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N , . W 1. V -, , . W , g , U U F F 4 N 'v w N w N W agua 7 WW 'X 1 f :QQ i X'i f ' ff gig. ' E -- , - .vV, f ' '-Y s lxx N N XG Q' if Ill! HILLS BEYMID fi f , -- f ---,-h--- - , -f -A ---- , -rf-f-fff,-i, ---f f -:-- '-1' --' --r -11:11-11+--,W --,-' -W: - fnfwfigzfwr- I I I Pl Bi I n I l2Yl:lIiIY All llli Iilvli I Ifllll IM Illli llull I llillllld IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII Ililllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlilllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllIIIHI I 1 N w W i , i 1 l I 1 I v' KA l 1 as llnllilillllfllllilf 1 u K Foreword We are privileged for four years intensively to prepare for the struggle which is life, Our college days are days of readjustment, during which the true values of life gradually assume their proper proportions. It is vital that this development of character, which is the aim of all education, become consciously subjective during our college careerc That we may the more readily benefit bythis, our trial society, certain clearly denned but closely related lields of activity, offering intellectual, moral, and social problems anal- ogous to those which we shall encounter in later life, have been created to supplement the curriculum, Active interest in these fields of activity offers opportunity of qualification for the conduct which is expected of college-bred people. The ability to eo-operate' must be cultivated, since only from such 'ability can that of leadership be evolved. Paine, not only of person, but of carefully defined mental attitudes, must be achieved, that the conlidence of society in its leaders may be justified. The power of ereatifve thought, neglect of which renders barren a life potentially fertile, is an instrument vital to the prog- ress of society, since contidence in its leaders demands that they take the initiative. Whatever role the college graduate' is to play, it is fundamental that his conductbe governed by the principles of true sportsmanship. It is the purpose of this Iris to present the prospect which lies before us who stand within these ancient ivied halls and gaze out over the world up to the hills beyond. . KW! Irene Boothe, Patron Saint To Irene Boothey than whom we could have chosen no better representative of the qualities which we wish to imitate, we, the class of nineteen hundred and twenty-eight, affectionately dedi- cate our Iris. Her understanding sympathy inspires our confidence in herg her nobility of thought and action justifies our admiration for herg her loyalty to the class of twenty-eight makes us proud to acknowledge our indebtedness to her, our beloved patron saint. -1-1 1 11 IU Isl UL I rl Illlhlfiul WHIUI Hlrlllllllli .u.pl1gu-1- svih ............!.......... G In I Y il I I . .. . ..y... IIIIIIIIIIIII Illlllllllllllll llll IIIIIIIIVIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIUIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM IIIIIIIIIHH TRIICEIIIES .DF EXQUISII'-I C DLURIIIG. lzclmrs ar ulluu1'lnc l.ovl:Llnzs a E-N u,ug:- s-Lgnnsnl I'l:'l'llI.S 5-gt: rr nv scrum: nnzszzs. Lovely in the tradition which clothes it, gracious in the architectuxe which embodies it, friendly in the spirit which animatos it, Cowles Hall bespeaks BEAUTY. M 111 ri? Intimacy born of daily contact, sympathy bred of understanding, a sense of unity fostered by common interests shall make this, our new dormitory, another center of COOPERATION. A solidity of structure typifying practicality, a grace of tower and archway signifying idealism, the commanding position which genuinenegs merits, make oui' new library symbolize for us LEADERSHIP. This doorway ofthe new library looks in upon the treasures of old thought, looks out upon a wealth of new ideas, and oEers us who stand upon the threshold--POISE. Quiet eficacy, the essence of our curriculum, expressed in Science Hall, makes e fitting background for friendly rivalry, the spirit of our athletics, oft mirrored in our lake. The gates of Alumnae which will one day close upon our college career and usher us into the world wherein our vision shall be gauged by our ORIGINALITY. ' 1 WZ ' 'fn .U ,.f 1 Q3 ' 'Q ,, W .J ,, 1 n ll ,. W l 1 .1 fi ' "I i 1 1 Qi f . 4 . N .fl ' if a 1 . ' 1 1 N w w 4 .1 .f. 4 Ji .wr Q! W Y V 77" JI 4 w J 3 '1 i e 4 A LDYl.lS PURE H3 A JDIIIIG US Il BDIDS-Of HURK Ill IIPPIIESS i Q a...,NI A, 'sawn--n. an 4'l'FiFl!'9!!""I"l!Ii! vmus-!"1""'iF' lil nasqauauilra-lf.r.u.ue..s-am:-.sr-..:...!Jnu:a.-.QualIn - I2 e ' 2? lm ' P1 IU 4 ES 3 in IC 3 1?-' ii ll 'Q -' se U: -7 B W -if In sz -1 ,gs The College 22 as '-' la COOPERATION 33 Tl Lg Inasmuch as in life itself the survival of 'the littest pre- gi 5: supposes cooperation with the laws of nature and society, QQ Lf. it is fitting that in our college life the cultivation of the 93 ability to cooperate is one of the most important lessons which We must learn. ' gg . . I ai S2 Out of its years of devotion to the highest idealism HI our co ege as esta ,is e certaln stan ar sg rom t e1r gg ll h bl' 11 d ' d d f h ' Q! 'P desire to direct us aright and from the Wisdom of their ex- i P: perience, our administrators have formulated certain re' ffl J. gulationsg through our knowledge of our own Weaknesses, E: we students have laid down certain. rules. lt is not only N -Q the privllege but the duty of the loyal Elmrran to co- Q 1 . . V ' al Q: operate with all of these precautions for the common gg la good. Only through the utmost cooperation of adminisf 'QU' 51 tration, faculty, alumnae, and student body, can the cause QQ of higher education be effectively served by 'our college. Ml ol ' BM UU e r Q, tbl ' Sm pal mi ull 'E' 43 as l Q. ll: dl I . big an 1, :U 1 U! 'lv ll ll SEQ I-2 BI lp Q! Li "Q I-' 'P Bi IF ng, gl QQ ll bg gg- ee -" . , L n n D I - lm ISHESI219125!2S3!5l5'ii'13i5f?.1!7lREQMLEESZESGJIG2:92112 1 7 silk!!! :YA .nlsblnsl nhl .Llf.Gr1 lhllllfill All fi' 1.1 . I6 :I il Agni I gl '2 23 .ml 'O ,es il' I2 , f'0Q SOME HIDDEN qi MEANING Lg HAS BOUND' THE UNIVERSE GQ A TOGETHER IN BONDS DP OF BEAUTYQ as i ' SEA WATER, LAPPING- THE SHORE, U: UNITES THE WELFARE OF DISTANT LANDS, 1 .ig SO WE WHO STRIVE AND PLAY ' 55, TOGETHER QU THROUGH THE YEARS 1,3 KNOW THE JOY OF UNITY ' N IN WORK if 'S ?i-Z Ji 5: I ,nl up WELL DONE. gl 'P OK' 55 'S lu I P2 R-ll 23 is E: gs! v I ' ' l Hlg iflllll IQEEQ on-1 0- U 0 ' u g p pf, .1 'SSIII1'"L1l!l,L"i'!9Fl!l1!!'f !l'!!'4i?Q2i5'953'9-f"'17"5iQ 2 51 5 S: El fi E' ,W RE: U 1 O '54 :I Fl 5 21 53 -A SE SP R6 51 1-9 E5 lei E! S! S- U'l ' 23 ll S I Es ,,.e L5 2-P. if , - , . . -4 .-.m..- 41. II.ama.1s1f.m.Iaa.Iea.a:x.,.e.n :isa 1 8 . i2g!!l'!i'!-1l!!!5'!PFEQUFBVI ,'!l'!!'Ql!Q2 PF!!! " wl- E5 E: Q1 33 .g O 162 3 p I 355 Il is ii ne gil .01 is DU I 5. E! 23 ES Br?- 32 pl im' 51 :U If I I5 E5 Q3 50 IO. II Vllllsll IIA -nlsblniliuil llsilss llhlqlailu I A lrna Meters Elmira's honored history, ' ' We spealc in songs of praise, in songs of praise And-forwher faith and loyalty, Our voices proudly raise, - Chorus A . Fair Alma Mater,, Fondly thy name we sing, Blest Alma M ater, Myriad echoes ring. , ' Together in her halls today, 4 A loyal pledge we sing, aipledge ,we sing. ' e And recollectionls magic sway - Will future homage bring. ' e- Q , , ' -MRS. FRANCES SQUIRE POTTER, ?8'7. . ligvirglgjov E 1 or-n J- 0' sg 1 I l,Igl,ff' 3-5 'EQ L 1 I EI is S 53 3 ml -v 'A Q li S-a Q31 QI P3 E! :gi U' 52 '43 S? -15 253 at gd sql '51 Ei '53 RE hw, l 3 Sm E D 22 U? 'Z I II Gu E w E- il' ll 2-2 il' i . , . i , s -A taiwan' in.. dui. ii5Iait'lvfHf.4mm.'i1l2'.i.s.,d11a1'3ul21151 19 A O K 1 - If Q . 6 .P H E332 Eii?i!2ZE'.'i2L'.!23i.?-.Elsa 3222224712 L'l'i'5EB?5 sihfs :: 2' in Q Q O! ig fa :+- ii ' B ul 3 gl vl a Q 1 E la n I gl IT. ml Q3 y 3 F' at 03 Avg Zz P02 sg , rg IQ, Q. nl 94 99 "' is 'fi an in gal ll .vig Ill in U. Il F6 I3 - L ICI ll. il -'rl IN 2' at ca 34' Ea Q: ,IE it' 553 E, is 9-F5 Nl R rs' 5' N 21 vs. w QI We '91 :Ia FREDERICK LENT, President 'eb' '54 5' ' :PI v3 223 L' 0 . U-" 'Q nf Sh ' 1 -al lf 51 ll Ns I:- IP I - isasar:zeesaszeizaszusaszsasuaammzsazzzsxe:sri 20 '!l!ll"i"'- B!! J""lH!l'l?5""f'i'5'l!'l!? "V-'!53!"'5"7'lf' 3 . . ,Y . . . . . . . I gmt gmuiblboll nlnlsfnimblaunbuhlltknifosq..ilohuaaalillhlu ui Ill P1 .ar- fi 55 pl P21 on h us, 75 42 5 . 55 Ll: 'if Em E99 EE DQ ' I . if Il 'x 1. 2, ua .F 52 IN 2 . 31 9419 ng . :ef B1 S on .3 Z9 535 'V 9 A 53 :AH U1 gm pw -fm az 3 W9 515 5? ww gl if 25.1 KG ggi gd all 9 in ' - 9: vii ff' Q5 4 nl Us I , E L-s ia 'QE 2 gs Bl gd 'Ba sg M. ANSTICE HARRIS, Dean gl gn . 55 ug ng it if S BE ss .a iq rg, ml is L1 90 ll 'C far In 'r Bl - , IIIQUQV rglqlnv 9:-s 0 av Wag I p 9 gg p 77,45-3 . ... , , I Ml lahnniiu a,3m5Pf?Izil'l1f5ff.'5.lislillsiihiniiun. um E211 21 lqt9Qll"1. R!! J'I!!HIQIFHY'"5!U'!Ull!l"l'!l5!'9"?l3" lhllllkgualffgf lillhlbullhlllldqllhlllnfllihll ll "I - Bl ki Q If 52 22 g i 'C 53 50 xi hm .222 pe .22 SE Sm EPP 5 . gt! ,ga E3 mil I 5: Ez. S3 Ot lt: is -53 F94 Board QF Trafteef TERM EXPIRING IN 1927 MERLE D. TIIoMPsoN, Elmira, New York ' SEYMOUR LOW'MAN, Elmira, New Y ark ARCIIIE M. BOVIER, Elmira, New -York A. E. RHODES, Elmira, New York . EFFIE LLEWELLYN CSSD, Elysburg, Pennsylvania' HUBERT C. MANDEVILLE, L.H.D., Elmira, New York MARY BULLARD LEWALD C97j, 1120 Fifth Ave., New York City HARRY C. BALDWIN, Waverly, New York TERM EXPIRING IN 1928 HERMAN A. CARMER, Seneca Falls, New York JENNIE CROCKER FASSETT, Elmira, New York HALSEY SAYLES, Elmira, New York CAROLYN HALL CQQJ, Elmira, New York PRESIDENT FREDERICK LENT, PH.D., Elmira, New York TERM EXPIRING IN 1929 ELMER DEAN, Elmira, New York 'FARTHUR CLINTON, Elmira, New York S. G. H. TURNER, Elmira, New Y ark. G.'B. F. HALLOCK, D.D., Rochester, New York WILFRID I. BOOTH, Elmira, New York SOPHIE DAVIS CRANDALL C87j, Elmira, New York fl-2 Q. 'U M. DOYLE MARKS, Elmira, New York OFFICERS OF THE BQARD 1 HUBERT C. MANDEVILLE WILFRED I. Boom President Secretary and Treasurer IDECEASED 4-I 'ri ji! gf. '2 F: lu IS' ra ln gh B2 E2 - FIUUUQPIVAQJQQ , 9 on-so an, og 'up p p p , 3 I a Ee J 3 -3 52 gi :ri Q3 Q1 'fl r ai Fl F :W Sin 5-'li gg get H3 55 251 gs lo' E! QI Q Q Rh R1 WI Si 1 I Sl QB U? no ml 'il E! Rl as 51 52 di' , - .5 . , ,, ma linkin' lig iii! bnglilikhfsgfanmisimlianzizfgagwilfkiki 22 522332EREQBERRLEEZBKEEZEl':21EZE4?i2L'2E2Ei131i2' F' I2 Bl F1 S'- 'r 22 'S 92 Q. ba :QS fl ee S3 512 v E U! kk 99 52 gil Si? 32 lil 53 I2 33 EB Er?-5 ml E2 wg 3? 'IS Fa fi is 0 ts 1:2 5 1 lu 'Pc E2 Executive Committee ' H. C. MANDEVILLE PRESIDENT FREDERICK LENT ELMER DEAN XF. M. HOWELL , ' ARTHUR CLINTON M. DOYLE MARKS W. I. BOOTH CAROLYN HALL A S. G. H. TURNER OFFICERS OF ACADEMIC ADMINIS FREDERICK LENT, 'PH.D. MERLE THOMPSON SEYMOUR LOWMAN ARCHIE M. BOVIER A. E. RHODES JENNIE CROCKER FASSETT HALSEY SALYES SOPHIE DAVIS CRANDALL TRATION President HOLLISTER ADELBERT HAMILTON, PH.D. Vice-President M. ANSTIOE HARRIS, PH.D. Dean - ELMER W. K. MOULD, M.A. Secretary of the Faculty CARLIE MALLETT, A.B. Registrar A OFFICERS .OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION W. I. BOOTH Treasurer , FRANCIS RICHMOND, B.S., Cornell Curator of Museum JOHN R. TUTTLE, PH.D., Cornell Director of Bureau of Appointments MARCIA DERBY A Bursar ' ERNESTINE FRENCH, A.B., 'Elmira Executive Secretary to the President MARTHA CLOSE GREENOUGH, B.S., Elmira. Secretary to the Dean SUSAN. K. HOLLERAN, B.S., Elmira Secretary to the President ' HELEN E. FITZ PATRICK, B.S., Elmirae Secretary of Extension Courses and of t HARRIET J. BALDWIN ' Secretary to the Bursar MARGARET LOUISE' BEST, Pratt Institute Dietitian ANNIE VAN DUzER House Director AGNES FALRRINGTON, A.B., El-mira Manager of the, Bookstore ELSIE TAYLOR Nurse CAVIHERINE DAROH, A.B., Elmira Assistant Dietitian MARY G. PRICE Endowment Ojicc ALBERT CARLSON Superintendent of Grounds EDECEASED I he Bureau .of Appointments Q A U23 :Y 5 Q if R 9 'F gi new DS? pm pw Q. its Rs T E3 get Ee if-fi En ? I 2:4 Ed' mu GQ FS gi Q01 E 5351- RY 22' Ui U QU 573 PW dl il 23 U gn IF gal E! tv 3:9 WSW 55555253ESM34'IrZEi55i5iii23tR5Q5W3354221222S2223552 EEN... 23 THE FACULTY 24 123233REJTQEZZEZREQEBLEEZRs'E2E.2.ZG!E'47i2L2!EE?R3iil'iF' 1 Q. .UNI ll :Y 55 5 lj! The Faculty Q 'll II If Q V FREDERICK LENT, B.D., Newton, PH.D. si lr. Presiclent gg U8 CORNELIA PORTER DWIGHT, M.A. T ll' Professor Emeritus . Qi sz ,GEORGE MORGAN MCKNIGHT, B.M., Elmira Q Professor of Voice, Chorus Singing, anal Organ SU' FRANCIS A. RICHMOND, B.S., Cornell gl Professor of Physics and Chemist-ry 0 e lf' as HOLLISTER ADELBERT HAMILTON, PI-I.D., John Hopkins Q' F ' Vice-President and Professor o Classical Philolog , .ai r eg, hy M. ANsTIcE HARRIS, PH.D., Yale, L1TT.D., Elmira QE ID Dean, and Head of Department of English Language, Q 'ag Rhetoric, and Literature E.: MARY ELIZABETH HIGHET, PILDQ, 'Cornell gp .5 Professor of German Language and Literature I .6 ELIZABETH LEIGH WHITTAKER, B.A., Cornell, Sc.D., Elmira QQ lg Professor of Biology, Physiology, and Bacteriology 2 O0 Pg QQ E. MARGARET GRIMES, M.A., McGill Q i s y Professor of French Language and Literature I mi v MARY G. BROWN, BA., Elmira, BLS., N.Y.L.s. . U eg' , Professor of -Italian - -'Q JOHN R. TUTTLE PH.D. Cornell X ' Professor of Philosophy' ancl Psychology, and Director T .I of Extension Courses u ' 2 GERALDINE MORROW, B.A., Elmira, Leland Powers School ' , 5 - Professor of Expression ...fl A ' l fo. X GROVER C. T. GRAHAM, M.A., Brown- , Professor of Economics and Political Science , Q9 MARTHA L. TILTON, New York Art Students League . . 5 ' Bd Professor of Art ELMER W. K. MOULD, B.D., M.A., Yale af Alemander Cameron IVIacKenzie Professor of Biblical - , -Ag History and Literature 'la MARY CLEGG SUFFA, M.A., Brown - W 0 gg Professor of .Mathematics and Astronomy M iym VIVA B. BOOTHE, PHD., University of Pennsylvania V Q mg y Prqfessor of Sociology I V I t la AMY M. GILBERT, PH.D., University of Pennsylvania 11 Al Professor of History gl -J , gi . ' HARRIET G. BROVVN, B.S., Carleton - sl in Professor of Library Econorrty, and Librarian S' , - U? an ALMA MONTGOMERY, M.A., Columbia 2, .E Professor of Home Economics , .1 f. CAROLINE CABLE LAWRENCE, M.D., VVoInan's Medical College li lu College Physician and Professor of Hygiene Lg CHAIFJES E. REEEES, PHD., Columbia '-B rofessor of ucation .Q MARGUERITE E. VAN DUYN, A.M., Barnard, BQS., Teachers' College Ia Professor of Physical Eeucation F :sl MARY MEGIE BELDEN, PHD., Yale ,: Ill. Anstice Harris Professor of English Literature 3 Ha Q- 5 U If . , , I ' 0.1 SBIR!!!Sie!!25?.'3if!55?n2'QKiR?'.'5!Ul!'e1!L2.E!52'5iS55fr3Ei 222 Q5 Babiiikau-Q-ivafnfrfui ohinbibinilfilmiln.. at .llahlcillllllll fsvsmwfa- serve--svsmfswfQivse'esrA"vsuse-sw:-:im lil In ll ll g '22 F5 F Q The Fezezelzyf-Contlnufid rs . 5: H5133 IDA LANGQON, PHD., Cornell I l Ai 523 Associate Professor of English Literature h " GEORGIA HARKNESS, PH.D., Boston University iq Associate Professor of Philosophy i GEORGIA L. FIELD, PH.D., University of Colorado Qi Associate Professor of English Literature Qi jii DOROTHY DoNDoRE, PH.D., Columbia A, . Associate Professor of English I my JOSEPHINE A. LUEDER, M.A., Oberlin ws fflf Associate Professor of Spanish , , it D3 HARRY C. YORK, PH.D., Yale. . I mx' 321123 Associate Professor of Religious Education 6' E3 CLARA CRANE, M.A., Cornell -1 Assistant Professor of English is gifs FRANCES XVRIGHT, M.A., Brown H ' Assistant Professor of .Mathematics and Astronomy AGNELT ORBISON, M.A., Eryn Mawr I d ,333 ssistant Professor of Biology W ,ff-fi? JENNIE M. HANYEN, M.A., Columbia U' Assistant Professor of Home Economics ls HARRIET DORMAN, M.A., Cornell Q Assistant Professor of English 'mm ESTHER MACKINTOSH, M.A., University of Iowa gp M Asksgsgznt Proflassgr of: Cilzemgstry an 'LA 'QR ARY . TILES, . ., o um ia Q Assistant Professor of Qfice Management mg XSILENCE ROWVLEE, M.A., Cornell M 55559 Assistant Professor of Biology an JEANNE ALLINGRY, A.B., Elmira, Sorbonne 1921-22 and 23-34 Y mi? Assistant Profcssof of F Eenchu B D "1 ELEANOR M. DORR, lV .A., orne ' I Aslsgistant Prlcifiissorijof Biology f T gg ,QR if RENE OOTHE, . ., niversi y o exas i Instructor in Economics and Sociology QW ESTFZER MAY BOSEEY, A.M., University of Pennsylvania ld 55 'Q nstructor in istory 1 HELEN SOPHIE DAVIS, M.A., Cornell ag Instructor in English ..i wg MARY MANDEVILLE, B.S., Elmira lair! Instructor in English Egg! CATHERINE PERSONIUS, A.B., Elmira 6313 Instructor in Home Economics eq lj GERALDINE QUINLAN, M.A., Elmira Q 5502 Instructor in Expression iq FSE MILDRED SHOULDICE, B.S., Columbia QF QM Instructor in Physical Education L' gag EDITH M. CREIGHTON, M.A., McGill QI gg Instructor in French is Wm IRENiE M. EASTIwI.EsZ, M.S., Chicago :P- W nstructor in emistry 532 RUTH HOFFLIAN, A.B., Wellesley M Instructor in Biology Pg U E LUCILE LYON, M.A., Elmira iv Instructor in French aa ls M.ARY C. NEEDLER, PII.D., Chicago Q EWU Instructor in Latin Q WB VIRGINIA VVINBIGLER, A.B., Lake Erie 'mm Assistant Librarian P. Lg HARRY A. STECKEL, M.D., University of Pennsylvania ni' gg, Lecturer on .Mental Hygiene Pe la - - . ' B ga 'Absent on leave. 50 s Eg I-2 FZPE , if in H ' ia. - A - MQ 5-at-4:99 Ei!!!ERWEMEHZLEEEIKEEZE?:2E.3'2:2E'!7iStL'3'a'5E?a3iiFF2 I I el B1 A V5 ki lx' Ei' 'S Es sl IPI 33 '52 ff! E3 9? 51 gil ii 35 Ml 35 nc S! ES 91 JI 'ss iw 'S I 1 9.- 'I nl gl 51 :I ,BY I-I L1 ,lu I 'Po 90 Qc L2 . 1927 Class .Yong D ' Words by KATHERINE TOY Music by MADGE EDWARDS Lovely for your sunny vistas And your lawn of emerald green, Lovely for your storied halls And your ancient ivied walls And your tiny-lake's bright sheen. Chorus Oh, Elrnira, Alma Mater, Here we ofer tribute due, Let our black and golden banner M ingle with your royal hue. I From the heart of twenty-seven, Loving, loyal twentylseven, ' Springs the praise we ojer you, Springs the praise we ojer you. 1 Loved' for all your fair traditions And your honor bright, unstainedg A 'Loved for all the joys you've brought us, l - And for all the things' youlve taught. us, , And the friends that here we've gained. iaiaasmasss Essssssszsssssssssssmssssssssssssess Q7 I -L2 2 I 51 3 2: is 'n Sim -v 22 Bi! Q.. 1 fi! Ei Tl E5 UH 52: si Nl Ml gms gem -vi Ong Ei gd :ii gi 2.53 Fi SH '53 Q.. ga SZ 22 ll S I E, ll ql 2-2 if ss?-Q 0 Wil I 4 ' ' ' THE SENIORS 1 YV V , V , , . -1--.--,f--,--X1,Xvv--'X-M -,ff-: 1, f Lfliu'-'ac ..r,f!'.'eu"-HW-p--ffrfx?iff My ---13'.1e.'ffay-:-fu, fi 2 - ' 'lfz' UWM-" N if -ffJ?4s'.i,'aJL-1.Hcg: U' -M , ff' , f x 1 m I 1 1 alnvmw. ,'.'Wz'nJ-Ulf, ,.'-.fx5LM..:-35.,.'Ll'x 'L LJ' F--Ji ., lil- 'kxfbf 1 1. ,:.,u.. , - .' . --- - lsisobll1al5l1ifhl1fQi'wHldiliniflfilfmEau: mgiiah lmaiaiewii Iii 'msmfaw an 1-anvwvsunwwwweae wwmfefwvwswgzg IU ' 35 hai ll F' is Pl A- 5 If mf! 9. il AQ I1 ' 3 I ,1 9.2 325 gi 'S W9 5 1 mg H Ei- E: 55 va f L I if is 1 2 J - I ga S? :H :Pg Senior Clan Ojie ps 1 ui- I , wg Nl I 3 MARION I-'FISTERER . .... Preszclent as 32 2 LILLIAN' FABER . . Vice-President ,K wg 'W 4 ALICE MCKOWN . . . Secretary' if EQ ll ' 531 ji I RUTH KINGSBURY ........ Treasurer My DJJ , A gg Ohairrnan of Endowment Fund gg . CATHERINE MILLER . Ring Trust KATHERINE VVALRAD D gpg I in Class Song Leader ?5 ALINE WILLIAMS wi 1 gg! Class Cheer Leader RHODA VVILSON ' lil' 'Wi e- 23 33 ge ll. , ggi! I 'S E Ui E"'. lf. as I-ll BH ul MQ IQ gp aa! 5' E3 H2 22 Pl if 'f'-"-':'1m2 H- I 5'-:wee .Jaws 'lv eww vu , K .93 nissan ax Juli if is ' 1 4 AW ww, inmaaiwwgw 5? E222 '- 29 C- " " - ' " '-.in - -- ' -- wg. . ., A Bmw 1 4,1 -3115.5 ' Vrsix W L JH Qi: L. ffl A mf.: '.'.i:. 4' V Lf ,I fm-VX-L. ,-3. 1 , , X ' w f I L. , HN . ff 3 1" ' , s 'fi W., . . V- K ff- m" 5, ', 30 32233ERTQEEEZLEEESKEEIRl':2l'1!5!l'!?iEL'52?.E?'331il'iF2 n 'F' :E :e Bl - D1 F1 l fu lu L1 gi 59 Q2 tes E5 53 Em '51 t ei 'lu' I Q2 JJ! 072 i 4 59- s cz s ff i g if 'Pt . Words by RUTH NANCY QUINLAN Music by GERTRUDE, PQWERS A gi LS ' ' x In loving praise our voice we- raise I 6. To thee Elmira clearg :Q SQ And twenty-eightsshall Love relate S For future days to hear. D. - Chorus ' I A :Q Ezmtm, Alma Mama ' ' 9' IU Thy name we'll e,ers uphololg , . I . Ll l And strive to bring thee honor by our loyal brown ancltgolell. . , 1 A' 'wx a as ' When we must leave, our hearts will grieve A I , T Sf, s pl :S Welll miss thine iviecl wallsg A , ga-- ft But twenty-eight shall fame create 25 Q: F' or thee when duty calls. , . E' :FS " -M ll ll S3 I3 r "- .Q 0: 5- b. ni gl QI tgp gi IJ Q' 'I , ll nl Q' fl '4 ui I , :l IP - il -3 ss lm qu Ig 59 gh. " I :sl I ' 0' 9 H2 1 2.2 I-'I - ' ir IDU? rgtqouv Q on-4 of U Wag 'lp 9 p u p,v,,,i-5 t . I , all mai-wu'lnin..i :4i.4gi3n5laitl1iRf.i,liJ2.a 'iihliham nfl 211 ' 31 ,4 x ,W Y' A 1' nf X ,nf THE J UNIORS 1 1 1- 1 , . V A v , , ,', ' r fr If r 'I ' 1 1 L , ,1 ' ' u 4 ul , i . 1 1 '1 ' 1- 'Q ' 1' !. ,- 4. ,H r . yx . ' Y! :M 53 1 ff , " I ,1 ' 1 1 , X U , mx 1 q X f F L I I E 0, ,V I ,1',, .-,.. ' .,.. x .f A .-- V' 5, .Y-, N 1 . ' - . . :,1 3, ' " -- Y - f TQ5','Txf:.v K-VX -f""fv 'fin' ",,""'A .JM ,3,1,A5--.g '.g,,2m,1' -, - .14 wi N V f ' x X-ff AE .' V -' Y! wg :-' W ,R H ,.,.,,-L,'LuN,-lf'-.f'--JN 1 L., 1. IQISWBIT1.. QQ! Pill! ll! UUQQ mu? U Qvwiq wunggnfvgn ig :anusx:2Ln'1ur..-alf.4'.cu5sne52unCsw2s.'.aS2:Qdufs:a'iwaQuauh"aa'cfg az 22 is Q Q ll 39 If QT W -W 14 wg bl Q, lvl S Q LD EP!- E-! EE if 'Eg gl m pl M3 ev ff' ai 'P Vi - :se u ma 'Sh 4 is 15 GI 5' 1 -in S3 F! U' ly mr! we U! all wi as W 'F' If ' ml Fi 21 Jo IN Q5 QC Gad 'H Fa 554 ga 91 E3 mai WE ii 'EQ W1 QQ MP an M3 aw Q3 QA! QQ MARGARET JELLIFFE, QE Pg Junior Class President gag ' VW M, U N C 41' gf me R'-E 'Wag WL Q 3' f I ' WWE RU ' we ge? 5 nw W5 wg MMS mos, .N , i Q bf? E' UW iq, vu.11mmmdaewM.g-Qmiwzafiammwiavffzifaedlmwmmiwfgrgwwggggfgmg ' 33 '!1s1l'!i"Sp!l,Zgl!l'Funonvigglg!!el!Q2ilg!'gl'1:!g1migifs galil!!-sl! up .ulohlstlbuil n :ss 0 s Q . ll 1 1' . K ll g D al fl 3' Ye 3' YA 'S' la' ' 9 bl 'Q ev' Si L2 -v l F3 I IS: rl Z. Qi' 51 75' kin 9: 23 E1 Ps' I Pi 1 A3 X 4 4' -'F 'Q 55 fs? ' 5' ig . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS A if A I as 9' MARGARET J ELLIFFE ,. ' . President .3 VERNA BAXTER . . VicefPres1Ident BEATRICE REED . . . Secretary el MARY HEASLY ........ Treasurer by 1 61 iil ' O41 Chairman Endowment Fund :S N ORIENE DELANEY 51' fe 51 JE ' Class Song Leader ,fl DOROTHY FAILING ni up Q if Us Class Cheer Leader Q gag MILDRED DAUM s-J gi pn U Q' Fl 'C in 'n Bl Fl I! 'S fl-L QI lg sl L9 he I, .. is S5 20 ul , 9 Q! 2: IP . I. D . i . I .41 55aisliigl?!:t!Ei3W0'5i'Ql3f5f?.fnWi!9.!S25253H55ff3252.32 34 li 'Qu - 6 .u,,. :H 15" 1 wig Q ' .ffggylsi 49,9 .ISIQ . ug- " - nf, O 'gm all' as 'ing 'i ok Eg 3 .v 'U Aa as L -1, tn in - O U ' 15 ""-fs 5' "uve I ' "-2 W' Q, Us 'ig Lg .lui .a 5 I 52 -: 'Eg 4, 5, -. 21 B 42 9 SF :-15 I: W ' Ez' -9 ,J SV s Q 0 li L ' lp 555 53 S: -S Da '52 ml fm FQ 591 'rl LOD C H 1 EMA1 q is claiad We HELLSB J ABE U 0 ?SeS a URG R QQ I: Valtin until car: xy - 'N- Y ' 6 03 plnch g buo' the 1 Ye d p I DQ Q ple ed f ogy axst .osup at y ase Or ' and mln One .Q Waki the Our speedllte, d Start. U -' Pas ng m- prof COIISC' al ash ' mgf , N Da . - 1101.311 lnut . B lent, Ono. Into O1 G I' afraid scf es V- esid 101150 0111 our 'D TIE U5 J L S elle lexy' esg en y to bo OH, LON A Od elf S Inf, W ' de b 1111 'C G CK W is' G emah ' Con: and Q WO e d avor e Sa 7 ces, - lnent, BRA ERN w , Q Old 15 1 ,ttow d Hd Spe to D a Of-Y, lon NCH IA A, Q bb' Bri. En M Arlstol S nolrty 'Argus nd an Sakemnythi In a . brid , N- J NI ,... F! .J OEIS t andean- Stleys f t Ourgaragessunset Shor. -angg abxnlnut gen-. A 1 .. - A. Cr Ocks .earl he d Merit Stro ' We,Sf ab tly. QA she,0l1t . e She- and I s amm' Wltb y She OCS n eexa, ng p ' re J out 21.1 nd S OH movi S back Net ' U' IJ tud .1r1g,N Plen Com Oth- mp1 Olnt Ust d 1 tl Wha a. -CSg,f . HD tie I U h ylng Ot ty es t mn, . eof . do , On, , le O tev Sam or h, on, .4 I and D ha, tha ,of t' 0 t D 111 the H t t th ,ran ef '-0111 ea t Q Q D2 on ps, and ibeen tshe nlme fg0rtuOueXceSs SO say Pmats ages I lou do y to 1-Venvs i1 ll the f,f:h010gfdem2gi9ienffdS tgclast ighf Shout? WvQn,ft11di5lA11dS freQ1if11't glffn' ei la nlest Calpr js H ypre ramganute 5 the eytie . YO ls,vV,1eaSe 1am me gd sto Oblf uen pared uh Wlth dx ' an U k 11 ' Oh yea 1' lu .ml ry' ems 01' :ly dis' bef0rer Ver Y that Ckens-Xhoxv glow am-Ju n0:vR1eaS2- 2, ll 6gaHnSe1-tati e- herb -Sure Peculitl you lllou lm M105 , 2 , . 1' law. g Us Wrlg a writsllexs gr accell Ce to Oxv She? thing of C Cm 1th e-up? Apeach tof h hear hs fun oS W' len hm A 'vv-Whofra S61-5-ander ,cgi L' . du yy Port! W youu Q I . l I h . fe q H' ca rc Y me fi -5- M N ,Q G ii ' n . fy - A L rs Q3 LJ PK BOOM X 'H Nm " Q T Q 5 ' EB KEN Q l o D .xl S1 bg 35' .S ii' 6 n sank E' ll F' ra . an lf 9 I I, I' .I iiigip. 5 3911, HKQQLEEBB B '- ilga 35 qovcu, : U U, W N1 -31, a gyms- -1.-gn Pl!l!QQll!"'fYS5!5!Il! "FL S!1'!l'?l:" Q Laushlkfkllufnzzfai.sUeismhpyl!lLe6o.1.Qd'h alballllllllgg -P 'infos 'fvfu-f ' 7 35 '22 u u an .A an P1 P1 1' F: 52 5 r '-W 22 Za 7 --' as lt. -7 E! li ." D D' ml ll. Q1 '22 ei E' F3 I5 if 33 Fl lp lr l rf rg 29 -2 a' - I si? I gil S2 l il ll V' 'Y"""' f ll ' '13 DOROTHY ALLEN EVELYN BAIRD L f rn e 'I s CLYDE, N. Y. Avis, PA. 71 il W bv Un Dud is the girl who can don any dress, Wfhether she is trudging toward Faculty 'Q any hat, any wrap, and proceed on her way, House with a bundle of mail, or merely Ll -Q looking like a million dollars. VVe used to ambling down the hall with a German book wonder how she did it, but now we know it's under her arm, Evelyn is always smiling. - . 'QI just that Dud has style to the n'th degree. We don't mean at all that she grins a perpet- 2' Vg Besides being stylish, she possesses the ual grin, for hers is the smile of friendliness, -'A' 'g knack of keeping us amused. Who has not which accompanies an even temperament. M! shrieked at Dud's account of a date with But-have you heard. Evelyn shriek forth mg "Wee Willie Winkle?" "Tannenbaum," that great German master- A sql And good-hearted? Innumerable times has piece, well-beloved by our corridor? ,Tis 'Q Dud volunteered to Ex a ripped hem, when here that she shines-veritably shines! For, Q Q55 you were too clumsy to manipulate a needle in perfect German, she shrieks as loud as the 3, QB -to lend her best hat, when she wanted to loudest! K' 'Q wear it herself ! Whether she is radiating friendliness or Q. my Dud is everybodyls friend, and-in our German, we like her a lot. She is Evelyn- SI my opinion-everybody IS mighty lucky. an essential part of third floor, west corridor! Ea H is as RU m..iagi-an -s 'ma use gf as 'haul m 'l V e X- mm A ' fl-law! ML Bull . f d""'3 flaw!! LH U sl Nzfil. Wa 53 1 Us M131 - E W5 Q9 y fl X f LA , an 3? ' ' F as gl wt- I 5 Q nf an 9.1 my -bnwsfil ffsnsxiismms Erwin www nm diana-.. n.shiwDif.,,4MwnWELiE 36 l'msoBlk'sUdznf1'z.".-2:i'sMa1ini'sG'ui5hl:'mG-'umzagllnhlqaniiilhic elmsvwfrs- sump-myMunras'-wwmen! vwpsm-swfrsgpw U8 L ll X ' 2: ' E' an t y B it B R P5 li al 3 Y '-"5 1 A 'I U. sg ey . Q E., 3 gg Nl 'S ig E5 QE ml Q, in U-W is l EE P' pw U' may hh yi Se r GSE , , pa 595 eg W9 if r W is i et U G an gi his WE so Hi as e r r ee D ' i ' ga RUTH BALTIMORE LORENA BARBOUR . H l 53 X ELMIRA, N. Y. SAYRE, PA. ' - " gg UN If we had beenlvery ingenious, we'd have Loretta is the girl who joined ourlranks last -Q put Ruth and A1108 on the same page and September, who hoisted at Bucknell banner had .Q combined their write-ups, because they're HIHIOSVL HS SOOII 35 She 3f1'1'iVQd,'21Hd W110 gath: m B' always together-just the best of palsL ered up her belongings and departed in lad Q Th , - . . F ' . . . 1 . ag, ere s one thing we envy specially about ebruary. Her period of residence ln Elmira .qu I: Ruth-she's got the power of concentration. was brief, but it was long enough so that we Uni at and of studying that so many of us surely came to recognize the peculiarity of her hp lack. There's hardly a day that you don't glggle, the extraordinary taste' 'of those QQ see her in the library intent upon Latin or toastwiches which only she could make, and Ml QQ French or what-not-just as interested as more than these, the good-heartednesswhich QQ 'M can be, and when report cards arrive you was land. still is, we know? an outstanding Film tim may be sLu'e it pays! Ruth's not always ser- characteristic of hers. We wish' her the best 0' W DDQ ious, though. Many's the time 'welve seen luck at Bucknell, and with that wish, cornesa Q her grinning delightedly over something hope that she will remember Elmira, as hm an with Alice-and we were wishing we knew Elmira will remember her. in 'F' the joke. if.: 'Q UU HV S! io 2-lou its 3 I DP .w O X X Y y lg Q 0 Z, up wg lv' 0 il 0 I Qonibvl' Eg v4 : NOT Bl 'U' O D 0 X o K i Y ',- E! gf " 0 ,, , E,Qq6Ws0 -We 'Q K 6 X I yilqlnli-ll,'iU" l"'rrlhl W up A j ' sm - If ge SrfTlt,- A BC In .G gm 52 'V . , , , if n 0:1 EBHIHIQEQIil5!Eii!5i?52'Ql3i52?.4Al!lEBQHLQQEQERWEQ'AWLRZ ' sv '!l'!t"!i"'- Q!!!-"'SPFIQIISZ''!iW!!Il!j"hl9lS!1'3'2":'l:ip2 I Www. MN, 5117137 :si lillflslc 111491: sblnslbnhllslaboaq.Jill-lqlnlllllll -P - .. C3 , 1 . EQ IQ il - zuwj Bl . . UI M A .1 A 1 C9 DD 'f 1: A an Ll . I' in 6 pl un'- gi l'l .I T if 53 fl! .ta gg! I 1 pl If ,es ue' .4 pi in 'l . Y 22 -ii 0 9-1 an gf' gi 68 Q O1 be T 'Q 99 33 Uh ll' li! 35 uv: WI an e i 9. 25 E' VERNA BAXTER MILDRED BELL Q ELMIRA, N. Y. XVAVERLY, N. Y. . F11 A Us The nickname "Sunny" is a very appro- Mid distinguished herself Freshman year li priate one for Verna, because we have dis- by being our class tennis champion, and at Qs eovered that that familiar smile of hers is weren't we proud? But then she had to go Q Qi meffaceable. Even when she was confronted and develop appendicitis, and didn't come -I '3 by irascible merchants and invulnerable secre- back to school for the longest time, so this ei- taries on her little scouting tours for ads, year we're getting acquainted with her all -0' Verna d1dn't lose heart, and' we have reason over again. You only have to gaze upon Mid QQ L. to suspect that that captivating smile of with her fluffy dark hair fgrowing of coursel, : . hers brought us more than one thirteen dollar her good-looking clothes, and her talent for Ia adlv K conversationalizing, to see why it is that so 'I Verna can make us think of most anything many masculines seek her company. But she l1kes with that violin of hers, and when as-yet she just hasnlt been able to 'decidel if be she .puts it aside to lead the orchestra, she Mid has only two failings, and they aren't A'- I instills the same power into her fellow really. One is a gorgeous giggle and the other 1. 11 musicians. is a passion for food. QQ KJ Moreover, Verna cuts a good figure in her pl my wlgite Enickers,don the baseball field-and QI . w at s e canyt o with that ball isn't worth QI YQ doing! . QT, ' ' 9 'lg YQ ' ' I E. :I I - e N E lil ia XWWKUW' K " .. I lT'u -away G! Quai lp " X Bl U Ig N X93 ES 14 x. img. S! U". ' -r?Sl3'lCEa is o xx iii 1 S m.u..s an ' lg, K ' f NN Q f v - I D ,l ll mmm 3 SEX ml BI A all Nl lr- an :P :a'a.e:s'a:asaaazeszaszezsassaauazmiaa:amazetesti 38 i2uq,' fi Co . W p 7 - OWA1 """""1 0.44 hug ON T3 uni. I LU wiv, nqnqvun-gneaqqnypmqpleqvupgoa-mgunqvpgq afgngg luv.-svhfrurfu. t lidolilimlm lf4m1fgl'sl5ltnilhnUlllKInsl-'ogsqldlai-ua' IINULQ as ' 'l 7711-M e 2 Bl ii I1 4 aq 2 7 5- S .