Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN)

 - Class of 1944

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Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Trustee Walter F. Hayes does not ration his genial disposition nor suggestions. He especially enjoyed aiding Annie's picture helpers take snapshots, He's also liberal with his keys He does ration bus drivers, bus and school maintenance, the ianitors, the teachers, salaries and equipment. .ig - -. Back Row: Doris Coleman, Beverly Baker, lean Klerner, Miss Falls. Front Row Dick Copm, Gale Scott, Althea Tarr, Vera McGregor. Although the alphabet is ration free, typewriters and typists are hard to get. Carol, lean and Iona see to it that there is no impending shortage ot accurate copy. Every senior issues application blanks for the Anlibrum. Gale files these applications, and with the help ot the two Dons and lerry works out the unit values for the A CAnlibrum and Adi card holders. Basketball, volleyballfesports in general are in charge of the coordinators, Dick and Free- man. Trojans, here is the go-ahead signal. Here is your slice ot whats cookin' at Elmhurst. WATCH YOUR POINT VALUES! Book raiioning in room 10. Mr. Eickhoff, how many shells can I have? Lawrence says the tool line forms to the left. Me next, Iackiel -xg?-Eg Q as ffix ,kif X 2,1 We IHHHW -X., X is ax 2 I"f?ii Qiiffl -. f-ciff . 14214,- . X, K, ,K ,aff-X? s -,ffgzfp kk XX iz! fk V, 'rlfiif 1 'if fiff' jy' . r J,-'I ffi .-.ff, 4, if ' fi ,. 1 ,, ,r KZ if 4 1, 2 . 2 ,QL Z 7 ff Z? 'Q f Z4 f' , V-' ff '2- ,ln 2 Z L , ,, ,X-, ,. X., KQMV Al R Eff' M :fx NOT VALID WITHOUT COUPONS! We spent our No. 18 coupons! A11 that sugar--and no coupons! Latin texts are rcrtioned in 10 easy lessons. Sold out! Not even one bar per student. -V f . . XX F5 , it , Q. Q g X' S X , - 1' G ! X I O A I I gieusnwavr . vu fl if L s KX ii rv fw - ef ' Fm Th WARNING: 939 r t b e f HY p Hips should d I bl erved and t 111 me ffv' 8 SSX RSSB fncunwx simon sw me semoas moas sovaomo-as YB Saunas O O gf! Q1 6 MOE, N W N VZ, 9 ? f If COUPON WINNERS Drum Corps helps GE put over Third War Loan Campaign. Essential? !?ee . C C. ,, ,,., .. ,,One Way to Make the World Go Round Lip Hoppers . C ..e. e.., C .C ,eee,., A"Peop1e Will Say We'x'e in Love" Vera and Gene, Prize Skaiers. x..,,,.,..qrg ' N TALENT QUOTA Did they go for these Navy Day Girls!!--What? No Wolves? yMap study, Bill?-Helen gives out with live Alvin gets cz gilt with cr future--The Tootin' Tutor .-cziff' '- 1 VJ' 1? Upper Left: Miss Van Fleit, Miss Wiqton, Miss Edwards. Upper Right: Miss Ccrmpen, Miss Grcxbner, Miss Wimmer, Mrs. Weiss Center Left: Mr. Eickhofi, Mr. Frybock, Mr, Ie-well, Mr. Loqcn. Center Right: Miss Simon. Lower: Mrs. Kovclcich, Miss Achenbcrch, Mrs. Pletcher, Miss Polls, UPA SUPE LETHA FALLS Board l6 English Latin Senicr Class Sponsor Anlibrum Adviser National Honor Society DONALD FRYBACK Board ll Boys' Physical Education Physical Fitness Band Basketball Coach lunior Class Co-Sponsor Otiiciating CORNELIA L. KOVACICH Board 12 English Spanish IANE ACHENBACH Boards 14, l5 English Hall Monitor IUNE CAMPEN History Sociology Saiety Sophomore Class Co-Sponsor U. S. G. Victory Belle URAL EDWARDS Board lil Bookkeeping Typing Shorthand Commercial Club Sponsor U. S. O. Hostess CHARLES W. EICKHOFF Boards l5, 19 Government History German Rifle Club Magazine Campaign MARDY L. LOGAN Board 5 MatheScience Advance Business Adviser Freshman Class Sponsor Phi-Chem. Co-Sponsor Fuel Oil Bationer RVISURS DOROTHY PLETCHER Board l O Library Public Speaking Advance Editorial Adviser Sophomore Co-Sponsor LEONORA SIMON Board lOA Biology Home Economics Cafeteria Home Economic Club Sponsor BETTY VAN FLEIT Board 6 History Geometry lunior Class Co-Sponsor U. S. O. Victory Belle RACHEL WEISS School Clerk English Chairman of War Bond Sales Fted Cross Knitting Br. War Belief Knitting AUDREY V. GRABNER Board 3 General Math. Algebra Girls' Physical Education G. A. A, Sponsor EVERETT IEWELL Board 4 lndustrial Arts Wayne Pump Swing Shift ROBERTA K. WIGTON Art Glee Club Study Hall Art Club Sponsor RUTH M. WIMMER Board oi Health Chemistry Geography Safety-Health First Aid Bed Cross Club Sponsor Phi-Chem, Co-Sponsor Chr. Allen Co. lunior Bed Cross W.. .--,--,. Q , - .int , . ,K !v, -4-.a.x.1J'. --Q , -'1 - -r nv' ' . ,g..... Y, , 'LJ 'A - : r - .Mu .n.,11.5,.,.,4, ,. - 11 Ur. l'1'4:'i" - :'.Qf' :xl , ui. V-Af. I EI - "alll . - :-.-9, im ,ii ,L . .L , 'D , . -4 , X .-53. ,:.J:x. .Ni ','?',l ,.. uf, fn.. .a....g 4, Lt". J 1-,.f. ',-,- ,' -o , A X., . ,lx -, 41:7 ,a , L 1 1 - x L1- ?l,a.,, , va :--JU. ,1 , ' 3" , ' Q ", 1 "WJ -3' ffl. ' "1 1. A . . va ' if .--.--.A ..' f is ,- .k k D ,xS....:P - ,. ,-.'4Y,.. 'ig- .,N,, - A 4 . 4 , , , , - - 'e . . ' ' A . 'I '-fi . .1 .. ., I ' 1 .v ' N ' ' ' , I ' N-. 1 - ., - yi .. Tj, - A1215 f . , .. A . :V 2 - ,V V Sh X vn- n. V,-N :mv ' 'fy 'f - , , 712,--'-F, . s "M 7' f..' 4 ' ' ,.,i.,,..l-lg., f.. ,,,. 1-...AV--:N , -' Y ijiff. ' ' .' 4v'5T,':' ,ll '- -'ff' ' f ' .-1. ,wg-1 g.. . .- -. . yg".1f,.' 5'-' . , 'Ml 95 '- -' ' -x ., f-, vw, 1 1. LN , EA ,, v .74 kj, .J ' . w.s-Hp f . I."- "a . '-1 un. -, 3' 1 'vf.1..,A 1 - A -K . ty ' ., ., Q . .31-5 ,A A: x Y' 1 A X 'uf .I fffvh ' . ', .. '.'."1'. Q 4 . . V12 , A ,-'4- ju' .- J .. 1' . 'f'?.x3 ix. vi 0 I ,, .Mk ' .fl - r A , 1-. W L 1 7.- He ,, 2 5 f-E'.Q.,,1Ik. 11.4-A' .4 1 .F 1-' 'ggi 5. .. "- 'x I . r ,-"M: E -'V . ,., ,w ' . ' .2 4 . . ' T:-',:' N ,. 1' 1. , , , ,, , v - -1 nv, r 1.4. '4. I cr, 242.1 HL"-f,f .. -L, I' :ara CQ, -MM fd. Qspj. 1. AQ: H. .A A. .f ' 1 .K 'f . -5. -1 , ,gs 'SH Mus 2 f3I v 'Q .w 5 Q J ,, , Asif 1 SP3 em . Lf XQXQ5 ff , e Xe XX-x SQ ' QQAK-lf' ' - - TX. Xxx ' x . 24 , Stamp Act of 1944 Lookee, Pin-Up Girls-"What? Three days!" Sit-down strike for Annie's helpers All aboard with the key men of our class! xp., e..r-,RhN. XXXS ZS mr MW NS mY i ee e 0 .N exe- 'Qi A IQ Y, ,,, gg? tif, -,,,-f'i,', ,-3i,"'f-fii --:S-J -f , AW? -If + - Q ' , 5 Vital Goods of 1944 Army Availables-Sihebs to us- "How Sweet KA Red Cross Monitorl You Are Gruesome Twosome on Ha1lowe'en Hot Dog and Mustard 'ffi V 4 X V H N . fx Q1 A ,.,, , , . ,,V. W., v:,.g:.,A , Aly, 1 Qflf.,-N,.f. !1X- -any-1 x 'S' 9 .45 l v x Q NIC , V k-Jaxx .g,,sgNQ-1A- -.- ,gqllxgg-qw-x:.:Q,xxx -.,v.fxw11: -:-- 1 h , 1 1 4 1 1 t r I 1 1 1 If 0 o 0 ll ,r M, 12. fuwuty, 14 J! I 2' 4, , 1 1' -r BEVEHLY BAKER JI BETTY MAE 1: MARIORIE BECK BERNIECE BEIJTZ lj "oh, you dumb former!" BASSETT .g "oh, holy cow!" "1 trunk 1'11 qo home." I Prom Attendant 3 1' "Now look here, you!" lt Closs Sec. 1 Bond I-2-3-4 l' Class Sec. 3 RH C1 b 123 4 Prom Attendant 3 Art Club 1-2 V. Pres. 3-4 1 Com. Club 2-3 sec. 4 N't?1 H'-1 5' T t 34 13 Club sec. 3 G. A. A. 1-2-3 4' Anlibrum co-Educ-1 4 Aft Clugmffz FjQj.Y3v42 G. A1 A. 1-2 Sec.-Treats. E Club 3-4 41 Adv. 2-3 Feature Ed. 4 Q 4 4 lt 1E 1? '4 45 1' 1-rr.-,z-.11 - ' ' ' --':::: z- -- ..'-T: 'J'-'L' 4 :: -' ':.':': A A ' -- -v:-rf '.:::.- - -,-.-,-,e-, - - - -'vapvuvv-napa 1 'I 1 1' DONALD ft ICNA M. BRCCK DICK CAPIN IOAN CARHIGER Q "We hod more fun!" "1-lm-m shes cute!" "There's no future in tl11s!'f4 'II sez ,,,,,, 1' 1 Anlibrum Stuff 4 Varsity Teum 2-3-4 Prom Attendant 3 tl G1 Cl b 13 ,W 1+ Red Cross Club 4 E Club 2-3-4 Class Sec. Z 'u R ee C u 6163 S523 Q ' Com. Club 3-4 Red Cross Club l-2-3-4 Mdjorette I-2-3-4 '14 Rggervgtsfeumulz '-' -4 it Home EC. Club 4 cms omuer 1-2-4 P141-chem sec. 4 41 . ' 4' runs Club 3-4 1+ '4 V 1 ' 1 V il lr Y J ,E It 1' ' , JI 1 I IV 1' 1I 4' 4 ""'2-,-.-.12 -C:-21 """ 4Aw-:-.1'uq,:.-:.-:.fJrA'f::,A-:,-.fzf' C..-fr-'.f'::.'.-,-.-.4-V ':-.2 ""- '--.-ran,-,-.Y,-,-,-1-,,q75,f.-,A,:::::' 1 4 1 4 I 41 1 4 ll LUIS I. ,I DORIS M. VIRGINIA COX IQEY DAVISON 'I "Oh, my hairs cn mess!" "Hows your momm1e?" I 'N fn "I'm tired!" "Gotta workn tonight!" L-Sig? l'3'0'4 ISOTAVAXEHQSTQ 3 1: Red Cross Club 1 G. A, A. l-u-3-4 E Club 4 C1555 Omcm. 3-4 4 C '7 ' R d C Cl b " 3 9129 lub 1-- 4 ff' , YOSS U H' -4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Cum. Club 2-3-4 4 Anhbrum Stott 4 1 bp wx I 11 H4311 Monitor 4 ,v I xx r II ' 1' :Wy ,PQ ff 'ado 14 1, ' ' , , fr Q ,"gr-'vt' - -J.-:vw-v--A - ,-:-5, Y 1.1 A A ---- -ff, , -,- :rv-,Q-: -,111-fv-v-fvf. ' - :: -':.'Ff4':,':.':f 'JJ A 'T L' ':LL1','g,',",'::,. -.'.','r,-.1 -sv. -P' .fr I V li -1.- I 1-'nf I' I 1 55 jf Tl 1 1L I: RICHARD E. MARY ANN FICBERT TOM C. ENGLISH 1, r H Q Y ,, X DEUTER ,I DITZENBERGER EINSIEDEL H14 Sirk! h 4 "Lemme take your picture!" 'i "Have you kids qot cr "HOWYdE,9YdOd9e If Rm? Klub 1'-'34 4 4 off . ' Pres. 4. E Club 3'4 I pass' Indusfml AUS ! H641 cross Club 1-2-3-4 ' Drum Mujur 2-3-4 , Adv. 1-2-3 Ed. 4 one Club 1-2-3 E Club Sec, 4 ' 4 Student Monoger 3-4 4' Home EC. Club 1-2-3-4 Red Cross Club l-2-3-4 phichem Club 4 Clues V. Pres. 3 tl E Club 3-4 Rifle Club 1-2-3-4 4, 11 Phi-Chem Club 4 , 4 1 f' wr 14 -s I 11 C . Q if, . 1' 14 ' N" -' . ' I' .-.-----.,- Mu.- Lu ,Zl'?'f1f.-44 ,.,--.-2--2.----- I' -----. ----..--.. 1, -,,-5' v.--- - ---.v..+:--,.,--,i--Y V ,--J----:...17 ,-nz- - ---v-v-.1T"f-v -- --'-v----- Q1 1 4 11 I I 4 If I 1 1 11 1 :T 4 41 4 4, Y 1 I 41 19 4: 4 1' 4 1 li 1 I .., . V agar. QFUYW' wwf dl a 6 -ew 'T Nuxkm' ,A Y g 4NNX,.,,X-,..,,, k ,W -,k,,.N. x , .Y Yv.xLNX,,w.:,x,,-xs.-,N - - , -fake X NIC RS 'Mya 32 Wnzhia, ash, I r f I I V I v P , r i r I i P 15 1, DONNA FIELDS LERLAND W. ELLEN FRY MARGARET L. "Oh. hG-TIG!" - "Whats tod-?iy's lesson?" ,K gf. 212. 