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4 Elmhurst High School ' 3829 Sondpoint Rd. Ft. Wayne, IN 46809 Volume 55 Easy does it . . . now the top . . . the top? Where ' d she go? Tina Miller, Jenny Tomlinson, Dawn McCartney, Melody Schmitt and Pamela Reynolds wobble uncer- tainly atop the backs of Steve MacDonald, Chris Brown, Tony Webster and Tony Mante as the shaky pyramid takes shape. -TABLE OF CONTENTGn 8+udenf Life 4 Seniors 32 Clubs 52 Academics 78 Underclass • Faculty 90 Sports 1 32 Ads 1 74 Index 186 Title 1 BBlAig Lvery final painting must begin with an initial brush stroke. The strokes of learning must also be applied care- fully and accurately. Hurried blotch- es of paint mar the canvas. The pro- cesses, whether creative or academic, maintain the same exact- ing standards. The hues and tints of our personalities must combine in a perfect blend so that we may take shape in producing an attractive and pleasing whole. Brush stroke by brush stroke — our lives take shape. A typical student? No way! Even bookworms don ' t carry that many books. Naieem Abdool portrays Jose in the fall play. 2 Opening ' Hey, is this what is sup- )osed to happen? " Rob Blais- ng and |im Dickson have irst hand experience in the eal meaning of trial and er- or. itudents always seem to ipend time waiting — for rlass to start — for the lunch ine to shrink — or for the :30 bus to pull up. Hello, is anyone there? " This is recording 436-1 " Sound familiar? Well, senior Michelle Mowan just doesn ' t give up. A major innovation at EHS, sparked by Don Goss, is the advent of a graphic computer art class. Opening 4 iaf Jfi CC ■ .% . i- ff ts f i.- ' i ' fe? ff rf C ' ; .;■■ ' «i .-■ ... " ti ' v. f ' f ' ' - ; " ■ ' •■-•■■-. - ' t- ' C t " • « i ' -■ ' • ; M • :. ;-i ;--■ zy -■: . . . ' ' ■ - • ' c.i- . ' C (- :- - " rrC v%- t.vr ' ' ..-»U-- « " " ' ' ? ' ' 4- 1 ' " v :k i-=- ?:■- .- ' -. - ■? r- DATA MATCH: " It was self, ME, going out with interesting to see who one of these people . . . they paired you up with. Well, maybe one. " but I couldn ' t see my- g j j nson - ; ' i...; , j - 7 »■? ' w •TT ' ' rj " T ., y, ' - ' ,-. . : " ? .i -- •■? . - W fT J« rr r ' IT- .T t J ' -i 5 - -rt ,(■■•■ ..-Sf- ' ff ' ? ■;»«• P i ' W :- 4 Student Life Freedom to do our thing Free time! No homework — Yak, yaking on the phone — KISS concert — Mall hauling — Christmas vacation ;■ — Phone earitis — Komet hockey ,1 game — Azars after Rocky Horror — ; - r Sleeping in until noon — Males in the mall viewing — Cinema I, II, and III matinees — Chips and trashy afternoon T.V. — Poster gazing at Spencers — Absorbing atmosphere at the Blue Mountain — Personal people parties — discs and tapes at Wooden Nickel — slam dancing at 7th Level — INXS concert — Spring break — Free time — our time — our things — our fun — Free — Freedom. " It goes without say- ing that seniors have the most spirit. Seni- ors are looked up to as leaders. After four years we deserve to be called the rulers of the school. " Jon Backs " Life at Elmhurst: strange, creative, and utterly unique. " Bobbi Voght Student Life The unrest of the sixties pro- moted frequent peace signs, but Gary Arrington ' s sign gives a cool Jim Hopkins rab- bit ears. Proudly posing with her pineapple in the Publications room is Pamela Reynolds. hades and 5 treamers Streamers in the halls — Helium balloons — ? " ' , , ' " " f is the ,,,., . r- X i iiT JUNIORS! " As the champions Talk like a Smurt — Excuses to get out Ot cheer and the seniors boo- class — Hippies, preppies, and beach bums |;°°n ' ces ' ' the ' ' wim " r ' ' of th amble the halls — Super spirit abounds — Powderpuff game. Squeezing cars through the doors — Full of laughs — Mr. Football — Class competi- tions — Teachers catch the fever — Brushes and paint in styrofoam cups — Cars in the gym? — Rolls of colored paper cluttering the floors — Painted signs waiting to dry — Anticipation — Antics — Hoping for a foot- ball win — Who gets Queen — New dress- es — Pray for good weather — Once a year — Spirit Week. 6 Homecoming Jason Dirig came to school during spirit week, even though he was afflicted with the highly contagious Red and Gray disease. His broth- er Matt already shows symp- toms around the eyes. The senior homecoming court holds on tightly, for this is their last spin around the gym. Enthusiasm ' s varied faces ap- pear energetically on Billie Dennis and Lisa France at the pep session. Mr. Football ' 88, Jerry An- drews, is crowned by his sis- ter Missy. Homecoming 7 Queen Becky Jehl gives a tip of the crown to eve- ryone for making this a special night as her escort Mike Whiteseli grins in ap- preciation at this moment. Homecoming provides a new experience for every- one, even worldly-wise seniors. However, these freshmen, Cindy Carlin and Alan Bilbrey, are en- countering this memora- ble occasion for the first time. Mingling on the dance floor whether in a group or with a single mate is the final Homecoming festivity. 8 Homecoming A crowded gym, flashing lights, and up-to-date music made the Homecoming dance a momentous occasion to look back upon. " ROCK THE KNIGHTS r f rheme Stirs Spirit " And your 1987 Homecoming Queen is . . Becky Jehl! " The crowd applauds and he proud winner takes the crown. Home- :oming provides a spirited welcome back to school. A dance to share feelings, traditions, ind maybe even romance. It brings new and Did faces together again to celebrate a week Df good times. HOMECOMING COURT: Seniors : Kelley Dahman and Mark Glass, my Greene and Matt Falk, Stephanie Hart and Tom Hardin, Becky Jehl and Mike iVhitesell, Missy Scheiber and Chris Vietzger uniors : Cathy Colby, Tina Miller and Jon Davis, Pamela Reynolds and Chris Harter Sophomores : Heather Barker and Tony Mante, Cari Stark and Khris Spinner, Char- ity Williams and Tornell Moore Freshmen : Shannon Boze and Jim Hess, Sindey Carlin and Alan Bilbrey, Kelly Kast and Chris Kauffman Sj Mm Dances aren ' t just for then. Giving up time from the dancing; everyone needs a Homecoming festivities are refreshment now and Holly Cramer and Tracy Ault. Homecoming 9 " Let the Gomes Beqin! E f r ,very year Homecoming adds a twisted sense of humor to the students. For one night the girls get to be rough and tough football players and the guys get to play dress-up and cheer their teams on. This is Powderpuff. This year the seniors wanted a victory. They wanted it bad. But the juniors had spunk and pulled through 31-8. After it was all over, a little shaving cream fight " topped " it all off. Once in a while, fate takes a turn for the worse. This happened on the night of Sep- tember 25, 1987. EHS played their hearts out, cheered on by the hopeful fans. Even though Luers ended up winning, the team ' s efforts didn ' t go unnoticed. The Homecom- ing game was a success from the spirit of the Trojans. -• i ' J 1 Tish Pankop is ready to come out fighting. The Powderpuff teams took the game very se- riously — or did they? Is number 33 " Sweetness " Walter Payton? No, but Gary Arrington sure has fancy footwork, leaving the oppo- nent head-over-heels. 10 Homecoming THE UNDERDOGS! The jun- ior powderpuff team gladly receives their hard-earned trophy from their coach, Mr. Candy. Confidence was a strong point in the seniors, but too much can lead to a downfall. Patti Davis and Kris Foreman are ail smiles. Homecoming 1 IMITS?! Have you ever counted how many people you recognize in one night at the mall? Since free time is such a precious thing, why does it seem as if students are constantly there? Could it be the ice rink, the four department stores, dozens of boutiques, and numerous food traps? How about the opportunity to work and get a discount on clothes at the same time? Or how about the fact that building an up-to-date wardrobe just takes time? Whatever the reason, Glenbrook at- tracts teens like a magnet. And although Southtown can ' t boast to be the largest mall in the state, it too has its fine points, such as an attached movie theater. What do EHS students think makes the mall such a fun place to be? " Making lots of money, " says junior Felicia Page. Senior Jen- nifer Wynn says, " I like to go shop and spend money and buy things. " She adds as an afterthought, " There ' s more people- s watching to do at Glenbrook too. There ' s a larger variety of people. " As one of the workers on the mall job force, Felicia Page handles the cash register at Bcrmans, where she works almost daily. Straightening — an endless job! Chris Campbell arranges the tumbling dinosaurs in Waldenkids. Artwork can also serve as a rest station for tired shoppers, like junior Wendy Stein. 12 Feature what to buy, what to buy? Admiring a dress at Jean Nicole is senior Shadwaynn White. " 1 go to the malls to pick up guys. It ' s easier to find them there than at school because guys at the mall don ' t know I ' m smarter than they are. " Cindy Kump, senior t r Skaters practice their skills in front of hundreds. Where do they get the guts? A sale! Teri Ewing and Lisa Smith compare styles as they ponder the prices. Feature 13 1 [ Bomber jackets are flying high! Is it because of last year ' s hit movie " Top Gun " ? Wherever they came from, these sharp leather jackets are all the rage. Tinsel teeth and metal mouth. It ' s the same old horror story endured by teens who have those silver smiles. Shane Mills, Artelia Wilkes, Geoff Scantlin, Kristy Stetler, and Rachael Roach man- age to grin and bear it. 14 Fashion Any size and every shape! Earrings this year are fun and wild! Do you have the blues? Well, Chris Brown, Lisa Watson, Kim Weprin, Shadwaynn White, Kelly Bonham, Kris Helmer, Melissa Sheckels, Dawn Mc- Kinley, Tavis Schlundt, Julie Becktell and |odi Baker have them pretty bad. The frosted denim look dominated the fashion scene from everyday jeans and jackets to miniskirts and purses. Comfortable! Reeboks may jbe popular, but you can still idisplay creativity! Trying to make a fashion state- ment? Maybe. While girls sprltz their hair, these guys have done just the opposite and let it all hang down. But one wonders, can you guys (Scott Creider and Scott Smith) really see?! Cropped tops, mock turtles, inside-out sweat shirts, dangly earrings, cream, peach, green, tan . . . whew! The i ey word for ' 88 styles? Versatile! Anything goes as long as it ' s relaxed. No problem here. Just go to the mall and find what you like. Then wear your favorite gold bracelet, chain, or earrings. Spritz your hair or let it hang loose, and you ' re ready for a day at school or a night out on the town. Fashion 15 - J " ' ' MorProM! computerized to whom? " — Grafitli wall spouts personal viewpoints ar losophies — Dance, dance, dai Girls displaying bravery in askin — " I ' ll just scream if he says r Splash of light, flash of sound — Unique Lighting and Sound — Black and white photos — " I never smile for my pic- ture. " — Traditions begun — Traditions ended — Matching t-shirts speak the same message — " We are togeth L We are a couple. " I 16 Morp It was a lot more original than last year. This was a real Morp. The pic- tures were a great idea, al- though they could ' ve been in color. " - ' - Rob Filchak and Jenny Tom- linson pick up the beat to an- other hot tune from Mr. Kendall. . ' v Tom Hardin and Becky Jehl, mesmerized by the music, slowly move while sharing personal humor. Dancers often spend time in quiet communication, making any dance special. y Jammin ' ! Vicki Fomby can show Steve Conrad how it ' s done! Having a blast and letting your emotions soar; that ' s what it ' s all about. Timm Roop ' s thoughts on being elected Morp King? " To every- one who voted for me, I ' d like to say, ' The check ' s in the mail ' . " Morp 17 what if I forget my lines? What if my friends laugh at me? Despite these scary possibilities, talented students managed to live up to the saying, " The show must go on. " They had excellent reasons for joining the play and following through. Pamela Reynolds reason was the thrill of perform- ing, " Just to get in front of an audience and be someone else. " Emilio Robles likes " ... to act crazy and get together with friends. " Sofia Rosales says, " It ' s a time to express yourself and do things on stage you can ' t do in real life. " Jeff Scantlin feels, " It ' s great stage experience. " Tony Webster ' s reason is, " I like acting and getting in front of peo- ple ... I get happy. " 18 Fall play I ' m not fooled by your sup- osed caring. You ' re like all le rest Miss Barrett. You on ' t know anything about ur lives. You try to teach us bout life, but your books and stories are phoney. Get off our backs. Just leave us alone. " )eff Scantlin philos- ophizes as the angry rebel, Joe Ferone. 5 " I remember the first time 1 was able to excite my stu- dents about an idea. It made me feel special, " ponders Pamela Reynolds as Sylvia Barrett. CAST OF CHARACTERS Dr. Maxine Clark Sofia Resales Sylvia Barrett Pamela Reynolds Bea Schachter Gobi Weikel Paul Barringer Timm Roop J.J. McHabe Tony Webster Bobbi Voght Ella Friedenberg Frances Egan Kristin Stark Charlotte Wolf Marilyn Grover Samuel Bester Jeff Ladig Sadie Finch Jennifer Murray Lou Martin Emilio Robles Lennie Neumark Tony Mante Carole Blanca Shonna Hensley Alice Blake Julie Becktell Vivian Paine Jennifer Wynn Rusty O ' Brian Chris Webster Linda Rosen Melissa Grimme Jose Rodriguez Naieem Abdool Carrie Blaine Lisa Carter Harry Kagan Tavis Schlundt Jill Norris Chrissie Moyer Rachel Gordon Lisa Watson Elizabeth Ellis Cindy Kump Joe Ferone Jeff Scantlin Helen Arbuzzi Tracy Ault Fran Gardner Darlene Turner Ellen Tish Pankop TECHNICAL STAFF . . . John Hess, Jeremy Alexander, Corina Dollarhite, I Vince Roemer, Deb Coot 3er, Sandi Kline, Darlene 1 Turner, Casie Neuhaus, Amy Berning. 1 " The cream will probably rise to the top anyway. Where our help is most needed. Miss Barrett, is with the skim milk, " pontificates Mr. Bester, alias |eff Ladig. " You ' re a good teacher except for the rotten books you have to teach like the Odyssey. I wouldn ' t give it to a dog to read, " signed, Chrissie Moyer as Jill Norris. English would be better ith more teachers like you. II never forget you. I used to gn ' me ' . Not anymore — ise Rodriguez. " (Naieem bdool) " I don ' t know if you ' ve no- ticed. Miss Barrett, but I ' ve decided to dress more con- servative, " stated Melissa Grimme as Linda Rosen. Fall play 19 CAST OF CHARACTERS sky Masterson |eff Scantlin Sarah Brown Briana Johnson Nathan Detroit Tony Mante Miss Adelaide Tish Pankop Benny Southslreet |eff Ladia Arvide Tavis Schlunol Nitely-Nicely lohnson Emilio Robles Big Jule Chuck Sutton Lt. Brannigan Tony Webster Agatha Faith Castiaux General Cartvvright Sofia Rosales Rusty Charlie Timm Roop joey Biltmore Will Pullit Harry the Horse Chris Brown Angie the Ox Mike Tarr Brandy Bottle Bates Todd Castiaux Scranton Slim Chris Webster The Creek Raymond Fomby Liver Lips Louie )ason Stein Society Max Dan Barker Acey Duecy Jerry Andrews Cuba Waitress Cobi Weikel Hot Box Waitress )ulie Becklell Drunk Chris Webster Newstand Man Ion Backs Mistress of Ceremonies Marilyn Grover Martha )enny Study Gert Julie Stading Chorus and Street people: Jennifer Wynn Cindy Kump Jennifer Michael Tracy Ault Sarah DeVillez Corina Dollarhite Lisa Carter Kelly Atwell Colleen Landrigan Shonna Hensley Shelby Greene Darlene Turner Chrissie Moyer Holly Stonebraker Kelly Alvey Brenda Contadeluci Cathy Colby Kris Adams Tania Saylor Sarah Powell Amy Rutan Cindy Carlin Kathy Naselaris Michelle Dollarhite Michelle Pence Kristin Stark Jon Backs Rusty Charlie (Timm Roop) has the horse " right here " for all the gam- blers antfPaul Revere is the win- ner or is it Valentine or maybe Epitaph. Snake Eyes! You lose! Shooting craps in a New York sewer is the cleverest way to avoid the cops. Smelly, but clever. Big )ule (Chuck Sutton) loses to Nathan Detroit as his henchman, Harry the Horse (Chris Brown), grabs the dice. ' ♦••. . i • • 20 Spring Musical Adelaide (Tish Pankop) and her debutantes (Amy Rutan, Cindy Carlin, and Brenda Contadeluci) perform to the song " Take Back Your Mink " to the Hot Box customers. After being engaged for four- teen years, Adelaide ' s cons- tant cold puzzles Nathan. (Tony Mante) Psychosomatic syndromes make her basical- ly insecure. Sister Sarah Brown (Briana Johnson) ponders her menu at the infamous Cafe El Cuba- no in Havana. Sky Masterson (Jeff Scantlin) a frequent vis- itor orders dulce de leche for both. Spring Musical 21 [l tLffiU ' B tiJEtl ' etc UQJE Rick Astlev was a new face in the music world, creating quite a fuss with his clean-cut good looks, and the deep voice that doesn ' t seem to belong to him. The titties — a time of poodle skirts and saddle shoes, the beginning of rock and roll. The sixties — the world was in chaos. Hippies were cool. The Beatles and short, short skirts rev- olutionized music and fashion. The seventies — disco? Bell-bottoms?? Yuck!! But those were our toddler years, elementary school, learning to ride a bike. The eighties — our time to be teens. We can leave our mark, make this a completely unique era. But wait! We listen to oldies tapes. Our clothes are reminiscent of the sixties. Yet new ideas blend with the old. Never before has there been such a strange combination, past and present joining to make: The Eighties! IX , 0 J J George Harrison was walking on air this year, with the success of his album, " Cloud Nine " . MUSIC — IN — WMEE Rick Astley Pebbles INXS Michael Jackson Debbie Gibson — OUT — WOWO Peter Cetera Janet Jackson Rolling Stones Prince Tiffany Michael Dukakis is on the " good guy " list. Is it because he ' s popular, or just because he hasn ' t been involved in a scandal? POLITICIANS " Good " Guys " Bad " Guys Michael Dukakis Gary Hart lesse lackson George Bush Dudley Do-Right Big Boy LOCATIONS Hot Spots Nowheresville Azar ' s Blue Mountain Glenbrook Southtown Australia Hawaii LEISURE TIME | Up-to-date Old-fashioned Video tapes Board games Levi ' s 501 Jordache Liz Claiborne Calvin Klein Skateboards Hula hoops Word processors Typewriters Compact disc players Turntables 22 Current Events ' as Gary Hart ' s a fata! at- iction Fatal for his cam- lign, at any rate. Patrick Swayze (right), as Johnny Castle, had a sisterly affection for Cynthia Rhodes (below), who played Penny in the movie " Dirty Dancing " . Who is that with Rhodes? Why, it ' s Richard Marx! — ENTERTAI Who ' s Hot Billy Graham Jay Leno Jonnny Depp Glenn Close " L. A. Law " Mike Tyson Katerina Witt Michael Douglas Bette Midler Cher " Dirty Dancing " " Good Morning Vietnam California Raisins " The Wonder Years " David Letterman NMENT — Who ' s not Jim and Tammy Eddie Murphy Bruce Willis Meryl Streep " Moonlighting " The Fridge Mary Lou Retton Clint Eastwood Lucille Ball Jane Fonda " Flashdance " " Apocalypse Now " Fruit of the Loom Guys " The Cosby Show " Joan Rivers herry 7Up made quite a msation with the black, hite, and — pink? — yes, ink, commercials. ake up, Eddie. Eddie! Wake p! Maybe Eddie Murphy eeds to devote more time to eing funny, so he can regain is old popularity. — FOOD — Yum Yuck Twix M M ' s Cherry 7Up Dr. Pepper Doritos Potato chips Cornuts Popcorn " Yes, I heard it through the grapevine! " sing the famous California raisins. They sing, they dance, they even wear shades! Funny man |ay Leno earned himself the position of guest host on " The Tonight Show " , as well as gained fame from his Doritos commercials. Current Events 23 " Hey are these two for real? " Nelson Catalan and Timm Roop are attempting to per- fect their " slam-dancing " skills. Too much dancing is a killer on the feet. Especially when you ' re in heels. By the end of the evening many students had kicked their shoes off. Having your picture taken is a must when attending the semi-formal. Sandy Mann and Jason Stein get " put in their places. " KALEIDOSCOPES Boy meets Girl-Flashing lights, stuffy rooms, crowded floors — Sock Hop- pin and Beat Boxin — Slam Dancing, Ice cold Pepsi — Party-poopers in the halls; holding up the walls? — Crepe paper dec- orations and spinning lights — Basketball games and Pizza Hut later — Popping bal- loons — Unique Lighting and Sound — Sounds One — Dressing up and dressing down — Dancing the night away. Unique Lighting and Sound did most of the music at Elm- hurst ' s dances this year. The gym is always packed when Mr. Kendall comes to school. " All this money for one little dance? " Of course! It ' s the semi-formal; the closest thing to prom that everyone can go to. Jon Backs purchases his tickets to the spring semi- formal. Dances 25 EXAM A chair squeaks A great tension Enslaved freedom Almost there " So close and yet . . . " Racing for lost answers An ache in your hand It goes to your brain Glimpse around All others working Can ' t remember Then you spy it Across the room Guilt and relief You knew it anyway. Will Pullit, senior " Life Force " by Julie Becktell ' Ad for Carpetland " by Chris Wallace Bend It A Little " by David Gaskill BLIND OPTIMISM it could be better It could get worse I could die in the midst of this ver Chris Brand, sophomore 26 Creative Arts " Reversed Encogement " by Chad Hindenlong. • it ' It, ,n " REACHING We were two people looking for perfection, Giving advice to one another about how to find it Two people reaching for the sky Keep falling farther and farther away. Now, we ' ve stopped reaching up And have started reaching out Reaching out to one another Trying to forget the sky. You liked her, and I liked him Figuring out ways to reach the sky . . . together not alone But we kept shrinking until we finally figured out why. Neither perfection nor normal were we The same kind of people, reaching for the same kinds of things Things we could never have. Dreams we were hoping would come true. Reaching for things we wished we had When really neither of us wanted them that bad Seeking help . . . finding each other Not believing it could be true. Denying our feelings Denying our love Now, we want to reach up But can ' t help reaching out. Reaching out to one another. But still denying it all Our dreams have died And new ones have replaced the old. We dream of each other What it would be like to be together Two lonely hearts scared and searching Scared of being together, and searching for the reason why. Trying to deny it all Knowing what we ' re doing is wrong We were meant to be together Together to share our love. Shelby Greene, freshman Creative Arts 27 Buzzzzzzz! The students arise from their desks for yet another fire-alarm. But wait, this isn ' t a drill. The students file out of the EHS doors and wait for the sound of the bell returning them to their everlasting classes. All the students notice a faint siren in the distance. Alas, the fire de- partment is here and the students and faculty feel a great sense of relief. Finally, the firemen find the cause of all the chaos. It seems the whole ordeal was caused by POPCORN! Selling an after school snack to tired energyless stu- dents, has proved to be a big success for the cheerleaders, it seems the popcorn industry is about to overwhelm Orville Redenbocker. The impersonation of an of- ficer is a federal offense. Isn ' t it? Well, don ' t tell the Feds this is Erin Williams. Will you? H fi As the call was received, the fire department was on their way. Ready to battle the blaze was truck number 11, and as fire fighter Erin Williams stepped off the truck she was also ready to engage in the Redenbocker Inferno. 