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TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION PAGE FACULTY PAGE EVENTS PAGE ORGANIZATION PAGE SPORTS PAGE STUDENTS PAGE ' • ' ' ' tw • o-an -see it w?s a task iiat ' rfiost put me in my grafVe PTQl|tin§ fog ther a y cboo . h|u:d work.l y st ltl ' JsS j ji ' ' ' i ' Lii . year was larger than ini ' tfrep st few ears but it was stil+sraafl fof ' th Vmoyw of work that has to cton.es, f w thatThl ' 52 2 " s T - y«ar was larger than m ' mep st lew years out it was siittsr ii Z - ' ok. lias bee i hed. I WAfild Jike lo thank evefycjries- l j. ' Thanks Mr. Ssi ' rJs tor blir glpJ ' H dvisor nd jkilE 4 ' - photograph S; 5cqt4L n,.1a»nSt uey. i ' STi " • - , Won tjie ' mbers who Ijelped jVr.af yjf ay. T,haw u eve one y ??j6|mices we ji ' ' " 2? " ;Weks- ear4 dS , |sentay e M pub1iil in cQ.- ks |- ►Sll of,ybur hefp ' S .tguidance. , 7 PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE THE DEAN OF THE COLLEGE WH Janes Bates - secretary to the Dean Peter Schmiechen - Dean of the college 10 THE DEAN OF STUDENTS Phyllis lovino - secretary to the Dean Dr. Cunningham at one of his many duties as dean BUSINESS OFFICE 13 Roger Carlson - head cook The lunch line treat - a happy face STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE EInor Currie - supervising nurse Joyce Burns - part time nurse 16 RESIDENCE HALLS AND HOUSING STAFF Steve Nestler - Director of housing, auxiliary services and Bob Boyd - head resident Schick hall assistant dean of students, responsibilities include: resident hall operations and programs-, college union operations; summer conference programs; advising college union board Tom Boese - head resident Dinkmeyer hall Catherine Shea - head resident Stanger hall MAIL SERVICE Mr. Dugan - mail supervisor Kaye Weideman MAINTENANCE ! ' - ■ ' - - . - ■- ' - ■ ■ - -■■ : .-• ■rU ' i ' i ' ji f{iiMA - ' - ' iti ' ' ' r )rtAr : ■ - ■ PLACEMENT OFFICE Bonita VanDeveer - secretary to director of placement PUBLIC RELATIONS Keith Haglund - news director 30 RECORDS Mrs. Lake - admistration assistant to dean of college Barbara Nickerson - secretary, Fred Tyrrell - director of evening session records W " Virginia Dyck - clerk, office of advising SECURITY OLLEGE UNION CALENDER COORDINATOR AND SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR Jeanne Spencer - calender coordinator Katherine Kufer - switchboard operator 33 ART A fine arts department. In conjunction with cultural life, organize monthly art exhibits in the college union. These exhibits are devoted to fine arts, instructor not pictured - John Weber Carole Brown - associate professor Richard Paulsen - instructor Sandra Jorgensen - associate professor and chairperson 28 i MUSIC Howard Krueger - professor Paul Westermeyer - assistant professor W John Johnston - assistant professor The department of music offers its students a proper balance of theory and performance in preparation for a career or graduate study, and its individualized instruc- tion is aimed at each student to develop his potential and interest to the fullest. The department offers programs specializing in music education, music business, church music, music therapy and other areas of specific interest to the student. The music department is located in Irion hall and Hammerschmidt chapel and includes a large concert hall, a smaller recital hall, a rehearsal room, classrooms, listening rooms and practice and teaching studios. Organs, pianos harpsichords and band and orchestral instruments are available for student use. An artist faculty of seventeen teachers comprises the in- structional staff. James Sorensen - associate professor and chairperson ;.,ri»i»i i Ma ii iliiiliiii III III iiirlliTfrl I 111- . " ■ ' ' ' " ■ " ' " J " ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " " ' PHILOSOPHY Robert Clark - chairperson Sidney Gross - associate professor THEOLOGY AND RELIGION Ashley Rose - associate professor Armin Limper - chairperson 30 MATHEMATICS GERMAN Lester Caltvedt - acting chairperson FRENCH Paulette Hatmaker - assistant professor Ariane Devaud - chairperson 32 SPANISH AND ITALIAN 33 CHEMISTRY John Ganchoff - professor Robert Glogovsky - chairperson Charles Ophardt - assistant professor Keith Beck - assistant professor Paul Ries - associate professor Robert Rouse - assistant professor 36 PHYSICS Theodore Holliday - acting chairperson HISTORY Walter Burdick - department chairperson Rudolf Schade - part time professor James Mack - part time professor URBAN STUDIES Andrew Prinz - professor and chairperson David Lindberg - associate professor Royal Schmidt - chairperson 40 PSYCHOLOGY I Jack Holbrook - professor Jean Tiacv - associate professor Mary Piech - assistant professor 41 ENGLISH Gordon Couchman - department chairperson William Barclay - professor 42 EDUCATION Micheal Feldman - associate professor Peter Pierro - professor Maryann Heidinger - assistant professor Norman Hoover - associate professor Fredrick Tyrrell - associate professor Ervin Schmidt - department chairperson SOCIOLOGY Earl Elledge - department chairperson PHYSICAL EDUCATION Al Hanke - assistant professor Jon Hawthorne - acting athletic director 1 45 SPEECH AND DRAMA Chuck Schmidt - assistant professor coordinator of Dr. Donald Low - department chairperson liege theater SPEECH CLINIC Sarah Bligh - assistant professor Marjorie Goodban - assistant professor director of clinic Mary Bowen - secretary i 47 48 49 Ill: HOMECOMING 1975 Homecoming king and queen 50 SPRING PLAY THE EFFECTS OF GAMMA RAYS ON MAN-IN-THE-MOON MARIGOLDS TOKYO SPRING QUARTET INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL 56 WITH HEADLINERS THAD JONES AND MEL LEWIS 59 60 61 65 X ' - ■:.]i,,.,tit.jirijui.,u,»i 70 . V 73 Dan Kromeich - Editor ' 76 ELMS Yearbook staff: top row; Ken Duey photographer, Dan Kromeich - editor, Frank Rudder - Eric Addickes - photograph) photographer; front roWi Ruth Pohlmann - ' 77 editor, Linda Moore - ' 77 Assistant editor, Jeanie Bond - layouts, Pat Zaiud - assistant to the editor (Not pictured; Scott Larsen - photo-staff manager) i 77 RELIGIOUS LIFE front row, Stephen Schuette. Mark Lacine, Loren Van Galder, Bryan Pearce, Ken Davis. Nathan Huff, top row. Kathy Robitschek, Ruth Hook. Armin Limper, Gail Reinert, Eileen Mc- Donald. Warren Logan MARANATHA front row. Nathan Huff. Eileen McDonald, Nancy Kluge. Debbie Davidson Barb Evers. Bryan Pearce, top row. Bill Mailing. John Valastyan, David Phipps. John Moriarty. Mark Lacine. Ken Davis. Loren Van Galder. Randy Taylor 78 OUTDOOR RECREATION (formerly STOP) RADIO STATION executive board; Rick Gooby, Dan Luessenhop. Adrlenne Reilly, John Quigley DJ ' s: first row, Kathy McCabe. Adhenne Reilly, John Quigley, Julie White; second row; Rick Gooby, Chris Kurth. Bruce Hill, Fred Braskamp, Barb Smetana, Dan Luesenhop. Glenn Wehrmann; third row, Gregg Bagni, Jane Manary, Armin Norgello, Jerry Conniff, Dane Camp NEWS CASTERS from left to right, Kathy McCabe, Frank Rudder. ENGINEERS from left to r ht, Duane Mil brandl Chns Kurth Randy Taylor. Glenn ' Wehrmann, Barb Smetana, R.ck amp. Barb -tana. Jerry Conn,H . , n r.,„ I ..».»r.u r. Betty We zien. Armm Norgello, lom Jordon Gooby. Jane Manary. Dan Luesenhop L iij e 80 WRSE IN ACTION John Quigley - station manager 81 BROTHERHOOD OF SQUIRES The Brotherhood of Squires is a social- service organization. The social takes place at all of the dances and parties presented by the brotherhood. The service is shown in the different projects done by Squires: Bed race to collect money for muscular dystrophy; grooming the grounds of Bethel united church of christ; and helping out on campus wherever possible. Top rowi Kurt Rust - sentinel, Rich Timpe, Jay Derby, Joe Jandrisits - treasurer, Armin Norgello, Dan Hajek - vice presidenti second row; Glen Faila - pledge master, Gus Nicolopoulos, Ken Duey - chaplain, Mike Barcal, NEW PLEDGES: top row; Armin Norgello, Chas Salerno, front rowj Mike Barcal. Glen Wehrmann, Barry Brueseke Chas Salerno, Barry Brueseke, Glenn Wehrmann, Sean O ' Neal; Kneeling! Kaz Smailis - president, Dave Donegan, Dan Kromeich - secretary SQUIRES BED RACE mm ' ADELPHAE Adelphae is a social-service organization whose goal is to bring resident and commutor women together. We are involved with many ac- tivities in surrounding communities, one of these being a visit to Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital for Easter festivities. We took the Easter Bunny to visit the pediatric and geriatrics wards and dis- tributed easter eggs and candy. Other service ac- tivities include ushering for convocation and commencement exercises, ushering for theatre productions and the Alumni Phone-a-thon. Judy Farsky, Chris Skowron, Mary Zbiegien, Adrienne Neubeck, not pictured-Martine Theodore OMICRON DELTA Omicron Delta is a social-service organization for women at Elmhurst college. Some activities that we were involved in this last year are: Muscular Dystrophy; Blood Drive for Barbara Keane-, F. O. F.i Freshman orienta- tion; Graduation; Faculty tea top rowi Judie Uhlving, Pam Hicke, Maria Marty, Debbie Monica Jones, Roki Mouncei not pictured-Marie Lozado, Sandy Oates, Connie House; front rowi Debbie Aldrich, Donna Meissler, Boyle TAU KAPPA EPSILON AND TKE LITTLE SISTERS Tau Kappa Epsilon is an international frater- nity founded on the true elements of brotherhood, love, charity and esteem. TKE, being an organization on the elmhurst college campus since 1968, has shown its brotherhood through its various soci al and service events it has par- ticipated in the last yean including a raffle, the alumni phonathon, and various parties. This year TKE ' s has adopted a little sister organization. TKEs and sisters run car wash TKE LITTLE SISTERS: front rowi Sheriolyn Curry, Sheri Potts, Karen Schmidt, Sue Brandt. Gail Henquinet, Maggie Hoak, Jeannie Holmes, Guyla Lindsay, Vanessa Thornton, Back row. Sue McNamara, Karen Kozina, Hilda Bauer, Connie House, Kathy Murlowski. Jean Gambma. Dorcas Dvorak, Cindy Jourdon, Kathy Aravosis, Jean DeBoo 86 J HIZ-I I The brotherhood and sisterhood of hiz-i is an organization to service both Elmhurst college students and organizations in the Chicago area. Some of the city social services done were Thanksgiving basket for a needy family and a donation to help cure sickle cell anemia. front rowi Janice Davis, Jerome Jones, Frances Bowman, Alfredo Bouqueti back roWi Michael Dixon. Ann Harvey, Maggie Har- mon, Willie Brantly, Yvonne Jackson i 87 Pepmeiers do a little jlggm ' at Dash for Cash Dave Foss getting down to business CAMPUS LIFE COUNCIL ' •J I 89 PREHEALING ARTS CLUB The club is open to all medically oriented students such as pre-medicine, pre-veternarian, pre-dentistry, medical technology, pre-podiatry, pre-optometry, and nursing. It is to become a local chapter in Alpha Epsilon Delta, the inter- national pre-medical honor society, this year. Chris Kurth-treasurer, Randy Taylor-president, Scott Lowry-vice president. Dr. Beck-Advisor front row, Chris Kurth, Susan Stieninger. White S. Scott Lowry. Bruce Peoples, Maggie Hoak, top row. Scott Keleton, Randy Taylor, second row, Richard H. NG. Joe Plotz, Schoppe. Eric Anderson, Jim Edelman, Andy Seidler 90 EDUCATION CLUB Education club was reinstated on the campus this year under the guidance of Dr. Pierro. The club met once a month and the programs in- cluded guest speakers, panels, and discussions. The topics of the programs covered all aspects of education from student teaching to vocational high schools. front rowi Ann Virruso, Patty Zaiud, Jeanie Bond, Mary Hagerty, Gretchen Allesi second roWi Cheryl Hansen, Karen Remmers, Marsha Pepmeier, Nyna Talbot, Laura Ford, Luann lantriai top roWi Ralph M. Petrella, Michelle Filishio, Brenda Moll, Sharon Giless. Anna Rotunno, Emily Bach, Phillip Skubal ft ' tii OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Membership in ODK is open to both students and to members of the faculty and administration. Student members must rank in the upper 35% of the Junior and Senior class academically and must have exhibited out- standing leadership qualities in at least one of the