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jg ,nu W Y Y , wwf! WWW JL X ,MMM ,WW 3 JW? QW fb if n l MN 'Q'3VX5,'T7- ff ., 1, I Y Mig Mb mf W C Wk fa A an 3 EE: bww! WW X nw ii MQW W WW ' ' ' ' " VA 7 7- ,. " M - . . ' ' Q ' f'QgK1LWWd9f2 ig My M A ffff12EW fWw 22491 my . 1 U www www HJMWMA 0?,Bd'?'f -714421 , 1 F47 get! E iw gig? f W iii X zifinw 3555 ag yflftti' 6.16 lfysg, ffe are ffm-A ug f0,7gf 1,494 yall 21-4. tb-:ual lm: M0144- SEEE 5 A, fa-. 1 47 42,55 in fl NJ! N 1 , .. . f KAI I I 1,1 Eml 'I 5 f 'HJ Y+z ' Jffjjf? J 3 fl ,fy L ff X g . ,I Ig, I J ,1, N +JJ14 'w-,,, f X Z, '1,, .' V VJ If Ju . ,W X11 Jw QJJOXXA K f jd h J "rf 4 E 2 a i 3 s E 4, 9 1 E H . 0? agp, Mffgfww M yfffw We, line Seniafzfi of Zbniuwu' ,High sczmz af and Zffayne, .fncfiana same '7fze 4w:,-nvm4 Xl ,Mali LL-A, for Uflf? ff' '7' ,U A ,Q Q12CL, XM f fd' jf W 0 W Q f M gfMf,.,,QwL,A, ff U Q fx TH X x x .--I-'xg - " - x S , fvfo Wfuq 4 :rw If f I S x 41 X Wi-.mff X: . ff f W .t xfx ' I X My f W 1 'Q M N ' .i f A k I ' lf ff -XE gl WX gg? Q u l xxx Qi fi ,Vw f M fx f Xa Q WNW f .. fd, im L I ' V , All NX ' ' X I j f x ji, 4 " f 9 1,1111 2 25 '37 u w M Un QQ! 4 Mal' W ,. 'L g 1 M l ' ' L fl x X 5 law ' X X 45 ' M f ' " . V 1 Q" AS X h xx 5 f If Z fx , -W H2 , 1 w z ' N ' X ' fi -ixx :!X4XN x E lj N 1 xw fxx ff-27S xx A A x " X ' IP 5 ' X xXSQ3fD7v!y!wWw fl 61: X, ff 'X X X X , X f ,,'f' X f V , ,ff W f f ll QU M K I K Ykmfxff f 'K K K wwfkf , XXX X x X X Xxx M X X Q-X mu Y XX N X XXKNX QQ X X X Q X ,K j , fx? ,Z N X6 xmmiw iiwwj 5 fWN'ig M XM fi ,Q X, JK 55711, X lgxy E-.X M' 'Mu ..f piqgji? 'Q' KQQV A A uf ,DM X L3 g f X N fx wwf, wg, , if J X Y X M 9, Y v M x x s M ZX E XX" YJ-?x 'Ex ' ii A w fix 2 4 -gi S J . ig X X XD XS X x -fy f X X N -, 'E . -,X , X - A X L lx ' X X X i-X A - - 'g 2 - X -- - XX.' -ix Na+ , X Q -Q .V f - s X - v Y, f,-4 f. - T Q, sV xx A X 5 XX ' fl K , K- x X XX X 1 x X X GX Q M vw X X N X N K --1 If L xx Q N X x + '-"X ff, s x L 'fi .5 K f -N X April so, 1849 Millions of stars are looking down on these rolling plains of Western Missouri where the many tracks of the California Trail curve out from this town of Inde- pendence across the Line into the Indian territory be- yond. On every side, as far as you can see tonight, earthly "stars" - the Campfires of all this multitude of eager, restless Forty-Niners - twinkle on the ground, being fed by members of the most excited army that was ever assembled in the New World, every one im- patient for mud to dry and spring grass to grow so that these shaggy regiments can get on their way. So wrote Archer Butler Hulbert in a reconstructed chronicle of the California Trail. Iust as months of preparation had gone into the building, the equipping, and the journeying thus far of the sixteen wagons of this "most excited army" so have years of preparation gone into the class of '49. It seems best, therefore, to call this Hrst section of our salute to the Forty-Niners - Preparation. And didn't we prepare -- algebra, class elections, money-raising campaigns, collections of bugs, themes for English class, etc.? There was many a wide river to cross. Here you will see the freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Here is the faculty at work. Here are various practice camps or classes and some memorable school scenes of our preparation. f I fwf .. ffl K """' w WffS.f'W 4a MM! WW' ' ff , F Q4wf ff""- WWW , 4 ,if3:gf'?3i X e X -xt? f fqrff vm '-E-1 XZ! S Q f-www g g an. M Q b f 9. ' Q7 5 X ,N CSX F J Ex Page Six 4 Top Row: Tom Weisenburger, Kenneth Stanger, Tom Rutherford, Richard Davis, Frank Walker, Charles Christman, Filbcrt Torbeek, Robert Ditton, Keith NVoodcox, Donald Koomler Second Row: Garland Helland, Leonard Sheffield, Howard Hohenstein, Gwenyth Morris, Barbara Polley, Carolyn Noble, Claudia Drake, Larry Malott, Lewis Brewster, Donnie Combs, Ronald Koomler Third Row: Geraldine Lothamer, Doris Sparks, Lucille Straeke, Pat Wiedelman, Ronald Stoller, Alma Kumfer, Mary Ann Strater, Ioy Smith, Carolin Smithson, Barbara Franklin Fourth Row: Victor Hoopengardner, Lowell Kronmiller, Hill Haynes, Don Schoeph, Irvin Gaunt, Andrew Platt, Bob Greer, Ierome Herher, Dean Neuenschwander, Keith Guyot, Norman NVarner Fifth Row: Virgil Hoke, Walter Koehler, Paul VVestfall, Shirley Mann, Madeline Kiester, Margie Watkins, Sharon Pond, Carolyn Geake, Dick St. Iohn, Byron Yoquelet, Eugene Avery Bottom Row: Virginia Grepke, Ioan Keller, Ianet Myers, Connie Saum, Lavon Cornewell, Arlene Ferrell, Marilyn Townsend, Beverly Henline, Phyllis Loucks, Patricia Carter jam 'WL Wayan 74am 0 0 Top Row: Ioe Cox, Roland Mitchell, Donald Imel, Ronnie Winn, james Streeter, Charles Carpenter, Delbert Springer Second Row: Tom Parisot, Richard Cook, Jim Sowers, Chuck Graves, Paul Meyer, Raymond Boggs Third Row: Ioyce Ferrey, Cerese Pape, Iosephine Hernandez, Norma Thiele, Barbara Fischer, Ioan Morse Fourth Row: William Brennan, Bill Wolf, Richard Black, Donald Strauss, LeRoy Rutz, Clarence Mabee, Iohnny Shappell, Howard Foss, Richard Loucks, Tom Kunncke, Stanley Crider Fifth Row: Dale Clayton, Ronnie Wilson, William Fink, Iames Mason, David Fisher, Tom Stanley, jim Christle, Iames Bentley, Iames Sehlup, Bill Bird, Walter Eichler Bottom Row: Charles Cobb, Patty Groves, Pluma Oreutt, Ioann Meyers, Norma Bultemier, Dorris Zelt, Carol Crabill, Marilee Hardisty, Louise Stanger, Clarence Saylor Page Seven Page Eight Sofehamafza Bla? it up Y H.. 'l""' go 0 Q., Top Row: Ray Seirlner, Carl McCartney, Louise Strater, Marvin Waltlrop, Dorothy Swarthout, Glenn Ltlllllllllg, lohn xVl'l4LIl1l, Gene Mutton, Phyllis Rutz, Tom Silva, lack Schoeph Seconcl Row: Glenn Meyer, Alice Springer, Dick Schnurr, Ellen Scott, Philip Kuhn, lilaine Meyer, Tony Manes, Phyllis Meyer, Tom Norwalt, Beverly Schoeph Third Row: Nora Ott, Bonnie Snycler, Margaret Smith, Betty Truelove, Marilyn Steele, Geraltline Luce, Carolyn Reecl, Ruth Ramsey, Marilyn Paxton, Arlcne Slagell Fourth Row: Arthur Kapp, Eel Schoencnian, Bob Axc, Eclwartl Kreienbrink, Dick Kiermaier, lames Foulks, Dick Ehrman, Iohn YVeisenburger, Tom VVright Fifth Row: Ronaltl Back, Charles Dennison, Paul Stiverson, l,co Cornewcll, Leonartl lietley, Neil Hikc, Eugene Iohnson, Richarcl Harman, Richard Uptgraft Bottom Row: Bernatlctte Hcrber, Evelyn Morsc, Dianne Santlcrs, Rosemary Lutle, Barbara Schey, Evelyn Nyffelcr, jackie Hornbakcr, Claris Buskirk, Bonnic Herbergcr, Gertrutle Holloway m7aad if-4 'W Top Row: Ronald Knepper, lack Fraze, Charles Arnett, Donald lielhutowski, lion Coty, Ronald High Ronald Bethutowski, Willard Hadley, Larry Iohnson, Donald Grcpke Second Row: Keith Dceter, Carl Baker, Virginia German, Alice Keil, Claudia Hoover, Patty Fisher Carol Kissinger, Martha Coleman, Bob