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Um Shaw GLENN HAMMER - "May I have your attention ,... p - lease." Absentees hear his Telephone Hour. He and Mr. Arnold attend sports events together. Is Maxwell House the best coffee? IEANNETTE MCCLURE - On station G. A. A. she can be seen from 11:30 to 12:00 A.M. broad- casting softball, basketball, and vol- leyball. When a question of rules comes up, she says, "lust a minute, I'll look in the book." GURNEY MATTINGLY directs The Stars of Tomorrow the seventh period. For the rest of his day, tune in on Mattingly's Merry Me- nagerie of artists, speakers, debat- ers, declaimers, and magicians. WENDELL NICODEMUS' fa- mous sneeze that imperils your life should really open a who-dunit show. He conducts the Glee Club in Melody Time appearances and contests. Get to his study hall on time or - the jug. ANITA OLDHAM, excelling in literary channels, directs such pro- grams as Who Said That and Liter- ary Cavalcade. Her sign-off line is "Fill in the blanks in Practical Englzlrhf' GEORGE C. BOND is general manager and treasurer of our net- work. He determines our schedule: and, because of recurring crises of weather, he sometimes announces "No school today." Mr. Bond a familiar figure at our studios, for he takes an active interest in the success of our educational pro- gram. ESTELLA PERKINS as Chairman of foreign affairs, broadcasts in French, Spanish, and English. In English class, she looks up from her French book and says, "Oh. my gracious." N, RAY REED's request is "May I fvorrow your pencil, please," Lat- est count of pencils is 2,000. He is a general repair man around school and supervises the boys in shop, architectural and mechanical draw- mg. GEORGE ROLLER conducts Lis- ten To This in room twelve with an eagle eye, runs study halls with an iron hand, and seldom issues a library pass. Anticipation of a 300 score in bowling puts a smile on his face. DON WEAVER, popularly re- ferred to as the Old Quiz Master, drills physics, algebra, Lrig, geom- etry, and general math into his always attentive audience. "This is a rimple mental exercise," is his opening line. RUTH WIMMER heads Excur- sions in Science, a favorite pro- gram, beginning at 9:15 daily. She also teaches many of our future drivers. The underclassmen scatter fast when she says, "Give me strength and forbearance." Page Seven fm 4 in--,, ,M 'uv'-Q-u.,,,,,3 , 1 TX? l...,,-i-9 wg msn sq, Dual L+ P 4 ' DRWER TRAANNGC 4 6'vn44y . . . awww QA-2-u. 9 IT T'-f gli LU S' ' .Abela 4:- 59 asf-L i '7!w Shaw 1.jA". l ,f5V'l....Qf fx4..:?'fQ5JY'fi' Eli. in .J , . , FQ? t . ry- M ' 5 'ti 1' . , V tk . 3 5:9 , ' ' 'Zz . - , ' ' 5.,.. ..,.'.J. f -V .QS . . J Q- , nr W - gnu-.wa-,....,......-1 NW Y, ,ww-an ,..,,, 45. -- ,.-ev " ' . ggeewff W , , , . , A ' A f- X- ' 2 V I MN- ' :A ' -5'-:ig ' 4 - Q. '4 Quad an 1:15 Hey, Mr. Motorist 11:50 Siclewgilk C4110 5:15 Clean Up Hour 10:30 Painting Time 10:-15 lust Plain Charlie 11:15 A Date VVirh Fate 10:15 We Live and Learn 11:00 Mess H1111 2:30 Now Elmhurst 1s Yours Page Nine qaedfunen 1448 wen I-.ui LY- mb f'x,.nlQ.. Top row: lamca Wit-ac, Nclbon McBride, Icromc Morton, Gerald Baumgartner, Allan Doctor, Don Spccht, Richard Knohlauck, It-rry Stivtfr, Charles Pickard, Iohn Roth, Nolan Allision, William Wfingct, David VVagncr, Earl Mann, Harold Guyot, XValtcr Mendenhall St-cond Row: Charlt-s Stangcr. Anthony Hcrbt-r, Eldon liunifcr, lamca Springer, Charlcs Baughman, Mar- iorit- Maldcncy, Billie Gillingham, Audrcy Riu-, Amy Lou Huxkirk, Pat Clcr. Dorothy Spccht, Carol Brandt, Carolyn Saint' Third Row: Pat Arnold, Shirluy Tutwcilar, Iuninc Ellis, Sharon Snyder, Io Ann Lahrinan, Shirlcy Richard- bon, Lunorc Cotton, Edith Pfciffcr, Barbara Hunry, Phyllih Waldrop, Carroll Woods, Virginia Wolf Fourth Row: Gail Mot-ring, Victor Lambert, lim Wright, Lynn Hcnachcn, Harold Drt-w, lack VVilkin5on, Carl Bickt-l, Frank Van Ryn, Lynn Rothcnbuhlcr, Don lohmon, Larry Haynca, Don Arnett, David Trainer, Waltcr Laisurc Fifth Row: Iiinmy Moore, Richard Hill, Bill Price, Bctty Hutchins, Nancy Kipfcr, Marquita Winn, Devon.: Lydy, Sharon Evans, Margarst Carpenter, Alice Roc, Carol Schocncniann, Phyllis Ionca, Donna Kiel, Algica Cady Bottom Row: Ioycc Schoolcraft, Bonnie Sonncrs, Phyllis Emrick, Shirley Malott. Marilyn Roscr, Sharon Allison, Beverly Olmon, Bcrncttc Girardot, Iudy Springer, Carol Kellerman 748 ,purer M: mfg WMA 5 .v. XJ' -91- Wir -Ai il " il--llri - Top Row: Karl Klemm, Pedro Hernandez, Bud Higgins. Clark Valentine, Lynn Morford, Roger Blume, Bob St. Iohn, Kenneth Armitage, Bill Eix, Lawrence Green, Lynn Shady, Bill Briant, David Stevenson, Eugene Springer, Eugene Smith Second Row: Roy Saylor, Larry Fox, Robert Chiyington. Ronnie Ernst, Carolyn Cox, Cecelia Strauas. Miriam Ware, Barbara Racine, Beverly Berry, Roger Prince, lack Dold, Iames Lude, Bob Saum, Edward Thiele Third Row: Carolyn Logan, Barbara Allen, Marlene Beck, Ruth Ann Heiniger, Susan Gouty, Annette Grile, Aldine Slagell, Phyllis Landis, Lucille Southworth, Pat Fuhrman, Marlene Wildey. Betty Howell Fourth Row: lim Buchan, Donald Suter, Howard YVolf, Bill Ferrell, Iames Lowe, Robert VVilson, Ronald Shapell, Jack Schoeneman, Ralph Parker, Bill Sims, Keith Iohnaon, Gary Nichols, Ieff Lake, Larry Resaeler Fifth Row: jules Berry, Donald Brunner, Earl Keller, Gary Meyers, Laurie Slater, Ioseph VVatkins, lohn Molin, Richard Bunnell, Phyllis Powell, Ethel Roy, Ianet Renger, Shirley Swain, Marlene Leatherman, Marie Roy, Rosemary Spice Bottom Row: Pat Rohrbaugh, Marcella Shady, Adelee Gudakunat, Iacqueline Osborne, Norma Cunnington. Susie Lammiman, Bonnie Coleman, Sharon Baehler, Beverly Bradley, Glendora Ditton, Donna DePoy, Sharon Hively .li 09' Page Eleven Sapfaamaawi Ru fx mia, x Page Twelve Xf 'llip Rmv: Ilwight Unibcr, luck limiinlhclil, Bob Work, loc 'l'riiyis, Mclyin Pulley, Paul Gulyiis, Iini Wiiulvlicking, lim Griiych, Ronald Winn, Holi 'Vhnrlwci' Sucinid Riiw: Stuart 'lNI'.1iIlL'I', Bob Huy, Virginia liruwii, Virginia Ford, Nancy Muuck, Ida Giniycm, Dulcirch l.i1nilicrI, Hugh Wilcy, Gary Kuhn Third Riiw: Sh.irlcy XVuguiimii, Carol Suu Gcorgc, Iuycc Baldwin, Indy Wiru, Phyllis GL-nth, '14NVillLl Wright, Indy Surrull, Phyllis V.in Oxdillc, Arlcnc Wcibcl, Mary Iillcn lulimun lfiiurili Row: Wally Nurwiilt, Icrry lluling, Rnln-rt lmmiigc-r, Hill Mycrs, lm- Spcclit, IR-tci' ,l'l1Kll'l1lJUl'tLI, Bud 'I'.iylur, Paul I-lc-nry, Raiymund Hc-nry, Dick Sliver, Liirry Rcvctt, David Smitlmxn Fifth Row: Duyid Maid, lid Sc-idcl, Buycrly Puuriiuiii, Bunnic Icnkins, FlUl'Ll Ri-cd, Nancy Mc5wiinc, Muriuric Icnkinb, Nnrniii Hucr, lid Augmburgcr. lack Hughcb lioitoni Row: Bc-tty Paxton, Margaret Landis, Iuy Mulfyird, Ioan Ricc, Nilu McCpn'tncy, Lucillc lcrruid, Mary Ann Kimnicl, Marcia Strutcr, Phyllib Richurdwn, Put Leah M '7!w Wada! ws-'J 924 'ga' Top Row: Kcnncth Ott, Dick Wood, Martin Page, Gene Lee, Charles Carpenter, lim Paxson. Iohnnic Kcllcr, Kcn Schneider, Harold Huyghc Second Row: Richard Schmitt, Larry Curtis, Raymond Zclt, Dick Tipton, Vivian Clenney. Mrytlc Scott, Tom Laden, Paul Claymillcr, Charles Crawford Third Row: Delores Mcyers, Carolyn Ht-rhcr, Nancy Kissinger, Mary llickcl. Betty Moore, Martha VValkci', Dina Schaffer, Bonnie Kicstnr, Bt-ycrly Nichols, Tcrcsa Ht-rlwur Fourth Row: Hob Farlty, Dick Cunnington, Tom Buchan, Bob Gillcspic, Rolland Klot-r, Howard Foss, Dallas Dodanc, Harold Dautz, Don Chapman, Bob Dikty, Bob Criilcr, Virgil Curly Fifth Row: Alice Fink, Mary Ann Cushing, Iackit- Carlson, Pat Curtis, Lorrainc Churchward, Evelyn Bradbury, Sally Ewing, Carroll Iircctlcn, Marilyn Gcnth, Iudy Drt-xv Bottom Row: Shirlcy Brown, Mat' Gccting, Mary Ann Frciburgcr, Iackic Barr, It-an Adams, Arlt-nu Adams, Ioycc Facklc-r, Mary Lou Ferrf-y, Ioyce Kncppcr, Marlene Hamilton vf X Page Thirteen a' ain Page Fourteen Sl sxk Top Row: Roliinml Mitchell, Bill Wulf, Clmrlw Cnhlw, Limit-s Mason, Bill Birtl, Buh Grccr, Charles Arm-tt, Cliurli-s Stuart St-contl Row: Hnwqril Hulicnstcin, VV.iltcr Balclilcr, Dick Uptgraft, Lcc Taylor, Claircncc Saylor, Stanley Critlcr, Don Conihs Thinl Row: Bill Fink, Virgil Hukc, Margie Smplctnn. Dum Zclt, llugcnc luhnwn. Ronaltl Koumlcr lfnurth Rmv: Waltrr liichlcr, Pat Brennan, Irvin Guunt, Tom Rutherford, Lconaircl Sht-Hficltl, Dick Black, Arthur Kapp, Gt-nc Mutton Hrittrmi Row: Virginia Grp-pkc, Mary Lou Twigg, Conniu Saum, Carol Crabill, Marilec Harclisty, Ioycc Fcrrcy ffx' f -'W fl Nfl ,gf fxeculiue Rank! XX rw. Top Row: Ronald Wilson, Byron Yoquelct, Eugene Avery, Frank Walker, Victor Hoopcngardner, Iamss Bently, Dick Koch, Jerome Hcrber Second Row: Shirley Mann, Norma Bultemcicr, Dick St. Iuhn, Donald Koomler, Louis Brcxvster, Norma Thiele, Ianet Meyers Third Row: Gwcnyth Morris, Madeline Kuistcr, Bonnie Farley, Arlene Ferrell, Louise Stringer, Ruth Chivington Fourth Row: Donald Strauss, Stanford Sanders, Keith Guyot, Iohn Shappcll, Andy Streeter, Tom Kunnekc, Ronald Stollcr, Tom Vllciscnburger Fifth Row: Kenneth Stanger, Don Young, Donna Favory, Carol Noble, Barbara Pollcy, Cal Brunner, Norman Warner Bottom Row: Pluma Orcutt, Ioann Myers, Carolyn Geake, Mary Ann Strater, Ioy Smith, Carolin Smithson Page Fifteen ' .4 J V ' x '.s s m J L. , -f' . v . -L. nf' ,'. l TV exerts 3 gravitational pull on living room furniture and inhabitants. Sit as close as you please and view: Senior Es Prom Queen und Attendants v I A More Senior E's 7aa4ZQ 7140 7mm XX 1 f 'hh 'S ' I- -,I. ,.