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SNAPS UF SNUUPEHVISING Top Row: Chain Gang Boss. Purdue Inspectors We Pound Always Second Row: Workers' Waaony Hess and Hunt, Interior Decorators Third Row: Fon-:iful Forms, Vitamin Crew Fourth Row: "Spring Fever" Sluqs, Penthouse Pleasure Fifth Row: Five Hod- carriers, B, C.-f Before Caught, Landscapers Boltom Row: Repair Men At Work, Romanesque pam 9 , ' r ffme' X .I " 'F 7- 9 1, ' A "1 LB- V 0 . - -' 'Q 0: :5'-:gr J W . X' A . ' ws! X 'X' e .,' 1.:., . g g- " FEM, Y ' iff : - ' gf Srrw-1 X S ix XX X X, xxx, i N xX x S X X A X X . ,X X X, , xx J K X YXXX nf A X Xxx , ' xy V x xx xx 'X , X xx' Xxf Xxx. . R K X w XX Nxxxx A X4 XJ N LN XR kk X , X X! X X ' v ,-XXX x X X f f X' XX-, ? a E 4-1- v -,-' dgi T1 ri GUNTHAGTUHS UEHEUT UUUPEHATIVE LABUH ANU PLAY PAUL HALLER, our genial head contractor, blueprints our courses and supervises and integrates the social, economic, and governmental projects of our vital building unit. LETHA FALLS, adviser of the graduating engineers in their social, dramatic, and editorial endeavors leads the Latineers in inscribing de- clensions and English students in razing "ain't" from their vocabu- laries. IEAN ADAMSON, associate - di- rector of the recreational department, entertains the Workers and their families with cantatas, operettas and dances. Her enthusiasm has made G. A. A. a major activity and kept the girls in trim. She also instructs the freshmen in the language - build- ing subject. MATILDA AUMAN, is the com- mercial adviser of the Elmhurst Con- tracting Company. ln her courses, she fits workers for fine secretarial positions. By unanimous vote, she superintends the active Commercial Club and sophomore class. L. L. BRUMIT, an efficient crafts- man, starts the workers off by pound- ing into them the fundamentals of building. As a diversion from his workshop, he serves as sponsor of the Industrial Arts Club and tho newly-organized Casting Club. CHARLES ElCKHOEF manages to weave Cf e r rn a n , sharpshooting, ancient history, jug-keeping, and magazine campaigns into a lively tapestry shot with his ingratiating humor and booming laughter. He and Mr. Haller are hunting compan- ions. DONALD FRYBACK, the baton- waving member, has contributed much toward the success of the band. With lively marches, he puts pep into the basketball games. Due to his coaching the Trojan softball ten Won many games. PAULINE HOLL, through her ably- conducted courses of English and public speaking, trains many force- ful speakers and debaters. She also aids the Advance staff in publicizing school events and progress. EDNA SELLS, head of the decora- tive department aids in the orna- mentation of attractive alcoves throughout the building, The inter- play of light and shadow is stressed in her classes. LENORA SIMON turns out excel- lent interior decorators and home- makers and through her advising of the Regina Domi produces girls with charming personalities. She also instructs the Workers in biology. WAVELAND SNIDER, construc- tional engineer, builds up the men and makes them "hard as nails." He has taken the Trojan Five through many victories. He also drills the Workers on the fields of Bull Run and Gettysburg. RACHEL STEIBER, secretary, re- cords the progress of the structural workers from the time they are sent to work by the stockholders until they have graduated as full-fledged engineers. RUTH WIMMER is the diminutive member of our contracting company. She instructs future chemists. Her first aid work has Won Elmhurst much recognition this year. She teaches geography, math, safety, health, and is co-adviser with Mr. Wisner of the Phy-Chem Club. HOWARD WISNER has the re- sponsibility of watching over the structural workers when they begin their labors. He aids a large group of mathematicians in determining dimensions, Weights, measures, and in making the Advance financially secure. 8276 8 0311 833 3 1 HUW FIRM A FUUNDATIUNH Top Row: Paul Halle-r, Letlia Falls, lean Adamson. Fourth How: Matilda Auman, L, l.. Erumit, Charles Exclzhoff. Third Row: Donald Frylgaclc, Paulme l-loll, Edna Sells. Second Row: Lenora Simon, Waveland Snider, Rachel Slexlcer. Bottom Flow: Ruth Wimmer, Howard Vllisner. Page Effzven Pflgr Tu'E'11'C FRESHMEN ARE WUHTHY STRUCTURAL WUHKEHS t.tztt.titttlttlttlttt.f ,V ..,.......-...-.......-.....-...,......,... A - - A - - , , - Tap Row: B. Parkison, I. Rowan, G. Millhouse, B. Coleman, D. Stute, A. Rust, I. McQueen, R. Fisher, E. Pontius, D. Lieberenz, W, Pearl, W. Sheets, D. Kiracote, T. Foltz, E. Clevenger. M. Basset. Sixth Row: R. Bee-be, R. Iustice, K. l-lammer, M. Miller, C. Kern, VV. Buskirk, R. Bolenbaugh, Fifth Row: I. Whitback, W. Snyder, I. Baker, L. Felger, C. Lahr, P. Oyer, F. Schoeneman, B. Miller, M. Pond, D. Lopshire, D. Bailey, R. Leatherman, K. Lugston, I. Fogwell, R. Ellis, A. Gutmann, D. Chilcote, R. Harman, Fourth Row: Mr. Wisner, I. Sims, M. Spice, B. Mason, M. Cox, V. Trumpey, P. M. Scott, L. Schneider, E. Stayanoff, R. Mitchell, A, LaLone, E. Smelser, A. Mcliinzie, A. D'Andrea. Third Row: R. Felmlee, L. Hegerteld, E. Freeman, S, Kurnrner, I. Bartle, L. Gongaware, A. Ruby, B, Tarr, I. Kahlenbeck, C. Gatton, I. Gerwig, R. I-lauke, P. Smith, P. Kennig, E, I-line, P. Smith, M. l-lolocher, I.. Meyer. Second Row: L. Kraft, F. Thomas, E. Kiester, B. Slater, L. Gilpen, M. Cox, B. Miller, L. A. Hardisty, P. McCoy, C. Kumfer, G, B. May, B. Kahlenbeck, A. Forschner, 1-l. Perry, O. Mulqueeny, B. Mutton, P. Bade, A. Lorigwell, D. Loveless, A. Wise. Front Row: C. Gordon, E. Churchward, M. Zelt, T. Adams, K. Ford, R. DeLancey, E. Dullaqlian, D. Sexton, B. Iohnson, W. Frame, P. Horn, G. Hille, D. Oetting. 0 To see that the steel structure was built correctly, the freshman class chose Alton Rust to preside over the building and give the orders. Assisting him was vice-president, Miriam Pond. Secretary-treasurer, Betty Tarr, kept the books and saw that the presidents orders were put in writing. On Ianuary 14, the structural workers, staged a Hard Times Party. Completely forgetting about the building they were helping construct, they had a hilarious time and enjoyed themselves very much. The workers who made the semester honor roll by making the cleanest lines and the hardest edges during the year were: E. Clevenger, M. Cox, R. Felrnlee, R. Fisher, I. Gerwig, I. Karns, B. Mason, B. Miller, P. Oyer, M. Pond, E. Pontius, L. Schneider, F. Schoeneman, and P. M. Scott. SUPHUMURES PUUH GUNUHETE INTU FUHMS Top Bow: YY. Pteifier, G. Teqtmeyer, Lar,grt'.ej.'er. Pl. Henschen, E. Hausrianr.. C. Lfznnct. W. Smith, F. Link, C. Coleman, if. lvI:Crnker, P. Pontius, H. Mascn, D. Coil, I. vx'V1llC1E', R. Fisher, T. Braeuer. Fifth Bow: I. 'W'illit, I. Campbell, B. Schirnmoller, B. Prince, D. Smith, B. Spoerhase, H. Stein, P. Meyer, H. Buell, I. Shaeter, E. Pfeiffer, D. Miller, I. Smead, Ycvan, R. Larimore, O. Hapner, D. Peighner, R. Hamilton. Fourth Row: E. Thomas, B. Gebhart, D. Gutmarin, V. Branstratcr, V. Cnet:-hart, Cz. Haag. B. Busse, I. Kennig, I. VJalker, A. Heder, I. M-ince, M. Ienlzins, N. Snyder, P. Beck, M. Fremion, Miss Auman. Third Row: N. Sessions, H. Cline, N. Sutcrius, V. I. Summers, M. Dcve, D. Schweppe, A. Smith, R. Lunz, R. A. Emrick, B. Fair, B. Cix, A. Bowers, D. Lehman, A. Caebhart, I. Sonners, B. Peagles. ' Second Bow: L. Beineke, M. Ankenbrucli, V. Piulka, C. Beerman, D. llfoodward, L. Bailey. A. Anson, P. Scott, M. Grepl-ze, D. Stapleton. L. Beichard, B. Stclte, B. Alden, l. Morse, H. Stayanotf, P. Bolenbaugh. Front Row: B. Taylor. B. Thurber, I. Franke, F. Schlup, B. Capin, '. Edrnistcn, M. Bowman. M. Stoller, C. Allison, B. Daily, A. Greider, I. Buraoon. 0 The sophomore class as our concrete workers, began to mix mortar with great zeal. Supervising the job was their foreman, Fred Link, and assistant foreman, Charles Coleman. Keeping track ot the amount and the cost ot the materials were Wayne Smith and Dorothy Lehman. Several ot the boys in the class won sweaters in sports and nearly all of the workers participated in some club. The concrete workers twice stopped mixing cement long enough to go to Bell's and skate. Those who made the strongest concrete and imbedded metal bars to make construction more solid were: B. Alden, L. Bailey, I. Burgoon, B. Feagles, M. Grepke, O. Hapner, M. Ienkins, A. Keller, D. Lehman, H. Mason, F. Pontius, V. Bulka, D. Schweppe, P. Scott, I. Sonner, V. I. Summers, N. Sutorius, E. Thomas, and I. Wilkie. Page Tlxzrtccn JUNIIIR STRUCTURE UAPTURES PRAISE ANU HUNIJRS 0 These handy men began their decorating by modeling the following officers: president, Wendell Fusselman: vice-president, jim Beltz: secretary, jean Kortokraxp treasurer, Vernon Foulks. Miss Varin was sponsor until mid-term when Miss Adamson succeeded her. As their contribution to the finer arts of the building, the decorators gave a Christmas party with Louis Lepper and Elsie Swank as chief designers. At the end of the first semester, these handy designers inscribed their names on the honor roll tablet: Bonnie Arnett, Don Connett, Alice de la Motte, Calvin Deam, Laura jane Foltz, Louise Hagen, jim McClure, Wanda Sarasien, Bob Shaefer, Florence Sutorious, Elsie Swank, and Doris Walker. Qn the eve of April 29, Prom Queen Betty Miller and her attendants, Peggy Babel, Bosella Barrand, Dorothy Graft, jean Kortokrax, Louise Hagen, and Lucille Crick, dressed in dainty, pastel formals, painted a colorful scene of "Penthouse Bendezvous" as the queen and her attendants entered the gym where President Fusselman crowned Queen Betty Miller. james Beltz, chairman of the Prom decorating committee, was assisted by Elsie Swank, Bob Bergman, Peggy Babel, Robert Shaefer, Laura jane Foltz, Vernon Foulks, Wendell Fusselman, Allma Wolf, Almeda Cox, Calvin Deam, Don Connett, Lucille Crick, Betty Miller, jim McClure and George Stoller. Silhouettes of skyscrapers and starry skies decorated the side walls. A blue floodlighted sky formed diagonal patterns on the gleaming dance floor. Gliders, plants and flowers contributed to the romantic setting. Other juniors, Lenora Ankenbruck, Boland Hille, Alice de la Motte, Bobert Kahlenbeck, Betty Stauffer, Louis Lepper, jean Kortokrax, Nelson Millhouse, Mary Holle, Betty Hawk, Dorothy Graft, and john Snyder, served on the invitation, program, orchestra, and refreshment committees to help make the Prom a memorable event for the juniors and seniors and their guests. Besides decorating for the Prom, the juniors decorated the stage for baccalaureate and commencement services. Not only in decorating but also in other fields, the juniors captured honors. james McClure won the declamation contest and represented Elmhurst in an invitational speech tourney at South Side. Handy Men Fusselman, Foulks, A. Sheets, M. Sheets, and Millhouse chiseled their names on the hard wood. Wendell Fusselman and Vernon Foulks were elected to the National Athletic Honorary Association. Builders of the National Honor Society for next year will be Donald Connett, Calvin Deam, and Wendell Fusselman. ln the journalistic field, Louis Lepper received an Advance Award for his excellent work as advertising manager. For sports editing Calvin Deam received a Quill and Scroll Award. Qther honors were given to Calvin Deam as president of the Allen County junior Bed Cross and to james Beltz as secretary of the Indiana junior Academy of Science. JUNIUHS Top Row fAcrossl: Lenora Ankenbruck Phyllis Bailey Bosella Barranrl Se cond Bow: Rita Bride-nbauqh Maxine Brim Max Buskirk Third Bow: Paul Crall Kenneth Crick Lucille Crick Ecurth Bow: Ruth Fields Laura I. Foltz Harlan Forschner Fifth Bow: Dorothy Graft Ralph Gutmanri Betty Hawk Sixth Bow: Carl Hallman Pauline Huaenell Bob Kahlenlzecl-1 Seventh Bow: lim McClure Bolg Mart: Max Merrill Eighth Bow: Peqqy Babel Warren Bowe 'Nanda Sarasieri Ninth Bow: Bill Seibold Edith Srnallkack Iohn Snyder Bottom Bow: Elsie Swank Harold Taylcr Doris Walker -. 