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GLA fo ff r O Mn FUN mari 1 4 5. rf Ky - , 47 i , ,.- ' :V " I 4 f . 'N . W , 5 MDW fo Q H 'K if 4,3 x k if Al , at Q f xu ' V, ,... M I Q fir: 1, 5 , Q I f if YK' .H Q f Y I mr I, '1 Xa., 1969 IRIS W r Elmira College Elmira, New York V Q 'Q 31510 Y . S f Q E 5 x 2 I X E I i E i E I 1 V I i I I E I Q . E n I 5 E 3 l ! K s E i i 2 x I I I 1 - i 2 F i I ! a 5 i i E i . I r . if "K, Q .ii ,.T"i.yf'!'5Lf , X5'Ea'I'fmZX'+ kilns .IFE 'v f'lfkXm a8f W' FX :AQ I Q x.21 1fa?R:!.T1'i4t'!x'1Q-".'W:s. zv'sLl:..l35" 1-n'Iva.ami.'.' ? mvnexvil :'Kwml+'. .. XXTHERE is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things." -Machiavelli, liThe Prince" Where man cannot see into the future, society becomes stagnant, with the present being nothing more than an extension of the past. Change comes only when men actively reach out toward the future. Man must be willing to make- and to lead - a new order of things. Only then will the present and the future become one. Elmira College: A community seeking to make and to lead that new order. For us the new order begins here as we learn the meaning of leadership. Though sometimes stumbling along the way, we gradually learn to reach beyond the present toward a meaningful and rewarding future. In order to lead the future, we must first look at the past and learn from the knowledge and experiences of those who preceded us. Thus we begin our quest for leadership and the new order by following Z f 2 The Administration Dr. I. Ralph Murray President 10 """s.., ' Dr. Francis X. Brady Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Chairman Division of Education Dr. Iohn Satterfield im.. Vice President for Academic Affairs Miss Barbara I. Welton Dean of Students Dr. Maryann Ehrhardt Registrar and Director of Institutional Research Miss Elsie Weekly Activities Chairman Miss Ida Lewis Assistant Dean of Students Mrs. Loraine Roeder Director of Alumnae Affairs Mr. David Edwards Director of Field Placement an N Dr. Barbara W. Northrup Mrs. Karen Burne Director Evening and Summer Assistant Director of Sessions and Assistant Professor of Institutional Research Psychology 13 Mr. Paul Olthof Mr. W. HHIIHOD Director of Financial Aid Business Manager and Comptroller Mary Louise Swain Special Assistant in Admissions Mr. Edward I. Roberts Director of Admissions Mr. Richard D. Dunbar Bursar Mr. Curtis L. Barnes, Ir. Director of Public Relations Mr. Robert Leavitt Director of College Relations Mr. Aloysius F. Stanton Director of Publications Mr. William I. Griffiths Director of Development Mr. Frank F. Morrison Associate Director of Public Relations Mrs. Betty Brandenburg Director of Campus Center Mrs. Clara S. Wing Director of Placement Miss Anne I. Morse Archivist and Special Collections Librarian Mr. Hans Von Brockdorff Mrs. Raphael Martinez Head of Library Technical Services Reference Librarian 7 16 Those who sincerely seek change must not be content to idly follow others. "indifferent silence is a message that leaders ignore..." as the song proclaims. Yet, if each of us fights alone, we gain nothing. Thus we must learn to channel our energies toward some common goal. For this we become members of W Z , z 2 f f 4 Student Government Deirdre Steele Moran History-Secondary Education Chief Iustice 20 Linda Warch Elementary Education- Music Concentration President of the Student Association Iudicial Board Deirdre Moran, Chief Iustice YN?" Activities Council Barbara Ackerman, President Legislative Board Linda Warch, President ara vi, gg, E55 L. ,L-xc f ,ian 154. ' .iq - "se fe Barbara lean Ackerman English Literature Elmiris Gail Harris, President 22 Gail Harris Psychology-Social Work .............-.- E 23 Resident Hall Presidents Martha L. Rexford Biology Christine Ann Zuppardi Secondary Education-History -Social Studies Linda Beth Taub Speech Correction Lynn Friend Biology-Spanish Sondra lean Mazzolla Elementary Education- Social Psychology 25 We S' Residence Hall Presidents Sarah Goldth Ioy Watson Sharon Wilso XX Q ,XX +A' , " 92 r ff' W gf' f Y- A ' " " W' 'ff A,Ls,XxXXfEgf Q ,E xx xvgg l. S N 7 1 ,, V X X X X gx-53? K 44 K :gg fQ.. J 3, I 9' .X 4 Q XXX fs? A Thx x Xi .75 L5 ' qs - Ns. ' A 5 X X Tw 3 V 1 Xe. ' f Q X h Qs K s' Al' X R. fm XXXg'siE-'fwgke A 3 L 4 ' I his 'ff SV if wi Q K iM YS? n N XX X x X Q f X- gm 'XXX x X- 'A Y 1 Xffy. XX ' ,, hx l X. , Xg-3 4,3- 'EEX M-1 'S ii? fgmqx 35 if R X X X fix, XX -x 1 an-A 1: we xx vi K Xi: X A W' fn ' Q N 1 6 Xiwr is X0 VO Q rv 'SX KN gf Q 1 x sw, V :Qw- X. , MX fi' svn.- W qw. ' 5? ,f X Y EX X X wi ' X 55.4. s Q31 Nw. rm- SFS-W 1 ww, X XX. X .X X- Xw X ff X , - X X M XX 5 is ISSSP. is-XMNQQZXQ f :X 1 in 5 X X X X K Q ,w 'Z - in . XX e'w5f'i'X f ' 'f . XX'g-'QXXXXX X J' XX ,X A 'DSX-A .X X" MW? " -fs f ,X C, X X KQXQAW X1 ,gig x K 1, rg SMX QA its xo NN' 7. 3' Fx Xiwr 1945 mf-. ' nf -,A -,f Q an A Q -, X4-XXX XX S 55? ew "- f 5'WfMM 1 fp'-Xe we' QX --JXVXW XX X X ff WX X 5555 I Xe-iw: ,X X . il it -93' 'Q igkgw was - X Xmggs +59 ,SX A 4336 fmxj X-,W nr XR I X A L Y X -H X2fw+g6:m sgy,XmiXXF'wqgx:,Xg viwg' ti X X X. .wif A 4 rms Xf VX - .X X X v .'XX' N"Xr. ' Xa? 359' f 4' 'rx f R"'35"- L.K:lf.iiQgX A Xgs3Ll5'YfQiXz." X Y-2121 'X-IN A 'lx v Senior Assistants Loma Mary Boise English-Secondary Education ,S Pamela Kay Rider Economics-Business Administration Nancy Evan Stinson Art Education 28 Elizabeth Marie Barton Biology-Chemistry Senior Assistants Tracy Christine Osbahr Speech Correction Hedwig Eleanor Wakefield Biology 29 Senior Assistants Q sr R f s xr'--SN Nancy Ioyce Brower Sociology 30 Sally Warfield Everett Sociology-Social Work Resident Advisors . V, , W, M - W . V, 32 Senior Class Officers-1969 Sally Miller, President Sondra Mazzolla, Vice President Susan Braun, Secretary Anne Wallace, Treasurer Sally Miller Mathematics Iunior Class Officers-1970 Iane Campetti, President Bonnie McCombs, Vice President Barbara Anderson, Secretary Cheryl Grandahl, Treasurer Sophomore Class Officers-1971 Patricia Murray, President Caren MacPhie, Vice President Claire Ludlow, Secretary Iacqueline Mance, Treasurer W 34 Freshman Class Officers-1972 Virginia Loose, President Barbara Loether, Vice President Phoebe Lindquist, Secretary Mary lane Stuart, Treasurer ln today's rapidly changing world man, although adhering to many ancient