Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN)

 - Class of 1947

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Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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62011, Jfelf-cfaqft ana! cfazfd Monday inrougn Friday- Room I9 Your Guiding Siars Scene Slrealers I'Il Take Two Qui' Favorife Period Wna+'s Ned? nw szayg sau lfze sw We now presenr The seniors and adviser who sei The sfage of your desfinies in Jrhis Anlibrum. Of course we are all presided over by Jrhe Greaf Desfiny Delineafor herself, Miss Falls. Our chief soofhsayers ledilors fo youl are Jeanne l-lirsch, Eleanor Feuchlrer, Mary Sloul' and Marfha Deefer. The prophels of The layoul' are Bill Ploughe and Bob Ed- wards. Barbara Bauman is our copyreader. lnliormalion aboul The seniors is collecled by oracles Ruby Busch, Phyllis Kum- mer, Jeanne Wilkins, and Mary L. Smilrh. The piclure edifors lyou know 'rhose seniors who go aboul The school dislurbing classesl are Jeanne l-lirsch, Eleanor Eeuchler, Mary Sfoulr, Marlha Deeler, Dan Beerman, Milo Eiche, Bob Anderson, and Eleanor Sloller. These people are really psychic. They know whal' room each srudenl is in and all aboul' him. Bill Ploughe helps The phofographer. The club edirors who indulge in cryslal gazing are Ann Smifhson, Rosalie Walkins, and Nelia Benlley. The fypislrs of our forecaslings are Marilyn Baker, Barbara Jackson, Liesa Holzman, and Carol Wilson. The aslrrologers who make sporl prediclions are Wilbur Doepke, Sfan Slafer, and Jack Korlo- krax. Milo Eiche, Bob Anderson, and Marilyn Kapp are The home room sales agenls for our book of prophecy. And now The cur+ain's going up on fhe I947 Anlibrum. ...-:.-mf. r, ,. :iff mv-mm A Nm! Rada Me Gwzjazn H Says Here! Scoops Whaf price, Romeo? Ain? You Go+ No Shame? 4. .-:A Une Tor The rnoney. Now aren'T you glad ThaT you boughT This Anlib- rurn? VVe knew you'd be. ThaT's why we Tried To rnake This a super- special yearbook. Two Tor The show. The conTenTs oT This book are The Things you see hap- pening aT ElmhursT. Everyday you see sTudenTs in physics, chemisTry, l.aTin, Typing, and biology preparing Tor Their TuTure careers. lTirne ouT Tor a visiT To I9 wiTh lvlr. EickhoTT.l Are you Thinking abouT your own daTe wiTh desTiny? The sTaTe oT being "All SeT" is an ever innporTanT TacTor in helping you To TulTill your ambiTion. Three To geT ready. Gur TaculTy is consTanTly helping each individual in The problerns he has in geTTing ready To Take his place in The world. And Tour To go. We Think now ThaT you've been suTTicienTly warned abouT whaT you will Tind in This book, iT's saTe To leT you go on. Are you ready Tor your daTe wiTh desTiny7 Are you seT To Tace The world? IT so, iusT Tlip The pages and you'll see whaT we rnean. GeT ready - GeT seT -- Go! vrfzzvr--:.:f. ... .H sf:.r..-:rv-1.p1v.:4f.Ts.r-V-.-.Q M-.. Nw fd 3 X -I---V -A W, rl dl! Sei. Y 4... viii, f5e'f+y Parsley, Sieve Klerner, and Nelia Benfley are qcffinq sei for Hweir dem wi+l1 desfiny. 4 Make '7!wnZ Trip Po.-.ir Donald Beilz, Bill Eme, Coroill Pager, Charles She-els, Elmer Brederneyer John Biddle, Jerry Qrll David Enqelman, Joann Adams, Janice Buell Serin-fl Pow: Joan lfriuclcles, Pally Burns, Mary Anlonopulus, Rebecca Carpenler, Rosemary Pollex Nancy Chiislle Nancy Bohbish, Lou Ann Allen, Romayne Richardson, Donna Crow Third Pow: Evelyn Bauqhman, Belly Bredernyer, Sharlene l-lammer, Marilyn Noble. Carolyn Emri-il, Fa-,e Sparle, Carolyn Marlin, Evelyn Bollinqer, Maxine Herbs: Fourth Row: James Tiplen, Bob Sinn, Jaclr Venderly, Be-rl Ma5.on, Charles Shoemaker, Glenn Paxlori. Bill Shariebeclr, Maurice Poling, Paul Mabee. Jim Waldrop, Charlie Ogden Filln Pciw: Belly Zenl, David Manes, Bill Rea, Gene Mossburq, Raymond Orl, Paul Reed, Ncrman Slanel, l-larold Paschal, Jim Miller, Lesler Pelers, Roger Thieme B-'illo"l Row: Janel Wocrdcox, Rath Txchannen, Faye Perl, Delores Sprunqer Donna M-icaque, Pal Pmlef, Marine Wagner, Nangy Towns. Beverly Nerrie, Paul Yoquelel ' " ?"'q"'m ""' 7 T' ' fna.fVewf2afe First Pow: Phil Slaler, Merlin Wuebbenlnorsf, Cora Lou Haneg Palricia Barr, Sallx Wilscn, Lois Burn! Marqarel Poorrnan, David Borlon, Ralph Landis, Edward Cornbs Second Pow: Donald Asclilirnan, Roger Plouiglie, Loyal Douglas, Tlnarnas Langrneyer, Wardia Sirn-we man, Pally Hiqli, Alice Uplqralf, .laclr Ridenour, Jim Kinnarnan. Dick Harnillon, Riclward Beelrlr Tliird Row: Beverly Miller, Marjorie E. Srnilli, Darlene Dowdy, June Biewsler, Belly Holloway. .lesser Greer, Connie Linlr, Mary Worlr, Dolly Cunninqfon, Ardis Baurnqarlner Fourlh ROwZArTl1Ur Gaunf, Jacl: Colson, Ronald Doeplce, Dick Elzay, Ted lfunnelre, Dicl Couclw, Poy Maier, Herbert Fullz, Jim Haggard, Glen Learning Fillli Row: Eugene Grail, Daniel Houser, Esllner Dunlrer, Ima Jean Myer, Helen Myer, Doris Fairfield Pauline Henline, Joan Knepper, Lawrence Cleland Bollom Row: Donna Morin, Mildred Lee. Beverly Jolinson, Nancy Meslnberqer. Colleen Mailvian, Bonnie Hall, Lila Fei-gliner, Ellen DeBailIile, Geraldine Hess 17 l Gif!! 0 Bal an-ol gamma! ?A, yr Top Row: Frank Ford, Arnold Sprunqer, Torn Chrislolzf, Dick Dearn, Jack Fulrz, Dick Hanes, Arfhur Willie, Norman Beerrnan Second Row: Paul Schoenemann, Jack Ford, Douglas Brooks, Dave Sfirller, Roberl Uplqralr, Ted Lo-gan, Wayne Van Ryn, Calherine Sherwood Third Row: Jacqueline Wiebel, Barbara Tschannen, Mildred Newville, Barbara Crick, Phyllis Scofr. Doris Bryanl, Marjorie A. Smith, Jayne Auqsburqer, Carol Sfoller Fourrh Pow: Dorolhy Schnurr, Ronald Hardisfy, Bob Schweppe, Ned Talbofl, Irvin Umber, Robert Gaulle, Harold Borog, Julia Terry, Susan Giifin Fiflh Pow: Poberfa Ware, Norrnan Schlernrner, Richard Valenrine, Helen Sloul, Bob Diizenberqer. Francis German, Roberf Younq, Edwin McCaque, Palricia Bearnan Bofrcrrn Row: Don Clenney, Mary Lou Sowers. Evelyn Basfian, Thelma Tindall, Marfha Fraze, Parricia Hoover, Doris Beck, Zandra Scofron. Tom Nichole i .,.Y,...,..... , W.