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mm TABLE OF CONTENTS Organizations 24 Athletics 62 Administration 84 Faculty 110 Students 138 Index 182 ELMHURST COLLEGE LIBRARY The last few minutes of freedom. Don ' t worry . . . mommy and daddy are only a phone call away. FRESHMEN LEARN THE ROPES What happened to the outhouse? Elmhurst vandalism. Smile . . . you ' re on candid camera. HHHKHHHHHHHi A new student checks into Schick. 7 Kool and the Gang 15 PEOPLE . . . FOR . . . Volleyball took place in the mall. I think it was a little cold. OLYMPICS . . . AND FUN . OD put in their faces for the fun. W Mm THE STAR-SPANGL ED GIRL Love and ideology got mixed, but not blended, in " The Star-Spangled Girl, " the comedy presented by the Elmhurst College Department of Speech and Dramatic Arts at the Mill Theatre on the 1 7th of October through the 1 9th. Jeanne Chionis (Sophie) played the girl with the pro- American sentiments, Paul Anderson and Steven Lutz (An- dy and Norman) as the impecunious young heretics who learned from her that love must be reckoned with while pursuing their social criticism. The comedy with its up-to- the-minute reflection of youthful protest was directed by Charles Berglund and the scenery representing the site of the confrontation of polarized viewpoints - the combination home of the Bohmeian young men and their " editorial of- fices " - was designed by Charles Schmidt. 18 From left to right: Barb Dunlop, John Campanella, Henry Hamm, Paul Anderson, Susan Block, Grant Sickbert, Cary and Becky Longhauser. THE MOUSETRAP A chiller thriller melodrama entitled " The Mousetrap, " by Agatha Christie, played at the Mill Theatre November 21-23, under the direction of Craig Malstedt. Appearing in Elmhurst ' s second production are Becky Longhauser (Mollie Ralston), Gary Adams (Giles Ralston), Grant Sickbert (Christopher Wren), and Barbara Dunlop (Mrs. Boyle). Other Elmhurst Thespians are Henry Hamm (Major Metcalf), Susan Block (Miss Casewell), John Campanella (Mr. Paravincini), and Paul Anderson (Sergeant Trotter). i IS STOP THE WORLD— I WANT TO GET OFF A musical, " Stop the World— I Want to Get Off, " was presented March 20, 21, and 22. The play featured such songs as " What Kind of Fool Am I? " , " Once In a Lifetime, " and " Gonna Build a Mountain, " as a traveling group of actors tried out a new routine. They attempted to show how man plays the part of a clown throughout his life. Preparation for graduation. Almost ready for graduation. 22 Parents getting situated. • : o R G A N I z A T I O N S 25 WOMEN ' S HONORARY Women ' s Honorary is composed of senior women with a cummulative GPA of 3.0 or better. Activities include selection of the Distinguished Faculty member of the Year and an honorary tea in the spr- ing for incoming members. Officers for 1974-75 were as follows: Darcel Brady (president), Ruth DeBoer (Vice-president), Gail Kasperski (treasurer), Murlea Gearhart (secretary). MEN ' S HONORARY BETA BETA BETA Diversity was the key word in Beta Beta Beta ' s programming this year. In its tenth year at Elmhurst, the lola Chapter of the National Biology Honorary sponsored events ranging from film and lecture presentations to weekend camping trips to National Parks. A truly milestone happening was the formalization of the Biology student lounge. Beta Beta Beta was founded as an honor society for the Biological Sciences to provide co-curricular educational experiences for Biology majors as well as present topics of general interest in the field to the entire student body. This year ' s officers Gloria Staples (president), Don Provenzano (vice-president), Warren Knudson (secretary), and Rick Dietzen (treasurer), in conjunction with Mr. William Fuller, the Society ' s Advisor, attempted to round out the Chapter ' s function as evidenced by the broad spectrum of activities offered. Members: Darlene Payne Cathy Joyce Richard Ng Gloria Staples Richard Nagengast Laura Bilohrud Chris Kurth Dara McGehee John Hartmann Rick Dietzen Ray Wild Bob Miller Julie Plass JaneSchwebke Bridgette Geier Neal Botolfson Karen Maisch Barb Gabriel Jim Matteoni Donald Provenzano Warren Knudson DELTA MU DELTA LAMBDA CHAPTER On Sunday, May 4, 1975 the Lambda Chapter of Delta Mu Delta National Honor Society in Business Administration at Elmhurst College inducted fifteen new members. To be qualified for membership, a candidate must have the following qualifications: 1. A Major or Second Major in Business Administration. 2. Have earned at least 17 courses or 68 credit hours. 3. Have earned at least 8 courses or 32 credit hours at Elmhurst College. 4. Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.12 points out of a possible 4.0 points. 5. Be in the top 20% of their total college class in cumulative grades. The Induction Ceremony was held in the Elmhurst College Union with Certificates and Key-pins presented by Ms. Diane L. Ende (president), Mr. David H. Evans (vice- president), Mr. Michael J. Meyering (secretary), and Mr. Dominic Scudiero (treasurer and faculty moderator) to the following new inductees: Ms. Geraldine Gedroic Mr. Gregory Puchalski Mr. Paul J. Koutek Mr. Donald P. Rathje Ms. Laurel Laurent Mr. Barry M. Rolston Mr. Edward J. Murray Mr. Charles J. Tomek Ms. Patricia Plhak Mr. Michael D. Urso Delta Mu Delta was founded in 1914 to recognize and reward scholastic achieve- ment of students of Business Administration. The Society is currently comprised of over forty-five chapters at colleges and universities throughout the country. Ms. Carla M. Allen Mr. Lawrence A. Andrews Ms. Rosemary Balass Mr. John Bretz Ms. Luisa Brown THETA ALPHA PHI Theta Alpha Phi, as a National Honorary Fraternity, has not been as active as a social fraternity but strides have been made to make it a more vibrant and vital organization. Next year they plan to become a strong force in the Elmhurst College Theatre as a motivator to instill in- terest in the theatre. They hope to bring more students into the theatre not so much in the academic sense, but to make it be an artistic and rewarding experience as a more extra-curricular experience. Current members of the organization are as follows: Rod Randall (president), Marshall Bynum Jr. (vice-president), Ann Elyachar (secretary), John Campanella (treasurer), Charles Schmidt (advisor), Robert Swords, Donald Low, Mark Kyle, Henry Hamm, Kim Fielder, and Carol Frieden. From left to right Dunlop. Mr. Swords, Gene Stonikas, Henry Hamm, Rod Randall, Ann Elyachar, Barb On April 13, Theta Alpha Phi conducted its annual initiation and those honored were: Jeanne Chionis, Gene Stonikas, Barb Dunlop, Judy Coleman, Andrea Garwood, and John Lasley. 31 PSI CHI Members pictured: Louise Calderone, Pres. Cary Adams, V. Pres. Cheryl Heyden Joe Virbickis Dave Lacine Not pictured: Jan Boss Jean Bracke Harriet Byrd Edwin Desmond Gale DoByne Denise DuBiel Gale Kasperski Connie Langley Arthur Laschober Amy Lowry Wally Mah Eileen McCarthy Melina Napolitano Charles Pritchard Margo Samp Arlynn Siska Susan Marie Smith Cynthia Thon Joe Vertovec, Sec-Treas. Andrea Garwood Lorraine Wilson Dr. DeRoo, Advisor Psi Chi, the psychology honorary society, welcomed new members in December at the initiation banquet at the Berghoff restaurant in Chicago. The organization, under the guidance of Dr. DeRoo, is for psychology majors with a minimun overall grade point average of 3.0. A faculty-student coffee in March was followed by the election of new officers in April. Looking to next year, Psi Chi hopes that all psychology majors will show interest in the club. SIGMA TAU DELTA Front Row: Lael Laning, Cindy Brandt, Jean Bracke, Nyna Talbot, Dan Russo, Laura Stephens. Back Row: Linda Dahm, San- dy Rosche, Ron Christoffel, Ken Block, Henry Hamm, Debbie Ahrens, Dr. Bidle, advisor. FREE UNIVERSITY Free University celebrated its 5th year of ex- istence on the Elmhurst College campus with a change of sponsorship. Traditionally affiliated with the Housing Office, F.U. this year became a sub-committee of the Cultural Intellectual Life Committee of the Union Board, with Deborah Ahrens and Mark Kyle as the prime organizers. It was hoped this would broaden the scope of F.U. ' s programs and give it access to more resources. Through some old favorites and some new experiments, F.U. fulfilled its purpose of making programs available which did not fall under the activities of other campus committees. F.U. successfully conducted: wine-tasting with the Barclays. A Student Depression Seminar co-sponsored with Religious Life, an Art Adventures excursion with Ms. Carol Brown, sailing with Dr. Holbrook and Dr. Bidle, an Epicurean jaunt to the Diana Restaurant, a bar-tending seminar with Marty Christoffel, a December Arts and Crafts Fair, a Bridge Seminar with E. C. graduate Clamore Eberle, Pool Games with Ken Jensen, and an Hypnosis Seminar conducted by Dr. Siegal. F. U. also offered the possibilities of Dr. Lagerway as a resource person on Germany, Chess Club, Basic Auto Mechanics, Square Dancing, " Meal-of-the-Month " Club, modern folk song, scuba diving, movies, and the " Last Caffeine Caper " . r 1 3-1 74 Union Board: Religious Life- Dave Lacine Chairperson- Kid Goode Social Life- Marichris Smith, Mike Bopp Vice-chairperson- Cindy Brandt WRSE- Kim Fielder Secretary- Marsha Pepmeier Newspaper- Dan Russo Athletic Life- Sue Ingram, Bruce Hill Elms- Judi Nieman Black Affairs- Stan Gilchrist STOP- Rich Mann Cultural Life- Allen Etheridge See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil . . . the Union Board 75 Union Board: Chairperson- Marsha Pepmeier Secretary- Lynn Lyons Athletic Life- Sue Ingram, Bruce Hill Black Affairs- Tom Hill Cultural Life- Ken Block Religious Life- Daryl Grigsby Social Life- Sue Beitel, Rich Ullman WRSE- Greg Bagni Newspaper- Dan Russo, Mike LoCicero Elms- Judi Nieman STOP- Lynn Napolitano UNION BOARD Programming is what Union Board is all about. The Union Board attempts to provide the student body with recreational, entertaining and educational ac- tivities. The various committees program in all areas of student in- terest. This year Union Board has brought such lecturers as Tom Skinner and Gene Roddenberry. The Social Life committee and Black Affairs have co-sponsored Kool and the Gang. But that ' s not all, there are intramurals, cam- ping trips, retreats, backpacking, dances, coffeehaus, and con- certs. The Elms, Newspaper, and WRSE involve students in areas of jour- nalism, photography, and broad- casting. This is Union Board. 35 ATHLETIC LIFE The main part of Athletic Life ' s time and money goes into the running of an extensive intramural sports program. For the men there is football, volleyball, basketball, soft- ball, wrestling, ping pong, pocket billiards, tennis, and other sports. For the women, sports that are offered are football, volleyball, badminton, ping, pong, softball, basketball, and others. Athletic Life also has campus involvement beyond the realm of intramural sports. Fan buses are sponsored to important away games. The Elmhurst College Hockey Club is backed by the Athletic Life Committee. In the future they hope to expand to other activities such as cross country, skiing trips, all day bike trips, and other group activities. Also one new addition was made to their program this year which they hope to continue. They sent represen- tatives in ping pong, pool, and bowling to the Association of College Union- International Regional Tournament. The participants did fairly well, and they hope to do this for years in the future. Bruce Hill and Sue Ingram were co-chairmen of the Athletic Life Committee. 