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I f C 3 Mm memoirs" 1 Eublisigeb B2 we Swim' mms : W of Ula 5 mm im .ifmm Rcagzmg in My wasnt one Bilousum nine Eyunard QI 3 M85 fwenfg-four , W N35 Z gls?a'M U ...git X 5.7. ' ' -. -4.3- .41--x.+3k.,. f- - ' fn, - - . f - . , ,I ,- -5-' - 5-eww 77--0 -- . , n ,JA- ac?-P w."4nf L+ V , . - , --.-.... .,, , -.-- . , qt -s..t N ng: -..-4 rl-...q.,,.. -.Ns , !',S":-wr 1-'?5"'i?5 .'x"""'5bv.....Q.P-Q,Qa A, uf 4,30 v.. in VD .os "' N- 'lf W- w ,nl 5-1 "" W .. . -' " Q 'rf K' "":9',':- ' .V A f ' - ' - , . 'H--'f -.7 , - . . ' .. Q f, ' ,ev fngh-- ,' - -..e,,, V A ,' ' - - - . , 4 ' . .- V Y-'p, ,AA . 4 ,I Vw., 1 v - A - - -A 7 , I . ,,, , ,.., .,.3.7A . I 1 ,Y,y1?-.,q':-J .. WA., K ' W t - . Y ,Lia Y- .4 . , J vw. V ., F . x:'.711'f'-E.-34 -auf. , ,, ,'f-- -A ,' ,. ' X--D2 - - - ,,, -- 4, j , '- -. V 1 . .I .-r. , .- V. 7 , .1 J' ' V ' 'N I, V Y, . , . Gfxfqv - 1 ' -' ',,- i., ,.. ,, 'P A '- " -.L,,. ' - -. . ,, ' -'11---..,- - ,IE 'f'?e,?::- VV, . Y V. ., 'Q . ,, , ,A . K,,s'n .75 . ., I xx , , , it M ,- . ,. 6-4 3' f"- ' '. A i ' 15--.' ' .4 " , "gf ,il-A.-g.. K -- , ", -,gm - -L ..:f.. y , . '-,. ' -: , , It V W -- .. ' Q,-. sf- uf ,- -'I -- , - f-.. , . '- -:,, ,P 1- :rv ' -r-2 ..: - A .V I , -1--A-f ,, . ' 1 ...K ' x , W -..-y In A . - . , 3-J. -I H, . Q- ,,.. , , I, - --, xg- , 1 ,Q Y- -A I .Std r ' ,,,, 7-A-w-,.zi ALLYL, ,7., ., , A . .- 43: ,ffl ,,"'4-1, Q ' Q- -rg- ma y 5 4414 4- .IX OEQWQEQ We skncerehq hope Emi ws' afgmi to ma!! im phwsmm mis passed M EE PM Wm mi be spam M m mm 4 I G L A A 5" -'N - f' 5 f sh ri K fa: i n I 'H' , 3 1 is i : A FY, ' 2 .1 4- "" 'S -' Q N ' -'ff ,. , 3 -'wx ..,.... A L' ff. "4 to 41 man QLXXU JJTEMOIIQA'-1924 fr JW EM OI KS-1924 51211 6-ffQ22Ha'2ffa8fsf1fGa2Sff2,a?-Zfferfifi ffmaasa, fm? ES gf' K G QE 55 'Ea Miss Muficlwaocl F5 Q Class Aclvisoi, Q 'gd We Jecliclxte Ei SE Memoifs ji E WUI sincefe appfcciahon 'QS lm 01' l1crJex7oQonbAn'l1 lxlinfifdng cfforls is Vi C A o ff?- Kg The Class: gg 5 E 39 S .9 E Si + F JWEMOIRS-1924 ffifwf - lf-WN J-'73-,ZF 'T my ff T ig K ' K V fi'-' mE Q Q, - T ,T A X Z JSC Dm? ' T U W Z j f LJ ' . y 7 ' ll f C, R 4 f 5 C' N ' X v Q 7 Z XX "kkQ-V-I7 Z Door To uskohgngs. 4:J X ,1,. 4 y Tlus school cmd ollfgjl W T TESJL Z Z Thou-ITQX-Trugglsklls ooo? ff QQ K Z 1 T '. . . rs I T of f When ulc are gone Tram Thee, V J M T y . V f ,wil f y STITT Thou shelf ever be LJ 11, ML W, Z Afuiresl on land and sea, V Z X -37-"LAL Q .--'Fi1Ei"f' o"' 'TT ' H5 ,M 1 f 'Tl.T'.,h , l T Tl . Q 7 ll N T Www T Q Olll' hznris mug mall qrleve, ,. mo Z 7 So soon To par Krom lhewlf' , ll Ig g BM :Scar old school, believe il Q ' Q Z o Wore True almnq . T T W 7 - llfi. .5-":111J.f - f j 'frue heads and 'grlends mall law-, W,,n W ,lx M Z N 0115 charms are milll us cgi ' ??,,glQ.ylyQQ,4lllwQE'lI4, So , , , womb ,V om f TSW W ffl ' . -X '4llTWiwQlxW Q? "' -ZT l0?'WZx,Alf Q5 lg Q 8 JTEMOIRS-1924 dl, I JMEMOJRS-1924 1 4 Lgiix 10 Q2fEMOIl6S-1924 xx XI, I: 'H X -ff " D - w f'- 1 . ff N J I ' w, y la ' Q Y , L 11 ' ,, si .V I, n ' ' LLL ..., M :H-. ,',-"lg,--. ,--.: ' -1- ,wx 'U' .,.g 5-RJ 'N 1 -. , , AQ . W ry wg, . -.2 1 .M ', , ww . 1, ,N r ' fl l mu ' , yu , 1 "X I K A ,-L, 1 ,xi .1 , ,- My ,, ",I Wx :- Ilf,l1 H AW Ni l " 111 1 ' v' 5 ' , , ,, w N . Vx U :'l lu II I7 :tl M11 Q'kl:xiI rji1N!, 1 llrl nwl C N ' 11 k, r J ' MMO MMI 'iw Q f 'N g f klwkrj X if 2, 4 . 4 ' N X X , Q Y 5 LX Aff Wxwfk, I J I5 C L -M-- ,, Y V ...V ll JKEIWGIRS-1924 PRINCIPAL F. R. Parker, M.A., 411 NV. Gray St., '06 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Vice-Principal and Department Head, Dillon A. Cady, B.S. Mrs. Carolyn S. Austin, B.,S. Edward NV. Cooke, B.S. A. A. Schwenklcr, B.S. Barton W. Snyder, B.A. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Department Head and Freshman Advisor, Helen M. Hibbard, B.S Mrs. Elizabeth Bartholomew, B.A. Mary D. Condon, B.S. Ruby A. Hopkins, B.A. Leon A. Olds, B.A. Mrs. Celia N. Stott, B.A. Harriet J. Wixon, B.A. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Department Head. M. Louise Godfrey, B.A. Marie E. Berrigan, B.A. ,lane M. Birchard, B.A. Geraldine Qllifllilll, B.A. Mrs. Jeanette P. Deuel, B.A. Olivia Dundas, B.A. Dorothy Finder, B.A. Louise K. Gamble, .l'h.INI. Elizabeth Luce, B.A. HISTORY DEPARTMENT Department Head, Rena Rockwell, M.A. Ralph S. Austin, Ph.B. Mary B. Butts, B.A. Mrs. Clara D. Munson, B.A. Bertha A. Parks, B.A. MODERN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Department Head. Harriet N. Kellogg, B.A. Julia V. Brooks, B.A. Helen I. Burk, B.A. D Gertrude Goldberg,'M.A. LATIN DEPARTMENT Department l-lead, Elizabeth Tashjian, B.A. I-Iazel M. Clearwater, B.A. Anna M. McMahon, B.A. Minnie Moseson, B.A. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT - - Department Head, Ralph VViIliamson, B.A. Vera M. Bange - Margaret Collins Ruth M. Cole, B.S. ART DEPARTMENT Marion Jamieson, B.S. Katharine E. Youmans, B.A. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Lolabel Green. B.S. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Gwynn S. Bement STUDY HALL- SUPERVISOR Mrs. Anne A. Breiting LIBRARIAN Mrs. Mabel L. Loomis SECRETARY Mary C. Mitchell PHYSICAL DIRECTORS Frances O'Connor Arthur Hirst O. Adams 12 EDM? W IO 261-gy 'k QYJKEMOIRLS'-1924 AQXMVIDQ F-'T ' "2 l A A :R ' r SVN' I so S ZW ' - 4 Q.. I ll K 'Ava ' '- O R465 LITERARY STAFF Mary llelen llirellarcl Ruth Quinlan Raymuncl Costellu lnlenry l"atte1'son Marion Cowles Leo llzlrclilnan llrmrutlly Spec-fl llmvarrl lYleL'u3 Jean llarris ...... llorutlly Speed Elizabeth King' Sarah NVetmore ART STAFF Raclah jones l lcrlvert French BUSINESS STAFF ............. .Xssistant llusincss Manager . ...... Aclvertising Manager . . . . . Assistant Editor ........... StCl10g'l'IlllllCl' . . .-Xssistant Stenographer 14 JJTEZWOIKS--19271 I Katherine E. Youmans Marie Berrigan ,Xrt Advisor ' l.1tcr:1ry Advism Barton W. Snyder Business Advisor Rosemary Feeney Art Ifclitor - Hifflm G- Woolf David Dusinberre Business Mzmagcx' Iiflitol'-il!-Cl1iCf 15 JKEJWOIRS-1924 CLASS SONG The moments with thee are too short, The years stretch on before. The friends, the truths, we'x'e gained here Shall he ours more and more. VVith open hearts we stand here Ou the threshold of life's door, Awaiting the call to duty, Which comes from the distant shore, Remembering thy perfect lesson, That the purpose of our strife Is not to live for living. But to make a noble life. Oh, the hlue and the white VVill he our guiding light, While on life's lane VVe'll pledge again Dear E. F. A. so bright. --Florence Lovell, '24 l6 JJULMOIRLS-19.271 sl maps, uukw rny JK EM OI RS-1924 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS James McLaughlin V President Emma Ensworth Secretary Margaret Gardner Vice-President 18 Edward Houston Treasurer CMQEMOIRS'-1924 Efgonov Sfuhenis ffm'-:J 'Qqonors Braham I afafelbaum -am gn Bruce nfnlxfrefl oinurh Beconb W onorfs Aix e Qzrkholfz Zfrmn QGOPCT' .QenrgBz1Ue1'son 'ifuczlle mehelnnh Raul Qalfimore jnarflln .ffubge Czamnrb Zfiousfon Sara!! Tlffefmore Sfglbin C-Rofrbn ZW:-am 'llffoolf gent: harris rgohennnll aber Qlqurles marie! mar uerife Qeorgia Alherfn GMC Q3iaal1efhQQ1'11e GMU! Qzusfon Rmllz fauna? Quinlan ,il 'V-265'-'kNk'RMJ 'wm1z?D1mxwvHau1vL.Km'hmv 125 , -zb'ij?.-ai J,Qf13'qgc+f,3vS'1L?Q3'g7fwAwE4?f Wg V: L Gi-,,, .' ' ' 'fsfny' 7- 5 gy ' ,W-vo 1 -453.-3 ' "Zigi S sr 1- 'f iin ks hal ff, :CfffQe5'Q'5I I ?-tsp, '. 'T' 1.23" -fx bil X 95 +1 WE 1 ' wif! Q .r 1 f- 54 ' -EBRD-R!i'bf1ki!'..PDM'fEE5.'z JWHSHBJXI 19 QZTEMOIRA'-1924 Lodemah Aber XVellshurg. N. Y. Union School lihnira College Loclenla is a quiet, unassunfng sort of miss, but her name is always seen on the Honor Roll and some clay we expect to hear great things from her. l'ep Club IZ, 39, I.'An1icale C-ll. George Ahn, Jr. 913 XV. VVatei' St. No. 11 Univ. of Mich. He has had playmates, be has had companions thru days . ol' childhoodg but none to equal the many friends in li. F. A, lforum C3, -lj, Vindex Q-lj Ass't Business Manager, Hi-Y 142. Frederic Wm. Amberg 371 NV. Gray St. No. 2 Freddie has a cheerful personality that gives him a light-hearted, jovial appearance. In fact, "hc is slow to speak and slow to wrath," Class Basketball Cl, 23, Life Club CZ, 31, Chairman Banner Committee, Hi-Y 141. Willis Andrews 7l8 Holclridge St. Southport Corners VVillis spends only a half of each day with us, but we are glad of even that opportunity of seeing him. junior Chamber of Commerce. 20 V JW EM OI RS-1924 l l No. 4 Esther is best of her o succeed. Senior Play Committee. No. 10 ,Mary Alice likes to play basketball and she's better than good at it, too. NVe consider ourselves lucky to have known Pep Club ketball C3, 41. LaRue Antes 155 Boardman St. No, 9 Buffalo Medical "None but himself can be his parallel, Who is he?" Tliisuclterub-faced youth is a boy who takes life easy. nor worries about its cares and woes. Masquers 63, 4, Serg.-at-Armsl, Junior Chamber of Commerce 63, 43, Football ffl, -U. Esther Belle Arnold 212 Sullivan St. a very conscientious girl, always making the pportumties, and we know that she is bound to Eunice Arnold Renno. 537 Baty St. XVC haven't heard much from Eunice in our four years at li. F. A., but in spite of that, we know that she h hearted support. as been right with us, backing us fully with her xvholc. Musical Club, Glee Club 6-ll. Mary Alice Ayers ' l07 Banroft Rd. Rochester Hospital her for the four years at lf. F. A. tl, 2, 3,-ll, Harmony Club HD, Class Bas- Zl JYCEMOIR6'-1924 Harriet Baldwin 413 W. First St. No. 2 Cortland Normal Here's to a face with frowns so few, Here's to a smile so gay, Hcre's to a comrade, staunch and true, NVe'll miss her at E. F. A. Masquers C25, Ring and Pin Committee, Pep Club CZ, 3, 45, Senior Reception Committee, Etude Q35. Harriet Ball 707 Riverside Ave. No. 7 Elmira College Harriet is one of the quiet members of '24, Although we've never heard much from her, we know she's capable of great things. Pep Club Cl, 2, 3, 45, Senior Play Committee, Student Council C3, Sec'y 45, Get-together Party. Ruth Baltimore 401 W. Clinton St. No. 8 Elmira College Q It is a good thing that we have Ruth in our class. She is studious, yet full of fun: clever, yet not ollicious. L'An1icale. Wm. John Bartlett 218 Walnut St. No. 2 Jack may be small, but he is full of pep, just the same. Look at his list of activities and sce. Vindex Board C45, Hi-Y C45, Forum 135, Baseball Manager C45, Journalism Club C45, Senior Play. 22 JWEMOIRS-1924 Leon L. Baxter , 418 Euclid Ave. No. 11 Syracuse "Who is he, that will rise to great things in this world of ours?" Leon has the happy faculty of making friends at, once, either on the basketball court or at any other place, large or small. Hi-Y C4J, Basketball C13, 4J, Life Club CZ, 35, Class Basketball Cl, ZJ, Forum CZ, SJ. Herman Beckwith 719 Hopkins St. No. 9 ' - If Herman got all he deserved, we think he would have :L whole page to himself. He is an all-around fellow, Jolly or solemn, as the occasion demands. junior Chamber of Commerce, Class Baseball Clj, Class Basketball CZ, 3J, Football C4J, Class Track CU. Edward Bement 515 Herrick St. NO. 9 Syracuse ,t If anyone ever saw "Eddie" without a smile on his face, either he was asleep, or the person was dreaming. Forum CZJ, Hi-Y Vicc-President C4j, Vindex C3, 41, Life Club CZ, 31, Asst. Manager Football C-U. A Reynolds Bennett 1040 Walnut St. No, 5 Q Columbia Univ, Reynolds makes himself a part of everything he enters, and is loyal to .everything to which loyalty is due. Life Club CZ, SJ, Vindex Board C4j, Hi-Y C4J, Jour- nalism Club C4J, Junior Chamber of Commerce. 23 JTEMOIK6'-1924 Gertrude M. Besemer 372 li. Center St. No. 4 Robert Packer Hosp. NVe haven't room to say about Gertrude all the nice things that we u'ou'd like, but we all know that she is one of whom the Class of '24 will always be proud. Pep Club 43, 41, Glue Clubs K-ll, Senior Quartet. Seward Besemer 372 li. Center St. No, 4 . Yes, Seward has loads of friends in old E. F. A. and we're going to miss him-especially his voice in the Senior Quartet. Glee Club C-ll, Life Club CZ, 35, Senior Quartet. John Billard 769 Erie St. St. Mary's "Who is he that hath knowledge, And spareth his word?" 'johnnie" says little but thinks much. How else can we describe him? Arbor Day Committee. Mary Helen Birchard 367 W. Gray St. No. 2 Elmira College Mary Helen is -witty, peppy, and attractive. The many responsible positions she has held show our confi- dence in her and .her popularity among the students. Masquers 12, 35, Vindex Staff CSD, Quill QZJ, Year Book Board, Getftogether Party, Senior Reception Com- mittee, Senior Play, Senior-junior Party. 2-l JKE M OIRS-1924 Alice Birkholz 554 E, Third St. No. 8 Elmira College Sweet, patient, industrious, well-liked and pleasant are only a few ot' the adjectives that might be used to describe Alice. if we only had more space. Senior Play Committee, l.'Amicale, Gladys Bohn 728 Robinson St. No. 7 Elmira College XVhat would '24 have done without good-natured, tnn-loving Gladys? Small in size-but big in true E. F. A. spirit--that's Gladys, Agora, Vindex. , Alton Boyd 558 Lyon St. No. 9 "A carefree youth, this!" Upon Alton's brow, school life leaves no inarks, except those of gaiety and good times in school. Arbor Day Committee. Clair A. Breese 353K Euclid Ave. No. ll I It' solemnity and attentiveness point to success, here is one who will succeed. junior Chamber 'of Commerce. 25 JYKEM OI RS-1924 Robert Brett 712 E. Church St. SS. Peter and Paul's Niagara Univ. We all know "Mike" and "Mike" knows us all. Does he play basket-ball? Well, ratherg or rather well! Class Basketball C31, Varsity Basketball 141. Gladys Brown 707 Thompson St. Canton Center We don't know what Gladys' ambition for the future is, but we can be assured that her cheery smile and pleasing ways will be a big help to her in whatever she may undertake. Basketball C3, Cap't 41, French Club C41. Reta Brown 244 Crete Ave. No. 1-0 Rochester Gen. Hosp. We have found in you, Reta, a good student and a true friend, If you keep up your spirit of determination, we know that you will surely succeed. Pep Club CZ, 3, 41, Glee Club C41. Mary Lou Bruce 708 Second St. No. '2 Elmira College Mary I.ou's interests are many, She shines in social activities and athletics and also keeps up a high schol- astic record. Masquers fl, 21, Pep Club CZ, 3, Pres, 41, Student Council 12, 3, 4, Vice-Pres.1, Class Vice-President C2, 31, Vindex Staff C41, Basketball C41, Senior-Junior Party. 26 ...X JK EM OI RS-1924 Genevieve Budd 70 Cleveland Ave. No. 6 Newspaper Work "Gen" always has a smile and a cheery word for i everyone. That's one reason for her popularity, f Vindex Staff 13, 41, L'Etude 131, Agora 141, Student Council 141, Masquers 121, Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 41. Mary Burt Elmira R. D. 2 XVellsburg Union ' The name Mary is notorious whether associated with a lamb or with contrariness. Perhaps, the Class of '24 will add still another Mary to the "Hall of Fame." S. S. S., Girls' Chamber of Commerce. Elizabeth Byrne Lake St. SS. Peter and Paul's Music Teacher XVhat shall we say about a girl who carries six sub- jects, is always on the Honor Roll and still finds time to devote to her music? "On energy and ambition depends success." L'Amicale 141, Orchestra 12, 3, 41. Anna Cascio ' 421 Railroad Ave. St. Patrick's 1 XVe don't know much about Anna for she is very backward about coming forward, but the fact that she's a member of the Class of '24 proves her worth. L'Amicale 141, Le Progress 141, S. S. S. 131, Agora, Basketball 141, Year Book Board. 27 JKEMOIRS-1924 Seeley Chapman 1880 Davis St. No. 10 watch him play football: and popular--notice the girls chasing him. Football 13, -ll, Basketball fl, 2, SJ, Track C3J. John Chapple 748 Robinson St. John is quiet and attracts little attention to himself, yet the school will miss him, for he has been a valuable asset. Junior Chamber of Commerce. Lucille Cleveland ll5 XV. LaFrance St. Canton, Pa. l.ucille's name is usually found on the Honor Roll. She works hard herself, but she is always willing to help less gifted students. Year Book Board C-ll, Pep Club C4b, Orchestra CZ, 31. Frederic Collin 1555 Lake St. No. 4 Cornell Always solemn and intent upon what he is doing, Fred has made his way through li. F. A. VVe wish him success, and we feel certain that our wish will be granted. journalism Club C-4J. 28 Seeley is studious-see his report cardsg athletic- Q9l'fEMOIRS-1924 I Julia L. Collins 437 XV. XVashington Ave. St. Patricks lilmira College julia's sweet and Julia's pretty, 'l'hat's the reason for my ditty, lt's too bad there isn't space To write more about her case. Senior Play Committee. Floyd Comfort R. lf. D. l, Wlellsburg, N. Y. XYt-llsburg Union Q . Floyd has a long way to come to sehool. In spite ol this. his regular attendance shows that he is faithful and true to E. F. A. Arbor Day Committee. Oliver Comfort R. F. D, l, XVellsbnrg, N. Y. NVellsburg Union VVC wish that Oliver might have been with us longer. ln him, one is sure of a friend. Junior Chamber of Commerce. Doris Cone No. 3 112 XV. Miller St. Beautiful as sweet! . Ancl young as beautiful! And soft as young! And gay as soft! And innocent as gay! S. S. S. 132, Pep Club fll. 29 JKEMOIRS-1924 Watson Conklin 612 Beecher St. St. Mary's "If length were wisdom, a genius would l1e be!" But VVatson is as true as he is tall. Arbor Day Committee. Gerald Connelly 262 W. Chemung PI. St. Mary's Univ. of Penn. Fear never downs him: anger never drowns him. In short, he is a real pal. Arbor Day Committee. Irma P. Cooper Cleveland Ave. Dis't No. 6 - NVe certainly must congratulate Irma! Even if she is a tine Latin student, she still finds time for basketball and good fun. Varsity Basketball C-U. Frank M. Cornelius 209 W. Chemung Pl. lilkland Hank doesn't believe in studying much, but he's rated as quite a sheik among the ladies, so wc're told. Goodbye, old fellow, and good luckl Arbor Day Committee. 30 and she manages to keep up her reputation of a good JWEMOIRS-1924 Raymond Costello 651 Beecher St. St. Mary's Did you ever meet "Ray" on a rainy day? He's just as happy then as ever. Year Book Board. Marion Cowles 502 N. Pearl Ave., Joplin, Mo. No. 7 Kansas Univ. It certainly is too bad for us that Marion had to leave after three and a half years of her happy companionship. She is the kind of girl whom all the world loves. Year Book Staff, Masquers C2, 35, Sec'y of Class CZJ, Student Council 12, 3, -U, Pep Club 12, 3, 43. Helen Crowe 326 XVest Avenue St. Mary's Helen is one of the peppiest members of '24, She's always bright and cheerful and ready to help a "friend in need." Girls' Chamber of Commerce 14, Treasurer 41, Pep Club 12, 31, Glee Club C4J. A Florence Cullen 216 lVcst Side Ave. No. l0 Bishopthorpe -Florence is just one of those happy-go-lucky girls, whom everybody likes. Fun and Florence are great pals student too. "How does she do it?" That's her secret. Senior Play Committee. 31 JYFEMOIRS-A1924 lNn. lll Lillian is She has load way. Senior l'lay Connnittec. No. ll Dorothy is favored hy the gods with yellow curls- don'tAwe envy her though? XVe all hope that Dorothy will hnd the Glee Club. Kathryn L. Daly 909 Davis St. St. l'atrick's lihnira College A worth-while student and a regular old pal-that's Kathryn. lX'hat a splash she makes in the "Pool of Knowledge!" Senior Play Conunittee. Lillian Davis SU-l XYest Side Ave. just the sort of girl one expects to succccd, s ol' friends who wish her luck along lifc's Cortland Decker 223 Maple Ave, Jersey Shore, Pa. XVhat would li. lf. A. have done without thc light hoot and joyful heart of Cortland Decker? Track ll, ZH. Dorothy Decker 702 NV. XVatex' St. very hest of luck in life. 32 91. l,'atrick's c9lfEMOIR6'- 19.271 Ranieri DeFilippo 305 Fifth St. St. Cecelia's Syracuse A man's man without doubt, yet one who is-pcr- fectly capable of making his way with the ladies! Altho he certainly is the idol of the school, this fact has not given "Big Flip" a "swelled head." Class Track Cl, 25, Varsity Baseball C-lj, Varsity Track 13, Capt. -ll, Athletic Council 13, Pres. 41, All State Football 13, Capt. -ll, Varsity Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 45, Class Baseball tl, ZJ, Forum HJ, Varsity Football CZ, 3, Capt. 4J. I Gerald Delaney 152 XVest Fifth St. St. l'atriek's P. G. "lYho loves his own sweet shadow in the street Better than e'er the fairest she, he meet." ujerryi' impressed one as being not in the roll of common men, but set apart because of his well known wit and humor. Class Basketball ll, ZJ, Class Football CU, Class Baseball tl, ZJ. l , Eleanor Dempsey 10-l Fairfield Ave. No. 7 The saying "Speech is silver, but silence is golden," applies to Eleanor every where except at basketball and football games. Senior Play Committee. ' Regina Devitt 3 Tracy Pl. If you think that red hair's a sign Of the owner's temper, so hot, Right here you nmst change your mind, For Regina's surely is not. Girls' Chamber of Commerce. 33 JVC EM OI RS--1924 Robert Digby 313 Walnut St. No. 11 It's only the "Way," not the means, that prevents Bob from acquiring a "Ford." Arbor Day Committee. Margaret Donnelly 376 VV. Gray St. No. 2 . Elmira College , The senior class is justly proud of her, for it is seldom that a group is blessed with such an all-around good sport. ' Pep Club C2, 3, 41, Masquers CZJ, Quill CZJ, Senior Reception Committee. Myrtle Dunn 113 Magnolia St. No. 7 "She smiled for the sake of smiling, And laughed for no reason but.fun." Perhaps this fits Myrtle better than anything else we could say of her. Agora, Girls' Chamber of Commerce, S. S. S., Cleri- cal VVork. Elizabeth Durrell Cranford, N. J. Joliet, Ill. NVon't we miss her smile and especially that laugh? "Lizzie" came from the West where everyone is every- one else's friend, Believe me, E. F. A. is going to miss her, but our loss will be somebody else's gain. Pep Club 143, Glee Club. 34 QZTEMOIR6'-1924 David Dusinberre 365 W. First St. No. 2 By self-eontidence and determination the impossible becomes possible for our editor-in-chief. Hi-Y Club, Editor-in-Chief of Year Book. Edith Easton 411 Baty St. . No. 9 P. G. Edith is finishing school in three years time. XVe'd like to tell you some of her marks, but we hate to m you feel jealous! Senior Play Committee. Alberta Edic 386K li, XVarren St. No. 4 Alberta's very quiet, But still waters run deep. Her goal is light: she's reaching it NVhile lazy people sleep. Year Book Board. ' Stanley Ellison , 644 Reynolds St. Reading Center P G 'Stanley is just the type of fellow that li. 17. A. is sorr to lose He is interested in everything that has to do with the welfare of his school. Vindex 143, Hi-Y C4J, Forum 13. 