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Text from Pages 1 - 224 of the 1971 volume:

1971 ELMHURST HIGH SCHOOL FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, 46809 VOLUME 38 FACES, continually changing, reveal inner conflicts and emotions. Below: Senior Steve McCabe, Mr. Robert Zimmerman, Senior- John Campbell. Junior-Beth Hoag, Senior— Gale Sparks Senior— Nancy Smith. OPENING STUDENT LIFE . STUDY CLUBS . . 1 SPORTS 106 . .12 PEOPLE 138 . .32 INDEX 206 . 58 CLOSING ..... 214 . s " v Monimg view from £HS Sophomore Tim Mayclin 3. Senior reflections Sophomore Sue Murphy The inner self, alone yet never at peace. . . from the first magical ray of sun weaving through a web of trees at day ' s beginnings, problems prevail plaguing my thoughts with the turmoil of everyday occurences... engulfing my very existence. Emotions conflict with reason, forcing compromise with inner desires. wM ' B ' Uii T H M w " " ' ii i " i 1. Sophomores Dan Lobclell and John Adams 2. War AP Wirephoto 3. Pollution 4. Senior Bob Pennycoff and junior Doug Pronesti 5. Junior Kay Corkwell 71 | GOD IS MY SHOTGUN Beyond my reach the world goes on. . . Barriers go up, then crumble. . . accepting " establishment " dictates or refusing them. . . trying to change my environment. . . the world . . . always forcing itself on me, forming my personality. . . and future. Below: 1 . Foster Park 2. Sitting replaces dancing Liz Lillich and Mike Patten ffiSl W On a personal level; freaking out is a process whereby an individual casts off outmoded and restricting standards of thinking, dress and social etiquette in order to express CREATIVELY his relationship to his immediate environment and the social structure as a whole. Below 1. Locks on lockers 2. Dress code abolishment 3. Installment of bleachers 4. Locking doors makes sign in effective 5 All weather track . . .Give us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. . . The courage to change the things And the wisdom to know the difference . t w Downpour, Bishop Luers dampen Homecoming Their hearts must be fluttering Their minds in a panic Their faces glowing brightly Anticipating the seconds . . . I wonder what they feel I wonder if they know That I am as excited As they are . . . A tear flows down A smile grows wide It isn ' t the rain That ' s creating the excitement A queen, a crowd, a game- Memory made! Enid Gilland Stormy weather proved to be a bad omen for the fifth annual Homecoming activities Sept. 26. Cold rain prevented erecting decorations in the stands and the marching band from performing on the field. The jinx was complete with Trojans losing to Bishop Luers, 27-20. Mini Roman chariots decorated with helium-filled balloons carried Queen Brenda Sims and her court during half- time festivities at South Side ' s stadium. Following the game, local rock group " Grit " provided music for the dance, attended by both students and alumni. tf HAPPINESS REIGNS as Sophomore Atten- dant Sue Nichols enjoys the homecoming dance. FLOAT CHAIRMAN senior Heather Walley finishes last minute homecoming prepa- rations at South Side Stadium. p. 12 Homecoming ALL SMILES for the winner, senior candidate Mary McMinn congratulates senior Brenda Sims, the 1970-71 Homecoming queen. Homecoming p 13 Annual Development Walk aids poverty, hunger crisis Chains of events will continue coming from freedoms ' fire (we are all shackled to the legs of time) and we learn no warmth is permanent as life cools re-heats and cools again . . . a volcano of visions sometimes giving way to molten thought- or the birth of still lakes where we float in the placid wonder of today. Dann Fulmer FORT WAYNE ' S City County Building re- ceives finishing touches on concrete supports in the basement section. Marching to relieve poverty and hunger throughout the world, over 3500 partici- pants united for the second annual WALK FOR DEVELOPMENT on May 8. Joined by other Americans across the nation, local walkers were sponsored by both businesses and private citizens, with the pledge money going to social welfare programs. Despite the charitable fund-raising effort, not all Fort Wayne demonstra- tions were as peaceful. Early in Septem- ber, the firebombing at radio station WLYV led directly to a city -wide curfew. Progress was made in other areas, however, as the new City-County Building was completed in December. LABOR DAY WEEKEND VIOLENCE includes bombing a downtown barber shop as the Mayor Haroid Zeis calls for a 7 p.m. curfew. p. 14 Community Community p. 15 THE BEST KNOWN " fellow American " »ock» it to a capacity crowd with the traditional victory sign, reflecting peace to all who came to stimulate support for Republicans Returning to " Nixon Country " for the first time since his election, Richard M. Nixon visited Fort Wayne late in October. As he arrived at Baer Field, Mr. Nixon shook hands with some of those who had stood in the rain for hours, as secret Service men watched nervously at his side. Helping to gain Republican support for Congressman E. Ross Adair and Sen- atorial hopeful Richard Roudebush, Pres- ident Nixon ended his 22-state campaign tour speaking before an estimated 12,000 people at the Allen County Memorial Coliseum. Although Mr. Nixon was given rous- ing cheers and support, both Republican candidates lost by slim margins in what was often referred to as the " dirtiest campaign in Indiana history. " EXTENDING a warm greeting to those who came to listen. President Nixon mingles with the crowd offering his hand in friendship. LOW VISIBILITY at Baer Field delays Air Force One ' s touchdown while large crowds of people wait several hours in constant drizzle for a glimpse of the President. No matter how you try you will still ask yourself why how can this thing be true? because nothing seems right to you. This world is full of trouble If you help it, oh it just doubles no matter how rough this gets you got to keep on going now. You just will have to keep on trying- just to keep the world from dying you have to keep on pushing your way. This always helps you out someday say inside, I ' ll keep on going No matter how rough this gets, you got to keep flowing. You just got to keep going now You just got to keep going now You just got to keep going now Mike McClendon W-i7 - J!- ' " - 1 - MP ■ DESPITE THEIR APPEARANCE with the president, candidates Adair and Roudebush were later defeated at the polls. Nixon p. 17 CORIE BRATTER, portrayed by junior Lua Haram, pouts be- cause her husband Paul is obsessed with his job. p 13 Play perienced cast creates sensational smash hit Cast enthusiasm and dedication overcame lack of experience when Neil Simon ' s BAREFOOT IN THE PARK opened Nov. 7, becoming the most finan- cially successful school play in recent years. With play production beginning in September, theatre arts students designed and constructed the set, while cast mem- bers spent over 120 hours in rehearsing and perfecting the play. In the leading roles were junior Lisa Haram and senior Dan Fulmer as Corie and Paul Bratter; junior Ellyn Boedeker as Corie ' s mother Mrs. Banks and senior Bob Schmidt as Victor Valesco, an impoverished ' wolf. Painted faces, people with printed personalities. Stage direction, a movement, a wave of the hand, an expression. All the second hand thoughts soon become one ' s own. Improvisation takes on life under the sun of a spotlight. Through the sweat and powder A student sees the wonder that is the theatre. Kerri Morris TO GET THE FLAVOR from Valasco ' s homemade Knichi hors d ' oeuvrr, Corie pops one in the middle of her tongue. PLAY DIRECTOR, Mr. Don Goss, juniors Kevin Johnson, Mike Kiester and senior Becky Jo Good paint play scenery. Pl?y p. 19 To be stung by a thought or feeling . . . bending your mind in many directions . . . Making war within sometimes not knowing why a tear . . . for love, for hate. Nancy Smith . PRIDE gets a shot in the arm as sophorro- ' erson tries on a school r te ' oo tight. EXHAUSTED AFTER a strenuous rehearsal, sophomore Leslie Line briefly rests. p. 20 Variations Daily incidents vary; formulate personal ideals Though daily schedules become habit as students walk memorized paths from classroom to classroom, the individual day ' s events are as diversified as the 1,636 Elmhurst students ' personalities. Our educational system routine is transformed from a monotonous situa- tion to one of variety, with each new learning experience drawing from the participants ' own talent and imagination. The school environment provides opport- unity to learn not only from reactions to daily life but from the constant barrage of ideas, information and opinion. p. 22 Entertainment Actor, Politician entertain; audience reacts favorably Crowd reaction was enthusiastic as professionals from the areas of politics and the fine arts presented diversified programs during the year. Receiving a standing ovation from the student body, Civic Theater artist-in- residence Terence Steele and seven local actors presented a cutting from IN WHITE AMERICA, a play relating the history of the American Negro. Also from the entertainment field, reknowned trumpeter Thad Jones, per- forming before a record-breaking crowd of 2300, highlighted Elmhurst ' s annual Jazz Festival on April 17. On a more personal level, Fourth District Congressman J. Edward Roush addressed the Senior Class on March 26, answering questions from the stu- dents concerning Vietnam, an all-volunteer army and the environment. Minds and bodies emerging to form a mass, for a time united. Speakers, musicians, students Scattering seeds of thought being absorbed possibly growing. Spirit lives and dies tension builds and breaks ideas intrigue or frustuate. For a time we are the same, one. Marta Jackson HOURLY SEMINARS and Earth Day assembly speaker Dr. Austin Brooks, alerts students to current environmental problems. EXPLAINING CONGRESSIONAL activities and policy, Fourth District Congressman Edward Roush, conducts a question-answer session with Elmhurst seniors. Entertainment p. 23 Personal IN AN ATTEMPT to virtually scream the Trojans to victory. Booster girls anticipate the Sectional title win over Leo Lions. TAKING PAINS to cut the victory cake into even slices, All-City Forward senior Steve McCabe joins the celebration of Elmhurst ' s first sectional championship. p. 24 Sectional victory i ai emotions rise; team snatches sectionals For the first time in the scnool ' s history, Elmhurst fans knew the joy of sectional victory as the Trojans defeated Leo in Fort Wayne Sectional One ' s cham- pionship game. Despite increased school spirit and team determination, further hopes were destroyed when the squad lost to Garrett in the Regional finals. Enthusiasm filled the halls during sectional week as the Trojans moved closer to the championship game. Victory in the first tournament clash over peren- nial foe Central Catholic was spurred by a pep assembly at which the squad received good luck gifts. Continuing their support at pep sessions and games, students and faculty participated in poster contests, a whisper campaign and car caravans, boosting spirit to its peak. HOMEROOM COMPETITION RISES as seniors Liz Lillich and Norm Fogwell paint the prize winning, " most original poster. " TENSION REACHES ITS PEAK with senior Chuck Foltz in the forefront as Elmhurst captures the sectional crown. Screaming people cheering chants all contribute to the victory . the victory of today the memory of tomorrow all who participated were in a dream . . . Richard Wallace Sectional victory p. 25 I Radiant ' Sun ' mood unfolds 1971 Junior Prom Did you ever live a dream? I did once . . . It seemed as if a sweet mist had fallen on the evening. Perhaps . . . I smiled I was happy I found myself Between two suns. Beth Hoag ORANGE-PINEAPPLE PUNCH and cookies supplied by the Home Ec. department are being served by sophomore representative Jerri Gawthrop to senior Keith Kryder and sopho- more Cindy Smallwood. In an atmosphere of radiant sunshine, the 1971 Prom unfolded in the cafeteria May 1, highlighted by Queen Beth Hoag ' s coronation. Illuminated protraits of the Queen and Court and three-dimensional sculptured walls portraying sun designs carried out the theme BETWEEN TWO SUNS. With art classes again devoting several months to decoration construction, this work marked art instructor Don Goss ' s last year as Prom sponsor. Following the Prom, tradition was broken as couples attended the After- Prom at Meyers Barn instead of the usual semi-formal dance. Despite occasional rain, activities included hayrides and a dance, with music provided by Beachwood Farm. This decision was made after surveying junior and senior class preferences. BEFORE THE TRADITIONAL first dance, junior Class President Ron Bush adjusts junior Queen Beth Hoag ' s crown. p. 26 Prom Prom p. 27 Tassel shift denotes end; grads become aware I find a fear in my heart— the question of what ' s to come after this night . . . A formless void looming ahead of me, golden days lying behind . . . laughter, tears . . . happiness and sadness . . . Memories . . . all culminating in this ceremony: the graduation from one life to another. Roberta Hutchings ADJUSTING HER CAP, Maridell Carey helps senior Hali Winesburg prepare for the com- mencement procession. Solemnity repressing lighter moods, 469 Elmhurst graduates left behind 12 years of school life with the shift of tassels from right to left and entered a world of individual choice. Building to the climax of diplomas, Mr. Charles Henry, Associate Director of Admissions at Purdue University spoke on " Over the Hill " , the anticipation of the future during the ceremony on June 10. Leaving the Memorial Coliseum floor to the tune of the school song, new adults headed for parties, family get-togethers and vacation cottages to celebrate their new found freedom. SEEKING THEIR NAMES on the commence- ment program, seniors Felcia Nunley and Sher- ry Poorman register shock after graduating. WORKING TOGETHER Principal Charles Eichoff and Assistant Principal Robert Zimmerman change the academic status of Elmhurst seniors from students to graduates. CONSOLATION COMESasaheadpat by Mrs. Mary Polite as impatience and slow moving clock hands exasperate graduate Gary Cox. Grads p. 29 U..I.. " • " I... feel the chaos of uncertainty, venturing into unknown worlds, trying hard to meet an assigned goal. . . Striving to better my capacity for learning and overcoming ignorance. Emotions of tenseness and anxiety surround me . . . as an individual, others contribute to my being. " z 3sk v 5- ' %P kZ H V j) a™ y JjL y Jts UL, 1 i . r TO EXAMINE supply and demand, Mr. Richard Mattix ' s economics class simulates fictitious fi- cjjres to compare product prices with the actual market. p. 32 Social Studies Projects encourage social awareness Basics of the social studies curriculum were supplemented with special projects in the classes. World history classes examined the success and failure of various governmen- tal positions in the world. Through group discussions and panels, students in Darrell Heaston ' s classes were exposed to present world problems. Also using panels and inviting guest speakers to study social order functions, Mr. Glenn Miller ' s sociology classes com- pared relationships between man ' s be- havior and his activities. While games and fictitious situations were used in Mr. Richard Mattix ' s classes to study economic problems and the fluctuating standard of living, Mr. John Bunnell ' s government classes discussed ways of changing laws through student committees. INVITED TO JOIN Mr. Glenn Miller ' s socio- logy class, the Panel of American Women dis- cuss society and discrimination. PROPOSING legislature bills, seniors Pam Neate, Debbie Beaver and Randy Simon from Mr. John Bunnell ' s government class of- fer solutions for current problems. Social Studies p. 33 p. 34 Business, Math 16I6K19 Business, Math necessitate efficiency ■IF ' W I Bustos Wor0 Everyday business and mathematics took on new meaning for students as they became familiar with the working world through specialized courses. Beginning stenographers in Mrs. LaVerne Tsiguloff and Miss Ural Ed- wards ' classes developed at their own speed after a shorthand lab was installed in the department. Further secretarial skills were developed in advanced typing classes while personal typing courses of- fered correct procedures for composing letters and improving speed and accuracy for those not enrolled in a secretarial pro- gram. Also following prescribed techniques and methods, Mr. Richard Poor and Mr. Raymond Garrett ' s calculus students faced the challenge of mathematical problems and computations. IN A PERSONAL typing class, junior Paula Walker erases an address error in a formal business letter. SIMULATING ANNUAL income tax returns, sophomore Donna Nolan tabulates figures for accounting class. BANKRUPT SETTLEMENTS prove puzzling for junior Christy Asher as she solves a busi- ness math story problem. Business, Math p. 35 SOPHOMORE JOYCE RECTOR studies hamster genetic characterises for her individual biology project. ATTACHING WEIGHTS helps senior Dennis Dickmyer determine pulley efficiency during a physics experiment. PATHOLOGIST, DR. STEVEN ALDRED, explains the process of diag- nosing patients ' bacteria to biology students as they tour the Luthern Hospital Lab. p. 36 Science Lab work develops technical know-how Through class demonstrations and lab work, students explored indepth scientific data evaluations. Studying well-known nature concepts and technological advances, newly initiat- ed Man Made World classes experimented with boat docking and air resistance plus counter circuit and shift register models. Meanwhile, Mr. James Welborn ' s earth science classes examined the earth ' s crust and minerals at May Stone and Sand gravel pit. Further lab use enabled chemistry students to observe changes in matter and energy while physics classes per- formed demonstrations with centrifugal force devices. Control of selected plants and animals was used by biology students to analyse their functions. While zoology classes made insect collections botany students assembled leaf displays. FOR A UNIQUE approach to chemistry, junior Mike Frey strings toilet paper marked with periodical table symbols around room 250. Team, individual activities create personal initiative Active participation in a variety of sports helped physical education students gain individual and team goals. Successful completion of the boy ' s physical education program depended on skills, knowledge, attitude and attendance. Geared for individual development, wres- tling, track and gymnastics provided areas in which to excel. Team victory was accomplished through volleyball, softball OVERSEEING sophomore Kenna Jackson ' s rope maneuvers in gymnastics, sophomore Sandy McCabe anticipates a possible slip. and sideline basketball. In addition to physical objectives, the girls ' classes emphasized social and mental awareness. Together with the standard sports, girls found archery, golf and bowling helpful in individual develop- ment. Written testing on rules and sports- manship were also basic to the course ' s success. TARGET PRACTICE on the Elmhurst front lawn helps sophomore girls develop their arch- ery skills. ADDING INDEPTH CRITERIA to student re- stresses the dangers of drug abuse in alcoholic- ports, Indiana State Policeman, Sergeant Jacks narcotics classes. p. 33 Health, Physical Education ANTICIPATING a spike, sophomore Joel Mays stretches for the ball in a gym class volleyball game. Physical Education p. 39 ICT APPRENTICE at a machine repair shop, senior Greg Huttsell repairs a Gestetner print- ing press with his employer ' s, Mr. Loris Neuen- schwander, advice. MAIL CLERK AT the Lincoln Life Insurance Company, COE trainee senior Michael Sheets takes charge of letter distribution. p. 40 Vocational Vocational trainees work toward careers On the job learning experiences in technical trades assisted industrial coop- erative trainees in mechanics and manage- ment. Guest speakers such as employers, armed service personnel and union mem- bers added to general class topics while students pursued specific courses of study. Also following personal studies, cooperative office education students ap- plied developed skills in secretarial and clerical areas in office surroundings. COE students made individual student job manuals containing their company ' s history, rules and positions. In addition, hypothetical marketing situations prepared distributive education students for competition in distribution of goods and services. NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING design proves a challenge to senior Cheryle Roth at a distri- butive education leadership conference. MECHANIC APPRENTICE, senior Brad Cox applies developed distributive education skills at a Shell gas station. PREPARING BREAKFAST in Foods I, sopho- more Kitty Zimmerman unwraps margarine for pancake batter while sophomore Jackie Degitz turns bacon. p. 42 Home Economics Ingenious makings apply to everyday work Mechanics and welding were two basic industrial art fundamentals covered during the year. Developing a better understanding of mechanical operations, drafting students learned the procedure for drawing items in small scale while metal laithe use, milling press and drill press were instruct- ed in metal classes. Students devised paper weights, screw-drivers and practiced welding skills. Also involved in making projects, Susan Owens boys ' cooking class learned " basic survival methods " . Meals ranging from freshly caught, skinned and cooked possum to doughnuts and pheasant ex- posed them to gourment ideas while girls ' cooking classes prepared seasonal projects of easter egg trees, gingerbread houses and candies. Industrial arts p. 43 Foreign language studies initiate cultural programs An influx of new projects added different dimensions to language classes and provided practical applications to studies. In order to help finance junior Paul Mathias ' International Living trip in Spain for eight weeks this summer, Span- ish classes held candy sales which raised S500. Further outside projects involved AS FATHER AND stepmother in the third SPANISH CLASSES attend an honorary tea Year German class presentation of HANSEL to present junior Paul Mathias with a check AND GRETEL, juniors Mark Wolfe and JoAnn for his trip to Spain. Flaig oerform for first year students. French students who taped Christmas carols played over the public address system during the holiday season. To add cultural background to their studies, Ger- man students performed HANSEL AND GRETEL and prepared a full course dinner, while beginning students con- centrated on dictation, basic vocabulary memorization and film stripes. I ' ' ' « » . id lhi iiw u i m i " m " i n p. 44 Language Journalism, oratory students commune for experience Through extensive research and personal experience, journalism and speech students became acquainted with the various fields of communications. For an understanding of the mass media ' s role in society, students in jour- nalism I classes studied basic newspaper and yearbook techniques. By creating their own publications, indirectly writing for the ADVANCE and completing an indepth newspaper study, students gained experience in journalism fundamentals. Journalism extended to advanced classes which published a student direct- ory, distributed in January, wrote indepth news stories and conducted surveys related to publication activities. Also interested in the media, beginning speech students simulated broadcasting situations and developed effective oratory presentations and speech outlines. Stress- ing proficiency and experience in all types of speeches, Mr. Robert Story coached advanced classes while students presented oratorical, dramatic and humor- ous interpretations. ORALLY INTERPRETING the CLEVELAND BROADCASTING an Associate Press news PLAIN DEALER ' S make-up, sophomore Eben release, junior Jean Allen practices articulation Cobb fulfills part of his indepth term paper. in beginning speech class. Journalism p. 47 I Various STUDENT TEACHER, Mrs. Arleen Zumbrum, helps seniors Denny Koomler and Terry Dixon plan their part in a poem presentation. MEMBERS OF Mrs. Sara Davis ' English class, by the use of artwork, express their views on the short story THROUGH THE TUNNEL. projects create new English outlooks Innovative ideas were introduced in the English department to improve teach- ing approaches and develop students ' intellectual maturity. Toward these ends, a class with no grades and tests for seniors in world literature and Mr. Charles Stitzel ' s elec- tive independent study course were initiated. Using resource materials along with relating philosophies and literature, students discussed results during weekly seminars. Continuing the new methods, several junior classes formed small teaching groups, giving pupils experience in re- versal of the teacher-student roles. While drawing pictures and writing stories for Children ' s Home and State School resi- dents, sophomores had the opportunity to see their work used to help others. Combined with these innovations, the traditional areas, Shakespeare, American literature and paragraph development were also covered. AFTER PLEADING her case in a sophomore class production of THE TRIAL OF MARCUS BRUTUS, Barb Ballinger awaits Robin Stith ' s final verdict. English p. 49 Music students entertain, study for future careers Working towards perfection, four bands and the orchestra practiced daily with Mr. Robert Myers and Mr. John Morse. Students were given a musical score and required to audition for concert band membership, with scale memoriza- tion, sight reading and general ability tested. Two weeks before school started, the marching band drilled four hours a day on formations and new arrangements preparing for the football season. Supervised training hours provided BASS NOTES add a rich tone to the music as senior Dave Rockey keeps the beat with the time for musicians to gain experience and for more intensive practice. The string section met two half periods before combining with the rest of the orchestra each day. Students interested in advanced music found Theory class provided the writing mechanics of general form, layout and history. Instrumental music was only one facet of the total program as Mr. Al Schmutz ' choral groups improved their understand- ing of music through regular class time preparation for choir membership. REHEARSAL IS essential as Mr. Al Schmutz helps the choir prepare for the school Christmas program. p 50 ' • ' isic DIRECTIONS FROM Mr. Robert Myers, band director, guide the drummers in keeping the band in time. Music p. 51 Apprentices ' art works on display throughout city Displays and creative projects prepared by the art classes received attention in the school and community through a series of exhibits at the Indiana University Regional Campus and Civic Center. In addition to the surrealistic paintings, Mr. Donald Goss ' advanced art classes also worked in metalcraft, ceramic design and sculp ture. His theatre art class wrote ART EXHIBITS at the Civic Center hung by junior Mike Hanke are representative of Elm- hurst student work. scripts and music for a movie on social problems and designed the sets for the school play, prom and holiday concert. Developing a background for advanced works, Mr. Dale Pequignot ' s beginning art classes learned the basics of drawing and design through the creation of contem- porary geometric Christmas decorations used in the school cafeteria. WITH SOPHOMORE Randy Garringer as a model, beginning art students practice skills needed for sketching. SENIOR THEATRE art student Becky Jo Good and junior Kevin Johnson paint the sky- light for the school play, BAREFOOT IN THE PARK. STUDENT WORK IS hung in the Civic Center lobby by beginning art instructor Mr. Dale Pequignot, and