly 1, Q Elnfglrrgi CI?rQeXIxG:li1Efr?lbi ifswi I,z,mn A, X, N .. I 1 mn, Nm mir new 14, 1990 , N'gfNfp'aQ,er September, ?1iQQ,L 2 Wlll Have Sprung A GAME BROADCAST UHIOTS To Have Carnlvalon May 1 Wlwihrlx't,l1efst11r5m'1fi of 111. 11 Prom, umor Dayg A. knew if or not, Nm Tlwnnks- ------ 3 TIM. i,,mu,,1 gm.gh,m, Qjgm.,m,HL l giving dm' mum- lwfwoen Hlnxim Following the precedent laid E Npmisorvd by Tim Sflldvnt lfmnwil Zdmfm last year by the Pmsfbfngf 'i ,mul Hn- Hvnim' mass. will ra Vemor Class, of obsgrwng Jumf' ? Llitiffl? this yvar' on May I. 'V, the thlrd year students X' Q,51fma11. Jawk Bickford, haf are Elanmng fhelf ce 1 li L aging: coutncfil H'l9lNbf?l'S 0' L 'P Fmdgyf May 8- I Tl G Q, fb vw: June Pvrkinf W will take pf, Go. E 36 iolJe1'f f'orpf , Q, .B gf E 2 0' r:+v. WOHUQHQ rg' x' Xe' .9 0 fp . 69 W9 I Q2 o he ly 22, 3' o 'S -s A ' ' Q 3 I 6 K Q as x .6 Q v., A of 4 Y' ,go i face' 08694, SQ M V33 3 y e . 0 09, 9 O Q9 ' Z- 19 'P 65 o O N Q, fiv 'af 0, 4, r 3 xi., by Q . ' I ' f. J if , 1,0 54 'O G Q f f' , 6' G ' 7' 010 19 f , , f -2 ' 'f . Y 63 lg - kXgQXyXJ:NX If YOXJ6! .371 J. 6618, Ojoh Rx X A Q1-A ,vxx QQX N? X00 J. . ,136 02' fo, x C l ,.. .DN QR Af CA j 'roy 4 XX f X, , Xb' ,xx QQ Ask hu pb. Q 0,2 fix? nj.. fl , ry Q , 'S X 0 x XX N Th -v lv b I if '2 0 Q QQ ,X x N I' f' X. fy 72, -5' Q' f 5 , 0 A X 'AX x. Sv .X . , V ff I Q ev' . l O CJ .x . X K xx X. . , ,Q J, f. I . . 5 ,. ,D :xx 6.5 SXXNOX. Axxx QC xx 4? 0, QU! .4 02 ,ffm 0,47 Q67 Q, Q L A - 1 X ,fr , X , 1 H , ' X , 6 vj. ' ' A Ac. , W N6 .xg 'bf vbx' x-XXX. +xXx,02x X3 X ff 04, ,iff Va, 147 ,Qin 02, Af Zip fb , L ,X X x X . 1 I . N, 3 4 xx ,sk xx .x 5 s 0.9 ,Mg . X 1 10 PM 1- 10, I if 1 lx Qfx - 69 by Q'5QXQQ'23XN Sexy XS 4 S ' 94 045, 649 " 011, P? I ,Jn 631. 1904, 12 m 'T m . -75 , L T - ' . ' ,Q V' f xx' I 'ALXNXW Z' -4.3,1.,km?fxfN4w?iXiigxxxXxi. fllgf' r64yf xx-'iq 5 K nn-X X07 F WKNQM D I 'Y f s n : -1 . A 1' 7 y fi 54 -A F foves To Be Swv, 2 ' Hcult 5 X' 5 jx wt f , I X 1 A Q 1 Ou y 1, V 'Q f 1 1 x , cu P f, Z!! .uv ,S 1 .-. F. -. aff f """" ff www if 1 ' ""' UH' X' 'XM - yfr e Crowd Dances ff" QW K v UW f - 1f,.,,, , ffw-lm, A A 3 Q fff .WK U ., WM X fmnf Arezffvrm- 1? nl fhf, 1,-I , g9MuS1C By Cuthbert S ,KW mu' ffmmxg WA1wuxXA fc , gf N,,l.m'i'l"' 5::11't.1f itijdtlfl 1!f11JfQ,x,:U,m' Orchestra xxuyymxxs NwiYWwxuvYX'i2wxOMR 1 A ju 3 I A ' pn , VAX 4 X f 5- ,KK .wig .6 x , A 1r1,.fmM,' sfgfllllyfi lfvhiqhfv Ilnzzmsficfel 0 ill hmmm Us I. 1, X.,,1xXxiF.vxxlswvxvzxxfq :im 3 QUQX ,XD m E , . ' .' An . -H V2 ", , Ls. ', " 5- ny, Q - i qi'mff'1ilmm gp'Vf'II filflpmr U'f1S! Z,m'U' x l:'HlIHil1lxI'2lh1V I,n'is:'ht131'wc1 i'kxwUXXXil'x'xxxi ow Qu YARV XA' K. . -Q ,, 1- 'y M ,NVE , V .A xx ,A W . A I I 'ifmq 'W' MILK' f1,.,5.mY"lx- lim 1-,,1h,1fI'r'lc whrfn tin- emmlzxl xtxllllll' 15 W WmMu:XWU bf, W gui 1 1xHijl.,HAX'U"flf4Nq Mlnyfpfl Wir-1, XV, fgmk plam- in ihv h?1H1'0O1ll of Ti UQ ymxxvv. f,f-f 'WJ Xxzxmvaxxu