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lm ' -.. X V' A t N ti -' 'f X Y dzhiw To many of us he is known as "Butch"g he is also known to many of us as "His Honor". Mr. Haller took over his present 'position as principal of Elmhurst High School in l93l. He always takes a sincere interest in the activities of every student enrolled in the school and is a iriend and helper to all. This year in addition to his rnany duties ot delving into and instructing us in the intricate ways ot life, he has ac- quired the proprietorship ot the new build- ing. . . "VlVE LA HALLERH . Noon hour lull Ruth Mary and Barbara unveil our service plaque Our principal, Mr. Haller 7 ff it Mfg .av-P' Mr. Frank Richards Head of the FWA Trustee Walter F. Hayes Principal Paul Haller IHI IHIIII BIIUKS UF Qnvalopmerzt i i f THE BUILDERS AND THEIR PLANS Faculty Freshmen S ph Iuniors i' 'l' i THE FOUNDATION OF CHARACTER Basketball D part ental Club S G p f Y 'E FACING A FULLER LIFE Senior Play C t Anlibrum Staff Graduat i 'k i 599.1 ,.v- c 7 s-,A ,, .-.. I 1'-.., 2 X f 'YQ If ,. 1 :iff ' 1 rw ,L uw "'--..,, rv-uv I i,1'3 qv 'V----.,. f qx 1 ,vw 1 - IWQ 52 - 3 1 x X all 44? an w -1 'Y . 3-1,-1 , nuduuuuuuuaumvurnues ...,.,,,,,,LTr ll-bw-'V' v. N " '1 L-rl. IM 1 W-. ,,, :mv ' f-:'- X X. , xx' gif wi".--'i' , ,' W ' M . x sw New N Xa 5 f.. mi , , --3 x N fx,f,f,.'. -' , f '- --rf-,,xM. , wg " , THEIR PM S 9 . RUTH BERGHORN Effervescent . . . Has a hand in the butlaing of future WAAC'S and WAVE'S . . . Arrived from Arcola. Ball State Teachers' College B. S., lndiana Extension, Manchester College. CHARLES W. EICKHOFF Handle those figures? . . . One of the best mathematicians around . . . Knows his hist- ory, too . . . Excellent shot with the rifle . . . Warden of Boom l3. lndiana ,University A. B., M. S. LETHA FALLS A bit of old Erin . . . Caesar's cohort . . . Sagacious sympathizer of sanctimonious sen- iors . . . lt's not often, but when she does . . . "look at her burn". lndiana University A. B., University of Wisconsin, Northwestern University M. A. L. C. FORD Makes the freshmen toe the line . . . "Leave one by one" . . . idol of the air-ways . . . philosophical profile . . . Ball State Teachers' College B. S.: lndiana Extension, lndiana University M. S. DONALD FRYBACK Happy-goflucky . . . When it comes to basketball and softball rules, "he knows what he is talking about" . . . Terrific trumpet triple tonguing . . . lndiana University B. S., Ball State, Manchester College. VIRGINIA GRIFFITH South of the Border Down Mexico Way . . . "Well, now I'd swear . . . no, no, l wouldn't either" . . . Nothing she doesn't know about English . . . Sense of humor well-founded. St. Mary-of the-Woods College A. B., Northwestern University. EVERETT IEWELL Chief of the Elmhurst assembly line . . . "Here, l've got something for you to do." . . . user of ironical references. University of Notre Dame B. of Architecture, Ball State Teachers' College. MARY KOONS "Never expected this" . . . Berniniscing days as an English teacher . . . Hails from the Wolverine state . . . "What do you want?" Northwestern University B. S. DOROTHY PLETCHER Cautious . . . "Parlez-vous Francais?" . . . Another one of those English instructors . . . Been places and seen things. Western College B. A.g University College, Exeter, England: University of lllinois. EDNA K. SELLS Leonardo de Vince, Titian, Whistler, and all the rest . . . Cheerful . . . Has often said, "Oh, that's just beautifull" Deals in expostulation. Art lnstitute B. A., University of Chicago. LEONORA SIMON Head of the place where the "elite meet to eat" . . . Allergic to room ll juniors . . . Bug- butcher. Manchester College A. B., Ball State Teachers' College, Vocational. WAVELAND SNIDER That famous auotation, "lsn't that just like a woman" . . . U. S. History wizard . . . Has come a long way in basketball . .. glad that in coming his path crossed ours. Manchester College B. S., lndiana Extension. LILLIAN STEIBER Bomb-shell from bookkeeping class . . . Favorite phrase, "Get ready for a ten minute test" . . . Any bonds today? . . . lndiana University, University of lllinois B. S. RUTH WIMMER Facsimile of Clara Barton . . . Bombastic Bombardment in room l . . . Crazy about seniors . . . tYehll . . . 'Could put a girdle around the world in thirty seconds" . . . Western College for Women, Oxford, Qhiog lndiana University A. B., A. M. -Q3 'Q' Top row: wi ,ak Simi JS JA tbfjiwun- P p' tl 1 85 Eleifufsxiisi mi ffl ,. if ' A 5 . 5 . fx., W .X--.-,Q-' X, gg. . a mi y P ' k 1. 'Lys ,55"' v:'1.'13-gui g.. 'x ., -ig - , We . 1:11, ,J . , A ' t- qfiqffffffa Qgfw - n Ruth Berghorn--Physical Education, Study Halls Middle row: Charles W. Eiclchoiif--Cren. History, Math, Rifle Club, Magazine Campaign Letha Ealls4English, Latin, Senior Class, Senior Play, Anlibrum, Natl Honor Society L. C. EordfPhysics, Math, Aeronautics, Phi-Chem Club, Advance, Ereshman Class Donald Erybackf fBand, lnstrumental, Marching Virginia Griffith-English, Spanish, Sophomore Class Bottom row: Everett lewellflndustrial Arts, Rifle Club Mary Koons-School Clerk, English Dorothy PletcherfEnglish, Public Speaking, Advance, Iunior Class Edna K. Sells-eArt, Art Club, Study Halls Leonora Simon-Biology, Home Ec,, Caieteria, Home Ec. Club Waveland SniderfU. S. l-listory, Phy. Ed., E Club, Varsity Basketball Lillian SteiberfCommercial Subjects, Commercial Club, War Stamp Sales Chairman , Ruth WimmereGeography, Chemistry, Math, Safety-First Aid, Red Cross, Phi-Chem Club 11 FINISH MAKE HIlPHlll PIHISPEIITS After much wandering through the halls looking for the right room, they then made lost minute dashes to the room where they were supposed to be. The freshmen, catching on quick, settled down and organized their class the second week in October. As their officers for the year, they elected Bill Langmeyer, president: Luba lean Mcfieeman, vice- presidentg and Sonia Ross as secretary-treasurer. Mr. Ford, the algebra teacher, is the class sponsor. For their first semester activity, they wisely decided to have a skating party. Someone must have told them that Elmhurst students liked to skate: or did they know, themselves? The skate was held Ianuary 29th and it put some money into their treasury. At the beginning of the second semester, some new freshmen came and were wel- comed by their classmates who had become accustomed to Elmhurst during the first term. On through the year they marched, looking forward to spending the coming year with their good, old school. Well be seeing you as sophomores next year. Top row: Richard Sutorious, Richard Logan, Everett Kiester, Sam