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Digitized by tine Internet Arcliive in 2015 littps: arcliive.org details 1979elms61elms THE ELMS ELMHURST COLLEGE ELMHURST, ILLINOIS VOLUME 61 1979 The year 1978-1979 has been a year in which the unexpected has been commonplace. We have seen our football team come from nowhere to grab the brass ring in the C.C.I.W.; a confer- ence championship. Equally amazing was the ruling of Hockey league officials that our hockey team was ineligible to compete for the much sought league championship, which was well within our grasp. Other things which occurred were the estab- lishment of Alpha Phi as a sorority on campus, Hall Director Calvin Saunders leaving, to be replaced by Assistant Football Coach Charles Goehl, and the treat (?) of living through one of the coldest winters in recent memories. Ah yes, we had seen the likes of some eighty nine or so inches of flakes, as well as a steady string of days with the mercury well below zero. Some other welcome changes were the reopening of Old Main as the main building for classes on campus. The gym also reopened, albeit later than expected, in time for Second Semester. And Irion Hall, erstwhile home of the Music department and the Center for Business and Economics nears completion of the re- novation within. On a larger scale, we have in recent days read of the first major nuclear disaster in U.S. history at Three Mile Island in Pennsyl- vania, heard of toppling of The Shah of Iran by the weight of a strange combine of Marxists and Moslems, whose leader the Ayatollah Khomeini rules in a manner which does not appear much different than that of the Shah himself. Our President, Jimmy Carter normalized relations with the largest nation on earth, helped to establish the first real peace treaty in the Middle East, and changed the part in his hair, all in about five months. This year then, has had much that distinguishes it from both past and future years. We present this to you, the reader, in the hopes of helping you to revive the memories of these some- times funny, sometimes depressing, but only rarely dull days. Please, read this book and remember and enjoy. LIFE ELMHURST COLLEGE IS . . . THE PEOPLE 10 E.C. THIS FALL 11 12 13 14 15 NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION Once again, new students were in- troduced to the campus and the people. Fifty student leaders and faculty helped out by making these new faces feel welcome. Many new acquaintances were made through group activities, the activity fair, games in the mall, and a pizza disco the last night. Student leaders lend a helping hand. Part of the obstacle course The winners of the obstacle course 18 Egg Toss The annual Tug-of-War between the new stu- dents and up- perclassmen was the last event. Because they were outnumbered, the upperclassmen did not play the game exactly by the rules. New students getting hosed down 19 20 SPEAKERS Sidney Lens is a fannous author, editor, historian, and ex- pert on the nuclear arms race. Mr. Lens emphasized the need for recognizing the effects nuclear power will have on every human being. Stud Terkel is partially responsible for restoring pride and dignity to the working man. Mr. Terkel discussed the American way of life. Vincent Bugliosi was the prosecuting attorney in the Man- son case and the author of Helter Skelter. Charles Percy stopped by during his ( am|)aign t.ilk. HOMECOMING 78 Homecomings ' " Celebration " was a weekend of fun and excitement for Elmhurst College from Thurs- day, October 19th through Sunday the 22nd. The beginning of the festivities began with the perfor- mance of the comedy musical, " Celebration " , at the Mill Theatre. Friday afternoon at 5:30 the pep rally began— the football team was introduced along with alumni and coaches. The school ' s annual " Ca- sino Night " , which is a modified version of Las Vegas, was held in the cafeteria on Friday night. The night was filled with poker, slot machines, roulette tables and Black-jack dealers. A disco band, " Pezz Band " , played in the main floor of the union for those disco- loving and those not-so-disco-lov- ing dancers. " CELEBRATION " 23 HOMECOMING GAME The Jays ' first loss of the 1978 season which dropped their record to a 5-1 occurred at the Homecoming game on Saturday, October 21, 1978. The Blue Jays ' lost to Augustana 16 to 13 after having a 13 to 0 lead at half time. Two fourth quarter interceptions helped the Augus- tana Vikings with their score of 16 which led to their victory over the Jays. Alas, the large Homecoming crowd was dismayed, yet optimis- tic for the rest of the Jay ' s season. 