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ELMHURST Elmhurst, Illinois 1982-1983 DEDICATION Phyllis lovino The 1982-83 yearbook is dedicated to Phyllis lovino. Without her energy and resourcefulness this yearbook would not have become a reality. Phyllis has been a constant source of support throughout the adventure of putting together a complete yearbook. Phyllis lovino has worked for the school for twenty years as of August 1983. She has spent all of those twenty years as the secretary to the Dean of Students. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and Catherine Gibbs Secretarial School. On campus she is involved in many things including ODK. Off campus she is a ctive in her church as a soloist and with a historical organization of her nationality. Thanks Phyllis for being there when I needed someone who knew all the answers!!!!!!! OF CONTENTS fff v Division Dedication President Frick " 9HHHi Board of Trustees Tour of CaMpus Women ' s Student Life TAKE IT TO THE TOP , Homecominmmm , Festival of Fools Jazz Fest 83 Clubs and Honor aries tit ana Union Board Sororities and Performing Arts Faculty and Staff Graduation and Class Pictures I . 92 106 Ar " — 125 3 COLLEGE PRESIDENT Ivan E. Frick Ivan E. Frick has been president of Elmhurst College since 1971. Since coming to Elmhurst, President Frick has seen physical and financial growth become a reality as evidenced by the " Projects for the 80s " and our new gym. A well educated man, five degrees students have found him to be accessible and willing to listen, he can even manage a smile now and then. President Frick hopes and is planning for a continued growth and success in future years at Elmhurst. He will probably realize his dreams. 4 THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Board of Trustees is the chief governing body of Elmhurst College. The full Board meets in October, February, and May. The Board makes all the decisions concerning school tuition, finances, and spending. THE EXECUTIVE BOARD 6 Physical Plant The Scene Shop Mill Theatre Elmhurst College ' s Theatre 9 Gymnasium Physical Education Buildings New Physical Education Center i ORIENTATION Moving in Entertainment They even feed new students! Have to train the new students for all the night life 12 14 1982 Football Schedule Sept 1 1 ILLINOIS BENEDICTINE Sept 18 North Park Sept 25 CARROLL Oct 2 Wheat on Oct 9 ILLINOIS WESLEYAN Oct 16 Carthage Oct 23 MILLIKIN Oct 30 North Central Nov 6 AUGUSTANA Dion Rooney fc FOOTBALL Wayne Ricks watches the ball bounce out of reach 16 Lindsay Barich: Kodak All American Tom Cervenka: Sports Informa- tion Dir. All American The 82 Football team was on the move this fall. Their MANY WINS and few losses left the students and players with good reason, feeling very proud. The players played their best and we are proud of them! SCHEDULE March: Marian College Trevecca Nazarene College Belmont College David Lipscomb University Austin Peay State Univ. Belmont College Tennessee Temple Univ. Shorter College W. Georgia College April: Northwestern Univ. II. Benedictine College Wheaton College II. Wesleyan College II. Benedictine College Wheaton College Carroll College North Park College North Central College St. Xavier College May: Millikin University College of St. Francis Augustana College George Williams College North Park College Carthage College North Central College NCAA Playoffs BASEBALL 22 The EC baseball team achieved fifth in CCIW competition with a record of 8-7. In overall competition their record was 13-21. Maybe next year the wins will be greater than the losses overall, but our team did a great job of representing us this year. SCHEDULE North Park Concordia-Olivet Nazarene Valparaiso University Tiger Invitational Carthage Invitational Wheaton North P ark-Carthage - UW: Whitewater Carroll-Northwestern Elmhurst Invitational Wheaton Quad Ripon Invitational North Central-Carthage II. Wesley an-Chicago U. CCIW-North Park NCAA Div ision Championship The EC wrestling team was built up of new blood; having more freshmen than returning students. This year they shot for the upper spectrum of weight classes. Our team didn ' t do badly com- ing away with a third place in CCIW and a record of 12-4. WRESTLING EC Men ' s tennis team was close to being " super-hot " this year. They came close to being the first in CC1W competition. Instead they came away with a third in the competition which is still an achievement to be proud. TENNIS SCHEDULE Feb.: Mar.: Apr.: May: Univ. of Chicago North Central College I. Benedictine Univ. of Chicago Murray State North Central Chicago Metro Champ. North Central College Carthage College Elmhurst Relays CCIW meet North Central College Univ. of Chicago The EC track team finished up