seniors Bob Geyer and Alan Helmke at the invitation of Board members. Art p 53 Library resources expand, enhance deeper studies Expanding the library ' s resources, 900 new books brought the total to approx- imately 13,000. Two sets of encyclope- dias, in addition to updated versions of Compton ' s and Britannica encyclopedias, were also acquired during the summer. Magazines, books and newspapers supplemented library research materials as did the up-to-date vertical clipping file of periodical material. Lack of student cooperation activated the return of table assignments after an unassigned seating program. " I am very sorry the situation didn ' t carry through. The students failed to realize the library is a place for study, " remarked head librarian Mrs. Mildred Hibben. CAREFUL USE of reference material in the library helps junior Monte Franke locate accu- rate information. POSSESSION OF his ID card is a must if sopho- more Kevin Hinton hopes to have his book checked out. p. 54 Library LA PONDERING OVER the contents of his book, senior Dick Lim- burg finds seclusion in the library. Library p. 55 • ' ' ' • " I... feel the chaos of individuality obtaining satisfaction while giving a part of me . . . Fearing the isolation of rejection, while striving for acceptance and comprehension of self and community. Mutual understanding develops into new friendships maintaining the inner being as well as group membership " Color coverage creates unique theme definition Creating unique contrasts to previous books, the ' 71 Anlibrum added eight pages and color in every section, making it the largest ever published at EHS. Consistent layout styles, new ideas in copy, theme and photography developed at Ball State University ' s summer work- shop were applied, while adviser Mrs. Nancy Green worked with staff members in coordinating the book. Other activities the staff found time for were a coat-check, dance and trips to New York and Chicago, where both staffs attended National Scholastic Press Asso- ciation conventions. Announcements at the Columbia meeting, noted the 1970 Anlibrum received a medalist rating. CO-EDITOR junior Jerry Conway seems bewildered as adviser Mrs. Nancy Green reminds him of the approaching deadline. SORTING UNDERCLASS PICTURES proves hectic for juniors Karen Bradtmiller, underclass editor and Lois LeFever, index editor. DISCUSSING PREPA- RATIONS of yearbook material with senior Copy Editor Cheryl Wolf, Faculty Editor Laurie Hoffman receives needed aid. ORGANIZATION EDI- TOR senior Roberta Hutchings and Student Life Editor senior Pam Lipp discuss various lay- out styles. Yearbook p. 59 CONFUSION PREVAILS as Managing Editor senior Sue Tsiguloff and News Editor senior Dennis Gordon attempt to retrieve ticket stubs at the publications coat check. GRAMMATICAL ERRORS and mis- spelled words are only part of junior Linda Wight ' s job as copy editor. CONTEMPLATING the layout, senior Editor-in- Chief Bob Redding de- fends his work as pub- lications adviser Mrs. Nancy Green questions its quality. p. 60 Newspaper NEWSPAPER: Front: E. Boedeker, K. Arm- strong, L. Wight, B. Redding, S. Tsiguloff, L. Rickner, D. Gordon. Row 2: Mrs. Nancy Green, adviser; D. Wallace, T. Bohrer, M. Grose, P. Miller, M. Henderson, J. Fishman, C. Wolf. Row 3: M. Jackson, K. Greene, D. Shryock.K. Huber, J. Summers, C. Scheumann, V. Neu- houser, M. Frankenstein, A. Helmke. Back: D. Sei y, J. Svec, P. Hausman, K. Johnson, E. Gres, D. Fulmer, K. Rondot, M. Levandoski, B. Schmidt. Staff scores acceptance breakthrough Efforts of the ADVANCE staff broke ice in getting high school newspapers accepted into the Presidential Press Corps during fall elections. After the campaign, the White House acknowledged this was the first time high school papers had been admitted to the Press Corps. Besides maintaining top awards from all rating services, the ADVANCE received the George H. Gallup award for distinc- tion in high school journalism. Innovations included creation of Publications coordinator to promote better adviser-staff relations, the first stu- dent directory and a modern nameplate for the paper. In addition, photographers were responsible for taking all student ID pictures. DURING NSPA ' S convention, junior Karen Bradtmiller swings out and exhibits her danc- ing ability. SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Alan Helmke, Dan Fulmer and Mary Grose take pictures for the new student I D cards. SURROUNDED by people, News Director senior Lanee Rickner escapes school routine at the publications dance. w. • Publications undergoes changes in llian ' , department functions Created to increase efficient operation of Elmhurst publications, the Publica- tions Governing Board began its first year as department coordinating body. Primary functions of the Board were selection of all staff members for the 1971 ILIAN and next fall ' s ADVANCE and ANLIBRUM. Meeting twice a month, the Board dealt with complaints and problems, staff changes and fund rais- ing projects. Representing a cross-section of the school. Board members included the pub- lications adviser, a faculty and admini- strative representative, publication execu- tive editors, head photographer, public relations director and business manager. The Board ' s appointees used the key- word " change " as they stressed creative expression in the 1971 ILIAN, as con- tent emphasized all forms of artwork. " Art was no longer subservient to lit- erature, but equal to it " , explained senior Kerri Morris, ILIAN co-editor. Working with co-editor senior Dan Fulmer, editors requested songs, musi- cal scores, compositions and various visu- al material for theme enhancement. Using a fish-eye lens, several type styles and unusual effects, poems were coordinated with artwork and photogra- phy for added continuity in the publi- cation. EXPLAINING the new ILIAN foremat, co- Connie Lahrman, Max Westrich, junior Alan editor senior Dan Fulmer uses gestures to il- McLuckie and selection committee member lustrate his point, while staff members seniors Mrs. Juanita Decker listen. PUBLICATIONS GOVERNING BOARD mem- bers: Mr. Robert Zimmerman, Mrs. Nancy Green, Bob Redding, chairman; Jerry Conway, vice-chairman; Sue Tsiguloff, secretary; Candy Miller. New in fall, the Board has authority over all Elmhurst publications. AS THEY SORT and evaluate materials, co- editor senior Kerri Morris and poetry editor senior Bob Sembroski prepare copy for the printer. ILIAN: Front: Enid Gilland, Alan McLuckie, art editor; Bob Sembroski, poetry editor; Max Westrich, photography editor; Cindy Scheuman, prose editor; Kerri Morris, co-editor; Dan Ful- mer, co-editor; Connie Lahrman, business mana- ger. Row 2: Lisa Haram, Carol Ewing, Roberta Schwartz, Rhonda Smith, Lanee Rickner, Mary McMinn, Mary Grose. Row 3: Ann Wiberg, Linda Lee, Becky Jo Good, Jan Butler, Cindy Dressel, Leah Hart, Heather Walley, Penny Win- trode. Back: Kim Spielman, Sue Bradford, Joe Robertson, Bob Schmidt, Bruce Bradtmiller, Chuck Aust, Kevin Johnson, Vicki Berry, Pam Gay. - . z PwCllw ' L Jtff " ■ c. £PfJuf ■ - ' MM ■J! STAFF m mI BL §■■■■ MLf GOVERNING BOARD members junior Marc Frankenstein and senior Kathy Greene discuss a publications business problem. ILIAN p. 63 CUING IN A SECTION of the choir, Mr. Al Schmutz practices during class with members of the Elmhurst chorale. LACK OF ONE more hand forces choir mem- ber, senior Mary Sue Henderson to use her teeth while searching for a sheet of music. ELMHURST CHORALE: Front: T. McClure, J. Manter, S. McGinn, K. Greene, M. Noel, D. Fredenckson, R. Fisher, D. Vinson, M. Imel, C. McFadden, K. Rondot, H. Winesburg, S. Scribner. Row 2. S. Geurin, P. Conrad, L. Haram. M. Orr, B. Krach, K. Hubart, D. Peterson, J. Kelin, P. Kusak, sec ' y-; C. Schmidt, S. Robinson, R. Taylor, P. Warstler. Row 3: K. McMahon, S. Healy, J. Rose, P. Marschand, B. Hughes, S. Montalvo, B. Williams, ' D. Smith, K. Grotness, D. Johnson, tres.; D. Schneider, pres.; B. Reiulle, V. Berry, C. Shaw. Back: G. Murphey, K. Chzran, M. Henderson, N. Bird, P. Waikel, G. Weaver, S. Hower, T. Perlisch, vice-pres.; B. Bradtmiller, R. Toone, W. Hoffman, D. Lobdell, J. Allen, C. Dressel. p. 64 Choir Chorale, Trojan Singers ' song boosts sectional spirit Singing revised lyrics to IT ' S A GOOD DAY, the Chorale and Trojan Singers boosted spirit during Sectional week pep sessions. performed with the select 18 person Trojan Singers at the Christ Child Fest- ival, Spring Concert and various churches. Senior Bruce Bradtmiller earned the National Choral Award on Honors Day for his work with both groups. TROJAN SINGERS: FRONT: S. Healy, C. Quance. J. Rose, K. Hubart, D. Schneider, S. McGinn, L. Haram, J. Klein, P. Marschand, K. Rondot. Row 2: W. Hoffman, D. Johnson, P. Kusak, R. Toone, S. Geurin, J. Allen, T. Perlich, M. Orr, B. Bradtmiller. Choir p. 65 IGNORING RULES OF good posture, sopho- more Nancy Bollenbacher concentrates on proper bowing techniques. RECIPIENT OF THE 1971 Ivan Miller Scholar- ship, junior Brad Stephenson practices for an upcoming Jazz Concert. SURROUNDED BY A sea of chairs and stu- dents, Mr. John Morse directs the Orchestra during a program at Kekionga Junior High. p. 66 Orchestra Private, class lessons improve ability, comfort Touring nearby elementary and junior high schools, members of the orchestra acquired a taste of performing in strange surroundings. Snider High School ' s State NISBOVA contest provided a chance for director Mr. John Morse and charges to win a First Division Award. Further contributing th eir musical ' ability. Orchestra added the finishing touch to the Winter Concert as well as the End of Winter and Spring Concert performances. ORCHESTRA: FRONT: M. Goshorn, K. Shelley, B. Hart, T. Llpp, R. Stith, N. Bollen- bacher, D. Rinehart, M. Moore, D. Rowell. Row 2: K. Shelley, L. Boyer, W. Hughes, P. White, J. Smith, J. Hackett, L. Line, B. Krach. Row 3: T. Pooler, J. Hood, G. Phillips, P. Hutchings, P. Wetzel, J. Patterson, M. Huff- man, E. Ray, D. Hackbarth. Row 4: R. Scott, B. White, K. Porter, S. Wickier, V. Hunter, T. Cruze, T. Gawthrup, B. Stephenson, D. Lee, B. Meyers. Back: D. Fortreide, B. Nicholson, B. Avery, G. Dulin, Not pictured: D. Allen, R. Glidewell. Orchestra p. 67 Band broadens horizons for participants, audience Continuing to broaden the horizons of young musicians, the Elmhurst band also provided entertainment for thousands of people throughout the state. Travel to South Bend, brought the Stage Band third in the Notre Dame Jazz Festival, while junior Bob Taylor was chosen best drum major in his division by the Northern Indiana School Band DIRECTING THE STAGE band, instructor Mr. Robert Myers closes his second Jazz Festi- val on a triumphant note. New Wayne High SEVENTH PERIOD BAND. FRONT: B. Jones, J. French, P. Moyer, B. Payne, R. Castle, C. Burns, D. Shanayda, T. Holloway, E. Ray, N. Kissell, B Waslyk, C. Allen, S. McMahon. Row 2: M. Huffman, C. Smith, M. Shelton, K. Gibson, M. Fogwell, L. Fair, D. Keck, M. Greek, J. Carey, S. Quance, J. Fritz, B. Eickoff, B. Rainwater, J. Nole. Row 3: C. Miller, M. Carey, M. Jacobs, C. Enqlemann, J. Hackett, F. Miles, K. Smith, Orchestra Vocal Association as he per- formed with the marching band. In addition to traveling, the music department performed for the community in the annual Winter Concert and in a spring " Coffee Concert. " Rounding out band activities, featured the stage band and world-re- knowned jazz trumpeter Thad Jones. School will be Mr. Myers " home " during 1971- ' 72 when he begins a new career as guidance counselor for students. S. Markey, D. Miller, R. Garringer, S. Heller, T. Gawthrup, J. Kelley. Row 4: J. Chaney, D. Bell, R. Carr, T. Cruze, G. Bussard, P. McLuckie, J. Kunberger, P. Peterson, J. Bond, M. Arlington, D. Fendell, L. Fisher, T. Mayclin, F. Smith; Back: R. Garrison, L. Johnson, J. Bradow, R. Wilkin, K. Peters, S. Wiehe, J. Dockery, T. Polley, M. Greene, D. Head, E. Whipp, J. Hoard, E. Spears, D. Fever. V. GANGED UP ON the school lawn. Marching Band members pause to loaf and relax as they wait for additional instructions on their marching formation. M 1 . -vi Car i : m | ftf w " r " l ' » ■ ' " v ' " Bk Ihir M • v; . .V » v ■ » fciA , p. 63 Band m. f l r i ' T l -f r i ! ? ' ' rf I BAND: FRONT: B. Jones, V. Buschey, C. Raney, M. Huffman, A. Archbold, R. Taylor, P. Wetzel, D. Keck, B. Krach, B. Nelson. Row 2: P. Craft, E. Ray, J. French, W. Hughes, G. Murphey, C. Allen, M. Ashcliman, L. Fair, S. Quance, J. Rockey. Row 3: M. Oswalt, K. Shelley, A. McLuckie, L. Ruesewald, P. Neate, J. Carey, T. Johnson, K. Butts. Row 4: T. Harris, B. Rainwater, C. Burns, P. Bumgardner, D. Shanayda, L. Boyer, T. Holloway, S. Wylie, M. Greek, N. Schory. Back: S. Wngleman, L. Garrett, S. Marky, S. Puglsley, G. Mitchall, K. Kirk, R. Castle, V. Beck, C. Miller, C. Smith, R. Wallace. BAND: FRONT: E. Boling, B. Waslyk, M. Wolfe, D. Lee, D. Head, M. Carey, J. Hackett, B. Meyers. Row 2: M. Ford, D. Tindall, T. Pooler, L. Cooper, B. White, R. Rutledge, S. McMahon, D. McKee. Row 3: D. Hackbarth, G. Gilpin, B. Flickinger, L. Johnson, G. Maxwell, M. Hostetler, J. Strauss, D. Shinbeckler, R. Smith, D. Rocky. Row 4: J. Sullivan, T. Gawthrup, V. Hunter, R. Carr, D. Miller, S. Weihe, B. Avery, R. Wilkin, S. Wickiser, M. Westrich. Back: T. Cruze, T. Mayclin, D. Bell, C. Englemann, B. Steven- son, G. Dulin, P. Cruze, R. Castle, M. Arlington, E. Beal, F. Eberbach, R. Heeter. MUSICAL TRAINING proves advantageous for band member, junior Randy Smith when he steps up to solo at the " Percolated Pot " . Band p. 69 HALL MONITOR se- nior Jeff Davies finds a moment to study while the halls are clear. p. 70 Hall Monitors HALL MONITORS: Front: P. Goshert, V. Beck, K. Boze, D. Smith, L. Parry, C, Vinson, E. Boling. Row 2: Mrs. Mary Fast, spon- sor: T. Johnson, J. Jessup, K. Spenn, S. Buhlman, G. Peterson, S. Smiley, S. Swathwood. Back: G. Brower, G. Mitchell, B. Bartels, J. Bonner, J. Kinast, L. Lillich, M. Patten. BOTTOM: Front: J. Davies, J. Butler, A. Wittenberg, P. Sutorius, J. Fox, P. Moyer. Row 2: D. Bruns, D. Brindel, S. Alterkruse, C. Lahrman, J. Smith. Back: D. Mueller, J. Bradow, S. Lahrman, G. Decker, C. Lunz, C. Colburn. Community problems form club ' s purpose Establishing a need for " an awareness of community problems " as the basic purpose of their club, Elmhurst ' s Red Cross Council chapter concerned itself with those less fortunate in the community. Devoting time and energy to the local Red Cross brought about varied fund- raising projects. Over $750 was donated to the Child Guidance Center to construct recreation areas for underprivileged children. Incoporating an informal atmosphere into the evening, the Council sponsored the annual Percolated Pot featuring poe- try, skits, folk-singing and for the first time, a play, written by senior ..ecky ■Jo Good. Checking ID cards became a new responsibility of Elmhurst Hall Monitors as school rules required identification for all admitted to the building. As a result, unnecessary hall roaming de- creased. Other duties included assisting teachers and checking passes of those eaving school. In operation for 39 years, monitors were chosen by their homeroom teachers in the spring of junior year on the basis of their actions and attitudes as Trojans. CAST MEMBERS of the Red Cross Council ' s Percolated Pot gather onstage to climax the show by singing Dan Fulmer ' s " One More Time. " RED CROSS COUNCIL: Front: C. Nelson, P. Miller, J. Flaig, K. Chrzan.sec ' y-tres; N. Fogwell, pres.; L. Hoffman, vice-pres.; M. McMinn. Row 2: A. Wittenberg, M. Hunter, H. Walley, K. Hill, K. Jackson, R. Rondot, V. Neuhauser, S. Kiester. Back: D. Rifkin, D. French, K. Poffenberger, J. Kinast, P. Mathias, J. Strauss, S. Neuhauser, R. Marr, M. Patten. USING HER PLAY to reveal the communications gap, seniors Becky Jo Good and Enid Gilland sing one of five songs composed to portray fellings and actions during the " Pot " . Red Cross Council p. 71 OEA, Forum members gain self-confidence Actively assuming job and public speaking responsibilities, members of Of- fice Educational Association and Forum Club increased their poise and self-con- fidence by dealing with the public. Participating in " The Place " and " Rapping Round " radio and television programs, Forum members accumlated extra points while workers in OEA took time to compete for honors in the state and national contests during March. Vari- ous fields of office technique included accounting and shorthand. Concerned with outside events, Forum clubbers sponsored two car washes and three speech meets, as well as the annual yearbook dance, while OEA sold candy and washed housetrailers. Awards presentation on Recognition Day included the Forum trophy to senior Tom Matthews and the OEA outstanding service award to JoAnn Yoder. OEA: FRONT: T. Bloomfield, L. Huddleston, J. Yoder, S. Laguna, F. Draper, V. Buckel. Row 2: D. Smith, D. Wilcoxson, M. Sheets, C. Tate, D. Anderson, K. Hoag, L. Luken, K. Ba- ker. Row 3: D. Meyer, R. Pinney, C. Hohen- stein, R. Shuler, R. Beard, R. Sallee, Mrs. Linda Kniss, sponsor. Back: M. Piepenbrink, P. Pienpenbrink, L. Adkisson, G. Saine, B. Heck- man, B. Peters, C. Surrey, D. Place. Not pictured: L. Schaeffer, pres.; S. Geerken. BEFORE TYPING A letter, OEA member, senior Laurie Luken consults her employer concerning a change in spelling. P. 72 OEA AIDING AND ASSISTING one another, Forum club members junior Joe Robertson and seniors Ernie Beal and Tom Matthews present their cases about pollution and population control on Earth Day. FORUM CLUB: Front: L. Wittenberg, R. Stith, P. Gay, pt. recorder; C. Smith, tres.; E. Gilland, sec ' y; K. Morris, pres.; T. Matthews, vice-pres.; B. Sutton, J. Johnson. Row 2: Mr. Robert Store y, adviser; P. Parker, D. Armstrong, T. Lipp, R. Love, L. Lee, N. Ostro- gani, S. Fritzche, P. Wintrode, C. Workman. Row 3: P. Wetzel, B. Hart, C. Dressel, L. Fritz, M. Orr, L. Haram, P. Volkert, K. Hinton, N. Schory Back: B. Taylor, S. McCampbell, J. Robertson, S. Montalvo, S. Lahrman, P. Stark. R. Routhier, J. McFadden, E. Beal, K. Trott. Forum p. 73 Council shows MAKING AN unofficial visit. Student Council president senior Bob Buckel checks fund proj- ect the Cash Box dur- ing homeroom. TOP PICTURE: Front: R. Busch, J. Brown, S. Nichols, J. Keyser, sec, B. Buckel, pres., J. De- Selm, treas., S. Boroff, J. Hoard, R. Busch. Row 2: D. Lichtsinn, M. Frankenstein, T. Lipp, P. Fenyes, C. Engleman, L. Wight, S. Tsiguloff, L. Lee. Back: K. Morris, E. Gres, A. Wittenburg, K. Huber, M. Spear, F. Eberbach, N. Schory, B. Taylor, J. Summers. BOTTOM PICTURE: Front: S. Kline, B. An derson, D. Keck, R. Smith, vice-pres., P. Lipp K. Chrzan, J. Conway, B. Sims. Row 2: B. Kim mel, B. Young, D. Young, S. Quance, K. Hill D. Knuth, M. Henderson, T. Weaver, K. Bradt miller. Back: A. Moe, S. Kiester, M. Wise, G Cox, W. Hoffman, P. Mathias, S. Mason, D Shieferstein, C. Nelson. p. 74 Student Council mprovement with election system With a goal of more effective stu- dent body representation, members of the ' 69-70 Student Council during a lame duck session adopted an at-large election system for the first time in the school ' s history. After petitions were filed, each class selected 15 students to represent them on the Council. Al- though the organization consisted of in- terested members, the plans failed to meet expected goals. Further attempting to change their image, the Council undertook several new projects. Among them were " Letters to Hanoi " and " Class weeks " designed to promote school spirit. Highlighting each week was the announcement of an outstanding girl and boy, elected by class vote. Continuing fund raising projects, the Council netted $171 from the third successful year of candle sales and the Cash Box added profits to the Coun- cil ' s treasury as well as providing supplies for students. " LETTERS TO HANOI " provides senior Hope Meyers with an opportunity to express her feel- ings about American POW ' S in Vietnam. r r DISCUSSING " class weeks " to increase school spirit, members of the Spirit Committee meet in the cafeteria. REFLECTIONS OF pencils framing her, senior Karen Chrzan finds a solitary moment while working in the Cash Box. Student Council p. 75 Volunteer work, recreation keep Y-Teens active Multi-projects kept Y-Teen members active as many volunteer services and recreational activities were offered. Performing a modern jazz prayer dance symbolizing racial barriers, senior Mary Grose attended a state-wide Y-Teens mid- winter conference in Lafayette, Ind. For- ty Y-Teens spent two nights a month with girls from State School. " Big Sisters " helped celebrate Christmas by planning a party and exchanging gifts with the girls. Through combined efforts, the Y- Teens and Hi-Y clubs sponsored the annual Miss Virginia projects. Collecting canned goods and clothing in homerooms, Y-Teen president, senior Marta Jackson commented, " Although the drive was successful, there weren ' t as many dona- tions as last year. " Other events during the year included a get-together picnic at Hodell Acres, a winter weekend at Dallas Lake and a Merle Norman cosmetic demonstration. PREPARING TO BE Y-Teen representative to the mid-winter conference, senior Mary Grose practices her prayer dance. £ Y-TEENS: Front: S. Murphy, H. Kerr, J. Powell, P. Sutorius, L. Hoffman, Vice-Pres., M. Jackson, Pres., M. McMinn, sec, V. Buschey, J. Smith, T. Lipp, D. Coverdale. Row 2: Mrs. Nancy Schram, sponsor, P. Dickey, B. Romines, K. Huber, D. Smith, V. Surface, M. Spear, C. Harbarger, K. Shaw, B. Hoag. Row 3: C. Kim- mel, C. Sweet, M. Henderson, C. Berry, E. Boedeker, J. Langmeyer, C. Miller, P. Walker, D. Reichle, J. Bonner, C. Lahrman. Back: L. Luken, B. Sims, H. Meyers, R. Osborn, J. Hoo- ver, H. Walley, J. Summers, L. Redding, T. Kinder, K. Hill, C. Weaver, C. Schafer, N. Frebel. p. 76 Y-Teens White.G. Sutorius, B. Jackson, S. McCabe. Row 4: P. Waikel, C. Wolf, C. Brown, J. Allen, M. Goshorn, K. Hart, V. Neuhauser, L. LeFever, R. Hutchings, L. Byrd. Back: C. Smallwood, P. Lipp, C. Nelson, A. DeSelm, K. Bradtmiller, K. Corkwell, J. Johnson, C. Harmon, R. Leeper, C. Sterm, M. Clemens. SURROUNDED BY donations for the Miss Virginia project, Y-Teen and Hi-Y homeroom representatives wait for the Christmas program to start. Y-Teens p. 77 BETWEEN TENNIS matches, Hi-Y sponsor Mr. Kent Fishel ponders the possibilities of his team coming out victors. SCORING FOR HIS TEAM, sophomore Eric Yager plops the ball into the basket despite frantic efforts by sophomore Charles White to prevent the two points. p. 78 Hi-Y Hi-Y broadens scope through projects Although usually synonymous with basketball and the Miss Virginia Christ- mas projects Hi-Y members broadened their scope to new projects during the year. In addition to contributing to the Allen County Cancer Society, the club sent two underprivileged boys to the YMCA summer camp. Profits from the spring car wash helped to finance these projects. Co-sponsoring the annual Miss Vir- ginia collection of goods for the needy, Hi-Y and Y-Teens clubs shared the re- sponsibility of promoting the project in homerooms, and presenting the gifts during the Christmas assembly. Continu- ing with another victorious season, Mr. Kent Fishel coached the basketball team to an 8-1 city season, and the City Hi-Y championship. HI-Y BASKETBALL " A " TEAM: Front: J. Bolland, J. Brown, J. Adams, D. Sheiferstein. Back: J. DeSelm, M. Wise, J. Tillman, B. Handy, Mr. Kent Fishel; coach. HI-Y, TOP PICTURE: Front: C. Wolfe, C. Mc- Gehee, M. Stiffler, sec ' y; P. Mathias, vice-pres.; R. Busch, Pres.; B. Handy, treas.; M. Grossman, D. Johnson, Z. Reed, Soc. Ch.; Row 2: Mr. Kent Fishel, sponsor, B. Kimmel, T. Davis, E. Yager, D. Pronesti, T. Smyers, B. Graft, T. Ellis, J. Bailey, S. Boroff. Row 3: S. Montalvo, J. Bolland, P. Turnley, R. Meyers, J. Howell, D. Seiy, J. Svec, D. Wiles, D. Vass, C. White. Back: R. Smith, D. Turnley, M. Hanke, M. McClendon, J. Tillman, J. Spears, J. Brown, B. Baxter, M. T. Tatum, M. Bryant, S. Ellis, B. Buckel, G. Yager, S. Dickmeyer. BOTTOM PICTURE, Front: R. Dunn, K. Johnson, D. Fulmer, K. Armstrong, S. Gaunt, C. Foltz, M. Jackson, G. Greenler, W. Ainsworth, S. Stewart, D. Deitch. Row 2: F. Smith, L. Winters, S. Rodenbeck, K. Hesterman, D. Hale, S. Grabner, B. Yager, S. Isenbarger, T. Woolums, J. Bertram, G. Gust, Wolfe, B. Wilson, J. DeSelm, J. Davies, Row 3: M. Wise, S. Underwood, J. Fishman, R. Simon, R. Wilson, B. Mutton, G. Pierce, M. Funk, A. Wittenberg, D. Waters, T. White, Back: D. Shieferstein, J. Crickmore, F. Eberbach, J. Alexander, T. Kundysak, T. Younghans, N. Fogwell, B. Barton, P. Goshert, K. Speilman, J. Kinast, B. Schmidt. Hi-Y p. 79 AT THE GAA FALL PICNIC, sophomores Geri Wright, Jayne Langmeyer, sponsor Mrs. Rebecca Wolford and junior Linda Scherer find they must withstand heat and smoke to get perfectly roasted hotdogs. AT THE GAA SWIM party at Club Olympia, junior Linda Scherer sue- ' .Hh ' Y. ■ ' ■ " ' s. ' ' • her opponent, senior Gwen Murphy into the water during a lively game of " chicken. " p. 30 GAA GAA buys gymnastic apparatus Setting a new precedent for Girls ' Athletic Association, members purchased extra gymnastic equipment for the physi- cal education department. In addition to the horse, parallel bars and balance beam from phased-out Central High School, a reuther or spring board was purchased with club funds. In late winter, warm weather spoiled plans for an ice skating party at Hodell Acres but other recreation included golf at Wright ' s Driving Range and an informal Halloween party at the home of junior Candy Mills. Through attendance at weekly meetings and participation in club events, such as the interstate basketball tele- phonic, girls earned the necessary points to receive awards. CONFUSED AND INVOLVED in a tangle of arms and legs, GAA girls play a game of powder puff football at the fall picnic. GAA: Front: B. Gongaware, C. Cornewell, L. Poitras, D. i nuth, G. Demo, A. Horn R. Wallace, G. Murphey, C. Mills, D. Durnell, G. Wright, C. Imel, J. Markey. Row 2: Mrs. Lucy Doswell, sponsor; L. Scherer, J. Noel, M. Conrad, K. Paris, M. Lord, M. Klinger, B. Bridges, K. Ladd, T. Lipp, C. Workman, D. Kimmel. Row 3: J. Garcia, D. Richie, J. Kuzeff, A. DeSelm, D. Bellis, M. Clemens, J. Langmeyer, B. Schrock, P. Rose, S. Quance, G. Peterson, K. Ashton, N. Bolenbacher. Back: V. Gouloff, S. Traughber, L. Harter, M. Spiller, K. Bulmahn, S. Langstroth, D. Powell, J. Patterson, R. Watters, L. Dennis, D. Roberts, L. Line, M. Randall, L. Orr. GAA p. 81 Lettermen accept duties; serve as ballgame ushers Accepting new responsibility, the Letterman Club members served as ushers at all home basketball games during the year. Wearing letter sweaters and badges to identify themselves, they directed spectators to their seats, kept fire exits clear and prevented fans from reach- EATING THE " Breakfast of Champions " senior Lettermen Zane Reed and Rich Busch join ju- nior Tim Smiley in girding themselves to cap- ture the Sectional Championship. p. 32 Lettermen LETTERMEN ' S CLUB: Front: A. Wittenberg, T. Younghans, V. Garcia, B. Wilson, B. Barton, M. Grossman, sec ' y; M. Stiff ler, pres.; C.Wolfe, vice-pres.; M. Brown, sgt. at arms. Row 2; D. Kemp, sponsor; S. Ellis, T. Worrel, M. Sheets, D. Dickmeyer, P. Ausderan, J. Davies, J. Alexander, T. Dixon, D. Fulmer, D. Arm- strong. Row 3: D. Johnson, B. Mutton, K. Johnson, S. Gaunt, Z. Reed, S. Montalvo, R. Braun, B. Geyer, J. Fuhrman, J. McFadden, B. Yager, J. Brown. Back: R. Busch, R. Townsend, W. Hoff- man, N. Fogwell, J. De- Selm, C. Foltz, B. Har- rington, S. Dickmeyer, J. Bradow, R. Busch, J. Williams. COMPLETING THEIR JOB of ushering Trojan fans to seats, Lettermen senior Bob Buckel and junior Terry Younghans join Mr. Robert Zimmer- man to watch the bas- ketball game. Lettermen p. 83 Speakers, on-th experiences FTA Guest speakers, film and on-the-job experience provided the Future Teachers of America