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Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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H6 4- ww. ng-4 if ,pang f"' A ,hsgn ,.jL. 755 .fy if . I Q., .xx I QWQSSFIK Q xi 5 .W .71 w b, :fig :gs bi 4, ', Im, ,, I " If S1329 ' ' F . vu 5 X If A Q , Ty 'IX is 12' 5 I at 1 4Fursf, downl DIANA DANA ARRIVES FLEET'S IN RED CROSS WORKERS CALENDAR ARTIST IKLQI' lflgfwl IIVInddIeI lTI'1ird, dOwr1I IVIIRRORED BEAUTY DECLAIIVIERS OFFICE SUB O-Oo-oo-ffl LEANIN' ON JACKSON PIES A LA DEVILLIERS ALL RIC-HT, LET'S CO! FEBRUARY I'-I IR. CLAMOUR GIRLS K 'S w f sp X if , wx Aff W7 fy , ..3,f1"" I X G 'Elf' I t I .K '- six'-.... ifiC PX fn 'f:EE:'IN::3:5:'5:7 .' 1 0 '-V126 'S' H Q . v. , 5, rx.. Fw If N A. XgNgf. ZgQgs.5 v 5CX Q X " v X N Nw ,, Qt lTop row? lSecond row! 1B0tfom row! FUN FESTERS N. H. S, SENIORS SEASICKYF MR. LOGAN GLDBE LOOKERS DANCING CELEBS IOAN ENCIRCLED 4Thurd row? HAPPY SWINCSTERS RECLINATION SMILINC STUDE EXCERPT FROM 12 Pdxkfl' Nun' ,Of f xxx ,w fi f X Y N. 55' :ff Q X S X .rf IJ , aff' Q! gag M pdf' X X N f X Q if .JV K 4.4: Valedictorian - ROGER ELLISON Salutatorians - DOROTHY 1ANE LEHMAN AND HAROLD MASON FOUR YEAR HONOR ROLL ADVANCE AWARDS Barbara Alden l940 David Coil Barbara Alden Roger Ellison Annabell Keller Dorothy 1. Lehman Harold Mason 1oyce Monce Veronica Rulka Dorothy Schvveppe Phyllis 1. Scott 1eanne Summers Norma Sutorius NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIORS Barbara Alden David Coil Roger Ellison in '40 Annabell Keller Dorothy 1. Lehman in Harold Mason in '40 1oyce Monce in '40 Veronica Rullaa Dorothy Schvveppe Phyllis Scott 1eanne Summers Norma Sutorius 1UNlORS Paul Oyer Eugene Pontius Frieda Schoeneman Betty Tarr I T 'rlzz' '4 David Coil Frank Pontius 1oyce Sonner 1eanne Summers l94l Roger Ellison Betty Fair Annabell Keller 1oyce Monce Paul Oyer Norman Sessions Phyllis 1. Scott Maurice Stoller NATIONAL FORENSIC David Coil Margaret Cox Roger Ellison Raymond Fisher Donnabel Loveless Paul Oyer Eugene Pontius Miss Potterf 1ames Sarasien Donald Schmidt QUILL AND scRoLL Barbara Alden LEAGUE ATHLETIC HONORARY SOCIETY Bob Capin in '40 -Z Miss Falls, Torn Braeuer, Raymond Fisher, Maurice Stoller, leanne Summers, Betty Fair, Maxyne Crrepke, loyce Sonner, loyce Monce, Adine Cebhart. "AND A 6000 TIM We, SO seniors. survivors of our junior year. started the last lap to graduation, on Sept, 3. Needing to be brought to and kept in order, we elected T. Braeuer,prexy1 M. Stoller, Vice- prexyg l, Summers, change keeperg and B. Fair, secretary, with the vital help of "Fall- sie," our adviser. Oct. l2-Thank you, Columbus, for the Discovery Day theme tor our annual dance, Pulling down balloons and dancing to Gene Sheridan's orchestra and complimenting A. C-ebhart, general chairman, kept us busy. Nov. l9-After perpetual practising, we wowed the audience with the comedy, "Poor Dear Edgar." D. Coil had the lead, the drum. the bonds, and the girl. Interlude-Vacations, government test, and snapping of Anlibrum pictures under orders from l. A. M. and l. S. Feb. l4-All these hearts off a valentine running around and the senior boys too bash- ful to shoot an arrow lor was it poor aim?l l R. Fisher was Cupid, Esq. Miss Falls got the biggest Valentine, a box of candy from her angels. E WAS HAD BY ALL" May 9 "Wa-a-al I want my dolly back " "You big bully, stop pulling my hair." "l'll tell teacher on you." Maybe we'd better ex' plain. Thats rightl We seniors were in our secend childhood today. or else we finished up our first one with a bang. May l7' With pretty girls, pretty dresses and corsages, and handsome heroes as escorts, we held our banquet in the Shrine Ballroom. M, Crrepke and her committee picked "Cov- ered Wagon Days" as the theme. May 25 -The semi-finals of graduation' Dr, Paul Krauss was our Baccalaureate speaker and told us of "A Pattern For Living," May Z9 This is one morning we got up before breakfast. For if we hadnt we would have missed the big breakfast the 'faculty prepared for us. Was it tastyl May 3O'f After l2 hard and laborious years of studying, we finally reached our goal. To- day was commencement and we listened to Dr, Robert La Follette, head of the history department of Ball State Teachers' College. Pilgi' Tfiri It VII GRADUA TES BARBARA C. ALDEN "Seen the feature page?' Advance Editor 3-4 Ping-pong Champ 3 Forum Club 2 Class Basketball 2-3-4 "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 CARL M. ALLISON The light tantastic toe Phy-Chem Club 3-4 Cilee Club 2-3-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Class Basketball 2-3-4 MARIE ANKENBRUCK She ain't misbehavin' Commercial Club, Treas. 4 Home Ec. Club, Treas. 4 Band 2-3-4 Phy-Chem Club 4 E Club 4 ALYCE A. ANSON "What kind do you want?" O. A. A. I-2-3--I Prom Committee 3 Advance Staff I-2-3-4 Glee Club I-2-3-4 E Club 4 PAULINE D. BECK lust a kid at heart "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 Booster Club 3-4 O.A.A. I-2-3-4, Pres. -I Home Ec. I-2-3-4, Pres. 4 E Club 3-4 Pizgv Fo1rrli'i'u CATHERINE C. BEERMAN "Now don't get me wrongl" Home Ec. Club I-2-3-4 Commercial Club 4 Clee Club I-2-3-4 Advance Staff 4 ALICE BOWERS Alice in Wonderland Home Ec. Club I-2 Commercial Club 2-3 Red Cross Club 4 C.A.A. I TOMMY BRAEUER "Oh, boy, It's raspberry!" "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 Band I-2-3-4 Drum Major 3-4 Student Conductor 4 Booster Club 3-4 VIVIAN BRANSTRATOR Little Miss Spitfire "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 Clee Club I-2-3-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Advance Staff 2-3 Commercial Club 3-4 HAROLD C. BUELL "Teacher and I don't agree." Rifle Club I Industrial Arts I-2-3-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Commercial Club 4 Phy-Chem Club 4 ROBERT CAPIN "Who knows?" Rifle Club I-2 lnd. Arts I-2-3-4, Pres. 4 Booster Club 4 Varsity Basketball 2-3 Varsity Softball I-2-3-4 ROBERT CARDER Carder and Coil on two wheels Prcm Committee 3 "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 Senior Dance Committee 4 Central I New Haven I CATHERINE COHACEN "A bit of Erin." Home Ec. Club I Venus Club 4 Advance Staff 2-3-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 DAVID COIL "You ought to know better." Adv. Ad. Mgr. 3., Bus. Mgr. 4 Forum Club I-2-3-4 "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 Wilkie Plaque 3-4 Booster Club 3-4 CHARLES E. COLEMAN "l'll show 'emI" Industrial Arts I-2-4 Varsity Basketball 2-3 C-lee Club 3-4 Red Cross Club 4 BETTY COX "Cot any more ideas?" Home Ec. Club I-2-3-4 Phy-Chem Club 3-4 "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 Anlibrum Staff 4 Clee Club I-2 RICHARD CULLY "How much trig you got?" Phy-Chem Club 4 Rifle Club I-3-4 Class Basketball 4 Central 2 BETTY LOU DAY She's a Day at night South Side I-2 MARY BETH DOVE Admirer of Clara Barton Home Ec. Club 3-4 Arcola I Phy-Chem Club 4 ROGER ELLISON "Ah hates wah, period." Andrews High I-2 National Honor Society 3-4 Comm. Club 3-4, Pres. 4 Advance, Anlibrum 3-4 "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 BARBARA C. ALDEN CARL M. ALLISON PAULINE D. BECK CATHERINE C. BEERMAN VIVIAN BRANSTRATOR HAROLD C. BUELL CATHERINE COHAC-EN DAVID COIL RICHARD CULLY BETTY LOU DAY x MN KN ww.. 1555" P f .L ' :Ll vi 4 .v,f13,f:Z:1 ' . " : ,,,, -E Qo- x MARIE ANKENBRUCK ALYCE A, ANSON ALICE BOWERS TOMMY BRAEUER ROBERT CAPIN ROBERT CARDER CHARLES E. COLEMAN BETTY COX MARY BETH DOVE ROC-ER ELLISON Page Fifm-11 r 1 K F. L i 4 E x l F F I GRADUA TES RUTH ANN EMRICK Elmhurst's color guard Commercial Club 2-3-4 Prom Attendant 3 Glee Club l-2-4 C.A,A. l-2-3-4 E Club 3-4 HENRY C. EPPLE "Oh, you knowg it!" Phy-Chem Club 4 Band 2-3-4 Varsity Basketball 3 E Club 4 Industrial Arts 3 BETTY FAIR Fair today, and Fair to- morrow Prom Attendant 3 Commercial Club 3-4 Rifle Club l-2-3-4 Advance Staff l-2-3-4 Booster Club, Sec, 4 DELORES FEICHNER "Be seein' ya'l" Home EC, Club 3-4 Venus Club 3-4 Prom Committee 3 Venus Club, Pres. -l Senior Dance Committee 4 RAYMOND FlSHER "Boy, do l know a good one." Forum Club 2-3-4, Pres. 3-4 "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 Booster Club 3-4, Pres. 4 Band l-2-3-4, Pres. 3 E Club 4 Ptlgi' Sixfuclz MARGIE M. FREMION lust Margie, herself Anlibrum Staff 4 MARY FRY "Going to the dance to- n.ght?" Commercial Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 Senior Dance Committee 4 Advance Staff 4 South Side l-2-3 ADINE GEBHART Vivacious lady Home Ec. Club l-2-3-4 G. A. A. l-2-3-4 Rifle Club l-2-3-4 E Club 2-3-4 Prom Queen 3 VALETTA M. CEBHART jovial and sincere Clee Club 3-4 Commercial Club 3-4 G. A. A. l-2-3-4 Rifle Club l-2-3 Home Ec. Club l-2-4 ARNOLD CREIDER "Want to see my pic- ture? No?" Varsity Basketball 3-4 Varsity Softball l-2-3-4 E Club 3-4 Prom Committee 3 industrial Arts 4 MAXYNE GREPKE "Boy, what a lousy article." Prom Attendant 3 Commercial Club 2-3-4 E Club 3-4 C, A. A. l-2-3-4 DOROTHY CUTMANN "lsn't it awful?" Commercial Club 3-4 Booster Club 4 C-lee Club l-2-3-4 G. A. A. l-2-3-4 E Club 4 CERRY HAAG "Why don't you grow up?" Commercial Club 2 Home Ec. Club l-2 Advance Staff l RUTH E. HAMILTON "He's coming tonight." C, A, A. l Prom Committee 3 ORVAL HAPNER An escort to church Mt. Carmel, Kentucky l Class Basketball 2-3-4 Varsity Softball 2-3-4 Varsity C-olf 2-3-4 Industrial Arts 4 ERNEST HAUSMANN Bashful l?l Gus Clee Club l-2-3-4 Booster Club 3-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Industrial Arts l-2-3 Varsity Basketball 3 BILL HOWARD Tall, dark, and friendly Prom Committee 3 Clee Club 2-3-4 North Side l Banquet Committee 4 MARY E. IENKINS "May l borrow your pen?" Advance Staff 2-3-4 Home Ec. Club 4 Anlibrum Staff 4 ANNABELL KELLER Short, sweet, sagacious Student Director Senior Play 4 Prom Committee 3 Senior Dance Committee 4 Advance Staff 3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 WARREN M. LANCMEYER "Why are you blushing?" Industrial Arts l-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Advance Staff l Anlibrum Staff 4 RUTH ANN EMRICK HENRY C. EPPLE RAYMOND FISHER MARC-IE M. FREMION VALETTA M. CEBHART ARNOLD CREIDER C-ERRY HAAG RUTH E. HAMILTON BILL HOWARD MARY E. IENKINS if Iwi ' BETTY FAIR DELORES FEICHNER MARY FRY ADINE CEBHART MAXYNE CREPKE DOROTHY CUTMANN ORVAL HAPNER ERNEST HAUSMANN ANNABELL KELLER WARREN M, LANCMEYER Page Svwn lam GRADUA TES RICHARD LARIMORE Dead-eye Larimore Commercial Club 3-4 Band I-2-3-4 Class Basketball l-2-3- E Club 4 DOROTHY IANE