Ventruella, lack Hen- line, Martha Manes, Bob Valentine, Dave Brunkhart, Pearl Sutorius, Stan McKeeman, Mil- dred Sheets, Eloise Coleman, Violet Spice. Second row: Leroy Wickliffe, Alice Io Geake, Vivian Grepke, Margaret Ramsey, Robert Rietdorf, losephine Hurley, Ruth Gutman, Nora Maier, Bob Fisher, lames Henning, Alden Shoner, Patricia Meiser, Dorothy Ritter. Third row: Billy Beerman, lackie Green, Marilyn Parkison, Margaret Beeler, Paul Epple, lack Avery, Pollyanna Wageman, Thelma Iohnston, Virginia Meyer, Virgil Anderson, Delores Fredrick, lessie Holloway, Delores Becraft. Fourth row: loan lohnson, Bill Langmeyer, Bobby Roehm, lames Hardisty, Helen Mut- ton, Luba lean Mclieeman, Helen Vogts, Lloyd Springer, Lola Mae Laderman, Elfrieda Doepke, Norman Tipton, Bernard Buske, Paul Gordon, lla Mae Houghton, Martha Wood, Allen Pfeiffer. Fifth row: loan Houser, Anna Belle Henry, Helen Nash, Virgil Parker, Sonia Ross, Lavon Mutton, Iuanita Coleman, Robert Smith, Gertrude Fink, Wanda Greuter, Edgar Mc- Mahon, Alvin Busse, Nadine Parker, Lois Feuchter, Raymond Keller, Charles Ingram. Sixth row: Dick Fields, Mary Dolman, Waunita Rutz, Dale Prince, lelene Leonard, Donna Milliman, Beverly Drake, Ronald Venderley, Max Fields, Betty Sowers, Eldon Zent, lessie Spranger, Betty lones, Marlyn McNamara, Bill Hanke. First row of 9 B's: Carol Bowers, Albert Strahm, Mary lohnson, lack Staker, Henrietta Dietrick, Walter Reader, lack Link, Billy Hoffman, lack Betz, Delores Iames, lacqueline Beck, Henry Krill. Second row: Melvin Tschannen, Bill Shrearer, Fern Stroh, Mae Uining, Evonna Morri- cal, LeRoy Heckerman, Dick DeBolt, Grtheda Brunson, Donald Kling, Stanley Slater, Betty Douglas, Orton Gilpin. Bottom row: Patricia Ferguson, Della Emerick, lack List, lack Hinty, Paul Wilkie, Shir- ley Wcrtters, Norman Ellis, Ned Kelsey, Connie Mathie, Melvin Goss, Ioan Gore, Max Clevenger, lack Shaw. 4... X . "' . .L-Mm. P-.wp--N THEYVE REAIIHHI THE HAHWAY MARK The sophomores started the year off with a bang by holding their class election the first week of Cctober. They chose Carl Ray as presidentp Ed Hall, vice-presidentg Ruth Bastian, secretaryy and Calvin Oyer, treasurer. Miss Griffith was named class sponsor. On the night of November 24, the great event of the first semester was heldea skating party. The activity for the second semester was omitted due to gas rationing Cas most of the other activities have beenl. The sophomores have furnished many pages for the history of dear old E. H. S. Keep up the good work and you'll be proud of your achievements. Top row: Glen Schimmoller, Monte Miller, Dallas Seiler, Thurl Degler, Carl Ray, Wayne Bradtmiller, Richard Schmidt, Qrval Hoke. Second row: lohn Patterson, Lewis McCartney, Edward Smallback, Glenn Warner, Kenneth Eeighner, Ed Hall, Harry Ruber, Earl Keiser. Third row: Bob Rayl, Billy Uptagraft, Eugene McCormick, Dorothy Allison, loan Engleman, Mary Staynoff, Ed Raidy, Earl Leslie, Richard Edwards. Fourth row: Barney Shady, Mary Smith, Meriam Nash, Susan Churchward, Morton Williams, Loretta Watkins, Betty Chiddister, Grace Bohnstedt, Helen Schimmoller. Fifth row: Wayne Cox, Lillian Ford, Charlotte Groves, Russell McMillen, Barbara Wiedelman, Phyllis Buell, Gwendolyn Short, lon Neff, Margaret Smelser. Sixth row: Phyllis Sorg, Richard Hess, Twila Stoller, Maryanne Roemke, Virginia Yoauelet, Betty Baughman, lohn Kussmaul, Pat DeBolt. Seventh row: Philip Wise, loan McKinney, Norma Eiche, Bill Shaw, Don Boroff, Lois Packler, Lucille Hoeppner, Nick Christoff. Eighth row: Dick Millhouse, Ruth I, Wilkie, Barbara Kee-ver, Marjorie Link, Gene Sny- der, Mary Lou Manes, lna Mae Zollinger, Ray Valentine, Calvin Oyer. Bottom row: Bob Kinerk, Dick Kahlenbeck, Phyllis McCoy, Rosalyn Kinerk, Reggie Parkison, Mildred Baughman, Ruth Bastian, Henry Kolb. QW Ar vs -f' 1- x,'i5'UN PDST nv wg. 'jf' U A4 15 X 1 a . r 1 1 SWI li Altlll SWAY IHE .Ill Illlt WAY The juniors of this past year were a very industrious group and organized early in the fall. They elected as their officers: president, Bob Bicep vice-president, Dick Deuterp secretary, Beverly Bakery treasurer, Ioey Davison: and sponsor, Mrs. Pletcher. The juniors did not hold a first semester activity, probably because they were all planning and looking forward to the big event of the yearethe annual Iunior Prom. Plans were begun for this in February. They decided on a patriotic theme, and all committees began to work toward making a success of this gala affair. The committees were: decoration committeef'B. Bassett, chr., B. Beltz, M. Beck, I. Car- riger, B. Baker, E. Stemen, D. Capin, I. Kucher, I. Davison, B. Parker, H. Morse, F. Lehman, D. Iohnsony orchestra committeef-I. Pond, chr., L. Poorman, D. Schneider, P. Henning, I. Stemen, M. Kreighy invitation committee- -C. McQueen, chr., S. Gilleff, L. Fogwell, I. Mc- Keeman, D. Branning, I. Hartman, program committeeeC. Kling, Chr., M. Ditzenberger, A. Tarr, I. Sinn, T. English, I. Mclieeman, M. Graft, E. Hatfield, M. Hatfield, l. Brock, E. Shaw. Cn the evening of April l7, all was ready and waiting. The gym was a transforma- tion, being completely decked in red, white and blue. Then with soft music filling the room, Mila Haag, the Queen entered, followed by her six attendants: B. Baker, S. Gilleff, V. Mac Gregor, M. Beck, I. Carriger and I. Davison. The evening danced along and everyone went happily home. Top row: Thomas English, Dick Deuter, Eugene Scherrer, Iohn Mclieeman, Lester Sheets, Bob Bice. Second row: Helen Keiser, Nellie Wage'man, Beverly Baker, Virginia Cox, Hollis Morse, Donald Branning. Third row: Betty Iohnson, Lois Cohagan, Mila Haag, Virginia Fisher, Donna Fields, Sylvia Gilleff. Fourth row: Richard Swank, Iuanita Carder, Margaret Graft, Martha Kreigh, Betty Hohenstein, Betty Bassett, Duane Hoehn, Iohn Hausmann. Fifth row: Iean Hartman, Mildred Hatfield, lona Brock, Betty Singleton, Virginia Holle, Patricia Manes, Doris Coleman, Bob Einsiedel. Sixth row: Carol Kling, Althea Tarr, Stanley Campbell, Marian Clevenger, Wilma Palmer, Don Lundgren, Eleanor Shaw, Ianell Mclieeman, Coral McQueen. Seventh row: Bill Carsten, Ned Ellis, Lerland Fogwell, Don Schneider, Iimmy Kucher, Iack Sinn, Don Iohnson, Edwin Stemen. Eighth row: Eleanor Hatfield, Margaret Nash, Mary Ann Ditzenberger, Beatrice Parker, Ioan Stemen, Ioan Carriger, Phyllis Henning, Freeman Lehman, Dick Capin. Ninth row: Vera MacGregor, Bernice Beltz, Gerald Kraft, Gale Scott, Lawrence Poor- man, Iean Klerner, Marjorie Beck, Ierry Pond. 'Us ' 'V"""s. , I s, 7 ,ia ,+ 1. Q F ,.......a...-.-..,.- v -,,. .. . 1- Q- T v- 1- L.. UTS -Q, sw. 4 .Uyas Y- . 