36 BLACK AFFAIRS Black Affairs is an organization which programs primarily for the black students. They have a variety of programs which are informative to the black students and every individual on or off campus. They have programs which show and try to explain to the rest of the student body, racial pride in themselves, cultural awareness and unity among the black students. Black Af- fairs history goes back as far as ' 67- ' 68, and they have progressed since then in providing programs which are educational, entertaining, and informative. The organization now happens to be going through a structural change. At present there is just one chairperson (Tom Hill) and other committee members, 15 to be exact. ELMS This year the staff was larger than ever. Not pic- tured: Sue Steiner (copy), Bill Wightman (photography), Mike Maxson (photography), Polly Waara (lay-out), Claudia Goggin (copy), Roberta Young (copy), and Carla Neubeck (copy). A thanks goes to Debbie Miller, Donna Miessler, and Connie Langley for helping in time of need. Lynn touches a layout. Linda and Judi have some fun with captions. Sharon Sikora displays her true feelings about her next article assignment. NEWPAPER Growth characterized the Newpaper ' s second year. Over five new features were started, including " Focus, " " Outside E.C., " and the infamous " Lam- pon. " Celebrating its second anniversary in March proved that the Newpaper will continue to be an active part of the college ' s activities. Handsome, charming, distinguished, debonair, intelligent Daniel Russo, com- pletes his third semester as editor-in-chief. 40 RELIGIOUS LIFE Pam Abbott Jan Castegnaro Ruth DeBoer Mary Gelhaus Stan Gilchrist Daryl Grigsby Ruth Hook Jeff Koenig Kathy Knuf David Lacine Warren Logan Sue Matthews Jean Matulis Dennis McBride Mary McClure Chuck Mize Karen Moeschberger Bryan Pearce Lucy Rust Deanna Sova Mark Strothmann Marty VanLierop Seated: Marty VanLierop, Dr. Schieler - co-chairperson, Kathy Knuf, Mary Gelhaus, Mary McClure. Standing: Father Patrick Dillon, Ruth Hook, Ruth DeBoer, Daryl Grigsby, Pam Abbott, Dave Lacine - co-chairperson. The Religious Life Committee has the responsibility to plan and execute a program to meet the religious needs of the college community. Its program has three foci - worship, education, and action. During 1974-75 a worship service was held each Tuesday school was in ses- sion from 10:00-10:30 a.m. in the chapel. Students, faculty, and ad- ministrators provided the leadership with a variety of worship experiences being offered. Special worship services throughout the year included an Opening of School Worship, a Roman Catholic Mass, Worldwide Communion Ser- vice, Homecoming Worship with the Celebration Road Show, Black Spiritual Life Service, Annual Christ- mas Service, Ash Wednesday Ser- vice, Jass Worship and Bac- calaureate. Some of the educational programs in- cluded a Forum on Pardon and Amnesty, the Apha-Omega Players in " The World of Carl Sandburg " , Rev. Merlin Carothers on the " Power of Praise " , and Leonard Bernstein ' s Mass in a multi-media presentation. Other dimensions of the education program included two Intercollegiate Weekend Retreats, one in Michigan and one in Wisconsin, and two seminars. A Seminar on Student Depression was held in November and one on Medical Ethics ran throughout the months of February- April. The Religious Life Comm ittee also conducted an action program on the issue of world hunger during the year. A task force was formed which spon- sored a fast in November in which over three hundred persons fasted and 300 was sent to feed the hungry of the world. A similar fast was planned for the second semester. In addition petitions, letters, and telegrams were sent to governmental officials on behalf of the world ' s hungry. 41 S.T.O.P 4 it i S.T.O.P. means go, environmental action now. As a subgroup of Union Board, one of S.T.O.P. ' s main functions is programming activities for those students who are in- terested in the environment from both an aesthetic and problematic viewpoint. This year S.T.O.P. ' s activities included a boat tour of Chicago ' s waterways, a backpack- ing trip to Kettle Morraine Valley, a cam- ping trip to Devil ' s Lake and an Earth Week celebration. As ongoing projects, we ' ve worked on local environmental problems, such as flooding, with community groups; continued our campus recycling program; and sponsored speakers and films to promote general environmental awareness. 43 WRSE FM 88.7 operates seven days a week, bringing you music anyway you want it. The station is owned and operated by Elmhurst College students. It has a large selection of albums, singles, and tapes with a wide range of work to do in sportscasting, newsbroadcasting, and election coverage. " But more important WRSE is people. Its philosophy is to give as many students as possible a chance to learn and enjoy the aspects of practical radio. " Even the radio station has on occasion made bloopers. Like the time this past year when an announcer referred to former President Nixon ' s phlebitis as " flea bites. " 44 ADELPHAE The Sisterhood of Adelphae is composed of 16 members. Their offices and titles are as follows: Kris Irving (president), Kathi Bolton (vice-president), Mary Zbiegien (treasurer), Karen Kozina (secretary), Jeanne Wilhelm (pledge mis- tress), Venessa Herbener, Adrienne Reilly, Chris Skowron, Vicki Skinner, Carla Neubeck, Claudia Goggin, Mari Sue Adams, Cheri Du Montelle, Mary Jo Williams, Sally Belehrad, and Annie Greanias. Their activities for the past year included: Ushering for the school play, Alumni registration for homecoming, a Father-Daughter Banquet, Bake Sales, Picnics, Daffodil Sale, a Hayride, and a Dance Marathon for Multiple Sclerosis. Adelphae is a social-service organiza- tion aimed at helping the community and school. Our main goal is to promote unity among the resident and commuter women on campus. j! ill ill HIZ-I Members: Frances Bowman-sec. Janine Jackson-cor. sec. Patricia Frederick Janice Davis Sharon Dunn Clarice Thompson Ann Harvey Alfredo Bouquet Athenia White not pictured: Howard Martin Paula Payton-treas Gerald Walker-pres. Yvonne Sostand Deborah Emory Denise Harper McKennley Harrell Michael Williams Willie Brantley Gail Davis James Jones Yulander Wells Magdalene Harmon Theresa Brown David Thompson Jennifer Harley Tom Hill Herlisa Jemison Diane Dillard Leroy Jemison Yvonne Jackson-v. pres. Debra Jones 46 OMICRON DELTA The Sisterhood of Omicron Delta is a social-service organization for women attending Elmhurst College. The organization ' s ac- tivities are many and varied. The of- ficers for the 74-75 academic year were Carol Frieden as president, Sandy Boyle as corresponding secretary, Judie Uhlving as secretary, Paula Brandl as treasurer and Lorraine Maida as Public Relations coordinator. Members are as follows: Kim War- ing, Sharon Burrichter, Donna Miessler, Kris Gleason, Liz Todd, Lorraine Maida, Karen Rockwood, Judy Grande, Gloria Lazarski, Jan Hostetter. SQUIRES The Brotherhood of Squires is a service organization. They help with the Lion Club Candy Sale, March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy Drive, and Trick or Treat for UNICEF. They also help do maintenance work at Hell night was more hell for the actives than the pledges. the Bensenville Home for the Aged every year. After putting the poor pledges through heel week, they give them a dinner. They also have an annual boat trip on Lake Michigan. For Homecoming, aside from the usual homecoming activities, the Squires have an an- nual Campaign Breakfast. This is followed by working on the Chain Gang for the Homecoming football game and dinner. They also do work on the E.I.I, track meet. The 1974-75 officers are as follows: Dave Donegan (president), Rick Kornacker (Vice President), Ray Schafer (Treasurer), Gus Nicolopoulus (Secretary), Ed Connelly (Chaplain), Dan Hajek (Pledge Master). Sitting: Ray Schaffer, Rick Kornacker, Dave Donegan, Gus Nicolopoulus; Stan- ding (1st row): Jeff Oeming, Bob Wojtalewicz, Ross Faila, Glen Faila, Joe Jan- drisits; (2nd row): Al Brown, Ed Connelly, Ken Duey, Dave Morley, Dan Kromeich, Steve Daniels, Richard Timpe. ■ TAU KAPPA EPSILON Kevin Keith, Pres. Bruce Lighthall, V. Pres. Kevin Hoak, Chaplain Theodore Zbiegen, Treasurer Daniel Moore, Sec. Jack Martin, Historian Otto Albuschat, Sergeant-at-Arms Conrad Bar Larry Creamer Rob Cronin Dennis DelCampo Bill Drzal Larry Edelman Edward Edens Dan Gierek Bob Gude Gary lllig Shahram Karimi Rusty Malchow Tim O ' Hanlon Jay Palmer Mark Ryerson James Sheehan Craig Simpson Patrick Sutherland James Taneri Art Wilhelmsen Tau Kappa Epsilon is an International Fraternity founded on the true elements of brotherhood, love, charity, and esteen. Tau Kappa Epsilon, being an organization on the Elmhurst College campus since 1968, has shown its brotherhood through its various social and service events it has participated in the last year; including a raffle, the alumni phonathon, and various parties. With its present and future members, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Nu Beta Chapter, shall strive to be the fine organization it has been in the past. 49 M. E. N. C in t ! V. Left to right: (sitting) Gail Eichelman, Debbie Mangione, Diane Sindelar, Ruth Malchow; (standing) Glen Peters, Paul Mollicone. Music Educators National Conference provides opportunities for college students of music education through on-campus activities of the chapter, participation in state, division, and national conventions, regular receipt of Music Educators Journal, and contacts with leaders in the profession. Members: Debbie Mangione, Darcel Brady, Barb Pipes, Kris Gleason, Diane Sindelar, Paul Mollicone, Peggy Ford, Carol Semmes, Gail Eichelman, Mary Ann Beato, Lynn Warskow, Al Brinkmeier, Ruth Malchow, Glen Peters, Molly Holtsford. Faculty Ad- visors: Dr. James Sorenson, Mr. John L. Johnston. I 50 BAND The band continued to grow this year in size, quality, and activity. In addition to their annual winter and spr- ing concerts, the band provided the music for " Stop the World - I Want to Get Off " and it gave birth to the Elmhurst College Jazz Band. The Jazz Band gave its premier performance in March and appeared in the Student Union and in formal concert on campus. Officers for this energetic organization are Judi Nieman-president, Cal Bloesch-vice president, and Glen Peters-secretary. Mr. Johnston directs the band. Ruth plays a mean bassoon. French hornists are Ruth Malchow and Judi Nie PRE-HEALING ARTS r k 4 It Left to right- (sitting) Robert Miller, Darlene Payne, Sharon Sikora (pres.), Susan Steininger, Rick Dietzen; (standing) John Hartman, Sam Ponticelli (vice-pres ) Dave Hobson, Art Mueller, Warren Knudson (treas.), Dr. Keith Beck (advisor), Don Provenzano, Chris Kurth, Cary Adams, Randy Taylor (sec), Lorenzo Boyce, Jim Matteoni. 