principles, is constantly pioneering in new fields. Reaching beyond the known to the unknown, man seeks a better tomorrow. Traveling out beyond Earth and inward toward the secrets of life itself, we Search for this new order. Thus tomorrow will be ushered in by leaders from the field of f f Y Div Ch Dr. Ge trude Spremulh Pro es Ch t ff X f X , I f f0 The Natural Sciences Mathematics Mr. Alfred C. Mudrich Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mr. Harry Shabanowitz Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mrs. Lena L. Baskis Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics 'W T5 X 'it A fr 4 Ioyce Varnum Mathematics-Economics Marianne Pietrzyk Mathematics Vivian Bernice Buchakjian Mathematics Kathleen Louise Danforth Mathematics Christine B. Durand Mathematics 40 Mathematics Mrs. Margaret D. Ashe Mathematics-Economics 41 Nancy Ann Rollings Pamela Io Ficken Mathematics Chemistry, Geology WW Mr. Robert W. Lester Instructor in Geology Dr. Andrew A. Molloy Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. George Puerschner Assistant Professor of Chemistry Elaine Charlotte Breuilly Chemistry Deborah M. Allen Biology-Chemistry 43 Marlis Dorothy Streeck Linda Iune Lee Biology-Chemistry Biology-Chemistry Sally Ann McCreedy Biology-Chemistry 44 I 1 mf ' .W 3 f 4 f 5 Suzanne Taylor Biology-Chemistry Charlotte Ann Wallace Biology-Chemistry Patty Lou Williams Chemistry-Mathematics 45 Biology Dr. Donald B. Foster Associate Professor of Biology Geraldine C. Hall Instructor in Biology Dr. Louise F. Potter Professor of Biology 46 Dr. Richard L. Neumann Instructor in Biology Dr. William G. Lindsay Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Rae Whitney Professor of Biology ' X Y - X ' '!""q 32 9 N f 5 'A 3 ' gli 1- -Q 'Q ff Carol Hoffman Biology Pamela lean Love Biology 47 Ianet Boner Beard Biology if Marie Paddock Biology Sharon Scheibelhut Biology-Chemistry f . Barbara Schmidt Katherine Louise MacNab Biology Biology Barbara lean McLaughlin Biology Barbara Maria Berry Biology-French Susan E. Smith Biology-Psychology Helen R. Hesselman Biology 8 Chemistry-Pre-Medical 50 Susan Krasny Biology-Chemistry Biology Club Deborah Allen, President Beta Beta Beta Susan Krasny, President 51 As man seeks a new order locked in the secrets ofthe natural sciences he must also unlock the secrets found within the minds of other men. Only in this manner will he be able to discover a way for all men to live together. Politicians, historians, economists, sociologists and psychologists- all are seeking a clue to the new order. Thus we will find many of tomorrow's leaders frIom those who have sought an understanding o Dr Herbert A. Wisbey, Ir. Professor of History Division Chairman , X The Social Sciences Sociology, Anthropology Mrs. Uma Lakshman Visiting Professor in Anthropology and Sociology Dr. A. Thomas I. Matthews Professor of Sociology and Anthropology , I' 3 Dr, julie White Richard L. Davis Associate Professor of Sociology IUSTFUCWI' in S0Cf0l08Y 54 Susan Iayne Getman Sociology-Social Work Anita M. Golia Sociology-Social Work Linda Larson Sociology o o 55 o sg Katherine lean Kent Anthropology lean-Ellen Ouellette S ociology-Anthropology Paula Migliore Sociology-Social Work-Psychology Katherine Lord Anthropology Susan Pannick Sociology-Social Work 57 Barbara Le Clercq Patrick Sociology-Social Work Susan Schlenker Sociology 58 k Kathy Smith Sociology-Social Work Laurie Ross MacKay Sociology Donna Clair Edwards Sociology-Social Work Maryellen Porter Anthropology ,E H World University Service Marcia Etkin, Chairman Psychology Dr. Cecelia Kernan Visiting Professor of Psychology Dr. Iarnes E. Bell Assistant Professor of Psychology Cristina Herencia Psychology Anna DeLuca Psychology Elizabeth Bartlett Psychology Carol Elizabeth Bliss Psychology Catherine Gene Landon Psychology Dolores Kovelesky Psychology Martha Fay Psychology Mary Barbara Petrovich Psychology Deborah Edwina Psychology 64 Karen Ann Kearns Psychology Quinn Susan MacCarthy Psychology Patricia Allen Mock Psychology-English XP - Mi I .Q . ' -It N I N ' Psychology 65 Linda Snelham Iudith M. Clark Psychology Ianet Carr McA1aine Psychology 66 Cathy MacKay Psychology Dale Lasden Psychology Michelle Pandapas Psychology Philosophy, Religion Dr. Howard Iohnson Associate Professor of Religion A Mr. Robert A. Pannier Assistant Professor of Philosophy 68 Christine Diane Alexander Philosophy and Religion eg M U 5 Donna Ann Beran Philosophy and Religion Newman Apostolate Ianine Barber, President ' i Student Fellowship Iewish Students Association Diane Hecht, President Carolee Williams, President MW Indian Night History Mr. Robert Wechman Instructor in History Mr. Donn C. Neal Instructor in History Dr. Theodore G. Tatsios Associate Professor of History E Dr. Golapchandra Raychaudhuri Visiting Professor of History Dr. Robert A. Lowe Associate Professor of History 72 lane Salinger History Shelley Alpert History 73 Helen C. Faye History Iill Finsen History Cynthia M History Martha Elizabeth Liggett History OI'SB Phyllis Piep er History Eileen Cenci History Carole Chalk History Cynthia Miller Strong History Barbara Katherine Sidor European History Ruth Elizabeth Schmitz History-Political Science Barbara Yeadon History Nancy Milton Mulford History-Political Science Barbara Reid Turrell History-English 77 Dr H.W ITS w1n.n. APPEAR AT 113o- TUES- OCT 8 E J AT E LN me CoLLEGE mmm LOUNGE QHMPUS CENTER 1 sistant Professor of 1 I Science ley Ward Iitical Scien G Iudith Goldstein International Relations Sara lane Price Political Science Y Mary Lu Baker Political Science Donna Ioan Lindemann International Relations Kathryn Hannigan International Relations Myra Hess International Studies-Economics we lane Trowbridge Wetherell Political Science Nancy Ellen Saohar Political Science Mary Io Llewellyn International Studies-History Andrea Mailly International Studies 4 Secretarial Studies Karen Elizabeth Loomis Secretarial Studies Miss Mary Edna Seanor Associate Professor of Secretarial Studies Economics Mr. Richard Brescia Instructor in Economics Dr. Edward M. Rickard Professor of Economics Mr. Albert Ovedovitz Assistant Professor of Economics B4 Helen Elizabeth Albrecht Economics-Business Administration Margaret Keeler Economics-Mathematics Nancy Liffiton Economics 85 Betsey Peabody Economics