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THE 1977 ELMS ELMHURST COLLEGE ELMHURST, ILLINOIS VOLUME 59 VENTS 16 ORGANIZATIONS 38 ATHLETICS 74 ADMINISTRATION 94 FACULTY 114 STUDENTS 134 INDEX 185 in the years between 1946 and 1977, EJmhurst CoJiege has en- dured more changes than during any other period in its his- tory. We have been led by five presidents, buiit or added to ten buiidings and demolished three, initiated an evening session, and more than tripled our enrollment. With all of these changes, it is sometimes difficult if not impossible to find any- thing that has remained constant during these years. How- ever, there is one very important exception. Since 1946, EJmhurst has had the great good fortune to include among its faculty Dr. Rudolf G. Schade. During his tenure here, Dr. Schade has become more than a professor of Greek. Christian Education and History. More than anyone or any- thing else. Dr. Schade has come to symbolize the best of what E mhurst Coilege represents. Indeed, for many. Dr. Schade is EJmhurst CoJJege. Anyone who has ever known Dr. Schade has Jinovvn his warm, friendly humor, his grandfatherly attitude, and espe- cially his delightful German accent. His " Veil, I tell you ' s, " his many stories, and his famous (or infamous) cigars have be- come a part of his image. But, what many often forget is that Dr. Schade is aJso a sensitive pastor, a prominent churchman, a talented linguist, a brilliant scholar and, of course, an ex- cellent teacher. But, most of all, he is a very caring man that has devoted more than thirty years of his life to the life and mission of EJmhurst CoJJege. Although he " officially " retired in 1974, his retirement was not evident. He has continued to teach, serve as a general good- will agent for the College, and has been recently appointed to the position of College historian. It is obvious that Dr. Schade has since 1946 and continues even in retirement to shape the life of EJmhurst CoJJege. For him, EJmhurst CoJJege has been more than a job. Rather, it has been a major part of his life for more than thirty years. i-Jis spirit has been a spirit of love and devotion. In that same spriit we dedicate this 1977 edition of THE ELMS to the Rev. Dr. Rudolf G. Schade. —Charles Mize Class of 1977 " loll you somcthint . don ' l write i( down " DEDICATION Dr. Rudolf Schade " ' A; o. ' m Rudolf Srhdcic " 4 The memory of Robert Christian Stanger will live on in the history of Elmhurst College. Under his cre- ative and able leadership the college underwent great changes. Although his childhood and early years of education were spent on the campus, he was never simply committed to yesteryear. New facilities were built, curricular changes were insti- tuted to serve the needs of the new generation of students. Dr. Stanger saw the educated person not merely in the development of skills, but in the comprehensive understanding of life and thought. Religion and life formed a healthy unit without which modern man would fail to contribute what is needed to make this generation a positive contributor to the world of tomorrow. He was a man whose devotion to what is honorable and excellent revealed itself in his life as a pastor, professor, academic administrator and civic leader. He was esteemed by all who had personal and pro- fessional relationships with him. His memory will be a powerful incentive for generations to come. —Rudolf G. Schade Fuca; of a philosopher IN MEMORIUM Dr. Robert Stanger ' Lot ' s SCO now ' Dr. Stanger (!n oys music with his wife. ■5 12 13 15 FRESHMEN ORIENTATION Did you two get a little dirty? This is the week when the new students get to do a number of things. They get to know their fel- low students and the process of college life. A number of activi- ties are planned to loosen up the students and also to be serious about why they are here at EC. A sample of activities were; student Jeader group meetings, pizza- disco, human potential work- shops, proficiency exams, Chi- cago excursion, and of course the New Student Olympics with the traditional tug-o-war of New Stu- dents vs. Upperciossmen. These were leaders? The winners of the obstacie course These guys had a chance? Art work of the leaders? PofentiaJ leaders Hey guys what ' s over there? LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Purpose of the conference was: l)To in- crease effective communication among the various campus organizations. 2)To assist in deveioping Jeadership skills for our campus leaders. 3)To examine the quality of life on our campus Boy do I need this now 19 HOMECOMING 76 A DELICATE BALLANCE Think hard now Tobais, Think it all over. What do ya think of (his? Well what cha gonna do, Ma? M. Einhous (Juliaj, A. Reilly (Agnes), L. Steingerwaldt (Claire). . Cross- land (Tobias, . White (Ednaj, P. Able (Harry). A Delicate Balance is a play by Edward Alhee. It was about a family, a husband and wife and her sister, who had " bal- anced " their lives only to have it tilted by the arri- val of the hysteric daugh- ter and two of their best friends. jeff Crossland and Adr- ienne ReiiJy pJayed the husband and wife, Tobias and Agnes. juJia (the daughter) was played by Maggi Einhaus. Linda Steingerwaldt pJayed Agnes ' outspoken sister Claire. The old friends, Harry and Edna, were played by Pat Able and ]ulie White. Love that accordion, Claire. What? No centerfold? 24 TARTUFFE Getting ready for the big debut I want you! Tartuffe is a play by Mo- Jiere. Staged in the home of Orgon who brings Tar- tuffe home. Tartuffe en- ters the home and has ev- erybody fooled as to his sincerity except those who encounter him in bad situations, like trying to moke a pass at Orgon ' s wife. Madame PerneiJe was pJayed by JuJie White. Her maid Flipote was Fran Kokenis. The daughter and her govern- ess were Beth Weber and Kathy McCabe. The son was John Lundquist and the father was Pat Timms, Damis and Or- gon. Tartuffe was Mel Chaney. Also in the play were Cleante—Jeff Cross- land, VaJere— Frank Rud- der, Monsieur LoyaJ— Bob Sciortino, the officer— ]eff Hunziker. Oh, Tartuffe is a perfect gentleman. Well if you ask me Adding some finishing touches Oh I ' m so good at this 25 FESTIVAL OF FOOLS Watching the activities in the moil. Derringer ' s group explodes. Woodlind performs in the Mall. Sing along with Rick Zolner. This year ' s FOF started off with a big bang-or shouid we say gong. Students decided to show off their talents by participating in the FOF Gong Show. There were six judges that determined if their talents were acceptable or gongabie. But for some reason onJy the comedy acts were gongable. Wednesday had a professional mime, Tim Set- timi mechanicaJiy making his way through the campus. In his show, he performed such acts as a football player, a guy picking a girl up at a bar, a puppet and a drunJ beJiy dancer. Among the many bands that performed were the jazz band and E.G. Band. The other bands were Rick Derrin- ger, Wave, Sun, Light Fantastic and Woodlind. Sun and Light Fantastic played for Danceyourassoff. Another big activity was the cartoons and the movie " Bad News Bears " in the maJl. This year was for sure a Festival Of Fools, especially the results of Friday night ' s Derringer concert. 27 EC JAZZ FESTIVAL CELEBRATES lOth YEAR Listen to that beat. LOUIE BELSON 29 DINKMEYER HALL DINK OLYMPICS The men of Dink. Superman? Cal Saunders, Head Resident Hope the rope doesn ' t break. John wiJJ go to any length to win. The champs, basement, can you tell? 30 31 I ' m glad that ' s over. Now this won ' t hurt. Mark and Peter Malone. DONATING BLOOD FOR TWO HEMOPHILIAC BROTHERS SPONSORED BY THE JR. NURSING CLASS One more pint in the bag. 33 President Frick congratulating a graduate. Patiently waiting. 34 Ms. orgensen presenting the honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree. Rev. Glasse delivers the sermon at Boccaiaureate. Just part of the crowd. The singing of a hymn at Baccalaureate. Solemniy they file in. A good iook at everybody. 35 FACES, FACES, FACES 36 37 o O 39 The purpose of CLC is to 1) receive student input, discuss and recommend poiicies relative to the board aspect of student life, 2) officially recognize and sanction all student organizations, 3) ap- prove Union Board members and budgets, 4) advise President Frick on all matters affecting student welfare and 5) select stu- dent to designated bodies. The 76-77 members were Mrs. Hatma- ker, Dr. Cunningham, K. SmaiJis, J. PaJumbo, M. LoCiero, P. Pat- terson, G. Kaye, Mr. Nestler, C. Mize, R. Pohlmann, H. Schelton, E. McDonald, Mr. Pinch, D. Luessenhop. M. Pruess, Mrs. Piech, M. Lacine, ]. Kaszuba, Mrs. Lake, K. Davis, D. Ritter, and Mr. Ei- iedge. The 77-78 members are S. BJacJiman, S. Curry, T. Dodd, K. Duey, J. Engleskirchen, C. HedgJey, J. HoJmes, M. Konrad, . Lim- per, M. Pepmeier, C. Schmidt, N. Schmitz, M. Schramm, N. Whit- man, B. Zick, Dr. Cunningham, Mr. Weiss, Mr. Nestler, Mr. WeJJ- man, and Dr. Tracy. CAMPUS Nancy WhUman is the co-chairperson. LIFE COUNCIL Just one of the many CLC Thursday morning meetings. 