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Living on the All the Edges 4 Back to the Edge 18 Freshmen — Starting the Climb 32 Life on the Edge 68 Sophomores — On- ward and Upward 82 Above and Beyond 100 Juniors — At the Edge 114 Sports — Pushing the Limit 146 Keeping it Sharp 156 Seniors — Stepping Over 177 Ads — Supporting it All 188 Index — Keeping it Straight EDGi, ELMHURST HIGH SCHOOL 3829 SANDPOINT RD. FT. WAYNE , IN 46809 Title ?,%; " After a good, hearty meal, it ' s time to lean back and relax. Shown here are Sonja Wallace, Brenda Beat, Jackie Walker, and Sandra Stevens. Many expressions and emotions can be seen in the faces of these band members as they play at the 1986 Homecoming game. Opening THE COSOAI EDGF « ::«3 . L iving on the edge -Daring to push beyond -Feehng accomplished and proud! Stride with certainty to the very edge and even beyond. Strive to be the very best. Struggle to put on that achieving extra effort. Go beyond what is usual, normal, accepted, expected. Reach out for it all and know what it means to live on the edge. Between classes, Morris Williams and Shona Weems take a moment to enjoy the hall movement. Opening A Long- Summer The summer is over. Now it ' s time to return to school. Many of us dread this cime of year from the time we get out in June until we are already several weeks into the school year. We don ' t like giving up the freedom of summer to the seemingly endless days of tests, homework, and teachers. However, we must face it, and we do. After a while we find out that it ' s really not that bad after all. We ' re with our friends who are suffering right along with us, which makes it a little easier. Soon the school work becomes routine and the days and weeks pass by, slowly but surely. Before you know it, summer is here again and we regain that freedom we lost nine months earlier. Then we are free, free to worry about the upcoming school year in the fall Back to the Edge The fine details are very important as shown by Kristin and Cari Stark as they prepare for the Homecoming pep-session. Sometimes you just have to let loose and act crazy. Showing their smiles are Tami Jackson, Mary Phifer, and Artelia Wilkes. Stepping off the bus on his way to another day of school is Norman Moore. Coming to school can seem to be a real drag sometimes. Lesia Ben- jamin and Youlanda Kinnie ' s faces show their feelings as they make their way to the doors. Back to the Edge O ; se peariy whstesi Pictured are Lisa Berry, Scott, Micheile KeJso, Lenny Bowen, Artelia Mary Phifer, Tami Jackson, and Larry Look at that spirit! Jeff Spillers knows how to show his school spirit even as he rushes from one class to another. The essence of the year coalesces duriiuBpirit week. This is the one week out of the year that stB ts and staff really go to the limit to show their creapvity and pride in their school. The fun-filled days are inundated with excitement and wonder at the activities f»f the week. The smiling faces of exhilarated EHS students fill the decorated hallways as punkers and sockhpppers pass by. The week ends with the Homecoming game. Win or lose, the memories and feelings k f rhe v eek-Hve on and are a fondly remembered part of high •ifcr f . Back to the Edge f Ti»2ti ' ; " - " " " ' ■ ' ' ' ' Jeff Moyer and a friend enjoy spirit week ' s PJ day as they walk down the hall together. What strange disease has affected this group of EHS students? It ' s called school spirit and during spirit week it was an epidemic. Pic- tured are Patty Davis, Keith Foreman, Kris Foreman, Chris Harter, and Tom Krouse. Back to the Edge Go ahead and jump for school spirit at EHS! Varsity cheerleader Wendy Dirig goes to the limit to raise the excitement of the crowd. Coach Tom Smith draws the at- tention of both crowd and team with a few inspirational words on the game against Bishop Dwenger that evening. O ' rk to the Edge Mr. Football 1986, Tom Krouse, steps up to the microphone to thank all who helped him. The sophomore float members included Wendy Stein, Sandy Mann, and Wendy Schmeling. Three Cheers for Old EHS! This year ' s pep session was about the best one that we ' ve ever had. The decorations were stupendous as were the participants and the crowd. Enthusiasm was the best in years, reminding us how a pep session should be. This year was a great example of how much fun EHS spirit can really be ! Back to the Edge 9 Seniors Continue Tradition of Success The drizzling rain didn ' t subdue the two teams ' en- thusiasm at the Senior-Junior Powderpuff game. On a muddy field, the seniors struggled to retain their reign over the determined juniors. The " cheerleaders " kept the crowd going at half-time by displaying their cheers and challenging the sophomores to a game of tug-o-war. After half-time the battle continued, and the seniors, for the second year in a row, came out on top. BacAi to the Edge !E I P lib V:. Tyra Richardson charges down the field, pushing the seniors towards their eventual win over the juniors. The lovely junior powderpuf- fers pause a moment to show their stuff in between cheers. It ' s a good thing beauty is only skin deep, or this group of " girls " might be in a little trouble. According to fan response, the senior powder-puff cheerleaders were a very large factor in this year ' s game. A vision of beauty, this young " lady " . Dean Barrett, anxiously awaits the start of the game. Back to the Edge Eric Nelson smashes onto the football field as the cheerleaders give him a very warm welcome. Brad Firrie and Eric Dorias give each other " ten " for a fine play as Coach Tom Smith stands by. r: - ' - to the Ed, Saints March by Trojans When it comes to school spirit it ' s hard to beat Elmhurst High. This was very obvious to those who at- tended this year ' s Homecoming game. Even with the threat of rain, many Elmhurst students from both the past and the present packed the bleachers to give the Trojan football players support as they rivaled off against the Bishop Dwenger Saints. In this grueling match-up of strength and durability, the Trojans fought with all they had, b ut unfortunately were unable to stop the superb playing of the Saints. Although we didn ' t win, one good thing did result from the game. This was the first year we played on our own field instead of Wayne ' s. This proved to be a success and looks to be a prime factor in homecomings to follow. I Coach Tom Smith has a few words with the referee in between plays. The hardy Trojan defense faces off against the Saint ' s mighty offense in an effort to stop the Saint ' s drive down the field to the Elmhurst end Back to the Edge 13 With gilsnmeFlng smiies; freshman court member, DeCario Reynolds and her escort, Tim Townsend, are presented to the crowd. Arm-in-arm, senior Tanza Imhoff and escort Neil Fanger make their way towards the bleachers. mt A Night to emember B As the first half ended, the bleachers were pulled out and the M homecoming court made their way along the track. The senior m court members this year were: Nathalie Aguilar escorted by Tom Uhrick, Jenny Clements escorted by Greg Durnell.Tanza Imhoff escorted by Neil Fanger, Tyra Richardson escorted by Bernard Williams, and Kim Mazzola escorted by Rick Stanley. All of the court members were lovely, but one had to be chosen above the rest to be Homecoming Queen 1986. Missy Richards, Homecoming Queen 1985, had the honor of passing |. her crown on to Tyra Richardson. At the announcement of the queen, several hundred balloons were let loose into the night air ' band began to play. Homecoming ' 86 was moving into 14 Back to the Edge After recei ving her crown and roses. Homecoming Queen Tyra Richardson smiles as she takes her throne. Tyra Richardson is led to her throne by 1985 Homecoming Queen, Missy Richards. Back to the Edge 15 Selling tickets is an important part of any dance. Shown are Tish Pankop and Amy Greene. Dancing into the Night Retreating from the muggy, rain-dampened night, masses of students crammed into the gaily decorated gym. Blaring music and elated students, both past and present, gave new meaning to the word " noise " . The dancing continued well into the night as Mr. Kendall played hit after hit to the thrill of the crowded dance floor. This finale of spirit week provided an outlet for the excitement which had been building up all week in EHS students. More than anything else, however, the dance was just a good, fun time that gave a perfect en- ding to a great spirit week ' 86. 16 Enjoying the music of the dance are Tom Anspach. Jody Ramsey, Karen Kokovay, and Mike Webb. Just rela;: and let your body sway to the beat oJ .he music. The dance was a good place to be with your friends and have a great time as the spirit week celebration came to an end. Back to the Edge - ♦snL- Many emotions and per- sonalities can be seen in the faces of the crowd. Shown here are Michelle Mowan, Shane Stevens, Foxy Beatner, Jose Montalvo, Tony Mante, and Gabrielle Schmidt. Demonstrating a new dance move is Charles Backs, as Ric Weber intently watches. Back to the Edge 17 Dissecting a frog in biology class can ' t be so catastrophic that Jamie Codling has to use the old throw- ' em-over-the- shoulder trick. The blood rushes to Josh Eisbart ' s head. Starting the Climb " JJA3U«MAjd I Those First Steps 18 After conquering middle school, freshmen were faced with yet another challenge: high school. In Starting the Climb to the top, endurance and hard work were displayed by the freshmen. With help from fellow students the class of ' 90 has successfully made a name for themselves. The years that await them are going to be demanding of them just as this past year has been. Being able to have fun is going to make the difference. The Freshmen Class has displayed this quality. Starting the Clim Realizing that high school is not always hard work, Stacy Singleton and Kris Helmer find time to catch up on the latest news flashes. - - - r Life can ' t be all work and no play. For Mike Gonzales it ' s time for play. Larry Bird hasn ' t got anything on him. %- Starting the Clim b 19 Make-up techniques are a skill that Jeff Starns has seemed to acquire as he " touches up " during the faSi play " Our Town. " i.;-. a JJJi " ' Being helped out of the limo by the chauffeur, Marcy Pace makes the kind of entrance anyone would envy. Selling candy really paid off as Kinda Vulgamott, Kim Weprin, Marcy Pace, and Gwen Horstmeyer get ready for their free limo ride. Taking Josh Golm ' s blood pressure is Teisha Squire ' s way of helping out during Health Week. Derrick Milton chows down refreshmenti at an Afro-American Club meeting in th Media Center. •-«» ' ■ ' 0 Starting the Climb Jamie Gasvoda accepts the responsibility of car- ing for the baby even while attending the Freshman Parent Coffee. Get Involved! What does a freshman do besides go to class? Well, that ' s a good question. What CAN a freshman do? Just about anything, actually. When a ninth grader walks into Elmhurst, there are so many opportunities to " Get Involved " , it ' s almost mind-boggling. Athletics, the school play, or any other club always in- vite freshman to meetings, looking for members. Sure, you may be nervous about walking into the class meeting alone, but exta-curricular activities are a great way to have fun and make friends. And if you don ' t have time for everything as a freshman, you still have three years left to fit it in! Josh Eisbart and Emilio Robles perform a skit for the Freshman Parent Coffee. Starting the Climb 21 The search is over! After a long and painful search, Chris Webster and Art Aleshire have, at long last, found their destination. If nothing else, Elmhurst toilets are clean. The hand eagerly points to this fine example of cleanliness. Tri Starting the Cli c Chris Webster demonstrates his opinion of those who smoke in the restroom. The RESTROOMS! " May I use the restroom — It ' s an emergency! " " Meet me in the restroom after science. " " Lisa loves Todd " " Todd loves Lisa " " Man! It is im- possible to get from Spanish to drafting and go to the restroom in five minutes. " Restrooms are usual- ly the first place that freshmen discover. The ac- tivities that go on in the restrooms range from fix- ing one ' s hair to doing handstands in the trash cans. Learning to get the most use out of the restrooms is part of expanding one ' s knowledge. One of the less appealing places in the restroom is the depths of the trash cans. Starting the Climb 23 Hey Kid, Want to buy an elevator pass? " The age old prank of selling an elevator pass to freshmen has faded out in the past few years. Dave Avdul said, " I figured Rod McDougall was joking but wasn ' t sure. " As Dave stated, " Luckily I found out there was no elevator at Elmhurst. " Contrary to popular rumor, freshmen at Elmhurst are not overly harassed or terrorized by upper classmen. If they are, then nobody is saying anything about it. The only in- cident of freshmen initiation that could be verified is the shaving cream initiation at band camp. Having survived most of his freshman year without an elevator pass Dave Avdul sits with his mom at the Freshmen Honors Reception. Kim Weprin and Gwen Horstmeyer ... is it really them? — laugh it up during a shaving cream initiation at band camp. 24 Starting the Climb Heather Barker Tinoah Barnes Kelly Barrand Mike Baumgairner Brenda Beai Leslie Beckman Bernice Belcher Jenny Belrz Jason Bennett Gary Benson Troy Biberstine Glen Biddle Pam Boldt Warrell Booher Eric Booker Rosalind Borum Scott Bowland Lukesha Bradford Michelle Brandy Tonya Brecht Tim Breland Fred Bremer Becki Brickley John Brincefield Shawn Brock Chris Brown Dave Brown Welton Brown Chris Buchs Kim Bunn Colleen Burget Stan Buzzelle Carla Conciano Amber Capps David Cardenas Laurie Carpenter Ben Carr Chuck Carrel Tara Carter Angela Catalan Mierta Catalan Cheryl Chavez William Chambless Diana Cherry Bob Christlieb John Christoff Conrad Ciferri Regina Clark Starting the Climb 25 UNCH!!! At the beginning of each school year most freshmen have different fears and opinions of the cafeteria. Two common fears are not knowing who to sit with, or just doing something stupid in the cafeteria. For other students the cafeteria is the same as in middle school except with more people and no assigned tables. After a while, though, most freshmen lose their fears. Lunch is much more than a time to eat for Araina Weemes and Arnez Reynolds. It is also a time to kick-back and relax. Kevin Coakley Jamie Codling Adam Coleman Mike Constantine Cara Contadeluci Les Cook Brian Cornell Sean Cramer Darryl Creech Jerhome Davis Justin Davis Michelle DeWolfe Cyrinthia Dillman Jennifer Dodane Michele DoUarhite Matt Dray Dawn Dressier Stephanie Edgar Josh Eisbart Eric Elkins Brant Evans Teri Ewing Kendal) Faull Dan Feldner Keith Folk Mark Fowerbaugh Herman r(,;v,irT Ashley Frank:-: 26 Starting the Ciii After getting accustomed to the cafeteria Sean Cramer enjoys his lunch. Chrii iTceman Mitch Frcminn Robin Fultz Dee Gaff Mark Gainboa Mike Garver David Cjaskili Jamie Gasvoda Dan Gilbert Josh Golm Mike Gonzales Scott Good Gretchen Cjordon David Grace Chad Geer Adam Grimme Teresa Guenin Darrell Hansen Madison Harris Steve Harrison Deondra Hatch Richard Hatch Kris Helmer Dawn Henry Ben Herber John Hess Chad Hindenlang Kathy Hoffman Steve Hogg Irene Holley Melinda Holloway Roserta Holmes Dachell Hoover James Hopkins Gwen Horstmeyer Sheryl Househoulder Starting the Climb 27 Annette Howard Charles Humphries Eric Jackson Keith Jackson Marc Jernigan Billie Johnson Corey Johnso» Marc Johnson Kathy Kaperka Doug Kast Chris Kauffman Robin Keil Michelle Kelso Michelle King Steve Kinney Katie Kinsey Matt Kinsey Shannon Kinzer Karen Kokovay Tom Lapkins Demetrius Lee Jason Lee Ollie Leshore Tina Logan Mike Long Dawn Lothamer Bobbie Luckadoo Craig Mahathy Craig Manor Phil Marquardt Angie Martinez Yolanda Martinez Freshmen Fear? A feeling that most freshman experience is fear. The following quotes tell what some of those fears were. " I was very frightened that I was going to get lost and not be able to finu my classes and everyone would be mean and get me lost. " " My greatest fear was that I would have a bunch of teachers that I hated and, YES it came true. " " I was scared I ' d get bad grades. " " I ' y greatest fear was being a freshman and some big — inr coming after me. " 28 Starting the Climb Showing no fear Deanna Smith addresses the Freshman Parent Coffee telling how schools, students.and education has changed the last 40 years. Meeting new people and making new friends isn ' t easy but Ashley Franklin and Brian Medina have learned to over- come that shy feeling. Mandy May Leroy McClenddii Paul McDowell Steven MtElvene Jesse MtMurtry Joel McPheeters Brian Medina Jennifer Michael Heather Miller Shane Mills Derrick Milton Jeff Mitchell Amy Morgan Angela Meyer Scott Mueller Renee Neal Nathan Neel Kris Nevers Lee Nierman Marcy Pace Christine Perkins Jason Pilson Rhonda Pletcher Sarah Powell Joe Ramos Jeff Reece DeCarlo Reynolds Evelyn Reynolds Debbie Richey Ronn Rider Emilio Robles Danille Roy Dain Ryckman Tania Saylor Pam Scheppele Steve Schneider Starting the Climb 29 Tina Schober Angle Scott James Scott Anthony Sears Marshall Seitz Tony Sessions Tim Shank Rocky Shroyer Tony Simmons Stacy Singleton Mekie Smith DeAnna Smith Jeremy Smith Lisa Smith Kim Snawder Dave Sona Catrina Spinks Aaron Springer Ron Springer Teisha Squires April Staley Carl Stark Kristin Stark Angela Starks Jeff Starn John Stephenson Holly Stonebraker Jenni Study J.R. Sullivan Todd Surack Tim Sutherland Waneta Swink Pat Taylor Steven Thomas Tim Townsend Connie Treace Keith Truelove Janet UnderwuoJ ? Jody Vachoi; j Apparent in their walking is the confidence that Brian Medina, Doug Kast, Keith Truelove, and Jason Lee have acquired. 30 5 Starting the Climb f 1 " MP. ,V - Gaining Confidence To sophomores, juniors, and seniors going to the cor- rect classroom, remembering locker combinations, or just feeling confident is almost routine. But to freshmen, who have never been in Elmhurst before, this is not as simple. These anxieties soon disappear and left are some calm, cool, and collected students. No this isn ' t Sugar Ray ' s sister. It ' s Kim Weprin and it ' s evident that she has overcome the dreaded fears that are accompanied with being a freshman. The following members of the freshman class did not have their pictures taken this year: Carol Barbour Kevin Bright Lewis Bright Yolanda Bright Zachariah Bright Brook Cartwright Yolanda Cole Steve Conrad Jason Cuellar Jamal Dixie Micheal Guitard Rosetta Holmes Bryant King J.R. King Kolika Manning Nathan Rhode David Royer Regina Simmons Mark Thayer Annette Washington Robert Weaver Sherwin Wilkes Morris Williams Feci; Vaughn Brent VenJerley Kinda Vulgamocr Johnny Walker Ethon Wash Tahirih Washingti Tonya Waymire Lance Weaver LeVonna Webb Robert Webb Chris Webster Araina Weemes Kim Weprin David Wermager Curtis White Dawn Wildey JeffWilenski Charity Williams Latonya Williams Whitt Williams Donald Wilson Cathy Winebrenner Lori Winget Brian Wirges Elizabeth Worman Brian Ybarra Kim Ybarra Starting the Climb 31 The Elmhurst 8.A.D.D chapter sings for John Lehner, Ryan Hood, and Steve Har- safety while creating a special holiday rison anxiously warm up their trumpets video. before a Jazz Band performance at Glen- brook Mall. O j Life on the Edge School Daze Ahh . . . the hazy, crazy clays of school. The times shared, spent, borrowed or stolen. What did it mat- ter as long as we were there? The way we spent our spare time made up a large part of our life as a student. The lead in the fall play, first trumpet in concert band, or vice-president of the Afro-American club is just a sampl- ing. Taking part in any activity at school can give you any number of opportunities for new experiences, new friends and new means of broadening our horizons. Opening new doors can be like opening your eyes. There can always be an adventure around the corner as long as you are looking in the right places. Making yourself open to all the options that are presented to you is a way to make yourself feel like part of the school. The wide range of activities offered at Elmhurst are a way to steer yourself clear of boredom and having too much time on your hands. Being a part of any group, club or organization could never be a waste of time, for these experiences are the stuff memories are made of. Looking back on the days you spent in high school, instead of the tests and homework, you are most likely to remember hitting the right notes and taking that final bow. Life on the Edge 33 --w " A touch of the master himself. " Peter Flimsey (Joe Webster) produces a magnifying glass to examine a curious spot he has noticed on a chair in the sit- ting room. Pamela Reynolds, as a James Bondian character Charity Haze, receives an in- tent, searching look from tough guy private eye Roi Cechvala. Most of the cast of " The Butler Did It " , directed by Ms. Ge ' », assembled in the luxurious living room of the stately man- sion to listen to Haversham (Beki Wig- gin)relate her story about the face in the window. 84 Life on the Edge The Plot Thickens The lights dim on a half empty stage. A hush falls upon the audience as Act I. Scene 1 of the delightful drama " Our Town " unfolds before them. EHS ' s fall play focused around two adoles- cent people in a small town, George and Emily. The strange twist to this play was that it had little scenery and was a realistic view of life in a small town. The Thornton Wilder play is designed to stretch the acting abilities of the actors involved. Our production showcased the talents of our many fine students. " Watson, I believe I ' ve got something! " Whodunnit! ' ' The butler did it, of course. But no butler showed his face in EHS ' s spring play. The actors in " The Butler Did It " took their antics from some of Hollywood ' s greatest detectives: Miss Marple, Charlie Chan, and the " Thin Man " couple. The scene was laid on a mysterious island inhabited by Miss Maple, her secretary, a goofy maid, and seven illustrious guests. The twists and turns the detectives took were mind-boggling as well as hilarious. By the end of the last scene a single question floated through the minds of all those in the audience, " Who really dunnit? " Why, the maid, of course. " ... the postman brought it just the same. " Con- templating life and its many diversities are George and Rebecca also known as Tavis Schlundt and Corina Dollarhite. As the plot proceeds, Simon Stimpson (Jeff Ladig) directs the local church choral group. Life on the Edge 35 Concert Choir(second soprano8)-Top row: J. Sproules, J. Meuhaus, G. Gordon, Second row: D. Henery, W. Sorg, Bottom row: 8. Weems. Concert Choir(first sopranos)-Top row: C. Garrett, L. Wermager, T. Bunch, L. Brandt, Second row: L. Douglas, A. Dirig, J. Brandt, Bot- tom row: D. Turner, A. Hayes, 8. Barbour, n. Prewitt. The Sounds of Music What could be more beautiful than the lilting voices of young adults raised in song? Making beautiful music is what our choral groups do best. If you happened to have caught one of their performances you would have noticed that many dif- ferent styles and types of songs fall from their lips and are delivered to perfection. The songs are a sound to behold. 