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F77EL 1964 Eumhurst High Schooi Awl. i brum INDIANA COLLECTION jf-LEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 02301 9455 Published by the students of Elmhurst High School Fort Wayne, Indiana 1964 Anlibrum E.H.S Grows Bigger And Better Elmhurst is " Growing Bigger and Better " as it combines scholastic ability and talent and emerges as an enterprising institution of learning- Within its walls are held symbols of wisdom and progress in education. Dedicated teachers strive to pass on their knowledge thus, opening doors to EHS students, giv- ing them the challenge to grow bigger and better with our community, our country, and the world. What has formed our bigger and better growth and given us this challenge? The answer is that we have learned the necessity of two vital elements — time and energy. We have learned to utilize time. Time rushes with urgency — hours pass, the mind concentrates, an idea forms, the pen moves, and a manuscript evolves. The hands of the clock edge on, ticking away the seconds, the days, the years. As time progresses, our minds grow, broadening horizons and revealing bigger and better rewards. The final re- ward for time well spent is the hour of our achieve- ment: high school graduation. We have learned to employ energy. Energy moves Elmhurst to create the cycle of activity. Energy pro- motes mental development and inspires the mind; energy creates scholarship, leads the team to a vic- tory, and livens the pep sessions. Energy is the potent ingredient encouraging bigger and better growth. The bigger and better challenge, however, is just beginning. Our past experiences lead on to our present endeavors and cut a pattern for our future encounters. The challenge is ever-present ... to utilize time, and employ energy. From generation to generation, time reveals the harmony of our thoughts, our dreams, and our victories. ski u « — ; — - © Tragedy It was approximately 2:30 p.m. on November 22, 1963, and Elmhurst students were in a pep session when the rumor started. At first no one believed it, but then came the shock of realization- The Presi- dent of the United States had been assassinated and all we had to do was watch our T.V. screens to be convinced of the fact. Most of us grew up a little bit then because, faced with the inevitability of death, we became increasingly aware of the reality of life, life as John Kennedy lived it, intensely. He was a young man and we are young; an active man, we are active; a courageous man as we long to be courageous- But time goes on, and because he died, we must remember that we who are alive are by destiny rather than by choice the watchmen of the walls of world freedom. We ought not to ask what our country can do for us, but what we, together, can do for our country. He would have wanted it that way. Let us begin. This scene changes as stu- dents hasten to their cars. E.H.S. Uses Many Modes Of Transportation The 3:15 bell rings and 2,074 running, walking, dragging, scurrying feet pour out the doors of Elm- hurst to invade the school buses and automobiles as teachers and students catch a ride or walk to their respective homes- This latest population explosion, created by the influx of new students, has resulted in a crowded parking lot and standing room only on many of the buses. Often students who ride a late bus can be seen waiting in various homerooms for the driver to deliver the first load and return for them. Many E. H. S. teens from varying townships ride buses to and from school. E. H. S. presented " The Mouse That Roared. " Students Display Ability In D ramatics The house lights are out, the curtain goes up, and the play begins- However, the audience sees only the actors, students, who, hard-working as they may be, should not be given the entire credit for the success or failure of a play. Behind the scenes, there are many who contribute to the production such as: the stage managers, make-up artists, scenery crew, directors, playwriters, and promptors, all of whom help to make the play a success. Included in the yearly activities of Elmhurst are an assortment of plays, musicals, and concerts. Into these productions are channeled all the concentrated efforts of the cast and those students who work for one period every school day designing and erecting sets. The outcome is well worth the effort because Elmhurst productions are distinguished throughout the city for their workmanship in the set construc- tion and plot interpretation. Students construct sets for E. H. S. productions. Organizations often sponsor extracurricular activities in order to raise funds. E.H.S. Teens Employ Energy Excessive energy and the ability to remain in a state of constant motion often seems indicative of a teenager- The amount of energy required to com- plete assignments is but a portion of that available. As a result, active students at Elmhurst High School not only participate in school projects, but also find many extra-curricular activities to occupy any spare time they might have. These outside interests pro- vide excellent opportunities to make friends and often are a deciding factor when the choice of a life-time profession presents itself. The same stu- dent who is seen in the library working on a term paper on Friday afternoon can be seen in a variety of places on Friday evening. Fort Wayne provides an assortment of evening and daytime entertainment for teenagers, guaranteed to keep them busy. Club members support various functions in order to assure successful activities. Many distinguished speakers participate in E. H. S. as- semblies. Students deposit their coats before entering a dance. Teenagers often supplement allowances by after-school jobs. After the games, many teens enjoy getting together at their favorite drive-in. Elmhurst fans loyally support our team. Loyalty Is A Key Word At Elmhurst The echoes of " We got spirit " reflect the feeling of pride in the heart of every Elmhurst Trojan. A continuous backing by the student body is formu- lated by a boys ' cheering section and the girls ' Booster Club. Sometimes a faculty member will come forth with a burst of enthusiasm which will surprise even the most extreme extrovert- Our spirit is displayed in many ways. New cheers are constantly being written by our cheerleaders for use at pep sessions. Our attendance at home games has always exceeded the expectations of faculty and parents alike, and the attendance at the away games has been sufficient to boost our team on to many vic- tories. Coaching a team requires skillful observation. 10 Adults, too, are caught up in the excitement of the game. ELhHUR?[ Student leadership unifies school spirit. 11 Class of ' 64 Prom Court are from left to right: Sandy Hostetler, Barbara Thome, Linda Bishop, Queen — Peggy Kirsch, Barbara Burke, Anita Wiegman, and Sally Fox. It was our memorable night of nights — we had planned, dreamed, and schemed, and now the hour of our Junior Prom had come. We checked one more time to make certain that our invitations were safely with us, glanced one last time into the hall mirror, and suddenly stepped into reality as we walked proudly to meet our date. It was at the After Prom Party that we no longer felt the pressure of formality and the mood changed as we began to dance. Drowsy, sleepy-eyed, and out to prove that we were grown up, we headed for an unforgettable hayride. At sunrise we invaded tables heaped with food to begin the last of our festivities- Even now, we are full of memories to be cherished throughout the years. Voted the sweetheart of the class of ' 64, Queen Peggy Kirsch reigned supreme. 12 • v c-v Prom court for the Class of ' 65 are, from left to right: Cynthia Cutshall, Suzette Hunt, Jane Black, Nancy Bol- yard, Karen McLaughlin, and Connie Greeno. This Was Our Night Of Nights Fairest of the fair, Darinda Kast was voted Prom Queen Elmhurst teens enjoy the formal atmosphere of the Junior of the Class of ' 65. Prom. 13 Many students find interest in the study of living things. Here the students examine aquatic life. Students calculate their own horsepower in this physics experiment. Students Study In Elmhurst ' s Science Department, teachers are showing students horizons that have been discovered and offering unexplored vistas as a definite chal- lenge; therefore, students interested in studying many forms of life may find biology interesting- How- ever, for those interested in study revolving around the smallest particle known to man, the atom, chem- istry may offer the widest interest. Physics, the sci- ence exploring universal forces and energies, offers an explanation of movements in the universe. Chemistry students obtain a valuable store of knowledge that may be useful in the future. 14 An integral part of our Math department, Algebra is a basis for higher mathematics. Exacting Sciences Our students ' quest for knowledge of the tangible and intangible numbers is being answered by our efficient mathematics department. They delve into the discoveries of mathematics that are listed as being among the greatest achievements in the his- tory of mankind. As you go through life, you will see the importance of these discoveries and their ef- fect on you. Mathematics is a very significant part of the universe because it is the tool with which many of the universal problems are answered. To answer these problems thoroughly, mathematics is sepa- rated into several areas. Those offered at Elmhurst include Algebra I, Algebra II, college algebra, plane geometry, solid geometry, and trigonometry. If a student is enrolled in the mathematics de- partment at Elmhurst, he will be exposed to college preparatory mathematics. This training is being done to challenge the students to make logical deci- sions- It is up to these future mathematicians to discover and improve upon these worlds of mathe- matics. Geometry consists of mare than theorems, it is a course in basic logic. 15 Trojans Prepare For Business World Believing in a thorough education, EHS possesses up-to- date equipment. The commercial course at Elmhurst is helping to prepare students for the expanding business world. Therefore, EHS has hired well-trained teachers to instruct its commercial students in their chosen courses. To be enrolled in a commercial course at Elm- hurst, a student has a choice of the following elec- tives: Bookkeeping I and II; business mathematics; Shorthand I and II; Typing I and II; and, office practice in various departments. EHS teens work in the administration section of the school. Learning to become a part of the business world, typists put their commercial talent to work. " It ' s right there, " says Mrs. Foelber to Spanish students, Rosie Herber and Dennis Crevinston. Students study the history and geography of France as well as the language. Ancient Languages Are For Modern Teens ■m ■ . 1 •■ 33 ., " " »■ I S a ' % ,. l . - — The foreign language department has undergone several promising revisions this year. The most significant of these revisions is the expansion of the Spanish course to three years. This expansion has paralleled the growth of our school and community. A student may find a characteristic in a course in the foreign language department which would in- duce him to enroll in that course. A prominent characteristic of each subject is listed with that sub- ject below. For the romantic -minded language stu- dent there are two courses offered, French I and II. While the more historically inclined student is offered Latin I, II, III, and IV. The more adven- turous student may enroll in either Spanish I, II, or III. Conjugations and declensions are necessary fundamentals in learning Latin. 17 English Is The Key To Effective Communication Outside reading is sometimes done during classroom time. English is a vital tool of communication in the modern world in which we live. Success may largely depend upon our understanding and knowledge of the English language. EHS realizes that English has never been more important than it is at the present; therefore, the English department enlists the services of a well- trained teachers ' program of literature and gram- mar, thus, increasing the students ' abilities to use the English language properly and effectively. The variety of literature read comprehensively and widely by college-bound pupils covers a wide range. Speeches, essays, and book reports are as- signed to give students the opportunity to make use of their knowledge. The great demand for pro- ficiency causes Elmhurst to excel in English and lite rature. Speed and accuracy are im- portant in this student ' s speech before the class. 18 Hard work is always a part of any Elmhurst English class. Drama done in pantomime requires skillful interpretation. Teachers often assist students in daily assignments. Diagramming will help sim- plify a complicated sentence. 19 t£ t: i L 1 World History is a basis of understanding other nations. 5 A %5 ' i Teens Delve Into History The study of history is as important to the mod- ern student as the study of sciences, mathematics, or English- It makes us aware of the happenings of the new world and helps us relate these happen- ings to those of several centuries ago. The Elmhurst student is required to take three years of social sciences. During these classes, pupils absorb knowledge that is passed on to them by the staff. This knowledge is used by the recipient to better understand the world and our own United States. The classes offered at Elmhurst are general history, United States history, government and either sociology or economics depending on where the pupil ' s interest lies. Various educational aids help make subjects more interesting. 20 Sociology, the study of human relationships, is primarily a senior course. In Preparation For College The general history classes learn about the his- tory of the world all the way from early man, through two World Wars, and up to the recent rocket launchings. U.S. History is a class that enriches the student ' s knowledge of a great historical value of events that have occurred in our country. Our government classes teach us about our government, its foundings and its make up, while sociology and economics classes teach us how to get along with others and how to organize our economy. The aim of these classes is to make us aware of the important events that occur all around us each day — events that help us grow! Economics is important ' for any college-bound student. Senior students study the heartbeat of our nation. 21 Students taking shop get valuable training. Students not college-bound often pursue a career in in- dustrial arts. Our school, though primarily known for its aca- demic pursuit, offers an excellent vocational course; this is industrial arts. For a student interested in actual shop training, there are several subjects fro m which he may choose: beginning wood, advanced wood, and metal shop. Those who are interested in the designs of mod- ern civilization ' s structures are offered Drafting I and II. This department has undergone a faculty change and is reaching an even greater height of instruc- tion. This quality of instruction is making Elmhurst ' s industrial arts department better- Practical application is a " must " in this class. Learning to operate various types of machinery is import- ant. 22 Valuable Training Precedes Future Vocations These girls are learning the basic fundamentals in the art of homemaking. At Elmhurst we believe that being well prepared for home management is very important for the career girl as well as the one with marriage in mind. Throughout the year, the girls in the Home- Ec Department learn the basic fundamentals of preparing a simple meal formula and basic sewing principles. They advance from this to more chal- Jenging projects. The department works toward the goal of graduating girls well-equipped to handle the rigorous and sometimes brain-racking job of caring for a modern home and family. The Home Economics course at Elmhurst will prepare girls for their future roles as wives. EHS teens participate active- ly in the musical programs. Culture Plays A Part The Elmhurst music department aims to produce students who are not only academically but cul- turally well-prepared for today ' s world- Society has shown a greater demand for the well-educated per- son who has a good concept of music. Elmhurst offers membership in various musical groups. Included in these are the dance band, for those who like music with a danceable beat; concert band, designed to appeal to the intellectual mind; and marching band, for those students who enjoy music of this nature. Other activities include par- ticipation in various parades, contests, and basket- ball and football games. Various music classes are taught throughout the day. 24 Creativity is an important trait for an artist. In Education Down through the ages, art has been a means of communication and historical record. The history of art consists of names as well-known as Van Gough, Rembrandt, and Picasso. These men were famous because they managed to convey to the public their innermost thoughts and impressions through pictures. These impressions, set down on paper in the form of pictures, have been treasured for centuries because they represent art in its high- est form. In the high school art department, Elmhurst stu- dents work in just such a fashion recording thoughts in the form of pictures. There are four separate art classes taught- Each presents a graduated study to the student desiring a cultural background. 