2-3-4 "Got your Hifi?" ghgClgern Clulb -I 11 "Th4:it's sul'-1r"' an ' Phl-Chem Club 3-4 9 T055 Cub 3'4 ' Red Cross Club -I Rifle Club 2-3 Red C,-OSS Club 3,4 Art Club 2-3-4 1' HE, E, EC L1 L., -355, WUI Stump Agent 3 lndustricl Arts Club l-2 1, 43:35, Club J Red Cross Messenger 3-4 IQ, l?l1,g,g,, C,m.m111,.,.g. I 1 4, 1, -- ---- - -.L-fe,-fv-A.nn-ff vc-'fl'-'ff-'I-'-' -1 --f'vw'-'-':ff- -1'-1 -uf'-'LAJ 'r--J.-. Y '-'::-.-.:.:Nv.:rsnuvq,s- 4 A, li 4 4, I SYLVIA GILLEFE MILA L. I-IAAG IEANNE I-IARTIVIAII I, ELEANQR ,I "Oh, you eqq, you!" "Good Gravy!" "Get cr letter today, lads?" II, Q, Prom Attendant 3 Prom Queen 3 Home EQ. Club l-2-3 if "NG k,dd,,,ipif 4, Class Trees. 2-4 Anlibrum Stoll 4 Pres. 4. ,, R71 ,. YW ,., , , ',, Mcjorette 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 4 Pmm Committee 3 ', ,jf flgjfs 5 "J A .1 Com. Club 3 Pres. 4 Com. Club 2-3-4 Cliiss Basketball 3--1 """"' Lomb 'I M f G A A -,il 1, Pifvrzi lffininxthl-4 T3 4, .. . , ., . , 'Qi - 1 f X ,g I n 1 fy' jt U I T -f I .ff'9flfv'1.,4,j 5, 4, T '4-' MW fff if . ,4-QLQ7 4, , 'V f f f' b"4--K 1' 'I f I 4f . ' I l, 4-.:.:r'1'-'1.- --v-xii?-A-1'-'fw ''YA--:f-Tun.-::.-:I-arf'-f:.z..-,:-rf: 4.-.---A '.-,-.-.1-5-4:-ze-.-.-. .f.-..-.-:.v,-,-,-,-,-,-,,..l.,,.,v.,.,q,,,, --,-.-.3-,,-,-L-,-,-x, 4, 4 I f' P 4, ,u I V I 'r MILDRED PI-IYLLIS I-IENNING DUANE HQEHN I BETTY I "I hdte you, honey"' Hflllfil My -goidn.-'ss 4f , .Cfg'1.,"' ' "Well, I like that!" EUg?ub1E'-S52-4 Rliglgisg I-7,73-4 "Vl."niit time is if?' h Prom Committee 3 G. A. A. 1-2-3.4 B,-md 1.2.3-4 +L Ai: lflklll L"-2: ,, Home EC. Cl b 4 Adv. Sturt TZ-3-4 Fl Vlub 215:-,1 T 'ef Hwll 9-'ll""T Red CIOSS b 4 X"+:n. L'li1l'v 3 I 'il'-1 Vlull l V ' 4 H'-fl l'rt,.1:' Vluli 'E l' 1, li if J , t 'P I gl I , I I I 4' ix q.-, - W-,-,-.-.fra-: 1:-f:- : ::v'-:.--.-.2-.zeinyif::,-:n-f,e-::-,-,-f,f4unqr.z:f-'.-.Tl '-1:2-:::.z:f4v0-,-.1-.-4nnn'AnsL-f,g,,gug-,-,-,:1,:,-,,,,, 'I 'I ll if 1 1' ff 4 lr , lL I l I if ' I, VIRGINIA R. WUILLIAM I-IUETT BETTY IANE Q D0 ,IOHN QN 'g "Don't lool: dt me"' T, 'Hg l'zu:z"x" ,j "Where's Miss Simon?" Red Cross Club 34 "Come buck 'md see me " 1' gf! lilm 1' Red Cross Club 1-2-3-4 Red Cross Club 2-3--1 T im: ,--lil., 13,1 1 Cglubcf-14 1 934 Af' Club 3 ' ille 131,124 11.2.4 1. e C. u -..- - i Prom Committee 3 I Af I 0 j, , 5 4 NIH'-I.-' '-Nalin:ff-f-'-'J-it-:,-11311-.-4,-,-, '-2'-'J-""' 2111':.r-.+-4vr.-.:.1-,4-- W -,Y.f.-.v'r::anr4.-+L-,-.-.-4.3.-,-:-ff.-,-,L-:.-:.-,L-.-f,. ff 'f::.e-f-':.e-,-.n J 1' E , 4 al 4, 4 I 4+ i' tl ,V I 4,, ,: 4 I 1, A In Tl gl , , I l, 'N 'u I wk SE gd ll 1 1 aL.'iffi5,? A X NICJRS Scrub 1 1 jr 1, 15 3 IE W 1 1 IEAN KLERNER ff CAROL IEAN :E GEROLD KRAFT MARTHA I. "My heavens!" If fy' "Tm NOW 'J iOiU9f!!" Anlibaum SgiHb47 4' "Gosh, thcxt shorthand!" 'I "Turn your points in yet?"11 Sigue HE? Grub 'lkz-3-4 Anlibrum Stdti 4 N G. A. A. 1-2-3 Pres. 4 It Adv Bus' Sm, 3 Adv. s1dff 4 1 Pm-chem Club 4 '1 ' ' Prom Committee 3 1 X-:I-if Bond 1-2-3-4 Lp New Haven High 1 ul j E Club 2-3-4 Q U I 11 'I '1 6 fi 5 '1 'I K " f - -J'-v-v-5,-, -e,.A,v,-g, , , r:.'ff-'J.1'.'-'-'- ' M ' ' " " ' ' 'f-2'-Q'-'-'J-'-'Av-'f-Af' '-'J-"T:-'-'f-'i?1'-'i 'E 'vi-'ff-'vl'-Af' A -,:',g-:,eyd+h'-'v'.'-A-4V'Vihf'lL'vf'Nf 1 'n 1 'V ' fl t 1' 'I I 11 1 IAMES I... KUCHER fi FREEMAN R. if DON LUNDGREN VERA A. 1' 4 l HVVGDUC1 qo duck huntin'?"' tit LEHMAN :I "The worlds flat!" MQCGREGOR QL Bond 1-2-3-4 1 "The heck d'd':1' ' Rifle Club 1-2-4 "Q ' k ' ' h 9" ' 1 you 1 . 1 Q omg 5 dtmq tomq t. P gig' C2223 zlub 3,4 li Varsity Team 3-4 I' Z Prom Attendant 3 I: E Club 4 1 Phi-Chem Club 3 Pres, 4 1 Red Cross Club 4 Anlibruru Stott 2-4 I E Club 3-4 1: Adv. 1-2-3 Asst. Ed. 4 1, fi Anlibrum Stuff 4 N-3t'l Honor Society 3-4 J, 1 1 '1 'L U 1 I' 11 1, ,fsf 41 1' 15 'f j xl if 1: QI J K f ' f A ' 1 1 1 1' I M, 1' . A '1 1 , K ' 'r . 1 W '1 A MM. Nu .L -, ,.-,--- -. if-. ---.-W 1, ---- Y Y - V---.,- .Y.- .r-3Tfrrv-,-.-- - -- -7-7---- ..-:A-in ------ -- ..-.,-.,,,e-,-T-.1-.-.v-n J..-,-,-,-2 I' 1' 1' ' QI git 1' I 1 1 A 11 1 D. IANELL 1! CORAL MCOUEEN lk PATRICIA I'l. HOLLIS MORSE 1I "Guess who Called?" "Siheb" 1 "Wim thdt is?" 1' EVA-Six-H If ' fr "Row dm you tell?" Xj5S1gOgj113uS'41-13-4 ' flied Cross qjub 1'2'3'4 E lub 3-4 IP A' 34 Gl-3-19 Club 3-4 1 Om. Club ..-3-4 I Ch ub 3 it .-Om. Llub 3-4 Com Club 1134 ' Home EC. Club 2-3-4 ,V Home EC. Club 3-4 ' M 1 Adv. Typist 4 :I tl Cldss Basketball 3--1 J IL 1 1' 4 11 1' ' 1 1' 2' 1' 1 1: 1' 1, I 4 1 ,-,-,- ,.,,.- - -.-,-,::,,-,- -- A--:: : -:az - 'M '::::- -A.:-::.1v.:-.Hiff,-::::.-:.-ff,-.-f.-if..-fir-H'-'-fl'1 '-2'-Av'-'12-'-'-'f"' -2 - -'Alfr-Q.:--rr.-.1-C-f.'iun if 1' Q -f 11 1 ju 1' 1 Q 1 1' 1 ju MARGARET GENE I, WILMA IEAN 1, BEATRICE I. RR CND I, NASH .g PALMER 1 PARKER Qu dd- 11111 1 1 "Definitely not!" ,1 "Well, be good!" IE "Yours KiddLn!" Pindh 1-2-33 b 3 4 1, Red cross Club 2-3-4 G. A. A. 3-4 1 Wd- stdmp Adi-R1 3 E QKHDQIQA4 U ' 1? Adv. Typist 4 'E Com. Club 3 Trees. 4 ' Red Cross Club 3-4 Anhbmm SMH 4 Art Club 1-2-3-4 fl Cldss Bdsl-:etbdll 3-4 Art Club 1-2-3 Pres. 4 11 G, A. A, 1-2 1! Home EC. Club 3 1 Prom Committee 3 '1 I 1' 1' I' 4, 1 X1 1I 'I lx " .T I 15 -Au-M L: A gl --Hu -Annu - .zzpiqpipv g 1 ' ' A - v ,4:Jre,-,v-W-W ' ':. - A Y "::f-'.v..+f:-',:-,-:.- -W-v -, ' '.-: -" ' - -:..'.l?,',-:,-g-,211 ' ' 'v1'v'::-4:v'-A.-.1778 - v '- - v - v f - - . 1 1 1 I' fr QI 1 -1 ' , 1 1- il 1x 4 1' JI gl If 'C r ' . 11 . , 1 is ?: 11 1' 4' " -' 11 I' 23 1' 1K ' 1' ' ' 11 li J' r 1 1 If I ' ,V L 3 I 0 -3 F.. N Q 1 No Photo Available No Pholo Available No Photo Available STANLEY VIRGINIA IOHN CAMPBELL FISHER HAUSMANN NI RS LAWRENCE E. POORMANH "Well, I'1l be! BOB RICE "Where you going, Red?" Red Cross 2 Pres. 3-4 6 EUGENE SCHERRER "Flne war!" DONALD I. SCHNEIDERH "ThCxt's G lulu! Band 1'2'3'4 Varsity Team 2-3-4 Red Cross Club lf?-344 Band 1'2'3'4 ll Phi-Chem Club 3-4 51C1'1bP2-3'41-2-3-4 Indusuiol AHS Club 4 E Club 3-4 ,I Red Cross Club l-2-4 GSS 'es' Class Buskgtbou 373 Anlrbrurn Stuff 4 Class Bqskezbqll 2-344 MW Phi-Chem Club 4 W " 4, J :I 'V .--.1-,-,-,-,-.-,--J,-..-.ng-,-, .-.1-:Husain-'-if. .nvn':- -':.:r::::'-f1A.' '.-.-:-:,-.-. ----,-,:.-,ne-,1-,-,xv-,,,-- .' 4 'T l 4 fx I I ' I ' 4 I 'I 4 ll tw!! RC' li 4 4 4 GALE G. SCOTT I' ELEANOR SHAW LESTER SHEETS PAT SHULZE Qi "'Any more Annie soles?" "You know it!" I "I don't know!" "Whcrt'd I do now?" 41 :Rifle Club l-2-3-4 4, Adv. Stuff I-2 4: Rifle Club 1 Red Cross Club 3-4 in 'Aclv. Bus. Stuff 3-4 C. A. A. 2 Band I-2-3-4 Adv. Sl-ZH 2-3-4 I Phi-Chem Club 344 Art Club I-2 Com, Club 3 War Stomp Agent 3 44: 'Anlibrum Bus. Mqr. 4 ' 4 E Club 4 Home EC. Club 3-4 14 . 4 4' I 14 1, I 1 4 - Z 4: 41 P 2 ' ff E 34 li 44 4' 14 ' JJ: S -T J-'Y'-2' -34?-' 'fr-1'-1 ""' 'v A-4-: '.2'slgp'.:'.2-.lu?A'r,-.:,',v.:1.-xg, L,-, ,-,'uVlx-,A,-,-,-A4-V - 'A,4-.1-.1-:,f,-,Q-,,-,A:,k.v-4'-v-v.,4TEL'4v-ve: - 4-4,-v - , L ,Qt 'L JI 4 4' 4, ' I4 4 4 4, IIACK I. SINN li EDWIN W. lr IOAN STEIVIEN ALTHEA C. TARR I "Ach'oooooh!" "The Wolf" I Bcmd l-Z-3-4 4 Phi-Chem Club E Club 4 E Prom Com. 3 STEMEN il "Look't my muscle!" "Thal's dll, Brother!" T ' l .4 4 ,A 4 .4 4 G. A. A. 1-2-344 G. A. A. 1-243-4 4 NY fjuglly WIS pcm! JP Anllbrum Sturt 4 Anlzbrum Co-Edrtor 4 I BHD? 1---3 U 41 Band 14243 Asfl. Du, 4 E Club 2-344 44 gqEj1'g IjG'Qreg'3'5l 14 E Club 2-3-4 RE-d cms Club 1-243-4 4 Ll Lx . 4 -F4-ed cms Club 3-41 "4 4r lx 4' ji 4 ' 4 4 1 l ly W ,I .-'.'::fW'J-'J 4 7'J'1'-'4 if-'i'-2'-2' -A--1:.v::.H-::,-:r:.-,-::.-,-L-f.14n-.p'.:zH'' '-f-Q'-'.'.'J-'41'f'--' ' f,-r,-rn:,-TL-f,-'rv-,-4-3,vi-,F-f,w,,,, 4x ly if J: lx 4: 4, 44 4 P 4' MARILYN E. TRZYNKA I: 4 4 STANLEY .g CAMPBELL 1' VIRGINIA FISHER "Hi, kids" .4 IOHN HAUSMANN Q1 "I never said il!" I Rzfle Club 3-4 Industrrdl Arts Club I-2 ' Red Cross Club 1-2-3-4 I Glee Club l-4 :4 14 r I 4 4 1 4 ' 4 "Oh my gosh, kid!" 4 "l.et's sk1p!" gxaiswclub 93 Red Cross Club 4 "4 Reserve Team l-2 J' L ' Com. Club 4 4 Glee Club 3-4 I U ' ' Adv. Typist 4 4' Red Cross Club 4 X4 II G. A. A. 4 ll Rille Club 1 4 ,ll I' lj ll I li 5 ig - I 1' 44 ,fwlud 4' 1' 1' --,,,,, L-Y ,A-L- U--- nun LMA Yu L- M nn hu-,A ---.qlhjr-..,v, --JL ----.v-+I-4-,--- ,YY , Y-.wvf-Y----,,l.4f 4l lg 4 'I r 4 l 4! L: 4 if 5? 1' 4 I 14 4 5 4 ,AQTYLLZA LY, .YL-.'.'.'.'.:v.v.:-214 14 4 il l 4 '4 4 4 4 14 4 4 4 l 25 W.. .--,--,. Q , - .int , . ,K !v, -4-.a.x.1J'. --Q , -'1 - -r nv' ' . ,g..... Y, , 'LJ 'A - : r - .Mu .n.,11.5,.,.,4, ,. - 11 Ur. l'1'4:'i" - :'.Qf' :xl , ui. V-Af. I EI - "alll . - :-.-9, im ,ii ,L . .L , 'D , . -4 , X .-53. ,:.J:x. .Ni ','?',l ,.. uf, fn.. .a....g 4, Lt". J 1-,.f. ',-,- ,' -o , A X., . ,lx -, 41:7 ,a , L 1 1 - x L1- ?l,a.,, , va :--JU. ,1 , ' 3" , ' Q ", 1 "WJ -3' ffl. ' "1 1. A . . va ' if .--.--.A ..' f is ,- .k k D ,xS....:P - ,. ,-.'4Y,.. 'ig- .,N,, - A 4 . 4 , , , , - - 'e . . ' ' A . 'I '-fi . .1 .. ., I ' 1 .v ' N ' ' ' , I ' N-. 1 - ., - yi .. Tj, - A1215 f . , .. A . :V 2 - ,V V Sh X vn- n. V,-N :mv ' 'fy 'f - , , 712,--'-F, . s "M 7' f..' 4 ' ' ,.,i.,,..l-lg., f.. ,,,. 1-...AV--:N , -' Y ijiff. ' ' .' 4v'5T,':' ,ll '- -'ff' ' f ' .-1. ,wg-1 g.. . .- -. . yg".1f,.' 5'-' . , 'Ml 95 '- -' ' -x ., f-, vw, 1 1. LN , EA ,, v .74 kj, .J ' . w.s-Hp f . I."- "a . '-1 un. -, 3' 1 'vf.1..,A 1 - A -K . ty ' ., ., Q . .31-5 ,A A: x Y' 1 A X 'uf .I fffvh ' . ', .. '.'."1'. Q 4 . . V12 , A ,-'4- ju' .- J .. 1' . 'f'?.x3 ix. vi 0 I ,, .Mk ' .fl - r A , 1-. W L 1 7.- He ,, 2 5 f-E'.Q.,,1Ik. 11.4-A' .4 1 .F 1-' 'ggi 5. .. "- 'x I . r ,-"M: E -'V . ,., ,w ' . ' .2 4 . . ' T:-',:' N ,. 