36 Training Choir-Top row: K. Atwell, C. Dillman, T. Brecht, Second row: K. Adam, L. Lopez, Bottom row: L. Brad- ford, B. Worman. Concert Choir(Aitos)Top row: S. Kline. M. Wilson, W. Swink, K. Mur- ray, Bottom row: S. McBride, S. White, K. Tancil. Life on the Edge Training Choir-Top row: N. Abdool, M. Thayer, T. Saylor, Second row: K. Vulgamott, W. Williams, C. Chavez, Bottom row: L. Williams, L. Gatton, C. Winebrenner. Touch of Class Top row: M. Williams, N. Ab- dool, S. Roberts. Second row: E. Elkins, 8. Hogg, T. Simmons, E. Robles, Bottom row: N. Clauss, M. Dirig. Trojan Singers-Top row: K. Stoppenhagen, R. Schroeder, B. Wagar, Second row: D. Turner, P. Hill, A. Hayes, S. McBride, C. Weikel, K. Murray, Third row: T. Pankop, M. Clauss, S. White, Bottom row: J. Scantlin, S. Barbour, R. Bueker, L. Wermager, C. Baker. Life on the Edge 37 Seventy-six Trombones Lead the Big Parade . . . . . . Well two were sufficient for the 1986 Marching Band. What they lacked in numbers, they made up for in spirit. Trudging through rain and mud or sweltering hours in the burning sun are tortures that can only be faced by a select few. The rigors faced by the marchers are numerous, but they always manage to pull through with their Trojan pride riding on top. All the work that goes into a show is well worth it for the members who, win or lose, always consider themselves number one. Flutes-Top row: L. Ashworth, A. Reynolds, S. Kelly, Bot- tom row: n. Roby, C. Tuesca. Marching Guard-Top row: C. Williams, Second row: D. McKinley, K. Weprin, Third row: D. Turner, M, Dollarhite, K. Helmer(manager), Fourth row: P. Malott, K. Scrogham, M. Pace, K. Vulgamott, Bottom row: K. Evans, K. Stop- penhagen.(Mot shown, K. Bonham.) Trumpets-Top row: 8. Harrison, R. Hood, G. Becker, J. Lehner, Bottom row: 8. Hubley, A. Maynard, L. Beckman. r.ife on the Edgt 9 ft y sJ P, , Saxophones-J. Brincefield, Hogg, B. Wagner. Clarinets-Top row: J.R. Sullivan, K. Sher- wood, G. Horstmeyer, Bottom row: B. Sherwood, K. Mason, J. Manor. Trombones-Top row: P. Gridler, A. Garner, Bottom row: C. Campbell, M. Fowerbaugh. Life on the Edge laying the Classics What can be said about concert band? As a matter of fact quite a lot! The members of this band do a lot more than toot a horn and bang a daim. The musicians are expected to study and perform and they are tested on their musical knowledge. You must know about rythmn, tempo and timing, which take a considerable amount of concentration and expertise. There are many talented musicians in Concert Band who go to competi- tions and are awarded the highest ratings. So the next time you hear about concert band, don ' t think, " Classical music . . . bor- ing! " think, " A valuable contribution to my school. " Life on the Edge t the Music Play You can ' t get away from the upbeat rhythm of the Elmhurst Pep Band. At every basketball game they could be heard play- ing catchy tunes while the winter guard dazzled the audience with jazzy routines. Together they added to the excitement of the game. Many hours of practice went into the halftime and pregame songs and performances. The band and guard are not given academic credits for their work; however, since they like doing it the audience ' s response is their reward. Pep Band (Saxophones)-Top row: R. Schroeder, J. Brincefield, Bottom row: J. Stein, R. Hogg, R. Wagner. Pep Band (Trumpets)-Top Row: A. Maynard, S. Hubley, J. Lehner, Bottom Row: S. Harrison, R. Hood, L. Beckman, R. Ashworth. Winter Guard-Top row: K. Helmer, P. Malott, J. McCormick, K. Evans, K. Stoppenhagen, Second row: M. Dollarhite, K. Weprin, D. McKinley, K. Vugamott, Bottom row: D. Turner, K. Scrogham, C. Riegling, M. Pace. (Not shown, K. Bonham.) 9, Life on the Edge Pep Band- Clarinets) Top row: A Weems, J.R. Sullivan, T. Squires, 8e cond row: J. Manor, G. Horstmeyer, K. Sherwood, Bottom row: K. Mason, R, Roach, 8. Singleton. Lower Brass: Top: P. Gridler, M. Fowerbaugh, C. Campbell. Bottom: J. Miller. Life on the Edge Trumpets: TOP, 8. Hubley, T Lehner, A. Maynard. BOTTOM, S Harrison, R. Hood. Saxes: TOP, I. Koelinger, L, Ashworth, J. Stein. BOTTOM, B, Wagner, R. Shroeder, R. Hogg Practice Makes Perfect A music student can be seen practicing diligently, sitting on the edge of a folding chair, head bent over a violin or flute. Or a student, with a keen eye on his music, can be seen blowing on his alto sax, keeping time with his foot. These are just two of the sights you might behold if you caught a practice session of the EHS Jazz Band or Orchestra. Trombones: TOP, A. Garner, C. Campell. BOT- TOM, P. Gridler, M. Fowerbaugh. Orchestra: F. Long, T. Richardson, A. Garner. D. Hood, T. Gick, A. Reynolds, A. Maynard. 44 Life on the Edge " ' 9 )n. I Rhythm: TOP, K. buekei, J. Manor, F. Bremer, D. Hood. Bottom, R. Forbes, P. Hill. ■ ■a ■? jP Managers: G. Horstmeyer, M. Roby Strings: TOP, P. Hill, H. Stonebreaker, D. Lothamer, B.Brickley, K. Manning, T. Shank. BOTTOM, K. Stoppenhagen, C. Gagnon, M. Dewolfe, P. Michael, C. Williams. Life on the Edge 45 A Spirit-filled Group Student Council began the year with a large group of en- thusiastic kids. Though by the end of the year the number had dwindled some, and there had been much reshuffling of the officers, the enthusiasm was still there in full force. Among their annual projects were Homecoming and spirit week, carnation sales, and all their dances. There was talk of a one-day exchange program with the North Side Student Council, but unfortunately plans fell through. However, the whole year was a success, under the leadership of President Angle Skaggs. Larry Moyer, Andy Birch, and Matt White bring a load of canned goods into the school during the Miss Virginia assembly. Student Coun- cil ' s annual can drive was once - -ain a success. 4B Life on the Edge Top: E. Robles, A. Stanley, P. Reynolds, S. Rosales, N. Abdool; 2nd: A. Maynard, C. Weikel, W. Stein, D. McKinley, M. Dollarhite; 3rd: S. Mann, W. Schmeling, K. Kaperka, S. Thomas, W. Swink Sandy Mann attempts to teach Melody Schmitt the latest hula moves on Hawaiian Day. Fop: J. Andrews, C. Metzger, B. Reece, J. Webster, R. Cechvala; 2nd: J. Underwood, B. Benzinger, T. Ault, A. Greene, V. Thurner, C. Sut- ton; 3rd: T. Pankop, T. Richardson, A. DiNovo, J. Kruse, W. Dirig, C. Kocks; 4th: C. Baker, Mr. Sinks, A. Skaggs Life on the Edge 47 Ups and Downs The Afro-American Club helps Elmhurst students learn about African heritage. The club has had a very successful year which has included fund-raisers and the organization of school dances. The AFS (American Field Service) had some trouble getting off the ground this year. They have had trou- ble because of the non-settlement of the teacher ' s contract. They were not the only club that felt the effects of this dispute between the teachers and the Ft. Wayne Community Schools. AFS-Bottom Row: H. Cramer, T. Ault. K. Dahman, B. Sherwood, Top Row: W. Stein, D. McKinley, M. King, L. Stein, V. Thurner, M. Haneline. R The Afro-American Reception highlights this club ' s achievements. Tonya Bates munches on the food goodies at the reception. Life on the Edgf Afro-American-Bottom Row: T. Dowdell, D. Smith, R. Washington, C. Starks, F. Page, Second Row: Mr. Williams, K. Scott, M. Rogers, T. Bates, C. Spence, J. Dixie, Top Row: S. Stevenson, D. Smith, F. Morris, C. Randall, A. Morris. Fund raising plays a vital role in a club ' s existance. Bet- sy Sherwood practices her selling technique on Melanie Haneline. Life on the Edge 49 Changing with the Times If you ' ve ever passed by the pub room during fourth or sixth period you may have noticed that it is always buzzing with con- tinuous activity. " Where is a cropper? " , " Copy due NOW! " , and " Don ' t touch anything! " are just a few of the phrases you may encounter. How a bunch of words and pictures come together to form a newspaper or yearbook is quite amazing, even to some staff members. Being a staff member does require that you have a certain creative flair and be able to handle the pressure of deadlines. The yearbook and newspaper are a con- stantly changing entity at EHS as the people behind them come up with newer and fresher ideas. Keeping up with the times and finding a look that works is the responsibility of each staff. Capturing the atmosphere of a school requires a lot of thought and expertise on the part of the writer or the photographer. The Anlibrum and Advance are much more than mere yearbook and newspaper, they are memories and nostalgia which we will carry with us long after our high school years. Top row: T. Coles, A. Garner, T. McArdle, D. Cooper, Second row: G. Anderson, M. Schmitt, C. Colby, K. Seitz, B. Hamilton, D. Yoder, Third row: T. Webster, S. Miller, S. Mangrum, C. Baker, L. Gaulden, Bottom row: P. Reynolds, T. Ault, L. Stein, T. Church • With a trained eye, Tisa Church bends diligently over her work and applies true professional grit as exchange editor. Life on the Edgi Top row: E. Williams, K. Evans, W. Stein, B. Gensic, Second row: S. Miller, J. Webster, S. Resales, Bottom row: W. Schmeling, S. Mann, D. McKinley. Learning to put an ad together is quite intriguing, to begin- ning journalists, Ric Weber and Angela Martinez as they look through ad art books. Wendy Schmeling carefully crops her picture to make sure that it will nt the design of her layout. " Crop it to fit " is a definite rule. Members of the Aniibrum and Advance staff work together in a combined effort to put out two fascinating publications. Life on the Edge 51 Helping a Dad out at the annual father ' s breakfast are Corina Dollarhite and Jennifer Daugherty. ,9 ' U Life on the Edge Taking time out from scoring are Debbie Shallenberger and Michelle Mowan. Grappler Girls-Bottom Row: Mrs. Sher- bondy, M. Mowan, S. Kline, S. Krewson, M. Schmitt, Second Row: K. Foreman, C. Moyer, D. Shallenberger, A. Minnick, Top Row: C. Colby, A. Krewson, J. Daugherty, C. Purdy, P. Welch. Helping Hands If you are ever lost at a school function or need helpful service of any kind the people to turn to are the ones in red. The Redcoats, aptly named, are the helpful students who refill your coffee or orange juice at the father ' s breakfast and they are the ones who pass out information and direct lost visitors around the school. Giving help in another area are the Grappler Girls. These girls help out the wrestlers by keeping score, moving mats and making sure they have their daily amount of citrus. Helpful people make living on the edge a little easier and a lot more fun. Life on the Edge 53 Community Spirit The Women Mentor ' s club at EHS gives junior and senior girls the chance to learn more about the opportunities for women in the working world. Having speakers come in from businesses around the community help young women choose careers that might interest them in the future. The SADD chapter at EHS has been a busy organization this year. Not only did they hold a dance and have candy sales, but they also competed in community contests. The SADD chapter does not wish to preach, but to inform EHS students on the hazard of drinking and driving. With the help of these clubs, EHS students are learning more about the world and the people around them. Hopefully with more organizations like these, students will start taking a more active role in the community. 9 J n omen Mentors-Bottom Row: M. Haneline, H. Bernhart, L. Ashworth, T. ult, W. Dirig, K. Scrogham, B. Hamilton, C. Kump, Second Row: T. lowdell, R. Washington, H. Bernhart, K. Dollarhite, B. Sherwood, A. linovo, A. Knappenberger, L. Martin, T. Travis, Third Row: J. Mitchell, B. trole, T. Richardson, P. Welch, M. Schmitt, T. Pankop, C. Kocks, K. Stop- enhagen, Fourth Row: Mrs. Bennett, S. White, P. Hill, L. Wermager, M. :a8e, H. Eckert, K. Evans, S. Hubley, K. Kennedy. Bill Essex spoke during an assembly on drug and alcohol abuse, sponsored by the SADD chapter during Health Week. ' : Life on the Edgx SADD Bottom Row: Mrs. Bennett, 8. McBride, K. Evans, K. • nv L . Stoppenhagen, Second Row: A. Mavnard K Dahman H Ang.e Dmovo reaches mto a bag of M Ms she is selling. Cramer, T. Ault, Top Row: J. Schoeph.S. Kelly BBoirke w ' Perhaps she 18 contemplating a life as a salesperson. Stein. pn, o. iveiiy, u. tjohnke, W. Life on the Edge S f ' $i • " Moon in a Glass House " , a cut paper design by Chris Webster, made the Scholastic Show during his first year in art class. Andy Birch heads up the Trojan Dragon while Chris Spinner as Bishop Luers Knight, hits the deck from the blast of the Dragon ' s breath. Photo by Denny Powell. Dragon by Mr. Goss and the Art Dept. " Space 2000 " , a computer piece by Larry Moyer, shows the illusion of depth. rtistic Edge Here is the first award winning com- puter art created by Larry Moyer us- ing super high resolution paint soft- ware. Larry ' s work placed in the Scholastic Show at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in February 1987. Denny Powell received one of the top 13 awards at the Saint Francis Col- lege High School Art Exhibit in April 1987. This work is called " Next Equinox " . Artistic Edge 57 Getting Ahead One of the most successful clubs at EHS is the DECA club. DECA has grown immensely in the past few years. The club helps students get ahead in the working world by teaching marketing education and on the job experience. The DECA club has spon- sored many sales, dances and car washes. The whole year culminated with a banquet at the end of the year. The COE club has been equally successful this year. The COE club teaches students who are interested in the field of business. Having the ability to get ahead in the world of business is one that will be very beneficial. Many students get a head start by joining the DECA or COE clubs. Training the future businessmen and businesswomen of Fort Wayne is not an easy job, but it is handled beautifully by the staff here at Elmhurst. Life on the Edge Maria Prewitt and Jody Ramsey know how to have a good time on a DECA bus trip to Bellmont. Flying high and having a great time are DECA members Keith Davis, Sonja Carlin and Steve Boner. COE-Bottom Row: L. Ramsey, G. Bustos, R. McGlothlin, K. Dollarhite, Second Row: M. Saylor, K. Bauch, S. Stalf, Third Row: R. Kelso, K. Smith, L. Stevens, L. Ridenour. Diana Sims shows that COE takes con- centration and hard work. Life on the Edge 59 Keep Growing Here at EHS one sport that is growing larger every year is soccer. Isn ' t soccer the sport of Kings? Well maybe not, but it is the sport of Trojans. The Elmhurst soccer club is very competitive in both in- door and outdoor leagues. However, the theme, for the Trojans, wasn ' t to win, but to have fun. There was, however, a serious and very competitive side to the team which produced an overall strong season. Many people don ' t know the intricasies of bowling. Lacing up the shoes just right, taking the correct amount of steps on the ap- proach, balancing the delivery, getting just the right amount of spin on the ball, all of these things and many more are vitally important when embarking on the adventure of bowling. The bowling club had a very successful season and there were many strikes and spares. Shagging the gutter balls was the responsibility of team sponsor Mr. Bowman. The club will return next year and hope to have another successful season. Soccer team-Bottom Row: C. Lill, T. Webster, N. Catalan, R.J. Tomlin- son, J. Webster, M. Butler, Top Row: J. Andrews, E. Elkins, T. Mante, B. Kokovay. Goalie, Tony Webster, cringes as the ball comes hurdling into the net. ¥ii - , ;J1I Life on the Edfe. ! - i;r Jng across the field during soccer prac : , !S R.J. Tomlinson and Rob Filchak. -. " Km ' Showing the proper form for a pass is Rob Filchak. - • ' ■. Bowling Team-Bottom Row: J. Brandt, C. Meal, D. Huffman, H. Cramer, Mr. Bowman, Second Row: M. Bucher, J. Lee, D. Kast, B. Medina, T. Aleshire, B. Kokovay, Top Row: J. Eisbart, D. Cardenas, J. McPheeters, M. Bland. Life on the Edge 61 s Influence when you think of the great speakets of out time Martin Luther King surely comes to mind. King had the ability to move people with his words which is a gift that only a few people possess. The Martin Luther King ' s of tomorrow are being nur- tured around the world. The speech team, here at EHS, helps young people prepare for public speaking and oration. Many talented people make up this group who spend many hours stu- dying and practicing to compete in sectional, regional and state competitions. Martin Luther King was also a great leader as well as a speaker. The Project Lead club at EHS helps young people develop leader- ship qualities which will be useful to them in the future. The Pro- ject Lead club has been very busy this year sponsoring many events. Dances, sales, and the highly successful alley rally are just a few. King was a leader of people and he is looked up to by many at EHS. Enriching young minds and letting teens know that their is more out there for them than they might think is the goal of many clubs here. Life on the edge can open new doorways to new ideas. Enjoying Project Lead ' s Hawaiian dance are Mitch Freeman, Mike Gonzalas, Jamie Codling, Chris Webster and Mar- shall Seitz. Life on the Edge Project Lead-Bottom Row: L. Rogers, A. Reynolds, K. Rogers, Second Row: I. Holley, A. Weemes, S. Weemes, Top Row: M. Ab- dool, S. Wellington, C. Spence, L. Slay. Practicing a humorous duo, a skit for two spealters, Cindy Kump and Jennifer Wynn prepare for an upcoming speech meet. Speech Team-Bottom Row: C. Fair, M. White, C. Kump, Top Row: J. Webster, S. Stephenson, J. Wynn, C. Weiliel. Life on the Edge 63 Finding out the Apple computer is easily mastered, Linda Baker gets a little help from Ms. Rosman. Sharon Wood and Treva Bryant in dustriously work on the caramel ap pies for the fund raiser. Life on the Edge Keeping busy makes day short As we all know, the da ' s during the school year can become quite long and very tedious. Devising a way to keep boredom to a minimum have been Ms. O ' Connell and Mr. Williams. Their classes have certainly been keeping busy this year with many activities and more to come next year. Along with field trips and fundraisers the classes kept busy in other ways. Dur- ing Spirit Week they tied for first place with Mrs. Banks ' class in the door decorating contest. They also raised a couple hun- dred dollars selling caramel apples which they made themselves. They will use the money to put back into the pro- gram for next year. Ms. Rosman ' s class has also been very busy. Her hearing impaired students have been involved in many ac- tivities at EHS. She had a football player, a band student, and a statistician. Next year will be an even busier year for Ms. Rosman as the whole Northrop hearing impaired program will be moved to EHS. Maybe keeping busy is an understatement. As Marc Patterson bends studiously over his homework, Ms. Rosman gives some helpful advice. Life on the Edge 65 Florida Maxwell works diligently as she punches in a program in her computer training class which is another of the many choices at RV8. The art of wig hair design can be a tricky process and one that should be handled carefully as shown by Tracy Ybarra. € f ) BG aT: T:« r?!ira» ai .ife on the Edge o Getting It Done Right If you wanted to get a head start in your future career, one way you might go about it is by enrolling in Regional Vocational School. By joining the RVS program you get on-the-job training in your career while still in high school. Being in RVS requires that you be down at the Vocational building part of the day and at Elmhurst the other part. You can train in various areas, such as child care, cooking, automotive, and computers. Being trained in your specific career is really a way to get the job done right. The help and training given by the RVS program has helped many students to success and in future years will help many more. X S7 , ' ' ■A Calvin Lee chose the Class A restaurant pro- gram as his choice at RVS. While working in food i service he has the chance to learn life skills. { . Morning RVS-Bottom Row: J. McCormick. K. , Scrogham, J. Walker, Second Row: M. Rogers, K. Foreman, M. Grimes, G. Becker, Top Row: K. ' Spinner, R. Filchak, J. Dixie. Life on the Edge 67 SOi I-onsore Gabrielle Schmidt seems to be These sophomores show that a little fun makes a gurprtsad as she searches her purse. well-rounded person, not to mention interesting. Sophomores Set Standards Achievers. A title fit for the fmal class of the 1980 ' s. We have experienced the fears of being len. The feeling of unsureness. Now we are ready to start the climb. Striving for our inner goals. Prepared to conquer life ' s temptations. We, as sophomores, must ascend upward from naive newcomers to wise, confident role models. We believe in ourselves and work to move onward. This year produced a blend of students with different abilities and different dreams but combined them to make a spectacular year. ONWARE AND i UPWAP inward and Upwai Protons, neutrons and electrons. Sophomore Mike Webb takes time to stretch in Mr. Fry ' s physical science class. Onward and Upward 69 Erin Bohnke and Julie Sprouls share a little laugh together as they enjoy time away from schoolwork. Felger »peRf - weekends but dcdicii iljftward and Upv l ht with a basketball and a hoop. Many games take time from the n A group of loyal fans turned out for an EHS basketball game, decked out in shades, shorts and