and Future Nurses of America with career information and opportunities available in each of the fields. Repre- sentatives from the IU-PU Speakers ' Bu- reau spoke to the FTA concerning deaf and retarded counseling, while girls in- terested in nursing welcomed a patholo- gist and several professional nurses to their meetings. First hand experience at the Lutheran Old Folk ' s Home and the Allen County Children ' s Home acquainted FNA mem- bers with the involvements of a career in nursing. Members of FTA traveled to CHRISTMAS PRESENT wrapping gets first hand attention by " Santa Claus " and junior Nancy Screeton at a Christmas FTA meeting. e-job training -FNA junior high schools in the area, aiding teachers in classes, occasionally teaching for experience. Giving treats to their assigned teachers for special events and holidays, elves maintained their secret identities until the end of the year. As in the past, a get- together served to introduce the teachers to their elves. Adoption of a needy family for Christmas and sponsorship of the annual faculty breakfast highlighted events planned by FTA. Awards for attendance and volunteer work were presented to the girls of FNA at the year end banquet. AIDING A PORTAGE junior high pupil, FTA member, senior Amy Archbold takes advantage of the learning privilege teaching offers. FUTURE TEACHERS 01 AMERICA Front C. Dressel, J. Johnson, J. Kester, A. Archbold, project chairman; V. Jaworsky, Corres. sec ' y, C. Scheumann, vice-pres.; R. Swartz, pres.; C. McMahon, sec ' y; B. Krach, treas.; B. Sutton, K. Whitten. Row 2: K. George, A. Schwartzwalder, R. Taylor, J. Butler, C. Vinson, P. Craft, E. Boling, N. Screeton, E. Ray, B. Griffon, Row 3: V. Buschey, D. Keck, C. Swartz, J. Degler, J. Crothers, D. Krinn, D. Place, C. Slater, C. Adams, K. Chzran. Back: C. Warner, C. Lunz, M. Carey, M. Geyer, D. Allen, A. Knopp, G. Murphey, S. Warner, A. DeGrandchamp, S. Kiester. p. 34 FTA FUTURE NURSES of America: Front: L. Hess, M. O ' Conner, J. Fox, P. Lipp. Row 2: Mrs. Catherine Wake- field, sponsor; T. Fran- cis, J. Coahran, M. Greek, B. Roesner. Back: L. LeFever, G. Murphy, M. Marciniak, L. Rowell, N. Fogwell. HALTING TO CONTEMPLATE a point, senior Lou Ann LeFever scribbles down pertinent points about nursing during an FNA meeting. CONVERSING AT THE annual FNA picnic, Mrs. Catherine Wakefield and junior Maureen O ' Conner relax and become acquainted. Future Nurses of America p. 85 CELEBRATING THE Christmas season, AFS members seniors Mary Bennett, Carol Ewing and John Kinast serve themselves punch and cookies at a party sponsored by the club. Mary is Elm- hurst ' s offical foreign exchange student from England in 1970- ' 71. VARIATION IN the styles of foreign dress is demonstrated in an AFS meeting, as the speaker wraps up senior Pat Craft in a sari, the formal dress of Indian women. p. 36 American Field Service AFS, Commercial learn through guests Career opportunities, European experi- ences and customs were explained by guest speakers at meetings of the Commer- cial and American Field Service clubs. Representatives from the Tower Em- ployment Agency and the International Business College informed Commercial Club members about preparation for job interviews and various fields open in secretarial work, while former exchange students related personal traveling ex- periences to AFS members. Other club activities included AFS ' annual spring T-Shirt sale, the newly initiated sale of EHS monogrammed scarves and the fall reception for English foreign exchange student Mary Bennett. On a trip to the Fort Wayne Bank, Commercial Club members investigated the various activities of the business world. In addition, club members received pins for accuracy and speed in book- keeping, shorthand and typing during the annual May banquet. GESTURES STRENGTHENING his words, Mr. Ron Alteveght gives members of Commercial Club information on the insurance world. COMMERCIAL CLUB: Front: J. Garcia, E. Evans, C. Hill, S. Humphries, S. Altekruse, K. George, M. Grose, L. Bogden. Row 2: Mr. Arland Reinhard, sponsor; K. Doherty, R. Sal- lee, S. Heller, R. Bergman, N. Screeton, D. Bader. Back: M. Baker, C. Raney, L. Helmke, V. Hyde, C. Burrey, K. Hart, P. Sutorious, J. Smith, D. Shumaker, S. Lichtsinn. Commercial Club p. 87 CONDUCTING AN EXPERIMENT in conservation of momentum, Phi-Chem sponsor Mr. Randy Masterson steadies senior Gordon Mitchell as he registers surprise at being stopped suddenly during his spin. p. 88 Phi-Chem Senior priority aids attendance for Chicago tour Priority to seniors was a factor in selecting Phi-Chem members who attended the annual May field trip to Chicago ' s Planetarium. In addition to senior status, those going were chosen for participa- tion in club projects and meeting attendance. Providing funds for the field trip and other activities, Phi-Chem ' s Coke squad sold soft drinks during all home basketball games. Membership requirements, current enrollment in chemistry or physics or prior completion of the course, were met by 46 during the year. EXPERIMENTING WITH natural wave pat- terns seniors, Gail Demo, Jeff Tillman, Doug Head, Dave Machmut, Greg Kiproff and junior Greg Haycox examine the properties. PHI-CHEM: Front: G. Demo, Y. Duff, C. Hill, W. Hughes, M. Henderson, M. Wise, J. Panda, mascot; K. Rondot, S. Tsiguloff, E. Boling, L. Marshall, V. Beck. Row 2: Mr. Byron Carrier, sponsor; T. G. White, N. Alexander, P. Marschand, M. Stam, A. Schwarzwalder, P. Fenyes, J. Davis, K. Spiel- man, S. Stauffer, T. Perlich. Row 3: J. Bradow, M. Watters, M. DeGrandchamp, K. Pedden, DETERMINING the specific heat content of different metals, Phi-Chem seniors Peter Fenyes T. Dixon, A. Wittenberg, S. Traughber, L. Boyer, D. Smith, J. Zellers, D. Aschliman, G. Haycox, Row 4: J. Kinast, G. Mitchell, J. Stewart, D. McDaniels, D. Bell, A. Helmke, R. Fisher, F. Eberbach, D. Head, S. Hower, J. Crickmore. Back: M. Vorndran, G. Cox, J. Tillman, D. Schieferstein, J. Fishman, B. Schmidt, J. DeSelm, B. Bradtmiller, P. Goshert, E. Hodgess, S. Gilpin, B. Dunn. and Stephen Gilpatrick work towards accurate results. Phi-Chem p. 89 Latin, Political clubs celebrate spring festivals Festivals occupied much time and ef- fort of members of Political Science and Classical Clubs. Clad in traditional Roman togas, the Classical Club attended a Roman Festival at Fairfield Junior High, while Political Science members spon- sored a spring film festival featuring ecological problems. Traveling to Indianapolis in early March, Political Science viewed the state government in action. Another pet pro- ject was a mock election of the Indiana Legislature in the fall. With members again wearing Roman attire. Classical Club ' s annual spring Roman banquet consisted of skits and a meal served by underclass " slaves. " Although no awards were presented by Classical Club, Political Science mem- bers chose to present their awards for outstanding service at the annual school- wide Recognition Day in late May. COUNSELOR JIM MCFADDEN finishes his meal at the annual Latin Club banquet with a banana, much to the amusement of Wendy Hughes, secretary. TALLYING RESULTS of the student mock election. Political Science members, seniors Gary Cox and Dave Schieferstein help, sponsor Mr. Richard Mattix, remove the back of the voting machine. POLITICAL SCIENCE: Front: B. Good, K. Ebersole, C. Vinson, K. Spielman, A. Witten- berg, K. Rondot, J. Butler. Row 2: Mr. Richard Mattix, sponsor; A. Schwarzwalder, C. Miller, M. Bennett, K. Hinton, J. Davies, T. G. White, C. Christoff. Row 3: B. Schmidt, J. Howell, J. Beyers, P. Hausman, S. Bryant, C. Aust, L. Allison. Back: G. Cox, J. Tillman, E. Hodgess, B. Flickinger, P. Goshert, D. Schieferstein, M. DeGrandchamp. p. 90 Political Science REPLENISHING THE GUESTS ' plates with extra helpings of fish senior Bob Schmidt provides service at the Political Science-FNA fish fry. CLASSICAL CLUB: Front: G. Mays, M. Stam, B. Bradtmiller, J. McFadden, pres.; B. Sembroski, W. Hughes, L. Nolan. Row 2: Miss Vera Baumgartner, sponsor; V. Jaworsky, P. Stark, L. Boyer, R. Fisher, B. Hart, J. Kunberger; Back: S. Underwood, B. Baxter, S. Swihart, D. Fortriede, J. Brickly, J. Fishman, K. Pedden, D. Hale. Afro, Industrial acquaint education, fun with projects sang during breaks. " Industrial Arts Club is basically to give shop boys time to embark on special projects " explained sponsor Mr. Dave Renkenberger. Meeting every other Wed- nesday, Industrial Arts boys concentrated on improving their skill in the metal and wood areas. DANCING TO THE music, Afro-American Club members junior Geraldine Phillips and senior Kevin Richards model fashions for the spectators. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB: Front: R. Ford, Bruns, S. Gross, S. Wiehe, R. Shell, G. Helmke. R. Harpel, S. Sorgen, pres.; B. Harrington, Back: S. Carey, K. C. Spillers, S. Shipley, S. sec ' y-treas.; J. Bodigan, J. Kraft. Row 2: Mr. Ray, M. Newall, B. Shifflett. Dave Renkenberger, sponsor, D. Clark, T. Equating education with pleasure, members of Afro-American and Industrial Arts clubs used extra-curricular time to plan programs and finish class projects. Modeling clothes donated by several Fort Wayne store and boutiques, Afro- American members planned and per- formed in the CHOICE OF COLORS style show, featuring junior Rosalyn Carr, who sang during breaks. LEARNING DIFFERENT ANGLES in construction, Industrial Arts member, junior Steve Gross finishes a stool he began in class. p. 92 Industrial Arts rm w 7 v m J % — -— K B if « AFRO-AMERICAN UNITY CLUB: Front: S. Smiley, R. Stith, T. McClure, M. Grose, M. Patterson, R. Carr, K. Richards, P. Fenyes, A. Simmons. Row 2: Mr. Reinhard, sponsor; Miss F. Coleman, sponsor; M. Brown, L. Dunbar, M. Klus, M. McMinn, B. Hoag, K. Jackson, M. B. Holmes, sponsor. Row 3: G. Cox, M. DeGrandchamp, P. Wilson, J. Bowland, M. Russell, T. Tabron, D. Haydon. Back: J. DeSelm, M. Brown, J. Adams, D. Schieferstein, J. Patterson, T. Dixon, G. Phillips, S. Wiehe, M. McClendon, F. Miles. DISCUSSING CHANGES in their modeling routine jun- iors Paul Mathias and Rosalyn Carr practice their entrance for the Afro-American Style Show. Afro-American p. 93 Vica, DECA members empty parking spaces after noon Vacating the parking lot each day at 12:20 p.m., Vica and DECA club mem- bers headed to various jobs in the Fort Wayne area. Class instruction by sponsors Mr. William Bahney and Mr. Gene Phipps helped working students cope with their job problems. Workers employed their new skills during a DECA contest at Elmhurst and a Vica poster competition. Senior Phyllis Stawicki ' s winning " Lend A Hand " pos- ter, promoting the sponsorship of working school pupils, was seen throughout the city and county on billboards and signs. Although preparing for their future, fun and games relieved the tensions as members of Vica concentrated on nearly drowning at a swim party at Club Olym- phia, while DECA clubbers played hide and seek in the straw at a hayride at Meyer ' s Barn. Topping pleasure with solemnity, members of both clubs planned and took part in employer-employee banquets to express appreciation for jobs and services provided. DECA: Front: L. Burns, C. Roth, S. Loveless, K. Misner, S. Hart, C. Rhoads. Row 2: Mr. William Bahney, sponsor: D. Davis, B. Fritze, M. Hanke, B. Cox, D. Crabill. Back: R. Hipsher, J. Feasby, J. Bumgardner, D. Durnell. R. Reinhard, G. Van Allen, D. Scare. COMPETITION BREAKS INTO a friend ly fight between Vica club members during the swim party held at Club Olympia. p. 94 DECA m J £Z Sj VICA CLUB: Front: J. Hatman, T. Biddle, D. Gage, D. Yoquelet, B. Gaham, R. Perry, P. Stawicki. Row 2: Mr. Gene Phipps, sponsor, R. Beck, G. HutseM, D. Quackenbush, T. Walter, B. Dewey, R, Ellis. Row 3: G. Weber, K. Linker, D. Piatt, A. Watson, M. Clausen, R. Ruch, J. Guild, R. Eisberg. Back: E. Harber, M. Buffenbarger, J. Mills, D. Morin, M. Traugher, B. Frieberger, R. Carbaugh, C. Wasten, B. Bolenbaugh, M. Lipp. SPORTING NAMETAGS FOR easy identifi- cation, DECA club members provide assistance to visitors during the Distributive Ed. contests. COMPETITIVE DESIRE combined with artistic skills help senior Phyllis Stawicki design a poster promoting the Vica program. VICA p. 95 Routines, aid given to squads by instructor Providing direction and offering assistance, Mr. Tom Bauer, professional twirling instructor, spent three hours each week working with the twirlers on routines and organization. " Having an instructor has improved our technique, " commented senior Kathe Klophenstein, head majorette. Entertaining at football and basketball games, twirlers also represented Elmhurst in veteran ' s and Memorial Day parades. Performances in NISBOVA and United States Twirling Association earned ex- cellent and superior ratings. Selected on a point system, varsity twirlers were evaluated on their twirling, strutting and marching routine ability. Three seniors, one junior and four soph- omores composed the varsity squad, while reserves were flag bearers and color guards for the troup. During halftime, squads joined to perform novelty routines. Perfecting routines on apparatus equipment. Gymnastics club girls toned their muscles and improved their timing and coordination. Arranged loosely. Gymnastics club elected no officers, perferring the free- dom of personal decisions as well as individual practice. Efforts to create a special project led to AROUND THE WORLD, a presentation of gymnastic skills and stunts from around the world. GYMNASTICS: Front: L. Poisras, M. Conrad, B. Young, S. Dotson, V. Langmeyer, E. York, S. Traughber, N. Fishman, C. Imel. Row 2: N. Ostragani, P. Kusak, S. Quance. Back: L. Line, V. Goulaff, H. Meyers, J. Phipps, B. Hart. SOMEWHAT CONFUSED BUT eager to please, Mrs. Becky Wolford ' s dog attempts a few steps on the balance beam. Gymnastics p. 96 BATONS BLURRING, twirlers juniors Debbie Armstrong, Sandy Hel- ler, and sophomore Diane Rhinehart employ their skills at the Home- coming game. RESERVE TWIRLERS: Rox- anne Watters, Rose- anneWatters, Nancy Ostragani, Debbie Perdue, Cindy Cas- tle, Debbie Joseph. VARSITY TWIRLERS: Front: Kathe Klop- fenstein. Row 2: Enola Kissel, Sandy Heller. Back: Diane Rhinehart, Pam Vol- kert, Julie Smith, and Sue Nichols. Twirlers p. 97 tor, %fi 1 . , f r; ' jfiPi -:« .JWUSL . 4 I 1 ' ; II if ill ANSWERING THE hopes and prayers of 1 10 girls, the last second game score turns the tables on the unsuspecting opponents. A PROMISE of victory within grasp, female Trojans follow instinct and leap to their feet in anticipation of a clinching basket. SPECTATOR EMOTIONS run especially high during basketball section- als as shown by Booster Club member, senior Linda Redding. p. 98 Booster Different seating area, dispute increase Boosters ' effectiveness Controversy early in the year resulted in student body cheerblocks being limited to Girls ' Booster Club, which moved to the courtside bleachers to work more efficiently with cheerleaders. After lengthy discussion, the 110 girls decided to wear monogrammed knit blouses and the traditional gray skirts. Collecting and distributing original chants and cheers composed by cheer- block members, new co-sponsor Mrs. Rebecca Wolford and Mrs. Jacqueline Foelber, honored the class with the largest number of new cheers during the annual banquet, at which officers were elected. TOP PICTURE: Front: D. Krinn, B. Young, P. Freygang, P. Sipes, P. Kusak, R. Love, J. Phipps, K. Hart, C. Larhman, P. Miller, L. Wight, T. Kinder. Row 2: S. Swathwood, D. Bailey, M. Henderson, S. Giant, P. Waikel, N, Bird, C. Sturm, L. Lillich, C. Colburn, B. Shepler, J. Fox, D. Allen. Back: R. Fry, K. Ward, K. Trott, G. Scnobel, B. Gensic, R. Gerke, P. Warstler, C. Lunz, H. Winesburg, P. Fish, G. Decker, M. Hille. MIDDLE PICTURE: Front: R. Hutchings, L. Rickner, M. Grose, J. Smith, C. Kimmel, S. Robinson, R. Routhier, H. Meyers, P. Bunch, S. Humphries, J. But- ler, J. Powell, Row 2: K. Huber, S. Tsiguloff, C. McMahon, K. Ashton, J. Kuzeff, G. Peterson, C. Christoff, B. Roesner, P. Sutorius, B. Jackson, D. Hoffman, G. Demo. Back: C. Parlow, J. Degler, K. Ladd, A. Horn, C. Hermann, D. Bellis, C. Sweet, S. Aschliman, R. Osborn, J. Bonner, D. Smith, V. Staker. BOTTOM PICTURE: Front: S. Datson, L. Line, C. Berry, D. Knuth, L. Kelsey, B. Sims, K. Shaw, K. Bradtmiller, M. Jackson, L. Yentes, P. Wintrobe, M. Philo. Row 2: K. Corkwell, L. Burtch, G. Wise, C. Miller, M. Goshron. P. Pruitt, S. Wagner, A. Freygang, J. Flaig, L. Brenn, C. Harshbarger. Back: J. Henry, S. Kies- ter, L. Hoffman, A. DeSelm, L. Redding, P. Parker, C. Dressel, M. Bennett, N. Frebel, N. Fishman, B. Young. Booster p. 99 TAKING time out during a basketball game, Carol Nelson kneels to tie her shoelace. RESERVE SQUAD: Marysia Klus, Peg Stiffler, Debbie Lichtsin, Terri Lipp, Sarah Campbell, Kim Hill, Cindy Hunt, Jan Keyser, Sandy McCabe and Sharon Dahm. VARSITY SQUAD: Gwen Ransom, Carol Nelson, Mary McMinn, Beth Hoag and Margy Spear. P 100 Cheerleaders Sports increase leads to larger reserve squad With the increased number of sports on Elmhurst ' s athletic schedule, reserve cheerleading expanded membership from four to 10 after fall tryouts. " Two reserve squads proved an asset in training underclass girls for varsity cheerleading positions " commented Mrs. Mary Fast, sponsor. Captain senior Mary McMinn and the varsity squad attended a five-day summer workshop in June, sponsored by the International Cheerleading Foundational Miami University in Ohio and also learned new cheers and chants while participating at North Side High School ' s one day varsity-reserve clinic in November. Selected in spring, the five varsity members were evaluated on a point sys- tem according to their ability to perform stunts and cheers. Reserves were chosen after school opened. WORKING TO promote school spirit and enthusiasm, junior Gwen Ransom leaps high into the air, while cohort Margy Spear awaits her turn to perform. CHEERLEADER captain Mary McMinn brings sunch into her yells as she urges the basketball :eam to " let ' s go " l Cheerleaders p 101 Sponsors initiate library centered operations base Using the library as a base of oper- ations, the projectionists and library workers received their assignments from projectionist sponsor, Mr. Harold Sull- ivan, and library sponsor Mrs. Mildred Hibben. Without a regular meeting time, sponsors scheduled member responsibil- ities individually. Women ' s Liberation penetrated the Projectionist ' s Club with two female additions to the traditionally male mem- bership. Joining the 18 boys, the women shared responsibilities, running projectors and tape recorders. In the library, respon- sibilities included checking out books, recording circulation and putting books on the shelves for the predominantly female group of 22. Receiving unique invitations made from overdue notices and small books, all library volunteers were honored at the annual spring party where each was given a service pin and three year w orkers were presented recognition awards. Project- ionists, completing point requirements, received rtars, bars and letters. LIBRARIANS: TOP, Front: J. Kunberger, M. Johnson, M. Conrad, Mrs. Mildred Hibben sponsor, B. Sutton, F. Nunley, L. Kelsey. Back: D. Mundt, J. Sullivan, P. Craft, S. Buhlman, D. Fortreide, S. Langston. IN SEARCH OF papers or stray pencil marks, library volunteer senior Margy Johnson riffles through the pages of a book. p. 102 Library Club HELPING OUT in the library during her study hall, sophomore Betty Sutton checks out a book. PROJECTIONISTS President Bill Long works diligently as he repairs a projector technical difficulty. PROJECTIONISTS: Sitting: A. Simmons, D. Weaver. Standing: S. Esterline, R. Lanning, J. Marks, E. Petras, E. Lewis, D. Davis, D. Doty, HaroldSullivan, sponsor; R. Templeton, D. Buhl- man, D. Brindel, M. Sheets, D. Rinke. Back: T. Green, R. Ruch, R. Holloway; vice-president; B . Long; president. Projectionist p. 103 Vi vi ■ Bfr " I . . . feel the chaos of challenge the thrill of victory. . the lonliness of defeat. . . Knowing, with determination it is possible to succeed. . .working amid confusion, try hard to overcome the faults . . . combining my efforts with those of others, striving to obtain a goal looking forward towards success. " Gridders conclude conference with 5th With a 4-4-1 record, the varsity foot- ball squad completed its second conse- cutive winning season despite a frus- trating campaign in which the Trojans tasted defeat often by a narrow margin. Making special honors this past season, senior tackle Mike Brown was named to the All-City defensive line, while senior back Bob Geyer and senior tailback Mike Grossman received All-State honor- able mention. This year ' s team was claimed by Coach Warren Hoover as having enjoyed the hitting aspect of the game more than any other team he coached. Under Hoover and Assistant Coach Jim Welborn, Elm- hurst beat every team in game statistics this year with the exception of Bishop Dwenger, and never lost a game by more than a touchdown. With a strong rush, the defensive team avoids a potential yardage gain by a Central ballcarrier. o. 106 Varsity Football place rating VARSITY FOOTBALL EHS OPP Jamboree(Central) 7 6 Concordia 28 12 Central Catholic 6 7 Luers 20 27 Bellmont 48 12 F.W. South Side 20 16 F.W. North Side 22 14 Dwenger 29 34 Snider oo oo SENIOR TACKLE Mike Brown rejoices with Coach Jim Welborn after running in a 28-yard touchdown plav against Concordia. WHILE WAITING to receive a signal from the sidelines, the EHS offensive unit takes time out. ANTICIPATING a visit from senior back Bob Geyer, Coach Warren Hoover rambles infield during a time out to discuss a difference of opinion with the big grid man. TRAIL BLAZING junior back, Jeff Brown, opens a hole for senior back Brad Barton as he scrambles across the line of scrimmage. Varsity Football p. 107 c »£■ |M i PLAYING THE game in spirit. Coach Warren Hoover watches the actions of his team. Jtel fa a « ;■■ ' ■ . ■— -£ --£ .. ' mPm. B m. a I -mi. i, Bb ! § VJVjN ff r " p 108 Varsity Football VARSITY FOOTBALL: FRONT: D. Fredrickson, R. Braun, R. Townsend, K. Misner, M. Stiffler, C. Wolfe, B. Wilson, S. Wallace, J. Klein, T. Kundysek. Row 2: Coach Warren Hoover, B. Barton, B. Mutton, J. Brown, J. Fuhrman, E. Stoops, S. Gaunt, J. Sweet, D. Wiles, Coach Jim Welborn, Row 3: C. Foltz, M. Grossman, M. Brown, B. Geyer, B. Graft, M. Hostetler, B. Loyd, J. Toone, G. Haycox, A. Sorg. Row 4: J. Branstrator, T. Rathert, M. Moore, J. Sabree, J. MaFadden, M. Brown, L. Allison, C. Haynes, S. Demaree, M. Noel. Back: R.Busch,E. Kessel.T. Dixon, M. Wolfe, T. George, R. Busch, J. Spears, W. Hoffman, S. Grabner, D. Lee. RESERVE FOOTBALL North Side OPP EHS 13 12 Luers 6 6 Dwenger 28 6 Snider 6 Central Catholic 14 12 Concordia 30 Undersize squad produces dismal reserve season Lack of size and experience contri- buted to the reserve football team ' s disappointing record for the season. Coached by Darrel Heaston and new Assistant Coach Phil Habegger, the re- serves met tough competition from city foes. Despite their losses, the season was not as dreary as it may have seemed. Losing only once by more than six points, the reserve gridders tallied 68 points in six games with the season high- light, a 30-0 romp against Concordia. RESERVE FOOTBALL: Front: R. Frank , M. Bowen, D. Turnley, R. Farmer, P. Turnley, G. Loomis, K. Hinton, D. Carrion, M. Aguiree, F. Crum. Row 2: G. Farrel, G. Bussard, D. Weber, M. Finlayson, G. Lucas, M. Weber, K. Grossman, J. MacDonald, K. Mabee, M. Arlington. Row 3: Coach Heaston, J. Bowland, M. Dixon, T. Kennerk, M. Warsco, R. Wat- ters, D. Miller, B. White, B. Harber, D. Butler, Coach Habegger. Back: K. Peters, J. Hoard, D. Ulrich, B. Springer, D. Cook, D. Durtschi, G. Freiburger, W. Ludden, S. Carey. BEFORE THE SEASON can be called complete sophomores Bill Durtschi, Male Finlayson and Kerry Grossman turn in equipment to Coach Darrel Heaston. Reserve Football p. 109 Harriers suffer first city loss in tw Faster overall time than any previous cross-country team Elmhurst has had, kept Trojan harriers undefeated until their clash with the city leading Snider Panthers. Disappointing may be the word for their season as the Trojans obtained none of the traditional goals including the City Championship, the Patriot Invi- tational, Sectionals, Regionals and State. " One of our problems was psycholog- ical, " noted Head Coach Don Kemp. " After they got beat by Snider, they were down. Once you lose it ' s hard to get back where you were before. " An additional problem cited by the coach was the small number of boys oui for cross-country last year. " Next yeai we should be better. Maybe we can gel some more guys out, " commented Kemp. " Maybe they ' ll come through for us then. " DETERMINED to make good, senior Bob Bucket strives to better his position. p. 110 Cross-Country o seasons CROSS-COUNTRY OPP EHS Dekalb 35 20 Tipton 42 16 East Noble 38 20 South Side 31 26 New Haven 44 19 Concordia 46 16 Luers 48 15 New Haven 41 20 Central Catholic 47 16 Central 50 15 Snider 24 33 Dwenger 42 18 North Side 23 34 CROSS-COUNTRY: Front: P. Clark, T. Young- hans, V. Garcia. Row 2: B. Anderson, D. Kline. Row 3: P. Ausderan, J. Alexander, C. Middle- ton. Row 4: K. Johnson, C. Johnson, J. Selzer, Row 5: N. Fogwell, R. Bradbury, B. Buckel. Back: Coaches Don Kemp and Carter Lohr. THE LESS PUBLICIZED battle of identifying sweats and shoes after a meet poses a problem. ROUNDING A CORNER at a quadrangular meet at Swiney Park, harrier juniors Paul Aus- deran, John Alexander, Terry Younghans and senior Kevin Johnson work to keep in front of the pack. Patriot Invitational Sectionals Regionals Cross-Country p. 1 1 1 SENIOR DOC WAITERS manages to end the threat of a potential point as he chases to the front of the court where he can better maneuver the play. p. 112 Tennis Underdog proves strong; lone defeat mars record Finishing a successful season, the Tro- jan racketmen went undefeated in their last seven matches and tied for second place in Sectionals. Coached by Mr. Kent Kurtz and Mr. Kent Fishel, the EHS netmen compiled a respectable record of nine wins while dropping only one defeat early in the season to City crown winners, Concordia. Aiding the Trojan cause, seniors Alan Wittenberg and Wally Shoaff made up the first doubles team. Another duo of juniors Joe Garrett and Steve Under- wood, in the words of Coach Kurtz, " . . . progressed farther than any other Trojan courtmen. " Placing second with Snider in Section- als, the Trojans met defeat from a strong East Noble team. Downing other major roadblocks such as North Side, South Side and Central, the Elmhurst team looked to be on the road to success. After a fourth place finish in the Section- als last year, improvement played an important role in the final results of this year ' s team. WITH A CLOSE EYE on the ball to volley it back across the mesh boundary, senior Joel DeSelm works for a conquest. STRAINING TO REACH a high flying ball, senior racketman Alan Wittenberg jumps to score in a singles match. Tennis p. 1 13 Wrestlers bring home first city title Taking part in their first City cham- pionship. Coach James Welborn ' s grap- plers gained a share of the title by defeating Snider in their final season match. Tying the Trojans for the champion- ship were the North Side Redskins, who like the Trojans, sported a 4-0-1 City record. Both teams also finished with 9-2-1 overall marks. Another first for the Big Red wrestlers was the addition of an assistant coach, Phillip Hebeggar, who helped Coach Wel- born train and supervise at practices and meets. In the best team effort of the season, Welborn ' s men pinned down a second consecutive Twin Lakes Tournament title, leaving a 30-point gap to the second place finisher. Junior Steve Wallace grabbed glor y late in the season when he was the lone Trojan to win a Sectional champion- ship and advance to