LEI-IMAN A typical tvpist "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 Tennis Champ 4 Cilee Club, Pres. 4 National Honor SocietY 4 3-4 Class Treasurer 2-3 FRED LINK The sporty sportsman Varsity Basketball I-2- 3-4 Varsitv C0lf I-2-3-4 Varsity Softball I-2-3- E Club I-2-3-4 Class President l-2-3 BETTY MARDELLE LOPSHIRE "ls he good looking?" Red Cross Club 4 Phy-Chem Club 4 Lafayette Central l-2 Cilee Club I-2-3 RUTH LUNZ Sweet and sentimental Commercial Club 2-3- Ci. A. A. I-2-3-4 Prom Attendant 3 Booster Club 3-4 E Club 3-4 Pilgi' Iliglrliwz 4 4 CILOE L. MCCURDY "Why am I so short?" Columbia City l-2-3 ISABEL MCKEEMAN "l'm near the Army now." Cilee Club l-3 Art Cliub G. A, A. 2 Red Cross Club 4 Phy-Chem Club 4 KARL W. MCOMBER "Well, l'd like to." Class Basketball l-2-3- Industrial Arts 4 HAROLD MASON A toot on the tooter Band I-2-3-4 Phy-Chem Club 3-4 National Honor Society 3-4 Advance Staff 3-4 E Club 3-4 PAUL MEYER Sunny himself Band I-2-3-4 E Club 4 Booster Club 4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Rifle Club l-4 4 DICK MILLER "Meet in Room 9 today." Phy-Chem Club, Pres. 4 Forum Club 3-4 Rifle Club, Sec. 4 Booster Club 3-4 E Club 4 JOYCE MONCE "We had more fun!" National Honor Society 3-4 Prom Attendant 3 Anlibrum Co-editor 4 Advance Staff 3-4 Home Ec. Club l-3-4 EARNEST PFEIFFER "Love Thy Neighbor" Industrial Arts l-2 Clee Club i-2 FRANK PONTIUS Eloquently effervescent Band l-2-3-4 Advance Staff I-2-3-4 Phy-Chem Club 4 E Club 4 Forum Club 4 RUSSELL PRINCE Hlvlore pennies for my bankln Industrial Arts I-2-3-4 Booster Club 3-4 Technician, Senior Play 4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Class Basketball I-2-3-4 LCRETTA REICHARD "My life is doomed by ring." Commercial Club 4 Home Ec. Club 4 Red Cross Club 4 Advance Staff 4 DALE ANTHONY ROGERS 3 "I ain't no pantywaistf' E Club 3-4 Rifle Club 2-3 Phy-Chem Club 3-4 Class Basketball 2-3-4 Morton High, Chicago VERONICA RULKA "Oh, that government! Commercial Club 4 Home Ec. Club I-3-4 Phy-Chem Club 4 Advance Staff 4 DOROTHY SCHWEPPE I i- .-Goodnesghl don't know." Anlibrum Staff 4 Advance Staff 4 Home Ec. Club I-2-3-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Prom Committee 3 Pl-IYLLIS I, SCOTT "Could l speak to Bar bara?" Advance Staff l-2-3-4 C-. A. A. I-2-3-4 Ph-f-Chem Club 3-4 Rifle Club l-3-4 E Club 3-4 RICHARD LARIMORE DOROTHY IANE LEHMAN RUTH LUNZ GLOE L. MCCURDY HAROLD MASON PAUL MEYER EARNEST PFEIFFER FRANK PONTIUS DALE ANTHONY ROGERS VERONICA RULKA QRS S 1 M T3 8 gg Shu gs-ig .KT FRED LINK BETTY MARDELLE LOPSHIRE ISABEL MCKEEMAN KARL W. MCOMBER DICK MILLER JOYCE MONCE RUSSELL PRINCE LORETTA REICHARD is ZF!! 'wx TW JR Avg: I DOROTHY SCHWEPPE PHYLUSI. SCOTT Page Nilzvtvvlz GRADUA TES NORMAN D. SESSIONS "What's this I hear about you?" Advance I-2-3-4, Ad. Mgr, 4 Rifle Club, Pres. 4 Phy-Chem Club 3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 E Club 4 IAMES SHAEFER The newsy newsboy Rifle Club I-2-3-4 Phy-Chem Club 4 Band I-2-3-4 Industrial Arts l-3-4 Booster Club 4 IOHN SMEAD "Has anybody seen my pencil?" Senior Dance Committee 4 Class Basketball I-2-3-4 Advance Staff 4 Anlibrum Staff 4 Industrial Arts 2 DALE SMITH "I like 'em short," Band I-2-3-4 E Club 4 Advance Staff 4 Phy-Chem Club 3-4 Prom Committee 3 l'u,qi' Txzwily IOYCE SONNER "Look it up in the dic- tioriary." Venus Club 3-4 Advance Staff 2-3-4 Anlibrum CO-Editor 4 Clee Club l Prom Committee 3 RICHARD SPOERHASE Blow, Gabriel, blow Phy-Chem Club 3-4 Rifle Club 4 Class Basketball l-2-4 Band I-2-3-4 E Club 4 HELEN STAYANOFF Shy of boys Venus Club 3 Rifle Club 2 Advance Staff I Phy-Chem Club 4 MAURICE STOLLER "Make both triangles equal." South Side I Advance Staff 3-4 Anlibrum Staff 4 Magazine Sales Trophy 3-4 Class Vice-president 4 RUTH STOLTE A whirl-wind on skates Booster Club 3-4 E Club 3-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Clee Club I-2-3-4 Advance Staff l-2-3-4 IEANNE SUMMERS "You de-ci-mate mel" Prom Attendant 3 Booster Club 3-4 "Poor Dear Edgar" 4 Advance Staff l-2-3-4 Phv Chem Club 4 NORMA GRACE SUTORIUS A saucy little red-head Anlibrum Staff 4 National Honor Society 4 Red Cross Club 3-4 C. A. A. l ROBERT D. TAYLOR What, a movie star? Industrial Arts 2-3-4 Red Cross Club 4 Rifle Club I-3-4 EVE THOMAS "I feel like a freshman." Commercial Club 3 Prom Committee 3 Clee Club 2 Venus Club 3-4 BUD THURBER An ideal somnambulist Basketball I Glee Club I-2-3-4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Industrial Arts Club I-4 Class Basketball 3-4 IRENE WALKER Willing and helpful Advance Staff 4 IOHN WILLET "l'm not a ioir1er." DORIS WOODARD Small, but quick Commercial Club 4 Booster Club 4 Red Cross Club 3-4 Advance Staff 4 HANK YOVAN "C'mon back and see me." Varsity Golf 3-4 Ping-pong Chamn 3 Glee Club I-2-3-4 Class Basketball l-2-3-4 iAcK WILKIE 1923- i 940 Prom Committee 3 Phy-Chem Club 3 Forum Club 2-3 Class Vice-president 3 lr. Academy of Science Pres. 3 NORMAN D. SESSIONS JAMES SHAEFER Iovcs SONNER RICHARD SPOERHASE RUTH STOLTE IEANNE SUMMERS EVE THOMAS BUD THURBER DORIS WOODARD , , : Ji IOHN SMEAD DALE SMITH ZX HELEN STAYANOFF MAURICE STOLLER NORMA GRACE SUTORIUS ROBERT D. TAYLOR IRENE 'W' WALKER wx s S ,':,.-'h,..,.N X vt? .- X X ,U I I R2 , i L41 S I rx iw all , MTA M 6 W can IOHN WILLET HANK YOVAN Tzuvlly-ullu ' 316211 Dia-ini k Z S Q 5 4 E l'.f.qr Tn . film'-In 11 'Q ...nm Top rowi Lowell Mahaffey, Ralph McQueen, Raymond Beebe, Louis Felger, Earl Sorg, William Perl, Tom Foltz, Donald Kiracofe, john Fogwell, Arthur Gutmann, Alton Rust. Second row: Phyllis Smith, Dorothy Lopshire, Ardella La Lone, Lois Schneider, Phyllis M. Scott, Frieda Schoeneman, Betty Tarr, Betty Kahlenbeck, Ethel Koomler, Betty Miller, Virginia Trumpey. Third row: Sarah Kummer, Eleanor Strahm, Elizabeth Stayanoff, Betty Mutton, Agnes Forschner, lrieta Grush, Lee Kraft, Valoice Driver. Fourth rovw: Donald Chilcote, Rolland Leatherman, Gilbert Millhouse, Eldon Clevenger, Eiugene Pontius, Ed Dullaghan, jerry Whitbeck, john Baker. Fifth row: Donald Stute, joe Rowan, Lester Meyer, Paul Oyer, Dick Fisher, Bob Parkison, Eugene Churchward. Sixth Row: Ailene Ruby, Ann Wise, Eris Smelser, joan Kahlenbeck, Raymon l-larman, Bill Churchward. Seventh row: Mary Ellen Girton, Phyllis Bade, Nellie Prough, Lois Gilpin, Gloria Belle May, Eileen Rowan, Margaret Cox, julia Bartle, Ruth Mitchell. Eighth row: Phil l-lorn, Bud johnson, Dick Sexton, Bob Coleman, Don l-lower, Murray Bassett, Wallace Snyder, Morris Cecil. Ninth row: Erma Schie, Miriam Pond, Margaret Christle, Betty Mason, Ruthl Felmlee, Phyllis Hoeppner, Louise Hegerfeld. Bottom row: Mary Roller, Katie Anderson, Reeva jones, Babe Robinson. Betty R059 Price, Donnabel Loveless, Glenna Marshall, Barbara Miller, Marjorie Cox. JUNIURS HOEDOWN AND PRUM 6:30l Imagine itl At 6:30 in the morning on September 3, l had to get up and prepare for an eight hour daily siege at school until our first vacation which was September 5- thanks, in one way, to poliomyelitis. All 90 of us juniors, or 40 girls and 50 boys, had to go back to work on September l6 and continue our struggle until Christmas vaca- tion, December 23-30. The juniors, under the leadership of Bud l-lower, assisted by Bob Coleman, vice-presi- dent, Frieda Schoeneman, secretary, and Betty Tarr, treasurer, planned a rip-roarin' time by having a barn dance january l l. And did we ever have the funl We "farmers" were led in barn dancing by the two Fishers, Dick and Raymond. l'm quite sure, dear diary, that you already know that every year the juniors have a prom. ln February, we began to plan for the prom which was held April l9. With "Spring Ec- stacy" as the theme of the prom and Frieda Schoeneman as the "fairest of them all," attended by Betty Tarr, lrieta Grush, Barbara Miller, Connie Kumfer, Gloria Belle May and Pat McCoy, the prom was a great success. Our president, assisted by our sponsor, Miss McComb, appointed the following committees for the prom: decoration committee, Betty Tarr, chairman, Phyllis Bade, Valoice Driver, Louise l-legerfeld, Lois Gilpin, Frieda Schoene- man, Bill Perl, Marjorie Cox, Dick Fisher, Bob Coleman, john Baker, Don Stute: refreshment. Miriam Pond, chairman, Gloria Belle May, Art Ciutmann, Eldon Clevenger and Betty Rose Priceg music, Eugene Pontius, chairman, Bob Parkison, Barbara Miller and Pat McCoy, in- vitations, Lois Schneider, chairman, Betty Mutton, Lee Kraft and Paul Oyerg program, Phyllis M. Scott, chairman, Betty Mason, Betty Miller, Ruth Felmlee and Ralph McQueen. Page Trwilly-tl1i'i i' Top row: Roy Brittenham, Dick Nycum, Harry Caunt, Ernest Cioette, Wayne james, Howard Shaefer, Donald Schmidt, Oliver Slater. . Second row: jean Weist, jean Clapesattle, Bonnie Wolfe, Donna Foltz, Dorothy Vogts Edna Churchward, Hope Miller, Verna Meyers, Pauline Pfliueger, Doris Bolinger, Pat Shulze Lorene Parker. . Q i Third rowtz Doris Lopshire, Phyllis Erhman, Hilda Hanke, Mabel Leonard, Mary K Sands, Betty Millhouse, juanita Foltz, Margaret Lunz, Ruth Mary Beck, Rose Mary Avery jeannette Paxson, Miss Auman. n Fourth row: Don Ormiston, Clair Buskirk, Bill Deuter, Howard Simerman, john Briden- baugh, Ray Mutton, Cecil Groves, Bernard Bracht, Willie H-uett, Willard Hardisty, Paul Hildebrandt, Neil Zollinger. Fifth row: Claude Cable, Bill Coil, Phyllis Fry, jean Gillespie, Lee Ellyn Keesler, Edna Krill, Elsie johnson, Dale Bryce, Bill Stein, Verlin Stoller, Bob Metcalf. Sixth row: Kenneth Diss, Bob Meyer, james Sarasien, Margaret Stute, Marjorie Willet, Dorothy Cox, Lavonne Anson, Lynn Henry, jimmy Turner, jerry Clausen, Paul Bailey. Seventh row: Raymond Crain, Norma Baker, Elizabeth Fagen, Phyllis Riehle, Helen Conahan, Maxine Baumgartner, Hilda Fogelson, Betty Cordon, jack Belschner. Eighth row: Phyllis Roe, Helen Carpenter, Mary jo Sonafrank, Rosella johnson, Marjorie Pickard, Helen Keiser, Gerry Langmeyer, Marian Draggoo, Harold Larimore. Front row: junior Day, Dean Miller, Mary Swank, Elaine Bunn, Donnabelle Douglass, Imogene Sproat, Maxine Walker, Marjorie McMillen, Norman McDevitt, johnny Bracht. SUPHS RUN. MERRILY UN Room l5 was a lively place. We were enter- taining ourselves by playing "hit and miss" with erasers, chalk, books or anything handy when Miss Auman, our sponsor, walked in and put a stop to the antics of the class of '43, We've acted much better ever since. Reluctantly, we settled down and prepared for a long siege of classes-Latin, English, geometry, history, etc. Of these, Mr. Eick- hoff's history class seemed to be the favorite. All of us sophomores were called together on October 3l to elect our leader and his assistants. Lynn Henry, our freshman prexy, was voted to guide us during l94O-4l. Verlin Stoller was chosen vice-president with Hope Miller as secretary and Lavonne Anson as treasurer. For our first semester frolic we had a skat- ing party at Bell's rink on january 9. Ad- Pagv T u 'vi1'fy-four mittance to the Trolans was in charge of Ray Mutton, Donna Foltz and Phyllis Ehrman. For years, the sophomores have had two skating parties: but this year we departed from the precedent and had a class party in the school gym. jimmy Turner, Howard Shaefer, Lavonne Anson, Ruth Mary Beck and Harold Larimore took charge of refreshments. You see, dear diary, we put those first, they are very important. Phyllis Ehrman, Wayne james, james Sarasien, Donna Foltz, and Nor- man McDevitt planned the entertainment. jack Belschner, jerry Clausen, Margaret Lunz and Bob Meyer decorated the gym. By the way, the party was March l5. Mila Haag sang and Marjorie McMillen tap danced and sang. Both girls were accompanied by Phyllis Ehrman at the piano. jean Weist played her accordion, The rest of the time slipped by in games and dancing. 