52 The choir poses at concert time. The bell choir. The quartet turned out to be hams. Westermeyer warms up 3? The women ' s section sings their own songs in their program. Paul Westermeyer poses with the men of the choir. 54 55 NSSHA Left to right: (sitting) Chris Skowron, Bernadette Slovitt, Chris Irving, Lauran Schuster, Isabel Martinez; 2nd row: Jan Fendius, Sally Blair (advisor), Karen Kotin (pres), Paula Payton, Ann Kanter; 3rd Row: Diane Boden, Rhonda Stech, Norma Dystra, Marj Goodban, Laurel Castellani, Lorraine Maida, Betty Kuhn (treas), Mary Stefaniak (vice- pres); 4th Row: Kathy Cuder, Marty Vanlierop, Cathy Cole, Judi Branding, Murlea Gearhart (sec), Barb Miller, Mary Ann Anthony. Not present: Gale DoByne, Nancy Farell, Cheryl Javor, Sheila Szarek, Nancy Tamulewicz. NSSHA, National Student Speech and Hearing Association has been on campus since 1964. It is an organization for anyone interested in speech and hearing problems that affect people today. During the first semester, NSSHA spon- sored a demonstration on theraplay; an intrusive therapy originally used with autistic children. NSSHA also spon- sored, during the second semester, a speaker who is a member of the U.S. -China Friendship League. The topic of discussion was medical care and educational practices in China today. This school year NSSHA has had two bake sales and one plant sale. All three were very successful. This spring NSSHA had an Open House Tea for anyone who was interested. There were speakers and everyone was invited to come. 57 CAMPUS LIFE COUNCIL 59 61 HHHHinflnHHHBniinBHHBlHni m www f FOOTBALL First Row: Marty Smith, Gaylane Carson, Phil Anderko, Phil Tondelli, LeRoy Jemison, Jim Maraviglia, Mike Pryor, Ron Miller, Alfredo Bouquet, Mike Kovalcik, Bob Smith, Ken Reeves, Don Russell, Alan Brinkmeier. Second Row: Bob Sciortino (trainer), Mike Schramm, Pat Cusack, Trevon Pappas. Dave Bartosik, Scott Lowry, Glen Placek, Tom Henderson, Mike Ruffner, Jeff Oeming, Paul Reed, Greg Goebel, Dan Pryor, Paul Nelson, Gary Spence, Gary Scates, Chris Come on guys . . . lets break it up. Take it away, Bob 64 gWlfilH till Polivka, Maurice White, James Doody, Marshall Bynum, James Jones, Dave Gillies, Pete itendel, Al Hanke (head coach), Art Curtis (coach), Tom Boese (coach), Nat Reed (coach), Dan No guys, its up there, lichards (coach). Kneeling: Peter Morocco, Randy Dagenhart, Mark Drager, Ron Bacon, Ken Duey, Rick Rogers; Standing: Gerald Walker, Jim Maraviglia, David Foss, Greg Goebel, Sam Silvestri, Pat Sutherland, Coach Hanke. Front Row left to right: Jon Hawthorne (coach), Bill Simpson (captain), Wally Dettloff (co-captain), Ron Wellman (assistant coach). Back Row: Kurt Rust, Hal Carlson, Kas Smailis, Mark Gray, Jeff Sinchak, Ken Carwell, Lawer Dixon, Bob Soderlind, Bruce Cowman, John Bretz. BASKETBALL Red Rover, Red Rover, shoot the ball right over. Fly with Bluejay Airlines. 68 The band plays a short piece for awkward dancers. Front Row: Dennis Cleveland, Mark Lacine, Ron Wellman, John Carr; Back Row: Kurt Rust, John Bretz, Phil Loughnane, Mike Kovalcik, Bill Sikora, John Czwornog. A little to the right HOCKEY 70 The Bluejay Hockey Team, consisting of fourteen members had competed in many games this year with other Illinois teams. The hockey team began five years ago. The members of the team are as follows: Al Balteskonis, Dale Macello, Glenn Faila, Ross Faila, Sam Kolegas, Larry Latus, Vince Errichiello, John Czwornog, Kenn Clark, Mike Lasaro, Dave Morley, Rich Gonzalas, and Scott Lowry. The staff consists of Bob Mosser, head coach; Jim Garrison, assistant coach; and Steve Fox, team manager. Elmhurst comes in second this time 73 BASEBALL Left to Right- Front Row: Tom Fruland, Kevin Clark, Rich Timpe, Bill Carmichael, Larry Latas, Mike Skora, Tony Tondelli, Mike Schramm, Mark Bengtson; Middle Row: Dave Whitfield, Jim Disch, Tony Sullivan, Steve Duckhorn, Ron Miller, Rich Dziemiela, Greg Klos, Jeff King, Joe Stratta, Jesse Chavarria, John Czwornog; Back Row: Ron Wellman (coach), Rusty Zick, Bill Simpson, Bill DeSchaaf, Bill Sykora, Paul Frano, Don Congdon, Dennis Sullivan. The Line-up. Strike One! 74 Don ' t throw it away! Hit a home run! 76 77 79 : The Elmhurst College Women ' s Ten- nis Team was a young one this year because it consisted mostly of freshmen and sophomores. Sandy Hutchins was the head coach assisted by her husband Robert Hutchins and a former E. C. Women ' s player Diane Castelli. Members of the Women ' s team are as follows: Sue Ingram, Sue Beitel, Marcia Liewehr, Carolyn Czupowski, Margaret Maher, Marianne Latko, Sue Brant, Sue Pat- sy, Mary Ferrara, Pam Abbot, and Debbie Ellis. Pictured are Pam Abbot, Sue Beital, Marcia Liewehr, Carolyn Czupowski, and Mary Ferrara. WOMEN ' S VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Team spirit shows happiness Darta Blaesing Jaline Bourland Linda Brazin Jane Burke Sue Ingram Gayle Kaye Kathy Kreml Pat Nerge Yvonne Sostand Barb Svoboda Maggie Tudisco Kim Waring Sue Weiland Sue B randt- manager Cathy Wietfeldt- coach EC " 111 16 Aurora EC 15 17 Aurora EC 5 15 Aurora EC 4 15 North Park EC 9 15 % North Park EC 4 15 Rosary EC 7 15 Rosary EC 9 16 Morton EC 6 15 Morton EC 11 15 Morton EC 4 15 Wheaton EC 10 15 Wheaton -8s I got it I hope! Sue shows good form Awaiting the decision Up, up, and away 81 83 A n M I N I S -J D ri A I o N OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Dr. Frick has a smile for the yearbook. Mrs. Zabel is the President ' s secretary. Dr. Schmiechen appointed as acting Dean I Mrs. Bloesch always has time to help the students out. Jo Rinebold works with transcripts. Mrs. Lake holds the office of Registrar. Mrs. Liljestam works in the records office. Mrs. Liljestam and Mrs. Gawn talk over some business in the evening session office. 89 91 COLLEGEUNION CALENDAR COORDINATOR AND SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR Mrs. Kufer answers all incoming calls with a pleasant greeting. Any campus information can be received from Mrs. Spencer. HHBHBBHHHpHHi (n Mr. Weiss, director of Admissions and Financial Aid speaks at convocation. Mrs - Wagner is the transcript clerk. Mrs. Bonnyay works with transfer students. 95 Janet Kuhlman tries to locate a parking offender. BUSINESS OFFICE Mr. Pinch and Mrs. Akey work on some business matters. Mrs. Koss figures the payroll. Also working in the business office is Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. VanCleve works with the bookkeep- Inga ' s kitchen sometimes moved outside. 104 Roger Carlson-a proud cook . . . and a good one! The purpose of the Health Service is to keep the student in the best of health while on campus and while doing so to teach him to care for himself. The Health Service also holds seminars on topics of concern to the student. Ex- amples of such gatherings this year are " V.D. Blues " , " The Woman " , " The Man " , and " The Woman and the Man. " One other service this staff performs may seem trivial, but it is most important- they listen. They often give advice on medical subjects and quite frequently listen to any problems the students may have. Also new this year is a great amount of new equipment donated by Dr. Holliday. This will help tremendously in serving the student, making him comfortable and most important- HEALTHY! Don ' t bend over, Mrs. Haik is around! Mrs. Callahan keeps track of pens and pen- cils as well as files. Mrs. Burns working in the pharmacy HEALTH SERVICE What do we have there, Dr. Acosta? The daily log is important to Mrs. Currie. PRE-SCHOOL I The Pre-School is a new project on campus this year. Priscilla Abercrombie, coor- dinator, staffed the Pre-School with students. The activities for the children in- cluded such things as taking field trips, do- ing art projects, playing games, and singing songs. 106 107 108 Rev. Stoner is the Assistant Director of Development and Director of Church Relations. Mrs. Joan Lid is the secretary in the Alumni Office. Secretary to the Director of Development is Mrs. Doris Scherr. Mrs. Speckman is the Purchasing Assistant. Ted Garriott-Assistant Director of Alumni Relations. ALUMNI, DEVELOPMENT, AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Director of the News Bureau was Miss Susan Nelson. Mrs. Neerup is the secretary to the Director of Church Relations. F A C U L T Y Dr. Honour explains bone structure. Mr. Mittermeyer responds to students. Mr. Fuller answers a question. BIOLOGY Dr. Jump smiles for the camera. The faculty of the Biology Department provides a wide variety of specialists for majors who plan to attend graduate school or medical or dental schools. In addition the extensive selection of courses, there is the well-equipped science building containing two electron microscopes, photographic darkroom, greenhouse, and the student lab. Dr. Meseth puzzled over a situation. 1 13 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Helen Willis is the secretary to the depart- ment. Dominic Scudiero is the chairperson of the department. Mr. Carroll converses with a student. Mr. Madoch works at registr ation. Audio-visual aids come in handy for Mr Letterer. Mr. Schousen teaches Business part-time. Mr. Franks relaxes as he speaks to his class. 1 14 CHEMISTRY Charles Ophardt specializes in inorganic chemistry. Robert Glogovsky heads the Chemistry Depart- Keith Beck works on a project, ment. The program of the Chemistry Department is set up so that both the talented student and the average student will be challenged and interested. The labs are well-equipped with modern equipment and an especially wide variety of important chemical in- struments allowing for both normal course work and for special research problems. The studying and learning of Chemistry can lead to fascinating and often unpredic- table careers. Chemistry puts one in con- tact with the basics of nature and, for the inquisitive mind, this is ample reason to enter this field. Visual aids help students to understand John Ganchoff ' s classes. 115 FACULTY FACES ECONOMICS Economic knowledge contains vital and exciting parts of the study of how a society can use its productive resources to best advantage. Elmhurst ' s course direction is diverse and challenging. A background in economics is an excellent preparation for management training programs of corporations, economics or business administration, law school and govern- ment positions, and teaching. Economics should be very valuable for anyone who is interested in understanding and developing solutions for the most urgent and critical issues in society today. The department members include Mr. Robert Eaton and Dr. George Thoma. ■1 EDUCATION Dr. Schmidt is the chairperson. Elmhurst College became co- educational and also began its first teacher education programs in 1930. The first teachers graduated in 1934, a class of two women and one man. Since then the education program has spread widely. In 1975, the Department of Education has approximately 75 graduating elementary education majors (dur- ing the past two years) and also ap- proximately that many secondary teacher certification completions. This year the department began a weekend college course in " Understanding Education Con- troversy " which created con- siderable interest and comment. Also, the establishment of the Pre-school educational center was created by the Department of Education. This year was the fourth year for the London and Not- tingham, England teaching ex- perience program. Dr. Tyrrell is also the Director of the Evening Session program. Mrs. Aldrich, secretary to the department of Education, is more than happy to help. Elementary education is one of Dr. Pierro ' s specialties. Mrs. Collins teaches American Education. Another Education instructor is Maryann Heidinger. Dr. Hoover has been with the college since 1971. Dr. Couchman is the head of the English department. Western World Literature is taught by Mrs. Swords. 