-,--if,-?-,.t2zi??it- , 1,2142 Officers of '51 Marilyn Paxton ,,,. ,,,,,, T reasurer Martha Coleman ,,,, ,.,,,,, S ecretary E- U S H Q M Larry Iohusonrr , ,,,,,r, ,,,President Curl Bakeru, .... -,,Vice-President 0939 i P X 1' f Wliiln .-47' 1? X sid 1 Chance of a Lifetime Peekaboooo Tom Norwalk lim Foulks lim Dennison Iohn Weisenhurg Iohn YVrigl1t Miss Falls Studio Audience Eighteen Mary Sue Cler Wallace Cotton Phyllis Ruiz Curl McCartney Pat Wiedelman Paul Stiverson CI' Holm Gulyas Beverly Freihurger Riiy Seidner Arlene Slzigell Roland Beck Marlene Imel Don Belbulowski Art Adams Butch 'Waldrop Len Betley Ron Belbutowski Ron Young Rex Corbin Framed Lee Travis Keith Deeter Robert Axe Milo Frunkenberg ki' 'ff .-dx A One Too Many King for a Day Ron Belluutowski Don Belbutowski Luncheon at E. H. S. Ellen Scott Barbara Schey Claris Buskirk Mary Brandt Evelyn Nyffeler Dis Bernadette Herber Rosa Lee Boston Alice Springer Patsy Breinfalk Elaine Iohnson Mr. Arnold 'n' Data Barbara Hazelet Virginia German Page Nineteen Page Twenty ARTHUR E. ADAMS is 3 real ioiner here at E.H.S. Art is veep of the Phi-Chem Club and treasur- er of the GUS Club. Art belongs to RiHe Club, F.T.A., Booster and Red Cross Clubs, and the .-Idmnee staff. Evenings. Art works at Dale's Drive Inn. Farming? Did someone say farm- ing: Call ROBERT NV. AXE. He's an expert. His interests don't stop at that: for he belongs to the Boost- er. Red Cross, Commercial, GUS, and Phi-Chem Clubs. Bob was also partly responsible for having gliders at the prom. Musically inclined is CARL Q. BAKER, prexy of the F.T.A. and band. Bake was president of E Club and has held okhces in our fresh- man, sophomore and senior classes. Carl has letters in band and Ad- nzrzefz Carl's outside interests are DeMolay and giving woodwind in- strumental lessons. Collecting stamps is the main in- terest of ROLAND BECK. He helped decorate for the prom, played intramural basketball, and would like shop six periods a day. Roland came to E.H.S. from North Side. He works at a cabinet shop in Huntington. Managing the advertising and business departments of the Ad- vmief' has kept DONALD T. BEL- BUTOWSKI busy. Leading yells three years won him an E. Don took time out from math and chemistry to belong to the Red Cross, GUS, and Commercial Clubs and F.T.A. DeMolay is his chief outside interest. I A busy boy is RONALD A. BEL- BUTOXVSKI. Ron heads the :ld- muiec staff. He belongs to the Phi- Chem, Red Cross, Commercial and GUS Clubs and F.T.A. Ron sports an E in YELL, varsity sports, and i-ldmzzzee. His outside interests are DeMolay and any work to make a buck. He presided over the Phi-Chem and Booster Clubs and lent a hand to GUS and Red Cross Clubs. He took the responsibility of being Afl- zuuzrr sports editor: he ioined F,T.A. He plans to teach math. His holi- ldies are "the same as most boys his age." - Thut's LEONARD I. BETLEY! Singing in her church choir and working at the YMCA are ROSA LEE BOSTON'S hobbies. Her club activities include Red Cross, GUS, and G.A.A. Sociology is her favor- ite subieet. Reading, sewing, music, and many other hobbies keep MARY M. BRANDT a busy girl. Her favorite subjects are driving and art. She is a member of the Home Ec and Red Cross Clubs and served on the .Ain- IIYJVIIVPI staff. Pat is ri member of Red Cross. GUS, and Glee Clubs. She served on the prom committee last year and is a Hagbearer with the band. Ice skating and swimming are hobbies which PATRICIA A. BREINFALK enioys. She likes to rack her brain with sociology. Say, have you seen that fellow from Central? His name is IACK IRVIN BRUNSON. Iason is a member of Booster and DeMolay. He enioys drawing and hunting. Iaek likes to give pantomimes in English class. CLARIS BUSKIRK has a col- lection of 400 different perfume bottles. Her -l-H work has won her trips to Purdue and to Chi- cago, Bashful won an E in Home lic Club. Chemistry problems are her favorite homework. Claris served on the prom refreshment committee and belonged to GUS Club. Everybody knows MARY IO CHAPMAN as the girl who is al- ways in a flurry. She has good reason to be in a rush: for lo numbers her activities as N.F.L. truezisurer, .-Idzinzzve news editor, GUS. E. and Red Cross Clubs. She says her favorite subject is journal- ism. MARY SUE CLER belongs to Red Cross and Home EC Clubs. She enioys English IV and sociology best of all subiects. If you are going to any far away places, re- member Susy's picture post card collection. ROBERT COBB enjoys anything that will go 85 m.p.h. His activities include Red Cross, Commercial, and RiHe Clubs. Beating a drum earned him an E. The Wayne Propane Gas Co. knows Bob as an active Worker. One of the busiest girls in the class is MARTHA LOU COLE- MAN. our iunior Prom Queen. Marty is senior class secretary, vecp of the band and G.A.A. She was prexy of the Y-Teen group in Waynedale. She is active in F.T.A., Red Cross. GUS. and Booster Clubs. DONALD REX CORBITT, who has played on the Elmhurst basket- ball squad four years. was veep of the freshman class and a member of Red Cross and Phi-Chem Clubs. He was top man on the Adzwzlzce Business stall his iunior year. Golf is Rex's summer recreation. YVALLACE L. COTIQON came from Huntington High where he belonged to the Hi-Y and was on the football team. At E.H.S. he works in the cafeteria and belongs to the Red Gros Club. Butch also packs parachutes for the Indiana Air National Guard. An outstanding feature of this small senior is his dead-eye shoot- ing with a rifle. For this he earned an li. KEITH DEETER also qual- ified for the Red Cross and Phi- Chem Clubs. Looking at girls Qjust looking! is his hobby. Movies are CHARLES L. DEN- NISON'S hobby. lim is a member of tlie Red Cross, Booster, Phi- Chem. and Rifle Clubs. He played intramural basketball. He is often seen setting up pins at the bowling alley. His favorite subject is book- keeping. Page Twenty-one Page Twenty-two CORDILL NV. FAGER, known to most of us as Lefty. is a member of GUS antl Retl Cross Clubs. He also plays intramural basketball. His favorite subiect is government. His hobby is playing his Hawaiian guitar. Appearing on the Hormel pro- gram, writing Calypso songs, antl taking the leacl in We Shook Ihr Ifoniily Tree are only a few of IIATRICI.-X RUTI-I FISHliR'S tal- ents. She heatls G..-X..-X. .intl GLTS Clubs. I':lsll w.is Yeep of the Rt-tl Cross antl Glee Clubs. Sports-mintletl IAMES E. FOULKS plays basketball .intl soft- ball. He belongs to the Booster and Retl Cross Clubs. Jim belongetl to the Pleasant Township 4-H for four years. He also works at Per- fect's Wholesale Grocers. Mll.U I"R.XNliENl'llfRG won a Future Farmers of America Metlal in county, tlistrict, antl state sheep iutlging contests. He was on the 4-H livestock iutlging team at Pur- tlue antl at the State Fair. He be- longetl to the National Iunior Vegetable Growers Association. Milo enioys hshing and horseback riding, too. Ventling popcorn antl ushering at the Palace Theater keep IACK FRAZE busy. Swimming and pho- tography are his hobbies. He is a member of the GUS antl Rifle Clubs. His favorite school prepara- tion is typing budgets. BEVERLY IE.-KN FREIBURGER, who came to Elmhurst from C.C. in her sophomore year, enioys swim- ming and watching people in ber spare time, Home Ec and Retl Cross Clubs also take up some of her time. She likes to crack her sociol- ogy book. Best known for her hobbies of softball., basketball, antl football, VIRGINIA M. GERMAN also l'in'ls time to belong to Retl Cross Club, G.A..'X. antl Commercial Clubs. Ginnx' was also home room agent for the .