Cobb, CIif'lord Keller Third Row: Marlene Imel, Elaine Iohnson, Donna Holle, Mary Hernandez, licverly Freiburger, Mary Sue Cler, Betty Ioan llryie, Marilyn Hahig, Ioan Hanes, Patsie lireinfalk Fourth Row: Lee Travis, jack Reissig, lim Hawkins, lack Kling, Rex Corhitt, Leonard Woodward Wilbur Knipstein, Ierry Carsten, Hill Kruse, Kenny Hormann Bottom Row: Edna Schniitlt, Rosa Lee Boston, Carolyn Roth, Ianet Overlay, Mary Daglcr, Florenm- Krill, Norma Pankop, Shirley Brewster, Margaret Brunson i a Page Nine Page Ten uniafzfi fiaen. Zfp Top Row: Iohn Biddle, Paul Yoquelet, Ronnie Docplae, Norman Stanek, Arthur Gaunt, Raymond Ort, Bill Shanebeck, Roger Ploughc, Paul Reed, Ross Hoover Second Row: lim Haggard, Raymond Gillingham, Ioann Adams, Betty lireclemeyer, Sally VVilson, Beverly Miller, lune Brewster, Norman lleerman, Roger Thieme Third Row: Beverly Iohnson, Romayne Richardson, Donna McCague, Geraldine Genth, Velma XVoorl, Donna Crow, Lila Fcighner, Ronemary Polley, Margaret Poorman Fourth Row: Herbert Foltz, Maurie Poling, lioh Lothamcr, Charlea Sheets, lack Venclerly, Dave Horton, Glenn Paxton, Dick Elzay, Ted Kunneke Fifth Row: Stanley Flaugh, Donald Heitz, Paul Roser, Imogene Meyer, Lu Ann Allen, Richard Hamilton, James Tipton, Bill lime Bottom Row: Harriet Monn, Marilyn linz, Nancy Christle, Margie E. Smith, Beverly Nern, Carolyn Martin, Donnie Etter, Pat High, Artlis Haumgartner Wfeff 11' O Top Row: Don Aschliman, Charles Shoemaker, Elmer Breclemeycr, Ervin Umher, Hubert Ferrey, Wayne Van Ryn, Lee Stillwell, Eddie Comhs, VVilbur Smith Second Row: Karl Thiele, Morrell Travis, Dan Homer, Coleen Machlan, Ianet Wooclcox, VVanrla Wilkinson, VVilliam Wilcox, Lawrence Cleland, Donalcl Stracke Thirrl Row: Ioseph VVaIlacc, Corrlill Fager, Dave Manes, Dave Engelman, Merlin NVuehhenhorst, lim W'alclrop, Tom Langmeyer, Bill Malice, Ronnie Young, Iim Kinnaman Fourth Row: Maxine Herbst, Zane Sharp, Evelyn Iiaughman, Ioan Kncppcr, Carolyn limrick, Ianice Buell, Pat Burns, Ruth Tschannen, Geraldine Hess Bottom Row: Milclretl Lee, Cora Lou Hanes, Barbara Beerman, Nancy Mcshbergcr, Darlene Dowty, Maxine Wagner, Esther Dunker, Barbara Koch, Pauline Mann, Pauline Haneline Page llleycn M Q 64 Mx W fgff- A f pf-..f'e-f g!'?'2w f.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.E,.Wf,e,m f A 5 J Q. ffl 1 WSW ,W , 1. 'uiiflif' Q., YQ Q'aZf!f25' 4 THE VVORLD IS HER APPLE MISS MOLECULF SENIUR WHIP CRACKERS G.A.A. GAL NO SNOOZE IS GOOD NEWS Page Thirteen 5L ITC2'Q?ff M L. K 'M+'Nv"Wf-fwv-Q-N-1+42Q,,,. ,AL. xbx, ,L amz, fwm Fi? NO "WELLS" HERE VIGILANTE TWIRLING TOOTER NOTE-D MAN Page Fifteen lhefedfi ' ,Ad V ,gf A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE RIGHT ON THE IOB PACEMAKER BOND KNOWS HOW, SHOWS I' Page Sixteen A LITTLE TO TI-IE LEFT UTOPIA A VVA Y OUT FORILCASTILRS Www? 5? ,Sz TI-IE FINISHING TOUCH DOUBLE TROUBLE STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! TELL IT WELL age Eighteen YOU WOULDNT BELIEVE IT BOARD DRAWERS SMILE, SLAVES WOOD-BE WORKERS Page Nineteen Page Twenty May 4, 1849 Our camp-fire last night felt good .after a hammer-and-tongs thun- derstorm that struck us a mile or two from camp. Dozens of outfits were scattered along the creek, and we all pooled forces and made a fire worth remembering. May 13-Captain Meeks says, "Write this down in your hat in big letters. We must help our full share. Otherwise we'll have a gruesome feeling of going forward over the dead bodies of fellow men. Lend a hand." May 27-29-While our leaders carry out a semblance of a military guard, its real purpose is to keep skulking thieves from getting to our mules and horses. "It's not the high mountains ner great rivers ner hostile Injunsf' says Meek, "that'll give us most grief. It's the long grind o' doin' every day's work regler an' no let-up fer nobody ner nothin'." Driving their wagons into circles on short notice, and fighting off Indian attacks did become grueling, but how about those campfire songs? So do we Forty-Niners get tired of every day's "regler" work and so we lend a hand in combining the daily work and the extra- curricular joys. It's only a matter of pooling forces to fend off boredom and monotony. By the way, did you lend a hand in Band, Glee Club, Commercial Club, Red Cross, or Sports? How was your coordination in G. A. A.? Did you join the Home Ec Club, Speech Club or Rifle Club? Did you go on the Phi-Chem trip? Did you sell magazines? Were you in a play? Were you a Booster? K WK I ,KKK fffffb' f,fK7 fr ffz 'Z ffffffff -33' - K fl! fff V ff, ,. f if T F' X ffffwf? A I Q V xf """!f "Laffy" " X--f W. x f N j -an-,ali . 5 f ' QW if-ff ,f -3.-,N A ,S , Wk X . AA ,p-I , X W 'QQWS ' 1QQ,5l Y , f S149 : X 5 ., 1' 1 A g Q X fi , . , -fb ff? Q ' '- '- Mi' A ' 3l:1H f X :fx , . ff Aw: K X '97 2 9 X Q X K N 2 . x X sk 1 7,775 QQ! S 9 N - " R v Q 2 1. . ZF X I K 5 0 K , H 62 , ff ' 44 s ff , i X X f QJSM f X 7 K, Page Twenty-two c I Back Row: Mr. Fryback, D. Houscr, R. Doepke, E. Combs, D. Youngg D. Belbutowski, Student Mgr.: R. Bclbutowski, K. Hegt-rft-ld, Mr. Weaver Front Row: G. Meyer, D. Stifller, R. Corbitt, D. Iingclman, C. German, I. Waldrop 'Wie '7mfulfic '7'wjcm4 fbo .7 rqqain For the second time in a period of three years, the Elmhurst "Big Nine" came through with the county laurels. The team burned up the countyg and then, on the heels of a 4 game winning streak, breezed into tournament competition. Here again they demonstrated that their booming bats could not be quietedg and behind good pitching, they defeated the Harlan Hawks, last year's champs, by the score of 5 to 3. Certainly most of the credit should go to our manager, "General" Don Fry- back, and coach, Don Weaver, without whose drive and determination we could not have attained our goal. Statistics: At Player Games Bat Engelman 6 l4 German 6 l 5 Stiiilcr 7 18 Waldrop 3 4 Combs 5 l2 Young 7 14 Totals Batting Hits Average Player Games 6 .428 Slater 7 4 .266 Corbitt 7 9 .500 R. lielbutowski 7 l .250 Docpke 7 3 .250 Hcgcrfcld 6 9 .650 Meyer 2 7 l 56 59 .378 At Bat 16 16 17 12 l5 3 Batting Hits Average 4 .250 6 .374 4 .237 5 .417 7 .466 1 .333 tw p .RK yfajpi fl, 5 yi ,V , . , YA1 . r R: 'Ng , A A .. - j 3 V A 3 , -. . . . . , 1 Q I kt I axis, , i y t. 1 ' ' ?' v w 2 l K Q Back Row: Tom Kunnekc, Curly German, Bob Schweppe, Irvin Gaunt Front Row: Dick Deam, Bob Hamilton, Norm Sranek, Arthur Gaunt '7w7zn,ll ' sara ace Talk about brand new gold rushes! Elmhurst sportsmen had one this year. Eight boys turned out for 'KGeneral" Fryhack's instructions in cross country run- ning. Although their training period was very short, the General's boys learned the fundamentals of running and opened the way for the team for next year. That practice run to Bluffton, over twenty miles, was some trek for these prospectors. At the Kendallville meet, Norm K'Speedy', Stanek ran the course in nine minutes and fifty-live seconds to win first place. Art Gaunt, Trojan 880-yard runner, took eleventh place honors and Hnished second of his teammates. At Decatur, Stanek placed third in the two mile heat. Bob Hamilton finished two minutes behind K'Speedy" Stanek. Irvin Gaunt and Tom Kunneke, freshmen, and Norm Stanek and Art Gaunt, juniors, will carry on for the harriers next year. MW., 'ha at 1. +1 ah 1 ap V s , W I' M F air' 1 4 T' , . ,. - l 2 X . Page Twenty-three Q Page Twenty-four Q. 4. 