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BQ." Cu ndw Wi DW Thfrtyt p t E , -.- - I '- rr'-Q' .-Fa 4' 4 Q Q I -S Q 1 ".:,,.i f' '. 5 9 4 ' , p- ' S . .A , f 433 . ff4'1" 4? - A 'QS 4 , 4- a , x 1' '!, . N, 4 4 - . bg- 1 i ' "1 i I A . Q ,f!.'v?' R DORTHYDURNING.Edi+or0JUNECARY.Manager 1 ff -H '1 I T..- -.ZZ ff i . f f 'N , 4,9 ff 1 x Kal X Q4 tllltlll Ill Prnmising heginnings, Much pep! Hesnlt-much nnise! lntelleetual stirrings, And increasing pnise. fl flair ter making trienrlships, A zest ter living, ten- The spirit nt '4U, The eharm nt Elmira, May this Tris hring tn yen! E. Lucille Lynn EHNltNlS THE PEUPLE THE HUHDLES THE EUN Te our best-heleved Miss Lynn-une et us-ter that is what you are-we meet gratefully dedicate this hrein-child et the terty-ites. IttHIEHtIHN GOTHIC LANDMARK ON THE ROSSI ROUTE, REMINISCENT OF UNNUMBERED STAIRS AND LOUD SILENCE TOMPKINS COURT, MID-WINTER QA FEW OF TI-IE ROMPER AND LOLLYPOP KIDS ON A BAT, TO YOUU E ii Ml 11 l f U lg X ix. . Ml-fex. j , as xi , s 1 x,X,-. ' . . A ff Nix Jr' 5' f vi .3 -1,-IL. at - A -N. DR. WILLIAM S. A. PUTT DR. E. MARGARET- CRIMES ACTING DEAN MISS E. LUCILLE LYON ASSISTANT ACTING DEAN DR. FRANCES BURUNGAME D E A N Hlllllll Hl HHMlNISlHHlIHN XVILLIAM S. A. POTT ................ AB., Ph.D., University of Virginia. HOLLISTER A. HAMILTON ................ A.B., Rochesterg Ph.D., Johns Hopkins. M. -ANSTICE PIARRIS . ............ . . Ph.D., Yaleg Litt.D., Elmira. XFRANCES M. BURLINGAME . ...... ........ A.B., Raclcliffeg Ecl.lVI., Ecl.D., Harvard. E. lVIARGARE'1' GRIMES . .............. . A.B., M.A., McGillg Ph.D., Columbia. E. LUCILLE LYON . . A.B., M.A., Elmira. W. I. BOOTH .... GROVER C. T. GRAPIAM . ......... - . . - . . A.B., Vvllliillfl jewellg A.M., Brown. FRANCIS A. RICHMOND . B.S., Cornell. JOHN R. TU'Iv1'LE . A.B., Stanfordg PlI.D., Cornell. ELMER W. K. MOULD . - .......... . .... . . . President . Vice-President . Dean Emeritus . . . Dean . Acting Dean ffssistaut Acting Dean . . Treasurer . Bursar . Business Manager . Director of Exlension Difuision and Bureau of Appoinfments . Secrelary of the Faculty A.B., Uniong M.A., B.D., Yaleg Ph.D., University of Chicago. ERNESTINE FRENCH . . . . General .fflumnae Secretary and Director of College News Bureau A.B., Elmira. ELEANOR L. STEVENS . . Registrar HUEERT C. MANOEVILLE . . S. G. H. 'TURNER , . VVILFRED I. BOOTH DORO1'Ii'1' V. H. AN1'EI.L ARCIAIIE M. BOVIER I. HERBERT CASE SOPHIE D. CRANDALL ELMER DEAN JENNIE C. FAssE'rT MOLLY A. HALEY H. C. MANDEVILLE DOROTHY V. H. ANTELL W. I. BOOTH ARCHIE M. BOVIER SOPHIE D. CRANDALL A.B., Elmira. Board of Trusl'ees . . . . . . President . . Vice-President . . . . . . . . Secretary and Treasurer CAROLYN PIALL G. B. F. I'IALLOCK MARY BULLARO LEWALO SEYMOUR LOWMAN M. DOYLE MARKS GEORGE J. MERSEREAU WILLIAM LYON PI-IELPS W. S. A. POTT, ex-officio Execufive Commiflee ELMER DEAN CAROLYN HALL SEYMOUR LOVVMAN PRES. WM. S. A. POTT HELEN B. ROOKER CATHARINE SAUNDERS HALSEY SAYLES ANNA SPIESMAN STARR MERLE D. THOMPSON CHARLES M. THOMS MAUDE MACC. TURNER M. DOYLE MARKS HALSEY SAYLES MERLE D. THOMPSON MAUDE MACC. TURNER S. G. H. TURNER -Absent on leave. l12fI L13l J FACULTY CORNELIA PORTER DWIGHT M.A., Elmira Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus GEORGE IVIORGAN MCKNIGI-IT B.iVI., Elmira Professor of Music, Emeritus FRANCIS A. RICHMOND B.S., Cornell Professor of Chemistry I-IOLLISTER A, HAMILTON A.B., Rochester: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Professor of Classical Philalogy ELIZABETH LEIGH WHITTAKER A.B,, Cornellg Sc.D., Elmira Professor of Biology E. MARGARET GRIMES A.B.. M.A.. McGillg Ph.D., Columbia Professor of French Language and Literature JOHN R. TUTTLE AB., Stanfordg Ph.D., Cornell Professor of Philosophy GERALDINE MORROW A.B,, Elmirag M.A., Cornellg Leland Powers School Professor of Speech ELMER W. K. MOULD A.B,, Uniong M.A.. B.D., Yaleg Ph.D., University of Chicago Alexander Cameron MacKenzie Professor Biblical History and Literature MARY CLEGG SUFFA AB., A.M.. Brown Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy ALMA MONTGOMERY BS., Lincolng lVI.A., Columbia Professor of Eulhenics and Director of Nursery School MARY MEGIE BELDEN A.B., Oberling Ph.D., Yale M. finsticc Harris Professor of English Litezature M. GEORGE SCI-IECK A.B., Rochesterg M.A.. Princetong Ph.D.. Cornell Professor of Psychology NDA LANGDON A.Bf, Bryn Mawrg A.M., Ph,D., Cornell Professor of English Literature GEORGIA L. FIELD A.B., Smithg A.M., Ph.D., University of Colorado Professor of English Literature RAYMOND B. STEVENS A.B., Denison Universityg B.D., Roch- ester Theological Seminaryg Ph.D., University ot' Michigan Professor of Sociology SFRANCES M. BURLINGAME A.B., Radcliffeg Ed.M., Ecl.D., I-Iarvafd Professor of Psychology RUTH BUKA M.A., P'h.D., University of Berlin Professor of German Language and ' Literature MARION A. AMES A.B., M,S., University of Michigang M.A,, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr Professor of Chemistry EDITH A, FARNHAM A.B., Wellesleyg M.A., Ph.D., Cornell Professor of History GEORGE M. KAI-IRL A.B., Wesleyaxmg M.A.. Princctong Ph.D., Harvard Professor of English EVELYN C. AVERY B.S., Simrnonsg M.S., University of Chicago Associate Professor of Euthenics GRACE A. THOMAS A.B., Western Marylandg M,A., Uni- versity of Michigang Ph.D., Cornell Associate Professor of English AGNES M. ORBISON A.B., Bryn Mawrg M.A., University of Missouri Associate Professor of Biology GERALDINE QUINLAN A.B., M,A,, Elmirag M.A., Cornell Associate Professor of Speech :IAbsent on leave. I I4 I HELEN SOPI-IIE DAVIS A.B,, Elmirag M.A.. Cornell Associate Professor of English FRANK HARRIS A,B., Clark Universityg M.A.. Colume biag Ph.D., University of Minnesota Associate Professor of Economics BENJAMIN MUNN ZIEGLER A.B., New York Universityg LLB., M.A., Ph.D., Harvard Associate Professor of Political Science FRANCES M. WRIGHT B.A., M.A., Brown Assistant Professor of Mathenrrrtzcs and Astronomy E. LUCILLE LYON A.B., lVl.A.g Elmira Assistant Professor of French THOMAS J. TOOLE Ph,B., St. Bernardsg M,A., I-Ioly Cross Assistant Professor of Religious Education l FACULTY JEANNE ALLINGRY A.B., Auxerre, Franceg A.B., Elmirag Sorbonne, 1921-'22, '23-'24, '28-'29 Assistant Professor of French CATHERINE FINTER B.S., Miamig M.A., Columbiag Certifi- cate Hygiene and Physical Education, Wellesley Assistant Professor of Physical Education LYDIA BOURNE WALSH B.A., M.A., Welleslcyg Diploma, Uni- versity of Heidelberg, Germany Assistant Professor of Botany RUTH HOFFMAN A.B., Wellesleyg M,A., Cornell Assistant Professor of Biology and Botany ESTHER V. HANSEN A.B., Vassarg M.A., University of Wisconsing Ph.D., Cornell Assistant Professor of Classics HAZEL ESTELLE MACOMBER B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester Instructor in Music fPianoj W. THOMAS MARROCCO L.R.C.M., M.R.C.M., San Pietro Ma- iella, Italyg B.M., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester Visiting Fellow in Music fViolinl LEROY MORLOCK B.M., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester Visiting Fellow in Music lVoicel ESTER KILLIGREW B.S., Simmons Instructor in Euthenics HESTER HASTINGS A.B., Browng Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Instructor in French DONALD L. FINLAYSON B.S., Dartmouthg M.A., Brown Visiting Lecturer in Art LAURA MILLER BAUMAN B.S., Elmira Instructor in Business Administration LAURA CHAPEL CARPENTER B.A., Elmira Instructor in Business Administration GWYNN S. BEMENT Elmira College School of Musicg Cor- nellg New York Universityg Eastman School of Music, Staatliche akaclemische Hochschule fuer Musik, Berling Musik- schule und Konservatorium, Basel, Switzerland Assistant Professor of Music HELEN M. HITCHCOCK B.A., Smithg M.A., Yale Assistant Professor of Art ALICE M. MORRISSEY B.A., M.A., University of Rochester Ph.D., Radcliffe College. Assistant Professor of History RUSSELL G, GAGE B.Ed., Illinois State Teachers College M.A., Columbia Assistant Professor of Education MILDRED OAKLEY B.S., Elmira Instructor in Physical Education LUCILE BUSH B.S., Columbia Instructor in Nursery School JANE ROSS MOORE B.A., Cornell Instructor in Spanish FLORENCE BROUGH GILFETHER B.S., Columbia Instructor in Euthenics KAROLENA Z. RHOADES B.S., Elmira Instructor in Business Administration