24 Although there were no pho- tographs available from the Homecoming dance, rumor had it that the dance was fine. It was held at the luxu- rious Continental Plaza in " The City " (Chicago). Cock- tails were served from 7-8 p.m., dinner was at 8 p.m. and there was continuous dancing from 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. THE DIARY OF ADAM EVE JAZZ FESTIVAL 79 The annual Mid West College Jazz Festival was held with 25 participating schools (from all over the Mid West) from Friday, February 23rd to Sun- day, the 25th. The festival went smoothly this year considering keeping track of 32 groups, it was a challenge but with the students working as security personnel, hosts and hostesses, the weekend was successful. Clark Terry was the guest artist at the Festival. He is an inter- nationally recognized trumpet and flugel horn player. Along with Terry, the many, many tal- ented musicians filled the weekend with much good mu- sic which was both appreciated and enjoyed. Awards were given to the outstanding bands and soloists. 28 F.O.F. This years Festival of Fools was headed off by the appearance of the Fool in the cafeteria. That night we had a concert in the chapel, fea- turing Catharsis, a group made up of B.C. students, followed by Al- bert King, a blues singer. Saturday there was a co-ed softball tourna- ment in the mall, and a semi-formal dinner dance at Villa Olivia that night. 30 31 The third Leadership Conference was held be- tween interim and 2nd semester. Present were CLC and UB members, orientation leaders, RA ' s, and one delegate from each campus organization. One purpose was to examine the campus ' s orga- nizational vitality, purposes, goals, and methods of assessment. 32 1 SCHICK CHRISTMAS PARTY SCHICK HALL Schick R.A. ' s Row 1: Nancy Whitmann, Fred Fotis, Head Resident, Ambi Ton- delli, Francine Lynch Row 2: Rich Breske, Steve Skora, Craig Sopko, Tom Walsh Schick Hall sponsored the Dance Mara- thon this year and raised over $3000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Dancers went 30 hours straight, with a few well deserved breaks. 34 35 The Beaverettes Tough guys NIEBUHR HALL Niebuhr R.A. ' s: Bruce Hill, Head Resident, Theresa Dodd, Diane Drufke, Rick Green. Not pictured: Tom Raleigh 37 DINKMEYER HALL DINK OLYMPICS The annual event where each floor fiercely competes against each other for the coveted championship. Last year ' s champs make their grand entry. Brew doing his thing in the beer chug. An intense tug of war 41 STANGER HALL ICE-CREAM OLYMPICS Getting all tied up. Bobbing for apples. Pigging out on ice cream! 42 43 CAMPUS LIFE COUNCIL Row 1; Marty Stonikas, Paul Bauch, |an Pindak, Craig Bradley, Mike Hruskocy, Dean Cunningham Row 2: Tom Walsh, Dr. Ophardt, Dave Sprik, Bob Mosser, Carol Barry, Ron Wellman Row 3: Marcia Thomas, )im Wagner, Susan Perry, Barbara Campbell, Rich Breske, Jackie Thomas Not present: Diana Emory, Arthur Guice Writes Letter To Faculty CLC Acts On Honors Changes UNION BOARD Advisors: Bruce Hill, Gail Brinkmeier, Dave McCurdy on wall: Fred Fotis Deb Davidson-Religious Life, Gordon Toudt-Cultural Life, Vivian Grimes-Chairperson, Sht ri Wagner- Newspaper, Tim Webster- Recreational Life on wall: Stan Partyka-Newspaper, Cilenn Wehrmann- W.R.S.E. Francine Lynch— Vice Chairperson not pictured: Nancy Whitmann-Secretary, Dennis Saidat- Social Life RECREATIONAL LIFE Recreational Life planned two ski trips this year. One was to Tyrol Basin, and the other was to Canonsburg, Michigan, For many, it was their first time skiing (note pictures)! 46 Steve Skora is the new chairman of Rec. Life. Among some of the things Steve and his committee (not pictured) plan are the annual Spring Break trip (this year they went to Galveston, Texas) and all of the intramural sports for men and women. 