-Irlminer her iunior year, She has been a monitor in the lower hall for four years, DONALD EUGENE GREPRE is a member of the Reel Cross. Com- mercial. antl GUS Clubs. Mousie earnetl his letter in bancl. Studving liistory' rates high on his list, Col- lecting stamps and working in -l-H take up his spare time. If you want him, look in at the XVest- gate Service Station. liuiltling motlel ships antl planes are llob's favorite pastimes. Chem- istry rates as ROBERT I. GULYAS' faiorite subiect. He also is a mem- ber of the Phi-Cham Club. Going to Lake lames antl travel- ing are interests of VVELLARI7 A. HADLEY. Al earnecl an E in Rifle Club, of which he was presi- tlent his second year. He belonged to Booster, Retl Cross, and GUS Clubs. General Fryback's book- keeping class was his choice of sub- iects. A snappy cheerleader is IOAN I-IANES. Io's extra-curricular activ- ities include G.A.A., Red Cross and Commercial Clubs, and the ,411- lilvrzmz staff. Her favorite subiect is typing and her hobby is dancing. Ioan wears a G.A.A. and a YELL letter sweater. BARBARA IOAN HAZELET, a former Redskin. is a member of Red Cross and GUS Clubs and of F.T.A. Barb works half days and Saturdays at Golden's Men's NN'ear in the oflice. Shorthand is her favorite subject. Collecting material for scrapbooks and farming are the hobbies of BERNAIJETTE MARY HERBER. Bernie's hard work as a library page and her work in the Home EC Club have brought her a letter in both Red Cross and Home Ec Clubs. The Commercial and GUS Clubs claimed her as a member. RONALD L. HIGH really likes typing II class. He and two other boys compete with twenty-five girls for honors. Ron was a varsity pro last year. His favorite sport is still basketball. He has an E in basket- ball and belongs to the Red Cross Club. NVant the gym lighted? Want a good shop or radio man? Want Z1 baker? Consult NEIL L. HIKE. Neil and his buddy, R. Knepper, were often seen with coke bottles for Phi-Chem Club. Neil was also a hall monitor for the Red Cross Club. Dark-haired Donna HOLLE is a member of the Red Cross, Com- mercial, and Booster Clubs. Putsy has earned her letter in Glee Club. Typing is her favorite subject, while square dancing, -l-H, and Rural Youth are her outside in- terests. GERTRUIJE MARIE HOLLO- VVAY is an active member of the G.A.A. and Red Cross Clubs. Through Home Ec. Gertie has earned her E. She puts sparkle in speech. Her favorite sport is square dancing. CLAUITIA ELLEN HOOVER likes roller skating and driving. Claud is a member of the Red Cross Club. Commercial Club, and Y- Teens, Her favorite subiect is typing. She also works on the .-l1If1'fv1'z1m the seventh period. MARLENE IMEL's favorite sub- ject, typing, won her a job typing absence lists. Her alto voice has been a great aid to the Glee Club. She is also a member of the Red Cross, Home Ee, Commercial, and E Clubs. Tivirling and spending money are the favorite activities indulged in by 1. ELAINE IOHNSON. Iohnnie's other activities include food committee for the prom and Red Cross, Home Ec, GUS, and Commercial Clubs. Stop by the Short Stop Restaurant and visit Elaine. Page Twentyrthree Page Twenty-four Our attention-getting cheerleader was LARRY .-X. IOHNSON. lohnny was a member of the E and Com- mercial Clubs. I-Ie was in Ill' Shook Ihr' I'-cI!71lilj' Tree. Our pep sessions were seldom complete without Larry's words on sportsmanship. CLIFFORD D. KELLER has earned an Ii in Rilie Club and in intramural basketball. Commercial and GUS Clubs take up some of his time. If you have mechanical trouble, Cliff will help you. His favorite subiect was American lit. A quiet and reserved senior of this year is ALICE KIEL who has been active for four years in Red Cross, Commercial, Home Ee and Ii Clubs. Butch won her E in Home Ee. During her iunior year she was Y-Teen president. Short- hand is her favorite subiect. He liked English and model building. RONALD KNEPPER was a Red Cross library page. He checked the coke bottles and coke machine for the Phi-Chem Club. Ron also belonged to Rilie Club. EDDIE AL KREIENBRINK, otherwise known as Cranberry, is a member oi? the Phi-Chem Club and has earned an E in intramural sports. In his iunior year he won the Sportsmanship Award during the class tourney. Cranberry works at the Kroger Store. Otherwise the YMCA and DeMolay take up his leisure Lime. Biceps' favorite school subiect is English. He always reads two books in that class at the same time. SAMUEL XV. KRUSE is an .l11'z'i11ire reporter, a member of the Red Cross. Phi-Chem. and GUS Clubs. Friceps was on the softball and reserve basketball teams. Sam paints houses on week ends. This shop mechanics enthusiast works on cars, drives cars, and buys cars. That's why he is known as I-Iotrod. PHILIP KUHN belongs to the Rilie and Red Cross Clubs. After school hours, you'll find Phil at PfeitTer's Motor Co. or at the Fort VVayne Drive-In Theater. GLENN T. LEAMING, a qurer senior in room 16. belonged to the Red Cross Club four years. Draw' ing is his favorite subiect. Playing softball, basketball, and golf is his favorite pastime. Intramural basket- ball claimed his attention two years. GERALIJINI:i E. LUCE, other- wise known as Geri, served on the prom committee in her iunior year and has worked on the Jdzirrizee staff. She is a member of Com- mercial Club, Red Cross, G.A.A., and Y-Teens. Her favorite subiect is dramatics: her hobby is driving. Physics is CARL XVILLIAM Mc- CARTNEY'S favorite subject. Carl is a member of the Phi-Chem and has earned his letter and pin in band. Carl works after school at the VVaynedaIe Pharmacy. He is interested in Youth for Christ work. Carl enjoys fishing and raising ever- greens. A golf and basketball enthusiast who is also a math wizard could be no other than ANTHONY E. MANES. Tony is secretary of the GUS club and a member of the Phi-Chem, Red Cross and E Clubs. Can he get good grades on testsl Search for a friendly little guy and you have GLENN E. MEYER He played on the reserve team for two years and the softball team for three years. For this he obtained an E. Balancing debits and credits is Glenn's favorite pursuit when he isn't enjoying sleep, sleep, and more sleep. PHYLLIS ANN MEYER enioyed Booster, Glee, Commercial, Rifle. GUS, and Red Cross Clubs as her maior activities. Phyl has earned two E's. She has been a member of 4-H for seven years. You will lind this cookie at the DeLuxe Pastry Shoppe - working. Red hair? Freckles? Mischief? Sound familiar? It should, because it's TOM U. NORWALT. Pinky has earned an E in both Red Cross and Booster Clubs. He led the class in cheering his freshman and sopho- more years. He spends most of his time picking up pins at the Wayne- dale Bowling Alley. EVELYN IOYCE NYFFELER is secretary-treasurer of the Home Ee Club. Evie was chairman of the prom refreshment committee. She has an E in both Home Ee and Glee Club. Speech was her favorite subject. Singing, playing the piano, and being a 4-H Iunior Leader take up Evic's spare moments. High magazine salesman for Room 15 was none other than RAY E. ORT. Mickey is active in Red Cross and intramural. His favorite subject is government. His favorite sport is roller-skating. He says his hobby is collecting gadgets. Annie likes math and study hall best of her school routine. NORA ANN OTT also works at St. Io- seph's Hospital. She belonged to the Red Cross Club three years, sold magazines. and was on the .411- 1li!7I'Ill71 business staff. Our smallest prom attendant was IANET E. OVERBY. Ianet was a twirler in our front ranks at the ball games. She belongs to the Commercial and Red Cross Clubs and to Y-Teens. Sociology is her favorite subject. She works in the office of the Allied Mills. MARILYN PAXTON has had a busy four years at E.H.S. Pat served as prom attendant, president of Commercial Club, and senior treas- urer. Other clubs claiming her in- terests are Booster and Y-Teen. Writing for the .'fdl'Lll1C6' won her E. SHARON IO ANN POND was treasurer of the freshman class, vice- president of Speech Club, and a twirler. She also belonged to GUS Club and was a Red Cross agent. Puddles is a specialist in speech. In her spare time she works at Frank Dry Goods Store. Her favorite hobby is radio work. Page Twenty-live A - 4 '- 5 'I K. 4 . I u I , .. : I . I ' P . .. 4 , , . ,. 39. - 0-G 1 f r 'Q . E Sei.. I F" .,. 1 I xr . , A ' I T ' 1 ."gx,. . age Tvventy-six Swimming and collecting match covers are the outside interests of CAROLYN RUTH. lo was the number one girl in the Glee Club in her iunior year and keeper of the coins in her sophomore year, She was a prom attendant. a library worker. and a member of Rooster Club. Frequenting Bells Skating Rink is .1 favorite bobby of PHYLLIS A. RUTZ. Phvl belongs to GUS. Red Cross, Ilome lic, and Commercial Clubs. She served on the prom committee and etlrnetl a letter in Home lic. Her favorite subiect is sociology. NANCY IJIANNE SANDERS won the county cancer essay' con- test her first year. She won an li for being circulation manager for the .'l1ll'tIll1'!'