1 H Art teaches valuable lessons in ingenuity and comprehen- sion. ■■■ q ■ m w r i T ifll Aim Nfc 9 Physical education is a combination of fun and physical fitness. Physical Education Is Necessary Feminine screams and laughter heard from the girls ' gym or male shouts and applause coming from the boys ' gym are a good sign that an Elm- hurst physical education class is in session. This department places great emphasis on co-ordination and exercise for those students who are enrolled in physical education. In keeping with national concern at the present about physical fitness, Elmhurst physical education classes have emphasized good regular exercise as the key to good health. There is additional accent being placed upon exercise for relaxation and for pleasure, two necessities of life in our growing modern world. Games encourage petition. good sportsmanship and friendly corn- Daily exercise is a basic fun- damental. 2fi Many students " let off steam ' in gym class. For Physical Fitness In keeping with physical fitness students exhibit intricate Athletics will keep these girls slim and trim. stunts. Educational recreation is the predominant theme for this department. -.. — mmi ' " " STSSLf — mamk . ! J •4 » ■ %K4A Newly Organized Student Council Heads Activities The extra-curricular activities at Elmhurst High School maintains an excellent balance between the social and the academic life of the students at Elm- hurst This variation in the student ' s school life was not only designed for benefit of the student, but also for the benefit of the school. These activities seem to improve the student ' s attitude toward his school and the school ' s attitude toward the student. Many of these activities resolve around a spe- cific subject or course. On the other hand, several of the activities are based on the idea of helping the community and preparing the student for when he becomes a member of this community. The newly organized Student Council does an effective job of this preparation. 29 1 1 A m w- i % 111 1 1 ; — | 1 ! " ' 1 7 1 f ' 1 !|] ( Above are the officers of GAA. Standing and from left to right are Dorothy Smith, Susan Spaw, Karen Ormiston. Susan Beck, Kaylene Rhoad. Sitting are: Bonnie Lake, Rita Carahaugh, Diane Boothe, Karen Fairchild. Fairer Sex Keeps Physically Fit The Elmhurst Girls ' Athletic Association allows its members to " let off " some creative steam through their activities. The girls who are members of this organization meet during the fourth lunch period on Monday and Wednesday and the fifth period on Tuesday and Thursday. " The object of G.A.A., " stated Mrs Doswell, the club ' s sponsor, " is to provide supervised recreation. " Activities in which the girls participate are bowling, archery- shuffleboard, volleyball, and many other sports As an added activity, a splash party is given during the year. The girls receive letters by earning 200 points. Those who are active enough and earn 230 points receive a GAA- pin. Ten points are awarded for every six noon hours and for attending after-school meetings. Everyone — watch the birdie! This is the proper stance for a bullseye. Practice in miniature helps improve bowling techniques for a real game. A well co-ordinated team and plenty of action are necessary for a good volleyball game. 1 • : l SHHJH % ' i " 5yu ■ kI i u S m ib b| 31 The members of the Nature Club from left to right are: Leroy Zavitts, Kenneth Dressier, Bud Hirons, Lee Gouty, Richard Reinhart, Gail Smith, Jack Crandall, Dianne Forschner. Nature Club ' s Theme Is ' Experience In Nature ' The theme of Nature Club this year is " Experi- ences in Nature. " Members are given the opportunity to gain new and varied experiences through the ef- forts of this club. Letters, pins, and guards are awarded to members for their meritorious work. This year the club belonged to the Acres Group and the Audobon Nature Group. Many interesting films on such topics as an elephant hunt in Africa and the conservation of animals are available to members. The extent of information is not limited to films alo ne, reports by members and interesting talks by well informed speakers are given. Of ficires : Don B u s k i r k, Sheryl Harbin, Gayle Smith, Leroy Zavitts, Dianne Forsch- nor, Lee Gouty. 32 Sherry Krinn, Hal Smith, Steve Churchward, Sharon Smith. Red Cross Promotes E.H.S. Goodwill The Red Cross Safety Council began this year by following the theme " Growing Bigger and Better " by selecting eight new members from the sophomore class. As the Council ' s first project they organized a Traffic Court. Council members watched for of- fenders of the driving rules and bus regulations which had been set up; then, the offenders were tried before a judge and jury consisting of Council members. This Traffic Court helped to eliminate parking lot accidents and traffic problems- The Red Cross Council also has many other responsibilities during the school year. It is in charge of the hall monitors and the candy workers, who receive Red Cross points toward a letter for their work. The Council also plants and cares for the flowers which add to the beauty of the school. Also, this organization sponsors the annual National Jun- ior Red Cross Drive for senior high school member- ship. As an added pleasure, those who join the Elmhurst Red Cross Club are able to attend the Red Cross Dance. These responsibilities which the Red Cross Club has acquired have proved that Elm- hurst is indeed growing bigger and better both socially and academically. Row 1 : Sandy Hostettler, Julie McGregor, Cindy Cutshall, Nancy Maloley, Sherry Krinn, Greg Jackson, Rick Hinton. Row 2 : Lynn Humm, Linda Bishop, Steve Churchward, Dindy Kast, Rocky Finlayson, Jerry Reinking, Bob Mohr. Row 3, Jane Bourie, Barb Venus, Sharon Smith, Catie Greenler, Hal Smith, Greg Robers, Dennis Quance. am. Officers : Jean Kingsbury, Craig Hamilton, Fred War- ner. Phi-Chem Provides Adventures In Science Botrom Row: L. Nicholson, L. Closterman, M. Emmert, P. Kirsch, C. Means, P. Parker, S. Hostetler, K. Rehrer, J. Krider, F. Warner, P. Groves, J. Black, S. Keller, J. Rous- seau, J. Kingsbury, T. Hatfield. Row 2: K. McLaughlin, L. Vodde, D. Bueker, S. Ford, L. Foulks, B. Bennett, S. Moser, W. Kierski, S. Hardwick, B. Flickinger, A. Lindblom, R. Johnson, J. McGregor, M. Nycum. Row 3 : S. Draper, K. Glock, L. Humm, C. Cutshall, C. Leykarf, T. Cameron, J. Mansfield, B. Marschand, J. Wire, T. Sprandel, T. Howenstine, B. Pfeiffer, P. Eickoff, D. Heasley. Row 4: R. Weyrick, R. Gutmann, E. Hamilton, J. Kraft, E. Offerle, R. Zion, C. Nes, J. Weicker, S. Jackson, P. Trepak, L. Cooney, R. Bradley, D. Buskirk, J. Hilbish. Row 5: D. Ballinger, C. Riley, D. Green, G. Ruby, A. Ackermann, G. Shurboff, S. Gieser, B. Schreen, D. Fergu- son, A. Roman, M. Bunn, M. Davis, C. Wyall, R. Baughn. Row 6: C. Hamilton, D. Wilhams, D. Congdon, D. Deuter, T. Fuhrman, St. C. Thompson, K. Sherwin, T. Wickliffe, D. Snyder, J. Bresler, R. Collier, R. Dullaghan. The word " Phi-Chem " is the " key " that opens many doors throughout Elmhurst. This is because of the tradition Phi-Chem Club has acquired in the past and the progress being made at the present time. This combination of tradition and progress is due in great part to the efforts of the sponsors, Miss Wimmer and Mr. Gwaltney. There are two outstanding awards that can be earned in Phi-Chem Club; one would be the Na- tional Academy of Science pin- This pin is obtained by attending all of the club ' s trips to local indus- tries. The other is the earning of a school letter. This is done by selling soft drinks for the Phi-Chem Club at basketball games. ft ♦ ' MiEi MikS Bottom row: Susan Ford, Sandy Hosier, Gail Jackson, Sally Parr, Linda Sweet, Carol Opliger, Susie Exner, Becky Byrd, Susan Harrison, Sandra Elozoe, Cindy Colvin, Mrs. Deahl. Row 2 : Anita Weigman, Sandy Ponsot, Cindy Hartwell, Rosalie Hieme, Gerry Garrard, Mary Shipe, Virginia Ecenbarger, Cheryl Harbin, Judy Beltz. Row 3 : Linda Robison, Gayle Malcolm, Carol Hoopes, Karen Bender, Mary Meyers, Janice Roth, Cheryl Hoffman, Jennifer Miller, Cindy Sprague. 1373369 Home Ec Club Offers Training For Homemakers An avid participant in the Home-Economics Club of Elmhurst High School is apt to find herself spend- ing an hour or two touring a furniture factory, or preparing succulent baked goods for one of the many scheduled sales, designed by the club to assist in the financial commitments. The interesting meetings of the club will often feature a variety of speakers, ranging in occupation from a hospital dietician, or interior decorator, to a representative of a well-known charm school. The club spends many creative hours designing and making accessories for the home, or donating money to needy families in and around the Fort Wayne area. This purposefuL organization has been created as an attempt to promote further in- terest in " home care and management and instigate a better quality in future homemakers- The Home Ec Club has a bake sale occasionally through the year. Officers: Carol Opliger, Judy Beltz, Susan Ford. 35 Officers from left ot right: Judy Parker, Dianne Rankin, June Ponelite, Susan Vogel- sang. Experience Is Keynote Of Commercial Club Bottom: R, Klingler, D. Knight, P. Buckel, S. Hunt, L. Robison, G. Fisher, A. Vaughn, J. Smith, J. Fisher, D. Kizer, C. Sanders, E. Shepherd, C. Hartwill, S. Ford, S. Ponsot. D. Meyer, B. Beery, S. Lee, D. Rankin, J. Parker, B Goggans, V. Knipstein, S. McConnell, C. Fischbach. Row II: F. Baade, B. Pugh, P. Kamp, S. Marsh, B. Gillie, C. Lowe, M. Good, S. Welch, S. Mizerski, P. Bailey, J. Nicholson, B. Yater, J. Baker, C. Starnes, C. Reinhard, K. Bender, C. Kokosa, S. Vogelsang, S. Combs, J. Herber, P. Kelley, P. Meyer, C. Murray, T. Ream. Row III: D Carter, S. Henschen, C. Schlup, K. Smith, P. Henshaw, S. Carroll, J. Bailey, L. Fairchild, C. Bailey, S. Keller, J. Miller, C. Sprague, C. Opliger, S. Bunsold, J. Poneleit, S. Harison, B. Emerick, N. Emerick, C. Hoff- man, J. Roth, M. Jackson, P. Wheeler, J. Witte, C. Osborne. Row IV: C. Eisenbise, L. Goodin, S. Nycum, R. Smith, C. Bonnett, C. Hummel, D. Schebig, J. Reed, D. Boothe, R Keller, R. Thieme, K. Schilling, M. Rietdorf, K. Sanders, K. Osbun, T. Hatfield, C. Crozter, J. Miller, C. Prezbin- dowski, B. Pugh, M. Prior, S. Elonzae. Row V: P. Van Allen, N. Messenger, J. Ralston, D. Kast, J. Broderick, L. Degler, E. Zelt, A. Hemlinger, N. Town- send, S Palmer, G. Waybright, E. Hohenstein, M. Em- mert, B. Agner, P. Veiga, M. Hoffman, C. Harbin, L. Sweet, G. Jackson, S. Hostetler, S. Hutmacker, R. Kinder, S. Deam, C. Churchward. The Commercial Club at Elmhurst offers many advantages to the business student by providing the insight to seek and learn all that is available for them. It also presents an opportunity for stu- dents to become acquainted with the happenings of the business world. In interesting and informative meetings held at various times throughout the year, members of the Commercial Club have the privilege to hear speak- ers from prominent organizations in our com- munity. This year something new has been added; pins can now be earned by members who participate in the activities of the club. At the end of the year, a banquet is held and awards are presented at this time- Anyone enrolled in bookkeeping, shorthand, typ- ing or office practice is eligible to join Commercial Club. This club gives students an insighc to the careers of the business world they may wish to pur- sue. ' fvf § f Officers Standing: Joanne Kissinger, Sharon Smith, Peggy Kirsch, Charlotte Mc- Kay. Sitting: Nancy Maloley, Dianne Chapman, Kenny Collier. ' Learn From Past ' Is Classical League Theme " We, the members of the Classical Club, strive to pass on the torch of civilization in the modern world. We believe that an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help us to understand and appreciate the world of today which is indebted to ancient civilization in its governments, laws, literature, languages, and arts. To seek truth, to cultivate an appreciation of the beautiful, to find joy in work well done, all these we believe to be worthy of our efforts. " This is the pledge of every conscientious student who is taking Latin I, II, or III. These students through hard work and study achieve a greater knowledge of the language and the country- In spite of all this, they do have a lot of fun and the year is topped off with the annual Roman Banquet which is held in the spring. Row 1 : Joyce Richards, Ginger Hamm, Marilyn Harding, Cathy Moses, Gale Richards, Nancy Hendrickson, Peggy Kirsch, Nancy Maloley, Dianne Chapman, Kirby Pence, Dave Stevenson. Row 2: Norma Eastes, Barb Barrett, Judy Bond, Kathy Johnson, Yvonne Hobbs, Janet Harvey, Karen Butler, Pat Bailey, Linda Buell, Peggy Hinshaw, John McGee. Row 3 : Pain Carey, Beverly Bleeke, Kaylene Rhoads, Susie Freiedman, Catie Greenler, Cindy Sieminski, Patty Capin, Sue Hartman, Ginny Kerns, Carolynne Ackermann, Nick Jaworskyi. Row 4: Linda Bow, Gloria Kerr, Marcia Drummond, Susie Hoffman, Kathy Willard, Sharon Smith, JoAnn Kissinger, Cary Wyall, Kenny Collier, Gary Messick. Bottom Row: Art Ackerman, Glenn Ruby, Mr. Sinks, Dennis Schebig, Charles Carr, Terry Coker, Robert Bradley. Row 2 : Steve Gieser, Joe Koorsen, Ralph Schimmoller, Pete Trepak, Ron Smith, Larry Cooney, David Fortriede. Row 3: Jim Yankosky, Art Lindblom, Ronnie Smith, Bud Skinner, Frank Baade, Mike Bunn, Steve Mann. Visual Education Supervised By Projectionists The Projectionist ' s Club is composed of twenty members, all boys. During their study halls and lunch hours they show films, film strips, run re- corders, and record players. For each of their duties, they get one point. After accumulating one hundred points, a letter is awarded- Winners of letters from last year are, Glenn Ruby, Bud Skinner, Bob Brad- ley, Dick Rhoad, and Terry Coker. For any member who shows only fifty films, a pin is awarded: while a chevron is awarded for every one hundred films after a letter. A list of the equipment used is as follows: four, sixteen mm. round projectors; three, eight mm. film strip projectors; five record players; three tape re- corders; and two overhead projectors. Thirty films are shown each week, an average of six a day; thus, keeping Mr. Sinks and his assistant Bob Bradley very busy- Bob forfeits an hour each day in Room 116 preparing passes to be issued to the projec- tionists for the following school day. Senior Bob Bradley heads the Audio Visual Department at E. H. S. Officers: Laura Foulks, Peggy Kirsch, Linda Jewel, Norma Dickenson. Future Educators Learn Of Vocation Future Teachers of America is a national organi- zation. The Elmhurst chapter has 57 members whose advisors are Mrs. Decker and Mr. Yost- The FT.A. was organized to encourage high school students to develop the character and personality necessary for teaching .The purpose of the F.T.A. is to familiarize any junior or senior who is interested in teaching with the teaching profession. The activities throughout the year were the in- troduction and recognition of the new teachers, the fall convention held at Elmhurst on November 2, 1963, the basketball banquet in the spring, usher- ing for " Back to School Night, " and the State Teach- ers convention in October- The FT.A. and P.T.A. combine to give a $200 scholarship to some senior member of FT.A. who is going to college to become a teacher. Row 1 : Mr. Yost, Marcy Emmert, Sally Fox, Nancy