50 HOMOPE.S' - E , Q 1 . Q Q , ,, K . AX +Qw f H . f sf yds. - ,i f ff., , ......-..-.......,1 Pugc' Tzwu I3 Afi L Sh g. 1 eff' 1. '...5': ' pw fp , 4- 'fm 4 f 4 A . 33 Q -' ' 1 , , ,. .4 x , , gil 1, 1 ' ff .-' . 'Q . w,.-X . ,JN kb -'pf-px I.: .3154 .Q , 1' ' ,QV : . V Y, .5,- 'vp 'UT ' .' N wp". .k ' " "2 x.l'F,-,..'- ' --. ' - x ,V x ,' 1' ' ' - . ,f .x" W 4 'KAR M, NQJLZ' I. w 1'.1,qr Tu Vllfj -.six 'z uw Ns X Nix SQ Ag. - w Q mi 'v,f Q A' 1: WL: , X s we. GREENIES--WHAT A LIFE l'm just awfully glad you have a key, dear diary, because l'm writing my most private and interesting things in you. l missed the bus the first day which was September 4l Oh happy dayl By mere luck. a senior girl showed me all the rooms and l memorized them so I wouldn't get lost. At least, l escaped thatl But much to my embar- rassment, Mr. Eickhoff called on me to ex- plain an algebra problem that l knew about as much of as the man in the moon. Suddenly the bell rang. There was a mad rush from all rooms into what were supposed to be lunch lines. We "greenies" jumped into the first line we couldg and as a result, most of us had hamburgers and drumsticks for lunch. The quiet bell rang all too soon, and we had to resume our struggles after a brief inter- mission. Our next class was English taught by Miss Potterf who announced that we could chew gum if, in doing so, we didn't make any noise. So we took our wads out of cold storage and set our numbe jaws to working, What a relief! On October 3l, we chose our leader and his assistants, Bob Rice, a baseball star, was elected president with Dick Capin, vice-presi- dent, Marjorie Beck, secretary and Shirley Monce, treasurer, Mr. Logan was our sponsor. Since we didn't get around to having a party the first semester, we had two the second semester. Our first activity was a skating party on February 22, The ticket salesmen were D. Beard, j. Carriger, and V. Cox. For our second activity we had a freshman class party late in the spring. The ticket sales- men were D. Lundgren, D. Schneider, and D. johnson. The refreshmen and entertainment committees consisted of M. Beck, A, Tarr, F. Lehman, and j. Pond. Top row: Rose Mary Hine, Eleanor Hatfield, Iona Brock, Mildred Hatfield, Mary Keller, Ruth Taylor, Raymond johnson, Richard Swank, Freeman Lehman, Bob Pennington, Dick Deuter. Second row: joan Stemen, Betty Riehle, Virginia Morse, Margaret Nash, Bernice Beltz, joan Carriger, Sylvia Cilleff, joan Summers, Margie Zent, Cecilia Hartman, jim Kucher, Third row: Martha Kreigh, Marion Clevenger, jean Klerner, Nellie Wagemon, Lois Cohagen, Vera McGregor, Don Wolfe, Eugene Scherer, jerry Pond, Eleanor Shaw, Gerald Kraft. Fourth row: Clara Holloway, Agnes Koomler, Althea Tarr, Mary Ditzenberger, Betty May Bassett, Ed Christie, Lee Mitchell, jack Sinn, jeremy Alden, Hollis Morse. Fifth row: Virginia Holle, Betty Reed, Margaret Craft, Virginia Cox, Shirley Monce, Phyllis Henning, Ed Stemen, Bob Rice, Dick Capin, Eugene Poorman, john McKeeman, Mr. Logan. Sixth rovi-"2 Ceorgianna Lopshire, Ruth Monnier, juanita Carder, Eleanor Kreigh, Charles Shepherd, Donald Schneider, Merl Kimmel, Donald Lundgren, Bill Thomas, C-ale Scott, Bob Keller. Seventh row: Dick Beard, Bob Einsiedel, Lyle Conkling, Harry Carver, Wilfred Bohn, Don johnson, Lerland Fogwell. Eighth row: Paul Hegerfeld, Durwood Colclasure, Norman Cronau, john Hausmann, Thomas English, Stanley Campbell, Donald Branning, Lester Sheets. Bottom row: Edward Kummer, Walter Anker, Gwendolyn Ness, Beverley Baker, Beatrice Parker, janell McKeeman, Marjorie Beck, Kenneth Conkling. Pilgi' 1lIL'L'llfj'-AU! QQ x xx X X .Xl X f ,A-F wr" '40 N s - Q LX VJ. ,ff rffuv rf X , ff if N ws ' X Q if fN M Q! .ff T - -h TRUJAN VARSITY PERFURMFRS ll-Bob Parkison, Ht. 5' 6", Wt. l27 Although "Rusty" is small, he has plenty of speed and can handle the ball well. As he is only a junior, he will be back next season to aid the Trojans with his fine defensive work. 66-Norman McDevitt, Ht. 5' 5", Wt, l38 "Norm" makes up for his lack of height by speed on both offense and defense and by de- ceptive dribbling. He is only a sophomore and will be of great value next season. B8-Arnold Cireider, Ht. 5' 6V2". Wt. l48 "Toughie" has completed his second and last year of varsity basketball. Although he scored only 65 points, he was the best drib- bler and ball-handler and helped keep the players fighting when the going was hard. 55-Bill Deuter, Ht. 5' ll", Wt. l6l Bill is only a sophomore but gained plenty of playing experience this season. Being es- pecially good on defense, he will return next year to help the Red and Cray along the vic- tory trail. 44-Bob Coleman, Ht. 5' ll", Wt. l6O Bob was only a junior, but he played as a regular most of the season. He was the long shot artist of the team but could also connect on one-handers. He was good on defense but fouled quite frequently. 33-Don Hower, Ht. 5' 9", Wt. l5O "Bud" scored l86 points and was seventh in county individual scoring and tied for second in sectional tourney scoring honors. Most of his field goals were one-handers, many resulting from pass interceptions. He is just a junior and will probably star again next season. 77-john Baker, Ht. 6' Z", Wt. l5Z john is the biggest player on the squad and l'ii,qc Tbirfy showed much ability in some games. He has one more year in which to perform for the Trojan basketeers. GO--Ray Mutton, Ht. 5' ll V2", Wt. l52 Ray was the consistent center of the squad. He was especially good on close-in shots and rebounds and could hit long shots and free throws with great accuracy. He should be of much help in future years since he is a sopho- more. 99eeFred Link. Ht. 5' ll", Wt. I65 "Freddy" will graduate this spring and will be harder to replace than any former Trojan cage performer. This was his fourth year on the varsity basketball team. He didn't do as much scoring as in former years, but his great rebounding and passing were of inestimable value. Being a bulwark on defense, he well filled the role of captain of the Trojan five. ZZ-Paul Oyer, Ht. 5' 6", Wt. l44 Paul got a late start this year but showed lots of ability in practice sessions. Since he is only a junior. he will be in there fighting the entire season next year. Bob Capin, as student manager, had the iob of- taking care of the basketballs and uniforms. All the players liked him very much, and a great portion of their success was partly due to his cheery attitude and fighting spirit. Coach Waveland "Snitz" Snider brought his team through a tough schedule with an enviable record of ll wins in 22 starts. Al- though his players slumped in mid-season, he succeeded in pulling them back together to finish the season in fine fashion. They won their last two games and made an excellent showing in the sectional. Coach Snider is well liked by all the players as well as the student body of Elmhurst. VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORDS II WINS AND II LUSSFS Elmhurst 38 ,... ...... H oagland 36 Elmhurst l8 ........,.. Ossian Elmhurst 24 .... .... L eo 28 Elmhurst 34 ..... . . .Woodburn Elmhurst 47 .... .... j efferson C, 23 Elmhurst 3l ........... Hoagland Elmhurst 4l ,... .... H artford Twp. l4 Elml'lUl'5f 40 ----------- Harlan Elmhurst 26 .... .... W Oodburn 32 Elmhurst 27 .... .... N ew Haven 29 COUNTY TOURNEY Elmhurst 29 .... ..., M onroeville 28 Elmhurst 28' ' ' . ' . I .HumertOWn 36 Elmhurst l7 ........... Huntertown Elmhurst 2l .... .... L ec? C Elmhurst 30. .. .... a ayette . Elmhurst 27. . . .... Roanoke 38 SECPON-AL TOURNEY Elmhurst 38. . . .... Decatur C. 44 Elmhurst 34 ........... Arcola Elmhurst 58 .... .... A rcola 27 Elmhurst 44 ..... . . .Coesse Elmhurst 27 ........... C. C. 45 Elmhurst 26 ..... ...Central PLAYER C1 FC FTA FT PF TP Don Hower . . .... 22 70 89 46 35 l86 Fred Link .... .... 2 2 5l 80 40 42 l42 Ray lvlutton .... .... 2 2 44 85 5l 32 l39 Arnold C-reider . . . .... 22 23 35 l9 25 65 Bob Coleman . . . .... l6 20 20 8 3l 48 Bill Deuter ..... .... l 9 l2 50 2l 24 45 john Baker ........ .... l 7 l2 l5 8 24 32 Norman McDevitt ....... l l 6 l0 4 5 l6 Bob Parkison ...... .... l 3 6 6 0 ll l2 Paul Oyer ....... .... 6 0 0 0 3 0 joe Rowan .... 6 7 l8 5 l6 l9 Howard Shaefer . . . . 3 l 2 0 0 2 Gilbert Millhouse ... .. 2 l l 0 l 2 Elmhurst ........ . . 253 4l l 202 249 708 Opponents ............ 277 299 l 32 3 l 3 686 Elmhurst 32 points per game - Opponents 3l points per game SOFTBALL STATISTICS PLAYER A.B. H. B.A. R. E. T.B. H.R. B B S O B. Capin, 3rd, .. .. l9 5 263 ll 2 7 0 2 C-reider, P ..... .... l 2 6 500 lO 0 7 0 8 lvlillhouse, 2nd . .... l8 9 500 6 l l6 2 l Link, ss ....... .... l 9 7 368 l0 2 22 4 l Hower, cf .... .... l 8 7 388 6 2 l7 2 0 Oyer, lf ....... .... l 4 4 286 6 2 9 l 3 Hardisty, lst .... l0 3 300 4 l 5 0 5 Coleman, sc .. .... l4 2 l43 3 0 3 0 3 D. Capin, c ... .... I5 l 067 3 4 l 0 2 Rice, rt ...... 9 2 222 4 l 3 0 4 johnson, of .. . .. 4 0 000 0 0 0 0 l Horn, of .... . . . 4 l 250 2 0 l O l Pond, of .... . . . l 0 .000 l 0 O 0 l Hapner, of .... . . . l 0 .000 0 0 0 0 0 D. Coil, c ... ..... 2 0 000 0 0 0 0 0 Elmhurst ..... .... l 60 47 .294 66 l5 9l 9 32 Opponents . . . . . . l 32 20 l52 l0 30 25 0 20 Page Thirty-two tx Q .. . ! l X 4 iw- l 1 l V 1 . l E 40 t' 5 4 5- G ' Y T if X Q' la' 'N -. W N I ' ,T ,,, Q ,H 9 ' 1 i ' l L5 ' c -'F f ,ff X s F . . aw., . 