40 UNION BOARD The UB Executives: K. McCabe, J. Kaszuba, M. Maher. Tom Boese is the advisor to UB. V. Grimes, S. Tokich, M. IVIoher, G. Henquenquinet, ]. Kaszuba, G. Ba- con. R. Courtney, G. Wehrmonn, D. Brisben, iVIr. Boese, iVIr. Nestler, E. Adickes, K. Duey, K. Robitschek, T. Spinder, K. McCabe, F. Lynch. UB was organized to " provide aid in social, religious, recrea- tional and cultural programming to all members of EC commu- nity. " The committees under UB are Athletic Life, WRSE, EJms, Newpaper, Religious Life, Black Affairs, Cultural Life and Social Life. Social Life was changed this year. It still has a chairperson in charge but there are three sub- chairpersons— the films chairper- son, the disco dance chairperson, and the concert chairperson. Hopefully things wiJJ go a little smoother. Part of the 76-77 UB Exec Sue Ingram and Sue Beitel. 41 42 Erich is the 77-78 editor. ELMS Years have gone by and your memory isn ' t as good as it used to be; your thoughts of Eimhurst are somewhat faded. All you have left is tiie Elms, your college yearbooJi. We filled this book with faces and memories so you won ' t forget the years you spent at EJmhurst. Those people on the staff that were not pictured are Gary Haman and Kevin Scott. Another Photographer of the staff. Scott Larson— Head of photo- graphy. 44 Dave Brisbin, Vivan Grimes, Geoff Bacon, not shown GaiJ Henquinet. Mike gives up the Newpaper but not without a fight. SOCIAL LIFE As the name indicates, the Social Life Committee endeavors to make campus life enjoyable for the residents as well as the commu- ter student. Pop concerts, excursions, films, dances and discos ore all part of social life. " Theme " weekends such as Homecoming and FOF are also planned by Social Life. The 76-77 chairpersons were Margaret Moher and Debbie Aldrich. This year there were some changes. There is one person over the committee and three subdivi- sions. Dave Brisbin is the chairperson. The subdivisions are Film chairperson-Vivan Grimes, Concerts chairperson-Geoff Bacon, and Dance Disco chairperson— Gail Henquinet. NEWPAPER The EC Newpaper started its fourth year of publication with a new look. This year the Newpaper changed from a bi-monthly format to a weekly format. (They also stopped putting them in our moil boxes.) The change promoted by Mike LoCicero, " will enable the Newpaper to better serve the students, as it is their voice in the school. " The 77-78 editor. Sue Tokich will continue putting out the Newpaper and has some interesting ideas for the future. Those staff members not pictured are Chuck Mize-assistant editor, Peggy Patterson-business manager, Karen Remmers, Diane Bitter, John Quigley, Liz Mahoney, Wendy Liska, Nancy Schmitz, Mark Andel, Tim Mitchenson. Mike Teresi, Sue Tokich-editor 77-78, Petrina GiacaJone-business mgr., BiJi Liss, Rowena Villarias, Marty Hughes. 45 46 RELIGIOUS LIFE Rev. Stoner, Kathleen Robi ' tschek, Deborah Davidson, Gail fieinerf, Bill Mailing, Eilleen McDonald, Pat Somers Moranafho Anyone for a hayride? 47 You guys want your picture taken? Who ever it is wears contacts. 1 WRSE-FM WRSE-FM (88.7) celebrating its 30th year of broad- casting, is owned by the students of E.G. WRSE-FM invites each student to become involved with the radio station either as an engineer, D.]., and news reporter or as a devoted listener (hopefully both). WRSE-FM ' s door is always open, so drop by, look around, and say hi. Those peopJe not sfiown in the group shot but have helped WRSE aiong are: A. Norgello, C. Kennedy, J. Lundquist, M. Tice, G. Bagni, S. Moncry, D. Dines, L. JVIikeska, S. Coble, G. Bacon, D. Anderson, B. Bur- dick, T. Wolf, M. Koprowski, L. De Gregorio, K. Grutzmacher. Thanks for ail the many hours of good listening. John Quigiey doing some introductions. 50 Officers: B. Mendez— chief engineer, K. McCobe— program director, G. Weh- rmann— station manager, D. Luessenhop— business manager, not shown M. Schmarcia— news director. WRSE-FM SPORTS WRSE-FM Sports reports on a basketball game. B. Druley, A. Reilly, J. Coniff, D. Brisben, D. Camp, E. Vodicka. ]. Bonos, R. Gooby, . Quigiey, T. Ogden, . White, K. IVIcCobe, . Hecker. M. SkoIIos. i 1 53 ELMHVRST COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA 54 ELMHURST COLLEGE CHOIR What is this a T-shirt meeting? The choir is ready. Are you? Those members of the choir that were not pictured are: E. McDonald, J. Patz, S. Fri- tag, R. Geisier, M. LighthaJJ, P. McCarthy, F. Lynch, K. Maisch, and C. Broersma. We hope you aJl had a nice tour this year. H. Hoyt, N. Schmitz, L Warskow, B. Briggs, D. Hager, L. Mahoney, C. Seyfert. S. Barteh, B. Pipes, M. Preuss, J. Geihaus, D. Kastman, D. Sellers, C. Behle, B. PaJmer, . Barrett, R. Serrano, B. Ericiison, R. Griffin, G. Peters, A. Flint, P. Sandeiin, M. Trezise. M. Chaney, ]. Morrison, P. Timms, D. Luessenhop, D. Briben, M. Lacine, S. Schuette. P. Mascetti, ]. Beyers, D. Andrews, G. Tondt. 55 The EJmhurst College Black Ensembie is a student Jed and student financed group. One often heard their singing com- ing from their practice room in Irion Hall. When they perform their music encompasses gos- pel, souJ and modern. There are at least two performances each year. Don ' t felt us you ' re here to take pictures. ' . ' BLACK ENSEMBLE Play it again, Alecia. You have to move as you sing. 56 EDUCATION CLUB Just a few of the members. The Eimhurst College Education Club (EC)2, is composed of students and faculty in elementary and secondary education. Its major purpose is to bring informative and interesting programs to its membership. (EC)2 also fosters the fellowship among fu- ture educators and an atmosphere for sharing experiences. The 1977 members are: co- chairpersons j. Andersen and B. MoiJ. S. Ettwein, K. Remmers, S. Yarke, R. Allen, R. BJomquist, C. Neubeck, S. Freitag, T. O ' Brien, D. Franke, P. SkubaJ, T. Scandiff, L. Doll, M. Schramm, P. Ross, C. Millon, E. Leslie, D. Lipensky, D. AJegnani, C. DiVito. PHI KAPPA PHI The induction ceremony for Phi Kappa Phi. 57 DELTA MU DELTA Delta Mu Delta is an honor society in Business Adminis- tration. The Lambda Chapter of this society, established at EJmhurst CoJJege in March of 1963, recognizes and promotes high schoJastic achievement among day and night Business Administration students. The two major events of the Chapter are the annual induction and so- ciety banquet. The face of a businessman. The Delta Mu Delta symbol. 77-78 officers: Mr. Scudiero— treasurer, Mrs. Scudiero, Dr. Schmiechen. J. Burdin— secretary, R. Wesslund— president, . Mazarek— vice president. 58 BETA BETA BETA C. Sopko, Mr. Fuller, J. Curylo, O. Albuschat, A. Seidler, N. Nuzzo, . Edelman, . Plass, M. Hoak. M. Kurylak, S. Stuebner, K. Ruggiero, E. Jaraczewski, K. Maisch. Beta Beta Beta (bioJogicaJ honor society) has been on campus since 1961 to encourage scholarship among biology majors along with social activities. Our activities include a fall and spring camping trip, various field trips and excursions, fund raising, an annual banquet, picnics and parties. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY S. Bares, S. Mesker, G. Goeransson, J. Schneider, J. Flanagan, S. Kiolbassa, J. Koszuba, B. Dunne, G. Bergling, C. Sopko, C. Austin, P. Hammen, Dr. Ophardt, J. Pindak, D. Horivitz. 59 HOCKEY CLUB Hurry up and drop the puck The Masked Bandit NORTHERN ILLINOIS HOCKEY ASSOCIATION NORTH DIVISION CHAMPIONS League Record 14-4-2 Overall Record 18-6-3 B. Mosser, P. Bersani, L. Latos, G. Fallia, ]. Pontikes, . King, B. Rascia, G. Kerr, D. Ko- Judrovic, V. Errichielio, . Czwornog, . Garrison, M. Dargan, . Skowron, O. Sroubek, B. My- ;ak, R. Williams, ]. Myjak, G. KJousen 60 DIVISION WINNERS Heh, I thought this was hockey Live it up guys, you deserve it. ' 61 tMS ' OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Dr. Tracy, Dr. Cunningham, K. Remmers, M. Trezise, L. Lyons. Mr. Swords, S. Ingrom, G. Brinkmeyer, W. Bradbury, K. Maisch, M. Masa, Mrs. lovino, R. Sciorfino, . Olson, C. Mize, Dr. Goefz, Dr. Holbrook, J. Palumbo, P. Skubal, C. Heyden. J Mike LoCiero in a tux?? Diane Haeger during the induction ceremony. Sharing with each other. MC for the ODK UNICEF auction. Dr. Frick, Mrs. Lake, D. Bailey, D. Haeger, S. Frietag, , Burdin. K. Rob- itchek, N. Dykstra, . Kaszuba, E. McDonald, . Plass, . White, J. Engels- ki rchen, B. Moll, Dr. Schade, R. Gooby, M. Pepmeier. Dr. Schmiechen, C. Millon, C. Czupowski, . Barrett, B. Peoples, R. Herdrick, Mr. West- ermeyer, Rev. McCurdy, B. Schaer. Not shown D. Zanardo. 62 Dr. Tracy, M. Phillips, C. Fogg, M. Harvey, S. Carlstedt, Linda, Betsy, Dr. Holbrook. B. Schaer, J. Gallichio, L. Willey, Louise, B. McMilien, A. McLaughlin, C. Kastle. SIGMA TAU DELTA Dr. Davidson, . SeiJ, N. Unti, K. Jackson, M. Andel, R. Reed. D. Scha er, C. Giagnorio, T. Sullivan. 