Ma- loley, Patty Houck, Laura Foulks, Peggy Kirsch, Norma Dickinson, Linda Jewell, Phyllis Parker, Vicky Wismer. Row 2 : Barbara Burke, Becky Agner, Sherry Krinn, Sharon Friedman, Linda Manuel, Sandy Scott, Barb Flickinger, Maggie Borden, Ann Kariger, Sandy Welbaum, Bonnie Lake, Jeannette Clark. Row 3 : Maurane Archbold, Judy Beltz, Anita Smith, Pat Hite, Peg Geyer, Sara McKee, Mariann Johnson, Rhea McKee, Cindy Sprague, Mary Margaret Cooper, Connie Bennett, Linda Scott. Row 4: Cathy Moses, Jean Kingsbury, Linda Nicholson, Kathy Spice, James Mitchell Jr., Alfred Noble, Lawrence Smith, Candy Bahrke, Shirley Naile, Alan Roman, Byron Romey. Row 5 : Karen Glock, Sally Redding, Karen McLaughlin, Nancy Jo Bolyard, Cindy Cutshall, Joyce Rousseau, Con- nie Greeno, Nancy Hendrickson, Julie McGregor, Diana Rankin, Mary Wilson. Bottom Row: C. Reinhart, M. Emmert, B. Agner, P. Houck, Mrs. Billard, S. Fox, M. Isenbarger, J. Hoine, F. Kirsch, S. Bunsold, J. Poneleit, K. Rehrer, A. Weber. Row II: G. Mitchell, C. Kokosa, P. Parker, K. Schilling, S. Combs, C. Waldrop, S. Friedman, N. Maloley, C. Har- bin, D. Heldebrandt, P. Stiffler, G. Jackson, M. Meyers. Row III : S. Bogelsang, S. Brown, L. Bual, L. Fairchild, P. Hinshaw, S. Caroll, C. Opliger, S. Ponsot, S. Ford, V. Wismer, P. Wheeler, J. Parker, J. Roth. Row IV: J. Stoppenhagen, C. Bahrke, R. Miller, T. Hat- field, M. Wilson, C. Hoopes, D. Rankin, D. Fteygang, L. Johnson, N. Schwan, C. Bailey, J. Clark, D. Boothe. Row V: C. Naile, W. Kierski, L. Claosterman; J. Black, S. Schmoe, M. Prior, G. Richards, S. Draper, C. Johnson, M. Johnson, L. Robinson, S. Jennings, L. Ebel. Row VI: K. Glock, J. Kingsbury, L. Nicholson, K. Spice, G. Glass, N. Cunningham, S. Caston, D. Krill, B. Lake, N. Barton, C. Prezbindowski, P. Bailey, J. Nicholson. Row VII: N. Messenger, J. Ralston, P. Veiga, M. Hoff man, D. Kast, K. McLaughlin, S. Redding, L. Humm, K Riley, C. Boling, B. Flickenger. Row VIII: L. Sanders, S. Mizerski, P. Kamp, F. Egar, S Welsch, J. Roch, L. Degler, L. Bowers, S. Hutmacher, N Hendrickson, J. Grissom, C. Cavitt, J. Brodrick. Row IX: P. Richardson, G. Malcolm, G. Yergens, L. Sweet, S. Exner, G. Zeyzing, S. Parr, S. Friedman, J Kissinger, J. Stauffer, C. McKay, B. Pelz. Row X: B. Squires, W. Kierski, S. Hoffman, D. Milk K. Volz, S. Kessler, C. Greenler, C. Farris, K. Willard, P Gamble, D. Mason, P. Williamson, S. Cole. Row XI: S. Hartman, L. Dehaven, L. Dunn, L. Crall, M Tobias, L. Herman, S. Stiffer, B. Bruns, N. Royer, S Peterson, K. Rhoad, D. Scholtz, M. Spencer. Row XII: C. Wascovich, K. Burcram, J. Baade, C. Pugsly G. Gutman, S. Hamilton, L. Mason, K. Ragen, B. Barret L. Bonnet, N. Sark, D. Weber. 40 E.H.S. Cheerblock Backs Trojan Team If you have ever attended one of Elmhurst ' s home or city series games, you have undoubtedly noticed a group of enthusiastic girls boosting our Trojans on to victory. These girls make up the Booster Club whose main function is to support our teams; how- ever, the Boos ter Club is also responsible for selling pop corn at all home games and for buying the cheerleading uniforms. The uniform dress this year for the boosters is long-sleeved white blouses with red suspenders. Another distinguishing factor is that the girls use flash card routines which is very impressive to onlookers. The first Constitution for this club was composed this year, stating the number of points to be ac- cumulated to earn a letter and a pin, the reasons and total of demerits before dismissal, and it states the functional purpose and requirements of mem- bership. The advisors this year are Mrs. Billard, and Mr- Weber. Both of these people have proved to be very successful in attempting to make our Booster Club the best around. Booster girls enthusiastically back the team at our annual sectionals. Girls ' Booster Club forms " E " to greet visiting teams. Botom Row: Gwen Gutman, Becky Agner, Sally Fox, Mar- ilynn Isenbarger, Dindy Kast, Marcy Emmert. 2nd Row: Dianna Booth, Barb Flickenger, Joan Brodrick, Ann Weber, Janice Roth, Mary Meyers. 3rd Row, Lorinda Ebel, Jane Nicholson, Donna Weber, Maria Spencer. 41 • ■ --••»— ■ i ' • ; 1 . : 1 4 ;. V " ■-«■■». ' ■ ■:•. ■■■■ .- ' ■ ' m 1 r Row 1 : Sherry Krinn, Connie Greeno, Barb Thome, Barb Burke, Nancy Bolyard. Row 2: Linda Byers, Georgia Welch, Barb Venus and Sharon Smith. They Let The Team Know Our vivacious Varsity cheerleaders who are picked by the Booster Club in the fall, are Barbara Thorne, senior; Barbara Burke, senior, Sherry Krinn, senior; Connie Greeno, junior; Nancy Bolyard, jun- ior; and alternate, Sandra Hostetler, senior. These five girls did a fine job of representing our school as one of the best. Our reserve cheerleaders also picked by the Booster Club, are Linda Byers, sophomore; Barb Venus, sophomore; Georgia Welch, sophomore; Sharon Smith, sophomore; and alternate Susie Fried- man, sophomore. These girls did an excellent job of working out cheers for their first year of being together. Both Varsity and Reserve cheerleaders should be commended along with Mrs. Billiard and Mr. Weber in planning and conducting Pep Sessions- The Reserve cheerleaders may become next years ' varsity cheerleaders. The Varsity cheerleaders are letter perfect. There Is Little To Spare The Elmhurst Student Bowling League teams meet each Monday after school at the Village Bowl from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m- This club offers activity and healthful exercise as well as fellowship and pleasure. As an insentive, there are many annual activities in which the Bowling League participates. The Holi- day Tourney at Christmas is a highly enjoyable event; and in the spring, there is a banquet when members receive awards which they have earned for activities throughout the year. Each week during the League ' s activities the highest scoring girl and boy bowlers receive free theater passes- Bottom Row: Diane Loechner, Cindy Colvin, Linda Leh- man, Kathie Smith, Sandi Keller, Rex Collier, Dave Baker, Ronnie Sanders, Dee Ann Carter, Linda Degler, Chervil Bennett. Row 2 : Anita Hamlinger, Sandy Knelanger, Sue Brown, Brenda Pelz, Kay Morningstar, JoAnn Kissinger, Charlotte McKay, Phil Baker, Barb Sanders, Mrs. Goble. Row 3 : Dick Mease, Frank Baade, Gary Robers, Jackie Hoine, Sharon Combs, Sandy Ponsot, June Poneleit, Mike Bunn, Gordon Crawford, David Fortriede, Walter Reed. Row 4: Ed Tutwikr, Mike Notter, Gary Miller, Dale Dague, Batry Winn, Danny Ballinger, Robert Keller, Tom Howenstine, Maurice Fair, Dennis Stoll, Terry Kimbel. Officers sitting: Jackie Hoine, Gary Robers, Dick Meese, Barbara Burke. Standing: Anita Hemlinger, Kathy Smith, Linda Lehman, Sandy Keller. 43 Bottom Row, Ann Kariger, Jan Davis, Beverly Bleke, Beth Smith, Dorothy Noble, Carol Leycauf, Kathy Moses, Julie McGregor, Sandy Disque, Cindy Sprague. Row 2: Sue Hardwick, Don Buskirk, Kathy Osbun, Pam Block, James Coe, Shiela Moser, Tom Howenstein, Terry Houser, Rex Fox, Jerry Houser, Lee Anna Vodde, Patricia Capin, Ron Pressler, Carolyn Freeh, Linda Jewell, Jennifer Miller. Beverly Bennett, Pat Hite, Ralph Waterhouse, Pam Carey, Row 3: Rita Carbaugh, Mary M. Cooper, Gary Messick, Gary Grabill, Mick McOmber, Ken Place, Roger Weyrick, Ed Offerle, Marcia Meyer, Alan Roman, Sandy Welbaum, John Reynolds, Bruce Frederick, Diana Bueker, Steve Teeple, Cary Habegger, James Adams. Row 4: Pam Hughes, Gloria Kerr, Pat Faylor, Marilyn Snouffer, Jane Bourie, Bob Wentzel, Ivan Miller, Mar- garet Geyer, David Vervalin, John Pressler, John Hillbish, Bill Pfeiffer, Cindy Crozier, Marvin Evans, Bud Hirons, Leroy Zavitz, Steve Noble, Hugh Glidwell, Jim Spoolstra, Dick Heasley. Absent from picture: Ted Barker, Yvonne Hobbs, Rhea McKee, Sara McKee, John Leinendecker, Mark Petit. " The Marching Trojans " is a very active and colorful organization which is composed of seventy- five members and sixteen twirlers. The season be- gins with Summer Band Camp which is preparation for the football games. Preparation starts for the basketball games after the end of the football sea- son. The band as a whole performs in contests and in addition, single members and groups prepare for the Northern Indiana Solo and Ensemble contest held in the spring- The band is supported by a very active Band Booster organization. It sponsors three sock hops a year and other fund raising activities. In the spring, a banquet is given for the graduating Band officers from left to right are Diane Bueker; Linda Jewell, Sandy Welbaum, Ann Kariger, and Dick Heasley 44 t t fc I Our Marching Trojans, in spite of the chilly weather, add school spirit to our football games. Close Harmony In Action Is E.H.S. Band Our Trojans play their part in contributing to the world of dance and jazz music. y i bJU 1 %i - 1 LU U L5LJ U z 45 Bottom Row: Lorinda Ebel, Kay Schilling, Donna Rockey, Sandy Jennings, Dennis Schebig, Koven Smith, Gloria Cox, Pam Wheeler, Patty Dennis, Melinda Buck, Mr. Weiser. Row II: Dianne Rankin, Nancy Messenger, Cheryl Miser, Diane Chapman, Charlie Carr, Steve Toor, Becky Agner, Carol Weaver, Sherry Grace, Lois Johnson. Row III: Mary Cooper, Rhea McKee, Cindy Sprague, Ann Kariger, Carol Van Allen, Ray Shinn, Dan Stevenson. Nancy Shaw, Judy Beltz, Jennifer Miller, Jane Grissom. Row IV: Sharon Hornberger, Maggie Borden, Pat Meyers, Mary McLeland, Carol Hoopes, Marcy Emmert, Jim Mitchell, Al Noble, Richard Reinhart, Carol Davis, Sheila Bear, Glenda Besselson, Anne Weber, Kay Rehrer, Georgia Welsh. Absent from Picture: Mary Jackson, Wayne Hull, Mark Guant, Bud Hirons, Suzette Hunt, Sue Brown, Diane Volkert, Sherry Gairfield, Boyd Tarney, Steve Fensler, Dick Heasley, Linda Roop, Ellen Browning, Norma Dick- inson, Bill Pfeiffer, Barbara Ferguson. Officers: Becky Agner, Maggie Borden, Marcy Emmert, James Mitchell, Nancy Messenger, Ann Kairiger. Officers: Lois Johnson, Al Noble, Dennis Shebig, Shelia Bear, seated Kay Reher. 46 Officers: Susie Angus, Bonnie Lake, Linda Manuel, Suzette Hunt, Jane Nicholson, Gail Smith. As a part of Elmhurst activities, the choirs per- form at school functions, present concerts, and play an active part in E. H. S. music productions. North- ern Indiana Solo and Ensemble Contest is participated in by numerous members; often resulting in the privilege and honor of their participating in the State contest in Indianapolis. Suitable music of all types is studied and programmed. Aspects of music composition, theory and history are explored and studied. However, the Concert Choir is a major portion of the music program at E- H. S., and as such, it has many opportunities to perform throughout the community. The annual appearance of the Concert Choir at the Baccalaureate service is one highly pre- pared for event. A banquet is held in the spring in honor of the Seniors. Vocalists Hit It Big At State Auditions Bottom row: Cindy Colvin, Gail Smith, Bonnie Lake, Pat Gable, Sherry Grace, Carol Weaver, Susie Angus, Karen Scheiman, Pam Young, Mr. Weiser. Row II: Suzette Hunt, Sherry Cutter, Bev Yater, Nancy Barton, Jane Nicholson, Sheila Bear, Kay Rehrer, Linda Mannuel, Darcy Hartzog. 47 fm ' Jih£ i PfWtt Bottom Row: Richard Baughn, Tom Bovenkirk, Sharon Smith, Patty Capin, Jane Grissom, Barb Burke, Rose Mil- ler, Fred Warner, Dave Congdon. Row 2, Tom Fuhrman, Kenny Collier, Paul Groves, David Woods, Roger Klinger, Bill Pape, Mark Gaunt, Randy Zion. Elmhurst Trojans Learn Effective Communication The National Forensic League and Forum. Elm- hurst ' s extra-curricular speech organizations, are making efforts to distinguish Elmhurst in rhetorical work. These groups are being directed by Mr- Kent Kurtz. The National Forensic League is mainly affiliated with the speech group of this organization. One may become a member of this league according to the number of speech contests participated in and won. Some of the sections of this speech group are: ex- temperaneous, oratory, original oratory, and poetic and dramatic interpretation. The Forum is the debating group of this organi- zation. The members of Forum may become members of National Forensic League on the basis of the num- ber of debates won. This debating group is divided into the varsity and the junior varsity- Kathy Spice receives a well-deserved award for efficient effort. 48 Students Demonstrate Theatrical Talents The Dramatics classes, because of so few students, make up the entire Dramatics Club- The year was started with the satirical play " The Mouse That Roared. " Under the direction of Kent Kurtz and Don Goss, the play, concerned the mythical Grand Duchey of Fenwick. Fenwick was in great economic distress, and decided to declare war on the United States to secure foreign aid. The play was a suc- cess. In the spring, the dramatics and musical de- partments combined to present the musical pro- duction, " Bye Bye Birdie. " A fine performance given by these two members of the South Pacific cast. Scene from the Mouse That Roared: Joe Loughmiller, Gary Symons, Barb Flickinger, Dee Perry, Don Kline, Linda Murdock, Linda Dunn, Fred Warner, Ann Weber, Mark Gaunt, John Leindecker, and Gary Robers. »r?SW Tft Bottom Row: Terry Woolums, Jeff Goshert, Roger John- son, Dan Barker, Dennis Schebig, Charles Carr, Rex Col- lier, Dave Baker, Mark Davis, Mr. Sinks. Row 2 : Jim Merkey, Tim Borne, Bill Pfeiffer, Dick Rhoad, Roger Weyrick, Frank Baade, Ronnie Reiulle, St. Clair Thompson, Mike Shurtz. Hi-Y Men Feature Clean Fun Officers sitting: Dick Rhoads, Tim Borne, Mike Shurtz. Standing: Frank Baade, Roger Johnson. The Hi-Y is a Y.MC.A.-sponsored service club for high school boys. Its purpose is to create, main- tain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. " The Elmhurst Hi-Y Club meets twice monthly at the downtown Y.M.C.A- Each year the Hi-Y has several projects. This year the club sold Trojan sweatshirts, collected for the needy at Christmas, and held a Spring car wash from which funds were sent to help build Y.M.C.A- missions abroad. The coat check at basketball games is also run by the Hi-Y. Faculty advisors are Mr. Sinks and Mr. Murphy. The Hi-Y sponsors a car wash as one of their many projects. 50 Character Building At Its Best Is Y-Teens ' Goal Officers are from left to right: Sharon Smith, Marcy Em- mert, Peggy Kirsch, Karen McLaughlin. Y-Teens is an organization sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. of Fort Wayne. This club ' s advisor is Mrs- Jacqueline Foelber. The club works as a serv- ice club Their objective is to help and aid worthy organizations in the Fort Wayne community This Elmhurst club has 85 members. During the year they had many guest speakers whose topics ranged from social work to interior decorating. Some of their service projects were: making gifts for the Westside Neighborhood Center, wrapping Christ- mas gifts for the Fort Wayne State School, and hold- ing an Easter Egg hunt for the Allen County Chil- dren ' s Home. The highlights of the year were the Sadie Hawkins Dance in November, a Daddy-Date night in Febru- ary (where the girls escort their fathers for a night of fun), and the Mother and Daughter banquet in the spring in honor of their mothers and also when awards earned during the year are presented. By accumulating 110 points it is possible to earn a letter and 300 points accumulated through the year enables a member to earn a pin. Bottom Row: Linda Sweet, Susie Exner, Cathy Moses, Jean Kingsbury, Linda Nicholson, Marcy Emmert, Sharon Smith, Peggy Kirsch, Karen McLaughlin, Nancy Hendrick- son, Meryl Hoffman, Sandy Hutmacker, Becky Agner, Becky Gillie, Carolyn Lowe, Cindy Steinforth. Row II: Barbara Burke, Joyce Rousseau, Jean Ralston, Jeanne Baade, Connie Wascovich, Karen Bertram, Carol Opliger, Lynn Humm, Connie Greeno, Nancy Messenger, Suzette Hunt, Sharon Caston, Judy Rotch, Kathy Spice, Karen Glock. Row III: Sherry Krinn, Jackie Hoine, Anita Wiegman, June Poneleit, Sandy Bunsold, Sue Hartman, Ginny Kerns, Gale Malcolm, Ginger Yergens, Patti Steinforth, Jo Ann Kissinger, Diane Taylor, Janet Ellenberger, Suzanne Ketz- ler, Susie Friedman, Gloria Kerr. Row IV: Kathy Riley, Cindy Cutshall, Nancy Bolyard, Cindy Waldrop, Marria Gater, Sally Fox, Bobbie Bruns, Sandy Steffen, Linda DeHaven, Sheri Hamilton, Cindy Pugsley, Georgia Welch, Mary Ann Eickhoff, Catie Green- ler, Kaylene Rhoad, Diann Schultz. Row V: Jane Black, Nancy Kayer, Gwen Zeysing, Sally Parr, Sally Redding, Marcia Drummond, Susie Hoffman, Kathy Willard, Joan Stauffer, Barb Venis, Marilyn Van- Hoozen, Carol Farris, Terry Cameron, Barb Flickenger, ZZm " " " " Varsity twirlers, from left to right, are Glenda Besselsort, Carolyn Lowe, Cindy Hartwell, Cindy Steinforth, Patty Steinforth, Nancy Stoll. Trojan Twirlers Provide Entertainment At Its Best The Elmhurst Trojan Twirlers are a group of skilled girls who strive industriously for precision and timing. These are the girls who work hard to give the " Mighty Trojans " and their fans the school spirit through various activities during the year. These girls perform at our home football and basket- ball pre-game shows and provide the entertainment during the half-time programs. The girls practice every day during the seventh period in order to reach the peak of perfection. At the end of each year, the Twirlers join the band members for a banquet- This year the band booster awarded Cindy Hartwell, Twirling captain, a scholarship to the Twirlers ' Camp in Syracuse, Indiana. Reserve twirlers, from left to right, are Becky Gillie, Patty Ball, Janice Marr, Linda Murdock, Barbara Mc- Ferran, Carol Sanders. Standing: Darlene Kizer, Marie Studebaker, Suzanne Henschen. 