Nancy Tragesser Econondcs Nancy Welles Economics-French Mary Elizabeth Ensminger Economics and Business Administration Social Studies Mrs. I0 Ann D. Mosteller Economics-Psychology 87 'K When men from one nation seek to deal with men from another nation, they must be able to communicate freely with each other. Without a general knowledge and understanding of the language, culture and heritage of other nations this type of communication cannot exist. Thus, to understand man from nations and cultures foreign to our own, leaders must be aware of the importance of the Division Chairman Dr. Frederic C. St. Aubyn Professor of Modern Languages f Z Languages French Instructor in French Miss Christine Ferayorni Dr. Susanne Fritz-Vietta Instructor in French Miss Margaret E. Frey Associate Professor of French Miss Liselotte Kondolff Instructor in French and Directrice of La Maison Francaise 90 Dr. Elizabeth G. Van Buskirk Professor of French Marguerite Lyeth French Susan Armstrong French-Russian Barbara Kay Blair French Gloria Chi-Ying French X if are M if L Q l Catherine Brockschmidt F rench-E ducation Linda Elaine Spotts French Li 92 Ianice Marilyn Oxton French-Social Science Nancy Elaine Murdock French Lesley Neufeld French Marianne Willis French-Russian Michele Laura Santacroce French Literature Charlotte Woods French Helene Delnrnler Thornton French Cheryl Eve Maron Modern Foreign Languages fFrench and Italiunj Nancy Townsend French 'fs yeaey LL i. 95 'KI Nancy Ellen Maines F rench-Latin 96 Barbara lean Sanders French French Association Elise Carlson, President German Club Deborah Blair, President 97 ..-. Spanish Mr. Frank L. Piano . Q, i p if i xg ts ,KKA 1 A Alix ' Miss Pilar Frutos Visiting Instructor in Spanish Associate Professor of Spanish and French Dr. Esperanza F. Amaral Associate Professor of Spanish 98 Mr. Warren Bratter Instructor in Spanish German, Classics Miss Irene Kriskijans Instructor in Russian Dr. Erving R. Mix Associate Professor of Classics Y Dr. Leonard Rex Crirninale Dr. Iames Mittelstadt Professor of Romance Languages Assistant Professor of Classics 1 ,J I Dr. Silvio Fritz-Vietta Instructor in German 99 Cynthia Louise Sherran Spanish-Psychology Diane M. Delucco Carol Alice Moymon Spanish-Education Russian Studies 100 Mary Lee Rouse Classical Languages Dorothy Whipple Foreign Languages J Deborah Agnes Schue ludy Daupllinais German-English Literature Foreign Languages 101 The culture and thoughts of a nation are recorded and preserved through its language. A study of our own language- its written words and oral usage-can help us in both our present- day communication and our understanding of the thoughts and dreams of the past. For this insight we will one day turn to those who have chosen to become scholars in the field of l English Dr. Baird Whitlock Professor of English Director of Liberal Studies ff English Mrs. Sabiha Iafri Visiting Professor in Literature and Art Dr. Iames F. Doubleday Assistant Professor of English t..,,.,,,-as-.-Ox Mr. Chan N. Berbery Instructor in English Mr. Carmine Dandrea Assistant Professor of English t 104 Mr. Ionathan Aldrich Instructor in English Mr. Ierome Whalen Assistant Professor of English Miss lean L. Parker Instructor in English Dr. Malcolm M. Marsden Professor of English 105 Dr. George M. Kahrl Professor of English Doris Simone Chiappetta English Literature-Secondary Education Beverly lean Biskup English Eva Wilson English Literature 106 Leora Katherine DeLancey English fx Patricia Anne Cavaleri English Literature my ,Mi I , Faith Waterman Coloney English-Secondary Education 7 A Qi I Sallie Higginbotham English Mary Moffett English-Music 108 Susan Elizabeth Iohnston English Ianine Ruth Barbar English Literature Felicia Kalish English Literature-Secondary Education Paula Petelchuk English Literature lain Miriam Harrison English Francie Laura Nichols English 'QR Q Barbara Elaine Nichols English Merle Ab Montani English Cheryl I. LaDuc English-Secondary Education ' A x . Susan Ann O'Brien English Gail Pederzoli English Literature 112 Kathie Ann Fitzgerald English Literature Sibyl Kathie Fitzgerald Catherine Brockschmidt Hannah Arterian 113 Laurie Roper English Literature Mary Ellen Rowe English Literature Carole Cordes English-Foreign Languages N 114 Marcia Tufanc English 115 Patience Halsey Sherman English Literature Sallie Boswell Province English Susan Gangel English-journalism Linda Riddle English Literature it fa ' . 2 Carol Elizabeth Bowen English Literature Robin MacFarlane English Literature Lynn Ioyce Zitaner English Literature 11 7 Written and spoken languages, although important in the field of communication, are not its only media. Man is constantly seeking to express himself in some means not shackled by linguistic barriers. Music, art, the theater, and dance are therefore important aspects of the Mr. F est Sande s Prof f M Div Ch f W The Fine Arts Speech Mr. Iames W. Crocker Instructor in Speech Mrs. Betty L. Sanders Assistant Professor of Speech and Miss Ianet Slagle Instructor in Speech Correction Mr. Gary I. Glascoe Instructor in Speech 120 M Assistant Director of Liberal Studies I Mr. Dan H. Kelly Assistant Professor of Speech and Director of Speech and Hearing Clinic Speech and Hearing Clinic Connie L. Claxton Speech Correction 122 Barbara Ellen Brown Speech Correction Susan Louise Carlson Speech Correction he MV! Iudith Landy Kennedy Speech Correction Linda I. Bauer Speech Correction 123 Mira Lynn Kritz Speech Correction Lorilee Houston Speech Correction 124 Kathleen Przekop Speech Correction Susan Kestenbaum Speech Correction Forensic Society Kathleen Przekop, President 125 P F V P i l Communications mir al ".aJ'w" ,-,,A:, v' -:H V. .v W Mr. Warren L. Board Coordinator of Instrumental Materials and Director of the Audiovisual Center and WECW-FM T94 ,fjifuls 1 lv Q, .Q J ' Ns - x Mr. Iames T. Lindsay 1 r Ei 1 Audio Production Supervisor 126 CWECW 88.1 CFM Christ'ne E B ckley Fre h-Ed t' St t M g Us qigdioclbice of "Elmira: College ocmco Vol. 51 - No. 2 ELMIRA COLLEGE, ELMIRA, NEW YORK january 22, 1969 Betsy Dirnberger Classical Languages i TJXX 7' .. ..., I -X. :hi K A . .. SJ 1 9, ,wmrw-W" , 1. es, sci "Qs.Mk ' .., h... ,Q , .., 128 1 'wiht Qftagnn ESTABLISHED 1917 Published weekly during the : . ' I Hn. , . f 'em I as. Pi I fl. ligyggp 4 X-U 1 1 , BY- '1 ', . ' X5 . I '.. -.gig ,O : Nxxxxxxs 'B '77 regular academic tcrin except during Nut, examinations and 'vacation periods. Telephone: RE 4-8111, Ext. 250 EDITOR ................. . ............... Cindy Morton Assis1'ANT Enrron ................ Martha Goodyer NEWS EDITORS ..... . . Rana Steinberg and Sue Schreiber FEATURE EDITOR ...... ................... I ackie Mance CONTRIRUTING EmToR . .. .... Rocky Gangel PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Susan Futoma AIXVERTISING NIANAGER .. jennifer johnson STAFF ............ .. Irene Markowski Business MANAGER ...... .......... Do c Weiser C1Rc1'r.A1'1oN MANAGFIRS .... ........ C arol Thedford and Linda Sturdevant SENIOR Anvrsons . . . . . . Francie Nichols and Betsy Dirnberger Anvrson .............................. Mr. Frank Morrison Prepared by and for the students of Elmira College. Ollice located in the Campus Center, Elmira College 14901. Printed by Horseheads Post, Inc. The opinions expressed in Octagon are those of the students and should notxiie construed as representing administration policy. Subscription rate: 53.50 per year, paid from Activities Fee, payable to Elmira College. Second Class mailing privilege granted at Elmira, New York. 29 Art Mr. Daniel W. Tereshko Instructor in Art Mr. Horst Werk Instructor in Art Mrs. Margaret T. Rajam Assistant Professor of Art Mr. Charles Plosky Instructor in Art 130 Marcia Ellen Etkin Art-French Ioanne Lehman Art History Diane Macomb Art Margaret Lynn Wrenshall Art-Secondary Education Rosalind Yu-Man Yih Fine Arts-Art History Sally lane Southworth Art Education 1 Art-Photography Club Merilyn Mason, President Music Dr. Henry I. Wing, Ir. Assistant Professor of Music Mr. Christopher N. Bonds Instructor in Music Miss lane E. Milley Instructor in Music 134 5 wtf . , ffvl ' , , 1 . Q 4 F xx? ww: WSI' 1 V' W , K :ww V, ,W uw -',:'f'fL N. bf' XX .xx R f . Yu N X ! .X ,'-. l"'1""" Kristine Alma Carlson Elementary Education-History Miraohords Kristine Carlson, President Elmira College Chorus Twelmirans Sally Ackerman, President Theater r ELMIRA Department of SPEECH a - pre' Sixty-seventh 5 EMERSON THEA There Will Be Regular Admission 51.50 VIN: Mr. lack L. Ienkins Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama and AN AVANT GARDE SAMPLER 138 Suzanne H. Sammann Theatre Sandee K. Murray Speech-Theatre I L. Starr Roach Theatre Linda Iansson Theater Lisa Hardies Theater 140 Dance Miss Kaliope Candianides Asst. Professor of Dance Orchesis Leslie Pfeil, President 141 Physical fitness, though often neglected, is essential to any leader. The body as well as the mind and spirit must be kept at its peak if a man is to utilize his fullest potential. Future leaders would therefore Ioe wise to recognize the importance of L+ , fi ff fy ff,Zf! X X X f 1 5WW f ff ff ff Z X f W , f 9 5 f ' ,721 f ,WZ W W 6 X ff ' if , ,, f Z ,wx :Ulf ff ,gfj,3giff'1ff W X 1' W, I 1 X M x ff ,, ff ff' ff ff Z A? fffff if 7 ff af, Athletics Physical Education Associate Professor of Physical Education and Recreation Mrs. Sally Hayes Instructor in Physical Education 144 Dr. Margaret Chase Locke, Ir. Miss Eunice Cobb Instructor in Physical Education Athletic Association Mary lane Proschel, President 145 Mary lane Proschel Biology-Chemistry Sea Stars Laurie MacKay, President No man, no matter how great, can retain leadership forever. Each leader serves his term and then must relinquish his position. There is no guarantee future leaders will act in a manner forseen by his predecessor. We can, however, look toward the future by teaching others to one day become new leaders. This is the role of Dr FFHHCIS Brady A rv P d r f d A Aff D Ch X 2 Z9 Education Education Dr. Grant I. Northrup Professor of Education Mrs. Ruth B. Anderson Assistant Professor of Education Mr. Harry A. Price Assistant Professor of Education 148 Elementary Education Linda McCoy Elementary Education- Social Science Susan Ioan Tarmy Elementary Education- Social Science 149 Sandra Hunt Elementary Education Social Science Dale Collett Elementary Education-History Susan Braun Elementary Education-History Dolores Cascio Elementary Education 150 Linda I. Bartles Elementary Education Beverly Baker Elementary Education Ruth Shane Elementary Education-English 151 Gail Elizabeth Fingar Elementary Education gl, Qt! W Ianet Hope Girling Elementary Education Constance Marie Blatchley Short Elementary Education-English 152 Iennifer Anderson Amon Elementary Education-English Phyllis Lee Carlson Elementary Education Karen Leigh Iennings Elementary Education- Social Science 153 Social Studies Cynthia Coulston Susan B. Manly Elementary Education- Ann Bouden Curley Elementary Education-French Elementary Education-Biology 154 Iudith Lynn Folio Elementary Education-Math Carren Lessin Elementary Education-History Laura Leber Elementary Education-Spanish V ,,, W, 1 V w Renee Vicki Lichtman Elementary Education-History Linda Kay Peterson Barbara Ruth Mott Elementary Education Elementary Education 1 Mary Beth Schultz Elementary Education Patricia Anne O'Brien Elementary Education-History Leslie Faith Meyer Elementary Education-English 157 Ellen Rudnicki Elementary Education-History 15 Shirley Anne Melead Elementary Education--English Kathleen Vavra Elementary Education-History Carolee Angela Williams Elementary Education-Mathematics 159 Anne Whitaker Elementary Education Mrs. Stephanie Wechman Amy Faith Urban Elementary Education Elementary Education 160 Ioan Duguid Olga Artemow Secondary Education Secondary Education Sandra Brindley Secondary Education 161 Dorothea Loomis Secondary Education-Math Pamela Day Nelson Secondary Education-French Iill Breckel History-Secondary Education 163 Karen Kilmer Spanish-Secondary Education Ioy Frances Crusade Secondary Education--Mathematics Elmira College: Where we follow, learn and lead. We can never stop, however, for the new order is only the beginning of new experiences. We must never cease to look to the futureg yet there is still a place for the past, since it was an experiment for the future. lf we are aware that everything must change, and are careful not to be bound by the pastg we can retain part of the past through Tradifmns W 2 0 X f Q f I Honors Convocation Dr. Iohn Satterfield Speaker Borden Freshman Prize Alma Snyder 6x6 s-AoQqv'w f-10" Buddy Night VM-4 ea- 