63 1 SIGMA KAPPA A Sigma Kappa Rush Tea. Officers: . Hoimes, P. Damiano, C. Neubeck, . Pienta, M. Zbiegien. M. Zbiegien, S. Potts, j. Pienta. P. Damiano. . Holmes. C. Neubeck, K. DeBruine. Not Shown: D. Faber, P. Eder, . Hovey, N. Schmitz, M. Sloehle, JVI. Havisek. GAMMA THETA UPSILON The Geography i onory. 64 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA M. Hook, C. HedgJey, O. Sroubek, Dr. Beck, H. Culhane, . Edeiman, O. A buschat, S. Schoppe. B. PeopJes, S. Livoisi, . PJotz. Chapter Members; E. Anderson, S. Lowry, T. Mason, B. PeopJes, R. Tay- lor. M. Hook, H. Culhane, . Kaszuba, O. AJbuschat, . Plotz. i ff ' " ' Maggie signing in the chapter book. Honorary Members: Dr. Schmiechen, Ms. Sikora, Dr. jump, Dr. Beck, Mr. Mittermeyer, Dr. Frick, not shown Dr. HoUiday. 76-77 Officers: Dr. Beck, B. PeopJes, M. Hook, H. CuJhane, S. Schoppe. 77-78 Officers: Mr. Mittermeyer, C. ourdan, A. SeidJer, C. J-JedgJey, B. PeopJes. 65 ALPHA PHI ALPHA ALPHA PHI ALPHA ANGELS HlZ-l Yulander Wells, Bill Kennedy. Gerald Smith, Bruce Peoples, Darrick Griffin, Kevin Scott, Brian ones. Theresa Brown, Phyllis Knox. Anita Clark, Leslie Littles, Yvonne Jackson. Jerome Jones, Sheriolyn Curry, Terri House, Martha Wynne, Theresa Brown, Janice Davis, Mi- chael Dixon, Denice, Pat IVlahone, Crystal Hedgeley, Willie Brantley, Gladis Hall. Alan Perry, Martha Mhlanga, Christine, Debbie Emery, Tony Uzoukwu, Jennifer Harley, Howard Martin, Clark Cowan, Yvonne Jackson. 66 1 67 Here they are. That ' s a new way to sit. 69 Study? . . . Take a drink 72 1 Throw people ... Or a frisbee. 73 1 L to R: rl-A. Bouquet, K. Grutzmacher. D. Livingston, T. Raleigh. M. Carman, ]. Patz, D. Egofske, r2- . Stanko, B. Me aniphy, B. Smith, J. Sifcak, P. Leatherman, G. Brand , P. Logsdon, M. Harper. r3-M. Single. B. Smith. S. Koesfer, G. Akin, . Alden, M. Tice. S. Skora, D. Alcaraz, M. Schramm, r4-P. Stende , M. Hru.skocy, D. Saxton, . Bafke, D. Reifsteck, . Jones, E. Wilcek, . Benson. r5-G. Placek. T. Doerr, }. Wagner, C. Kelso, M. MicheJini, C, Boarini, J. Bodin, T. Russo, Coach Honke, r6-P. Futris, S. Bolduc, D. Sprik, R. Allen. B. Foley. K. Millikin, D. Bradley, Y. Wells. . Pollens. G, Nelson. r7-D. Bortosik, P. Tondelli, S. Boyd, T. DelBoccio, B. Klusak, T. Breen, R. Green, T. Gaucius, Coach Beck, rfi-J. Gatziolis, R. Casali, A. Gatziolis, D. Hensel. D. Mclnnis. M. Scott, J. Pontikis, T. Wilson. FOOTBALL You get away from me! Just get out there and try 76 W L ccm-1-2 TOTAL-2-7 Looks like you need a new route! 77 78 Both shoulders on the fJoor. 80 Just try to get past me. ' want that ball! 81 BASEBALL Overall Conference 2nd Place Is it a homer? 82 This is hard work. CROSS COUNTRY 84 85 Don ' t push. I dare you, He must be three feet toiler than the rest. This is fun. Cheryl 1 Stale TournamenI WOMEN ' S TENNIS won— 6 ) lost— 2 Dual Meets Tournament— Third Place— teom First Place— Singles— Cheryl Ruyak WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL When you come from behind, the only way is up That ball ' s gotta come someday. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL There ' s one behind T., Brenda. lU Ml Ul I V 1 T. Rogers, Dawn L, P. Norwich, S. Gurgone, S. Mayer, Y. Jackson, K. Amos. B. Zick, T. Anamo, . BourJand Fake her out T. Nice and easy for two points. Watch the fouJs girJs. 90 WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL Alright, try to hit this one. I ' ve got this one easy. Some hit? 91 F. Chiganos, B. BohoWa, ]. DeBoo, T. Dodd, K. Debruine, C. Ccisil as. FOOTBALL SQUAD That wasn ' t a bad p ay. CHEERLEADERS BASKETBALL SQUAD Defunct. Well, almost. The little pom pon girl. t • Doing Q routine for basketbali. POM PONS The pom pon squad and most of the cheerleaders put in Jong hard hours of practice to produce the routines they perform at basketbaJJ and football games. It is hard to get all the movements and timing right. Thanks for the good performances. One two three kick. The routine for " Crazy On You " at Homecoming. 9,3 A. Hi, this is my Utile brother Bi 1. C. Would you believe I ' m dancing. D. Smile for the camera. President Ivan Frick President Frick introducing the Forward EJmhurst fund drive. OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT President Frick has been here since 1973. Some of the im- portant work that has been through his office is the reno- vation of Old Main, the hopes of a new gymnasium and work in Irion Hall for music and speech corrections. As it stands now, Old Main should be completed for fall term; the gymnasium and Irion Hall have no dates set as of yet. Another big item President Fricit has been work- ing on is the Forward EJmhurst fund drive. In October, President Frick announced the beginning of the drive in a ceremony in front of Old Main. We wiJJ definitely hear more of this drive in the future. Ruthann Stuart is tJie President ' s secretary. 97 DEAN OF THE COLLEGE The Dean of the College is in charge of all the faculty hiring and firing. AIJ tenure procedures go through the Dean. Under the Dean are many committees. Any de- cisions on faculty, Library and curriculum such as class scheduling, changes, and new classes must go through the proper committee and on to the Dean. Those people who work with the Dean are Mrs. Bates, his secretary, the Records office, Mrs. Lake and her secretary, and the library staff. Dr. Schmiechen, the Dean of the College. Mrs. Lake is in charge of class schedules. 98 Mr. Boese, Mr. Nestler and Dr. Cunningham. The Dean of Students coordinates almost all elements of student non-curricular life. Included in those areas of responsibility are intercollegiate athletics, co-curricular activ- ity operating through the College Union, housing, career pianning and pJacement, the Chaplain ' s office, counseling, and health service. In addition to his adminis- trative duties, the Dean serves as advisor to the CLC, the Union Board, Judicial Board, Inter-fraternity Council, and the scholastic- leadership honorary Omicron Delta Kappa. DEAN OF STUDENTS Mrs. lovino keeps things running sniooth]y. The ChapJain ' s Office is involved in cam- pus worship, reiigious programming and ac- tivites, individual counseling and " just con- versation, " career and academic assistance, and other phases of campus ministry. The goal of the college chaplaincy is to create and maintain Christian community on cam- pus through creative ministry to and with a diversity of individuals and groups. Rev. David McCurdy, College Chaplain, and Fa- ther Mateo, part-time Roman Catholic Chaplain, share the task of being " campus pastors. " The chaplains work closely with the Union Board ' s Religious Life Committee, of which Rev. McCurdy is co-chairperson. The Reverend Dave McCurdy. 99 Sis Currie will take care of everything. Mrs. Haik is helpful, too. HEALTH SERVICE T.L.C. is our specialty at the Stu- dent Health Service. Along with the care of illness and injury, we offer health counseling, educa- tion, and referral for most prob- lems. A smile always greets you at the door. COUNSELING The Counseling Center is a place where you can take your " has- sles " and get a sympathetic ear. Personal problems, career con- cerns, academic difficulties— these are what students can talk over in the Counseling Center with someone who will show concern and try to help. Dr. Barry helps students with their concerns. 100 HOUSING Mr. Nesiler talking things over with Mr. Weiss. Schick, Dinkmeyer, Stanger and Niebuhr Halls were the dorms this year. The major emphasis of the residence hall program is the provision of adequate Jiving facilities along with opportunities to learn about cop- ing with people. Each hall is staffed with a head resident and student resident advisors. The happy head residents around Mr. Nestler, the director. R.Hs. and RAs: L. Lasko, R. Pohlmann, G. Reinert, W. Bradbury, K. Guidry. D. Aidrich, M. Smith, D. Zanardo, S. Jngram, G. Kaye, B. Hill, G. Brinkmeier, D. Hitter, C. Cowman, J. Koszuba, J. Engelskirchen, . Georges, B. Peoples, C. Saunders, ]. Disch, B. Woolsey, S. Nestler. 101 DATA PROCESSING Martin KeJIy keeps the computer busy. i I ' i The Center for Special Programs focuses on the needs of the community in the area of Adult Education. The Center sponsors credit and non-credit seminars and courses, many as a direct result of requests from organi- zations, churches, cJubs and businesses. The CSP adds a third dimension to the college in its traditional func- tion of higher education. The CSP coordinates programs with many of the college departments and campus organizations. Students from both day and evening sessions are encouraged to participate in these special programs and seminars. CENTER FOR SPECIAL PROGRAMS Dr. Feldman and group are busy forming new programs. 