5 S1 DEUUHATE FUR SUGIAL EVENTS , iii . x f' EET K K X I ' as 6, . Q A t N. A .ii Q t1F XJ Q , - 1.44 : 1 1 -.. . f- if XSS- N f X Q I -' - - VF Q, .. N.. H. f' ' Will .. ,kai !! tie, 1, F' My v V if . , fn , ty X ' ,I , V. ,- . at -rr. if , f A V. -:Q ,, ' , .2 ffii ft .wsutzs ig? vu Y ' " , 'lf nwki t Q' VIS ' fl 'T V X' i ' ri ' .xii 1:5 4- :-K ' ,g : 6,1 Q Qs? ,:l, F 1 I fl 'tl ' . xx, Q x t. 'wr as t ty 5 X 9 V K gr .' 5' l . ' y is 2 N. I Q z as g-' , Q- 3:5 ' 5 1 ,Q ' 5 f. . M X . , X ' im-L-3 ? it l - . - r if . ., .. 1 ' 1 4 e Q Q ,Q .N 'Q' SQ? fQ,ti . W ' f I Q K EY F ,-.N . I 1 JJ . is s i . N gf A Q W 'f Q Q k , 4 W 4 a A 1 -4 Q XM N' + ' - - ti. '-" 'R . t . ,, K . . , Q 2 - 2 . - -. Fe T Q? C'f 'thi ,' :Q , f- f ff , - i 1 X, EG.. , il ' I . K ,ix .4 tl .... .iq ,.,. Kenneth Beck lim Belt: Bah Bergman Catherine Cohaqer. Don Connett Alrneda Cox Alice de la Matte Gerrqia Deahl Cnlvin Dearn Vernon 'Foulks Vfe n de ll Fusselman Stanley Gonaaware Boland l-lille llorner Hake Mary Holle- leazi liortol-tra:-: Ncrrnan lffrueqer Louis Lepper Betty Miller Nels: n Miilhouse B1.l Nycurn Bob Shaefer Art Sheets Me lvin Sheets Betty Stauifer Harold Stoops Florence Sutorious Betty Willit Allma VVolf Fl!! J 3 , N Q.. 3 ,I II. 1, N. f 1 5 , 1 1 1 ff 1 la ii 'ki . JL. 4 F T.- ,S-. fi 35 I., ag. Z. 4. :gi 5-K .Yf 3 A f , ls .J-u X !4,,,"' X X S S X i S XS XXR x ' I , g X X v l ,x XX ,K K iw XXX XXX XX V xxx, V-.. Y 'XXXX - 1 . Xxx xx .xx 001415 TH "uf, UL' 2 I , TI UN 2. pn A Av ' v - I J . V J 1 A SN- . fx- J x , 5,5 t A ,fh , AA-A A GAAAMAQ-:AA -A A A W Mfr. .x 0 X. ,F , fn.. P 1- L, ,J A , . fi W - din . V , ll ,l " I V - 1 5 AA Fw Af Q A H ' j ASI' - . ., P 1 ,A E " ,. A- ir? ' ,1' I ' 1 gf, J N ' E jk W my ,5 A A A A A -, WA AA :if-J Al ' pi -H47 5 L ' 'V ' '-if? ' " F A ' x? A? " 'gf I A 2, A A ' I , RF ff' if' -A ' ' Y" K' If 4 'Lf ' ,Q ' f Af ,- f-Agw, QA' M. ' 1 A A. , , . I, M. ,fm 5 W 1 A VA f gf . -AA,. -:J P ' f v Q A '. , if 'AA Q- ' ,3, - A A....- A 'Q A Q ,U '3A"'F'f , , P, " If I A. 1 + 4 .ff la . A A - . A.--,"--mrfzf , , , ' , ' 54 'pf' Af f A A ' 1 A , .Fm f 4 ' i 5 ,A . . A, A, , A, 1:1 A 2' 1, ., 1, 24. '+L , ' JA "' A ,W-, vw A" . :, . 31 1 . A -iff .537 " 'N ' . ' . AA il V' 5- AA I. F 5 ,J:qf1"7' H5 1 J A x ff 'VR' Y' A .F 'P ' 'A , fury, ' . ' 'v "A-F7 A " ' I 1 ' 'ggi 5: " 3 ' "" A Q " QUWLN 'A '45 A' ' 'X' " ' , : " A N '- A , rf . . ,A l qexfwqlbl., 1. , E inf?- I ,aft A :gg - fy,--'AA r, 5 . A ,f ,Af V ". A .Lf A - -'A ,fi 'ef A A I f A - J ,H , Q ' ,f . 5:4 f ,,-A' "'A- -gf A rf -, - A- J F .A H Jw If , " 'L 5' A., AAA A A AA, V .9 . 4.5, TA. , - ,gf A ,H A r' ,r v . A A1 A A - 3' A, P-, .H ,AA x ff-A Af 3, ' 1:'g'AA,L ,' 54 ' SQ ' f "fl, ' ,,:.3+'1 Af .A 5 ' h ," " ' A :'- fA1::Af A -' I A ,f X Af A . I Y 'TQ' 'fx If 'S - -,- -'film ff ' 5' A 'Ai " , A . ' 7 ' A , ' Q., ' .A A-2' A1 - "5 'Af .. 13 ffl, V -5 ,.,if,1h . , ,, 51: sf: A LS 1 I . UA, Q-31, E A my-vr14A:',A A I A QA- qi-, 3 A . 1 A.: X. ,,,, . - A A 1, I I A :A -11 EHR- ' A- , ' ' 9-.f " "A.-5.52" A f TIA- au ' JaA'.A'!:A - . - ' A A ,,jji,a, A .-7.124512 . Ar .. Ki .?L,:5s94!' A -A- if, ,A -V :E -A A -sf-1:4 , ff ,A '4 ' 3" , 5 +4 . , " A rw, :EA 'T' - . A ' AA' -4 '3?.Zf?L AAi15f-Q. , ' -' -A ' 1 '153 'Z-Efifkii 'gi A' if X .Aw Q, A' 'A A. A, - A , ' A gzlwgrg- - " E 1- .1 .A 'F :gg 4.5.31 I- : y: 4, - A ' 1 -- T A 3 A A323 5 A . ' . As YA , .-frfg :,A A A' A.aAA , .Q . A 5 .r 5 Q A . AA 0' Q,,.f ' i"Y'K" 1 T HX' ,4f?"'5 'Q . A 'A - t A ' 1 A.... ', A A "'-'Ai ' -A .I , ' A ' -X, f" ' ., , A, AA A4 ' A ' ' ' ' :Jie uf: A' ML P'-' L5 ' AA ' ' xg., -A K XX- ' '-A 'i QQ ,, XX-X A. V f xv AA.:-.-A.sf,3is u , .A -'..- ?':, - '. Iflqlzlrcn SPEECH ARTS SHAPE EXPRESSIVE PUWEHS 1 "SPRING FEVER" CAST lerry Fry, lzmes M1ller, Eolserl Hclller, Peggy Felqer flying on the Couchl, VJillie Fields ll-zneelmql, Mary lone Wilkie, Elaine Tan, lcyce Allserl, Bryon Qswuld, Carl Asclllimun, Freflu Schrzeclc, l-fathleen Scott. FORUM CLUB MEMBERS Slcxndmq: Beth Eecqles, Wlllicm Mason, fccl: 'Nillixa Almedc Cox, Burlyuru Alden, Mmqirr-el Cox, David Coil, Miss l-loll. Slklinqz Plf sammy l3'f.11'.l, Flsyrnoml Flsher, Polricmc. Eurcgecn, lcmes Mcffluxe, Danncxbelle Loveless, lames Eurqecn. ENGINEERS PRESENT HHARIUUS SPRING FEVER 0 The engineers presented "Spring Fever," a farce in three acts by Glenn Hughes, on November 22. Mrs. Spangler's CElaine Tarrt rooming-house at Brookfield College, is more frenzied than usual the day before Commencement. Ed Burns tBob Hallerl a chemistry major, experiments with a dynamite sub- stitute. Vic Lewis tlerry Fryl, an art student, sets up his paraphernalia in the living-room. Between explosions, Howard Brant flames Miller? types frantically to finish a zoology term paper before graduation. Lou Herron tKathleen Scotti, who likes Ed: Anne Purcell tPeggy Felgerl, Howards "heart- interestf' and Vivian George tFreda Schneckt, Vic's girl all make things lively. Wlien Vic and Ed mistake Mr. Purcell tWillie Fieldsl, Anne's millionaire father, for a model, he leaves in a fury, refusing to present a science building to Brookfield. Howards Aunt Maude tloyce Albertl, discovering his predica- ment, poses as a famous zoologist to intrigue Professor Bean tByron Oswaldl. Dr. Dixon tCarl Aschlimanl, president of the College, mourns the loss of the building, so the young people "put on an act" to make Mr. Purcell "come across". They persuade Mr. and Mrs. Purcell tMary lane Wilkiel very easily with the ruse. Aunt Maude's scheme succeeds so well that Howard gets his diploma and his girl. Miss Falls very ably directed the play with Pauline lohnson as student director. Byron Oswald was stage manager, and property managers were Wyllis Wiegman and Henry Spice. FURUM -CLUB EXGAVATES REBUTTALS 0 The Forum Club had a very successful season debating the question, "Resolved: That the United States Establish An Alliance With Great Britain." ln order to raise money to pay for materials, reference books, tournament fees and transportation, they sponsored a skating party on October ll which was a great success. On December 2 and 3 the entire club attended a debating conference at Purdue University where they were given many helpful ideas on the question for debate. During the year, the six teams debated with students from the following high schools: North Side, Central, Columbia City, Huntington Township, Huntington Catholic, Concordia, Brazil, East Chicago, and Wabash. They entered several tournaments at North Side and South Side High Schools. During February the speech department and the Forum Club joined forces and initiated a declamation contest. From the twelve contestants, the four highest presented an assembly program for the school. The teachers, as judges, awarded first place to Iames McClure, whose name was placed on a silver cup which was placed in the trophy case. This declamation contest will be an annual event in future years. Officers of the club for this year were Patricia Burgoon, president: and Beth Feagles, secretary-treasurer. After Miss Varin resigned at the end of the first semester, Miss Holl became speech and debate adviser. 'ini uyw Trprnli ADVANCE MUTIF IS LIGHT ANU UPENNESS Top Ftbw: C. Ascnliinan, E. Euiley, VV. Fusselriian, A. Stute, l. McQueen, N. Sessions, L. Lepper, l. Belts, C Dearn, F. Pontius, B. Haller. Ftiuitli Haw: lvlr. Vfisner, D. Coil, E. Vforgtirrz, lvl Gilpin, P. Bridenl:-augh, M. I. Wilkie, E. Meyer, E. Haulze, L. Hagen, A. L. Pcrter. 'Third Huw: L. l. Fiiltg, W. Sarasien, D. l v." l. Getting, E. Stayanctt, P. Beck, M. Pond, V. Eranstratcr, lui. Anlzenbruclz, E. Alden, I.fI. Grepke, A. Anson, D. Lehman, E. Smallback. Seccnd Ftow: M, H-.lie F. Coleman, B. Tarr, C liurrifer, G. May, A. Longwell, A. Forschrier, B. Halilenbecl-1, E. Stolte, B. Fair, Miss Hail. Front Row: M. Bowman, L. Anlzenbruck, WV. Wiegman, D. March, P. Eurgoon, I. Kortol-trax, FL. Pond, E. Tair, lf. Scott, I. Albert, B. Feagles, I. Burgoon. 0 "To live the open lite with mental honesty, tresh air and sunlight for tonic -may this become our national ideal ot building and ot life." With this ideal the publication ot the Advance has helped greatly to foster good citizenship and create a lasting school spirit among the student body. This year, as in the past three years, the Advance won International First Place when submitted to the International Quill and Scroll Critical Service Department for rating. Helping to build the paper into its present high standing were the able Co-Editors, A. L. Porter and B. Haller. Other editors ot importance Were: News Editor, R. Pondy Chief Copyreader, l. Albertg Make-Up Editor, C. Aschlimang Headline Editor, B. Aldeng Feature Editor, K. Scotty and Sports Editor, C. Deam. Able managers ot the business side oi the paper included: Business Manager, L. Lepperg Advertising Manager, E. Baileyg and Circulation Manager, D. March. Faculty managers oi the paper were Miss Varin and Mr. Wisner until lanuary when Miss Varin resigned. Her position was filled by Miss Holt. PHY-CHEM GULLABURATES UN TUURS ANU FUN Top Row: Dale Boedeker, Bob Fiedler, Bob Eelschner, I.eMoine Hinshaw, Max Farrell, Byron Oswald, William Mason, Harold Stoops, Roland I-lille, Calvin Deam, lim Beltz. Third Row: lim Milier, Art Shady, Willis Harman, Paul Anson, Carl Aschliman, lacl: Stark, Robert Shaefer, Bob Kahlenbeck, Max Merrill. Second Row: Mr. Wisner, Willie Fields, Charles Wilson, lack Stayanoff, lerry Fry, Louis Edmiston, Ernest Bailey, Bob Haller, Dale Romey, Harlan Forschner. Front Row: Faith Coleman, Ioyce Albert, Martha Kee-sler, Peggy Felger, lean Kortokrax, Rosemary Pond, Eloise Price, Kathleen Scott, Eileen Huston, Miss Wimmer. 