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, H X w I i E 1 f 614, OVLZ JUG? L4 4AlfLt. . . 77 6llVLOtA5Z UJQGVLA C E R V A N T E S Y' l f 4 x w, 130 ak NW 'YW il E1 fr, LL- ' P. QQ.-1 ,ki Yx - , x my Q 4 ' 5 ',,f'f x,,w .9.1 J Q4 Q I947 IHIS HMIHH EUIHHE M 1 Wmfwn gal EHHHHS 3. HIHNHEH MMF! O X ?fx5CgT"1 fmiutafmif ffjiffil gmmffa B-1-.Tran 7'-1' 'f3Zi:g militia Zmrfflm ,yi l Q ku' H . 5... X. - '-.Sgt 5- g. . 1 1 An 1 ' . ' x , ' fm , .. , , ' A , V ' . .J 1 .V - - , X I3-ff-.,ii' , ' ' ' , I , f - , - , .Mail-cf-, 'am W. HEHIEHH ff.. 1947 Ji, We dedicate our yearbook to a man famous for his hearty laugh. With his very pleasant Wife he has been an im- portant part of our three years at Elmira. We remember him as a favor- ite of ours in Alumnae lounge, as a star in our Gay Nineties show sophomore year, and as a genial host on Sunday nights at his home. Our remembrance is flavored by his particular brand of humor and his comfortable good na- ture. We dedicate our yearbook to an exemplary patron saint, Dr. Rutenber. .4 Hllllllplgwlgllllll ..,,.,......,.President S. G. H. Turner ................. ........,.......,.......,. Mrs. Helen Hughes Breen ,..,.., W. H. Mandeville .......---,- A. Marshall Lowman ...... .....--- Rev. A. B. Kinsolving, D-D- A. Marshall Lowman W. H. Mandeville William I. Myers Mrs. S. G. H. Turner Mrs. Helen Hughes Breen Miss Harriet L. Hunt Mrs. Mary Bullard LeWald .......Vice-President .,....Secretary . . . . . .Treasurer Milton E. Loomis S. G. H. Turner Merle D. Thompson J. H. S. Ellis Esther Eaton Mrs. Blanche Holman Lowman Douglas G. Anderson Wfilliam S. A. Pott, ex-officio Afl11zi1zisz'1fati1fe O jfiicers WILLIAM S. A. POTT, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia, President M. ANSTICE HARRIS, Ph.D., Yale, Litt.D., Elmira, Dean Emeritus E. LUCILLE LYON, A.B., M.A., Elmira, Dean of Students ERWIN A. FITCH, Comptroller BERTHA M. CORFIELD, B.S., A.M., Boston University, A.M., Radcliffe, Dean of Freshmen MARIAN W. SMITH, A.B., Vassar, Director of Ad- missions and Placement DOROTHY L. FANCHER, A.B., Elmira, Assistant Director of Admissions and Placement Arlminis ELIZABETH McDOWELL, A.B., Wellesley, Assistant to the Librarians CLAIRE BOWMAN, R.N., College Nurse LEONELLA SCI-IAAD, B.S., Elmira, Elmira Business Institute, Assistant to the President KATHERINE G. CUFFNEY, A.B., Elmira, Acting Registrar ALICE H. RUSSELL, A.B., Bates College, M.A., Colum- bia, Dietitian ROSS HOBLER, A-B., M.D., University of Pennsylvania, College Physician MABEL PIERCE JOHNSON, Meekers Business Institute' Bookkeeper i JEAIRILIWILSON3 B-S-, Mansfield State Teachers College, Page six f1"6l2f B.D., Rochester Theological Seminary, Ph.D., Uni- versity of Michigan, Secretary of the Faculty RAYMOND B. STEVENS, A.B., Denison University FRANCES C. BEEBE, B.S., Elmira, Elmira Business In stitute, Executive Secretary of the Alumnae Associa- tion ANNE j. MORSE, A.B., Elmira, B.S. in L.S., New York State College for Teachers Library School, Acting Librarian ELEANOR M. HERZ, A.B., Wfellesley, Assistant to the President, in Charge of Publicity and Public Relations. ROXANNA EVANS, A.B., Elmira, B. S. in Education, Geneseo State Teachers College, Assistant Librarian. ive Stay? MARION G. MERRILL, B.S., Rollins College, Hickox Secretarial School, Secretary in Admissions and Place- ment Office MARGARET M. SHULL, Elmira Business Institute, Assistant to Comptroller FLORENCE DROLESKY, R.N., College Nurse MARY BILES BLACKXVELL, A.B., Pennsylvania State College, House Director DORIS HART, Elliott School of Business, AsSiSI0l1f Bookkeeper GERALDINE SHEVCHUK, Elmira Business Institute? Secretary to the Deans ELEANOR L. TRAVER, Elmira Business Institute: Secretary in the Alumnae oem CZ. l'I atm ftf 1 I H391 J Plif' ! I jg!! ,milfll , fff'ff7h ' Z2 , 'J , 5 ADMINISTRATION -XA! Mary B. Blackwell, Erwin A. Fitch, Frances C. Beebe, William S. A. Pott, E. Lucille Lyon Katherine G. Cuffney, Bertha M. Corfield, Roxanne Evans, Dorothy L. Fancher, Alice H. Russell Gwynn S. Bement, Finlayson, Helen H. FINE ARTS Geraldine Quinlan, Geraldine Morrow, Hazel M. Bjorvand . x, ,Wd W! ,, s.,mm4.,..,fw Q7 My , WM. A Qi if , 'WMV a fa, Burke, , Donald L. f ,, w Page seven APPLIED ARTS William S. A. Pott, Karolena Z. Rhoacles, Ernfred Anderson, Doris C. Shipley, Laura M. Bauman, Lewis Eldred. NATURAL SCIENCES Rita H. Rogers, Mary C. Suffa, Charles B. Rutenber, John C. Cothran, Agnes M. Orbison, Elizabeth B. Rutenber. ! Page eight LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE E. Margaret Grimes, Helen S. Davis, Mauda Sandvig, Craig R. Thompson, Marjorie G. A. Bernt, Claire Lanche, George M. Kahrl. SOCIAL STUDIES Mack B. Swearingen, Elmer W. K. Mould, Horace S. Merrill, John R. Tuttle, Raymond B. Stevens, Hans H. Bernt, Donald F. Lach. Page nine Page ten 'W M W W ,L www ' i W l fam.-N V W , f H? WVIIWVA-vvm 'M -4 M, 1 A1444 'bv K QM WW 72,4413 '?2'Vf5'fW9?W'YQg,4 i 74 M jfffgegkfbfiy WU My W W his A Www ,, Y Q t' 2 Y. ff ' V 4' Vf I ,, ,V , 4, , :Q ' G inf , M" Q K V , ' XA gr. . . fl ' mf .Q v,!,h,- f I H . W f x f V 9 Xl. Q 4 gy , "' " , . W, M V N - 4 , A f xx- . 1, X R f I I I V av, 'Q Q, M VZ! " I V S4 K' , W' ' ' -X ', , . , x ' V '- , I Aw-ff-N'WfZ"'4v6", - 'fe'-fMY W ' - A . f, , 1, . My .. a. ,, ' ,Alf pw Q, Q, fijQjKZ1z-f'f'f.i- :Yfj W .V ,W , V ' f , " 1,-ff f ig, WM K- 1 ,XX 1X X , l ' - 3' . it A X., ,F V n r K-D I ,qw 1 Y '-'fi , ' 1. 1:7 vi!! ' ' M. 'gn ' -,1-..,,v-f'.- -,,-,-ff? QQ , :J ff" ap .1 ,:.Lv, Q ,. V, , I ,f,.,-V , ff g "-' -' iw. 1' f f M. A -"' , 1. 1-1 ',-1"'f'ff-W1-'"f'9Z' - :ff Jw 'A ,pf-,f eg fasa ff: -- arf 'iff 11. . i 'M V -.sr-J f?fC5:ff-3':?'flf4'i5i7:7n'2'33''7:1':11",-" 1" .QT T' . A ,W ,we-'-1+ 1-f:2"sL7a:f,f:f,fi2gsE2.3f-egg-if:sera ix A- - wr,..q.,.Q.:'ff.sf 73 Ap,""f- 3l'-4g?f-f,aij,Qf,."fa2f1,5gf55:es1:f.::' L .,., , , ,gY,y-:-L'12.'.v1':5.-Iv"Y'1"', ' , -" - , . "' I-P" 4L,,s'w,f-- ..,-- 77'-A' ' . . ,K :g5QQsfy3.g2Ei3:4j47". 1 . ' ' :f:fs1'Tgi:y' ,fy-5-'l"7'::,3Si:'1?427g'D"5 , . ., 'ag' ' 'A .:g:L-:f.- 11!:'I-""k-.1Z"91-' - Y ., :xr Q - 1 2 +'f::,42'i f1?':'-fizffff ff.2?:.r.1':"'-'ff-l,f',f'J.,4Ctx.,''-j',.?4:' 2-0 f '-"5 fii-l3'?f'E1'fia'ss .rx- .f , -1.5:-.-.-H " s "She szfdnds on the threshold-in her hand, the keys of the kingdoni. The door will heropened and the world, her kingdom, shall coine in. For she of the open soul and open door has roovn dhont her hearth for all rnankind . " Page twelve Uhr: ci ki TQ- rn fa 1 Sdffix - - . is :kiln H53 sig T 421 USP: 2 fx .As 1 IIJ. Ib: by: of u orlJ, bn lzingd P ' apr: Jour lm room lHl IHHSS Hi IH47 Helen Nelson, Karin Hildebrand, 'Elizabeth Spence, Elaine Ojala, Dr. Charles Rutenber Doors are opened, while some seemingly close ...- b ut looking back from the threshold of Senior year, the class of '47 feels that the doors will never completely close on our memories of the last three years. We remember the fall of 1943 . . . wide-eyed frosh with happy smiles . new friends, new faces, Big Sisters . . . Freshman Week . . . our first college tea . . . hats and heels . . . sunshine and Elmira rain . . . tradition . . . Grove Park at early dawn . . . sleepy-eyed sophs . . . breakfast at six . . . Convocation and Chrysanthemums . . . the laundry filled in the wee small hours . . . Class president . . . 'tThis Song's for You, A11 You Seniors" . . . Patron Saint . . . a hearty laugh and a helping hand . . . later on, Buddy party . . . rivalry suspended, but not forgotten . . . green jackets . . . "A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody" . . . Frosh Banquet . . . The Baron Steuben . . . the end of the first quarter of college. Then we were Sophs . . . somebody holding doors for us . . . others already opened by us Freshman Year . . . newer and bigger archways to pass thru . . . Hilltop, hikes and Page thirteen "She stands onlibe ihre kingdom. The door will hefopened and t shall come in. For she of the open sonl and open doo ahont her hearth for all mankind . . " P ge twelve shold--in her hand, the keys of the he world, her kingdom, r has room at X123 l . Hmm :L . "W" lf" Ib. h.,,,,,3"'BWv ,., V- ' ,Mm Sl 8138 Q I l Chmlmul Sl-'Hgh 'W 1 a a X-.sgfii 'inS'5fq'zh ""'5'5'v...T0,ukh e V gd, A ,H fn ttZ"'l"'M 'Pminsvihf' 'f"MM.n... lu-omg uhm fum :hugh ,hmhhfmh Wwumil rim-sinrhch-fb... 'l mfnlfwlaqjmjn hd' Wllffllktinlhave dm--.ak Suagcnaimniklilpzrlnpfa nihshrsmxwitfidlllf 055 LATIN-SPANISH CLARKS SUMMIT, PA. A lady's reserve . . . immaculate and Well-manicured . . . Nescare in a spotless room . . . quick steps of exactitude . . . occasional laughter at her own expense. Page fifteen ' 'cg A blue and gold Mountain day . . . our Big Sisters marching in green lgliidine . . . tearful eyes and smiling lips . . . songs to remember . . . our own Buddy party . . . "Just a Perfect Friendshipv . . . the hunter rather than the hunted . . . snow falls . . . a white Christmas . . . Dr. Lach in Santa's beard . . . The Merry Chanters . . . banners flung from high up in Alumnae . . . twilight on the roof . . . rehearsals . . . spring fever . . . Soph Show . . . Those Gay Nineties . . . "Shine,' . . . hiss the Villain . . . Bath and ' I-I 'tal we all grew up a little that week-end . . . two May Queens the Veterans ospi . . . . . . one on a raft . . . the other stepped out of a dream . . . Sophs leaving us for the World . . . for "Auld Lang Sync" . . . Graduation time . . . friendship . . . Tovarich . . . step-singing . . . a lump in our throat . . . black gowns . . . gold and white hoods . . . ' ' erclassmen . . . doors opening wider. goodbyes . . . we were to be Big Sisters . . . upp Then came this year, the best of them all . . . back early in the fall . . . our own little Sisters . . . more doors were held for us, but we were showing others how to hold them for themselves . . . eager beavers behind busy signs . . . serious thought about jobs for the future . . . we lost a little, but gained a lot more . . . some of the happy-go-luckiness was gone . . . but in its place was a new thoughtfulness . . . the spirit still there . . . as it always will be . . . still singing, this time to our Big Buddies . . . wondering how it would be at our own Senior week-end . . . Junior Prom . . . dancing in the clouds . . . stardust in our eyes . . . angels stepping through pearly gates . . . dates, dreams, engagements . . . Iris headaches . . . "Death on a Holiday" . . . no rest for weary Juniors . . . important minutes going too fast . . . memories built against the time when we will step over the last threshold of college . . . And now this year is over . . . next year, doors will be opened and held, perhaps for the last time . . . then on to larger doors . . . to be opened by the same spirit which has shown itself at moments like these just-mentioned highlights. Page fourteen K? W orma Kwik? l SPEECH-ENGLISH SPRINGVILLE, NEW YORK mio!! Diminutive and vivacious . . . a mind of her own . . . Cornell week-ends . . . Grazia . . swag . ww dancing eyes and vibrant voice. Z 7 ' Page seventeen my Ofgzfzue en fi BATH, NEW YORK HISTORY True-blue Scot . . . hours and hours in the libe . . . LaCky's chief passenger . . . Bath every Week-end . . . quiet riot. Page sixteen 55665 'lgml of , ,wwf Aria 8l"l'VL6lflfL f :1:2:2af.