- '0 "' I Q lf, 231 0. ' ' . M UI sl U' ' E- II of .0 i--'i 9 il wi ll p1 51 95' ka 62 bu Y vs if Pol ni Q6 al I9 C' un Q9 0' :H is I3 ' -G ll ul . if si DI N . gil Sf: it ll ' - - ' 7 . Y as FAYUNNA BENTLEY SARA BETTINGER if 5: . ALBION, N. Y. c ' K ' n ANDOVER, N. Y. ' - g 'Q Fay requests us not to mention the angelic Sara ,is a born tease-guess wg all know ' QQ countenance reproduced by her picture. Far that! Therels Chris, who can 'give expert gd 'Q be it from us to embarrass the lady-we shall testimony-Chris to whom' Sara has sung .U Z Qi refrain! Besides, she isn't angelic at all. more times than one, "Ida-Sweet As Apple vt Whoever heard of an angel dancing pell- Cid-ahf' And if Sara ever discovers any mi u 'a mellaroundtheurec''roon1,with much celerity part of your past history that you'd much 0 , F 'i plus much giddiness? Whoever heard of an prefer to keep a secret, .well-you may as W 2- angel convulsed in laughter? Whoever heard well give up! Sarals natural instinct to tease Q' of an angel who invited in a whole hungry is just too much.for her. - U, H U.. corridor to help devour a luscious chicken? Sheis a. cute little' imp-"a mere infant, g VVhoever 'saw an angel looking very pretty sheis been called-and though that appella- Q. Q53 with a soft, furry coat bundledi arfound her? t1on.rnayhbe aplpropriatei ln a I senseg it skall 3 A d, 1 t f ll, h he r o an ange wrong w en s e gets ornestlc an ma es ' ?a with gzigecoug redVl1catir?rOf gourse not! It's gorgeous muins, when she gets studious, 11 A. justpayl and pores' over a Psych book, and when she's RI J ' looking out the window, thinking of 75 gl '4Dicka,'l do you s'pose?i .2 A 59 Rl V'N f 71 fl I' U fi Vs 9' 'il ,ff y Defi x 3,57 Isl ga: Q :ar s fi gg . -T N 'lrlesllmen , rvsrfm.. ZA- K ' ". k 'fini 6Ddowm9t:TC lL':xLd':" gf-LL I . ru ' L1 Q55-dm mrr. ,Q 'a . n, In l ef nl QQ ' ' ll .4 'fn l'l ul' nu 31 35359371223135?,E51!W55iZ3iR?3Mi2'4!.!lEEE!522!75E32.792231 we Y ' fo a 0 Q . C5 f Q 9 . n Q 4 .r an 3232152EEEIIESESLEEZMESBLEZZI.s'S222.d5L!7a2L2!.22315uil'a5' if ll an as Q .I fa rf ' I fi Q at E42 0 an '99 it gill 2: pid I V A ,Q eq 5 in I T5 ?5 I ii: 352 if 23 DF 22.5 31 .Hg 5'2- ' in Ss 5,6 9:3 5-' 153 ba Nm D 8 QLEZLZYJ A mm.. -ss I7 S94 MARY HELEN BIRCHARD ELMLRA, N. Y. This is Freckles. She wouldn't like us to but why not revive an old nickname, when it points to a feature which, together with a nose that will turn up, makes Mary Helen so attractive looking. Then, to complete the downfall of man, she has big green eyes fshe swears theylre just like catsi, but ask any of her swain-s what he thinksl. But what is even more refreshin Mar g, Y Helen is never boring. VVhen she's talking, we all sit and marvel at her voice and her manner. When she's not talking, we marvel at her efficiency. Mary Helenican do the Charleston, roast a turkey, or reel OH a "Kate and Pete" all without batting an eyelash. ' crxcuetli flweie.-ww-1. " ALICE BIRKHOLZ ELMLRA, N. Y. VVe have here one of the shining intellectual lights of otu' brilliant class. But do you think that Alice would for one moment admit it? Not she-to hear her talk one might suppose that she dragged D's in every quiz and couldnlt make a sign of a class recitation. For Alice is as modest as-to wax poetical- the proverbial violet. She's a gay person, too, though she is so conscientious about her work. If there's anything at all to be amused at, you can depend on Alice to see the joke and do her share of the giggling. We deeply suspect that this quiet little person has a bright philosophy of life. And oh! She loves the movies! u Fpj-gag- fy PxLxce.Ru-JC 09 - rw-?xXAQ'vXf-L4 D A -1- H- .F11-1-1' ' I . 9 4- H++ R1-+17 i il? 1 l Cd '- "W LEU -Sa-01.0. , H .in+ g++ A .98 E! S in Il si '-5 Fai F5 m B22 an 5: ui W Fi 51 B mi D! iii gl i '22 in gl gd lil Ei! El 5-1 R ru E1 il Cl '75 24 II S I gs il nl I-2 if ,- i 6 . . i H-4 aaaaeraaasslatmaaaiz:sszQ.azuamnrzefazszzzmfeamz- 40 IQIQQIQ' 'QP H if V Q nr In ' ' gasses uw. s2v.a!H't'?.5.E52SL'-25355 ?322.'-?JZeE47n?2.?5'3E32R sitwfg la .l ' . Z' ' W B. Q-lsfggnlggi on A - V J Pl P' A S P.. .- Us i lb '1 sg L G8 I9 mul E vs -...mf a 1 my Q5 l F5 fs -1 'its :Q Ira gi-S .bln Wil .'-PEL' S55 Q f ' 'Wi gli I J me Jo W1 90 will i '- E5 N UP '3 F15 0 4 'V' l ml Q -- . Q: 9' I3 ' l in. MARIAN BLAKE BARBARA BLITZ , l - ,B Lua BATH, N. Y. D OGDENSBURG, N. Y. if 'N Mefienis 50. Cleliet that itis hard to tell 'Ifalk about romance, it's the veryessence of in lilhiikshiis dthlilgklilg Elbout anglthei t1g1l1gS Barb's being. She'll go to the movies, and -v S e 1 es 0 0- U ac 10I15SPea QU ef -an ark upon more space than seat during .1 P , ' Qgg W0RdS, and S0 We do know 21 few thmgs- Flfst those thrilling close-ups at the end of the livql '53 we know' that Marian loves music-witness picture, She'1l daydream one pet little fe- .2 her swelling the chorus oi the orchestre. Then mance thats not pure fancy, yve knOW!'He,S 1 an t0ohfve'ili?loWdthat shes an alrtitdwlthtlglhe get "Big-BBey!' either, although everyone Hee ei 1 , el' 1'e5SeS afe PF00 - 12 34110 . el' ows of a.rb's partiality to blondes. She'll thlflga She 5 H member Of the H9f11"G1'0W1U8' spend hours scribbling off short stories, and Um Bflgade- f . amusing little plays called "What Th-," Egg ibm She IS one of the prettiest members of our thagbld fan- to put Elmu-een Broadway- DE Q class-what W0l1ldI1 t We g1VC to .llilfve fl COIU' But don't get the impression. that the Blitz QQ iw PIGXIOII lllfe hers! And when it comes to is too romantic to be practical, for plucking I faultless dispositlons, and strength of char- enviable marks is her hobby. QE QP acter, Marian has a corner on the market. 'WS EE '-PM as C assnca. gg 1 I ' ag Q 3 me ,Eva c fqmfuf I el wlmlf-It , E: Q -- M ml Pg T ld 5.0 . A f 'lf Xe 'S'-Q-'B .J L'.lflS5'eful siudenl' ii X 9nTlL,- D, -sl N I U Q2 'H' A., gm mr ru If n , u , - . Q , ' U41 '53ras!!29133f5250557il3l575?'.fnlUi2'i1!125.H522255f3572111 41 l Eli' El! -mn BH Qin! . ,xv kms , W' - A-U old 7551 1 vu as va-2' ' is!!!?El9i'i523Z-'?.Y'.ha5sn'i3unlal ua-12, ' 'Wig 17? L JULIA BOYER SILVER SPRINGS, N. Y. Judy has the most unmistakable voice in the world-rich and low and drawling, with a little laughing twist to it, when Judy is amused. And loads of things amuse her. You should just sit back some time and hear her tell about her summers out west or the Indian pageants she works out. And big-hearted-she'd do ,most anything ALTA MAY BRACE ALBION, N. Y. Alta May holds the record for being the most per square inch of any person we know. Wouldst have some evidence of her ver- satility? She is the "all-round" track athlete, but her athletic interests M. Brace every activity sponsored by the god of gymnastics. In fact, whenever Alta May sees any sort of gym f X C5 GU for you, from loaning you her most cherished apparatus about, she puts up the "Home A ,W Q - - - ,, . ' Wo possesslon, to plotting the lights for any play Sweet Home sign and settles down. Q V h AS Q1 youire working on. . , But' her versatility is not limited to-the ff. B' Q Flrlfllly, her 1'00m IS an example of Judy s athletic sphere, for Alta May's artlstic Tj me remarkable decorative sense-and the way ability evidences itself not only in cunning Q she does entertain her friends there! Nuf little booklets about spiders, and in exquisite- B . . . . XB said! ly exact lettering, but in most gorgeous stage U U . will ' C I mf Y settmgs. , I . mg Furthermore, Allta sdartistlc temperament R ' doesnt prevent er iwing right in and mm lQN-a -VUL QQ-Ln Leteo lilff. working harder than anlyzone we know, just aw Som-he-P D SNES and for the asking. GX is lf ff XBNF-'W' nl ff '0, is l i A ID X X -k W Smit... u- L2 '50 Quill Boi F lf.. .Ji f......1 ,t..1e,.I 's , F1 ?""-" A1 -Sul f at 5 haw e Q Yer, frm """1 lu an bear -Game is... 3 X f P3 i - Pa - Q Wm: U I Q M up 90 lil!n15,1l!ju'.13'g'I 9 'J' ws'-me . 0- Q .- u 9 A p 'Ca vanessa ai-suaaifii ,sflawswixvaiv n g a 42 S315 l l T 5 n gl in gl pl -1 at El E3 5.1 lll SB El Sl '2 24 ll 'S 4. I Q 4-Q-M 'v,,7alJiJ4-,,i forv-' , :ilk L fllvil 6 ll l,QlI""Q, Q I5 X ' Q A .F 'l Q ' :gunna u2l:n1"2f.a!!'?.RK'3!2S5..23luZ235'Z9E'!'l?m?i'3Ei'25 5l'lQ 'I 9541 2- 'Zlw . mas Eff- f 3 t' il L i A iiL- ,fowl W 9 Ma Aff rg gg La! ? an. In ii bi SQ U1 3 gl ntl .1 'T '75 23 S ,ml N! rl P' I1 pi kv- 'a at 'ff su ggi Ps! in 0 M u " 'Q- fee QW Cl ,Q li do H 99 D I ' an -I an egg. l'l '44 s ccct t l ll 35 e 5 MARY LOU BRUCE 'EMILY BRUNDAGE, A I ELMIRA, N. Y. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK V 4 lil A slight figure standing a tip-toe on a hill- Who is the brilliant-haired person plough- ll top, silhouetted against a trunk of an over- ing down the hockey Held with mammoth md hanging treeg a hand that gives yours an gasps and desperate lunges? None other than Bm fi understanding squeeze, as you run down the our little Emily, full-back and stubborn de- A Q slope into the arms of the wind. fender on theJunior team. She's full of clever ' W f F A determined person exultmgly chasing a little scoops that bring down upon her the X- , ,1 ball down a muddy hockey-Held-a good wrath of the opposing team and 'no small ' ll Winner, a better loser. praise from her own gang. But then, after one :. A thoughtful person, enjoying German or has sollicited laundering from dorm to'dorm, iq 8 Literature, A tender person-a capable to supplement a generous allowance, en- gl ' 5' person-a someone Whose ideals never thralled credulous audiences with fantastic RQ tu tarnish. 1 - ' D I talesof her adventures, and chortled at sun- 3' m An unobtrusive Egure listening to'v1ol1n dry musicales, one gets used to applause. in I' music or to poetry-or standing in a window Emily has the fight-we unconditionally il :J facing the dying sun, unconscious that its surrender. lingering rays are reflected in her eyes. ' WM E :iz 4 f 3 4 K 35 nl FSQMV 1 7 '43, pr If ' ff ,s. Q dave . Ulf pl i -13 1731 ff wif' ici . ml u ' ' ' li t x fs 3 mtl-Q 5 IJ' if " o 0 X Qual U- It l ofi -,J Q I I X f 9 . Em- .X gre lg f SWL s 0 "' 'un l K If 2. 1: 0 , P IPI' I 9 uf Q W . . , . x a 9:1 5?5!E2I'Ii1!J'Jg5!5525oSi'6l3i525A!V i'r!!.1!L2E!52.3i5f3 STEELE 43 'Q A-., l..s' "4 ' I C- E 7782? P: 'g'! 'Q " t' l lf: ' Q 'ff' S' A A ?5 9: " j""kn is F 3259 an . " 'Ja , .ssl r'l "ff "I 4 fl U u 1' 'P' 1 'Q sei P I 3 . l 'I' ' 1' I ' ' U :E .Alu ,r il' ig 'fin i 2' 'Ls mg .sa- .Q . .Q 55 U Q Qs "ag,- ii '92 is Q U at P' ,ge B J '5 ji ee AT 3 P., te R 5. ergpeaalyva FR IC A 'F B. ho 131 xvqui ys ED E P C 11 N e' e o B U . RM tkflhd ta uS NI U ia Exeppeo gte likgerfd A, RD 5 5:3 fifft 9210 'up toouto -N' GE n is gergelu tliiboffegorggp Y' l as W WVPO wganie th bxv lrires L f in dultt, ga-91-S Besmifjl V. Aut beflg 5 u J Slrelcisles e- st is ndwete Sors .4 'I In Ct. m 6 an Sch d.r C f, as . .Q 3-b Ce 1ouS ff, th d of ertheld as Of b .3 Pa wvaoutthe Ofithgige qlo one-Bun Ist IE-gepeeiu in eg1s go 51- ani, IE, tsfastfe emi! 1505! 3, 3 e . 2: u ' E? atiiriffffi?istidfzfiiiwfs C F1 ld: 'gi2?0nO'5ng buf wfogelliailf' Q7GH3H't SOZAB U' '- U, s I thH,hr0Oc11,aSS, io e I ez P UT ET N, L CU!-1 eaa' fl 11116 cgo-nl e r6Oy0 H ' , ,rt.t IH aln. aqu- puu A H . '. ni 13 svepay .sti g 11 1r qupln j MP C, J 22- 0 " fd' Ekfflngig Fsflfhid ite g AM S3 ' f , 0 o 0 S g T, mg If A KW 5 n Blaygarnllg TvEry3gSgihii'11'Sl2re11tSge B L' 'gg X 1 4 l Clffid 3-M5 yvggeiifoi hm oistt H N LL v, f J r o "RMA ote 0f?libBe 631- Oulhiefe if hY'S 'Y' lv. mf HT ' slszorsaizyta1f2a?Qwi3ff,b:1h110 :ig -, N I X cv UM Q gg Q5 ET33i?352Q?3fT3ii3P31Ca I' I' X C3 ' 64125 bfofhen Sgdhaseswvagoloalobet sfgesl .,. e S 3 Jhafel 6 :heal Iws gyguiakmg, S IT St1v1'datndSchS1t0On. In fx X h1nP1vhsandeAg Q fs A nveog ae e0Ssote 0S,tud S, f - fi .B fkm Her-fffes .s 00 pl S , ' at cfgnofiai J ni-Q css 'ajvreof Thai, to q S te a ly I1 fe ze' . D . nd Otnk' h eng, .9 0- B totgglggaglpg A mm el pai? g ,T S x, Girl ,Q ' .JP ,Q L S- S 12,5 M -6 4- Re - rm? xl. Bm . S. : :ii-a:'Nk?"1 Mlm Lim Bear? Qu fi 51 Q- S-I :W I E. lg, -s' l'I Y , fins Hia. 5:5 niggas, V v Aga, Qmiiuails 2.8! L!!! - 'Q n-.saggy fs. Nh 1:9253 I I'- 7 US! "5 U 'S ,gf FQ' EE-.siEEuR2f1!Z?e'i253E23l?g521iE35E?55YQ??n?t3h?EZE?Kai'i5:Q ld ' nh 2: V L: ge 5-: 23 41 ki ,hu :za Qu in gn UI IF 53 'R 2.- 3: I3 I fe mlm gs -BL' Q ah 91 it 'es lf: DJ' 325 2:2 :E ,Fa UF fd! :S LQ F-'LB N3 is GBE We HES ffjj JEAN CARR SCRANTON, PA. ' "Oh, I think it's perfectly dreadful!" She doesn't really, you know, but dreadful is Jeanis own peculiar word, and she must use it.. And when things a.ren't dreadful, Jean is "crushed," yes 'fsimply crushed,', though why she should be, we can't see, when she has a family that showers her with chocolate creams and sixty ,leven ardent admirers who send her gorgeous orchid and gold corsages and load, her down with specials. Besides, it isnit everyone that can make a dress and bake biscuit, plan a house and administer an income, and still have time to always be the very most fun-if we didnlt know Jean it would be perfectly dreadful! PAULINE CARR V A ' GOUVERNEUR, N. Y. We call her Polly-short for Pollyanna- though she has funny little its of temper that blow over before we realize they've begun. Then shels such a good sport, she'll do anything for you. Well do we remember that famous, rummage sale with Polly pa- tiently sorting shoes in all stages of dilapida- tion, only to have her neat rows in chaos before live minutesc of appraisal had passed. She took it all as a ,good joke and repeated the process. VVhenever we crave movies, bridge or food we yodel for Polly. She's never too busy to-indulge. HLQMJ Qgfw, Oarillrjif Quay A14,J..2l,f79Lp. si...Q.,,-cap,Ya,53f9"4f . r. V .sv HH! :pe li! 5 l as, vm 5 T 5' Y Hwmii N63 ffl' 97 D ga Tennn 'Q WE' 311-uma rifle - . .1,,,- h -- ., 9.311731 J 5 an 12 5 gi QW is Ei W 525 QQ QW pw pi 54 ei EH i me eu if 5' 5 55 sie ai? an ew ea Sie QQ QQ fi em G3 E QQ? B E ROW L25 sem E3 t fl-ei .mr ffl ff .F 1 -: 'IA J ff WI FEKQEHWKQgQ1'sTf3Eij35Z:3E9fi3Qg5Lif'ffilfifilll'Wil1'riliiwgiiifliiifrfgf'f?-few1057553 -W-i,,1ri ,ppiryf -. fy- ,ef i f fs W WL H- 1' N gf .nm ,W -'Le w U,-fggit.53-1141---me qiLeZ,pl,v a., We-wi-., .. 1,5-'3: F1-1, 1: ,-L' 55. 'wwf ,we ,i 1. 'wil yi nw HQ ligand 'SFR i3lL4-2513 E Y'f1:uQX2-3.333 51551 Q4'E:41i ,EMM gg S359 Ln 1 .3 77mf,AlW.1wZ E .17 317' ALBERTA CHESHIRE GARDEN CITY, N. Y. When you first look at Bert, she seems so pretty and petite that you imagine sheis an HELEN CLARK NEWVARK, N. Y. WVe wonder Why it is that everyone grins just a little when Helen announces her firm o . . . . I I4 ornament only-but 11ot Bert! It didn't take 1Ht91'1t10fI of entering the school-teaching q V . Q - ' ' ' ' V f ' ' Th ' ' - W us long to discover her abilityfat running D20 GSSIOU- 6 QI"-Iilh IS, Helen IS SIIC-h H is endowment committees, business managing Pfetfyi IIIIt62LCh6fISl1 Sort of 3 PGTSOII, aIICl -t' Q May Days, acting as chairman of midsemes- ICCFIVFSL S0 YIIHIIY ISUZSIS fI'0II1-AIIII21P0lIS, ,1 ter dances and-stretching the Iris board's ISUP lt!-'Phat 28 Plctufes hel' Playmg an A. funds! Ever since we found her out, she's ellflfely dlffefeflt I'O19- 'Not that She IS11,t an been busylbut yvith a cheerfulnessy a lgve of brilliant !'VVe.needn t go into that. Helen is an a work, which is characteristic of her. Her UnaSSUmITIg 111dIV1dU?I1 who fi09S 3 lot, a1Xd Q I .I high ambitions make for the admiration of us Says Pothmg 21b0lIt It- She IS 01116 l Qf ,QS S .Q its all, and the frankness with which she speaks bQSfL-llked mem-b6TS, and OUI' best WIShC5 S0 Q' be and acts is worthy of her, with her, wvhether she remains resolute as to Af la her intention of becoming a teacher, or il in' r 30 whetheri! ei- IJ ' 1 ,ull 'I Qwmfu I T7 Ss U- ' R s X I I' me Q: -e if sa QQ ty EI -3 EV' .D iihuhms. A1 I I ' A Pe I ' Cer K, ,L Q 1b 3-nw,-, K O N L6 - -I rg vs' gs. SN-.Q is 3usTm gg ' I Macs Scar N-Gi' . M 3. Q ae ' ml' 'xiii g no .. ' Q f I , I 55E5SEEQQQQJ3k3EEE5i52ifX.3'iSi?.i!WQEMLEESQEZGSZS2392212 46 hsilhlksliliavnzfui nbniilbphlllkmiuc 4. .llahlqasbsilk I '!39!"'i'1- EQIP' '9'Fl'l9!!"'f YUUFFIISL' 'NS IB!"-!'lW'?ligg up sm an 62,f,,.7f72f M I 2? 'Hg - 17,10 6 . 1 4 if 7 we is ' .P S PM .- '. C r s l-8 ? il 49 'U' 3 we -...nl 'un an bf' A sv Q' .gl 5, pl UN ,ga an A si Q' hu 'I 0 Y N ai Pol P4 Fl 5: N, 8 Q1 L 6 23 'il as S3 I A ul gil UE 55 553 mu A A O! ' dv 9' , MARY CLARK JULIA COLLINS .T Ln S. VVELLSVILLE, N. Y. ELMIRA N Y ' ' ,fa . t V , . . F I3 Behold-the b10Hde!L11Cky the lady Wl10m Julia laughs most all the time-rand when 6: :g geritlernemprefer, and who receives a multi- she isntlaughing, she, smiles the most infec- I, Ulf? 0 A S' On her report card! Mary can tious smile in the World, until you just canlt' .fa . .J Wf1'Jl3eH1'Y10St VOIUIHIIQUUS Arg bflefsg she can help smiling back at her. Then, too, her blue 1. ' ,Q give uent tlianslatlons of Old EHg11Sl13 she eyes are always as merry as can be, and most '-' .i 3 can launch ,iorth on a current event topic expressive of her mood. .bi ,, y1 1n French with a noticeable absence of errors. To judge from reports, Julia smiles through V fa -She IS dependahleg she is tactful. She is the her work, as well as through her play, and, .- kind of girl who,. with th-ese characteristics, as a result,'comes out most amazingly wvellk 8 3 1l13.lC6Sf the best kind of friend. For conscien- Every time we see her, she isoi-ughina R" tious, well concentrated study, we take of to class or rushing home, or rushing dowrti Di me our his to llgafyd Qlark-the blonde who is town, but we notice that she always arrives bf' fy more an a on e. -and that's a lot more than the t f L Q A h . can Say! res o us IJ Q7 - 4445. -vw v 174 7. Q, 1 ' "' U? 5: uf-'H Lf' 'l 23'EE'fvJ5l"9S in G :S ' 'Q ' l QXM-deg Es we i ' ' ex H' Sm -- T H9 km L 'i f' UQ ga f f IP .gi . . X f IF E' WEL ' ' ' 5: - - f I 2, lf' H L as ,JW cw eemw ' dell I 5 :la I rag-1 'w -Q - nv 1 - Q O f 0 ' A . A, , , 0 5. df ggvgn A any v an -,Mn Q . use -51-3.33 B A A... 4. ...AW msniimaiamwagl qiilglig fe " ffgfygzg. 47 '15!!"i'9-' 9!lYJ"'!7Fl!lP5Y"'f'EBWFUFIP "El!lS!l5l'?lip'l UH gannakslilinfpzfiisblnlhpisfllnGncqgllnglaonllllill if is i rx in ad 3 1" -" 1. UI 4 lil lm 1. I" 5 -7 'S gf V3 ld Q I lil r- -4 E2 Sv hh r' :'e -21 9 g , flu Fl 25 vi as 5' Us I 99 Qi il l Us U! 'Q F-if ,P N 4 ' S3 5? 52 KATHRYN COSS KATHRYN DALY 5 AUBURN, N. Y. ELMIRA N. Y. 'Q an ' Z 'H Whenever we hear any of those good old' Kathryn is one of the best classical students 10 songs about "Mavourneen,l' we are reminded we know. Donyt you remember those fluent L Q9 of Kak Coss. Her black hair, her blue eyes, translations of Latin that she used -to give? Q1 her pretty little nose that turns up just a wee She is an attractive girl-always trim and . . 'gli bit, are the reasons why. The one thing that neat. One glance at her hair, and we sigh 5 M puzzles us is that Kak hasn't.an Irish temper. with envy for we verily believe that she has ." 51 We have never seen her stamp her feet in more than any girl on campus-or off! It an Page, 01' gflash her teeth, or d0 any of the isn'tjust the amount which makes us envious, is tlnngs ivhich We are told are indicative of an though-itss the kind! Kathrynls hair is a U I 5,5 Irish disposition! Instead she has an even lovely shade of brown, and has quite the as 'J temperament, and the sweetest disposition prettiest waves we have ever seen. Q.. QV! one could ask for. And as for that charming Kathryn is- an ideal friend, who goes out of 5, mu little smile of hers, well many have sue- her way to do things for us. She has a Win- A' 5 Cllfilbedl someness which is altogc-:flier hcharming and Q. diiferent-no wonder we i e erl- QI gd cpl I QI is Q as fb ' l , fill I l ll 55 I -I 1 -:Ill f 25 : :::.,55,: ,555-,g a 1: Tb,-5 lg we V45 , C ' 'ho Tok r-wi 5 fi Y I I Q LMS I? f Tflqfu The uesli n pm X. I 'I Q 4--' as '- I .iw aisles? I 5 mmm 5? ,Q 0050, 0 0 as fm Q HQ 5 46 00 0 V ll u m Q- l '0n06,,ou.i-' U 50 e Bl mas I MS gpg- B' 9553335 is 'P'l5?PPfe2TtW525i12eiarf:ar "FfF'f5Tl"I'? .1.:s, - e , ,Pm Marisaaaaasaaaaaataaaaarateaaeesaawfserrata . 48 Tbueaf H22 PWM. Q MZ2 Sl. JANE DANKS LEYVISTOWN, PA. ,, Sarah Jane, her name is, and somehow it seems just right for somebody dear like MILDRED DAUM' p , Y WVEST HAVEN, CONN. Some 'of us call her "Milly-Jo,"A'and some of us call her "Daumie"-butit reall doesn't W Janie. We miss her as much as you might Y 5 Bl guess, but, in a way, we're glad she left- matter, because She malfes -every 0116 Of lls 'S glad for her, of course! For when Janie came tlllllk el: ,ll0t'h0llSe Plellldsf and ,l05e'bufl5, M back with an engagement ring after Christ- and Sllelllell Sllewlsi ln feet, ellyllllllg exqllls' B11 mas vacation, she was so bubbling over with ll5elY lovely ls llke MlllY- , . ,V I A , , ,Q-l happiness, and so.evidently jubilant, that we And .Yee Y 011 IUUSU1 t thmk ,She S Juet ll are sure she Couldnit have studied 34 Speck decorative, much as we do like gust- to sit lvl had She remained. We could never Write around and look at her. The plays she coaches 'U enough about the qualities which are hers. are as Elllslled as ally Pleduetlell Cell be, and tml We can only promise that, this June, when the Pl21yS she acts- in fall not a.wh1t short of ml the Wedding bells ring Out, 128 will be Wish, perfection, for Milly is realistic to the nth la ing her the best of happiness-the kind that degree- jwl she deserves. 51 QM, f Q mah ef ' 3 ip h 1927 sl U , Mfg Q I ii 4 I 75 2 E Eg tg f J O .T J' in ,X 1 eh :Q V -p A i , mxx:',:,. ' A7 el ,Q . I X . I9 51 Nm CU 1 l IllWU2lnllUJQ,uqEi9a01l!'ixgiPQQJWIUSMQKUAQQMQ: lilifhl lla Ling, ul' il! ' A .glr Ising Milind will eel ite nal ew E5 lk , QE EW 'mils' BW' QE DW' 'mi Q 1 HW EEE QU 1 'fe 291735 gjsafaghu, rl: Nga., 'ni 'aid li! 53 l- if-I HF in-vy ul 1 'Ii Lg K-gf' is ,, 7 'Him' HQ 5 0 fig., WE 'Ps 55? 'UI- ivg til ' . 'JB H bs: -ig- mii Sowiz ' i.Stq 5 - .3!lq Fgsiaf, bb 'Wir fwaggg 1 7 4 Q vid q .1 Eiga '- 32 S Eff? 9,1 'Mig : c EQ N '2 if OR Sa lm' twin th IEN L 238513 toe spri SEER? DE .tg sig' d uiilt W tho ug LL LA 1 MQ ters ly alt Ugg-2 'N NE + 5, QQ' O mhox, andfor ts you ' Y- Y N .f 513 Silnav She all ihe SOf rig gi gl ,QQA sus e dge thcomhe P1-in0vefI'sf Qi mm oe br Oes ee es YVOI' gl - an IH 'Q 5351 mas, loead f lonndogoxifl kihe ,but Cy 1. ' Pro eriang eandg evm to oxvlsin N'ght1 Q, glib balfnptl illtnou Cafouentfearnsit' lovorieuy W, F8 Ho anaanoaghtesghtj1ndh16One6c0 e . 434, gsm d sto a o an wn, age 05111 hockbesiglislfonllfd Canal? beieno on- tugo E ETH Q pg Njone tfnlofy Xvffs, Sdregft aokij thgtifglgh wa e ,vthel SCHE EL D 5 j DH Tien ise bent Sth nge S' Shsmi th del-IY 0008 Eq1fiChDb NECT ON wi Q A e- SPO St fe U g0e -.e- II ?Jt IC- ba asi 61 is ne AD E 'n mam rtsmqu nel-Ch es IDIS Ileplec She Whnneon, , yo 131-y' ,Q Y' N Y -" angfjtigg- gihuior Et, Ziff 1-img, ig 'vvigveg seier Ehow ' Y . Q . . U 1 y e . 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WP' o if-J E ' IA., 'Jin ,ul-J u Img Q U an . my, , lg ' ? 4 U Em 5 S' ms' H, LD Sa ,sw W Q1 if 4 gg is O vp AQ are ' ' GG' BQ L vb! D 9 ui Q9 'GMA Wav- gif! :Hua 54 S 0 y , its JW fl F'-fs ,ws mg 2 WEE SQ H8 25 iw 1'-Q1 Q EP Q' . Mg if I -vm WE 'E' 'Iii' HLEE' D ma Wg W mfg 852' gg f wg ' EE RITA ' - S ,- S D T , 93 gftewglsh, ba OUTH SWONBTE lm aer ifome ng, Sc ANSEA LLY ' 96 nd e Or ullxv ufr - ' MA ' ifggbifg yi meajmusi apprary fy, mu Ss, We iny k Q , . Ot ac el' ew n. . h Ita 635.42 if 1 a ff, of ed E1 0 11 da . 4. 'P d 1 an XV fr th a. sh Q! 5 ,.. ,QQ Bas Ot .Y t- Ord Om er - S a In M59-:J my ?fI'0u and of b 11116 S. afa ls V.r0uS g 11,3-d andpepgailli 25331 ang C3-Ili :EitLgQr0?1fi d Mi I RGARE lkin Loom do I1 e,S Vays thin old ls no Dill g is - BUFF T F -'J .A Cha 8 - , oth. ne br. gi fo 0 g h an AL AB .- 4 my n It 2. . ln Ve Im A fth ur er al O, E lv Q Ng wa- ged . d trl g r ful Hd - . fe . b ert N R EL, M' t ltin It ' Oes ,P do' Per Cont Of WS pride -elln est , ea ' Y- ' - J he S 13 ln H t Wvn h en n Co 111 3 f to Se ' wif: ENE Felloo hefo a f mat toxfps if to ew fonvoca her of Miget fhgirl A " Q WSIH r If .unn ter nf ans il f Slt 1 r her M011 S9101 g go e nfl who . P 0 Wln Y a W h eed D th ,ag 115 ast' es m . 0s 4 ls Ja Wm fTh S dv hat our th e J the 11. W lc u 'K Ou alw Www EM e F11 Cobbentvr 'Rit of she Chunior girl 8 hprowech fur t Of WS UH nnie adm? W fivs the Plar1eStmch who 'ave ass-w Fhef life if n S. It h e re d ati ungn on Wistra Jazzil genV!tne thai - 4- . 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ELMIR'-1 N- Y- .,. 52 We have long tried to analyze the secret of Didlft S0mebedy .once say, "And tl1ere'S U Q D0t's charm-and have advanced many Rosemaryathat S for remfembmnce-' Had gl BM theories, none of which has been disproved. Whoevelllt was looked far into the future and ll .Q It may be the unaffected interest in her Feen, our Roselllafyf he would have repeated Ia eyes as slie listens to our tales ef wee- it with emphasis. We are not likely to forget .ell eg It may be the faieaway depth and depth her in a hurry, when we owe to her many. of E, yn in liei. eyes when she gazes Outlet the liills- our truly artisticecreations-our Greenwich BJQ toward Clinton, N. Y., for instance. Vlllase hop, for Instance, and any Soft of QQ It may be the uncomplaining patience drawlflg that We eVe1',1:1eedit0.ha-Ye dlfne' V A 'QQ with which she meets her troubles. Shes an mst all right, but whats more' fe dvpj- gt may be the roguish twinkle in her eye ilsgztsfiilgsd Sport, Stralght though, and the 4 h ' I 1' 1 , h I ever. S FE geffneidziligeltfii lzzrlageii eviliggelge Testi? Her fondness for the arts isn't confined to I1 I "Al-1, te see the bmnelies stiigl drawing either, because shels a student of QI as But how stupid to analyze when Det is poetry and the very latest fiction. Yes, the te gi just Dotl ' ' lfeoet was right. We'l1 not be forgetting you, gl osemary. W .3 ' I 3 .TL my A,4.lbd-a- l q 'fo fl iw ' ig -M ' n .i- 1 i U Q-W5 I - W GEO Q U 14143 Kjfw lil 23 ' lem: Rav-U3 g lvl U cVo'U""L' '-' , l qi LL 1 C X - in i a A x IRI li 4g I sg ug e il in- 'is ' si ' 2 ' 'Tm ' QQ G-lil N 7 . , . - gli .- 54 Nm 9' IP . .. , J A a-:msnsans!av.efzaazezzssaauaafanieesseams?:aria LS.-.af-C2421-av" q7p,,?w,A,4 Q11 Wwe ly' S A CL X e ""L'?'7"'?fl X 9 kf,L1?'? VI X54 "-Y0,"v1 X . l'54fl'l"l- '1 F Tj A -X own in XD f .NWWY 45 an f ' 5'e!"'0NJ ml -' ' -J 'GEMS S3573 .. yu. : QN ELL alll N X if l'31-!w:.1-yt, Y flu 11 ytyw 50 A px.-1,14,Vk - lUliN!Efm mo Fmlvlzxl Ss K NAOMI FORDHAM MADELEINE FRINK V 'A !f"t' N. Y. Q RIQHFIELD SPRINGS, N. Y. Day, 1926, ,528 experienced one lNe 'never could understand how Teddy - thrills of its existence-the acquired a dignified, saintly,Madeline when ,Fw Naomi Fordham as the queen her whole being is rustle,l bustle, fire, and ji ' was ever lovelier, was pep. Why shels so busy expanding items for ' or more gracious. And Hfeekly, chasing up data for debates, and - queen ever loyal subjects! hopping into gym clothes that she'd never - It was a May Day! And the. End time to whisper such a -long name. those of us who know Ted's brimful of new ideas land she makes have seen tight in a them work, tool that keep bursting forth on have come the average of five per second. We did fear' been she'd give out from sheer mental exhaustion, have but' Ted still manages to worry along. VVhen Naomi who puts one is enthusiastically enthusiastic, and good time-our combines the qualities of wit, dancibility, fun, and good looks fthat not even light- Weight champions can resistl-well, why P lf? ' f .11 -, .D worry. 2 V d,,L5,.:a 5 4. Al - ' ' refw vt Tzllfl- Ht' 'em ' ' 'L me it ggyffrz A Q ' , x 4 , -yugo' t X ' M lf' " - 1 r A is Q S 2 ' s f X Tame sl? MH , W5 YB Q wi fM"W2R,, WWF Q. Howifwefasfn ala ,Hi Hfllilkiqli. 13,3 W6 5 QQ U3 945 5: 31 fa ap :J 01 fi QI :ri ai 52 il fu ir?- gf 1:2 A -:I D +32 .S Hplq f3f 54 QQA,-SLAM' 'Of' Ce'-2"'i7"" ,dcbuau fdxuufai w 1 MARTHA FUDGE ELMIR1 N. Y. There is a certain quaintness about Ma1'tha which makes her different from the rest of us ordinary creatures, but when we try to analyze this characteristic, we find that there is nothing certain about it-we can't just put our linger on it. , When We say that Martha is different from the rest of us, we don't mean that she's not human-not at all! But none of us will ever make the perfect housewife Martha will, none of us will ever acquire that air of cheery complacency when Working hard and long, none of us will ever have quite her way of making people comfortable-which makes Martha so charming different. ETHELWYN GIBSON CLYDE, N. Y. Down the hall she runs, her high-heeled pumps tapping the floor rhythmatically, her black bobbed hair flying. And isn't she pretty, with her blue, ,blue eyes, and her pink, pink cheeks? Itls Gibby's giggle, though, that gives her away, for her giggle has become proverbial, especially on third floor! The flock of boy friends is as large as one might imagine, knowing Gibby, but of them all, she bestows most favor upon at certain Irishman named Kelly, who hails from Colgate way! . Gibby may be a giggler, but there is some- thing Inore to her than that, or she wouldn't be so thoroughly liked. The general verdict is "Gibby's a peach!" I 5157! ffewrlwfffr' Wi-fmfs' we QWW QQKGX V KQLJN gm, Qi 1 B' Q E 31 i EQ ll H14 :Q- if gl 5-2 HP , M , A , I UM 5525EEF!'EQ3EiZEii552i23iR?.i!?li221!L?.!.'253'ii355KG55122.22 54 lQl1sQl'l'i'1-1!sQ'!5lQliUUlPQWD'?.'QSUEFQQPSWWFQHQE,QE,BB95"'?l?igf ' " liiiohlkukl new 2.1 i'uUuiinbuUshi"a erase: as Jian eainisimla in gg I M hu 3 so U in- I YW- QM l' I1 51 W za as Jofv"'9 lf! - I . sa xi W E- sa If 5.2 ag I 1 Q , 1. my ll' U1 4: S-H Pg pi in is va 33 'fe an pn ia -EE a W fu mn 61- M 'if' '35 r an N' W, Ill .Ko ,. J 0 0 h UH is f lv? HELEN GORTON ELEANOR' GRAY, V' Ll 5: HORNELL, N. Y. CORNING, N- Y- I ' F31 - ' 0 'Q ' That helpless, irresistably contagious , Elly,-We C2111 he?-Elly Grey- 5iheld0eS11't ' . -Q laugh descending frorn fourth floor is -enough hke lt-not at all-buf We-Vey found that .Q to summon anyone within hearing distance. she s lots of fun to tease- ' , K' , .3- giy Intuitively, we go to room fourteen and Some Of us remember Elly ELS the W111 0 in ' Oh behold !-Hel alternately moaning and gasp- the Wlsp-dressed 111 Soft Cloudy glfay- some 'ii lg ing on the bed, quite incapable of exnlana, of us like to elnnk of Elly as she sits with a 2: K 'Q tions. We glance across the room, where sits hlstery book iff one he-ndf tossing back thslse up Tag innocently -Wondering Why the muon reddish loclcs ol herswith the other-studying Fl Us merrirnenii, when all she said was and hlsfofys qi . course-but, more' Often' gazing 6 , l.U at the repetition, Hel suffersa relapse. out the Wmsiowf And Fhells soffle Of Us never f 0 S ld Hel's such an appreciative audience that no see lfer Without thmkmg , gullible Buy lg", QV! wonder she shines 'in drarnatics. Her Sym- Gray l You ve Pfebebly heafflef thef50C1ety Qu' mg nathy is so nniversal tnat sniting her per, for Gullibles, of which Elly is presldentj ll sonality to the character is as 'easyhas laugh- an? she gesellllves Elle 15011013 7900! Buieu Elhls QQ. A' ing. and you know how easy it is lor Hel to 231331 ggyes er e eafel' to 0':1l' ear S- aug . - gi ima i UWM 'Lina um DW a ' 4 L 35 Ya E. Co., m Al 0-We Wfsp - V L' fsx-X "' ' ' QI me . la 1 , 2? Sf? I-, a f 1 kg fi nt lu EQ Q: C L!! ff FI uh . in IQ - XE h ' , f Z 5 . 4 ' , .g I an gl - 32 ' 5' l'I sf . ., , , 5, n fm i5!'s2f8E2512E!3Ela!e'5E7ilSi.!'3M!WEZQAQSQHSQEEESEQsimian 5 5 ,.,,-fn any 0-2 vu2'!0',q,,,.f - 223352E?l35s2f5l?i'Qke2cnZ52un!sE22r...Si!daYl:a2'2:g5Lil'lf2 Il rn 1 '70 5 Sl 'hi rl hw - llfzcfnf., Elin rr- "L h - e - J ,SL I -' I1 ' 7 i L 3 nl up UC Q lf! E7 il 49 01 :M gi Nl 'S 5.1 'H 'Q gl asm ,Q ,gb D. pd I3 QQ F3 Eau if it if WA 2'9- ii ur' M QQ mi ijjif Us Q5 EG Q'-2' mm mm 953 it 1 M HELEN HANLEY JEAN HARRIS I my CORNING5 N. Y. ELMIRA, N. Y. gg UQ Never mind wondering why we like Heleng How do monopolies occur? Well, someone QW she's called "Honey." Doesn't that mean gains exclusive control over a commodity, md G 3 something? Honey is sweet and irresistibly What has that to do with Jean? To be brief- .U E 'Q attractive. Bees can't live without it. Neither everything-to be s ecific- ood nature. Did og , P g EQ ,gg could our class survive without its "I-Ioneyf, you ever see Jean peeved? Never having had ,E She may not draw "B's" all the time, but much practice, she's very awkward about it. 0 'vm we know she can and does garner "A's." Most of the time 'she's exercising the good ' U13 It may be that she studies. We've often old humor, causing complete forgetfulness of B 8 noticed a wise look in her eyes and have the cruel world. Imagine trying to sell "Hu- eq ig observed that those who talk interestingly, man Behavior" for an exciting love story. Q QM! usually possess well-informed minds. You Jean did. She all but leased the store to In Q may Judge "Honeys" from .the amount of an innocent customer at our Rummage Sale. Rh .qw enjoyment We derive from listening to her And is she a good friend? Ask us another! ' spou . . 