Regionals. CRACKING A SMILE as he gains control of his aggressor, junior Terry Younghans works to score points which later prove vital to the team. JUNIORS KURT PARIS and Vince Garcia watch the heavyweight match with apprehension from the shadows of the bench. WITH WRESTLING BEING a sport of extreme physical contact, ju- nior Warren Hoffman prepares for some contact with the mat as his op- ponent works for a takedown. p. 114 Wrestling AS HE WORKS for an escape, junior Steve Demaree quickly finds himself up to his ears in arms. RECEIVING NOTICE of a successful pin, se- nior Stacey Boroff springs back releasing his downtrodden opponent. THOUGHTS RUNNING through Coach James Welborn ' s mind are known only to himself as he walks toward the mat to obtain a better perspective. Wrestling p. 1 15 SENIOR JOHN SELZER and junior Steve Wallace watch apprehensively as heavyweight senior Rick Townsend tries to overcome his opponent. Elmhurst tied with North Side for the city honors. DECLARED THE WIN- NER, junior Jim Spears giances over to his com- rades on the bench as his arm is raised in victory. p. 116 Wrestling Hard work f determination boost record EHS OPP 43 11 South Side 24 19 Concordia 30 16 Pierceton 41 13 New Haven 17 25 Bellmont 21 25 East Noble 35 19 Howe Military 32 14 Central 27 19 Warsaw 35 18 North Side 20 20 Snider 23 21 VARSITY WRESTLING: Front: V. Garcia, D. Rump, T. Younghans, P. Clark, B. Demetre, W. Barksdale, M. Sipe, B. Blackman. ROW 2: J. Klein, C. Middleton, S. Boroff, D. Dickmeyer, K. Paris, R. Herman, J. Vondran, J. Selzer, J. Davies. Row 3: P. Turnley, G. Grotrain, J. Sa- bree, R. Donaghy, D. White, P. McDonald, G. Lucas, S. Wallace, D. Miller. BACK: Coach Ha- beggar, M. Weber, R. Townsend, J. Hoarde, B. Loyd, J. Spears, W. Hoffman, Coach James Welborn. Wrestling p. 117 Erratic season : VARSITY BASKETBALL EHS OPP EHS OPP [ Homestead 85 50 Central Catholic 67 74 • Muncie South Side 60 88 Snider 61 66 Bishop Luers 71 67 Heritage 74 49 Bishop Dwenger 78 74 North Side 73 67 Norwell 64 61 Huntington 80 72 Central 62 66 New Haven 85 70 South Bend Washington 72 67 Concordia 63 ♦73 Irish Invitational SECTIONALS Central Catholic 64 56 Central Catholic 64 61 South Side 55 60 Central 75 74 Bellmont 65 63 Leo 67 63 South Side 65 70 REGIONALS Haworth 69 80 North Side 64 50 Warsaw 76 61 Garrett 60 71 TAKING CAREFUL AIM, junior Mel Cannon prepares to shoot a technical foul shot at the close of the Warsaw contest in the Trojan gyrn. p. 118 Varsity Basketball HEAVI LY GUARDED, senior Rich Busch makes a break for the basket during the Irish Invitation- al Tournament. leaves cage crew 12-8 record for regular play Rounding out the regular season with a 12-8 record and two players on the 1970-71 All-City squad, the varsity Tro- jans proved to be a sometimes erratic— but winning basketball team. Before going into a midseason tailspin, the Elmhurst five led in the City Series race. After dropping from first to last place, the group charged back only to reach the number five position in the standings at the regular season ' s close For the most part, the team played a good fourth quarter which usually de- cided the outcome of the game. Receiving spots on the 12 man 1970- 71 All City roundball team were senior Steve McCabe and junior Mel Cannon. Added glory came to seniors Rich Busch and Zane Reed and juniors John Williams and Tim Smiley as they were awarded All-City honorable mention. SENIOR FORWARD John Campbell strains THE SUPERIOR SIZE of junior John Williams to retain the ball as what appears to be a foul, and senior Steve McCabe becomes evident as turns out to be a jump ball situation. Williams puts up the ball. NEVER TAKING HIS eyes off the ultimate goal, senior Steve McCabe takes a deep breath before a f reethrow at the Trojan ' s first game of the season at Homestead. DISCUSSING THE FUNDAMENTALS of rebounding. Coach Ken Eytcheson talks to junior Eddie Lewis as junior Tim Smiley listens during an after school practice. WITH A SLIGHTLY higher jump than senior Rich Busch, a Huntington player gets the upper hand in a tip-off. p. 120 Varsity Basketball After 40 years, ' We ' re number one ' For the first time in 40 years, Elm- hurst ' s roundballers traveled down the road to Sectional victory in Fort Wayne Sectional One. In the opening tourna- ment clash the Big Red won over Central Catholic for their first Sectional victory over the Irish. They went on to capture the tourney title by beating Central and Leo, the City and County champs. Advancing to the Regional, the of Troy defeated North Side before being eliminated by Garrett in the final encounter of the year. Contributing factors to Coach Kenny Eytcheson ' s team ' s success were great team spirit and senior forward Rich Busch ' s lucky Ratfink. VARSITY BASKETBALL: Front: J.Williams, Z. Reed, M. Cannon, E. Lewis, N. Fogwell. Back: T. Smiley, J. Campbell, R. Busch, S. McCabe, Coach Ken Eytcheson, P. Mathias, R. Busch. - BRINGING THE BALL down floor, senior Zane Reed uses his speed to get past the Leo Lions and in shooting position. Varsity Basketball p. 121 A and B teams terminate year lacking success Finishing the year with near identical records of 5-8 and 5-9, the reserve and C-teams, coached by John Campbell, Sr. and John Bunnell, showed some fine individual basketball talent despite team performances. Basically, these teams transferred members back and forth throughout the season, with many sophomores from the C-team gaining reserve experience. This accounted for the fact there was no set squad of C members by the end of the year. Forced to sacrifice 5 games, which were played in conflict with an IHSAA eligibility rule, the reserves forfeited an even 9-9 record as they fell to a 5-8 for the season. Coach John Campbell reflected his views on the C-team season stating, " Poor shooting was the main reason we didn ' t win many ball games. The boys had trouble hitting. " RESERVE: C-TEAM BASKETBALL: Front: J. Hibler, D. Butler, M. McClain, B. Kimrnel, M. Smith. Back: Coach John Camp- bell, K. Camrnack, D. Miller, C. Cammack, D. Lobdell, M. Brown, Coach John Bunnell. Not Pictured: D. Hayden, M. Hunter, B. Hunter. A REBOUND SENDS sophomore Dan Lobdell into the air in an attempt to regain possession of the ball. p. 122 Reserve Basketball C TEAM BASKETBALL EHS OPP Snider 37 39 South Side 30 35 New Haven 54 12 North Side 37 45 Central 43 47 South Side 42 46 Bellmont 68 37 Sophomore Tourney 1st Central Catholic 51 41 South Side 55 47 Central 40 53 New Haven 54 52 Snider 44 46 Huntington 42 59 North Side 41 42 BRINGINGTHE BALL down court, sophomore Kurt Cammack does his share to lead his team to another victory. SPRINGING INTO THE air, sophomore Bob Kimmel attempts to block an inbound pass from a member of the Central team. RESERVE BASKETBALL EHS OPP Homestead 34 16 Muncie South Side 45 60 Bishop Luers 42 35 Bishop Dwenger 48 34 Norwell 44 37 Central 54 58 South Bend Washington 62 59 Bellmont 54 39 South Side 38 60 Haworth 47 52 Warsaw 53 57 Central Catholic 43 33 Snider 37 39 Heritage 61 37 North Side 44 45 Huntington 42 47 New Haven 45 33 Concordia 40 46 Reserve Basketball p. 123 PUTTING HIS BEST foot forward, long-jump- ing senior Mike Grossman makes his bid for the winning distance. WITH A STRONG burst of speed from the blocks, junior Jim McFadden starts his best 440 run. SENIOR KIM ARMSTRONG flys over the low hurdles, followed by senior Scott Dickmeyer, in a hurried attempt to take the lead. Kemp ' s cindermen repeat Kokomo Relays 9 triumph With the track season at an end, a review shows the Trojan cindermen not faring as well as they might have expected. However, the track team did display some fine individual performances among its members. Particularly strong in field events, the Trojans gained valuable points through the mounting efforts of certain individ- uals. Leaping to a state best during the regular season, senior high jumper Bob Harrington was not able to return to the 6 ' 7 " height during any State action. Nevertheless, he was voted as the team ' s most valuable member. Other notable trackmen were senior Chuck Wolfe, who won Sectionals and placed second at Regionals with 13 ' pole vault, and strong field men senior Mike Grossman, long jump and junior John Williams, shot put. Grossman won the Sectionals first but slithered past Regionals with a fourth CLEARING THE BAR at 13 ' , senior pole vaulter Chuck Wolfe glances down from the apex of his leap. WITH THE PRESSURE on during the Regional meet, senior high jumper Bob Harrington gri- maces his way over the bar. place. Holding the unofficial title of area best was Williams although he failed to show up in Regionals, his throws nearly equalled a school best set a decade ago. On the track, two hard running juniors were outstanding in their events. Two-miler Paul Ausderan shared a Region- al meet record clocking exactly the same time, as Ausderan managed to finish first over his North Side opponent. Anchorman on the mile relay team, junior Jim McFadden sparked in his singular performances, his tying the record time in the hundred and his area best showing in the 220. The 1971 Elmhurst squad captured the Kokomo Relays for the second con- secutive year. The win in 1970 marked the first time for any Fort Wayne team since 1947 and the first time ever for Elmhurst. With a second win, the team has accomplished another first. Varsity Track p. 125 A» Loss of City title mars record VARSITY TRACK EHS OPP Dwenger and New Haven 1.1.2 19.37 Concordia and North Side 74 23,71 Central and Snider 78 21,69 North Side Relays 3rd Wawasee 112 6 South Side and C. C. 70 88,8 Kokomo Relays 1st Bishop Luers 98 18 Sectionals 4th Regionals 6th State no place j TRACK TEAM: Front: C. Wolfe, B. Harrington, J. Williams, M. Grossman, J. McFadden. Row 2: R. Farmer, C. Cammack, B. Grossman, R. Braun, S. Dickmeyer, P. Ausderan, B. Barton. Row 3: G. Loomis, D. Miller, C. Johnson, T. George, J. Sweet, K. Armstrong, J. DeSelm, B. Habeger, R. Bradbury, Coach Eldon Stoops. Back: Coach Carter Lohr, Coach Don Kemp, student teacher B. McClure, T. Younghans, J. Alexander. SENIOR BRAD BARTON waits attentively as senior Mike Grossman pulls on his sweats after a race. EVERYTHING SURROUNDING junior Paul Ausderan becomes insignificant as his prime concentration lies on the race. BITING THE DUST in the reserve long-jump, sophomore Don Miller flys high and lands hard in the event. Track p. 127 Linksmen finish year 15-7; send three to All-City play Finishing another year, the EHS golf team came through with an impressive 17-5 slate for the season. Led by All- City members Dan Johnson, Jim Bradow and Terry Dixon, the golf unit was able to reach second place standings in city action as well as the second position in Sectionals and eighth in Regionals. Contributing greatly to the team ' s ONLY A FEW MINUTES before his entry into Sectional action, junior Steve Adelman waits for his turn to begin. success, Jim Bradow was outstanding on the course all year as well as showing fine scores in post-city action. Bradow had the lowest average of the year with a 39.3 representative score of his work. Later, in Regional competition, he held the second lowest score by shooting a 71 in his efforts on the links. WITH A SMILE on his face and a putter in his hand, senior Jim Bradow prepares himself for an upcoming match. LOCATING HIS POSITION for the shot, senior Dan Johnson lines up a putt to finish a round at that hole. p. 123 Golf GOLF TEAM: Front: K. Kleinot, J. Greene, M. Arlington, R. Imel, S. Adel- man. Back: D. Johnson, K. Rose, J. Bra- dow, B. Gorrell, T. Dixon, Coach Nicho- las Werling. GOLF EHS OPP Huntington 212 233 Concordia, Snider 200 209,198 Warsaw 162 178 North Side 214 203 Luers, Homestead 216 221,218 Garrett 194 200 Central Catholic, Central 216 226,250 Snider, New Haven 200 190,209 North Side 196 200 City Tourney 2nd Garrett 200 205 Huntington 152 170 Central Catholic 198 229 Luers, Central 214 219,245 South Adams 203 223 East Noble 213 201 Sectional 2nd Regional 8th Golf p. 129 CAUGHT IN THE ACT by high speed photo- graphy, junior Steve Isenbarger takes a powerful swing at the ball. DETERMINATION SHOWS as senior Mark Wise winds up his pitch working for another strike-out. First year diamond crew big hit at season ' s finish After an absence of 11 years, baseball returned to Elmhurst this past year. Led by Coach William Derbyshire and Assis- tant Coach Kent Fishel, the Red and Grey compiled a six and nine record. Losing by only one or two runs, the of- fensive end of the squad sometimes had trouble gaining momentum. Much of the early frustration was avenged in post-season play. Competing in the Bluffton Sectional, Elmhurst fought it ' s way to the championship game via strong performances against Southern Wells and Bluffton. Unfortunately, the Trojans were cut short by a powerful Huntington Vikings team in the final contest. Pacing the Trojans was part-time pitcher, senior Mark Wise who posted .405 1 5 game average. Mike Stiffler came within one out of a perfect game during tournament action as he racked up both wins. Elmhurst baserunners crossed home plate 60 times averaging four runs per game and pitchers gave up an average of 6.5 runs per game while striking out 78 opposing batters. TAKING HIS TURN at bat, junior catcher Ron Busch gets a hit and quickly speeds off towards the first base. p. 130 Baseball BASEBALL TEAM: Front: T. Kundysek, B. Frank, B. Williams, B. Anderson. Row 2: Assistant Coach Kent Fishel, D. Hale, T. Cruze, Coach Bill Derbyshire. Row 3: B. Kimmel, N. Alexander, D. Butler, M. Stiffler. Row 4: M. Brown, S. Isenbarger, R. Thomas, J. Brickley. Row 5: D. Lobdell, M. Wise, J. Brown, J. Garrett. Back: Ri. Busch, J. Campbell, J. Tillman, Ro. Busch. IMPRESSED BY A GOOD PLAY, Coach Wm. Derbyshire takes a stroll towards the field to congratulate his crew. BASEBALL EHS OPP Central Catholic 3 8 Homestead 3 1 North Side 1 2 South Side 1 7 East Noble 10 8 Concordia 3 2 Warsaw 7 15 Woodlan 7 6 North Side 1 5 New Haven 2 10 Central Catholic 2 14 Snider 4 SECTIONAL Southern Wells 11 Bluffton 9 1 Huntington 4 lmm0mm »- r t r 4+ ' . « mvmm[J WHILE THE TEAM warms up, tennis Head Coach Kent Kurtz and Assistant Coach Kent Fishel go over rules and regulations with an official at the match. ACTION ON THE MAT will sometimes provide for action on the bench as seen here as wrest- ling Coach Jim Wel- born goes into his coaching act from the sidelines. p. 132 Coaches I i OFTEN THE SAME BOUNDARIES which made a player out of bounds for crossing during the game restricted football Coach Warren Hoover in his conversations with members on the team. CHECKING POSITIONS of runners in the event cross country Head Coach Don Kemp makes it his job to be sure everyone is ready to run when called upon and ready to win when the time comes. Coaches routine molded around responsibility During the past year, one of the most trying jobs at the high school was that of an athletic coach. Little was said or written about coaches unless their team won 30 basketball games in a row or a member of his squad gained All- American honors. Activities and responsibilities of a coach were a widely spread c ield. A coach had to provide instructions on the basic fundamentals of his particular sport. He needed also to be a source of en- couragement to the team losses as well as instill the determination to continue winning in the victorious squad. Winning a season was not the only goal coaches possessed. He attempted to teach each boy sportsmanship is as im- portant in life as on the athletic field. An ability to handle young people was essential to command their respect as well as their attention. A mentor had to serve as a pillar of strength, a man of supreme knowledge, and a friend. Coaching by far most important sport ELMHURST 1970-71 COACHING STAFF John Bunnell reserve basketball assistant varsity basketball John Campbell sophomore basketball assistant varsity basketball Bill Derbyshire baseball head Ken Eytcheson varsity basketball head Kent Fishel assistant tennis assistant baseball Phil Habegger assistant football football equipment manager Darrell Heaston reserve football Warren Hoover varsity football head Don Kemp cross-country head track head Kent Kurtz tennis head Carter Lohr assistant cross-country assistant track Glenn Miller cross-country equipment mgr. Eldon Stoops assistant track track equipment manager Jim Welborn assistant football wrestling head Nicholas Werling golf head WITH TRACK MEETS involving more than just running and jumping. Assistant Coach Carter Lohr handles a different aspect. PERHAPS NOT OFTEN thought of as coaches, team members themselves encourage one another with gestures and advice. p. 134 Coaches SHADOWS OF HIS PROFESSION in baseball streak Head Coach William Derbyshire as he views the game from the backstop. SOMETIMES THE THOUGHTS of a basketball coach turn into actions unconsciously as Coach Ken Eytcheson demonstrates. WAITING FOR THE RAIN to come during the Sectional Golf match. Coach Nick Werling converses from under his umbrella. 1 i ■p . — - 1 ■ A mm A J P f m I - fl t 4m 4 W % i mjJMW ' ' in r 7 " J ¥ r n | ! w J . " , " Vj 1 1 H 1 v dM jjfc • " ' fm T . r if!=. . ji t y i , A WA - mL - ' f j mmt M P; -3 iirfii iiF 1 |. m ' " I. -..feel the chaos of society, never knowing what people really think, always acting as they expect. . . pursuing acceptance by the crowd. Yet, parts of me crave solitude, freedom from conformity, total independence ... Torn between popularity and individuality on the edge of maturity. " • " V Active grads seek interests, face tomorrow Led by President Mike Stiffler and Vice-President Rich Busch, the class of ' 71 totaling 509 was characterized by varied interests and achievements during the year. In spite of the seemingly annual down- pour, Brenda Sims reigned as Homecom- ing Queen. Dave Yoquelet, president of Indiana Vocational Clubs of America, attended conferences and meetings in Washington D. C. Also pursuing their interests, Randy Brower and Dave Rockey attended train- ing classes for the Fort Wayne Student Police Force program. Kerri Morris placed first in the Fourth District American Legion Speech Contest and second in the state. LONG ON CLASS leadership experience. Rich Busch and Mike Stiffler meet responsibility in their jobs as vice-president and president. Top Row: ADKISSON, LINDA, COE 3; GAA 1,2; OEA 3; AINSWORTH, WALT, Hi-Y 2: ALLEN, DEBORAH. Booster Club 2,3; FTA 2, 3; ALTERKRUSE, SUSAN, AFS 2; Commercial Club, vice-pres. 3; Student Council 1,2; ANDER- SON, BRAD, Cross Country Team manager 3. Row 2: ANDERSON, DIANA, Commercial Club 2; OEA, sec. 3; Y-Teens 2; ARCHBOLD, AMY, Band 1, sec.-treas. 2,3; FTA 3; ARM- STRONG, KIM, ADVANCE, sports ed. 3; Cross Country Team 1,2E, 3; Football Team 1; Letter- man ' s Club 2,3; Quill and Scroll 3; Track Team 1,2E,3; ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM; ASCHLIMAN, MARILYN, Band 1,2,3; Classical Club 1. Row 3: ASHTON, JAN; BAILEY, JAMES, Hi-Y 2; BAKER, KAREN, Commercial Club 3; OEA 3; BARNES, KENNETH; BARTELS, BAR- RY, AFS 1. Row 4: BARTON, BRADLEY, Basketball Team 1,2; Football Team 2E,3; Hi-Y 2,3; Letter- man ' s Club 2, treas. 3; Track Team 2E,3; BATCHE LOR, SHARON; BEAL, ERNEST, Band 1,2,3; Football Team 2; Forum Club 2,3; NFL 2,3; Student Council 2; BEARD, ROSE, Home Ec Club 1, pres. 2; OEA 3; BECK, VICKI. Row 5: BELL, DONALD, Band 1,2,3; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; Stage Band 3; BENNETT, MARY, AFS 3; Booster Club 3; Political Science Club 3; foreign exchange student from England; BERG, SUZANNE; BERGMAN, RITA, Commercial Club 3; BEYERS, JOHN, Hi-Y 2,3; Political Science Club 3. Row 6: BIDDLE, TERRY, ADVANCE, home- room agent 2; Basketball Team 1; Football Team 1; Student Council 2; VICA, vice-pres. 3; BIRD, KAREN; BIRD, NANCY, Booster Club 3; Choir 1,2,3; Commercial Club 3; Safety Council 3; Y-Teens 3; BLOOMFIELD, TERI, OEA, sec. 3; BODIGON, MARY, GAA 1. P. 138 Senior-, Linda Adkisson Walt Ainsworth Deborah Allen Susan Alterkruse Brad Anderson Diana Anderson Amy Archbold Kim Armstrong William Armstrong Marilyn Aschliman Jan Ashton James Bailey Karen Baker Kenneth Barnes Barry Bartels Bradley Barton Sharon Batchelor Ernest Beal Rose Beard Vicki Beck Donald Bell Mary Bennett Suzanne Berg Rita Bergman John Beyers Terry Biddle Karen Bird Nancy Bird Teri Bloomfield Mary Bodigan Seniors p. 139 Business courses answer diverse needs WITHOUT the pressure of grades, senior Mike Rasbury works to im- prove his Personal Typing skills. Linda Bogdon Tom Bohrer Robert Bolenbaugh Elaine Boling June Bonner Paul Bonnett Douglas Boroff Janet Bow Lois Boyd Karla Boze James Bradow Bruce Bradtmiller Bruce Brandyberry Richard Braun Dianne Briegel p. 140 Seniors Diane Bruns Steven Bryan Robert Buckel Vicky Buckel Michael Buffenbarger Top Row: BOGDON, LINDA, Booster Club 2, 3; Commercial Club 3; BOHRER, TOM, AD- VANCE 2,3; BOLENBAUGH, ROBERT, Indus- trial Arts 1,2; VICA 3; BOLING, ELAINE, Band 1,2,3; FTA 2,3; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; BONNER, JUNE, Booster Club 2,3, Student Council alternate 1;Y-Teens 1,2,3. Row 2: BONNETT, PAUL; BOROFF, DOUG- LAS, Classical Club 1; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Student Coun- cil 1,2; sgt.-at-arms 3; Wrestling Team 1,2,3; BOW JANET, Commercial Club 2; Home Ec Club 2 BOYD, LOIS, Commercial Club 3; Twirler 1 2 BOZE, KARLA. Row 3: BRADOW, JAMES, Band 2; Classical Club 1; Golf Team 1E,2,3; Letterman ' s Club 2 3- BRADTMILLER, BRUCE, Choir 2,3; Class ical Club, pres. 1,2, vice-pres. 3; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; BRANDYBERRY, BRUCE; BRAUN, RICHARD, Cross Country Team 1; Football Team 2E,3; Track Team 1,2E,3; Wrestling Team 1,2E,3; BRIEGEL, DIANNE. Top Row: BRINDEL, DAN, Football Team 3; BROWER, GREGG, Band 3; Industrial Arts, sgt.-at-arms 3; BROWN, DON; BROWN, MIKE, Afro-American Unity Club 2; Football Team 2,3; Hi-Y 1; Letterman ' s Club, sgt.-at-arms 2; Track Team 3; BROWN, TIM, Letterman ' s Club 3; Track Team 3. Row 2: BRUNS, DIANE, ADVANCE 3; Band 1,2; BRYAN, STEVEN, Historical Club 1,2; Polit- ical Science Club 3; BUCKEL, ROBERT, Cross Country Team 2,3E; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Letterman ' s Club 2,3; Student Council 2, pres. 3; Track Team 1 2E 3; BUCKEL. VICKY, OEA, Treas. 3; BUFFEN- Jerri Bumgardner Pat Bumgardner Debra Burley Linda Burns Robert Burns Cindy Burrey Richard Busch Valerie Buschey Jan Butler Garry Byrd BARGER, MICHAEL, Band 1. Row 3: BUMGARDNER, JERRI, DECA 3; BUMGARDNER, PATRICIA, Band 3; FTA 3; GAA 3; Historical Club 1; Student Council alter- nate 1; BURLEY, DEBRA; BURNS, LINDA, DECA 2,3; BURNS, ROBERT, VICA 2. Row 4: BURREY, CINDY, Commercial Club 1,2,3; Home Ec Club 2; OEA 3; BUSCH, RICH- ARD, Baseball Team 3; Basketball Team 1,2,3; Football Team 1,2,3; Hi-Y 2, pres. 3; Letterman ' s Club 2,3; Student Council 1,2; finance chairman 3; BUSCHEY, VALERIE, Band 1,2,3; FTA 2,3; GAA 1; Y-Teens 2,3; BUTLER, JAN, Booster Club 2,3; FTA 2,3; ILIAN 2,3; Political Science Club 2,3; Student Council 1; BYRD, GARRY DECA 2,3. Seniors p. 141 Small number meet January grad standard SENIOR DAY for January graduates starts with rolls, juice and farewell converstions. Linda Byrd John Campbell Richard Carbaugh Maridell Carey Michael Carey Tom Carney Dan Carrion Jean Casey Rick Castle Carrie Christoff Karen Chrzan Glenna Clark Mike Clausen Jamee Coahran Linda Cobb Claire Coiburn Richard Conover Sondra Cook Charles Corkwell JoAnne Cornett p. 142 Seniors Top Row: BYRD, LINDA; CAMPBELL, JOHN, Basketball Team 1,2,3; Football Team 1; Golf Team 2,3; CARBAUGH, RICHARD, VICA 2,3; Track Team 1; CAREY, MARIDELL, Band 1,2,3; FTA 2,3; GAA 1; CARY, MICHAEL. Row 2: CARNEY, TOM; CARRION, DAN; CASEY, JEAN; CASTLE, RICK, Band 1,2,3; Track Team 1,2,3; CHRISTOFF, CARRIE, Booster Club 2,3; Political Science Club 3. Row3: CHRZAN, KAREN, Choir 1,2,3;Home- coming attendant 2; Prom attendant 2; Red Cross Council 1,2, sec.-treas. 3; Student Council alternate 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; CLARK, GLENNA, Choir 1; CLAUSEN, MIKE; COAHRAN, JAMEE, Advance 2; FTA 1,2; COBB, LINDA. Row 4: COLBURN, CLAIRE, Band 1,2; Boos- ter Club 3; CONOVER, RICHARD; COOK, SOND- RA, Choir 1,2; FNA 3; CORKWELL, CHARLES, Industrial Arts 2; CORNETT, JOANNE, DECA 1. Top Row: COX, BRAD, DECA 3; COX, GARY, Afro-American Unity Club 2,3; Classical Club 1; Football Team 1; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; Political Sci- ence Club 3; Student Council 2,3; CRAFT, PA- TRICIA, AFS 2, vice-pres. 3; Band 1,2,3; FTA 2,3; CRAWFORD, CHARLES; CRICK, KAREN, Home Ec Club 2,3; Y-Teens 1. Row 2: CRICKMORE, JAMES, Hi-Y 3; Phi Chem Club 3; CRIST, GLEN, Band 1,2; CRO THERS, JUDITH, Booster Club 2; FTA 2,3; Politi cal Science Club 2,3;CULP, PHIL; DAVIES, JEFF Hi-Y 3; Letterman ' s Club 3; Political Science Club 3; Student Council alternate 1; Track Team 1,3 Wrestling Team 1,2E,3. Row 3: DAVIS, NANCY, Choir 2; Classical Brad Cox Gary Cox Patricia Craft Charles Crawford Karen Crick James Crickmore Glen Crist Judith Crothers PhilCul p Jeff Davies Nancy Davis Gloria Decker Mike DeGrandchamp Gail Demo Joel DeSelm Bruce Dewey Pamela Dickey Dennis Dickmeyer Scott Dickmeyer Gregory Dinius Club 1,2; DECA 2; DECKER, GLORIA, Booster Club 3; DEGRANDCHAMP, MIKE, Afro-American Unity Club 3; Hi-Y 3; Phi-Chem Club 3; Political Science Club 3; DEMO, GAIL, Booster Club 2,3; GAA 1,2, treas. 3; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; DESELM, JOEL, ADVANCE 1, sports ed. 2, editoral board chairman 3; Classical Club, pres. 1,3; Quill and Scroll 2, pres. 3; Student Council 1, treas. 3; Tennis Team 3E; Track Team 1.2.3E. ROW 4: DEWEY, BRUCE, AFS 1; Choir 1; VICA, sec. 1; DICKEY, PAMELA, Commercial Club 3; Y-Teens 2,3; DICKMEYER, DENNIS, Football Team 1,3; Wrestling Team 1,2E,3; DICK- MEYER, SCOTT, Football Team 1,2E,3; Hi-Y 2,3; Letterman ' s Club 2,3; Track Team 1,2, 3E; DINIUS, GREGORY. Seniors p. 143 Terry Dixon Dennis Double Florence Draper Lucinda Dressel Yvonne Duff Randy Dunfee Ralph Dunn Duretta Durnell Lawrence Eberbach Kim Ebersole Ronald Eisberg Debbie Ellert Shep Ellis Perry Ely Sylvester Englemann Jill Ewald Carol Ewing Jacquelyn Feasby Pete Fenyes Patricia Fish Top Row: DIXON, TERRY, Afro-American Unity Club 3; Golf Team 2E; Letterrnan ' s Club 2, 3; Phi-Chem Club 3; DOUBLE, DENNIS, Choir 1,2; DRAPER, FLORENCE, Commercial Club 1;DECA 2; OEA 3; DRESSEL, LUCINDA, AFS 3; Booster Club 2,3; Choir 2,3; Forum Club 1,2,3; FTA 3; DUFF, YVONNE. Row 2: DUNFEE, RANDY, Band 1,2; Golf Team 2; DUNN, RALPH, Hi-Y 2,3; Phi-Chem Club 3; DURNELL, DURETTA, DECA 3; GAA 1; Y- Teens 2; EBERBACH, LAWRENCE; EBERSOLE, KIM, AFS 2,3; GAA 1; Political Science Club 3. Row 3: EISBERG, RONALD; ELLERT, DEB- BIE, Home Ec Club 1; ELLIS, SHEP, Hi-Y 1,2,3; Lettermen ' s Club 2,3; Industrial Arts 1; Student Council 2; Track Team, 1.2E.3; ELY, PERRY, VICA 2,3; ENGLEMANN, SYLVESTER, Band 1, 2,3; Stage Band 2,3. Row 4: EWALD, JILL, Booster Club 1,2;Stu- dent Council 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2; EWING, CAROL, AFS 2, pres. 3; GAA 1; Student Council alternate 1; FEASBY, JACQUELYN, DECA 3; FENYES, PETE, Afro-American Unity Club, treas. 3; Forum Club 1; NFL 1; Student Council 1,2,3; FISH, PATRICIA, Booster Club 3; GAA 1. Top Row: FISHER, LEWAYNE, Band 1,2,3; FISHMAN, JEFF, ADVANCE 3; Classical Club 1, 2,3; Hi-Y 2,3; Phi-Chem Club 3; FLICKINGER, WILLIAM, Band 1,2,3; Classical Club 1; Phi-Chem Club 3; Political Science Club 3; Wrestling Team 3; FOGWELL, NORM, Basketball Team 1,2,3; Cross Country Team 1,2,3; Hi-Y 2,3; Letterrnan ' s Club 2, 3; Red Cross Council, vice-pres. 2; pres. 3; Student Council 1, alternate 2; FOLTZ, CHARLES, Foot- ball Team 3E; Letterrnan ' s Club 3; Hi-Y 3. Row 2: FOX, JOYCE, Booster Club 3; FNA 2, pres. 3; FTA 1; Home Ec Club 1; FRANCE, JOHN; FRANCIS, TERESA, Afro-American Unity Club 2, 3; Booster Club 2; FNA 3; Gymnastics Club 3; FREIBURGER, ROBERT, Industrial Arts 2; VICA 3; FRITZE, BARB, Choir 2; Commercial Club 2; DECA 3; GAA 1. Row 3: FUHRMAN, JAMES, Football Team 1, 2E,3; Letterrnan ' s Club 2,3; FULMER, SIDNEY, ADVANCE, photographer 2,3; ANLIBRUM, pho- tographer 3; Football Team 1; Letterrnan ' s Club 3; School play 3; Student Council 1; Track Team 2E, 3; FUNK, MIKE; GAGE, DAN, VICA, pres. 3; GAHAM, BILL, VICA, Pres. 3. Row 4: GASS, BRAD; GAUNT, STEVE, Foot- ball Team 1,2E,3; Hi-Y 3; Letterrnan ' s Club 2,3; Political Science Club 1; Track Team 1; Wrestling Team 1; GEERKEN, SHELLEY, Commercial Club 1; DECA, asst. sec. 2; OEA 3; GENSIC, BRENDA; GEORGE, KIM, Booster Club 3; Commercial Club, treas. 