4. Back Row: Mildred Lee, Marilee Hardisty, Martha Coleman, Carolyn Valentine. Patsie Beaman, Ianet Myer Front Row: Nancy Christle, Sec., Pat Burns, Unorganizefl Sportsg Beverly Miller, Treas.g Sharon Scherer, Pres., Betty Brcdemeyer, Vice-Pres.g Barbara Beerman, Organized Sports Under the leadership of Mrs. McClure, the G. A. A. strives to create a love for sports among girls. Each Tuesday and Thursday noon they show their pioneer caliber by playing volley-ball, basketball or softball. Unorganized sports such as skating, swimming and tennis also help the girls to get points needed for a letter or plaque. By participation in sports they learn the rules and therefore can more enjoy watching others play. if Glad B. Bredemeyer, Sec.g E. Umber, Vice-pres., W. Hadley, Pres.g B. Beerman, Treas. Yep, we aim at Forty Notches, we do. VVe also aim at better Sportsmanship and fair play. Meetings for the boys are held every Monday and Wednesday evenings after school. The girls meet on Tuesday evenings. Besides our regular practice, the club shot many matches. They were: The Hurst Trophy Match, War Department Matches, N. R. A. bi-weekly and intramural matches. Mr. Eickholf and Mr. Weaver led the triggernometry experts the first semester, Mr. Weaver guided the Forty Notchers the second semester. B Glad Ted Kunneke, Treas.g Art Wilkie, Pres., Lois Burns, Vice-Pres., Lu Ann Allen, Sec. "The Booster Club is no free-for-all affair this year," said Sponsor Doell. Four members outstanding in service, interest, scholarship, salesmanship, and school spirit were chosen by the faculty. These four became the ofiicers and picked the rest of the club, about thirty-five Juniors and Seniors. They toned down the roarin' and rampagin' and set a good example to the student body by helping the cheerleaders, selling confections, selling booster supplies and boosting the school. QOld Timer, those decorations were for Santy Claus.j :gc Twunty Page Twenty-six lkwafzelflwi Back Row: E. Dunker, B. Nern, M. Wagner, S. Pond Second Row: I. Meyers Third Row: L. A. Allen Fourth Row: M. Steele, S. Wilson, M. Yoquelet Fifth Row: E. Iohnson Front Row: P Burns, I. Knepper, L. Feighner, I. Overby Gancenl' Banc! Flag Bearers: I. A. Watkins, D. Dowty, B. Woebbeking Back Row: I. Venderly, B. Cobb, A. Wilkie, N. Meshherger, T. Rutherford, P. Westfall, C. Shoemaker, I. Gaunt, Mr. Doell, V. Hoopengardner C. McCartney, I. Bentley, R. Ploughe, T. Wright Second Row: B. Griffin, I. Fraze, C. Geake, I. Keller, S. Mann, C. Sheets, L. Kronmillcr, I. Biddle, D. Manes, B. Snyder, D. Grepke, I. Adams, I. Ferrey, D. Schnurr Third Row: M. Coleman, C. Cobb, W. Bochler, R. Seidner, D. Aschliman, C. Valentine, D. Coty, L. Cleland Front Row: M. Wuebbenhorst, D. Clayton, C. Baker, B. Bird, M. Enz fbance Banc! Back Row: I. Venderly, C. Shoemaker, Mr. Doell Second Row: C. Sheets, I. Biddle, D. Manes, I. Bentley, R. Ploughe, T. Wright, D. Dowty Front Row: C. Baker, M. Wuebbenhorst, L. Cleland, McMahon, S. Mann 7fze Spbull' of '49 Boom! Boom! Boom! When you hear that, Old Timer, youlll know it's the last period and that the band is practicing marching. The band keeps its eye on the rainbow gold of trophies for marching and awards for achievement in the spring contests. Under Mr. Doellis direction, the band has captured much golden loot and several First places. Every VVednesday strains of music can be heard from the gym where the dance band plays for noon hour jigging. Next to our team, the band is the most important group at our home game diggings. At the county tourney we thrill to our red and gray oompah. Another main feature between the halves of the-games is the exhibition of the twirlers. fYou'd bug yore eyes, Old Timer.I M. Wuebbenhorst is president, C. Sheets, vice-president, I. Venderly, secretary, A. Wilkie, treasurer. Whoopie QWuebbenhorstI is drum major. Pngu 'l'wcuty-novell Page Twenty-eight fam ' 00:6 Dick Kortokrax, Treas.g Phyllis Scott, V.-Pres.g Ioann Adams, Se-c.g Philip Scott, Pres. The members of the Commercial Club are truly preparing to become gold seekers in the business world via bookkeeping, typing and shorthand. Miss Edwards and Mr. Fryback supervise their class and club activities. They engaged in golden pros- pectin' this year by giving a sport dance, taking trips to check up on the needs of commercial workers, and assisting in the ofiice. Where would Annie be without super typists? hi-Ghem Glad Ted Kunneke, Sec.-Treas.g Dick Young, Prcs.g Susan Gifiin, Expcrimentcrg Dick Elzay, V.-Pres.g Ieanne Greer, Experimenter. We gave all our samples of gold dust to the Phi-Chem Club to assay. To increase interest in the fields of chemistry and physics, they halted our wagon train awhile and took a short course at I. U. Here, under the leadership of Miss Wimmer and Mr. Weaver, they presented experiments. Dick Elzay was elected president of the Iunior Academy of Science, a state-wide group, Ted Logan was chosen the best boy scientist of Indiana and won a trip to VVashington, D. C. ,Llama Ea Glad Phyllis Scott, Pres.g Model, Corky Cox, Helen Stout, Student Adviser: Betty Truelove, Sec.-Treas.g Editha Feighner, Vice-Pres. "And I'll stand out in buttons and bows," says Corky to the Queens of the Home who again put red letter days on the school calendar. Mrs. Bleke sponsored the Fifty members. Leave it to the Queens to send clothing to the needy overseas. At the beginning of the year, the club halted the wagon train long enough to hold a skating party. The 1948-1949 trek was ended with the awarding of letters and pins at the annual banquet. ff-A 40" T 'W 'wx Page Twcmy-nine Page Thirty Reef 04044 Glad Doug Brooks, V.-Pres.g Sally Wilson, Sec.