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elms 1974 elmhurst college elmhurst, ill. vol. 56 table of contents the eventful the athletic the involved the thoughtWtt us index 17 54 74 122 168 9 the world american graffiti the great gatsby the exorcist the sting last tango in paris billie jean king — bobby riggs Watergate tapes kissinger mideast peace settlement 100th kentucky derby tornados world football league patty hearst revised Indianapolis zoo gerald ford tania-sia princess anne marvin hamlish daley surgery arab oil pepsi-cola — vodka pablo casals indiaa-bomb leon jaworski archibald cox sam ervin 10 at large hank aaron concern for total environment gougers 68° lines for gas streaking on campus apollo Willie brandt resignations sears tower golda meir spiro agnew dick butkus sues bears prime minister trudeau two memorial days for illinois nneat prices rise kissinger married picasso died Chicago chagall milk deal veronica lake gas shortage big oil profits duke ellington electric cars africa drought year of the small car dan ryan repairs expletive deleted freshman take their first looks at college food. welcome, welcome, welcome! 1 iiiii iiiii iiHi H first time every time dr. schade helped to welcome the freshman with a friendly chat in his red blazer, the frosh start was planned and co-ordinated by s. koch a recent e.c. grad. Sue and her thirty odd student leaders helped intro- duce the new students with the third annual mud hole and the tug of war rope broke, trips to the cities cultur- al events as well as timely rack outs, concerts and dances also filled the week. first days on campus and wishing they knew some girls. 19 some of the new teachers for the 73-74 year are introduced . stand up and be counted. elmhurst in 103rd year what was convocation? the offi- cial beginning of the school year, the ceremony where students were welcomed back by ivan frick, robert dark, robert stanger and robert schieler. many words or few they all welcomed the stu- dents with words of encourage- ment direction of purpose, those of the faculty that returned that year were present and some of the new ones were introduced, the choir lead by paul westermey- er filled the chapel with song to drift around the students present, the several hundred students in attendance were warmed by the ceremony, we were welcomed. 21 goes up must come down. this plane is camera shy. interim — between semesters — special courses — unique interests arid pursuits — psychology of flight — one month vacation — electron microscopy — geography trip to Jamaica — for some working in a factory — future teachers went to england — painting murals — animal behavior — Chicago as a resourse — fun and exciting — field experience — skiing ll -- J- students learn to relate human relations week was held from feb 18 to 21 with the combined efforts of the black affairs and reli- gious life committees of union board, the purpose was to promote a greater understanding between men and women regardless of race. a seminar on human sexuality was the first topic, don shaw, a noted speaker and a panel challenged the participants on their views of sex. roy innes, national director of core, congress on racial equality, spoke the following night, other topics of lecture and discussion included " in- terpersonal communications " , " race relations on the college campus " , and " counciling for women in rela- tionship to men " . both the elmhurst college choir and the college ' s black choir pre- sented special programs to conclude the week. 24 25 american film theatre bach ' s uncle collective paster display diverse movies evening with Vincent price mark twain these were just a few examples of the programming offered by this committiee of the union board un- der bruce bauch. under the new leadership of alien etheridge, c-i life arrived at the realistic approach that it would at best reach only a sizeable minority of the student body, this new premise allowed them to pur- sue a more esoteric and hence, a more expansive variety of program- ming, they attended a convention in houston, texas in an effort to get the first pick of the talents which would be appearing in the midwest during 1974-75. so far, the elite corps of effete cul- tural snobs on campus can anticipate such fare as a mime troupe, a classi- cal guitarist and a continuation of the american film theatre. cultural life presents cultural life spotlighted representatives of all factions of the performing arts. ken bidle alien etheridge ron goetz mark kyle bob marovitz pat mauer andy prinz jeff smith jim sorensen geri yaccino 26 27 the wailing trumpet of maynard ferguson filled hamerscfimidt chapel with his own special brand of jazz. 29 social life present . . and more wall to wall people is the recurrent scene at the all-night movies. rusty malchow makes a new face. watch your crops, he ' s a pocket picker! the social life committee of the college union board attempts to utilize the resources of the Chicago area, ex- cursions, films, and concerts are among the activities sponsored by this committee, on campus events include homecoming, festival of fools, films and the coffeehaus. some films of that year were frenzy, seventh seal, silent running, what ' s up doc and fritz the cat. 32 34 jazz it up or down the 7th annual midwest jazz festival at elmhurst college fell on the weekend of march 15, 16 and 17. due to the cancella- tion of the american college jazz festival that year, the elm- hurst festival adopted a non- competitive format, each of the participating groups were cri- tiqued rather than merely competing against each other, instead of the big name judges that year the judges were teachers of music, namely rev. george wiskirshen, james a. coffin and john la porta, awards were presented to outstanding performers on wood wind, brass, percussion, composing- arranging, the top vocalist and the allstar band. 35 black awareness weekend 74 enlightenment through black expression friday, april 5, 1974 3:00 african art exhibit reception for artist 5:30 black awareness dinner black student union members 9:30 the ebony ritual black christian nationalist players — a black ritual drama which depicts our origin and development in one continuous flow, it takes you from the shores of africa to the heart of the black community. 11:30 same beat — dance Saturday, april 6, 1974 3:30 film on attica prison — atti- ca defense fund presented by brother black rap session following presentation 6:30 autobiography of malcom- X — film 7:30 ebony expressions — fash- ion show, fashions donated by mr. ebony ' s boutique. 9:00 autobiography of malcom- X — film 11:00 blacker than thou — dance wjpc ' s don St. john, dj Sunday, april 7, 1974 11:00 black awareness weekend worship service speaker: henry soles, edi- tor of urban ministry 3:30 sgt. nkenge abi black chris- tian nationalist — speaker workshop following 7:30 gospel calvacade — featur- ing the black choir of elm- hurst college and guest choirs james mack with some of the people who helped put it togeth 36 37 the student directed one acts bringing it all back home by t. mcnally judy crews, director daniel moore as son ann elyachar as daughter barbara dunlop as mother gatis mastins as father david hajek as jimmy Sandra howell as miss home alien etheridge as delivery man eugene stonikas as camera man come play the funeral games by joe. orton laura riani, director keith griffiths as pringle alan weiger as caulf ield kristina bahl as tessa mark kyle as mc corquodale betty traviolia as first man lunch time by leonard melfi barbara zeissler, director russell malchow as rex michele ghimenti as avis no exit by jean-paul sartre diana gallardo, director dan moore as valet Steve brasie as garcin carol frieden as inez paula grieco as estelle aria da capo by edna st. vincent milley jay ordman, director cary adams as pierrot barbara dunlop as columbine Clarice thompson as corydon denise andre as thyrsus William brasie as cothurnus the open meeting by a. j. gurney jr. frank mastro, director keith griffiths as roy marcia richards as verna jesse Wilson as eddie the lover by harold pinter jane wojtena, director dominique scott fitzgerald as sarah donald liska as richard joseph wojtena as john waiting for lefty by Clifford odets judith coleman, director marshall bynum as fatt fayette john campanella as joe dominique scott fitzgerald a edna renard white as miller russell malchow as irv michele ghimenti as florrie donald liska as sid gregory vines as clayton terry graham as agate keller dennis howleit as henchman george griffin as man and voice jesse wilson as voice no snakes in this grass by james magnuson patricia hallahan, director marshall bynum as god renard white as adam barb king as eve exit the king exit the king by eugene ionesco. m. p. m. bailey, director, kenneth block as the guard. Jeffrey smith as king berenger the first, barbara dunlop as queen marguerite, roberta kuehl as queen marie, henry hamm as the doctor, andrea garwood as juliette. 