LIBRARIANS HARRIET G. BROWN B.S., Carleton Librarian EDITH L. CARPENTER Ph.B., Vermont Assistant Librarian ANNE J. MORSE A.B., Elmira Assistant Librarian ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ELIZABETH MCDOWELL A.B., Wellesley Assistant to the Alumnae Secretary ALBERTA PORTER Assistant to the Bursar Manager of the Book Store BERTHA C. FOORD Dietitian, I'I0usc Director HELEN ELSTON B.S., Elmirag M.D., Cornell Medical School College Physician DOROTHY BARCUS A.B., Elmira Secretary of the Bureau of Appoint- ments and Extension Division PAULINE STAFFORD R,N. Student Nurse CLAIRE BOWMAN R.N. College Nurse ISABELLA W. FINLAY Secretary to tlre President JEAN F. MANNING A.B., Elmira Secretary to the Dean FRANCES MACDOWELL B,S., Elmira Matron of Harris House CAROLINE GODFREY A.B., Elmira Assistant Dietitian T151 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARION N EWMAN . . . . President EVELYN SNVEET . . . Secretary MARION SYVAIN . . .... Vice-President ADELE SHINN . . . . Treasurer DR. POTT ...... . . . Patron Saint SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Professor Sandy Pott, with many a shake of his galopy ears, was presenting his final lecture to the Class of 139. "The topics of today's brief lecture-I always try to be brief Cthough my appearance is against melj-is: 'My Class of 1393 Their Fun, Faults, and Foibles.' Upon outlining my subject, I found, strangely enough, that there are no faults in the Class of 139, but, feeling that I might be just a wee bit prejudiced, I decided that I at least ought to include the topic in my title. But our fun and foibles-well! We started right off the bat with janet Brown as our Freshman Pres- ident-and it's lasted right through Cobbie's, Ginnyis, and Mim's administrations. Scoop of the season was the announcement of Bill-oops, pardon, Dr. Pott, as our Patron Saint. Then we burst forth into the social world again at the Freshman Banquet. What foodl Thinking of food reminds me of May Day at VVatkins. I didnyt attend-but I hear tell the sandwiches were great. And speaking of sandwiches recalls those won- derful hot dogs we so magnanimously shared our Sophomore year with the juniors and Freshmen I16I at their picnic. And remember the food and fun provided by the Potts at the Country Club! Soph I-Iop came next, with a date bureau for the shy maiden-I had a date with a smoothy fox-terrier myself. Hate to mention food again, but our Buddy Party, Sophomore Luncheon, and May Day Breakfast were the best ever. junior Year-ah-I grew two inches in dig- nity the day you first wore your caps and gowns. You were pretty dignified, too, with your little sisters CI adopted two myselfj. But your dig- nity disappeared 'midst the excitement of Junior YVeek-end-I was told my dignified Dr. and Mrs. Pott learned the Big Apple! Then came Iris Dinner-and- Do you mind if I jump ahead to Senior Year? I was so excited Senior Week-end! My cap and gown are beautifull I wore them today-I' Here Professor Sandy's ears drooped even more and tears slid off his velvety brown cheek. "I wore them today because they remind me of Senior Week-end and the play, of our teas and picnics, our classes and studies, our fun and our foibles-and because, most of all-they remind me of you I" ALPERT, LOUISE ANDERSON, MILDRED BARBER, JEAN BORST, HELEN BRUNDZA, HELEN BUTTRICK, MIRIAM CASE, HELEN CHURCH, VIRGINIA COBB, JANE COOKLIN, KATPILEEN COOPER, GRACE COPELAND, MARY CRAFT, MARY LOUISE CRAFT, MURIEL CUFFNEY, KATHERINE CUMMINGS, LILLIAN CURRAN, MARY C. DONAHUE, TERESA DOYLE, MARY ELIZABETH ELLIOTT, NIARTI-IA ETTENBERGER, DESALES EVVALD, TIIELMA FAIRCHILD, SUSANNA FENNELL, ANNE FISHER, ELIZABETH Fox, HELEN FRITTS, ELEANOR GALLAGPIER, MARY ANN GERLACI-I, ALMA GERNERT, JOSEPI-IINE GILL, JANE GLEIM, DOROTHY GONSETI-I, JEAN GORDON, JANE GRESS, DOROTHY HAESLOOP, MARGARET HALSEY, FRANCES PIARDLEBEN, PEARL HATHAWAY, HELEN HATHAXVAY, LENA HAVVKES, MARY PIEVVITT, MARJORIE HICKEY, JOGENE HOFBAUER, TERESA PIORNBECK, JEAN HUMPHRIES, AGATHA HURLEY, FRANCES MEMBERS JESSEN, PAULINE JONES, WINIFRED KEATING, ELEANOR KNAPP, JAYNE KNISKERN, MARGARET KRISE, HARRIET LEIGI-ITON, ELEANOR MACNAMARA, RITA MCARTHUR, CLAIRE MCICAY, VIRGINIA 1VICrfIERNAN, MARGARET MANLEY, CYNTHIA MANLEY, MILDRED MARCUS, RUTH MIDDLETON, MARGARET NEWMAN, MARION O,NElLL, ROSE ANNE OPARIL, CLARA PARKER, RUTH PECKALLY, GENEVIEVE POLK, MRS. MARY PRENDERGAST, JANET QUIRIN, ELIZABETH ROGERS, BETTY ST. CLAIR, NANCY SHELDON, GRACE SHINN, ADELE SMITH, RUTH SNYDER, MARS' ALICE STAFFORD, PAULINE STAMP, ONAI.EA STEVENS, JEAN STRONG, HEI,EN SWAIN, MARION SXVARTZ, PHYLLIS SWEENEY, MARTHA SVVEET, EVELYN TANNER, ROBERTA TARANTO, ROSE MARY 'THATCI-IER, JEAN TPIOMPSON, MARY ANNA TIDD CAR I.INE O D VVILLIAMS, ANN LOUISE VVILLIAMS, DOROTHEA VVILLIAMS, EDITH VVLADIS, MARJORIE VVRICI-IT, MARY' LOUISE JUNIUH IHHSS A carefree crowd, we frisked triumphantly through our frosh year fin spite of an over-emphasis on the social side of life, which resulted in a mild landslide of notices and noise penaltiesl. We stymied the Sophs by presenting Polly as our class chairman-presi- dent combination and were in turn stymied by them when we turned out en masse at the Frosh-Junior picnic to attempt to defend the fort against the invaders. We declared a truce in the shape of lollypops at the Frosh Banquet, and saluted them by selecting Cobbie as our May Queen. Age may creep upon us, but we'll never forget pounding out investigatives until dawn cracked in the east, fervid bull sessions on men, love, and men, our favorite song, t'Nine more days till vacation", that rainy night of June Play when Anne, as an Elizabethan page-boy, skidded across the grass and almost split her red satin tights, candles, men, and music at the Mark Twain at a Saturday night 'Qjammedn ses- sion, and our increasing pride in our big sisters. Our Soph year had an evolutionary tinge about it-demi-tasse and cigarettes in the Rec Room after dinner, a new slant on that word "discretion," and headline news in the Octagon, "Hilltop Is Approved!" These privileges might have led us to believe that we were on the road to sophistication, had it not been for the homey touch of Cowles- Post's cat skeletons in the sink, Barby's tarzan yodels for help when stranded in that excuse for an elevator, and "Goliath'7 and "Percival," our pet mice. With our famous verve, under Prexy Jessie's able baton, we conducted an original Silly Symphony fSoph Hopj, applauded the announcement of IRIS staff at our class luncheon, capered beside our mock May Queen as she regally rode her mowing-machine chariot, and staggered cheerfully under the weight of the laurel chain on Class Day. We renewed the old tra- dition of singing around the Octagon, and let Wils, Nudie, and Bolland start something new by driving up the front walk of Cowles one midnight. Miraculously, we are upperclassmen-and now we rate caps and gowns, yellow chrys- anthemums-and Little Sisters. Styming the Sophs has gotten to be one of our tradi- tions, as evidenced by their kidnapping and our retrieving Toady fby fair and foul meansl before Frosh-Junior picnic. FII leave it to you to judge whether Junior Thespis Junior was enjoyed or not, there's only one answer. With a blare of trumpets we ushered in our most notable achievement-a name band for Prom. Fear and trepidation haunted us fespecially Chairman Dot Benedict and Class President Vestal before Prom that weid flop from lack of school support-and during Prom-that the blue crepe-paper ceiling would flop from lack of ceiling support. P. S.-Both were a howling success, as was Dinner-Dance, the end-all of the week-end. And with all this, college for the fortyites has been one round of good weather and -lest we forget, ulthaca calling!" We havenit been blessed by the gods, we know, but our success has been blessed by our genial patron saint, Miss Lyon. So, THANKs Fon THE MEMoR1Es! I181 JUNIGR CLASS OFFICERS VESTA OSBORNE .. ,..,.....,, ....,.A.. P resident SUSAN Roof ...,... . . . Vice-President WINIFRED EARL ....,,, ..... S ecretary MARGARET OSMUN . . . .4....., Treasurer MISS-LYON . . 