28 Feature t A person to make the popcorn is very important. Without them the product would simply not exist. Here, Tonya Jones waits for the pick-up of the finished product. 1 You can be a bag; you can be a bag lady; you can be a sand bagger; you can bag groceries; or in EHS you can bag pop- corn. You can wait, and wait, and wait, and wait but if no one comes to pick up the provisions some people can get very mad. So in order to keep peace, WILL SOMEONE PICK UP THE POPCORN!!! Here she comes to save the day! Wendy Stein is on the way! As the fire trucks rolled in Wendy Stein rolled out, out of the school and into being a volunteer fire fighter to battle the Redenbocker inferno. Feature 29 HONESTLY It was pure " Heaven " The evening was clear and anticipations were high. Prom night was finally here. After months of looking for that perfect dress, you spent weeks looking for accessories to go with it. Face it, fittings for tuxes are just something guys don ' t like. Reservations were even more difficult to come by. But eventually everything came together, and the one night spent in the Botanical Con- servatory will always be remembered. Pic- tures, dancing, and conversing with friends filled the evening. Laughter filled the air around the gardens as couples strolled around the patio. It truly was a night worth remembering. A perfect way to end the day, a carriage ride. Lisa Lopez and escort take advantage of the great weather. Last year ' s prom queen, Becky )ehl, proudly crowns the 1988 prom queen, Gabrielle Schmidt. -. 30 Prom X n The 1988 prom court: Dawn McCartney, Chris Restivo, Tina Miller, Matt Bucher, Charlotte Richardson, Rigo Nino, King: John Davis, Queen: Gabrielle Schmidt, Gina Knappenburgerj Russel Jewel, Tom Biddle, Jenny Tomlinson, Ronnie Rodriguez, Pamela Reynolds Former King and Queen: Tom Hardin, Becky Jehl. Hey, who ' s taking the pic- ture? The photographer places Scott Greider and his date Hallie Smith in an ap- propriate pose before he takes his shot. Prom 31 Getting to the top takes en- its. Senioritis won ' t get these durance, hard work and a dedicated seniors until the last certain flair for getting to note of the graduation march class enough times to make has faded into the June breeze. the grades and get the cred- ,. 32 Seniors ' Seniors rise above the rest enior year — the final four — the bitter end — freedom — never-ending classes actually ending — goodbyes are said — sad farewells — fond hopes for a better future — teachers sometimes appeared to get smarter — graduation changes the friendships — new bonds will be formed — new loyalties to replace fond friends of four years — memories never to be forgotten only re- placed — late night cram sessions for tests and term papers — typing until dawn — coffee pots to insure wakefulness — laughter — love spats — corsages — all those special grams — balloons — roses in the office — lost class notes — book reports on books not read — All becomes magically changed at the ten year reunion — The best remembered. " Although it had its ups and downs, this year was the year that all the seni- ors pulled together and worked to make the 87-88 school year the best ever. " Tony Mante fC , " The reason the senior class (especially ours) does the best at everything is because we are so close after four years that it ' s more or less a family effort and not a class effort. " Mike Whitesell Seniors 33 LAST WORDS As graduation draws near many seniors get a little nostalgic. A few Seniors have some thoughts they would like to share. " Cherish all of Your EHS years; the real world lacks much to be desired. And Mrs. Weaver, Mr. Lake, and good ole Mr. Stubbs won ' t be around to keep you in line forever. " — Lisa Watson " To all the underclass students at EHS have a great time and make sure you have some memorable times to remember because these are the best years of your life, which will go quickly. " — Andy Rich- ards Class Officers )on Backs, Becky Jehl, and Mike Whit- sell pose with the Class Spon- sors Miss Fry and Mr. Buz zard. Renee Aldridge Linda Aieshire Chris Alexander Beth Almond Mary Anderson Jerry Andrews Tamara Ashcraft Tracy Ault RENEE ALDRIDGE: Foot- ball Manager 3; Girls Bas- ketball Manager 1,2; Pow- der Puff 3; Service Worker 1; DEC A 4. CHRIS ALEXANDER: Football 1; Service Worker 2. BETH ALMOND: Volley- ball 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Cheerleading 2; Honor Roll 3; Women Mentors 3,4; Service Worker 1,3,4. JERRY ANDREWS,II: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Spirit Leader 2,4; Soccer 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Class President 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,4; Principal ' s List 3; Ho- rizon 1,2,3,4; Mr Football 1987. TAMARA ASHCRAFT: Foot- ball Manager 3; Grappler Girls 2,3; Service Worker 3; Red Coats 1,2. TRACY AULT: Tennis 2; Student Council 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Women Mentors 3,4; Service Worker 1,3,4; Anlibrum Staff 3; Advance staff 2,3,4; AFS 1,2,3,4; Fall Play 4; Spring Musical 4; Red Coats 2,3,4,; Quill Scroll 3,4; S.A.D.D. 2,3; Project SET 4; Exchange Student 1. " I want to thank all the peo- ple who helped me stay in school. I ' ll be the first one to graduate in my family and it makes me proud. But I couldn ' t have done it without the people who gave me a little extra push when I need- ed it. So thanks Mrs. Weaver, Mark, my friends, my sisters Beckie and Shelly, and a big special thanks to my wonder- ful Mom. I love you all. " — Ronda Vasquez 34 Seniors Eva Avdul Jon Backs Shelly Barbour Ken Bebout Lisa Beckstedt Julie Becktell Lesia Benjamin Jerry Berghoff Jason Bohannon Tracey Bonds Shannon Bouthot Shelly Braden Linda Brandt Melanie Brown Rick Brown Jodie Bucey JON BACKS: Golf 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2; Spirit Leader 4; Student Council 4; Class President 4; Service Worker 2,3,4; Speech Team 4. SHELLY BARBOUR: Pow- der Puff 3,4; Training Choir 1; Concert Choir 2,3; Trojan Singers 3; Womens Chorus 2; Service Worker 2; C0E4. KEN BEBOUT: Track 2; Honor Roll 1,2. LISA BECKSTEDT: Service Worker 4. JULIE BECKTELL; Cross Country 4; Powder Puff 4; Service Worker 4; DECA 4; Fall Play 4; Spring Musical 4. LESIA BENJAMIN: Powder Puff 3; Bowling 3,4; Cheer- leading 1; Marching Band 2; Concert Choir 2; Flag Ri- fle Corp 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Service Worker 2; COE Secretary 4; Spring Musical 1. JERRY BERGHOFF: Track 2; Honor Roll 1,3,4; Prin- cipal ' s List 3. SHANNON BOUTHOT: Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Service Worker 1,2,3,4. SHELLY BRADEN: Golf 3,4; Tennis 1,2; Grappler Girls 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Horizon 1; Service Worker 4. LINDA BRANDT: Football Manager 2; Cross Country Manager 3; Powder Puff 1; Concert Choir 2,3; Womens Chorus 2,3; Service Worker 3,4; Red Coats 1. MELANIE BROWN: Basket- ball 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,4; Principal ' s List 3; Ser- vice Worker 4. JODIE BUCEY: Service Worker 3,4. Seniors 35 Rob Bueker Tammy Bunch Chris Campbell Jason Carpenter Michelle Case Nelson Catalan Carolyn Caudili Lilly Compton Lisa Corbat Holly Cramar Kathy Dahman Kelley Dahman Carlos Davis Keith Davis Patti Davis Kim Delaney V. I ROB BUEKER: Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 3; Trojan Singers 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Ser- vice Worker 2. TAMMY BUNCH: Concert Choir 3,4; Trojan Singers 4; Womens Chorus 3; Ser- vice Worker 2,4; Training Choir 2. JASON CARPENTER: Tennis 1,3; DEC A 3,4; ME 3,4. MICHELLE CASE: Bas- ketball 1; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Honor Roll 1,3,4; Principal ' s List 2; Women Mentors 3,4; Home- coming Court 1; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 3,4. NELSON CATALAN: Soccer 3,4; Afro-American 1; Service Worker 2,3,4; AFS 1. LISA CORBAT: Track 1; Softball 3; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Women Mentors 3; Service Worker 2; Spring Mu- sical 2. HOLLY CRAMAR: Student Council 2; Honor Roll 1,2; Service Worker 3; AFS 1,2,3; Red Coats 3,4; S.A.D.D. 1,2,3,4. KATHY DAHMAN: Soft- ball 3; Horizon 3; Service Worker 3,4; AFS 2,3; Red Coats 1,2,3,4; S.A.D.D. 2,3,4. KELLEY DAHMAN: Bas- ketball 1,2; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Gymnas- tics 3; Cheerleading 3; Homecoming Court 1,3,4; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 3; COE 4. CARLOS DAVIS: Football 1; Wrestling 2,3; Orchestra 1,2; A Touch of Class 2. KEITH DAVIS: Football 2,3; Spirit Leader 4; Honor Roll 1,2; Service Worker 4; DEC A 3 4- ME 3 4. PATTI DAVIS: Track 1; Soft- ball 2,3,4; Powder Puff 4; Service Worker 1,2,3,4. KIM DELANEY: Cheerlead- ing 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 2. 36 Seniors Billie Dennis Connie Derrow Angie Dinovo Matt Dirig Wendy Dirig John Dixie Shelton Dunbar Heather Eckert Matt Falk Megan Fawley Sarita Femyer Rob Filchak Vickie Fomby Keith Foreman Kris Foreman Lisa Gatton ANGIE DINOVO: Powder Puff 3; Student Council 1,2,3; Women Mentors 3; Service Worker 4. MATT DIRIG: Basketball 1; Cross Country 4; Trojan Singers 3; A Touch of Class 2,3; Afro-American 2; Ser- vice Worker 4; DECA 3,4; ME 3,4. WENDY DIRIG: Powder Puff 3,4; Cheerleading 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Women Mentors 3,4; Service Worker 3,4. JOHN DIXIE: Basketball 2,4; Track 1,2,4; Afro- American 3; DECA 4; ME 4. SHELTON DUNBAR: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Afro- American 1,2,3,4; Service Worker 1,2,3,4 HEATHER ECKERT: Bas- ketball 2,3; Volleyball 3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Principal ' s List 1,2,3,4; Horizon 2,3; Service Worker 3,4. ROB FILCHAK: Basketball 1,2; Tennis 3,4; Baseball 1; Soccer 2,3,4; Class Officer 1 . VICKIE FOMBY: Track 2; Powder Puff 3,4; Service Worker 4; DECA 4; ME 4; Project Lead 4. KEITH FOREMAN: Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Cheerleading 4; Service Worker 4. KRIS FOREMAN: Softball 1,2,3,4; Powder Puff 3,4; Grappler Girls 1,2,3,4; Con- cert Band 1; Marching Band 1; Class Officer 3; Honor Roll 3; Peer Teaching 2,4; RVS3. LISA GATTON: Track 1; Cross Country 1,2; Grappler Girls 2; Concert Choir 4; Seniors 37 Rob Getz Mark Glass Anthony Gooden Gonzalo Gortazar David Gottfried Wanda Graham Sandra Green Amy Greene Jeni Gridler Melissa Grimme Robert Hale Brian Hamblin Tracie Hamm Tom Hardin Jimmy Hardrix Tim Harrison ROB GETZ: Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Service Worker 3. MARK GLASS: Basketball 1; Soccer 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court 1,2,3,4. ANTHONY GOODEN: Foot- ball 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; Service Work- er 1,2,3,4. GONZALO GORTAZAR: Golf 4; Cross Country 4; Soc- cer 4; Honor Roll 4. AMY GREENE: Powder Puff 3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court 2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Service Work- er 4. JENI GRIDLER: Golf 2,3,4; Gymnastics 1 ,2; Powder Puff 3,4. MELISSA GRIMME: Student Council 2; Service Worker 4; Fall Play 4; S.A.D.D. 2; French Club 2; Project lead 2. BRIAN HAMBLIN: Basket- ball 1; Bowling 4; Cheerlead- Court 3;Service Worker 2; ing 4; Soccer 3; Student Bowling 3,4. Council 2; Service Worker JIMMY HARDRIX: Foot- 2,3,4; Anlibrum Staff 2,3; Advance Staff 2,3. TRACIE HAMM: Womens Chorus 1,2; Service Worker 2,3,4. TOM HARDIN: Wrestling 2; Student Council 4; Honor Roll 1; Principal ' s List 2,3,4; Horizon 4; Prom King 3; Homecoming Court 4; Prom ball 1,2; Track 1,2; Ser- vice Worker 3. 38 Seniors vrg Stephanie Hart Laura Hinton Rob Hogg Dawn Huffman Michelle Hyde Tammi Jackson Becky Jehl Nelson Jordan Scott Juergens Beth Kaperka Mark King Pamela Kintz Angle Kirby Sandy Kline Calvin Knight Amy Knuth STEPHANIE HART: Bas- ketball 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court 1,2,4; Service Worker 3. LAURA HINTON: Volley- ball 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Powder Puff 4; Cheerleading 2; Diamond Devils 2,3; Prom Court 3; Class Social Chairman 3; Service Worker 2,3. ROB HOGG: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Service Worker 3,4; Spring Musical 4; Exploratory Teaching Senior. DAWN HUFFMAN: Student Council 2; AFS 1,2. MICHELLE HYDE: Bowling 2; Student Council 2; Honor Roll 2,3; AFS 1. BECKY JEHL: Basketball 2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Pow- der Puff 4; Student Council 2; Class Officer 4; Homecom- ing Queen 4; Prom Queen 3; Homecoming Court 3,4; Prom Court 3; Service Work- er 3. NELSON JORDAN: Football 1; Basketball 1; Baseball 1,3,4; DECA 3,4; ME 3,4. SCOTT JUERGENS: Basket- ball 1,2,3; Golf 4; Baseball 1,2,3; DECA 3,4; ME 3,4. MARK KING: Track 1; Cross Country 2; Student Council 1; Service Worker 1,2,3; An- librum Staff 2; Advance Staff 2; Coe 4; S.A.D.D. 2. PAMELA KINTZ: Powder Puff 3,4; Grappler Girls 1; Concert Choir 2; Womens Chorus 2; Service Worker 1,2,3,4; DECA 3,4; ME 4. ANGELA KIRBY: Golf 3,4; Tennis 1,2; Grappler Girls 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Horizon 1,4; Service Worker 2,3,4. SANDRA KLINE: Grappler Girls 2,3,4; Diamond Devils 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Womens Chorus 2,3,4; Ser- vice Worker 1,2,3,4. CALVIN KNIGHT: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,3,4; Track 4; Afro — American Club 3,4; Service Worker 4. Seniors 39 Irv Koehlinger Amphone Kounbandith Kimberley Kratzert Cindy Kump Jeff Ladig John Lehner Bridgette Lewis Russell Linnemeier Julia Lozano Steve MacDonald Tony Mante Chris Marks Kim Martin Shelly Martinez Kim Mason Florida Maxwell AMPHONE KOUNBAN- DITH: Basketball 1; Tennis 1; Service Worker 3. KIMBERLEY KRATZERT: Student Council 1; DEC A 4. CINDY KUMP: Tennis 1,2,3; Principal ' s List 1,2,3,4; Ho- rizons 1,2,3,4; Speech Team 2,3; Fall Play 3,4; Spring Musical 4; JOHN LEHNER: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court 1. BRIDGETTE LEWIS: Stu- dent Council 1; Service Worker 4; DECA 3. RUSSELL LINNEMEIER: Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 2. STEVE MACDONALD: Soc- cer 1; Advance Staff 3,4. TONY MANTE: Tennis 3; Soccer 3; Student Council 3; Honor Roll 4; Homecoming Court 3; Prom Court 3; Ser- vice Worker 2,3,4; Advance Staff 4; Fall Play 4; Spring Musical 4; Project SET 4 Powder Puff Cheerleader 3,4. CHRIS MARKS: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Service Worker 3. KIM MARTIN: Honor Roll 1,3; Service Worker 3,4. KIM MASON: Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Honor Roll 1. FLORIDA MAXWELL: Track 1; Pep Band 1,2; Concert Band 1,2 Marching Band 1,2; OEA 3,4. 40 Seniors ' % TJKL Frederick McCracken Renaye Mentzer Lisa Mercer Janis Messer Chris Metzger Robin Michael Shawn Miller Jodi Mitchell Norman Moore Tornell Moore Michelle Mowan Chrissy Moyer James Mover Lee Murphy Kelly Murray Cindy Myers LISA MERCER: S.A.D.D. 1,2. JANIS MESSER: S.A.D.D. 2. CHRIS METZGER: Foot- ball 3; Cross Country 1,2; Cheerleading 1,2,3; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Class Vice Presi- dent 3; Homecoming Court 3; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 4. ROBIN MICHAEL: Orches- tra 1,2,3,4; Flag Rifle Corp 4; Spring Musical 4; Red Coats 3,4. SHAWN MILLER: Powder Puff 3,4; Spirit Leader 4; Student Council 4; Honor Roll 4; Principal ' s List 3; Ho- rizon 1,2,3,4; Anlibrum Staff 2,3,4; Advance Staff 2,3,4; Quill Scroll 2,3,4; Scho- lastics Art Photography, 4 Kodak Medallions of Exel- lence 2, 3, 4; National Kodak Merit Award 3. JODI MITCHELL: Volley- ball 1; Student Council 2; Honor Roll 1,3,4; Princi- pal ' s List 2; Women Men- tors 3; COE 4. MICHELLE MOWAN: Bas- ketball 1 ; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Grappler Girls 2,3,4; Service Worker 4; COE 4; Red Coats 1,2,3. CHRISSY MOYER: Powder Puff 4; Grappler Girls 2,3; Concert Choir 1,2; Womens Chorus 3; Horizon 1,2,3; Fall Play 3,4; Spring Musical 4. KELLY MURRAY: Concert Choir 2,3; Trojan Singers 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Spring Musical 2. CINDY MYERS: Volleyball 3; Gymnastics 3; Womens Cho- rus 2; Service Worker 2,3,4; Speech Team 3,4; Fall Play 1,2; Seniors 41 Cindy Neal Leisa Nelson Jenny Neuhaus Sherri Nikdaenka Dean Onion Tish Pankop Belinda Parra Marcus Patterson Renee Paul Stacy Pease Doug Peconge Amy Penn Todd Perry Kelli Phifer Jodi Pilson Glenn Poeppel CINDY NEAL: Tennis 1,2,3,4; Bowling 2,3,4; Ser- vice Worker 4. JENNY NEUHAUS: Gymnas- tics 2; Concert Choir 1,2,3; Honor Roll 1,3; Principal ' s List 2; Service Worker 4. DEAN ONION: Wrestling 1,2; Service Worker 2,3. TISH PANKOP: Powder Puff 3,4; Concert Choir 1; Trojan Singers 2,3,4; Student Coun- cil 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Principal ' s List 1; Women Mentors 3; Service Worker 4; Advance Staff 4; Fall Play 3,4; Spring Musical 4. DOUG PECONGE: Basket- ball 1; Baseball I. AMY PENN: Basketball 2,3; Cross Country 2; Womens Chorus 3; DECA 3,4; ME 3,4. TODD PERRY: Wrestling 1,2; Baseball 2; Orchestra 1; Concert Band 1; Marching Band 1; Service Worker 3,4. KELLI PHIFER: Afro- American Club 2,4; Service Worker 3. JODI PILSON: Basketball 1,2,3; Softball 1,2,3,4; Soc- cer 3; Service Worker 2,3,4. 42 Seniors rii Will Pullit Cynthia Purdy Trena Raber Jody Ramsey Crystal Randle Jeff Randolph Doug Raskosky Aretha Reed Todd Reed Anjonette Reeves Andy Richards Lorie Richardson Rachael Roach Michele Roby Ramiro Rodriguez Karen Rogers WILL PULLIT: Football 1,2,4; Basketball 1,2; Vol- leyball 3; Golf 4; Baseball 1; Powder Puff Cheerleader 3,4; Soccer 1,4; Marching Band 1; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Trojan Singers 2,3; A Touch of Class 1; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Principal ' s List 1; Home- coming Court 1,2,3,4; Prom Court 3; Anlibrum Staff 3,4; Speech Team 1; Fall Play 2,3; Spring Mu- sical 4; Quill Scroll 4; LGI 4; Junior Rotarian. JODY RAMSEY: Anlibrum Staff 2; DECA 3,4; ME 3,4; Indiana Deca State Officer 4. CRYSTAL RANDLE: Honor Roll 4; Afro-American 3; Ser- vice Worker 4. JEFF RANDOLPH: Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Base- ball 1,2,3,4; Service Worker 3,4. DOUG RASKOSKY: Wres- tling 2; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 2. ARETHA REED: Powder Puff 4; Concert Choir 1; Afro-American Club 3,4; Ser- vice Worker 1,2,3,4; Project Lead 4. ANJONETTE REEVES: Ser- vice Worker 2,4. ANDY RICHARDS: Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Hon- or Roll 4; Homecoming Court 1; DECA 3,4; ME 3,4. RACHAEL ROACH: Grap- pler Girls 1; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 4; Service Worker 2; Speech Team 4; Fall Play 1; Red Coats 1,2. MICHELE ROBY: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band Manager 3; Pep Band 1,2,3,4. KAREN ROGER S: Concert Band 4; Afro-American 3; Service Worker 3; Project Lead 1,2,3,4. Seniors 43 Kevin Rogers Madeline Rogers Timm Roop Shawn Rose Kris Ross Missy Scheiber Melody Schmitt Brian Scott Debbie Shallenberger Leslie Sheets Jeff Shimer Robin Shinn Aerasteed Smith Ellen Smith Cindy Smithson Ed Sona KEVIN ROGERS: Service Worker 2,3,4; MADELINE ROGERS: Bas- ketball 3; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Afro-American 3; Project Lead 1,2,3,4. MISSY SCHEIBER: Basket- ball 1; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2; Women Mentors 2; Homecoming Court 2,4; Prom Court 3. MELODY SCHMITT: Track 1,2; Powder Puff 4; Cheer- leading 1,2, Captain 3,4; Grappler Girls 2,3, Captain 4; Flag Rifle Corp 1; Stu- dent Council 4; Principal ' s List 1,2,3,4; Horizon 1,2,3,4; Morp Queen 4; Ser- vice Worker 4; Advance Staff 2,3, Editor 4; Quill Scroll 2,3,4 ; EGA 1,2,3,4; Valedic- torian 4. Marching Band 2; Service DEBBIE SHAL- Worker 4; COE 4. LENBERGER: Football Man- CINDY SMITHSON: Grap- ager 3; Powder Puff 3; Bowl- pier Girl 1,2; Concert Choir ing 1,2; trappier Girls 2,3,4; 2,3; Women Chorus 2,3; Ser- Service Worker 3,4; Red vice Worker 2,3,4. Coats 1. ED SONA: Honor Roll 3,4; JEFF SHIMER: Basketball J.A. 1,2. 