52 Bottom Row: Mr. Athan, Dan Glass, Steve Springer, Dave Dahman, Paul Eickhoff, Dan Barker, Rocky Finlayson, Don Johnston, Steve Churchward, Jerry Reinking, Ron Harris, Gale Hetrick. Row II: Brian Weller, Bud Skinner, Roger Johnson, Dick Rhoad, Al Roman, Bob McGregor, Tom Mullans, Denny Quance, Denny Graham, Harold Smith. Row III: Darrell Gerke, Russell Grose, Bruce MacPherson, Ted Barker, Dave Johnson, Terry Coker, Bob Morton, Ron Lunz, John Bresler, Lynn Armstrong. Lettermen Promote Good Sportsmanship At E.H.S. The Lettermen ' s Club at Elmhurst High School is designed for the betterment of our school and the surrounding area by Elmhurst ' s " Lettermen. " To be a member of this club, one must have earned an Elmhurst school letter in inter-school athletics. This club has established an enviable reputation over the years for its efforts in helping the com- munity and the school. This year socially they are planning to give a semi-formal dance in the spring- This clubs ' sponsor is Mr. Rex Athan. The offi- cers of the club are as listed: Rocky Finlayson, President; Don Johnston, Vice-President; Dave Dah- man, Secretary; Paul Eickhoff, Treasurer; and Dan Barker, Sergeant-at-Arms. Officers: Bottom Row: Rocky Finlayson, Don Johnston. Row 2: Paul Eickhoff, Dave Dahman, Dan Barker. 53 Trojan Riflemen Mark Good Season The Elmhurst Rifle Club is the defending State Champion. In 1963 EH.S. won the honors in the non-military division. Returning lettermen from this great achievement are: Lunz, Killworth, Gross, Cran- dall, Forschner, Eastbrook, Fox, Topp, Bell, Romey, and Smith. Advancement to a letter is a long and hard process. First a member must become a Promarksman; then Marksman; Marksman, First Class; Sharpshooter, and finally Expert. Medals, pins and brassards can be obtained as awards, by purchase only, but a let- ter is awarded for all the toil, free of charge. Elmhurst met Howe, Culver, Concordia, Decatur, and South and will compete in the State Match at Culver. Bottom row: Mike Churchward, Dale Estabrook, Dianna Forschner, Tim Kilworth, Ron Smith. Row 2: Larry Lunz, Tom Wickliffe, Steve Sandkuhler, Dave Swaim, Ron Hc-iney, Lenny Cross, Steve Baron, Steve Rulka. Row 3 : Fred Sturgis, Byron Romey, Dave Richway, Har- old Pinnick, Tom Henning, Ronnie Butts, Max Bell, Kenny Dressier. Row 4: Ron Pressler, Bob Henizer, Kirby Pence, Charles Topp, Jack Crandall, Tom Young, Cary Shelley, Ken Trout- man, Steve Hamilton. Row 5 : Steve Beuker, Gale Rust, Terry Shumaker, Bob Gerke, Lawrence Smith, Joe Householder, Ron Marhenke, Kenyon Tilbury, Tom Heck, Officers : Tim Kilworth, Larry Lunz. Mr. Reed, Dianne Forschner, 54 Seated: Jon Broderick, Joan Broderick, Nancy Maloley, Linda Jewel, Jeanette Clark, Donna Weber. Row 2: Terry Hatfield, Ann Weber, Jane Black Lawrence Smith, Don Johnston, Cindy Fell. Newsworthy Year Keeps Advance Busy Following the theme of GROWING BIGGER AND BETTER, this year ' s ADVANCE staff at- tempted to maintain newspapers consisting of six pages. The ADVANCE was to be published a total of eighteen times, making it a bi-monthly paper, and at a lower cost than in previous years. This was an attempt by the newspaper staff to set a precedent as background for future years. This year the ADVANCE staff consisted of fifteen members plus many reporters who strived to estab- lish and maintain up-to-date coverage of scholastic and extra-curricular activities. It was also possible for the ADVANCE editor to attend the Annual High School Journalism Institute at Indiana University. It is hoped that the ' 64- ' 65 editor and business- manager will be able to attend this institute also to receive further information and instruction for the future progress of the ADVANCE. The quality and quantity of new and other stories was greatly improved this year as well as the entire construction of the paper. Lawrence Smith, Cindy Fell, Don Johnston, Linda Jewel, Jeanette Clark. 55 Senior editors are Nancy Maloley, Faculty Section; Dan Hunt, Pictures; Patty Houck, Activities; Standing: Linda Goodin, Editor in Chief; Linda Nagel, Opening Section. Junior editors are Lynn Closterman, Faculty Section; Karen Glock, Opening Section; and Karen McLaughlin, Activi- ties. Standing is Fred Warner, the Junior Sports Editor. E.H.S. Annual Is Truly ' Bigger And Better ' Album editors are Carol Hoopes, Susan Vogelgesang, Sharon Friedman, Editor; and Judy Beltz. The students in charge of the sports section are Larry Horn, Sports Editor; St. Clair Thompson, and Roger Johnson. 56 Our photographers are Larry Horn and Bob Pugh. This year, as in others, Seniors will walk proudly to receive their diplomas, Juniors will feel the thrill of suddenly becoming Seniors, and Sophomores will become upper-classmen. Again, as in preceding years, the laughter, the tears, and fond memories will be recorded for posterity in the Elmhurst Anlibrum, ' 64 edition. We, the " Annie " staff have become a part of this yearbook; and it has in turn bcome part of us. We have felt the heartbeat of Elmhurst in ways never imagined and have, as a staff, endeavored to record facts and fantasies which we feel will hold delightful memories in the years to come. Whatever reason may prompt you to open this book in the future, perhaps a moment of curios- ity or a yearning to remember, for that moment you will relive the ' 63- ' 64 school year. We the staff, dedicate to you the student body, the 1964 Anlibrum. The copywriters are Maggie Borden, Martin Nycum, and Lynn Ortino. " Annie " typists are Sandy Bunsold, Sharon McConnell, and Diane Rankin. The business staff consists of Kenny Col- lier, Business Manager; Carol Kokosa, Head Bookkeeper: and Sharon Lee, Junior Bookkeeper. 57 • y : i; ;• f9 r .- Ml ' • % ♦ i v S SB i " ' , »■ fit f . ' - vv yy ' yJ , • MC J f », . . ' -t - j » » » U " £S M k L " - fc a If K Sport Scene Is Important At E.H.S, Elmhurst participates in interscholastic competi- tion in such sports as: football, basketball, cross country, track, tennis, and golf. Boys have an ex- cellent opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in any one or more of these sports. They also learn the true value of sportsmanship. Elmhurst is also hoping to broaden its athletic program in the near future by adding more sporting events in addition to the new facilities next year. 59 Standing: Coach Athan, Hoffman, Shoemaker, Sand- kuhler, Plunkett, Lapodot, Rosseter, Anglin, Spice, Myers, Coe, Palguta, Coach Yost. Row 2: Bressler, Imil, Fergurson, Murphy, McGee, Dennis, Osborne, Ely, Wolfe. Row 3: Parrish, Bir, Merkey, Glass, G. Jackson, Bran- strator, Boothe, M. Jackson, Reed, Griffin, Radabaugh. Soph Talent Insures Trojans ' Future Scores Elmhurst South Side 14 Elmhurst North Side 6 Elmhurst Bishop Luers 14 Elmhurst 7 Central 20 Elmhurst 7 New Haven 13 Elmhurst 13 Concordia 6 Elmhurst 19 C. C. 6 Scoring Touchdowns Imel 2 Spice 2 Anglin 2 Booth 1 Ferguson Point After Touchdowns Spice 3 Imel 1 The Sophs ' turn-out for the ' 63 football season was unusually good for a school that had been so unsuccessful in previous football seasons. At first the small but hard working sophomores lacked the fundamental skills of the game; but as the year pro- gressed, the young " men of Troy " showed improve- ment in the dust bowl of the Trojans ' gridiron. Although the reserve squad had a rather hard- luck season, losing many games by only one touch down, they improved enough to pick off their last two games of the season. In these last two games the sophomore Trojans put together fine defensive and offensive plays to show the Central Catholic Irish and Concordia Cadets that the Trojans could play as well as any other team they might have gone up against this year. Mr. Athan and Mr. Yost, the coaches of the sophomore team, kept the spirit of the young men going. Those reserve coaches deserve much credit foi a job well done. 60 Standing: Congdon, Manager; Coach Melchi, Geiser, Carpenter, Koorsen, Gutmann, Zion, Graham, Porter, Niemeyer, Soiari, Vervalin, S. Johnson, Zeysing, Mohr, Sandkuhler, Bolyard, T. Barker, Harris, Bressler, Mueller, manager; Coach Hoover. Row 2 : Groves, Quance, Stark, Lindblom, Trepak, Machmut, Yankosky, Bir, Wisel, MacPherson, Schwartz, Clark, Prince, Hetrick, Davis. Row 3 : Johnson, manager; Glass, Skinner, Weller, Reinking, Finlayson, D. Barker, Churchward, D. John- son, Gerke, Eickhoff, Herber, Morton. New Coach Sparks Men Of Troy The Fighting Trojans, although they had an un- successful year, were a much improved team over the previous season of play. Under the coaching of " Skeets " Hoover and Gene Melchi, the Trojans were able to put up a fine battle against most of their opponents. The 1963 season was the re- building year for the Trojans. One of the highlights of the season was the naming of Steve Churchward to the NEIAC team. Ted Barker received an honorable mention for his efforts during the season. These two Trojans also received honorable mention for the All-City team. The year was concluded with the annual football banquet by the parents of the team members. Graduating seniors include: Steve Churchward, Dan Barker, Rocky Finlayson, Jerry Reinking, Paul Eickhoff, Bob Morton, Darrel Gerke, Dan Glass, Bud Skinner, Bruce McPherson, Charles Bir, Jim Herber, Brian Weller, John Bresler, Art Lindblom, Mark Davis, Dave O. Johnson, Steve Geiser, John Wisel, and Pete Trepek. Scores Elmhurst Elmhurst 6 Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst 7 Elmhurst 6 Flmhurst 12 C. C. 18 Angola 12 Concordia 20 Bishop Luers 32 Garrett 43 South Side 25 Central 20 New Haven 27 Touchdowns T. Barker 2 Eickhoff 1 Hetrick 1 Reinking 1 Point After Touchdowns Churchward 1 61 The sophomores looked good in this practice game with the varsity squad. Hairston, Central quarterback, picks up a few yards as Dar- rell Gerke and Brian Weller move in for the tackle. Trojans stop tough Garrett offense on two yard line with twenty seconds to go. Jerry Reinking tries for ex- tra yardage by using a " straight foot " instead of a straight arm. 62 Even though the Trojans had a poor season, there was a crowd of howling fans at every one of the games to cheer the boys on to a hopeful victory. Trojan ' s linemen stop tough Central back. Steve Churchward can ' t be- lieve it. Elmhurst takes a com- manding lead over NEIC champs in first quarter. 63 " Skeets " Ho over gives Rocky Finlayson instructions on the next play to call. " The dance is after the game fellows, let ' s play ball ,35 Standing: Bill Worrell, 5-8 sophomore; Sam Rosseter, 5-11 junior; Dave Anglin, 5-11 sophomore; Roger Spice, 5-10 sophomore; Dennis Sosinski, 5-11 sophomore; Dan Ma- bee, 5-9 sophomore; Bob Imel, 5-9 sophomore. Kneeling: Mike Hoine, manager; Larry Hansen, 5-2 sopho- more; Rick Hinton, 5-5 sophomore; Greg Jackson, 5-7 sophomore; Jerry Vogelgesang, 5-5 sophomore; Coach Athen. Absent Tom Fuhrman and Scot Vinson. Reserve Team Boasts Best Season The 1963-1964 reserve basketball team had an excellent season under the coaching of Mr. Athan. The reserve squad won the Holiday Tournament during Christmas vacation by defeating the Con- cordia and North Side reserve teams. After Christ- mas the reserves lost only one game. Overall the team won thirteen games and lost seven. The reserve basketball team is important to the sophomore and junior boys in preparing them for varsity play. The boys learn basketball fundamentals and gain valuable experience. The reserve games are played as preliminaries to the varsity games. Things look bright for Elmhurst Boosters next year as shown here by their fine 13 win 7 loss record; the best ever by a Trojan reserve team. Elmhurst 23 Central 43 Elmhurst 35 Bishop Luers 45 Elmhurst 30 Huntington 67 Elmhurst 52 Concordia 38 Elmhurst 45 Monmouth 49 Elmhurst 41 Angola 38 Elmhurst 44 Huntertown 49 Elmhurst 40 North Side Reserve Tourney 64 Elmhurst 39 Concordia 28 Elmhurst 46 North Side 33 Elmhurst 44 Adams Central 31 Elmhurst 47 Muncie South 32 Elmhurst 47 Bluffton 41 Elmhurst 39 Decatur 43 Elmhurst 39 South Side 35 Elmhurst 53 C. C. 33 Elmhurst 46 Berne 29 Elmhurst 44 Ossian 43 Elmhurst 44 New Haven 34 Elmhurst 52 Kendallville 48 65 Standing: Coach Werling, Ted Barker, 6-0 F junior; Bob McGregor, 6-3 b senior; Greg Robers, 6-5 C sophomore; Tom Mullans, 6-4 F junior; Dan Glass, 6-2 F senior; Don Johnston, 6-0 F senior; Coach Geyer. Kneeling: Sandy Wyall, manager; Dave Dean, 5-8 G jun- ior; Hal Smith, 5-9 G junior; Rocky Finlayson, 5-10 G senior; Dave Dahman, 5-9 G senior; Tom Motz, manager. Absent, Tom Fuhrman. Trojans Win First City Crown The tall and talented Elmhurst Trojans, who fin- ished the season with an impressive 13-6 record, shared their first City Championship with Con- cordia this season. Each team had identical 5-1 city records, with Elmhurst defeating Concordia and losing to C.C. The Varsity team also lost only one game in Northeastern Indiana Conference play and finished second to Concordia, who also lost only one but played more games. Other highlights of the season were the naming of Bob McGregor and Tom Mullans to the All-City Team. Dan Glass, Don Johnston, Dave Dahman, Hal Smith, and Dave Dean received Honorable Mention. Bob McGregor also made the first team of the All-Conference team with Dan Glass and Tom Mullans being named to the second team. The chart opposite depicts the way the Trojans swept through their sensational 13-6 season. Elmhurst 63 Elmhurst 84 Elmhurst 54 Elmhurst 51 Elmhurst 48 Elmhurst 43 Elmhurst 58 Elmhurst 76 Elmhurst 50 Elmhurst 70 Elmhurst 80 Elmhurst 85 Elmhurst 53 Elmhurst 62 Elmhurst 87 Elmhurst 64 Elmhurst 67 Elmhurst 53 Elmhurst 58 Central 53 Bishop Luers 61 Huntington 62 Concordia 40 Monmouth 52 Angola 45 Huntertown 49 North Side 69 Adams Central 60 Muncie South 69 Bluffton 77 Decatur 74 South Side 50 C. C. 69 Berne 40 Ossian 45 New Haven 57 Kendallville 49 Sectional C C. 11 66 Name Games F.G. F.T. T.P. Ave. McGregor 19 81 72 234 12.3 Glass 19 89 48 226 11.9 Mullans 18 90 45 225 12.5 Dahman 19 73 31 177 9.3 Barker 19 29 33 91 4.8 Finlayson 17 30 7 67 3.9 Johnston 18 24 18 66 3.7 Dean 13 10 10 30 2.3 Robers 13 9 11 29 2.2 Baughman 12 9 10 28 2.3 Smith 14 9 4 22 1.6 Fuhrman 6 5 4 14 2.3 Team 19 458 293 1209 63.6 Bob McGregor was high scorer for the varsity team with 234 points for the season and a 12.3 points-per-game average. McGregor, Fuhrman Are Top Scorers Name Games F.G. F.T. T.P. Ave. Fuhrman 13 53 49 155 11.9 Deuter 20 47 39 133 6.7 Jackson 19 30 30 90 4.7 Hinton 20 32 12 76 3.8 Spice 17 26 18 70 4.1 Hansen 19 26 15 67 35 Robers 8 15 16 46 6.6 Anglin 20 18 8 44 2.2 Vinson 12 5 5 15 12 Rosseter 13 3 5 11 .8 Sosinski 15 3 3 9 .6 Vogelgesang 6 4 4 .7 Imel 12 2 2 2 Mabee 7 .0 Worrell 6 .0 Team 20 258 206 722 36.1 Tom Fuhrman scored 155 points to become the reserve high scorer. He had an 11.9 points-per-game average. 67 The Trojan hardwood coaches " boost " the team in waning moments of victory Bob McGregor flips the ball in as Dan Glass and Ted Barker ready themselves for a rebound. Don Johnston lays the ball up as Bob McGregor and Dan Glass rebound. A lone Trojan in the back- court, Dave Dahman, tries frantically to break up a De- catur fast break. 