47 COMMUTER ORGANIZATION 48 THE ELMHURST COLLEGE Leader 1 90 Prospect Elmhurst, Illinois 601 26 YEAR OF CHANGE FOR NEWSPAPER The year was one of change for the E.C. student newspaper. For beginners, the name leader was chosen to replace the former " Newspaper " . Copy space was increased 150% and regular newsprint was utilized instead of the white paper. The new format added significantly to expenses and over $2000 in advertising revenue was generated to make ends meet. The expansion also necessitated more student participation and the staff of the paper was almost doubled. The LEADER had the opportunity to cover a variety of significant issues con- cerning the college. The paper brought the stricter graduation honors require- ment changes to the attention of the student body, which were later re- duced. The vandalism in Schick Hall was also given coverage by the LEADER as well as a special campus security report. Because of increased copy space, fea- ture stories were allowed to be more creative and attractively " laid out " . Some of the outstanding features in- cluded topics such as evening students, interim trips, Valentines Day, Black His- tory, Jazz Festival, W.R.S.E., and of course that zany column Dane Camp wrote under the pen name of Hans Ko- walski entitled " Meanwhile . . All in all, the 1978-79 year was one of change for the student newspaper, and a very good year it was. Co-editor Craig Bradley Elmhurst College Leader Published weekly by the students of Elmhurst College, located at 190 North Prospect Avenue, Elmhurst, Illi- nois 60126, Phone 279-4100 Exten- sion 422. Co-Editors Craig Bradley Stan Partyka Sports Editor Mike Teres! Business Manager . . . Petrino Giacalone Photo Editor Gary Haman Advertising Director Ruben Orgai Asst. Adv. Director Diana York Art Director Mary BartleM Editing Assistants .... Julia Ann Adam Hope Miller Circulation Manager linda Fencka Typist Zbysia Predki Advisor fred Fotis Staff Diane Turscany Maddalena DiCinto Dave Burda leif Camp Paul Nugarus Amy VandeVen Sheri Wagner Carrie Rudins Dane Camp Diana Huizinga Julie Ann Adam Carroll Wheatley Jr. Jacques Green Undo Grigic Hope Miller Glen Wehrmonn John Gelhaus Photo Staff Erich Adickes Bob Burdick leif Camp Bill Purcell Juan Orts Co-editor Stan Partyka 50 PHOTOGRAPHERS All the pictures in this book were shot, developed, and printed by a handful of people. Special thanks to those people who devoted their time to make this years Elms what it is. Bob Burdick— shooting a football game. But wait, the football field is the other way! Photographers not pictured are Bill Purcell, Juan Orts, and Leif Camp Gary Haman— with camera on shoulder, ready for anything Erich Adickes— a 4 year man on thi- photo st.itl 51 52 53 BLACK ENSEMBLE Oscar Jackson, Barbara Campbell, Wayne Bledsoe, Cecelia Lofton, Serilda Foy, Lawrence Rodgers, Demetra Flint BLACK AFFAIRS FASHION SHOW Jeanne Spencer, who had worked at the Union Desk as calendar coordinator for many years, died Oct. 12. " Since 1966 she was that ever-cheerful pres- ence behind the Union Desk. Several genera- tions of students, the faculty and staff have been enriched by the legacy of Jeanne ' s warm, friendly personality. She amazed us all with her attention to detail, boundless energy and never-ceasing concern for everyone she encountered. Visitors to the College were also met with that confident cordial warmth that charactereized Jeanne. She represented us in a manner that we should strive to de- serve. To say that we will miss her under- states our grief . . . but we will miss her. " Cunningham 57 ELMS To understand how this book came to be will take quite a bit of explaining. Things started happening with about four weeks left of school when the editor of the book, Kris Bailey, resigned. There were only 15 pages completed, and deadlines were late, and rapidly coming due. I was sort of pushed into the job of editor, for lack of anyone else interested or qualified. Speaking of qualified, I was not that at all; I had never laid out a picture before this. Well, I learned pretty quick, and soon I found myself teaching other people how to do it. It can safely be said that the majority of the pages were done by novices. The following is a list of people who have helped in some way or another to bring this book to you: Tim Webster Steve Skora John Hampton Dolores Rodgers Zbysiz Predki Bob Burdick Erich Adickes Sue Toth Linda Putz I am very grateful to these people, because many of them gave up their free days during the summer to help me out. Hopefully this book will be a good preservation of the 78-79 school year, and in the years to come you can pull it out, flip through the pages, and reminisce about a year that was. Gary Haman, Acting Editor CHOIR PERSONNEL Judy Adams Kathleen Anderson Debra Bailey Jolyn Sarc Vicki Boston Tim Breen Sherilea Brown Janet Chambers Mel Chaney Ediyn Coogan Doris Donald Jim Dottenwhy Brenda Ernst Jeannie Fergusen John