-, ,fl x ECONOMICS BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Sparkling brown eyes . . . it's always good grooming week . . . "Way Down Upon The Swanee River" . . . a helping hand. Page 'nineteen Swede Z?WfZ Y HORNELL, NEW YORK ENGLISH "Connie" . . . moonlight becomes her . . . voice soft as pussy-willows . . . shining eyes . . 'Tm so happy, but --." SWK: Fmt Page eighteen 5 amine me Mft zfwcmlf ,UQLOGY 1 4 I V 13' qfizmng PSYCHOLOGY-SOCIOLOGY STEWART MANOR, NEW YORK An individualist . . . freckles and red-brown hair . . . "It's so aesthetically soul-satisfyingv . . . her "Percy" and "Lovey,' . . . quips and cranks . . . quotations from Shakespeare. Page twenty-one UCL QPF? ELMIRA, NEW YORK SOCIOLOGY M Psluig A little girl with a big smile . . . child welfare work . . . a place for everything and everything in its place . . . willing assistance. An mall" .nic ,, Page twenty l i E s. im! ' Q? 5, e Av' ', 4 ,g si' -.: Q-vb f:fs'4'??-W' 555,46 15A Z?WAe FRENCH-ENGLISH HORNELL, NEW YORK sxouSH "Liz,' . . . blue, blue eyes and feather cut . . . swimming enthusiast . . . "Just for kicksv 'ming 12 . . . career-minded . . . "Tigress. ns! 155' Page twenty-tlwee Walfage gmt V V! aww, ...... 'l'if'Wi ,, . Nj? gf r. XZ ELMIRA, NEW YORK "Natv . . . offhand manner-easy to like . . . Mardi and P Wyoda . . . "Chet says." Page twenty-two ENGLISH pm ooh . . . horseback riding at Gi hui, Q-'Bc eom gAl"l:6'L mme? Ml x Ftrs-FR f:f:1"3li':l6 EXCH cicfv-7' SPANISH-GOVERNMENT UNADILLA, NEW YORK A perfectly polished savage . . . feminine and perfumed . . . our own Mme. de Sevigne . . . a live intelligence . . . forty winks at four a. rn. Page twenty-five ,xggce M7708 ELMIRA, NEW YORK MATHEMATICS-FRENCH SPANIS "Bernie" . . . genuine . . . depth and understanding . . . independent . . . editorial efficiency K ' 4 Pffiea . . gay laughter . . . mathematician. ' ' - 1 in V Page twenty-four dn AMERICAN CIVILIZATION ELMIRA, NEW YORK 1 wi N'ff5L315'59 " march Gmane Tall and casual . . . California, here I come . . . "Who's seen Nat?" . . . unpredictable HA., 3, .1 :hw :9"4mlm" . . . Winnie the Pooh. Page twenty-seven ,fdgce G! im AME! RIDGEWOOD, NEW JERSEY GOVERNMENT-BUSINESS AD. "Collie,' . . . fair and square . . . waitin' for Nate . . . unsquelchable optimism . . . "She Ta thinks New Englandlyf' , n , Page twenty-six .fgala Qodfein X 1 X 1 EVE! T33 swffsdku, -.ggcitflf ,, .. ,, r f.QQt..i.1LL.. ' ENGLISH-PSYCHOLOGY ELMIRA, NEW YORK Danny Kaye's press agent . . . apartment plans . . . "the great American novelv . . . "Has anybody seen 'Querk'?" . . . Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Page twen ty-wine PAMZJ Cunning 0LWL MUNNSVILLE, NEW YORK "Phyl,, . . . "subtle,' wit and hum "Hey, fellas, wanna help?" . . . "Let's have a Hre drill. Page twenty-eight CHEMISTRY-BIOLOGY or . . . Gabriel, blow your horn . . . sport fiend . . . gargara vane ancfaer MATHEMATICS-BIOLOGY ELMIRA, NEW YORK usnfgruNUf55G "Barb" . . . placid . . . navy and black . . . outdoor girl . . . self-analyst . . . dry sense . .5 'mr' mn-hm' ' of humor. Page thirty-one 1 amine 6Ll:l"CAl:!6! ELMIRA, NEW YORK ART-MERCHANDISING' Art spelled with an A . . . Gorton Coy week-ends . . . baby teeth . . . "Should I cut my vi hair?" . . . "Mr, and Mrs. is the name." Page thirty I 801,101 ga dream P' EM ex aw 'Pi 15.556155 ,fvdue " I X s Hy- 1 Kxm- ' -. ,Qi x -951' -:bb-s -w e ss CHEMISTRY-BIOLOGY BLOOMSBURG, PA. Dr. Parpalaid . . . Pennsylvania, rah, rah, rah . . . angel collection . . . injured limbs . . . visits to Silver Bay . . . eight hours in the lab. Page thirty-tlw'ee eomnelflfe rjwwielf nf J ? ELMIRA, NEW YORK LATIN-ENGLISH Petite worry-bird . . . our Pine City Penelope . . . Dresden China and silverware . . pennies for the piggy bank . . . classic scholar. Page thirty-two MWC? l"6LlfLlf anim QA' -w,,.r4 V, A 5, HISTORY-ENGLISH ONEONTA, NEW YORK "Stinky', . . . cheerful Cherub, pansy-eyed . . . left-handed prodigy . . . Q'Oh, I forgot-" . . . calm, cool, and crazy. Page thirty-ive pafricia Qian am ' 5 R5 E 1 H f NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND FRENCH-SPANISH ENGLISH l'Whim" . . . gay nineties in the shower . . . fundamental . . . philosoplucal anarch1st . . tailored to a "TH, Page thirty-four ff X 'V E0 AP85 P8 g ttf M If LATIN-MATHEMATICS ELMIRA, NEW YORK nu, s scilifwimw Weatherproof curls . . . NIS he tall?,, . . . luscious sweaters . . . Greek and Roman diet wimlmgixrpfff' . . . perpetual good nature. 3 M, in T591 1"'f Page tlzirty-seven lfL50LlfL IWQQOIV EAST AURORA, NEW YGRK ECONOMICS-MERCHANDISING "Greg" . . . early to bed, early to rise . . . "Oh, I know" . . . permanent ixture in the laundry . . . l'Let's change the room aroundv . . . time and overtime on Spanish. Page tlziirty-six N. 4 "M-C':"1 59636 Eff? cane Mwiff BIOLOGY 'Tve got so mu unruffled locks. ELMIRA, NEW YORK ch to don . . . test tubes and specimens . . . quiet pers everance . . . Page thirty-nine ggpggglffgf ,AQVL QIAJOVL i i A wx t ,gffow a fe 7 Q , OX ' af , WYNNEWOOD, PA. HISTORY "Peggy,, . . . both feet on the ground . . . head in the clouds . . . New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia . . . intellectual capacity . . . "Hey kids, guess what happened to meln Page thirty-eight l iff W Cowofyn Mg? SOCIOLOGY BRONXVILLE, UMPCSART Mrs. Malaprop . . . hours in the libe . . . goin' to Glee Club . . . two sp ?12EyhHS1nd any letters to go down?,' NEW YORK ades . . . "Got Page for!-y-one Cjcwin Cglglfi Afjegranj GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT ECONOMICS-ART "Pluggy,' . . . she stepped out of a dream . . . one of the ten percent . . . Pall Malls and coffee . . . beauty from within . . . a natural. Page forty HIATICS Pff' WWLA86! JQOZVL , Wigfu f ,Z W X SOCIAL STUDIES LON "Winnie,' . . . the apprehensive smile . . . humming pop and a studentjs mind . . . "Is Lois up yet?', G EDDY, NEW YORK ular tunes . . . a model's figure Page forty-three ein anim Aww UTICA, NEW YORK Small but significant . CHEMISTRY-MATHEMATICS bewildered brown eyes . . . outbursts of song . . . pre- occupation with atoms and molecules . . . a bridge expert. Page forty-two QRSMENT :href books Y! I C Jrgtff. WMP? ART-BUSINESS AD. ,, w W My ms Jessi, MANSFIELD, PA. stantl Dean's List . . . the quick Winsome Eight hours sleep . . . Registrar, Jr .... con y smile . . . wit veiled in irony. Page forty-Jive QlfLlfA .XJVLVLQ .JQW5 s X ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK HISTORY-GOVERNMENT "Mickey" . . . history and histrionics . . . three or four chapters in two or three hooks . . . creative thought and action . . . an organizer . . . "Come on in and have a cigarette." Page forty-four ,Q A R,-, - ACA 'Z or rraaa ai y., ,, BIG FLATS, NEW YORK YT ART-SPANISH XML Big Flats commuter . . . square dancer and bridge player . . . milk shakes and hot-dogs Nothing . . . all out for a good time. Page forty-seven I i mnced Ogycancvfman HORNELL, NEW YORK SOCIOLOGY-GOVERNMENT A laugh all her own . . . "Don,t you love me anymore?" . . . never say die . . . "Nothing I like to do better than talk." Page forty-six jrene maffiwg FRENCH-SPANISH-BUSINESS AD. WASHINGTON, D. C. "Martyn . . . Mr. Perrichon early to rise. a citizen of the world . . . financial wizard . . . Page forty-nine Jean will GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK ENGLISH-FRENCH-SPANISH Self-assured and frank . . . prolific writer for all publications . . . golfer . . . working at a dozen jobs . . . phone calls ad iniinitum . . . Dr. Scheck's man Friday. Page forty-eight palfrlfcia Jon Wcibgrmgff av- VHCS SPEECH BRCNXVILLE, NEW YORK Jitterbug . . . "Who's going to Rossi's . . . translations at midnight . . . volleyball, thing basketball, and badminton . . . "Somebody change the vic " Page fifty-one Oghrelffcc me Kami? PHILADELPHIA, PA. ECONOMICS Executive . . . black sophistication . . . "Remember the old sayingn . . . everything happened in October . . . Sergeantis stripes. Page fifty QGY mi2,5 Ziff, La WWW 5 ,, SPEECH-ENGLISH GENESEO, NEW YORK Junior size . . . corsages enviable . . . trials and . . . speech specialist . . . "All the world's a stagef' tribulations . . . Cowle Bin conversations Page fifty-three I 0-my Jon WCJQMJZQ ix ELMIRA, NEW YORK ENGLISH-SOCIOLOGY Taffy-colored hair . . . unexpected dimples . . . supply of midnight oil . . . Pennsylvania's staunch supporter . . . "My playground days are over." Page fifty-two XO? M611-AQlfL.'50l'L ELMIRA, NEW YORK ECONOMICS ECH "joyous" . . . casual sophisticate . . . husky-voiced humor . . . Cadillac on campus . . ldry our Fagin . . . smiles in the early a. m. Page fifty-fiv 1fw0L1fLn0LA WOIW6 54 f f ,rf i , Sf X9 ff f iff X- BAY SHORE, NEW YORK MUSIC-SPEECH A merry chanter . . . "quartet rehearsal tonight, kidsn . . . week-end in the laundry . . . doll-faced and cuddly . . . little hands on a big piano. Page jifty-four "I ecufane mann I X, My .. .... .A if: FRENCH-SOCIOLOGY A bit of a Swede . . . specials from the Navy the footlights . . . "Coming, Dr. Grimesln 5-, 33351, JAMESTOWN, NENV YORK trips on the Erie . . . French behind Page fifty-seven 'I 8 EFL 8 15010, PROCTOR, VERMONT xy? W Q Q, Nr, x ,Q A X sr NN X. s ECONOMICS-BUSINESS AD. "Nellie,' . . . First Lady . . . "Class, what is your pleasure" . . . Big Sister . . . straight- forward integrity. Page fifty-sim 5 gyaine Q5 A-L d business . . . bright smile-pert QOMICS BUSINESS AD. BRADFQRD, PA. A A "E1anny" . . . capable and eflicient . . . music an to blondeness . . . dining room devotee . . . concert enthusiast. -10 -f Page fifty-nine .jcalffiden Moon UTICA, NEW YORK ART-ECONOMICS "Sis,' . . . "Come on in, fellasv . . . fonnder of the O' club . . . running off to A. A. . . . workin' the swing shift in Alumnae . . . 'twhich EC. should I study now-?" Page fifty-eight VL Wdflfe fpaafzfailfz NISTORY BUSINESS AD. JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK 1 5 "Pac,' . . . immaculate, petite Hgure . . . breakfast in the Cowle Bin . . . horticulturalist Y , , . me . . . matching socks . . . always in the know. Page sixty-one FI1 MLW XZJW SKANEATELES, NEW YORK SOCIOLOGY-HISTORY "Wabbit" . . . dimples and giggles . . . heroine of Washington Ave. encounter . . . red-rimmed glasses and broomstick skirts. Page sixty l 1 Y Eff? aan Qnerqlfzi -W Y LATIN-MUSIC ELMIRA, NEW YORK HISTOR d ' "Querk', . . . determined idealist . . . Bach and Chopin . . . a conscious artist . . . "to . in I 'kms think of all the great people I missed knowing." Page sixty-three fll WQULAVLE !ZlfIfW'0!ufL ELMIRA, NEW YORK HISTORY Miss Pettibone-Polly . . . White, white teethg big brown eyes . . . pleated skirts and plaid . . . Penn Yan and the lake . . . secretary for Wyoda. Page sixty-two is . jg: I 1 1 C8 0Q 1 ENGLISH-FRENCH MAPLEWOOD, NEW' JERSEY .IREXCH 5 Gibson girl . . . creative . . . black coffee, cigarettes, and notebooks . . . I can't get up ikitwm unless you pull me outu . . . far away?