in sixth place in the CCIW competition. Not as well as they had hoped, but the opponents were stronger this year so our team put up a good fight to gain the fifth position. TRACK 26 Our own EC pompon squad did a great job of spurring on the students and faculty at the games. They can raise spirits even when nothing else will do the job. No sports activity is complete without a little action on the sidelines to perk up the crowds and the teams. POMPON 27 Basketball Softball WOMEN S ATHLETICS 28 top to bottom; 1 to r: Karen Sauer, Sue Birdsey, Maureen Higgins, Sue Olesen, Sherry Bradbury, Sue Guiterrez, Karen Olmstead, Cathy Dul- kowski, Joyce Suglich, Dawn McKeever, Terry Fults, Sue Matejka, Kim Dettloff, Kim Schroeder, Renee Vincent. VOLLEYBALL STANDINGS: 43-9 record. The team won the Chica- go Metro conference Championship in its first year. The team finished the year ranked first in re- gionals and ninth in the nation. 50 31 Dawn McKeever, Martha Whitehouse, Tina Conti, Robbyn Washington, Lisa DeFily. Asst. Coach Debra Novgrod, Cathy Nolen, Gayle O ' Connor, Patty Twohill, Sharon Forgue, Terry Fults, Coach Bill Walton. The Women ' s basketball team did not place in the CMC tournament being eliminated in the first round of competition. Their season record of 12-10 was one to be proud of. BASKETBALL 32 SOFTBALL Team Line-up: Terry Fults — Junior catcher, Mary Howard — Ju- nior pitcher, Cathy Nolen — Soph, third baseman, Lisa Santucci — Junior pitcher, Karen Sauer — Soph, first baseman, Kim Schroeder — Junior in- fielder, Patty Twohill — Junior outfielder, Lisa DeFily — Fresh, infielder I outfielder, Antonietta DiVito — Fresh, infielder, Lisa Fattore — Soph, pitcher, Sharon Forgue — Fres. catcher outfielder, Mary Whitehouse — Junior shortstop second base- man The women ' s softball team did a great job this year. They placed second in the CMC tournament. They ended with a record of 13-7 against Div. Ill opponents and a 13-13 record in the overall season. 35 MAIL!!!! Life would be terribly lonely without mail from our long lost friends and family. The mail room staff sorts and faithfully faithfully deli ers all of our precious and much needed mail! S6 19 40 4 1 42 47 48 FOF Schedule of Events Mon. April 25 Dink Car Smashing Tues. April 26 FOF Comedy Nite Wed. April 27 Day Coffeehaus: John Baneschek Roommate Game Thur. April 28 Lester the clown EC Jazz Band Fri. April 29 Laughing Stock " Night under the Stars " Sat. April 30 FOF Dinner-Dance Villa Olivia Country Club FOF laisey Lake pops out of cake 2 Laughing Stock 51 r ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ mm hurst, Illinois 52 The Jazz Festival was a huge success with good performances by College and High School bands competing for the honors. The festival lasted throughout the weekend starting at 1 pm on Friday and ending on Sunday with an awards presentation. Along with the bands we were joined by several professional jazz musicians. Among them were Pete Christlieb, Jay Daverson, and Les Hooper. 54 FOR A FARM CHILD, AGE FIVE, THE WORLD IS a fine field fed by green gracious streams that overflow and send their waves with feet underneath waters through dense grass to feed giant weeds and tangled trees that touch sky-high clouds of cream and fleece above wheat fields gold and mine and corn fields straight and proud that strong winds shake loud with tire sounds and cow fields slow move, not afraid of you beasts with wet-flex muscles under sleek skins moo that scare the duck ponds rising with the beat of wings to black dots, blue sky, milkweed cottontail left behind with me, with moo, with dandelion and clover in black earth, good dirt, red sunset means the end, suppertime and bed. Mark Wakely LITERARY WINNERS S5 PHONE CALL Interrupt me? What was I doing — nothing — or everything but not at the same time except for knocking the fat cat off the chair back and dangling a thick slice of cheese in front of her so she stands like a wise old Buddha in a three colored fur; nothing but mouthing a slice of cheese then leaving the rest on the kitchen counter to warm and melt a little bit back to milk or cream or whatever cheese is — The snowfall today was fat sponges from the sky melting against the warm windscreen, poofs of water settling with dancing grins on the ground, doing nothing new but nothing is. Interrupt me? Always tough to organize you always a challenge — a few yards short a few yards off. Always organize on paper cards with a romance on the front; wicked romance with bound blonde hair and the breath of babies all around, angelkins, childpiles, youth forever poised, posed in privacy, eyes in mayonnaise gazes on bare breasted shoulders; organize these sweet utterances from lost lips and whiskers taken away for