42 hard concentration is his study characteristic. the circulation desk often has the gossip on you. knowledge abounds What is the library? — more than just books — music and movies — an art gallery — displays of rocks and antiques — best thing ever for papers — for some a place to sack out — late night study far left: aristotie: the father of knowledge looks over his collection . a student sinks into some deep studying. 43 the mall is vacant aher a storm. the environs the campus is: — the sometimes classroom — the sometimes playground — a concert hall — the almost swimming pool — a place to climb trees — the frisbee arena — the graduation ceremony — an arboretum rest your weary feet on these new benches. art classes frequently use the campus as the model . 45 46 things are hoppin ' in the games room. benzin chats with a friend. not just brick the union is: — the cafeteria — a place to sleep — the book store — mail from home — mrs. spenser — the game room — a place to gather — talking to friends — the fireplace that died — painted conference rooms the informed student hears it first in the union. what you always wanted to know about law black affairs committee of union board presented a one day symposium concerning the law, on march 30. the purpose was to enlighten people ' s awareness of the dif- ferent aspects of the law. it in- cluded: women ' s rights, civil rights and the law, civil liberties and the aclu, capital punish- ment, abortion, housing and job discrimination, and careers in law for both black and white, speakers included the hon. judge edward b. toles and dr. florence dunbar of the wom- en ' s bar association, panel dis- cussions and seminars rounded out the day. Chicago legal aid society, att. c. bogren and prof. s. thomson of northwestern u. are among the panel. s. gilchrist and h. theodore take pride in their law symposium. hon. judge e. b. toles makes a point with the audience. dr. f. dunbar. mediator of the panels. 48 coloured cards save the day registration b.c.c. (before colored cards). checi out station: some things just never change. some of the larger departments still get the crowds. registration will be better in future years, with the instigation of the col- or coded cards, only students with a certain color card can enter at cer- tain times, this was to allow upper classmen to sign up for courses needed to graduate, no longer will the classes be filled with sopho- mores, no long winding lines in the chapel out onto the mall, no more frantic pushing and shoving at the department tables, we shall sorely miss them. viva la difference! 49 one of the well organized activities of the fof weekend was a dance. fof fades . . . with most streakers, streaking through fof was briefly and barely seen, the fourth annual festival of fools fizzled, of the many activities planned, the dance and the movie, what ' s up doc, were the only ones to materialize, when fof had started, it had been a fun extended weekend, the students went wild for it. but with each succeeding year some of the spirit and number of student bodies dwindled, students were get- ting tired of fof. that year it reached a low. what will happen next? what if we had an fof weekend and nobody showed. 50 at last we have no rain. 103rd graduation class of 1974 a handshake instead of a kiss. the graduates were greeted by sunshine at the 103rd graduation on may 26th. chairs were set up in the mall and in the fire lanes, but many people elected to retreat under the shade of the trees, over 500 gradu- ates, the second largest graduating class at e.c, were to receive the b.a. or b.s. degree, the baccalaureate was at ten that morning. margaret a. haywood, supreme court justice in the district of Colum- bia delivered the afternoon com- mencement address, ivan frick con- ferred the degree, robert dark pulled his tassel, we moved the tas- sels from right to left and we became instant alumni, a reception followed at which many last handshakes and words were exchanged. pride abounds. " where the elms in stately glory nnargaret a. haywood 55 the 73 football season was again coached by wendall j. harris. al hanke was the new defensive coach, they were assisted by robert boyd and ronald wellman. for a fifth place, elmhurst ' s average yards per game in rushing plays was 211.8 ya ds and 88.1 yards in passing plays, there were 697 total plays with 2682 net yardage gain at 298 yards per game, the most valuable player was named mike papoccia. mike papoccia and ron miller were our high point pas- sers and mike led the team with 721 yards gaining with rushing, the jays ended their season with three wins and five losses in the cciw confer- ence, better luck next year, team! when you ' re hot you ' re hot when you ' re not you ' re not papo sits down on the action. the defense gangtackles an opponent. my dingaling 56 elmhurst 8 millikin 62 elmhurst 38 north central 7 elmhurst 6 augustana 30 elmhurst 17 lake forest 14 elmhurst 40 north park 28 elmhurst 14 carrol 35 elmhurst 35 wheaton 26 elmhurst 0 illinois wesleyan 9 elmhurst 8 Carthage 36 jim gray, a proud father and field-goal kicker you don ' t have to be in the game to be involved. 5 7 10 17 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 33 pat cusack leroy jemison ron miller greg johnson jim musiol dan pryor glenn placek dale renner den n is howlett pete stendel bob sobczewski rusty zick greg vines al brinkmeier don russell what fools! ! hanke and harris just could be wondering how far they ' ll go this time! 34 mike sims 52 preston fortney 35 mike forsythe 53 bob baker 36 jim gray 54 jerry walker 38 kenny reeves 56 david bartosik 40 mike papoccia 61 al mackey 41 lorenzo boyce 62 tony papoccia 43 paul reed 63 yulander wells 44 jim maraviglia 64 jeff oeming 45 torn martyn 65 scott lowry 46 mike pryor 67 homer daniels 47 mike leatherman 68 marty spicer 48 thomas hill 69 greg goebel 49 philip anderko 70 dan richards 50 mike ruffner 71 trevon pappas 51 Stan sharas 72 tom mackey 73 tom henderson 74 tom lippner 75 art Scully 76 paul nelson 77 keith coryell 78 richard dory 79 rich aggen 80 dennis carlson 81 jay culbertson 82 gregskelly 83 bill polivka 85 gerry olmsted 86 david gillies 88 frank hirsch 89 Stan smith sports and sporters find themselves in many conditions 63 PO this past year, the pom-pon squad has shown their talents by providing entertainment at various football and basketball games, through hard work and cooperation, they were able to show that they were a vi- tal part of the college community, look out, next year ' s squad will be dynamite! debbie bethel — co-captain, tonitaylor — co-captain frances bowman — secretary — treasurer estelle argianas jeaniebond suecarlstedt becky chiganos virtudes giroud denise holloway marcia liewehr Carolyn mc collum maureen mc grath debbie mesle linda miller paula payton • ■ ■ dena tankson , ' 64 the women ' s intercollegiate tennis team has changed to a fall season this year as did many of the sur- rounding colleges, singles players this year are diana castelli, sue In- gram, sue beitel, bonny kocoras and marcia liewehr. doubles tennis was played by sue wright and diana cas- telli, barb stielow and carolyn czu- powski and sue Ingram and sue bei- tel. the team was coached by sandy hutchins and finished with a 3-2 record. women give a sporting try the women ' s intercollegiate teams were all relatively young and inex perienced. although lacking depth in the squads and support from the school both moral and iinancial, they tielded several teams including tennis, volleyball and basketball, the team with the winning season was tennis with an overall record of 3-2. the other teams needed depth and support badly in order to win. we hope to see them in the years to fol- low, look your best, ' cuz we ' ll be watching. karen voung shows nice torm in serving.: vollevbaji julie keller — coach elaine tomasek — assistant coach team memberb; kim waring jaline bourland hnda brazin barbstielow bonnie kc;coras karen young sue Ingram sheila ward larry " the coach " demonstrates his conception of perfect batting form for his team. ed momkus ' pounding effort is cause for consternation among his fellow players. this year: intramurals for fun intramurals, the major portion of athletic life, involved most of the student bodies in a sport of one form or another, the events of the year spanned from tennis and bad- minton for the individually-minded person, to softbail, football, and vol- leyball for the group effort, teams could play for yearly points in all sports to win trophies at the end of the year, which were awarded at the spring banquet, squires, praetors, and g.d.i. had been contenders, the latter being the newcomer of a few years, this year, g.d.i. won firsts in football and volleyball, dave hajek was voted most valuable player in all intramurals. claymore eberle was chess champion, while rick mangnall and rich ng dominated in ping- pong. with a mighty stoop, debbie ellis strains to grab the bail In time to make the play. hoping for a strike, phyllls crowder sends one over the plate during iehman ' s play-off against stanger. 