1 . . .Patron Saint E191 'lf Dibff J' ,P - il c if L .X esfifi"'i-'i F if . Yzxsgg,x L M, .. cv. Cool hands gliding step lullahy voice' horn to soothe the fevered brow and tuck the little ones in at night. Mildred Banliusgf' X? -Stl f filfig . Carry ,, . V e 1 .u -5- P' ' 'S ff V i,'1':1' .Selly fx, ln Y v .1 W' f 9 N K Qq,n,L-45" liilmb lib lr C""rf"l"vli M L.,..0J.A.LQiK . e,c2jLE'.J . " . AP' 'Luv' 28211, ' 2.1 kin' " ' If J l f - .ff ,i'5,,- ZVFKLJ :v C14 J . X gl-16-41-' l-" w 1 f ' gl' V z f - ffiul- Z4"i",4L"'f' yea gin" L' If pill. AVL: 4 ' ri. -' I ff SIL 'M I 'r my Willi and purpose, order and dis- cipline, strict adherence to high ideals. We predict success. I . iid- f f , , ee- '- if fl' , 'Az J LI,i1.i!i,- 1f'j,m..li'r,.4 4, ' ,!:,kf7i'f'i fl,-4"f"""' ,IV Lu Ln" ip . ,, Q " tg irc. M' Lf' 'r ' K ' ' 5 , .-, W i deff HMM- 2 'D' lt' ' I ' cf f s 17 ,, ALM. ?3L.,c- K. A Earnlyll Armstrong You deserve all the breaks, Dott- sie,. and there' s something in your V chin that makes us think you're gonna get 'em. Za EMMMM' MWWJJMM5-D nie? me -0f+fJ4w7fwi'r-fe .. - 'Qty J Mio Adj!! were wwf I. MCM 77ZlignfiirVBaker A sweet dispositiong the exception to the rule that musicians are hard , on the nerves Kathryn Baudeudisiel l.. y. z I . F, .1-4 'z She's a deliberate, cheerful gal who studies history with a zest. She loves to dance-hates English -and she's packs of fun. Evelyn Hearllslee 'l l'l 12.41.41 M 6.1 22.14. aid Jesu-a ,MLM jrf..A,ff"1 'T4e'Lif .QL-ef ,f,U,,,LfZ,f a1.,f.fH4f" 3 ' .4 A - . V . 'LMLAQ V.ff xfxmgg, M4 ,E ,l - Tfsrxi fc ff K" :P ,- 1 here she is there's fun-when J' SLG, No my sail! , ' EQ-Lyou neecl help she's on hand- SL, .c,B,Ii' -3'ff1-lA,Lee,4i,f and clo you wanna hear about ,, - . 1 J yea.-1,1,, Ayasa, ff' Rav? fl 1 .li1,,',A-lr1.,4L,fif' Viifll A f' - - .ef 7 5gr'?9,4'4gff ?' Ad 'Wa' V0 Vg, X re aged ,Maru ffe-gf! f ,LfTi.,2,4 Pnlly Beatty Anna lVIay's frequent HDO you think l1e's nice?" reveals her pop- ularity with the opposite sex as well as with all the forty-ites. Anna May Herminqham fo XY Ns '- fx ,-g,. "M - 41,3 7 Lg, -. .JL V .Qfkc-is M12 Y W1 WW 1' W uf JQQKGLT ML M J 'V QAM, Lvufwnv UVM P Lui' of R . I . A bi J V 0, w.M-f3-HVV-L JVA1 X A 1 , ,rwm GDAQEA, mi sip-wiv Q,,1..fi., ES A Wg solemnly swear that Nlary - ' Jage lc ows the answers to all the x aww ' LXQWQ. 51 RAQJLL - -EAU,-Q questions. Yet she,s the best buzzer-around we know! VS. 0 O9,,,,.r' Afwmvfwmdfms Aww Q , 3 DRA MLA 5, Q, "ru.m.C,Q.- 'K Roafxww W, W' Mary Jane Bickfnrd Qrjbfi 2 E 1 A pixie's soul lurks under that calm exterior-come on out in the sun, Helen, and show yourself! Helen Blallylias Bolland clotes on "Gallantry,' ancl journalism. A savoir-faire girl, she is competent, creative, capric- ious Elizabeth Bull:-lull Versatile! She can rapidly change from a most efficient business major to a most sought-after houseparty date. June Caryl guyz. ' x- ,fx , ' , ,r , X s J-.V--34, - -7-...xg ,wh . ,YL-, ,J-'.,.,,, K A A ' In 9 . -'X Qsimrfrhkv, ,.,,.L gr- ' ,525 --f' l"i'N'f7f-4 "Q" ' i ' ' N . i ii' . i :A k x Jo'-'Q'-K -"'35-'T' -f"rQL-"Hx "QL f' 'J' N f, , . N' 'Kami I "'Q,'N"""': R' fx 'LL L4-4'.f'4i3!"K-'53nk"k la, I Y .- I 1 1 np rbi,,!,.Jkk,. .f-5RnE,Yias- PS. vi ,T . . . grin- "Hg, V. I . f- Q .1 W ,uzxn-f ,Y I rkukwg 91,1 An orchid to you. If we could do one job as well as you do two We should congratulate ourselves. Mrs. Margaret Burch Z 5 2 I Z 2 E 5 , 1 2 E L 5 s 5 s l E i i 5 I l 2 S E E : E 3 w E E : 3 E gf Al - "' - , a Qual ru l i", nv ,gem 5- .fy 1,-41,1 rl M , ' ' Qi . 0 1 , J U F 3. I K 2 r yin! ,Qfnvi - . :F fiw,a "P '5"""' ' I M K, ,A-,magfg ff .4 Q f ai , . f , . . 7 . at f . V . '92, i U -,, , - li . 'T , A delightfully giddy sense of humor ancl a stable sense of hal-A W - ig. A. ance characterize this elfervescentr charmer. Elaannr Ehapal 4 4, rf' .7 f. .4 V a 1, I -. ' ' ,J ,tv , - 7 N , -v' .. i -.,'9 Lovely voice, jaunty walk, spark- ling eyes-and when We say "sparkling" we mean l'sparlcling." arjnria Clark fwtwut gf' fri i ' 7f,,,,,,f 'Jw 7f.f14- I 1' fs, M V' ,4J,..',' Q44 ,.4L1,f- ",,i:,,f --gf-f-ff-df'-J' , to ' , ,g.x,s-1L! Sl1e's thoughtful, appreciative, and possesses a quiet Way all her owng we call her Toady. Sl1e's everybody's friend. llnrnihf Enrhin X-f" J, A, , ,Lo-xfsfllgf Demure in appearance, she is blessed with the lcnaclc of mem- orizing classical dates and mes- merizing Elmiran dates. Virginia Enllier A mere smile isnit enough for Betty-she beams. And there's a wealth of good nature and jol- liness behind those beams! Elizabeth Enrwin I ,-v f , g' ,cl C .D if -1 A-f jaw l ff 0' i Ir- I I ' ty' .v i'The nicest presents come in small packages." P. S.-Those adjectives pertaining to Bee are . a propos at this point. Lenna Enwles . ,A f i za 1'r if , 1 1 -i45,i.'.:4l,-lab" -,fij"..A. -. L ',. ,J-1 ng. . H1120 ,ff 1 1 L .,, r JY9 Qu 1 a. rr" Ive- .hh fri' :ii i , v f , WW fam UMM , - , . f T a My ' She conceals her yen for learning beneath whimsical Witticisms. A V clown painted in the primary col- ors of life. , I 62,11 Ilnrntlly Critchley My' Eagan gg fry! 0, -W1 ' Jpv Inf' V ,. 'Hyif X ',y M Y, nv eff' J 1 , M The girl Who's lovely to look at, J and delightful to lcnowg ancl with an amazing memory for the small- est cletails. Ruth Ernnl-is Pink-cheelced Mary is one of our "most reliablesf' Always smiling, genuinely thoughtful, she's the sparlc plug type when things need a,cloin'. ilVIa1'y Euffney Never settle clown, B. C., even when you finally choose one of those many lads. Happy Cherubs shoulcln't grow up. Betty Bundy ff? ,t-WW Wifw QU Vw JM -Burl the midnight oil composing K "little masterpieces of prosef' A paradox of clecorous mien fsome- timesl and a Dorothy Parlcerish Wit. llnrthy Burning i.,'.U.. Lf, - F 1, AEQTV, JJ . my-1 AJ "i ' 'J J" il ui iidlff ga refill' Vigil il l tt i,71ffN,flJ will W . 'W , ll' , " Mafrfg,f3JfP Mmm 31510 J--nf Ufujldv 4, ny ,NYJ .ff "To 'vmyl' is' tops-in all sport , ' .I it in scholarship, in spirit, in She's a friend-in need-and d friend indeed! If Elizabeth Hay z 5 z Wy ,1 -wow 'A 1 fly if ,. ',,, ,, ,.iJ' 11: f' if Mwrljigd ,,4yf.v.4f1prx fr - D adn gm Hale 1 ff jaw-fra, rp ' leaf.. I - 5Qe2LQliQ2,f,m,y1 e 2' R I' J V1 - I 4-511 f 9- 3' I - ' 'ATI Q-,mfg-,,f ijmfl- -- fmuvir 5141.-4 She's a brick. We love her. But fr., Quyffbll -f ,Cf will someone please gag, kidnap, chloroform, or hypnotize her be- fore we go nuts? lvinifrnd Earl ,JJ C,rvr'..4A:, A small, clark maiden working un obtrusively in the Home Econom ics Department. Jane Eddy a-'-F--A F Yu'all know ber-our southern gal who is soft-voiced, sparkling, witty. That she bas a penchant for the basketball court is well known. .Iayra Furman She's jolly, she's earnestg she's frank, sl1e's sincereg and best of all, sl1e's just lovable 'QFitzie." 1,1-ov-1-vb,f,0,-o..b,a,-vu4,.. .. wr AsJ-e-fY7A4.rrf17--- 24..4,Q,l.n. A-'ceyff-"V"-' - ...H-Q4-K., iC4,4,14-c.,7'i.4.-q7cZa,...74?gc Q: g,Q Mary Catharina Fitzgerald K 3 i 2 E 5 E E x x 1 if-iardenias are your Howerf' May we include a discerning mind, the gamut of emotions, and a love for the exotic. Anita Furscher In stature she reaches our hearts- in esteem she stays there. Naive and delightful-the acme of un- sophistication. Jane Eniss You may depend upon it that whatever she does will be done thoroughly, with an air of unag- gressive competence. Marie Eantert W7 7,v,,,1 Jac- -LLL! ,AL-.A-L 64-4-111 Ez7.4V.c.4s - It's the little things that count with Phyllis. Dainty, refined, a lover of nice things. Tailored clothes-red nail polish-"spe- cialsv from Lehigh. Phyllis Brenna If you can't get along with Bet- ty, all we can say is that you must have a pretty horrible disposition. Elizabeth Haines WEE mama.-.A cwwz, Emma sings in Glee Clubg Emma is one of our artistsg Emma is a grand worlcerg and above all else, Emma is a peach! Emma Hawkes 75fa25ZAICv1Cf7v-fufc. AQ!!! W Wa! X7 6 WLM WWW . ' 5 g f ' X , , fidfpna. ' M L! CM yo-14, ,f-LVQJLQLL? 64131 ...f ,lv . A ' as aft ,M a go ,Q Amazing mixture of Indian-like dignity, unsophisticated truthful- ness, ancl quietly devastating pro- fanity. f .fd jf' - t -'- """ 1- '-- ' , sP'1f'- 15-1,e,5.fg.1JL. rf Lf'1',:, 1 .7MYl,,24, 1 4 iK,.'2,,5rAr,f'12,, X A! If -effigy! 5,401-,.,s,, jaw - -J 6 Luca. Hnsemary Hari M ff J MIL! LP bar, J 1 ,iii Il-rrQfXWf9'f7yf'ffxi,"r?fif' W 9 l',1'yilVjJ' sf l -ef WM- lf ? N W' 'lv 9 . 