'L .1 3 Q6 x. W, 4, ,,,, .of 521 a-s. T5 -A , LH- - iv' ...L -9- n .AN ..v..x. .. -T T,-A. . 'e -r G .. xv! 17 The fUpper fUpper KLower fLower Meeting Will Home To llrder left? Sophomore officials talk it over. right? Iunior heads seek the sun. left? Freshman officers sign their Iohn Henry's. right! Senior leaders-best foot forward. HF lZHARAlI TER -.a....,, ........l ..,...L..,...... , .3 be Excl-1 row: L. K:-este: E yer, L. , .,.4.Fy'f. 39,1 .- Rzy, R. Vzientine, R. Schmidt, E. R1CI1i1XdSOI1, nxnlrt, VV. Lex, A Eusse, V. Anderson, Mr. Q Pro -J' L 1-i:z..,- Inf ouse, L E111 S100 Il TEAM WI S 15, 10818 3 ,4..w.,. ELMHUHST HOAGLAND 8 ELMHUHST LAFAYETTE CENT. 19 ELMHURST LEO 24 ELMHURST DECATUR CATH. 14 ELMHURST IEFFERSON CENT. 14 ELMHURST ARCOLA 5 ELMHURST ARCOLA 13 ELMHURST CENTRAL CATH. 13 ELMHURST WCDODBURN 19 ELMHUHST OSS1AN 28 ELMHURST MONROEVILLE 18 ELMHURST WOODBURN 14 ELMHUHST HUNTEHTOWN 23 ELMHUHST HOAGLAND 15 ELMHURST LEO 28 ELMHUHST HARLAN 19 ELMHURST NEW HAVEN 19 ELMHURST COLUMBIA C1TY 21 Car1 Ray, 137 points. Ed Ha11, 99 points. ' Dick Mi11house, 103 points. Dick Schmidt, 52 points. Ernie Richardson, 47 points. 1 I I A 1 Coach Wave1and Snider produced a better team than ever this year. This is "Sriitz's" fifth year as coach at Elmhurst. His coaching and encouragement made the Trojan team oo in to beat Hoagland and come out the county champs ot 1943. 1 Student Manaqer Dick Deuter was right hand man to "Snitz". He was riqht on the spot with the equipment. Dick is a junior. Dick's hobby is pho- toqraphy. FTA TL, -SU 'c' 5 1'd: F. Le1m'11L111, H Shneler, D Capm, EH Iohnson, H. Marse. 1 dmc' Mr Sn1dsr,W t E SCIHIHICII W Br'1d111'11l1-1 R R11.1:, E 5te111e11,L1.Deu1 ELMHURST ELIVIHURST ELMHURST ELMHURST ELMHURST ELMHURST ELMHURST ELMHURST ELMHURST ELMHURST ELMHURST ELIVIHURST CHU I1 ICH MPS HAVE Gllllll SEASO 39 A.,, , HOAGLAND 34 20 v, 4, LEO 29 49 ,,, Y IEEEERSON CENT. 20 36 .,, ..w ARCOLA 22 41 .,,,44,4 WOODBURN 35 51 4,,4,4,w MONROEVILLE 18 40 .A..A.,. HUNTERTOWN 32 33 ,,,w.... LEO 32 32 A.,,.33, NEW HAVEN 34 39 ,,,3w.w. LAFAYETTE CENT. 24 48 A,,,A3,3 DECATUR CATH. 31 20 ...w..., ARCOLA 15 G EG CAPIN ..,..,..,.,,,11 ,,w.Y,,. 2 2 52 RICE .,....,,,..11,,,11,,..1, ,,,v,131 2 2 51 BRADTMILLER .111.. ....1,1. 2 2 54 SHAEEER wvwY......, I .,,,,,11 22 79 DEUTER ,.v,..,.... 1111,,11 2 2 34 STEMEN ,v,.... 1.1,,, 1 19 13 SCHMIDT V,,,.. AACYCY., 1 7 8 IOHNSON ....... ,.131,,, 1 5 4 LEHMAN .,Y,, 111,,11. 1 7 3 MORSE ..vw.w 11111,,4 1 1 1 TOTAL ,1.,.,,,,..,, , 299 OPPONENTS 1.,w 250 91 48 58 59 78 13 14 8 5 3 377 333 Rah! Rah! Rah! for Barbara Keever and Phylhs McCoy who Ied the Trojans' cheering section. ELMHURST CENTRAL CATH. 39 ELMHURST OSSIAN 28 ' ELMHURST WOODBURN 40 ELMHURST HOAGLAND 28 ELMHURST HARLAN 22 ELMHURST COLUMBIA CITY 39 COUNTY TOURNEY ELMI-IURST 32 ,,,,131. HARLAN 22 ELIVIHURST 35 ...,.,.. NEW HAVEN 30 ELIVIHURST 38 111,,,,1 HOAGLAND 32 SECTIONAL TOURNEY ELMHURST 36 ,.,,,,,, CENTRAL 58 ET PF 51 52 155 25 37 127 28 49 135 25 51 183 48 37 1 16 5 14 32 3 18 24 4 5 12 3 15 9 1 7 3 E 2g 75 152 308 552 r1 1 W . '. 12- Y: gl , , sf" IW U 9 X ,t ,,, 'Bw 1' RZ? 44- fx . , S. J , 3 ' 1 ra . 'c . 2. A W 'if , . 1 it Q: , .- G, . -ll i I xx It U. - fins., l.. fi? ..m'f'f N- .... f NM, 5 23' 4 i t ss.. is 1 s 1 - 1 Q H N Q A,f W 1 i it Q . I 1'-. A Q' f 2 1 A J t Donald Schmidt Ht. 6-0 Wt. 140 Senior Don played his first year on the team, hit in the pinches, and scored 24 points. Edwin Stemen l-lt. 5-ll Wt. 160 Iunior Eddie, sub pivot man, saw action in 19 qames, had a wicked hook shot and scored 32 points. Don Iohnson Ht. 5-ll Wt. 145 lunior Don played in 15 games, is a junior, and hit the nets tor 12 points. Bill Deuter Ht. 5-llVz Wt. 172 Senior Bill finished his third year, played in all 22 qames, and scored 116 points. Wayne Brcrdtmiller I-lt. 6-l Wt. 160 Sophomore "Buzz" completed first year on the varsity, jumped center, rebounded Well, and scored 136 points. Q ,f if mf I 1 if-ff -X.. rp 1. , 95 " A fi-Qi . 1" ' . P. 5 'x' b ' A I 5 ' IL J b'-l 5 1 Q : ", Q ,M 4 rrii ggi? Freeman Lehman Hi. 5-8 Wi. 140 Iuriior Freeman, a scrappy junior, completed his first year on the varsity, arid scored 9 points. Hollis Morse Hi. 5-9 Wi. 153 Iunior "Doc" p1ayed in 11 qames, fought hard, and scored 3 points. Bob Rice Ht. 5-11 Wt. 187 Iunior Bob, a souihpaw, was pivot man, CO1'I1p1G1GC1 his second year on the varsity and scored 127 points. Dick Ccrpin Wi. 149 Iuriior Hi. 5-10 Dick was an a11-county forward, scored 155 points, and compieied his second year of varsity p1ay. Howard Shaeier Ht. 5-11 Wt. 150 Senior was captain scored 183 points, arid Howie , was se1ecied as an a11-county guard. ' if -sf, .- A fun' K V59 'DG' If - Emil: i-nw: -Qlhv-1 Finer, B-"tty l1fI'3Sf?Yf, HC-w-'rrd Sxme-rm'rz'i Fri'-:it row Iames Firwsiox, Hiffen l hrs, Qifud Carl RIHE lllllll Purpose To develop, improve and increase the qualities ot sportsmanship, cooperation, and marksmanship. Qtticers---President: Qliver B. Slater Vice'Pres.: Howard Simerrnan Secretary-Treasurer: lames F. Sarasien Adviser -Mr. Charles W. Eickhott Membersf fl6 airls and 45 boys Activities This year, as in previous years, the club has entered "l3i-Weekly" shootin' matches. Qur team competed with various clubs throughout the United States. The club practiced durina the ninth period every afternoon and on Mondays and Tuesdays after school. T i .--I -V liflrriiorie BE-fl-1, Sylvia Gillell, Liivfiixirie Anson, Ruth Mitry Eeclz, Althori Tdri GIIllS' AlHlllIC ASSUITIAIIII PurposeeTo promote sportsmanship and athletic trainina amonq the qirls. To hold social activities to raise money with which E's are presented to all qirls obtaining 250 points. Plaques are presented to all qirls with 350 points. Qtficersb -President: Lavonne Anson Vice-Pres.: Ruth Mary Beck Secretaryfllreasurerz Marjorie Beck Chairman Qrqanized Sports: Althea Tarr Chairman Unorqanized Sports: Sylvia Gilleti Adviserflvlrs. Ruth Berqhorn Members-66 girls ActiyitiesfSott ball tirst two six weeks' period. Volley-ball, third six Weeks'. Six basketball teams played, 4th, 5th six weeks'. The rest of the year volley-ball and softball was played aqain. Skatinq Party-November l4. ff? Stn 1.11--fp D:--t' Ri.-V '.I':i': Eg-nf lI MMHtClAl llllllt Purpose- fTo promote a greater interest in commercial subiects To provide sociai activity. Officers' President: Hope Miller Vice-Pres.: Ruth Mary Beck Secretary: Margaret Lunz Treasurer: Marjorie Beck Adviser --Miss Lillian Steiber Members' -75 Activities 'Wie1ier Bake, October 30. First Semester Party, November 21. Earning proficiency certificates in typing. 