-Trcas.g Lois Burns, Chief 'Monitorg Curly German, Pres. " V ,When the Red Crossers meet in the gym, they are Roarin, Forty-Niners. Why? Well, Old Timer, there are 400 members in this service caravan. Miss Wimmer is their wagon-master. They serve the school by helping in the office, in t'he library and by being hall monitorsg for this work they earn Eis. This club sponsors all charity drives, the T. B. chest X-rays, the March of Dimes, and the Iunior Red Cross membership drive. They also decorate the halls with holly in December. namw. sag Standing: M. E. Smith, Make up Editorg P. Burns, Point Keeperg D. Beck, Exchange ' Editorg D. Deam, Sports Editor, H. Shancbeck, Feature Editorg R. Corbitt, Circula- tion Managerg Miss Spore, Adviser Seated: I. Greer, News Editorg T. Logan, Assistant Editor, I. Kinnaman, Business Man- ager, S. Giihn Editor: D. Engelman, Advcrtisingg P. Scott, Chief Copy Readerg K. McKeeman, Assistant Business Mgr. The Advance Staff, by working under the leadership of Miss Spore and Mr. Fryback, try to edit the kind of school paper E. H. S. students Want and enjoy. They keep scouts on the lookout for the latest fads and activities of the covered Wagoners. The Advance, noyv in its eighteenth year of publication, strives to create a better spirit and to foster good citizenship among the members of our overland caravan. gf.. era Editha Feighner, Treas.g Carolyn Roth, Sec.g Beverly lean Iohnson, Pres.g Geraldine Genth, Vice-Pres. We could not start off for Californy without a song. Every day the last period, room 9 resounds with the music pouring forth from the girls of the Glee Club. Mr. Nicodemus stresses both the joy of and the skill in singing. On the last Wednesday of each month, the girls take time off from preparing for a program or a contest and hold a formal club meeting. 'Their traditional hoedown co-ordinated both music and dancing. . -RX. ,IM an a A sl Page Thirty-one Page Thirty-two Back Row: B. Schoeph, rank 23 W. Boehler, rank 11g R. Stoller, rank 7, P. Haag, rank 14, C. Geake rank 153 D. Briant rank 81 I. Buell, rank 10, L. Kronmillcr, rank 4, D. Grepke, rank 6g D. Combs, rank 13, R. Mitchell, rank Front row: I. Shappell, rank 9, B. Hamilton, First rank, D. Brooks, rank 5, A. Wilkie, rank 12 The magazine salesmen like true Conquistadores this year found a mother lode of gold. For their efforts, Elmhurst received a good salesmanship trophy from the Curtis Publishing Company. They sold 34,550 worth of magazines. Mr. Eickhoff led this campaign to pay for assembly programs. B. Hamilton and A. Wilkie announced each day's results over the loud speaker. The high room or the knockout room received boxing gloves, the low room got a mangled inner tube. Room 14 with a total of S680 dug up the most sales per capita. Of this amount, Forty-Niner Bob Hamilton brought in 3312. He led room 14, a room where everyone sold maga- zines. Beverly Schoeph with 15125.80 led room 15 which won second place. Speecfa Glad ana! qaaendic .feaque Standing: D. Brooks, Sec.-Treas. of Speech Clubg M. A. Smith, Pres. of N.F.L.: H. Stout, Speech Point Keeper and Sec.-Treas. of N.F.L.: S. Wilson, Vice-Pres. of N.F.L. Seated: A. Wilkie, Speech Club Pres.: D. Deam, Vice-Pres. of Speech Club Howdy, Stranger! Anything we kin do fur ye? We've got our cache of gold in speech work. We National Forensic League and Speech Club members even point out each other's speech faults. Then we set about correcting them. With the help of our sponsor, Mr. Sellers, we have turned out some mighty Hne speakers. You've heard, no doubt, about our contests, our Iunior Town Meeting Debate with Bluffton, and our special meetings after school. fb in Elma Top Row: W. Horn, I. Watkins, L. Burns, B. Wicklii-fe, D. Brooks, D. Goss, R. Belbutowski, W. Iames, D. Kortokrax, K. Woodcox, C. German, N. Schlemmer Bottom Row: S. Scherer, L. A. Rutherford, D. DePue, C. Richard, C. Sherwood, I. Kinerk, M. Work, C. Link, I. Hanes, P. Beaman, H. Stout, I. Greer, S. Giflin At Christmas time the dramatics class and the Glee Club reproduced an ancient religious mystery honoring the Babe of Bethlehem. Reading plays and producing one-act plays kept them busy the rest of the semester. Under Mr. Seller's direction, these overland stage characters put on a musical revue, "The Trojan Sketchbook." This netted a nice profit for band uniforms. Page Thirty-three i 'v' 1 Page Thirty-four Standing: Rex Corbitt, Lowell Kruniniller, Marvin Wiilnlrop, Ronnie High, Dun Cnty, lolin Shiippell, Hob Greer, Irvin Gziunt, Frank Walker, Amlrew Piaitt, lolin VVeisenbui'ger Sitting: Glenn Meyer, Eugene Avery. Tony Mzines, Tom Kunneke, Toni Weinenlnurger, Hymn Yoquelet, Couch Cruse Suuth Whitley WW We, Y.,,. W3-1 We .W35 Arcnlzi,WWW WQWWWWWZ4 WnmllaurnWWW WcWW-W25 Len .WWWWWWWW We . .,., 15 M0nr0evi1leW W We, WW WW29 1'1nzig1ant1WWWW We WWW41 Fremont ,,,, WW ,W, We ,,,,, 28 We , .,., 25 Woonl1vurnW ,WWW PLAYER AND POSITION Q.1' Avcry,G.WWWW,W ,,,. .,,,, WWWW11 Corbitt, F W W,, .WW56 Coty, C ,W W WW ,412 Guunt, F , ,,W , , 11 Greer, G ,,,, W WW W1-l High, F W W, ,WW56 Kiermuier, C WWW WW 21? Kunneke, G WWWWW ,WWW60 Krnnmiller, FW ,,, W,,W T Munes, G ,, ,W, ,50 Meyer, G ,W ,W , U Pizltt, G , W,,W ,, , 9 Shappi-ll, C WW,, W ,,W 1 U Walker, F , W, W ,W Il Weisenburger1.,F, , WW15 WCI5Cl117UI"LIK'Y'I4., G ,W W W , , 8 WVi'ight, G ,WWWWW W W ,56 Wz11t1i'op,F W, W ,59 Yoque1ct,G , ,,WWW11 1.uf11yetteCentra1lW ,W W , We WW VVC W,,WW VVeWWW VVe,W , VVL' WW, We',W, VVCWW, -W VVe WWWW , FS. I--1 20--10 3-12 2-12 2--1 1-1-5-1 2-12 2'l--18 1-2 X-16 0-0 2-5 245 0-1 0--1 1--1 2-7 12--15 0-41 6603 1,eii W WW ,W 21 Ai'eolgiW W ,WW WW 3 Huntertuwn , ,W WW 22 Angola WWWWWW , ,WW20 Hozigliincl W ,W ,W WW37 New Haven ,WW, WWWW 255 Cnluinlmiu City W, , , WWW3-1 Han'lunWWWW, ,WWW, ,W ,W50 AVE. 1'.F. TP. .250 0 9 .500 26 84 .250 1-1 15 .169 3 6 .500 X 6 .166 25 64 .160 27 12 .500 'll 80 .500 l 1 .500 7 22 .000 2 0 .-100 5 2 .-100 1 2 .000 2 -1 .000 5 6 .250 0 1 .286 -1 28 .579 7 66 .000 4 4 Standing: Coach Crusu, Toni C1n'iato11, Davc lingclmun, Dick Da-am, Dick Young, Ronnie Docpke, Stunlmnt Managm' Doug 131110145 Sitting: licn 114-gwfrlcl, Inn liinnzznian, Dick Vak-ntinv, Danny Houkur, Kay Mclicclnan Wafadllllq W ' I5 .fu 6 YVC W W 26 NVQ W, -11 NVQ , W 30 VV1' W W. 25 VVQ, ,,,, 1-1 XVL' W WW36 WVU . W '18 XVL' WW . 62 VVQ W, W. 27 VVS. , WW33 XVL' . ,,,, 56 VVC. W 23 PLAYER Yuung, Dick SoutliVVliillcy W W W Arcola W XVomlluurn 1.10 , W Monrrmvillc 11oag'lan11,,WW l'1I'C111Hl1l W. WW 1.afayc-Llc Cunlral Wumlburn .WW 1.CU W WW, Arcola W WW Huim-rtmvn ,WW Yun: r Qi' Cliristolf, Toni ,WW W , Sr. Hcgurful11,Kvn WW W br. Hcxuscr, Dan WWW W Ir. Curbilt, RQX ,WW W Supli. Fngrln1an,Dai'c lr. Ilocpkv. Run , W lr. Kinnanian, lim W W lr, 1N4cKccinan,Kay, ,W , W Sr. Dunn, Dick W W W Si. Valuntinu, Dirk W WW ,Six VVal1lmp, liulcli W W Supli, Kunnckc, Tom ,,,W W W, 1"1'os11. VVV VVO VVQ VW. XVU NVQ' W u VV C VV L' Angolan. Hoaglancl W W New Haven Columbia City.. WW34 WW. .31 WWW37 Har1anWW , WWWWW , WWWWW WWW COUNTY '1'OURNAM1iN'1' I Iuntcrtmvn QSL-mi-Finalsj Harlan W WW Clfinalj M0nrocvi1lcW-WWW- SECTIONAI. TOURNAMENT Mr1nrocv1llcWW WWW- WWWWWWWW AVC, .613 .493 .561 .5110 .630 .327 .-1147 .3241 .500 .-178 .