follow- ing areas: scholarship; athletics; social, service, and religious activities, and campus government; journalism, speech and the mass media; and creative and performing arts. Faculty and administrative members are also selected because of their outstanding contributions in the above mentioned areas. row I: Mrs. Phyllis lovino, Ruth Hook. Jane Paravola, Marian Masa. Wendy Bradbury, Melma Napolitano. Joyce Olson, row 2-. Sue Ingram. Nancy Seyfert, Jean Bracke Etheridge. Susan Steininger, Mary McClure, Deanna Sovai row 3: Daniel Russo, Michael Lo Cicero, llio Andreuccetti, Albert Desimone, Loren Van Galder, Michael Trezise. Kenneth Block, row 4, Charles Mize, Phillip Skubal, John Palumbo, row 5-. John Quigley, Christopher Kurth NOT PICTURED- members of spring class Laura Bilohrud, Ruth Malchow row I: Mark Strothmann. Gail Brinkmeier, Karen Remmers. Lynn Lyons, Robert Sciortino, Karen Maisch, Maureen McGrath, Dr. Rober Clark, row 2-. Marsha Pepmeier. Mr. Robert Swords, row 3: Alan Brinkmeier, Dr. James Cun- nmgham, Allen Etheridge, Joseph Virbickis, Cheryl Heyden, Dr. Ronald Goetz. Stanley Gilchrist, row 4: Dr. Jack Holbrook, Dr. Jean Tracy, row 5: John Bretz, Scott Lowry, Henry Hamm NOT PICTURED-members of charter class, Ronald Miller, Rod Randall, Mark Kyle. Ruth DeBoer, Kenneth Brinker, Darcal Brady 93 SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delta is a national English honorary society. This years events included dinner with John Barth, Dr. Davidson ' s old English poem presentation, a student poetry reading, and the annual end-of-the-year picnic. MEMBERS: Mark Andel Ken Block Jean Chionis Laura Ebbers Robert Garofalo Francis Hanson Sharon Huck Karen Jackson Laura Lasko Caria Newbeck Bill Palmer Janice Poulos Roberta Reed Phil Robbins Daniel Russo Debber Shaffer Nyna Talbot Ann Viroso 95 99 BASKETBALL Co-captains Bruce Cowman and Ken Carwell Standing: Jim Wangler. Rodger Ludwig, Bill Burmann. Eric Mmer. Head coach Jon Hawthorne, Bruce Cowman. Ken Carwell, John Carr, Bryan Beecher, Kaz Smailis. Kurt Rust, John Bretz, Kneelmg: Ron Wellman OPPONENT Concordia 79 77 Wheaton 57 Rockford 74 75 North Central 74 Hope 60 60 North Park 63 Iowa Central 59 43 Carthage 41 Carthage 96 63 Augustana 61 Millikin 70 55 Wheaton 54 Wayne State 74 51 III. Wesleyan 80 Purdue-Cal. 59 81 North Central 77 St. Xavier 68 56 Augustana 75 U.of Mo. at Rolla 77 64 North Park 62 N.E. Mo. State 94 66 Millikin 60 III. Wesleyan 80 78 Carroll 87 Carroll 87 BRUCE COWMAN-CCIW Olivet 101 CHAMP 101 BASEBALL EC OPPONENT 2 St. Xavier 0 Carthage .2 Carthage 3 Wheaton 4 Univ. ofTenn. 0 St. Xavier 7 Univ. of South 18 Univ. of South .24 North Georgia 9 Southern Tech 5 Southern Tech 3 Mercer-Atlanta 6 Mercer-Atlanta 3 Columbus 4 Columbus 10:2 EC OPPONENT 1 Mercer-Macon 8 3 Mercer-Macon 8 2 St.Xavier 5 4 St.Xavier 6 9 Augustana I II Augustana 10 3 Carroll 6 9 IIT 5 2 Ill.Wesleyan I 8 Ill.Wesleyan 7 7 North Park 0 4 North Park 3 7 Aurora 0 16 Millikin 15 7 Millikin II 10 III. Benedictine 13 7 North Central 6 7 North Central 4 9 Northeastern 12 8 Wheaton 2 103 CROSS COUNTRY Schellong Invitational 6th pi ace Judson college 16 EC 43 Aurora college 19 EC 36 Aurora Invitational 13th pi ace Northwestern U. 36 EC 2 Judson Invitational 8th pi ace l.l.T. 20 EC 35 St. Xavier 33 EC 25 Conference Meet 8th pi ace . .. Kerry Evans; voted inost valuable runner 104 106 CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders cheer for all football and basketball games. Their purpose is to promote pep within the school through posters, giant hoops, decorating locker rooms for home games, and through rallies for homecoming. FOOTBALL SQUAD Lizzie Todd-captam, Debbie Faber, Karen Sue Ferino, Chris Hanson, Kim DeBrume, Jeannie DeBoo BASKETBALL SQUAD Lizzie Todd and Karen Sue Ferino-co-captains, Debbie Faber, Teresa Dodd, Jean Holmes, Kim DeBruine, Jeannie DeBoo m 109 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL Team members are; Terry Rogers-coach. Kim Amos-manager, Jaline Bourland, Yvonne Sostand, Brenda Zick. Janet Lachata, Ramona Kaunas, Linda Brazin, Sue Ingram, Gayle Kaye, Nikkl Katsivaus, Sandra Elleby, Jean DeBoo, Sue Brandt. Final record 10-10 (pic. on p. 112) WOMEN ' S TENNIS Team members are: Terry Rogers-coach, Karen Meldman, Carolyn Czupowski, Lora Krug, Sally Mayer, Suzanne Gurgone, Sue Beitel, Sue Ingram. Final record 6-1 (pic. on p. 112) WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Top row: Terry Rogers-coach, Sally Mayer. Yvonne Jackson. Sue Ingrami Bottom row, Kim Amos, Brenda Zick, Pam Abbott, Sue Brandt. Final record 3-12 (not pictured-Jaline Bourland) HOCKEY CLUB III ANGELA V. ARBEITER EMILY MARIE BACH GREGG REAP BAGNI JOANN L. BALDUCCI PSYCHOLOGY ELEMENTARY ED-GERMAN PUBLIC SPEAKING ELEMENTARY EDUCATION LAURA BILOHRUD JEANINE BOND FRANCIS VESTINE BOWMAN LINDA BRAZIN BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUS AD ECONOMICS 113 JOHN CLARK BRETZ BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ALAN BRINKMEIER MUSIC EDUCATION 114 LAURELYN M. CASTELLANI SPEECH PATHOLOGY PEGGY A. COCHRUM NURSING JOHN GREGORY CREEK BIOLOGY mi f Ik JEANNE PAMELA CHIONIS THEATRE-ENGLISH DONALD JOSEPH CONGDON PHYS ED-BIOLOGY A. STEVEN DANIELS MARY T. CHIPS SPANISH PEGGY COAD NURSING JOAN ELLEN COOK PHYSICAL EDUCATION JOAN ANN CORKREU HISTORY JOSEPHINE STEVELLA DAVIS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RANDALL GREG DEGENHART PHYSICAL EDUCATION SUSAN ALEEN DELAPP PSYCHOLOGY WILLIAM ROSS DENWOOD HISTORY BUSINESS AD BILL GLEN DE SCHAAF PHYSICAL EDUCATION DAVE DONEGAN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 115 THOMAS JOSEPH DUFFY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RICHARD MARK DZIEMIELA PSYCHOLOGY-PHYS ED LAURA KAY EBBERS ENGLISH PHILLIP EGEBRECHT CHEMISTRY CYNTHIA LOUISE EVANS NURSING BARBARA ANN FLEER BIOLOGY NANCY A. FARRELL SPEECH PATHOLOGY JUDY ADELE FREY NURSING-GERMAN-PSYCH JUDY P. FARSKY SOCIOLOGY-HISTORY VICTOR F. FRIGO BUSINESS AD-PSYCHOLOGY JANET M. FENDIUS SPEECH PATHOLOGY VICTORIA IRENE GIAGNORIO ENGLISH-SOCIOLOGY STAN LAWSON GILCHRIST HISTORY-POLI SCI-SEC ED OLGA GILDERSLEEVE !