68 i The Decatur team makes its move against the tight Elm- hurst defense. Trojans are (left to right) Dave Dean, Don Johnston, Bob McGregor, Dan Glass (behind the shooter;, and Dave Dahman. Dan Glass scores an easy lay-up as the Elmhurst cheering block cheers him on. As Dave Dahman watches, Ted Barker chalks up two points in the Berne game. 69 Dave Dahman screens for teammate Rocky Finlayson in the Huntertown game. Tom Mullans shoots a free throw in the Monmouth game. Dan Glass shoots in the season opener. It was the first time Elmhurst had ever defeated Central. Tall Greg Robers tips the ball to Tom Mullans. Rocky Finlayson, ar the right, watches. Til Roundball Men Receive Many Honors Mr. Geyer, head basketball coach, was named Coach of the Year by the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. These boys received honorable mention for the All-City Team. They are :(top) Ted Barker and Dan Glass, (mid- dle row) Hal Smith and Don Johnston, and (front row) Dave Dean and Dave Dahman. Dan Glass was named to the second squad of the N.E.I. A. C. team. Bob McGregor was selected to the All-City Team and to the N.E.I.A.C. first team. Tom Mullans made the All-City Team and the second team of the N.E.I.A.C. iJ„tf ' « i it l f4 l Standing Motz, manager; Wire, Hamilton, Woolums, Armstrong, Lunz, Johnston, Mueller, Rhoad, Manager; Spencer, coach. Row 2 : Neville, Hernandez, Shultz, Eix, Warner, Grose, Shurtz, Smith, Jaworskyi (absent). Trojan Harriers Record Fast Season The Trojan cross country team had a semi-suc- cessful year with a record of four wins and eight losses in the regular season meets. The leading run- ners were Lynn Armstrong, Ron Lunz, Don John- ston, Heinrich Mueller, Nick Jaworskyi, and Terry Woolums. During the season both Lynn Armstrong and Ron Lunz ran the two-mile course in ten minutes. In the Northeastern Indiana Conference, Elm- hurst placed fifth among the nine participating schools. Finishing eighth out of 63 boys, Ron Lunz received a bronze medal. In the sectional, which included teams from 27 schools, the Trojan run- ners placed tenth. Lynn Armstrong finished six- teenth among the 162 boys running in the sectional. With the return of several top runners next year, the fall 1964 cross country squad should perform well. Mr. Spencer, coach of the Elmhurst harriers, starts the meet with Kendallville held at Franke Park. 72 Standing: L. to R.; T. Mullans; R. McGregor; T. Fuhrman; D. Glass; D. Vervalin; D Gerke; T. Barker; J. Stinnett; R. Lunz; L. Armstrong; D. Johnston; J. Her ber; S. Gieser. Middle Row, L. To R.: T. Woolums; R. Collier; D. Gra- ham; D. Green; S. Harrington; H. Mueller; S. Johnson; B. Weller; R. Finlayson; G. Zeysing; B. Skinner; R. Grose; L. James. Kneeling L. to R. : D. Johnson, M. Shurtz; C. Hamrick; D. Quance; G. Hetrick; T Henning; G Houston; D. Bal- linger; D. Baker; F. Warner; R. Becraft; R. Eix. Absent: A. Lindblom; T. Coker. Track Season Excellent; Records Fall Sixty boys reported for track practice this sea- son, many of them with varsity experience as: Rus- sell Grose, Terry Coker, Darrell Gerke, Don John ston, Bob McGregor, Heinrich Mueller, and Dave Vervalin. Mr. Spencer, the varsity coach, feels that this squad, with its depth could yield a winning season plus many new school records. Cited as good pros- pects are: Tom Mullans, Steve Jackson, Ron Lun.i, Chuck Hamrick, Rocky Finlayson, Bob Stark, John Ferguson, Terry Kimbel, Bruce Wolfe, Ted Barker, John Stinnett, Ronnie Uhrich, Tom Fuhrman, and Denny Graham. Mr. Spencer also cited records he expects to fall this year — the two dashes (100 and 220), the 440, pole vault, mile relay, low hurdles, half mile run, and mile run. It took long hours cf conditioning to prepare for the grueling competition out on the E. H. S. track. 73 From the athletes above, Mr. Wetling successfully chose the " Top Eight " who competed in twenty-four matches during four weeks of links competition. Iron Men Have Busy Schedule The Elmhurst " Iron Men " embarked upon a rigorous schedule this year and, as most Trojan teams have been characterized, they " never said die. " Though Elmhurst ' s golfers had to cope with a demanding schedule, they appeared to have emerged as better men and golfers for having done so. The proof of this is best typified in a brief study of the 1964 season record. The record indicates a steadily improving and frequently brilliant team that is experienced at the " mastery of the links. " The course that the Trojan " Turf Trodders " practiced and competed on has never been noted for inducing a related game. The EHS golfers will testify to the fact that the Brook wood Golf Course is one of the finest courses in the area. The man who gave so generously of his time, talents, and golf knowledge was Mr. Nicholas Werling, the coach. Mr. Werling is quite well known on the area sports scene, as well as on the Elmhurst sports scene. This team and this man compose a fine climax to a successful season. Many boys interested in golf came from all over the area to this clinic, featuring three top professionals from Fort Wayne. 74 From the above twelve candidates came the six men who represented E. H. S. in ten hardcourt matches, which in- cluded all the city schools, this year. Tennis Introduced At Elmhurst 1964 marks the year of the first Trojan tennis competition. The first match was held on April 16 and the season closed on May 14 with 10 matches being completed. The team attempted to prove that love of the game would help keep love out of their score. Matches were held with all of the Fort Wayne high schools on a double round robin basis. Here Mr. Kurtz shows Dave Dean exactly how to hold the racket for best results. 75 1 ; i m i it They Enrich Our Lives With Knowledge The faculty of Elmhurst High School is known throughout the field of education for its successful efforts in maintaining Elmhurst ' s high academic standards. These standards have been established and maintained through the combined co-operation be- tween the faculty and the students. Through these combined efforts, the faculty is helping the students reach even higher zeniths of accomplishment in aca- demic and community work. For these deserving things, Elmhurst faculty, the Anlibrum of 1964 salutes you for a job well done. 77 Mr. Lester Grile, as the superintendent, represents the back- bone of the Fort Wayne Community Schools. Mr. Charles Eickhoff, who serves as our principal, has done an exceptional job of raising Elmhurst to its highest peak. Miss Ruth Wimmer, our Dean of Girls, willingly aids girls of all grades and capably fills her position. Administration The administration of Elmhurst High School headed by Mr. Lester Grile, Superintendent of Fort Wayne Community Schools, and Mr. Charles Eick- hoff, our principal, have made noteworthy advances for the improvement of Elmhurst High School as a leader in education. Through these advances, there are many capable people who have been cast in very important roles in making Elmhurst the pillar in education that it is. All of these people contribute to making up our distinguished administration. Mrs. Grace Pennington, Elmhurst ' s guidance counselor, readily counsels all students of EHS in order to help them solve their problems. Mr. Robert Zimmerman, who serves as the Dean of Boys, is always ready to listen to and talk with any boy at Elmhurst. 78 Mrs. Julia Shaw, secretary to Mr. Eickhoff, works ener- getically to keep the office running smoothly and effectively. Mrs. Jean Sark, guidance office secretary, helps to maintain order and efficiency in the guidance office. REX A. ATHAN English Butler University, B.S. Ball State Indiana University ELINOR G. BILLIARD English Ball State Indiana University St. Francis College, B.A. LENORA SIMON BLEKE Biology Manchester College Ball Stafe Indiana State Indiana University, Beyond a Masters Purdue University DOROTHY M. BUSKIRK Study Hall Clerk Kendell College, Assoc, in Arts Ft. Wayne Bible College MARION R. DEAHL Home Economics St. Francis College, B.S. Indiana University, M.S. JUANITA M. DECKER English, French St. Francis College, B.S. Indiana University, M.S. HERBERT DILLING Social Studies Manchester College, B.S. LUCILLE DOSWELL Physical Education Hanover College, B.S. Penn State, M.E. URAL EDWARDS Typing, Shorthand, Notetaking Indiana State, A.B. Indiana University, M.E. 79 LETHA A. FALLS English, Latin Indiana University, A.B. Northwestern University, M.A. JACQUELINE B. FOELBER Spanish Ball State, B.A. Middlebury College Purdue University St. Francis College DONALD FRYBACK Typing, Bookkeeping, Mathematics Indiana University, B.S. St. Francis College, M.S. RAYMOND GARRETT Mathematics Taylor University Ball State, B.S.,. M.S. St. Francis College Purdue University Extension ARTHUR F. GERWIG Latin, English Franklin College Depauw University, A.B. Ball State WILLIAM F. GEYER Boys ' Physical Education Butler University, B.S. MARCELLA L. GOBLE Bookkeeping Ball State, B.S., M.A. DONALD C. GOSS Art, Stagecraft Ft. Wayne Art School Indiana University. B.S. U.C.L.A., M.A. ETHAN E. GWALTNEY Chemistry Evansville College, A.B. Indiana University, M.S. " All right you guys, it ' s either homeroom or jug! " 80 " Ganamos! " ( " We Won! " ; MILDRED H. HIBBEN Library, Journalism Manchester College, A.B. Columbia University, M.A. WARREN R. HOOVER Mathematics Valparaiso University, A.B. Indiana University. M.S. DARWIN KELLEY Social Studies Huntington College, B.A. University of Iowa, M.A. Indiana University, Ph.D. KENT KURTZ English, Speech, Dramatics Manchester College, B.S. Ball State, M.A. betty McGregor Commercial College Study Hall Clerk EUGENE MELCHI Drafting, Shop Ball State, B.S., M.S. GLENN D. MILLER Geography, Sociology Indiana University. B.S., M.S. LARRY A. MURPHY Shop Indiana University Ball State, B.S. ROBERT ST. CLAIR MYERS Band, Orchestra Westchester State, B.S. Penn State, M.A. Indiana University 81 This is history? PRUE A. OBERLIN English Ball State, A.B. University of Wisconsin Indiana University St. Francis College ROBERT PASSWATER Social Studies Wabash College Indiana University, B.S. MARY POLITE English Ball State, M.A. Ohio Northern College, B.S. Bowling Green State University Indiana University RICHARD L. POOR Mathematics Ball State. B.S., M.A. RAY REED Mathematics Ball State, B.S. St. Francis College, M.E. JOHN R. SINKS, JR. Government Wabash College Indiana University, B.S. Ball State, M.A. DOUGLAS A. SPENCER Social Studies, Physical Education Indiana University, B.S., M.S. ELDON E. STOOPS Typing Ball State, B.S., M.A. LLOYD L. WEBER Social Studies, Economics Wittenberg College, B.S. Indiana University. M.S. 82 NICHOLAS C. WERLING Social Studies Bowling Green State University, B.S. ROBERT F. WIESER Choir Ball State, B.S., M.E., — M.A., M.E. DePaul University Purdue University Indiana University RUTH WIMMER Chemistry, Dean of Girls Indiana University, A.B., M.A. Western College For Women Purdue University CORRINE H. WITTENBERG English Indiana University, A.B. St. Francis College MILDRED U. WOODWORTH English Iowa State Teacher ' s College, B.A. Indiana Extension DARYL YOST English, Sociology Manchester College, B.S. Ball State, M.A. Indiana University Cafeteria Mary Wagner Louise Scheuman Estella Walter Serena Slater Katherine Polley Custodians Hubert Schoeph Wilber Demland Violet Broxon Thomas Haught 83 A school is not merely four walls, a blackboard, and a lot of desks. It is a living, breathing being depend- ent on the energy and talents of its students. We are the students of E. H. S.: Seniors facing unknown futures; Juniors yearning to be " Big Seniors; " and Sophomores relishing the first tastes of high school responsibilities and independence. We are different in every respect — in appearance and personality, of all faiths and backgrounds, held together by one common bond, our school. Whether we count the days to graduation or look forward to the next year of high school activities, we can not deny that EHS is a big part of each of our lives. Here we have experienced the joys of triumph and the tears of de- feat, the comfort of friends, and sometimes, the heartache of loneliness. From these experiences we hope to have grown in wisdom and understanding. Whether or not we feel that Elmhurst is truly a " school without peer " makes little difference. Elm- hurst is, and was, and always will be our school, for we, as its students, are E. H. S. We Are E.H.S. 85 Class of ' 64 . . . Seniors are measured for caps and gowns as they prepare for the final step in their high school career. Senior homeroom secretaries, from left to right: Sharon Hornberger, Susie Sanders, Cheryl Starnes, Sandy Ponsot, Marcy Emmert, Judy Beltz, Joanne Herber, and Sally Fox. We the class of 1964 are an active class — always interested in a variety of activities including: sports, dramatics, music, art, service projects, journalism, dancing and parties. Through these many interests we have proved that we can and want to accept re- sponsibility. Looking back on our high school years we find them crowded with events and friendships that will long be remembered. We have become in- creasingly concerned about our futures and seek answers to the questions that arise. We, the gradu- ating seniors of Elmhurst High School, readily ac- cept the challenges confronting us such as: further education, new jobs, or perhaps marriage- We feel that we have received the best training possible, here at Elmhurst, for the years to come. Senior class president Bob McGregor and vice-president Paul Eickhoff discuss class activities with class sponsor Miss Letha Falls. 86 Need We Say More! Some seniors will go on to further their education and enter professional fields. Most senior girls will make their careers in the home. In the guidance office seniors mav find information con- cerning their future occupations. Other seniors will find their future vocations in the field of industrial arts. 87 Arthur William Ackerman Projectionist; Phi-Chem Club Becky Agner Pres., Choir; Commercial Club; Sec, Booster Club; Phi-Chem Club; Prom Committee; Y-Teens; F.T.A. Mary Jo Ann Angus Commercial Club; Advance Agent; His- torian of Choir Frank Baade Football; Commercial Club; Bowling League; Track; Hi-Y; intramurals Carol Sue Bailey Booster Club; Commercial Club; From Lafayette Central Judy Ann Bailey Booster Club; Classical Club; Com- mercial Club; From Lafayette Central David C. Baker Bowling League; Hi-Y Gene L. Baker From Lafayette Central; Cheerleader; Band; Yearbook Jeanne A. Baker Office practice; Commercial Club Denny L. Ballinger Boys State; Varsity Football; Golf; Jr. Classical Club; Phi-Chem Club Dan E. Barker E Co-Captain, Football; Track; Phi- Chem Club; Hi-Y; Tennis; Lettermen ' s Club; Prom Committee Sheila Renee Bear Twirlers; Prom Committee; GA.A. Judy Kay Beltz Y.F.C. Pres.; Annie Staff; Sec.-Treas., Home Ec Club; Choir; F.T.A.. G.A.A.; Booster Club Karen Bender Commercial Club; Home Ec Club Michael David Bennett Y.F.C; Bowling League; K.P.; Nature Club Charles H. Bir Football; Lettermen ' s Club; intramurals Linda Bishop Annie Staff; Booster Club; Red Cross Council; F.T.A.; Commercial Club; Ad- vance; Prom Attendant Committee Rex Bissell Rifle Club Nancy Bleakney Y.F.C., Band Vicki Lou Bone Student Librarian; Red Cross; Y-Teens Diane M. L. Boothe Booster Club; Commercial Club Margaret Ann Borden Choir; Phi-Chem Club; " Carousel " ; " South Pacific " ; Annie Staff; F.T.A. Timothy Scott Borne Pres., Hi-Y; Sports Ed., Advance; Prom Committee; Phi-Chem Club; Nuntius, Classical Club Linda Bow Y.F.C.; Forum; G.A.A.; Classical Club Robert E. Bradley Phi-Chem Club; Projectionists; Track; Cross Country Richard Brandenburg Football; Choir; intramurals Judith Yvonne Brandt G.A.A. Stephen Allen Branstrator Frosh Basketball; Track; Cross Country; intramurals John Lawrence Bresler E in Varsity Football Track; Letter- men ' s Club; Phi-Chem Club Jon Barry Broderick Jr. Classical League; Advance Am t U r r U » p. v . 