45. 35 JIEMOIRS-1924 Stuart Elston R, D. 4 District Z Carnegie Tech. Stuart always has a cheerful greeting for everybody. l'le overcomes gloom as if it were nothing, Arbor Day Committee. Arthur Enright - 382 Baty St. Scranton, I'a. Cornell "Ile is not one who thinks too little and talks too much." . Forum. Emma Ensworth 558 Maple Ave. No. 7 Univ. of Rochester linnna certainly is an accomplished young lady! llesides playing the piano, keeping up her studies, and driving her ear, she still linds time to go in for dramatics. Class Sm-e'y 1'-ll, Student Council C-ll, lflftude 135, Agora K-ll, Masquers C-ll. Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 45, Get- together Party, Pep Cluh 13, -U. Alverta Entz l06 McHenry St. Southport 4 .Xlverta is one of our models: she is the type we are glad to have with us. She has a pleasant look, no mat- ter what happens. - S. S. S. C-lj, Glee Club. I.'lEtucle C-U. 36 Jlf EM OI RS- 1927! l Y Richard Everetts Though his stature is small, His diction is fine: W'ith big words he's right there, Has a very fine "line." Orchestra CU, Jnnior Chamber of Commerce C41 Ruth Ewing 117 Lormore St. No. 7 ' Ruth is the kind of girl that makes the world go round. She's cheerful and she's amiable-in smiles she does abound. Pep Club 62, 4, Vice-Presidentj, Basketball CS, 45, Orchestra LZ, 3, 42. Rosemary Feeney 330 Irvine PI. St. Patricks ' Elmira College Everybody knows Rosemary and everybody likes her. She is one of the few people in this "Little old world of ours" who is endowed with an artistic temperament. VVe know she'll be an artist. Masquers CZ, 3, 43, Pep Club CZJ, Agora CZ, SJ, Year Book Board. Virginia Ferguson 466 Lyon St. Waverly High School Elmira College ' Bcgone, dull Care, I prithce begone from meg Bcgone, dull Care, 'thou and I shall never agree, Pep Club f4D, Agora C-lj, S. S. S. C-ll. l 0 37 JYFEM OIRS'-192.91 Edna Flood 652 Reynolds St. V St. Joseplfs Edna's another quiet girl, but just the same she can talk when she gets started: and studying-lidna's hobby is taking six subjects every year! Did you ever See her in the Domestic Science Room? This way, fellows! Agora C3, 41, Pep Club 145, S. S. S. C-ll, Class Bas- ketball CJD. r K Alice Foehner ll7 Judson St. Beecher, No. 1 Yes, Alice, we all love you. You show us all how nice it is to be an all-around success. NVon't you tell us the secret? Vice-l.'resident of Girls' Chamber of Commerce. Harry Frank 217 NV. Henry St. No. 3 4 Univ. of Penn. It's the little things that make the world go 'round. Class Basketball fl, 2, 3, 43. Sarah Frank 217 VV. Henry St. No. 3 Sarah Frank is very frank! But do not think she is a crank: Her marks are in the highest rank! x She's out for every kind of prank. Nasquers Cl, 23, Girls' Chamber of Commerce LSL-e'yJ, lflitude Q3, 4 Corresponding Scc'yj. 38 f Jlfl-EMOIRS-19271 l Isidora Frasier 321 Xlzulison Ave. NVellshurg Isicloru, with her lumpy smile, Has helped to make school days worth while. Pep Club ll, 2, 3, -ll, l.'.'hllllC2llL' I-ll. Herbert French 825 XV. First St, NO. 11 Dartmouth Here is one ot' our bcst artists! XVe have great hopes for Herlfs future. He designed many of the clrzlwings in our book, Year Book Board, l.'Amic:1le C-ll. Mnsquers. Forum. Arthur Friendburg 510 Falck St. No. 7 Arthur is one of our lmshful princes. Ile's il hard worker, and takes an active interest in all li. F. AIS doings. Arbor Day Committee. ' Anthony Frisk 721 Kenyon St. St. M:1ry's Temple Univ. Tony has Il smile for everyone. He is Il thorough student and we all wish him success. Vindcx, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Student Coun- cil, Class Baseball 123, Varsity Baseball 13, Capt. 41. 39 JMEMOIICA'-1924 Martha Fudge 708 Herrick St. NO. 9 Elmira College Never elated when one man's oppressed, Never dejected while another is blest. Pep Club fl, 2, 3, 45. A Rena Fuller 348 NV. Fourth St. No. 8 - Univ. of Minnesota 'We are glad that Rena decided to come back to grad- uate with us. She is the sort that helps to make a class a big success in every way. Class llaskethall Cl, 25, Glee Club, ljlitude, Dramatic Lflulm, l'ep Club Cl, ZH. Margaret Gardner 606 Reynolds St. St. Mary's Margaret is one of our most popular girls. She has a sweet disposition, and has worked untiringly for the betterment of the class of '2-1. Class Vice-l'resident, S. S. C-ll, Agora Q-lj Vice- Vresident, Girls' Chamber of Commerce. ' Marjorie Gavitte , XVellshurg, N. Y. XVellshurg Union Meeker's A quiet, unassuming girl--"Actions speak louder than words." Senior Play Committee. 40 JlfEMOIR.S'-1924 CCI sho clocs it with a sniilc. Sydney Gerie lll High St. Margarete Georgia 560 li. Church St. Elmira College Sweetness and jollity and pop make up Xlargarctc. Shi-'S alwavs ",lolmnv on thc spot" to flo her hit and lk-p Cluh ll, 2, 3, -lj, Agora C3l, l.'Amicalc K-ll, Nu, 8 "SicI"' is out for business, llrst, last and always and worlc. N1 .VX1'lmm' Day C'ommittcc. NO. ll 3l L' C -X. C. L-U. Orma Gillett 612 Chester St. m, 3 miimlislicu great results In-cause of his willingness to Margaret Gilbert l720 XY. lVa1cr St. Xl'Lrg:u'ct is unc of the hast of'2-1-an earnest stuclcnl, 1 lmlpful fricncl and 'L delightful companion. l.'.-Xmicalc 1-ll, VCD flllh ll. 2. 3. 47, Masqm-rs 42, "l'lappy am I, from care I'm frcc, XYhy arcn't thcy all contcntccl like mc?" Senior Play C0ll'IllllllCC. 41 l JYCEMOIKA'-1924 Lillian Gordon 751K li. Water St. No. l Elmira College Lillian is one of the few students who has been able to complete her course in three and a half years. That certainly speaks well for her ability as a student. Chairman of Decorating Committee. John Gough 455 Millard St. No. 5 John is very quiet and goes about his work without bothering ztnyone. Surely he will 1nake his mark in the world. Junior Chamber of Commerce fill, Life Club CSD, Margaret Gracie 508 Perine St. N0, 9 P. "Pep" seems to be Margaret's favorite noun. She's one of the peppiest girls in Pep Club and has w-orked ceaselessly to make the club one of the best. L'Amiealc C4J, llep Club C2, 3, 4D- Anna Graham 325 River St. St. Mary's XVasn't Anna the most adorable little girl in the Senior Play--do you blame us for falling in love with her? Masquer's 13, 43, Girl's Chamber of Commerce, Get- together Party, Senior Play. 42 'Southport Corners Jlf E M OI RS- 1924 Aurelia Greatsinger R. D. No. 4 No. S She is the quiet kind whose nature never varies. Girls' Chzunber of Commerce. Jerome Gunderman 1008 Hull St: No. 4 ' Here is it youth who has gotten much out of his school life by absorbing its highest ideals. Class Basketball C2, 31. I I Alta Hagar l26 Main No. 9 Alta is a demure little maiden, who always carries Il supply of smiles for everyone she meets. Senior Play Committee. Bernice Ham ' Pine City WVC don't know what Bernice's profession is going to be but anyway some one will surely he benehttecl by it. S. S. S. f-U, Pep Club 12, 3, 45. 43 JMEMOIRS-1924 l Leo Hardiman 308 Mt. Zoar St. St. Mary's ' As a dramatic star, Leo shines. Besides tliat, hc's a line, popular, clean, studious, get-ahead fellow. Stage Manager of Play, Forum f2, 3, 45, Masqucrs C3, President 43, Vindex Board, Year Book Board, Chair- man ot' Ring Committee, Senior Reception Committee, journalism Club HD. Robert Harding 760 Pennsylvania Ave. No. 3 Cornell Univ. No merrier a youth ever trod the halls of E. F. A.! Forum Q-U, Hi-Y 145, Frances Harris . 622 NV. NVater St, No. ll P. G. NYe don't know "Fran" so well, but she is a younger sister of our Assis't liditor-that speaks for itself. Fran- ces never seowls: in fact slie smiles so much that we wonder if she didn't start the idea. Agora, Harmony Club. Jean Harris 622 NV. XV:1ter St. No. ll Elmira College Jean has worked zealously, and lier name occupies a merited place on our Honor Roll. Senior Get-together Party, Year Book Board, Class llasketball CSD, Pep Club. 44 JJKEAJOIKS-19271 V lie l.:1s:tlle lizmsns Citv. Mo. Lehigh Univ. llurolfl nlnry, uncl his blue eyes. Arbor l kt. l':1triek's ll' ever there be 'll reall trtentl and companion, it is velyn. You eun always depend on her friendship. S, S. 1.3, -U, Glee Club C-ll, Girls' Chamber of Coin- nierce, lflitucle, Irene Haskins 7-ll XV. Church St. No, ll Irene isn't quite so bold and outspoken us some 0 ns, but she sets zz good example. XYe enjoy her com pzmy. I Musqners 125, S. 633, lep Club 12, 35, Ui,-15 Cliznnber of Commerce. Harold Hartnett l0l9 Gr. Central Ave. Acaclemy is noted for his oratoricznl powers, his vocab- Jay COlllllllltCC. Cortland Hatfield 452 Riverside Ave. Oswego Princeton li. l". .-X.'s halls have been graced with Cortland for but one short year. However we ull know hint and are glad to own him as one of our best friends. 4 lfortnn t-lj, Orchestral t-H, Hi-Y K-ll, Glee Club C-ll. Evelyn Herchiskel 953 Lincoln St. t 45 i CJYCEMOIRS-19271 Doris Hevener 451 Maple Ave. No. 7 Eastman School of Music VVVe'lI always remember Doris as quaint little "Phoebe" in "Quality Street." She intends to take up music for her life work and we can all vouch for her success. Orchestra Cl, 25, Home Room CPresident 33, Pep Club C1,2, 3, 45, L'Etude C3, Vice-Pres. 47, Vindex Rgp- resentative CCD, Student Council C3, 45, Masquers L-lj. Katherine Hill S75 Riverside Ave. NO, 7 Elmira College Katy-did, Katy-didn't! One can't tell what Katherine is going to be, next-quiet or boisterous, although she's never in the extreme of either. Student Council Q4J, Pep Club CZ, 3, 45. Marion Holly 126 E. Chemung Pl. I No. 7 Lively! 'l'hat's the work for Marion. Besides that, she has been a fine friend and a willing worker in the class of 1924. Girls' Chamber of Commerce. George H. Hoffman 603 Hoffman St. No. ll Cornell Univ. "There's a good deal of mirth beneath his quiet ex- teriorf' Football 449, Hi-Y q4p. Life Club 433. l 46 JJTEMOIRS-1924 Harold Horigan 363 W. Fifth St. St. 1'atrick's "Bus" is always happy whenever you meet him l' of things. sees only the brightest site Football ffl, -U. Edward Houston 521 W. Third St. No. 11 U Cornell Univ. bl "liddie" is one of the most conscientious students in lt. 1'. A. and can always he found engaged in some school activity. Class Treasurer C4D, Student Council C-ll, Forum KZ, 3, -ll, Hi-Y C4J, Masquers C-41, Debating team 13, Leader -U, Senior Play. Frank Howard 703 XVinsor Ave. L ,No. 7 Frank is a great leade V Hi-Y C-41. r-although he is quiet. Wilifred Howard 610 Coburn St. NO, 11 Elmira College v ' thfull' Say of XVilifred, XVe feel that ue can tru 3 "Labor omnia vincitf' She s been a steady worker and that's what 12. F. A. needs Pep Club C-U, L'Amicalie C4J, Class Basketball C3, 43. 47 JTEMOIRA'-1924 Edward Hughes Lake St. SS. Peter and l"aul's Cornell Univ. Look on this picture and see what grace is seated on his brow. This statement does not imply that "lid" is staid and -dignified, but that hc is a regular fellow." Chairman Senior Reception Connnittee, Forum CS,-U. Clemens Janowski 708 German St. No. 1 . "Clem" is a boy who helieves in hard work, earnest effort and keeping one's shoulder to the wheel. VVith these characteristics, we have no douht of his success. Class Basketball f3, 45. Helen Jenkins Maple Ave. No. 7 "O what a glory doth this world put on For her who, with a fervent heart, goes forth Under the bright and glorious sky, and looks On duties well performed, and days well spent!" Senior I-'lay Committee. William Jewell 353 Norton St. llector, N. Y. This youth is well known for his jolly disposition and friendliness. junior Chamber of Commerce. 48 JYFEMOIRS-1924 No. 9 Radah J ones 326 Irvine Pl. No. 4 - Reynolds Johnson Perinc St. "A capable chap" is our opinion of Rcxnolds Masquers 12, 3, 41, Cheer Leader C41 lorum K3 4 51, Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 41, Etude CPresiccn 51 lrgc C31, Student Council 141. Syracuse Unix Sometimes Radah docsn't bother about neglected lessons n such, and again, she's as busy as a bec. She's got good marks, too. Choral Club C2, 31, Year Book Board. Elizabeth King 424 XV. Third Str No. 2 NVe like,you lots For what you are, Besides all this NVe like your car. fl, 2, 3, 41, Vindex Quill CZ1, journalism Club C41. Pep Club 49 Gladys Kilpatrick 454 W. Third St. No. ll Geneseo Normal Good old Gladys! She is always waiting with 1 smile and a cheery word. Mr. Gloom never had her in his dungeon. -Dramatic Club 121, lflftude, Correspondnig Secx 631, Pep Club 121, Glee Clnb C-11. I Elmira College Staff 141, Agora, and "petite" as Frances. 1924 is glad sh: is a member. JMEMOIRS-1924 George Kingston 530 XV. Clinton St. St. Patrick's Univ. of Penn "Ile delighteth all who know him." This explains George's popularity at E. F. A. Orchestra tl1, Athletic Council fSec'y 31, Forum Q2 Treasurer 31. Imogene Knight Q 1017 College Ave. Elmira Heights Ellllifil COIICSC This girl is one of the type that we all like. Agree- able, cheerful, and fun' loving is Imogene, and a good friend. Senior Play Committee. Sylvia Kotrba 107 Tuttle Ave. No. 1 Sylvia is a born leader. VVe discovered that when she organized one of our most active school societies. VVe like Sylvia, because she can mingle studies with sociability. Student Council C41, Pep Club C31, S. S. S. CPres. 41, Agora CSec'y 41, Forum and Agora Debate Q41, Vindex Literary Staff C41. Frances Lee 452 E. Clinton St. No. 7 What would all the girls not give to be as "chic" S. S. S. C41, Masquers 141. 50 and always has a smile in spite of any trouble. JWEMOIRS-1924 Jennie Letteer 407W Brady St. Berwick, Pa. "Where e'er a noble deed is wrought, When e'er is spoken a noble thought, Our hearts in glad surprise To higher levels rise." S. S. S. 121, Girls' Chamber of Commerce. William Little 2160 Orchard St. No.3' "Of whom all people say He has a sense of humor." , Bill has one of the most carefree min ds that we know Arbor Day Committee. E Isabelle Locks 551 East Walter St. No. 8 Isabelle, the well-known Latin Shark, helped us . make merry in Vergil Class this year. She sure deserves 'heaps of credit for finishing E. F. A. in three years , Agora 141, Senior Play, Masquers C-lj. 4 Dorothy Lockwood 68 Pennsylvania Ave. No. 7 I know a maiden fair to see, Take care! She can both false and friendly be Beware! Beware! I + ,f Trust her not, she is fooling thee! Senior Play Committee. 51 cMlEMOIRS1I924 Jeanette Losie 1240 W. VVater St. Hendy Ave. School VVellsley Jeanette is one of E. F. A.'s most popular girls. "Ready to work, Never to sl1irk," is she. l,'Ix1lllCZllC C-U, Pep Club Q2, 3, 42. Florence Lovell 1131 Lake St. No. 4 Rochester Gen. Hosp. "lt is such a piece of good luck to be natural." Some friends appreciate her sunny disposition, and others, her sunny hair. Glen' Club, Pep Club. Paul Lowe College Ave. No. 5 Paul is quiet, but capable. Our Alma Mater expects great things of him. Class Basketball C2, 3, 42. Helen Lyon 714 W. Gray St. No. 2 Elmira College Here is one of those we love. "XVax to receive, and marble to retain." Masquers Cl, ZJ. 52 t Dorothy McMillen Jlf EM OI KS-192.,z Regina McBride 712 E. XVashington Ave. NO- 4 Philadelphia Quiet and gentle like a winding brook, Howiiig through meadows tilled with forget-me-notsg this is our memory of Jeanie. Agora Q-lj, S. S. S. C41 Howard McCoy ' 514 Church St. Kane High School "ln thy face I see the map of honor, truth and loyalty." NVe predict a rosy future for Howard. 1-Ii-Y C-U, Advertising Manager Year Book C-O. James McLaughlin 215 XV. Church St. St. Patrick's "An all-around good fellow." Jim had such qualities of leadership that he was elected to lead us this year. ' Football 13, 41, Forum K3, President -11, Debating Teams 141, Class President C-lj, Senior Play, Activities Committee C-U, Masquers Q-U. 120 Phoenix Ave. No. 7 P. G. Altho Dorothy is small, her list of friends is large. XVe wish there were more like her. Senior Play Committee. i 1 53 Jl'FE.MOIRS-1924 Anna McMurray 302 XV. Fifth St. St. Patrick's Hollywood Anna McMurray has been a staunch supporter of '24. With her earnestness and purpose, she is sure to go far ahead in the world. Girls' Chamber of Commerce C3, -H, Senior Play Committee. Dorothy Marshall 251 W. Water St. Cohocton Arnot-Ogden Hospital True ambition has Dorothy, and achievement is her goal, yet she always likes a little fun in its place. Here's to her succees. Girls' Chamber of Commerce, lflitucle C3, 41, S.S. S. 145. Charles Martel 730 Seneca Place France Ambition is the keystone of success. Charles came all the way from France to enter E. F. A., where he has been engaged in school activities. Student Council C4J, l.'An1icale 145. Harold Mason 950 Mt. Zoar St. No. 3 If everybody were as quiet and unassuming as you, Mr. Parker and the faculty would have little to worry about. We are glad to know you, Harold. Life Club Cl, 25, l.'Amicale 141. 54 JW EM OI RS-1924 Marion Mathews 718 Benjamin St. St. Cecilia's i Marion is one of our 'likeable girls, pleasant to be with. A joking, clever gir ' ' and winsomeness, Girls' Chamber of Commerce, S. S. S. C-11. I is shc, with plenty of wit Dora Merrill ' 405 W. Clinton St. No. 2 Cortland Normal Dora is sweet, Dora is true, I like Dora, Don't you? Quill 121, Pep Club CZ, 3, 41. Samuel Meltzner 137 Harriet St. No. 1 Sam is of a quiet nature, but is one of the most loval students at E. F. A. Doesn't that describe him enough? b Class Baseball C21, Class Basketball fl, 2, 31, Karl Messing ' 401 Broadway No. 3 ' Karl is a zealous student, but always finds time to enjoy himself as well as to give pleasure to all others- even to "Gardeners" Forum 3, Junior Chamber of Commerce. 55 :MEMOIRS-IQ24 . Maude C. Mortimer 57 George St. No. 7 Plattsburg Normal Maude has shown her executive ability by her very able management of our "Girls' Chamber of Commerce." She's a jolly good friend, besides. Student Council, Girls' Chamber of Commerce, Pep Club CLS, -lj, Girls' Glee Club. Eloise Mosher 609 Chester St. No. 3 Meeker's Eloise is one of our peppiest school spirits. She can collect dues, and she can make you laugh in the midst of an exam. just the kind of girl this old world needs! Pep Club CZ, 3, -U, Girls' Glee Club, S. S. S. CS, 41, Iflitude. Donald Murphy 703 Delaware Ave. St. Mary's New York Univ. "Knowledgeiis more than equivalent to force." Don is a quiet boy who goes about his work quietly and accomplishes results. Ad. Statt of Year Book, lflitude. john Murphy Fulton St. St, Mary's Fordham Univ. "Jack" likes to let well enough alone-not being a fellow who can suddenly be started out of his habitual calm. Here goes good luck to you, Jack! Arbor Day Committee. 56 JifEMo11es-192, t Mary Alice Murphy Maple Ave. A dark-eyed, rosy-checked miss for whom wc all have the greatest love and admiration. Alice's charm- ing personality will win her many friends wherever she goes. lflitude UD, Orchestra t2, 3, -ll, Masqucrs 13, Yice- Pres, -ll, Student Council C-ll. Senior Play. Mary L. Murphy 1001 Davis St. St. Patricks St. Joscplfs Hosp. "liver drifting, drifting, drifting!" Mary's fond of a good time hut we hope that some day she'll take more of a liking to studies. Agora C3, 'l'reasurer -lj. V Joseph Muth 13165 Lake St. No. -l Cornell Univ. "Behold! lVe have hefore us a man, a spirit." ' Joe has the happy faculty of making friends and of keeping them. Arbor Day Committee. Richard Nagel 638 Reynolds St. Bucknell Univ. St. Mary's "A quiet, studious boy." We know that this lad will make his mark in the world. l"0l'lllll, Boys' Glee Cluli, Senior Play. 57 St. Patrick's Trinity College f JMEMOJRA'-192, Eileen O'Brien College Ave. St. Patrick's Cortland Normal "Joy and Temperance and Repose Slam the door on the doctor's nose." Eileen evidently has discovered this secret, from what we know of her. S. S. S. C3, 47, Agora C3, 41. William O'Connor 311 Webber Place St. Patrick's The power of thought--the magic of the mind. Arbor Day Committee. William O'Donne1l 713 junction St. St. Mary's Georgetown Univ. "A merry heart that laughs at care." Bill wears "the smile that won't come orT" and is always ready for a good time. Arbor Day Committee. Beatrice Orr 238 Sycamore Corning It is rather hard to know Beatrice, but when one does, it certainly is worth while. Perhaps that is why she has so many firm friends. Senior Play Committee. 