=LEMENTARY EDUCATION DAVE GILLIES BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUSAN PATRICIA GOHL CHRISTIAN EDUCATION 116 BRENDA ANNE GRADFORD BUSINESS AD-PSYCHOLOGY TIMOTHY JOHN GRAHAM BUSINESS AD-PSYCHOLOGY ALVIN HARVEY BUSINESS AD-PSYCHOLOGY CHERYL MARTHA HEYDEN PSYCHOLOGY GARY K ILLIG JANINE CLARICE JACKSON LEROY JEMISON NADINE MARIE JOHNSON BIOLOGY ELEMENTARY EDUCATION . URBAN STUDIES ELEMENTARY EDUCATION CHRIS H KURTH LOIS ELYNORE LASCHINSKI MARY ANN LATKO BRUCE WILLIAM LIGHTHALL BIOLOGY-PSYCHOLOGY PHYSICAL EDUCATION BIOPHYSICS GEOGRAPHY 120 SCOTT LOWRY STEVEN F. LUTZ BIOLOGY ACCOUNTING JANE TERESE MANARY JACK MARTIN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ISABEL D. MARTINEZ SPEECH PATHOLOGY JEAN FRANCES MATULIS ART THERAPY THOMAS A. MAURICE CHEMISTRY MICHAEL G. MAXSON PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION JOHN ARTHUR McCARTHY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MARY ANN McCLURE NURSING JAMES F. McCLUSKEY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RON R. MILLER ACCOUNTING MAUREEN McGRATH PSYCHOLOGY-SECONDARY ED i r PAUL ANTON MOLLICONE MUSIC EDUCATION SUSANNE MERTENS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JAMES R. MONTGOMERY BUSINESS AD ECONOMICS UNDA JEAN MILLER SPEECH THERAPY PSYCH RAYMOND CHARLES MORGAN MATHEMATICS PHYSICS JOANNE MARIE MUDRA URBAN STUDIES GEOGRAPHY CHERYL ANN MUELLER ART EDUCATION JAMES EDWARD MUSIOL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MELINA NAPOLITANO GEOGRAPHY URBAN STUDIES CRAIG MORRIS PEINE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MARSHA JANE PEPMEIER ELEMENTARY ED-PSYCHOLOGY MARILYN PERRY RALPH MICHAEL PETRELLA GENERAL SPEECH DAVID ROBERT REISNER MARKETING BUSINESS AD SPIEDER MANN MARKETING KATHERINE R. RICHARDSON SOCIOLOGY DANIEL R. RUSSO ENGLISH GLENN ROBERT SCHOENHEIDER BIOLOGY ARLYNN RUTH SISKA NURSING-PSYCHOLOGY DOLORES MAE RODINA ANNA ROSE ROTUNNO DONALD LARUE RUSSELL ACCOUNTING ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SOCIOLOGY-URBAN STUDIES LAUREN K SCHUSTER JANE RUTH SCHWEBKE LINDA KAY SEEFELDT SPEECH PATHOLOGY BIOLOGY BUSINESS ECONOMICS BERNADETTE MARY SLOVITT SPEECH PATHOLOGY-EL ED BARBARA J. SMETANA GERMAN-ENGLISH DEANNA LYNN SOVA ART-PSYCHOLOGY RHONDA LYNN STECH SPEECH PATHOLOGY-PSYCH NANCY STINNETT HEIDI MARIE STREEKY POL SCIENCE-ENGLISH MARK M. STROTHMANN THEOLOGY-PHILOSOPHY MICHAEL PATRICK VAUGHN POL SCIENCE-SOCIOLOGY THOMAS J. VEROW PSYCHOLOGY-BUS ADM JOSEPH A. VIRBICKIS PSYCHOLOGY SABINE C. VORKOEPER BIOLOGY-GERMAN GERALD WALKER BUSINESS AD-ECONOMCIS LOU ANN WARD NURSING-PSYCHOLOGY ROBERT WEISHEIT THOMAS JAY WELTER BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GEORGE DAVID WISSER BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION THEODORE F. ZBIEGIEN, JR. BIOLOGY ZDENKA JEAN ZIDLICKY FRENCH DEBORAH CUMMENS ZOPP SOCIOLOGY-PSYCHOLOGY SENIOR ACTIVITIES MARISUE ADAMS: DAVE ANDERSON: ILIO ANDREUCETTh melrose park, ill.-, transferred 73; omicron delta kappa 74-75,75-76, psi chi 75-76; soccer club 75-76, pi gamma mu 75-76 LORI ANTCZAK: cicero. ill. ANGELA ARBEITER: wheaton. ill. EMILY MARIE BACH: melrose park, ill.-, deans list 72-73,73- 74.74- 75; education club 75-76 GREGG READ BAGNh wood dale, ilL, WRSE-fm 74-75 station manager JOANN L. BALDUCCI: hinsdale, ill.; education club 75-76 LLOYD JAMES BARKER: river forest, ill. WILLIAM P. BARTILOTTA JR.: itasca, ill.; hockey club 73-74,74- 75.75- 76 BARBARA BENJAMINSEN: lombard. ill.; teacher education committee 73-74; national honor society committee 74-75 secretary; education club 75-76 TED M. BIHUN: berwyn. ill. LAURA BILOHRUD: berwyn, ill.; beta beta beta 74-75.75-76; psi chi 74-75 treasurer, e.c. honor society 74-75, 75-76; choral union 75-76; ski club 75-76 JEANINE BOND: anacortes, wash; polyhemnia 72-73; newspaper 72-73; choir 72-73,73-74; pom-poms 73-74; choral union 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76; jazz festival 73-74,74-75; stu- dent manager, 75-76; student leader 73-74,74-75.75-76; deans list 74-75; yearbook 75-76; education club 75-76 FRANCES BOWMAN: Chicago, ill.; hiz-i 72-73.73-74.74-75 sec. 75-76 sec.; black choir 72-73.73-74.74-75; pom-poms 72-73.73- 74.74- 75; WRSE-fm 72-73 LINDA BRAZIN: lemont, ill.; varsity volleyball 73-74.74-75.75- 76 captain; pom-poms 75-76 JOHN CLARK BRETZ: Romeoville. III.; basketball 72-73.73- 74,74.75,75-76, track 73-74,74-75; cross country 74-75; delta mu delta 74-75,75-76; omicron delta kappa 74-75-76 ALAN BRINKMEIER: lena, ill.; football 72-73.73-74.74-75.75-76; e.c. choir v.p. 72-73.73-74. pres. 74-75.75-76; music education comm 72-73.73-74.74-75.75-76; menc 72-73.73-74,74-75.75-76; teacher education comm 74-75,75-76; housing staff 74-75 ra, 75-76 head resident GAIL KASPERSKI BRINKMEIER: elmhurst. ill.; jazz festival 72- 73.73- 74,74-75,75-76; free university 73-74,74-75; choral union 73- 74,74-75.75-76; womens honorary 74-75.75-76 pres.; omicrin delta kappa 75-76 vp; psi chi 74-75,75-76; housing staff 74- 75 ra, 75-76 head resident DEBRA ANN BROWN: buffalo grove, ill.; adelphae 72-73,73-74 treasurer; deans list 73-74,74-75 DONNA BUTURUSIS: oak park. ilL KARIN M. BYRNE: addison, ill.; psi chi 75-76 PATRICIA CARROTHERS: palatine, ill,; intramurals 73-74,74- 75.75- 76; dorm council 73-74 PATRICIA CARO: bellwood, ill.; womens honorary 72-73.73- 74.74- 75.75-76; girls basketball 73-74; honorary com 72-74 SENIOR ACTIVITIES LAURELYN CASTELLAN!: glen ellyn, ill; nssha 74-75,75-76 JEANNE CHIONIS: oak lawn, ill: theta alpha phi 74-75,75-76 sec; Sigma tau delta 74-75,75-76 MARY CHIPS: des planes, ill; choral union 73-74,74-75; educa- tion club 75-76 PEGGY COAD: campaign ill; campus life council 73-74; stu- dent leader 73-74; jay board 74-75 PEGGY COCHRUM: roselle, ill; maranatha 73-74,74-75,75-76 DONALD CONGDON: Chicago, ill; athletic life 73-74.74-75,75- 76; baseball 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76; WRSE-fm news broad- caster 74-75,75-76 JOAN ELLEN COOK: villa park, ill JOAN CORKREAU: wheaton. ill JOHN CREEK: napet ille, ill A. STEPHEN DANIELS: park ridge, ill JOSEPHINE DAVIS: Chicago, ill RANDALL DEGENHART: kankakee, ill; preators 72-73; football manager 73-74,74-75,75-76; wrestling 72-73,73-74.74-75,75-76 SUSAN DELAPP: villa park, ill; transferred 75 WILLIAM DENWOOD: glen ellyn, ill; econ S bus club 75-76; ski club 75-76 president BILL DESHAAF: Chicago, ill; baseball 73-74.74-75 THOMAS DUFFY: park ridge, ill; tennis 73-74 RICHARD DZIEMIELA: Chicago, ill; football 72-73; baseball 72- 73.73- 74.74-75.75-76 captain; praetors 72-73 LAURA EBBERS: cicero. ill; choir 73-74; choral union 74-75; Sigma tau delta 74-75,75-76 sec; womens honorary 74-75;75- 76; cultural life 75-76; deans list 73-74,74-75.75-76 PHILLIP EGEBRECHT: skokie, ill; track 72-73,73-74.74-75,75-76; cross country 74-75,75-76; american chemical society 73- 74.74- 75 sec. 75-76; WRSE-fm 73-74 engineer; stop 73-74.75-76 CYNTHIA EVANS: planefield, ill; jay board 75-76 NANCY FARRELL: villa park, ill; transferred 74 JUDY FARSKY: Chicago, ill; social life 74-75,75-76; stop 74- 75.75- 76 JANET FENDIUS: des plaines, ill; nssha 74-75,75-76 BARBARA FLEER: bensenville. ill JUDY FREY: forest park, ill; polyhemnia 72-73; choir 73-74 VICTOR FRIGO: elmhurst, ill; WRSE-fm 72-73 engineer VICTORIA GIAGNORIO: villa park, ill STAN GILCHRIST: Washington dc; black affairs 73-74,74-75,75- 76; religious life 73-74,74-75; WRSE-fm 73-74; pi gamma mu 74- 75,75-76; black choir 74-75 vp; judicial board 75-76; mens honorary 74-75; omicron delta kappa 75-76; a raisin in the sun 75 OLGA GILDERSLEEVE: summit, ill DAVE GILLIES SUSAN GOHL: des plaines, ill BRENDA GR ADFORD: evanston. ill; black choir 72-73,73- 74,74-75,75-76; housing staff 74-75,75-76 ra; cic liquor com- mittee 75-76 TIMOTHY GRAHAM: lincolnwood, ill; football 75-76 def half KIM GUIDRY: Chicago, ill; black choir; hiz-i; social life MARY HAGERTY: elmhurst. ill; education club 75-76 DANIEL HAJEK: brookfield, ill; squires 72-73,73-74,74-75, pledge master 75-76 vp; cIc 74-75,75-76; social life 74-75; track 73-74.74-75,75-76; football 75-76 HENRY HAMM: new brunswick. nj; sigma tau delta 73-74.74- 75,75-76 treasurer; theta alpha phi 72-73.73-74.74-75,75-76 president; chancel players 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76 ALVIN HARVEY: bellwood. ill; bus club 75-76 CHERYL HEYDEN: prospect heights, ill; choral union 72-73.73- 74.74- 75.75-76; womens honorary 74-75.75-76; psi chi 74- 15:15-16 vp; band 74-75; deans list 72-73.73-74.74-75.75-76; pigamma mu 75-76; omicron delta kappa 75-76 BRUCE HILL: arlington heights, ill; WRSE-fm 72-73,73-74,74- 75.75- 76 sports director; geography club 74-75,75-76 treasurer; athletic life 74-75; housing staff 74-75,75-76 ra; jazz festival 73- 74.74- 75,75-76 publicity, newspaper 75-76; baseball 72-73 KEVIN HOAK: woodstock, ill; tke 72-73,73-74,74-75 pledge trainer, 75-76 chaplain; student leader 75-76 RUTH HOOK: Chicago, ill; religious life 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76; choral union 74-75,75-76 CONNIE HOUSE: joliet, ill; omictron delta 74-75,75-76 pres education club 75-76 SHARON HUCK: wheaton, ill; sigma tau delta 74-75,75-76 JOAN HUFF: winfield, ill NATHAN HUFF: elmhurst, ill; choir 74-75; religious life 75-76; maranatha 73-74,74-75,75-76 MARIAN HUNTER: glen ellyn, ill; education club 75-76 GARRY ILLIG: wood dale, ill; tke 74-75.75-76 JANINE JACKSON: Chicago, ill; hiz-i 72-73.73-74.74-75 sec. 75- 76; black affairs 72-73.73-74.74-75.75-76; teacher education committee 74-75.75-76 LEROY JEMISON: Chicago, ill; black affairs 72-73.73-74.74- 75.75- 76; hiz-i 73-74.74-75.75-76 NADINE JOHNSON: oak park, ill; transferred 73 DEBORAH JONES: Chicago, ill; black choir 72-73.73-74.74-75 director, hiz-i 72-73,73-74,74-75 RALPH JONES: wheaton, ill; bus S econ club 75-76 pres; col republicans 74-75,75-76; theater 74-75 KEVIN SMITH: Philadelphia, penn; tke 73-74,74-75.75-76 presi- dent JAN KORANDA: naperville. ill; transferred 74 KATHLEEN KREML: oak park, ill; deans list 72-73.73-74,74- 75,75-76; womens volleyball 74-75; womens b-ball 74-75 LAURA KRUEGER: Chicago, ill LORA KRUG: barrington, ill; track S field 74-75; tennis 75-76 ELIZABETH KUHN: hickory hills, ill; nssha 74-75,75-76 pres CHRIS KURTH: glendale, mi; WRSE-fm 72-73.73-74.74-75 dj, 75-76 bus man, prehealing arts 72-73,73-74.74-75.75-76 LOIS LASCHINSKI: palatine, ill, transferred 74 MARY ANN LASKO: villa park, ill, cIc 74-75,75-76, cheerleaders 72-73, cultural life 72-73, pom-poms 72-73, ski club 72-73,73-74, stop 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76, WRSE-fm 72- 73,73-74 prod man, tennis 74-75, basketball 74-75, track 74- 75,75-76 BRUCE LIGHTHALL: arlington heights, ill, tke 72-73.73-74 chaplain, 74-75 vp, 75-76, cross country 72-73, gamma theta upsilon 73-74,74-75,75-76, golf 74-75 SOOK LEE: Chicago, ill CHESTER LESURE: Chicago, ill GUYLA LINDSEY: carol strain, ill, newspaper 75-76, order of diana 75-76 .JIM [ B W tWmHttH tlMtMl Ml fltWIIftmiimtyiiiin LINDA LIVERTON: addison. ill SCOTT LOWRY: Chicago heights, ill; jazz band 72-73; football 72-73,73-74.74-75.75-76; hockey 72-73.73-74.74-75,75-76; hous- ing staff 74-75,75-76 ra; preheal arts 75-76 STEVEN LUTZ: olathe, kan; bus S econ club 75-76; theater 74- 75,75-76 CAROL MAGNUSEN: lombard, ill RUTH MALCOW: thedford, neb; band 74-75,75-76 librarian; choir 74-75.75-76; jazz band 74-75.75-76; menc 74-75.75-76; theater 75-76 JANE MANARY: medinah, ill; band 73-74; bus § econ club 74- 75 vp, 75-76; WRSE-fm 73-74,74-75,75-76; ski club 74-75,75-76 JACK MARTIN ISABEL MARTINAZ: miami, fla; social life 73-74; nssha 75-76 JEAN MATULIS: elmhurst, ill-, womens honorary 74-75,75-76; maranatha 74-75,75-76 THOMAS MAURICEr-roselle, ill; am chemical society 72-73,73- 74J4-75 vp; student leader 74-75,75-76 MICHAEL MAXSON: elmhurst, ill: yearbook 74-75,75-76 JOHN MCCARTHY: west Chester, ill MARY ANN McCLURE: streator, ill; social life 72-73,73-74; religious life 72-73,73-74:74-75 sec, 75-76; cic 73-74; maranatha 72-73,73-74,74-75.75-76: polyhemnia 72-73 JAMES McCLUSKEY: melrose park, ill MAUREEN McGRATH: pom-poms 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76 