7 J f' if i 5,55 W We wish we could convince her, ' f Q' - L that she is far from being the perg X0 ll fd X fectly poisonous person she fancies herself! Helen Hazard :,,M5IA L, J '1-vii' -f . z. , , , If a tidy mind and appearance and a Winsome smile are guides to success, I-le1CHe's future will be a fortunate one Elizabeth Heffelfinqer S 3 i W 1 lf' 1. 6' , 7 , QQ J i . . pb-IZAA, L.'.L,. " ILLJLZA J- au. 'B' 'B 'VV-0-J'-2'-'- V ff , A ' I ij I f7 - .i M'-4 A f ' - , f W f . Aixafbvefl. 4,ei.z,L,-Q. .i7,,,,,v :ej,a.fe4,4. Jlfu... ,F EIL 7 Cf L--:La-, -Q fQ,,fL,a,,4,,,e,.V , G9-4-u.,f,. ALJJ-4 . 41.4-ff 24 M, --1444. fi 'Lan-f 1 V41 in-car. C,4,u..f- if :frc,4.,,f-ing'-4 Y e-u,,,4.!lcf 4.4-4'-rf' Patient, even-tempered, obiiging -she's a Wonderful person to have for a next-cioor neighbor. a' ,, ,V -' . ,A - Vfvjf- g,i.fz1..4., fl--an-as., , ff, fLL1,1..7 ..f4....a,., 1 A ' V V iff, 4,.1,1,2, ., -Q--ul-oz-q?.a.,,4L,1L,. 41.4-4-a4,1,4..,4f'x ff? ,ff . ' . ., ,, , A f'A f A K- ,fi a 1,.3,,fY,,f! ,fy 5 LL Hfkaexff 1 L ..l,7w A . f K p fi- fa- 4 , . ,, . ,'Lf!L, 4,- f - ,L f , M Q, ,L zL44,Lf H Virginia Husslinqf- She is Sister Wit of a Nicwir team. This + a double dose of personality + a bushel of brains I a bit of Barbie. Barbara Hunt The sort of person people call a 'Qjolly good fellow"-incidentally, a darned good nurse, too. Lennre Jarvis I-Ier competent hands are as clever as her keen mind. Sl1e's Ajolly and always ready to help. A good scout-Isabelle! Isabelle Jennings We're glad Jud is 'Qliving in" this year. We've discovered beneath her quiet shyness a really grand person. Lnraine Judson Undebatably but not undatedly speaking, Fran presents a striking problem of octagonal versatility. BQ ' LJ,,I9,L'q,QJ5-Q, CQJA.d-.l 4 UJQLQ- -31 s o u 'ML '- C.9x.su-fUl0S mwwlgksw Q, F, NDm'p.n0.au3pjsc3J.cb53bU-Lf-QTG0- all Jai., wad-LAX lbsilll hooc'fK Cq Timfdknoob GULF?-0. C1 i..sm-.su Wslsi 3-C Q ,,,,'U..t,u.., leuoeum., CD4-1-'51-'ZKLL ' Frances Jnlmsnu ,?Qgo'L Yxq-JJ" . L'UQG.a-,'l'G P-Q-.n.sof9.Q.m.S ef? 're 5 2 I E s She's a blonde, curly top-one of those invaluable girls who is al- ways uable and willing"-be it worlc or play! Marjnrin Iienynn The little Woman type. We bet that when sl1e's married ber bus- bancl will call ber 'tKitty." I-Hina Iiistler FS Wm vtmrmfi 95- 5- sq -sux ggfjiug, Rrathwygt Ylgwik E.s1.yfgr... Q Sam" " ' "Hi lin"T2a . Kaya-in'-fa alarm!! Qlkas fish? fs! lizvffn :limi 6 ,fa e m lv- -Amwllwa Cosmopolite with the eye for new hdih. ,Q-xdiqclothes, arm for golf, figure for auf 'WU' '.,,"w-f, g new Rye-Crisp, brains for lceenness, 1:3 ima 1. . .gl km. . heart of gold. iwi! '-RMMJ1-E ' 1- s A . ll 5, Y' D i -V, YL -4, -.5 0 i , ' I-,e'53.51,an1c4.'5 -U, Wu. q I 5 ' Q ' l : u I u . G 8 9 mviiucgjer' Q '. K' nh 6: " l E'a""To "Hui 5 'I 4 ' X . -lb-wr-a . llurnthy Lava Poise and perseverance are envi- able personable attributes, partic- ularly when they are coupled with droll wisdom. Ruth Liherman Lois is vibrant in her manner, gay in her disposition, keen in her humor, and brisk in her ef'Hciency. Luis Luwman 2 3 5 E E E s E E Q 2 5 5 12 3 E L Z 2 E 5 E s S- , LL sims. L avi? U e,n...,r..,.e 2 we M-Jia. vs, M- ALn L 5 may-iv 4-554-M lf? AL ughhi' I MLA KLPLELASLALFAM i,nLg,, 5 Mac-the owner of a quirlqkw dig wklgbfaylo '-5 gg ',?'d'A.,,.l..l.-4 all , sense of inlmor and a trouble- MLHL '0"Q.lUu.. '1fM..fIn. wa. FL L-Qi-4 Q'iP'xo.,m,A.- proof nature-is "Sleepy" and Kfgelhn In QAA-A z'1l'Y.l...L,f, Beg" We-4 9 "Happy" combined. .. Q rf' L .W 455 fe , mam , kits it ,Ar , 4.1 . rig: 11,35 Lnuise iVIl:lIlea1'y Charm, personality, and intelli- gence in one streamlined smoothie. Ancl she, s all Mope'sl Rliriann Rliller :TSC 1+ 43-4... fvu.aA.tyw,,.Zi1 ima. 30-E-w.'..,LX muck Nah' xxedv laik WJ euclu., 4-0 crvvUu.,oo,w-1-. lf'-if'-C1.oXfv.z.,cf-ftvc.. Ng- ni, -llkbwf yC9-lmuv' ua-Lil, ' -. Lady in blueg tliere's a certain . G-und. Kotak., QMf.u.c,b- . Q 5440,-ht langorous air about her that no 0.9. Ig'-N gpm' 1 m-.esseg m1QuA. Musik. amount of shag or trucking quite up Un olfbu-11' QE 1 UK-L '-the . conceals. Esther Rlayn JAC. A 7,0641 fb! . gait! V 4,v,L,04'!V'l1 ,q,A,,,,.:Ly wal f'4".1"-, LPA' A-, ,J-aw Z fuk' fn-1 yay- fm fad fe! She can pitch, she can hir, and V 1 I 44" Zgccc Q g,,,,,4. 'FTW fi-ef-e.4.4A! lf- .she can run. The team woulcl be l sunk without her. 5 ., - , I ' 64-1 J youu A- 04 V': AlMAAVL,4 dl-AA-yfL - AIIIIE Mnhar 4 I E l Q R E . 5 5 3 Q. 65Cf.c,46.'! ,Julia vvzai- 50-101-Qfafwefl- A penchant for parties and peo- ple plus a piquant face, Anne is a live wire from 'Way hack. ldvvualfwie ,X .XX X QAVKL Anne Mnrris 'WE Jessie is the uworriestng Jessie's the peppiestg Jessie's the cutestg Jessie's the happiest, and Jessie's -the best. Jessie Mnulll Nort's girl-rhythm in her feet- and did you ever see a hair out of place on her curly brown head? Bettie Mnsher A frienclly spirit to all, a con- scientious mincl, a "hail fellowv philosophy, and a thirst for knowledge are Bettygs. Elizabeth Muxley Q", J -1,44 .ALM , , 1 ,U A H., f 1 W, R. --414.4 ' Q D f ,,,.f5- V ! .f ,. .N ..,.?,f,V.4 -Y J., . ,uf . f 1 f. -Yf,'f44,' raiefaer,-f - --W- "',,r' 1 Q-5.1 ,,,,,,4fA.s,,.-. - 1. I .L d,,.,,e Q ygywmq I .5 fm. ,41.4..q, rfzds-a'Ti'.a...p-fi' ,gr,,.,.fff. 1-,fi ,1fl,'.. .L,,,..f:-f., I 1, E . With highest honors in athletics and scholarship, she's a true blue sport in the guise of an Alice in Wonderland. Ethel Niessen .-V., if, Have you ever caught a glimpse of the bandanna-cl, smiling gal that streaks by in a blue Ford ancl bumps fenders as she goes? Thafs Marg! Margaret Ilsmun She cameg we sawg she conquered. Our First Lady-all dignity on occasion-yet known as the best nut of them all. Vesta Ushnrna fjfjwfxvuvl , f' . 0--l,4!v -IGJJJJL Aa,40a,Q.k , ,Mun-f" vqfbffvx- VAL-70-1 frypv-A .' f5L 7,.4,,,4 Lfbg' ,.?M,. There7s nothing like fun, is there, Trix? And for such a half-pint, you do manage to dig up your share. Katherine Palmer 'IS C u , A ' ' ' .13-LM'-" Lax. M 'T ' M-lu 6,41 , '44,-4' ani..-4 g vfgfcl-C, ,Loo ' 4 1 , Peggy has a constant smile in her eyes, a ring on her thirclvflnger, and a calm serenity in her cle- 1'I16ElIlOI'. . ,437 'Q , I 9444! inf 5 7-L7 4-4-dm Marqarut Parl-ihurst 53777 She laughs-and the world laughs with her. And beneath her laugh- ter, "Post" is pert, poised, and F most perfect. ,,o,,,,, Bat. 3-iw 7m Lwwywv-wry, wa-OJZ !"'77f6'0 Nvduw g.u,,,7j g2ufwe,wvn'77awTfila71 Q-fm. mf M LVM' 'if-ffjffytrrr uf KmIthH Pngst .mmf-cb Ammu- fl ff . Xfr, 4 " A . f . V. .f f , l 1- 1 7. , - -A.. .W-e yd! Af, uf ,J -. , f' , , Xu , , . ,, ffix A .,. r ,ff , f , . , 1 .,,4, ,' 4---11 "' ' I 'A ,V 'X -,,f J, . ,- Baseball devotee addicted to jit- seying about the country ina cute tan roadster. 'W .,v,,,zJf-Jr. ,Jf.,.,,f-,gf Q' Lillian Patterson :vyuwv wx: DCVM 96' f fp l i 7 Wjlnya fgfw wedqaffwf ' l!ng apzafmllsqcal O 1 Xiswvwagfhef ripping fingers and her lovely voice. One of the best-Betty! Betty Heinhart milk msc, V4 ' F2 -'F Tig, R ,ipui Lama-vm? xt. 'vt' y , Q -A Q1 gig? Qihgg A 5521 - Q .. W. 'U-N 699155 QQ F ungvg fifglv wwf: grgxy 'D ' 1 Oryx' Horn rims and encyclopedias can, t hif3nb?5f1f'?f 95212915 Hs-fvffkewf. Haw. ' QE 6 4 H squelch heartJ'y chuckles and buoy-. 'Eng-L5,:'i.3:2-gf' frF91'4',frv '3g9'5T1fMf41f915' 914' "? W ' ant Whimsy-Lady with a drawl. AR :Vg f Mn "?:f+Q24f.,xY: 0241 'Xi' ' ' 1' 5 . ' " rr! p Tgi 0 'D 339340-?133.1'-Q 54' E5 Vi' k.gt4:Q4,,v:,,91:N1f X. :Lg ,Q "5 , .. I k ,,. ,X 1'- MIP 5 he Z. 5 "' 1. 93 ff ce wr-'V-"gb 9 '5- Wh 1' ,, Q LQ., 0 , '14 ,in wvg it U, rpg Q ,igV1g.,..5 . , Q 0 ,n 0 . . . 5,594-484' Wad? 5' '5s9'7'9 'zgww :a 1? Gr if q' as a L -,.. .V .15,gf9 Nl: ' ' U llnnstallce Hnhinsnn - 1 . ' ,, fm ' fl in ri n . qw yu ' M Q MN H I Q . ' q l ll U O O Helen is the perfect nurse or bi- ologist-patience with a smile, and quietly eilicient in everything she cloes. Helen Schaniz ' ,M i W VJ, ir, -lip..-ffl!! ' ,ly V . -fy' Y, ', VM, f' if ,iw My QJIK, ' ' .Z 'N ' f Q M 2gVMg1,..qg! fini . i M45 Ww'?Qr'fV , gf" J,f'1f ,Wg i 9 J . 'She's a humrelinger. e chuickle 5 cheers the Wearyg she's the help- 'lf ing hand of '40-trust Susie- ' and it Shan be done. jk , ff if vilfi JL. d'lL,,4?l Susan Hunt Q" ' 311 - f'l.Zg,1Q race. ,fafaytfffw vc-9 e2"ffwf:'faf -A fi,- Qi rig 4 571' , Q,aQQfz,4,Lf4'-12' .,'.i'ygx . J Ly' ' , , ltd? we vcfciro- eL51'l':6C"'9-'L' ,fuk I lr, A V i,Z,LZ,c.L,a.'- JL fffffic- Y. f I U gfwqaq' A A ,NIMH X Y .