0 The Phy-Chem Club was organized to show the students of chemistry and physics the close relationship of the two subjects. By taking trips through the General Electric Company, the Fort Wayne Engraving Company, the Gas Plant, the International Harvester, and the Allied Mills, club members saw the principles of these two sciences put into practical application. The Phy-Chem Club is affiliated with the Indiana State lunior Academy of Science. To finance a trip to Purdue University to attend the annual meeting of that organization, the club held a skating party on Gctober l6. lames Beltz, a junior, was elected secretary of the state organization for the coming year. On February ll, the Phy-Chem Funfest was held. With several floor shows, a boxing match, and Haller's orchestra, it was proclaimed by many as the outstanding social function of the year. Proceeds from this event were used to purchase I. A. S. pins. The officers of the club this year were: lames Miller, presidentp Ernest Bailey, vice-president: Rosemary Pond, secretary-treasurer. All activities were under the supervision of Miss Wimmer and Mr. Wisner. mly-mm RFLEGUBSB USU ANDTS E Q im 1-514155 if qix Q 6 ,Q W Q B. . '1 "" 'C -fx .. ff ' S IFN RYA pp DO CL es F Llnl I-I 'WICPG dsgn L IJcx1'r11t1n L Inns aw A Qlneets X cu 5 121'2fn11 r uss Ivan 11 LFCUS H Ent- 0 111 R w hubs A cns 1311 HH B MGVQT D M O tlno E Lcnnncr elq r 1' I1 qman P Anson A115 rt M155 C1 H ncnj Row M Buvntcx Rowan I Ekftt Mean P CI e 1 cn B 1 L L vr Hlrmfn P ni IIPW D 1-1cn1-f 1 nt 1 1'x1eqm:1n N Qtt D C1 h E rc I Idtnsm 1:nnf11'1f E Huston Ha r1s 1 I-Crick 11 Burqofn P1 P nd Mxller FLE CL P1 Qtcx ter H Elhs M Basses H Mm n W Mascr ttfe S 3 N N sst n I Lcnnykell L Hms :rw 1 R E cw Dulluqhcrn N Iruqr E Lafln E Uiurcnwcud Bfmtt D Mrocofn I qtuvczrdt E E rqnfcn 1r P W Pura 1.I'u11- H Pwr, A .112 In IVIVMG G D1:f'h1 I-1 Stcycnott V LwPLhort N VVDFQIIWGU I Belt Mr Emkhott bp 11nd How V Trumyev A G1:L1hc:1rt L A Hardostx G Mcxx L, Iutnter P MLCny M Pond E StClVUIlHff P1 Lun R A EIUIICI B Fcur D VV L n H FLISFHIIPI A Pxust I S V PQI r M I 'XN111c1L B Mever B Fectqlp-s 'I It RJW E M11I1:r I I rtol-IG B H ll ' 1 GCT 1v M1-H11 R Pond P VQn1:l1frlFv I' Sfftt P P1U'n12x P P151 r1 P 'f1I'1n'21n f IV'1"1-r P F1131 V Q 11 V111-Umfln B HJWI1 . Q .1 9 ,1. QP " i 1 1 fn X .5 -, xi .,... A 9- 5 11' :A -' 1, 1 1. .5 A '-- R V . 1.:f'. 1 1 : - '- - ' if 111 L I' ,.,4. V . ff ' Q-M: lil.. L I ' . k.,b wgig 5 V , K I R Q 8 :1 X 1 , lv 175 - - "lib ' "7 .Y S-Q L 'S . :QL -L1 X . .- -- fi...-Q, 5 , ' L k. A vw , 1-f Q :T W .... . ,. ,.-'. 1 .. 1 I' " . ' 1 ' . 11 , ' IH - Q ,-., Ani? Q It - lf ,XA--Yi gm g V 6 . 1 . hifi, x..' V Q -Q' -- - '--i' - Vg, ' A.. f YMM4, nwmfw -. ' - VL . -"""' . 'AW an I - . . ' K A I P :Fu B. ' j:,..i T11 Rcwg Mr. Snriierl LC. She 1 , . 1. P' 1. I '1 , , 1 :1 , . I' , , 1,1 '1'. Snnth, V. F HC, E. E.1-l '15, W. F e111 , N. Nl". e, vr. ":h tf. T? d 11:v: "' d 1cn, E. H er, M. Mernll, A. L. P1:1ri13r, R. Co ett, . ' A , . . et' 4, -1 ' 19, P. F e, E. Prif, N. , , , I. Ie , J' H ll. Ce,1'1 -3 . A- 1 1, I. , . 1' 2, NV. " '1 , L. E111 C. VJISQ , . L'nI-:, . E'I'ft1Tl1 , LV. 1 1 , . V19 ..', . P 1 fy. F 1:1 Rav: HV. I ' 1 , H. Cc , . M , 1 Tor, P. '11 f , P. S ' --'., . . B. r' , I, f.1 fmt, P1 .1 , '. Q , C. ' . T-gp Ro 'g D. I-I1:-qers, . 1,1 e , . , '. tt, . 1 -13 , ' I. I' 11, I. P131 A , I. h- efer, H. Stc11:1g.1s, '. fe 1:1 S, . P :11 , . h1 . Fifurtlf 1 : . , 1 f e 19 , . P .V , . P1 1 , IN, 9. , 1 'I' f,, Th' d 119' 3 I. - fo , . 'X Q ., . , . N1 '21, . A j, . H. NL, . an ', E-MATES DEVISE VERTICAL UIINTINUITY 0 All students who earn an "E" in sports, band, debate, rifle club, yell leading, and student managing belong to this club. Their purpose is to bring B-members of the past and present into closer contact and to raise the standards of achievements in extra-curricular activities. The E-Club and Letterman united in giving an invitational dance in the spring for all present and past members. The students Who received an "E" in basketball are: Bob Belschner, Vernon Foullcs, Wendell Fusselman, Doris March, Beatrice Harris, Bob Link, Fred Link, Harold Richardson, Arthur Sheets, Melvin Sheets, Nelson Millhouse, and Ernest Bailey. Paul Anson, LeRoy Hamilton, and Wayne Smith received an "E" in softball. lim Rowan received an "E" for being student manager. An "E" was given to Bob Haller, Max Merrill, Dale Romey, Kathleen Scott, Pauline lohnson, lim Beltz, Paul Venderley, and Betty Meyer in Rifle Club. A letter was given to the following debaters: Ioyce Albert, Pat Burgoon, William Mason, and Rosemary Pond. These G. A. A. members received letters: K. Scott, R. Pond, E. Huston, A, L. Porter, C. Miller, F. Schneck, E. Price, P. lohnson, P. Pelger, D. M. Oetting, R. Connett, and N. Wiegman. L. Lepper, D. March, N. Millhouse, E. Tarr, W. Wiegman, R. Haller, E. Wilson, W. Mason, B. Larimore, L. Hinshaw, I. Albert, M. Bowman, B. Harris, and W. Harman received an "E" in band. lean Kortokrax and Rosemary Pond earned letters for being yell leaders. SHAHPSHUUTEHS DEVELUP SELF- UISUIPHNE 0 The sixty-five members of this club-thirty-three girls and thirty-two boys -have a chance to improve their "shooting eye" and to develop the sports- manship, fair play, self- control and cooperation essential to success in life. The Rifle Club elected Dale Romey as president: Paul Venderley was chosen vice-president, Kathleen Scott was made secretary-treasurer. Mr. Eiclchoff is their adviser. This club was organized eight years ago by Mr. Haller when the school was first started. Later he gave the sponsorship to Mr. Eickhoff. Mr. Bickhoff has been the manager for three years now. The club belongs to the National Rifle Association and participates in the bi-weekly matches sponsored by that organization. At the present time, they are in division B. This year they have also been having postal matches with schools all over the country. The traditional annual weiner bake was held in the spring. The other major activities were the matches with other schools and the county match which took place in April. The Rifle Club won over Arcola in a match. They lost to South Side: Etna, Penn. CPostalD, Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club, and Youngstown, Ohio, CPostall. They tied with South Side. Our musketeers defeated the Fort Wayne Sport Club and lost to the Three Rivers Club. Twfnl HAPPY HAHMUNIZEHS BRUAIJIIAST SHAHPS AND FLATS Qs? Q N . , .th 1 1. . as , I . 1 ,y . r f S Q Tap Bowg P. I. Scott, N. Wiegman, M. Keesler, G. Deahl, A. de la Motte, B. E. Sheets, VC. Smith, E. Hausrnann, D. Rogers, B. Harris, L. Beine-ke,B. Allen, E. l-lauke, L. Hagen. Third Ficw: M. Cox, PI. Stolte, PI. A. Emriclc, M. Greplce, D. Lehman, N. Sessions, W. Rowe, P. Anson, P Link, K. l-lammer, A. Anson, B. Cox, l. Morse, V, Branstrator, D. Gutmann. Second Row: B. Wiclcnian, W. Vlfiegrnan, P Schnecl-1, P. Scott, L. Schneider, I. Fogwell, P. Schoeneman, M. Pond, B. Alden, A. Longwell, P. McCoy, B. Tarr, B. Gebhart, E. Smallbaclz. Front Bow: B. Pond, E. Tarr, E. Price, P. Iohnson, B. Connett, P. Pelger, B. Thurber, E. Pheiffer, C. Lahr, C. Allison, B. Haul-ie, V. I. Summers, M. A. Armstrong, B. Meyer, M. I. Wilizie, I. Karns. Director: Miss Adamson. 0 The Glee Club was organized into a full-fledged club for the first time this year. The following officers were elected: Peggy Pelger, president: Bob Link, vice-presidentp Betty Meyer, secretary: Pauline Iohnson, treasurer. Iean Adamson was director and Patricia Burgoon, accompanist. On December 22, these Singing Trojans gave a Cantata, "The Music of Christmas." Splendidly garbed in white robes, they presented the following program: "Along the Christmas Road," choir: "Holy Night," choir: "O Little Town of Bethlehem," two-part chorus and choir: "Good Tidings," soprano solo, Peggy Eelger, two-part choirq "Christmas Lullaby," Eloise Price, Elaine Tarr, Rosemary Pond, Pauline Iohnson, Boberta Connett, Freda Schoeneman, Peggy Eelger, Miriam Pond, Ernest Hausmann: "Glory Be To God," choir, "The Wondrous Story," soprano solo, Miriam Pondg "The Magi," boys' chorus and choir: "Little Lord Iesus," alto solo, Elaine Tarr, two-part chorusy "The Living Story," choir. As their last performance, a selected chorus of 30 presented the follow- ing program at the Baccalaureate services: "Prayer Perfect," girls' chorus: "Sanctus," combined chorusg "Nightfall," combined chorus: and "Lift Up Thine Eyes," girls' chorus. The sixty-five choristers turned out en masse at a Halloween party in Cctober and at the annual Pot Luck in May. TUUTS ANU TAPS FLASH SPLENDUR SKYWAHU Standing: B. Hille, M. Bowman, B. Harris, Mr. Frykacl-1, Third Bow: P. McCoy, D. Fisher, Ft. Larimore, B, Dailey, M, Anlzenbruclz, B, A. Emrick, L. Lepper, W. Sheets, D. Smith, E. Smeltser, B. NVillit, I. Albert, l. McClure, l.. Hinshaw, E. Pontius, W. Harman, D. March, B. Parlcison, A. Cox. Second Row: W. Mason, H. Stoops, D. Loveless, B. Larirnore, A, Vfclf, M. Cox, R. Fisher, P. Crall, T. Foltz, B. Spoerhase, F. Pontius, D. Stute, N. lflillhouse, VV. 'Wiegman, B. Fair. Front Bow: B. Haller, T, Braeuer, M. Buskirk, H. Mason, l, Shaefer, N. Snyder, I. McQueen, B. Alden, P. Meyer. 0 Like a neon sign on our building, the Band, resplendent in their new red and gray military uniforms, flash their splendor and prowess to our attention. Silver lapels and buttons adorn the red coats: gray stripes decorate the red trousers. Gray braid insignia for the left shoulder is worn by letter members. High white hats and frock-tailed coats complete the snappy uniforms of the drum majors, Bob Haller, Constance Kumfer and Barbara Miller. In 1938, the marching band won first place in district class Eg the saxo- phone sextette won first national honors. Malcolm BoWman's drum solo rated second national honors. Housing school spirit with "Anchors Aweighf' participating in the Armistice Day Paradey enlivening school hours with "Alexander's Bagtime Band7" featuring "Springtime," novelty overture, at a public concertq and marching at noon - all these lend color and interest to school life and prepare the band for further contest honors. More comfortable rehearsing quarters were provided with the enlarging and cementing of their underground retreat. Here reigned Doris March, president: Robert Haller, vice-president: Beatrice Harris, secretary-treasurerg Malcolm Bowman, librarian: Mr. Frybaclc, instructor: and Wyllis Wiegman, student conductor. Page Trvcnly-ive X ,,,. , sy. LQ. ,,. . 