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is I olli1'l'.N 7 K ,' T.. -. fi I '+P ii S 'H?,fl'lf0FACnvi1its Fw " -L . l ' . ' 1 f X , .. I! 'l' fl, ' sei..-. 1 A ,.f..,,g,54, t V t ' X . xturznumuvsoiootw., I i , -- Q ' l's V . . , 1 1 . if ' '-J f- -- -' x . 1 v-5 , . ' ' Q f ,i 1 ' ' .Q... - ' -, 1- ,fi l Q . - - 4 3 Q, A, F, . , . .Y . A L- - 3 g M 2 l -...if "" "i':',. A.. 5, 1 J On this page: Charles VV. Eickhoff - Math. History. Keeper of the lug, Magazine Campaign. E Club. Basketball Tickets, Sophomore Class Head Sponsor Anita Oldham - English, Future Teachers of America. Sophomore Class Glenn Hammer - School Clerk. Bookkeeper, Basketball Games Don Weaver - Math, Physics. Rifle Club. Phi-Chem Club, Sophomore Class. Softball Coach. Basketball Games On the opposite page: Robert Cruse - Physical lid, History. Basketball Coach, Golf Team Ruth XVimmer - Chemistry. Safety, Health. Geography, Driving, Phi-Chem Club, Red Cross Club, Iunior Class Sponsor, Dispensary Letha Falls - English, Latin, Anlihrum Adviser. Senior Class Head Sponsor, National Honor Society Ural Edwards - Typing. Shorthand, Commercial Club, Senior Class, Basketball Games Betty Gordon -- Math, History, Iunior Class, Basketball Games Iohn Ford Arnold - Government. Sociology, History, GUS Club Page Seven ""P'? 5' ..... 2 On this page: Lester A. Doell - Hand. Twirlers, liooster Club. lnnioi' Class Ieanette McClure - Physical lid. Safely. Health. C. .X. A. Sponsor. Sophomore Class Thomas Sellers - Art. Speech, N. lf. I-.. Dramaties. lunior Class Head Sponsor. Speech Club Don Fryback - lglookkeeping, Driving. Softball Manager. Track Coach. .Xtlvanee Business Stall. Freshman Class Head Sponsor. liaslgetball Seorekeeper On the opposite page: Mildred Hibben i English, Library, journalism. Candy Store. Advance liditorial Staff. Basketball Games. Freshman Class N. Rav Reed - Shop, Mechanical and Machine Drawing. Senior Class. liaslaetball Timekeeper Wendell Nicodemus 3 English, Glee Club, Freshman Class. Basketball Games Estella Perkins - Spanish. French, English. Freshman Class Leonora Bleke - Home Economics. Biology. Home Ile Club, Cafeteria, Freshman Class George Roller - English. History. Senior Class. Basketball Seorekeeper Page Nine Page Ten geniafzd fl rw 3 1 . w 2 'A i 3, X. .E 4:1 , .ls Q 4 K , , Q, v' 1-- 1 . , F r Q " Zak? L" W- ,i , -T ! -. Q 5 X . Q 2 A 4 ' 9 Y ' '--W 2 Q45 ' I s ,V f Q ,- ii 1 J:-1? Q Q f -fur" 'xl' X X x 2 -' x wx, ' .MAH A 1 , A I 'N Wc"re Half Day Boys Queens of an Old-Fashioned Garden Motor Bike Kids M6950 5 5 U BME GYM' N' c FN fl? -. ' .f .Q gg V4 kr yi Z. er' - ,i P fizil lfeew ixgxqii - -AJ .hill A . f A-LPA f pfwis fs P- f U ss, s is SP' P Q'Q TAUQ' ff " - N.-. ,, 'JN AQUA Q 105 uk, K-'Ur' .1 Galaiea am! Nwemdea 3 Iohn Weisenburger wins 5510 from the magazine jackpot. Iohn Shappell earns today's Eversharp. 4 Beverly Schoeph wins the Brownie Reflex Camera for highest magazine sales in the whole school. 5 Seniors elect a GIRL president - Mildred Lee. 6 GUS Club organizes with D. Engelman as prexy. Z 7Glee Club hops with cornhuskers. ' . 134 'Commercial Club holds a School Daze Party. 15 Band wins honors in Class B in State Marching Contest. Twirlers show up mighty fine too. 17 Albert S. Otto via time capsule presents S113 A. D. 21 What outfits at the G..-X..-X. Halloween party! 27, 23 F.T.A. usher at N.I.T.A. Rest of kids enjoy a vacation. 4 Composer, humorist. and entertainer Harvey makes us laugh. Dramatics Class presents Papa If flll. More Laughs. Phi-Chemmers go to Wkibash College for Indiana junior Academy of Science. D. Elzay presides. 5 Freshmen put on Sportsman Parade. 10 Mr. Reed and Mr. Eickhotf go hunting --- before school. Band marches in Armistice Day Parade. 11 RTQA. go to North Manchester College. vt' wi ,.., , . P 15 Senior Guidance Day at I.U. and Purdue Extension. Danny Houser. guard, breaks his arm in the game with Leo. " 18 Barbara Hazelet and Harriet Monn write winning yells. 19 Iuniog Class. Hard Times Party. 5 322 We Trojans beat the Central Tigers. Rah! Yea! Team! 24,25 Thanksgiving! Six weeks' tests are over. t a . 5 I . . A f . .' i, A A 1 fi nv. ' VVho takes care of the senior's money? IOANN I. ADAMS does when she isn't busy being veep of the Commercial Club or playing the bassoon in the band. Io also counts the G.A.A. and Red Cross Club among her activities, DONALD E. ASCHLIMAN has been outstanding in -l-H work for eight years, He is a member of Red Cross, Rihe, Commercial .intl Phi-Chem Clubs. Lucky Don comes to school in the afternoon only. He plays a French horn in the band. Fond of the piano, Howe-rs and sports is ARDlS MARVEEN HAUMGARTNER. She belongs to the Commercial, G.A.A.. Red Cross and Home Ec Clubs. A student of shop .ind a collector of coins is NORMAN IJ. BEER- MAN. He has been in Rifle Club two years. He throws his English III book in his car at ll:lZ and heads for home. IOHN BIDDLE is prexy of the Future Teachers of America. Be- ing in the Air National Guard Ra- dar Squad, eating, drinking, being merry. and teasing Miss Falls keep him hustling. He also plays a trumpet. Page Twelve Being a Red Cross hall monitor and a member of the advance Staff keeps LU ANN ALLEN busy. She was a prom attendant, a booster, and a twirler. Lu Ann wants to sing with a big name band. XVhen EVELYN BAUGHMAN took time out from singing and reading, she participated in the work of the Glee Club, Red Cross, Commercial and Home Ee Clubs. Booster prexy is BARBARA ANN BEERMAN who claims G.A.A. as another main interest. She was treasurer of RiHe Club. Her merry spirit was an asset to the Phi-Chem .ind Red Cross Club, the class tour- neys, and the candy counter. "I paddle my own canoe," says DON BEITZ, who likes intramural basketball and Rifle Club. He worked on the prom and is a mem- ber of Red Cross Club. Our chief shot-put is DAVID A. BORTON. He busied himself with prom decorations, intramural bas- ketball, RiHe Club and Red Cross work. He also likes boating. BETTY I. BREDEMEYER, our blonde bombshell Prom Queen leads the G.A.A. Her other inter- ests are in Red Cross, Rifle and Booster Clubs. Of all sports, she favors horseback riding. MARGARET LEREE BRUN- SON, a 4-H club member for three years, also belonged to the Red Cross and Commercial Clubs. She was active in the Rural Youth Club and Y-Teen out of school. Advance chief copyreatler, PA- TRICIA LILLA BURNS. partici- pates in Real Cross, G.A.A., Booster Club and twirlmg. Pat also en- joys horseback riding, swimming, reading and softball. 4-I-I Iunior Leader, EDWARD LEE COMES, belonging to the Red Cross, Phi Chem, and Booster Clubs, prides himself on these sports-softball and track. Eddie got the boys a new baekstop. Roller skating is a hobby of DONNA MARIE CROYV, who is active in Home Ee, Rifle and Com- mercial Clubs. She also gave ideas for prom decorations in her iunior year. I I 9 C u it .mx . , , , n u vt -:., .'0f' V635 1 'X IUNE BREXVSTER sang soprano in the Glee Club for two years. Shu was coach of her team for the class tourney her sophomore year. Red Cross Club and prom decorating haye been her other services. IANICE R. BUELL, an active member of Commercial, Rille, G. A..-X., and Red Cross Clubs, was also chairman of the program com- mittee for the prom. She won a -l-II trip to Purdue and to Chicago. .X former keeper of the coins antl rtcortls of G..-XA. .mtl Home Ec Club. .intl prom attt-ntlant is NAN- CY R. LTIIRISTLIQ. Now she is actin' in Booster Club. Speech Club. and -l-Il. She is number two girl in KLA..-X. ROBERT CRISWELL was a member of the Red Cross and Phi- Cliem Clubs the two years he spent here at Elmhurst. Bob participated in class basketball. Tickling the ivories is his faxorite way to relax. The name nf "Duke" has been carried down from his big brother, RONALD DOEPKE is very active in all varsity sports: track, basket- ball. softball, and golf. Page Thirteen Serving as a member of the color guard and working in Red Cross, Commercial, Phi-Chem and I-Iomc EC Clubs kept DARLENE DOVVTY in a whirl. She was also a prom attendant and served as pianist for the band and Glee Club. Crooner RICHARD P. ELZAY was president of the Indiana Iunior Academy of Science, a Boys State Senator, and a Dt-Molay Master Councilor. This prexy ot- the Phi-V Chem Club belongs In the Rille and Booster Clubs and works on the ADVANCE Staff. Outside of school, CAROLYN TI-IIQRESA IZMRICK likes art, rol- ler skating, Y-Teen Club, and Al- len County Rural Youth. She sings with the Glue Club and be- longs to Home Ee, Commercial and Red Cross Clubs. Philalelist fstamp - eollectorl MARILYN ANNE ENZ took part in Red Cross, Speech, Hand, Phi- Chem and Home Ee club activities the three years she attended Iilm- hurst. Music seems to be DORIS IIZAN FAlRFIEl.D's main interest since she is a member of Glee Club and plays the piano. She is also a mem- ber of Red Cross and Phi-Chem Clubs. Page Fourteen mx C N5 4. s'.. 