1' 1. , , , ,, , v - -1 nv, r 1.4. '4. I cr, 242.1 HL"-f,f .. -L, I' :ara CQ, -MM fd. Qspj. 1. AQ: H. .A A. .f ' 1 .K 'f . -5. -1 , ,gs gluam' ,5 gmt ' 1945 Top row: Don Boron, Glenn Warner, Dick Kahlenbeck, Kenneth Feighner, Bob Kinerk, Eugene Trzynka. Second row: Monte Miller, Wayne Cox, Bill Shaw, Harry Huber, Dallas Seiler, Dick Laisure. Third row: Barney Shady, Nick Christofi, Russell McMillen, Hay Valentine, lohn Kussmaul, Ernie Richardson. Fourth row: Reggie Parkison, Lucille Hoeppner, Lillian Ford, Norma Eiche, Mary Lou Manes. Fifth row: Donna Reichard, Mary Staynofi, Phyllis Buell, Ina May Zollinger, Mary Smith, loan McKinney. Sixth row: Wayne Leslie, Bob Rayl, Dick Millhouse, Ion Nerf, Edward Raidy, Dick Hess, Calvin Oyer. Seventh row: Dick Schmidt Carl Ray, Wayne Bradtmiller, Dick Edwards, Philip Wise, Barbara Keever. Eighth row: Louise Hadley, Mary Ann Roemke, Susan Churchward, Helen Schimmoller, loan Engleman, Marie Rienking, Loretta Watkins. Ninth row: Roselyn Kinerk, Twila Stoller, Charlotte Groves, Dorothy Allison, Helen McComber, Meriam Nash. Bottom row: Ruth Bastian, Phyllis McCoy, Betty Eaughrnan, Virginia Yoquelet, Pat De Bolt, Mildred Baughman. We, the juniors, are on our third stamp already and running mighty low on points. We have one more stamp which we will have to save for next year. Early in the year we had our class meeting at which we elected Wayne Bradtmiller as president: Carl Ray, vice-president: and Ruth Bastian, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Fryback and Miss Van Fleit are the sponsors of our class. We did fairly well during the magazine campaign. Boom ll ranked fourth place with 55.72 per capita sales. A proportional amount of the magazine sales was given to us for the Prom. Qur magazine secretaries were bob Kinerk for room 12, and Norma Eiche for room ll. Bob Kinerk, lohn Kussmaul, and loan McKinney were our high salesmen through- out the magazine drive. On the evening of December 23, we had a Christmas party, our first semester activity, in the school gymnasium, The committee chairmen were as follows: decoration, Barbara Keeverg refreshments, Mary Lou Manesg entertainment, Virginia Yoauelet and Pat DeBolt. The gym was decorated with mistletoe, wreaths, bells and other traditional Christmas dec- orations. For entertainment we danced, had contests, and played various games. Harry Huber acted as M. C. All of us had the best time of our lives. In lanuary, our class otficers appointed people to serve on committees for the Prom which was held April 29 in the gym. The committees were as follows: general chairman, B. Keever: Prom Queen election committee: W. Bradtmiller, D. Millhouse, C. Ray, B. Bas- tian: decoration committee: D. Schmidt, D, Edwards, l. Engleman, C. Oyer, E. Richardson, L. Ford, B. Moore, M. Link, H. Buber, P. McCoy l. Neff, D. Smith, V. Yoquelet, P. DeBoltp invitation committee: I. McKinney, L. Hadley, B. Wilkie, M. Reinking, N. Eiche, M. Boemkeg entertainment: C. Bay, R. Parkison, B. Valentine, G, Snyder, N. Christoffg food committee: M. L. Manes, L. Watkins, B. Chiddister, M, Baugham, M. Staynoff, M. Smith, L. Hoeppner, B. Kinerk, l. M. Zollinger, H. Schimmoller. . gufubhd, I L 602212. Jwn, fnupvlu, 911, Uwr, 6' Bonkl Top row: Alvin Busse, Stan Mclieeman, Dave Brunkhart, Bernard Burke, Paul Wilke, Everett Kiester, Illa May Houghton, Carol Bowers, Nadine Parker, Orton Gilpin, Alden Shoner, Ned Kelsey. Second row: Helen Vogts, Ioan johnson, Lolah Mae Laderman, Delores James, Betty Sowers, Dick Logan, Lloyd Springer, Iames Henning, Bob Fisher, Robert Rietdorf, Wanda Greuter. Tliird row: Max Fields, Lewis McCartney, Raymond Keller, Iosephme Hurley, Fern Stroh, Mae Vining, lack Betz, Albert Strahm, Mary Iohnson, Ruth Post, Elfreida Doepke. Fourth row: Dick Sutorius, Melvin Goss, Norman Ellis, lim Hardisty, Virgil Anderson, Bill Hanke, Marlyn McNamara, Alice lo Geake, La Vonne Mutton, Luba lean Mclfeeman, Helen Mutton, luanita Coleman, Dorothy Ritter, Lois Feuchter, Helen Nash. Fifth row: Dick DeBolt, Sam Ventruella, Ronnie Venderly, Nora Maier, PollyAnn Wageman, Ioan Houser, Martha Wood, Bill Langmeyer, Bob Roe-hm, Dick Fields, Ortheda Brunson, Beverly Drake, Mary Lee White, Bob Valentine. Sixth row: Dale Prince, Anna Belle Henry, Donna Milliman, Stanley Slater, Marilyn Parkison, Connie Mathy, Marilyn Miller, Margaret Beeler, Della Emrick, Ielene Leonard, la :queline Beck, Hazel Landis, Mildred Sheets, Ruth Gutmann, Sonia Ross, Iackie Green. Seventh row: Don Kling, Norman Tipton, Leroy Wickliffe, Billy Uptgraft, Edgar McMahon, Virginia Meyer, Eloise Coleman, Bob Eichs, lack Link, Bill Scherer, lack List. Eighth row: Gertrude Fink, Thelma Iohnston, Mary Dalnian, Mary Bice, Dick Van Auken, Martha Manes, Viviann Grepke, Paul Gordon, lack Avery, Allen Pfeiffer, Charles Ingram. Bottom row: lack Shaw, Paul Epple, Bill Beerman, Wanita Butz, Iessie Holloway, Delores Becraft, Betty Iones, Iessie Springer, loan Gore, Walter Reader, Donald Lunz. "Wise Fools!" That's what were called. We're wiser than you think, too, as we have used only two of the coupons in our E book. So far we have received full satisfaction and point value from our coupons. We really make ourselves heard. We've been told often, too often, that we're too noisy in the upper hall and in room 15 at noon. Since we have lunch before the upper- classrnen, we gotta celebrate being first in the ration line. Celebrate? Did we say celebrate? We"ae done something this year to really blow our horns about. ln our home room hangs the banner of victory in the magazine campaign. We beat all the home rooms by selling 58.97 per capita. Alvin Busse, a sophomore, sold the most magazines in the whole school. Genial Mr. Eickhof-f, who calms us down and starts every morning off right for us, egged us on to this selling feat. l-le egged us on so well that we just showed the other home rooms that we really were super-salesmen, We bought and also sold the most war bonds and stamps before December 7. Stan Mclieeman, a sophomore, was in charge of this jeep financing cam- paign. Another banner, a minute man flag, decorates our home room. There is one more thing for us to brag about, We led the honor roll all first semester. Twentyesix of the 9l members of our class received that extra value from their E coupons. Mrs, Fletcher, librarian, and Miss Campen, social studies instructor, share the sponsor- ship of our class. They helped us plan a Christmas party, but the flu epidemic and a week's vacation ruined our plans. So we had our party lanuary 29. Stan Mclieeman heads our class with Bill Langmeyer assisting him. Helen Mutton is our secretary-treasurer. Too bad we don't have a picture of them in technicolor for Stan is black-hairedy Bill is a blonde, and Helen is redheaded. J '77'loJm, fnupvnm 914, Ulm, f Enola Top row: Norman Swank, Paul Holionsteiri, Cliick Gifiin, Dick Cliilcoto, Steve l-Clerner, Bob Roe, Dick Monn, Mac Parsons, lack McCurdy. Second row: Iohn Hardy, Nick Stayonott, Bob Anderson, Fred Brown, Dick Miller, Milo Eiche, Bill McCurdy, Max Couch, Paul Sheets. Third row: Eugene Hammer, Elmore Cornewell, Blanche Bird, Doris Brock, Cleo Dold, Ruth Bridenbaugh, Marilyn Baker, Rosalie Watkins, Barbara Bauman, Eleanor Feuchter. Fourth row: lack Kortakrox, Ioanna Oftord, Della Emrick, Betty Douglas, Don Favory, Phyllis Neff, Leona Vandzura, Patsy White, Jeanne Hirsche, Bob Edwards. Filth row: Douglas Cox, Ray Cox, Bob Kinnaman, Bob Erhman, Harry Stapleton, Dorothy Lunz, Bob Henry, Earl Conner, Harry Seuter. Sixth row: Mary Stout, Shirley Morse, Delores Hoeppner, luanits Dold, Betty Taylor, loan Stickelman, James Ort, Kathryn Cronier. Seventh row: Esther Bastian, Delores Gibson, Colleen Ferguson, Corrine Ferguson, Donald Kaylor, Pat Olinger, Ruby Busch, Iulra Waldrop. Eighth row: Ina Lee Clevenger, Ethel Iohnston, Dorothy Christman, Kenneth Meeks, Ann Smithson, Alfred Meyer, Marjorie Deardoft, Catherine lones, Iackie Haight, Carol Wilson. Ninth row: Ora Brewster, Bob Baker, Wilber Doepke, Fred Engle-man, William Ploughe, Iohn Cline. Tenth row: Pat Beichard, Phyllis Hoover, loe Rice, Ruth Carpenter, Orlin Feller. Bottom row: Lieselotte Holzman, Thalia Brunkhart, Laurence Weibel, lane Emrick, Ronald Iackson, Eleanor Stoller. Yes, were the freshiesf68 boys, GU girls. We're the ones who have been most saving ot our E coupons, ln fact, the upperclassmen and faculty clamped down on us and let us spend only one coupon this year. Personally, we'd like to rush through Elmhurst like a streamlined trainy but you know how this rationing system imposes tight restrictions. How did we spend the year? Well, we, a lot of us, took algebra, biology, English, etc. At these jobs we put in long hours, but many of us saw our names on the honor roll so it was worth it. Our first chance to show our spirit was in the magazine campaign. We came in sixth in the home rooms contest. We sold 35.40 per capita. Anyway, we beat rooms 12 and 14. Next we chose officers, Milo Eiche is our president. He also sells us war stamps and bonds. Milo is quite a salesman for he topped the magazine sales in room 5, our home room. loe Bice is class vice-president. Hes active in the Glee Club and Bed Cross Club. Lieselotte Holzman keeps our records. Chick Gittin handles our money. Both are mem- bers oi the Bed Cross Club. Chick helps foe out in Glee Club. Our sponsor is Mr, Logan. He's that stern man who checks absences, makes an- nouncements, supervises our lunch hour and tour of the halls, and sees to it that we study first thing in the morning and last period in the afternoon. He also teaches many of us about x and y. We're still working on what X equals. The trials of a freshman! Oh me, oh us! The flu epidemic cancelled our Christmas party. However, we started our second semester with a party lanuary 28. And we hope that no more shortages or rationing will prevent us from using the very last of our E coupons for a party in the spring. .1 iii N YF' 'Q ' ' '- 'F' f,7f'3.' .VW 2-"73f"' :"' VV' M? S ' , X ,x ' "UV f1 ' . V ' Rh ' A X51 A -'L. 