1 19 GEOGRAPHY Dr. Bohnert illustrates a rising cloud. Urban Geography is a specialty of Mr. Rouse. A student speaks with Mr. Ries. The Department of Geography prepares students to pursue a variety of occupations in the rapidly changing, contemporary world. With emphasis on the interactions and relationships between and his environment, the geography curriculum effectively links the natural and social sciences. In addition to relevant areas of study, the department supplements its activities with a wide range of tools. Sophisticated climatological and car- tographical equipment is used along with numerous audio visual aids. Members of the department include Dr. John E. Bohnert, Dr. Paul F. Ries, and Mr. Robert S. Rouse. Chair- man of the department is Dr. Karl A. Robert. Dr. Robert makes a point. 121 !1 GERMAN The German department is manned by Dr. Lagerway and Dr. Caltvedt. Dr. Lagerway specializes in 20th century German Literature and teaching methods whereas Dr. Caltvedt holds down Postwar Ger- many. Both professors serve on the faculty council and are active members in numerous professional organizations such as the Association of Teachers of Ger- man. The German department has been with Elmhurst College since its in- ception as German was originally the language of instruction. This year the department used the per- sonalized or self-paced instruc- tional method in the first-year Ger- man course and they are also developing German courses for the international business program. A special course in the Golden Age of German film-making was open to all students during Interim. 122 HISTORY Presiding as chairperson is Dr. Burdick. Rev. Mack lectures to the class. The study of History is a vital part of the liberal arts curriculum. It attempts to give the student an analytic method by which he will be able to evaluate events and movements of the part and events and movements of today. Those majoring in History have different goals in their pur- pose for study; from graduate study to those interested in entering Law School or preparation for the ministry. Included in the department are Dr. Walter Burdick (Chairman), Mr. Neal Blum, Rev. James Mack, and Dr. Rudolf Schade. Dr. Schade listens to a student ' s point of view. 123 Dr. Mason is available for student teacher dis- cussions. Evening session students are also taught by Dr. Bazik. Mrs. Faegre smiles for the class. Dr. Allen reports a big demand for math teachers. The department offers a strong major in mathematics which prepares the student for a career in teaching or industry, or for graduate level programs. In cooperation with the Department of Education, courses are provided for the prospective Mathematics teachers. Included in this program is experience in the stu- dent teaching area. Mr. Allen is chairperson of the department. 124 MUSIC Dr. Sorensen had his first year of chairperson. Music Theory explained by Miss Hewitt. Some of the other part-time instruc- tors in music are the following: Margaret Kerr, Helen Kettner, Marian Schap, Peter Kapsalis, Natalie Klanderman, Georgia Mangos, Jane Nickerson, Dolores Piccirilli, Elaine Lawson, Ruth Abbinanti, Marijane Siegel, Gregory Popek, Charles Nicastro, Charlene Zimmerman, Floyd Hendricks, Richard Henly, Duane Thamm, David Austin, Carol Nelson, and Viola Rapp. The other secretary for the department of music is Nancy Rospenda. Joan Weber, one of the two music department ' s secretaries, proofreads some typing. 125 NURSING Mrs. Sydney Krampitz is the chairperson of the depart- ment of Nursing. Psychiatric Nursing is her interest and she is currently working on her PhD. She is also the chairperson of the Faculty Council and is on the Academic Standing Committee. Mrs. Vi rginia Wenk is interested in Medical Surgical Rehabilitation. She is a member of the Medical Nurse Association and is also a member of the Teacher Education Committee. Maternal Child Health is the interest of Mrs. Anne Carpenter. She is a member of the Pediatric Nurses Association and is also a member of the Interim Com- mittee. Even with all her duties at Elmhurst College, she still finds time to do volunteer work at a clinic. Another member of the staff, Miss Linda Walton is in- terested in psychiatric nursing. She is also on the Ad- missions Committee. The youngest member of the department, Miss Lauren Lawson, participates on the Evening Session and Ex- tended Services Committee. She is interested in Medical Surgery and Intensive Care. A member of the Honor Society Committee is Mrs. Phyllis Salter. Her interest is Maternal Child Health. Mrs. Nancy Haggerty is a part-time consultant in Public Health and is also the Nursing Director of the Oak Park Health Department. The department also has a clinical instructor, Mrs. Katherine Sliekers. Before she came to Elmhurst College she worked as a Clinical Specialist at the Hines Veterans Hospital. From the University of Illinois we have another instruc- tor, Mrs. Jean Pankratz. The Chairperson of the Illinois Chapter of the American Association of University Women, Nancy Carlson, is also an instructor at Elmhurst. 126 The purpose of the department is best sum- marized by the following quotation: The primary purpose of the department of Nur- sing is to prepare the graduate to practice as a generalist in episodic and distributive settings. The curriculum prepares the practitioner to ob- jectively evaluate nursing practice in inter- related sub-systems of the health care system and to intervene to initiate change. In addition, the broad liberal arts base provied for later graduate education, as well as continued theoretical and experimental intellectual in- quiry. In May of 1975 the Nursing Department graduated its first class of students. PHYSICS Dr. Sawyer and Dr. Holliday hold the responsibility of the Physics depart- ment. Dr. Sawyer is a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers and the Electron Microscopy Society of America. Dr. Holliday is a member of the American Institute of Physics, the American Association of Physics Teachers, the American Ceramic Society, and Sigma Psi Honorary Society. The department has been with Elmhurst College as a separate department for fifteen years. This year they estimated they had twenty-eight majors in their department. A 750 thousand volt particle accelerator is used for teaching and research and an electron microscope is also used extensively in their teaching. An explanation of formulas from Dr. Holliday is necessary. 128 Jon Hawthorne discusses sports with Steve Al Hanke Nestler. hello! Phone calls are frequently made by Ron Wellman for recruiting purposes. Come in please. Mrs. Kennedy greets all with a smile. PHYSICAL EDUCATION During Interim the department offered a course to help students get a sports Official ' s rating and also a Winter Camp Experience. This course was offered to help students adjust to strenuous outdoor living both as in- dividuals and group members. The department has forty-two majors. Other staff members not pictured are M. Meyer and A. Curtis. Acting chairperson is Miss Hackman. 129 Child Psychology is taught by Mrs. Piech. SOCIOLOGY . back in the swing of things . The chairman of the department. Lt. to rt: James Hayes, Earl Elledge, Catherine Key, Harrison Smith. The department of Sociology is headed by Earl Elledge with staff members Harrison Smith, Cathrine Key, and James Hayes. The field of Sociology starts with a basic dis- cipline and helps the student to un- derstand their society and where it is going. The department participated in the American Indian series during Interim 75 which included a field trip to Cahokia and Dickson Mounds. Hayes retires after first semester. Key specializes in theory and anthropology. 132 Mr. Gow evaluates a student ' s speech. The chairperson of the department is Dr. Low. The purpose of this department is to offer to the students four majors: Speech Pathology, Public Speaking, Theatre, and General Speech (com- bination Theatre and Public Speaking). There are about sixty students now as majors in this depart- ment of which fifty per cent of these are Speech Pathology. What ' s new in the department this year? Well, for one thing, the directors of the plays. They are professionals who came to Elmhurst to guest direct. These people are usually people from Chicago high schools or artists. The artists are guest technical directors and add a great deal to the produc- tion. This year there were four major productions, three of which were directed professionally. The fourth was a series of one-act plays directed by students and supervised by Charles Schmidt. Mr. Charles Schmidt supervises the one-act plays. 134 This year the Theology department participated in the American Indian series over Interim. The department is interested in seeking to relate re- quired courses to the major of the stu- dent and is also interested in the inter-disciplinary approaches in curriculum. There are about fourteen majors in the department. Dr. Andrew Prinz, who is the head of the Urban Studies department is also active in the History and Political Science departments. He has been at Elmhurst College since 1969 and is active on college committees and is also a Democratic Committeeman of Oak Park. The department of Urban Studies has been with Elmhurst College since 1969. There are twenty-six majors in the department who study theory, practical and comparative knowledge to un- derstand urban concern. s T U D £ N T S 139 SENIORS Anita H. Adams Business Administration Deborah K. Ahrens English Audrey A. Albert Nursing Nader Al-Essa Business Administration Carla M. Allen Business Administration Geography Najeeb H. Al-Mutawa Business Administration Linda D. Antoni Elementary Education Art Cary A. Adams Biology — Psychology Thomas Alfini Business Administration Janice E. Bailey Sociology Keith A. Baker Lezah M. Barnett Political Science Political Science Secondary Education Joe Ellen Baxa Michael J. Bertucci Elementary Education Business Administ ration Linda A. Bobolia Jeffrey J. Bond Math Geography Bruce A. Bauch Ingrid M. Baumbach Geography Geography German Janyce R. Boss Betsy Boyce Psychology Art Barbara A. Bracy Sociology Darcel Y. Brady Music Education Karen L. Brandl History English Cynthia J. English German Brandt 143 Kenneth C. Brinker Political Science Urban Studies Alan R. Brown Business Administration Luisa Brown Business Administration Jamie L. Bukalski Elementary Education Jane P. Burke Physical Education Nathaniel A. Busteed Business Administration Marshall F. Bynum Political Science Psychology Harriet Byrd Psychology Louise A. Calderone Psychology Urban Studies William J. Chambers Music Education Rebecca A. Chiganos Psychology Susan P. Christensen Elementary