1,2; Baseball 2,3,4; Honor Roll 4. AERASTEED SMITH: . 44 Seniors lOl Curlie Spence Khris Spinner Mia Stabelli Sandra Stantz Sandra Stevenson Shawn Stevenson Alice Steward Barb Stroie Glen Sutherland Chuck Sutton Janice Swann Robert Tomlinson Tammy Tonkel Tammy Travis Ana Vasquez Ronda Vasquez CURLIE SPENCE: Track 2,3; Bowling 2,3,4; Afro- American 1,2,3,4; Service Worker 2,3,4; Project Lead 1,2,3,4. KHRIS SPINNER: Basket- ball 1,2; Golf 2; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 3; Softball 3,4; Bowling 2; Soccer 2; Prom Court 3. SANDRA STANTZ: Women Mentors 1,2; Class Officer SANDRA STEVENSON: Powder Puff 3,4; Student Council 1,2; Afro-American 1,2,3,4; Speech Team 2,3. BARB STROLE: Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Women Mentors 3; Anlibrum Staff 2; COE Pres- ident 4; Quill Scroll. CHUCK SUTTON: Football 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Spirit Leader 4; Student Council 1,2,3, President 4; Princi- Worker 3,4. pal ' s List 1,2,3,4; Horizon 4; TAMMY TRAVIS: Powder Service Worker 3,4; Advance Puff 4; Student Council Staff 4; Fall Play 4; Spring 1,2,4; Principal ' s List Musical 4; S.L.I. 3; Junior 1,2,3,4; Women Mentors 3,4; Rotarian 4; Tutor 4. Salutatorian 4; Junior Rotar- ROBERT TOMLINSON: Soc- ian 4. cer 1,2,3,4. ANA VASQUEZ: Honor Roll TAMMY TONKEL: Basket- 4; COE Officer 4. ball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3; Softball 1,2,4; Powder Puff 4; Honor Roll 1,2; Service Seniors 45 Jacqueline Walker Lavon Walker Sonja Wallace Donald Walsh Lisa Watson Pamela Webb Tony Webster Shona Weemes Cathy Weigold Patty Welch Gary Welker Scott Wermager Shadwaynn White Mike Whitesell Joe Whitmer Brian Wiegman JACQUELINE WALKER: Bas- ketball Manager 1,2,3,4; Pow- der Puff 3; O.E.A. LAVON WALKER: Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Track 1,2; Service Worker 1,2. SONJA WALLACE: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Powder Puff 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Afro- American: 4. DONALD WALSH: Football 3; Wrestling 1; Service Worker 2,3; LISA WATSON: Powder Puff 3; Service Worker 3,4; Fall Play 4; S.A.D.D. 1. TONY WEBSTER: Football 4; Tennis 1; Cross Country 1,2,3; Cheerleading 4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 4; Horizon 4; Homecoming Court 1; Advance Staff 2,3,4; Powder Puff 3,4; Fall Play 3,4; Spring Musical 4; Quill Scroll 3,4. SHONA WEEMES: Powder Puff 3; Cheerleading 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Trojam Singers 4; Womens Chorus 3; Afro- American 4; Service Worker 2,3,4; Project Lead 2,3,4. PATTI WELCH: Track 1,2; Cross Country 1,2,3; Powder Puff 3,4; Grappler Girls 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Women Mentors 3; Service Worker 3,4; C.O.E. 4. GARY WELKER: Honor Roll 2,3; Service Worker 2,3. SCOTT WERMAGER: Honor Roll 1,2,4; Principal ' s List 3; Horizon 3,4; Service Worker 3,4; DECA 4. SHADWAYNN WHITE: Concert Choir 2,3; Trojan Singers 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Class Officer 2; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Horizon 1,2,3,4; Women Mentors 3; Afro-American 1,2,3,4; Service Worker 3,4; Speech Team 2; Fall Play 1; Spring Musical 1. MIKE WHITESELL: Volleyball 3,4; Powder Puff 3,4; Student Council 4; Class Officer 1,4; Honor Roll 1,4; Principal ' s List 2,3; Horizon 4; Homecoming Court 4; Prom Court 3. JOE WHITMER: Golf 1,2; Or- chestra 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Service Worker 4; S.A.D.D. BRIAN WIEGMAN: Honor Roll 3,4. 46 Seniors Artelia Wilkes Courtenay Willis Bradley Wilson Hidy Windsor Jennifer Wynn Brian Ybarra Blaine Yoquelet The following seniors did Molly Hofmann not have their pictures Julie Hutchinson taken. Sandra Jackson Charles Andrews Tracey Johnson Thomas Anspach Amber Langmeyer Joseph Beckstedt Mytrell Leshore Sherry Bey John Mitora Jeffrey Bontempo Esther Nino Wendy Brock David Piatt James Clay Dennis Powell Perry Clisbee Kevin Scott Floyde Crane Dorothy Smith Amy Decatur Shane Stevens Mary Fisher Jeff Stier Lisa France Yolanda Suarez Jeanette Gaff Carl Wade Elizabeth Gamez Chris Walker Garfield Garcia Tanya Ward Tammy Gordon Tracy Ybarra ARTELIA WILKES: Track 1,2,4; Gymnastics 2; Powder Puff 3; Afro-American 1,2,3,4. COURTENAY WILLIS: Track 3;Service Worker 1,3; DEC A 3,4. JENNIFER WYNN: Tennis 1,2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,4; Prin- cipal ' s List 3; Horizon 1,2,3,4; Speech Team 2,3; Fall Play 4; Spring Musical 4. " just want to tell you that I found out in this ten months, how great American people are. I don ' t know how to thank everyone for your help. Both teachers and stu- dents treated me very well. You guys do great and I am really going to miss you! I don ' t want to leave Ameri- ca!!! " -Love, Gonzalo Gortazar Seniors 47 ImSSfm Hard work pays off — King of the Hill — college applications — FAF — headaches — rejections — letters of admittance — laughing at silly memories — sigh of relief — signing senior books — " Have you decided where you ' re going yet? " — research papers — cram sessions — final final exams — commencement rehearsal — graduation parties — a signed diploma — senior year. Whoa! This is really heavy! Even champion wrestlers like Gonzalo Gortazar struggle un- der the weight of homework. r Wait, Melody, you ' re doing the wrong cheer! Or is eve- rybody else off? Could this be the reason for all the goofy grins? Smooch! A big kiss on the cheek for Mom, at the Senior Mother ' s Breakfast. 48 Seniors Vt WjS . ; if N J Norman Moore carefully studies his wafers to make sure that they will pass through his large intestine just the way he wants. Get your t-shirts and shades here! Support the senior class! Shirts bearing a pho- tograph of members oi the class of ' 88 proved to be a big hit. It took Rob Filchak his senior year to realize you don ' t need to eat a big lunch in order to sit back and chill. Freshmen obviously still have yet to learn this lesson. Seniors 49 With much joy, soon-to- graduate seniors, Jon Backs, Brian Hamblin, Gonzalo Gortazar, Khris Spinner, Shawn Miller commiserate with Dr. Zumbrun. With much animation, Tish Pankop delivers a graduation speech which compared life to Willie Wonka. NEW START Diploma — commencement practice — Foellinger Theater — special oc- casion — cap — bobby pins — gown — white shoes — tassel — alma mater — speeches — valedictorian — sa- lutatorian — nervousness — tassel ceremony — heat — anxiety — tears — pictures — geraniums — teachers in long black gowns — smiles — hugs. With mixed feelings, the seniors take their place on stage to receive their long awaited diploma. Graduation time is nostalgi and speeches become a trif down memory lane as Ton Mante delivers his message. 50 Graduation H« What seemed to be an ep- idemic of hugging after grad- uation afflicted Tammy Travis. And now presenting the much wanted, and hard wori ed for diploma. Looking cool and silly a group of seniors enjoy them- selves before the graduation ceremony. Graduation 51 " Buy a ticket! One for $2.50, for everybody to observe. o=- a real bargain, two for Selling tickets, candy, etc. is a $ .30, " says Tish Pankop, as big part of being in any club. Amy Greene holds them up 52 Clubs INVOLVED ARE WE EVER! fter school meetings — elections of officers — new members — new friends — committee heads — trying to track down the sponsor — rushing from place to place — having to be in two places at one time — taking 1 1 charge — fundraisers — volunteer shortage — candy sales — M M ' s — jckers — Reese ' s — car washes — " Throw the water on le car, not on me V — painting posters — don ' t spill the aint, oops! — too late — announcements in the cafeteria - marching in the parking lot — special events — dead- nes — complications — suggestions — decorating for ances — " Who ' ll hold the crepe paper? And I need lasking tape! " — phone calls — " It ' s business, Mom! " — ?eling proud — accomplishing a goal — success! " Sandy, what am I writing on? I can ' t see through these shades! " says the perplexed newspaper editor Melody Schmitt to fellow journalist Sandy Mann. True, the pub- lications room is often a source of mass chaos, but during spirit week the con- fusion really took hold. Could it be too many suck- ers? " Don ' t move a muscle! Keep your head up, and don ' t look at me!!! How else are you go- ing to learn how to stana at attention? " Cyrinthia Dillman tries her best to freeze like a mannequin, so maybe the color guard will be allowed a brief rest. Clubs 53 LET THE MUSIC PLAY L .a, la, la, la — standing on the risers — stop pushing — man, these robes are hot! — and ugly? — no, but they look funny with blue jeans — blending voices — too flat — too sharp — singing for the school, for the parents — basso profundo — blend those tones, don ' t stand out — If I have to do one more doowop doowop, I ' ll throw up. Sometimes it ' s hard to hit the right note by yourself, and you have to find it with the piano. J) Of course, people can ' t auto- matically sing In harmony. Mem- bers of the concert choir work on their part of the song. Naieem Abdool and Dar Surber work with Mrs Snyder to achieve perfection 54 Choirs vfi A IT Women ' s chorus, front row: Mrs. Snyder, Tina Shackels, Tracy Mahathy, Stephanie Fawley, Carrie Darnell, Karia Rodriguez; Back row: Regina Smith, Lynette Herron, Cas- sandra Harris, Jennifer Roy, Laurie Carpenter, Deondra Hatch, Jeff Scantlin. ' ) J Concert choir, front row: Tam- my Bunch, Kris Adam, Dan Surber, Lisa Gatton, Waneta Swink; Row 2: Jenny Dodane, Trinetta PIrtie, Leroy Mc- Women ' s chorus isn ' t just singing. Sometimes you have to sit and listen. Clendon, Wendy Sorg, Cheryl Chavez, Mrs. Snyder; Row 3: Caria Garrett, Judy Brandt, Julie Sprouls, Tavis Schlundt, Kinda Vulgamott, Tonya Brecht; Row 4: Cyrinthia Diilman, Todd Cas- tiaux, Rich Cook, Eric Elkins, Steve Hogg, Matt Morgan, Lukesha Bradford, Kelly Atwell Choirs 55 J J J Jeff Scantlin concentrates on the new piece of sheet music so the notes will flow sharp and clear. It ' s true excellent musicians can learn a piece just by hearing it, however, often it ' s necessary to read the notes. Tavis Schlundt follows the notes as he works at the pi- ano. Trojan Singers: Front row: Jeff Scantlin, Wendy Sorg, Steve Hogg, Joey Schoeph; Row 2: Mrs. Snyder, Tavis Schlundt, Tammy Bunch, Eric Elkins, Whitt Williams, Bri- ana Johnson, Emilio Robles, Darlene Turner, Stacy Single- ton; Row 3: Shadwaynn White, Tish Pankop, Jeff Udig. 56 Trojan Singers SWINGIN ' A, Luditions — early morning practices — an elite choir — solos — competitions — numerous perfomances — scatting — jazz music — sing, sing, sing — dedication — outfits that sparkle and shine — shooby doo wop — hit the high note — hit the low note — hit all the notes in between — sing bass — try an alto — go for a soprano — mi- crophone blending — warm up that cold voice — SING A SONG — SANG A SONG — SUNG A SONG. Trojan Singers perform at nu- merous school events, in- cluding the Miss Virginia as- sembly. Wow! They even wore their dazzling outfits. Trojan Singers sang in the Media Center during Media Week. During a number the performers must energize and sparkle, but standing around gives them a chance to recoup that energy. Trojan Singers 57 Endless hours of marching as Smile! While their flags must the sun pulsates upon the be synchronized and their concrete. What could this steps on time, these girls can possibly be?! Band practice! grin and bear it! Top Row: S. Harrison, R. Hood, J. Lehner, M. Potts, A. Maynard, R. Ashworth, L. Beckman. Second Row: C. Howie, M. Fowerbaugh, R. Hubley, S. Booker, Mr. Vaughn. Third Row: J. Schoeph, M. Harris, J. Gas- voda, K. Dollarhide. Bottom Row: H. Stonebraker, M. Long, C. Dollarhite. Top Row: ). Stading, A. Rutan, R. Hogg, ). Brincefield, C. Lake, S. Sher- wood, S. Miller. Second Row: L. Stoppenhagen, B. Johnson, S. Singleton, J.R. Sullivan, L. Smith, T. Stephen. Third Row: E. Smith, G. Horstmeyer, H. Ross, K. Sherwood, ). Jack- son. Bottom Row: M. Roby, J. Butt, S. Brown, A. Reynolds, S. Kelly. 58 Marching Band W ' ' EHS has a guard with style! Here, they provide visual ef- fects as the music fills the air. [op Row: D. McKinley, K. lelmer, K. Bonham, K. Veprin, K. Stetler. Second (ow: D. Turner, C. Dillman A. Sheckels, K. Vulgamott. Jottom Row: M. Pace, K. dam, S. Brown, M. Dol- arhite, B. Worman. The drum line executes forma- tion expertise and they ' ve even got rhythm! Drum majors Irv Koehlinger and Jason Stein led this year ' s band. Restless! This is probably one of the best ways to describe the marching band and color guard. During the season, an in- creased number of parades were marched in, including the Cherry Blossom festival held in Washington D.C. There they re- ceived a Division II rating out of five. En- thusiasm and pride filled their hearts while marching in new uniforms and hard work paid off with astounding results. Marching Band 59 Concert Band Woodwinds, Front row: Michele Roby, Jennifer Bunn, Stella Brown, Arnez Reynolds, Annette Bal- lard; Row 2: Ellen Smith, Gwen Horstmeyer, Hope Ross, Kelly Sherwood, Joenickie Jackson; Row 3: Lisa Stoppenhagen, Briana Johnson, Stacy Singleton, J. R. Sullivan, Judie Stading, Tara Stephen, Lea Smith; Row 4: Irv Koehlinger, Jason Stein, Amy Rutan, Rob Hogg, John Brincefield, Christina Lake, Suzanne Sherwood, Steve Miller. Concert Band Brass and Per- cussion, Front row: Holli Stonebraker, Mike Long, Corina Dollarhite; Row 2: Joey Schoeph, Madison Har- ris, Jamie Gasvoda, Kirt Dol- iarhide; Row 3: Chris Howie, Mark Fowerbaugh, Ryan Hubley, Stephen Booker, Mr. Vaughn; Row 4: Steve Har- rison, Ryan Hood, John Lehner, Mike Potts, Angie Maynard, Rick Ashworth, Leslie Beckman. Orchestra, Front row: Char- ity Williams, Michelle DeWolfe, Chris Gagnon, Robin Michael, Teresa Evans; Row 2: Holli Stonebraker, Becki Brickley, Aric Durr, Theresa Turner, Dawn Lothamer, Mr. Vaughn; Row 3: Tonya Buck, Joey Schoeph, Ellen Smith, Shelly Dowdell. Concentrating on producing the right sounds to produce a song is Robin Michael. 60 Concert Band Orchestra vm Blowing softly with great care and expertise, Monica Heredia floats notes into the Sometimes it takes a com- fortable position to produce the mellowest sound and El- len Smith blows the notes like a New Orleans Jazz great. 4 g 1 . K% E ■ .M wStSuL ' ' f Sounds of Music Entertainment is the name of the game. Chris Gagnon and Michelle DeWolfe pro- vide the entertainment while Tim Guggisberg and his mother provide the audi- ence. t Band Orchestra 61 what would a basketball game be without a little Glen Miller ' s " In the Mood " ? Si- lent. Rat-a-tat-tat, Rat-a-tat-tat, little drummer boys play at an EHS game. 62 Music HEAR ME ROAR! Jqzz and Pep Bond Janet entered music school expecting to learn about octaves and chords. Although she found out she would be doing much, much more. First she would do a cantata in a cappella style. But luckily it would not have to be in the up-beat tempo, as allegro; but in the smooth flowing tempo of andante. Then as she was looking throughout the sheet music she noticed there was a coda which had a crescendo leading to the finale which was played arpeggo and fortissimo. So she asked the conductor if she could sing the piece mezzo piano and glissando for the last five measures. ' 9 -0 Hey! Look at me! Wait a sec- ond, get those balloons out of my face! O irs Q Aft T ,. m. V tir •S v- ' l KVP IW i P VflaMi ■ P ■1 i v bC ' ' k lL Hb - B H ' ' VC 2 i 2 Front row: Gwen Horstmeyer, Christina Lake, ris Helmer, Kelly Bohnam, Sriana Johnson, Jennifer }unn. Row 2: Jason Stein, lob Hogg, Amy Rutan, Irv Koehlinger, John Brincefield. Row 3: Holly Stonebraker, Chris Howie, Mark Fowerbaugh, Ryan Hubley, Stacey Singleton, Mr. Vaughn. Row 4: Joey Schoeph, Ryan Hood, John Lehner, Steve Harrison, Angle Maynard, Madison Harris. Music 63 yBuM ' Mltl student Council First Row: A. Moyer, S. Powell, T. Saylor, V. Pres- ident, T. Hardin, Secretary Treasurer, E. Robles, President, C. Sutton, J. Aguilar, J. Brandt, L. Bradford, T. Ault. Second Row: S. Rosales, A. Stanley, J. Backs, S. Miller, A. Greene, W. Schmeling, S. Mann, B. Gensic, A. Maynard, B. Voght, C. Weikel. Third Row: W. Dirig, T. Pankop, T. Mante, P. Reynolds, M. Schmidt, T. Travis, M. Whitesell, D. Cooper, T. Miller, D. Skaggs, S. Greene, C. Landrigan, ). Andrews, D. McKiniey, W. Stein. LGI: First Row: D. Cooper, M. Tarr, President T. Riddle, W Sorg. Second Row: D. Lothamer, S. Kelly, S. Sherwood, Mrs Tieben. " It ' s really me, I don ' t believe it! " Mr. Reinhard is in ex- treme shock as he is an- nounced staff member of the month, sponsored by LGI. H ' sHot! t THI CONDUCT l fOl " Is it really me or am I just dreaming? " Mr. Reinhard and student gaze in awe as the newly crowned staff member of the month is named head goon. 64 Student Council LG.I. This is just what it means to be in the Let ' s Get Involved Club. It means getting involved with various organizations. Dawn Lothamer gets involved with helping Mrs. Banks get a ban- ner tied up for the Trolley to the Park trip. ' - VXJKA HOURS What do we do with them? Blowing up balloons sure can wear a guy out. As he takes a breather from decorating the senior hall, Keith Davis draws Trojan heads on the balloons. Although the seni- ors didn ' t win the hall com- petition, their float tri- umphed over the rest. " Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream ... " Michelle Pence, Tiffany Ice, and Sondra Gutmann revived the old Chordette ' s tune for " Putting on the Hits. " Said Gutmann, " We dressed up like babies, and then sped tne song up to 45. " Yes, your most horrible nightmares are coming true . . . Elmhurst High School is possessed by evil demons. No, not the artist, Russel Lin- nemaier, but his artwork, seems to have a glow around the eyes. Is Mr. Carrier dreaming? Re- laxing in a lounge chair, be- ing catered to by beautiful women? He must be! Actu- ally they ' re just taking part in the annual Miss Virginia fac- ulty skit. Sing it, Shadwaynn! Is Shadwaynn White the Whit- ney Houston of tomorrow? She participated in the drama class ' s version of " Putting on the Hits " to Houston ' s, " I wanna dance with sbme- During Homecoming, some- thing that gets very little at- tention is the door decorat- ing competition. Every year, Mrs. Banks ' s classes produce outstanding murals for her classroom door.. Pictured is last year ' s version, while this year ' s is in the background. students might sometimes wonder why we have a courtyard right in the mid- dle of a school. And an- other often-asked ques- tion is, " What in the world is that thing doing out there? " Nelson Catalan doesn ' t seem to worried about what he ' s sitting on, though, as he takes a quick breath of air. " When all of u!i are out there on the field practicing, we ' re just one big family working towards Eerfection. A lot of hot, tirini ours are spent practicinj usually by the end of the d of us are frustrated and about ready to £tve up. But then it all pays off when we march off the field after a competition and see the proud smile of Mr. Vaughn; that ' s when it ' s all worth it. " Kel- ly Bonham, guard " The play was bad (good). But I could do without wear- ing the make-up. It ' s not cool, " said tough guy Rusty O ' Brian, alias Chris Webster. " Everyone know Rusty was the star of " Up the Down Staircase " , even if he did have to dress up. " Are We Havinsl Fun Yet? Yes, boys, this is the answer to that pondered question, What do girls do during pass- ing period? Why do they congregate in the bath- rooms? Simple. The bath- room is the only place girls can talk about the guys! However, girls also gossip about themselves, brush their hair, and apply make-up, as is Charlotte Richardson. Cowboy Chris? Where ' s the hay sticking In his teeth? Sor- ry, but Chris Metzger just doesn ' t cut it as a hick. Id rather be in a - small band where every- body ' s close and knows each other, than in a prominent, big band where that closeness doesn ' t exist. We get along well together, al- most too well, to the point where our friendships get in the way of what we ' re working for. " |ason Stein, drum major. As the sign says, Mr. Lam- bert ' s first hour drafting class triumphed again, collecting more cans for Miss Virginia than any other first period class. Excited students perch atop the truck needed to transport all of Mr. Lambert ' s cans. " Four easy chairs ... " Mr. Madden did his part for the Miss Virginia skit just by roll- ing around the gym. Mr. Der- byshire had tne roughest ride, after being tipped out of his easy chair. " These suckers are disgust- ing! " " I know. Wanna buy another? " " Sure! " The suck- ers may have tasted awful, but they were a big money maker for the junior class. However, some students were less than satisfied. Se- nior Jerry Andrews falls to his knees as he begs a junior class member to give him a refund. I.