. Shortie was head of the prom decoration committee. G.A.A. and the Red Cross, Booster and Commercial Clubs put her artistic talents to good use. A member of Home lic. Club for four years, a library page one year, and a member of the Red Cross is BARBARA IRAN SCHEY. lx'5'Kl'l:'I -l-k-i made Barb happy. Her hobbies are reading and ice skating. Quiet. blond EIJNA M. SCHMIDT has been a hall monitor and ofiice worker besides belonging to G.A.A., Red Cross, E and Com- mercial Clubs. Some of her out- side activities are Rural Youth. -l-H, and athletics. She was on the prom decoration committee. Fleving his muscles in all sports is the hubby of RICHARD SCI-INURR. Rickey insists that Eng- lish is his favorite subiect. Sharp- shtmting and Red Cross Club took up his spare time. Knock-out magazine salesman BIiVliR'LY ANN SCHOEPH is prexv of the Glee Club. Pecking the keys in room 17 ls lie-v's favor- llt' slll11t'Cl. She lielrrngs IU the Commercial, GUS, Red Cross, and 4-H Clubs, and F.'I'.A. Bev is also a varsity twirlcr. l'.l.l.lzN I-OUlSl'. SCCYII was a member of Red Cross two years. If you were in the library last period, youll find Ellen. lohnny-on-tho spot. She reads in her spare time and claims geography as her favor- ite subiect. fi. RAY SEIIJNER earned an E bv playing the french horn in band. The F.'l'.A. and GUS, Red Cross, Phi-Chem and Speech Clubs count- ed Ray a member. Trig is his favorite subicct. Rav works at the Orchard Ridge Golf Shop. ARLENE IANE SLAGI-QLL likes puzzles. She works crossword puzzles and even has a puzzle zip- per pull on her notebook. Arlene sang with the Glee Club. She played the piano for her own enioyment. She's a golfer too. GUS and Red Cross Clubs caught her interest this year. A newcomer from Central this year is PAT SMITH. Touts belongs to the Red Cross Club. Her hobbies are roller skating, swimming and dancing. She was a 4-H member for 3 years and now works at Kresge-'s in her spare time. BONNIE SNYIDER belonged to Red Cross Club and Tinker-Y. Bon- nie enioyed Miss Edwards' short- hand class. She was a prom attend- ant. Rand, G.A.A., and the Com- mercial Club were some of her other activities. ALICE M. SPRINGER is active in G.A.A., GUS and Home Ec Clubs. Squeaky worked on the flu- IIYFVIIHZ staff. She has belonged to -l-H for five years. Alice likes to bang the keys in room 17. Her hobbies are bowling and collecting salt and pepper shakers. Her 100-word award in short- hand makes MARYLYN M. STEELE's favorite subiect short- hand. Working full time at the Dime Trust Bank is her hobby. She was also a member of Commercial and Red Cross Clubs. Marylyn worked on the prom decoration committee. Keeping his father's restaurant running is KENNETH PAUL STIVERSON's first interest. Besides belonging to the Rifle and Red Cross Clubs, Paul saves time for book- keeping, his favorite subject. Riding her horse, Tony, is M. LOUISE STRATERS hobby. Susie won her letter in G.A.A., was un the prom invitation committee, and has been a member of Commercial, Red Cross, and GUS Clubs. Typing is her favorite subiect. Collecting napkins and doing 4-H projects have also kept her busy. Like dancing? Chances are you've seen SALLY SULLIVAN, one of our prom attendants, who shares the same hobby. Sally is a member of Booster Club, Red Cross Club, Commercial Club, GUS. and .-I1l- wlliee staff. SaIly's favorite subitct is typing. You can distinguish smiling, sandy-haired LEE TRAVIS in any crowd. He earned a worthwhile E from Rifle Club during his second and third years. Pink is also active in the Red Cross, GUS, and Com- mercial Clubs. I-Ie has a special in- terest in machines. MORRELL S. TRAVIS likes his- tory and . . . dates. He belongs to Phi-Chem, Red Cross, and GUS Clubs. When he's not busy with his hobbies of model airplanes, stamps, and escorting his O.A.O., he works at the Indiana Hotel. NVhen BETTY LOU TRUELOVE is mentioned, we look at the presi- dent of the Home Ec Club. fShc has held all but one office in that clubj. Betsy loyally supports G.A.A., Booster, Phi-Cham, GUS, Red Cross, and E Clubs. She was a 4-I-I Iunior Leader four years. Page Twenty-seven . at Page Twenty-eight A busy lad is MARVIN W. XVALDROP. Butch is veep of Com- mercial and GUS Clubs, and secre- tary of F.'l'.A. and Red Cross Club. Butch also earned his E in varsity sports: he played basketball for three years, besides track and soft- ball. Hutch is a member of De- Molay. M.-XRIORIE ALICE NVATKINS is active in Red Cross, Booster, Coin- lUCFCllll and GUS Clubs. Maw likes to scratch and tx pe chicken tracks. Margie earned an li in Glce Club her second year. Square dancing and singing in trios are her hobbies. ROBI-QRT C. VVIQBB has an E in intramural sports. Bob likes any kind of math. Ii, Red Cross, and Rille Clubs count him as a mem- ber. Bob was on the Admzrzaf busi- ness staff. He works full time at Howard Iohnson's. We Spaniards know IOHN NVXIQISIQNBURGER as luan. He played on the reserve team two years. Booster, Red Cross. and Phi- Chem Clubs claim him as a mem- ber. Iohn picked physics as his favorite subiect and sports as his hobby. Iuan sacks groceries at the Cress Market. P.-XT A. YVIEDELMAN has never had the iug. Studying sociology antl belonging to Glue Club, band. and the Red Cross Club have kept Pat out of room 18. Playing the guitar is one of Pat's hobbies. l.l'1ON.-KRD XVOODXV.-XRIJ holds his own and an li as a point collector in intramural basketball. Len likes push-ups in gym and belonging to Rille. Phi-Chem, and Red Cross Clubs. He works at the Fort Wayne Drive-In Theater. That energetic boy behind the pins at Wayneclale Bowling Alley is IOHN C. NVRIGHT. lack be- longs to the Red Cross Club. He enioys bookkeeping, Iack was one of our most active varsity players and received an E for his effort. lilml1urst's all-round sportsnian. RONALD li. YOUNG, played var- sity basketball anil baseball and competed on the track team. Ron is a member oti the E and Real Cross Clubs. Study hall is Ronnie's favorite part ot the school clay. From 5 pan. to l a.m. he works at Mor- rell Motors. E r , . 1 N On the Up and Up The Contented Hour Bake's Better Laundry Truth or Consequences Page Twenty-nine Ladies Fair Louise Strtttet' Edna Schmidt Dianne Saunders Mary Io Cbuprnan At Your Service Wellurd Hadley Robert Webb Leonard Woodward Philip Kuhn Robert Cobb Eddie Kreienbrinli an ---l il. x Q X . ei H y if QNX X u Q A ASQ. Wifi Y Kitchen Klub Richard Sehnurr Tony Manes Ray Ort Sum Kruse Glenn Meyer Nona from Nowhere Put Fisher. Winner of Amateur Contest Harmony Lane Cordill Pager Donald Grepke lack Brunson lack Fraze Lucky Pup Miss Falls lim Dennison Miss Eclwarcls lx.-45 Funny Bunnies Alice Kiel Nora Ott Sharon Pond Ioan Hanes Claudia Hoover Geri Luce Senior Exchange Mary Io Chapman Edna Schmidt Rosa Lee Boston Patsy Breinfallq Page Thirty-one hirty-two 14 nniei 7efel'calaL Top Picturt: Standing: Ioan Hanes, Ltonard Btitley, Carl Baker, Ron Bt-Ihutowski, Alice Springer, Mary Brandt Sratttli M.u'ilx'n Paxton, laxtlist' Stratt-r, Betty '1'ruelox't- Middle I'ittun: Standing: Nora Ott, Pat leisht-r, lixtlyn Nydt-It-r, lidna Schmidt Stattd: l'lnlIis Meyer, Margie XVatkins, Mary In Chapman, Martha Coleman llollolil Picturt: Standing: Donna Holle, Art Adams, Wellard Hadley, Claudia Hoover, Sally Sullivan Stated: Bt-rnadctte Herber, Alice Kiel, Pat Smith Telling our tale of Annie has been a lot of work, but we've had a lot of fun. The staff. always ready to knuckle down to more work and new ideas, met every day the last period in room sixteen. Of course, like every other Annie staff, you might say we put out two yearbooks - the one you are now reading, and the unprinted version. The one we didn't print helped to cheer tis up on the days that we just couldn't seem to have any new ideas or amhition. Co-editors of all script were Louise Strater and Marilyn Paxton. Ioan Hanes, Betty Truelove, Leonard Betley, and Ron Belhutowski worked with them as associate editors. Loyally following Smitty and the television cameras around were Ioan Hanes, Leonard Betley, Alice Springer, Don Belbutowski, and Sally Sullivan. Editing most of the script for activities and clubs was the work of the activities' editors Mary Io Chapman, Betty Truelove, Don Belbutowski, and Bernadette Herber. Staging scenes and determining the theme and captions of each program were handled by Mary Brandt, Betty Truelove, Wellard Hadley, Ron Belbutowski, and Marilyn Paxton. The Toast of the Town program was in general control of Alice Kiel, Ron Belhutowski, Margie Watkins, Carl Baker, Evelyn Nyffeler, Pat Smith, Pat Fisher, and Art Adams. ln charge of all underclass TV programs were Alice Springer, Claudia Hoover, and VVellard Hadley. A Louise Strater, Mary Brandt, Donna Holle, Phyllis Meyer, Alice Kiel, Ioan Hanes, and Marilyn Paxton typed all material for each program. Larry Iohnson served as subscription managerg and the home room agents were: Nora