-100 .000 .000 PF 66 39 58 26 31 1-1 36 17 30 27 5 0 0 'lbtal Pts. 171 135 132 105 84 22 72 9 53 33 14 O 0 WW55 42 WW35 46 58 43 1 Page Thirty-Eve Dick Young Senior 6' 185 pounds 171 points Tom Christoff Senior 6' 175 pounds 135 points Kay McKeeman Senior 5' 6" 140 pounds 55 points Dan Houser Iunior 5' 6" 140 pounds 105 points Ken Hegerfeld Senior 5' 10" 155 pounds 132 points Ron Doepke Iunior 5' 10" 160 pounds 72 points Dick Valentine Senior 5' 9" 145 pounds 14 points ff If I .1 inf ,Q Iinglixiiinnamali umor 7" 165 pounds is ff Dave Engelman Junior 6' 1" 160 pounds 22 points Dick Deam Senior 6' Z" 160 pounds 33 points Re! ma! Qamf -4-mf Page Thirty-eight liitiuimiiml Goal Seekers Hit It! Oh, Hit Il! All Foulcd Up Firccrxlckcr, Dynamite, Giiiipowclc-r and Iwo Iielluulmvskis Span' Sfzalligfzli I'lllL'I'3.1L'liC Ilfllcllws VE llliillg limukx just full mc "Quccnic" Blcvcnnin' Idiul . VK' ie!-Avg P.lgv'I4I1il'Ixfl1 -,QR A , 1 Page Forty cfzieaemenl August 13, 1849 We are near our goal tif not our goldj, for we are in Diggings already. While toiling along up the west fork of the Carson, we heard some men in an outht ahead of us yip out, "Quack, Qua:kl" to the discomfiture of those who had been fooled by Fool's Gold. QThe one superficial way to test is with the teethj The grains adhered. Gold! Live gold-gold right out of the pan. Here within sight of our next impossibility, Carson Pass, we spent the night. But here, and to us on these mountains, there is a great cry of conquest and victory in that simple expression, "We crossed the Summit? A August 14-We now come to a break in the wall like a gateway, through this we pass, and in an instant the New World of California bursts at once upon our impatient sight. September 15 - It is now midday and the heat of the sun is quite intolerable' to all but salamanders, Ending in our machines about four dollars value of gold to twenty buckets full of earth, we discontinue our labors for the day. And so we leave the old-timers of the wagon train. Diggings! Much or little? Three ounces per week? Count the dollars! At one last meeting of our overland campaigners, let us see what they have chalked up. Let us look at those who made E Club, those who won laurels and those Forty-Niners themselves-the seniors. Let us turn the pages of their Achievement. ! C QSXD XWOWNXX X ,fqhsg X ff- ' "'-. -X W 5- A- ucfqpgjklxx I Ny X--fja "I 'EX 125 Q X A C255 ji! 77 X I' 'Z' Uk X , Q' J 1 R Ale 5 7? 8 -if 'C ff: Q i f ..,fJN' FF' ":",'5',---1,-f: fsf- If .1 Q rt 4 FN --N A -,fx '?5e XX- Y XX I ,xxx 'QXN Y x Wig Q ,.3S N " ,Q ,f - gg f -ei' E g f?-P: .I - X fax- ---, ff 1 ,-, 4 ' K L41 'X 1--rx GQ 1. L LAS' Z N. - ks: N ' X g 3 Qxwrf xxx A .4 4..,, l A 4:-1 E xxx Q3 , I Ig. I-F '-ziggy? fqhxx X X NN 1' N N- s in ? 26710, j MN QX . - '. Q - ,- wif" , . rf. P ir X l ' If x S ww N.s-1-T x j 45 C ,J - k NM ,:,.i f? -4 if ff' f J 'I H - 1 s I . f Ng "2 XE f' f 1 'fc K -5 fl? !1 '12 X ' ,X ff 2 ,jrgf 4 4 - Ziff? 6 x I I Q AQ, K ,f 1 ff E , -"x..- Q E E X5 N ,, ,ffff ,NXSXXV li 'E fum? .fl , , 'fL' i', . ' ,i Pl-U: , 'fu N vw VJQ7 Qalcfen Reward li . .. V.. ,.. .. .. -. , 1 1 - ll Q - .Q A Page Forty-two 36416 Top Row: IJ, Puorinnn, Rii'lc Club: 'l', Logan, Aclvunic: B. Hauniltnn. RL-sl Crum, Iiitraiinuriil: A. Wilkic, lizinrl, Intmmurzll C2 yrml: M. XVUl'l3l7L'I'lllOI'SI, liuml: K. XVfmclcux, Rillc Club: C. Slicers, Hamel: I. Vcnclurly, lhmcl: N. Scblcinmur, lnt1'imiur.1l: ll. Knrtolxrzix, Anlvnncr Sccoml Row: IJ. Summers, G.A.A.: l.. Stnmr, C.A.A.: P. Hung, C.A.A.: A. Cniblv, Clos Club: R. Wars, Glcc Club: I. Arlgims, ltuiml: I. liifllllc, llgmnlz IJ. Anlilimzm, lllllllll I. Kinngimuii, Varsity Sports: M. Hrrbst, Glu- Club Bottoin Row: C. Slicrwoml, Gln-c Club: li. Wickliflu, C.A.A.: I, Hanes, YL-ll: C. Link, Yell: l'. lldllllklll, G.A.A.: I. Watkins, G.A.A.: M. VVork, Aclvuncc: S. Gillin, Ailvuncc: W. Horn, Glu- Club: I. Greer, Aclvuncc Oman-rs: Danny Iluuscr, IM-bill:-iii Duvv l"ll1gClll12lIl, Vicc-luwsimlclit Rcx Cnrbitt, Secretary-'l'i'cusL1rur Sponsors: Mr. liickliotl: Mr. Crum, lioyx' Spnm: Mrs. McClure, G.A.A.g Mlm NNlll1lULll', Ri-ul Cum Club: Mr. Nicmlcmus, Glen Club: Mr. llmll, lhiml: Mrs. Illckc, Hmm' lic Club: Mr. VV:-Liver, Rifle Club: Miss Spore anal Mr. Frybalck, Advance 7oa'76e14 " ' 2 . l f t l A l , a... .,,,. . www new Top Row: IJ. Goss, Retl Cross: IJ. Stifller, Varsity Sports: C. German, Varsity Sports, Glcc Club: R. Val- cntine, Varsity Sports: K. Hegerfeltl, Varsity Sports: IJ. Houser, Varsity Sports: D. Engleman, Aclvanct-, Varsity Sports: R. Iloeplte, Varsity Sports: D. Deam, Varsity Sports: R. Corbitt, Varsity Sports, Advance: IJ. Young, Varsity Sports: Ii. Combs, Intramural: IT. Breclemeyer, Rifle Club Secontl Row: I. Waltlrop, Intramural: IJ. IJeI'ue, Home lic: S. Wilson, Retl Cross, Twirling: L. Burns, Aclvance, G.A.A., Rul Cross: IJ. Baugliman, Glec Club: P. Scott, Home Fc, Glee Club: H. Stout, Home Iic: G. Hess, Glee Club: S. Schercr, Retl Cross, G.A.A.: A. Springer, Home EC: M. Yoquclct, Twirling: N. Brock, Ilome lic: I. Buell, G.A.A.: B. lime, Rifle Club: II. Foltz, RiHe Club: L. XVootlwaitl, Intramural Thirtl Row: D. Monn, Home lic: I. Dillon, Glee Club: ID. Briant, Glee Club: Ii. Feighner, Glee Club: ID. Schnurr, Bantl: I.. Feigliner, Glee Club: I. Wootlcox, Glce Club: C. Valentine, Bantl: M. Ili. Smith, Atlvance: M. A. Smith, N.F.I..: Il. St. Iohn, Intramural: I.. Clelantl, Bantl: L. Iohnson, Yell Bottom Row: C Machlan, Glee Club: G. Gentb, Glee Club: ID. MeCague, Glue Club: D. Borton, Rifle Club: I7. Brooks, Stuclcnt Mgr., Aclvance: l'. Scott, Atlvance: IJ. Ilowty, Glee Club: B. Iohnson, Glee Club: B. Iimrick, Home lic: C. Keller, Intramural: R. Hamilton, Rillc Club: C. Shoemaker, Rifle Club, Intramural: G. Paxton, Intramural Page Forty-three Page Forty-four nemmiwaf 1096114 7-All '49ers start their quest for gold. 15, 22 - Pump breaks - no school! 16-Dick Young is elected Chief Forty-Niner. OCTOBER 4- Marguerite Shoemaker explores the marine wonderland for us. 4-Room 14, winner of magazine sales, gets drumsticks. 5-Trojans win County Softball Tourney. 15-Frosted Leaves dance for the Commercial Club. 16-"Bev" Iohnson is crowned queen at Glee Club barn dance 23-House of Blue Lights attracts Red Crossers. 29, 30-Phi-Chem Club wins honors at I. U. NOVEMBER 1-William E. Skadden helps us plot our future. 12-Nine weeks' grades. Iackpot? 12-Future Teachers of America visit Manchester College. 18-NBC radio stars entertain us. 20-Forty-Niners hold Mood Indigo formal dance. 24-Elmhurst and Bluffton debate, "Shall Hawaii be admitted as forty-ninth state?,' DECEMBER 1, 2- T. B. chest X-rays. 4-Sophomores give shindig, Winter Wonderland. 6-Rooms 14 and 6 win paper drive, party, and money for band uniforms. 