3; FTA 3. Row 5: GERKE, RHONDA, AFS 2,3; Booster Club 2,3; GEYER, BOB, Football Team 1,2,3; School play 3; GILLAND, ENID, Forum Club 1, treas. 2; FTA 1,2; sec. 3; NFL 1,2,3; GILPIN, STEVE, Band 1,2;Student Council 1; GIORDANO, RICHARD. p. 144 Seniors 510 make up largest graduating class ■4 v. i • LeWayne Fisher Jeff Fishman William Flickinger Norm Fogwell Charles Foltz Joyce Fox John France Teresa Francis Robert Freiburger Barb Fritze James Fuhrman Sidney Fulmer Mike Funk Dan Gage Bill Gaham Brad Gass Steve Garnt Shelley Geerken Brenda Gensic Kim George Rhonda Gerke Bob Geyer Enid Gilland Steve Gilpin Richard Giordano USING THE traditional privilege, ' 71 graduates continue the practice of walk- ing through their doors on the west side. Seniors p. 145 Sally Giant Kathy Glass Kathy Glisson Rosa Gonzales Becky Jo Good Dennis Gordon Vera Gordon Phillip Goshert Bob Graft Terry Green Jeanne Green Kathleen Greene Mike Greene Joni Gren James Grieser Mary Grose Kathryn Gross Michael Grossman Brian Gudelsky Doug Hackbarth Top Row: GLANT, SALLY, Booster Club 2,3; Y-Teens 2; GLASS, KATHY, Y-Teens 2,3; GLIS- SON, KATHY; GONZALES, ROSE; GOOD, BEC- KY JO, AFS 3; Booster Club 2,3; Political Science Club 2,3; Y-Teens 2. Row 2: GORDON, DENNIS, ADVANCE, edi- torial ed. 2, managing ed. 3; Forum Club 1,2; FTA 1,2; NFL 2, sec. 3; GORDON, VERA, GOSHERT, PHILLIP, Football Team manager 1,2; Hi-Y 2,3; Phi-ChemClub 2,3; Political Science Club 3; School play 3; GRAFT, BOB, Afro American-Unity Club 2; Football Team 2E.3; Hi-Y 3; Letterman ' s Club 2; GREEN, TERRY. Row 3: GREEN, JEANNE; GREENE, KATH- LEEN, ADVANCE, homeroom agent 1, business manager 3; Choir 1,2,3; GREENO, MIKE, Band 1, 2,3; GREN, JONI, ANLIBRUM, homeroom agent 1,2; Cheerleader 1,2; Prom attendant 2; Student Council 1,2; GRIESER, JAMES, Baseball Team 3. Row 4: GROSE, MARY, ADVANCE 1,2, ex- change ed. 3; Afro-American Unity Club 3; Boos- ter Club 1,2,3; Gymnastics Club 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2 3; GROSS, KATHRYN, Transferred from Encit- nitas, Calif.; GROSSMAN, MICHAEL, Football Team 1,2E,3; Letterman ' s Club 2, sec. 3; Hi-Y 2, sgt.-at-arms 3; GUDELSKY, BRIAN, Basketball Team 1,2,3; Football Team 1; Letterman.s Club 3; Tennis Team 3; Track Team 3; Student Council, alternate 1; HACKBARTH, DOUG, Band 1,2,3. Top Row: HANDY, BRIAN, Basketball Team 1,2E; Hi-Y, treas. 3; Red Cross Council 1,2, sgt.-at- arms 3; HANES, DANIAL, Hi-Y 1; HAR BER, ED- WARD, VICA 3; HARBIN, CAROL; HARRING- TON, ROBERT, Cross Country Team 1; Track Team 1; Track Team 1,2E, 3; Letterman ' s Club 1; Industrial Arts 2. Row 2: HARRISS, THOMAS, Band 1,2,3; HART, KATHLEEN, Booster Club 2,3; Commer- cial Club 3; Phi-Chem Club 2; Y-Teens 3; HART, SUE, DECA 3; Forum Club 1,2; NFL 1;Prom at- tendant 2; Y-Teens 3; HARTER, JIM; HARTMAN, JERRY, VICA, treas. 3. Row 3: HARVEY, CHERYL; HAUSMAN, PHILLIP, ADVANCE, photographer 2,3; ANLI- BRUM, photographer 2,3; band 1,2; Political Sci- ence Club 3; HEAD, JAMES, Band 1 ,2,3; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; HECKMAN, BONITA, Classical Club 1, 2; Booster Club 2; Commercial Club 3; GAA 1,2; OEA 3; HEDSTROM, VICKI, AFS 2; Choir 1,2; Commercial Club 2; GAA 1,2; VICA 3. p. 146 Seniors Seniors play diversified roles in activities SWITCHBOARD, a group of people designed to help those in need, occupies spare time of se- nior Mark Levandowski. MAKING ANNOUNCEMENTS is only part of senior Marta Jackson ' s executive tasks as Y- Teens president. Brian Handy Daniel Hanes Edward Harker Carol Harbin Robert Harrington Thomas Harris Kathleen Hart Suzanne Hart Jim Harter Jerry Hartmann Cheryl Harvey Phillip Hausman James Head Bonita Heckman Vicki Hedstrom Seniors p. 147 Social event honors two foreign students Greg Heeter Danny Heiney Sandy Heller Alan Helmke Mary Sue Henderson Linda Hess Bob Hill Carolyn Hill Marcia Hill Kay Hinton Alice Hipsher Karen Hoag Edwin Hodgess Carol Hohenstein Rick Holloway John Hontz Joetta Hood Janice Hoover Mark Houser Mike Houser CHECKINGTHROUGH the AN LI BRUM for new friends ' pictures, Anne Wiberg, from Denmark, and Mary Bennett, En- glish AFS student, ex- change comments. p. 148 Seniors Top Row: HEETER, GREG, Band 1,2; HEI- NEY, DAN; HELLER, SANDY, Band 3; Commer- cial Club 1; Twirler 1,2,3; HELMKE, ALAN, Phi- Chem Club 3; HENDERSON, MARY SUE, AD- VANCE, homeroom agent 1; circulation manager 3; ANLIBRUM, homeroom agent 1; Booster Club 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3; Phi-Chem Club 2, sec. 3; Stu- dent Council 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2,3. Row 2; HESS, LINDA, FNA 2,3; GAA 1 HILL, ROBERT; HILL, CAROLYN, AFS 2,3 Booster Club 2; Commercial Club 2, sec. 3; Gym nasties Club 2; ILIAN 2; Phi-Chem Club 2,3 HILLE, MARCIA, Booster Club 2,3; Choir 1; HIN TON, KAY, Forum Club 2,3; NFL 2,3. Row 3: HIPSHER, ALICE; HOAG, KAREN, OEA, vice-pres. 3; HODGESS, EDWIN, Classical Club 1; Phi-Chem Club 3; Political Science Club 3; HOHENSTEIN, CAROL, OEA 3; HOLLOWAY, RICK, Projectionist Club, vice-pres. 3. Row 4: HONTZ, JOHN, Projectionist Club 2; HOOD, JOETTA, Orchestra 1,2,3; Student Coun- cil 1; HOOVER, JAN, Y-Teens 1; HOUSER, MARK; HOUSER, MIKE. Top Row: HOWARD, ART; HOWARD, SU- SAN, Booster Club 1; Homecoming attendant 1; Y-Teens 1,2,3; HOWER, STAN, Choir 1,2,3; HUD- DLESTON, LINDA, Choir 1; Commercial Club 2; OEA, treas. 3; HUGHES, BENITA, Choir 1,2,3; Art Howard Susan Howard Stan Hower Linda Huddeston Benita Hughes J.D.Hull Susan Humphries Roberta Hutchings Greg Huttsell Val Huttsell Marta Jackson Phillip Jackson Mike Jackson Michael Jacobs John Jessup Julie Jessup Daniel Johnson Kevin Johnson Margaret Johnson Ronelda Johnson Commercial Club 3; Twirler 1 ,2. Row 2: HULL, J. D., Golf Team 2; HUM- PHRIES, SUSAN, Booster Club 2,3; Commercial Club 2, pres. 3; HUTCHINGS, ROBERTA, ANLI- BRUM, faculty ed. 2, homeroom agent 3; Booster Club 2,3; Y-Teens 2,3; HUTSELL, GREG; HUT- SELL, VAL, Industrial Arts 1,2,3. Row 3: JACKSON, MARTA, ADVANCE 1, advertising manager 2,3; Quill and Scroll 3; Y- Teens 2, pres. 3; JACKSON, J. PHILLIP, Football Team 1; Hi-Y 2,3; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; JACKSON, MIKE; JACOBS, MICHAEL, Stage Band 1; Band 3; JESSUP, JOHN, Phi-Chem Club 3; Track Team 1. Seniors p. 149 Tamara Johnson William Johnson Gary Jones Cheryl Keller Dan Kennerk Cynthia Kimmel John Kinast Teresa Kinder Gregory Kiproff Enola Kissell Kathe Klopenstein Joyce Knipstein Constance Koorsen Sandra Kope Phil Kracium John Kraft Ruth Krueckeberg Keith Kryder Jeanne Kunberger Peggy Kusak Top Row: JOHNSON, TAMARA, Band 1,2,3; Classical Club 1; JOHNSON, WILLIAM; JONES, GARY; KELLER, CHERYL, Home Ec Club 2; KENNERK, DAN, DECA 3; Football Team 1,2E; Hi-Y 1 ,2; Letterman ' s Club 2. Row Two: KIMMEL, CYNTHIA, ADVANCE, homeroom agent 2; Booster Club 2,3; Prom atten- dant 2; Y-Teens 1,3; KINAST, JOHN, Classical Club 2; Hi-Y 1; Phi-Chem Club, vice-pres. 2; Red Cross Council 1,2,3; Safety Council 2; KINDER, TERESA, ADVANCE 2; Booster Club 2, sec- treas. 3; Student Council 2; Y-Teens 1,2,3; KIP- ROFF, GREGORY, Phi-Chem Club 3; KISSELL, ENOLA, Band 1,2,3; Commercial Club 3; Twirler 1,2,3. Row 3: KLOPFENSTEIN, KATHE, Twirler 1,2,3; KNIPSTEIN. JOYCE, Home Ec Club 2,3; KOORSEN, CONSTANCE; KOPE, SANDRA; KRA- CIUM, PHIL, Football Team 1. Row 4: KRAFT, JOHN, Wrestling Team 1,2E; KRUECKEBERG, RUTH; KYRDE R.KEITH; KUN- BERGER, JEANNE, Library assistant 1,2,3; Twir- ler 1,2; KUSAK, PEGGY, Booster Club 2,3; Choir 2, sec. 3; FTA 2; Gymnastics Club 3; Y-Teens 3. Top Row: LAGUNA, STELLA, Booster Club 2; Commercial Club 2,3; OEA, vice-pres. 3; LAHR- MAN, CONNIE, Booster Club 2,3; Gymnastics Club 2; I LI AN 2, business manager 3; Y-Teens 3; LAHRMAN, SANDRA, Classical Club 1; Forum Club2,3;GAA 1,2;NFL 2,3; LANGSTON, SUSAN Home Ec Club 1,2,3. Row 2: LAPADOT, LINDA; LASH, GARY, Band 1 ; Football Team 2; Golf Team 2; LEAMON, CHER, Gymnastics Club 2; Y-Teens 1,2; LEE, DEBRA, Home Ec Club 2; Y-Teens 1 . Row 3: LEE, MIKE, Wrestling Team 1; LEFEVER, LOUANN, Booster Club 2,3; FNA 3; GAA 1; LEININGER, ARLENE; LESLIE, STE- VEN, Projectionist Club 2,3. p. 150 Seniors Varied interests involve seniors AFTER BEING called to the bench for a rest, senior Brad Barton reflects the tense feelings of a sidelined player. ALONE IN a man ' s world, senior Hope Meyers finds drafting need not be exclusively male. Stella Laguna Connie Lahrman Sandra Lahrman Susan Langston Linda Lapadot Gary Lash Cher Leamon Debra Lee Mike Lee Lou Ann LeFever Arlene Leiniger Steven Leslie Seniors p. 151 Trojans rap with friends at ' The Place ' Mark Levandowski Connie Lichtsinn Elizabeth Lillich Dick Limberg Kent Linker Mike Lipp Pamela Lipp Linda Love Rae Love Scott Loveless William Loyd Laurie Luken Catherine Lunz Terry Lydy David Machmut Marianne Marciniak Jon Marks Paulette Marschand Dennis Marsh Louise Marshall Top Row: LEVANDOWSKI, MARK, AD- VANCE, photographer 3; ANLIBRUM, photog- rapher 3; ILIAN 2,3; VICA 2; LICHTSINN, CON- NIE, Choir 1,2; FTA 1,3; Y-Teens 3; LILLICH, ELIZABETH, AFS 3; Booster Club 2,3; Y-Teens 3; LIMBERG, DICK; LINKER, KENT, VICA 3. Row 2: LIPP, MIKE, Industrial Arts 2; VICA 3: LIPP, PAMELA, ANLIBRUM 2,3; Booster Club 3; FNA 1,2; vice-pres. 3; Safety Council 3; Student Council 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; LOVE, LINDA; LOVE, RAE, Booster Club 1,3; Forum Club 3; LOVELESS, SCOTT, DECA, vice-pres. 3. Row 3; LOYD, WILLIAM; LUKEN, LAURIE, ADVANCE, homeroom agent 2,3; ANLIBRUM, homeroom agent 2,3; Commercial Club 2,3; OEA 3; Student Council 1,2; Y-Teens 3; LUNZ, CATHE- RINE. AFS 1,2; Booster Club 1,2,3; Commercial Club 1; FTA 1,2,3; LYDY, TERRY; MACHMUT, DAVID, Phi-Chem Club 3; Political Science Club 3. Row 4: MARCINIAK, MARIANNE, AFS 2; FNA 3; Y-Teens 3; MARKS, JON, Projectionist Club 3; MARSCHAND, PAULETTE, Choir 1,2,3; MARSH, DENNIS; MARSHALL, LOUISE, Classi- cal Club 1; Phi-Chem Club 3. Top Row: MATTHEWS, JOHN, Forum Club 1,2; vice-pres. 3; NFL 1,2,3; Phi-Chem Club 2; Student Council 2; McBRIDE, ROBERT, Com- mercial Club 3; McCABE, STEVE, ADVANCE 2, 3; Basketball Team 1,2E,3; Cross Country Team 1.2E; Student Council 2; Track Team 1,2E,3; Mc- CLAIN, BRETT, Football Team 1; McCLAIN, MERRILYN, FNA 1,2; VICA 3; Y-Teens 2. Row 2: McDANIEL, DONALD; McGEHEE, CHARLES, Hi-Y 3; McKEE, DALE, Band 1,2,3; Student Council 2; McMINN, MARY, ADVANCE 2; Cheerleader 1,2,3; Homecoming attendant 3; Prom attendant 2; Red Cross Council 1,2,3; Y- Teens 1,2; sec. 3; MEYER, DONNA, OEA 3; Stu- dent Council 1; Y-Teens 1. Row 3: MEYER, MICHAEL, Track Team manager 1; VICA 2; MEYERS, HOPE, Booster Club 3; GAA 1; Gymnastics Club 2; director 3; Y- Teens 3; MIHM, JUDY, Choir 1,2; MILLER, CHARLES, Hi-Y 2; MILLER, ERRICK. Row 4: MILLER, MARGARET, ADVANCE 2, 3; Booster Club 1, vice-pres. 2; pres. 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Red Cross Council 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1, vice- pres. 2,3; MILLS, JIM, Industrial Arts 2,3; MIS- NER, KEN, Football Team 3; DECA 3; MITCHELL, GORDON, Band 1,2,3; Phi-Chem Club 3; Student Council 1; MOE, ALAN, Football Team 1,2; Hi-Y 2,3; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; Student Council 1,3. Row 5: MONTALVO, SIMON; MORAN, LARRY, Transferred from Central Catholic; MOR- RIS, KAREN, Classical Club 1,2,3; ADVANCE, homeroom agent 1,3; Forum Club 1, treas. 2, pres. 3; ILIAN 1,2; co-editor 3; School play 2; Student Council 3; MORSE, CAROLYN; MORTON, RHON- DA, Booster Club 2. p. 152 Seniors THE PLACE, local " rap " house, gives seniors Bert Hutchings and Carol Smith a chance to see friend Steve Kootch. John Matthews Robert McBride Steve McCabe Brett McClain Merrilyn McClain Donald McDaniel Charles McGehee Dale McKee Mary McMinn Donna Meyer Michael Meyer Hope Meyers Judy Mihm Charles Miller Errick Miller Margaret Miller Jim Mills Ken Misner Gordon Mitchell Alan Moe Simon Montalvo Larry Moran Karen Morris Carolyn Morse Rhonda Morton Seniors p. 153 Ticket sales promote game attendance Patricia Moyer Dennis Mueller Bridget Murray Brent Mutton Mick Meyers Sara Neff Beth Nelson Daniel Neuenschwander Bruce Nicholson Lois Nolan Felecia Nunley Gary Oetting Nanci Orr Rhonda Osborn Mark Oswalt Cheryl Palmer Melanie Patrick Michael Patten Rebecca Payne Karen Pedden Top Row: MOYER, PATRICIA, Band 1; MUELLER, DENNIS; MURRAY, BRIDGET, Trans- ferred from South Side; MUTTON, BRENT, Foot- ball Team 1,3E; Hi-Y 2,3; Letterman ' s Club 3; Student Council 2; Wrestling Team 2; MYERS, MICK, Choir 1; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; Political Sci- ence Club 3. Row 2: NEFF, SARA, Library assistant 1,2,3; NELSON, BETH, Band 1, vice-pres. 2,3; NEUEN- SCHWANDER, DANIEL; NICHOLSON, BRUCE, Orchestra 1,2,3; NOLAN, LOIS, Classical Club 1, 2,3; GAA 1. Row 3: NUNLEY, FELICIA; OETTING, GARY, Hi-Y 2; Industrial Arts 2; ORR, NANCI; OSBORN, RHONDA, ADVANCE, homeroom agent 3; Booster Club 2,3; Political Science Club 2; Y- Teens 1,3; OSWALT, MARK, Band 1 ,2,3; Political Science Club 1. Row 4: PALMER, CHERYL; PATRICK, MELANIE; PATTEN, MICHAEL, Phi-Chem Club 3; PAYNE, REBECCA, Band 1,2,3; PEDDEN, KAREN, Phi-Chem Club 2,3; Classical Club 1,2,3. Top Row: PENNYCOFF, ROBERT, Basket- ball Team manager 1; Track Team manager 1; PERRY, LINDA; PETERS, BARBARA, COE 3; OEA 3; PETERSON, GAIL, Booster Club 2,3; GAA 1, Vice-pres. 2,3; PETRAS, GREG, Hi-Y 1,2. Row 2: PFEIFFER, SUSAN, Afro-American Unity Club 2; FTA 3; PHIPPS, JEVNE, Booster Club 3; Classical Club 1 ; Gymnastics Club 2,3; Stu- dent Council 2; PIEPENBRINK, MARCIA, OEA 3; PIEPENBRINK, PAULA, AFS 2; Commercial Club 2; OEA 3; PIERCE, GREG, Hi-Y 3; Wrestling Team 1. Row 3: PINNEY, RITA, Commercial Club 2,3; OEA 3; PLACE, DEBBIE, AFS 1,2,3; Commercial Club 2,3; FTA 1,2,3; OEA 3; PLATT, DAVE, VICA 3; POORMAN, SHERRY; POWELL, JO- ANNE, ADVANCE 2; Booster Club 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2, soc. chairman 3. Row 4: PORTER, MITCH; PUGSLEY, SHEL- LEY, Band 1; Commercial Club 1; RASBURY, MICHAEL; REDDING, LINDA, ANLIBRUM 2; Booster Club 2,3; Student Council 2; Y-Teens 1,2, 3; REDDING, ROBERT, ADVANCE 1; news ed. 2, ed. -in-chief 3; Football Team 1; Forum Club 1,2; Hi-Y 2,3; Quill and Scroll 2, sgt.-at-arms 3; Safety Council 2, pres. 3. p. 154 Seniors Robert Pennycoff Linda Perry Barbara Peters Gail Peterson Greg Petras Susan Pfeiffer Jevne Phipps Marcia Piepenbrink Paula Piepenbrink Greg Pierce Rita Pinney Debbie Place Dave Piatt Sherry Poorman Mitch Porter JoAnne Powell Shelly Pugsley Michael Rasbury Linda Redding Robert Redding SHOWING school spirit seniors Mardy Shaber, Teresa Kinder, and Rhonda Osborn pur- chase football season tickets during registra- tion from Mr. Gerald Bush, athletic director. Seniors p. 155 Community service fills spare hours ACTIVELY USING his new voting right, senior Kim Spielman distrib- utes literature for the Republican party. Zane Reed Daniel Reese Ron Reinhard Bill Reitman Charlene Rhoads Kim Richard Lanell Rickner Deborah Riley Susan Robinson Dave Rockey Brenda Romines Janet Rose Patricia Rose Cheryl Roth Jeff Rotruck Rita Routhier James Rowley Roger Ruch Phillip Saine Rose Sal.ec Top Row: REED, ZANE, Basketball Team 1, 2E,3; Hi-Y 2,3; Letterman ' s Club 3; REESE, DANIEL, Baseball Team 3; Football Team 1; REINHARD, RON, DECA 3; Football Team 2; Wrestling Team 2; REITMAN, BILL; RHOADS, CHARLENE, DECA, sec. 3. Row 2: RICHARD, KIM, Afro-American Unity Club, vice-pres. 3; RICKNER, LANELL, ADVANCE 2, news ed. 3; Booster Club 2,3; Quill and Scroll 2, treas. 3; Safety Council 3; Student Council 1; Y-Teens 1,2,3; RILEY, DEBORAH, ADVANCE 2; VICA 3; ROBINSON, SUSAN, Booster Club 2,3; Choir 1,2,3; GAA 1,2; ROCKEY, DAVE, Band 1,2,3. Row 3: ROMINES, BRENDA, Booster Club 2,3; Commercial Club 2; Y-Teens 1,2,3; ROSE, JANET, Choir 1,2,3; Commercial Club 3; ROSE, PATRICIA, GAA 1; ROTH, CHERYL, DECA 3; ROTRUCK, JEFF. Row 4: ROUTHIER, RITA, Booster Club 2,3; FTA 2; Gymnastics Club 2; Y-Teens 1; ROWLEY, JAMES; RUCH, ROGER, Projectionist Club 2; VICA 3; SAINE, PHILLIP, Choir 2; OEA 3; Projectionist Club 1;SALLEE, ROSE, Commercial Club 3; OEA 3. Top Row: SCHAEFFER, LEANN, Booster Club 2; GAA 1; OEA 3; Y-Teens 2; SCHEPPER, BECKY, Choir 1; SCHEUMANN, CYNTHIA, AD- VANCE 3; Booster Club 1,2; AFS 3; FTA 1,2, vice- pres. 3; Orchestra 1,2; SCHIEFERSTEIN, DAVID, Hi-Y 1,2,3; Afro-American Unity Club 2,3; Phi- Chem Club 2,3; Political Science Club 3; Student Council 3; SCHMIDT, MATTHEW, Band 2. Row 2: SCHMIDT, ROBERT, ADVANCE 1,2, sports ed.3;ANLIBRUM, homeroom agent 1,2; Hi- Y 2,3; Phi-Chem Club 3; Political Science Club 3; School play 3; SCHNEIDER, DAVID, Choir 1,2, pres. 3; Classical Club 1; SCHWARZWALDER, ANITA, AFS 2,3; Forum Club 2; FTA 3; GAA 1, 2; NFL 2; Phi-Chem Club 3;SCRIBNER, SHERRY, Choir 1,2; GAA 1,2; SEITZ, JEFFREY, Football LeAnn Schaeffer Becky Schepler Cynthia Scheumann David Schieferstein Matthew Schmidt Robert Schmidt David Schneider Anita Schwarzwalder Sherry Scribner Jeffrey Seitz John Selzer Robert Sembroski Margaret Shaber Michael Sheets Becky Shepler William Shoaff Jack Shreeve Rinda Shuler Deana Shumaker Randall Simon Team 1,2; Letterman ' s Club 2. Row 3: SELZER, JOHN, Cross Country Team 3; Track Team 3; Wrestling Team 1,2E,3; SEM- BROSKI, ROBERT, Classical Club 1,2, treas. 3; School play 1;SHABER, MARGARET, ADVANCE 1,2; ANLIBRUM 1; Booster Club 2,3; NFL 1; Safety Council 2; Student Council 2,3; SHEETS, MICHAEL, Cross Country Team 2E; Letterman ' s Club 2,3; OEA 3; Projectionist Club 2,3; SHEP- LER, BECKY, Band 1,2; Booster Club 3. Row 4: SHOAFF, WILLIAM, Tennis Team 2, 3; SHREEVE, JACK; SHULER, RINDA, GAA 1; Home Ec Club 1,2; SHUMAKER, DEANA, Com- mercial Club 3; SIMON, RANDALL, Hi-Y 2,3; Stu- dent Council 1,2; Track Team 1, SHEETS, MI- CHAEL, Cross Country 2E; Letterman ' s Club 2,3; O.E.A.3; Projectionist Club 2,3, SHEPLER, BECKY, Band 1,2; Booster Club 3, SHOAFF, WILLIAM, Tennis team 2,3; SHREEVE, JACK; SHULER, RINDA, G.A.A. 1; Home Ec Club 1,2, SHU- MAKER, DEANA Commercial Club 3. Seniors p. 157 Brenda Sims James Sirk Cynthia Slater Janice Slushier Darlene Smallback Amy Smiley Carol Smith David B. Smith David J. Smith Diane Smith Jackie Smith Jane Smith Nancy Smith Rhonda Smith Stuart Snyder Gale Sparks Kathleen Spenn Kim Spielman Marion Stam Kathy Stark Top Row: SIMS, BRENDA, Booster Club 3; Gymnastics Club 2; Homecoming Queen 3; Prom Queen 2; Student Council 3; Y-Teens 3; SIRK, JAMES, Band 3; SLATER, CYNTHIA, FTA 2; SLUSHER, JANICE; SMALLBACK, DARLENE, FNA 3. Row 2: SMILEY, AMY, Afro-American Unity Club 2; Home Ec Club 1; SMITH, CAROL, Forum Club 2, treas. 3; SMITH, DAVID B., Band 1,2; Forum Club 1; NFL 1; Phi-Chem Club 3; SMITH, DAVID J., Hi-Y 1,2; SMITH, DIANE, Commercial Club3;OEA 3, Row 3; SMITH, JACKIE; SMITH, JANE, Booster Club 1 ,2,3; Forum Club 1; Student Coun- cil 2; Y-Teens, point recorder 3; SMITH, NANCY, Y-Teens 1; SMITH, RHONDA, ADVANCE, home- room agent 3; ANLIBRUM, homeroom agent 3; Student Council, alternate 2; SNYDER, STUART, Band 1,2; Phi-Chem Club 3. Row 4: SPARKS, GALE, Hi-Y 2; Wrestling Team 1; SPENN, KATHLEEN; SPIELMAN, KIM, Political Science Club, pres. 3; STAM, MARION, Classical Club 1; nuntia 3; National Merit Finalist 3; Phi-Chem Club 3; STARK, KATHY. Top Row: STAWICKI, PHYLLIS, ADVANCE 1, exchange ed. 3; Booster Club 2; VICA, treas. 3; Y-Teens 1,2; STEWART, JOE, Football Team 1; Golf Team 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; STIFFLER, MICHAEL, Basketball Team 1,3; Football Team 2E,3; Class President 2,3; Class Vice-Pres. 1; Hi-Y, vice-pres. 2, sec. 3; Letterman ' s Club, pres. 3; STINE, KATHY, FTA 2. Row 2: STINNETT, JERRY;STOOPS, ELDEN, Football Team 1,2,3;STROMBECK, PAULA, GAA 1; STURM, CATHY, Booster Club 3; Y-Teens 3. Row 3: SUMMERS, JO, ADVANCE, editorial staff 3; Classical Club 1; Student Council 1,3; Y- Teens 2,3; SUTORIUS, PAM, ANLIBRUM, home- room agent 2; Booster Club 2,3; Commercial Club 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2, treas. 3; SUTTON, RICHARD; SVEC, JON, ADVANCE 3; Hi-Y 3. Row 4: SWARTZ, ROBERTA, Booster Club 1, 2; FTA 1,2; pres. 3; ILIAN 1; SWEET, CAROLE, Booster Club 3; Y-Teens 1,3; TABRON, STEVEN, Afro-American Unity Club 2; TATE, BUD, Trans- ferred from Fitch, Ohio. p. 158 Seniors Girls donate time, manage candy counter BRISK SALES during lunch boost FNA funds and satisfy the student sweet tooth. Phyllis Stawicki Joe Stewart Michael Stiffler Cathy Stine Jerry Stinnett Eldon Stoops Paula Strombeck Cathy Sturm Jo Summers Pam Sutorius Richard Sutton Jon Svec Roberta Swartz Carole Sweet Steve Tabron Bud Tate Seniors p. 159 Connie Tate Cindi Thomas Lorraine Thompson Jeffrey Tillman John Tipton Dan Toor Rick Townsend Sue Tsiguloff Gary Van Allen Dan Vass Margaret Vaughn Christine Vinson Bill Volz Kathy Vorndran Mike Vorndran Pam Waikel Ron Walker Mike Wall Roxanne Wallace Heather Walley Top Row: TATE, CONNIE, Commercial Club 3; OEA 3; THOMAS, CINDI, GAA 1,2; Home Ec Club 1,2; THOMPSON, LORRAINE; TILLMAN, JEFFREY, Hi-Y 1,2,3; Phi-Chem Club 2,3; Political Science Club 3;TIPTON, JOHN. Row 2: TOOR, DAN, Classical Club 1; Foot- ball Team 1,2,3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Letterman ' s Club 2; Wrestling Team 1,2; TOWNSEND, RICK, Football Team 1,2E,3; Classical Club 1; Letterman ' s Club 2,3; Wrestling Team 2E,3; TSIGULOFF, SUE, ADVANCE, asst. copy ed. 2, publications coordi- nator 3; Governing Board, sec. 3; Phi-Chem Club, sec. 2,3; Quill and Scroll 2, vice-pres. 3; Safety Council 2, sec. 3; Student Council 1,3; VAN ALLEN, GARY, DECA 3; VASS, DAN, Afro- American Unity Club 2,3; Hi-Y 2,3. Row 3: VAUGHN, MARGARET, FTA 1; GAA 1; Y-Teens 1; VINSON, CHRISTINE, AFS 2, treas. 3; FTA 3; Political Science Club, sec.-treas. 3; VOLZ, BILL, Commercial Club 3; VORNDRAN, KATHY.VORNDRAN, MICHAEL, Phi-Chem Club 2,3; Track Team 1,2E,3. Row 4: WAIKEL, PAM, Booster Club 2,3 Choir 2,3; Y-Teens 2,3; WALKER, RONALD, In dustrial Arts 2; Projectionist Club 2; WALL, MIKE WALLACE, ROXANNE, Band 1,2,3; GAA 1,2 pres. 3;Orchestra 1,2;WALLEY, HEATHER, Boos ter Club 2; Red Cross Council 1,2,3; Student Coun cil 1; Y-Teens 1,2,3. Top Row: WALTER, TIMOTHY, Classical Club 1;VICA 3; WARSTLER, PATRICIA, Choir 2, 3; Booster Club 2,3; WATTERS, MARK, Band 1; Classical Club 1; Hi-Y 2,3; Phi-Chem Club 3; Tennis Team 2,3; WATTERS, RANDY, Football Team 1; WATTERS, RENE, ADVANCE 2; Booster Club 1, 2; Choir 1,2; GAA 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2. Row2: WATSON, ARLEN.VICA 3; WEAVER, DEBBIE, Projectionist Club 3; WEBER, DONNA, GAA 1; WEBER, GARY, VICA 3; WEBER, REBECCA. Row 3: WEISBACH, DAVID, VICA 2; WEL- LING, LINDA; WESTRICH, MAX, Band 1,2,3; WHITE, ROBERT, Band 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2,3; WHITE, TENNY. p. 160 Seniors Home Ec— revises approach to old skills CORRECTING amis- take is easier for senior Patty Rose with the use of modern sewing tools like a seam ripper. Timothy Walter Pam Warstler Mark Watters Randy Watters Rene Watters Arlen Watson Debbie Weaver Donna Weber Gary Weber Rebecca Weber David Weisbach Linda Welling Max Westrich Robert White Tenny White Seniors p. 161 Jacquelyn Whittaker Anne Wiberg Steve Wickiser Steve Wiehe David Wilcoxson Katrina Wiles Richard Wilkin Robert Wilson Thomas Wilson Hali Winsburg Mark Wise Virginia Wise Chuck Witsaman Alan Wittenberg Cheryl Wolf Chuck Wolfe Paula Wood David Worrel Greg Yager JoAnn Yoder David Yoquelet Gary York Jack Zellers Galen Zwick p. 162 Seniors Seniors find amusement; meet stipulations " 22 INCHES " may be a big head size to senior Bob Freiburger, but Bill Altman, from Herff- Jones assures him it ' s average. PHOTOGRAPHY involves more than shooting pictures for senior Kev Johnson during Ball State ' s summer journalism workshop. Top Row: WHITTAKER, JACQUELYN, FTA 1; Library assistant 1,2; WIBERG, ANNE- WICKI- SER, STEVE; WIEHE, STEVE. Row 2: WILCOXSON, DAVID, Band 1,2; OEA, pa rliamentarian 3; WILES, KATRINA; WIL- KIN, RICHARD, Band 1,2,3; Stage Band 1,2,3; WILSON, ROBERT, Football Team 1,2,3; Hi- Y 3; Letterman ' s Club 2,3. Row 3; WILSON, THOMAS; WINESBURG, HALI, Band 1; Booster Club 3; Choir 2,3; FTA 2,3; WISE, MARK, Basketball Team 1; Hi-Y 2,3; Phi-Chem Club 2, pres. 3; Student Coun cil 3; WISE, VIRGINIA, Booster Club 3; GAA 3. Row 4; WITSAMAN, CHUCK, NFL 1; Pro- jectionist Club 1; WITTENBERG, ALAN, Letter- man ' s Club 2,3; Golf Team 1,2; Political Science Club 2, vice-pres. 3; Red Cross Council 1,2,3 Student Council 1,2,3; Tennis Team 1,2E,3 WOLF, CHERYL, ADVANCE, asst. copy ed. 3 ANLIBRUM, copy ed. 3; Choir 2; Y-Teens 2,3 WOLFE, CHUCK, Basketball Team 1; Football Team 1,2E,3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Letterman ' s Club 2, vice-pres. 3; Track Team 1,2E,3. Row 5: WOOD, PAULA, AFS 3; GAA 1; WORRELL, DAVID, Projectionist Club 1; YAGER, GREG, Classical Club 1; Football Team 1; Hi- Y 1,2,3; YODER, JOANN, Commercial Club 3; OEA, pres. 3. Row 6; YOQUELET, DAVID; YORK, GARY, ZELLERS, JACK, Band 1; Phi-Chem Club 3; Wrestling Team 1; ZWICK, GALEN, Classical Club 1; Phi-Chem Club 3. Seniors p. 163 Student activities differ with seniors I SENIOR CLASS representatives portray the opponent ' s condi- tion after the game at the basketball sectional assembly. p. 164 Seniors AFTER PASSAGE of the 18 year old voting law government instruc- tor Mr. John Bunnell registers seniors Hope Meyers and Mark Wise for the May election. ADVANCE EDITOR, senior Bob Redding critiques a Friday paper with staff members, pointing out ways to improve for next week ' s edition. PLEASURE IS reflected on the face of Rich Busch, after receiving the 1970-71 Blanket Award, the school ' s highest athletic honor. p. 166 Honors Grads secure year ' s end honors Highlighting the annual Recognition Day assembly was the presentation of the 1970-71 athletic Blanket Award. Rich Busch earned the award by participating in three sports, showing outstanding achievement in two. The recipient must also have scholarship ability and sportsmanlike conduct. Valedictorian Marianne Marciniak, majoring in nursing at Indiana University and Salutatorian Carol Ewing, majoring in French at Purdue University, received scholarship trophies. Recognized as Na- tional Merit Finalists were Charles Aust, Robert Sembroski, and Marian Stam. Honor for musical skills was awarded to Mark Oswalt as he received the Arion Band Award, while Bruce Bradtmiller was awarded the National Choral Award. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Front: H Meyers, E. Gilland, B. Sembroski, M. DeGrand- champ, R. Swartz, K. Ebersole, C. Scheumani, S. Humphries, K. Morris. Row 2: C. Smith, M. Henderson, S. Tsiguloff, A. Wittenberg, P. Fenyes, K. Spenn, A. Schwarzwalder, P. Warstler. Row 3: K. Chrzan, J. Davies, C. Aust, C. Vinson, G. Peterson, J. Crothers, C. Marciniak, E. Boling, C. Lichtsinn. Row 4: B. Schepler, B. Redding, G. Zwick, S. Bryan, S. Lahrman, C. Dressel, S. Alterkruse, C. Hill. Row 5: B. Peters, M. Wise, D. Schieferstein, E. Stoops, V. Buschey, K. Greene, A. Archbold, P. Suto- rius. Back: M. Oswalt, C. Ewing, B. Bradtmiller, B. Handy, J. DeSelm, P. Goshert, F. Eberbach. Senior Honors p. 167 Class of ' 72 surpasses others in spirit Looking forward to their senior year the 1970-71 Elmhurst junior class had many outstanding representatives. Quarterbacked by president Ron Busch and vice-president Jeff Brown, the class placed four girls on the varsity cheer- leadingsquad. In addition to cheerleading, Beth Hoag was chosen prom queen, while Gwen Ransom and Margy Spear served as court attendents. Weekly meet- ings at the State School occupied Caro Nelson ' s time as she helped the less fortunate. Receiving recognition for his selection by the Experiment in International Living, Paul Mathias qualified to travel in Spain during the summer while Steve Wallace brought honor to the class by capturing the sectional wrestling title in the 157 pound class. Randy Smith served as Student Council vice-president and Mel Cannon earned all-city basketball recognition. THOUROUGHLY ENGROSSED in her part as serene mother nature, junior Ellyn Boedecker, reads her lines. By acting out the parts, Mr. Kurtz ' s class discussed the characters in Shake- speare ' s comedy AS YOU LI KE IT. Rene Adams, Steve Adelman, John Alexander, Ned Alexander, Jean Allen, Loren Allison, Mark Anderson. Marilyn Archbold, Debbie Armington, Dave Aschliman, Christy Asher, Dan Asher, Kim Ashton, Paul Ausderan. Bob Avery, Debbie Bader, Marna Baker, Wayne Barksdale, Rick Barrand, Ann Barrett, Bill Baxter. Debbie Becraft, Kathy Becraft, Diane Bellis, Dave Beneke. Paul Berry, Vicki Berry, Jerry Bird. Terry Birt, Stuart Black, Martin Bleifield, Randy Bloom, Ellyn Boedeker, Kurt Boice, Brad Boling. D 163 Juniors Donna Bosse, Roxie Bowers, Linda Boyer, Royce Bradbury, Sue Bradford, Karen Bradtmiller, Jeff Branstrator, Cindy Braun, Laurie Brenn, Diane Brew- er, Jim Brickley, Kathryn Bright, Carolyn Brown, Jeff Brown. Mike Brown, Miles Bryant, Patty Buffen- barger, Karen Bulmahn, Sharon Bulmahn, Kay Burnett, Connie Burns. Lori Burtch, Ted Burton, Ron Busch, Kathy Butts, Charles Butz, Brian Camp- bell, Diane Campbell. Melvin Cannon, Rhonda Carr, Randy Carr, Rosalyn Carr, Gary Carsten, Barry Cartwright, Rene Castle. Tom Chambers, Jim Chan ey, Elaine Christman, Cathy Clare, Cheryl Clark, Jeff Clark, Cindy Claymiller. Jim Codling, Mike Coe, Nancy Cole, Debbie Collier, Jeanne Conrad, Jerry Conway, Patricia Cook. Shirley Cook, Lynn Cooper, Kay Cork- well, John Cox, Allen Craib, Diane Crismore, Charleen Crum. Peter Cruze, Dale Davis, Roc Dawson, Ann DeGrandchamp, Terry Degitz, Jill Degler, Dave Deitch. Tammy Dell, Steve Demaree, Bill De- metre, Karen Dickey, Sarah Didier, Ken Dixon, John Dockery. Juniors p. 169 Students anticipate PSAT accomplishments Sandra Dolin, Richard Donaghy, Greg Douglas, Gary Dulin, Leroy Dunbar, Donna Durtschi, Sherry Eberle. Robert Eckler, Cindy Elkins, Steve Ellis, Thomas Ellis, Julie Engelman, William Ervin, Dave Etzcorn. Eliza Evans, Dave Fanning, Jim Fell, Randy Fisher, Jo Flaig, Nancy Flennery, Mark Fletcher. Robert Ford, Michael Ford, Dan Fos- naugh, Frank Lyle, Monte Franke, Marc Frankenstein, Steve Freiburger. Janet French, Mike Frey, Ann Freygang, David Fulkerson, Gina Gabriele, Kathryn Gaham, Jayne Gammelgaard. Julie Garcia, Vincent Garcia, Joseph Garrett, Donna Garvin, Pamela Gay, Andrew Gebbard, Ted George. Becky Georgi, Don Geiger, Mark Geiger, George Gernple, Diane Geschwell, Mary Geyer, Dan Gibson. Rita Glidewell, Becky Gongaware, Mary Goshorn, Vicky Gouloff, Sam Grabner, Darlene Graves, Dennis Graves. Gregory Greaf, Marlene Greek, Jeff Greenawalt, George Greenler, Donald Greider, Elaine Gres, Bonnie Griffin. Daryl Growau, Steven Gross, Gary Gi trian, Sandra Guerin, Robert Habegi Dennis Hale, Alison Hamrick. p. 170 Juniors Mike Hanke, Lisa Haram, Randy Harpel, Tim Harpel, Greg Hart, Perry Hart, Brenda Hartnett. Camilla Harshbarger, Steve Hatlem, Greg- ory Haycox, Colby Haynes, Shirley Hea- ley, Rick Heeter, Gregory Helmke. Janice Henry, Ronald Herman, Randy Hermes, Kevin Herstad, Kent Hesterman, Dennis Hiatt, Cynthia Hill. Tom Hill, Renee Hille, Betty Hinden- lang, Ruth Hipsher, Fred Hites, Beth Hoag, Beverly Hobbs. Laurie Hoffman, Michelle Hoffman, War- ren Hoffman, Jacqueline Hollman, Terry Holloway, Christy Hormann. Ann Horn, William Hosier, Mike Hostet- ler, Najwa Hourany, Michael Howe, John Howell, Kathy Huber, Judy Huddleston. CAREFULLY BRUSHING dust from negatives, junior Marc Frankenstein shapens clear pictures for use in the three Elmhurst publications. Juniors p. 171 Active juniors engage in various interests Cindy Hoffman, Wendy Hughes, Kathy Hubartt, Van Hunter, Vickie Hyde, Cin- dy Imel, Rick Imel. Steve Isenbarger, Cheryl James, Vera Jaworski, Dave Johnson, Debra Johnson, John Johnson, Judy Johnson. Kevin Johnson, Ron Johnson, Bernice Jones, Cheryl Jones, Peggy Jones, Debbie Joseph, Dave Juricak. Jim Juricak, Jeanine Kell er, Laurel Kel- sey, Charles Kennedy, Heather Kerr, Ed Kessel, Judy Kester. Jan Keyser, Mike Kiester, Deborah Kim- mel. Rick Kimmel, Kevin Kirk, Jon Klein, Howard Klinger. Nila Knapp, Azelene Knopp, Elizabeth Kober, Shirley Kokosa, Ken Koorsen, Betty Krach, Sandra Krouse. Karen Kruckeberg, Terry Kundysek, Jim Kutz, Jeani Kuzeff, Kathy Ladd, Cheryl Lahr, Charles Lambert. Sharon Lambert, Vicki Langmeyer, Dave Laudadio, Charles Lawson, Barb Lee, Dave Lee, Sharon Lee. Rhonda Leeper, LoisLeFever, Ed Lewis, Sharon Lichtsinn, Jeff Line, Rich Loech- ner, Louise Lohr. Bill Long, Jody Longstreet, Kent Loomis, Scott Loux, Bob Loyd, Keith Manter, Debra Marshall. p. 172 Juniors KINGS AND QUEENS square dancing club DRUMS ARE only one of the five instruments provides a hobby for sophomore Linda Pehrson junior Rick Heeter plays, and junior Terry Polley. Cindy Martin, Sue Mason, Paul Mathias, Greg Maxwell, Gary May, Gwen May, Scott McCampbell. Mike McClendon, Mike McDonald, Carla McFadden, Jim McFadden, Sue McGinn, Patty Mcintosh, Janet McLain. Alan McLuckie, Cathy McMahon, Rex McMillian, Kim Meek, Patricia Melcher, Richard Melcher, Pam Merriman. Ellen Meyer, Charles Middleton, Fred Miles, Candy Miller, Dan Miller, Lori Miller, Candy Mills. Dan Monroe, Mike Moore, Jeff Mor- combe, Debra Moreno, Joann Mourey, Gwen Murphy, Roger Myers. Juniors p. 173 WEARY junior Vince Garcia catches his breath following a cross-country meet at Foster Park. Susan Myers, Cindy Nagel, Carol Nelson Valerie Neuhouser, Paul Neukom, Mitch ell Newell, Mike Nole. Robert Morris, Jennifer North, Deborah Nunn, Nancy Nuttle, Wesley Nuttle, Maureen O ' Connor, Steve Ojeda. Dwight Olson, Kathy Olsen, Martha Orr, Jeff Palmer, Tom Parent, Kurt Paris, Terry Perlich. Rita Perkins, Susan Perrine, Rhonda Perry, Scott Perry, Philip Petersen, David Peterson, Linda Pettibone. Geralding Phillips, Janet Phillips, Margery Philo, Keith Packett, Jeffrey Piatt, Bever- ly Plunkett, Terry Polley. p. 174 Juniors Junior red day chairmen encourage spirit Louise Poitras, Mark Pontius, Timothy Pooler, Susie Porter, Linda Presnell, Doug Pronesti, Patricia Pruitt. Dave Quackenbush, George Quickery, Caryn Raney, Gwen Ransom, Tom Ra- thert, Elaine Ray, Chris Renner. Bonnie Reuille, Marceil Reynolds, Karen Richards, Linda Richards, Sharon Rich- ards, Linda Richardson, Cynthia Richey. Larry Ridgley, Gale Rietdorf, Dan Rif- kin, Dave Ripke, Debbie Roberson, Joe Robertson, Steve Robertson. Janie Rockey, Steve Rodenbeck, Barb Roesener, Douglas Rogers, Harold Ro- mines, Karen Rondot, Karen Roof. Linda Ruesewald, Jeff Russell, Barbara Ryan, Linda Rysiawa, Jan Sabree, Jay Sabree, Ken Sanderson. Don Scare, Steve Schaadt, Julie Scheide- mantle, Leslie Schenkein, Linda Scherer, Dave Schinbeckler, Cindy Schmidt. Deborah Schmidt, Diane Schmidt, Di- anne Schmidt, Michael Schoeph, Nancy Schory, Bonnie Schroeder, Neil Schwarz- walder. Wendel Schweyer, Leanna Scott, Nancy Screeton, Bob Seale, Dave Seiy, Donald Shafter, Debra Shanayda. Kris Shaw, Dan Sheets, Rodney Shell, Karen Shelley, Kathy Shelley, Bill Shif- flet, Steve Shipley. Juniors p. 175 Ending the year f many prepare for Wayne Jeff Shoemaker, Harold Shoppell, Linda Shreeve, Dan Shryock, Karen Shubert, Linda Shulkin, Sue Shumaker. Kris Siela, Avis Simmons, Ivan Sizemore, Tim Smiley, Debbie Smith, Gary Smith, Greg Smith. JennieSmith, KevinSmith, Randy Smith, Russel Smith, Steve Smith, Theresa Smith, Terri Smyers. Tom Smyers, Mike Smyser, Alan Sorg, Steve Sorgen, Mike Sparks, Margy Spear, Jim Spears. Bart Spillers, K.C. Spillers, Karen Spran- del, Carla Springer, Joyce Springer, Vicki Staker, Mike Stapleton. Phil Stark, Scott Stauffer, Brad Stephen- son, Karen Stevens, Cindy Storer, John Strauss, Jeff Sullivan. Vinnie Surface, Cathy Swartz, Chris Swartz, Jon Sweet, Steve Swihart, Karen Tapp, Connie Taylor. Bob Taylor, Velvie Taylor, Joan Thomas, Jay Thompson, Jay Thompson, Terri Tomkinson, Rick Toone. Sha ' o- --. .-. ' v -,- . ' y-. r i Trautman, Alina Trepak, Janet Turansky, Dan Ulrich, Loretta Underwood, Steve Underwood. Lynn Vardaman, James Vaughn, Gunnar Veale, David Vinson, Janet Vogelgesang, Pamela Volkert, Phillip Volkert. p. 176 Juniors Diana Volz, Andrea Vorndran, Annette Vorndran, John Vorndran, Ann Vranjes, Susan Wagner, Jeff Walchle. Paula Walker, Jeff Wall, Brad Wallace, Gail Wallace, Steve Wallace, Ann Walters, Cindy Warner. Bruce Wasy Ik, Rosanne Watters, Roxanne Watters, Cheryl Weaver, Sally Weaver, Terry Weaver, Cheryl Weber. Patty Wetzel, Pam White, Dan Whitman, Linda Wight, Dan Wiles, Jeff Wilhelm, Bruce Williams. Jon Williams, Kim Williams, Bill Wilson, Malcolm Windsor, Brent Winn, Lloyd Winters, Brenda Wisner. Laurie Wittenberg, Mark Wolfe, Debbie Workman, Kay Wright, John Wynn, Buzz Yager, Cindy York. Terry Younghans, Mary Zabolotney, Gayle Zuber. PREPARING for her rebuttal, junior Pam Gay collects ideas while waiting to speak. Juniors p. 177 Sophomores enter ' High School Days ' New surroundings, opportunities and responsibilities overwhlemed the sopho- more class. Transferring from junior high upperclassmen to high school underclass- men required many adjustments. Chang- ing from bicycles to cars, the class fol- lowed president John Hoard and vice- president Sue Nichols. Along with the different atmosphere, sophomores saw reverses in school policy as the revised dress code, locked doors and built-in locker locks confronted all students. Cancellation of the Sophomore Party was blamed on student apathy. How- ever, many students brought vitality and enthusiasm to the class of ' 73. Swim- ming for the Huntington YMCA in the National YMCA Championship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida were Roger Gordon and Steve Williams. In other extra-curri- cular action, Hans Zorn spotlighted the class by gaining the National Forensic League Degree of Distinction, an honor rarely won by a sophomore. SUMMER PROGRAMING, a new policy that takes care of curriculum changes, aids students in avoiding the back to school rush. With the help of Mrs. Mary Fast, sophomore Randy Garringer corrects his class schedule for the 1970-71 school year. Cindy Adams, John Adams, Mateo Aguirre, Randy Aker, Cindy Allen, Sandy Alles, Barb Anderson. Karen Archbold, Sherry Archbold, Cindy Archer, Mike Arlington, Debra Arm- strong, Sharon Achliman, John Bachert. Steven Beck, Debbie Bailey, Barb Bal- linger, Steve Ballinger, Patricia Barrera, Vicki Baxter, Jim Beeson. Gerald Behrer, Mike Beneke, Kathy Bennett, Barry Berggoetz, Chris Berry, Jim Bertram, Mary Betson. Joan Black, Bernie Blackman, Sharon Bland, Brad Bloomfield, Dave Blough, John Bodigon, David Bolinger. I ! ' , Ooor or- or;;-. Sharon Bolinger, Nancy Bollenbacher, James Bond, Carol Borne, Ray Bouthot, Michael Bowen, Joe Bowland. Tom Boyer, Amy Brandyberry, Lisa Brenn, Beth Bridge, Greg Brockman, Esta Brouse, Debra Brown. Walter Brown, Tim Bruns, Sandra Bryan, Judy Bryant, Patty Buell, Don Bulmahn, Ron Bulmahn. Joy Bumgardner, Jim Bunch, Pam Bunch, Helen Bunker, Bryce Burgess, Greg Bus- sard, Dave Butler. Charles Cammack, Kurt Cammack, Sara Campbell, Janean Carey, Steve Carey, Dennis Carrion, Cindy Castle. Ben Caudill, John Chilcote, Tom Christo- pher, Dave Clark, Pat Clark, Judy Clarke, Mary Clemens. Susan Clifford, Harvey Cochren, Lance Colburn, Scott Collier, Jim Conner, Mary Conrad, Dennis Cook. Iralene Cook, Debbie Cooper, Rebecca Cooper, Carol Cornett, Cindy Cornewell, Dinah Coverdale, Betty Crick. Ken Crismore, Fred Crum, Tom Cruze, Alfred Curry, Sharon Dahm, Davette David, Tom Davis. Jackie Degitz, Jody Dell, Karen Denis, David Dennis, John DeRose, Teresa De- Rose, Amy DeSelm. Sophomores p. 179 FEAR AND HOPE MUSIC IS a pursuit of radiate from the face of sophomores Nanette sophomore Nancy Fish- Fogwell, Sue Quance man. and Jan Noel. Dan Dever, Mike Dillman, Mike Dixon Karen Doherty, Pat Doss, Sue Dotson Daniel Doty. Nora Douglas, Jim Dowling, Gisele Dra- per, Sandy Ducey, Paula Duguid, Kevin Dull, Denise Durnell. Bill Durtschi, Paula Eberhard, Tom Ei- shen, Gary Ellis, Jim Emerson, Cindy Engleman, Steve Esterline. Luana Fair, Marilyn Faor, Roger Farmer, Geray Farrell, Timothy Favory, Mark Feber, Dennis Fedeli. Joyce Felger, Pat Fell, Nancy Fey, Male Finlayson, Tom Finton, Chris Fisher, Nanc Fishman. Sharon Fogle, Nanette Fogwell, Carl Foltz, Dan Forschner, Dan Fortriede, Elizabeth Fox, Bob Frank. i p. 130 Sophomores Sophomores get involved in school projects Les Franken, Nancy Frebel, Dave Fred- rickson, Kathym Free, Anthony Frei- burger, Cheryl Frieburger, Gary Frei- burger. Tim Freiburger, Daniel French, Michelle Frey, Pat Freygang, Jody Fritz, Lujean Fritz, Susan Fritzsche. Eugene Fry, Renee Fry, Steve Fuhrman, Pamela Funk, Connie Gammons, Randy Garringer, Rick Garrison. Jerri Gawthrop, Terry Gawthrop, Steve Gayday, Robert Geerken, Deborah Gerig, Greg Giant, Karen Gibson. Gary Gibson, Mark Giese, Gary Gilpin, Arthur Gonzalez, Frank Gordin, Roger Gordon, Bruce Gorrell. Don Gotrik, Dennis Greaf, Doug Greaf, Jeff Greene, Debra Gross, Kerry Gross- man, Kari Grotness. Tom Gust, Janet Hackett, Rebecca Hall, Richard Hanes, Bernard Harbor, Brian Harkless, David Harman. Betty Hart, Lean Hart, Paul Hart, Linda Harter, Terry Haris, David Hayden, Rose Heath. Terry Heckman, Betsy Helberg, James Helmke, LuAnn Helmke, Peggy Henry, Sandra Herron, Wendy Hiatt. Jeff Hibler, Cindy Highlen, Mike Hilde- brandt, Kim Hill, Kevin Hinton, Gary Hite, John Horad. Sophomores p. 181 Debra Hoffman, John Hohenstein, Susan Hoke, Debra Honeywell, David Hood, Gary Houck, Pat Houdyshell. Sandra Houtz, Rod Hughes, Peggy Hull, Cindy Hunt, Matthew Hunter, Cheryl Hurst, Pamela Hutchings. Joni Hutchins, Michael Imel, Becky Jack- son, Beth Jackson, Gray Jackson, Kenna Jackson, Rose Jeffery. Chris Johnson, David Johnson, Janine Johnson, Larry Johnson, Richard John- son, Jack Kaplan, Deborah Keck. Jeff Keener, Douglas Keim, Jeffery Kelly, Vicki Kemp, Tom Kennerk, Judy Ken- worthv, Gregory Keyser. Susan Kiester, Robert Kimmel, Roberta King, Sherry Kirkland, Kim Kleinot, Daniel Kline, Sue Kline. BECAUSE Driver ' s Training is more than a TWIRLING at all home basketball half-time •.=• ' . " . " , ' , " ' . ' ,. ' -.-., .-,:,- ' ■- ' , " : D«ibbi ' Peterson shows, is one of Sophomore Class vice-presidem prepares to take her final driving test on many Sue Nichols ' many interests. Allen County roads and highways. p. 182 Sophomores Anonymity, confusion surrounds Neophytes Mary Klinger, Marysia Klus, Steven Knox, Denise Knuth, David Koch, Don Kolk- man, Steve Kolkman, Donald Krill. Linda Krueckberg, Denna Krinn, Ervin Kryder, Jim Kunberger, Linda Lamont, Jack Lahrman. Jim Landin, Jane Langneyer, Debrah Langstrom, Sally Langstroth, Richard Lanning, Berry Lawson, Vicky Lehman. Patty Leininger, Valerie Lewis, Tim Ley- kauf, Loraine Libby, Debrah Lichtsinn, Leslie Line, Harry Link. Terri Lipp, Dan Londell, Kathi Loomis, Martha Lord, Mike Lovett, Gregory Lu- cas, Bill Ludden. Ken Mabee, Dominic Maldeney, Julia Marker, Jackie Markey, Susan Markey, Rick Marks, Robert Marr. Jesse Marinez, Tim Mayclin, Joel Mays, Bruce McAfee, Angeline McAtee, Sandy McCabe, Mel McClain. Rich McClain, Terri McClure, Kevin Mc- Cormick, Kim McCune, Patrick McDon- ald, John McDonald, Chris Muferter. Janey McFeeters.Sabrina McGehee, Mike McGuigan, Philip McLuckie, Susan Mc- Mahon, Janet Meade, William Meeks. Dean Messick, Michael Mettler, Mary Meyer, Richard Meyer, Sharon Mihm, Keith Miles, Beth Miller. Sophomores p. 183 New challenges met, opportunities faced Cheryl Miller, Donald Miller, Donald Mil- ler, Gregory Miller, Ronald Miller, Sha- ron Miller, Darlene Mills. Keith Miser, Marsha Moore, Denny Mo- ran, JoAnn Moreno, Theresa Morin, Ter- ry Morningstar, Diana Mundt. Susan Murphy, William Myers, Curtis Neal, Shelby Neuhouser, Melodi Neu- kom, Sarah Newby, Audrey Newell. Bill Newhart, Sue Nichols, Janice Noel, Donna Nolan, Robert Obringer, Brad Oglesby, Phyllis Olson. Dan Ormiston, Pamela Ormiston, Lyda Orr, Nancy Ostragnai, Rick Owens, Kiki Paris, Pam Parker. Cynthia Parlow, Paul Parrish, Mark Pat- ten, Joanna Patterson, Donald Payton, Marilyn Payton, Raymond Peacock. Linda Pehrson, Debbie Perdue, Rikki Perry, Keith Peters, Deborah Peterson, Earl Petras, Brad Pfeiffer. Jennifer Pitzer, Jack Plimpton, KimPof- fenberger, Charles Pond, Kian Porter, Lynn Porter, Richard Powell. Sandra Pugh, Laurie Quam, Sue Quance, Gail Quick, Marilyn Quickery, Kathy Radabaugh, Robert Rainwaters. Dianne Ramsey, Malia Randol, Joyce Rector, Roni Redwansk, Deborah Reichle, Susan Richardson, Curtis Riedel. p. 134 Sophomores Bob Rietdorf, Diana Ringhart, Debra Roberts, Gilbert Rodriguez, Linda Roelle, Debi Rogers, Rita Rondot. Kent Rose, James Ross, Jim Ross, San- dra Roush, Donna Roweli, Barbara Ruch, Jerry Ruch. Don Rump, Maria Russell, Peter Rutten- berg, MaryLou Sakowicz, Anita Sanders, Ken Saylor, Carolyn Schafer. Debra Schilling, Steve Schmidt, Gloria Schnobel, Debra Scott, Gary Scott, Ricky Scott, Beth Schrader. Kathie Schwehr, Rex Shady, Rebecca Shaw, Mary Shelton, David Shepler, Diana Shifflett, Robert Shubert. Kenneth Shurboff, Brenda Sieber, Mark Sipe, Paulette Sipes, Richard Skages, Cynthia Smallwood, Reed Smedberg. CONCENTRATION is a must for Sophomore Class President John Hoard to do well in Dr. Darwin Kelley ' s World History class. PARENTS can find help with their questions from members of the office staff. Mrs. Julie Shaw explains a scheduling problem to sopho- more Eugene Frey and his mother. Sophomores p. 185 Through effort, unity, Sophs become Trojans Carolyn Smith, Cynthia Smith, David Smith, Denise Smith, Donald Smith, Frank Smith, Julie Smith. Kent Smith, Kippy Smith, Mark Smith, Mark Smith, Michael Smith, Mike Smith, Terry Smith. Ann Snider, Eric Spears, Marcy Spiller, Ann Springer, Branch Springer, Terry Stapleton, Lana Starnes. Debra Steffen, Loren Stein, Donna Ste- vens, Ray Stevens, Peggy Stiff ler, Robin Stith, Gina Sutorius. Betty Sutton, Sharon Swathwood, Gary Swenson, Anthony Tabron, Teresa Tack- en, Deborah Tate, Linda Taylor. Rosemary Taylor, Kirk Teeters, Ronald Templeton, Karen Teusch, Rodney Tho- mas, George Thompson, Renee Thomp- Dave Tindall, Gregory Toam, Terry Tor- beck, Miguel Torrez, Teresa Torrez, George Townsend, Kathy Trammel. Kathy Trott, Jeff Turner, David Turnley, Peter Turnley, Michael Tuttle, Charles Ule, Danny Ulrich. Cynthia VanHouten, Linda Vardaman, Stan Vaughn, Cliff Wagner, Rose Walker, Keith Walborn, David Wall. Karen Wall, Bernard Walsh, Michael Wal- ter, Kathy Ward, Sandra Warner, Mark Warsco, Robert Watt. p. 136 Sophomores Paul Watters, Ricky Watters, Rose Waw- ruzewski, Greg Weaver, Mike Weaver, Dave Weber, Murray Weber. Emily Weicker, Diane Werling, Tom Wet- zel, William White, Chuck White, Sue White, Kim Whitten. Edward Whipp, Kay Wiggan, Steve Wil- kinson, Cheryl Williams, Mary Williams, Stephen Williams, Paul Wilson. Peggy Wilson, Bob Wilson, Mike Winans, Rosemary Winans, Ed Wineke, Ron Winn, Penny Wintrode. Linda Wisner, Nancy Wolfe, Robert Wolfe, Wendy Woods, Ted Wollums, Cheryl Workman, Nanette Worton. Geri Wright, Eric Yager, Manual Ybarra, Linda Yentes, Mike Yoder, Barb Young, Dave Young. Rebecca Young, Kitty Zimmerman, Hans Zorn. TAKING TIME out from homework, soph- omore Pete Turnley rests at the end of a weary day. Sophomores p. 187 New administration BI-WEEKLY public meetings are part of school board members W. Lloyd Bridges, Mrs. Karl Eberly, Thomas S. Teetor, Harmon Frye, Miss Jean Brumbaugh, Lester Grile, and John F. ' o , ' ] ' -. xhed j 1 ' -. PRESIDING AT A FACULTY meeting. Princi- pal Charles W. Eickhoff explains the expected redistricting problems of the 1971-72 school year. p. 138 Administration proposals deal with changing demands Significant changes for students and administrators included redistricting, pre- parations for splitting junior and sopho- more classes between Elmhurst and the newly built Wayne High School in the fall of ' 71 and removal of the dress code. The athletic department ' s long pro- posed asphalt track was installed making it one of six all weather tracks in north- eastern Indiana. In addition, locks were added to lock- ers for the first time and all but one school door was locked to outsiders. Monitors were posted at entrances to admit deliveries and authorized people. PARTTIME REFEREE, Mr. Robert Zimmer- man, Assistant Principal, explains the varsity basketball team ' s maneuvers to Mr. Warren Hoover. CHEERLEADER ADVISER and Dean of Girls, Mrs. Mary Fast discusses routines with Booster Club sponsor, Mrs. Jacqueline Foelber. Administration p. 189 Guidance Department IN ADDITION to his regular duties. Athletic Director, Jerry Bush attends a Sectional honor- ary breakfast assembly and finds time to help junior guard Tom Smiley order his letter jacket. GUIDANCE COUNSELOR, Mr. Douglas Spen- cer, finds bicycle riding a mentally relaxing and physically invigorating hobby. AA ' ■ p. 190 Administration exercises teamwork for efficient operation Service in various organizations, in addition to regular office duties, kept guidance personnel involved in school- related activites. Educational planning, counseling and testing enabled guidance coordinator Mrs. Grace Pennington to help students in self-evaluation. Serving as president of the communtiy schools guidance depart- ment, Mrs. Pennington was also elected to the Indiana State Teachers Association board of directors and vice-president of the National Administrative Management Society. Working primarily on the education committee to further the state vocational program, Mr. John Sinks spent 12 weeks in the Indianapolis general assembly after being re-elected for his fourth term as state legislator while Mr. Jerry Bush, in his first year as athletic director, took complete charge of all athletic areas and coordinated the interscholastic program. CAUGHTSIMITCHING candy from a secretary ' s desk, Guidance Counselor John Sinks, also a Administration p. 191 Pets, students occupy teacher outside interests Supplementing their experiences out- side school, business teachers took part in a conglamoration of activities. A Delta Phi Epsilon member, Mr. Arland Reinhard worked on his masters degree at Indiana University and with his twin brother served as International Twins Association king for his second consecutive year. Also pursuing his interest, Mr. Gene Phipps worked toward his vocational director ' s license at a weekly post gradu- ate class. News of business instructor Mr. Donald S. Fryback ' s death saddened both faculty and students following spring break. Hav- ing served on the staff for 33 years, Mr. Fryback suffered a heart attack while vacationing in Michigan. Mr. William Bahney Miss Ural Edwards Mr. Donald Fryback Mrs. Marcella Goble Mrs. Linda Kniss Mr. Robert Phipps p. 192 Business, Vocational IN THE SEPTEMBER Fort Wayne Charity Horse Show, Mrs. Linda Kniss shows her registered Shetland harness pony, Mr. Sunset, placing second in a class of eight. Mr. Arland Reinhard Miss Eileen Ricci 1r. Elden Stoops Irs. LaVerne Tsiguloff 1 [l t if jdk V ka m j£ GOOD STUDENT-TEACHER relations are im- portant even in night school, as Mr. Elden Stoops advises an adult in typing class. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT: EDWARDS, MISS URAL, Personal Typing; Shorthand; In- diana State University, AB; Indiana University, MS; Commercial Club Co-Sponsor; Department Head; Senior Class Sponsor; FRYBACK, DON- ALD, Accounting; Business Law; General Busi- ness; Indiana University, BS; St. Francis, MS; Commercial Club Co-Sponsor; GOBLE, MRS. MARCELLA, Accounting; Ball State, BS, MA; Commercial Club Chairman Sponsor; Junior Class Sponsor; REINHARD, ARLAND G., Gen- eral Business; Typing; Indiana University, BS; Afro-American Unity Club Co-Sponsor; Com- mercial Club Co-Sponsor; RICCI, MISS EILEEN, Personal Typing; Typing; Indiana University; AT A Y-TEEN social meeting, co-sponsor Miss Eileen Ricci learns the art of making " love- beads. " BS; Commercial Club Co-Sponsor; Junior Class Sponsor; Y-Teens Co-Sponsor; STOOPS, EL- DEN E., Personal Typing; Typing; Ball State, BS, MA; Assistant Track Coach; Commercial Club Co-Sponsor; Senior Class Sponsor; TSIGU- LOFF, MRS. LAVERNE, Shorthand; Typing; Indiana University, BS; AFS Co-Sponsor; Com- mercial Club Co-Sponsor; Junior Class Sponsor. VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT: BAHNEY WILLIAM R., Business Management; Co-op; 2,3 DECA; Indiana State University, BS; DECA Club Sponsor; KNISS, MRS. LINDA, COE; Co-op; Ball State, BS, MA; OEA Club Sponsor; PHIPPS, ROBERT GENE, Co-op; 2,3 ICT; Ball State, BS, MA; VICA Club Sponsor. Business, Vocation p. 193 Miss Adele Adler Mrs. Susan Anderson Miss Fannie Coleman Mrs. Sara Davis Mrs. Juanita Decker Mr. Ken E. Eytcheson Mr. Kent Fishel Mr. Arthur Gerwig Mrs. Nancy Green ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: ADLER, MISS ADELE, English 1; Ball State, BS; St. Francis, MA; Sophomore Class Sponsor; ANDERSON, MRS. SUSAN, English 2; Reading Lab; Indiana University, BS, MS; I LI AN Adviser; COLEMAN, MISS FANNIE, English 1,2; Stillman College, BA; St. Louis University; Afro-American Unity Club Sponsor; Junior Class Sponsor; DAVIS MRS. SARA L., English 2; Reading Lab; Indi- ana University; BA; St. Francis, MS; Forum Club Co-Sponsor; FTA Co-Sponsor; DECKER, MRS. JUANITA M., English 3; Indiana Univer- sity, BA, MA; Department Head; Senior Class Sponsor; EYTCHESON, KEN E., English 1; Manchester College, BA; St. Francis, MS; Bas- ketball Coach; Letterman ' s Club Co-Sponsor; Senior Class Sponsor; FISHEL, KENTM., Bible Literature; English 3; Taylor University, BS, BA; Assistant Tennis Coach; Hl-Y Sponsor; Senior Class Sponsor; GERWIG, ARTHUR, English 1; Ball State; Depauw, BA; Franklin College; Classical Club Sponsor; Junior Class Sponsor; GREEN, MRS. NANCY, Journalism; Publica- tions Adviser; University of Kentucky, ABJ; ADVANCE; AN LI BRUM; I LI AN Sponsor; News Bureau; Quill and Scroll; HIGHFILL, MISS SUSAN, English 1,2,3; Indiana University, AB, BS; KOLIN, MRS.CARLA, English 1; St. Fran- cis, BA, MS; Red Cross Council Sponsor; KURTZ, KENT E., English 2; Ball State, MA; Manchester College, BS; Letterman ' s Club Spon- sor; OBERLIN, MRS. PRUE, English 3; Ball State, MA; Ohio Northern University, BS; Sen- ior Class Sponsor; STITZEL, CHARLES, En- glish 2,3; Shippensburg State College, BS, MS; ILIAN Adviser; STOREY, ROBERT N., Speech; Indiana University, MA; University of Minneso- ta, BA; Debate Coach; Forum Club Sponsor; National Forensic League Sponsor. Language p. 194 English SATURDAY AFTERNOON ticket-selling at Glenbrook Mall is only part of Mr. Charles Stitzel ' s job as co-owner of the portable amuse- ment " Moonwalk. " teachers active in various associations English teachers participated in several organizations as chairmen or as active members. Presiding over 1550 members of the Fort Wayne Education Association, Mr. Kent Kurtz helped the organization attain its purpose— improving educational quali- ty. Aiding teenagers to kick drug addiction, r. Kent Fishel helped form a teen crusade featuring Nicky Cruz ' s January speech at the Scottish Rite. Completing her master ' s degree at Ball State, Mrs. Nancy Green commuted to Muncie, was assistant chairman of the Journalism Education Association convention and spoke at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association convention in New York. SPORTS CARS need constant attention as Mrs. Nancy Green checks the oil before leaving for a Ball State class. Miss Susan Highfill Mrs. Carla Kolin Mr. Kent Kurtz Mrs. Prue Oberlin Mr. Charles Stitzel Mr. Robert Storey SPEECH TEACHER, Mr. Robert Storey, main- tains a high bowling average as he competes in a faculty bowling league. English p. 195 Mr. John Campbell Mrs. Lucy Doswell DURING a reserve basketball game. Coach WITH CALM NERVES, Mr. Eugene Melchi, John Campbell gives his squad last minute driver education instructor, studies the student instructions. who will soon be behind the wheel, p. 196 Physical Education i HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT: OWEN, MRS. SUSAN, Family Living; Foods; Home Nursing; Indiana University, BS; Home Economics Club chairman; STROUD, MRS. SUSAN, Foods; Ball State, BS, MS; Home Economics Club co-sponsor; Junior Class spon- sor; Student Council co-sponsor; WAKEFIELD, MRS. CATHERINE, Clothing; Indiana Univer- sity, BS, MS; FNA sponsor; Home Economics Club co-sponsor; Sophomore Class sponsor. Activities of teachers entail coaching duties Summer programs kept faculty mem- bers active in city areas. Mr. John Campbell and Mr. Eugene Melchi worked as summer driver train- ing instructors while Mr. Donald Kemp organized a junior Olympic track meet at Elmhurst and set up summer programs as Klug Park ' s director. Mrs. Catherine Schaefer ' s summer con- sisted of square dancing and touring Hawaii with National Education Associa- tion members. CAREFUL NOT TO STAIN his hands, Mr. David Renkenberger, wood shop instructor, applies the finish to a student ' s project. AT THE SCHOAFF PARK triangular cross country meet, coaches Mr. Don Kemp and Mr. Carter Lohr agree on procedures with coach Duane Rowe from North Side. Mr. Eugene Melchi Mr. Larry Murphy Mrs. Susan Owen Mr. David Renkenberger Mrs. Catherine Schaefer Mrs. Susan Stroud INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT: MELCHI, EUGENE N., Drafting; Woods; Ball State, BA, MA; Industrial Arts Club co-sponsor; Junior Class sponsor; MURPHY, LARRY A., Metal; Ball State, BS, MA; Industrial Arts Club co-sponsor; RENKENBERGER, DAVID, Wood; Ball State; Ohio University, BS, MA; Industrial Arts Club co-sponsor; Sophomore Class sponsor. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT: CAMPBELL, JOHN L., Alcohol-Narcotics; Phy- sical Education; Ball State, BS; Indiana Univer- sity, MS; assistant Basketball Coach; Depart- ment Head; Sophomore Class sponsor; DOS- WELL, MRS. LUCY, Physical Education; " Han- over College, BS; Penn State University, MA; GAA co-sponsor; KEMP, DONALD, Alcohol- Narcotics; Physical Education; Purdue, BA; Ball State, MS; Letterman ' s Club co-sponsor; Track Coach; WOLFORD, MRS. BECKY, Physical Education; Ball State, BS, MA; Booster Club co-sponsor; GAA co-sponsor; Sophomore Class sponsor. Home Ec, Ind. Arts p. 197 Teachers exhibit various hobbies at area shows Sports, study and hobbies occupied f ine arts and language teachers ' interest during leisure time. Successfully touring the United States and part of Canada, Mrs. Ada Karrasch trained and showed her eight border collies in AKC tracking and utility obedi- ence trials. For enjoyment and auditions, Mr. John Morse played in the Philharmonic Orchestra " Le Bois " woodwind quintet. Exhibiting work at I.U. Regional Cam- pus and First Presbyterian Church, art teachers, Mr. Don Goss and Mr. Dale Pequignot, found outlets for their crea- tive talents. During the summer, Mr. Goss made brass sculptures at the Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis while Mr. Pequignot collected a small library on unidentified flying objects. WORKING HER AKC champion border collie, Val, Mrs. Ada Karrasch keeps her in shape for trials throughout the country. Miss Vera Baumgartner Mrs. Jacqueline Foelber Mrs. Ofelia Herrero Mrs. Ada Karrasch Mr. Leslie Roberts Mrs. Nancy Schram p. 1 93 Language AFTE R MONTHS of work, Mr. Don Goss sculp- !,-« tures the finishing touches on his Trojan head. 1r. Donald Goss Mr. John Morse Mr. Robert Myers Mr. Dale Pequignot Mr. Al Schmutz STAGE BAND members rehearse with Mr. Robert Myers for the January Mid-Winter Concert. EXPERIENCED in playing the French horn, Mr. John Morse practices for a concert as a member of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. ART DEPARTMENT: GOSS, DONALD, Advanced Art; Theater Arts; Fort Wayne Art School; Indiana University; BS; UCLA, MA; Department Head; Theater Director; Junior Class Sponsor Chairman; PEQUIGNOT, DALE, Beginning Art; St. Francis, BA; Junior Class Sponsor. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT: BAUM- GARTNER, VERA, English 2; Latin; Indiana University, MA; Wheaton College, BA; Classical Club Sponsor; FOELBER, MRS. JACQUELINE B., Spanish; Ball State, BA; St. Francis, MA; Booster Club Sponsor; Department Head; HERRERO, MRS. OFELIA, Spanish; Ball State, BA, MA; University of Havanna, PhD; AFS Co-Sponsor; Classical Club Co-Sponsor; Sophomore Class Sponsor; KARRASCH, MRS. ADA, French; Spanish; University of Missouri, BS.MA; AFS Co-Sponsor; ROBERTS, L. R. German; Eastern Michigan, BS; SCHRAM, MRS. NANCY, French; Western Michigan Uni- versity, BA; Junior Class Sponsor; Y-Teens Co-Sponsor. MUSIC DEPARTMENT: MORSE, JOHN P., Concert Band; Music Theory; Orchestra Director; University of Michigan, BA.MA; Assis- tant Band Director; Junior Class Sponsor; MYERS, ROBERTS. C, Band; Twirlers; Penn- sylvania State, MS; Westchester State; BS; Junior Class Sponsor; Stage Band Director; SCHMUTZ, AL, Choir; Music Appreciation; Kansas State Teacher ' s College, BS.St. Francis, MS. Fine Arts p. 199 Math, Science teacher! Mr. Charles Beck Mr. William Carey Mr. William Derbyshire Mr. Marvin Frey Mr. Raymond Garrett Mr. Philip Habegger Mr. Warren Hoover Mr. Richard Poor MATH DEPARTMENT: BECK, CHARLES E., Algebra; Applied Mathematics; Geometry; Indiana University, MS; Manchester College, BS; CAREY, WILLIAM E„ Algebra; Geometry; Mo- dern Physics; Ball State, BS; Purdue, MAT; Phi-Chem Co-Sponsor; DERBYSHIRE, WIL- LIAM, Algebra; Business Mathematics; Defiance College, BS; St. Francis, MS; Baseball Coach; FREY, MARVIN, Algebra; Geometry; Trig- onometry; Central Michigan University, MA; Goshen College, BS; GARRETT, RAYMOND, Algebra; Geometry; Trigonometry; Ball State BS; Department Head; Senior Class Sponsor; HABEGGER, PHILLIP, Business Math Geome- try; Ball State, BS; Purdue, MA; Assistant Foot- ball Coach; HOOVER, WARREN, Algebra; Geometry; Indiana University, MS; Valporaiso, AB; Letterman ' s Club Co-Sponsor; POOR, RI- CHARD L., Algebra; Calculus; Trigonometry; Ball State, BS, MA; Junior Class Sponsor. MOMENTARILY PAUSING in his work, Mr. William Derbyshire finds time for contemplation. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: CARRIER, BY- RON, Chemistry; Indiana University, MS; Pur- due, BS; Renscher Polytechnic Institute, MS; Phi-Chem Co-Sponsor; Senior Class Sponsor; GWALTNEY, ETHAN, Chemistry; Evansville, BA; Indiana University, MS; Phi-Chem Co-Spon- sor; HALLER, ALLEN, Biology; Botany; Pur- due, BS, MS; LOHR, CARTER W., Physical Education; Zoology; Indiana State University MS; Assistant Cross-Country Coach; Assistant Track Coach; Sophomore Class Sponsor; MAS- TERSON, RANDY, Physics; Ball State, BS, MA; Florida State University; North Texas State University; Department; Phi-Chem Co-Sponsor; Senior Class Sponsor; WELBORN, JAMES, Earth Science; Physical Education, Zoology; IndianaState University, BS; Indiana University, MS; Assistant Cross-Country Coach; Assistant Track Coach; Sophomore Class Sponsor. EXPLANATION of factoring methods by Mr. Richard Poor gives junior Neal Schwartzwalder a better understanding of advanced algebra. p. 200 Math participate in community schools projects Committee membership in communi- ty school projects occupied free time for most science and math department members. As chairmen of a chemistry text se- lection committee, Mr. Ethan Gwaltney also served on a North Central Evalua- tion team at West Lafayette, Ind. Accepting positions at the new Wayne High School, Mr. Randy Masterson, phys- ics teacher and Mr. Marvin Frey, math instructor, designed the curriculum. In addition to his position as Indiana Teach- er ' s Association Vice-President, Mr. Frey was treasurer of the Fort Wayne Educa- tion Association. FOLLOWING a faculty meeting, Mrs. Sara Davis and Mr. Allen Haller discuss problems which may arise from redistricting. Mr. Byron Carrier Mr. Ethan Gwaltney Mr. Allen Haller r. Randy Masterson Mr. Carter Lohr Mr. James Welborn QUIETLY PRACTICING his guitar in the science storeroom, Mr. Randy Masterson takes a break from his physics classes. Science p. 201 IN SOCIOLOGY CLASS, Mrs. Brenda Holmes SAMPLING REFRESHMENTS before the comments on the relationship between a college monthly faculty meeting, Dr. Darwin Kelley graduate employee and a dropout. and Mrs. Nancy Schram try homemade rolls. Mr. John Bunnell Mr. John Coahran Mr. Darrell Heaston Mrs. Brenda Holmes Dr. Darwin Kelley Mr. Richard Mattix Mr. Glenn Miller Miss Aloyse Moritz Mr. Bruce Oliver Mr. Robert Passwater Mr. Aaron Still Mr. Nicholas Werling p. 202 Social Studies Social Studies leaves time for recreational pursuits Active in duties at Elmhurst, social studies teachers found time outside school to maintain hobbies and other vocational interests. Published works and lectures on poli- tics consumed Dr. Darwin Kelley ' s time away from school while Democratic pre- cinct committeeman Mr. John Bunnell registered 18 year old voters for national REVIEWING SLAVERY, Mr. Robert Passwater and Mr. Bruce Oliver talk with independent study groups from junior history classes. elections. Involved after school, Mr. Glenn Miller continued his 13th consecutive year as basketball scorer as well as head of the faculty relations committee. AFTER 17 YEARS at Elmhurst, Mr. Nicholas Werling mulls over the great changes that have taken place. THOROUGHLY ENJOYING his job as basket- ball scorekeeper, Mr. Glenn Miller expresses delight as the Trojans score against Concordia. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT: BUN- NELL, JOHN R., Government; Ball State, MA; Depauw, BA; Assistant Basketball Coach; Junior Class Sponsor; Political Club Co-Spon- sor; COAHRAN, JOHN O, U.S. History; Ball State, BS; Indiana University, MA; Junior Class Sponsor; HEASTON, DARRELL, Phys- ical Education; World History; Bowling Green State University, BS; Indiana University; Ball State; St. Francis, MS; HOLMES, MRS. BREN DA, Government; Sociology; Purdue, BS; Afro American Unity Club Chairman; Political Sci ence Club Co-Sponsor; Senior Class Sponsor KELLEY, DR. DARWIN, World History; Hunt tington College, BA; Indiana University, PhD University of Iowa, MA; MATTIX, RICHARD, Economics; Government; Indiana University, BS; Ball State, MA; Political Science Club Chairman; MILLER, GLENN D., Sociology; Indiana University, BS, MS; Senior Class Spon- sor; MORITZ, MISS ALOYSE, Geography; U.S. History; Indiana University, AB, MS; Sophomore Class Sponsor; OLIVER, BRUCE I., U. S. History; Miami University, BS; Indi- ana University, MAT; FTA Co-Cponsor; PASS- WATER, ROBERT D., U. S. History; World Affairs; Indiana University, BS, MA; Student Council Adviser; STILL, AARON, U. S. His- tory; World History; University of Evansville, BS; Indiana University, MS; Sophomore Class Sponsor; WERLING, NICHOLAS C, U.S. His- tory; Bowling Green State University, BS; St. Francis, MA; Golf Coach; Letterman ' s Club Co-Sponsor; Sophomore Class Chairman. Social Studies p. 203 p. 204 Staff Mrs. Margaret Caplin Mrs. Esther Kelley Mrs. Ruth Lindemann Mrs. Beatrice McGregor Mrs. Jean Sark Mrs. Julia Shaw Mrs. Sandra Simmons Mrs. Eileen Smith Mrs. Lucille Woods Mrs. Louise Wynn Staff handles larger enrollment; recreations reflect school work Increased student enrollment produced extra work for cooks, custodians, li- brarians and secretaries without addition- al personnel. However, time for out- side activities reflected their respective school jobs. As chairman of the Indiana School Librarians Association Scholarship Com- mittee, Mrs. Mildred Hibben screened and evaluated graduate applicants and named scholarship recipients. Audio-visual coordinator, Mr. Harolo Sullivan, divided his spare time between work at the downtown library and his favorite hobby, ham radios. Making all food from scratch, the 14 cooks managed by Mrs. Helen Wiebke, daily served 1635 students. SNEAKING a quick break between clean-ups, Mrs. Violet Broxon relaxes by playing the piano in the choir r om. AUDIO-VISUAL Co- ordinator, Mr. Harold Sullivan; Library Clerk, Mrs. Mary Jane Mann; Head Librarian, Mrs. Mildred Hibben. COOKS: Front: Mrs. Sharon Miller, Mrs. Louise Scheumann, Mrs. Dulla Schlaudraff, Mrs. Carolyn Rice, Mrs. Jean Hornburger, Mrs. Helen Wiebke. Back: Mrs. Edith Anderson, Mrs. Sharon Horman, Mrs. Catherine Polley, Mrs. Ruth Langmeyer, Mrs. Elline Dennis, Mrs. Margie Abbott, Mrs. Elnora Schultz. Staff p. 205 Student Index Adams, Cynthea 84,1 78 Adams, John 6,79,93,1 78 Adams, Renee 168 Adelman, Steve 129,168 Adkisson, Linda 72,139 Aguirre, Mateo 109,178 Ainsworth, Walter 79,139 Aker, Randy 178 Alexander, John 79,83,112 126,168 Alexander, Ned 89,131 ,168 Allen, Cynthia 68,69,178 Allen, Deborah 67,84,99, 139 Allen, Jean 47,64,65,77, 168 Alles, Sandra 178 Allison, Loren 90,108,168 Altekruse, Susan 70,87,139, 167 Anderson, Barbara 74,178 Anderson, Bradford 111, 131,139 Anderson, Diana 72,139 Anderson, Mark 168 Archbold, Amy 6984,139, 167 Archbold, Marilyn 168 Archbold, Karen 178 Archbold, Sherry 178 Archer, Cindy 178 Arlington, Michael 68,69, 109,129,178 Armington, Deborah 168 Armstrong, Debra 73,97 Armstrong, Kim 60,79,83, 126,139 Armstrong, William 139 Aschliman, David 89,168 Aschliman, Marilyn 69,139 Aschliman, Sharon 99,178 Asher, Christy 35,168 Ashton, Kim 81 83,99,168 Ashton, Jan 139 Ausderan, Paul 83,111,126, 168 Aust, Charles 62,90,167 Avery, Robert 67,69,168 Bachert, John 178 Bader, Debra 87,168 Bailey, Deborah 7759,178 Bailey, James 79,139 Baker, Karen 72.139 Baker, Marna 87,168 Ballinger, Barbara 49,77,178 Ballinger, Steven 178 Barksdale, Wayne 117,168 Barnes, Kenneth 139 Barrand, Rickey 168 Barrera, Patricia 178 Barret, Ann 163 Bartels, Barry 11,70,139 Barton, Bradley 79,23 107,103,126,139,151 Batchelor, Sharon 139 Baxter, Vicki 178 Baxter, William 79,91 ,163 Beal, Ernest 69,73,139 Beard, Roselyn 72,139 Beaver, Debbie 33 Beck, Steven 178 Beck, Vicki 69,70,89,94,139 Becraft, Deborah 168 Becraft, Kathy 168 Beeson, James 178 Behrer, Gerald 178 Bell, Donald 63.69,39,139 Bellis, Diana 81,33,99,1 63 Beneke, David 168 Beneke, Michael 178 Bennett, Kathleen 173 Bennett, Mary 36,90,99,139, 148 Berd, Suzanne 139 Berggoetz, Barry 173 p. 206 Index Bergman, Rita 87,139 Berry, Christine 68,76,178 Berry, Paul 168 Berry Vicki 62,64,168 Bertram, James 79,178 Betson, Mary 178 Beyers, John 90,139 Biddle, Terry 94,139 Bird, Jerry 168 Bird, Karen 139 Bird, Nancy 49,64,99,139 Birt, Terry 168 Black, Joan 178 Black, Stuart 168 Blackman, Bernard 117,178 Bland, Sharon 178 Bleifeld, Martin 168 Bloom, Randy 168 Bloomfield, Bradly 178 Bloomfield.Terie 72,139 Blough, David 178 Bodigon, John 178 Bodigon, Mary 139 Boedeker, Ellyn 18,60,76, 168 Bogdon, Linda 87,140 Bohrer, Thomas 60,140 Boice, Kurt 168 Bolenbaugh, Robert 94,140 Boling, Brad 168 Boling, Elaine 69,70,84, 89,140,167 Bolinger, David 178 Bolinger, Sharon 179 Bolland, John 79 Bollenbacher, Nancy 51 ,66, 67,81,179 Bond, James 68,179 Bonner, June 70,76,99,140 Bonnett, Paul 140 Borne, Carolyn 179 Boroff, Stacy 74,79,115, 117,140 Bosse, Donna 169 Bouthot, Raymond 179 Bow, Janet 140 Bown, Michael 109,179 Bowers, Roxie 169 Bowland, Joseph 93,109,179 Boyd, Lois 140 Boyer, Linda 67,69,89,91, 169 Boyer, Thomas 179 Boze, Karla 70,140 Bradbury, Royce 1 1 1 ,126, 169 Bradford, Sue 62,169 Bradow, James 68,70,83, 89,129,140 Bradtmiller, Bruce 62,64,65, 89,91,140,167 Bradtmiller, Karen 60,61 ,74, 77,99,169 Brandyberry, Amy 179 Brandyberry, Bruce 140 Branstrator, Jeff 108,169 Braun, Cynthia 169 Braun, Richard 83,108,126, 140 Brenn, Laurie 169 Brenn, Lisa 179 Brewer, Diane 169 Brickley, James 131,169 Bridge, Beth 81 33,1 79 Briegel, Dianne 140 Bright, Kathryn 169 Brindel, Danny 70,73,103, 141 Brookman, Greg 179 Brouse, Esta 179 Brower, Gregg 70,141 Brown, Debra 179 Brown, Carolyn 8,77,169 Brown, Donald 141 Brown, Jeff 74,79,32,33, 107,103,131,169 Brown, Michael 93,108, 122,131,169 Brown, Micheal 38,93,107, 108,141 Brown, Timothy 141 Brown, Walter 179 Bruns, Diane 70,141 Bruns.Tim 179 Bryan, Sandra 179 Bryan, Steven 90,141 ,167 Bryant, Judy 179 Bryant, Miles 79,169 Buckel, Bob 74,79,83,110, 111,141 Buckel, Vickie 72,141 Buell, Patricia 179 Buffenbarger, Patty 169 Buffenbarger, Mike 94,141 Bulmahn, Donald 73,103,179 Bulmahn, Karen 169 Bulmahn, Ronald 179 Bulmahn, Sharon 70,72,81, 102,169 Butler, David 109 Bumgardner, Jerri 65,141 Bumgardner, Joy 179 Bumgardner, Patricia 69,141 Bunch, James 179 Bunch, Pamela 99,179 Bunker, Helen 179 Bunn, Linda 99 Burgess, Bryce 179 Burley, Debra 141 Burnett, Kay 169 Burns, Connie 68,69,169 Burns, Linda 65,141 Burns, Robert 141 Burnett, Kay 169 Burns, Connie 68,69,169 Burns, Linda 65,141 Burns, Robert 141 Burrey, Cynthia 72,87,141 Burtch, Lori 8,58,99,169 Burton, Ted 169 Busch, Richard 74,79,82, 83,108,118,120,121, 131,141 Busch, Ronald 26,74,83,108, 121,130,131,169 Buschey, Valerie 1 1 ,69,76, 84,141,167 Bussard, Gregory 68,109, 179 Butler, Dave 122,131,179 Butler, Janice 62,70,84,90, 99,141 Butts, Kathy 69,169 Butz, Charles 169 Byrd, Garry 141 Byrd, Linda 77,142 Cammack, Charles 122,126, 179 Cammack, Kurt 122,123,179 Campbell, Brian 169 Campbell, Diane 169 Campbell, John 2,119,121, 131,142 Campbell, Sarah 100,179 Cannon, Melvin 118,121, 169 Carbaugh, Richard 94,142 Carey, Janean 68,69,179 Carey, Maridell 84,142 Carey, Michael 68,69,142 Carey, Steven 109,179 Carney, Thomas 142 Carr, Randy 68,69,169 Carr, Rhonda 169 Carr, Rosalyn 10,93,169 Carrion, Daniel 109,142 Carrion, Dennis 179 Carsten, Gary 169 Cartwright, Barry 169 Casey, Jean 142 Castle, Cindy 97,179 Castle, Rene 68,69,169 Castle, Rickey 69,142 Caudill.Ben 179 Chambers, Thomas 169 Chaney, James 68,169 Chilcote, John 179 Christman, Elaine 169 Christoff, Carrie 90,99, 142 Christopher, Tom 179 Chrzan, Karen 64,71,74,75, 84,142,167 Clare, Cathleen 169 Clark, Cherly 42,169 Clark, Dave 179 Clark, Jeffrey 169 Clark, Glenna 142 Clark, Patrick 111,117,179 Clarke, Judith 179 Clausen, Michael 94,142 Claymiller, Cynthia 169 Clemens, Mary 77,81,83,179 Clifford, Susan 179 Coahran, Janee 85,142 Cobb, Eben 47 Cobb, Linda 142 Cochran, Havey 179 Codling, James 169 Coe, Michael 169 Colburn, Claire 70,99,142 Colburn, Lance 179 Cole, Nancy 169 Collier, Byron 179 Collier, Debra 169 Conner, Jim 179 Conover, Richard 142 Conrad, Jeanne 169 Conrad, Marianne 72,81 ,83, 96,102,179 Conrad, Peggy 164 Conway, Jerry 48,61 ,63,74, 169, Cook, Dennis 179 Cook, Iralene 179 Cook, Patricia 169 Cook, Shirley 169 Cook.Sondra 142 Cooper, Debra 179 Cooper, Lynn 69,169 Cooper, Rebecca 179 Corkwell, Charles 81 ,142 Corkwell, Kay 77,99,169 Cornett, Carol 179 Cornett, Joanne 142 Cornewell, Cynthia 83,179 Coverdale, Dinah 76,179 Cox, Brad 65,143 Cox, Gary 74,89,90,91 93,143 Cox, John 74,169 Crabill, Dennis 65 Craft, Patricia 69,72,84,86, 102,143 Craib, Allen 169 Crawford, Charles 143 Crick, Betty 179 Crick, Karen 143 Crickmore, James 79,89 143 Crismore, Diane 169 Crismore, Kenneth 179 Crist, Glen 143 Crothers, Judith 84,143, 167 Crum, Charlene 169 Crum, Frederick 109,179 Cruze, Peter 69,169 Cruze, Thomas 67,68,69, 131,179 Culp, Phillip 143 Curry, Alfred 179 Dahm, Sharon 100,179 Davette, David 179 Davies, Jeff 70,79,83,89 90,117,143,167 Davis, Dale 65,73,103,169 Davis, Nancy 143 Davis, Thomas 79,179 Dawson, Roc 169 Decker, Gloria 70,99,143 Degitz, Jackie 42,179 Degitz, Terry 169 Degler, Jill 84,99,169 DeGrandchamp, Ann 84,169 DeGrandchamp, Mike 89,90, 93,143,167 Deitch, David 79,169 Dell.Jody 179 Dell, Tammy 45,169 Demaree, Steve 108,115,169 Demetre, William 117,169 Demo, Gail 81 ,83,89,99, 143 Denis, Karen 179 Dennis, David 81,179 DeRose, John 179 DeRose, Teresa 179 DeSelm, Amy 77,81,83,99,179 DeSelm, Joel 74,79,83,89, 93,113,126,143,167 Dever, Dan 180 Dewey, Bruce 94,143 Dickey, Karen 169 Dickey, Pamela 76,143 Dickmeyer, Dennis 3633, 117,143 Dickmeyer, Scott 79,83,126, 143 Didier, Sarah 169 Dillman, Michael 180 Dinius, Gregory 143 Dixon, Kenneth 169 Dixon, Michael 107,180 Dixon, Terry 48,83,89,93, 108,129,144 Dockery, John 68,169 Doherty, Karen 87,180 Dolin, Sandra 170 Donaghy, Richard 117,170 Doss, Patricia 180 Dotson, Susan 96,99,180 Doty, Daniel 73,103,180 Double, Dennis 144 Douglas, Gregory 170 Douglas, Nora 180 Dowling, James 180 Draper, Gisele 180 Draper, Florence 72,144 Dressel, Cindy 62,64,73,84 99,144,167 Ducey, Sandy 180 Duff, Yvonne 81 ,86,144 Duguid, Paula 180 Duff, Yvonne 81,86,144 Duguid, Paula 180 Dulin.Gary 67,69,170 Dull, Kevin 180 Dunbar, Leroy 93,170 Dunfee, Randy 144 Dunn, Ralph 79,89,144 Durnell, Denise 81 ,83,180 Durnell, Duretta 65,144 Durtschi, Bill 109,180 Durtschi, Donna 170 Eberbach, Fred 69,74,79 89,144,167 Eberhard, P aula 180 Eberle, Sherry 170 Ebersole, Kim 90,144,167 Eckler, Robert 170 Eisberg, Ronald 94,144 Eishen, Thomas 180 Elkins, Cynthia 170 Ellert, Debera 144 Ellis, Gary 180 Ellis, Richard 94 Ellis, Shepard 79,83,144 Ellis, Steven 170 Ellis, Thomas 79,170 Ely, Perry 144 Emerson, James 180 Engleman, Julie 170 Engelmann, Cynthia 68,69 74,180 Englemann, Sylvester 69,144 Ervin, William 170 Esterline, Steve 73,103,180 Etzcorn, David 43,170 Evans, Eliza 87,170 Ewald, Jill 144 Ewing, Carol 62,86,144, 166,167 Fair, Luana 68,69,180 Fanning, David 170 Faor, Marilyn 180 Farmer, Roger 109,126,180 Farrell, Gerald 109,180 Favory, Timothy 180 Feasby, Jacqulyn 65,144 Feber, Mark 180 Fedeli, Dennis 68,180 Felger, Joyce 180 Fell, James 170 Fell, Patricia 180 Fenyes, Peter 74,89,93, 144,167 Fey, Nancy 180 Finlayson, Malcolm 109,180 Finton, Thomas 180 Fish, Patricia 99,1 44 Fisher, Chris 180 Fisher, Lewayne 68,145 Fisher, Randy 64,89,91,170 Fishman, Jeff 60,79,89,91 , 145 Fishman, Nancy 77,96,99, 180 Flaig, JoAnn 44,71,77,99, 170 Flennery, Nancy 170 Fletcher, Mark 170 Flickinger, William 69,90, 145 Fogle, Sharon 180 Fogwell, Nanette 25,68,85, 180 Fogwell, Norman 71,79,83, 111,121,145 Foltz,Carl 180 Foltz, Chuck 25,79,83,108, 145 Ford, Michael 69,170 Ford, Robert 170 Forschner, Daniel 43,180 Fortriede, Daniel 51 ,67, 72,91,102,180 Fosnaugh, Dan 170 Fox, Elizabeth 180 Fox, Joyce 70,85,99,145 Francis, Terri 85,145 Frank, Robert 109,131,180 Franke, Monte 54,170 Franken, Les 181 Frankenstein, Marc 60 63 74,170,171 Franks, Lyle 170 Frebel, Nancy 76,181 Fredrickson, David 64 108 181 Free, Kathryn 181 Freiburger, Anthony 181 Freiburger, Cheryl 181 Freiburger, Gary 109,181 Freiburger, Robert 94 145 163 Freiburger, Steve 170 Freiburger, Timothy 181 French, Daniel 71,181 French, Janet 68,69,170 Frey, Eugene 181,185 Frey, Michael 37,170 Frey, Michelle 181 Freygang, Ann 99,176 Freygang, Patricia 99, 181 Fritz, Jody 68,181 Fritz, LuJean 73,181 Fitze, Barbara 145 Fritzsche, Susan 65,73,181 Fry, Renee 99,181 Fuhrman, Jim 54,83 108 145 Fuhrman, Steven 181 Fulkerson, David 170 Fulmer, Sidney 18,60 61 62 63,79,83,145 Funk, Michael 79,145 Funk, Pamela 181 Gabriele, Gina 170 Gage, Dan 94,145 Gaham, Billy 94,145 Gaham, Kathryn 170 Gammelgaard, Mary 170 Gammons, Connie 181 Garcia, Julie 81, 83,87,1 70 Garcia, Vincent 83,1 1 1 ,1 14, 117,170,174 Garrett, Joseph 69,113,131,170 Garringer, Randy 53,68,181 Garrison, Rick 68,181 Garvin, Donna 170 Gass, Bradley 145 Gaunt, Steve 79,83,108,145 Gawthrop, Jerri 26,181 Gawthrop, Terry 67,68,69, 181 Gay, Pamela 62,73,170,177 Gayday, Steve 181 Gebbard, Andrew 170 Geerken, Robert 181 Geerken, Shelley 72,145 Geiger, Don 170 Geiger, Mark 170 Gemple, George 170 Gensic, Brenda 99,145 George, Kimm 84,87,145 George, Ted 108,126,170 Georgi, Rebecca 170 Gerig, Deborah 181 Gerke, Rhonda 86,99,145 Geschwell, Diane 170 Geyer, Robert 27,53,83, 107,108,145 Geyer, Mary 84,170 Giant, Greg 181 Gibeon, Daniel 170 Gibson, Gary 181 Gibson, Karen 68,181 Giese.Mark 181 Gilland, Enid 62,71,73,145, 165,167 Gilpatrick, Stephen 89 Gilpin, Gary 69,89,181 Gilpin, Steve 145 Giordano, Richard 145 Giant, Sally 99,146 Glass, Kathy " M£ Glidewell, Rita 67,170 Glisson, Kathy 146 Gongaware, Becky 81 33,1 70 Gonzalez, Arthur 181 Good, Becky Jo 19,53,62, 71,86,90,146 Goodin, Frank 181 Gordon, Dennis 60,146 Gordon, Elaine 146 Gordon, Roger 45,181 Gorrell, Bruce 129,181 Goshert, Phillip 70,79,89, 90,146,167 Goshern, Mary 67,77,99, 170 Gotrik, Don 181 Gouloff.Vicki 81,96,170 Grabner, Samuel 79,108,170 Graft, Bob 79,108,146 Graves, Darlene 170 Graves, Dennis 170 Greaf, Dennis 181 Greaf, Douglas 181 Greaf, Gregory 170 Greek, Marlene 6935,170 Green, Terry 73,103,146 Greene, Jeanne 146 Greene, Jeffrey 129,181 Greene, Kathleen 60,63,64, 65,146,167 Greenler, George 79,178 Greeno, Michael 68,146 Greenwalt, Jeff 170 Greider, Donald 170 Gren, Joni 146 Gres, Elaine 13,27,60,74, 170 Grieser, James 146 Griffin, Bonnie 84,1 70 Grose, Mary 60,61,62,76, 77,87,93,99,146 Gross, Deborah 181 Gross, Kathryn 146 Gross, Steven 170 Grossman, Michael 7933,108, 124,126,146,166 Grossman, Kerry 109,126, 181 Grateness, Kari 64,101 Grotrian, Gary 117,170 Gudelsky, Brian 113,146 Guerin, Sandra 64,65,170 Guild, Jack 94 Gust, Tom 79,181 Habeger, Robert 126,170 Hackbarth, Douglas 67,69, 146 Hackett, Janet 67,68,69, 181 Hale, Dennis 79,91,131, 170 Hall, Rebecca 181 Hamrick, Alison 170 Handy, Brian 78,79,147, 167 Hanes, Dan 147 Hanes, Richard 181 Hanke, Michael 53,65,79, 171 Haram, Lisa 18,19,62,64,65, 73,171 Harber, Edward 94,147 Harber, Bernard 109,181 Harbin, Carol 147 Harkless, Brian 181 Harman, David 181 Harpel, Randy 171 Harpel, Tim 171 Precision measurements make a difference in work with a scale for junior Terry Degitz but they also, unfortunately, supply precision headaches. Index p. 207 RELAXING AT THE faculty breakfast on the last day of school, Mrs. Margaret Capin chats with a friend before beginning her meal. Harrington, Robert 83,125, 126,147,166 Harriss, Thomas 69,147 Harshbarger, Camilla 76,99, 171 Hart, Betty 67,73,91,96, 181 Hart, Gregory 171 Hart, Kathleen 77,87,99, 147 Hart, Leah 62,181 Hart, Paul 181 Hart, Perry 171 Hart, Suzanne 65,147 Harter, James 147 Harter, Linda 77,81,181 Hartman, Jerry 65,147 Hartnert, Brenda 171 Harts, Terry 181 Harvey, Cheryl 147 Hatlem, Steven 171 Hausmann, Phill 60,90,147 Haycox, Greg 89,108,171 Hayden, David 93,122,181 Haynes, Colby 108,171 Head, James 68,69,89,147 Healey, Shirley 64,65,77, 171 Heath, Rose 181 Heckman, Bonita 72,147 Hedstrom, Vicki 147 Heeter, Gregory 148 Heeter, Ricky 69,171 ,173 Heiney, Danny 148 Helberg, Betsy 181 Heller, Sandra 6837,97, 148 Helmke, James 181 Helmke, Alan 53,60,61,89, 148 Helmke, Gregory 171 Helmke, LuAnn 87,181 Henderson, Mary Sue 60,64 74,763939,148,167 Henry, Janice 99,1 71 Henry, Peggy 181 Herman, Ronald 117,171 Hermes, Randy 171 Herron, Sandy 181 Herstad, Kevin 171 Hess, Linda 85,148 Hesterman, Norm 79,1 14, 171 Hiatt, Dennis 171 Hiatt, Wendy 181 Hibler, Jeffrey 122,181 Highlen, Cynthia 77,181 Hildebrandt, Mike 181 Hill, Carolyn 863739, 148,167 Hill, Cynthia 171 Hill, Kimberly 71,74,76, 100,181 Hill, Robert 148 Hill, Thomas 171 Hille, Marcia 99.143 Hille, Renee 171 Hindenlang, Betty 171 Hinton, Kay 7330,148 Hinton, Kevin 54,109,181 Hipsher, Alice 148 Hipsher, Ruth 65,171 Hite, Gary 181 Hites, Fred 171 Hoag, Bethany 3,13,26,27, 7633,171 Hoag, Karen 72,148 Hoard, John 68,74,109,1 17, 181,185 Hobbs, Beverly 171 Hodgess, Edwin 89 30,148 Hoffman, Cindy 172 Hoffman, Debra 99,182 Hoffman, Laurie 59,71,76, 99,171 Hoffman, Michelle 171 Hoffman, Warren 64,65,74, 83,108,114,117,171 p. 208 Index Hohenstein, Carol 72,148 Hohenstein, John 182 Hoke, Susan 182 Hollman, Jacquelin 171 Holloway, Ricky 73,102,148 Holloway, Terry 68,171 Honeywell, Debra 182 Hontz, John 148 Hood, David 182 Hood, Joetta 67,86,148 Hoover, Janice 76,148 Hormann, Christy 77,99,171 Horn, Ann 81,83,99,171 Hosier, William 171 Hostetler, Michael 69,108, 171 Houck, Gary 182 Houdyshell, Pat 182 Hourany, Najwa 