co- captain; union board 72-73; social life 72-73,73-74; cultural life 72-73; psi chi 75-76; omicron delta kappa 75-76; housing staff 74-75,75-76 ra; student leader 73-74,74-75,75-76 SUSANNE MERTENS: vill park, ill; transferred 74 LINDA MILLER: lombard, ill; pom-poms 73-74,74-75,75-76 co- captain; nssha 73-74,74-75,75-76 RON MILLER: mchenry, ill; e club 74-75,75-76 pres; mens honorary 75-76; baseball 75-76; football 74-75,75-76 cap PUAL MOLLICONE: hazel crest, ill; band 72-73,73-74,74-75,75- 76 vp; choir 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76 JAMES MONTGOMERY: broadview, ill RAYMOND MORGAN: oak park, ill; judicial board 75-76; deans list 72-73,73-74,74-75 JOANNE MUDRA: Chicago, ill CRAIG PEINE: miner, ill MARSHA PEPMEIER: salem, mo; polyhemnia 72-73; social life 72-73,73-74; union board 74-75 sec, 75-76 chairperson; jazz festival 73-74,74-75 student manager, 75-76; education 75-76; omicron delta kappa 75-76 MARILYN PERRY RALPH PETRELLA: addison, ill MARIO PETRI GLADYS PINERO: Chicago, ill WILLIAM POLIVKA: stickney, ill; football 72-73,73-74,74-75,75- 76; praetors 72-73; track 72-73,73-74 DONALD RATHJE: addison, ill; delta mu delta 75-76 vp JOHN RAUEN: hinsdale, ill; hockey club 74-75; tri beta 73- 74,74-75,75-76 KENNY REEVES DAVID REISNER: glenview, ill; tke 75-76 KATHERINE RICHARDSON: wheaton, ill; transferred 74 DOLORES RODINA: lagrange, ill; bus econ club 75-76 ANNA ROTUNNO: villa park, ill; education club 74-75J5-76 DONALD RUSSELL: Chicago, ill DANIEL RUSSO: Chicago, ill; WRSE 72-73; yearbook 72-73; newspaper 72-73,73-74 co-editor, 74-75 edito, 75-76; union board 73-74,74-75,75-76 vice chairperson; special events board 75-76 chairperson; deans list 73-74,74-75,75-76; education club 75-76 publicity chairperson JOHN SALADINO: norridge. ill NADIA SAWULA: northlake, ill; transferred 74 JOHN SCHNEIDER GLENN SCHOENHEIDER; evergreen park, ill LAUREN SCHUSTER: norridge, ill; nssha 75-76 JANE SCHWEBKE: glen ellyn, ill; tri beta 74-75; honor society 74-75,75-76 LINDA SEEFELDT: lombard, ill; transferred 74 ARLYNN SISKA: villa park, ill; psi chi 74-75,75-76 BERNADETTE SLOVITT: arlington heights, ill; nssha 74-75,75- 76 vp; education club 75-76 BARBARA SMETANA: cicero, ill; WRSE-fm dj 72-73,73-74,74- 75,75-76; cIc 74-75 choie 74-75,75-76; newspaper 72-73; theater 72-73,75-76; maranatha 72-73, school bluejay mascot 75-76 DEANNA SOVA: steger, ill RHONDA STECH: berwyn, ill; nssha 73-74,74-75,75-76 NANCY STINNETT HEIDI STREEKY: mt. prospect, ill; pi gamma mu 73-74,74-75,75- 76 pres; sigma tau delta 75-76; newspaper 75-76 MARK STROTHMANN: caterville, ill; religious life 72-73; WRSE-fm 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76; cIc 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76 honor society 74-75; omicron delta kappa 74-75,75-76 pres; student leader 73-74,75-76 KAREN STRYKER: oak park, ill; adelphae 73-74; deans list 73- 74.74- 75,75-76 SHARON SVEC: berwyn, ill; cheerleaders 73-74 NINA TALBOT: lagrange, ill; english honorary 74-75 sec, 75-76; womens honorary 74-75,75-76; education club MARY TARMAN: elmhurst, ill; nssha 75-76; psi chi 75-76 RANDY TAYLOR: bridgeview, ill; pre-healing arts 73-74 treasurer, 74-75 sec, 75-76 pres; WRSE-fm newscaster 73-74,74- 75.75- 76; maranatha 74-75,75-76; mens honorary 74-75,75-76 JUDY TROST JOHN VALASTIAN: Chicago, ill; basketball 75-76 team manager MARTHA VANLIEROP: elmhurst, ill; WRSE-fm newscaster 73- 74,74.75. bellchoir 74-75; choir 73-74,74-75; religious life 73- 74:74-75 sec; nssha 73-74,74-75,75-76 MICHAEL VAUGHN: niles. ill THOMAS VEROW JOSEPH VIRBICKIS: westmont, ill; honor society 74-75,75-76 mens honorary 74-75,75-76; psi chi 74-75,75-76 pres SAVINE VORKOEPER: bloomingdale, ill; stop 73-74,74-75; tri beta 75-76; yearbook 73-74; honor society 74-75,75-76 GERALD WALKER: Chicago, ill; hiz-i 72-73,73-74,74-75 pres, 75- 76; black choir 72-73,73-74,74-75,75-76; cIc 73-74; wrestling 72- 73,74-75 LOU SANN WARD: elmhurst, ill ROBERT WEISHEIT THOMAS WELTER: farmington hills, mich; praeters 72-73,73- 74; football 72-73 DAVID WISSER: berkley, ill; bus econ club 75-76 TED ZBEIGIEN: hinsdale, ill; tke 73-74,74-75.75-76 treasurer; tri beta 74-75.75-76; pre-healing arts 73-74 ZDENKA ZIDLICKY: oswego, ill; junior yesr abroad 74-75 DEBORAH ZOPP: desplaines, ill; transferred 74 132 133 JimCopp Kenneth Davis Jenny Devaud Ken Duey James Engelskirchen Mary Ferrara Karen Fisher David Foss Joan Fraser Gary Fricano !aikiJ-riiW «ft«iiii jti« li., -.i;; jtrtUktti a «iiiihf ' itblii{WM ;..i:i.l Fred Frigo Mary Frohne Frank Gentile Claudia Goggin Monicque Gremlllion Warren Logan Daniel Luessenhop Karen Maisch Maria Marty JeffMaziarek Robin Muirheid Kathy Murlowski Gilber Murquia jr. Jerri Nance Nancy Schmitz Lynn Warskow Julie White 143 144 Barbara Graue Darrick Griffin Rachel Griffin Debbie Groover Richard Gulbrandsen Dennise Haynesworth Mike Heavington Crystal Hedgley Linda Hoglund Nancy Meinicke Bob Mendez Colleen Mines Thomas Mitchinson Roki Mounce 148 149 STUDENT AND Abbott, Pamela-IIO Adams, Marisue-113 Addante, Joseph-143 Adkickes, Erich-49,II2.II4 Aldrich, Deb-85 Alles, Gretchen-91 Amos, Kimberly-IIO Andel, Mark-136 Anderson, Dave-113 Anderson, Eric-90 Andreuccetti, llio-92,113 Antczak. Lorraine-113 Aravosis, Kathryn-86,142 Arbeiter, Angela-113 Argianas, Charles-130 Ashjian, Cynthia-142 Austin, Charles-88,136 Bach, Emily-91,113 Bagni, Gregg-80.II3 Balgemann, Mary-136 Balducci, Joann-113 Barcal. Michael-82.108 Barker, Lloyd-113 Bartelt, Susan-142 Bartilota. William-113 Bartosik, Dave-108,130 Bates, William-142 Bauer, Hildegard-86,130 Baul, Deb-143 Beardsley, Louanne-142 Behle, Chnstine-130 Behnken, Linda-130 Behnken, Susan-142 Beltel, Susan-130 Belz, Christme-142 Benjaminsen, Barbara-113 Berglmg, Gary-136 Berim, Deborah-136 Biancarde, Van Ness-142 Bistek, Scott-142 Bihun, Ted-113 Bilohrud, Laura-113 Bizer. Douglas-88,136 Block, Kenneth-92 Bond, Jeanine-77.9I,II3 Boothe, Samuel-80,142 Both, Diane-130 Bouquet, Alfredo-87 Bourland. Jaline-130 Bowman, Frances-87,113 Bradbury, Wendy-92 Brandt, Suzan-86,110 Brantley, Willie-87,130 Braskamp, Frederick-80 Bratthauer, Steven-130 Brazin, Lmda-113 Brazones, James-114 Bretz, John-92. 