5 W3 . rw ig gi UC. D nd mv F5 NZ . as U. px Q Q Q N f 5 m A U22 1 ' D 13 V W I 4 'Q vi 1.9. QUR at X M gg A 1-is-. "' tg o Q. 5 ,, .ag U- 1. i . I gs Six no. ev. .Ba I X Cbowa 0 Webb W --P . We Qefefff .ml QW Wh EA' use.'X'N-tis - xrvikod gl f WR 'FF' eww-V we LYFZ.-CTRHtn.- -.. . 3, Sv" V iv, ll use N as 9 I wmgagvge H 6 - , sl taataaaaarraattaaarrzaaras.arlarnmeszzzwszemir A 56 ' - , X uf 0,1 1 15,6 .31 i U, .SA Dfiiywp KQQ-c 50 fy.:-0. I OLIVE M. HART HORNELL, N. Y. ' Many are the requests which Olive receives i GRACE HARTLEY' . " . YORK, PA. A write-up of Gracie wouldn't be complete 2?wE'i'-251555 - a-drglfaif l Q as she starts for the octagon to ring the bell! unless it began, or ended, or inbluded some- A 'S '5Hey, Olive-give me time to get to class, where in it, the word pretzels. We are going. nw , H1 will you? Don't ring it yet!" But Olive to mention the big box of pretzels usually EQ only smiles good-naturedly, and keeps on found in Gracie's room the first thing, so .3 going! - p that everyone's mind 'will be put at rest, and ' V W ,W Olive is a girl. of Hue character, for she is no one will be disappointed. ' EE honest and conscientious. Her ideals are Gracie is-our idea of cute, and ever since FQ :E worthy ones, and she lives up to them more freshman year we' have all been interested iq 3 than do most of us. She is a good student, in every little thingshe did. ' . and shines particularly in Math-where she When Gracie laughs, you hear her from IQ? tg can solve problems at which the rest of us fourth floor Cowles to the basement-and Q-'J M gaze aghast. Besides all this, she is an active you usually laugh, too! It's contagious! QQ la member of Y.W. For what she is, and what - QQ as she does, Olive deserves our admiration. MQ lj j ? 0 ' s 53 ydweov., ML Q f7 5425 rg i A 'F l els' Ep . y t , - 7+ me ml I 0 55 'E V . Q has Bm Que QT SX . 'wg Qlaiaim - Q' Y eg 'Ib Q oo 'Soo , - U V D K2 QT? JT b ' i 'BQ -gf b ii! fo ,f ll 90 ' ml H' A - nf- l U A mf . 9 9 , P I QQ alms!!EffQblgiigiiwiiigiii?afMi32M,l?E'E5523555333232 57 4521 432315 gaaflhi in ,H ,Ds Pg! .in image 'Wif 's. . , V 2 sf- QAM srl?-su! - , U- ellis ga Q ,D 52 gg 'if Wig gg , 'wif' -2247 iw :D Y 1 Q".-95 C1 'LQ B 3 91 ED g. 7y,,,':.:D ' 0 ' 'XPP Q93 ' ish 5 I A , -,, 45 1 2: 453:35 l Wig X Efgxbj . -- a' Qkifq ' N - C S45 33 gn M A -.Q 'E EQ Y RGA fig Thei-es? W KIN RET turn 6,5 s e ad GSTO HEA Qugg ma aroomet Init N, N LY MN Yvhybe lllld hina it- ' Y. Maat ii thirdani abou Mar q Q ' I1-i T35-, is-I O tak t he gs . N 'Q Msh lt' th H Se 6 a T th lfre - IQ al. , the S h at .Con Se at In Slst 0 Q H1 g s Y er Ind d th Co ak abl E QU Ta'nY eye a'1'Q?eY Om' 011 nd Yes el Q4 h an S1 es. It gh 10 yo . ., W3 wvheY un The Str ' B- abl t, y ok u MA my MH th en are war 5' arange1 lg -he chve lin of Wh- RY E, W at M such-Y m esu Y nd arm Osv dan iz HOB HE Il E mi th arg th ale Cht Soph. blu m- Y ,mn SEH AS K-,ji of ith-ey turnat tiland hatt lsti e a of 0 lgfatrace ever EADS LEY mil WH er for ofte S li ey Ofte he Catednd He r es f to fea ' N. W D. W fam ex n t ter are n a Y en - or arel rom an r, , y wo Q Q a, ,Q QW. ous gm Nvinkary. de war Shar al dig 'y C th eigh 1175 ' I rn co 8 er lsho 1m.P1e le Th eply y on e thvvay nity ons. e 1 13 0, m ,P N. M a Y . Sl S , ' 0 . il asfoiddth es ilgprsucli heacess e bf go E Pam9Spf1'1ti1Whe aryl IBB Y h at Slv es T Ft Of Ok r Ft e- a 11 S . ll er e we, lug Sed hatedly com wo egaricma no 'fed one rl B91 yes-'e E1 one She- heh typ p0s'qld to Hy, cond-eF1ui in 1 ad W ls rt ed lt ev W f lt , P. Ong ID Mar tvhell fam of h 0113911 1 en nork 121' slons sl " ay thgas OXVD Sllefjus- I ers i 'Iliad now nb rob hes ld La ey ?ub01: Wes Cht is af a P ated Ot Me inably 'il gg: lnstalqinwlmaferin WayS?SseSS,manary She QQ J.: T26 gh P00 PYCSQOH ffscri lg- 'fl' "' xp pwilnaijhr unfnt, 6 I Wits' E B0 . ' -Sp er Or Spe - Ich 54 - ul- M9-Lelfrklinsucclunatclally 'I Q- M23 K W E3 HY h ' fr In I EO QQQ Viv, Om awk 'CI and F p x XD , . Msgs Saqfcjhf I 1 Tg iagm Q Gamma Y gA Y W Q - 1 I ,M h h oh :- YN - rg Q Us :- 5"'Th5q5' C: C3 E, 'J 6 I ' E vi, 1? Q7 ,Egan , I" aww, ff, . 4 Q '- . B 5 Ymgfygs 'E gsm E Mmm in dwg digit 'iw L -le 53 Q Agana! gi We in 6,6 n 'N' fik 355129 14 9513 M555 SQL .mmf Wi' 'gwaiw-11 s fsafaif Keisha? .FEEAAEFMJ z.fiEt'ief!.i'aar5v5aHveeY.sE1lalB -PM UB Fil Q 'S E-': Fi? E3 S! lil HE ll 0 Q13 Ng gal .gg 33 on I 5: Sz. U5 an 'fi 5: sqm W3 is 323 gil gp -: fs Y: :Q P2 is 1:2 l n 'Po ad a I I n Q , - , at M- ntdwhiiitglhiihagai maint QQ, 17637 .Muff - -.-.-, .t.'f.'f." :V H nfa2's2fa:r:-L2i:vf::: 531.2351 " '- 425.1 ' ,fel - A 2 N -:rf:a2:':a1-1f:z:1:s-5:22 -1' 1. ff-a..:f, -1- ' ff ' 517: !'1:5f:QfQ5!'5'::-ff. '-' - .-1.-??ffIq2:+..,.,3n:':4. VVS' - -. ,:p-.33 '. 913254. "Y-" an:15.:5'-'-::1:::s:2rw.-f-t:'1 -42-af.-. .,,Lg,g-:,-.95 . " '-A- fa2ri:.:..' , 1 .- ,yi f 1252? 13 -1."".,. "Pl:-zffcvi-:-I 'V C ,QL 1515455 "" ' f f l t ' .rzi-45.112 5 ' ' Q-"ATE 1 "" .if-7 6 j-,425 - , . ,,.. V Vu . , r , - Qin Q. HELEN HOLMES SARA HOWERTH A ORCHARD PARK, N. Y. "VVhat," we asked Helen's roommate, "is a characteristic of Helen?" "Well," said Betty thoughtfully, nshe thinks there's no place like Orchard Park." "What," we asked Betty's rornmate, "is a characteristic of Betty?" "Well," said Helen thoughtfully, "she thinks there's no place like Southampton." "What," We ask you, "do you make of tl'12Lt?,, ' - lVe,Ve concluded that it's just a joke, or else they are both the victims of a home- town complex. But we're sure Helen's home- town must be one quite worthy of being attached to, if all the collegians it produces are funny like Helen, and care-free like Helen, and determined to get what she sets out to get-just like Helen, too. "Hooray for Or- chard Park!" say we. W wvl' f 7 . l it if ' V SHAMOKIN, PA. We're all agreed that Sallyis just the name for her-a person who can be gay one moment and sympathetic or studious the next. Besides, Sally wields a mean paint brush and flourishes a wicked stick of charcoal. Just to see her in a blue smock, her short hair in disarray, her nose tip-tilted, and her blue eyes intent on the easel before her is as pretty a picture as she could paint. The time we wonder what's ,become of Sally is week-ends for she doesn't spend them in our midst. And glad we are that back she comes from a house party here or a house party there, where wide-eyed masculines succumbed to her charms, the same gay, companionable individual-th t's ally. ,- ' 1 . f' QfQx mfbdfw-' fd Q55 H22 N6 4 l f N 5253-af' -P255 gas- mai! get . rf 99? ma lr gl gs 1 E? 49 ,EW r " u it l 1931 2,1735 4 sqrfgavrw-P we sms .rlmvsganlgsa-eagsmgpa! I'tl!m's!1!l2'?l:"fQ a'Qa.,a-wegftalaiimvai a'smseaenH:s!skme:s..:..4dmas.aaia0illilll,Q .fl C , ' AID 'A' sr. ffm :- Q ill gf L1 ki 'La ini 'fm 'S E! M an its ls'-I .3 ft TJ F' s If -3 :fm . :aj an ali JW .,,E,,1 ? N Q was me an S3 Jigga X Bea 3:5651 K 53 Het? v , aa E53 gig ALICE HSIANG MARY HUGHES 'J Q PEKING, CHINA ALBION, N. Y. EH A We of '28 are fortunate in possessing Alice Balls, fans, crowds of people-sounds like QQ as one of our members. We self-consciously some good parties, but these same elements md E Q stiffen with pride when Alice leads in Vespers, are present at baseball games, the former be- .I QQ or charmingly introduces to us a prominent ing twirled by Mary's expert Hngers into gi Eli fellow-countryman of hers. We marvel at her most deceitful curves and tantalizing drops, elk: ease, grace of manner, and sweet shyness that the latter intently watclnng while batter ' 'fl win all to her. No wonder we experienced a after batter slinks back to the bench- I gg, . . , . . . shock when she appeared as a ferocious China- defeated. Thats 1 Mary outwxttlng us 1n 5' man in our Sophomore Speech Ed. plays. baseball. We donlt complain, but she insists iq The mild Alice had disappeared but even on continuing it literally in private life. Q then, her delicious humor betrayed her and It's plain to be seen that she's easy to get DQ Q we breathed a sigh of relief. Alice had not yet along with-always ready to play some prank E511 W left us and we hope she never will. or traipse down to the movies. And when it EQ 1 comes to sports-shels all there. I l ix A as . - I RE U mi?-J 1' . .. UW 63 MBL D0 Eg ' QQ' ceq aff qi E38 ' fi if M S iam is . 'i Q3 -' ,ill 3 A gh QW ill, all ie 552, K a nl EQ S fir. lg We 5: gig A '25 sued ' ! ' Bli'3E,59"?QEA"ilI7"'?l' warfare f'f1'iWE"E al- . an ' ca - A '55 f if 'live 'l Q if f - QE' 5 Q W3 ' Q 'Q Www: Q - Ewnatafafadghe iighlmdkggwgm ?aEQ2 Rmmhgiiggzgi ggdg wil gig 60 r e , -ff w fy- af , 9newesw2"?s:' ,Q EEREEiaiiagmiagzgzilngagia35232124dag!a.simian saga u - nl' ww, QLWG, I1 727' M444 9WMd,5,fy . Il n 4 Q' K 'U-.l 9' If 3 lm 5' 0. A q in 9 , W I5 rm 1. S L. iw '1 as kg- or D W3 I I1 'T Q W 'B H' P3 wh' of 'N hp Ms :e 3 Q 5 9 'Bu AJ lp W' fe' wi 09 ml IF- iq - s Q lv" 1 gl' n ' If rf EES .ll ag ' , o it l ll ? Qi MARJORIE JACOBS MARGARET JELUFE 5 m ' ' rw Q' HEMPSTEAD, N. Y. The fact that Pea has piloted '28 safely Eiwiq In M , , through two years gf storm and stress pro- -Q There-wasnt 2, single other cartoon we claims more loudly than Words' her com- fi Q could think of that would give the essence of peteuce and Charm- I - , I - A sa Mnrgess Character as this one does-because n Pegis competence is exhibited not only in og 731315.15 Marge all Over- She S always, at your the quiet surety with' which she handles In Servrcef Wrth 3' Snnle- There arent rnany difficult situations, but in her poise which ggi 01 People yon can always depend HPOH to Syjrn' convinces us .that Peg knows whereof she yn pathize w1th you and help you out of d1Hi- speaks- - Qi culties as-Marge' can. Orplf you want her to Surely the Hash of her smile and her gy, v on do .anythmg that requuies perserlerance Of cheery "hello" agre'suHicient evidence of her ia . pat1ence or pep, then again Marge IS the per- charm. V g2?m QW! SQH' for what 'She goesfntof sh? goesfnto Do we rightly recall that 'Peg once por- IRQ mt Wrrn nnr Whole heart- It S Marge S amprtron trayed the role of Openmindedness? If so, mm B' F0 do llbfafy Wvofk-but We 11 bet She 11, get an actor more suited to the part could not Egg 5 111 2? fm- gf PCTSOIEI Oliliefflitloilxhargfr 15:4 hfrrre have began discovered, for Peg is Impartiality QE socia we are wor on esi e. a s arge. personi ed. IE H vi , And is she modest-note the below! E Q2 i e J-rvv pm? ra Ovuvh- ' 1 Quo- frlxxirg gr I 'I Sf.-rvneq. if XX TQ y . 1 """' --- v Y :gcc F. D- M V U Q 1 ', 5-2 :GS ' I' ' ears D 0 Ev- - ' 1 fr fi B 'sb mid: lm, :ul W ' XX rgrjyg, Eg K . . U-fm M I -1 I- - Q 'rg IH 1 It 5 gawk, my-Av N , A Q3 Qi Q mm 5 i - lg 55 r , c W 1 L, , V J H QM assess:ze-vaaazeiietrs-:ez:Eza'f.4:.rv1azmrseszaaammama Us XILLKN NQ, 1 fir 5 a 61 - If 1 :V,,,-JL: A . 'fl E' U, ' I 1-4 .J i. .ct I V Af I UQQIIF Q, ggj .Pll!lQQl!5"'39l5!!fl! "ElFlW!"5"'?l? eigafesh cilsirsfalfs s'.sa.sns.unIsk-iss.:-!dl.ga.z-ouaahaalfg' gi? WJ, f'0,,.,a, Illini-- ,, fP,n-,,.s 'CQZWY7,2E! wa 136 F1 gg y 4. B! S fp IQ fp zz lzg '12 E l- Bl! F3 If ii . gg BQ ,Q -4 QQ E- EE 553 as 515 9 D M Qu 4 lm v ,gain Q3 SQ QQ pe. ' s Q and D. -me ug li IQ, Ur as it-2 'MN U' ss t r li Egg HELEN JESSUP LAURA JOHNSON 2,1 m FAmPoRT, N. Y. CARTHAGE, N. Y. -' nfl UQ U4 EW Helen .Jessup-the world's worst movie Droll, languid, with limpid green eyes, mg fiend! Jessup can always tell you just whatls cockleshell ears, and a mop of black, shiny sl ug on Where, and her recommendations as to hail'-J0l1I1 takes the Cake- "Hurry, the be1l'S gh which is best are not to be sniffed at. She's rung!"-this to John deliberately arranging U 1 it an authority, thatis all! her coiffure at eight-five. More urging elieits Q' Hg But lest you think that she thinks of noth- a "We--llf, "VVhat's he say?"-this to John Q' sig ing buthmovie heroes, we may as well tell dleliberatelyd perusing a special grom Chi- UQ you rig t now that Jessup can study when t en an e iying response, " h, I donit REQ she Wants to and that she seems to want to know"-"But how do you do it?"-this to U55 quite frequently. Never, never, shall we for- John deliberately destroying A papers-and 'di get freshman year and the mystical lure that after the usual lapse of time-"Oh, it's,an R QWQ the study of Bible held for her! - easy coursefl "Let us sing No. 158"-this Q. me Besides, Jessup is quite the most amusing to the sleepy girl at the organ. gm .M person wi know, and more than that, she But John's the lsest natured kid you ever QQ iz seems to ave a sense of humor herself. Re- saw, has an extraor inary sense of humor that gl my member her favorite password, "Zeta Rho?" allows the littlest things tocamuse her, and is, Q in short-just "Jo--hn." Drawl that last.l Eg CAA,-'40 .JL Y, 1737 I I 1 gg V K , .hy ,3wfJfz,ffv1L WQQQYW Q- MW, U, p I ,mfs V ga is ' 'A . aw l 1 f sw M IM SQ W' ' Fl A s - 1 - fl f f nw Q W J ff: Q wa 'il 1 ' 4 es xg A lg-E ff -2 gg U35 -f ' f J I 0 -. fig-xi ,ig-1 .J 1, sr gg L l l l E.'nli+. QGaTedoneoev m' he efeeniiwss we-ai-Y: M 2: -2- mm 'P :Q itFZEEEQEESag!5533EiE2E2'St5i5f53ll?AiE9ML9.'i!5222323Gigli? .62 Wi' BW wow. R B . lgiqj lllqcfc' aaresawwa N faarakaeasrlwaeeles Yeas? M!-f7WQif51!lffSibi-lf., 'li 'li awlgigexaai-ad97Q'E'l:B3-Qiigliglfglwblgw fQw12f!vf-7QcfLw-., W, 3, HATSUE KANDA XVAILUHU, MAUI, HANVAIIAN IS. N Think of all the daintiest, loveliest, most exotic things you know all-rolled up into one personality, and you can just begin to appreciate Hatsue. When we first saw her she ff- BLANCHE KEMELHOR - MADISON, N. J. ' . Blanche has that cosmopolitan air which is reminiscent of New York. Her modish clothes, her softly modulated 'voice, her metropolitan air, all seem to have the same New Yorkish savor, which we not only :Sta looked so much like a Japanese doll that we approve, but also enjoy. ' . just looked and looked at her all the time. I Does she, we wonder, glean from the mov- 45 ai But when we discovered that she could dance 165-S116 21tfeI1ClS them quite regularly, we quaint little Japanese dances for us, and klrilow-that kngck of chatting so' easily, witgi mi talk in the most charming manner possible, t at intereste attentive air, punctuate V3.0 our delight knew no bounzils. Three years of occasionally by a smile? BQ knowing 'I-Iatsue, moreover, has convinced Dame Rumor whispers that there are Q53 us that she's just as capable as she is attract- excellent reasons for Blanche's being attached HQ ive and just as attractive as she is capable. to Elmira. If this is the case, we suppose Bw Blanche can't help her affinity, but we think it would be a calamity for her to like it too QM much-we like her air of old New York! 3:53 gg ,. sgtaaagv fs! A 1739 591 , ' ' 'P' , - ns -- QQ - 'R Iaiggf-:I Q, . , 1 , . ig 460 l'uU'1l' If ' "4 K s wmv ., . I sf, sv o' Ill Ii' F '.""'u .- " -. l - I kids o ' 1 ' I j . T32 .. Q O 519119 Q X .ng -' i S QW -Qi l' Q ' X fi - GSQQL ' ' 0 M b i ' - X f .Q X , . has Rum Q in EI WEHQW :.au,af1f :i2qea,Gaavu'Qfv:'v9 ea fifiimarfggn mit 13 f"aP9i1?'H.W ' any as 'ia ,asv as ' lv- vial? ., 51. 'r5"?f gg 'F lil' 24 ' rf j'f'5g.'::,Qs.!' le?Q!,K-Ie':."'5 i'+jrii',il.. -' Y "l ' viii' 'tai' -1' fbi' '14 rli ian 'Au sr. iii: L' 3 Lrb K5r?3 its H UH ei? 5,1 'o Elm Nfl 2223253 if Q I' I ' 1' fm .I rf? F-'Veg - ..fs'I' li? Q wi" F2514 432, L-jf liiffii igffil ES Iakiil FW? i-'QESIQ ea , eil Y' 13' ,Q .r Kr? fiimf Ll at 2' 'fatal 22:5-SLE BEL! may ifllld IE E! N74 1 'Iii ITF' . . 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OWV l great b terested - Hold f - u ' ut the C - all the d When bg Willing, if 551150 of hgfnfi girl tiqatorhlho tllxi Igglfd think 13g2?Seb0r -the gffaishe can B, music and d P you out I', whds all 3' little untries. Neit een brou hraguans C as Our only Wlanclng and lahvhqhas a loways estim lght reading bSzche is her Chg It Up in E' gg While and Wh IS that h .dthlpgs aeSt1I'e.of past ate that there ,efore bed, andolce for a E ml acquainted gixhus a Chine W1thd1-aw figs? acqusigffssent, svitliswlio Prominentze dare Q. D0 mum, 1 Co - et a N e- wok wwf 4 fl Opel mile- But 1ia.t'better effo it least Of all ' r S she is noi 'Q ' If 1 ' 0. s too this 33355 due Sundsrsflfdfqct that to B , Q, I3 cz' M7911 ff reSPe0tfu1 proof of her S In the 11-41 etty S L' - Q UU: '13 5 ly remove Power of pe, S, fimd to Q. lfv dw ' . 'Q l .wk 'bf 37 Chapeauxlsuaslon S' 'av DQMQQU 35555 1 ' ' ?w'ffL F5 N , 9 '- if ' f"4l'9i! M Ol J,zl': flP W u 'A 'f ,A ' 'YW' .N 1-1-LL " , 15 " , lg! il b all I N j 'I mi ' ' l q l , ' s-fx - ,Q ' - 5 Q igggs B2 ' J W m Z f 74 2 33:5 'S 9. 7 9,9 l.l.rnvsV B' Q f ' , ll A""'3l'f' qq W we ok ,.. xc 5 52 If rs., lim' 'AY as - stsnlla!q3Q?,Ei!agg,ixmV . . . 3, 64 A . 'il 'Qs 5Wl's!:"'l' h' - '1- :2 lvl I 8,5 gd ?'WA ' ' l5B!:t'5Ul. 505333 -- , Y F53 UI 4m I In f Q Q H fl ta A+! Y lla f ll A ll' 5 In 'lt 5 at i , 1 I do fl Q' 93 '39 if 1 UA F Q2 ad , n N .J-1 HW SQ QP I 52 55 up an as 33 Ill if' ,ou if 'ln 3' l W lin H' if ' 0 r 3 SU G ,GY W E2 LULU KIN eq S, Theres CCASUNNA l mg al lllgmo, One . Q N, J 1 dl B - zz 3, thxn ' ' 'Q ring L round C g yOu H ian U: glways xguH'begg,w1eS ajger hear a IMOG Fil at Cilgflls or flgts to briilje of c03h3ft's ff1B'0Ife K - ENE KNI gh' fa geteI33E31'.gl1'LElf:3Ya she 'iSL5Eu, Vsfetiverycglg -Qvabnt a dat ELMIRA, N QGHT A .f 4? , - ' -, r - v e - e, . ' - .s. Oolng 15113 . this EE1meS whaeys the If S1165 111 Wim? get yi tonight? K If ,ut Sha mghtly A lu-su hu Shec est of And the pr u 0ne,, Can Im, gpg gg Liiigtiaigszqfnioaais Q5 311213 2550 lime,1,ifJgaki35Z25eP5onIJEf31y' alfiialiflight I' yvhenyslisld' anSHashe,sfnt1rfl1eS Shgiakicking ifigvsll as Xtgpllslies 3123 thingseallropeistilfills gg tl In Class S 111 th- cts like e gym n be so Stud- nn-ecesg ef Pla prmcipl the Pro e' IM She ad and Pul ls mood 3' thfe or on th s 10 50m ary to y' with e to her per mmf gi mlrersp vghoff peobfoo, Lu foyear 01 de affgnd Rosigme anfcflate, Just :That Sugfork gg ' o ey ' V .- yo J r' - Ce H .B Y Sends thi Shoes. sit are hgiodels vglrgheur. See 1D at new V. x X MSCS? has I-Im specialt IOUS ani Ough Im ence of Ei H 80312. fem VeVer I y- - mals C1 my dra 3' . " a' y 00111, mmfs ' everly ws IU - lr She 1 patlbl FOHSC' - ' dogs 9 K' f I 21 ways pre wxth tlientlousn I Iobbidvuu ' -W I . es'-ents, e happyfsiaii ger' X h oe . e re . . QE I f Lg 1,7 3 3 , e gi 6 . U e C j 3 ss EIMLIIC hCq'e"' 7 . :ea Q is VTEN X nz' E 'Md W iw S: W ' W5 C Ci? :L-2' NU Qlllllillmn, :mm sa . , 1.1 V . - ag E' -, . p I ' Ire ll lil 'I ll'-v il' il .iueiifgggzi-uw, A V 11525, 'F ' l ,Q , , si. 1 1 if-Swim army fP-.-91'i-1.- in -amiksliligggzalnlllg u- lm, 1" --ns' - -'ll!ls- ' f ' ""'flil5' - "wmv up fwfk 'why 5. .lsqo-9 c9"'14f 1 g .":5'llJza:a!!g.:'1'l"' -5. 1 fda. n0lllll,'gf's UQ Us EF H' Ja lu! K B: '-' U K S2 F' 'o F: 22 'sm Ii .sg li I-'55 I Pol I, :E 'Ps W ' fs! .Q Yi' i 9 I N wi me D1 '55 '-R 'FE r 2.92 390 IQXIA KOTRBA El We H MIRA, N. Y, ELMA g X CVS ' . Q Q Hmfosgggs 1 ' KING KULLMAN if 1?2 be What isysfllgf C Heard the 1atestSTON, N' Y' it 3 Cau o 1 I1 K . , Elmiriil 52111560116 who has ev yvhwg' iilgust ask Elniggsgvvhyn lf. S all Over - m S 1 - e ate kno ?f Sfme t HS, b t Hess She' 1 3 Y Vxa. And . WS who is 0 an powers of U we had S the one S, is Spanish ngghizftalllly anyone Wfgfd what is "the roof '?g'Su3Si0n to and E0 use all our ml is H gfgthe most Spgmgiiugif tifiil to recjgiizg Zur State of Uaffagi yofgmagine aulgxleaiit was Ha. W as tour Stage, Should e Spaniards ado er more often iSL,t Pe roof Over Conlfsual jim he 0 be H2 any of S 1 V911 be so fommm' gn less pfovocat- - eople have be QS- my E5 Wifjoi b133sii?Si:izz15i1gn?i5 '?Z3riZEafH.d3315ii1Ei1:: Bl Q 'all que ' ' t . III , ' accounfnfwel' them, A3131-ls igfjm the irc? glltcirmg- Infoilfatgew mlllutes sheys b EJ with 01' the fact th W Ich d06s H 0 ogy, Histo O9 guaranteed - usy -' out des e at S lv' ' Ot Lan ,ry Qchrlst 111 Ps - S .gl P Fate atte Y la s fun guages QW 1 A 1311 trees . Y D Qu mpts. ny ogy Cstudy ine aefoulbeing Specigjgecxaltyy, la F. qshe even teache avlorp, Speech Ed SOCEOI- iv . Q bookle OS the F ucatwn , G t sent on acultyj C CQ an A . request- - Omplete si ' in I WI T hgjgw f . ' gp M ffvnwe - Q., PM gjjfnj-3,H'3 Wy V , , .. , A m' gi n f I U- Qi I W 10. I ,. ' D -4 - L: H5 - v T IX , in f MM ' XM, VQML fam Q M make '9'?'m pn 3-1: Svjmi, H MH 'nwyhm O . tam ' 'W bww W5 me , M wmv. . W ml 2:2 IP i F Pam . R4hamsawasfawgmguMW, ' ' ' 5 ' Y A ffl! 'mm 5.,A.,.,.asaezzsa:z'2s:e:asm Img I ' Q V ' Q Q r In 525252E5'i7iT23.!'2ali?L'l3!2li?.3ls2':2E!3l'1155Q'3'a33E!S'Z?i2i35biitfg i2f17J0 -,. ifgmfsfd II ' Z' Bl -g K ., ' ll 3 4 E' I .. PJ If ll I W -r na ' l ll 4 'T pl Q " an .sm LI 'nv 'am Hi 5 .. I W sf -.Q B. gig 5' 1 Q Q ki rf' hu I 99" sg if 0 . Q ml it ad lp 'H 1 'iw 99' 13 sl mf 3' 25 uf l . gig S-if tt? sa e e . ir IJ VIRGINIA LATTIN GERTRUDE LAYCOCK. " L Q B: ALBION, N. Y. ,JAMEs'rowN, N. Y. EA . . . , ' . A . 9 Un Virginia s one person NVl1O-l1V6S up to her Long ago-let's see, guess it was Freshman A? -Q name.. She has the gentle voice of our South- year-we heard Gert sing in -that appropriate- 3 A -Q ern friends, and our one desire-their calm- ly named cottage Hope, and vowed then we'd Q ga ness. Will you ever forget Sophomore year hear her again and give others the chance. 34' 'Q with Ginny bravely marching past hordes Gert's so shy, she'd hide beneath a stone I: of freshmen, the class banner snug about her with the original violet if. we didn't use force .'m 01 waist, pursuing her sedate way to the library at times. This isn't always the 'case. Some- his there to pretendto study while really desiring how we fail to ernploy weighty arguments Q' to laugh at the foolish frosh? Never was the to inveigle her into playing bridge-wild U'Q banner in safer hands. Ginny bore it away horses much less lessons couldn't drag her IJ with the unmoved countenance of an early away. And when it comes' to seeking her r AVI Roman in the arena. She combines calm confidence Gert's a treasure. She's the best Q M! dignity with stern stoicism. Isn't that living little gloom dispeller we know. 'Q her name? And is she our prima donna? ' X ua gp - Rib. N, 1513i RU 'fs - A I 35 S5 I ' - 1 ,.... 1 7 fdidlflixhfi-ij gy B Pi.: we JL Q f Wi mg v had 'QQ -. , H f7La,, , I 0' . UN t.. 45'f I . Whse Curl spam? asap Ili. A J p 1 qe,.....,'an, gg lg lx, .lm 2 I - EQ Dig il X I ooo. v ii:-is "ca ' I il gb hen. osx.-16 '.nn'e - ' - 52 ll ra Lluwa,-1 lla-0 30 4 1- 2. M QQ itiii iiiiliiiiliih ? JE29.!52'25222?5EZEi'2Z.tE 67 angina List 3 . in QM R gsikwiweing mga I Q.-. lohnaq,.u . ll as 'Qm"557F5q- ng - vg ,' ' 1 1 , Q , ., 0Q'Q5,,mQ ' ' , I., T3 " . . L"fpQ 'sl kl'g jf' nn ww, 69,24 ml, ?' W E A W 1 3,1 dw TT Y me 7 f ,,' , is A x V-I wa I 7 LO Lf: K g"Qm""4 5 i ' ' A mfs :Y l i 1 1 3551 ? ' F: S Q3 UI ' Q- 5- F' as gi big C 1 5712 -uv' 4' la sg 'F za 212 pgs, :Q 3? Ei H M ra 915 + Q- 51? E vi 33 sf: 53 J c In mg HRISTINE LEHLE 'F an The EI, ANGOLA: N, Y Y . 3 3 Ehris WZ! tging that We - , JOSE is .42 Hd the de lat adorabl eVe1' poticed I PHINE L r sq, filqn-ess h GP brown S Smlle f about TUNKHA EWI5 m gg hpsl fir merr' eyes wh- 0 hers- A f-1. ' NNQCK L ei Chris i lrnent ev 1011 See h y1ng,hai , PA. I yn attractive 'S what we im more tham to Ockey Held red girl Taci q .fd resged lndlvidual W Ollld can n her Court-th , or dashin ng d0yvn vi does 11 n the Ver 1 , and sh ' a m0st workin he athletic J g around a muddy ,'1 ?5 an 1113.6 rage? -fates? modeseei Zlkvatys in theglrjctically 3' t0uS1eiLh3as1Ttb3,11 as In 'd Ve 1?111e1-lu cu ty of b .eu if Sh Smooth-h .S l'0om- h Hg paste Ire. girl, 9 313 ffomsihi 332123 tfiigsg Zfok aizid Q1leguingufnesggiflgtmes ze I1 v 1 I1 ' 3. 31 ' O' ug UUE?Ssiogffrau?'aE3fagig5heffte31gSge. looks Pfliiighggei lgglgglge, 23333223 gvefi mi 4 E11 f 1 C q- ' gi or any of Ehlffgifgd diipzgl ifggeiiarily i?11aJggt-1hruE'f,1 eiffsfugg' ai . O' A ost I att . U lre . I3 4.4.1, 'QB fezf of lauizi 22' P. JO than , Eogether 11,-the jon Q I Q L11 S 5 go d go to mak y D if ffwff QL'Ja'Y1ffff wpeqnq Q Sport- WP at .Q U, im -Q-+1 er L2 ' L' 3 ' el L' Q ' me ,Furry 2 'Q 1? 4.5, U2 D 5 -x gfjggq,-, S' 52 x 0 ' ' rf 3:0 i Elm- ima PM QP' .Q Q ,M wp? u I b ii'-, LA' Z mfg cj.. 5 lm HI 5 mm .H XI l Q Q N555 99 I gl j. D I-:Tm-A-A V -F-- ll In If aww waBag2:?lgA2?HWE?Q5wmF 9 g' fmQ?.3WiEmgkgAq,,5' es A ln f new L htm ' My If ' w Q ' 4 Qtr 1 all g ' 5953233EEi.?a123,!"2.'H.'2'E2gBtEZ:EasE2E.EEHQ?a2'tHieEhfT's wats?-1 IB wr . 77vw. A ' - 771,414 . ' i fe, fi - . . , in 'l 7 3 J an f 7711-7 may C E1 in P ta gg IQ rp 2-'Q lm I7 l bl W, uw -sg ul' it '22 5 5, .. il ,G gn . Fm me 'E QM? A fig vs me 53 Se 1-'e at ' Fl F5 453 eg we 5-Q 'Q ami E2 23 at at ge me E? QT S3 W ew nm " Q? lil JEANETTE LOSIE FLORENCE LOUPE - 5' gg gg ELMIRA, N, Y, KINGSPORT, TENN: ' X I' Eg , I 13,6 'Q Jeanette .was the first member of '28 to A D0 you remember how, 011 memy 3 Dlgrrt QQ show us a diamond on the fourth finger of her when we were making more mise than IS .3 left hand. You never can trust these Home elellfeble after ferr 0 Clock, Fi0I'ef1Ce appeared: Qu Ec individuals, can you? We understand, lqokme outrageously Pretty m Cher, Pmk .2556 'Nb now, why Je-anette's interest ini uddin s, klmona? She uttered 9' friendly 'Shi i and GEN' ,M P g . lm and salads, and all the other kinds of food md her best to 100k-Very Sffefll, but all the 0.5, was so great! V timezhthere was the tiniest sign of a smile on hw Jeanette's letters which arrive every day, herl1PS, We 1i0l51Cedl 1 ' ' I Wim QQ and the specials which come on Sunday, Florence fmakes an 'deal house Presldellt- aj 9,5 are enough to keep her busy the whole week She Hlilrfflges to keeP QS felrly Cluietdwithorlli mg long, and yet she seems to End time to do a em3eg0r115m8 US the Sgggitesf bg-and ihat, e ' t th th' . W d h V we regre to say, is a '1 cu t t ing to o! . T DDE glIiZamz3112ZZs'!0 er mgs e won er on She is a likable .girl, with original ideas, EE iw We7Ve hem-d all about this house that and strong convictwnsfa glrl attractive in mg Jeanette is furnishing for-What'course is it? Persomlllty, as well HS m eppeerimee- QUE WJ f-but It seems to us that particular stress 'Lg IS put on the Hall! gm ' A M' ' M ff ww pg QM-wif 1 Q2 x V NJ J in D 1 fd Fa U . fm . 55 , F77 ods 1? V A 'Thg Igslbehr. nf V 1 ' I N QQ sense il, gg X50 U RQ' rpg pak' N if J ii-577 B. Sli C fm ln. V ,W an H . - , g , I ,lvh U39 ii352258EQQUIQELEESQQEEEZESSEEAQWHEQAEMEESQEKEEES292222 ' 69 tw f7s3 -... 1 . Q Q . I' C 523752 Fi'i'E1'i2L?-?.'i3h!23l2EXlnE!252f:2Y!7l5L?n2?'2a55515 ll ' 53555 H -ff, .Sao-..,.,g,,,l43E! I1 41 Q- S ff I. .. 'f U5 ? sg lk C ' gl fl -.e gg gs qs gg! I1 fl 9' If QA' ka ai' hm f' - W ai 33 n 68 as :F 59 if we qi 2:3 Em gm l'l uv Ml 0 8 o ga ll , v U5 5 E WENDY LUTZHOFF ELIZABETH LYMAY gm JAMESTOYVN, N. Y. BATAVIA, N, Y, 1 gg 4 In Vyere we a poetic soul, we would write of If We called Betty big-hearted, sheld an fairies and stolen kisses and moonlight when robabl crimson beautifull vociferousl 5 P Y Y, Y I G3 we started on WVendy, for she seems to be. the aver that we were stringing her, and conclude an fe very essence of all the delightfully fanciful. by murdering us-should we have lingered. Q ,I But since we are a prosaic, scowling very- But when a person's always driving awa Q E , . . Y . ' 1 much person, we ll dissect her-if that's poss- our blues, straightening our knotty transla- 6 s . . , E lble. Wendy IS most unstereotyped and incone tions, lendin clothes, or tootinff downtown QQ ,ya , , 8 D 1 , we sistent. You d never guess the firmness she what would you call her? And Betty s that ' can suddenly display, completely shatterin erson. Her big-heartedness is habitual. 5 Q , g P , c . X ea all theories of softness. But this much deter- And yet, she won't be trampled on. No sir, 'Ii Avi mination is flavored by a gracious surrender she sticks up for her rights. YVith her opening DQ Q that IS most charmlng. -' I sentences of wrath, you have completely R0 D, X Has 'Q8 ever thrown a party without a disappeared through a tiny crack in the floor. A Bd dance from YVendy? From May Day to Even so, we wouldn't have her changed. ill Q8 Christmas, VVendy's been Pavlowa. minus g , Sl QJ the temperament. And speaking of tempera- . 5 51 Q, Qu ment, ask Emily if we speak truly. X 0 ' " lp I ? V D. H ' x ' I' iq 35 5,1 'cl-alive uf.tnC.'W1w-EN Q MA, i ' E, 1 t ' . m QA at Q 1 it 4' I . Q-LQ . - ff N. A Q '- ' c FQ P 62 X O M 1 U Qi , D - CDI 3 fill- 9' 45597 fax, . -X ' 0 6- 4 QL' u ' nl W f f , 5' I-W lt ' S rbmfsabi P HC 'V " -rex l-lakh was ', - I ' Xl Ih jj I X 3LNLE-. l . 3, tr me Q ek X A E , ,i wr' 5 . Dun I' W- , I , , , an . , I , .Q as.asmsmaztrazaasrasssw-f.aviazmiaaszzwsxeaims. '70 - F 9: 1: 27: :S lu! wg 2:5 :Qi 'Q I-E In gf I5 5 In 'io D B2 NU on 1 +fyffu.Qtwf '71'7 MARION MCELHANEY CAMDEN, N. J. "Got a tomahawkfw It was Marion, look- ing for properties for her Speech Ed play! Poor girl-what did she know about fastening Indian's blankets, and putting the old chiefs KATHERINE MCEWEN Vj LEROY,N.Y. " r AVVCSTC going to give Kathy a doubly won- denful write-up-if that's possible-because we know she's going to be "-'furiousu about this cartoon. Kathyis a wonderful girl, and her disposition-well, she needs a. good one M ,,.., sql F56 LU! sir v x headdress at exactly the right angle on his PWW' head? But she did it as well as she could- to withstand the illimitable teasing to which new and that is characteristic of Marion, no sheas subjected. The "needs" gives the wrong - QQ matter what she is doing. We know her to be a, impression. Donit think Kathy' has a bad ' Fw girl of jolly disposition, of' strong purpose, of disposition-far from it. She's so full of good 5 ' 3 sincere ideals. If she realizes her ambition to humor that she's -frequently the victim of become axmissionary in lands far distant, ten hysteria and noise penalties. And as for play- gl to one she will be as much appreciated there, ing practical jokes-the corridor's never safe Q., as she is here. when Kathyis left without a chaperone! ' 1 ll 3-'L...,L. in --sg EBS' Y? ' - . X -vw-up-s.:f f Y "' Y 4,01 'W N tfixgz... LJ A . OOl we x f-J" L qheqe Ani - ' Nlehnw. , WTA 0 B . H , 5 ho Claus '- buT l'7Av6. 1 A 'Swif lame 33 X D l fwfh itF!QE!'2?.?J35ZEii!?e5?3i?23iBi?L45!7 ?:?.'A!L2'E! ' . -25435 135151 1797 190' W 261 ffm! -Q H-v?JV!ffK" AM-1.4, flfwffh- Z,-MZ.. if-Ja MARY MCGEE WARSAW, N. Y. Talk about Irish wit-Mary not only has it, she is it! Many a person who fell for Mary's ESTHER MCKERR CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. 