10- Band gives a swing concert. p 11 -A chili supper and a hoedown by the Phi-Chem Club. -The Wellsbachers sing ballads and folk songs. -A Mistletoe Mixer for Freshies. 16 17 Z0-Dramatics Class and Glee Club send us home for Christmas. JANUARY 3 -Playtime is over, back to school. 5 - Conservatory Players give "The Importance of Being Earnest." 13, 14- First half ends with exams. 27, 28-Dramatics Class and Band present "The Trojan Sketchbook." FEBRUARY 1 - The Phi-Chem Club are guests at G. E.'s "Light Sorcery" pro- gram. 5-"Be My Valentine," says the Red Cross. 8-Red Cross Club cleans up school yard. ' ' Games FEBRUARY Red Cross Club collects snapshots. Look purty! County Band Festival at New Haven. Sixteen '49ers make National Honor Society. Glee Club and Ensemble District Contest. Phi-Chemmers visit Ioslyn Steel Mill. Elmhurst loses to the Cubs in the Sectional. MARCH The Duttons present a marimba and piano concert. Phi-Chemmers inspect the Salisbury Axle Co. Leggy Lunatics, Bodacious ldgits, Honey Dippers, and Lower Slobbovians get ready for class tourney. Class Tourney Champs-Freshman Girls and Iunior Boys. K. P. party. Piero Pierotic, Baritone of the Vienna State Opera. E's blaze in glory at their annual dance. State Music Contestg Howe Speech Contest. "A Date With Iudy" starring Mary XVork begins a two-night run. APRIL Choral and Band Contest. Spring housecleaning week. Sophomores whoop it up at their class party. Advance Staff honors journalists. Easter - Band Concert. Home Ec Club awards 3 silver thimbles at their banquet. Prom Queen is crowned in a garden setting. Glee Club throws a party. MAY A discussion of the work of the U. N. Walter Everman Assembly. Freshman party. Future Secretaries and Business Tycoons dine. K. P. party number two. ' Forty-Niners hold their banquet. Seniors strut in caps and gowns. The Reverend Paulen delivers baccalaureate sermon. The '49ers receive their diplomas at the Gospel Temple. Faculty cook bacon and eggs for gold seekers. Eureka! End of the line. All out! c Forty 7 ' Zzwiq-Www Page Forty-six .fawaeh Valedictorian - Editha Feighner. Salutatorian - Ted Logan. National Honor Society- I. Brock, L. Burns, E. Feighner, S. Gillin, D. Goss, P. Haag, R. Hamilton, N. Iones, N. Lammiman, T. Logan, D. Monn, L. A. Ruth- erford, M. A. Smith, H. Stout, R. Ware, R. Young. Four Year Honor Roll-I. Augshurger, D. Beck, Brock, L. Burns, E. Feigh- ner, S. Giffin, D. Goss, P. Haag, R. Hamilton, N. Iones, N. Lammiman, T. Logan, D. Monn, L. A. Rutherford, M. A. Smith, H. Stout, R. Ware, R. Young. National Athletic Honorary - R. Deam, K. Hegerfeld, R. Young. Prom Queen - B. Bredemeyer. Prom Attendants -- L. A. Allen, D. Dowty, G. Genth, C. Link, B. Nern, S. Wilson. Speech Awards- S. Wilson Won the American Legion Original Oratory Trophy at Elmhurst and placed second in the district contest, M. Lee won first place in the Howe Invitational Speech Contest in November, L. A. Rutherford won second place in the Humorous Declamation at South Side March 5. Typing Awards-D. Kortokrax 68 net words, B. Bahhs ol net Words, Brock 60 net Words. ' Quill and Scroll - S. Gifiin, I. Greer. Band and Glee Club-Twelve superiors compete in the all-state contest. D.A.R. Good Citizen-I. Brock. Bond Best Citizens-L. A. Rutherford, R. Deam. Shorthand Il - 100 words per minute -- H. Stout, E.. Feighner, D. Baughman. fake Rich Q5 f it Ermhngfss j ji ill, --q Thales My Mom! Wise Guys Gui' Best Citizens King Demo Knockoun Magazine Salesman Page Forty-seven TOP ROW Iacqueline Amstutz "Iackie" Glee Club 4 Red Cross 4 G.A.A. 4 South Side 1-2-3 Barbara Ann Babbs "Babs" Anlibrum Staff 4 Red Cross 2-3-4 Commercial Club 2-3-4 Booster Club 3 Iunior Usher 3 Evelyn Louise Bastian "Evey" Glee Club 3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Booster Club 3 ' Dorothy Louise Baughman "Dottie" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 2-3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Prom Committee 3 Patricia A. Beaman ' "Pat,' G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Band l-2 Red Cross Monitor 3-4 Advance Staff 2-3 Page Forty-eight 764 4 '49 MIDDLE ROW Doris Beck "Beckie" Advance Staff 1-2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Phi-Chem 3-4 Booster Club 3-4 Prom Committee 3 Glenn Biddle "Biddy" Rifle Club 2-3-4 Class Yell Leader 3 Class Basketball 3 Harold Boroff "Harry" Rifle Club 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 2-3 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Intramural 1 Anlibrum Staff 4 Doris Eileen Briant "Dodo" t ,X a ' mmercialimubvw e ' - Q .J .amiga-aa QI ub -3 Booste 3 Iuanita A. Brock "Nita" Commercial Club 2-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Advance Staff 3-4 Booster Club 3 Home Ec. Club 2, Pres. 3 BOTTOM ROW Douglas P. Brooks UDOl-lg!! Advance Sports Ed. 3 Class V. Pres. 3 Red Cross 2-3-4 Glee Club Pres. 2 Booster Club 3-4 Lois lean Burns HCOZYH J , Advance Staff 1-2-3-4 , f G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 4, Pres. 3 Class Basketball 1-2-3 Red Cross Monitor 1-2-3-4 Audrey Marie Cable "Audie" ' Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Home Ec. Club 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3 G.A.A. 1 Booster Club 3 Robert Paul Castle llBud!9 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Intramural 1-2-3-4 Band 2-3 Rifle Club 1-3-4 Booster Club 3 Thomas Christoff "Tom" Varsity 3-4 Class Sec. 3 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3 Reserve Team 1-2 Yee RM95 ln, Rea!!! TOP ROW Charles 'R. Coxi 'f'Corky" Band 1-2-3 Advance Sports Writer 3 Phi-Chem 3 Reserve Basketball 1 f- U. S. Marine Corps 2 years Barbara Ann Crick "Cricket" I Commercial Club 2-3-4' ' Red Cross 1-2-3-4 i Booster Club 3 Phi-Chem 4 Glee Club 2-4 'Me gaiulouat 'Wm fy-QVJ ,5 7-W MIDDLE ROW Robert C. Ditzenberger HBO!! Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 3 Intramural 1-2-3-4 Barbara Ann Emrick "'Barbie" Home Ec. Club 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster'Club 3 Cafeteria Helper 1-2-3-4 Editha Alma Feighner N ff Booster C13-'Z ' f' X-il Richard Deam i ll I , .Demon I gif of il-2-3-4 4 4 Class Vice-Pres. 4 ' I 1,70 G C Liu 3' 'flpms' A Advance S orts 4 - 'f E, Varsity Basketball 3-4 A Anhbrum SMH 4 Cross Country Team 4 Speech Club 3-4 lack Fffd XX Red Dorothy Ioan DePue Uh U SYHHX4 ' NIO" bl' XRed ro - Red Cross 1-2-3-4 in VB ,Stelgit 3' b Home Ec. Club 1-2-3-4 Nj N30 , 4 Booster Club, 3 ' rj! S ,k,p R G.A.A. 1 . ylylw X D "C V Red Cross Monitor 2 i Xl Francis E.lGerman P fl? 