58 JJTEMOIIQS-1924 and we look for his success in the future. Myrtle Palmer 730 Pcrine St. Never too busy to belp another! Never too tired to do a worth while deed. Girls' Chamber of Commerce, Student Council HJ Pres. 43, Vinclex C-U, Masquers Q-lj. William Palmer 109 S. Main St. No. 3 Cornell Univ. "A youth of exceeding industry." Bill has attained high standing during his school life Forum Q-D, 'I'rack 133, Life Club CSD, Football LU. No. 1 YVC all like "Bill" for his many good qualities, not the least of which is his willingness to give us all a. "lift." I Ethel Park 457 Riverside Ave. No, 7 Pratt Institute "VVho bath not proved how feebly words essay, To fix one spark of Beauty's heavenly ray." Pep Club, Year Book Board. William Parker R. F. D. 3 Arbor Day Committee. l 59 S, S. S. tVice-Pres. 3, 43, Pep Club C3, 4j, Agora C3 JW E M OI RS-19271 l Henry Patterson 501 XVillian1 St. No. 8 Heury's name has seldom been missing from the Honor Roll. This goes to show that he has taken for lns motto, "Business before pleasure." Life Club CZ, 31, Hi-Y C-11, Masquers C21, Year Book Board, Senior Play, l'.'Amicale. Leroy Peterson Elmira, N. Y. Big Flats Union School "A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays, And confident to-morrowsf' Life Club C31, Junior Chamber of Commerce. Henry Pettit, Jr. 319 West Church St. No. 2 Cornell Univ. As Editor of the Vindex, "Doc" has been chiefly responsible for its success tlus year. Vindex C3, 41, Student Council C41, Life Club CZ, 31, Class Treas. C31, President journalism Club. Joseph Pitts Irvine Pl. No, 5 Ohio Univ. Activity personihed-that fits Joe perfectly. Forum CZ, 3, 41, Student Council C3, 41, Masquers C3, 41, Ass't Mgr. Football C31, Mgr. Football C41, Base- ball C41, Athletic Ass'n C3, 41, Senior Reception Com. 00 JlfEMOIRS-1924 P l Florence Platt 161 Harriet St. No. l I We enjoyed I"lorcnce's companionship for four years and are sorry to lose her now. S. S. S. Q3, 41, Agora HD, Glec Club. Helen Policaj 219 Grant St. Buffalo Q Helen is quiet and unobtrusive, but her path thru lt. lf. A. is marked with shining lights. l.'Amicale C-U. l Ruth Nancy Quinlan 531 NV. Clinton St. St. l7atrick's Elmira College "W'ho does not feel the might, The majesty, of loveliness?" ' Secretary of Class f2l. S. S. S. C3l, Masquers Cl, 2, 3, -1, Sec'y 33, Student Council IZ, 3, 4, Sec'y 35, Agora CSD, Pep Club f3J, Home Room Pres. CSD, S. S. S. t3l, Get-together Party, Year Book Board, Ass't liditor Vinclex HD, Senior Play, Students' Activities Committee C-U, Journalism Club C-ll. ' Normah Rice 220 Penn. Avc. NO- 7 Elmira College Here we have Normah, our talented violinist: ever see Normah smile? If you l1aven't you've got something to look forward to. ' Agora C-ll, Pep Club 12, 3, -U, Iflitude C3, -U, S. C3, U, Orchestra CZ, 3, -ll. l JYFEMOIRS-1924 Margaret Riebel 454 Spaulding St. St. Mary'S There are ever so many nice things to be said about Margaret, but chief among them, is the fact that she's everybody's friend. Agora 135, S. S. S. CSD, Masqucrs CSD. Muriel Riffe 472 Roe Ave. St. Patrick's Sargent's Her snappy eyes and pretty hair show better than words that Muriel is a lively, get-ahead girl. Senior Play Committee. Richard Roberts 353 Columbia St. No. 2 Bucknell Univ. "Small, industrious and cool." Dick has always been a faithful worker for his school and it is with regret that he leaves it. Forum C3, 45, Senior Play. Ruth Roe , 900 W. Church St. No. ll Elmira College Ruth is very happy, optimistic and popular. Every- one knows and admires her on account of her pleasing personality and disposition. She certainly is an all- around girl and a good friend. Senior Reception Committee. Masquers, Pep Club. 62 Jlf EM OI RS-1924 Ethel Rosenbloom 1010 College Ave. No. 5 Dusky hair and dusky eyes, And the kind of laughter that never dies: Always helpful, friendly, and gay, She is as bright as a summer's day. Agora C31 Kathryn Sayre 3-18 Irvine Pl. No. 5 Elmira College If Kay is noted for one thing more than another, it is her curly hair. XVc all envy her on rainy days. She always has a smile and cheery word for everyone, especially after a good Vergil lesson. Pep Club QZ, 3, 43, L'Etude CSD, Masquers. U I Dorothy Schlock 419 Jefferson St. No. 3 "Thought is deeper than all speech Feeling is deeper than all thought." Agora CHU, Glee Club HJ, S. S. S. C4J, Iflftude C41 William Sebura ll57 N. Main St. No. -l -Quiet as a sphynx, yet underneath is something, xvhich endears him to all. When Bill went to the South- Side, he left behind a lot of true friends. Sophomore Party, Junior Chamber of Commerce. - 63 P.G JYFEM'O1'RS-192.,z Marjorie Seeley 301 Mt. Zoar St. No. 3 Eastman School uhvllbllihlll not thanked at all, Illll thanked enough. Vve done my duty, and l've done no more." Orchestra tl, 2, 3, -ll, S. S. S. fell, Iflitude C3, Treas- Florence Sell i 204 Brand St. No. 7 "fn sweetness, nothing earthly could surpass her." Agora fill, Pep Club C3, 45, S. S. S. 143, Glee Club 443. , George Shafer 323 XVashington Ave. No. 5 Cornell Univ. We expect some day to find that George is editor- in-chief of the New York Times. Football t4l, Track fill, Junior Class Pres., Treas. of Student Council, Debating Team. Grace Sheehan Franklin St. St. Mary's St. Joseph's lfluffy-haired Grace Sheehan holding up one of the walls with a certain dark-haired "Apollo" is a well known sight tsee flower gardeuj. She is sure to be a success if she keeps her preference for "Peerless" objects. Choral Club CZJ, Iflitude, Pep Club C3, 4l, S. S. S. HD, Ring and Pin Connnittee. 64 ' urer -lj. K . No 9 P. G. full oiifnn, ihat ive just can't help liking him. JK EM OIRS-1924 Alice Sheppard 761 Jay St. No. l "Like my subject, now shall be my song: - It shall he witty. and it shan't bc long." Agora C3, -U, S. S. S, C3, 41. Grazia Sherman 102 VV. Henry St. No. 3 "l,ovcliness needs not the foreign aid of ornznnent, But is, when unadornecl, aclornccl thc most." Masqners 629, S. S. S., Agora. Richard Sherman 315 Mt. Zoar St. No. 3 Union College Always smiling, Always gay, Dick takes it easy along lifc's way. Arbor Day Committee. 'John Shipe 305 South Ave. Oh evervhoclv knows jack. He's so big-hearted and Orchestra LU, Hi-Y f4J. l '65 JJTEMOIRS-1924 Perry Shoemaker 001 NV. XVater St. No. ll Univ. of Mich. Here is one of our "champ" debaters. Debating is his vocation, music is his avocation. Masquers 125, Hi-Y I-ll, Student Council C-ll, Ass't liootball Mgr. 135, l.ife Club 12, 35, Debating Team C-lb. Stella Siegel 733 Xvinsor Ave. Stella makes old King Cole look glum when it comes to being merry, yet, like all women in an argu- ment, she can make the other sex look like wall flowers. lfh, liorum? S. S. S. 15, SL-e'y -ll, Agora 4-ll, Glee Club C-ll, Senior Play. Joseph Slavin 670 Columbia St. St. lX'lary's "l'll not say much but think the more." joe's quiet ways have won for him many friends at school. On the football field he is a star performer. Football 13, 45, Class Basketball LZ, 33. Class Base- ball tl, 21, Varsity Baseball C3, 45. Dora Smith Millport, N. Y. llorseheads Dora believes that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Orchestra C-lj, Agora K3, 41. 66 V JMEMOIRA'-1924 Ethel Smith Lowman, N. Y. NVellsburg I-Iorseheads Training She is quiet and shy and good. Because oi her per- severance, she will succeed nl all she undertakes. Senior Play Committee. Richard Smith l NVhether at school, on the street. or at a dance, Dick is always the same happy-go-lucky fellow. i 1 David Snowiss 122 Sullivan St. No. 1 Univ. of Penn. Here's somebody who has hrains-which some ot' ns haven't. He doesn't come to school all the time but when he's here, he makes use of every minute, junior Chamber of Commerce. Dorothy Ellen Speed '1ll0 Oak St. NO- 4 Buffalo Alter her lessons and duties are done, Dorothy seeks pleasures and all kinds of fun. May she go thru life completing each small task, And Find all the laughter for which she may ask. Pep Club fl, 2, 33, Stenographer of Year Book, Home Room Pres. 135, Ass't Bus. Mgr. of Year Book. 67 JYFEMOIRS-1924 Nu. 7 Agora Q-lj, Pep Club 13, 45, S. S. S. C4J, Glce Club C-15. No. 3 liveryone says "popular" of Betty. This denotes a pleasing personality and it is true. S. S. S. C4J, Pep Club CID, Girls' Chamber of Com- IYICFCC. ..l A girl who is honest and frank with you, Lois F. Stalker E. Center St. No, 4 Buffalo A careful heart, a diligent mind! A lovelier girl would be hard to find. Pep Club Q2, 31. Rachel Steck 121 Brand St. iver earnest, ever true, Diligent to the end, Truly a priceless friend." Esther Stevens 615 Yale St. Southport Corners Elmira College Esther has been more interested in the studious than in the social side of E. F. A. She is especially fond of debating. We think she would make 21 good teacher. Pep Club CZD, L'Amicale C4J, S. S. S. CSecy 4D, Agora 13, Vice-President 45. Elizabeth Swartwood 367 Fulton St. Mansfield Normal 68 JT EM OI RS-1924 Helen Sweeney 606 N. Main St. St. Patriek's Cortland Normal For four long years this quiet, demure little Miss has drunk at the "Fountain of Knowledge," but her thirst remains unquenched. Helen has proved her true worth both as a student and friend to all her class-mates. X 1 Pep Club C3, -U, S. S. S. CD. Thomas Leroy Taber 560 Thompson St. NO- 9 Syracuse "Men of few words are the best men." lforum, Arbor Day Committee. Abe Tatelbaum 160 Sullivan St. No. 1 "A shark of sharks." Abe excels in hard work in school as well as on the basketball court. Class Baseball Cl, 23, Class Basketball CZ, 35, Student Council 1-ll, Varsity Basketball f-U. Lewis Thomas 345 XV, lVasbington Ave. NO, 5 Brown Actor? "Yes, indeed, of course!" More than that, though is Lewis, but it is hard to lind adequate words to describe so line a fellow. Senior Play. '69 JJTEMOIRS-1924 Vivian Thorn 801 lf. Market St. No. 9 Vivian has been the teachers' pride since she entered. We wish we could boast of her hne record-however, we can't all be sharks! Senior Play Committee. David Tracy 3025 Broadway St. Mary's David is a loyal supporter of the Junior Chamber of Lommerce. He is also a good student. Keep it up. Dave. Arbor Day Lfonmiittee, Junior Chamber of Commere '. Dullin Trescott Pine City No. 4 Serious and also jolly make a line combination called "'I'o know him is to love him." Arbor Day Committee, l,'Amicale C-lj. Florence Vater 756 Spaulding St. No. 7 Florence possesses the happy faculty of making friends wherever she goes. lVe'll always remember her as the star of so many girls' basketball games. Basketball CS, 45. 70 JK E M OI RS-1924 No. 3 U0 you liest-also loveliest? Dancing is her chief pleasure. . has expressed her desire to dance thru college. flood luek, Marge! Pep Club 62, 3, -ll, 5. S. S. 13, lreasurer -lj, P Southport Corners lo tell of her virtues would he a task, For where is a girl so true, Any favor you chance to ask, She's sure to grant to you. , 47- Agora Q3 Frances Vivian -lSlM Fraukliu St. No, 9 Here's a sigh to those who love me, And a smile for those who hate: .Xud whatever sky's above mc, l'lere's a heart for every fate. S. S. S. 13, -ll, Pep Cluh 1-ll, Glee Cluh I-ll, Girls' t'hamher of Commerce. 1-ll. l.l'. Marjorie Wager 610 Franklin St. Syracuse Uuiv. kuoxv that Marge is oue of the school's live . . . f Q Homer Warner Waid 525' Broadway No. 9 P- G Behold one ol' our reporters! If auythiug uuugugl goes ou, XVaruer is sure to publish it. lli-Y, lftudve, l.',fXmicale, Yiudex, Forum l2, 3, 43, Beatrice Wells 805 I-Ioldridge St. 71 tudt e7l'FEMOIRS-1924 Geraldine Jane Wells 915 Bridgeman St. She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with, And pleasant, too, to think of. Senior Play Committee. Elizabeth Westervelt Horseheads, N. Y. Catlin By watching Elizabeth, we have come to the con- clusion that quietness is a virtue, for she has so many friends. Senior Play Committee. l Y Sarah Wetmore 3.70 XV. Fourth St. No. 5 W'ho does not know Sarah, one of our most talented musicians? NVe hope she will be as successful in later life as she has been in E. F. A. ' Pep Club, Year Book Board. Lucretia Wheeler 957 McKinley Place No. 4 P. G. No member of the Class of '24 deserves more credit for her industry and perseverance than Lucretia. She has been an ideal class-mate. VVe predict a brilliant future for her. Senior Play Committee. 72 Elmira Heights P. G JMEMOIRS-1924 . Mildred Wilson 1-Iornell Ithaca "And that smile, like sunshine, darts Into many a sunless heart." Mildred truly is a bringer of sunshine. She's never sad---at least she never shows it if she is. Sec'y Student Council, Girls' Chamber of Commerce, Glee Club 145, ljlitude 1Vice-Presidentj. Ida Wittmer 7l6 Kinyon St. No. 9 "Tho I am young, I scorn to Hit On the wings of borrowed wit." Vindex 14D, Girls' Chamber of Commerce, Agora, Journalism Club 14J, . I Nellie Katherine Woods 505 XV. Fourth St. No. 5 , Miss Beardsley's Quiet, sincere, and very much in earliest in all she docs. Pep Club 1l, 2, 33, Girls' Glee Club 145, Iflitude 141, Melopia. Hiram Gruber Woolf 356 West First St. Hamilton College NO, 2 ' Boston Univ. Hiram is very industrious and has efliciently man- aged the Year Book. He works hard to reach any goal set for himself. Bus. Mgr. Year Book, Masquers 149, Forum 141, "Quality Street," Student Council 145, Get-together Parry, Mgr. Debating Team, Life Club 13, 23, Ass't Stage Manager Senior Play. 73 Conservatory of Music, WEMOIKS-1924 Elsie Worden 378W Norton St. No, 4 Small, yes, hut large in friends. We never nccd doubt that Elsie has high marks, either. S. S. S. 135, Glee Club, Girls' Chamber of Commerce. Kathryn Worster 'Maple Ave. No. 8 Kathryn never bluffs-she doesn't have to! She seems to have a natural ability to absorb all the knowl- edge that is anywhere near her. Senior Play Committee. Marie Wronkoski 359K Roe Ave. St. Casimer's Rochester Gen. Hosp. Marie is a very diligent student, NVQ know she has worked hard over many a chFficult lesson and she de- serves much praise. Best wishes for the future, Marie. l.'Amicale HJ. 4' 'W 7 0- a 0 0 '45 -crnniliii' 4: " 0 o I " 51299-?,,. .pi 1 4' , f 'igZf,9.:"f 'L'?W-9'.3f?'5Q,Z e rQslif?1e24i 74 vjfEMOIKS-IQZJ 'L ' nw 75 e7l'C'EMOIRS-1924 SENIOR RECEPTION One of the prettiest social functions of the school year was the Annual Senior Reception held in the Masonic Hall on November 30, during the Thanksgiving recess. The beautifully decorated hall was the scene of great gaity throughout the evening while the excellent playing of the Lopez Collegians added to the enjoyment of all. At midnight unique refreshments were served, after which, dancing was resumed. Much credit is due Edward Hughes, General Chairman of the affair and his very capable committee for their brilliant handling of the affair. It was indeed a financial, as well as a social, success. SENIOR GET-TOGETHER PARTY The Get-together Party was the jolliest event of the Senior Year. The program consisted of an interesting entertainment followed by a reception and a dance in the gym. During the evening a quartet composed of Florence Lovell, Gertrude Besemer, Seward Besemer and Ivan Soper, rendered several songs. Charles Martel very cleverly recited a poem in French dialect. Mil- dred VVilson gave a vocal selection. The most appreciated number was, perhaps, a one-act play "Ghosts" by Booth Tarkington. Hiram VVoolf, the love-smitten hero, played opposite Mary Helen Birchard. judging from Mary Helens shrieks, we think Hiram certainly can tell ghost stories. Dur- ing the reception in the gym. the teachers and our fond parents became acquainted. Later refreshments were served. The success of the party was due to the committee, headed by Margaret Gardner, SENIOR ASSEMBLY The most interesting assembly of the year was the one held on4Wed- nesday, May 14, in honor of the Senior class. The auditorium had been beautifully decorated in blue and gold, the class colors, by members of the junior class. After the under-classmen had entered, the seniors marched in, making an unusually attractive picture. The honor students were announced by Mr. Parker and were called to the stage amid the applause of the student body. The assembly was also featured by the singing of the class song, written by Florence Lovell. 76 QMEMOIRS-1924 JUNIOR-SENIOR PARTY lVe have all heard of the old-fashioned quilting party and the fun it used to provide for our grandfathers and grandmothers. Of course such an ilntidue allair would furnish little diversion for us of to-day, but we can enjoy a good wholesome dancing party. This year the junior-Senior Party Dl'0ved to be every bit of that. The committee. consisting of Mary Lon Bruce. chairmang Mary lolelen liirchard, George Ahn, and Jack Shipe, did everything in its power to see that the Juniors and Seniors had a good time tU2'ether :Xt the close of the evening, T am sure that both upper classes f knew and understood each other better than they ever did be ore. SENIOR BANQUET s the Senior l'1anquet..lune 21. The crowning event of the social year wa e dis mensed with on this occasion and at the Federation. Tiresome toasts wer Il Z1 pleasing entertainment was given. The banquet was followed by a dance. l fforts of the committee The success of the affair was due largely to tie e composed of Frederick Amberg. Chairman: llelen Lyons, Howard McCoy, Cortland Decker, and Kathryn Sayre. SENIOR PICNIC On Monday, -Tune 23, the class of l924 enjoyed the annual Senior Picnic Flf Havana Glen. Faculty members and students mingled together and en- .l05'6fl the difiierent pleasures in which they took part. VVatkins Glen. one of Nature's beauty spots, also was visited. This ofTered a pleasing back- ground for the merriment of the guests. Much credit is due the Committee in charge of the picnic for their painstaking efTorts to make this picnic a success, Those in charge included: llarriet Baldwin, Chairman: Ruth Roe. Herman Beckwith and Sarah Frank. ji Vi' ,x is N - . -L - 5 77 JMEMOIRS-1924 BASS -uf' Jlllttlsing Y CLASS HISTORY .ln the fall of 1920 we came to li. lf. .-X.. a class of the greenest little freshies that ever entered the building. ln tact, we were so impossible, that during our whole lfreshman year we never organized at all. Our second year was much more prosperous, for, with lXlrs. Austin as Patron Saint, we elected our otlicers early in the year. Led by Henry 'l'urnbull, llresidentg Mary l.ou Hruce, Vice-l'residentg Marion Cowles, Sec- retary, and John Ryon, 'l'reasurer, we managed to carry out a Sophomore dance in the gymnasium successfully. The following year Mrs. .-Xustin again acted as Patron Saint and George Shafer was elected Presidentg Mary l.ou Hruce, Vice-l"residentg Ruth Quin- lan, Secretary. and Ill-nry Pettit, Treasurer. The year passed in doing little iobs for the seniors, such as decorating the stage, and in preparing ourselves in every way possible lo take their places. Our one great social event was the lunior party. This, our last year, began without a wave to ruFHe the calm of o11r con- tentment. XVith Miss XVood for our Patron Saint, James lXTcl.aughlin for llresidentg lllargaret Gardner, Vice-l'residentg llnuna lfnsworth, Secretaryg and Edward loluston, 'l'reasurer, we launched into a busy season. The Senior Reception, given Nov. 30, in the Masonic Hall. was a great success. both socially and financially. The tirst disturbance was occasioned by the delay in the delivery of our rings. llowever, a greater one was before us. For, in the middle of the year, the Southside l-ligh School was finished. This took from us a number of our classmates, who were studying commercial subjects. Miss XVood was transferred there also. At last, however. the commotion was quieted, and the last part of a busy year was hnished by the Senior Get-together party, the junior-Senior dance and the Senior ban- quet and the picnic. :Nt last our tinal days are here, and it is not without many sighs that we leave the school in which we have been so busy and happy. 78 JM EM OI RS--1924 Tln flbemoriam J. FOSTER MITCHELL 79 JYFEMOIRS-1924 SENIOR CENSUS Name Nickname Chief Characteristic Likes Best Highest Aim in Life J. McLaughlin Jimmy Good Looks Gum President of U. S. M, l.. Bruce Lalou llopularity Hard to tell M. L. Bruce, M.D. P. Shoemaker l'erry Loftiness Machinery Fireman on locomotive G. Budd Buddy Smiles Journalism Editor of "Ladies Home Journal" E. Hughes Ed. Capability Dances Senator D. Hevener Doris Her acting Travel Study abroad R, Deliilippo Flip Agility Touch-downs Athletic coach J. Harris Jean Studiousness 90's Head of Latin Department E. Houston Ed. Oratoricalahility Debating Speaker, House of Representatives H, Woolf HY Bashfulness? Theology Clergyman R. Johnson Reynolds Business ability Forum Lawyer E. Bement Eddie Lack of inches "My old Pal' Ad. Mgr. of "Star-Gazette" H. Pettit Doe Pleasing personality Our Vindex Editor of "Telegram" M. Seeley Marj. Nimble fingers Violin Leader of Orchestra A. Tatelbaum Abie Sharkiness Honor Roll Scholarship R. Roe Mica Sunny disposition Good times Get thin J. Ryon Johnnie Jazz VVce small hours We wonder D. Speed Dot Modesty Hallidays Kindergarten teacher E. Byrne Elizabeth Demnrcness Norman Music teacher S. Chapman Shorty Height NVhy ask? An LL.D. J. Losie Jeanette "XVell"-ing Ask her French teacher G. Shafer Bo. Ability Drawing Cartoonist E, Ensworth Emma Her curls L'Etude Musician NV. Palmer Doc Happy-go-lucky Flappers Dancing instructor V. Thorne Vivian Shyness Vergil CPD Teacher of lst grade M. H. Birchard Giggles Freckles Parties Dramatic coach D. Dusinberre Dave Business ability "Memoirs" Sunday School teacher 80 -2fL'Mo11e.s'-19271 ,Q 1- lnt der atti lndeed. the n inplaee tlnn, .' consider the art ol 1 hese days of miracles. each new won- 'acts attention but for the monlent. iarvel of yesterday is a coin- ' U' today. 'l'hus, let us not mrophesy as a mystery. o an end, and that but merelv as a means t . his in d to satisfv our normal euriosities. XVith mind,'would it not be better for you, l nltl the aid of my power of prediction, to .'l look ahea d to see what the future holds for V 'Z-l of the Elmira liree Acad- the Class tl emy? l,et us listen 'to my radio. Of late it has 1 been acting' very queerly. Only last night away' from- its natural course, and it broke UltC1'ecl strange mutterings which t -future. Perhaps 'ottfoltl ha menings of the SOUR? supernatural hand has taken hold l 1 of it and has given it the power of Vive faith that it can answer the Prophecy. So let it bel Row listen and l. ' ' " ' '- -'1 done by faith. flllestion of our minds. tireat things haxt btti v Can you hear that deep-lhroated, far-away voice? lt is weak, but miltk its words, for it is the voice of supernatural power. "Fellow senators, the question still remains-." .Xlas, l have lost the Station, but that was the voice of our beloved President, .Iames lXlel.aughlin, who has risen to national fame in the political world. llis ability in debating 'NIS given him an advantage that he has readily used. Now, to tune in on Something else, "'l'he subject of banking' is one, which-A-.' XYhose voice is that? llfhy, certainly, l know! "l'is that of our Yice-l'resident. Margaret Gardner. NVQ are surely proud of her, for she is one of the first woman bankers in this ' " ' ' 'i ' ' 'T'fSOIl1C- l75ll'lZ of the country. Perhaps. b y turning' the dials again, ue tan he One else whom we know. Do you hear that? Station XYZ is broadcasting Miss linnna linsworth , mosition. Yes. she not only plays Ill fl Q'l'0ll1J of numbers of her own eoml 'ful pieces. XYe understand that Wonderfully but she also composes beauti Slle has just returned from an extended liuropean trip. "Honorable judges, worthy opponents. ladies and gentlemen-.U Yes, ' ' i ' i D :X l 'l l ou that is lfdward llouston. llocsnt it sound just likt hun. nc xx io co y to tive? XYhy, Perry Shoemaker. of course. Suppose-is supporting' the nt,,'a Xvhat marvels they are in the ora torieal world! that Miss Mary Alice Ayres, the "Station RH.