69 baseball turns in best effort elmhurst college climaxed one of the finest baseball seasons in its his- tory with a stong second half surge that saw the bluejays finish 10-6 in the conference for fourth place and 20-13 overall, the 20-win total broke the existing record for victories in a season by five. leading coach ron wellman ' s dia- mond men was an outstanding pitching staff, headed by all-confer- ence selection dave whitfield. he was the only elmhurst choice among the cciw coaches, senior outfielder dennis sullivan was named honor- able mention . among the other standouts were sophomore third baseman rich dziemiela, catcher jim disch, hard hitting shortstop bill simpson, fresh- man second baseman steve duck- horn and senior pitcher tim fitzpatrick. ready for action. strike one? two? or three? burn it in there, ec! what a swinger. the jays figure to be legitimate contenders for next year ' s confer- ence crown, trailing first place au- gustana by only three game in the final 1974 standings, elmhurst lost twice to augustana in its first two conference games by one run . alvin hanke ponders the track team ' s situation. rich agge dave bartosik dave batson lorenzo boyce john bretz al brown gaylane carson bruce cowman phillip egebrecht torn finn dan hajek philip hammen paul nelson dennis peters bill polivka dale renner waren rodie kenneth rupnow Stanley sharas peter stendel bill swan 76 thesign sought by many. phil egebrecht watches some equipment. , -a! american chemical society the american chemical society in its second year was filled with activi- ties, although known to most in the science center as those who sold soda pop, they presented an array of programs dealing in chemistry, they invited speakers from the outside such as gloria kratz, supervisory criminalist in charge of drug analysis and student speakers like rich rado- kovitz, Steve thon and neal nowicki. one of the speakers for a.c.s. is gloria kratz in crime lab detection. 77 j. tannehill and b. burkiet put on a ping pong exhibition . 78 athletic life for everybody u nder the direction of doug haney and bonny kocoras the athletic life committee offered a wide variety of activities, their programs encom- passed the men ' s and women ' s in- tramurals. the sports ranged from football to shuffleboard. the idea was to try and involve as many peo- ple as possible in new and varied sports, they arranged excursions to several sports events and even brought j. tannehill, number one ranked ping pong player, to campus for an exhibition, next year ' s chair- people were bruce hill and sue Ingram. d. ellis and r. haas play in one of the many games room tournaments. adelphae tires people out with dance the sisterhood of adelphae is a female organization established to promote and strengthen the femi- nine image and role on campus, the goal of this organization is to give women and students a chance to participate to work together and to serve the campus and the communi- ty, this year they held a 12 hour dance marathon to raise money for the national multiple sclerosis society. they shoot horses, don ' t they ? Win ' li " " FiJttTHKU cheri du montelle watches the weary dancers. cheri du montelle, kathi bolton, kris irving, kathye lambie, karen stryker, becky chiganos, georgene fabsits, debbie brown, kathy revane, mary jo Wil- liams, vertudes giroud, laura bergstrom, estelle argi- anas, karia kopper, jenny turner, earlene reed, jody hachmeister. fui t doin on " ucsdcuior the elmhurst college black choir is a student led and student financed group, one often heard their singing coming from their practice room in irion hall, when they performed, their music encompassed gospel and soul. they sang in conjunction with the other choir during human relations week and black awareness weekend at the gospel cavalcade as well as appearing at other colleges. members of the council . black affairs in third year the black affairs committee consist- ed of ten chair people who headed sub-committees which dealt with the various areas felt pertinent to the black experience, with money allo- cated from the student activities fund, they sponsored excursions, speakers and events throughout the year, one excursion early in the year was to push expo 73 in Chicago, it dealt with the need for black col- leges and the need to support them while exposing the students to a bet- ter perspective of education, they also sponsored the black awareness week and a one day law symposium. i. Wilson, e. toles and c. crittendon hawk raffle tickets for a terrarium to sponsor " relevations " during black affairs week. Stan i. gilchrist tommy cole deborah bethel terry graham daryl grigsby barbara king audrey olden brendetta pruitt clarice thompson pauline williams riley b. davis huguettetheodore 82 band takes shape the percussion ensemble led by ed nnuell- er strikes up a tune. here ' s lynn, rehearsing for a concert . . . have you blown your lipyet,cal? the band has found a new leader in john johnston . when the new band director mr. john johnston arrived here in Sep- tember, the band numbered close to a dozen players with small instru- mentation, to stimulate students and recruit new members mr. johnston formed a group by creating various ensembles, by the middle of October the group had increased to sufficient size to form a band, in december and may the band presented con- certs, with a great deal of effort, mr. johnston successfully created a dedi- cated band, officers for this year were bill chambers, president; ed mueller, vice-president; and gail eichelman, secretary. 83 cic: that mythical beast the major function of the cIc (campus Mfe council) is to receive student input, it heard grievances and suggestions and tried to deter- mine the necessary action or recom- mendation. cIc was the students ' link with the administrative bodies of the school, last fall a suggestion vat was set up in theunion. members included: keith baker, dave hajek, ed momkus, bill hog- lund, mollie sluss, peggy coad, tom nordberg, susan sowa, deb ahrens, jim benzin, kim fielder, debbie oates, diane kufer, drew metcalfe, pat Cunningham, mark strothman, james barry, james Cunningham, ri- ley davis and robert schieler. p. coad, b. bauch, d. ahrens and k. fielder strain to listen . g. walker and r. davis give their undivided attention . typical poses for a typical cIc meeting. k. baker nnakes a point. m. mc dure and d. lacine take notes at one of the biweekly meetings. paul " westy " westermeyer drew metcalfe jean bracke davidschoen alien etheridge david lacine sue palmer dave Christiansen gail eichelman mary gelhaus bill channbers debbie mangione gene stonikas mary ann beato barb dunlop carol broersma judy frey karen ernst nancy galambush karen maish jack branding karen moeschberger bruce palmer sharon burrichter grant sickbert chris behie mike bopp darcel brady donna heisner marti van lierop diana paxton murlea gearhart al brinkmeier lois maag celeste olson diane sindelar darlene bierman denise andre doug white shiela chatlos e.c. choir strong 86 beta beta beta still active the small but active honorary of the biology department is beta beta beta (tri-beta). living in their display case in the science center were snakes, froggies and turtles, one of their field trips was to the field mu- seum in the big city, no camping trip this year, folks. student advisor this year was earl meseth. taking over next year will be bill fuller. dave Holland warren knudson mary rynes rick dietzen don provenzano diane heininger sue beeck bonnie hatmaker jeff roberts gloria staples bill fuller earl meseth 87 90 91 Charlie grippo talks to a prospective newspaper member. newspaper in second year rebounding from last year ' s near death, the newspaper became a val- uable source of Information for the school, it was a bi-weekly which not only reported what happened, but informed people as to what was to happen, it offered services in the form of their summer jobs supple- ment and monthly calendar of events, ads from establishments in town spoke to the needs and wants of the students, they also had special issues like the lampoon issue which caught everyone by surp rise, their continued success was hoped for. members included: george palmer, arlene kaspik, dan russo, charlie grippo, mike lo cicero, sharon sikora and all the committees and groups who submitted articles, cartoons, pictures and poems. sharon sikora and dan russo are two of the hard workers. 