a few hours of kissing a silly dream and scaring it when the curtain rises; a dream I ' ll never know and won ' t ever want understanding of because it can ' t be worded for the likes of you and we ' re all alike in this. Interrupt me? How can it be, sitting on scruffy sheets being properly purred at by a liver eating cat, sitting dirty, crusty almost scabs, sitting crooked like a birch as a redbud dies outside the window and the yellow cup spring blossoms freeze in bloated rainfalls, as tropical plants indoors thrist and silk roses from the five and ten loop around hanger wire on a post know with once a month red ribbons that have never known the wind; a kite hung on the airvent that ' s never known the sky and juncos and jays pecking millet out of terra cotta — something they ' d never have seen if it weren ' t some peculiar act of biology leading me to spread food in the cold when I ' ve steak in the freezer. Denise Panagakos First Prize Poem Broken Dolls Nightly I sit inside my seclusion holding my memory box of eternity candles. I swallow my silence And sitting in quiet wedged in deep a cough reveals my frenzy. Contemplating nothingness, staring, I anxiously await Like a monkey at the zoo. Your prized possession, Done in basic black, solid in form, No longer dre sses your shelf but lies forbidden. Closed content of the cupboard. Decored parrafin through keyholes, incense burns. And like a memory You are cobwebbed in the scent of their encapsulation. while Celebrating. Jill Dahl Second Prize Poem Audrey Ha gel " The Fox " A starving fox prowls Where stainless drifts conceal traps In fields of pale death. HONORS CONVOCA TION The Spring Honors Convocation was held on May 10, 1983. After an invocation given by Carmella Braico, Mr. Milton Darr issued greetings to those attending. Dean Schmiechen on the achievements upon entering an honor society or honorary. Dean Cunningham spoke on Team and group achievement. Matthew Mimlitz and Ru- dolph Schade spoke on General Individual achievement and Individ- ual scholastic achievement respectively. President Frick gave the c losing remarks to a time which will be long remembered by those honored here. IP CLUBS AND HONORARIES ACS A The members of ACSA The American Chemical Society— Student Affiliate is an organization de- voted to a better understanding of Chemistry. It also provides a chance for chemistry majors to get together and consult with others in their tield ol interest. Membership is open to all chemistry students. American Society of Personnel Administrators The members of ASP A The ASPA is an organization for the purpose of allowing fellow Personnel Administration students a chance to discuss their field. They often have speak- ers who will discuss the ins and outs of dealing with many types of people in many different situations. The Business and Economics club is involved in bringing students together who are interested in the overall business field. They host speakers from many business backgrounds and often have activities to interest the non-business students. BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS CLUB 63 FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES Greg Orcutt, Katherine Ey, Fiorina Veira, Debbie Griffin, and Dominic Schiavone It takes commitment to be an athlete and these athletes are some of the most committed. Fellowship of Christian Athletes combines a commitment to athletics with a commitment to a Christian life. And the ranks of FCA have been filled by some famous people such as Roger Staubach, Senator Bill Bradley and Earl Campbell. This is evidence that belonging to Fellowship of Christian Athletes is part of a very rewarding experience. 64 FORENSICS SOCIETY front row 1. to r. Kim Hayes, Gloria Lynn, Katie Kohl, Phyllis Petrus, Esther Frohne, Elaine Ward back row 1. to r. Alan Weiger, sponser, Bob Strom, Hugh Matteson, Michael Kahler, Kim Grant, Cindy Krentz, Sue Unti, David Barone speech (spech), n. 1. the faculty or power of speaking; oral communication; expression of human thought and emotions by speech sounds and gesture. 2. that which is spoken; an utterance, remark, or declaration: an eloquent speech. 3. a form of communication in spoken language, made by a speaker before an audience for a given purpose. 