-1 vw- .-...Q-,ape-V . , , ,A-aemgggm VYIVV gr-AMN, Y Y A Jam' ZUfzal eama flfca-f1421.'ffq rv y, fx Top Row: Cafclyn Valanflne Kenny Wcodcof, for Le-cnird Fires' lwalgr, Q:nal3 C5355 Crarafa Hawes, Ross Hoover, Wald-2 Jarres SQCOUG Row: Donna Monn, Arlene Springer, juanlla Buck, Snaran Sinerer, Djrjrny Depue, Audrey Cable, Darorhy Bauglwrnan, Maxlne l-lewas, Wanda l-larn, Par Haag Tlwircl Row: Eleanora l-lalrn, Palsy Holloway, Dorollwa Knapper, Joan Walllns, Julia lhlnarl, Ba'l:ara Emriclr, Lora-Ha Sroner, Edlllwa Feignner, Darollwy Somers Fourllr Row: Keiflw Lalnr, Robe-rl l-larnllfon, Eugene Pafers, Ralpln Saine, Dlclf lllrjlwen, llay Lyle MCKE-ernan, Raymond Bolinger Flfllrr Row: William Wilcox, Pnilip Sccrlr. Wanda Sa-acofl, Vlslar Bahru, Carol Plclrarjs Blll Burlarf, Dick Korlolrrax Borrom Row: Norma Jean Gale, Jean Jones, Mary Alice Van Behrens, Jana? Fay Dillon, Lau Ann Ruflwerford, lv1arEIyn Yoquelef, Ella Mae Clenney, Barbara Babbs -gmc: -a-::f'g:gf:.,..- 42512-'wfa-rr'- ,. .., - , i 1? --Q-Wf gsvii - '- "fI'f' i"I 1- u f i ii? Q -It .ii i ii I A E4 J ' Rafe Un gang 4 if - gw ,yi "QQ, Top Row: Donald Sfanel, Donald Sheels. George l-looser, Walrer Manes, Clyde Plouqhe, Donald Shauqhnessey. Duwain Meyers, Lewis Talboff, Don Baker, Earl l-lolre Second Row: Doris Brunaon, Phyllis Srrahm, Carol McKinney, Mary Louise Genfh, Joan Allison, Sharon Emriel, Mary Ann Kucliery Sara Lee Meid Third Row: Parry Adams, Violer Poehler, Marqaref Alberr, Evelyn Dunker, Arlene Torbecl, Virginia Gordon, Joyce Lis? Fourih Row: Charles Folfz, Glenn Fink, Sfanley Buell, Dwiqhl Sioner. Dial Schlup, Bill Crider, Edwin Ferquson, Roland Sonner, Carl Seiler, Gail Conner Fifih Row: Calvin Smith, Eileen Valenline. Joan Mclieeman, Nancy Birnef, Wilma Paxson, Marilyn Srnilh, Palfy Campbell, Tom Tomplrinson Boifom Row: Carolyn Schlemmer, Virginia Blalre, Wilma Hoeppner, Carole Bolyard, Nancy Larnmiman. Kalhleen Wood. Lorelra Hafnillon, Phyllis Fisher Page lo y ' '7fze fad! .flak iii 5 l ' 'I in if f 4 .V I Tip Row: Plclvard Wlclwrnan Malrlgn l-lufqlliggn Sgfrr pljrlrngin Ed.-.a-3 Snwfge-K Alred Gallwq-lg-r Lyndon Gllpln, Donald Migikurz lfljnald Picrfrar fl Slant: Second Row: lvlarcellyn l-lenry, Lou Ann Balley, Slwulel, l5'a1""' l!l3'l'Q'l'2 Pyle' Madfnna lrrrel, Vuglut Cordes, Belly Douglas, Plwyllls Burns Tlwird Row: Marqle Kumler, Belly Parzley. Lois Bellz, Ann Arltef, Jaan Engelr-nan, Fay Suler, Mary Ann Epple, Barbara Srnillrson Fourllv Row: Bill Miller, Allen Pleiller, Qrval l-lolfe Filllw Row: Bob Nlclwols, Kennelln Feaqlez, Donald l?lc9ardsor, Gerald Summers Blll Mauller l-lcwafd Meyer, Craig Sr-nilh Boflom Row: Neal Buell, Rlclrard Graff, Rullw Thlele, Fir-'tm Buchanan Jian Moore, Elrvore Cornwell, sf Wayne Sprague Page I7 "Loyal we'll be To you and ln our memory hold mos? dear We now inrroduce To you our genial genius and principal, Mr. l-laller. Maybe we should say generous insread ol genial. l-le is very generous wifh his wir and olher peoples popcorn lproof-see page 24l. Much ol his Time is devoled 'ro 'rhe bellermenl ol lhe srudenls and Jrhe improvernenl ol our school. Mr. l-laller is also very lond ol quoling. Qne ol his lavorile guolalions is "Genius is one-lenlh abilily and nine-fenlhs hard worlcu A Dale Wirh Mr, l-laller Time-Any period Place--The inner oilice Reasons-Wenf hunting Running in lhe Gerling Ps Absenleeism Re-sulls-Jug seven days The paddle A red face A leclure PAUL HALLEP Piiffinal Pill-l ha A Dale Wifh Mr. Bond Remembrance of happy days Sfandards held high . . Cn Jrhis page we inlroduce lo you Mr. Bond. our new Jrruslee. We have known him as depufy fruslee, Waynedale fire Chief, and subsiiiule bus driver. l-lis biggesl dale wilh desfiny was on November 5 when he was elecled Wayne Township Truslee. Beal wishes and congralulaiions, Mr. Bond, A lillie bird lold us lhaf he helps us wifh our yearbook finances. Thai same lillle bird +old Us lhaf he has many plans for our school. Time-8 A. lvl.-5 P. M. Place-92I Soulh Barr Reasons-New busses New gym More rooms New mirrors Resulls-Time will le-ll GEOPGE C. BOND -l'vLiflf'FA Page 20 , ,,.-.:..,--. -1 -r ver- r - - -ff-A -.---.a- .:--6.1441 - . ,Q, .- . . . .- ,.-..- , .. . .J -.,. 4.2 -. eiLi 1...-f-5-e...'a F .1::."-' '...-f1".fi' 1'N'v'!'Z.l!' digg. WM? Jane Achenbach-School Clerk . . . "IT The elevaTor To success isn'T working, Take The sTairway." A. DelighT Bobilya-Glee Club, Music Apprec:iaTion . . . l'Alas Tor Those who never sing, buT die wiTh all Their music: in Them." DoroThy Coughlin-English, l-lisTory, Senior Class, BaslceTball . . . "l may disagree wirh you enTirely, buT I will deTend your righT To say iT." LesTer Doell-Band, lnsTrumenTal . . . "LiTe is only as good as iTs pooresT player. There musT be individual qualiTy in allf' Ural Edwards-Commerce, Commercial Club, Senior Class, BaslceTball . . . 'lpeclr avvaylu ' Charles Eiclchorhf-MaTh, l-lisTory, German, Magazine Sales, RiTle Club, E Club, BaslceTball . . , "Never puT OTT unTil Tomorrow whaT you can do Today." l.eTha Falls-English, l.aTin, Anlibrum, Senior Class . . . "l'd raTher brealc my arm Than have my sense oT humor ouT oT ioinT." Donald Frybaclc-Bookkeeping, STudy Halls, SoTTball, Commercial Club, Junior Class . . . NA winner never quiTs, a quiTTer never winsf' JeaneTTe McClure-Girls' Phys. Ed., SaTeTy, l-lealTh, G.A.!'-X .... "STand Tally be high in spiriT and noble in deed," Maurice Miller-lv'IaTh, Physics, Freshman Class, Phi-Chem Club, Advance . . . "And anoTher Thing abouT Telling The TruTh is ThaT you don'T have To remember whaT you've said." fqcfmamliiowi Anila Oldham+English, Sophomore Class . . . 