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Elmira Free Academy - Torch / Sagoyawatha Yearbook (Elmira, NY) online yearbook collection, 1919 Edition, Cover

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Sigmum ww wx QV K '? 'BBG PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY ELMIRA, NEW YORK Q35 A10 Q I7 ff gli. fx., :fkef Q-..... ffw 0 012 Q 9915 f SU ' 6 73 ,QP ' . ' i 'R 9 Tfxlma mater Dear to us always This school and all its walls Long with us ever stay Fair E. F. A. XVhen we are gone from thee Still thou shalt ever be Fairest ou land and sea Fair E. F. A. Our hearts may Well grieve So soon to part from thee But, clear old school believe W'e're true always. True hearts and friends well met Thy charms are with us yet Nor can we e'er forget Dear E. F. A. f+?f+"M"i3?o JU fa eq JU If 5 I E V M qfrgffh vi az x KP i gf miss 'Elizabeth fill. Gasbjian Our dear friend and patron, as an appreciation of her work in our behalf, We, the 'Signum Board for the Senior Glass dedicate this book. Q-fi 'KTXO f J 4555: ,....g1q SEQ? ..V4??ETE4i?o Tforworb 1 You have before you the annual publication of the Class of 1919, the 4'Signuin," the sign of the seal. Each year a Year Book is issued by the Senior Class as a record of its last year in E. F. A, This year it has been the purpose of the editors to present a book which will be a history of the year not only for the Senior Class but also for every person in any way connected with the Academy. In doing this our aim has been distinction. In past years there has been a tendency towards sameness. This year we have changed radically. In pursuing our aim We selected a name for this book which we think represents its full meaning. The first meaning of Signum is "the seal" and we use as representing our school, its seal. The significance of Equality and Excellence add to the reasons why we have chosen this name. So you have the Signum as a record of the Academy for the year 1918-1919. Each member of the staff has done his best to make this book as nearly perfect as possible as a means of adding to the pleasant memories of the Class of 1919 in the years to come. F RELILTY X EEE . Se wa g e i u QE, EE,- TQg:K1uu -A5310 1573539 q,?3 73,1015 !fQfgE.Qj9X 33-9 25,7 - 5- 3+ f , TO mF.jFFGRCi5 Y.. gjlarker, fm. ZA. Our honored friend and prinicpal for his wise and ever-helpful guidance during our years in E. F. A. We extend our heartiest thanks. QE . ff iii. fflfumffo fsfhwcfo fri Y av lf? W 053, 'D' .515 " '53, if 9 vs, Ya-109' 73'7X f THE SIGNUM COMPANY presents a new picture, at the studio, E. F. A. ur Friends, The Facult MES VERA BANGE A lpsilnnti NOl'lll21l and Llleavy College Room 5 COll1l1lC1'C:lZll Subjects "Are you following me?" MISS JANE M. BIROHARD, A. B. Elmira College Room ll English "Isn't that perfectly corking? MISS RUTH A BOYCE Mechanics Institute Room 36 Domestic Science "VVl1e1'e's your apron?" MISS JULIA V. BROOKS, A. B. Elmira College Room 15 French "Girls, you 've talked long enough." Q9 cfQv"'X'P E457 .Srl EIENVM MR. ANDREW J. BURDICK, A. B. Colgate ' Room 3 Matlieiiiatics "Pay attention! H MISS MARY B. BUTTS, A. B. Cornell, Grove City College Room 17 Y Ancient History ' "All that know this, stand." MR.. DILLON A. CADY, B. S. Syracuse Room 22 Physics Head of Science Depnrtinent "Now letls review this once again." Elmira College Room 9 English "Now-behave 'oui-self. ' ' 5 MISS .IEANETTE P. COE, A. B. Elmira College Room 1 English HTIIQSG payers are awful." MISS FLORENCE CALLAHAN, A. B. A93 R ' F . ff Qqjl gg , 97:1 A U . 5533550 43 or rs 'am ff: 'ff ls. MISS MARY D. COND-ON, B. Elmira College Room 30 Algebra '4Up the other stairs! " MRS. ALICE BRYAN DAVIS Boom 12 English S. "Hurry, girls, y0u'1l be late! " MHS. JOSEPHINE B. DOYLE, Elmira College Room 7 English and Modern History "Who are unp1'0pa1'ed?" A. B. MISS OLIVIA DUNDAS, A. B. Elmira College Room 6 English "Prechtl, turn around in you MISS GERTRUDE EDMINS-TE Syracuse University Room 228 Latin "Are there any C0l'l'ECtIOlIlSL?, r seat. ' ' R,A.B 1 Elsa ' W . LE Qwox f 'P Xl 23 ,QP MISS LOUISE K. GAMBLE, PH. M. Alfred University Room 13 English HT1iis zero will lower your half." NIR. ARTl'lUR A. GATES, B. S Uolgnto University Room 25 'General Science I 4 3 .455 YJ MISS M. LOUISE GGDFREY, A. B. Elmira College Room 14. English I-lead of English Department "You people certainly seem to rush of words in the month MISS GLAD YS GOGARN Gy1Illl3.SiU1l1 Girls I Physical Training "Please, stop talking! U MISS ELIZABETH GRUBE, l?lattsburg Normal Room 19A Shorthand "That oughtn't To be, ought it?" fy: ' ' yi f J N Jia r ,J ff 5 .Ur V: mark :ilu-lat have a great 77 Qxjwx 9490 V' qfxjg Rh MISS LORENA L. HAASE, A. B. Elmira College Room 34A Latin "The twoeminute lmell has rung." MISS HELEN M. HIBBARD, B. S. Elmira. College , Room 16 llI2Lfl10l11iltlCS Head of Mathematics Department "Girls, can't you keep quiet for moments? Y ' MR. O. WENDELL HOGUE, B. S. Syracuse Room 21 Biology "You can't study anything but Bi MISS RUBY A. HOPKINS, A. B. Elmira College Room 2 Mathematics i'DO11ylE forget the Q. E. D." MISS ESTHER M. HUGHES Syracuse Library School Librarian "I'll look it up in just a. minute." a. few ology. ' ' fffxio taxi., Q55 ' YJ: ,Q KNO 'QW--.' 9-le, gl , 'vb 'lv-J - EIENVN MISS GERTRUDE JONES, A. B. Elmira. College Room 16 Mathematics L'Y0u never get your lessons! " MISS HARRIET N. KELLOGG, A. B. Elmira, College Room 10 French Head of Modern Language Department UTomorrow in this class, l-." MISS LUCY D. LEVERICH Rochester Business Institute Room 18 Typewriting "Ready, all noise stopped-1" MISS LENA B. LOGAN, A. B. Elmira College Room 33 Latin HLct's have that last part again," MISS LOUISE LOETZER Gymnasium Girls, Physical Training "Get in line, girls! f' Yf:'?'f1 AJ5- ff! .WO WF 23' EQ LJ 5? if QP Q ,,..,.-.59 S+' QF, O T, 41 5 Q 5 - 1 '5 5 QXS J ' 'ui ' 9325 QYJEQ ?3FVb MISS MARY V. RICL3ARTfIY, A. B. Elmira College Room 35 Algebra "Up the other stairs, girls! " MISS ANNA M. McMAHON, A. B. Elmira College ' Room 27 GQ1'lYl?1ll, Cicero "Die Aufgabe fur das uachste Mahl ist--.l' MISS MARY C. MITCHELL Mickerfs Business Institute Office "What d'you want?" MRS. CLARA MUNSON Cornell Office Substitute ' ' You-stop talking! " MR. BENJ. NEUWIRTH, A. B. Collrge of the City of New York Room 19 Comiuercinl Subjects Head of Commercial Department "That is11't business. l ' '..h 1. I-is vb ff? Af-X41 5 AE? SIENVIVI l 2' I.,,., sz. MR. CHAS. X. O'Bl3'lQEN And itoriuin Music "One, two, three, sing! H MR. F. R. PARKER Queen 's University Principal "Come.'f MISS GERALDINE. QUINLAN, A. Elmira College Room 34 English "Take your seats, and keep still! Elmira College, Radcliffe Room 4 Amer. I-Iist. and Civics topic?" Syracuse University Room 38 Latin "You are all lost." 77 MISS RENA ROCKWEIJL, A. B., A. M. MISS FLOSSE M. SHERMAN, A. B. QQ Y x N "Has anyone anything else t' aflcl t' that 4935 O ffii 'ew 5 I E M lfrgtigf M M M M M ISS YALARA J. SMITH, A. B. Elllllfil College Room 12 Fl'Cl'lCfll "My clam' people, please be quietf' ISS MARJORIE A. SWEETING, A. B. Cornell 'University Room 26 Biology "Now, wQ'll have this room quietff ISS ELIZABETH M. TASHJIAN, A. B. Elmira College Room 20 Latin Head of Latin 'Department f'We will recite iight thru the study today." ISS EDITHA UNDERI-IILL, A. B. Vassar College Room 23 Chemistry "Will you please stop talking?" R. HIRAM B. UPDYKE Gymnasium Boys' Physical Training "Fall in! Right dress! " period -f"' , E- W Xe' f'7 Q93 lx EE uq QQZW-Afh. Sf we IEW flfi MISS ELLEN C. WIGSTEN, A. B., A. M. Elmira College and Cornell Room 32 Spanish "Tee! hfe, hee! " MISS HARRIET I. WIXON, A. B. Elmira College Room 8 Algebra f'Is this perfectly clear?" MISS KATHARINE E. YOUMANS, A. B. Elmira College Room 31 Drawing f'Wil1 the young gentlelunu over there get to Work?" In which We see the Facult as others see them 1.w1'f'z? and pussfd by 1!.f Acwglc-n1y Board gf f'p,,30,-S. fqfrix Qfflf Af ,fx rc! bf I' 59 gig Kgfjfg 751 p '7 SIENVIYI 413252 A EEA ' ,. fqgw?'5vX 03 ,LEfjg2 vp 'n I. ,n in 1 .V nl "wif ,iw ...V 1 1 . .WM 1 E E333 EE E EEEEEE EEEE ii ------ ------ . l-- f,., m ---- - ---------- W f W Y M f KN sh WW Q 1' + +Ww 51 ' W , 1 l""fS 1 xxffm f l 'E 'ml' ,"' H 'n H 'WX' - f 4 if I 1'W'i1W' f' f l'351 l X MW I," f 'M -7 QW f - Y, 1 W I 4' 'giiizigjl ,. -1 i KIT? QYQF KJ? Yi-.JY X Eta m PQU SEL UL- ! I ' C5 339 ' 3 JU X 'zu .fm 97 8.765 I I I W B I K 4 E a 1 i A ' g QUW1 'ff fffwwfo Q JU - 1:5 M av 95-1.,.-35 03:2 ga if -ga QM I 1 I Blank "YJ: ' XXEZFI' lvl? lie gi- SU 9' -Q97 , 15:50 G-M dl- . HONOR ROLL X M Senior Tlfonors ll Henry J. Friendly, Valedictorian, 97.73 Alice M. Grinnell, Salutatorian, 94.23 Esther M. W. Leonard, 90 Harry W. Blank, 89.71 4 " Louise D, Davis, 89.41 - Edward Young, 88.50 Eleanor F. Ewing, 88.33 Helen L. Flynn, 88.17 Venna B. Decker, 87.94 ew Class Motto: He profits most who serves best. EIENVM . QSM 440 if W '15 w , EW 2555? if ffivb' 3 l , A 1 Q ? ' 4 I I , A L4 . i Senior Class Officers ALFRED F. ZIMDAHL - KATHERINE G. BLYLEY PRESIDENT VICEVPRESIDENT ELIZABETH M. TASHJIAN PATRON SAINT ESTHER M. W. LEONARD JAMES DEEGAN SECRETARY TREASURER .tax I V get K 'pzanei I 1:5 ' X . if 'E W3 5 EE. fi A' :cg ye av ?j'f3gxP -: sd IRVA RUTH ACKERMAN "Silence is golden." Irva came after Regents in January to join our gay throlpgi ec She hails from the small town of 'vVellsburg, which 1?S urnis many fine students in the years past. Irva 15 1409121113 up the reputation of her home town "shur nuff' There 1S one greaii mystery about her though, and that is how she keeps so silent and composed. She never seems ruifled orlexcited in the least. Pie?- h 11-'S as one famous Hshai-k" said several years -ago, "I aps, simply keep my mind on my vvork.'l Anyway our best wishes for a successful career go out with Irva. MARIAN LOUISE ARGUS. "Better late than never." We are very glad to have had Marian as a classmate even though she has been with us for only two years. Marian manages to get her lessons and have good times outside in the meantime. Her course in domestic science will prove to some man how ef- ficient she is. We are eonident that Marian will also be a credit to the business world. DOROTHEA ATWATER. f'Moclest and shy as a nun is she." She is so very. quiet that sometimes we don 't know she is around. Nevertheless, Dorothea likes the boys, one in particular, but we promised we wouldnlt tell. We haven 't found out what she intends to do next year but we ar-en't worrying about Dot 's success if she makes as many friends in the future as she has here. GET-TOGETHER PARTY COMMITTEE GERTRUDE B. BARTON "A true friend is one worth having." This little lady even had the audacity to ask our reporter what she is especially noted for. The first thing is thatiheathen- ish yell that startles us out of belief that she never makes any noise. Then, haven 't we a comfortable feeling when we're with her that she is listening to what we are saying, and isn't going to "rake us over the coals?" Her ambitions are of a higher sort than many of ours and point to a college in Ohio. GET-TOGETIIER PARTY COMMITTEE MARIE A. BEARDSLEY "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most divinely fair." Marie is another of the girls, who has given much life and enthusiasm to the Senior class. Besides belongine- to gl U1-eat nuinber of things, here at sghool, 5119 is a Ven, ,famous yfmug lady as a memlzer of the ,jazz baud, and Whig of us has not danced to her music? Marie is I1 H110 H311 1-Oumlrv girl amd We are proud that she is a member of the c-lags of 1919, STUDENT COUNCIL SENIJR RECEPTION COMMITTEE LITERARY EDITOR Sigmlm er:- Tgg.....qg get 5 U: if C5 EH 5 2550? 973 A EVELYN YVONNE BEEMAN "I just can 't make my eyes behave." Evelyn is one of the girls that hails from across the river and no doubt that is her excuse for being late so often. Her first thought is to ha.ve a good time and as far as we can see, shc certainly accomplishes it. We hear rumors of her keeping com- pany with the son of one of our well known grocers but we ad- vise you to go to Evelyn for more definite information. ANNA BERNSTEIN "Another person whose good deeds shine as far as the proverbial candle." Anna is another one of our ,good students. She never acts as if her schoolwork troubled her much but when it comes to reci- tations, she's right there. Anna has one great accomplishment and that is her singing. She certainly has a wonderful voice. Her good nature is her chief characteristic and it makes one feel good to be with her. Anna has a twin for, wherever you see her, you see Harriet. We know that Anna will have great success in her future life. CLASS PLAY HARRY VV. BLANK "Give to the world the best that you have And the best will come back to you!! If you see a very energetic young man dashing through the halls, you may be sure that he is Harry Blank. He is certainly one of the Inost industrious young men that we know. As Edi- tor-in-Chief of this book, he has again given us proof of his ef- ficiency. He has taken an active part in everything connected with school life, either in business or pleasure. So We all hate to think what the class of 1919 would have done without him. SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE BRONZE TABLET PARTY COMMITTEE EDIToR-IN-CHIEF S-ignum STRING BAND ORCHESTRA STUDENT COUNCIL KATHERINE G. BLYLEY "A person of business." Just to hear "Kat's" firm, decided footstep as she goes down the hall, one would know her to be a girl on Whom all un- consciously rely. It has been thus ever since she came to thc Academy. Her business ability has made her a necessary factor in almost every enterprise that the class of 1919 has undertaken. She is also genuinely interested in all social events. We all wish her great success in whatever she does. VICE-PRESIDENT or STUDENT COUNCIL VICE-PRESIDENT on SENIOR CLASS VINDEX BOARD TALITHA BOTSFORD " Thy music charms. 7' What would the Senior class have done without Talitha? Our class would not possess such an original and appealing song, if it had not been for her. One can hardly believe that such a lit- tle person could do such big things. Talitha is not only a finc composer but also a. clever little violinist and artist. She is never idle a moment and from her sketches we conclude that her favorite animal is the pony. With all of hcr talents, Ta1itha's future holds a variety of things in store for her. Sigmmn BOARD CLASS Soyo AND NIOTTO COBIMITTEE ORCHESTRA QEZ9 Q- Egfr 4 6" Ifr- Ol fi-3 ff E 1 S?:,fW 'C le' ' Effii ' AILEEN BROWN "A quiet girl yet a charming one." Just come in Yergil and hear Aileen recite, she will take Your breath away. She always has her lessons and yet has a good time too. She lives out of town and that accounts for her absence at many of our social functions. She is a very good friend and has helped greatly to raise the standard of the class of 1919. LILLIAN BULLOOK "As steady as the Northern Starfl Nothing is too diiiicult for Lillian to do. Did we ever become so entangled in the meshes of an Algebra. or Physics problem that Lillian could not straighten out each difficulty and lead us out safely? She is so willing and cheerful in giving such help that she is sure to succeed as a teacher. It is very evident that Lillian Will also be an excellent housewife as reports of her ability in needlework and the culinary art have proven. MARJIORIE CLARA BURK "Blithe and bonny and gay." Marjorie is quite a shy little girl and so quiet at times that we hardly know she is with us. Her thoughts run in deep channels and her mind is continually grasping valuable and worth-while information. The attentions of a certain young man do not seem to interfere with Mai-jorie's lessons for her standings always hover around the nineties. RING AND PlN'COMMlTTEE Snxron Rncnrfriox OoMM1'r'rEn B ERN ICE M. BUTLER liF1'Olll morning till night lTis Bernice 's delight To chatter and laugh Without ceasing." Bernice is always ainnsed. WVhen you feel tired and cross, her genial good-natnred giggle restores you to your former gay spirits, So you just naturally feel jolly when she is around. So for this and many other good reasons, she is a good friend to everyone and a great addition to the Senior class. 