{ Is this a reward for donating the most cans to Miss Vir- ginia? Perhaps. At any rate, Mr. Lambert ' s class had a feast ... a Thanksgiving feast that is. The students brought in all kinds of dishes, from casseroles to pies. " I thought that while spirit week was missing some en- thusiasm, by the Friday af- ternoon pep session, we ' d all been swept into the excite- ment. This pep session was outstanding! I ' m sorry it was my last one. " Will Pullit, se- nior. I ' m in a sea of cans . . . Chris Rowl- ett and |im Moyer show how their class lends a helping hand in the student council sponsored Miss Virginia as the school wide con- tests reached new heights. I think it ' d be better this way.! Wendy Dirig and Melody Schmitt show their artistic abil- ity when it comes to decorating for the annual Valentine ' s Day dance. Student Council 65 AFS brings fun to EHS AFS (American Field Service) kep busy this year selling Santa Grams dur ing Christmas and taking a trip to Chi cago on Veterans Day. They also tool a trip to the zoo on a trolly on the las day of school. Elmhurst AFS looks for ward to bringing many more fun fillec activities for the following year. AF! also looks forward to having many nev members to join them in their activ ities. On his way to the zoo is D Surber. A group of AFS students p tiently wait to be taken c their trip to the zoo. I fro-American club mem- Carmen Starks and Norman ers giggle and laugh in the Moore take a break from the ledia center. Shhh! you ' re Afro-American club activities ot allowed to laugh in the to snack, ledia center. fro- American club continues to live fheir dream. kfro-American club had a great year. They [ttended the Heritage Bowl and got second |)lace. They also had their annual banquet Im February 19th. Their All School Dance Afro-American dub sponsor i, . ' , , III- Mr. Tim Williams arranges inis year turned out to be another big hit as for the many activities which ixpected. They expect to have a brand new members enjoy. imnch of members to help them keep their jieritage alive. Afro-American 67 Yearbook staff members Back row: Trena Raber, Cobi VVeikel, Deb Cooper, Tisa Church, Chad Hindenlang, Angle Martinez; Row 2: Kris- tin Stark, Dawn McKinley, Wendy Stein, Erin Williams, Shawn Miller, Sofia Resales; Row 3: Wendy Schmeling, Missy Andrews, Sandy Mann, Barb Gensic. ALL WORK?? Euchre — pictures — writing — photog- raphers — newspaper — light table — in- terviews — cards — questions — yearbook — designs — copy — editors — sports — editorials — theme — captions — headlines — rough drafts — ads — hard work — deadlines — articles — computers — dark room — columns — shapes — euchre. ' Hard at work, Cobi Weikel " writes a caption for the year- C book. During their free time, which runs from the time one ar- ticle was done until the next article was due, some of the newspaper staff enjoyed] playing euchre. ! 68 Publications Af§ Timm Rood and Tracy Ault work together to write an ar- ticle for the newspaper. Newspaper staff members Back row: Tania Saylor, Mandi May, Timm Roop, Chris Brown, Allen Garner, Jason Stein; Row 2: Tracy Ault, Jenny Study, Mrs. Yoder, Melody Schmitt, Cathy Colby; Row 3: Shawn Miller, Tony Webster, Pam- ela Reynolds, Tony Mante. Biting her finger for journal- ism is Wendy Schmeling. No, not really, she ' s just showing us her straight teeth. Publications 69 S.A.D.D. IN SESSION Sparkling ideas and new-wave participa- tion led S.A.D.D. into a productive year. Many group projects blossomed, such as the Designated Driver Holiday Program in af- filiation with EHS ' s hangout, Pizza Hut. " A Touch of Spring " , this year ' s semi-formal was sponsored by this growing club. With the guidance of Mrs. Bennett and President Charles Backs, S.A.D.D. expanded their ho- rizons and concentrated on teaching Elm- hurst and its community the hazards of driv- ing drunk. As S.A.D.D. grows, its spirit will stand tall. So, take a look at S.A.D.D. in session!! SADD — Top Row:Mrs. Bennett, T. Guggisberg, R. Blaising, A. Maynard, T. Evans Middle Row: M. Stuckey, S. Creider, C. Backs, D. McKinley, W. Stein, L. Carter Bot- tom Row: B. Troutman, R. Fultz, M. Fultz, T. Turner, A. Smith ONT f klV( WN 0. After making a point, Chris Harter and Scott Greider lis- ten to some feedback. Calling a meeting to order, Mrs. Bennett explains that day ' s activities. 70 S.A.D.D. Vi Redcoats Alive! Expressing a cool attitude and a brilliant smile, the Redcoats stroll around EHS filled with dignity. They often help the school in many ways. Mrs. Weaver sponsors the group and designates their duties like hosting various banquets during the year. One year- ly event that they give their assistance is the Fresh- man-Parent Coffee. The group has increased their size and have even bigger and better plans for next year. Redcoats — Top:K. Dahman, K. Bunn, T. Ault, M. Brandy, D. Cherry, J. Starn, H. Cramer Bottom: C. Dol- larhite, W. Sore, M. DeWolfe, G. Knappenberger, R. Michaels, T. Riddle (mi. HiiK The Redcoat stands out in the hallway or cafeteria letting guests easily identify these essential guides. Red Coats 71 WHO ' S WHO? Mentally Spe aking Many students all over the world receive some " ribbing " from fellow students. Their peers kid them about all sorts of things but no one receives more criticisms than the infa- mous " Honors Student! " These students are constantly kidded about their brains. Maybe it ' s resentment but mostly annoying. How- ever, here at EHS the faculty does just the opposite. They praise these students and even start groups such as Women Mentors and the National Honor Society. Both are prestigious and offer insight to these poor, abused students. Both require not only the brains but the leadership, service, and just the pleasant attitude toward the school. So for once, ease up and hey, here ' s a secret, " Ask to borrow their homework and then quietly erase their answers! That will show them! " Sandy ... pst! Sandy ... interesting stuff! Women Men- Sandy! Wake up! This is really tors meetings aren ' t naptime! Front row — Wendy Schmeling, Wendy Dirig, Melody Schmitt, Corina Dollarhite, Tracy Ault, Row 2: Kelly Sherwood, Marisol Martinez, Bobbi Voght, Erin Williams, Sandy Mann, Mrs. Bennett Row 3: Lynetta Bowen, Tammy Travis, Cobi Weikel, Wendy Stein, Barb Gensic Hey, what ' s the joke? C ' mon, what ' s so funny? Erin Wil- liams finds something ex- tremely amusing at the NHS banquet. 72 Women Mentors NHS Tom Hardin and his shadow are congratulated by Mr. Harris and his shadow. Is this a banquet for the base- ball team? Actually, it ' s for N.H.S. Due to full schedules, activities sometimes overlap. j-ront row — Charles Backs, Joey Schoeph, Jerry Andrews Stein, Josh Eisbart, Kathy jTim Guggisberg, Erin Wil- Row 2: Dawn Mckinley, Tom Kaperka, Michelle DeWolfe iams, Mark Fowerbaugh, Hardin, Kristin Stark, Wendy Women Mentors NHS 73 Project LEAD and DECA Another year has gone by and many clubs and organizations will be losing a lot of seniors. But cheer up, there will always be the incoming freshmen. DECA and Project LEAD both will be losing a majority of their members as seniors this year. As most people are aware of DECA sponsored a school wide Data Match. The cost was only one dollar and you could find out whom you were most suited to. Many people participated in this event and some were quite shocked with whom they were paired. Project LEAD led by Mrs. Wellington and DECA, led by Mrs. Kelly, are both looking to- ward a bright and prosperous year during 1988-89. Amy Owens listens attentive- ly to former student Matt Clauss as he gives a speech highlighting the DECA organ- ization. Project LEAD members: Bot- tom: Kyra Woods, Sherrie Greene, Ardethia Armstrong, Yolanda Cole, Shilane Ad- ams. Karen Rogers, Curlie Spence, Mrs. Wellington. Jeff Starn, Naieem Abdool, Matt Morgan. 74 Project LEAD Laughter and surprise filled the lunchroom when Data Match results came out. Tina Miller and Shelly Dowdell share their results as others wait. Mrs. Kelly was out hunting for recruits and what better way to do it than in the lec- ture room in front of a bunch of prospects. DECA; bottom row: Kevin Howard, Amy Penn, Jody Ramsey, Eva Avdul, Dawn McCartney, Angle Meese, Troy Campbell, Gina Knap- penberger. 1st row: Nelson Jordan, Pam Kinta, Dawn Hoffman, Kim Kratzert, Vick- ie Fomby, Charlotte Richard- son, Mona Bennett, Nancy Kelly, Shirley Scott. Top row: Matt Dewart, Courtenay Wil- lis, Scott Juergens, Matt Dirig, Andy Ricnards, John Dixie, Keith Davis, Gary Ar- rington, Eric Lantz, Eric McElvene. DECA 75 That is the whole and honest truth. Rachel Roach a mem- ber of the speech team de- livers her speech with the ut- most grace. It takes five points to have a good speecn. Jenny Study uses the major aspect for de- livering a good speech, the aspect of good poise. Seeing if he made the final cut of the meet is Joe Cechvala. ■:r- ■!■: " saw Much hard work must be done in the office while the speech rounds go on. MisJ Fry and Gobi Weikel check lists and tabulate scores. 76 Speech Team Brighter Futures Begin Impromptu — work — poise — office pro- cedures — thesis statements — computers — nervousness — 9 to 5 — persuasion — executives — competition — copy ma- chines — podium — typewriter — judges — desks — audiences — answering phones — winning — education — confidence — staplers — oratory — offices — prose — determination — success! " Don ' t even sneak a peek at the keys! " Felicia Morris keeps working on the first rule of typing. COE Front Row: M.King, B.Parra, B.Strole, L.Benjamin, J.Mitchell, A.Vasquez Sec- ond: F.Morris, T.Davis, C.Dollarhite, T.Ward, P.Welch, L.Sheets, M.Mowan Third:T. Harrison, S.Barber, J.Hutchinson, M.Hoffman " These problems get harder and harder " Tanya Ward demonstrates pure concen- tration when working with the numbers. Working in COE takes a lot of work on computers, demon- stating tne techniques is Trina Davis. COE 77 " You can make all kinds of paraphernalia! " Brent Evans 78 Academics 4»f SCUCCL More than just paper and pencil chool, as we all know, can be boring at times but here at Elmhurst we have an advantage. We can get involved in classes other than the basic reading and ' rithmatic. Guys can take cooking classes and girls can give woodworking a try. Of course English is required but many of the courses we have are electives. We can decide whether or not we want to be a chemist, architect, or study hall major! Let ' s not forget teachers — the ones who give essay tests and the ones who lecture all period. All affect our career choices and futures. Long after graduation, students will remember their lives at EHS and how they never would have made it without those teachers constantly pushing them to do their best. " There ' s a lot of home- work in trigonometry but over the four years it is the best course to prepare you for college. " Chuck Sutton " Some kids like to be self- sufficient. Some just like to eat. " Mrs. Owen Academics 79 BEGINNINGS Imagination creates the original idea . . . The initial thought or idea is usually a prelude to much more development and hard work. Before a student undertakes the assign- ment, they must approach the problem with an open mind. Brainstorming, sketching, and that first cut are all beginnings. After these few introductory actions the student will be able to move on in his project. Making those first few pencil marks can eventually lead to a masterpiece. But first one must draw and then redraw, just to get the perfect shad- ing. Artclethe Hardy patient- ly and carefully works on her art piece for Mr. Goss. Getting an early start on Christmas cookies Wendy Brock carefully cuts out the dough to eventually form de- liciously decorated cookies. . iN t 80 Academics The basics of geometry. We all know them — the angles. Miss Hollingsworth demon- strates how to bisect an angle for her geometry class. V fv isuz Yoder, Me wood like to thank you for beeing the goodest Englische teecher I has ever had. I think that my usig and speling has goted alot betterer sinse I earned to Elmherst. I no that ou has realy helpt me to improove. Thanx again! Luv; Missy (Your bestest frend and most fa- k orite poopil!) v Bumping and setting are the essentials of voileyoall and before a person can play ef- fectively he or she must learn and practice the basics. Toni Brown and Tiffany Ice work hard at a setting drill taught by Mrs. Fry. Learning to use chopsticks is very difficult. Many students soon figured out this task looks easier than it is. This year EHS offered a new Jap- anese Culture class taught by Mrs. Yoder. Academics 81 Kris Foreman is shown here using one-on-one attention, to help Linda Baker continue with her lesson. Individuals count at EHS. Drama is exciting but it takes hours of practice to perfect the art. Mrs. Yoder shows Ju- lie Becktell how to master the art of being swept off her feet,without falling on her head. i DISCIPLINE Before trying to do a project the materials need to be gathered and some knowledge has to be obtained so the project can be carried out with ease and outstanding re- sults. Imagine sweating your way through a geometry problem without knowing the for- mula or trying to draft without a slide ruler Teachers are here to help you secure the knowledge you need. They are to be ap- preciated because of the time they give us each day to help us prepare for the " real world. " Preparation ... the key to success. Working with electricity can be dangerous, yet fun. Mr. Buzzard directs his class on how to perform the lab be- fore letting them experience it themselves. Shredding cheese is part of the preparation of making some scrumptious entrees. Nicole Rankin is enjoying this part of making the dish. I I Academics 83 HmuM Once the lines are sketched and the di- agrams drawn up, the ideas become a re- ality. The knowledge learned is put to use and the moment has arrived. Proceeding, the intentions, goals, and visualizations are made and fabricated into a living essence of yourself. This process reoccurs throughout life whether it is forming a mental decision or constructing plans in a future career. Al- though the work may be tedious, monot- onous, or just plain boring the results are usually worth all the effort. With the new ability acquired, the accomplishment abounds with new worth, purpose, and power of the mind. The drill whirs, hums, and continues to rotate while Chris Brown carries out the necessary actions to make a drama class lip-sync show successful. 84 Academics " First aid is im- Eortant to know ecause every- one has an op- portunity to use it. ' ' Mrs. Dowling Health and Safety Teacher Carolyn Caudill trims these paper letters with care once she has traced them. Fire glows from the torch used by Mike Neuensch- wander as he builds the foun- dations for his project. Pain screeches through his body as Lance Weaver begins to raise the weights and ex- ecutes his strength. Academics 85 Data Match sponsored by DECA may have started a new type of dating game. Gina Knappenberger and. Sherri Davis cautiously look! over their results. The National Taste Test be- tween Pepsi and Coke? Well, not quite. Jim Dickson, Tish Pankop, and Shawn Millei ran an experimental taste test in Mr. Reinhard ' s class. Everything has to be perfect when designing a building. After many attempts Eli Pas- chall finally gets the perfect angle to make the design the best it can be. Placing the final stitches on a long, hard project, brings a feel- ing of satisfaction among stu- dents. Beth Kennedy corrects those last minute touch-ups be- fore submitting it for a grade. 86 Academics DECA ' s done the hard part, given you the perfect mate. Now it ' s up to you to follow up your lead. Well, Briana Johnson and Michele Roby don ' t seem too sure about their results. Computer Art. A much easier way to correct your mistakes. Brad Wilson works and reworks his artwork for Mr. Goss. Drawing and redrawing, altering the design or coming up with a whole new concept is the next step in the complex process of learn- ing. Evaluating the work and weighing the outcome, help to prepare the stu- dent for what is to come throughout his life. Adding the final trimmings make the project complete and qual- ifies it for appraisal. Academics 87 Brian Wiegman and Joe Cool Cut the finishing nuts and olts together. FINAL What a feeling! To finish a project. Hand in a paper that you worked so hard at. Just answer a question cor- rectly. That satisfaction makes all the time and effort worth it. All the times one feels like giving up, but knows it must be done. That is what education is all about. Striving to reach the end. To graduate and start all over again. From the bottom of the totem pole to the top of the mountain. It ' s a never- ending cycle to make everyone strong- er and better-prepared to begin their journey in life. Giving it his ail is Chris Freeman as he wows his " little " audience. 88 Academics Sophomore Lisa Smith reach- es the final stage, typing the final draft. Getting ready to bake his cookies to a perfect golden brown is Marcus Dunbar. Marilyn Grover waits calmly in the stagecraft room. A place where the final produc- tion must be perfect. Academics 89 " Well, I guess it was a lot of fun cause I worked with mostly upperclassmen and it kinda nnade me feel impor- tant helping out such a wor- thy cause! " ]anett Aguilar 90 Underclass Faculty A R I LEEES It ' s storting to look up Plebes — underclassmen — contrib- utors to EHS — potential " big time " seniors — lost without these club workers — future leaders — future citizens — our guides to future ex- cellence — foundation of our sport ' programs — the cement which unites all facets of EHS — outstanding athletes — outstanding academic students — outstanding singers, dancers, ac- tors, and musicians — outstanding artists — training for achievement — building blocks — architectural frame- work of success. " ] really got wrapped up in the bandage section " Jennifer Murray " was so happy to see Root Beer was added, it was the Barqs " Alice Stanley Underclass Faculty 91 PROCRASTINATION Avoiding the Subject Hasn ' t every high school student found himself falling out of bed in the morning to hear a little voice exclaim, " Gosh, today I ' m going to finish my homev ork as soon as I get home! " As juniors, the art of procrastination has been mastered to a T. When coming home with a headache after a six hour day of lectures and an overwhelming mound of books which seems to equal the height of Mt. Everest, it is only obvious that relaxation is first on the list of priorities. Television and talking on the phone tie for the number two position. Wacky or bizarre students will ab- solutely, positively do anything to get out of homework, even volunteer to take the gar- bage out to the dump. A truly inspired pro- crastination could rally a short respite into a whole evening of doing " other important things, stuff, and junk. " It isn ' t until the early a.m. that reality sets in and the homework pile stares at the poor procrastinator. What captivating drawing] Perhaps an art class would reward such detailed master pieces, but this was English and the topic was verbs. Ever though time was given tc work on the assignment, jun ior Tom Ice finds that ab stract art was more to his lik ing. Oh well, the assignment could wait until study hall zzzzz . . . Good thing Tom Ice knew the last letter in the al- phabet! The books were in place, but the position was all wrong. Could this be a science project on osmosis: " Can one really absorb knowledge while sleeping on the text? " 92 Juniors Hey, wait a minute, since when did Batman fight in the Revolutionary War? It seems that Tom Ice found Batman and his war against crime more entertaining than read- ing a 20 page section in his U.S. History book. Tom, don ' t you think it ' s time to study? There is a test tomor- row. B UCCI ' ' HP Tom ' s previous test score didn ' t affect him very muc h, or he would be studying. Per- haps Tom was studying for a gym test? No, that can ' t be. Juniors don ' t take gym. Well, it seemed that Tom was just loafing. OOOPPS!! Maybe studying wouldn ' t have been such a bad idea. Of course, it ' s a little late to contemplate this idea, but Tom still can do something about his U.S. History test that he has tomorrow. Uh oh! Really good Tom! That ' s the way to ace a test — wait until the next morn- ing at the breakfast table to cram the mind with knowl- edge and the mouth with food. Students, take a good look at this. Does it look fa- miliar? Juniors 93 Jodi Adams Karen Adams Jeremy Alexander Tom Anderson Dennis Arnos Gary Arrington Dennis Asher Rick Ashworth Charles Backs Cheri Batchelor Tonya Bates Chuck Belcher Mona Bennett Amy Berning Lisa Berry Tom Biddle Rob Blaising Erin Bohnke Kelly Bonham Leesa Boots Wendy Boutin Lynetta Bowen ]udy Brandt Billle Brock Scott Brown Matt Bucher Eric Campbell Heather Cartwright Faith Castiaux Cindy Cherry Bob Christlieb Tisa Church Lee Clapham Gwen Clark )ason Clay Cathy Colby Trina Coles Eric Conrad Robert Conrad Debbie Cooper Amanda Cornett Christine Craig 94 juniors VI We ' re gonna q poity like it ' s 19 9! Did you get the keys? — an- ticipation — expectations. He is so-o-o-o cool! — laughter — giggles. We ' ve got spirit, yes we do! — games — dances. I made the team! — work — strive — intense. Did you ask her out? — smiles — new thoughts. Ham- burger, fries, and a coke, Please! — first love — fun. Where ' s the party? When is the test? How long does this class last? Expe- riences . . . memories. Vho said juniors don ' t have stroll through the gym and pirit? Sandy Mann and Pam- provide the junior homecom- la Reynolds disagree as they ing float. Robbie Crane Susan Cunningham Jon Dannenfefser Laurie Dansby Jenny Daugherty Denita Davis John Davis Sherri Davis Terina Davis Maria DeLira Jim Dickson Amy Dirig Juniors 95 Jason Dirig Chris Dodane Scott Dodenhoff Corina Dollarhite Jeff Dorais Shelley Dowdell Marcus Dunbar Robert Edmonds Lisa Farias Todd Felger Robert Fey Zonitra Fields Demetrius Fisher Trudy Fletcher Randy Forbes Kurt Fowerbaugh Kristie Freeman Katie Gaff Chris Gagnon Tony Garcia Allen Garner Caria Garrett Doug Gaskill Lisa Gaulden ?SK75S5SSS!?