3 ffiilr Maiorette ESTI-IER DUNKER is a Red Cross hall monitor and Red Cross Club agent for room 16. Be- longing to the Booster, Commer- cial, Home Ee, and G.A.A. Clubs, traveling, and square dancing keep her buzzing. A track team star and intramural basketball player, BILL EME, found time to belong to the Red Cross, Rifle, Phi-Chem and Booster Clubs. Canoeing is his hobby. An outstanding sports Figure is DAVID ENGELMAN. He NVLIS pre-xy of his freshman and iunior classes. This year he's head man of the Red Cross and GUS Clubs. Dave is on the ADVANCE staff and is vcep of the senior class. DONNIE L. ETTER, a whiz at dancing and singing, was a mem- ber of Red Cross, the Commercial Club and was on the prom com- mittee. Her hobby is flirting. LILA ANN FEIGHNIZR is veep of the Home EC Club. She is also a twirler and a library page. Snap- shooting and eating in home room I4 at noon are her hobbies. Track MilerSTANLEY FLAUGH not only participates in the Com- mercial and Red Cross Clubs but also plays on the intramural, soft- ball, and class basketball squads. Stan really gets around the halls of E.H.S. ARTHUR M. GAUNT, our poet. has many activities other than writ' ing poetry and herding his fathn-r's Nash around. He is a member of the Hand. Red Cross Club and track team. VVhen RAY EUGENE GILLING- HAM Works on Bill Smith's Buick. he always ends up behind the hgreaseballnll An alien from Laf- ayette Central, Ray belongs to Red Cross, Commercial and Rifle Clubs. The motor-bike kid, HAROLD RICHARD HAMILTON. belongs to the Red Cross and Rifle Clubs. "Rich" is a member of DeMolay. Softball and swimming are his fav- orite sports. N. PAULINE HANELINE has belonged to Glee Club, Red Cross and Home Ee Clubs. Reading and playing the piano occupy Pauline's time when she isn't attending night schcol. W . . ,.. A ,X ' 'ik f :ff E V Q Qi R An arrival from Roanoke High is ROSE MARIE FREYTAG. She likes -l-H, radio, and girl scout work. This year she ioinccl the Glee Club and G.A.A. This cute trick, GERALDINE I-. GENTH, was a prom attendant, :: member of Red Cross Club, Com- mercial Club, Glee Club, and -l-H, She's terrific behind the wheel of a Studebaker Kprovitled there's 'i cushion presentl. Rifle, Phi-Chem and Red Cross Clubs claim IIM HAGGARD as a member. His way to earn an E ls to be a library page. Iim's pas- time is tennis, Iolly SHARLENE HAMMER keeps her classes brightened up. The activities which keep her busy are Commercial, Red Cross and Glee Clubs. Sharlene is interested in traveling and softball. A member of the Red Cross, G. A.A., Rifle, Glen, Phi-Chem, Com- mercial and Booster Clubs is CORA LOU HANES. Corky's ambition is to become a dancing teacher. Page Fifteen 'S i -VI J-v Be on the lookout for RUTH HARROLDI She belongs to Phi- Chem, Red Cross, G.A.A,, and Booster Clubs. She served as Phi- Chem secretary-treasurer. Ruth at- tended South Side for three years. PAT M. HIGH likes to swim and dance. Put belonged to the Red Cross Club for four years. Commercial Club was one of her interests for two years. Guard DANNY HOUSER has a hobby of playing euclire on the school bus. He led the E Club in his iunior year and belongs to the PhifChem and Red Cross Clubs. Fishing is his favorite sport. IAMES A. KINNAMAN. the bloomin' idiot of the junior year, belongs to Red Cross and DeMolay. lim played on the basketball team for three years and served on the ADVANCE business staff. BARBARA ANN KOCH says her hobbies are talking and read- ing fat least six books per wt-ekj. She helped with refreshments at the Prom and belonged to the Reil Cross and Phi-Chem Clubs. Page Sixteen l -1 ss. - Home Ec, Commercial, Red Cross and Phi-Chem Clubs keep GERALDINE ANITA HESS fairly busy. -l-H Club trips to Purdue and Indianapolis and the Y-teens also give Gerry ti reason to talk to another Y-teener in 16-C. M. M. A member of the Rifle Club, ROSS F. HOOVER, IR., claims no relation to I. Edgar. Instead, he's a loyal Troian and is active in Red Cross Club. intramural basketball and softball. A lass with a winning voice is BEVERLY IEAN IOHNSON. "Glee Club Queen" was the title given lean in her iuniur year. C. A. P., Y-Teen and Commercial Club are her favorite organizations. Dividing her talent and time be' tween Glee Club and twirling keeps IOAN KNEPPER very busy, She works in the library as a page. Ioan has ioined the Commercial, Home Ee and Booster Clubs. In his junior year, THEODORE P. KUNNEKE was class secretary. He also belonged to the Red Cross Club four years and the Rifle Club three years. As a sideline, Ted has been collecting plaster casts for his right leg. -AKfflgL'f'5 Kool Kaxrry Out Kid" is THOMAS H. LANGMEYER. He w.1s active in Reserve R.1sketb.1ll, Rille Club .intl Rc-tl Cmss Club. A 4-H trip to Pllftlllt' was wrrn bv her. She murncyetl In Mexicn in the summer nf '-lll. DONNA M,-XE McC.XGUE is .1 niembtr ul G..-X..-X., Future Teachers uf Aintr- ic.1 11ntl M.Y.F. A Tmitin trumpeter, DAVE MANES pl.1xe1l cl.1ss b.1sketb.1lI fur llrur ve.1rs, He is .1 111.1th whiz with his lug b22l.7"23". Chilling ls his sumniet' spurt. NANCY lil-LliN MESHRERGER .intntletl Girls St.1tt, pl.1ietl the piann .mtl bells fur tht b.1nsl, .incl tvpetl .'XNl.ll3RUM Ctrpy, Nancy' tlevelopetl her speaking ubilitv in SIRX.'Lfl'l Club .Intl N.F.l.. Slit .llsu itunetl CI'lll1I11L'l'Cl.ll .lll4l Rctl Cmss Clubs. Her hobby is reading: her .1ctiv- ities are Cl1Il1Il1CfCl.ll, Hume Ec. .incl Retl Cross Clubs, Her specmltv? The ADVANCE st.1tTl Her l'I11lllC is H.-XRRIET I. MONN. 1... " K is Q. N mf - . N : . 1 2. is 1 . ' . :Si I -. ff 1 - at .. Eg. fi - Q Z5:I W '? Nigga . . --, ' 1 ,' if- Q3 f ' Y .. 5-Qgw Y - t kv. -, -If-V 1 3 - 1 -9. :,, 3 -is rc. 1 'U D ,A-Q-rv-Nl U A busy lass is MILDRED IOAN LEE, specialist in speech activities. She is the lirst girl prexy of Ll Tro- ian senior class: COfllIHCl'Cl.1l Club likewise claim her their president. She was general chairman of the prom. Millie also edited news for thc ADVANCE this year. The last psriutl every clay, COL- LEEN MACHLAN sang with the Glue Club. Hesimles reading, she belongetl to Commercial, Real Cross, Rifle .mtl Home Ec Clubs. Brmster ancl Speech Clubs .ire her f,1v11rite 0l'g.1l"llZJIll7l'li. Being presi- dent nf Y-Teens, .intl chatting with Gt-rrx Hess use up her spare minutes - CAROLYN l'vlAE MARTIN. IMOGENE R. MEYER, MSllIUV Ime", is .1 miuurt-tte .mtl .1 booster. She lentls her caplible assistance to C1'r1n111t-rci.1l Club and is Huiiie Rntrrn H Agent for the Rt-tl Cross Club. M.ll1bFt'IIi' 11ntl equestricnne, BEV- ERLY NERN belongs to Rt-tl Cross, G.A.."l., tintl CUIl1lIlL'I'Ci3l Clubs. Bev servetl as L1 pruni attendant. She works on the ADVANCE stuff. Her .imbition is to be 3 commercial artist. Page Seventeen An .irtlcnt Sportsman, GLENN PAXTON has taken part in Rctl Cross and Rifle Clubs. Ht- has tosst-tl thu oltl b.islictbL1ll Lirounil for intmmurul gamut-s. HC likes to rt-- puir broken tlcsks in room lo. It wus ROGER A. PLUUUHE who workt-tl so ft-i't-rishly' .ls clmir- lllllll ol thc proui alt-coiutiuii com- iiuttt-u. llc WLIN also .i im-nibt-r ol tht- lmiitl, Hl'Cllk'NU'.l, lllii-Clit-iii. Rillt-, untl Spt-t-cli Clubs. Wliiit u busy guy! llt-rt-'s Ll rt-.il out-of-tloors gill - ROSIQMARY PULLEY. Shi-'s vt-ry zictivt- in G,A.,-X. .intl class lniskut- billl. Howa-x'c1', slit' still h.is timt- for Ciltt- Club, ljllIl1lUL'I'Cl.ll. aincl Rt-cl Cross Clubs. This lNLl5CUl.l1' lutlt- blonil luck- ugt- is none utllur than PAUL REED olil'lIf7il1.i' ,-Ill. Ilinting is his hobby. lit-ing Ll gusolint- station autt-ntltint mkt-s up muff of his spurt- lilllc. PAUL E, ROSI-QR, I1 quit-t mcm- bcr of Homt- Room Ili, cglnit- to Elmhurst from North Sitlt- High Thi- l.nst two it-.irs hc bulongutl to Illt- Rt-il cjI'U55 Club. Page Eightccn Drt-ss clcsigning is the main :im- bition of FAYE ALICE PERL. Faye is sccrt-tary of tht- Iunior Lenders of -l-H Club. Shu writes up the doings of ht-r clubs - Commercial, Real Cross, and Home Ec - in iourniilism class. "Right F.iccl Poling, Full Out!" This is tht- communil that MAURIE POLING ht-airs ci-cry Montluy night at thc Air National Guarcl R.iclur Sqtlzltl llivctings. Rt-tl Cross, lloustt-l', ADVANCE, antl prom committuc .irc tht- gictivitit-s that "Schuman" miitlt- morc active. lvlalggit' 1 Wlloopsl -- MAR- GARET ANN POORMAN Wgls nn oflicc- assistant two years. Slic also typt-tl for thc ADVANCE. 'll-nnis anal class bziskt-tliull plus G.A.A., Rt-tl Cross, I'llll'l'lL' EC, .Intl Com- mt-rci.1l Clubs xx-tru hcr othci' in- tcrt-sts. Rt-iuling :intl .nrt art- ht-r favorite pnstiim-s. Sha laiughctl nntl worked on tht- prom tlccorntion committcc too. ROMAYNE RICHARDSON is also Ll member of Glt-Q Club, G..