-just thinkinf u I Page sixty-jive eom OWN S N S .Qi 'Si-"5 . x X yr N JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK SOCIOLOGY-FRENCH "JL" . . . soft-voiced and pussy-fobted . . . Madame Parpalaid . . . sweater-knitter . . . Q'Let's make some coffee? Page sixty-four ANDISING buiidff ' ' ' ibm Aww .Aan Soence. ,R , ,AWS I N5 i Z CHEMISTRY-MATHEMATICS WHITNEY POINT, NEW YORK 'QBer,' . . . swimming stride . . . snappy black eyes . . . rhythm and harmony her specialty . . . math whiz . . . a passion for airplanes. Page sixty-seven acqzfaegne Egan BAY SHORE, NEW YORK MERCHANDISING ujackien . . . career woman . . . "I'11 bid a funny club" . . . perpetual fire builder . . . salmon expert . . . suits and blazers. Page sixty-six Xiang? 52885, Es, .-mp in 5' ? I BIOLOGY ELMIRA, NEW YORK ygDISING "Come on over, gangv . . . Congeniality and poise . . . mischievous twinkle in her eye IUY' . from . . . teasing Yates . . . never an unkind word. E i 3 u I v Page sixty-nine KMA .S?0LA,g5CAlfIfLl:0!1f ,Q .W gcQ?,!5 " , VERONA, NEW JERSEY ECONOMICS-MERCHANDISING "Stuff" . . . smiling disposition . . . a gracious lady . . . planning the years wich Tommy. Page sixty-eight ilfginica Suffer Y Y MATHEMATICS ELMIRA, NEW YORK OLOG ful uGi11I1Yu . . . Open house . . . favorite pastime-dating . . . "What's the use of worrying" . riff . - - - PIXY . . . knack for domesticity. Page seventy-one erm lfemermcm A,A: g ELMIRA, NEW YORK SOCIOLOGY Rena with an n . . . study efHciency . . . Me1,s gal . . . "It's amazing" . . . tactful expression of broadminded ideals. Page seventy irginia Suffer MATHEMATICS ELMIRA, NEXV YORK "Ginny" . . . open house . . . favorite pastime-dating . . . "NVhat's the use of worrying" . . pixy . . . knack for domesticity. Page seventy-one HMA ,7Ae1fe1fLelf MILLBURN, NEW' JERSEY HISTORY "Ruthie" . . . quixotic . . . agitated animation . . . "Did'ja hear the one about-H what makes the world tick? Page seventy-two my gzzadefd ju er Xl l BIOLOGY PERRY, NEW YORK An ample supply of red hair . . . dependable . . . clothes hand-done . . . adores Chartreuse and yellow . . . dubiously blessed with three roommates. Page seventy-three jgrence Mgerfini CGRTLAND, NEW YORK CHEMISTRY-FRENCH-MATHEMATICS The gal with the A,s . . . shoe-string summers . . . another lab inhabitant . . . Week-ends in Syracuse . . . linguist. Page seventy-four i 1 4 I avian Mflfer l l i FRENCH-SPANISH ONEONTA, NEW YORK IEMATTCS ds K'Mimi" . . . can't help singing . . . strictly Navy . . . "Oh, my hair came down" . . . the .Weekdn importance of little things . . . meticulous. Page seventy-five gargara mfAiW6 ELMIRA,' NEW YORK BUSINESS AD The girl with the telephone voice . . . socially inclined . . . exciting Week-ends . . Captain's bars. Page seventy-six -Ann marie mba! 'V f,g,4,4,,:n' 2 vw AD, ART BROOKLYN, NEW YORK A Teddy bears and swizzle sticks . . . versatility in action . . . Brooklyn Lindy . . . blonde L-CU 5 ' ' ' . bombshell 1n a boy's shirt . . . "My baby needs a new pair o' shoes." m Page seventy-seven gargara .Jgfzn IVMQQLCA SUMMIT, NEW' JERSEY BIOLOGY-CHEMISTRY Pert 'n vivacious . . . diplomac lus . . . d h Pink Lightning. Page seventy-eight y p our ma c emist . . . basketball devotee . cwforie IMAKCJW f 74. ENGLISH-HISTORY WETHERSFIELD, CONN. Strawberry blonde with a little girl's laugh . . . shades of Jean Arthur . . . relentless worker and leader . . . an intellectual bent . . . chameleon. Page seventy-nine W rcmced 01fLi5e L 6014 E y f 9 X ALBION, NEW YORK GOVERNMENT "Scatterbrain" . . . always impeccably well-dressed . . . quiet, with sly and sudden spurts of humor . . . beautiful pianist, honor student and modern dancer . . . once a friend, always a friend . . . Theta Chi pin. Page eighty owie ingerf HISTORY "Dinger" . . . vigorous entertainer . . . uniqu he's only a friend" . . . overflowing mailbox. 6 '55--.,., 'H ELMIRA, NEXV YORK e hairdo's . . . busy evenings . . . "But Page ciglzty-one Jwcife IMAMMLZ PLYMOUTH, PA. SOCIOLOGY Steady student, through in three years . . beautiful clothes and lots of them . . . quiet possessor of a Wit all her own . . . "A Gu Page eighty-two y Named Joe". VLVL8 . me fed BIOLOGY GSSINING, NEW' YORK Small, but oh my! . . . devil on wheels . . . "Hot Spudslu . . . grcascd lightning on the basketball court . . . could that be Yntcs-awake P Ilflgf r'1'yl1ly-fll 141 ,I Q ,, ,, JZ! ' f ,M W , ,f fff Betty Dalyg Joan Pennell Bergg Mary B. Alleng Center, Jean Hartg Betty Blackford? NMHUSF, Buech' ling Scofield. EX-FQRTY-SEVENERS This book Would not be complete Without mention of former members of the Class of ,47. Nurses' training seems to have claimed most of them, with Dee Jaye Gordon and Barbara Poppleton at New York Hospital and Ginny Holden, Betty Protheroe, Helen Miller, Betty Page eighty-four Blackford, Jo Jerusik, Betty Havenstrite, and Ellen Wolferz at Presbyterian. The need fOr more specialized education in the fields of their choice finds Betty Daly at Cornell, Mary B. Allen at Hood, Lillian Iwanowski at New Jersey Col- lege, Lois Abbink at the University of Mexico, Va Buech- re, and eed for gf gheif 3' Allen cy Col' VIcXiCOJ i - 'f.,...--,,:- f 1, R vu-uoitvggg N fi IU! . A D 2' Qualify ',,g I--il x i 5, 'li NX. Q , Ginny Holden. Betty Protlieroe. Betty Sel1l.1nder. Dnuie 15.1141-i', C .irliy C.l.n'li. Hee ,Inu Cmixinn 1L,1 XIMIIHNIL Iursuuix ull! s.i.1ss Ill l.l.uI UI Uotty Baker at Michigan, Sydelle i'I.'lI1'lI'l 1' x . 3 ' .it B.11'nn1'd, Leah Crydei' .it Susquel1.iim.1. in.n'ri.ige. Applying mln-ii' business eiiLlL.Hiw111li C.u'olyn Diaek is nt Lock Haven State Te.ieliei's' seei'ei.n'i.il pnsiiinns .ire C iiiln Q lni. in linehe- College, Helen Maelalei' .it the L'nivei'sity of ner. Xinriel Ynsi in l'lnl.iiielpin.i, ,lun iilfl in Southern C.1lifoi'ni.1, Ann Riggs .it YJ-.s.ii', .ind lfliniixi, ,inii Nei Signinnii in Xe '.'. Yuri.. XY Joan SLlCl'lC1'l.ll1ki nt Pitt. Connie Siimigitiss xxisli liiese inernivers .ind .ill Lime nliieiw. nni nien Coppnge, Miusi Bueeliling Seotield. Pliyllis iinned. x-.lime i.i. in-im-,ilfnuzs .ire nnknnn-.n, in Boots Fist, Joan Pennell Berg. Ci.1I'Oif'I'l Gilman lm-sl ni' lneix. XX iiezmxez' Iiiej. ire. '.i. e siiill .al-.-..i. Townsend, Connie Clarla Kirk. .ind Xliry ln ennsiiiez' iiiern inezniwrs ni' 'iie C lis- nr' '4' P11-rj! 1 f1f7f,f.,! , f W Miss E. Lucille Lyon, Marjorie Hannay, Barbara Sweet, Barbara Zimmermann, Gay Edwards. THE CLASS OF 1946 Our metamorphosis is nearly complete. Four academic years have slid by since we arrived as hopeful Freshmen in the fall of 1942. The class of 1946 was a title full of awe for us, but '46 seemed a long way off. Now itis here and May 13 is in sight. We are about to become "hopeful Freshmen" in the world of business and homemaking. We have had eight semesters that were crammed full of activities-extra-curricular and the other kind. XVe had the distinction of being the first group subjected to C.C. We entered into the keeping of Elmira traditions Big Sisters, May Queen, Patron Saint, class rivalries all became a part of our college re- membrances. Hearty singing heightened our conception of a friendly campus. The strain of late rehearsals for Senior Week- end left us resembling "Elvira,', the Blilfhe Spirit of our play. When the appointed hour Page eighty-six arrived, the student body discovered that our class suits weren,t plaid after all! We all felt pretty proud as, attired in trim black gabardine, we sang our morning songs in the dining room. Junior Prom at the Twain was another happy occasion. So many of our men were "home for keeps" that it seemed like good times were back to stay! Second semester we all got writer's cramp filling out job applications. "Well, it wonit be long nowlv is the theme of Cowle Bin conversations. And it won't, either! We'll soon be stepping out of college days into working hours, taking the world in stride. We may be gone, but Elmira wonit be for- gotten. It would be hard to forget the place where we spent four years of our lives, the spot where we grew up. Letters from Little Sisters will keep us up to date on the latest college news, and we'll make return visits-just wait and see! X E 1 .W .ip iI9.??1 he i 1 Iiiglmlz IS. IlCI1IN.1I'I, If. ' N Vw-Iluin, Ii. Nurllwmp, NV. I". I Iupsmcin, l,. fQr.mc. if lull: NI, A. XXYOIKIINJLISC, U .Icnn Mxylmoml, li. Stcm- f uz'm.m, li. SL1'.1cI1cn, A f NI. lf. Nlcclacr, ll. lf. If . 4. Ilm-wuz, I. M. lS.ll'lJCI', I - N. UI. XVLILILIQII. ' I fm .J I I i , , . QL 64:5 3 553 ,, 1155 I :hat OUY all felt Ib3l'CIII1en Ig room- er l12PPY IOITIC for ere IJHCI4 Wflfel' 5 Well, it 0WlC 511 soon WOfl4Iflg Q' , be for' IIC PIM thi? SPOI -I IC Si5t6fS 5 gollfige wt wdli 'No s Iukktl' lull: 5lwIXL'l', II. I. ILIIII-III Xl. I. .XIIul1,I7, I, SICPIICIIN, I. II. C UIIIV , . I I lull. xl ', . . . z . . lnIIIl.lIxI. I. XX 1 . ,Af 'I A Ks ' 1 - A 1 N X 4,53 X 4' x 1 Left: M. B. Hughes M. Werfel, G. Galindo J. Colburn. Center: R. Finder, Rafford, S. M. Kantorl T. Houlette, M. M Logan. Right: B. A. Hagen C. A. Beemer, G. Edj wards. Scaled: S. Mohr, I,. Rossi SL Inmmond, M. Trcrisc, lymzm, KI. xlcffrcy, lf. Scu- rmo, P. Drcsslcr nnding: Smitl1,L. Li. N G Z f QM-as ' Wf' 'ff G , G 4 L .ara ty f- f-S.. 4 r E- 21,553 I ,. N 'Z' 'Y -5 'L Xl Xiu lm, IS. Whmlx, Nl, I C 1 Jun. ID. SLr'ulu.1H June O'Mara, Prudence Shlimbaum, Barbara Crowley, Dr. Mack Swearingen, Alice Bowers CLASS OF 1948 "Slap Bang Here Again, Class of '48" was the melodious announcement to any diners without earplugs of the 'lcoming of age" of the Sophomore class. No more had we to await the beck and call of upperclassmen to burst into song. We were on our own! Although this privilege had put us on top of the world, the sight of the new and different MacKenzie really made us feel like queens. As a proper christening ceremony, the cottage resi- dents Qfalling victims to the newest crazej, sent showers of glistening bubbles from the balcony in an extended four-day celebration. The Sophomore bubble burst, however, when we were every place but the right place one day in September-the place being Brandt Park. The Frosh and Juniors started their picnic all by themselves that day, for even Frankie's efforts on our behalf were in vain. But we did manage to salvage a few left-over hot-dogs and some cake for our troubles. We regained our prestige by sponsoring an informal barn dance a few weeks later. We tapped the new supply of civilian dates from Cornell and elsewhere and led them to the Gym. Page ninety The traditional cornstalks and pumpkins trans- formed the place into a suitable gathering spot for the Soph country bumpkins and their dates. Then, before we knew it fdates, dates all the time, you knowj, Senior Week-end had arrived. The event found us rushing to find original corsages and keeping in voice to do justice to the songs we had composed in honor of our big sisters. We had no sooner recuperated from Senior Week-end than the vexation of choosing our little buddies was the order of the day. Vexation because we were determined to make a puzzle of the affair. "Two little objects worn low, covered with red to showf, and similar riddles produced the desired effect on the poor Frosh, who spent the better part of their day scrutiniz- ing forty-eighters in search of some manifesta- tion of their clue. The end of the Soph social whirl came with the Magic Carpet Dance in an Arabian Nights atmosphere. We had a wonderful time, and the choosing of the Sultan's favorite four own Bobby Crowleyj created an extra bright spot in the evening. li. l.cLl1cn, Aldrich, XVriglu, N. Stlmcrmcrlmcnn, Cir'.1nL, C,. fvlitcllcll, I.. Bromlcy, N. Iliclawn. M. SPVLIDIU, S. Hndic, If. Thomas T. Schwcnlclcr, M. jones, N. Dudley C. Cooklin. S. Turner, Miller, M. Moocrw E. Backer, B. Hunt, V. Knutlm R. M. Rouse. 