'I HAROLD C. Cl-IAMBERLAIN "A merry heart goes all the way." Of all 1290130 Who are noted for the nunrher of books they carry around and the amount of work they do, this bov takes the prize-because he never seems to do aiiytliing, Ygt .he always sets 'f111'U- P9T1lLl1JSvl1G has a friend on the Regents board oi-Q perhaps he burns nudnight oil! One of Harold ls particular pecu- liarities is his continual line of jokes and his never-to-lnc-washgq. or-sc-rubbed-oft grin. He is usually found taking tickets at all the pilltresitalnl gaqnes, whlere he has heeozne almost a landmark. Cast- Ulg JO 111g 11514 e, our eartiest wishes cm 0 f 'U h' - . .. Successful einem.. is U W1 1 nn for a inost f4?3EE'l7fIo V Q EE 4 use 5 ,- at E Z U 13,015 2 ,QP BERNARD FR-IEDMAN "Solemn and studious is he.', Did anyone ever hear Bernard crack a joke? We never have, but one thing we know is, that should he crack one it would be worth listening to. One must really know Bernard to appreciate him. In his studies he is an all around man, not fast, but steady, always doing something that counts. As we look into his horo- scope we see him a. prominent man of the future. FORUM HENRY FRIENDLY "Knowledge comes and wisdom lingers." Henry's wisdom so overwhelms the rest of us that we can only sit amazed and speechless. Can any of us ever forget that mem- orable day when Henry was giving a very eloquent exfplanation in Ver-gil? Of course we could hardly be expected to understand some of his more lengthy words but when he had finished, we were even more firmly convinced of our ignorance. Then Miss Tash- jian very cleverly said, ' 'What he means to say is ........ " and she gave us the explanation in language that We could at least understand. But Henry is as true a friend as he is a fine student and he has greatly helped to make this last year a successful one. CLASS SONG .NND Morro COVMMITTEE EDlTOR on XTINDEX DEBATING TEAM STUDENT COUNCIL GERTRUDE E. GEIB "A merry heart doeth good like medicine." No one can be blue when around Gertrude. She is a sure cure for the blues. She always seems to enjoy everything and if you should hear the words "Wasn't that great?" you can be sure it's Gertrude talking. Did you ever see her dance? She seems to understand how to " trip the light fantastic" and besides that, she has many other accomplishments. We know that "Gert" will succeed in the future. STRING BAND FRANCES H. GOLDBERG ' 'Just sweet with human kindness! ' Frances is always so quiet that we don 't know much about her. But we do know one thing and that is that she is a good student. Her recitations are always a joy to the teachers, and her name usually appears on the honor roll. Frances isn't selfish with her knowledge either for she will always help her friends. May she be successful in her future life! AGNETA GRADWELL "What is more rare than a good disposition! " Agneta is a very quiet and studious person. She has a very sweet likeable manner and has made many friends. Agneta never pays much attention to her lessons b-ut yet always manages to get through. WVith her wealth of auburn hair she is the envy of all the girls with whom she is a great favorite. EE Q35 ' QKAO 455' iq g . Sakai.. 'Cf 3 T xl l O52 EU ml I ,gig K,,.,7 .1 . ,W .' 955 if' ' XP FRANCES L. CURRY "VVitli malice toward none, with charity for all-H This motto 55361115 to fit "Duckie" for she always seems to be doing something for some of her many f1'iends. She is a lov-er of good times and likes to play jokes OH GVGYYQUC- Beslfles thlsr she has an abundance of school-spirit, and likes all kinds of athletics. Our class will long remember you "Fran.,' LOUISE D. DAVIS "Her ways and manners all that see admire." Ever since our Freshman days, we havebknown that Louise .was going to make a Senior who Would uphold the title ilD1g'H1fl6ll Senior," which so many of us do not deserve. Perhaps we would if we were so thorough as to he able to greet teachers with such a confident smile. Louise's wonderful class and school spirit is exhibited at all games, parades, parties and other school functions. Success to you at college, Louise, and may you continue to he a joy among your classmates and friends. g STUDENT COUNCIL SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE VENNA B. DECKER 'fYou said that once beforef' Venna is one of the live wires of the class. She inspires every- one that she talks to and her quick witty replies liven the spirits of all. vienna. has a great passion for books-and more books. Her greatest fault is her liking for moving pictures. She has taken such an interest in them that she knows the life history of every prominent "movie'7 star. But do not get the impression that Venna does not believe in work. She is a very energetic young lady. This we know by her reports and her wonderful im- personation of Miss Myrtle in the f'Man Who Stayed at Home. " I CLASS PLAY GIRLyS X7INDEX GET-TOGETHER PARTY COMMITTEE .JAMES DEEGAN M "A man after his own heart." James is sure to become a very efficient business man. He has proven this by the way that he has managed business affairs. James is also an enthusiastic social worker. He likes to see others have good times just as well as himself, and we certainly admire him and praise him for the work that he has done for us, SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE TREASURER SENIOR Crass BRONZE TABLET PARTY COMMITTEE STUDENT COUNCIL FORUM WILLA DUHL HA girl of rare accomplishments." Of course you have heard her play the banjo but did you know that she can play a mandolin and ukelelei Willa is also flulfe F111 artist and drawing teacher as was proven during Miss Y0u'W'?S ubsencfe' XVUIZVS aim centers about a New York art the meantime, wma- neg you not to neglect your musical talent In STRING BAXND . EL fl '33,-j"' . QQ OX al vi- fc Q ripe Yrs DOROTHY MAE ESPEY "We grant although she has much wit She 's very shy of using it.', Dorothy appears to be a very quiet girl but, when in a certain congenial group, she is said to be the gayest of the gay. She is always a good sport, ready for anything that her friends might suggest. She is also said to be very fond of hills, especially around Ithaca. Dorothy is also a noted violinist and a great ad- dition to our school orchestra. ln all, by her modest and unas- suming manner, she Wins her Way into all our hearts. WVALENTINE PARTY COMMITTEE ORCHESTRA ELIZABETH EVANS "Exceedingly wise' is she.'l Elizabeth is one of the mainstays of our class, for she is truly a girl to be relied upon. t'Soher, steadfast, and demui-e" are three adjectives that might Well be applied to this young lady and We would especially emphasize the second, for above all else Eliza- beth is really unchangeable. She is also quite iamous for her fine recitations, especially in Yergil. We wish her great success in Whatever she undertakes. GETATOGETHER PARTY COMMITTEE ELEANOR FISHER EVVING "Time, place and action may with pains be wrought, But genius must be born and never can be taught." Eleanor 's honor marks prove that she not only possesses wisdom but also knowledge. While We are laboriously struggling along with one lesson, Eleanor has mastered three, with apparently no effort Whatever. To convince yourself that she is one of our gifted young artists, please glance at the initials of some of the drawings in this book. Eleanor ls clever ideas and school spirit have made her one of our valuable classmates. BRONZE, TABLET PARTY COMMITTEE Sigaum BOARD SONG AND MOTTO COMMITTEE WALTER- J. FERRIS "Bore not his cheeks the apple 's ruddy glovv'?'l We do mean to make "Walt" vain but everyone admires his rosy cheeks. VValter is one of our E. F. A. farmers and for two years was a member of our farm brigade. This accounts for the above. He never Was a "shark" but he manages to get through just the same. He is a. silent youth who seldom ventures an opinion unasked, but we feel safe in prophesying a very rosy future for him. THELMA FETTER "She is gentle, she is shy But there's mischief in her eye." . Thelma lives in a sphere apart from the rest of us, in a little World of her own. Thus it is rather a hard task to tell what We don't know about her. But certainly no one enjoys a good time more than she. In all, she is a good student and a loyal one, too. ,YE It sf ' 7' 3 yg ,QP rjfysef HELEN LOUISE HOOPER H There is nothing like the wish to scatter joy around us." Every time that you speak to Helen she will greet you with a smile. To hear her talk, one would think that she never eXpe1'-- ieuced ditliculties or trouble of any kind. If you wish to have her become interested in something, start to plan a party. Helen is very fond of them, especially when there are to be "lots of eats." We can 'hardly blame the girl for we admit that we like such things ourselves. IDA S. HORDES 'iKnoWledge is the wing wherewith we iiy to heaven." It seems to us that Ida must believe this motto, for she lives up to it. She is more fortunate than the rest of us mortals, for she finished in January. While here she took up business sub-jects and was very conscientious in her work. We hear now that she is using her knowledge to advantage in business and We are sure that Ida's usccess will be complete. JOHN 'WENDELL HOWARD 'Haltl one, two, Right, dress! Front! At ease! " Wendell has spent much of his brain energy this year drilling the stalwart youths of Company A over the Armory floor. Who would guess from this that he is a parso11's son. Rumors are re- peatedly reaching us that Wendell keeps company with a charm- ing young lady in both the lower and upper halls. This is rather a surprise to us but it is only one of many. In later life Wendell intends, so he says, to become a forester or soldier, at either of which we are sure he will be successful. 'VINDEX 'BOARD CAROLYN J. HOWE 'AA sweet, attractive kind of grace." Carolyn believes in "packing all her troubles in an old kit bag and smiling." Although very quiet, she is always busy and doing things worth while. She is very much interested in church work and we have heard that she has a kindergarten class We can picture her conducting a kindergarten and we do not doubt out that all of her pupils will love her and bc attracted to her just as we have been. Signum BOARD CHARLES ANTHONY HUGHES p "An Originator of fun." Charles is another of the young men who has helped to make the Senior Class the fun-loving one that it is. His impcrsonations of that well known character "Charlie Chaplin" are quite mar. velous and for that reason are known far and wide. He is also noted a great debatcr and we believe that he would have Q very successful career as a lawyer. He is excellent in working on party committees and his help has been sought very often, VVC all wish you great success, Charles, in whatever you undertake. Cmss TRACK FooTIa,xLL FORUM cfm slsmvm Q, 737,09 his ROGERS PLATT CHURCHILL "Jest and youthful jollityf' Rogers is our class jester. He not only has spent hours searchs ing for jokes for the Vindex and Year Book but he also has origi- nated some. His wit and humor help to make him a model toast- master and entertainer. He likes to argue and in this he is par- ticularly successful. We envy Rogers because he seems to have his name on the honor roll with practically no efforts whatever. Rogers has helped the class and the school enormously and his support has been appreciated by all. SENIOR RECEPTION Coiiwrifrrnn Sigmwn BoIxRD .VINDEX BERIN ICE I. CLARK " 'Tis a leasant world to live in- indeed a verv J 7 . pleasant world." This is what Bernice thinks and we know that the world is pleasanter because she is in it. Everything seems to 1'un smooth- ly for her and petty cares and worries seein to avoid her for they know that she would not tolerate them. WVe predict that Bernice will be very successful on the concert stage for we have heard her sing. We Wish you the best of luck and hope that you will not forget us entirely while in Boston. VIXLENTINE PARTY COMMITTEE Sigmmr BOARD HELEN JULIA CLARK "A practical joker whom few escape." Helen is one of the many girls who goes to school to pass away the time. Just look in room 4, fourth period, and you can see Helen, laughing and talking and making things lively all around. Helen intends to be a stenographer and we wish her all possible success. 'WILLIAM R. COMPTON "Does nothing in particular and does it well." A good thing in a small package. Bill, here, is a good sport at all times, incidentally he is a good student although he has not yet attained the honorable degree of "shark," Knowing Bill as we do, we feel certain that success was born with him and is bound to attend him always. GEORGE COXE "A new acquaintance is as refreshing as an April showerf, George is one of our new classmates and for that reason We know very little scandal about him. During the short time that he has been with us he has formed a vast circle of friends. There is one fact that we can prove and that is, that George is an expert at banjo playing. We do not k1l0W what George intends to do after he graduates but we are certain that he will be successful in whatever he attempts. E. 'SQ' O f's"x'P It by A MP G+ ! HELEN GRAY "And her eyes have all the seeming Of an angel that is dreaming." You may often see Helen, seated, quietly gazing into space and you wonder what she is thinking about. She.is full of fun and her sudden giggle may often be heard in the middle of a most solemn class. Then too, she is said to be quite a. shark in- Spalllshi a subject of which she is especially fond. Besides, she 1S a g'ood friend to everyone and a loyal student. ALICE NIARIAN GRINNELL 'fAs musical as bright Ap0ll0's lute." Alice 's versatility is very enviable. Just let us tell you ai :few of her accomplishments: She can sing, play the piano and a guitar, Inake fudge, make speeches, write stories and show a Ire- port card covered with nineties. There are very few ways In which she has failed to become proficient. We know 'that she sets a high standard for everything she undertakes and she'usually ac- complishes her aim. SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE CI,Ass PLAY SONG AND Morro CoMIvII'I'TEE X7INDEX BOARD IRVING HALL "A rare villain! 