-X.A., and Ilomu EC Clubs. Rt-cl Cross Club membership is RALPH L. SAINIi's school activity. For Ll hobby hc collucts :Antique clocks iincl rucliaitor caps. For credit ht- Likes nrt two puriods nncl then got-s homc. A four-year library page, NVIL- LIAM D. SHANEHECK ia make- up editor and luht ycark fcuturc c-ditur of the ADVANCE. Alsu a mumht-r of the Phi-Chem, Rt-d Cross Club and the ANLIRRUM staff. Bill is intt-rt-atul in photog- raphy. CHARLES E. SHOEMAKER. ADVANCE CJI'I1L'l'.lIlLll"l, was an nctivt- I-hind mt-inht-r .intl xhnrp- slmtitt-r. PS. If twill t'YL'l' Iillit' .1 spill tin mllcr mlmtu, Cliulit- will ht- thcrt tu pick thu up. XVILBUR A, SMI'l'll IR., wht, has rctl hair, likes tht- n.nnt of Hill hcttt-r. Ht- runs tht- tclmtil mumm- grgiph. Buustt-r Cluh, Plii-Cht-ni and Rt-d Cnw takt- up tht- time hc dnt-t not gin- tu hit l'l.tst1-Cr.1ft. KARL E. THIELEK -l-H work paid OH in l'CXV.lI'llll1g trips. Ht- likts Hfhing and wftlmll. The Cum- nicrcul, Red Cnm .ind Ritlt- Clulu found him ft it-nrtliy niunlwt-r. Always humming, l1lXV.lXS sing- ing, JAMES TIPTON was dur ruvin' cowboy. He playctl alas: buskctball and p11rticip.1tud in Rcd Cross .1ctivitics. lim always had .1 Flirtatious cyc for my ft-nmlt-. Man with tht- horn, CHARLES E. SHEETS xtrvt-tl as X010 trumpet- cr in tht- lmntl .intl was the first man up with murning .tt Boys St.ltc. Cumpt-titinn wltmt .mtl dance band Artist, lit- .mlm xt-rvtwl .ls ADVANCE writur, vt-tp nl tht- lmnml. mt-mbqr uf tht- Rt-tl Crum, Phi-Chfm And Cmiiimrmil Cluln. hlcvt Xullr .HTVANCE Etlllul' -- MARIORIE ELLEN SMITH, hldfglt lx .llvl :lun 5L'Cl'L'l.lfy. Slit' tlitl 'hfmtllt-4' ul wnrlx un tht- p.tpt-r and for tht- Rt-tl Crow .Ind BumIt'l' Cluhx. l'tn p.1lN, lLll'l.l limh. .intl Gt-rxhwlnk nitmc .lrr htr ravt-N. NORMAN W. STANEK is tint- nl nur nt-tt-tl tuck xt.irx .intl lx quitt fund t-I' .ill xpurtx. Hix lwhhx' is milling nn .i ttl-I.1in tmccup.1nt ul' I'U4lllI llr. I i E . 'll-nnix .t Rotztak ti, 'riliiamig 2-fl' " f- lltitirxtc xpurt. Ht- wax .1 lilimry ,V pagt- fwr tww it-.tix Rt-tl Crow, - Phi-Uhtm .ind Ruth- Cluh in-rc his , - mtun sclimfl .ictixitit-5. 2. -'l-ggi-i'5-'Z 1 45 ffff ':grf,p:'::t-'I-. ', ' Q- 1 1 l Tln-5' mx' tht- ht-wt things come in lrttlt- p.tclt.1gt-x - RUTH ANN TSCHANNEN. Thin bomtrr .lids tht- work ut' tht- Ctmiint-rci.il, C AA. .intl Ru! Ci-tm Clubs. Page Ninctten This stinior from North Sidu and Wolf L.ikt- :nay think llcls thc wholt- trcc, hut hc is only DICK TWIGG, Busidcs talking, Arguing and chuwing gum, hc likt-s to till, drink, .ind gt-t out of study hall. Ht' ls .1 nicinlwr of the Rrd Cross Cluh. Autivu in G.A.A., Class hriskct- liglll, Alml lltitislcl' Club, lwlrkxlwlf W,XGNIiR is .ilso .1 r1'l.l17Pl tvvirlcr. Thr' l:0l11IlR'l'Cl.ll Cluh claims her t.1lt-nts to kcvp its records lust .is tht' pi-mn tlt'cur.iting cominittt-c Cl.llIllt'f,l ht-r idtgis. XVll.l.l."xlNl l'i.llxV.XRl7 XVll.COX. kn-nvn to his friends .is "XV1llit"', l1.1s nikon p.irt in .litivititts such its cl.1ss yell lt-.itlcr .ind thc Rt-d Cross Clulw. llc r.us1's h.1111stcrs .ind fol- lwts l1l.lICll lioldt rs i-rr .1 liiulwlu. lfrnui lltiuiiltun High Srliool t.1l111- XV,'XNl'l'.'X K. XVILKINSON, tht- othr,-r twin. Shu sing with tht- Kiltc Cluh, typed with tht- Cum- i11trti.1l Clulw, .uid was .1 int-inhcr uf Rt-tl Cross ljlllll. Slit' lll'iL'H sull- lull. 'lilus sfniur 1v.1s prusidt-nt of hcl' soplioinort' lQl.l5N, of S1111-cli Club .ind ol' N.lf.l.. Slit' 1v.1s .in ullicur in tht R1-rl Cross Clulv .ind tht- iunwr class, SALLY A. YVILSCN was .ilso 41 pniin tittt-nd.1nt :ind ti t1virlt'1', Slit' ziddul livt-l1nt'ss to lilllffllltlll llluh, CQ.fX,.X., lioostcr Club .ind I'i1lnl If AU. Page Twenty VVC introduce IACK VENDER- LEY, virtuoso of the drum and marimhn. In his four years at E.H.S., hc served in thc Red Cross, Phi-Chcm, and Commercial Clubs. A slave-driving feature editor of thc Advance, Iac also heads the Rifle Club, lf?-l'Vs star lt-fr ficldcr, IAMES E. WALIDROP was also on the varsity truck ttnim. Hs ht-longed to Ihr Rt-d Cross .ind Booster Clubs and scrvul un thc prom comrnittt-c. lillfs giinhition is to hc ll raccr. VVANILX D. YVll.KlNSON is Ll mt-mhcr of thc Rt-tl Cross and Com- mcrcinl Clubs, She sings second sopixinu in the Glu- Club, Wanda, Ll formyr library page, is an ardcnt softlmll f.1n. Quitt- ii husy girl with he-r singing and piano playing is KATHYRN L. XVlI.I.I.'XMSON. This Chic little bruncttt- gave ii ht-lping hand to thc proni. Rcd Cross Cluh also caught hcr intcrcst. During her first two years, VEL- MA MQXRCELLE WOOD, attended Ct-ntrnl. Now Ll Trtiinncttc, shc ht-longs to thc Rnd Cross Club and tht' G.A.A. and roots for sports. A. MERl.lN XVUFBBFN- HORST is proud of bring mlrum 111111111' for ffwur years. Hr lil-ics tu pl.11' cl.1r111L-I mlm and 111it1.m- fn-sh111nn. "Wh1111p1L-" 111.111-ll cl.1w lus- kctl11ll, wurkccl un 1111- 11111111 x1IIl1.1ll. Ill NLTXCL .lllll hclungul In Rul Crow 111v111l1ar ul thc .1111l Plll-ftllflll Clulu. 04' .5 '- my -I Seniofz gig. Wheeh Standing: Ntlflll.lH Stamk, Spvvrlxz link l'l1.11, lllll-Clklll Lxlulvz ll.lfl7.lI'.l lhu1'111.1n. lilwmtrr Clulvg DMC E11gql111.1n, Sports, GUS Clulw, Rn-ml llxmw llllllll lllll XY.1l1lrUP. Sp-1111: l'l1Il1 lirul11111-wr, G..X..'X.: l11l111 Bnlcllc, FTA.: 11.111111 lllbllvf, Spun h1ltlKllL'R1NK'1 M.11'g1c F, Slllllll, AIWAXRTI- Snell: l.1l.1 l:L'lQllIllI'. 'I NVll'llI1Q. llnrlllx' lic Lilulv Sitting: Pat Burnx. ,I-XVlflll'lg, .xllvxxllli 5.1ll1 W1lw11, S1111-flu M1l1lrc1l hc. S4-111ur ULN ljl'L'NltlL'lll. Speech. Co111111rrc1.1l Club: N.111c1 rXlLNl1l1LYgLl'. Nl.lg.lZll'lC Salu. .-XNLIISRUBI SI.1tl': lean l11l1nw11, Glu Club, ANLIBRUM 5.1113 Sgwrlx .lrc PAUI. I.. YOl,lUl'.l.lf'l4'x 111.1111 111tc'11 xt. I'1'1111f 111' thu IN hix p.1rt1c111.1- 111111 111 l1.1skcIl1.1ll, tmck .1111l l 1111 tl11 11111111 u11111111m1' .mml lx .1 Rul Lrmx 1, if I 3 S K, Page Twenty-one ' 'Zim lingo Twgnty-two k Wl1iz Men ixillvl Shc E l 3, rs-'ff Boil-ug - .X 2 x X 5WLLl. A Lrowdr Wh Jia cf? px cv Terrific Twusomc Vv'hu Pushed? VS- v-I Hey Fellows, This Why Dinner VVi1111er Page Twenty three Page Twenty-four Um Gang Gam ,Ax- Dunkin' Dave Yo, I-leave Ho! 4'-""" N, V-'4"""',A 6g2XvT9"" 1-Z-3 Kick! facifi All, gal 4 XVJIIICCII One New .-Xxlc K wi" After All. Hill v-..Z' Pecpiug 5.1llics QD S 'Q DJX .. NNWJ' C M gf i .- . 1 C fe - . f. l . il X- ff H .qt a . wi 6 yy l . k ,X ' I. .- 'w K My pf , "gg, EA-W As V'f' X, 5 rl lf? all f fa, ll .Lic . N--. X , . .iff f if . ggi XM! K' X 1' fl ll fy. . - fi J 'L ' AQUA Ring Q H Us f' T. B. Chest X-rays. Here's where they look through you. Bloomers were introduced 100 years ago today. Sophomores do not hold Santa's Capers. Margie E. Smith is chosen DAR Best Citizen. Senior Snow Ball Dance - Br-rl Red Cross and Phi-Chem Clubs deck the halls for Christmas. The Memory Wizard, Elzie R. Brown, amazes us. Phi-Chemmers give a Fission Stomp. Swing your partner! Turkey for lunch. Yum! Yum! Q Band, Glee Club, and Dramatics Class present a Christmas program. School closes for Christmas vacation. Miss Spore becomes Mrs. David Hibben. Nancy Christle won a 15100 award for 4-H Iunior Leaders. Congrats, Nancy. 98 absentg the rest are weary. NVe got gypped one day of vacation. Trampoline Aerial Stars thrill us. High waters close some roads. Those ghoulish semester exams! Capricorn is a watery sign. Elmhurst places third in speech tourney. Benjamn Franklin born this day in 1706. Elmhurst vs. Central on Iunior Town Meeting topic, "Are Cliques Harmful?" Trojans defeat the Pirates in the county tourney. The Lions quench our tourney hopes. Room 16 wins March of Dimes Campaign. Thank you, Rog. Ask Dave Manes about the kinds of fishing. Faculty has a potluck supper at Mrs. Bleke's. Band demonstrates its skill in a public concert. "The Melody Four" drive away the 8 o'clock blues. ' ,- 7 as eladfiwi ,, X, SNS.. - . M. ,- ima . X AV' 489' '-.sud-'SY15 X 'I F". 1f:f55f?Af2l, "1 arf... . -..ima X., Sophomore Offlccrm: I. Shappcll, Vice-PrLs.g C. SlUlIh5lbI'!, hI'11,1x.: T. Kunnckc, Pru.: C, S.1um, Soo Iunior Class Officeraz R. Bclbutouwki, Sec.: B. Truclovs, Tran.: M. Vkhldrop. Vice-Pro.: L. Iohmon, Prqb. VVork, Trois.: VV. Norwalt. Vice-Pres.: B. Kcimler, Prem.: M, A. Cushing, Sec. Freshman O Hiccrs: B. Pag e Twenty-se I VCD uniafzd ,lx sf Q nas' -Y w-n, f" si ii. 5 " 'Li' -QQ' Page Twenty-fight Twp Rnw: Cliff Kcllfr. Cnrclill Fugi-r. Ray Sciilnrr. Dick Schnurr, Dick Uptgrafl. Iini Foulks. Bob L.incI- mith-r. Ilfin Grqmkc, Rul.ind Hnck Sn-umcl Rmv: Ch.irlu Ibrlililmn, Twin Nurnuill, Marilyn liixtini. Phyllix Mcycr, Claris Huakirk, Virginia fifflllilll. Ni-il Ilikv, l.wiii1i'zl Hfllry 'Hurfl Rww: Marlim' Imil. I'i.irh4ir.i Hazclct, Phyllix Rutz, IPi.innc Saindnrs, M.irilyn Halwig. Ha-vi-rly Fi'4iliiirgi'r, M.iry Suv Clrr, lin-Iyn Nyrfrlrr Ikmiirtli Row: XVill:1i'il Humiluy, Dun lic-lhutmvski, Marvin VVgil4lr::p, Run Hclblltmviki, Art Amlxinis, Rcx Curlnli. Runnin- Yuulig, Huh NVi-lili Fifth Row: limb Gibb, Carl Hikrr, G1-ixilclinn Lucc, Mary In fth.lIlIl1ill'l, Elaine Icrhnwn. Carlnyn Ruth. Hill Miilwu, Iiiul Slim-min Huttinn Row: Hcrn.ulcttL- Hcrlwr, liunniu Snyder, Alicc Kiel, Iam-t Ovcrby, Ioan Hamm, liithy Brcinfalk, Rum Lrc Hfnlull, Pdf Fisher ' 4 'J !5,N A ..