5 e- 1. , .Kg 5 i -' M i ,. sc xr -t 1 gg? B f Q Nt af , N , i X 47' 1 Z5 , E. X 2 2 'f' K gf q v M . A, ,-':- 1 45 ' 1:,, . -,f R Q i . E ua Top picture l 't A" t ,,. rgi. Back row: R. Larimore, H. Yovan, D. Coil, A. Rust, A. Ciutmann, W. Snyder, R. Leatherman. Second rovvt: C. Allison, j, Smead, R. Prince, B. Churchward, B. johnson, P. Horn. Front row: B. Capin, O. Hapner, H. Epple, R. Harman, D. Fisher. Bottom picture Back row: B. Ramsey, W. james, D. Schmidt, W. Bradtmiller, B. Carsten, B, Pennington. Second row: B. Metcalf, B. Stein, V. Stoller, D. Schneider, D. Thurber, E. Poorman. Front row: K. Diss, j. Bracht, j. Pond, M. Kimmel, F. Lehman. HAH JUNIOR!! YPA FRPSHIES! Amidst the usual fervor and color which accompanies the annual class tournament the junior Redskin boys and the freshman girls, the Eagles, emerged victorious. After being hanged in effigy in the center of the gym by senior yell-leaders, Fisher and Pontius, the junior Redskins surprised all the fans by stop- ping the seniors cold with an air-tight defense and defeating them l2 to 7. Previously, the juniors had narrowly edged the sophomores l7 to l5. Hitting from all angles and using their height to advantage, the seniors had trounced the freshmen 22 to 9 in the first game of the boys' tourney. The freshman girls pulled the greatest upset by defeating the seniors in the title game l7 to l5, but they had to go overtime to do it. ln first round en- counters, the freshmen defeated the sopho- mores l7 to 65 and the seniors barely eked out a lO to 9 overtime decision over the de- fending champions, the junior squad. A. C-utmann, a junior, led all teams in scor- ing by pouring l3 points through the hoop, B. Capin, a senior, was next high for the boys with 6 points. D. Schmidt, and W, Bradtmiller were also outstanding. The leading girls were: D. j. Lehman, F. Schoeneman, R. lvl. Beck, and Rump. This year the boys' intramural teams were more evenly matched than in former years. lvlr. Snider chose two captains from each class, these captains chose the players for their teams. ln this way no one team obtained all the better players. Of these teams, one of the senior squads won each of the divisions of the intramural league. Page Tliii'ly-ibut' RESERVES WIN I2 LUSE 6 This year's second team was considered ex- ceptionally good although the players were mostly freshmen. The playing experience these boys will get as they play together from year to year will give the Trojans a good outlook tor the future. This year among the top scorers were: McDevitt 7l points, Stemen 46 points, Shaeter 52 points, Capin 36 points, Beard 68 points, Rice 57 points and Belschner 24 points. Since most ot these are freshmen, we see a strong varsity coming up under Mr. Frybaclds and Mr, Snider's coaching. Elmhurst l9 ............ Hoagland l8 Elmhurst l9 .... .... L eo l3 Elmhurst Z8 .... .... j eff. Center ll Elmhurst 35 .... .... H arttord Twp. l2 Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst Woodburn New Haven Monroeville Huntertown Leo Lafayette C Roanoke Decatur C Arcola C. C. Ossian Woodburn Hoagland Harlan Sitting: N. C-ronau, D. Capin, D. Beard, D. Branning, D. Colclasure, S. Campbell, Kneeling: H. Larimore, D. johnson. Standing: H. Shaeter. B. Rice, 1. Belschner, W, Hardisty, E. Stemen. Back: Mr. Fryback. E 5 all lk Sl' 2, I iw I 1 qt' Tbirfj -fm 9 ,. E2 Back row: Mr. Frvback. Second row: W, l-lardisty, D Capin, B, Rice, P Over, D. Coil, P, l-lorn. Front rcw: l. Pond, B. Capin, F. Link, A. Creider, B. johnson COUNTY CHAMPS The Red and Cray champs easily won thc western half of the Allen County Softball League. ln their first encounter, Freddy Link pounded three home runs to lead his team- mates to an easy lZ to 3 victory over Lafayette Central's Pirates. Harlan, who had been pre- viously considered one of the best in the county, held a 3 to O lead over the Elmhurst sluggers before the Troians came to life and turned in an ll to 3 win. Leo was the next on the list and fell before the Red and Gray onslaught 24 to 4. This scoring streak was continued when Arcola emerged on the short end of a l7 to O score. These wins gave Elmhurst the right to meet New Haven, who had breezed through the eastern half, for the county championship The preceding year the Red and Cray had handed the Bulldogs an ll to 6 victory in the championship tilt by committing several errors, Last fall, the tables were turned: and the Trojans, although outhit 7 to 4, emerged vic- torious by a 2 to O score. Both of these runs came after Bulldog errors. Creider, the Red and Cray hurler, tightened up in the clutches and left l3 Bulldog runners stranded on the bases. P.i,qr T fvi lj -liz: Sh g. 1 eff' 1. '...5': ' pw fp , 4- 'fm 4 f 4 A . 33 Q -' ' 1 , , ,. .4 x , , gil 1, 1 ' ff .-' . 'Q . w,.-X . ,JN kb -'pf-px I.: .3154 .Q , 1' ' ,QV : . V Y, .5,- 'vp 'UT ' .' N wp". .k ' " "2 x.l'F,-,..'- ' --. ' - x ,V x ,' 1' ' ' - . ,f .x" W 4 t I , if gn' 1' if Q 5 Q 00 - 2" .' S, . sz , .,. Q' 1 ' Q S A D A. izq ' 'f' r 'L '- -C Zo sr-. 2 -' f .. Q, lxibg - K - ,, .u , . A. Lx .3- 3 1 , L ,Q N 5 5 , s 0 .. kr! 3 il I "1 fi WV . , C X . . ,, - M Q 'r 1" ' 2. . .,.: . .. .V A 5 X . ' 4? . t 7. . '.. Z ""' t A ,. ' Q 'V . .xt l ZAA re, f . g .:::.- te - ' " ' - -" ff - 55- 11. ..N. f . .. , N 'ff' lg 'J . .. lg , 'f'1: f S ,.. ,gn ll I t "' W -:V i X, ,gn fe ci- s,.' - Qs.. . V ' c gy! , ' L "' ' if.: '- A - - , ,, .. K ' M . A ' ' :L A ' he .P ' ' Y A' , , " 1 ,Q I 1 N 3 P f I " 5 ' 1 Q ca 4: S' . A ,L 4, " - 'A 9 ,f . gf' A A 4- B ef ee ::.. . We , ' Q . I . .,..:: I A N , I Y ., , IJ: is A ' - 2. 7' " . ' A -f . ,W A ,. V . j ' . -":" 1' . ' ' 1 .Q .. ,, s, .ce ...CL . how ...... S L5 t t i Top picture First row: 1. Summers, B. Bassett, M. Nash, M. A. Ditzenberger, B. Alden, M, Pond, D, Lehman, 1. Car rnger, V, 1, Summers, B. Parker, V. Cebhart S. Monce. Second rowi E, Ruch, Marlorue Cox, B.'BeItz P I Scott B Faur S CII ff . . . , . , . I e . Thurd row: V. Morse, F. Schoeneman, P. M. Scott, L. Schneider, D. Gutmann, H. Muller, A. Cebhart, A Anson, R. Emrlck, M. Crepke, R. Lunz, M. Lunz, R. M. Beck. Fourth row: H. Fogelson, V. Cox, M. Clevenger, I. Stemen, B. Kahlenbeck, C. Kumfer, P. McCoy, B. Miller P. Beck, P. Bade, C. Marshall, D. Bolinger, V. Holle. Front row: M. Kreigh, B. Baker, V. Meyers, B. Mutton, R. Stolte , C. McQueen, Miss Adamson, A. Tarr, M Mnddle picture Beck, L. Anson, H. Hanke, P, Henning, E. Kreigh, Fnrst row: D. Lehman, 1. Carruger, Second row: M. Pond, j. Summers, , Front rowz D. Cutmann, M. Kreigh, S. B, Alden, S. Monce, B, Bassett, I. Stemen. B Beltz, R. M. Beck, D. Bolinger. Gilletf, P. Beck, P. McCoy, V. Cox, B. Miller. Lower pxcture Furst rowt: L. Schnender, F. Schoeneman B Parker B Kahlenbeck R L V , . , . , . unz. Second row: R. Stolte, M. Lunz, V. Holle, M. Crepke, C, Kumter, R, A. Emrick Front ro 1 A. T ' P.. qc Tbirly-six w arr, H. Muller, H. Hanke, B, Mutton, M. Beck, V. Meyers, L. Anson. Senior Letter Girls: P. Beck, A, Anson, P, I. Scott, R. Lunz, M. Crepke, Fi Stolte, D, Cutmann, R. Emrick, B. Alden, D, Lehman. WORK AND PLAY WITH G. A. A. Another year has passed and the G,A.A,, the Ciirls' Athletic Association, has had an- other busy year. Miss Adamson is the sponsor of the clubg and this year's officers were Pauline Beck, president, Adine Gebhart, vice-president, Ruth Lunz, secretary-treasurer, Miriam Pond, unorganized sports leader: Dorothy Lehman, organized sports leader, and Phyllis 1. Scott, sports writer. For their first social activity of the year, the girls held a skating party at Bell's Rink on October l9. lt was a great success although many students had many bumps and bruises by the time it ended. Barbara Alden set the date, and the ticket committee included Betty Mutton, chairman, Doris Bolinger, Hilda l-lanke, Margaret Lunz and Adine Cebhart. On October 3, the old members decided to treat the freshmen to a weiner bake. Their appetites were sharpened by the hike from the school to Barbara Alden's house where the bake was held. The refreshment committee included Ruth Stolte, chairman, Betty Fair and Lavonne Anson. During the wintry weather, Barbara Alden invited the club to come to her house for an ice skating party. The date was setg and when the day arrived, the girls brought their ice skates to school. All was well until it started raining and freezing in the afternoon, Every- thing was covered with ice, and it was very slippery, The party was called otfg the Alden family had baked beans for a full week. For the second semester activity it was de- cided to have a tea dance, Alyce Anson set March 5 as the date, The record committee was Berniece Beltz, Phyllis I, Scott and Ruth A, Emrick. The committee for the publicity was Maxyne Crepke, chairman, Betty Bassett, Valetta Cebhart, lean Mulligan and Pat McCoy. The girls that have received their letters are D, Cutmann, B. Alden, A, Anson, P. Beck, R. A. Emrick, M, Crepke, D, Lehman, R, Lunz, R- Stolte, P, l. Scott, seniors, C. Kumfer, Marjorie Cox, P. M, Scott, B. Kahlenbeck, F. Schoenemann, P, McCoy, L. Schneider, juniors. At noon the girls played softball, volleyball and basketball. For the first six weeks they payed softball at noon every Tuesday and Thursday. For the second and third six weeks they played volleyball and basketball in the gym on the same days. The annual playday for all the GA-A, clubs in the state was held in May, The girls who received plaques on that day were: Barbara Alden, Pauline Beck, Maxyne Crepke, Dorothy Lehman, Ruth A, Emrick, Ruth Stolte, Phyllis l. Scott, Ruth Lunz and Barbara Miller, Pilgi' Tfiirly-irz 1 Mv- Rf' ? F B . 