'iv f is .f'W'7 ,., 2 b 24' - 444 sf W' Q Alf w ., 9. ' " X . 1, -f -ff " F 753312 .:-. gil '- -Q' rd iffy. ' ' s W K " . A Q , , X V , ,. , Ak - W . 'Sr X , i A 1 x NSR K 5 V' .xx -if ff . '-A 5-if " A' W x x x X tn x xg xv., lv , f r , . Qx H -',, v- 2552 A X Q 0 Q 'W 8 wi V , ,"' - , W-vbkbxl HXQY ' wi UV: tx' 'r X :QA , xx "' , 5 Q K E- , Nixiw ' .f " s'..7f ' gQ 'V ,iffy .iggxffi gn ,5 " X Q my 1 .X KE . , V - aim N5 f M- Xi ,, xxx V is Q . X Y Iv. - V3 A - ,.- I ,.v , ,. ' ' 1 mini? It 4 ll ,y m ii 5 X k , Exiafiww 'S 'M . Mx -my ' A ff- is k M, if H IN . Q.. ,, , A Lf, ,ky .ggi W 'iff M if Aki ,A-,'i? if Q . A Nw, . - f Q 2 1 i- , A 'Wa A-vi, .' was Q- V' - A N , . - - -1 ,fn Q. u w 'i-3,5 1 S ik 'ff QF ' b " 'Y . f 1 x 'W Q my Q , R x... xi Q Ki Q . ,gm W KN ,. Q if Q .xx 1 3 -R .63 K 4, V x All I uiynrkba 'v 4, gb, . .I TA X, -- w ,J Y' y xii 'A 1 We 'A i,g5Q.Xw5ga64 X , . ,M 'H X X ?N..w Cf we .VSQXN -- if N , . Q-af XA JF V5 , IN 1 fx . -MY., e' ' A x uw Xe ' Q' 'N 'iw 1 3233, 'B ,K ' - RN-sf " E X K , , 'K AV' Q, yt' xx in ..!f I m 31. .Hia , - t .-A . A if by X - , 1, v .ap - A . , ' 3. H I w X 1 ' -if . V 'f 'ff ., X -Y 1 -A 4 - RQ' ...Mi x , .R . . X 5 -1 ..' ,,, , Y , 1 4 x V34 . its 5 if .X N ,M sm 3 . NQN91.. Hx, if x, '. W -, - 11 ' - f 'Y . S Q, Q: . X , , - Q, , 'E wg A x- x he x Y N fi :Q Q , gm 4 Q. R. X VG X Q X W wx? YK A 'Y , 'W ian. X , W' N - 1, he " Y x' , x NT :wc 5 Q-W X as .qw xv-A I "N ff, a.,Qlmii"f5V'l" Mwsdliw x . ., ., T':f "' s k" f f 1 F WARNING: T y NSWNXES CLUBS 1 ADV AN CE- -2 GL-E-E CL BAND ME-N W Q- Q W f f f 33 Back row: Wilma Palmer, Mila Haag, Pat Manes, lanell McKeeman. Front row: joan Carriger, Sylvia Gilleft, Beverly Baker, Ieanne Hartman n ' foupona, dlwafp, Ualicl The Commercial Club progressed very nicely this year under the able guidance of Sylvia Gilleff assisted by loan Carriger. Beverly Baker kept tab on the minutes, and Wilma jean Palmer took care of the money. Miss Edwards, commercial teacher, was the sponsor. At the first meeting, Sylvia appointed a standing committee to provide entertainment at each of the monthly meetings, Cn this committee were leanne Hartman, Ianell McKee- man, Mila Haag and Patricia Manes. At each meeting after the roll call was taken, each of the members was to respond with a response or pay the piggy bank a penny fine. This response had to be in some way connected with commercial subjects or the business world, At the first monthly meeting, the standing committee informed the members a mock trial was to take place, with Bill Shaw as judge: Sam Ventruella, clerk: loan Carriger, de- fendant: Marjorie Beck, defense attorneyg and Alvin Busse, prosecuting attorney. These appointments were made wisely and the trial went over big with lots of laughs and fun. The Commercial Clubs first semester party was held on january 15 in the school gym. The food committee consisted of leanne Hartman, Meriam Nash, Ielene Leonard, and Susan Churchward. loey Davison, Phyllis McCoy, Ioan Carriger and Marilyn Trzynka were in charge of the amateur radio hour program. To be eligible for membership in the Commercial Club the members must take at least one commercial subject. The comn'ercial subjects are bookkeeping, shorthand and typing. M-Hmm KM, . . .. Boy lWhat a wonderful club! lust super-duper tor getting the lznow on the scicntilm highlights and experiments of the year, The club started oft right by continuing its long habit ot being one of the most active clubs at Elmhurst. Mr. W. H. Carnahan, who has the distinction oi writing a text bool: or mathematics, gave a talk and demonstration on mathematics and science. His talk was both interesting and informative. Big eyes and loud sighs were quite in evidence by the members: but, then, that was only the first demonstration. Now that cr semester has passed these followers ot Galileo Galilei know that just about anything can happen in the world ot science. Yes sir, 'Cause theyre scientists nowl Next the Phi'Chem Club took a walking tour through Fort Wciyne's water works. The members secured the lowdown on just how the St, Marys river water can be made into pure, clear drinking water for the citizens ot Fort Wayne. Miss Wimmer and Mr. Logan are the sponsors ot the club. Both are excellent sponf sors, too, the members all agree. Freeman Lehman was elected president: Carl Bay, vice- president: and loan Carriger, secretary-treasurer, Freeman used his executive powers to appoint an entertainment committee with lack Sinn, chairman: Vera McGregor, Betty Bassett, Lucille l-loeppner, and Tom English to deter- mine the club's activities. Witli this group in charge oi ideas, the future will be merry and bright. So will these scientists alter the second semester demonstrations planned have been presented. Brick How' Freemnn Lehman, lfxfl-: Sinn, Lerl-ind F331-'e English, Curl Ray, itlc Cxpin Front row: Betty Enssett, Lucillf Hiiriipyi-i'1i5r, Veii lflfiriqjir, livin Ccrrriger. CD at ' W.. .--,--,. Q , - .int , . ,K !v, -4-.a.x.1J'. --Q , -'1 - -r nv' ' . ,g..... Y, , 'LJ 'A - : r - .Mu .n.,11.5,.,.,4, ,. - 11 Ur. l'1'4:'i" - :'.Qf' :xl , ui. V-Af. I EI - "alll . - :-.-9, im ,ii ,L . .L , 'D , . -4 , X .-53. ,:.J:x. .Ni ','?',l ,.. uf, fn.. .a....g 4, Lt". J 1-,.f. ',-,- ,' -o , A X., . ,lx -, 41:7 ,a , L 1 1 - x L1- ?l,a.,, , va :--JU. ,1 , ' 3" , ' Q ", 1 "WJ -3' ffl. ' "1 1. A . . va ' if .--.--.A ..' f is ,- .k k D ,xS....:P - ,. ,-.'4Y,.. 'ig- .,N,, - A 4 . 4 , , , , - - 'e . . ' ' A . 'I '-fi . .1 .. ., I ' 1 .v ' N ' ' ' , I ' N-. 1 - ., - yi .. Tj, - A1215 f . , .. A . :V 2 - ,V V Sh X vn- n. V,-N :mv ' 'fy 'f - , , 712,--'-F, . s "M 7' f..' 4 ' ' ,.,i.,,..l-lg., f.. ,,,. 1-...AV--:N , -' Y ijiff. ' ' .' 4v'5T,':' ,ll '- -'ff' ' f ' .-1. ,wg-1 g.. . .- -. . yg".1f,.' 5'-' . , 'Ml 95 '- -' ' -x ., f-, vw, 1 1. LN , EA ,, v .74 kj, .J ' . w.s-Hp f . I."- "a . '-1 un. -, 3' 1 'vf.1..,A 1 - A -K . ty ' ., ., Q . .31-5 ,A A: x Y' 1 A X 'uf .I fffvh ' . ', .. '.'."1'. Q 4 . . V12 , A ,-'4- ju' .- J .. 1' . 'f'?.x3 ix. vi 0 I ,, .Mk ' .fl - r A , 1-. W L 1 7.- He ,, 2 5 f-E'.Q.,,1Ik. 11.4-A' .4 1 .F 1-' 'ggi 5. .. "- 'x I . r ,-"M: E -'V . ,., ,w ' . ' .2 4 . . ' T:-',:' N ,. 1' 1. , , , ,, , v - -1 nv, r 1.4. '4. I cr, 242.1 HL"-f,f .. -L, I' :ara CQ, -MM fd. Qspj. 1. AQ: H. .A A. .f ' 1 .K 'f . -5. -1 , ,gs Standing' lticl-1 Scliniidt, Gale Sctatt, Betty Bassett, Carol Kling, Bill Hanlze, Bill l.angn'ieyer, Alvin Busse Dale Prince Sitting: Vera McGregor, Mary Ann Ltitzenberger, Cilvin Oyer, Stan Mclieeman dalvanca ,SconpA, Fnbubi, 0 Qnfclumi It's the Advance staff doing its duty by all you Trojans and giving you the lowdown on what's cooking and what's on the future menu. Rationing and such doesn't interfere at all with news, feature, or sports, ln fact, rationing is good material for human interest stor- ies for the paper. Mary Ann Ditzenberger, editorg Calvin Oyer and Vera MacGregor, as- sistant editorsg Betty Bassett, feature editorp Stan Mclieeman, news editor: Alvin Busse sports editor: Phyllis McCoy, make-up editor: and headline editors, Nick Christoff and Mar- jorie Beck, have the paper well in hand. But these Trojans aren't the only ones who make up the Advance staff. Heavens no! Reporters, feature writers, sports writers, typists, copy- readers and room agents all do a big job for the paper. Dick Schmidt, the business manager, and his assistant, Dick Kahlenbeck see that the Advance doesn't begin or end its bookkeeping in the red. Gale Scott, advertising mana- ger, and his assistant, Marlyn McNamara: circulation manager, Bill Langmeyerg exchange manager, Dale Princeg and advertising solicitors all do their part in keeping the Advance running. Bill I-lanke supervises the sending of the Advance to all the alumni of Elmhurst in the services. Mrs. Pletcher and Mr. Logan are the faculty advisers for the Advance and help the staff when it sends out an S, O. S. The four-paged Advance is a star at Elmhurst with its Trid Column, Grannie's Cookie Iar, and Trojan Trumpetings. ln fact, the Advance is to Elmhurst what Betty Grable is to Twentieth Century-Fox. I E151-I raw: Syivig: Gill--ii, St :rx liljlief-:ii IIT, Ctrl Fwy, l'i'lZ fcliiiidt Eoli' l:i'Lve, M iii- rie E f-N' li Fr'-Lf YQ : PTA :1 P13514 1 Fliti- zr. Tzrrirer ' r- Pie F",.'l 67110 fnllaci Huizhu! The lunior Red Cross Club is one ot the most important clubs ot Elmhurst High. lt is supported by the majority ot the student body. Bob Rice was elected presidentg Carl Ray, vice-president, and loe Rice, secretary and treasurer ot this club. Miss Wininier, health and chemistry teacher, is the sponsor. The Red Cross Club is responsible for the unique hall monitor system we have. What is a hall monitor? He is the person you see sitting in the desk at either entrance ot the building and whose duty is to greet strangers coming into the building and take them where they wish to go fusually to the otticel. The Red Cross Club helps out in the great present day responsibilities .lt is this club that collects games for men in the service, scrap paper to help out the paper shortage: tin cans for the metal shortage, pennies tor the National lunior Red Crossg money tor the tuber- culosis drive, and also contributions tor the March of Dimes which is to aid the curing of infantile paralysis, The club had a Christmas party December l8 in the school gym. Everyone brought a ten cent gitt which Santa Claus delivered. The party consisted ot dancing and a swell stage showi The entertainers were Frankie Swoonatra, two drunken gentlemen aboard train, a gay nineties quartette, songs, instrumental trio, piano solo and a reading oi "The Night Betore Christmas". When Annie went to press, the home rooms were still competing in salvage drives and looking forward to the big party promised to the winner. 