1 w c 1' 4-n ' fm., 1 vb' V, X wx 1 4- 8. fx 4 ,- - ' :3 ' ' , ...jug 7- -wr . 1 V 'fc I 1 SHAFT APPRENTIGES BUHU WITH A PUH FUSE -,,.....-.--' M- -r-,,,........-ff'-- Top Row A. il-1 lm lvl:-Ire El. Vfillii, R. Bi'i:leiilw1uqEi, A VVQH, V. Trumpey, B. Miller, M. Pend B. llalileriliieclz. Third Raw. W. SfJms1ei'i,M. Holle, D, Graft, H Mii:liell, D. Lopshire, L, A. Ha: 11517, P. M-:Cziy H. l3'eiry, .5-.. F:-rscliiier. Second Rcw Miss Siiiioii, E. CJK, L. l. Foltz, F. Flzlvel, B. Mill-er, L l'Cc1hlerii5e:Q:, ffl I-lnlgcher, O. lflxilqueeiiy, C. Gcitcn, B. Mcisiin, V. Deqler, A. Lziriqwell. Front Fi-:w. L Cflfli, P. Beck, M. Arilcerilnruclz, L Aiilzeiiisruclc, l. Kiirlolzrcix, A Giiiilifxrt, G. Hcaq D. Sclivfeyi f. E-eeriiian, P. lcihnson, E. Hustm, P. Bqde. Top Row XV. l4lmiiim'i, FI. luslice, D. Boedelcer, FT, Lauer, R. Beelne, R. Ellis, l. Snyder, l. Beltz, S. G-Jiiq-iiwcie, f. L-Dqsion, B. Berqmcm, B. lifllilenljiicli. Second Flow: WL l-ifiwe, I. Foote, N. Krueger, E. Hcusmcmn, H. Stein, l-l, Buell, P, Meyer, I,Snief1.i, H lflillc-, L. Edmiston, D. Rcimey, G. Clemons. Front Raw: Mi. Briimit, D. llimcole, E. Clevinqer, R. DeLcmcey, L. Iohnson, M. Milli R F. Sclilugi E. 'l7J"'cr, A. Rust, C. M ld. e r, .Becrc1ft, ci en,y, L. Meyer. IWNIALS UF UHAHM TOP REGINA DUMI PHLAHS 0 The Regina Domi swings into action each year under the supervision of Miss Simon. All girls who are interested in the art of home-making and of personality-improving may join this Queen of the Home Club. This year the club held discussion groups with a different member serving as leader at each meeting. General discussions of such topics as how to make boys and girls like you, how to develop your personality, how to overcome shyness, and how to perform social etiquette proved more entertaining and worth while than the former custom of having outside speakers. The personality quotient of the members has improved. Small groups have also served to bring shy students into prominence. When it came to activities, they were right on top with a skating party on December l6 and a Christmas party at Allma May Wolf's home on December 29. Funds for these activities were raised by selling Christmas cards. Drawing peanut sisters and cheering your sister with holiday and birthday gifts or greetings, a traditional social custom of Regina Domi, was carried on again this year. The names of peanut sisters were revealed at the annual spring banquet for present and former members, which climaxed the season's activities. Officers for next year were ceremoniously installed at this banquet in the school gym. Committees for this spring banquet were: Decorations - Pauline lohnson, Eileen Huston, Lucille Crick, Dorothy Schweppeg Menu H- Peggy Babel, Marie Ankenbruck, Catherine Beerman, Allma May Wolf: Kitchen - Wanda Sarasien, Mary Holle, Lenore Ankenbruck, Pauline Beck: Enter- tainment - lean Kortokrax, Phyllis Bade, Olive Mulqueeny, Virginia Degler. Leading Queens of the Home were Laura lane Foltz, president: Wanda Sarasien, vice-president: lean Kortokrax, secretaryrtreasurer and Eileen Huston, student adviser. INDUSTRIAL EHAFTSMEN INSPEGT LUGAL FAUTUHIES 0 The purpose of the lndustrial Arts Club is to create an interest in industry with the thought in mind that the greater per cent of the boys will be engaged in industrial pursuits upon leaving school. Second, it tends to get some first hand information by visiting the industrial plants in this vicinity, thereby seeing the worker at his work. And last, it develops interest in some particular phase of industry, so that special training can be taken and a trade can be learned. There are thirty-seven in the club. At the first meeting of the club on September l6, officers were elected as follows: Dale Boedeker, president, Dale Romey, vice-president: and Louis Edmiston, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Brumit is the sponsor of the club. They had their annual "stuff" on November 23. lt was a pot-luck dinner Where everyone stuffed up to his neck. The club took a trip to the General Electric on October l4. ln the spring, the Industrial Arts Club toured the Wayne Pump Company and the Ioslyn Steel Mills. light IIDMMEHGIAL CLUB EHEGT BIHDEHS SPEEUILY "' ' . I , w. Top Row. llvlalcoim Bowman, Bob Capin, Nelson Ivlillhcuse, George Clernans, Bob Halle-r, 'Warren Rowe, Louis Lepper, 'WendeilFusselman, Vernon Foulks, Paul Venderley, Dale Romey. Third Row: Pauline Bridenbaugh, Betty Larirnore, losie Thomas, Alice de la Motte, Georgia Deahl, Kathleen Scott, Elaine Tarr, Doris March, W'yllis Wiegman, Esther Hauke, Louise Hagen, Miss Auman. Second Row: Pearl Eolenbaugh, Dorothy Stapleton, Evelyn Dautz, Betty Viforgum, Lenora Ankenbruck, Mary Halle, Pauline lohnson, Freda Schneck, Eileen Huston, Alice Bowers, Ruth Ann Emrick, Ruth Lunz, Front Row: Betty Lou Busse, Peggy Rabel, Elsie Swank, Loraine Hess, Dawna Hunt, Marie Ankenbruclc, Rosemary Pond, Roberta Connett, Peggy Felger, Norma Wiegman, Geraldine Haag, Adine Gebhart. 0 With President Freda Schneck officially opening the season, the Commercial Club began its years activities by giving a Wiener bake at the school oven on September 30. At their next meeting, they overawed their new members by a fast, scary initiation. A Christmas party on December 28, climaxed the first semester fun. At the beginning of the second semester, the members worked to achieve 40 and 60-word typing awards which were presented by Miss Auman, club supervisor, at the annual spring banquet held on April 19. The committee chosen to decorate for this banquet was: Anne Marie Hausmann, chairman: Wanda Sarasien, Ruth Lunz, and Ruth Ann Emriclc. For supplying the program, the following were chosen: Esther Hauke, chairmanp Eileen Huston, Rosemary Pond, and Elsie Swank. As second semester fete, a skating party was held on April Fools Day at Bells Rink for members and guests, Other officers serving for the year were: Elaine Tarr, vice-president: Esther l-laulce, secretary: Wendell Fusselman, treasurer. LATINEEHS' ARCH SPANS THE Vlllll UF TIME Standing' Tim Furgzon, Hartigi llasg ' ri F ' ' Tl Kim luioflure, Ma:-I Busltizlz Beth Feagles, l:'fa:4 xii., Eg: 1 11 3 'ane Foltz, David Coil, Betty Miter, Ftulferta lfciiiietr, Cahir am. Sitting: Almeda Cix, Butlz Fields, lxflzss F-ills, Elsie v.'a:'il:, Clie Ji 0 The XX Latineers' membership to the lunior Classical League, a national organization of 3000 members, entitles them to lunior Classical League pins and membership cards. "They covenant to hand on the torch ot classical civilization in the modern world, They believe an acquaintance with the civilization ot Greece and Bome will help them understand and appraise this world of today which is indebted to ancient civilization, its government, laws, literature, language, and arts." Their motto is - Vestra causa est tota nostra. Club meetings were held every third Monday. Games, contests and readings from "The Varmint" were some teatures ot these vacations from translations. Three parties were given by the club. These kept old Roman or university customs. Cn December l9, the club celebrated the Saturnalia with a gitt exchange and refreshments in charge ot: Betty Miller, Roberta Connett, Calvin Deam, Don Connett, Harold Mason, and David Coil. Queen Feagles and King Fry held a slave court. Cn February l4, the club honored St. Valentine. Miss Falls, Bob Shaeter, Georgie Deahl, and Ruth Fields provided tun and sweets. The final merrymaking and burning ot the Latin books ceremony was held on May l5 with lames Burgoon, Betty Miller, Elsie Swank and Max Merrill supervising the stunts and stuffing. Laura lane Foltz with her assistant, lerry Fry, presided over these meetings. Elsie Swank was record and treasury keeper. Miss Falls was club adviser. ug, Tzumti Iqr Thirly SIDEWALK KIBITIZEHS iw' Wal- el i S . ft .Nj l X N 4 Q A it i 1 .1-1-,zen cf IHTR YJ lg ' I f f - L ,iv ,,,, T' - ' -, f'5f5:5',f? i-nel 5 .af f if .P ' si fm? ,Z , l 2, Top How: Freshman Class Officersg Candy Cvirlsp Deam and Beltzg Sophomore Class Officers. Fourth Raw: Latineer Otficialsg Connett, Anlibrum underclass editor: Rifle Teamp Bowman and his drumg Feminine Freshmen. Third How: Star magazine salesmen: "Rosie" Fisherg Scenic spot of Elmhurstp Miss Wimmer, Phy-Chem Co-adviser. Second Row: Elmhurst Quartety Regina Demi Offlcersg Hlitteriouq 6 Co.g" Foltz, president of Regina Domiq The Dunce - Beltz. Bottom Row: The Golfersy Commercial Club Officersy Backbone of the team: The Belschner Struty inset, Fryizaclc, Band Masterp below, Sunny Sophomores: Iunior Class Officers. EXGAVATIUN FANIIIEHS l - a. x 4 Q ff 'QQ ., ,145 Q-'Fl . IEW llilrl Q F' 2 0 ,sa Tap Row: Husten, G. A. A. frcuclzerr Fexihzuse F-enietvzus Eeautlesr A I I-illl'Ef, Prem Queen: Naucnar Arden: EZYIZYCYQ' Aeszcraiicn. Third Row: Puqrlist Rowanp Senrcr Banquet Cornmitleey 'Wrcna Ncles Halley and Mason: leanie and Puddle, Yell Leadersg Anson, Mason, MacGregor, Slark, 'Scholasnc Forum." Second Row: Deuische Studenteny Testers: Date Club Officers: Club Prexiesg Snow Crowninqp Senior VV1nqs, Class Tourney Champs. Bottom Haw: Senior Scrlihlersg Burqccn, Salutatorian and Albert, Valedlctoriang Foullcs, Belschner, Link, E-Club Olficersg Nate Flaftersg "Hamster Capinf' Pflqn' Tllirly-lm l WE ARE UHAFTSMEN UF '99 9 nf BA , ip ,Q ,fn THE FIGHTING TROIANS YH Mel Sheets Ir Fuzz Fusselrnan Ir Fred Link Soph Ve-rnie Faulks Ir Ernie Bailey Sr . AGE WT. YR, Richy Richardson Sr, Bobby Capin Soph. Bob Belschner Sr. Nel Millhouse Ir. Art Sheets Ir. HARDWOOD FUNCTIONEERS Lneehnqi Manager Bowan, Vernon Faulks, Bob Capin, Melvin Shee s ax Harold Blchardson. Ttancnnqz Prmcngal Haller, Fred Lmlz, EK' dell Fusselman, Bob Bels r She ts Nelscn Mrllhous Coach Snider, THE HARDW THUJAN TWELVE UIJNSTRU ROBERT BELSCHNER, a senior vet- eran, played center with the Trojans for his third year. Bob put his long frame to good use, dumping in many pivot and rebound shots. His height and floor play