spirit. , Friday night is PARTY NIGHT! A teenager ' s dream. Those tAvo days of total relaxation and entertainment. Time to forget the pressures of school and enjoy 48 hours filled with friends, parties, games, food, and sleep. After a week of homework, tests, and stu- dying, the weekend pumps sanity back into Elmhurst stu- dent ' s fatigued minds. Its main purpose, however, is to prepare you for the upcoming Monday. ihomore Shelly Dowdell receives an order to ' HAVE FON " the entire weekend. Onward and Upward 71 Senior Sonja Carlin is finding out that driv- ing has its ups and downfalls. After Riding the bus may be an inconvenience fighting the continuing snow she manages but freedom is just around the corner for a smile. freshman Tim Townsend. € Onward and Upwai;, " On the road again " Most sophomores experience no pleasure so great as the one they experience as they walk out the door of the License Bureau with their brand new driver ' s license clutched in their sweaty palms. It is a day of new feelings, for no longer must you rely on good old Mom and Dad. You feel relief, an uplifting freedom that carries you away on a tide of hap- piness. What a day ... a milestone in your life. No other ac- complishment could be so important. As you head for home, no other thoughts enter your head as you sit proudly behind the wheel of Dad ' s car. How happy you are, you exude self- confidence until the fatal day that you come to that startling realization that Dad ' s car is Dad ' s. " y A car isn ' t always an advantage. Especially if it is covered in snow. EHS ' s parking lot hosted many guests as a blizzard brewed. Hours of studying, driving examinations, and terrible I.D. pictures are all forgotten once you are behind the wheel. Barb Gensic ex- periences her first spin. Onward and Upward 73 ' 89 SO FINE Striving to overcome obstacles. Fighting to be on top. Taking on new responsibilities. New doors are being opened, opportunity shines through. Knowledge grows within us to help us along the way. We, the class of ' 89, will forever be strong. A sigh of uncertain relief is releas- ed by last year ' s sophomores knowing that less than two years are left before they are released to face the world alone. It is the unknown that lies beyond which keeps the spirit of ' 89. If these feelings remain we undoubted- ly will conquer all. Learning to communicate well is the major aspect of speech class. Sophomores Tracey Leeper and Alice Stanley discuss the latest notes. Jodi Adams Karen Adams Beatrice Aguirre Jeremy Alexander Tom Anderson Dennis Arnos Dennis Asher Rick Ashworth Charles Backs Cheri Batchelor Tonya Bates Lisa Berry Tom Biddle Ross Blaising Erin Bohnke Jackie Boice Kelly Bonham Leesa Boots Wendy Boutin Lenny Bowen Judy Brandt Billie Brock Rick Brown Scott Brown Onward and Upward Matt Bucher Eric Campbell Chris Carrion Heather Cartwright Bryan Chamberlain Cindy Cherry Tisa Church Lee Clapham Gwen Clark Jason Clay Cathy Colby Mandy Coles Trina Coles Eric Conrad Robert Conrad Debbie Cooper Mandy Cornett Christine Craig James Crane Tony Crowder Jeff Cubillos Susan Cunningham Jon Dannenfelser Laurie Dansby Jennifer Daugherty Denita Davis John Davis Terina Davis Maria De Lira Amy Dirig Jason Dirig Jamal Dixie Chris Dodane Scott Dodenhoff Corina Dollarhite Jeff Dorais Shelly Dowdell Shane Downing Marcus Dunbar Robert Edmonds Candy Elam Jon Elwood Lisa Farias Todd Felger Robert Fey Zonitra Fields Demetrius Fisher Randy Forbes Onward and Upward 75 r Kurt rcwsibaugh Kris Freeman Katie Gaff Tony Garcia Alan Garner Caria Garrett Doug Gaskill Shawn Gaston Lisa Gaulden Barb Gensic Richard Gomez Scott Grieder Brian Grimes Tim Guggisberg Mike Guitard Sherry Hamilton Chris Harter Tim Hawkins Amy Hayes Elaine Herring Virginia Hicks Renee Hill Ahmad Howard Amy Howell Ryan Hubley Chris Hughes Julie Huguenard Angle Hutchinson Tom Ice Derek Imhoff Damon Ivey Russell Jewel Diana Joker Rhett Jones Tonya Jones Susan Kelly fsw Ah Onward and Upward Ah, lunchtime! Sophomore Jeremy Otis is caught devouring a sandwich while he enjoys a break from classroom activities. Rich Gornick displays a look of concern as he heartily eats an Elmhurst lunch. More to Lunch than sticky rolls After devouring one of Elmhurst ' s nutritious lunches, many students rush to the gymnasium ready to partake in an exciting game of basketball, ping-pong, or even euchre. Others take ad- vantage of the extra time to catch up on homework, visit with friends, or just take a break before their next class. Lunch time represents one half hour of rest and relaxation before confron- ting the calamities of the afternoon. Gina Knappenberger Bob Kokovay Laura Kordes Angie Krewson Kelly Kucher Eric Lantz Gary Lapsley Stephanie Lebrecht Tracy Leeper Grant Leiand Mark Lichtsinn Kim Litzenberg Eric Logan Nicole Lohman Lisa Lopez Tony Lungaro Patty Malott Sandy Mann Marisol Martinez Angie Maynard Christine McBride Dawn McCartney Corey McCormick Mike McCoy Dawn McKinley Jeff Miller Jon Miller Tina Miller Angie Minnick Christine Myers Onward and Upward 77 - ily i.ssier euenschwander Casie Neuhaus Rigo Nino Nikki Olson Jeremy Otis Felicia Page Debbie Parker Tim Patton Barbara Payne Bob Payton Dawn Poindexter Shay Poindexter Brian Pressler Mike Ramos Chris Redding Chris Restivo Marie Revert Pamela Reynolds Ken Richards Chad Richardson Charlotte Richardson Kenya Rogers Ron Romines Bryan Rorick Sofla Resales Chris Rowlett Houston Sawyer Jeff ScantliR Tavis Schlundt Wendy Schmeling Gabrielle Schmidts Below are the 1986-87 sophomore class officers: Top row. Sponsor: Mrs. Trammel, Sandy Mann, and Wendy Stein. Bottom row: Angle Maynard and Dawn McKinley. 78 Onward and Upward The Brains Behind the (student) Body Sophomores have tremendously advanced their treasury this past year with the support of the class of ' 89. Sandy Mann, their fearless leader, immediately took charge and expanded her loyalty to her class by conducting various fundraisers with the help of Wendy Stein, Dawn McKinley, and Angle Maynard (vice President, Secretary, and Social Chairperson; respectively) Planning for their junior prom was a major goal and the " strong sophs " pulled it off and vowed to make their prom " the best ever!! " Craig Schmitt Joe Schoeph Tammy Schumm Shirley Scott John Scudder Kelli Seitz Tracie Shackels Dan Sharp Ed Shaw Kelly Sherwood Dale Skaggs Letitia Slay John Smith Wendy Sorg Julie Sprouls Alice Stanley Carmen Starks Tim Stech Jason Stein Wendy Stein Trina Stephens Valery Stevens Aaron Stier Ben Stuckey James Study Shane Sturdivant Liz Swann Chaunell Talley Social Chairperson, Angle Maynard crinkles a nose as Bobbie Voght decorates her for spirit week. Onward and Upward 79 : ,;j£: L 3 i:ss:ii« Cheryl Tinker Jenny Torniinson Chris Tuesca Darlene Turner Julie Clhrick Maria Vasquez Angie Vaughn Larry Veazey Renita Veazy Bobbie Voght David Walda Tyrone Walker Raymond Wallace Shyril Washington Mark Weaver Michael Webb Ric Weber Cobi Weikel Ron West Greg Whitmer Jeff Whitmer Erin Williams Linda Wyatt Joe Yerskey Danny Zent Patti Zent Passing Period The bell! Students jump out of their seats into the noisy aowd in the halls. They join their friends for a quick chat before going to the restrooms to refresh. After rushing to their lockers to get books, they race to class to copy homework from a friend. The bell rings and a few late strag- glers come through the door gasping for breath. " Time to take roll, class, " the teacher announces, another 55 minute period begins. Look out! Sophomore Felicia Page shows everyone that she has what it takes to dress up an Elmhurst corridor. Onward and Upward The following sophomores did not have their pictures taken: Doug Andrus Angie Bland Lisa Buchwald Tywina Charlton Bob Christlieb Trenton Cotton Lawrence Davis Chris Gagnon Jerry Hans Michelle Haywood Dan ny Helmick Jenae Jennings Mark Martin Jim McCorkle Angie Meese Norman Moore Felicia Morris Shannon Niman Angie Parker Frank Reynolds Bonnie Rodriguez Tonya Rogers Matt Schenkel Eric Smith Leo Stapleton Mike Stephens Rick Swaidner Dennis Threatt Bill Treace Steed Williams Penny Wright With only Ave minutes to stop at lockers, grab books, and freshen up, how coufd anyone join in a conversation? Amy Hayes and Patty Malott defy the odds as the stand and chat. Caught in the act of murdering an innocent pencil is sophomore Chris Harter. Elmhurst ' s sharpeners have been known to demolish entire pencils. Onward and Upward 81 Reaching Beyond wften smdents ponder the philosophical thought of " Is there life after school? " Look above and beyond those dark and dingy classroom walls and discover the pleasurable pastimes of our idle moments. From the Morp to the Prom to our hangouts and our dream cars. You ' re only young once, so live it to the fullest. But it ' s not always fun and frolic. Sometimes we have to give a little at the times when others are less fortunate. So let ' s look above and beyond the realm of school to our society, community and to our own needs; so hop on a surfboard and " catch the wave. " Friends and good times head the list of number one priorities among EHS students. After a long tiring week of homework and tests it ' s a great relief to break loose from the tension and just enjoy the company of friends. i2 Above and S; lonfetti slrcamers are not nfcedf:d for this group. Five shilling faces show a feeling of togethernesu betwpcji friends and teachers. Looking Good! These two, Jody Vachon and Diana Joker, have real- ly got it together. Watch out when these two hit the dance floor. Above and Beyond 83 .. -. .o ' TILL YOU The floor vibrates from the impact of pounding feet; students shriek with delight as Mr. Kendall yells out the title of a favorite tune. A change of scene: with arms wrapped around each other, the couples sway to a romantic ballad, surrounded by dancing prisms. The snowflakes of a winter dance shimmer into shiny, red foil hearts. Irri descent lights magically change ordinary gym walls into Cinderella ' s ballroom . . . but only until the clock strikes curfew. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett take a break from chaperoning to share a special moment. : -e. 4bove and Beyond ;:nstine Stoppenhagen and Corey McCormick 8h€ v " their moves at one of Elmhurst ' s psrj;iSas dances. DROP! Calling something a dance doesn ' t mean that is the only activity. This group of friends prefer to sit in the corridor and socialize. Tony Mante jumps back in surprise-or is this a new dance step?-at the flash of a camera. Is this a chorus line? Some of Elmhurst ' s girls rock to the sound of Mr. Kendall and the latest tunes. Above and Beyond 85 Showing their happy-go-lucky and carefree natures while frolicking on the bleachers at the Homecoming Came are Dave Minnick and Mike Whitesell. Friends Are True Forever Friends always seem to be there when you want someone to talk to about problems. They ' re people you can depend on to pick you up when you ' re down in the dumps. We all have our own set of close friends whom we hang around with in the halls, and go out with to the malls or to the movies. Friends make our life fun and interesting, but most importantly, they give us someone to talk to on the phone. V Above and Beyond ' ' - . i ::. . . ' Lunch can be enjoyable, believe it or not, when it is spent in the company of good friends. Lunch spent with friends seems to make the school day more enjoyable for everyone. Sharing a few laughs to ease the pressure of the day are Barb Strole and Jody Ramsey. Quiet times and special times. When in " love " , school suddenly has a new mean- ing. Studying for tests becomes more en- joyable when it ' s with your other half. Tom Biddle and Angle Krewson display their tremendous " love " for Spanish. Are we having fun yet? What a dumb question, of course we are. When you are with friends is there a time that fun is not involved? When school is out on Fri- day there is no telling what these four can do. Shawn Miller, Tony Mante, Tony Webster, and Mike Whitesell demonstrate their wonderful grammar. Above and Beyond 87 Free at Last! Entering high school! A terrifying thought! New faces, new friends, new WEEKENDS. No more chaperones to watch over your shoulder. Freedom is your gain. Brushing seriousness aside you are entangled in the social web. If loud music and dancing is what you ' re after, Rock America is your pastime. The four dollar admission is your ticket to adventure. It is EHS custom to assemble at the Time Cor- ner ' s Pizza Hut after attending a sporting event. The atmosphere combines good food, good friends, and good cheer. No matter what you enjoy. Fort Wayne has something for you. Dances are a big hit at Elmhurst this year. Every dance this year has been a great success. Not able to wait for admittance, many EHS students begin to dance in the halls. ' £ ■£ Above and Beyond Piping hot pizza with dripping melting cheese, loaded with pepperoni, olives, sausage, and anything else your stomach desires. Pizza Hut is the place to go when in need of good food and a fun atmosphere. Ex- iting Pizza Hut with tomorrow ' s breakfast are Erin Williams and Barb Gensic. The Blue Mountain has recently become a favorite place to meet. Enjoy- ing live entertainment and the company of each other are Wendy Stein, Dawn McKinley, and friends. Above and Beyond 89 One of Ft. Wayne ' s most loved Christmas treasures, now com- plete, found its way back into public view one reindeer at a time. Another Ft. Wayne renovated relic decorates downtown around the corner from Santa. Both share the same history originally adorning the Wolf and Dessauer Building. Dotted with glowing lights, the Lin- coln National Bank building brightens the inky blackness of night. bove and Beyond Lights of the Season A blaze of dazzling lights illuminates the blackness ot night. With flashing whip and prancing reindeer, Santa ' s annual visit has arrived. Displayed downtown, his reflection glimmering in nearby windows, Santa soars skyward. Around the corner, a vivid emerald-green wreath proclaims " Merry Christmas " in crimson letters to passers-by. Every tree, every building is adorned with some glittering ornament, some jazzy decoration. Christmas spirit fills every niche of the Summit City. Bw ' ' 1 i As the warm mist rises from the pool, the shimmer- ing lights add an eerie glow to the abandoned streets Above and Beyond 91 i " 0 ♦« An old fad still strong today is the punk style. Showing their versions are Nelson Catalan, Chris Campbell, and Tim Roop. Long, loose, and casual is the fashion statement of today. Many EHS students are able to be dressy, yet comfortable. These outfits are ver- satile with many possible accessories. Karen Rogers, Amy Greene, C , A 1 ■ " T 1 same wim many possioie accessories rP.v. Above ana Beyoml and Pamela Reynolds know whafs hot studs? Jocks? Could be. Many EHS males feel a certain pride when wearing their let- terman jackets, especially around our halls. Concert T-shirts and leather jackets are and will always be in style. The statement this fashion makes is without a doubt cool and laid back. Jerry Berghoff and John Christoff show this statement well. OUTRAGEOUS Action-packed fashion is in demand. Today ' s generation prefers brand names over the contemporary with Swatch, Guess, Forenza, and Benetton heading the list. This year ' s outrageous concoctions are cropping up within Elmhurst ' s corridors. Blasts from the past are exploding into action. Bellbottoms and pee-wee stacks went out along with the hippie era. We baby boomers are bringing back the go-go boots, psychedelic minis, short-sleeved turtles and tie-dyed jeans. This year just let your imagination go. Let your feelings take control and your outfit will be bold. Laid back and relaxed is the style that will never die. Styles of the 60 ' s, jeans and your basic sweatshirt, still hold strong in the 80 ' s. Mark Glass, Laura Hinton, Wen- dy Dirig, Missy Scheiber, and Chris Spinner display modern variations of this old favorite. Above and Beyond 93 - «8 Success! Once again the Elmhurst High School student body came through in helping Miss Virginia Schrantz feed the hungry. In the beginning, the annual canned food and clothing drive floundered. But last minute strategies and efforts put forth by students and teachers aided in making 1986 our most successful year with over 13,000 items. Talk about cute! Mr. Burns displays the whimsical side of his personality during the EHS faculty ver- sion of " Twas The Night Before Christmas. " Above and Bevoa Grow up! Can you believe these two are grown-ups? The students as well as the teachers participated in this year ' s Miss Virginia Program. These two, Mr. Gandy and Mrs. Yoder, are just showing the students that teachers know how to have fun. Two for the price of one! This year the par- ticipation of students and teachers was outstanding at the Miss Virginia Program. Everyone was completly thrilled with the creativity of Tony Simms and Mr. Bowman. Can you take an educated guess as to what this cart is and what these students are doing? The most obvious guess is the Welcome Wagon with Welcome Wagon greeters, which is wrong, but close. This OFO is really just a few EHS students transporting canned goods to the gym via push cart. With Chris Spinner guiding the way, Andy Birch and Matt White use brute strength to push. Above and Beyond 95 Teenagers have discovered the real purpose of rearview mirrors: something from which to hang favored trinkets. However, it is possible to go overboard, as this student did. Rev Up and Get Gassed Visions of a sleek sports car race through the dreams of all soon-to-be and beginning drivers. For some it ' s a shiny red Corvette, others imagine cruising in a silver Porsche. But most of us must settle for the old, abandoned, but still running fami- ly car. Sad as it seems, most teens have to settle for anything they can get their keys in. A fortunate few may drive Mom ' s or Dad ' s sporty car once or twice a week, but only the extra-lucky have their own seally cool car. It ' s fun to dream, but for now we must face the reality of " junkyard rejects. " Someday, if we keep the faith, those dream cars will be ours. Above and Beyond This car is a true classic. Ron West ' s Nova 350 puts all other EHS cars to shame. Tara McArdle, and her car Lady Josephine, have a t.toimy relation- ship. While owning a car is a treat, dead batteries at unexpected moments put a damper on things. It ' s a beauty, isn ' t it? Beginning driver Wendy Schmel- ing says, " Even though my little baby is 13 years old, it still runs for me. " While some teens keep their cars spic-n-span, most prefer the " toss it in the back " attitude. What better place for homework than on the floor? Above and Beyond 97 " Will You Still r Love Me? " asks ' 88 Romance . . . excitement . . . anticipation . . . PROM! As soon as the last snow melts (and sometimes even sooner) the minds and hearts of students turn to that memorable night. Finding the perfect dress, choosing a nice restaurant, and asking that special girl or guy are only the preliminaries. This year ' s prom was carried out in grand style. Held at the Holiday Inn, students danced to the sounds of Unique Lighting Sound. Another tradition is the crowning of the King and Queen. This year ' s King and Queen were Tom Hardin and Becky Jehl. Once again Elmhurst had a wonderful evening of elegance. 1 m L. . ' p l| H Beth Bohnke and her escort take a breather to watch the crowning of the King and Queen. Prom Court: C. Spinner, M. Case, C. Metzger, A. Greene, T. Hardin, K. Dahmar. .f . Clauss (Prom King ' 86), T. Richardson (Prom Qjeen ' 86), L, Hinton, M. Glass, T. Mante, M. Scheiber, K. Vh ' " .seS?, 3, Jehl. ■ R Above and Beyoad Matt Clauss, last year ' s Prom King, spends a mo- ment reflecting on his year of reign. Pictures make prom memories even more vivid . . . however, photographers often aid in catching that " natural " look. Being Prom Queen is something many girls dream of, but few really ac- complish. However, Becky Jehl is one of the lucky girls to wear the crown, which was handed down by Tyra Richardson. Above and Beyond 99 V orkiiig hard, struggling to get the homework done is Shelly Mar- tine;e. Ji riiors know the value of a plus report card, especially for the college bound. AT THE EDGE A J, jLlong life ' s line we all come to a place where we ' d like to just sit out and wait awhile until we can decide what it is we want to do. Unfortunately this doesn ' t always go our way. To be " At The Edge " ; right above the world and its problems isn ' t always easy. Sometimes in our lives we come to stumbling blocks that later become stepping stones. To be a Junior means the first year of being an upperclassmen, the year of the prom, and a year away from graduating. Decisions must be made now for the future, for your life, for college, or for a job. It ' s no longer a time when your parents can make the decisions for you. It ' s a time when you, as a person, must stand on your own two feet; and cross over that line. A time warp here at Elmhurst? Well maybe, but it ' s highly improbable. Rather one should consider modern day Russell Linnemeier during Toga Day. 100 At the Edge Sporting the hats, shades, sweats, and sucker day is Renee Aldridge and Sonja Carlin. At the Edge 101 ; SI a j: you t iking about? " asks Michelle Mowan before making a sign fci iI.-3 eaaior Jam bus. ■ra w? Number one of course. What would you expect! Laura Hinton shows us what she thinks of the Trojans. k m We ' ve got spirit yes we do, we ' ve got spjr - out you! Showing spirit is Tony Mante, Becky Jehl, Tony Webster, Michelle Case, Patty Davis, Beth Almond, Heather Eckert, Shawn Miller, Laura Yerrick, and Kris Foreman. l f At the Edge That ' s rude! We were talking! Jason Bohannon and Matt Falk discuss the music of their favorite band. Juniors Show Their Spirit! Logansport was the town that hosted the Trojans for the first round of sec- tionals in football. This was the first year Elmhurst participated in sending fan buses. The Junior bus was quickly filled with many of their spirited class members. On the excursion to Logansport, the juniors were filled with emotion and cheer. When the Juniors first walked off the bus they quickly got into the vivacity that would be with the Trojan crowd thoughout the game. With glad and joyous spirits the junior class and other classes left the Logansport Ber- ries with a touch of " Trojan Spirit. " A new Picasso? Are you kidding, it ' s just Tony Mante, Mike Whitesell, Tony Webster, and Beth Almond making a sign for the Junior fan bus. At the Edge 103 Getting her homework together just to make sure she makes it to be a member of the class of ' 88 is Jenny Neuhaus. The lone student, the unknowr decides to take an after-the-bell snooze while the other students take it upon themselves to pass to their next class. 