'r the Hiitzirin, Mary Ann l7itzerb'rger, Mtxry Liu lVlfII'l3S, Mtirth-1 Wood mb' 0n.6w1,f Nothing was on the ration list on the Home Ec Clubs bulletin board. Girls, fun, work and activities were not rationed. The first semester highlight was a skating party held on Qctober lb. ln spite of the shortage of gas coupons, and the thinness of the tires that one finds impossible to get nowadays, the party was very well attended. The treasurer was quite busy for a time with the profits derived from the party, During the pre-holiday season, the girls made stockings and filled them with fruit and candy for the boys at Baer Field. Patty Ferguson and Ioan Stickleman were especially active in this work. 'lheir old custom of exchanging names in peanuts and giving their peanut sisters little surprise gifts on birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day was again carried on this year. leanne Hartman led this group as preside-ntg Marion Clevenger as vice-presidentg and Mary Lou Manes as secretary. Martha Wood and Ioan Sticlcleman alternated as treasurer. Miss Simon, cafeteria manager, was their adviser. Mary Ann Ditzenberger assisted her. Although Marion Cleve-nger withdrew from school, the girls did not elect anyone to fill her position. Cupids and hearts were very young and gay for the whole school at the Valentine party sponsored by the l-lorne Ec girls on February l2. The Sagebrush Ramblers from Def catur played for the dancing, I. Hartmann, M. A. Ditzenberger, l. Klerner, and M, O. Graft were in charge of the program. l. Mclieeman, l. Englernan, P. Buell, M. Tizynka and l. Sticl-cleman made and put up the decorations. V. Holle, l. Brock, E, Hatfield, M. Hatfield and E. Feuchter served the refreshments. Standing: Bob Rice, lohn Hausntinn, lon Neff t Middle row: Dick Laisure, Betty Chiddister, Berniece Beltz, Betty Bassett, Beitrice- Prrker Front row: Richard Hiss, Step-lien Klerner, Ellen Fry, Phyllis Ilen, Pxtsy Vfhiif- 50 HIL-Uni jun, "Hand me that paint brush, please!" "Oh, I simply can't seem to make this girls eyes look natural! Oh! There l got it." "Ch, kid, thats swelll' The Art Club members are doing a lot ot mural work this year, but then artists must have practice, you know. Wliat could be a better way to practice than painting murals or, well--just plain pictures to most of us? Berniece Parker, and Margaret Nash, together with the assistance of the other members, created a lovely backdrop tor the Glee Club Christmas Cantata. A Shakespearean mural, painted by Betty Bassett, Ion Nerf and the members ot the club, portrays those famous characters ot "A lVIidsummer4Night's Dream,"-e Bottom, Puck, and Titania. That lovable character Bottom, is caught right smack in the bucket in such a deplorable condition! His head has turned into that ot a donkey. People just shouldnt get in such a state! In addition to this work, the walls ot room 4 are being adorned with murals ot the basketball boys, drum major, drum majorettes, and school activities in general. The Art Club has a new sponsor this year, Miss Wigtonp and the whole club is very glad to have her tor their sponsor. Betty Bassett was elected president by the members: Beatrice Parker, vice-president: and Betty Chiddister, secretary-treasurer. The twenty-one members of the Art Club planned activities for the second semester, but no activities were held during the first semester, Jim Elan. gm arm, UM The Glee Club as every one knows is a singing club. This club aids the morale of the school by ending the day on a happy note. When the last bell of the day has rung and the students come pouring out of every available exit, you can tell just which ones are members of the Glee Club because they are usually humming or singing the song which the bell interrupted. Many students within hearing range of the singers also join in on their way out the door. On Wednesday, September l5, the Glee Club elected its officers for the year. From the fifty girls and sixteen boys lna Mae Zollinger was elected president: Helen Mutton vice- president, and Dorothy Ritter secretary and treasurer. Miss Wigton, a new member of the Elmhurst faculty, is the director of the Glee Club. Helen Mutton assists her by playing the piano. The Glee Club, just before the Christmas vacation, presented the school with a Can- tata on December 24. This program consisted of songs by the choruses, duets, solos, quar- tettes, double guartetts, and piano solos, The audience also joined in on several of the fa- miliar songs. The program was as follows: Song: "joy To The World." Cflee Club and audience. Girls Cflee Club: "Wonderful Story" with soprano obligato "Silent Night" flute, violin and clarinet. Piano accompaniment Solo: "lesu Bambino." 'lna Mae Zollinger Double Mixed Quartet: "Santa Lucia" with explanation by Dorothy Ritter and Ruth Carpenter Crigin of the Red Cross: lla Mae Houghton Piano Solo: jackie Haight Solo: Dorothy Allison "The Pour Freedoms": lack Kortokrax, lon Neff, Stan Mclieeman, and lean Hirsch Songs: Glee Club and audience "White Christmas" "jingle Bells" "Star Spangled Banner" "The Glee Club is one of the several electives in our school curriculum. "Many pupils are talented in this manner so the club gives an opportunity for group expression. Our school spirit is reflected in songs and how we sing them. "With modern inventions, more and more time is made available for leisure. Those who have hobbies such as music, art, or reading, will have no trouble using that time after the war, "ln this activity we learn by doing rather than studying. Singing is a skill that comes through practice. This reaches out into the social life and adds a joyous note to all con- cerned. "More is written to be heard now than ever before. The quality of the voice is more important since the invention of radio and sound pictures. "Our girls' glee club hopes to preserve the "mother tongue" by means of building a good chorus for Elmhurst High by studying the 3-"T" 'sz Time4Tune-Tonality. "Walter Damrosch said: 'The decline or incline of a nation depends upon the Way its people spend leisuref One third of our life is spent in bed, one third working, and the remaining third on various activities. "Sports build health, books contribute knowledge of facts, but music keeps up the morale," says Miss Wigton, Tji xcw. 13:1 E:7:'.:.x:'.-1, Ei: Ruyl 11:11 W" -'li :Lb R165 Tix. Exgll Li, .. z. Biker, Iwi: V111 Aulzi-tx Sefond r:w, Beverly Lrllze- Helen Nash, flquelzrn Y Lrzgzff Hzdlly xr ' ie T ' l 'I-Q l'liL1'V ton, Ccrrme Fergusi-n, :elites Eetrrzft Bottom row: Ethel lohnsifsn, lane- Entrtrk, Helen Muttxx, Alxii' fit 13912:-1 Lal: ffm Xl'?f1te:z,1z1, Lf.: l f.l'xtt':., lxfghu Hurley, Iexnne Husshe, Ictrdhy Alltscn, P:ll',':t'.m 'Nl-'HQEHLITL Top row: luck Korttlkrax, lurk Lmk, Vtfayne Lishe, Drtl: lf12Bolt,l-lblllzt llozsa Bib Arlderfit, S'1::.11-el Yfritru-Lllz, Exrbxrx Ext min, Ruth Czrpenter Second row: MA1r1lyn Mxller, Margaret Es-eler, Nldlfli' Parl-ier, Vzvxzr. Grffgl-te, lor: " Lutiz, luln 'ffildrzp ll x Intllzztqff lutzmtl Coleman, Kztthryn Cromer, Mlry Stout Bottom row: Betty Taylor, Elznche Bud, Della Emrlch, Tfiry fihiftj Firzhy Fhrtstr' ' yn Pirkmsgrz, lr-If-:N lf:-1.1 Dorothy Fhtter, Thplmc Iohnston, Ann Smxthson V w 1 I v r N w 1 4 N 1 w A 4 l Beat ' ' .'sf0nl:3a6'mt4,67m, The bond holds q spot in the heort of every student of decxr old Elmhurst. Some stu- dents think of it qs o joke, but most of them ore proud of the bdnd. The bond, qs ct whole, hots lots of fun. lt hds mcrny opportunities which the other students don't receive. As on exqmple, the bctnd gets to go to the county tourney free of chotrge cmd with trqnsportotion furnished. The members of the bond think they have ct swell director. Although Mr. Frybcrck does get q little tough every once in CI while, he is still o. k. Sometimes he preoches quite ct little sermon, cqlling those present cute nqmes cmd telling them how exceedingly intel- ligent they seem to him. Then he tells them thot he recilly doesn't like to be "horrd-nosed" with them but sometimes he hos to be in order to get them to do omything, But isn't he right? Some outstdnding members otre: Phyllis Henning, lock Sinn, Ccrrl Boy, Don Schneider, Bob Kinerk, Dove Brunkhcrrt, loom Stemen, cmd lerry Pond. These people dre whqt's wrong with the bcmd. Phyll, ctlthough cr very good clctrinet plcryer, simply con't get out the right music qt the right time. lock cmd Cori ore tops on trombone: but they ore wolves of one Certain clqss, ond when girls come into the room they hqve the nerve to sit bqck qnd howl like the cmimql itself. Don, Bob, ond Dove gre quite ot trio. Don is usuqlly quiet ond bqshful cmd tries to do justice to his cornet while Bob hits the wrong notes cmd Dove for- gets to bring his horn. locm is thdt "corney" crssistqnt director who, the two wolves soty, wqsn't elected for her "directing" otbility. Lctst but not lectst is thqt redehectded senior, lerry, or I, P. cts he is usuolly coiled, who dfter plctying o sqx solo looks up quite innocently ond soys, "Who mode thcrt horrid noise?" Now the bond is not entirely or fun house, lt hos qlso