-X is glad to announce . 8-li e7l'FEMOIRS-1924 most widely known nurse in the world since Edith Cavell, will speak on her newly discovered cure for lock-jaw." Qllow appropriate lj If we were all assembled in the auditorium now, what a rousing cheer we would give for her! Along with Miss Ayres in the medical world is another of our friends. It is not at all surprising that we should now hear that "The world-famed Dr. Robert Harding" is to speak. But as much as we would like to bore ourselves by listening to Bob, pardon the frankness, our luck so far drives us to seek others of our class. New ways of advertising are continually being brought into use, and we are proud to say that one of us has found a new system. Miss Irma Cooper, the New York haberdasher, is advertising by radio. Can't you imagine Irma tying neckties around the customers' necks? Whom do we tune in on now but Dr. Floyd Comfort, the newly appoint- ed head of the School of Agriculture at Elmira College. CYes, they teach that to girls, now-luckily for Floyd.j They say that he likes his new posi- tion very much on account of the many wonderful creatures with whom he is associated. I 'j'ai un chat et un chien." Oh, how familiar that sounds! That is Miss Isidora Frasier giving a French lesson by radio. fThe impossible does hap- pen occasionallyj She should be thankful to Miss Goldberg and to Miss Brooks for accomplishing the terrific task of teaching her French. "This is station TNT. Our reader, Miss Ruth Ewing, will now tell the bed-time story for this evening." How perfectly at home Ruth must feel telling fairy tales over the radio! It is bed-time, but we can not stop now. We must hear more. Perhaps more beloved voices are floating through the air. We must not miss them if they are. What luck! Here is one now. "Miss Isabelle Locks' fame as an actress is growing every day. More and more people are going to see her latest production, "The Lost Compact or What Became of the Three Flowers.' " VVe always knew that something great was intended for Isabelle. "Station XTV will now broadcast a dramatization of 'Hard-boiled as the Walnut Tree,' by Donald Murphy." Donald's knowledge of forestry has enabled him to write wonderful plays. Indeed, they rival the works of Zane Grey in the estimation of our English teachers. We should certainly stop here, did we not hear faintly a shrill and comical voice. It is John Austin Shipe broadcasting one of his latest come- dies. Yes, he's still up to that sort of thing. These strange sounds that we did not understand at first are ring-side reports from the bout between "Abe" Tatelbaum and "Mayor" Antes. Abe's ability to locate the basket on the basket-ball court has enabled him to locate his opponent's jaw in the boxing-ring. "Sidney sat down beside her. His eyes filled with tears that flowed from his very soul." How romantic! Sarah Wetmore's latest book, 'The Romance of the Gold Tooth, or He Bit It In Two," is being read. If the static were not so bad Cfortunately for usj we would listen longer. Late? Yes-but I did want to hear from every member of that famous class of '24. Maybe I'l1 dream of the others. 82 JIEIWOIRLS'-19271 J UNIDEN f J H61-S2110 WMP U' W N MOJQESL QUIZ? W H61-S2110 JJfEMOIR6'- 924 WHEN NI 87 SXIOWHJW fZ6I+' SF Ti QU- It X ' Q. 'Q S ills Q JYFEMOIR6'-1924 ,Md Yessm! I CAN xi f f-Laos-r See oun ,. 9 f' FRESHMEN www ' A G' .x Trans Tauascove. C f X ' ,f x gc -1-JW", f I X X ' f O , Y 658. gint I tv ., Xlxi- W' SY3""'lSf Z q, ,A,?1, 1 'yn K -so ee Aaovw .s XY, " " " " ,. y ANx: suPPon:v voura ,Q 1 f f rp TEAM' X QW J 'WG N' Q W ,Q 2-:ea S 62 EM O af 0 2 ef 2-Ri' 4 N . 2 - Q -A fc-25 Q Q f J v?a,'-Ya M of uno fgfy, 1..f , gtilsgglbt Q G-3 2 .ffm N Deovvgtge 0 'FQ' 21 sf ' - T 2 " I ' an I- 0 'PW M1 Wm E03 V551 -1 '5v.,5 D f -R. J f G 'Q-53, -E-L' Q' gg: 5 H! Q Q X W- IVE L.rr'n.E Q mmav HEQSWE J ' E -semen ! f '11J!1 KAHM A - '..66...,f Paesmam- 4 OE 629 I 2155 TI? Cifliw ,,p'Z2'3 8'A'1'?3"' wsls-Q13 , GAS rwxne A COUPLE CENTER' A-r-mcse IN OF Muwvues Z9 3lMMlE,S Rael-vr IN Assemeuf- ms WHO-OP! f-Z -rue gag-rag QF ggfgugmce cough . 3, 'evsrvz Ac.-rm-rv x ce Lune x - H1 ND 1-A 5 AND cs-XARLJE TO 2155325 lie. A M'1'W'wi'L bowfff? Bene Fon-r, AARVAN: - ' AND ?R1NCe'r0N ann' A ' Tne'ne'5 NO Prime I W"'o?EE' W of' Sgk f if 5:1212 mix onsome ubwf ,fgu F?- '.. WE GET , i I ' 1' X 1 THERE xr ffm 3: xv or KO K "Que, PGODXGAL. g Q4x'Aw?,Q,4"wf'i'gi-feel 32. som RETURNSL ' 4. 'B-11 . '- .X , Boa LEN'1'-CANNbT dl 4,0 ,Q ' Lo:-as Resus 1- THE 1.-. .1 fic, - CHAQMS or THE ACADEMy- N555 eovyep, fuer sos.-rom eu: Q0 V, PM A N HE Dmlx no-new " a s 5:35, 'ARRWE A-v scuoog ON l ' TSN' "U3iS'T'Jt Effie " PARAue oF -me eQC '4d3' WEIEN so-D-cas" .. ,ff r ovmme WAY- Pllesvneu-v srunerrr couucu. "WS ALWGWY IN s-us own: "wean" -Bc 4. ... AND HE bees even.-4-ro-umq ms WAY f SRAE-FR 90 Jr1fMo11es-192, ' 565069, E 91 4, 1 i-vl"!,f AF' -18' Pl I OMUUCF fa61 t-JlfZL'MOlKcS'-192.1 STUDENTS t SCGUNCIL i Lg - 1,,,,,,., mu., A llhe Student Council unrlei' its very C!llHllJlC stall' ol' otlicers has hurl Il WYE' Successful XCZIV. Not only has it coopcrzitecl with the .-Xthletic Associa- llfrn in conrlucting' the lootlmzill :lnrl lmnskctlizlll games, hut it has clone nigmt fY'fl1C1'tlting's for the school. All hfive noticefl in the lihi':n'y the shell luhels. lhe Louncil gave these to thc school so that the stuclents might he ztirlecl in selecting' hooks. Vllu the Council, we otvc the zippezmlnce of the Colgate Musical Club here. The Stuclcnt Council rlicl its part in celelwrziting thelvic- U'il'1es ot' our hzzslcethztll tezun by giving' the team ll clelightlul lmnquet. .-Xlso the Council has helpcfl x':n'ious clubs to conduct parties in the gvinnnsium. lhe Stuclent Council tln'ong'hout the year has liztckefl Mr. l,Zll'liCl' in all that he has rlone :incl has clone its hit in helping to give E. lf. ,-X. the good name t has. The ollicers are: ,lfihn ll. Xxlflj' .... ....... l 'resident lxlilfj' l.ou llrucc ... ... Yice-l'1'csiclent llzn'1'iet llzill ...... ........ S ecretzlry l,Cl'l'j' Slioeumlcci' ......... 'l'l'CZlSlll'Cl' Cflmrles Schzinley . . . . Sergczmt-:tt-.-Xrms K e' fn f f' '-T, 'T ' J 1 .'2f-swift . Q1 ' . . at ,- A , 5321556 ll ill -:Tv 93 PIIOWH 7"e'61--A9 JMEMOJRS-1924 ll The year 1923-102-l has been a banner year for Forum. Much of the SUCCess this year has been due to the very capable ollieers: james lXlcl.augh- -111. Plesidentg l.eo llardnnan, h"lCC-Pl'CSlflCllllQ .lack Miller, becretarvg ltdward M. Houston. Treasurerg George ll. .'Xhn. jr., Corresponding Secre- WW THVYS and Robert McCarthy, Sergeant-at-:Xrms. During the year the Forum has had the services of two fine Faculty' Advisors, Mr. Austin. who began the year but resigned because of additional W01'li. and Mr. Cook. ln january. the Agora won the annual inter-club debate on the question of .'Xmerica's lfntrance into the X'Vorld Court. The Forum was capably rep- Fesented by Donald Seely. leaderg George Houston, Lawrence XVinkelstein, and Charles Kromer. alternate. Besides this. there were a number of inter- elub debates. These were to encourage debating and to promote good fellow- ship between the clubs. Members of Forum were on the li. F. .-X. varsity debating team. Thev Were: Edward llouston, leaderg james lNlcl.aughlin, Perry Shoemaker, and George Houston, alternate. The E. F. JK.-Bingo debate was won 3 to O by E. F. A. The fact that these debaters were Forum men speaks highly of the Forum's training. After mid-vears the Forum ado ated the "Senate l'lan." The memb rs , e .. were divided into Re mublieans and Democrats and sessions were carrier out U1 true Congressional fashion. At the end of the year the winning side will be treated to a banquet by the losers. The annual dance will be held after Graduation in june. The other S0Cial affairs of Forum have been very successful. ln .-Xpril the Forum held El Speaking contest for a silver cup. This school year has been another in which Forum has played a great part in the affairs of school. The members who are leaving hope that Forum will continue to grow in power and importance thru the coming years. 95 '-SNIOPVHJMQ fz61 QBTEMOIRS-1924 lllllw milf C . F .IW 1924 certainlv has been a year and more for Agora. For the third 5uCCCSS1VC year Agora beat Foruln at its own game of debating. You -. 1 -Q - ' I I r Q . rant neat a woman when it comes to talking. l'he affirmative of the propo- sition, Resolved: That the United States should enter the XVorld Court. was llllllftlfl by four of Agora's best speakers and coached by our capable faculty adV1S01', Miss Florence Callahan: Sylvia Kotrba fl.eaderj Myrtle Palmer Lillian Friedman Eileen O'Brien CAlternatej Not only in debating and public speaking, but also in social activities, A530111 excels Wlio can denv that. from the unique announcement in Assem- 1 ' ' , . -Ply to Madam Ivan Itch and Madam NOZltZll, the fortune tellers, our Hallow- 4, I 4 "ell lmrty was one of the social events of the season? fl. he spreads-for Which Agora is famous--always transform the Domestic Science room into a SC0ne of feasting and merriment. Now that the meetings are held Tuesday evenings at 7:30 instead of Monday at 3:45, Agora has been able to have longer programs. To secure a better knowledge of the hne points in debating. weekly lessons from Fos- ' , . , . I .I , 0 ftrs book on argumentation are given by the membeis. In ordcx to :eep both societies on their metal, monthly Agora-Forum debates are held. From Q16 Splendid talks of Mrs. Chapman, Miss Louise Gamble, and Miss Brook- lfslfl, the members have derived both knowledge and pleasure. Three of the l, featuring Miss Stella Seigel in several vocal solos. Agora has certainly discovered the recipe for furnishing merry and helpful meetings. The float which Agora provided for the' Syracuse parade was original. A llllge iron kettle ready to cook the goose of Syracuse was carefully watched by two white-capped and ap declilfed, "'We'll cook the goose of Syracuse." 4 Witll the hearty co-operation of about fifty "peppy" girls, the hard ' Fl C ll h n v W01'k of the officers, and the guiding hand of Miss 4 o1'ence a a a , x e most interesting programs were musica roned cooks. Signs on each side of the float ask you, what society wouldn't be a success? 97 Elf? W 19261-S310 :jifEMOfRS-1924 FE? AGAIN PEP CLUB GREETS YOU! This year we have carried on through l'ep Club the idea ol vocation lf? l1Clp girls decide what they are going to do after they have completed lllgh school. The live speaking points that we have tried to stress are: Q11 li"0l5211'ation or training necessaryg C23 opportunity for advancement: C35 financial returnsg C-lj advantages and 'disadvantages ol vocations and C51 de- scriptions of vocations. v O iXfVe have had such speakers as Miss llelen Mallory. from the Second -National Hank, who spoke to us on "llankingg" Mrs. llenry l.. lfassett, who told us about "Interior lJecoratingg" Miss Esther Cornell, "Nursingg" Miss ,lulia Copen, "Y, XY. C, A. XYorkg" and Miss Mary llunter, industrial Secre- tary at the "Y," on "Social Service." - XVe have also heard about travel and religious topics from Mrs. Carlton K' Hevener, Rev. john A. Richards and Rev. XYalter Cavert. One of our largest meetings this vear was our Christmas Party. Mr. -F. R. Parker and Mrs. George llive Claus. lfdward l'ettingill played two very I n. our god-mother, greeted us. livery- 0110 received a gift from Santa Dleasing solos on the violin accompanied by Charles lxuggles. Mrs. Charles llowe read "The Christmas Carol," by Dickens. The Birthday Party, held March -l, was also a "red letter" day. Three Of our former Pep Club girls. Virginia Carr, Madeline Mack, and jean 1-. i- 1 . . . . "1f1b161, gave a one-act play wluch was enjoyed by about sixty girls. P611 Club was discontinued during Lent because of the Union noon-dav cd with a banquet for the girls. Lenten services. The year is to be conclud Pep Club says good-by to another happy year. liven though many of our pals have left us for S. H S., our hopes are that these vacancies may be hlled by new girls who will help us carry on, through another happy year, 99 27210 W 61-S2110 N 'Fx mg Jlf E M OI KS- 1924 Hi-Y is one of the new organizations ot' li. F. A-X., having grown out of the old l.il'e Club. XYe had a hard time getting started, but now we will 50011 be one of the most active organizations in the school. lVe are under the very capable leadership of llarry Marshall. It is due lo .his unparalleled guidance that we have advanced so rapidly in so short fl time. lidward llement has shown himself very able as Vice-President. Our Cxcheequer haspbeen well-guarded by Perry Shoemaker. Perry certainly knows how to handle money. john XYay has worked faithfully as Secre- mry- lVe owe much to Mr. Adams, our Faculty Advisor, for his work Hmilugliotit the year. Mr. Reed of the Y. M. C. JX. has always been present and has aided wondert'ully in helping us over the rough places. Vhe club has had some good times in the past and has still better ones planned for the future. All our meetings have been line and our dinners- "Vh5'. our own mothers eouldn't have given us better eats! Nobody ever goes away hungry-Cespecially Harry, who packs away enough "grub" to s . Ili-Y has some great doings in store for U1-2 futureg and when the new HY" building is linished, there will be no limit U' the good times to be had. So you younger classmen, prove yourselves to belong to a real, live club! Staff a chain of grocery storefyl Wflrthy and you will lind what it means 6 .".Ab.0 A .if-1.-5, , W ' A A A i fg , , 101 15261-.sW.Ion'5uW Jlf EM OI KS-1924 ,. ' fl ,ZigiL.i1?E'g.'1'1f3E3lfEiii 152' IJ f'-1231125-z:13:1" '- aafal -fr , , 33254 - '.e'5q51q:55j: Eiifi' li? :iffy Q61 A up-, -:sq Zizfsl 525: 4, I , gc.: 'zz' 1252 f - 1 , . I V I :. K , l l if ' " . ,..,,..1..Lfy5y3::' r .351-,.. . 'MCAU 1 '1 D D' 1' ' U xg T--i a ' -t......,s..,, iii- In the second year of its existence, the S. S. S. became quite a club. 1' 1'0l11 the first week of school until the end of the year, the society has been Very much of a "live wire." The season was begun by a successful sale of football tickets, which Was conducted to assist the Student Council. lloubtless you have wondered Why Such crowds attended this year's football games! Early in November, the society conducted an enjoyable Thanksgiving ' ' ' ' ' " l' 'ff-.'t attendance of any Party which had the distinction ot having the .ugts . r-chool party this year. l l l f an S. S. S. outing to Bingo, The football season was concluc er my T . . . . 1N0vember 3 and a large showing in the famous Syracuse parade. Doubtless the Salt-City rooters still remember the big S. S. S. float filled with girls in blue and white. The members were glad to assist in a tag sale of the Southern Tier Association for the Blind. In addition to this the club girls sold forget-me- 110118 on Armistice Day and offered the cla ss of 1924 aid in soliciting year 'wok ads. They are now planning their annual May Dance and Banquet. However, we do not desire to give the impression that S. S. S. girls have all business and no fun. A visit to one of their monthly "spreads" Yeveals their love for fun and good Heats." Credit must be given to its lively members as well as to its faithful 0H'lCCl'5 and advisors. The oHicers are: Sylvia V. Kotrba ..... President Myrtle I.. l"almer . .. Vice-President Secretary Esther Stevens .. ...- , , . ....... Treasurer 'Ruby A. llopkins .. .. Faculty Advisor M argorie W'ager 103 .- IOWEY 29261-gy cjlfEMOI1fS-1924 EQQQQQQQQQQQQ VI DE Every two weeks during the year ol' 'Z-l the Yindex Staff has worked llflffl to record correctly in newspaper form the happenings in the Elmira Free Academy. In this work the stall' has become accomplished and pro- ulent' H ' VVhile at the Sigma Delta Phi Convention at Cornell University, Henry Pettit, jr., Managing Editorg Ruth Nancy Quinlan. Assistant Managing Editorg Edward Bement, Advertising Managcrg the late john Carey, Assist- ilht Advertising Managerg and Miss llaupt, Faculty Advisor, brought honor and gl0l'y to their paper and school by winning third prize in competition with some of the largest high schools in the eastern part of the country. This prize was the first ever to he won hy an li. F. .'X. newspaper. The school owes a debt of gratitude to llenry Pettit, Ruth Quinlan, Miss Haupt and the other members of the staff for their unceasing efforts m Publishing a paper that is read all over the United States and which reflects Such praise to the Academy. lt is hoped that future staffs will keep the l ' l 'as obtained this year hy such very Vindex up to the high standard w nci u hard work. The paper was transformed into a live-column regulation news- lmllel'-one of which any high school may he proud. ln time it may grow ' Xlma Mater in the news- Cven larger and will always capalmly represent our .' . . lmliel' Field. . Tl:"1l"7 105 JKEMOIRS-1924 -'lwssruns Qrrlrs nsnee s'lrlerirsrr" BUY I I-IE I DEX TICKETS s's'ssx.ssrsHn sss' 'rssrr s'rs1nles'rs or r:s.xslssn wsu-in Acnnnsss' SEN IORS ORGANIZE NOW Vos.. ll-Nu. 2 lis.sssssn, N. Y., Wpauss1sxrns', Ssirrrlssssnss Ill, IIIYS Psslcse Fsvls Cnxrs frills or lloolls AND PICTURE ADD so Eglllzllllll "Chronicles ol America" Is Valued Memorial so Ray Tompkins IS WORK OF YALE PRLSS Filth ol sho Filseen Abbey Decor salione is Gill ol '23 Since lass serm. our school library lrss been grcasly smpsosed by she addi- lion ol swo gslss. The hrss is a brauls. lul prins ol "The Deparlure" by Abbey: she second, ss. ss,ss..s.relr bound ses ol hlsy volusncs. "Chronicles ol America." We hasc she Iormer shrouah she gcncrosisy ol she class ol '23s she lalser is a r-semorral lo Ray Tompkins. "The Dcparsure" rs one ol a ses ol hllsen mural decorarsans in sha de- lrrery rss... ol she assssn Public Library. esssrsled "The Quess ol she Holy Grad." They ssere painsed by Edward Ausson Abbey. sane ol Amer- icals lore-moss arsssss. He ss-orked eleven years on she ses. Our bess ars crssics consider she lsrne well spenl. lor sl is undossbsedly hrs srcalcsl work. An inseressinss siory in connccsion wills she pssnsins has been rr-counssd. Is seerns shas Abbey was she pooress paid ol she several arsrsss employed so decorase she library. However, he was she only one ol she psrnsers so sose his eopyrsghs. New hrs wsdonr is reeelvln. Iarue rsyslrres les escry ,srinr sold. Il'you rsssen's yes seen she nlessre. is would be well vsorsh your while so vissl she library. As sss sssle inlcrr. is renreseni. s.. Galahad sensna ous rn search of she Holy Grail. The pis-lure ss .ssns rn deep. rreh colors. which odd much so she appearance ol our roonr. "Chronicles ol America" is a valu- able and snssrucssre sr-s ol books. .s-..ns.n....s s-rs. .r ..v.- AGORA HOLDS FIRST MEETING 0F YEAR The Agora Dclaaxrng Club held rss hrss srscellne ol she year lass Monday esemrsg. Is was nsure ol a gc:-xogesher shan a regular program meesmg. Miss Myrtle Palmer, pre-rdens. spoke as some lcngsh on snlrreesi ol inseress lu she memlrers. Ansulss oslser shsngs. she ,....,...e.l s .....r...s sslars lsr s rrsemlrerr .inn sine...-rn. sl.. also announced shas lhc Zrlsls would be a ressular pro- gram nseesrnrr The essensrnl sorrsmissees lor she year--she program eorrsrrssssee. she enlersasnmens eornmllsee. and oshers. were apposnlcd and will begin shesr dsssies al once. Lass year she Agora gsrls enioyed a moss prosperous and successlul sea- son. Nos she lears ol shesr accomplish- rrsenss was she deleas ol she Forum sn rherr annual dessase. This year, under she rs,.sl.le lesslenrsrn ol Myrile Palmer. she Agora shosss esesy indica- sson ul esen qreasesnuceess shan lass year. FORUM OPENS YEAR WITII PLANS FOR IMPROVEMENT lass nighs she Forum Delrasing Club held us fsrss nseesing ol she year. Plans lor essendsng she s:lub's scope were' discussed by she members. The organ- ixasson has loss many ol sss snoss acsrvc rrsernlrers shroussh graduasion: plans so hll in she ranks by a membership cam- paign begin shorlly. The rneelrng was in charge ol she lollowiny oshcers: james McLaughlin. prcssdens: Leo Hardsman. vscc-presl- denl: Jack Msllcr. secresary: Edward Houssosr, sreasuser. and Robers Mc- Carlhy. sereeannas-arrns. ---V- -- . GIRLS T0 GATIIER AT Y.W. C. A. GCT. 3 The Gras nseessng ol shc Pep Club will be held Wednesday noon. Ocssrrer 3. as she Y. W. C. A. Caleseria. As ll is lhc hrss meessng. eleclrors ol odscers ssill be held. end special assen- sron will be paid so she Freshmen sssesrs- es... The nil members ssssrs pres' peesise ness' members shas slsey will shoroulrhly enjoy she weekly lussch- eons. she assocsasions, she rpeecherr .and she surprises shas are a pars ol every nseesirsss. Presrdenl Harrics Ball has planned an snsereslrnl vroisarn ,lor she .nrnsl meelissl- I iFootball Fans Ready For Of Sched lCaach lllrsl Llass Up Floss Tran, Whlels llardaas Wish Grill- l lag Wed COACH IIALL NAS SECONDS Foosball is on. The '21 Ioosball season lor E. F, A, ssarscd wish a rsssh on Friday slrernrs.