%; h ■R Almost everything in our world has been designed for right- handed people. Left-handers, or lefties, as they are more common- ly referred to, are often discrim- inated against in society. For a number of years people have thought of lefties as clumsy, awk- w ard, or sinister. This persistant labeling is demonstrated in the sayings, " You have two left feet. " or " You ' re my right hand man. " Is it so terrible to be the left-handed one? Of course, there is the new the- ory that lefties are more intelli- gent. They are able to use both sides of the brain. While dialing the phone right handed, they write with ease and facility witn the left hand. Total number of juniors — 245. Total number of lefties — 23. Most common and frequent complaints: The school desks only have armrests on the right anci elbows fall off. Ink rubs off due to writing from right to left. w s 96 Juniors Barbara Gensic Josh Goines Wendy Goodwin Rich Gornick Scott Greider Brian Grimes Tim Guggisberg Chris Harter Tim Hawkins Amy Hayes Elaine Herring Virginia Hicks Renee Hill Bruce Hoffman Amy Howell Chris Howie Ryan Hubley Angie Hutchinson Ryan Hutson Tom Ice Derek Imhoff Damon Ivey Russ Jewel Tonya Jones Juniors 97 Sue Kelly GIna Knappenbcrger Bob Kokovay Lori Kordes Angle Krewson Eric Lantz Gary Lapsley Stephanie Lebrecht Tracy Leeper Grant Leiand Mark Lichtsinn Kim Litzenberg Head of the Class " It ' s a challenge getting people to participate. I mostly enjoy planning the activities. " Sandy Mann, Junior Class President. If anybody deserves a round of applause, or a standing ovation for that matter, it is the class officers. Several people help and contribute their ideas, but the officers are the people who take charge. They call meetings, organize homecoming plans (including the float and hall decorations), and hope their classmates will show up for meetings. it seems the primary job for these re- sponsible representatives is the big dance or Prom. Since freshman year they cru- saded through the halls with brochures, candy, and whatever else they could find to sell in hopes of raising money. They dis- cuss, argue, and plan where, when, and how to make the best dance possible. Not only are the profits spent on Prom, but they also go to worthy causes, such as Miss Vir- ginia. Although attendance at the meetings has been scarce due to the number of people with jobs and other commitments, the jun- ior class had a successful year. Eric Logan Lisa Lopez Patti Malott Sandy Mann Marisol Martinez Angle Maynard Christine McBride Dawn McCartney Corey McCormick Mike McCoy Dawn McKlnley Tina Miller 98 Juniors VI )eff Miller jon Miller Angle Minnick Chris Moore Scott Moore Felicia Morris Mike Neuenschwander Casie Neuhaus Shannon Niman Rigo Nino Jeremy Otis Felicia Page $i, .- ,! I ' • ' » ' ■ I ' j-yt . " • ■ who are the class officers anyway? Well here they are, just for the record.: (left to right) Pamela Reyn- olds (soc. chairman), Dawn Mckinley (secre- tary treasurer), Charlotte Richardson (soc. chair- man), Wendy Stein (vice president), and Sandy Mann (president). Debbie Parker Barb Payne LaShawn Poindexter Jeannie Potter Brian Pressler Chris Redding Sammy Reese Pamela Reynolds Ken Richards Charlotte Richardson Sam Richardson Tina Riddle Juniors 99 Ron Rodriguez Bryan Rorick Sofia Rosales Chris Rowlett Jeff Scantlin Matt Schenkei Tavis Schlundt Wendy Schmeling Gabrieile Schmidt Craig Schmitt Joey Schoeph Tammy Schumm Shirley Scott Keili Seitz Tracie Shackels Dan Sharp Ed Shaw Kelly Sherwood Treva Sizemore Dale Skaggs Wendy Sorg Julie Sprouls Alice Stanley Tim Stech Jason Stein Wendy Stein Mike Stephens Trina Stephens Valery Stevens Aaron Stier Ben Stuckey James Study Shane Sturdivant Richard Swaidner Chaunell Talley Mike Tarr The following juniors did not hove their pictures token: Beatrice Aguirre Mark Martin Jacquelin Boice Angle Meese Richard Brown Sheri Nikolaenko Lisa Buchwald Tim Patton Candace Elam Renee Paul Linda Erby Robert Payton Sandra Green Stacy Pease Sherry Hamilton Kelli Phifer Kevin Helire Chris Restivo Tami Jackson Houston Sawyer Rhett Jones Letitia Slay Melissa Joyner Carmen Starks Kelly Kucher McCaudis Terry Thomas Lambert Darlene Turner Tony Lyons Rick Weber 100 juniors iHPij chiseling, sculpting, casting, carving, or just plain design- ( ing!! Chris Rowlett creates V carefully with much concen- tration. v Larry Thomas Jenny Tomlinson Rose Troutner Chris Tuesca Julie Uhrick Maria Vasquez Angie Vaughn Larry Veeizey Renita Veazey Bobbi Voght David VValda Tyrone Walker Raymond Wallace Shyril Washington Mark Weaver Mike Webb Cobi Weikel Ron West Greg Whitmer Jeff Whitmer Erin Williams Steed Williams Penny Wright Linda Wyatt Joe Yerskey Patti Zent Juniors 101 Id lockers V t ' » ' ' ; v]lTerl trs H that anything not found in someone ' s V " . ■ ' ' ■v ' | ■0 ' ' ' ' " - found in his locker. Dec- . ;i. Tj« . t| ;.mayl3 1; ' tjom from home " woulc ' !. X ' ■ ' V ,vf e b M ' eT|iii , tV the things found in the locker V -b atitj s ' range from entire posters plastering the Vpbsl e to Christmas tinsel and pictures of rabbits. A Vfew unusual items found hidden away in the depths of these storage closets were radios, an answering machine, an alarm clock (for those sleepy heads ), and even a set of screwdrivers. One anonymous student claims his locker is haunted. It either comes open when he walks to- wards it, or it refuses to open at all, even when he dials the combination. When the haunted locker does open, everything falls out as if pushed by a giant invisible hand. There are lockers ranging from painfully neat to more than a little messed up, and of course, some with nothing in them at all. Nevertheless, the lock- ers usually reflect the personality of the owners. And in general the condition of the locker reflects the condition of the owner ' s room . . . " Neatness counts! " as the say- ing goes, and at least Josh Golm never has to worry about not being able to find something. This type of locker is good for those who are late to class due to locker fallout. From candy bars to library books, Heather Barker ' s locker is positive proof that lockers do come in handy, as storage bins if nothing else. 102 Sophomores j :4 ■? K " % ■ " y " T 1 1 " 1 P ii s — n 11 IfM Ever wonder what exactly is in some lockers? Here, an unidentified cheerlead- er ' s locker stuggles to keep its contents in. Yes, this really is someone ' s locker! Todd Surack ' s, in fact. Here he displays his " foot locker " (pun intended). f ■■ • • ' . .. -l- ' - ' ' • The typical student has a locker somewhat like Keith Truelove ' s, usually contain- ing books, bags, and a few decorations. WvVV- Sophomores 103 Naieem Abdool Kristina Adam Eric Adams Janett Aguilar Arthur Aleshire Aundria Allison Kelly Alvey Missy Andrews Troy Arnett Kelly Atwell Linda Baker Heather Barker Tinoah Barnes Leslie Beckman Jason Bennett Gary Benson Troy Biberstine Jennifer Bloom Pam Boldt Eric Booker Scott Bowland Lukesha Bradford Michelle Brady Chris Brand Tonya Brecht Tim Breland Fred Bremer Becky Brickley John Brincefield Shawn Brock The sophomore class officers are Heather Barker, Emilio Robles, and Tania Saylor. 104 Sophomores tfri Chris Brown Darnell Brown Chris Buchs Kim Bunn Colleen Burget Stan Buzzelle Amber Capps David Cardenas Laurie Carpenter Chuck Carrel Tara Carter Brook Cartwright Angle Catalan Mirta Catalan William Chambles Cheryl Chavez Diana Cherry John Christoff Conrad Ciferri Regina Clark Jamie Codling Adam Coleman Steve Conrad Cara Contadeluci Brian Cornell Corey Coulardot Sean Cramer Justin Davis Michelle DeWolfe Carlos Dial Krista Dickerson Cyrintha Dillman Jennifer Dodane Michele Dollarhite Dawn Dressier Josh Eisbart Eric Elkins Brant Evans Teri Ewing Kendall Faull Dan Feldner Keith Folk Sophomores 105 Mark Fowerbaugh Herman Fowler Ashley Franklin Mitch Fremion Robin Fultz David Gaskill Jamie Gasvoda Dan Gilbert josh Golm Mike Gonzales Scott Good Gretchen Gordon David Grace Mike Garver Chad Greer Jon Gregg Marilyn Grover Teresa Guenin Darrell hiansen Madison Harris Steve Harrison Deondra Hatch Richard Hatch Kris Helmer Dawn Henry Ben Herber Monica Heredia John Hess Chad Hindenlang Kathy Hoffman 106 Sophomores Steve Hogg Irene Holley Ryan Hood James Hopkins Gwen Horstmeyer Annette Howard Charles Humphries Eric Jackson Marc Jernigan Billy Johnson Corey Johnson Kathy Kaperka Doug Kast Kelly Kast Chris Kauffman Robin Kell Chuck Keller Michelle Kelso Elizabeth Kennedy Michelle King Katie Kinsey Matt Kinsey John Kinzer Shannon Kinzer Stephanie Kohart Karen Kokovay Tom Lampkins Gary Lapsley Jason Lee Tina Logan Mike Long Dawn Lotnamer Kolika Manning Phil Marquardt Angle Martinez Yoianda Martinez Mandi May Leroy McClendon Steve McElvene Jesse McMurtry Joel McPheeters Teresa Medford Sophomores 107 Brian Medina lennifer Michael Darnell Miller Heath Miller Shane Mills Derrick Milton Michael Minor Erin Mitchell Jeff Mitchell Angle Moyer Scott Mueller Renee Neal Nathan Neel Lee Nierman Kris Nevers Marcy Pace Christine Perkins Jason Pilson Trinetta Pirtle Rhonda Pletcher Sherry Poindexter Sarah Powell Jeff Reece DeCarlo Reynolds Evelyn Reynolds Ronn Rider Jeff Ripple Emilio Robles Dain Ryckman Nikki Salter Tania Saylor Pam Scheppele Angela Scott James Scott Anthony Sears Marshall Seitz Tony Sessions Scott Shoda Rocky Shroyer Tony Simmons Stacy Singleton Deanna Smith Lisa Smith Dave Sona Catrina Spinks Ron Spranger Teisha Sauires Cari Stark 108 Sophomores ?X Kristin Stark Angela Starks JeffStarn Chad Steinke John Stephenson Marilyn Strickland Jenny Study |.R. Sullivan Todd Surack Waneta Swink Pat Taylor Steve Thomas Tim Townsend Bill Treace Connie Treace Keith Truelove Janet Underwood Jodi Vachon Brent Venderly Pete Vaughn Kinda VuTgamott Tahirih Washington Tonya Waymire Lance Weaver Lavona Webb Robert Webb Chris Webster Araina Weemes Kim Weprin Dawn Wildey Jeff Wilenski Charity Williams Whitt Williams Don Wilson Mark Wilson Lori Winget Brian Wirges Elizabeth Worman Brian Ybarra Danae Ybarra Kim Ybarra Sophomores 109 Thirsty? Mrs. Andrews had enough water to share with everybody. Dr. Zumbrun has finally caught up on her reading. As for the paperwork . . . mm s. „ i p 4 ■-o.«s il » | .«is Lunch — Wonderful lunch!! Pizza, fries, cookies, ice cream, or fries, pizza, ice cream and cookies. A typical day in the life of Marsnall Seitz. 110 People 4 ' f1 Santa Claus, also known as Mr. Madden and Mr. Stel- Ihorn, has taught Mr. Lake not to be naughty around Christmastime. I p- C pgfgsi M Peek-a-boo! Vince Roemer works on the set for " Up the Down Staircase " . Please get me out of here!! Freshman Kyle Forbes and Steve Miller beg the army re- cruiter to take them away from all this. People 111 OUT OF ORDER Mead or Stuart Hall? When was the last time you heard that question? Probably last August when you got into the rut buying tremendous amounts of un- necessary writing utensils, paper products, and let ' s not forget the precious " smelly " erasers promoting Coca-Cola products. Last summer students poured into local convenience stores packing the lonely sta- tionery aisles that are vacated save this time of the year. For instance, taking a subject such as folders, one must decide: New, shiny, laminated or traditional cheap (8 for $1) cardboard? Wild Hawaiian colors such as Flaming Fuchsia, Violent Violet, and Blazing Black (sorry, only in laminated) or the ever popular red, blue, green, and yellow? Decisions, decisions. What do we do? Buy all of them!!! This chore is especially difficult for freshmen. They have the little voice in the back of their head scream- ing, " AAARRGGHHHH!!!! What if it ' s not the ' in ' thing? What if my Trapper Keeper doesn ' t keep? Or worse yet, doesn ' t trap? ALL THIS PRESSURE!!! " Sound familar?Freshmen really " lose it " when they discover the various brand names. Mead, Stuart Hall, Norcom, Cambridge Hall, Pental, etc . . . Here ' s a little advice. Many styles are revealed at EHS, and no matter how you carry your materials (whether it be a folder for every class or the method of shoving your papers in your books) you will fit in!! " Well, my dog ate my home- work, but here ' s a blank piece of paper!! " 112 " I didn ' t think high school would be this tough! " , mut- ters a naive freshman as he tries to budge his first period homework. Doesn ' t it absolutely make your mouth water? These two guys forget about resist- ing the side effects of " schooltextitus " . 113 Phillip Abbett Shiiane Adams Andy Adams Jason Aldridge Travis Allamandinger Angie Andrus Jason Ashcraft Shelia Austin Darin Baker ]odi Baicer Dan Barker Kris Barrand Nate Bartel Dan Bateman Mike Baumgartner Rhonda Baxter Denise Beaman Jennifer Beckstedt Ted Beer Michele Belzung Alan Bilbrey Tom Black Matthew Blair Mike Blough Warrell Booher Stephen Booker Pam Bos Shawn Boutin Kirk Bowser Shanon Boze Charles Bradford Judy Brittson Greg Brown Shequell Brown Stella Brown Toni Brown Tonya Buck Jennifer Bunn Caria Caciano Brian Call Cindy Carlin Lisa Carter Tom Carter Endia Cassel Todd Castiaux Joe Cechvala Trina Chambless Brenda Chilcote 114 Freshmen I Robbin Church Kevin Coakley Yolanda Cole Shalon Coleman Brenda Contadeiuci Rich Cook Carrie Darnell Becky Daugherty Carey Davis Shawn Davis Sabrina Deleon Enrique Delira Shane Dennis Matt Dewart David Dirig Kirt Dollarhide Mike Doswell Trista Doswell Malinda Dudley Aric Durr Teresa Evans Stephanie Fawley Jim Feitis jane Flowers Raymond Fomby Kyle Forbes Shawn Fox Chris Fredrick Michelle Freeman Mindy Fultz Teresa Gamez Amy Garrett Freshmen 115 Kevin Good Staci Gooden Sherri Green Shelby Greene Robert Greider Richard Groover Sondra Gutmann Alan Hannah Jerome Hardrix Artclethe Hardy Cassandra Harris Michelle Heimann Shonna Hensley Lynette Herron Jim Hess Fabian Hill Mark Hitzeman Aaron Hoover Kevin Howard Nikki Howe Tiffany Ice Jaenicke Jackson Otis Jenkins Jenny Joker Joe Ladig Terry Lagrone Christina Lake Stacy Lambert Hannah Landers Coleen Landrigan Yolanda Lanier Jason Laughlin " Is this too tight? 1 don ' t want to shut the circulation off. hope we get an A on this broken arm. " 116 Freshmen JLL Corey Lehman Tracy Mahathy Craig Manor Holly Manter Margret Marker Gina Martinez Kirsten Maurer Missy Maynard Jim McCary Eric McElveen Kimberly McGee Marvin Mcgraw Everett Mckeeman Robert McKendree Steve Miller James Milligan Willie Minor Chris Monroe Jeremy Moore Sara Moore Dora Morgan Matt Morgan Sheleena Morgan Cathy Moyer Omar Muhammad Jennifer Murray Kathy Naselaris Rodney Naylor Teresa Nieves Tammy Nusbaun Jenny Orr Amy Owens Elisha Paschall Vicki Patterson Matt Peckham Michelle Pence Cameron Peterson Jackie Polcsak Mike Potts Ben Putt Jennie Putt Missy Quake Nicole Randolph Nicole Rankin Tammy Reed Nathan Rhode Billy Rice Khrysta Richards Freshmen 117 Eric Roach Ron Robertson Karia Rodriguez Vince Roemer Marcus Rogers Reggie Rogers Laura Ross Jennifer Roy Gary Ruch Amy Rutan Tina Shackels Melissa Sheckels Suzanne Sherwood Angie Shirely Kevin Shroyer Thomas Sievers Amy Smith Dewayne Smith Lea Smith Quincy Smith Regina Smith Kim Snawder Teresa Snawder Jason Sowers Judie Stading Sara Starnes Tara Steffen Kristy Stetler Chris Stirlen Lisa Stoppenhagen John Storey Matt Stuckey Annette Stoudimire Dan Surber Tim Sutherland Mike Szeman Jerry Taylor Julie Teague Tara Tharp Mark Thayer Caria Thomas Stanley Thomas Lori Thompson Todd Tonkel Cliffton Townsend Latonda Trice Bonnie Troutman Mindy Tschantz 118 Freshmen I Theresa Turner V (e Wanda Underwood ' Esteban Vasquez ' Wt Martin Vasquez T Tino Vasquez Janice Walker . ' 4 Chris Wallace James Walton S i Erricka Wash Ethon Wash Karmen Watkins John Watson ' W Mark Webb 1 " " Stacy Webb j:i James Welch AW Thomasina Wells .s Curt White IBIft Jess White K| Stefanie Whitmore i m Adam Wiegman K 7 Stephanie Wiggs Lawrence Williams Bv , B2 L Matthew Williams ■i Michelle Williams Rita Wilson f- Kyra Woods Ann Worman f - " Kelly Ybarra " 1 Sylvia Ybarra Rick Zabolotney The following freshmen did not have their pictures taken: Jesse Allen Jose Reyna Jimmy Andrus George Robinson Bernice Belcher Martez Robinson Kevin Bright Bralunda Smith Daniel Brown Chad Tillman Welton Brown Johnny Walker Troy Campbell Patricia Washington Matt Coyer David Waters Leah Crace David Wermager Jason Cuellar Morris Williams Stephanie Edgar Chris Freeman George Jones Kelly Kast David Lahmeyer Mark Lehman Lasundra Maydwell Miguel Moreno Amy Morgan , " Did I add the right amount? " thinks Angela Shirely while shutting the lid on the salt. Freshmen 119 91 « HAVING FUN The beginning — shy — scared of crowded halls and oversized seniors — weird and out of place — embarrassing moments stick out like a sore thumb — the worst year of all four — outsider looking in — young — inexperienced — too small physically — empty — pushed around — no friends in lunch mods — outdated — excited — de- pressed — lonely — books piled high — lost in the halls — steady trading in romance market — class rings — wrong directions — some joke. Class officers Shelby Greene, Bonnie Troutman, Lea Smith, and Brenda Contadeluci. 