'QM- ' 6-X 1 'Vw Donna Foltz, lna Mie Zollinger ein Hartman, luamta Foltz, Gerry Ldngrneyer. PurposefTo lceep the members well-informed in modern ideas, as related to home eco- Ofticersf nomics work in our homes. To carry on more activities to benetit club members and to improve everything revolving around the school. To better social living. President: Gerry Langmeyer Vice-Pres.: luanita Foltz Secretary: lean Hartman Treasurer: Ina Mae Zollinger Adviserflvliss Leonora Simon Student adviserfDonna Foltz Members Activities f5U girls eSkating PartyfOctober 16. Christmas PartyfDecernber l9. Annual Spring Banquet. Award silver thimbles to 4-year members. Remembering peanut sisters on important days. l jf.. 3,53 I X' I . Q. xx ig: rv ,F r fiefnf M X i -,... M ' of X Ftindinqz Mwry Ant. Litzenbifrg , lonrld lr rat l rlirr Slot , 'ein Gillesiif 'iiyz Hczf- Miller lnwrtzi Henrv L HMHIIHSI MWA lil Purpose--To provide journalistic and business training for those who are interested. To promote and publicize school activities. Main StatlfCo-editors: l-lope Miller and Lynn Henry News Editor: Mary Ann Ditzenberger Feature Editor: Vera McGregor Sports Editor: Calvin Qyer Business Manager: Howard Simerman Advertising Manager: Donald Schmidt Circulation Manager: Verlin Stolier Exchange Manager: Richard Schmidt Advisers Dorothy Pletcher, L. C. Ford Members -73 Activities Publication once every month. Annual spring banquet tc award E's to those who have earned 1,000 points Granting ot Quill and Scroll memberships, Getting a new office in the new addition. gif' 2 'V"l ,,' -1.19" cw .M-3 XA. Tap row: Ray Mullen, lexnnette P13-:sc:'., 'Jin Schmidt, Bib E:-3 Bsttcrn rowz lvlixrilyn Ptrrlqrson, lon Neff, Marglret Lanz, RHI IZRIISS llllill PurposeeTo contribute to the Allen County lunior Red Cross. To contribute to the Anti-Tuberculosis Fund. To serve on the home front. To collect money tor the National lunior Red Cross. Qtticers -President: Ray Mutton Vice-Pres: Bob Rice Secretary-Treasurere -Marilyn Parlcison Allen County lunior Red Cross Council President: Don Schmidt Adviserflvliss Ruth Wimmer Membersfl44 ActivitiesfVisited Waqenhals Hall ot Trinity English Lutheran Church on November l4. Red Cross Tea Dance-October 28. Celebrated 25th Anniversary ot the Red Cross on October 9, with a program and refreshments. Miss Wimmer appointed head ofthe lunior Red Cross Club work in Allen County Schools. On February l, 2, 3, she attended a lunior Red Cross national conference at Alexandria, Va. Back row: Verlxn Sioller, lohn Kussmaul, Wayne lames, Martha I-Creiah. Front row: Alvin Buss-9, lack Avery, Hilda Hanke, Ierry Pond, Hope Miller, Margaret Lunz, PurposefTo raise money for the assembly programs. Patricia Manes. To provide business and salesmanship training. Adviser4Mr. Charles W. Eickhoif Highest Salesmen--Verlin Stoller and Ierry Pond Leading SalesmenfRoom 4: Patricia Manes Room 11: Martha Kreigli Room 5: Alvin Busse Room 6: lack Avery Room 14: Hope Miller and lean Mulligan Room 15: lohn Kussmaul Room 16: Margaret Lunz and Wayne lames Activitiesnlk party on school time by all those who sold 5 or more magazines. Out of the total ol 376 students, 141 sold 5 or more magazines and 251 made sales. Home Room 14 had 100 per Cent sales. ., ..,. Q fr .f in -'iii f V 1'-9 ' " Jef. rn 14 4 I '5 NX Effie' 2' A X il. WAR STAMP SAUSNII Purpose fTo contribute to the War effort. To learn habits ot thrift. Salesmenefl-lome Room 4: Mary Ditzenherqer Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Room Room Room Room Room Room Room 5: Annabelle Henry 6: Pat Shulze l4: Hope Miller ll: Beatrice Parker 15: Richard Schmidt l6: Hilda Hanke l2: Delores lames, Crtheda Brunson. Adviser--Miss Lillian Steiber Activities-Selling stamps in home rooms every Tuesday. Enjoying treats for lOO per cent sales each six weeks period. 1 'AN l er Tor ic'.-.' S Feliz, I flirusen, M lfreiqh, E lVlclVIcxli.3rx, E Roelirr., D Field E 1- J Second rev." I lluesrnnul, E Rieidorr, I' Httelin, l Kuctier, E. Sxernen, I nw id r Bottom rcw V fi-I-1, M1 Fryltfzili, F Pnl Eeil-1 P l.fli:C:iy, E. Eeltz, I l.l1lIii xr I '-l ir l S'-errzen, H l-'llllE'Y MUSIC MAKERS Purposes -'To provide instrumentol trdininq. To promote musicdl crppreciotion. To provide music for the public. Ctticers Student Directori Hope Miller Secretary-Treasurer: Ed Stemen Librcrridn: Donna Foltz Director-'flVlr. Donald Frybdclc Student Conductor -Hope Miller Menibers' 42 ployers Twirlers' R. lvl. Beck, l. Cdrriqer, S. Gilletf, P, McCoy Fldq Bedrersw -M. Beck, V. Cox. Drum Mctior D, Deuter Activitiesf fpdrticipdted in the Armistice llcry pdrdde. Pldyed crt the dedicdtion of new scliool. Dolly individuorl prdctice in roozn 20. Ddily group prdctice, nintli perind. Pldyed dt tlie County Tournament. B. Keever .ll .,,, ,N ........,.. 3..- .-r,,l.-., iw, i A-...- ...L A 2-Q go., Togi r-Luv: I.. Sliliffst, I' Ieiivfr, I Sinn, I. I3"i:l:f-r, C. Rriy, R Val-'-iitir'iC-, I. 'Wi-"lilit!-9 Second ww. D Binnlzlinrt, C. Buelciila, l. Stal-1--i, B Fisher, I Htjnninvg, M, Milli,-r, I P'-and Bottom row: D Fields, I Foltz, M Vtloods, B Bwsett, M Sheets, G, Bohnstedt, S, Gillell, B l-I-Lev-i I Cnrriijer, M B-eclfc. Nlllllll MHIIIIIIS At the dedication of tlie new scliool February 14, the band opened the proqrarn witli a concert. They received quite an ovation with the following musical proqrani: LIGHTS OUT MARCH , , ,. , , .,,, , ,,,,,,, ,, I McCoy SANDRA OVERTURE ,,,i I ,, ..,.,.,, i,.... .,., , . ..,,,,., , ,, Holmes Directed by Hope Miller, Student Director OUR DIRECTOR MARCH f TwirlerseSylvia Gillett, loan Carriqer, Ruth Mary Beck, Barbara Keever, Phyllis McCoy. STRATOSPI-IERE OVERTURE ,,,,,t, ,,... F ranqkiser GLORIA MARCH . ..,,............ T, .. ,,,,,,,, Losey IOLLY ROBBERS OVERTURE ,...,,o.o oooooo ,.,....,i,. .......,. .,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,, , , , , Suppe POSTING OF COLORS .,,,,, . Marjorie Beck and Virginia Cox, color bearers STAR SPANGLED BANNER limes Strasien, Freenrxn l.el1zr.crn, Lynn Henry, Verlin 9'o'ler PHI-CHEM lllllll Purpose-fllo combine an interest in physics and chemistry with social activities. OtficersefPresident: Verlin Stoller Vice-President: Freeman Lehman Secretary: W. Lynn Henry President of lndiana lunior Academy of Science: lames F. Sarasien Advisers' -Miss Ruth Wimmer and Mr. L. C. Ford Members 28, all of whom are taking or have taken either physics or chemistry. Activities 'Belonqinq to the indiana lunior Academy of Science. Movies were shown to point out to the students the physical and chemical processes used in industry. Proudl We Hail! February 24, the E'rs, or lettermen, held their tirst meeting ot the year. Under the able guidance of Mr. Snider, they elected their officers: presidentfEd Stemeng vice-presidente Dick Capinf and secretaryfMarjorie Beck. They also decided to hold an activity. Unable to hold a dance Cwith orchestra, etc.l, they held a party early in the spring. Those who share the glory are: Boys' SportsfWayrie Bradtmiller, Dick Capin, Bill Deuter, Dick Deuter --Student Mgr., Don lohnson, Freeman Lehman, Dick Millhouse, Bay Mutton, Bob Rice, Ernest Richardson, Howard Shaeter, Ed Stems-n. Rifle Club--Betty Bassett, Claude Cable, Duane Hoehn, Ftosella lohnson, Howard Simerman, Oliver Slater. 