'llhe door lo success is labeled 'Push'." Eslella Perlcins-English, Spanish, French, Freshman Class . . "ll's a long lane lhal has no lurning." N. Ray Reed-Shop, Baslcelball . . . "Rome wasn'l buill in a day." George Roller-Governmenl, Sociology, English, Sophomore Class, Baslcelball . . "The marlc ol lhe human being is his abilily lo gel along wilh people." Thomas Sellers-Dramalics, Arl, Speech, Junior Class, Baslcelball . . . l'Speak lhe speech, I pray you!" Leonora Simon-Biology, Home Economics, Caleleria, Home Ec Club , . . "ll's lhe lillle lhings lhal counlf' Waveland Snider-Hislory, Boys' Phys. Ed., Coach . . . "ll you are righl, anger is unnecessary: il you are wrong, you can'l allord lo beconne angry." Mildred Spore-Librarian, English, Advance . . . 'llhink belore you acl." Belly Van Fleil-l'lislory, Malh, Baskelball . . , "ll isn'l your looks: il's your winning ways." Rulh Wimmer-Chemislry, Malh, Salely, l"leallh, Geography, Phi-Chem, Red Cross . . . "ll you don'l succeed al lirsl, lry, lry again." AW- -1 ,,Y4Ll-11m-' '- - V We 'ae gcfucaleef The mosl omnipofenl develop- rnenl' of MCMXLVI indubilably was llwe prodigious Manlwallan Proiecl, culminaling in 'l'l'le evolu- lion of nuclear energy. The as- siduous devolion of rnany ol our perspicacious scienlisls virlually guaranleed llwal lhis endeavor would nol end in fiasco. Sacrific- ing incornmensurably lor our salu' brious lelicily, llwose allruislic in- dividuals sougnl nol lo ieopardize lwumanily, buf rallwer, lo slimulale ils progress: consequenlly, Jrlwey cerlainly are deserving ol our ap- probalion. W. Wallcer Page 22 mn, 1.l.-Z-1.14,--.....-... , ,, , -.-,..-1, Y- .1 . -Y.. ..- --Y f"'- ' "' l-Hal' 5'-35?-ilfffflliilflf-2'sI's2"l'-Ziliii Cfafzn aaa Zffcizf .f WGKJG 004146 86 The mosresf rniql'1+y oufcome of !946 fNa+ci'1l was 'fine greaf big Maniwarran Proieci, resuirinq in Hue rossing abouf of energy, boom- boom, 'rbaf is. The consfanr af- fenfion of our fkeen 'ro you, Jroorsi +es+ rube barons promised fha? fhis work would nor end in fiasco ffailure 'ro you, kidj. Giving wifh- ouf counfing Hue cosr for our bealrhy slap-happy s+a+e, +hose unselfish Joes and Jerks soughr nor fa Harm us hoo-mans buf rafb- er fo pep up our sfeps forward. As 'ris Hwey sure deserve our okay. F-Iow's abouf ir, keed7 -Ye Edifors Page 23 Quin? placed 536' .J F TE Q4 -?3"Q ' ,U W j 3 gifs, WHATS BUZZINT, COUSIN? WE BLOW OUR WAY A NEAT TREAT DEFINITELY GLOBAL CORNVEED , . , TI-IAT'S US A EUTURE MEDICO Y ,V Y nw-1-qv., ,, ,.., ,... 1...,,.,v -...,.--,.,1,-- laing, 7faim74 up-Q-.nun-nuzuf-. T---f"1" ,A -54. MARDI GRAS COURT SMART APPROACH TO DESTINY TWINS IN TI-IE NEWS N4 I-I.S. OUIZ KIDS OFF GUARD UP AND ATOM FORECAST-JUG: TI-IREE DAYS X f-L? J 95113025 Page 26 TOP ROW RALPH ANDERSON Eleclrical Engineer Band I-2-3-4 G-lee Club4 Red Cross 4 ROBERT OANDERSON Navy Advance I-2-3-4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Plwi-Cliem 3-4 Siu. Mgr. Sollball 4 VERGIL ANDERSON Cabinelmalcer Varsily Baslcelball I-2-3 Red Cross I-2-3 Phi-Cl1em3 Prom Commi1lee3 BETTY J. ARCHIBALD Slenograplner Class Baslce'rball 2 l-lome Ec. Club 2-3-4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Prom Cornmillee3 BILL AUGSBURGER Malliernalician Band l-2-3 Red Cross 3-4 lnframural3 Rifle Club 3-4 MIDDLE ROW BOTTOM ROW BOB BAKER NELlA C.BENTLEY Marines Teacher Varsily Baslcelball 3-4 Band Track 3-4 Sollball 2-3-4 a' Q Red Cross l-2-3-4 al:l4 MARILYN BAKER DONALD J. BETZ Reaepiianasi A re--zewiieel opefafof Adv. I-2-3 Make up 4 Phi-Chem 3-4 Anlibrum Slalil 4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Glee Club 3 Pres. 4 Prom AHendanl3 ESTHER BASTIA , A. BLANCHE BIRD Nurse 4 lnlerior Decoralor Advance l-2-3-4 Red Cross l-2-3-4 Commercial Club Home Ec.Club3-4 Glee Club 4 G.A.A. l-2-4 Red Cross l-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 BARBARA JEAN BAU " ' ORA BREWSTER Nurse Uplnolslerer Anlibrum Slall 4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Phi-Cl'1em4 ' eClub 2-3-4 Home Ec, Club I-4 3 cial Club 4 Red Cross I-4 DAN BEERMAN DORI i H0-l Millionaire Accounfanf Yell Leader 3-4 Red Cross l-2-3-4 Advance Bus. Slafl 3-4 Phi-Chem 4 Track 3 Home Ec. Club 4 Commercial Club 3-4 Advance S+aFf4 paouzfly We fjadadl We gwfw af 1947 Page 28 TOP ROW RUBY BELLE BUSCH Secrelary Gr.A.A. l-2-3 V. Pres. 4 Home Ec. Club 3 Sec. 4 Class Baskelball I-2-3-4 Prom Queen 3 IOLENE M. CASTLE Nurse Red Cross I-2-3-4 GAA. I-2-3-4 Prom Affendanf 3 Twirler 2-3-4 RICHARD l-l. CHILCOTE Maclwinisl' Red Cross 2-3-4 Rifle Club 2-3-4 Commercial Club 4 Class Baslcelball I RICHARD CLARK Mechanic Ossian l-2 Union 3 Commercial Club4 Red Cross4 JOHN CLAYTON Musician Red Cross 3-4 Phi-Chem Sec.4 Band 3 V, Pres. 4 Class Baslcelball 3-4 MIDDLE ROW EARL L. CONNER Farmer lniramural 2-3-4 Commercial Club 4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Phi-Cl1em3-4 MARTHA JANE DEETER Nurs: Home Ec. Club 3-4 C7.A.A. 3-4 Phi-Chem 4 Anlibrum Edilor '. THURL E.DEG 4 Cvlee Club I-2 lnframural l-2 U.S. Navy 2 yrs WILBUR J. DOEPKE f Marine vafsny Baskeib-,ll 3.4 ma. 3.4 sonbaii 3-4 Museum sian-1 ROBERT WAYNE EDWARDS Mason Class Baslcefball I-2-3 Class Treasurer4 Varsify Baslcefball 4 Anlibrum S+aFl4 A BOTTOM ROW ROBERT EHRMAN Ellis' Parfner 's MILO L. EICHE Mafhemafics Teacher Adv. Bus. SfaH I-2 Mgr Class Pres. I-2-4 Rifle Club Olzficer 2-3-4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 NORMAN ELLIS Underfaker Inframural 2-3-4 Glee CIub4 Red Cross l-2-3-4 Commercial Club 4 JANE EMRICK Nurse Band 2-3-4 T d Cross 2-3-4 s em 3-4 if '- all l-2-3-4 .3 br Upl'1ols+erer Red Cross 2-3-4 lnlrarnural 3-4 In-Sec3 Rifle Club 2-3-4 Make Way 4:14 7a.ma1waw 7fze Selden of i947 2- ,..,.p, qg ..