Wiydf ' . K 1 ' ' I , . X' ,. - 1 W f iw . ' -Win. . , ' 'X Carp ' 6' Q lurk TXX'2iiIl llnwl, l'I'1fiHY new X X 5 . Y' A f , oi wa f - cu f 'WAI'-Q ,. ' ffffmf-,' 5 111111 . .. - ' vw' . QW 4 'NW ,HW with ljfjlawflffffl Siu' dlwlflrxflzt MMA MMM, EU' 5 hp Wmm' Aimee VM ix-wx' N n'xxKx'2U's:' QKLYQAXE F IW" lim., 'm'f3'y,,.,,fA "TN 1V1,g,V, gaiwzzxx 11110 of the-X hiufhlighfs n Avi ' qw 'W ,qgkfgvk SAGQDW-KWATHA LEST WE FORGET Sept. 2-E. F. A. opens its doors to welcome those little green nuts, upistachiosf' otherwise known as Freshmen. Sept. 3--Hard-working Vindex ollicials announce the formal opening of their freshly-painted "hangout," transformed to a place of beauty by a coat of bright green paint. Sept. 5--Males of E. F. A. agog over the good-look ing new Senior girl from Bingo, Betty Rudy. Sept. 9-All the E. F. A. Hhuskiesi' report to Coach Hirst for football practice. No one killed as yet. Sept. I5-Ten students confined to Elmira hospitals due to nervous breakdowns caused by over-exertion while struggling over the new combination locks. Sept. 19-Students turn "songsters" with the launch- ing of the Vindex campaign. Sept. 22-.lane Ulmer-radio entertainer, genius, prodigy, Hcroonerf' violinist, and heart-breaker- causes a big sensation. Sept. 26fVindev gets domestic and publishes 'Tasty Recipes." Sept. 27iMr. Parker, accompanied by his daughter, leaves for Europe amid envious groans from the student body. Oct. I-L'Marge" Hurley suffers from a stiff neck and expluins it by displaying her recently acquired switch. Oct. 3--6'Tony Forbes" is seen wearing a La Salle military pin. Who is this Hmystery man"? Oct. 9-I0-Town cluttered with teachers. What a life! Oct. I4-Report cards reveal that E. F. A. students are as dumb as ever. Oct. 17-The Student Council adopts new slogan- '6Bring money for Assembly speakersf' Big suc- cess-Oh, yeah? Oct. 21-"Bob'7 Bolger and 'gTommy" Keeton appear on the scene with uglassesf, Oct. 26-Fred Wagstaff startles Masquer members when he bursts in on their meeting wearing a huge white bandage around his head. He says a jar fell on him. We wonder- Oct. 30-Vergil takes the spotlight. Also Laura Chapel, who shows unusual dramatic talent when she recites "To Vergilv in assembly. Nov. 3-Year Book pictures in full swing. Raid on the beauty parlors for facials, finger waves, and face-liftings. Nov. I0--Our illustrious Vindex editor, Rosalie Could, returns to school with circles under her eyes, and thrilling tales of a glorious week-end at Cornell. Non. 14-These Hglorions week-ends" are getting to be quite the thing with the girls nowadays. Sally and Eunice are walking around the halls with a far-away look in their eyes, waiting for Friday afternoon. Nov. 21-Mary-Kathryn Snyder joins the ranks of the weekenders and spends several days in Boston. Quite the racket. Nov. 27-Turkey, cranberries, mince pie, 'n all the lixin'sl Dec. I--Football team is recuperating