89 Janis Myra Brown Booster Club; Nature Club; Y.F.C. Susan Elizabeth Brown Booster Club; Library Melinda Lou Buck Choir; Bowling League Diana K. Bueker Treas., Band; Jr. Classical League; Y.F.C; Advance; Phi-Chem Club Lynda Lee Buell Booster Club; From Lafayette Central; Student Council Michael R. Bunn Bowling League; Projectionist; Phi- Chem Club; Jr. Classical League; Prom Committee Sandra Jean Bunsold Booster Club; Y-Teens; Prom Commit- tee; Commercial Club; Annie Staff Barbara Burke Cheerleader; Prom Attendant; Advance; Speech Club; Y-Teens; " The Mouse that Roared " ; Bowling; F.T.A. Rebecca Annette Byrd Home Ec Club; Booster Club; Y.F.C; G.A.A.; From Clear Creek H.S., Hun- tington Charles Edward Carr Track; Projectionist; Rifle Club; Choir; Hi-Y Sue Carroll Commercial Club; Booster Club; C.A.A.; Phi-Chem Club Jerry Case Rifle Club; From Harlan; Band Diane K. Chapman Classical Club; Phi-Chem Club; K.P.; Library Staff Steve Churchward All conference varsity football; Track; Red Cross Council; Prom Committee; Band; Lettermen ' s Club JEANETTE E. CLARK Booster Club; Advance; F.T.A.; Classi- cal Club 90 Terry Coker E in track; Projectionist; Lettermen ' s Club; intramurals Kenny Collier Debate; Classical N.F.L.; Forum Rex Collier Bowling; Hi-Y; Club; Rifle Club Club; Annie Staff; Phi-Chem; Classical LUCINDA D. COLVIN K.P.; Bowling League; Home Ec. Club; " The Mouse That Roared " Sharon Lee Combs Booster Club; Bowling League; Com- mercial Club Mary Margaret Cooper Band; F.T.A.; " South Pacific " ; Choir Jack Arthur Crandal Intramurals; Rifle Club Nancy Lee Crane Pres., Classical Club; F.T.A.; Phi-Chem Club; Booster Club; " Look Homeward Angel " ; " Carousel " Emory Lewis Craver Advance; Frosh. Football and Basket- ball Gordon L. Crawford Prom Committee; Cross Country; Phi- Chem Club; Bowling League; intra- murals Lenny F. Cross Rifle Club Robert Wm. Crow David Dahman Varsity Cross Country Basketball; E in Basketball; Lettermen ' s Club Carol Davis Choir Christina M. Davis Red Cross; Y-Teens; Library Assistant; Commercial Club 91 Jan Michael Davis Band; Orchestra; Phi-Chem Club; Stage Band Mark Davis E in Varsity Football; Hi-Y; Phi-Chem Club; Golf; K.P. Donald Ross Denny Patricia Dennis Choir Doyle L. Dickerson From North Fremont, Idaho; Wrestling; Basketball; Band; Boys Federation Norma Jean Dickinson Sec-treas., F.T.A.; G.A.A.; Y.F.C. Ronald Dullaghan Jr. Classical Club; Phi-Chem Club; intramurals Paul L. Eickhoff E in Basketball; Varsity Football; Treas., Lettermen ' s Club; V.P. of Sr. Class Connie Grace Eisenbise Advance typist; Commercial Club Marcy Emmert Booster Treas.; Choir; Y-Teens; F.T.A.; Phi-Chem Club; Prom Committee; Commercial Club Maurice Lee Fair Bowling League; " Look Homeward Angel " ; " South Pacific " Louise Fairchild Booster Club; Commercial Club Sherry Kay Fairfield Commercial Club; Choir; Y.F.C. Cynthia Kaye Fell Ed., Advance; Commercial Club; Phi- Chem Club; Jr. Classical League; " Amahl and the Night Visitors " Dennis Ferguson K.P.; Advance reporter 92 Rocky Finlayson E in Football and Basketball; Pres. Sarg-at-arms of Lettermen ' s Club; Prom Committee; Red Cross Council Gary Fisher E in Football; Commercial Club Susan Ford Booster Club; Home Ec Club; Phi- Chem Club; Annie Staff Diana Jeanne Forschner Sec. Rifle Club; Pres. Nature Club; Commercial Club; Band Laura Lee Foulks Historian of F.T.A.; Booster Club; Jr. Classical League; Y-Teens; Prom Com- mittee Jay M. Fox Varsity Football; Rifle Club Sally Fox Pres. Booster Club; Prom Attendant; Y-Teens; Prom Committee; F.T.A. James Franks Reserve Football; Band Doris Ann Freygang Booster Club; Prom Committee Sharon Jean Friedman Annie album sect, ed.; Booster Club; Prom Committee; Phi-Chem Club; F.T.A.; From Highland Park H.S. Marcia Gater Y-Teens; Prom Committee; Booster Club Darrell L. Gerke E in Football Track; Lettermen ' s Club Steve Geiser Varsity Football; Track; Band; Pro- jectionist; Phi-Chem Club JOVANNA SUSETTE GERWIG Nature Club; Classical Club Dan L. Glass E in Varsity Football, Basketball Golf; Track; Lettermen ' s Hi-Y; Clas- sical League it i 93 Hugh Stanley Glidewell Band; Nature Club Linda Kay Goodin Commercial Club; Editor of Anlibrum; Office Practice Sherry Pauline Grace Y.F.C.; Choir Ray H. Grivett Judy Groves Booster Club; Prom Committee; Y- Teens Robert Craig Hamilton Phi-Chem Club Chuck R. Hamrick E in Football; Track Cheryl Diane Harbin Booster Club; Nature Club; Home Ec Club; Commercial Club Michael E. Harris Commercial Club Cindy Hartwell Twirling Captain; Girls ' State; Com- mercial Club; Home Ec Club; Booster Club; " Carousel " Richard P. Heasley Pres. V.P. of Band; Stage Band; Classical Club; Phi-Chem Club James Phillip Herber Commercial Club; Varsity Football; in- tramurals Joanne Clair Herber Home Ec Club; Commercial Club; Advance Typist Diana Jean Hildebrandt Booster Club; Advance Peggy Lorraine Hinshaw Booster Club; Classical Club; Advance; Commercial Club; From Lafayette Cen- tral 94 Susan Kay Hoffer Booster Club; Y.F.C. Cheryl Lynn Hoffman Booster Club; Phi-Chem Club; Home Ec Club; Commercial Club Jackie Hoine Booster Club; Prom Committee; Y- Teens; Bowling League JUDI Jo HOLIGER Y-Teens; Commercial Club; Office worker; Booster Club Pat G. Holiger Booster Club; Commercial Club; Y- Teens David Lawrence Hontz Golf team; intramurals Carol Ann Hoopes Booster Club; Nature Club; Home Ec Club; Annie Staff; G.A.A. Larry Horn Annie Staff; Bowling; " South Pacific " ; " Look Homeward Angel " ; " Carousel " ; " Oklahoma " Sharon Kay Hornberger Choir; Booster Club; Prom Commit- tee; " Look Homeward Angel " ; " South Pacific " Sandra Hosler Booster Club; Home Ec Club; Y- Teens; Commercial Club Sandra Kaye Hostetler Cheerleader; Red Cross Council; Prom Attendant; Phi-Chem Club; Commer- cial Club; Home Ec Club Patty Houck Annie organization ed.; F.T.A.; Booster Club; Phi-Chem Club; Y-Teens; Com- mercial Club; Prom Committee Tom Howenstine Band; Boys State; Jr. Classical League; Bowling League; Phi-Chem Club Dan Hunt Annie Staff; Prom Committee; From Concordia Marilyn Isenbarger V.P., Booster Club; Classical Club; Y- Teens; Prom Committee 95 Gail Arleen Jackson Booster Club; Y-Teens; Prom Commit- tee; Home Ec Club; Commercial Club Mary Ann Jackson Choir; Booster Club; " Carousel " " South Pacific " ; Commercial Club Raymond Edward Jackson Stephen Duane Jackson Phi-Chem Club; Nature Club Linda Lee Jewell Band; Advance business and adver- tising manager; Pres., F.T.A.; Orchestra Dave A. Johnson Froth North Side David O. Johnson E in Varsity Football; Track; Reserve Basketball; Lettermen ' s Club Lois Ann Johnson Red Cross; Advance; Booster Club; Choir Roger Allen Johnson Annie Staff; E in Sports Mgr.; Letter- men ' s Club; Treas.. Hi-Y; Phi-Chem Club; Projectionist Don Robert Johnston E in Track, Cross Country; Varsity Basketball; Sports ed. Advance; V.P., Lettermen ' s Club; Hi-Y; Prom Com- mittee Ann Kariger V.P., Band; Choir; " Carousel " ; " South Pacific " ; Phi-Chem Club; F.T.A. Sandra Jeanne Keller Y.F.C.; Commercial Club; Choir; Classical Club Patricia Kay Kelley Booster Club; Commercial Club; Prom Committee Allen F. Ketcham Reserve Footbal; Nature Club Pamela Joan Kimbel " Oklahoma " ; Phi-Chem Club; Y-Teens 96 Joseph R. King Projectionist Peggy Kirsch Prom Queen; V.P., Y-Teens F.T.A.; Prom Committee; Booster Club; Classi- cal Club; Annie Staff Steve Kissinger Varsity Football; intramurab Carol Ann Kokosa Booster Club; Commercial Club; Annie Staff Sherry Ann Krinn Cheerleader; Red Cross Council, Y Teens; Prom Committee; Phi-Chem Club; F.T.A. Kathleen Diane Kuhn Terry Leon Lambert From Lafayette Central; Cross Coun- try; Track; Basketball Art Lindbloom Hi-Y; Football; Projectionist; Phi- Chem Club; Bowling League; intra- mural s Larry Albert Lunz Rifle Club; Nature Club; Classical Club Sharon Ann McConnell Commercial Club; Home Ec Club; Booster Club; Annie Staff Karen Darleen McGill Commercial Club; Booster Club Robert Edward McGregor E in Basketball; Football and Track; Senior Class President; Classical Club Rhea K. Mckee Band; Choir; F.T.A. ; Orchestra; Com- mercial Club Nancy Maloley Annie Staff; Pres., Latin Club; Ad- vance; Red Cross Council; Phi-Chem Club; F.T.A.; Prom Committee Keith Eugene Marlatt 97 4tl4il Vaughn Durrell Martin Cindy Means Sec, Bowling League; Commercial Club; Phi-Chem Club; Annie Staff Patricia Ann Meyer Commercial Club Jennifer Lynn Miller Band; Y.F.C.; Commercial Club; Home Ec Club Michael J. Mills Gail Margaret Mitchell Phi-Chem Club; Booster Club; Com- mercial Club James Summer Mitchell Jr. F.T.A.; Choir; Track; " Carousel " ; " South Pacific " ; Y.F.C. Robert N. Morton E in Varsity Football; Lettermen ' s Club Heinrich Mueller E in Varsity Cross Country and Track; Lettermen ' s Club Carol Ann Murray Commercial Club Mary Belle Myers Home Ec Club; G.A.A.; Booster Club; Y-Teens Linda Kay Nagel Annie opening sect, ed.; G.A.A.; YlFjC; Advance; Commercial Club; Choir Larry . Nevers Reserve Football; Commercial Club; Bowling League Alfred Bryant Noble Choir; " Carousel " ; F.T.A. Sue Ann Nycum Pres., G.A.A.; Commercial Club; Home Ec Club 98 Al Paul Oman Projectionist Carol Jean Opliger Booster Club; Pres., Home Ec Club; Commercial Club; Y-Teens Karen Kay Ormiston G.A.A. Lynn Ortino Annie Staff; " South Pacific " ; Prom Committee; F.T.A. Carol Jean Osborne Commercial Club Diane Susan Oser Booster Club; From North Side; Cheer Block; M.L.C. Judith Elaine Parker Commercial Club V.P.; Classical Club; Booster Club Phyllis Ann Parker F.T.A.; Y-Teens; Booster Club Jay Richard Penndorf From Central H.S. William C. Pfeiffer Band; " South Pacific " ; " Look Home- ward Angel " ; " Carousel " ; Hi-Y; Phi- Chem Club; Prom Committee Harold William Pinnick Rifle Club; intramurals Daniel Eugene Plait June Marie Poneleit Booster Club; Treas., Commercial Club; Y-Teens; Home Ec Club Sandra Jean Ponsot Booster Club; Commercial Club; Home Ec Club; Bowling League; Phi-Chem Club Ronald Jay Pressler Band 99 Diana Rankin Choir; Booster Club; Advance; Pres., Commercial Club; Annie Staff; F.T.A. Kay Lynn Rehrer Booster Club; Phi-Chem Club; Classical Club Dave Reichwage Rifle Club Carol Ann Reinhard Booster Club; Commercial Club; Of- fice practice JERALD H. REINKING Frosh, Soph, Jr. Class Pres.; E in Football Basketball; Red Cross Coun- cil; Lettermen ' s Club; Prom Committee Ronald Reuille Football; Track; intramurals Dick Rhoad E in Sports Mgr.; V.P., Hi-Y; Letter- men ' s Club; Phi-Chem Club; Classical League Marlene Rietdorf Y-Teens; Commercial Club; F.T.A. Gary P. Robers Pres., Bowling League; " The Mouse that Roared " Able Robles Y.F.C.; Cross Country; Golf Donna Jean Rocky Y.F.C.; Choir; Commercial Club; G.A.A. Alan John Roman Band; E in Varsity Golf; Lettermen ' s Club; Phi-Chem Club; Advance; F.T.A. Byron Duane Romey V.P. Pres., Rifle Club; intramural; F.T.A. Janice Kay Roth Booster Club; Commercial Club; Home Ec Club Glenn Edward Ruby Projectionist; Band; Phi-Chem Club 100 Kathleen Sanders Y -Teens; Commercial Club; Booster Club Ronnie Sanders Dennis Lee Schebig E in Varsity Football; Commercial Club; Choir; Projectionist; " South Pa- cific " ; " Carousel " Kay Ann Schilling Prom Committee; " Oklahoma " ; Choir; Commercial Club; Booster Club Bob Schreen Phi-Chem Club; Cross Country; intra- murals Nancy Schwan Booster Club; Y-Teens; Phi-Chem Club; Commercial Club Sandra K. Scott F.T.A.; K.P.; Red Cross; Phi-Chem Club; Library assistant Kenneth A. Sherwin K.P.; Phi-Chem Club; Classical Club; Choir Greg Shurboff Projectionist; Phi-Chem Club; Classi- cal Club; Band Barbara Joyce Sieminski G.A.A.; Advance; " Look Homeward Angel " Oren G. Skinner E in Varsity Football Track; Letter- men ' s Club; Projectionist David L. Smith Nature Club Dorothy May Smith G.A.A.; Prom Committee; " South Pa- cific " E. Lawrence Smith K.P.; F.T.A.; Advance; Phi-Chem Club Ronnie L. Smith Projectionist; Prom Committee; Nature Club 101 Ronald W. Smith Phi-Chem Club; Rifle Club; Projec- tionist; Golf; intramurals Don Snyder Varsity Football; Phi-Chem Club; Prom Committee; intramurals Susan K. Spaw Sec.-Treas., V.P., G.A.A. Cindy Ann Sprague Band; Y.F.C.; Commercial Club; Choir Tom Sprandel Jr. Classical Club; Phi-Chem Club Steve Springer E in Varsity Football Golf; Letter- men ' s Club; Phi-Chem Club Marjorie Fay Stanger Commercial Club; G.A.A. Cheryl N. Starnes Commercial Club; Office Practice; Y- Teens Pat A. Stiffler Booster Club Judy Ann Stoppenhagen Booster Club; From New Haven; Pep Club; Y.F.C. Charles Thomas Stovall Alan Craig Symons Advance; From Ann Arbor H.S.; Var- sity wrestler; Class Board Member; Prom Chairman Marc F. Tam Phi-Chem Club; Rifle Club St. Clair Thompson Track; Reserve Football; Hi-Y; Phi- Chem Club; Varsity Football Mgr. Barbara Sue Thorne D.A.R. Award; Prom Attendant; Cheer- leader; Phi-Chem Club; Jr. Classical League 102 Charles Robert Topp Rifle Club Peter Trepak Varsity Football; Projectionist; Chem Club; intramurals Kenneth L. Troutman Y.F.C.; Rifle Club Phi- Karen Sue Uhl Cynthia Ann Utter Choir Carol M. Van Allen Commercial Club; Booster Club Denny Murray Van Orman " The Mouse That Roared " ; From Geor- gia Military Academy Alan Edwin Vaughn Commercial Club Steve Vaughn From South Side Leanna Jean Vodde Y.F.C.; Band; Choir; Jr. Classical League; Phi-Chem Club Susan D. Vogelsang Annie Staff; Booster Club; Sec. of Com- mercial Club; Office Practice Cindy Sue Waldrop Booster Club; Y-Teens Ronald Dean Wall Reserve Basketball; Track; Tennis; Cross Country; Golf; Phi-Chem Club Carol June Weaver K.P.; Choir Ann Weber Booster Club; " South Pacific " ; " Look Homeward Angel " ; Managing ed.. Ad- vance; G.A.A. ltM£ 103 tm Sandy Welbaum Band; Sec, Dance Band; F.T.A.; " Look Homeward Angel " Brian Matthew Weller Varsity football; Lettermen ' s Club Pamela Sue Wheeler Booster Club; Choir; Commercial Club Thomas James Wickliffe Rifle Club; Phi-Chem Club; Classical Club Anita Louise Wiegman Prom Attendant; Y-Teens; Commercial Club; Home Ec Club Mary Ruth Wilson Booster Club; Commercial Club; F.T.A. Barry Winn Advance; Reserve Football; Bowling League; intramurals John Alan Wisel From Lafayette Central Vicky Kay Wismer Booster Club; F.T.A.; From South Side Jean Witte Commercial Club; Booster Club; Office practice Terry Lee Woolums Reserve Football; Cross Country; Golf; Hi-Y; Prom Committee Nicholas Arthur Wyss Jim Yankosky Football; Projectionist; Prom commit- tee; Commercial Club; intramurals Tom R. Young Phi-Chem Club; Rifle Club Dwight Leroy Zavitz. Jr. Band; V.P., Nature Club; Dance Band; From Mapleton 104 Botrom row from left to right: Norma Dickenson, Bar- bara Thome, Cheryl Starnes, Peggy Kirsch, Linda Fair- child, Linda Jewel, Jovanna Gerwig. Row two: David O. Johnson, Peggy Hinshaw, Jean Witte, Sue Carroll, Jean- nette Clark, Marv Margaret Cooper. Row three- Sandra Scott, Mark Petit, Marcy Emmert, Ann Kariger, Sharon Friedman, Nancy Crane, Linda Goodin. Row four: Denny Ballinger, Kenny Collier, Richard Heas- ley, Craig Hamilton, John Krider, Harold Pinnick, Dave Reichwage, Hugh Glidewell, Tom Howenstine. Absent from the picture: Judy B eltz. Senior Scholars Receive Recognition This year Ann Kariger was chosen Valedictorian, and Harold Pinnick was chosen Salutatorian. The Trojans at Elmhurst wish to commend these two people for their outstanding display of those traits necessary to become the great intellectual leaders of tomorrow. We at Elmhurst are exceedingly proud of the students who make up our Honor Society. This is as it should be; for those awarded membership in the National Honor Society must exhibit certain traits in order to qualify. These traits are scholar- ship, leadership, character, and service. Ann Kariger is this year ' s valedictorian. Harold Pinnick is this year ' s salutatorian. 