120 Freshmen I Steve Miller and Kyle Forbes beg to join the armed forces saying, " I ' ll do anything. Scrub floors, wash dishes, anything just let us join. " " 10R-4L-9R No-Uh — 10L- 6R-2L — No-Uh — 9R-4L-6R — Oh Nuts — A-a-a-U-u-u- g-g-h-h-h! " Squeezing small convertibles through gym doors gives the freshmen court beautles,Cindy Carlin, Kelly Kast, and Shannon Boze, a royal seat for their tour. " I hate this dumb typewriter. I don ' t know why it ' s in high school. It doesn ' t know how to spell, " moans Jodi Baker. Andy Adams, Corey Johnson, and Alan Hannah make like the freshmen they are, as they goof around in the lunch line. Freshman 121 ALL IN THE FAMILY Maybe you ' ve seen them waddling down the hall or maybe you ' ve seen the pictures of their chil- dren prominantly displayed on their desks. They ' re the new Moms and Dads of EHS. It ' s tough being a parent, but it ' s even worse being a parent teacher. You have kids all day and then nave more kids when you return home. The responsibilities, both new or maybe just forgotten for a while, seem to revive or create new and everlasting memories. As one teacher put it, for the first six months you don ' t get any sleep and for the next six months after that you ana your spouse sleep in shifts. When the baby finally decides to sleep through the night, the overly tired parents stay awake waiting for the baby to wake up. Z-Z-Z-Z-Z. Will the new arrival be a boy or girl? At least there is a SO- SO chance for Mrs. Bennett to have one or the other. The faculty reverts for a Christmas special. They ' re not childish — merely child- like and adorable. Proud grandparents, Pat and ,, Ed Weaver, get to hold their new grandchild. Now they have a new someone to spoil rotten. Go for it! 122 Faculty A " X : .rtf ■ ' Quien es esta gordita? Es se- . nora Faulkner pero no es .. gordita, verdad? The new addition to the Vaughn family is Diane Michelle, who was born on October 1,1987 and tipped the scales at a healthy 7lbs.5oz.. Faculty 123 Dr. Arleen Zumbrun Principal B.S. Indiana University M.A. Indiana University Ed.D. Ball State Thomas E. Madden Assistant Principal B.S. Indiana University M.A. Indiana University Patricia Weaver Assistant to the Princi- pal M.A. Purdue University Gary Lake ' fe»,V ' Assistant to 1S Trincl- pal B.S. Manchester College M.A. Saint Francis Col- lege Id n R. Sinks Guidance Counselor B.S. Indiana University M.A. Ball State Alvin Harris Guidance Coordinator B.S. Central State M.A. Saint Francis Col- lege mhih A. Bennett Psychologist, Counselor B.S. Indiana Univi sity M.A. Ball State ;» -l Ed.S. Ball State vUE? ) Willie Stubbs Administrative Aide B.S. Manchester College 124 Faculty Yl 1 Teachers ore people too! Teachers teach — devise tests — give tests — grade tests — hand back tests — file tests — make lesson plans — give assignments — grade assignments — hand back assignments. Teachers take college classes — get higher degrees — attend workshops — teachers take tests — hope to pass tests — worry about grades. Teachers sponsor clubs — help dec- orate for spirit week, dances, graduation. Teachers have families, shop for gro- ceries, play golf and basketball, change diapers, chauffeur own children to nu- merous school events, eat in restaurants, take vacations. Teachers are people too. Haunting the halls of Elm- hurst are Mr. Houser and Miss O ' Connell, who have suitably served their time. Oh poi, oh poi, oh poi. Mr. Tricolas is ready for a luau. Bring on the pig with an apple in its mouth. In his little grass shack, room 110, Mr. Miller " leis " his lesson before student wahinies. Faculty 125 Mary Ann Aldin Spanish Teacher B.A. Indiana University M.A. Saint Francis College Alice Andrews Secretary Delores A.Banks Foreign Language Teacher Dept. Head B.A. College of Saint Mary of the Spring J tA SaintFrapcis Cpliege John Beal ' ' s Mathematics Teacher B.S. Huntington College M-A. Saint Francis College ' mi Judy Beauchot Secretary Patrick J. Boles Criminology, English, Guidance Counselor B.A. Notre Dame xT4r»l M.A. Saint Francis Colleg(S ,rf Roma Jean Bradburn-; ,,. , ,,. Home Economics Teacher. -. B.S. Purdue University Mji M.S. Purdue UiuveBatVp l Al Burns ' W f ' W Social Studies ' § jW s ' m ' B.A. Ball State University » M.A. Ball State University Don Buzzard Industrial Technology Teacher and Dept. { ead B.S. Florida State University M.A. Indiana University Byron Carrier Science B.S. Purdue M.A. Indiana State Bill Derbyshire Math Teacher B.S. Defiance College M.A. Saint Francis College Stephen R. DeVillez Media Specialist B.A. University of Evansville M.S. Indiana State University Ed.S. in prog- Sue O. bowling Teacher, Dept. Head Health and Physical Ed. B.S. Indiana University M.A. l.U.P.U. Gary L Eager Industrial Arts Teacher B.S. Ball State M.A. Purdue University Holly Love Faulkner Spanish Teacher A.B. Indiana University M.A. Indiana University 126 Faculty l Steve Fickert ... Head Football Coach B.S. Butler University M.A. Western Michigan University David Fry Science (Chemistry and Physical) B.A. Franklin College ;♦ v ' x ;. ' " Deb Fry -v v f. i ' lv Physical Education Sociofo ' gy ' " " ' ' ' ■ ' " - B.S. Edinboro St. CoHege I.U. Blooming- ton M.A. I.U.P.U. Linda Fry €f :, . t English Speech Teacher B.S. Indiana University Sandy Fulton Treasurer Don Candy .a ■;;.? ' j " Mathematics Computers Science Teachert ' B.S. Saint Josephs College Rebecca Geible; ' ; ' :. ' -f r ;7 ' ' ; ' Art Teacher | ' ' £P? 1 1- ' ' t ' ' ' B.S. University onriidlanapblrs ' ■ " M.F.A. Indiana University Don Goss Art Dept. Head B.S. Indiana University M.A. University of California Phil Habe ger Mathematics Computer Programming B.S. Bali State M.A. Purdue University Julie L Hollingsworth Mathematics Teacher Head Softball Coach B.S. Indiana University M.S. Indiana University; " Mr. John Houser . ' j English Teacher " - |« felfc- B.A. Wabash College .»% f .;% Nancy Kelley -? , s a Marketing Education Deca Teacher and Coordinator B.S. Ohio State University .s y M.A. Saint Francis College i Ronald Kuhrp . -:; vt. Math Teacher B.A. Manchester College M.A. Indiana University James W. Lambert Industrial Arts Drafting Power Mechanics Teacher ,, B.S. Indiana State University %;a=;|, ., M.A. Indiana State University ' " ■ .% - «. ' . -, Carter W. Lohr : " ». y-.» j., Biology Science Dept. Chairnfad » tiil«i B.S. Indiana State University ' ' ■.f .- ' . M.A. Indiana University liji ' v v ' Faculty 127 I Richard Mattix Social Studies Teacher B.S. Indiana University M.A. Ball State University )oseph Miller English (Opportunity School) B.A. Athnaeum of Ohio M.S. Saint Francis College Phil Morey English Teacher B.A. I.U.P.U. ' % M,A.I.U.P.U. . ' . Miss Bonnie S. O ' Connell " Special Education Dept. Chairperson B.S. Saint Francis College M.A. Indiana University CjL4»s Susan Owen H " Home Economics Teachet ' ' S B.S. Indiana University ' ' " ' S ' , M.S. Saint Francis ColiegejwTf? . Greg Perkins ' ' ' ' ' :l ' ' j Biology Earth Science Teacher - B.A. Anderson University • Richard L. Poor ?. r " » r Mathematics Teacher " fz B.S. Ball State University M.A. Ball State University . Arland Reinhard Business Education B.S. Indiana University M.S. Indiana University Ina Roof Secretary for the Athletic Director Miss Mary Rosman Teacher of the Hearing Impaired B.S. Ball State University M.A. Ball State University Gloria Rouns; 1 -- Registrar - ' J Duane D. Rowe : ? Athletic Director B.S. Manchester College Ai(,S. IncUana Unversity : ■ - - . ' .iBecky Rutkowski • t, . ' j ttendance Secretary |udi Sauer Registered Nurse(F.W.C.S.) AASNT Purdue University i, Lowell E. Shearer ff - ' i l German Teacher ■ J f,i ' ■ ' Z ti B.A. Manchester College " ' " ' M.A. University of Washington 128 Faculty VI Betty Sherbondy Guidance Secretary Dave Smith Government and Econ Golf Coach ' ' B.S. Huntington Colla r f « ' L-» , ik4 r Boys M.A. Saint Francis QjfiM iVv. ' i fi Jeanette Snyder i , - v ' lt iV Choral Director " V- ? ; " . ' iE B.M.E. Cedarville C % Robert Stookeyt ' ;! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' i ' ' i English Dept. C tjAirrtSJl ' ' •;%ii?4y 2h B.S. Indiana UniVm jy ' ?J-. «V, ' M.A. Saint Franbi gftllege " -.i I f f Sharon Tieban Media Center Teacher B.S. Ohio State University ' t ' t ' fi T Gerry Tilker , - H f ?: Business and Psychology, dfUsee I ' i y B.S. Huntington Coilegg .; ' r ' ' ; ' ' M.A. Saint Francis Cjg F " " " ' ' ' ' Geo A. Tri English Te, B.A. Man M.A. Ball La Verne A. , ,,„ ;. . , Business Edirc1rtfai » ' B.S. Indiana University M.S. Saint Francis College Diana A. VanSlyke Basic Office Services and COE Program Coordinator B.S. Indiana ( University M.S. Indiat jUniversity Terry Vj ,, Band S B.M.E " " " ■ M.M. James lN i ScieneeSf BX ' ' lSSSyegS y.-,! M.A. S%k P Si S lTe BtVC.Ai Mrs. Sh ? % n V;.StCi A English tra(%t :J C- v B.A. UnivwJ ' S bfrVtfeligan Xl M.S. Purdtfe- ' W l lil Tim Willii ' V ' 3 ' n ' L.D. Resoi t eS-Z B.S. Jacksoi ' " " ' ' M.S.ED. Dan Wi Science Teacf Coach B.S. Taylor M.S. Saint Franci: Dee Yoder Journalism, B.S. Manchester esouKtt «nor ,Q cksoifSjS4 4Ai 5fet v ) intetkSi ' ' K:.. ilson ---VV ' . ' --V- M.A. Indiana University Faculty 129 130 Faculty Lift that barge, tote that bale, get those trench fries into the cafeteria for lunch! Yi Kitchen staff, top row: Becky Embody, Pat Oldham, Sharon Miller, Doris Hartman, Saun- dra Allmandinger; Front row: Eilene Schiffli, Delores Shultz, Millie Harris, Dorothy Hensinger. Patty-cake, patty-cake, bakers man, throw those burgers as fast as you can. Spread ' em and lay ' em on top of the pan, sell ' em to students as fast as you can. No matter where, home or school, after every meal, there are dishes to do. In our cafeteria, frosting doesn ' t come in delicate little containers. Four hundred fifty cupcakes later, the container is empty as the cupcakes proudly display their new tops. Faculty 131 n. " -» !rlr ' ' i ' ' ' - ' ' i:f r r r- - " - - ' " ' -- : 5 • r ' ' ra- Whizz — Foomph — Whizz. Sound familiar? To any tennis player such as Rob Filchak this sound means a good, strong, successful hit. 132 Sports tii It ' s Off To Work We Go! etermination — Dedication — Ambition — New beginnings — Pride — Strength — Exercise — Agility — Getting into shape — Molding — Light head — Per- spiration — Aching feet — Sore — Tight muscles — Fast pounding heart — — Striving — Working — Team help — ing — Growing — Building confidence — feelings — Accomplishments — Belief in self — Understanding — Moral support — g goals — Reaching to be 1 — Success — — Ultimate experience! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! This sure is fun! Now when do I get to go home? Long hours of continuous running, jumping, and concen- tration tend to tire teenage " men " out. Shelton Dunbar care- fully eyes the basket getting ready to shoot a perfect shot. body Spirit Learn Good one ' s Settin Win Pure exhaustion — Rubbery legs of jello — Mouth full of cotton — Pounding temples — Piercing sideache — Dripping sweat — Calm relief — Virginia Hicks — Fast track finish. Sports 133 UARSCTY Varsity, front row: Anthony Sears, Tim Townsend, Matt Terry, Jerry Andrews, Charles Humphries, Marcus Patterson, Mytrell Leshore, Larry Thomas, Gary Ar- rington; Row 2: Tania Saylor, Eric Booker, Carlos Davis, Russell Linnemeier, Keith Foreman, Aaron Stier, Mitch Fremion, Dan Feidner, Ryan Hubley, Chris Marks, Sarah Powell. (Varsity, cont.) Row 3: Corey Johnson, Lee Clapham, Tom Anspach, Coach Stubbs, Coach Welborn, Coach Fick- ert. Coach Candy, Coach Houser, Brian Ybarra, Lee Nierrfian; Row 4: Scott Good, Ken Richards, Tim Patton, Darnell Brown, Sean Cramer, Eric Adams, Chuck Sutton, Marcus Dunbar, Jamie Cod- ling. FRESHMEN Ahh! Water!!! Cool, deli cious water, in a cup, or fror, a hose, is a source of relie! during long, hot hours o practice. Freshmen, front row: Ste phen Booker, Otis Jenkins Raymond Fomby, Tom Cai ter; Row 2: Chris Wallace Cliff Townsend, Todd Cas tiaux. Coach Gandy, Coac Stubbs, Marvin McGrau Lawrence Williams, Mai Peckham; Row 3: Mik Szeman, Aric Dun DeWayne Smith, Alan Bi brey, Tom Sievers, Joe Ladij Matt Dewart. B 134 Sports FRESHMEN RESERUE Freshmen, front row: Brenda Contadeluci, Michelle Free- man, Jodi Baker; Row 2: En- dia Cassell, Coach Scheiber, Carey Davis; Row 3: Becky Daugherty, Cindy Carlin; Row 4: Shanon Boze. teserve, front row: Kris Ne- ers, Wendy Schmeling, Lisa tmith, Jody Vachon; Row 2: lloach Lee, Teisha Squires; How 3: Teri Ewing, Gretchen |jordon, Annette Howard, jlissy Andrews, Cara Con- adeluci. Varsity, front row: Laura Hinton, Beth Almond, Kelley Dahman, Missy Scheiber; Row 2: Coach Fry, Heather Eckert, Michelle Mowan, Stephanie Hart, Denny Powell; Row 3: Michelle Case, Becky Jehl, Erin Wil- liams. UARSITY Sports 135 GIRLS TENNIS Girls Tennis, front row: Sandy Mann, Cindy Neal, Janett Aguilar; Row 2: Tiffany Ice, Kelly Alvey, Teri Ewing, Kris Nevers, Wendy Stein, Ton! Brown; Row 3: Tara Tharp, Tania Saylor, Wendy Schmeling, Jane Flowers, Coach Howell; Row 4: Judy Brittson, Dawn Dressier, Erin Williams, Lisa Stoppenhagen, Sarah Powell. GIRLS C-COUNTRy Girls Cross-Country, front row: Jenny Study, Coach Boles, Pam Boldt; Row 2: Missy Quake, Angie Minnick, Mandy Cornett, Tracy Leeper, Virginia Hicks, Dawn Lothamer. One of the most important rules in the game of golf is keep your head down!. Charles Backs keeps an eye on the ball as he aims for the green. The look of concentration or Brian Wirges ' s face says it . — tennis isn ' t just fun and games. It takes talent and de-| termination. BOYS C-COUNTRY If 4 B K WBt Boys Cross-Country, front yHfc,== ujjp row: Scott Mueller, Brian ' ' 1 1 Pressler, Chris Brand; Row 2: nAhtw ft jj S V N Bob Kokovay, Matt Dirig, ■ rBWlH jJ S Coach Fry, Scott Brown, Jeff fc tP ' v H ■ v y — wbb Ripple. V g» 1 ■jj-r hjfl H r Ajij 2 [ Lwfl B K " B l Ij S TENNIS - GOLF - CROSS-COUNTRY - TENNIS | 136 Sports Mm BOyS GOLF Boys Golf, front row: Everett McKeeman, Troy Campbell, Eric Elkins, Scott Mueller; Row 2: Charles Backs, Scott Juergens, Coach Smith, Tim Guggisberg, Jim Hess. GIRLS GOLF Girls Golf, front row: Jeni Gridler, Michelle DeWolfe, Julie Sprouls, Alice Stanley; Row 2: Angle Kirby, Michele Braden, Coach Lohr, Sofia Rosales, Kris Ross. What club should I use? Only four balls left. Alice, do you have any tees? Julie, where is my 3 iron? GOLF - CROSS-COUNTRY - TENNIS - GOLF Sports 137 UARSCTY Varsity Boys Basketball, front row: Robert Edmonds, Todd Felger, Mark Weaver, Calvin Knight, Jeff Randolph; Row 2: Daniel Brown, Coach Boles, Coach Wilson, Coach Lee, Marcus Dunbar, Art Aleshire; Row 3: Shelton Dunbar, Carl Wade, Mark Fowerbaugh, John Dixie, Gary Arrington. RESERUE Reserve Boys Basketball, front row: Derrick Milton, Jim Hopkins, Tim Townsend; Row 2: Chad Steinke, Robert Well, Coach Lee, Eric Adams, Mark Wilson, Anthony Sears; Row 3: Mitch Fremion, Art Aleshire, Daniel Brown, Josh Eisbart, Mark Fowerbaugh. FRESHMEN Freshmen Boys Basketball, front row: Alan Hannah, Marvin McGraw, Cliff Town- send; Row 2: Corey Lehman, Jim Hess, Aric Durr, Coach Perkins, Reggie Rogers, Matt Blair; Row 3: Erik Roach, DeWayne Smith, Todd Tonkel, Andy Adams, Joe Udig. " Give me the ball! " " NO!i You give me the ball!!!! ' Matt Falk and Kurt Fowerbaugh fight it out dur ing conditioning. Even though the crowds are bigger, louder, and more ex- cited; even though the court is unfamiliar; even though this game is for Regionals,,, Demetrias Fisher blocks it allj out, and concentrates on hisi shot. BOYS BASKETBALL 138 Sports " ■ ' ' " ' St, UARSCTY 1 ' i W tm . " i . IfJS MSBflsl Varsity Girls Basketball, front row: Tammy Tonkel, Dawn Dressier, Jodi Baker, Sonja Wallace; Row 2: Jackie Walk- er, Coach Stubbs, Melanie Brown, Angie Scott, Beth Kaperka, Virginia Hicks, Tahira Washington. RESERUE Reserve Girls Basketball, front row: Irene Holley, Jodi Baker, Pam Boldt, Kathy Kaperka, Araina Weemes; Row 2: Lukesha Bradford, Coach Reynolds, Zonitra Fields, Angela Starks. FRESHMEN Freshmen Girls Basketball, front row: Thomasina Wells, Karia Rodriguez, Brenda Contadeluci; Row 2: Nicole Randolph, Becky Daugherty; Row 3: Erricka Wash, Melissa Sheckels, Shelia Austin, Coach Linnemeier, Danyelle King. GIRLS BASKETBALL Sports 139 BASEBALL Baseball, front row: Jason Lee, Ryan Hutson, Steed Wil- liams, Matt Bucher, Todd Felger, Nelson Jordan, Ale- jandro Rodriguez, Jeff Ran- dolph; Row 2: Patty Malott, Brian Wirges, Aaron Stier, Coach Martin, Coach Tilker, Coach Long, Chris Marks, Jeff Shimer, Chris Redding; Row 3: Mark Wilson, Craig Schmitt, Kurt Fowerbaugh, Tim Hawkins, Mark Weaver, Chris Restivo. SOFTBALL Softball, front row: Teisha Squires, Michelle Brady, Kim Bunn, Michelle Freeman, Amy Hayes; Row 2: Coach Hollingsworth, Julie Uhrick, Patti Davis, Carey Davis, B ecky Daugherty, Kathy Kaperka, Tracy Leeper; Row 3: Nicole Randolph, Melissa Sheckels, Shelia Austin, Gret- chen Gordon, Heather Eck- ert. Tammy Tonkel. Cr-ack! It ' s outa here, and another Elmhurst player takes off for first base. The team sits and stares ... in awe? No, they just want it to be their turn. Is Sammy Reese exhausted from his wrestling match? Or is he simply bored with yet another victory to add to his record? Hard to tell, judging from the look on his face. BASEBALL SOFTBALL 140 Sports 1 i GYMNASTICS Gymnastics, front row: Coach Long, Missy Andrews, Trina Stephens, Pam Schep- ple. Coach Evans; Row 2: Connie Treace, Cara Con- tadeluci, Annette Howard, Bonnie Troutman, Khrysta Richards; Row 3: Laura Hinton, Tania Savior, Cari Stark, Beth Almond. WRESTLING Wrestling, front row: Ray- mond Fomby, Joel Mc- Pheeters, David Dirig, Brian Pressler, Marcus Rogers, Dan Baker, Dan Barker, Gonzalo Gortazar; Row 2: Dan Feldner, Sammy Reese, Ric Weber, Carlos Dial, Darnell Miller, Russell Linnemeier, Jesse McMurtry, Chad Geer; Row 3: Damon Ivey, Jerhome Davis, Coach Bowman, Coach Gandy, Alan Bilbrey, Keith Foreman. GRAPPLER GIRLS Grappler girls, front row: Jenny Study, Debbie Shal- lenberger, Patty Welch, Shelby Greene, Waneta Swink; Row 2: Cathy Colby, Angie Krewson, Missy Quake, Angie Minnick, Michelle Mowan, Beth Ken- nedy; Row 3: Mrs. SherDondy, Kris Foreman, Cindy Carlin, Sandy Kline. h GYMNASTICS WRESTLING GRAPPLER GIRLS Sports 141 GIRLS TRACK Girls Track, front row: Kelli Phifer, Shirley Scott, Tonya )ones; Row 2: Coach Reyn- olds, Lynetta Bowen, Coach Fry, Felicia Page, Coach Bow- en; Row 3: Zonitra Fields, Hannah Landers, Missy Quake. Ow! This makes your backl ache just looking at it. For- tunately, the members of the ' track team don ' t feel the! same pain as the spectators,! or at least they can block itj out. With " EHS " , ' " 88 " or a Tro- jan head painted on the sides of their faces, the cheer- leaders yell, scream, and, oh yeah, cheer at the Coliseum. BOYS TRACK Boys Track, front row: Willie Minor; Row 2: James Hop- kins, Raymond Fomby, Carlos Dial, Ronnie Johnson, Corey Johnson; Row 3: Darnell Brown, Coach Houser, Coach Fry, Coach Perkins, Chad Steinke; Row 4: " " " , Anthony Sears, Gary Arrington, Steve Conrad, Tim Patton, Russell Linnemeier. - T 9 K -I i in. SOCCER Soccer, front row: Henry De- Lira, Nelson Catalan, Tavis Schlundt, Khris Spinner, Tony Webster; Row 2: Bob Kokovay, Chris Metzger, Gonzalo Gortazar, Josh Eis- bart, Brian Hamblin. TRACK SOCCER 142 Sports fimA UARSCTY Varsity Cheerleaders, front row: Wendy Dirig, Shelly Dowdell; Row 2: Justin Davis, Missy Andrews, Tonv Web- ster, Shawn Miller (Tommy Trojan), Chuck Sutton, Cari Stark, Jon Backs; Row 3: Jerry Andrews, Brian Hamblin, Keith Davis; Row 4: Kim De- laney. Melody Schmitt, Jenny Tomlinson. RESERVE Reserve Cheerleaders, front row: Tina Miller, Rhonda Fletcher, Charlotte Richard- son; Row 2: Charity Williams, Kim Bunn, Kristin Stark, Am- ber Capps, Angle Moyer, Carmen Starks. FRESHMEN Freshmen Cheerleaders, front row: Brenda Con- tadeluci, Bonnie Troutman: Row 2: Sondra Cutman, Jane Flowers, Sabrina Deleon, Tif- fany Ice. CHEERLEADERS Sports 143 Trojan Pride Time out for a quick huddle on the field to plot exactly how they ' re going to destroy the other guys. " Fuhtbal is mah life. You play fuhtbal on a fuhtbal field . . . " It takes more than just a ball to play on the EHS team. Long before school starts, the football hopefuls are getting into shape. Hours of con- ditioning help them prepare for bitter battles on the field. It takes courage and strength to be a part of the football team. Winning and losing doesn ' t need to be measured on a scoreboard or simply reported in a sport ' s section. Building a stronger program, encouraging young athletes to achieve, and working toward a more suc- cessful future are goals for winning. The defensive line struggles to steal the ball and turn the game in their favor. The team put in many hours of hard practice over the summer while most people were lying in the sun. Quarterback Gary Arrington pushes his way across the thirty yard line and looks downfield with hopes of completing a pass. 144 Football The whistle blows as Elm- hurst successfully halts the other team from scoring. Tony Webster is assisted off the field, after being injured in a valiant attempt to bring victory. — STATS — — 27 6 — 31 8 — 37 6—18 16— 15 — 37 — 56 — 70 6 — 42 — 51 Total Wins: 1 Jamboree — Northrop Wayne North Side South Side Harding Bishop Luers Concordia Snider South Bend St. joe Blackford (Sectionals) Football 145 Popping, oozing blisters — rank,smell sweat — legs straining to dive before the ball hits — brows furrowed in concentratior — bumping so next player can spike — rarr it down their throats! Fingers stretched like ; window waiting to set the ball — anxiou anticipation of gruesome conditioning running a mile before practice — kille sprints — suicides — ring around the rose ' building — running — volley the ball — Don ' t let it hit the floor! — Thud — Oh no Here comes the punishment! — Run — Rai — Running — patience,endless patience. " Bump, set, spike " is what these girls concentrated on during the first weeks of schooL Hard work paid off, earning them recognition at the Homecoming pep ses- sion. P— R— E— S— E— N— T — I — N — G the colossal, phenomenal, absolutely ter- rific Jodi Baker. Another as- set to a good game is to look and feel good. 146 Volleyball Vhee!!! I can fly! But while ' m up here, maybe I should •ump that ball. Jodi to Carey, Carey to Jodi — back and forth — bump — set — spike. These two players practice pepper rou- tine. 0 I Behind this rainbow covered micro- phone Mrs. Fry proudly presents the girls volleyball line-up to the pep session fans. Honoring our athletes builds enthusiasm for the program. Bump — bump — bump — Missy Andrews closely eyes the ball while she keeps it in motion. The game of volley- ball demands agility, speed, and intense concentration. Volleyball 147 VOLLEY — Don ' t let the ball hit the net — Oh no! It hit! Time for another mile — running miles before and after practice — drills — serves — Don ' t double fault!! — now the score is deuce — hit — it ' s a slice — don ' t go in no man ' s land! Oh! No! Go up to the net, quick! — Oh, man, I don ' t believe I did that — good shot — watch those feet — I didn ' t throw it, it just sort of fell out of my hand! — match- es day after day — long sets — that ' s game! With great flair and elan, Bri- an Wirges makes his move on an elusive tennis ball. Khris Spinner proudly walks across the court after win- ning another match, giving Elmnurst points. STATS 2-3 Carroll 2-3 Bellmont 0-5 Snider 2-3 Harding 0-5 Homestead 0-5 Norwell 0-5 North Side 1-4 Bishop Luers 2-3 Wayne 0-5 Northrop 0-5 Bishop 1-4 Huntington Dwenger North 0-5 Concordia 0-5 South Side 148 Boys Tennis 1 i I eap, push, swing with energy fter mid-flight, land carefully, " hris Harter dramatically re- urns the ball without risking jrther injury. ollowing through after a lopefully dramatic serve, latt Bucher eyes the path he ball is taking. Gonzalo Gortazar makes a hard hit to the opponent, showing determination to win the match. " -, -x r " t -X S. V - X. . - " V " • ;C ' V. " " " . ' " Backhand, Forehand, Slice, and Serve — Kris Spinner ' s tennis career has encom- passed all these tennis terms. Boys Tennis 149 Coach Howell takes time, out from practice to chat with Erin Williams about her game. Partners as well as friends, Teri Ewing and Wendy Schmeling share a giggle and a low five at practice. 