104 At the Edge After School After Work Helping others and yourself get thrcjugh the year. That ' s what it ' s all about in school and after school. Getting together, whether it be for a school play, a sport or just trying to keep up with the w(jrk the teachers assign, getting involved with fellow students and extra curricular activities makes the time away from school seem so short. Clubs, sports, music, and plays make up a long list ot things to do after school, but many research papers, book reviews and every day homework assignments make it hard for man) ' to even think about joining a club or sport. Although it ' s not just the homework that keeps many people from doing extra activities, it ' s the car, clothes, and spend- ing money that mom and dad seem to have that makes it so hard on the " studious " student. No mat- ter if it ' s homework or if it ' s a job, juniors still find time to support extra curricular activities. Helping to get things together for the spring play are Chuck Sutton and Joe Whitmer. K Working hard to make this year ' s season a winning one is Jerry Andrews. At the Edge 105 Frank Aker Renee Aldridge Linda Aleshire Chris Alexander Beth Almond Mary Anderson Jerry Andrews Tarn Ashcraft Tracy Ault Eva Avdul Jon Backs Shelly Barbour Ken Bebout Lisa Beckstedt Lesia Benjamin Brooke Benzinger Jerry Berghoff Sherry Bey Angle Bland Jason Bohannon Jeff Bontempo Michele Booker Shannon Bouthot Michele Braden Linda Brandt Miles Briggs Jeff Brock Wendy Brock Melanie Brown Rick Brown Jodie Bucey Lisa Buchwald Rob Bueker Tammy Bunch Chris Campbell Jason Carpenter Michelle Case Nelson Catalan Carolyn Claudill James Clay Lisa Corbat Holly Cramar Kathy Dahman Kelly Dahman Carlos Davis Keith Davis Patty Davis Kim Delaney 106 At the Edge Which one of these is human? To avoid complications we will reveal the truth. The girl on the left is the one and only Tracie Hamm enjoying some free time in the library. Cherish the Time With all the activities we are involved in, free time is a rare thing. There is always something to do or somewhere to go, so spare moments should be cherished. Where do they all slip away to? Sure you intend to get a head start on that book for English, but if you doze off or get a phone :all and gossip, somehow the book is forgotten. What about those extra minutes at the end of class? You try, but who can resist those enticing cat-naps. It doesn ' t matter what you do with your time, just make sure it doesn ' t slip through your fingers. Billie Dennis Connie Darrow Angie Dinovo Matt Dirig Wendy Dirig John Dixie Shelton Dunbar Heather Eckert Matt Falk Dani Fawley Megan Fawley Shelia Feltis Serita Femyer Mary Fisher Vickie Fomby Keith Foreman Kris Foreman Lisa France Jeannette Gaff Lisa Gatton Elizabeth Gamez Rob Getz At the Edge 107 :Tr :ia:3 SKS Mark Glass Tony Gooden Tammy Gordon Sandy Green Amy Greene Donzella Greene Jenny Gridler Melissa Grimme Robert Hale Vicki Hamblin Trade Hamm Tom Hardin Enjoying the free time and eating a hearty meal are Rob Getz and Matt Dirig. Eating is one of the more popular lunch time activities. Molly Hofmann Rob Hogg Dawn Huffman Julie Hutchinson Michelle Hyde Tami Jackson Becky Jehl Nelson Jordan Scott Juergens Beth Kaperka Pam Kile Mark King At the Edge Making the Best Of It Your stomach begins to growl, wanting food. You look around to see if anyone has noticed the noise. Slyly you take a look at the clock, only five more minutes left in the period. Not able to keep your mind on your work, you begin to count the tiles on the floor. Finally the wonderful sound of a bell! Lunchtime! The lunchroom becomes one massive mob of hungry students. They now have 35 minutes to eat, talk, and play basketball in the gym. To most students this is not enough time, but we must learn to ad- just and make the most of the time available. To most students, lunch time is very valuable and they use it with care, but when the bell sounds we all know it ' s back to work we go. i .1. Angle Kirby Sand! Kline Calvin Knight Amy Knuth Irv Koehlinger Amphone Kounbandith Cindy Kump Jeff Ladig John Lehner Russell Linnemeier Michael Little Julia Lozano Tony Lyons Steve MacDonald Tony Mante Chris Marks Kim Martin Marie Martin Shelly Martinez Kim Mason Florida Maxwell Richie McCracken Renaye Mentzer Lisa Mercer Janis Messer Chris Metzger Robin Michael Shawn Miller Jodie Mitchell Norman Moore Scott Moore Sonny Moore At the Edge 109 Tornell Moore Susan Mora Angela Morris Michelle Mowan Chrissie Moyer Jim Moyer Lee Murphy Kelly Murry Cindy Myers Cindy Neal Jenny Neuhaus Esther Nino Dean Onion Tish Pankop Angie Parker Belinda Parra Marc Patterson Renee Paul Stacy Pease Doug Peconge Amy Penn Todd Perry Jodi Pilson Dave Piatt Glenn Poeppel Denny Powell Cyndee Purdy Damon Rabaduex Trina Raber Jody Ramsey Jeff Randolph Doug Raskosky A Break Without the Rays A week of sole enjoyment. Time away from teachers, school, friends, and in some cases, family. SPRING BREAK! When one hears these familiar words we im- mediately think of never coming back to school. We wish the continent would stay on spring break for the whole year. Florida, Canada, Texas, New York, and good ole Chicago headed the list of spring break get-aways. Although many spent a good part of the time in Fort Wayne, everyone seemed to have a good time away from school and teachers. Most would have had a better time if it were longer and warmer, but we all made the best of it. Break was over and the cold was gone, but the deep, dark, tropical, tans were in. Although many of the tans were from the hot spots in Florida many were from the in- famous tanning beds. The weather was bad but the tans were good. SPRING BREAK is something we all will look foward to every year. 10 At the Edge During spring break when students go to Florida, one of the many attractions is to go to Disney World. Here we see a familiar sight, a place we ' ve all heard about and many have seen, Cinderella ' s castle. Aretha Reed Todd Reed Anjonette Reeves Andy Richards Lorie Richardson Rachael Roach Michele Roby Karen Rogers Kevin Rogers Madeline Rogers Tim Roop Shawn Rose Kris Ross Missy Scheiber Melody Schmitt Brian Scott Kevin Scott Debbie Shallenberger Jeff Shimer Robin Shinn Eric Smith Cindy Smithson Ed Sona Curlie Spence Jeff Spillers Chris Spinner Mia Stabelli Sandy Stantz At the Edge 111 Leo Stapleton Robert Stark Shane Stevens Sandra Stevenson Shawn Stevenson Alice Steward Jeff Stier Barb Strole Yolanda Suarez Glen Sutherland Chuck Sutton Janice Swann Tara Takacs Kim Tancil Dennis Threatt R.J. Tomlinson Tammy Tonkel Tammy Travis Ana Vasquez Ronda Vasquez Jacqueline Walker Lavon Walker Sonja Wallace Lisa Watson Tony Webster Shona Weemes Cathy Weigold Patti Welch Gary Welker Shadwaynn White Mike Whitesell Joe Whitmer Brian Weigman Artelia Wilkes Courtenay Willis Hidy Windsor Sharon Woods Jennifer Wynn Brian Ybarra Tracey Ybarra 112 At The Edge Taking Charge Who puts together proms, floats, special decorations, car washes plus the financial backing for all? Along with help from students, and the sponsors the class officers usually get stuck taking up the slack. But sometimes they get in pinches and taking up the slack of fellow class mates can be a task. Many hours of decision-making, planning, and revising go into the class meetings. Elections take place the year before and the following year the elected officials take office. Although everyone expects the year to run smoothly, especially the junior year, with prom and the first year of Powderpuff. This year ' s class officers really got it together quickly. Starting the year with a close game with last year ' s Powderpuff champions. Though the year has had its flaws but although the class officer are involoved in many other activities for the most part the class officers have shown us what true dedicadon can accomplish. This year ' s Junior class of- ficers are: sponsor Mr. Buz- zard, Laura Hinton, Jerry An- drews, and Kris Foreman. Not pictured is Chris Metzger. Receiving her award from Dr. Zumbrun for be- ing on the honor roll is Kim Martin. The following people did not have their picture taken: Joe Beckstedt Carlos Davis Rob Filchak Sandy Jackson Missy Joyner Shelly Kilburn Ron King Bridgette Lewis Gary Mix Robert Parker Jon Pilson Shane Riddle Alejandro Rodriguez Kristen Ross Leslie Sheets Carl Wade Chris Walker Lotoqua Webb Pam Webb Scott Wermeger At the Edge 113 Greg Durnell comes back with full-force as he over- powers his opponent. Is this the varsity locker room? Many may not recognize it when it looks this different . . . clean. Finishing a cross country course can be ex- S i ' jisting. Tyra Richardson, Erin Bohnke, and r .ichelle Grimes need time to catch ihslt Kreath under the shade of a friendly sjiadf; tree. 14 Pushing the Limit Cheerleaders expel as much energy as the players they are supporting. Time, talent and athletic ability belong to the cheering game. ictory! Defeat! A package deal. With one comes the other. Achieving that winning smile and victorious heart, Elmhurst ' s determined athletes secure the promised pinnacle. Seemingly unattainable goals are captured. Obstacles overcome. Athletes discover unknown strengths during long, agonizing hours of extensive prac- tices occurring after school, on weekends, and, most of all, on their own time. A variety of sports for a variety of tastes; Elmhurst has an exceptional selection of sports ranging from baseball to tennis to gymnastics to soccer. Each focuses on pleasing the majority of students with different athletic abilities. So, Elmhurst, fight on and keep pushing that limit ever outward. Pushing the Limit 115 Pushing the Sharpening that Fighting Edge Records don ' t always reflect bruises, hard knocks or team work. Our football season ended with a three and six record which does not exemplify the long hard hours of practice and the sore and aching muscles. Although Elmhurst may have been a " David " faced with many " Goliaths " , the Trojans never lost their pride, but walked away with dignity. One of the most ex- citing games of tht season produced a surprising win over state ranked Bishop Luers. In spite of the Knight ' s good offensive record, the Elmhurst defense was able to limit the Knights to only six points. The offense for Elmhurst then ignited for ten points, beating the Knights ten to six. Elmhurst ' s persistance to excel may not have gathered a noticeable award but they were unfail- ingly representatives of Trojan spirit and determination. VARSITY Northside Snider Harding Southside Northrop Dwenger Luers Wayne Concordia 7-7 6-56 21-6 0-37 10-19 0-27 10-6 21-17 0-10 Logansport 7-19 Season 3-6 FOOTBALL Varsity Football Team: Top row: B. Ferrie, J. Dorais, M. Clauss, T. Anspach, E. Dorais, A. Richards, L. Walker, J. Spice. Second row: M. White, K. Foreman, S. Dun- bar, M. Dunbar, K. Davis, E. Nelson, A. Birch. Third row: T. Lyons, F. Crane, J. Lozano, Mrs. Carpenter, E. Wash, Mr. Smith, Mr. Boles, Mr. Gandy, R. Aldridge, D. Shallenberger, R. Hubley. Fourth Row: K. Scott, S. Boner, D. Stephens, E. Shaw, C. Knight, C. Vizino, D. Durnell, T. Patton, A. Stier, D. Trenary, L. Clapham. Bottom row: S. Williams, S. Roberts, J. Andrews, C. Marks, D. Piatt, C. Metzger, M. Patter- son, R. Linnemeier, T. Krouse. Pushing the Limit 117 Group Huddle! The backbone of any team is the strategy used and the huddle serves that func- tion nicely. A time to plan and The starting line-up portrays the hard work and dedication these plot so that success will come on Elmhutst athletes have sacrificed so they may play. the next play. Freshman Team-Top: R. Hatch, S. Conrad, J. Codling, J. Davis, T. Arnett, M. Fremion, E. Adams, A. Sears. Second: L. Weaver, L. Cook, D. Feldner, S. Cramer, S. Good, B. Cornell, L. Nierman, M. Gonzales. Third: F. Crane, S. Mueller, A. Grimme, B. Ybarra, A. Herring, Coach Gandy, C. Keeney, D. Brown, E. Booker, D. Kast. Fourth: J. Lozano, D. Milton, J. Davis, D. Ryckman, J. Hopkins, K. Truelove, G. Benson, T. Townsend, D. Shallenberger. Bottom: J. Lee, T. Simmons , J. Eisbart. ashing the Limit HIKE THAT BALL!!! Hot summer days spent on a bug-infested field. Doesn ' t sound too appealing ' ' Well, this is just a petty inconvenience according to EHS ' s own Freshman Football Team. While practices in the summer could last for hours, the newty arrived Freshmen did not let that dampen their spirit. Even though the scoreboard didn ' t look promising with Junior Varsity(l-6) and Freshman(l-5), this future sport at Elmhurst is in good hands. Reserve I ' rosh Team E-O Luers 6-13 Harding 13-6 Northside 6-47 Snider 0-28 Dwenger 6-19 Southside 8-13 Wayne 6-13 Season Record 1-6 Team E-O Harding 24-16 Southside 08-14 Wayne 07-18 N. Side 07-22 Northrop 00-06 Luers 06-22 Season Record 1-5 F-ball F-ball ' The freshman players show lot of promise for future years. " . . . Kristin Stark, Freshman Cheerleader. Catch that ball! Maybe that is what the fans are hoping for this receiver. Pushing the Limit 119 New Coach, New Season The headline says it! Coach Willie Stubbs ' s first year as head coach proved to be more than beginner ' s luck. With coaching help from Dark Davis and Jim Reynolds, all of the girls ' teams pulled out a stupen- dous season. With ten wins and nine losses, the Eimhurst student body has a team to be proud of. The girls set out to accomplish a terrific season and they succeeded. ' We had some shocking vic- tories! Trina Coles, Reserve Basketball. Freshman-Top: D. Hatch, A. Weemes, A. Reynolds, M. Kelso, R. Clark. Middle: K. Kaperka, L. Webb, L. Bradford, A. Scott. Bot- tom: P. Boldt, Miss Davis, D. Smith Reserve-Top:B. Kaperka, J. Reynolds, T. Coles, J. Clhrick.T. Washington, J. P ' 3: o. L. Rogers. Middle: C. Tuesca, M. Brown, L. Gaulden, A. Maynard, R. Vea. ' .e ■. Bottom: A. Penn, T. Leeper, C. Winebrenner Pushing the Limit Girl ' s Team E-O Cul.Cuy 33-61 Carroll 53-44 Heritage 41-65 Churubusco 62-39 NorwcU 57-iy Concordia 58-37 Wayne 59-54 Snider 29-60 Harding 48-46 Northrop 34-59 Dwenger 54-55 Southside 43-47 Northrop 23-42 Adams Cen. 62-31 Harding 68-51 Nonhside 50-36 Luers 51-68 H. North 46-45 Luers 49-62 B-ball Varsity-Top: P. Webb, A. Ojeda, C. Kocks, J. Walker. Middle: Coach Stubbs, 8. Wallace, D. Dressier, H. Eckert, K. Kennedy. Bottom: 8. Hart, J. (Ihrick, M. Grimes. Style, form, grace — Senior Chrissy Kocks concentrates on correctly shooting the ball. Pushing the Limit 121 taking the Shots; Taking the Chance Courage, self-determination, and teamwork are the elements of a victorious team, and EHS ' s boy ' s basketball team acquired these skills using them to their advantage. Coach Dan Wilson con- ditioned his athletes with running, dribbling, and shooting drills, a method which has proven itself time and time again. In five years, Elmhurst has claimed the Sectional Title twice (1985 and 1987), and the Regional Title once (1984). As the season began, few attended the home games and Elmhurst ' s spirit was lacking. But as the mighty Trojans approached the IHSSA Tourna- ment, rowdy crowds started to fill the vast arena in the Memorial Coliseum with the spirit Elmhurst Trojans are famous for. Defending their honor in our home court, as well as away, the Varsity Team paraded away with ten wins, and as heads were held high, walked away from thirteen losses. Reserve Team-Top: A. Richards, K. Fowerbaugh, T. Anspach. Middle: M. Dunbar, B. Chamberlain, S. Juergens, C. Sutton, C. Schmidt, Coach Boles. Bottom: J. Randolph, C. Knight, M. Weaver, C. Restivo, T. Felger. Freshman-Left to Right: H. Fowler, A. Sears, M. Fremion, M. Fowerbaugh, J. Golm, Coach Perkins, S. McElvene, J. Codling, E. Adams, S. Conrad. A J-d d Pushing the Limit BOY ' S Team E O H. North 51 52 Concordia 57-47 B. Luers 62-64 B. Dwenger 61-53 Northrop 40-56 South Bend 49-51 Harding 56-67 Wayne 3842 Harding 4554 C. City 63-58 Muncie 53-68 Homestead 60-58 Angola 5938 Southside 42 51 Concordia 63-56 Manchester 58-62 Snider 52-49 North Side 49-59 South Bend 6563 B. Luers 55-50 Concordia 65-61 B. Dwenger 62-60 Northrop 54-60 Season Record 10-13 B-BALL " We ' ll be very competitive physically with the teams we play. " , Charles Sutton, Reserve Basketball. Varsity-Top: C. Marks, K. Fowerbaugh, D. Louden, R. Hubley. Middle: Coach Boles. C. Wade, B. Williams, T. Moore, R. Jackson, 8. Dunbar, Coach Lee. Bottom: R. Edmonds, T. Felger, Coach Wilson, M. Clauss, C. Coats. CHAMPIONS!! With a hopeful tour- nament draw, the Elmhurst Trojans entered the Sectional Champion- ship with a single goal — to win. Bishop Dwenger was the favorite, but with exuberant spirit, the Tro- jans prevailed. Free throws aided the " hoop sters " , and coming back in the fourth quarter, the Elmhurst Trojans journeyed toward yet another Sectional Championship Title. Shelton Dunbar par- ticipates in the tradition of cutting down the nets. Assistant Coaches Boles and Lee listen while Coach Wilson explains strategy to the team. Pushing the Limit 123 unning the Distance Boy s Teams Hokem-Karem 12th Snider Harding Concordia C . City Hunt. Inv. 4th 3rd 6th Wabash Inv. 7th S. Side Luers Man. Inv. 2nd 19th New Haven 2nd S.A.C. 7th Manchester 2nd Sectional 8th Endurance. Willpower. Cross Country. The sport that provides experience with competitiveness. Both teams, girls and boys, lacked players but were willing to go that extra mile to strengthen the team. Miss Davis and Mr. Fry were the coaches and both implied that individual performances would be good. Though the male harriers were 3-13 in dual meets, they almost upset twentieth ranked Manchester with strong races from Jerry Carter, Jon Elwood, and Tony Webster all in the Top Ten. For the girls, strong seasons came from the three seniors: Alma Ojeda, Michelle Grimes, and Tyra Richardson. The girl ' s team also placed fifth in the S.A.C. Tournament. Congratulations to both teams for their outstanding year!! Girl ' s f Team Concordia C. City Snider Southside New Haven Manchester E-O 43-16 46-15 48-15 26-29 25-32 15-50 Hunt. Inv. 5th place Wabash Inv. 3rd place A.C. Inv. I4th place S.A.C. 5th place Season Record 3-3 c.c. c.c. f Mew staff members, Mr. Bowman and Mr. Perkins, help out EH8 cross country teams. Pushing the Limit Boy ' s Cross Country Team-Top: C. Rowlett, T. Webster J. Webster, J. Wilenski, J. Elwood, Coach Fry, B. Preiisler, J. Carter •■ : ;-v m ' e ii Chris Rowlett quickens his pace as Brian Pressler and Cheering for her teammates Joe Webster trail behind. is senior Michelle Grimes. r «a iM rf . rf. Girl ' s Cross Country Team: Top to Bottom: T. Richardson, A. Ojeda, Coach D. Davis, E. Bohnke, A. Minnick, M. Grimes. Pushing the Limit 125 UCCESS!! I, h Wrestling. When one hears that word, they think of huge fat men uncontrollably throwing each other down in a ring filled with people screaming " Bloody Murder!! " . But high school wrestling is a totally dif- ferent story, there are rules and it is quite controlled. Elmhurst ' s season was one that many could be proud of. The team record was 8-10-1, but many wrestlers achieved personal fulfillment. One word can sum up the entire season: SUCCESS!! Varsity Wrestling Team: Top Row: T. Whit- tenberger, S. Rose. Middle Row: G. Becker, R. Lin- nemeier.Coach Sherbondy, Coach Gandy, G. Durnell, D. Walda. Bottom Row: B. Sherbondy, K. Foreman, J. Schepple, T. Uhrick. T. Surak, B. Downey, J. Scudder, T. Patton, R. Weber. Reserve Team: Top: G. Becker, D. Walda. Middle: C. Sherbondy, J. Clay, J. Davis. T. Ice, Mr. Gandy. Bottom: D. Ivey, J. Ramos, E. Elkins, D. Feldner Russell Linnemeier attacks his op- ponent with style and a certain sort of grace during a home match. 