will make his loss very noticeable in next year's squad. HAROLD RICHARDSON, senior back guard, was the mainstay of the Trojans' defense during his sec- ond varsity season. Richy's long set shots usually accounted for a great percentage of the Trojans' scores. He will also be very hard to replace. ERNEST BAll.EY, scrappy little senior, was Rich's understudy this year. He made up for his lack of height and experience by his clever ball handling and his fighting spirit. Although not a regular performer, Ernie gave a good account of him- self whenever given a chance. VVENDELL PUSSELMAN, junior, was the Red and Gray's most dependable and consistent member. His foul shooting, underbasket shots and general pivot play enabled him to hang up a very enviable scoring record. l:'uzz's three years' experience will contribute greatly to the success of the l94O Trojans. VERNON FOULKS, ambidextrous junior, held down one of the forward posts. Being very sure on short set shots and extremely able on left handers, Vernie was able to get his share of scoring honors. ARTHUR SHEETS, lanky, hand- some junior, alternated with Belschner and Fusselman at the center and forward positions. Art shows great scoring possibilities, and much of the success the l94O squad will enjoy depends on him. UT PUWEHFUL SPURTALITIES MELVIN SHEETS, a fighty junior has developed fast this last year. Mel is dangerous from any spot on the court and can control a ball well. His aggressiveness and scor- ing power will make him very valuable to succeeding Trojan fives. NELSON MILLHOUSE, diminutive junior, can hit consistently if given a fair chance. Although a little in- experienced, Nel will be of great help when it comes to winning vic- tories next year. FRED LINK, powerful sophomore, has played two years on the varsity. His great showing at the County Tourney won him honorable men- tion. Fred is unusually fast and very accurate and he can be counted on to dump in timely baskets. ROBERT CAPIN, tiny sophomore, played all year on the reserves where his ability and offensive power asserted themselves. Bobby is fast: and despite his lack of height, if he continues at his present clip, he will add greatly to the power of future Trojan varsities. IAMES ROWAN, a curly-headed senior, was responsible for the Trojans' equipment. lim's efficiency and cheerfulness made him a very popular student manager. COACH WAVELAND SNIDER has just completed his first season as mentor for the Fighting Trojans, and has already established himself as a regular fellow in the hearts of the Trojan fans. His unceasing efforts and encouragement have been greatly responsible for whatever success the Red and Gray have en- joyed. Elmhurst may be thankful that they have such a head for their returning heroes next year. SNIIJERMEN GAHVE ENVIABLE HEBUHU UN THE HAHDWUUUS Its a spot team rf there ever Was one explarns therr new coach Waveland Snrder as he looks over the Trorans record of nrne wms and thrrteen losses made durrnq hrs frrst year as mentor of the frqhtrnq Red and Gray The Snrdermen have been cmythrng but consrstent losrnq one contest and wrnnrnq the next Although defeated several trmes thrs season they have proved themselves to be the frqhtrnqest aqqreqatlon to carry the hopes of the Troran fans for many vears ln therr rnrtral appearance on the hardwoods the Frqhtrnq Trorans dropped an excrtrnq on est 28 1 to 1-lcaqlands Wrldcats before a capacrty crowd on therr home court One reel. later the squad became the vrctrms of Roanokes powerful Stonewalls 1331 and con rnued th rr srurrrrc rn therr n xt encounter when Leos l.1ons eked out a wrn rn the last moments f a thrrrlrrra aame 76 78 After losrna tleerr frrst three scheduled trlts Elmhursts netters broke rnto the wrn column TENSE MOMENTS SWISH' fo, the mst mme by trrmmrnq the host t am at Iefferson f enter 5019 and new foun furaqe then s ed rn a Q sethaclf for Monroe Jr es Labs Pay rrrG s e saw basket fo the n few weeks e Frqhtrng Trorons were outscored by J w Havens Bull lc s '71 40 upset Hurrtertown S Hunt 1 hard fouqht Lat th lrrs e rr t r al Catholrf- vho went on to he onre th 19 O State r athohc lohamps futfouqht Arrqola 1 '77 and nosetl th Prrates from L fayette Central 1 a free scorrnq affarr 4 79 After plav rrrG rather poorlw rn the Blrnd Tcurnev lo rnC1 rn the rrst r o u n d " East Unron s qurrr e he Frahtrnq lrorans downed a i terrnrned Wood urr frve 7 .al n Vrrday lanuary 1 Plnrhursts Red and . ,, , I . . . ' . ' their - d CJ , re- sult, ' e7-25 ' lliy 7 , l - i all r ext ' A f , th :Q 1 s r. ra r. -C 1 ers 31-275 dropped tle to e ' h of C - e Elo 1 ' e r a- ir r S, V I fr . 2117, to 7 R J LT, I ' '4 ' . A . ' 1-1 L' r ' 3 -7 . O Gray handed their thirteenth contest to Decatur's Catho- lic Commodores, but revived in time to bottle up Arcola's Aces, 33-20, even- ing the records with seven victories and seven defeats. The tourney iinx again influenced the draw of the Allen County Basketball Tourna- ment, and Elmhurst l lost a disheartening skirmish, 23.32, to i New Haven, the l 9 3 9 C o u n t y Champs, in the opening game cf the tourney. Evi dently the boys df-- cided to becomi- consistent, for the" lost their next four scheduled engage- ments. They battlei fiercely with Leos Lions in the latterkz' den but bowed out weakly in the last quarter to lose 3? 41. When the vaunted Bears of Ossian invaded the l'ro1an's court, they Loo vanquished their desperate hosts 31- 44, ,,,,S,,,,, fo, ,he GET THAT MAN! TIME OUT second time tc, Hoagland Z3-36 and continuing their losing streak by dropping their nex' game to Woodburn Warriors 28-31, the ill-fated Troians staged a determined attack to conquer Harlan 3l-27 and finish their schedule with a decisive victory. Sniders Trojans opened their bid for Sectional honors by turning back Monmouth 37-27, but lost their second round contest to Hoagland in an exciting overtime battle 28-30 bringing the 1938-39 basketball season to a close. Despite their mediocre statistical records, which cannot really measure the success or failure of a team, this years Fighting Troians can look back on their l939 basketball conquest with pride. Starting practice with three seniors and a new coach, the squad developed slowly into a courageous, fighting machine, which demanded careful consideration from all opposing teams. To be lost, but not forgotten, are the three seniors, Bob Belschner, Harold Richardson, and Ernest Bailey: but returning are such capable members as Fusselman, Foulks, Link, the Sheets brothers, Millhouse, and Capin, who, under the tutelage of Snider, assure the success of the l94O Trojans. Page Thirty-Eve X ,,,. , sy. LQ. ,,. . 1 w c 1' 4-n ' fm., 1 vb' V, X wx 1 4- 8. fx 4 ,- - ' :3 ' ' , ...jug 7- -wr . 1 V 'fc I 1 RESERVES DESIGN FUTURE VARSITY RLUGKS Bacl Row Coach Frybaolr Charles Monnot Charles Coeman Ern st Hausmann Vtavne Smrth Iohn Baker Roscoe Iusnce Coach Smder Front Row Arnold Grerder G1lbert Mrllhcuse foe Rowan Robert Coleman Henry Epple lames Rowan Stud nt Manager 0 The mexperrenced Trorans opened therr hardwood campargn aga1nst Hoagland wrth a 2213 setback The second team 1S made up of freshmen and sophomores who have plenty of good ball 1n them The startmg frve 1S usually composed of Toe Rowan a fast and clever freshman who holds down a forward s berth Captn a sophomore who 15 fast and dangerous on one hand prvot shots from an angle Wayne Sm1th a valuable sophomore has the herght and abrlrty whtch won h1m center posrtron C Coleman a sophomore guard who frghts from start to f1n1sh and usually leaves the floor by the foul route and another sophomore Epple plays guard posrtlon Freshmen understud1es of thrs frve are Baker who has herght and long arms to a1d htm for center post Mrllhouse small and scrappy IS gammg ex perrence lustrce who never played unt1l th1s year IS developmg fast R Coleman who also lacks expenence has a never d1e sp1r1t Three sophomores complete the team Monnot wrth srze lacks the necessary drrve Gre1ders speed makes up h1s def1c1t rn herght and Hausmann who has sr e but needs experrence The second team ended the season wrth ten wms agamst e1ght losses The reserves plled up a total of 343 po1nts compared to thetr opponents 349 m thetr erghteen games Bobby Caprn led the reserves by scormg 80 counters loe Rowan was close on hrs heels wrth 73 markers 1'2 t. ' 1 , r , e . - f 'V 1 r I , e . - . , , , A T I 1 I ,- , . r , . - V , I 1 I - , , , , . , , ' . - . , , , .7 . , ., . , . THUJANS PLAUE FUUHTH IN SOFTBALL LEAGUE Standing: Ccach Fryback, Bob Capin, Charies lvionnct, lNayne Smith, 't endell Fusselrnan, Art Sheets, Vernon Fculks, Gilbert Millhcuse, Arnold Greider. Sitting: Fred Link, Ernest Bailey, Lercy Hamilton, Eoh Link, Paul Anscn, Nelson Millhouse, Melvin Sheets. 0 Under the influence of their new coach, Donald Fryback, the Trojan Ten downed a determined Greyhound squad 6-2 in an extra-inning contest at Arcola to inaugurate the l938 season. On September l2, the fighting Trojans continued their winning streak at Harlan's expense by handing the Hawks a 4-3 setback. It was Smiths fine hurling that pulled the red and gray through these preliminary games as his teammates outdid Brooklyn in committing errors. On September 14, to open their bid for the Allen County Softball League Championship, the Trojans soundly spanked Arcola 8-O in a field meet at League Park, driving out 14 hits. ln their next encounter, the red and gray faltered and the Woodburn Warriors walked off with the game 5-2. After winning easily from Huntertown 13-3, the fighting Trojans nosed out the Leo Lions l--O in a thrilling contest and their third League victory. Qssian proved too tough and Elmhurst fell 4-2 on their home diamond. The Trojans went into the League playoff by battering Hoagland 12-l, but lost to New Haven in an extra-inning affair 4-2. On October l2, the red and gray dropped their second game of the playoff to Woodburn 3-l and ended the season with 6 wins and 4 losses. Bob Link led the team in batting with an average of .4U9. The Trojans were at bat 235 times, connected for 64 hits, scored 40 runs, and committed l5 errors with a batting average of .272. Page Tlzirly-5 Flu Tlx tx 1 t NG CLUB LAYS NEW S UURNEHSTUNE Q? '-'K l Ag-nw vv Javr a 'rt T rn Eraeu r farr rt ow D nald otute Jym nfl D l.:m 5 lan s o 1 r Bur camn Mr Brurmt 0 The Ban Castrnq Club under Mr Brurmts sponsorshrp was offered to Elmhurst students for the frrst trme thrs year lnterest ran hrqh rn the fall but the boys enthusrasrn was cooled hy the approach of wrnter however we found twelve loyal members awartma mc weather to resume practrce At the f1rst meetma Paul Meyer was the boys choxce for pres1dent Dale Romey was elected secretary treasurer The purposes of thrs club are to develop mterest rn bart castmq and rn the natronal pastrme of frshmq and to develop sportsmanshrp It IS also another means of rntroducma a new cornpetltrve sport arnonq hlqh schools Elmhurst IS the only school of Allen county to offer the sport thus far The popularrty of thrs sport has grown untrl every larqe c1ty has orqamzed castrnq clubs ln the sprrna Mr Brumrt took the boys to Reservotr Park to practlce wrth actual traqets on the water Thrs range consrsts of f1V9 targets spaced forty to erqhty feet from the platform the oblect IS to cast a small pluq 1nto or aqamst the tarqet The targets are thrrty rnches rn dlameter and 1t takes an accurate cast to make a perfect score UASTI PUHT AJ fi. is i I Ea-:l-: Ra: D d Carl, D le Home 'A,' , ct. t e, U' e H e, o " , Fwy' it -' er cem re Tht efe, VJ 'T A', , '. Front Row: Russell Prince, Paul Meyer, Harold Buell. . I A . l S 1 . tj if -'-H'gh SPUBTEES DRAFT E-IJANIJE ANU GLASS TUURNEY Tcp Row: Fred Linlz, lirn Rowan, r Sheets, Fc: Eelsrhr r fell F,iss1Q Paul ,fins ri Bob Linl-1, Ccach Snider. Second Row: Melvin Sheets, Nelscn ltliilhcuse ar i dr s ri R-:js Hamilton, Ernest Bailey, Verncn Faulks, lNa3-'ne Smith. Front Row: Doris March, Rosemary Panel, lean lltirtolzrax, Featricf Harris. 