150 Girls Tennis STATS 1-4 1-4 2-3 1-4 2-3 0-5 3-2 0-5 Wayne Huntington North South Side Norwell North Side Snider Whitko Bishop Luers 3-2 Hardir 2-3 Adams Centr 0-5 Bishop Dwengi 1-4 2-3 1-4 3-2 0-5 Northrc Concord Sectionals: Hardir Homeste? 1 Dawn Dressier shows ' one Wilson tennis ball ' a thing or two by hitting it into the fence. Taking time off from practice are Heather Barker and Kris Nevers, showing how much fun tennis can be on and off court. YOUNG BLOOD WIN!! Love — match — volley — Wilson ball — competition — practice — partners — doubles — court — net — forecourt — ace — serve — tour- nament — grip — fun — lob — backcourt — set — tie breaker — game — fault — overhead smash — coach — hard v ork — backhand drive — raquet — singles. A forehand drive by Cindy Neal sends the ball over the net and to the set point. Wendy Stein looks on with a smile as Erin Williams suc- cessfully returns the ball. Girls Tennis 151 k- Waiting for the other team to putt are Tim Guggisberg and Charles Backs. FORE! D etermination — long hours of prac- tice — walking miles on the course — car- rying heavy golf clubs — losing a ball in the rough sand traps — bunkers — water traps — caddy shacks — club houses — golf carts? on a school team? — Who are you kidding? — greens fees — spikey shoes with muddy clumps — carefully manicured grassy greens — cool breezes — hot sun — whiff sixteen golf balls lost forever — broken tees — 18 holes 9 holes — par — FORE! " Can I make it? " Tim Gug- gisberg surveys the green. Following through after a swing, hoping that the ball went a long way is Jim Hess. STATS 190-171 New Haven 202-172 Bishop 182-168 Harding 191-163 190-186 196-168 205-177 Luers Concordia Garrett Wayne Snider 196-167 Huntington North 181-158 Northside 363 185-171 183-165 186-152 180-180 192-169 10th Norwell Bishop Dwenger Homestead Southside Northrup SAC Sectional 152 Golf Don ' t we look like we are having a lot of FUN? That is the expression on Alice Stanley and Julie Sprouts faces as they get ready to zoom off in a golf cart. Angle Kirby cannot concentrate on the ball while the photogra- pher is taking her picture. " Where did the ball go? " Eric Elklns looks in the sky for a clue to where his ball will land. Sofia Rosales sets herself to putting the ball at the right angle, knowing t hat if she miscalculates, it will not go in. — STATS — 276-245 Goshen 276-226 Warsaw 243-203 Homestead 250-205 New Haven 250-forfeit Carroll 261-235 Manchester 252-235 Leo 252-212 Columbia City 244-212 East Noble 255-181 Concordia 248-183 Bishop Luers 248-277 Harding 263-187 Snider 263-198 Northside 240-185 B shop Dwenger 240-196 Northrup Golf 153 BOYS Schools Harding, Snider, Homestead Concordia Hunt. Inv. (res) Dekalb, Norwell Marion, Kokomo, Wabash (res) Wabash inv (res) South Side, Bishop Luers, Snider (res) New Haven S.A.C. (res) Manchester S.A.C. (varsity) Place The starting line! The tension is built up and anticipation runs high as the Elmhurst girls wait for the sound of the gun. To the finish line . t. Strength and endurance, two key factors to running cross country. Being physically fit is a start. But it does take a lot of mental thinking like in most sports. The Elmhurst cross country teams have all of these key factors and they use them to their advan- tage. Take the strain of actually running the miles, then add on ninety degree weather, and the pain some may experience the next day, and you understand how difficult it really is to run with the cross country teams. 154 Cross Country I i GIRLS E:45, Columbia City 15, Concordia 23 Huntington Invit. E: 281 E:21, Dekalb 50, Norwell 15 E:50, Marion 18, Wabash 15, Kokomo 22 Wabash Invit. 367 E:25, South Side 50, Snider 18, Luers 50 Manchester Invit. E:461 E:40, New Ha- ven 18 S.A.C. meet E:50 E:15, Manchester 50 Adams Central Invit. E:594 E:45, North Side 23, Northrop 18 ► Painted faces and all, the boys cross country team stands in line waiting for their team ' s recognition. Hey, the ' re all going the wrong way! Oh well, maybe this is the fastest way to the finish line for Elmhurst ' s girls cross country team. Cross Country 155 Will it go in? The Trojans hope to win as Regionals wear on. Demetrius Fisher concen- trates on sinking the free throw; something he did well for the team. Jump up sky high — tip it to a Trojan guy! The crowd in- tently watches the beginning of the Luers game, ending in an EHS victory. — STATS — 91-82 79-78 67-48 80-78 72-76 66-57 58-64 77-74 61-77 59-46 62-65 80-70 60-49 69-66 66-64 78-81 70-64 78-82 Woodlan Huntington North Bishop Luers Bishop Dwenger Northrop South Bend Clay South Side Wayne Harding Columbia City Muncie Southside Homestead Angola South Side North Side Manchester Snider Concordia 69-50 South Bend Adams Total wins: 13 Sectionals: 72-47 Wayne 93-34 Fort Wayne Christian 70-59 South Side Regionals: 69-75 Dekalb Suspensefully, the crowd an- ticipates the next point which will push the Trojans over the] brink into a win. 156 Basketball WINNERS! ELMHUR5T CONQUERS SECTIONAL I Victory, champions, team work, practice ... all go hand-in-hand with Elmhurst ' s tri- umphant basketball team. Face it! They were great! It took hours upon hours of work to get the team together and on the road to vic- tory. And the few times they were defeated, the team accepted it and continued their hard work to avoid further losses. As Sec- tionals rolled around, flair and pizazz were flung at any opposing team, to put them in their place and make sure they realized, once again, just who is number one. " The basketball team was a pleasant surprise this year. Berore the season started, we felt we were going to be an average team, but we turned out to be an excellent team. " — Assistant Coach Pat Boles Practice is mandatory to be a winning team, but first comes conditioning, then the final selections, determining who ' ll play varsity. Concentration is the key to a jwin, as demonstrated by iTodd Felger. Basketball 157 Dribble, dribble, bounce — Virginia Hicks maneuvers subtly toward Angle Scotf. " Keep away! " Is the game for Lisa Gaulden and Angle Scott. STATS J 1 - 1 J 47-67 Columbia City Dwenger 41-43 Norwell 39-37 South Side 40-31 Carroll 36-55 Northrop 42-44 Heritage 54-35 Adams Central 66-34 Churubusco 82-61 Harding 45-47 Concordia 40-41 North Side 52-37 Wayne 45-51 Bishop Luers 37-67 Snider 46-50 Huntington 26-30 S.A.C. Sectiona : 54-68 — South Side Total Wins: 6 50-66 Bishop . i I 158 Girls Basketball Trojan girls fake it to the hoop. Suicides — conditioning — running — drib- bling — shooting — jump shot — three pointers — free throws — five fouls and ou ' re out of the game — technicals — zoaches — high top gym shoes — jumping — block out other team — rebounding — Diock shots — exercising — practice — lay jps — better make thirty in one minute — Dh! NO ! we only made 25 — punishment ime — suicides — suicides — endless su- cides! I itretching for the perfect lay up shot, Dawn Dressier uses I iward winning form. ' ass — Feint — round ball rickery practice so the op- )0slng team never snags the )all. Lisa Gaulden to Virginia -licks to Dawn Dressier. Girls Basketball 159 JJfe TLV i6 - ' • -z iBmm i::zL ). ( ' Big, fat men with flabby arms and bald heads chasing one another around a ring and someone ' s grandmother screaming: " Beat his brains out Hulk! " A typical picture at an Elmhurst wrestling match? Not quite! In fact, not even close! All you will find at an EHS match is Coach Don Candy shouting. There ' s some strong wrestler on a mat deciding which of the many holds he should use. Then his sheer force results in a referee ' s whistle and fin- gers up for some more points. This scene reoccurred for Sammy Reese and Rick Weber while they competed as far as Regionals and Conzalo Cortazar got a chance to compete at Semi-State. Compe- tition and a winning record is the heartbeat of the team. Although these three had the most successful seasons they definitely couldn ' t have done it without the other wrestle rs who practiced and competed just as hard. still managing a smile, Ric Weber became a sectional winner after numerous wins. Who ' s on top of whom?! In a mess of entangled arms and legs, Sammy Reese struggles to dominate the opponent. 6-68 30-42 22-53 16-59 43-27 6-67 18-51 6-62 36-36 30-34 20-48 23-42 22-51 18-56 STATS — Bellmont North Miami Columbia City Wawasee Fairfield Whitko Eastside Warsaw Bishop Luers South Side North Side Heritage Concordia Wayne 19-48 15-51 23-43 12-63 9-54 18-55 Bishop Dwenger Snider Homestead Northrop Leo Harding 160 Wrestling With anticipation and per- sisting intensity Gonzaio Gortazar looks for the take down. Concentration fills the face of Keith Foreman while he remains dete rmined not to give in. Stamina can be a con- tributing factor to the num- ber of wins. Wresting 161 Trina Stevens attempts to do the impossible, well at least to do it without a flaw. Beth Almond steps up to meet her challenge. She must be calm, poised, and elegant to execute a flawless perfor- 162 Gymnastics (WA 1 " Just put one foot in front of the other " is a basic rule in the gymnast ' s book. " The team was great this year! We hit a few rough spots but that ' s to be ex- pected with any team. I feel we really pulled together in critical moments. Good Luck you guys! I love ya! " — Will Pullit, team manager. Symnosts bound into action Do you remember when you first tried a cartwheel? Impossible! How :ould I ever do that — it was so hard. The stunts that a gymnast performs eem so difficult. This is what makes gymnastics so intriguing. Humans ove to see what is unique, like a scary movie: no matter how hard you ry not to look you end up thriving on the blood and gore. We are amaz- id how one can maneuver one ' s body in beautiful, flowing positions. Imhurst has been a leader in this sport for many years and this year was lo exception. We captured Sectionals with excellent routines from the earn which was led by two seniors, Beth Almond and Laura Hinton. " hey carried them to a victorious season and once again EHS was out on op. Mind over matter. Concen- trating on every detail of her routine she must perform is Laura Hinton. STATS Northrop — loss EHSInvt. — 8thof 16 Wayne — win Concordia Invt. — 12th of 12 Concordia — win Bishop Dwenger — win Leo — win Norwell — win Layfayette Invt. — 5th of 12 Homestead — loss Northside — loss Bluffton — win South Side — win Snider — loss Huntington North win Sectional — 1st of 8 ics 163 v:w :i ' CR AIL TlPir ff Cfi a na THE Shall I stay or shall I go? . . . Anticipating the pitcher ' s throw so he ' ll know whether or not to stay or go is Chris Restivo. Attempting to reach nej heights, new horizons, arl maybe a new batting avera ; is Nelson |ordan. Tc ogether we stand divided we fall. If ever a saying had any meaning, it is this sayi ng, applying to the EHS baseball team. With a new coach on the rosters the hardballers ended the season with an impressive 20 — 8 record. This season the Trojans hope to make it farther than last year, though it will be hard to accomplish, since the Trojans did make it to semi-state. " We ' re a strong team, we play tough " says four year veteran Nelson Jordan. The team for the most part plays in synch with each other. No matter the outcome of the season the Trojan hurlers have accom- plished the hardest task of all . . . playing together as friends in which no one person is the star. But putting it even better is another four year veteran Jeff Shimer " 1 think we ' re more of a team this year. This year it ' s the Trojans! We ' re tough and we ' re together! " I ' ' " 164 Baseball Having an intense high level coi versation either about the game i the girl on the bench with the tig ' shorts is Alejandro Rodriguez ar, Chris Restivo. ' It ' s a pop ball . . . shall I get it . no, you get it ... I don ' t want get it, you get it ... no you get i . . . hesitantly and without emi tion Jeff Randolph and Todj Felger await the moment of tt ball ' s return. nil which way will it go? This might be a confusing situation for some, with two batters who would you go for? Chris Restivo knows how to handle it;he just keeps the ball in front of him, and the batter. You always have to be ready for whatever comes your way. Matt Bucher knows this as he gets ready for the play. Vill it be a strike? Probably with lejandro Rodriguez pitching, le had a fantastic year along ith the rest of the team. CO GO GO . . . are all the words that Chris Restivo hears as he attemps to steal second base. " We ' re a strong team, we play tough. We ' re un- der-rated that ' s good, you can play to your full ability. " Nelson lordan -STATS — 4-5 Northrop 19-0 Ac ams Central 7-3 Bishop Luers 15-2 Ac ams Central 6-4 Harding 3-5 Norwell 6-5 B shop Dwenger 7-1 Carroll 4-14 South Adams 7-6 Woodlan 2-12 South Adams 9-2 East Noble 11-4 Concordia 13-3 East Noble 13-3 Columbia City 4-2 Wayne 6-15 New Haven 3-13 Manchester 11-3 Homestead 8-9 Southside 7-1 Harding 3-0 Bishop Dwenger 5-2 Heritage 16-5 Whitko SECTIONAL 6-7 Snider 16-1 Blackhawk Christian 5-1 Northside 3-1 New Haven 13-9 Homestead 4-8 Wayne 8-7 Homestead Total Wins 22 Baseball 165 Hey, batter, batter, batter SWING!!! F irst base — fouls — three strikes and you ' re out — underhand pitch — girls — outfield — pitcher — mitts — run in circles — victory — teamwork — bat — softball — catcher — umpire — base coach — short stop — stealing bases — fly ball — bunt — seven innings — scrambling for grounders — sliding in — there it goes, over the fence — homerun! " I told you if you did that again, I ' d clobber you in the neck! " l- -«r ■■ ■«- " Hey, check out that um- pire! " whispers Tammy Tonkel as the team enters the field. How do you put this sucker on? Chris Tuesca struggles to get her hand into her glove. 166 Softball I i " Hey guys! How come I nev- er get the ball? " Heather Eck- ert observes the action from her corner of the diamond. Actually, a moment without play can be a relief. With a full swing completed, we ' ll watch that puppy go clear over the fence and guarantee a home run. 1 — 1 ■ STATS 20-9 Marion Bennett 14-15 East Noble 2-17 Dekalb 2-16 Northrop 10-12 Harding 1-11 Bellmont 7-6 North Side 4-9 Homestead 6-10 " ji Huntington ]P Huntington 2-13 6-10 Bishop Dwenger 16-24 Concordia 5-15 V Columbia City (rv South Side } II ' Warsaw 8-18 1-11 16-10 Whitko 16-10 Ft. Wayne Christian 11-4 Snider 23-3 Blackhawk Christian 7-16 Bishop Luers 1-8 Wayne 5-9 New Haven Sectionals: | 12-10 South Side ' 1-12 New Haven 1 Hey, since when does being catcher mean catching the bat with your face? Julie Uhrick takes off for first base without a backwards glance. Softball 167 Tony Webster approaches the ball with a graceful long stride to make a perfect kick. K, .ick — goalie — pass — no hands — practice — run — pass the ball — goal — bounce it off your head — no fair, the goalie gets to use his hands — I ' m not standing in front of that net and letting those maniacs kick the bail in my face — referee — goal post — soccer field — cleats — block — teamwork. Soccer team exceeds their goal. 168 Soccer Chris Brand watches the team play as he leisurely holds up the stenuous goal post net. Vtr. Candy closely watches Josh Eisbart ' s form during practice kl to make sure he will be in top shape for the season. ' ' Gonzalo Cortazar and Tony Webster examine the ball carefully to look for any " mis-haps " that might cause them to lose the game. Soccer 169 Up, up and over. Virginia Hicks easily clears the bar. OUT OF THE STARTING BLOCK I rack and Field are two simple words that describe the sport, however this is very broad. For example, in track there are the dash, relay, hurdle, and run all of which consist of different meters. In field there is the pole vault, discus, shot put, javelin and so on. Track and Field gives the individual a , chance to " sprint " to great heights. Many Trojans have succeeded in traveling far and representing their school. Elmhurst has be- gun a tradition that begins at the starting block and finishes head high, outstretched neck and gallant smile. 1,2,3! These three trojans are performing what is called In- dian running. The last person sprints to the front to be the leader and the process con- tinues until one dies. Envisioning a superb run is Russell Linnemeier. 170 Track A J ' Lynetta Bowen routinely goes through the motions of stretch- ing. A single runner is a beautiful sight. Long legs with rippling muscles burst in front of one another each trying to reach farther. BOYS 2nd Homestead Manchester Norwell Bishop Dwenger North Side Relays North Side South Side Northrop 5th Harding Invitational 3rd Snider Huntington 5th New Haven Invitational S.A.C. Meet S.A.C. Reserve Meet 3rd Wayne Marion tie-4th Concordia Frosh Soph Relays 3rd 9th 4th 6th 5th STATS GIRLS 2nd Harding Bishop Dwenger 3rd Homestead Norwell 3rd Snider North Side 3rd South Side Concordia 3rd Concordia Northrop 4th Harding invitational 6th S.A.C. Track 171 Cheering on our football Awaiting a foul shot in hopes team as well as the crowd, of changing the score are EHS cheerleaders perform EHS students at a sectionals their routines with a smile. game. ALL IN THE MOVES Jumping in the air — splits — voice projections — exercise — pike — practice — imagination — moves — try-outs — fund raisers — popular — pep session — camps — car wash — megaphones — loud — toe touch — hard work — stiff. Brian Hamblin and Khris Spinner look upon the score board with approval, as a shot is made by the Trojans. Leading the crowd in a cheer are the spirit leaders Keith Foreman, Tony Webster, Bri- an Hamblin, Chuck Sutton, Keith Davis, and Jerry An- drews. ■ » 172 Cheerleaders Lisa Corbat shows the latest moves to a new cheer, as oth- ers look on in what seems to be mass confusion. Cheerleaders 173 Your first smart business decision INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE Specializing in the training and placement of secretariol and accounting professionals since 1689 ENROLL NOW! Classes begin July 9, 1986 Groduation April 24, 1987 3811 Illinois Rood Fort Wayne, IN 46804 219 432-8702 AC-0089 Goodness, so many faces! No really, it ' s okay I can speak just fine from right here. With rubbery legs and sweaty palms Jenny Study decides that her speech for the Elm- hurst Speech Team will be just as effective if she stands behind a closet door. 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Phillip . . i } 114 Abdool, Naieem 2. 19. 51 74. 104 Adam, Kris . . - . 55. 104 Adame, Andy . . 121. 138 Eric 104. 134. 138 Jodi .94 Karen .94 Shilane ... 114 114 Aguilar, Janeii 64 104. 136 Aldin, Mar . nn 126 114 Renee .34 AIe§hire, Art . . . 104. 138 Linda .34 Alexander, Chris Jeremy ... .34 .94 Allamandinger, Travi 114 AIllBon, Aundria 104 Allraandinger, S aundr a .. 131 Almond, Beth . 34. 135. 141, 162 Alvey, Kelly . . 104 136 Anderson, Mary .34 Tom .94 ANDREWS, ALICE . 110 126 Andrews, Charle .47 Jerry ... 7, 34. 64 , 73, 143 134, 200 Missy , . 68, 104, 135, 143 141, 147 AndruB, Angie . . 114 Anspach, Thoma. 47, 134 Armstrong, Arde Ihia. .74 Amett, Troy . . . 104 Amos, Dennis . . .94 Arrington, Gary 75. 94 134 6. 10 138, ,62, 142 114 Tamara .... .34 Asher, Dennis . . .94 Ashworth, Rick . .94 Alwell, Kelly . 55 104 Ault, Trad 9, 34. 64, 69 , 71, 72 AuHlin, .Shelia . 114 139 140 Avdul, L..3 35. 62. 75 1 Backs, Charles .... 70, 73, 94, 136, 137 Jon ... 24, 25. 34. 35, 50. 64, 143 Baker, Dan 141 Darin 114 Jodi ... 15. 114, 121. 135, 139, 146 Linda 82, 104 BANKS, DELORES ... 64, 126 Barbour, SheUy 35, 77 Barker, Dan 114, 141 Heather 104 Barnes, Tinoah 104 Barrand, Kris 114 Bartel, Nate 114 Batchelor, Cheri 94 Bateman, Dan 114 Bates, Tonya 94 Baumgartner, Mike 114 Baxter, Rhonda 114 Beaman, Denise 114 Beboul, Ken 35 Beckman, Leslie 104 Becksledt, Jennifer 114 Joseph 47 Lisa 35 Becktell, Julie 15, 35, 82 Beer, Ted 114 Belcher, Chuck 94 Belzung, Michele 114 Benjamin, Lesia 35, 77 Bennett, Jason 104 BENNETT, KATHLEEN ... 70, 72, 124 Bennett, Mona 62, 75, 94 Benson, Gary 104 BerghofT, Jerry 35 Berning, Amy 94 Berry, Lisa 94 Bey, Sherry 47 Biberstine, Troy 104 Biddle, Tom 31, 94 Bilbrey, Alan .... 8, 114, 134, 141 Black, Tom 114 Blair, Matt 114, 138 Blaising, Rob 3. 70, 94 Bloom, Jennifer 104 Bloiigh, Mike 114 Bohannon, Jason 35 Bohnam, Kelly 63 Bohnke, Erin 94 Boldt, Pam 104, 136, 139 BOLES, PAT 136, 138 Bonds, Tracey 35 Bonham, Kelly ... 