126 Pushing the Limii Many different holds and block tech- niques are learned and Brent Sherbon- dy uses his skills to his advantage. Undefeated! Tom Uhrick may well be on his way ro the cop. The first state winner to attend Elmhurst since 1985, Tom really has his goals set. Thirty-six wins and no losses is really something to be proud of and the entire Elmhurst student body recognized this student ' s superior talent by honoring him with a pep session. Tom will never be forgotten at EHS for on the main gym wall, his picture will be mounted among the other outstanding athletes in Elmhurst ' s history. Congratulations, Tom, and good luck in the future. Tom Uhrick cools down after another win. Coach Tom Smith greets opponents dur- ing a home meet. Pushing the Limit 127 Volley that Ball A sport of strength and agility; a sport that re- quires absolute teamwork and constant move- ment is volleyball. With hard work and dedica- tion, this year ' s girls made both a productive and winning season. Practices began in mid- August with conditioning and extra stress on improving the vertical jump and speed. With only four returning seniors, the lady Trojans proved that they could put training into motion. School spirit was always an important factor that helped en- courage teamwork and individual performance. Overall, the team finished number one in their hearts. As all volleyball players are, the Varsity team is always ready for the unexpected. Varsity Team E O Wayne 0-10 15-15 Homestead 15-15 6-10 Harding 11-15-15 15-6-11 Wayne 8-14 15-16 F.W. Christian 15-15 10-8 Carroll 4-15-15 15-4-9 Adams Central 15-15 10-8 Woodlan 15-15 11-10 C.City 15-15 6-7 S. Side 15-15 4-2 Wayne 2-12 15-15 Heritage 16-15 14-12 Dwenger 10-7 15-15 Norwell 15-15 2-3 Concordia 14-15-15 16-10-11 Harding 15-15 12-13 Bellmont 10-12 15-15 Luers 18-15 16-7 Northside 6-2 15-15 Homestead 15-6-15 8-15-11 Northrop 15-9-5 8-15-15 Snider 8-9 15-15 Luers 5-15-8 15-8-15 V-ball 128 Pushing the Limit Varsity Volleyball: Top Row: K. Kennedy, M. Case, C. Kocks, Coach Fry. Middle Row: M. Scheiber, K. Mazzola, L. Martin, S. Hart. Bottom Row: K. Dahman, L. Hinton, B. Almond. Gathering around Coach Fry, the Varsity team listens to some new strategy. Reserve-Top Row: H. Eckert, B. Jehl, E. Williams, T. Tonkel, M. Mowen, Coach Lee, C. Redding. Bottom Row: W. Schmeling, G. Knappenberger, C. Batchelor. Freshman team: Top Row: A. Howard, G. Gor- don, C. Contadeluci. Middle Row: M. Andrews. T. Ewing, Coach Lee, L. Smith, J. Vachon. Bot- tom Row: K. Manning, K. Nevers, T. Squires. Pushing the Limit ERVES SCORE IT Injuries, pain, and defeat are three problems that Elmhurst teams don ' t dwell over. The boy ' s and girl ' s tennis teams suffered in points, but gained in sport- smanship. Enjoying oneself and pride in their organization, school, and themselves are assets both teams attained. With the Boys ' Team (1-16) and the Girls ' (1-13), strides in improving their various strokes proves to aid the future tennis years at EHS. BOYS Team E O Hunt, Nonh 1-4 Carroll 0-5 Luers 0-5 Northrop 0-5 Southsidc 2-3 Northrop 1-4 New Haven 3-2 Snider 0-5 Snider 1-4 Homestead 0-5 Wayne 0-5 Northside 1-4 Contordia 0-5 Uellmont 0-5 Dwenger 0-5 Norwell 1-4 Harding 0-5 Season Record 1-16 TENNIS GIRLS Team Southside Norwell Northrop Luers Whitko Northside Harding Dwengcr A, Central Snider Concordia Wayne Hunt. North Leo 0-5 1-4 0-5 1-4 1-4 4-1 0-5 2-3 0-5 0-5 0-5 1-4 0-5 Season Record 1-13 The 1987 Boys ' Tennis Team is-Top: C. Lehman , M. Bucher, J. Carpenter , G. Durnell, R. Ewing. Bottom: J. Smith ,T. Mante, Coach Howell, D. Avdul, S. Greider. Sophomore Scott Greider displays perfect form as he smashes the ball over the net. A O U Pushing the L Sunglasses and shorts? Is that all that makes a coach? Certainly not!! New Tennis Coach Howell shows con- cern as she watches the matches. Top: E. Herring, D. Davis, D. Wildey. Second: Coach Howell, M. Dollarhite, K. Alvey, S. Rosales, W. Stein, K. Kennedy, W. Schmeling. Third: K. Nevers, E. Bohnke, J. Wynn, T. Ewing, V. Bower, C. Kump,. Bottom: C. Neal, P. Boldt, J. Aguilar, S. Mann. Pushing the Limit 131 Flipping! Strength, flexibility, and balance play a major role in the sport of girl ' s gymnastics. Elmhurst produced a strong team this season. Returning gymnasts Beth Almond and Laura Hinton were members of the All-SAC team, and Carrie Miller received an honorable mention. The gymnasts scored well in competition as Coach Ron Long, with help from Miss Booth, led them to a Sec- tional Championship. Many freshmen showed tremendous skill in this agile sport and proved that Elmhurst is going to stay on its toes in the up-coming years. So, Elmhurst, " push the limit " and keep on FLIPPING!! F THE Team Harding Northrop Wayne Concordia B. Dwenger Norwell Homestead North Side Bluffton Southside Snider Huntington E 88.35 92.40 99.25 97.55 95.70 93.70 97.10 101.6 94.75 94.70 100.6 104.9 O 32.45 91.75 90.15 104.7 88.50 79.10 105.3 97.75 74.50 00.00 98.75 90.25 INVITATIONALS Elmhurst 91.60 9th place Concordia 91.65 10th place Lafayette 92.45 5th place Sectional 98.6 Regional 2nd place GYMNASTS Pushing the Limit Beth Almond achieves another perfect feat on the horse. Coach Ron Long " spots " Tyra Richard- son for a difflcult jump. Freshman Missy Andrews achieves success during a home meet. ««» " C " The 1987 Gymnastics Team is: Top: C. Miller, T. Miller, T. Richardson, A. Howard. Bottom: C. Treace, M. Andrews, Coach Booth, Coach Long, B. Almond, J. Tomlinson. Pushing the Limit 133 GIONAL CHAMPS!!! BOYS Bellmont Adams Central 10-2 8 13 Adams Central 13-6 Norwell 10-2 EastMoble 10 East Noble 7 3 Southside 9 1 Manchester 1 4-4 Snider 51 Dwenger 12 Whitko 10-0 riorthside 1-0 Morthrop 3-4 Luers 130 Harding 51 Homestead 16-3 Dwenger 62 Concordia 24 South Adams 93 South Adams 7-6 Wayne 1-2 C.Clty 2 1 Dwenger 4-8 Luers 10-2 Homestead 8-7 Heritage 6-5 Sectional Harding 100 Mew Haven 6-4 Regional Homestead 7 2 Dwenger 15-2 Semi-state Laporte 0-3 Season Record 25-7 B-BALL -Ojn With excellent coverage from the local papers, the Elmhurst Trojans entered the Regional Championship Game with spirit and energy (something that the Tro- jans are famous for). Winning the Regional Title was a dream come true for many of the young men, especially for seniors Doug Snow and Doug Louden, the two var- sity pitchers. Doug Louden was offered a contract from the Milwaukee Brewers, but instead is attending ISU on a full baseball scholarship. Although many seniors are leaving, with confidence and determination, the underclassmen will be in full swing next season. Congratulations!!! " They ' ve been swell guys. Swell young men. " . . . Coach Bill Derbyshire. O Pushing the Limit The 1987 Boy ' s Baseball Team is-Top: J. Spice, D. Snow, D. Louden, K. rowerbaugh, S. Juergens, T. Hawkins. Second: J. Folland, Coach Tilker, C. Schmidt, M. Weaver, S. Boner, Coach Derbyshire, M. Redding. Third: J. Randolph, S. Williams, M. Bucher, A. Rodriguez, T. Felger, J. Shimer, C. Marks, N. Jordan. Bottom: L. Farias, D. Parker, C. Redding, S. Dowdell, L. FJ This year was Steed Williams ' s first on varsity, and his hard work is displayed as he swings at the ball. 4 ,.. Setting his stance, Steve Boner is next to bat. Here comes the ball, and Jim Spice is ready for it. Pushing the Limit 135 BATTING IN Smiles and tears. Rejoicing and painfully walking away. Elmhurst Softball has shared moments to remember and moments wishfully hoping to forget. With a superior season (9-13), the girls ' team proceeded to take the field with pride, energy, and enthusiasm. Heather Eckert, one of the many seniors on the team, attained an All S.A.C. title for her outstanding effort in her participation with the team. An experienced team is what next year is hoping for and that is what those girls have in mind. The 1987 Girl ' s Softball Team is-Top: J. Worrel, K. Foreman, H. Eckert, A. Maynard, G. Gordon, T. Coles, J. Worrel. Middle: S. Powell, P. Davis, K. Dahman, L. Yerrick, C. Myers, J. Pilson, B. Johnson, J. Brandt. Bottom: C. Tuesca, K. Bunn, A. Ojeda, Coach Bowman, K. Kaperka, T. Squires, T. Leeper. 3 Pushing the Limit GIRLS Marion Northrop East Noble Bellmont Northside Southside Homestead Hunt. North Hunt. North Concordia C. City Concord Luers F.W. Christian Snider Blackhawk Dwenger DeKalb New Haven Luers Wayne Season Record 9-13 I () 15-3 3-30 8 10 326 18 12 23 17 5-14 0-10 15 19 15 5 08 15 12 12 10 18-7 22-6 6-22 7-8 1-5 4-5 12-24 S-BALL Heather Eckert, All S.A.C., slides into homeplate before the ball does. Great teamwork is always emphasized and Alma Ojeda and Christine Myers perform an exciting play. Just after successfully hitting the ball, Kris Foreman is ready to run. Pushing the Limit 137 TEEING BOYS Team Vayn Bishop Luers Season Record 4-10 EO 197-155 208-172 192-194 200-163 185-169 219-169 185-167 167-178 197-189 167-170 179-161 175-179 171-156 GOLF A blazing fireball soars through the cool, still afternoon air splicing the silence with its minute " whooshing " sound. Then-PLOP!! Striking the green, the golfball rolls toward the awaiting hole. An ever-growing sport, in both boys and girls, golf has become one of the popular sports at Elmhurst. On their home green, Brookwood, the EHS golfers paraded through and chose their turf. Although both teams were young, potential arose as the dramatic seasons progressed. So, Elmhurst! Set that ball, and TEE OFF!!!! The Boy ' s 1987 Golf Team is-Top: B. Chamberlain, C. Backs, D. Walda, Coach Werling, J. Backs, S. Greider. Bottom: D. Im- hcff, J. Schoeph, R. Blaising ..1 O «k .5 Pushing the Limit GIRLS Team () Gusht-n 236-2 SS Warsaw 256-226 Snider 247-189 Humcstcad 276-177 Carroll 249-197 Manchester 261-245 Leu 237-220 C.Ciry 237-223 Concordia 261-221 Lucrs 241-190 Harding 241-258 Northside 238-207 Dwenger 293-200 Northrop 293-207 Season Record MS GOLF The 1986-87 Girls Golf Team is-Top: A. Stanley, S. Braden, J. Sprouls, S. Lange. Bottom: K. Ross, A. Kirby, Coach Lohr, L. Richardson, S. Mann. .--•4. V-- Eric Elkins made the first ever EHS hole-in-one at Riverbend on May 26. The shot was on hole 15, 150 yards, par 3, with a 5 iron. Perfect style and form are displayed as Julie Sprouls gracefully " follows through " . Pushing the Limit 139 Your Mark This year ' s boy ' s track season was a mixed bag of successes and failures. The team ' s record of 0-9 does not even begin to reflect the many hours of hard practice that were devoted by both players and coaches alike. The major problem this year, according to first year head coach Pat Boles, was the small number of runners who came out for the team. In addition, injuries and low grades further lowered the ranks. Two promising runners, Charles Coats and Lavon Walker, were injured early in the season and were unable to compete. Of the 17 members who started the season, only 1 3 finished. There were, however, several bright spots on this year ' s team. Curt Vizino and Cortney Willis placed in the top five in N. E. Indiana. In the pole vault. Curt went as high as 14 feet, and in the long jump, Cortney ' s best was 21 feet 10.5 inches. Other outstanding members of the team were LaShawn Rogers in the hurdles and Eric Dorias in the discus. Outstanding freshmen this year were Anthony Sears and Steve Conrad. Many members of this year ' s team are returning and Coach Boles is op- timistic about next year ' s team. According to Coach Boles, " We have many tough people right now — all we need now are numbers. " It takes many long hours of practice to become a good runner. In the end though, it is well worth it. Running are Anthony Sears, Tony Simms, and Eric Conrad. After a hard run, Tony Simms takes a moment to catch his breath before continuing practice. -w . • . : . ' " k J Pushing the Limit ■ ' ■iS?? . ' .■ ' BOYS Team EO Manchester 23 60 Homestead 23 65 Norwell 14.5 57 Dwenger 14.5 76.5 N. Central 83 Northrop 63 North Side 9 66 South Side 9 67 Northrop 9 80 Homestead 18 82 Snider 21 83 Huntington 21 42 Harding 18 74 Northrop 24 100 Wayne 5 14 Sectional Season 0-9 TRACK «» Boy ' s Track-Top : R. Linnemeier, J. Hopkins, G. Benson Second : T. Simms, L. Walker, Coach Perkins, C. Coats, Coach Boles, E. Dorais, E. Conrad, Coach Fry Bottom : C. Vizino, C. Rowlett, S. Conrad, A. Gooden, A. Sears, C. Willis, D. Powell(Manager). The effects of a long practice can be seen in the face of shot-putter Eric Conrad. Pushing the Limit 141 5w l- v« ' x. FINISHING STRIDES Style. Grace. Form. All are characteristics of the exhilarating team sport of track. Overall, the team succeeded with the help from sophomores Virgina Hicks (hurdles) and Shirley Scott (discus throw). Coaches Fry, Dowling, and Davis taught the team to have pride in what they were doing, and manager Tonya Bates kept the girls going with her spirit. Although the season record wasn ' t that impressive, next year proves to be better with the gathered experience from this year. With the glorious victories, the painful defeats, and the finishing strides, the Lady Trojans always came out winners. GIRLS Team Whitko Homestead Norwell Snider INorthside Wayne Luers Concordia Northrop Concordia Southside Harding Inv. 6th S.A.C. 7th Sectional 10th EO 35-83 19-65 19-64 22-74 22-45 39-87 39-20 43-41 43-63 28-30 28-73 TRACK ■41 I 1 - Betty Webb picks up speed before taking part in the long jump. 142 Pushing the Limit Virginia Hicks is aware of her every motion as she makes her way over the highjump. » .♦ .r Emotions can always be seen in the eyes of an athlete, and Tonya Williams is no exception. m The 1987 Girl ' s Track Team is-Top: A. Minnick, T. Washington, L. Webb, B. Webb, C. Spence, M. Grimes. Middle: Coach Davis, V. Hicks, T. Richardson, T. Bates (manager), B. Bohnke, L. Bradford, S. Scott, K. Spinks, Coach Fry. Bottom: A. Reynolds, R. Clark, T. Williams, Coach Dowling, D. Smith. Pushing the Limit 143 ELMHURST How Do You Feel? A new beginning is one way this year ' s cheerleaders might describe the 1986-87 season. The group had to adjust to many new things, including a new sponsor and an increased number in the varsity squad. In spite of it all, the cheerleaders we ' re a success. Besides selling candy and spirit pins, they worked through the summer washing Renwald ' s ice cream trucks and holding regular car washes. Between washing they held regular practices which paid off in a camp at Indiana University where they won two blue ribbons, six red ribbons, five white ribbons, and a spirit stick award. The squads were led by sponsor Cheryl Trammel, Coach Sondra Allen, and Captain Melody Schmitt. " Oh, say can you see ... " Elmhurst cheerleaders show their American pride as they salute the " red, white, and blue. " Performing mounts requires long hours of practice, strong backs for the lower tier, and agile balance for the upper tiers. Sharp looking cheerleaders help add spirit to sporting events. ' jshing the Limit Varsity Cheerleaders: Top row: C. Lill, A. Birch, L. Moyer, E. Dorais, J. Bohannon, C. Vizino. Middle row: J. Tomlin- son, M. Schmitt, T. Richardson, K. Delaney, D. McCartney, K. Dahman. Bottom row: Mrs. Trammel, L. Corbat, W. Dirig, S. Allen. Tommy Trojan is R. Schroeder. Reserve Cheerleaders: Top row: M. Andrews. Middle row: S. Dowdell, T. Miller. Bottom row: S. Bey, H. Barker. Freshmen Cheerleaders from right to left: T. Saylor, K. Bunn, M. May, C. Stark, K. Stark. Bottom: C. Contadeluci. Pushing the Limit 145 Farewell and Goodbye! May 1987 landmarked the retirement of three long- time Elmhurst educators: Mr. Richard Horstmeyer, Mr. Raymond Garrett and Mr. Nicolas Weriing. These three men have dedicated many of their years teaching and helping students grow into maturity. Mr. Horstmeyer began his teaching career at Bunker Hill where he stayed for one year before moving on to Huntertown for three years. He joined what is now the Fort Wayne Communi- ty Schools district in 1956. He started as a teacher at the former Central High School and was an administrator at Central and Northrop High School before becoming Elmhurst ' s principal in 1973. Not being around kids is going to require some adjustment for Mr. Horstmeyer. " I ' m going to miss the students. 1 certainly am, " he said. " Kids are great. They truly are. We hear so much about the bad sides, but there are so many good sides. " After retirement Mr. Horstmeyer plans to do some traveling, spend time with his family, fish, woodworking and do home repairs. He said that it ' s time for a change although he ' s enjoyed what he ' s done so far. When comparing school today with that of the past, he replied that the student-faculty relationship is better than in the ' 70 ' s and that EHS in particular has become a more academic school. He added that after seeing some of his former students become fine doctors, nurses etc ... , his greatest satisfaction is to think that he had just a little part in the development of these students. Dr. Arlene Zumbrun Assistant Pat Weaver Dean of Girls Principal Tom Madden Dean of Boys(87) Timon Kendall Dean of Boys(86) There are many administrative duties that the principal must perform. Mr. Horstmeyer will give these up when he retires. 146 ieping it Sharp Mr. C]arrett startcc,! his caaxT by ccaihini; all math suh|c ' crs (except cakulus) at various schools throut;lu)ut Indiana. Then he came to HHS where he has taught tor thirty years. He chose this year to retire because he ' ll be celebrating his sixty-fifth birthday this summer. He jokingly added, " I ' ve been through this stutt long enough! " After retirement, he looks forward to traveling, and mainly " sleeping in. " Mr. Werling, who has taught all social studies but has concentrated on U.S. Histoiy, began teaching in 1948. He saw a great deal of the growth of Elmhurst as he has taught here for thirty-five years. He is look- ing toward to doing some traveling, but he ' s mainly planning to spend his time at the golf course and just being lazy. It seems almost inevitable that these three men have touched the lives and made a difference to nearly ever) ' one who has passed through Elmhurst in the time that they ' ve been here. Even teachers can sometimes be childish. Mr. Reinhard is shown here performing in the teacher ' s Christmas skit. Perhaps the proudest time for a principal is when he presents diplomas to the graduating class. Mr. Horstmeyer is shown presenting Tyra Richardson her diploma. School spirit can sometimes take unusual and sometimes frightening forms. Shown are Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Reinhard. Keeping it Sharp 147 Kathy Bennett: Guidance Al Harris: Guidance Counselor Counselor John Sinks: Guidance Counselor Betty Sherbondy: Guidance Secretary Willie Stubbs: Ad- ministrative Aide Duane Rowe: Athletic Director Ina Roof: Secretary to Athletic Dir. Diane Carpenter: Atten- dance Sec. to Deans Judy Beauchot: Secretary to Principal Alice Andrews: Secretary sandy Fulton: Treasurer Sharon Tieben: Librarian to Assistant Principal Delores Banks: French, English John Beal: Algebra, Geometry, Gen. Math Pat Boles: Criminology, Jerry Bowman: Gen. English Math, In. Algebra i 48 K eerixj git Sharp Roma J. Bradburn: Home Al Burns: World History, Don Buzzard: Industrial Byron Carrier: Physics, Economics Phys. Ed. Arts Chemistry Daria Davis: Biology, Consumer Math Bill Derbyshire: Steve DeVillez: Audio „ . , „. . Geometry, Algebra Visual " " Doepke: Choir Sue Dowling: Health Gary Eager: Metals, U.S.History Holly Faulkner: Spanish Dave Fry: Chemistry, ' Physical Science n 1 1 1 Deb Fry: Phys. Ed., Sociology Linda Fry: English, Speech Don Gandy: Algebra, Pro- Ray Garrett: Algebra, gramming Basic Geometry Keeping it Sharp 149 Rebecca Geible: Art, Theater Don Goss: Art, Photography Phil Habeggar: Trigonometry, Anal. Geometry Nancy Kelley: Keyboard- ing. Marketing Education Jim Lambert: Industrial Arts Carter Lohr: Biology Dick Mattix: Social Studies Joe Miller: English, Latin Bonnie O ' Connell: Special Education Sue Owen: Home Economics Greg Perkins: Earth Science, Biology Dick Poor: Algebra,Calculus Arland Reinhard: Ac- counting, Computers Mary Rosman: Deaf Education Lowell Shearer: German Dave Smith: Govern- ment, Intro, to Business li.kJ ' J Keeping it Sharp Gerry Tilker: Keyboar- -w . •, Bob Stookey: English J " y9 ' ; ' ' " y« ' ' ' ' " -aw. sJanUh ' " " " " ' ' ' G ' fle Tricolas: English La Verne Tsiguloff: Accounting Diana VanSlyke: Basic Terry Vaughn: Orchestra, Jim Welborn: Body Office Services Programs Band Building, Earth Science r Shelly Wellington: English Nick Werling: U.S. History Tim Williams: Special Ed Dan Wilson: Biology Dorothy Yoder: English, Journalism Mr. Buzzard, Mr. Eager, Mr. Welborn, Mr. Lambert, and Mr. Burns sprayed the unsuspecting crowd with an un- connected water hose. Keeping it Sharp 151 Cooking for the People As much as the students complain, they are actual- ly fortunate to be served the lunches here at EHS. There are three lines to choose from. Such things as pizza, taco salad, ice cream, punch, and the infamous " sticky roll " are among the favorites. These appetizers must all start somewhere and that somewhere is the cooks. Each day, over 900 people enjoy some kind of meal in the EHS cafeteria, whether it be at lunch or an early morning energy booster. Food is man ' s essen- tial tool for survival, but we all need someone to make it taste inviting. Kitchen staff, top row: M. Harris, L. Hanks, S. Stark, S. Allmandinger, C. Alexander, and S. Miller. Bottom row: M. Alles, E. Schiffly, D. Hensinger, and P. Oldham. Dorothy Hensinger takes a glance around the kitchen to make sure everything is on schedule while mak- ing up a pot of soup. The kitchen staff has Halloween spsrs " Seen here are several of the cr.v ' " ?ing for the occasion. Keeping it Sharp h ' ' , S ' « ' L J. ■A i Top row: Greener, Stellhorn. Bot- tom row: Greenwood, Maldeney. Cleaning the Edge Custodians must mop the floor after each event even when the event was the roast of the head custodian, Richard Brown. Richard Brown left Elmhurst to become a custodian at Northside High School. He is seen here at his going-away roast. At the beginning of each September when students return to school they find the lockers, desks, rooms, and the halls clean. All the gum under the desks, marks on the back of the seat, and writing on the top of desks are gone. Walls and floors have been stripped to the tile, cleaned, disinfected and resealed. Most students never realize the amount of time and hard work custodians put into main- taining the building. Cleaning is not their only respon- sibility though; they also maintain the grounds, service the boiler and air conditioners. The custodians do this because they enjoy their work and students here at EHS. Keeping it Sharp 153 Tbosi: litfie, odd jobs of delivering messages and working in the office, all need to be done, but ici: h;;is and office personnel can ' t do everything. That ' s why the students are willing to give a helping hand. If study hall just wasn ' t for you then maybe doing errands (plus a 1 2 credit) was that eye-catcher. Whether or not you happened to be a service worker, give credit where it is due, to those who were willing to give Elmhurst a little extra. These students were teacher ' s aides. Top row: L. Kordes, L. Poindexter, C. Talley, T. Schumm, T. Bates. Second row: E. Herring, C. Smithson, D. Moser, C. McBride. Third row: H. Cramar, S. Weemes, B. Wagar, V. Turner. Bottom row: T. Imhoff, B. Lewis, R. Paul, S. White. These service workers helped out in the media center, A.V., and the physical education department. Top row: B. Reece, D. Trenary, V. Turner, E. Dorais, G. Anderson. Sec- ond row: J. Huguenard, D. Parker, W. Sorg, C. Marks. Bottom row: Mrs. Tieben, L. Brandt, F. Page, B. Webb. Helping the Edge Keeping it Sharp These students were teacher ' s aides. Top row; M. Johnson, R. Filchak, T. Anspach, C. Spinner, C. Sutton, R. Getz. Second row: T. Har- din, M. Case, T. Manic, D. " renary. D. Barrett. Third row: K. Rupp, A. Kirby, M. Wilson, C. Lill, D. Mi.. nick. Bottom row: K. Dahman, L. Richardson, C. Schmidt, D. McCart- ney, L. Yerrick. Tom Anspach answers Mrs. Sher- bondy ' s phone when she is on break. Checking to see who has overdue books in the media center is Mary Phifer. These students were office workers. Top row: J. Worrel, J. Worrel, T. Guggisberg, S. White, W. Sorg, K. Mazzola, R. Stanley. Second row: C. Wilson, L. Rogers, R. Paul, D. Stephens, A. Hutchinson, L. Hinton, T. Leeper. Third row: K. Seitz, V. Turner, B. Jehl, B. Gensic, B. Hamilton, K. Dahman, D. Shallenberger. Bottom row: L. Wyatt, T. Bates, B. Benz- inger, N. Aguilar, T. Simpson. Jennifer Michael hands