100,114 Brinkerhoff. Mark-136 Brmkmeier, Alan-92.II4 Brinkmeier, Gail-92,114 Broersma, Carole-130 Brown, Debra-114 Brown, Theresa-136 Bruder, Elizabeth-130 Brueseke, Barry-82,135 Buck, Cindy-136 Burdin, James-136 Burger, Larry- 142 Buturusis, Donna-114 Byrne, Karjn-114 Camp, Erik-136 Camp, Dane-80,142 Campbell, William-143 Carlin, Shawn-136 Carlstedt, Suzanne-130 Carr, John-100,130 Carrothers. Patrlcia-114 Carto, Patricia-114 Cartwright, Jeffrey-143 Carwell, Kenneth-lOO CastellanI, Laura-115 Chaney, Melvm-143 Chllds, Alexander-143 Chionis, Jeanne-115 Chips, Mary-115 Chrlstensen, Marie-136 Christofaro, Anthony-136 Coad, Peggy-115 Cochrum, Peggy-115 Congdon, Donald-115 Conlff, Jerry-80 Cook, Joan-115 Cooper, Kathy-143 Copp, James-88,137 Corkreu, Joan-115 Cothran, James-143 Courtney, Russell-153 Cowman, Clark-89 Cowman, Bruce-100,101 Crawford, Richard-143 Creek, John-115 Crippen. Sandra-130 Cronin, Vlatthew-143 Curry, Sheriolyn-86,143 Curylo, Gerald-131 Czupowski. Carolyn-131 Damico, Thomas-131 Daniels, Steven-115 Dargan, Morgan-143 Davidson, Deborah-78,143 Davis, Janice-87 Davis, Josephjne-115 Davis, Kenneth-78,89,137 Davis, Valerje-143 Day, Diane-143 Deatrick, Karen-143 Deboo, Jean-86 Debruine, Kimberly-143 Degenhart. Randall-106,115 Delapp, Susan-115 Denwood, William-115 Derango, Davld-131 Derby, Jay-82 Deschaff, William-115 Deslmone, Albert-92,131 Dessem, Mark-143 Devaud, Jenny-137 Dicinto, Maddalena-143 Didyk, Olga-144 Dixon, Michael-87,144 Dodd, Teresa- 140 Donegan, David-82,115 Drager, Mark-88 Dries, Cathy-131 Duey, Kenneth-77,82,137 Duffy, Thomas-116 Dunn, Sharon-131 Dvorak, Dorcas-86,144 Dwyer, Blandon-144 Dzmiemiela, Richard-116 Early, Mark-131 Ebbers, Laura-116 Eddington. Michelle-144 Edelman, James-90 Egebrecht, Philllp-104.116 Einhaus, Margaret-144 Engelskirchen, James-88,137 Erickson, Roxanne-144 Ettwein, Sylvia-137 Eukovich, Thomas-131 Evans, Cynthia-116 Evans, Kerry-104,137 Evans, Robert-144 Evers, Barbara-78,144 Fabers, Deborah-108,137 Failla, Glenn-82,137 Farrell, Nancy-116 Farsky, Judy-84,116 Fasoli, Elaine-131 Fenduis, Janet-116 Ferino, Karen Sue-108,137 Ferrara, Mary-137 Filishio, Michelle-91 Fisher, Karen-137 Flanagan. Jean-144 Flanigan, James-144 Fleer, Barbara-116 Flint. Alecia-144 Ford, Laura-91 Foss. David-88,137 Eraser. Joan-137 Frey. Judy-116 Fricano. Gary-137 Frigo. Fred-138 Frigo, Victor-116 Frohne, Mary-138 Frustini, Grace-144 Gallyot. Christine-144 Gambina. Jean-86, 144 Gauer, Davld-144 Gentile Jr., Frank-138 Gesler, Reld-144 Giacalone, Petrina-144 Giagnorlo, Victoria-116 Giambalvo, Darryl-88 Gilchrist, Stanley-92,116 Gildersleeve, Olga-116 Giless. Sharon-91 Gillies, Dave-116 Giroud. Hortensia-144 Goebel, Geoffrey-114 Goggin, Claudia-138 Gohl, Susan-116 Gooby, Richard-80 Gradford, Brenda-117 Graham, Tim-117 Grauf, Barbara-145 Gremillion, Monicque-138 Griffin, Darrell-145 Griffin, Rachel-145 Groover, Deb-145 Guidry, Kim-89,117 Gulbrandsen, Rich-145 Gurgone, Suzanne-131 Haeger, Diane-138 Hagerty, Mary-91,117 Hajek. Danlel-82, 108,111,117 Hamm, Henry-92,117 Hammen, Philip-104 Hansen, Cheryl-91 Hanson, Chrlstina-138 Harley, Jennifer-138 Harmon, Magdalene-87 Harper, Denise-131 Harmann, John-131 Harvey, Alvln-117 Harvey, Annle-87 Hasner, Mary-131 Hatlak, James-145 Hauschild. Richard-138 Haynesworth, Deneise-145 Heal, Cynthla-131 Heavington, Mike-145 Hedgley, Crystal-145 Heyden. Cheryl-92.II7 Hicke. Pamela-85 Hill. Bruce-48.80,II8 Hill, Thomas-132 Hoak, Kevin-48-ll7 Hoak, Margaret-90,132 Hoglund, Linda-145 Holmes, Jeanne-86,145 Hook, Ruth-78,92,118 House, Connie-85,86.118 Huck. Sharon-118 Huff. Lisa-145 Huff, Nathan-78.II8 Hunter, Marian-118 Hyde, Jeanne-145 Hyland, Karen-145 lantrla, LuAnn-91 llllg. Garry-119 Ingram. Sue-92.IIO 150 FACULTY INDEX Ivy, Winfred-138 Jackson, Janine-119 Jackson, Yvonne-87,110,132 James, Leslie-145 Jandrisits, Joseph-82,138 Januszewski, Robert-88 Jemison, Leroy-119 Johnson, Nadine-119 Johnson, Steven-132 Jonas, Maureen-145 Jones, Deborah-119 Jones, James-132 Jones, Jerome-87,145 Jones, Monica-85,138 Jones, Scott-145 Jordon, Thomas-80 Jourdan, Cynthia-86,145 Karas, James-145 Kaszas, Noel-132 Kaszuba, James-48,89 Kaunas, Romona-145 Kaye, Gayle-48,89,132 Keith, Kevin-119 Kenealy, David-145 Kennedy, William-145 Kielbasa, Carole-145 Kirby, Kenneth-132 Kirchen, Mary-145 Kluge, Nancy-78,146 Kodidek. Kimberly-146 Konrad, Mary-146 Koranda, Janice-119 Korbai, Attila-138 Kozina, Karen-86 KremI, Kathleen-119 Kromeich, Daniel-2,77,82,138 Krueger, Laura-119 Krug, Lora-119 Kuhn, Elizabeth-119 Kupfer, Diand-146 Kurth, Christopher-80,90,92. 119 Kyle, Christean-132 Lacine, Mark-78,89,133 Larsen, John-104 Larsen, Scott-77,138 Laschlnski, Lois-119 Lasko, Laura-132 Latko, Mary-119 Laut, Eric-146 Lee, Kenneth-146 Lee, Ml- 146 Lee, Sook-120 Lemons, Byron-146 Lesure, Chester-120 Lewis, Melody-146 Lid, Glenn-146 Liewehr, Marcia-138 Lighthall, Mary-132 Likosar, Scott-132 Lindsay, Thomas-88,146 Lindsey, Guyla-86,120 Linhart, Susan-146 Lipensky, Donna-138 Lippner, Thomas-132 Liverton, Linda-120 Livoisi, Salvo-88 LoCicero, Michael-76,89,92, 132 Logan, Warren-78,139 Londos, James-146 Lowery, Adrienne-146 Lowry, Scott-90,92, 108,121 Ludwig, Roger -100,132 Luessenhop, Daniel-80,89,139 Lundquist, John-146 Luscombe, Gregory-146 Lutz, Steven-121 Lyons, Lynn-92,133 Magnusen, Carol-121 Maisch, Karen-92,139 Malchow, Ruth-121 Mailing, William-78,146 Manary, Jane-80,121 Maney, Kathleen-133 Marasco, Judith-146 Markiewicz, Sharon-146 Martin, Jack-121 Martinez, lsabel-48,121 Marty, Marla-85,139 Masa, Marian-92,133 Mason, Thomas-133 Matulis, Jean-121 Maurice, Thomas-122 Maxson, Michael-122 Mayer, Sally-IIO Maziarek, Jeffery-139 McAlpin, Barbara-139 McCabe, Kathy-80,139 McCarthy, John-122 McCarthy, Patricia-146 McClure, Mary-92,122 McCluskey, James-122 McDonald, Eileen-78,89,143 McGovney, Scott-133 McGrath, Maureen-92,122 McGuire, Fredrick-146 McMillen, Elizabeth-133 McNamara, Susanne-86 McWilliams, Susan-143 Meinicke, Nancy-146 Mendez, Robert-88,146 Mertens, Barbara-122 Meschick, John-139 