from a strenu- ous vacation QD at Asbury Park. Dec. 5-Hi-Y fellows and their girls display their fish characteristics at a swimming party. Water, water, everywhere. Dec. I2-French students are corresponding with pupils in France. We expect a romance to develop any time now. Dec. I7--Dud Keeton is quite the subject of hero- worship, causing considerable heart-trouble among the girls. How about it, Sally? Dec. 19ACirls' basketball team raises the flag and wins first game, properly initiating their new uni- forms-the lirst in eight years. Dec. 23-Last day of school! Whoopee! Merry Christmas! Jun. 5-Students return to E. F. A. looking weak and weary after vacation. Jan. 9-Vindex announces that work on the Year Book is advancing rapidly. Says who? ffm. I2fRilly's beaming smile is accounted for by Laura's return to school after donating her appen- dix to the Arnot-Ogden Hospital. Ian. I9-eRegents begin. More fun! Iam. 26-Students find out how much they don't know when they get Regents marks. Review classes are overcrowded. Jan. 27--More pistachiosf-163 of 'em. Jan. 30--Another loving couple added to the hall promenaders--Fred and lane. You picked a good one, alright, Fred. Feb. -1---Pirates plunder students' pocketbooks to make them buy the Vindex UD. Paul Hens- tridge. a non-subscriber, walks the plank. Feb. 6-A thoroughly 'Lbawled-out" committee puts over a line dance for Masquers at the Country Club. Feb. l2AStudents think they get enough lecturing in school and don't support us poor Seniors at the Captain Bartlett lecture. Feb. 14-A glove"-ly day for lovers. 1129383311 SACCNDYAWATHA LEST WE FORGET---Continued Feb. 20-Hurrah! New thirst-quenchers installed in the halls. Feb. 23--Forum postpones that mock trial for the ninety-ninth time. Feb. 27-Elmira-Bingo championship game at Sayre. Migration southward. Bob Atwater cracks up his g'chariot" in the rush. March 2--The last of the "Three Roaming Romeosw has returned to us, just in time to get his picture in the Year Book. We wonder how the Merchant Marine can get along without them. March 6-Too bad that lack Bickford has to go 'way over to Cornell to Find a date-and it's a redhead! That's bad! March 10-.lune Perkins gets only 91 in a Vergil test. March. I7-Third year French classes take up dra- matics. March 20-Whole town turns out for Senior "Brawl" at the Mark Twain. Big success. March 23-Spring has came! E. F. A. loungeslizards drape themselves on the girls' steps during the noon-hour. ' March 27-Helen announces that she is going to spend Easter vacation in Malone. Hutch looks sad and says he's going to study. April I- April f?