'P "Girly" IHHCI Fay Dill0I1 Class President 3 ulayn Red Cross 1-2-3-4 G.A.A. 2 Varsity Basketball 3 Glee Club 1-2-4 Red Cross 2-3-4 Page Fifty Softball 2-3-4 Booster Club 3 pf' 1 BOTTOM ROW Susan Ml Giflin "Susie" G.A.A. l-2, V. Pres. 3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Prom Attendant 3 N.F.L. 3-4 Adv. News Ed. 3, Editor 4 Donald C. Goss - , 5lD0n,, Red Cross 1- - -430,4 . Phi-Chem 3,4 pf, Anlibrum " ' Prom Conimiw 3 Speech CIW 3+ J t Ieann lhiill Qtr ' pQlj1eann'e' Q . RM-Chemq A kBand 27,1 . s 3 Speec,lg1"Club 3-4t j I . PM '1AnM5rum Staff lf ance 1-2-3-4 Patricia Iean Haag f'Pat" G.A.A. 1-2-3 Phi-Chem' 3-4 Booster Club 3 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 Eleanora Lorean Hahn "Butch" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 2-3 Booster Club 3 Home Ec. Club 1-2-3-4 qw .Quid an Une 711,i79ea TOP ROW Robert Hamilton ' "Sleepy" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Phi-Chem 3-4 Rifle Club 1-3-4 Cross'Country Team 4 High Mag. Sales 2-4 Richard W. Hanes "Heavy,' Red Cross Monitor 1-2-3-4 Rifle Club 1-2-3-4 Prom Committee 3 Intramural 1-2-3-4 . Class Basketball 1-2-3-4 Ken Hcgerfeld "Haytreet" ' Softball Team 3-4 Reserve Team 2 Varsity 3-4 Red Cross 2-3-4 Phi-Chem 4 Clarence Hewes "Hosey" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Rifle Club 1-2 Class Basketball 1-2-3 Intramural 1-2-3-4 Maxine Shirley Hewes 'fMiCkey" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 Class Basketball 2-3 , l. .Slit Patricia Ann Hoover "Pat" I Prom Attendant 3 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster Cltib 3 Glee Club 3 Home Ec. Club 2-3-4 Wanda Horn "Blue Eyes" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Prom Committee 3 N.F.L. 3-4 Phi-Chem 4 L, 1 . Waldq E. Ia es I Acsoswal sa Red 'Cross 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Booster Club 3-4 in J Iean Iennings "Ieanie" Phi-Chem 4 Red Cross 4 Sharpsville High 1-2 Norma Iean Iones "Ionesy" Home EC. Club 1-2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 Booster Club 3 fy ggi aa1c1ubs.4 Elia 149 BOTTOM ROW Iulia M. Kinerk "Iulie" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 2-3 Prom Attendant 3 G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Class Yell Leader 1 Dorotha Knepper "limi" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Anlibrum StaH: 4 Prom Committee 3 aw. Kortokrax 1 pe was v' c taff 2-3-4 ,503 oss 1-2-3-4 Class Treas. 4 Forest Kreigh, Ir. "Forey', Rifle Club 1-2-3-4 Intramural 1-2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Ted Logan "Mouthy" Class Pres. 2, V. Pres. 4 Rifle Club 1-2-3-4 Advance Staff 1-2-3-4 Intramural 3-4 Phi-Chem 3-4 nf I J affpbiy fe-vgfffgp . , , 4 , va-3 ,-f,-jp-nc ,fifjiz 34-411 I V, ,4,-Q04 , 49 - Page Fifty-two v0 i Club -3-4 3 sgyl X AZ x ks 5 446161, z afcfen Wea' U I A X! i xx Kwik, TOP ROW Lyle G. Lynch cscurlysy Phi-Chem 4 Kendallville High 1-2 Edwin E. McCague KLEC13! Commercial Club 2 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 3 Rifle Club 1-3-4 Intramural 3 Kay Lyle McKeeman "Keendong" Advance Staff 1-2-3-4 Varsity Basketball 3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Reserve Team 1-2 Booster Club 3 Louise Meyer li ' Y, Louie Red Cross 3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Booster Club 3 Concordia 1-2 Donna lean Monn "Ieannie" Red Cross I-2-3-4 Home Ec. Club 2-3-4 Commercial Club 2-4 Booster Club 3 Advance Staff 3-4 Page Fifty-four 746 Qamlwi '-ww 2 ,X ax ww 4 4 M , , if 7 W ta ,I 4457" . 4,4-il' M y I I 1 LZCMIDDLE R067 Cl "' 761144K ,KBOTTOM Row yxlsfk, Cy Il, ,V , . Thomas Pyiit-1242144 Lou Ann Rutherford pn brnv tiLOuiCss Rglpgjss' -4 Prom Queen 3 Booster- C b 3 Twirler 2-3-4 Intramural -42 Red Cross 2-3-4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Edward R. Noble N'F'L' 234 "Noble" Red Cross 2-3-4 Margaret Ioan Saylor Booster Club 3 ' HIOHUUI5, Intramural 3-4 Glee Club 4 5 I ', Rifle Club 3-4 h Commercial Club 3-43 P i- hem 4f f X Red Cross 3-4 X " K it l . A .QM L ' F 'N 6k!ww X? gl Booster Clubf3!,fl I? 'gn fl anal ay Poorman A . if ' . j 7 ppy' ShHf581AH CfQf If I in c b 1-2-3-4 gf "Sym le" I, Red Cross 1-2-3-4 jr PHI, ttqlld f Ad ' S ff 2-3-4 1 ' 2-314 ResleLi3ZeTdailm 1-2 Pl li P I 'Roos rnglub f?-I41i0rf Class Bas 2-3 . fl! G'.A.A. Treas 3, llsres. 4 E Z 1 ' Red Cross 4-J-3-4 arol Netta Ric ard ii 'X i 'fm 'Norman E. Schlemmer Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Phi-Chem 3-4 Home Ec. Club 1-2 Glee Club 2 Booster Club 3 Don Richardson SKDOHH Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Prom Committee 3 Track 3-4 Softball 2 -sum" Class Basketball I-2-3-4 Intramural 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 3-4 Red Cross 2-3-4 Speech Club 3-4 Dorothy Louise Schnurr "Dutch" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 3 Band 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 4 gay QU!!! Sfww 'gm Fl rf 'fa' 1' rw, 1-' Q A Alf H L ff, I f f .,,f ,A fl 6 L fi L jf, f "zu , , A., f ff, , 1 .f, 'LL l A n ,' . lx, .,1 ll Page Fifty-Eve TOP ROW Paul F. Schoenemann "Schoney" , Red Cross 4 Rifle Club 1-2-3 Booster Club 3 Robert I. Schweppe "IiggS' Cross Country Team 4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 3 Intramural 4 Class Basketball 1-2-3 Philip Burton Scott "Phil,' Comm. Club Treas. 3, Pres. 4 Adv. Chief Copyreader 4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Rifle Club 2-3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 Phyllis lean Scott "Phyl" Home Ec. Stu. Adv. 3, Pres. 4 Comm. Club 2, Lib. 3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 Wanda B. Seacott "Pinky" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Home Ec. Club 1-2 Glee Club 2-3-4 Booster Club 3-4 Prom Committee 3 Pag Fifty-six '7!ae Qaiulaud '-419m MIDDLE ROW Catherine Marie Sherwood lfcgathyw Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2 Home Ec. Club 1-2 Commercial Club 3-4 Booster Club 3 Phil Slater ISFHPCN Reserve Team 1-2 Softball 1-2-3 Rifle Club 1-2 Arlene I. Springer "Dimples" Commercial Club 2-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 3 Advance Staff 3-4 G.A.A. 1 Marjorie Ann Smith K'Margie" N.F.L. 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4 Dramatics Play 3 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Phi-Chem 4 Anlibrum Stalf 4 Dave Stifller "Goofy" Reserve Team 2 Golf Team 2 Softball 1-2-3-4 Phi-Chem 4 Glee Club 2-3 BOTTOM ROW Loretta May Stoner K OdyY1 G.A.A. 1-2-3 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 3 Phi-Chem 4 Anlibrum Staff 4 Helen Irene Stout "Stouty" Home EC. Club Sec.-Treas. 