15, 94, 195 Bontempo, Jeffrey 47 Booher, Warrell 114 Booker, Eric 104, 134 Stephen 114, 134 Boots, Leesa 94 Bos, Pam 114 Bouthot, Shannon 35 Boutin, Shawn 114 Wendy 94 Bowen, Lynetta ... 72, 94, 142, 171 Bowland, Scott 104 BOWMAN, JERRY . 141, 142 Bowser, Kirk 114 Boze, Shanon . 114, 121. 135 Braden, Shelly 35 Bradford, Charles 114 Lukesha . 55. 64. 104. 139 Brady, Michelle . . 71. 104. 140 Brand, Chris ... 104. 136, 169 Brandt, Judi 64 Judy 55, 94 Linda 35 Breehl, Tonya 55, 104 Breland, Tim 104 Bremer, Fred 104 Brickley, Becky 104 Brincefield, John 63, 104 Brittson, Judy 114, 136 Brock, Billie 94 Shawn 104 Wendy 47, 80 Brown, Chris . . 1, 15, 69, 84, 105 Daniel 138 Darnell .... 105, 134, 142 Greg 114 Melanie 35, 139 Rick 35 Scott 94, 136 Shequell 114 .Stella 114 Toni 81, 114, 136 Bucey, Jodie 35 Bucher, Matt 31.94, 140, 149, 165 Buchs, Chris 105 Buck, Tonya 114 Bueker, Rob 36 Bunch, Tammy . 36, 55, 56 Bunn, Jennifer 63, 114 Kim 71, 105, 140, 143 Burget, Colleen 105 BUZZARD, DON 34, 83 Buzzelle, Stan 105 e Caciano, Caria 114 Call, Brian 114 Campbell, Chris 12, 36 Eric 94 Troy 62, 75, 137 Capps, Amber 105, 143 Cardenas, David 105 Carlin, Cindy .... 8, 114, 121, 135, 141 Carpenter, Jason 36 Laurie 55, 105 Carrel, Chuck 105 Carrier, Byron 194 Carter, Lisa 70, 114 Tara 105 Tom 114, 134 Cartwright, Brook 105 Heather 94 Case, Michelle 36, 135 Cassel, Endia 114, 135 Castiaux, Faith 94 Todd 55, 114, 134 Catalan, Angie 105 Mirta 105 Nelson 36, 142, 195 Caudill, Carolyn 36, 85 Cechvala, Joe 114 Chambless, Trina 114 William 105 Chavez, Cheryl 55, 105 Cherry, Cindy 94 Diana 71, 105 Chilcote, Brenda 114 Chisbee, Michael 47 186 Index i " People are people, so why shoufd it be ... " Naieem Abdool expresses his emo- tions through his dance act during the lip synch contest. Chrisllieb, Bob 94 Christoff, John 105 Church, Robbin 115 Tisa 68, 94 Ciferri, Conrad 105 Clapham, Lee 94. 134 Clark, Gwen 94 Regina 105 Clay, James 47 Jason 94 Coakley, Kevin 115 Codling, Jamie 105. 134 Colby, Calhy 69, 94, 141 Cole, Yolanda 74. 115 Coleman, Adam 105 Shaion 115 Coles, Trina 94 Compton, Lilly 36 Conrad, Eric 94 Roberi 94 Sieve 17. 105, 142 Contadeluci, Brenda 115. 135, 139, 143 Cara 105. 135. 141 Cook, Rich 115 Cooper, Deb 64, 68, 94 Corbat, Lisa 36 Cornell, Brian 105 Cornett, Mandy 94, 136 Coulardot, Corey 105 Craig, Christine 94 Cramar, Holly 9, 36, 71 Cramer, Sean 105, 134 Crane, Floyde 47 Robbie 95 Cunningham, Susan 95 V Dahman, Kathy 36, 7 1 KeUey 36, 135 Dannenfelser, Jon 95 Dansby, Laurie 95 Darnel], Carrie 55, 115 Daugherty, Becky. .. 115. 135. 139, 140 Jenny 95 Davis, Carey ... 115, 135, 140 Carlos 36, 134 Denila 95 Jerhome 141 John 31, 95 Juslin 105, 143 Keilh ... 36, 62, 75, 143, 193 Palli 11, 36, 140 Shawn 115 Sherri 86, 95 Terina 77,95 Decatur, Amy 47 Delaney, Kim 36, 143 Deleon, Sabrina 115 Deline, Joe 142 Delira, Enrique 115 DeLira, Henry 142 Maria 95 Dennis, Billie 7. 37 Shane 115 Derrow, Connie 37 Dewart, Mall 62, 75, 115, 134 De Wolfe, Michelle .... 71. 73, 105, 137 Dial, Carlos . . 105. 141, 142 Dickerson, Krisla 105 Dickson, Jim 3, 86, 95 Dillman, Cyrinlhia 53, 55, 105 Dinovo, Angie 37 Dirig, Amy 95 David 115, 141 Jason 96 Mall ... 7, 37, 62, 75. 136 Wendy .... 11.37,64,72, 143 Dixie, John . 37,62. 75, 138 Dodane, Chris 96 Jennifer 55, 105 Dodenhoff, ScoU 96 Dollarhide, Kirt 115 DoUarhite, Corina. . 71, 72, 77, 96 Michele 105 Dorais, Jeff 96 Doswell, Mike 115 Trisla 115 Dowdell, SheUy .... 62. 75, 96, 143 Dressier, Dawn 105, 136, 139, 159, 181, 198 Dudley, Malinda 115 Dunbar, Marcus . 89, 96, 134, 138 Shellon 37, 133, 138 Durr, Aric 115, 134, 138 s Eckerl, Healher . 37. 135, 140. 167 Edmonds, Roberi . . 96, 138 Eisbart, Josh . 73, 105, 138. 142, 169 Elkins, Eric. . 55, 56, 105, 137 Evans, Branl 105 Teresa 115 Tonya 141 Ewing, Ten. 13, 105, 135. 136 7 Falk, Mall 37, 138 Farias, Lisa 96 Faull, Kendall 105 Fawley, Megan 37 Slephanie 55, 115 Feldner, Dan . . 105, 134, 141 Felger, Todd .96, 138, 140. 157 FeUis, Jim 11 5 Femyer, Sarila 37 Fey, Roberi 96 Fickert, Coach 127. 134 Fields, Zonitra . . . 96. 139. 142 Filchak, Rob. . 16, 37. 49, 132 Fisher, Demelrias .... 96, 138, 156 Mary 47 Fletcher, Trudy 96 Flowers, Jane 115, 136 Folk, Keilh 105 Fomby, Raymond ... 115, 134, 141, 142 Vickie 17. 37, 62, 75 Forbes, Kyle. . . Ill, 115. 121 Randy 96 Foreman, Keilh . 37, 134, 141. 161 Kris 11,37.82, 141 Fowerbaugh, Kurl . . . 96. 138. 140 Mark ... 63. 73, 106, 138 Fowler, Herman 106 Fox, Shawn 115 France, Lisa 7. 47 Franklin, .Ashley 106 Fredrick, Chris 115 Freeman, Chris 88 Krislie 96 Michelle ... 115, 135, 140 Fremion, Milch 106, 134, 138 FRY, D.WID. . 127. 136, 142 DEB . . 127, 135. 142, 147 LINDA 34, 127 Index 187 FVLTON. JANDV 127 Fullz. Mliidv 70. 115 Robin 70. 106 Gaff. Jeanelle 4 . Katie 96 Gagnon. Chris 96 Gamez, Elizabeth 47 Teresa 115 G.4NDY, DON - 11. 127. 134. 141. 169. 196 Garcia, Garfield 4i Tons 96 Garner. .Mien 69. 96 Garretl. Amy 115 Caria 55. 96 Ganer, Mike 106 Gaskill, David 106 Doug 96 Gasvoda, Jamie 106 Gallon, Lisa 37. 55 Gaulden, Lisa .96. 158. 159. 198 GEIBLE, REBECCA 127 Gensic. Barb 64. 68. 72. 97 Getz. Rob 38 Gilbert, Dan 106 Glass, Mark 38 s. Josh Goim, Josh . . - - 106 Gonzale§, Mike - 106 116 Scott . . . 106. 134 Gooden, Anthony 38 Staci 116 Goodwin, Wendy 97 Gordon, Grelchen . . 106. 135. 140 Tammy ... 47 Gornick, Rich 97 Gorlazar, Gonzal 141. 142. J . . 38. 48. 50. 149. 161. 169 GOSS. DON 127 Gottfried, David 38 Grace, David . . . 106 Graham, Wade . 38 Green, Sandra 38 Sherri . . . 116 Greene, Amy . 38. 52. 64 Shelby , , . . 64. 116. 141 Sherrie 74 GREENWOOD, CARMEN 130 Greer, Chad . 106. 141 Gregg, Jon 106 Greider, Robert 116 Sf olt Gridler, Jeni 38. 137 Grimes, Brian 97 Grimme, Melissa 19.38 Groover, Richard 116 Grover, Marilyn 89, 106 Guenin, Teresa 106 Guggisberg, Tim . 70. 73. 97. 137 Gutmann. Sondra 116. 193 HABEGGER, I ' lllL 127 Hale. Robert 38 Hamblin, Brian. . . 38. 50. 142. 143 Hanim, Tracie 38 Hannah, .Man . 116. 121. 138 Hansen, Darreli 106 Hardin, Tom 73 Hardrix, Jerome 116 Jimmy 38 Hardy, Artclethe 80. 116 Harris, Alvin 124 Cassandra 55. 116 Madison 63. 106 Millie 131 Harrison, Steve 63. 106 Tim 38. 77 Hart, Stephanie 39, 135 Harter, Chris .... 70. 97. 149 Hatch, Deondra 55. 106 Richard 106 Hawkins, Tim 97. 140 Hayes, Amy 97. 140 Heimann, Michelle 116 Helmer, Kris .... 15. 63. 106 Henry, Dawn 106 Hensinger, Dorothy 131 Hensley, Shonna 116 Herber, Ben 106 Heredia, Monica 106 Herring, Elaine 97 Herron, Lynetle 55, 116 Hess, Jim 116, 137. 138 John 106 Hicks, Virginia . 97, 133, 136, 139. 158. 1.59. 170. 198 Hill, Fabian 116 Renee 97 Hindenlang, Chad 68. 106 Hinton, Laura 39. 135. 141, 163 Hilzeman, Mark 116 Hoffman, Bruce 97 Dawn 62 Kathy 106 Hofmann, Molly 47, 77 Hogg, Hob 39, 63 Steve 55, 56, 107 Holley, Irene 107, 139 HOLLINGSWORTH, JULIE 81,82, 127, 140 Hood, Ryan 63, 107 Hoover, .Aaron 116 Hopkins, Jim .6. 107. 138. 142 Horstmeyer, Gwen . . 63. 107 HOUSER, John 125. 127. 134. 142 Howard, Annette 107, 135, 141 Kevin 62, 75, 116 Howe, Nikki 116 Howell, Amy 97 Karen 136, 150 Howie, Chris 63, 97 Hubley, Ryan . 63, 97, 134 Huffman, Dawn ... 39, 62, 75 Humphries, Charles . 107, 134 Hutchinson, Angle 97 Julie 47, 77 Hutson, Ryan 97, 140 Hyde, Michelle 39 Ice, Tiffany 81, 1 16. 136, 193 Tom 92, 93, 97 Imhoff, Derek 97 Ivev, Damon 97, 141 Jackson, Eric 107 Jaenicke 116 Sandra 47 Tamnii 39 Jason, Laughlin 116 Jehl, Becky . . 8, 17, 30. 31. 34. 39. 135, 180 Jenkins, Olis 116, 134 Jernigan, Marc 107 Jewel, Russ 97 Russel 31 Johnson, Billy 107 Brianna 56, 63, 86 Corey . 107, 121, 134, 142 Ronnie 142 Tracey 47 Joker, Jenny 116 Jones, Tonya 29,97, 142 Jordan, Nelson ... 39, 62, 75, 140 Juergens, Scott . 39. 62. 75. 137 Kaperka, Belli . 39. 139. 197 Kathy . 73, 107, 139, 140 Kast, Doug 107 Kelly 107, 121 KaufTman, Chris 107 Kell, Robin 107 Keller, Chuck 107 KELLEY. NANCY .... 62, 75, 127 Kelly, Sue 98 Kelso, Michelle 107 Kennedy, Beth . 86, 107, 141 King, Danvelle 139 Mark 39 Michelle 77, 107 Kinsey, Katie 107 Malt 107 KinU, Pam 62, 75 Kintz, Pamela 39, 62 Kinzer, John 107 Shannon 107 Kirby, Angle 39 Kline, Sandv 39, 141 Knappenberger, Gina .31, 62. 71. 75, 86, 98 Knight, Calvin 39, 138 Knuth, Amy 39 Koehlinger, Irv . 40, 63, 177 Kohart, Stephanie 107 Kokovay, Bob 98, 136. 142 Karen 107 Kordes, Lori 98 Kounbandith, Amphone ... 40 Kratzert, Kim 40. 62. 75 Krewson, Angie 98. 141 Kuhn, Ronald 127 Kump, Cindv 13. 40 Ladig, Jeff 19. 40. 56 Joe 116. 134. 138 Lagrone, Terry 116 Lake, Christina 63. 116 LAKE, GARY HI. 124 LAMBERT, JAMES 127 Lambert, Stacy 116 Lampkins, Tom 107 Landers, Hannah ... 116. 142 Landrigan, Coleen . . 64, 116 Langmeyer, Amber 47 Lanier, Yolanda 116 Lantz, Eric 98 Lapsley, Gary 98, 107 Lebrecht, Stephanie 98 188 Index J L -e, Jason 107, 140 LEE, KEVIN 135, 138 Leeper, Tracy , 98. 136. 140 Lehman, Corey . 117. 138 Lehner, John . 40. 63. 177 Leiand, Grant 98 Leshore, Mylrell 134 Lewis, Bridgelle 40 Lichtsinn, Mark 98 Linnemeier, Renee 139 Russell 40. 134. 141. 142. 170, 194 Litzenberg, Kim 98 Logan, Eric 98 Tina 107 LOHR, CARTER 127 Long, Mike 107 LONG, RON 140. 141 Lopez, Lisa 30. 98 Lothamer, Dawn 64. 107. 136 Lozano, Julia . . 40 MaeDonald, Sieve 1. 40 MADDEN, THOMAS 124 Mahalhy, Tracy 55. 1 1 7 Malott, Pally 98. 140 Mann, Sandv .23. 24. 53. 64. 68, 72. 95. 98. 136 Manning, Kolika 107 Manor, Craig 117 Mante, Tony ... 1. 33. 40. 50. 64. 69 Manler, Holly 117 Marker, Margarel 117 Marks, Chris ... 40. 134. 140 Marquardt, Phil 107 MARTIN, GREG 140 Martin, Kim 40 Martinez, Angle 68. 107 Gina 117 Marisol 72. 98 Shelly 40 Yolanda 107 Mason, Kim 40 MATTIX, RICHARD 128 Maurer, Kirslen 117 Maxwell, Florida 40 May, Mandi 69. 107 Maynard, Angle ... 63. 64. 70, 98 Missy 117 McBride, Chrisline 98 McCartney, Dawn 1. 31. 62. 75, 98 McCary, Jim 117 McClendon, Leroy 107 McCormick, Corev 98 McCoy, Mike 98 1 McCracken, Frederick 41 | McEIvene, Eric 117 Sieve ... 107 McGee, Kimberls 117 McGraw, Marvin 117. 134. 138 McKeeman, Everell 117. 137 McKendree, Roberl 117 McKinley, Dawn 68. 15. 16. 64. 70. 73. 98 McMurtry, Jesse 107. 141 McPheeters, Joe 107 Medford, Teresa 107 Medina, Brian . 108 Meese, Angle . . . . . 62, 75 Menlzer, Renaye 41 Mercer, Lisa . . . 41 Messer, Janis . . 41 Metzger, Chris . 41. 142 Michael, Jennifer 108 Robin . . 41. 71 Miller, Darnell . . 108. 141 Dianna ... 179 Healh 108 Jeff 99 Jon 99 1 Joseph . 125. 128 1 Sharon 131 1 Shawn . . 41, 50. 64. 68. 69. 1 86. 143. 179 1 Sieve 111 117. 121 1 Tina ... 1, 52. 64. 75. 98. 1 143 1 Milligan, James " 7 Mills, Shane , . . . 14. 108 1 Mihon, Derrick . 108. 138 Minnick, .Angle . 99 136. 141 Minor, Michael 108 Willie 117. 142 Mitchell, Erin 108 Jeff .108 Jodi . 41. 77 Mitora, John . 47 Monroe, Chris . . .117 Moore, Chris . . . 99 Jeremy 117 Norman 41, 49. 67 Sara 117 Scoll 99 Tornell 41 Morey, Phil 128 Morgan, Dora 117 Mall 55. 74. 117 Sheleena 117 Morris, Felicia 77. 99 Mowan, Michelle 3. 41. 77. 135. 141 Moyer, Angle . 64. 108. 143 Caihy 117 Chrisline 19. 41 James 41 Mueller, Scoll . . 108. 136. 137 Muhammad, Omar 117 Murphy, Lee 41 Murray, Jennifer 117 Kelly 41 Myers, Cindy 41 Mytrell, Leshore 47 Naselaris, Kalliy 117 Naylor, Rodney 117 Neal, Cindv 42. 136 Renee 108 Neel, Nalhan ! . 108 Nelson, Leisa 42 Neuenschwander, Mike 85. 99 Neuhaus, Casie 99 Jenny . 42 Nevers, Kris . . 108. 135. 136 Nierman, Lee 108. 134 Nieves, Teresa 117 Nikdaenka, Sherri 42 Niman, Shannon 99 Nino, Eslher 47 Rigo 31. 97. 99 Nusbaun, Tammv 117 o Oldham, Pat 131 Onion, Dean 42 Orr, Jenny 117 Otis, Jeremy 99 Owens, Amy 117 P Pace, MarcN 108 Page, Felicia 12. 99. 142 Pankop, Tish 10. 42. 50. 52. 56. 64. 86 Parker, Debbie 99 Parra, Belinda 42.77 Paschall, Elisha . 86. 117 Patterson. Marcus . 42. 134 Vicky 117 Patlon, Tim 134. 142 Paul, Renee 42 Payne, Barb 99 Pease, Slacy 42 Peckhara, Mall 117. 134 Peconge, Doug 42 Pence, Michelle 117. 193 Penn, Amy 42. 62. 75 Perkins, Chrisline 108 Dig into that ice cream, boys! Mr. Harris, Mr. Lake and Mr. Madden ferociously attack the flavored treats as John Dixie and Demetrias Fisher obtain a chillin pose. Index 189 Greg 138. 142 Perrj , Todd 42 Peterson. Cameron 117 Phifer. keUi 42. 142 PUson, Jason 108 Jodi 42 Pirtle. Trinetta 108 Piatt. David 47 Pletcher. Rhonda . 108. 143 Poeppel, Glenn 42 Poindexter, LaShawn 99 Shern 108 Polcsak. Jackie 117 Potter, Jeannie 99 Potts, Mike 117 PoweU, Denny 47. 135 Sarah , . 64. 108, 134. 136 Pressler. Brian 99. 136. 141 Pullil, Vi] 43 Purdy, Cynthia 43 Putt, Ben 117 Jennie 117 2 Quake, Mis 117. 136, 141. 142 Raber, Trena 43. 68 Ramsey, Jody 43. 62. 75 Randle, Crystal 43 Randolph, Jeff 43, 138, 140 Nicki . . 83, 117, 139, 140 Raskosky, Doug 43 Redding, Chris 99, 140 Reece, Jeff 108 Reed, Aretha 43 Tammy 117 Todd 43 Reese, Sammy , 99, 140, 141, 160 Reeves, Anjonette 43 REINHARD, ARLAND 64 Restivo, Chns . 31, 140, 165 Reynolds, DeCarlo 106, 108 Evelyn 108 Jim 139, 142 Pamela . 1, 6, 19, 31, 64, 69, 95, 99 Rhode, Nathan 117 Rice, Billy 117 Richards, Andy 62, 75 Ken 99, 134 Khrysla 117, 141 Michael 43 Richardson. Charlotte . - 31, 62, 75, 99. 143. 199 Lorie 43 Sam 99 Riddle, Tina 64. 71. 99 Rider, Bonn 108 Ripple, Jeff 7. 108. 136 Roach, Eric 118, 138 Rachael 14, 43, 76 Robertson, Ron 118 Robles, EmUio ... 56, 64, 104, 108 Roby, Michele 43. 86 Rodriguez, Alejandro .... 140, 165 Karia 55. 118. 139 Ramiro 43 Ron 31. 100 Ronnie 31 Roemer, Vince Ill, 118 Rogers, Karen 43, 74 Kevin 44 Madeline 44 Marcus 118. 141 Reggie 118, 138 Roop, Timm 17, 44, 69 Rorick, Bryan 100 Rosales, Sofia 38, 64, 100 Rose, Shawn 44 Ross, Kris 44 Laura 118 Rowlett, Chris 100 Roy, Jennifer 55, 1 18 Ruch, Gary 118 Rutan, Amy 63. 118 Ryckman, Dain 108 s Salter, Nikki 108 Saylor, Tania .... 64, 69, 104, 108, 134, 136, 141 Scantlin, Jeff 14, 55, 56, 57, 100 Scheiber, Holly 135 Missy 44, 135 Schemling, Wendy 64 Schenkel, Matt 100 Scheppele, Pam 108, 141 SchiHli, Eilene 131 Schlundt, Tavis .... 15, 55, 56, 100, 142 Schmeling, Wendy .... 68, 72, 100, 135, 136 Schmidt, Gabrielle 30, 31, 100 Schmitt, Craig 100, 140 Melody 1, 44, 53, 64, 69, 72, 143 Schoeph, Joey 56, 63, 73, 100 Schuram, Tammy 100 Scott, Angie. ... 108, 139, 158 Brian 44 James 108 Kevin 47 Shirley . . 62, 75, 100, 142 Sears, Anthony . 108, 134, 138, 142 Seitz, KcUi 100 MarshaU 108, 110 Sessions, Tony 108 Shaekels, Tina 55, 118 Trade 100 Shallenberger, Debbie .... 44, 141 Sharp, Dan 100 Shaw, Ed 100 Sheckels, Melissa .... 15, 118, 139, 140 Sheets, Leslie 44, 77 SHERBONDY, BETTY 141 Sherwood, Kelly 72, 100 Suzanne 118 Shimer, Jeff 44, 140 Shinn, Robin 44 Shirely, Angie 118, 119 Shoda, Scott 108 Shroyer, Kevin 118 Rocky 108 Shultz, Delores 131 Sievers, Tom 118, 134 Simmons, Tony 108 Singleton, Slacy . . 56, 63, 108 SINKS, JOHN 124 Sizemore, Treva 100 Skaggs, Dale 64, 100 Smith, Aerasteed 44 Amy 70, 118 Deanna 108 DeWayne . . 118, 134, 138 Dorothy 47 Ellen 44 Lea 118 Lisa . 13, 89, 108. 135 Quincy 118 Regina 55. 118 Scoll 15 SMITH, TOM 137 Smithson, Cindy 44 Snawder, Kim 118 Teresa 118 SNYDER, JEANETTE . . 54. 55, 56 Sona, Dave 108 Ed 44 Sorg, Wendy 55, 56, 64, 71, 100 Sowers, Jason 118 Spence, Curiic 45, 74 Spinks, Catrina 108 Spinner, Khris ... 45, 50, 142, 148. 149 Spranger, Ron 108 Sprouls, Julie ... 55, 100, 137 Squires, Teisha 108.135.140 Subelli, Mia 45 Stading, Judie 118 SUnley, Alice ... 64. 100, 137 Stantz, Sandra 45 Stark, Cari . 108, 141, 143 Kristin 68, 73, 109, 143 Starks, Angela 109, 139 Carmen 67, 143 Starn, Jeff 71, 74, 109 Starnes, Sara 118 Stech, Tim 100 Steffen, Tara 118 Stein, Jason . 23, 24, 63, 100, 177 Wendy 12, 29, 64, 68, 70, 72, 73, 100, 136 Steinke, Chad . 109, 138, 142 Stephens, Mike 100 Trina 100, 141 Stephenson, John 109 Stetler, Krisly 14, 118 Stevens, Shane 47 Trina 162 Valery 100 Stevenson, Sandra 45 Shawn 45 Steward, Alice 45 Slier, Aaron 100, 134, 140 Jeffery 47 Slirlen, Chris 118 Stonebraker, Holly 63 Stoppenhagen, Lisa . 118, 136 Storey, John 118 Stoudimire, Annette 118 Strickland, MarUyn 109 Strole, Barb 45, 77 STUBBS, WILLIE. . 124, 134, 139 Stuckey, Ben 100 Matt 70, 118 Study, James 100 Jenny .69, 76, 109, 136, 141, 174 Sturdivant, Shane 100 Suarez, Yolanda 47 Sullivan, J.R 109 Surack, Todd 109 Surber, Dan 54, 55, 66, 76, 118 Sutherland, Glen 45 Tim 118 Sutton, Chuck . 6, 45, 51, 64, 134, 143 Swaidner, Richard 100 Swann, Janice 45 Swink, Waneta . . 55, 109, 141 Szeman, Mike 118. 134 190 index 7 Talley, Chaunell 100 Tarr, Mike 64, 100 Taylor, Jerry 118 Pat 109 Teague, Julie 118 Terry, Matt 134 Tharp, Tara 118, 136 Thayer, Marie 118 Thomas, Caria 118 Larry 101, 134 Stanley 118 Steve 109 , Thompson, Lori 118 TILKER, GERRY 140 Tomlinson, Jenny . 1. 16, 31, 101. 143 Robert 45 Tonkel, Tammy . 45, 139, 140, 166 Todd 118, 138 Townsend, Cliff . , , 118, 134, 138 Tim . . 106, 109, 134, 138 Travis, Tammy . 45, 51, 64. 72 Treace, Bill 109 Connie 109, 141 Trice, Latonda 118 TRICOLAS, GEORGE ... 125 Troutman, Bonnie . . , 70, 118, 141, 143 Troulner, Rose 101 Truelove, Keith 109 Tschanlz, Mindy 118 Tuesca, Chris 101. 166 Turner, Darlene 56 Theresa 70, 119 It Uhrick, Julie . 101 140. 167 Underwood, Janet . . 109 Wanda 119 Vachon, Jodi r 109, 135 Jody 135 Vasquez, Ana . , 45. 77 Esteban 119 101 Martin 119 Ronda 45 Tino 119 Vaughn, Angie 101 Pete 109 VAUGHN, TERRY . 63 Veazey, Larry 101 101 Venderly, Brent 109 Voghl, Bobbi 64, 72, 101 | Vulgamott, Kinda . . . 55, 109 Wade, Carl . 47. 138 Walda, David 101 Walker, Chris 47 Jackie 46, 139 Janice 119 Lavon 46 Tyrone 101 Wallace, Chris 119, 134 Raymond 101 Sonja 46, 139 Walsh, Donald 46 Walton, James 119 Ward, Tanya 47. 77 Wash, Erricka 119. 139 Eihon 119 Washington, Shynl 101 Tahirih 109. 139 Watkins, Karmen 119 Watson, John 119 Lisa 15, 46 Waymire, Tonya 109 Weaver, Lance 85. 109 Mark 101, 138, 140 WEAVER, PATRICI.A 124 Webb, Lavona 109 Mark 119 Mike 101 Pamela 46 Robert 109 Stacy 119 Weber, Ric 141. 160 Webster, Chris 109, 195 Tony 1, 69, 142, 143, 168, 169 Weemes, Araina ... 109, 139 Shona 46 Weigold, Cathy 46 Weikel, Cobi . , 64, 68, 72. 101 Welborn, Jim 134 Welch, James 119 Patty 46, 77, 141 Welker, Gary 46 Well, Robert 138 Wells, Thomasina ... 119, 139 Weprin, Kim 15, 109 Werraager, Scott 46 West, Ron 101 White, Curt 119 Jess 119 Shadwaynn ... 13, 15. 46. 56. 194 Whitesell, Mike . 8. 33. 34. 46, 64, 180 Whitmer, Greg 101 Jeff 101 Joe 46 Whitmore, Stefanie 119 Wiegnian, Adam 119 Brian 46, 88 Wiggs, Stephanie 119 Wildey, Dawn 109 Wilenski, Jeff 109 Wilkes, Artelia 14, 47 Williams, Charity ... 109. 143 " Welcome to our beautiful parking lot. Not all bushes be- come politicians, and I ' m really more into friendly chatting. " Erin 28, 68, 72, 73, 101, 135. 136. 150 Lawrence ,119. 134 Matthew 119 Michelle .119 Sieed 101, 140 Whin 56, 109 Willis, Courtenay ... 47, 62, 75 Wilson, Brad 47, 86 WILSON, DAN 138 Wilson, Don 109 Mark 109, 138, 140 Reta 119 Windsor, Hidy 47 Winget, Lori 109 Wirges, Brian . 109, 136. 140. 148 Woods, Kyra 74. 119 Worman, Ann 119 Elizabeth 109 Wright, Penny 101 Wyatt, Linda 101 Wynn, Jennifer 47 Ybarra, Brian . 47. 109. 134 Danae 109 KeUy 119 Kim 109 Sylvia 119 Tracy 47 Yerskey, Joe 101 YODER, DEE. ... 69, 82, 196 Yoquelet, Blaine 47 Zabolotney, Rick 119 Zent, Patti 101 Observant perusers of this yearbook will note the addition of an extremely talented stu- dent who played sports, academically excelled, and was generally won- derful. Will Pullit exist- ed only in the fun- loving imaginations of the staff. Index 191 Though driving is the pre- ferred mode of transportation, yellow busses serve a purpose. Sometimes it ' s comforting to know you can snooze instead of watch the road. Maybe it ' s selfish of me, but I want to use this space for myself — to tell you about the book and about my staff. We worked hard, shed tears of frustration, and occasionally, laughed a little. About the staff — they called me the slave driver. But I hope they know how much I appreciate all they did. Sandy and Missy got stuck with ads be- cause they can draw a straight line. Erin received the unofficial title of assistant editor because she helped me keep my sanity. Shelly, as our only senior, had to organize the senior index — no easy job! Emilio, drafted mid-year, willingly drew and redrew most of the art. If you read a caption that ' s really creative, Mrs. Yoder probably wrote it. We couldn ' t have done it without her. Special thanks to Bob Mahl, Melody Lundquist, Taylor Publishing, Root Photographers, and the Software Support Group, who saved me in des- perate moments. And I ' d like to thank the Academy . . . One final thought: never use a computer — I ' m sure they ' re tools of the devil!! Anyone who en- tered the pub room on a bad day will know I truly mean that. And oh yeah — enjoy the book. — Wendy 192 Closing gl J PF ' Editor-in-chief ( Assistant editor Staff (slaves) Ads Index Ar twork Photo editor Photographers Ad manager Business Mana Advisor Principal Cover design slave driver) Wendy S (overtime worker) Erin Willi. Missy Andr Barb Ge Sandy M Angle Marti Shelly Marti Dawn McKiri DeCarlo Reyn( ' Sofia Ros Wendy Schme Kristin S Gobi We Sandy Mann Missy Andn Dawn McKir Emilio Rol Shawn M Chad HindenI Phil Marqu, Chris Row Wendy S Deb Coc ger Jason S Dorothy Yc Dr. Arleen Zumb Shelly Marti .) i BRUmSSnNLIBRUmSS flNLIBRUm BRumssnNLiBRu mssnNLiBRum o

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