5 ,mm My Q . ' X K HOI.D! AIM! FIRE! We have iust finished shooting a match with one of our oldest and bitterest rivals. Boy, what a match! We sure missed M. Mer- ril and H. Forschner llast year's sharp- shootersl but Norman Sessions, Murray Bas- sett, Dick Miller and Dorothy Vogts really shot straight this year, so they pulled us through again. Mr. Eickhoff, Trojan Rifle club sponsor, says that the club had 76 members this year, that this is the biggest membership ever and that many members are developing into real marksmen. We've had a team in the junior League of the National Rifle Association. This team had a "B" classification: they shot over 480 con- sistently and have had interscholastic matches with all the teams in this district. ln spite of 3 wins and 6 losses, we had an "A" rating in one National League postal match with a score of 490. March 29, we shot in the County Rifle Tourney, and we didn't do too bad. ln May, we had our traditional wiener bake with more than ever to eat. We're the shootingest and eatingest club in school. Rifle Club, Top row: W. Perl, H. Simerman, j. Whitbeck, j. Shaefer, P. Meyer, R. Ellison, B. Churchward, R. Harman, R. Sporehase. Second row: D. Kirocofe, E. Dullaghan, T. Foltz, H. Shaefer, F. Lehman, D. Lundgren, j. Sinn, B. Taylor, j. Pond, Third row: M. Pond, j. Carriger, H. Carpenter, R. johnson, L. Anson, M. Leonard, D. Douglas, H. Hanke, B. Kahlenbeck, B. Bassett. Fourth row: L. Meyers, B. Bracht, N. Sessions, D. Miller, T. English, B. johnson, C. Ciroves, P. Hildebrandt, L. Machlan, M. Bassett, O. Slater. Fifth rowig E. Churchward, D. Colclasure, j. Bracht, B. Stein, D. Deuter, D. Schneider, D, Cully, E. Dullaghan, R. McQueen, A. Rust. Sixth row: W. james, B. Deuter, j. Weist, V, Trumpey, A. Cebhart, P. j. Scott, B. Fair, D, Miller, j. Sarasien, j. Turner. Front row: Mr. Eickhoff, C. Scott, P. Hegerfeld, C. Cable, D. Vogts, E. Churchward, N. Wageman, M. Draggoo, j. Day, j. Kucher, j. Clausen. BLAZE 0F "ET" Prevalent in school fashions, in activities, in the classroom, and in the school halls are the brilliant "E" sweaters. As a-e-i-o-u-and some times y are the vowels of the English language, so T-r-o-j-a-n-s and "E" are the vowels of Elmhurst language. Many "E's" have been awarded the Trojans as merits of out- standing work in C.A.A,, Rifle club, debate, yell-leading, twirling, band and boys' sports. The club, in keeping with the color red, elected Ray Mutton, a red head, as president. Fred Link as vice-president and Miriam Pond as secretaryetreasurer helped Ray lead the march of the "E'S". The members of the club were: Ci. A. A.-B. Alden, A. Anson, P. Beck, Marjorie Cox, R. A. Emrick, M. Grepke, D. Cutmann, B. Kahlenbeck, C. Kumfer, D. Lehman, R, Lunz, P. McCoy, L. Schneider, F. Schoeneman, P. M. Scott, P. j. Scott, R. Stolte. Rifle-M. Bassett, C. Cable, A. Cebhart, R. johnson, D. Miller, D. Rogers, N. Sessions, O. Slater, V. Trumpey, D. Vogts, j. Whitbeck. Debate-D. Coil, Margaret Cox, R. Ellison, R. Fisher, D. Loveless. Yell-leading-B. Miller, M. Pond. Twirling4C. Kumfer, B. Miller. BandfM. Ankenbruck, T. Braeuer, P. Ehrman, H. Epple, D. Fisher, R. Fisher, R. Larimore, H. Mason, P. Meyer, B. Parkison, F. Pontius, j. Shaefer, D. Smith, R. Spoerhase, D. Stute. Sportsij. Baker, B. Capin, B. Coleman, C. Coleman, B. Deuter, A. Greider, D. Hower, F. Link, R. Mutton, j. Rowan. The proceeds of the class tourney were used for the annual Letterman's dance on March 29. E Club, Top row: R. Ellison, T. Braeuer, H. Mason, R. Larimore, R. Sporehase, j. Shaefer, P. Meyer, D, Miller. Second row: C. Coleman, D. Rogers, D. Stute, D, Smith, F. Pontius, R. Fisher. Third row: C. Kumfer, P. McCoy, B. Miller, F. Schoeneman, B. Alden, P. Beck. Fourth row: Miss Adamson, B. Kahlenbeck, L, Schneider, Marjorie Cox, P. M. Scott, P. j. Scott, Mr. Snider. Fifth row: D. Hower, B. Coleman, j. Rowan, R. Mutton, j. Baker, N. Sessions, D. Coil, j. Whitbeck, B. Deuter. Sixth row: A. Greider, O. Slater, C. Cable, B. Parkison, M. Pond, D. Fisher, H. Epple, B. Capin. Seventh row: F. Link, M. Ankenbruck, D. Vogts, A. Gebhart, M. Cirepke, P. Ehrman. Front row: Mr. Eickhoff, Miss McComb, R. johnson, D. Cutmann, D. Lehman, R. A. Emrick, R. Lunz, A. Anson, Mr. Fryback. Page Tbirty-niuc ills Back row: P. Meyer, T. Braeuer, E. Pontius, D. Miller, 1. Shaefer, F. Pontius, E, l-lausmann, D. Coil, P. Bailey, R. McQueen, R. Fisher, R. Prince. Second row: F. Lehman, B. Alden, 1. Summers, P. Scott, D. Lehman, I. Carriger, M. Pond, A. Wise, F. Schoene- man, D. Ciutmann, B. Capin, Front row: B. Miller, P. Beck, A. Anson, R. Luriz, 3 Fair, R. Stolte, A. C-ebhart, S. Monce, I, Foltz, P. McCoy, D. Woodard, l, Monce, Miss Auman. UUOSTING BUOSTERS Dear Diary, Remember that Booster club we organized last year? Well, it's still going. This year, we elected Raymond Fisher, presidentg Barbara Alden was our vice-president and was chief engineer of committees and money-raising. Betty Fair was secretaryg Pat McCoy, treasurer and Miss Auman, our sponsor. Since this club is allowed no social activi- ties, they bide their time by putting on cute and wacky little skits advertising every extra- curricular activity any Elmhurst club puts on. That, dear diary, is their purpose, and they are very serious about the cheering section. Of course, l could say that M. Pond and l. Carriger lsee picture-l are serious about an- other extra-extra-curricular activity. At sectional tourney time, the Booster club Put: Foriy handled the sale of the tourney paper in home rooms and also sold spaces for rooters' names in the Tourney News to finance the club. Each group in school was represented in the club as follows: freshman class, S. Monce, F. Lehman, sophomore class, l. Foltz, P, Bailey, junior class, R. McQueen, E. Pontius, senior class, R. Fisher, R. Lunzg yell leaders, B. Miller, M. Pond: Commercial club, B. Fair, M. Crepkeg Red Cross, A. Wise, A Anson, Anlibrum, D. Cutmann, D. Woodardg C.A.A., P. l. Scott, P. Beckg Debate, D. Miller, Mar- garet Coxg Advance, F. Pontius, V. l. Sum- mersg Home Ec., 1. Monce, j. Carrigerg C-lee Club, F. Schoeneman, E. Hausmanng lnd. Arts, R, Prince, j. Shaeferg Band, P. McCoy, T. Braeuerg E Club, B, Capin, P. Meyer, D. l. Lehman, R. Stolteg Rifle Club, M. Merrill, A. Ciebhartg Phy-Chem Club, D. Coil, B. Alden. HALL 0F FAME Since Elmhurst has been built, several in- teresting events have happened which shou'd be rememberedg therefore this page has been selected to act as a record to which future Trojans may refer when they wish to know who the notables of the school have been. In l932, Fern Beaman won a bust of jeffer- son in a Morris Plan Essay contest. She was the only high school student to win the con- test during a period of one and one-half years. i933 came and went, During this year, Maurice Oyer named the Anlibrumg and Lionel Schwan composed the words for the school song, sung to the tune of "Anchors Aweighf' The officers of the classes met with Mr. George Nulf, Troian coach, and chose scarlet and grey for EImhurst's colors. The Trojan boys' basketball team became County champs in january of I935. Mr. Nulf was the coach. Mr. Rutherford Smuts coached the Trojanettes to the same title in l937. In I94O, the Elmhurst softball team de- feated the New Haven team to become the l94O Allen County Softball champs. Mr. Donald Fryback was the coach. The editors of the school's publications should have some special mention, so they also are named on this page: ADVANCE ANLIBRUM '32 VIRGINIA BRITTENHAM '33 LILLIAN HENNING PEARL TROXEL '34 ROBERT ARNOLD LUCILLE AUMAN '35 DOROTHEA MONCE '36 DICK PARKISON CHARLES CORRELL '37 RUTH LANGMEYER DALLAS SMITH '38 ARDIVEE TARR HELEN COIL '39 ANNIE PORTER-BOB HALLER IOYCE ALBERT---ELOISE PRICE '-IO CALVIN DEAMfBARBARA ALDEN LAURA I. FOLTZ-FLORENCE SUTORIUS '-Il BARBARA ALDEN IOYCE MONCE-IOYCE SONNER In the trophy cabinet in the front hall are several cups and plaques which are awarded each year for various activities. The lack Wilkie plaque was awarded to David Coil in l94O and in I94I for his out- standing work in debate and in the declama- tion contest. Caroline Horn won the declamation con- test cup in I9-401 Betty Mason and David Coil received the award in l94l. A silver cup is awarded to the highest magazine salesman each year. Byron Oswald received the cup in l936g Rosemady Pond, in I937g Peggy Felger and Mary Holle, in I9381 and Maurice Stoller, in I939 and I94O. In l939, our rifle team was awarded a cup because they were the winners of the Allen County Rifle tourney. There is a banner in the cabinet which our debate team won in l935 in the N. E. I. Debate contest. In May of l938, our band won the State Contest at Huntington and was awarded a plaque. The classification of the band was class E, group I. The band also won the State Marching trophy in I938. Pizgc Forfy-our QP - ' i Q X I-'M V , XQRXX- I ?" ASQ-NS. cl A Q5 sg i i f' ff ,. R f ,, Wff' x if! 'NA '4 X X 'ff kj - ,-,,iaLmL 1 E i 1Qi1 m -f-ffff , - -'ff S33 3 3. 0 VANCE AND ANNIE CUME THROUGH September l94O marked the advancement of the Elmhurst Advance for the tenth year. The routine of compiling was under the com- mands of B. Alden, editor-in-chief: with j. Monce as official assigner and collector of the news. j. Sonner led the staff of copy- readers. P. j. Scott was feature editor, while H. Mason served as make up editor and R. Ellison and F. Pontius furnished the headlines for the paper. P. Oyer led the sports' activity news. D. Coil, business manager, headed the financial end, with N. Sessions and B. Fair assisting as advertising and circulation mana- gers. Miss McComb and Mr. Logan supported this project with their suggestions and advice. The annual banquet for staff and alumni was held May 2. Committees for the banquet were: decoration and place cards, P. j. Scott, program, R. Ellison, M. Crepke, place and menu, F. Pontius, invitation, H. Mason. Upper Left+aANLlBRUM EDlTORlAL STAFF: O-h-h-h, dear diary, another Anlibrum is finished. l'm so tired from working on it, but it was a lot of fun. Everyone weathered it, even Miss Falls, the adviser. The senior sales- men outdid all records by selling ZGI copies, and the ad staff brought in enough ads to pay for extra snap pages. j. Monce and j. Sonner were co-editors. Assisting them were: picture editors, D. Mil- ler, M. Stoller and F. Pontius, senior editors, N. Sutorius, B. Cox and R. Ellison, underclass editor, Margaret Cox: activity editors, P. j. Scott, B. Tarr and F. Pontiusg boys' sports, B. Capin and P. Oyer, C-.A.A., A. Cebhart, busi- ness manager, N. Sessionsg bookkeeper, V. j. Summersg ad solicitors, B. Fair, M. Stoller, D. Coil, D. Cutmann, M. jenkins, j. Smead, H. Mason, F. Pontius, W. Langmeyer, and R. McQueen, D. j. Lehman, A. Anson, D. Schweppe and A. Keller typed, retyped and retyped for weeks. Seated: I. Monce, D. Miller, M. Stoller, A. Cebhart, N. Sutorius, B. Cox, j. Sonner Standing: P. Oyer, B. Capin. Upper Right-BUSINESS STAFFS: Top row: H. Simerman, B. Stein, R. Leatherman, N. Sessions, M Stoller, H. Mason. Second row: D. Schmidt, A. Ciebhart, B. Fair, M. jenkins, B. Tarr, j. Smead. Bottom row: L. Henry, Miss Falls, C. B. May, L. A. Hnrdisty, L. Meyer, Mr. Logan. Center-ADVANCE EDITORIAL STAFF: Top row: B. Reed, P. Schulze, K. Ford, W. james, W. l-lardisty, L. Henry, j. Smead, D. Smith, C. Buskirk, D. Cutmann, A. Keller, B. Tarr. Second row: F. Schoeneman, L. Schneider, V. Rulka, C. Beerman, L. Reichard, M. Fry, D, Schweppe, j. Mulligan, R. Emrick, M. Crepke, P. McCoy, C. Kumfer. Third row: S. Cilleff, S. Monce, M. Ditzenberger, R. Stolte, L. Hegerfeld, D. Foltz, A. Forschner, M. Leonard, j. Carriger, V. j. Summers, A. Anson, l. Walker, C-. B. May. Bottom row: Miss McComb, C. McQueen, H. Miller, B. Millhouse, B. Baker, P. Ehrman, E. Shaw, D. Woodard, L. Anson, H. Hanke, L. A. Hardisty. Lower Left-ANLIBRUM STAFF: Top row: B. Tarr, D. Schweppe, N. Sessions, V. j. Summers, D. Miller, j. Sonner. Second row: A. Gebhart, j. Smead, A. Keller, M. jenkins, B. Fair. Third row: P. Oyer, Miss Falls, P. j. Scott, D. Cutman. Bottom rowx B. Capin, Margaret Cox, B. Cox, j. Monce, N. Sutorius, M. Stoller, Lower Right-ADVANCE MAjOR STAFF: j. Sonner, j. Monce, M. Stoller, B. Alden, H. Mason, F. Pontius, P. j. Scott, P. Oyer. Page Fruit 'fir i' ANZXBXQUXW 4 n p. 