Ott, Home Room 131 Edna Schmidt, Home Room 143 and Martha Coleman, Home Room 16. And, last but not least, was Miss Falls who had general control of all these able people. She was our check and mainspring in producing this, your 1951 Anlibrzrm. Page Thirty-three Turn un yuur video set .ind check up 1 J un the leaders .ind members uf clubs and activities: .K ' bn" Ai ..'S .. ' fvafionaf aaaewiic H. I-Iohenstein .... Vice-President M. I. Chapman .,i,.,,, Treasurer M. L. Twigg. ...,,.... President P. Fisher .....,. ...... S ecretary 8 61446 Gffzceu B. Bird ee,,,,, ,,,,, P resident L. Stratern, ,,,,,.. Treasurer M. Paxtons- ..., Vice-President C. Meyer s,., .,,,,, S ecretary qze.. ew agua. awe own A. Adams ,,,,,v.,,,,,e Treasurer B. Schoeph ...... ....., P resident L. Ierraid .... ....... . Secretary M. Walker ee.,,,,, Vice-President I. Gaunt ...... .,,,,,- T reasurer M. Coleman ,,.,... C. Baker .,., M. L. Ferrey e.e... Vice-President LLLL----President -,,,,Secretary ,cz ew le XX 77 !. Page Thirty-six PM-Gum Glad Leonard Betley, President, Gwenyth Morris, Secretary'Treasurt-r: Art Adams, Vice- President Physics and chemistry students of E. H. S. band together to form the Phi-Chem Club to further their knowledge of and interests in the practical side of science. Under the leadership of Miss Wimmer and Mr. Weaver, they toured these factories: International Harvester, Coca-Cola, Sewage Disposal. and the Salisbury Axle Co. These active scientists started the first semester with a whirl by holding a combined Phi-Chem and Booster Club square dance. By industrial touring, heading the club, making projects, and maintaining a C average in science, the club members may earn an Indiana Iunior Academy of Science pin. Further honors to try for are the Westinghouse Scholarship and the Bausch and Lomb Award. Rec! 041:44 Glad Top Row: B. Kiester, C. Logan. A. Ferrell, M. YValdrop, l. Fisher, L. Iohnson, B. Coleman, M. Imel, S. Snyder D Second Row: C. Roth, M. Strater, B. Henry, C. Breetlen, l Graves Third Row: B. Gillespie, R. Knepper, N. Hike, D. Tipton, W. Norwalt, M. Imel, I, Carl- son, D. Zelt, M. A. Kimmell, P. Richardson Fourth Row: S. Gouty, V. Clenney, V, German, C. Roth, P. Brienfalk, M. I. Chapman, E. Scott, C. Geake. C. Saum Front Row: I. Adams, B. Herber, B. Poorman, V. Grepke, C. Crabill, M. Hardisty The Red Cross Club, the largest and one of the Bnest clubs at Elmhurst, serves the school and community in several ways. An effective Clean-Up Campaign made our school grounds a pleasant sight. At Christmas, the club members and their sponsor, Miss Ruth Wimmer, decorated the school. The halls were adorned with pine branches. Santa Claus and his reindeer along with a friendly, Winking snow man held a prominent position. Some members of the club are orifice workers, hall monitors, and library pages every period of the day. Virginia Grepke is chief of the monitors. President Pat Fisher, Secretary-Treasurer Marvin Waldrop, Nancy McSWane and the entire club pushed the Race of Dimes home room contest and community service. 4.- Ee:- Ek Page 'llhirly-seven Page Thirty-eight glee cm Top Row: R. Ht-inigcr, I., Cotton. S. Hivtly, P. Poxvcll, C. XVootls, li. Pfcilftr, Ii, Nichols: Mr. Nicoalcmus, Director Sc-cond Row: A. Aslanis, B. Schocph, R. Spitc, M. A. Kimnitll. I, lillis, V. Clcnncy, P. James, V. wolf Thirrl Row: I.. ltrizaitl, I. Springtr, I. Mullortl, ll. liolcnian. S. lainiininian, 'I'. Vvlright, N. lwIcSwam', S. Ihiclilti- Front Row: M. Inicl. l.. Southwortli, l'. llritiilalk. C. Noblc, M. Walker, li. Polltv, A. Slagcll, l. l7Llclilcl' Music hath charms is what the Glee Club proves when it meets the last period every day in Room 9. Under the directorship of Mr. Wendell Nicodemus, the club has very successfully participated in several choral contests. Their annual appearance in the Christmas program and Baccalaureate service is always eagerly awaited by their Troian classmates. One hundred points are required to earn a Glee Club letter. These points are acquired by appearing in contests, serving as an officer or librarian, attending monthly meetings, and for receiving an A, B, or C grade in Glee Club. For their quota of extra activities during the year, the girls held a skating party at Bells and a St. Patricks Day party in the school gymnasium. Beverly Schoeph served as president for the past year. Martha Walker, Lucille Ierraid, and Arlene Adams assisted her as vice-president, secretary, and treasurer respectively. ' Gian Back Row: T. Norwalt. G. Luce, T. Kunnt-ke, R. Corhitt, S. Sullivan, M. Chapman, P. Fisher, E. Nyrlt-lt-r Front Row: D. Hollc, V. German, N. Ott, C. liuskirk, G. Holloway Although handicapped by a small enrollment and an insutlicient number of male students, this year's tlramatics class will no doubt be long remembered. Under the direction of their sponsor, Mr. Gurney Mattingly, the class presented the three act comedy, We Slzoolg The Funzily Tree: the traditional Christmas program with the assistance of the Glee Club, and several one act plays. Dramatics promotes an interest in drama and gives those students with acting ability a chance to improve it. f A 4 11 ff X A A A A A PgTh Page Forty Qzfs aaa Art Adams. Treasurer: Pat Fisher, President: Tony Manes, Secretary: Marvin VValdrop, Vice-President Although it is only two years old, the GUS Club has already made a name for itself. Under the supervision of Mr. Arnold, the students have had a full year of acquiring social studies knowledge and having fun. Starting off with a grand right and left, the club sponsored square dances every Wednesday noon in the old shop building and in the gym last fall. Proceeds were used to finance scholastic medals awarded to the member with the highest scholastic record and also to the member showing the greatest improvement. On one held day. they visited the city court and iail, the Cathedral, The First Baptist Church and the Iewish Temple. Jfame Ea 0 ad Phyllis NValdrop, Vice-President: Carol Crabill, President: Evelyn Nytleler, Secretary- Treasurer: Betty Truelove, Student Adviser "Don't you want to buy some rayon plastic towels?" That's what you heard from members of the Reginae Domi, who went all Otlt to sell those towels. By selling such articles, serving on committees, working in the cafeteria, attending meetings, and by being an olhcer, a Home Ec Club member receives points toward an E. Mrs. Bleke, the club sponsor, presented letters and awards at the annual banquet. Silver thimbles were also presented to members of four years' standing: B. Truelove, A. Kiel, E. Nyffeler, M. S. Cler, B. Herber, C. Buskirk and B. Schey. ,flames 5:45 Standing: M. Paxton, Chief Copyrcader: G. Morris, Feature Editor: B. Paxton, Point- kecper: M. L. Twigg, Make-up Editor: M. I. Chapman, News Editor: Bob Diktv, Exchange Editor: I. Cushing, Circulation Mgr.: R. Morrical, Assistant Advertising Mgr. Seated: L. Betlev, Sports Editor: R. Bclbutowski, Editor: R. Corbitt, Advertising Mgr: D. Belbutowski, Business Mgr. "Deadline for all stories tomorrow!" This phrase is well known to all editors and writers of the 1-ldmznce staff. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Ella Banter and Mr. Donald Fryback, the staff attempts to keep the student body up-to-date on all recent happenings, gossip, and social activities. Staff members must earn 1000 points to get an E. The point system is: editor - 500g news editor - 400: feature editor - 350: sports editor - 350: pointkeeper - 250, home room agent - 250g chief copyreader - 3503 circulation manager - 300g make-up editor - 3003 business manager - 5003 advertising manager - 3503 photog- rapher - 200g exchange editor - 2503 messenger 6 points per hour, copyreading 6 points per hour, typing 10 points per hour, and all copy published 6 points per inch. uf cw. wr, fn' upuusvn YY!! 4- Page Forty-one Page Forty-two Gam ical efai Alice Kiel. Treasurer: Marvin XValtlrop. Vice-President: Marilyn Paxton, President: Mary Ann Strater. Secretary These beaming Cwe don't mean itI people presided over the otHcer's table of the Commercial Club for the past year. This organization. sponsored by Miss Edwards and Mr. Fryback, is generally composed of students who are preparing for a business career. The highlight of the Commercial Club year is its annual banquet held early in May. The presentation of awards for the highest averages in shorthand, typing and bookkeeping is made at this time. Also the otheers for the following year are announced. Top Row: R. Belbutowski. I-. Strattr. N. Ott. K. lletlef. li. Iohnson. I. Dennison. B. Greer. C. Saylor. B, Sims. 12. Avery. B. Thurber Svxond Row: D. Belbutowski. M. Coleman. N. Mueck, A. Ferrell. P. Fisher. R. Ort. L. Shefhcld. R. Kloer. IJ. Combs. H. Wiley Third Row: P. Meyer. M. Watkins. I. Myers. B. Poorman, I. Drew. B. Schoeph, B. Riester. P. Waldrop Fourth Row: I, XViese. D. Meid. I. Adams. D. Grepke. P. Thornburg. I. Shappell. R. Stoller. R. Mitchell. C. Crawford. 