-.r.. ss-.srsnsser 7sh. when sissy enshussaslie candrdases re- sponded so Coach Hsrss'r call. Among she candsdales were eisshl lesser men Irom lass year. The hrss lew worhouss were srivcn oscs mainly so punssnss. caschrng. pick- .ny up shc ball rollrrsrs. passing. and line posislnns, Heavier ssork. such as saeklsnse ans.l dummy prnssrcr. ss hard- enrnr slsr ...en nosr Srursssl prseree ssrll begin lalser slsll and unused nnssrles rn.. been lrrnlrersa sn. Already hlr llsss: has bcsrun llse sask ol cursing she rnuasl. Early sn xlse vrso'r'fr -.sw 20 canolrslases lease. maklnss Inc sqund alsous 40 sn numlrer, Increased rnslry and desermrnasson comes uslh each cus ol she ssruadg she renssrnlnsl rrscnrlrers only hrshl harderr lo resarn shesr posrrrons Wuh she culling nl she squad comes she Iorm- ulasilsrr ol foaclr Hssax's plans lor she seam. Coach Hssss espresses qreal confid- ence sn she seam. wrlh oullooka soward anoshar championship. Alshough she sesrn n lsghlcr. sr sslll make .sn rn speed. He also slases shas she seam is .surely rssnasrss snr.. shasylor ...ssl nracsrce and scrimmage. The Alhlelrc Council shoved shas ss ssas going so back she seam by purel shoeing s esrnnlerr lrns nr rrnrrrsrrrrnrl I r SETH WINNER, Inc., OFFERS CASH PRIZE OF S5.00 T0 WRITER OF BEST ADVERTISEMENT MARRY SBEPIIAKD WINS CUP 'Twas sold on she nlneseesssh leer bulls so. We have a Iusure loll chanspson in nur sslass. rnsyse. win. knows? Mr. Archie M. Bossier, an ardens devotee lo she spon. ollercd a lsessnlul srlvsr run ss she winner ol she annual eoll sourrsansens ol she caddscs ol she Elmira Golf and Counlry clss, Harry srssssrsl. 'z4. head ol she caddies ol she club dur- sng she summer vaeasion. won shss prsse sr. an Ill-hole esnrrse sessrns keen compesisson. Proleassonal Tom Bonner ol she club ss quosed ss predlcsrng s rsrsre lsr sisnsnsra il he ssscks so she garne as his lavorsse ous-door spors. -vi IJETUDE HOLDS MEETING L'Esude. she musical organssasson ol E. F. A. held iss fsrss regular socesinss los lhu serm Monday alsersroon sn she audssorsum. lass year she socsesy was banded sogelher Irons she msssscal ssu- dcnls al she school. Near she close ol school sn June a dclsghshal musical re- cssel was held in she assdssoriuos belore a large cross-d. showing wish whas suc- eess she enlans chrb was mes in iss fssss year ol organrsalson. Make Opening ule October 6 lor she whole seam. When she scam laces Cook Academy lor she flsss game Oesnbcr bsh, rs will mahc a spsc-and- span :appearance eloshed in new jerseys. rnslessrns. socks, and ssrses. Wasch 'cm spoil 'tml lOhl girls!! Candidates who repsrrsed lor inrsial worhous Ss-psenrbcr 7 were: W. John- son. B. Tonner. C Ds-rnpaey. J. Slavrn. E. Rsdell. A. IsIcNamara. L. Sopcr. P. Thrasher. J. hlelaughlrn. ,I Xerss-in. A. Danks, C Shaler. N Pasnson. R. Delfslsppo. S. Chanrrsan. C. Daly. A. Freeman. R. Kslley. M Condon. F. Dalslish, D, Wells. R. Burners. li. Broun. J. Sadler. L. Ilobler. C. Holl- man. W Personrus. G. Adams, W. Palmer. C. Volker. C. Ileash, ll. Brown, ll. Eranr. J. McConnell, H F.ene:., J. Burr. A Psr......, F. Nrssn. G, css... s- cssmss. ll. lens., ll blrulmans, L S.rlrs. I.. Welrfs. D. hlyers. C, Decker. IZ. Sweeney, H. Cllr bers. I. carmody. lf' Conlon. G. Verses. L. Donahue. rl. Ilusshs-s. W Ryon. A. DeFsIsppo. R Glenessrs. II Turnbull, J Coakley. L. llarrrmonsl. W Hobs-ck. P Lovellr. D llallnlay. llalloran. ll. Marshall and W. Ward. DONT M155 "A "ll..ll.llllPf" FEATURING A Vssir so MONACO aad MONTE CAKLO lllssssrased In Ness Vsndea OCTOBER 3rd 106 ll a Icllorw wslked up so you and oleicd you hre dollars, whas would you do? Nasurally you would salse she hvs dollars and say he was crazy. Well. shas's essacsly whas an anler- prislng haberdasher on Waser Ssreel is doing. Hc's oslersng you S5 in cash: and he isn's craay. Thcre's a meshod sn his madness. Mr. Winner. member ol she Sesh Winner. Incorporascd. announces s semens on page 3. she lellow or girl adversisemens los- so hll she "acl" will reccsve hve conlesl in his advcrli The sernss sssse shas who wriscs she bcss Scsh Winner. lssc.. space rn shss sssue dollars. ls's easy so wrise ' purpose ol an "ad" i sron. Who shas h 'sds" because she I I0 llllltl llllls- D ss snee been s sturlssrssaaai ora l'llv lll ...v... SCIIGLAIISIIIP REQIIISITES GIVEN Sala leqssbs-:oaks For Scholarship Aa For College Dlplana FDU!-YEAR COURSE DEFINED College ensranee diploma require- menls are she same as slsose required lor a asase scholarship. exceps lor she lacs shas only five ssudenls sn Che- mung counsy whose averages are lusshess receive she scholarshrps. no only essrnansnsn. remsrrea. or shas wall Ise considered lor she ssase sensslsrslnn dsplorrsa. under she presenr rule ares I English. lour years. Z. A Ioresgn language fI.assn. French or Spansshl, I years. J. lnserrrsedsase Algebra. 4. Plane Ceornesry. IDRAMATICS so BE I BIG FEATURE AT ls. F. was vm "Masquen Drumasil: Socially" Plans For Many Cul-loin Psoducsiona DRAMATIC RESTORATION Fonnor Ashlosic Aaaodasiosss Pre.- lcnsod Benefls Minasrel Show Fat Allsletic Fund E. F. A.'s dsamasrca have become a big lacsor in school Isle. ll would he hard indeed so hnd any more salerssed or proflcrens amaseus acsors shan sighs in our oss-n school. for many years drsmalrcs were a side srsue as E. F. A.: sn Iacs, a parsrcularly rrunuse issue, Ol course she annual sensor play has lbcen a cussom ol years ssassdsrss: bus roshcs shan shas. lslsle was done along rshe dsansasic lsne. l Several years ago. she Ashlesse Asso- leialron was wonl so presens an annual rnsnssrel show lor she benefls ol she ashlcslc scams. Tlsrs performance. ssaged as she Lyceum. drew crowds and money. Many clever dramasre snserprelers were known al she Asad- emy rn lhose days. Anosher lealure lurlhersssg she snsrrcas sn shas pursuss rsas she old cussorn ol havin: she sensor play ssrrsls-n by a ssudens. Creas was she drama-virlsrng compesisson lhen. For a Iew years drarrsasscs were rrssen lsssle or practically no asscnsson sn school. Lasely, hos-eser. she aneserrs ars is being ressored Io rss rsghslul place sn our nlrns hlaler. The annual 'senior play has been augmenss-d by many shorser presensassons ol she ldrarnasre soeresy. I Ssssdcns coaches have been srred rs-..nrrr..n.r .rn s-ner sr s. one elseuss selecsed by shel .-v... pupil Irom she lollowarsl: Any one year hsssory course, physics. ehemissrys swo years ol a loresun lannsauc osher shan she lanuuaee olered lor shree years. All shese papers Pxceps she geossser sry muss hssebeen wriisen wrlhsn shree essnseeusive examsrsassnrss: shal is. January. June. january. june sn ssrcr cessron. The ueorrserry may have been ssrsslen as any lime. Nose shas only one plper will be considered srr Ensslrsh: shas rs, she lossr years paper: only one paper rn she -islsree yr-ass ol a lorcsvn lanssuage. lsshsch will be in- shree years .sr Lssln. or she shrrd year ol a modern lane rrssee. Eaamrnasson sn advanced algebra 'soil be seeepsnl an sslace ol essrnsrs. asron in inserrnedsase akrehsa. Each pupil desrrous ol a college ensrarvce dsploms muss make and srgrs an applscalsnn eouasersrssned by Prin- rcrpal Parker. which will be lorwarded lo she Ssase Ds-perssnens ol Edsseassnn. This applscasson ss necessary, whcsher she pupil wsshes a sehnlarshssr or nos. The college ensranee diploma may nos se ...sea unless sn s,srsl.essa.sr. as made. The principal muss ecrlrly shas she esselrasse rrss esrrsrslsrea an approved lour-year course and has mes she re-i quiremens ol she rule as so asrend- ance STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTS NAIRIET IALI. SECRETARY Tlolaa laahld'a loalgaasiaa ls Aecophd Al Phi Moeslag F. F. A.'s governing body mes lor she hrss ssrrre shss year sn she Leesuro Room. lass Thursday alsernoon. Pres- iderrs Way pressded over s large nsecs- ing. including many new members. The .rrrsanrrsslen lhss yesr rs essrn- posed ol sbous swensy-five memhers. some selecltd by Principal Parker hs-A cause ol lheir snseress rn scholaslrc mailers. so represens she ssudenl body as large: oshers are shose rersresensrng she various organsrasrons and ela-aes ol she Alma Maser. Harrie. Ball snas unanimously chosen lo hll she saeancy crcnsed by she Veslssnasron olTs1rrs Banheld Tom was eleesed secresary lass Ju hnds shas essraeurrressls sunse soo rnusls ol hrs olsce. The council sosed so lor sairulassns she book library. a shsnss which ses Loomis ol a ssrcas deal ol searching lor books. ,and persnanss will he council members dursrsss rseason. lor which Irches sale. ne. bus new s dunes con- srme lnr shrs spend S5 00 shelscs sn slu- ll sells-se Mrs. ol she lroulrle Canes. lrass. sold lsy she she loaslrall s are nose on ejYfEMOI1iS-1924 E. F. A. JOURNALISM liarly in the school year a class in journalism was formed at tl1e Acad- en . . f - - - . fly by Hi-31115 Pettit, CClllC01' of the Vindex, in order to teach the essentials 0 - . . - . newspapei work to members of the Vindex board, and to prospective lll : -- ' . . ' - - r Q . Clllbcls. Miss Mabel I. lilaupt, instructed the class every lhursday evening from 7:30 until szso dciock. l t l actual experience in the journalistic V Among the speakers that re a ec . ' . . -me were George S. Crandall, editor of the Star-Gazette, and XvZll'1'Cl1 Ingalls, 1 ' . . . M 0. its advertising staff. Q Regular laboratory form of instruction was used, each member keeping ll ' V. . . . . . . . 1 llls note-book clippings from metropolitan dailies and his own assignments. ,l '. - - nformal discussions of the Vindex exchanges were conducted at several meetings, ' Henry Pettit was elected president, and Ida XVlllIllCl' secretary of the Ofganization. The members enrolled for tl1e course were: Mice hlurphy, Mary Catherine Daly, Herbert Frencli, Henry Pettit, lda Xvltlllllff, Marv lflartin, Lester McConnell, Wal'Cl Crane, Ruth Quinlan, .lilizabeth King, Leo l'IZll'ClllllZl.ll, l'l.-x'VZl.l'I1Cl' Waicl, Vvllllillll French, Frederick Suprenant, Robert Elruce, Jack Bartlett. Reynolds Bennett, Genevieve Budd, .Iohn Carey, John b0llins, Genevieve Cronin, David Faul, Kenneth Ferguson, lloward l.. Jay, Milfgaret Lynch. lt is hoped that in tl1e near future journalism, will be included in the . ',. --..'-.' .1111- Cul'1'lCl1l11ll1 of the local high schools as a subject ucditcd touair gmc ui ion. -61" 41: 05 qi' Indy M. " u, E 'V 107 H61-.wfowfmf JfE1VIOI1itS'--1924 X - Q ,., i F "atv Tit 1 'X Jai LB Hl,l.'X11llCZ1lC,U the French Club at li. F. .-X., was organized at the sug- gestion of Charles Martel, who came over from France four years ago. It first met on November S. 1023, .X committee was appointed to draw up a constitution and choose a name. All second and third year French students are eligible for membership in l.'.fXmicale. Its purpose is to promote and encourage the study of French throughout li. F. A. .-Xt each meeting there is a program in French, consist- Pb ing ol' a short play or a discussion of topics of interest, French games and French songs. As far as possible, French is spoken at all the meetings. L'.fXmicale has not yet made its debut in the social world of F.. F. A., but the members are now planning a party which will be given in the near future. L'.fXmicale showed its interest in sports by its representation in the "Bingo Deny" parade. The members rode in a car decorated with French flags. 4 . .V One of the features ol the year was the "spread" held in the domestic science room, Feb. 28. The guests of honor were Miss Youmans and Miss llerrigan. L'Amicale now boasts of forty-two members and hopes to have many more. Although it is one of the youngest societies in li. F. JK., it is very active and expects to accomplish great things in the future. Miss Goldberg, who is sponsoring the club, and the entire faculty of the French department deserve much credit for I,'.'Xmicale's success. President ...... .. Charles Martel Vice-President .. .. Nancy Wliite Secretary ..... . . . Jeanette Losie Treasurer ....... .. Henry Patterson ,Sergeant-at-Arms .. . Robert McConnell l 09 ul EUCP OW 17261-.SWI JKEMOIRS-1924 GIRLS' CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL The Girls' Chamber of Commerce is composed of thirty girls from the 0 commercial department who have attained a class average of 75 Ap. Its pur- pose is to study the vocational opportunities for the young woman in I:.lmna, to give its members a broader view of the world's work. to connect the work . h S . Of the iublie schools with the life of the community, and to assist t e enior l and Junior Chamber in its work of advancing the general welfare of our city. It also acts as a vocational guidance for the girls. Meetings are held each Week during the first period. Many of the dinners at the Federation given by the Senior Chamber were ably supported by our girls. A committee assisted the Junior Chamber l to cleaning the streets and replacing street signs at the intersection of streets. As a result we have the attractive f I ' r boxes at various corners in which to place papers, etc.. instead 0 tirowmg them in the guttersg also several street signs have been placed. and interviewed Mayor VVood in regarc We furnished a float for the Elmira-Syracuse Football parade: assisted the Disabled Veterans of the W'orld NVar by selling forget-me-nots on Nov. 105 gave clothing and food to a needy family at Christmas. Thru the kindness of Miss Ferris we had ten lessons in millinery. These were taken in the evening and were very profitable to the girls. At several of our meetings. members of our group told of interesting experiences or read articles of interest to all. During the school year the club has had several speakers and has visited many local industries. OFFICERS Facultv Advisor ................. Lucy D, Leverieh President ......................... Maude Mortimer lst Vice-President .... Marian Matthews Secretary ................. Sarah Frank 2nd Vice-President ...... Alice Foehner Treasurer ........ Helen Crowe Speakers Topics Attorney Benj. Levy .. .................... Americanization Miss Mallory ...... . ............................. Banking Mr, Golos ........ Disabled Veterans of the VVorld War Mrs. Andrews ...... .' ..... Our Library and Its Historv Mr. S. F. Iszard ..... ................ S alesmanship Mrs. W'eathers ............... Advertising Mrs. Brunner VVork of Policewomen Miss Popeck Z.. L Credit Rating Bureau Mr. Spillman .... Personality in Business Mrs. Cornish ...... ................ M illinery .Miss Brookfield .... .... M y Trip to Europe Miss Woodward ........... Stocks and Bonds ' Mr. Charles Perry ................................. Insurance LOCAL INDUSTRIES VISITED BY THE CLUB Thatcher Plant Stearns Silk Mill Mansfield Candy Factory C. 8: K, Laundry Second National Bank New York Telephone Exchange Post Omqe 111 JWEMOIRS-1924 l THE BINGHAMTON-ELMIRA DEBATE lly unanimous decision of thc judges, the li. F. A. debating team won the fourteenth annual debate from Binghamton Central High School in the Academy auditorium on Feb. 22. This gave eight victories to Elmira and six to Bingo. ' ' Elmira upheld the negative of the question, "Resolved: That the federal government should enact laws of compulsory arbitration on all labor disputes and industries vital to the nation." Although this was a difficult subject both sides showed they had made a thorough study of it. Elmira was represented by lfdward llouston, leaderg Perry Shoemaker, James McLaughlin and George Houston, alternate. Miss Geraldine Quinlan coached the Elmira team and Donald Bl. Tower coached the Binghamton debaters. The Bingo team stated that compulsory arbitration is necessaryg it establishes permanent peace in industries and the courts would function similar to the United States Supreme Court. The Elmira speakers forewardcd the points that better and more practical plans are used now, compulsory arbitration is wrong in principle and part- nership is better than force in industry. In rebuttal Perry Shoemaker and Edward Houston answered for lilmira while Kendall Roberts and Francis Mineka spoke for Binghamton. The judges were Dean ul. Norton Norwood, of Alfred Universityg Pro- fessor Robert I-lannah, of Cornell University, and Percy L. Meserve, super- intendent of schools of VVaverly. They complimented both sides and said that the debate compared favorably with college debates. 112 I1 ,V Q J 'ff R.,..m.,, mms MUSIC MD JKEIWOIRS-192.1 114 JWEMOIRS-1924 "A PRIN'CE THERE WAS" If you witnessed the excellent production of "A Prince There NVas," l-'Y G601'ge M. Cohan, as it was presented May 16-17 in the auditorium, I think you will agree with me that there was a prince! Louis Thomas, in the leading role of Charles Martin, or Mr. Prince, more than pleased by the fine interpretation of his lines. . 1fVho could have made a sweeter Miss XVoods than Alice Murphy? She WSIS well htted for her part and did it to perfection. "fini" McLaughlin charmed many in his role of Jack Carruthers. a magazine editor. Stella Siegel and Richard Nagel, with exactly the right twist, gave the comedy parts of Gladys Prouty, a Happer, and Mr. Short, a second-rate movie actor. They certainly made a "hit." There was hardly a more entertaining character in the whole play than Mrs. Prouty, a typical American baording-house keeper. Mary Helen Birchard interpreted this part wi heartedness. ' th skill, and went into it with whole- Ruth Quinlan, as Miss Vincent, who "works in the basement and hard- ware department," and Edward Houston as D. B. Cricket, whose "History of International Law is--," showed much talent. A neater messenger boy, a sweeter maid, Delia, and a smarter office boy, Eddie, could never be found than Bartlett, in the respective parts. , out Bland-steady, willing, plodding Bland, Richard Roberts, Isabel Locks and 'lack We surely must not leave f P. ' vas so fine in the part that he might easily apply for Or Henry 'lttC1SOI1 w the position of valet at any time. Last, but not least, comes dear little Comfort. "A senior? Not really l" However, Anna Graham really is a senior, and she did her part remarkably well. 65? x- S1654-16941 44 J y I 115 HMP W IO 29261-yy JM EM OI RS-1924 iw' Yiisilg C311- 'l'he purpose ol' the "Masqners" is to promote higher and he clramaties in li. l". .-X., and to teach its nieinlmers the real value ol c is now eonipleting' one ul' its most successful years Surely never was lmetter dramatic talent displayed than in the tuo p s given luv the "Masquers" this Vear. "Two Slatterns and a King ant 5 V ' ' 1 ll V w ' ' I 'Quality Street. llie loriner was a one-act play presented in the audi um before a eztpzteity audience, early in the school year. "QuaIitt S11 L1 Was the "HHS" aeeomplislnnent ol' the year. lt xx play of the 19th century. 'l'he east was well-chosen and every ineinhei pla ec his part well. lt niet with great approval hy all who saw it. Several new inenihers were received into the Club at the tr5 out Tuesday, April 8. Although that was the last try-out for this year, next e.1 the "Masquers" will welcome new members. Students, back your liraniatie Society! 'NVQ "lNlasqnersf' thank the student hody and faculty for their 105 'il ll1lLl est in our activities this year. XYe also thank Miss Quinlan without xx iose aid little could have lmeen accomplished. XYe hope that next year ui pio even more successful for the "lXIasquers." The ollieers are: President ...... Vice-l,'resident .. Secretary . .... . Treasurer . . . . . Patron Saint .. 117 . Leo llardiman .. .-Xliee Murphy llelen Markson George llouston .. Miss Quinlan hania lt 'as a charming ioui . WHJW IO 1f'Z61--gy JlfEMOIK6'-1924 Luau l 'lftude is just completing its second vear as an li. I". .-X. organization, llotvever, the year was not xvithout its dillieulties. liecause ol' the newness of the organization the club was somewhat unstable. lielore mid-years, the club was served by three presidents, Nathan Slutzkv, Charles Ruggles, and Paul XYeale, each of xvhom was forced to resign for various reasons. The club was inactive for a time but was reorganized in April, through the ellorts of several of the old members. A plan is under xvay lo have a member of the culb give a solo each week in assembly. Meetings are held every Monday afternoon in room 37 and once each month a social meeting is held at the home of some member ot' the club. '.l'he club is noxv growing in numbers and in strength and gives promise of being one of the school's most active organizations. The various com- mittees of the club are busily engaged in the xvorlc assigned to them, and the club as a whole is advancing. The ollicers of the club are: ...... President George llouston ... .. Vice-President Emma linsworth .. Normah Rice . .... Secretary XVarner XVaid ................... ...... 5 l'reasurer A large number of l.'litude members noxv attend the Southside lliffi P- A School and have formed a separate musical society called the "Melopeaf' . . j,g,:'.-:gm . . M ,4 1' u A ill ff img, ot3?nNillo t K3-Mr ss Lb .52 H, 4,0 ,XYN044 Mn! -.3 ,N -f!, Az!! IL! i its Ria '25 Sv- IM 4i.'Z"3TTi . -4- ff s.-v Q- - 119 ""'sen. ..,, xg L , fn. K an aa- QJLQ v L SHIOPVHJK? fa61 JKEZVIOIIQS-19271 mg' lee lub The Girls' Cilee Club is the lirst organization of its kind ever orb at the Academy. Early in November, Dorothy llurrell secretly called together a group of girls and it was decided to have a Cilee Club. They had several meetings and finally at the election Barbara Stowe business manager zu 1 times and then surprised the a lew pleasing numbers. ot' officers Miss llurrell was chosen director, and f id nianist. The girls practiced several students and teachers in assembly by giving' ll Ul0'll1lZCtl, the new Southside High just when the Glee Club was we 'gn School was completed, thus taking Dorothy Durrell, and many other talented young ladies from the club. This was ot' course quite a blow because it divided the organization to about one halt' its original membership. How- ever, Barbara Stowe was chosen leader, and m a few weeks the club started n "drive" for more members and succeeded in enrolling sixty. The girls practice regularly twice a week. They have sung in assem- bly several times, always giving enjoyable selections. They also appeared m public April 27, when they sang at lledding M. E. Church. The future certainly looks bright for the Girls' Club and the Seniors wish them the best success ever. QL W jp: H N, - at, a:-:::::,,,i,,,:,,f I wi!! lvl' t c hd., -,Fx J 55 -P' 121 SQIIOIVHUMT fa61- JMEMOJRS-192, I NV- U-W Ellllifil Free .'Xcacle111y's tll'ChCSlI'!l is accmnplisllcfl in its pc-rl'o1'1nzu1c nts. Mzmy not onlv in thc schuol assemblies, hut :tlsu :tt thc schmml t-vc Ihc musicians are rerv tale-nlccl :tml lmvc zu'q11i1't-fl nu httlc Iztmt- lor thcn 211 Dir"t" ' Vwvnn Pcmcnt kcc-ps ll XX'IlU'llI.l'!l vyc fm' such tztlvixt :1 ! . Ll cn 1 ' t nlrezuly has rlcvclnpccl sump- goof! musicians. ll 1073 74 thc Ultlllsllfl tnmlt 1 During the latter pzlrt 1 1- sclmul yv: ' -. -- - -- rf tl L Ill fltlilllllllllg' hlusct' Ilzlyrh-11's fzumms "Surprist great striclc in its progress ' ' ' ' 1 Xlll"1l It has .also plztvt-rl tht Sympl1mmy" and attztincrl great Sllt'L'L'SS in 1 Inj' , ' . ' 5 ' ' X ' ' ' . . ' llltt 1 HtllLs ol tom st-It-ctw 'l'scl1:1ikmvski "C:lssc-Nuiscttc' In ' . 