- .. g- W! -of I fp' , 1-qv' 6' 44: V 4-96' 53, ,372 v . '11 4355" 'gc 3 fr C DQ .t 1 W Q of ' ' A., X """""'P, ' cz Top Row: Lick Schut-ph, Lt -1'w Cnrntwtll, Inn Ntwiillc, Luck Rtmig. S.ini l-iruxt. Clmrlw llr-m'n. R.1lph Mtirrictil Strnntl Row: Art Rapp, Eugrnc Graft, Murrcll 'l'r.1x'is, Bob :Xu-, Ut nc Mutt-fn, Ctrl Mckllrtiiq Thirtl Row: It-rry Carsten, ll.1rb.1r.t Schcy, Marilyn Stt-t-lu, Silly Sullimn, liniwtlii Snxirtli-itit, Rfllhlltl High Fourth Rnw: Lt-Q Train, Cll.lflL'N Arm-tt. l.tmi.ir4l Wmitluxtrtl, l..irry lohnwn, Phil Kuhn, liililit Krum- brink. Ronultl Knypppr, Tom Wright, luhn Wright Fifth Row: Keith Ucutcr, llcvt-rly Schucph, ltick Ifmzc, Glenn l.t'.1niing, Tnny Malinw. lilcnn Mutt, Gvrtrutlt- Hnllriwqy, Arltnt' Sligt-ll liottrnii Rnw: Alicv Springer, Donna Hnllc, Mtirgarcl Smith. litlnti Suhniitlt, I-.llen Sc-itt, Martha Cnlcmm, Bonnie Gritlin. Betty Truelove If 95 'K' Nl" 1 af l l lr .an I w sg N 4-Q.: i , ? Page Twenty-nin Q Y : :. , .J . ,. suv ' I QP Pagc Thirty 'Q S 3 2 i ,C A wg A qs? Q 3 x1 sf- 5 'Qu g.,.x lazy! in 'Sr ' Qi J 5 21,-' 3 A Q i- I 5 X v K Eli' F I I 4? 47 5' I.. Twp Ruw: W.1lur Iimhlcr, Rich.ml Black, Irxm G.uunt, Ymnr Hfuvgnnganlncr, lim Christlc, Ilxll Bml, Ch.u'Iu Culxlu, Ruth Uuywl S4-cmul Ruw: W.nlu-r E1chlrr, PM Ikrunmn, LL-wls lh'mx'm'r, Plunm Orcutt, Iiunicu limwn, Carol Noble, Iuyuv lfcrrry, limb Ilmun, Xvlfgll Ilrwkn l'h1rd Rmv: IJunu.1 Fmuryv Qwfmlly Mnrrux, Nunn.: Hultuncicr, Mnslrllnr Kxcstcr, Marllu- H.1ralixly, f:.lI'UIX'Il Gn.lkn', lxlfibl limlull, Ylrglnm Grspkc, Iu.m Krllur yum,-II1 Row: IJ.n'11l Ifuhcr. Ilnmlll Cmuln, lllmnml IGM, limb cII'L'L'l', Iiugvm- .+'wc1'y, Paul Mvynr, Tum Kunm'kL', Illll M.1wn l'1t'mh Ruw: Sum Crulvr, LLIITQ M.1lull, Ilmxnlnl Huhc-mtclrl, Illuk EhfIl1.ll'l, Iiwn-lt Cunnur, Tum XVci5cn- bm-gm, Nurnmn xViCllllI.lI'l, Nwrmgln XV.u'ncr lint!-1111 Rmv: IiL1g1-m' Iulxmmwn, Ihqk Sl. lnhn, Clllllllld I'lumcr, Nnrnm Pankup, Arlene Fsrrcll, Edcllc Sclmg-l1c111ann, luck Klmg 6 X-' 'Q I 'M ,2'f5i 5Ww - My 'Q nv 4 'fx fvfx Q f 50 QF' 1 "N Top Row: Kcnnclh Sungcr, lim Smvcrs, Rumlil Suvlhr, lim Suhlup, Iuhn Sh.ippdI. Iliik K-ich, Tum Rurhcrfurd, LrRny Ruiz, Domlii Slhltlxs Second Row: Luc 'I'.iyI4,ir, Shirlcy Mann, I.uum- Staiigcr, M.irpui'ii- St.iplutui1, Ccruw Ripe, .'Xlm.i Kumfcr, Iu.inn Mcyi-ra, I.wn.ml She-Hirlal Third Row: IS.irh.ir.i I'uIlcy. Sh.imn Pond, Cunnii- S.ium, Ihrlriic Siixdvr, I-wx Smith, Mui Ann Stmtrr. Nurmqi Thin-lc, I.lI1L'I Mi-yen, C.irolyn Smiihwn Fuurth Row: Roland Mitchi-Il, Hill YVUII, Liiiiu Hntly, Runim- Winn. CI.ircmv Sixlur, I.imu Slrcclcr, Frank Whilkcr, Filbcrl Turhcck, Dun lmcl. limi Scliiu-ph Fifth Ruw: Dun Ynung, Run Kuimilcr, Imn Kmnnlir, Bill lfink, Ihnin Ni-miixcliw.inilvr. li-mmf Ilivrbpr, IJ.ilc Chymn, Hymn Yuquclci, Ch.irIu Cinixu, Run Wilwn Holman Row: Pat Carter, Pat Wicilclman, Pat Grimm, Phillix Liiuckx, Dum Sgurkx, Margin! Wdtkinw, Mary Lou Twigg, Doris Zeit, Valoric Nichols Page Thirty-one S 'W A-ff' 'P vg sq 9 1' -4 4' Q9- -7 if "lla X nd is af ai' '9 9 , L Xu 'jpg by 1 ifrflifnr ,, '-fir cg .l Q :S ' I X . 1 4: 1 ,Q-s ' pa . 4 ' I' af ' -A . IA .4 A ' z vu 2- Y E I L V,-1 . gm, 4 Twp Row: Dwxght lfnllwr, Imn Qih.lPIl1.lI1. Inn lhhlnx. Ihllll llunu, Inn Xywlblillxllll. lixll Xhlimnmx. Harold Rlcc, lhck Stner, Hqruld Huxghc. Hun! Ilnrnfhl Sccnnd Ruw: Virgil Curly, Hub 'lVhlIl'l7C'I'. R1uh.1r4l 'Inst-m, Ink Hughu. ll?-'lv Vrnhr. Kc-nth lnlmwn. Rnlurr Lcmngcr, Dick lfunnlnglnn. Ihfk Xvmul, Hugh Wulu Third Row: Iiulurcx Mcycr, Cnrulyn Ik-flu-r. .Xlm lfmnk. lfxrrull Iirnuh-n, l.1.ku H.u'r', HNHHZL Rnxler. F-nurth Ruw: Rub G1HL-spxc, lzxwctl lim-xxnm, Iinlx XYML, I.1nn-x iirwnu, Inn l'.xxwn, Inn I1.1xux, I-ull I Flflh Iny Mulfnnl, 'I'cru.1 Hcrbur Inhnwn, Kenny Ott, l.1ul iilmrmllfr Nancy KlNNlHgL'I', .Xrlcnc XVc1bul, Vll'.!llll.1 lwml, I-cwrlx l1NIl'IU.lI1. Hnwrlx 51.111 . Ruw: Helly XVulf.nl!. Vllfllllld limwn. I1-.nn Rxcc, Imlx Iircu, Iinrum- Iunkmm. I-xulxn Iinnllv ' ' wil llmnlu IN uk: LIVX. Bultmn Row: PM LL-xh, hidflhll Utlllh, lun Aml.u1xs, xi.lI'N Imu Muuk, S.ll'.l l.u1ix, NIIJ N1nf'.lI'IllL'y. I-tlwrn Rccd, Tw1ll.1 NVr1ght, Iuka' Cqrlwnn, Marlene' H.11n1lr-,n as Page TI1iFly'lhfCE W0 1 U Wi ,J 1 -elf! tier Ns 4 A I ,sf ,ifiy i'1 N - N Q' ,grins ESL' , ,fi fi -A' A 'A ' Kg, ' f QQ, TAURZ7 'ji gebmazuf am! Mach 1 Home Room 16, winner of March of Dimes campaign, has a square dance at noon hour. . 1 F. T. A. members are entertained by their sponsor, Mrs. Oldham, and by I. U. Extension profs, 2 Mr. Groundhog does IIOIZ see his shadow. 3 Paul Burke, cartoonist. entertains us with charcoal caricatures. , N X441 X. 1 S 6f -Home Ec Club members view Mr. Burhold's Hower arrangements.1,' ' Fi. . . ' .- 'P 1 ,IS 'fhe icicles cling to the funniest Il11l1gS,1 therefore thereV1s noipschoosl. '. X U ,ri ' 5 14 No school again. Any Valentines? A-mi' 15 Sophomores sponsor noon hour dancing. 18 State Music Contest at Harrison Hill. 19 College Club entertains all senior girls planning to enter college. 21 Everyone got a sectional tourney ticket. 22 At 10:11 A. M. in 1752 George Washington was born. In 1932 Elmhurst was-,ii given six framed pictures of Washington. , 23 WOWO says no school. 27 When will the coal strike be settled? 10 Red Cross Melody Dance. 11f In 1388 drifts of snow lay thirty feet deep in New York City. 'ffl 14 H Whitney patents the cotton gin in 1794. 117 Glee Club celebrates St. Patriclfs Day. 21 SPRING! 24 VE Club honors all members past and present. 1 s 25 Soqphomores swing and sway in the gym. 31 Hurrah! No school until April 10. 1 f . -ir p . ., 1 paw. sh if f ,. .1 .. L r' . idea-53" , 1 ,-X, f Aw, Q',kJ"'f I , ' 4 X uf' 1 6 . Je rl. 1 ,xx Pinky Norwall grills Red Cruss Beverly Sclmueph snupb rhe rather live leuliug IN.lg.l7ll1L' 8.llL'Sll'lC1l. clean up campaign. Ronald Knepper .mcl Neil I-like refxll These are the 4-H'ers of Elmhurst Gardens. Phi-Chem coke machine, lfxgr Thirty -HW Page Thirty-six was aaa Margie YVatkins. Norma Bultemeier, Marlene Imel, Pat Fisher, Phyllis Meyer, Carolyn Roth i To qualify for an E in Glee Club, a member must have 100 points and an average of C at the end of each semester. Points can be earned by taking music lessons, participating in monthly meetings, working on committees, reading and reporting on music appreciation books, being an officer, participating with the Glee Club in public programs and concerts and by solo singing outside of school. Mr. Nicodemus sponsors the forty girls of Glee Club. C. Roth is president, P. Fisher is vice-presidentg M. Imel is secretaryg P. Meyer is treasurer. mfs cw Don Aschliman, treasurer: Ruth Harrold, secretary: Charles Sheets, vice-president: Dave Engelman, president GUS Club, the newest organization at Elmhurst, was founded with the purpose o iromo in a e er un ers an ing o socia s u ies an awar in me as o ft tg btt dtdgf ltd d dg dlt qualified persons displaying outstanding leadership and scholarship. Sponsorship of the club was undertaken by Mr. Arnold. The main activities of GUS Club were Held trips which enabled members to see various social, economic and political systems as they function in our community. ,aaa 5:45 Standing: Dick Elzay, Don Helbutowski, Rex Corbitt, Ron Belhutowski, Bill Shanebecli, lack Vcnderley Seated: Pat Burns. Margie E. Smith, Mildred Lee. Marilyn Paxton Seated in chair: Dianne Sanders Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mildred Hibben and Mr. Fryback, the ADVANCE staff includes: Editor, M. Smith: Asst. Editor, D. Engelmang News Editor, M. Leeg Chief Copyreader, P. Burns: Feature Editor, I. Venderleyg Make-up Editor, B. Shane- beckg Sports Editor, R. Belbutowskig Exchange Editor, D. Elzayg Pointkeeper, M. Paxton: Business Manager, R. Corbittg Advertising Manager, D. Belbutowskig Circulation Manager, D. Sanders. The ADVANCE staff tries to keep students upato-date on the latest fads, happen- ings, social affairs, and gossip around Elmhurst. ,fm ,rf 9, L C? fwsi. W -. Sw-ffm.