'When it comes to brain power, Esther's right there, and the surest evidence is pre- in Q innocent, unsophisticated face, has been sadly sented in Arg class! When we hear her sweep- sr: 3:3 disillusioned, only to find a girl much clever- ing arguments about the dark White race, or 'ag OE er, and much more interesting than he had conditions in Mexico, we look back upon our Ea lim previously imagined. Don't you know how own few feeble arguments with shame and ai, Q . D 'qg Mary's eyes twlnkle and her Irish smile Inisgiving! hi! flashes, as she begins the tale oflthe six little Esther is always absolutely immaculate, nd McGees? We could never do justicelto Mary's and the appearance which she presents is one U.U SPOI1t3I1e0l1S Wit, to U16 pretty PICWFQ She of unobtrusive self confidence. Furthermore as If makes, as she starts down town, to the friend- her sense of humor is undeniablcfsince she rm tk! hness which Mary offers everyone. Butthen, has been known to drive -her car into hay- mg PQ why try? She speaks for herself! stacks, stopping only to dodge around barn iw corners! Q. mv mg vi Em SQ an pp Q, Lmie M-mee gg gpg -'fa To E-95'-'Q 11- 'fo H Q. f f ga -D Q is Q , -Q -, Q QI P Q em U Q1 h E ' B 5, l be Q .2 we ,mn A . 2 5 ml I 1 I mfg L - s..- - 1 , ,- 'i H is ll its 'P' 'Bl 3' , , . V W , I , sell areas-riaaaaars2aaarieaes.swinaxiaeszazwm:emma ' '72 33 IE bf'-3 sig Fw 3:53 'E is is ,E Tea ILE 23 Q1 IE LQ '52 1 '15 U U. MAURITA MCPHERSON CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. . Early in freshman year '28 decided that Maurita McPherson was much too large a name for such a small person to possess- and the cottage of Dwight thereupon christ- ened her "Illy." VVhy? Wle won't tell! But now we've discovered that perhaps we were wrong-maybe the size of her name is meant to designate the size of her heart. If thatls the case, then her name's not big enough! For Illy's the sort of a person who will probably spend her whole life doing things for others. VVhen she's not here supplying a hungry corridor with apples or vaporubing some- body's dreadful cold, sheis at the Neighbor- hood House making all the children happy. Sl16,S a peach-our Illy. Www UW 'Q 1 7, I7 vo ,W ff, ALBERTA MARTIN ,f HUNTINGTON, N. Y. ' ' Sometimes, looking at Bert, asgshe dashes about, her dark eyes all a-sparkle and her dark curly hair framing the' most cherubic features we've ever witnessed, sometimes then, it seems as though such a very tiny and such a very dainty creature couldn't accomplish half the things Bert does. But when one discovers that she can'study hard and play hard and talk interestingly and write lots of letters' to a certain ,university- well, it doesn't leave much doubt as to her obvious versatility, you must admit. She's little, but oh my! f0o,ta.efL -Qlflmlf M-2-79-v,17,yg ig, ll-levee QD ' Elgzgqiis, " f 75-T r Jil i U' Ni is im all S3 QE S231 El wi? E25 S31 em UF' me mil will ca H Fr nl 52 .rr fry B1 agg SSRQESISEQLWQ3?gEi:E?l?'Q2'G2SiiB?.2itB52212125225Bikinis si Ewa.. ' vs 9622 s,.., E233E'2Et123L'EWL'E!2lL25!6E2l2Z'!!l'47i5l.'322EB251iliQ I2 771- AIM mi 1 fp.. F - - an an V2 A Ya M Ii' M 'E M S ri? 252 'za hu 138 9,529 QJBB Gif? We MQ gs wg MQ QED 53 B . 15 5 333 HW U3 if UE ir? ma 51,9 F123 an fi gi San fi 5: ri gf I-' -1 Q5 Q3 Qs -2 770m I RUTH NIARTIN ELMIRA, N. Y. Almost any very nice afternoon you can meet Ruth tripping downtownward, and Cwe're pretty surel movieward. Yep! Ruthls a movie fan, and just about clever enough to make a success of acting in them herself. :Maybe you'll say weire prejudiced in favor of a tall, willowy blonde with sea gray eyes that look at you, and through you and beyond you. Who wouldn't be prejudiced in favor of a person that's nice enough to make all of us wish we were one of her very best friends. ' EVELYN MATHEWS ORISKANY FALLS, N. Y. "Hungry? You can get apples in 38 Cowles -a slip of 'paper .in the elevator informs us. When we trail around there Cfor of course we are hungryj we get a few interesting side lights on Evelyn, too. Firstly, we're impressed by her cleverness, for she is creating 'a stunning dress-as though set-in sleeves and pleatediskirts were simple. Again, Evelyn's philosophizing. She-'s likely to conclude that the wor1d's a funny place, and she its funniest inhabitant. Weive never Shelll make a very charming leading lady for , , l someone-someday. caught her in this particular role, but we know that Evelyn's long suit is mothering. Anything that needs taking care of could do no better than to have Evelyn do the taking care. V Fwy: LES Rexx, O ,X , Q " M .d L l lf 'VW' NOW, X x ll Qhn RYE l X Yew' uwq ' fbYlES X fw.9-v,f7 Q, L -13 in F.-1 'R 1 Sm -7 gi ul Q31 Q1 B3 ES Fl 'Ti 53 un. i F3 551 3-'F 5 1 sf: -1 S5 -A 57: 52 E 33 QI XI qi 'S Sp 22 Il 'S I Qu ,S I I pl 52 ar I Q40-Af ,- ' 3 - wr ' - , .i , EH' V , ' - , D 1 :ameri:avamerzas:ex:sszs.a tlfszagifgiagwgia '74 f n . . MW F131 "I-,Q H 5 i ff, ,,,,,-S' FQ 52.-ulE5u.12f,.!Z2g'i?.k.E2W25'5!.ESEEZYQQQELEEEIEELESW2 EE FE P 'F ki 'S 92:2 ESA gl '32 .hu :xg Ph .2 -:P he 93 I . U gt! 32 I3 I .ie ni U D I os IB F fi up IJ wg ffm gps 'i Ee if ii? P-U gf fa! 5 1 la D B2 Irv D I ELEANOR MEAD YORKTONVN HEIGHTS, N. Y. -Burr-the whistle. Meadsey tips the ball to her forwards-they connect-a basket, Guess this college couldn't get along without Meadsey and as for '28, we know! Why be- sides, basketball, Meadsey 's our greatest adornment on the tennis courts. It's too bad she can't be pulled in for fast driving and give us poor mortals a chance to crawl along. But then, sheld console herself making Silver Bay sandwiches. It's such a habit now, we doubt if she even stops in her sleep. But even should she cease inventing sandwiches, Meadsey'd still be around to cheer us up- bless her. 'WBTTH Men Q. SOPHIA MICHAELIDOU f OLD PHARERON, GREECE ' Sophia-came to .us this year all -,the way from'Greece, and since we've alpvays read about that country as a happy combination of Eden and Cathay, we envy her for having known a land beautiful as flowers in the springtime, a land that slopes down to a sea enchantingly blue as sapphireg a land where the sun shines constantly until everything is bathed in goldg above all, a 'land whose history makes it a constant inspiration 'to a person whose appreciation of truly fine things is as keen as we know Sophiafs to be. ,2 '13 lm! 'll I E 12 S Q M is pi! pi ,QU fl el W W an at at Wg gal W H rm H wi' VD 0 Q an MW 33 ggi at aa f'm""" 53 is , QQ mm Eli ml! mu uw new . argl nl nhl 2.1 fl fi? 5,4 Li E5 gm . 2 ki SB U6 IB Si 2 22 e I id Q pa ii a B! QU as ia as Q!! U. I t i ole Rtfgqml WK gf-Y fx My E3 me En HP QI 3-E ii 5301 Rua? jam, . ., ur-.'I1xYm 1 .QU-Um. WMA- . as , FLORINE MILLER MARGARET MILLIGAN JAMESTOWN, N. Y. LOWVXLLE, N. Y. Her middle name is Genevieve, bless her "Ma" first came to our attention Freshman heart-but she can,t help it. Florine is a year when we heard that she was a crack wq veritable live wire, just tingling with college riflewoman-hit the bull's eye every time! Q. 3251923 spirit. And, although we've never seen her demon- gl 'gg It may be on the court, hopping around strate her prowess in that particular line, she qi. Es after her baffled forward. It may be con- has stayed in our attention, because she hits QS' has iam? vincing you that you must try a "lettuce the bull's eye here in college-with a bang! ,KW with Russian' dressingf though you've just Ma is the original good sport, with a heart I Wig downed a voluminous order from Browns. almost as big as herself. She's specially keen M gtg Any time you get bored, just come to room about a good game of bridge, a good hunk 38 and listen to Florine ooze vivid verbs. of chocolate, or a good production on the r' DAVE Whether she raves about camp last summer silver screen. VVe cannot understand how Ma 3 gill or about History class, Florine upholds her ever assimilates anything in class, because theory that the verb will soon hold the most every time we see her she's writing letters. is colorful place in the English type sentence. To whom?-well-not to her girl friends. gn ' wi , Ulu! git NM' 55 gg, Qawl 9,26-a3,'737 ,gg -Al - s.Lv 5 Ifmweee, 7Qx0.GS Q H9Tucc'?-.nndmclsg End OTRQQ 'Th-H165 1 95511 'Q l as L: A CJ - iii FEW " ,TW J flex Di as .4 .- . . ' , s mtg :ict C.AcK- ,q.. we we 9 am ' 'l Cn gp " Wand nude. Q QE L . milk t gl he f aM-Cha ll i F' 'fl' fn Q G 'Q mm F' - f- 0 . G , . U-1 '76 'LE iv 49 A . tj. , geiqfjyx .SPT .1 g 4 F3 D. 4. se sm- :- o Y J' J e if sd W Q 171 1, A M .fm fi ,557 :Q -if sig! Mil gl '-'T sei 31? :Sv BW B 1 .EU bn 553 ll . 25 4 .T iii, . na HELEN MILLS DORIS MORLEY , X 'I HORSEHEADS, N. Y. K JAMESTOWN, N. Y. .V . F- 45-V 'lg Helen's the sort of person' we appreciate D0,S"EHSt6 in Literature falld i't'S really 3- I on dreary days. It's not only the genuine sizable bitej ranges from things deep and as Warmth of her smile, but the blue of her eyes scholarly to the short short ,stories which she .3 and the gold of her hair that reminds us of periodically peruses and with which she 'Q spring skies and sunshine. Should you inquire proceeds to regale her little friends. ,E why aforesaid, hair has not been BOBBED, But do you think Do'-s going to let you we would advise ,you not to press the matter, kT10W that Sheis really Very iI1'C6li6Ci11lal, with .Q Q: i J' as Helen hears rather too much about that a mind Just full of classical literature-or that U. subject. she can play the piano in a way that makes 9 'la Helen's sunny disposition has a good found- YOU Willlil to Sit and dream? tx' ation, too. For is she not doing her bit to help Oh T103 She Stfous' for' Should We 53-Y Q those less fortunate than herself ? Should you ustfutsvi t111'011gh life with 3 I10f1ChaifII1il, Sw Da investigate her activities in the Student Vol- Cfflnit-be-lD0fi161'6d air that Cl0eSn't fool a hm. unteer Movlement and her participation in its Single Person E110 is HTG'-lfliflted with the EC various con erences, your answer must needs C CVC? P91'S0I1 W 0 is real y DO. ' 'D IJ be Yes. . 35 53 L 23 ra New once M1 41 o " ,nn sg fry X in m 1 Q . ' " L LII ' fy E any 0 ' za v 'Q 15 BU' 'S xiii i if - Q9 L0 'X J A 2-, Q UQ 5 '53 iff 1 ? .g asuillu confe-n-,qi i 'ff D , - 22 if Q. A Q Us A Ei? BIIIUEVQV-55' ' 9 u twig Swv-1 new fam, Q " A in ' A - ' 9559 " ' " ' 5954 E' if 'Q fgwl QEit?Q5'9Fi513fP"fF22fT-Elcfiii Swat.- uhnn sa.. exam A nm asian ef?m.wi asfmimwneaeiisase .If EB E NW 1 f 'QlS!l'i"'- 8!lrPIQl5gljll5gveqguggpggll-gagggqmgnfgqg-pq ggaoblkslilgaofg,-ff-n gvqflnnltnhlflk iodp .llnhlqlnis lllul-g I1 'P A SH- f1mf'Q...-,, ' en 'M ' 77uf.4. . 'W-C :Y gg ' 3 sf A . Fl I i 2 . in S ai A ll 12 gf' 5' A I" .im ul Q. J, nl 1 'V ga ga li' 5'-9 'A' IW ki 'H' as F3 3' it El 0 bp d I SQ A .R i DW 01 mil 6 . 90 ui Fri F2 1 3-S as ia i i 9 DH i s ' is MARYEfI1,Ii2oxENiz:fURPHY PEARL NESBITT L5 4 , ' ' ATTICA, N. Y. 'gl IN The best way to think of- Mary Alice is V O ' 1'f - ' ,'. 3: to imagine thi-3 very loyely leading' lady of fortiiiig1lt1oaHi1dth22,pVg':Janvexii:lild: Iilidgsggnfoi as 3 m?St any LP ay You like-Q leadlflg laidy Complain. While her more irritable classmates . .4 who s tall and dark and stunning-a leading sit around and bore one another Pearliquietl .1 mug. lady who clulte Steals you-1' heaft away-the does her work-ready to assent to any sugli P Sort Of leading lady who Stands 111 3' garden ill gestion, be it movies walking or com anion- ." ,li the moonlight looking lovelier than all the ship. It doesn't seeni to both, h ph h 55 beiutiful dimers about her' ' it's raining or shining, 'wvhgt-hererbdisrgiiyeed Q G lots ut We Hflanderzbecause Mary A1106 d0?S articles are returned in a state of collapse tor Wm 1 moi? mg? t an ook Pffetty and get ln hopelessly unreeognizable, Whether she likes Q53 gigs' tfiftho hsr EPQE? time 15 Qllfflded to study or fool. She has ,the gift of a good- V an atoms sa .Nia and dfavmg a and fi aatful IH as B exclaptionauyyweug. a s e oes t em all fact, she s the living illustration of her name. 5' gl l 1 il ni kk labtwu 1 Q3 ll' i , ' I2 swans e i Iwo 1 2 32 gh Q 1 e 1 ua 'W gl 9 Cqlwit i' 1 ma 'JN OXN 7144.141 Lilac -lf, IQU Q N , s N 6 j in U ' '::1 o ea ff B' 'U .1 o .. - - ' Fl E,U ,gi -::.- s ty 5' Aa "' 'A 'ivxwaf Pe 15 ...-- ""- Qaeqag il be 1 I x QF' l'g E- lf DQ , ngmpa, wr ,' Q 8 , , . I Q .imaasavaamsas:'ex:1s1a.av azssniaaszzawszeawsii 78 , -1. as -e ' -, ,.,,q"-rg, EL!!!i3e.'E2fA,!!E.t2L'5E5lL!EZiiE25.'i2'5E!'iu'SL'32'22B"S5i'aZ ll ni- H A A- ai la: A2 32: ga '12 in as bn :iq 42 fe fm ll? UI '22 Sp 33 ' 3 ,I il 2:3 22 ig E it U60 01 Mm 225 515 ni 5:2 ive Ig gi I5 .D n 0 'Qs fp lm We-fave 'ffirlz 'xc Ji. f',r:3l l flfl... gl..--AQGAA .n MARGARET N EVIN NEWARK, N. Y. Margaret is the sort of person you meet once in a lifetime. Her ideals are the very highestg her intellectual prowess the very strongestg her character the very finest. She sparkles with wit and humor, and then the next minutethose unfathomable eyes of her's have grown seriously intent. Her sympathy and understanding are ours for the asking, and her unseliishness is such that in an effort to help someone else, she is very likely to take that path which is harder for herself. She is the kind of person whose ideals will never tarnish, whose character will remain always praiseworthy-the kind of person whom '28 . E lever love and admire. q 3 QD ,UL Q a.o.4Q,Q,.,,g5g, ' C0-J 173 7 by rl Rae usual El.vnxQFi Qgti -v:liQl1 lie? RWXQRC-WE W Q ,- ,.., 05' ,flelci Hglqlliqfqpqfllbzq-fill' Sllelihows MILDRED PETERMAN -T ABROOKLYN, N. Y. Talk' about Efficiency personified-talk about our Pete-well, thosetwo things are equal, and are just about equal to everything else, especially any predicament that needs solution in a hurry. It doesn't matter whether she's helping Y.W. in a"rec"room sale, Whether she is managing properties for -Thespis, or whether she is busy captaining her famous walking squad-she always puts her Whole heart into the task, at hand. But, for all her capability, Pete's fame extends further than this! She is noted for her remarkable giggly squeal, for her terror at the approach of a dog, and for her apt illustrations of Principles lectures. VVhenever reliable help is needed, apply to Pete! P i A,0'l4J was A sea.-..f,l 33 S.. T-tnT' 2 A CEB ll 53 L1 5 g? url ps? '52 gm gi il QQ mf! S3 Fi WB ME li f 2,22 El as i 355 0 A Q53 ls' ' 'Ei Qi , MS f- Bi Si QD gl dl W! l?f , 39 E5 If qi ll 55' . . , . a , .a .Ml S!5223555Eesti!5?l2i:25o15:?Q23l5t?.i?lRQSAHLEGHSQEEGJQQ252122 79 -,. flew-'gr . Ffa' 'hl?!.Q?"'i"P -Q!! 99' 'WF 9"-'!9!9'3"""'. Egiasiiasmsifiiift-.ksZu3L"EwE!ez:.?E..'E2.!4aER-..2 5senra5'aY3Q gym- - 12. A. .L ' S-,,,1.lp,ef . . r L30 L: ffl ' .4 S Q1 is Q wi it QQ 3 UQ F' so 43 gi U3 Q16 'Q ggi! In M as :S RQ IP' , ME ff we ai vw , B3 4 A gg . IM' We El so Q5 I er. B mai? Id Di lr. ,I WG Ye as l -- me i Y' gg JUNE PELTON MARY PELTON Ls " NEW YORK ciry ' e U ig NEW YORK c1'rY :fl . - . Q UM ,WIRE Jinx? boy-Qobbed her .hagrf many We'd be fortunate in having but one of QQ llerelg ia hmlrglg Eg ilnces fiasflyl Ifydlgec' themg surely ,QS is doubly blessed in its two mer iihwu tw GH 1121? Oanit lltfte 3110 ellii representatives from the House of Pelton. .2 gg t h astlpot D51ILlC?. uc a en ion XW3SfI-73.1 b Mary plays the saxophone when we dance. arms lo er, a ume' runmng true to Crm' Mary plays half-back when we want to win a i E Jecame embarrassed, and let her raven locks, game of hocke Mar 1 S b k tb H lo V 0 row! And a hundred admirers we t' in ' y-' y p ay as e a ' Eg gorrow, P Mary plays tennis. Is there anything Mary 'Q gag Junk is su h , doesn't play? We think not, unless it's a harp QI - c a tease, that we couldnt - - - , g E, E . . Cand that will come in due timej. Q resist paying her back-hence the above para- Mary has di nit and Oise and cha In V5 graph! If you want our honest and true f -, g- y' . P V? I ' i 451 opinion of her, she is an attractive black- fofjU?fxh1ng0f1g0mPetenCe' And is for hir Q' he eyed imp who is as prominent in athletics OO- 5 W -0 Wpu -ever want to any t e ' . . - ' . . smiling friendliness in her brown eyes, or the Q' me as she IS 1n I.C.S.A. as clevel at Writing as soft rettine fh b h - 9 xl as she is at drawing-as dearvto our hearts, as P Ss O er au urn aut' at wa she is to Ben's! , ' E ' I I 3 ' 11 gl 7 Q f I y Sl mt 3: J-wv-9a . e U-eil 13,11 33 sg Q,.u.- 410-Lgffia ond, d fy T :O p M sg ou I Wm .L if '1 1 M.. I U 'dw 012.0 wtflll I acuji- 4? Caisse wicked Sax tg aj f 4' A bumsif - in 1 W -flclia-aiuu. N Vlaifq Gull - I . pQ U 1 1 . 'Wi wgiwlw ' W! is anus., Mg, a, argue . M . A UW me It ' - 'al' 5 Q p f- PM - I fe, nr 1' WL- 'P' " C-5, gg , fdfugf- I? - . J-A' D 1-V - ' if -"'. F 'iw A sizeaeraaagiaah 1EQ?EE2t?5H?i'eHWAQMQEQESQEZFJSSEWEQA so ' a lqngql-lrll. gqiyrnmnwgnmguaf-emgiwmgaegqv U"Q!QSEiQ,lg"-"f!llf' ,' 774144. i . I Hg' aglill51311094511i"wNlai7BhlU8hl7m Epmd fiom M admiiiih QQ!! Q52 ll Y' dk76! X 'll' el 'L U II l X 4' Q 'O'-1.12. I .U 0 . Y ad 'i ln' F1 ,gg si 'V ,Q Q E2 lil bn 'Ut ge. B3 s' gig, mg mn? ES Q2 if Mig hu pg 3 :'e -W Q . u F0 an el 5 ig I3 3: il mg 9' in IQ w im L N w " i SMH 'Q ' We .U G' as H i n ' ga ESTHER PHELPS HELEN I. PHILLIPS' If K: NEVV YORK CITY, N. Y. JAMESTOWN, N. Y. ' E' - Have you ever noticed draughts in Cowles? Proposition: Hippie is a jewel. ,r 5 They're the only signs of Esther we can End. Definition of terms: B Hippie we ,mean ' Qliifij di y S One minute sheis in chapel rehearsing for a that individual labelled Helen Philli s, 245533659 , ln P W f l couple dozen plays, the next planning a who revels in Arg. B 'ewel we mean an Cl y J -vm ,Q conference, and before lunch holding some indispensable adornment to tl1e class of '28. li committee meeting. Then, of course, there Forensic: F are heaps of every-day details such as hold- Hippie is precious-"Aw, Hip, play for usf, ' FQZEW I Q mg try-outs and , managing table parties. Hippie is a jewel, because she sparkles with gi'?,,,,f Z -1 .Q 'If credit were given for outside activities, wit, scintillates good nature and radiates, Q. Esther would graduate summa cum laude friendliness. ' , 'U and then some. Hippie is a jewel because she is an abso- tg' But in between these little things, once in lutely .genuine student and friend. M' a while we find the famous lady at home- Welve struck a snag-oh--We see,-the .gfiir U and then what a dissertation on anything proposition is undebatable. Therels no nega- Q55 I . from kiddies to philosophy. And funny? tive side. Let's just state a truth-Hippie :GJ Guess '28 knows! is a jewel. ggryg M: 'me Dmggiir- mmnii ig V 3, , .61 gig, eg ' sawn gl .U mmyhgxf 1 Q .A JN H! X Ut. bw. ' f X X j ww lf f . N me 'su ,,.. X! 'ii ki Sn-xTiK.' . Qu 9 D ., l lx l gh 4 x 1 l B. ll F E' he nl' - . . , , A I a Fi' itIQEHIEQMZ!53fEi3Y5b32iLSiBl?.?n!Zli2'fMiEE's252Wi5f3532121. ' 81 1734 ,- 1. 21 c V ,. ' it Hn' Q 9 so-'en ml! P WEISISQC-'!'l'1"l" Egg1235?fgf:5?5'agi2Q'ii.'e,sPm!iiob?-Unlike G'l7g3 lillll.l lL'la'lE-gt .E ' U im I 2 32" CI L ix x- Y ll - Q5 in F.. i VF I if 49 W 3 UW rl B9 -v '12 li X l if-35 sl W. Q8 ve' bra 'Pl bs. K1 53 3. il ' 4 i pi 01 ll. 5 llq Q ,Q ng B1 U gg N3 url glib' 1 - il? 'W F 553 QATHERINE POLLOCK GERTRUDE POWERS ,il ELMIRA, N. Y. YOUNGs'roWN, OHIO :gig These people who persist in dating Whole Gert's such a tiny mortal we wonder how gf weeks at the Gables, to say nothing of plan- she ever exists, much less pours forth that Si. 'ning and furnishing little houses, have our restless spirit into a world of syncopatiug, H respectful respect and admiration. Some per- heart-breaking, irresistible jazz. One dueting la .sons inspire respect, some admiration, some of the ivories and our feet are weaving the nf n .,r-. y as both. For Katy, we vote both unanimously. most intricate of steps. But witness the disas- Hs' i5lif?f She can go through mornings of classes, trous effects when Gert changes to classical. QQ igigg, afternoons of labs, and still beam upon us Evermore you remember that glorious-moon lv gayly, chatting the evenings away despite the and-Weill leave the dramatis personae to 'W Q43 same program for the next day. But we never you, The party has become most horribly Qs' hear of any shirking of lessons and Katyls sentimental and we'd all rate A's as wet r 'TQQQE never grouching from burning of the mid- smacks did not Gert snap us out of it with Q night oil. How does she do it? Perhaps Grant that death-inspiring teasing of her's. Some could help us. Powers! pq K. zum - -Q S' it 9 ea M5 . uv Nieclles eml VNS ob- lwawlx, gi '-'le CKE cxegli- D' iam -' f --w Lp QSM Q 'WS lfefl il! . law f 19 W' sf f ff- BJ the BI H A ' t , - F2 J she does QQ me - f New up . FB 0 " O F jlxgmheel - " -. eww ?-'mb Q ' ' 2,2 -P S- 5' . ,Ll 'As' 'n H . -Hn ' ' . - i , gi 33333ttylQEi'ZQiaii'il5i?EZ?i'iEE.?.i5i?s'5Wl233.32322522295542792333552 82 i77vw43,7f7Ql.4-rrroilffvfttffyo ' 1 'A X Q ll ll new GMD! Q WwBB?'Q'L'?I'F"'l"B sag.iamWi2mf2'i'ebu5s'a2?Aus!uwgafmiidafa.1e.sQ3g.oaaah'Ga'9fe -774, ll Mffjpbu. KZ m 5, 1732 gg l Rl ll PF at 55 2 92: E his 5,3 E3 at 2?-S .22 tt? uta- 53 :E RUTH NANCY QUINLAN viii 55 o D5 I E3 nh U 3 ?2."l QB 393 WC QQ I U Q12 Mg Sa pl new me ,fa as ta 2:2 Wi-3 V' D mas E: Us D E ELMIRA, N. Y. Quinlan is a problem. She really is! She's a problem for the dietitian because sometimes she won't eat-when she's writing poetry and can't be bothered. 'Again shels a problem to the psychologist when she thinks deep thoughts and expounds deep theories,,right on top of acting like a lunatic. . Lastly, she's a problem to the sociologist -for of all the abnormal behavior! In fact, when she and Kullman get together, Will Rogers might just as well retire. WVe predict that some day she'll live in the Village with pictures, rugs, and vases fvahzesb around her, and turn out volumes of modern poetry that will make Edna and Sara and Carl and Vachel look like mid-Victorians! W ,5if'.'? YJ, X . ALEEN RAY , -7 HERKIMER, N. Y. You 'see in this ravishing picture the one and only General Herkimer,.better known as Aleen. We don't know just how the joke started, but take our word4it,is one. Aleen has many general-like qualities. She's the soul of veracity-can't lie without blushing crimson. And then she's straight- forward and frank, and has enough good sense for a whole army. Besides, -Aleenls reason always rules her emotion-which is as it should be according to all good ethical theory. And what does she like to do? So many things-there's bridge and golf and solitaire and motoring and-well, eating. YJ L 29 111 Q' -H 5 n'b-'ir -' 4 21-2 l 4 5. ffl U-NLE 'ld My I ll mga use il I EW 5 ID :E Q Q sv me ,J '-z mb? S3 9 mlm VS all M we mfg wi tan EQ L5 ,Fug and H'-ful frm Qu' Q11 msgid! milf? Q55 EER H245 Ex 'iq EJ EEZ? -x G-'A an QE :EH W3 gm -Im Et-:fe W 9.8 WE' Q M ' FQ, 'f,,, 5 . l ,1w.1.,,.f-f"' i rf' eEsQak5E25l3431'ZEi-sEgiiiiliggilllhlgitilfiigi2333553 ?555'Z5.zl?5F2 83 ' IQBHQBQ' "1,'!!,Bfl'!!iHQQlP!QU"-2QjS!!Ql!AU'Rl!l3!39"flf Ismailkilnlaf4m'2d.'ubssslbehe!iLwSoaps.limi-lslalstnilalfs II ' X ui ' 'W MM . CLQQAJ flffiiljeelitdawu 19cAL 3 3 is as is QQ 1 r -1 l' I 3' J bl ..,. pl Q ' 1. L .1 'Y on .2 E" Q 'S srl mg I3 ES '22 at S'- Se A if Q r ff ul -' rf Sl r ny sl ni as qi l1l :Q sig 'I so UI as 2' I! , " IJ , BEATRICE REED ERMA RHODES as PORT HENRY, N. Y. BEAVER DAMS, N. Y. sl Us Bee. Reed-bless her heart-is one Of the The question which concerns us vitally at QQ few g1r1S we knew who nearly always pre- present is what Erma does from seven A. M. 5' Qs sents to us ar happy disposition! Once 1n a to ten P. M. She is so unusually bright in her S. DQ whlle, something vexes her, and She eXpreSSeS scholastic activities that she certainly can't Q 0: fiXt1'eIY16 dlsgllsts but CVCH at Such 'C1Il10S, she consume much time pouring over text books. M is so funny about her. anger, that we canlt One, however, is quite apt to see her discus- -' gil help laughlng-to be J01Il6d shortly by Bee sing the heavens with Miss Wright or explin- herself! She makes an ideal senatorg she ing the Starry 110513 to some legs fortunate Q' makes an ideal class treasurerg she fulfills student. 5 QQE every ollice which is hers witheompetence. She seldom is Seen holding up the octagon YS She is a girl whose pooularity is Justitiedj or indulging in feasts or gab parties, but as I. QV! and -there's not a soul ln 128. 110t R soul 111 she always looks interested with life, we are Qu is Elmlfa College. Wh0 d06SH t llke her! still mystified as to what she does with 1' I her time. if dgv-3m.'Qu.A1, C9vl'l1'fLk'f' se I D I Q 7 591 Hlxeff-fr' K i 'V ' 'lg 5 . sg u es ei -+ S3 - mf I' '3 QA ' + 'f 51 f is Ps' 9, C5921 QQ vi se -le is ga-TEH. 1, 5 3 Q gnupg 5' ll ls: . E- if "' Q , . . , , I-5' 3-5355251Sie.9i2!'b!Ei:!5l3ii!5i5l?.i!'Ji!'s!.!L2.'252Ei75!'3Ei'!l?s"! 844 as Q if V 9 v v 'vi 3 5, EQME2Ei?i12mg'?a1ah'u52ghEaglsesgaifzgiglgaaagalgialiaise e 99 WW s 1 4 1- :3 M I W I 9 Wfifna., - Hemi Ill V ' r 3 52 ii 3 12 F' Us gl Q 'E Ei Em mv 1 Q9 8- 4 5 if mtg mr A ea ea as E' W :Ze gn - .gy so Sim ig, 'HHMSS' 914 ?f'l! 55055 an fililg 33.2 an 323 . in 'S 5 HELEN Russ EMMA Roor , I .T , e Q sg SCRANTON, PA- g WILMXNGTON, DEL. l ,N There are- many l2hiI1gS that ive. think of Recently weive discovered in our midst one QQ when we think of Reesie. Occasionally it's more to add to the army of those 'Who do Qad is Iteesle sitting at her desk studying conseien- things according to Hoyle.. For Emma likes gag tiously. Again, 1t's Reesie perchedlon a cot bridge almost as well as horseback riding- 3 I3 Jolnlung in the fun and. contnbutlng some and she thinks there's nothing quite equal toa Q' ii Sensible, h9neSt'l50-goodness, ideas to the leisurely canter to freshen one up a bit, you ati ,IQ discussion. Or it might be a gay Reesie, know. ' .- Z3 dancing lightlylon a polished floor. But just because we happened to mention ms But usually its no deinite picture at all these two diversions of Em1na's don't get 9 Ugg -Just an all-embracing image of a very lndis- the idea that she doesnlt work. Getting good U 5 penslble person Cor a piquant little elfl marks comes easy to her,.but that doesn't Q E being generous and. unselfish and thoughtful prevent her being conscientious about her Q., mg and-oh all the virtues, you know-being studying. V QQ Bm JuSt the Very best kind of a friend. We should like to get the proportions of mm ' Emmafs recipe for so happy a mixture of QW , 'L Q! f 9 if L work and play. Q 9 . , 94 M - 1 48' av gg W q HHH G SMP Shel' 33 va XS C6128 gm. ,M - F1 3 'Q X-use Ll D! an X R X I s l, gd u l L ne, g- li , f '- - Eve 571 5 'yiiiffj f' E3 a 1 a new vs f Y V Q s, .W Q. .. -- me Ig it P 'r I :F Q2 ' ' H . , 1 4 1 " ' f llllll i l lk 5, gi E o zu I U my , - , . , . . E ri asasemaaviaazeizslssaeimzmiaaaaeeeaiasaarena 85 f I GMM H wqQg,f,'Hg5 ,EEUU sfeefw In-,ar .f 12.1653eeisdffiiefsksisikiairmugigaikldlpL-.aEB'35LiliF2 QQ - ' 'Fl an ji , e 1- if ' f Efgmclu-f :Y rfxf., ,. .1 ff,3il J- 2 ,IJ ,J . sg Y J 1-JG A-A-HH' A 1' S nu ., .oss 17355 3 i " 7 l X an l " Q lfp y -1 Z4 rg ig Q' N gm Si '2 F kg -d " 'U gg! B pd I3 ps ev .1 Q! bl 'J 9 BA if it n , h . is is es ew QF ni elim -4 we ' Q3 MQ s Q B my B2 lg if M me l 9' we - V 0 s Eg MARY Rose TERESA RYAN ang is ELMIRA, N. Y., BIG FLATS, N. Y. qij .. - . 95! If you say anythlng about my loud voice" "Oh, I never was so mad in all my life!" ii -declared Mary emphatically. But what Yes, it's Tessie Ryan and she really doesnit md Qs can anyone do? Whenlthe VOICE is Mary's mean it. Let her raveg shelikes to! It7s usually QQ theres nothing annoying about it. Along just trivial things,Tessie liks to rave about. . it yvith her grln and the twinkle in her eyesg Little things, wefve discovered, worry her. 3 it goes to make up external evidence of an But that doesn't prevent her having the best noi ,TS inward nature that for cheerfulness and fun out of life-and being jolly all the time! my is wholesoin n s ' t b ll d Th D t at Tessle cant K ' 9 9 Scan eflva 9 - ere are two things h ' ' Q . Mary s not going to let. the gentlemen, decide between. One is a' man and the other is O 'a whom the ravishlng combination of light another man-but we heard from an au- ma S i5l brown half and dark brown eyes helps to thentic source that she evidences a decided QQ Q eflsflafe, lflterfere with her continuing that preference for Essex cars4with Pennsylvania gh in social service work she enjoyed so much last licenses. If we were they, we'd want to sin Q mm , ,. . . Q ml ' S A dee k h ,d f . TGSSIC: stop teasin me. But she probably ' QQ fu aiwfys lbiiltioifieilfiaiispiiilfifg Others wouldn U 53 ill: UI I ay 491 X N QI fs sa lf as B4 s- fl A' i ei 5 be uve 3' , ?,.. K I. af.-A - 1 N X ' ig 1.5. V 'l xwggu nm fe EL X V B ll all 3 x UQ 5' Ig Q 9-Q 2.1 X i t . ll 0 -5 we Hmm' a is 1 QQ 1 .i,. -.- P sf., Omar: at S: ll rn .qw 'XJ7-95' le- D cunq Q, v B. ul- iw"T,QQe I I' , . , - , a , , ' , - . no M A B ana I 1 me u 0 ' all :um ka A E . V Www 1 W -it Bit! Il.. 1-.lend I disgiiflifnl W Jlgsilfwg 86 Swv fi Gum, K 'fi lt 2, View f Q tt axiom., Ueveflfbdfvdl., 30 75 VcLL"Z'7L6U""!' frlwmqf ' if a L w ' Cad! Q4-f ' ' 9 Kg 'E ',! '?!5"?s 57 3' 523335 E'ii95'iv?.5Ia3,!4'?g'i'2.'L5lEEll?.Z21u'E2E2lZS YQ?aiEa2E.HEmsi'eE 552. e as ii A ii ls: 'B 93+-2 as al we EE '54 Le -as lie ii U9 KB ws E.. 32 E2 F3 an 359 'Pd EES yi nil U II li!! me L13 KJ gl ll R1 '12 E: Ig LC '23 5:2 D 50 A-fi D C "77!An' - 1 l CAROLINE SCHMERTZ ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Caroline's hair is about the prettiest brown hair we have ever seen. Somehow, we can't help admiring the way it waves back from her face, and wishing it were ours. One thing which we remember about Caro- line is the salt water taffy, which is sent to her from Atlantic City. And how can we help remembering? For Caroline's generosity was such that we've all had a taste of it-and just ask one of us how good it was! Caroline's voice is low, and it's nice, some- how, to meet her in the hall when you're all tired out, and hear her "hello," She,s the kind of a girl whose steadfastness of purpose is admirable-the kind who lives up to the best that is in her. MARIE E. SI-IEAHAN WAVERLY, N. Y. ' ' Whenever we want an especially good wave, we visit Marie-and get it! She is as clever with the needle as she is' with the curle ing iron, and as fast with the typewriter as she is with the needle. ' Marieis capability, and her business-like mind, are invaluable to her class, If Marie has charge of the refreshments for a party, they are sure to be exactly right, for ,Marie not only knows how to do it, but we're always s11re that it's going to be done! Marie's a jolly individual, with pretty eyes and pretty hair, and when she's all ready to step out with the latest boy friend, she's as frenchy as you pleasel, i WQ.+'Q,1 """ Q2 Wine r its o ' . A Sjihag? X Ebb ll -.aches-SJ mfki U55 lui! if Qu in M' Si 55? 23, lil px 5585 QW will gig Q msd-9' 95 mf his asm in Y! l sell WM Bwqi 595' lib . mi QW gil Mei Ei? QE AR? rw EH 53, Sli 353 'O pl ll E1 QU QU 'Q P 51' ll fn 3-'i wg 55322221REQ!5?,Ei2?o3Eil3i53?.'1!!lREQAELZEESQEWJES5'il2.s.n -- , use new life, ,sg- 222352EEEIZSMXZ-.R-.ksielihisau2E2d':L44a2Z.'3!2EB"35n52af,-Q QB , el QA, Q 1 al K7 . Es l K rg II lf, L1 1- rg ll I Q' ix! qi "L Q3 Us SP5 in sa 9.1 V S ' H .SQ E. BE Y me -'Q Wal! H at 'P Q5 'v mf M9 IH hh 'Q fee gk D L mi N y ll sg :QQ B9 I 4. W' at 359 ,W my 9' WY, BARBARA SHELTON HARRIET SIEMENS A Q ww UTICA, N. Y. WELLSBORO, P. A. EQ . at iw The irrepressible twinkle in ,Barbara's Seems to us that "Hattie's" middle name il! blue eyes is external evidence of her ability should be "sensible," For what else could one QI 'QQ to wmite excruciatingly funny things on most as appropriately term a person who always Q :lim unusual subjects-such as tom cats, for manages to come out on top-whether it be gf 'WE instance. the matter of a quiz or a gown or just some -dia The earnest look in those same blue eyes committee? How else could one as appro- Q." if is evidence of- her ability' to write thought- priately describe the ability to work when ,Qu fully upon serious questions. . she works and play when she plays? I is ,And who shall demand further evidence of But "Hattie's" not prosaic, if she does M 365 Barbara's originality than the fact .that she judiciously dispose of her time, as you know 3 5 utlllzed foreign substances such as kid gloves if -you've heard her ripple out French poetry E Q R in manufacturing an astronomy paper. or discourse on ,the beauties "down the creek," Q, ,hm Add to these qualities an invulnerable or if youive seen the ravishing gowns she's QQ h f 1 Q H ul t t d F 11 11 h d ' ' .Q ' e eer u ness, a scrup ous conscxen iousness, crea e . urt ermore, s e as etermmatlon and a genuine frxendhness, and you can read- that we envy, and shels big-hearted to the kj Iii ily segrwslzhlylf we convict Barbara of congenial- N 'th degree. ma 1 y- s egree. , D3 l I D0 I I is Q--Q 1 cfm. l'-we ' -5 an ' .1 xldrey W? ij E 3,3 one 55" 5 X5 'U Bl ' ill 55 be ff" , Um wi-Q FH -' 5 f A Q Q! .5 ,-,.