- ,406 Jl,Q'.4!l ' y V, Give Margo a pen and you have , f' Q, a story. Her eyes betray her imaginative slcill-her quiet re- serve shields a rare sense of humor. Marqarat Schrade 4,'.a-BD-13,9934 sy , x ' v 5 Q K an-.N IL "7h,0J, ma u' i - , , 'Ummm v.H-w-- F DLEL1 13,33 a,,L,,,,.,J'T.hCi.,u.l.'5 x 3' ' 1 Q W rwxmh-0 Behind the charm and se of a , , U 1,-.Jr ' true gentlewoman, are an eflicient 6 if ,dh hand, keen intellect, and an unfbn -'-4"4""'5l 'li dfi-Fi, frzgin Au derstanding heart. Z Mk K -'Zh-4.4 3 mf-,ws -"K N I l'3iENv- any-M24 hkiwhgilxxaaxkafmg war! . lj .WE-Q ,fi 74" J l .qt an ..us-Qeggiwg aura fl. " " flfsx l . .-"V ' lla F. '-5 ' f 'Wt Ji is tv laannr Schwab K LTPL, Q f'1vf1.42-L7 , Qfc.f'9s-9-cfcg, f ' , , - , -f ,fc1,,.uL fc I Mom F Who would guess that' undef that school-marm exterior there lies the heart of a confirmed jitter- X. L 4, rf, W!QJl,J?:,0,,v I 6,.,.,,,z ' bug? f f 1-07 J 'R 4 ' ai 1 w , V, f 1942- ffvf-'R-Gbyf j fv'f"J""M- , X - A ' 2 ff 2' , R-A, -,,,.., -, I -Jgbcfu-PX . f W - , " A-'41 I 3-L ' ' n , X 57 fl- - 6,-2 , -- 1,9-xr-V-1h,...x?X-4 Qdcif.. Jig J Harriet5mi1h if !2,24,, FO v,X4,P4""-'ip I """"' - ,344 may a.,5,, ,LLL-1Zs..L.,,y -A 4-+f4' +1w'.r t,t, two? 6131!-R57 , , JL' '6"4"-'i ,MDW WMA . 1 ,I AJ 7' 4y...4.+--L UT-' - L gLi-.JA 4... Q. i 'Mi 'J""J4 A pint-sized brightie with a Hair for voguery, Shanlcy collects 'qjulesv and snapshots. J if 04 W if dv., ,. . , A rdf, I '.,' Lev 'vw' a.. 'QL 4.4 HQ -'U-avQf' PHS"-" Qyviii' no ,5r,.,.vi,7Y Lv'--f Gu ,g,slf...,y-'fwgf' " 25 U' ' I , Ruth Shanefrilielvliw 1 4 i i 3 i v l I S.4,uvIS.C, QL:-ufovvliib dark 81u,'f' P' - - A,,,,,u,,,.,A,4,..aA,"'7b4-l44,14 .suugelt-ra Jluu-. 53.9 ,um 484, SfJ,,,,,,,. Our elf-girl-she has an impish, eager face, and shining auburn Vcurls. A tiny package of pep! : -QAMA-4-fJ. me fx., 5. fwoffwweww-J am, sis Jessie Stemerman Her eyes crinlcle charmingly when she smiles. Competent and clever, she rates well among our "best- liked." Elaine Stevens 5 5 , 5 E 5 Libby possesses one of the love- liesr soprano voices in school and the most cordial "Hello" of which we know. Elizabeth Sullivan Phyllis manages in an unassum- ing way to he our helpful friencl in-neecl, our conscientious Worker ancl our spicy Pollyanna. Phyllis Straw 4 "' A f ff. ,. M., f,l 4 ,fi fy, 44- Qf'-.' 4Y"x .I S. -1 I is A r . Y I", l rf 4' J g'1"'IJAjd .l.f"' L L 'i i A," 14: I 15 .r ,U fy -kg ,fffg V lj JW. ll, ,, If jx .1 !M,,.f- A A ,,,c Qian wr M-lil " -1 ' 3, 1"'f ,,,,l J" f ,W e 1, F A ' ParadoX:,Tasker equals Vermontg !,f'!"! n,,f""f ff ,V I .d . . i ernmont equa s Stal rust1c1ty, f' 1i1,f"!.' V 'H' Q but Tasker equals amlablllty plus . ff ',,',,a ' vivacity. W I , 1 X. , V 4 x , fd' 1 l . v i , A r Mary Elizabeth Tasl-im' .-9.2. dma- 39.-ws--. W-"'if3 'Y U-PBQJ WM g,.,.,.-.sm X411-M,.N.:2.,X JBA-.H -Qfgw-KU' .Jk..5J'aLl-Aw 5 ' ka 'Q4-1-L5 " Whe ygs are B225-1002 S . U N?o2JfBetE5X I-Igs is scintillaun NSA? fuk!-'31 M-AF wit that inspires her own infec- Q4 wb-we Tu.J2.if1, of-w czgxomfa -. tious moods in everyone aboutglgeru Betty Tunney K'uvww.4,,,T She's a lover of all the niceties and aesthetics of Iifeg and Lib is consistent-even in the "Wee'est" details. -152254:-.e.bT QLLGGLK, . T1 - . .,. H haven -HOL x.-.JCLX Sxmcx LKDQ-Q LULXR vvu XQBT A139 . -Y'Nmfs- 3 QQ,-, ,L Vuqnvfiv'-1'-V Nwcegk BX Gfuw iv' ee QNX 455 UUE? xEJf1':,,X' Qi.-ff: gf- ,LQLQL fxrv- 1-511 .x.i, 'JT Hue.:-mba. L-lJl3x1'.l'3i ,':K.:uixu.QJC 5 ry-,g-U, yqQUL3,.Flx,,1- -e- + - -N. VT-11 . Haan. -X-51.-Lu'xs LIIAXENP, A. ga:,Q,.,-,:,m.g- bukyfoyqsm lmiLLYWf1kf7Cx SQ, vor: QQQAQB rv-.,q,L'r an fn-5150.405 Cach Q'-OCX fvfwo 'TBC-e.'Wi.-m '-1' N'-:spa use.Nvs.n-'.1- an lm' Sl.,,,,,-, na-5:32 -ish QU-.Q ' 514,512 we xEMllZElllHtil Wawane O-O6 vqQ.XN have Sammy va-.Q-.Q-, QQQQT-5, -- EL if-'KT X o ve-. ' 'v-no Nm wlsafu 3.5, - H .!'t6"t4"-lfxgd. r OGIJLAJQA .DU - Ljaw ZJWWCZM' , 1- .1 A My i iwlcetcf -Aust,-C' Q ML, gbubp :Wu fvi, ""7f,:,,441 'ali' Q 7,1 X f"' ituh Q- 4-4-4":.f . L A z..a.n, arf 'Q 'gf QL. X! ' 5.144 Q44 , With a knack for kindling en- thusiasm with her Warm heart, Von is an apt synonym for col- legiate exuberance. 1, I 1 H V. I, nj . ,. , 1 . , :Kc 1,'!:L-fixg 4, 4-.ufifg 4 Q 7 fyjrfg, W... .113 VJLM f 15,74 Q. ' , t-1 .' " , ,s -Qfizffci - ,Mft 4 lil eff 1 KL- s,4f,,,Q - .,,'.-f 'ffif . fir, -- Lnuise vnn Fehriee Didiki, +v.Q:uwgDf,l5' , 357-QB his ' ' 5 ' -. If we were an entrepreneur, we'd turn the whole business over to her and just sit hack and pull in the dough. Margery Tyrrell fa' 71,45 She,s a lover of all the niceties and aesthetics of lifeg and Lib is consistent-even in the 'qwee'est" details. TDD-flu-..v.:'V Quad T7 ldv W 'H n-QVCD -klkou. LJQQJ, il WTC' XACFDX- A-mxn . Aim Vxigxfylv-1 ' K' Wh Cui gig..-, 1?.f1Qf1cA..R is us?1?,vj- 3,1-sg. ,L Ja mv mis-us, 'Ji H,e,L-,QQ :asses 2-ff -, fm hw-,MGM - ?,Xea:-p.-X-3-uh?"-DknAx':s'm ,Lung-m3C.FoLL ,bfbrvxmg F 5 . ' . . f n.-.vnu-ex 2-,Q um: Q?,,g,q'?-rm-1.n.1.1' Q vw T'm.DTraQU, Q Gsm S163 PP-ofa 'Tbqa'UIm.-sn -- TL N-Hagan uae N-.QV-E Q M115- 5' M My 'ffm mhmtxifeww CITE ML Min QS-F225 u.:Q.xX hav 1-L Seen-419 ru-nsnc. A 'km w.r-:. ' 'v'-ab 'Dm She's a country lass with simple, unspoiled coemtry tastes. W WW MW W N fe M W A6 MMQXWM VW aura Wedge W , , 1 ,. M ., ,V , rv 1 J fu 3 -4- ' A 1 Z n , 3 1 X -- I r V U 4, ,,, ,G .,.Vvu .' 3 ,,',,.f'.- -f gg, Y-N.. .rg 1 U!J'.,"..--5-np QQ 'Q-,viibclgg f A ' , ' ' ,iQP4"'.--00 aw wie pw ai,-.1 ,- ,J I 'G ,f'4,.,, . ,. 6 f A ' ' l' -- n A uf- T Rr , C' y-1f. - in 1. 0 1+ 9 , Q ,., D, LJ. , .V I A . , 2, . fi, ,g .. v, 9 ., 1. ,F ,P l ,A ,f ., .V G 9 0 -P 0 ' Q . f- v 45. 4 is . . 9 Le 9 ' 'e 'YI 9 u ' . f - 5 gn Femininity pergoiiilfiecilig angelical- ly fragile, but a clemon for work -and Winsome to bootfsj . Helen Wilsun V' " . ' rw . K' 1. . 'Rx i - - . . K 1 , . 'VKEJLZEE fSFJ.Y'ZUL"7' TTWQ. U3fu'1fE5DA'c'r3, ll Q. C!'?.Co3:1 UUJLI rmig-.zz 'f.'f11'.L3'HE. "l1.1m.2w bww -UFWCWL N ' " ' 7' ' ' , f . W -.- ' , .. ,, , ,:, . 1 V j fn- F ,E -Sew--1'.-1112, f'i""1f'N.m:q,i': u.-we. iffhff. ?zHaf,i.f1f, f'P'B?355K'l:l "1-9'?'i lT"'5 uf: US" bg w6Uf'-'-Cl Q' lu ,, , ig ,A A V. l , . 4:1 had C1Hi'JJr-r, , f1i1v,'.,z1.3,L U1-L .ggi LJl1L.LJ. cfs . 'wf'iff.. 2' ki- . . . -I L .1 '24,-'af1. f,-r+..YJ30.'4,3i,'- 21,31 f Qi. R Wils is our glamour girl and stooge combination. She bounces from classes to week-ends with aplomb. Vivacious, versatile, and voguish. arian ilsnn fbenam-.xii 1. hxiin mmm- a 2'm 11- Qu QQ.. aff-ewes, we. up-QLLCSX , ,,,,Q,, VXRIJRYQ -'W make.. from iff. 'Can-uh Sire.. P-'EA-J'Uv-sf Mqhllitd 01131 - So mm,-Mm as 'QC-'ia lwQc..of,i Tim? w-l- M11-'rw 0-Ms we- N-U-em me mum. LU5""'di"-fQ'1-9- 'WHL Wife Heainu. - Ou-d nfrniii' Honey-colored han: and a beau- ' tiful voice. Would you like Don- ald Duck or Garbo? We'11 miss you and your fun, Soapy. is '53 YM- we-ek heme. me Sei C355 'izrri ul LL.. '86, 'Salma-M 'i'm.,rn- 'Eoin 'egg ki is 'xkmmeim --'Qnu':me- -rim-L we -Qc-.W em N-we. 40 Beef: 'icabs ow-xL1 g,,...QQ 5 WW, WMA: mi- TO- '3CSo.ui1 E.1,.Q..le.:y,m bf-67' Marijann Wnndhllry . Dubai' hu-ha. 'tw L+D6YViQU-R."3' Knimxnqb HQ- uefvxduiu-K qw ' MHA LKKQKQAM " Pfilmoa- 'Li' F' was vig hong. 'Qwe- mariu el-IAQJ7-. ' 0-d.nYf-3-Q: -- ff.:-u--ff-, fzyj' i:.4,.Zifi-.Ji,e .W .,,, Ca-E21 Aveda! if ?eaL 7 S-oiifii to amuse-iiterally and pianistically. An ehin sophisti- cate of impulsive Wit and capti- vating grace. Elizabeth Wylie Sl1e's our reserved, smoothly dressed newcomer. She's refined, prodigious, and possesses a school- girl complexion par excellence. llnris Yunqerman And so exrt the orty 1tes-stooges sometzmes, a happy gang of rattle- unior Class S on g Hail, Alma Mater.l Hail to thee! Thy name we hold so dear. To thee, Elmira, We'll faithful he, Singing praises far and near. Exalted our spirit, Proudly lifting voices clear, May We always hring thee merit Through the college years. Oh, Elmira, dear Elmira, Thine honored standards We will ever proclaim Through faith and loyalty We'll endeavor To uphold thy name. The knowledge we have gained from thee Shall he our guiding light. To lead us on to infinity Through the virtues of truth and right. The spirit of Elmira Shining as in days of old, Wins the hearts of Forty To the Purple and the Gold. II65J SGPHOMORE CLASS GFFICERS RUTH MANN .... . . .President DOROTHY ARMSTRONG . . Vice-President SOPHOMQRE From the beginning they've been a bag full of tricks-never a dull moment since the time of their only slightly shy arrival in Alumnx. They've a faculty for making people open their eyes, prick up their ears-Herawati, the little Javanese, "Please, will you define a marshmallow for me ?"