'J Irving is some actor. He can certainly take the part of a villian to perfection. He showed us his ability in that line in the class play. He is also a singer of some note. In the glee club "II-vy" can be heard above all the other tenors. And talk about Njazz! U Irving is a second Daghistan at that. But he has one fault. He is not a ladyls man. We don 't think that he will always remain that way but will,some time fall for one of the fair sex. SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE CI.Ass PLAY DOROTHA S. I-IALLIDAY "And :L merry maid was she." "Dot" is our sunshine-maker. You never can meet her without feeling that it's a joy to be alive. She has a smile for all and you can tell her laugh, wherever. you hear it. Dorothy likes to dance and can also play the mandolin. If you want to hear her, go into the auditorium sometime, when the String Band is playing. We don't know what i'Dot" expects to do next year but we know she will succeed in whatever she does. STRING BAND GIRL 's VINDEX GERALD HARTNETT 'fGreat feelings hath he of his own Which lesser souls may never know. H Qerflld is one of the young Inen who had clear enough sight to realize that 191.9 was the only class to belong to. So he came, after -serving his country, to graduate with us. He is noted for his hemmful 115515 his ff1Shi01121hle dress, and his general air of neat- ness. All this and his readiness for fun has made him one of the most popular young men here in school. Yes we are very glad that he is one of us. 7 ' 9515 'fy E E .gif ,fwfr is 2 CE' lsf QQ 6530? Q , DOROTHY HAYS "All's well that ends well." That is what Dorothy believes. She is one of our lIappy-go- lucky girls that take life as it comes, neither looking hack at the past nor forward to the future. She believes in pushing steadily onward and meeting obstacles in a calm, serene way. Dorothy ls greatest fault is her spontaneous giggleg nevertheless we are glad that she is just bubbling over with laughter. Dorothy 's ambition is to succeed Maude Powell in playing the violin. SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE ORCHESTRA VINDEX BOARD ROBERT HINKLE 'AAI1 ordinary man, yet destiny holds for him we k1lOTV not whatf' Boh's pet desire is to go to Cornell and learn farming or, might we say, scientific agriculture. For all the noise he makes in and about the halls we would hardly know that he is with us. He is not one who pats himself on the back but rather one who is ready to give the other fellow the helping hand. ROSE R. HOFFMAN "Still waters run deepf' Rose is one of our quiet, industrious young girls, very modest about revealing her talents. Nevertheless we have learned that she is an excellent typist and we owe her a great deal for the services which she has rendered us. Her aim is to become a sten- ographer and bookkeeper and we reconnneud heI' to any large business firm that is in need of a competent assistant. WWILLIAM EDVVARD HOFFMAN "Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you." f'Bill's" troubles must be very trifling for we never see him look worried. His studies worry him least of all. And "Bill" knows how to play football. He was the star of the Binghamton game and did great work that day. As for his liking the girls, Watch the upper halls at noon and We are sure you will see him talking to some girl. We wish you good luck, Bill. STUDENT COUNCIL GET-TOGETHER PARTY COMMITTEE ATHIJETlCl COUNCIL Foo'rs.rLL SUSAN KATHERINE HOLLERAN "She was a phantom of delight. NVhen iirst she gleamed upon out' sight." Susan has certainly been a. phantom of delight to us. She likes all sorts of athletics, especially basket-ball. She has a great deal ot school spirit which is shown by her willingness to do anything that is asked of her. For the past two years Susan has been a member of the 'Vindex staff, striving to make our school paper a greater success. Susan 's greatest desire to take up the study of medicine. We are sure that she will accomplish her ambition and that she will not have to advertise for patients. SENIOR RECEPTION CoMiIITTEE STUDENT Couxen, YIXDEX EE' ,ef 4 N IC 'QP P 035 l'15'?3LiP INIORRIS FIDELINIAN "I work when I work, and I play when I Play-H Morris surely upholds tliisqmotto especially the "play" Gild- But when he does get started he surpasses I112115' of he more studious comrades. His drawings are remarkable as l-11S d1'aW111f55 for this book show. Morris is always ready to help 50111901195 whether it be with a joke or with work, one can always depend on M0111-is, And so we offer him our best wishes for a most successful career in whatever he undertakes. Signum BOARL Cmiss BixsKETBALL GET-TOGETHER PARTY COMMITTEE LAWRENCE MANLEY FITCH "Let each one do his best." 1 This seems to he the motto that Lawrence follows for we know that he always does his best and more. He is always-very busy and if you see some good looking fellow with black hair rushing along the halls, you can bet your last C0ll21r b11tt0I1 that its "Fitchie." Lawrence likes the girls, too, especially 4' I 95 but we won't give you away, either, Lawrence. He is also quite a soldier and likes to drill the "rookies" at the Armory. We hear of his wonderful discoveries in chemistry, so some day we will probably hear of "Lawrence Fitch, the inventor," or some- thing like that. SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE STAGE NIANAGER CLASS PLAY HELEN ELIZABETH FITZPATRICK 'tShe wears the rose of youth upon her." "Fitzy" is a very attractive girl. She has dark glossy hair, blue eyes and rosy cheeks, and her frankness makes one feel that her opinions come straight from her heart. She is jolly and care- free, making the best of whatever comes her way. Helen is pop- ular with both the boys and the girls and her circle of friends continues to increase. Helen has reformed in that she has been getting to school on time this year. GET-TOGETHER PARTY COMMITTEE HELEN L. FLYNN She doeth little kindncsses, Which most leave undone, or despise, For naught that sets one's heart at ease, And giveth happiness and peace, Is low esteemed in her eyes." Helen is a great favorite with everyone and if she 's mentioned at any time you hear the reply, "She's a peach." Helen never worries much about her lessons but the recitations that she makes are always brilliant. She also is the assistant editor of the Sig- mmz and has helped a great deal, Besides she has lots of school spirit and at all the parties and games, you will see her. Accept our best wishes for your future, Helen. SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE ASSISTIXNT EDITOR Sfigmvm STUDENT COUNCIL SENIOR CL.xss PLAY if FREDA L. FREEMAN "Learning for her a pleasure is." I Freda is a quiet, reserved, persevering girl who does not meddle WIU1 other l300P10's affairs. W'e would like to be able to pierce that reserve and become better acquainted with her, so that we might IV1'1lZG more definite facts about her. Nevertheless we know that. she is persevering in her work and that she is capable of making Hue speeches. She is taking a business course and WB are sure that as a business woman, she will never neglect her work. Q13 A ! f ' ?'E"m 'Sift' a fl Tj 'ff Ff W ' cr U f t MARIE JAMES HA light heart lives long." Marie is surely a. good friend to have. She is always the same to everyone and always seems to be happy. She is good in her classes as you will see by her marks. Marie loves athletics, too. You should! have seen her play basketball last year. She certainly knows how. Her good nature will surely help her in the future. GET-TOGETHER PARTY COMMITTEE ELLEN FRANCES JENNISON "A spirit rare of gentleness and peace Yet bubbling o'er with secret nierriment Unselfish, thoughtful, kind, and full of fun A girl to know who captivates onels love As some shy pansy, hidden in the grass Attracts the sunbeams. " What more needs to be said for we think this exactly fits Ellen. A friend always ready for business or pleasure. MILDRED M. JOHNSON H Be useful Where thou livest, that they may both want and wish thy pleasing presence. " We have heard that Mildred is very useful to the community in which she lives and when we talk to her we find that she is jolly and fun-loving so why shouldn't people like her? Mildred does some very clever needlework and we have suspicions that a great amount of it is going into her hope chest. Perhaps this is telling a secret but then, they often jump out. ETHEL MAY KELLY "A wee little sunbeamff Ethel is so quiet and studious in school that you would think her a grind which she isn't by any means. One of Ethel's out- standing qualities is her generosity, for she is always ready to share with you, whether it be in knowledge or wordly possessions. Another noticeable feature is her height-she is one of the small- est members of our class. Ethel is interested in music and plays the violin very well. EILEEN MARIE KLINE "Smile and someone else smiles, And soon there will be miles and miles of smiles, Because you smile. ' ' "Klinie" is a quiet person until you become acquainted with her and then you change your mind. And if some of the rest of you have thought that, you've made a dreadful mistake. She is not only a great talker but in addition a terrible giggler. One of her unusual characteristics is her liking for the male sex. An- other of her astounding qualities is that nothing in the line of books bothers her. Nevertheless she manages to get through with good marks. E. ,X mi QE ' ,iggaw-47530 15' lo U31 .55 Sw A - - E q'7i'-WXP! HENRY LENT "My soul today is far away." Although he has not been with us very long, Henry has WON many friends and is indeed, a very popular young mall. .He has Zh very happy disposition and may often be heard whistling gaily. It is also said that he loves everything good and Noble. We all hope that he has enjoyed being with us as much as we have en- joyed having him. ESTHER M. W. LEONARD "It's the little things in life that count." And Esther is one of our smallest members Qin stature only.j We know her by the name of 'fKewpie'f and we think that it surely tits her. Although she is small, she fills the Office of secre- tary of the class very capably. She is never too busy with her Own affairs to help out any of her many friends. She may always be seen with Katherine and we begin to call them twins. Esther eX- pects to go to Elmira College next year and we are sure she will win many friends with her smile. SECRETARY OF SENIOR CLASS STUDENT 'COUNCIL VINDEX BOARD HERMAN LEUPELT "Faithful to duty where e'er it calls.', Herman is one of the hardest working, most energetic chaps in the school. This book owes much to him for his work for it. In the activities of his class and of the school he has always taken a prominent part, giving of his time and energy without stint. In his classes Herman is always able to give a good account Of him- self. We are sure that the students, and faculty as well, join with us in wishing him a most successful career. Sigmmn BOARD CLASS TRACK BRONZE TABLET PARTY COMMITTEE MADGE LONG "Live a life of truest breadth. And teach true life to light with mortal wrongs." We are very glad to have had Madge in our class for she is a faithful worker and a true sincere friend. Madge is a very ardent Y. P. B. worker. She has cultivated a ve1'y pleasing gift-that of urging people to buy tickets without Offending them. Madge is lured to Elmira College by the science course which, in a few years, she will have mastered. JOHN FRANCIS LYNCH "Lend a hand." John believes in lending a hand wherever and whenever there is an opportunity to do so. The Senior Class appreciates his help and great enthusiasm. We have learned that John is a very energetic worker and that he is splendid help on committees Of any sort. J ohn's ability as an Orator is quite promising for we all have heard him give inspiring talks, FORUM CLASS BASKETBALL 'VALENTINE PARTY COMMITTEE BRONZE TABLET PARTY COMMITTEE L - ?j'fQQvb 3 76? VVILLIAM JOSEPH McOABTHY ' "Learn by doing." Did you ever see that slender chap with the curly black hair, hanging around in the vicinity of Room 17? If you don lt know him you have missed knowing a fine fellow, for he is that. Good in all his classes, a cheerful, jolly friend outside, he is one of the most popular fellows in our classg quite a hand at debating, always ready for a discussion and always in good humor. FORUM GET-Toemirne PARTY COMMITTEE ELEANOR B. MCCONNELL "Laugh and the world laughs with you." "Mac" is quick and full of spirit. Her laugh is one of her chief attractions Cnot to mention her black hairy and is enough to make a whole class go into hysterics. Vifitty and full of fun, she always keeps things lively. Her chief delight is dancing and she surely knows how.. We hear rumors about a crush on a mem- ber of the basketball team, but we will leave this to you to find out what there is about it. May you always have a cheerful out- look on life, Eleanor. ETHEL LUCILLE MacINERNEY "A quiet girl and yet a happy one." Ethel is a very ambitious young lady who has time only for books. As a result she always has a good report to exhibit. Her knowledge extends over many subjects and she can enlighten you on any one. . Ethel is on the Literary Stai of the Vindex and writes some very clever stories. She is planning to go to college, and we are sure she will make a fine teacher. VINDEX A LEO MCNAMARA "Oh what may man within him hide Though a.ngel on the outward side." Leo is a very ambitious boy who just made up his mind he Wanted to graduate With us. . VVe have not heard much about him from his teachers but as a debater he has gained a fine reputa- tion. In respect to girls, his attentions don 't seem to be show- ered on any one member of the fair sex. FORUM CLASS TRACK GET-TOGETHER COMMITTEE LEO LADISLANS MALONOSKI "VVhat's in a name." Here we have the smallest fellow in our class. .Do not dis- regard him, however, for what he lacks in size he makes up for with pep and energy, coupled with downright hard work. He cannot be classed as a grind, though, for he always has time for :Eun or mischief. In his classes the teachers call him brilliant, the fellows call him shark. In good faith we predict that he will make a place for himself of which we all might be proud. CX D1 q ,.....Qj?X 'tif 'H ' T: Y E? HU N, .Why I 'PSA ' ffleilffo tsrxe av 452 sl '.,m.irf7 Q93 gf LUCILLE M. MEEKER "A Inerry heart doeth good like medicine." It anyone told all Lucille's good points it would-be necessary to print this book in two volumes. She is a true friend and one who is always ready to assist someone else, either 111 a lesson or in work on a committee. Enthusiastic, a good student, 11113612 ested in everything which pertains to school life-tl1at's Lucille, and we are very glad that she is a member of our class. PIN AND R-ING COMMITTEE BRONZE TABLET PARTY COMMITTEE VOLA C. MITCHELL "There are smiles that make us happy." Nothing ever seems to trouble Vela, not even getting lessons. She is full of fun and is quite fond Of telling the latest joke to her friends. She is also responsible for the Glee Club, which has turned out to be so great success. Vola is a loyal worker and we are glad that she belongs to our class.. Our hearty wishes for a successful future are with her. GLEE CLUB COMMITTEE SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE JULIA FRANCES MORRISEY "He that hath knowledge, spareth his words. ' ' This applies to "she's" also, and we think, in particular to Julia. We IZGVCI' hear Julia say a great deal, but she always studies her lessons. In class, however, we hear her talk and her recitations show that the time that she has she uses to good ad- vantage. Julia is goodenatured and is always willing to help her less fortunate classmates. We enend our best wishes to her. HARRIET NAGLER "A quiet girl, yet a charming one." Harriet, although quiet, is a charming girl with black hair and eyes. To get better acquainted with her is to like her bet- ter. She is jolly and surely likes to tell and listen to jokes. We never see her without Anna, for they are inseparable, We are sure that in whatever Harriet does, she will be a success. ELLA NEWBERRY "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Ella 1lll1St have a merry heart, fm- we havg novel- in' all Om- four years here seen her without a smile on her face. She is full Ot fun and loves to play jokes on her friends and Others besides. We hear that she is a "shark" in her subjects and we are sure that these stories are true. In some future time we shall prob- ably hear of her as a very successful business woman. Qgliigaifyo X53 rf' gv fe is vi 5. 