Education -7 Michele R. Clary Catherine L. Cole Art Education Speech Correction Judith A. Coleman Paulette A. Collias Sociology Business Administration Dramatic Arts Economics Edward J. Connelly Political Science Barbara Curbelo Cusack Spanish Patrick M. Cusack Sociology Linda J. Dahm English Barbara J. DelPreto Gilda J. DeMartino Richard J. Dietzen Betty L. Diez Elementary Education Spanish Biology Physical Education Art Gregory T. Dimataris Biology Gale L. DoByne Psychology Speech Pathology David Donegan Business Administration Deborah A. Drane Elementary Education 145 Sally M. Driscoll Nursing Cindy L. Eidsvoog Psychology Physical Education David H. Evans Business Administration : ::::: : Thomas C. Forst Business Administration Cheri L. DuMontelle Elementary Education Lynette L. Elliott Elementary Education Ross Failla Business Administration Barbara L. Dunlop Theater English Gail T. Eichelman Music Ann R. Elyachar Psychology Sociology Yoshiji Endo English Carol J. Ferdinand Political Science Stephen L. Fox Business Administration Carol L. Frieden Psychology Theater Arts Kim E. Fielder Psychology Speech Pathology Frank F. Foys Economics 146 Barbra L. Gabriel Biology Robert A. Gignac Business Administration ( ' Thieda E. Hamilton Speech Pathology Andrea N. Garwood Psychology Sociology Virtudes M. Giroud Spanish Elementary Education Frank F. Grabenhofer Kathryn L. Hardy Sociology Psychology Murlea K. Gearhart Psychology Speech Therapy Judith A. Grande Math Gary F. Haselow English Mary Gelhaus Christian Education Richard R. Gonzalez Political Science Diane L. Guse Physical Education Pat S. Hatz Nursing Psychology Joe A. Hawkins Business Administration Thomas E. Henderson Business Administration Sharon R. Hendricks Elementary Education Arlene R. Hillyer English Psychology Gerard Hunter Kenneth A. Jensen English Geography Eiji Hira Sociology Shirley Huxtable Mathematics Gary R. Johnson Chemistry Janet Hostetter Psychology Debra L. Jackson Sociology Christina M. Jones Elementary Education Lorel J. Hundt Art Stephen W. Jackson Psychology Sociology Deborah R. Jones Elementary Education 148 Claudia Jorgenson Nursing Thomas P. Kehoe Business Administration David King History Elizabeth L. Klaassens Nursing Craig Klunder Business Administration Warren Knudson Biology Kathy S. Knuf Christian Education John Kocourek Geography Cathy Koenig Alan D. Kupfer Chemistry Rick R. Kornacker Psychology Mark A. Kyle Biology Karyn L. Kotin Speech Pathology David D. Lacine Geography Psychology Diane M. Kufer Elementary Education Geography Mark W. Lambin English 149 Constance L. Langley Psychology Sociology Gloria Lazarski Elementary Education Geography Amy C. Lowry Psychology Sociology Lael H. Laning English Carol Lewis Elementary Education William Lowry Biology Deborah Spohr Martin Elementary Education Richard M. Marx Elementary Education John W. Lasley IV Philosophy Mary P. Loftus Nursing Deborah S. Mangione Music Education James A. Matteoni Biology Physics Melody M. Lavagetto Speech David J. Long Business Administration Effie Maropoulou Mathematics Dara J. McGehee Biology 150 Karen S. Merdian Nursing Psychology Barbara E. Mijou Nursing Deborah L. Mikulich Theology German James M. Mitchell Business Administration Psychology ....... ..... ........ ; Karen S. Moeschberger Art Theology Donald M. Moretti Psychology Sociology Olga R. Najacht Elementary Education Patricia M. Nerge Mathematics Business Administration Mary A. Nero Psychology Richard H. Ng Biology Judith J. Nieman English Music Jeffrey M. Oeming Physical Education Psychology Fred N. Orcutt Nursing Psychology Mary C. O ' Reilly Psychology Linda K. Nywood Psychology German John Osman Business Administration Michael R. Palm History Russell G. Pasnik Mathematics Eleni K. Passiales Elementary Education Darlene Payne Biology Linda A. Peterson Business Administration Psychology Jeffrey L. Plantz Geography Brendetta K. Pruitt Elementary Education Laura A. Petkevich Political Science Urban Studies Judy B. Pollack Psychology Philosophy Christal Quirsfeld Nursing Psychology Kathleen M. Phillips Nursing Samuel M. Ponticelli Biology Mike Raitt English Michelle G. Pitre Psychology Donald S. Provenzano Biology Rod Randall Political Science Urban Studies 152 Valerie A. Reis Elementary Education Rocco L. Renda Business Administration Rick L. Rogers Business Administration Economics Psychology Greg M. Romaneck History German William J. Ruff Business Administration Deborah Ryall Michael E. Ruffner Physical Education Bob Sciortino Speech Joyce Rupnow Psychology Sociology Jada Seaman Elementary Education Lucinda Rust Theology Raymond S. Shafer Business Administration Jerry S. Simpson Business Administration William W. Simpson Business Administration Diane J. Sindelar Music Nancy A. Snyder Mathematics Bob R. Soderlind Business Administration Suzanne E. Steiner Sociology English Brad Travis Psychology Susan M. Weiland Pshchology English Carla A. Spadoni Nursing Psychology Gary Stanich Business Administration Gloria V. Biology Staples William A. Sterrett Psychology Dennis C. Sullivan Physical Education History Bernadine Veal Sociology Psychology Linwood A. Watkins Jr. Theology David L. Whitfield Physical Education Arthur Wilhelmsen Business Administration Wen Jong Amelia Tan Psychology Bonnie L. Weideman Elementary Education Mary Jo A. Williams Chemistry 155 Peggy Coad Randy Degenhart David Romano Donald Russell JohnSaladino NadiaSawula Kathleen Scheck Jane Schwebke Bernadette Slovitt Barbara Smetana MarkSpera Pamela Stauffacher Rhonda Stech Dolores Steen William Stipta MaryDeWitt DeniseDuBiel Carol Dudick Sharon Dunn Barb Dvorak Geri Goeransson Franklin Grey DarylGrigsby Donna Grover Kim Guidry Phil Hammen Robert Hancock 168 Glenn Kastle Noel Kaszas GayleKaye Robert Keltner Ken Kirby GregKlos Lori Koenig Laddie Korecek Richard Kula Carl Kully 169 Sandra Landen DanLaut Ralph Levaccare Marcia Liewehr MikeLoCicero Lynn Lyons Karen Maisch Karen Marasovich Marian Masa Charles Mize Daniel Moore Linda Moore KyleMoten Paul Moy 175 Sylvia Ettwein Kerry Evans William Fanning Karen Ferino Mary Ferrara Karen Fisher 176 Mark Shepler 181 SENIOR INDEX Adams, Anita H.: Berwyn, II. Adams, Cary Anthony: Bellwood, II. Campus Life Council 2; Pre-healing Arts Club 3,4; Psi Chi 3,4; vice-president 4; STOP 1,2,3,4. Ahrens, Deborah Kay: Lansdale, Pa. Campus Life Council 3,4; Crazy Ladies 1,2,3,4; Cultural Intellectual Life 4; Free University 1,2,3,4; Judicial Board 3,4; Lehmann Hall Advisor 4; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4 treasurer 4; STOP 3,4. Albert, Audrey A.: Lombard, II. Al-Essa, Nader: Kuwait, Arabia. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3,4. Alfini, Thomas: Park Ridge, II. Allen, Carla Marie: Chicago, II. Geography Club 3,4. Al-Mutawa, Najeeb Hamad: Kuwait, Arabia. Social Life 1,2; Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3. Antoni, Linda D.: Chicago, II. Bailey, Janice Elaine: Chicago, II. Baker, Keith A.: Burbank, II. Campus Life Council 1,2,3,4; Cultural Life Committee 2,3,4; WRSE 1,2,3,4, News Director 3, What ' s Happening Production Director 4. Barnett, Lezah Marie: Chicago, II. Bauch, Bruce A.: Keokuk, la. Brotherhood of Squires 1 ,2,3,4, president 3, Committee Chairman 4; Cultural Life 3, chairman 3; E.C. Glee Club 1,2; Gamma Theta Upsilon 3,4, president 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Union Board 1,2,3. Baumbach, Ingrid Margaret: Medinah, II. Baxa, Jo Ellen: Wheaton, II. Bertucci, Michael Joseph: Rolling Meadows, II. Bethel, Deborah Anita: Chicago, II. Black Affairs 2,3; Cheerleader 2; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; One-Act Play 1; Pom-Pom Girl 1,2,3, Co-captain 3; Teacher Education Committee 3; Who ' s Who 4; Women ' s Honorary 4. Bloesch, Cal: Oak Park, II. Band 3,4, vice-president 4; Brass Quartet 4; Choral Union Orchestra 3,4; Institutional Planning Committee 4; Intramurals 4; Year- book 4. Bobolia, Linda Ann: Villa Park, II. Bond, Jeffrey John: Bellwood, II. Geography Club 1,2,3,4. Boss, Janyce Ruth: Downers Grove, II. Psi Chi 4. Boyce, Betsy: Wilmette, II. Bracy, Barbara Ann: Chicago, II. Brady, Darcel Yvette: Hopkins Park, II. Black Choir 2,3,4, secretary 4; Black Spiritual Life 3, chairman 3; College Choir 3,4, secretary 4; Library Staff 1,2,3,4; MENC 2,3,4, vice-president 4; Women ' s Honorary 3,4, president 4. Brandl, Karen Lynn: Glen Ellyn, II. Brandt, Cynthia J.: Waukegan, II. Choral Union 2; Polyhymnia 1,2; Resident Advisor 4; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4, vice- president 4; STOP 1,2,3,4, co-chairman 4; Union Board 4, vice-chairperson 4; WRSE 1,3,4. Brinker, Kenneth Chris: Villa Park, II. Student Representative to Board of Trustees Finance Committee 3; Christian Life Council 3,4; Elmbark 1,2, sports editor 2; Honor So- ciety 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3,4; Tennis 1 ,2,3,4, 3rd singles runner-up 2, most valuable player 2,3, captain 3, Who ' s Who 3,4. Brown, Alan: Lemont, II. Basketball 1; Brotherhood of Squires 1,2,3,4, social chairman 3, athletic chairman 4; Cross Country 1; Intramurals 2,3,4; Track 1,3,4. Brown, Luisa: Elmhurst, II. Bukalski, Jamie: Chicago Heights, II. STOP 1,2,3,4. Burke, Jane: Hoffman Estates, II. Volleyball 4; Basketball 4. Busteed, Nathaniel Ames: Brookfield, II. Bynum, Marshall Franck: Chicago, II. Black Student Union 1,2,3,4; Housing Staff 3; Football 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Theta Alpha Phi 3,4, vice-president 4. Byrd, Harriet: Chicago, II. Calderone, Louise Ann: Chicago, II. Elmbark 2; Free University Chess Club 3; Free University Women ' s Seminar Coor- dinator 3; Judicial Board 4; Crazy Ladies 3,4; Lehmann Hall Dorm Council 3; Psi Chi 3,4, president 4. Chambers, William Joseph: Oak Park, II. Band 1,2,3,4, president 3; Choir 3,4, vice- president 3, business manager 4; CLC 1, Jazz Band 1,2; WRSE 3. Chiganos, Rebecca Ann: Westchester, II. Adelphae 1,2,3, president 3; Pom Pom Girl 3; Cheerleading 4. Christensen, Susan P.: Elmhurst, II. Clary, Michelle Ruth: Elmhurst, II. Choir 2,3; Elmhurst Artist Guild 4. Cole, Catherine Lee: Downers Grove, II. Coleman, Judith Ann: Elmhurst II. Cultural Life 3, Women ' s Honorary 3,4; Theta Alpha Phi 3; Sociology Club 2; WRSE 3. Collias, Paulette A.: Oak Park. II. Connelly, Edward: Chicago, II. Brotherhood of Squires 1,2,3,4. Cusack, Barb: Elmhurst, II. Cusack, Patrick: Elmhurst, II. Football 1,2,3,4. Daggett, Kathleen: Elmhurst, II. Dahm, Linda Jean: Elmhurst, II. Social Life 1,2; Squires Honorary Member 1,2. Daniels, A. Steven: Elmhurst, II. Brotherhood of Squires 1,2,3,4, Service Chairman 1,2. DeBoer, Ruth: Oak Lawn, II. Elms 1; Synchro Swim Club 1,2; Intramurals 3; Women ' s Honorary 4; Religious Life Com- mittee 2.3,4. Delahunt, James Martin: Streamwood, II. DelPreto, Barbara Jean: Chicago, II. DeMartino, Gilda Joan: Westchester, II. Dietzen, Richard: Elmhurst, II. Beta Beta Beta 3,4, treasurer 4; Pre-healing Arts Club 2,3.4. Diez, Betty Linda: Oak Brook Terrace, II. Dimataris, Gregory Thomas: Houston, Texas Tau Kappa Ep silon 1,2,3,4, secretary 2, vice-president 4, Tri Beta 3; Pre-healing Arts Club 3. DoByne, Gail Lynn: Chicago, II. Campus Life Council 2; MSSHA 2,3,4; Psi Chi 4; Elmhurst Collegium 2; Polyhemnia 2. Donegan, David: Evergreen Park, II. Drane, Deborah Ann: River Forest, II. Driscoll, Sally: Elmhurst, II. DuMontelle, Cheri Lynn: Elmhurst, II. Adelphae 3,4, treasurer 3. Dunlop, Barbara Lee: Elmhurst, II. Choir 3,4; Theta Alpha Phi 4; Sigma Tau Delta 4. Eichelman, Gail Todd: Lombard, II. Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Choral Union 3,4; MENC 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Honorary 3.4. Eidsvoog, Cindy: Norridge, II. Volleyball 2. Elliott, Lynette Lee: Hillside, II. Elyachar, Ann Rachel: Sarasota, Fla. Volleyball 1,2; Basketball 1; Intramurals 2,3,4; Theta Alpha Phi 4, secretary 4. Endo, Yoshiji: Japan Evans, David Harry: Elmhurst, II. Delta Mu Delta 3,4, vice-president 4. Ferdinand, Carol Jean: Chicago, II. Fielder, Kim Elaine: Middletown, Ohio WRSE 1,2,3,4, assistant record librarian, publicity director, station manager; Theta Alpha Phi 2,3,4, historian; Who ' s Who 3; Resident Advisor 4; Commission on Curriculum Design 3; Campus Life Council 3,4, secretary; Social Life Committee 1,2; Drama 1,2; NSSHA 3,4; Student Leader 3; Honor Society 3; Women ' s Honorary 3,4. Forst, Thomas Charles: LaGrange, II. Pre-healing Arts Club 3. Fox, Stephen Lee: Clearwater, Fla. Hockey Club 3,4, manager 4. Frieden, Carol: Lombard, II. Omicron Delta 1,2,3,4, secretary 3, presi- dent 4; Theta Alpha Phi 3,4, historian 4; One-Act Play 2,3; Director of One-Act Play 4; Production Manager of Touring Company 4; Intramurals 1 ,2. Foys, Frank Frederick: Chicago, II. Chess Club 3,4, president 4; Speech Team 1. Gabriel, Barbra: Elmhurst, II. Tri Beta 2,3,4. Garwood. Andrea: W. Simsburg, Conn. Women ' s Honorary 3; Psi Chi 3; Theatre 2,3. Geahart, Murlea Kathryn: Canton, Ohio Polyhymnia 1; Choir 1.2,3,4, secretary- treasurer 3; Bell Choir 2; NSSHA 2,3,4, vice- president 3, secretary 4; Women ' s Honorary 4; Synchro Swim Club 2. Gelhaus, Mary: Radcliffe, Iowa. Religious Life 1,2,3,4, secretary; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Choir and Bell Choir 3,4; Polyhym- nia 2. Gignac, Robert Allen: Norridge, II. Giroud, Virtudes: Melrose Park, II. Adelphae 1,2,3; Cheerleader 4; Pom Pom Girl 4. Goldstein, Charles: Hoffman Estates, II. Gonzalez, Richard Ramon: Chicago, II. Hockey Club 4; Intramurals 4. Goode, Wallace Evins: Chicago, II. Resident Advisor 1,2,3,4; Social Life Com- mittee 1,2, chairman; Campus Life Council 2,3,4; Student Government president 1; Hiz- I 1,2,3,4; WRSE 1; Union Board 1,2,3,4, chairman 4. Grabenhofer, Frank: Lombard, II. Grande, Judith Ann: Norridge, II. Omicron Delta 2,3,4, pledge mistress; In- tramurals 2; Twirling 2. Guse, Diane Lenore: Park Ridge, II. Omicron Delta 1,2,3,4, pledge mistress 2; Wing Representative 1 . Hamilton, Thieda Eileen: Chicago, II. Hardy, Kathryn: Harvey, II. Haselow, Gary Frederick: Glen Ellyn, II. Hatz, Pat Syverson: Elmhurst, II. Women ' s Honorary 4. Hawkins, Joe: Oblong, II. Brotherhood of Praeters 1,2,3, athletic chairman 3. Henderson, Thomas Eugene: Chicago, II. Football 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Brotherhood of Praeters 1,2,3,4. Hendricks, Sharon Ruth: Hoffman Estates, II. Higgins, Brian: Streator, II. Hillyer, Arlene Ruth: Hillside, II. Hira, Eiji: Japan Hostetter, Janet: Palos Park, II. Omicron Delta 1,2,3,4, corresponding secretary. Hundt, Lorel: Palos Hills, II. Huxtable, Shirley Ellen: Park Ridge, II. Jackson, Debra LaVerane: Chicago, II. Jackson, Stephen William: Des Plaines, II. Tennis 3,4. Jensen, Kenneth Arthur: Chicago, II. Newspaper 3,4; Intramurals 2,3; Billiard Tournament Champion. Johnson, Gary Robert: Elmhurst, II. American Chemical Society 2,3,4. Jones, Christina Marie: Bristol, Tenn. Cheerleading 3. Jones, Deborah Rac helle: Chicago, II. Black Choir 2,3,4, director; Hiz-I 3,4; Resi- dent Advisor 2; Lehmann Hall Advisor 3,4. Jorgenson, Claudia: Chicago, II. Kehoe, Thomas Patrick: Villa Park, II. King, David: Bloomingdale, II. Klaassens, Elizabeth: Elmhurst, II. Klunder, Craig: Park Ridge, II. Knuf, Kathy: Quincy, II. Religious Life Committee 1,2,3,4; In- tramurals 3; Women ' s Honorary 4. Kocourek, John: Cicero, II. Kornacker, Rick: Gurnee, II. Brotherhood of Squires 1,2,3,4, secretary, vice-president. Kotin, Karyn Lewis: Oak Park, II. NSSHA 3,4, president 4; transfer from University of Illinois-Champaign. Kufer, Diane Mary: Lombard, II. Omicron Delta 1,2, service chairman; Social Life Committee 2; Geography Club 3; Cam- pus Life Council 2; Judicial Board 2,3,4; Women ' s Honorary 3,4; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3; Homecoming Court 1,2; In- tramurals 1,2,3,4; Free University Women ' s Seminar 3. Kupfer, Alan Dale: Villa Park, II. WRSE 1,2,3,4, chief engineer 2; American Chemical Society 3,4, chairman 4. Kyle, Mark Allen: Highland, II. Joint Council 1,2; Judicial Board 3,4; Theta Alpha Phi 3,4, treasurer; Tri Beta 3,4; Cam- pus Life Council 4; Cultural Intellectual Life Committee 3,4, film chairman; Development Board of Trustees 4; Long Range Planning Committee 4; Free Univer- sity 2,3,4; Neibuhr Hall Advisor 4. Lacine, David D.: Elmhurst, II. Men ' s Glee Club 1,2; Choir 3,4; Religious Life Committee 4, chairman 4; Campus Life Council 4, chairman 4; Geography Club 3; Psi Chi 3; Hall Advisor 4. Lambin, Mark: LaGrange Park, II. Langley, Constance Lynn: Durand, II. Psi Chi 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Laning, Lael Helen: Elmhurst, II. Lasley III, John Wayne: Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Judicial Board 4; Mill Theatre Crewman and Director. Lavagetto, Melody Marie: Hoffman Estates, II. Transferred from University of Minnesota, Kansas State College, North Texas State College. Lazarski, Gloria Lynne: Mt. Prospect, II. Omicron Delta 1,2,3,4; Geography Club 3,4, secretary. Lewis, Carol: Wheaton, II. Loftus, Mary: Oak Park, II. Synchro Swim Club 2. Long, David Joe: Lombard, II. Intramurals 3. Lowry, Amy Christine: Chicago Heights, II. Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Campus Life Council 3, Pom-Pom Girl 2. Lowry, William: Harvey, II. Mangione, Debbie Susan: Chicago, II. Choir 1,2,3,4; Bell Choir 4, director; MENC 3,4, vice-president 3, president 4. Maropoulou, Effie: Elmhurst, II. Martin, Deborah Spohr: Waquoit, Mass. Maranatha. Marx, Richard Michael: Bellwood, II. Hockey 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,3,4. Matteoni, James Alan: Niles, II. Pre-healing Arts Club 2,3,4; Tri Beta 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Dean ' s List 3,4. McGehee, Dara Jean: Park Ridge, II. Tei Beta 2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4. Merdian, Karen Sue: Elmhurst, II. Meyer, Michael Terry: Evanston, II. Mijou, Barbara: Villa Park, II. Mikulich, Deborah: Polyhymnia 1; Cultural Life 1; Collegium Musicum 1,2; Choral Union 3,4; WRSE 3,4; Women ' s Honorary 3,4; Honor Society 4; Honors Committee 4. Mitchell, James: Wheaton, II. Social Life 3. Moeschberger, Karen Sue: Monroe, Indiana Religious Life Committee 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4. Moretti, Donald Michael: Chicago, II. Najacht, Olga Ruth: Glen Ellyn, II. Teacher Education Committee 3. Nerge, Patricia Marie: Dundee, II. Girl ' s Track 2; Volleyball 4; Intramurals 2,3,4. Nero, Mary Anegela: Chicago, II. Pom-Pom Girl 1,2, president; Black Affairs Committee 1; Black Choir 4; Admissions Committee 2. Ng, Richard Hon-Chow: Elmhurst, II. Pre-healing Arts Club 2, vice-president 2. Nieman, Judith Jayne: German Valley, III. Band 1,2,3,4, president 4; Yearbook 2,3,4, lay-out editor 3, editor 4; Union Board 4; In- tramurals 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Intercollegiate Volleyball 2,3; Women ' s Intercollegiate Basketball 1; Admissions Committee 4; Woodwind Quintet 1; Brass Quartet 3,4; Who ' s Who 4, Dean ' s List 4. Nywood, Lynda Karol: Melrose Park, II. Psi Chi 3,4; Women ' s Honorary 4. Oeming, Jeffrey McKeever: Saginaw, Michigan. Football 1,2,3,4; Brotherhood of Squires 1,2,3,4; Judicial Board 3,4; WRSE 4. Orcutt, Fred Nicholas: Naperville, II. Pre-healing Arts Club 3,4; Elmbark 2; A P Lab Assist 2,3. O ' Reilly, Mary Catherine: Elmhurst, II. Elmbark 1,2, editor 2. Osman, John: Glen Ellyn, II. Palm, Michael Robert: Bellwood, II. °asnik, Russell Glenn: Wood Dale, II. Passiales, Eleni Kay: Melrose Park, II. Payne, Darlene: Chicago, II. Pre-healing Arts Club 3,4; Tri Beta 3,4; Women ' s Honorary 3,4; Academic Com- mittee 1; Black Student Union 1,2,3,4; Ad- missions Committee 4. Peterson, Linda: Hoffman Estates, II. Petkevich, Laura Anne: Chicago, II. Women ' s Honorary 3,4; Honor Society 3,4. Phillips, Kathleen Marie: Villa Park, II. Pitre, Michelle: Chicago, II. Plantz, Jeffrey Lynn: Downers Grove, II. Pollack, Judy Barbara: Westchester, II. Dean ' s List 2,3,4. Ponticelli, Samuel M.: Addison, II. Tau Kapp Epsilon 1 ,2; Pre-healing Arts Club 3,4, vice-president. Provenzano, Donald: Bloomingdale, II. Tri Beta 2,3,4, vice-president; Pre-healing Arts Club 2,3,4. Pruitt, Brendetta: Maywood, II. Teacher Education Committee 2,3; Black Affairs 3,4; Black Choir 4. Randall, Rod: Arthur, II. Theta Alpha Phi 2,3,4, president; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Choral Union 2,3,4. Reis, Valerie: Lombard, II. Renda, Rocco Louis: Franklin Park, II. Rogers, Ricky Lee: Elmhurst, II. Wrestling 1,2,3,4, captain; Brotherhood of Praetors 2,3. Romaneck, Greg Michael: Melrose Park, II. Ruff, William: Downers Grove, II. Brotherhood of Praetors 1,2,3. Ruffner, Michael Edward: Chicago, II. Brotherhood of Praetors 1,2,3, vice- president 2, president 3; Football 1,2,3,4; Interfraternal Council 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Lettermen ' s Club 3, president 3. Rust, Lucinda: Hinsdale, II. Resident Advisor 4. Seaman, Jada Marie: Henry, II. Omicron Delta 2; Dean ' s List 4; Campus Life Council 2; Intramurals 3. Shafer, Raymond Scott: Chicago, II. Brotherhood of Squires 1,2,3,4, treasurer. Simpson, Jerry Sue: Cicero, II. Simpson, William: Frankfort, II. Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Brotherhood of Squires 1 ,2,3,4, social chair- man; Dean ' s List 2. Sindelar, Diane Joan: Lombard, II. Religious Life Committee 1, service projects chairman; Choir 1,2,3,4, assistant business manager; Polyhymnia 1; MENC 2,3,4. Snyder, Nancy Alexandria: Glen Ellyn, II. Soderlind, Bob Roy: Elmhurst, II. Basketball 2. Spadoni, Carla Anne: South Holland, II. Women ' s Honorary 3,4; Pre-healing Arts Club 3. Stanich, Gary: Cicero, II. Staples, Gloria Vida: Oak Forest, II. Tri Beta 2,3,4, president 4. Steiner, Suzanne Elizabeth: Elmhurst, II. Yearbook 4. Sterrett, William Andrew: Louisville, Kentucky. Cultural Life Committee 2, chairman; Union Board 2,3, chairman; Social Life Committee 1,2; Campus Life Council 4; Resident Ad- visor 4. Sullivan, Dennis: Chicago, III. Baseball 2,3; E-Club 3. Tan, Wen Jong Amelia: Chicago, II. Travis, Brad: Lockport, II. Basketball 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Theatre 2,3,4. Varns, Rachel: Edwardsport, Indiana. Veal, Bernadine: Maywood, III. Watkins, Linwood Alexander: Joliet, II. Weideman, Bonnie Lou: Elmhurst, II. Weiland, Susan Margaret: Franklin Park, II. Synchro Swim Club 1; Intramurals 3,4; Volleyball 4; Yearbook 2. Whitfield, David Lee: Elmhurst, II. Transfer student, Baseball 3,4; Intramurals 3,4. Wilhelmsen, Arthur John: Worth, II. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4, chaplin 2, vice- president 3, president 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Williams, Mary Jo: Elmhurst, II. Adelphae 3,4, secretary; American Chemical Society 2,3,4, secretary; Chemistry Lab Assistant 3; Chemistry Teacher Assistant 4. Williams, Pauline: Chicago, II. Dean ' s List 1,2,3; Women ' s Honorary 3,4; Pom-Pom Girl 1, co-captain 1; Cheerleader 2,3,4, captain 4; Black Affairs 1,3; Black Stu- dent Homecoming Queen 3; Women ' s In- tramurals 1,2; Co-ed Bowling Champ 1,3; Student Director of One-Act Play 2: Coali- tion of Black Organization 3; Social and Cultural Committee of Black Affairs 3; Financial Aid Standing Committee 4; Homecoming Queen Court 4; Who ' s Who 4. Wilson, Lorraine Michelle: Chicago, II. Black Affairs 1,2,3,4; Psi Chi 3,4. Wixon, Robert: Hinsdale, II. Band 1,2,3,4. Wojtalewicz, Robert Peter: Chicago, II. Brotherhood of Squires 1,2,3,4; Football 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Workman, Robert M.: Chicago, II. Zaino, Louis Frank: Addison, II. Zelenka, Silver Lauranne: Elmhurst, II. Zick, Russell: Clinton, Wisconsin Brotherhood of Praetors 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 3,4. FACULTY INDEX Abercrombie, Priscilla 106 Acosto, Sergio 105 Akey, Carol 101 Albright, Inga 104 Alcoke, Don 119 Aldrich, Erna 118 Allen, Frank 124 Augensen, Jean 90 Auld, Marjorie 101 Austin, David 100 Barclay, William 34,1 19 Barry, Carol 96 Barry, James 98 Bates, Jane 88 Bazik, Andrew 124 Beck, Keith 52,115 Beckmeyer, Patricia 90 Bidle, Kenneth 33,34,1 19 Blair, Sarah 57,134 Bloesch, Margaret 89 Boese, Thomas 64 Bohnert, John 121 Bonnyay, Ene 94 Bowen, Mary 135 Brown, Carole 34,112 Burdick, Walter 104,123 Burns, Joyce 105 Callahan, Sue 105 Caltvedt, Lester 122 Carlson, Mary 126 Carlson, Roger 104 Carpenter, Anne 126 Carroll, Lawrence 1 14 Clark, Robert 88,1 16,127 Collins, Carol 118 Cooper, Phyllis 101 Couchman, Gordon 119 Cunningham, James 27,58.91,92,116 Currie, Elnor 105 Curtis, Arthur 64,129 Davis, Riley 58,92 DelVigna, Barbara 98 DeRoo. Robert 32 Devaud, Ariane 120 Dillon, Patrick 41 Dugan, Robert 107 Dyke, Mrs. 89 Eaton, Robert 117 Ehrlich, Marilyn 96 Ekren, Marguerite 119 Elledge, Earl 132 Elliott, Lois 108 Faegre, Dorothy 124 Failon, Keith 124 Fara, Anne 96 Feldman, Michael 1 18 Franks, Richard 1 14 Frey, Loretta 102 Frick, Ivan 22,87 Fuller, William 28,1 13 Ganchoff, John 115 Garriott, Ted 109 Gawne, Dolores 89 Glogovsky, Robert 1 15 Goetz, Ronald 136 Goodban, Marjorie 57,135 Gow, John 58,134 Granahan, Patricia 96 Grobe, Shirley 96 Gross, Sidney 127 Hackman, Eileen 129 Hadley, Esther 96 Haik, Mary 105 Halkin, Theodore 1 12 Hanke, Alvin 64,67,129 Hatmaker, Paulette 120 Hawthorne, Jon 68,129 Hayes, James 132 Heath, Linda 108 Heidinger, Maryann 118 Hendricks. Floyd 100 Hewitt, Frances 125 Holbrook, Jack 34,131 Holliday, Theodore 128 Honour. John 1 13 Hoogesteger, Florence 97 Hoover, Norman 116,118 Howie, Marian 133 Hutchms. Robert 80,95 lovino, Phyllis 92 Jepsen, Jean 86 Johnson, Roy 102 Johnston, John 6,7,51,100,125 Jorgensen, Sandra 112 Juday. Donald 134 Jump. John 1 13 Kapsalis, Peter 125 Keating, Catherine 94 Kennedy, Jean 129 Kerr, Margaret 125 Kettner, Helen 125 Key, Catherine 132 Klatt, Melvm 96 Kistner, Glen 96 Koss, Dorothy 101 Krampitz, Sydney 126 Krueger, T. Howard 125 Kuebler, Elizabeth 6,7,91,94 Kufer, Katherine 93 Kuhlman, Janet 99 Lagerway, Wallace 34,122 Lake, Maisey 89 Lawson, Lauren 126 Letterer, James 1 14 Lid, Joan 109 Liljestam, Nellie 89 Limper, Armin 136 Lindberg, David 130 Low, Donald 30,134 Mack, James 123 Madoch, Terry 1 14 Mason, Donald 124 Meseth, Earl 113 Meyer, Maude 129 Mittermeyer, Frank 113 Moen, Ragnar 102 Mosser, Robert 17,71,91,94 Nathanson, Susan 134 Neerup, Virginia 109 Nelson, Susan 109 Nestler, Steven 7,16.36,58,76,98 O ' Connor, Patricia 108 Ophardt, Charles 115 Pankratz, Jean 126 Paulsen, Richard 112 Piech, Mary 116,131 Pierro, Peter 118 Pinch, Trevor 101 Prager, Naomi 96 Praskey, Rose 95 Prinz, Andrew 137 Reed, Robert 90 Rehm, Helen 108 Revane, Mary 96 Ries, Paul 31,91,121 Rinebold, Josephine 89 Ringhofer, June 108 Robert, Karl 121 Rose, Ashley 136 Rospenda, Nancy 125 Rouse, Robert 121 Ryan, Robert 99 Salter, Phyllis 126 Sawyer, William 128 Schade, Rudulf 4,23,123 Schap, Marian 125 Scherr, Doris 109 Schieler. Robert 41 ,58 Schmidt, Charles 18,30,134 Schmidt, Ervin 118 Schmidt, Royal 130 Schmiechen, Peter 88 Schousen, Walter 1 14 Scudiero, Dominic 29,114 Seter, Angelina 96 Shea, Catherine 98 Siegel, Burton 34,131 Sliekers, Katherine 126 Smith, Harrison 132 Sorensen, James 116,125 Speckman, Hilda 109 Spencer, Jeanne 93 Stack, Bette 96 Stoner, Donald 91,109 Straz, Robert 90 Swords. Barbara 1 19 Swords, Robert 30,100,119 Theodore, Huguette 119 Thoma, George 1 1 7 Thompson, Earl 133 Towner, Patricia 108 Tracy. Jean 26,58,131 Tripp, Gertrude 108 Turnquist, Ruth 96 Tyrrell, Frederick 1 18 VanCleve, Stella 101 VanDeveer, Bonita 97 Wagner, Bonnie 94 Walhay, Jean 96 Walton. Lynda 126 Weber, Joan 125 Weideman, Kaye 86,107 Weiss, Donald 91,94 Wellington, Marie 133 Wellman, Ronald 68,69,74,129 Wenk, Virginia 126 Westermeyer, Paul 53,100,125 Wietfeldt, Cathy 81 Williams, James 96 Willis, Helen 114 Wojtowicz, Paul 103 Zabel, Bernice 87 Zeiler, Myrtle 94 STUDENT INDEX Abbott, Pamela 6,10,41,80,174 Adams, Anita 142 Adams, Cary 20,21,32,52,142 Adams, Marisue 45 Ahrens, Deborah 33,34,38,140,142 Aiello, James 174 Al-Essa Nader Abdul 142 Al-Mutawa Najeeb 142 Alberswerth, Dean 174 Albert, Audrey 142 Albright, Doris 166 Albuschat, Otto 49,166 Alfini, Thomas 142 Allegra, Peter 166 Allegra, Robert 166 Allen, Carla 29,142 Allen, Rita 174 Andel, Mark 174 Anderko, Philip 64 Anderson, Eric 174 Anderson, Gail 174 Anderson, Paul 18,20 Andrews, Lawrence 29 Anthony, Mary 57 Antoni, Linda 142 Arroyo, Marco 166 Augensen, Gary 166 Bacon, Ronald 67 Bagni, Gregg 35 Bailey, Janice 142 Baker, Keith 143 Balgemann, Mary 174 Balteskonis, Mark 71 Bar, Conrad 49 Bares, Sylvia 166 Barnett, Lezah 143 Bartnick, Stan 174 Bartosik, David 64,166 Barzar, Sharon 174 Bauch, Bruce 31,61,143 Bauer, Hildegard 166 Baumbach, Ingrid 143 Baxa, Jo Ellen 143 Behnken, Linda 166 Beitel, Susan 11,35,42,80,167 Belehrad, Sally 45 Bengtson, Mark 74,174 Benning, Cathy 174 Bergling, Gary 174 Berlin, Deborah 174 Bertucci, Michael 143 Bethel, Deborah 143 Biritz, Loretta 174 Bizer, Douglas 175 Blaesing, Darla 81,175 Block, Kenneth 33,35,38 Block, Susan 20,21,175 Bloesch, Calvin 5,39,106,141,143 Bobolia, Linda Ann 143 Boden, Diana 57 Bohse, Maria 167 Bolton, Kathi Kay 45 Bond, Jeanine 5,14,167 Bond, Jeffrey 143 Bopp, Michael 8,10,35,53,59,167 Boss, Janyce 32,143 Both, Diane 167 Botolfson, Neal 28 Bouquet, Alfredo 46,64 Bourland, Jaline 81,167 Bowman, Frances 46,157 Boyce, Betsy 143 Boyce, Lorenzo 52,157 Boyle, Sandra 8,47,167 Bracke, Jean 32,33 Brady, Darcel 26,53,54 Brady, Patricia 157 Branding, Judith 57 Brandl, Karen 1 1 Brandl, Paula 47,167 Brandt, Cynthia 33,35,38 Brandt, Suzan 80,81,175 Brantley, Willie 46,167 Bratthauer, Steven 167 Brazin, Linda 81,167 Bretz, John 27,29,68,69,157 Briggs, Robert 106 Brinker, Kenneth 27,76,144 Brinkerhoff, Mark 175 Brinkmeier, Alan 4,27,53,55,64,157 Broersma, Carol 53,167 Brown, Alan 48,144 Brown, Debra 157 Brown, Luisa 29,144 Brown, Theresa 175 Brumme, Stephen 157 Buchman, Barbara 167 Bukalski, Jamie 144 Burdin, James 175 Burke, Jane 81,144 Burkey, Greg 175 Burrichter, Sharon 40,47,167 Busteed, Nathaniel 144 Bynum, Marshall 30,64,144 Byrd, Harriet 4,32,54,144 Cademartori, David 157 Calderone, Louise 32,144 Campagnolo, Marc 175 Campanella. John 20,30,54 Canty, Sandra 167 Carlin, Shawn 175 Carlson, Hal 68 Carmichael, William 74 Carr, John 69,167 Carrothers, Patricia 17 Carson, Gaylane 64 Carter, Gene 167 Carwell, Kenneth 68,157 Cascio, Lynn 175 Castellani, Laurel 57,157 Chambers, William 27,53,144 Chapman, Robin 157 Chaudry, Abid 175 Chavarria, Jesus 74,167 Chiganos, Rebecca 17,60,78,144 Chionis, Jeanne 18,30,157 Chips, Mary 157 Christensen, Marie 175 Christensen, Susan 144 Christofaro, Anthony 175 Christoffel, Ronald 33 Cino, Victoria 167 Clark, Kevin 71,74,175 Cleveland, Dennis 69,176 Coad, Peggy 157 Cochrum, Peggy 157 Cole, Catherine 57 Coleman, Judith 30 Collins, Catherine 157 Collins, Karen 176 Combs, Dan 157 Commerford, Ross 176 Congdon, Donald 74,157 Connelly, Edward 48,140,145 Conniff, Mary 176 Cook, Joan 157 Copp, James 176 Coryell, Keith 167 Cowan, Clark 167 Cowman, Bruce 68 Creamer, Lawrence 49 Cronin, Robert 49 Cuder, Kathleen 57 Cusack, Barbara 8,9,11,140,145 Cusack, Patrick 9,64,140,145 Cutsuvitis, Paul 167 Czupowski, Carolyn 80,167 Czwornog, John 69,71,74 Daggett, Kathleen 145 Dahm, Linda 33,145 Danforth, Susan 167 Daniels, A. Steven 48,145 Davis, Gail 167 Davis, Janice 46,176 Deboer, Ruth 26,41,145 Deboo, Jean 78 Degenhart, Randall 64,67 Delahunt, James 145 Delcampo, Dennis 49 Delpreto, Barbara 145 Demartino, Gilda 145 Demos, Donna 158 Deschaaf, William 74 Desimone, Albert 76,167 Desmond, Edwin 32 Dettloff, Walter 68 Dewitt, Mary 168 Dietzen, Richard 28,52 Dietzen, Trudy 145 Diez, Betty 145 Dillard, Diane 46 Dimataris, Gregory 145 Disch, James 74 Dixon, Lawer 68 Dobyne, Gale 32,57,145 Donegan, David 48,145 Doody, James 64 Drabant, Eileen 176 Drager, Mark 67,176 Drane, Deborah 145 Driscoll, Sally 146 Drzal, Thomas 49 Dubiel, Denise 32,168 Duckhorn, Steven 74 Dudick, Carol 168 Duey, Kenneth 48,67,176 Duffy, Thomas 158 Dumontelle, Cheri 45,146 Dunlop, Barbara 20,21,30,146 Dunn, Sharon 46,168 Dvorak, Barbara 168 Dykstra, Norma 57,176 Dziemiela, Richard 74 Ebbers, Laura 158 Edelman, James 168 Edelman, Larry 49,176 Edens, Edward 49 Eichelman, Gail 50,53,146 Eidsvoog, Cindy 146 Elliott, Lynnette 146 Ellis, Deborah 42,80 Elyachar, Ann Rachel 30,146 Emory, Deborah 46 Endo, Yoshiji 146 Engelman, Suki 176 Engelskirchen, James 176 Errichiello, Vincent 71 Esposito, William 168 Etheridge, Allen 27,35 Ettwein, Sylvia 176 Evans, Cynthia 158 Evans, David 29,146 Evans, Kerry 176 Failla, Glenn 48,71 Failla, Ross 48,60,71,146 Fanning, William 176 Farrell, Nancy 57,158 Farsky, Judy 158 Fassl, Lynne 38,168 Feldy, Patricia 165 Fendius, Janet 57,158 Ferdinand, Carol 146 Ferino, Karen 176 Ferrara, Mary 80,176 Fielder, Kim 30,35,146 Finlayson, Colleen 168 Fisher, Karen 176 Fleer, Barbara 158 Fogg, Cynthia 176 Forst, Thomas 146 Foss, David 67,177 Foster, Catherine 158 Fox, Stephen 71,146 Foys, Frank 146 Frano, Paul 74 Frederick, Patricia 46 Fredrickson, John 158 Freitag, Susan 177 Frieden, Carol 30,47,146 Frigo, Fred 177 Frigo, Victor 158 Frohne, Mary 177 Fruland, Thomas 74,177 Gaba, Donald 177 Gabriel, Barbra 28,147 Garwood, Andrea 30,32,147 Gearhart, Murlea 26,53,57,147 Gedroic, Geraldine 29 Geier, Brigitte 28 Gelhaus, Mary Kay 41,147 Gentile, Frank 177 Giagnorio, Randall 168 Gierek, Daniel 49 Gignac, Robert 147 Gilchrist, Stanley 27,35,168 Gillies, David 64 Gilmore, Greer 168 Giroud, Virtudes 17,78,147 Glassford, Kevin 177 Gleason, Julie 158 Gleason, Kristine 47 Goebel, Gregory 64,67,158 Goeransson, Geriannt 168 Goggin, Claudia 4,39,45 Gohl, Susan 158 Goldstein, Charles 147 Gonzalez, Richard 71,147 Gooby, Richard 177 Goode, Wallace 6,7,8,35,147 Grabenhoter, Frank 147 Gradford, Brenda 158 Grande, Judith 47,147 Gray, Mark 68,158 Greanias, Annie 45 Grey, Franklin 168 Grigsby, Daryl 35,41,54,168 Grover, Donna 168 