0 The Lettermens Club held their first meetina February l7 and elected Harold Richardson as presidentp Nelson Millhouse was chosen to be his assistant. Doris March was qiven the task of keepina the books and funds. The Lettermen and E-Club held an informal sport dance April 8. lnvitations were sent to all former Lettermen by a committee composed of Freda Schneck, Eileen Huston, and Kathleen Scott. lames Rowan, Freda Schneck, Eileen Huston, 'Wendell Fusselman, Kathleen Scott, Harold Richardson, and Bob Belschner were responsible for the decorations which were carried out in the various sports themes. Robert Haller, Wyllis Wieaman, and LeMoine Hinshaw made up the com- mittee to secure an orchestra. The dance was financed by the annual Class Tourney which was held on March IU. The aym was aayly decorated with the various class colors and streamers. The first aame found the Senior Vxlinas defeating the lunior Blue Devils in a rather dull aame. The Freshmen won the riaht to play in the finals bv defeatina the Sophomore Archers by a close marain, ln the finals, the Winas proved their right to be called champions of '39 by coming from behind to defeat the Freshmen. The Sophomore airls, before beina crowned champs, had a scare from the Freshmen lassies. The araduatina Lettermen proved themselves superior by staaina a rally to defeat the 1940 varsity in a sudden-death overtime. Page Fmly G. A. A. BANKS HIGH AS BUILDER-UPPEHS 63 9 9 069 9 G ee' f o g? Q ,A 5 S g 'f A J A . DA . V' , .: , J ,y J' Top Pictures' Otticers---le-on llortolzrg:-1, sports mungger, Rosemary Pond, president, Fredo Schnecl: treasurer, Miss Aoigmscn, gdviserg Eileen Huston, secretory, Kathleen Scott, Vice-president Senior Letter Girls Roberto Connett, Eloise Price, Peggy Felger. Pcxuline Iohnson Doris Moy Oettirig, Lorge Group Picture, Entire Girls' Athletic Association gs named on opposite page. Third Row Pictures: Freshmen Speedsters - Pot McCoy, Frieda Schoenemon, Miriam Pond Constance Kumter, Bgrkoro Miller, Agnes Firrsshnerg Soph Troicxnettes - Ruth Ann Emriclc Ruth Stolte, Mcxxyne Grepl-ce, Borbcrro Alden, Dorothy Lehman, Ruth Lunz, Phyllis I, Scott Fourth How Pictures. Softball Strikers -- Almo Smith, Betty Wir:kmon, Ruth Allen Mory Ann Armstrong, Ruth Stoltey Senior Plague Girls - Rose-mory Pond, Pre-do Schneclc Eileen Huston, l'Io'hleen Scott. 6. A. A. ELEVATES SGHUUL SPIRIT AND AGHIEVEMENT GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Top Row: l. Sims. M. Cox, B. Alden, V. Trumpey, B. Miller, M. Pond, V. Degler, E. Haulie, V. l. Summers, B. Lunz, R. A. Erririck, Ft. Stolte, A. Smith, D. Lehman. Third Row: l. Kortokrax, M. Spice, M. Keesler, M. Brim, l. Kahlenbeck, C. Kumter, B. Kahlenbeck, P. Felger, H. Perry, G. Deahl, B. Mutton, B. Ntforgum, P. Babel, E. Price. Second Bow: B. Mason, L. Schneider, F. Schoeneman, P. McCoy, P. M. Scott, R. Hauke. C. Gatton, B. Wickman, A. Forschner, B. Connett, M. Holle, P. Beck, P. Bode, A. Gebhart, Miss Adamson. Front Row: B. Miller, D. M. Oetting, L. A. Hardisty, D. Gutmann, F. Schneck, P. lohnson, K. Scott, E. Huston, Ft. Pond, C. Miller, N. Wiegman, P. I. Scott, M. Grepke, A. Anson. 0 The Girls' Athletic Association aims to promote interest in girls' physical education among all the girls ot the school. Under their new supervisor, Miss Adamson, the G. A. A. has become very active in school sport life and in the Indiana League of High School Girls' Athletic Associations. A girl can obtain her G. A. A. letter by tallying 250 points. There are three awards our athletes work tor: the first is the class numeral with 150 pointsg the school letter is next with 250 pointsp the greatest honor to receive is the state plaque which requires 350 points. To be eligible for this state award, a girl must be a senior and must pass a minimum of fourteen tests covering five or more activities: the school must have been a member of the state league for two years, and records of candidates' points must be in the manager's hand by April l. Four seniors earned plaques at the state play day at Hammond, Indiana, on May l3. The activities tor which points are granted are divided into three groups: organized activities, unorganized activities, and achievement tests. A maxi- mum ot 20 points can be acquired tor one year in any one activity. Points are obtained by participating in a sport once every week for six weeks and are granted on the basis of the actual number ot minutes or hours, excluding dressing time, spent in any organized activity during that time. Ten points may be received for successfully passing any one ot the achievement tests. The sports which the girls engaged in to earn points are: badminton, base- ball tindoor and outdoorl, basketball, hiking, tennis, tumbling, volley ball, speed ball, and rifle shooting. On December 2, the feminine athletes sponsored the Hlitterbug lamboreef' on February 2l, they gave a tea dance, an innovation in our school. ln addition to social activities, the G. A. A. "Booster" group held an intramural basketball tournament open to all girls ot the school, and basket- ball and tennis tourneys tor members only. All senior girls, in appreciation of their work, were presented with the poem, "li For Girls." G. A. A. pins were purchased by many members. 4 Pugt' Forlylu X ,Y,.,A , , X X, ,XL X XX X XXX XX X. S! XXX, W K Jxy XXNMXN V' X 1' 'NQXWX 'J XX I 'x f X Q l fX X N!! nl X I N 'Q' Qxx X X ' S I Rf X 1 Q , X X x. , Xxx f X CUMPLETJUN 51.1, H. A P f -35 1-., wif Q., ,. - N,- f fe 1 pg-' . X HX. fi., X I A I 1 'f ie. "' wr . H" fl? 21.4 K, i s ,ff i X,- 2 XV XNX .S .p J -s. ' ,Nr :- 3' 'J if ' 13 I . .Q 5: " .Q 1 iff . 25, -1 rf L 952 :EA- ir, 'il -Ei .wg :ffm- Q53 I 33-7 i-El' 11' 11' 4. ai? ' ,aff FQ-'., Y .f,-.Q, 'gi-fi iffy- F gil. 2191 ' rf: , 'ailfg' 1 -dig aff? Sai 51' Ra?-cl: 4 Ylilf T1-'11 ffii Ml' Sli E55 'sb fab: izlxi Hi: 'NC , LS! E-iii fix.- ?1-g -iii f-Tj, All if - 9: EE' .gr .Ev "xi if .ik y-mln PAGIN6 SENIUR PEHSUNALITIES F1151 SSW Cdcvfrrlz lzrcmegx, Exile Club Presliienty Riclxcrrcisrgrr, Eicrsketlcll srcrg lqwresentatives- Eelschrrerl sgiirxs ffgrvcrrteg Qmet ln Hfcrrr lfp S-2111-ir Class Ollrcers, V iiirid PLS.-.1 Screrxrrsts cr Pursue: Pixy-Chenr Officersp GQ-se Cluli Officers: .fmlllgrufzr Ccveclitorsg lc-hnsorr, 313512 Crrizerrslxryi Girl. Thrrfl Rcw: l.flcrrch, Ecmd Presrdeutq Asf3l.l1rrm:1, Samir Cl-:ss Presrflemg School Plzatoqrczphers. Fourth Row: Flrs' Sem-esta Ncriionol Hcncr SCCIEIZJI Acrvunce Cc-enlrtorsy lnzlustrrol Arts Oflrcersq fust Puls: Socrcl Clicnrmen. Las! Eovr: N. vNNvl'EQUlGIl, Elrrrhurst Eur-ertumer, Pleasant Senior Pastrmez Farrell, Class Artistg I-lmshcrw, Verscmle Trlzmhonisty Carxcerrizzirgrr lr. Stur.ly l-lciip Efglel-ter, lmiustrrol Arts Pre-sidenl. ENGINEERS MASTER BUILDING MATERIALS ANU METHIIIJS 0 In September, 1935, ninety-six engineers started work side-by-side with the architects. The plans for their construction covered four years: and their chief job was setting up the supports and the roof, thus determining the character of the building. Stability of a building requires engineering skill, so the crew chose a construction company to guide them. For the first year they chose Mr. Wisner as inspector: Bob Haller, president: Cecelia Bergman, vice-president, Eugene Akers, secretary: and Bob Shaw, treasurer. Along with their work this year they enjoyed a Hallowe'en and a skating party. As their overseer during their second year, they chose Miss Auman with Eugene Akers acting as president: Bob Haller, vice-president, Kathleen Scott, secretary: and Annie Laurie Porter, treasurer. This year their social activities consisted of a dance and a skating party. During the third year the foreman was Mr. Eickhoff and the president. Carl Aschlimany vice-president, Bob Hallerg secretary, Pauline Iohnson: treasurer, Byron Oswald. The important social event of this year was the prom, Hawaiian Paradise, at which Betty Meyer was crowned queen. Also this year, the crew won the magazine campaign with Byron Oswald, Bob Haller, Peggy Felger, and Rosemary Pond as the high point salesmen. Then for the final year, Miss Falls was chosen the master architect. The technical engineers were Carl Aschliman, president: Ernest Bailey, vice- presidentp Pauline Iohnson, secretary: and Byron Oswald, treasurer. During this year the workers held the Mystic Ball, senior banquet, the senior-faculty breakfast, presented "Spring Fever," and edited the Anlibrum. At the close of four years of hard work several received special awards. The valedictorian of the class was loyce Albert: the salutatorian, Patricia Burgoon. Others on the four year honor roll were: Carl Aschliman, Ernest Bailey, Bob Belschner, Pauline Bridenbaugh, Faith Coleman, Peqqy Felger, Bob Haller, Anne Hausmann, Loraine Hess, Pauline lohnson, Betty Larimore, William Mason, Doris May Oetting, Rosemary Pond. Kathleen Scott, Betty Rose Sheets, lack Stark, Wyllis Wiegman, and Betty Worgum. Those elected in '38 to the National Honor Society were: Ioyce Albert, Patricia Burgoon, Bob