4. any single utterance of an actor in the course of a play . . . (The Random House American Dictionary) The Forensic Society is dedicated to the pursuit of speech in all forms and have even earned some awards for this pursuit. Keep it UP! 65 GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY The members and sponsers of the society The purpose of this society is to further the professional interest in geogra- phy. This is achieved by presenting members with a view of geography outside of the classroom. Many activities are planned and students are encouraged to participate in research and student publications. Wilkommen! Bien Venue! Welcome! These are some of the many greetings the International Club is to have been heard saying. (Is it true?) International Club is open to all students interested in the study and promotion of foreign languages. Many activities are planned throughout the year such as an inter- national Christmas, French breakfast, and a Mardi-Gras celebration. Any one on a diet need not apply!! All of these activities are sponsered by the Depart- ment of Foreign Language and Literatures. front row I. to r. Anita Cardenas, Chris Anderson, Ismat Zein, Arlene Echols, Bob Sniegowski, Jackie Sniegnowski back row 1. to r. Mary Lenart, Janet Taibl, Dave Wernecke, Arthur Caso, Marie-France Carsud, Dr. Earl Thompson, advisor INTERNATIONAL CLUB 2 + 2 = 4? a + ab + c-d + fg = ? GoTo Then ()% + = -V Vi . Is this some sort of a foreign language? The Math and Computer Science club does not think so! The members of this club join together and delve into that world of numbers and letters and commands so that they may achieve and promote and under- standing of what is called the only pure philosopy. Just ask any member of the club, they will be glad to tell you. Perhaps what the Math and Computer Science Club is trying to do is get over there fear of numbers?! But then again, that wouldn ' t be it . . . front row 1. to r. Donna Walters, Christine Kauffman, Kim Beecroft, Dr. Hamann, advisor back row 1. to r. Frank Dolatshahi, Vicky Werneke, John Peacock MA TH AND COMPUTER SCIENCE CLUB 68 MENC I. to r. Steve Klenke, Susan Ensign, Renea Patrick The members of the Music Educators National Conference share many interests. They share a love of music and interest in the field of music as a profession. That is the purpose of this conference to promote an awareness of the music field as a profession and to help those that are interested in this field. Throughout the year activities are planned that will be of interest, and also many speakers are brought to the campus so that the students will be able to experience for themselves what music education is all about. 69 NSSHLA I front row 1. to r. Mary Ann Dubecki, John Downing, Bernadette Picardi, Anita Gaeto, Judy Gucwa back row 1. to r. Sonya Schoolacarras, Carol Hinchman, Jenny Potanos, Vicki Ness, Sue Dugo, Dr. Goodban, Dr. Dudley, Mrs. K. Searcy Speech pathology and audiology are relatively unknown to most of us, but the members of the National Speech and Hearing Association are most knowl- edgeable. Which is of course the purpose of the club. To promote and stimulate interest in this area as a profession. And a thought for the nonmembers . . . What would it be like if you could not hear or would not be able to express yourself through speech? Next time you meet some one in this field ask them questions about what they are doing, after all there are many people who can not. 70 If you are looking for a group that will keep you charged this is the group for you. This society discusses such topics as nuclear power, quantum mechanics, Rutherford atoms, and atomic acclerators. Exactly how far can an atom go?! SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS 71 As the foreign language honorary it is the purpose of Alpha Mu Gamma to recognize superior achievement in the field of foreign languages and litera- tures. Members are selected from those completing at least two foreign lan- guage courses with an A grade. Bien!! The members of Alpha Mu Gamma ALPHA MU GAMMA BETA BETA BETA The members of Tri Beta This Biology honorary honors those with 3.0 averages in Biology courses and good over all academic standing. Members can be found camping or on field trips, especially over to Brookfield Zoo. DELTA MU DELTA The members of Delta Mu Delta This is where you may find the next Lee Iacocca or John Opel. If you don ' t know who John Opel is ask some one in Delta Mu Delta. Membership in this national honorary for Business Administration is open to all Business and Econmics students with at least seventeen courses, a 3.2 GPA, and who are in the top 20% of their class. This music honorary honors those students who have demonstrated superior ability in the field of music. These are the students that have their own time, and language and just try to pronounce Chopin as Chop-in!! The members of Lambda Sigma Psi LAMBDA SIGMA PSI 75 As Elmhurst College ' s toughest scholastic honorary it may look impressive on a resume, but Juniors who have a GPA of 3.75 or Seniors who have a GPA of 3.5 or better deserve it. PHI KAPPA PHI PSI CHI The members of Psi Chi: Dr. Dan Young, Dr. Mike Cunningham, Scott Stevens, Vicci Redneck, John Gragnani Psi Chi, the Psychology Honorary, members have lively discussions on Freund, Jung, Skinner, and Maslow to name a few. They are also dedicated to pursuing excellence in the field of psychology which is reflected in the stan- dards of Psi Chi. SIGMA PI SIGMA The members of Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma is the Physics honorary. It ' s strange, the membership seems almost identical to the Society of Physics Students club. Hmmmmm! 