2 S " c tw tht unthinv' c1't'm'ts of llit-pt-10, The success of the m'U':1niz:1titm is flu- - ' Pl 5 Bement :tml of his two ahh' zlssistzmts. Lenz: fiIll'I'UH, :mtl Rtrx' Plll'SHl1S, W lv X is 3' 553' 3 ' ti Wa? ru ' 5 ,z 9 I r 123 JMEMOJRS-1924 js , THE BAND E. F. ,'X.'s hand has added greatly to the zest of football games during the past year. Much of the good spirits and enthusiasm of the games has been stirred up hy the hand's playing, On that memorahle trip to Bingham- ton the hand was an important factor in the day's events. The B. C. H. S. students and teachers admitted that it far surpassed theirs in excellence. Few realize the hardships that the hand underwent in their rehearsals. In the dark, cold days of late autumn, the members of the band might have been seen plodding the Maple Avenue driving park with their fingers almost frozen to their instruments. Much credit is clue to the inenihers of the hand and to Gwynn Bement for the cheerful way in which they spurred our hoys on to victory. l24 Q2'flL'!VlOIR.S'- 1921 THLETICS W 125 JMEMOJRS-1924 A THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION l Mr. Hirst Mr. Austin Ranieri DeFi1ippo The purpose ol the .-Xthletie .'XSb2OClf1tl0l'l of the Elmira Free Academy to support zmcl maintain the athletics of the school. The members of the L 9UClZll.llJl1 are :ls follows: llUllU1'Zl.l'y l'rcsiflcm .. ........ Mr. Parker l'1'r-siclent ........... .. Rzmieri DeFilippo SCL'l'Cl.Zll'j'-'lll'CZlSllVCI' .. ..... Mr. Austin Ilirector of :Xlhlelics .. ..... Mr. Hirst .lhlZlllZl.EICl' of lfoothnll ..... .... . t hIZll11lg'Cl' of linslict Hull .... Joseph Plttb hlllllllgfl' of llzlselmll ..,.. .. Jack Bartlett AIZIHZIQCI' of 'lil'ZlL'li ..,... .... R icharcl Killey Stuclc-nt Rcpresentzltivc ... ... John Henry Way 1.2 gk ,lf T Q A Joseph Pitts Jack Bartlett John Henry Way 126 - JJ'fliiVlOIRS- 1927! Q 0 Q A - wuem Do we 05 y EAT, MR' O 'CQQ HNQS-r? 'Xxx H Nrf JKUW VQ' 'UN'-'!0+2..' .gf wan-'s we 44,2 J MATTER? Wg J A . ff f W X . H I f Z7 B WELL BoYS, 'fl-neue X T B H f .Dossw-v seem f, X 'ro se Amr Mane dr woaubs 'ro consume XJlUMUn1jmflWlI"" UNTN... THE SCAEN .W 1' LD1ScovER AWAY Z S ' To MARS OR -rue ' ' " Manu- so Le-r's lgIAi2RY TAKE A Res-r MARSHALL 250 po,-,ND COMEY., AND c.AFRANce's OUR "'TT"'E LATEST 2 Foun. evco 'NRE QUAR-ren ENGINE Mgpgg, ae V99 THE 'MCP F eoaeofznrscalsmss., .,.,T.,..m,S,, TER COLL CT ALC- !-M AEFHE SILVEECUQG AND GSE-r guilfw OH Bok! Thus L SILVER-::slGARCE of: -1-me 4 TCOMEX, BEAN POLE '5 svpusm' Titan reg.:-1.5 'N W5 EASY To RW' DESERVED nerr. New Ugaaik -SAFE-ESD GL ASSE 5 Pos 7 fx -bf 'e p 2 2 W If 5' wif x 6RRR" Q 4 - A- ,- ' Q W X X! Q 610 s d . HEY! XX , M,,.7V,, .K .I dm Lee-golf ozw FLIP Przoveo THAT .WV U , xx f O6S'1'Ac.L.es comm: 9 'W ,Z 'zu 1, NOT Bozmsra ' ' 6 , ff - x - HIM . ' ' . X p....,,f. Q W7 E3 - 0 UD TOWNER, fax . ' ,, f Nsx-r vefxws as Z ,, X qyw J USED CAVEMAN film? .Tm-CS ww wk -. Q 4 gl K - V , CM A1-we as uma . 00" 'M -3'-JD'5 MOTTO! 0 , S 8,FF,, ENTER Quan" BY fx 'G f " FULLBACK MCNAMAQA' SJ my HE HITS THE uma Luke' J f l? . 'I' ,xg A Sax om Pius DRIVER. X 127 Q I OW H210 SPI 19361- Jlf EM OI RS-1924 FOOTBALL The 1923 football team of Elmira Free Academy established itself as one of the hardest fighting teams that ever carried the Blue and XVhite to victory. Playing a hard schedule, the eleven was a Cfefllt to Itself. to its Coach, and to its Alma Mater. It was defeated only twice, once by Bingham- ton Central and once bv Union-lindicott High School, the score being close oach Hirst and Captain Deliilippo, the team was awarded third place in ranking order. It also had players on the each time. Under the leadership of C All-Central New York Scholastic teams. l . IC. F. A. should W" l . ' t 'an team returning to school next year 1t1 '1 xe ei 1 enjoy another football season as successful as that of 19.23. COMP.-XRA'l'IVE SCORES-1923 Cook Academy .. . 7 Ii. F. A. .. .. 25 E. I". A. .. 4-l Geneva H. S. . 7 E. I". A. .. .. 32 Cazenovia Seminary .. . 7 Ii. I". A. .. .. IO B. C. H. S. ......... 13 E. I". A. .. .. 59 Starkey Seminary .... I3 E. IT. A. .. .. 0 Union-Endicott H. S. 7 Ii. F. A. .. .. 33 Syracuse Central H. S. O Ii. If. A. .. .... 34 Ithaca H. S. ......... 7 237 61 X la A l Stanley Smithers 1 "Stan" is certainlv there with the pep and school Spirit., As ia cheerleader during football and basket-ball seasons. he brought forth from the throats of the loyal l' ' 1 s volumes of sound. Here s to you,Stanlev. rootcrS prof 11.110 I l I . 129 f261-swowffm JMEMOJRS-1924 BASKETBALL The 1923-1924 basketball team of the Elmira Free Academy was. with no exception, the greatest team that has ever donned the court togs of the School. It gave Elmirans a brand of basketball never before known in the city. Going through the Southern Tier League season undefeated, Hirst's men battled with Elmira Heights l-Iigh and Delhi for the honor of repre- senting Southern New York State at Syracuse. They were successful. At Syracuse they defeated Painted Post High, champions of West-Central New York. ln a thrilling game in which they outplayed Lansingburg l-I. S., the team felt the pangs of defeat. The two main reasons for their success are Coach Hirst and a machine- like, unexcelled teamwork which spelled defeat for their victims. As a result of their efforts. the Blue and XVhite waves unsulliecl over the greatest court season Elmira has ever known. COMPARATIVE SCORES-1923 E. F. A. ......... 11 Cook Academy . .. .. .. 20 E. F. A. .. .... 18 Norwich ....... 15 E. F. A. .. .... 19 Ithaca .... 14 E. F. A. .. .... 26 Towanda .... .. 6 E. F. A. .. .... 13 Cortland .. 18 E. F. A. .. .... 21 Owego ...... . 15 E. F. A. .. .... 17 Binghamton ...... .. .. 10 E. F. A. .. .... 23 Union-Endicott . .. .... 11 E. F. A. .. .... 25 'Norwich ....... 19 E. F. A. .. .... 25 Union-Endicott 14 E. F. A. .. .... 17 Cook Academy .... .. .. 26 E. F. A. .. .... 12 Syracuse Central . .. .... 14 E. F. A. .. .... 11 Cortland ....... .. .... 10 E. F. A. .. .... 18 Ithaca ...... ... .. . 6 E. F. A. .. .... 21 Owego ........... .. .. 16 E. F. A. .. .... 17 Syracuse Central 18 E. F. A. .. .... 21 Binghamton ...... . . .. '8 E. F. A. .. .... 51 ' Reformatory . .. 29 E. F.-A. .. .... 50 Trinity A. A. 22 E. F. A. .. .... 17 Elmira Heights ... . . .. 14 E. F. A. .. .... 36 Delhi .1 ......... 12 E. F. A. .. .... 26 Painted Post 18 E'. F. A. .. .... 18 Lansingburg .... 20 512 336 131 JKEMOIR6'-1924 X ZSQQQ QSKEM Q JJTEJWOIRS-1924 1-1 . .. ., Y Y, ,. 6 "CHAMPS" Althou h Elmira Free Academy has had many successful and far-famed 8 basket-ball teams, the 1923-1924 court representatives have the honor of being the most brilliant, best-balanced and bravest team that Elmira high school history has ever known. In the beginning ofthe Southern Tier interscholastic basket-ball season various sport writers remarked that lilmira had a "chance', in the race for the cup emblematic of the league championship. But they did not consider for a moment that the team would go through the season undefeated. 'lhe E. F. A. lads swept all opposition aside and continued their cyclonic way to ' l f I the championship. VVithout having their colors once stained in ce eat, t1ey had to meet the winners of another league. At the Armory on March 17, the far-famed Elmira Heights High School was compelled to acknowledge de- feat. In order to compete in the State championship finals which were to be held at Syracuse University, the wearers of the Blue and White had to meet Delaware Academy of Delhi at Norwich. XVhen the smoke of this battle had cleared away, victory still remained. with our boys. At Syracuse, klmira, ' York contended, hrst, with Painted Post High. representing Southern New The result was: E. F. A., 265 Painted Post, 18. But even to the best of teams. defeat comes sometime and defeat, fate disguised under the colors of Lansingburg I-ligh and handed a 20 to 18 score to the team. As an apprecia- tion of their good and faithful work during the season, we recommend the following names to be inscribed in the Basket-Ball Ilall of Fame of the Elmira Free Academy: "Art" MacNamara, captain and speedy forward, who put his heart into the game and always tried his best, "Big Flip" DeFilippo, Hashy center, whose brilliant floor work spelled defeat for many a good team, Leon Baxter, whose eagle eye was responsible for many a winning shotg "Kid Flip" DeFilippo, next year's captain and choice of critics for position of guardlon the first team of the All-State Scholastic Five, "Walt" VVatkins, stellar guard and despair of opposing forwards, whose close guarding kept E. F. A.'s basket undefiled by an enemy's shots, "Abe" Tatelbaum, smallest and fastest forward in the League, whose passwork was responsible for many tries at the basket, 1 "Mike" Brett, capable forward, whose work in the Bingo and Heights games will long be remembered, Coach Arthur Hirst, whose genius and guiding spirit was manifested by the brilliant team he developed. 133 JKEMOIR6'-1924 134 JlfEMOIR6'-1924 GIRLS' BASKETBALL, 1923-1924 Our Alma Mater was well represented this year by the girls' basketball team. Although it was not victorious in every clash, the team exhibited the linest type of teamwork and sportsmanship tln'onghont the year and thus may be termed successful. Only one team succeeded in tronncing our maidens and that fast squad, representing li. I". .'X.'s old rival. "Bingo," did so twice. The girls were ably captained by Florence Clemens with Vera Spencer as playing manager. Margaret I-Baxter. brilliant forward of 1925's team, was injured early in the season. There is one very good reason for the line teams which IE. F. A. has produced in the last few years and that reason is the fine coaching and spirit of Miss U'Connor, the girls' physical director. Those who received the coveted "lf" were: Mary Lon Bruce, 19.3 lXlarjorie Fudge. li.g lXlargaret Baxter, F. fCap't '25jg Ruth Ewing, lf.g Vera Spencer, CL' flllgr. '23-'Z-U3 Florence Clemens, G. fCap't '23-2-U3 Ruth Newell, fi. fMgr. '.25jg lrma Cooper, Side Centerg Florence Vater, .lump Center: Caroline liawdy, -Inmp Center. Florence Vater A girl who deserves credit and praise is Florence Vater, center on the Girls' liasketball Team. Florence was forced to drop out of the team, because of illness. and we lost a star player as a result. 135 2"z61-SPIIOWI? Jlf EM OIRS-1924 TRACK i-., . VVith the Sectional championship for 1923 tucked safely away, our track prospects for this year look extremely bright. Six of last year's point win- ners are back and around these men are built our hopes for another cham- pionship. Then, too, the cross-country team of last fall contributes its quota in the form of four dependable distance runners. Although track is still in the embryo stage here at lilmira, last year being our initial attempt at this sport, we invaded Binghamton with a squad of husky warriors and gave the experienced Bingo team the scare of their l' ' ' . t re Jlcte with thrills and hair-line decisions. Although defeated, ives in '1 mee 1 58-46, our boys made a very creditable showing, mexperience costing us several points. XVe look forward to trimming Bingo on our own new athletic field in 1925. TRACK SQUAD DeFilippo, R. fCapt.j Shulman, H. XVilliamson, D. Killey, R. Seafuse, M. 'l'hrasher, P. Brown. C. Thrasher, R. Iimblen, D. Ferris, G, Gilbert, H. XVatkins, VV. Shafer, G. Shanley. C. ,l0llCy, C. CROSS COUNTRY With but two weeks' training, our cross-country team lost a thrilling meet to Bingo by a three point margin, the score being 29-26. The hills of the parlor city were a little too much for our boys who had not trained for mountains. We took considerable credit to ourselves, however, in the fact that Dick Killey of Elmira carried off first place in the gruelling run. CROSS COUNTRY Cassetta, P. CCapt.j Williamson, D. Killey, R. Sbedico, j, Sides. I... Ferris, G. 137 f261-serfomm JW EM OI RS-1924 BASEBALL SEASON OF 1923 "Red" Riley, Manager Thomas Banlield. Captain Archie Hall, Coach Baseball at E. F. A. was greatly revived in 1923 and a larger and harder l. The team was very successful, win- ning l2 of the 13 games played. Much credit is due Mr. Hall for the success ol' the '23 team. Under his direction the team acquired a record to be envied schedule than ever before was arranger by any high school. BASEBALL SEASON OF 1924 Jack Bartlett, Manager Anthony Frisk, Captain Archie Hall, Coach Although baseball had hardly gotten under way, when this article was written, all indications point to a successful season. The toughest schedule ever played by an E. F. A. team in many years has been arranged, and some lively battles are looked forward to. The team has won the first three games and is determined to uphold its record, The schedule follows' May 3-Starkey Seminary at Starkey. i May 7-Painted Post High School at lilmira. May 10-Ithaca High School at Ithaca. May 1-l-Cook Academy at Elmira. May Z1-XVaverly High School at Elmira. May 23-Union-Endicott High School at Endicott. I May 24-Binghamton Central High School at Binghamton. May 31-Ithaca High School at Elmira. June 4-Starkey Seminary at lilmira. June 7-Union-Endicott at Elmira. June 14-Binghamton High School at lilmira. June 10-Cook Academy at Cook. I I1 Z, W' 4 ' TA' gi l v I 139 Jlf EM OI RS-1924 A-Y APA"Y'VA P "'1r"PTN,l'A- 'Y ' "' "-v-'v "' 1 l B g w n ' Y . ,fe A. f J. , .f-3 BASEBALL Frisk Friedman Bartlett lXlacNamai'a, A. Kerwan Mr. llall llcliilippo, R Volker Parsons Danks Titus lN'lcCartl1y Swarllmut Slavin XVilliams Killey llalmeck llenchett 'l'mvnc1' XVoocl Tlirasliei' Dempsey TRACK Sliulman Ferris Gilbert llelfilippo, R. liilley llabeck 'lll1l'Z1Sl1CI', P. 'lll1l'ZlSl16l', R Seafuse XVatkins Sclianlcy llrown XVilliamson .lolley FOOTBALL Deliilippo, R. Kerwan ilolinson MacNamara, A. Danks Shafer llalliclay 'lfownei' Antes l lalmcck Thraslici' Miller Toomey Slavin lfl olleran I-lorigan Chapman Marshall Coalciey lXl'Cl,Zlllg'l'lilll Pitts Dempsey Riclall Mr. llall Painton llrown Mr. Hirst Parsons CROSS-COUNTRY Cassctta XVilliamson Sides Killey l'lCl'l'iS Sheclico BASKET BALL lDcFilipp0, R. llaxter llrett Dcliilippo, A. XVatkins Pitts lNl2lLTN!Il1lHl'H, A. 'llZllClllZllllll Mr. llirst 140 JW EM Ol RS-192.71 scferemrg ,mer imiimew E-Jenna EY W IO 1-SPI NQ N 'K -'S'?lIOM!f'Y SNTOPVHJKD fa61- JKEMOIRS-1924 29261-'SHIOWHJCCD ejiff'EMOIR6'-1924 I i f SORGANIZATIONS Lum SOUTH SIDE ORGANIZATIONS Student Council-to iromote welfare of the student body: President .... .,..................,.......... George linedy ViCe-P1-egiflgnf , , , . . . lilizabeth Sherman Secretary ...... .... B lildred XYilson T1-eagm-gy ,,,,,,,,,, .-Xrthur Parsons Sergeant-at-Arms ..,. RlCi'l?ll'fl Killcy Publication Manager ................... XX'iIliam French School Spirit Society-to promote school spirit: President .............................. . Vice-President ........ ... . ... . Secretary ...... Treasurer ....... . . . Le Progress-to encourage and further the study 1 President ................................ Vice-President .... Secretary ...... Treasurer ........ Sergeant-at-.fXrms . . . Boys' and President ....,...... Myrtle Palmer . Hernice Spellecy .... Stella Siegel .. liloise Mosher if French: .. Xyiiiilllll French . . .Muriel Rowden .. . lilizabeth Sherman ...Philip Thrasher Roland Burt Chamber of Commerce-to promote the welfare ol' the boys in the city bridge between school and the business world: Vice-President .......................... Secretary-Treasurer . Melopea-to promote genera l interest in music in sc cal programs for assembly: President ........... Vice-President .. . Secretary ......... Treasurer .......... Corresponding Sec'y Sergeant-at-.-Xrms . . . Historical Organization-to that happen in school: President ........ Vice-President .. . Secretary ..... Treasurer . . . Typist .... get out a book to kee ,147 T.aRue Antes Manley Thompson . Ellsworth Jewell hool and to furnish musi- Revnolds .Tohnson .. Mildred XVilson . Dorothea .Nbbolt . Marjorie Seeley Gladys Kilpatrick . Charles Rugfgles p as reference all events . . . . . 'XVard Crane .. XVilliam French .. T.eonela Schaad Charles Austin , Dorothy Bohlke JKEMOIRS-1924 fi 148 JWEMOIK6'-1924 11 1 O 0.6 Gita 1723 Name Abbott, Lois ........ Aber, Meriam ....... Albee, Delvera .... Albee, Leola .... Andrews, Hazel Anthony, Agnes . . . Ball, Henry .......... Barber, Charles . .. Banheld, Thomas . Barber, Evelyn . . Bauer, Charlotte ..... Beebe, Eleanor .... Berry, Florence Bielike, Anna ..... Biggs, Edward .... Bolley, 1'.eo ....... Bruce, Daisy ...... Bruner, Alvah .... Bullard, Charles ..... Burt, Milton ...... Butcher, Alfred Butcher, Harriet .. Butcher, Catherine Carmody, Thomas Carr, Virginia ..... Catlin, Kathryn Ciscoe, Harry ..... Connelly, Edward . Cook, Elizabeth Cooper, Francis Crane, Maud ...... Crane, Phoebe .... Curovish, Edward . Curren, Ida ....... Dale, Charles ..... Dann, Eloise ...... DeVau1, Gladys Dolph, Blanche Edgcomb, Florence Egbert, Jessie ..... Elston, Mildred Fay, Marion ...... Ferris, Robert .... Ferris, Edna ...... Fitzmartin, Florence Flynn, James ..... Frasier, jean ...... Friedman, Paul Friends, Marie .... Buflalo University .................. i .Teacher, Millerton .... Orrufrnlion Elmira College ...... . ..... Mt-eker's Business Institute . .. Auburn Theological Seminary .. . . . . Ithaca Conservatory of Music l.afavette College ............ .... 1.'lQtl1CllL . ..E1nn'z . z '- ,1z'.'tte , ....... f ..... ... . American-l.aFrance F. E. Co. ...... . Cooper Hospital ............... .... Bell Telephone Company ........... Elmira College ..................... Teachers' Training Class, Horseheads. Meeker's Business Institute .,....... Post Graduate ...................... Niagara University . ...... Syracuse University .. Post Graduate ....... . Cornell University ........ . . . . Aetna Insurance Co. ....... Pennsylvania State College ... . . . . Pennsylvania State College . ... Colgate University ......... ... Barton K NVheadon ...... Elmira College ................ ... Music Teacher, Corning, N. Y. ..... . Post Graduate ................. . . . T. J, Connelly, Grocer ........ . . . Elmira College ....... Home ..... Teachers' Training Class, Orchestra ......... . . . Mrs. E, J. Mosher ... . . . . . . Kresge's ........... ...... .... Buffalo Normal School ... . .. . Post Graduate ........ Elmira College ....... Mrs. Ernest Hallett Elmira College ......... . . . Home .................... . . . Elmira College ............ .... American Salesbook Oftiee . . . . . . . Erie Rail Road ............ .... Elmira College .. .... Post Graduate 149 Shatfield Insurance . .............. .. Horseheads. .fl 11 11 rr.v.r 711 XV. Gray St. XVellsburg 455 Mt. Zoar St. 601 XV. Husdon St. 407 XV, XVashington Ithaca, N. Y. Ave. 707 Riverside Ave. 732 Robinson St. 243 Crete Ave. Camden, N. J. 809 ,lay St. -106 Elm St. 432 Phoenix Ave. Southport Corners 533K XV. Hudson St. 359 E. Second St. 122W Hudson St. 50 Dininny Pl. 604 XV. Clinton St. 210 NY. Second St. State College State College 353 Euclid Ave. Columbia St. 71s 474 Roe Ave. 106 E. Hudson St. 710 XV. Gray St. 262 XV. Chemung Pl. NYilliam St. 1 -w Haven, Conn. 212 XV. Miller St. 717 Hopkins St. 955 Lincoln St. 310K XY. First St. 406 Nt 129 E. Chemung Pl. 322 XV. Henderson St. 348 NV. Fourth St. 225 Potomac Ave., Buffalo -118 Balsam St. 306 Dewitt Ave, 652 Robinson St. 360 1056 lVa1nut St. 533 Grove St. 378 XV. First St. 317 XV. Fifth St. 1159 Hoffman St. 154 High St. 124 Hazel St. XV. Thurston St. Cortland Normal ............. Hicks, Helen ....... JK EM OI RS--1924 Name Gardner, Mildred Gaynor, Evelyn ..... Gilbert, Ruth ....... Grannis, Marguerite . Greene, Marian ..... Gridley, Norman Haase, Elizabeth .... Haggerty, Marie .... Hallahan, Marie .... Hamilton, Florence Occupation .Elmira College ............ Cornell University .......... Meeker's Business Institute Kennedy Valve ............. Mansfield Normal .-Buffalo University .... . Elmira College .......... Geneseo Normal School ....... Post Graduate ................ Mechanics' Institute Rochester, Hamilton, Sarah ..... .Elmira College ............... Hogan, Margaret Holbert, Pauline .... Holbrook, Ruth ..... Houck, Gertrude .... Housniek, Irene .... Howell, Peter ....... Hudinski, Maryon ...James Manufacturing Company Hulbert, Helen .. . .. Hurley, James . .... .. Meekers' Business Institute Elmira College ............. Buffalo Normal ............ .Elmira College ............... Arnot-Ogden Hospital ........ .Hobart College ............... .Elmira College ...... . ....... . Post Graduate ................ Jackson, Doris ... . . ..Oflice, American Salesbook ... . james, Gertrude .... . Johnson, Frances ... jones, Walton ...... . Judson, Frances ..... Kalm, Flora ........ Kerwan, James ...... Killey, VVilhelmina .. Kimball, Mary Ellen . Knapp, Esther ...... Knier, Pearl ........ Kriedler, Beatrice Lewis, Eleanor ...... Linker, Ella ........ Locks, Lillian ....... Looney, Edward .... Loughlin, john Lowe, Helen ........ Lynch, Margaret .... Deceased ................... Post Graduate ............. Erie Training School ... Pratt Institute ....... Heyman's ...... Post Graduate ......... i ixi55iifa'1' Siclliooli I. . . Elmira College ............. University of Pennsylvania .... VVoo1worth's ............... Home . .......... . . ...... . . .Geneseo Normal School Bishopthorpe Manor .......... Meeker's Business Institute Rochester Theological Seminary D. L. Sz W. Freight House .... Merrimac-on-the-Hudson ...... McCann, Charles ..... Elmira Foundry Co. .... . McCarthy, Robert . .. McLaughlin, Cynthia McNamara, Howard . M cNulty, Katharine MacFar1and, John . .. N, J. Thompson .,......... Buffalo General Hospital ...... Syracuse University ........... McGreevey-Sleight-DeGraFf Co. D. L. 8: NV. R. R. ........... . Mack, Madelyn ...... Elmira College Manchester, Alice .... Manchester, Ruth Mason, Lawrence Mast, Julia ......... Merrill, Francis ..... Mills, Margaret ..... Mitchell, Jean ...... Moseson, Emma .... Moyer, Vera ........ Murphy, Ellen ...... Narsh, Mable ....... Nathenson, Ruth .... O'Connel1, Joseph O'Dea, Catherine . .. O'Dea, Elizabeth .... Olmsteacl, Alma .... Park, Thelma ....... Parker, Molly ...... Parker, Violet ...... Post Graduate .... Doyle Marks Keuka College .......... Elmira College ............ American-LaFrance Otiice .. Elmira College ............ Home ..... ..... Elmira College ......... .. Horseheads Training Class .... Elmira College ............. University of Michigan ..... .Elmira College ...... .Post Graduate ...... Cortland Normal . .. American-LaFrance .. Elmira College ........ Elmira College .......... 150 Address 119 Sly St. 1105 Lake St. 1006 Hoffman St. 407W Sullivan St. 507 Clinton St. 104 E. Chemung Pl. 814 W. Water St. 411 Pleasant St. 726 S. Main St. 1816 W. Church St. 915 College Ave. 579 Riverside Ave. 356 W. Third St. Lowman 325 611 516 Potomac Ave., Bu lfalo Winsor Ave. W. First St. Wellsburg 345 Irvine Pl, 216 Orchard St. 364 357 36? 325 664 108 412 404 322 W. Sixth St. Euclid Ave. c5'1Lii1i13i2i 'sif ' Irvine Pl. College Ave. Spring St. W. Third St. Jefferson St. NV, Clinton St. i662'c'51iEg6'2iJ5.' 402 M t. Zoar St. 70 Franklin St. 203 551 Dewitt Ave. E. Water St. S. Main St. 905 Lincoln St. 1056 College Ave. 712 Davis St, 2000 Davis St. 354 601 331 W. Sixth St. Colburn St. Roe Ave. Big Flats 373 Fulton St. 617 Maple Ave. Taylor St 559 . 375W NV. First 80 Cedar St. 318 464 W. Clinton St Spaulding St. 354 Foster Ave. -110 150 310 Roe Ave. Washington St E. Miller St. Davis St. Pine Valley 152 Dewitt Ave. 1105 Oak St. 328 466 409 W, Seventh St W. Hudson St William St. 1100 Abbott St. Coleman Ave. 10 Eldridge Pl. JYFEMOIRS-1924 Name Occupation Patterson, Dorothy ..Post Graduate Pendergast, Raymond Pollock, Kathryn .. Pratt, Louise ..... Putney, Esther .. Rabinowitz, Harry Rhodes, Esther Mae Riffe, H. Milford Rigdon, H. Meryl. Riley, Joseph ..... Riordan, Marjorie Robinson, Eleanor Rockey, Edward . Rose, Helen ..... Rudd, Eleanor Ryan, Teresa .... Sadler, Laurell Sanborne, Leon .. Sanford, J. Harold Satterlee, Myrle .. Schlock, Margaret Schusler, Edward Seeley, Donald Sergeant, Dorothy Sergeant, Marion Shaw, Marion ..... Siegel, Ruth ...... Simon, Milton Slauson, Dorothy Slutzky, Nathan Smith, Ivan ...... Smith, Louise M. .. Spence, Margaret Spencer, Lawrence 15351 ' oralitiiic' . NVells College .. ..... .. University of Pennsylvania Cornell University ........ Niagara University ...... Telegram ................. Albion College, Michigan . Insurance Co. ........... . Elmira College .......... Alfred, University ...... Wells College ............ Arnot-Ogden Hospital Post Graduate .......... Dartmouth University Hamilton College ......... .University of Pennsylvania Utica City Hospital ....... .American Sales Book Office Merchants' National Bank . Post Graduate ............ Kennedy Valve Office Ohio University ....... American-LaFrance .... Post Graduate ........... Glen Springs fTrainingj .. University of Michigan Home ............ . ....... Arnot-Ogden Hospital iiifigii' 'ulfiifbigiiif . Post Graduate ............ Spencer, Vera ..... Steinhauser,Evangelina .Teaeher, Cayuta, N. Y. Stiles, John N. Sullivan, Geraldine Tanner, Gladys E. Tinkler, Virginia .. Troy, Constantine T. Turner, Edwin Underwood, Frank G., Jr. Iszard's ........ Unold, Ethel ...... Vetter, Ernest .... Wallis, Esther .... Walzer, Newton .. Wfarner, Helen Watts, Henry ..... Way, Eckley ..... Weaver, Alexander VVestlake, Harriet Wheeler, Lucille .. Wilbur, Ruth ..... Wiley, Velma ..... VVilliams, Francis, J. Williams, William Wilson,. Margaret E. Wladis, Esther .... Wood, Francis .... Wood, Hazel ..... Worster, Keith NVrig11t, Theodore Young, Margaret .. aiiiiiia' cdikgb' ' ' Biiiifiib' 'oiilbiii' 'HlJsb'iiA1' '. Post Graduate ........... Alfred University ....... American-LaFrance ..... Goff, VVay 8 Brand Co. Post Graduate .......... Orchestra ....... Elmira College 1l1'61Q1l! .. , Post Graduate ....... .. . Wells College ...... 1 ....... .. See., Buffalo Y. W. L. A. .. Mrs. john Stiles .......... Post Graduate .......... Post Graduate .... Standard Oil Co. Elmira College ....... Bishopthorpe Manor .... Post Graduate ............ The Derby Book Shop .... Albany .................. University of Michagan .. Elmira College .... .. .... 151 Address Durland Ave. 3izi's5l1iifkiQ6."' XV. Clinton St. Sullivan St. Big Flats 337 Irvine Pl. 610 Gray St. 150 E. Washington Ave 758 S. Main St. YV. Third St. 366K W. Gray St. 465 VV. Water St. 1101 Oak St. Big Flats W. First St. W. VVashington Ave. 517 Fitch St. 162 Boardman St. 491 Jefferson St. 248 Crete Ave. 1057 Admiral Pl. 217 Mt, Zoar St. 271 Coburn St. 710 Magee St. 114 VVashington St. 753 John St. Grove St. 204 High St. Reformatory Cottage 1005 Walnut St. 310 Soper St. Forest St. 455 Roe Ave. .218 Madison Ave, 514 Lake St. 317 Lake St. 1819 Genesee St. is! 'CRJRTC' 'sif " 639 Roe Ave. Linden Pl, 267 VV. Hudson St. 375 E. XVarren St. 518 William St, Gray St. 825 johnson St. 316 Lake St. .501 Union Pl. 711 McKinley Pl. iiI'1?f'15f '1' 'ifiihiflt N Y 358 Pomeroy Pl, 1240 Wfater St. IZIM Sullivan St. 123 Henry St. 119 Brand St. Lower Maple Ave. 119 Hudson St. 209 College Ave. Jlf EM OI RS--1924 RADIO RECEIVING STATION IN E. F. A. 'As Doctor Holmes expresses it" . .. Miss Godfrey 'Well-I'll be jiggeredn ..... .. .. Miss Birchard 'On my trip to Europe" ...... . . . Miss Gamble 'Give me live dollars, please" . . Miss Wixon 'Well, for the lan-id sakes!" ........ Mrs. Deuel 'I'1l have the talking stopped, please" .. Miss Luce 'No more of those wig-wagging signals!" . . . . . Miss Finder 'Breathe deeply, expanding the diaphragm" . Miss Quinlan There ain't no such animal, is there ?" .... .. . Miss Tashjian 'Sit down and take your zero" ...... .... M iss Moseson 'Where's your excuse ?" ...... .. Miss McMahon 'Be sure to use some idioms" . . . . Miss Kellogg Hurry, girls!" ........... .. Miss I-Iibbard 'That's sufficient" .. ..... Mr. Olds Now, class" ......... . .. Miss Butts You're right!" ........ . .. Mrs. Munson 'Allez au tableau noir!" .... ....... ll Iiss Brooks 'Your lesson for to-morrow" .............................. Miss Hopkins 'I don't know that I have given anyone permission to talk" .. Miss Condon 'I never saw such a dumb class !" ....................... .... M r. Austin Is something burning?" ................. .... M iss Green 'You'll have to go to Oiiice A about that" . . . . . Miss Mitchell 'Tenga la bondad de cerrar la puerta" .... ........ M iss Burk 'Girls, be quiet in the hall, please" .......... Mrs. Bartholomew 'Cut out the fooling and get down to work" . . . . . . . . Mr. Schwenkler It's the most gorgeous thing you ever saw" .............. Miss Youmans 'Yea, and I'm a good one to put it off on some one else, too" . . . Mr. Snyder 'Please be careful. I can hear everything you say" .......... M1's. Austin Ne parlez pas, s'il vous plait !" .................. .... M iss Goldberg How queer!" ............... .. . Miss Jamieson 'Don't forget your chairs" ............ Mrs. Loomis 'The worst wheels make the most noise" . .... Miss Dundas 'Take your dolls and go home" ....,.. ..... M iss Parks 'Depends on what the boss says" Miss Rockwell 'How are you this morning F" ........ ...... M r. Cady 'Anything for the South Side to-day F" ................... . .. Miss Cole 'Now please don't add this song to your family collection" Mr. Bement 'lIiram, please keep still just one minute" ................. Miss Berrigan 'l.Ve might be able to get something out of this lesson if you'd keep still" ............................................. Mrs. Stott Act like gentlemen and not like infants" . ....... Miss Bange "Girls, your excuses are due" ......... Miss Clearwater 'Just line!" fthe optimist's replyj ..... Miss Collins 'Now, boys-" ......... ........ . , Mr. Cooke 152 JYFEMOIR6'-1924 Bachelor Button Trailing Arbutus Four O'Clock . .. jack-in-the-Pulpit Tea Rose ....... Morning Glory .. Hyacinth ....... jacolfs Ladder .. Orchid ......... Lady Slipper .. . Primrose ..... Violet .......... "Son" Flower Forget-me-not . . . Snap Dragon Clinging Ivy ....... Black-Eyed Susan Lilac . ............. . Pussy Willow . .. Honeysuckle .... Narcissus ..... Nasturtium . . . Poppy .......... Artificial ..' ..... . Four-leaf Clover Tulip ..... ..... Heliotrope ...... Orange Blossom . . . Wax ........... FLOWER GARDEN 153 james McLaughlin . . . Grace Sheehan Margaret Donnelly ... . Hiram Woolf Margaret Gardner . . . . Karl Messing . . . Dorothy Speed .. Herbert French Ruth Quinlan George Ahn,Ir. .. Elizabeth Byrne Martha Fudge . . . . jack Bartlett Marion Cowles . Emma Ensworth . Edward Houston Helen Lyons . Frederic Amberg Edward Hughes Seeley Chapman . Regina McBride Gertrude Besemer . .Henry Patterson George Kingston .. Abe. Tatelbaum Watson Conklin ... Lillian Davis joe Pitts VVarner Waid QZTEMOIRS-1924 as s..i??s 5-.5553 The Year Book Board extends to its helpers its most sincere appre- ciation. XVhile all who have done their parts to make the book a success have not here-to-fore been given credit, it is not our desire to overlook any person. VVe want, therefore, to recognize the work done by the following persons: - Irma Cooper James McLaughlin Anna Cascio LeRoy Peterson Mary Lou Bruce . The Members of the Student Council of E. F. A. and of S. S. H. and All Others who have worked for the welfare of Memoirs. :--'fi-514-I... i.1 5 E 5 ii'-"-1 Il-5 5 2 -Z E E E E 'E wi i :- '3 if - 154 JJTEIWOIKM- 9 71 195 JKEMOIRS-1924 1 1 Vref-'-'-AW?"-A-Are-A-'renew'-1', re-ef-he-when-A-A-ref-A-A-A-newE 1 '1 , - - - 1' as k . -ul . - 1 1 'Q fo 9 4 1 L00 at Your Shoe: HEfue1y ll 1, 5 1 body Elfe Does I ,I . I I Fzzrmzure and Rugs Gif I: il Quality and Prz'ce.r Rzlghz' I 1, 1 l 1 I, il "You Be The f7udge" I: Shoes for the -- I Younger Set 131-133-135 N.,MAlN ST. I '-'-'-'-'-'E'-'-'-'-'EE'-'-'-'E'-E' 73 God made the world and then rested. . I' God made the animals and then rested. Sport HHCI Dress StOCk1I1gS li God made the men and then rested. I, God made the women and since then '23 neither God nor man has rested. I """'-ii' I' There was a little boy his name was W 'SHEA 1' ' C. . 0 1 Jack, I+ Pitched his tent on '1 railroad track' 146 W' Water Street I' A fast express come around the bend. -wAv.w.w.w.w.V.w.w,wiv,-,w.w,wEw.w.L' Oh, VVhat kind of flowers should I send? V AwA-A-A-AvlilixiAwAiAvAvAvAiA-Ainfx-V-AYAWAv-iAiAvA-A-Ailfkik-A-L A-A-3?i, I 1' 12 11 1" IV, 1I l,I I ECLIPSE MACHINE 1 I I CUMPANY I I I I 1 IIA II I 'VI I II I I1 J. wk, ....m.........+ 'A,,v.4 A......EE..... 7-Y- 156 JYKEMOIRS-1924 A Forecast of Spring and Summer Trend of Fashions irz COTTON FABRICS Shantung Suitings,abig range of Silk and Cotton Crepes- similar to patterns used in handsome silks, Crushless and Shrunk Irish Dress Lin- ens, Novelty Crepe weaves- Chinese and various Heather Mixtures, Basket weaves or Nupong Suitings, Imported Plain or Novelty Ratines, Novelty check or embroidered also lace Voiles, Exquisite Tis- sues, Challis, practical Ging- hams, Percales, and Madras. ISZARD'S I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I" OSENBA UM' '93 SIXTY YEARS of acknowledged leader ship in APPACIREL MILLINERY 'fe WOMEN MISSES JUNIORS '93 201-.203 Ear! Wafer' Sturt HENRY D. ELLETT JOHN D. STEMPFLE ELLETT-STIZIVIPIT LI: CCD. VAPOR-STEAM 8: WATER HEATING SANITARY PLUMBING ' WATER SYSTEMS. SEPTIC TANKS AND DRAINAGE WORK ' CONTRACTORS FOR PLUMBING AND HEATING NEW S. S, S4 BLDGA PHONE 237 614 WILLIAM ST JKEMOIRS-1924 PERSON I O US, IWALONE 599 FRENCH 'YS '23 ' '93 Dry Goods, Coats, Suits and Furs HATS--CAPS0 GLOVES E. D. ROGERS Co. 110 E. Wafer' St. MALLORY and EMERSON HATS Vcznizy Fair Shop Blouse, Sport-Skirts and Dresses Lingerie and Hoisery 104 E. W afw' St., Up Stair: siroiii iiiiosfE13Eii5i-iiQE3EE6f PRINTERS WHO KNOW HOW Printers of the E. E. A. "VINDEX" " Elmira College "WEEKLY" SIBYL '93 '23 '93 Snyder Building, 111-113-115 Main St. Elmira, N. Y. JW EM OI RS-1924 4' O---A-+-e-+-+-e--t-e---ew Sflzormtfzezmer Bray. '23 PURE MILK and CREAM Elmira .- .- Phone My Personal Attention Given to All Calls TELEPHONE 1077 HARR Y WY H ONAN FUNERAL DIRECTOR AMBULANCE SERVICE I '93 532 North Main Street , Elmira, N. Y. TTT'i'i'i'A'A'iTT'-i'i'A-S-S'S'4. 4' L. SHREIEMANE SON 'g 4 J GRADUATION GIFTS 4 Official Jewelers for 4 4 4 4 4 4 Agora-Vindex Forum 4 RELIABLE JEWELERS 4 214 WEST WATER STREET 4 4 4 4 4 J, 4 4 4 4 4 J. -E-- , -.E,-f,-,-.-,-,-,-ff,-,J The Ford is my auto I shall not want fanotherj. It maketh me to lie down beneath it- It soureth my soul, It leadeth me in the paths of ridicule I For its name sake. Yea, though I ride through the valleys I'm towed up the hill, For I fear much evil. Thy rod and thy engine discomfort me. I annoint my tires with patches- My radiator runneth over- I repair my blow-outs in the presence of my enemies. Surely if this thing follows me all the days of my life, I shall dwell in the bug-house forever. I'I. Patterson fanswering phonej: "I can't give the information you're asking for. There's no one here." Voice at other end of line: "VVho are 4 4 you ?" 'T--EE-.-.-..--.--E-4.-,A--W.,-.T 4 I i4 ,I Federation Pharmacy 4 Q E. c. J. MARKS, Prop. .V V 1: Drugs - Soda 4f 4 4 4 Candy I4 1. 4 4 4 100 W. church St., Elmira, N. Y. I . J- .I J- -----.C EEEE - E-,R,Jl JWEMOIRS-1924 I -TiTi'ATA'i'AWi'S'i'i'i'iwi"A"'l' II'i'i'A'i'A'i'i"!'i'i'A'A'i'A'A'i'i'Ti 1 IT h' ' T T 7111 fl-I ww, fm- T BEST W1sHEs T LADIES' READY TO WEAR iT ALWAYS - - T GARMENTS -' 'I , . T 14.2 Erzfz' Wafer' Stree! fl George P67'-I'07ZZZ!-Y T. ELMIRA, N. Y. PHO TOG1e,1PHER -W-,.,....,-V.V.w.V.v.,.w.,Y., -I 'Lv.,W.V.V.,.Y.,.w.w.w.w.w.,.,.V.,1.If -'-'Y'-A-A-A-'-o-o-'-'-'-'-'-'-s- -I VVe wi ll now sing il song written by HENRY L, DIESTER SHERMAN D. BUTLER I John D' Rockefeller, DIEITSTIER 81 BUTLER succsssons 'ro JOHN BALLY B: SON .TTEWELTERS 330 E. WATER ST. ELMIRA. N. Y. REPAIRING PHONE 849-W "OIL BY MYSELF" Ed. Hughes: "I wonder why they don't build cars with the steering gear in the middle so a fellow can have a girl O11 each side of him." Cortland Decker: "And use your kuecS to steer with, I suppose?" Ed. Hughes: "Use your head." .IHVZQKEYJTYC7 ' THE DAYLIGHT STORE '23 I-lirsh Wickwire Clothing Wilson Bros. Furnishings '23 131-133 N. MAIN ST. ll- - - - A- --------wv--v -Tl ji If Best Wishes il T EOR y Tg fl T. I j The Class of I l T 1 1924 T . . i I 1 Es . V i T ' HASKELL GJDDURFEY ' I T I I T I I I T I I I I T 612 William sf. T . I I I CONTRACTORS I I I. 'V L --I ,I. .A.......A......A - JWEMOIR6'-1924 TEPPER BRQS. ELMIRA'S FoREMosT DEPARTMENT STORE There is one basic commodity that defies competition-it is VALUE-the solid, sound return you get for the money you spend. Nothing can take its place-that is why there is every advantage of shopping at this store- for Tepper's Value Giving means "LOWEST IN THE CITY PRICES" Remember-"More for Your Money" DIE,I"IL FQ. BAUER Boch Bindery -123 Carroll Strcct Elmira, N. Y. '23 llanufacturcrs of HIGH GRADE BLANK BOOKS LOOSE LEAF BINDERS AND RECORD BLANKS BINDING OF MAGAZINES AND XVORKS Oli ART Write for Estimates YOUNG FELLOWS who want to make an INVESTMENT IN GOOD APPEARANCE G0 To I TRI? Us S 20 5-.207 Ear! Wzztef' Sfreef Sole Agt. Kuppenheimer Clothes - - - - .,.,.,J 'I'A-A-A-A-A-A-A -"---- W - - VERY FEW' PEOPLE ARE INDE- I"ENDEN'l' AT AGE 60. NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM A U'l'O ACCIDENTS. NYE HAVE POLICIES 'l'HA'l' PRO'l'EC'l' FROM BOTH CONTINGENCIES Rockwellsz Dean Gcn'l Agts. COllllCCtlClIt General Life Ins, Co, 502 Robinson Bldg. Elmira, N. Y. 11 JICEJI4 OIRS-1924 Buffs Compliments of BURT'S, Inc. C!0z'l1ie1'.r jbr M621 and Boyr For those who dress wel! 103 W. Water Street I .-,,-Y-i-1-1-1-1-1-K A----- 1 - - -I- I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I N f Tfwmpm 00. I 178 State Street ll I I. I. ... ..s5......t. - Cummings Studio of Dancing I have taught dancing for 27 years. I make a specialty of giving private lessons in social dancing. I have taught dancing longer than all the teachers in Elmira put together. Phone 2365-W 329 E. Water St. PROP. J. J. CUMMINGS Dave Dusinherre: "I met a girl the other night with the most affectionate eyesf' lda NVittnier: "X'Vhat d'ya mean by 'affectionate eyes ?' " Dave: "They were always looking at each other." lllartha Fudge Cto friend, as elephants come on the stagej: "Oh, hy the way, did you know that Isadora was reducing?" Aweal U nifversity A "Chin A" Collage gf Of7f707'l'ZUIZ7'Z.l3.l' COURSES OFFERED IN Science Music Liheral Arts AI.5riculture Ceramic Rural Teacher lingineering Training Applied Art llre-Medical, Pre-Dental, llre-Law W'ork '93 Tuition is free in the New York State Schools of Clay-XYorking' and Ceramics and .'Xgriculture. Standards of Scholarship are high, expenses are moderate. In 7 R' I 9 ,I I S TEEN S I I V II I ,I W e outlit the best dressed I ,I fellows in school. I I' There is a reason! ' II XVe outnt the best dressed V 'I fellows in school. l.et us explain our policy IN which costs no more and gives ' IN you exclusive merchandise. ' Sole Agents for F-oc'etv llranrl Clothes I llohhs Ilats and Caps V I lliiteltonse and Hardy Shoes I I , I I .I I I '22 I I STEE S, 1716. I Cor. M1zz'rz and Fin! Streets I I I I I I I I I I I I I I It I I I I I I I I I I I, I- .' ..eM.....eE..A... I 7 .. JKEMOIRS-1924 TQ MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK of Elmira, N. Y. We wish to extend to the mem- bers of the graduating class of 1924 our heartiest congratula- tions and to express our hope that your futures may be bright with honest achievement and and success. We are glad to offer you our services. RESOURCES NEARLY S 4,ooo,ooo,00 16.5 JVFEM OIRS-1924 QUAYLEQUALITY QUAYLE 8: SON, Inc. Steel Engravers to American Universities ALBANY, N. Y. Samples of Wedding Stationery upon request CORRECT FORMS MODERATE COST 164 QJITEMOIR6'-1924 SRORTING GOODS LEATI-II:R GOODS HAND BAGS RURSES TRAVEI..ING BAGS TRUNKS .IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII IVICTROLAS VICTOR-RECORDS EIIJMIIRA ARMS ELMIRA'S IVIOST INTERESTING STORE JWEMOIRS'-1924 Suits, Coats, Dresses, Hats and Caps,---Draperies, Robes and Blankets '23 WE CLEAN CLEAN Holland SLJohnson Modern Cleaners 'Yi PHONE 3216 '23 222 East Market Street ELMIRA, N. Y. I'-Ev'-w""--""'T I I 2 L. N GORMAN I Millineffy 1 106 W CHURCH STREET , ELMIRA, N K I II Miss Gznnhle: "Does your lancllorcl use hot 1iI"' . - J 1 . Miss Godfrey: "Plenty of it-but not to heat the house." Louis Thomas: "Did you notice how I inacle everyhocly cry in that death scene?', Alice lllurpheyz "Yes, and I clon't wonder. They knew you wei'en't really clcziclf' BroWnlowSLCoi REALTORS , INSURORS '23 OFFICES Brownlow Building East Church Street PHONE 4030 ' Our Business is ' I I I I . I I I I I si-IOCKING If I I' I I I I I I BUT j You will be pleased I , with , I OUR PRICES I Cfzarfes D. Stempfzle , I ELECTRAGIST I I I STEMPFLE I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ELECTRIC 5 I 105 W. water street . I I I I I I , I, I I I I I I I I ,L ,,,,,,,,vs,,,s,ss LI JKEMOIRS-1924 l"ludson Shoe Co. "FOR OVER 50 YEARS ELMIRA'S LEADING SHOE STORE" Our Entire Second Floor Devoted to Children Including the , , f"Pussz'72Too1fs Shoe Shop and " The fohher Shop An Exclusive Hair Bobbing and Cutting Shop for the Children and Ladies. : : 1 I 77 HUDSON SHOE CO. 307 EAST WATER STREET Elmira, N. Y. li. McCann: "Do you guarantee that this hutter is good? The last mother got here was awful." A. N l'. Clerk: "lint, my dear little girl, you should have hrought hack the hutter if it wasn't good." Florence: "I eouldn't. lt was so strong l eouldn't get it out of the house." Ellsworth Jewel: "XVhat makes the Tower of Pisa lean FU Kenneth Vedder: "I wish I knew so I could take some of it." Dlennison: "Gee, 'l' wish he'd hurry up with those apples." McCann: "Tell him to step on it." Iennison: "Hey, what do you think I want, apple sauce PU Charles Martel: "l.'a1'lez-vous fran- Gris?" Caroline Kotrha: "Oni, CllCV1'OlCt-COll'- ' VJ -vsvsvA-AV-w-i-w-w-v-i-:AJ-W-v-w,., pe. ....-E,-E.,,f1---w.-.-wE--AE-- f11-e---A-we--Q-A--W--W--.-.E ll ' The .3 G. L. PEET lj' ' orfoo Company ,g .5 fi 107 E. WATER STREET if lf ELMIRA, N. Y. Maxon :I Y Cofzimotor Dz's1fz'm'zz"ve Femz'1zz'7zo il . :I Apparel fl T '93 if .l I' ,l 1' G3 612 William Street :i "Where all the Girls likelto Shop" I I' IO7 JKEMOIR6'-1924 I ' -'-"'---" -- ii - 'I I' ' ' 4-4-AJwA'A"'A'!'i'i'i'i' I Elmira 5 3 Bootlfs Chocolates I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 67' are sweets that can not ' ' be beat-always wholef some and fresh at your 0' ii I I clealer's nearby. : z : I I in beautiful packages-Sc and 1Oc ' ' appetizing bars too-surprising joys to mortals "fed-up" on ordinary I I I I I I I II just try them! Delicious chocolates 'O-3 I I I I Working today I Candies- I '22 I I I I I I I I fa for Tomorrow I I ' I BOOTHUSCHOCGLATES I I I I I I iff Are You He? 'i A Ellzlirzz, New York I I I I I MADE FOR CANDY LOVERS I I I I ,I 1I.w ..A.-....-..Y.... 246506472 SD R - 357 Soufb Wa1'1'r'11 Sffwf, - Syrzzcu.re, N. Y. 168 JW EM OI RS--192.,z ,-2-.-.-.-.-.-.-A-A-A-.-.-.WA--7V 4,.lgj-1-.