--Ha! Ha! We fooled you! April I0-Is New York night life wild? Ask Halsey and Chuck. April I3-Back to the old grind. It's a great life, if you donlt weaken. The first four years are the hardest,-just ask the Seniors. April 17-Critics declare acting in Senior play superb. Actors leave for New York thinking their futures are secure. April 21-Last assembly speaker. Senor Hutchin- son breathes one big sigh of relief. Will we have any more assembly speakers? Well, we'll think about that-plenty. May IA Big time for everyone! Right this way! Spring carnival and boy, what a mob! Candy, peanuts, ice cream! May 2-Slim, Butler, and Nagel spend day with mops, brooms and such, after the big fracas of the night before. May 3-.luuior Day, and the Seniors turn over their privileges to those young Juniors-but for only one day. ,lunior Prom at the Country Club and moon- light strolls were the fashion. May ll-Well, this is just about the end of the rope. Seniors are getting nervous and flustered. May I3-M. Hurley. S. Shulman, and C. Swift hire armed bodyguards. HSDSEBH Q" hat i iff- fred a QQ "f"-ff fo I . ix 5055-v The I Prlse glo - l 7 li w x PUHEI' Whoo' + I Qi' bffw my 7" ffm' f M""ge' ,gigfifgp QfhQYeQ!g,jfL V4 ofxf i H . fi-5 00h I v 'if 7f9o1,4 Old ' W 2 1, 'yew 'J' 'eu 'W W Mun, cfm 9 f Bookf 4 W1 4: be 1 1 f , W H',K, Q mafe I I l X Mancl Un h Cll'l'0f-5 VI, dl-, g GC ff N! ww My k f' W 9 r ! Sq V,'nde?49gfl:+0,7 -d When is X' W iw-M NX ' ' ' x ' cg - . 7 xl ' v , H. 9 ff X G' f -w' X ' f , E If ' f I f x QQ -Ji wffw xg MJ C A Z fv f ki QV 3 A 4 4 f'm'ffw um""i8" P ff A g P'li'P +0 KS V,,, f L, N ff-lil! .I 5 1. W y05,Cgmg'? df - . ' , 'H' f lf 4 9 1 doom, , JZ, ,. A 'L X ID ,. I. TQ T H Ag!! L ila I 1 Ufkg Haskinsgso The late K' 6 "fu 4 me We If if fm.. . I, Ekixy X h z VOC-IHQPI 'll ' - 1 eau' K - 1, i fp, LXW? Orig 38,1 , X X I :f 6 adm f XJ A -I' X f X . Z I.: X431 Eb! -I7 J QTWM ' w L A' 1 f K lg -itz ' fi ' " f yr!!! x v f " 4 X ie gd X ff. 2 k , X. ' 'A'1 ff xgffkh Zz I Q QS' fx The of 5 N573 -lg-?2,-15 yr 'I I X -N N I X . ij - T., :N 2 G . ..' 1 f., X ,X vw IIWGH -CIA ,Oh ll'l:e"i'r'e r 1 Q 7'H0ff,5-I f,' E! rv , 1' " X Z Q 2,4 mean HM, 5 I w U w llllsy ' Ano, M -fy ah- efg M Z '1 '3 Q ' Q ., ' IIGPAUL . B W -l-IjXH.6,l, E5qJ!.!J If , Klllpn P rn ' - W '?X f . Q fclsggmiifof? Ylill ',- ff? ff' rqkex l I rafha 'ff "1-1-:ff 5 ? ff! ff, N K? Qmbarrag' C 'Q 5112, " X751 I LQ! y smg L-1 4 7 52665750 ,U akfl J f ,? X K! 'lg' -Q 0 J EOFW 'L I 'f M 1 1 ' 1 -fl ff AZA , X 1 If 1 if M fly , J mfg? ffl W X1 ,. ' lkxh f 4 f fx . X Cf X ' ' wif' ,,f K K, " L- X 9 f Jfzffff 72 Auf, , Xi!!! ,,,, A! 4 .-Q "NIvm5maf' Is the Spanish forerunner of "OLD MAN PUT-IT-OFF"! "Manana" QTomorrovvD says the Spaniard to himself as he takes his siesta in the shade of an orange tree. He applies this philosophy to all troublesome tasks for he knows that "Tomorrow never comes." Do not be like the Spaniardwput off until to- morrow-OPEN A SPECIAL INTEREST AC- COUNT TODAY. FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. OF ELMIRA MAIN OFFICE 150 LAKE STREET MERCHANTS BRANCH 109 W. WATER 73 MeCorkle Realty Co. Realtor of Reliability LOTS HOUSES FARMS All Lines of REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 