7X Future Barrymore ' s can be found in this honorary. Members are there to stimulate interest in the arts and crafts of the theater. The members of Theta Alpha Phi THETA ALPHA PHI Dr. Welby? Well maybe not but this is the honor society for the future doctors and dentists found at Elmhurst. A pursuit of excellence in scholarship and an oreintation into the many fields of medicine are to be found here. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Groups not pictured 1 Pi Gamma Mu Gamma Theta Upsilon Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Christian Science Organization Nurses Christian Fellowship Sigma Tau Delta i HI CAMPUS LIFE COUNCIL The members of CLC Our Campus Life Council is an elected governmental organization. CLC is the organization that recommends policy changes at all levels of administra- tion and recognizes campus organizations. Membership consists of students, faculty and administration. All full-time day students in good standing may run for election. Nows your chance to get things done. s The committees ofCLC UNION BOARD The members of the Union Board Union Board is the title which could be named " Student Activities Board. " It is this organization that is responsible for such activities as Homecoming, FOF, speakers, movies, and yes, even this yearbook. Each committee is repre- sented at the Union Board meetings which enable the working Chairpersons to interact and inform the others of their plans and discuss problems that are reflective of the Board ' s programming. Chairperson positions are obtained by applying in November of the year and being interviewed for that particular position. Budgeting for each committee is made possible by the total amount of student activity fees paid by each full-time day student. 85 This committee is devoted to promoting cultural awareness and understand- ing on our campus. Black Affairs sponsors speakers, Black Awareness week, and Black History month in order to achieve this goal. If you have not been to a museum or a concert or a foreign film, then you probably do not know about Cultural Life. This is the committee responsible for broadening our cultural horizons which will enhance our higher education. CULTURAL LIFE 87 This committee of the Union Board sponsors such activities as concerts, retreats, lectures, films, and worship. With the Chaplain ' s office and other campus religious groups, the Religious Life committee is responsible for the over all religious life of the campus. The members of Religious Life RELIGIOUS LIFE SOCIAL LIFE The members of Social Life As the name indicates, the Social Life committee endeavors to make the campus social scene enjoyable for ALL students. Social Life plans and coordi- nates films, coffeehouses, dances as well as the traditional events of Homecom- ing, and F.O.F. The LEADER, the weekly campus newspaper both funded and run by the students of EC, features the columns Speak EC, CLC Update, Outspoken, Sports shorts and Hot Spots. Indeed, this semester Vol. 1 7 of the LEADER has taken on a new image. In addition, the LEADER covers Union Board sponsored activities, which are also funded and organized by the students. Editor Karyn Lamar and the LEADER staff LEADER Camera Shy Groups ATHLETIC LIFE WRSE ABTAEZH0IKAM NsonPSTYfxf a S O F R R O A R I T E T R I E S N I T I A E N S D 7i o. RUSH LITTLE SISTERS 92 Panhellenic insures the quality of the Sorority sponsored activities is mai: tained. The Board forms policies and the sororities are expected to abide by tl board ' s decisions. Panhellenic also sets up " rush " the weeklong activiti The members of the Panhellenic Board PANHELLENIC ALPHA PHI One of our many sororities at Elmhurst, Alpha Phi is planning activities and keeping busy. 94 This is the social auxiliary of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Just exactly why are they called " Little Sisters " ? The members of ATO Little Sisters ATO LITTLE SISTERS 95 One of our many fraternities on campus, Alpha Phi Alpha has a heritage to be proud of. Ask them about it! The members of ALpha Phi Alpha ALPHA PHI ALPHA 96 Does anything ever need to be said about this fraternity?!?! TAU KAPPA EPSILON 97 GROUPS NOT PICTURED Sororities and Fraternities ELMHURST COLLEGE CHOIR » « I 33 m i w -1 The members of our Choir Performing away or here on our campus, the Elmhurst College Choir under the direction of Paul Westermeyer has given many a thrill. The Choir also manages to spread colds very nicely— HMMMMMM?! 