1 M A. Czlpellen, M. Dono- van, N. Hawn, M Blake, M. Wolff, A. Bowers, N. Fisk, V. Ecl- gnr, L. Young, S. Conk lin. Page Jzinety-two M. Gallo, P. Spooner, M. Gray, A. King D. Hughes, P. DeWan, C. Feeley R. Pritchard, S. Sweet, C. Clark, M Warren. Un circlel A. Prislopski, M. Reif- snyder, C. Carr, N. Iszarcl. :WIT ,. on :ele Keif S, Y, , M. Upper: N. Heymnnn, B. Guy, Ii. Xvnngunaker, V. Cleveland, B. Kramer, Kinsley, C. Byrne, M. Allgnir, E. Cooley, B. Masters, M. Ford. u .1 f . lvl' 'lm 5 ia' Q. V" ' -'X -K l - x Center: R. Cnsler, I. Lyons, P. Alt, B. I-Ioelscher, E. Ray, C. NVoods, K. Sehutze, D. Davis A. Dudley, G. Benson. Lower: Macaulay, E. Knapp li. Robinson, N. Nvillinms, B. 5" Hawke, L. Lubin, B. Crowley KI. Engel. 1. 1 Helen Bostelmann THE CLASS OF 1949 The class of '49 entered Elmira on Victory Day, to create a small turmoil in a world sud- denly at peace. We met our Big Sisters, explored our college, and soon discovered that September was a month for wienies. Sophomore picnic, Senior picnic, Junior picnic, or dining room-toasted, roasted, or boiled-that month we ate wienies. October came, and brought with it piles of leaves outside and piles of homework within. Nevertheless, we found time to Search for our Buddies, to worry about dates for our first col- lege prom, and to learn songs to be sung in the dining room. Will we ever forget those songs, so feverishly composed and so sleepily rehearsed! November was a noisy month. The bridge fiends were heard teaching all newcomers to "play a handf' and Culbertson was heard moan- ing piteously at the rules we forgot and those we invented. Louder than all the sounds to- gether, was the combined cry, "Yeah, Botsy! Give a cheer for Dr. Lachlv that Hlled the audi- torium when we announced our president and our Patron Saint. The months sped by, Christmas vacation came and went, and we found ourselves in February. It was then that we anticipated the flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la, by blossoming forth in our maroon blazers. At last we were fully- fledged college members. And now we feel ready to take our places as Sophomores, and to watch the new Freshmen laugh and groan and gape at the wonders of college, as the class of '49 did so long ago. A. McClenahan, P. Fell, K. T Y, J- donell, M. Murray, S. Moskovitz Schimizzi, E. Wack, M. Proseus. Battersby, M. Kell Mac- Standing-M. Richards, A- d moan- nd those unds to- r, Botsy! the audi- :lent and :ion came February. wers that ing forth ere fully- t places as Freshmen onders Of x ago- sk0VltZ' " Fell, K' E' A lly,Ml Ma l 5, o iclmfdsr A' ' se11S' s, M. Pfo Back: V. Veith, M. Lawler, L. Hewitt, D. Johnson, P. Grny,V. Hsu,M. Friedman. Front: C. Elliott, B. Lee. J. Strong, D. Packard R. Bradley, L. Miller, S. Heron, G. Oppenheim, E. Richman, B. Bjornson I. Schloss, J. Lesser. D. Gould, N. Nichols, J Ober, E. Bauhan, F. Buck E. Kleinrock, A. Bornand G. Gaynor, C. Hines A MacFetridge. Page ninety-six a9mZi9L M. Carman, M. Crozier Miss Corheld, R. Mancini M. Day, N. L. Chang E. Barrett, D. Stuart, M Cowles, D. Guyer, C Myruski. J. Carpenter, E. Deming, E. Allen, M. Sincerbeaux, V. English, C. Deems. 3 Zier, I'11'sL Row: IL. I.. I'ousL, Ii. K. Gini, R yan. HSI' Second Row: A. If. I Iuovcn, , ' N. IIcm'cLL.1, V. NI. Iicck- , C' man, Ci. M. Iinbcock, Ii. A. I frccd m Al n . 'I'I1il'cI Row: A. IMI. Mcrlnu, If. IJ. IJIIIQC, IJ. 'I1I1on1pscm. I niu g, eaux, 39:J"wifAT 1 LP," 1 I, 5 Il 4 VV A. lf. Ackerman, P. A. Law- son, M. ll. Nenll, V. E. KIopp, B. -I. Schumann, A. O'NciI, M. I.. Kelley, QI. M. Murray, H. D. Bostclmnnn,B.Dg11'Iing- ton. P. A. Vnlcntinc. . H! Isa 22 f u"7 N 723' I 'HA 1f--f'- w',-'. I I lk .X fix y X L. T-'w-X, pf . ' T- fab. -. " .. -. ,.--I H L I'. X.1x1nIvl'AX IL'Ik', II. I . Ilrllz IS. C.. I'mIm1nl11nxI, I. I. lium. XI. I. Ilmxw. I, Ix. XI.I.i.Im XI. A. I'IIu, N, XX u.1I, I. Ilm l1L'l'SlL'lll. S. IJ. f1r'.1I1.1m. 1 X N' IX" ' CI RAIN? ' 1 A . QXNX1' I x' ' 'XXVI . xx ' IK pd ' 0 'IKIXN I. be-we.-' Ipigfqxf 5 rfgggsgl xx 5 g . -.ywq -KX X WX .4 295 II, ' 'Rf' ,Q ,. . A-X .""-'CM 1: lr, 0 I .1 214115. - Osnqlfi A , f,' . ' :FQ is X ' Y' -- 4'--'. , . ,- :.,...., - -f ,Q L-I 'fNX V' A A ...-.'.,2"- -, , . -,. . E I 4f'1' ' -sly' .. w ,. .v N In J' gg: K 1 X 5 Ag- ' lf' .' .' s .135 . N" ' '-.. 'QLZ' . .,..... .:, -. -. I , 5:-" ,,,1,Ag,, ,'7x',- ff, LJ-wr- Q. .Vx-S'--: '. :Q .f .' ' T' 'f --. Y .- ' -'J -.4341 N .y . A -.-:--- . - ' . - ' , 5 ., , ' -Q.. 1.1. V V rl, ,-.uf A - S? 1 Y D, X, . 4-fw' ..-,- ,-,. L K-fl x 1' ,.'. N , '- if-g X -.. , If-..1y1li.1.1.:I..X.N, ..... .I XY:II:.::.x. X. X CNT, X. I s1.I,,f:. -I.I 1 I31.'. Iiw.-1 XA. IL I. N135 V1 !"v I J-. .!' 4.5 , 1- ff 9 Sf.-Q FP., , -'ill Y? rm ,iii el "PIX .11 43 .N li .J i- !f '. 1 H9 I Y 5 5 Q! I ,, - Y- , , , -Q, -V 3.-.. Y W-.. e . fz, :A 3- - -- -..,,..--Y- LNIR1-. X Q x . 'Lf I7:':"'il:gl"vG-f5Qsy':i"-s' 4 x Q, , , , ,Q A -' '. Q ' . 3,1-,N -,f,,f P .t,- . ,, - -- --- ..-,. ,. , '- 1' -34312355-J-1 ' Y ,.q.Q..1-Ffa."-A'.5Q-9,. ,, ,?.TNf, .mt , -:- '-1 f.-1.,-2'5q"'N...-f9'f 3, 1-K---v.,,f,,,, .5 -h .5-, --- .5 .f - -..- .. , ....-n,., 4' A..-.LL7-4 , l-1,4 g.. 1. .Y - A- I. - ., h-.2 V ' ' 'f.- "3:.-'-.1-iwl' ' " fx- he---1-"Y::72-, -T-I-f,.:::: f -1-Lff?-:""'-f-.go v f'f"c-H1355 -26'-,J-C. fp . ' 4-:5f5v:.:'2'.5,. L .. l Q l T T T T 1 I T Dorothy Strohsall President of Student Government STUDENT GOVERNMENT SENATE D. Strohsall, A. Collins, A. Lehmann, G. Benson, M. Henderson, E. Burke, P. Spooner H. Nelson, L. Rossi, Colburn. if JMENT 1 p, Spooner, STUDENT GOVERNMENT , , , . - , , We .tt l'.lINIl'.l .ire most lorttin.tte in lrismzg the opportunity ol' governing otirselt es. lt is our belief that if we .iccept this opportunity for tlemocrxttic selli-governinent, we will be better equipped to tnlte our pl.iees .is citizens ol' this L'tJtlI1lI'y. livery 'alLltlCIll is governetl by herself. She is restrictetl only by the llonor Pletlge which st.ttes tlmt she will accept the responsibilities of her college, that she will .tbitle by the rules .intl regulations, .intl th.tt she will be honest in .tll her worlt. lill11lI'.l is proutl of this honor system. It is part of our inheritance .ts stutlents here nntl has been hnntletl tlown to us in the hope th.tt we will continue to worlt in the spirit of the honor system, to improve its defects .intl to respect the trust which it places in us. livery thinking student realizes that only by intelligent cooperation can such Ll system worlt. The actual reins of the government rest in the hands of Senate which is comprised of repre- csl .lt ti I r sentitists 1.-ini titn tit- l N . ll,'ll'. NUT xL'Il.liL' lll 1 el t" lt .l.t' lt t 5. tfv X 'ts ship or llutollit N iolis,ill pw Neo' lrit . iniplislinitnt or Nt-nt'e "ws ati' 1 th.in:1e in our elettion si. sltllt. Noi.. ittt-.. c'l,lss seI1lltit's .lI't' seletietl lik Ilte tix-lthil tl.isses r.tthtt th.tn lst Nt pres ions polict. Closely .tssot i. 'n.tte, .ts litil littzi 1 ttttl with Nttltlent lio-,einiiiti l is IJXCCLIIIYL C otintil, Iliis tonntil ls t-snip 1 t l ol every presitlent .intl etlitoi on tiinptis. lt is through the lset titise C otlntil that the soeitl .lctivilics ol' lllt' college .lI't' Pl.lllIlt'tl. 1 tiiip problems hntl their w.tx to this group who tlis c Llss ptlssllvlt' IiL'lTTL'LllCN. Our Sttitlent Cioxerninent .Xssotrition hti IN OHL' ol' lllk' IITUNI lll5L'l'.ll UVLQIIIIIIIIHIIN lll lllk women's college. lew st utien ts -iv. I 1 colleges grunt tu Ill I the prtxiltets th.it mst hue. litli or LIN lllN NlllNL'llTlH" to tlL'NtlIllW ll! kllLllNll. .lllll ls' tipholtl. TiXliCU'I'IVli LOUNCQII Front Row: Ii. Ubertini, A. Bowers, B. Xvootls. M. Nviltler. KN ll Strohsill ll. fitnnierintnn, I. C ollitirn. llnclt Row: B. Stover, B. 15tieltingh.iin, tl. Stixtchen, ll. Nelson, Nl. loenn. li. Stepliens. P. C3I'.ll1.ll11, A. l.ehm.inn. 'tx 1 ,..,,.-an .,--'-- i 1 -v-un-v-1 1 4 4 . ,s... , "'F'P'1'w ! QV. A - r -. --if '-s. . LL N is 1- N '1 ky STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Student Fellowship is responsible for a large part of the friendly, happy atmosphere that is found on campus. Freshmen are welcomed at the beginning of each year by the Student Fellowship with an informal afternoon of games and relaxation. At the all- college sings sponsored by the organization, both faculty and students participate. The most important activity of Student Fellowship is the direction of the Sunday Vesper Services. Prominent national or local religious leaders speak at Vespers, and they often stay for informal discussions with interested students. The Bazaar that Student Fellowship gives at Christmastime, with its festive holiday decorations and charming gift suggestions, is one of the high spots of the year, Included in the Student Fellowship's activities are monthly programs with guest speakers who bring to the attention of the students stimulating topics for Consideration and discussion. Seated: F. Wilson, M. Friedman, M. Case, M. Traber, A. Dudley, B. Wheelock, Colburn. J. Galbreath, J.BonDurant, R. Breen, C. Hovey, J. Nelson. Xkl - , Standing: B. Johnson, L. Witkoski, I. Matthey, N. Fisk, P. Alt, M. Kingsley. Seated: M. McConnell, A. Ferguson, B. Buckingham, C. Raymond, Vakiener, G. Edwards, G. Galindo, X R. Stemerman, B. Finder, B. Lehman, M. Hannay. Standing: M. Carman, M. McKinny, A. Lambert M. Perry, M. Utter. PPY at .ach year by the o ni At the all. amC'PHte. moipllere of the esters, and they Sunday S festive hor-d he year. 1 ay a . fms WIIII guest of Consideration 7. Wilson, M. ., M. Case, M. . Dudley, B. t, I. Colburn. Ii, I.BonDurant, C. Hovey, I. B, johnson, I.