- X -a. I A v B! J 31 I R 0 - QB gg ' 7 3 3 5 ' 4471 if smearangetren2sensl2eae.euaamieeszsziszemia 88 ,335 A UQQEQFQEJEW las'-Evfsvaa' xfaayawsa sm an agaqafasxfisvs wifes: gm aaa an 396512253133 fare fcffmfl in as fav mam UQ QQKIQQ5 5 - rf H ' - s' ' , kg .I , . 'L I gg 0... .MALI ,Mk wc lun if ID ll"f - 1 f I . 5 - 7' ' ' af R HB ga is lb lisa Q9 JSM 3 Lf! is chi-We 611+ 2 4. lf.. 'B 1 gi QJKLQLJ "',Qf. ,-I W em ew 3333 , y ag.: e-.CJ Qmf,v,U 3-KQV' 9 Q' 1. if .-fa e,.,XA'J tiilsfff W Q , f , Cr 'M' Q! tg., f- 1 'CTX 1, l 1:21 z B' X ffl F112 tx. 'u F321 ff , . x -.' ,.,,. F1214 f lriwlg .l 'ar' zlfigfaa an V iv 5 ,L-.uhx 1 55313 'rlfildz lixfvilfl f -ma," ' we-Q ,- F15 Q ' rf. x,:j','1 KATHERINE SMALL GLADYS SMITH 1 ' U DOLGEVILLE, N. Y. WARSAW, N. Y. ' ' 4 A 4 yew.: We hereby hasten to assure you, to an- Glad, we call her, 'cause that's how she Q' 43 nounce to the world at large, that Small and makes us feel. . ' P ' , HQQQ-3 Donnelly are the most howlingly funny pair When we're quaking before a quiz we page in Elmira College. If they should go on the her, and her stock of knowledge gladdens our 5221.1 vaudeville stage, they would not be more hearts. 13,4 appreciated! I When we're pining 'cause we couldn't go to yp?5f' Kath is a tall blonde girl, who takes delight Prom, alon comes Glad to whirl us around 'lzflff . 4 fi .1 . . . - . g - L, gif. in frying onions so fast and furiously that as satisfactorlly as any Prom man could. 57351 :iq everyone in Cowles vacates! That is only one When we're ebbing away from ennui, here K ,5.,?.:J-- of her famous tricks, but with detall comes is Glad seething forth with suggestions for new hysteria-so we shall cease! adventures, ' ' Qjgfix 'ggi We have noticed that Kathfs dates are Glad has a remedy for almost every kind of Qgliji frequent and varied, and we hall? Often dithculty, and the best part of it is that she's Wiwzg. wondered if she is as droll at such times as always ready to join right in the cure herself. she is with us! Anyhow, we certainly appre- Yes, Glad's her name, and Glad is game. Q10 ciate her, and she whiles away many long Q?-gel? dreary hours for us! 3 A 37155 .-:-i1"" Af 1 Q3 lf 3.5 l .xl " New germ? Ms ' :rr 1 aes QFQH f K -fy 53:2 .six P53 5 af ,Q -- Eagle Q22 X ' Nga ': A 'xii ' L'-3 EE? ur E-sm METQ .df-'Nl ' Sis Qlrs , wg onuonm SEAL 0 i 315 C35 . 'faq liiEE9lL5f'?1rpf'Tl'i:yjW'f:"llhfQ'il'lDfIf3 ' VSYQ' ' Iifflwr WL we-W 'X-T vo . - wr 'e -eww wi -r , -i 1 1 -- 634' 2 . hifi mf all . . a was we FT' 'iii 'Q FQ -. 1" Miilllfefffll.. -'-flQ'sM-bl. f1'f?C1mW"?Nm:ffn a2.nsQaa..Qa. :..-..iaaQ2s?geGaaSa6fahg.ss5aa SSW-siulhi-iii ' -e or v gm'-' , 9WW'"fi""i112.L"!.'k2L'S!2l235!l-E22224215122323-auralifg ii :Q Huw 6 lb-'J-by in eu i J A Fl l Q! fi, 1 06 3 YA gg 56 ig FM it , nm E3 P, si? I E5 '23 K3 .1 .9 pf! i A O' W 'n . QQ ' an hu I :ze gf 0 as n 4 9 .. E . r If sw r Q QQ ll. , as leg E2 i 'Fu 22 l 5-I 'Sm Ll ii QQ 1 1 ' S5 t i , MARION SMITH ESTHER SOLLIE mm HACKENSACK N J HAMILTON VN Y. sl mg A , . . , i. 'O' ww Did you dance with a slender graceful per- If Esther had lived in those fairy tale Ui' son gowned all in a costume of becoming times that we used to read about in our blue-N UQ orchid? Did you happen upon a blue-smocked covered Grimms book, she would have been ' . v ll an maiden with a palette in her hand, painting a beautiful princess dressed in purple velvet eg . gorgeous colorful pictures as though it were and ,gold satin, riding in a gilded carriage. .oi Big the easiest thing in the world? Perhaps you But these are unromantic times, so Esther 63 saw a piquant person with her unruly hair is content just to go cheerfully along as as ' behind her ears, bending sympathetically over modern, as independent and as matter-of- ma a troubled friend, or lending a hand at some fact, as the rest of us, working hard, and msg task that has to be done. Might you have helping everybodyg Quite often, though, ,she Q Us seen a gay exuberant individual raving lapses into the land of makeabelieve, and Ii Ab' exaggerately over any subject under the sun, recites -reams and reams of poetry or 'gets sv Use drawing the amused attention of the group dramatic and plays sweet sad roles of gentle Q' Q' around her? You did? Well, that was Baby. ladies. But whatever she does, we like her QQ Q3 all ways and always. 53 'ff-ff S: 9 uw n- T I, -1- n, .' he -cnc, V CA I.. g H-,ex tame ,V x x J N w nl ,M ,- 7 A as W lmdzf S I 1' fi Q 'ui -H-01 I ' I5 f gmefs gf P . A ' 7 e J gc-fav-L he IQ ' j . mt P in 1 e Wh I, gn. A f ' 5. g II .F . Q' ' - IF - , y , I 1:1 533-SSHIEQQJ23:2Ei:!5e32i23i5l?.1!'AEQQAELEESEEZGSSGRNIB! 90 7 Sm Wagga i5BEi'1-Q BEQEQ ".3,iEgWQ,. om akamai 6 ug Q Q W D Bgbkgalgggggds 2 V lb ed! ma ' 4 vs I g-EM , 51 ' in . 'LQ 'Q f7.,.,, I 7 1 I 737 U' UN . 'g - . , be I .-5 Q in . Eg? ll ul' Y 1 'AE' mg 6 Ei s 1.52 A 5a Pm 3 vi . 'ii H.: 8 H' MS wi ig EV W mil il 3 'fig Ng an lei E91 as gs B sg 0 5: is lm LOIS Q9 H49 A' STE f qi U It, ATLA X fm S u 5 "vel NTA SON mf 9.5 if gof H1130 Study 'N- Y. gu- Ehg eff .1'0m y P0sse these W S H gg Ilegfginlgy ancgvkl 34115 tae rareclnae EC d D O , 21. ' Il ' - R :iz 33121 C3232 hiflasslfsimg M531 s QTHY W S gm Wu men EFF ske .mana all dow e,5 Loisiree of X Dot St' YORK ' TRAC 1 I- Q la 15 afloned gtlcal-sed, thof In her weve Jho malfack is th 'PA' K - A W 9 s ' Way yr ho 14 ut Wh gh W0rk- 0 yo es u ego 5, mg IEEE Of Stlfhere CW?Y gamgrl, anglost of u fesS,u1gsk.pVi,ifiurn gigwuslook, , gg OPOI' e fa lth t JS -movi -S he Oklnd -neSs en w' s lflg , 1 0 hg lze ct he .Pra e r D 1 D . 1t'h Cre fv , I UTS n S the that lusld lsed L fs her golden Ike th Ot In env attire aim. 53 QL! to a. fauft spent ,major Fassett e dopfe 01s a peyes lit .hair H 6 fairya Whitey' Why ' is H t and al III lab part of S Com ' In res rlntjessa Wlth the prince evening- M- dilaezhgs gilfsg 110533 aniiyssy hlighf wi?2f1nd iilesseis ET!!! 3' -natures We fsgfadoigfs Hg? S 1316 tra to hearnf interg t90' agnannefe in ' ' . ad mse of P ef uri as ' Ore d re, th eflns 1 ' ' With IDU g t 1 Yes gnc- Brel ,Y Van- . V th cv 0111 I t -H0 W mg witin t On lan dial at tiny' f onder her 'e of Us ect- y' mf I O wr In th who d and 3 3? 'S A Lijiious? screen ggiwt 5 K " - I ml if my I-' J 1 QW N :S MJ Q1 I Q - Q: u fi, gl JA all-7 3 '7Lql4 bs 'MQ f E VJ 72 0 3 Ol To WWW 'W - . ' R 7 5 'S' G W SEE. Q' N gg " . g ,X s M my WI Qmxx E. 11 'QL r ' as 1. . P ll IPI- 'I Uh- 'P lun 'irzgsv 'af ' 'Sr Aalnl!1gizEi,a. ,Ja ' 'QSM ,mdwjaggal Q limsang , F, P utifigggg wsvgg sim ML L3!732 Z 6150 I ,, Q - 'E ' , . , .' " aim!! 55151235-'?.2-.'L'.55ll!5ZleE2E!Z2E'!?n2'L'42T.25Lil'lf5 I: W ll W n f I ei zz -fu 'f 1,5 h I ui 25 33,8 as ai we F-sig We 5.222 ea ri QQ ,Q .law gall? F3 H .wg ge W3 in a 52 is ak U3 49 533 963 53 fe E3 QW E03 Q me me 35 9 M 5,3 E3 rg t6 8:2 B B5 D 65 Es 5 Q LQ 4'-m"fwf5f?26 N .fur DOROTHY TAGGART BATH, N. Y. Tag's a riotZ She has only to open her mouth and funny things burst forth, pell mell. Little does she realize the devastating effects upon her victims and the ceiling Qit's falling down from an overdose of wise- cracksj. But she does real-ize the value of quick shots in guarding '28,s goal in Hockey and shels ready with a basket when the team's needing one in Basketball. Her play- ing isn't any joke. And when '28 wants something new and different in sleigh' rides- Tagls there-crammed full of ideas. We love working with her. It's heaps of fun- just like Tag. Bam and all P,iD'E u,-,gy TKQKQTQ me rf'-,kg in 9 J .. gn -ii 633 'gap we X C' 'Q 'f 'aw li 'ef '. .f. "iff: 'PPE' " 'swing HELEN TAMBLING ELMIRA, N. Y. A haughty, crimson-cheeked, muchly white and be-starched figure, shocked by the Lady Violetta's choice of ingredients for tarts -Helen in our Speech Ed. plays. Will you ever forget the funny things that happened in The Knave of Hearts, least of all, 'gentle- voiced Helen, waxing panic-strickenly vehe- ment? How different from the authoritative way in which she crammed History into our feeble brains at exam. time, or bravely created reasons in that rightfully respected class HAI- .37 Aiid yet, we wou1dn't for the world have you think of Helen as a Suffragette-her ut- terances are altogether too infrequent. We would have more! 0 U Calle M QRS-Brnek H3-L3 is 6 . gkyii-fax EJ fx? ffp X we 1-I 1.112 5523332552225552HEEL-55?eE?2iliEE'?AtJ2lFA22222132225222' fd ran-1 'hi 3 I K ll S 53 :ii 'Y 53 2-r 3. 51 FE 35 si 53 U? 2.5 3 Ka pi IB! Bl T 2,25 'vi gl gf gl lil gi lo' E! Dil H 'Q 33 QI 22 Sl Cl Oil 22 Fl 5 Bl as ll ql I-E 'r FA may ul 211 DQQQQUWQUBQK ,vummgwspgwoewsgaqgyggg wsilaw 5E3g5qW.?w J Q .wa 'Q 4-'F' . ., . GY , , l ' EEm.haLaL5si9-Guialisb3a'bBhsGnBgi5.5B5'6Bes2Q-QUHSRQHWQQQSHSGQeffigy? fl ' , , je DI 1 Z Q l A x 22 Q Y an lf zu .9 -fi ll Sq lil G gl 05 BBE S?-. wi fl Eg an fC K, gs IEEE nl EW hh gm? 3-"9 ig in 55 L2 ai Sl pu W 3 si Q -E' in 9' img np I I gm M5 E ' QE 315 M f LD Twig 8 1' 1 ga . l gg RACHEL THOMAS NARCISSA TURNEY ' Wg TAYLOR, PA. - Wh X f OSWEGO, N- Y. am - Tommy! In' th ts' 11 en we conjure up Na - af! - t sele her walkin? ncalbrign she tstrggtlvgringlig Welreeall all sorts' of co1nf,ortzIlgrallfinIgS Till Um Winter days, Swiflging along in her boyish anmV1tmgC0tW211'f1l1gt0 berrllmpled, tomato C0011 coat. Sheis Tommy too, because Shefs SOUP and' crackers? waiting tor be devoured, 'qlliil always Jolly and the best sport everg and acurlmguion' wamflg to be b01'1'0Wed,f1Shi1'1Y because sheloves to ride horseback, gallop' leather Tlglalch Pllesm 'muchananls feline mg merrily over all sorts of roads.4But mascotl' wamllg to be mauled' 'N G alas-jthere the comparison ends, for there is The only tulle .that Narclssa makes US riff H0tl1mg ffolnrnyish about the Xvay Rachel uncomfortable IS -in German class,' where 2 13 eatsioh, 110. She adores cookies and bon Friiuleln cllsplayg a most remarkable STHSP Q52 bons JuSt like the rest of us. Nor is there of mtlilcacles whlch Wfack our Weary PWCCS- anythlng Tommyish eitherabout the way She U fAgfa1n ive are llkely to experience pangs of Bl dons a dust cap and arms herself with a broom in eifrltls when . we compare Narcissais riff? for the Saturday morning cleaning of 37 itea astness of mm' llerlhlgh COUFHSC, and 55535 sowlegiand cgi, nllyf isnit She really a Rachel fefgbiugilggrerlce to her pr1nc1ples, with our own HPV15 U18 ac 6, when she's dancinv? Of S' Q23 She ls! C ga' s KKWMA can Sa WM M '71 f755 Q22 . rw v :Qs Tf 'l 5,1 HQXJJLM y . , :mums I if ,I QQ Ei, 'frying Min E1...y 0 5 ' Q X7 Q w..v4fw..m.E 'ia l is my lg 5.0 '2 ll QW .3 'ST' at .1 -'S +1 wg Q. K, a W 5, mi Us 59 nu QPF' 6? ora .!..Q'R!' Wil' DD " sg-sq - , , r !2lnlsAan15?124i'y5W'5' "W 9 9 SJW 'SRU QQQQFA m, ,J -' U f be V we 1 an loin?.Zola-.s..i-un3mg55g3ailiill FQQQQQUQEQ PIQPQQUHQUIQQQBQUQQ' ,'QlQl,QUl!2""l" Q 258331 Sag li :fig Sw Nl nil Esifllllfm 1583.2 QSQJIO lf! siallil rlflg: A f- I fm 22 nm' J Qmm""P bf"'4w,1i24' Hvw. 54- fame! f 4,1 "' ' 7 f I il Q IIE 5 'r 1-1 lg is 35 - an gl Bi! 1 Z W F5 554 ga if ml SQ pd I3 an gl Ea , ra: 15 ' 5-gg PW f W W 56 4 5.0 ur an .1 sn . I4 gp .0 an :Q F3 Q3 mam n 215 SG 55 y EP!! gg e J 2' - x Wg MELVA VAGG JEAN VISSCHER L. 5 ALBION, N. Y. ROCHESTER, N. Y. . gi WI ig -If we were. told by a fairy that any three When we first saw Jean freshman year, an mm wishes We might make would come true, it we'l1 have to admit we 'were rather awed. ST' as wouldnft take us long to decide on one of She was so dignified and poised compared Id Ea them, anyhow! Is there anyone, we wonder, With us other quivering little freshmeni But Bw in-gg who wouldn't love to dance like Melva Vagg? of course we know now that Jean's just as mf She follows the most intricate steps with so giggly as the rest of the frivolous Juniors. Qs! ami, much'grace, that you scarcely know youire You should just hear her wax eloquent in an kg tolichugg earthil d d I k 1 they midst of a bridge game. WI gg, t,s unny t at a. goo ancer i e Me va hen it comes to clothes, Je n t k th QFD, should make such a perfect whiz of a base- prize, for if anyone ever lookeczf asaifeghekil sa if ball player-much to the envy of other stepped out of a fashion book, Jean does! P Q53 would-be Babe Ruths. Wefve often wondered .where Jean gets the Q EAI-nd then 1il'16,S anotiher of thesehHome pep she lputsrrgito the rc2les og gallants or ii 1 - c eop e, w o can ma e your mou water V1 ains t at espis o o ten t ig? Ngth an account of the cakes she's made, and her. For she shines in tlie footlightt: dbdlei 513522 is t e P5165 she s baked! Vie re wondering what and out of them, too! pg gg there d be left for Melva to wish, if the fairy Us 'sw should visit her! - 4 ' ' ' ,X dui -. 'A gtg mnkmr, Q? tix is-3 QS D15 I. Q -i gm fw ' EESQQHA IQ L . mg N - 7 gi lm 7 'N "' V gg Q J ' . - 1 'Q Jeanne if f gf! ' 'ba"maaSw:sa it I-as Silly- ' pe L I '23 f V ill i if QQ - bg gl Q A nu 5' nr BE . Q , n I , Q aseaeriaaaaaritaissareieszaauaasanieeszazms:areas , 49 H 5 "' ' E2'Ua2:gL?bt-:lui v V lllf. 1Q3S n l r r i 5 , ' Q EDITH VOSBURGH MARGARET WEBSTER " Q ' - F ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N. Y, Q WVELLSBOR0, PA. Edie is so tiny thai: the "cc1gossaliEyi', of the gait you just see Peg a few years hence- ' uw problems She can S0 VB appa S US- OWCVCP, chintz apron t1ed tightly, around her waist, Fd .EQ P1,S, angle WONHS, Cube 1'0OtS, and BTHSS' cheeks pinker than the Bowers in her apron, aw ,Ea ll0p1'J61'S l10ld H0 h0r1'01' f0I' Edie, Bild indeed brown hair straying becorningly around her gs QQ? her intellectual achievements are not confined face-putting 9. delicious cake in an oven to these limits, but eXli6I1d OVGI' 2: large Part in a spotless kitchen? Or maybe the cake is - 0' ai of the curriculum, though Edie thinks it all a dgne, and she's snipping some gorgeous blue km H1iStak6 that She is C0I1V0C21ti0H- l material for an up-to-the-minute gown. And ,QQ When one meets Edie and Honey on their then again, perhaps she's not being house- Q if Way batik f1X0H1 B1'0WH'S of PL IIOOIIUIHG, OHS wifel at all, but is entertaining some friends ' 41 Q Y 5 halts in amazement at their remarkahle rage who are in for tea or a bridge game. Margaret IQ iitm for conversational supremacy. It Edle is being silly-as it's so easy for her to be- in FQ does every-thing, and we have reason to sup- imitating someone shels seen, or expounding QW iw pose she does, as fast and furiously as She on the dreadful sin of Wasting Time. Ha! ing . talks, no wonder she's miles ahead of us. h ! isn't tha just like airway t? IQ3 0 Qi Qin ' , Bpmi., U52 3:2 T Md vfqamfvif msg i 4 H vii wana st fd' 'f'f'13"L '13 HU Q Mgvuq 73 lp . Did gig? if . X S L ' Q Wm Gia 3' i id use 1 T x Q we ' G f has gsm' E 3 57 ml Us ' Q ea '29 " f A as lm 'isp v een o E :Pg E1 B an -f- n. 452 ' 'gm Q2 UP 0 ' f ' ,ff in 55.3 SWE!Sig!3B?i55E5w?ai'ill3iM?fs'!i!7ARQQHHHSZEQGEQS5535512 95 n . v w we sns.sz-aw-r- .Q 'slam-gag-jsaag-'.dnghm!gg5w'f'was .ALA I 9, -If EMBO A out 'I nm' 4 .5 pn skuim-.-.llaslqaa0liI a '. UWM 7211864 . , 1 hu Bl ' is 4 . Q S 0.1. 5' -f 1: l-5 Ig .. 4 5 an li! . nl I' -7 si .I 1 4 E' I 5' DU IR' pa! ff QI W if V if '1 ,hu Q Se if ' a '56 4 lp U' -.P N' -a -1 its 2? ff' as 53 wg 9" an -Q3 it Bl pl Y U6 HELEV WESTERN HARRIET WESTLA i' A Fm 1 KE ls' JB 4 POLAND, N. Y. ELMIRA, N. Y. UM Helenls one of those refreshing sornebodys V If one of Happy's good qualities' predom- QQ who isn't always rushing around in a mad inates, it's her big-heartedness. She just Ld QQ desire for excitement. What she likes best wouldn't be happy unless she were making QQ to do by way of recreation is to sit down other people happy. D 1 GQ! and read-and to read some more. Anything she has is at your service-if 5' Eg Or if that proves lacking in variety, she itis her fur coat to take to a house party. Q' 'eg will hie her to Gillette and spend a happy "Sure, go ahead,"-or her car for an errand, hw half hour- with her music. "of course itis all right." Bw You might just as well try to move the And she's so carefree about everything- A U55 rock of Gibraltar as to make Helen angry. not careless-but just made with a cheerful as Q0 She's too good-natured to let a littlerthingv outlook on life. A li in like anger interrupt the even tenor of her Should you say, "But these qualities are Qu mi days. abstractg what does she do-well, shes al- 1' iw Serene, rnightn't that be the adjective for ways dislocating something or other like Q' any Helen? ankles and knees, but she's still Happy! X' Q And then she has a "man ing" the oifing Q' ' ' to keep her Happy too. .2 w -.. A 1 Yes, Happy is her name, and happy is- her Q' P. K disposition. ug 0 ' B -is W if ff' X -is ' ES ENN ' Y Q I3 X l-l DTN X Q Q' .i..n.gW, T FL f- 4 -f -lm ' 51, U X Rl 'u' X 'X es -s r S r age 'Q , ff Z, 0, A I - """"gfsfV I I' r f-3 l -2 was ef ga 'L ba l I I MW-U ' 23, !?36' I 355 . i fr r , - A. . . ,' i A. ,l I-1 5332255152913i?.Ei:!5s5'i'i131R?.: SZFIRGJXGQQTEIEZ 96 .,i.f.Q?l y - 70117 5 i HmsmfawisnlvfmvIlsweomweweeeemeegvtetswwewwetime Egiolliidii ifim?sC'nBiiili'sUllii:ads"ma..2a..fdiesieamiutiibtie lu Hr ' gg: 7h20,fW,e!yZ?6wf,Zl ffjj I I y pm H. :za 3 00 K ly, mi gel U U I 6 W 1 6 1' it ' 1 YQ gl W Q I Egg so ms' 5?-gg ml E3 H' 1 Q1 GI' if QQ hu V 1 0 is ,X gg ei ps ted -1 3 9 , 99 M ee 22 i 1525 nfl ESE at grind Htl - , 055 25 - inet HELEN? WETHERALD 1 , " V E5 ml QLINT MICH DE IITTA WICKIlIAM 4 U , - wnsr CARTHAGE, rx. Y. ,Eng I2 "Kit" might have heeh S0111e Shy W00dla11d When 'DeEtta left us, we found 'burselves i Creature-ller Stay Wlth HS was SQ Sudden and minus one of the best students in the college. gi gs short. And as for seelnlg her quiet-she was Maybe we a1'en't sorry that her health me ever- 011 the Wlhg, hlftlng 2lh011t f1'0111 Plaee broke down, so that she cantt behere to help QQ Ii to Plaee, hke 21 h1'1Sht htt1e.h11'd, Wlfh the uphold our scholastic standard, and to keep ggi? Q: same quick movements end bright CYCS- Those us interested with the current events of yn eyes of hers didnot loehe her mind-a keen, West Carthage, New York! ' ' ' . ' ' -'. aglle 111eCha1115111 that eagerly deV0111'ef1 Wie remember how, when we were very QQ khewledge, and when You S11PPlCIHent this young and lived in cottages, and the mailman Fa W1th h1g'heH1teCh'1eSS, Charm, Youth, and 111'1j slowly approached fto be rnobbed by at whole in ig' P11lS1Ve11eSS-Whitt Chance had .111e1'e mah? houseefulj, the biggest stack of letters seemed RQ ' N 0119 Wh21teVe1'- Net e011te11t.1Y1th 3' trunk' to be always for De Etta.. Evidently she had R' hu ful of scalps from the east, K1t returned to as many friends out of college, as in college! li I . the West- YVe miss her, but the most we can do is H' 'ua I 7 5 3 hope for an improvement in her health, and D 5. wish her happiness. Q -. 1 ra I VTFIATQS, rs as D: in fit was ' We mt F4 51 mtl in X 5.1 vu N ' f ll -- . Ffl fy j XM' I 'su "' f ' if f 1 401' S'-1 1 ' - - ' , i x 5 I-. ' :si W It ii Eigfsm f, 0 i we tiff Pl ,' O if ' 5 - - he 1 be - ll rg E A ' Q Z .- U' sm Cv-rv.:-c-I 1 Q if gl' . ' ... . , . . v QS! aaaatefazeeaaazwts:e:.s1m.amtatmetieiestzwsreaeetts A 97 f 7 5 7 tymirxlagd Q2-7 1 ,A A 1 ' Y- H Q ' , . - 8 0' I 212233323Eiifkeiflgl-?.i'.'b.!23l!5!!.522?.'?1'1!E'47a2L932'2Z3.5LiliQ la A Bl .WWA . - f I f 3 h 7 h 1. D1 - Q 5- S IP! I- UC :Q iff -1 - a sg , I D ' ti rl -g ag 53 2-a 'FS an :S 'H' si' '33 W fa! PM . a 32 '-5 za ws, QR .0 im BW Q ri -ea ' l mi rl gm l l'l Sw l ul 133 i gf .93 A A A a i mm REBECCA VVIEGAND ELOISE WILLIAMS if QUEnN's VILLAGE, L. 1. ROME, N. X. 3 ' Q Although we've thoroughly digested "Van- Since various and 'sundry people have QQ ity Fair," we've never been able to make the admonished us not to mention Eloisefs hm name Becky conjure up in our minds any- minute size we'll refrain anduse her .ideal Of' .0 1' ,sf thing like that horrid Sharp person, for we giantness as a basis for her mode iof living. 5 Y hm know a. Becky on whom it's much more ofa Eloise spends hours sleepin in the vain eHort 3 , ls "gg pleasure to muse. Our Becky is a brilliant to achieve magnitude. That not availing, z E one, who makes convocation, she's a capable as manager of varsity hiking, she iconscien- .' one, who manages Weekly accounts, she's tiously tramps to and from the library. Even 133 a graceful one, who dances divinely, and rides her short fits of temper are characteristic- iw a horse as though born to the saddleg she's she stamps her little feet, pushing her way R in one .who has the kind of "it" that keeps to height-no soap. Despite preparing her D. specials arriving at any time of day. work in advance, time 'thus gained addeth no 5' ' B But better than all .these things, Becky is cubit to her stature. Never mind, Eloise, K' l ,B the ideal friend. were you larger, you couldn't creep into our I!- Ra , r hearts as easily. I 5 1 Q ' A 0 AEECMDUU 71 W- so f I is in Sl Ilia, as , ' ' I ofa A 1 X1 Mm -level 5 M, !5w7i,.,af" MV5 2 WMM ' QQQZJEUT FHFQV P p 3 044g 13, 11' f QQ Tx?-F' ' ' lil 'I UL-W -H ' - f r' W r 1 - in , 673 0 ,Tgi - -LIEEL 1 0 "1" f ' mix-1 , . ?- ', 1. -. -A :mo , I , Ugg 5-zggf., . y p X. es K ip ff . ,I .Z - I Q 'han ' ' ' ililif X Q 3:9 pf '- I I P :P Sm- fa ' W3 ffm a im "' 5, - V ll los QS -- -5 53E3EEE!2?.Q.V13'iEE5f!5's3iilZSi53?Qi!U?:!'s'23L'59.'252.EZ7514279253 98 1 325392ERTQMEQZLEEEBZEEYEEEESZEQQEELEEEEBTEBEZGQQ l J ui 7'W-CWWM-fMf C2""Q73Zf7-7,7 7nM.rQ.,wae0. 7:2 33 is ww W ll 1 '- 4 Q i S 7.1 i ID 'Q 53 hi l J 12 V303 L.. X40 'ed H M5 I 1 sm Q la me aj 'K 0-1 55 eg 5 V :fe if 9 . D W 3-2 "-f 3 W nz 55 94. v ll' mf 5' S5 N UH gal , Wi 9' l U5 E3 i ' l 22" .I A 1 ' I3 ERMA WILLIAMS KATHERINE WRIGHT if 5 E 5: BRANFORD, coNN. WOODMORE, L. L ' 1 I 5, In b. There's an irrepressible twinkle in Errnafs You will not blame us for Singing Kayvs gg . . . , . ,,. Q 0 QQ eyes Whlch is refiectfid In the 'dlmple In her praises, when we tell you she p ssesses the 6 h k - -s 9 . d -Q c ee when she smiles and that is often. rare charm of an even tem t It Q 'U But wh shou1dn't she smile often when she - ' v peramen ' is I1 ' If h h yh . h b. f . 1 1 not easy to go srn1l1n through all days and 16 1 1: 3315 eupa-PPY 3- lt 0 gettmg essons ear y always, but Kay does it so charmingly that 'li , li an We ' , . encountering her does much to soften a Q' at Why.shouldnt she smile when she has a gT0uch- A F M! feplifatginf01i1h?1fW1gli11gne5S to lendsa help' Of course, you would not blaine us for V -. main ald time? .1 h h singing her praises anyhow after a glance at D .,- th t 512 S. 0512851 tBS E Sig e W enh? If .sefs her picture. She is every bit as pretty as she lp! " a us 5,58 H cf . user hmwn' W lg. ls. O looks, too, with her softhair curling in cun- me QNI Sillh li nd su? f gr adpappy Com matlou ning little wisps about her elfin face and her is hu 0 e ease an B neu ' hazel eyes twinkling between long dark lashes. uw ,gl And when it comes to skating what a figure 1. nl Kay does cut! Sl Cm! alba. - 0531 1+ a. si ' ' 1 ExaTefgBW Is xxmaxfl fa 7 'V Vg. - mi ' 3. - I . I.. TQ N ' .sl -3 4 - 50 s sv ml, , I ,- '--4 , 4 in at i - 4 t me I , , 5? , in . .- go' ' X ' 11" l' si 'p .,l Lys I ,Q GLM' gl 5: l'YLMcJb 1? 1 Wg' U. ls- fVN4.Q0'o-9444, J CF U lp l.u,.,-,-:,,--, ,sam nl:JSIS2?12l?4flI5'52i!3i5E.i!VAi'!'A!.l225?.f3'i523 54921355 LQ Ziggy Q? 0,6511 ri I ' .3 SEQ Pg 3211119 Z5 'fgirp Q54 Q-saga 52 Wagga Ewa th SSTI1 p Q igg,Q bg, t at Ce HO E rad- I-Op mfg " Se lti pe fst 3 -SEQ ga pl on d. 11 N Mgr. MQ HCI al , C0 at P5 lr A 11 b1 gf 31 P- t 0 C1 ' W VVNO I SO rll upo Om - iii 'lil do rro S110 H E ln 7' 'ssl mm W 1 th ub W We lm- th Q 9. DA et e att rs Ir els Z tg? lfus failedblight? 1,60 elldfawe pass Cgfing H . egg sq is Oomlppe pre Ing Sets. - nt u roce mp , tra Z-gt 'C' U asm p I'- In S tl p Cd Usa, lay O .-lq gg fe , 11 C1 at ar on on Cd - , is 3 Ve ad as U Ca w t1.t1I1 1 T P PQ: H1 I1 Sm rel Sm 0 le 0' tl lav -U ag".- Q e Y U1 1 1 5 B 0 Ot H S d p . 11 C 6 Q I t b f Q JC ul' t YQ 11. e 11 all-1 un 31 110 .5315 to Rwas bei hat rllenfouoi Stowave 5 a dat I of ,thin .cap Qi di or- th Hg 1 ch XV U11 d Cd pe . nd e 0 24 3 .Q W ' SPI 101 es H1 ar- 6 0 b rlsh pa ur -1 O11 .gn , ,Q rit 3 is, C , pp Ita Pa Ors Y Q - no, Se11 H th -' D 1 e Y Sa, ed b H1 'Cl d as V d 0 of an Xvh In - le 1 Jain 'le ln- of CS . ef V 'I qw 14 d e 9 b. 111 t ln ed d 1 S0 It t ln 31 erd J 5 ee 1 a re 10 11 St. O. t1 pl. s ra tl llt u Q B p' ft W C, . e It or le 11 Cm -H 1 0 1' 1 mf! c Y ln 6 6 S1 b L1-ac W- St' b S efif e A h 1: g f fl St Ud tl ef It lc 1- P1 0 '11 Ugg ry he el ga un er l On uh he at yo ant Od le I. me Sho Sant tim Sch 1111, g OHS Wh 1 th y 1 fin ed S nic ati s of :- JRR b uld he 9 C on Oli o 6 flto g S 0 St on 1 o m s 11, 111 t B C P1 ag . f Q -re 110.11 a. Se g ,le ra 1. q,01- 10 be A U 10 0 t mpg C O n n gg-U1 I1 1115 ' nm ys ur go s Hd ret er lu Sp 15 te Of 01. ' wvl F G6 Ve Of b1u th, al- . G ' the C11 dhort tel. the the es W lat I , sq .fda pr sh. at flv OW . 1, ,ed 1 1, W u , h 'g '0 31m I1 e - ln W Gd 11 gre 3-nl u ee 1' bl C11 any 'Ll il tb 51d gp e d , W D eh ty S XV, 11 Ono' qu. .I Q,-A a 0 6 . a , W 1 21 an It SH VV r rep? ancy, Ogfoopgdwei, tha We1.e e h551'0ut t hallilags- Sist e I1 Sitomigl e on ti 6 50 t aw Init' Pa' the d 11- .3 :Q 11,eer'S ext Iles lty Pau the.H11d We eso late lnf cit 0 31 Us pa PI, b1O Of 141631 Sed .lr S1 lyb 11 t ine Cl i ully Y XV .j i -sse Om ss th 1, 1h 10 a ra. ev nt le all ,fg 'I Th d th ' W Omg e tr Wh' Ou uld Ck Wlned 61113 O tharn S- De! bee Q la, e I- her d f Casulcll 11' re.e1'S b in. of d e Cd t W ll su U a St Spa C W Orth 'red ahdloi . y e tl th ig 1 Sac 0 dl fp I-' ndr day , St, e al in pa Cd Way le ' e W nlty red 5 If ight 7 fo ded hiv- ' nd th pas St- 122 0111 of ilubilay Vtea ., 301 rm , 3 ln e tel OS Y10 nit. ant I1 W rs! 6 Q 1 s I1 g 'L1 1 . . 1 U y d b Pa Sh - H at S 11 21 - sz' fe P0 Chof v th een rfot ad yln g en Ing 011111611 nd Q3 1 Cu H ris ell' 6 1 C1 S 1 es SCI' 011 he Om We F I. Sle. Per our tm Igul ast leck ent and ap gh ri or I 'il 191- fiti re as ar lib ed c 11- 1 -bo to H10 GS mf Fld 011 tu Va Co fa Off O10 led Ok 3' 'Ch I g k In e tl fro T11 Cat- uve fy b on F to our S alive ,E C E. !-5 0315 E16 Sp Tat gl Qaihe iC10n. y3,nCeO0k fthe C the aselve d Suilli r as 11516111 bla anmjlend to :- nm ,tie es a Xvhi our lnedlng St Seat Gd ar, phe our was Dc ' tb th fa 0 ' 21 Of te ' W th fe b- 5 1 T Ou el. I1 u nd K fed C - C1 3 W lg A 11 t , Cy r ' m 1h 34 1. 1 bg nes 6 V the afte 11, cus lt ld- to Vad St C 1113 gf, fressi, weel-nal N135 H115 tur tomaivas Dllears the fed lass 1 up! 11113 neq app V pol C111 ned Ty lu ot som ' our ario lavin ad alai my lt b eti 6 a pre rat Ste unt' ew Win us 'g 'I . et tes nd pa he 1'. Il lla ds and : 'fA-mr, 00k haw. to if-atorr hea we ht po fOr if , ij, Our Ing D1-ac y 6 Vil ad .Stp a may S61 be e 13 ff y . In on 4 .3 Q v eh 11 U51 ln du Cd 3 ' D es e O lg.. Q L W t Sh CO 11 9 bed Ou 5 D455 o tl arp urt, We dir in r ki 'ga' le Cened Of tl fepiftio a E. an-Q ountto th lat i11.edI1 of .8- is Ty ei gfal I t . usual Clouso J vvvhei' degr queene :E 55,119 e w ee a .I ' E1 e bof 21 L1 gm an Cut an quet e' A has ed is lla "iq, gn 'gig fi if-1 in 100 1 ggmawffias QQ! PiAQ15QQQUOQ'."TQWEFQFHS?"W'RH9B3Q'-991'-'?le'?' 9 EgssfstmEgesmimvn.-:QQ'.5.'aeemef.9bmQaaHSB.wBmamidteesmswmidiih55553 im ga as si fi Commencement proved to be for us an occasion of awe touched by no small Q 23 i - Qs regret that the Seniors were passing forever from our midst we could foresee ai sg no such exodus for ourselves one day. Nonchalantly, we enthused, "'We are S about to have been Freslimenf, gg El Our Sophomore year found us Hrmly rooted in Elmiran soil, with irrepress- jg Q2 ible desires to stir things up a bit for the latest contingent of young sprouts. QE E However, Edna marshalled our maternal instincts with such success that we Eg :ig assumed the role of "mammies," deferring to our "pickaninnies" in every 'QQ respect except that of thresholds which we traversed the more leisurely the E3 :gg more Freshmen there were waiting for us to get through. gg YYe decided that it was time for us to rustle around and show the college E299 gg where we stood athletically speaking. That we did not stand still was evi- Q . . . . denced by several interesting little athletic awards. 9 Qt , av L2 Our inclination toward things new and different found expression in our 5 Greenwich Village Hop, whereat the exotic fruits of our labor showed marked QQ 0 deviation from the tried and trite. BQ . W1 About this time the musical ability of our enterprising class became crystal- wg lized in the Zeta Rhoers. Indeed, it became necessary to dissolve Zeta Rho Eg QQ in order to quell t'he insuperable roars. ' s p -1 gg if In the spring, we undertook a luncheon whereat the announcement thaftliour 3 ai Peg would pilot us through our third year was served up with the nuts: and C3 did much to rejuvenate our appetites. ' ' ' mai' . - -a . 56? Having deprived the surrounding hills of much of their vegetation,.yve bore Eg "out upon Elmira's campus" our last tribute to "our loyal sister class." A S94 In the fall, only the responsibilities incumbent upon big sisters weighed ii up down and prevented our soaring too high in tl1e first ecstasy of being upper- ,G c assmen. ' I - We were officially declared an upper-class on our third Cap and Gown Day, wg Que!! when our attention was divided among our fond parents, our college spirit, the angle of the obstinate cap, and the freshman president. Our very own prom descended upon us in a cloud of cheese-cloth and a an clatter of step-ladders. From the class emerged such a perfect piratical setting that even the most exacting pirate could have desired no more loot. gig With a sisterly appreciation of our big sister's "sleigh-ride," we also adopted F5 a theatrical alternative for the entertainment of the social Seniors. 3,2 ag The announcement of elections this spring make us eager to enter upon our lm fourth year under Tag's guiding hand. Thus endeth the record of the growth of the crop of 1928. Our rows have RW 'S been thinned, the pruning scissors have been applied often, artificial stimu- 5,5 lants have sometimes Hforced' our growth Cnotably at exam timeb but the 'fi bond of common experience draws us close in anticipation of the day when we HF Si' ll 11' 111101 d' d 11' df Wm Mg. sia l burst fort in u oom-an may we o our,co ege prou . BE its 'fe -H QP' , ... , , ,, I ' sf!! 553333553235913EliliggbiiilgfmfaialfiWAEBEQEQSQEQESEEEilgitfii 1 0 1 U' 'JC ii 5 U33 Q-This QQ-Elm f 1 Eaffig, qufs , "TIE gg.. .3 Egqi Eg- eg g.. . QE 1 Q1 . 3 riff Nr f. 'Ax QS my Y r t. 5 U J ffl! vijfzgjy Yu 'rt 1 'LQ-. rv N: .354 Lt i Fkiil fkx ilfn L X' , gihj . E155 ff'q? f-55f .- j' 73' mf Lf: -P tw. ali' faq-3 f,i-RFE-vw ff, ffl fi agen, we , Ms filiix 'WA 3 121 mei' El 15,4 If Q- Q 19 all f :Q wt bmi! , ,,b, ,L Wai.-Us L4 - ff ?YVE Qf. 1' ,M N: x wx, -1 D515 -5 ff? 