2193662 Advance-Mary Ann Ditzenberger, lean Gillespie, Lynn Henry, Vera MacGregor, Hope Miller, Betty Millhouse, Wayne Iames, Calvin Oyer, Don Schmidt, Howard Simerman, Bill Stein, Verlin Stoller. G. A. A.-Lavonne Anson, Beverly Baker, Marjorie Beck, Ruth Mary Beck, Berniece Beltz, loan Carriger, Sylvia Gillett, Hilda Hanke, Phyllis Henning, Martha Kreigh, Margaret Lunz, Coral McQueen, Verna Meyer, loan Stemen, Althea Tarr. Band-Clair Buskirk, Ierry Clausen, Kenny Diss, Phyllis Ehrman, Donna Foltz, luanita Foltz, Phyllis Henning, Hope Miller, Lorene Parker, lerry Pond, Donald Schneider, Ed Stemen. Twirling-Ruth Mary Beck, Sylvia Crilletf. Yell-LeadingwBarbara Keever, Phyllis McCoy. X 1 a . r 1 1 THE PMIEMAKHIS ValedictorianfDonald Schmidt SalutatorianeHope Miller Four-Year Honor Holl: National Honor Society: Seniors- Lavonne Anson Donna Foltz luanita Foltz Lynn Henry Hope Miller Betty Millhouse larnes Sarasien Donald Schmidt Howard Shaeter Howard Sirnerrnan Verlin Stoller Lavonne Anson Donna Foltz luanita Foltz Lynn Henry in '42 Hope Miller in '42 Betty Millhouse larnes Sarasien in Donald Schmidt in Howard Shaeter Howard Sinierman Verlin Stoller luniorsf ayes Citizenship Awards: Betty Bassett Lavonne Anson Paul Hildebrandt National Athletic Honorary Association: Howard Shaeter Vera MacGregor Quill and Scroll: Lynn Henry Hope Miller Don Schrnidt Verlin Stoller D A R Good Citizen Awards Hope Miller Verlin Stoller D A H Allen County Citizen Award: Hope Miller Prorn Queen: Mila Haag Prom Attendants: Beverly Baker Marjorie Beck Ioan Carriqer loey Davison Sylvia Gilletf Vera MacGregor Good ww fix vb ----Q-...-..... . -.........i.- ............-... ..--....ll...-- mu, ,X 1 .,...1i.....i.Q,,. M? 3,3- 39 Q- .. 5'-sw X -Q? ,J - ' V- '-5.-,f A ruufn un gi!- 'im 'Q 7,4-:iff ter L.- Ea-gk row. Howard Shaeter, Ltrvanne Anson, Verlin Stoller, Beverly Hinty, Wayne larnes, Ruth Mary E-rk, HC.-1-Jrd Srrrtermfrn, Hilda Hartke, Don Schmidt. Front row' tunes Sarasren, Hoyle Miller, Irrnrrry Turner, Phyllis Ehrman Curtain Going llp. After a breath-taking and exhausting practice ot tive weeks, the senicrs enacted the three- act comedy, "High, Wyde, and Handsome," November l8. The play was directed by Miss tCecil B. DeMilleJ Falls and her assistant, Hilda Hctnke. ln the very clever plot, Mr. High flames Sarasieni won Miss Wyde tl-lope Millerl, his ever-helpful secretary. incidentally, a very interesting love scene was performed by the above two, without even as much as Miss Falls begging them tor the clinch. That is something new at Elmhurst. Phyllis Ehrman as lodie, impish stenographer, trying to speed up the High-Wyde ro- mance, got along nicely with her lines until she came to, "Perley tlim Turnerl parks our romance." Several times lodie unmercitully rendered them "Parley perks our romance, etc." A grand time was had by all in the cast, especially when Mrs. Queensbury lBeverly Hintyi entered with her opera glasses. Shirley Clsavonne Ansonl, was wooed with reluctance by Ross tHoward Clark Gable Simermanl. Qther couples and members of the cast were Ammon CDon Sterling Hayden Schmidt? and Ruby lRuth Mary Rosalind Russell Beckl, and Georgette tVerna Meyerl. The stage crew, Verlin Stoller, Howard Shaeter, and Wayne lames, had a pretty hard time trying to get the set to stand up. But, like the cast, it knew that the "plays the thing" and it stayed up. R. S. All's well that ends wellp the gym was crowded to capacity and so was the treasury. Who llone It--We llid. "Whoopee! We're gonna have an Anlibrum after all." Anyway, that's what they said until they heard who was on the staff. Credit goes to this years class for going over the top with two hundred and titty sales: the most yet. Lavonne Anson and Howard Simerrnan, editor-in-chiet and business manager, respectively, kept the rest of the statt out of trouble. Every once in a while they did a little work on the side The senior pictures, activities, etc., were "swung into position" by class editors, Donna Foltz, lean Gillespie and Bonnie Wolf. The cute nicknames and mottoes under the pictures were their brainstorms. The guardians oi the sports write-ups and pictures were sports editors, Lynn Henry and Paul Hildebrandt. These two have to their credit, the selling oi over seventy individual pic- tures ci the basketball team to the students. The high pressure salesmen oi the advertisements and general handynien were Verlin Stoller and Don Schmidt. tThe bowling alleys were pretty crowded the days they went after adsl Hilda Hanke, leanne Clapesattle, and Verna Meyer burned up the paper and got the typing done ahead of time. Although some of the write-ups read diiierently when they re- turned them, the girls did an excellent job. The photographer had a date with Miss Falls at 8:30 tone morning' a business call, you knowl. We're not going to brag up Miss Falls or the staii for their work: but we ask you, as we stand over your head with a club, "ls this a good book or isn't it?" srzzdinn. Ecnrzie Vfolt, ..:1..e- L..,s H X'-er... iid Schznit -zv,irxi.e A:iso:i, Hiidi Hinke Sitting. Ifcnriir Fitz, Paul Hildebz '1:tdt, Lyzirp Henry, l-l:'.m'1rd Si:i:err:.':r., leixri Gilfsgx-5 Senior Whtfs Who LAVONNE M. ANSON "Honeybee" "Hello, qirls- -?" Class Offices l-2-4 Prom Attendant 3 G. A. A. le2f3f Pres. Senior Play 4 Anlibruni Editor 4 R TI-IKMARY BECK 'Ruby" L yal to a Coast Guard Pr m Oueen 3 M iorette, Band 2f3-4 4 G. lA. A. lW2f3-V. Pres. lior Play 4 Com. Club. 2--3-AV. Pres BERNARD F. BR "Barney" "Wbo's that new qirl?" Rifle Club 1--2--3-4 Industrial Arts Club 1- . 