13. Tipton Fifth Row: I. VVatkins. C. Stewart. I. Bentley. B. Eix. P. Henry. D. Wagner. I. Springer. C. Valentine Bottom Row: C. Logan. C. Saine, B. Allen. P. Arnold. N. Kissinger, I. Ferrey. I. NVire, M. A. Cushing The magazine sales amounted to 35.515. Sales went 3515 over the goal. It was also 3415 over the amount brought in last year. Room 14 had 316.11 per capita and a total of 3708.75 Room 16 had 315.10 per capita with a total of 347920. Room 11 sold 3539 or 314.20 per person. There was a great attraction also in the program -- a drawing of the lucky name every day. Salesmanship certificates were awarded to every person selling 330 or more. Dave Meid topped the sales with 3205.20 although Bev Schoeph won the campaign by the deadline. The top Five salesmen included Dave Meid 320520, Beverly Sehoeph 319150. Leonard Shel1'ield 3106.-10. Pat Fisher 3105.50 and David Wagner 3101.75. There were thirty-six other students who sold 350 and over. The home room agents who helped out in the campaign were: Room 4 Bonnie Kiester, Room 5 Barbara Allen and Carolyn Logan, Room 6 Pat Arnold, Room 9 Phyllis Waldrop, Room 11 Arleen Ferrell and Bob Greer, Room 12 Ioyce Ferrey, Room 13 Ray Ort and Eugene Iohnson. Room 14 Phyllis Meyer. Room 15 Bob Thurber and Iudy Drew. Room 16 Louise Strater and Martha Coleman and Room 19 Bill Sims. Ron and Don Belbutowski announced the sales returns. Mr. Eiekhoff managed the campaign. Bev Schoeph. Pat Fisher. and Iim Dennison earned a candy bonus furnished by Miss Edwards and Miss Falls. Magazine sales finance our assembly programs. Page Forty-thrcc age lforty-lour R Racfea '7wf7Lfy14 cuncf E Back Row: lilaine Iulinsrin. lionnic Kiutcr, lurlic Wire, Virginia Grcpkc. Patsy llricnfalk Front Row: Norina Tliicltr, Phyllis Rutz, Phyllis NValdrop, Indy Drtxv, Sharon Pond, lim crlt' Schot-ph gan! l-Zack Row: .trlcltr Qiutlakunst. Ktnntlh .Xrinitagty xvlllltllll liriant, Riclrml liunncll. Lynn llcnschcn. ixlliy lluskirk. Susan Gouti St-coml Row: Shirlty Mann. Mary Lou lferrcy, XV.rlur Hachlcr, Charles Cobb. Joyce Ferre-5, Karl Kltnnn. Clark Valentin: Third Row: Carl 1-taker. .Udinc Slagrll, llare Stcvtnson. Allan Doctor, Annette Grilc, Martlia Coleman Fourth Row: Ray Snidntr. Ronald Sliapjvtll, Carl lN1cCl.1rtncy, Inn litntlvy, May Louise Cutting, Victor Hoopcngardiicr Fifth Row: Tom Rutherford, Hill l-Zirrl, I,-ll Lesh, lid .Xugslitirgux Linn Rothtnbuhlcr. Indy Snrrcll: Ltsttr llot-Il, Director Front Row: Mary Ellen lohnson, Donald Grcpke. Irvin Gaunt, lim Adams, Roger Prince, Ianus XVicse If you had your TV set turned in on Channel 20 every afternoon at 2:12, you heard Mr. Doell and the band ublowing up a storm" with their various styles of music. Besides his very active grade school program, Mr. Doell has recruited many freshmen to expand the band. These new members have shown great promise and make the band even hner than before. As in other years, our twirling corps has added to the enjoyment of our basketball games. They have shown their dexterity by presenting regular tivirling formations to marches, a line dance routine to "Over the Rainbow," and cutting a mean square dance routine to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw." The twirlers have united with the flag bearers for the impressive Hag ceremony at each game and joined the band in the district marching contest. Aer 'o owing our eam rouv o ie coun 'na s, e an se e o wor ' Att tll C t th ghttl tyhlthbd ttldt lt on its annual winter concert. February 4 found many present to hear this concert. The were treated to a varied ffrou 1 of numbers ranging from the swinffv Dry Bones U D C' Cu . to Beethoven's Fine symphonic overture, Erofm. The First semester found the band enjoying a square dance. With Mr. Weaver, County Recreation Leader, as caller, the group made its merry way through the evening which was climaxed by a Weiner bake at the school yard oven. In the latter part of the year, the band prepared for the solo and ensemble contest held at Harrison Hill. Next came the district N.I.S.B.O.V.A. full band contest. After this came the County Band Festival at New Haven. Playing at commencement climaxed the band's public appearances. The tooters selected Carl Baker, president: Martha Coleman, veepg Mary Lou Ferrey, secretary: and Irvin Gaunt fthe band's varsity pridej, treasurer. x f' 1 , Qlfn Q. ..,.. flu" I L., ,, N.. i, lf .X , I f ..-L N, ,A ,W 1 ,, TL, .J WLT- .,., . ,,,1 ,.-,.......-..,,- A A ' w i-L..- 4...,, ,,., ,.. LW. Page Forty-five f f f5XW If ff! fl 748 of 1951 40-'lj Wayne Zlmlnwzfll' jmlkma Jfiqfz Salma! After either active ur spectator sports. lean luck in vour swivel-chair and review the records. Golf Team T. Kuiiiieke R. Corbitt T. Memes I. VVright V --7 Designers of Rifle Club Patch ,pr- E. Augsburger L. Travis I. Kiiepper 1-"""' A, Booster Club Officers L. Shetlield ,,,,,,...,. ,Treasurer L. Stniigerw.. ,,,,e. Secretary L. Betley eeee . . L e...,. President P. Meyer ee,, - ,,,, Vice-President aww, ,..1: 5 :un ,,. , 2' f f' X ,X N 7 ZZ "Q wr ! h ' f ix : 4 hp!! Our Cheer Leaders f I f , ...'.'::.v'-'iw' V I-Vzz'-'-'Qi':2'i':1?Z?-111',-1 ?j.1t,.,i3:h A ' I 'g.:.,' W U S U Ioan Hanes, Don Belburowski, Larry Iohnson x"'g"X-' Ron Belbutowski, Ianet Myers W' f I ff U' Q IL W fy ff ' i f 1 x Wi GQ? MMI ith w- P1 t ltitt tight A... Q, Hack Row: 13. lhktt. l. Haunt, G. Att-rt, T. Manu, IE, llellwtitotxwlgl, li. Itiltllsolli 13. l'rxh.iclx. Lftnicli Miilillt- Row: ll. llutght, H. XVilson. li. Springtr. I. lfotlllxs. M. XV.tldrop. I. XYoeluhelxiiig, S. lirust. lx. Mann Front Row: XY. lknlilcr, ii. Meyer, R. Corhitt, ll. fil'tL'l. R. Iitlhtitowslu. T. l-itlliiitlic. ll. Young Seidel! '7eam The 1950 edition of the Troian's softhall squad had a fairly successful season. They lacked, however, the consistent hatting punch which could have made them into another championship team. The squad went into the county tournament with a 5-2 record and promptly upset the highly favored Harlan Hawks, 15-11. However. Elmhurst was in turn upset by Leo. 9-7 and wound up the season with a four won and three lost record. A lot of credit should he given our two Dons, Fryhack and Weaver, for the line ioh they did coaching this year's squad. Statistics: Batting :Xt liattin Player uns Hits .'Xt'er.tge l'l.it't'r HAI Runs llits .-Xvt rag Nftyei' Ill N .io-1 lfoullts 25 5 4 .175 Young 4 -l ,364 lltiylulit- H I l .125 R. Htlhutowski 'P 10 .S-45 Kruse Ill l Z .llllh XVUL'lJlK'l'ilIlg l 2 .280 VV.tldrop I2 l I .HHS Kunnekt- -1 5 .278 Haclilt r 2 2 ll .llllll Greer fm It .2511 Haunt l ll ll .llllll Springt r I 5 .250 Mann 1 IJ tl .llllll Corhilt T 5 .227 Ilikty U Il ll .llllll xvllsoll ti 5 .l 79 - 1 f - 258 58 in .235 9 5 K S, 57 '52 . i.Ef'?,5"!.i ig- if ii ,Nm Top Row: G. Avery, I. Wot-bbt-king: D. Fryback. Coach Second Row: T. Kunn,-kc, R. Curbitt, 1. Gaunt, S. Kruse Third Row: K. Stangcr, C. Saylor, IJ. Ht-lbutowski, B. Yuqut-It-t Bottom Row: I., Brewster, H. Hilygliu. li, Greer, M. Waltlrop, R. Bt-Ibtllmvski, ll, Dikty 'hack Squad In the spring of 1950 the Elmhurst track squad had a fairly successful season. In their meets they just about broke even, losing to New Haven, Concordia, Central Catholic, and giving up their County Track Crown to New Haven. They tallied 20 points to place as runners-up to New Haven's 5015 points. Rex Corbitt was the only double winner at the county meet. Rex also won fourth in pole vault at the sectional track meet and competed in the regional meet. In a triangular meet with Hoagland and Huntertown, he was a winner in each of the events he entered. His three big First places led Elmhurst to a comfortable margin in winning that meet. Elmhurst thinlies also downed Lafayette Central and Arcola in the 1950 season. These boys are the holdovers from 1950 and represent us this year. Ron Belbutowski and Rex Corbitt are high jumpers and dash-men. Rex also does the broad jump and pole vault. Bob Greer, Byron Yoquelet and Lewis Brewster are middle and long distance runners. Don Belbutowski, Bob Dikty, lim VVoebbeking are dash-men. Their 1951 season is just under way. Coach Don Fryback with the assistance of Bob Cruse runs off his meets in prime form. Page Forty-nine .-Q..-0- A-...A .. .--- .. --Y V - -- Top Row: M. VVatltins, IJ. llolltg C. Roth. B. lfarltx. B. 