-Bobby Grimditch doing Sonja Henie acts on the lake while news photographers leaped out from behind the bushes. Yes, they definitely broke into the headlines. And then it wasnit long before they broke headlong into the maelstrom of college life- proms, hops, week-ends, skiing, tripping over to the smoking room, to Harris House-in their spare moments, stooging. Then january. The great black cloud loomed, impinged, passed over, followed by mingled halleluiahs and gnashing of teeth. This was just subsiding when, all of a sudden, violets began to pop up all over the cam- pus and it was spring-May Day at Watkins Glen-Peer Gynt, with Shirley Chodos as grace- ful Anitra. Then reading days and that charm- ing little episode entitled "The Pipes Have Burst, or How to Annoy Your House Mother." We never got the details quite straight, but it seems that there was a great deal of water in- volved, and it was a very naughty thing to do, and half of our dear little Freshmen were cam- ROXANNA EVANS . . . . Secretary MARY JANIS DEWEY . . . .Treasurer CLASS HISTORY T661 pused for two whole weeks! Then a redeeming bit-Sis Gregory, lithe and charming, in the leading role of june play. Now, in their second year, with a jolly new patron saint whom they love to bits, they're con- forming to Sophomore traditions-and adding a few extra flourishes of their own. Their motto: "You can always tell a Sophomore, but you can not tell her much!" Righto! We couldn't tell them that the Junior-Frosh picnic wasn't when it wasn't-but there, we hadn't meant to men- tion that. More talent was in evidence at Neptune's Ball, when Helen Miller and one of the new twins Cif it wasn't lVIOna, then it was Rena, or vice versaj combined their artistic efforts to produce an oc- topus so lifelike that, when ingeniously arranged in the bed of Betty Smith, it was almost the death of the poor girl. More tricks in evidence Cmuch too evident evidencej when this same vic- timized Smith woman was held out over the oc- tagon from fourth floor by her heels. Eye-wit- nesses passed out by the dozen. Sophs were un- affected. More disturbed by the loss of a pet mouse-'fDoor Hinge." It squeaked. Still the curse of house mothersg still the life of the party-the Class of 141 ! QA X 1 'xbxk ANDERSON, ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG, DOROTHY ATLAS, MIRIAM BAKER, ELIZABETH BARTELL, VIVIAN BARTLETT, RUTH BLADYKAS, HELEN BOND, CAPITOLA BOND, ESTHER BRYDGES, MARY E. CALDWELL, ELLA LOUISE CHODOS, SHIRLEY DAUCHER, RUTH DENNIS, ALICE DEVVEY, MARY JANIS DUDLEY, BARBARA DUGAN, CATHERINE EDGECOMB, VERA ELIAS, RUTH EVANS, ROXANNA FRICK, HELEN FUDGE, HELEN JANE GAY, CHRISTINA GERE, ELMA GOLDMUNTZ, JANET GREENE, MARGARET GREGORY, ELIZABETH GURNSEY, LOUISE HALL, MARION LOUISE HARRIS, DORIS HARTXVELL, FRANCES HASBROUCK, AGNES HEG, CONSTANCE HERTZ, FAITH HEWITT, YOLANDA HOLLANDS, LOUISE HOLT, GLADYS JEAN HOPKINS, JEAN HULL, HARRIET"I' KANGAS, KER'I'1'U KELSEY, ALBERTA KRAZINSKI, OLGA KRUGER, LILLIAN LENEHAN, HELEN LOCRNER, ALICE LOOMIS, BETTY JANE LOWMAN, HAZEL LOVVMAN, RUTH LORELLE MERIBERS LYNCH, ELIZABETH M. MCCARTHY, ELLEN MCGILL, VIRGINIA MCGLENN, HELEN MANN, RUTH MANY, FRANCES MILLER, HELEN MITCHELL, ISABELLE MURPHY, DOROTHEA MURPHY, MARY FRANCES NOHLE, MILDRED ORTH, JANE PARTRIDGE, HELEN MAE PHEAR, MARY RANCHIL, MARIA RANGER, IEANNE RETTRER, RUTH RIOPKO, MARY ROBINSON, LUCY ROSEN, ETHEL RUSSO, MARY SANGSTER, MARGARET SCI-IIVANE, JUNE SCHVVENNESEN, MARGARET SLOAN, VIRGINIA SMITH, ELIZABETH SMITH, MABEL SMITH, MARTHA JANE SMITH, ROSANNA SOLOMAN, ELEANOR STAFFORD, CHARLOTTE STEEN, JUNE STILVVELL, THELMA STOTTLER, JANE THOMAS, RUTH THROOP, ELIZABETH TITON, ETHEL TRASKOS, MARY TUMPANE, ANNA MARIE VVAGNER, JEANETTE VVARBURTON, JANE WEEXLE, MARY' ELIZABETH VVILLIAMSON, SARA WOLCOTT, MONA VVOLCOTT, RENA VVRIGHT, DORIS VVRIGHT, MARIAN - AA: I i ,fx at I-w WN? 1 I 11:1 f, -s Z, mf-1 .1 -1, c- 5 . " ' -f x x fa 24:11. 'WMA ' As FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS MARY LOU VAN AERNAM ..... President JANE HORTON . . . Secretary JOSEPHINE WALSH ..... Vice-President FANNIE SHEA . . Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY 9 And the Freshman Class of 1942? What of them? We could find them gathered around the Hreplace in Alumnae-that's their class president, Mary Lou Van Aernam, gazing dreamily into the fire. Do you suppose she's dreaming about the fun of being a Freshman? Do you suppose she's thinking of Freshman Week-that first night alone, busy days of talks and teas, her early introduction to Elmirals dismal rain? D0 you suppose she's remembering the Junior- Freshman picnic, where, like everyone else, she ate three hot dogs and four doughnuts-where new friends became old friends over spoonfuls of potato salad? Or is she remembering Cap and Gown Day, where the 1942's, in their new dignity as a rec- ognized class, tried to keep calm while they waited for the announcement of the class presi- dent-when Betty Alexander proudly held her sign with Mary Lou's name on it? Perhaps she's thinking of Mary Pott's diary of Freshman Week-or Eleanor Klein's gossip column in the Octagon-or her Hrst date from "far above Cayuga's water"-or maybe Junior Prom, where the Freshmen appeared almost en masse, and Madalynne Bruce showed the newest jitterbug steps-or maybe she's thinking about Doris Smith and her noise penalties and her bas- ketball-or -the hundreds of fines the dorm girls paid because of incompletes. X681 Or-but whatls that tune that Fanny Shea, the class treasurer, is humming to herself over there in the corner? Isn't it the 1942 Class song that Paddy Sheer composed? Fanny's probably thinking about when it was first sung on Senior Week-eiid, and how Miss Orbison was acclaimed Patron Saint that same day, and how the cream- white and gold 142 banner was first unfurled by Lou and Jo. The 1942 vice-president, Jo Walsh, looks a wee bit pensive. Do you suppose she's remember- ing the empty feeling just before her first mid- semester? Or the day notices came out? Or is she recalling the excitement of elections in the spring-and more sleepless nights? That ethereal look on Janie Horton's face, the diminutive secretary, is an open book to any El- miran. She's thinking about spring-the frogs in the pond-the forsy-thia and Japanese cherry blos- soms-Dr. Potts' house in its new green setting -warm nights - Mosherls and Rossils - the moon shining in open windows- All four of these dreamers are smiling now- they're probably thinking of May Day-and their queen-and how this day was all their own- And how many more days will be all their own -and what they'll do and what they'll say-who knows? Dream on! A ESWFWI ,kg I. gm,-aka, 3-1' I. IL 4,5 .'-SK iw. Isglyfv 'L L, l.51,4L.,, CE- 3 'I L .. I , ki gg, .E LN -I A ' '- Q ,Q , 1 if S C , 9 ,If ABL '51, MERfIBERS -.as U- .ap 'R " ' Q -.I ALDRICH, MARGARET ALEXANDER, BETTY AMICK, DOROTHY BACKUS, HELEN BAUER, MARGARET BEARE, ROSALIE BEEMER, MARIE LOUISE BENSON, EVELYN BEUCRMAN, DORIS BRUCE, MADALYNNE BRUNDACE, IENNIF BURTON, CECIL CASKEY, ELLEN CASSIDY, JANET CHILDS, LILLIAN CHIMILESKI, IVIARTIYIA CLICQUENNOI, RHEA COYKENDALL, MARTHA CROKER, DOR-OTHY Q AMA, O , X- me DAVIS, JANE DEFEO, MARJORIEE4 EDVVARDS, CHARLOTTE, EITINGON, MIRA FORD, ELEANOR FRANTZ, RUTH FURMAN, :KATHRYN GALLAGIYIER, JERRY ANN GARBACCIO, MYRENE GORDON, SARA GRAHAM, ELIZABETH I-IASBROUR, ANN HESSELMEYEIQ, DORIS HOR1'ON, JANE HULBERT, LUCILE JAMES, ROSE MARIE JONAS, MARJORIE KANE, ROSEMARY KLEIN, ELEANOR LEVY, HARRIET LITTLE, PAULINE MACDONALD, DORIS MADISON, DOROTHY MARCHINI, DIANE MAVRCUS, RITA MENDEN, FRANCES MICLLEL, LOUISE MILES, MII.,DRED MOXLEY, ELLEN MULLOCK, MARY L NEUMAN, JEAN O,CONNOR, MARY J OUISE ANE O,LEARY GENEVIEVE J OyNEII,I,, BARBARA PALONE, JANET POTT, MARY REDSICKER, PHYLLIS ROE, ELEANOR SCHARF, HARRIET SCHEER, HELEN V SCHORNSTHEIMER, RUTH SCHULTZ, ANNA MARIE SHANNON, MARGARET SHEA, FANNIE SMITH, DORIS STROH, EVELYN THOMAS, ELIZABETH TOBIAS, VERVA TODD, MIRIAM A TOWNEND, WILDA VAN AERNAM, MARY L VINCENT, HELEN WAONER, KATHRYN VVALSH, IOSEPHINE WENZEL, JEANNE WILKINS, MARY LOU WILLIAMS, RUTH MARY 11 Tl' 1 1 1 L-,I ,L-' 1 1' "'11,, , 7 J' 1 F' -an"Ju1L'l1J 1. 