-,5 N 'iiiw N" SUMMER TIME PORGY BIS! ff f -ff ,z in A 6'aoY I 'M 5055 .xx w 'N f R 5 gli Z Q is Z Pagc Thirty-seven Page Thirty-eight June gc 01446 Lila Fcighncr, vice-president: Nancy Christlc, secretary and treasurer: Betty Truelove, president: Carol Crabill, student adviser With Mrs. Blelqe as sponsor, the Reginae Domi Went all out to fell plastic bags. Selling these bags, working in the cafeteria. being an oihcer, attending meetings and being on committees are ways of earning E's in Home Ec Club. VVith the thought ever before them of bettering their homes, community, state, and nation. the girls ended their 1949-1050 year at the annual spring banquet by awarding letters and pins. speech GMC! Al. 4. A Speakers' Stand: Sara Luily. secretary and treasurer: Mary Lou Twigg. veepg Sally Wilson. president Natainal Fort-nszc Lcagtic: Sally Wilson, president: Mildred Lee, yeep: Marilyn Ent. secretary and treasurer Both the Speakers' Stand and the National Forensic League serve to develop an interest in speech activities and to improve speech habits. The whirl of their calendar includes: speech contests. lunior Town Meetings, radio work, publicizing school projects over the P. A. system, and work shops for individual speech problems. By participation in these events. the members earn points for N. F. L. degrees and pins and for letters in speech. Nancy Meshherger records the points the speakers make in their zodiacal whirl. Mr. Sellers is ever present to guide the members. fled 64044 Glad Back Row: Pat Carter. Beverly Poorman, Mary Ann Cushing. Esther Dunker. Lu Ann Allen. Nancy Meshberger, Carol lireeden, Eddie Combs, lack Schoeph Front Row: Larry lohnson, Dave Iingelman, Pat Fisher. Imogene Meyer. Sharon Pond, Sally Xlalson The largest club in the school is sponsored by Miss VVimmer. Its purpose is to help in all times and needs such as the Cancer and T. B. drives. There are two activities a year, one each semester. They are usually dances. A member can earn an by being an outstanding hall monitor, library page, or clean up boy. The othcers are: president, D. Engelmang vice-president, S. Wilsong secretary and treasur- er, E. Combs. The other members pictured are the various home room agents. T? X 94" ii Nw 'xv 1 b' 1,.lgL' Thlfly -nine Page Forty Phi-Ghem Glad Ruth Harrold, Dick Iilzay, Rex Corbitt To make science more enjoyable and interesting through activities and functions carried on in the club and to further the knowledge of the application of science in industry are the aims of the Phi-Chem Club. Miss VVimmer, Mr. Weaver, and President Dick Elzay strived to carry out these aims. R. Corbitt served as vice- president while R. Harrold took care of the minutes and the money. The club's activities included a December barn dance and trips to the General Electric, the Filtration Plant, the Magnavox, and the lunior Academy of Science at Wabash College. 'Glaaa Hack Row: P. Recd. IJ. Engclman Second Row: I. Iohnson. G. Hess, B. Koch, L. A. Allen, P. High, N. Meshberger, T. Norwalt, R. Doepke Third Row: R. Harrold, D. Dowty, B. Brudemeyer, H. Monn, M. Lee, I. Buell Front Row: S. Wilson, G. Centh, R. Richardson. D. McCague, M. Brunson, I. Smith, R. Tschannen The Dramatics class, under the leadership of its sponsor, Mr. Sellers, offers students a specific phase of speech training and helps them gain appreciation of drama. It furnishes young, would-be actors and actresses with a chance to obtain fundamental experience on the stage. This year's productions included the traditional Christmas program, presented in cooperation with the Glee Club and Band, and the three-act comedy, PAPA IS ALL. eanunmcial Glad loann Adams, Mildred Lee, Maxine NVagner. Dianne Sanders Smiles of achievement are being displayed by the oilicers of Commercial Club, for they have guided their club through another busy year. Commercial Club beckons to all students who are preparing for a business career and is headed by the sponsors, Miss Edwards and Mr. Fryback. Each school year is climaxed by the club's annual banquet at which typing and shorthand awards are given. Special awards to those with the highest averages in bookkeeping, shorthand and typing are also presented. M. Lee served as president and received assistance from I. Adams, vice-presidentg M. Wagner, secretary and D. Sanders, treasurer. nwsff ' uf L.!J , 1 ,o r. MX Y ' A' f-.I If + K Zvi.. ,J Q f V ,, ' 7' Nw Ramp ' t I ' V .i i fl! . l vs: I :av 6. k. ... EQ-3 X Page Iiorty-two ,. 1, .7 EN: Back Row: loan Knepper, Pat Burns, Marilyn Steele, Imogene Meyer, Sharon Ponil. Iilainc Iohnson, lanet Overlw, Lila Feigliner Front Row: Maxine Wagner, Bonnie Kiester. Norma Thiele, Iuily Drew, Ilsther Ibunkcr. Phylis Rutz, Virginia Grcpke, lit-wrly Schot-pli, Beverly Nern Ah yesl Here are those snappy maiorettes of E.H.S. This year the varsity twirlers won First in ensemble at the N.E.I.S.T.C. at Auburn. The soloists did just as well with Pat Burns and Elaine Iohnson winning hrst, Beverly Nern and Imogene Meyer second. and Sharon Pond third place. The addition of seven new gray uniforms added to the snappy appearance of otir twirlers. In the spring the mariorettes traveled to Indianapolis for the State Contest. In order to qualify for this contest they had to win a hrst at Auburn in October. They also will go to Chicago in lune for the big American Legion Parade. The varsity twirlers marched in the Armistice Day Parade last fall. Doing their flashy routine, they have been seen at all the home games. Between the halves of the basketball games, the beginners were seen escorting the flags. The beginning twirlers FUCK every Monday night for their twirling lessons. Their instructor was Al Stodden. After graduation this spring, the twirling corps will lose Imy Meyer, Max Wiigiier, Bev Nern, Pat Burns, Lila Feighner. Io Knepper, and Essy Duriker. Imogene Meyer was the only twirler this year who earned her letter. Jfame 7!ze Bacon ,gels-I . Hiqllllllllll I llllallll Ilullwlllullllllltuiium, t k ,Qs Huck Row: M, Getting. IZ. Vtllilw. I. Yentltrltx, I. hiunt. 'lf Iiiitlttrttml, lf. Slitttiii.ilc,r. . 1 . y , , . ,V K.. rXIel..lIll1L'X. I. I'-entltx, R. llt-tight. I. Wright Mnltlle Rtrw: ll. lbuwtx. l'. Rtltl, I. Ilrew, Y. lltwpt ng.ir1lmi, R. Stitlntr, Il. ,Xxtlilini.in. , .. . .t -- IJ. Grepke, Il. M.intw, I. Intltllt. I . Slutty, ,X. tniunt. I. .'Xtl.tnix. XX. l tix. I. Iwirex, I. Atlmns: Ilruni M.nm' -- NI. XYtitlwl1tiilit-rxt: Mr. Ilutll, Ilirctltir Ifrunt Ruw: In .Xt1gsl1t1r4:t'r. l'. I.uh. KI. I.. Iftrrtx. S. Mann. I. Keller. V. Oilily, XY. Ilneliler. ll. Ilirtl. H. hrillin. Nl. l.vrltni.tn. l . lntlxer. I--. Shtll The 194950 cgilentl.tr 11.15 heen well m.irketl hy the Trtiitin musici.1ns. The lull w.is st.irtecl rolling hy nur clirectrir, Mr. Dwell. in the thirtl week with .1 cuncert. With the lust ntvtes of the concert still ringing. .1 snappy c.ttlence w.is t.iken up fur the state marching ctintest. which w.is heltl .it Auhurn tin Octuher 15. First pl.ice liunurs were tttlien hy the lmntl. tht: twirlers, gintl XVlicmpie, nur tlrum m.tit1r. Next gin election of ollicers was heltl: Charles Sheets w.ts electetl prexitlent .iltnng with veep Carl Bulger: secret.iry, Iim .'Xcl.1ms: tincl treasurer. M.trth.i Culetntn. Strutting in their new unifurms. the lmtncl nmrchetl next in the ttnnu.tl Armistice Day Pgimtle. They .tlso pltiyecl for gill home h.islteth.tll g.tmes. A Chriatm.is prtvf gram w.ts held in which the lxincl ptirticiptitetl with the clr.im.ttics cl.tss ttntl Ulee Cluh. Un Iunuury 29, at concert was given for the general puhlic In st.irt MI the new semester. The tigenclti for the I'CIH.1Il1lICl' of the year w.is rilletl with cnntests and more contests. The rewards for playing in the httncl come in the form til' gi letter for 3,500 points and ti pin for 5,000 points, earnetl through public .ippe.tr.tnces. To promote school spirit :incl to hetter the tipprecitition of guutl music hits been the purpose of the band in till ul its activities. Iligt Forty -thru' Page Fortyffour Top Row: Roland Mitchell. Neil Hike, Leonard Shetiielcl, Fd Schocnemun, Iohn Shaippell, lltive Iingelman, William Cox, Ronald Stoller. I7on.ilcl Grepke, Paul Henry Scconil Row: Ceriililine Hess, Marilyn Enz, Iiinice Buell, Put Fisher, Phyllis Meyer, llonnti Hollc, Margie Watkins. Donald Combs, Kenneth Stringer Third Row: Arthur Kzipp, Miirgie E. Smith, Eunice Brown, Nancy Mueck. Nancy Mcshberger. Bonnie Ienkins, Beverly Poorinun. Pmcxcrly Schoeph. lid Augsburger, Keith Deeter Bottom Row: Ikiyid Meinl. Iudy Wire, Arlene Ferrell, lhirlmrn Becrinuii, Put Carter, Nancy Kissinger, Keith Iohnson, Hugh Wiley, Clarence Suylor QAM! Maqaywe Saledmea This ye.1r's magazine sales exceeded lust ye11r's by 3510 for a total of 34,86-1. The high point of this year's campaign was the Lucky Name Drawing. Those who were giwgirded Siilesmtinship Certificates for selling 350 or more were: 15. Schoeph, 3150.403 N. Meshberger. 311080: D. Meid. 399.501 R. Mitchell, 397.753 D. Combs, 38-1.45g C. Siiylor, 384.051 D. Engelman. 