'lirtnloxt-, l'. lfisbtr, T. Rutht-rfortl, A. Atlams, Ii. Axe, I.. Stratcr, I. lioullis, R. Stollt-r, T. Wtisenbtirgtr Nltdtllt Row: G. Morris, I. l't-rrtx, I. Smith, M. .X. Strattr, L. Stangtr, Nl. Paxton, M, I.. Twlgg, P. Moyer, N. Thiclc. C. Smttbson. M. Coltman Bottom Row: R. Koch, B. Bird, L. Sbc-thc-ltl. L. Brtwsltfr. T. Norwalt. l.. Bctlcy. M, Frankenbcrg, I. Brun- sofl. C, l3t'l'lI'1is0n, lVt'1st't1bLll'gt'l' Banda 31146 The latest addition to the ranks of Elmhurst clubs may be the last but is certainly not the least in school spirit. Large numbers of hard earned Booster E's in our halls attest to the many activities of the club. Included in the numerous activities is a very extensive selling campaign. The Booster Club is responsible for the well-stocked concession stand at home games and the sale of the popular Trojan pens, mechanical pencils, and plastic pillows. A very informative school handbook is a new project which the Booster Club has recently undertaken. This book will contain the courses offered at Elmhurst, clubs, school traditions, the correct use of the library, and any other information which the Boosters feel will benefit new students. The 55 hard working Trojans who carry on these activities include the outstanding workers in the junior and senior classes. A faculty committee chooses the othcers, who in turn select the club's membership. Sponsor Lester Doell is founder of the club. His efforts have been rewarded by the achievements of the Boosters this past year. Don Combs, President: Art Adams, Vice-Presidtnt: Mary Lou Twigg. Secretary-Treasurer are ear The Ride Club is a hard working self-sustaining organization. Under the leader- ship of Mr. Don Weaver and Mr. Charles Eickhoff, the club has constantly grown in membership and activity. The club, as yet, doesn't sponsor any social activities. Instead, it has a ten man team which competes in regular team matches with other schools and organized clubs. The members usually do more than hold their own in such meets. Other activities of the club are: the National Scholastic Match in which all members shoot against each other for a winner's medal and patch, the Hurst Trophy Match in which all high school teams of the state competeg and the Army Match, in which the boy members shoot for positions and receive medals for placing in certain positions. The club buys its ammunition at wholesale prices from The Director of Civilian Marksmanship. This practice makes it possible for the club to make some of the money needed for running a club. The club holds practice sessions after school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. During these sessions the members shoot to qualify for bars. These bars are earned by shooting high scores consistently in four different positions. When a member has a total of eight bars, he receives a regular Elmhurst Rifle Club E. When you spot a member wearing this distinguished letter, you will know he is to be envied for his ability to handle a rifle. N. Warner, R. Uptgraft, D. Combs, and L. Travis won fourth place in the state prone team championship. Nancy McSwane won First place in the state individual contest for girls. Page Fifty-one Page Fifty-two .E 9 7a 746 nh Otlict-rs: Mary Ann Strater, Unorganizttl Sports: Lavon Cornewell, Secretary: lie-tty Truelove, Organize-tl Sporlsg Pat lfislitr, President: Martha Coltiiian. Vice-llresitlent: Arleen Ferrell, Trt-asurer. Hack Row: Iudy Sorrtll. Amy liuskirk. ludy lirew. Honnie Ienkins, Louise Stanger. Bonnie Farley, Betty' Moore, Pat Arnold, Sally lining, Marcia Strater. lieyerly Poorman, Doris Zelt, Plunia Orcutt Middle Row: Dina Schatler, Barbara Henry, Shirley Mann, Gert I-Iolloway, Marlene Beck, Carol Schoene- mann, Pat Furhain, Indy' Wire, Carol Crabill, Carolyn Geake, Connie Saum, Pat Rohrbaugh Front Row: Sharon Hively, Flora Reed, Mary Ann Strater, Edna Schmidt, Norma Heer, Nancy McSwane, Virginia Grepke, Phyllis Waldrop, Carolin Smithson, Marilyn Roser Hack Row: Shirley Brown, Lavon Cornewell, ltidy Springer, Phyllis Powell, Devona Lydy, Iunine Ellis. Arleen Ferrell. lackie Barr. I-larbara Racine, loann Meyers, lietty Paxton, lidith Pfeilier Middle Row: Ianet Myers. Marilyn Gt-nth, Phyllis Genth, Barbara Allen, Phyllis Landis, Ioyce Fackler. Carolyn Logan. Martha Walker. Pat Fishtr. Carol Noblt, H.ii'bar.i Pulley, Beverly Nichols, Bernette Girardot. Carol Kellerman, Margaret Landis Front Row: Geraldine Luce, Nancy Kissinger, lean Adams, Louise Strater, Martha Coleman, Betty' Truelove, Ioan Hanes. Adelee Gudakunst. Marcella Shady. Htvtrly Olson The boys leave the gym to the girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays of the winter months. Mrs. Ieanette McClure supervises the good sportsmanship and athletic training of the Girls Athletic Association. In GAA a girl can earn a letter by participating in organized and unorganized sports. When she has earned 250 points, she receives a letter. If she earns 350 points, she is awarded a plaque. It takes approximately two years or more to earn a letter. The club dues help pay for letters and the two social activities. In the fall the girls played softball at noon. When the weather became unsuitable for outdoor activities, the girls pleased the boys at Elmhurst with something new by sponsoring a dancing class every Wednesday and Thursday noon till Christmas. All GAA girls helped in teaching the boys how to waltz and fox trot, turning out some wonderful results. After Christmas they began basketball and volley ball. The girls then lanished the year with softball. As the girls complete each unorganized activity, they hand in points for unor- ganized sports such as: bowling. swimming, bicycling, horseback riding, roller skating. and ice skating. The following members have earned their letters: Ioan Hanes, Edna Schmidt, Louise Strater. Mary Ann Strater, Betty Truelove. Virginia German, Alice Springer, and Ioy Smith. 'av ,JS .1l..LJ.J-.J C Iv iv" Page Fifty-four 3 Top Row: Hill Prlcc, lack Hrrxatlht-lml, Utne Ltr, Huh xvllvill. Bill Sims, Lynn Shamlx Sims lvllwn Price Mann Y1 xqL1L lat Huvght' Hayntw XV.1llu'r Ltt llrmlmlllc Ill Strut ter YUUHQ hillflrk Crult r Brewster .-Mt-ry XV.ugnt'r Allison Dikty Shady Shappcll Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst .....,. 54 35 27 40 33 29 41 37 25 I2 QP Fr. 64 Fr. 541 Fr. 40 Fr. :th lr, 25 lr. 24 Fr. Z4 lr. 1, Soph. 54 Soph, 23 lr. lf' Ir, 14 Fr. 26 lr. li lr. lf' Ir, 5 lfr. 4 Fr. 3 lfr. l l'r. 0 lr. 5 Harlan. Y ,, ,H Arcolan., LL, Leo-- A, A..,,. , H Woodburn ,.., L, Central ,,,., -H Hoagland .,... L, Lafayette C. ..,,, Monroeville---.,, Ossian ...,. Borumm Row: lamts Moors. liarl Mann: Leonard Ht-tley, Stutltnl Managtr: Daxntl Wagntr, Larry l"'l.llI'lL'b "7 . 'W ""'T' . -,,,...n. ..1.,. EU. ET. F, Pts. 4" 24 55 4H 122 SH ll' 42 fl' '45 21- li 55 25 67 I4 15 54 ZW 55 lll Z3 53 Z4 43 lil IH ll Z9 SS lll 4 I2 lin 24 'V 5 Ill R 25 10 5 A IH Z3 ll! S lll ll 25 3 ll 214 K' Z1 N 2 X l I8 5 Z tw 'v 12 'l l 2 fl '7 2 1 S 4 5 4 ll -1 mv Ia I u 0 mm 2 nv U 2 an U ll lb-tl 2 ll u ll ll 2 an rm 0 1 2 U Elmhurstw, ,HS-1 Woodburn, ,,,,2-1 Elmhurstn, ,,Lu 3 6 Leo ,,,,,u,L 29 Elmhurst ,,,,,,, 40 Arcola ,,,,.,,, 37 Elmhurstn, ,L17 HuntertownL,,,L19 Elmhurst ,,,,,,, 36 Mississinewa,,,--3Z Elmhurst ,,,,,,, 25 New Haven, ,,--30 Elmhurst ,,,L.LL 35 Columbia City,-,26 Elmhurst L,,L,,. 40 Angola ...,.,, L57 Elmhurst .LL,... 20 Hoagland ...., U42 Top Row: Harold Huyghu, Tuny Mancs. :Xntly Strcuter. Ixm Woclwbcklrmg. Irvm Gaunt. Marvin Waltlrup Coach Don Fryback Bottom Row: Lwnarcl lictlcy, Studunt Managcr: Tum Kunn1kc, Rt-x Corbin, Glenn lN1uycr. Huh Grt-or Byron Yoquclct Avtllilt' Corbitt VVoeblJcking Mancs Gaunt Kunncku Grccr Walclrup Yoquclct Krust- VVright Mcycr Strcctcr Avery Shappcll Huyghc XValkcr Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Wafmllq 7eam Yrar br. Suph. Qr Ir. lr. lr. Sr. Ir. Sr. Sr. Sr. Ir. Ir. Ir. Ir. Ir. Harlan . ,,., Arcola .- , Lco , .-... - Woodburn W. Ccntral W, Hoagland , Laf. Central Monrocvillc 1 Ossian .u ,,., . ..., -- Woqdburn ..,.,,.,, Leo .,..,.. 1-v Q.P Fil. 15.5. P.F. T.P U2 lil 68-'15 58 200 H2 73 -ll-U2 59 IH7 W4 70 25-full fvl 165 Hl 62 S4-'74 56 I63 H6 '52 :ll-48 59 135 ZX lll 17-3-l 23 ,wx ZH 14 'I-IH 22 57 l l l l lf5 7 25 lll lll I-It l 5 21 l2 5 5-5 'J I3 29 4 l-5 l5 9 5 Z 5-I fl l 7 7 2 ll-U 2 4 6 l ll-ll l 2 7 ll ll-ll 2 U 2 ll U-ll U U ., ,55 Elmhurst-, ,, , 55 New Haven Y-. -, ,,,,52 Elmhurst,,,, W,-V5 Columbia Citypwn - WW66 Elmhurstnw H, Hoagland .--.,,,,,, -W 25 Elmhurst, ,,,,,,,., -lU Angola ,.., . WW COUNTY TOURNAMENT 40 Elmhurst.,--,, .,,.. 52 Arcola. ...Y. Wd 52 Elmhurst .,.. , -, ,--55 Leo--. ,.,.,. , ---. 55 Elmhurst ......,.., 56 Huntrsrtownn .,,,,. A-dj? SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 40 Elmhurst ......,.,, 58 Cocssc nh, --,-2 Arcola ,,.f,. ,,... Huntertown ,. .,,., , Mississinewaw ....,. 57 51 Elmhurst ,,., 0,55 Hoagland -E Elmhurst ,,,, ,-t42 Ccntralu--- 49 65 W 45 45 39 45 S7 58 e MQ! f www .ik Z' is 5: 'fi .ee- "'7H'!S'fwv.