3 Home EC. Club Stu. Adv. 4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 2-3-4 Speech and N.F.L. 3-4 Dorothy Louise Summers '6Baldy" G.A.A. 1-2-3 Anlibrum Staff 4 Booster Club 3 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Phi-Chem 4, V. Pres. 3 Iulia Louise Terry "Chips" G.A.A. 2-3-4 Advance Staff 2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Class Basketball 1-2-3 Anlibrum Staff 4 James M. Travis, Ir. Kislugf, Red Cross 3-4 Phi-Chem 4 Intramural 3 Booster Club 3 4047 Shana! a' llenbkiwi V V A 4 Saga, xxxl XX 1 N.: Ljlx i N RX 3 x X. x, All ls ToP Row y Q MIDDLE Row Xl "Barbie,' " oey" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Home Ee. Club 1-2-3-4 Advance Staff 4 Iilagbearer 1-2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Barbara Ioanna Tschannen A l Ann Watkins Q l x Booster Club 3 Robert Ray Uptgraft "UPPy" Rifle Club 1-2 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 3 Class Basketball 3 Carolyn Ann Valenti y "Carrie" ' G.A.A. 1- - Red Cros - -4 Orchestra - y I Band 1-2-3-4 ,f O4 A Class Baskctb 3l Richard F. Va entine "Dick" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Booster Club 3 Prom Committee 3 Varsity Basketball 3-4 Reserve Team 1-2 Robergltelaia War? ,lg lfl ed all XY e Bibi? X 11, S E4 N g?y Y vi?-A Pag Fifty-eight Advance Staff 1-2-3-4 Speech Club 2-3-4 Iacqueline I. Weibel "Iackie" G.A.A. 1 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 3-4 Commercial Club 2 Home Ec. Club 1 ccKidO1! G.A.A. 2-3 Commercia ub Red Cross 1- -3-4 ' DP , ' if Bonnie May Wickli V ' W 'N x Advance Staff 2 Booster Club 3-4 Arthur L. Wilkie "Spiral" Band 1-2-3-4 Intramural 1-2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Speech Club Pres. 4 Booster Club Pres. 4 Kenneth R. Woodcox 'KWoody" Rifle Club 1-2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Intramural 2-3 OWw 'JV 0-9 0""'X ary Workjwx "Stinky" G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Advance Bus. Staff 1-2-3-4 Speech Club 2-3-4 Booster Club 3-4 Marilyn Yoquelet "Yokie" Red Cross 1-2-3-4 Prom Attendant 3 Booster Club 3-4 G.A.A. 1-2-3-4 Twirler 1-2-3-4 Richard W. Young 5fFatY7 Reserve 2, Varsity 3-4 Softball 1-2-3-4 Class Treas. 3, Pres. 4 Phi-Chem Pres. 4 Red Cross 1-2-3-4 7ae5wLea4fS' Page Fifty-ninc Gee Q 'n' miie! x4i"'K'm.,,5 GABRlIiL'S HELPERS - HA! WAGON BILLLIZS WESTWARD HO! SWEATER BOY Zzaacf, un, 40157 J '7 . .f X f -..N X --vw' 4' K ALL TI-115 AND FOOD TOO CROVVNING BEAUTY IT'S HIGH TIME PIKES PEAK OR BUST gc' Six . . 5 Page Sixty-two me CORN! WHOS AHIQXIJF ARTS OASIS Wil AGREE WITH GRANDMA if ,pd aah me if? I i JV, 1, A THEY STUDY!! 24 KARAT5 CARBON COPIES CALL THE WAGON Page Sixty-three Page Sixty-four Standing: I.. Stoner, R. Wzire, P, Hang, li. l-liimilton, I. Ford, D. Knepper, I. Wiitkins, P. Bcaman, K I. Kinerk, I. Terry, li. Hobbs, ll. lhtigliiiitin, D. Summers, N. Iones, H. Borofl, P. B. Scott Sitting: F. lfeighner, IJ. Young, IJ. Goss, C. German, P. I. Scott, M. A. Smith, M. Hewes, D, Beck, ID. Kortokraix, li. liaistitin, I. Greer, I., liurns The wuy to the VVest wus long :incl hard, but the pioneers ol' 18-ll! linztlly tirrivetl at their tlestinzttion. Similarly, the road to Achievement presented many dilhcultizsz but by following tradition, the Troiun Forty-Niners crime through with flying colors. The memories of this journey have been gathered by the Anlihrum stuff. Senior editors in charge of collecting the memories of the '49ers were I. Terry, N. Iones, P. Beutnzin, I. Greer, D. Buughmtin, D. Kortoltrztx :ind L. Burns, Editors in charge of the struggling iourney of the underclussmen were P. Hzizig, l.. Stoner, B. Bgibbs, and IJ. Summers. The preservers of our sports memories were F. Germain und D. Young while I. Kinerk, M. Hewes, P. Scott und ili. Bzistiun collected the memories of the clubs. H. liororf rind I. Ford handled the finances, with the help of li. Feighner, P, Scott and B. Schwgppe as home room agents. D. Beck, IJ. Knepiper M. A. Smith, I. Vllzitkins, IJ. Kortokrux, L. Burns, IJ. Goss, li. Hamilton, R. Ware, I. Terry, and P. Scott recorded the memories by helping the photographer, Mr. Smith. M. A. Smith, D. Beck, I. Terry and N. Iones headed the stuff ns co-editors. Miss Falls led the staff on the trtiil. To the subscribers, the '4'Jers proudly present this, their greatest treasure, the golden memories of the year. Signed, Annie-Get-Your-Gun X, ' ZMMZ.. Q. ASSUEIATE G. R. Grubb und Co,, Engravers Fliinigain-Pearson Co., Printers Champaign, Ill. Clippinger Portraits Bob Smith Groups Fort Wayne, Ind. , . .vfqwwfw---V, - ,H -f,, .- - 1-.1-'MF 'I' 'A'f'f1. ':?I4'f+'-- Q ..1, 'rglwivww - - V , . . .. , ., . -r 4 H - ':. f . ' ,, - .,, if-,,.Jkgf:,,,uM , ,.,:h3-:hgh V' - , ,., f ,., V -f- A , ,.:. 4 7 f f f cu - ,QL X JQ74 4?f,f5ZTQ7VU"-V 2fWf5W ffMWffc5,.1,v.fQf,WM5wA WZ A600 5 f Zfibobvwbc yum 5 w M f www Efwlwmf, ,fY'WffWv0'U-142 Www Zami 25615 Z .1 ,g gif? Z0 - T, ' Gfffwf , '47 g W,H5j4, "vim . I iff Z40:ef,f7f,y,, 7 !M MHA Qgf0'0441 AfwwWU' W 117 ,Wm,12f,,,7Qg Hu, YM 57015 AI vu ,KA Afwdw QWMMJLE 3510, mm, 4Mwa fm"W5wWLd"M L Wifi-amQ,,rz,f..Zg' iif W3 WM Wilfgwwzg X ' I 1 A. r-255' , 11 ' vi, A 1 ' f , P4-5 f ws,-,,,,,f.. uw- 1 vm f w ,W Q .. 'af' 1. , e,,5,.- ,.,.u4- , 'fi:fQ',.,,:"s V,. 1,12 5-4.4 ,, fm ,J-' m V ,., wg-,,V,xhV VV, :M . 4. ,, . V ,f , 1 .1 "Al I f . , . V . -'-f. if. 1, .VV ,V ' M x ,, A ', ,V , w ,X r,' M 11' Qv, Q f ,Riff V -" . ,My ,, ,. H . I K . w., . . r f X . , , . y , .rf "'i":'. , , e 43 k n w fw H N ' rf,1Q, V 1 'Jr-' A m m '1 x .,M mm , .yu f..,.fQ. 2 M,-. . 5 -at QE- 'W QL 4 v A vi BV .y A , L, h u, 6 KVM V VV ,Vught ,.,,-, 9 , ,,...V,,VJ V,:q,,,,., VH, , , , 1' A Q ' " ' Aff xp:-, - 'l. ' I -ff vu M. ,.- I ' ' SI -4'vjg,1.1 f-4, ' , , . ,- , g A . jgw. . 5- . . L ,- V V - , 1- an ' 1 ' - ' Q- 5 I, , - ' f ' V 1 f - U. A J., K ,f X R , -f -1 A -. 4 " x 1 dp' " 5 .4 il , , . - ' X ViifQ:Q,'fz A I"-15: Q ' 99155: U M? , A 7? Y Q1 .' , u x Q ms ,, . , fl ' N ' I f V H 152, A' ' ' an K' VV.Q'j:7' N V-V V .V xxx VVVfV'V V V-V VV' .. y UI? ' ,gf , ' U M S' U V - 7' V V fg , V:,v1VVV - "', Fl? ' i f ' V 1 ,,. 4 . K ' wg , M x .. , H-,Vz . . , .Q,:L1L. V V V V , f W, ,wh . L. . . , . 4 Qi, 5- , . VV l'f1w51.T',fw,.e53+f'F4,l"9fw AQ-'p 1, r- g 12' f '- Vjf 3V:VV,.:mVVVV3. V, 9. v Ji f f ,f ig, -. Q 1 f V- . ,A . , .., , , , . x . !"'w5f'- -3,1-41'-Z f M frhhg gf- - -s A uf, K H ff W 4 A x-' F. H A 1'-w .:-.Hse..A ' - K fin--'Zfv W --, '1V 2 'z 1' Ri N. ' ,QE ,14 'v . gn f sg , ' faq. .,-J A 1 .1 wr Q in lg Q me , 'Pg 1 nfvqrqyifgh ' ,VVVfxQVV,?tL,4':. VVt4j,42V'f VF 1' 2' ,QV wif Ex wh AVVQ 4 1 my 5,-r, ,:qfV4 x -f ,' VV '2V. ,V 353:11 VV.,-.Vtw f V..:m,,!11gf5 , " , Q,-'f Q-Vfwim, VV 'wg ..' 4, 1 -...pea MLM: 1, ,- Qwb ' wajrigyf . .393-f. 5 ,fglyvf Va V- n,V:,4f,vve-..15.f-,gg V,4f-4L 3:,,-we -L v. V ai pq -X -1' b 'vvlf-ff.-2,1-,g, VT- ff '7..5mgf'-,-.. ,, usb L-I' . a ff " , ., . . .. , ,,..f'U',. . Wm., ' , f-,. '.f .- -. rx: ' .Y f . pf Vjjlyju V ffpflggxx W jAyf'yfrwf'I A '50, X xx PA LW if gffqjffij I P 60,0 'v . nf 671' X ,tj 5, ,. 5' - H ,.., Y ., ..G - ahmr , , -, , Y

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