Mesker, Sharon-139 Meyer, David-133 Mhlanga, Catherine-139 Mhlanga, Martha-139 Miessler, Donna-85 Millbrandt, Duane-80 Miller, Linda-122 Miller, Ronald-122 Miner, Erick-100,139 Mines, Colleen-146 Mitchinson, Thomas-147 Mize, Charles-76,89,92,133 Molinaro, John-133 Moll, Brenda-91,139 Mollicone, Paul-122 Montgomery, Robert-122 Moore, Linda-77,133 Morgan, Raymond-122 Moriarty, John-78 Morocco, John-114 Moten, Kyle-133 Mounce, Roki-85,147 Mozdren, Diane-133 Mudra, Joanne-122 Mueller, Cheryl-122 Mueller, Timothy-147 Miurheid, Robin-139 Murguia, Gilbert-139 Murlowski, Kathy-86,139 Murphy, Sheila-133 Musillami, Katherine-147 Musiol, James-122 Myjak, Robert-147 Nancy, Jerri-139 Napolitano, Melina-92,122 Nero, Regina-133 Neubeck, Carla-84,139 Newton, John-123 NG, Richard-90 Nicolopoulos, Gus-82, 108,111, 123 Norgello, Armin-80,82 Oas, Vickie-133 Oates, Deborah-85,123 Offutt, Kermit-88 Ogden, Thomas-140 Ogolsky, Phillip-123 Olson, Joyce-92,133 Oneill, Sean-82 Opar, Debra-147 Orton, Luanne-123 Otuzlu, Gulten-133 Ovan, Milos-147 Palace, Steve-123 Palmer, Bruce-133 Palmer, Oliver-123 Palmer, Sandra-147 Palumbo, John-89,92,133 Paravola, Jane-92 Paravola, Thomas-140 Partyka, George-147 Patterson, Peggy-76,89,133 Patz, Janet-147 Patz, Susan-140 Pearce, Bryan-78,123 Peine, Craig-124 Peoples, Bruce-90,140 Pepmeier, Mark-88,140 Pepmeier, Marsha-88,91,92,124 Perry, Marilyn-124 Petrella, Ralph-91,124 Petri, Mario-124 Phillips, David-140 Phipps, David-78,147 Picerno, Susan-140 Pinero, Gladys-124 Pipes, Barbara-140 Pisano, Peter-140 Placek, Laura-147 Plass, Julie-133 Plotz, Joseph-90 Pohlmann, Ruth-77,89.133 Polivka, William-124 Potts, Sherry-86 Prieto, Dave-147 Quigley, John-80,92,133 Raleigh, Thomas-147 Ransford, Richard-147 Rasche, Lisa-134 Rathje, Don-124 Raven, John-124 Reeves, Kenneth-124 Reid, Ruth-134 Reilly, Adrienne-80,84,140 Reinert, Gail-78,140 Reisner, Dave-124 Remmers, Karen-91,92,134 Rhode, John-134 Richardson, Katherine-125 Ritter, Diane-134 Rizzo, Candice-147 Robitschek, Kathleen-78,140 Rodina, Dolores-125 Romano, Michael-134 Rotunno, Anna-91,125 Rouse, Michael-147 Rowe, Douglas-147 Rudder, Franklin-77,80,140 Russell, Donald-125 Russo, Daniel-92,125 Rust, Kurt-82,100,134 Saidat, Dennis-147 Saladino, John-125 Salerno, Chuck-82 Sargeant, Wendy-138 Sawula, Nadia-125 Scamarcia, Mike-88,147 Scannicchio, Nicholas-148 Schelton, Henry-89 Schmidt, Karen-86 Schmit, Nancy-140 Schneider, John-125 Schoenheider, Glenn-125 Scholl. Robin-148 Schoppe, Scott-90,141 Schroder, Laurie-134 Schude, Jerome-148 Schuette, Stephen-78,141 Schuster, Lauren-125 Sciortino, Robert-92 131 INDEX CONTINUED Scott, Jennifer-141 Seefeldt, Linda-125 Seidler, Andy-90.138 Seyfert, Nancy-92,134 Shepler, Mark-88,141 Shields. Lynne-134 Shock, Bertha-138 Shoults, Patricia-138 Shunneson, Eileen-138 Siska, Arlynn-135 Skowran, Christine-84,141 Skubal, Phillip-91,92,134 Slovitt, Bernadette-125 Smailis, Casimjr-82. 89, 100, 101 Smetana, Barbara-80,125 Smith, Marichris-134 Smith. Reginald-138 Smith, Robert-141 Somers. Patrick-138 Sostand, Yvonne-134 Sova. Deanna-92.125 Spiegler, Susan-141 Spies, Carl-138 Spinder, Timothy-141 Sroubek. Otakar-138 Stanko, John-138 Stech, Rhonda-126 Steininger, Susan-90,92 Stephens, Laura-134 Strothmann, Mark-92 StGermam, Michelle-138 Stmnett, Nancy-126 Stratta, Joseph-134 Streeky, Heidi-126 Strithmann, Mark-126 Stryker. Karen-1.36 Sutton. Paula-138 Svec. Sharon-136 Talbot, Nyna-91,126 Tarman, Mary-126 Taylor, Randy-78,80,90,126 Tendick, James-138 Teresi, Michael-139 Theodore, Marine-135 Thompson, Clarice-135 Thornton, Vanessa-86,139 Timpe, Richard-82 Tinker, Terrie-141 Tolliver, Mark-149 Tondelli, Philip-135 Tortorice. Allan-149 Toudt, Gordon-149 Trail, Beth-135 Trezise, Michael-92 Trost, Judith-126 Ucci. Eleanor-149 Uhlving, Judie-85,135 Ullman. Richard-141 Valastyan. John-78,126 VanGalder, Loren-78,92,135 Vanliorop. Martha-126 Varga, Alan-141 Vaughn. Michael-126 Varow, Thomas-126 Virbickis, Joseph-92,126 Virruso, Ann-92,135 VonDran, Harold-149 Vorkoeper, Sabine-126 Vyfhuis, Terrence-135 Wakefield, Leah-135 Wangler, James-lOO Warslow, Lynn-141 Wascher, Carl-149 Watts, David-149 Wehrmann, Glenn-80,82,149 Welzien, Elizabeth-80 Wesslund, Richard-135 White, Julia-80,141 Wilson, David-88 Wmd, Donna-135 Wolfe, Thomas-149 Wolfram, Lawrence-149 Wright, Patricia-149 Zaiud, Patricia-77,91,135 Zaworski, Gregory-135 Zbiegien, Mary-84 Zeller, Cynthia-149 Zolner, Richard-88,149 FACULTY Dr. Don Alcoke-42 Frank Allen-31 Dr. William Barclay-42 Dr. Matthew Bazik-31 Dr. Keith Beck-35.90 Sally Blair Bligh-47 Dr. John Bohnert-36 Carole Brown-28 Dr. Walter Burdick-39 Dr. Lester Caltvedt-32 Dr. Robert Clark-30,92 Dr. Gordon Couchman-42 Dr. James Cunningham-11,92 Dr. Ariane Devaud-32 Robert Eaton-27 Earl Elledge-44 Keith Failon-31 Dr. Michael Feldman-43 Richard Franks-26 William Fuller-34 Dr. John Ganchoff-35 Dr. Robert Glogovsky-35 Dr. Ronald Goetz-92 Dr. Marjorie Goodban-47 John Gow-46 Dr. Sidney Gross-30 Alvin Hanke-45,98 Paulette Hatmaker-32, 89 Jon Hawthorne-45,100 Maryann Heidinger-43 Dr. Jack Holbrook-41,89.92 Dr. Theodore Holliday-37 John Honour-34 Dr. Norman Hoover-43 Marian Howie-33 John Johnston-29,72 Sandra Jorgensen-28 Donald Juday-46 Dr. John Jump-34 Catherine Key-44 Dr. Howard Krueger-29 James Letterer-26,104 Armin Limper-30,78 Dr. David Lindberg-40 Dr. Donald Low-46 James Mack-39 Terry Madoch-26 Dr. Donald Mason-31 Frank Mittermeyer-34 Dr. Charles Ophardt-35 Richard Paulsen-28 Mary Piech-41 Dr. Peter Pierro-43 Dr. Andrew Prinz-40 Dr. Paul Ries-36 Dr. Karl Robert-36 Terry Rogers-45,110 Dr. Ashley Rose-30 Robert Rouse-36 Dr. Rudolf Schade-39 Dr. Ervin Schmidt-43 Dr. Royal Schmidt-40 Charles Schmidt-46 Dr. Peter Schmiechen-IO Dr. James Sorensen-29 Barbara Swords-42 Robert Swords-42,92 Huguette Theodore-42 Dr. George Thoma-27 Dr. Earl Thompson-33 Dr. Jean Tracy-41,92 Dr. Fredrick Tyrrell-21,43 Dr. Marie Wellington-33 Ronald Wellman-45,100 Paul Westermeyer-29,73 152 WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. m WALSWORTH Marceline. Mo., U.S.A.

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