-,-.QMHEE I-, V- - 1 5. . A ' . ft" . ,.,fi:i'g'T :"i"AI'-"i""T ff""ff""','i "'i"'f'ff'I ""i""n'.Ii' "Ii-li ifll-ff -in :iw 5 S. mi Paqe 30 TOP ROW DONALD C, FAVORY Garbage Colleclor Red Cross l-2-3-4 Phi-Chem 4 Red Cross Monilor 2 Advance Slalzl I-2-3-4 BONNIE FELGER Slenoqrapher Glee Club 3-4 Home EC. Club 4 Red Cross Monilor 3-4 Commercial Club4 CHURLC. FERGUSON Arlisi Advance S+alf4 Glee Club 4 vafsny Track I Class Basketball I-2-3-4 COLLEEN M. FERGUSON lnlerior Decofalor Home Ec Club 3-4 G.A.A. l-2-3-4 Red Cross l-2-3-4 CORRINE M. FERGUSON Secrelary Gfxfx. I-2-3-4 Glee Club I-2-3 Red Cross l-2-3-4 Class Baslxelball I-2-3-4 MIDDLE ROW BOTTOM ROW ELEANOR E. FEUCHTER BOB HENRY Secrelary Slore Mana Nal'l Honor Soc. 3-4 Varsil L.: - Anlibrum Edilor4 Advance Staff 1-2-3 Horne Ec. Club I-3-4 Pres. 2 ARLlN FILLER CHARLES L. HILL Polilician ' Marine Red Cross 2-3-4 Class Baslcelball I-2-3-4 Rifle Club 3-4 Solrball 3-4 Phi-Chem 3-4 Traclc 3-4 Commercial Club 4 Commercial Club 3-4 CHARLES SALEN '-Ei JEANNEHIRSCH M.D. M.D. Red Cross l-2-3 Pr - Na+'l Honor Soc. 3-4 Adv. I-2-3 Edilor 4 Phi-Chem 4 Class Officer I-3-4 Red Cross l-2-3-4 Varsily Baslrelball 3-4 N.F.L.4 CAROLYN LOUISE GO rf DOLORES HOEPPNER Secrelary Secrelary Home EC. Club 2-3-4 ' m Allendanf 3 Red Cross l-2-3-4 Ho . Ec. 2-3 Pres.4 Prom Commiflee 3 Cornrner r Club l-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 s ass O JACKIE HAIGHT LIESELO Musician Pl1ys.Ed.Teacl'ier Band l-3 Librarian 4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Candy Sfore 3-4 Library Page 4 Home Ec. Club I Red Cross I-2-3-4 Class Secrelary I NAS glue Pain! 404 Bylaw it Q rrkzg in Y Mmm: 4. X 7!ze S ' 417947 Page 32 TOP ROW BARBARA J. JACKSON Secrelary G.A.A. l-2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Anlibrum S+aH4 Red Cross l-2-3-4 RONALD JACKSON Engineering Rifle Club 2-3-4 Red Cross 2-3-4 Commercial Club 4 Glee Club 4 PATRICIA J,JENKINS GE. Employee Home Ec. Club l-2-3-4 Red Cross l-2-3-4 G.A.A.3 Prom Commillee 3 CHARLES E.JONES D ance Band Leader Band 2-3-4 Class Baslcelball I Rifle Club 3-4 Red Cross 3-4 GEORGE LJUSTUS Jeweler Sollball 2-3-4 Plwi-Chem 3-4 Rifle Club 2-3-4 Class Baslce+ball 3-4 MIDDLE ROW MARILYN R. KAPP BOTTOM ROW DOROTHY L. LU NZ Teacher Air Hosfess Glee Club I-2-3-4 Red Cros rt - Home Ec. Club I-2-3-4 6. V e.A.A, I-2-3-4 -. . Advance Slafl I-2-3-4 ne Sales 4 ROBERT D. KINNAMAN ' YLLIS JUNE MARTIN unaeaalef A secfmfy Redcfass i.z-3.4 Red c-0554 Pl-ii-Chem 4 Glee Club 4 Class Baskelball 3-4 Commercial Club 4 Prom COrnmi'r1'ee3 STEPHEN KLERN CONNIEMATHIE College Sfudenl , 4 Secrefary Red Cross 2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Phi-Clnem 4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Rifle Club 2-3-4 Home Ec. Club I-2-3-4 Prom Commillee 3 JACK KORTOKRAX KENNEY E. MEEK Aefanauiical Engineer ! Mechanic Yell Leader 3-4 Rifle Club I-2-3-4 Adv. Bus. Slall l-2 Mgr. 3-4 s Yell Leader 2-3 Rifle Club I-2-3-4 Pl-mi-C .- 3-4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Red C ' -4 PHYLLIS FAYE KUMMER ALFR . Secrefary Accounlanl G.A.A. I-2-3 Pres-4. Commercial Club 2-3 Pres Commercial Club 2-3-4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Class Baslcefball I-2-3-4 Advance I News Ed. 3 Red Cross Monifor 2 Na'r'l Honor Soc. 3-4 .. -1-gr wa va , - X 5 . , 325 ,- . i. Y. t fm. ., ,J X . fr..- , , - 1 8:4 . .5 lin. 4 ea fl. 424 J i .:3,. 'V Ax wr " K Y fr 'h x 9 Rv Q 4, f is .- " S, ,9'?f I X -.S , " Ami -. I z A 'zifif ' Aw sw ' -. ,,x, X, , . 'f S iii: Q V f' 1 Sify-'S - , 3-'ffm C is ,gz ' .gixs- g!',.'yf 1 1 ' gy, ' Q. ' pf? :L-1-2351"-y fl I fi? 1 335.1 A b 1 7 53i ww .9 - 41947 Pawn N I I- Page 34 TOP ROW RICHARD R. MONN Bank Presidenf Red Cross I-2-3-4 Adv ance I-2-3 News Ed.4 Phi-Chem 4 Prom CommiIIee3 JEAN MOORE Beaulician Home Ec. Club l-4 Red Cross 4 Commercial Club 4 SouIl'iSide3 PHYLLIS NEFF Secrelary Red Cross I-2-3-4 G.A.A. 3-4 Arl Club I-2 Glee Club I PAUL NEWVILLE Farmer Rifle Club3-4 Red Cross 4 JOANNA M. OFFORD Boolclceeper Red Cross I-2-3-4 Home Ec. Club 3-4 Prom Commif+ee3 Phi-Chem 4 MIDDLE ROW BOTTOM ROW PATRICIA OLINGER OPAL G. REA Inlerior Decorafor Nurse Rifle Club 2-3-4 Phi-Chem '- G.A.A. I 6 Red Cross I-2-3-4 'a - 3 I-2-3- Prom Commillee 3 orne Ec. uk DAVID L. OVERBY R HARD DON RILEY Musician A oreign Correspondenl' Band Q-3-4 Y Malvern Collegiafe l-2 Rifle Club 3-4 Advance S+aff3 Adv ance Sfaff 3-4 Advance Feaf. Ed.4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Red Cross 3-4 JUNE ANNE PEPP BILL SHAW Velerinary ' 4 Aucfioneer Red Cross 2 Mgr. 3-4 lnlramural I G.A.A. I-2-4 U.O.S. Commercial Club V.P. 3 Home Ec.Club 3-4 Rifle Club l-2-3 PIII-CIWSYTI 4 U. S. Coasf Guard I3 mon'rl'1s WILLIAM D. PLOUGI-I f I-Ill-LIS 55-MW Physician ! Office Worker Phi-Chem 3-4 ' 1. Cross 2-3-4 Anlibrum Sfal:f4 G.A.' 2-3-4 Rifle Club I-2-3-4 Phi-Chem 1 Red Cross I-2-3-4 mmerqia if -4 JOHN o. RAIDY JACK s - Marine Confracfor ' Red Cross I-2-3-4 Softball 3-4 Soffball 4 Red Crogg 3.4 Class Baslrefball I-2-3-4 Red Cross Monilor I-2-3-4 Glee Club 4 lnframural I-2-3-4 70 Qfzacfualled 1 'WS 7fze S ' 41947 Page135 Pa-:ge 36 TOP ROW STAN SLATER Marine Rifle Club I-2-3-4 Phi-Cl1em3-4 Soffball4 Anlibrurn Sfaff 4 MARY LOU SMITH Secrefary Rifle Club I-2-3-4 N.F.L. I-2-3-4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Anlibrum SlaFl4 ANN SMITHSON Nurse G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Glee Club I-2-3 V.P. 4 Phi-Cl1em3-4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 BEVERLY JEAN SOMERS Teacher Home Ec. Club 2-3 VP. 4 Red Cross 2-3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 Prom Cornrniffee3 NICK STAYNOFF Maslwer Red Cross I-2-3-4 Adv. Bus. Sfafl 3-4 Commercial Club4 Higlwesf Anlibrum Sales-4 MIDDLE ROW BOTTOM ROW ELEANOR STOLLER JULIA MAE WALDROP Docfor Beaufician I Home EC. Club 2 Pres. 3 6.A.A. I- . f Red crass r.2 Mana+af3.4 CI , Q Advance I-2-3-4 ross ' Anlibrurn Sfaff4 Flag Bear -4 MARY E. STOUT OMAS WEBSTER WALKER Diplornaf A Psyclwologisf Naf'l Honor Soc. 3-4 Advance Sfaff4 Commercial Club 2-3 V' Phi-Chem 3 Pres. 4 Red Cross Monifor 3-4 Rifle Club 2-3 Anlibrum Edifor 4 N Red Cross 3-4 NORMAN E. SWA P ROSALIE WATKINS A.A.F. SSCFQIGFY Red Cross I-2-3-4 Twirler 2-3-4 Phi-CI1em3-4 AnlibrumSfaff4 Prom Aflendanfil Commercial 2-3 Sec. 3 BARBARA ANN TRUEL LAWRENCE E. WEIBEL Surgical Nurse Mechanic Red Cross Moni?or3 I d Cross I-2-4 Home Ec.Club 3-4 Ole lub4 Phi-Clwem4 Comrner ' lClub4 T.D.