100 ELMHURST COLLEGE CONCERT BAND The members of the Band The Elmhurst Col lege Concert Band gave audiences a varied and extensive concert series this year. Wagner, Hoist, and Grainger were just some of the composers presented under the direction of Gregory Fox. MM ELMHURST COLLEGE JAZZ BANL The members of the E.C. Jazz Band As always the highlight of the year of performances has to be the Jazz Festival. Dean Cunningham and Doug Beach have something to cheer about. 102 PIPPIN A scene from the show. What can make you feel as if you want to jump and sing and dance!?? Why, a performance by our own thespians thats what! Pip- pin was definitly a show with MAGIC. Can you feel the " MAGIC " ! 10.1 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE CHAMBER THEATER The Chamber Theater was excellent in its showcase of talent. FACULTY STAFF ART The basic courses of the Art Department are designed for the student to gain an un- derstanding of the fine arts as an essential ingredient to the liberal arts education. Faculty, Art Department MUSIC The music department offers courses to help students deepen their understanding of the art. Students can complete courses to gain a degree in music performance, educa- tion or business. Faculty, Music Department The Department of English of- fers courses that satisfy distribu- tion requirements in Language and Thought, courses leading to majors and minors in English, courses that support certification for teaching English in secondary schools, and courses students may choose as electives in a variety of liberal arts degree programs. The members of the Faculty for the English department The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures seeks to give students the ability to com- municate in a language other than their own. The study of language fosters interest in different cul- tures, develops an understanding of the significance of language in human affairs, and promotes self- growth through interaction with the languages and peoples of other cultures. JS The Faculty for the Foreign Languages and Literatures department ENGLISH FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND LIT ERA TURES 108 0 ' EDUCA TION PHYSICAL EDUCA TION The Education Department offers a full range of courses to provide an adequate base of ideas, understand- ing, and skills needed by the begin- ning teacher, with some advanced courses also for the post graduate teacher. Basic programs are provided for the preparation of elementary school teachers and for junior high and high school teachers. Faculty for the Department of Education The Department of Physical Edu- cation administers the service course program in addition to a professional- ly oriented program of studies de- signed to prepare students for a ca- reer in teaching, coaching, and directing physical and recreational activities. Many of the courses of- fered are at off-campus location, such as Raquetball courts, etc. Faculty for the Department of Physical Education BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY I The faculty members of the Chemistry Department The Biology Department offers students an opportunity for varied classroom, laboratory, and independent re- search experiences. Outstanding collections of animals and plants are available in nearby zoos, museums, conser- vatories, and arboretums. The education of chemistry students at both introduc tory and advanced levels is intended to reflect the relation ship of chemistry with other disciplines and to be respon sive to the impact of chemical science on society. no GEOLOGY A major in the Department of Ge- ography and Enviromental Planning emphasizes the interactions and rela- tionships between man and his spatial and physical enviroment. As such, the curriculum effectively links the social and natural sciences. Geology Department faculty members PHYSICS The science of physics seeks to comprehend the large number of physcisal phenomena in the world in terms of a small number of funda- mental concepts and principles such as the theories of the gravitational and electromagnetic fields, relativity, and quantum mechanics. MATH The math department is full of ca- pable instructors in the field. Any- thing from numbers to computers. The course offering includes basic math to difficult courses from calcus to ?? i i i CENTER FOR BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS The members of the faculty The center for Business and Economics administers the academic programs for the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Eco- nomics. It offers core courses designed to provide students with a broad base of knowledge as well as more specialized courses enabling students to develop their interest and professional competence. 