'i fi'L?fg Fi W1 rl if: E- Wt 4 '35 E5 Q? W tr Qifftiwfffg Pi' '59 5 " 4 ' L - 'N if -f 2551-'f es ta af. at Qidia Mm aw .tumors 55533 LAUREL CHAIN-J UNE 19Q6 Laurel Chain Song M usiczby VERNA BAXTER Words by EDNA DAWSON Out upon Elmira's campus, Now the laurel chain we bring Praises to our loyal sister classes '28 will always sing. Chorus: Take this tribute of love's homage- Laurel wreaths for you we holdg M ay you wear them long in your rneniory, Class of white and gold. 222' 51 L! as B3 Q M 53. wi Q3 5.59 E? 5779 in ef? the Egf QFIH, If QB Q55 -me g V sw! - Q xxx 4536145 Liar.-'fl 19? .EGRL . Q- ,AFEE we BH wifi- X - . . . Yfggii We will treasure your true friendship, he dlfbi I n the days that are to be- , . . firm mfg? In whate er the future holds for us, gym We will strive to honor thee. gig Q M b 3 G as mt isa' LW! fT'jWfUi1Hlt'1QlQ,s4T.fi'.fw--my-.1 1,afi.yf,,2-t-,ft .1f"'f,'1r,l35'mP-:vrnfrf mg L3o,,1'I"x-g.: w':n,f:t.., .M W ,.,1a,..q-L' -ws -,. 1, If . , if t 632. :fr safer' QL : :ff of f ft WNW? FEW MEP FF We Qs mae: 55+ Q v- ?:M1-1-fri' MJ- 1- :Q M11 emi Sm .r aw rfb 1:13323 Lsireafii 559.2725 102 EEEEFIERIBE-2121122322336?:2E3'!52E'47i2L223Ei"531iS'F2 'L'-I 'I Xl Bl A A I - -- EX mm- 51 B 8 0.1 . IQ QQ Whose presence we enjoyed :Cf lp Whose absence we regret if 6: , Whose welcome can't be void sq lx' I Whom we shall not forget. E 9: HELEN BAKER eg gf., f'I'IELEN BARNETT gd if LORETTA BARBOUR .sl fn BETTY BEATTY Q3 as 'JANET BERINSTEIN 55 eg pp ELIZABETH COLBY 3 ELIZABETH CRANEA dw lp JANE DANKS W as 'EDNA DAWSON Q ERMA EDDY ' kd DKATHLEEN EDDY 98 ELSIE FORDER -5, ISADORA FRASIER gm :W MARGERY JANE FROST 31 ,g EVELYN GAYNOR gl 'G' ELIZABETH GLIDDEN IQ -. LILLIAN GORDAN 7 es JEANETTE HALLER i Q I DTHELMA HENSHAW 'Z ' I il 'RUTH KESSLER - 3' ga EETHEI. KOENIG . ' XISABELLE LEVEY Q :S 'GERALDINE LEWIS lil 'c MARBLE LIPSCHUTZ ls DADELINE O,BRIEN iw I MARIAN PRUYNE ' if 'ELIZABETH RATHBONE nl QP -DOROTHY REYNOLDS E is NRUTH REYNOLDS I ig Qi my MARGARET ROBERTS R' lj 'RUTH ROE .ll gp HAZEL ROOT g-jp li ETHEL SACK Qi G. KATHRYN SAYRE S' F. FRANCES SHARTENBERG bu! .Q MARTHA SHOEMAKER :Q I HARRIET SILVER U I, , I gl OLGA TOEDTER 3 A o I BU! HELEN TRAUBMAN 'U . DOROTHY WEED B I-U Pl tg DOROTHY WELT i- Q: HELEN WETHERALD :zz IDIE ETTSQVVICKHAM .1 Q. AZEL OOD F. 54 . -- l" fr on .1 "Ig-f'.. . .1 ' I-5-.asa:em:!,2iza::izz1s1s.1suazzmaaszzziszaaim 103 .21 .il .., x,.,J . .xg-., ' 'u . J ,T .. - mx 1:- .JV J '- . .-ff f f 1 ,. "uw J xt KI. W J . "f. x-- ,xi si' V 5 ..A 1 , -.ll , , QM: 1, 1' -Wax! .. V, 5- - -ff Qu, Eff' --: .3 , ,H 1: 3 W.-N52 f.. ,. 1, rf w. AJ' fi' IJ 1, ft ,X ,. 'ES .R C, 'Any 1 Lu' ,vi ... L- YJ mv"-1 1115 I 'Ta W, IIA, :gi w ,T f 'l W ...V 'V 1 'w .-X ,. , 1 ,P ,. "7 -Aw, ,r 1 1, , 1-,,. , .,. ' n , "N N 1 1 , 1 1 , V 1 . 1 LI f ' 19 .nrt n rum! Ju, Yr" U!! I! "lEl!lS!'-!l"'l' I g2n!au2lsa'l2va5Zf. ssuegsugsalsuls-.f:.!Jln.-.-.oelll'4w'lfg 0 an l'l -' em P1 ll 4 W 9 IQ Fi' 2: 13 59 60 ' -r 22 IQZQ Clary Song if 'S 53 Glory, honor, always to thee ,ml Our Elmira dear, Q31 Majesty and wealth of days Q' Made golden through the years. Q: Your daughters all are we who stand Today within your halls- Wishing, wishing, always to be QP Truest of all. t ' 5 an ' 3' R ' - ' SQ is efrain. qi L0 With loving 'hearts and pride, U1 99 With joy we'll ever shine, -,Q For you, Elmira, who made us one, QI em pThe class of '29. 1 ' 9' " -qs t I! 5 . .z Tribute we lay, and 'homage at thy feet, F . . L :FJ Elmira dear,-, gf -g I. Thy praise we sing, and love we bring, :Il Q All honor, reverence, cheer. 3: ' Oh, draw us closer to thysebc 3 Il . Qi ,Qs And make us one with thee, -Z Ig: Who has offered friendship ,E For work, hope, purity. ls 1 O ' fl 3.5 ' E R13 is me nw vi QC 1- Us If an ma Cl I uw R9 as of ' 'E 'QU I3 -1 t ss I-L Bl I3 Q! U1 -gg I2 ii lg, nl D 62 2.2 ro if Cl , , ' D ' D I ' .1 12352531f1!li'il253Wl35'i13f5f?.i!7lilmlliaililfffl 272212 105 - 2 THE SOPHOMORES , 1 v X f w Wx .w N ,, , . f ,, yu A ff y, W 1 v X ,, .y . , v , L I' 1 ,, L , Y,,. A , 4 'fi ,um ,f ,ut Q , U , l A - , L '.J , ll3lllSilslll!A?!2'aClilsbiblibfilmklu an .ilfmilsiiiiilhil 'HWVQ' '!i"F-".!!!P' WSVFIQUH 5' 'T QDWSFAQDQI' 'WFS 55219 'G"?'lQ'5g II 'F' In an - A ua B If '2 E: :S pg! 5-'2 st IE A J Y ,ga .32 f 2 SQ ' Q25 Egg SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Hg 2. HELEN ROBISON . ' . . President ,X gin Al J VIRGINIA BROWN . . . Vice-Presideruf 1'- mp I CAROIJ STEWART . . Secretary . as 4 JEAN BAILLIE . . Treasurer' ' UI' C . gg Chairman Endowment Fund I8 fd 923 ' MELANIE GUILLEMONT as 51 5 53 59 5 'FV E2 p1 6 1 mf ga Q wi Q RQ QE arm W3 gum AR 55320 Iam? Qs? mi 48 Tia! gig Class Song Leader ig MARY HARDY . KS I W mi I Class Cheer Leader kg HELEN LAMB wi vw gl new 52 SB 5 wif lg ggi I, md H3 I ER Iva mi ru' ug UQ S0 E' lg H1 D P 5' lil rg gg- Q- up g!'.U'sYy15-Qjgvqggiv, ww 0' W' 'fwql USDA! e5a9ngge,wwymmfq M . chin an ...N .qnsianiiifafvaa 1ln.lB..m.l.sw1Jn.m'i2?a 107 A' . K 1 A.-. , Y x J W --NV, xR.J X..-3-ujf W I . f 1 v W- f pn...- iT'3'1 L41? ' Q Lf P ., 4:3qYLj Q54 mi' Q1 "" -,vi E532 r," Qwl 11.2111 """? :Qi Nm., . X45 jg! V" T -vu X LEW Ffixil 'f r T 54 gi! V7 ff' 1-51.3 Q xl L, QP A M? 4,1 LJ .,.'.,- 1' ful, A-,F ' 1 wgx 1 f:.1:!Q: if .J UN 'glj L- 111: " "FH 1 L,.A 71 'f HL ,i 49' llvllj W- fx Q 'H ' QW? .MTQLQH ,--ff 114 ffl' f ' x ffl L,-'M ff. I'-i',l3'f 1-5.14 xhiwqx v,. -N -1 . . .win ,W-Q o W A .A 43 :nl ,..,, r r '. J L.: X?-gf 1.3 15-2 .ID if " 'S'- 14-lr" . . 4-:HV L- 1 FV" Y-'-sw' I f,,.5'.Q' rf w -1 .- x "1 C151 Nf. 1 0qgwJ F2-:fr nz, . L'-Q11 if Y ffJ'f? y STU L ,J ui 1. L, -.Jjj V 7 4 .r gQ,fI,-l Q- 2:51 : -lj,-j " ii I' 651 "W I T f E 'QSM ZLFIJ , ,A V1 :TJ U J'3' ? P761 1151 wav-M? 1 ll fi PL" I ,lu an-'1 QJ L. J 'QCA wi ' n , x . f I , N ' N , ..-.r-,.'-, 1 , ,Q , f . ' , ,L-J, , X , 4+ 1,3 . .. ,Q 3 -1 ,L , 5 X W ,X ,.,!,f. I ,. Jk w,',.f. ,.,- ,f ,MM + ' 1 ,V 1 w ,f fy Q' J 108 K V.-,gr-,W, X .Jw . J VW' 'Q :i'1 'gina fl 'Wg' P' 'E-1. 5 '-1 9 5 lf -- gf '55, blk, r "ZS e -z- si '15, 26 ua, 4' 'ss lg "2 6. 'Y as 193 'hiv ' A 0 l 'I I H H LJ' Ii, H9 WW f 5 ig-. -" 6 0 E '01 D 'il gn A h 1 n 1 ' Q Wnd tonoqg miya 0 gg 1 H 5 wil?o uZi0u ! flgjz Q A S il 5 , ' 3 ' kin -Toy G trcolor :V gs R 30 In az ue S gi le: efw- W-brig w-PM Q 5 Ln.: Wh igsgth 9516! Q :G Ga fd ii' all ' G0 S its 90 u F I fb 6711 E14 ld 1 L? , Afioues tw, ' A 3, ls ' ma 3 a' hee al' ' Q3 s- Mann :1 fl We ter on ,gi .g L Z ev 0715 if I- Oy Ovi 67' 5 le Q. lg Brialavg d K 6- St hu T0 ng fnd tau Q If F ho am Tueghfe' 5 if Eond fnof gag' TS, Blmvlhea you d g f ag 5 - gg 22 'Qian if -3: WS Q P fu 'fi Te! do, th. I- 7-6 eg, r ge L 9 ig in SI n I All A 1 'I H P5 Si Sz: yi Q1 gl su Q: .1 I-'I 'S 5. S-I P? in I- I pl 'VF Hn rl. 'S' 'gli ' fb nga ,, Aw in ligne, its - 7 10:lw SM lan 'sh ay, 'maggie 'ln 1 21'1 -ix 2142359 Q M ia ww' ww 4 'Quang-Q., glglrrugnggqnvxtw'!lv!l!4l!g''msls!,1!I2'rsig:3l E libiilgaklilfnbefdlohtsllbuiblilnniisa will-LIQGABWKI5 'W FQ. - . gg 2? fi A 5:1 EE Xu S FE 524 Ei f QV 59 ' N N an gn X, l', '2 E? Mg Q md ' . ml fm. an G12 A' in A eg hu A y 50 E5 s -, f px Qui 44 be . ' V an be :Q 195 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS - mg i . W i ' ' up 2. ALICE WENCK . . . President J SARAH HARDY . . . Vice-President 'L ,, IJQ 4 KATHERINE ALLEN . . Secretary E gg 1 CELESTIA FROST ........ Treasurer , A' U35 in , ' - EQ gg 1 ' Chairman Erzdowmercf Fund ' gg ELIZABETH BEAR gl im mi ,mn , . yi.: Class Song Leader no INEZ MANOR nl gg A M' 'Q ga Class Cheer Leader le ELIZABETH REGENSBURG 'N 1 S72 Fl is - ll' ll' 54 QW , mil 23 '35 pm L-3 We 5: Ga -BQ lg-2 IF gp I1 '53 fm 2- D: 'r UIQV Pj Q Dive Q Oli 0 0 1, 'lg 3 p g yfvvm-1 . ... . , . A .Q miami:-.A1av., s:Jsafsm5!f.f.!VAw.!.'2.1 :9.s!.?.aZi4.s. ml E53 111 1 i 1, - ,, ,Ti-3 ,'f1,' L . 1 -- L., X--'pf-1 I N'-LLC rv A24 '1-7 '11 1, ,,,1,- TT-if, Q3 kr --. :'3'.Z,.Q L ,1 , ,qi 1 k'-".1'ff- V1 :,,.- 1 1- . ,,',1. .. I ., 1,1 ,yk', 1 .15 . V1 S 4,11 Lp, ,M' J ..",I - .V.-wt... -I, A -1 ,. n M.-A.. 5:35 if SLC K4 JP! 1 QL' QI'-uf 11 Q -X, 13.11 i lg 45' "W, 1-1 1,- 12.7-' 1' ,i"g4vg' ., :inw- - T1-11' 1 '1 .1J .Hx ,IVA 1 1 , L ' r'v"hk1 11 1 1-. .3'v,5,. I 1 -D, 1, 1 F1 .., "mfg V .QQV5 'ii ,sl 11,2 png, LJ -.fl . g',1 'ix-,:g X-'11-fa ,,,,.,1 clfjfij. ffsF!'1 E Lflah 'vcr Q24 2.1:-"Lf A""T1 7" 1:5 30.21 W.. P '5.L:l'-iw ff"'2:?' J,ff,N1.'.1 E- .212 09: xlqagj 'Wx Q'-1 Iilf' 1222: il? ,.-,Q -'f' 1' uf. fiiaw ,-Lim, EQ 'f-C1 f":- 15 Rim P 'I' 'i"1Y i .x..- -'x"'kvx 1', L-: Q1 TMC v'.""f1 E 7 'iff' Ty., 159,,n,i Y :f"11 1-5:13 5 like V J - ,rf 1 .Q -'P 'nfl 1 '1V'TVf"Z1 lt. 413 L41 E1 i Valli! .uv 1 A f-Lid, Fl 1, -1:11 JKIFTF " Iffj-L .S-Q30 ki .L'...,' 2 1 Q 1311- Q V1 11- Ly, ,Q ,. 1 M, . 1,11-1,1 - if f RIT Z 1 1 . , V 1, - . . ,L 1f . -A 1 5.1 1. - 1 X ., ,, ,MY H 1,1-'-5 ' , . .W , 'J ' ,, 'J - " ,- '1' " ' X 1' -' 1 -' ' x 1 - 'f, 1 1-1.11 f-f.--11am 1 ' , 1 - ,iw 1 1-1, , V ' - .L 'Q .,,.4-1,1 V11-X. ,,..,1- ,1,-'11 JEL'-12? F-5-, 114'-"TUE-11 1 , .. 1 , . 1 1, 1 1. X ,, A , H1 L . 1 ,bf1..W11:m-..,11 ,.1.lf.:-uv'-11? ' 1 I 1 Jf:1f!,.1.M1,,31 LN14,,1,,ag3 -l ' A , ' inf' Yam. Y" I -Alll SPlR lIT I0 ll ' . :.- -' In U , -' f r : l.L'rn noucu .-nur ,'ru:+nel:s. G,UlD'IlIG?fT0' - Tlll ll'l1GIlE S'I'-fI'lI,'l'llS-flll'-fLlrl-"E, ' - RESEFIERTZMEIEREEESKEEZEE2l2ZQ2!47i5L22'2E?'s'31i5if5 I . :S :2 sg si L S 22 22 lu 2.1 61 I9 lm! 3 gl fl 'S if 23' and gl S! as Off ami ations gi 95 LEADERSHIP ni Pal - '36 i r i FI eg Although We cannot all be leaders in the various college q QQ organizations, yet We can all acquire that first fundamental sq ip. of leadership-the ability to follow-through our member- Q 93 ship in the six major organizations. These organizations are IHA well adapted to promote our moral, religious, social, Bn tm aesthetic, political, and physical development. I gs.: 0' N H ag Since society, in granting us dependence upon it for four an If extra years demands that We in return bring to it unsullied Y at ideals, renewed courage, and enthusiastic initiative, it bel E55 il comes the moral obligation of each ofvus to' fit herself to be :S a leader in her community. Some of us will be bigger leadf sg -S ers in bigger communities than others of us, but Wewill fe all be leaders to some extent, as We are here in college 5, Q: through our unconscious influence upon others,-to what lvl y: extent will be determined by our diligence in cultivating' l'l the power of leadership. ' . ' Rl fa! 95 QI 'Q . . 135. B Ni I' mc Os' we -is as in gal H' '35 0' - S1 I' i :Tl 11 wg L2 bi II 91 U5 i' 'Q' 'fl l'I 3' nl 5' ll ls: 'fd Q' If as:samaezamizaszezsfszsasuazmniaaszzzme2512531 1 13 ,. ITT 1.5 , 1 'fl 4 ' wx. X Q, -, -- ,'?lI'iQ5f Lib, Q15 rub me-f:iEn21',u ig L11 WMQ 55-sq P-,UT , M is r ,- : 4 'Q fiwlta -iasfo-f7f'if3 1 is 0 Fi "WU-QKQQH-mWl""" U af ii 'ii J " 'Q' "' 'fa 1? M 2-Marin Ei -li w-11:5 Him lil auiifiuw lvfdgsfga ,, N J in ?-1, fh- Efi il' Q '! 9 mm U3 f?Q ' W Ni r, maj D3 2 ' ,Q E343 f' mm l N' Emil F' i gl, mf' M4 View . gf sg Liflfi W si! gg Wffi A nL,,'Jf5?,:j 353.gif , V ',o A- , MARGARET ELMENDORF Pfreszdeni of Student Government A5535 iiiili EQJQZJ .K ' hTo reduce the imporfcarnce of proctors and to emphasize G.lI?1pOI'T,2L1'1C6 of inriivldual responsibility by helping the individual, by fostering the proper school spirit, by de- veloping the studentls sense of honor and res onsibilit 6252" T325 b . N l P ya R Proimotlllgl Se1f'Q0Ht'I'01, by teachlng at least the be- MM glcnlgngf Eff citizenship-these are the things toward which 3? Q 1 u en overnment is Working. iq M553 ,, , H and Ut Omnes smt. ig ' . .NJ av MARGARET ELMENDORF. A. M- E32 MQ 133 Fm fd? we-U NE i gm Us mm i er :ff f - i 5 4'EE1i2mfi5DrWzsH5Qsof3Qf Q - . W k LEM iamfflhffsmimieelmmileQlfsilfiflfar-iiggsfeliilffmQii'Q,s,il?2l W? f-fiiiigliii E?mQLQHmH.mwra ww my-y W - i MSumiieifalsseimrhmmoosnwwmigmlilholllsi 114' HW? JI Lg- Rlgggfkf Pi- irilfiil Eembmwialglig QUE SGW Emil E- Lea' Q cffflifbigf wi? -M Rf' Em QE 331 me R :' HSI FQ f QW ,, vw 1-'Sk Qmaf' Fax R443 MI' RQ ami- W1 ,F 1 fi H-'15 525 3 EJ FW H Big? QW' ,Nyiqg .5 ,L V4 . 4? W' ,gm Kg 397"g5?i ffgdfij '52 1259 E53 'ir 1 15692 ' wiv 9255 111233 ,Qi Y'-745' if i , U4 R-If ifE'Ig 0519221 4? Q- 255 P L?-EY ji: ggiiii W, .a41F7, WWE, M15 :'i,T9'A' QE LM . ' E643 fx. ur-I Senate ww R51 tv: ag: 1 FREY JELLIFFE LOWE MEADE REED iKING HAMILTON BISHOP !f3P7J?U KKFEQ ,,., 3 BENTLEY MOKOWN BRUCE 5 I if.- ' 1' ,Az 'lc mn, 1 ff' ff Fbwffw, I , fqa? H . ., . Lf"'ff3 fail Llf E531 'IJ 'Qg12'L'1 ' 0231 I 'idlgj-I . Qyia' f B7 .. M! x . g. I... 1-, 31 ES-sv". WIFI ,,.:Q 'ii 015953 32933 3 I ,J W rr , Ti Emecutive Council .I A W PRATT HARRINGT ON JELLIFFE CARR BAXTER BUNNELL WAGNER ELMENDORF MOBRIDE ESQ PFISTERER ROBISON VVENCK gm E I ff A I-U Im El hm :tiff-u Qin Ewa ' I gwgfifi mEfQF5P'iEug'sgsO3QfEggw R vgmgjmvs-'wpwwafgsf 'mama I nm I - 5.vMge7f3,,Ew,-R mam . I- -, .I '-R G " If 'Q fl, 'f 1 3' "1 , 'U swf Zi, ft I fx 'V ,-, T , I ,lg '5,, ...f-7 -. I L. 17, 'fwr.:'-Li' "Y . .-' 'E' . Iwi? ' 2. HERRIEI 5212? -I BE QD,IflPfJ?hE.mf3ii1w 115 'ilivlr 5' s' ' -'7' S!! P a: shlkslliafglfnzakzszlxggg-5,ss-' ' It I lilhk,,g -Ql.jU'QsQgg., , Bl """'fluin.i- '5' Hrfq :rg f ifillhllhg is he tl Bl sq - E lf: -12 K fi 2 U: sq C- .5 his an ml ll E5 55 l I in sl l'l I3 'PQ Q' Fu eg e2 Ki sa A ll as wg nl 4 gs si U5 5' I3 li in Si 'le nl 95 Sli W' ni ug ,r ll it SQ le: FQ! 1 E1 55 S5 Z3 . GERTRUDEI VVAGNER ' 5.31 President of If.W.C A .bi 'J . . ai gg T1 C1 :I 1 19 esire f Y,W - n gg lll the college Tzommulllglls Year has been to give ,Peo 1 ll 'J highest Spiritual mem: if those thingS Which make for she 3 QL. 3,11 a re - . ' fa' and physical . . , I e I .Q al1zat1on that grou S . A I qual1t1esg to glve 3 rs ijmvrl community are strlJvi1i? dfmdwlduals Outside our I. D SL -a personal loyalt O 01' the same ultimat l Sl I, promot . Y to Jesus. Y' . e 6 ro . W h QI la d- - g WU1111 ChI'1SlLia,n Ch ' as alnled to 51, Ivlduals to uve fflife at its best jracter and so enable in- !5 worth of S61-Vi C eg , always remembering the I2 sg: GERTRUDE VVAGNE be .BI R. Bl 50 Q' BC le L-S 'F ll gl :I 1 if .'.l'g Z , Falun'n'g!.!lQw1Eif!5?limgf'151W 1135 116 1 '. lgj "-. 'mw1"a-s- sew'-svmums-aw-esisemgv-m-w--ew:-vip o 4 ' Ik I GQSOBI kallilfpzfalsbuusnbntsllkmdmsa. .iles-aaoabillils fl 'P -.w 22 P' iz 51 P S Y.. 'Q 'U 1: me ia HI 4' lv! 32 ui ml E5 ii if I :al LSE pd QS? ps eg 5 ?' P932 R 3 - A C l 5 DF I N5 53 - 24 gg Y. W C. A. Celine . 53 sg 'YM I n V ' N ' A' .45 ISS VANDUYN- . . Faculty Advisors gem :g H DR. HARKNESS - ' ' 7 .3 GERTRUDE VVAGNER . . . ,President A 5: QLORAINE FROST . . Vice-President In ,jaREBA PERSELL . . Secretary DAQ li l FLORINE MILLER . . . . - 'Treasurer ii" li I .B L MILDRED PETERMAN . Social Chairman :I ig IJ' OLIVE HART . . . Morning Prayers 2115 Q: JMARY ELIZABETH GIVEN . -. . , ,Vcspers C." Z3 I3 JEAN -CARR . . . . Social Service gig Z 'KATHERINE WALRAD . . ' . World Service sq 'J lb HARRIET BALL . . . . Town Re resentative in Q! 79 'Q mg Q, HELEN KATZMAN . .... Finance Chairman Rn lg ETHEL SHIELDS . . ....... Publicity Q3 14 MARY GOTWALD . Undergraduate Representative lie gl I 0 HATSUE ICANDA . . .... Foreign Representative :El 32 3 KATHERINE MARTIN . . Chairman of F reshmen Council ui: fm "5 B2 E-'F IS 33 Q3 2,1 :G 51 .Q , 3: 2,2 If Bl , lnlllgvlrl iruye 1 ous up 0, If ' pAp,,,,,,,,,f,..1 mama..-' ig! are isiauxlaiiiflnvln.'f?.-La..s.n.nia... in I 17 H 5 . v 0 0 I 'P I 3233.2563131222-'?.2f2.k,52lL?.Zf!xi5222224712LE'-'i"22B'3EuiliQ 22 :2 Cl . 'H 2 fi in QQ' 3 rp -'I I if 49 1 33 U . v' 22 'S If E' l al Q ml 5' o U3 QQ ai Ei S53 WI if 3' 'W i h A I :Fa 5' as 23 sm Q 99 55 I li Q UI .fl Nl 51 U. ia L' ll - D3 I g 5: 5: IN Q1 no gd mil gg . Lois ELDER E, Presidemf of I.C.St.A. an an is av . . . , r . 3: QV: The Intercollegiate Community Service Association .IS 3. F' the organization through which undergraduates are given Q mi a chance to gain a better understanding of social prob- QI gi lems and to clarify their sociological theories by practical Ei .I contact With, and participation in local life. It aims to fa provide students with a Wide variety of volunteer service Q5 5' opportunities under good Ieadershipg to interpret for Wa l'Q them the part which they play in the modern social Work ggi 'U movement g to correlate their volunteer service and their "M- s . . . . Bl fp academic program 5 and to make their service of more im- QQ E1 mediate and enduring' value both to students and to :is social agencies. if ,ni Lors ELDER. 5: g ll 5: EF mi I ' ,, ' 9 A - 4 4' A , , 9 " 555233!'HQ2Biwigbfgilgfiwaimi19.!jEEE2523iv.5f3 5592512 118 Ualumina?-IQQQXBHSPElmlvmff WwW?eS?ef5t'W-Hiiligggi?REE' 'D Q Wi Hmililluslsl lin -aiuhialllmhl il-mime-'Iain Esmmmmmwsii QQ 5 gg T me mm ' P312 H T 53 in Sw ag ig lid Ui may Q 0' pl ,, a I ul -sv E-I 02 gg Em s .1 GQ QW 'Ii 75' 5 A P Kg 32 0' 0 pa W ..-7, si 3 as -is T gg uf t e QQ SS! ,T . . mn :ig I. C. S. A. Orfgeinzqleztzon in up R T A F: 3 DR. BOOTI-IE . . . Advisor .el J, U LOIS ELDER . . . . President 5: J SNONVDEN SMITH . . . Vice-President -Q J UNE PELTON . . S ecretary- Treasurer fe' I DFLORENCE HOWARD . . Amer-icanization I: GERTRUDE LAYCOCK . . Girl Scouts iff if 9 MARGARET WILSON . . . Storg Telling Q: LUCILLE JUDGE . .' . ,. Orphanage I ag . 7 ELOISE VVILLIAMS . Neighborhood ouse E img ' ,2 EMILY GATES . . Home for tlze Aged W5 ff IVIARION YVILCOX . Reconstruction Home A1 L, b.HELEN KATZMAN . . . . Case Work 12 I ETHEL SHIELDS . . . Girl Reserves gd MAURITA NIACPHERSON . . Hiking QI pg MELANIE GUILLEMONT . Publicity ' Q 25 '-'E B2 it m gi T fic ug IV. F' 5 n I sm I, '20 I 9 F H3 2.2 lf' ir Olga A . nm' Rf i. M - . PM Bahama mQi3E?gEB??i53iZStii?'P.Wt53533325252323552EWEELQET 119 lilS1ll"'1. QQI .PIQYQ ,Ulf 'UGC lil U O' IQ D Q I :':aslak2ka1au.ifn s'-udsnaualnuls'-524dl5sn53aaua1'llifs El I sf fl l B1 3 l 5 N- 2 YI L1 ln- ur. ll 4 I2 Fifi I I 'S fi! be I 32 24 '52 R5 'Ki in hu 'I va Z.: FQ Fx 32 ri! ur' ft ei ' ui if 32 52: iq. , 5 D- ai r lil L 52 'I as is as sf is A VIRGINIA CARR 'Q - President of Thea' is bl P JC All loyal Thespians are as those "Whom a dream hath ml 5,3 possessed," and their vision is of a fully-equipped Little 33 as Theater in which all students devoted to the Art ofthe R .BU Drama may work together unhampered, for the purpose 113. 'Bi of producing plays of literary excellence and dramatic I' ,hi power. Although this is a lofty purpose, it is not impos- lvl sible of achievement if Th6Sp1S is fortunate enough to re- QI tain a Director with the inspiration, the determination bg 5. and tihe ability of hfliss Nlorrow. Her ingenuity has con- S, 2 trive many improvements in our stage and lightine Q' :Q facilities, but they Will suffice only until we have realized Q: li' the dream which furnishes the incentive for June Play L EU! Productions. In past years We have recreated the roman- b. is tic igures of. Robin Hood, Cyrano, and Francois Villon, Bl ta that they might Win for us the financial support of our Us 1,0 friends, and this coming June Prospcro and Ariel must sz: plead for us. May their pleas and those of their successors I" gg be not in vain! VIRGINIA CARR. ,Q ig ll lu M- an pf -.I . fi 0 4 ' . - A as.mm:emane::as:'ex:4sza.1xuazmisaszzzwsze:aria 1520 '4"9"5"'5"'-'P'!ll'-""P?!'!lP5'5'fSBUEIEMQA''2l!mw2'f-91'-':'n.15g-s if fglilblkbl-90 IPA?"-maG'sehQmsBbnhB limi!-Aa.:.a..JlmQ-iaamiuiilviw 3 2: Lie li D1 4. E5 2 in is 'Q C I" an 9' vi g 1 1 'Y :ae ga I' uri F' ggi QS H2 235 Se F62 RE . h Q? 1 AE Tb: 90 H53 5 If Q 5? Hi 1 s gui. l N 'x E5 Thefpzf Ozfgemzqezfien W 5 NIISS MORROW . . Adfuiisorq NLE .IN 4, VIRGINIA CARR . pmsidem 7 ESTHER PHELPS . Vice-President gi .3 I LAURA DALTON . . Secmayy F: ig N JEAN VISSCHER . . Treasurer SQ f2aMARGARET WEBSTER Costumes lm Q5 9 MfLDRED PETERMAN Pfopgmjes 55,9 SARA HOWERTH . . ' Make- Up ng Q3 ALTA MAY BRACE . ' Settings F, my 2' JULIA BOYER . . . Lights Q 2, RUTH NANCY QUINLAN Publicity ag lu 10 MARY HELEN BIRCHARD . Libranan gw !5 W' :U U' ya 'Q' is DJ U DP ,ll QI ll ll 'al-2 5.55 I QU If en fi' '51 I-' ' ,ao If F Il 9.2 lr- ll' I, .,' , . fl ' 'Q 1 , 4- I Y B .:..:s:::eesamp:ae:.:ems1s.e.maamgaasazzesseaww? 121 B bufssrsiildlklulslfgvxfn Clhilhlblilfllflulldagfllblalsillllll '-H!H?,m'lF7i"'5"'!!UY1" "'F!QlF5!"99i9!l!dl! "EIS 83-!l9W'Z'lipi U!! 3 IH A fl 22 Bl T p p ,t il i i ' gil. '23 Q El :- ig 1 L5 ? as 49 QE '91 E 0 NE 23 Es mg S9 'mi ggi I pil I3 ,gs av sf 'P' B rl I2 -1 Pail - lg Fl sz B5 li 51 4' 9 99 ' n S3 Q. RG 2-3 nn 5: 2' I3 ai t an oz, nl Z. S22 i 21 l . gl E-3 i -1 QE , ERNESTINE BUNNELL if M! President of Athletic Association 33 'E' W n Q Q2 The Athletic Association aims to develop character as Q 33 Well as skill and perfection in each sport. In order to do this 1' B . we have four major sports and several minor sports in UQ! gm which the girls try to excel. gn Hockey, our fall sport, brings forth a great many fine, UI skilfull players besides a very enthusiastic cheering sec- Fm tion. It is they same story With basketball, baseball, and 1: gg track, to say nothing ofour minor sports, such as tennis. all The aesthetic side of life is not neglected, Where grace as 3 Eg Well as skill is required. my The Senior who has attained the greatest skill and the ,- me finest character is awarded the Athletic Association's high- Kg. est honor-the White sweater. E ig ERNESTINE BUNNELL. lg E' T fl C ass nh mg If . , - sz . , , ' I 5:7 lf! 3335325553SawW?3Ei353?'fil?iW?3WEQDRZIQQESZEYQSEZ Filflki 122 iqmwvaq-1. QsmpymmvwmarwwmQierewvmegwaeedaSSSI1wQW?em:,Q EDillTlE8l!!.Elfi. SQQNQSSBEIQWYBQQEMQSI E585-E 433568 QEYSWGEHE 551533 was ' isle si 2 fd in ef lag an W lv! Q ' -"' E5 FB. ,id as we rl 'Q 49 Q Ei W5 :ze 5-if P' S! 5: rv' it 'W 232 55 f gg 252 ' , . mn gg Afblefze Cezmezl un an l - 9' az 6 MISS VAN DUYN ......... Faculty Advisers Ll jj 2 MISS SHOULDICE -F I ge Ll ERNESTINE BUNNELI. . . . . ,President QI -3 5 JOSEPHINE LEWIS . . . Vice-Presiclent 7 Q: 7 EDITH VVILLIAMS . . ..,. Secretary gg I: 1 JANELCOUCH ..... . I .... , Treclsurer - 90' 51 JBIARGUERITE STEMMERMAN . . . Freshman Rey9reserLtali've , nu A 1 5 A 5' rs ' College Song Leader ig Q51 SNOWDEN SMITH m' EEE Be College Cheer Leader :Q 7 EDITH VVILLIAMS lpn 'S 25 R- as ia I I ' QI IP ml 'J E5 In ml Ri es ug me 5' Fr n-' 1 5' W 5: li E: S5-f SQ lll'UY'!V3iQJD PW QQWWQWQU DQ QQ Q uf ?fg,Q'Qzij mar-reel img imagineIaklaiesleegeeellllSQEIETQSQQQSQSQSS 1 23 I tg!!-I-"Q, l ral!! ,DIL new ui! E' 0'tl!tS!'l'!IW"'l" afuunuikairlif. cr.sn!sn2uulsL:2s'.!:L!dln.a.a.suuh'u'lf-S :E Ei ll J Fl Q fl in of 3 ki -a ui :Ti ul ' E-' 35 .3 Q Ra gg E3 'ft sl' Fi L2 Q fail 35 3 3 wg V .0 la' 9 nl li if' Si Q? 24 so U. '49 I- SS 9' aa If -1- 52 il. Oo. age, sg 'S FA ETHELWYN HARRINGTON 5: ' ' Presvfcient of Forum 5: During the year 1926-27, the reorganization of the 'I '. tu ent orum 1I'lVO ve a c ange, not on y 111 proce ure, ' s d F ' 1 d h 1 'F d i ' la but also in policy. According to the new constitution eight Q53 chairmen annually receive appointment to assist the Q ls four major ofhcers in carrying on the activities of the L' I 1. organization. eg In order to reach more eiectively the largest possible sql Q: number of individual students, Forum operates through I small groups, as well as through open forums. It has . Pg been paossible this year to organize. three such groups, l . which, with their respective faculty advisors, are as follows: Q' Im .QD Foreign Policy Association-Dr. Boothe, cl. :'. C21 League of New Voters+Dr. Boothe, 5 Q CSD Debate Club-Miss Quinlan. 'yi The support given Forum activities by the student body, Q! K1 during this first year of experiment under the new policy, '-Q sb seems to point toward the future success of the organiza- as tion as a whole. AETHELWYN HARRINGTON. at 5' ll' . rg ll. 0' DI ' . . , . l 21 :sara-'zszauamira:-s:ez:4m.e.wazmraeszazwsze:sets 124 lll0llSalvl.zlfAZf-:Klblallhlillllmbnga .flnhlmdaiilllsll 'sinensis snlrflwMQIIM''P'wvsegsvgv'wlmw.1elw.rs:5yg ll 'F' hi! 1 I ui ' BE R P.. If as gn gl lg as Q, gs! qi W2 2'- if Rl gi? r' ' sv 'A' at 93 va if P!! VK 3 4 an . U9 If 5 IC ggi ar' T se mf F as-I gil A A ll '53 Forum A 95 '5 5 ' 5 D , . nl DR. BOOTHE . . . A Faculty Advisors ge A DR. 'GILBERT , V I aw gi ETHELWYN HARRINGTON . . . . .President E5 A A s as i3 MADELEINE FRINK . . . Vice-President A gg 0: 3 LILLIAN FRIEDMAN . .... Secretary ' L58 H: 10 ETHEL DONEY . . . ,... Treasurer - mlm has 4 LOUISE PRATT .... .Chairman of Programs 2: 7 MARGARET BUCKLEY . . . . ' . . Publicity f QQ lil f1JUIQ1A BOYER . . . . . . A . Journalist- S13 gg 3' FLONRENCE LOUPE . . Chairman of Bulletins 'Q L3 MADELEINE FRINK . . Chairman of Debate ll ETHEL HALE . . Business Manager of Debate ME -3 Lols BRYSON . . . League of New Voters Wm ll 5 la 5 ESTHER KAHN , . Foreign Policy Association QW r- - we Q I DORIS BAYLIS . . Freshmen Representative D, 5- R5 u F ' is 3 I5 2' I If :E if :PA C ts- QS pg , If ll IILV fill I I, 1 On-n 9 p 0 syn '59 '-'IQQIF'-WY!! - I E xsmliulanzfunfl Niigata na:an4'li1L Am , iIn7iaiS'1vlJf13!71 1 2 5 H. , ',., if ' Q 1. .1 Y. 'PMB Y.ii'545l95QEE,UQP 59555 'WiEi5g5tB'Q".i"9.iE5EvF'?."?3"5"'l" I ,fi .1 Q -35 ni 'Ti 3? ii Q tzgiififw 6-if-J! 6 h U awe-H1659 1-'afafg in-La 3264 mu are P1 ies 4 UE K we as iff 'L' nd is 4 M at! t 6 ge sri 1 52 . Q Q is at me vig E55 4 rQ fa? ' 9 QQ- If 55559 y Q me e H2 rea W ' WI! Qi-Q a EBU 3555 Debate Teezm . gm , K FRASER KOTRBA FRIEDMAN O,BRIEN mm -Coach-Miss QUINLAN i 1 - The creation of a college debate spirit has been the aim of the debating branch of Forum this year. From the large number of students trying out, a varsity team and a gg 7 sub-varsity Were chosen. The varsity, under the excellent coaching of Miss Geraldine Quinlan of the Speech Education Department, came through the season with flying colors, defeating Bucknell WOH16H,S Debate team Q-1 and Wells College 3-0 on the GRI proposition, Resolved: That prohibiiton by law of intoxicating liquors is undesirable. H Elmira has been honored by challenges from other colleges and universities includ- ing Buffalo, Cornell, and VVest V irginia, Which, however, it has been impossible to M 1 accept. an MB 4155 A delegate Was sent to represent Elmira at the conference held by Tau Kappa ms gigs Alpha, national honorary debating fraternity, at VVilliamstoWn, Massacliusetts. Wg New ideas for the furtherance of debate were obtained and an investigation of the img gg society and other similar ones has seemed to indicate the desirability of having a 58 B . . . . ' ME chapter of a forensic fraternity in Elmira College. Q bg The response of the student body this year to debate activities has been gratify- ml ing. VVe hope for continued support in our plans for ta larger schedule, more teams, and the establishment of an honorary debating society in the coming year. QE Q ' 1 U29 ml Q 25-E Q HP am J fr ,aaa ees can ages leiaggan Aaaearlmhnsmgqaaman 52112, WE Q' 9' Tift? 'WWE QUSPS'-'WWWFW 126 r. 2 , ,s - , I , - . I -1 I ' 1 - X j ' 1 ' . A xx-,K 3, f - L . . l I GRIIISETLIKEXTIIE anne: I-A - 1 I . . -.i....a or sulr1'l.Y nusuluewsmna' Ii-'S 51- "" ' "1"-' '1 "-'I l'llEEDOHQLlKlI.TllllT nr Ulla, UPON THEIR' lmlcs. 1' qmw--1. an .1-nm ungqoea use!!! "Rl!ll'S!"!'I"""l4" Q gatohlkgklzafiifnS'uUleiilinilllLf2!-'osta'!llohsadaOilIl'lil?3-3 'LW ra -" BH P1 35 -1 lid 3' an if V S' 1-- Sa il lx' 3 ul 23 -2 mg 5" mal if .p ., . L is Actwzizef ki Poisn , '53 by Q2 :g It avails us little to be possessed of admirable qualities, ga if We are unable to convince others of their Worth. This ja Lg We cannot do if We are ill at ease or easily embarrassed. gi ,Q P . . . . h ,. . . . 1. h h .0 6 artlclpation 1n t ose act1v1t1es in W nc er greatest bg interest lies will do much to help each of WHS" to overcomes Q 9, this common diH'iculty.. By doing we shall learn how to as do gracefully. , .CI However, in order to acquire a poise which is more than ban .Q H . . . V . K . K I 4 -qg superficial, it 1S necessary for us to realize that unassuming IQ 5. self-confidence is indispensible 'This We cannot have if We 'U I s . ' ' fy have no Well-deiined modes of thought and conduct LQ 5: based upon Wholesome and unprejudiced beliefs. The gi In person Whose cherished convictions are based upon such 4, , 11 fragile stuH that they change with each fluctuation of :S popular opinion never can hope to impress others With 21 ig ideas which have not been weighed carefully enough even aw 4: 'to have made a lasting impression upon him. Participa- kg tion in some of the numerous and diver-se activities will do fl :J much to' help us to become stabilized-poised. ' E ' ' . - , Q in , f af! are ww ll 'S' as 2-2 :iz if Rl '65 ll IE' gs! 'll c-Q is I-L IM lp E! L1 fl-'-9 K2 il ng, gl QQ ll ig '51- ll If IVY ID CIN! U 3 IIFUP 9 , .s , - I8 Hliwhiiiglelvliiiiassiuilffdium2.'f1!M.s!u2s!15!6EYE!!! 127 The Glas Club rw r I 41' 1' X x 1 ' 1, X '5 x. ' fx ' ' ,1 xx L I S, 1 y X 1 . I 1 ,nr-1, l PIU!! ,!l!!!l'21 USQAKP WFLKSDIBQ'-El""l' Enafauitiiraglf.1'-sufuspnhdc....e..Q4'lu.s.a.QeanL'la'lf,-2 at ll F' fi A as s rs S2 I?-I K5 52 m QL - Glee Club 2 'S ' B3 Faculty Advisor-GEORGE MORGAN MCKNIGHT F. Director-LOUISE PRATT, '27 lg 41 M -S S '27 E bi anager NOWDEN MITH, 2: SP Accompanist-MARY HARDY, '29 32 "" di lst Soprano Qnd Soprano Lg Marvel Bott, '29 Marguerite Callow, '30 gg SQ Virginia Carr, '27 Dorothy Failing, '28 Q, at Margaret Cowan, '30 Jean Fraser, '27 98 Clare Davis, '29 Olive Hart, '28 az Esther Delbridge, '29 Margaret Milligan, '28 Ui .gg Madeleine Frink, '28 - Martha Milligan, '-30 H Mildred Gardner, '27 Margaret Otte, '29 ,-,. 5: Mary Elizabeth Given, '29 Reba Persell, '29 f 2, Nancy obefdorf, '29 Aline Williams, ,'27 5 gl fl Edith Polgreen, '27 Betty Wing, '29 .51 gg Frances Prior, '27 Esther Dorr, '29-f QQ Elaine Wegener, '29 ' ' -S Hulda Taylor, '29 IU E Dorothy Miller, '29 be Ist Alto 2nd Altos , ' W in Florence Burt, '30 Frances Armstrong, '29 E3 ar otte a , 30 a y ami ton, '27 Q as Chi Gll' SIIH 1 gh' '01 Laura Johnson, '28 Sara Hardy, '30 it le Gertrude Laycock, '28 Alice Loomis, '27 :Q Florence Rexford, '29' Esther McKerr, '28 QU gl Snowden Smith, '27 Marjorie Murray, '29 .Q Joan Sullivan, '27 Ui! 'il Grace Wolcott '27 - :K all ' :I -gg 7 ea I-. an I.: El '1 '29 Us - Hi ll gh qi -C If 51 fu In il' DI , . ' , ' In IEHEHI2191Elil'333?55?n"i'iKiH?.ilU7u2'f'2.,!L1!.'252E3?5E352212 1 29 The Classical O'rcl1,estra The Jazz Orchestra 130 Www QEQWRQQQQ-5?A9'9Q?"55'?P f'?W!Wf9g Mwffgfffalfw Qfiwams mwagyw Bwwvihfi-9521518 B454 gfivzsbimiwiawhi Wkmiwwbaa E Q4 ifvaawmkdiieb as B :E Bl D I M on 'U Us 5 Es QE ET-5 if gl pi 395 wi MP L0 P993 ll 3 LE SQ The Mandolin Club A PHE? ED 95' - Q ai. ' uf gs is we 'E Sz, 'iam gli -DQ 51 mi! 325 X3 pi 0.33 ' 'Li is 55 iw - gi din '22 Eg The Uke Club GS Pu BW l?!.WQm1 ffgsgqfm 1- .A , , , , - " fi M4 W Qi WW H 3555555359531 2757915 hifi En -2 EE H BQ :fa 'ii Q gf mm mv was Wg gs QQ E5 iii? W2 IW! URW!! QFD wg wi bf-QQ gas! emi 'Hi ml?-Z R Wg!! ti MH 532 ww dx EE gm af? gpg B Q .www an had A B,m54mMwMg?'Mp,,im.,,,-3ii...B h.,s-aQw.,mQ54,w,,.,cf,glg3 V . dgv A3 131 'S U '.9lS!'5'5"8', 322333E3'i.?i'i23.!2'i2'G22EZ'5ZZ!i33532247151-...B-aaralaf' A II L2 BI ll' an P1 II 4 525 S g-,I DQ 01 IQ are P 3' 45 s l -.,. fs' :rs B' -7 o 1 .I 51 'I 5' nr! ml Q31 '31 M ga '53 I Q 7 se gg? 5 Pi e2 wg 3 D. o 5 m Ss: 55 if Tb W it B iz 5 .ag 6 66' -jf 061' 7 RUTH RANSOM ......... Editor-in-Chief W 3 N L gl 6 DOROTHY MATHEWS I 'll ' 'vl tl EDITH SENIF log 'Nj IX MARGARET HEALY F . Associate Editors SI me I MADELEINE FRINAK pf ,5"ERMA WILLIAMS A 'Q dl' I ,JULIA BOYER . 1 gi gi: ,3 MARY LOU BRUCE 'ij 9 ALEEN RAY YA , Reporters gg 2' DOROTHY HURD ' M KATE HELEN JONES I A Q gg if DOROTHY MCCLEARY j Q ul In all If PATRICIA IREDELL A . . . . Business Manager is lv: L3 REBECCA WIEGAND . Assistant Business Manager il :la MARIE DOYLE . . Assistant Business Manager QI F. " JANE DANKS . . . Circulatibn Manager 31 Dk 3' JANE COUCH . Assistant Circulation Manager -3 ll l' Hg ss BQ QU PM Q! gf -UQ Us' E' R' I n-' 1 Q3 ?u 56 fn Wm - 'r an ' A A . . , , I ld 5333388225353E?4Eif??s32iX3t5i?.1Wi?.5:?.!LZt'5!52Eii5Xf3twill 132 ' -eu-salsa-5-'iselkilwMm!