-D.T H HAROLD J. TRUELOVE PAUL A. l Sporfsrnan Farmer Red Cross 3-4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 PM-Chem 4 Rifle Club 3-4 Prom Commiffee3 Class Baslcefball 2-3 Rifle Club I-4 Rediff 404 New 7fze Seniafzd of 7947 Page 38 JEAN WILKINS SeCreIary Anlibrurn Sfaff4 Prom Affendanf3 G.A.A.3 Treas, 4 Advance Sfaff4 CAROLJEANNEWILSON Music Insfrucfoz' Band I-2 Sec-Treas. 3-4 Red Cross I-2-3-4 Cornrnerclal Club3-4 Anlibrum Sfaff4 WILLIAM WOODWARD Maclwlnlsf Red Cross I-2 Rifle Club I-2 PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE JOAN GORE EDWIN HALL JOHN V. McKEEMAN RUSSELL MCMILLEN BILL RAMSEY ALBERT STRAHM SAM VENTRUELLA ANDREW WOLFE B, ARCHIBALD G.A.A. N. BENTLEY Band B. BIRD Home EC. R. BUSCH G.A.A. Home EC. l. CASTLE Twirlinq J. EIXIRICK Band COL. FERGUSON G.A.A. COR. FERGUSON G.A.A. E. EEUCHTER Advance Home EC, C. GOUTY Home EC. J. I-IAIGI-IT Band J. l-IIRSCH Advance D. HOEPPNER G.A.A. I-lorne EC. B. JACKSON G.A.A. lvl. KARR Glee Club I-wome EC. P. KUMMER G.A.A. C. MATI-IIE Home EC. J. OEEORD Home EC. R. OLINGER Rifle Club Senioa an J. ,PEPPAS M. EICHE Red Cross Advancey M. L. SMITH l:lflS Rifle Club X fn' I mural A. SMITHSON . F VO Clee Club Cl- . e Red Cross C. GIFFIN B. SOMERS X gporfs Home EC. X Advance ,IJ E' STOEFER B. HENRY Horne,Eg. S OMS Advalm 1' p Red gross A HILL C. M S'TOUT Mfmaqef I-I Ifne EC. 6 Crose R. JACKSON Rifle Club . TRUEL E one EC- C. JONES 1 J WI? Op Band 6- W' A e. Jusws INS Sporfs W"'nq S. KLERNER I WILSQN Rifle Club Ba d In J. KORTOKRAX B ANDERS N Yell Leader A Iaxance X, Advance Re!:l'Cross I lnlramural V. A. MEYER SPOTIX Advance B. BAKE"f"'TT R. MONN SIDOIIS If Advance . BEERMA x idvance OVERBY Red Cross pd Yell Leader ' lnfrarnural W G' h . I J. BETZ -fx Inframural Red Cwss " J. CLAYTON Band R. RILEY vv DOEPKE Advance Sfwlf' S. SLATER Rifle Club Ll. EDWARDS Yell Loader Inlramul-al B. EI-IRMAN N. STAYNOFF Inframural Advance 0wL,,l,l Z Z. We 5 ' 47947 :2-Mi?- Qgxaadnwm If Page 39 Senior Shake Nov. 2, I944: Cpporfunily knocks only oncel As you enler lhe Alome ic Age, Take aolvanlaqe ol all The opporluriilies you can. The minule molecule, lhe in, linilesimal eleclron, bolh will change our lives in ways un- dreamed ol. 40 .l...1 g-.. Bill Crider and Bob Baker You, yourself, are a very reliable eleclronic device. You give oul lighl so slrong you shine lilce a sfar. Any minure now all sorfs of won- derful Hwings will be coming your way. Time's awas+in'l Page " ' IQ Eff?F?'-5 .2154 We We .4 , . 1'f T Viv.: Chvw, Sfielrfxuiev Po, Mais", Eugewf' P5-'vs Affmf WiNLi.1- Jaglf Vendefby, Cray f 'f fifawl Sweet, w HH Fw: M' iieif V5-'L-1 Lana Maven. ,IGN Biddkl JMU CHUOF Dave 0W?VC',, Fab? Afd--wi" Cfa'W+?s Sheet P:-,z Bafcaw S"'dffvF ie Brwafn Jianrw Adam Jam? E""!'i'IL CUSVNES lines. M-3'N1v WVU'-I lieMwff'3.T Jciavvmj- G15-+3 VH5- LH-'5 Mr Vx4fvIi,n W'-queli' Fa? Sufer sau, www I-ii-emo Casvle Rosalie Wa?LIns Mamie Kumfef wr ,....1, A 11 , 4 v,wMmWsfe-K1 "fwfr 'Q ig " 2' aw: meg. Top Row: Gail Conner, Lyndon Gilpin, Roger Plouqlne, Bolt' Sinn, pally Adams, Carol Vllllzon, Allr-fd Gallrneler Midclel Row: Roberf Caslle, Carolyn Valenllne. Lay-.rgnfgd Cleland, Qpal Pea, Palsy Bearnan Dc-rcrllv, Sclwnurr, Jackie Haighl Boilorn Row: Jayne Auqsburqer, lkaflrrleen WcrC+d, Cliarles Folfz, Arrlfrur Graunl, Nelie Eenlley. David Enqelman. Donald Asclmlirnan Wilma l-loeppner Doris Be-clc Jo Ann Wallnins Mary Ann Kuclwer Julia Waldrop FLAG- BEAPERS AND SVWNGERS . ..,. -,.,. PaT+y Adams, Joyce List, Alfred Meyer, Mary STouT Emtinaut WMM, Jima We Game These Commercial Club oTTicers busily aT worlc give you only a glimpse oT The eTTorT puT TorTh in This club. NOT only The oTTicers. buT every member oT The club sTrives Tor an educaTion in commerce, TiTTing him Tor his desTiny in This hurried, complex business world. Commercial subiecTs noT only TiT The members Tor Their place in The world, buT They also help in developing a compleTe, well-rounded personaliTy, which is worTh as much or even more Than The knowledge oT The commercial arTs. For The TirsT Time in several years, The winners OT The Typing and shorThand awards receive pins in addiTion To cerTiTicaTes oT meriT. PresidenT s cAlTred Meyer Vice-PresidenTs s ,Mary STouT SecreTary PaTTy Adams Treasurer s Joyce LisT Sponsors-Miss Edwards, Mr. Frybaclc Membership-84 AcTiviTies-l-lallowe'en Dance, CCT. l lp Annual Award BanqueT, May IO - ,- -. -ffsvf'-:M-""'-'-' ' l"-""-':1"'Il- ' I WecsTev Willie" John C'ay'or BNI Miller 0 G -0428 In This Third year A. B. lfXTomic Bombl The Phi-Chem cIuI3's aim is To increase inTeresT in indusTrial chemisTry and physics. To carry ouT This aim The club presenTed exhibiTs, lilce Bill PIoughe's and WebsTer WaIker's miniaTure high Trequency Turnace which asTounded The Indiana Junior Science AssociaTion. Jeanne I-Iirsch received honorary membership inTo The A. A. A. oT S. Tor The besT girl scienTisT in Indiana. The members have also rendered raTher odorous experimenTs las you may have noTedI7I. SoIidiTicaTion oT large masses oT waTer acTed as a depressanT caTaIysT on social acTiviTies The TirsT semesTer. I-Iowever, These scienTisTs had Two acTiviTies The second semesTer. Time will Tell when The Phi-Chem clubbers' daTe wiTh desTiny will be Tulfilled. Pre-sidenT so WebsTer Wallcer Vice-PresidenTa aBiII Miller SecreTary-Treasurer John CIayTon Sponsors-Miss Wimmer, Mr. Miller Membership-45 AcTiviTies--Trip To Terre I-IauTe, OcT. I8-I9g Trip To The G. E., Nov. I Ig Movies, Jan. I6: Phi-Chem 'I'.N.