112 NURSING The members of the Nursing faculty The Nursing Faculty of Elmhurst College believes that baccalaureate nurs- ing education rests upon a broad foundation in the arts and sciences. The philosophy of the Deicke Center for Nursing Education is based on the Judeo- Christian tradition and is in harmony with the Mission statement of the College. 1 1 i SPEECH Four majors are offered by the department. A student may major in speech communication, in theatre, in speech education, or in speech-lan- guage and hearing pathology. The department also participates in an interdepartmental com- munication major. Most of the course offerings may be taken by both majors and non-majors; some of the courses meet part of the language and thought requirement; some of them meet the fine arts requirement. Faculty, Speech Department POLITICAL SCIENCE The Political Science Department offers courses in the major fields of political science; American Politics and Government; Comparative Government; Public Administration; Public Law; International Relations and Political Theory. Sociology Sociology, the scientific study of society, con- tributes to both the liberal and career education of the Elmhurst student. It contributes to liberal education by fostering an awareness of the im- pact of social forces on each individual. Urban Studies The Urban Studies curriculum is designed to provide the student with an interdisciplinary, ca- reer-foucused major. An intergral part of the pro- gram is the use of the greater Chicagoland area as a laboratory for study. Field trips, guest speak- ers, and practical experiences are combined with classroom instruction and research projects to provide the student with a complete learning ex- perience. Psychology Psychology, as the science of behavior and human ex- perience, can be viewed as a behavioral, social, natura, experimental, and human science. Using scientif ic meth- ods, pshychologists add to our understanding of the qual- ity and direction of human life by studying how a person thinks, perceives, feels and learns; the causes of these events; the nature of differences in personality and ability; forms of human interactions; development and growth through the life cycle; and the origins and types of human discomfort and maladaptive behaviors. Faculty, Psychology Department [15 PHILOSOPHY Faculty, Philosophy Departmnet The Department of Philosophy offers courses that satisfy Foundations requirements, courses needed for a major or minor in philosophy, and other courses students may wish to select as electives in completing a variety of liberal arts degree programs. THEOLOGY Faculty, Theology Department Theology is the disciplined study of the faith and life of a religious community. The foucus of our work is on prob- ing the relationships between Christian faith and the con- temporary world of learning and living. HISTORY Courses offered by the Department of History may be counted toward the Social Science requirement or toward a major or minor in history. i 116 DEAN OF COLLEGE AND STAFF The Dean This is the office responsible for the academic program offered here at Elmhurst. The Dean of Students has as his primary duties the adjustment, develop- ment, and well-being of the individual student and the administration of staff and policies which relate to those responsibilities. The Dean is available to individual students to assist them in finding and making use of the resources of the College to their best advantage both as individuals and as members of the campus community. The Dean and his staff. DEAN OF STUDENTS AND STAFF 118 Admissions is where you went to get here in the first place. Don ' t blame them!! Admissions is also connected with the orientation program, CLC and coaching. Admissions staff Course sign-up, add drop and all other such proce- dures besides student records are kept here. This is the place to be when you absolutely need that course to graduate. Registration and Records staff ADMISSIONS REGISTRA TION AND RECORDS BUSINESS OFFICE This is the place for all the audio visual education material that supports the academic pro- gram. Instructional Media staff Development and Public Relations staff INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA STAFF DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLIC RELATIONS STAFF They are responsible for letting others know what is going on here at E.C. Just how do you think you heard of Us?! 121 Research, study, and peace and quiet are all available, Check It Out!! LIBRARY 122 Need some