92 geography shows force gamma theta upsilon, the honorary of the geography department was quite active under the leadership of d. kamenz. they presented programs such as " jamaican follies " by h. gus- tin and " thailand " by b. bauch. various trips took them to the ob- jects of their environment, a fall camping trip going to the door pen- ninsula and a field trip to the morton arboretum highlighted their year. d. kamenz shows true nature. left to right: sitting gigi sorensen, marcia meyer, karen crabtree, gloria iazarski standing — herb gustin, dave lacine, robert rouse, ed mueller, karl robert, bruce bauch, dave kamenz, jeff bond, paul ries, denny Carlson. 93 eclectic programs offered by free university question: what sculpts with snow, deliberates over strategies of chess, discriminates gladly between boone ' s farm and chateauneuf-du- pape, dispatches radio signals, all while breaking bread in some of the area ' s finest restaurants and hum- ming musetta ' s waltz? answer: any e. c. student who al- lowed himself to take advantage of the diverse activities sponsored by free university, carrying on its tradi- tional epicurean club, wine-tasting seminar, and chess club, f. u. intro- duced a variety of new experiences to the campus, among these were a video-tape workshop supervised by dr. Williams, radio club with dr. boh- nert, snow-sculpting during interim, and seminars on death and dying organized by dr. schieler. the year also marked f. u. ' s first annual opera seminars which culminated in excur- sions to two student performances, the group also showed it could per- form services, with its c.a.r.e. hike. dr. barclay lets his hair down while pouring ' 37 port: a fitting cap to one of mrs. b. ' s meals. 94 sneaking one more luscious morsel of cheese, judy crews would agree: the barclays are unbeatable hosts. ajugofwine, aloaf of bread . . . and deb ahrens, over liborio ' s cuban cuisine. unlike most works of art, grant sickbert ' s winning snow sculpture will not last forever. the two prime movers behind free university, dave schoen and tom nordberg, cap tured in a pensive moment. 95 delta mu delta; business honorary mu delta is the national honor society in business admin- istration under the advising of dominie j. scudiero. to be quali- fied for membership, a candidate is required to have completed at least one half of the work re- quired for a ba or bs in business administration, and who have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 and who are in the top 20% of their total col- lege class in cumulative grade. new members of the lambda chapter are: diane endecavageh, dennis frazen, david hajek, thom- as norini, george preuss, keith reed, michael vaculik and wayne weston. the officers for the 73-74 academic year are as follows: keith reed — president, david hajek — vice-president, diane endecavageh — secretary, and dominie scudiero — treasurer and faculty moderator. 96 have you seen these people? 100 robert de roo smiles on his proteges. elmhurst college ' s chapter of the national psychological honor society inducted approximately 40 new members this year, to be eligible to join psi chi, one must hold a major in psychology and maintain a mini- mum overall gpa of 3.0. the highlight of this year ' s activi- ties was november ' s seminar on learning disabilities with guest speaker, dr. carl delacato. a highly controversial figure in the field of psychology, dr. delacato is responsi- ble for half of the doman-delacato theory of learning, and has written several books on the subject, at the seminar, the doctor discussed his theory of the causes and cures for autism and conducted a demonstra- tion of his procedures with several members of the audience. installation and initiation of new members was held in april. officers for the 1973-74 school year were as follows: geri yaccino — president, greg zielinski — vice president, jean bracke — secretary treasurer, robert de roo — advisor. mind the psi chi wendel! deci er and harry fassi using psychology. geri yaccino reads the annual report. carl delacato. hmmm very interesting. 101 omicron delta is alive and well the sisterhood of omicron delta is a social-service organization for women at eimhurst college, it was designed to add to the college expe- rience, that year, the organization pledged in ten new members, its ac- tivities were varied and included both services to the school or com- munity and social activities with its own members or members of other organizations, this year some of its activities were: muscular dystrophy drive, faculty tea, parent tea for freshman orientation, clothing drive, 50 ' s dance, swim party with tke, end of the year formal dinner and a weekend retreat to Wisconsin . o.d. has a sale of goods to raise money . the sisterhood of omicron delta. sandy boyle pauia brand! judieuhlving kim waring sally amiing sharon burrichter donna meissler debbie mesle barb hoffman kris gieason liztodd lorraine maida carol frieden karen rockwood judy grande kathy hall sheila zeien barb zeissler gloria lazarski bettesandgren vicki ehdich sue shangel jan hostetter 102 recent history of religious ife committee in pictures " he who masters his words will master his works. intent listeners of leligious life: the religious life committee of union board was cfiaired by carolyn mc collum. their purpose was to ex- plore and to bring on campus the new and different facets of religion, their search found people on stage, with musical instruments or behind the podium, they found the howard hanger trio with a joyful jazz theater, a jewish husband and wife folk duet and numerous speakers, they were involved with a retreat combined with students from north central, aurora and Illinois benedictine col- leges, they used simulation games and movies as the format and culmi- nated in a creative workshop with students from each school contributing. 104 nssha nssha, the national student speech and hearing association is an organization on campus for speech pathology and audiology students, majors in this field have an opportunity for practical train- ing at the speech clinic on cam- pus, this year, along with the pre- healing arts club, nssha sponsored a blood drive on campus from the beverly blood bank where any- one contributing one pint of blood received benefits for them- sel ves and or their family, hearing tests to be given to students for a dimewerealso planned. members show off some gimmicks used on their clients. i aryn kotin, betty sandgren and sue pryble are among those gathered around the audiometer used to test hearing. 106 s.t.o.p. the group that didn ' t speed those on the environmental retreat are effected in weird ways. learning to use the other senses was part of the s.t.o.p. retreat. 