-av-2Quvs!4l!'4"W"!''M"""WiF2 lilahdislvl IYA --alchlallhlililllGlnsofldhinlalils U gg E5 lu A gf FS A A Q S ml '9 al W lu ? L' '43 U' at lg sm he 55 bo. I sv p.-E ml D3 '52 '22 Ei as in KE 2? SE V s '56 A - 2:22 if lil 9 99 ai A - wg is . E52 gg A Tbe Szbyl Beam' is .X ng gm ' UD gg K MARION E. NICBRIDE . . Editor-in-Chief gi gg QCATHERINE NIILLER , . . Assistant Editor gli Q 'Q is 4 EDITH GURNEY A 1 ., 'gi ' EDITH POLGREEN ' i . I E ' as 3 RUTH NANCY QUINLAN 1 I Wd gg 7 ELIZABETH :KING P . Associate Editors QQ iff, IUDOROTHY MCCLEARH' I msg ig ,?3lVLxRY .ELIZABETH GIVEN' . me THELMA' LAIRD J . Ulm gg . Er Hi Y NORMA BEARD . . . . . . Business lllanager im 6 ETHEL DONEY . . ' Assistant Business M anager in P V NI D C' Z ' M W 1' 1 ABEL AHLQUIST . . . . iv-cu ation anager Sh I EBA ERSELL . . ssistant 'wsu ation anager X 4 wg If R P A ' 0' 1 ' M Eg 5,3 wg sz HH ri if . il s gf I ., 'sl 5 tg A Q QE' 'S ew K1 is SQ, if ga RH H2 A SE E: if lililgizrj QP IQEKQWUIN 1 m 5, og glut! p u yypgg-1-3 . , I 0 I mi nalwn int Sat., ,iw astXsi5ff.1n,JwJ1.?g,T hdwiigwama ua! ELSE 133 ' 3454 'gif' if '1""34'9W"'E 339' NRE! 95'-'PGS '-EE25!4?AlfB' mm!! l9'l'l'.!l'2'?!iF'O I s'Qnui QGw3ka i'nw3af,16efQs'.x msmmmlmswapg Q., .llama-apbsfcbln 4 F1 '1 ii A fl EE gg is . ' Q 5 gg in lm .1-'Q 5 K9 IW 3 L! Nl SJ' 9 595,53 wi Q2 'S yr 93- 532 H5 fy Y SS si QE, ,, ai? ?4 ma fs: Pm Q5 asm Ek gm wa mm an UU M E2 35 iw mf gg 325 Qeg mr? QE in-61 wg Q5 is Q25 im im Q 53 is '-'D :ri as D243 an Fran QQ 55 W H B at R' ni will 5- 722 we H- D W lg I E' FJ QE :fs manga gqvg, v -1, f ,mg , ,, 1 , Q mwwwimiE3295Ei!Ewi'5552i'55f5EE5v76Ei?'JWA3g2W!E'1W'P5Q' Wfwwem im nw... mhmwsgfdnw ni 1 34 WWE 'susmsaa-1l!qg5l9v'!anuvs!'fsuvsvgsvgg-upmsn-aqrnipz 'Q llilllislul IVA -nlflillllilil ll-:Gln-.s. lnhiadnlill Bm EE ::. li E 1 25 2 IZ 53 ll 4 ls! 3 W2 23 ga 'S rl 'in na I rg F3 ir i' 23 gi .M 3 5 g 511 I. ,, ae -ff as :fi UI up ng 3,1 5' 'Q 33 3- pa iq 52 51 IN 237 il gd gg N in gf: f El 32 'E' 'Q ek- 5- M 2 6? Sl 5'-1 Ei ig S1 an 'iq 0 I I'-" gs L' g ri 5' It H2 ie 52 - ir lllllvlrl'1jgUQE"1!aUl-all-Peggwsqlqglqljpgw rypfg-3 qfg awww.: he ugh lx ass' v J ,.4. ur-.im a..s.u..s2i4,p,..n2 135 lla I 'Qs I-'i,'lf l 'ii 4'5- Us L..'.1a2'4' my ll '-li' 'FII' 45 'hifi gligg' 'v- -LQ' O., ,Q is -I .6 1 gf 'lin qbggmil -Y, I ' 1 in "ng Q-2 22 5 51 ll Q al lg 3 S E: ? .2-2 23 if 3-i E av an m4 ip? A-I Bi 55 52 F sag 323 A 0 5 35 if D59 -Q 55 The P E2 EQ H J enpoiiflljy 53 me! Glen I - UNIOR L 'F me M - P1-Hui ITERA il. jg afgaret N PS RY SOCIE WI ,eg ?Sthe1, Phd emu TY 'L' kd EUI16 Peltonps lvlary Hel if rnlna R Wend ell Birch - 0 a ?g lvlar O p - DO Y LutZ11OH ard 'QA Av M y Lou B rothy F - - "1 3 ar - V T'-1Ce Ru alllng 1 8211-et H th N C, .gf W3 ealy Ba 1, my Qu- md as ' E1'r ara Blitz man nm KH lgabeth K- 34 E In - gg H111 B 8 le! DU y rundaa Q' WI be Ei, me . gg W F g.. we 22 M xi 21 jfs! Nl Q D QI 53 U? 50 W are -2 H E BI 58 ri ll ll In VIP Ugg., 'Pa-. PJ lk, mul! ' iiggiggiw 12,?'mi2'-l!Laa-U. u..niW5g'gEi5P5g si., E 'I U' I USS!" " 12983252951235-?.Rk73!5lL?.EZl.32112624a'2..'222an-ural'aQ 32 i 2? ii El U5 Lowe L66Z1J6J Club 3 ' f 4 The Loose Leaves Club is the Senior Literary Society, whose aim is "to ii 9: End the literary ability in the class of '27 and then to foster and develop ag E2 that 'abilityf' Its members are: -3 Dorothy Mathews Virginia Shaw Alice Wilhelm' :jf E3 Edith Polgreen Edith Senif Ruth Ransom Marion McBride Lillian Faber Mary Catherine Swartwood id l"I Edith Gurney Catherine Akerman Thelma Elliot Lois Bryson Violet 'May Parker I Catherine Miller lp Margaret Elmendorf - ' 7 un V P Q9 Sl 4 as 2 sl' if 9' -5 n 'V w uf 'Q gil 5 '40 IH ll pf li ' I3 5 5 ,nn no . H Ie, il The Inklmcgf ., - 371 IN t .. f Sv QC ' Q as Not wishing to be outdone by their elders, and also feeling .the literary Og urge, this.year twenty-live Sophomores, recommended by the English depart- ment, formed a literary society. After much deliberation, 'they decided to hu call themselves the "Inklings" and to meet twice a month over in the library 'I to read and criticize their own efforts. ,29 is quite proud of their talent andf lil? feels that what they have done so far is a mere "inkling" of their possibilities. E tg Dot McCleary is president and Marion Healy, secretary. The members are: E Lg Dorothy Anger Mary Hardy Helen Robison 1J Ethel Conger Ruth Houck Virginia Rumsey 'Bi is Isabelle Dudley Esther Jones Carol Stewart sg na Gertrude Farley Kate Helen Jones Clara Tingley sg I: Ernestine French Thelma Laird Helen Tweedale Q' :I Emily Gates Cornelia Metz Elaine Wegener Q lj! Mary Elizabeth Given ' Marion Mills Jessie Wilson 'li 'e Reba Persell Q- 5 O - E3 I-Q gif. II .0 ql G2 5.2 In , if - V . l ,, nfl H:HSI21913l2Y4Eii'5552'i3iR?.fn!7lEQQELQQ5237523252211 1 37 Qsuiiigseiilfgvd-'al lbllllisilfllilll-stan -fllhlnlaillllll 'HQ-?l!5E"'!' .5!lY1"!75lYl9!'.'"f"l'!!ll! "2l!lS!"'!!"'3'lI' .9 . . A ng 'F' 2: E' il 41 2 3 aa 3 lji 'Q bf!! 4 UQ BM Y i 513 Q E2 -Q P? Zi vig .in 213 'fi F063 - Fl WEB Q gg? A French Circle S' 5' DOROTHY TRUESDELL . . . . . President ai E' J EANNE ELOURY . . . Vice-President wg LILLIAN FABER . . . Secretary gg REBECCA WIEGAND . Treasurer ml 'W ' il HQ Q Q63 Q3 i l WE 5: may T E E rrrr E E 961 im T Q1 :QQ T g A 55 ali Hs' .3535 Q Fggam Emi lil N EM SH HW S' gd ull Q5 S2 W .. E5 55 Q Q 53. Spanish Circle in 'Q ELIZABETH CooK . . . . President gb ELMA KULLMAN . . Vice-President S23 CATHERINE CRAQW . . . Secretary Q' as HELEN RIES . . . Treasurer ug - ll l'n . W' ' If W vgmgqjmw E gawuwami ag 51 3 g 'agua ff, B-1 , - cz . , ., I1 EQEQWH' mi ing Sm' assi' w Sffanmifsllisnmigiagiul2112 138 Ill 1 51 A gs ki pl 92 FF F3 pk 523 S2 va P! P 3 99' BD 92' ll Nl Classical Club ' DOROTHY TRUESDELL. . . . . . President ' ELIZABETH LYMAN . . Vice-President M.ARGARET FABER . . Secretary-Treasurer gal vi ' EE I3 sg P E2 P ui: ' A 'Q 5 in E :E H me 'Q Es' n'-I 1 ll Pi Gamma lllu CORA RAPELYEA . . . . President HELEN BLOXHAM . . . Vice-President DR. VIVA BOOTHE . . Secretary- Treasurer EU! C U I ul f'. If 's ,Q 5. an ES P lllwvifjlql Dv Q WEN D D W Q1 Q gagsggyggs' 9:59563 G! U 'D Q9 'Pa gifts? J ' 9523 aaiifmzfilglgsgnaazin2222525 ni 2. a mines was QQ Ulf mum BTI K if R 5 Si SE 5 P ml 931 550 1552 E15 WF? E5 Q Q gm S-Q Wg f ie ge md all ggi 333 "'Qr,,w Q. M SEE EH Bl UW 22 MU ss RF as :J all nl S-2 5? .. , , , . , sri nuns.: in dmiisQsasm-2195333.lisiligaagiaieegmi E122 139 '!l'!1l"i"5 DEW''SVFl!l'!!"1l'!!llPj"ll!l!l!'9"?lifi a:llllU0lil-llfnzflllhllllhuilfllilla-Kaffllhlllslluhll 5: e S. Q 22 gi 92 IF- :S pb '92 E-E '36 'P in gs uf .is 3: i use gg is nk ms eg i The Silver Bay Club of Elmira is a Junior Organization En 913 JI up ra ' FLORINE MILLER President of Silver Bay Club ' 1 ,Whose purpose it is to earn money during the year with which to send delegates to the Silver Bay conference held at Lake George. Elmira, through Student cooperation, will , have the opportunity again this year of sending repre- vu F5 QD 'Li gl i sentatives to this conference. I " - ,U 21. 3.5 'S Ba I-U gf 1:2 5 lu 'U U Q2 it nnuquqvamwe wggignon-nasty ggw qgqg U n n u wrqgr-5 7' L -L2 il 51 S on S 55? Ii ii D -2 Ri il in gi JI 5 51 53 uw 25 nn an Y L si bbq 21 gl S1 ii El 53 2 ml Sa Cl '3 In li S QE an 'J-E .5 lalmm' aims im ,Jr ask 1' Af.QnJis.s..La!i2n!ih4.,.g12,2 140 P-l'0jl'E,R-QF-'i'-ELL-PIIIEJREES. I 1 UIQ-gun null sznrsng F conuucnons or nn-lung X .BY---TIIE SUPIPL-If-STREIIQ-'Il oL-guru I 3352559612323-?.H2L1!2ll?.36E 22ZGE4i'iEL'2'3E'6'?51iZ'iF2 C U23 EE 2' in B S 25 '22 ly 3:1 Q1 53 ul if 5: gv '1 la hge 9 5 '-3 Atbleticy ga 43 f Q3 Yu B2 hp SPORTSMANSHIP Q ll gs Po! mi QL Not only to athletics, but to success in every branch gl Lg of life are thefelements of sportsmanship vital. 5 Cl ' i I2 It is not the person who lays for lor , but he who .Q 5 P g Y W ze pla.ys for sheer love of the game, who wins out really if z' ' is not apparently. . Qi 1 il 24. It is not the person Whom spasmodic rushes of luck Wi carry over the goal-line occasionally, 'but he who plays the lv: game ardently, and in full possession of his faculties, who f ea grows in spirit. A E E It is not the person for Whom victory means a burst IN of applause, defeat a disgraceful trick of fate, but he for gp :: whom victory is but an incentive to further struggle,'de- 93 feat a lesson pointing the Way to future success, who as I: deservedly commands respect. I ls! C ' 0 9: It is not the person for whom obstacles are a hindrance ull r - - UBI '- 'to the game, but he for whom the obstacles constitute the QQ me game, Whom we hail as a good sport., ' ' b 5 lg' il pl QU gp SI 1-J 'P' 1' 32 la .gp fl ,O lil il gl, ll ga I3 gs ge age fl if gre ml 'ES s SE ll lf . , , V A nz! EEHESIEQQJ3E?.E52555i3i5!?.19li22.'2.!L2.'2525275145Eililial 1 4 1 'salsa--ga-n.1seg15lsv'rnzlg,s'e'ff'el's!elFA"H'!'lM'9'F'ill2 n ' gilllllsul lfl qilllsll lil llnilss fllhlqlnflll ll as ll '- r-1 gl OC E2 E'-1' 23 I 50 5, 3 at :xg Agn In Il we 2:2 gs uf U2 Sp .I -D3 I 3: nh gs f-if .QB I Q yn A KEEN SWIFTWINDI WHIPPING A HEART TO JOYFULNESS- KNOWLEDGE EE BLUE ,SKY ABOVE, GREEN EARTH UNDER, AND A SURETY OF STRENGTH To EQUAL BOTH. THEN HAPPINESS! OF XHCTORY IN A GKME WELL WON 3. THE 'HELPFULNESS' ' .OF DOWNFALL IN A GAME - 'WELLI FOUGHT. CLEANNESS OF FRIENDLY COMPETITION GUIDING EVERY MOVE. nl U I . I3 ' 4-I N gp 'i Fa ' 53 U3 L1 lu -:B n Sf-.Z nllivlfl 'JIU gif DI-1 l- 0 sq 1 I ,Isl nygagj 4:2 23 2 za 53 Si E? '43 Ba pl '53 it ra E is ml 5-" 2? 23 2-'I -'fi' T171 E N 311 Fi 35 S .ge "'r 5-1 S2 . , H I5 mann.: 5-L dr! IA5asslui5ff.1!Un:-.'s1..La!i.n.s!fa...ul EEL! I 4-2 I BSQIWQ, B PIQDQ ll li!! BY 'U lv , Q gg lgqmrsr s2mmms2i.sa13f,-iks'scmEsab?asnm:222.:.i'iL!.sa5fsnimbsaranfaisgag 'U 125 22 if gig AT 3- - S rm Aiblefzcf an .w as ' J' The Athletic Association is concerned chiefly with its four major sports and F' Ix' several minor sports which are taken up durmg the college year. Hockey is E U. our big fall sport, and there. is a great deal of enthusiasm both among the gf! ,g players and the spectators. From the irst day of college in September until if hz Thanksgiving the ,girls bend- all their efforts toward making class and varsity 36 gn teams and, of course, acquiring all the skill and speed possible. A double gig 'ph classgseries was played off this fall, which terminated with the Sophomore D3 gi class at the top of the list. Besides these games, we played Cornell here in eg is November, and Elmira was proud of her team when the close of the game Ei! le' brought it victory. Pei . . . . . B Immediately after Thanksgiving, the girls were anxious to start basketball. Lp, The double series of games did not begin until after Christmas, but they cer- mv Q tamly began then in earnest. Each team was determined to win and each did U9 mm its best to run up the score. The most successful at this game were the D1 ,ig Juniors. They were particularly proud of their victory because it is their Q third successive year to win the class championship and now they become mg T permanent owners of the cup. If Ni . . sd flag Cornell was our opponent again in basketball. Last year we defeated them 305 ,wg but this year they turned the tables. The exceptionall fine s irit shown b mg up . . , Y P Y both sides was particularly noticeable and commendable. , my In the springhbaseball-and track occupy the athletes. Because of the' short ini season only a single series of class games is played off, 'but we ind time to WEA UB play Cornell once more and always have a good time in spite of the fact that 53, E2 we have lost twice. " gi A l US Track is just coming to the foreground. If the weather ermits we ho et to mg hold a meet this spring with such events as relays, running, broad and high 25 QQ Jumpls, hurdlgs, and -Javelin arid baseball throws. Perhaps in the future we Egg be can ave a c ass series in trac , too. - T ., 'gg As for the .minor sports, tennis holds a prominent place. VVe have a singles Qi wg tournament in the fall and a-doubles in the spring. As yet no very exceptional S Q53 players have developed but it is a sport everyone enjoys to the fullest extent. gg ?w Swimming is fast becoming popular. In fact we have had meets for the if past two years, both oflwhicih were coiggidered very successful. When we get l our new swimming poo , ent iusiasm wi run even higher. mn lf! . . . 'U ,lj Volleyball and tumbling are indulged in by a select few, including only gl thosgl most vitally 1f1tCf6Sf6d, alpd this group is comparatively small but ag rapi ly growing, particu ar y in t e case of the atter. gil gm Through these various sports A. A. aims not only to develop superior skill, Q lg speed and ultimate perfection, but also to develop character. Those girls -" 'U who excel in skill in a suthcient number of sports are awarded their purple E, as Lk and the senior who, besides excelling in sports, has attained a iineness of as gg character is awarded A.A.'s highest honor, the white sweater. lg I, QQ Q' My ll Pu EH :P 9 U aazsasrszersQarsazaszrxavszaarazaniauazamaseats 1 43 gnaguataakeleumeiKssanuspulik sa..:-.Jhsna.0llINl ul an ll fi!- 25 lf: 8 Q E! , 1 FF :S 4.1 za H-P :eg E 3 5 - Varsity Hockey Squad DF' GIVEN CLEMENS BRUNDAGE BUNNELL MILLER TROXEL FARLEY I LEWIS M. PELTON WILLIAMS J. PELTON JUDGE LOOMIS BRACE FUDGE COUCH FRINK FROST K Coach-MISS SHOULDICE an is N3 I I Lag Q I 0 U lil 110 E3 :S 93 va-. ' HQ V 25 SES L. 3:2 ni O. W Z: I 53 O is Championship Hockey Squad MURR.AY STEWART BISHOP HALE LOWE BANG FARLEY JUDGE BAILLIE COUCH GIVEN FUDGE FRENCH CLEMENS STUART MOCLEARY ,I is gb BC 1-fi I SI H ggEM!E'!gQ2agjgwzfpggwgivmmwjwigfQQ? Swag egagngn. ny: an 'mamma-L-snuffHsvelenlvsevfRwsenegv-msme1vw'rrqpg IF! :E E! 11: L1 '93 gi :Q gi 1 6 02 it 24 -1 21 EP: Ill an uf, '22 is 8' , ,A 51 Qc' ifi su xi Q8 3. SS U? no I 3 5 gr as il gl 2-E if Q1 JI mmm Sm Lea Jn as 1 4 'ma .hw.S..l-.n.a.fs314AfZg121l?. 144 fslsmlqsinqqpngnquuuvstfff glvsvgsvggiqsgszgeggmqgqggs lusslahal-In um. -glass-saints t aloe--an Q 1 4 I ui E! fi -A Q S QQ A DI O1 8' n -" U aa -I ul ' gl 5 . ,,, -v g-2, 33 'S ui I5 .31 pl uf' 'I ii nd I-5 E15 32 .TW lp - I . - Ui E Varsity Basketball Squad I at FARLEY LENVIS CLEMENS BRUCE KING QQ SMITH NIEADE FUDGE COUCH BUNNELL ii COGCIZ-MISS SHOULDICE - li U '. gm - if 9' U' ag Ill! l I 25 W U 'Z 5: ar: IN " ' Q1 new I . - I . , gf IS I I .- 941 I--1 '-1 I sa U 11 ' I fe I '53, rv F W -E! In' an gi Rm lg' Sl li 99' 'Ll bl ul gg H' pf 5'-1 22 -3 I s.-1 be I 'H' ki Clzampionslzip Basketball Squad , :Tl IQING NIEADE PELTON BRUCE El' -,n A I ,Q FRINK MILLER LENVIS BRACE 5: ll In 'T' nl 'W 5'"-"5"I"'QH'WEi"?F"'i?l'i'3?'E7Jf"'5!l'W"9'I www nel Akin an ...la ,Jn an Q 4 an l.w....I ...hn.Ish.m..n.l HA 145 IQQISIRISQZIE S668 iQ1Ea'fi'S-I, Qs uiifmslknilliksimda .lllhlsliiiiilh .ll Fafmnemw1+RqwaRmI'PaG9P.?Qa2BI5'."2'HSv?1!As!A"'1'!"'3"i"5"'? 'WI 'F iw!! SH ITE W5 Q ga 22 SQ ig E3 '52 EQ Si 9 53.5, R 255 Q Varsity Baseball Squad PELTON HUGHES LEWIS BUNNELL MILLER FUDGE VAGG WILLIAMS COUCH V COG0h'MISS SHOULDICE MQ' '53 gm FQ? E G E SR W5 ?-53 3553 I' as-'I EER ESQ 4933 Q 53? WR ,nw 5:2 gigs 8,3 EQ? I me I I IQ 545 gd .39 E? G Emimwmvgvmmgjwfw Wfwgbswm mga 5 mg si Q 1' mgpgngpyg Q-Sq Championship Baseball Squad MILLER J. PELTON M. PELTON LEWIS BAXTER FRINK HUGHES VAGG KING if fi I 51 K Ol S 53 fi 35 D B2 QI Q 0 Qi ii Tl 5 Q1 if E as lil m IQ W2 -vi ge mf' Qt M Ei EQ Mil M Q M 32 QI Ml mn 5,9 ml al E Hi E! HP pl 52 HP' , I V 0 V I , , , I mm IRRQRIRSEG SRS- LRf3sRI1RvREII IEiE?RSS?QREi?gi2ai.mwmngEg333122353 146 ngesmwsa-s-1sea,3.g-sv1.5mm-suv? Qsvseesvagwwlm'9'-lfgifilrg IDCCUILBGI ug. .gdsbamulluhl llmioga. Rahluaaiile s am 32 22' 52 in is If 5 115 bl ...V 1-' as U. Hr 2'-3 25' if 222 rf 1 I1 IE ir' ai ul bg .hu 9 va gi 32 91 lp A. A qi LE . Field Day . 2.5 0 q mm EE Fw iw 93 iii H Q m 52 5 Jn A 22 Q - 4 -. 1 b Q -S ' , K Q3 Pg? - - gm QE ' , Reg aft: EW nl MQ up - gig Ill w 03 Q 'S SE 53 22 Qu U8 -I as R' pf ll dl IP mil ml . gg w aa I-U . G!! LQ Cornell-Elmwa Hockey Game . .yQ U-' E' -1 IF 1- g 5' U 50 ll lg W' Sl U? "'l'A'l1!1QjU'7 v. www- 9' uw 'ang g up w. ffm' Q-, . , HM latina' an.. ainugilsaauimisgfna,Jussi-ihmguigfnmg Q33 2222 14:7 f J vuhilv ,V VN 1 L.,- , M4 5 4 .J L. ,337 "Tl pf J pg, I' .:' nfl? J swf? Vgkff yj- f V9 C? fish A' lm Mfhavz C", f ry L..,b -Q frl'l',Qf Ziff :JH .lbiflfl V .U E51 4 :Fx 3 11, 1-4.59 U Fw ,ly .W , .ww 13 qw 'i U 2,41 Zi" fix adv Fr -" .-.Y 5 H13 45.2 KL.: vm '11 :EQ W 'M' 575 ff" -ati. gb 0 -f,..ix,j' C1'xE.T?' 'm Q' V f-Ti: L' ijfu'Qjw :FQ -1:17 UZ," rf 1, if--nw 1 LA.-3 Ly :, 'z fi 2. My 1-6 -J H. .--, '. Q' V -3, ..,. , "'.'J 'W' N Q., Srbfi "1 V1 14' H 5 - ' kv y ' G ff 1,11 f JA- r ., , 4, X, . 35' 'Emo E' 5.gL :iw his , r-V xg , fsxll ,fF,'1,f' 53:5 1' fig' ., Q'f'zW, My :agzf A '. s-Ax , wr! Q1 V ya -- - -7. f , w--x H-.Nw A rf'-,fx-Puff fi-wwf. rx -f--vv-rmg Z4 'Tvs' ,r- ki-Q-QlEsT5?e .- ,V - .,-., . ,. , N. -. ., -. .5 .. .M A5 . , , ,, , ,, W. IG- f,.,, f,-. L- -r .,f1.i X ' "gj.,jf14 X 5-1,,.,v,-1 I'J:,,J-M,zJ1'LL-Tj :4 rj,AJ:'jp-:J 1,5 -11,Jf,a:,,-L.,1:l..,U1,-4l3M,,JLJ'.EU,J1. Em f--J E53 SU :RQ S119 r i'?Q mg. ESE F Tag. ' EM Vx . 1 QE' Q5 DQ mir man, 555 EI Q-:H EQ 3-'Y J Y "s-44 QQJ L-.Jil X333 ,--r-. U fig CWS' 2320 flfbif v ' '3 ua , 'Fx 1171 gl L... 'L 'LQL It Lxzm' ILTJ av QQ-ai. i- ,M ,A QQ 'Q- ,. Fig? :FWZ 'Q mf, 512321 53 W3 W. LG Ldj ' 1 1 v 1 w JI 1 , 1 , , ., , , - V 1,-,-4:5 :.',5,a9 f- A, y Q-,,.,5jf1fq".f7ffw. law , . L , 'E' ' sf ""r"'sf 'f mt- ' - ir' " f- -H' .--V-'-.4--w -- '- ,- -f-- V-N F .. ., ,,,. 4, ,O-'E-J 9 1 I , 3- , v-V H if ff Fw Q Q, ,u mmm . fy L X 4 A r ' ' l-,L -1,1-:my J-N 1,,. V-,, 5, 3 Wy., .,, A 1A',,.2 -.,x M . f v I, A pn ..- 148 , , ll 'if-l THE NIH IPPEHRING LENDING ZEST HND PURPOSE T0 TH! STRUGGLE DLR l EL!!!EEl'i'l22Z?.i2Ll!!23i?.E!6E22.22':'.!4?i22.'222'2'53ii5if-,Q ez 2:2 311 ' B3 sr. 52 L if is 'C il 59 ul an gt El F5 5 'Oi I En mg QQ Feature: 2,5 5. , A .9 s' he -5 ORIGINALITY PQ 155 WA Ip While it is generally conceded that all people are not cap- gn 13 able of creative thought, in -the sense of making new con- E3 ,pl tributions to the intellectual discoveries of the ages, yet we 3 9, need not let the possibility of our lack of this capacity pre- lg vent us from striving to discover it in ourselves. We shall 1,5 Q. never know whether or no we are capable of creative think- sn ing until we have developed as fully as we are able a' Eg ag background of knowledge conducive totit. gl IQ i ll However, we are all capable of placing our own inter- i 3 pretations upon the old and fundamental ideals. It is only 51 'Q as we do incorporate the basic principles into our very be- . gg :g ings, possessing them through a slow process of adapta- ge tion, that we can possess individuality. X 21 ' l QE Let us seek in our Alma Mater, who, through her lovely E' hu customs with their atmospheres peculiarly Elrniran, fosters ,E gg the spirit of creative thoughtgthe inspiration to' develop I3 originality. A , F 03 ' Q had an kv E11 1-I ve' gl ll nl li rr -H: il if I . -'Q I! .ll g.. vs s -O Rl I-' as ug -le lg, E :.- av 5' ll 52 gg 5" ir IVY UI 'lil 0 1 up p , 1 ' ' - ' 8 :sara-a.avi4mira,aa.4szf.w1iznnnsesmsszeassi-e. 149 ' Cap and Gown Day Freshman President ALICE VVENCK 150 fi ff Q ww ii?-L'r'ain5am3hii mfg? .1 mm 'Sa mtimaz we U Shaw H .l 022 mm mf Q. aah, fm, .xg M ur Us .Lf-am If 1 1 I 1315 532 PM Ag, if li M 'Rr IW E 2 52 ' W 3 'Zen if Ev um I5 QW 'Qui Q?-Q wi' F3 54 ga HW kg, 533' ww E63 pw ,- ,, an KE may L SM H53 5527 post. ,Jy an-9 gy TK? 1. ag Um ,.W, j C1251-':, W , 3 ' af'xfE'l , it 'iw '14, Til 'lj K" qv 125135. .. Qu' xi? f'u'l4'l9 fi Hg lllil 1' haf 31 Q 'QTEU G55 5,353 MW Qi! 123 Ubmai sp Q' afgjir EQ' QB ly: .Q H. M wh UU ff Ffdlmj' HN Y' Senior Night-Dear Brutus K Zeta Rho Fashion Show .P as' ,,T.'f"'v-,ow-"'L-T, E-'i'4'42+f"w' an 1'fW w:1f"E' X T ' .V -- fr:i23xEJ2pJl l 4.f75l1ffQ:T5'w 1i1f3u."L'E55W'.wfTi1?13ff?-K Wifi 1EQ,1'.4 .2i ':O3 -' Vi ' ' im, 1' if ""'-,xcwiigaikfgs'-5vQ.Sw-'s'U:AP'gg1L4,x:.g,f5b99i':3139fc7iiexE,g?Y4z,3"'1. MT' 2 V,!lVgj3-Qykgil, A 151 ?7Hv?l -125' f NE' .ga E5 F-ESF? 1 633 .11 . 1 mfg? fin lg d 3, . J. 'EM 2:23336 f T 5, f ,: fMQS'v9a' viwi 1 'PIPES 1'-7. wg r fiYi'i,f'2mfl Riff' L5 am in A SW Quia 555 ai! IVJTI -D ,. Y ,Jw JUKFW Q- k -'feii J unior Prom Committee Dinner Dance w 1, LIE E KTL- CYQS K, igwf Fi, I '. 32,3 'FLT' WX, 1,9 if '-V L . 4 , If ' Q I L--.. r' 14. iff? .L li! Y. 1 ' -if fp- 1' all 1 nm F .iw 2' n 3, lla. L .A , in , K- .fl ., .. .,, .fr- iii? if W 'L RP r .ur N I .Y sxfin if 'f ,. xff "1 'T fa-L, ., rl 1" mf- iff' K Q , 'x 4155 'ji I, 32? CTT Ijffff 1515" INT: lk ia ma? IMA: 1 1-A-Y 1,1 TT 'I . U l1"V:. Q32 9? -L, I' 'IU ,rw iii" ' QQ -I A 3 13.2 if ,Jw fL1.,,.,. ff ,R A -,J if n, J. I+- . - u m 11 1 1 rc' :fr ff -af ff I, . f,. ..i,,.f,. ,- rl.J,k ,,A,S,fk, Lflh F,W1Q..!J ,L.,.,1, V.yJAw,-7.5, I . f,v.,,.A,,,,.MW- ., Vp 5 5 .,-- -1 nu.: -any 4345 ,H ,,,-,kL- --5.14-15,-'z 7.: ' X , , .X ,1 LSLn1f.5.t,.x.vaf .X I ., W , 152 'ff'-V v -- .- k.1I,,,. wp., L, ,,.. 1 :.., ..r, .il S, .x,, ' 1 nhl- F IL r 1 A HX ' 1 4 W x A K ' 1 lt 1 Spring Play-Genbzrra Work.97Lop Play-The Melting Pot ' Tl x v Q 'L 2k-'u"'5'ff'- Q ' H cw., ,N-, , ..,,Q 1 - N: 1 XL 1 , X 1 -A ' , 153 Smsgmafaiill Pill! ,FUD 171-21 si! ly lfgquggggmgnf-I - Seach isikelrafzigfnlrssnseineihlfsk2t'sf1L!.d'lu-nqou0ull'ls'l!g as sq 1' e as e a 4' '25 5 'P-9 IQ arg. Q 1 hi 'La i ti? an EB U! 35 'Y are ga -9 in mi af' 2:3 Q Q , as gf: um -Q F'-:W - G36 Fl fi Eg 35 an 01 1 up at gg in g m M If BQ Delegates to Intercollegiate Dramatic Conference 'G' lol QB up 9' The Intercollegiate Dramatic Conference, at which twenty-one colleges sl M95 were represented, was held at Elmira College during the Week-end of Nov- UM ember nineteenth. In addition to interesting discussion groups on general and Q' EQ . . . . . . . G Q3 1nd1v1dual problems in dramatics in eastern colleges, the delegates enjoyed meeting Mr. Stuart Walker, the Well known playwright. For a- part of the as time, the conference. journeyed to Cornell to tour the Little Theatre, hear Isl Mr. Drummond lecture, and see the Cornell Players put on Luigi Pirandello's iizhil c'Right You Are If You Think Sof, QI 1 Es'rHER QB. PHELPS, -fi,l"Pf9 C Ch ' Q onference T atrman. S x Jig 4 Q' gn! at 55 ite be wg ' :I Ui QU. se se H' ts 2' rw' 9 nf' P pgs. I, mfg if aa., gg is ir f 4.4 - .' ,Y t - 0 . J , X, V ,Q aaEaterseesQ:izerrarerzeereaeier-airerzeeerrefzaisles 154 . A se s wee we fw- Rhalfg5ii?iT23Zih2'ifsEs2h2ssUssrQe'ea5t2.:53dassQsieeearttm' ea E2 Bl 345 63 'f ti 'E E his gl 5-1 at :ze fps A2 fe Ee.. gs wi gt! 33 B Sl 52 Si! U5 fd' 52 fi? asf it -wg is gg,-J ml nl mi 'E lm B2 I-U gi fe! 'F 1 'fb U Q2 L2 - T he J umfor Endowment Committee ' X I -. JEAN HARRIS MARGARET'FABER MARY PELTON N ORIENE DELANEY, Chairman JEAN VrsscHER N AOMI FORDHAM MILDRED PETERMAN 4 . I The Junior Endowment Committee, having exhausted all other methods of alluring the coy quarter, staged a most marvellous rummage sale this Spring. We shall transport you to the scene. Behold, ,two large store windows aesthetically draped with vivid red gowns, lavender shawls, pink hats, and green scarves. Curious faces are flat- tened against the glass. Within the scene is one of exquisite chaos. 'On one table hats of. every age, size, and quality rise in towering pyramids. Another table bears up row upon row of shoes-pairs .being widely separated in the most brutal fashion. Anything from, knickers to evening gowns adorn the clothes line effects in the middle of the room while across the way books, hankies, shells, hairpins, and shaving mugs irresistably lure you. Coats mop up the floor. All is havoc and confusion. Considering the prices we are marvelling that a sale of such garments could result in a profit of two hundred and fifty dollars. However, when we look for the Manager, we realize that nothing less could have been the result for Jean Harris is not only an ardent, fun-loving worker but an eflicient and clever rummager. Hereis to Jean-and how! . Three cheers and a 'rayl for Noriene Delaney who has so successfully chair- maned the Endowment Committee this year! And three cheers more for said committee! 'URW W! was 'le f5rQrFrE2PE?!"Q?f?f li?-2190511 . 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Rosemary Feeney, Y 51 il Fiorine Miller, A ge ' Laura Johnsong G55 -,Q Marie Sheahan, Q. dl kg C1 Q ii 55 Z3 gg up 'e . ll im .ul If ll 'S' A' 23 Si' U' ll 4' rv 34' ,an ,fn 'il ll -1 i ss he R' I.: Q! ul 'U O P 'fa ', n I ,I 'Q ll 90 . ll 54 fi Irs 4 if gv npr aye 1 on-a ui, 5 iq 'lu lgp5ugny,,j-3 A , u , 0.1 lagazdlin dm ilugiaiklv Afmfofl 152.2 iinvialaxu ul all 159 5'-JJ-.fi- -e-LL-TI-giunl. 1 L- -,X n 1' K aff. '- ' wlw -if V .l I ,-la-'E . ' ,- :,1. 2 r X .- ' 5 4 , I , - L-HW' .- .I- .J , I . h ll'--lu MJVJ U ' . H ' w 1 w ' 1. .Q . -Ja . - ' -':,-W, 1 f, " , w w 1 1, rt p , I 1, ' 1 4 .k , X .- X X X :V ', X - L X ir- 1- X Nl! 7 xx' X W1 XX X X . X X X X V X , X , . X . . ,.,,- W ' A wx .1-H . .E -.. I ,, L X X X X X X X X X X X ,f- - X X ni'-' 4. ,f w w 'Q-. - X X , , X XX P' f wi r ' L 2 n , "W: "Y .- X X X xl -w, 1 X , X Fl XX -. X 'I X, bl v 4 X - X X . . .J- ':. XX X X XX XX X lg' E,. H ,Mft ' , XX , ' 4 - 1 My X . . X .'1 , . X X X X 1... 1 V' . X.. 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VVe hope their response to the persuasive eloquence of our advertising managers was based on an appreciation of their reasoning, rather than the color of their hair or that college-girl complexion. VVe know the advertising pages of the Iris have real Worth both for advertiser and reader. . You, our reader, can prove this by turning these next pages-slowly. ' i 161 IRIS ADVERTISERS Suppoffrx ELMIRA COLLEGE A E Alpert, Joseph ..........,........... 178 Eckel-d's ............. 186 American La France Fire Engine .,.... 175 Edgcomb ........... 182 Artscraft Decorating Shop ............ 195 El-Cor Dairies, Inc. .... ....... . . . 173 Aster, The ...........,... . . . 182 Elmira. Arms Co. ....... I .........,. . . 172 Elmira Coca Cola Bottling Wlorks ..... 185 B Elmira Floral Co. .......,...... . . . 177 , Elmira Foundry .............. . . . 194 Barker, Rose' Clinton CO' "" ' ' ' 183 Elmira Ice Cream ......,.,..,....,. , 188 Barnard Bake Shops 'A""' ' ' ' 159 Elmira-Ithaca 1VIotor Bur Line ........ 192 Barnes '44-"-- , '---" W Elmira Kiiiiiing 1VIills ........ .. 192 Berger and Radml Inc' "" ' ' ' 178 Elmira Oil Co. .................... . . 177 ' ' . 1 gfjglstgfrglledtfes -'-' ' ' ' Elmira Water, Light and R. P.. Co.. . , . iss b , .......,. . . . , Bon Ton "A4A...l. h h A 194 Empire Produce ,.......,............ 171 Booth, I. D. Corp., . . ... 191 Booth, W. I. ,...... . . . 182 Brown's ............ . . . 181 F Brown's Pharmacy ,... . , , 191 Ferguson, M. ....,..... . 182 Bureau of Engraving .... . . . 166 Fridie, A. J., 8 E. E.. . . . 196 Burt ................. . . . 181 Friend-Metzer ......,. 192 F risbie 8: Hamilton ..., 184 C C. Sz K. Laundry, Inc. ..... . . . 178 G Chenlung Canal Trust Co.. , . . . . 168 Gorton Company. . . . . 190 Chernung Coal Co. ......,. . . . 177 Gosper-Kelly ..,. . . 171 Chemung Foundry ...... . . . 173 Gray, WV. C. Sz M.. . . 179 College Shoe Repairing .,., . . . 181 Commercial Press ....... . . , 192 Consolidated Brick Co. .... . . . 176 H Costello Shop -...'.',w-- - - D 199 Hamilton Sz Pohlman .... 190 Coil-ell si Leona-d .... . . . iso Harrison Pfsss ------ 174 Craytolfs ...4-4.AA--. l . - 191 Haskell 8: Furfey. , , , 188 Culver Engraving Co... . . . . . 166 Hefefis Bakery. - - - 195 Hogg-Nichols, Inc.. . . 196 Home Dairy Co. ...... 179 D House 8: Garden Shop. . . 181 Dawdy, F. VV., . . . . . . . . 177 Howes Art Stomp , Q A V ' 191 Deistef 31 Butlsf- - - -- - 180 Howell, F. M. si Co.. . . 173 De Luzre Inn. .... . . , 186 Hudson Shoe Co. ...... . . 196 Ds Rlslo '------i-- ' - - 196 Hygeia Ice Cream ......... 193 goanefuillii Jfmes -'-'- ' - - Hygeia Refrigerating Co.. . . . 172 oane s 3X1 ...... . . . Du Bois Press. , . . . . 167 Duhl Bros. .... . . . 174 I Durfey, Jack. .. ... 181 Iszard, S. F.. .. ,..,... 185 162 J Jack of All Trades .... , ' Jacobus ........,... 5 Just Fashions, .......... K Kantz Bros. ........... . Keeton's, F. A. Sons ..... Kennedy Valve ....... L La France Florist ..... Langwell Hotel .... Leavitt, Florist .... Le Vine Silk Shop. . . Liberty Shoe Co., . Lockwood's ..... , . Loomis, Fred T.. . . Losie Bros. . .,...,.., .. Lowman Construction .... M lVIac Greevey, G. A. .... . 1VIandeville Sr Personius. . . hlansfield, WV. D. Co.. . . . Nlantell, Henry J. .....,. . ELMIRA COLLEGE Szzpparrf IRIS ADVERTISERS ....182 ....189 ..,.19Q 174 191 169 182 .. 190 .,,.17+L ....178 ....192 ....193 170 191 176 191 175 179 177 McFarlin Gift Shop .......... . . . 195 Merchants National Bank ..... ..., 1 86 Moxley, R. J. ,.........,.. . . . 166 ' N Newtown Motor Corporation .... .... 1 77 O Olin's Barber Shop .... Osborne Press ...... O,Shea, C, W. ......, . P Parker, Edith ........,.. Peck, George YV. Co. ..... . Peerless Dry Cleaning Co, . . . Personius, Studio. ......... Peterson's Furniture Co.. . . Petrie, C. A. Sc Co.. , ,, Pierce Sz Bickford. . . Pirates Den ..... 193 181 195 ....171 ....196 ...178 ....173 ....195 ....173 ....190 ....180 R Rathbun Hotel ........, . , . Rawsons, Florist ....., Rhodes Bros. ,......, . Roberston's Pharmacy. . . Rosenbaum ...,...... Rud dicks .......,... Russell Pharmacy, . . S Sadler, John T., Inc.. . , Scala., Edward T.. . . . Schoonover's ..., Schornsteimerls ....... Searles, F. A. ........... . . . Second National Bank ..... Sheehan, Dean 8: Co. .... , . . Sheeley Bros. ...... . Shreibman lk Son .... Spritz .............. Stearns, J. N. K Co.. . . Sullivan, J. P. tk NI. ...,. . . . Swans Sz Sons-Morss Co.. Swarthout 81 Co. ........ . . . Sweet lk V an Houten .... T Tepper Bros. ...... ..... . . . Terball-Calkins Co.. . . . Tiffany ............ V Vanity Fair Shop ....... W VValsh LQ Reagan ...... WVhitney's Pharmacy .... Willys-Morrow Co.. . . . Winner, Seth, Inc.. . . WVright, Electric. . . 172 184 187 18Q 184 174 191 1841- 185 195 179 180 1,89 188 172 V196 174 187 178 181 186 196 179 180 165 178 189 177 185 183 187 163 With the Best Wishes of The Tmffeef of Elmira College 164 T1 FFANY A Co. JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS STATIONERS STEADFAST STANDARDS I IVIAIL INQUIRIES RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION FIFTH AVENUE MSIE STREET I NFWYORK A BUREAU OF ENGRAVING NLLNNEAPOLIS MIN 9 S lwconnonATEo . N, ul' PROFESSIONAL PRIDE DEMANDS S U PERI ORI TY RUE to human nature you take pride in fine workmanship. You Want a prize- vvinning annual. For eighteen years the Bureau of Engraving has been building just that-prize winning college and high school annuals in every part of the nation. Our pro- fessional pride demands that we produce superior workmanship. A glance at the re- sults of our service on some of the largest and finest annuals will convince you of this. Pay ur 4 coll to talk over your annual prob- lemr and porribilitier with zu. Ouryearr of experience are at your command for free advice. Culver Engraving Co., Inc. HALF-TONES AND ZINC ETCHING ILLUSTRATIONS FOR ALL PURPOSES Democrat if Chronicle Bldg. 59-61 East Main Street 166 20:39:25: THE B01 PRESS BUILDERS OF BOOKS AND CATALOGUES FINE I5 I Broadway ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 65 4m Wgff' I AP QBOISA I? E1 5 QW E. E2 vp A 5 7523? gf F0 ' ' -Y ff- o -- -. 0f1Es1vX-- 5, .sg 4 V 5 Q L1 Rf. 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'V' .. , ww., -- ' 'vxfklv-,4.