1 X ,M 1 - ' 1 1 11 1- ,- - -- rn - -QL vrqlr - .-Hg ' 1. X. , .-. f, - -' :X,X5.X.XXX X XX,': -Eh -: .,. 1., Q 1141-1 X V - A' - ' '- X - 'K'--T-nj' ' Xu. -' ,.." , ,' 12,-X1 .X X-, .X- - 1 1,5-XX--.RX - -K . -1 ,X f -1 :T 'T ., I - ' ' f L-. 4 . E1 11- I y ",L1, 5,111.1 X. X- X, 1 X"- ,'L'. :.-gig.-qfwr 51 1-513. X XXV1 'I 'V -11 X - 1 1 1 -. -.' 1 . 1 ' -' a l 'QI' Xr ".L '1 i1 X1 1 1 1 X11 I' 1X 11 X1 1 1 Q1 11, , 1 i 1, nl f J 1. 1- 1 1 T11 1 n.rf 1 ' 1 1 11 1 1 -11 '. 'i.. X, f 11 - - X , - X X 1 . - -"' - 'I' 331.7-g-'5 Xgl 1 X, 1-F. -1.1 A' T 1 'Q-' -'- --111:11-1' .1351 ' 1'-J 11121 -:J-1 EY Z' 1' 1-11x n11- '-" " ' AS 1Y'1.'f3'f'a,' - 1 ' I ..J'rI'-1 Y X X . .T V.YV.X-11X.XJ. - 1 1 1 X 1 -, 5 1i1 - 'C . 1- ' .517-LLXH X 1 1 'X , pX11j'f41 X 1 X 1 15 ' 1 jf' 1. 11,1 -- ' ' 11 1 ' 1 ' ii, ' X X N 1 '31- 1 11 7 X, 1 1 1 X I 1 X -1 1 11 . 1 . W1 1 A X 1 1 1 , 11 ' . Q 1 11 X . 1 . 11 X 11 1 1 X XX 1 '1' , Q '1 X -, 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 X 1 11 X I 1 X '1 ' 1 X 1 A-1 1 11 ' ' ' 11 1 1 ,A V X 1 11 5 . :XXX V , - 1 ' 1j. 11 I I' 11 I V li ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 ,X 1. 11 1 'SIL .1 . X X-w:,,XY " , ,Xfq 11X:..Xg' X '.- i..- I, 1 X 1 , . X, 1 1 1 K1 11 1 5 '11 , X X VX . 1 1 . 1 11 V1 1 , 1 1 1 . 1111 11 1 11 , XX :L 1 XX 1111 1 X . 1 1X- 2,11 1 X1 1, " ,I A ' L11 EX 1 ' 1' ' 1 11 If ' 1 i 1-73- ,br 1 5111 - , 1 U 1. 11 11.1 1 1 1 . 'X 1 QU, 11 - 1 1 1. 'X X I E A 3' X 1 1 1 '11 11 g 1 ,i 1 .1 -f 1 -1 3 X 11 1 ,, 1111 1' -- 1, - , 1 11 X X -1lE.'1.--5 ,- X : : Xzf--1. 11" 1 '-.LX , . X, , 1 - 1 - 2 Qg 11 -1,111-1111 'X ' 1', 1 ' I 1- 'A 1 "fs . 1 ' 11-' 3:11 ',.:,,..15u1"'.':-11 V . X -, -- ,.- 1X1-5 , .fl 3311, 112:151- X V11 ,111p-1X1--J-. ,.. T. 'Ja J 1 -P .1 12 1+--'f -"f1. 1-1,,1.1,,qlffJaf . .1 L Ji, 12.1---..X' - Y, , , . 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J' if ff .pf ',x . .5,:: 24, -: ' V' 2:15 -,L .55 - 1 ": ,ig , -'1-1, 253' , --?4:5'2?-wif: 'ini ff.. :A- .-my 2. E xim.:- ' -"" A -EL, V f-Aw, .xr .A vb ef f . " 5 ' . BUSINESS STAFF JUNE CARY . . . ..... Business Manager SUSAN ROOT ....,. Asszstant Buszness Manager MARGARET OSMUN . . Adfuermzng Manager ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGERS BETTIE MOSHER DOROTHY LovE ELIZABETH CUNDY ELIZABETH CORWIN ELEANOR CHAPEL BETTY TUNNEY JESSIE STEMERMAN RUTH CROOKS JANE GAISS T791 IHI SYHII IVIILDRED ANDERSON HELEN STRONG . GRACE SHELDON . ANNE FENNELL . MARY HAVVKES . ADELE SHINN . . EVELYN SWEET . MARION SWAIN . . MARY SNYDER . . EDITORIAL BOARD BUSINESS BOARD . . Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . . Technical Editor . . Exchange Editor . . Art Editor . Business Manager . Business Manager Advertising fllanager Circulation llfanager I8OI FRANCES JOHNSON . . EVELYN BEARDSLEE . CAROLYN ARMSTRONG LOUISE MCCLEARY . DOROTHY LOVE . . HELEN BORST . . . ELEANOR CHAPEL . . MARLANNA THOMPSON LAURA WEDGE . . . MARY CRAFT . . STAFF DEPARTMENTAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF . . . . .Editor . . .Assistant Editor . . . . News Editor Assistant News Editor . . Exchange Editor . Technical Editor . . Social Editor . . Business Manager' Advertising fllanager Circulation flfanager THT UETHHHN E811 AMM CLASSICAL CLUB 6 L E E C L U B C H O I R 831 FRENCH CLUB A A R T C L U B PRESS CLUB JANE GILL Presideni' T H E S P I S E861 H I MARGARET DUNHAM TE BLAZER GIRL E871 -ricmfl Q, L - 'u-If-'Aff 4. mi- w-:JA l E+, 'mom-.-.u - TO Pu-Lug-in A-4 -sg E k:s:.Q.0 .. xzgsaqk Ruin 5 EF"'x1 ' vwff x Vx 'sux DJ PRESIDENT LETTER WCDMEN COUNCIL E881 ARCHERY RIDING BALSEBIALL BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL SWIMMING NCI CK I H N IHIHXII And what could come under that heading? The answer'.s easy. All our fun and mischief and as much goofiness as two good heads put together could concoct in twice the time it took us. Some one else invented May Day. But do we make the most of itl For one whole day we fall in and out of creeks, chase bugs, ride a few roaring motorcycles, and do a pretty good job of Morris dancing on a hill with a forty-Hve degree tilt to it. Then there's the laurel chain. Did the inventor of that know what fun it could be to wade in the fountain? Elmira originated stuck-elevator har- mony, tent caterpillars for June Play rehearsals, Hilltop beer parties, songs around the Octagon, and that immortal phrase, "Miss Morrow says, 'Ask Dayton'." Maybe you won't always remember who succeeded Charles H, or what you pounded out for Freshman investigative, or just what the 10th Amendment is, but will you ever forget who won the water battle on fourth alumnae back in '37, or the date you had for Dinner Dance, or those before-vacation butterflies, or Ulthaca calling!" It's been fun every bit of the way. Maybe you did stick your nose into a book every once in a while-maybe you even made Dean's List- but you knew when to drop the book and join the fun. In an extra cur- ricular way you got a degree. You can't frame it or show it around, but you know it's first-class sheepskin and gilt-dged. l94l 4 UEEN HHIYHUHHNH v MHY UHY ,1.,51,.?,, ,Jaw A "Wm ' ' , , W A ff f- , mv X azz , xv f Y ,., , . 'Af ow' in f,.' . 'Jn 1 ' ' Y. ,' V, - Q14 A ,I :,,,,A ,1 PM 1 pp? :W vh- Jw. .ay .' ' Q "V 42 S A 4 A . .mf , ,r :1-J. ,.--ml., 1- '-'-.vz f ,L f Q, uw" 'Q 1 'P -.-. .L-A VM.. -5 FQ.. . U-.lilV,.,,1 C 2 fi, f Q 3 I .., .. JUNE PlHY .-. N.. fa. -4 Bw .-.Q ,J ws' Qaffwg. , ,f,ilL U 1. if ,-1. . -1 -Q ,..1 ,gh ur 'f 2.3 , "' X ,Visikff N' Sf X -,mf X ,. .X-1 ei' f"": 4 1- f' Q , x W 5 Q -Q- ..v, V K ' vs ,. Nix W xc' ,sf X Y xp, 5 .ll -1 1 .' " , f? iff 5 QP 3 ,.,. J 4 3 5' 5 L 1.3! h Wifi ', ww Huw x 'R- flmff 'S lv A X QSQNY' Sw N Q Qi wk .QPYKQQ Q ww we V85 k, 0 N X ' X MYXE gg X X' Sgsix Q33-X3Swxm6' N mx fb' 4' 4: 1 Hauntahouse . . . Homework . . . Coy stuff . . . And the outdoor girls, conscious, unconscious, and super alert . . . Drop that fag! . . . Holcl that pose! . . . There will be a compulsory Ger -oops! . . . A couple of Bach disciples . . . May Queen and her pretty train . . . Potential housewife fan expert scorcherlj . . . The Calory Gals . . . And four of the Fireside type-yes? . . . Upandatern Root . . . Lucky Lady! . . . our dramer dept. TIFFANY R CU. JEWELRY WATCHES SILVERWARE OF DEPENDABLE VALUE MAIL INQUIRIES RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION FIFTH AVENUE R319 STREET NEWYORK The TrusTees whose names appear on page I2 send greeTings To Elmira College's daughTers everywhere. An educaTional insTiTuTion is The lengThened shadow oT iTs alumnae. WiThouT Their Teelings oT loyalTy and Their acTive cooperaTion and supporT iT cannoT very well exisT. We sTill need more sTudenTs oT The proper lcind, sTudenTs who are qualiTied in every way Tor en- Trance To Elmira. There has been no relaxaTion oT sTandards and There will be no compromise in qual- iTy. To every alumna who reads This page, The TrusTees urge ThaT you help during The coming year- I. By Telling your acquainTances oT The good poinTs oT The College. 2. By Tinding good sTudenTs in your c:ommuniTy, Tell- ing Them al3ouT Elmira College, and wriTing The RegisTrar or The PresidenT giving Their names and addresses. 