Haller, Rosemary Pond, and Kathleen Scott. Those elected in '39 were: Carl Aschliman, Ernest Bailey, Robert Belschner, Peggy Felger, Pauline Iohnson, William Mason, and Wyllis Wiegman. These twelve had National Honor Gold Shields on their diplomas. Bob Belschner was elected to the National Athletic Honorary Society in '38 and Ernest Bailey in '39. Those receiving Advance awards were Rosemary Pond, Doris March, and Ioyce Albert: Ouill and Scroll Awards, Haller, Porter, and Baileyy National Forensic League Awards, Degree of Distinction, Albert: Degree of Honor, P. Burgoon, R. Pond, W. Mason and A. L. Porter. These engineers' activity pattern from now on is to shape new functions to new forms of beauty and their work and association together during the past four years will better enable them to do this. Pagt' Fufly-it Volume VI of T H E ANLIBRIIM Constructed ho the Senior Class ELMIIIIRST HIGH SCIIUUI, FURT WAYNE IN II I A N A ENGINEERS FASHION UE Dependable IOYCE ALBERT worked the Advance and Anlibrum Staffs played 1n Spring Fever the band and debated She reads for a pastime Confldentially I think PAUL ANSON is going to be CIT1 aviator He obtained an E 1n softball and sang 1n the Glee Club Our pres1dent CARL ASCHLIMANI He made up the Advance dummy and played in Spr1ng Fever He has a typing p n for forty words That arnbitlous and amicable ERNEST BAILEY got ads for the Aavance played basketball and wrote sports for the Anlibrum If you want to see a good sport Jut watch BOB BELSCHNER play golf and basketball He ha four service stripes on his basketball E and is on the Anlibrum business staff DALE BOEDEKER addressed as president of the Industrial Arts Club also belonged to Phy Chem and Gle Clubs His hobbies are sports and chickens Good natured PAULINE Anlibrum and Advanc and b longed to Commercial and Latin Clubs PATRICIA BURGOON has a variety of nterests belonging to the National Honor Society Anlb rn Staff G A A and Glee Club She IS president of the Forum Club GEORGE CLEMANS belonged t the Industrial Arts Rifle and Com rnercial Clubs and also found time for stamp collecting and radios FAITH COLEMAN a demure little maiden was a reporter for the Advance and a member of Phy Chem Lat1n and Home Ec Clubs Fast1d1ous ROBERTA CONNETT ang in the Glee Club belonged to G A A and Commerc1al Club and was a member of the Advance Staff EVELYN DAUTZ should have lots of good luck because she collects 4leaf clovers She belonqed to Commercial Club and served on various social committees SIGNS FUR STUDENT LIFE Fashionable VIRGINIA DEGLER belonged to G A A R1fle and Home Ec Clubs She devotes her le1sure t1rne to danc1ng and swim m1ng The class artist IS MAX FARRELL He was chairman of decorations for the Junior prom and on the commit tee for senior announcements PEGGY FELGER sang in all the operettas besides being president of the Glee Club She also has a A A letter and is on e Anl1brum bus1ness staff The assistant photographer for the Anl1brum IS ROBERT FIEDLER He spent the remainder of h1s time working on model airplanes and a a member of the Phy Chem Club WILLIE FIELDS was the most wil ling victim of Bob Ierry and the hat rack 1n Spr1ng Fever He belonged to Phy Chem and Latin Clubs IAMES FOOTE spent two years at Iefferson Township playing class basketball his third year at New Haven in the Canteen Club and h1s senior year at Elmhurst 1n the In dustrial Arts Club DORTHA FREMION is a home reading and making scrapbooks IERRY FRY Doc to you was vice president of the Latrneers one of the stars of Spring Fever and 1n the Phy Chem and Rifle Clubs Because she pleases with her ac cordion playing M A D E L I N E GILPIN S name is on the magaz1ne campaign cup the class won She IS also Advance typist Versatile BOB HALLER the snappy drurn maior of the band has letters in Rifle Club and Band IS co editor of the Advance and played in Spring Fever LEROY HAMILTON insists his hobbies are eating and sleeping but he does play softball and has an E to show for it In spite of the fact that hrs Model T requires so much of h1s time and attention WILLIS HARMAN has found time to keep up with the Phy Chem and Industrial Arts Clubs and earn his F in band on . . ., ' " ' ' G. . . ' th 1 . ' ' . ' . ' ' s . S .- . S ' ' ' , , BRIDENBAUGH worked for the body, spending her time sewing, ' e e- ' . ' . fx ' ' 11 11 - I I I - I ' ' , i "M ' - O ' . - If . If I I I I I I r s ' . . . - 1 A I I ' fFrom left to riqhtl Ioyce Albert Paul Anson Carl Aschliman Ernest Bailey Bob Belschner Dale Boedeker Pauline Briclenbauqlrr Patricia Burqoon George Clemans Faith Coleman Roberta Connett Evelyn Dautz Virginia Deqler Max Farrell Peqqy Felqer Robert Fiedler Willie Fields lim Foote Dortha Fremion lerry Fry Madeline Gilpin Bob l-laller Leroy Hamilton Willis Harman Pugr Fully-figlil ENGINEERS LIIBBY EUR BEATRICE HARRIS was secretary-treasurer of the band, and drummer in band and hobbies are books. member of Glee Club, E-Club in the band, She won an E a sweater in basketball. Her sewing and collecting scrap Proficient secretary of Commercial Club reporter on Advance staff, winner of E in G. A. A. and worker on the Senior Banque is ESTHER HAUKE. Her hobbies are dan ing, skating, and singing. An efficient student of chemistry, business and art is ANNE MARIE I-IAUSMANN, For hobbies, she sings, types, reads, swims, and plays the piano. The ambitious sharpshooter and singer who collects match-holders and takes ball room dancing is MARY HENSCHEN. Sh came from South Side last year. That gracious girl who played in band attended the Prom Queen, and served on Prom committees is LORAINE HESS won a medal in typing, belonged to G. A. A and Commercial Club. A follower of many clubs is LEMOINE HINSHAW. He is a member of Rifle Phy Chem, E-Clubs, band, and served on Sent Announcement Committee. The lass who belonged to G. A. A., at tended the Prom Oueen, aided the Prom committee, senior dance program, and ba also a member of Commercial and Glee Clui Happy-go-lucl-ty EILEEN HUSTON says her hobbies are talking and girls' sports. She was kept busy as secretary of G. A. A student adviser of Regina Domi, and on th business staff of the Advance. A lobbyist for hobbies is CATHERINE IRVINE, She plays the marimba, guitar goes roller skating, horseback riding, and sings. Most charming girl of the Senior Class is PAULINE IOHNSON. As secretary of '33 and '39 classesp varsity basketball, two years, student director of "Spring Fever and senior editor of Anlibrum, she did her part. As a diversion, she collects hankies and ivory figures, MARTHA KEESLER came from South Sid in her iunior year, joined Glee, G. A and Phy-Chem Clubs. Her hobbies are col lecting scrapbooks and bicycling. A reserved miss from South Side DOROTHY KIENE. She belonged to South's Travel Club and band. Her hobbies are collecting poems and scrapbooks. H0 BBIES ANIJ ACTIVITIES BETTY LARIMORE was awarded an E for her activities in the band and also a typing award Shes a member of Commer cial Club and all her leisure time is spent in collecting stamps IDA MAY LININGER who came this year irom North Side hasnt yet identified herself with our activities Her hobby is reading BOB LINK a gay dog played basketball golf and softball for four years He sang in Glee Club His hobbies are golfing and ketching Here is GERALD MACGREGOR who has three hobbies knuckle cracking playing 'ic tac toe and always being first in the ham urger line CLAUDE MALDENEY was a member of Industrial Arts Club played senior class asketball and served on the Senior An nouncement Committee His hobbies are Jriting poetry and modeling radios The first lady of the band is DORIS manager on belonged to and Ouartet Committee MARCH She was circulation Advance played basketball ommercial Club EClub Sextet nd served on Senior Banquet An active youth is WILLIAM MASON who was a member of Forum Rifle Phy hem EClub and National Forensic League dis hobby is music Prom Queen cf I9 8 secretary of Glee Club member of Rifle EClub and Glee Club is BETTY MEYER Her hobbies are dancing fnd drawing Mystery Boy wont talk that s BILL JIILLER a member of Glee Club and a sports an The lead in Spring Fever president of Why Chem Anltbrum Picture Editor commit eeman of intramural basketball and Senior Danc is IAMES MILLER For his hobbies he fias chosen photography and the construction f many airplane models All around girl thats DORIS MAY OETTING A member of G A A a d rchestra Anlibrum and Advance typist 'member of Home Ec Club and EClub typing collecting souvenirs swimming and driving are proof enough of this She has hree typing pins Keeper of the Class of 39s sock is BYRON OSWALD He directed the Anlibrum ad campaign played Spring Fever was member f Phy Chem and high magazine salesman in 37 Q . . . She I" I I A I - I v C .g P . of C u . . V I guet decorations is DAWNA HUNT. She was ' ' .. X 3 I . L 4 . . f . . . . . n is . ' ' . I in ., . o - , ' From left to rightl Beatrice Harris Esther Hauke Anne Hausrnann Mary Henschen Loraine Hess Lelvloine Hinshaw Dawna Hunt Eileen Huston Catherine Irvine Pauline lohnszn Martha Keesler Dorothy Kierze Betty l.ari1'r.ore Ida May Linizicjer Boi l.inl-: Gerald lffarGfei'ir Claude Maldexey Doris March 'William Mason Betty Meyer Bill Miller lames Miller Doris Getting Byron Oswald .343 To is Q4 I ,V . Milfs , ffffz 1 . ' 2 izfgis-'-1. 'gl ' if f fa? f S. if . in " :v k 1 vi: , " -S 1-22. W' . 'fs-2 ,.. : W 1 I , 13: X' 1:5 'Q . .. fi" 4 ,. 