+. ,,.,., ' ef .- 1 ' N . -, . . ,.f 42--1:1.s,+-11:13:12f.ga'.f,,yQf1:zy4,4-- -.aw - 1- g.gf"A-,.,,g 1 -,Rf WT- , .f -- ,WEA 1,113-wr 3- Q. --NMI f - Wb67'6 the I7'fJ' wax Produced 167 SERVICE: The service rendered b A y a financial institu- ti . . . on 1S the chief factor in tetainin g cus- tomers. In out Banking Department We are still serving many ofthe grandchildr en and great- gtandchildten f ' ' o those who originally open- ed deposit accounts with us. E231 THE B FOR NEARL ANK OF THE PEOPLE Y I OO YEARS EsTABL1sHED 12233. Ulf! CHEMUNG CANAL TRUST COMPANY ELMIRA, N. Y. 168 VVILLLAM1BERlNSTEIN'THEATRES HARRY L. AND BENJAMIN M. BERINSTEIN, Nlazmzgerf Ojfering az V6Zl'f6Zjl of Eizfemzinmenr i M E M H W bd ZZ Z F5 Ei V? 4 W Fm 4 FU Z Lil Q Q I GENERAL QFFICES . . ELMIRA, N. Y. KEENEY k MAJESTIC Keith-Albee Vaudeville Majestic Players Feature Photoplays in Broadway Successes STRAND DREGENT Du Luxe Photoplays Superior Photoplays 4 X ' S A .A as A -Snag, .AX- , , X X X Q 'T stil' ' l , ,txt .ts X XX,, . An Elmira-built product used all over the world. The water Works system that delivers Water into your home, the Hre pro- tection system for which only the best equipment can be selected, the povver plant that supplies you with light and povver are in many cases controlled by Kennedy Valves on the pipe lines. For half a century, Kennedy Valves have been building up a reputation for skillful design, honest workman- ship and dependable' service. ELMIRA, N. Y. New York Chicago B San Francisco Sal: Lake City El Paso S I 169 K OOMIS PHOTOGRAPHS Live Forever 417 51' ell the from SUCCESS AND THE BEST OF WISHES TO EVERY MEMBER OF THE CLASS 1928. I 47.1 W. CHURCH ST. 170 COLLEGE ART SUPPLIES Gofpezf-Kalb Company WALL PAPERS, POSTER BOARD IOS-IIO WEST WATER STREET SHOES OF QUALITY ' Hosiery to match LAWERENCE PAINTS Zlfld VARNISHES BRUSHES, STENCILS, ARTISTS' MATERIALS HAND PAINTED CHINA E. PARKER. - I I 'K 105 W. XVATER STREET Cnear MEIIQ . f EMPIRE PRODUCE COMPANY! INCORPORATED WHOLESALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS FRUITS, VEGETABLES, DAIRY PRODUCTS, DRIED FRUITS, SEEDS, SUGAR, ETC. MAXWELL I-IOUSE COFFEE AND PRAIRIE ROSE BUTTER HARRY B. FURVIANI Mgr. EImi:a Btanch A 171 G. H. AND S. F. DEVED Hotel Reeibbeen ELMIRA, NEW YORK To the Faculty and Students WE WILL CALL FOR AND STORE Your Fiery emei Winter Geermemtf During the Spring and Summer months, keeping them safexfrom moths and other damage, and return them to you in the Fall. The cost is very reasonable. Write or 'phone 7.48 for booklet. Hygeia Refrigerating Com pany Fear emei Fabric Dept. Cemplimentf of SHEELEY BROS. jflurists ABSOLUTELY DEPENDABLE Phone 17.5 Res. Phone 5455 Sgunlfey gametes' A Flower' Sh ops. Jnq 208 E:Water St. VE. l mira. NX ARCIIIE L. WEEKS, Manager. TRUNKS TRAVELING BAGS SUIT CASES TENNIS - GOLF Goons K O DA K S Films Supplies ELMIRA ARMS CO. a a QF ? as 'ho lzuvvv U-HlRA.lIW'91 Defignery - Engraverf - Printerf 'I' Dance Programs and Banquet Menus Monograms and Crests designed for Engraved Personal Stationery Engraved Weddinglnvit tions and A Announcements Appreciation PERSON IUS STUDIO COMPLIMENTS OF Engraved Personal Calling Cards . Wedding Cake Boxes 4- F. M. HOWELL 84 CO. 79-95 Pennsylvania Ave. l Elmira, New York Claemzmg Faanalmf EL-COR DAIRIES INC. I Payrezerigeei Milk and Cream Freya Barter ami Barfermilfz 4oI DIVISION ST., ELMIRA, N. Y. 3rd and STEUBEN ST., CORNING, N. Y C. A. Petrie 417 Company ANTHRACITE AND BITUMINOUS C O A L WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I9I EAST WASHINGTON AVENUE ELMIRA, N. Y. 173 J IM SAY's:- . You Win always ' find at Sprirz's the 5 newest in Rings, Wrist Watches and Novelty Jewelry at ' reasonable prices , , s... - ..... V and JIM SHIELD YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD PAY PROM YOUR ALLOWANCE SPRITZ 305 EAST WATER ST., ELMIRA CENTRAL PHARMACY KANTZ Bnos. IO5 East Water Street, Elmira., N. Y. DUI-IL BROS. Dealers in A Fresh Meats of all Kinds Poultry and Fish in Season Phone 157 CORNER MAIN AND CLINTON STREETS LEAVITT FLORIST -!'+'i' 416 North Main Street ELMIRA, N. Y. Phone 634 HARRISON PRESS Tzfinrers 17.2. STATE ST., ELMIRA, N.Y. mlaiicfef DRY CLEANERS H. L. TALLMAN PROPRIETOR MANDEVILLE Sc PERSONIUS Caumelaw at Law 57.1-57.9 ROBINSON BUILDING ELMIRA, N. Y. ' Compliments Of AMERICAN-LAFRANCE FIRE ENGINE COMPANY, INC. ELMIRA, N. Y. 175 LOWMAN1 CONSTRUCTIQN CQRPQRATIQN 1 Geneml Cmfmcfom ELMIRA, N. Y. QRICK C B C I The Coal Thar Satisnes-Pittston Anrhracite .Ycrcencd by Elcrtricig HENRY MANTELL Coal - Wooii WOODLAWN AVE. Sc MAGEE s'r. PHONE 1551 ELMIRA, N. Y. R. J. MOXLEY Park Place at Clinton Stf Olives -Pickler-Reliflaef Fang' Caker Cheefe-Crackers Friiiztr Whipping and co-,fee Cream Whitney's Pharmacy Cor. Davis and W. Wash. Ave. PHONE 5109 Newtown Motor Corporation Packard Motor Cary lx tx ELMIRA, N. Y. l ' ELMIRA QIL Co Motor and Factory Oils Gasoline -Kerosene , Fuel Oils 616 WILLIAM ST. ELMIRA, N. Y. It Takes Good Materials to Make DAWDY,S BREAD CHEMUNG COAL Co. FAMOUS D. L. 8QW. SCRANTON ANTHRACITE LE VINE SILK SHOP IO4 E. NVz1ter St.-Elmira Alwezyf Something New KNOWN FOR QUALITY 'fY0ee1f Hee.r6emeZ'f Second Wzfe Wou't do the family wash- Why should You ?U C. er K. LAUNDRY, INC. SERVICE' AND Low PRICES , PHoNE me Try U1 New Ladies' Hosiery VANITY FAIR SHOP Silk Undffweaf Umbrellas I4O EAST WATER STREET ' Handkcrchiefs Luggage DRESSES HOSIERY NEGUGEES BERGER Sc RADIN, Inc. HANDKERCHIEES SILK UNDERWEAR 137 East Wafer Street Upmzj,-I Elmira, N. Y. FINE FURNITURE And Floor Coverings MEET ALPERT And Wear Diamnnd: J. P. 8: M. SULLIVAN I 111-T13-115 EAST XVATER STREET 315 East Water Street Elmira, N. Y. Peerless Dry Cleaning CO' FRESH FLOWERS I FANCY FRUIT BASKETS 5 I E L M I R A .Walled Cleemem V F L 0 R A L mee! Peeffem CO- S T R Corner Water Sr. and Railroad Ave. 2.0I 5 TH PHONE 3137 PHONE 4355 ELMIRA, N. Y. 7 SCHQRNSTHEIMERS Everytbing for the College Girl EVENING AND AFTERNOON GOWNS COATS : SUITS : SWEATERS 1 BLOUSES 17.9 NORTH MAIN STREET ELMIRA, NEW YORK S TRUTH CREATES CONFIDENCE! It is the practice of this store to value its reputation for truth above all A things. To merit our custOmer's confidence is to us, as important as selling merchandise. As a matter of fact, the :WO go hand in hand. TEPPER BROTHERS l N 'x dv ' ' .Q ,I REMEMEE -WQMQQRMMMW, TEPPER-S Szjfief that make Main Street leak Q , , If W. D. MANSFIELD CO. like Fifth Avenue 3 'GRAY' s 364 NORTH MAIN STREET, QDnnn Bldg.D Canfectionerf 308 CARROLL STREET ELMIRA, NEW YORK HOME DAIRY CO. Light Lunches, ' Salads, Baked Beans, Cream Fried Cakes, . Cottage Cheese 5OHN'H.DRAKE ' JEWELER Gmdzttztien Sucgcgeftionf 144 EAST WATER STREET ELMIRA, N. Y 79 HENRY L. DEISTER SHERMAN D, BUTLER Deister df Butler SUCCESSORS TO JOHN BALLY ck SON ,Qaalify Jewelery 330 East Water Street ELMIRA, N. Y. REPAIRING Plame 849-W FREDERICK A. SEARLES 12.9. E. WATER STREET ,Typewriters Repaired and Rented Adding Machines Stationery Eoegftlving for the 0jj'?ce SEE coRoNA FOUR The Peeaeef' Den TEA HOUSE LUN CI-IEON AFTERNOON TEA 5' UPPER 567 EAST WATER STREET TELEPHONE VVOODSTOCZD ELECTRIC E35 K q' Goeom - Hooa'f - Cape 3 digg - . J I I it T ll 'I I FOR , 'II Faculty Members and College M" E Students REE: at , , 3:-R, EX! l We guarantee eorreetfzen' 112 every dctazl. SME: ,L-T L Kodak! and Camera Sappleeer FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE EXCELLENT Service and Prices Pleasing TERBELL-CALKINS . WE "?'fS,e?'5'f'Y A 'The' .fIore 313 EAST WATER ST. QUALITY and SERVICE AT LOW PRICES COTRELL Sc LEONARD COLLEGE DEPARTMENT EST. 1837. ALBANY, N. Y. PLACE YOUR BUSINESS with Swan df Sons-Morss Co. INCORPORATED College Shoe Repaiifin g I 904 N. MAIN STREET Do not forget the place Where you get your Infzafanee PHONE 185 ELMIRA N. Y. FMT' C1655 Q EWBLHHED lm ' Shoe Repairing ana Shine Delieionf Canalief E E I Z I Swim o if O if a' e 74 Lnnenef F if o no I B ifoeonfff ccJACK,S,, - KEENEY THEATRE BUILDING HOUSE 8a GARDEN SHOP 410 WEST CHURCILI sf. X- Inteifioif Decorating Exclusive materials for curtains, slipcovers pillows, upholstery LAMP SHADES' WALL PAPER 'FURNITURE RUGS PHONE 1884 COMPLIMENTS OF BURTS CLOTHING Co. INCORPORATED Why not be proud of your printing? Booklets, programs, etc., that leave our plant are gotten up in such a manner that they will be a source of gratihcation. Let us help you. THE OSBORNE PRESS 7.1.7. East Market Street Phone 141.1-W A 'Particular P1'i72f6l'J', ' ELMIRA, N. Y. WAVERLY, N. Y. "Ark the U ppef CZEIJIIZEHH If if zz delight to feel that BOOTH? CHOCOLATES are becoming more and more appreciated by the girls of ELMIRA COLLEGE. BOOTH'S CHOCOLATE'S are made in Elmira, you know. .lj Q ll some AU w 1. .HIMI l NOVEL CREATIONS EXCLU ' , BE : Ev . I . . - J A - lie - 4 F mf-f-Milk -..,,.,.,- SIVE TO OUR SHOP WILL DE 7 V HE ' I xg t' is I- . min E W 9 ' .-5 ' s 1 A A A R 1 0 I U U 1 1- E 'QQ LIGHT T SEELER OF UN E U UAL G rTs A WE REND R ORTHY Ex- SWW PRESSIONS or YOUR owN i. Goon TA TE N PL CE CARDS g ANT:-P RTY F vo s. ' il THE JACK OF .ip ALL TRADES " Phone, 1458 -J M. FERGUSON BEAUTY PARLORS H ozzrf, 9A.M.to5P.M. T34 E. WATER ST. ELMIRA, N. Y. EDGCOMBS FOR HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AND RUGS 135 N. MAIN STREET ROBERTSONS PHARMACY Elminfx Leading Drug Store 144 West Water Street ASTER CONFECTIONERY Home of Delicious Home-made Candy and Ice Cream CORNER LAKE AND W XTER STREETb A .Map of Me1'it LA FRANCE FLORIST Flowers Wired to any point in f AIHCIICZ or Europe Too EAST XVATER STREET Phone 113 0 N AN ELECTRIC CONVENIENCE 103 WEST WATER STREET if JZZZUHQIJ' an at AccEPTABLE GIFT AT HOME OR AT COLLEGE I stunning clothes Toasters : Table Stoves . Waffle Irons Heating Pads . Curling Irons have Coffwzunizjy .Yiluerzuarc , BARKER, ROSE 84 CLINTON CO. SETH WINNERS ' ' ' IO9'II3 LAKE SIIiEET.x A PRACTICIAL IDEAL AND IDEAL PRACTICE The ideal and the parctical are too often thought of as distinct ---- We do not think they are, and it is this company's aim to make our service to you as nearly ideal as we can ---- I We do not achieve perfection, but We try for it. ELMIRA WATER, LIGI-IT tk R. R. CO. 183 101 103 Established East Water St. R S- H' HERSCH, OW, 1864 For Sixty-two Years Elmira's Leading Specialist in Apparel and Millinery for the College Girl The l-leat Talks 'STATIONT H.OfITBROADf'ASTlNG wma A SELECTION BY THE HEAT FOl.I4i:?j-J E? , X r P ASA SIN HFS A Gooo COAI. DCALCR Q A A Lai ful l f l RAWSONS Flower Shop HEADQUARTERS Pon ATTRACTIVELY ARRANGED BASKETS AND ARTISTIC CORSAGES for all Ocmrionr. CUT FLOWERS of a Wide variety AT ALL TIMES Flowerf wireol to all party of the world. FfiSb1C gi H3m11tOU f IOS West Church Street IO4 PARTRIDGE STREET PHONE 466 Phone 204 JOHN T. SADLER Co., Inc. Srzrrimmf pmol Hearing Contractors I 17. LAKE STREET ELMIRA, N. Y. ISZARDZS' MAIN STREET, ELMIRA Jay Parker, the floral artist of the Rosery Shop, is prepared to decorate the College for all college events in- cluding dinner dances and teas. He also makes up artistic bouquets of lovely old-fashioned flowers and bouquets for formal occasions EDWARD T. SCALA D131 Cleaning, Prening ana' Repairing Phone, 1334-J. 119 RAILROAD AVE Goods called for and returned. DELUXE INN Breakfaft a la Caffe Luncheon Dinner Special .Yanday Dinner and Lnnclaex MRS. IDA OWEN'l Conipliinenzir ELMIRA COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS TELEPHONE, 1116. ' Coinpliinenzir of THE WILLYS -- MORROW COMPANY 18 5 Tbmgf Thar Awaken Yom-' Desire For SZLCCKIJ There's a precious fortune being handed to each student of the Elmira College - in knowledge, experience and character. Combined together, those and other things your course will bring, will make you keen for living - and keen for Winning above the average. Y Through The Merchants National Bank, many of your pre- decessors in classes of this far-famed institution, have acquired the experience in handling and conserving money which is so essential in every Held of life. The same friendly service is at your disposal. . TI-IE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF ELMIRA, NEW YORK C. R. SAYLES GEO. F. FEAN , ECKERDS J, E. sWAETHoU'r Sc co. CUT RATE JEWELERS S T 0 R E COLLEGE JEWELRY ' Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco RATHBUN HOUSE CANDY ' CORNER ELMIRA, N. Y. ' Patent Medicines and , Toilet Articles For 4 Rubber Goods and Sundries TAXI 1 CALL OUR Morro 6 I G "The man' of the bert for the least" CITY TRIPS joe. 186 COMPLIMENTS OP J. N. STEARNS 84 CO. YELLOW CABS MMETERED " OR BUICK SEDANS " Deaf Take a Chance Take a Yellow " TAXI - 44 RHODES BROS. IO4 W. GRAY ST., ELMIR2., TNQ T ' I AT VVRIGI-ITS ELECTRIC STORE A in Yea will jivzel a complete ana' . . M. 3 , Jafiffaefozgf dJ'J0lfl77Z67ZVL" of .I fl I I ELECTRICIAL APPLIANCES 'I ,,' and ACCESSORIES JE A Beautiful lampf for the Bozeeleir or .finely E -. A YW --ELECTRICAL REPAIR XVORK -- -- RADIO SUPPLIES -- WRIGHT ELECTRIC COMPANY 118 N. MAIN STREET ELMIRA, N. Y. 187 HEEHAN, DE . -W ar I A Sz C0 sf I ' Stylish Ready- to e sf 'S In Great Variety get Select styles in young women's Coats, Suits, Dresses, Sweaters, Furs, Lingerie, Negligee, Corsets, French Gloves, Dainty Neckwear, Hosiery, Toilet Articles and Luggage of all kinds. You can always find here beautiful feather-weight woolens, such as Soft Cashets, Lustrous Twills, Richly Colored Plaids, etc. The Largest Line of Quality Silks, Dress nd Wash Goods in the City Linens a XJV FRED E. DURFEY RALPH1. HASKELL HASKELL di' DURFEY GENERAL coN'fRAcToRs A SPECIALTY Y JOBBING ELMIRA, N. Telephone 2168 617. WILLIAM STREET A ICE CREAM Divirion ELMIR AM CORPORATION GENERAL ICE CRE 188 T0 Famzlzjf fmt! Students .' No matter the size of income Or allowance, it goes farther if budgetted. N We are glad to supply you with the books for this pur- pose. ln fact We are glad Ito help you in any way While you are in our good city. Yanrx my Z'7'1lbl,' THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK OF ELMIRA WALSH 84 REAGAN 139 East Water Street Fifteen Floors of FURNITURE Ruos WRITING DEsIcs CEDAR CHESTS MAHOGANY DESK LAMPS TEA TABLES MIRRORS SHIRTWAIST BOXES CHAIRS REED FIBER FURNITURE CARD TABLES l N BARNARD BAKE SHOPS INCORPORATED 133 EAST WATER STREET W D. JACOBUS Wafer in Gold ' and Silver Sorority Jewelry Commencement Gifts 17.0 MAIN STREET Elmira, N. Y. HOTEL LANGWELL Elmira, N. Y. 175 Rooms Ioo Baths New Annex now open with 5o Rooms and Large Assembly Room Accomrnoclating 150 People 'f 51' ,be R016 :Room " An Excellent Place to Dine Bmzqzeetx and Special Dinnerf Catered To JOHN H. CAUSER se SON PIERCE df BICKFORD ARCHITECTS J. H. P1ERcE, F. A. l. A. H. H. BICKFORD, F. A. I. A. R. T. BICKFORD, A. I. A. :. .Qi 118 and I7.0 Lake St., Elmira, N. Y HAMILTON if POHLMAN Dependable Jewelery JEWELRY OF QUALITY Call ur for correct time 315 EAST WATER STREET ELMIRA, N. Y. THE GORTON COMPANY Elmira, N. Y. Wbeafe .ffmzrf Clatbef Ariel Moderate Prieef Prewzil WHERE ALL THE COLLEGE GIRLS SHOP LOSIE BROS., INC. ROOFING CONTR ACTORS f 0.4 760 Baldwin Street Elmira, N. Y. F. A. KEETON'S SONS WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ELMIRA, NEW YORK Compliments . of TRVING D. BOOTH, INC. RUSSELL PHARMACY Tbe'P1'e.fc1'iprio72 Drug Store FLOYD S. RUSSELL, PH. G. goo N. Main Cor. Third St ELMIRA, NEW YORK, ,Q x Good Tbingf to Em' CRAYTONS CANDY STORE IIO-I 17. NORTH MAIN STREET 'COLLEGE BOOK STORE ' Bookf Tmtionefyf I i Penmznzir E g ving and Di: Wcrk a Sp l y Note Books i , EI-MWA, N- Y' H I G. A, MACGREEVEY 313 East Water Street ELMIRA, N. Y. STOP AT ' ART AND GIFT STORE BROWN'S PHARMACY -5. , for Ice Czfemfo 144 and 146 East Water Street Elmira, N. Y. WHEN YOU HIKE TO HORSEHEADS COSTELLO SHOP Carries 21 line of Smart Millinery Reasonably Priced 108 COLLEGE AVENUE CHRIS BIGGS PROFESSIONAL PH ARMACY Main Street, Corner Gray ELMIRA Elmira-Ithaca. Motor Bus Line Lv. Elmira Daily, 7:00 mm., 17.230 p.m., 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:00 zI.m., 5:00 p.m. Lv, Ithaca Daily, 8:30 z1.m., 1.200 p.m., 6:30 p.m. Sunday, 9:30 zI.m., 7:30 p.m. Codcfacx mu be cfmrlcred for Jpccifzl trip: OFFICES 301 E. MARKET ST., PHONE 5-W ELMIRA KNITTING MILLS ELMIRA, N. Y. nv. RAYON SILK, UNDER GARMENTS, PAJAMAS NIGHTIES, DRESS FABRICS Finer: Qzzaligy Friend-Metzer 84 Co. JUST FASHIONS INCORPORATED DEALERS IN , SILK HOSIERY LINGERIE Cbozce Meats, Sazzzfacge LADIES, Pmlm, Oyffm REEIEQQQMEAR and Cldmf PIIIMROSE HoUsE TOILET ARTICLES 149. East Water Street PHONE 605 154 LAKE STREET Elmira, N- Y- LIBERTY SHoEs Phow, ' .Ymfzfft Navelgf . Fooiwemf and . 0':i3i,if::ifz1 45OSwhMm I ' L " P' Lake St. . 'A 3 -'LW I7 PHONE Prmters of Z f f- 2 cc ' " . 312. College Weekly, The S1byl fig X I ' Service Plum 192 Compliment: of CCLOCKWOOD AND H15 CLEANERSN 109 E. Churchx Street 5 PHONE 4310 ELMIRA, N. Y. OUR GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION IS I-IYGEIA C ol dk? Ji Qzmlizy I-IYGEIA ICE CREAM CO., Inc. FROZEN PRODUCTS Phone 117.1 , x .E . cu fo Q - jx ' Circle the UJoj'14T? Qi W' Sport wztlz gzagsllnq I kECI.L1llg7I'l'1 - Rf - if E STE Sssf5x?.R2HS'- F-i3 GEO. I-I. QL1N's Bmfbeff Shop - fav TI-IE CQLIQEGE GIRL BEST WISHES TO '18 BON-TON TEA ROOM NEW' LOCATION 315-39.7 EAST WATER-QUpstairsj LUNCHES A DLNNERS New Private Dining Room of L!l7'fg6V Cizpizcify ACCOMMODATIONS FOR LARGE BANQUETS DANCING OUR ENTIRE OUTPUT eiifem into the Mizniifiicriiie of A GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY TURBINES ' GENERATORS ' MOTORS ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS RADIO Electric Products of Every Nature for Fastow-Farm-Home ELMIRA FOUNDRY COMPANY, INC. A 194 ARTSCRAFT DECORATING SHOP Complete Lim' of ARTISTS MATERIAL Alfa az Veg' Beazztifzzl Auaiftment of Demlcommziar and Stencilm 4oo N. MAIN STREET X Phone 5433 C. W. O'SI-IEA .fboer and Hafiefjf 146 West Water Street, Elmira, N. Y. Education Develops Appreciation WE HAVE BROUGHT RARE GIFTS OVER OCEAN HIGHWAYS AND LAND HIGHWAYS FOR YOUR SELECTION LITTLE GIFTS OF BEAUTY - ARTISTIC LARGER GIFTS McEARLIN'S STUDIO GIFT SHOP 158 Main Street ., Elmira, New York fy DOANE 81. JONES LUMBER co. We specialize in floors of oak 3 2 Y6Z1"6Z.S' ELDRIDGE PARK HARMON KSC PATRIDGE STS NORTH SIDE SOUTH SIDE ELMIRA, N. Y. PETERSON ' S 'f . I A Complete New Stock of R FURNITURE AND LAMPS At Moderate Prices Phone 397.0 513-.515 Norm MAIN S-r. SCHOONOVERS Dutch Chocolate Shop Homempzfle Cfzmiief Fountain Lzmclaer STI PARK PLACE I A. J.-PRIDIE-E. E. DRY CLEANERS RUG CLEANING 319-311 CARROLL ST. PHONE 4001 I. MILLER Beazzzfifzzl Shoes Hudson Shoe Company Compliments of I-IOGG-NICHOLS INC. HEATING AND SANITARY ENGINEERS TELEPHONE 3 32. 58 Baldwin Street Elmira, N. Y SWEET and VAN I-IOUTEN BRIGHTEN- UP PAINT STORE PAINTS, OILS AND VARNISHES ARTISTS, SUPPLIES t Grades of Wall Paper and Wall Cove 17.7 N. MAIN ST. Phone 1489 ELMIRA, N Y ELMIRA COLLEGE JEWELRY Moderately Pzficeci L. Shreibman 8: Son RELIABLE JEVVELERS 2.14 East Water Street Alwfzyf Ark For H E I-I E R' S BREAD AND COOKIES Fzrxt rn Faflazan w DE RISIo A. De Risio, Designer Exclzuive Gowm 180-187. Main Street Elmira, N. Y GEO. W. PECK CO. HARDWARE IO1-IO8 State Street Elmira, N. Y. Camplimenfx of ALBERT CHESHIRE QT' SONS Rmlfow Complimenzir of MRS. ISRAEL B. KETCHAM Rockville Centre New York Camplimcnzir of MR. AND MRS. E. R. CARR X Complimmtx of MR. AND MRS. H. A. FAILING Complimmtx of ,r MR. AND MRS. JOHN W1 TAGGART Cofnplimszztx of MR. AND MRS. HARRY ACKERMAN C Camplinzmtf of ' THE FATHER AND MOTHER or' ' SARA BETTINGER. C077ZPli77Z67Z1-'J' of MR. AND MRS. M. U. FORDHAM Caizgmtulgtiafzf to '18 FATHER AND MOTHER OF BETTY CAMPBELL Complimentx of MR. AND MRS. CHARLES STRACK Our Bm' Wifber to tba Clan of '18 MR. AND MRS. R, W. JESSUP Beit 4WiybeJ of Q MR. and MRS. HARRY E. XVEBSTER . From "Quinlan's" Family WISHES GOOD AND VVISHES GREAT ALL OF THEM FOR TWElf1'TY'EIGHT Cqmplimefm of MR. and MRS. B. E. MARTIN Complimentx of NORMA SMITH 197.6 MARION SMITH 197.8 Bert Wiflaef from Teddy's Father and Mother MR. and MRS. THEODORE WEMPLE FRINK Complimentx af DR. and MRS. ETHAN A. NEVIN But Wifbef for '28 MR. and MRS. WILLIAM MILLIGAN Camplimentx of MR. zmd.MRs. .V. R. BRUCE Complinzenl: of MR. and MRS. F. W. BAXTER Camplimcntf of REV. DR. and MRS. DEWITT L. PELTON New York City Complimentf of MR. and MRS. M. H. KING Compliffzevztf of P MR. and MRS. JOSEPH HOWERTH Complimentf of MR. and MRS. CHARLES S. WRIGHT Bef! Wifbef to '28 MR. and MRS. WILLIAM PETERMAN 5 Complimefztf of DR. and MRS. HOWARD S. BURDGE X I Complimezznr of MR. zlhd MRS. E. H. GORTON Bent Wifloef A' MR. and MRS. DAIJIONIBAIRD Bert Wifbcr of XVENDY LU'1iZHOFF'S FATHER and MOTHER CW7ZP!i77Z5lZfJ' of MR. and MRSl. D.'A. LOUPE Complimevztf of DR. and MRS, F. VAN RENSSELSER PHELPS Complimezztf of MRS. EDMOND T.. POWERS Bert Wixlvef t0 1928 MR. and MRS. ARTHUR WARD WILLIAMS Y Complimmtr of MR. and MRS. DAUM But Wixbex MR. and MRS. GEORGE ALBERT CHESHIRE Compliment: of MR and MRS. HENRY M. LEWIS Complimrnt: of MR. and MRS. F. H. HARTLEY Bert Wixbex to the Clan' of '23 MR and MRS. CHARLES DELANEY Camplimevztx of MR. and MRS. FREDERICK A. RAY But Wifbcx from MR. and Mrs. LEGRAND A. PHILLIPS Compliffzezztx nf MR. and MRS. FRANK LEHLEY Brant, N. Y WISHES Bert Wifb to '28 MR. and MRS. LESTER G. TURNEY Cmzplimentx of MR. and MRS. B. W. HEALY Kingston, N. Y. VVISHES Bert Wifhef to '28 MR. and MRS. HEASLY Cofzzplimefztr uf MR. and MRS. H. L. V1sscHER Akerman, Catherine Alexander, Elizabeth R. Austin, Floris Ball, Violet L. Beard, Norma Bloxham, Helen M. Briggs, Esther M. Bryson, Lois L. Bunnell, Ernestine Carr, Virginia W. Cook, Elizabeth lil. Crane, Marjorie Dahlquist, Mabel Eddy, Lucy L. Edwards, Dorothy L. Egbert, Jessie NI. Elder, Lois J. Elliot, Thelma Elmendorf, Nlargaret Eloury, Jeanne Faber, Lillian F assett, Jessie T. Ferris, Edna Fields. hlargaret Mi. Fraser, Jean L. Frey, Marjorie Frisbie, Elizabeth G. Frost, Loraine H. Galpin, Helen M. Gardner, Mildred L Gill, Elizabeth S. Goodwin, Nettie Gotwald, Nlary F. S. Gurney, Edith Haase, Elizabeth Hamilton, Sarah Harding, Naoma D. Harmon, Marion Fay Harrington, Ethelwyne Aber, Lodemah E. Ackerman, Nettie A. Baird, Evelyn E. Baltimore, Ruth Barbour, Edith Loretta Baxter, Verna M. Bentley, Fayunna Bettinger, Sara J. Birchard, Mary Helen Birkholz, Alice P. Blake, lVIarian A. Blitz, Barbara Boyer, Julia A. Brace, Alta lVI'. Bruce, Mary Louisa Brundage, Emily G. Burdge, Beatrice Campbell, Elizabeth B. Carr, Jean Carr, Pauline L. Cheshire, Alberta K. Clark, Helen Clark, Diary E. Collins, Julia L. Coss, Kathryn M. Daly, Kathryn Senior Clam Roll Hewitt, Anne E. Hill, G. Helen Holbe1't, Pauline E. Houck, Gertrude J. Howard, Florence Howard, Helen Iredell, Patricia Jones, lwargaret C. Kahn, Esther Katzman, Helen Keil, Elsa Kennedy, Dorris Kingsbury, Ruth F. Klebert, Elizabeth Lee, Virginia Letlingwell, Esther Loomis, Alice NI. Lutzhoff, Solvieg Lynch, Margaret McBride, hlarion S. McKown, Alice Maclc, Nlary hladelyn hlallam, Elizabeth liiathews, Dorothy lilaxeiner, Cathy hiiller, Catherine Mills, Margaret L. Morse, Anne J. Noyes, Olga K. O'Dea, Catherine Parker, Nlary Parker, Violet M. Parsons, Blargaret Youn Pfisterer, Marion L. Pitts, Elva NI. Platz, Alise M. ' Polgreen, Edith Pratt, Louise B. Printice, Marjorie fzmior Clam Ro Danks, S . Jane Daum, lwildred J. Delaney, N oriene Donnelly, Rita M. Doney, Ethel RI. Faber, Margaret Failing, Dorothy Feeney, Rosemary Fordham, Naomi Frink, Madeleine Fudge, lVIartha l. Gibson, Ethelwyn Gorton, Helen Gray, Eleanor E. Hanley, Helen L. Harris, Jean Hart, Olive BI. QHartley, Grace E. Healy, Miargaret A. Heasly, Nlary A. Holmes, Helen M. Howerth, Sara E. Hsiang, Alice Shien-yeh Hughes, Mary E. Jacobs, Marjorie J ellitfe, Margaret E Z! Prior, Frances Ransom, Margaret Ruth Rapelyea, Cora N. Rapp, Marian E. Richards, Leah B. Roberts, Ruth F. Robinson, Eleanor A. Seaberg, Sigue Senif, Edith Shaw, Virginia Sidney, Mary Smith, Margaret Todd Smith, Nlarion L. Smith, Snowden Solomon, Elizabeth Sterling, Catherine Stewart, Edith Sullivan, Geraldine Sullivan, Joan Swartwood, Mary Catherine Sweetland, Ruth Thomas, Janet Thompson, Martha Troxel, Janie D. Truesdell, Dorothy Wagner, Gertrude Walrad, Katherine Washburn, Helen Whittaker, Josephine Wilhelm, Alice' N -i Williams, Aline ' lVilliams, Edith Williams, Katherine . Wlillianison, Gail' Wilson, Margaret VVilson, Rhoda YV. VVolcott, Grace " VVolff, Eleanor I Yossie, Edna Jessup, Helen C. Johnson, Laura Al Kanda, Hatsue. Kemelhor, Blanche Kimber. Constance V. King, Elizabeth King, Lulu - Knight, Imogene Kotrba, Sylvia V. Kullmann, Elma F. Lattin, Virginia B. Laycock, Gertrude lil. Lehley, Christine Lewis, Josephine J. Losie, Jeannette Loupe, Florence Lutzhoff, Wlendy ' Lyman, Elizabeth McElharey, Marion lVIcEwen, Kathryn J. McGee, Mary E. NIcKerr, Esther M. lVIcPherson, Maureta lVIartin, Alberta Martin, Ruth Mathews, Evelyn A. Q01 junior Clan Roll- Meacl. Eleanor L. llichaelidou, Sophia Bliller, Florine Biilligan, llargaret Mills, Helen M. Blorley, Doris Blurphy, hlary Alice Nesbitt, Pearl B. Nevin, Alice Margaret Pelton, June D. Pelton, hlary B. Peterman, M'il'drecl A. Phelps, Esther B. Phillips, Helen I. Pollock, Kathryn Powers, Gertrude Quinlan, Ruth Nancy Agresta, Josephine B. Allen, Dorothy Allison, Elizabeth Anger, Dorothy B. Armstrong, Frances S. Ayers, Helen Bacon, Dorothy G. Baillie, Jean Baker. Josephine L. Ball, Harriet Bang, Eugenie hi. Barney, Susan B. Bell, hflildred A. Bergman, Dorothy Berinstein, Blanche Berinstein, Janet Bishop, Emily Bohn, Gladys Bott, lVIarvel Bowdish, Constance Bradley, Cornelia Brewster, Cynthia Bridgewater, Anna B. Brown, Virginia Buckley, Margaret Buehrle, Laura Burgess, Esther Burket, Mary Christian, Jean Clark, Katherine E. Clemens, Florence Clelnow, Laura Collier, Cornelia Collins, Lois C onger, Ethel Conley, Euthene Cooke, Esther Elizabeth Cooper, Pauline Cope, Dorothy Couch, Jane Cowden, Helen E. Craw, Catherine Crowell, Helen V. Dakin, hlarion I. Dalton, Laura Darch, Dorothy Davis, Clare M. Dearborn, Bernice Ray, Aleen Reed, Beatrice H. Rhodes, Erma I. Ries, Helen Roop, Emma S. Rose, hilary Ryan, Teresa. J. Schmertz, Carolyn M'. Sheahan, Nlarie E. Shelton, Barbara Siemens, Harriet Small, Katherine Smith, Gladys Smith, Helen T. Smith, hlarion Sollie, Esther NI. Stephenson, Lois ,Yopbomore Claw! Roll Delbridge, Esther Dorr, Esther Louise Doyle, Marie Drake, Vivian Dudley, Isabelle Easton, Edith Engdahl, Anna Epstein, Rhea M. Farley, Gertrude Fee, Rachel Fitch, Ida. Fogarty, Louise Francois, Bernice French, Ernestine Friedman, Lillian Fudge, Marjorie Gates, Emily Gilbert, Margaret L. Given, hflary Elizabeth Godley, hliriam Green, Lois Guillemont, Melanie Guillot, Irene Haines, Evelyn Hale, Ethel Hall, Migy Hanna, Doris Hardy, hflary Healy, lllarion Hill, Katherine Houck, Ruth Huntley, Norma Hurd, Dorothy Ja.y, Virginia Jones, Esther Jones, Kate Helen Judge, Lucile Junker, Evelyn Kernan, Dursilla Kingsley, Margaret Kohlhaas, Ruth Kopf, Lillian Lack, Linda Laird, Thelma Lamb, Helen Lantz, Helen Larson, Jennette Lee, Helena Continued Strack, Dorothy W. Taggart, Dorothy Tambling, Helen Thomas, Rachel Vagg, hlelva Visscher, Jean V osburgh, Edith L. Wlebster, Margaret M. Wlestern, Helen K. Wlestlake, Harriet B. lvetherald, I. Helen Wickham, DeEtta XViegand, Rebecca E. Wlilliams, Eloise A. VVilliams, Erma Wright, Katherine B. Lefferts, Margaret LeRouX, Nellie ' Lowe, Ruth Lueck, Catherine Elizabeth Lynch, Kathryn Lyon, Helen lVIcCarty, Ann McCleary, Dorothy McIntyre, Helen Frances McKibbin, Beatrice lVIacKenzie, lVIildred Mallery, Ruth Marsh, Louise lVIay, Lynd H. Mayo, Jane Melvin, Mary Louise Merrick, Alice Metz, Cornelia Miller, Dorothy Elizabeth lVIiller, Eleanor Elizabeth Nliller, Nlary Elizabeth Mills. Ethel lVIills, Marion Steele hiorrill, Louise hlurray, Marjorie Musselman, Elizabeth Muth, Mary Esther Nugent, Mary Louise Oberdorf, Nancy O'Connell, Margaret Olmsted, Wlarion Olsen, Marion J. O'Neil, Diary Otte, Margaret Partridge, Frances Persell, Reba Phillips, Helen A. Potter, Alice H. Potter, Margaret S. Reed, Evelyn E. Rexford, Florence A. Robison, Helen Rogers, Alice M. Rogers, Gertrude A. Rolfe, Elizabeth Rowley, Virginia Rumsey, Virginia Rutter, Ella P. 202 a .fopbomore Clam Roll-Continued Ryan, Aileen B. Schneckenburger, Nlarion Shanl, Helen ' Shields, Ethel B. Short, Mrs, Maude H. Slater, Shirely Smith, Evelyn IV. Smith, Margaret E. Snow, Edith Sollie, Alice E. St. Clair, Margaret Stephens, Yiolet Adams, Virginia E. Allen, Katherine B. Allen, Lillian Andrews, Nina BI. Ardan, Frances Y. Baltimore, Adelaide Baylis, Doris Bear, Elizabeth E. Bell, Ruth A. Bennett, Dorris L. Benoy, Nluriel A. Bishop, Doris Bowen, BIary N. Brett, Eileen J. Briggs, Sara J. Broornell, Virginia P. Brown, hfarjorie R.. Buchan, Elizabeth Burt, Florence Cain, Dolores M. Callow, Alarguerite J. Carter, Helen D. Cieri, Lena Clark, Edna F. Clarke, Edra AI. Cochrane, Irene Mi. Conklin, Catherine E. Cook, Helen M. Cover, Sara A. f Cowan, NIargaret' A. Creitz, Mary Louise Crocker, Cynthia A. Cruikshank, Helen AI. Dale, Florence B. Daly, Elizabeth W. Daniels, Flora E. Davis, Dolores J. Deacon, Elsie Dearborn, Dorothy J. Delo, Eleanor L. ' Dick, Grace C. Dillenbeck, Dorothy Doherty, Ruth Dunstan, Mary E. Dwinell, Rachel O. Emerson, Grace J. Fitch, Irene L. Foehrenbach, Mildred A. Frost, Celestia A. Gall, Charlotte S. Germer, Nlarian F. Gerry, Helen S. Gleason, Edith C. Stevens, Ethel Stewart, Carol Stover, Parepa Stowe, Barbare Stuart, Dlargaret Tapp, Gertrude E. Thomas, IVIargaret Tingley, Clara Tuller, Laura Tweedale, Helen Von Horn, Agnes WVa.lker, Emily FV6Jf7W2d72 Clary Gould, Elizabeth E. Granger, Mary S. Graves, Lucy M. Grippin, Jean B. Grisbon, Rose M. Gross, Clara C. Hagar, Catherine M. Hall, A. Verda Hampton, Gertrude L. Hardy, Sarah A. Harman, hlarjorie G. Henry, Dorothy A. Hoag, DeEtta E. Hoover, Anna E. Horton, Elizabeth R. Howard, Frances J. Ireland, Cornelia D. Johnson, Margaret AI. Kimball. Marjorie D. King, Helen E. Knotek, Rose F. Larkin, Eileen A. Letteer, Yoto Z. Lewis, Margaret Y. Lownie, biarion A. McCarthy, Frances BI cC owen, Lucy M. IN'IcElhinney, Nfildred AIcKerman, Ellen B. Alcllllillen, lNIary Ra McMullin, Gertrude W. MacNeil, Erma Madamba, Josefina G. Magee, Charlotte Manor, Inez Alice BIartin, Katherine L. Masten, Lois E. NIattriski, Yaleria Milligan, Martha F. Biistarka, Edith J. iVIorgan, AIary E. Bloshier, Helen G. Bloss, Alice Muller, Philomena BI. Mytton, Mary E. Neish, Itlargaret A. Newman, Edna O,Brien M. Veronica O'Connor, Katherine Pattison, Blay A. Peters, Elizabeth T. Pettee, Marguerite L. Plimpton, Laurie J. Wlebster, Sarah C. Yvegener, Elaine VVest, Marie WVhite, Helen R. White, Nancy Wilcox, Marion L. Wildoner, YVinifred lVilliams, Elizabeth Wfilson, Jessie R. VVing, Elizabeth G. Wlolcott, Laaira A. Prechtle, Phyllis J. Proctor, Lois E. Puder, Charlotte Raynor, Dorothy E. Rees, Elizabeth YV. Regensburg, Elizabeth Reilly, Dorothy K. Reynolds, Louise F. Richards, Isabel M. Ritter, Dorothy K. Robbins, Marcia D. Roberts, Winifred J. Robinson, Katherine J. Rodgers, Edythe A. Roe, Nlildred E. Rollins, Wlinifredx 'K Rosinski, Anastasia A. f f Rosser, Helen M. Rowley, Gladys I. - Schaad, Leonella Y. ' Schulcr, Frances S. Schwab, Frances A. Shannon, Olivia GJ Smith, Gwendolyn B. Smith, Louise Sprott, Helen Bl. Stemmermann, Marguerite Stevens, Catherine Stowell, hlarion L.' Sun, Diary , Swanson, Ann M. Sweetland, Grace E. Taylor, Hulda Thiel, Rena F. Thompson, Lucile Thorn, Katherine F. Trimble, Euphemia Trismen, Lillian Tsao, Ching Wu Tunney, Anna Ueberroth, Florence S. 'Walker, Blary E. Waller, Cynthia D. Wells, Rosemae Wenck, Alice Wihite, Lucile Hlhitney, Eileen Ivood, Catherine Wfoodcock, Margaret Wioodruff, Helen Wooster, Eleanor Q03

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