'T- n.. rov- -1- 71- 1-2 -4- I-,. -4.4 -v ... r- 13' SIT: n.- ,. pa... 3. -4. .W hy ...f +- T- ,. bw P WT. , ,., pv- vu- 4. 0-1 v.- ,.l' E b. 1 J- 'd .. H., Px.. IL 115' '-'45 I Q l Y y , . 'E 5 , 5. M1 . ,Z i El , 37 5 17 'if ii QE 5- E 7... ,,.. gf 11-. E4 3 fl: E-H -P' Evi ,-- ,547 ..,- EE E." mv Q-: 23 an N C' If-,- ' FE HN? E .- it -Qi TLT: -.,.. fv-1 .-.V- EF' B- --c 'E EZ "1 l..- QW 51: I .J ! -,.. ...rg 5 V19 L+ s 5 i :qv 1 MHC! QOJAN5 v xzag Ugg 2 1 ww A X '1 vi- uf ' 4" I V P v I r i ah lE J ' . .,XX .n..,,, W...-'N--WDW BAND MARCHES AND BLOW! Sept. 5-Well, we're back in the old grind again. Boy, you'd never think that such awful noises could come from a band ,,., Sept. 23- We elected officers and you'd never guess whom we elected president. lt was Sonny Meyer. The other officers were lim Shaefer, secretary and Hope Miller, librarian, so you can see how the trolled. Mr. Fryback has semble of the eleven best to play for some of the school. Wonder what that Nov. lO-Ow-w my feet. marched in the Armistice was entirely too long and I come out of this with pneumonia, l'll be mighty election was con- organized an en- players in the band social functions at will sound like .... Tonight the band Day Parade, and it cold to suit me. If less than doubled surprised .... Dec. 22-Will wonders never cease? First the en- semble wins first place in an entertainment contest at Hoagland: then the whole band gets dismissed all afternoon to play Christmas music over the loud speaker system on the water tower at Waynedale. Dec. 28-Oh boy, was that a swell party the band slung tonight! They had more for us to eat than we could possibly downg and the Fisher brothers were in charge of the pro- gram, so you can see what a swell time we had. Speaking of Fisher, you know he's the leader of that ensembleg and since they won another contest at North Side, they're going to Purdue to play. Cioshl Elmhurst may be- come famous just because of the ensemble after all ..., lan, l4fThe ensemble won only third place. O well, maybe we'll become famous for our basketball team. They're go- ing to play Arcola Friday night, and the band gets to play that night to cheer them on. Hope we winl lan. 24--Tonight l am a disappointed bas- ketball fan. Even with the band there to cheer them on, the team lost its first game in the County Tourney. Oh well, the band plays for the Central Catholic game next Thursday and l hear that the C. C. band is going to play with us. lt'll be a lot of fun even if we don't win .,.. Feb. 94This afternoon the band played their annual concert, and, from the comments l heard, we must have sounded pretty good, We should have, though, we've really been working this past week .... Feb. lO--Well, now the band is going to start working real hard for the contests that are coming up, Mr. Fryback announced the dates for all the contests today, The District Solo Contest at Butler will be March 29, The State Solo Contest is set for April 2 and will be at Laporte. On April l2 there will be a County Band Festival at New Haven. Then on April Z6 the District Band Contest will be held at Converse. If we win a first there, we'lI go to the State Band Contest at Hartford City on May 3, and from there 'Aon to State." Top row: R. McQueen, E. Stute, P. Meyer, R, Larimore, Second rcw: I. Pond, M, Willet, K. Diss, E. Smelser, P McCoy, P, Ehrman. Third VOWI D. COX, M. Ankenbruck, H. Miller, D. Fisher, T, Braeuer, H. Mason, l. Stemen, Margaret Cox, P. Henning, Bottom row: H. Epplo, 1. Clausen, D, Foltz, P, Roe, M. Kreigh. Top rcw of Brass Section: I, Shaefer, L, Sheets, R, Brittenham, D. Smith, E. Poorman, F. Poniius, C, Buslcirk, Second row: E, Pontius, I. Kucher, R. Deuter, L. Parker, E, Clevenger, I. Sinn, R. Harman, Bottom row: D. Schneider, E. Stemen, B. Deuter, R. Spoerhase, R. Fisher, T. Foltz, Mr, Fryback. Pugv Fai'1'5'-st'1'w1 2 Y Q 9 FRULICSUME AND CREATIVE ARTISTS Black cats, witches, and other ghostly ap- paritions caused the Art club to shiver, shake and scream at their Halloween party, October 26. This scary start launched the club into its second year, Mrs. Sells was the Art or Venus club sponsor, Delores Feighner was president, Louise l-legerfeld, vice-president: Ruth Anne Emrick, secretary-treasurer, with Catherine Cohagen as her assistant. In December, the members attended the Civic Theater's presentation of "Little Women" and dined at lVliller's. On March 8, amid thrills, spills, and scraped knees, the club sponsored a skating party at BeIl's Rink. Their bookkeeper used black ink in figuring the dollarses and centses of this venture. Speaking from an inartistic, but art loving viewpoint, the first year Art classes dabbled in varied fields of art. They "created" many lovely color designs in cut paper, painted color wheels, drew charcoal pictures of still life and figures, painted wash drawings, and mastered perspective, lettering, and figure work. The call of the wild appealed to the second year students, for they worked in plant and flower design and structures, They also de- signed and made the attractive wall panels in the school cafeteria. Uncial lettering and interior decorating finished the course. The third year class also favored nature. They spent almost an entire semester on water color landscapes and flowers and stenciled floral designs in chalk and show card paint. The lovely results were on display for several weeks in room 8. The basketball posters scattered over the community were also made by this class. To complete the year, they worked on illustration and figure work, "PracticaIity" was the battle cry of the fourth year students. At the beginning of the year, they designed covers for the American Youth Education booklet. Alyce Anson's de- sign was chosen for general use. Next they designed and painted small wooden trays. The rest of the year was spent in remodeling old houses and getting instruction in interior decorating. l i i 2 5 5 r 5 " 'f-:- -...ff L? Tcp picture Art class at w'ork. Lower picture Mrs. Sells, Phyllis Bade, loyce Sonner, Louise Heger- feld, Annabell Keller, Bea- trice Parker, Ruth Anne Emrick, Delores Feighner. if wi, wma .. Back row: D. l Lehman, B. Carder, R. Ellison, R. Fisher, Second row: I. Summers, P. I. Scott, P. Beck, Miss Falls, B. Cox, A. Keller, V. Branstrator, D. Coil, "rack DEAR susan" wms Nov, l9: Went to see the senior play, "Poor Dear Edgar," tonight. lt was cute. The play was about a college boy who started out with a shoestring and ended with most of the col- lege bonds and the girl he wanted. David Coil was "the endearing goof," poor dear Edgar Applethwaiteg Betty Carlyle, the girl Edgar wanted, was Phyllis l. Scott. Tommy Braeuer was a natural in the role of a coke fiend, Coky Bradford. He positively "decimated" his heart interest, Buggins Bates, leanne Summers. Bob Carder was Ed Coleman, a conceited football star with three interests in lifeMhis new Chrysler, Betty Carlyle, and his own importance. Pauline Beck made quite a sensation as the brat, Cholera. She had a wonderful time in- sulting people, stealing candy, reading Esquire. sticking out her tongue at people, rolling a tire on the stage, and being nice to her special pet, Edgar. Matching Cholera for laughs was Vivian Branstrator as Diana Dana with her diving gulls. She vamped Edgar for awhile, and her "hat of birds' wings" knocked prissy Miss Forepaugh for a loop. Miss Forepaugh, Dorothy Lehman, was the Dean of Women and was "well unliked" by everyone. Roger Ellison was the dignified but popular Dean Thomas. The Dean and Miss Forepaugh, being opposites, kept up a con- tinuous, refined quarrel about how students should be treated. Miggs, the schools clean- ing woman, who could and did "remember when," portrayed by Betty Cox, went through the play hinting, expecting, and pocketing tips from the students for various small favors. Barbara Alden, a brusque business woman, Arabella Smith, had Whiz Millman's orchestra under contract. Whiz Millman was the band the students wanted for their dance. Her Sl 0,000 block of bonds was what the trustees wanted to save the college. Skoozie Skillman and his Sweet Serenaders was the orchestra the students got for the dance. Skoozie had four important things in his young life: a red hot band, loads of debts, loud clothes, and Diana Dana for a wife. What more could Raymond Fisher want? Behind the scenes, important people, such as Miss Falls, director, and Annabell Keller, student director and prompter, did their work. The technicians, Bob Capin, Russell Prince, and l-larold Buell were responsible for the set, lighting, sound effects and properties. Pug: lim I5 -nil: -.1 C. C-ERS TYPE THEN FEAST I thought I was in a Chinese school, but it was only the beginning typists learning the keys on the typewriter. While visiting the commercial classes, I was invited to the Com- mercial club activities by their officers: presi- dent, R. Ellison, vice-president, D. Lehman, secretary, R. Lunzg treasurer, M, Ankenbruckg and Miss Auman, sponsor. At the annual weiner bake and treasure hunt, held in October, hot dogs, marshmallows and coca-cola provided the nourishments after the games and treasure hunt. The club held skating parties on November 30 and on March 28. A gift exchange, games, dancing and refreshments were enjoyed by the club at the Lunz home in December. Early in the second semester, Mrs. Whiting Alden spoke to the club on "What is Success." To stress patriotism, the Commercial club chose "The Call To Arms," as the theme for their annual banquet on April 24. Miniature Uncle Sam hats served as favors, Bronze, silver and gold pins were awarded to the stu- dents who typed 40. 