- I. Matrhey, N' lt, M. KIHESIW' R. Rouse, B. Stover, R. Stnhlschmidt, KI. V.iItiener, NI. Iltmmyiii, Ii. Steele, POST-WAR ACTIVITIES IDOSI-XVLIF Activities was formed this vetir from the I.ist s'e.ir's XY.ir Activities C uininittee and is incorporated within Student Fellowship. It is cuinpnsetl nt' student represent.itives from each class, Ll student ch.1irm.1n,nnd the f.1cuItv .1dvisnr, hliss X'.in Iiusltirlt. It slsunstwctl the Czunpus Wfgir Chest drive. The proceeds were divided .nnune X'v'.ir Rclicli, the Red Cross, and the XVorId Student Service Iiund. lSec.iuse no other drives Inr Iunds wt-rt held, students could contribute .1 I.1I'gCI'.ll110LlI1I than if there Ii.itl been in.inv sni.iIIer dris es. Post-XVnr Activities gathered old clothes for XY'.ir Relief in cnnnectinn is ith the irilimifs wide drive. Members h.ive been nmlsing I,'.S.O. scrupbunlss to lic distributed .inirmx Veterans' Huspittils .ind Service NIen's centers. This group prnsitled li'.1iispui't.ltiuii ini the Glee Club when it gave .1 concert .it the Veterans' IIuspit.il in I5.ith. New York. The I.itest pI.in of Post-NY'.ir Activities is .i drive tn .iid .i culleee in Greece through the XY'urId Student Service Iiund. First Row: J. Strong, S. Thompson, D. Guyer, E. Berry, B. Miller. Second Row: P. Spooner, M. Wolff, M. Cowles, I. Lyons, Verduin, E. Knapp, M. McKinny, G. Evans. Third Row: A. M. Wetsel, B. Wheelock, S. Morris, M. Ford. Fourth Row: E. Barrett, M. Meeker, N. Williams, E. Jefferson, E. Lange, B. Beekman, M. Kelley, C. Ward. Fifth Row: Mr. Bement, M. Day, J. Carpenter, B. Stover, P. Valentine, P. Gray, R. Thevenet, S. Conklin, G. Edgar, J. O,Mara, M. LeMare, V. Deems, J. Schloss, R. Green, F. Ubertini, H. Bostelmann, B. Allen, L. Hewitt, K. Madden, C. Clark. Sixth Row: E. Wilson, A. Dudley, B. Lehman, B. Sweet, M. F. Case, B. Zimmermann, R. Thomas, A. Ellis, Nelson, C. Hovey, M. Richardson, S. Turner. Seventh Row: B. Schumann, J. O'Neil, C. Woods, J. Rogers, S. Weal, G. Benson, A. Lehmann, R. Casler, B. Hoelscher, G. Berman. Eighth Row: S. Heron, D. Packard, J. Burns, E. Guy, C. Mitchell, M. Reifsnyder, G. Edwards, J. Strachen, L. Hoffman, J. Dugan, M. Garman, W. Kenney. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club is more than a tradition at Elmira-it is a large and active organization with well-directed abilities. It is composed of ninety alto and soprano voices. Concerts were given at the Veterans' Hospital at Bath, New York, and for Elmira's Newcomers, Club. In addition it gave a joint concert with the Harvard Glee Club. By its constant attendance and consistently fine singing, the Glee Club has been a most vital part of the Sunday Vesper services. The very able and accomplished leader of Glee Club is Mr. Gwynn Bement. Many of his own published arrangements are used and his approval is well worth working for. Members in Glee Club, from all four classes, have a very special spirit of cooperation and unity. The cultural values of the Glee Club are enhanced by the discriminating selec- tion of music. This year an outstanding work has been t'The Requiemn by Ga- briel Faure, which was sung with the Harvard Glee Club. Some years ago, the Elmira College Glee Club was heard all over the country In 21 program originating in New York. In the near future, with the transportation difficulties eased, Elmira's Glee Club may again plan such trips and, also, more inter-collegiate programs. Page one lmnclrecl four X "fx ' "1-. 'xr-. 'fue r . P f 1 gag- i ifilfiiimj. f - Ll- 27225. L:il:r,CTi :z:.S.C.:nfiiG.Eiigz,1 HZl"i'.'.,i.M.3'ECiI,C.GlZl. :til di: is zhrgemdjgtite vfnkldiflwmllwlnii s1a.SffY0'Wlj . . ..+.idfH1"'f tfwFSf'l'f'k i 9, vj,,G'Tm'lWL PQ-fvf1li"'ll'uiii 3:5 :fy ' 1555! gf!-3 M ,Wa ,v , nbjlil' GRM .1 . 5-fixfg 'flf"". ' Q .If .-Q .3 f rf. 'JH Q i ,ag 59" 3.3 ,.', ART CLUB Early in the fall, the whole Chapel was startled one dai' as a group on the stage, dressed in smocks and beards, ea.- vorted, sang, and gesticulated wildly. This was just the Elmira College Art Club's way of letting the tudent body. especially the trembling freshmen, know of the benefits of joining the club. In spite of the nonplussed audience, the club found its ranks swelling when the first meeting was held. Throughout the fall, the members were kept busy mak- ing posters, painting jigger glasses, and even attempting to make aprons! XVinter meetings included Mr. Carleton Burke's lectures on photography, accompanied by his col- ored films, and Mr. Norman Kcnt's exhibition of the paintings of his elose friend, l..irs lloftrup. Next came the joint meeting with the Elmira Art Club. NVe'll never forget how those artists good-naturedly criticized each other's work. They moved trees, darkened skies. eliminated rocks, and went way over our heads about rhythm, balance, and perspective. Mrs. Bernt charmed us, soon after Christmas, with her discussion on the history ol' eostume and i ' " ' ' ' ' ' l'l-. . ll'ftii'tastes. how man,s clothing changes with political events. contemporary thoughts ant it t is. int s ii i i, Then came that day when the club members faced reality and discovered that their luxurious tastes were entirely too extravagant for their bankbook, so they set about to make money. This was accom- plished by painting designs in oil on tile "hot plates' and selling them. So you see. the eluh can he practical, too. l the Elmiri Att Club invited tis to w-teh them paint in NVe became privileged spectators w men ' 4 ' .. different mediums from the same model. Toward the close of the year, Mr. Qiryhos spoke to us about A A i ' ' I ' ' "" ' l fi l 'sel tml lCl'lUi the fun of reproducing kodachrome hlms in WQIECI' color and oils. To tht v tty ent o t it i the members enjoyed meetings which combined business and pleasure. NK I A , .. I V71 Q14 O'Xl tri Front Row: N. Henretta. Bl. House. Pi. Bauer. hl- - - -- I ' 'i'h I Xld i h l lwei Back Rgvyg G,B,1be0ek, S, Reed. C. Raymond. .-X. Hooven. Ti. Richman, X . X e t .,.. :' c . . It . E. Cooley, M. Hoffman, M. Harcourt. Ihigif our ffififflnrl Hit 4 i 3 i 5 f Z l l i l E ,ll f X i in i Front Row: B. Blomquist, R. Hollrock, J. Strong, E. Williams, P. Gray, S. Sweet, G. Babcock, C. Mitchell, E. Guy. Second Row: F. Ubertini, R. Bressler, V. Veith, D. Wright, Aldrich, A. King. Third Row: M. Neall, J. Deems, M. Kingsley, J. Nelson, J' Galbreath, J- H0W2lfd, MiSS Grimes: V. English. Last Row: J. Macauley, A. MacFetridge, E. Knapp, I. Matthey, Miss Lanche. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Page one lzimclred six This year an unusually large French Club, presided over by Florence Ubertini, has continued their practice of having monthly meetings. Aided by Miss Grimes, assistance as faculty advisor, they've done all sorts of things during the year. First there was a bridge party-all in French, of course. Even the bid- ding! U1z pique, deux Coeurs, that's one even we knew! This bridge party was followed by an illustrated lecture on some of the best known cathedrals in France. Then, just before Thanksgiving, several members of the group put on a mock radio program. Added to a dramatized fable, songs and poetry, was a comic advertisement advising the purchase of Miss Grimes' and Miss Lanche's latest grammar book. Christmas brought a party in Tompkins lounge with all the Yuletide spirit. With the beginning of the New Year, everyone in French Club got started on their particular job for 'tKnock,'-the club's dramatic presenta- tion for this year. With the play over, the club's latest endeavor was 2 puppet show. . Babcock, ss Grimes, f Florence lgg, l sortS of 1 the bid' lge Wm' :arhfdfals he SYOUP mgg Emil Grimfff Party in Ilub got lfesenwn ,f 1125 3 Sc.1lccl: Nl. l:Ul'Kl, Nl. XY'il1lc1'.-I. lislxc. SL.11uli11g: l. Nl.1lLl1c1', lf. XXll.ll1.ll11.llxL'I', .'X. lc-1'g11s11 R. llouw, M. l71111o1'.111, li. Kl'.ll1lL'I', l". l'1.ulu-r, S. SXKKQ LAS AFICIONADAS lfl111i1'.1's Sp.111isl1 Club. "l..1s .Xluiu11.11l.1s". uxulcr Llu- 1l1u-1111111 111 Mrs. B!'.lLll0l'Ll. l1.lN lWCL'l1 P.ll'llClIl.lI'lf .u'111c 1l11s 11-.11 lu'c.111u 112 1lu Clll.ll'gCkl c111'olll1u'11t in Sp.111isl1 clmscs .lllkl Llu- 1u'1x 11111-msn 111 11111' S11111l1 -X111c1'ic.111 1u'igl1lu11's. 'l lu' club umxvisrs of .1 cl1'.1111.11u' gnuup, clu11'.1l gn-1111. ' r1c'wSp.1pc1' gmup, .lllkl K-K,llYL'l'5.lllllll gnuxp, c:1llu1l l.1s Cl1s11'l.11.111,1s ilu' cl1.1l1c1'crs. .-X ClLllW 11u'111lu-1' 111.11 lu' .u'1i1c 111 mu-111' 111 .Ill lltllll' 111 :lu-sc . 6 grcumps. H 'l'l1c l1u'cli11gs, "lCl'lLlll.lNH. L.1lsc ilu' I-UV111 111- p,11'1u-N, '.1. lllcll ,RIC ?.1-l.E oncc .1 11u1l1Ll1. 'lllu' Pl'UgIA.ll11 11s11.1ll1 uwxnisrs 111' .1 sl111:c1 11l,11 111' 1 swu- ol' slslls p1'cxc11lccl l11 Llu' cl1'.1111.1lu' g1'111111. 1.-llu s.1, ul l-'. 1.111:1i 441.9 1 pufflcs. .llhl mugs in Sp.1111sl1 l11 ilu' c'l1111'11s. llu- 111-'.1sQ'. 1 '. 'll l Nuff-1 11'l1icl1 c1111l.1i11s 1x'111'l1l .ls uc-ll .1s c'.1ll1-gc 1u-11s. ,ulxup 1 ilu- t'.1sl1u111 l1i111s, .llhl cclim1'i.1ls, is 1l1s11s1l11111-1l .11 :lu-sf 1:11 . s, '11 :E c 1., " s1114' .11ul .'l1,1: -fm" cuz' :r.'1-1- l:.1- , 1 of Llu' p1'11g1'.1111. Llu- 11u-mlurs ' 1l1to1'l11.1l .1t1110wPlu'1'c 1l1.1l p1'o111111w cl1sc'11ss11111 c- ' 'cs tru' NF c to pun 1lu'11' luum I1-clgc to .1 PI'.lCllQ.ll kick Front Row: M. Henderson, - R. Thevenet. Q Back Row: L. Hammond, ll P. Cunningham, M. Marsh, 5 B. Hagen. 'Q l DEBATE couNclL I This year, the Debate Council, headed by Barbara Hagen, has been limited in its activities by wartime restrictions. Due to lack of sufficient funds and to the difficulties in the matter of transportation, they have not been able to participate in their usual activities. At present, this organization, with Miss Quinlan as faculty advisor, has been forced to limit rr . . . . . . . il itself to subscribing to many magazines, all of which are of broad current interest to their group. i U One of the few activities which they have been able to continue during the war is the yearly panel discussions with Wells and Cornell. 1 During the next few years, the Debate Council looks forward ,. to reorganization on a wider scope. Debates have been planned with Penn State, Cornell, and Colgate. With wartime restrictions , , U-,a-nv' no lon er a factor to be considered the Debate Council has hi h v""' W . , . . U' 'flva-::",,.