9 5 I E N V M Om Q73 7, STANISLAUS BRONISLAUS NIEKRAS "Did anyone ever hear of him?" "B-r-o-n-i-s-l-a-u-s Nei-e-k-r-a-s is how I spell my name, please take note." "Hard luck, old chap, we can sympathize. We all have our troubles, so don it let yours worry you." Casting jok- ing aside, Bronislaus is a line fellow to know, a conscientious, hard working chap who deserves more credit than he gets. lrVe are surely fortunate in having such as he for companions during our high school days. GET-TOGETHER PARTY Conrrircrnn HELEN NOBLE "To be merry best becomes me." Helen 'S good nature never seems to fail, for she is always ready to cheer you up with her smile. For an example of her good humor, sho just came to ns this year and already she has so many friends that she can hardly count them. But she does not forget one friend, --L-. CSee if you can guessj. She is fond of all sorts of sports from riding a horse to playing golf. We have heard some rumors about her great interest in Yale. We can't imagine why. But we don 't blame you, Helen, and here 's hoping you will have a. brilliant future. DANIEL FRANCIS O'NEIL "We haven't skill enough your worth to sing." Wlieii Dan came to E. F. A. he determined to make the most of his opportunities. . ln this he has succeeded well. . He is pre- pared in the general activities of the school, such as public speak- ing, and when debating he is in his element. We understand that, unless he has changed his program, he intetnds to become one of those pain producers they call dentists. As far as we're con- cerned We wouldn 't care if we never say you then Qin office hoursl. FORUM Cnnss B.xsKErBALL Eoorennr. Sigmzm BOARD STUDENT CoUNo1L CLASS PLAY SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE BRONZE TABLET PARTY COMMITTEE JAMES PERRY "A merry heart hath he." Did anyone ever see this young man when he was not smiling? He certainly has the sunniest disposition that we know of. We are glad to have such a jolly young man around us.. But then, James has his serious moments, especially when he is preparing a lesson in English. We wish him success in whatever he does. HAROLD PERSONIUS "The race is net always to the swift." t'Sleepyl' is what he is known by among the fellows.. This nickname comes from his slowness and his drawl. He can move quickly, though, as was shown at the Track Meet, and he can talk all around most of us when he gets started. Everyone has to sit up and pay attention, for he does present some startling and original facts. We'll let him off with a good wish for a bright and happy future. Cnnss TRACK . E, We I I O e my B I 25 KEYS Qi' Qi r r iff ELLAVVENE PETTINGILL "Good humor is always a success." We know that Ellawene must think that this is the right motto for her, for she surely follows it. Her laugh is very catching and can be heard at any time. .She has one very funny trait and that is her delight in arguing.. No matter what thesubgect, she is always ready to argue. She has a favorite expression and that is "Oh yes! " We also hear that she is always talking about a. certain boi' whose name is-five nearly gave that awayl. From this we gather that she is thinking of settling' down and enjoying life. GET-TOGETHER PARTY COINIMITTEE NATHAN PLATT ll ' . ' " '77 What is more rare than a good disposition? Another one of these retiring 'people about Whom no -one seems to know anything. Nathan is famous for his Winning, cheery smile and his big, black eyes which everyone admires. It is rumored that this lad is quite a 'fmath shark," which is a110'ChGi' reason Why We envy him. He has entered but little into school activities and so has not shown his ability very much Outside of lessons, but we know that such as he can not fail to Win great success in the near future. ALICE H. PRICE Through her eyes the sparkle beams, . In her raven hair it gleamsg Radiant all she does and says All her pretty twinkling ways- . Just because she dared to leaven Lifetime with a bit of heaven." il LK Alice is loads of fun, so her friends say. But she has one great failing and that is-fudge. And she ,knows how to get up a party, too. If you want to learn how, go ask her. VVe wish her success at Elmira College next year. SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE BRONZE TABLET PARTY COMMITTEE Signam BOARD CL.xss PLAY ' CATHERINE RADINEY ' 'iBe good, sweet maid." - Catherine is quiet and shy and good. She recites very Well in her classes and endeavors to please her teachers by doing her best work. She is very kind hearted and is very careful not to offend anyone. Catherine expects to go to college and we know that her quiet but pleasant manners will win her scores of life. long friends. LEWIS RI-IOADES "Better late than never." H Oi CQPRSG: F011 Ifl-10W what is meant by this. But let us say lat enis locker is not used much. That isn't such a terrible :1lOUglJ! Ile sure is an all around good fellow and an L5 fefise. Hrs one great failing is dancing with-Qoh! we nreiu ,N ingot that we iveren't to tellj. VVith his smile and good nf ure, enis mll be sure to win many friends wherevel, he goes. SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE E . o em U15 EP U: 'sf t O 15536 9 3 ,JP HELEN RHODES "For she was jes' the quiet kind, VVhose natures never varyf' We couldn't End out much about Helen because she is so quiet and keeps her aifairs to herself. NVe did, however, hear some reports about her reeitations in French, and from these, we gather that she is something of a "shark." Also we heard that she loves to cook and can manufacture things worth eating. We Wonder why Helen likes to cook and if perhaps, she thinks it will come in handy in some future time. RUTH O. ROBERTS "She seemed as happy as the wave dancing on the seal' Ruth Roberts-Sensible, jolly, friendly, dimples. How did We obtain the above knowledge? Haven 't we seen enough of those bright smiles, and heard the jolly greetings of H1-Iello, every- body," that this cheerful person hands out in the morning in Room 16? Her aspirations are for a musical cou1'se at Elmira College. We do hope, Ruth, that the Loivman attraction will not completely overshadow this ambit.ion, and that you may con- tinue to cheer and comfort those about you. .1 ALVARETTA ROSS "There is a gift beyond the reach of art Of being eloquently silent." Demure is the Word for Alvaretta. with her pink cheeks, shy smile and twinkling eyes. Conseientious, too, as her report card will testifyg yet always ready for a good time. Someone has told us that she would like to be a doctor. We Wish her great success in her ,chosen work. STRING BAND ' HYMAN RUBIN "A promising young man." "Chink" is quite a talented young person. In the first place, he likes to dance and can do this to perfection. We also hear that he plays the violin. He never has played here in the school but then, he has always beeen very modest about his talent. He is a great mathematician and no problem is too hard for him to solve. We are glad that 'fHy" numbers among us. MILDRED N. SANFORD "I've taken my fun when I found it." Mildred seems like a very quiet girl to most of us but mis- chief is plainly visible in her eyes. We hear that when in a certain group, she is the leader of the fun. She is also a fine student and her recitations are listened to With great attention. Her secretarial ability is shown, in a small way, in the capacity of Miss Mitchell's assistant. In all she is a good friend and a loyal student and we are glad that she belongs to our class. fl VN C ,,gef1...f1O , l 2357 ,e his CHARLES NATHAN sER.eEANT ff fFa.t' is liked by lots of girls He's liked by lots of boys He simply stars in basket ball And raises stacks of noise.l' When you say Charles Sergeant, the first thing you think. of is one of those stories that he always has ready? the next thws you think of is Charlie himself and when you think of him you have something to think about. Charlie is, we believe ,one of the best natured all round guys We have niet. . Cnnss TRACK LOIS. W. SHOEMAKER "Beauty enchants aand grace captivatesf' Everyone admits that Lois is a charming girl, Her gracious manners and friendly greetings have captured all of us. Lois is a very popular young lady. She never needs to be in doubt as to whether she will be escorted to some social function for she has a host of admirers who are always eager to accompany her wherever she wishes to go. STUDENT COUNCIL OSCAR SIEGEL "His bark is worse than his bite." Oscar is one of our patriotic boys. He went to Syracuse last summer and was in the S. A. T. C. there. If it had been necessary, he would have gone across. So you see he is our hero. He likes to have a good time and it he is teasing some one, he is happy. Oscar would make a good auctioneeer, at least he -gave us a good illustration once. Maybe that is what he in- tends to be. Cnnss TRACK IDA SLUTZKY "True as steeel, sincere and independent." Ida is a person, about whom we know very little because she seldom talks and then never about herself. Whenever you see Ida you see also a big stack of books, which goes to show how studious she is. She has a winning manner and is liked by all who know her. HELEN VVlLHELlX1INIA SPENCER " Hence, loathed Melancholy. ' ' 3191611.15 H- j011Y, 0aSY-going girl who enjoys herself because she is ahve. No one has ever heard her speak a cross word .or hashseeen her angry. Helen has a. cheery word for everybody and is always ready to help out in any way that she can. We all know that Helen's life will be successful for her constant happiness will assist her wherever she goes. QQEEF5. ff? ,fox X X X 30 1 G XP 3 fs X-bf CORNELIUS SULLIVAN HA man of true Worth." "Sully"is our energetic fellow, who has done u great deal. He is rather quiet and studious and always has his lessons. His specialty is debating and he is an active member of the Forum. He l1aS lots of school spirit and always can be seen at all games cheering for the team. He will surely make a fine business man. BUs. MGR. CLASS PLAY FORUBI YlNDEX STUDENT COUNCIL CLASS TRACK MORTIMER ALLEN SULLIVAN "Not to know me argues yourself unknown." "Mort" is the veritable "Jack of all trades" in our class. To mention all his activities about school would require a volume in itself. Sufhce it to say that he is ofticially the Rah! Rah! Rah! man, unolizieially the Ladies' man, and what you would call a regular guy when it comes to speaking in assembly. And having seen him in the Senior play, C1011 't you think he would make some soldier? Mort has tried everything the school has to offer even to patroling the halls between periods. If Mort keeps to the gait he has set he will certainly do some climbing before he 'S through. Signum BOARD CLASS BASKETBALL FORUM XHNDEX STUDENT COUNCIL CLASS PLAY SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE STRING BAND EDGAR MCDOWELL TILLMAN "For he's a jolly good fellow." Just to hear him laugh makes one happy. Edgar, although jolly by nature, can be serious when he has business matters to attend to. He is very matter of fact when he plays foot-ball and he always goes into a game with the determination to win. He considers an injured knee a trivial maftter when a foot- ball game is to be played . Did you ever hear Edgar speak? lf you haven 't you have missed a great treat . Edgar is very modest about letting people know that he can sing but the Rotary Club has discovered his talent. TRACK FOOTBALL ATHLETIC COUNCIL :STUDENT COUNCIL BRONZE TABLET PARTY COMMITTEE SENIOR GLEE CLUB COMMITTEE CLASS PLAY ROBERT TITUS "Every lot is happy to a person who bears it with tranquility. ' ' Did you ever hear Robert complain of anything that went wrong No. He is a very quiet person and one never knows what he is planning or thinking about. He has often su1'prised us with his clever ideas. Generally he is is in a very peaceful frame of mind and we seldom see him excited about anything Robert is listed among other orators of the class. SIGNUM BOARD GET-TOGETHER PARTY COMMITTEE U QE QQ 0 IQ ,, ,ff if Yah W5 A +4-in vb f :rw DOROTHY E. TODD "Of all the great fussers on land and sea, Pray tell us who it is if it is not she." This young lady is noted for hor beautiful dark eyes and hei- general fashionable appearance. She is also a great actress, as all who witnessed the class play will tell you that she was a great f'Molly." We have great expectations for her in this line, in the future. Dorothy is very fond of good ti1119s and although she has not worked overtin-ie in school, we nevertheless leel sure of her future success. Cnixss PLAY ANNA N, TROXEL "To laugh and he merry is my motto." Anna never seems to hother very much about lessons but she 'gets through somevvay and manages to have good times along with her work. She is always jolly and is an optimist, for she sees the best in everything. Good luck to you, Anna, and may your happy disposition drive away all cares. HOWARD J. UNOLD "He sayeth little and thinketh less." Is there any student who does not know Howard? If so, inake haste, for not to know him is a loss. A good sport is the best Way we have of describing him. As far as we can discover he is one of that species that can shine in whatever line strikes its fancy without really worrying about it. So here's to Howard for his success in life. CARA R. VAN CAMPEN "Neither care nor worry eler wrinkles her fair brow." Who is this stylishly gowned young lady, coming up the hall? Why: 9313 li 2111 Calnpen ,of course. She is noted for her exquisite taste in dress. Cara is very fond of good times, especially at 00111611 house-parties. We are glad that she has helped us to make this last year, happier and more interestina' bv her pres- ence here. 'J ' Ssnion RECEPTION COMMITTEE 'QTX fiyfi C by uN'A y 9,5 ff:?f1e Viv 5 I E N V N BLANCHE ELIZABETH WELIJYER HA contented spirit is the sweetness of eexistencef' This girl smiles readily. To be sure, she has many other fine qualities but this is the most evident. Then ,too, Blanche is quite a musician and showsmueh faithfulness in playing in the Orclies- tra. She is very often heard at various recitals. We hope that she Will continue this work and we are confident of great sue- cess for her. ORCHESTRA MARION WEST "How far that little candle throws its beams, So shines a good deed in a naughty world." One could not ask for a more true-hearted, faithful friend than Marion. She is always helping others and doing kind, help- ful deeds, expecting nothing in return. She is very fond of ath- letics and outdoor life. Next year Marion intends to go to a school of physical culture in order that she may become a gymna- sium teacher. There is no doubt about her success in this work. VAr.ENTINE PARTY CORIMITTEI: STUDENT COUNCIL L. NORMA WITT "Let knowledge grow from more to more." Norma already has more knowledge than we ever expect to have but she believes in gaining a. little IIl01'6 every day. She has a mind of her own and stands by what she says. She is very sensible and possesses a great deal of originality and Wit.. Norma 'S hobby is nature study. She likes to go on long hikes and observe birds, butteriiies and flowers. We are sure that Norma will make an excellent teacher and we wish that we might have her for an instructor. CLASS PIN AND RING COMMITTEE GrIRL,S VINDEX CHAUNCEY D. VVRIGHT "Worth is by Worth in every rank admired." 'fChan" is the embodiment of energy. No matter what you ask him to do, either to work on a committee or hunt up "ads" he will do it. Chauncey is a good and loyal student and we appreciate his efforts. We know that he will take up something worth while in the future and we prophesy a brilliant career. BUSINESS MANAXGER Signnm W7INDEX SENIOR RECEPTION COMMITTEE CLASS TRACK GX 5510 7311s ,I Ev Q' .Mis I 11695 'Az ' QEEQKI fs,-N' if 55 ef, si? v, ,ig ly 55,57 gf, Q 9 7, Bvsb .vb Er IGP ' EDWARD YOUNG' f'VVe live in deeds, not y6211'S5 ill lGh0UghtS1 not b1'eath5', P i Edward is a verv quiet young man but when he speaks We sit back and wonder nt his knowledge. He Isleertainly an excellent student and a Wonderful musician. W'1tl1 his usual mod- estv hc let none of Us knoyv of his talent until a. certain Assembly this year, when he amazed everyone by his playing. Vife are P1-gud that he belongs to our class and We all goin 111 Wishing hiIII ' great success in the future. VINDEX STUDENT COUNCIL CLASS PLAY Cnlxss SONG AND MOTTO COMMITTEE WILLARD YOUNG f'EIIjoy life to-day, to-morrow you may not be here." Willard believes in getting as much pleasure out of life as he can. He seems to be very fond of the fair sex for he is always in the halls 'talking to some of them. Willard is also a very good chauffeur ,especially when he lIas many young people With him. We lIave not heard Inueh about his lessons hut We coIIclude that he gets them or else he would not be in our class. ALFRED ZIMDAHL "Whatever one does, one should do with all one's might." This motto might well have been written by Alfred for he has certainly carried it out at all times. Every effort he makes is always focused on the thing he is doing, Whether it be for business or for pleasure. He has been a1I excellent president and has managed the affairs of the class in a very skillful manner, for which the Class of l9l9 extends to him its sincere thanks and a hearty good wish for a brilliant future. PRESIDENT or SENIOR CLASS STUDENT COUNCIL X7iINDEX Crass TRACK ORCHESTRA KAROLENA R. ZIMMERBKANN "A life that moves to gracious ends." Karolena. has probably done many gracious deeds that We know nothing about. She does IIot make it a point to do noble deeds when there are people to witness he1' actions and praise her. Kavolena is fond of dancing, but this does not mean that she . 