102 Busy at work. OOPS. ' Mr. Johnson-PhysicaJ Plant and Mrs. Haselhorst- secretary. Ladies of the Record Office: Mrs. ReinboJd, Mrs. Sorensen, Mrs. Lil;estan, Mrs. Nickerson, Mrs. Jepsen, Mrs. BJoesch. The Records office is responsibJe for the establishment, main- tenance and preservation of the academic record of every EJmhurst CoJJege student. When a student is admitted to the college, a file is established; it is updated upon receipt of all transcripts of academic work attempted at other institutions and at the end of each term at EJmhurst. This office reviews aJJ records of prospective graduates and verifies satisfactory completion of graduation requirements. After graduation the academic record is micro-filmed and filed for future reference. Transcripts of the academic record are issued upon written request of the student. RECORDS 103 PLACEMENT B. VanDeveer, and F. Hoogesteger. The Placement Office assists students in finding part time and summer jobs, fieid piacement, career planning, graduate schools. The office also helps seniors by con- ducting Senior Interview Day, and independent inter- views with the company. Central Service, Elmhurst Col- lege ' s Graphic Art Department, is the hub of creative copy and standard reproduction material. The depart- ment envisions expansion in the future in areas of cam- era work and art. At present our responsibilities include reproduction of faculty and staff materials; in addition to this, we advise people on the methods of creating bro- chures and booklets. CENTRAL SERVICE R. FJessner, P. O ' Connor, L. Heath, M. O ' Connor, H. Rehm. 104 UNION PERSONAL J. Sherman takes care of the gamesroom. Mrs. Spencer overJooking the Union Desk. SECURITY Mrs. Kufer, " Good Morning, Eimhurst CoJJege. ' B. Dugan, K. Weideman and I. Miiiea stuff boxes. . Kuhlman checks things out with boss Sgt. Ryan. Ralph takes time out to do his own cleaning. 105 ADMISSIONS AND FINANCIAL AID Don Weiss, Director of Admissions and FinanciaJ Aid. Bob Mosser tal es time off for a picture. A pretty smile from a pretty Nancy Meyer. The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is usually the first contact most prospective students have with E.G. The staff explains the academic curriculum and social pro- grams to prospective students. The counselors also visit high schools, junior colleges, and churches in order to promote the College. This office also conducts the Student Host, Veterans Services and Pre- School programs. The Finan- cial Aid Office assists students in applying for available fi- nancial assistance from the state and federal governments and the College. The secretaries: Myrtle Zeiler, Bonnie Wagner, Ruth Ruud, and E)le Wentzel. 106 Betsy Kuebler is Associate Director. Rose Proskey is the financial aid coordinator. Celebrating the Secretary ' s Week. Mrs. Lid— Alumni secretary. Mr. HagJund— News director. Mr. Bob Kennedy— Development director. Rev. Stoner— Director of Church relations. Mrs. Neerup— Secretary of Church and Public relations. DEVELOPMENT, ALUMNI, PUBLIC RELATIONS The lower JeveJ of Lehmann Hall, as gloomy as it sounds, is Eimhurst Col- lege ' s window to the world. The four offices of Development, Alumni Rela- tions, Church Relations, and News Director all fall under the broad descrip- tion " public relations. " Robert Kennedy supervises the operation as director of development. Other staff members are Donald Stoner, associate director of development and director of church relations; Keith Haglund, news director; and secretaries Joan Lid, Virginia Neerup and Jean Buck. Ted Garriott left the position of alumni director in October and Doris Scherr left in December. Development cultivates financial support for EC from corporations, chari- table foundations, the government and individuals. Alumni keep in touch with EC through the Alumni office and the EC Alumni Association. The of- fices of Church and Public Relations are in contact with churchs, newspa pers, magazines, television and radio telling people of EC and the many programs the College offers. Mr. Garriott— Alumni director, left in October. 109 Mrs. Ehriich, Ms. McCartney, Mrs. Barry. Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Klatt, Ms. Meyers, Mrs. Turnquist. One of the many students that work at the hbrary. LIBRARY Some of the many people that help students are the librarians Jim Vaughan, CaroJ Barry, MoJly McCartney, and MeJ Klatt. The clerks that are not shown are Mrs. Stack, Mrs. Prager, Mrs. Hadley and Mrs. Granaham. In the basement you will find the Audio-Visual and Language Lab departments. This is run by Mr. Williams with the help of Mrs. Fara, Mrs. Revane, Mrs. Seter, and Mr. Brinn. The Lab is run by Mrs. Fralick and Mrs. Milkert. Jim Vaughan sure helps out on a paper. Mrs. Barry is busy but fee] free to interrupt her. It ' s got to be here somewhere. Just a quick check. 110 Mr. Johnson, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Hein, Mr. Kufer, Mr. Wojtowicz, Mr. Moen. Physical Plant has the duties of administrative and manage- rial functions for all areas of the physical facilities. This function is within the business administration and managed by Director of Physical Plant. We are organized according to functional areas; building and painting maintenance, me- chanical maintenance, land- scape and grounds main- tenance, custodial services in academic buildings, faculty and staff housing main- tenance, and security; safety, fire and traffic. Mr. Hein, Mr. Wiemerslage, Mr. Bathje, Mr. MitcheJJ, Mr. Saidat. PHYSICAL PLANT 111 FOOD SERVICE There ' s always something cooking at Inga ' s. And every once in while Inga Albright, the dietitian, plans a special dinner. Of course she couldn ' t do it without the help of Roger CarJson, Ms. Benjamin, Mrs. Blauw, Mrs. Cardoni, Mrs. Hein, Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Stiehl, Mrs. VanCJeve, Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Prentice, Mrs. Modzejewski, Mrs. Prette, and Mrs. Van- derStyf. And we can ' t forget the dishwashers who are mostly students. Believe us, it ' s not easy to pian three meais a day for well over 600 peopie. There are certain to be problems, such as the silverware being " stolen " for a few days. But Inga and her crew seem to keep things going and the students full. Roger ' s busy carving a roast. Oh, what a day. One of Inga ' s fancy salad bars. Inga takes her turn at carving. Came back for more salad. 112 113 Drawing pictures is usf pari of the many activities. Some of the most important people in the world take naps. PRESCHOOL IB ' ■- Pre-school art work on dispkjy in the Union. Playing around in the Mali. Learning to make things from yarn. Sand castles here we come. 116 The Art Department provides Eimhurst College students with a weJJ rounded exposure to the study of art. Their creativity met the test this year when these taiented individuals were temporarily dis- placed from Old Main. They eagerly anticipate the prospect of a more permanent home next year. Mr. Pau]sen looks over a book of art. ART Ms. Jorgensen, chairperson, is busy at he r desk. Mr. Weber, Ms. Brown, Mr. Paulsen, and Ms. Jorgensen. 117 CENTER FOR BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS The Center of Business and Economics iias coJJaborated with other departments to form six more majors. The majors range from accounting to economics to informa- tion systems, to management. The new majors work with the chemistry, math and music departments. Public ad- ministrations, transportation management and urban studies are also new. We are sorry to report the death of Mr. Gilbert. He died over the summer while on vacation. So this is what a business transaction looks like. Mr. Charles Gilbert is in charge of the center. 118 BIOLOGY The faculty of the biology department provides a wide variety of specialists for majors who plan to attend grad- uate schools, medical or dental schools. In addition to the extensive selection of courses there is the well equipped science building containing two electron mi- croscopes, photographic darkroom, greenhouse and the student lab. Dr. Jump, Dr. Gorsic, Mr. Mittermeyer, Mr. Fuller, not shown Mr. Ho- nour, Dr. Meseth. ENGLISH The English department has spe- cial interest majors. You may major in English and education to become an English teacher. You may also take special courses if you are interested in British and American literature, literature in translation, writing, or drama. As a student at Elm- hurst College you are required to take a composition course and a literature course. Can you tell if I took them? Ms. Ekren, Ms. Swords, Ms. Clark. Dr. Barclay, Mr. Swords, Dr. BidJe, Mr. Davidson, not shown Dr. Couchman. 