108 this is not really a mall flood, but lake michigan from the warren dunes. would you trust jeff roberts to lead you around blindfolded? cary adams debbie ahrens cindy brandt jamie bukalski kirn fielder nancy galambush waily mah karen maisch rich mann ed momkus lynn napolitano jeff roberts debbie sodaro gloria staples don stoner sabine vorkoeper Students to terminate overpopula- tion and pollution, better known as s.t.o.p. was an on-campus organiza- tion dedicated to increasing the awareness and concern of the elm- hurst college community for current environmental issues, both national and local, their work involved the reclamation centers on campus and the cities ' , they had their annual fall environmental retreat to tower hill near warren dunes in michigan and their spring backpacking trip to ket- tle morraine state park in Wisconsin, s.t.o.p. also provided several educa- tional and informational programs, the ultimate crisis, the last word on rta, and earth week to name a few. 109 social life is moving 3; the social life committee pro- grammed for all students, there Swere movies nearly every week and ; ; " ■ various special concerts and activi- ties were planned, for the third year {running we had all nite movies for Halloween with frenzy as the head- - Jiner. the coffeehaus, closed for over ■ la year, opened with two old favor- ites, brian degenhart and bob hadley late in the second semester, while learl scruggs was among the big , . events, some movies of the year were wizard of oz, dirty harry and - , Harold and maude. and they ' re al- ways looking for better programs. . ' left to right: kneeling: loren van galder, cathy rasmussen, susan beitel, dan hajek, mike zurn. standing: mary mcclure, marichris smith, marsha pep- mier, debbie oates, jan noble, paula brandl, barbara hutchinson, not pictured: kirn waring, ' ' " ' h pojhmann, lynn lyons, mike bopp, clay oliver, an- nette dearborn, patti hanna, beth reinke, lois maag. ■ 111 love, charity, and esteem nu-zeat chapter of tau kappa epsi- lon fraternity is the only internation- al fraternity at elmhurst college, tke is not only a social organization, but it is also a service and scholastic or- ganization, some of the activities tke was involved in this year was two pledge periods, a car wash, hay rides, bowling parties, a retreat, a trip to Steven ' s point, collecting for lion ' s club candy day and many oth- er activities, in may, nu-zeta chapter had its fifth annual red carnation ball which was attended by over sixty people, tke is 35 active men who be- lieve in love, charity and esteem — the elements of brotherhood in tke. MHURST COLLEGE UNIQ " 4 f p , 1 4 x " if left to right: 1st row: kevin hoak, bob gude, dan gierek, mark weber, bill drzal, bruce lighthall, greg dimatarls, dan moore, larry creamer, craig simp- son, paul haskell. 2nd row: richard kirkbride, kevin kirth, dale sisco, jim sheehan, najeeb ai-mutawa, nader al-essa, edward edens, torn vanco. 1 theta alpha phi theta alpha phi is the theater hon- orary, members of t.a.p. have accu- mulated points from working in plays in various capacities from stage crew and props to acting, they helped run the ticket sales in the union for each play and sold orange juice during intermissions at the mill. diana gallardo and jeff smith happily hawk tickets. left to right: officers of theta alpha phi: mark kyle, barbara king, carol frieden, kirn fielder, barbara giessler. 113 left to right: row 1 — gerry curylo, bonnie hatmaker, randy taylor, sharon sikora. row 2 — rick dietzen, margo samp, sam ponticelli, warren knudson, don provenzano. row 3 — john dimitroff, kay vasey, greg dennataris, cary adams, jack lazarra, david Christiansen . almost doctors and dentists the prehealing arts club in its second year presented more opportunities to those with a mind towards the medical profession, under direction of pres. b. hatmaker they participat- ed in a blood drive in conjunction with the speech honorary, seventy eight donors pledged their blood and the club got yet another taste of the medical field, they sponsored a film series dealing with fear and trauma, next years officers: pres. s. sikora, vice pres. j. dimitroff, treas w. knudson, sec. j. lazzara. b. hatnnaker takes a blood donation. 114 these are our honorary women . everyone participates at the women ' s honorary tea. more than being smart that year the women ' s honorary of elmhurst college became more ac- tive than it ever had before, the women planned a teacher apprecia- tion day, bake sale, an auction, se- lected the faculty member of the year, and a tea honoring all women with high academic achievement, through money raised from the col- lected dues and auction, they gave funds to the library, the library will now add new books in the area of women in literature, the officers for the year were: jean tracy, advisor; sue valastyan, president; carol barth, vice-pres.; carolyn mc collum, sec- retary; peggy laitas, treasurer. murlea gearhart debbiesodaro emily hathaway debbie mudra barbstieiow andrea garwood merle mantione darcel brady laura petkovich debbie mikulich mary geihaus denise andre louise calderone diana gallardo pat hatz sue valastyan Sunday principato carol barth geri yaccino jean tracy en bidle displays one of the items available at their sale. 115 117 diversity is the way of union board the concerts over the year have been widely varied. pat mauer arranges for films. some of the old and new board members. 73-74 union board: bill sterrett — union board chairperson, anthea george — union board vice-chairperson, sue palmer — secre- tary, doug haney and bonnie kocoras — ath- letic life chairperson, carolyn mccullom — religious life, kid goode — social life, bruce bauch — cultural life, ed momkus — s.t.o.p., dave hajek — wrse, wally mah — elms, dan russo — newspaper. union board has scoured the north american continent to bring entertainment to this campus. they have gone up to Canada to bring jason down for a fantastic con- cert, they ' ve gone to st. louis to bring in the st. louis jazz quartet, they ' ve even sniffed around campus and come up with coffeehaus acts like freeze ' n steven. their films pro- grams varied from fritz the cat to dr. zhivago. the newspaper, yearbook and ra- dio station as well as athletic life, black affairs and religious life com- mittees are all arms of the union board. 74-75 union board: kid goode — union board chairperson, cindy brandt — union board vice-chairperson, marsha pepmeier — union board secretary, bruce hill and sue Ingram — athletic life chairpersons, stan gilchrist — black affairs chairperson, alien etheridge — cultural life chairperson, dave lacine — reli- gious life chairperson, jan noble — social life chairperson, kim fielder — wrse, charlie grip- po — newspaper, judi nieman — elms. 119 charles schmidt judy crews frank mastro drew metcalfe torn nordberg daveschoen don nolan bill hoglund sandy howeil dave hajek Steve kyriazes renard white judy coleman lia clement alan kupfer albee burkes al etheridge kirn fielder bill iowry Carolyn mc collum debbie mikulich gatis mastins keith baker bill deschaaf bruce hill torn cole genestonikas anthea george sharia biggs wrse newscasters br ' ought us all the cheerful news of the year. greg vines annette dearborn markstrothmann mike arroyo john dimitroff mike romano chris kurth marge macur bryan pearce deborah dudley randy taylor rich horneck jim sheehan bob gude dan hajek shahram karimi gus nicolopoius duane miilbrandt donna reed rusty malchow esther Crawford phiilip ogolsky mary ann latko Clarice thompson davethompson bruce palmer dan moore mike ludwig Stan gilchrist 120 the jerry g. bishops of elmhurst college. sportcasters covered events such as basketball games. when walking through the union, one hardly knows that just down a small corridor, there is 10 watts being sent out in a fourteen mile radius, the wrse staff sends their bit of communication seven ' days a week to the college campus and to neighboring communities, the staff consists of interested students from the college, they work constantly, making the station as professional as possible, conforming to all standards and regulations set forth by the f.c.c, they believe that is the only way to run a station . wrse is in its 10th year of fm broad- casting and 27th year of a m. con- grat ' shams!! the engineering crew kept things roiling. the executive committee. jenaire judice barabarasmetana pat napolitano jeff holden gregg bagni randy dagenhart garry mc gonigle diane michael sue sowa sandy boyle bill chambers phii egebrecht dan pryor dan laut wrse is making waves pete stendel dan gierick jeff koenig marti van lierop eileen mc donald deb oates chris smith suesteininger Cindy brandt kim waring judieuhlving diane raschiella dennis mc bryde jan castegnaro 121 the thoughtful the deans of elmhurst college the school had three deans, robert dark, jim Cunningham, and riley davis, each of them had contact with the students and touched them in different ways. two of the deans were new to the position, jim Cunningham was pro- moted to the dean of students to fill the vacancy made by c. neal davis leaving for oregon. to facili- tate communication concerning thoughts and feelings about the new job he had a column in the newspa- per entitled dean talk. riley davis had the position of as- sistant dean of students, it was his intention to work closely with jim. in addition riley was active in student affairs as advisor to black affairs committee and social life committee as well as black student advisor. robert dark is struck by an idea. riley davis learns more at the law symposium. 