4 Q-3 Class Basketball 132-3-4 lOl-IN R. BRACHT "Iohnnie" Iobn, the kibitzer Commercial Club 3-4 Rifle Club 1-2 Industrial Arts Club lf2 Prom Committee 3 Class Basketball l--2-3- GV 9 4 MQW IOHN BRIDENBAUGI-I "Iohnn1e" "What did you say?" Rifle Club l Industrial Arts Club 1 CLAUDE A. CABLE "Claudius" Sharpshootin' Clark EI Club 3- Rifle Club 1-2-3-4 X E lWf!MANfCT-lIJR "Chu1'chy" "Well, Daisy Iune!" Rifle Club 1-2-3 Commercial Club 2-3-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 X W IERRY CLAUSEN "Half-Pint" "Didn't skipg just oversleptf Band 1-2-3-4 Red Cross Club 2-3-4 Rifle Club l-2-3 Advance Staff l-2-3 Phi-Chem Club 4 HELEN CON "Connie" "Hey, wait ri m .' Prom Committee 3 Advance Typist 4 Glee Club 1-2-SY4 DOROTHY IEAN COX "Dot" "Hi kid! VVhat d'ya know? Band 1-2-3 Advance Reporter 1 C9-M52 IEANNE F. CLAPESATTLE WILLIAM E. DEUTER HFYCIHH N "Bill" "Ohh-h, Tonief' Commercial Club 2f3 4 "A man? Gee, thanks!" Varsity Basketball 2--43-4 Home Ec. Club 2-3-4 E Club 2-3-4 Drum Majorette 3 Prom Attendant 3 Anlibrum Staff 4 Phi-Chem Club 4 Rifle Club l-CI-3 8 Band I-2-3 , n ,, ,,s, We - M ,-1.-..-v--vw -- . -.- .. .,--Y-.. , , + """"-'- v A -A l-, I ' H . le, N X 1 i, 1 , i 1 ml! gl ,g J ! Juv l ,1 l F S 11 X ills cc V VL P XX-. ff' A! Y. Q, me lx lil K: li! ! X ' . Q e ,Qt . .diy XE-g, na! ,grf?"Q,,t .l cisiltlgltrf. Top row: L. Anson, B. M. Beck, B. Bracht, l. Bracht Middle row: l. Bridenhaugh, C. Cable, E. Churchward, l. Clapesattle Bottom row: I. Clausen, H. Conahan, D. Cox, W. Deuter l got the jug . . . Hot dogs with mustard . , . Wanta buy an Anlihrum? . . , Oh, that government! . . . Hi, greenie . . . Too icy, no school . . . Pencil and paper, please . . . QuieteBell rang! . . . Time!!! . . . Single file down those inclines . . . Hi, Ruby . . . Which Bracht looy is here today? . . . Qld fruit, old curse, old thing . . . Can you read this short- hand, leanne? . . . Going skating tonight, Dot? . . . Dont you ever go to bed, Bill? . . . Lavonne, When's the Anlihrum come out? . . . Hey, lerry, be there at 7 sharp! . . . 'X X Senior Wh0's Who X ,f ,A , ,lf f Q KENNETH DISS NITA MAE F TZ CECIL D. GROVES 'nennyn "Nity" "Ceo" "What'sa matter, kid?" "Well, hi, kid." Cecil, the airplane man. Phi-Chem Club 3-4 Commercial Club 2-3-4 Phi-Chem Club 3-4 Red Cross Cub 3-4 Band l-2-3-4 Class Basketball 2-3-4 industrial Arts Club l DONNABELLE DOU LAS "Toots" "Silence is my motto," Rifle Club 2-3 Band 2-3-4 Home EC. Club l-2-3-4 Phi-Chem Club 4 Advance Staff l-4 Home EC, Club V. Pres. 1 B. lE ESPIE "Glamour Girl" "Oli, this chemistry!" Phi-Chem Club 4 Red Cross Club 4 Advance Staff 2-3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 E Club 4 ll H PHYLLIS LOUlSE EHRMAN ER T D. GGETTE "Iodine" "Ernie" "ls my face red!" E Club 1--2-3-4 Commercial Club 2-3-4 Band l-2-3 Senior Play 4 Advance Staii 'Z-3-4 DONNA l. FOLTZ Mathematical Whiz Phi- Chem 3-4 Rifle Club 4 Industrial Arts Club 1 TTY I. ORDON HBQTSYH Rifle Club 1-2-3-4 HILDA C. HANKE k "Hank" "Are you kiddin?" ' Q E Club 3-4 I G. A. A. l-2-3-4 Senior Play 4 Prom Committee 3 Anlibrum Staff 4 yd ,' WILLARD N. HARDISTY "Willie" "You Wanta bet?" Varsity Basketball l-2 Prom Committee 3 Advance Staff 2-3 industrial Arts Club 3 Commercial Club 3-4 W. LYNN HENRY "Donnie" "Hem-y" W "W911f be QOOCV' "You dropped sumpinf' "Got your editorials?" P E Club 4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Class Basketball 2-3-4 J Prom Attendant 3 Home EC. Club 3 E Club 4 65 3 Band l-2-3-4 Class President l-2 Advance l-2-3 Advance l-2-3 Co-Editor Home Ec. Club l-2-3-4 Nat'l Honor Society 3-4 Home EC. Club Pres. 3 2 4 "W" " ' Y ' r" 'r"' 'Ting' L g',',..iiflQ'ff..'."iif ' :'L':W'v-L' '?"TT""'i"A Y W 7 'Y-5? ,f . l V ,,,, ,, , , t M- - i ,,, YT.-ga--. df, . ' 1 , , '--4 7 ,. XX f 'Y 'B Top row: K. Diss, D. Douglas, P. Ehrman, D. Foltz Middle row: I. Foltz, I. Gillespie, E. Goette, B. Gordon Bottom row: C. Groves, H. Hanke, W. Hardisty, L. Henry Don't qet nosy, lodiel . . . Quick, Henry the answers . . . "High, Wyde and Hand- some" . . . Draft papers in one hand-We-diploma in the other . . . Got your triq, Goette? . . . Futile attempts to quiet room l6 . . . Get out ot the halls! . , . Pump broke, Yippee! . . Know any moron jokes? . . . Get ready for 10-minute test . . . "You're a card!" . . . "Whatcha doin', Hank?" . . . Let me see your Latin, Iuanita , . . Copyread this, lean . . . Will you sign my pass, Lynn? . . . Diss your book? . . . Whose baloushka? . . . liqqerslll Mr. Haller . . . Which is it, Room 7 or Hoorn l3? . . . The elevator is that Way . . . Phyllis tHedy Lamarrl Ehrman! . . . Senior Whtfs Who fieeec JMQWLWM PAUL F. HILDEBRANDT ROSELLA I-INS N MABEL LEONARD I "Skip" "Iohnnie' X ,M "Skeeter" "Boy, was she cute!" "Theres Willie. "l don't see any sense in that!' Class Basketball 1-2 E Club l-ZW-3-4 Prom Attendant 3 Prom Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Commercial Club 2-3-4 Phi-Chem Club 3-4 Rifle Club l-2f3 Red Cross Club li3f4 Rifle Club 1-2--3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Advance Staff lei!-4 Advance Staff 4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Home Ec. Club 142--3-4 Sec. ' O? Qgesmfw BEVERLY HINTY E 'L KEE E MARGARET M. LUNZ "Slim" "Kesler" "Iakie" "The bea-u-titul snow." "You always take me wrong." "Got a letter yesterday." Phi-Chem Club 4 Phi'Chem Club 344 G. A. A. 1-'Z-3-4-Sec. 2 V Senior Play 4 Commercial Club 4 Pres, 4 Muncie Central 1-2 Red Cross Club l-2-3--4 Prom Attendant 3 South Side 3 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Class Sec. 4 Advance Copyreader 4 Commercial Club 2eSec. 3-4 Red Cross Club lf2f3iV. Pr 'P f' . - ou ,wee HELEN H?-IENSEE GERR EYER'j ROBERT W. YER "Kid" 'KB ondie' "Bob" A touch of Texas "Wouldn't you like to know?" Sarasien's body-guard Hillshoce Hi. Fla. 2 Cgmmefgjgl Club 3 Florida Hi. 3 Red Cross Club lil-3 A4 Giee ciub 3 Advance Bus. steff 3-4 sub. Deb. curb 1 Home Ee. Club 1-zeeafepfee. 4 New Hanover Hi. N. C. 3 of f f If. 1 ,fifiyj . K f'f'f1fW7 WAYNE E. IAMES xl HAROLD E. LARIMORE "Iames" "Harry" "Sure you did t?t" "Yeti send it, kid!" Commercial Club 2-3--4 Class Basketball l--3-4 Red Cross Club '.Z-3-4 Prom Committee 3 Riile Club l-2-3-4 591501 PNY 4 Industrial Arts Club 2 Advance Stott 1x2-3 4 Commercial Club Z-3--V. Pres. 4 Phi-Chem Club 3-4 Industrial Arts Club l Class Basketball l-2--3f4 ,IJ VERNA E. MEYER "Ve-mie" "You ought to see him!" Anlrbrum Stall 4 E Club 3-4 G. A. A. 1-ZSS-4 Red Cross Club l-2' 3--4 Senior Play 4 V 1 'vppsav'-vw Y-'rf 'Y 'L-army' fj ..f- .- ' H -'H-,......,..,, A ,....---- ., . J, i, V , .........f...f gmt' 3.1 A l l a F C15 4 . 'V i 'Ht in it it :l 1 Fw i ll it -1 f' ,wc 'i ,J it 'J li l -- f -. . " -.x " ff' ie, , l Z.,-'Z 1 'Q I ' Q "x ti, ,M l , , ' i. it , , . l t. K, t ?-'?"""""-'- 1 ff-H-3 ,V"" i: it . M , tx ' , 'Ql- ' X- X , ' Q i f WA Ai tl X ' fitwf ..---.,. ,sf'? 1: i ' 'i'i""" ' if-I t1,' vi A -W-Amid, , ,A Wifn. .V . W.. . l,ll,.,... . .. . , . .. , . We L L-.. .. ,lj 'ft' A.. ,.,.,,. W.