105 Class of ' 65 Junior Class Homeroom Sec- retaries, from left to right, are L. Closterman, M. Good, K. Osbun, J. Mansfield, L. Nicholson, L. Humm, C. Greeno, K. McLaughlin, and P. Kamp. Seated are Presi- dent Randy Zion and Vice- President Ted Barker. Steven Abbott Jamey Adams David Adkisson Maurane Archbold Lynn Armstrong Candy Bahrke Pat Bailey Patty Ball Danny Ballinger Jerry Barker Ted Barker Steve Barrand Nancy Barton Sam Baughman Richard Baughn Robert Becfaft Bev Beery Mac ' s Bell Robert Bell Beverly Bennett Cheryll Bennett Connie Bennett Pam Berggoetz Rose Bershing Glenda Besselsen Jane Black Gary Blatnick Wayne Bogan Connie Boling David Bolyard 106 Nancy Bolyard Tom Borchert Lawrence Bork Linda Bowers David Branning James Breidert Don Britton Joan Broderick Peggy Buckel Don Bunn Lynn Bunsold Doris Burkhart Donald Buskirk Karen Butler Susie Byers Terry Cameron Sandy Campbell Rita Carbaugh Laurenna Carey Ricci Carlson Larry Carmack David Carmean Jeff Carpenter Dee Ann Carter Sharon Caston Carol Cavitt Crystal Churchward Michael Churchward Tom Clancy Jim Claymiller Lynne Closterman Robert Coder Greg Collier Gene Comer Dave Congdon Larry Cooney Ramona Cornelius Gloria Cox Jim Crandal Charles Crawford 107 k n Dennis Creviston Larry Crow Janet Crowl Cyndi Crozier Brian Culp Malinda Cunningham Cindy Cutshall Sheri Cutter Schuyler Darstein Sandra Deam David Dean Joyce Deckard Linda Degler Dennis Deuter John Dinius Phil DiNovo Sandy Disque Marsha Donaghy Sue Draper Kenneth Dressier Bill Eastes Lorinda Ebel Karen Ebey Virginia Ecenbarger Frances Eger Richard Eix Sondra Elonzae Beverly Emerick Nancy Emerick Linda Ervin Dale Estabrook Beverly Esterline Mack Faylor Steve Fensler Barbara Ferguson Carole Anne Fischbach Barbara Flickinger David Fortriede Rex Fox Bruce Frederick 108 Jim Frisby Marcia Fry Tom Fuhrman Richard Fultz Rick Galbreath Gerry Garard Mark Gaunt Gary Genth Margaret Geyer Barbara Gideon Becky Gillie Georgia Glass Karen Glock Linda Golden Margie Good Jeff Goshert Mike Gould Lee Gouty Alice Grace Denny Graham Donald Green Connie Greeno Gary Grider Jane Grissom Russell Grose Paul Groves Roger Gutmann Mike Hambrock Ed Hamilton Kenny Hannah Sue Hardwick Steve Harrington Ron Harris Sue Harrison Connie Hart Dan Hartnett Janet Harvey Tom Harz Terri Hatfield Marie Helmke 109 I ISs® i» ¥V i Anita Hemlinger Nancy Hendrickson Thomas Henning Suzanne Henschen Gale Hetrick John Hilbish Gary Hilgeman Pat Hite David Hobbs Yvonne Hobbs Shari Hobday George Hoffman Meryl Hoffman Edith Hohenstein Jerry Houser Gary Houston Wayne Hull Lynn Humm Cheryl Hummel Suzette Hunt Sandy Hutmacher Larry James Mike Jennings Sandi Jennings Cathi Johnson Mariann Johnson Steve Johnson Mark Judge Gary Juergens Patti Kamp Dindy Kast Marsha Keener Robert Keller Sandi Keller Ed Kerr Sue Kessen Wanda Kierski Tim Killworth Rita Kinder Bob King 110 Jean Kingsbury Darlene Kizer Roger Klingler David Knight Joseph Koorsen John Kraft Diana Krill Jane Laguna Bonnie Lake Tom Lambert Sharon Lee Linda Lehman Tom Lesh Carol Leykauf Diane Loechner Linda Loechner Loren Lohrbach Joe Loughmiller Carolyn Lowe Bill Lude Ronnie Lunz Roman Machmut Janet Mansfield Linda Manuel Tanis Marr Barbara Marschand Sharlene Marsh Lynn Masterson Patsy Maxwell Mike McBride Roxie McDowell Julie McGregor Mickey McGuigan Jim Mcintosh Donna McKee Sara McKee Karen McLaughlin Mick McOmber Richard Meese Len Mentzer 111 Rick Merriman Nancy Messenger Diana Meyer Marcia Meyer Mary Meyer Rick Meyers Gary Miller Janice Miller Rose Miller Cheryle Miser Sandy Mizerski Bob Mohr Sheila Moser Cathy Moses Tom Motz Max Mueller Tom Mullans Linda Murdock Shirley Naile Carl Nes Jane Nicholson Linda Nicholson John Niemeyer Salli Nogar Mike Notter Martin Nycum Ed Offerle Kathy Osbun Steve Palguta Sandra Palmer Bill Pape Ray Parker Sandy Parkison Mike Pease Kenneth Place Kay Piatt Steve Porter Jim Presnell Carol Prezbindowski Neal Prince 112 Marsha Prior Bob Pugh Denny Quance Janis Rahe Jean Ralston Ted Ream Paul Reddin Sally Redding Joyce Reed Walter Reed John Reynolds Bill Ricci Gale Richards Joyce Richards Nancy Richardson Jeral Richerson Chris Riley Kathy Riley Linda Robinson Sam Robles Linda Roop Judy Rotch Joyce Rousseau Steve Rulka Barbara Sanders Carole Sanders Lynn Saunders Linda Scherschel Ralph Schimmoller Carolyn Schlup Sue Schmoe Sherry Scholl Dave Schwartz Linda Scott Don Shady Nancy Shaw Richard Sheets Ellen Shepherd James Sherwood Mary Shipe ft. © ° 113 lit i Mike Shurtz Randy Simmons Mike Smallwood Anita Smith Hal Smith Harold Smith Jill Smith Kathie Smith Koven Smith Leona Smith Don Solari Kathy Spice Willi Spicer Bob Stark Leo Steffen John Steinacker Cindy Steinforth Dan Stevenson John Stinnett Nancy Stoll Jerry Sutter Dave Swaim Marilyn Swank Pete Switzer Boyd Tarney Dan Tester Lloyd Teste r Kenyon Tilbury Steve Toor Nancy Townsend Jim Tracey Ed Tutwiler Pat Van Allen Pat Veiga David Vervalin Janice Wagner Fred Warner Terri Wawruszewski Gloria Way bright Carole Weesner 114 John Weicker Sherry Welch Roger Weyrick Tyrone Whitacre Terry Wiegand David Williams Linda Williams Brad Wilson James Wire Curtis Wittwer Earl Woehnker David Woods Cary Wyall Be ' Yater Edith Zelt Gary Zeysing Randy Zion In Memorium Through a most unfortunate accident we have lost a very dear friend, Steve Sandkuhler; and yet, he is not really lost. Steve will always be remembered in our hearts and minds through the light that made him shine so brightly as the fine person he was and as a member of the junior class of 1964 at Elmhurst High School- 115 Sophomore Class Homeroom Secretaries, from left to right, are B. Smith, B. Venus, N. Mongosa, S. Parks, D. Mignerey, and Vice-Presi- dent Mary Ann Eickhoff. Dianne Abbott Carolynne Ackermann Kenny Adkison Don Allmandinger Dave Anglin Harry Arnold Jeanne Baade Everett Bahrke Philip Baker Barbara Barrett Jan Baumgartner Dee Bear Susan Beck Janet Bermes Karen Bertram Patrick Bir Beverly Bleeke Pamela Bloch Jim Bodigon Ronald Boldt Cindy Bond Lana Bonnett Chuck Boothe Jane Bourie Tom Bovenkerk Steve Bowers Vesta Bowers Vicki Bowersock Pat Brackmann Vicki Bradbury 116 of ' 66 From left to right are Sopho- more Class President G. Jackson, Homeroom secre- taries R. Johnson, L. Sweet, B. Wentzel, and P. Capin. Nancy Brandt. Beverly Branstrator Scott Branstrator George Bresler Ellen Browning Gary Bruner Bobbie Bruns Barbara Bryce John Bubb Sandy Bubb Merle Bueker Steve Bueker Bob Buhr John Bunn Phil Burd Deloris Burkhart Sandy Butler Ron Butts Linda Byers Janet Callow Patricia Capin Paul Carder Pamela Carey Mike Carroll Donald Cline James Coe George Colby Susie Cole Janelle Cook Sharon Cox 117 Gary Crabill Linda Crall Bob Crawford Mary Cummins Dale Dague Sandy Dailey Charles Davis Deanna Dawald Merritt Dawson Linda DeHaven Charles Dennis Dave Doswell Marcia Drummond Linda Dunn Marsha Durnell Norma Eastes Kent Edington Mary Ann Eickhoff Janet Ellenberger Larry Ely Rodney Emlich Sharon Emrich Marvin Evans Susan Exner Karen Fairfield Mike Faor Bill Faor Carol Farris Pat Faylor Steve Feeney John Ferguson Dayle Ferrell Judy Fisher Steve Fogel Dave Fox Carolyn Freeh Marie Freiburger Susan Friedman John Fuelber Dale Gaff 118 Patricia Gamble Kathy Gatton Robert Gerke David Giant Dennis Glass Brenda Goggans Carol Gordon Jim Gouty Sylvia Grant Catie Greenler Mike Griffin Dave Griffith Lynn Gunzenhauser Gwen Gutmann Cary Habegger Bob Hackbarth Mike Hale Bob Hall Jean Ham Sheri Hamilton Steve Hamilton Mary Hammer Art Hamrick Mike Haneline Larry Hansen Richard Hansen Marilyn Harding Pat Harper Beverly Hart Phyllis Hart Sheila Hart Sue Ellen Hartman Darcy Hartzog Dick Harz Mona Hauck Delvin Hay Tom Heck Ronald Heiney Robert Heniser Rose Herber 119 Linda Herman Lupe Hernandez Richard Hinton Clyde Hirons Dennis Hobday Mike Hoehn Susie Hoffman John Hoke Joseph Householder Linda Houser Terry Houser Roger Huffman Pam Hughes Tony Huser Gerald Huttsell Sandi Hyde Bob Imel Greg Jackson Mark Jackson Nick Jaworskyi Betty Jo Johnson Marsha Johnson Terry Johnson Paul Johnston Alta Julian Robert Kanyuh Mike Kauffman Martha Keller Dan Kelley Mike Kelley Ginny Kerns Gloria Kerr Barbara Kessel Suzanne Ketzler Andrew Kierski Terry Kimbel Jo Ann Kissinger Woodie Klepfer Sandra Knelanger Vena Knipstein 120 Hartmund Kohls Kaye Koorsen Robert Korte Bunny Laisure Carl Lapadot Jon Lebrecht Clifford Lindblom Regina Lindsey Jim Lloyd Anita Lohrbach Dan Mabee Vicki Madden Gale Malcolm Steve Mann Ron Marhenke Larry Martin Boger Marvin Deama Mason Linda Mason Vicky Masters Lydia McClain Brian McCormick Sally McCormick Barb McFerran John McGee Jeannine McGuigan Charlotte McKay William McMahan Sherry Menke Jim Merkey Bill Merritt Gary Messick Mike Meyers Bob Michael Doug Mignerey Terry Millan Ivan Miller Richard Miller Dorothy Mills Dick Moake HOBS JL 121 Nancy Mongosa Karen Montgomery Bill Moore Donna Morgan Kay Morningstar Carolyn Munson Dave Murphy Dave Myers Marilyn Nail Bob Neville Diana Niebel Dorothy Noble Steve Noble Joe Omo Timothy Osborne Larry Palguta Susan Parks Sally Parr Donald Parrish Greg Pease Brenda Pelz Kirby Pence Maryann Perkins Dee Dee Perry Susan Petersen Patricia Philo Kathy Pinault Richard Place John Plunkett John Pressler Cindy Pugsley Dennis Radabaugh Kay Ragan Cynthia Rairden Nancy Rathgaber Nancy Reddin Michael Redding Pat Redwanski DeWayne Reed Judy Reese 122 William Reichard Donald Reinert Richard Reinert Karen Reynolds Kaylene Rhoad Darlene Richerson Nancy Rider Sherry Ridgley Patricia Rigby Greg Robers Linda Rohrbaugh Merrilly Rose Sam Rossetter Nancy Royer Margaret Ruch Gale Rust Hal Sandkuhler Nancy Sark Cheryl Schaefer Greg Schaeffer Sharon Schaller Pam Schebig Karen Scheiman Diann Schultz Steve Schwartz Nancy Shadle Carey Sheley Bob Shear in Ray Shinn Sharon Shirey Terry Shoemaker Steve Shultz Cindy Sieminski Beth Smith Gail Smith Marjie Smith Sharon Smith Marilyn Snouffer Brian Solari Dennis Sosinski 123 £fPf P Nick Spath Sandra Spaw Maria Spencer Roger Spice Jim Spoolstra Jim Sprandel Connie Spurlock Elizabeth Squires Joan Stauffer Sandy Steffen Terry Steffen Patti Steinforth Joyce Stevens Dave Stevenson Marie Studebaker Fred Sturges Linda Sweet Gary Symons Diana Taylor Steven Teeple Rosalie Thieme Karen Thomas Judith Thompson Ron Thompson Marcia Tobias Alice Trautman Rollie Uhrick Marilyn Van Hoozen Rex Vaughn Barbara Venis Scott Vinson Jerry Vogelgesang Diana Volkert Karyn Volz Tomislav Vranjes Dianne Wade Jeanne Walker Connie Wascovich Ralph Waterhouse Rex Watson 124 Larry Waybright Donna Weber Roger Wehrle Cassandra Welbaum Georgia Welch Bob Wentzel Vicki Wetzel Donald Wickcliffe Kathy Willard Patricia Williamson Cynthia Wilson Bruce Wolfe Joy Wood Bill Worrel Sandy Wyall Ginger Yergens Michael Young Rene Young Nancy Younghaus Sandra Yount Gwen Zeysing L , C ? Senior Portraits by Watters Studio 125 Abbott, Diane Abbott, Steven . . . Ackerman, Arthur .116 . 10G 34, Ackerman, Carolynne 37, 116 Jamey . .44, 116 106 116 Adar Adki Adkisson, Kenny Agner, Becky 36, 39, 40, 41, 46, 51, 88 Allmandinger, Don ..116 Anglin, Dave . .60, 61, 116 Angus, Mary Jo . . .47, 88 Archbold, Maurane ..39, 106 Armstrong. Lynn .... 53, 73, 106 Arnold, Hary 116 B Baade, Frank 36, 38, 43, 50, 88 Baade, Jeanne 40, 51, 116 Bahrke, Candy 39, 40, 106 Bahrke, Everett 116 Bailev, Carol . . 36, 40, 88 Bailey. Judy 36, 88 Bailey, Pat 36, 37, 40, 106 Baker, David 43, 50, 73, 88 Baker, Gene 88 Baker, Jeanne 36, 88 Baker, Philip 43, 116 Ball, Patty 52, 116 Ballinger, Danny .... 43, 73, 106 Ballinger, Denny .... 34, 88, 105 Barker, Dan 34, 50, 53, 61, 88 Barker, Jerry 106 Barker, Ted ... 53, 61, 65, 68, 69, 71, 73, 106 Baron, Steve 54 Barrand, Steve 106 Barrett, Barbara .... 37, 40, 116 Barton, Nancy 40 47, 106 Baughman, Sam . 65, 106 Baughn, Richard . 34. 48, 106 Baughmgartner, Jan 116 Bear, Sheila . . .46 . 47 88, 111! Beck, Susan 116 Becraft, Robert . . 73, 106 Beerv, Beverly . . 36, 106 Bell, Mac ' s 54 106 Bell, Robert l or, Beltz, Judy 35 39. 46 , 56 88 Bender, Karen .35, 36 , 88 Bennett, Beverlv 34 44, 106 Bennett, Cheryl 43, 106 Bennett, Connie 39, 106 Bennett, Michael 88 Berggoetz, Pam . 106 Bermes, Janet . . . 116 Bershing, Rose . . 106 Bertram, Karen 51, 116 Besselsen, Glenda 46, 52, 106 Bir, Charles 61 89 Bir, Patrick 60, 116 Bishop, Linda . .12, 3; , 89 Bissell, Rex 89 Black, Jane ... 13 , 34 40, 51 55, 106 Blatnick, Gary . . 106 Bleaknev, Nancy . 89 Bleeke, Beverly . 37, 44, 116 Bloch, Pamela . . . 44, 116 116 106 Boldt, Ronald . . . 116 Boling, Connie . . 40, 106 Bolvard, David . . 61, 106 Bolvard, Nancy . . . 13 34, 39, 42 51, 107 116 89 Bonnett, Lana .36 40, 116 Boothe, Chuck 60, 116 Boothe, Diane . . . 36 40, 41 89 Borchert, Tom . . 107 Borden Margaret .39 4fi, 57 89 Bork, Lawrence 107 Borne, Timothy 50, 87, 89 Bourie, Jane . .33, 44, 116 Bovenkerk, Tom. . 48, 116 Bow, Linda 37, 89 Bowers, Linda . . .40, 107 Bowers, Steve 116 Bowers, Vesta 116 Bowersock, Vicki ....116 Brackman, Pat 116 Bradburv, Vicki 116 Bradlev, Robert 34, 38, 89 Brandenburg, Richard 89 Brandt, Judith 89 Brandt, Nancy 117 Branning, David 107 Branstrator, Beverly .117 Branstrator, Scott 60, 117 Branstrator, Stephen .89 Breidert, James 107 Bresler, George . . 60, 117 Bresler, John 34, 53, 61, 89 B ' ritton, Don 107 Broderick, Joan ... 36, 40, 41, 55, 107 Broderick, Jon . . .55, 89 Brown, Janis 90 Brown. Susan .40, 43. 90 Browning, Ellen 117 Bruner, Gary 117 Brums, Roberta 40, 51, 117 Bryce, Barbara 117 Bubb, John 117 Bubb, Sandy 117 Buck, Melinda ...46, 90 C Callow, Janet 117 Cameron, Terry 34, 51, 107 Campbell, Sandy 107 Capin, Patricia ... .37, 44, 48, 117 Carbaugh. Rita . . .44, 107 Carder, Paul 117 Carey, Laureanna ...107 Carey, Pamela 37, 44, 117 Carlson, Ricci 107 Carmack, Larry 107 Carmean, David 107 Carpenter, Jeff . 61, 107 Carr, Charles 38, 46, 50, 90 Carroll, Mike 117 Carroll, Sue 36, 40, 90, 105 Carter, Dee Ann ... 36, 43, 107 Case, Jerry 90 Caston, Sharon 40, 51, 107 Cavitt, Carol ... 40, 107 Chapman, Carol 37, 46, 90 Churchward, Crystal .36, 107 Churchward, Michael .54, 107 Churchward, Steve 33, 53, 61, 87, 90 Clancy, Tom 107 Clark, Jeanette . . 39, 40, 55, 90, 105 Clark, Kenneth 61 Claymiller, Jim 107 Cline, Donald 117 Closterman, Lynn ...34, 40, 56, 106, 107 Coder, Robert 107 Coe, James . .44, 60, 117 Coker, Terry ..38, 53, 91 Colby, George 117 Cole, Susie 40, 117 Collier, Greg 107 Collier, Kenny 37, 48, 57, 91, 105 Collier, Rex 34, 43, 50, 73 Colvin, Lucinda ... 35, 43, 47, 91 Cook, Jeanelle 117 Combs, Sharon ... 36, 40, 43, 91 Comer, Gene 107 Congdon, Dave ... 34, 48, 61, 107 Cooney, Larry 34, 38, 107 Cooper, Mary M. . . . 39, 44, 46, 91, 105 Cornelius, Ramona ..107 Cox, Gloria 46, 107 Cox, Sharon 118 Crabill, Gary 118 Crall, Linda ... 40, 118 Crandall, Jack 32, 54, 91 Crandal, Jim 107 Crane, Nancy ... 91, 105 Craver, Emory 91 Crawford, Bob 118 Crawford, Charles ...107 Crawford, Gorden . . . 34, 43. 91 Creviston, Dennis .... 108 Cross, Lenny . . . 54, 91 Crow, Larry 108 Crow, Robert 91 Crowl, Janet 108 Crozier, Cyndy 36, 44, 108 Culp, Brian 108 Cummins, Mary 118 Cunningham, Malinda 108 Cunningham, Nancy . 40 Cutshall, Cindy . . 13, 33, 34, 39, 51. 108 Cutter, Sherri ... 47, 108 D Dague, Dale 43, 118 Dahman, Dave . . 53, 65, 68, 69, 71, 91 Dailey, Sandy 118 Darstein, Schuyler ...108 Davis, Carol 46, 91 Davis, Charles 118 Davis, Christianna ... 91 Davis, Jan ... 34, 44, 92 Davis, Mark 34, 50, 61, 92 Dawald, Deanna 118 Dawson, Merritt 118 Deam, Sandra ... 36, 108 Dean, David 65, 69, 71, 108 Deckard, Jovce 108 Degler, Linda ... 36, 40, 43, 108 Denney, Donald 92 DeHaven, Linda . .40, 51, Dennis, Charles ..60, Deuter, Dennis 34, 66, Dickerson, Doyle . . . Dickinson, Norma . . . 92, Dinius, John .... 34, Dinovo, Phil Disque, Sandy . . . 44, Donaghy, Marsha 92, Doswell, Dave Draper, Sue 34, 40, Dressier, Kenneth . . . 54, Drummond, Marcia . . 51, Dullaghan, Ron ...34 Dunn, Linda . . 40, 49, Durnell, Marshal . . . 118 118 108 92 39, 105 10K 108 108 108 118 108 32, 108 37, 118 , 92 118 118 Eastes, Bill 108 Eastes, Norma . . 37, 118 Ebel, Lorinda . . . .40, 41, 46, 108 Ebey, Karen 108 Evenbarger, Virginia 35, 108 Edington, Kent 118 Eger, Francis ...40, 108 Eickhoff, Mary Ann . . 51, 116, 118 Eickhoff, Paul ... 53, 61, , 92 92 108 118 36, 108 118 118 118 108 , 36, 105 118 108 108 108 118 51, 118 Eisenbise, Connie 36, Eix, Richard ..72, 73, Ellenberger, Janet 51, Elonzae, Sondra ..35, Ely, Larry 60, Emlich, Rodney Emerick Beverly 36, Emerick, Nancy ..36, Emmert, Marcy . . .34 39, 40, 41, 51, 86, 92, Emrich, Sharon Ervin, Linda Estabrook, Dale . .54, Esterline, Beverly . . Evans, Marvin . . . 44, Exner, Susan 35, 40, Fair, Maurice 43, 92 Fairchild, Linda . . 36, 40, 92, 104 Fairfield, Karen 118 Fairfield, Sherry 92 Faor, Michael 118 Farris, Carol 40, 51, 118 Faylor, Mack 108 Faylor, Pat ... 44, 118 Feeny, Steve 108 Fensler, Steve 108 Fell, Cyndi 55, 92 Ferguson, Barbara ...108 Ferguson, Dennis .... 34, 60, 92 Ferguson, John 118 Ferrell, Doyle 118 Finlayson, Rocky . 33, 53, 61, 65, 70, 73, 93 Faschbach, Carole 36, 108 Fisher, Gary 36, 93 Fisher, Judy 36, 118 Flickinger, Barbara . 34, 39, 40, 41, 49, 51, 108 Fogle, Steve 118 Forschner, Diana 32, 54, 93 Fortriede, David 38, 43, 108 Foulks, Laura 34, 39, 93 Fox, Dave 118 Fox, Jay 93 Fox, Sally ... 12, 39, 40, 41, 51, 93 Franks, James 93 Freeh, Carolyn ... 44, 118 Frederick, Bruce 44, 108 Freiburger, Marie ...118 Freygang, Doris ..40, 93 Friedman, Sharon . . . 39, 40, 56, 93, 105 Friedman, Susan ... 37, 40, 51, 118 Frisby, Jim 109 Fry, Marcia 109 Fuelber, John 118 Fuhrman, Tom ... 34, 48, 65, 67, 73, 109 Fultz, Richard 109 G Gaff, Dale 118 Galbreath, Rick 109 Gamble, Patricia . . . 40, 47, 119 Garard, Gerry . . 35, 109 Gater, Marcia ... 51, 93 Gatton, Kathy 119 Gaunt, Mark 48, 49, 109 Genth, Gary 109 Gerke, Darrell 53, 73, 93 Gerke, Robert 54, 61, 119 Gerwig, Jovanna 93, 105 Geyer, Margaret 39, 44, 109 Giant, David 119 Gideon, Barbara 109 Gieser, Steve ... 34, 38. 61, 73, 93 Gillie, Becky ... 36, 51, 52, 109 Glass, Dan ... 53, 61, 65, 68, 69, 70, 71, 73, 93 Glass, Dennis ... 60, 119 Glass Georgia .. 40, 109 Glidewell, Hugh 44, 94, 105 Glock, Karen . . 34, 39, 51, 56, 109 Goggans, Brenda 36, 119 Golden, Linda 109 Good, Margie 36, 106, 109 Goodin, Linda . . . 36, 56. 94, 105 Gordon, Carol 119 Goshert, Jeff ... 