posters, programs, course schedules or flyers? This is the place to be! £ Central Printing staff FOOD SERVICE CENTRAL PRINTING 123 The rains have ended and the halls are quiet now. The last graduate has received his congratulations and gone; the one-hundred twelth commencement is over. The ceremony went well despite the disappointment of having it indoors and not on the mall. Frank Newman the President of University of Rhode Island gave both the Commencement address and received an honorary degree, Doctor of Laws. During Dr. Newman ' s address he admonished students to achieve excellence and to remember what they do bears on the whole not just on the part. Gustav Norwood, Chairperson, Political Science Department also received the honorary degree Doctor of Laws in his speech he also asked that the graduated remember why they wanted a higher education and encouraged them to put it to good use. The class of 1983 will probably remember the work behind the degree and were admonished to remember the work ahead of them. Good Luck and Wishes for a brighter future!! J J • f 1983 Nursing Graduates Frank Newman, William Barclay, and Dr. Ivan Frick Last minute conference Unveiling of the ' 83 Nursing Photos I 25 126 Seniors Joan Adams Bus. Admin. Chris Anderson Psychology Patti Anderson Elementary Education John Andrews Susan Banker Nursing n Kathy Bounelis Alpha Brady Carmella Braico Accounting History, Bus. Admin. Theology Roger Close Bernadette Chaviano Cindy Chiz French, Urban Studies 130 Julie Ann Chmelik Elem. Education Liz Ciechelski Geography Janet Costanzo Bus. Admin. Carl Craft Business Mgmt Dan Crowley Management Dustine Cremer Nursing John Cunningham Finance 1 w Herbert Daugherty Bus. Admin. Brian Davis Bus. Admin. James DeFrancesco Chemistry Mary Beth DeYoung Biology, Chemistry John Dispensa Physical Education rank Dolatshahi Mariane Dudek Business Admin. 1 Sue Dugo Speech Pathology Arlene Echols International Business Carla Eisenberg Bus. Admin. Jeri Lynn Else Psychology Jeanette Estrada Grant Fossedal Rick Gardner Accounting Physical Education International Bus., French Lee Ann Haar Marketing Carolyn Hager Health and Hospital Services Mgmt. Dave Haley Economics Joey Harmon Elem. Education Laura Harper Marketing Marie Harris Economics Cyndy Heier Elem. Education Debra Hotho Mayer Elem. Education Luisa Houed Biology Janice Jelinek Marketing Thomas Johnson Marketing Suzy Korpan Interdepartmental Comm. Paul Kowalsky John Lapinski Business Admin. Economics Karen Larsen Nursing, Psychology Sue Larsen Nursing, Psychology Roberta Lawson Nursing Ed Layer Sue Lehman Adele Lennington Nursing Peggy Little Phyllis Loquercio Frank Ludacka Geri Luka Elem. Education Elem. Education Transportation Mgmt. Business Admin. Madonna Maclntyre Nursing Annette Malleris Business Admin. Christine Malpede Elem. Education Nancy Vonderheydt Marketing Jacqueline Votava Music Business Namquynh Vu Nursing Lisa Wallace Economics Mike Wallace Elaine Ward Laurene Watkins English Psychology Transportation Management Marisa Wetmore Spanish, Secondary Ed. Julie Williams Psychology Patricia Woodruff Nursing Ellen Yacko Tracey Hoy Donna Kanak Michael Kaszuba Susan Kirkman Annette Leonardi Karen Manthei Kathleen Kowalik Laura Loeffler Frank Markov Richard Kuzelka Kathy Lothspeich Mark Memler Tina Michael Kathryn Michaely Matthew Mimlit Sophomores Lynda Goltz Robin Goodenough Jill Handley Kimberly Hayes Lisa Hitzeman Tracy Hughes David Humphrey Paula Kamperman Christine Kauffman 146 148 Kathy Roche Joseph Sneriglio Jennifer Stocker Kimberly Strom Renee Vitaioli Jean Willhite Dolores Wood Jamie Wyeth John Leahy Bennie Mallory Scott Marquiss Janet Martins Deana Mast Mark Mavetz Dawn McKeever Annalisa Mussacchio Miki Nishimura Jennifer Orlof Rita Ostis Kurt Pazdra Lori Perry Nick Rogosicnski 153 Bob Walsh Emil Wuensch Karen Woll 154 The 1982-83 yearbook has had it ' s share of mishaps. Some avoidable and others not. When I took over the completion of this yearbook in August of 1983, 1 didn ' t know much about the layout and copy writing for a yearbook. In the past couple of months I ' ve learned plenty. As a one man staff, production went slowly. For this reason this yearbook is late. I do not apologize for the quality of the yearbook, I did the best I could and am proud of that fact, I apologize only for the delay in getting the book into the hands of those who want to see the memories and relive the good times of the year shown within. I hope this book provides the spark necessary to rekindle the happy memories of 1 982-83. 1 give to you the finished product and hope it is all that you expected. Holding on to the memories, Kathleen A. Kowalik Acting Editor, 1983 ELMS 9

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