-. . . .-.th-"""" ,.,1.--.Y-,'1'.j.x-in-.1?:l-.-'FitD. 'sd-vain, , I 02909. Take your reserved seat, front row center, and get ready for our telecast. Coming into focus is Larry Iohnson. The class of '51 broketradition and elected the same an for the fourth president for four years. When asked how it felt to be chief m consecutive time, Larry said, "Makes you feel kinda good. What I mean is - it's hard to explain! That's for sure! ! !" The Red Cross Club seconded our choice hy making Larry their president. "Fire- cracker! Dynamite! Gunpowder! Boom!" Don't mind us: we only broke into a yell. We're so used to Larry leading our yells. Irv Guum IUNIOR 6' 200 lbs. 165 points lim Wbelubeliillg SOPI-IOMORE fm' 21' 170 1135. 187 puints Rex Curbitt SENIOR 5' 11" lf1H1lus. 290 points Tony Muues SENIOR 5' 11" 1701bs. 165 points Tom Kunneke IUNIOR 51 loll 165 1175. 135 points , 3 ,1 rf 4 , I gg I . . ff' I 7 Q IIII X N1 4.51 f 1111, 3 x I 1 I 50 I .4 . I 1 I x ' 3 1,3 .I 5 IX I XJ' 1 j, ?X Q , 1 qv X I Q I I I 7.-Q xg' , I . 2 . I is I 5' 1, I , b ' 'E' . 'Xxx-:R A 'f .Q'j.rfji '35 ' 1, 1 " xx f 1 J . J J 124 ., Y 1 sp' Q Q . N A A E 1 X Og . I ' 5 .4 SJ Harold Huygbe IUNIOR 51 Nl! l2fm lbs. 0 points Butch Vlfulclrop SENIOR 5' 11" lfwl S7 points Glenn Meyer SENIOR 5' S" 135 lbs. 9 points Andy Streeter IUNIOR 6' 4" 205 lbs. 7 points Byron Yoquelet IUNIOR 5' 8" 140 lbs. 23 points X S X QQ .wr my hx.. .n- if K3 'F I I A S, 'Y ,Je rv" VS' lb-A P.1gcI71itv-clghl ' l Il1ll'LlITlLll'Lll Revue Yea Coaches Gateway to Sports Two Peps and L1 Pepsi He Done It famed Valedictorian - Ronald Belbutowski Salutatorian - Donald Belbutowski National Honor Society Outstanding in Science Four Year Honor Roll Donald Belbutowski Ronald Belbutowslii Leonard Betley Patricia Fisher Evelyn Nyffeler Marilyn Paxton Edna Schmidt MaryLyn Steele Louise Strater Betty Truelove Marjorie Watkins Iohn Weisenburger DAR Good Citizen Marilyn Paxton George C. Bond Citizens Arthur Adams Martha Coleman Don lielhutowslii Arion National Music Award Carl Baker Quill and Scroll Ron Belhutowski Marilyn Paxton National Athletic Honorary Rex Corbitt Ronnie High Tony Manes Glenn Meyer Iohn Wright Iunior Prom Queen Ioann Meyers Prom Attendants Lavon Cornewell Carol Crahill Arleen Ferrell Virginia Grepke Carolin Smithson Doris Zelt Page Fifty-nine Page Sixty Gaaalccacfe G! Ei Top Row: Hob 'I'hurbt'r, Intramural: Hugh Wiley, Intramural: Walter liachler, Intramural: Rick St. Iohn, Intramural: Norman Warner, Rillt- Club: Lewis Brewster, lntrainural: lim Foulks, Booster Club: Bill Ilircl, Intramural: Ray Scitlntr, Hand: Rt-ith Hester, Rifle Club Second Row: Carl McCartney, Ilanrlz Lt-onarcl Wootlwartl, Intramural: We-llartl Hadley, Rifle Club: Carl Baker. Band, ,'l11'z't111t'c',' Tom Rutherford, Hand: Dick Koch, Rirlt- Club: Don Combs, Rille Club: Paul Gulyas, Intramural 'lhirtl Row: Norma Htiltt-iiitiur, Clue Club: Norma Thitle, Glu' Club: Virginia Grcpke. Rt-tl Cross: Carol Crabill, Red Cfuss, Home lic: Mari' Lou Twigg, Sptt-ch, .IlIl'iIIIl'!',' Margie Watkins. Clce Club: Carolyn Roth, Gltt- Club: bex Schoeph, Cleo Club Ifourth Row: Harold Huight, Intramural: Glenn Meier, Varsity Sports: Don HclbutowskifYell. .'l1i1xlr1ft.' Marvin XV.ildrop, Varsity Sports: Ron H.lbutowski, Yt-ll, Varsity Sports. ,-11fz'i111t'r,' Tony Mancs, Varsity Sports: Ilick Uptgraft, Ritlt- Club Ififth Row: Marv Ann Stratcr, G..-X..-X.: Nancy McSwant-, Rifle Club: Alma Kumfer, Home lic: Evelyn Nylluler, Home lic, Glue Club: Phyllis Meyer, Clt-t' Club, lioostcr Club: Donna Holle, Glee Club Sixth Row: Bob XVcbb, Intramural: Tom Kunnekc, Varsity Sports: Ronnie Young, Varsity Sports: Rex Corbitt, Varsity Sports: Ilob Cobb, Band: Victor Hoopengartlncr, Band: Ronaltl Stoller, Intramural Scxt-nth Row: Ray Ort, Rell Cross: Irvin Gaunt, Varsiti Sports: liiron Yoquclct. Varsity Sports: Iltili Greer, Varsity Sports: I.tt- Travis, Rifle Club: lim Dennison. Iioostcr Club: Tom Norwalt, Red Cross, Ilooster Club: Clitl Iitller, Intramural Iiighth Row: Mary Io Chapman. .'l1f1'u1nc',' Louise Stratcr. C.A.A,: Martha Coleman, Band: Iitlni Schmidt, G..-XA., Rt-tl Cross: Pat Fisher. Glee Club: I-it-tty Trtit-lovt-. GA..-X.. Home Ec, Booster Club: Gert Holloway, Home Iic: Marlene Imel, Glee Club Bottom Row: Leonard Ht-tley, llrioster Club, .'Il1ll'1H7L'f', Student Manager: Marilyn Paxton, .'fIfl'4llIf'l',' Alice Kiel, Home lic: Virginia German. Retl Cross: Iitlclit- Krcicnbrink, Intramural: Ioan Hanes, Yell, G.A,A.: Iicrnaclttte Ht-rbur, Home Ec, Red Cross: Donald Grepkt-, Ilancl Fantastic color schemes made spots before our eyes at the annual class tourney sponsored by the E Club. Pink and chartreuse streamers and hillbilly figures decorated the right balcony presided over by the seniors. The I-Iadacol Kids or juniors decorated the left balcony in brown and black. The black and blue sopho- mores bragged of their speed in the name Supersonic. Did the freshmen brag or complain when they called themselves lug-Hugs and Haunted chartreuse and fuchsia? Bernette fPeachesj Giradot, freshman, and Ronnie High, senior, were awarded trophies for being the INOSI valuable players and best sportsmen in this year's class tournament. Also, a bronze plaque inscribed with the name of the two winning teams was placed in the trophy case in the front hall. The sophomore girls and senior boys walked off with team honors in an exciting three clay tournament. The junior lads advanced to the finals by taking the frosh in the closest game on the male side, 28-21. Meanwhile, the powerful senior squad rolled to a 37-6 triumph over the sophomores and copped the championship by blasting the juniors, 24-S. On the feminine side, the games were a little closer with the juniors eliminating the sophomores, Z2-12, andthe frosh defeating the seniors, I7-10. In the most thrilling game of the tournament, the freshman girls outfought the juniors, IS-17, to take a well-deserved championship. The E Club is sponsored by all faculty members who award E's. However, Mr. Eickholf is chief sponsor. Bill Bird is president: Marilyn Paxton, vice-president: Glenn Meyer, secretary: Louise Strater, treasurer. On April 6 all present and past wearers of E's attended the annual dance. 1 3 .5 V. f-sg. W., ... , ,1...., If V: I - ., .,L.... '. --.-,-- --i---f-- . , MMI- - .L ..,., Ana Wha pIl,,,,,,,............ v. jf' yy X A ,r ...'-M W., ,R Page Sixty-two ,. -,,.,..,.,- uw-R Iiccck - A Ivlonimr Snuppccl Mr. Clean Up Best Citizens of '51 Wkwfi Wim! Senior Decorators March of Dimes Let's Go Dutch Top Salesman Page Sixty-three My Man Page Sixty-four A H' man became president of the senior class early Carl Quinluin Baker, our signo . , in December when Larry Iohnson withdrew. Carl has proven to be a very competent class leader. During his four years at Elmhurst, he has held otlices in his freshman, sophomore, and senior classes, in band, in F.T.A., and in E club. He was on the Aflwzncc' and Anlibrzmz staffs. Bake was a member of Red Cross, Phi-Chem, Com- ' ' ff h 'a s for the rest of us, "lt's been fun!" mercial, and GUS Clubs. Signmg o , e s y G. R. Grubb and Cn., Engravers Flamigan-Pearson Co., Printer Champaign, Illinois Clippinger Portraits Bob Smith Groups Fort Wayne, Indiana A - 4 '- 5 'I K. 4 . I u I , .. : I . I ' P . .. 4 , , . ,. 39. - 0-G 1 f r 'Q . E Sei.. I F" .,. 1 I xr . , A ' I T ' 1 ."gx,. . X.,-'lf aa aaC7anZ"7a7z7f1u Produced 111 Staged by, Directed by Photography E11gi11eerCd bx C1155 of D1 MEWSUCIQD ' 111151 Q.- Z ' .4 J V ' x '.s s m J L. , -f' . v . -L. nf' ,'. l I . 4 1 N I 4 S 'Iii Qi .fax-,1.-,Q-Q..--:Egg N A wp: :L wg 3f51?5'm'f3 "' 1 l"1x-rg: M, ,L s' 1-"E'.fi-iig' 4 '-' w.:- L Mak' T 5' Ji' "'q'j"Eg.ff,G,7'f5 !'f, -,."Qf. Q23-H 3 . 1 ,ff 1' A 51? A -I -1+ r Q Aer. -SL i f iii," .f ff G. If 11 x Q H, wp., Q-if L' 2.1394 lx l,,'7H'. ,i,.-M f :,,v':'.,: :1Q,.,..gj'g.ff:1, ,kL5!5ff1U27Z. 1f::I.!'h11'S:4Q:L: 111326-E1-'L"V!"jg l Q32 511346555155- :..fff.'.:. sz H.:-v :l-.'a:'.- af -F5:,:'.- 11Q'i52g1,Qjf J ., I 1 .V ,' ':'y,.,.1f,, iifQ'Qf-na! 117:15-n I 1 5.,3:,':,55f,.',s. r 1 ' P-, jrl 5' : J., 46? gn-..4.,,...: 4 1 , Q' ff fa ,:ig5Eg351,fZf'pzfQ 1552 ' -,,'E5r4:'Afff -.16 -.fi ' 7 H5f.,,,1, f ,,f,- N..r.,N.': 1 ,.,, .. ,, - 'rw' - ' ','4'.'.lr 'LL' 1 em+T29:f5 L-im: rw-5-'H W ,,1.,.zc,,v:1I'S"'. :JH"i r-gi 221, swf . E iiifffiirl F , - 6::G.,::f --'1'?E"ifs'.2f. -ac.:-14,1 - ss, 1 Jai' ..,, 1 4.1.1 ,.f , I -, H, "EI" 45,'I'.v, ., 321' . 'im--f.. ,. ,,.,. ,- , ,qc-s me gf X A -"w mf. X :Af- ,-'..' :w.A.u1:. as-f+a.ff1 ri? 'fc .c,, M v ,-:pw-, 1 nn! .:,A,pl-.::,. v -11.65.-Lzggc ,,, .... Hr, .-f2EB4'!1??51 nf- 'TN F -- -www 4- . ,-,. mm.. ,F . Mfg. ,,v. ri ? 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