3. By wriTing The PresidenT, Tor The l3eneTiT oT The AdminisTraTion oT The College and The TrusTees, anyThing you lcnow ThaT will help make The College beTTer. We Thank You for Your PasT CooperaTion TRUSTEES OF ELMIRA COLLEGE MILK IS IMPORTANT TO HEALTH Don'l be Salisliecl Willw Jusl Millc lnsisl on Having ' EL-COR'S Pasleurized MILK O EL-COR DAIRIES THE . COMMERCIAL PRESS Prinlers and Publishers "PrinI'ing wifh PresHge" Telephone 6I88 308 S. Main Slreel Elmira, N. Y. MARK TWAIN TRAVEL BUREAU VOORHEES AND CO., MANAGERS Marlc Twain Holel, Elmira, N. Y. Represenlalives of All Sleamslnip Lines and All Besl Travel Bureaus AMERICAN CAB Incorporaled Dial wi 4OI Division siieei DIAL 5'0' Complimenls of E. L. RI-IOADES RADIOS MEATS, C-ROCERIES, BAKE GOODS WRIGHT ELECTRIC I COMPANY IIB Norlln Main Slreel' Cards, Magazines Circulaling Library AND 209 W. Waler Slreel Dial 4-53l Open Till 9 P.M. For a Very Special Treal Bring Ilie Eamily lo Dinner I al HILLTOP INN Jerusalem Hill Dial 29397 for Reservalions Elgin Wrisl Walclwes, Eine Diamonds Kirlc Slerling Silver MODERATE PRICES SHREIBMAN'S Jewelers Since I893 2I4 EAST WATER STREET THE MARK TWAIN HOTEL ELMIRA, NEW YORK Perleclly Appoinleol Dislinclive ZOO ROOMS 200 BATI-IS 52.50 Upwards Popular Priced Coffee Shop I-Iuclc Finn Room Main Dining Room Lounge Bar lfixir-Condilionedl Garage Accommoclalion ROLAND D. HUNTER, Manager G. A. IVIIBCGREEVEY 8 Books and Slralionery ELMIRA, NEW YORK Incorporaled Smarl Apparel and lnlerior Decor-5-Hcns Furnish Your Room al MODERATE PRICES 5I3-5I5 N, Main SI. Phone 2-3920 Complimenis of Wes+ernCUnion Telegraph Complimenifs ompany of DIXIE BARBEOUE CompIimen+s of DEISTER si BUTLER BULKHEAD QuaIi+y Jewelers II9 Norflw Main SI'ree+ T' W-ri TELLS THE STORY A checking accounf gives The comple+e derail of income and ourgo. lr is The lousi- ness-lilqe way Io handle funds. Carry yours wifh us. ELMIRA BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY A Marine Midland Bank MEMBER E. D. I. C. SHOES AND HOSIERY GOSPER-KELLEY Complimenls of WIRTH CIGAR CO. 0d Everylhing in Viclrola Records 309 E. WATER ST. KOBACKER FURNITURE CO. "Where Qualily Coun+s" Complirnenls ol KELLY DRUG CO. IO9 N. Main Corner 3rd and Main SWARTHOUT 8: CO. Jewelers 215 EAST WATER STREET FINEST QUALITY Diamonds, Walches, Silverware, Jewelry Lealher Goods, College Jewelry A+ Corning, N. Y THE BARON STEUBEN Modern and Eireprooli, Air-Condilioned Coffee Shop, Banquet Privale Dining Rooms PHONE l40O N. A. WANGMAN, Mgr. Complimenls ol POSTAL TELEGRAPH-CABLE COMPANY Complimenls of The LIBERTY SHOE COMPANY IOS Easl Waler Sfreel SHOE OUTLET Main-Wafer S+ree+s EMPIRE PRODUCE COMPANY Incorporaled Wholesalers and Dislriloulors PRAIRIE ROSE BUTTER V HARRY B. FURMAN Manager Elmira Branch JOHN H. DRAKE Jeweler I44 Eas+ Wafer Slrreel ELMIRA, N. Y. FONTAINEBLEAU NEAR ODESSA For Food and Fun Open All Win'I'er Com Ilmenis of RANDS DFRUG STORES IOI and l35 E. Wafer Sfreef Elmira, N. Y. The Derby Book Shop II2 Baldwin Slreel Books, Slafionery, and Parry Goods Complimenls of TI'IE GIFT BOX Mark Twain I-Iolel ALPERT.'S Elmira's Leading Jewelers and Oplic III E. Wafer SI. ELMIRA Sfores in Corning and Corfland ians CONGRATULATIONS . . . . . . TO TI-IE GRADUATES . . . and may all your marks in The world oulside Ioe "A's" . . W' Save Safely al' Sears Over 52 Years of Dependable Service and Savings SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 207 STATE ST. ELMIRA, N. Y Compliment of PERFECT SERVICE LAUNDRY 409-II Madison Avenue ELMIRA N. Y. C?mpIImenIS of CompIimenIs of W00'IQiafLfgZi' Shop ELMIRA BUILDERS SUPPLY es? Chu I1 S+ EImira, N Y I4 Cornplimenrs of FLCWERS scHANAKER's GRILLE We Grow Our Own ALWAYS OPEN RUDY'S GREENHOUSES BRowN's E. A. CLAUSS, Prop. 'Ce Cream H ffman Call 4634 HORSEHEADS -5 T 0or"5 IIYRED ' k ELMlRA,INTwF' WE APPRECIATE TI-IE PATRONAGE AS "Official PI1otograpI1ersH FOR -I'I'IE IRIS Complimenrs of ELMIRA ARMS CGMPANY compiimems of Irnmaculale Dry Cleaning CU+.Ra+e Drug gfore Serving Elmira 25 Years prions I27 Wes+ Waier S+. HOLLAND AND Complimenrs of SERV-U-SAVE-U JOHNSON PHONE 2-3216 222 E. MARKET GROCERS COMPLIMENTS OF For Unusual Salrisfaclion Insisl Upon HYGEIA Produclrs ancl Service Cars Hof Wafer I-Ieafed O'NEILS' TAXI 9128-DIAL-4066 Weddings Funerals EDGECOMB'S The Besr Place To Save On QUALITY FURNITURE m N. MAIN ST. THE GORTON COY For Exclusive and Dislinclive Faslnions . . . The Indelible Mark ol Real Smarlness ROSSl'S TEA ROOM AND BAKERY Wlfiere llie College Facully and Sludenls Feel al Home PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT AND GOOD FOOD 408 Wesl Waslwinglon Avenue DIAL 2092! Added Aflracfion-I8 new slreamlined bowling alleys. We aslc you all To pay us a visil, and see for yourself why len million people enioy llwis sporl. "CAROLYN" Coals, Suils, Dresses Complimenls ol Elmira Savings 8: Loan Vilalily Slioes ASSOCIGJYIOY1 2IO EAST WATER STREET Member Federal Home Loan Bank Syslem I Accounls Insured by S Federal Savings 8: Loan Insurance Corporalion lI2 Wesf Wafer S+ree+ Waslminglon, D. C. Elmira's Flower Tradllion lnlerpreled by JAY H. PARKER I40 WEST MARKET STREET Complimenls of THE MARK TWAIN GOWN SHOP KATHERLILIE B.42g4NE1DER Elmira's Busiesl Furnilure Slore WALSH 8: REAGAN II4-I I6 Wesl Waler Slreel SNYDER BROS. PRINTING Syd COMPANY Dial 2-0140 Bldg Ms++ RUBIN BROS. Greeling Cards for All Occas 302 EAST WATER STREET Complimenls of ELMIRA WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY Seleclr your Table Needs al The busy Mark Twain Ivlarkel where Ihere are logical reasons Tor selling 'Tor Iess. MARK TWAIN FOOD MARKET Incorporafecl I54 Norih Ivlain Sireei' W F P lang-Del' y s V PHONE 7I4I 7I42 MORRISONS Inferior Decoraling Home Furnishing Complimenis of FUHRMAN HARDWARE CO. '54 N M S+ EI Incorporaled THE BLUE GOOSE SHOP Inferior Decoraling, Gifls Cornplimenls of EL C. M. 81 R. TOMPKINS WHOLESALE GROCERS v MIRA, NEW YO 209 COLLEGE AVE ELMIRA N Y LINN S. CHAPEL CO., INC. Coal, Lumber, and Builders' Supplies PHONE 5I9I IO40 CI A Elmira, N. Y C. 81 K. LAUNDRY Drink ELMIRA COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS In Bo++Ies Ves'rmerxIs for Choir and PuIpI'r THE C. E. WARD COMPANY I-- 6- BAI-FOUR COMPANY AIIIE-boro, Massachuserrs I Graduahon CSEII?fioTnEI2hEic::n.3I1dB525-TegngTIII1IlSI Gowns for I939 Commencemenr Invifarions are Balfour-mad WrIIe for Free Cafalogs THE STEINER STUDIO II3 WesI Gray SIreeI THE CORNISH SHOP The Shop of OuaIi+y and Dis+incIive SIyIes In Har I' I M k g R bl I4 and Spor s-wear, aso a In , e oc In , COMPLETE PHQTOGRAPHIQ SERVICE '08 C IfemOff"ng of Han EXWIIY Dogg E S+ Dia' O ege Ve. Phone near 5 ef Success FORT REED TAVERN and Congrafularions I-Owman ROGCI Io II'1e CIass of I94O v CompIImenIs of LIBERTY CLEANERS 6:6 S. Main S+. Phone 5303 EImira's Largesr Deparlrmenr Srore CompIImenIs of KNIETSCH'S ZIO Wesr Wafer SIreeI SWAN AND SONS-MORSS COMPANY CHEMUNG CANAL lncorporafed DEPENDABLE INSURANCE V Founded IB33 Over 85 Years Phone 6284 V "The Biggesl Liflle Dress Shop in Town" E' HAZEL MURPHY Member Federal Reserve 2ll W. Waler Sf, Second Floor Sys-fern and Compnmem of Federal Deposil. Insurance I Corporahon TINNEY S FLOWERS Hoffman al Church Dial 25656 CHEMUNG VALLEY RIDING Compumm of ACADEMY . 534 Wesl Hudson Slreel Florlsl Phone 7337 Elmira. N. Y. TELEPHONE 22450 HORSES FOR HIRE FOR SALE BOARDED Brealclasl? Luncheon? B Dinner?-or-Banquefs? . HOTEL LANGWELL "Where Elmirans Dine" Apparel Shop I22 W. Marker S+. Jusl Off Main S+ FRO-JOY ICE CREAM V' Under lhe Seallesl Syslem ol Laboralory Conlrol Complimenls of MOSHER'S DRUG STORE DIAI. 2-6l37 HAMIv1OND'S CREAMERY You Can WI'1ip Our Cream BuI You Can'I BeaI Our Milk 636 WINSOR AVENUE ELIVIIRA, NEW YORK DIAI. 2-6I37 CompIimenIs of DR. EDWARD I.. CURVISH EImira's I3riencIIiesI I-IoIeI CompIimen+s of L. H. ROSENBLOOM Opfomefrisf Banque+ and Dancing Facilifies IN APPRECIATION We Iake Inis oploorIuniIy Io Inank II'1e business men oI EImira for Ineir cooperaIion in u+iIizing Ilwis adverikising sec+ion. II has played no small parlr in making our yearbook a success and we wish Io assure Inem oi Ine loaIronage of EImira' College in Jrne IuIure. COMPLIMENTS OF MR- AND MRS- MR. AND MRS. EAR'-E HART JOHN S. LOVE MR. AND MRS. MR, AND MRS, HARRY R. CARY KENNETH W. ROOT MR. AND MRS. OLIN E. OSMUN DR. AND MRS. A. K. BENEDICT MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. 6. E. COLLIER WILSON T. DAY DR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. ELMER W. K. MOULD BURT E. KENYON MR. AND MRS. CHARLES H. eAlss MR. AND MRS. EARL 6. CROOKS MR. RICHARD J. MOXLEY MR. AND MRS. R. VON FABRICE OOMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. A FRIEND HUGH NIESSEN MR. AND MRS. MRS. MITTIE JOHN A. SCHWAB HAZARD MR. AND MRS. JOHN A. BACKUS MR. AND MRS. F. ASHBY WALLACE MRS. E. M. MR. AND MRS. LOWMAN JOHN S. WILSON, JR MR. AND MRS. MR. JACOB Z. DEWITT B. ARMSTRONG POST MR. AND MRS. JAMES J. DURNING .J-4 cv, 5, TIXNR 15' ' iii I J RiAW'x..ffQ" " Q-T' Ni in , HN AND OLLIER AGAIN" Xi vs ov-i,l.3Ag.l 4 I 'W X 'Nl-vii L' ihvv i 5' I fi f Repeaied acceptance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the Jahn 81 Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significance with each succeeding year.

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