the teacher a notice from the of- fice. This is one of the tasks service workers have to take Keeping it Sharp 155 Matt Clauss, Larry Moyer, and Andy Birch display their pride and joy before the Homecoming pep session. STEPPINq V E R Your senior year is the time to make memones last. Your friends and family are an important part of your high school life. In years to come, you will look back on your senior year and probably laugh at some of the outrageous things you did with your friends thinking, " How could I have done THAT! " After graduation you will enter the real world where your life doesn ' t evolve around friends and school life. A job and college will probably take up most of your time. You will step over the edge of school but you will never forget the good and bad times you had there. pping Over " Friends are very special, they ' re there to share the good times with, as well as the bad. Friends should never be forgotten. Their memories will be carried on forever. " Maria Prewitt DC LTn M ' " rffitf The seniors once again won the powder puff game during Homecoming. Shown are Jenny Kohrman, Carrie Miller, and Vicki Bower. Kerrie Evans and Floyd Long anxiously await the judge ' s decision during a band and guard competition. Stepping Over 15 7 In saying goodbye, there is no sorrow. Because we ' re the future, we ' re tomorrow. i- This year EHS sponsored a Career Day for all seniors, juniors, and sophomores who were interested. Elmhurst students gathered in the girl ' s gym where many different colleges, technical schools, and the Armed Forces were represented. Students had two hours to talk with these representatives about choosing a college. This opportunity provided students with information about costs and boar- ding fees, the advantages of the Armed Forces, and how to enroll in a technical college. This day let students talk free- ly of their expectations and fears of college. rp ' lJ-mg Over The Armed Forces help students pay for college while they are in the service. Students learn skills while earning money for college. Students were able to ask represen- tatives about the costs and re- quirements of college. A technical college is a good place to learn a trade that will last students throughout their lives. Stepping Over 159 Almost There! The final weeks before school is out are pretty hectic for ever one. But for seniors everything is so rushed you foel the world won ' t move on without you. These last fow weeks are always memorable. The seniors participate in the Senior Honors Reception and the Senior Recogniton Night. The Senior Mother ' s Breakfast brings many happy tears to students and their mothers, but the Senior Breakfast is filled with laughter which can be heard echo- ing through the halls of Elmhurst. All this plus gown fit- tings and dress rehearsals for that " Big Day " fill the weeks. Finals are a worry for most and S.A.T. scores are a worry for others. All these things combined make gradua- tion all the more memorable. Before graduation you can pat yourself on the back and be proud of your ac- complishments over the past four years and think, " ALMOST THERE!! " Andy Birch obviously wants everyone to hear ihis at that the Senior Breakfast and what better way than this? ■rsN US ' Over Laughter filled the halis ' aX Elmhurst on Friday morning before graduation rehearsal during the Senior Breakfast. Sue Malott and Curt Vizino were honored with the award of having the best smile. As you can see they truly deserve this award. = ► I - 4c ' - = Stepping Over J. O X Jtet quickly becoming friends. Seniors Dan Trenary, Doug Louden, and David Seagly have spent the last four years together. All of them are about to embark into the world and are anxiously awaiting their commencement. Over the Edge As a freshman, you entered Elmhurst with great expectations of what high school life would be like. You soon found out that high school requires a lot of time and hard work. As a sophomore you strived to move onward and you worked your way up to being a junior; still wishing you were a senior. Now that glorious time has come and soon you will be over the edge of curfews and school. You will be able to choose what you want to do with your life. This is the time to enjoy your life as a teenager and make the best use of it. ■■■ ' i r 4. • epoingOver Tracee Boots Vicki Bower Andrew Brobey Treva Bryant Gina Bustos Marc Butler Sonja Carlin Jerry Carter Roi Cechvala Leroy Church Matt Clauss Jenny Clements Michelle Cook Blaise Cortise Gary Cramer Brian Crawford Gary Davis Reggie Dock Karen Dollarhite Lisa Domurat Eric Dorais Trina Dowdell Byron Downey Jim Duly Denise Dumato Greg Durnell Randy Elam Kerrie Evans Bob Ewing Chris Fair Stepping Over 163 Neil Fanger Paul Fawley Bradford Firrie Twila Fowler Hollle Franklin Maria Garcia Dorinda Garza Tammy Gick Anna Grate Pat Gridler Michelle Grimes Brenda Hamilton Melanie Haneline Dan Harmon Mark Hauser Rita Herndon Tina Hicks Peggy Hill Doug Hood Shannon Hubley Dennis Humbert Lorie Ice Tanza Imhoff Paul Jackson Exchange Student Veronika Thurner was one of the foreign exchange students at Elmhurst this year. She is a native of West Germany but was spending the year with Mr. and Mrs. Wittibslager. She chose to graduate with the class of ' 87 at Elmhurst but upon returning to Ger- many she still has two more years of school to com- plete. Veronika has two sisters, one who was an ex- change student between 1984-85 in Utah. Veronika came to the United States to experience our culture and way of living. We were very fortunate to have had her at Elmhurst. J.. -L Stepping Over Jim Jenkins Marvin Johnson Shirley Jones Rodney Kelso Kristie Kennedy Kathy Kidd Youlanda Kinnie Angie Knappenberger Chrissy Kocks Tina Kohler Jenny Kohrman Stephanie Krewson Christina Krouse Tom Krouse Jenny Kruse May Lagrone Stacie Lange Marc Larson Chris Leach Chris Lehman Roy Lehman eronika Thurner, our senior foreign exchange student, lives an enlightening speech about her home country dur- ng the foreign language party that is held every year. Stepping Over 165 After a heavy day at the Roman Senate, seniors Curt Vizino and Randy Schroeder model the latest in toga fashions. Spirit week allows fashionable people to wear the latest fashions. Charles Lill Lisa Little Floyd Long Doug Louden John Mackay Sue Mallott Sharla Mangrum Jenny Manor Martha Marquez Lisa Martin Jamie Mason Kim Mazzola Tara McArdle Stephanie McBride Julie McCormick Kathy McCrillis Rod McDougall Reba McGlothlin Dawn McKinney Carrie Miller Jamie Milton Dave Minnick Stella Moreno ... 166 Stepping Over GOOD LUCK! The senior year is something everyone looks for- ward to. It ' s a time to be with friends, both old and new. Making the most of your time is something every senior does. No one sits at home by themselves on a weekend. They spend time with friends and family. The senior year has a couple of downfalls. SAT ' s and CAT ' s are two major tests most seniors are required to take. Perhaps their big- gest fear is leaving school and entering the adult world, where they have to make important deci- sions that will change their lives. But whatever choice you make GOOD LUCK!!! Michelle Morrow Denise Mo.er Larry Moyer Tracey Muncey Raquel Murua Eric Nelson Jorge Nino Alma Ojeda Grant Penrod Mary Phifer Maria Prewitt Laurie Ramsey Bryan Reece Brad Reed Jason Reiling Mark Resor Lara Reynolds Tyra Richardson Laura Ridenour Shawn Roberts Raul Rodriguez Lashun Rogers Mike Rosales Robert Roy Stepping Over 167 r " Kristen Rupp Tammy Russell Ronald Sanders Maryann Saylor Kent Scantlin John Scheppele Mark Schrock Randy Schroeder Kim Scrogham Dave Seagly Brent Sherbondy Betsy Sherwood Yolanda Simmons Diana Sims Angle Skaggs Kelly Smarsh Dawn Smith Dioandra Smith Kim Smith Doug Snow Below are the 1986-87 senior class of- ficers: Top: M. Aguilar, L. Yerrick. Bot- tom: A. Birch, T. Richardson. Leadership Class officers have the crucial job of organizing the finances and activities of an entire class. They have a responsibility to the class of ' 87 to make their senior year as fun as possible. Choosing a fund raiser or sponsoring a dance are only two things the officers have to do. It was a big job and someone had to do it. Tyra Richardson was that someone. Andy Birch was the vice-president, Natalie Aguilar was the treasurer and social chairperson, and Laura Yerrick was the class secretary. Together they led the seniors through a successful year! Stepping Over Jim Spice Carol Staiey Michelle Stalf Rick Stanley Brett Staton Ken Stech Jon Steffen Lisa Stein David Stephens Laura Stevens Kristine Stoppenhagen Shelly Sturdivant Nancy Surack Zaneta Tatum Hugh Thornhill Veronika Thurner Ron Trammel Stephanie Tran Chris Treace Kelley Treace Dan Trenary Vincent Turner Tom CJhrick Janeen Underwood Curt Vizino Becky Wagar Stepping Over 169 Bob Wagner Renea Washington Betty Webb Joe Webster Laura Wermager Matt White Todd Whit- tenberger Beki Wiggin Bernard Williams Emily Williams Cassandra Wilson Michelle Wilson Trevor Witt Jill Worrell Jodi Worrell Ed Wright Laura Yerrick A Im - ' Stepping Over The following seniors did not have their pictures taken: Joel Bean Calvin Lee Heidi Berkheiser Jeffrey Lee Michael Bland John Lee Juanita Boll Lenora Lintermuth Donna Bonnette Wendy Lupkin Jeffery Chelf ima Maynard Nathan Clauss Connie McLemore Floyde Crane Linda Mickelson Daniel Darnell John Mitoraj Dora Domer Jose Montalvo Lisa Douglas Tammy Munson Tammy Gambrell Prince Page Richard Garwood Richard Ramos Mark Gaskill Angela Redding Shannon Gouge Lagronia Rogers John Green Marc Royer Latricia Griggs Valdis Stapleton Matthew Hedge Carmen Thompson Robert Jackson Errick Wash Jim Jones Paul Wiley Merle King Last Quotes This year the Anlibrum asked students if they would submit a quote to be placed in the yearbook. Responsibility, Friends, and Weekends were the three topics students were asked to write about. Here are some of the results: ' Without friends we could not share our hopes, dreams, secrets, or happiness. That is what rii remember most. " Heidi Bernhart " Good friends are hard to find. So don ' t let them go. ' Tom Clhrick Weekends were meant to be spent with your family. ' Twila Fowler " Responsibility is the determination to work hard and having a goal in which to succeed in. To conquer your dreams, ambitions, and challenges you need this precious element. " Kim Scrogham " Friends are very special people that become part of your life. " Bobbi Penn " Responsibility is something you earn, it ' s not just given to you. " Janeen Underwood " God created the weekend to preserve the sanity of students. " Beki Wiggin " Responsibility is the key to success and organization in all things we do. " Dan Trenary " Friends are the greatest resource we have as individuals " David Seagly " Weekends are devoted to catching up on lost time from during the week. " Tina Bustos " Weekends are a time for family and friends, but when the smoke clears it ' s your time in the end. " Eric Dorais " Real friends are with you through the bad times and are responsible for the good times. " Kathleen McCrillis " Friends are friends forever . . . Through the good times and the bad. " Matthew Clauss " Res ponsibilities are everlasting and the results from it are forever! " Leroy Church " Friends have to be earned by kindness not by taking advantage of the people you want as friends. " Karen Dollarhite " In high school we gain self responsibility to go on with our lives and accept the higher challenges that are thrown at us as we move into adulthood. " Randi Schroeder " A person that never was glad that finally it was the weekend probably has never work- ed hard in his or her life. " Veronika Thurner Stepping Over 171 Valedictorian: Chris Fair Salutatorian: Kent Scantlin It ' s Over Graduation! After four long and hectic years, high school is finally over. No more teachers, no more tests, no more reports, and no more school lunches. It sounds great and it really is. There will, however, be many things and people that will be missed. Some of your friends you ' ve known since grade school, others are more recent acquaintances. Except for a few of your closer friends, you probably won ' t see many of them again. There will never be another high school dance, you ' ll never play on another Elmhurst sport team, and you won ' t ever be part of another Spirit Week. You can always come back to visit Elmhurst, but you ' ll never be part of it like you once were. It ' s time to move on now. Some will go to college, some to technical schools, others will find jobs right away, and others will just settle down. Regardless, this begins a whole new phase in your life. Look back on your memories of Elmhurst fondly, but don ' t dwell on them. Now is a time to take what you ' ve learned and put it to use in a new life. Whatever you choose to do with your life be confident of success. There ' s a great, whole new world waiting for you when you take that great step over the edge. Good Luck! 172 Stepping Over Graduation can be both a very happy and a very sad occasion. Saying good-bye to people you have known for many years is one of the saddest. Some of those graduating listen intently while others seem to be absorbed in deep thought. His last year as principal of Elmhurst, Mr. Horstmeyer receiv- ed an honorary diploma. Stepping Over iilf 1 M. M Nathalie Aguilar: Powder Puff 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 2; Class Officer 4; Homecoming Court 4; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 4; Fall Play 1, 3; Spanish Club 3. Terry Aleshire: Bowling 1, 4; DECA 3, 4. Gregg Anderson: Hockey 1, 2; Bowling 1, 2; Soccer 1, 2, 3; Student Council 3, 4; Honor Roll 4; Service Worker 2, 3, 4; AdvanceStaff 3, 4. Steue As ier; Football 2, 3, 4. Laura Ashworth: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 4; Ser- vice Worker 2, 3, 4. Carl Baker: Trojan Singers 4; Student Council 4; Aniibrum Staff 4; Advance Staff 3, 4; DECA 3, DECA President 4; SADD4. Colleen Baker: Gymnastics 1, 2, 3; Powder Puff 3, 4; Flag Rifle Corp 1, 2, 3; Student Council 1. Mark Barnett: Honor Roll 1 , 4. Dean Barett: Cross Country 2, 3; Prin- cipal ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Court 3; Ser- vice Worker 2, 3, 4. Kimberly Bauch: Advance Staff 2, 3; COE4. Greg Beck er: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4. James Beer: Basketball 1; Honor Roll 1, 2,3. Heather Bernhart: Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Pep Band 1, 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Principal ' s List 1; Women Mentors 3; Service Worker 4; Junior Rotarian 4. Heidi Bernhart: Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Honor roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Women Mentors 3. Andy Birch: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Powder Puff Cheerleader 3; Hockey 1, 2, Cheerleading 4; Student Council 1, 2; Class Officer 4; Service Worker 1,2, 3. Michael Bland: Bowling 1,4. Steve Boner: 1, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 4; DECA 3, 4. Vicfci Bower: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff 3, 4; Concert Band 1; Marching Band 1; Trojan Singers 1; Pep Band 1; Service Worker 3, 4; Fall Play 1 . Gina Bustos: Powder Puff 4; COE 4. Marc Butler: Cheerleading 4; Soccer 4. Worker 1,2; DECA 3, 4. Jerri Carter: Cross Country 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 3, 4; Honor Roll 4; Prin- cipal ' s List 1, 2, 3; Speech Team 2. Leroy Church: A Touch of Class 2; Morp King 3; Afro-American 1, 2; Service Worker 2, 3, 4; Project Lead 3. Matthew Clauss: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff Coach 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Trojan Singers 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Class Officer 2; Prom King 3; DECA 3, 4; Fall Play 2, 3; Spring Play 1,2. Jenny Clements: Powder Puff 3; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; Captain 3; Stu- dent Council 1, 2; Homecoming Court 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Court 3; DECA 4. Michelle Cook: Track 1, 2; Powder Puff 4; Training Choir 1; Concert Choir 2. Gary Cramer: Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1,2; Service Worker 2. Karen DoUarhite: Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1; Women Mentors 3, 4; COE 4; Spring Play 2. Eric Dorais: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Cheerleading 4; Or- chestra 2; Concert Band 1, 2; Jazz Band 1; Honor Roll 1,2; Service Worker 4. rrina Dowdell: Powder Puff 4; Honor Roll 1, 4; Women Mentors 3, 4; Afro- American 1, 2, 3, 4; DECA 3. Byron Downey: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. Jim Duly: Student Council 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2; Service Worker 4; Advance Co-Editor-in-Chief 3; Quill Scroll 3. Greg Durnell: Football 1; Tennis 4; Cross Country 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 2, 4; Prom Court 3; Honor Roll 1. m M 0-© Sorya Carlin: Powder Puff 4; Service Randy Elam: Vica 3, 4. Kerrie Euans: Marching Band 2, 3, 4 Flag Rifle Corp 2, 3, 4; Captain 4 Honor Roll 1, 3, 4; Women Mentors 4 Aniibrum Staff 2, 3, 4; Quill Scroll 3 4; Fall Play 3, 4; Spring Play 3; S.A.D.D Vice President 4. Chris Fair: Track 1; Cross Country 1; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Principal ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Women Mentors 3; Valedic- torian; AFS 2, 3; Speech Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Red Coats 1, 2, 3; Tutoring 2, 3. Bradford Firrie: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 3. Twila Fowler: Track 1, 2; Afro-American 1, 2; Service Worker 2; COE 3, 4; Red Coats 1, 2, 3; Powder Puff 4; J.A. 1, 2, 3. Dorinda Garza: Football stats. 3; Basketball 2; Track 2; Powder Puff 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 2, 3; Women Mentors 2, 3, 4; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 2, 3; DECA 3, 4. Anna Grate: Honor Roll 4; Service Worker 4. Pat Gridler: Orchestra 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 2, 3; Spring Play 2, 3. Michelle Grimes: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Principal ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. Brenda Hamilton: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Women Mentors 3, 4; Service Worker 2, 4; Advance Staff 2, 3, 4. Melanie Haneline: Volleyball 1; Gym- nastics 1, 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Prin- cipal ' s List 3; Horizon 1, 2, 3, 4; Women Mentors 3, 4; AFS 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 3, 4; Spring Play 2, 3, 4; Red Coats 1, 2, 3, 4. Mark Hauser: Honor Roll 4. Tina Hicks: Cheerleading 2; Student Council 1; DECA 3, 4. Peggy Hill: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 2, 3, 4; Trojan Singers 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Women Mentors 3, 4. Doug Hood: Bowling 1, 2; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 3, 4; Pep Band 4; Ser- vice Worker 4. Shannon Hubley: Powder Puff 4; Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Women Mentors 4; Service Worker 4; Fall Play 3, 4; Spring Play 3. I-H Lorie Ice: Powder Puff 4. Tanza Imhoff: Volleyball 1, 2; Powder Puff 4; Homecoming Court 4; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 2, 3, 4. Robert Jackson: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Rodney Kelso: Service Worker 1, 2; COE 4; Red Coats 1. Kristie Kennedy: Basketball 1, 2, 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Or- chestra 1; Concert Band 2, 3, 4; Mar- ching Band 3; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Prin- cipal ' s List 1, 2; Horizon 1; SAC Volleyball2, 3, 4. Kathy Kidd: Track 1, 2; Powder Puff 4; Afro-American 1, 2, 3; Service Worker 1,2; VICA 3, 4 Youlanda Kinnie: Powder Puff 4; Honor Roll 1 ; Service Worker 3, 4. Tina Kohler: Training Choir 3; Special Attraction 3, 4; Honor Roll 4; Peer Teaching 4. Jennie Kohrman: Tennis 1; Powder Puff 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Service Worker 4; Aniibrum Staff 2, 3. Stepping Over Stephanie Kreivson: Track 2, 3; Grap- pier Girls 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2; Flag RineCorp. 1,2, 3. Chris Krouse: Concert Band I, 2, 3; Mar- ching Band 1, 2, 3; Pep Band 1,2; Honor Roll 4; Service Worker 2, 3, 4; DECA 3. Jennifer Kruse: Tennis 1 , 2; Powder Puff 3, 4; Cheerleading 1; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Service Worker 2, 3. ' l!l»M Stacie Lange: Golf 2, 3, 4; Softball 2; Powder Puff 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Service Worker 3; COE 3, Vice President 4. Chris Leach: Football 1, 2. Tammie Lewis: Powder Puff 4; Concert Choir 3; Special Attraction 3; Red Coats 1,2. Charles Lilt: Track 1, 2, 3; Cross Coun try 2, 3; Cheerleading 4; Honor Roll 1,2; Soccer 1,2,3,4. Lisa Little: Women Mentors 1 , 2, 3. Floyd Long: Orchestra 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 2, 3; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Ser vice Worker 2, 3. Doug Louden: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 2, 3; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 2, 3, 4. Sue MalotL Diamond Devils 2; Flag Rifle Corp. 1, 2, 3; Flag Captain 3; Prom Court 3. SharJa Mangrum: Honor Roll 4; Ad vance Staff 4. Jenny Manor: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Service Worker 2. Lisa Martin- Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft- ball 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Women Mentors 4; DECA 4. Jeanie Maynard: Powder Puff 3; Service Worker 1,2; S.A.D.D. 3, 4. Kim Mazzola: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 2; Honor Roll 2, 3; Principal ' s List 1, 4; Homecoming Court 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 3, 4. Tara McArdle: Advance Staff 2, 3, 4. Stephanie McBride: Training Choir 1; Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; Trojan singers 4; AFS 3, 4; Service Worker 3; S.A.D.D. 3, President 4. Julie McCormick: Volleyball 1; Track 2; Cheerleading 2; Flag Rifle Corp. 4; Service Worker 4; Fall Play 3; Spring Play 3; S.A.D.D. 4. Kathy McCrillis: Bowling 3; Flag Rifle Corp 1,2; COE 3, 4. Rod McDougall: Wrestling 1; Service Worker 4. Reba McGlolhlin: Concert Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1, 2; Pep Band 1, 2; Ser vice Worker 1 ; COE 3, 4. Carrie Miller: Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff 3,4; Cheerleading 1 , 2. Jamiene Milton: Track 1, 2; Powder Puff 4; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4; Afro American 1,2,3, 4; Service Worker 2. Dave Minnick: Track 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 2, 3; Powder Puff 3, 4; Bowling 1, 2; Cheerleading 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2; Service Worker 2,3,4. Michelle Morrow: Powder Puff 4; Or- chestra 1, 2, 3; Flag Rifle Corp. 2, 3; DECA 3, 4. Denise Moser: Training Choir 1; Con- cert Choir 2, 3, 4; Special Attraction 3, 4; Service Worker 2, 3, 4. Larry Moyer: Football 1; Baseball 2; Cheerleading 4; Fall Play 1, 2, 3; Spring Play 1, 2, 3; Powder Puff Cheerleader 3, 4. Tracy Muncey: Service Worker 3, 4. Raquel Murua: Powder Puff 3, 4; Cheerleading 2, 3; Honor Roll 1; Women Mentors 3; DECA 4. [ ' =.1 Eric nelson: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestl- ing 1, 2; Baseball 1. 