55, or 60 words a minute with not more than five errors. COMMERCIAL CLUB: Top rowz B. Mason, M. Christie, M. Lunz, R. M. Beck, I. Paxsori, l. Clapesattle, E. Churchward, I. Weist, H. Carpenter, V. Trumpey, B. Miller, W, james, D. Nycum, H. Larimore, I. Belschner. Second row: R. A. Emrick, L. Reichard, V. Rulka, F. Schoeneman, Mariorie Cox, M. K. Sands, M. Leonard, A. Forschner, B. Wolf, P. M. Scott, L. Kraft, I.. Schneider. Third row: R, Lunz, D. Bolinger, C. Beerman, V. Branstrator, D. Catmann, D. Lehman, M. Pond, B. Alden, D. Loveless, I. Crush, P. McCoy, B. Tarr. Fourth row: Miss Auman, M. Ankenbruck, P. Ehrman, A. Anson, L. Bailey, D. Woodard, B. Fair, A. Cebhart, I. Foltz, B. Millhouse, H. Miller, C. Kumfer, L, A. Hardisty. C. B. May, V. Cebhart, l. Mulligan, M. Fry. Fifth row: I. Rowan, D. Chilcote, R. McQueen, R. Larimore, R. Fisher, R. Ellison, F Pontius, T. Braeuer. PHY-CHEM TRAVEL! AND EXPERIMENT! l've been counting up my school blessings today, and I realized the Phy-Chem club was at the top of the list. Last fall we elected D. Miller, president: B. Coleman, vice-president, and P. I. Scott, secretary-treasurer. Several committees were selected for the year: social, M. Pond, V. I. Summers, M. B. Dove, L. Felger. D. Fisher, program, H. Mason, V. Rulka, E. Pontius: transportation, B. Parkison, I. Shaefer, D. Rogers: ticket girl, B. Miller. Miss Wimmer and Mr. Logan were co-sponsors. One of our first activities was to hear Dr. Felger of I. U. give a speech on physics and chemistry. At the Kid Dance, Nov. 2, there were a lot of cute outfits. The big event of the year came Nov. I6 when 30 members went to Muncie to the Indiana junior Academy of Science meeting. After arriving, we looked at the various exhibits on display. We had several, and many people commented on them. After that, we listened to some speeches and watched some experiments. On Feb. I the club held its annual Funfest with F. Pontius as master of ceremonies. The Funfest featured a minstrel show as well as other home talent. The proceeds went into the fund for club pins. During the year, the club also made several trips to see the practical application of the things we had studied during the year. We went to the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant, Wayne Knitting Mills, radio Station WOWO, loslyn Steel Mills, and the Perfection Bakery. PHY-CHEM CLUB: Top row: D. Miller, D. Rogers, I. Shaefer, H. Epple, D. Chilcote, H. Buell, D. Coil, N. Sessions, W. Perl, R. Ellison, F. Pontius, H. Mason, I. Shulze, C. Allison, W. Snyder. Second row: R. Leatherman, E. Pontius, E. Clevenger, D. Fisher, B. Parkison, M. Dove, I. Summers, B. Alden, R. Spoerhase, D. Cully, L. Felger, M. Bassett, B. Coleman. Third row: Mr. Logan, L. Hegerfeld, R. Felmlee, P. Hoeppner, C-. Marshall, H. Staynoff, M. Pond, M. Anken- bruck, I. McKeeman, V. Rulka, B. Cox, B. Lopshire, P. l. Scott, B. Miller, I. Monce, Miss Wimmer. Pugr Filly-nnr 1 E S i i li' I . l i E . li l i l l l . l H- WAR CANCEL! SHG? TRIPS The lndustrial Arts club had many members this year but was unable to take its customary survey trips of local industries because most of the plants were under strict governmental supervision. The war, you know. In October, the boys elected Bob Capin as president, Arnold C-rieder, vice-president, and Russell Prince, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Brumit sponsored the club. Aside from having their picture taken and paying dues, the club had its only activity in November, their annual Thanksgiving Feed. From what I hear it was really a "feed"l Shop classes were held in the old grade school. The boys had a choice of: woodwork- ing, mechanical drawing, machine drawing, architectural drawing, wood turning, electrical work, sheet metal work and cement work. The fee for the year for shop was 52.00, for the club 25 cents a year. Two things the boys look forward to are a new shop and resuming their "normal peacetime existence" of trips to factories. Top row: L. Mahatfey, E. Dullaghan, A. Ciutmann, B. Capin, A. Creider, R. Prince, R. Crain, j. l-lausmann, B. Coil, B. Churchward, K, McOmber, B. johnson, C. Coleman, R. Beebe, j. Shaefer. Second row: W. Langmeyer, R. Mutton, B, Parkison, L. Mitchell, D. Deuter, B. Thurber, D, Capin, D. Beard, E. Christie, B. Metcalf, W, james, E. Churchward. Bottom row: D. Branning, B. Taylor, L. Fogwell, C. Shepherd, E. Scherer, j. Kucher, C. Scott, R. Keller, D. Lundgren, N. Cronaiu, j. Mclieeman, D. Miller, D. Schneider, Mr. Brumit, Shop Class. FASHIONS FASCINA TE FEMINISTS "Do not sit and let your elders standg go out and catch yourself a man," was one of the posters hung in the hall by the Home Ec. club in their etiquette campaign, This cam- paign was one of the cIub's first activities. A skating party, sponsored by the club in December, furnished enjoyment for the Elm- hurstians. A Christmas party was held in December and a tea dance in March. The officers of the club were president, P. Beck, vice-president, A. C-ebhartg secretary, D. Foltzg treasurer, M. Ankenbruckg and stu- dent adviser, j. Monce. Miss Simon was the sponsor. ln accordance with the theme, fashions, Mrs. Charles Houser spoke on Mexican and European fashions and customs. Miss jane Abbot, a representative of the Simplicity Sewing School of New York, presented a style show April 2 in time to help us with our Easter outfits. April ll, the members entertained their mothers at the annual banquet. Amid "ah" and "oh's," caused by the revelation of peanut sisters, speeches were given by the retiring and new officers. Committees for the banquet were: general chairman, A. Forschner, menu, j. Monce, chairman, A. C-ebhart, P. Beck, and V, Holleg kitchen, M. Ankenbruck, chairman, B. Cox, j. Foltz, M. Fry, S. Kummer, j. Klerner and S. Monceg table decorations, C. Beerman, chairman, j, Mulligan, V. Ciebhart, and C. Hartman, invitations, D. Foltz, chairman, B. Miller, program, M, Leonard, chairman, M. Dove, D. Schweppe, B. Mason, P. Henning and j. Carriger. The club contributed 24 books and maga- zines to the Home Ec. department. The last semester, attendance prizes were awarded, these prizes were "white elephant" contribu- tions of the girls. Home ECA! l- MOVICS, P. Beck, A. Gebhart, C. Beerman, D. Foltz, M. Ankenbruck, M. Leonard, A. Forschner, Miss Simon. Top row: V. Holle, C. Beerman, V. Rulka, j. Mulligan, M. Ditzenberger, S. Monce, B. Mason, M. Christle, B. Busse, M. Dove, D. Schweppe, V. Gebhart, P. Fry. Second row: E. johnson, j. Foltz, j, Clapesattle, M. Ankenbruck, R. Mitchell, V. Driver, S. Kummer, D. Lopshire, F- Sirahm- V- TVUVYWDBY, B. Miller, M. jenkins, D. Feighner, B. Cox. Tlwd VOWI l- Klefner, M. Zent, M. Clevenger, j. Hartman, P. Henning, A. Forschner, M. Leonard, M. K. Sands, P. Beck, A. Cebhart, j. Monce, Miss Simon. Boffom 'OWS V- li Summers, M. Pond, j, Carriger, D. Foltz, D. Loveless, j. Paxson, j. Gillespie, E. Rowan, C. Langmeyer, L. Reichard. Pago Fifty-Iwo A4 97' K - wma' Q 'fi Top row: E. Dullaghan, H. Yovan, D. Miller, C. Allison, D. Rogers, C. Coleman, R. Prince, D. lohnson, R. Harman, H. Buell, R. McQueen, H. Epple, 1. Belschner, W. Churchward, A. Rust, E. Church- ward. Second row: D. Branning, P. Horn, E. Poorman, C. Scott, D. Schneider, E. Scherer, 1. McKeeman, R, Taylor, D. Nycum, 1. Sarasien, 1. Clausen, 1. Turner, D. Miller, B. Thurber, B. Pennington, D. Beard, F. Lehman, 1. Pond, R. Brittenham. Third row: E, Bunn, 1. Klerner, 1. Langmeyer, 1. Mulligan, 1. Carder, B. Beltz, D. Foltz, P. Fry V. Cebhart, R. Mitchell, I. Crush, B. Mutton, V. Moyers, P. Ptlueger, C. Cohagen, Miss Wimrner. Bottom row: L. Anson, V. Branstrator, B. Fair, A. Forschner, M. Leonard, M. Sands, L. Cohagen 1. McKeeman, L. Hardisty, C. Kumter, P. McCoy, C. B. May, l. McKeeman, B. Lopshire, N. Sutorious. Second picture Top row: W. Langmeyer, 1. Shaefer, P, Meyer, T. Braeuer, T. English, W. 1ames, F. Pontius, R. Ellison, R. Fisher, E Hausmann, E. Pontius, P. Oyer, K. Ford. Second row: D. Cutmann, 1. Paxson, 1. Kahlenbeck, L. Keesler, L. Parker, A. Ruby, A. Wise, F. Schoeneman, L. Kraft, B. Beltz. Third row: B. Bassett, B. Alden, 1. Summers, S. Monce, 1. Carriger, M. Pond, D. Lehman, V. Holle E. Smelser, B. Tarr, B. Cox, A. Bowers. Fourth rowz B. Kahlenbeck, V. Trumpey, B. Miller, R. Felmlee, B. Mason, M. Christle, R. Stolte D. Schweppe, R M. Beck, M. Lunz, M. Crepke, R. Lunz, R. A. Emrick, L. Schneider, P, M. Scott. Bottom row: Marlorle Cox, H. Miller, B, Millhouse, C. Marshall, P. Bade, P. Ehrman, V, COX A. Tarr, M. Beck, B. Miller, P. 1. Scott, A. Anson. MOTTO--"HELP 0THERS" Holiday favors tor shut-ins, portfolios tor good will relations, and baskets for the under- privileged-these as well as social activities were the accomplishments of the 1unior Red Cross club. Chief good workers were P. 1. Scott, presidentg M. Pond, vice-president, R. Lunz, secretary-treasurer: and Miss Wimmer, sponsor, History scrapbooks ot Elmhurst and Indiana were made by members of the club. The Elm- hurst history was sent to Canada. Bunco and dancing were the chief features ot the tree membership party held in October. Every home room contributed funds to buy 1unior Red Cross magazines. Representatives Page Fifty-four from the various county Red Cross clubs held monthly meetings in Fort Wayne. Mary Fry. Elmhurst's representative, was elected vice- president of the Allen County 1unior Red Cross Council. A Kris Kringle Ball was given in December to raise money tor Christmas baskets. Santa lDelmarl Claus presented us with DOD CONN balls. Pine branches and a spanking big red bow made a decorative entry to the gym. After about I4 tryouts, R. Fisher won 26 cents for being kissed by some senior girls under the mistletoe. As a last chance to play a joke on our best pals, an April Fool's tea dance was held. TRIPS, TALKS, TRI UMPHS "Resolved: That the power of the Federal government should be increased. Mr. Chair- man, Honorable judges and Fellow Debaters. the topic we are discussing today is of primary importance to all of us, in that" - oh, pardon me, dear diary, l've got debate on the brain. No wonder, with a junior and a Senior Forum club and two advisers, Miss McComb and Miss Potterf. The Senior Forum club was guided by R, Fisher, Margaret Cox and D, Coil, Miss Mc- Comb took us to Purdue to the eleventh Annual l-ligh School Debaters Conference. Then we began to debate and won a majority of our debates with Huntington, jefferson Twp., l-luntertown, North Side, Columbia City, Warsaw, Wabash, and Roanoke, Two tea dances and three one-act plays, directed by Miss Potterf, kept us busy and our treasury full. All freshmen, sophomores and juniors who wanted to get experience in debating and other speech activities met on Thursdays and some nights after school, Their leaders were Don SCl'1fT1idT. joan Carriger and Phil l-lorn, With Miss Potterf's aid, they sponsored a Christmas dance and a skating partyt Debat- ing among themselves, aiding the Senior club in giving plays, and entering contests at De Pauw prepared them for a championship team next year. Betty Mason and David Coil won the decla- mation cup, and David Coil won the Wilkie Plaque. Top row: P. l-lorn, K, Ford, D, Schmidt, j. Sarasien, V. Stoller. Second row: j. Turner, l-l Fogelson, j Carriger, S, Monce, D, Miller, j, Mulligan, Front row: V McGregor, C McQueen, M, Leonard, M Sands, Miss Potterf. Senior Croup: R. Fisher, D, Coil, R, Ellison, P. Oyer, E. Pontius, F, Pontius, Margaret Cox, D. Loveless. -ax A ,V g-Sn fi M' T-la' , , ,,, QI , PUBUS!