119 CHEMISTRY With a well diversified stafj, the Chem- istry Department serves large numbers of students in both the day and evening ses- sions. Research interests vary widely and with a well equipped department, projects range from synthesis of phero- mones which are natural insect attrac- tants, metal binding of proteins, photo chemistry, and solar coJJector surface studies to numerous other areas in which students wish to design their own pro- grams. The Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society sponsor various lecture programs as weil as so- cio] activities. EDUCATION The education department provides the courses and programs for those would be teachers. Approximately 140 students completed and graduated during the 1976-1977 school year. Because Elmhurst College programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, these students are immediately eligible for certification to teach in over thirty states. This year was troublesome for school districts. The re- sult affected the educational scene some- what adversely across the nation. Dr. GJogovsky— chairperson, Dr. Ophardt, Dr. Beck, Dr. Ganchoff. Dr. Schmidt-chairperson, Dr. Hoover, Ms. Heidinger, Mrs. Aldirch-secretory, Dr. Pierro. Dr. Tyrrell, Dr. Feldman 120 WaJIy ' s checking some papers. And what do you want for Christmas, Dr. Tracy? No, I want the last piece. Looks like everybody is excited. 122 HISTORY Dr. Schade here. A nice smile from Mr. Blum. The History Department strives to introduce students to the fascinating experience of persons of one genera- tion and culture communicating to other generations and cultures. His- tory is one of the few disciplines which does not require a special argon and its content is the univer- sal struggle of mankind so it can be understood and appreciated by all. Dr. Wally Burdick Jr., chairperson. Reverend Mack. Dr. Schmidt, chairperson. POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Lindberg and his magnificent bike. 123 GEOGRAPHY Mr. Rouse, Dr. Robert— chairperson, Dr. Ries, Mr. Clark. Dr. Ries busy at his desk? The department of Geography prepares stu- dents to pursue a variety of occupations in the rapidly changing, contemporary world. With emphasis on the interactions and rela- tionships between man and his environ- ment, the geography curriculum effectively hnks the natural and social sciences. In ad- dition to relevant areas of study, the depart- ment supplements activities with a wide range of tools. Sophisticated climatological and cartographical equipment is used along with numerous audio visual aids. 124 For the first time in the history of EJmhurst CoJIege aJJ foreign languages are joined together in a single de- partment. AJJ department members agree that the unification has fostered a new attitude of cooperation and mutual support. Despite the recent eJimination of the language requirement, staff members believe that the language programs may well be stronger in the years to come. InitiaJJy, the new department aims to serve students better by offering a semester abroad to more students, by urging potential majors to concen- trate on an area studies program (e.g. Latin American Studies) rather than exclusively on language training, and by encouraging student initiation of culturally oriented activities, for example, visits to ethnic restau- rants and slide presentations by students recently re- turned from abroad. Dr. Lagerway is the chairperson. LANGUAGES Dr. Caltvedt-German and Dr. Thompson-Spanish. Mrs. Hatmaker-French and Dr. Bazik— Spanish. 125 A one and a two . . MUSIC The Department of Music offers its students a proper balance of theory and performance in preparation for a career or graduate study, and its individualized in- struction is aimed at each student to develop his po- teT tial and interest to the fullest. The Department of- fers programs specializing in Music Education, Music Business, Church Music, Music Therapy, Piano Peda- gogy and other areas of specific interest ot the student. The musical organizations on campus are many. There is the Choir, Band, jazz Band, Orchestra and Choral Union. Each organization gives concerts each year. The Choir, Bell Choir, Men ' s Glee Club and Women ' s Chorus visit churches, schools and other or- ganizations to perform. The activities of the Music De- partment are many and varied. The department acts as host to the Illinois State Solo and Ensemble Con- test, the Young Artist auditions, a Suzuki Festival, Band Clinic, Choir Clinic, Marching Band Festival, Concert Band Festival and ISMTA exams. The faculty and students of the Music Department present recitals during the year, both individually and with others. 127 N U R S I N G M. Spikes, P. Harlow. V. Wenk, S. Krampitz. A. Carpenter, J. Pankratz, M. Carlson, A. Prinz, K. ScanJon, D. Smith, L. S immer, P. Salter. Eimhurst CoJJege offers a baccalau- reate nursing program which is built on a brood base of liberal arts courses. The program is accredited by the Na- tional Accrediting Organization for Nursing Education and prepares grad- uates to take licensure examination for registered nurses. Ttiat ' s not a bad reading OUCH!!!! 128 Dr. Limper, Dr. Goetz, Dr. Schmiechen. THEOLOGY AND RELIGION The department of theology and religion introduces the challeng- ing probJems and situations which faith faces and con munity is affected through. The depart- ment has charge of seeing to it that all graduates learn about re- ligion not as a belief but as a part of JinowJedge. In a changing world, a vital concern is devoted to ttiougJit and tlie- ory. This is taken care of by the philosophy department. PJiiJosophy offers courses to expand the mind for students ' needs and bridge the gap between curiosities in life styles. What I need is a good night ' s rest. PHILOSOPHY Dr. Gross, Dr. Ciork. Hi Dr . Clark, how are youl 129 PHYSICAL EDUCATION R. We iman, D. Hillar, T. Rogers, E. Hackman, A. Hanke, ]. Hawthorne. Well, what do you think, pcJ? We ' ve got to stop meeting like this. ' . ' . ' The physical education department of Elm- hurst College offers a variety of courses to its students. Students can choose from more strenuous activities such as swimming and physical fitness to Jess strenuous archery and bowling. can ' t read this. Dr. Siegel, Dr. Tracy, Dr. DeRoo, Ms. Moore, Dr. Holbrook. PSYCHOLOGY The psychology department at EJmhurst College has three main goals: 1) to contribute to the liberal educatioi of students by providing a basis for a disciplined approach to the study of human behavior, 2) to contribute to the programs of other departments by offering courses that provide the psychological foundations that are important in the preparation of teachers, social workers, speech therapists, etc., 3) to provide a program for psychology majors that will establish a good foundation for graduate study in any of the fields of psychology. You have to consider the negative side aJso. Dr. HoJbrook checking things out in the cafeteria. 131 SOCIOLOGY Mr. E. EUedge is no longer here A social science if there ever was one, sociology deals with man and his society. By instructing people in how to deal with people, the sociology deportment strives to pave the way to a world in which human dignity wiJi be of prime importance and society will serve rather than hinder mankind. Don ' t worry about smiling if won ' t hurt Mr. Shea. Mr. EUedge. Ms. Key, Mr. Smith. Mr. EcJ e 132 SPEECH AND SPEECH GLimC The secretary o the clinic, Ms. Bowen The speech department offers students the chance to focus on public speaking, dTamaiic arts, and gen- era] speech. There are a variety of ways to get prac- tical experience in this department. Students may work in the campus radio station or do directing, staging, and performing at the college theatre. Be- sides expressing themseives in these activities, stu- dents learn how to express their ideas to others. The clinic is for students who wish to work with the per- son having speech, hearing, and language diffi- culties. The students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in the clinic working with children and adults. Ms. S. B igh advisor to NSSHA Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Juday, Dr. Low, Ms. B igh, Mr. Gow, Dr. Goodban, Ms. Kupperman. 133 135 Get it in there Micki! WRSE speaker 136 Tom Breen Bob Burdick David Cain Dan Calmeyn Michelle Choo Ronald Cleveland Julie Coma Adriane Cowan Pau] DeBoo Athena Dedes Mary Duffy janet Eaton Sandy Edwards Beth Erickson jerry Ewert 138 Pam Eytcheson John Gelhaus Pam Green Kurt Grutzmacher Linda Fel]uga Francine Gerick Rick Green Mary Hadamik Sam Fur an iiiiniiiir ' Debra Graham Robert Grierson Denise Hala; Gary Haman Julie Havey Dave Hedgepath Nothing Jike a nice Spring day! New Newpaper Editor 139 140 1 Rosanell Lange Keith Latz Bill Liss Tom Ludwig Perry Mascetti juUa Mazik Eric Newson Linda Novak Brian Petzel Janet Pindak Bill Lundgren Ramona Maiorella Scott Manary Christine McClure William Melaniphy Linda Moecker Diane Pvoci Joanne Radke Joe Razza 741 Jackie Reineke Willa Rice Diane Rosol Tony Russo Cheryl Ruyak jean Say ert Gena ScoUi Cyndy Schmidt Rich Shepherd Morgan SingeJ Let ' s go for a walk John Skourlis Mary SkozJas Henry Smith Mot Sonnenberg Craig Sopko John Spikes 142 1 744 Kathy Cielek Jerry Conniff Thanks for the smile, Stiggy. What ever it is, it must be cute. Women ' s Auxiliary work pays off. 147 148 Gladys Hall Jeanne Holmes Terrie House Jeanne Hyde Karen Hyland Jim Janachione Karin Johnson Maureen Jonas Jerome Jones Cindy Jourdon Al Kaberiine Jim Karas Romona Kaunas Chris Kelso David Kenealy Mary Konrad Nancy Kuleg Steve Lake Michelle Latoria Ken Lee Mi Lee Melody Lewis Glenn Lid 149 «mni i iwiw i H » i i «ni«» ' B » iii i f Tim Mueller Mickey Myles Debra Rochford MiJie Rouse Different angle on the Chapel. Doug Rowe Karen Schmit Andy Seidler 151 152 Ruth Vanderbilt Janet Vassil Wayne Voida Anthony Uzoukwu John Watkins Dean speaks with Maryjo. Going for her best assets. 