50, 109 Gould, Mike 109 Gouty, Jim 119 Gouty, Lee 32, 109 Grabill, Gary 44 Grace, Alice 109 Grace, Sherry 46, 47. 94 Graham, Denny ... 53, CI. 73, 109 Grant, Sylvia 119 Green, Donald ... 73, 109 Greenler, Catie . . . 33, 37, 40, 51, 119 Greeno, Connie ... 13, 39, 42, 51, 106, 109 Grider, Gary 109 Griffin, Mike ... 60, 119 Griffith, Dave 119 Grissom, Jane . . . 40, 46, 48, 55, 109 Grivett, Ray 94 Grose, Russell . . 53, 61, 72, 73, 109 Groves, Judy 94 Groves, Paul 34 48 Gunsenhauser, Lynne 119 126 Gutmann, Gwen .... 40, 41, 119 Gutmann, Roger ... 34, 61, 109 H Habegger, Cary 44, 119 Hackbarth, Bob 119 Hale, Mike 119 Hall, Bob 119 Ham, Jean 37, 119 Hambrock, Mike 109 Hamilton, Ed 34, 72, 109 Hamilton, R. Craig ...34, 94, 105 Hamilton, Sheri 40, 51, 119 Hamilton, Steve . . 54, 119 Hammer, Mary 119 Hamrick, Art 119 Hamrick, Chuck . .73, 94 Haneline. Mike 119 Hannah, Kenny 109 Hansen, Larry . . 66, 119 Hansen, Richard 119 Harbin, Cheryl ... 32, 35, 36, 40, 94 Harding, Marilyn 37, 119 Hardwick, Sue 34, 44, 109 Harper, Pat 119 Harrington, Steve 73, 109 Harris, Michael 94 Harris, Ron . . .53, 61, 109 Harrison, Sue 35, 36, 109 Hart. Beverly 119 Hart, Connie 109 Hart, Phyllis 119 Hart, Sheila 119 Hartman, Sue Ellen ..37, 40.51. 119 Hartnett, Dan 109 Hartwell, Cindy 35, 36. 52, 94 Harvey, Janet ...37, 109 Hartzog, Darcy . . 47, 109 Harz, Dick 119 Harz, Tom 109 Hatfield, Terri . . 34, 36, 40, 55, 109 Hauck, Mona 119 Hay, Delvin 119 Heasley, Richard .... 34, 44, 94, 105 Heck, Tom 54, 119 Heiney, Ronald .. .54, 119 Helmke, Marie 109 Hemlinger, Anita . . . 36, 43, 110 Hendrickson, Nancy . .37, 39, 40, 51, 110 Heniser, Robert -.54, 119 Henning, Tom 54, 73, 110 Henschen, Suzanne ..36. 110 Herber, James 61, 73, 94 Herber, Joanne 36, 87, 94 Herber, Rose 119 Herman, Linda . . 40, 120 Hernandez, Lupe 72, 120 Hetrick, Gale . . 53, 61, 73, 110 Hilbish, John 34, 44, 110 Hildehrandt, Diana 40, 94 Hilgeman, Gary 110 Hinshaw, Peggy . . 36, 37. 40, 94, 105 Hinton, Richard ..33, 66, 120 Hirons, Clyde 32, 44, 120 Hite, Pat ... 39, 44, 110 Hobbs, David 110 Hobbs, Yvonne ... 37, 110 Hobday, Dennis 120 Hoehn, Mike 66, 120 Hoffer, Susan 95 Hoffman, Cheryl 35, 36, 95 Hoffman, George. .60, 110 Hoffman, Meryl . . 36, 40, 51. 110 Hoffman, Susie . . 37, 40, 51, 120 Hohenstein, Edith . . 36, 110 Hoine, Jackie . . 40, 43, 51, 95 Hoke, John 120 Holiger, Judi 95 Holiger, Pat 95 Hontz, David 95 Hoopes, Carol . . 35, 40, 46, 56, 95 Horn, Larry ..56, 57, 95 Hornberger, Sharon .46, 87, 95 Hosier, Sandra ..35, 95 Hostetler, Sandra ... 12, 33, 34, 36, 95 Houck, Patty ... 34, 39, 40, 51, 56, 95 Householder, Joseph. . 54, 120 Houser, Jerry ...44, 110 Houser, Linda 120 Houser, Terry . . .44. 120 Houston, Gary . . .73, 110 Howenstein, Tom 34, 43, 44, 95, 105 Huffman, Roger 120 Hughes, Pam ... 44, 120 Hull, Wayne 110 Humm, Lynn . . 33, 34, 40, 51, 106, 110 Hummel, Cheryl 36, 110 Hunt, Dan 56, 95 Hunt, Suzette ... 13, 36, 47, 51, 110 Huser, Tony 120 Hutmacher, Sandy . . 36, 40, 51, 110 Huttsell, Gerald 120 Hyde, Sandi 120 I Imel, Bob ... 60, 66, 120 Isenbarger, Marilyn .40, 41, 87, 95 Jackson, Gail . . 35, 36, 40, 87. 96 Jackson, Greg . . 33, 60, 66, 117, 120 Jackson, Mark . . 60, 120 Jackson, Mary ... 36. 96 Jackson, Raymond ... 96 Jackson, Steven 96 James, Larry 73, 110 Jaworski, Nick . .37, 120 Jennings, Mike 110 Jennings, Sandi .... 40, 46, 110 Jewell, Linda . . 39, 44, 55, 96, 105 Johnson, Betty Jo 120 Johnson, Cathi 37, 40, 110 Johnson, David A. ... 96 Johnson, David O. . . . 53, 61, 73, 96, 105 Johnson, Lois 40, 46, 96 Johnson, Marsha . .40, 120 Johnson, Mariann 39, 110 Johnson, Mary 110 Johnson, Roger . . 34, 50. 53, 56, 61, 96 Johnson, Steve 61, 73, 110 Johnson, Terry 120 Johnston, Don . . 53 55, 65, 68, 69, 71, 72, 73. 96 Johnston, Paul ..117, 120 Judge, Mark 110 Juergens, Gary 110 Julian, Alta 120 K Kamp, Patty ... 36, 40, 106, 110 Kanyuh, Robert 120 Kariger, Ann . . 39, 44. 46, 96, 105 Kast, Dindy ... 13, 33, 36, 40, 41, 110 Kayer, Nancy 51 Kauffman, Mike 120 Keener, Marsha 110 Keller, Martha 120 Keller, Robert 36, 43, 110 Keller, Sandra J. . . 24, 26, 96 Keller, Sandi . . 43, 110 Kelley, Dan 120 Kelley, Mike 120 Kelley, Pat 36, 96 Kerns, Ginnie 37, 51, 120 Kerr, Gloria ... 37, 44, 51, 120 Kessel, Barbara 120 Kessen, Sue 110 Ketcham, Al 96 Ketzler. Suzanne . . . 40, 51, 120 Kierski, Andrew 120 Kierski, Wanda 34, 40, 110 Killworth, Tim . . 54, 110 Kimbel, Pam 96 Kimbel, Terrv ... 43, 120 Kinder, Rita 36, 110 King, Bob 110 King, Joseph 97 Kingsbury, Jean . . 34, 39, 40. 51, 111 Kirsch, Peggy . . 12, 34, 37, 39, 40, 51, 97, 106 Kissinger, Jo Ann . . 37, 40, 43, 51, 120 Kissinger, Steve 97 Kizer, Darlene . . 36, 111 Klepfer, Woodie 120 Kline, Don 49 Klingler, Roger 36, 48, 111 Knelanger, Sandra 43, 120 Knight, David . . .36, 111 Knipstein, Vena ..36, 120 Kohls, Hartmund 121 Kokosa, Carol 36, 40, 57. 97 Koorsen, Joseph . . . 38, 61, 111 Koorsen, Kaye 121 Korte, Robert 121 Kraft, John 34, 111 Krider, John ... 34, 105 Krill, Diana ... 40, 111 Krinn, Sherry . . 33, 34, 39, 42, 51, 97 Kuhn, Kathleen 97 L Laguna, Jane Ill Laisure, Bunny 121 Lake, Bonnie ... 39, 40, 47, 111 Lambert, Terry 99 Lambert, Tom Ill Lapadot, Carl . . .60, 121 Lebrecht, Jon 121 Lee, Sharon . . .36, 57, 111 Lehman, Linda . . 43, 111 Leiendecker, John .... 49 Lesh, Tom Ill Leykauf, Carol 34, 44, 111 Lindblom, Art ..34, 38, 61, 97 Lindblom, Clifford . . .121 Lindsey, Regina 121 Lloyd, Jim 121 Loechner, Diane 43, 111 Loechner, Linda Ill Lohrbach, Anita 121 Lohrbach, Loren Ill Loughmiller, Joe 49, 111 Lowe, Carolyn ... 36, 51, 52, 111 Lude, Bill Ill Lunz, Larry 54, 97 Lunz, Ronnie ... 53, 72, 73, 111 M Mabee, Dan 66, 121 Machmut, Roman 61, 111 MacPherson, Bruce 53, 61 Madden, Vicki 121 Malcolm, Gale . . 35, 40, 51, 121 Maloley, Nancy . . 33, 34, 37, 39, 40, 55, 56, 97 Mann Steve 38, 121 Mansfield, Janet 34, 106, 111 Manuel, Linda 39, 47, 111 Marhenke, Ron ...54, 121 Marlatt, Keith 97 Marr, Janis Ill Marschand, Barbara ..34, 111 Marsh, Sharlene 36, 111 Martin, Larry 121 Martin, Vaughn 98 Marvin, Bager 121 Mason Deama ... 40, 121 Mason, Linda ... 40, 121 Masters, Vicki 121 Masterson. Lynn Ill Maxwell. Patsy . . 34, 111 McBride, Mike Ill McClain, Lydia 121 McConnell, Sharon ... 36, 57, 97 McCormick, Brian ...121 McDowell, Roxie Ill McFerran, Barb 121 McGee, John ..37, 60, 121 McGill, Karen 97 McGregor, Julie 34, 44, 39, 111 McGregor, Robert . . . 53. 65, 67, 68, 69, 71, 73, 86. 97 McGuigan, Jeanine ..121 McGuigan, Mickey ...111 Mcintosh, Jim Ill McKav, Charlotte 37, 40, 43, 121 McKee, Donna Ill McKee, Rhea, 39, 46, 97 McKee, Sara 39, 111 McLaughlin, Karen . . 13, 34, 40, 51, 56, 106, 111 McLeland. Mary 46 McMahan. Will 121 McOmber, Mickey 44.111 Means. Cindy, . ..34, 98 Meese, Dick 43, 111 Menke, Sherry 121 Mentzer, Lynn Ill Merkey, Jim . .50, 60, 121 Merriman, Rick 112 Merrit, Bill 121 Messick, Gary 37, 44 121 Messenger, Nancy ....36, 40, 46, 51. 112 Meyer. Diana . . . .36, 112 Meyer, Marcia ..44. 112 Mever, Mary 35, 40, 41, 112 Meyer, Patricia 36, 46. 98 Mevers, Mike 121 Meyers, Rick 112 Michael, Bob 121 Mignerev. Doug 116, 121 Millan, Terry 121 Miller, Gary ....43, 112 Miller, Ivan . . .44, 121 Miller, Janice ..36, 112 Miller, Jennifer 35, 36, 44, 46, 98 Miller, Richard 121 Miller, Rose 40, 48, 112 Miller, Dorothy .40, 121 Mills, Mike 98 Miser, Cheryle .46, 112 Mitchell, Gayle ..40, 98 Mizerski, Sandy 36, 40, 112 Moake, Dick 121 Mohr. Bob ..33, 61, 112 Mongosa, Nancy 116, 122 Montgomery, Karen ..122 Moore, Bill 122 Mogan, Donna 122 Morningstar, Kay 43, 122 Morton, Robert 53, 61, 87, 98 Moser, Sheila 34, 44, 112 Moses, Cathy 37, 39, 44, 51, 112 Motz, Tom 72, 112 Mueller, Heinrick ....61, 72, 73, 98 Mueller. Max ...61, 112 Mullans, Tom ...34, 53, 65, 68, 70, 71, 73, 112 Muson, Carolyn 122 Murdock, Linda . . .49, 112 Murphy, Dave ...60, 122 Murray, Carol ...36, 98 Myers, Dave ....60, 122 Myers, Mary 98 N Nagel, Linda 56, 98 Naile, Marilyn 122 Naile, Shirley 39, 40, 112 Nes, Carl 34, 112 Nevers, Larry 98 Neville, Bob 72, 122 Nicholson, Jane 36, 40, 47, 112 Nicholson, Linda ....34, 39, 40, 41, 51, 106, 112 Niebel, Diana 122 Niemeyer, John ...61, 112 Noble, Alfred 39, 46, 98 Noble, Dorothy . .44, 122 Noble, Steve 44, 122 Nogar, Sally 112 Norwalt, Linda 98 Notter, Mike 43, 112 Nycum, Martin, 34. 57, 112 Nycum, Sue 36, 98 O Offerle. Ed . .34, 44, 112 Oman, Al 87, 99 Omo, Larry 122 Oplinger, Carol 35, 36, 40, 51, 87, 99 Ormiston. Karen .... 99 Ortino, Lynne ...57, 99 Osborne, Carol ..36, 99 Osborne, Timothy 60, 122 Osbun, Kathy 36, 44, 106, 112 127 Oser, Diane 99 P Palguta, Larry 122 Palguta, Steve 112 Palmer, Sandra . .36, 112 Pape, Bill 48, 112 Parker, Judith 36, 40, 99 Parker, Phyllis 34, 39, 40, 99 Parker, Ray 112 Parker, Robert 99 Parkison, Sandy 112 Parks, Susan ..116, 122 Parr, Sally 35, 40, 51, 122 Parrish, Donald ..60, 122 Pease, Greg 122 Pease, Mike 112 Pelz, Brenda 40, 43, 122 Pence, Kirby 37, 54, 122 Penndorf, Jay 99 Perkins, Mary Ann ..122 Perry, Dee Dee ..49, 122 Peterson, Susan 40, 122 Petit, Mark 99, 105 Pfeiffer, Bill 34, 44, 50, 99 Philo, Patricia 122 Pinault, Kathy 122 Pinnick, Harold 54, 99, 105 Place, Kenneth . .44, 112 Place, Richard 122 Piatt, Dan 99 Piatt, Kay 112 Plunkett, John . .60, 122 Poneleit, June 36, 40, 43, 51, 99 Ponsot, Sandra 34, 35. 36, 40, 43, 86, 99 Porter, Steve ...61, 112 Presnell, Jim 112 Pressler, John ...44, 122 Pressler, Ronald 44, 54, 99 Prezbindowski, Carol . .36, 40, 112 Prince, Neal 61, 112 Prior, Marcia 36, 40, 113 Pugh, Bob . .36, 57, 113 Pugsley, Cindy 40, 51, 122 Quance, Denny 33, 53, 61, 73, 113 R Radabaugh, Dennis 60, 122 Kagan, Kay 40, 122 Rahe, Janis 113 Rairden, Cynthia 122 Ralston. Jean 36, 40, 51, 113 Rankin, Diana 36, 39, 40, 46, 57, 100 Rathgaber, Nancy ...122 Ream, Ted 36, 113 Reddin, Nancy 122 Reddin, Paul 113 Redding, Mike 122 Redding, Sally 39, 40, 51, 113 Redvvanski, Pat 122 Reed, DeWayne . .60, 122 Reed, Joyce 36, 113 Reed, Walter 113 Reese, Judy 122 Rehrer, Kay 34, 40, 46, 47, 100 Reichard, William 123 Reichwage, Dave 100, 105 Reinert, Donald 123 Reinert. Richard 32, 4G, 123 Reinhard, Carol 36, 40, 100 Reinking, Jerald 33, 53, 61, 87, 100 Reuille, Ron 50, 100 Reynolds, John 44, 113 Reynolds, Karen 123 Rhoad, Kaylene 37, 40, 51, 123 Rhoad, Richard 34, 50, 53, 72, 100 Ricci, Bill 113 Richards, Gale, 37, 40, 113 Richards, Joyce ..37, 113 Richardson, Nancy ...113 Richardson, Pamela ...40 Richerson, Darlene . . . 123 Richerson, Jeral ....113 Richway, David 54 Rider, Nancy 123 Ridgley, Sherry 123 Rietdorf, Marlene 36, 100 Righy, Pat 123 Riley, Chris 113 Riley, Kathy 40, 51, 113 Robers, Gary 43, 49, 100 Robers, Greg .A 33, 65, 70, 123 Robison, Linda 35, 36, 40, 113 Robles, Abel 100 Robles, Sam 113 Rockev, Donna . . .46, 100 Rohrbaugh, Linda 123 Roman, Al 34, 39, 44, 53, 87, 100 Romey, Bryon 39, 54, 100 Ropp, Linda 113 Rose, Merrilly 123 Rossetter, Sam ... 60, 66 Rotch, Judy 40, 51, 113 Roth, Janice 35. 36, 40, 41, 100 Rousseau, Joyce 34, 39, 51, 113 Royer, Nancy ...40, 123 Ruby, Glenn 34, 38, 100 Ruch, Margaret 123 Rulka, Steve 54, 113 Rust, Gale 54, 123 Sanders, Barbara 43, 113 Sanders, Carole 36, 113 Sanders, Kathleen 36, 101 Sanders, Ronnie ..43, 101 Sandkuhler, Hal 60, 123 Sandkuhler, Steve 54, 61 Sark, Nancy 40, 123 Saunders, Lynn . .40. 113 Schaefer, Cheryl 123 Schaefer, Greg 123 Schaller, Sharon 123 Schauweker, Chad ... 123 Schebig, Dennis 36, 38, 46, 50, 101 Schebig, Pam 123 Scheiman, Karen 47, 123 Schell, Daneil 123 Schersehel, Lynn ....113 Schilling, Kay 36, 40, 46, 101 Schimmoller, Ralph 38, 113 Schlup, Carolyn 36, 113 Schmoe, Sue 40, 113 Scholl, Sherry 113 Schreen, Bob 34, 101 Schultz, Diann 40. 51 Schwan, Nancy . ..40, 101 Schwartz, Dave ..61, 113 Schwartz, Steve 123 Scott, Linda 39, 113 Scott, Sandra . ..39, 101 Shadle, Nancy 123 Shady, Don 113 Shallenberger, Dan ..113 Shaw, Nancy ...46, 113 Shearin, Robert 113 Sheets, Richard 113 Sheley, Carey ...23, 54 Shepherd, Ellen . ..36, 113 Sherwin, Kenneth 34, 101 Sherwood, James ...113 Shinn, Ray 46, 123 Shipe, Mary 35, 113 Shirey, Sharon 123 Shoemaker, Terry ....54, 60, 123 Shultz, Steve 72 Shurboff. Greg . .34, 101 Shurtz, Mike 50, 72, 73, 114 Sieminski, Barbara ...101 Sieminski, Cindy . .37, 123 Simmons, Randy ....114 Skinner, Buddy 38, 53, 61, 73, 101 Smallwood, Mike ....114 Smith, Anita 39, 114 Smith, Beth 44, 116, 123 Smith, David 101 Smith, Dorothy 101 Smith, E. Lawrence ..101 Smith, Gail ..32, 47, 123 Smith, Hal 33, 65, 68, 71, 114 Smith, Harold 53, 72, 114 Smith, Jill 36, 114 Smith, Kathy 36, 43, 114 Smith, Koven . . .46, 114 Smith, Lawrence . . . .34, 39, 54, 55 Smith, Leona 114 Smith, Marjie 123 Smith, Ronnie L. 38, 101 Smith, Ronald W. ...36, 38, 54. 86. 102 Smith, Sharon 33, 37, 42, 48, 51, 123 Snouffer, Marilyn 44, 123 Snyder, Don ...34, 102 Solari. Brian 123 Solari, Don 61, 114 Sosinski, Dennis ..66, 123 Spath, Nick 124 Spaw, Sandra 124 Spaw, Susan 102 Spencer, Maria 40, 41, 124 Spice, Roger 60, 66, 124 Spice, Kathy 34, 39, 40, 48, 51, 114 Spicer, Willi 114 Spoolstra, Jim . . .44, 124 Sprague, Cindy . . 35, 36, 39, 44, 46, 102 Sprandel, Jim 124 Sprandel, Tom . .34, 102 Springer, Steve ..53, 102 Spurlock, Connie .... 124 Squires, Elizabeth 40. 124 Stanger, Marjorie . . 102 Stark, Bob ..61, 73, 114 Starnes, Cheryl 36, 86, 102, 105 Stauffer, Joan 40, 51, 124 Steffen, Leo 114 Steffen, Sandy . .51, 124 Steffen, Terry 124 Steinacker, John 114 Steinforth, Cindy 51, 52, 114 Steinforth, Patty 51, 52, 124 Stevens, Joyce 124 Stevenson, Dan ..46, 114 Stevenson, Dave 37, 124 Stiff ler, Patti ..37, 102 Stinnett, John ..73, 114 Stoll, Dennis 43 Stoll. Nancy 52, 114 Stoppenhagan, Judy ..40, 102 Stovall, Charles 102 Studebaker, Marie ...124 Sturges, Fred . . .54, 124 Sutter, Alan 102 Swaim, Dave ...54, 114 Swank, Marilyn 114 Sweet, Linda 35, 36, 40, 51. 117, 124 Switzer, Pete 114 Symons, Alan 102 Symons, Gary 49, 124 T Tarn, Mark 102 Tarney, Boyd 114 Taylor, Diana . ..51, 124 Teeple, Steve ...44, 124 Tester, Dan 114 Tester, Lloyd 114 Thieme, Rosalie 35. 36, 123 Thomas, Karen 124 Thompson, Judith ...124 Thompson, Ron 124 Thompson, St. Clair . . .34, 50, 56, 102 Thorne, Barbara 12, 42, 102, 105 Tilbury, Kenyon 54, 114 Tobias. Marcia ..40, 124 Toor, Steve 46, 114 Topp, Charles 54, 103 Townsend, Nancy 36, 114 Trucey, Jim 114 Trautman, Alice 124 Trepak, Peter 34, 38, 61, 103 Troutman, Kenneth ..54, 103 Tutwiler, Ed 43. 114 U Uhl, Karen 103 Uhlrick. Rollue 124 Utter, Cynthia 103 VanAllen, Carol 46, 103 VanAllen, Pat ..36, 114 VanHoozen, Marilyn 51, 124 VanOrman, Denny . . . 103 Vaughn, Alan ..36, 103 Vaughn, Rex 124 Vaughn, Steve 103 Viega, Pat ..36, 40, 114 Venus, Barb .. 33, 42, 51, 116, 124 Vervalin, David 44, 61, 73, 114 Vinson, Scott 124 Vodde, Leanna 34, 44, 103 Vogelgesang, Jerry 66, 124 Vogelgesang, Susan ..36, 40, 56, 86, 103 Volkert, Diane 124 Volz, Karyn 40, 124 Vranjes, Tomislav ..124 W Wade, Dianne 124 Wagner, Janice ....114 Waldrop, Cindy 40, 51, 103 Walker, Jeanne 124 Wall, Ronald 103 Warner, Fred 34, 48, 49, 56, 72, 73, 114 Wascovich, Connie ...40, 51, 124 Waterhouse, Ralph 44, 124 Watson, Rex 124 Wawruszewski, Terri 114 Waybright, Larry . . 125 Weaver, Carol 46, 47, 103 Weber, Ann 40, 41, 46, 49, 55, 103 Weber, Donna 40, 41, 55, 125 Weesner, Carol 114 Wehrle, Roger 125 Weicker, John ..34, 115 Welbaum, Cassandra 125 Welbaum, Sandra ...39, 44, 104 Welch, Georgia 42, 46, 51, 125 Welch, Sharon 36, 40, 115 Weller, Brian 53, 61, 104 Wentzel, Bob 44, 116, 125 Wetzel, Vicki 125 Weyrick, Roger 34, 44, 50, 115 Wheeler, Pamela 36, 40, 46, 104 Whitcare, Tyrone ....115 Wickliffe, Donald ...125 Wickliffe, Thomas 54, 104 Wiegman, Terry ....116 Wiegman, Anita 12, 35, 51, 104 Willard, Kathy 37 40, 51, 125 Williams, David ..34, 115 Williams, Linda 115 Williamson, Patricia . .40, 125 Wilson, Brad 115 Wilson, Cynthia 125 Wilson, Mary 39, 40, 104 Winn, Barry ...43, 104 Wire, James 34, 72, 115 Wisel, John 61, 104 Wismer, Vicky 39, 40, 104 Witte, Jean 36, 104, 105 Wittmer, Curtis 115 Woehneker, Earl 115 Wolfe, Bruce ...60, 125 Wood, Joy 125 Woods, David . . .48, 115 Woolums. Terry 50, 72, 73, 105 Worrell, Bill ...66, 125 Wyall, Cary . .34, 37, 115 Wyall, Sandy 125 Wyss, Nivholas 104 Y Yankosky, Jim 38, 61, 104 Yater, Beverly 36, 47, 115 Yergens, Ginger 40, 51, 125 Young, Michael 125 Young, Pam 47 Young, Rene 125 Young, Tom ...54, 104 Younghaus, Nancy ...125 Yount, Sandra 125 Zavitz, Dwight Leroy, Jr: 32, 44, 104 Zelt, Edith 36, 115 Zeysing, Gary 61. 73, 115 Zeysing, Gwen 40, 51, 125 Zion, Randy 34, 48, 61, 106, 115 128 ' ' I

Suggestions in the Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

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