1S at all frivolous for she isn't. VVe are glad to have such a I eheeerful, contented person in our midst. SENIOR GLEE CLUB COMMITTEE . , Lrnxss RING AND PIN UQMMITTEE GIRINS VINDEX BOARD Q F' T5 IP I QP me mf 5? 015 I UI 50 mi .I 2 I , ,,- , I I, I LL, I U 23 hx ...B ,f ' Q V 45' -I QQ? NIIL QQ--4' I - I 1- K "x 1 T X, 2 D TIMHI I I I I . I I ' , 12, CI, I I I I I I I I 555' 2":z:iI-2g III IIIIII IIIII gms III: III ffm? ia 'Iii l -J , z. ,nl .Joy .ul a a mr, ur V I V I Y I ' I I I I. I ' frIencI e - ver Irvq Uh' rils- - --Imf our ways Ive, Our' You - ces I SHIIII 'prawn Uwe, Our I I - I I I - 1 I . J. I f IJ I I ,I Q I I I I 4 4 . . V q-I?im-,IT-IrI5sIfI0Iat- OEF coI,- or., fly O'Cr rf isa Ifgem Ive. fo e ,U5JTI7L I I f I .II I I- J J I .I ,rf -f' I I V A I.-W - I If ' F I I ' 'I' I I I ,Q . gun Tris sI1nII use iIIea EI:-ave-her In TILW mar E ff. A1 wc. IzoIrI. I'I1ee,IIIgI1gIn J' I ' .I :g : .II , ' I I I: - ' I ' . - .f 1 ' " I . K - v - I , ll I ll PII ' E -- wIo. .vb-Eau, or IES, Our nwnlndf- v I. T ef If I I JE li- ,,Ifi1QL! lI I4I.II .I,.,jr,I,I ,-I ff gif I- IHI II our :Sham tI:I1DU5I1KIt t1EIfcIIL,ExrncI?a.r In U5 AI--.- Wa5SEsour'IIo.'II Ejc e e ss . I- ,IJ . IIQLU I Q-l.CI.IJ.EI.I1I f4 I III I If ' IH' ' f' - V' I a ,- , f' ' v 3 -F ' 0- ' fgs' X J ij L L L L ?"'T" I is ' In 1 VVe are Seniors and we are passing out of dear old E. F. A., some of us to begin life 's battle, and others to go on to higher institutions of learning. We have successfully passed over all obstacles placed in our way, and we have ac- complished our tasks. In the glow of graduation and peering into the future some of us, perhaps, forget the life in E. F. A. for the past four years. Let us pause for a moment in our mad, twentieth century rush and review our carrers in the Academy. Freshman! How we dreaded the name as we timidly entered the Academy for the iirst time on that fateful Tuesday in 1915! How many mistakes did we make in those first few days? How we were laughed at by the upper-classmen! Yet we managed to exist and as we began to get acquainted with teachers, Alge- bra, and each other, we were soon enjoying ourselves. Shortly we attended our irst mass meeting and nominated our officers. We began in politics. George Diven was elected presidentg Esther Lois Shoemaker, secretary, John Lynch, treasurer. We June Regents' with nothing in particular happening. urged to subscribe to wonderful papers, and to go out to receive instructions Booth, vice-president, drifted along towards We were frequently for games which men played and whi-eh, they said we would have to play some day. But we wisely stuck to our studies and under the safe guidance of Miss Calkins we had a picnic late in June before we tackled our grim semi-annual visitor. Sophoinores! And new we had our turn to tease those green children! We held our election early and elected Mortimer Sullivan president, Marion VVest, vice-president, K. Blyley, secretary, George Diven, treasurerg Miss Hopkins, patron saint. Between our work, and our activities into which some of the more venturesome now began to enter, we thought we were very busy but we managed fee? r ,s ax f l : 5 if' ,H 731205 to hold a party which was very successful. NVe were now accepted into that very powerful body of upper-classmen and we began to feel much taller and more potent as we gripped with the Giant. Juniors! Our assumed dignity almost overburdened us but we managed to keep up-right and managed with great eiitort to get our hats on. Under the cap- able guidance of Edward Young, president: Susan Holleran, vice-president, Marie Beardsley, secretary, Carlton Stanehtleld, treasurer, and Miss Quinlan, patron saint, we early began to assume our inherent duties. We even began to ehum around with SENIORS! We held a. big Junior party with a vaudeville show in the fall, which was quite an undertaking. We planned and Worked and studied, besides having a little fun now and then. We were ,right "in the swim." To crown our successful career we held a. party in May and then-on to meet our Destiny, the Regents! Seniors! Wonderful, hoped-for name! Title of dignity! How many of us looked any different from what we did as Juniors? Yet we thought we did, as the burdens of our elass and school fell upon us. Under our capable oflicers we soon entered upon our tasks, the Vindex, parties, committees, the Signuin. And now we are at the end. Our memories of fair E. F. A. are many and fond. Our friendships are dear. And so, in our busy rush, let us not forget our motto, "He profits most who serves best,'7 and strive to keep on as we have begun. ..,,-t- - A -2.-p . X -we ,ez "fig f- -. . v X-MSW' f gm 1,-we .gg,'a i'L,-f..f?gqn ,, 0 QQQEQM' wsdteg RETURN OF CO. L qfiggfyf RAXRH r M Uenv 33 .fi 36655 W QQJWM 'N : jf' Q ' 5 ,4, 1 N 2.11 15 1:.f J ., 1,-7'5 4' ' ,1,:'x'f s in 5 ,, 7.,X f-.0 ' , 1'--'ima -I Q' ."s ' ' A U' 'n ' '?'5X'x'?5Q K ,aff WH hx. lm. ' X. 4 .622 ' x wif? .si I N kia.. gre? MZ, ' . :gl jhblwd fy! 51 'i, v-'E si will? K' 1 3 ...iM'1 Fi' 'Wa-U 'I :5.fs:?5iEg,9 11 25:20 if W1 f-1 . .- J' 'ln F. , '- z 154,24 ! fl" xx, , .43 1 z Y sggI.fsspL,f, , 2251144 :iii akffiif? Ev.: an gg, 5-.Las ' wi-f ff ky, f 1 'J-4 -r 5 ' 152,145 ha! Q 'fb al' aw' Lqij fgQ'93Q!j6?5'a I ' 4. 'Ge' xx, Q Xue X F 'fo 5'2- 5 5 r 3 1 V n' , .1 ,PL '-JMS?-4'5s 'f13f'YV'5'7?ff' ' 1, if N:-' ff -24 JUNIORS f X we ev rgjge Mildred Atwater J. Earl Bateman Mildred Beach Margaret Beardsley Asa Bement Andrew Blash Emily Bogardus George Bogart Walt,ei- Bosley Helen Bower Alice Brett Lyle Brown Madeline Brown Ruth Brown Samuel Brown Louise Bryan Leo Buckley Margaret Bundy Mary Butcher Allen Cannan Kenneth Carey Eldon Chapman Ruth Christopher Frederick Clark Elizabeth Clement Clarence Clendenin Margaret Cleveland Lucia Clifford Lawrence Colby Stuart Cole VVebster Cole William Coleman Jean Collins Harold Collson Lucy Cone George Connelly Ida Cooper Avery Corning Dorothy Cowan Ruth Crane Jeannette Cross Lillian Daghistan ego-A Q llvl ' img ed f J, e ,-7 ' . mn RP! is 'Jlunior Class Hell Vililliam Dale Ruth Dalrymple Naomi Davis Anthony Delario Helen DeLong . Alice Dillon Daniel Dillon Irving Diven Doris Downs Merton Dunbar Clyde Easterbrook Williaiii Edminster Kenneth Edwards Helen Enricht Elizabeth Epstein Isabel Ewing Esther Fish Hazel Fitzherbert Margaret Fitzsimmons Esther Flynn Margaret Freeman Myrtle Frisbie Marion Fuhrman Margaret Gilbert Williaiii Goble Henry Gordon Ralph Gordon Ernest Haflett Mary Haller Dorothy Hammond George Hanlon George Hart Marion Hart Mary Hart Miriam Hays Madeleine Heine Helen Hood Bertha Hordes Byron Houglitaling Raymond Howes Lawrence Hunt Mary Hurley Claire James Mildred Jayncs Katherine Jewett Bernice Jones Thomas Judson Agnes Kane Arthur Keeette Margaret Keeton Kathleen Kennedy Lawrence Kolb Malcolm Landon Helen Larrison Dorothy Lawrence Winifred Lee Catherine Le Gro Mary Le Gro Frederick Leverich Jennie Logue Margaret Loop Helen Lutz Chester McCann Edmund McGlenn Gale McKean Arthur McMahon Dorothy MeMahan Farley Malone Sara Mark Jennie Marks Kenneth Marks Cora Miller Elias Miller Helen Miller Sara Mills Ruth Morgan Lewis Morse Sibyl Mosher Helen Moshier Remington Murphy Thaddeus Myers Louis Narsizenfield Galen Newman Thomas O'Brien Jolm O 'Dea J oette O 'Shaughnessy Edythe Palmer Esther Patterson Helen Patterson Harold Platt Marvin Pond Guinevere Poole Cliitord Pratt Drew Rader Georgia Randall Isabelle Reardon Harold Rice Leonard Riesch Wilbert Rising Gertrude Romer Katherine Schanley Henry Schott Frances Sergeant Katie Serio Nettie Sheffer Treva Shephard Edmond Sherman Doris Slauson Howard Spencer Lawrence Stannard Amelia Steftin Julia Steinhauser Henry Streeter Anna Sullivan Florence Sullivan Jack Sullivan Carl Sutter Beatrice Talada Eloise Tew Marion VanCampen Vlfalter Vieweg Franklin lVeaver Donald Weiiiple Carrie Vllhitson Earl Wilkiii Douglas Williains A f QSQD9 M N 1 K-dr, GQDRNCRQ x r ffgaxp XjQi!P,ND ,A .YFN QR PH 5 TY HCUL O1 UN TR GSH UGHES CHARL 6 I SE D SCU Q Q TNA I 1' GI YI - H LLY vt? Ffh? Q12 N H VJ .- 0NNE'.l..L E xv ,gn- ix- K . f5EK?, 9234! I X . f-1--' KX Q EW' 5 ffw 'K' 'T F,j 1 "Ti-',O xexg? QP! g 57 l I ,gh I 1 C 5 U X 0 - A f 4 T I I f 0 ' WW j , 31 H a I 1 H -2- ia m nv 1: 1 I , Q, C' , 3 2:53 YQ? ?F47m11,mR 1 - 1 . ji., .f'Xq ,fwg Nw Q I Q ,A OA'-F C M WG VM' . X N o R T -Ei LL ww! A- 4, fquf' I.. .. 5, E I E -S 1 Hg-I E-WH WW. -7 I 'I , if nf, n I I MIM L ' 1 f .Te ' gg XR Qi V f' HQ x , F7 Mina mil QWGHO Q Q12 6 QSEEF-fic , ,U mm jf E 'K vb SIENVM .11 X y M M nf All "N H i' --I vw l s'gl l X ' QSK W III T N2 E X I P. X X Xl - KE f - IL. XS - ,ff ' 'J M A f N 2 knew:-21 633' SOPHOMORES . T5 1 2 ggi , 2 fa' me 'rEXu'?l bi eff A1 qfiix M X-X SIENVM Sophomore Glass fiioll Mabel Adams Florence Agan Bernard Albee Natalie Albert Floyd Allen Caroline Aniberg Frances Armstrong John Bacon Naomi Bailey Kenneth Baker Verna Baxter James Beecher Mira Bennett Donald Bitner Raymond Blair Irene Borck Lois Botsford Margaret Bovier Margaret Brett Margaret Brickwedde Donald Brooks Roseina Brown Stanley Bryant Sarah Budovsky Margaret Burk Ruth Burley Kathleen Butler Catharine Cain Claude Campbell Helen Card Margaret Carmody Williaiii Carr Lena Carroll Clifford Carter Ralph Chapman Wilson Chapman Catharine Coffey Vivian Coggshall Alice Collins Frances Collins Carolyn Cone Albert Conklin Dorothy Connelly Humphrey Connelly Clare Conroy Bernard Cooper Adelaide Cooperman Marcus Cooperman John Costello Marion Cowan Margaret Craft Booth Crise Grace Cronin Mary Cronin Marian Crowley Estelle Curry Edward Dalrymple Elizabeth Day Cornelia Decker Ella. Decker Jacob Decker Ruth Decker Elizabeth Dempsey Catharine Dobberstein Louis Donahue Margaret Donahue Catharine Driscoll Madeline Dutfey Pearl Duval Arthur Edwards Julia Elias Lelabell Ellersick Rosabel Ellison Mary Espey Lucile Evert Douglas Feeck Ardine Ferris Anna Fidelman Benjamin Fidelman lsabel Finlay Frances Freeland Goldine Friedman Milton Friedman Donald Fudge Augusta Gaiser Max Galutia Frederick Garvey Vivian Gerard Bernice Getman Clara Gilbert Robert Gladke Everett Gleason Leslie Gould Helen Graham Charles Greatsinger Marian Greene Phyllis Grenelle Maude Grimes Richard Hallahan George Hanford Agnes Harper Edith Harris Harold Hart Florence Hassett Irene Hawthorne Lucy Hillerman Bernice Hoadley Marie Hogabooni Dorothy Holbrook Ray Horton Florence Howard Charles Everett Howes Sarah Hubbard Charles Huff Raymond Hurley Franklyn Husted Marjorie Jackson Sify? QSRPX 732'- Harold Jenkins Margaret Jones Sherman Jones Beatrice Kantz Rose Kaplin Joseph Key Eleanor Kelly John Frederick Kelly Mary Louise Kelly Arthur Kerwin Mary Kingston Naomi Knapp Marion Kolb Marie Kosko Clara Lacey M. Hyacinthe Laine Arminta Lattiiner Katherine Leader Gottlieb Leventhal John Levy Helen Yllinitred Loncoy Clayton Lovell Theodore Lovell Jennie Loviteh Julius Lovitch Fanny Lowman Vllilliam Lynn Donald McCann Frances McCarthy Vxlalter MeCreight Marie McDonald Agnes McGill Edmund McGlenn Hubert McNevin Margaret Mann lsabell e Mark Lester Marks Norman Marks Harry Marshall Dorothy Mathews Frances Mathews Margaret Mathews llelen Maxwell Aaron M, Miller Grace Miller Maurice Miller Ervin Mills Mae Malter George Monks Margaret Moorhead Leon Mosher Alice Murphy Eleanor Murphy Martin Murphy Olive Natis Sarah Newberry John Nichols R. Veronica Nixon Clara. Nonenma cher Earl Noneninacher Ruth Norton Anna O'Donnell Margaret O'Hare Lloyd Oliver Elizabeth Olmsted Idah Mae Painter Mabel Park Crystal Parks Geneviene Patterson Gladys Paul Shirley Peek Catharine Personius Elizabeth Pettit Harold C. Pillman Elva Pitts XVilliam Pottinger Esther Putney Marion Quinlan Elmer Rhoades Edna. Rice Helen Richmond Harold Riesch James Riffe Jane Riley Joseph Riley Helen Ritchie Frances Roberts Gladys Roberts Louis Rubin Gladys Rushmore Virginia Ryon Dorothy Sawyer Elorence Sawyer Arthur Saylor Hazel Schambacher M aragret Schlook Emil Schryber Florence Seafuse John Sergeant Nettie Sheffer Elsie She-lansky James Shepherd Raymond Shepardson Betty Sherwood Lueile Sleight Harold Slingerland Mollie Slutzky Eryene Smith Carrie Snyder Lillian Snyder Esther Spellecy Thomas Stapleton Maxwell Stevens Dorothy Stoddard Gordon Stone Paul Stone M ax Storms Harry Stow Theresa Sullivan Harold Susemihl Jameson Swarts Robert Sweet Louis Thomas Mildred Thompson Virginia Tinliler George Tomlinson George Twerdick Annie Utford Olive Van Dyne Alice Vanderlip Richard Vorhees Dorothy Vlfatts Ethel Wattis Newell Vtlatts Dorothea 'Webb Alice Yllebster Claude Xllilliams Gail Vllilliamson Emma Vlillis Mlil liam VVinner Miriam Vlfladis Ethel Woocl Ruth Wood Floyd VVoodhull Dorothy VVOods Myrtle Vlfright Emma Zager rfjq QNX fiX cm X .Kc ' , K S V , ,J - J- 1-7 yy , PNA FREEHMAN QM 1X 11 l ff Q W X 9 , DX W X X f 9 Xl ' . W 5 ' f X f xx XX NX 'Y i - "1 8, ,,L.q.-.-- gif: 2 x -' Y. ., Q.- N':fl"T u-+ ,.?.,. i . . ' . 53123115 fi.. '- Iisila..-gg: FRESHMEN ff , p Q' A Q23 F . T-X -X ,. '?L'Qf:ffQ:f Qg+i'ff,ifx , X fi? HIT - Djs, l, Q9 jp? at 59217 I G N V EQUAL EVENTS -5544, www MIN L: :- : W WWWH .I y Lfifigx I Ay! Zifix 1 . 1 L-JZ wvji Ni QX:.L: i y f x xx X X ' Q-l Q Z I ' X ' I I x , , il A X gl g ff MO ? , 1 I v 1 u ffjflM,V M W W W 1 ' yfff, 1 , X itil-f" ii i-, ,QEB A1 73 if Social 'Events Trbe Senior Uieception The Senior Class has held many enjoyable social functions but the largest and most successful was the Senior Reception which was held in the Masonic Temple, November 29, 1918. The hall was decorated with the class colors includ- ing the class banners and a few American flags. For the feature dance, a large American flag was suspended by the four corners in the middle of the hall. The flag was Hlled with baloons and at a given time these were allowed to float down upon the dancers. The refreshments consisted of punch and wafers. During the intermission the Fidelman sisters gave a delightful little dance. The following committees were responsible for the success of the party: Ticket Committee-Chauncey VVright, Rogers Churchill. Decoration Connnittee-Marie Bcardsley, Susan Holleran, James Deegan, Robert Titus. Entertainment Committee-Alice Grinnell, Marjorie Burk, Lawrence Fitch. Refreshment Committee-Louise Davis, Alice Price, Irving Hall, Lewis Rhodes. Music Committee-Harry Blank, Cara Van Campen, Dorothy Hays. Program Committee-Mortimer Sullivan, Helen Flynn, James Perry. 