153 The upside-down-backward shot. Marilyn Eils William Gerbasi Richard Culbrandsen Monica ones Jim Engelskirchen Chris Hanson Jim Kaszuba WiJJiam Ferris Robert GodJewski Ellen Jaraczewski Bill Kawales 156 Susan Kennedy Steve Koester Awful big hockey puck. 157 Madock helps student with a problem. What are you doing? David Phillips MarJa Pippin Ruth Pohlmann John PontiJies 158 159 Just think Wendy, six more weeks Marathon VoJJeybolJ Look at all the beautiful faces 362 H Jdegard Bauer Bus. Ad.-Geography Christine Behle English Linda Behnken Susan Beitel Art Sylvia Ettwein Lynn Fassl DelElta Fay Michele FiJishio Elementary Ed-Art Nursing-Psychology Elementary Education Elementary Education 165 Jean FJanagn Susan Freitag Randall Giagnorio Sharon Giless Chemistry Psych-EJementary Ed Management-Econ EJementary Education Well I never! 166 Judith Havens Psychology-Sociology Steven Johnson Business Administration Gayle Kaye Psychology John Kovacs Business-Economics Pamela Hicke Management Edward Jongsma, Jr. Business Administration Jeffrey King Accounting Christean Kyle Business Administration Thomas Hill Business Management Jenaire Judice French Susan Kitun Urban Studies Mark Lacine Geography-Urban Studies Margaret Hook Biology Craig Kastle Business Laddie Korecek Business-Economics Mary Lighthall Music Education 167 Love at first sight. Marian Masa Thomas Mason Mathematics Biology-PsychoJogy 168 Arthur MueJler Biology Kathleen Mullen Business Administration Shoot for two. 169 Sheila Murphy Sociology Regina Nero Sociology-Poli Sci Vickie Oas Elementary Education Timothy O ' Hanlon Business Management Donna Pangle Peggy Peterson Brian Pearce Jr. Margaret Pearson Education Political Science Physics-Sec Ed Nursing 1 70 Karen Remmers John Rhode Jr. Mathematics Business Management Diane Ritter Cheryl Remain Nursing-Psychology Spanish Scott, you look cornered. Michael Romano Karen Ruggiero Elementary Education Biology There ' s a smile there somewhere. Nancy Sciortino John Scudiew Education Casimir Smoilis r. Marichris Smith Transportation Mgt. Nursing Henry Schelton Laurie Schroeder Geography-Psych rt-PsychoJogy re Daydreaming 172 Carmen Stansberry Music Susan Steininger Nursing Peter Stendei Laurie Stephens I felt fine until I woke up this morning Physical Education Nursing The only way to spread germs. ' Elizabeth Todd Beth Trail Nursing Nursing-Psychology 173 Eliza beth Trosen History Richard Umbach Business Administration Loran Von Goider Spanish-Urban Studies Ann Virruso EngJish-Eiementary Ed SILVERWARE CAPER I saw everything. Who took the silverware? 176 177 181 Maybe if 1 hide they won ' t find me. Going off to class. Andersen, Janet Ruth: Western Springs, II. Education Club 3,4, president; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Maranatha 4; Dean ' s List 3,4 Argianas, Charles G.: Elmhurst, II. Business Economics Club 3, treasurer 3. Behle, Christine Sue: Baxter, Iowa Elmhurst College Choir 1,2,3,4; Bell Choir 1,2,3,4. Beitel, Susan Gay: Moline, II. Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; B-Ball Team 2; Social Life 1,2,3, Co-Chairman 2; Vice- Chairman of Union Board 3; Secretary of Union Board 3; Interim Cultural Life 3. Both, Diane Janet: Wooddale, II. Education Club 2,3,4. Bourland, Jaline Louise: Manteno, II. Women ' s Varsity Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Softball Club 2; Women ' s Athletic Board 1; Library Standing Committee 3; Athletic Standing Committee 3. Bradbury, Wendy Sue: Dexter Michigan Academic Council 3; Teacher Education Committee 1,2,3; Choral Union 1,4; Psy Chi 3,4; Elmhurst College Honor Society 3; Omicron Delta Keppa 3,4; Phi Kappa Phi 4. Bratthauer, Steven E.: Elgin, II. Geographical Society 1,2,3,4; Gamma Theta Upsilon 3,4. Carlstedt, Suzanne Joy: Villa Park, II. Pom-Pom Squad 1,2,3,4, Co-captain; Psi Chi 4; Honor Society 3; Phi Kappa Phi 4. Carr, John Edward: Crystal Lake, II. Intercollegiate Basketball 1,2,3,4; Dorm Council 4; Resident Advisor 3,4; Orienta- tion Leader 4. DeWitt, Mary Kathryn: Lombard, II. Education Club 3,4. Dykstra, Norma Jeanne: Evergreen Park, II. National Student Speech Hearing Assn. 2,3,4, secretary 3, president 4; Honor Society 3; Choral Union 2,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4. Ettwein, Sylvia Elisabeth: Bellwood, II. Education Club 2,3,4. FassI, Lynne C: Downers Grove, II. Social Life 1; Cultural Life 2; President Planning Committee 2; Film Committee 2; Intramural Sports 1,2,3; Dorm Council 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities 4. Fay, DeElta Elaine: Westmont, II. Education Club 4. Filishio, Michele Lucille: Berwyn, II. Education Club 3,4. Flanagan, Jean Marie: Hoffman Estates, II. American Chemical Society 3,4, secre- tary 4. Freitag, Susan Lynn: Elmhurst, II. Education Club 3,4; College Choir 3,4; Choral Union 3,4; Psi Chi 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Intramural Volleyball 4; Madrigals 4. Hill, Thomas Mallory: Chicago, II. Football 1; Wrestling 1;Hiz-l 2,3,4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities 3; Black Affairs 2,3, Chair-person 2; Resi- dent Advisor 3; Orientation Committee 2,3. Judice, Jenaire Nadine: Chicago, II. Radio Station 2; Language Club 4. Kaye, Gayle A.: Chicago, II. Social Life 1 ; Orientation Leader 2,3,4; Intercollegiate Volleyball 2,3; Student Life Committee 3; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3,4; Orientation Committee 3; Campus Life Council 3; Resident Advisor 3,4. Kovacs, John A.: Bangor, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3,4, secretary 4. Lacine, Mark J.: Elmhurst, II. Geography Club Vice-President 3; Geo- graphical Society President 4; Campus Life Council 3; Religious Life Committee 3; College Choir 2,3,4; Junior-Varsity Basketball 2; Intramural Basketball 3,4; E.C. Judicial Board 3,4. Lyons, Lynn Louise: Itasca, II. Social Life Committee 1; Choral Union 1; Secretary of Union Board 3; Jazz Festi- val 1,2,3,4, Chairman 3; Newspaper 3; Search Committee for Academic Dean 2; Conference on Liberal Education 3; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Jay Board 4; Education Club 3,4; Dean ' s List 1,2,3; Yearbook 1, 2,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 2,3,4, treasurer 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities 3. Mahoney, Elizabeth Evelyn: Wheaton, II. Campus Life Council 2; Admissions Committee 2; Orientation Committee 2; College Choir 3,4; Madrigal Singers 3,4; Jazz Festival Hostess 4. Maisch, Karen L.: Columbia, II. S.T.O.P. 1,2; Tri-Beta 2,3,4, treasurer 3; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4; College Choir 1,2,3,4; Handbell Choir 1,2,3,4; Choral Union 1,2,3,4; W.R.S.E. 2,3; Theatre 1, 3,4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities 4. Masa, Marian Carol: Westmont, II. Teacher Education Committee 2,3,4; Honor Society 3; Omicro n Delta Kappa 3,4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Graduation Assis- tant Marshall 2,3; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Uni- versities 4. Mize, Charles Ellison: Wood River, II. Institutional Planning Committee 2,3,4; Academic Standings Committee 3,4; Honors Program Committee 3,4; Campus Life Council Co-chairperson 3,4; News- paper 3,4, assistant editor 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4; Yearbook 2; Pi Gamma Mu 2,3; Honor Society 3; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Order of Lincoln Award for Academic Achievement 3; Student Life Committee of Board of Trustees, Ex-Officio 3,4; Leadership Conference Steering Commit- tee 4; Jazz Festival Security Chairperson 4; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; Religious Life Committee 2,3,4; Bicentennial Lecture Series Committee 3; Conference on Liberal Education 3; CLC Continuity Committee 3,4; Projectionist-Film Pro- gram 3,4. Moore, Linda L.: Oregon, II. Social Life 1; Jazz Festival Hostess 1, 2,3; Yearbook 2,3,4, assistant editor 4. Moy, Paul H.: Skokie, II. Business Economics Club 4; Maranatha 1,2,3,4. Mueller, Arthur E.: Addison, II. Tri-Beta 4. Mullen, Kathleen Ann: Oak Park, II. Delta Mu Delta Secretary 4; Dean ' s List 1,2. McDonald, Eileen Ann: Cincinnati, Ohio Campus Life Council 3,4; College Choir 3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Dean ' s List 1,2; W.R.S.E. 1,2; Elmhurst Sym- phony Orchestra 1,2; Special Events Petitioning Board Chairperson 3,4; Religious Life Commitee 3,4; Maranatha 1,2,3,4; Student Leader 1,2. O ' Hanlon, Timothy J.: Elmhurst, II. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4; Business Economics Club 3. Palumbo, John S.: Stickney, II. Faculty Curriculum Committee of Board of Trustees 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 2,3; Delta Mu Delta 3,4, presi- dent 4; Business Economics Club 4; Honor Society 3; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Resident Advisor 4; Campus Life Coun- cil 4; International Club 4; E.C. Honors Committee 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities 4. Plass, Julie Kay: Villa Park, II. Tri-Beta 2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Choral Union 2,3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4. Preuss, Marion L.: Bartlett, II. Geographical Society 2,3,4; Choral Union 4; Campus Life Council 3; College Choir 4; Student Life Committee of Board of Trustees 4. Remmers, Karen Holly: Wheaton, III. Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4, president 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 4; Choral Union 2,4; Food Service Committee 4; Education Club 3,4; Leadership Con- ference Steering Committee 4; Jazz Festival 4; Assistant Marshall for Gradua- tion 2,3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities 4. Ritter, Diane E.: Evergreen Park, II. Campus Life Council 2,3; Academic Council 3,4; Student Leader 3; News- paper 3,4; Choral Union 1,2; Resident Advisor 4; Jazz Festival Hostess 3,4. Santowski, Bernard P.: Elk Grove Village, II. Delta Mu Delta 4. Schelton, Henry William: Evergreen Park, II. S.T.O.P. 2,3; Outdoor Recreation 3,4, Chairperson 3; Campus Life Council 3; Geographical Society 4. Schroeder, Laurie Jean: Owensboro, Ky. Outdoor Recreation 3,4; Phi Kappa Phi 4. Sciortino, Nancy J.: Elmhurst, II. Education Club 4. Steininger, Susan L.: Downers Grove, II. Maranatha 1,2; Pre-healing Arts 2,3, secretary 3; W.R.S.E. 1,2,3, assistant news director 1; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. Stephens, Laurie Anne: Chicago, 11. W.R.S.E. 1,2. Sullivan, Tony L.: Chicago, II. Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 3; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4, secretary. VanGalder, Loren V.: Waukesho, Wise. Maranatha 1,2,3,4, president; W.R.S.E. 1,2,3,4; Social Life 1,2; Religious Life 2,3,4, Chairperson 3; International Club 4; Student Leader 3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 2,3. Virruso, Ann Lucille: Berwyn, II. Education Club 3,4; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4. Wilson, Mary Claire: Oak Park, II. Delta Mu Delta 4; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4. Zaiud, Patricia Ann: Arlington Hts., II. Choral Union 3,4; Education Club 3,4; Yearbook 3; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Dean ' s List 3,4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities 4. Zbiegien, Mary: Hinsdale, II. Sisterhood of Adelphae 2,3,4, treasurer 2, president 3,4; Business Economics Club 3,4; Student Leader 4; Dorm Coun- cil 4; Sigma Kappa Vice-president 4. FACULTY Ambercrombie, Priscilla 116 Acosta, Dr. Sergio 100 Albright, Inga 112 Aldrich, Erna 120 Allen, Frank 126 Barclay, Dr. William 118 Beck, Dr. Keith 120 Bidle, Dr. Kenneth 118 Bligh, Sally 133 Blum, Neal 123 Boese, Thomas 41 Brown, Carole 1 1 7 Burdick, Dr. Walter 123 Caltvedt, Dr. Lester 125 Carlson, Mary 128 Carpenter, Anne 128 Carroll, Lawrence 1 19 Clark, Patricia 118 Clark, Redmond 124 Clark, Dr. Robert 129 Couchman, Dr. Gordon 1 18 Cunningham, Dr. James 99 Davidson, Dr. Arnold 118 DeRoo, Dr. Robert 131 Ekren, Marguerite 118 Elledge, Earl 132 Failon, Keith 126 Feldman, Dr. Michael 120 Franks, Richard 1 19 Ganchoff, Dr. John 120 Gilbert, Charles 119 Glogovsky, Dr. Robert 120 Goetz, Dr. Ronald 129 Goodban, Dr. Majorie 133 Gorsic, Dr. Joseph 118 Gow, John 1 33 Gross, Dr. Sidney 1 29 Hackman, Eileen 130 Hanke, Alvin 130 Harlow, Patricia 1 28 Hatmaker, Paulette 125 Hawthorne, Jon 130 Heidinger, Maryann 120 Hilliar, Dallas 130 Holbrook, Dr. Jack 131 Honour, Mr. John 118 Hoover, Norman 120 lovino, Phyllis 99 Johnston, John 53 Jorgensen, Sandra 1 1 7 Juday, Donald 133 Jump, Dr. John 1 18 Key, Catherine 132 Krampitz, Sydney 128 Kufer, Katherine 105 Lagerwey, Dr. Wallace 125 Lawson, Lauren 128 Letterer, James 1 19 Limper, Dr. Armin 129 Lindberg, Dr. David 123 Low, Dr. Donald 133 McCurdy, Rev. David 99 Madoch, Dr. Terry A. 1 19 Mason, Dr. Donald 126 Meseth, Dr. Earl 118 Mittermeyer, Frank 118 Moore, Elsie 131 Nestler, Steven 99 Ophardt, Dr. Charles 120 Pankratz, Jean 128 Paulsen, Richard 1 17 Piech, Mary 131 Pierro, Dr. Peter 120 Prinz, Dr. Andrew 124 Ries, Dr. Paul 124 Robert, Dr. Karl 124 Rogers, Terry 130 Rouse, Robert 124 Salter, Phyllis 128 Sawyer, Dr. William 126 Scanlon, Kathleen 128 Schade, Dr. Rudolf 4, 123 Schmidt, Charles 133 Schmidt, Dr. Ervin 120 Schmidt, Dr. Royal 123 Schmiechen, Dr. Peter 98 Shea, Edward 132 Siegel, Dr. Burton 131 Slimmer, Lynda 128 Smith, Diane 128 Smith, James 132 Spencer, Jeanne 105 Spikes, Marilyn 128 Swords, Barbara 1 1 8 Swords, Robert 118 Thoma, Dr. George 1 19 Thompson, Denise 125 Thompson, Dr. Earl 125 Tracy, Dr. Jean 131 Ward, Leslie 119 Weber, John 117 Wellman, Ronald 130 Wenk, Virginia 128 Westermeyer, Paul 55 STUDENTS Able, Pat 24 Adamowski, Christine 146 Addante, Joseph C. 146 Adickes, Erich 78, 144, 155 Albright, Doris 163 Albuschat, Otto 163 Allen, David L. 137 Allen, Jesse E. 137 Amano, Teresa S. 89, 137 Amundsen, Marilyn 163 Andersen, Janet R. 163 Andrews, Don 137 Argianas, Charles G. 163 Ashjian, Cynthia L. 146 Awad, Ibrahim 163 Bailey, Kristine E. 137 Baker, Barbara L. 163 Bakos, Carey J. 137 Banas, John F. 137 Barkley, Deedee 163 Barrett, Judith G. 62 186 Bartelt, Susan J. 146 Bartolini, Colleen T. 137 Batke, John W. 137 Bauer, Hildegard M. 164 Beardsiey, Louanne 146 Beaudway, William 155 Becker, Joan IVI. 137 Behle, Christine S. 164 Beitel, Susan G. 88, 164 Bening, Cathy 137 Banker, Lucinda J. 164 Bergling, Gary 0. 59, 155 Berlin, Deborah H. 155 Bersani, Paul M. 60 Beyers, John S. 137 Biancardi, Van Ness 146 Blackman, Sherman 137 Blotz, Barb 155 Boboiia, Barbara E. 92 Bolduc, Steven J. 137 Boothe, Samuel A. 146 Both, Diane J. 164 Bourland, Jaline L. 89, 164 Bradbury, Wendy S. 164 Brandt, Suzan M. 89 Braskamp, Frederick P. 146 Bratthauer, Steven E. 164 Brazones, James D. 78, 146 Breen, Thomas E. 138 Briggs, Robert A. 164 Broersma, Carole A. 164 Burdick, Robert K. 138 Burk, Maureen T. 146 Cain, David A. 138 Cameron, Craig W. 147 Camp, Dane R. 147 Camp, Erik R. 147 Campbell, Linda S. 147 Carlstedt, Suzanne J. 164 Carr, John E. 80, 164 Cartwright, Jeffrey T. 147 Casiilas, Carol C. 92 Chaney, Melvin 25 Choo, Haekyung 138 Christensen, Marie A. 155 Ciccarelli, Tony 164 Cielak, Kathleen M. 147 Cleveland, Ronald N. 138 Como, Julie Anne 138 Conniff, Jerry P. 147 Conniff, Mary I. 155 Cotter, Cindy L. 164 Cowan, Adriane 138 Coy, Don R. 164 Crossland, Jeff L. 24, 25, 147 Curry, Sheriolyn M. 147 Curylo, Gerald A. 164 Czupowski, Carolyn E. 88, 165 Czwornog, John E. 60 Damiano, Pietra 147 Dargan, Morgan J. 60, 147 Davidson, Deborah S. 147 Davis, Gail 165 Davis, Kenneth E. 155 Davis, Valerie L. 147 Deatrick, Karen M. 147 Deboo, Paul V. 78, 138 Debruine, Kimberly A. 92, 148 Dedes, Athena M. 138 DeFrancesca, James V. 138 Deleo, Michael A. 148 Desimone, Albert J. 165 DeWitt, Mary K. 165 Dienta, Judy 138 Dines, David M. 138 Disch, James E. 165 Dodd, Teresa L. 92, 148 Doerr, Timothy J. 1 55 Doherty, Stephen F. 138 Dolan, Debora M. 155 Dominguez, Julie A. 138 Doss, Karen E. 89, 138 Doub, Bruce 138 Downing, David E. 138 Drueke, Diane M. 138 Dudick, Janet L. 89, 138 Duffy, Mary C. 138 Dunn, Sharon L. 165 Dykstra, Norma J. 165 Eaton, Janet S. 138 Edelman, James S. 165 Edwards, Sandra J. 138 Eils, Marilyn J. 156 Einhaus, Margaret 24, 148 Engelmann, William X. 148 Engelskirchen, James 156 Erickson, Elizabeth A. 138 Erickson, Roxanne 148 Errichiello, Vincent 60 Ettwein, Sylvia E. 165 Evans, Robert L. Jr. 148 Ewert, Jerald M. 78, 138 Eytcheson, Pamela S. 139 Failla, Glenn S. 60 Fassl, Lynne C. 165 Fay, DeElta E. 165 Felluga, Linda M. 139 Ferris, William R. 156 Filishio, John G. 165 Fisher, Karen A. 1 56 Flanagan, Jean 59, 166 Flanigan, James J. 148 Flint, Alecia E. 148 Foss, David W. 156 Freitag, Susan L. 166 Frohne, Mary V. 156 Furlan, Samuel J. 139 Gallyot, Christine M. 148 Geisler, Reid J. 148 Gelhaus, John D. 139 Gerbosi, William M. 156 Gerick, Francine A. 139 Giagnorio, Randall N. 166 Giless, Sharon M. 166 Gimino, Marc 1 56 Godlewski, Robert J. 156 Goeransson, Geriann 59 Gooby, Richard B. 166 Graham, Debra J. 139 Granrath, Carrie W. 148 Graue, Barbara J. 148 Greco, Philip P. 166 Green, Richard