Gelhaus Rachel Griffin Mark Heide Sheila Hoover Pamela Kidd Sharon Koltis Debbie LeCrand Jane Lobbes Francine Lynch Mark Makas Patricia McCarthy Sonia Parian Faye Poole Mary Anne Prokupek Patricia Sandelin Ron Schultz David Sellers Carol Seyfert Richard Simon John Spikes Susan Toth Gordon Toudt Debbie Tully BethAnn Weber Diana York Steven Zeidler David Zickefoose ELMHURST COLLEGE CHOIR Spring c .orK CTts, 1979 F cUil Westermever. Direc tor 59 60 LAW DAY 62 HALLOWEEN DANCE Row 1: Doug Reifsteck, Steve Doherty, Tom Lynch, Tom Walsh, Mike Fisher, Robert Grudzinski, Mark Drager, Kent Haselhorst. Row 2: Eric Andersen, Kurt Henry, Roy Groesbeck, Martin Stonikas, John Salyer, Paul Weil, Rick Abramson, Don Bradley, BaaBaa Karimi, John Wagner, Mark Rewers ALPHA TAU OMEGA 66 Row 1: Marcia Keller, Marie Lorden, Cyndy Schmidt, Gloria McCulley, Joyce Valli, Sue Speckman. Row 2: Deb- bie Zak, Janet Pindak, Caria Wojcik, Jean Seyfert, Teresa Dodd, Kathy Pike, Jody Scopa, Rita Pryble. Row 3: Mary Bartlett, Lynda Caldwell, Cindy Zeller, Jan Karczewski, Sue Toth, Colleen McHugh, Chris Briski. Row 4: Mary Jo Carava, Laura Lisak, Loree Trzos, Mary Peters, Patti Pasternock, Allison Wojtowicz, Cathy Corbo, Patti Chick ALPHA TAU OMEGA LITTLE SISTERS 67 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Row 1: Dave Sprik, Al Tortorice, Ed Webb, Scott Kuykendall, John Limper, Steve Lake, Rich Hampton, Jeff Will- eford. Row 2: jim Wagner, Tim White, John Russell, Steve Earl, Terry Clarke, Don Hensel, Mike Hruskocy, Steve Atkinson, Frank Sayers, Tony Zemm, Jerry Lizaiek, LeRoy Mikos 68 TAU KAPPA EPSILON ORDER OF DIANA Row 1: Dolores Rogers, Melinda Moser, Diana Buck, JoAnn Arena, )an Dudick, Stephanie Symon. Row 2: Tina Gambina, Cindy Jourdan, Laurie Dec, Joni Murray, Serilda Foy, Sue Lapato, Cattrell Pitre 69 ALPHA PHI ALPHA Left to Right: Kenny Patterson, Mike Henry, Victor Johnson, David Dines, Darrick Griffin, Phillip Barker, Blandon Dwyer, Bill Kennedy ALPHA ANGELS Left to Right: Gwendolyn Cameron, Denise Mhoon, Christina McClure, Demetra Flint, Anita Clark, not shown: Marcia Thomas SIGMA KAPPA Front Row: Judy Van Arsdale, Kim Vack, Linda Moecker, Louise Loquercio, Melody Divisek, Karen Patera, Pat Chor, Cyndy Schmidt. Back Row: Cathy Curran, Julie White, Judy Pienta, Pat Diamano, jody Scopa, JoEllyn Tiesi, Dolores Rodgers, Kim DeBruine, Elaine Rodriquez What are these two girls selling?; ' ?? ALPHI PHI Front Row: Kathy Neuman, Carol Gibson, Janet Pindak, Marie Franczak, Lydia Spitek, Laurie Dec. Back Row: Stephanie Symon, Sue Lapato, Patti Chick, Joan Murray, JoAnn Arena, Jan Dudick, Debbie Colella, (not pictured: Helene Toal) 73 SQUIRES Row 1: Mike Pope, Gina Falbo, Fiorella DeSimone, Jan Alteri, Margarate Mikiewicz, Maggie Grant, Ann Mi- kiewicz. Sue Bacuda, Darlene Demos, Chuck Salerno. Row 2: Sam DeSimone-Pres., Joe Petito, Jim Addante, Jeff Infusino, Phil Gerardi, Armin Norgello, George Tsparis, John Visk, Rick Succi, Ralph Janelli, Mike Antonelli, Glenn Wehrmann President Frick leads commencement Smile, it ' s all over! i wish I could do it all over again If they only knew how I pulled this off! SNOW REMOVAL BLIZZARD OF 79 ' FACES OF ELM HURST COLLEGE MORE FACES! REMEMBER WHEN . . . . . . Our big fieldhouse was planned • • • The Bombers terrorized the Softball field 82 BLUEJAYS ARE NUMBER 1! C.C.I.W. FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS " 8-1 " President Frick congratulates Coach Beck on a successful season All American, all Conference— George Donald All Conference Rich Hampton Bald is Beautiful! 87 PREPARATION Row 1: Stan Walker, Rich Pacholick, Bill Melaniphy, Tom Raleigh, Mike Hruskocy, Paul Maggiore, Don Hensel, Mike Molle, Ralph Brady, )oe Rohde, Tom Foote. Row 2: Manager Lou Reginelli, Trainer Mike Barnish, Student trainer Brian McLaughlin, Curt Pace, George Bechtoldt, John Rodgers, Kurt Grutzmacher, Mike Tice, Steve Lake, Gary Adelizzi, Mike Zumpf, Scott Kuykendall, Dave Allen, Gary Batke, Tom Roff. Row 3: Manager Mark Cool- idge, Tim Gilmartin, )im Turner, Bob Wetmers, Dave Egofske, Rick Kasbee, Steve Earl, Ed Webb, Rick Green, Larry Getts, Ricky Linzy, Victor Johnson. Row 4: Asst. Coach Charles Goehl, Tom Moffett, Jim Wagner, Dave Warning, Jon Bodin, Dave Sprik, Tom Breen, Brian O ' Connor, Lou Morelli, Steve Price, George Donald, Steve Finch. Row 5: Asst. Coach Randy Rueckert, John Batke, Al Biancalana, Allen Scott, Jeff Seeck, Paul Kenna, jeff Reher, Bennie Ellis, Don Bradley, John