2; Student Council 2; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 1, 2, 3. Alma OJeda: Basketball 1, 2, 4; Track 1; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 3, 4; Powder Puff 3, 4; Service Worker 3, 4. Prince Page: Football 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Service Worker 4. Bobbi Penn: Track 1, 2; Service Worker 4. Grant Penrod: Track 3; Cross Country 3; DECA 3. Michael Plumley: Concert Band 4. Maria Prewitt: Gymnastics 2; Softball 2; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; Training Choir 1; Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; DECA 3, 4. Laurie Ramsey: Flag Rifle Corp. 1, 2; COE 4. Bryan Reece: Golf 1, 2; Bowling 1, 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4: Honor Roll 4; Principal ' s List 1, 2, 3; AFS 3; Service Worker 4. Brad Reed: Football 1, 2; Honor Roll 4; Service Worker 1, 2, 4; Fall Play 1, 2; Spring Play 2. Jason Reiling: Golf 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3; Horizon 1; Service Worker 1, 4: Soccer 1. Mark Resor: Honor Roll 4. Lara Reynolds: Women Mentors 2, 3: Homecoming Court 3; Prom Court 3. Tyra Richardson: Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff 4; Cheerleading 4; Or chestra 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1; Mar- ching Band 1; Pep Band 1; Student Council 4; Class Officer 3, 4; Women Mentors 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4 Prom Queen 3; Homecoming Court 2, 4 Prom Court 3; Afro-American 1, 3, 4 Project Lead 3,4. Laura Ridenour: Concert Band 1; Mar- ching Band 1; COE 4. Shawn Roberts: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Trojan Singers 3; A Touch of Class 2, 3, 4. Lagronia Rogers: Powder Puff 1; Afro American 1, 4; Service Worker 1; Red Coats 4; Project Lead 3, 4. LaShun Rogers: Football 1, 2; Basket ball 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Service worker 3, 4; Student Council 3. Mike Rosales: Football 1, 2; Wrestling 1; DECA 3; Fall Play 3; Spring Play 1,2. Kristen Rupp: Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Service Worker 4. Ronnie Sanders: Football 1, 2; Basket- ball 1, 2; Track 1; Afro-American 1, 2; Service Worker 1, 2, 3, 4; Red Coats 1, 2; Project Lead 3. Maryann Saylor: Powder Puff 3, 4; Grappler Girls 3, 4; Orchestra 1; Flag Rifle Corp 1,2; COE 4. Kent Scantlin: Orchestra 1, 2; Jazz Band 1; A Touch Of Class 3; Principal ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Salutatorian 4. John Scheppele: Wrestling 2, 3, 4. Randi Schroeder: Tommy Trojan 4; Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 2, 3, 4; Trojan Singers 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3; Drum Major 3, 4; Class Officer 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Fall Play 2, 3; Spring Play 1, 2, 3. Kim Scrogham: Basketball 2, 3; Volleyball 1. 2: Golf 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Cheerleading 1, 2; Marching Band 3, 4; Flag e Rifle Corp. 3. 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Principal ' s List 4; Women Mentors 4; Service Worker 1, 2; S.A.D.D. 4. David Seagly: AFS 2; Service Worker 4; Advance Staff 1; DECA 4; Spring Play 3. Brent Sherbondy: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. Betsy Sherwood: Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3; Honor Roll 4; Principal ' s List 1, 2, 3; Horizon 1, 2, 3, 4; Women Mentors 3, 4; AFS 4; Anlibrum Staff 2, 3; Quill Scroll 2, 3, 4; Speech Team 2. Diana Sims: Concert Band 1, 2. 3; Mar- ching Band 1, 2. 3; Pep Band 1, 2; Ser- vice Worker 2, 3; COE 4. Angle Skaggs: Volleyball 1, 2; Powder Puff 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. Treas. 2, 3; President 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Stepping Over 175 Iltp Principal ' s List 1, 2; Women Mentors 3; Service Worker 3, 4. Kelly Smarslv Golf 3; Powder Puff 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Fall Play 3. Dawn Smith: Powder Puff 3, 4; Honor Roll 4; COE 4. Dioandra Smith: Powder Puff 4; Honor roll 2, 3; Women Mentors 4; Afro- American 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. Treas. 3; Vice President 4. Kim Smith: Volleyball 1, 2. 3; Powder Puff 3, 4; Honor Roll 4; Service Worker 4; Anlibrum Staff 1, 2, 3; COE 3, 4. Doug Snow: Basketball 1, 2; Tennis 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 2; Prin- cipal ' s List 3, 4; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 2, 4. Jim Spice: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Powder Puff Coach 3, 4; DEC A 4. Rick Stanley: Golf 1. 2; Honor Roll 1; Service Worker 2, 3, 4. Ken Stech: Baseball 2; Service Worker 2. Jon Steffen: Powder Puff Cheerleader 3; Bowling 1; Concert Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1, 2; Pep Band 1, 2; Honor Roll 1; Service Worker 4. Lisa Steiw Class Officer 3; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Principal ' s List 1; Horizon 1, 2, 3, 4. AFS 2, 3, 4; Anlibrum Staff 2; Ad- vance Staff 2, 3, 4; Advance Editor-in- Chief 3, 4; Quill Scroll 3, 4; Speech Team 1, 2, 3; Fall Play 1, 2, 3; Spring Play 1. Daoid Stephens: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Honor Roll 2; Service Worker 4. Laura Stevens: Service Worker 3, 4; COE 3, 4; OEA 2. 3, 4. Kris Stoppenhagen: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Trojan Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Flag Rifle Corp. 1. 2, 3. 4; Captain 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Horizon 1; Women Mentors 3, 4; Service Worker 2, 3. 4; Fall Play 3; Spring Play 2, 3; S.A.D.D. 4. !rp» Veronika Thurner: Student Council 4; Principal ' s List 4; AFS 4. Kelley Treace: Special Attraction 4; Honor Roll 4. Dan Trenary: Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Cheerieading 3; Service Worker 4; Powder Puff Cheerleader 4. Tom Uhrick: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; State Champions 4; Homecoming Court 2, 3, 4; Prom Court. Janeen Underwood: Student Council 3, 4; Service Worker 2, 4; J. A. 2, 3, 4. Taura Veazey: Afro-American 1; COE 3; DECA 3. Curt Vuino: Football 1, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerieading 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 3; Prom Court 3; Service Worker 4; Fall Play 3; Spring Play 3. Becfci Wagar: Trojan Singers 3, 4; Women Mentors 3; Service Worker 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 3, 4; Spring Play 2. Bob Wagner: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4. Renea Washington: Student Council 1, 2. 3, 4; Class Officer 3; Principal ' s List 4; Women Mentors 3; Afro- American 1, 2, 3, 4; President 3, 4; Advance Staff 1, 2, 3; Speech 2, 3; Red Coats 1, 2. Betty Webb: Basketball 1; Track 1, 2. 3, 4; Afro-American 3, 4; Service Worker 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff 4. Joe Webster: Track 1; Cross Country 4; Bowling 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 1; Principal ' s List 2, 3, 4; Anlibrum Staff 4; Anlibrum Editor-in- Chief 4; Advance Staff 3; Quill Scroll 3, 4; Speech Team 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 4; Spring Play 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4. Lauri Wermager: Powder Puff 4; Mar- ching Band 2, 3, 4; Training Choir 1; Concert Choir 3, 4; Trojan Singers 4; Flag e Rifle Corp. 2, 3, 4; Flag Co- Captain 4; Honor Roll 1, 2; Women Men- tors 4. Service Worker 4; Fall Play 3, 4; Spring Play 2, 3, 4. Matt White: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 1; Baseball 1, 2; Service Worker 3, 4. Todd Whittenberger: Wrestling 1, 3, 4; Service Worker 1, 2. Beki Wiggin: Powder Puff 4; Diamond Devils 1; Student Council 1; Service Worker 4; Speech Team 3; Fall Play 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Play 1, 2, 3, 4; Red Coats 1, 2,3. Bernard Williams: Football manager 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1, 2; Afro-American 1; Project Lead 3. Emily Willicuns: Concert Band 1, 2; Mar- ching Band 1. 2; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Prin- cipal ' s List 1; Women Mentors 3; COE 4; OEA 3, 4. Cassandra Wilson: Service Worker 2, 3, 4. Michelle Wilson: Bowling 3; Training Choir 1; Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; Special Attraction 3; Service Worker 1, 2, 3. Jill H ' orrel; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Softball 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Service Worker 4; Anlibrum Staff 1, 2, 3; Quill Scroll 3. 4. Jodi WorreU Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Softball 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Service Worker 4; Anlibrum Staff 1, 2, 3; Quill Scroll 3, 4. Ed Wright: Advance Staff 3. Laura Yerrick: Tennis 1; Softball 2, 3, 4; Special Attraction 3; Student Council 1, 2; Class Officer 4; Horizon 1, 2, 3, 4; Women Mentors 3, 4; Service Worker 3, 4. Warren W. Worthley, dean of the IPFW School of Engineering, Technology, and Nursing; Kim A. Scrogham of Elmhurst who will study electrical engineering technology at IPFW; Ken Lewis of Magnavox, provider of the scholarship for Scrogham; and Ronald C. Emery, chair of the IPFW department of electrical engineering technology. -5 i " f% - Stepping Over ROOT HELPS YOU TO REMEMBER OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR ELM HURST HIGH SCHOOL ROOT PHOTOGRAPHERS • 1 131 W. SHERIDAN • CHICAGO • 312-726-5500 Supporting it All X I Indiana ' s largest Ford Dealer for over 30 years 2300 W. JEFFERSON. NEXT TO SWINNEY PARK DAVID M. ANDERSON PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER LAND SURVEYOR Office Phone: 219 432-1711 Home Phone: 1-691-3425 P.O. Box 12822 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46866 GREGG ANDERSON CREW CHIEF Mark, •■ from the first day we ' ve been overwhelmed with pride and joy. Love Mom and Dad 78 SHEET METAL, INC. 1205 W. Main St. Ft. Wayne. IN 46808 INDUSTRIAL • COMMERCIAL Design — Fabrication — Installation SERVING PLANT ENGINEERING AND MAINTENANCE INDUSTRIAL VENTILATION • POLLUTION CONTROL WELOMENTS FOOOHANDLINQ LIGHT MACHINING SHORT RUN PRODUCTION ' PROTOTYPES • SHEET METAL • THERMOPLASTICS • STAINLESS STEQ. • FIBERGLASS DUCT • ALUMINUM • BLOWPIPE • STRUCTURALS (219) 422-7825 Supporting it All Kristine We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. We wish you the best in the years ahead. | I Mom Dad Affordable Student Portraits Just ' 21 88 You ' re in a class by yourself with student portraits by Photopro. Your economical Student Portrait Package includes •1 8x10 " 25x7 ' s 8 Wallets " 8 Poses with Proofs ' All In Folder Frames You Keep The Proofs Ne{;ativt ' S Low Reorder Prices JtSi«li CAMERA Photoprd Portrait Studio • Georgetown North 2812 Maplecrest Road 486 1835 •Covington Plaza 432 5573 •3420 N Wells St 484 8657 WAYNEWOOD INN A restaurant of many qualities! • Good Food • Low Prices • Friendly Service • Luncheon Special Dinner Served Until Midnight CO, of OSMETOLOGY OLLEGE INC. Bring Out The Beautiful . . . Professionally 1732 Bluffton Road Quimby Village Fori Wayne, IN 46809 (219)747-3363 8421 Bluffton Rd. 747-0816 Supporting it All 179 SPECIAL TREASURES 6 4 31 BLUFFTON PD WAYTJEDALE BALLOONS FOR SPECIAL : OCCASIONS rliJTDMADE CRAFTS £STTJFFED ANIMALS LOTS OF GIFT IDEAS WE DELIVER BALLOONS 747-4370 X " " CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 GENERAL COLLECTIONS INC. 4911 Illinois Rd. 432-8101 CREATIVE CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. I 4115 Clubview Drive • j-oit V;iyiie, IN 4(iHM • (219) 432-9U2U CONGRATULATIOnS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 uair ?)esi Ifesigns edKen Piuitucts KEHRa THE ULTIMATE IN PROFESSIONAL HAIRCARE 747-0382 6227 Bluffton Road FortWayne, IN 46819 80 Supporting it Ail THE DESIGN GUILD SHOWROOM HAMLIN FURNITURE STUDIOS in furnishing tor qualitv home envinjnmcnts " The Midwest ' s Newest Resource for Traditional, Contemporary and Custom Home Furnishings Authentic English Reproductions and Elegant Interior Accessories Furnit Hamhn Century Hickory Cha Harden Kargcs " Mi ' hue Furnii Dunbar Henkel-Harris Kav Lynn •Monufacturcrs scheduled lor floor display d by the Design Guild Showroom: Directional Pennsylvania House Romweber Furniture Thayer Coggin John Widdicomb Klttinger Mount Airy Hekman Hickory Manufactunt Mlifei 100 other fine fur: ines. Stop by and se rings, fabri THE DESIGN GUILD SHOWROOM wo Bluffion Road • fori Wayne, Indiana -16500 (219)747-1313 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 Complements of Midland Inc. 432-3533 4211 Clubview Drive ABOIIE, REALTORS " Linda Stark CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 87 LINDA STARK Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated ABOITE, REALTORS 4101 West Jefferson Boulevard Supporting it All 1 O 1 ERJE HAVEN PARTNERS IN PROGRESS ERIE HAVEIU MAY STONE Fl Wayne 478-1674 AND SAND, INC. Ft Wavne 74-. 2-05 WoodDurn 749.055.2 } ; BOB MAHL Graonicp CounseiO ' ; TAYLOR PI ' BLISHING CO M PAx-i ; : i s ' , 3916 ELMWA ■ PHONE (3171 ' ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» DRIVE • ANDERSON 649.0536 , INDIANA 46014 I Hair Affair Styling Salon 6415 Bluffton Road (219) 747-5760 The Village Market 4220 Bluffton Road 7 AM To 8PIVI SUNDAY 7AM To 6PM Fresh Donuts Ossian Meats Deli Handcrafted Gifts Fruits And Vegetables ■3 A Supporting it All i FAST COPY, INC. 202 SOUTHGATE PLAZA FT. WAYNE, IN 46806 219-745-3028 PRINTING — COPIES WE PRINT —YOU SAVE STEIN ADVERTISING 219 4325S07 J • Established 1939 • Convenient Southwest location • Complete promotions for: Fundraising Proms School events Band boosters • Over 20,000 imprinted items including pens, mugs, keychains, binders • Call for an appointment with one of our sales representatives Park West 3811 Illinois Rd., 43 4000 w. Jefferson btvd., ft. wayne, ind 46804 (next to scott ' s supermarket) phone: 432-8059 • alterotions • convenient location • stiirt service • state-of-thie-art tectinology • no extra ctiarge for same day or one hiour service • free mothi proofing open 7am - 7pm mon.-fri. 8am - 5pm sat. i » ( ' oiiiplctc Mexican Menu • Also Steaks Burgers • Beer— N — Wine Daily Noon Specials l« i9lle s Our Host ' s 9 " MARGARITAS Frank Sylvia 1301 C ' .oshcn Koatl IMioiic 48 3-9(t ' 4 I ' orr W.iNnc, IN 4hSlS — r f Supporting it All 183 fiiiv Painf front Peoplf " hi) Kni) ' Paini DECORATORS SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. T810 BLUFFTON ROAD FOaj WAYNE. IN 46309 PHONE (219) 747-1539 KEY III CANDIES, INC. 4211 EARTH DRIVE FORT WAYNE, IfS 46809 DROP IN AND SEE US AT OUR OUTLET STORE Your first smart business decision International Business College Specializing in the training and placement of secretarial and accounting professionals since 1889 Fort Wayne, Indiana 219 432 8702 One of 16 Bradford schools located nationwide ir (219) 747-1561 MacDonald Machinery Co. Inc. CONSTRUCTION EOUIPMENT SUPPLIES 3911LIMESTONEDRIVE FORT WAYNE. INDIANA 46809 FORT WAYNE— BLUFFTON lonni.rn gym rrtp oYMNAsncs lllfnlNNIMn AOVANCriH GYMNASTICS Amii.i riiNESS noMPriAiivF. irAMS rxMiniiioNSA or.MONSTrtAiiONS - M HAUiS TAMILY DISC ' .OUNIS SOUTHWEST JODY OIPCIFI MAN BLUFFTON Chronister ' s Waynedale Pharmacy Hallmark Cards Russell Stover Candy Gifts — Free Wrapping Mcjon Photo Center Video Rentals WE ARE THE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST-- • Lowest prices in town; we ' ll meet or beat • Family Records • Delivery Service • Wheel Chair, Walker, and Crutch Rental • Full Line Home Health Care Available 747-4136 Fort Wayne, In. 46809 84 Supporting it All Gibson Auto Ports 1 14 Collins Drive 482-9583 Woynedole Auto Ports 6708 Old Trail Rood 747-9145 — . ,». , ' D ( I TeitCliQtJC APPOIOIMI li t DIPLOMAT STY-LON BcirbLr-lk-aur ' 5743 Wilkiu Or Suiltj 4 ► Denny Aimoy Eail Kdli " THE FRANCE STOKE COMPANV (FORMERLY MAY STONE SAND) " LET ' S HAVE A GREAT 1987 TOGETHER FORT WAYNE 747-3105 WOODBURN 632-4252 AUBURN 925-3460 55 Ddily Spjci.ilb A dinuli lit (Bcriiuin Mark Winebrenner Propiietor (2191 747 3044 6721 Blufflon Rciuil Fon WdvntJ, Inilidiiu 46809 Supp ' FORT WAYNE my neighborhood For the past 5 years, I ' ve been helping my neighbors here in Fort Wayne protect the things they value with State Farm Insurance. Tm proud of this community and grateful for my many friends here. Thanks to all of you in Fort Wayne for being my " Good Neighbors. " (®) Kent Kenlynn Stickler 7105 Old Trail Road Fort Wayne, IN 46809 747-2626 State Farm Insurance Companies Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois Like a good neighbor. State Farm is there. Tim Breland handles a caramel apple with care as he car- ries it to the table. The Special Ed Department sold caramel apples during the lunch mods. i 1» McDonalds FRIENDS FUN AND FLEXIBLE HOURS 5 703 V7EST JEFFERSON 1 6 Supporting it All Abdool, Naieem N. 2 ' 4, 37, 47, 62 Adam, Kristina E. 24, 36 Adams, Eric E. 24, 118, 122 Adams, JodiL. 74 Adams, Karen D. 74 Aguilar.Janett A. 24, 131 Aguilar, Nathalie H ' i. 162, 168 Aguirre, Beatrice 74 Aker, Frank L. 106 Aldridge, Renee L. 101, 106, 117 Aleshire, Anhur A. 22,24 Aleshire, Linda L. 58, 106 Aleshire, Terry D. 58,61,162 ALEXANDER, CAROL 152 Alexander, Chris D. 106 Alexander, Jeremy P. 74 Alford, Kenneth R. 24 ALLES, MARCILE 152 Allison, Aundria L. 24 ALLMANDINGER, SAUNDRA 152 Almond, Beth M. 102. 103, 106, 128, 132, 133 Alvey, Kelly M. 24, 131 Anderson, Gregg E. 50, 154, 162 Anderson, Mary T. 106 Anderson, Tom R. 74 ANDREWS, ALICE 148 Andrews, Jerry W. 47,60,105,106, 113, 117 Andrews, Missy S. 24, 129, 133, 145 Andrus, Angela M. 24 Andrus, Jimmy R. 24 Anspach,Tom W. 16,117,122,155 Amett, TroyS. 24,118 Amos, Dennis E. 74 Ashcraft, Tammy D. 52, 106 Asher, Dennis E. 74 Asher, Steve P. 162 Ashworth, Laura 39,41,43,44,54, 162 Ashworth, Rick L. 41,42,74 Atwell, Kelly R. 24, 36 Ault,TraciS. 47,48,50,54,55,106 Avdul. David N. 24, 130 Avdul, EvaM. 106 Backs, Charles W. 17,74,138 Backs, Jon V. 106, 138 Baker, Carl D. 37, 47, 50, 58, 162 Baker, Colleen E. 162 Baker, Linda M. 24, 64 BANKS, DELORES 148 Barbour, Jerry L. 24 Barbour, Shelly L, 36, 37, 106 Barker, Heather S. 25,145 Barnes, Tinoah K. 25 Barneit, Mark D. 162 Barrand, Kelly 25 Barrett, Dean L. 11, 155, 162 Bassett, Kathy L. 162 Batchelor, Cheri L. 74,129 Bates, Tonya D. 48,49,74,143,154, 155 Bauch, KimL. 59, 162 Baumgartner, Michael D. 25 Beal, Brenda 2, 25 BEAL,JOHN 148 BEAUCHOT,JUDY 148 Bebout, KenG. 106 Becker, Greg A. 38, 67, 126, 162 Beckman, Leslie A. 25, 38, 4 1 , 42 Beckstedt, Lisa C. 106 Beer, Jim S. 162 Belcher, Bernice K. 25 Belcher, Tonya J. 162 Beltz, Jennifers. 25 Benjamin, Lesia K. 5, 106 Bennett, Jason B. 25 BENNETT, KATHY 54, 55, 84, 147, 148 Benson, Gary O. 25, 118, 141 Benzinger, Brooke 47,106,155 Berghoff, Jerry J. 93, 106 Bcrkheiscr, Heidi Bernhart, Heather L. 54, 162 Bernhart, Heidi L. 54, 162 Berry, Lisa P. 6, 74 Best, Anthony C. 162 Bey, Sherry L. 106,145 Biberstine, Troy M. 25 Biddle, Glenn 25 Biddle, Tom A. 74, 87 Birch.Andy 46,56,95,117.145. 156. 160, 162, 168 Blaising, Ross 74, 138 Bland, Angle R. 106 Bland, Michael A. 61 Bohannon, Jason G. 41, 103, 106, 145 Bohnke, Beth A. 55, 98, 143, 162 Bohnke, Erin L. 70,74, 114, 125, 131 Boice, Jackie J. 74 Boldt, Pamela L. 25, 120, 131 BOLES, PAT 117,122,123.141,148 Boll.Juanita Boner, Steve W. 58, 59, 117, 134, 135, 162 Bonham, Kelly L. 74 Bontempo,Jeff A. 106 Boohcr, Warrell K. 25 Booker, Eric D. 25,118 Booker, Michele R. 106 Boots, Leesa R. 74 Boots, Tracee D. 163 Borum, Rosalind D. 25 Bouthot, Shannon D. 106 Boutin, Wendy A. 74 Bowen, Lenny D. 6, 74 Bower, Vicki L. 131, 157, 163 Bowland, Scott A. 25 BOWMAN.JERRY 61,95,124,136, 148 BRADBURN, ROMAJ. 149 Braden, Michele R. 106. 1 39 Bradford, Lukesha L. 25, 36, 120, 143 Brady, Michelle A. 25 Brandt,Judy A. 36,61.74,136 Brandt, Linda R. 36, 106, 154 Brecht, Tonya L. 25,36 Breland, Timothy J. 25 Bremer, Fred G. 25,39,41,43,45 Brickley, Rebecca L. 25, 45 Briggs, Miles S. 106 Brincefield. John B. 25,39,41,42 Brock, BillieJ. 74 Brock, Jeff A. 106 Brock, Shawn C. 25 Brock, Wendy L. 106 Brosey, Andrew E. 163 Brown, Chris L. 25 Brown, Dave A. 25 Brown, Mclanie R. 106.120 BROWN, RUJIARD 15? Brown, Rick A. 106 Brown, Rick C. 74 Brown, Scott W. 74 Brown, Welton D. 25,118 Bryant, Treva M. 64,163 Bucey, Jodie L. 106 Bucher, Matt E. 61,75,130,134 Buchs, Chris A. 25 Buchwald, Lisa M. 106 Bueker, RobA. 37,59,41,43,45, 106 Bunch, Tammy L. 36, 106 Bunn, Kim L. 25, 136, 145 Burget, Colleen 25 BURNS, AL 94,149.151 Bustos, Gina L. 59,163 Butler, Marc A. 60,163 BUZZARD.DON 113.149.151 Buzzelle, Stan A. 25 Caciano, Carla J. 25 Campbell, Chris S. 41,43,44,92,106 Campbell, Eric E. 75 Capps, Amber E. 25 Cardenas, David A. 25,52,61 Carlin, Sonja R.,163 CARPENTER, DIANE 117, 148 Carpenter, Jason A. 58,106.130 Carpenter, Laurie L. 25 Carr, Benjamin L. 25 Carrel, Charles M. 25 CARRIER, BYRON 149 Carrion, Chris A. " 5 Carter, Jerry T. 124,163 Carter, Tara L. 25 Cartwright, Brook Cartwright, Heather G. 75 Case, Michelle M. 54, 98. 102, 106, 128, 155 Catalan, Angie P. 25 Catalan, Miria I, 25 Keeping it Straight 187 ; - .:■• ' .. " -=ttl?on E. 60, 92, 106 ■. ; iu.-: ' ;i, f rolyn A. 106 Cechvaia, Roi R. 34. 47, 163, 173 Chamberlain, Bryan C. 75,122,138 Chambless, William L. 25 Chavei, Cheryl A. 25,37 Cherry, Cindy L. 75 Cherry, Diane L. 25 Christlieb, Bob L. 25 Christoff, John P. 25,93 Church, Leroy J. 163 Church, Tisa M. 50, 75 Ciferri, Conrad Jr. 25 Clapham, Lee D. 75, 117 Clark, G wen 75 Clark, Regina R. 25,120.143 Clauss, Matt S. 57, 4 1 , 58, 98, 99, 1 1 7, 123. 156, 163 Clauss, Nathan 37 Clay, James R. 106 Clay, Jason L. 75. 