-"' hopes of broadening out and becoming a more active group on 'fag' campus. at af-::. M ' ,,..4-"',4-Q.,-,40""'-' . fziff ""',....Z ! f ""f,-fe" it -""'.f-"'I.' i ' Il"-"Hn W f I l l , Page one ltmzclrecl eight INTERNATIGNAL RELATIONS CLUB The International R6l3f1OHS Club has undertaken a variety of activities this year. It has been connected with the Elmira Branch of the Foreign Policy Association. Through this organization members of the Club have attended lectures given by outstanding speakers on international affairs They have also received bulletins dealing with current events. The Club has directed most of its discussion tovs ard Russia and its role in world affairs. Representatives of the Club weie sent to a conference at Syracuse dealing with Russian problems. Discussions have also been held relative to these problems in the light of knowledge brought Warren B Walsh head of the Board of Russian Studies at Syracuse was guest speaker at The Club members have access to current magazines and books supplied by the Carnegie R. Keyes, F. Wilson, V. Veith, A. Collins, Bussey, G. Bab- cock, G. Berman, K. Hilde- brand, F. Landman, R. Theve- net, V. Hsu, N. Schermerhorn, B. Wheelock, j. ROgCfS. J. Macaulay, B. Hawke, E- Cooley, A. Ellis, E. Robinson, B, Crowley, C. Mitchell, M Henderson, Dr. Swearingen P. Cunningham, E. Dinner- stein, A. Bowers, M. Donovan J, O'Mara, G. Edwards, P Schlimbaum. I I I 1 Page OCTAC-:ON "It is with good will and a deep sense of responsibility that a new staff begins publication of the Octagon." With these well considered words, the 1946 Octagon staff took office last April. Well aware of the changing order that was to prevail during this year, Bunny Hagen and her staff set themselves to the job of being balance wheel to an entire school. During this year, arrangements were made and voted upon by the entire student body changing the position of managing editor, to an elective one. In addition, the post of assistant editor was to be an editorially chosen staff member from the Senior class. Long active on the staff, Joyce Colburn was chosen for this position. A valuable addition has been a weekly article by some guest columnist- an article on some subject of either college, national, or international present-day interest. Aside from these innovations, there have been no drastic changes made--either in the format, policy or style of this year's Octagon. Editorials of vitally pertinent interest to every one on campus have been frequently presented, as have letters to the Editor. Both of these features have been noticeably strong both in the opinions expressed and in their manner of presentation. Octadotes, campus briefs and the week-by-week calendar of social activities have continued to keep us in constant touch with our immediate sur- roundings. During the year, there have been several six-page issues, including one devoted to the Herald Tribune Forum and one principally concerned with spring election on campus. This year, for the first time, the staff has put out a cartoon book collected from Octagon cartoons of the year's issues. This year, as every year, Octagon had its annual banquet with Mr. William Avirett, Education Director of the New York Herald Tribune, as guest speaker. The entire staff who have worked consistently and well throughout the year, look forward to a banner year in '47 with Alice Byrne as Editor. Front Row: B. Rapp, M. Hannay, Colburn, A. Lambert, B. Hagen, S. Mohr. Second liiow: lf. Vakiener, F. Ubertini, E. Knapp, B. Lehman, B. Woods, D. Dittig, A. Ackerman, M. Neal . one hzmclretl ten litj- that a these Well lm April. ,iil during EO the oted upon .managing l lSSiSIam the staff, H6 subject ions, there IE3g0n, fsentedj 35 6 Opinions 4-by-week :inte sur- he Herald ir the tint Education norlted lite Bvrne ltlaerman 111.-, Seated: M. Logan, A. Roscoe, E. Knapp, G. Galindo. Standing: M. House, Marsh, B. Woods, A. Ellis, S. Weal, P. Graham. SIBYL h of Sibyl has Footsteps down the hall a halt and then plunk Footsteps recede Anot er copy been delivered Upperclassmen go qurckly to their door to see what this issue has of interest Freshmen unsuspecting go even more eagerly to see the small magazine placed on their doorsills At last they are to see just what this Sibyl really IS They ve seen colorful posters announcing deadlines heard uldn t be but only now can they see just mysterious whisperings about what would and wo what the whole thing s about Browsing through they find creatlve writing of every sort poems essays plays short stories and book reviews anything the editors read liked and thought everyone would enjoy Throughout they find clever cartoons Glancmg down the hst of contributors they see familiar names from every class Obviously this rs a real all College magazine Browsing through Srbyl there s no way of knowing just how large the staff is There s no way of knowing who gets the advertisements and sends out the bills who dehvers the issues and keeps all the business arrangements in order There s no way of knowing about long hours spent in Sibyl s smoke h alle filled Gillette office hour spent with yellow and w ite g y strips pasting snippmg this hacking that Theres no may of knowing of the endless days spent counting and recounting lines typing and retypmg copy checking and recheckmg proofs There s no way of knowrng hovx harried an assistant editor can h h dred and one look after ordering too many covers or of t e un YFIPS that the dummy and a frantic Mary can make between school and Commercial in that long day when the deadline 15 tomorrow without fail In fact theres just no way of knowing all the fun that Sibyl rs' Page one hzmrlved eleven gi .9 . , c 2 9 - - . ' 1 9 - , 1 . . . . , . , - c , 4 5 ' ' ' 9 rr- :J - 1I'1 , , ' 9 . 1 J 1 7 1 7 3 ' 7 ' 7 0 , ' 0 . . , . . . , 7 n 3 7 . A , , . . . I , - - . . . . . , j r 7 J 7 ' l , i I , ' , . . - ' l 7 7 U ' ' as 9 - ' 7 P -ws paw- s EDITORS 324.1947 IHIS Iris is our summing up process for which the junior year is particularly suited. During that year, if ever, the meaning of college life becomes apparent. It is a time of reviewing What is past and of plotting the future. Thus our preoccupation with doors, which seem to us peculiarly expressive of our conflicting visions. Here, in words and pictures, is our college life. Here, principally, is the junior class, in a translation from act, mood, and motive. Here are sixty-nine girls at an important point in their careers, presented in company with their Elmira friends, with their established organiza- tions as a background. Here, on this page, are the juniors chosen by lj B- Wheelock, F- Wilson. M- Wilder: their class to handle the presentation of this i P- Gfahilma R- TITCVCUCB A- M- Paqum- yearbook. We are indebted to more than these j 3 few pictured here. j l Q Working on Iris has proved to be a profitable experience for our ' Q Editor and her staff. A great deal of credit is due a great many juniors for duties fulfilled and crises met. Members of other classes and heads of organizations have been more than helpful-for which We I are most grateful. i We hope that in this, our yearbook, our many-voiced utterances have not been inarticulate. i ij l STAFP Seated: A. Yates, Bussey, F. Landman, H. Huff, C. Hovey, G. Berman. l 5 Standing: J. O'Mara, N. Grant, P. Cunningham, K. Hildebrand, C. Bartz, BonDurant. I I F l k E 1 V 6 I 4 l Page one lzzmclred twelve I Which During :SC life S What US our F0 us visions, College ls: in 3 -g Here mint in ll their ganiza- vsen by nf this 1 these for our juniors es and ich we EYZIHCCS ,1-,T--, E nt Row: J. jeffrey, A. Yates, A. Bowers, N. Schermerhorn. ro Middle Row: L. Hammond, B. Buckingham, A. Collins, E. Robinson. Back Row: S. Weal, F. Wilson, M. Blake, R. Northrop. A. A. COUNCIL A. A. Council started the new year with high hopes and strong r x purpose, intent on increasing interest and participation in ath- I' A 9 letics. The year began with hockey and baseball, in which the 4 5 students showed a lively interest. Three practices a week were the rule until the weather closed the fall season. Under the circum- ,vawx stances, not all the inter-class games could be played off, and no class was named winner. hl ' A b l' lea ue was among the new features of the at etic ow ing g year. Bowling meets were held every other Saturday afternoon at Rossi's alleys, with more than sixty girls, beginners and experts, ' ' 11 b ll basketball, ping pong, and badminton. The competing. The regular winter sports included vo ey a , sophomore team was victorious at volleyball, even triumphing over the faculty. ' h ever. A really chilling Spook House was added A. A. Carnival came around, bigger and better t an d mes of skill and chance Gifts donated by Elmira stores were to the usual variety of sideshows an ga . raffled off. Profits from the Carnival went toward the purchase of needed trophy cups. ' h basketball play-day held here with Cornell, Wfells, and A new and highly successful event was t e were layed in the afternoon, with the play-offs at night. Cornell William Smith. The first games p ' ' ' d W'lliam Smith. Elmira won a secondary victory over took top honors, triumphing over Elmira an 1 ' d b the entire college, and it is hoped that more will be held in Wells. The meet was much enjoye y the near future. The spring season saw tennis and archery under way again. And thus closed a most successful year. Page one hzmdrecl thirteen Top: N. Williams, S. Reed Left: C. Bartz Above: N. Williams, B. Hunt, J Vanl-Iouten Right: Mr. W. Shepherd, M. Utter Page one hzmqlred fozwteen WHITE BLAZER GIRL ,af f ., z i . nga!! Coz QZWJ Every year in early spring, there is a great deal of speculation as to which senior will be named White Blazer Girl. Although awarded by A. A., this honor is not an award for achievement in athletics alone. Interest and participation in sports are a major consideration, but added to these points are character, leadership, and scholarship throughout the four college years. Last year, Sally Cory Riggs was a natural choice for this award. Actively interested in sports throughout her college life, she was President of A. A. during her senior year. Her ability as a leader and her contagious enthusiasm strengthened A. Afs position as a college organization. Thanks to her untiring efforts, many new activities were introduced, making it possible for every girl to participate in a sport in which she had a genuine interest. Sally not only had a broad interest in athletics, she was active in many other ways. A class officer in her freshman and sophomore years, she was elected junior class president. She took part in several dramatic productions while in college. Because she suited so well the qualifications for an ideal Wfhite Blazer Girl and because she was sincerely and actively interested in all campus activities, Sally Cory Riggs was well worthy of the honor of being named our White Blazer Girl. Page one hzmdred fifteen I .. f .,,, . . . ,.,- , f 1 ff ' J , I 51:2 :.,.. -v:4".--1-1.f-'Za.2"-Pf-'-2".-,- . 1,- '1 I-Q: 7 -f 'g'x1, 1 .' .' jf 'S 9' j- . :Lf-bg-11,.".1-711 9:7-"' L'iF',.2'-T.1pi":': "f'3"-'wxvxv' "rf 1,-1-'ze www- - . , -5-.: -- w 7 .v L., I 33 -1 ,.- , Way, M... ,:., ., N .,-,-.,,:,.:1:, ,.- .5-nf, . - y' -,N .:,..:.,.u- -13, , .,,,-,. .5-..-1 ---L- -:f-.:.'-.--'-,A Vw- . A , - .' '- - . Ac.:-. -g'..-iZ.x"g.1-rs..:- fa-."+.-,-f '--,-x3g'.A:x.-N",-3.Q-Jfm:-f..'.-5212:-'2.'1:, r'--jr .rfzqgzfr---1 -.".-' - - , -. g , - - ' -.A - - .jh . .:--",-'J , 7-5-,Tv 1- 7,1--jg-sg:,4,i'-Nfl. .A 1.5.-,,'.'-f.15 5-:.'.Z .--.:'--,--:.--Q---hw ---. - QQ-,-5 .,-K -,-'T -,:- - 1 ' - - , v - " ' ' ' '- "" -1'--" 1+-'ff'-2-.'z73.'NT.-4-.''?'f':-.3125 : --.-ii-T ,st :--':'-114".'r,'- . .'.'."ff pr 1 :'. A .H N ..- .. --..-. .. .. -AU .,-Q, N ,..,,- in -h , f '-'Aff , " 1. . z v- - ,-- . . , . I. ,,:f'ug,yx,H,qs,,+g:., ,H ,,m,-'f,..1,., !P,-- C., , -,. ..-.?-. .. ,., . . A . .-,' , . A 'funny " ' , ' 2.4. ,f ,' 'f ' '-x'g""':w., ' ' . .- 1 f 'f 4 -'-ff.--.f.,:f'r'1:e4f.--v' J.::'1-t' H: ':r. - 1 --v- -.-V -uv-f.,-v -' v '-,--' - -v N'-'11---:':' 'vz .- w.---1 '.,-.f-,s-'-- -.rv -,... - - , , ,- f ,,.,.,1.f ,--,, , f.:'..,.',.fr',,w'+-: VCG - . J . ,,u....w,, ,.,.,ga..,f-4-.g , .L,1.,h g.. .,.,.g, , ,,,.,,.N ,.',,x.-,-,... , U, .- 'rf --51 QZ:4j.5,:..'-v7?',c?.,,E'?'-'Q,g,':g-:f?,t','j-'1:f3?ff'.cs11:g'cf'-?5'i'-52? .::.'