'Ebe Valentine Tarty On February 14, 1919, the Senior Class held a Valentine Party in the gym- nasium. The room was decorated with red crepe paper, and the lights being cov- cred with it, giving the room a soft glow. Along two sides of the room were small white-covered tables each bearing a vase of red carnations. After the ice cream and cake was served, "Reverend Rogers Churchill, D.D.," gave a very interesting sermon. Then Herman Leupelt and Charles Hughes ,alias Charles Chaplin, gave a very amusing dialogue. The remainder of thc evening was spent in dancing. The following people composed the -committee for this party: Marion West, chairman, Bernice Clark, Dorothy Espey, Edgar Tillman John Lynch. ea ffh EX ti'-W' ef Elm Signum Yaoaro Tarty May 2, the SIGNUM Board held a party in the gyninasiuin for the benefit of the Board. There was dancing to the uiusic of the Jazz Band and ice creain and wafers were served. A large crowd attended and a large ainount was real- ized. We ,owe the success of the party to Herman Leupelt, Marie Beardsley, Daniel O 'Neil, Carolyn Howe, and Helen Flynn. Senior Tarty of D'ZZar, 14, 1919 for whole School March ith, under the auspices of the Seniors a party was held in the gyin- nasium for the benefit of the Bronze Tablet Fund. An unusually large crowd attended and dancing was enjoyed until 10 :3'0. 5537.50 was the net proiit and this was turned over to the Student Council. The connnittee in charge was: Alice Price, Lucile Meeker, Daniel O 'Neil, John Lynch, Alfred Ziindahl, Janies Deegan, Harry Blank. 6521-'Eogetbet Tarty May 9, the Seniors held a. party in the gyinnasiuni for their parents and it was the novelty of the Year. Just imagine the students acting as teachers and Vice versa. Harry Blank conducted the class composed of English teachers, 'Henry Friendly taught U25 Math, Esther Leonard was in charge of the foreign language class, Janies Deegan showed how to run an office, Katherine Blyley instructed in science 5 and Mort led the teachers in physical training. It was a most enjoyable party, which was concluded with a talk by Dr. Lent. We hope that in the future the classes will follow the example of the Class of 1919 and hold a Get-Together Party for their parents. The connnittee in charge was Helen Fitzpatrick, Ellawene P-ettingill, Marie James, Elizabeth Evans. Williain Hoff- man, Morris Fidehnan, Leo MacNan1ara, Dorothea. Atwater, Venna Decker, Bronislaus Niekras, Gertrude Barton. Robert Titus, Williain McCarthy. .. ' P 1 . Q,-S' 'L O 'Dig X? 'QT ea swf gala in flu qf+s"w.':l7 q!'1.'Ub .ff7 y' vb 3-fx . yy ,QP URHIVHXTIEE Mm Q O59 f M U 51 5 KYB- ff ' . IJ 5:5 of 55 'fu '--H Q a AAL f I 7:-f-20? Y-E-.41 4' iff ,q QQ, ff HY E . is - lax. ' Ge I B 5.3 l ya IKVB ?3 PXP F A CAST FOR CLASS PLAY f ?j.,L' f iw. Ev un vb .f"vi?j'X0 fri We G ri 'Ti 'li l fi f x., HE MAN VH ETAYED AT Hlllltlf L ,. P 'EEEEA The Seniors produced a great play this year which everyone enjoyed. Con- ! .,.. bfrxief trary to the usual custom the play was not of ancient times but strictly modern. The story has to do with the present war. The place is an inn on the coast ol' England, the time, September 1914. It concerns the edorts of an English secret service man, Brent, to discover the German spies in this English inn, owned by Mrs. Sanderson. Brent suspects the Sandersons but needs proof. He is aided in his Work by Miriam Leigh, a widow. Brent ls love for Molly, and the quarrels between Miss Myrtle and Preston help the action along, while secret wireless stations, tires. guns, revolver tights, etc., furnish plenty of thrills. Innis Lyon, as the English secret service man, Christopher Brent, masque- rading as a dude, did well. He showed talent. Dorothy Todd as Molly Preston, Who, in love with Brent, 'has her patience sorely tried by his secret Work with Miriam Leigh, was the typical English girl. Alice Grinnell as Miriam Leigh, was the star. Her impersonation of the part of the sympathetic widow required talent, and Alice was "there'l every time. Edgar Tillman was a typical Englishman. Blustering, nervous, and easily excitable, he played Mr. Preston, Molly's father, to perfection. At the hotel there is also an old maid, Miss Myrtle, a "maiden lady" Who will never again see forty. She is the typical boarding-house "old maidn and she has set her cap for Preston. Venna Decker was Miss Myrtle and was the hit of the play. She was a scream. The difficult German parts required exceptional acting and each member of the German cast was excellent. Irving Hall played the villain, Carl Sanderson, as modern villains should be done. In the first part he was the suave, pleasing Englislnnan, but he quickly changed in the last to his real character. Helen Flynn as Fraulein Schroeder, the pseudo English governess, was very good. Edward Young made a great butler, his talent surprising everyone. His Ger- man dialect Was perfect. Mortimer Sullivan as the English recruit Pennicuick, Anna Bernstein as Mrs. Sanderson, and Alice Price as Daphne Kidlington, took their minor parts Well and deserve much credit. Daniel O'Nei1l had but a line in the last act but he took his part Well and he comes in for his share with the rest. The scenery was exceptionally appropriate and the properties very fitting indeed. Lawrence Fitch was the stage-manager and he surely was the man for the job. He showed that he knew how to make things perfect. Cornelius Sulli- van Was the business manager and he is responsible for the financial success. The greatest credit for the success of the play, however, goes to Mrs. Doyle, who so very capably coached the cast. GX QKXX ox CZ' bf 95457 QQQHT Q .bm P Violins Betty Bovier Lena Carrol Jack Miller Verna Baxter Dorothy Espey Dorothy Scharnbaoher 'llalitha Botsford George Hanford Dorothy Stoddard fjlianos Harry Blank Kathryn Jewett Blanche Welliver Alfred Zimdahl Saxophone Ray Horton Dorothy Hays Glornets Marion Clark Pitkin Husted Tilirums Gerald Hughes LaFayette Stevens Newton Walzer . QE. 5 av . . 932, 50 Eg ' Ev t"5i'33L3P ?3 , ,Nb r ' V ' .- . . , ,x 6 A i ' x. it . 'gg L' A I 0'i . G 3 r ...xc-: X , X. Q 1 S X , I j X Q5 5 itvvqx A lm ' by Q 129 75 - Y. 1 :. - k "ai 34' 0:22 x lk, jflianos Kkeleles Violin Marie Bearclsley J eau Collins Gem-ge Hanfgyd Harry Blank Alice Vanclerlip Ullanbolins Margaret Bearclsley Doi-otha Halliday Emily Bogardus Alvarettal Ross XVilla Dulil Katherine Ketcliam Gertrude Geib Mortimer Sullivan Cornet Marion Clark THE STUDENT COUNCIL EE A 15" it QQ? gk Q Ea rgefvxf 953 F 1 K- X ESTUDENT COUNCILS The Student Council this year has accomplished many things. NVith mem- bers representing all activities and all interests of the school, the Council is a direct medium for helping E. F. A. in many Ways. The Council this year undertook the task of raising money to buy a bronze tablet upon which will be inscribed the names of our heroic dead. Katherine Blyley is chairman of this committee and she has accomplished a wonderful work as nearly 39200 has been raised already. Before school closes in June the entire sum will be at hand to pay for this fine tribute to the memory of the Academy boys who died in the service. Another committee was the Thrift Stamp committee. Mr. Parker after Regents gave the management of the Thrift Stamp campaign in the Academy to the Student Council. This campaign was continued till the middle of April when the Home Room Representative plan went into effect. Altogether the Student Council Committees sold many dollars worth of Thrift Stamps. The officers of the Council are, Arthur McMahon, presidentg Katherine Bly- ley, vice-presidentg Marie Beardsley, secretaryg Mortimer Sullivan, treasurerg Margaret Beardsley, Vindex editor. The Council roll is as follows: V. Baxter H. Friendly J. Marks lu. Beardsley D. Fudge D. O'Neil Marie Beardsley G. Hanford M Quinlan H. Blank TV. HOffI11a11 L, Shoelfmker K. Blyley S. Holleran S. Sullivan W. Bosley F. Hassett M Sullivan R. Brown R. Howes E. Tillman L. Davis A. Kceffe M W'est N. Davis A. Fi. Leonard C. Wriglit J. Deegan W. Lutz E. Young K. Edwards A. MacMahon A. Zimdahl H. Flynn T. Malone Besides the above mentioned, there were many other committees that have accomplished things for the betterment of the school. A The much importance and makes its influence felt in the school. Student Council is of THE VIN DEX BOARD bf rf J THQ? rig ,X ,5g?1E.gftO, fel Tbbc Uinecx The Vindex this year maintained its reputation of being the best school paper in the state, That its worth is evident to the students of E. F. A, is shown by the number of subscriptions, which this year exceeded that of any previous year of Vindex existence. ' V The Vindex was under the capable management of of Henry Friendly, editor, and Alfred Zimdahl, business manager. Henry Friendly showed much skill and insight into school conditions by his excellent editorials, which were looked for from issue to issue by all the students. He was assisted in his work by Madeline Eoak and Harry l-Blank, whose serial story, 'The Secret VVay," was very thrilling and created a senastion throughout the school as it ran from December to May. The Literary Editors also supplied much material for the Vindex. Alice Grinnell wrote several excellent short stories, Edward Young was responsible for some clever essays, while the following wrote short articles of importance: Elizabeth Epstein, Dorothy Matthews, Esther Leonard, Ethel Maclnerney, Arthur Keeffe. VVhen lnnis Lyons returned to school in February he assumed the editorship of the Bungle which has been a source of much en- joyment to the students. The Class Notes were capably handled by Katherine Blyley and Naomi Davis, the jokes, always a source of much laughter, by Rogers Churchill and VValter V ieweg, Athletics, Mortimer Sullivan, Forum, James Deegan, Exchange, Susan Holleran, Orchestra, Dorothy Hays, Student Council, Margaret Beards- ley. Alfred Zimdahl was assisted by Cornelius Sullivan and Anthony Delario. The ads were solicited by Williaiil Lutz. Chauncey W1'Tg'l1t and Wenclell Howard acted as circulation managers, while Everett Howes and Booth Crise, George Merrill and Donald Thomas cared for the interests of the Sophomore and Fresh- man classes respectively. Mrs. Doyle acted as Literary Critic and adviser, Miss Youmans furnished some excellent new covers from her classes, and Mr. Neuwirth assisted the business managers. The two big numbers of the year were the Girls? Number, issued in April, and the big May issue of '52 pages which was quite a novelty. The Girls' Num- ber especially showed that the girls can do things as well as the boys even in get- ting ads as the girls with Katherine Blyley as business manager almost doubled the usual amount of advertising. So the V index has passed through another successful year, which we know will be a stimulus to greater efforts in the years to -come. NLE- ' ,,g3,,u.AgO EE' 11:5 pf 1 gp 4?3,w..5fI Qi? UI 6.539 qf5'f.,.Ag,5 012 EG . 3+ - 7ja-xlvb QQQX K 2 'S 8 vosyj ,, I W f X o I 4 i .. V --.. le ,li 1' FORUM Qlofught. FORUM 'STKE 330 E15 5 I E N V M 3 Ik 76,5 Ebe Tforum E The past year has been an unusually successful. - one for the Forum Debating Club. The member- ship was very large, and the membeis were most enthusiastic in their work. The Forum aims to "a V l '55 ' develop good speakers by holding debates on im- ,41 portant questions of the day. A debate is held each week of the school year, and the discussion on any question is open to every member present. The manner of holding the debates is also invaluable training to any person. This is as follows: Each member on entering the club is assigned to some particular state, as a senator from that state, he MISS JANE M- BIRCHARD may brng up bills, discuss motions and vote on them exactly as is done in the Senate of the United States. Thus every member is not only trained to speak in public, but also receives at good knowledge of parliamentary law. Debates, however, were not the only affairs held during the year. The mem- bers found time on two occasions to enjoy themselves. This enjoyment was in the nature of dancing parties which were held at the Federation. Both events were well attended and all enjoyed themselves immensely. Last year the members decided not to hold the annual Forum banquet. The money that would have been spent in this way was given over to the Red Cross. This year, the members voted to hold the banquet. This will be held at the end of the school year. The success of the club, this year, is largely due to the untiring efforts of Miss Birchard, the faculty adviser, who so willingly took up the work formerly carried on by Mr. Hill. Also we must not forget that credit is due the officers of the club for their work during this term. These officers were: Daniel O'Neill, president, XVilliam Lutz, vice-president, NValter Tieweg, treasurer 5 George Connelly, recording secretary, Vtfilliam McCarthy, corresponding secretary 5 Cornelius Sullivan, sergeant at arms, James Deegan, Forum editor. SIGNVM Q 'QE 95,12 K1 do 'WRC . E? G E WZ ii pf ' 'D ,ff-7 73 ,QP TEX? TDebaling Beam The Debating Team was chosen during March and was composed of the following: Henry Friendly, leader, lnnis Lyon, Arthur Keeffe and Raymond Howes, alternate. Miss Birchard, the faculty adviser of the Forum, acted as coach . The question submitted to Binghamton was, Resolved: That the estab- lishment of a League of Nations as defined by the covenant of February 14, 1919, would be for the best interests of the United States. On this question our team supported the affirmative. The debate was held on May 16, in Binghamton. The team this year was quite remarkable, as all but the leader, Henry Friendly, had never before been in a formal debate. Henry Friendly was a member of last year 's team which debated the railroad question with Binghamton in Elmira. The Amherst prize cup offered as a permanent gift to the winner of three suc- cessive debates was in the possession of Elmira this year, and because of the wonderful fight that our boys put up we shall have the cup again next year. It is the first time in the ten years of Elmira-Binghamton debates that a team Won away from home. The team deserves great credit. E. ,fg. Lrg Av aww Ba .B JU 032, NB if 'BMW if - f' '7 73 -20? 4 F UUTBRLL TRACK BASKET BALL BASEBALL im gg, U D QED? 4f5,W.45gO Sv 432 m SU C E 6 wi 1 1 x 1. 5 I I ATHLETIC COUNCIL 'GW 2. ,T sw - f 2 ?3 Xq!'1.,N6 X 1 I Toolball Athletics is again coming into its own at E. F. A. One has only to glance at the record made by this year's football team in order to secure ample proof of this fact. Some of the fellows may have been small but they sure could play football. "Billl' Hoffman was captain, and 'fRed" Tillman, manager 5 and they both had much to do with making the season such a success. The largest share of the credit goes to Frank Ross, the efficient coach and staunch supporter of E. F. A, football. The squad consisted of: HBill" Hoffman, 4'Red" Tillman, 4'Fairy7' Vieweg, "Smiler'7 Kerwan, 4'Si" Stannard, "Danny7' O'Neill, "Jack, Cusick, '4Charlie" Hughes, '4Ray" Horton, UAV, Bosley, HBuck" Greatsinger, t'Johnnie" Murtaugh, 4'Jack'7 Nichols, HDon" McCann. L'Young" Sadler and t'Rcd Rileyfl The final scores of the games. Hcrnell High .................. 6 E. F. A. . . . .. .22 Cascadilla "Prep" . ... 0 E. F. A. ... .....21 Ithaca ........ 6 E. F. A. Corning ..... 0 E.F.A. lVilliamsport . . ..... 26 E. F. A. . . . . . . 7 Binghamton ..... ..... 1 9 E. F. A. . ...,. 19 Starky Seminary ... .. . O E. F. A. . . . .. . . .21 10 Union Endicott . . . . . .11 E. F. A. . . . . QE 99551 ftjdmxft E NV M 7 . 97557515 P Basketball Although the Football team did excellent work this year, the Basketball team did even better. It is true that they lost more games than the football squad but they also won more and made up for every game lost by beating the team that had defeated them by a larger score than it had secured against E. F. A. There have been many claims for the Championship of the Southern Tier but when Elimrafs is considered the others must take second place. Coach Harry Shepherd was one of the main factors in making the E. F. A. basketball machine a success. The other factors were, John Levy CMgr.35 Drew Rader, CCapt.D 5 Crandal Schmidt, Martin Murphy, Thomas Malone, Carl Sutter and Mortimer Sullivan. A study of the following scores will serve to convince the reader of E. F. A. ability: Starkey ...................... 