Sprik, Jack Alden, Rich Hampton, Asst. Coach Al Hanke. Row 6: Asst. Coach John Riehle, Asst. Coach Bob Boyd, Roy Casali, Mark Larimore, Chris Kelso, Chris Adcock, Frank Enda, Kevin Romano, Tim White, Larry Rodgers, Elonza Sherman, FHead Coach Tom Beck. Missing: Dave Spooner Coach Beck plans his strategy The many tensions of the game Coach Riehle getting into it Coach Goehl getting the defense into shape 88 RESULTS TOUCHDOWN!! OFFENSE! CHEERLEADERS 91 BASKETBALL 3-22 Row 1: Mike Barnish, Trainer, Steve Snyder, Steve Bruebach, Henry Smith, Jim Wangler, Rodney Legion, Leavelle Abram, John Limper, Asst. Coach Row 2: Coach Walker, Carroll Wheatley, Keena Benton, Paul Weil, Henry Ellis, Keith Brozek, Allen Gryzbowski, Allen Perry, John McQuade, Mark Gonzales, Tim Waller, Asst. Coach Wangler drives to the basket 92 " DEFEAT MAKES LOSERS ONLY IF YOU DON ' T LEARN TO IMPROVE YOUR WEAKNESSES " OUR GUYS NEVER QUIT, REGARDLESS OF THE SCORE, UNTIL THE FINAL BUZZER. WE GREW UP ALOT. " 94 HOCKEY CLUB Row 1: George Klasen, Kevin Prendergast, Mike Carlino, Bill Suglich, Steve Piatek, Steve Quiid, Otakar Sroubek, Kevin Davis, Paul Bersani, Lou Reginelli Row 2: Coach Bob Mosser, Dale Ohman, Greg Kerr, John Muszynski, Jim Myjak, John Rodgers, Bob Myjak, Bob Rascia, Brad Wachowiak, Dave Hood, Coach Jim Garrison 18-6-1 N.I.CH.A. CHAMPS Right wing Jim Myjak 96 " WITHOUT QUESTION, THIS WAS OUR BEST SEASON EVER, WITH OUR BEST TEAM EVER " WRESTLING Row 1: Wayne Wittenberg, Bob Grzynski, Pat Leahy, Mark Coolidge, Trainer Mike Barnish. Row 2: Coach Hanke, Rick Zolner, Tom Scharnagel, Terry Clarke, Dave Sprik, Tony Russo, Dave Spooner, John Sprik, Bob McGrath, Erich Adickes Captain Tony Russo Coach Hanke 100 BASEBALL Row 1: Tom Foote, Matt Scott, Brian Shannon, George Dunne, Tom Pekovitch, Larry Burger, Jim Patos, Dan Gierke. Row 2: Steve Bruebach, Mike Tice, Rich Williams, Frank Burdi, Tony Carravetta, John Roth, Bob Borgst- rom, Mike Stengel, Mike O ' connor. Row 3: Trainer Mike Barnish, Jack Alden, Steve Skora, Steve Malin, George Johnson, Andy Krzanik, John McQuade, Jeff Poczatek, Roy Schumacher, Tom Ludwig, Mike Slenk, Coach Ron Wellman Coach Wellman looking things over John McQuade pitching batting practice 102 CC.I.W. CHAMPS! 13 1 IN CONFERENCE Some action on the sidelines ]04 TENNIS TEAM RECORD 5-6 Third singles Jeff Cartwright Second singles Dave Hood 106 WOMEN ' S TENNIS 6TH IN STATE TEAM RECORD 8-3-1 Fourth singles Ruth Rakstis Senior Sally Mayer Judy Wilson Two Ian Pindak ' s! 107 VOLLEYBALL Clockwise from the left: Brenda Zick, Paula Norwich, Stephanie Cremen, Kim Herling, ceiving. They had a lot of tOUgh joAnn Arena, Doresa Murry, Coach Kapsalis, juliann Spratt, Patti Lauria, Sue Madey, Ruth competition playing schools much ' ' " larger than Elmhurst. Their losses 108 WOMEN ' S With a record of 4-13, it would seem as if the women may not have had an excellent season this year, but compared to last year, the team has made tremendous progress. Row 1: Sheri Wagner, Brenda Zick, Jane Trotta, Paula Norwich. Row 2: Diane Wortham, Karen Kuhlman, Alli- son Stanger, Stephanie Cremen, Coach Gail Andrews Brenda Zick lays one up Angle Bellaisario passes off WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL Row 1: Cathy Henton, Chris Briski, Nancy Marks, Jane Trotta, Donna Wincek, Laura Sutter, Linda Moecker, Nancy Whitmann, Coach Laura Hitchcock. Row 2: Bob Mosser, Diane Wortham, Carol Patz, Sheila FassI, Carrie Rudins, Michelle Davis, Stephanie Cremen, Brenda Zick 112 SEASON RECORD; WON 5 LOST 7 i ' 113 116 BIOLOGY Left to right: Dr. Conway, Dr. Berry, Dr. Gorsic, Mrs. Conway, Dr. Jump, Mr. Mittermeyer, Dr. Meseth- Dept. Head. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA PRE-MEDICAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1 : Craig Sopko, Otakar Sroubek, Mary Peters, Fred McGuire. Row 2: Cindy Valukas, Patricia Palermo, Brad Wachowiak, Rich Rans- ford. Row 3: Mr. Mittermeyer, Becky Krampitz, Karen Reid, Cindy Jourdan, Janet Schmidt 120 BETA BETA BETA BIOLOGY HONORARY Row 1: Dr. Berry-Sponsor, Tricia Palermo, Christine Jankowsl i, Janet Schmidt, Mary Peters, Alma Gonzalez, Tina Adamowski. Row 2: Becky Krampitz, Karen Reid, Alexandria Stoll, Cindy Jourdan, Sue Linhart, Jan Martinus. Row 3: John Bartlett, Rich Ransford, Dan Gonzalez, Otakar Sroubek, Fred McGuire, Gene Mike, Judy Marasko, Craig Sopko CHEMISTRY DEPT. Dr. Ophardt, Dr. Losey, dr. Ganchoff, Dr. Glogovsky 122 Mrs. Pass 124 Mr. Carroll 125 Mr. Ward 1 26 BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS CLUB This year the club sponsored field trips to Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. Other field trips included CBS Studio, Arthur Anderson Co. CPA Firm, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Chicago Board of Trade. To help raise funds the Business Economics Club sponsored an all campus Valentine Dance and a Pumpkin Drive. 