-4-4,-,---R,-,--,ie-.-.-IV I, ,I I, F A. ,IORDAIV I I Pg7yfgCfLg7,md7fy I ly II INCORPORA TED 1' OPTOMETRIST If I PERFECT WORK If '23 li I PROMPT SERVICE I' I, ,I I, 109 W.WaterSt., Elmira, N.Y. I, Phone 2620 I, Merchants Na't. Bank Bldg. ,I 115 W church sz., Elmira, N Y. -,.,.,.,.,E,.,-,.,.,.,.v.,.,.,.,.,.Ii y'L,:,.,.,-.Af,.,e,.,.,.,.,.,.,.2E,If -A-A-le--------Q-A-A--in-I Nr. Snyder: "You seem to have the W S I: right idea, hut you clon't express yourself D B U I, very well." l E ' ' I, Student: "Try Adams." Wafer zfz g0ffl1 I' --Q- czfzd Silver I There vas :L little hoy on his way home I x II from school, STUDENT COUNCIL PIN Seen :L dollar hy the leg of a muleg I' XYz1lkecl up slowly, sly, as Il mouse, 120 NORTH MAIN ST- I' Next was Il funeral at the little boy's -.L' house. IIJ'TIZFlDJ1R'TI4CJblfKI. I SPEED TRUCK I I, MODELS I I, I, For Quick Hauling at Low Cost I I . I A Complete Line of Dependable Motor Trucks-Sizes from 2,000 to I 10,000 pounds Maximum Capacity. I Il I INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER co. Ig ' OF AMERICA I, Sales 656-62 State St. Service 112-20 E. lst St. I 4. 169 JWEMOIR6'-1924 WELLSBURG GARAGE Phone R. W. STEVENSON Elmira Prop. 14F13 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 - 4 Comp liffzenls W' Lazshzrzlv 155 Lake Sn- Lff- f 4 I 4 4 V 4 COMPLIMENTS OF 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ,4 4 '4 Q4 4 '4 14 4 4 . lr mtl., 5 4, 41. 'flllr 1-919. ,gi9Qli:',, 4-WCS, AWE .4lV, " 4 'ull' '4 JAY PARKER Prop Tfze OSH' QV 93' xg?-1.2 Wrff an , . YoungWomen's Christian Association Walk "T In Jw'-vz'ce for the Girlx qftlw W01'!1f." Y W C he Friendly Roadnto A Complimfzlff gf F. E. Bfzfflfvizl 221 Lake Street Elmira, New York 1741 JWEMOIR6'-1924 ffdntozkzette Shop " WOMENS APPAREL '93 Hole! Laflgwelf Allllfx 173 Stare Sf. Elmira, N. Y. Elsie C. Marinan Ruby L. Tallent Bell 1119-W Service: 11 a. m. to 8 p. m. If The Bon-Ton" Tea Room Teas, Lunches Special Parties Served 323 E. WATER ST. ELMIRA, N. Y. GRAMMAR fliy Berton liraleyj lie careful of your grammar. Don't let nobody find You ain't been taught how you had ought To speak xvhat's in your mind. I never knoxved no person NVhat wouIdn't find their speech Improved a lot hy learning what The grammars has to teach. Them grammar hooks will learn you How English should he spoke, So you xvon't make no had mistake Like crude uncultured folk. l'Jon't never talk like they does, There ain't no reason why You couldn't he as s111art as me And learn to talk like I. Us educated people, NVherever we have went, '23 '93 Complz711e11tr of New England Kitchen I fe -Ea I , ' V-7-fl---tea!-A-A-4,--A--.-.--1 4I ' I I Standard Colle 1ate I I I I ATHLETIC I .I EQUIPMENT I I I I I: if II The First and Last Choice of I 'I Athletes who appreciate I Quality and Service I fl ' I I Y I , I I STANDARD COLLEGIATE I' SUPPLIES COMPANY, Inc. I :I 326 E. Genesee St. 321 E. Fayette St I sYRAcUsE, N. Y. I ll- ...n.. ----- k--g-- J. JYFEMOIRS- 1924 CALLAHAN FURNITURE d---oo.--+A e we Ou! of the High Rent Dixtrirl Furniture 0 f qualzbl only. Auto delivery anywhere within fifty miles. Plzazle 4256- W 212 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. ELMIRA, N. Y. Il L I THOMAS 5 MACHINE I COMPANY I '23 I I Machinists and I Millwrights I I I if I I 04 W. FOURTH ST. I PHONE 1870 I I-i,. S6065 0 Zldlhbf CIIEIIII GCSPER-KELLY CC. 108-110 W. Water St. Des I I! gg igners - Engravers - Printers Dance Programs and Banquet Menus Monograms and Crests designed for Engraved Personal Stationery Engraved Wedding Invitations and Announcements Engraved Personal Calling Cards Wedding Cake Boxes F. M. HOWELL 6? CO. 79-95 Pennsylvania Ave. ELMIRA, NEW YORK 2 JICEMOIRS-1924 I I -A''A-"'-A-A-T-A-A'A-'-"Q-'A'I 'V'-""""""'A-A-A-In'A""'A'I I I I I I ALPERTS If Knapp School I I ,Od I of Muszc I Watches, Diamonds and I 122 College Avenue I Leathe23GOOdS I I I PHONE 1787 I I ELMIRA 1 1 CORNING I '22 I fI.o.,w.,,,,.,o.o.,., .e.... .Il I, v ' I ' ' W -Piana' Guitay, I' Fingcls othelg whom llllstus gvith gloom - - ecause lcy are con en 'Ban-70' Mandolzn' I 'l'o speak the English language and Ukelele I Xvltllilllt no kind of care, C2 I '1'hongh if they looks, they's gl'ElIlllll'l1 I' books I, To learn 'em CVCl'yXVllCl'C. KNAPP ORCHESTRA I , Q, -7- H F H KNAPP I Mlss l'1ncle1': XVhat was jacob Rus ' ' I' native country P" -v-W-W-W-w.w.Vfwi.v..V-W-v-,5wf,-I' R. XVladis: "Ireland I" -A-Q--w------we-A--Y--Aw-IV l,---Tl-----.-.-.-.-vii:-gi3iiT I ',I I' YOU WILL FIND AN I' I . ' ATTRACTIVE DIS- If I Kvfff 85 Maxws Im' PLAY OF EQUIP- I If MENT FOR I INSURANCE Ig ' I I I Campmg I I I I, I I' . . . I I ' F1sh1ng---Huntlng Y? I Tennis and Golf If 1: I , I I ON THE FOURTH FLOOR I 206-7-8 Robimozz Bfdg. Sporting Goods Dept. If 1: ' I ' I I ' I I I I '23 I' fl Q3 I If I I I I BARKER, ROSE el I I li 1 I CLINTON co. I I TBLILPHONE 552 I JYFEMOIR6'-1924 EXCLUSIVE, NOT EXPENSIVE Gmduczfzbn, Weddzhg and Every Day GMU, Combzhzkzg ilze Uyqful and the Unusual ASK TO BE SHOWN OUR DOLLAR SPECIALS F23 '93 '93 Speaking of Gifts-Do not over- look that Best of All Gifts YOUR EI-IOTOORAPH '23 '23 foe' JWO 7ar!in's Studio--QQ? Shop Q 158 MAIN STREET 174 JKEZWOIRA'-1924 Eze-.-.A,.A4A.A-A41:A.4-A,-.AW I I'.-.s.---.-EA,.A.A.A--.A.A--EA.,-A.,It If'zZ'.rI-I1z1'1frc'fzn',lMfI17f1fm'It" ELECTRICAL WORK ll WOMENS' WEAR :f FU5gIXIASVIi?R?qND Coats, Suits, Dresses, Sweaters, lj 'I Underwear and Hose lj l. jr I N I ' 129 NORTH MAIN STREET , I, 'I.v..,-,E-,-,-,-,-,-,Mff,-,-,--,A,.L and Martm Co. gl ' Sill: S' fel: "I lzlz l.t- 'tl . QUALITY HARDWARE 13111TSSSTUITQITEITTIINT 1'e:1Tl:1' oI1ee.T'L W1 1 'I Riollarfl Nagel: "IIow clicl she like hcl' , YI1CZl'LlUl1f' I, ..-...- 126428 W' Water Street II. I"1'encl1: "XX'l1:1t size shoes do you 214 S. Mam Street tl WMM., PHONES li II. XYolI': "Two and El half." I ll II. Ifrench: "XYlmt clo you mean?" Elmira, New York Iliram: "Two cow hides and halt' :1 -Y.wE7.7.w:.v.v.w.w.w.w.w,l.wT.I' keg of nails." Z1-lf?-,1,-W--4-,-4.1:-A-A.--51-.--Ef---4.A.---.1---gl-.-41.-.-.Af I. . If I, I I If N EVVSPAPER ADVERTIS- I I, I, ING GETS INTOTI-IE I-IOIVIE Ii If I, IS IVIOST EFFECTIVE AND I' I . I 4' I, IVIOST ECONOIVIICAI.. 3 . I . I I ll -Vgvnvxvmvgi-i-wiwAw ------- Y--W-7-TV-i-i-w--w-w-i- -i-v-'xiii-Z-I , . 175 JIKEMOJRS-1924 THE HOME OE THE .,1f Plano and Player Plano! VICTROLAS EDISONS RADIO E-veryfazazg ia lwasio M Doylofllarkf C o. 309 E. Wafer Sl., Elmira, N. Y. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ws spscmtizt IN Young Men's Suits Clolllrrfgfi and Rofhnter Mako: We are out ofthe High Rent District- You Benefit by it. Gel tha! prosperous look, 'we .Ie!!i!. MOSCH CLOTHIERS 114 Lake Street PHONE 3048 OPPOSITE HOTEL RATHBUN F. W. I-IORNE PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN 208 E. WATER ST. ELMIRA, N. Y. PHONE 3837-W Special Sunday Dinners S51 .0 0 ' CANTON RES TA URAN T NOON -DAY LUNCHEON 35c. Chinese-American Dishes Put up in all Styles to go out 204-206 East Water St. ELMIRA, NEW YORK I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I II I II I I I I I I I I I, ll I I I I ,I I I. I I RAWSON The Florzk! '93 107 W. MARKET STREET Opposile Majexlic Theatre '23 PHONE 466 '33 Choice Cut Flowers and Plants FLORAL DESIGNS, ETC. I I, ,,,,,,,,v,,.e,... -I 176 JITEMOIR6'-1924 I' II II I I I sg I , I CI II I I 'R T Ng N' I' I' ' Q If CN I ,I I Kr, Q 4 I I Il N' W Q 'Q E Q ' II ,I E Q R m Nh II II I U I 5 R Q CE II ,I I Is- Q 2 3 :A H I 'K n '1 I I 53 es! X 3 ee Q 53 ee E m ' I N I rm I .I N 2 Q Q1 U1 W I' I. Q I I, I Q3 nu Q I I II Y A N 2,3 II I Pc. N I I 2 I N 'Y X' ' II :I 54 Q4 II Q I I Y 5 I' Q II 'I S' II - III 'I I I Q II If-f'-7f---Aff-f--6v-v-1-W-Y-f---W-f-f-I-if-.-.JI I 2 ' I S, 5 5 C F 73 V1-A-2--A-1--A-A-A--17' I Q II 3322 QI W I' ak II 3 4 5 5 .. H 7 I U1 Z I I! .. 3- fw v If - I O0 ' I' ,1u.,:- 75546 , D, I, I mjgfgf -I:-QQ I Z I - - , 1 1. 4 1' I I 7 2 ., 2 2 fs Q PQ 5 tk I-I I I :Q 3 in 2 .' : I w O I II 9529- ITE' ,I 531 IQIIPCJ EZ I . III 3 2 '4 I E .i : 'I E U 9' II I Ig :EMQQ :wg-2 I Z 0 BIT! I I -' :L - ,.,' ,I : I- 4 I , -1 II I.. f 1 ,: e -, 2 , I 3, S 2 P4 I II : S 3 , - : -+ H 4 I '-' C: 3 I I II 5 I I 'I A 7 - S F 'I Z C ' I' ,r 5 "' E E 5 5 I4 ,i . U, Q h UU I E I " '- M C73 rn -- I I I 'I " E ' -T ft I I-1 H '-I U W I Ir. E 1 C I- 2 V A : ,I W CC m G II g .- - , rn 5' A I'I 71 "HMI 5 ' :fl 5: 3 Q U3 I' 'I 2 L F ,-, '-1 ' I I-I I, II 9? 9 I 5 2 2 H I ' I ---,--K--- rn B i ' I .- --L-14 Q.-4 is A 3, 5 gi .5 : IIT-,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,,-,YA I I HALLOCK'S, Im. III-113 Easz Wafer Szreef I. I II I. II II Is I I I I I I II --W--M 1A----- v -1-f---I--1 5--+-- -+--- ---- - - II 177 JWEMOIRS-1924 1- -5-Al----f---.---4,--,Am-.JL.A.--.---w-4-WZTLA-1-A-wa--,W ll fr ,! .f'yY, QQ -. 4 ' 5211, ' A, , y " X S '-'i .,.. ,..,.. . I ,Z Z Q I-I-1'T :f:-:-1- -I-2'2:f:3:-:-liz!" :l:f:i: f:1:f'f 'I Iummmmunnmm r , A , 522525 -f?15f?f 2215152 ff 7 ' .,, MH. 49- I-1? i "' Mn. QQ T0 STUDY, to Win, to earn and enjoy the fruits of your earning means the wise expenditure of time, 2 energy and money. 5 fs 5, .L f 40: gitla 404-fails 'Mig ww? 'HIE m-05 G3 G, 5 : Q 9 if if 0 0 Q Ca N N l l T0 DREAM, to build, to make your air castles real Q 9 means a proper banking it connection. LET Us SERVE YoU The Second National Bank of Elmira 178 JYKEMOIKS-1924 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AT, I'--'T-TT"------- 4 I . I ii- 'i EMPIRE PRODUCE CO. l', 'I INCORPORATED Comp!!-memir WHOLESALERS and DISTRIBUTORS - 1' lr Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products, I I I in ' Dried Fruits, Seeds, Sugar, Max- ly ' well House Coffee, Dairylea Milk, li " Prairie Rose Butter, "Nuco." Cugtafdgllfigtlgf ii if Cleveland Bldg. Elmira, N. Y. I-HUHd1'V, IHC- ig ,QQSQ-f-gfgf-fqf-f,g-QLg,f4 :li TRY '93 ji jf T lzo Flamingo Slzop - :f COR. GRAY st N. MAIN ' 'g For Good Soda ROBINSON BLDG. Ig, ji and Cam I, I - :J if BRYAN BL CARY -'-w--w-f-'-'-T--1:f'2--ff:-3IV J-ff-M-A-ff----k-f--'--f- C 0lllf7!ZAlllL'llf.f of SCHOOL SPIRIT SOCIETY BBB " Possunt quia posse videnturn 179 JMEMOIRS'-1924 I- ta w:iA1.1- 747-iaial-.1.1.1.T.L1-I I ?F1ll.iAi- - 1. qzvz-.i.1.i.1.1.v-. i.ww.1.-I I I I 'I I' 9 I I . - . I I FLANAGAN S I I Cwfflffff Cwffffffvfw I I I I I I Dry Goods Store I I , , I I I I Select Candies, Fancy Fruits I I 1l2-114-116 W. Water St. I, 'I I I' I I' 'I Tobacco, Cigars I' I Q3 I 'I I' I I' 'I , I' I 1 Ii 'I COR. MAIN C99 CLINYON I' I Largest- Most Lxpertfy II.1-f-ffv-,-,-,-W.,-,-:cuff,I w 1 1 , I I Lsefected 65061 I' Mother: "Are you taking good care of I in Ii your cold, my dear ?" I I II Emsworth: "You bet I am. I've I AS0ZJffl67"7Z N870 Yori ltad it six weeks and it's as good as new." I I ---ul I Q3 I' Henry Patterson: "That girl reminds I II me of a packing-house." . I I ,- ,., I-, C -.I I If You can not End It elsewhere, I, D. lfusrillicirc. llou ia that? I ,H Surel and it here II H. I .. NX ell. when you get your I You W1 Y ' I' Armour around her she's Swift-and J.-Aw.w.w.w.w.V.w.w.-5--v.v.w.w.w.w.v.I' Cc 1 . ' ' Ylllfila--.A.-.-L-W----AA----742 gi. --4 A-----Ao-,--,-,-WA,-,-gTo--7 In I I I I I II, I III I I I I I I I I . . I" I Complzfzlentr gf the I' I I I I I - I I r1E1I1uAIII I5F1IAIIuI5HIIEl3NG1N15 BUMPANYINII. I I I' I I' I ELMIRA, N.Y. I" I I I I I II I If I II I II I II I II I II L -Y-ai--'-..'-31:2 -"'----' - Y -'AA-"--o-'o--'- - 180 JIT E M OI KS- 1924 -A --A - ,A---W--.-.-.--A Q-A-r '- -.- --.-4 -A - W---A4 - - 7-W---4 one I FoR VACATION - I We Have I Peach Hats of Straw The Only Quality Car 1 with the Non-Skid Sweats in the World for I Bathing Suits Less Than I Knit jackets S500,oo I Silk Belts 7-1 I I Soft CollarIShirts T776 Wlfblf-Knlghf I Golf Hosiery T113 Elsefld I And Every Other Good Thing 50000 MILES OF SATISFACTION I F33 Southern Tier Motor Co. Cor. State Sz Church Streets PHONE 3260 I I I I I -------u--A------.I H A R R I S 106 Lake Street Hitch Your Wagon to This 5 Pointed Star of Success F !Z!671Q! -1- 07611077 -2- Reaclinesy -3- 5 Ifygfifl -4- Modern -5- I 4 3 cZCEA4OIRS-1924 -'-'Y'-'-'-'-'-'-'fAi'-'-'-'-'-'- 1 I'41-'-'-'-'Q-'-'--s-A-A-Awt-s-s-s-e-TV I I , I IWADYIVELL and of 'if I gg CHR YSLER I I I CARS I DoDoE I ig I I fl Distributed by I k I ,I I . , I .I Il MOIIO1' VCIWICICS I I Blooifiofzo Motor I 11 IQ I If I ' I Co., Inc. Il, .I I, Howard I-I. Clute I I 259 1-2 - 263 Stare Sf- I I . I I' I E!lll1l'd, - - Nets' York I I I if Y I II I , I'I PHoNE 722 ,I I I I if---5-e-w-w-is2-'Y-of-"T:1"'--I If--g-"-'Af"-"'f'f-"""f"e-"L -2--.-.2.2.-.---W-W2W-Y-.-A-if7 ' SENIOR ALPHABET D. SHEEHAN E DEAN A stands for Aber, so little and sweet, ' D. RICMARDSON ' H is for Bruce, who is clever and neat, C helps make Chapman, a good all-around E sport, Q D begins Donnelly, who is just the right sort, I2 stands for Everitts, who is nice, tho' Coats, Suits, Dresses, 1,55 Sn1all? I Skirts, Waists, FLIIS, li is for French, he is nice, tho' he's tall, Glgveg, Purses, Bags, G starts out Graham, a good little friendg Handkerchiefmjewel, H is for Harris, a success she will end: ry, Men's Furnishings, Umbrellas, Curtains, Rugs, and all kinds of Luggage, etc. : : IN EVERY DETAIL ELMIRI-YS I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I LEADING DRYGOODS STORE I 136-138-140-142 W. Water St. I I -,-,-W-ff,-fv-,-,-,-7,-,-,-,-,-I l is a minus in this year's big classy -I is for jones, an extremely nice lassg K I. IXI N O P 182 may mean Kingston, who sure is just right Q stands for Lockwood, who'll climb to great heightg begins Martel, whom XVCIFC glad to knowg is for Nagel, and he's not so slowg for O'Donnell, a hne fellow is heg begins Palmer, a great student is she, cjYf'EMOfRS-1924 , , The Kennedy Valve Mfg. Company ELMIRA, NEW YoRK 'Yi 03 '33 Valves, Pipe Fittings, Fire Hyclrants Colllplilllefztf gf JGORA lGood, Better, Best, Never let it rest Until the Good is Better And the Better is Best. AGORAHS' XVIOTTO 183 JWEM OIRS-1924 4 4 4 4 ,M-A-4-A-e-e-A-+--+we-+e-+-1--W 'F-E:-A-A-A-'We-1-A-'-A-I-A---Ee'w' l 4 I' l 4 4 4 Swan SL Sons-ff 4 jr il ll C0lllf9!Z.lllE71fJ of I' 4 Morss Co., Inc. I4 - 4 I II "4 4' 4 j4 Clzazf. S. Putnam 4 4 fr-f 4 4 il l lf jl 'E-5--if-A-'-'-A-'-'v-------ff 4 INS URANCE ,V A4AA 4 4 AAAA E-. V ,'i'-'-- i"ww- 'iwN" 7 , ll ,I I, ll li IV '22 Cozzzpfzrzzefzzir gf II , .fl If 4' 4 GENESEE MOTOR '4 4' Hulett Buildin ' I' 4 S 4 CAR COMPANY jr 4 Elmlra, New York '4 4' '4 4 jl ' If 4-f-.-.-ff-we.f.----.-.-iff' 4L.-.-f.-.-.-1-f.-.-.-.-E.-.-.-.-f4. 1- -'Q-of-tw'fe-'-A-A?4-'W'-oft? Q is for Quinlan, of whom we are proudg AI R stands for Roe, whose friends number a crowdg 4 . . S.'tz't:1TS l,. it ff"l' l lg C0"'P!l"'f"f-" gf 'I' i1l:ligSO0l1tlE?laJCll, Lxiihz hlieeiisc iiilic the 44 leadg l U is an absence, we're sorry to sayg THE V is for Vivian, who's right there each '4 dayg i4 Wi. CO. Xl' for XVester:elt.,ayinost pleasant nameg I X, X, and L am t, but were not to 4 blame. 4 HARDWARE il 44 H. XVoolf: "How long can a goose 4 stand on one foot?" QB ll. lX'lcCoy: "Get up and try it." 1' '4 llarold Hartnett: "Gosl1, l am embar- ll rassedg l have a patch on the seat of my ,l pants." State Street "Red" Conklin: "Don't let that bother 'I you. Think how you would feel if it i wa:sn't there." JMEMOIES-1924 W.--17-f--Y--,-ll-,Y-I-7-Q31-l-5 ,-4-,.-I-.-v-v-W,----Ll--4g - STUDENTS! . CLOVERTON Sportmg Goods E Gum a7zdAfmmzmz'1fz'07z Fancy Blend B' ' :I H a' f zgyr es, ar ware I Coffee Q5 I JUNE GRADUATES "A of PACKED BY '93 THE WJNCHESTEK STOKE C. W. Young Sz Son Bart'-,glEM??lAmQ1?d0n 116 LAKE STREET Compliments 766 W 2750-171 arrow Cdmpamjf E :jifEMOfRS-1924 1- --1 1- ------- --v--- ----I MEEKER'S BUSINESS INSTITUTE "'l'he School XVorth YVhilc" 428 East Market Street ELMIRA, NEW YORK COURSES Business Administration Commerce, Finance, Secretarial Junior Accounting Proprietorship, Partnership, Corpora- tio, Cost Accounting Secretarial Clerical, Typewriting, Ofiice Training Senior Accounting Auditing, Public Accounting, Post Graduate Course Stenographic and Office Training Shorthand. Typewriting, Filing, Office Training Ranking, Civil Service, Salesmanship, Extension Courses Graduates placed in positions I,0l'lllllllL'llI registration in our Employ- ment Department Information free. Write or call ERIE AUTOMATIC V ja Shoe Repairing Company lf , 502 N. Main st. Phone 2740 ' ELMIRA, N. Y. ,' r I l . 4' ',l WORK DONE WHILE YOU WAIT l, srl Any imperfection in our work repaired h free of charge. 1, "I DAVID BROS, Props I' I, 'l'ltey couldn't play cards on the Ark heeause Noah stood on the deck. Steam-water gone crazy with the heat. lflail-pickled rain drops. 'Dirt-mud with the juice squeezed out. XVind-air in a hurry. Mr. Cohh recently married Mrs. Welulm. Ile knew they were intended for each other as soon as he spider. .-.--.-W-Y-W-v-Y-,A,-,l-L-w4-- TVt---Af-fr-itfr-A--A-A-A-A----7 ,V If The ji 1 If . . C ' 1 nf II Commerczczl Press ,Q Wpojf' 8 I :, ll ' I' J U P Y ji L'Am1cale ii . n, " Printing of Prestige " If . l .V 1' '22 if '22 If . I .I I' COR. PENNA. AVE. ll fe S. MAIN ST 1, ll I, Phone 790 H14-1' On Parle Fmm'az's,' lf 1. .,...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,-,-,.i ' 'i,.,.f,A,-,AAA,Af,..,.,.,.,-,.,.i' ' 186 QMEMOIRS-1924 tt g ' It wasn't you l meant." I Greenhouses , -iw ' l-larriet Hall : "Do you know why some , people part their hair?" -.v-v4-.-.-.-.-4---,-ut.-4.-:I . .-.AQQu--.-.s.-.-.Au-revs.--.-. I,I AI I, . I, I I, For the Best IU I, I FOR THE BEST IN I I I I LO E S It 'I PHOTOPLAYS I' F W R I il I I I Remember I" I I' Go to the I' 'I tt T H I' I I he Rggenf I I I , Il iI.,.s.o.o.,,.,.o.,.,.,.s.o.,-,.,-o.,Ii J-ot gf - - 1' Senior girl Ccoolly to freshman boy 'A " II who has just picked up her handker- 'V xtjfif -nt,,f I, chiefj : "Thank you, hut if I should hap- pen to drop it again, please don't bother. i ' I I I I I I I 428 West Foutth Stteet I lime,-ills Hill: "Na why?" t ' llarriet: "'l'l1erc is always a path 111 a iv,v,v,v-vut.t.t.tuvAV.t.t.'.,,.l vacant lot." J-A-'W'-getwe-A-Aat-A-Aet-'-'-A-A--A-A-A-Ain-A-A-'-A-A-'-A-Aee-A-A-Af'-'f I I . 'I STGCKS AND BGNDS I Bought 0- Sold --- Quoted :I fa fa F23 I I Your market orders in small and large lots given If careful and prompt attention fa fa fa t I . If H. C. o'BoYLE st oo. I HULETT BLDG.---PHGNE 2684 Direct private wires to Marks S1 Graham, Members I' New York Stock Exchange ll I L -,-,At-.-.-.-.-t.-W-.-.-.A.-r-.tt-f-.-at-,-,-,-o-f,.,-- k..e.. , .,.v1 187 JifEMOIR6'-1924 .I-W--EE-------wvwvw ,V--'- ----w fv'---- -II Compliments of II ' I C0lllffZ.lll67Zl'J' of III I 7 I - II I Ostrancler s I I I , I I- I Gmcery I Roemrneltt Bros. I I I I 220 W. Water Street MEAT MARKET AI- -w.w.wAw.w.v.v.v,v.f-.,.w.w.w.vE .I II.w.vEvEwEw.wLv.w.w.--w.Y.VEvEw-Y-W-w,ll I 'I-'f'-'f'-'-'ftfo--A-:QA-'-o-'-'-'-7 Lil Rue Antes: "Oli, I'm so desponcl- I ent." II SL llill Palmer: "I know a good cure for .I 139 East Water Street clcsponclency. Stick your head in a pail 'I of water three times and take it out I L! I,-1007.5 twice." FURNITURE, LINQLEUMS Francis lflarris: "I-lave 3011 a mc 'I creepy book? 'I RUGS Mrs. Loomis: "Yes, indeed. Are you I- .vfw-W-i.W-v-eA,-,-Y-,-Y-W-v-vi,A - a lic wc rkw o rm I' 'i'A'!-i'A""W'-A"'A"oAoi' 7 II!-A-AJ-A-A-'if-A-A-A-'-"AvenaI o I . I. I Turner Electric Co. I C.A.Petr1eSLCO. I I 114-116 W. Church St., Elmira, N. Y. jl 12 I' I .I I I CONTRACTING I, . FIXTURES I LEHIGH VALLEY 'I I SUPPLIES I I' I - I. COAL I I Official Service 12 I, I Auto Lite, Delco, Remy, 'I I Klaxoni Wagner I Servzce -- .Qyczlzgf I I we srocic .I QUR AIM I I Atwater-Kent Parts, New Departure I, I Bearings, Pyrmid Brushes, Magneto 'I '23 ' I Parts and Magneto Wire. II I I' I I 191 E. Washington Ave. I' I Motor and Armature Winding K2 I' I , I' I LEAVE YOUR ELECTRICAL II li I TROUBLE TO Us I Phone 231 I I ,I I I I ITE cc.. TfTTTee1.--,r,I QYJTEMOIRA'-1924 -Ais:-A'A-A-A'A-A'A-A-A-A-AQAWA-A-I I I t VA--A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A 1 V II I PEERLELSS :I Mg Barber 81 Doane,l D737 Cleaning CO. III Incorporated : SKU-,LED DRY CLEANERS 425 CHITOH Sf. Elmira, I P! ff 313 7 f' I! 'ql l 1011 I II III I 203 W. Sch St. Elmira, N. Y. I' , I -fA-r.,.,.,.,.r-r.r.,,,,.,Afro jf: Commeffczal I A A . - ' ' I R-A-A-A-A-A-A-'-A-A-A-A-A -'-- -I, 3? Pffmteafs I Say it with Flowers I' I II Ip A L6dUlff,f Flower :gi If PHONE 4362 1 Shop H rl he 3 . In jf YEAR Booxs CATALOGUES : 416 N. Main sf., Elmira, N. Y. H AND FACTORY FORMS I --.,.,v.i.i.,w.w.w.w.w.w.w-,,,III 'n.,i72i-v.v.i.,YT.,W.-.Fw-7,1 -L 'Atl 'A-A1A'AYkvk-A-A-LA'Ati' -A-Alix"--A-A is-A WA'-A-A f'ff-'-A-A-4 j I W I I V . "It's Yours---Support It." A C0ll1f7!Z.lllL'llf.f gf f K l lI Sfzzdefef Comm! :A I . II N I, I, I, 5, I, -v- --------+--s .-V-.-v:-f.-.AY-W-of-ff,-,-, A... , -,.,.,r 90 JYCEMOIR6'-1924 THE MODERN BANK In ye olden days a bank was a mere strong-box for our spare money. Progress has evolved an in- stitution based primarilly on service in all things financial. The Clzemzmg Canal T ruff is such an institution. May We serve you ? 9 QWFEMOIIQA'-1924 fx n i 4 QM GD 191 Jlf EM O1lRS- 1924 e-fefg-ee-55'iff: ' 'es -r f? 4 ff '. - i Z . i i924 Memoirs is now in the hands of is . pggese i its readers. We have done our best to malie it worthy of the Class and ofthe school and neither bouquets nor hriclshats will have effect on us or our production. We offer apologies for such mistalies as slipped ln tho' we tried "our derndest" to lieep them out. lf you lllie the Memoirs we are entirely satisliedg if it meets with your displeasure we have hopes that twenty years from now you will come across it down on the lower shelf of the boolicase, tuclied away among the old colle ae text hoohs and family albums, and as you wipe the dust from its lsaeli and pause o'er its yellow leaves you will tell yourself that it is not such a had booli after dll 2-:E-g sa efq xf ., . g Tal, rg ":'l C f EP Q7 ..i, ' f fb gl 1: , - , iflu' 1 ' '- - Tr 7' .i7:,'5Jig15.'jQ",-P 4.-f ' v," iw iunl- -4l.il 1:.f..f,f.-V 1-gg-f r I .' 1--1 . H I an 1 ?f7E 1i.'FH-'.J"-3:33- .L :A -l.lh.'- l if ' " L..-V3 Navaimg-fp J

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