124 telling jokes in the union. maisey lake, coordinator of advising. time to drop a course. records office commanding one half of the first floor of lehmann is the records of- fice, almost every student had had contact with them, with robert swords becoming the director of interim, maisey lake took over the office, this was the place to go to see if your courses transferred, to get your graduate analysis and to add drop courses. they know what courses you still need to take. 126 127 public • relations don stoner is the new director of church relations. over the air waves and on news print, gerry rasa lets the folks back home what you ' re doing, news re- leases sent to the home area news- papers cited many students for achievements throughout the year, they ranged from playing varsity sports to attaining the chair position of a committee, they even knew if you were studying or not. of note that year was the coverage by the channel 7 news team with geoff smith of the interim class psychology of flight. 128 chaplain lOOO- 10:30 cun. the office of the chaplain was split in half that year with don stoner leaving to work in the public rela- tions office, this left bob schieler with the challenge of the office, in addition to arranging the Sunday service, he instigated the tuesday night ecumenical worship service, his many duties and activities showed his concern for the total well being of the students. 129 admissions and financial aid admissions and financial aid de- partments work in tandem to accept and help students to attend e.c. var- ious combinations of college, state and federal programs are available to qualified students, many students bite their nails waiting to know if they qualify, in admissions they tried to encourage those who would be best prepared to handle college academics, they didn ' t use an arbi- trary cut-off number on grade points or test scores, but a thorough review of the student ' s entire academic record was attempted including class rank and recent experiences, other considerations they used were motivation, out of class achieve- ments and personal consideration, and you thought you were smart. busy at work is don weiss, director of admissions. ene bonnyay (left) and bonnie wagner as admis- sions counselor and transcript clerk, respectively. 131 mary haik, our new addition . if you had a problem, the health center was where to go. situated in the east end of the basement of nie- buhr you could always hear cheery voices when you were sick, whether it was mental or physical distress, they helped you to heal your wounds, not only did they cure the common cold and provide other treatment but helped relieve the symptoms of home sickness or male- female problems and armed you with knowledge of vd, fa tigue, men- strual problems and diets. no problem was too big. einor currle Intently at work. 132 housing staff the housing staff watched over us. in their many capacities they were mother, father and friend as well as disciplinarian, they kept us informed and helped us to better relate with those we lived with, that year they opened up niebuhr hall for singles after it had been closed for a year, one of the problems of the year for housing were the numerous fires in the dorm kitchens prompting the reinstatement of mandatory board. housing consisted of: jim barry, director: barb del vigna, secretary: head residents: ed and kathy shea in stanger, jerry and jane worsham in inkmeyer, stevo and connie nestler 1n Schick, john and cindy helt in nie- buhr, julie multhrop and iaura sova in lehmann and ed toles and gene toddard in irion . maintenance roy johnson maintenance crew on a break. yes, and a vote of thanks and a basketful of memories must go to the team of specialists known as the plumbers (maintenance), they kept the buildings in clean and peak run- ning condition, they fixed little things (broken locks on fuse boxes) as well as the big things (broken doors on the union), along with the buildings went the grounds covered by ragnar moen, head groundskee- per. he plants the trees and bushes which explains the hedges sur- rounding shick to prevent students from walking on the grass, it sure was a pretty campus. waiter " maindesk " bishop whistles while he works. peek-a-boo, i see you . 134 bob ryan and the fire marshall are checking out the fire extinguishers. bonnie weideman is trying to get her hand out of the mail slot. central service central service mimeograph ditto dry copy collation staple presto change where there was one; there were two. security bob ryan and his men were the ever present force to guide us from wrong doing and protect us from evil, running around so much that year he shrunk to half his size, they kept a vigilant watch at night so the parents didn ' t really need to worry. mailroom letters, junk mail and pink slips, for all the mailroom did, that ' s all we had to show for it. yet greatly appre- ciated and watched for. so much that residents often check the ol ' mail box two and three times a day for love, thanks go to bob dugan . 135 union personnel jeanne spencer at the union desk has all the answers, (but not to tests) . phyllis iovino is secretary to dean of students. katherine kufer has all the lines in her hands with a ' goodmorning, elmhurst college ' . jim cunninghann, dean of students, after a hard night. 136 cafeteria food prices reflect nation ' s dilemma the ec cafeteria provides nourish- ing meals for commuter and resi- dent students alike, however, along with the usual complaints about the cafeteria, this year there was a raise in the ala carte prices and a manda- tory board plan to be enforced in the fall 1974. students were given a chance to voice their opinions on the mandatory board plan but guess what happened? rising prices cause the cafeteria to limit food portions. inga albrecht, dietician, here is where nummies originate. 137 138 141 joseph gorsic can do two things at once. back to the fifties with richard franks. dominie scudiero signs another one. business administration terry madock steps out of the twilight zone. robert eaton awaits new students at registration. georgethoma displays his meticulously sharpened pencil point. economics 147 french Spanish and kalian donna gras teaches french a la classe. paulette hatmaker always has a 150 153 154 yet another (fine?) example of professional dignity and cool for the e.c. student 156 philosophy political science david lindberg reads his mail in the faculty lounge. royal schmidt enjoys some punch at a recent reception. 158 160 162 armin limper caught in the middle of examin- ing papers. a profile of ron goetz ' s new beard. bob schieler, chaplain of the college. theology and religion peter schmiechen argues a point. while leaving the library ashley rose runs into an old friend. 163 166 167 169 jean augensen physical education karen bauman elementary education i .1 mark baker history carol barth christian education sueann beeck biology roland berg history debbie barthel sociology charles bern psychology darlene bierman music harriet blake psychology jack branding V biology kathleen brennan Spanish 171 Stephen brown terri brown john budilovsky dennis carlson business administration elementary education business administration business administration Carolyn crowder paulcummings marilyn czupowski thomasczyz sociology business administration history math ce dalicandro wendell decker darlene devries lyndadyleba ntary education psychology elementary ed ucation elementary education nancy galambush speech roy giampoli business administration 173 daniel gildersleeve kathryn graham business administration biologv kathy hall sociology diane heininger biology Sandra howel history herbert gustin geography bonnie hatmaker biolo v james hayles business adrTiinistr .ition donna heisner cynthia belt psychology timothy jans math richard jeffrey sociology david hajek business adrninistr.ition thomas hecJIin business .uiministi .ition William hoglund theology Cornelia johnson history david kamenz psychology bonny kocoras elementary education richard kuebler art elinore lorenzana business administration cheryl kance r susan kaptur elementary education anne kratzer elementary education john kocourek geography Steven kyriazes