1978-79 Officers PRESIDENT: Pietra Damiano VICE PRESIDENT: Dan Mazur SECRETARY: Patti Pasternock TREASURER: Paul Sparacio ADVISOR: Mr. Carroll 127 SPEECH COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT Al Weiger, Dr. Low, Dr. Gow, Mary Skozlas-Secretary SPEECH CLINIC ii Sally Bligh, Phyllis Kupperman, Dr. Goodban, Director 128 NATIONAL STUDENT SPEECH AND HEARING ASSOC Officers: President-Mally Heaton, Vice President-Cora Massey, Secretary- Dianne Ghent, Treasurer- Fred Braskamp, P.R.-Mike Collins, Sp. Activities-Debbie Fogg, Advisor-Sally Bligh This is the first year in six years that we had a Forensics team in competition. Areas com- peted in are: Verse Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, Duet Acting, Persuasive Speaking. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Dr. Lagerway, Chairperson, Mrs. Hatmaker, Dr. Caltvedt, Mr. Thompson. Not pictured: Dr. M. Bazik ALPHA MU GAMMA FOREIGN LANGUAGE HONORARY Row 1: Maddalena DiCinto, Rowena Villarias, Cathy Tortorice, Pietra Damiano, Mrs. Hatmaker-advi- sor, Mrs. Mary Borst, Carol Seyfert, Chris Woessner, Lenore DeLuca. Row 2: Gail Carlis, Wayne Blake, Jane Mellon, Mary Borst, Carol Tortorice, John Vacala GAMMA THETA UPSILON GEOGRAPHY HONORARY PSYCHOLOGY DEPT. Row 1: Dr. Cunningham, Dr. Tracy. Row 2: Dr. Holbrook, Mary Piech, Dr. Siegel. Row 3: Dr. Wilson, Dr. Trendhlome PSI CHI PSYCHOLOGY HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Laura Fanter, Rowena Villarias, Joyce Bruen, Agnes O ' Bryan, Petrina Giacalone, Janet Eaton, Linda Fel- luga, Arlene Meyer. Row 2: Karen Schmidt, Lisa Chilik, Jane Trotta, Deborah Fogg, Payla Norwich, Kristina Woessner, Linda Novak, Donna Francucci, Barry Minx. Row 3: Rich Ransford, Stacy Dilleshaw, Linda Bach, Di- ana Huzinga, Wende Van Camp, Elizabeth Van Eynde, Mary FHadamik, Debbie Reynolds, Suzanne Canfield 134 POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Royal Schmidt, Chairperson URBAN STUDIES Dr. Prinz, Chairperson IJ5 PHILOSOPHY Dr. Clark and Dr. Gross PHI KAPPA PHI H ONOR SOCIETY 136 The new members OMICRON DELTA KAPPA LEADERSHIP AND SCHOLARSHIP HONORARY 138 EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Ms. Heidinger, Dr. Schmidt, Chairperson, Dr. Feldman, Dr. Hoover, Dr. Pierro, Dr. Collins, Dr. Tyrell, Ruth Bloom— student EDUCATION CLUB ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 1-41 THEOLOGY DEPARTMENT 142 MUSIC DEPARTMENT ART 144 NURSING Dr. Sydney Krampitz, Director Paula Brabec Janet Child Patricia Harlow Patricia Hatz Cathleen Scanlon Lynda Slimmer Virginia Wenk William Buckley Cynthia Frezak Diana Halfer Nancy Krier Katherine Sleiekers Marilyn Spikes Dr. Nalini Vilas Photo not PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Ron Wellman Mr. A! Hanke Not shown: Miss Hackman, Mr. William Walton, Miss Gail Andrews, Mr. Rich Walker 145 148 DEAN OF THE COLLEGE Dr. Peter Schmiechen DEAN OF STUDENTS Dr. Jim Cunningham 149 INTERIM, ADVISING, SCHEDULING EVENING AND SUMMER SESSION Dr. Frederick Tyrrell, Director 150 PUBLIC RELATIONS Ms. Kathy Neidert, News Director DEVELOPMENT AND ALUMNI loan Lid, Director of Gift Processing, Jean Rextord, Alumni Director and Assistant Director of Development, Henrietta Goltz, Assistant, Pat O ' Connor, Secretary-De- velopment and Alumni, not shown: Mr. Trigg, Director of Development FINANCIAL AID Gloria Trotta Robert Mosser, Director of Financial Aid Mrs. Catherine Fox ADMISSIONS Nancy Meyer, Assistant Director of Admis- sions, not shown: Mr. Donald Weiss, Direc- tor, Mrs. Elizabeth Kuebler 152 RECORDS Dr. Eugene Atkin, Director PRESCHOOL UNION PERSONNEL Florence Hoogesteger, Director of Placement and Career Planning, and her secretary, Janet Nurse 160 SECURITY Mr. Robert Ryan CENTER FOR SPECIAL PROGRAMS Pat Poskocil, Marcia Cooper, Raleigh Frates, Ruth Martin, Billie Dusenbury Barbara Gabriel Dr. Michael Feldman, Director Dr. Martha Bazik MAINTENANCE AND PHYSICAL PLANT Row 1: Adolph, Pete, Danny, Joe. Row 2: Paul, Ralph, Dave Paul Wojtou ic , Su[)C ' r isor iir, HEALTH SERVICE 166 