A. 139 Greene, Pamela L. 139 Grierson, Robert A. 139 Griffin, Rachel L. 148 Grutzmacher, Kurt B. 139 Gulbrandsen, Rich M. 156 Guralnick, Sara D. 148 Gurgone, Suzanne L. 88 Hadamik, Mary J. 139 Halaj, Denise M. 139 Hall, Gladys J. 149 Haman, Gary K. 139 Hammen, Philip K. 166 Hancock, Robert J. 166 Hanson, Christina L. 156 Havens, Judith A. 167 Havey, Julia A. 139 Hedgepath, David 139 Heinrich, Joan M. 140 Hensel, Donald J. 149 Hicke, Pamela A. 167 Hill, Tom 167 Hoak, Margaret S. 167 Hoeflich, Jeanette 140 Hoger, Gary J. 140 Holmes, Jeanne M. 149 Horwitz, Deborah K. 59 House, Terri L. 149 Hoyt, Holly 140 Hruskocy, Michael J. 140 Hunter, Craig W. 140 Hunziker, Jeff 25 Hyde, Jeanne R. 149 Hyland, Karen 149 Infusino, Jeff 140 Janachione, James P. 149 Janelli, Ralph A. 140 Jans, David A. 140 Janus, Alan M. 140 Jaraczewski, Ellen S. 156 Johnson, Karin M. 149 Johnson, Steven 167 Jonas, Maureen M. 149 Jones, Jerome 149 Jones, Monica L. 1 56 Jongsma, Edward A. 167 Jourdan, Cynthia L. 149 Judice, Jenaire N. 167 Kaberline, Allen J. 149 Kaczmarski, Susan M. 140 Karas, James S. 149 Kastle, G. Craig 167 Kaszuba, James S. 59, 156 Kaunas, Ramona W. 89, 149 Kawales, William A. 156 Kaye, Gayle A. 167 Kelso, Christopher C. 149 Kenealy, David A. 149 Kenivorthy, Mark 140 Kennedy, Susan L. 157 Kerr, Greg J. 60 King, Jeffrey A. 60, 167 Kiolbassa, Soonok 59 Kitun, Susan 167 Klasen, George J. 60 Klueter, Ann M. 140 Koehler, Alana R. 157 Koester, Stephen E. 157 Kokenis, Fran G. 25 Koludrovic, David N. 60, 140 Konrad, iVlary R. 149 Korecek, Laddie A. 167 Kovacs, John A. 167 Kromeich, Daniel L. 157 Kuhiman, Karen L. 140 Kuleg, Nancy 149 Kyle, Christean A. 167 Lacine, Mark J. 167 Lake, Steven P. 149 Lange, Rosaneli J. 141 Larsen, Scott L. 44, 157 Latas, Larry E. 60 Latoria Michelle 149 Latz, Keith M. 141 Lee, Kyung C. 149 Lee, Mi K. 149 Lee, Vennesser M. 141 Lehmann, Kenneth 141 Lembares, Maria 141 Lepic, Violet M. 149 Leslie, Ellen S. 157 Lewis, Melody 149 Lid, Glenn D. 149 Lighthall, Mary E. 167 Linhart, Susan M. 150 Lipensky, Donna A. 157 Liska, Wendy J. 150 Liss, William E. 141 LoCicero, Michael V. 168 Logan, Warren E. 157 Londos, James 1 50 Long, Kathleen A. 150 Ludwig, Roger E. 80, 168 Ludwig, Thomas W. 80, 141 Luessenhop, Daniel A. 157 Lundgren, William M. 141 Lundquist, John R. 25, 150 Lyons, Lynn L. 44, 168 Mahoney, Elizabeth E. 168 Maiorella, Ramona T. 141 Maisch, Karen L. 59, 168 Mailing, William H. 150 Manary, Scott D. 141 Marco, Philip L. 150 Masa, Marian C. 168 Mascetti, Perry 141 Mason, Thomas W. 168 Mattio, Peter J. 150 Maybee, Piera E. 150 Mayer, Sally 88 Mazik, Julia A. 141 McCabe, Kathy M. 25, 157 McClure, Christina 141 McDonald, Eileen A. 169 McGuire, Frederick 150 Melaniphy, William 141 Melchiori, Timothy J. 80 Mendez, Robert 150 Mesker, Sharon G. 157 Mhlanga, Catherine 157 Miller, Kirk A. 150 Mines, Colleen J. 89 Mitchinson, Thomas R. 150 Mize, Charles E. 169 Moecker, Linda S. 89, 141 M oll, Brenda L. 157 Montemayor, Romeo A. 158 Montgomery, Roberts. 169 Moore, Linda L. 44, 169 Morocco, Joseph J. 78 Moten, Kyle D. 169 Moy, Paul H. 169 Mueller, Arthur E. 169 Mueller, Timothy J. 151 Muirheid, Robin J. 1 58 Mullen, Kathleen A. 169 Murphy, Sheila R. 170 Myjak, Robert W. 60 Myjak, James F. 60 Myles, Mickey C. 80, 151 Nelson, Gregory A. 158 Nero, Regina G. 170 Newberg, Paulette A. 151 Newson, Eric T. 141 Norgello, Armin M. 151 Norwich, Paula J. 88, 89 Novak, Linda A. 141 Oas, Vickie L. 170 Obosia, Joseph D. 141 Obryan, Agnes M. 141 Ohanlon, Timothy J. 170 Olson, Barbara A. 151 Olson, Joyce E. 1 70 Orzech, Shelby M. 170 Osmanski, Pete 141 Otuzlu, Gulten 158 Ovan, Milos 151 Paice, Judith A. 151 Palmer, Bruce K. 170 Palumbo, John S. 170 Pangrle, Eldonna E. 170 Partyka, G eorge 1 58 Patterson, Peggy 170 Patz, Janet L. 1 51 Patz, Susan J. 158 Pearce, Bryan 1 70 Pearson, Margaret I. 170 Peoples, Bruce D. 158 Peters, Glen M. 171 Petzel, Brian D. 141 Phillips, David E. 158 Phipps, David L. 151 Pigoni, Betty R. 151 Pindak, Janet L. 88, 141 Pippin, Maria D. 158 Plass, Julie K. 59, 171 Pohlmann, Ruth A. 44, 158 Pontikes, John S. 60, 158 Poulos, Janice E. 1 71 Preuss, Marion L. 171 Pvoci, Diane 141 Quigley, John R. 171 Radak, Richard 141 Raleigh, Thomas K. 151 Rascia, Robert L. 60 Razza, Joseph V. 141 Reed, Roberta M. 171 Reilly, Adrienne L. 24 Reilly, Terrence A. 80 Reineke, Jacqueline M. 142 Reinert, Gail 158 Remmers, Karen H. 171 Rhode, John W. 171 Rice, Willa M. 142 Ritter, Diane E. 171 Robitschek, Kathleen 159 Rochford, Deborah A. 151 Remain, Cheryl A. 1 71 Romano, Michael S. 171 Rosol, Diane 142 Rouse, Michael J. 151 Rowe, Douglas L. 151 Rudder, Franklin 25, 159 Ruggiero, Karen J. 171 Russo, Anthony M. 78, 142 Rust, Kurt W. 80, 172 Ruyak, Cheryl S. 88, 142 Santowski, Bernard P. 172 Sayfert, Jean 142 Schelton, Henry W. 172 Schmidt, Cynthia L. 142 Schmit, Karen M. 151 Schneider, Joanne R. 59 Scholli, Gena 142 Schroeder, Laurie 172 Schuette, Stephen H. 159 Sciortino, Nancy J. 172 Scudiero, John J. 172 Seidler, Andy 59, 151 Shelton, Ivory 1 59 Shepherd, Richard H. 142 Singel, Morgan M. 142 Skourlis, John 60, 142 Skowron, John G. 60 Skozlas, Mary P. 142 Smailis, Casimir A. 80, 172 Smith, Henry 142 Smith, Marichris 172 Smulski, Ken 1 59 Soldano, Joseph R. 152 Somers, Patrick A. 152 Sonnenberg, Matthew M. 142 Sopko, Craig D. 59, 142 Spiegler, Susan J. 159 Spikes, John J. 142 Spinder, Timothy E. 159 Sprik, David P. 143 Srourek, Otakar 152 Stafford, Harrell R. 152 Stansberry, Carmen IVi. 173 Steigerwaldt, Linda 24, 143 Steininger, Susan L. 173 Stendel, Peter F. 173 Stephens, Laura A. 173 Stigman, Nancy L. 152 Stuebner, Susan L. 59 Sullivan, Tony L. 173 Sutherland, Patrick J. 159 Sutton, Paula M. 152 Sutula, Sandra S. 152 Szmigiel, Gabriele 173 Tekiela, Susan 159 Tendick, James T. 1 52 Theodore, Martine 168 Thomas, Marcia R. 143 Thornton, Vanessa 152 Tice, Michael D. 78, 143 Timpe, Richard W. 159 Timms, Pat 25 Todd, Elizabeth 173 Tondelli, Andrea L. 152 Toudt, Gordon L. 152 Trail, Beth 173 Trosen, Elizabeth A. 174 Trumbull, John E. 152 Umbach, Richard L. 174 Urness, Cheryl L. 159 Uzoukwu, Anthony 153 Vack, Kimberly A. 143 Van Camp, Wende S. 143 Vanderbilt, Ruth E. 153 VanGalder, Loren V. 174 Varga, Alan E. 159 Vassil, Janet 153 Villarias, Rowena J. 143 Virruso, Ann L. 174 Vodicka, Edward W. 143 Voida, Wayne A. 153 Wangler, James M. 80 Warskow, Lynn M. 159 Watkins, John 153 Watts, David A. 1 53 Weber, Beth 25 Webster, Timothy R. 78, 143 Wehrmann, Glenn C. 153 Weiss, David R. 174 Wesslund, Richard 159 Wheatley, Carroll 80, 143 White, Julia A. 24, 25, 160 Whitman, Nancy J. 89, 153 Whitt, Richard N. 143 Wilcek, Earl F. 160 Willey, Linda S. 160 Williams, Richard T. 60 Wilson, Mary 174 Winters, Douglas J. 143 Wittenberg, Wayne R. 78, 143 Wollman, Gregory S. 153 Wynne, Martha E. 143 Yedinak, David A. 160 Yencho, Susan E. 174 Yergler, Robert A. 143 Yewchyn, Janet L. 160 Young, Frank J. 160 Zadakus, Paul J. 160 Zahara, Robert E. 160 Zaiud, Patricia A. 174 Zanardo, Dawn M. 174 Zatelli, Martin 160 Zbiegien, Mary A. 174 Zick, Brenda E. 89, 153 Zientek, Cynthia R. 89 Zolner, Richard A. 78 Hey, 1 just started. Good to the Jasf drop. 191 Where ' s (he pic . . . To start with I have an apology to make. It ' s not to you the College community because feel I ' ve done my best to put together a book you will look back at and enjoy. My apology goes to my parents and family whom I lied to. After promising not to, I took on this job as editor. I ' ve had a rough going at Eimhurst and this job puts a lot of extra work on a person. It ' s not easy putting a book to- gether that will cover an entire year and the many per- sonaiities of a school. I came against lots of dead ends, hke people who don ' t feeJ it worthwhile to have a class picture, clubs and organizations that have to be tackled for a picture, photographers who want to do their own thing, a staff of two to do layouts and two more who wanted to, discouraging words because of past year- books, low sells of books, not much money, and frustra- tions because know I ' ve missed many of you out there, just to mention a few. But then again things wilJ be dif- ferent next year, right? 1 do want to thank the staff that backed me, and the book. A special thanks to Linda Moore who put up with my belly aching and did more work than necessary. To my photographers Scott and Erich who were sometimes the cause of my belly aching. To Steve Nestler, our advi- sor, who was always checking up on us and to Dick Moore the representative who was always around when needed. My final thanks goes to the rest of you who have encour- aged me by just saying a few words like: ft looks great already, I like this picture, I want to buy a book. Can I help. Your doing a good job, and I can ' t wait to see the book when it comes. Thanks to all, Ruth Pohlmann 1977 Elms Editor Oh no Yeek, I ' ll get you. THE EDITOR Now for revenge. ' 192 9

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