126 Clements, Jenny L. 58.163 Coakley, Kevin 26 Coats, Charles 123. 141 Codling, Jamie D. 18. 26. 62. 1 18, 122 Colby, Cathy L. 50.53.75 Coleman, Adam D. 26 Coles, Mandy M. 75 Coles, Trina L. 50, 75, 120, 136 Conrad, Eric K. 75.140.141 Conrad, Robert J. 75 Conrad, Steve 118.122.141 Constantine, Mike A. 26 Contadeluci, Cara L. 26.129,145 Cook, Les A. 26, 118 Cook, Michelle L. 163 Cooper, Debbie R. 50, 75 Corbat, Lisa N, 106, 145 Cornell, Brian S. 26, 118 Cornett, Mandy M. 75 Cortise, Blaise W. 163 Craig, Cristina L. 75 Cramer, Gary P. 163 Cramer, Holly A. 48,52,55.61.106 154 Cramer, Sean C. 26. 118 Crane, Floyde 117. 118 Crane, James R. 75 Crawford, Brian K. 163 Creech, Darryl R. 26 Crowder, Tony 75 Cubillos,Jeff A, 75 Cunningham, Susan M. 75 Dahman, Kathy M. 48. 52. 55 106 136.155 Dahman, Kelley A. 155 Dannenfelser, Jon D. 41.75 Dansby, Laurie D. 75 Darnell, Dan K. 117 Daugherty, Jennifer 52.53.75 Davis, Carlos L. 106 DAVIS, DARLA 120,125,143.149 Is she late again? Mr. Stubbs " escorts " Trina Coles to her class. Davis, DenitaM. 75. 131 Davis, Gary W. 163 Davis, Jerhome L. 26, 118. 126 Davis, John P. 75 Davis, Justin 26. 118 Davis, Keith D. Davis, Patty S. 7, 102, 106, 136 Davis, Terina K. 75 Delaney, Kim A. 106, 145 DeLira, Maria D, 75 Dennis, Billie Jo 107 DERBYSHIRE, BILL 134, 149 Derrow, Connie M. 107 DEVILLEZ, STEVE 149 DeWolfe, Michelle L. 26,45 Dillman, Cyrinthia M. 26, 36 Dinovo, Angie D. 47, 54, 55, 107 Dirig, Amy R. 36, 75 Dirig, Jason E. 75 Dirig, Matt J. 37, 58, 107, 108 Dirig, Wendy S. 8,47,54,93,107 145 Dixie, JamalD. 49.75 Dixie, John D. 67,107 Dock, Reggie R. 163 Dodane, ChrisJ. 75 Dodane, Jennifer M. 26 Dodenhoff, Scott A. 75 DOEPKE, BRIAN 149 Dollarhite, Corina K. 35,39,52.75 DoUarhite, Karen S. 43. 54. 59, 163 Dollarhite, Michele M. 26. 38. 42, 47, 131 Domurat, Lisa A. 163 Dorais,EricJ. 12,117,141,145,154. 163 Dorais, Jeff E. 75, 117 Douglas, Lisa M. 36 Dowdell, Shelly R. 71,75,145 Dowdell, Trina L. 49, 54, 163 DOWUNG,SUE 143,149 Downey, Byron L. 126,163 Downing, Shane J. 75 Dray, Matt 26 Dressier, Dawn L. 26, 1 2 1 Duly, Jim M. 163.173 Dumato, Denise B. 163 Dunbar, Marcus T. 75. 117. 122 Dunbar, Shelton L. 107. 1 17. 123 Durnell, Greg A. EAGER, GARY 149. 151 Eckert, Heather M. 54.102,107,121. 129, 136, 137 Edgar, Stephanie L, 26 Edmonds, Robert L. 75,123 Eisbart,JoshM. Elam, CandyJ, 75 Elam, Randy L. 163 Elkins, Eric E. 26. 37, 60. 126. 139 Elwood.JonR. 41.43.75,124 Evans, Brant A. 26 Evans, Kerrie A. 38. 42. 5 1 . 54. 5 5, 157. 163 Ewing, RobB. 130.163 Ewing, TeriL. 26. 129. 131 Fair, Chris C. 63,163,172 Falk, Matt E. 103, 107 Fanger, Neil A. 14,164 Farias, Lisa M. 75 FAULKNER, HOLLY 149 Faull, Kendall F. 26 Fawley, Danielle A. 107 107 164 26, 118, 126 70,75, 122, 123, 134 107 107 75 60,61.67, 104, 155 Fawley, Megan F Fawley, Paul L. Feldner, Dan C. Felger, Todd A. Feltis, Sheila E. Femyer, Sarita M Fey, Rob A. 75 Fields, Zonitra P Filchak, Rob C. Firrie, Brad L. 12, 1 16, 117, 164 Fisher, Demetrias 75 Fisher, Mary E. 107 Folk, Keith M. 26 Fomby, Vickie 107 Forbes, Randy S. 45,75 Foreman, Keith R. 7,107,117,126 Foreman, Kris A. 7, 53, 67, 102, 107 113. 136, 137 Fowerbaugh, Kurt E. 76,122 123 134 Fowerbaugh, Mark R. 26,41,43 44 122 Fowler, Herman 26,122 Fowler, Twila L. 164 France, Lisa R. 107 Franklin, Ashley M. 26, 29 Franklin, Hollie A. 164 Freeman, Chris 27 Freeman, Kris M. 76 Fremion, Mitch J. 27, 62. 1 18. 122 FRY, DAVE 124,141,149 FRY, DEB 128. 129, 143. 149 FRY, UNDA 149 FULTON, SANDY 148 Fultz, Robin M. 27 Gaff, Esther D. 27 Gaff,Jeanette Y. 107 Gaff, Katie E, 76 Gagnon, Chris R. 45 Gam boa, Marcus M. 27 Gamez, Liz 107 GANDY, DON 149 Garcia, Maria C. 164 Garcia, Tony 76 Gamer, Allen 4 1 . 44. 50, 76 Garrett, Carla M. 36, 76 GARRETT, RAY 149 Garver, Mike B. 27 Garza, Dorinda 58,164 Gaskill, David S. 27 Gaskill, Doug E. 76 Gaston, Shawn D. 76 Gaston, Sheritta L. 107 88 Keeping it Straight Gasvoda, James A. 21,27,41,43 Gatton, Lisa M. 37, 107 Gaulden, Lisa R. 50, 76, 120 GEIBLE, REBECCA 150 Gensic, Barb L. 5 1 , 7 J, 76, 89, 1 5 5 Getz, Rob B. 107, 108, 155 Gick, Tammy S. 44,164 Gilbert, Dan J. 27 Glass, Mark T. 93, 98. 108 Golm, Joshua J. 27. 122 Gomez, Richard P. 76 Gonzales, Mike A. 18,27,62.118 Good, Scott A. 27, 1 18 Gooden, Tony D. 108, 141 Gordon, Gretchen S. 27, 36. 129. 136 Gordon, Tammy J, 108 Gornick, Rich 77 GOSS, DON 150 Grace, David 27 Grate, Anna M. 164 Green, Sandy K. 58, 108 Greene, Amy L. 16,47,92.98,108 Greene, Donzella M. 108 GREENWOOD, CARMEN 153 Greer, Chad 27 Greider, Scott D. 76, 130, 138 Gridler, Jenny S. 108 Gridler, PatJ. 41.43.44. 164 Grimes, Brian J. 76 Grimes, Michelle D. 67. 1 14. 121. 125. 143. 164 Grimme, AdamJ. 27,118 Grimme, Melissa M. 108 Guenin, Teresa M. 27 Guggisberg, TimJ. 76,155 Guitard, Mike T. 76 HABEGGER, PHIL 150 Hale, Rob L. 108 Hamblin, Vicki S. 108 Hamilton, Brenda K. 50, 54, 155, 164 Hamilton, Sherry K. 76 Hamm, Tracie L. 107. 108 Haneline, Melanie G. 48, 49, 54. 164 HANKS, LADONNA 152 Hansen, Darrell W. 27 Hardin, Tom A. 98.108,155 Hardrix, Jimmy D. 108 Harmon, Dan P. 164 HARRIS, AL 148 Harris, Madison 27, 39 HARRIS, MILLIE 152 Harrison, Steve A. 27, 32, 38, 41. 42. 44 Harrison, Tim M. 108 Hart, Stephanie A. 108.121,128 Harter, Chris H. 7,76,81 Hatch, Deondra M. 27,120 Hatch, Richard L. 27. 118 Hauser, Mark A. 164 Hawkins. Tim R. 76.134 Hayes, Amy C. Helire, Kevin 108 Helmer, KrisE. 18,27,38,42 Henry. Dawn M. 27. 36 HENSINGER, DOROTHY 152 Herber, BenJ. 27 Heredia, Bob A. 108 Hemdon, RitaJ. 164 Herring, Elaine M. 76.131.154 Hess. John D. 27 Hicks, Tina R, 58. 164 Hicks, Virginia 76. 143 Hill, Peggy A. 37,43.45,54.164 Hill, Rente 76 Hindenlang, Chad J. 27 Hinton, LauraJ. 93, 98, 102, 108, 113, 128, 155 Hoffman, Kaihy K. 27 Hoffman, Molly S. 108 Hogg.RobM. 39,41,42.44.108 Hogg, Steve K. 27,37 Holley, Irene D. 27.62 Holloway, Melinda D. 27 Hood, DougJ. 44.45. 164 Hood, Ryan F. 27,32,38,41,42,44 Hoover, Dachell L. 27 Hopkins.James 27.118.141 Horstmeyer, Gwen M. 20. 24. 27. 39. 41.43.45 HORSTMEYER, RICHARD 146, 173 Houshoulder, Sheryl K. 27 Howard, Ahmad L. 76 Howard, AnnetteJ. 28,129,133 Howell, Amy K. 76 Hubley, Ryan D. 41,76,117,123 Hubley, Shannon S. 38,41,42,44, 54. 164 Huffman, Dawn M. 58.61,108 Hughes, Chris W. 76 Huguenard, Julie K. 76,154 Humbert, Dennis 164 Humphries, Charies T. 28 Hutchinson, Angie M. 76,155 Hutchinson, Julie A. 1 08 Hyde, Michelle R. 108 Ice, Lorie A. 164 Ice, Tom C. 76, 126 Imhoff, Derek R. 76,138 Imhoff, Tanza D. 14. 154. I64 Ivey, Damon L. 76.126 Jackson, Eric B. 28 Jackson, Keith L. 28 Jackson. Paul D. 164 Jackson, Robert 123 Jackson, Tami S. 5.6.108 Jehl, Becky L. 98, 99. 102. 108. 129, 155 Jenkins, Jim P. 165 Jemigan, Marc P. 28 Jewel, Russell T. 76 Johnson, Billie J. 28 Johnson, Brianna 1 36 Johnson, Corey L. 28 Johnson, Marc E. 28 Johnson, Marvin D. 155. 165 Joker. D.ana M. 76. 83 Jones, RhctiC. 76 Jones, Shirity S. 165 Jones, Tonya 76 Jordan, Nelson J. 108. 1 M Joyner, Misty Juergens, Stoii (,, Ion, IJ.: I .) Kaperka, Beth A. 108. i ' (i Kaperka, Kathy M. 28, 47, 120. 136 Kast, DougJ. 28,61, 118 Kauffman, Chris M. 28 Kell, Robin L. 28 KELLEY, NANCY 150 Kelly, Sue K. 39,41,43.55.76 Kelso, Michelle R. 6. 28. 120 Kelso, Rodney 59. 165 KENDALL, TIMON 146. 147 Kennedy, Kristie A. 41,54,121.128. 131. 165 Kidd, Kathy L. 165 Kile, PamS. 108 King, Mark A. 108 King, Michelle D. 28. 48 Kinney, Steve C. 28 Kinnie, Youlanda S. 5,165 Kinsey, Katie D. 28 Kinsey, Matt J. 28 Kinzer, Shannon M. 28 Kirby, AngieJ. 109, 139. 155 Kline, Sandy K. 36, 53, 109 Knappenberger, Angie S. 54,165 Knappenberger, Gina L. 77,129 Knight, Calvin L. 109. 117. 122 Knuth, AmyS. 109 Kocks, Chrissy L. 47,54,121,128. 165 Koelinger, Irv W. 39,41.44,109 Kohler, Tina C. 165 Kohrman, Jenny L. 157.165 Kokovay, Bob L. 60,61,77 Kokovay, Karen L. 16,28 Kordes, Laura A. 77, 154 Kounbandith, Amphone 109 Krewson, Angie R. 53,77.87 Krewson, Stephanie L. 53. 165 Krouse, Christina F. 165 Krouse,TomA. 7,9,117,165 Kruse, Jenny S. 47, 165 Kucher, Kelly L. 77 Kump, Cindy K. 54. 63. 109. 131 Lange. SiacieJ. 139. 165 Laniz, Eric L. 77 Lapsley, Gar) 77 Larscn, Mart A. 16:. Uach, Chris (,: Lebrechi, Stephanie J. 7 ' Lee, Calvin R. 67 Lee, Demetrius 28 Lee. Jason 28. 61. 1 18 LEE. KEVIN 123, 129 I cpcr, Tra(.7 R. 74. 77. 120. 136. 155 I hman. (hris R. 130, 165 Uhman. Roy 165 Lchncr.John H., 1 09 Leiand, Grant 77 Ltshorc, Ollic 28 Uwis, Bridgettc R. 58,154 Uwis, Tammy S. 166 Lichtsinn, Mark E. 77 Lill, Charies A. 60. 145. 155. 166 Linnemeicr. Russell L. 100, 109, 1 17, 126. 141 Little, Lisa R. 166 Little, Mike D. 109 Litzenberg, Kim L. 77 Logan, Eric D. 77 Logan, Kristina D. 28 Lohman, Nicole R. 77 LOHR, CARTER 139,150 Long,FloydN., 166 Long, Mike N. 28,39.41.43 LONG, RON 133 Lopez, Lisa M. 36, 77 Lothamer, Dawn M. 28, 45 Louden, Doug P. 123. 134, 162, 166 Lozano,Julia A. 109,117,118 Luckadoo, Bobbie J. 28 Lungard, TonyJ. 77 Lupkin, Wendy Lyons, Tony 109. 1 P Ladig.JeffG. 5. 109 Lagrone, May J. 165 LAMBERT, JIM 150.151 Lampkins, Tom M. 28 MacDonald, Steve D. 109 MacKay.JohnM. 58,166 MADDEN, TOM 146 Mahathy, Craig A. 28 MALDENEY, MORT 153 Malott, Patty L. Malott, SueL. 161,166 Mangrum, Sharla K. 50, 166 Mann, Sandy R. 9.47.51, 77, 78, 131. 139 Manning, Kolika N. 45, 129 Manor, Craig W. 28 Manor,JennyS.,166 Mante, TonyJ. 17,60,85,87,98, 102. 103. 109. 130. 155 Marks, ChrisD., 154 Marquardt, Philip L. 28 Marquez, Martha 166 Martin, Kim K. 109.113 Martin, Lisa A. 54. 58. 128. 166 Martin. Mark A. 109 Martinez, Angie 28. 5 1 Martinez, Marisol E. 77 Keeping it Straight lot M V , :; »; .. SheUy M. 100, 109 . frf.ciaix, YolandeK. 28 Mascii, Jamie A. 166 Mason, Kim A. 39, 4 1 , 43, 109 MATTIX, DiCK 150 Maxv. ' ell, Florida 109,166 May, iMandyS. 29,145 Maynard, Angie M. 38,41,42,44,47, 55, 77,78,79, 120, 136 Mazzola, Kim A. 128,155,166 McArdle, Tara L. 50,97,166 McBride, Christine M. 77,154 McBride, Stephanie L. 36,37,55, 166 McCartney, Dawn M. 77, 145, 155 McClendon, Leroy D. 29 McCormick, Corey P. 77, 84 McCormick.JulieA. 42,67,166 McCoy, Mike C. 77 McCracken, Frederick R. 109 McCrillus, Kathy A. 166 McDougall, Rod L. 166 McDowell, Paul M. 29 McElvene, Steven J. 29,122 McGlothlin, Reba L. 59,166 McKinley, Dawn M. 38, 42, 47, 48, 51,77,78,88 McKinney, Dawn L. 166 McMurtry, Jesse A. 29 McPheeters, Joel E. 29, 6 1 Medina, Brian I. 29,61 Mentzer, Renaye L. 109 Mercer, Lisa A. 109 Messer, Janis A. 1 09 Metzger, Chris L. 47, 98, 109, 1 17 Michael, Jennifer L. 29 Michael, Robin R, 45, 52, 109 Miller, Carrie R. 133, 157, 166 Miller, Heather D. 29 Miller, Jeff A. 41,43,77 MILLER, JOE 150 Miller, John T. 77 MILLER, SHARON 152 Miller, Shawn E. 50,51,87,102,109 Miller, Tina M. 77,133,145 Mills, Shane 29 Milton, Derrick L. 20, 29, 1 18 Milton, Jamiene A. 166 Minnick, Angie M. 53, 77, 125, 143 Minnick, Dave J. 86, 155, 166 Mitchell, Jeff W. 29 Mitchell, JodiL. 54,109 Mitoraj, John P. 58 Montalvo, Jose H. 17 Moore, Norman D. 5,109 Moore, Scott A. 109 Moore, Sonny 109 Moore, Tomell E. 110,123 Mora, Suzan A. 110 Moreno, Stella A. 166 Morgan, Amy L. 29 Morris, Angela 49,110 Morris, Felicia F. 49 Morrow, Michele L. 58,167 Moser, Denise L. 154,167 Mowen, Michelle M. 17, 53, 102, 110, 129 Moyer, Angie M. 29 Moyer, Chrissie L. 53.110 Moyer, Jim S. 7.110 Moyer, Larry A. 46. 145. 156, 167 Mueller, Scott R. 29,118 Muncey, Tracy L. 167 Murphy, Lee A. 110 Murray, Kelly A. 36, 37. 1 10 Murua, Raquel L. 58, 167 Myers, Christine 77,136,137 Myers, Cindy J. 110 Poindexter, Lashawn R. 78, 154 POOR, DICK 1 50 Powell, Dennis M. 110.141 Powell, Sarah J. 29. 136 Pressler, Brian 78, 124. 125 Prewitt, MariaJ, 36, 58. 59, 167 Purdy, Cyndee A. 53. 110 Ross, KrisS. Ill, 139 ROWE, DUANE 148 Rowlett, Chris N. 78,124,125,141 Roy, Danille D. 29 Roy, Rob M. 167 Rupp, Kristen A. 155,168 Russell, Tammy S. 168 Ryckman, Dajn E. 29, 1 18 Neal, Cindy L. 61, 110, 131 Neal, Nathan A. 29 Neal, Renee R. 29 Nelson, Eric T. 12, 117, 167 Nesler, EmilyJ. 78 Nesler, Joel Neuenschwander, Mike A. 78 Neuhaus, Casie L. 78 Neuhaus,Jenny A. 36,104,110 Nevers, Kris R. 29, 129, 131 Nierman, Lee A. 29, 118 Nino, Esther 110 Nino, Jorge L. 167 Nino, Rigoberto 78 OCONNELL, BONNIE 150 Ojeda,Alma 121,125,136,137,167 OLDHAM, PAT 152 Olson, NikkiJ. 78 Onion, Dean A. 110 Otis, Jeremy W. 76,78 OWEN, SUE 150 Pace, Marcy J. 20, 29. 38, 42 Page, Felicia N. 49, 78, 80, 154 Pankop, Tish L. 16,37,47,54,110 Parker, Angie M. 1 10 Parker, Debbie S. 78. 1 54 Parra, Belinda R. 110 Patterson, Mark C. 64, 65, 1 10, 1 17 Patton.TimE. 78,117,126 Paul, Renee L. 110, 154. 155 Payne, Barbara J. 78 Payton, Robert A. 78 Pease, Stacy B. 110 Peconge, Doug H. 1 10 Penn, AmyC. 58, 110, 120 Penrod, Grant E. 167 Perkins, Christine 29 PERKINS, GREG Perry, Todd A. 110 Phifer, Mary A. 5,6, 167 Pilson, Jason J. 29 Pilson, JodiL. 110,120,136 Piatt, David R. 110,117 Pletcher, Rhonda L. 29 Poeppel, Glenn A. 110 Poindexter, Dawn D. 78 Rabaduex, Damon B. 58, 1 10 Raber, Trena L. 110 Ramos, Joe A. 29. 126 Ramos, Mike D. 78 Ramsey, Jody R. 16, 58. 87. 1 10 Ramsey, Laurie A. 59, 167 Randolph, Jeff W. 110, 122, 134 Raskosky, DougJ. 110 Redding, Chris A. 78,129,134 Redding, Mark 134 Reece, Bryan H. 47, 154, 167 Reece,JeffC. 29 Reed, Aretha L. Ill Reed, Brad C. 167 Reed, Todd M. Ill Reeves, Anjonette 1 1 1 Reiling, Jason D. 167 REINHARD, ARLAND 147,150 Resor, Mark W. 167 Restivo, Chris A. 78, 122 Revert, Marie 78 Reynolds, Arnez 39, 43, 44, 62, 120, 143 Reynolds, Decarlo O. 14,29 Reynolds, Evely n A. 29 Reynolds, Lara M. 167 Reynolds, Pamela A. 34, 47, 50, 78, 92 Richards, Andy 111,117,122 Richards, Ken S. 78 Richardson, Chad A. 78 Richardson, Charlotte L. 78 Richardson, Lorie R. Ill, 139, 155 Richardson, Tyra L. -JJJ5, 44, 47, 54,98,99, 114, 125, 133, 143, 145, 167, 168 Richey, Debbie S. 29 Ridenour, Laura L. 59, 167 Rider, Ronn L. 29 Riegling, Christina 42 Roach, Rachael L. 39,41,43,52,111 Roberts, Shawn D. 37. 1 17, 167 Robles, Emilio G. 21,29,37,47 Roby, Michele S. 39,41,43.45,111 Rodriguez, Ramiro A. 134 Rodriguez, Raul 167 Rogers, Karen A. Ill Rogers, Kenya L. 62, 78 Rogers, Kevin A. Ill Rogers, Lashun A. 62,167 Rogers, Madeline A. 49, 67. 1 1 1 Romines, Ron G. 78 ROOF, INA 148 Roop, Tim M. 92, 1 1 1 Rorick, Bryan 78 Rosales, Mike A. 167 Rosales, Sofia V. 47,51,78,131 Rose, Shawn D. 11 1, 126 ROSMAN, MARY 64,65,150 Sanders, Ron E. 168 Sawyer, Houston 78 Saylor, Maryann A. 59,168 Saylor, Tania L. 29,37,145 Scantlin,JeffL. 37,78 Scantlin, Kent F. 168, 172 Scheiber, Missy S. 93, 98, 1 1 1, 128 Schenkel, Matt Scheppele,John P. 126,168 Scheppele, Pam S. 29 SCHIFFLI, EILENE 152 Schlundt, Tavis K. 32,35,78 Schmeling, Wendy S. 9,47,51,78, 97, 129, 131 Schmidt, Gabrielle L. 1 7, 68, 78 Schmitt, Craig S. 79,122,134.155 Schmitt, Melody A. 47,50,53,54, 111, 145 Schneider, Steve L. 29 Schober, Tina M. 30 Schoeph,Joey W. 39,41,43,55,79, 138 Schrock, Mark S. 168 Schroeder, Randy S. 37,39,41,42. 44, 145, 166, 168 Schumm, Tammy E. 79,154 Scott, Angela R. 6,30,120 Scott, Brian N. Ill Scott, James E. 30 Scott, Kevin L. 49,111,117 Scott, Shirley A. 79,143 Scrogham, Kim A. 38,42,54,67,168 Scudder, John C. 79,126 Seagly, David L. 58, 162, 168 Sears, Tony L. 30,118,122,140,141 Seitz, Kelli J. 50.79,155 Seitz, Marshall E. 30, 62 Sessions, Tony W. 30 Shackels, Tracie R. 79 Shallenberger, Debbie J. 53, 111, 117, 118, 155 Shank, Tim C. 30,45 Sharp, Dan J. 79 Shaw, Ed S. 79,117 SHEARER, LOWELL 150 SHERBONDY, BETTY 53, 148 Sherbondy, Brent 126, 127. 168 Sherwood, Betsy M. 39, 48, 49, 54, 168 Sherwood, Kelly J. 39,41,43,79 Shimer.JeffE. 111.134 Shinn, Robin P. Ill Shroyer, Rocky M. 30 Simmons, Tony O. W, 37. 1 18, 140, 141 Simmons, Yolanda 168 Sims, Diana L. 59, 168 Singleton, Stacy D. 18,30,41,43 90 Keeping it Straight SINKS.JOHN 47, 148, 173 Skaggs, Angie G. 47,168 Skaggs, Dale B. 79 Slay. Lctitia D. 62, 79 Smarsh, Kelly A. 168 Smith, BralundaM. 50 SMITH, DAVE 15U Scniih, Dawn A. 168 Smith, Deanna D. 28, 30, 49, 1 20, 14 Smith, DioandraK. 49,168 Smith, Jeremy B. 30. 130 Smith, John 9 Smith, Kim A. 59.168 Smith. Lisa R. 30.129 SMITH. TOM Smithson, Cindy L. Ill, 154 Snawder, Kim A. 30 Snow, Doug C. 134,168 Sona, David A. 30 Sona, EdJ. Ill Sorg, Wendy S. 36, 79. 154. 155 Spence, Curlie M. 49. 62. Ill, 143 Spice, Jim L. 58. IP, 134. 135. 169 Spillei .Jeff 6. Ill Spinks, Catrina 143 Spinner, Chris D. 56,67,93,95,98, 111. 155 Spranger, Ron W. 30 Springer, Aaron E. 30 Sprouls, Julie D. 36, 70. 9, 1 39 Squires, Teisha R. 136 Stabelli. MiaA. Ill Staley. April R. 30 Staley. Carol S. 169 Stalf. Michelle D. 59. 169 Stanley. Alice E. 47, 74. 79, 1 39 Stanley. Rick B. 155. 169 Stantz, Sandra J. Ill Stapleton, Leo 1 12 Stark, CariM. 5, 30, 145 Stark, Kristin L. 5, 30. 145 Stark, Robert 1 12 Starks, Angle M. 30.41 Starks, Carmen D. 49. 79 Stam.JeffL. 20.30 Staton. Brett A. 169 Stech. KenM. 169 Stech. Tim D. 9 Steffen. Jon D. 169 Stein. Jason R. 39.41,42.44,79 Stein, Lisa B. 48, 50, 169 Stein, Wendy L. 9,47,51,55.78.79. 88, 131 STELLHORN, DOUG 153 Stephens, David A. 117, 155, 169 Stephens, Trina R. 79 Stephenson, John J. 30 Stevens, Laura A. 59, 169 Stevens, Shane F. 17,112 Stevens, Valery L. 79 Stevenson, Sandra S. 2, 49. 63. 1 12 Stevenson. Shawn 112 Steward. Alice B. 112 Stier. Aaron M. 79, U7 Stier.JeffS. 58. 112 Stonebreaker. HollyJ. 30,45 STOOKEY, BOB 1 5 1 Stoppenhagen, Kristine A. 37. 38, 42,45.54. 55.84. 169 Strole, Barb J. 54,87, 112 STLBBS, WILUE 121,148 Stuckey, Ben H. 79 Study, James C. 79 Study, Jennifer J. 30 Sturdivant. Shane T. " 9 Sturdivant, Shelly L. 169 Suarez, Yolanda A. 112 Sullivan, J. R. 30, 9, 41,43 Surak, Nancy A. 169 Surak, ToddA, 30,126 Sutherland, Glen E. 112 Sutherland, Tim P. 30 Sutton, Charles E. 47, 105, 112, 122 155 Swaidner. Richard Swann. Elizabeth 79 Swann, Janice 1 12 Swink. X■aneIa A. M), ri. i " - Takacs, Tara L. I I J Talley. Chaunell E. 9, 1 54 Tancil, Kim 36, 1 12 Tatum, Zaneta 169 Taylor, Patrick W. 30 Thayer, Mark A. 37 Thomas, Steve M. 30, 47 Thomhill, Hugh D. 169 Threatt, Dennis J. 112 Thumer, Veronika 47,48,165,169 TIEBEN, SHARON 147,148,154 TILKER, GERRY 134,151 Tinker. Cheryl 80 Tomlinson, Jenny L. 80.133.145 Tomlinson, R.J. 60.112 Tonkel. Tammy L. 112.129 Townsend, Tim L. 14, 30, 72, 1 18 TRAMMEL. CHERYL 78, 145, 151 Trammel, Ronald J. 169 Tran, Stephanie L. 169 Travis, Tammy S. 54, 112 Treace, ChrisJ. 58,169 Treace, Connie J. 30,133 Treace, Kelly 169 Trenarv. Dan R. 117,154,155,162, 169 TRICOLAS, GEORGE 151 Truelove, Keith A. 30, 118 TSIGULOFF, LAVERNE 151 Tuesca, Chris M. 39, 136 Turner, Darlene D. 36, 37, 38, 42, 80 Turner, Vince E. 154, 155, 169 Uhrick, Julie D. 80, 120, 121 Uhrick, Tom D. 126, 127, 169 Underwood, Janeen M. 47,169 Underw ood, Janet M. 30 Vachon,J..dyJ. Ml, 83, 129 VANSLYKE, DIANA 151 Vasqucz, Ana M, 112 Vasqucz, Maria E. SO Vasqucz, Ronda 112 Vaughn, Angle B. 80 Vaughn, Peter A. I VAUGHN, TERRY 151 Vcazey, Larry 6. 80 Veazey, Rcnita 8(1, 120 Venderley, Brent ( ! Vizino,Curi R. 117. 141. 145. 161, 166, 169 Voght, Bobbie S. 79, 80 Vulgamott, KindaS. 20,31.37,38. 42 Wade, (,arl ,S. I.-, Wagar. Becky L. 32. 3 " . 1 54. 169 Wagner. Bobs.,170 Walda, David W. 80, 126, 138 Walker, Jackie B. 2,67, 112, 121 Walker, Johnny D. 31 Walker, Lavon L. 112.117.141 Walker, Tyrone T. 80 Wallace, Raymond L. 80 Wallace, Sonja 2. 1 12. 121 Wash, EthonE. 31 Washington, Renea M. 49. 54. 170 Washington. Shyril 80 Washington, Tahirih M. 31. 120. 143 Watson, Lisa K. 112 Waymire, Tonya S. 3 1 Weaver, Lance E. 31. 118 Weaver, Mark W. 80, 122, 134 WEAVER. PAT 146 Webb, Betty L. 142, 143. 154. 170 Webb, Lavonna Y. 31.120.143 Webb. Mike 16.69.80 Webb. PamJ. 121 Webb. Robert A. 31 Weber, RicJ. 17. 51.80, 126 Webster, Chris R. 22,23,31,62 Webster. Joe H. 34.47,51.60,63. 124. 125. 170. 173 Webster, Tony K. 50. 60. 87. 102, 103. 112. 124 Weemes, Araina C. 120 Weemes, ShonaC. Weigold. Cathy A, 112 Weikel. Cobi L. 37. 47, 63, 80 WELBORN.JIM 151 Welch, Patty A. 53,54.112 Welker, Gary L. 112 WELUNGTON, SHELLEY 62,151 Weprin, KimK. 20,24,31.38.42 WERUNG. NICK 138.151 Wermager, David L. 3 1 Wermager, Laura L. 36. 37. 54. 170 West, Ron W. 80. 97 White, Curtis L. 31 White, Matt S. 63,95,117,170 White, Shadwaynn 36, 37, 46, 54, 112, 154, 155 Whitesell, Mike L. 86, 87, 98, 103, 112 Whitmer, Greg A. 80 Whiimer.Jeff D. 80 Whitmer. Joe W. 105. 112 Whittcnberger, Todd A. I 26. 1 " O Wiegman, Bri:n J. i]? Wiggin, Bek.J v1. Pel Wildey. DawnM. 31, Ijl Wilenski,JclYD. M, 124 Wilkes, ArtcliaL. 5,6,112 Williams, Bernard A. 41, 123, PO Williams, Charity Y. 31,38,45 Williams, Emily D, 170 Williams, Erin S. 51,80,89, 129 Williams, Latonya A. 31,37,143 Williams. Morris L. 3,37 Williams, Steed S. 117,134.135 WILLIAMS, TIM 151 XXilliams, WhittS. 31.37 Wilhs. CourienayL. 112. 141 Wilson. C:assandra 155.170 WILSON, DAN 123. 151 Wilson, Donald R. 31 Wilson, Michelle L. 36, 155. 170 Wilt, Trevor V. 170 Windsor, HidyR. 112 Winebrenner, Cathy A. 31, 37, 120 Winget, Lori A. -11 Wirges, Brian D. 1 Woods, Sharon 61. 112 Worman, Elizabeth M. 3 1 , 36 Worrel,JillM. 136,155,170 Worrel,Jodi L. 136, 155, 170 Wright, Ed R. 170 Wyatt, Linda K. 80, 155 Wynn, Jennifer!.. 6 , 112, IM Ybarra, BrianJ. 112 Ybarra, Brian M. 31. 118 Ybarra, Kim S. 3 1 Ybarra, Tracy L. 66, 112 Yerrick, Laurie D. 102.136.155. 168, PO Yerskey.Joe L. KO YODER. DOROTHY 5ii,9 ' i. 151 Zent. Danny Sn Zent. Pattij. 80 ZUMBRUN. ARLEEN 113. 146 Keeping it Straight 191 Anlibrum Editor-in-chief Joe Webster Back to the Edge Joe Webster Starting the Climb Shelly Martinez Life on the Edge Kerrie Evans Onward and Upward Wendy Schmeling Above and Beyond Sandy Mann Wendy Stein At the Edge Sofia Rosales Pushing the Limit Dawn McKinley Keeping it Sharp Barb Gensic Stepping Over Erin Williams Supporting it All Sandy Mann Wendy Schmeling Keeping It Straight Dawn McKinley Photo Editor Shawn Miller Photographers Roi Cechvala Don Schroeder Advertising Deb Cooper Tracy Ault Business Manager Jason Stein Advisor Dorothy Yoder Principal Richard Horstmeyer We would like to extend our greatest thanks to Bob Mahl and Melody Lundquist along with all the people at Taylor Publishing who worked so hai d on our book. In addition, we would also like to thank Root Photography for their fast and excellent quality service. The long line of cars wait each afternoon for their chance to join the traffic flow from Sandpoint to Ardmore. Life on the edge catches up with those students who rush to be first out of the lot. 3fJ! Never be afraid to push beyond what is known or accepted. You might be surprised and pleased by what yOu find. i B 8PHJb..

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