401 Robinson Bldg. Phone 4700 BU CKPI TT For MUSIC PIANOS RADIOS FURNITURE 156 Lake St. Phone 2600f2601 STUDENTS "Tho Rirboir Child if Poor Withozzt Mayoral Tafaifiifzlgfl T Always remember THE KNAPP SCI-IooL OF MUSIC is ready to serve you at your earliest Convenience. This school is the headquarters for everything pertaining to the Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar. I have the finest stock of musical instruments in Southern New York and trust that my twenty five years' experience may be of some assistance to you. KNAPP SCHOOL or MUSIC 112 College Ave., Elmira, N. Y. In 17 Years No KELVINATOR Has Ever Worn Out ELMIRA WATER, LIGHT 84 R.R. CO. of tfre ASSOCIATED GAS 8x ELECTRIC SYSTEM The Photography Urea in THE SAGOYAWATHA Weife Mfzcie By REDFIELD STUDIO 157 LAKE ST. ELMIRA, N. Y. Compliment: of WERDENBERG'S CLOTHIERS AND FURNISHERS Q COR. NVATER AND MAIN STREETS ELMIRA, N. Y. INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS Are the .Ytmzflrzwf by which atbeixr are judged. Material Standards are as Im- portant as Educational Stand- ards. You Can find a proper sized Truck to meet your every need in the INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS 31 to 5 Tons 1.1. International Harvester Company of America 656 State Street Newtown Motor Corp. 364 STATE ST. PACKARD MOTOR CARS Empire Produce Co. AINIERICAN BEAUTY CANTALOUPES MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE PRAIRIE ROSE BUTTER DIAIRYLEA MILK You will find pm pztlmtfizfe zflfplqjf of equipment for CAMPING FISHING HUNTING TENNIS AND GOLF Sporting Goods Dept. BARKER, ROSE AND KIMBALL, INC. Diester 84 Butler Qualify f!Zl'6!61'.l' 330 E. XVATER ST., ELMIRA, N. Y. Plume 341311 Yew Emezftezefemem Problem Solved We have every facility to make any function a complete success, Why not let us plan it for you, leaving you free of all troublesome details? just reach for the telephone and call 6400. We will do the feet Wi JVIARK TWAIN HOTEL ELMIRA, NEW YORK WARDEN'S ORIGINAL CUT RATE ll3 NV. XVATER ELMIRA, Y. 328 E. XVATER DREssEs PAJAMAS A Cewzplzmenzir GovvNs LINGERIE ef l'lANDKERCHIEFS NEW ENGLAND KITCHEN Vemefy Femf Drew Shep ZOO E. VJATER ST. 76 ' 'Ti -7.7, R M ' " M ,ff " . , 1, L, ,X XA? ? Vg 6 -W X -- 7, fy ya-'ff-X,-Vff, X' --Y--2--: 7 X K 1 X ,fr 6:54 '43 , pw I ff ,ffm f ' 5 it 4 4 JXYK ,XXX 1 . , X , f 456' 'V'P 1 1, X, I ,uf f ,-I 920 AWS -ff 4f,f 4 - Q ,N Xfff, 4- lr 1 f , , -' 41 iw ! vffmf my , fn ' 53, ,115 jx . ey X an 5' ,, -f ffff, 'my M l CW yy Z lvfxdl .X 'ww ,iff 1 1 v ,015 1 fyp fr' 'Nfl wx X' .fly Q 1 ,Xf ff , X V- f ' , ,, X, 5 X, -X 3,4 ' ' , XX' 14 ' Q ' ' " ,X Q -uf 2 -"img XY' ,' ix - ,, - - w Q -' X ' f 'AT' ai. 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Suggestions in the Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) collection:

Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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