372.503 I. Shappell. 36725: H. Wiley, 36250: P. Meyer, 360.753 M. Enz, 360.50g 15. Beerman, 35S.20q L. Sheffield, 356.803 M. Smith, 35600: K. Iohnson, 352.45g D. Grepke, 352.203 D. Holle, 348.403 Buell, 347.803 B. Poormgin, 3-16.701 E. Schoeneman, 345.603 M. Watkins, 3-l4.5Og Wire, 341.903 R. Stoller, 3-l1.00g P. Carter, 34050: P. Fisher, 34030: B. Ienkins, 359.703 E. Augsburg- er, 358.503 N. Kissinger, 357.503 K. Stanger, 357.00g G. Hess, 355.501 K. Deeter, 354.80g A. Rupp, 355.103 E. Brown. 352.903 N. Mueck, 352.90g A. Ferrell, 35250: P. Henry, 351.503 W. Cox, 351.253 N. Hike. 350. Mr. Eickhoff sponsored the campaign. The money is used to finance school assemblies. 1 W .L- N " . ' 43 ara, , .45 I, A Red Cruss H411 Muuimrb .md Lilwruy' Urges Future Teachers of America Shorthand Il Girls Cafeteria Workers Page Fortyftive 7!ze 1950 14 ' HERE IT I5 VVe h.1ve laughed over it, XVe h.1ve cried Uver it, VVe have slept over it, VVe have eaten uver it, NVC have cussed uver it. VVe have quarreled uver it, It could he better, lt cuuld he worse, If you dun't like the looks of it- Dmft read it! pal-fdhecf B., an - of 5 41.44 sczmz 40711 Wayne, Page Porty-six :annie Jfad 14 Sfzcwe- '7fze- Weak plan Top Group, Standing: Pat Burns, lean Iohnson, Paul Ret-tl, Danny llouser. Iohn Biddle Seated: lack Vcnderlcy, Maur.e Poling, Ron Doepke Ctnter Group, Standing: Kalhyrn xVllliilI'lINUl'l, Rosemary Pulley, Charles Sheets, Bill Shancbeck, Barbara Bcerman, Sally Wilson, Mlalretl Let- Victim: Miss Falls Bottom Group. Standing: Harriet Monn, Beverly Nern, Cora Lou Hanes, E'-ther Dunker, Nancy Mt-shbergt-r, Margie Ii. Smith Seated: loann Adams Room lo was a busy place the seventh period three days a week when B. Beerman, C. L. Hanes, M. Poling, K. Williamson and R. Polley worked on the Annie. On some Tuesdays and Thursdays, the twirlers: Dunker, M. Wagner, P. Burns, I. Meyer and B. Nern assisted them. Planning the hoolc, scheduling and identifying pictures and copyreading were their chief duties. They practically wore out the hle of all students enrolled in the school. Other staff members worked after school on Tuesdays. lohn Biddle designed the cover. lack Venderley and Charles Sheets made up the dummy. To lack goes the credit for the idea of paragraph write-ups for the seniors. VVhat writing and rewriting, to say nothing of typing, he forced on S. Wilson, M. Lee, B. Shanebeck, M. Smith. Iohnson, P. Reed, N. Meshberger, and the regular stalf members. Read the copy Charles furnished for page one, and you wiil get the whole idea. P. S. We had fun, too. Maurie wrote up softball, the magazine campaign, and the Rilie Club. Barbara wrote up GAA., E Club, and the Boofter Club: lean - Glee Club: Rosemary and Kathyrn - Red Cross: Bill - Phi-Chem: Sally -- Speech and Home lic, Mildred - Commercial and GUSQ Margie -- ADVANCE, Charles A Band, Harriett - Dramaticsg Danny and Ron - Boys' sports. The varsity txvirlers wrote up their tri-weekly antics. Helping to take pictures, the most coveted Annie work, fell to Charles, lack, Iohn. Maurie, Bill, Paul, Rosemary, Kathyrn, Barbara, Sally, Mildred, Cora Lou, Nancy, Margie, Esther, Max, Ime, and Pat. Missing classes, running all over school, and dreaming up shots like the middle one on the opposite page were their main rewards and services. All seniors sold subscriptions, 398 ol them. Iohnson, M. Wuebbenhorst, P. Reed, I. Venderley, and S. Flaugh led the senior salesmen. I. Adams, H. Monn, and I. Iohnson checked sales and money daily during the campaign. P. Burns and E. Dunker recorded the names in the circulation account hook. Nancy Meshberger headed the typists. Maxine, lme, Margie, Bill, Sally and Mildred helped her type copy for the printer. Miss Falls assigned staff duties and supervised all work on this seventeenth ANLIBRUM. V Inge FI 5710451 ,S ! nfY'!HUuxT 95" v . ff .ff L.. fmll In-.nm lx. 134-cpl4c, T. Mum-s, 'lf KL1llllCkL'. Yell l,c.1nlers: R. Bclbutmvski, L. Iuhnsuu D, Mgms D. Belbutowski, Hanes, Myers hmxrcr- Vlulm Ofilccrw: L. licllcy. P. Meyer, C. Sheets, lflf'l'igll' H. Bccrmnu fl' e A' A i W" . 'Ne ig ,,f- gat: if L, 3 I I I .. R f f Af' 5 5. B 9.7 .. TAU N". J, 9 t .r 9 as as 1 District Music Festival and GUS party. 3 Remember our spring vacation during the coal crisis. You had ity 5 1860 The First Pony Expressg a dash to the cafeteria resembles it. 7 Good Friday Vacation. 9 In the Easter Parade? 14 Advance Staff honors Quill and Scroll members and awards E's. 15qlSEatxeeiMusic Finals. 18, Revere's Ride. 71 Freshmen celebrate the end of their year of greenhood. 22 Allen County Band Festival. 25 Ian Hollander, Dutch journalist, reviews world events. 29 Night of nights for your memory books - The Prom. 1 1884 The Hrst skyscraper Q10 stories highj was begun in Chicago. f2r Election Day Vacation. t brother. ' 5 Home Ec girls honor four year members. ' 6 Commercial students applaud those winning awards in typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping. 7 1945 V-E Day. 11 ,"f12 Band and Phi.AChem Club join forces at a party. 1768 Iohnnyfippleseed born. Seniors hand in their autobiographies. '- C ss'ofi1990 dines at the Van Orman. To whom did you will your prized 13, ,la , .119 7 " . - P .-yf'fL,POSSCSS1OI'1S . "':' 'as - "Mft-471 made it. 1 have a cap and gown. M19 20 1927 Lindbergh's non-stop flight from New York to Paris. 21 The Reverend P. B. Smith addresses the seniors. .1' - tg .25 holds a Hnal sports day. 1,56 , 'e z , 26 ,. 1 ,I .t- ,Q vf zo, fp.. . ., 1 1-A-.. W o"x.g L H e 1 .1 . X L i Facultyifcooks and serves breakfast to honor the seniors, is K Diplomas are awarded to 98 graduates at the Gospel Temple. Va'cafidln'begi1is. 45 -. N 'i 'kwa' Page Fifty E Glad Spanam Top Row: Danny Houser, Varsity: Ronald Doepke. Varsity: Ed Combs, Intramural: Ron Belbutowski, Sports, ADVANCE, and Yell: Dick Elzay, ADVANCE: Don Belbutowski, Yell, Sports, ADVANCE: Ronald Stoller, Intramural: Eddie Kreienbrink, Intramural: Richard St. Iohn, Intramural Second Row: Leonard Bctley, Booster: Ruth Tsehannen, G.A.A., Red Cross: Ianice Buell, G.A.A,: Darlene Dowty, Glee Club: Colleen Machlan, Glee Club: Cora Lou Hanes, G.A.A., Glee Club: Pat Burns, G.A.A., ADVANCE: Geraldine Hess, Home Ee: Tom XVright, Band Third Row: Donna Crow, Home EC.: Ardis Baumgartner, G.A.A,: Sally Wilson, Speech, Twirler, Red Cross: Nancy Christle, Glee Club: Barbara Beerman, G.A.A., Booster: Betty Trueloye, Home EC.: Mildred Lee, G.A,A., Speech, Advance: I-larriet Monn, Red Cross: Romayne Riehardsan, Glee Club Fourth Row: Bob Cobb, Band: Dick Hamilton, Ride Club: Leonard VVoodward, Intramural: Dave Engelman, Varsity, ADVANCE: Rex Corbitt, Varsity. Sports: Norm Stanek, Sports: Dave Manes, Intramural, Band: Iohn Biddle, Band: Ray Seidner, Band Fifth Row: Cliff Keller, Intramural: Harold Huyghe, Intramural: XValter Boehler, Intramural: Don Grepke, Band: Phyllis Meyer, Booster, Glee Club: Margie Watkins, Glee Club: Louise Strater, G.A.A.: Imogene Meyer, Twirler: Martha Coleman, Band Sixth Row: Roger Ploughe, Band: Jack Venderley, Band, ADVANCE: Beverly Iohnson, Glee Club: Dianne Sanders, ADVANCE: Carolyn Roth, Glee Club: Larry Iohnson, Yell, Intramural: Ioan Knepper, Home Ec., Glee Club: Margie E. Smith, ADVANCE, G.A.A.: Ioann Adams, Band, G.A.A. Seventh Row: Butch XValdrop. Sports: Paul Yoquelet. Intramural, Varsity: Charles Shoemaker, Band, Rifle Club, Intramural: Charles Sheets. Band: Dave Borton, Rifle Club: VVillard Hadley, Rifle Club: Bill Shanebeck, ADVANCE: Charles Arnett. Rifle Club: Bill Eine, Rille Club: Carl McCartney, Band Eighth Row: Glenn Paxton, Intramural: Carl Baker, Band: Evelyn Nyffeler, Home Ee.: Pat Fisher, Glee Club: Esther Dunker, Home Ec,, G.A.A,: lim Waldrop, Sports, Intramural: Ioan Hanes, Yell, G,A.A.: Betty Bredemeyer, G.A.A.: Lee Travis, Rifle Club Bottom Row: Carolyn Emrick, Home EC.: Geraldine Genth, Glee Club: Marlene Imel, Glee Club: Marilyn Paxton, ADVANCE: Donna MeCague, Glee Club: Wanda VVilkinson, Glee Club: Wanita Wilkinson, Glee Club: Lila Feighner, Home EC.: Bernadette Herber, Home Ee. Chief Sponsor Eickhofif checks and recheeks the members of the E Club. His assistants, Carl Baker, Larry Iohnson, and Don Belbutowski, helped him manage the class tourney, chief money making project of E wearers. In the first round of the boys' games, the Iunior Twitterpated Twerps beat the Sophomore Bird Legs: the Senior Falls' Little Flowers beat the Freshman Flubdubs. In the finals, the Senior Little Flowers became the boy champs by defeating the Twerps. The Sophomore Bird Legs beat the Iunior Twerps, and the Senior Flowers beat the Freshman Flubdubs in the first round of the girls' games. Again the Little Flowers became champs by defeating the Bird Legs Girls. Betty Bredemeyer, a senior, and