11 E. F. A. ...................... 33 Starkey ...... .. 34 E. F. A. . . .. . 28 Binghamton ... . . .11 E. F. A. .. ... 27 Binghamton . . . . 27 E. F, A, . . , , . 24 Penn Yan ... .. 16 E. F. A. .... ... 28 Penn Yan .... .. 29 E. F. A. .... 28 Vllilliamsport .... .. 11 E. F. A. .. 36 Williamsport .... .... 4 5 E. F. A. .. 22 Hornell ........ . . 11 ltl, F. A. .. ,, , 31 Hornell ........,. .. 32 E. F. A. .. ... 21 Union Endicott ... ... 12 E. F. A. .. ... 23 Vnion Endicott .. .... 16 E. F. A. .. 28 Hammondsport . . . . . . 13 E, F, A, , , , . , 30 Alumni ........ .. 14- E F A 24 Gfiggxx X AD N i Qfx Q w k QQ 'zz' J K' if X X N ff A' In- A :iflSA nd NK If : I v,YAv T '- I fl , N - X ' A X XX ' -Q . 1 war ' , 3' Columbia Bicycles Step into our store today-Quality Ifleadquarters-ancl pick out your new 1919 Columbia. As usual, this season 's Coluinbias are the snappiest-looking, long- est-Wearing, easiest-running, most comfortable bicycles. 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The following are adopted in part or in full and fitted to the present nted from Mark Twain's t'English As She Is Taugiitf' Throughout this last year Miss Hopkins has been heard to say the follow- ing things in her mathematics classes :- HA circle is a round straight line with a. hole in the middlef' HThings which are equal to each other are equal to anything else." "To find the number of square feet in the room you multiply the room by the number of feet. The product is the result." . We have heard -of many fine sayings in Physical Geography, and in that subject Miss Underhill is the one who gives us these few facts. We have not been able to iind out if she said all of them or whether the students spoke them. From the following it looks as if both might be the case. HThe Rocky Mountains are on the Weste1'11 side of Philadelphia." "Cape Hatteras is a vast body of water surrounded by land and flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. " 'tMason and Dixon's Line is the Equator." H ' f. -. vs . . ' 1 - . . Hindustan tion s thi ough the Ganges and empties into the Mediterranean Sea." H l v 1 '. v , . . , 'lhe tn o most famous x olcanocs of Europe are Sodom and Gomorrah." Compliments of Ll, P. Sz M. SULLIVAN 111 to 119 E. Water St. Elmira, N. Y. MRS. NEEF Fine Millinery East Xvater Street ELMIRA, N. Y. Qmmann Uhr Elllnriat IH? HH. Hllarlzvt 551. O ' 'gd 1 Bl, way. .Agn ,vvl 53179, Qv y Zlllnmerz fur Euerghnhg calf ltcs lnsurance, 1 Write lf' TOM MAXCY 206-7-8 Robinson Bldg T111 5 All Goods XW'2L1'l'211'1tGd as Represei LOUIS HAMPLE Get your G SODAS and Clothing, Shoes BAKED STUFFS ancl Furnishings Of me Qutlittei' for lVlen and Boys 306 E. Water St. Elmira, N Y Q American- aid Bread MADE BY DAWDY SOLD AEVERYWI-IERE MODERN MET1-Ions 1 S3 HH:G111'j',77 spoke the :E111i111e1' to 3 I 1 iff? his hired 111311. 'lhuve you scrub- I . bed the cows with toilet soap?" -X " "Yep " A -1 N 1 "Have You sprz1yec1 1110111 with ,513- F1o1'i11z111'ute1'?'? 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Preliminary requirement for the Sessions of 1919-20 and 1920-21 The satisfactory completion of a four year course in an approved high school, including one year each of chemistry, physics and biology. , PRELIMINARY REQUIREMENT FOR THE SESSION OF 1921-22 A dental student certificate may be obtained after January 1, 1921, upon the presentation of satisfactory evidence of the completion of not less than one year of instruction in any approved college of liberal arts and science, after the completion of an approved four year high school course, based upon eight years of elementary preparation. The year of college instruction must be of at least fifteen Week hours, including English 3, physics 3, biology 3, and chemistry 3. For further information, address DR. DANIEL H. SQUIRE, Dean, University of Buffalo, College of Dentistry, 25 Goodrich Street, Buffalo, N. Y. - ,. .Ll Miss Rockwell gave the following notes from her vast intellect. She did not write them out with pen and ink, but in another more legible Way. "Queen Isabella of Spain sold her watch and chain and other millinery so that Columbus could discover All'lGl"l'C'il.,, 'tThe Indians pursued their warfare by hiding behind bushes and scalp- ing thenifl "The Puritans found an insane asylum in the wilds of America." "The Stamp Act was to make everybody stamp all materials so they should be null and void." t'VVashington died in Spain almost- broken hearted. His remains were taken to the cathedral in Havana." '4Republican, a sinner mentioned in the biblef' "A bill becomes a law when the President vetoes it." H The first Const-ientious Congress met in Philadelphia." "The Constitution of the United States was established to insure domes- tic hostilityf, Also, HThe Constitution is that part of the book at the end which nobody reads' i 'Congress is divided into civilized, half civilized, and savage." 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Water St, 5 , l Ye Chronicle of Ye Yeere Recounting the events of importance, mysteries and humorous incidents of the past skule yeere BY THE SIGNUM CHRONICLER DATE EVENTS, HUMOROUS INCIDENTS AND MYSTERIES Sept. 3, 1918. Skule begins. Tl101'e was a new era in perfume in 19, as ye no doubt have smelled. Sept. 1 , 1918. The 1Vorld 's Series commenced this dae. Sept. 8, 1918 First Sunday after skule commenced. Sept.23,1918. l3nrke's Hf'oneiliation with Americaw started and we stew- dents wished it were the ende. Oct. 10, 1918. Five weaks testes at hand. Have ye fainte recollections? Oct. 15, 1918. Skule closed bekaus of ye inflewenza. Those who were not afflicted had a gude tyme, Nov. 11, 1918. Ye armistiee was signed. Everybodic was in great joy. Nov. 18, 1918. At last we wend our wearie way once more to and fre from sknle. We dearlie begin to pay for our vacation. Have ye no remem- brance ot ye longe lessons that ye kruel teechers appropor- tioned? Nov. 28,1918 Thanksgiving. Yea, we were thankful that we had this day to ourselves. Skule tomorrow. Nov. 29, 1918. The Senior ,Reception has come. The like of it has never been seen nor will it. DCC. 3, 1918. First 'Vimflex to make its appeerance. Dec. 6, 1918. British Day. Dec. 10, 1918. Signnm liorde appointed. Dec. 13, 1918. Ye superstitious people! Today is Friday the threeteenth. First Basketball. game. Starkey-we won. Dec. 11, 1918. Student Council Party. Dr. H. 1Vm. Blank gave an exhibition of pipe smoking. Dec. 18,1918 Tests once more. Some teechers were so kinds as to give nonne. To them the stewdents were thankful. Dec. 25,1918 Annual Swap Day. In the diarie of ye Chronicler was the following memorandum: 4tWlio in ........ ever heard of Christmas without a vacation Qi, 'tLater.-VVe got the rest of the week-2 days. " Dec. 26, 1918. Signum Borde had its first cottage party. Dec. 27, 1918. t4Aliee, did you get home all right?" This was the beginning. Dec. 31, 1918. Ye ende ot ye yeere. Jan. 1, 1919. Resolution day. Swear on and otte. Jan. 2, 1919. All back to swnle with a grouche. Ed and Esther on one more committee. Jan. 6, 1918. Secret Signum meeting. Very mysterious. Jan. 7, 1919. Katherine Blyley invented a new way to whissle. . Jan. 8, 1919. Dr. Blank taught NZD historie in period 11-2. He received a grate supplie of marbles, pennies and chalk. Jan. 10,1919 Vindex party at the home of ye editor Hndacob. 1 Jan. 13,1919 Report cards received. Notice the date? F8116 appropriate. Jan. 17, 1919. Last day of skule before Regents. - 7 liasketball Union-Endicott Sz E, F. A. Crape on Endicott S doors. J an. 20-24 Regents, Midyeeres and tinalls. TEMPLE BOOK STORE School Books, Stationery E. D. ROGERS and Fountain Pens Gloves, Hats and Caps At the most reasonable prices Water Cor. Lake and Market Sts. Jan. 24 1919. Elmira. and Binghamton played Basketball Sz the nutts left licked. Jan. 30,1919 Bill Coleman came to skule wearing C525 a. derbie hatt. We have been informed that a tail hangs thereby. Feb. 2, 1919. Ground Hog day. He saw his shadow. Feb. 11, 1919. Debate on Johnson in History. The legal side was called for and it won. Rogers Churchill and Henry Friendly up- held the legal side. Katherine Blyley and Harry Blank lost. Harry talked on "ethics." Feb. 12, 1919. Lincoln 's birthday. We had a half day session. Feb 13 1919. Minor explosion in Chemistry. School not endangered but Billy Hoffman seaired. Feb. 14 1919. Valentines Day Senior Party-Heart's n' everything. Mr. John Freund addressed assembly. Feb. 22,1919 Washingtonls birthday. We had assembly Friday. Signum Cottage Party Number Two. Al arrived late. Feb. 24, 1919. Hank's mad. VVQ Wonder whi? Feb. 27,1919 Student Council Assembly-Ceramics from Alfred. Feb. 28 1919. Student Council Party. Mar. 4, 1919. A play in English given. Katherine Sz Jimmie make love. Mar. 6-10,1919 The sublime Visage of testes greete us once more. Mar 8, 1919 Yindex party at Naomi Davis' house. 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Apr. 25,1919 3rd Signum Cottage Party-Flynnis Inn flee Housed May 2, 1919. Easter Vacation-Theses again! May 1-1, 1919. Ye Yeere Booke has at last gone to press. Our Worries are about over. May 16,1919 Debate at Binghamton. Hanles hair dazzeled them. May 23, 1919. Senior Day-Honors announced. May 28, 1919. Drill is at last over with. nay 23-29 June 16-20 June 25, 1919. Senior Play given. Verie ine. Ye iinall Regents exams. Commencement. Now our purpose is done. Ye have heard all we intended to tell you, and now we sadly close . Clothes of lnclivicluality for Misses and the younger set, eni- boilying' the niost advanced fash- ions in Coats, Capes, Dolnians, Suits, Froclcs, Gowns anal Blouses, Pettieoats, Separate Skirts, Corsets and Unclerwear Nlillinery Eloquent of Spring Time. Hats That Forecast Delightful Surprises The Misses Sullivan 300-1-202 E. Water Sr. Masonic Temple 554 72 Penna Ave 559 G. l'l. Cotton 81 Bro. Truokmen Safe, Boiler Machinery and lilurniture Movers Elmira., N. 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The one believes In keeping His name Before the public By having It in the Newspapers. magazines, On billboards, signs, N' cvorytliing. The other, XV. I. Booth. A manufacturer Of candies of Quality, Says he has A better way. Ile has His name In every person's llonth Every time He or she eats A piece of candy Of the famous Esther brand, Ainsworth brand or Billy brand. So, students The next time You buy some Chocolates of Quality D0n't forget to Look for the name Booth Staunpcd on The under side. I thank you. Cwith apologies to K. C. BJ BOOTHS CHOCOLATES Made in ELMIRA THE OLD RELIABLE PIAND AND MUSIC HGUSE Home of 'IEE I? 1 ,Q i I' In 2 J gf' ,,,,.:LL A T Piano PIANOS AND PLAYER PIANOS The Doylemarx Pianos are the choice of expert musicians, whether in the home or on the concert stage. Their tone is an inspiration to higher Ideals. 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Y, W, C, A, Aylarie Beardsley M 'l-ig Qhl Boy Foygetfuhless lfivelynpbeenian Ev You Never Saw Such a Girl Late to school Anna Bernstein. lxllllgl Qllln Chin Hel. acting Katherine G. Blyley Kalrine ftlverytliiiig' lmllgl-taucgll Talitha. Botsford TB The 'Masters Violin Equestrianism Aileen Brown Brounie The Yelvet Lady "'1'rotting" Lillian Bullock Bill Miss Siinplieity Slulllousness Marjorie Burk Billie Business Before Pleasure ,Proinenading Bernice Butler Anna B Madcap lnterrogating Berniee Ulafk Shorty The lg'ri1na Donna 240 Big Flats Helen Clark Helen Hohoheniia Deliberateness Frances Curry lluekie Oh! Look Inrlividuality DOLUSG l?2lYiS Lowize A ,Perfect Lady Miss Prim enna ,er-ter Yuma- ,, V ei, H ' ' ll - Norma! Xvitt dfitfiel .lhe Silent UQ Partners Gvlfftilggksnlot C1 NVilla Duhl Bill Secretary ot Frivolous Drumming on the banjo Affais Dorothy Esliey Dot The Second Violin A fondness for hills lfiliZ21llGil1 Evans Betty The Roads of Destiny Constancy Eleanor Ewing Eleanor Playing the Woman Conseientiousness Thelma Fetter Spuds Watch Your Step Franknesg Helen Fitzpatrick Fitz The Unknown Purple Frivolity Helen Flynn Flynnie Seventeen .lollity Freda Freeman Fre The Way of Ambition Stenographicai Proijcienc Gertrude Geih Gert .lust for Fun One of oiiyi' best Frances Goldberg Fran Under Orders Her XVork Helen Gray Helen LaBelle Helene Quiet and Delnure Alice M. Grinv-ll Pglly The Little Teacher Eiiiciency Dorotha Halliday Dot The Spring Maid Laughing Dorothy Hays Dot A Good Little Devil A weighty person Rose Hoffman Rosie A Rose of the 39.110110 A rose without-a thorn Susan K. Holleran Sue Erstwhile Susan . Loqnaciousness Helen Hooper Helen Experience Always happy Ida Hordes Sash The Crowded Hour Minuteness. Carolyn Howe Carrie Somebody's Sweetheart Simplicity M31-ie James M '1-ig Keep It To Yourself Awestruck player Ellen Jennison Ellen Here Comes the Bride Size Mildred Johnson Midget The Riddle Vlloman Goggles lgfllel Ifglly E1-1131 Fair and lVarzne1' Luminosity Eileen Kline Klinie The Flirt Puffs Esther Leonard Kewpie Personality Plus Good things come in small Jarcels Nlgldgg Long Madge A Contented Woman C'?j I Lucille Meeker Louie La, La Lucile Professor Jazz Yola Mitchell Vo A Full House The Road to VVa,ve1-ly Eleanor McConnell Macky The Voice of McConnell A pleasant maid Ethel Mclnerney An admirer of Burke Julia! xfloyyiggy ,Tulle Coinrades A Silent Comrade 'Harriet Nagler Harriet A Comedy of Errors Am. Hist. Shark UQ Ella Newberry Ella Ladies First Never heard Helen Noble Curly A Girl of the Golden West Attractiveliess Ellawene Pettingill Ellawene lifilflflllle The Gigi-'lel' Alicfe price Al Madam President BiUSiliHg Catllelilue Rnclney lidigy Katrine Pink and blues Helen Rhggdg-5 Helen Shadows Nothing Ruth Roberts Ruth Measure for Measure Never unaccompanied Alveretta Ross Doe The Merry Wicloxi VGT5' demure Mildred Sanford lfil The Private Secretary Always busy Lois Shoemaker Slioey T119 FUGHD' A ffmfltic I-if ll2l1'iiY2'01'ltZ lVIacGREEVEY- SLlGHT-DEGRAFF CO. 313 E. Water Street School and College Text Books Stationery and PLOSS STUDIO Portraits by Photography FRAMING AND ENLARGING Kodak Finishing PHONE 604-R 157 LAKE ST. CONIPLITWENTS OF THE Federation Pharmacy E1'1g'l"3fVl1'1g 100 W. CHURCH ST. For The JOHN H. 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Tonltl Anna Troxel Cara, Yan Canipen Blanehe llfelliver Marian West Karolena Zinnnernian Harry NV. lfilzmnzli Harolil Chainlierlain lhlilliani Coinpton Howsiiwl Unohl Rogers Churchill George Lioxe ,lanies Decegnn Walter Ferris Morris Fiilleinan Lawrence Fitch l3ernnril Prienlinan Henry Frienilly Irving H all G1'rahl Alilfll'Yll6il Roliert Hinkel William I-loffnian lllen clell Hoirartl Charles Hughes Henry Lent Hwiiiziii Lmilieli John Lynch William Mvkhirtliy Leo l'leNaninra Leo Mnlanoski Bronislaus Niekras Daniel O'Xeill James Perry Harolfl Personius R. Titus Nathan Platt Lewis Rlioafles Hyman Rubin Charles Seigeaiif Oscar Siegel Cornelius Sullivan Mortimer Sullivan Edgar Tillman Chauncey lV1'ight Ezltvaixl Young Xllillarll Yooung Alfreil Ziinflahl Iilzi Spen Dortlg Ann U Donlnly Peg Ziniin ie fllarry Mutt Billy llon' Q lj lkie toxin J as. ll'alt ? ? lfituhie l3f'l'1'1lll'ml .l altie l'le1-',- Hawl Bob Billie Putient Charlie l'lzi1Llc Herinan Johnnie Bill Mackie Leo ? Dan .liinniie Harold Bob ? Louie Hy Far S fgull Sully Mort Rell Chan Aki? llfillarcl Al Maclaine X The Eyes of Youth The Gznlliy Hi Jinx To-1lay's Danglin-r The Gay Musician A Cure for Curables Carolina Captain Courtesy The Three Twins Hall: a Rogue .llailily Long-legs Business Belore lp'leasure The Man from Home Who Cares? Youre in Lore Freckles That l7ortunate Youth Thv Royal Vagahoinl The Tailor-inarle Man The Man in Lonely Lancl Sllfjllilllg Life Liglitniiig A Suecfessifiil Calamity Please Get Marrieil , The Flying l,luie!iznan .l olinny, Get Your Gun The Man from Home The Betrothal N7 7 The Fortune Hunter The Hauntefl Pujaiiias Sleeping Partners Cl 7 The Kiss Burglar A Coniecly of Errors Come On, Cliarlie! The Pretender Cheating Cheaterg Much Arlo About Nothini Overlnncl Rell It Pays to Advertise The Music Mastei A fientleniau of Leisure The Law of the Tianil v4'5'qV 4 -" ACC0l11l11OQliLlZlHg Optiini sin The Actress Firiness One of the gang llappy-go-liuflcy The athletic girl A lausiness wonian Speed Skipping School Alglliiig Nvorlz Q U Business N oise N onsense Story-telling Explaining UQ Blarneying Style His hair Football Dorothy Yanileville Helen Jazz Parties Curly Hair His Voice Orzitory '?'