FOOD SERVICE rRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHiV PICTURES hE iG f| H VE ou Julie Adams Chris Andel Smile! Jennie Arnold Gary Batke i — I OT ?HOWN i I Lori Baum Keena Benton Bob Blameuser Bob Borgstrom Patricia Brown Steve Bruebach PS " 0% Leif Camp Ross Cortino Stephanie Creman Frank Defino Charles Dixon Ernest Dixon Dave Dawson Cindy Fullmer 170 NFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESF Sue Madey Mark Makas Colleen Mc Hugh Tell ' em, Lou 171 RESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHM Kim McQuade Patti Meyer Ann Mikiewicz Margaret Mikiewicz Mary Munger Tell me it ' s true Nancy Schwenig Jeff Seeck Cathy Seefeldt 172 NFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESHMENFRESh 173 ;OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOM( Tom Foote Azita Gharooni Linda Grigic Marcena Gunter Kim Herling 174 KESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPH Barbara Hough Diana Huizinga Martin Jones Shahrooz Karimi Marcia Keller Audrey Kintzel Rodney Legion Steve Malin i Michelle Mittler Andy Krzanik if Chris Lekatsas Dawn Miller Robert Murphy ..•.OC ' . ,., r■ •,! aiI j Chuck Lamantia Kim Lemberg Hope Miller W loan Murray Pat Leahy Ricky Linzy Hi Odio! Robert Leffel Tom Lynch 175 OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOM Steve Snyder Martin Stonikas Michael Storin Elizabeth Strain 176 lESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHi Cathy Tortorice Diane Turcsany Tim White Diane York Shannon Strother Dyanne Suckow Carol Tortorice Amy Vandeven Beth Weber Debra Zak Bill Suglich Jane Trotta Nancy Weber Ted Zeigle I ' ll drink to that Brad Wachowiak Sheri Wagner Tony Zemm Theresa White - Allyson Wojtowicz Margie ZininuTniiin 177 UNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORS JUN ji lack Alden Bruce Allen Jesse Allen Rick Allen Ted Baer Kns Bailey John Batke Paul Bauch Kim Beckham Craig Bradley Don Bradley Marybeth Brennan Diane Buck Bob Burdick A Randy Burgener Dan Calmeyn Barb Carlson Anita Clark 178 3RSIUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORS JUNIOR John Gehrke Gary Haman Bill Lundgren Laura DeGregorio David Dines 4 r John Gelhaus Mike Hruskocy Linda Karner Scott Madden Janet Dudick AM Dave Egofske Not too embarrassing! Dave Koludrovic Christopher Mayer Gloria M(( ulk Pat Johnson Maria Lembares Mar Ann Leon left MtMillin 179 lUNIORSJUNIORSjUNIORSJUNIORSJUN " What the . . .? " Karen Patera Jim Patos DRS JUNIORSJUNIORS JUNIORSJUNIO Doug Reifsteck Jean Seyfert Mike Teresi Party! Willa Rice Steve Skora Jackie Thomas Delores Rodgers Craig Sopko Micinael Tice I ) Edward Vodicka jim Wayne Carol Sakowski Linda Stefan Jim Wagner -if .1 Tim Webster Mark Scott Kevin Stephan Wenda VanCamp Rowena Villarias Tom Walsh [3()ug Winti rs ifii SENIOR INDEX Addante, Joseph: Hillside, IL, Phi Kappa Phi Pres., Beta Beta Beta, Delta Mu Delta, Intramural Softball Adickes, Erich; Glen Ellyn, IL, ODK 1, Yearbook Editor 3, Photographer 1,2,3,4, Union Board 1, Wrestling, Cross-Country Bach, Linda: Melrose Park, IL, Psi Chi Bailey, Debra: Chicago, IL, Omicron Delta Kappa Pres., Black Ensemble Pres., Newspaper Reporter, Madrigals, RA, Dorm Council, Black Affairs Battenberg, Diane: Glendale Heights, IL, Phi Gamma Nu, Delta Mu Delta Beardsley, LouAnne: West Chicago, IL, N.S.S.H.A., Public Relations Benning, Cathy: Huntingburg, Ind., Busi- ness and Economics Club Braskamp, Frederick: Hinsdale, IL, Trea- surer of National Student Speech and Hearing Association Broz, Thomas: Western Springs, IL, Al- pha Tau Omega Pres., Rush Chair, Social Chair, ACS member, Greek Council Pres., Athletic Life Burger, Larry: Monee, IL, Baseball Calcagno, Susan: Morton Grove, IL, Phi Kappa Phi, Pom Pon, N.S.S.H.A., Dorm Council, Girls ' Wrestling Team Campagnolo, Marc: Elmhurst, IL, Com- muters Club Cartwight, Jeffery: Glen Ellyn, IL, Tennis Team, SPS, RA Cielak, Kathleen: Hanover Park, IL Culverwell, Arlene: Carol Stream, IL, So- ciety of Physics Students Curry, Sheriolyn: Chicago, IL, Alpha Kappa Alpha Pres., Campus Life Council, Black Affairs, Pom Pon Squad Captain Damiano, Pietra: Northlake, IL, Business Economics Club, President, Alpha Mu Gamma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American College Universities Students, Sigma Kappa Sorority Dargan, Morgan: Lake in the Hills, IL, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Concert Band, Jazz Band Davidson, Deborah: Chicago, IL, Union Board, Religious Life