Eddie Kreienbrink, a junior, won the E trophies for sportsmanship during the three day tourney. Glittering E's, polka dot E's, and striped Efs decorated the walls of the gym at the annual sport dance for all former and present E club members and their guests. Mrs. Hibben, Mrs. McClure, Mrs. Bleke, Miss Wimmer, Mr. Cruse, Mr. Fryback, Mr. Weaver, Mr. Doell, Mr. Nicodemus, and Mr. Sellers assisted with this annual dance and the strawberry shortcake refreshments. G x S N 4 R I x H 1 IF? t- lfilty-t liaeli Row: Mr. W'etn'cr, Stzitlley Flaugh, lrvin Haunt, Holi Greer, llonnltl Hcllvutoxvski, Sam Kruse, Ronaltl Young, Mr. Fryluaclt Second Row: Donald Young, Le Roy Rutz, liugcne Avery. Glenn Meyer, Danny Houser, Ronald Doeplic Bottom Row: Etlclie Combs. Tom Kunnelic. Dave Engelman. RCN Corhitt, lim XValtlrop, Ronultl Belbutowski sofzaazz vm The encl of the 1949 softball season fountl the Elmhurst Trojans again near the top. Boasting a very good 4-1 record. they went into tournament competition. There they met in the hnal game with Lafayette Central's Pirates. The Trojans lost 2-0 Their season record was o won and 2 lost. Statistics: At Player Hat D. Young 6 R. Corbitt 5 R, Belbutowski 23 R. Doekpe 22 I. Waltlrop l3 L. Rulz 13 IJ. lingclman 27 ll. l'luLlhL'I' 25 Batting uns Hits Average 3 4 .666 4 4 .illll X lll .435 6 U .409 4 5 .384 4 5 .38-l lll lll .37ll 7 X .5494 Player R. Young Ii. Combs Ky. Meyer R. Greer T. Kunnckc S. Kruse 9 . . lrlaugli At Bat 22 23 Ill 6 4 2 Z 211: Batting Runs Hits Average 6 .333 5 .304 2 .200 2 .166 tl .000 ll .Ulm tl .000 iv .355 4-......,.-.-.,.,-,.- ... - ..- 1"""""T :V- ..p... ,,.....f- AY' ,- ..a-V" -x l3.iili.ir.i llttriimii. lltlx Ytii-lirlu. lbin Viiiiilvx feqze em Reilly! Aim! Ifiirl Thu inciiilwciw ul' thc V450 lilmlitiiwt Rillt' Chili. tiiulcr tht- spunmrsliip uf Mr. XYc.ivcr. mcct for xliruiting cvcry Nluiul.iy. Ylictliicstlay .intl Thurs- cl.iy .ittcr schuul. liusiiit-ss nict-tings .irc txillctl .is iirulccl. The ptirpwsc tit the Rillc Cluh is tu mich .incl priiiiiutc spui't5iu.iiisliip .mtl m.ii'l4sm.imliip. Thu iiit-iiilwt-iw uf the chili c.irii their "li" hy prugrcssing in slimwtiiig .ilwility lu tht- Link ul' Slnirpsliiiotcr with eight lmrs. Thc :ithccrs uf this yC.lF.S cltih .irc lick Yciiclcrlcy. prcsitlciitg Dun Cmnhs, vice-prcsiclciit: l5.irh.ir.i liccrmlii. sccrctury tmcl lI'C.lSL1I'Cl'. Thcrc .irc tml girls .intl twenty-5ix lmys iii this ycgirk cluh. lii .icltlitiwn lu rcgullr practice. thc cluh shut many matches: Thc Hurst Trupliy M.itch. XY.ir Dcixirtmciit Nlitulics. NRA. hi-weekly .intl iiitrtimuml mltchcs. .intl N.1tiuii.il Sttlwl.istic intt'.imur.il m.itches. Aiiutlicr pruicct of thc xli.irpsliuiitcrs ima icpaiiiitiiig thc ritlc miigc. ..,.. .,-,,-...tM, Mi.. A . ..,....4...w.,..,. -.V .a ..,......, ...-..-,o- MBV J...- I la 'ww 1 af' Standing: Eddie Combs, Byron Yoquelet, Dannx' Houser, Bill lime, Dave Horton, Irvin Caunt, Clarence Saylor, Stanley Flaugh, Ronald Belbutowski Kneeling: Marvin Waldrop, Bob Greer, Ronald Doepke, Dave Iingelman, Arthur Gaunt, jim VValdrop, Rex Corhitt, Norman Stanek 7wck '7eam When Coach Frybaclis call went out for track men this spring, most of last year's County Championship squad along with some new underclassmen answered. Last year the team took four First places and set two new records in the County Track Meet. First places were won by the mile relay team: Duke Doepke in the 440, Art Gaunt in the half mile, and Rex Corbitt in the pole vault. The new record holders in the County Meet from Elmhurst were Art Caunt in the half-mile with a time of 2:1-L8 minutes, and Rex Corbitt in the pole vault with a vault of 10 feet 7M inches. Corbitt also placed fourth in the sectionals at North Side and entered the regionals at Kokomo. Members of last year's squad that were back and the events that they specialized in are as follows: Ilan llouser - Broad lump, lllll yd. zlash, Marvin VValtlrop - 220 yd, and 4-lU yd. flashes, lg mile relay mile relay Ilulae Doepke - Broad lump, 4-lll yd. Dash, Ron Belbutowski - High lump mllf fflsli' Stan Flaugh - High lump Dave linuelman - lilll yd. and 220 yd, dashes Clnmmc Snylm- - Mile Art Gaunt - Half mile, mile relay Il-yin timing C Iialhmilg Rex Corbitt - Pole Vault. 15 mile relay Dave Horton - Shot Put Norm Sum-k - Milt-, mile relay Bill lime - 100 yd. and 220 yd. dashes lim XValtlrop - ltlfj yd. .ind 220 yd. dashes, BUUU Ymluelft- Half mile D2 mile relay Bob Greer - Half mile Page Fifty-four sm sf 'fi iff 4 eg 'Y Top Row: R. Harroltl. S. Stillman. C. I.. llanes, P. Meyer. Nl. Wagxier. l'. lfisbcr. N. lihristle, lf. Dunkel, S, Wllstm, M. lt. Smith. li. Rruleiiieyer Seconml Row: I. XVl'lNL'I1l7lll'gCI'. T. XVl'l4L1lll. I. liialtlle, R. Axe. C, Sheets, A. .Xtl.1ms. R. Knepper, I. Tipton, ll. lime, l'. Rt-ml, C. llennison, l.. lit-tley. T. Norwalt Bottom Row: P. Burns, R. 'I'sch.innen, M, Lee, H. Ti't1t'loxe. li. llt'criu.t11. M. lxnl, M. Coleman, C, Roth, IJ. S.iuclt'rs, M. Paxton Eaadlm Glad The Booster Club aims to organize .intl promote school spirit. lts four oHicers, under the leadership of Mr. Doell and chosen by the faculty, selectecl from the senior and junior classes 55 members who showetl school spirit and willingness to work. A system of 150 points was set up in ortler for the members to earn their letters. At the games the girls wore red corduroy skirts and white long sleeve blouses. The boys wore red corduroy trousers antl long sleeve white shirts. These outhts were bought by the members. One thing that was not fully .ichievetl but can be looked forwartl to is a plaque containing our TROIAN SCHOOL MOTTO, which is: T - Truthfulness R - Respectfulness 0 - Ubetlience I - Iustness A - Ambitiousness N - Nobleness S - Skillfulness Page Fifty-five S-4 5-1 X 1 1 ,J -4 Z Ng ini N-J kv 'ill 51.7 ll w. 1 1 l 1 W. Q 15.1 N Rex Corbitt lunior Guard 5' 11" 165 lbs. 19-1 points Ro11111C Doeplw Senior Forwglrcl 5'11" 160 llus. 156 points Iol111 VV1'1gl1t Iunior Guard 5' 0" 145 lbs. 51 points Tony NIQIIICS Junior CEUZIFC1 5'9" 165 1115. 50 points MLlI'Vl11 WL1lClI'fJ17 Iunior Forwarcl 5'11" 155 lbs. 5 points Tom Kunneke Sophomore Guard 5'1O" 152 lbs. 62 points Paul Yoquelcl Senior Forward 6' 155 lbs. 1 point Ronnie Young Senior Forward fi' 170 lbs. 08 points Drive Engelman Senior Center 6'1" 175 lbs. 218 points Ronnie High Iunior Forward 6' 175 lbs. 138 points QS? . . . ,- R-f -S9 -4 EZ -4 X V-I-' Ai' U6 'Q -T15 Page Fifty-eight Buck Row: Hill Mcliinnt-y, Bob Grt-fr, Irv Guunt, lim Wm-hbt-king, Iohn Shappcll. Frank Wulkcr, Sum Kruw, Stun Critlcr Mrtlcllc Row: Iicl Comhx, Mgr.: Huroltl Huyglw, Robert Work, Don Young. Gcnc Avery. Byron Yoquclct, Couch Crusc Front Row: David Smithwn Play cr Avery Crulcr Guunt Grt-cr cIl'HVL'S I Iuyghc Kcrrvsr Kruse L11 nmlatl 'Her Mcliinncy Shnppull Sht-Il Smithson Slrt-etcr XVt1lltcr Whchlwcliing Yoquclct Young VVorli Hrcwstcr lilmhurst H , lilmhurnt W, Iilmhurst W, Elmhurst -, - Elmhurst H, Iilmhurst ,, Flml1urst,-,, Iilmhurat ,,., EllI'll1LlTSI,..,- Yr. Soph. Soph. Soph. Soph. Fresh Frcsh Fresh Ir. Ir. I:l'L'5l1. Soph. Ir. Frcnh. Snph. Sflph. Frcslm. Soph. Sfmpll. Soph. Soph. 27 I7 20 X SH 23 57 57 29 12 o.P. IX IP MIR frll Il III I5 ZH 5 Il 6Il 7 II XII SI 20 68 Z6 5 2 Arcola .,,, Leo. , .,.,. Wooclburn...,,.,, ,.. Central, ,, ..,-.,,,,, Monrocvillt',-,u,-... Hougl.1ntl,,,- W, Fremont ., W Laf. Cent., M.. nn Woodburn--- ,-25 7mm FS. AVE. 9-I9 .475 0-I .Illlfl 25-60 .-I I 6 36-HU .rlsll Il-0 .IIIIU 8-I 7 .470 U-U .IIIIU U-25 .SUI ll-U .IIUU Il-Il .IIIIU 'I-Ill .-'llrlll ll-ll .Ullll Il-Il .fllllll 6-18 .353 5-7 .428 III-Zll ,qllll 25-'59 .5 X9 II-'I .IIIIU 0-0 ,OIIII 0-0 .Illllfl Elmhurst ..,, ,HSS Elmhurst ,,,, ,,,,2I Elmhurst ,..A .,.. 2 'I Elmhurht ,w,, ,,,, 2 5 lflmhurmt ,u,t ..,. 2 5 Elmhurat ,,,, ,.,, I 4 Ell'nhurnt,,,, t,A,2Il Elmhurstuw- ,-,,55 Elmhurst ,,,, ,-27 P.F. I2 I Z7 20 O Ill fm ZZ Il U I7 2 2 Ill U I4 Z2 5 I I Leo ,,,.,,, Arcola . ,.,,. ,. TOTAL POINTS 25 ll IUI og IJ 16 X 51 0 0 I H I 2 Io 23 '52 79 IU U O -ASO --,22 Iluntcrtown W, ,,,3O MIbhl55ll1CNVJ,.. ...., .27 Harlan ,,.,. , ,,-2I Hoagland .-- ---26 New Haven . -WS3 Col. City ,,,. 4-33 Angola ..,. -,-36 44 l Sf'-fm? F?- . , -,...., ,... ,,.,,.,...4.--...4 'rv ,V:Nt"' Y-vl if 9 1 1 ., ,uf v 1 .- 4' Standing: Rex Corbltt. P.1ul Yoquclrt, Ron Young. Ihre lingrlnun. Ron lligh. Ron Imt-pkc. lNlt1rv1n XV.1ltlrop Sittmg: Coach Crusc, Tom Kunnckc. Dttn llousnr, Iohn Wrnght. Tom Manusz litl Combs, Mgr. lxldytfl' lingclman CI rrlvlll Uocpkc High Young Kunnekc VVright Mancs Houscr XVz1ltlrop Yoquclct Crlswcll Elmhurst ,, Elmhurst,,,,, Elmhurst.- Elmhurst W, Elmhurst ,U Elmhurst -H Elmhurst ,,,,, Elmhurst,-,v Elmhurst ,U Elmhurst -,, Elmhurstd-- Elmhurst,-,- afm:1fff'7eam Yr QP. lata. br HS H4 Ir. 77 TS 51' Tr, in Ir, ill 52 Ir. all 55 Soph. 57 Zll Jr. as 13 Ir. lf 12 Sr H 4 Ir. 25 2 br I4 ll Sr H 2 37 Arcola W- -ll Leo ,, ,H SH Wootlhurn ,- - . 