171 Houser, Mark 148 Houser, Michael 1 1,148 Houtz, Sandra 182 Howard, Arthur 149 Howard, Susan 149 Howe, Michael 171 Howell, John 79,90,171 Hower, Stanley 64,89,149 Hubartt, Kathy 64,65,172 Huber, Kathy 60,74,76,171 Huddleston, Judith 171 Huddeston, Linda 72,149 Huffman, Michelle 67,68,69 Hughes, Benita 64,149 Hughes, Rodney 182 Hughes, Wendy 67 69 89 90 91,172 Hull, Peggy 182 Hull, Jerome 149 Humphries, Susan 87,99, 149,167 Hunt, Cindy 100,182 Hunter, Matthew 71 ,122,182 Hunter, Van 67,69,172 Hurst, Cherl 182 Hutchings, Pamela 67,182 Hutchings, Roberta 59,77, 99,149,153 Hutchins, Joni 182 Huttsell, Gregory 94,149 Huttsell, Val 27,149 Hyde, Vickie 87,172 Imel, Cindy 81,83,96,172 Imel, Michael 64,182 Imel, Rickey 172 Isenbarger, Steve 79,130,131, 172 Jackson, Beth 77,99,182 Jackson, Gray 182 Jackson, Kenna 38,7 1 ,93, 182 Jackson, Marta 60,76,77 36, 99,147,149 Jackson, Michael 79,149 Jackson, Phillip 149 Jackson, Rebecca 182 Jacobs, Mike 68,149 James, Cheryl 172 Jaworsky, Vera 84,91,172 Jeffrey, Rose 182 Jessup, John 149 Jessup, Julie 70,149 Johnson, Chris 111,126,182 Johnson, Daniel 7933,129, 149 Johnson, David 182 Johnson, David L. 172 Johnson, Debra 64,65,172 Johnson, Janine, 73,84,182 Johnson, John 172 Johnson, Judy 77,172 Johnson, Kevin 19,60,62,79, 83,149,163 Johnson, Kevin M. 53,1 72 Johnson, Larry 68,69,182 Johnson, Margaret 72,102 149 Johnson, Richard 182 Johnson, Ronald 172 Johnson, Ronelda 149 Johnson, Tamara 70,69,150 Johnson, William 43,150 Jones, Bernice 68,69,172 Jones, Cheryl 172 Jones, Gary 150 Jones, Peggy 172 Joseph, Deborah 97,172 Juricak, David 172 Juricak, James 172 Kaplan, Jack 182 Keck, Deborah 68,69,74, 84,86,182 Keener, Jeffrey 182 Keim, Douglas 182 Keller, Cheryl 150 Keller, Jeanine 172 Kelly, Jeffrey 68,182 Kelsey, Laurel 72,99,102, 172 Kemp, Vicki 182 Kennedy, Charles 172 Kennerk, Daniel 150 Kennerk,Tom 109,182 Kenworthy, Judith 182 Kessel.Ed 108,172 Kester, Judith 84,172 Kerr, Heather 27,76,172 Keyser, Gregory 182 Keyser, Jan 74,100,172 Kiester, Michael 19,172 Kiester, Susan 71,74,84,99, 182 Kimmel, Cynthia 76,99,150 Kimmel, Deborah 81,83,172 Kimmel, Ricky 172 Kimmel, Robert 74,79,122, 123,131,182 Kinast, John 70,71 ,78,79,86, 89,150 Kinder, Teresa 76,99,150,155 King, Roberta 182 Kiproff, Gregory 150 Kirk, Kevin 69,172 Kirkland, Sherry 182 Kissel, Enola 68,97,150 Klein, Jon 64,65,108,117, 172 Klejnot, Kim 129,182 Kline, Daniel 111,182 Kline, Susan 74,182 Klinger, Mary 81,83,183 Klinger, Howard 172 Klopfenstein, Kathy 97,150 Klus, Marysia 93,100,182 Knapp, Nila 17 2 Knipstein, Joyce 150 Knopp, Azelene 84,1 72 Knox, Steven 183 Knuth, Denise 74,8133,99, 183 Kober, Elizabeth 172 Koch, David 183 Kokosa, Shirley 172 Kolkman, Donald 183 Kolkman, Steven 183 Koomler, Dennis 48 Koorsen, Constance 150 Koorsen, Kenneth 172 Kope, Sandra 150 Krach, Betty 64,67,69,84, 172 Kracium, Philip 150 Kraft, John 150 Krill, Donald 183 Krinn, Deena 70,87,99,183 Krouse, Sandra 172 Kruckeberg, Karen 172 Krueckeberg, Linda 183 Krueckeberg, Ruth 150 Kryder, Ervin 183 Kryder, Keith 26,150 Kunberger, James 183 Kunberger, Jean 68,72,91 , 102,150 Kundysek, Terry 79,108,131, 171,172 Kusak, Peggy 64,65,96,99, 150 Kutz, Jim 172 Kuzeff, Karla 81,83,99,172 Ladd, Kathleen 81,83,99, 172 Laguna, Stella 72,151 Lahr, Cheryl 172 Lahrman, Constance 62,63, 70,76,99,151 Lahrman, Jack 183 Lahrman, Sandra 70,73,151, 167 Lambert, Charles 172 Lambert, Sharon 172 Lamont, Linda 183 Landin, James 183 Langmeyer, Ja yne 76,8031, 183 Langmeyer, Vicki 96,172 Langston, Debra 183 Langston, Susan 72,102,151 Langstroth, Sally 81,183 Lanning, Richard 73,103, 183 Lapadot, Linda 151 Lash, Gary 151 Laudadio, David 172 Lawson, Barry 183 La wson, Charles 172 Leamon, Cherlyn 151 Lee, Barb 172 Lee, David 67,69,172 Lee, Debbie 151 Lee, Linda 62,73,74 Lee, Michael 151 Lee, Sharon 172 Leeper, Rhonda 77,172 LeFever, Lois 60,77,172 LeFever, Lu-Ayn 85,151 Lehman, Victoria 183 Leininger, Arlene 151 Leininger, Patty 183 Leslie, Steve 151 Levandoski, Mark 60,147, 152 Lewis, Edmund 73,103,120, 121,172 Lewis, Valeire 183 Leykauf, Timothy 183 Liby, Lorraine 183 Lichtsinn, Connie 152,167 Lichtsinn, Debra 74,77,100, 183 Lichtsinn, Sharon 87,172 Lillich, Elizabeth 8,25,70, 86,99,152,165 Limburg, Dick 55,152 Line, Jeffrey 172 Line, Leslie 51, 67 ,81, 96,99, 183 Link, Harry 183 Linker, Kent 94,152 Lipp, Michael 94,152 Lipp, Pamela 59,74,77,85, 152 Lipp, Terri 67,73,74,76,81, 83,100,183 Lobdell.Dan 6,64,122,131, 183 Loechner, Richard 172 Lohr, Louise 172 Long, Billy 73,103,172 Longstreet, Jody 172 Loomis, Gary 107,126 Loomis, Kathy 77,183 Loomis, Kent 172 Lord, Martha 77,81,83,183 Loux, Scott 172 Love, Linda 152 Love, Rae Anne 73,99,152 Loveless, Scott 65,152 Lovett, Michael 183 Loyd.Bob 108,117,172 Loyd, William 152 Lucas, Gregory 109,117,183 Ludden, William 109,183 Luken, Laurie 72,76,152 Lunz, Catherine 70,84,86, 99,152 Lydy, Terry 152 M Mabee, Kenneth 109,183 Machmut, David 89,152 Maldeney, Dominic 183 Manter, Keith 172 Manter, Julie 64 Marciniak, Marianne 85,152, 166,167 Marker, Julia 183 Markey, Jackie 81 ,183 Markey, Susan 68,69,183 Marks, Von 73,103,152 Marks, Ricky 183 Marr, Robert 71,183 Marschand, Paulette 64,65, 89,152 ' Marsh, Dennis 152 Marshall, Debra 172 Marshall, Louise 89,1 52 Martin, Cynthia 173 Martinez, Jessie 183 Mason, Susan 74,173 Mathias.Paul 44,71,74,79, 93,121,173 Mathews, Thomas 73,153 Maxwell, Gregory 69,173 May, Gary 173 Mayclin, Timothy 68,69,183 Mays, Gwendolyn 91,173 Mays, Joel 39,183 McAfee, Bruce 183 McBride, Robert 153 McCabe, Sandra 77,100,183 McCabe, Steve 2,119,120, 121,153,166 McCampbell, Scott 73,173 McAtee, Angeline 183 McClain, Brett 153 McClain.Mel 122,183 McClain, Merrilyn 153 McClain, Rich 183 McClendon, Michael 27,79, 93,173 McClure, Terri 64,93,183 McCormick, Kevin 183 McCune, Kim 183 McDaniel, Donald 89,153 McDonald, John 169,183 McDonald, Michael 173 McDonald, Patrick 117,183 McFadden.Carla 64,173 McFadden, Jim 73,82,83,90, 91,108,124,126,173 McFeeters, Chris 183 McFeeters, Janet 183 McGehee, Charles 79,153 McGehee, Sabrina 183 McGinn, Susan 64,65,1 73 McGuigan, Michael 183 Mcintosh, Patricia 173 McKee, Roy 69,153 McLain, Janet 173 McLuckie, Alan 62,69,173 McLuckie, Philip 68,183 McMahon, Cathy 84,99,1 73 McMahon, Susan 64,68,69, 183 McMinn, Mary 13,62,71,66, 93,100,101,153 Meade, Janet 183 Meek, Kim 173 Meeks, William 183 Melcher, Patricia 173 Melcher, Richard 173 Merriman, Pam 173 Messick, Dean 183 Mettler, Michael 183 Meyer, Donna 72,153 Meyer, Ellen 173 Meyers, Hope 75,76,96,99, 151,153,165,167 Meyer, Mary 77,183 Meyer, Michael 153 Meyer, Richard 79,183 Middleton, Charles 111,117, 173 Mihm, Judy 153 Mihm, Sharon 183 Miles, Fred 68,93,173 Miles, Keith 183 Miller, Betty 183 Miller, Candy 60,63,76,99, 173 Miller, Charles 153 Miller, Cheryl 45,68,69,90, 184 Miller, Dan 173 Miller, Donald 68,69,109, 117,122,126,184 Miller, Donald 183 Miller, Errick, 153 Miller, Gregory 184 Miller, Lori 173 Miller, Peggy 60,71,77,99, 153 Miller, Ronald 184 Miller, Sharon 184 Mills, Candace 81, 173 Mills, Darlene 184 Mills, James 94,1 53 Miser, Keith 184 Misner, Ken 95,108,153 Mitchell, Gordon 69,70,89, 153 Moe, Alan 74,153 Monroe, Dan 1 73 Montalvo. Simon 64,73,79, 83,153 Moore, Marsha 67,184 Moore, Michael 108,173 Moran, Denny 184 Moran, Larry 153 Morcombe, Jeff 173 Moreno, Debra 173 Moreno, JoAnn 184 Morin, Darrell 94 Morin, Theresa 184 Morningstar, Terry 184 Morris, Kerri 62,63,73,74, 153,167 Morse, Carolyn 153 Morton, Rhonda 153 Mourey , Joann 1 73 Moyer, Patty 68,70,154 Mueller, Dennis 70,154 Mundt, Diana 72,102,184 Murphy, Gwen 64,69,80,81 , 84,85,173 Murphy, Susan 76,184 Murray, Bridget 154 Mutton, Brent 79,83,108, 154 Myers, Mickey 154 Myers, Roger 173 Myers, Susan 174 Myers, William 69,184 N Nagel, Cindy 174 Neal, Curtis 184 Neate, Pam 33,69 Neff.Sara 154 Nelson, Beth 69,154 Nelson, Carol 71,74,77,100, 174 Neuhouser, Shelby 184 Neuhouser, Varee 60,71 ,77, 174 Neuneswander, Dan 154 Neukom, Melodi 184 Neukom, Paul 174 Newby, Sarah 184 Newell, Audrey 184 Newell, Mitchell 174 Newhart, William 184 Nichols, Sue Ann 12,74,97, 182,184 Nicholson, Bruce 67,154 Noel, Janice 68,81,184 Noel, Michael 64,108,174 Nolan, Donna 35,184 Nolan, Lois 91,154 Norris, Robert 174 North, Jennifer 174 Nunley, Felicia 28,72,102, 154 Nunn, Debarah 174 Nuttle, Nancy 174 Nuttle, Wesley 174 Obringer, Robert 184 O ' Conner, Maureen 85,174 Oetting, Gary. 154 Oglesby,Brad 184 Ojeda, Steven 174 Olsen, Kathleen 174 Olson, Dwight 174 Olson, Phyllis 184 Ormiston, Donald 184 Ormiston, Pam 184 Orr, Lyda 81,184 Orr, Martha 64,65,73,174 Orr, Nanci 154 Osborne, Rhonda 76,99,154, 155 Ostrognai, Nancy 73,96,97, 184 Oswalt, Mark 69,154,167 Owens, Rickey 184 Packett, Keith 174 Palmer, Cheryl 154 Palmer, Jeff 174 Parent, Tom 174 Paris, Kurt 114,117,174 Paris, Karen 77,81,184 Parker, Pamela 73,77,99,184 Parlow, Cynthia 77,99,184 Parrish.Paul 184 Patrick, Melanie 154 Patten, Mark 71,184 Patterson, Joanna 51 ,67,81 , 93,184 Patterson, Michael 93 Patton, Michael 8,70,154 Payne, Rebecca 68,154 Payton, Donald 184 Peacock, Raymond 184 Pedden, Karen 89,91 ,154 Pehrson, Linda 173,184 Pennycoff, Robert 6,155 Perdue, Debbie 97,184 Perkins, Rita 174 Perlich, Terry 64,65,89,174 Perrine, Susan 174 Perry, Linda 45,70,155 Perry, Rhonda 94,174 Perry, Rikki 184 Perry, Scott 174 Peters, Barbara 72,155,167 Peters, Keith 68,169,184 Peterson, David 64 Peterson, Deborah 182 Peterson, Gail 70,81 ,99,155, 167 Peterson, Philip 49,68,174 Petras, Earl 73,103,184 Petras, Gregory 155 Pettibone, Linda 174 Pfeiffer, Brad 184 Pfeiffer, Susan 155 Phillips, Geraldine 67,93, 174 Phillips, Janet 174 Philo, Margery 174,199 Phipps, Jevne 96,99,155 Piepenbrink, Marcia 72,155 Piepenbrink, Paula 72,155 Pierce, Greg 79,155 Pinney, Rita 72,155 Pitzer, Jennifer 184 Place, Deborah 72,84,155 Piatt, David 98,155 Piatt, Jeffrey 174 Plimpton, Jack 184 Plunkett, Beverly 174 Poffenberger, Kim 71 ,184 Poitras, Louise 81 ,96,175 Polley, Terry 68,173,174 Pond, Charles 184 Pontius, Mark 175 Pooler, Timothy 67,69,175 Poorman, Sherry 155 Porter, Kian 67,184 Porter, Lynn 184 Porter, Susie 175 Powell, Joanne 55,76,81 ,99, 155 Powell, Richard 184 Presnell, Linda 175 Pronesti, Douglas 6,79,175 Pruitt, Patricia 99,175 Pugh, Sandy 184 Pugs ley, Shelley 69,155 Quackenbush, David 94,175 Quam, Lauren 184 Quance, Carolyn 65 Quance, Sue 68,69,74,81 ,86, 96,184 Quick, Gail 184 Quickery, George 175 Quickery, Marilyn 184 Radabaugh, Kathy 184 Rainwaters, Robby 68,69, 184 Ramsey, Dianne 184 Raney.Caryn 69,87,175 Randol.Malia 81,184 Ransom, Gwen 27,100,101 , 175 Rasbury, Michael 140,155 Rathert, Thomas 108,175 Ray, Elaine 37,67,68,69,84, 175 Rector, Joyce 36,184 Redding, Linda 76,98,99, 155 Redding, Robert 60,63,155, 165,167 Redwonski, Roni 184 Reed.Zane 79,82,83,121, 156 Reese, Dan 156 Reichle, Deborah 76,184 Reinhard, Ronald 95,156 Reitman, Bill 156 Renner, Chris 175 Reville, Bonnie 64,175 Reynolds, Marceil 175 Rhoads, Charlene 95,156 Richard, Kim 93,156 Richards, Linda 175 Richards, Karen 175 Richardson, Linda 175 Richardson, Susan 184 Richey 81,175 Rickner, Lanie 60,61 ,62,77, 99,156 Ridgley, Larry 175 Riedel, Curtis 184 Rietdorf, Gale 175 Rietdorf, Robert 185 Rifkin, Daniel 71,175 Riley, Debbie 156 Rinehart, Diana 67,97,185 Ripke, David 73,103,175 Roberts, Deb 81,185 Roberson, Debra 175 Robertson, Joe 62,73,175 Robertson, Steven 175 Robinson, Susan 64,99,156 Rockey, David 50,69,156 Rockey, Janie 69,175 Rodenbeck, Steven 8,79,1 75 Roderiquez, Gilbert 185 Roelle, Linda 85,185 Roesener, Barbara 85,99,175 Rogers, Debra 185 Rogers, Douglas 175 Romines, Brenda 76,156 Romines, Harold 175 Rondot, Karen 64,65,89,90, 175 Rondot, Rita 71,185 Roof, Karen 60,175 Rose, Janet 64,65,156 Rose, Kent 129,185 Rose, Patty 81, 156,161 Ross, James 185 Roth, Cheryl 95,156 Rotruck, Jeff 156 Roush, Sandra 185 Routhier, Rita 46,73,99,156 Rowell, Donna 67,86,185 Rowley, James 156 Ruch, Barbara 185 Ruch, Jerry 185 Ruch, Roger 73,94,103,94 Rueswald, Linda 27,69,175 Rump, Don 8,1 17,185 Russell, Jeffrey 175 Russell, Maria 93,185 Rutledge, Phil 69 Ruttenberg, Peter 185 Ryan, Barbara 175 Sabree, Jan 175 Sabree, Jay 108,117,175 Saine, Phillip 72,156 Sakowiz, Mary Lou 185 Sallee, Rose Mary 74,87,156 Sanders, Anita 185 Sanderson, Ken 175 Saylor, Kenneth 185 Scare, Donald 95,175 Schaadt, Steve 175 Schaeffer, Leann 72,157 Schafer, Carolyn 76,185 Scheidemantle, Julie 175 Schenkein, Leslie 175 Schepper, Becky 157,167 Scherer, Linda 80,81 ,175 Scheumann, Cindy 60,62,84, 157,167 Index p. 209 TAKING TIME OUT from the ANLIBRUM, Business Manager senior Mary Sue Henderson and Co-editor junior Jerry Conway decorate the Student Council Christmas tree. Schieferstein, David 74,79, 89,90,93,157,167 Schilling, Debra 185 Schinbeckler, David 69,175 Schmit.Bob 60,62,79,89, 90,91,157 Schmidt, Cindy 64,175 Schmidt, Deborah 175 Schmidt, Diane 10,175 Schmidt, Dianna 175 Schmidt, Matthew 157 Schmidt, Steven 185 Schneider, David 64,65,157 Schoeph, Michael 175 Schory, Nancy 69,73,74,175 Schnobel, Gloria 99,185 Schrader, Beth 185 Schroeder, Bonnie 175 Schwarzwalder, Anita 84,86, 89,90,157,167 Schwarzwalder, Neil 175 Schweyer, Wendell 175 Schwehn, Kathie 185 Scott, Debra 185 Scott, Gary 185 Scon, LeAnn 175 Scon, Rickey 67 Screeton, Nancy 84,85,1 75 Scribner, Sherry 64,1 57 Seale, Robert 175 Seitz, Jeffery 157 Seiy, Dave 58 ,60,79,1 75 Selzer, John 111,116,117, 157 Sembroski, Robert 9,62,63, 157,167 Shaber.Mardy 155,157 Shady, Rex 185 Shafter, Donald 175 Shanayda, Debra 68,69,175 Shaw, Kris 64,65,76,1 75 Shaw, Rebecca 185 Sheets, Daniel 175 Sheets, Michael 72,73,83, 103,157 Shell, Rodney 175 Shelley, Karen 67,69,175 Shelley, Kathy 67,175 Shelton,Mary Lou 68,185 Shepler, Becky 99,157 Shepler, David 185 Shifflett, Diana 185 Shifflett, William 175 Shipley, Steven 175 Shoaff, Wally 113,157 Shoemaker, Jeffrey 176 Shoppel, Harold 176 Shreeve, Jack 157 Shreeve, Linda 176 Shryock, Daniel 60,176 Shubert, Robert 185 Shubert, Karen 176 Shuler, Rinda 72,157 Shulkin, Linda 176 Shumaker, Deana 87,157 Shumaker, Susan Shurboff, Kenneth 185 Sieber, Brenda 185 Siela, Kris 176 Simon, Randy 33,79,157 Simmons, Avis 7393,103, 176 Sims, Brenda 13,74,76,99, 158 Sipe, Mark 117,135 Sipes.Paulette 99,185 Sirk, James 158 Sizemore, Ivan 176 Skaggs, Richard 135 Slater, Cynthia 84,1 58 Slusher, Janice 158 Smallback, Darlene 158 Smallwood, Cynthia 26,77, 185 Smedberg, Reed 32,185 Smiley, Sandra 7093,158 Smiley, Tim 82,1 20,1 21, 176,190 p. 210 Index Smith, Carol 73,153,158, 167 Smith, Carolyn 186 Smith, Cynthia 68,69,186 Smith, Darla 70,99 Smith, David 158 Smith, David 158 Smith, David 64,186 Smith, Deborah 76,176 Smith, Denise 186 Smith, Diane 72,158 Smith, Donald 186 Smith, Frank 68,79,186 Smith, Gregory 176 Smith, Gary 176 Smith, Jackie 70,158 Smith, Jane 76,99,158 Smith, Jennie 67,176 Smith, Julie 97,186 Smith, Kent 186 Smith, Kevin 68,176 Smith, Kippy 186 Smith, Mark 122,186 Smith, Mark T. 186 Smith, Michael 186 Smith, Michael 186 Smith, Nancy 158 Smith, Randy 69,79,176 Smith, Rhonda 62,158 Smith, Russell 176 Smith, Steven 176 Smith, Terry 186 Smith, Theresa 176 Smyser, Michael 176 Smyers, Terri 176 Smyers, Tom 79,1 76 Snyder, Ann 186 Snyder, Stuart 158 Sorg, Alan 108,176 Sorgen, Steven 176 Sparks, Gale, 158, 164 Sparks, Mike 176 Spears, Eric 68,186 Spear, Margaret 27,74,76, 100,101,176 Spears, Jim 79,108,1 16,1 17, 176 Spenn, Kathleen 70,167,158 Spielman, Kim 62,79,89,90, 156,158 Spiller, Bart 8,176 Spiller, Marcy 81,186 Spillers, KC 176 Sprandel, Karen 176 Springer, Anna 186 Springer, Branch 109,186 Springer, Carla 176 Springer, Joyce 176 Staker, Vickie, 99,1 76 Stam, Marion 89,91,158 Stapleton, Michael 176 Stapleton, Terry 186 Stark, Kathy 158 Stark, Phil 45,7391,176 Starnes, Lana 186 Stauffer, Scott 89,176 Stawicki, Phyllis 94,95,1 59 Steffen, Debra 186 Stein, Loren 186 Stephenson, Bradley 66,67, 69,176 Sterm, Cathy 77,99,159 Stevens, Donna 186 Stevens, Karen 176 Stevens, Ray 186 Stewart, Joseph 79,89,159 Stiffler, Michael 79,83,108, 131,159 Stiffler, Peggy 77,100,186 Stine, Cathy 159 Stinnett, Jerry 159 Stith, Robin 49,67,93,186 S toops, Elden 108,126,159, 167 Storer, Cynthia 176 Strauss, John 69,71,176 Strombeck, Paula 159 Sullivan, Jeffrey 69,72,102, 176 Summers, Jo 60,74,76,159 Surface, Vinnie 76,176 Sutorius, Gina 77,186 Sutorius, Pamela 49,70,76, 87,99,159,167 Sutton, Betty 72,73,84,102, 103,186 Sutton, Richard 159 Svec, Jon 60,79,159 Swartz, Cathy 84,176 Swartz, Christine 176 Swartz, Roberta 62,84,159, 167 Swathwood, Sharon 77,99, 186 Sweet, Carole 76,99,159 Sweet, Jon 108,126,176 Swenson, Gary 186 Swihart, Steven 91,176 Tabron, Anthony 186 Tabron, Steven 159 Tackett Teresa 186 Tapp, Karen 176 Tate, Bud 159 Tate, Connie 72,160 Tate, Deborah 186 Tatum.T. 79,93 Taylor, Connie 27,77,176 Taylor, Linda 186 Taylor, Robert 69,73 74,84, 176 Taylor, Rosemary 64,186 Taylor, Velvie 176 Teeters, Kirk 186 Templeton, Ronald 73,103, 186 Teusch, Karen 186 Thomas, Cindy 160 Thomas, Joan 1 76 Thomas, Rodney 131,186 Thompson, George Thompson, Jay 176 Thompson, Lorrain 160 Thompson, Renee 186 Tillman, Jeff 79,89,90,131, 160 Tindall, David 69,186 Tipton, John 160 Toam, Gregory 186 Tomkinson, Terri 176 Toone, Rick 64,65,108,176 Toor, Daniel 160 Toreback, Terry 186 Torrez, Miguel 186 Torrez, Theresa 186 Townsend, Joe 186 Townsend, Richard 108,116, 117,160 Trammel, Kathleen 186 Traughber, Michael 94 Traughber, Sharon 81 ,89, 96,176 Trautman, Mary 176 Trepak, Alina 176 Trott, Kathy 73,99,186 Tsiguloff , Susan 60,63,74, 89,99,160,167 Turansky, Janet 176 Turner, Jeffrey 186 Turnley, David 79,109,186 Turnley, Peter 79,109,117, 186,187 Tuttlle, Michael 186 U Ule, Charles 186 Ulrich, Daniel 176 Ulrich, Danny 109,186 Underwood, Loretta 176 Underwood, Steven 79,91 , 113,176 Vanallen, Gary 95,160 Van Houten, Cynthia 186 Vardaman, Linda 186 Vardamen, Lynn 176 Vass, Daniel 79,160 Vaughn, James 176 Vaughn, Margret 160 Vaughn, Stan 186 Veale, Gunner 176 Vickiser, Steve 176 Vinson, Christine 70,84,86, 90,160,167 Vinson, David 64,176 Vogelgesang, Janet 176 Volkert, Pamela 73,97,176 Volkert, Phillip 176 Volz, Diana 177 Volz, William 160 Vorndran, Andrea 177 Vorndran, Annette 177 Vorndran, John 1 17,177 Vorndran, Kathy 160 Vorndran, Michael 89,160 Vranges, Ann 177 W Wagoner, Susan 99,1 77 Wagner, Cliff 186 Waikel, Pamela 64,77,99,160 Walburn, Keith 186 Walchle,Jeff 177 Walker, Paula 35,76,177 Walker, Ronald 160 Walker, Rose 186 Wall, David 186 Wall, Jeffery 177 Wall, Karen 186 Wall, Michael 160 Wallace, Bradford 177 Wallace, Gail 177 Wallace Richard 60 Wallace, Roxanne 69,81,160 Wallace, Stephan 108,116, 117,177 Walley, Heather 12,62,71, 76,160 Walsh, Bernard 186 Walter, Annie 177 Walter, Michael 186 Walter, Timothy 94,161 Ward, Kathy 99,186 Warner, Cindy 84,177 Warner, Sandra 84,186 Warsco, Mark 109,186 Warstler, Patricia 64,99,1 61 , 167 Wasylk, Bruce 68,69,177 Watson, Arlene 94,1 61 Watt, Robert 186 Watters, Mark 79,89,113,161 Watters, Paul 187 Watters, Randy 161 Watters, Rene 161 Watters, Ricky 109,187 Watters, Rosanne 97,177 Watters, Roxanne 81 ,97,177 Wawruszewski, Rose 187 Weaver, Cheryl 76,177 Weaver, Debbie 73,103,161 Weaver, Gregory 45,64,187 Weaver, Michael 187 Weaver, Sally 177 Weaver, Theresa 74,177 Weber, Cheryl 177 Weber, David 109,187 Weber, Donna 161 Weber, Gary 94,161 Weber, Murray f09,1 17,187 Weber, Rebecca 161 Weicker, Emily 77,187 Weisbach, David 161 Welling, Lintla 161 Werling, Diane 187 Westrich, Max 62,69,161 Wetzel, Patricia 67,69 73, 177 Wetzel, Thomas 113,187 Whipp, Edward 68,187 White, Charles 78,79,187 White, Pamela 67,177 White, Robert 67,69,161 White, Susan 77,187 White, Tenney 79,89,90,161 White, William 109,117,187 Whitman, Dan 177 Whitten, Kim 84,187 Whittaker, Jacqueline 162 Wiberg, Anne 62,86,148,162 Wickiser, Steve 67,69,162 Wiehe, Steveen 68,69,93, 162 Wiggen, Kay 187 Wight, Linda 60,74,99,177 Wilkinson, Steve 187 Wilcoxson, David 72,162 Wiles, Dan 79,108,177 Wiles, Katrina 162 Wilhelm, Jeff 177 Wilkin, Richard 68,69,162 Williams, Bruce 64,131,177 Williams, Cheryl 187 Williams, John 83,119,121, 126,177 Williams, Kimberly 177 Williams, Mary 187 Williams, Steve 187 Wilson, Paul 187 Wilson, Peggy 93,187 Wilson, Robert 79,83,162 Wilson, Robin 82,187 Wilson, Thomas 162 Wilson, Bill 79,108,177 Winans, Michael 187 Winans, Rosemary 187 Winosor, Lee 177 Wineke, Edward 187 Winesburg, Hali 64,99,162 Winn, Brent 177 Winn, Ronald 187 Winters, Lloyd 8,79,177 Wintrude, Penelopy 62,65, 73,187 Wise, Mark 74,79,89,130, 131,162,165,167 Wise.Ginny 65,162 Wisner, Brenda 177 Wisner, Linda 187 Witsaman, Charles 162 Wittenberg, 70,71 ,74,79,83, 89,90,113,162,167 Wittenberg, Laureie 73,86, 177 Wolf, Cheryl 59,60,77,162 Wolfe, Chuck 49,79,83,162, 177 Wolfe, Mark 44,69,79,108, 177 Wolfe, Nancy 77,187 Wood, Paula 86,162 Woods, Wendy 187 Woolums, Theodore 79,187 Workman, Cheryl 73,81,187 Workman, Debbie 177 Worrel, David 83,162 Worton, Nanette 187 Wright, Gerri 80,81,187 Wright, Kayann 177 Wylie, Steve 69 Wynn, John 177 Yager, Buzz 79,83,1 13,177 Yager, Eric 78,79,187 Yager, Gregory 79,162 Ybarra, Manuel 187 Yentes, Linda 32,99,187 Yoder, Charles 187 Yoder, Joann 72,162 Yoquelet, David 94,162 York, Cynthia 96,177 York, Gary 162 Young Barbara 32,74,76,96, 99,187 Young, David 74,187 Young, Rebecca 99,187 Younghans, Terry 79,83, 111,114,117,126,177 Zabolotney, Mary 177 Zellers, Jack 89,162 Zimmerman, Kitty 42,187 Zorn, Hans 187 Zuber, Gayle 177 Zwick, Galen 162,167 PERSONNEL Adler, Adele Miss 194 Anderson, Susan Mrs. 194 B Bahney, William Mr. 95,193 Baumgartner, Vera Miss 91 , 199 Beck, Charles Mr. 200 Bunnell, John Mr. 122,165, 203 Bush, Gerald Mr. 155,166, 190 Campbell, John Mr. 1 22,196, 197 Capin, Margaret Mrs. 204 Carrier, Byron Mr. 89,200 Coahran, John Mr. 203 Coleman, Fanny Miss 93,194 Cooks, 205 Custodians, 204 Davis, Sara Mrs. 194,201 Decker, Juanita Mrs. 62,194 Doswell, Lucy Mrs. 81,197 Derbyshire, William Mr. 131, 200 Edwards, Ural Miss 193 Eickhoff, Charles Mr. 18 Eytcheson, Kenneth Mr. 120,121,194 Fast, Mary Mrs. 70,189 Fishel, Kent Mr. 78,79,1 13, 131,132,194 Foelber, Jacqueline Mrs. 189,199 Frey, Marvin Mr. 200 Fryback, Donald Mr. 193 Garrett, Raymond Mr. 200 Gerwig, Arthur Mr. 194 Geyer, William Mr. 188 Goble, Marcella Mrs. 193 Goss, Donald Mr. 198,199 Gran, Bonnie Mrs. 191 Green, Nancy Mrs. 46,60, 63,194,195 Gwaltney, Ethan Mr. 200 H Habegger, Phillip Mr. 109, 117,200 Haller, Allen Mr. 200,201 Heaston, Darrell Mr. 109,203 Herrero, Ofelia Mrs. 86,199 Hibben, Mildred Mrs. 72,102, 205 Highfill, Susan Miss 194 Holmes, Brenda Mrs. 93,202, 203 Hoover, Warren Mr. 107,108, 189,200 K Karrasch, Ada Mrs. 198, 199 Kelley, Darin Mr. 202,203 Kelly, Esther Mrs. 204 Kemp, Donald Mr. 82,83, 111,126,133,197 Kniss, Linda Mrs. 72,192, 193 Kolin, Carla Mrs. 194 Kurtz, Kent Mr. 113,132, 194 Lehman, Barbara Mrs. 191 Lindemann, Ruth Mrs. 204 Lohr, Carter Mr. 111,126, 197,200 M Mann, Mary Mrs. 205 Masterson, Harold Mr. 188, 200,201 Mattix, Richard Mr. 90,203 Melchi, Eugene Mr. 2,196, 197 Miller, Glenn Mr. 203 Morse, Aloyse Miss 203 Morse, John Mr. 66,199 Murphy, Larry Mr. 197 Myers, Robert Mr. 68,151, 199 Oberlin.Prue Mrs. 194 Oliver, Bruce Mr. 203 Owen, Susan Mrs. 197 Passwater, Robert Mr. 203 Pennington, Grace Mrs. 86 191 Pequignot, Dale Mr. 53,199 Phipps, Robert Mr. 94,193 Polite, Mary Mrs. 194 Poor, Richard Mr. 200 Reinhard, Arland Mr. 87,93, 193 Renkenberger, David Mr. 197 Ricci, Eileen Miss 77,193 Roberts, Leslie Mr. 199 Sark, Jean Mrs. 204 Schmutz, Alvin Mr. 50,64, 199 Schaefer, Catherine Mrs. 85, 197 Schram, Nancy Mrs. 76,77 199 Shaw, Julia Mrs. 185,204 Sinks, John Mr. 191 Smith, Eileen Mrs. 204 Spencer, Douglas Mr. 190 Still, Aaron Mr. 203 Stitzel, Charles Mr. 49,194 Stoops, Elden Mr. 193 Storey, Robert Mr. 73,194, 195 Stroud, Susan Mrs. 197 Sullivan, Harold Mr. 73,103, 205 Tsiguloff, LaVerne Mrs. 193 W Werling, Nicholas Mr. 133, 203 Welborn, James Mr. 107,108 115,117,132,200 Wolford, Rebecca Mrs. 80, 197 Woods, Lucile Mrs. 204 Wynn, Louise Mrs. 204 Zimmerman, Robert Mr. 63, 83,189 INVOLVEMENTS ADVANCE, 60,61 Afro-American Unity Club, 93 American Field Service Club 86 ANLIBRUM, 58,59 Art, 52,53 Bands, 68,69 Baseball, 128,129,130,131 Basketball, 118,119,120, 121,122,123 Booster, 98,99 Business, 34 Cheerleaders, 100,10 I Choir, 64,65 Classical Club, 91 Coaches 132,133,134,135 Commercial Club, 87 Community, 14,15 Contents, 3 Cross-Country, 110,111 Distributed (DECA),95 English, 48,49 Entertainment, 22,23 Football, 106,107,108,109 Forum Club, 73 Future Nurses of America, 85 Future Teachers of America, 84 p. 211 Index G.A.A.,80.81 Golf, 130,131 Graduation, 28,29 Gymnastics, 96 H Hall Monitor, 70 Hi-Y, 78,79 Home Economics, 42 Homecoming, 12,13 ICT.95 ILIAN.63 Industrial Arts, 43 Industrial Arts Club, 92 Journalism, 47 Junior Prom, 26,27 Orchestra, 67 P Stage Band, 68,69 Student Council, 74,75 L Language, 44,45 Letterman ' s Club, 82,83 Library, 54,55 Library Club, 102 M Phi-C hem, 88,89 Physical Education, 39 Play, 18,19 Projectionist ' s Club, 103 Prom 26,27 Publication ' s Board, 62 Q Quill and Scroll, 58 Red Cross Council, 71 T Tennis, 112,113 Track, 124,125,126,127 Trojan Singers, 65 Twirlers, 97 V Math, 35 Music, 50,51 Variations, 20,21 Vica,94 Vocational, 40,41 N S W Nixon, 17 OEA.72 Sectional Victory, 24,25 School Board, 188 Science, 36,37 Social Studies, 32,33 Speech, 46 Wrestling, 114,115,116,117 Y Y-teens, 76,77 UNLIKE GRADUATION ceremonies, cut-offs and tennis shoes provide com- fortable attire for senior Doug HackBarth at the Com- mencement practice. p. 212 Index " I... find at the end of this year certain individuals who must receive gratitude and thanks for their help . . . Without Root Photographer ' s assistance this book ' s publication would have been an even more difficult task. But my thoughts cannot neglect a man who devoted his time and effort so that the numerous problems could be overcome, Mr. Robert Heintzelman of Newsfoto Yearbooks. Another individual is junior Alan McLuckie who contributed his time to design the cover. Finally, a woman who has done so much in so little time; there is no way to express gratitude and thanks. She has given so much of herself that even to comprehend her accomplishments would be impossible. . . thanks goes to Mrs. Nancy Green, adviser, who has done so much that there are no words to express feelings. " Co-Editors . . . Phil Hausman Jerry Conway Beth Hoag Candy Miller Kevin Johnson Val Neuhouser Study, Faculty ... Tom Rathert Editor Laurie Hoffman Senior Section . . . Business, Sales Manager . . . Editor Lori Burtch Manager Mary Sue Henderson Kathy Green Sports . . . Lisa Haram Editor Dave Seiy Greg Haycox Copy . . . Kevin Herstad Editor Cheryl Wolf Carol Nelson Student Life . . . Editor Pam Lipp Index . . . Terri Lipp Editor Lois LeFever Debbie Perdue Typists . . . Emily Weicker Kerri Morris Pam Sutorious Clubs . . . Editor Roberta Hutchings Underclass . . . Editor Karen Bradtmiller Photographers . . . Head Photographer Marc Frankenstein Adviser ... Dan Fulmer Mrs. Nancy L. Green I . . . experiened Chaos in this place. . . from reach. . . Each moment filled with dedicate my hopes and faith to those Society ' s victims who must try to solve the perils of an even more confusing There is so much do but so littles to do it... ZyQ EL jBaJHt ' --- ' ■• where tranquility was far a barrage of ideas led me to going into the world: the problems and survive environment. . . to learn and time in which . . When all the laughter dies in sorrow And the tears have risen to aflood When all the wars have found a cause In human wisdom and in blood, Do you think they ' ll cry in sadness Do you think the eye will blink Do you think they ' ll curse the madness Do you even think they ' ll think? . . .When all the greater galactic system sigh to a frozen hault in space Do you think there will be some remnant of beauty of the human race Do you think there will be a instige Or a sniffle or a cosmic tear Do you think a greater thinking thing Will give a damn that man was here? Kendrew Lascelli ' tm wm Heckman BINDERY, INC. Bound-Tb-Pleasc " MAR 01 N. MANCHESTER, INDIANA 46962

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