1 linrtymirze Pugr Ififtvv ENGINEERS GUNTHIVE WURK ANU PLAY PATTERNS Reliable ROSEMARY POND belonged to National Honor Society, debated, shot, sang. and led yells. She helped edit the Advance and Anlibrum. Reserved ANNIE LAURIE PORTER co- edited the Advance. She was awarded an E for her G, A. A, activities. She's a meme ber of Phy-Chem Club and collects poems as a hobby. A vivacious bit is ELOISE PRICE, co- editing the Anlibrum, earning her E in G. A. A., writing to foreign pen pals, and belonging to Home Ec., Glee, and Phy-Chem Clubs. A goal-getting demon who also played softball is HAROLD RICHARDSON. As a reward, he was given an E. Swimming is his other great interest, A ioiner is DALE ROMEY, belonging to Commercial, Industrial Arts, Casting, Rifle, and E Clubs. By the way, he's president of Rifle Club and plays class basketball. Pugilist IIM RONVAN won the Golden Gloves Championship in '38 I-Ie earned an E by managing the Troians. Serving on class committees and collecting sport shots were his other activities. Commercial Club Pri? sident, F R E D A SCHNECK, also took part in "Spring Fever," She was awarded an E for her athletic activities, She does lots of dancing and skating. KATHLEEN SCOTT, popular star of "Spring Fever," shot on the Rifle team, was feature editor of Advance, and won E's in G. A. A. and Rifle Club. He worked on the Anlibrum Business Staff, belonged to Phy-Chem Club, and ene tertained himself by playing golf and class basketball. Who? ARTHUR SHADY. Iovial BETTY ROSE SHEETS did her share on the Anlibrum Staff and sang in Glee Club. She diverts herself by attending sports events. Who is the tranquil member of the boisterous Senior Class and whose chief cc- cupation is constructing beautiful objects from wood? Why, of course, HENRY SPICE. IACK STARK belonged to Phy4Chem and Industrial Arts Clubs. He was an Anlibrum activity editor. He spends extra time on 4-H Club work. Loquacious IACK STAYANOFF debated and joined Phy-Chem, Rifle, and Industrial Arts Clubs. Stamp collecting and photog- raphy take up his leisure time. ELAINE TARR participated in "Spring Fever" and was awarded an E in band. She works on the Anlibrum and Advance Staff, sings in Glee Club, and writes to pen-pals, She was on the publicity committee for Senior dance and belonged to Commercial Club besides spending her extra time collect- ing stamps. Vtlho? IOSIE THOMAS. Sharpvshooter PAUL VENDERLEY obtained his E in Rifle Club and also belonged to Commercial and Industrial Arts Clubs. He took snaps for the Anlibrum too. BETTY WICKMAN belonged to G. A. A. She debated one year and played basketball for two years. Her foreign correspondents now keep her busy. Tap-dancing NORMA WIEGMAN obtained an E in G. A. A. She belonged to Glee. Commercial, and Rifle Clubs. Besides dancf ing, she draws for her own entertainment. Student conductor of band in which she cbtained an E, WYLLIS WIEGMAN also plays in the Sax Sextet. General chairman for Senior Banquet, shes also senior Anlibrum editor. Witty MARY IANE WILKIE typed for Advance, solicited for Anlibrurn ads, acted in "Spring Fever," shot in Rifle Club, and drew in Art Club. She enioys dancing in leisure time. CHARLES XIVILSON played in the band. belonged to Phy-Chem and E Clubs, is on Advance Business Staff, and gives all spare time to old automobiles. Do you have any Indian head pennies? li so, turn them over to MARGIE WOODS as she collects them. Also she loves travel- ing and the movies. Designer BETTY WORGUM makes fashion sketches and Scrapbooks, copyreads for Advance and belongs to Commercial Club and G. A. A. She also plays tennis. Demure ROSELLA ZELT devotes all her extra time to collecting pictures and short stories tor a scrapbook. In addition, she is a fine seamstress. CFrom left to right! Rosemary Pond Annie Laurie Porter Eloise Price Harold Richardson Dale Hom-ey larnes Rowan Freda Schneck Kathleen Scott Arthur Shady Betty Rose Sheets Henry Spice lack Stark lack Stayanoff Elaine Tarr losie Thomas Paul Venderley Betty Wickman Norma Wieqman Vtlyllis Wieqman Mary lane Wilkie Charles Wilson Margie Woods Betty Worqum Rosella Zelt wg mv' xt yy- 'QV' - Nx,1g.,..5 W ..... Q 4' - : Lf-Z ,: w xx +"'l s 30-55 Q we N X N QW Q 5 QS X ,t If X ' xx it S W Xi oil Q t vx was XXV X X X N W Y X .. ' "J"K- ,XXQ ' w. :SN , x - gag I W i g . Y-'J C:-,aesi ' A X fury s 'ffl if X .St ff' 2 I 'te' W sim' t. of - Q-5:39 'S . ' ' ' N QV:-. e so . ,,., . . V A W ' ' 1 wtf-,2l' . X SS t1.':i:: ' ., rv .SXT I i 1-as-1 , ' 'l . - Tk .. r 1, xt Q " 21 " at Q t X xx X s R 3 X Xxx lx S Y Q l xxx exit to X01 Nb X Xl 3 1 xx mx xxx YF. Paw Flfly 0718 Fiflyfliiwi DEAR DIARY. 0 On September l2, the Engineers elected their officials for the year, namely: C. Aschliman, president: E. Bailey, vice-president: P. lohnson, secretary: and B. Oswald, treasurer. For the first activity they chose a dance, the theme of which was "Mystic Ball." On October 15, imps and devils jumped out at you from every nook and cranny. The iitterbugs iittered to Gene Sheridan's swing. On October 20, the strenuous work of Anlibrum campaigning began. Eloise Price and loyce Albert were appointed co-editors. The "Slugs" on November 22, thrilled their audience with "Spring Fever" with P. Felger and I. Miller as the leads. As a reward for their fine work, the cast had a potluck supper on December l. In observance of St. Valentines Day, the Engineers had a hilarious time at a party in home room l2. On March l0, the Senior Wings made a fine showing when they defeated the Frosh in the lnterclass Tourney to be crowned the "champs" The Senior girls, the "Iitterbugs," lost to the Freshmen in their initial game. For obvious reasons, Miss Falls could take only one day of childish capers from the Seniors when they celebrated Kid Day on April 28. The next night the Engineers were feted at the Penthouse Rendezvous by the juniors. On May l6, at the West Creighton Church, the annual Senior Banquet was held. The graduation theme was carried out beautifully with small dolls about six inches high serving as place cards and holding scroll diplomas in their hands. The names were printed on the outside of the diplomas: and on unrolling them, one found the banquet program outlined. The class will and class prophecy were read and Valedictorian, Ioyce Albert, and Salutatorian, Patricia Burgoon, gave very enlightening s p e e c h e s . W. Wiegman, as general chairman, and many other seniors who served on committees helped make the banquet a success. The Engineers, on Senior Day, May l9, glorified themselves by wearing the coveted caps and gowns for the first time. They rushed around ex- changing yearbook autographs with everyone. At 2 P. M. on May 2l, the Baccalaureate services were held with Dr. E. Burns Martin from, the Wayne Street Methodist Episcopal Church speaking on the topic, "True Lantern Bearersf' The next event was on the morn of May 25 when the Faculty honored the Seniors with an appetizing breakfast. At last the long-awaited day arrived. May 26 at 8:00 P. M. the Corn- mencement procession began. The speaker for this very special occasion was Professor Andrew Cordier of North Manchester College. The gray-robed Seniors made a pleasing sight as they solemnly marched up to receive their diplomas. ln our storehouse of memories are all these activities and those of other years. Fun, companionship, and work have erected a fine structure. Good luck in bigger and better building! ENGINEER E. P. TROY FAMILY WASHINGS Phone H - l3l5 Complimrnix of MCCOY BROS. Vic G Bob l-I-44115 l-I-5105 I-IOMER R. GETTLE lfyr Sigh! .S'ju'f'i1llixt.v Phones AA648O, A6489 Calhoun at Berry WAYNEDALE DEPT. STORE Henry Mittinq, Proprietor DRY GOODS - SHOES - NOTIONS R. R. No. 4 Vsfayneial BPH 1f'f.fhe'.f ll! WAYNEDALE SUPPLY CO. R. R. No. 4 Waynezf GENERAL INSURANCE C. F. HERE-ER 265-267 Central Bldg. A-3322 Fort 'Wayne .ln lmjmrfaul lfzm In Ynur Drlifj Dirt EURNAS ICE CREAM 445 E. Columbia Cvmplimfnlx nf WALTER A. FELGER Sheriff of Allen County VIM SPORTING GOODS I El: Calhoun St. A-6375 Bill Hazzard Les Loqan Iohnny Maxfield lOl-IN T. CLAPESATTLE 4'Cl1z,m'.w1tfli 'J Cnmmulzfty SFI'-Z'iLl'n I-I-5ll4 2514 Broadway H E R F F - I O N E S COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Indianapolis, Indiana L. A. WARNER ,L,.5T11 l.'omplim1'11I,v of NEW YORK DENTISTS Dr. Max Andrews, Pres. Q5 Calhoun Street A-54l5 MODEL DRY CLEANING H-1194 2438 Brcadv INAYNEDALE GARAGE . No, 4 Wayneclale ED, ROEI-IM GARAGE Bluffton Rd. Fort Wayne Complimfzztr uf SCHWEGMAN - WITTE CO. DR. H. R. COIL Better Glasses 925 S. Calhoun Street WEYRICK SERVICE STATION U. S. 24 and Covington Road I-I-59166 DOSWELL'S CAPIN'S Ouality Flowers Groceries and Meats 301 W. Main St. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Ntfaynedale R. R. No. 4 MASTERSON STUDIO Pnrtraitr Tha! Plrarf IQO4 Broadway Ft. Wayne. Ind SANDPOINT GREENI-IOUSE Charles Hoffman Bluffton Road Ft. Wayne KOERBER'S Feature Your Official Iewelry 818 Calhoun Street Cnmplimrntr of YOUR TRUSTEE VJALTER F. HAYES DEI-ILER - HUGHES Optical Specialists l02l-23 Calhoun Street READ YOUTHS' PASSING SHOW' in Saturday's NEWS - SENTINEL STEINS HOME STORE oAsoL1NE - GROCERIES MEMS - HARDWARE Corner Covington and Old Route 24 RAINBOW ICE CREAM CO. Special Prices On Ice Cream for Picnics, Reunions and Social Affairs l902 S. Calhoun Street TAYLOR SHOP S. F. Oliver, Proprietor Dry Clfzrniny We Call For and Deliver 1920 Broadway Phone A-5287 WESTGATE SERVICE STATION SOCONY - VACUUM PRODUCTS Corner Bass-Leesburq Roads Grey S. Conklinq, Proprietor Frinzrlly St'7"l'f1'l' to .tlnforirlf CARL A. OSTERMAN .'lfffll'lIt'j' at 1rl1'U.' General Practice in All Courts Qll-I2 Citizens Trust Bldg. A-2128, A-2l29 Res. A-962l5 ESTI-IER RAE BEAUTY SHOP Complete Beauty Service Esther Indiana Robertson Theatre Bldg. H. A. TiLLMAN'S Sllpfl' .N'f'r-1'ir1' Stzlliufr TIRE - BATTERY SERVICE FRANKE INSURANCE AGENCY Fin, Ifinrl and glutn lnszznrnfr' Ran' Franke Iulian Franke WASHING - TREA IN A U S G 715 Citizens Trust Bldq, Texaco Gasoline and Motor Oils A-2123 Washington at Fulton A-0585 DIRECTORY T 'D- AN , S xv N fb X f +-'Q 75,206 v X QQJ X ark? Y 5435! x .53 syrx :,.Q:,.x lffgw-T .Q S x Q, fx, gg Xxx H E cS 1 'x X. x ,XXX , XX, xx, M X 1 f N , ,J V sk ' xv X ' X X ,X X X - w xxx 'xx . A , XXXX 4 X X1 xx X' I k Xxx N, XX xx X I X- i I N, , x , x xl X! .nxk R X X Y X 'x.. N XX xx X xxx--X x ' X g X, NY- X , X77 my 'gf'-xx k N KX an Hx- - 1 X ,XX XXXVX RN X XX YK X X , , : heyy,-'g.-: 1 1 Q Fill v-nr DIRECTORY IN APPRECIATION The Stuff of the Arrhbrum of '39 wishes to express IIS appreciation for the k1r1dIy help it hos received from: Laverqrre I. Lounsbury of PONTIAC ENGRAVING CO. Chiccxqo, III. THE LEROY PRINTING COMPANY Hammond, Ind. I-I. R, MASTERSON - B, KEISER Photographers .,,.-, Y . . H5-' . 7 L , .1 ,.,:,,: ' V," " v,:,?.'V , 5. fznf ' x '-.H -. ,- 'Y - .f X s , Z, , f Vw: . .1 i 'Jfx . My ' ', .xv 9' 'x .5 . - vi -. ,.-. . ..!,..: .4 ,.-,,..L,,- V 11.4.6 ,.. " qv, y 2,4 ..,. '-v,.-V gh ,-.. -B " . -1 v ' , N.'y., ',,x. "Q .. it .. . U vf,f.ff'1 . 1, "V .X X. g , 4,1 , YV , ,,,V V. I, V - Q 1 I f 4 " DFI -5,4 F6 ,A fig ': .. Fx, rl. ,,.v' ,IT .mv-1 'lf 11,1 .v ' . '.-5 , 95615 FET? ,Q -5 1 f , A ,lx 3 M igaiinf . e.-nfiffgz-K, J, .mg , K'ff53s'45'Q fdelgiw . Ssggigzgglg ' 'T ffm. 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Suggestions in the Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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Elmhurst High School - Anlibrum Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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