-I. Dance, Jan. I83 I-louse oT Magic Program, March 4: Picnic aT Big Cedar Lalce, May 24. ,fl Bale with fbeufmf, -L....,. .,.. A- f ' ' 5iTIing: Dolores I-Ioeppner. DoroThy Lunz, Jeanne Greer, DoroThy Buchanan, Marilyn Kapp Ifneelinqz Clyde Plouohe. Sara Lee Meid, Virqinia Blalre. Janice Buell, PaT Haag, Bob I-larnilfan 74-ey Zlfaulcfflll '7ake 1441? lVa'4 The TaTaI oT magazine sales goes up each year. The diTTerence be- Tween The sales oT I946 and I945 is 5493. The ToTaI sales Tor EImhursT in I946 was 54,357.75 Room I I and The home room secreTaries really had To TorgeT To counT calories when They saw ThaT quarTer oT a peach pie Topped wiTh Three scoops oT ice cream. This year The Devil and The DeviI's Den were sales indicaTors. The room wiTh Iow sales Tor The day had each pupil puT a penny in The DeviI's Deng Then The DeviI's Den was Talcen To The high sale room while The Devil sTayed in The low room To Teach Them a needed lesson. The Three high girl salesmen To receive nylons were: D. Buchanan, 5. L. Ivleid, and V. Blake. Mr. EicIchoTT was assisfed by home room secreTaries: I4-E. FeuchTerg I6-R. Busch and P. Kummerg I5-P. 5coTTq I3-M. Kappg I2-M. 5miThg I I-L.I-IamiITong9-B.I-IoIIoway16-K.IvIcKeemang5-P. PorTerp 4-L. A. Allen. The Tinal home room sTandings were: Rank Room Per Capiia Gross Sales Leading salesmen I II l6.07 642.75 V. Blalce 2 I2 I4.38 603.75 C. Ploughe 3 I6 I3.38 455.50 D. I-Ioeppner 4 6 I2.50 388.25 B. I-IamiITon 5 I5 I I.5I 8I7.75 P. I-Iaag 6 4 I0.78 377.50 D. Buchanan 7 I4 8.34 3I7.50 D. Lunz 8 9 6.98 230.50 J. Greer 9 I3 6.48 I75.50 M. Kapp I0 5 4.90 348.75 J. Buell Pave 46 .EH f.Lf.'a'.i' a-'--. 3 ,. -I was-ut'p NV - - arf?-n.x.21 NG Fronf Row. Jeanne Hirsch, Don Favory, Duck Monn, Chic Gihin, Jack IsorTokrax, Eleanor Sifoller Back Row: Marilyn Baker, Duwain Meyers, Don Riley, Milo Eiche, WebsTer Walker. Ann Arber an fvm. . . ,amz qw firm Of course we'll admiT This issue picTured is a TriTle old, buT we keep all our good news Tor scoops. We iournalisTs know our desTiny- To re- cord school liTe and school news Tor you and murn's The word unTil The Advance comes ouT. Miss Spore is The Tinal copy checker. Mr. Miller sees ThaT we balance our budgeT. AlmosT 80 Trojans work on The paper. Qur work is clirnaxed by The annual bangueT when E's are awarded To Those who earn IOOO poinTs. Each inch oT copy is 6 poinTsg IO poinTs per period Tor Typing: 6 poinTs per period Tor copyreading. Each de- parTmenTal ediTor receives many poinTs Tor his work aT The end oT The year. Some oT The maior posiTions are: EdiTor-in-ChieT A s,sss Chic GiTTin News EdiTor ssssssss E E Richard Monn AssisTanT News EdiTorss E Duwain Meyers ChieT Copyreader- E as , E , Eleanor SToller AssisTanT EdiTorial WriTerss WebsTer Walker FeaTure EdiTor- .s.ss as as ER. Don Riley Make Up EdiTorss E sssMarilyn Baker Exchange EdiTors E E E of-lnn Arber SporTs EdiTor sss. - -Don Favory PoinT Keeper, , so ,,, E , Jeanne l-lirsch Business Managerss as E E sssss Milo Eiche AdverTising Manager ssss E E sJack KorTokrax mfs- - -- -- fe:--:rug-1-rc.-1 ---N-Laurf J-vw -1Ln:::el-A-rv-:a'Aifx:-i'+fv5:':LTg.?1- -" Facing FfonT: Elearaf STollef Pubs Busch Dcilcres l-lc-eppr-ef, Bevefl., Same-rs Regime fbamz of Gm 7am T-lere are The Home Ec Club oTTicers presiding over The plans Tor Their annual spring bangueT. They are noT always so serious Tor They malce Their new members wear small iingling lciTchen uTensils lilce spoons, eTc., on iniTiaTion day. EducaTional Tilms abouT The home are shown To The mem- bers during The noon hour. They are very inTeresTing, and some are in Technicolor. Girls who have been acTive members Tor Tour years are awarded a silver Thimble. There are Two "Thimble girls" This year - Eleanor FeuchTer and Marilyn Kapp. Their desTiny becomes Them as reginae domi, queens oT The home. They also wear brighT E's when They have earned 360 poinTs. Senior E's are: B. Bird, R. Busch, E. FeuchTer, C. GouTy, D. T-loeppner, lvl. Kapp. C. lv1aThie, J. OTTord, B. Somers, E. SToller, lvl. STouT, B. Truelove. PresidenT Dolores l-loeppner Vice-PresidenT .Beverly Somers Sec.-Treasurer Ruby Busch STudenT Adviser Eleanor SToller Sponsor-Mrs. Blelce Membership-80 AcTiviTies-STardom All School Dance, SepT. Zlg Annual Spring Ban- gueT, April 26. . ..1.-..l.u.-mx..-. --pi-S., '--- 4 ' ,i.nesa:ef'-f'a.ss-eg-L-:.f.'-rf.ries ' as .esfiii-r'-4'----M f r -ga L ::,.a.- A.- . Sifliniii J. Walfdiiiio. N, Bcibbish P. Neff C. Maffr C. Ferguson, P. lunxrnef, R. Busch, J. Hirsch, L. l-lolzrnar, B. Truelcve, I-l. Sraf, B. Arcnitalo P. Jenl-ins J. Pappas, E. Basfiari Sfanding: D. Lunz, I. Casfle. D. l-lceppner J. Wiilins B. Jaclson, C. Ferguson, B. Felaer, M. Baller, B. Ardersor. B. Waflins. l". Meel, B. Bird, D. Filer, J. Fciizlvar M. L.Srnirh,A.Sw1i+hsam ime 0141 6204 fbaamaxfic Simian The aim of fhe dramafics class is fo increase fhe enlighfenmenf and refinemenf of fasfe acquired in infellecfual and aesfhefic fraining. lln- fellecfual refers fo fhe mind, and aesfhefic refers fo appreciafion of fhe beaufiful. No wolves need apply.l To fulfill This aim, fhe sfarlefs have been faughf malce-up, correcf posfure, and enunciafion. The hisfory of rhe fheafer from ancienf Greece fo Television has been anofher of Their sfudies. Charm, poise, and a more pleasing personalify are among fhe resulfs of fhis class. Some of fhese sfudenfs may choose fhis field of arf fo enrich fhe world. Whaf a dafe wifh desfiny fhaf will bel Mr. Sellers is behind fhe scenes, he has 38 sfarlefs. Producfions - For fhe Love of Allah A Mysfery For Chrisfmas How fo Propose Teapof on flue Rocks The lmporfance of Being Earnesf George Washingfon Slepf Here Page 49 qe 50 .