Gryzik, Kenneth 158 Gude, Bob 49 Guidry, Kim 10,54,168 Guiseppe, James 106,158 Guse, Diane 147 Gustin, Herbert 39 Haeger, Diane 177 Hagerty, Mary 158 Hajek, Daniel 8,48,60,158 Hamilton, Thieda 147 Hamm, Henry 20,27,30,33 Hammen, Philip 168 Hancock, Robert 168 Hanna, Patijean 169 Hansen, Debra 169 Hanson, Christina 78,177 Hardy, Kathryn 147 Harley, Jennifer 177 Harmon, Magdalene 46,158 Harper, Denise 169 Hartmann, John 28,52,169 Harvey, Annie 46,177 Harvey, Melda 177 Haselow, Gary 147 Hatz, Patricia 147 Hauri, Susan 159 Hawkins, Joe 148 Hefner, Candace 159 Henderson, Thomas 64,148 Hendricks, Sharon 148 Herbener, Venessa 45,159 Herdrich, Roger 169 Heyden, Cheryl 26,32,159 Higgins, Brian 148 Higgins, Linda 31,155 Higgins, Linnea 177 Hill, Bruce 9,31,35,36,159 Hill, Thomas 35,42,46 Hillyer, Arlene 148 Hira, Eiji 148 Hirsch, Frank 64,159 Hisama, Takashi 177 Hoak, Kevin 49 Hobson, David 52 Holtmeyer, Annette 177 Hook, Ruth 41,159 Hostetter, Janet 47,148 Hotz, Richard 177 Hundt, Lorel 148 Hunter, Gerard 148 Huxtable, Shirley 148 Hyshaw, Diane 178 lllig, Garry 49,159 Ingram, Jeanne 178 Ingram, Sue 35,36,80,81,83 Irving, Kristine 45,57 Jackson, Debra 148 Jackson, Janine 46,159 Jackson, Stephen 76,148 Jackson, Yvonne 46,169 Jandrisits, Joseph 48 Janik, Craig 169 Jaraczewski, Ellen 178 Javor, Cheryl 57 Jemison. Leroy 64 Jensen, Kenneth 34,148 Jett, Lowell 159 Johnson, Gary 148 Johnson, Nadine 159 Johnson, Phillip 159 Johnson, Randy 178 Jones, Christina 141,148 Jones, Deborah 148 Jones, James 46,64,178 Jones, Keith 178 Jones, Monica 178 Jones, Ralph 159 Jorgenson, Claudia 149 Jovanovich, Alex 159 Joyce, Cathy-Lynn 28 Judice. Jenaire 169 Julious, Walter 159 Kamenz, David 31 Kanter, Ann 57 Karimi, Shahram 7,49,169 Kasperski. Gail 4,26,32,159,164 Kastle, Glenn 169 Kaszas, Noel 169 Kazuba, James 76 Kaye, Gayle 81,169 Kehoe, Thomas 149 Keith, Kevin 11,49 Keith, William 160 Kelso, Christopher 64 Keltner, Robert 169 Kempski, Margaret 160 Kennedy. Matthew 160 Kennedy, Susan 178 Keys, Diane 160 Kiefer, Kathleen 160 King, David 149 King, Jeffrey 74 Kirby, Kenneth 38,169 Klaassens, Elizabeth 149 Klos, Gregory 74,169 Klunder, Craig 149 Knudson, Warren 28,52,149 Knuf, Kathy 41,149 Kocol, Katherine 160 Kocourek, John 149 Koenig, Cathy 149 Koenig, Jeffrey 149,160 Koenig, Lori Ann 169 Kolegas, Samuel 71,141 Kopper, Karla 160 Koranda, Janice 160 Korbai, Attila 160 Korecek, Laddie 169 Kornacker, Richard 48,149 Kotin, Karyn 57,149 Koutek, Paul 29 Kovalcik, Michael 64,69,178 Kozina, Karen 45,178 Kreml, Lathleen 81 Krips, Mary 178 Kromeich, Daniel 4,39,48,60,175,178 Krueger, Laura 160 Kufer, Diane 61,149 Kuhn, Elizabeth 57,160 Kupfer, Alan 149 Kurth, Christopher 28,52,160 Kwit, Roger 160 Kyle, Mark 27,30,34,38,140,149 Lacine, David 27,31,32,35,41,53,149 Lacine, Mark 53,69,170 Lambin, Mark 149 Landen, Sandra 170 Landerholm, Audrey 160 Langer, Carol 155 Langley, Constance 32,39,41,150 Laning, Lael 33,150 Laschinski, Lois 160 Laschober, Arthur 32 Lasley, John 30,150 Latas, Larry 71,74 Latko, Mary Ann 80 Laut, Daniel 170 Lavagetto, Melody 150 Lazarski, Gloria 47,150 Leonas, Vida 161 Levaccare, Ralph 170 Lewis, Carol 150 Liautaud, Robert 178 Liewehr, Marcia 80,170 Lighthall, Bruce 49,161 Lindsey, Guyla 60 Lipensky, Donna 178 Liverton, Linda 161 Locicero, Michael 35.40,76,170 Loftus, Mary 150 Logan, Warren 178 Loiselle, Paul 178 Long, David 150 Longhauser, Becky 20 Loughnane, Philip 69 Lowry, Amy 10,32,78,141,150 Lowry, Scott 10,27,64,71 Lowry, William 150 Lucas, Laureen 161 Luessenhop, Daniel 178 Lutz, Steven 18,161 Lyons, Lynn 35,39,170 Mah, Walter 32 Maher, Margaret 80.178 Maida, Lorraine 47,57,161 Maisch, Karen 28,170 Malchow, Russell 49 Malchow, Ruth 5,7,50,53,55,161 Manary, Jane 161 Mangione, Deborah 50,53,150 Mann, Richard 35,161 Maras, Maria 178 Marasovich, Karen 170 Maraviglia, James 64,67,161 Marelli, Roberto 178 Maropoulou, Effie 150 Marovitz, Robert 178 Marsch, Christine 161 Martin, Deborah 150 Martin, Howard 46 Martin, Jack 49,161 Martinez, Isabel 57 Marty, Maria 179 Marx, Richard 150 Masa, Marian 170 Mason, Thomas 39,60 Mathews, Susan 170 Matteoni, James 28,52,150 Matulis, Jean 161 Maurice, Thomas 161 186 Maxson, Michael 39 McCabe, Kathy 179 McCafferty, Peter 161 McCarthy, Eileen 32,161 McCarthy, John 161 McClure, Mary 41,161 McDonald, Eileen 17,170 McGehee, Dara 28,150 McGeorge, Victoria 161 McGovney, Scott 161 McGrath, Maureen 8,161 McKenlley, Harrell 46,179 Merdian, Karen 151 Mesker, Sharon 179 Meyer, Jaye 162 Meyering, Michael 29 Miessler, Donna 39,47,170 Mijou, Barbara 151 Mikulich, Deborah 151 Millbrandt, Duane 170 Miller, Barbara 7,42,57,170 Miller, Debra 39 Miller, Kathleen 178 Miller, Linda 7,162 Miller, Robert 28,52 Miller, Ronald 64,74 Millon, Cathy 179 Minnis, Janet 175 Mitchell, James 151 Mize, Charles 170 Moeschberger, Karen 151 Moll, Brenda 179 Mollicone, Paul 50,53,106,158,162 Montgomery, Curtis 162 Montgomery, James 162 Moore, Daniel 10,49,58,170 Moore, Linda 39,170 Morgan, Raymond 162 Morley, David 48,60,70,71,179 Morocco, Peter 67 Moten, Kyle 170 Moy, Paul 170 Mozdren, Diane 171 Mudra, Joanne 162 Mueller, Arthur 52,171 Muirheid, Robin 179 Murlowski, Kathy 179 Muszynski, Michael 162 Nagengast, Richard 28,171 Najacht, Olga 151 Nance, Jerri 179 Napolitano, Melina 32,35,162 Nerge, Patricia 81,151 Nero, Mary 7,151 Nero, Regina 171 Neubeck, Carla 9,39,45,179 NG, Richard Honchow 28,151 Nicolopoulos, Consta 48,162 Niederer, Nancy 162 Nieman, Judith 23,35,39,51,151 Nowicki, Wayne 162 Nywood, Linda 151 O ' Grady, James 171 O ' Hanlon, Timothy 49,171 Oates, Deborah 162 Oeming, James 179 Oeming, Jeffrey 48,64,151 Ogden, Thomas 179 Ogolsky, Phillip 162 Olden, Audrey 171 Oliver, Clay 10 Olivieri, Linda 162 Olson, Joyce 162 Oneill, Sean 60,76,179 Orcutt, Fred 151 Oreilly, Mary 60,141,151 Orzech, Shelby 171 Osman, John 151 Otuzlu, Gulten 171 Pabich, Thomas 153 Paeth, Terrence 163 Palm, Michael 152 Palmer, Bruce 53 Palmer, Oliver 49 Palmer, William 163 Pappas, Trevon 64,171 Parker, Phillip 179 Pasnik, Russell 152 Passiales, Eleni 152 Patschke, Debra 171 Patterson, Peggy 171 Patz, Susan 80,179 Payne, Darlene 28,52,152 Payton, Paula 57,171 Pearce, Bryan 10,163 Peine, Craig 163 Peoples, Bruce 179 Pepmeier, Mark 179 Pepmeier, Marsha 17,35,159,163 Perry, Marilyn 51,54 Peters, Glen 50,51,106,171 Peterson, Linda 152 Petkevich, Laura 152 Petri, Mario 163 Petty, William 179 Phillips, David 179 Phillips, Kathleen 152 Picerno, Susan 180 Pipes, Barbara 180 Pitre, Michelle 152 Placek, Glenn 64,141 Plantz, Jeffrey 152 Plass, Julie 28,171 Plotz, Joseph 180 Pohlmann, Ruth 39,42,51,168,171 Polivka, William 64 Pollack, Judy 152 Ponticelli, Samuel 52,152 Pope, Cynthia 40,163 Preuss, Marion 60,171 Prinzing, Thomas 171 Pritchard, Charles 32 Provenzano, Donald 28,52,152 Pruitt, Brendetta 152 Pryor, Daniel 64 Pryor, Michael 67,163 Puchalski, Gregory 29 Quirsfeld, Christal 152 Raitt, Michael 152 Randall, Rodney 27,30,76,83,152 Rathje, Donald 29,163 Reed, Paul 61,64,170,171 Reed, Roberta 171 Reem, James 64 Reeves, Kenneth 64 Rehor, Thomas 163 Reilly, Adrienne 45,180 Reis, Valerie 153 Renda, Rocco 153 Reyes, Emelina 163 Richardson, Katherine 163 Ritter, Diane 58 Roberts, Francene 7,163 Roberts, Janis 163 Robitschek, Kathleen 180 Rockwood, Karen 163 Rodina, Dolores 163 Rogers, Ricky Lee 67,153 Roloff, Earl 163 Rolston, Barry 29 Romaneck, Greg 153 Romano, David 164 Ronney, Gary 180 Rosche, Sandra 33 Ross, Pamela 180 Rotunno, Anna 172 Rubel, Daniel 180 Rubino, Maryellen 180 Ruff, William 153 Ruffner, Michael 64,153 Rupnow, Joyce 153 Rusin, Linda 180 Russell, Donald 64,164 Russo, Daniel 33,35,40 Rust, Kurt 68,69,172 Rust, Lucinda 7,153 Rutstrom, Lawrence 172 Ryall, Deborah 153 Ryerson, Mark 49 Saladino, John 163 Samp, Margo 32 Samp, William 180 Sandona, Janet 180 Sawula, Nadia 164 Scalzitti, Nancy 180 Scannicchio, Louis 172 Scates, Garry 64 Scheck, Kathleen 164 Schmitz, Nancy 180 Schneider, John 164 Schoppe, Scott 180 Schramm, Mike 64,74 Schrepfer, Jean 164 Schroeder, Laurie 172 Schuster, Lauren 57,164 Schwebke, Jane 28,164 Sciortino, Robert 27,64,153 Scudiero, John 172 Seaman, Jada 140,153 Semmes, Carol 172 Shafer, Raymond 48,153 Sheehan, James 49 Shelton, Ivory 180 Sheridan, Michael 172 Sickbert, Grant 20,21,53 Sikora, Bill 69 Sikora, Sharon 40,52 Silvestri, Sam 67 Simpson, Craig 49 Simpson, William 27,68,74 Sims, Michael 64 Sinchak, George 68 Sindelar, Diane 50,53 Siska, Arlynn 32 Skinner, Victoria 45 Skogen, Scott 181 Skora, Michael 64,74 Skowron, Christine 45,57,181 Skubal, Phillip 172 Slovitt, Bernadette 57,164 Smailis, Casimir 68 Smetana, Barbara 53,164 Smith, Colby 164 Smith, Marichris 35,158 Smith, Martin 64 Smith, Robert 64 Smith, Susie 32,164 Snyder, Mark 64 Sobczewski, Robert 64 Soderlind, Robert 68,154 Sorensen, Gisele 164 Sostand, Yvonne 81,172 Sova, Deanna 10,164 Spadoni, Carla 1 1,154 Sparks, Lea 164 Spence, Gary 64 Spera, Mark 164 Stanich, Gary 154 Staples, Gloria 28,154 Stauffacher, Pamela 164 Stech, Rhonda 57,164 Steen, Dolores 164 Stefaniak, Marcy 57 Steiner, Suzanne 11,39,154 Steininger, Susan 52,172 Stellman, Tom 181 Stendel, Peter 64,172 Stephens, Laura 33,172 Sterrett, William 17,27,118,154 Stipta, William 164 Stonikas, Eugene 30 Stratta, Joseph 74 Streeky, Heidi 165 Strothmann, Mark 27,58,165 Stryker, Karen 172 Sullivan, Dennis 74,154 Sullivan, Tony 74,172 Suter, Laurel 165 Sutherland, Patrick 49,67 Svec, Sharon 165 Svoboda, Barbara 81 Swanson, Kristine 10 Sykora, William 74,165 Szarek, Sheila 57 Szmigiel, Gabriele 172 Talbot, Nyna 33,165 Tamulewicz, Nancy 57 Tan, Wen-Jong Amelia 154 Taneri, James 49 Tarman, James 172 Taylor, Randy 52 Twes, Bruce 172 Thiessen, Camilla 172,176 Thompson, Clarice 10,46,54,58,172 Thompson, David 46 Thon, Cynthia 32 Thoresen, Kenneth 172 Timm, Bonnie 106,165 Timpe, Richard 48,74 Tinker, Terrie 181 Todd, Elizabeth 10,47,78,172 Tondelli, Phillip 64 Tondelli, Tony 74 Traviola, Betty 173 Travis, Brad 154 Trezise, Michael 53,55,173 Trosen, Amy 10 Trosen, Elizabeth 165,173 Tudisco, Margaret 81,181 Turner, Janice 173 Uhlving, Judy 47 Ullman, Richard 35,42,181 Urso, Michael 29 Valastyan, John 165 VanGalder, Loren 173 VanLierop, Martha 41,57,165 Varga, Alan 181 Varns, Rachel 10 Veal, Bernadine 154 Vertovec, Edward 32 Virbickis, Joseph 32,165 Virruso, Ann 173 Vogt, Jeffrey 181 Volpe, Frank 165 Vorkoeper, Sabine 165 Waara, Pauline 4,39,173 Wagner, Sandra 181 Wakefield, Leah 173 Walker, Gerald 14,46,54,67 Waring, Kimberly 47,81,173 Washington, Angela 181 Watkins, Linwood 154 Weideman, Bonnie 60,154 Weiland, Susan 81.140 Weisner, Jon 165 Weiss, Daniel 165 Wells, Yulander 64 Welter, Thomas 61 Westbrook, Dorothy 173 White, Ethene 46 White, Maurice 64,181 Whitfield, David 74 Wightman, William 1 1,39 Wild, Raymond 28,165 Wilhelm, Jeannette 45 Wilhelmsen, Arthur 49 Wilke, Jeffrey 76 Willey, Linda 181 Williams, Mary Jo 45 Williams, Michael 181 Williams, Pauline 8,14,78,155 Wilson, Lorraine 32,155 Wilson, Lynn 181 Wind, Donna 173 Wisser, David 165 Wixon, Robert 155 Wojtalewicz, Robert 48,64,155 Wolf, Susan 173 Wollman, Gregory 173 Workman, Robert 155 Wright, Peter 173 Yewchyn, Janet 181 Young, Frank 181 Young, Roberta 39 Zaino, Louis 155 Zajac, Robert 165 Zanardo, Dawn 173 Zbiegien, Theodore 49 Zeigler, Robert 64 Zelenka, Lauranne 155 Zick, Russell 64,74,155 in WALSWORTH

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