- Q.-1- V-, W, . 7.14.7 ,- -....... .,,, ,.....,.-....-....- --.....-.. ...- -.. ... -,...i...... ..... , ,.- W - Pxl, ,, . Top row: P. Hildebrandt, B. Hinty, H. Hohensee, W. lames Middle row: R. Iohnson, L. Keesler, G. Langmeyer, H. Larimore Bottom row: M. Leonard, M. Lunz, H. Meyer, V. Meyer We did it! We're county champs! . . . Assembly third period . . . Seniors get your pictures taken . . . You're a nice kid but-ffwho likes kids? . . . Boy, was that test hardl . . . No buses tor the games? . . . Will you take your possessions and move! . . . Any War stamps today? . . . When's the Advance come out? . . . Act like a senior, dope . . . lohnriie went to Ohio . . , Mabel had a long, long vacation in Omaha . . . Margaret likes 8:30 p. ni. telephone calls . . . Hi, bum . . . Look, here Comes Red . . . Samson Meyer . . . You seniors are terrible typists . . . She gave me the jug just for chewing gum . . . Cut out throwing on the bus . . . Lean over the desk, please . . . ANHBRIIM Se ior Who's Who C Jlliibfs Mm i EAN MILLE t Y I. MUT'l'ON "Butch" Little but mighty Rifle Club l-2-3-4 Red Cioss Club l-2-C44 Class Basketball l-2--3-4 Industrial Arts Club l-2 Forum Club 2 "Superman" "Give him the jug!" E Club Pres. 2-3 Red Cross l-2-3-Pres, 4 Varsity Basketball l-Z-3 Prom Committee 3 Industrial Arts Club 1-Z-3 HOPE MILLER J' DON ORMISTON .f "Hopeless" "Don" "That's Superl" "Why have school to-day?" Band If-'24-3-Stu, Cond. 4 Industrial Arts Club l Senior Play 4 l Advance l-2-3 Co-Editor 4 Nat'l Honor Society 3---1 D. A, R. Best Citizen 4 Jil BETTY G. MI LI-IOUSE LORENE EMMA PARKER "Shorty" f Y "Oh! What am I saying." Prom Committee Ch. 3 Red Cross Club l-2-3-4 Glee Club l--2-3-Pres. 4 Anlibruni Staff 3 Advance Staff l -2- 3 4 I , WV . JEAN MULLIGAN "Jeannie" "You can't do this to me." Commercial Club 2 Red Cross Club 142 Forum Club 'Z Advance Staff I-2 Anlibrum Start 3 "Parker" "I don't qit it." E Club 4 Phi-Chem Club 4 Commercial Club 233--4 Red Cross Club l-e2-3--4 Band 1'-2-3-4 "le-annie" Assistant office qal Prom Committee 3 Commercial Club 2-3-4 Red Cross Club 2-344 Glee Club l-2e3-4 Home Ec. Club l-ZWS--4 , ph. MARIORIE PICKARD "Marg" "Oh, my gosh!" QQAJ5 mi ffl' PAUL POST "Long lohn" "I d1dn't do it." Class Basketball SA4 Ping Pong Champ 3 South Side 1-2 HOWARD F. SI-IAEFER "Happy I-looliqan Shae1er" "I-Iey! Got your triq?" Varsity Basketball 2-3-4 E Club 3-4 Class Pres. 3 Phi-Chem Club 4 Rifle Club 1-2-3 H LR llxr U IAMES SARASIEN f,f,xwM' W "Jesse" X "Now, be reasonable, kid." Nat'l Honor Society 3--4 Phi-Chem Club 3-4 Rifle Club lfZ-3WSec. 4 Senior Play 4 Adv, Headline Ed. 4 458- -an 'T Top row: D. Miller, H. Miller, B. Millhouse, I. Mulligan Middle row: R. Mutton, D. Ormiston, L. Parker, l. Paxson Bottom row: M. Pickard, P. Post, H. Shaefer, l. Sarasien Walk, please . . . Come back two more days . . . Hi, kid . . . Calisthenics . . . boy, am l stiff . . . Complete statements, please . . . Go to the end of the line . . . Now, let's get quiet . . . Who threw that, Ray? . . . Stay out of the new building . . . Play practice all morning . . . Another English composition? . . . Will you shut up? . . . Save me a seat, Hope . . . Only three days of school this week . . . Take your feet off the desk, Mr. Shaefer . . . Dean, don't do that! . . . Ping'Pong Post . . . "l got a touch of Texas," sings lames . . What, no candy today? . . . Walk easy or go barefooted . . . Senior jllhtfs Who It DON SCI-IMIDT HDOHH "Oh, gee whizl" Nat'l Honor Society 3-4 Varsrty Basketball 4 Semor Play 4 Advance Staff l--2---3--V4 Debate Club 2-Pres. 3 Advance Adv, Mgr. 4 WILLIAM STEIN "Bm" "You're a lucky kid." Red Cross Club 2-3--4 Rifle Club 1-Z-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 -4 Prom Committee 3 Advance Bus. Staff 1-2-3-f-4 1 I IAMES URNER Mum., "Rally7 how can you Phi-Chem Club 3-4 Rtfle Club 2-3-4 Forum Club 2f3 Prom Committee 3 Semor Play 4 tell? Jw! wma, seen, LOUISE SEACOTT "Who-e-z1e" "I-Ir, I d1dn't see you there. G. A. A, lil South Srde 1--2 ff new OWARD SIMERIVIAN "Mrs1er President" "Thats all bunk." E Club 2-- 3 - 4 Class Presrdent 4 Rtfle Club 1--273 -4 Advance l -'Q-f3 4 Anlrbrum Bus, Mar. 4 Advance Bus. Mqr. -1 'lem " OLIVER B. SLATER "Oil:-2" "How could lt be?" E Club 2- -3- -4 Rifle Club l--Cf 3 fflfres. 4 VERLIN R. STOLLER "Professor" BONNIE G. WOLF "Corky" "Genius Wtth the dark brown hand" "No, I don't thmk so." Class Basketball 1-2-3-4 Phl-Chem Club Pres. 4 Advance Bus. Staff 2-3--4 Magazine Cup 3 Anllbrum Staff 3W4 'WI M1 .gcafzwl MARY SWANK "Sw-1nl:1e" "IVlaryAA qrand old name." DOROTHY V. TSCI-IANNEN "Dotty" "Whatcha dom?" Prom Committee 3 Art Club 3 Arcola I-Iiqh l Phl-Chem Club 4 Commercml Club 2-3 Red Cross Club 4 G. A. A. l--2 Advance Staff 4 f 1 ESiC'i1l1'ff t y-'.:'.' ,jim it F. 5 Q. 5. I Q.. ii rf il.. f ,Lira .:a.f:'t7 ,?.-21 . - -,Q ll U ll t ,J l fl N cl x M, M iff .-E!-A-:ref-:ggi ...-....-..,,, Ll .P,,,,.,.,,, ill 1 l... ..- . ,,.,........., T....-....l - . , 1 HT ' .Q . rw-fe--alexis .we-T:------if-'U - ---f- ' 1 45 I , , ' A -...,.,,......S t-1... , . ., .t t -m.-.-... VL . -N :W.j if M it Lll -lt' ti www WM' :QS 25 -In I B56 ft. 1-' ,- l if li ti ff Elf lx . tif I rw nf' Y,m,,,w ...J ,t M ,Ft X r tllitiiftll 1' . :l.tt"wL Top row: D. Schmidt, L. Seacott, H. Simerman, O. Slater Middle row: W. Stein, V. Stoller, M. Swank, D. Tschannen Bottom row: I. Turner, B. Wolf Don't sit on the desks . . . Did you find any mistakes? . . . Hello, gruesome . . . My Cow! . . . Have a test in qov.? . . .Underline the Verbs . . . Do you want to trade pictures? . . . When does vacation start? . . . Going to State Street tomorrow . . . May -l speak? . . . Give me a pass to the ottice . . . Yes, you may qet ads Wednesday . . . Willie qot lost . . . Have you got your speech, Bill? . . . Take your reqular seat, limmy . . . What did you shoot, Oliver? . . . Louise's home ec. hooks won't stay put . . . Will you empty this paint Water, Dorothy? . . . Got another Anlibrum sale, Howard! . . . l .LL r 'MQ I t1..,d Wat ch us-We're the know-how Oh those typing tests! 11:44 Rush KOERBER'S FEATURE YOUR OFFICIAL JEWELRY 818 Calhoun s1. ALBERT HEETER REGISTERED ARCHITECT Member I. S. A, 2201 Lincoln Tower FORT WAYNE, INDIANA WAYNEDALE GARAGE l Bass Road Ft. Wayne, S934 Old Trail Road. Waynedale HERMAN E. LUNZ MACHINERY AND HEAVY HAULING WINCH TRUCKS Phones: A-3848, A-1415 COMPLIMENTS OF Schinnerer 8: Truemper General Contractors 3630 Bowser Ave. H-3291 +-I-- -- I1-- -I-I- ,KII - I--I - ,III - -II1 -I--I--I.I-I.I-W I,.I - .-.I -,.