- .,4, HHN ' ' " fT?'51:"'?H""7'i1" 'tf?li'f3'f'fE?s'......... ssqjflilf 'fl' 93 :ff 'is " 3 T June Pappas STM Pafiis-:in Sall, Wilswn Clzii Gififr an 7ap4 an 5,96 wwf was Yes, indeedy, ihe Red Crossers do good worlcs. The penny line for fhe American Junior Red Cross forms To The righl. A special commifleo malmes holiday favors for velerans' Jrrays. Some members earn lellers by being hall monilors or messengers. lSee Page 52.l The home-room agenls lalce care of collecring The money Tor 'rhe annual Tuberculosis Drive. These agenls are: lo, A. Smilhsong I4, B. Edwards, I3, P. Wilkie: l2, K. Wood, ll, J. Engelmang 9, T. Langmeyer, 6, D. Korlolsraxg 5, N. Meshbergerg 4, L. A. Allen: I5, S. Gilifinp l9, J. Qverby. Presidenl . .. -. .Chic Gilzfin Vice-Presidenl - Scoll Parlcison Secrefary-Treasurer Sally Wilson Chief Moniior June Peppas Sponsor - Miss Wimmer Membership - 425 Aclivifies-Bobby Soxers' Swirl, Nov. I53 Spring Dance, March 281 Junior Red Cross Membership Drive, 542.563 Anri-Tuberculosis Drive, 529.871 March of Dimes, 545.35 ' ' ' W evra -ff-sf-f---wk :f:f1a'iz?:.--1-:f-.H fr- -1- Siliinqz A, Smifhson N. Ch'islIi3, C. L, l'lani-s, M. Balror M. lfapp, P. Thiele, F. Sparlfs Slandinw: E. EQlin'1ev.-l. Wrulciifci, fi, riiivl 'fd C G-ifirrmn F,Sf1?ilei, N. Tfnwi, D. Bfwiilz M. Irnr-l 7Ue'ae Safe! Un Singing 404 Keepet l-lere you see us Glee Club oflicers. The aim of our club is io lurlher Hue lcnowledge and lhe apprecialion of vocal music here al Elmhursl. To carry our our desriny we have had a number ol musical programs, and we have also enrered numerous conresls. Melody and charm is our morlo. Girls' Club President .. .Marilyn Baker Vice-Presidenr Ann Smirhson Secrerary .Cora Lou l-lanes Combined Treas. - Rurh Thiele Nancy Chrisfle Boys' Club Presidenr Douqlas Broolcs Treasurer c. -Francis German Sponsor-Miss Bobilya Membership-70 Aclivilries-Sang lor N.l.T.A. Convenlion, Oclr. 243 Kacrus Kapers, Nov. 235 Chrisimas Canlala, Dec. 207 Second Semesler Parry, Feb. 81 Varielry Show, Feb. 261 Mixed Vocal and Band Program, Mar. l8Q Solo Coniesr, Mar. 295 Group Conresl, April IZ: Counlry Confesr- New Haven, April l5g Baccalaureale, May l8. -4..,..-.ii of www! I 'i ff Pfvrvfb NWN -USN VEIJITE, ADOPEMUS SWEET AND LOW WALDO CTBRIEN THE GIMME GUYS-OR ELSE GAY NINETIES REVUE FLYING RED HORSE ,. .T -"J Bwfzfd' STO I IT'S A DATE SCRIMMAGE WHAT A RACQUET PEPPY, THE PITCHER VETS' CLUB ICENNYS TIME OUT I Page 53 BoTTorn Row: STan SIaTer, I-'lg-nny Isle-ST-er, Charles I-IIII, Ed Sprlnqer, Curly Gynwan, Chic G,'jTTIn Middle Row: Phil SIa'Ier, Tommy Tomplminson, Dave STlT'TIer, George JusTus, Bob I-Ienry, Calvin Srnjfh Bacl Row: Don Frybacl--Coach, ,lcllllf Shaw, Dial Young, Bob Balm-f, Duluje Doe-ple. John Raidy, Bob AnderwniSTucIonI Manaqc-r eoourlq efzcunpfi Jfaae Seddon WiTh The reTurn oT school once again comes The soTTbaII season ancl everyone has ThoughTs oT Talcing The TournamenT. IvIosT oT The boys played clurinq The summer vacaTion and worlcecl hard To help The "General" Turn ouT a championship Team. The resuITs were as ToIIows: Trojans 3 I Arcola 2 Trojans 5 LaTayeTTe I Trojans IO Arcola 3 CounTy TournamenT Trojans I3 Woodburn 2 Trojans I2 Leo I I Trojans II LaTayeTTe O Trojans I6 I-Ioaglancl 8 Svirgg Mn 51" :L l"neel5r'f1: S'eye lf A err: SWF Slifer Mn' Elihe f We ae Gal' Zfaa Gaueaecff Presidenr Sieve Klerner Vice-Presidenr Milo Eiche Secrelary-Treasurer Dave Qverby Range Cllicer s Slanley Slarer Sponsor-lv1r.Eiclcho1Cl Girls praclice Tuesday aller school. Boys praclice Monday alrer school, Wednesday night and every seyenrh period. lvlalches-Four N.R.A. Poslal Malchesg l-learsr Trophy March-lwo reams. Purposes: To learn safely in shoolinq To learn how 'ro care lor a gun To become a good rnarksman To have a good 'rirne 9 AHEH Count P . n 900 websref Ubfafy PO Box 2270 FUN Wavne rm Published by ' ' 4680122270 The Senior Class P 4 4 Elrnhursf I-Hgh School Forf Wayne, Indiana mx 4..1-i ., A , ' 7 4 11 OF Siflinq: Ruby Busch, Phyllis l-u'nfnc-i, -leaf Vifillrirw lneeling: Sava Lf:-0 Meri, Carclyn S:hli3"i'f-ei, Miw AW E,C'Dl-if Keep vm ww Q. 14.14. ww, This is rhe momenr ro ser yoursell up for more lun, more sporlrs, and more experience. This is 'rhe besl lime in lhe world lo pul yourself under The exercises of G.A.A. Thar really do slim you, lrim you, smoolh you, and soolh you. We mean This is as good a lime as any To ioin C5.A.A. Our aim is lo build a beller underslandinq ol sporlsmanship and sl4ill among 'rhe members Through baskelball, soflball, volleyball and many olher sporls. Presidenl Phyllis Kummer Vice-Presidenf Ruby Busch Secrelary lvlary Ann Epple Treasurer Jean Wilkins Unorganized Sporrs Carolyn Schlemmer Qrganized Sporls Sara Lee lvleid Sponsor-lvl rs. McClure Membership-95 Aclivilies-Dance, Dec. l4g Dance, March 22. R".Sz'amZ TROJANS TROUNCE LEO SUPERSONNC SPEEDS CHAMPS INTRAMURAL CAPTAINS DE CONTROL BOARD -L' Top Row: G, Mossburq. P. SIafer, T. Kunneke, D. Dearn. D. Young, R. Do-9pIre MIddIQ Row: If. Heqeffe-Id, D. Valenfine. J. Kinnarnan. C. German, T. Cnrisfof' S+ PII Ban.-Im I? Wi- 26 Wc- 24 We- I9 Wo 26 We 26 We 30 We 26 WP 20 CIMISIITI IJI.