-XED BV THE SEXWOQS OF Elflflf-101957 , , f , ,, ,.,, 1 'ff Q1Q'.fgQ"f' ,L T ff,li.fQgfijl'.',."'Qffffilf.- fQlf"'f "'Tf"?'fLf,,.1lIX:! T""g..l.k'75'5'?" g42'lQlI.TlE - . , Y -.SQ-H .----,Wk Vvr?-.,.q....Q5f , ,inf-1L,-.,,.---Q, --,,. ngw- 'www , 4 My i i Ml . .L---" 4 M "','i.fl-:iff-""',"A-if-Q:.gf .. . ' '1:E9fv.., T--9" Na' ' '-' '-11' if-Sfiuif' ,K vgfgwrxgfkgszmxm. 'H'-M , ,QQ-w-ff " '3"Q:1w,5wf T1 ifpfi- ' 'Mia Qjjgqf, A ffl' iv ef QI- .-.-1 Q, V Y V WV Ya, M,,,,,,f1-1,1'M"': ' -A,,.q.-f' f 1 lb x, xi ,v:,f-Lfu-yr-my Av- . ,I---fi if :if V Y , Rixvigci ff' ,aff g , ,V -ff, flf-2'- V vm, 7. f:1v'Ts-r-2fKT4.""""" :-'jf' 44 -- 'j--41-r " V3f5..:f--' M V- f-.--1-' 5 5 - , V A . , , .aff if 4 5 7,1 f f,,, ff!---H W - ', 3 Y, I ff V ...wfw --" ' 4-qc LJ,-J k...11 - ' - - lYgYW,7,g A- " 8.81185 ,f,lL....f.-I f' 1 1 1:5 - '1 11-s - M, A ,-.. .,..-Ax...-.-.. ang.. ...... .. , H.-- -,,..,,,,,,,4,. V ,, ,.-,K,.,' ' . .,..-. -' . ', v. ' f 1 ft' f-Q TH E A N I I B l We held a skating party at Bell's, February 8. The club didn't do much singing out there, but everyone sure had fun. Of course, we sang at Baccalaureate, May 25, to launch the seniors into a new world. Some of the members received pins for be- ing in the club all four years. Those lucky ones were: D. l. Lehman, D. Cutmann, C. Beerman, A. Anson, C. Allison, R. Stolte and V. Bran- lnstead of singing folk songs this year, we sang songs from operettas and also some popular tunes. Our favorites were: "Rose Marie," "Kentucky Babe," "Blue Danube," "Pep," l'StOut Hearted Men," "Velia," "l Am An American," "Cod Bless America" and The girls' chorus met every Monday ancl Tuesday, and the boys' met on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mixed chorus was held every Friday, on those days, everyone in the school could hear us harmonize, Dorothy Lehman played the piano for us this year, as well as il li il l l l Back row: l. Fogwell, C. Allison, H. Yovan, B. l-loward, M. Ditzenberger, I. Paxson, 1. Carriger, 1. Summers, i Monce, C. Beerman, A. Anson. l Second row, B. Millhoase, D. Bolinger, P. Fry, L. Keesler, Mariorie Cox, N. Cronau, D. Stapleton, P, Hoeppncr F. Schoeneman, I. Brunkhart, I. l-lausmann, B. Stein, D. Ciutmann, V. Branstrator, R. lchnson, R. Stolte. Third row: V. Cebhart. D. Vogts, H. Conahan, R. A. Emrick, A. Tarr, D. lohnson, M. Pond, F. Lehman, M. Cirepke B. Fair, B. Thurber, B. Beltz, L. Cohagen, V. Cox, B. Einsiedel, B. Bassett. Front row: D. l. Lehman, Miss Adamson, li . . - lf WARBLERA3- "SHOULDER T0 SHUULDEF' l 'i l Today, a greenie came up to me and said, X "I'm not a soprano. alto, tenor, bass, or bari- V tone. What am l?" Quick as a flash, l came back with, "Well, one thing sure then, you're not in C-lee Club." l-le must have thought he was going to put one over on rne, but no matter how you look at it, that is one swell club. l Even our officers prove it. Dot Lehman was El president, Dot Cutmann, secretary, Alyce strator. Anson, treasurer, and Miriam Pond was li- brarian. To top that, Miss Adamson was our T' sponsor. l The club had a very good quartet too, M. i Pond, F. Schoeneman, P. l-loeppner, and A. I Tarr. They sang at all the school functions E H V where some super-special warbling was BlUePe"'Y l'l'll- 1 demanded. ' The annual cantata was on December IS. A The title was "The Prince of Peace." We dressed in black robes and white collars as usual. Somehow it seemed to me the music and lyrics were especially beautiful this year. last yearl I l l I'.1,qi' Izlfi-ilx ' v--7 7 Dear Diary, Whoopsl "Poor Dear Ed- gar" Coil and "Cholera" Beck roll the Dean's spare tire around. Clee Club otti- cers-lVl. Pond, F, Schoenaa rnan, D, Ciutmann, and H. Yovan sing to D. l, Lehman's accompaniment. Angelic? . . Skoozie Skillman, alias R. Fisher, holds that tiger, ls he scared? . , Skoozie's en- semble: T. Braeuer, l-l. Mason, D. Stute, D. Smith, E Pontius, R. Spoerhase, P. Henning, D, Fisher, R. Fisher, E, Stemen, and T. Foltz vvovved the audience and won County, district and state honors in Rural Entertainment . , "I love to ride the terry" , , , "Dark- town Strutters Ball," "Listen to The Mocking Bird." PS. Skoo- zie's hat has a trick top. ,xii 1' I es,,,,, A x t.,, ,gyda ,,.t. A . Q., L y ,A 25 , ,,,,i, - i n i 'N asss .Wu 1 N e 5- ...- f -. i I , gy 2 C, li! I Vi ii S- F'--X Q i l ll :V t ,Q i Miig is ,,,, , t ' i i l 'F 'F , ' Di . ik YNY F ,:,,,, . N F H mv--W 3-:.:..s--.....1M N" BEST WISHES FQRTRIEDES WACNER COAL COMPANY SHOE Phone A-'5I8I 545 Fairmount Place 615 Calhoun Street A,8lOl KAIVIIVIEIER TRUCKINCJ CO. My Compllmenls MOVING I To A C-ood School FREIGHT AND DELIVERY SERVICE Phone A-9408 9l 5 Wells Slreel County Superintendent of Schools FORT WAYNE , BLUE PRINT AND SUPPLY KOERBER S Drawing Materials - Photostat Prints FEATURE YOUR OFFICIAL IEWELRY Englneersi Supplles SI8 Calhoun Street "Everything for the Drafting Room" i Lewis and Clinton St. Phone A-4I42 DR. A. W. BENNER WALTER A. FELC-ER OPTOME-l-RlST Sheriff of Allen County, Indiana DO YOUR PART TO KEEP ALLEN COUNTY SAFE 206 W. Berry Street Fort Wayne, Indiana WALK AND DRIVE CAREFULLY FRANKIS THE FULLER BRUSH CO. "The Best Place To Shop After All" ll3O l-lncoln Tower 730 Calhoun Street II4 W, Berry 69 usis HEAD TO Foot CELLAR TO Attic yiiyi sPoRTiNo oooos WESTGATE SERVICE - 17 Corner Bass Leesburgh Roads ION Calhoun if-el2AZZARD A 63 5 Moms oiL 5- CASOLINE oiaocsrw e TEAROONI Less LocAN loHNNY MAXFIELD VIRCIL COWAN- Pfopnsfsf On Washday Call An Important Item TROY In Your Daily Diet LAUNDRY FURNAS ICE CREAM l 445 E. columbia Phone H43 5 All Line of Insurance, Including Brlng Your Radlo to Aeroplane Damage to Your Real And Personal Property RADIO HEADQUARTERS, Headquarters for Radio Repairs in KENNETH C. BEARD Fort Wayne SSO Lincoln Tower Fort Wayne, Indiana l704 Hale Avenue E'l l33 I llflli-ivglil VN'-I X . N R5 is 3 I I Wm S3 131. e 'a"' I 51.24, Q' x jk f lTop rowl MASON-HCOIL, NVINNERS TRICONOMETRISTS TEST TODAY, MICKIEI HI YA, KEEDSI COT YOUR GERMAN? HEAR YE! HEAR YE! vTI'nrd row! ISecond row? IIMMY RELAXES REPAIR MEN IOVIAL RUTH MARY BP-?'fff wh KH-,. rw. Nr i "OUEENIE" AND SISTER BUSINESS MAN NORMAN lBo1fom row! A DUSTER, PLEASE "HELEN HAYES" WIMMER IOYCE AND MARY STUDY Pa ge' Fifty-uint SANDPOINT GROCERY G FILLING STATION Sandpoint Road H-79l47 TEXACO GAS G OILS More Texaco Gas Sold to Tourists Than Any Other Gas in the United States in I94O Compliments of YOUR TRUSTEE WALTER F. HAYES DAUTZ GREENHOUSE Hayden Road FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone H- I SI69 RR. 8 H. A. TlLLMAN'S SUPER SERVICE STATION Washing 4 Greasing Q Tire 5 Battery Service TEXACO GASOLINE AND MOTOR OILS Washington at Fulton Phone A-0585 Read "Youth's Passing Show" Each Saturday in THE NEWS-SENTINEL V. W. FEASEL D. C. FEASEL FEASEL INS. AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE I83l Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana RANEY'S STANDARD STATION AT WAYNEDALE Gas - Oil - Accessories Tires - Tubes - Batteries Phone I-I-39204 IOHN T. CLAPESATTLE 'ICLAPESATTLES COMMUNITY SERVICE" H-SI I4 25l4 Broadway STINE DRUG STORE Southeast Corner, Broadway and Taylor Sts. INLAND OILS, INC. FLEET-WING GASOLINE MOTOR OILS Every Fleet-Wing Dealer is a Local Independent Merchant MODEL DRY CLEANING H-I I84 2438 Broadway SAN DPOI NT GREENHOUSE CHARLES HOFFMAN Bluffton Road Fort Wayne, Indiana Ti-IE 1ANiToR's SUPPLY Co. Sfudtozfug flfrifgggf and w a A CLEANING PRODUCT FOR EVERY af CLEANING PROBLEM v SHOES 6l5 S. Clinton Street Fort Wayne, Indiana 824 BgIrE?tieEI'O I-I Ngpggite City Market WAYNEDALE PHARMACY oust P. SPRANDEL Phone H-28679 Waynedale, Indiana BEST WISHES OF WAYNEDALE SUPPLY CO. R.R. 4 Waynedale, Indiana Ptliu' bl lv To the Class of '4l: Taking pictures tor the class composite and for the diary edition of the Anlibrum has been a great pleasure. May you continue to be good and useful citizens wherever you go. With congratulations and best wishes, H. ROSS IVIASTERSON I-I-76266 Waynedale, Indiana For a Food Treat Visit THE HOBBY HOUSE ZI5 E. jefferson WAYNEDALE YENETIAN BLIND COMPANY OR I Manufam'e'S 20 It CENTURY GRILL CLEANING AND REPAIRING 132 E. Wayne Compliments of Best Wishes "VIC" IVICCOY Of TOWER SERVICE ACME COAL C0- H-7073I 306 E. Fourth St. A-OI53 Phones A-64805 A-6439 HOMER R. GETTLE EYESIGHT SPECIALISTS Calhoun at Berry TAYLOR SHOP 5. F. OIIver, Proprietor DRY CLEANING WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER I92O Broadway ED. ROEI-IM GARAGE Bluffton Road EI, wayne Ri Ri WAYN EDALE GARAGE NO, 4 Waynedale Compliments of Compliments R KS KERNS BICYCLE STORE 'NTERNAT'q'QffLLSQ 'QQSIOR T UC E-ISII ALS-'III I-I-54II I I I9 Broadway BICYCLES, TRICYCLES C7 SCOOTERS PONTIAC ENC-RAV I NG CO Chicago, IIIinoI5 DELANEY PRINTING CO. Hammond, Indiana PHOTOGRAPHERS H. R. MASTERSON B. H. KEISER k. 1..g, :..m.1if.T. ..LZi"1'T" W' r:,x.:f,., , if, W. .g...W,...,. ...i.1.......,..-- V V V -K - ...W . , , Q.. 1 i.. M ,ilrigz f - - Y 1111221-.'.-'ffl J 'ii is iff. ' ' - HQ -fam fx.. !-HGH 504001, FORT WA WE XNDXANA f fjf WJ g ix ii! W Qwififl X X 17. 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Suggestions in the Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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