-M--,II-I- IIV- -I-I-- II1- - II1- -I-- -- II-' ---I-I-I-I-W-I-I-II-I + Id I I Compliments of THE IANITOB S I I . . SUPPLY CO j Wayne Township s I Volunteer Firemen A Cleaning Product for Every I - H I Cleunmq Need I GEORGE BOND, chief I Lieutenants-I. Mason, E. Tracy A-5340 I 1 615 Clinton St I Emergency Call 119 I Business Call H-44078 Pom' WAYNE, INDIANA I I Old Trail Road I I Dill 8: Dill Agency ALL LINES OF INSURANCE ANTHONY 1110 727 South Clinton Fort Wayne, Indiana -1- - - I-I-I-I-W I-I-I-t- I-I- I-I- t--t- - t-I- -t- I- I-I -II-I-I-I-I-I-I-t- I, vii gl-1 Beaux and Babes imbibing Excerpt from girls' physical education Ad-go-geiters and blitzbuqqy G. A. A.mour plaque girls Warden Falls and her Latin chain gang .,..r-.10-..... x Y, Up-and-at-'em at Elmhurst-Ossian game Winsome onesome's wolfing and walking Hercules Rice-Right in Der Fuerher's Face Senior good citizens add another name E-club Prexy, Secretary, Vice-prexy +I- .,NN - .,NN -W- ,,.. -,..- ,,.. -,,,-,,,,-,,.,-,,,..,,-..-.,.....-.,.-.. +-1-t--1l-1-t--t- 1l - -' - --' -t-1- + - 1 - 1L -it-it -t-M-l-rr-r1r- - -t-t-rr- - -it-it-it-I-it-it-it-I --it-I-1+ For HARDWARE, PLUMBING, PAINT, LIN OLEUM, ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES See the Main Hardware 6 Plumbing Supply Co. 201 W. Main St. Cor. Main and Harrison Sts. A-4405 CHINA, GLASS, SILVERWARE For Homes and Institutions The largest variety in the State at HILLMAN'S 117 W. Iefferson St. Fort Vfayne, Ind. .g.,.-..,.- - - -,,,-, .... ,,,, -, ,,,, - ,,,- ,,,, - ,,,, -,,,-,,,-,,,, COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER A. FELGER TREASURER or ALLEN COUNTY 1- tt ---- tt- 1-1- tt- I-I -1- 1- t-t-W- it-H+ FRANK'S "THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP AFTER ALL" 730 Calhoun St. 114 W. Berry S Industrial Piping and Engineering Company Henry Frey Iohn F. Kline Corner Grant and Luther Sts. Fort Wayne, Indiana Power Plants . . . Automatic Sprinkler Systems Heating and Ventilating . . . Sanitary Plumbing Piping Systems for Sewage Disposal and Filtration Plants .g..-...,.. ---- - - tttt -tt-tt-t- tttt - ttt- - tt-- - ttt- - I-I 1- t-t-t-Ht-ttt- tttt - tttt -1- t--t--t.t-t- - - - --..---p 6-.ui 5-no can but 2. ,,, ,bmi ,1 1,1 ,1 1,,1,,1,,,,,,1,.1 ,,,, .-,,,1,,1,,,1 -,,, -.. -,-:,.- .-.. 1 ,.., 1 ,,,, .- !,,. 1.1 ,-., ..-W1 .,,, 11.tim-N.,1w1H.t-.,,!. FOR'1'RIEDE'S SHOES E15 CALHOUN ST. A-8101 +L- - -I ----- I ------ 1- U- H MODERN SCHOOL SUPPLY "The Best ot Everything In School Equipment" 3310 East Sixteenth Street INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Leo Hindmcm. local representative +L ----- I ------ ,-i-t-i-i- THE FULLER BRUSH CO. 1130 LINCOLN Towsa 69 Uses Head to Foot Cellar to Attic BEST WISHES FROM YOUR TRUSTEE WALTER F. HAYES E. I. ZIEGLER MARBLE CO. FINISHERS AND CONTRACTORS or FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC MARBLE SLATE AND BLACKBOARDS 1208 West Main St. Anthony 8458 Fort Wayne, Indiana -i--t-i- I-I-I - - -I-it-I -i-i- -I-I-I-I-I-H+ CRALL SINCLAIR SERVICE COMPLETE LINE CF GROCERIES QUALITY MEATS Cr. McArthur Dr. and Old Trail Rd. Phone H-44517 +L- -1- - -I-I ----m-- I-I-I-I-I-I-I-it-I ----- 1- - -I-I -tf-t-t- -L+ BEST WISE-IES OF WAYNEDALE SUPPLY CO. aaoo Lf. Huntington Rd. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Compliments of MASTERSON STUDIO 1904 Broadway FORT WAYNE, INDIANA +L- - -t-i-t-it- I-I-it-I-it-I - -1- I-be iiii --t-i-i- ii-i - iiti -t-tt- ttit - t-tt -it--M-M --I-it-it-I---I+ ....- ..-- . ....-m-t.- - -H-.I--.t- t-r--t.t-t-t-t-t-t-- - - - -It-Ht-M I-It-fttt-I-4' Wm. May Sand 6. Gravel Co. 3216 Portage Avenue H-2149 FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 4...-,,.. -.-- ..... ,-. t- ,,,. - -, .- -I !-.i .fun-mu 1-11-- I --iif --- -1 -1-1 Enterprise Art Glass Co. "Fort Wayne's Most Complete Glass Shop" 335-339 E. WAYNE A-1289 , .. ,.... ... t... in- -M... t.. t-,,,1,- -. .. I.-tt,-,,.....,... Zi! ii a ,Jim a UBII AIIIII LEADER ENGRAVING AND PRINTING CO. ROCHELLE, ILL. Photography NEUMAN STUDIO Third Floor News-Sentinel Bldg. Fort Wayne, Ind. -,,,,,.,,,,- ,,,, -., ,,,, - ,,,, - - f4 ffzf7w9'77fr 5,516 cf . Q ' ,QXQFS 1 fwfyf, QXQV KAY 10 ,PQ 05 X Q 3 Q , Q - QL' gag? I 'gb Ji 77 . R5 R2 X. L Yg '- x x 3 x, I t ,ET N ,W 1 Q jj? WV ii 3 MQW' xl 3 jQff""jltM7 JJ J' LW ,MU A ff? ' W W .Ju it Nb-'Q Ex yy A 'W' 3 1 ut Q2 E 4 ,, Mk M WJ Mwqxb ,yi m,W fjgsii? , km, J 9 1 ,K7 GMM Jbff' f-WM Wwf f S ffflo W fjjyzv ff'- N E W 6, ii Vw gi vip .. IQ : K . ' sg Q if NUM? wgxi U W :M fa kb I -QQ" J l 77MffffjMM?w MQEVMO Walkway Muff? Q 779 ,, Q fl ff? Af . W 17 . y- N I N ,Wg - , w My ' M5 Ni, - W M END, Q Msg X39 15 'V' MU I N W "4 A 2 K5 1 R13 A 5 -ix Xfisisw f f i 21 f? W 5 f S M FN 2 5 MQj,fS5 N3 'KV W ,ig clufm ,ffl f"" " KJ! 53 , fww ffl! Y 53W if A W ,M WW me ,. 'J J Wyiffw Ziff if f iffy fp W ,wfiwfw . ' M, X 'Ffh x Q. ff f NN 1 J ,u . ' N n Q 'MQW' ' may Q5 rg 79 . M2 X GMM" A, X fr fe, M M , 6? E N 3 I pf f ..x M2 G' Q A 2 9 , XJ ,W ff 5 JJ XL Nff Q N 'J ' " M" X" N E J x K l ,lW ' EA Q X Q1 if 07 F ' ' S? ' ,1 N- ' s ' 1 1 x Q x Mg? N ii V X , 'QIVNMX 4 XX 744 , f "'w1 Q. ff' x Y .ax N WN A1 f ,, Uv f rf j I! Mfff X i U l U xq Q ,Xu . X""' . ef lk WWW' ' , ng A 5 W' ' Y 3- . 'X ' I' I 'W 1' jf Mm n "f-.f . I ' -'mf -L"7 1 My l.- ',, ' I . P H l F W fy waxy My W 49 W X I , " vb " , f f ,QLQJ Q Af,fJ-bf' XX N llfffd cl X XG Q X XX Q Q A Wx N QL 'Y N M wwf" 'W if? Wffy jj? Ek O J , XXX, MJ if f -53, XJ fx , I XR L7 '- YA 44 wi ' , 3 ,I V -idjwwk 91-,WZ 67 355 ,, WW W W QQ W MX , 2:52 ,Fkliw , 524, f A NV ,fx K X . "3 .Hb- v- 15.5. 5 1 R Xi ! 'O ,x 'P , wmv I X an v 'Y , n P 'N S J H3 ' 'X K Ny N5 Two A AXA C X ff, J E ff S R Qx M M A tx - 'X xl a- Q X, El MJ E iv 3 HM Published By The Senior Class Of Elmhurst High School Fort Wayne, Ind. Lavonne Anson, Editor Howard Sirnerman, Business Manager Letha Falls, Adviser 1' JP' 92:34. : ,?f':" rf'- .1. 1 Q Yr, . v f 'ig ' .1 .1' A f- 1 5.1 . Tn. , --1 Lu.. 4. el. ,. ,f- 1 ' , A A 1 , A v ,,. , Q1 '. . 1.-. 1 ff 1' -Aw qs. 1 W L i' J 5. I .I V. . l' I 1 " . R.. ,a , li . .3, 5,ff4"'i,'5a ,'.4, ,H . . "je 4. .., x Q-bc. .1311- IJ: '. q. .523 1 A 4 . , if ,fe Y 'S P, ' -1. '-f' 3- , if r x, f ' ' 1 riff sf-' Tffz- '- 3 -.--L' 1, f Y .1 f u , . WUI f" . 1 -1- 1: 9 ' 1 1 -,, I2 ww. . ' 1 ' if-en if ' , 'U AL' . V. ' Q E, . -"' '21 1' An - 23,5 5 .-9--v,,5j:,,L Q ' 1.14 ' Q5 n ' " 1 . E ., :af ,l' a :-. . ,X , , ,FVh'L K Q kaki-4, '.,I4J ' 4 4 ' 1:-J 4' 'li --, ,. c,,.,,., x , . . iii: ,i ,' f Qi' is 'S-1-U J'-, WZ: x , 1:55 ,J . 'X ifift asv-:sa-Kvvars-fawLw1ww.A.,,.,,a,:,S,,' i ee ggw 2 'Qui .........g efk ki M Walter F. Hayes Trustee Oi Wayne Township TN

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