cr serious side. Everyone knows thot co-operdtion is not "everyone for himself crlone" but working together. ln the bqnd every person hos to listen for the others in order to hove the sounds thot come forth sound like music ond not the opening of Eibber McGee's closet door. The Elmhurst bornd hos glwctys been well thought of by other schools qnd people for its qbility. The bond, crlthough now restricted becquse of portriotic recxsons, hos in eqrlier yectrs won mqny honors in both motrching cnd pldying. The bond is proud of its drum mdjor, twirlers, cmd flqg beorers. They dre very out- stctnding on the pcrrqde grounds ond ore somewhot ct comouflotge for the rest of the bond. loom Ccrrriger ond Sylviq Gilleff hqve won mqny honors for their twirling obility cmd per- sonolity. They hqve been with the bond four yeors. Dick Deuter, Phyllis McCoy, Bqrboro Keever, Motrgie Beck, qnd Virginiq Cox mqke up the rest of the foreground for our mcrrch- ing bond, See potge 2 for their picture. The bond plqys quite or vqriety of music, populqr pieces, morches, cmd heovier over- tures. Among the populqr music comes: "White Christmqsf' "For Me ond My Gul," and "Sundoy, Mondoy or Alwqysf' Some of the morches ore: "The Americon Pc1trol," "The Four Freedoms" otnd "The Four Allies." The overtures otre: "The Troveler" qnd "Bogor." While refreshing your mind by looking through this book, plectse list the bond with your pleqscmtest memories. new-rw nina Standing: Mildred Sheets, Kathryn Cronier, Dick Sutorius, Dick Schmidt, Milo Eiche, lerry Pond Sittma: loan McKinney, Mary Smith, Norman Tipton, Lawrence Poormari luultq, JfI.0jtlI'lA. Hack jim Serious faces? You bet. For these are the home room agents for war stamps and bonds. Each Wednesday the eighth period, they report to the office, get their quota of stamps and return to their rooms. Then the line forms to the right. Selling, checking, and making change takes place, When the accounts balance, they turn in their envelopes and money to their director, Mrs. Weiss. There's been no rationing in this effort, for during the first semester, 515,424.40 Worth of bonds and stamps were sold. At the suggestion of Stan McKeeman, We entered a con- test to buy as many jeeps as we could. Mr. lames F. Keenan, president of the Keenan Hotel System, offered to match us dollar for dollar. By December 7, we had subscribed fE7,424. When Mr, Keenan matched our sales, we had enough subscribed to buy more than thirteen jeeps. For this effort, we Trojans won a treasury citation. Home room 15 led the sales with almost 953,000 worth of bonds and stamps and re- ceived a minute man flag award. The war stamp agents are indeed worthy members of the Victory Corps. We stu- dents, too, can take a bow for being thrifty and for backing the attack of our armed forces. L. Poorman and l. Davison were room agents for 165 I. Pond, room 147 M, Eiche, room 55 K. Cronier, room 65 D. Sutorius and N. Tipton, room 155 D. Schmidt, room 127 M. Smith and l. McKinney, room ll: M. Sheets, room 4: C. Hill, room 9. fl 1 f N Lv ' fi 1 W hs gg I I ',. . . N . E' i -'wi - ' If if' ,,, . 'X 'kxf -M fhy ' 4 N., Q l Stixnding' luamta Coiemln, Virginia Halle, Hithryn Cronier, I-'lilo Fit tiff, B-'tty Twylar, Bob Kmerl: l Sitting: lohn Kussmaul, lclene Leonard, lemme lriartmin, Alvin Evisse, lotin Mclfllnney, Bob Andi-rsor' l "CU1z,dh.0.CUn ' Uwr, 6U'ay,Jh1wu4h,d977aqa3b1.a, wmv. uw. lem, a ' Du" We said we couldn't do it. But we bumped the limit. We sold 52,417.75 worth ot mag- azines this year! Home room 15 sold 5664.75 and won the patriotic banner. Home room 6 and l5 were next in per capita sales. Honor salesman, Alvin Busse, who won the S25 bond, hit the top rung ot the sales ladder by selling 596.75 Worth ot subscriptions. Virginia Holle sold 587.50 worth of subscriptions, Kathryn Cronier, 579.255 and Milo Eiche, 570.00. Other super-duper salesmen and women were lelene Leonard, Bob Kinerk, Betty Taylor, leanne Hartman, lohn Kussmaul, Bob Anderson, luanita Coleman, and Ioan McKinney. Daily bulletins on the progress ot the sales were issued: slogans were announced. and prizes and War stamps were awarded by Mr. Eickhoft, sponsor ot the campaign, Twenty-eight per cent of the money made by seniors gave Annie vitamins worth 5133.35 The Iuniors were given some per cent of their profits tor the Prom. A public address system will be installed in the school with some of the money also. So the underclassmen aren't cheated a bit. For who will get the most use out of it? The one who will be here longest, ot course-the Freshies and Sophs. Then, too, the Maga- zine Campaign results made it possible to send all Elmhurst men and Women in the armed forces, the Advance! So all we Trojans held the bridge of Triumph and won the battle. We found that subscribers and salesmen are not rationedl 45 'W 4 P Jha 1 W Mm 00.04 '. -5' 1 YSPIYXOYX BOOXL O? YKYJYKOYNQ-5 OE XSDA H 'Vqixe book e?0o0X6 ook be eickooqed ox sob xNxQ0o0x 609 oowoxxmoixoo Snow qovx xoixofx xoooid ok edxxoxe. X9 Qccepixoq Q0ve, book, X oqxee xo pies-awe xx 006 was Q xx os iemiued. Q , 1 I R, ' "V ' 1 fl. I f XJ Y. 5!'QI,e.W 1.4!-A-I 4 ' ,,,,,,. ,.., ,. .27 ....,. ...A.,................,,..,.....,.,,,,, . qfxed Noi Q02 Qei-500 'xo 090010 Q0x5 XQOOY- Xe EF F Go M X5506 K U . A 1 s. ' 1 -1... .., W- my '.f:s,. 4 V"'S'H'Mea-Tex' 4 .. lm 5 -, xwx -31 , ..-.. .mgyvl L . .W- 5 5 1 . , K 4, . v',' .vw Q H ' - f"'.si'. mb wgw-f ,N - X- XW-fwis,M? "' ' ww "f'f'f' - '. ?'f??'fSS' A. A ' Sp' . -P+ . Q Q .X ,K ml A . A 1 'W Fug .fii-:S 'N 5 an is H H t "S+ - , . ,. . Ni' QM'-A .. , . -P' Q . , ,. ,g ,EX Y wg gig-3 V . A .P , . A "' 1. 1-1. . V- sfvisxi' ,Q FET' x ' m Lf. t, -.-- H-an '-:. - 1 -4 i 'C.3RX'::g,', -,Nw -3- .1 4-Q.-Ng ...-. ' ' 'Kee-N v V 4 ks M " .alt 1 ' 'Q-'-5 XV ww, -x , ' -11" . , W . . A " CYP? ' Vi ' . , .4 . s Axifvnv h H ' fe- M' Qyxf- M156 v, -Q' wx ' Us 5 . 'O 4 , f 1 - ,'x".W A Aff'-is YMMN. ,, u 1-K A 9' -' 4. :.m.,- .. - , ' ' X In wigs, ,Al asv-, qu, x. ' " , . . V ,. . . . It . , I I b l Q grip, K - ', . .1 - - - X: .rf 'x -A SEX Mx tina x ' NN9- N mm 'Ky V I ',. , - me -gf! xi ...x. A, 1 ' - .. .ww - tx 'HKU -ESS-5 uf' 4" . 1 X 6 wiv- 51,11 Q-.-1 . ,,- X-,mfs .?'Q.5lAQx-Qfyl -' W- . Y 5Rg,5.3w.?,ff5.,xA ' , . , - ' ' ,rf 'f xi Lrg x+","v. t ev '21 f X . is . , 5,53-5211, Q' ,. ,R fx 13. -X a -s45' ?g1w:ETf-' -N R?bE?NN 4!?"'X:g Qtf,'n "SY :N Q53 - 5 -,S ' +..'Y'x X' . X- " A, V1 2 - . wwsi Niigws. Salim-w..'f -' 'E .fwfJ.s,. ,- . . . 1 f FJ-f' f Q 1 WAR Th 1 NING1 detach p d d I9 It T Y 1 S? NUS 441 x G. 18.18. Q' ?-1-in: cum gf xazxcxf. vvmsxcm, fumtss E. CLUB Lk LBUBELS SN BPS Q BD QQ O4 CZ, 63 E 'SL E Kg W f Jun,Jm,dlL...dlLJm, jun, "Anyone who wishes to play soft-ball please sign on the bulletin board by Wednes- day." That is one of the first notices to appear on the blackboard in the home rooms ev- ery spring. Soon as you see this sign, you know the G. A. A. has once more started on another year of vigorous activities, Most of the girls of Elmhurst join the Girls' Athletic Association. This organization pro- vides fun for everyone, two noon hours out of every week. I say everyone! Well, don't the boys have fun watching the girls make a football game out of a basketball game? Sometimes it seems that way. Also some of the names signed on the bulletin board hardly belong to the girls, so the boys enjoy G. A. A. too. The G. A. A, is one way in which to earn a school letter. For a while this organiza- tion was rather "rundown" and unorganized. Now we sincerely hope that it has started on an upward journey to where it will once more mean something to the school. ln order to earn a G. A. A, letter you must have 250 points. These points are earned by various activities both organized and unorganized, The organized activities consist of basketball, softball, and volleyball. These are played in the school at noon. The unor- ganized activities are manyg some are: hiking, swimming, bicycle riding, ping pong, roller skating, dancing, and tennis. A plaque can be earned with 350 points. The first semester party sponsored by the G. A. A. was a Depression Hop. ln order to be admitted into the party you had to be dressed in ragged old clothes. The gymnasium was decorated with newspapers around the walls, The Hop consisted of dancing, a stage show, and lots of laughing and fun, topped off with depression refreshmentsqrackers and Kool-Aid. Some of the outstanding factors of this stage show were: a song by Ielene Leonard: a tap dance by Pat DeBoltg acrobatics by Rosalie Watkins: song by Althea Tarr and loan Stemen: a recitation by luanita Coleman: a recitation by Beatrice Parker: a wonderful chorus dance by loan Carriger, Barbara Keever, Susan Churchward, Ioey Davison, Althea Tarr, Marjorie Beck, Beverly Baker and Phyllis McCoy: and last but not leasteour master of ceremonies "lackie" Sinn. Didn't I tell you the boys enjoy G. A. A. too? The basketball teams had beautiful names this season. They were: Fizz-Kids, Pussy- Foots, Murder-Ons, and Wise Owls. Basketball seems to be the game most enjoyed by the G. A. A, Some of the girls are looking rather battle-scarred by the time they get off the floor. Some of the jabber that passes among the girls of this club is: "Pat, who plays to- day?"7 "May l borrow your gym suit?"g "To whom do l turn in points for unorganized activities?" By this talk you can recognize the members of G. A. A. The G. A. A. is organized for the sole purpose ot fun in sports. This year's club would like to wish all the clubs in the future as much fun as they have had. FQ i. x ws.