52 Central ,,,,,, -lll Monrocvlllc ,- ,,- 46 Hoaglantl H, 6IJ Fremont ,, - SH L.1f.Csnt. ,.,- --, 46 Woodburn ,.,, .,.. 5" Leo ,,,,,, , ,..,., 47 Arcola , .,.. -- --- 43 Huntertown A,,,,., Ins. Rl!-IU 211471 44442 34-71- 52-HI 32-55 i-H 7 ll Lo I-7 l-fs 11-2 Elmhurst lilm hurst Elmhurst Elmhurst lilmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst AVF, .4157 .mil 531- .447 .3115 .fvlvtu .625 .fb-gh il lll .l 42 , l hh ,llllll ,52 H, ,,,4f in 36 311 55 IFF. 4" 4, hh '77 T4 JU 1 ll .U I2 lf 5 lN'l1ss1ss111cw.1 Harlan ,, ,, ,H lloagltlnsl, Yew H.n'cn Lul. LIU' Angola , , , County Tournumcnt , ,,,,,,,, ,Sh , ..s...... 473 ,V ,,,,, JZ L.1f, Cent. , TOTAI. POINTS ZIH IW, lib ISN 4,5 of Sl 51 15 5 I 4 ,,,,,,,,4, in IH 45 , ,,,44 56 -W40 54 Lao Y ,.,,., , ,,,,,.u, . Sectional Tourney Ft. XV.1yne N. 511162-71 Page Fifty-ninc Page Sixty Q. ff. 4. ,azmcza G.A.A. OFFICERS: Martha Coleman, secretary: Nancy Christle, vice-president: Lavon Cornewell. treasurer: Betty Bredemeyer, president: Rosemary Pollcy, organized sports: Cora Lou Hanes, unorganized sports G.A.A. MEMBERS: Top Row: Ruth Harrold. Dottie Swarthout, Ioann Adams, Sally Wilson, Barbara Heerman, Cora Lou Hanes, Esther Dunker. Nancy Christle, Lu Ann Allen, Margaret Poorman, Margaret Smith, Rosa Lee Boston Second Row: Margie E. Smith, Betty liredemeyer, Velma Wood, Phyllis Loucks, Barbara Polley, Carol Noble, Pat Carter, Ianice Buell, Arlene Ferrell, Louise Stanger, Carol Crabill, Alice Springer Third Row: Pat Burns, Mildred Lee, Ardis Bauingartner, Ruth Tschannen, Iudy Drew, Lavon Cornewell, Rosemary Polley, Carroll Breeden. Doris Zelt, Ioyce Fackler, Margie Stapleton, Doris Sparks Fourth Row: Nancy Kissinger, Rosemary Freytag, Marcia Strater, Sally Ewing, Mary Ann Strater, Ioy Smith, lean Adams, Carolyn Geake. Martha Coleman, Iackie Barr, Louise Strater Fifth Row: Martha Walker, Iudy Vifire, Betty Truelove, Virginia German, Ioann Meyers, Pluma Orcutt, Betty Moore, Claudia Drake, Flora Reed, Bonnie lenkins, Beverly Poorman, Connie Saum, Ioan Hanes lriottom Row: Virginia Grepke, Marlene Hamilton, Shirley Mann, Gertrude Holloway, Iackie Carlson, Phyllis Richardson, Betty Paxton, Margaret Landis, Carolyn Smithson, Ianet Myers, Elaine Stoller, Edna Schmidt The Girls' Athletic Association, under the leadership of Mrs. McClure, has passed another busy year striving to promote better sportsmanship and athletic train- ing among the girls. Each Tuesday and Thursday noon these girls could be found playing such sports as softball, volleyball, and basketball. Unorganized sports such as: bowling, swimming. hiking, walking, bicycling, horseback riding, roller skating, and ice skating kept these girls busy outside school. Dues were collected to help with the social activities and to pay for letters. To receive a letter, a member must have earned 250 points by participating in both or- ganized and unorganized sports. Plaques were also presented to those girls having received .350 points. lt takes approximately two years or more to earn a G.A.A. letter. The following girls have earned their letters: Joann Adams, Ardis Baumgartner, Barbara Beerman, Betty Bredemeyer, Cora Lou Hanes, Ioan Hanes, Ianice Buell, Pat Burns, Esther Dunker, Mildred Lee, Rosemary Polley, Margie E. Smith, Louise Strater, Ruth Tschannen, Betty Truelove, and Sally Vifilson. Barbara Beerman was the only one who earned a plaque this year. Once each year a selected group of girls from all over the state of Indiana under the same G.A.A. Constitution meet to have a State Convention. Three girls from Elmhurst are allowed to attend. At this convention, the girls discuss ideas for raising money and for bettering the organization. This convention promotes better sports- manship and leadership among the girls. This year G.A.A. girls were quite fortunate, for swimming was provided for them at the Purdue Center, the third Tuesday night of each month. , ,4 r' 1 1' S. an A 5 2 f 4' 'rn A if ,J i 'Q M .', .1,44f?" '.""- f ' 3 if 4,?'lif? 'iff '!h'k 1'q Xlbgvs -1-f -+ ' lf- bf' -'f' -. . Qt ,lX'f1f'Y' S. X., ' Y" '72 ' '?f'-Y' JT' ' W if'-223 N Fl V .ff ni 5. J 33 .wa ,J 1114, . x?'N.v'f' -fiav , 'if ff 4. 'S bl A R' R a' -WT i ' .N 'fi'-sf' ' I. 1 Ne... yi" .M-4 """n. Q-,gw A X M532 ' GW SMH ,pu K . lgr Slxlx-lwu N'-g xg fN Flux 4 u. V 1 5,-1 X., I Cugcy Crusc lean Made It A Big Blow Gel It, Tony National HonorjSociety Four Year Honor Roll Lu Ann Allen Donald Beitz Iohn Biddle Patricia Burns Darlene Dowty David Engelman Ruth Harrold Barbara Koch Mildred Lee Harriet Monn William Shanebeck Charles Sheets Marjorie E. Smith Norman Stanek Ruth Tschannen Sally A. Wilson Quill and Scroll Mildred Lee Marjorie E. Smith Valedictorian - Marjorie E. Smith Salutatorian Competent Typing Awards Marjorie E. Smith Darlene Doxvty Harriet Monn Maxine Wagner 61 words 57 words 54 words 52 words Beginners' February Awards Bernadette Herber Pat Fisher Ronald High Ruth Harrold Shirley Mann 43 words 42 words 42 words 40 Words 40 words Sally A. Wilson DAR Good Citizen Marjorie E. Smith George C. Bond Citizens Mildred Lee Ted Kunnelte Prom Queen Martha Coleman Prom Attendants Ianet Overby Marilyn Paxton Carolyn Roth Bonnie Snyder Sally Sullivan Betty Truelove Advanced Shorthand February Award MaryLyn Steele 100 words American Legion Original Oratory Mildred Lee South Side Speech Meet Darlene Dowty, poetry Mildred Lee, oratory Sara Ludy, dramatic Pat Fisher, humorous Page Sixty-three A4 00 G. R, Grubb and Cu.. Engravers Iflgnnlgan-l'carsun Cu.. Printers Champaign, Ill. Clippingcr Portraits Bob Smith Groups Fort Wayne, Ind. - .5-'Mb 1mLlr. Q .- up ' .,:', 'P 'fa I -ri, f 'RRP' ml ' "W "Vim, ' - we Q, S-1 K PA.4, 4-J M, ,...s.....,,.,...Aag'i4:.c':...,, , . 'Qld Ml - . . 'x ?"f4fK,.,. Paul Hnller Princip.1l -wN..,, w-iff' ., ,, '. ,gf --. x wig ,- ,FV "w-aww L x 'a -i 2 MWA, . f 231 . - ,QU W..-..a.+g A: ik ws WM fa .f P I f ? S 'l"F' ll! lv' .l- ja A .B L Cham: 4 wmv - " 'Ml , ,og N.. 5 . ws ll F f i- 7' ' in. 1 Q ' pq.. .54 -1- F 'S W L- II' lr- 1. V-'I-. FQ' -' if Q . -1 233' l V I lr!" l 'ill' n I , K , , .' 3 1 N ' 'I T ' ' iff-E1 S TQ 'G 'F ' Y 'A " T-E. :Z 'f- .1 ' ' Q"' '. ' ' I Ziff:-' ig-I-QIHLYTIVVII Y' .JJ ,1 1 ,A '15 .'?,.1f?,ffgf,l 5'4'1,.'g!..' ' 'Q-54 'ff 'g.f3q1'sfA2i"A- Q.'ff.r':5, f'1f'fQ'g A- -J? ' :fv".w!'5,:'i":' 5"l'f-. 1' 'fix' . 11-IIN V?i'fl?H?a:f' fi? H if i fri-i. ',Q-'Lf' 1'gf' fM"1" ' fx .i:f41i:Q"1jiH"1,ff,Hfvfh gg 3-f :1.3fg:g5-'gf' ,, j f'g'i3f.2-"1 .:f"?'f1Q'--2'24Qf Jiifgi 5:5 fijfll' V ,,1:41f.w, '::f1f2V f f gg? Q--gffftqsf f-v ' -ff? 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KW "Qi 5 Wi' "'1M2'f-4"4'2' 5+ f1wsMh3,f M. fwa'v.'- 'fa -.F '20 V. ,iw 1 . ' -' .4'-W' Mgfi 2.15292 2-1-4 ef fqfmfw jvc: '.22fL!zw f3,':2.e.'H Q--'hm .A ggi? 321591A'f?fff'r4gfmSfwf.ffvLz "ffm W.,-aH3'2' -y '+1if1wf fa- . . 4-ff?1x22f'2fM JW f1Q'-lf.Z-1:2':fa,'ffgwff21".1 '131.55fw 'wif , jfgjua 5 .1551 fflirff-A I ftifgg'-f","fQ'f-'.'.32,1-'Q -5 ..4 JW'4'S5g'?Aglk,,'Js7131 hgj:,1 5 1'w5'1,,A,'V A3 , Q :jf - ':,' ,L glial 1 :?i5f""L' 'Qi'v,Qf :fzf-W1-1'5 f,u fV l'fF, f,5.2?.xff452f5,w'Wah :Y-2:-'i2,?2f-3.-4'g1ig?'f2ff'ffrf,ffPff2s3Eiife5 -Y' SQQ-WJ."?fisr:ii J.f ' . . Us-,f?MfQ?f'f"fpEflligagwqfzegiffjrpi' "Z, gr-Qj.,f?,,vQ1sL, ,Qi,:,PI!4N, -,4:Z'g3i5'- yd.: 21 Q Y:,1.3.l:g:fy:1- , fdQXq4,3Zfgf,Qf',.f'1giQ ,,'f!?!,f,'gf:Qy1i,g:?3 5 1 ,g,',Mi.'rfb1,:1j,wvI'i3-ffQi.,""3Qmi2'f yxi,:5:A!,',..'3 lg ,,,' 4 w3EQf35."+ffka? R!avi45'?T.wgSs,'Z:. r nhrfqffglimw 'pyihyx f "ff fs!! qgafi, ,??i5f?'i4-QB? wg gy,4sH'2'i-.,g,Qfiq,'f ,.- - 1j17,Qw,r'- E f3Ff,y'5W. yi ! , . 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Iugl ,A ""'1'. -': 14 Dick Elzay heads Phi-Chem Club. 15 Larry Iohnson again leads class of '51. 16 Band presents concert. 19 Clarence Saylor wins the first Eversharp calendar pencil in the magazine sales campaign. 20 Kenneth Stanger draws S10 from magazine jackpot. Hugh Wiley tops all sales-1 men and gets a pencil. 1 21 Look at Roland Mitchell's new Eversharp. ,-' 22 A calendarlon a pencil is won by Betty Bredemeyer. 23 Phyllis Meyer also has a pencil with dates. YL., av' 26 Darlene Dowty drows S20 from the jackpot. Eddie Schoeneman wins a pencil. 27 Leonard Sheflield is sporting a red and gray Eversharp. Did you get shot for the 1950 ANLIBRUM today? 29 Paul Meyer wins jackpot of 1515. Beverly Schoeph turns in 1576.80 in sales today. Shri. now has two Eversharp pencils. jj 5 . 4 30 Gerry Hess wins a pencil. Red Cross Club holds an Autumn Fantasy dance. Q, . .' 'v , .i ' W .

Suggestions in the Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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