6' Father-Daughter Weekend Senior Parents' Weekend 170 i 11,2 SUN ELEGRAM VOLUME 93, N0- 33 ELMIRA, N- Y- SUN DAY, JANUARY ze, 1969 Elmira College Going Co-Ed in Fall Elmira goes coeducational ELMIRA fUPIl - Elmira College, which has adfitted only women since its founding 'ln 1855, will become coeduca- ftional Zext fall, officials an- nounce Saturday. Dr. J. Ralph Murray, presi- dent of the college, said lt ls "Authorizing the admission of unlimited transfer and fresh- men students" in its under- graduate program. The decision to admit men to the campus which now boasts a female enrollment of 1,184, was made because the college "Must face realities" in a "Modern coeducational society," a spokesman said. ELMIRA COLLEGE Efmzm, New Kari ofgfffe of the President 14901 January 25, 1969 6:00 p. 111. Dear Faculty and Students: The Board of Trustees made a decision this afternoon which is so important that I wanted you to know immediately, At a meeting at 3:00 p. m., the Board voted to admit men to Elmira College beginning September, 1969, The decision to become coeducational follows several years of evaluation and most recently a Board committee, composed of trustees, administrators, faculty, student leaders and alumnae recommended to the Trustees that men be admitted on a coeduca- tional basis at all levels next fall. The faculty, noting definite advantages in educating men and women together, voted unanimously during their October workshop at Grossingers to recommend to the Board of Trustees that Elmira admit men as soon as feasible, I feel, with deepest conviction, that Elmira is in an excellent position for the transition, Our times demand that we re-evaluate seriously our educational structure to meet contemporary needs and desires of society. Our new curriculum initiated in the fall of 1967 should be relevant and meaningful to men as it has been, and is now, to our young women, Some of the significant implications of this new dimension to campus living and learning will be carried in a series of in-depth articles in the Sunday Telegram tomorrow, which will be available free-of-charge in all dormitories, My desire, and that of the trustees, is that each of you continue your active participation in fostering a vibrant environ- ment at Elmira College in which to mature in both mind and spirit. Very cordiall J, Ral ph Murray President y yours, 173 IRIS THE 'I969 IRIS Marilyn Worfel ..... . . .Editor-in-Chief Sandra Welter .... ..... A ssistant Editor Mary lane Kittler .... ..... S enior Class Editor Iulie Redington, Adriane Berner .............. Layout Editors Ruth Schmitz, Kay Campbell .... Typing Editors Diane Caldwell ................ Literary Editor Margaret Keeler ..... ...... B usiness Manager Suzanne Taylor. . . ..... Advertising Manager Carolee Williams .............. Senior Advisor On behalf of the staff of the 1969 IRIS, I wish to express our appreciation to all those who made this book possible. A special "thank you" to Mr. Al Stanton, our advisor, who never let us down. Again, thank you. Marilyn Worfel Editor-in-Chief I DEX Activities Council .... Art-Photography Club . . . Athletic Association .. Biology Club ........ Buddy Night .... Co-Education .... Elmira Chorus ........... Elmiris .................. Father-Daughter Weekend . Forensic Society .......... French Association ..... Freshman Class Officers . . . German Club ........... Honors Convocation .... Indian Night ............. Iris ...................... Iewish Students Association Iudicial Board ............ Iunior Class Officers .... Legislative Board ..... Mirachords .......... Newman Apostulate .... Octagon ............. Orchesis ............ Resident Advisors . . . Sea Stars .............. Senior Class Officers ..... Senior Parents Weekend . . . Sibyl .................... Sophomore Class Officers . Student Fellowship ....... Thespis .......... Tri-Beta ............... WECW ................. World University Service . 176 . 21 . . 133 . . 145 . . 51 . . 168 172-173 . . 136 . . 22 . . 169 . . 125 . 97 . . 35 . . 97 166-167 . . 71 174-175 . . 70 . . 21 . 34 . 20 . . 136 . . 70 128-129 . . 141 . 31 . . 145 . . 33 170-171 . . 113 . 34 . 70 . . 138 . 51 . . 127 . 59 Faculty and Administration Aldrich, Ionathan ....... Amaral, Dr. Esperanza . . . Anderson, Ruth ....... Barnes, Curtis L. . . . Baskis, Lena S. .. . Bell, Dr. Iames E. . . Berbery, Chan N. .. Board, Warren L. . . . . Bonds, Christopher ..... . . Brady, Dr. Francis X. Brandenburg, Betty .... Bratter, Warren ..... Brescia, Richard .... Burne, Karen ......... Candianides, Kaliope Cobb, Eunice .......... Cole, Dr. Robert R. .... . Criminale, Dr. Leonard R Crocker, Iames W. ..... . Dandrea, Carmine ..... Davis, Richard L. ..... . Doubleday, Dr. Iames F. . Dunbar, Richard D. . . . . Edwards, David ........ Ehrhardt, Dr. Maryann . . Ferayorni, Christina .... Foster, Dr. Donald B. .. . Frey, Margaret E. ..... . Fritz-Vietta, Dr. Silvio .. Fritz-Vietta, Dr. Susanne Frutos, Pilar ........... Glascoe, Gary I. Griffiths, William I. Hall, Geraldine ..... Hannon, W. I. .. .. Hayes, Sally ........ Iafri, Sabiha, N. H. .. Ienkins, Iack L. ...... . Iohnson, Dr. Howard Kahrl, Dr. George M. Kelly, Dan. H. ....... . Kernan, Dr. Cecelia .... Kondolff, Liselotte .... Kriskijans, Irene .. Lakshman, Uma . . . Leavitt, Robert .... Lester, Robert W. Lewis, Ida ............ Lindsay, Iames T. ..... . Lindsay, Dr. William C. . Locke, Dr. Margaret, Ir. . Lowe, Dr. Robert A. . . . . Marsden, Dr. Malcolm M. .. 104 98 148 15 38 60 104 126 134 11 16 98 84 13 141 144 78 99 120 104 54 104 14 13 12 90 46 90 99 90 98 120 15 46 14 144 104 138 68 105 120 60 90 99 54 15 42 12 126 46 144 72 105 177 Martinez, Emma ........... Matthews, Dr. A. Thomas I. . Milley, Iane E. ............ . Mittelstadt, Dr. Iames . . . Mix, Dr. Erving R. .... . Molloy, Dr. Andrew A. .. Morrison, Frank F. Morse, Anne I. .... . Mudrich, Alfred C. Murray, Dr. I. Ralph .... Neal, Donn C. ......... . Neumann, Dr. Richard L. .. Northrup, Barbara W. . . . . Northrup, Dr. Grant I. Olthof, Paul ........... Ovedovitz, Albert .... Pannier, Robert A. . . Parker, Iean L. . . . . Piano, Frank A. Plosky, Charles E. . . . . Potter, Dr. Louise F. .. Price, Harry A. ........ . Puerschner, Dr. George .... Rajam, Margaret T. ........ . Raychaudhuri, Golapchandra Rickard, Dr. Edward M. . . . . Roberts, Edward I. ..... . Roeder, Loraine ........... St. Aubyn, Dr. Frederic C. . . . Sanders, Betty L. ......... . Sanders, Forrest S. .... . Satterfield, Dr. Iohn .... Seanor, Mary Edna Shabanowitz, Harry ...... Slagle, Ianet .............. Spremulli, Dr. Gertrude H. . . . Stanton, Aloysius F. ..... . Swain, Mary Louise ..... Tatsios, Dr. Theodore G. Tereshko, Daniel W. ....... . Van Buskirk, Dr. Elizabeth G. . Von Brockdorff, Hans ....... . Ward, Dr. H. Wesley Wechman, Robert .... Weekly, Elsie ........ Welton, Barbara, I. .. Werk, Horst ....... Whalen, Ierome ...... White, Dr. Iulie ........ Whitlock, Dr. Baird W. .. Whitney, Dr. Rae ...... Wing, Clara S. ......... . Wing, Dr. Henry I., Ir. .... .. Wisbey, Dr. Herbert A., Ir. .. 16 54 134 99 99 42 15 16 38 10 72 46 13 148 14 84 68 105 98 130 46 148 42 130 72 84 14 13 89 120 119 11 83 38 120 37 15 14 72 130 90 16 78 72 12 12 130 105 54 103 46 16 134 53 SENIOR DIRECTORY ACKERMAN, BARBARA ADWARDS, LORRIE ...... ALBRECHT, HELEN ........ ALEXANDER, CHRISTINE .... ALLEN, DEBORAH ....... ALPERT, ROCHELLE .......... ..... AMON, IENNIFER ANDERSON APOSTOLOU, STELLA ........ ARMSTRONG, SUSAN .... ARTEMOW, OLGA .......... ASHE, MARGARET DRAPER . BAKER, BEVERLY ......... BAKER, MARY BARBER, IANINE ...... BARTLES, LINDA ........ BARTLETT, ELIZABETH .... BARTON, ELIZABETH BAUER, LINDA ........ BEARD, IANET BONER BERAN, DONNA ...... BERRY, BARBARA .... BISKUP, BEVERLY .... BLAIR, BARBARA BLISS, CAROL .... BOISE, LOMA ..... BOWEN, CAROL .... BRAUN, SUSAN .... BRECKEL, IILL ...... BREUILLY, ELAINE ........... ..... BRINDLEY, SANDRA ............ ..... BROCKSCHMIDT, CATHERINE BROWER, NANCY .............. ..... BROWN, BARBARA .... BROWN, S'I'EPHANIE . . . BUCHAKIIAN, VIVIAN . . . BUCKLEY, CHRISTINE .... CARLSON, KRISTINE .... CARLSON, PHYLLIS CARLSON, SUSAN ....... CARPENTER, ROBERTA .... CASCIO, DOLORES ....... CAVALERI, PATRICIA .... CENCI, EILEEN ........ ....- ....- ..... Nutley, New Iersey .... Sherburne, New York .... Franklin Lakes, New Iersey Stamford, Connecticut Oneonta, New York .... Adams, Massachusetts . .. Smoke Rise, New Iersey . Corning, New York ...... Andover, Massachusetts .... . Elmira Heights, New York .... . . Fairfield, Connecticut .... Thompson, Pennsylvania . Cocoa Beach, Florida ..... Bloomfield, Connecticut .... . . Hyde Park, New York .... Horseheads, New York . . . Staten Island, New York . Norwich, Connecticut .... Harrison, New York . . . Shaker Heights, Ohio Binghamton, New York . . . Parma, Ohio ........... Elma, New York .... Troy, New York .... Sodus, New York ....... Milton, Massachusetts Devon, Pennsylvania .... Utica, New York Corning, New York .... Scottsdale, Arizona .. . Barrington, Illinois .... Nassau, New York .... Teaneck, New Iersey . . . Weston, Connecticut ..... Loudonville, New York . . . Yorktown Heights, New York .... . . Iewett, Pennsylvania ......... . . Elmira, New York ...... Lakewood, New York ...... .. Elmira Heights, New York .... . Elmira, New York ......... .. . . . . .Pawling, New York . . . .....Albany, New York .... 178 22 85 69 43 73 153 91 161 41 151 79 109 151 62 29 123 47 69 50 106 91 62 28 117 150 163 43 161 92 30 122 39 127 136 153 122 150 107 75 CHALK, CAROLE ......... CHIAPPETTA, MRS. DORIS CLARK, IUDITH ........... CLAXTON, CONNIE COLLETT, DALE ..... COLONEY, FAITH .... COOK, JANET ...... CORDES, CAROLE ...... COULSTON, CYNTHIA .... COWLES, LINDSAY CRUSADE, JOY .... CURLEY, ANN ............ DANEORTH, KATHLEEN .. DAUPHINAIS, IUDITH ..... DeLANCEY, LEORA DeLUCA, ANNA .... DeLUCCO, DIANE ..... DIRNBERCER, EETSY DUGUID, JOAN ....... DURAND, CHRISTINE .. EDGERTON, LINDA EDWARDS, DONNA ENSMINGER, MARY . . . ETKIN, MARCIA EVERETT, SALLY .... FARNOW, CAROL EAY, HELEN ...... RAY, MARTHA ..... FICKEN, PAMELA EINCAR, CAIL .... FINSEN, JILL ........... FITZGERALD, KATHIE .... EOLIO, IUDITH ........ FRIEND, LYNN .... CANCEL, SUSAN .... CETMAN, SUSAN .... GIRLING, JANET ...... COLDSTEIN, IUDITH .... COLIA, ANITA ...... GORDON, NAOMI ...... HANNICAN, KATHRYN HARDIES, LISA ......... Elmira, New York Elmira, New York ...... Lutherville, Maryland .... Hallstead, Pennsylvania .. Darien, Connecticut .... Albion, New York Orange, Connecticut Sidney, New York ..... Rensselaer, New York .... Rochester, New York .... Elmira, New York Clinton, Connecticut Bennington, Vermont . . . Bristol, Connecticut .... Keene, New Hampshire .. Hartford, Connecticut .... West Hartford, Connecticut Kenmore, New York ..... Schenectady, New York .. London, England ........ Elmira Heights, New York New Canaan, Connecticut York, Pennsylvania ...... Buffalo, New York .... Maysville, Kentucky Verona, New Iersey .... York, Pennsylvania .... Needham, Massachusetts . Hightstown, New Iersey . . Claverack, New York .... Newtonville, Massachusetts Northport, New York .... Setauket, New York Byram, Connecticut .... Weston, Connecticut . . . Ilion, New York ..... Armonk, New York ...... Waterbury, Connecticut .. Wallingford, Connecticut . Beverly, Massachusetts . . . Scarsdale, New York . . . Troy, New York .... 179 75 106 66 122 150 107 114 154 163 154 40 101 107 61 100 128 161 40 59 87 131 30 73 63 41 152 74 113 155 25 116 55 152 79 55 80 140 HARRIS, GAIL ........ HARRISON, MIRIAM .. HERENCIA, CRISTINA .. HESS, MYRA .......... HESSELMAN, HELEN .. HEWLETT, SUSAN ..... HICCINEOTHAM, SALLY HOFFMAN, CAROL .... HOLMAN, IOANNE .. HOUSTON, LORILEE .. HUNT, SANDRA .... IANSSON, LINDA IENNINGS, KAREN IOHNSTON, SUSAN .... KALISH, FELICIA .... KEARNS, KAREN ...... KEELER, MARGARET .. KENNEDY, IUDITH .... KENT, KATHERINE .... KESTENEAUM, SUSAN . KILMER, KAREN ...... KIRSCHNER, LINDA KOVELESKY, DOLORES KRAMER, DEBORAH KRASNY, SUSAN KRITZ, MIRA ..... LaDUC, CHERYL ..... LANDON, CATHERINE . LARSON, LINDA ..... LASDEN, DALE LEBER, LAURA LEE, LINDA ........ LEHMAN, IOANNE .. LESSIN, CARREN ...... LI, GLORIA CHI-YING . LICHTMAN, RENEE .... LIFFITON, NANCY .... LICCETT, ELIZABETH .. LINDEMANN, DONNA .. LLEWELLYN, MARY IO LOOMIS, DOROTHEA .. LOOMIS, KAREN ..... Springfield, Massachusetts .... Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania . . . Arequipa, Peru .......... Fair Lawn, New Iersey . . . Bosemount, Pennsylvania Rochester, New York .... Northport, New York ......... South Weymouth, Massachusetts Topsfield, Massachusetts ...... Fairview, Massachusetts Cincinnati, Ohio ......... East Norwich, New York . . . Binghamton, New York .... Havertown, Pennsylvania .... Bridgehampton, New York .... West Hartford, Connecticut Snyder, New York ......... Rochester, New York Chuquicamata, Chile ..... Maplewood, New Iersey .... Canisteo, New York ..... Baldwin, New York ...... New Haven, Connecticut Mamaroneck, New York Cheektowaga, New York ..... Harrington Park, New Iersey .... . . Whiteboro, New York ........ Wallingford, Connecticut . . . Rochester, New York .... Sharon, Massachusetts . .. New York, New York .... Hicksville, New York .... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Merrick, New York .... Hong Kong, China ..... Woodbridge, New Iersey Garden City, New York .... Chatham, New Iersey ........ East Rockaway, New York .... Butler, Pennsylvania ..... Dolgeville, New York .... Elmira, New York ..... 180 22 110 61 80 50 108 47 124 149 140 153 108 109 64 85 123 56 125 163 63 51 124 111 62 55 67 155 44 131 155 92 156 85 74 80 81 162 83 LORD, CATHERINE LOVE, PAMELA ........ LYETH, MARGUERITE .... MacCARTHY, SUSAN MacFARLANE, ROBIN .. MacKAY, CATHY .... MacKAY, LAURIE ..... MacNAB, KATHERINE . . . MACOMB, DIANE .... MAILLY, ANDREA . . . MAINES, NANCY .... MANLY, SUSAN MARON, CHERYL .... MAYMON, CAROL ...... MAZZOLLA, SONDRA .... MCALAINE, IANET .... MCCOY, LINDA ....... MCCREEDY, SALLY ..... MCHALE, MRS. NANCY MCLAUCHLIN, BARBARA . MELEAD, SHIRLEY ..... MEYER, LESLIE ..... MIGLIORE, PAULA MILLER, SALLY MOCK, PATRICIA MOFFETT, MARY .... MONTANI, MERLE MORAN, DEIRDRE . . . MORSE, CYNTHIA ........ MOSTELLER, MRS. IOANN MOTT, BARBARA .......... MULFORD, NANCY MURDOCK, NANCY . . MURRAY, SANDEE NELSON, PAMELA . . . NEUFELD, LESLIE .... NICHOLS, BARBARA .... NICHOLS, FRANCIE . . O'BRIEN, PATRICIA . . . O'BRIEN, SUSAN .... . OSBAHR, TRACY .......... ..... OUELLETTE, IEAN ELLEN .... ..... Winchester, Massachusetts . Stamford, Connecticut .... Washington, D. C. ....... . Framingham, Massachusetts Weston, Connecticut ...... Worcester, Massachusetts . Wilbraham, Massachusetts Rochester, New York ..... Devon, Pennsylvania ..... Braintree, Massachusetts .. Endicott, New York .... Scranton, Pennsylvania . . . Vernon, Connecticut ..... Binghamton, New York Bayville, New Iersey ..... Haverford, Pennsylvania .. Pleasant Valley, New York . Clifton, New York ...,.... Horseheads, New York Hamburg, New York . . . Elmira, New York Cleveland, Ohio ..... Hartford, Connecticut .... Manchester, Connecticut .. Rochester, New York .... Westfield, New Iersey .... Middletown, New Iersey .. Albany, New York ........ Kansas City, Montana .... Elmira, New York ..... Birmingham, Michigan Haverford, Pennsylvania .. New City, New York . . . Syracuse, New York Barbados, West Indies Iamaica, New York .... Rutherford, New Iersey Rutherford New Iersey Elmira, New York ..... Rochester, New York .... Hicksville, New York .... Brockton, Massachusetts .. 181 57 47 91 65 117 67 58 49 131 82 96 154 95 100 25 66 149 44 49 159 157 56 33 65 108 111 20 74 87 156 77 93 139 162 93 111 110 157 112 29 56 OXTON, IANICE .... PADDOCK, MARIE ...... PANDAPAS, MICHELLE . PANNICK, SUSAN ...... PARRY, GEORGIA .... PATRICK, BARBARA PEABODY, BETSEY PEDERZOLI, GAIL .... PETELCHUK, PAULA PETERSON, LINDA PETROVICH, MARY .... PIEPER, PHYLLIS ....... PIETRZYK, MARIANNE . PORTER, MARYELLEN .. PRICE, SARA IANE ..... PROSCHEL, MARY IANE PROVINCE, SALLIE ..... PRZEKOP, KATHLEEN .. QUINN, DEBORAH ..... REXFORD, MARTHA .... RIDDLE, LINDA .... RIDER, PAMELA .... ROACH, LILLIAN ROLLINCS, NANCY ROPER, LAURIE .... ROUSE, MARY LEE ROWE, MARY ..... RUDNICKI, ELLEN SACHAR, NANCY .... SALINCER, IANE ....... SAMMANN, SUZANNE . SANDERS, BARBARA SANTACROCE, MICHELE SCHEIBELHUT, SHARON SCHLENKER, SUSAN SCHMIDT, BARBARA SCHMITZ, RUTH ....... SCHUE, DEBORAH ..... SCHULTZ, MARY BETH . SHANE, RUTH ......... SHERMAN, PATIENCE .. SHERRAN, CYNTHIA Oita, Iapan ......... Endwell, New York . .. Ramsey, New Iersey .... Norwich, New York .... Elmira, New York .... Coral Gables, Florida Ossining, New York ....... Springfield, Massachusetts . Scotia, New York ......... Litchfield, Connecticut .... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Dunwoody, Georgia ....... Elmira, New York ........ Havertown, Pennsylvania .. Kennett Square, Pennsylvania Scotia, New York ......... Franklin, Indiana ....... Holyoke, Massachusetts .... Longmeadow, Massachusetts Westfield, New York ...... Medford, Massachusetts . . . Geneseo, New York ....... Reidsville, North Carolina .. Princeton, New Iersey New York, New York Lowman, New York .... Bellmore, New York .... Elmira, New York .... St. Louis, Montana .... Scarsdale, New York Deerfield, Illinois .......... Easthampton, Massachusetts The Hague, Netherlands .... River Edge, New Iersey Catskill, New York ..... Cranford, New Iersey Peekskill, New York Rome, New York ...... Crosswicks, New Iersey . . . Winnetka, Illinois ......... Upper Montclair, New Iersey Pittsford, New York ....... 93 48 67 57 57 86 112 109 156 64 75 39 59 79 145 115 125 64 24 116 28 139 41 114 101 114 158 81 73 139 96 94 48 58 49 76 101 157 151 115 100 SHORT, CONSTANCE BLATCHLEY . . . . . . SIDOR, BARBARA ........ SMITH, KATHY .... SMITH, SUSAN .... SNELHAM, LINDA ....... . . . SOUTHWORTH, SALLY .... SPOTTS, LINDA ......... . . . STAKEL, OLIVIA .. STINSON, NANCY ... STREECK, MARLIS .. STRONG, CYNTHIA TARMY, SUSAN .... TAUB, LINDA ....... TAYLOR, SUZANNE ............. THORNTON, HELENE DEMMLER . . . . . . TOWNSEND, NANCY .. TRAGESER, NANCY TUFANO, MARCIA .... TURRELL, BARBARA .. URBAN, AMY ....... VARNUM, IOYCE .... VAVRA, KATHLEEN . . . WAKEFIELD, HEDWIG . WALLACE, CHARLOTTE WARCH, LINDA ....... WECHMAN, STEPHANIE WELLES, ANN ......... WETHERELL, IANE .... WHIPPLE, DOROTHY .. WHITAKER, ANNE .... WILLIAMS, CAROLEE . . WILLIAMS, PATTY LOU WILLIS, MARIANNE .... WILSON, EVA ....... WILSON, LYNNE ...... WOODS, CHARLOTTE . WRENSHALL, MARGARET .... ..... YEADON, BARBARA ........ ..... YIH, ROSALIN D ....... YOUNG, MARY EDITH . . . ZITANER, LYNN ....... ZUPPARDI, CHRISTINE .... ..... Seaford, Delaware ....... Wethersfield, Connecticut Westfield, New Iersey Fulton, New York ..... Birmingham, Michigan . . . Cortland, New York ..... Corning, New York ...... New Canaan, Connecticut Mercer Island, Washington Glen Rock, New Iersey . . . East Longmeadow, Massachusetts . Belmont, Massachusetts .. Teaneck, New Iersey . . . Iamestown, New York .... Syracuse, New York Montclair, New Iersey Valparaiso, Indiana ...... New Britian, Connecticut . Glen Rock, New Iersey . . . North Haven, Connecticut Westfield, New Iersey Binghamton, New York . . . Port Iefferson Station, Ne York w Wallingford, Connecticut ...... Ho-Ho-Kus, New Iersey . . Elmira, New York ....... Chappaqua, New York Woodstock Valley, Connecticut Elmira, New York ....... Penn Yan, New York . . . Wantagh, New York Elmira, New York ....... Middlebury, Connecticut . Aurora, Ohio ............ Hanover, Massachusetts .. Oneida, New York ..,... Garden City, New York .. Westerly, Rhode Island .. Sao Paulo, Brazil ........ Schenectady, New York . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lawrence, Massachusetts . 183 152 76 58 50 65 132 92 28 44 76 149 24 45 95 95 86 115 77 160 39 159 29 45 20 160 87 81 101 160 159 45 94 106 94 132 77 132 117 24 BOOSTERS Dr. and Mrs. Iohn W. Ackerman Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Barton Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Berry, Ir. Betty and Red Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence I. Boise Mrs. Arnold Boner Anon Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Braun Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Breckel Mr. and Mrs. Luther A. Breuilly Mrs. Vahan Buchakjian Mr. and Mrs. William I. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Iohn F. Cascio Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Cenci Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Cernier Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Chalk Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Richard Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs D. I. Dauphinais Andrew M. Draper George C. Duguid Daniel C. Durand Douglas Edwards Chalmels D. Ensminger Morton H. Etkin Donald H. Fay Robert Fitzgerald Lionel B. Friend Edward F. Fuechsel Gangel Iohn Girling Oreste Golia Richard M. Hesselman Iohn G. Higginbotham David W. Houston Marshall C. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Clarence Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Louis Dorsey Clark S. Claxton Everett S. Collett Orson Coloney Donald R. Cook William G. Cowles Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Iohnston Mr. and Mrs. George W. Kearns Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keeler Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kent Mrs. Frank Kovelesky Mr. and Mrs. F. Krasny Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kritz Lester Leber Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lessin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lindemann Dr. and Mrs. I. A. Llewellyn Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Loomis Robert E. MacCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. MacKay Mr. Alan G. MacNab Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . Milton Meyer Gerard R. Miller Iames R. Moffett . Frederick A. Montani . Iames W. Murdock Leslie A. Nichols, Ir. The Osbahr Clan Mr. and Mrs. Arch Peabody Dr. and Mrs. Iohannes Pietrzyk Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Proschel Dr. and Mrs. William Province Mr. and Mrs. William P. Quinn Mrs. Elizabeth R. Riddle Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Rider Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roach and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs George B. Rollings, Ir Donald Russell Alfred F. Schmitz Harold P. Shane Charles I. Sidor George S. Smith William G. Smith 1 Thomas Snelham and Mrs. Albert F. Southworth and Mrs. and Mrs. K. H. Streeck E. Dwight Strong and Mrs. Leon Taub and Mrs. Dallas Townsend and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Iohn R. Vavra Floyd Wallace, Ir. Warch Franklin S. Wetherell C. H. Whiting, Sr. Seward A. Whitaker Edward G. Williams Iohn M. Wilson C. Lewis Wrenshall Clifford C. Young, Ir. Morris Zitaner Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '69 from . . . iw "Your Store of Fine Fashions in Elmira" Best Wishes to the THE BOOTERY CLASS OF 1968 MIDTOWN PLAZA Home of your favorite Footwear 165 North Main St. 110 N. Main ELMIRA, N. Y. Everything for Casual Wear Best Wishes from CAROZZA'S TRAVEL SERVICE 150 West Fifth Street ELMIRA, NEW YORK 186 Classes of K Q 1970 , ' 1971 'I 1972 1 X5 far as H 5 H-' , ' 1 K, X Aqxnx '32 x g Ng I VN' 'J A? ' ' H , 1 I 7f 'Af- ,WWI f j i I gr! X 'N-C X r lr . I W, ' wx .. M. 'I THE TIME IS AT HAND WHEN THE VOICES OF THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE 'CAN NO LONGER DROWN OUT THE INNER VOICES THAT ARE DRIVING WOMEN ON TO BECOME COMPLETE HOWELL DF El.lvnnA PACKAGING F. M. HOWELL A CO. ELMHQA, New vomc PERRY 6? SVARTWOGD SINCE i850 Charles W. Perry James E. Swartwood George F. Murphy Harry J. Buehler William A. Tryon Matthew C. Perry J. Peter Fennell PERRY INSURANCE BLDG. Cor. Baldwin 8: E. Second Sts ELMIRA, NEW YORK 14902 607 RE 4-5277 Compliments of RUDY'S GREEN HUUSE 188 Good Luck from LOLL'S PHARMACY 81 CAMPUS CORNER Cor. W. Washington Avenue 84 Davis St. Compliments Of MARY'S GROCERY 155 W. Washington Ave. FURMAN SHREIBMAN'S A GEM OF A JEWELRY STORE Jewelers and Silversmitlfs SINCE 1893 106 W. Water St. ELMIRA, NEW YORK 214 East Water Street Best Wishes MARK TWAIN HOTEL Everyone Knows . . It's .lEROME'S for Clothes 350 N. Main st. Compliments of CAREY'S LEATHER - LUGGAGE - GIFTS 312 West Water Street ELMIRA, N. Y. BUELL'S FLOWER SHOP MIDTOWN PLAZA PHONE RE 4-5175 Compliments of B tw h L 'lh Class of 1969 Bll.l.'S BAR FUNERAL HOME Wfflwm E the heart your yearbook ARDEN KMA CENTERTOWN, ELMIRA THE MALL, BIG FLATS GEORGE C. MacGREEVEY Best Wishes Booxs - STATIONERY - GIFTS CLASS OF Office Supplies and Furniture 313 E. Water St. 1969 ELMIRA, NEW YORK The 'RIS In the Heart of downtown Elmira The Elmira Theatre The Colonial Theatre The Capitol Cinema Compliments of HAROLDS 104 W. Water St. ELMIRA, N.Y. 4 Great Stores ELMIRA -ITHACA CORNING - BATH Congratulations from HO0D'S HIDEAWAY Featuring Henry Parker at the Piano Von, Bob Sc Tom Hood Creative Yearbooks Posr orrlce sox woo nonAvlu.E GEORGIA 30040 Service, Personal anennona IVISION OF McCALL CORPORATION superior production flexibility and quality printing Q 0 T E 8, P AV 1 E S A ,ggi of pfofessignig 192 I 4 1 N 4

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