Chairperson, Marantha Christian Fellowship, Choral Union Davis, Patricia: Chicago, IL, Alpha Kappa Alpha Davis, Balerie: Chicago, IL, Black Choir DeBruine, Kimberly: Decatur, IL, Sigma Kappa, ATO Little Sisters, Cheer- leader 1,2,3, Alpha Phi Alpha-MU MU Chapter, Fencing Team DeSimone, Fiorella: Melrose Park, IL, Squires Fellowship DeSimone, Salvatore: Melrose Park, IL, Fellowship of Squires— President Dessem, Mark: Brecksville, Ohio, Delta Mu Delta, Gamme Thets Upsilon Dilleshaw, Susan: Bedford, Texas, Theta Alpha Phi, ASHA Dwyer, Blandon: Bellwood, IL, Alpha Phi Alpha, Correspondence Sec, Fi- nancial Sec. Evans, Robert Jr.: Plainfield, IL, Alpha Phi Alpha Activities Chairperson, Baseball Evers, Barbra: Sycamore, IL, Inter-Var- sity Fellowship officer for Nurses Christian Fellowship Pres. Gaebler, Craig: St. Louis, Mo. Gamoina, Jean: Itasca, IL, Taukappa Ep- silon Chairperson, Business and Eco- nomics Club, Delta Mu Delta Giacalone, Petrina: Bellwood, IL, Psi Chi Pres., International Club, Newspaper Staff, ODK, Alpha Mu Gamma; Film Committee Giroud, Hortensia: Melrose, IL, Dorm Council Gonzalez, Alma: Maywood, IL, Tri-Beta, ACS Gonzalez, Mark: Bellwood, IL, ATO, Basketball Team, Tennis Team, Cam- pus Life Council Griffin, Rachel: Chicago, IL, Choir, Black Ensemble, Geographical Society Griffin, Darrick: Chicago, IL, Alpha Phi Alpha, Mu Mu Chapter Pres. Grimes, Vivian: Maywood, IL, Union Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Business and Economics Club, International Club Hampton, Rich: Downers Grove, IL, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Football— all conf. Heaton, Mally: Villa Park, IL, President of National Student Speech and Hearing Assoc. Jourdon, Cynthia: Addison, IL, Alpha Epsilon Delta Sec, Historian, Tri Beta, TKE Kelly, Patrick: Westchester, IL, Intramurals Klasen, George: Berkley, IL Koet, Andrea: Elmhurst, IL, Business and Economics Club Konrad, Mary: Peru, IL, Campus Life Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Geography Club, Institu- tional Planning Comm., Faculty and Curriculum Comm. Koprowski, Mary Jo: Chicago, IL, Stu- dent Leader, R.A. Lake, Steven: Villa Park, IL, TKE, Foot- ball, Baseball, Football Lemons, Byron: Chicago, IL, Economics and Business Club Lynch, Francine: Chicago, IL, Delta Sigma Theta, Union Board Black Af- fairs Committee, Choir Black Ensemble Mailing, William: Glenview, IL, Religious Life Council Massey, Cora: Wheeling, IL, N.S.S.H.A. Maybee, Piera: Arlington Heights, ATO McCarthy, Patricia: Maywood, IL, Choir Millar, Kevin: Villa Park, IL, CLC, Cross- Country Ovan, Milos: Wood Dale, IL, Pres. Delta Mu Delta, Jazz Band Mhlanga, Martha: Evanston, IL Mosquana, Vincent: Clarendon Hills, IL, Kappa Chi Myjak, Robert: Dolton, IL, Hockey Club— Captain Norgello, Armin: Oak Park, IL, Fellow- ship of Squires, WRSE Patz, Janet: Elmhurst, IL, Education Cl ub, Choir, Band, Band Vice Pres. Predki, Zbysia: Villa Park, IL, Newspa- per, Yearbook Staff, WRSE Rouse, Michael: Wheaton, IL, Army ROTC Saidat, Dennis: Elmhurst, IL, Union Board Alpha Mu Gamma, Delta Mu Delta, Religious Life Committee Scheibe, Arlene: Melrose Park, IL, Cul- tural Life Committee, Gamma Theta Upsilon Schmit, Karen: Carpentersville, IL, Inter- national Club, Psi Chi, Nursing Cur- riculum Committee Schmitz, Nancy: Burbank, IL, Sigma Kappa— Chaplain, Omicron Delta Kappa, W.O.M.E.N., Newspaper Ori- entation Committee, Admissions tour guide Spadafora, Renata: South Holland, IL Sparacio, Paul: Cicero, IL, Business and Economics Club, Commuters Club, Athletic Life Sroubek, Otakar: North Riverside, IL, Pres. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Tri-Beta, Hockey Stigman, Nancy: Rockford, IL, Psi Chi, R.A., Dorm Council, Recreational Life, Interim Comm. Stonikas, Linda: Flossmoor, IL, Women ' s Volleyball and Softball teams Toudt, Gordon: Glen Ellyn, IL, Union Board— Cultural Life, Choir President Watkins, John: Carol Stream, IL, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa President, Geographical society Wehrmann, Glenn: Park Ridge, IL, Squires— Chaplain, W.R.S.E.— station manager. Union Board Whitmann, Nancy: South Holland, IL, C.L.C. chairperson. Union Board sec- retary. Institutional Planning Comm., Volleyball Team, R.A. Zeller, Cynthia: Niles, IL, A.T.O., Pom Pons, Cheerleading Zick, Brenda: Clinton, Wl, C.L.C, R.A., Women ' s Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball mm

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