-I1'pfI'fan Dc-afn Iliusef Gmfnan SIIHIQI I-Ioczeffdd Yfvunq Sfaief VaI9nIir'C' Famley Ilinrarwan D-QIQDLQ Mcssburq EnqeIr'nan Yfiquelm I unnGIC1 I0IaI .ow D. Enqe-Imam, P. Yoqude-I, D. FawIey, I-1, MIJ4-eefnan, D. I-Iousef Leo Ar':oIa CcIn:f:IrdIa Woodburn Monroe-viII Cnurukusfio Hr:-aqIand New Haven Games I7 IT II I7 I3 I7 I2 I5 7 8 5 8 8 6 5 4 3 I 7 R 7mm WQ We We We We We We We Lafayette C X'Vo0dburn Leo ArQoIa I-Iunferfown Ossian I-IoaqIand Columkia C .I6 P.F 37 49 22 16 I7 I3 24 IS 5 6 2 6 3 I O 2 2 223 - I LQ ., , ,,. 1 , , , .4 ,,,-4,-T., ,,I,-..Y., ,,....,,. W, ., 1. .,,..I.,-:-,-----3. , ...A-. ..-'...A..v,.'.. ....Y.I ..5-. 1 A..,.... ,J Slandincz: Iofwwy Tofwolinslw CWC Gig? Bck I-If:-G", Eu 5j3'Ir'.jf3v levy I"lI2SI'?I Bob Edwards Jael: Fplfz, Bob Dale' Dulce Doeolfe Bill Cfidef Kneeling: Coach Swlde-f: Sfudenf Manaii-', CI'a'le'3 I-Ifll O 'zfafzfiofff eam We 39 Leo 28 We Z3 I-Iunlerlclwm , 33 We 40 Arcmla 35 We 35:3 Gsslan 29' We 37 Cimcofdla 36 We I5 I-Ioaqlard 30 We 4I Woodburn 27 We 33 Cfilumkla CII, 3I We 32 Mrinroe-ville 34 We 2? I-Iaflav I5 We 45 Churubus-zo 43 CKDUNTY TQUPNEW' We 38 I-Ioaqland I8 V We 38 Newrl-Iaverw 36 We 26 l-lodglamj 34 We 56 Ldfdygffe Q. 34 SECTIONAL IOUPNEY We 46 Woodburn 3l We 48 Lalayeve CC-'ilfal 37 We 33 Leo 36 We 3I Wcodbuvn 30 We 4I Arcola 37 We I3 Sf'UTI'ISICI'51 33 Name Games F. G. F. T. P. F. Tofal Doeplre 2I 68 6I-I2I 73 W7 Baller 2I 55 32-64 62 I43 Gilfin 20 55 24-47 42 I34 I-Ienry 2I 32 23-4I 30 S7 Tomplcinson 20 32 I9-44 35 83 Fulfz I9 24 20-32 25 68 Sprinqe, I5 7 I-7 2I I5 Crider I6 4 4-I4 I2 I2 Edwards I2 4 0-5 I0 S Kiesfer I2 0 2-5 I9 2 Tolal 2I 23I IB6-330 329 748 Page 5? N..-I 'FW Q k.s,.,, N, aff' ,-If 7 Bob Henry Forward Senior 5' IO" I60 pounds 87 poinrs Ed Springer Forward Junior 5' IO" I6O pounds I5 poinfs Kenny Kiesfer Guard Sophomore 5' IO" I59 pounds 2 poin+s Jack Fulrz Guard Sophomore 5' I I" I55 pounds 68 poinfs Chic Giffin Guard Senior 5' 9" I4-5 pounds 134 poinfs 4 I - V Dulce Doepke Cenfer Senior 6' 2" I6O pounds I97 poinfs Tom Tompkinson Guard Junior 5' 7" l35 pounds 83 poinis N4 :J Bill Crider Forward Junior 6' 3" 178 pounds I2 poinfs Bob Edwards Forward Senior 5' IO" I72 pounds B poinfs Bob Baker Guard Senior 6' I" I70 pounds I4Z poinfs w r A? N A. yawn-- X . fi 5,,,, K-..'U-2: i M' KC' ffvff xx :QL 5 ky -. 'if 5 ' , Y X r",,i 1-fs X' ' Xxx ,- T' F 5, X . 'ii 7' -Q, X , ,-2 1 F 9' -7- --. l . Wwe Aiwa N!! Maj. E. L. Qlcoff, ref., and Sfaff Sgf. l-larold C. Richardson presenf, on behalf of Mr. Abe A. Rosenfhal, fhe Garrison flag from Baer Field. Chic Giffin accepfs The flag we are fo lceep and cherish in memory of all fhe lflmhursf sfudenfs who fouqhf in World War ll. UMM .fawzeii Valedicforian: Mary Sfoufq Salufaforian: Milo Eiche. Nafional l-lonor Sociefy: M. Eiche, E. lleuchfer, J. l-laighf, D. l-loeppner, J. l-lirsch, A. Meyer, R. Monn, W. Rloughe, E. Sfoller, M. Sfouf, W. Wallcer. Four Year l-lonor Rall: D. Beerman, N. Benfley, D. Broclc, J. Clayfon, M. Eiche, E. Feuchfer, J. l-laiqhf, J. l-lirsch, D. l-loeppner, A. Meyer, R. Monn, W. Ploughe, D. Riley, A. Smifhson, B. Somers, E. Sfoller, M. Sfouf, B. lruelove, W. Walker, R. Waflcins, J. Willcins, C. Wilson. Nafional Afhlefic l-lonorary: Roberf Edwards, Charles Giffin. DAR Good Cifizens: Mary Sfouf, Charles Giffin. Bond Besf Cifizens: Ruby Busch, Milo Eiche Declamafion Winners, May IQ46: A. Busse, A. Arber, D. Logan, Mary Ann Smifh. Quill and Scroll: M. Eiche, A. Meyer, C. Giffin, D. Riley, D. Monn. Prom Queen: W. l-loeppnerg Affendanfs: L. A. Bailey, B. Conrad, M. Kumfer, S. l.. Meid, W. Paxson, C. Schlemmer, F. Sufer, E. Valenfine. 1.13 Top Row: T. Tornplinson, C, Giffin, B. Henry, E. Sprinuei. J. Fullz, D. Do-1-ple. B. Bal-er, B. Edfiards, C. l-lill, K, lfiesler Second Pow: V. Anderson, R, Wallins, D. Monn, B. Jaclsfn D. OW-why M. Blilml, A. Fill-Q-r B. Sonier .l. Claylon, C. Gouly Third Row: L. Beilz. J. Allison, P. Fisher. E. Slollei, P. Buseh, C. Ferguson, B. Arcliibald, M, Smith, M. l-l6nry,A,SVnilh5Cir1 Fouvlh Row: R. l-lardisly, B. Plouqhe, S. lflernef, lfl. Poorrnan, N. Ellis, J. Paid, J. l-orlolrax, B. Ander- son, D, Balmer, S. Slaler, N. Sfaynoll, M, Eiche Filth Row: M. Kapp, K. Lahr, A. Wilkie, M. l-lulchisor, D. Beernwan, G. Juslus, N. Talbofl, M. Gi-nlh. D. Riley, W. Walker, C. Jones, E. Feuchler Fronl Row: J. Ollord, B. Trueloye. C, Wilson, S. Paxlon, B. Bauman, M. Sloul, J. l-lilsch, I. Caslle, N. Benlley, D. l-loeppner, P.S1rahm C. Schlemmer vow: of ,azz .ew The "E" Club is composed of Trojans who have earned Their lellers in various aclivilies. The purpose ol lhe club is lo sponsor Jrhe inlerclass Tourney and 'rhe annual dance-March 2l. Their dale wilh desliny is lo keep on lop by being oulslandinq always. Their leaders are E. Springer, B. l-lenry, and B. Edwards. M8 Page 63 My lated Zifflffz ' iiiba .V g- 'Vx Q II- 3m!.2fzL?m PUB IE IDI f' , I! LAT ,Z G. R. Grubb 81 Co.. Engravers Fhaniqan Pearson Co., Prinfers Neuman Siudio I Clippinqef Sfudio S Phofoqraphers --- .. . -vw' 7 ' ' P 5 S 1 1 'H J' I 4 8 If V 41 E ' J 1 1 it , W K 1 pq? . a t Q. J, I 1 r x ,V ,S X '. ' ivy R. -Q, .. y - ,ffv - fm-- .'.-fa. K, -"b ' F' -AA L Q . x Q -. 1 A, , X b A ' 1 .- . W S , X. -vb QR- X22 Q 3. 1 , . . ' f 'Q' ' We lk f - V . Sig ' ,'., 1 E, ,,.,..:9- li J i 2 if 1 i, F ' wh., ,y 1" - 1 if - . x q Y' Tf..x4. , 5' . 4-1?"i"5'-ef A. " 5 L, , 5 we 4 X 1 5 9 I' A get-. Y 'gizxni of Q. Q J ,' .H Y. 0 L f Refi ff X g Q A' ll 5 , ,. , . v. 5 f 1 xx.-X is v we ,. . Q . KS. ., 5,2 1,6 - . ,E E - , 'v I -19' 5-:T l -dr I Q 1 I I 1' . . 41: JEK3 gf? , Q ' l' 5 6 WW NURS vfwszuwqvzwwzaem Anlibrum Sraff . . . . . 8- 9 Freshmen . . . . . I2 - I3 Sophomores . . . . I4- I5 Juniors .... .. I6- I7 Faculry .. ..I8-2I Seniors . . . . 26-39 CIUIDS . . ..4O-52 Sporfs .. ..53-6I I.aureIs . . . 63 ECIUIJ . . . 64 CIIIC GIIIIVI Barbara True-Iove Norman Swank Jean Moore Don Favory

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