- X 'I 9 , i, I'- X Q i f -7',,.'-.::-:"- ' H' ' - ffwff' '. ,us " rig.. 5. H. J. G. A. A. ofiicers: Luba lean Mclieernan, Ioan Carriaer, Sylvia Gillell, Martha Kreiah, Patricia Manes, and loan Stenien are hoping a ban won't be placed on "qiqqlinq". Among those listed in active duty are Ann Smithson, Phyllis Kuinmer, Ruby Busch and Carol Bowers. Restrictions on points are rnade by Martha Manes, Ruth Post and Ruth Gutniann. Barbara Keever is on the "swing-shift" while Mary Lou Manes would love to make a "catch". Miss Grabner tosses the bally Althea Tarr gets the tip, and Vtfilrna Palmer is confront' ed by a "shortaqe". N 49 Toni English f.w.. lxriee-itrig, L ict: Sutorius Helton Vfiqtt' .. .. .is Lying: loh ri H IU srnan Don lohnson . .4 5 .H . AM M.. Freeman Lehman Bob Rayl lack Sinn Carl Ray Dick Capin Mr. Fri back ' gm ---- year The Ritle Club chose Tom English as president, Don lohnson as vice-president, Helen Voats as secretary, and lohn Hausmann as treasurer. Mr. Eickhoit, with his "Ready, Aim, Squeeze," is their sponsor. Dick Sutorius is the senior executive. His duty is to keep the auns in firinq order. The club is somewhat handicapped by the inadequate supply ot ammunition and lack ot transportation. Betty Bassett, Helen Voqts, Duane Hoehn, Dick Sutorius and Russell McMillen earned their letters last year. There are seventy members shootina this year and working toward N. R. A. awards. Letters are issued to those be- comina "Expert Ritlemen". Two teams will be entered in the Hearst Trophy Match. An award will be aiven to the best marksman, both boy and qirl, by the Scholastic Magazine. Durina the physical fitness classes this year, a new sport was introduced to the boys. This sport was track. Many contests were held amona the boys and new athletes were soon found. Mr. Fryback's idea was to touahen up muscles that they didn't know they had and to start trainina tor his basketball team. He started by aivinq lOO yd. dashes then Gradually worked up to the mile run. The boys hope to enter a track team in the Fort Wayne sectional meet this sprina. Physical Fitness in action Hollis lfloise lupu1caL ' 1Ljzwjan4, The physical fitness program at Elmhurst this year included junior and senior boys. lt is a required course by the government to build the boys up to tipstop shape. Mr. Fry- back instructed the class this year and gave the boys mostly calesthenics with very little marching. He had mainly leg, arm and trunk exercises which soon proved to the boys that that class wasnt exactly a class of rest. Tuesdays and Wednesdays were the days for first aid, another requirement of the course. On these days the class having physical training spent the hour playing volley ball, dodge ball or gang basketball which wasn't so stren- uous. When the weather was suitable, the class moved to the outdoors to get their vitamin D, and to enjoy the cool breezes. Here a new sport, wrestling, was introduced to Elmhurst. Wrestling showed the fellows self-defense and how to take care of their opponents. lt was very rough, but most of the boys enjoyed it as they could show one another who was the strongest. Leap frog was also common as a warm-weather activity. , 88 .' I s n N s oth 5 ff "5-T-it V. x s B 14 How: Boo Baker, rock List, 13111 Looomo,-or, cooofrwo-ook, Boo voiommo, Evo-ron Krootof, Bob Roohm r it Row: Alvin Boooo, Bob Kirmaman, vifoti Aooorsoo, Bob Anderson, B111 shoorof, Roy Cox, Duke Doepke 'Q Xt it Reuzlwmj Elmhurst l4f -l-loaqland l8 Elmhurst Lafayette Cent. 25 Elmhurst lGefLeo 22 Elmhurst fDecatur Cath. 23 Elmhurst 19-Arcola 20 Elmhurst fWoodburn 12 Elmhurst 20-f-Woodburn 15 Elmhurst Arcola 6 Elmhurst 27-flvionroeville 14 Elmhurst --Central Cath. 21 Elmhurst 1011-Iuntertown 22 Elmhurst fOssian 30 Elmhurst l3nLeo 36 Elmhurst 24fl-larlan 21 Elmhurst 21 New Haven 45 Elmhurst -Columbia City 23 Everett Kiesterf82 points Bob Valentineff75 points Virqil Andersone5l points Alvin Bussef45 points tit V ..:,....... ...--i Standinq: Dick Capin, Bob Rxce, Wayne Bradtrnill Dick Schmidt, Don Iohnson, Coach Frylw 101: Sittina Free-:nun Leh ian, Dick Edwards, Carl Hay, Ernie R 1 d on, 1'ic1: Mrllhouse Elmhurst 33 Elmhurst 30 Elmhurst 55 Elmhurst 41 Elmhurst 45 Elmhurst 41 Elmhurst 36 Elmhurst 38 Elmhurst Elmhurst 32 Elmhurst 46 Bradtmiller Capin lohnson Rice Schmidt Lehman Ray Millhouse Richardson Edwards Morse 21e Uafmitq, Hoagland 29 Leo 39 -4 -Arcola 31 Concordia 23 Woodburn 24 Nlonroeville 19 Huntertown 24 efLeo 39 fNew Haven 44 -Lafayette Cent. 31 Decatur Cath, 17 G 21 18 21 17 21 18 14 7 11 5 3 Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst FG 80 58 29 37 25 18 16 5 3 1 1 224 eWoodhurn 19 27-Arcola 26 36 ---Central Cath. 38 42'-eOssiar1 27 42' -Harlan 38 32 Columbia City 29 County Tourney 41 -Arcola 18 274 -New Haven 20 25--Leo 40 Sectional Tourney 20--'Leo 36 FTA ET 63 38 92 53 38 23 28 11 29 15 33 23 9 6 2 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 Roy "Red" Richordson "Ernie" Iohnson Hlohnnie' Rice "Chubby" Morse "Doc" Schmidt Millhouse "Millie' l45 lbs, lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs lbs. junior junior senior senior senior junior junior iorword quord quord forword quord quord forword yr. yr. yrs yrs yrs yr. yr. ,Q 33- C Kasey 'W I f '- BW. 4 rsrQ.,' 'x I. Nie- ,lx x -Q s 2' ffl . 2-5 ,il R-Z fvs YK '3 Edwards D1ck Bradtrnlller Buzz Capln Capoo Lehman Pete lbs. lbs lbs lbs junior junior senior senior forward l yr. center 2 yrs. forward 3 yrs. forward 2 yrs. el. E gitl' , . "5"'--L., .,,..,., .1 'Q ,,, I kw"ff' ...ff X f E I 3. QW ,thai if P S ' E . gl. F11 ff MX is X Ks, - J I. 'Q Q jd Ky aff P . .1 .Q f 1 Q- 'x 5 ,. 5. flahbn, Bunk of ot many happy days at Elmhurst High School, Port Wayne, lndiana. This hook is valuable Do not lose it, Each stamp entitles you to one unit ol unlimited memories, Virginia Cox Mariorie Beck Ioan Ccxrriqer Barbara Keever Sylvia Gilleii Phyllis McCoy Dick Deuter 'wr Dick Deuter, Calvin Oyer Vivian Grepke, Coach Fryback Marilyn Parkison Phyllis MCC-ay, Barbara Keever uma, Un, JMU fum Un, Hlzaqnf Another long and tedious year has ended for the people behind the team. Mr. Donald Fryback our present coach, succeeded Mr. 'Waveland Snider, who was in' ducted into the army last lune. l-le worked hard and long with the team and we all give him a big hand. Mr. Fryback coached the team right up to the finals: and though we didnt retain the championship title, we all know which was the best team. Mr, Fryback coached at Harlan for seven years: this gave him quite a bit of experience before he came to Elmhurst. Two more very efficient workers for the tiam were the student managers: Dick Deuter and Calvin Oyer. Dick held the place of senior manager, this being his second year: and Calvin, the place of junior manager, The manager has to be a junior manager before he is a fullfledged manager. At the end of the serond year, he receives a letteri Calvin will carry on the job of keeping the balls clean, packing and unpacking suits for the games, and doing every little thing that comes his way again this year. Barbara Keever and Phyllis McCoy, juniors, again led the enthusiastic Elmhurst fans with the assistance of two new girls, Marilyn Parkison and Viviann Grepke, sophomores. The four made a flashy and peppy appearance in their bright red and gray outfits. They were in there plugging right up to the finish. Edwin Stern-'-n, W iyne Brtxdtiiiilier, lf-try Pond, B-'b Rice, Tarn English, Ernie Richiirdson ,5 gm arm ppm a-primal, Points! Points! Did we earn points! Have we won points? I-lave We won E's for ex- cellence and Elmhurst! We have point priorities! Our point tables were guarded by Wayne Bradtmiller, presidentg Eddie Sternen, vice-president, Torn English, secretaryftreas urer, and our point and price controller, Mr. Eickhort. Advance tl000 pointslf Mary Ann Ditzenberger, Vera McGregor, Calvin Oyer, Gale Scott, Bill Langmeyer, Dick Schmidt, Dale Prince, Dick Kahlenbeck, Marlyn McNamara, Betty Bassett, Stan Mclieeman, Alvin Busse, Pat Shulze, Beverly Baker, Coral McQueen. Band Q3 years or special awardslf--Phyllis Henning, lerry Pond, Don Schneider, Ed Stemen, loan Stemen, Betty Bassett, Berniece Beltz, Martha Kreigh, Duane Hoehn, lim Kucher, Lawrence Poorman, Lester Sheets, lack Sinn, Bay Valentine, Dick Deuter. G. A. A. C250 pointsl- eBeverly Baker, Mariorie Beck, Berniece Beltz, loan Carriger, Sylvia Gilleii, Phyllis Henning, Martha Kreigh, Coral McQueen, loan Sternen, Althea Tarr, Lois Fackler, Betty Chiddister, Loretta Watkins. Boys' Sports-Wayne Bradtmiller, Dick Capin, Don lohnson, Freeman Lehman, Dick Millliouse, Bob Bice, Ernie Richardson, Ed Stemen, Hollis Morse, Dick Schmidt, Carl Ray. Flag-BearingAVirginia Cox Twirlingee-Sylvia Gilleft, Ioan Carriger, Barbara Keever Yell-Leading-Barbara Keever, Phyllis McCoy Basketball ManagingeeDick Deuter Rifle Club C200 pointsle-Betty Bassett, Duane Hoehn, Tom English. Valedictorian-f-Betty Bassett SalutatorianfCarol Klinq Four Year Honor Roll Betty Bassett loan Carriqer Lerland Foqwell Mildred Hatfield Carol Klinq Freeman Lehman Don Lundqren Vera McGregor Wilrria Palmer Don Schneider Gale Scott lack Sinn Marilyn Trzynka Quill and Scroll Mary Ann Ditzenherqer Gale Scott Dick Schmidt Vera McGregor National Athletic Honorary Dick Capin Freeman Lehman Declamation Awards March Stan Mclfeeman lon Neil Hayes Citizenship Awards loan Carriqer Dick Capin '4 National Honor Society Seniors Betty Bassett in '43 loan Carriqer Lerland Foqwell Mildred Hatfield Carol Klinq Freeman Lehman Vera McGreqor in Don Schneider Gale Scott lack