-'T - 6' -'14 1-,'-3-sqlgzggz .g2.I,Z:3gg1:'31,--'.g,-35.331-.1.,-gl' ' ,- - ' " " "Lv-f?.1-awva , 1 , , - -Q.: ' f1 -":"E4-"--5-:'a?fw'-Zri''.g.Q.'f!5'5i'25.-'--.'-"1-E'C.'-.1 ' 4.4-:..f-:4f:f.zf.,n.z4,,1-isa.: .1-1-.Q - V ' ... , - J. .-ni' ,-Amway?-2-.-SD'4?!Zfe:1:-rgxz'2mHgvf.Q 12.2-11'--.,-:L-L-1'1' -' TOVARICH With Vodka and samovar and catchy Russian phrases . . . a World of wealth in the keeping of a prince and princess masquerading as maid and butler in a bourgeois Paris home . . . the Menace- Gorotchenko, Russian Commissar . . . all brought to a fortunate Conclusion. LE VOYAGE DE M. PERRICHON A pompous Perrichon on an Alpine va- cation . . . a peppery Wife and a dutiful daughter . . . the comic machinations of rival suitors . . . Perrichon rescued and rescuer . . . Perrichon dubious duelist . . . Henriette's true love Winning out. 5 ICHON QQ VJ' Juniful MHS of ,J and ' 1 it-' Drum beats . . . the chapel as an Oriental palace . . . dancing girls . . . strange music . . . the freshmen crown their fairest Queen of May . . . "She stepped out of a dreamn. MAY DAY vfrifggfw 'll Haw X , x I " ,ww , ,-..,m . , , cfWWW , 'WWW si 'Z ' if f W X' I ' Q y ... A mi fr 2, s gigs We ,,., . , f , ' VX ,gl 4? 5 sf fi A-N. , ' ' ' 14, ' MW' L. Hammond, S. L. Mohr, A. Goodrich, R. Reichhard, J. Lyman, M. Swearingen, L. Beemer. SENIOR WEEK END "With our heads held high and our future free" . . . a crisp October day . . . blue skies, leaves tumbling down . . . "Blithe Spirit" . . . proud parents . . . black gabardine . . . voices Q J I 33 I echoin throu h Cowles . . . tVictor ' and 'Peace . . . memories, lau hter, mist e es . . . g 8 Y g Y Y graduation just around the corner . . . Sunday evening chatter and sixty tired but happy seniors . . . a Week end to remember. M. Hannay, B. Zimmermann, S. Mohr, L. Beemer, G. Galindo, L. Rossi, B. Sweet G. Edwards Q - L. Hammond, Miss G. Morrow, Lyman, 1 M. Marsh. W Page one lzzmdrecl twenty-fwo K X ,nl CX K-vw NWN rw AS 'V FW .. HSE '-1'-'l:f+.:r-2'-"G M i K K V iw vida:-and Q. , Qf- hz-' 44,-,.z:" , ,.,,,9 ,g,W,,,,,. 1 , - . .Lv ,, gy "U ., ' ,1 1 -A Y, , ,,. ,A ', 3 ,r . . '-,, - -- 2, - c. - Juv, 1. ,, .5 I . I 'v W F . n ,Q -ffl, ff U14 -4' ,e V R .- 2. 14, . A ' Q sl A r',,- - A , ff 'I : MJ.. kg- if . 1 1 X , 2 N I 1 ,ff O 'LP in ,gi - 5 .-X-,F - ,--- rg- ff- Vw.-. . ..,,N.. , --.-:,1,-x-,.,,-,, - ,Q ,- .-,-,-.,., ... -.,.. . . . . -. -,- -an-,y --'- -1 '-f . e-A,----fa -,-'x. - 1 - -. . -:,:' ..3 -1---1' --,- --, -.'-- .- .K 1 - .-. ,--. -'--N-.H --.--,-1- --.'-:..- ,',.- v: -c-1--M-rf ---f .--f-----. 5-... ,-- -f ---.- ....".-f--4-.-..- ,, My -L,-.. ,.-, .. ..v-.-. -1, --, . ,-,-. f---, --:-5. .-ti.. . .,f .-,-.'. Y-, S..- .-,fp V ..,C--1- ..:, .ldv . ,.,,,-mv.- ,.------ X .. 1-.W V, - - -7 -,v-l.,: -, ---,- I-..-. .,1:L,- v-,- -.aku-., :,:v-.fx ,-,Q-x., -f.,' -J, ' rl-'mfr : ,j--4,1 .- . -. ,rd . - . --- ,-, fi, .:...',, ,3v,,, ,-5.-.L.1-if--:Q 4--,L ,Af-f 1:":,-1-.-.,- 1: ---- ""'-. , ,-,- -e .,:- ,,--.-tru.. , - . f :-,...,- .f, - -, -.-. -V --.- ".--.'.' "-' "' " - -., --....,-.. .- , -v -' .-1.2 , . 3,..,.-.11 YOUR FLORISTS P. M. BUELL FLORAL CO. 211 W. GRAY ST., DIAL 8825 Jay H. Parker Herbert A. Tinney 140 W. MARKET ST., DIAL 2-3563 225 HOFFMAN ST., DIAL 2-5656 Sheely Bros. Rudyos Greenhouse 101 S. WALNUT ST., DIAL 2-1105 973 HOFFMAN ST., DIAL 4634 Riverside Flowers Woo1f's Flower Shop 361 W. WATER ST., DIAL 7109 105 W. CHURCH ST., DIAL 2-0865 CDUR ZND CENTURY Af .E M FIRE PROTECTION STX ff-X g , I E s I q i I if ,ff , , II X AMERICAN-LAFRAN - AMITE ELMIRA-NEWYORK-u.s.A. v PLEASE PATRONIZEH'oURmXDVERTI'S'ERS'ImW Page one hundreol twenty-six COMPLIMENTS OF KELLY DRUG CO. TIFFANY xl Co. l 109 N. Main St. fNear Waterj JFIIIFIIIY SILYERWARE STATIONERY .QIHIHIHXHIHXHIHILm 2fZm7hQgMW 0 6708111 IZC6' 309 E. Water St. Everything in Music, Phonograph MAILINQUIIIIFS RFCFIVFPIIOIIPTATTFNTION Records ' FIFTH AVENUE It 579' STIIFFT 'WmmmfIIIHIHXHfHIHIHITmWmWH NEWYURK COMPLIMENTS OF SHREIBAN'S Jewelers Since 1893 214 East Water Street lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllululul llllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllinll 7642 flffafzfz 7wa,6n Jfafel Perfectly Appointed . . . . Distinctive 250 Rooms - 250 Baths 32.50 Upwards B POPULAR PRICED COFFEE SHOP Huck Finn Room Main Dining Room Lounge Bar fAir Conditionedj Garage Accommodation W. C. EMERSON, Manager "'"HEIIEXEE'"i5'X'Fii6'i3iiZE"'5iiiE"'Xi5i?i5ii9i4iEEiiE'"H""H" Page one hzmclrccl twenty-seven COMPLIMENTS or ELMIRA FOUNDRY For a Very Special Treat Bring the Family to DINNER at HILLTOP INN Jerusalem Hill I Dial 2-9397 for Reservations IllllIIllIIIllIIIIIllIIIllIIllxlllIIlllIllIllIllIllllllIllllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Select Your Table Needs at the Busy MARK TWAIN MARKET Where there are logical reasons for Selling for Less MARK TWAIN 7 FOOD MARKET INCORPORATED I 158 NORTH MAIN STREET Free Parking-Delivery Service PHONE 7141-7142 llllllIllllllillllllllllnllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS OF THE GORTON COY O Elmira's Home of Fashion PLEAs'i5"'i5Xi'iioili'iQ'ii 'oifii'"Qi'iS'Vi51iPEiQji5iQ'g"l"""""' P Je one hzmclrecl twenty-eight 211 W. Water St. 2nd Floor llllllll lllllll llllllll lllllllllll lllillll E. Hazel Murphy DRESS SHOP :nnnuinlnnnlnunnunaun nuululgl,,,.,,,,n.u. lnnnunnnunnnnnuuniunnln OiNEILL'S ' SHOE STORE 105 W. Water St. Elmira, N. Y. CARL WOLFF Exclusive Agency ' Manager Air-Step Shoes for Women, 36.50 Loafers and Saddles 35.00 to 36.00 I lllllullllllllllIIlllIlIlllllllllIlllllllllIlullllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllll Ample Facilities for Private 'Quality Furniture for Less" Parties Kobacker's Furniture Co. 1,3 ANAXUUNCING, 'HE T env? A 4 comme am KE Made by the manufacturers of the famous Morrow Brake, the Bendix Coaster Brake has behind it Eclipse Machine Division's forty years of experience in the building of bicycle brakes, plus the engineering resources and facilities of the Bendix Avia- tion Co1'poration, America's foremost manufacturers of brakes for the automotive and aviation industries. For more fun and greater safety in cycling, give yourself "a real brake" .... equip your bike with a Bendix. Only the New Bendix Coaster Brake has all these features Stops quicker - coasts longer O Longer life -trouble-free performance 0 Light- weight - easier pedaling O Simplicity of design - fewer parts 0 Easy to put together and take apart 0 Self-aligning brake shoes 0 Sealed against dirt and water O More efficient braking - requires less pedal pressure and travel O Every brake factory tested O Made by Bendix - foremost manufacturer of aviation and automotive brakes. ECLIPSE MACHINE DIVISION - BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION - ELMIRA, N. Y. """""'i5ifiili'5ii'"i3XEi'ii'5iliiEii''"5iiii"".Li'i3ViiiiViisEi5is"""" Page one hzuzclrecl twenty mne HOTEL LAN CWELL llllulllllllulllullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Over a Century of Sound Banking CIIEMUNC CANAL TRUST COMPANY Cor. Water and State St. Member F. D. I. C. Iulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.lllllllllllllllllllllllllll O,NEIL'S TAXI 9128 - Dial - 4066 Weddings Funerals lllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllll llllllll lllllllllll lrlll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll Illlll COMPLIMENTS OF ELMIRA OIL CO. COMPLIMENTS OF NOVELTY GIFT SHOP 122 State St., Elmira, New York 36 W. Market, Corning, New York llllllllllllllllllll rlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllIllllllllIllllllllllllllllll IllIllIlIllIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIlllllllllIllllllIIIllIllllIllIllIIIIIllllllIIIllllIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllll WERNIFF' MILLEIVS Sodas, Cosmetics, Stationery Elmira, N. Y. IllllllllllIIlIIIllIIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll uunn IllllIIIllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllll ALPERT'S Elmirafs Leading Jewelers and Opticians 111 E. Water Street Elmira Stores in Corning and Cortland llllllllllIllIllIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llIllIlllllIllIllllllllIIIIllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll CHWARTZS SMART WOMAN'S snor ' 112 N. MAIN ST. - ELMIRA Illlllllllllllllllllll l'lllllll llIllllllllllllllllllllllll SUCCESS' and CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1947 l ISZARD'S Elmira's Largest Department Store '8i3ii"'Xi3R?fpEiiEi1iQ'i5i3g"""""" Page one hundred thirty llIllllllllvllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllulllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS OF EMPIRE FOODS, Inc. ELMIRA, N. Y. l Wholesale Groceries Fruits and Vegetables llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlli HORWITZ BROS. Fine and Wrapping Paper 100 E. Church St. Elmira, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF J. P. and lVI. Sullivan Elmira Corning' and Williamsport FINE FURNITURE KOSMICKI BROTHERS formerly MOSHER'S DRUG STORE 400 West Washington Avenue Bella " A 02227 fi' .fi 5 FOR . - 1 AT s ' '5:5:5:1:l . :1 .-:2:i:? .?g,.-'-'-"'.-v " ' ":1if:1l1,'. -.1y'-tQ:f:f:f.?3:Q:-Q' f:,' 51- 222252 I PRICES YUU CAN AFFQRD gg EDQ.QQl!l.B' Your Department Store 2 S EV MAlWays Reliable" 'Eiiiii'"llli3'VEiiil'i5Eii'5""""'l" Page one lnzuzdrecl thirty-one COMPLIMENTS 0 NEWBERRYS 5c - IOc - 25c Stores lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllu I.IIIIluillIllllllllllllllllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS OF Elmira Savings and Loan Association lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll LOGAN-ROGERS for Sportswear Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIllllullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllxllllllllllllllllllllllllllll OASIS GRILL Steaks and Chops 103 State St. COMPLIMENTS OF DEISTER Sz BUTLER QUALITY JEWELERS 119 North Main St. IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllll lllllllllllIllIIIlllllllllllnllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Hairshaping Facials Perrnanents ALFREITS "A STYLE JUST FOR YoU" Hairstyling Langdon Plaza Personally Dial 2-5165 Supervised lllllIulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllll lllllll COMPLIMENTS OF Hudson Shoe Co. QUALITY SPIORTSWEAR The Midland Economy Check Plan Was designed for You You have all the convenience of a checking account but no minimum balance is required and there is no service charge. A book of 12 checks costs 31. Let us open an account for you today. O Elmira Bank Trust Co. A Marine Midland Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ''H'""'"H"""'i3iQ'EXs'i5'"i5Xi'ii25i4iiQ'iL H6133"Xi3'Q2'Eiii3i5Eii'5,"""" Page one hundred thirty-two R I lllll llllllllllluul llu lllllllllllmunl manents -tn 'ersonally UD9rvised . lllllllllllllllllllllllu I -uuullllnlllllnllll M A00 IAR lumnllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllillllllllllllllll Check - You ence Of 2 minimum ere is H0 151. Lei today- uet CO' :li Insurance Ill llll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllulllullllllllllllluululnnulnluluunn MARK'S 'FINEST CANDY LANGDON PLAZA Elmira, New York lllllllllllllllll lllllllllllrllllllllll llllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllnlllllllllxlllllll THE COMMERCIAL Dial 29464 PRESS H E L E N ' S PRINTERS AND 2 , PUBLISHERS Sodas - Sundaes - Ice Cream Light Sandwiches I z 1255 W. Water St. I Fresh Telephone 6188 Fruit and Vegetables Elmira' Produce CO. Inc. 308 S. Main Street Elmira, N Y 614 William street Eimira, N. Y. IllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ' l llllllllllll lll R 0 S S I 'S TEA ROOM and BAKERY V PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT AND GOOD FOOD 408 WEST WASHINGTON AVENUE Dial 2-0921 Y ADDED ATTRACTION 24 New Streamlined Bowling Alleys We ask you to pay us a visit, and see for yourself Why Twenty Million People enjoy this sport. """""'FiIliXs'i5"'i5'X'4Eii5iCiiz'"Bfiiin'Xi5l?EifSE'i's'iilis""""" Page one hzmdred t nunll 1:nnnuulllunuunlllllllnullllllllllll""""""""' JULIA B. MURPHY Apparel Shop 122 West Market Street Elmira, New York lllullllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllullll llllnllllxllIlllllllIIllllllllllllllInllllullllllllllllllllllllll MCAROLYNM Coats, Suits, Dresses, Vitality Shoes, Smart Millinery ROSENBAUMS 112 West Water Street llllllIlllulllluIlllllllllllllxlllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 1nlunlunlllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll The New England Kitchen Hours: 11:30 to 2.30 5 until 7:30 Q 205 Lake Street Phone 2-0281 llllllllllllllIllllIllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllxlllllllllIllllllllllhlllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllIllllllllIIIllIllIllllInlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllll COMPLIMENTS OF H. STRAUSS, Inc. 121 Main St. Exclusive lVlen's and Boys' Wear COMPLIMENTS OF General Ice Cream Corporation Distributors of Sealtest Ice Cream COMPLIMENTS OF HATTQS TAVERN Upper Lake Road Telephone 29378 COMPLIMENTS OF RYLL'S PHARMACY B. F. RYLL, JR. Proprietor lllil llllIIIIllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll THE GIFT BOX Mark Twain Hotel Elmira, New York IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllIIllllIllIIIIIIIIllIIllIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll LOOMIS 81 HALL Cameras and Supplies Photo Finishing - Portraits Commercial Gifts - Leather Goods - Frames 364 No. Main St. ELMIRA, N. Y. llllllllIllIlllnllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll JAYNES For Smart Clothes 116 W. Water St., Elmira, N. Y. --rr--rr'lr-r-------r-'rr Page one hundred thirty-four CY' .ummmu It mnmnlunullll ALL raitS Frames ,85 . . Y. 1.5- ,f ,uf .m""" . L G. A. Books and Stationery - Elmira, New York COMPLIMENTS OF ELMIRA ARMS COMPANY IIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllxlllllll Friend, Metzger SL Co. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Nieats, Vegetables, Poultry, Fish, Oysters Try Our Home Made Sausage, B logna, Liverwurst and Frankfurters. et D l 147 5148-5149 164-166 L lt bt UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC VACUUM In:nunIIIIuIIIIannulInllllnlllllllllllnlllllllIllllullnl COMPLIMENTS OF E C K E R D ' S Cut-Rate Drug Store Prescriptions 127 West Water St IlllllllllllnllllllIIIIllllllllnullllllllllllIllIllllllullnlllllllnllllulllllllllull Peterson's Furniture Store Furniture - Rugs - Lamps - Gifts 513-515 North Main St., Elmiral New York lllllllllllllllxlllIllullllllllllIllllllllllllllllullllllllllllllulllllllulllulnlln IIIInIIIllIIlllllllllllllluulIllllllllllllllllllllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllll CoIvIPLIMENTs OF THE Peerless Dry Cleaners IIIIIIlullIlllllllllllulllllllIllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll nllululnlllllllllllllllllllnlllulllllu STOP AT EARL and JERRY'S LANGDON PLAZA IIIlInIIIInlunuulnnunnniInnununnnnlnnulInu InIInIn:neunIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllulululnunnnn yxcuon K,,,,w Z' 64 V' Q1 CLEANERS ELECTRIC WASHERS Q """'-"EAM Q ELECTRIC RANGES QQ? Aooxoi C5 , YS Raw or C355 . 555 9 KSN QQQVX Q66 GQ QQIQSS XS, 99 cUAcLE0D.KINlbj4 9 P I-We mlb 5 , -A RADIOS REERICERAToRs 'L 6"""A-Nfwwi FREEZER CIIEsTs Page one hundred thirty fwe Gale! 7one STUDIO PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION l Your photographs in this book are the Work of our studios. We sincerely hope that all these photographs will perpetuate the memory of happy days spent at ELMIRA COLLEGE May We thank you for the honor and privilege of having served you. GOLD TONE STUDIO 204 W. Water St. Elmira, N. Y Phone 27431 '""'""i3'iIl5Xsi3"'i31i7Ei?E6'iCflii5"'ISlEiS"'Xl5l?l53i?4ii's'i5i2s"""""' Page one lnmclred thirty-six HE Trustees whose names appear on page 6 send greetings to Elmira College's daughters everywhere. An educational institution is the lengthened shadow of its alumnae. Without their feelings of loyalty and their active cooperation and support it cannot very well exist. We still need more students of the proper kind, students who are qualified in every way for entrance to Elmira. There has been no relaxation of standards and there will be no compromise in quality. To every alumna who reads this page, the Trustees urge that you help during the coming year- 1. By telling your acquaintances of the good points of the College. 2. By finding good students in your community, telling them about Elmira College, and writing the Director of Admissions or the President giving their names and addresses. 3. By writing the President, for the benefit of the Administra- tion of the College and the Trustees, anything you know that will help make the College better. V We Thank You for Your Past Cooperation Y TRUSTEES CF ELMIBA COLLEGE Page one huvzdrecl thioty s P COMPLIMENTS OF BLUE GOOSE GIFT SHOP 209 College Ave. IllIIlllllllIIIllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Rex Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Berry IllIIIlIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllxllllllllullIIIIIllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Bon Durant llulInllllllnlunluulnnnnnun:nnnnlnnnnu-unnnnnnlrnllnlnnuullllnlulul Mr. and Mrs. William R. Burke Mr. and Mrs. John Bussey COMPLIMENTS OF Dixie Barbeque AND Bowling Alley llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIll IllIllllIllIllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Mrs. Frank C. Bartz Mr. and Mrs. Owen Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. James G. Frasier lllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Galbreath Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Grant Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Grey ECapt CU S NJ and Mrs. George W Mr. Laurence J. Byrne E ' ' ' Henderson Mr. and Mis. Richard o. oouiiis Mi. and Mrs. Francis Hewitt age one hundred thirty-eight lltllllllllllllIllllllllllllll Z . Hgham mnnnlmmnnllnf: , Frasier reath . nlmllllllllllll lrant my u numnlmlllll fy , HI Nilllilllllllllll rrge W' i ' m ,mm Hum Vitt . - llll Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hildebrand Mrs. Mildred M. Hovey Mr. and Mrs. James B. Huff Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kenney ' llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllllIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Kingsley Mr. and Mrs. Max I. Landman Rev. and Mrs. Harry E. Malick lllllllllllllllllllnllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllll'llllllliullllllllllllllll Illllllll Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Fernand Matthey Mrs. Viva Miller unnu1nunu:unnnnnuflunununun:-ue Dr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. MeCafferty llllllllllllllllllllllulIlllllllllllllllllllllIullIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. McDermott llllllllllllllllllllllIllIIllllllllllllllllllulIulllllrllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll Mr. and Mrs. Willard McKensie Mr. and Mrs. George Nathenson Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar Nelson Mr. and Mrs. C. Harry Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Noon Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Palmer Page one hundred thirty-'min Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Paquin AIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllxllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Roscoe Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. John A. Spence Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Stahlschmidt Mr. and Mrs. Rae B. Steele Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Stemerman Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Thevenet Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Traber Page one hundrecl forty Mr. and Mrs. Hambert J. Ubertini Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Utter Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Watkins IlllllllllllllllllllllllllnllllllllllulllllllllllIIIIIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Mr. and Mrs. E. Harold Wetsel Mr. Charles D. Wheelock Mr. and Mrs. Burl A. Wilder llllllllIllllllllIlllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllll Mr. and Mrs. Ward B. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wingert Mr. Benjamin Witkoski Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Yates 'Hymn uiiiinmuu ' Mir ""'lln l lliilulllllmm Utter -Vatldng d Wetsel lllllmluulll Illllllllllll - eelock numnmmnllllullllllllll' Wilder 3, Wilson iingeli 00' n Lk05k1 Y3teS 'Ulm- , . 0 " u.uxY?:ii'!uvn 'P 4' ., .... .. ........ . ... .. "' " - X ! ' Q . ? f 5 L W H ii? ngfif 11 1'f ZTI E S a ........ 'ff' .s f . " 5 Xiilji """" ""' -"- - """"""'A" 'J "1 X9 15 R pm, "J N 8 OLLIER C-EAI " Tile slogan ti1at's Lacizeci ivy genuine goociness in quality ancl service, tiie result of 443 years successful experience in the yeariaooiz fieici. We finci real satisfactionrin pleasing you, the year- iaooiz puimiisiier, as Well as your photographer anci your printer. JAHN S CLLIER ENC-IRAVING CO. Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers SI7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. Page one hundred forty-one Page one hundred forty-two GNQD Printed By BENTON REVIEW PUB Incorporated Fowler, Ind. Qld 'f rv I A I s E k i , 2 Q 4 , r ! - r 1 s 1 I I L E t f Q X I I I I 4 I E x i 5 1 5 1 5 F f 1 w , . , r 1 3 A 1 i' 1 2 1 1 M 5 1 1 1 1 W I 1 l i Q. H 14 I L I f , X' 1 I 1 42: 1 A ! , r w E 6 . I , N V Q , ' 1 Y , 5 I K Q w ,V 1 I A , w 1- ' ,gm r ' W , ,V A" .I I W ls ii W1 1 1, I' i ? E x Ji F, f i mf , 1 4' , M X ii I 1 9 i 1 K , I 1 , I F ' . , . , . I V Q , 1 ' ' 1 , I , , W , 1 1 , , . V I , V I , . ' f Z 1 . V A I i , I 5 1 E V 5 X 2 f . E s P . 1 I. ' l . 1 s I I v 1 1 1 , f I . 1 I 5 x L w, 1 , I f, E 9 'N Sig - +? it UL! :ES H wi L lim ' - 's li 'W W Y 5 X 1 u X W X. I v l I 4 K 1 .11 1 i 3 r 1 I 5 E 4 1 f 1 I 1 . , f jff ' Y , -fl, ,. 1 ' .'a ' 1 1 V N .J '11, ., , V .,n, L 1'l'1v-L L if ,xl-PE 15:5 :.-lil' , . . . , ,xx k ' . ,' .'-fl-'X'PV.'liYh'DI.l

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