?? H is Hair Grzen Auto Importance ,lust a niinnte His eyes Being on time Drollery Size A. T. C. Nothing in paiticulnr Everytliing in general Everything .lane Business The Buttler W? S p e e c li e s ' 'mia -1 gl Q' a ' 'W' 7 Q ' mm ll If 9 X N Wi ? Mr. O'Brien gave the three rules as below appended to the Senior Glee Club. HAn interval in music is the distance on the keyboard from one piano to the nexitf' HA rest means that you are not to singfl HEniphasis is putting more distress on one word than the other." Miss Gamble told these few to her class and various members told them to us. viz: UThe House of Seven Gables was written by Lord Bryant." "Ben Jonson survived Shakespeare in some respects." "Chaucer was the founder of English pottery. " Mrs. Doyle told her classes :- "Chau'cer was succeeded by H. Wacls. Longfellow, an American writer. flis writings Were chieily prose and nearly one hundred years elapsedf' HGeorge Eliot left a wife and children who mourned greatly for his genius. ' ' 'tSir Walter Scott, Charles Bronte, Alfred the Great and Johnson were the first great novel-ists." 'tMiss Godfrey was caught this once :- t'Thomas Babbington Makorly graduated at Harvard and studied law, he was raised to the peerage as Baron in 1557 and died in ll776." Dr. D. A. Cady, B. S., V. P., has worked out some questions in Physics which disprove some of the hitherto standard rules. This is the result of his great labor. "The Weight of the earth is found by comparing a mass of known lead with that of a mass of unknown lead." UA body will go just as far in the first second as the body will go plus the force of gravity, and thatls equal to twice what the body will go." This dis- proves Ga.lileo's theory. 'ilnertia is that property of bodies by virtue of which it cannot change its own condition of rest or motion. In other words it is the negative quality ot passiveness in recoverable latency Cnot lunacyj or insipient latesencef' Here are a few general definitions we struck in our search. 'These occurred no doubt, because the sound confused the pupil. J "Alias, a good man in the Bible." i'A1nmonia, the food of the gods." HAuriferous, pertaining to an orifice." t'E1nolument, a headstone to a gravefi Hlpeeac, a man who like a good dinner," lVlen's and Young lVlen's Copyrighted Styles Fashion Park Clothes .Xml :xlIlCl'lI'ili'S Only ICIIOXYII Prices Clothes STYLE PLUS T I S25-330-S35 3 ' '09 I lvl Mzlnlmttzxn Shirts and I Stetson Hats lg E - L 55 he .if 4 lVieGLENN'S .l 141 E. Water Sr. f Elmira, N. Y. nk A 1 A .t.."' P Everybody goes to THE, Cancl lafld The Sweetest Place in Town 'We are ready for the Young '- Fellows with the newest of Low Choice 'With Academy Students Shoes 319 E. Water St. ' Elmira, N. Y. The Sign of the Comet PULOS BROS X 1 w w K w 1 S. F. ISZARD CO. Water Street at Baldwin DRESSES WITH INDIVIDUALITY-IN ALL FAVORED MATERIALS Indivicluality is the Hpersonal eliaracterll of a. dress A L that makes it fit and fall in a manner that brings prompt approval. .lildivicluality is the outcome of intimate knowledge of the styles, uneri-ing judgment in applying that knowledge and the expert ls touch and guidance in creating the gar- ments. NVe are now showing many dresses from suteh special- ists, afternoon gowns that have style individuality-distinct and uinnistakahle. S. F. ISZARD CO. I The Store that Guarantees Its Advertising I N. Y' I 1 'Qifr :i Q 1 it if 55 i Y Q I-IOW TO METER. "Tliere are meters Iambie and Eh? meters Trochaie: I ' There are meters in musical tone, 9 But, the meter - 1 That's sweeter And neater, 1' Completer. I Is to meter in the moonlight alone." 323 if. mater gi. C, C, CARROLL 12 7 XV. XVater Young lVlen's Clothing iilaie li. Glleuelanh Odd Trousers in Blue. Brown and Green Flannel Tl-IE. GEO. W. PECK CO. Your summer needs can be quickly and satisfactorily k f A rdvs are selected here from our large and varied stoc o ha f house furnishings. seeds, garden tools, refrigerators, ham- mocks, machinists, tools, carpenters' tools and everything you need lor the summer. A Phoneigll St. P 6 ELECTRICITY Tiirhlilivhm Some clay, when you equip that home for yourself, anrl start out in life-begin right, with every moclern electrical convenience.. They will save you time, money and a lot of hard work. Remember l Elmira Water, Light Sz R. R. Co. Commercial Department Hulett Building WHERE ECCDNUMY RULES ELEVEN RED raour rm sroaes in Elmira, N. Y. GREAT ATLANTlC 8: PACIFIC TEA CU, 3816 Stores in U. S. Elmira Star-Gazette INCORPGRATED Publishers Printers Bookbinders Modenn facilities for Printing Ruling, Punching and Binding Catalogs Books Booklets College Annuals Weekly and Monthly Publications Stcztioneiy, Tickets, Show Caifds, Bill Heads, Stateinents Envelopes PHONE 3000 The Langwell Barber Shop VVE HAVE VIOLET RAY AND ELECTRIC HAIR DRIER Four Chairs L. V. DYER, Prop. INDEFINITE. 'LLe1id me fifty, will you?" "I will when I get back from New Yorkfp HVVl1C11 are you going to New York ? M 'cJust before I lend you that X ba. -- .1 .W . w 64- Q:- H "'l ' ' . - - ' . ' " 352.---2.1. ' z. :1'f.1:"ff:s:::1:2a:s:::fs. r. -.1 i'fg?Efaf?Q5 f 2152355 . ' I "f1i2?i?1E1eg:..iI5 .1 1252525222 5-f'iS2eE2i5fsi 1 ' f 3 if I Q iffy. f ' Bell Phone 1174 Charles W. Bishop Distributor OLDSMGBILE SUPPLIES - REPAIRING STORAGE Garage and Sulesrooms: Stare Street, oppo. Post olliee Ehnira, N. Y. AGENTS FOR Gruen Precision Watch Verithin and Wristlets Anildeul Gl"2lIlllilfi01l Gift L. N. MATHEWS 128 W. Water St. Burtt E. Sweet, Secy. and T " MR. AND MRS. CAMIjkBELL " Ed. Sweet, Mgr. YSHS. The Brighten-Up Paint Store and Sign Sh OP Paints, Varnishes, Etc. SIGNS OF ALL KINDS Republic Tires for Autor mobiles 121N.lVlain St. LOWMAN CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION General Contractors Elmira. N., Y: We Build Large Buildings and Residences HAD A REASON. Nllhen the brakeniaii called out t' Hillcrest," the strangei- got off. He had to walk three miles to the town. Retuiiiiing hot, tired, and nnid, he said to the ticket agent: l'XVl1j' don't you have the station near the town?l' ttllleeaiisef' nnsn'ei'ed the agent, Hive find it more convenient to have it near the ig'aili'oacl." Iifviiig Hall-'tVVihy is an ac- tress like an angel ?" Geo. CoXe+t'Beeause you only see thein when they are paintedfl The Trust Companies and the Banks are advocating Life Insurance, and the Life Insurance Companies are re- ciprocating. 3. 5, CLAIRE 5 'Z 5 LAIQE ST. Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S. A. XVhen on the South Side Stop at PARKS SWEET SHOP 'Where you will find the best in Chocolates, boil" Package and Bulk, Delicious Sodas, Fvuits and Nuts CORNINQVS BUTTERCUP ICE CREAM QQm Q QN QN 'N Q Q Q R. Q Q Q Q! Q XE 1 Qs s 2? Q: 5, Q31 Qi QE gi Q: . Q: sl X Q Qs Q fm" QQ QQQ Q mQQwa Q Q QQ QQ . Q QQQXNQQ Q Q N W Q QQQQQQQWNQQQQQQQ Q QQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ QQQ X Q X QQ QQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ QQ X Q Q Q Q QQ X QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ QQQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ 677075 , QQ QQ QQ QQ Q QQ QQ QQ ENGRAVINGS FOR THIS BOOK BY Q Q Q QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ e 7 levtric Qfitmg 7 ngvsriaing mln, QQ QQ QQ Q QQ BUFFALO QQ Q NXQQQQQQ Q Q Q QQ QQ:QQ get , ,, .L L Ni . .',-a,.- , " ART AND ARCHITECTURE " IN THE DAR K. T. Malone-' ' Wli5', heavens I- lwVllZlllS the matter?" C. Hughs-'tl got up last night to rulm my face with cold oveam and by mistake got hold of the shoe blacliing, di ! ! l" WHERE THE BLAME LIES . HI. Lyons writes pretty good poetry, but he doesn't seein to get along very well." HI know it. What seems to be the matter?" "Innis says it 's all the fault of the Vindex editor. " H. H. PORTER Hats, Clothing Menls Furnishings 317 E. XYZlt9l' St. musu 'Theatte Built up to a Standard, Not Down to 21 Price. High Class Features MATT LOCKWGOD Costunier Lyceum Theatre Building Room 7, Third Floor ft ""' I - ' "" . . . 551513: 26g3:i3:QQ5g,.f:3:g11:1g. . 1 17569 . Z W 1 - ""' ' V " fgz. , 'Egg'- Z l k .1f:E- ,A.,. ff l -f 'fi' A -t-t' H ' " W E Wooclhur 81 Co was Ti l Q A Y - ii:-5 if fWfl'f' , ' l az 'ff-fag Nl lhv 1""' i ---' 235 5' -f.g1:.,1. A " I ' I . ' -. A The Grocers of Quality 1'i, -"Q '.-a--- T 'QE' ,." f g +4 6 . ....l.. : in-, 7 . It H . 325 East it ater st. "PHYSICS LAB." 5-ff Fl'l0TO'ENGRAVlNG l ip l25 SLY STREET X48 KR ELlVIIRA,N.M Qf n... .,.,.4, , mr,-,:.-., .4 fm:--A -:-- -' .f-,-'f 5-,,:..,, i 1 'HRK'-MANUFAEFIgURERSirgQE5f5R? .5 H P as QNX Uk x One evening 21 youth named Chan Wlright Put his watch on the slove, good- ness me! 'iWliyf do you do that? " Asked a big pussy cat. . '4Cause I like a hot time,'7 said he. A VALUABLE PRECEDENT. D. O'Neil-HVVhy were you so cleteriniiiecl to kiss that homely cousin of yoursflll J. Deegan-UI wzxnfed to estab- lish a precedent. She has two very pretty sisters, you know." JUST SO. M. XVest-'LP1'ofessoi', what is a. counterfeiter ? " Prof. Broadhead-"A counter- feitei' is a man who Wants money so bad that he makes it that way. " IN GREENLAND. '4Did you sleep well last night?" UNO, the baby woke me up every three oi' four weeks. l ' 'll" A xx SN LASKARIS kg X . 5 e kt fix. E A '-,A :I- :L . ' , ,Vsaxil B ' The Home of b ' lee Cream Ny 117 East Xikxter sr. l N? HUTEL RATllllUN G. H. DeYecl S. F. DeVed " TI-IE GIANTS OF E. F. A. U 1. j. LUTZ MARKET Nothing but the Best In Meats 56 Penna. Ave. BORST Sz CUFFNEY Suecessors to J. R. Spillan DRUGS, CHEBIICALS, CIGARS, TOBACCOS, ICE CREANI, RUBBER GOODS AND STATIONERY Prescriptions Ou 1' Specialty 531 Lake St., Elmira, N. Y. NVUN VVON ONE. A sporty old chiiik named NVuu Won Silt up playiiig fain tau for Mon. At two hell lost ten But he stuck to it-then NV1111 VVoi1 won one-one at 1:01, Academy Fellows Don 't forget that we have ai great line of Flash-Lights, Caiupiiig ne- cessities, Firearnis, Etc., for that outing you are going to take. Stop iii and look us over. Barker, Rose gl Clinton HarciwareeCo. 109 Lake St. fbbe 'Aster ICE CREAM AND ICES Home Marie Qanciies fresh daily Cornei' Lake and XVatoi' Sts. Phone DIPLOMACY. During an equestrian performance a. number of ladies in the front stood up, thus obstructing the view of those personas who were seated. In vain they were collectively requested to sit down, till at last. a happy thought occurred to one of the suiterers. He called out in measured tones: MVVill the pretty lady in front kindly sit down?" XVllGl'9l113Oll about fifty women briskly seated themselves. I 1 ITS REAL USE. t'See what I got l" cried Bobby, a city bred boy, as he came running from a chicken coop. holding in his hand a china egg. 'tOh, go put it back!" exclaimed Mabel, his six-year-old sister, Hthatls the egg the hen measures by." AN ISLAND. "Now, Harry," said the teacher, "C-anlt you tell me what an island istl' "Yes, mafam. An island is a place you canlt. leave without a boat." NEXT IN SUGCESSION. On a recent examination paper in civics was this question. Ulf the presi- dent, vice-president and all the members of the cabinet should die, who would otliciatetl' Robert. a boy of twelve, thought for some time, trying in vain to recall who came next in succession. At last a happy inspiration came to him and he answered, C L the undertaker. t ' NEVER GOT TIRED. He had taken pains when he applied for work, to assure the farmer that he never got tired. Wlieii his new employer went to the field where he had put the man ot work, he found him lolling on his back under a tree. t'Wliat. does this mean ?" asked the farmer. ul thought you were -a man who never got tiredf' 'KI don't," said the hired man calmly. t'This donlt tire mefl THEN HE SHUT UP. He was from Pittsburg, but he couldntt help that, and no one blamed him. However, there was no reason for his assuming that the young thing next to him at the table was so interested in steel as to warrant a lecture of half an hour, even by an expert like himself. HVVhat would we do without steel?" he demanded. HA million articles are made of steel. From knives to locomotives everything best in civilization is made of cast steelfl t'Yes !,' the sweet young thing interrupted, with a sudden interest. 'tAnd castile is the best soap, too, isn't it?" :Knapp Svrhnnl nf Munir 112 College Ave., Elmira, N. Y. Bell PI1011 3-W PIANO GUITAR VIOLIN BANJO IVIANDOLIN UKELELE in Illl I gm- of nagi ff- ol-C1 IQSII - a C I TI-IE CORTON S ELLETT-STEIVIPFLE The Store That Sells VVooltex Coats and Suits S szxrs to R. H. Y Special Showing of White Crepe de Chine Dresses Plumbing and for Commencement Heating ' moderately priced 112 Lake St., Elmira, N. Y W- Water SIYSCt H Telephone 237 li FOR SUNDAY DINNER Why Not WHEATS ICE CREAM Made in the Most Sanitary Plant in the Wo1'ltl -XLL FLAYORS SPECIAL BRICKS Mt A. REYNOLDS Distributoi' ARCH VIEVV CONFECTIONERY, Cor. Main and Gray-Phone 541-M. 115 Hoffman-Plione 772-J XYheat's Agencies Everywliere L, SHREIBMAN 81 SON 204 E. Watei' St. Official Jewelers to the Senior Class Beautiful Rings, Watches, Cutf Links and other articles highly prized as graduation gifts. For GO TO THE PASTRY SHOP Lunches, Home Made Bread Cookies and Oakes Across From Academy BROOKS LUNCH CAR Cor. Market St. and Exchange Place HE I-IAD REEORMED. "Uncle llIose." said the dr11111111e1-, addrcssiiig H11 aged colored 1112111 who was holding down :1 drygoods box in front of the village store, Hthey tell me that you 1'Cl'1ICl'l1l.JGl,' seeing General xvVdSlllllgl0I1. It it true '?'7 UN11, Silllfl replied the old 111an. 'LI uster l1ne111bal1 seein' him, but Ah donlt llO more since Ah done j'i11'd de Clll1l'Cl1, sahf' COULDNT STAND THE TEST, HP0l'l'Ql'lll Thus the passe11ge1' for London hailed a. railway servant at a small Scottish station "Yes, sir?" The man i11sti11cti1'ely held out his hand. '4Do you think this parcel is well enough tied to trust going in the van?'l t'VVeel, I'll see," a.ns11'e1'ed the porter. dropping the parcel witli a bang. 'cShe'l.l get that lIQ1'G, an' sh 'll get that at the J1111ctio11H-giviiig it another drop-Hand she'll get that at Pei-thll'-banging it so lustily that all the con- tents scattered over the paveinent. HVVeel, sir, if she be goin' farther tl1a.n Perth shelll nae do wl1ateve1'." BOB KNEW. 'J Queen Isabella sold l1er gems to help Columbus., 7' read the teacher. "Now, who can tell me what gems are?" Instantly Bobbie sprang to his feet, his hand waving frantically." t'XVell, Robert," she said. 4'Biscuits!7' yelled Bob. LOSING HIS IDENTITY. Few people succeed i11 losing their identity more completely than did Dean Briggs, of Harvard, lose his on 0116 occasion. Being compelled to leave l1is office during regular hours, he posted a 11otice 011 the door: 'fWill be back at two o'cloclc. CSig11edJ L. R. Briggs." Returning earlier than he l1ad expected, absent-mindedly he read tl1e notice that stared l1im in the face. Pulling out l1is watch he impatiently re- niarked, HIt's Ollly half past one." and seated himself in the hall to await the co111ing of the dean. Esther Leonard-4'Can a person be punished for SOD1Clll1ll1g' he hasn't done?" Miss Brooks-"VVhat nonsense is this? Wl15f, of course 11ot. " Esther Leonard-'4Very Well, tl1e11, I l1a.ve11't ClOl16 111y French today." ' AT A FOOTBALL G-AME. S. Holleran-T 'Look at them all in the n111d! How will they ever get clean?" T. Malone-"Huh! Wl1at do you suppose the scrub team is for?"

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