Sinn Marilyn Trzynka Iuniors Nick Christott loan McKinney Dick Schmidt Mary Smith G. A, A. Plaque Doris Coleman Iunior Prom Queen Lucille l-loeppner 3 Iunior Prom Attendants Ruth Bastian Betty Chiddister Barbara Keever Marjorie Link Phyllis McCoy Virqinia Yoquelet r I pledqe allegiance to the Flaq of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. What does this picture mean to you? To those who are qivinq their services and per- haps their lives, this scene must have meant a qreat deal. lt stands for happy memories of their schooldays, and most of all, everyone's freedom. To us it is a symbol of fellowship, love, and service. lt stands for our duties as a citi- zen of the United States. lt carries on the spirit of countless students before and after us. We hope this picture recalls happy memories of your highschool days. W SN anim-af Klwicm Class Qfllcials G. A. A. Qpenlna Niqlwt Public Spealcinq Class Rehearses Play Station R-E-D-CVR-O-S-S COMPLIMENTS OF Masterson Studio 1904 Broadway Fort Wayne, - Indiczncx Dill 8: Dill Agency ALL LINES OF INSURANCE Authcuy 1110 727 South C1iuton f Fort Wciyne, Indicmu FORTRIEDE'S SHOES 015 Calhoun St. A-8101 Sandpoint Greenhouse Bluffton Road FORT WAYNE, 1ND1ANA Kern's Bicycle Store KEYS MADE LOCKS REPAIR:-:D 1107 Broadway Pom WAYNE, INDIANA The Fuller Brush Co. 1130 Lincoln Tower 69 USES "HEAD TO FOOT" "CELLAR TO ATTlC" DOSWELL'S FLOWERS 301 West Main St, FLOWERS BY TELEGRAPH Phone A-ll83 Sandpoint Grocery 61 Filling Station TEXACO GAS AND OILS Sandpoint Rd. H-79147 Industrial Piping and Engineering Company HEATING AND VENTILATING SANITARY PLUMBING Corner Grant and Luther Sts. MANTH PHARMACY Phone 1-1-5163 3518 Broadway Fort Wayne, lnd. N civic, state and national affairs, The News-Sentinel endeavors to always lend its support to such activities as give promise of making Amer- ica, Indiana and Fort Wayne, in particular-a better place in which to work and live. E112 nun-Svvniinrl Fort TVaync's Good Evezuny Newspuper Established 1833 if xr ,f gf QX Q ' 710 Qwv,-that Zan, Man Shortage Black Market live Slirrqers V' No Waste Here Quart and Half Pims "Allah , .5 - Hx ? ' - u ::QLLY1,42-.- 7- . I I I I I I IAY'S PANT SHOP PANTS-IACKETS-SWEATERS 1126 Calhoun St. MALOLEY BROS. - for - FINE FOODS Prove It To Your Own Satisfaction , 9 l J 'true BEST PLNCE TO SHOP AFTERALL 730 Calhoun St. 114 W. Berry St. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Phone E-2704 Res. E-2805 IOE R. GOLDSMITH Real Estate And Business Opportunities Fanns a Specialty 610 So. Clinton St. Port Wayne, Indiana City Coal and Coke Formerly Stearns Coal Brooklyn Ave. I-IAQQU7 Fresh Killed Meat Co-operative Market Phone I-I-55345 ED. ROEHM GARAGE Blullton Road Fort Wayne, Ind. BESH wrsnss mom THE S I H E B S NEW YORK DENTISTS DR. M. R. ANDREWS Manager 825 Calhoun St. Phone A-3415 DR. H. EGLOFF Waynedale, Ind. Phone H-3135 ,, NEUMAN STUDIO Commercial and Portraii PHOTOGRAPHY NewsfSent1nel Bldg. Phone A-Gl ll HILL'S GROCERY FINE FOODS - QUALITY MEATS Phone H-76265 32ll Lower Huntington Boad Waynedale Garage 6904 Qld Trail Boad, Wcxynedale RIDER'S MARKET Complete Line Of MEATS-FRUITS-VEGETABLES 3438 Broadway H-2l l7 K N A K E ' S BRAKE AND ELECTRIC SERVICE Telephone I-l-3l47 3437 Broadway Fort Wayne, lnd. WESTGATE SERVICE MOBILOIL and GASOLINE GROCERIES and MEATS Telephone A582114 Bass 61 Leesburg Boads HERMAN E. LUNZ Machinery and Heavy Hauling Winch Trucks Phone A-3343 Bass Boad Fort Vlfayne, lnc FLEET WING GASOLINE AND MOTOR OIL Cornplnnenls INDLAN D OILS, Inc. COMPUMENTS QF WALTER A. FELGER Treasurer of Allen County K O E R B E R ' S FEATURE YOUR OFFICIAL JEWELRY 8lB Calhoun Sl. ,5gi'eoQbwS Q5QfS NQ4'JQ-fb 5 I 4? QQQQQOO 6fQ5'OP05 E 4 +,6Qa-Q, +,6f,MoQoS L 'J L 'J x 'J x 'J K 'J x 'J o fo tr 4k V ls I A THE lANITOR'S SUPPLY CO. "A Cleaning Product For Every Cleaning Need" A-5340 BIO Clinton St. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF Wayne Township's Volunteer Firemen George Bond, Chief Lieutenants-I. Mason, E. Tracy Emergency Call lI9 Business Call H-44078 OLD TRAIL ROAD Hall Locker Service CUSTOM BUTCHERING HOME KILLED MEATS Phone H-QILIB 3II3 Lower Huntington Waynedale Supply Co. Lumber ROOFING SASI-I AND DOORS WALLBOARD INSULATION "Everything to Build WItI1" Phones: Hfo95IQp H-SO977 3300 Lower Huntington Rd, BEST WISHES FROM YOUR TRUSTEE Walter F. Hayes CLAPESATTLE'S 2514 Broadway FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Waynedale Waynedale Pharmacy Venetian Co. Prop. Gust P. Sprandel Manufactures Cleaning and Repairing Prone H-752661 VV'aynedaIe, Ind. QBI4 Lower Huntington Road Fort Wctyrre, Ind. Phone I-If7U739 Wnbui Ualum, The annual class tourneys took place March 7, 9, and 10. The classes chose their colors, yell leaders, coaches and names and started decorating about a week before. More fun!! The Senior Honey Dippers' colors were orange and green. The Iunior Wolves chose black and white. Red and white stood for the Sophomore Zombies, and blue and white for the Freshman Tigers. The Senior girls won an easy victory over the Freshman and lunior girls. The Soph- omores were eliminated in an early battle. The Senior boys also took their tourney but had to fight against the Iunior boys. The Freshies, who defeated the Sophomores earlier, put up a battle the first half but were then lost. The following schedules show the results of the tourneys: Girls Boys Iuniors Sophomoresg Iuniors Freshmen Sophomorril 23-18 Freshmen 24-22 Seniors Seniors Seniors - 42-11 Iuniors 3945 Seniors 1 Seniors Freshmen 3540 ' Seniors 2548 In the Red Cross salvage drive, room 15, the sophomores, won the contest for the most pounds in February, One section of juniors, room 11, won the March home room con test. The leading contributors were: 1. Pond, B. Kinerk, D. Kahlenbeck, B, Rayl, V. Fisher, D. Seiler, D. Sutorius, C. Ray, P. Gordon and A. Shoner. Three junior boys, D. Schmidt, B. Rayl and C. Oyer, were in charge of the scrap drive schedule and the weighing of the amounts contributed. For these two months over 10 tons of tin and paper were collected. Oops, pardon the unjournalistic style of the following, but we did want to keep Annie up-to-date. A big blizzard cancelled the Home EC Valentine party so it was held March 3. The juniors chose a South Sea Paradise as their prom theme. What purty flowers! The freshmen skated on April 14. On May 13, the seniors bar quetecl at the Y. M. C. A. Was that prophecy ever a duzy! The Commercial Club held their banquet May 18. These grads joined the armed forces since midterm: E. Stemen, 1-1. Morse, D. Capin, and F. Leh- man. May 26 was the end of the seniors' rationing period: school was out, school was out Cwell, you can finish itl. " M Jw Jim su, JM gm, LUQIL - 91 941 WM. MAY SAND 6: GRAVEL CO. 3216 Portacje Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana H-2149 With sincere appreciation to fl 2:-x Z? 'E I. E A D E R ing :.1r-1314 and 4.Ou9::.h-.J Cy 91:1 j Mr. L. I. Lounsbury, director of the School Annual Division NEUMAN STUDIO 3rd Floor News-Sentinel Bldg. Fort Wayne. Indiana :rw HW My ,Qi 1 Ca' 2 x I., - it vf?Rxf w-E33 , ,Q if fx 1 5 ff ,A -ix? i N Q QQQ3 XJ 3 Q X. J! 1 :E Q Q! A f N Qs? NIJ X as x MM' Www 33 N .. If 1+ P' " 09" wwf Qs' ' QU-147 Q S .X 's qyl Mfr!! 1 WZ My gd 2 QW if QZMXQQMW xg QE 0 W '1,j'2-,fiff-iffvuftvi f1'jj j2 fgfg-P ' P 411401 A QQ? . 5001404 Aw! p , 'X Q A K NX X. ,Q Q E 1 KSU E1 xg YV 3 - Q ' 2 Q K g . -. x . X... V , .tx , , -'J t -w. . I . 1 Q. 1, f if-----, - J X X Cl F5 If X NASA W' 3 JM ' 1 - - :QM u ' My Mme gf wfjwiiyf ii gtg? ' A f . , Q N' b WMM Q5 5 ' 45 M 9 ' W.. .--,--,. Q , - .int , . ,K !v, -4-.a.x.1J'. --Q , -'1 - -r nv' ' . ,g..... Y, , 'LJ 'A - : r - .Mu .n.,11.5,.,.,4, ,. - 11 Ur. l'1'4:'i" - :'.Qf' :xl , ui. V-Af. I EI - "alll . - :-.-9, im ,ii ,L . .L , 'D , . -4 , X .-53. ,:.J:x. .Ni ','?',l ,.. uf, fn.. .a....g 4, Lt". J 1-,.f. ',-,- ,' -o , A X., . ,lx -, 41:7 ,a , L 1 1 - x L1- ?l,a.,, , va :--JU. ,1 , ' 3" , ' Q ", 1 "WJ -3' ffl. ' "1 1. A . . va ' if .--.--.A ..' f is ,- .k k D ,xS....:P - ,. ,-.'4Y,.. 'ig- .,N,, - A 4 . 4 , , , , - - 'e . . ' ' A . 'I '-fi . .1 .. ., I ' 1 .v ' N ' ' ' , I ' N-. 1 - ., - yi .. Tj, - A1215 f . , .. A . :V 2 - ,V V Sh X vn- n. V,-N :mv ' 'fy 'f - , , 712,--'-F, . s "M 7' f..' 4 ' ' ,.,i.,,..l-lg., f.. ,,,. 1-...AV--:N , -' Y ijiff. ' ' .' 4v'5T,':' ,ll '- -'ff' ' f ' .-1. ,wg-1 g.. . .- -. . yg".1f,.' 5'-' . , 'Ml 95 '- -' ' -x ., f-, vw, 1 1. LN , EA ,, v .74 kj, .J ' . w.s-Hp f . I."- "a . '-1 un. -, 3' 1 'vf.1..,A 1 - A -K . ty ' ., ., Q . .31-5 ,A A: x Y' 1 A X 'uf .I fffvh ' . ', .. '.'."1'. Q 4 . . V12 , A ,-'4- ju' .- J .. 1' . 'f'?.x3 ix. vi 0 I ,, .Mk ' .fl - r A , 1-. W L 1 7.- He ,, 2 5 f-E'.Q.,,1Ik. 11.4-A' .4 1 .F 1-' 'ggi 5. .. "- 'x I . r ,-"M: E -'V . ,., ,w ' . ' .2 4 . . ' T:-',:' N ,. 1' 1. , , , ,, , v - -1 nv, r 1.4. '4. I cr, 242.1 HL"-f,f .. -L, I' :ara CQ, -MM fd. Qspj. 1. AQ: H. .A A. .f ' 1 .K 'f . -5. -1 , ,gs RATION BOOK OF A MESSAGE FROM YOUR RATION BOARO ww" ' rp. Your rationing book i has been issued to quar- antee you your share of happy memories of this school year. Keep this book available constant- ly. Use it only in the manner and for the pur- pose authorized by us. In Case of question, ditii- culties or Complaints, con- sult your local Alibrum ration board. NOTICE: Although there is an unlimited sup- ply ot happy memories, there is a limited supply at this rationing book. Take qood care of your book. Use it wisely. We can- not issue additional copies, 4 xmtkigtlw

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