speech peggy laitas psychology mary lowder sociology Charles lowe business administration i barbara kinj speech linda krautter speech correction janet leonhardi elementary education susan maddox speech 175 james rizzi sociology jeffrey roberts biology bette sandgren speech linda schaefer business administration Stanley sharas geography susan sowa speech correction david schoen history William schraeder elementary education mollie sluss speech correction barbara stielow sociology deborah sodaro french patricia stowel english ramona sarapata elementary education susan shangle psychology laura sova urban studies William swan art ann Sullivan madelyn tabbert john tuzynski susan valastyan biology biology business administration english Stephen Williams susan winston janewojtena theasue wright psychology ' psychology business administration history 179 senior index ackman, gene: huntley, ill. aguilar, marcelo: summit, ill. cic 2; financial aid 2; chess club 2; squires 1,2,3,4; intramural sports 1, 2,3,4. alesky, Catherine: burbank, ill. elmhurst newspaper 2,3; literary review 3,4; women ' s basketball 3; german club 1,2. alley, jeanette: oaklawn, ill. anderson, james: hoffman estates, andre, denise: franklin park, ill. choir 1,2,3,4 (wardrobe 3,4); bell choir 2,3,4; sigma tau delta 3,4; psi chi 4; women ' s honorary 4; student one acts 4; women ' s track team 3; free university 4; dean ' s list and honor roll 1,2,3,4. appolito, marianne: wheaton, ill. arnold, thomas: elmhurst, ill. atkinson, david: hinsdate, ill. augensen, jean: wildwood, ill. s.t.o.p. 2,3,4; joint council 3; elec- tions committee 3; wrse 2,3; fresh- men orientation leader 3; women ' s intramural volleyball 4; senior high day committee 2; wing representa- tive (Schick) 2; honor society com- mittee 3; course and faculty evalua- tions 2; cultural life committee sec- retary 4; p.e. majors club 3. baker, mark: hinsdale, ill. bank, lawrence: elmhurst, ill. barclay, alexander: elmhurst, ill. barth, carol: grafton, wis. choir 1,2,3; women ' s honorary 4. barthel, deborah: broadview, ill. bauman, karen: lake villa, ill. women ' s honorary 3,4; women ' s intramurals 1,2,3; education club 3, 4; student leader 4; dean ' s list 2,3,4. beeck, sue: Chicago, ill. tri beta 3,4; elmbark 2; academic council 2; women ' s honorary, benzin, james: elmhurst, ill. bere, lambert; palos park, ill. berg, roland: rolling meadows, ill. education club 3; dean ' s list 3,4; floor representative 3; intramurals 1,2,3; history club 3. bern, charles: Chicago, ill. psi chi 2,3,4; who ' s afraid of Virginia woolf 4. bertone, debra: norridge, ill. bethel, deborah: Chicago, ill. bierman, darlene: bartlett, ill. college choir 2,3,4; polyhymnia 1,3; bell choir 3; m.e.n.c. 2,3,4. blake, harriet: oak brook,,ill. psi chi 4. blank, louise: elmwood park, ill. bloomquist, richard: elmhurst, ill. bower, barbara: hickory hills, ill. boyd, earl: addison, ill. branding, jack: des plaines, ill. squires 1,2,3,4; chaplain of squires 4; choir 1,2,3,4, president 3. brennan, kathleen: oak park, ill. intramural volleyball 2,4; epicurean club 4; junior year in madrid, Spain . brown, Stephen: memphis,tenn. football 1,2,3. brown, terri: mount prospect, ill. browne, patrick: des plaines, ill. budilovsky, john: Westchester, ill. care hike 4, s.t.o.p. campingtrip 4. burks, albert: bay city, mi. butts, robert: Chicago, ill. Campbell, Christine: chicago, ill caravello, daniei: Chicago, ill. carley, donald: oak park, ill. carbon, dennis: elmwood park, ill. varsity football 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; geography club 4; national gamma theta upsilon 4; praetors 1, 2. cstelli, diana: elmhurst, ill. castic, joy: elk grove village, ill. chute, michael: brookfield, ill. clement, lia: shaker heights, ohio freshman class officer — secretary 1; sisterhood of hiz-i 2,3,4, treasurer 3,4; dorm coordinator 2; intramural and dutch bowling 2; social life 2; intercollegiate basketball 3,4, co- captain 4; intercollegiate softbalt 4; yearbook 2; academic council 2; wrse d.j. 4; resident advisor 3,4; photo lab assistant 4; jazz festival hostess and security 3,4. Cochran, d. liane: elmhurst, ill. cochran, julie: elmhurst, ill. cole, Catherine: downers grove, ill. Connelly, john: oak lawn, ill. cotsones, michael: Chicago, ill. cox, madelyn: wheaton, ill. northern Illinois university 1,2; women ' s honorary 4. cox, michael: mount prospect, ill. crabtree, karen: glendale heights, ill. crews, judy: kirkwood, mo. wrse 1,2,3,4, news director 1, pro- gram director 2,3; cIc 1,2,3, secre- tary 1,2; women ' s honorary 4; cen- tennial homecoming committee — secretary 2; synchronized swim club 1,2,3; religious life committee 1,2, president 2; intramural volley- ball 2,4; women ' s council of leh- mann 4. crittendon, carolyn: newport news, va. crownder, carolyn: Cincinnati, ohio sisterhood of hiz-i 2,3,4; resident advisor 3,4; joint council 3; black affairs 1,2; orientation leader 2,3,4; dorm coordinator; elms staff 2; so- cial life 3; intramural basketball 1,4; intercollegiate basketball 4; inter- collegiate baseball; jazz festival hostess, freshman class vice president. cummings, paul: burbank, ill. baseball 1,2,3,4; intramurals 3,4. czupowski, marilyn: northlake, ill. german club 2,3; women ' s honor- ary 4. czyz, thomas: Chicago, ill. d ' angelo, eugene: niles, ill. dalbec, charles: des plaines, ill. day, Valerie: bensenville, ill. decker, wendell: Chicago, ill. deconte, michael: glendale heights, ill. demartino, frederick: Westchester, ill. denton, michael: loves park, ill. devries, darlene: freeport, ill. women ' s intramurals 1; elm staff 3; women ' s honorary 4; college honor society 3,4. dichiarinte, anthony : Chicago, ill. domagata, john: wheaton, ill. dove, Webster jr.: baltimore, md. drufke, charles: des plaines, ill. duleba, lynda: Chicago, ill- education club 3. durkee, kerry: oak park, ill. eberle,clamore: gienview, ill. f.u. chess club 3,4; etc 2. ecker, janine: elgin, ill. ehrtich, victor: lombard, ill. omicron delta 2,3,4. erickson, david: Chicago, ill. wrse 1. farley, William: oblong, ill. fassl, harry; downers grove, ill. karate club 3; psi chi 4. finn, thomas: sycamore, ill, fitzpatrick, tim: rockford, ill. fonda, denise: elmhurst, ill. psi chi 4; women ' s honorary 4. freese, kenneth: westmont, ill. french, mary: elmhurst, ill. newspaper staff 1; cheerleading squad 1,2; sisterhood of adelphae; social chairman of adelphae 2. galambush, nancy: east Cleveland, ohio polyhymnia 1,2,3; orchestra 1,2,3,4; choir 4; german club 2; social life 2; nssha 3,4; collegium 2,3; s.t.o.p. 4; women ' s intramurals 2,4. galante, anne: burr ridge, ill. gallardo, diana: lasalle, ill. sigma tau delta 4; lehmann crazy ladies 3,4; wrse 2; elmhurst college theatre 1,2,3,4; chancel players 2,3, 4; joint council 2; literary magazine 4; anarchist club 1,2,3,4; women ' s honorary 4. garrison, james: la grange, ill. squires 1,2,3,4; hockey club 1,2,3,4, president 2,4. gaul, jerome; university heights, ohio gebru, maasho: ghana george, anthea: elmhurst, ill. gerhard, geraldine: la grange, ill. giampoli, roy: niles, ill. football 1,2; intramurals 1,2,3,4; praetors 1,2,3,4; streaking 4. gildersleeve, daniei: argo, ill. karate club 1,2; squires 2,3,4. gills, gregory: elmhurst, ill. gleason, margaret: elmhurst, ill. gleason, patrick: des plaines, ill. grabarek, marie: willow springs. III. graham, kathryn: palos park, ill. gregory, carol: clarendon hills, ill. groppi, William: bellwood, ill. gustin, herb: north aurora, ill. gamma theta upsilon 4; geography club 4. hajek, david: la grange, ill. resident advisor 4; freshman orien- tation committee 2; wrse 1,2,3,4; station manager 3,4; one act plays 4; clc 2,3,4; union board 2,3,4; intra- murals 2,3,4; sigma tau delta 4; delta mu delta 3,4; who ' s who in ameri- can universities and colleges 1973 and 1974. hall, kathy: marina del rey, ca. omicron delta 3,4. hallahan, patrtcia: west Chicago, ill. hamm, mary: wheaton, ill. bans, douglas: des plaines, ill. hathaway, emily: villa park, ill. hatmaker, bonnie: downers grove, ill. theatre 3; pre-healing arts club — president 4; women ' s honorary 4; tri-beta 4; choral union 4. hatz, patrtcia: elmhurst, ill. hauswald, chades: bensenville, ill. hayles, james: chicago, ill. golf 2,3; men ' s intramural sports 3,4. hedl in, thomas: park ridge, ill. hockey club 2,3,4; geography 3,4; intramurals 2,3,4. heidecke, kenneth: elmhurst, ill. heininger, diane: los angeles, ca. tri beta 3,4. heisner, donna: manhattan, ill. heldt, dennis: chicago, ill. helt,cynthia: elmhurst, ill. women ' s honorary 4. Henderson, robert: wheaton, ill. henning, jean: lisle, ill. hilton, deborah; elmhurst, ill. hines, Suzanne: villa park, ill. hoglund, William: niles, ill. intramural football 1,2,3,4; intra- mural basketball 1,2,3; dean ' s list 1, 2,3,4; intramural volleyball 3; s.t.o.p. 3; clc 3,4; 1st place fiction award 2,3; wrse 2,3,4, news depart- ment 2,3,4, community affairs director 3,4; who ' s who in american colleges and universities 4; pie eat- ingchampf.o.f. 2. Holland, john: Springfield, ill. border, eleanor: oak park, ill. howell, Sandra; Washington, d.c. one act plays 2,3,4; wrse newscaster 4; news editor and reporter 3,4; black choir 3,4; bowling league 4. hummel, carol : wasco, ill. hunter, bonnie: franklin park, ill. hunter, gerard: glen ellyn, ill. ievans, iize: lombard, ill. jackson, janine: chicago, ill. jacobson, michael: Chicago, ill. jam, timothy: elmhurst, ill. intramurals 1,2; academic council 3. jaskulski, richard: des plaines, ill. jeffrey, richard: la grange, ill. johnson, cornelia: chicago, ill. wrse d.j. 2; black affairs committee fund chairman 2. johnson, Curtis: palos hills, ill. jorgensen, richard: elmwood park, ill. kalal, joseph: melrose park, ill. kamenz, david; evergreen park, ill. resident advisor 3,4; gamma theta upsilon 3,4, vice president 3, presi- dent 4; psi chi 4; men ' s honorary 4; geography lab assistant 3,4; educa- tion club 2, intramurals 1,4. kameyer, frederick: Chicago, ill. kern, ingomar: downers grove, ill. kimbalt, curtis; franklin park, ill. king, barbara; chicago, ill. cheerleader 2,3,4, co-captain 3,4; dorm co-ordinator 2; resident advi- sor 3,4; homecoming court 2,3; elmhurst invitational track queen court 2,3; homecoming que«n 4; co-chairman of women ' s intramur- als 2; theat alpha phi secretary; homecoming and one act plays; in- tramural volleyball, basketball and bowling; who ' s who in american colleges and universities; bole sec- retary 2; black affairs athletic chair- man 3,4. kirt, patricia: villa park, ill. knight, kathryn: melrose park, ill. kocoras, bonny: western springs, ill. union board 4; ed club secretary 2; cheerleading captain 3,4; co- chairman of athletic life 3,4; wom- en ' s honorary 4; s.t.o.p. 2,3,4; women ' s intercollegiate tennis and volleyball 3,4. kocourek, john: cicero, ill. koffman, cynthia; north riverside, ill. komay, kathy: rolling meadows, ill. konzak, jeffrey: western springs, ill. kotin, karyn: elmhurst, ill. krauter, linda: chicago, ill. kure, patricia: westchester, ill. kyriazes, Steven; chicago, ill. squires — chaplain, treasurer 1,2,3, 4; wrse 1,2,3,4; schick speech con- test 3; men ' s honorary 4. laitas, peggy: meatmora, ill, women ' s honorary treasurer 4; in- tramural sports 1,2,3,4; points chair- man 4; women ' s intramural board a,4. lambie, kathleen: sleepy hollow, ill. lang, cynthia: algonquin, ill. tanman, deborah; downers grove, ill. larocca, joseph: park ridge, ill. lawson, rene; oak park, ill. lazarski, gloria; mount prospect, ill. leabru, donald: villa park, ill. leatherman, michael; chicago senior index ridge, ill. leeks, gordon: wooddale, ill. leonhardi, janet: Chicago, ill. women ' s honorary 4; dean ' s list 3,4. littleton, peter: huntington va, pa. iodine, donna: wheaton, ill. long, david: lombard, ill. lowder, mary: oconomowoc, wis. lowe, charles: pana, ill. squires 1,2,3,4; piedgemaster 4; so- cial chairman 3. luedke, eioise: wheaton, ill. machnicki, james: Chicago, ill. mackey, alfred: la grange park, ill. maddox, susan: elmhurst, ill. nssha 3,4. mah, waiter: evanston, ill. elmbark 1; elms 1,2,3,4, editor 4; cic 3; student leader 2,4; freshman ori- entation chairman 3; theater 2,3; psi chi 3,4; s.t.o.p. 3,4; tennis team 2; who ' s who in american colleges and universities 4; social life 1,2,3; intra- mural ref 4, intramural volleyball 1, 2,3,4, captain 3,4; intramural tennis 4. maida, edward: hampton, va. mangnall, richard: castro valley, cal- if. mantione, joseph: elmhurst, ill. honor ' s society 3,4; geography club 4. mantione, meryi: elmhurst, ill. college choir 1,2; collegium musi- cum 3; american chemical society 2, 3,4; honor society 3,4; women ' s honorary 3,4. marcisz, ronald: berwyn, ill. marley, lynne: oakbrook, ill. maropoulou, effie: elmhurst, ill. mastro, frank: morton grove, ill. mauer, patricia: morton grove, ill. wrse 1,2; cultural life 2,3,4; s.t.o.p. 2, 4,3; choral union 1,2,3,4; projec- tionist 3,4; epicurean club 4; wom- en ' s union 2,3. mc collum, carolyn: Cleveland, ohio black affairs 1,2,3, assistant chair- man 1,2; religious life and black spiritual life chairman 2; women ' s intramural board 2,3,4; pom pom squad 1,2,3,4, treasurer 1,2; student life committee 4; intramural basket- ball and volleyball 2,3,4; black choir 2,3,4; judicial board 2,3,4; wrse newscaster 3,4; women ' s honorary secretary 4; women ' s intercolle- giate basketball 3,4; student leader 2; resident advisor 4. mc collum, Constance: elmhurst, ill. mcnease, pamela: Chicago, ill. pom pom squad 1; black affairs committee 1,2; black affairs talent show co-ordinator 1; dorm co-or- dinator 2; women ' s honorary 3,4; honor roll 1,2,3,4; dean ' s list 1,2,3,4; e.c. bowling tournament 1,3. merdian, karen: elmhurst, ill. merrick, olive: glen ellyn, ill. metcalfe, andrew: norwood, ohio glee club 1,2; college choir 4; cIc 4; choral union 1,2,4; schick resident advisor 3,4; geography department lab technician 3,4. meyer, marcia: oaklawn, ill. gamma thata upsilon 4; geography club 4; women ' s intercollegiate vol- leyball 2,3; women ' s honorary 4. mijou, barbara: villa park, ill. millard, Stephen: edelstein, ill. minich, david: buffalo, n.y. momkus, edward: Chicago, ill. graduate in 3 years (was never a ju- nior), s.t.o.p. 1,2,4, chairman 2,4; clc 2,4; tennis team 1,2,4; student rep- resentative to board of trustees business committee 4. montegna, tony: forest park, ill. moro, mary ann: bellwood, ill. moulthrop, julie: lockport, ill. mudra, deborah: la grange park, ill. elms staff 3,4; psi chi 4; women ' s honorary 4. mueller, edward: addison, ill. band 1,2,3,4; band vice-president 4; symphony orchestra 3,4; m.e.n.c. 3, 4; geography club 4; percussion ensemble 4. murmann, william: schiller park, ill. muth, sharon: oak lawn, ill. naruszewicz, jeff : des plaines, ill. nelson, james: evergreen park, ill. golf team 1,2,3,4; psi chi 3,4; sigma tau delta 3,4. nennich, david: villa park, ill. nennich, jon: villa park, ill. niermann, ellen gay: nashville, ill. pom-pom squad 1; women ' s hon- orary 4; resident advisor 4; joint council 3. nolan, donald: hillside, ill. nordberg, thomas: Chicago, ill. wrse 4; clc 3,4; free university 2,3,4; sdc 2; task force on church related- ness 4; elms 3,4; elmbark 2,3; stu- dent life committee 4. norini, thomas: stone park, ill. nowicki, neal: elmhurst, ill. olson, celeste: oak brook, ill. ordman,jay: lockport, ill. paetzel, audrey: evergreen park, ill. palmer, michael: red bank, n.j. palmer, susan: Chicago, ill. elmhurst college choir 1,2,3,4; elm- hurst college bell choir 2,3,4; colle- gium musicum 3; student leader 2, 3,4; religious life 1,2,3, chairman 2; union board secretary 3; who ' s who in american colleges and universi- ties; dean ' s list 1,2,3,4; honor roll 1, 2,3,4; women ' s honorary 4; psi chi; music educators national confer- ence 2,3,4. papoccia, michael: sterling, ill. pasnik, russell: wooddale, ill. patschke, gary: itasca, ill. patti, francine: northlake, ill. paxton, diane: blue island, ill. polyhymnia 1; collegium musicum 2,3; college choir 4; band 1,4; women ' s honorary 4; student de- velopment center 1; free university 2,3; dean ' s list; dorm council 4. pennacchio, albert: northlake, ill. peters, dennis: western springs, ill. peterson, daniel: addison, ill. peterson, donald: bolingbrook, ill. phillips, kathleen: villa park, ill. polanek, sigrid: elmwood park, ill. poor, wanda: bensenville, ill. porter, maureen: downers grove, ill. pryble, susan: Chicago, ill. nssha 2,3,4, secretary 4; women ' s honorary 3,4; psi chi 4. puppel, charlotte: lombard, ill. transferred from college of du page. quatrine, kimberly: la grange park, ill. honor society 3,4; women ' s honor- ary 3,4; psi chi 4. quebman, Christine: wheaton, ill. quirsfeld, christal: wheaton, ill. rabias, eugenia: oak park, ill. reed, earlene: north Chicago, ill. ski club 1,2; elm staff 1,2; carthage transfer student; newspaper 1,2; pom-pom squad 1,2; adelphae 2,3, 4; committee for development of business and economic studies 4. reed, keith: franklin park, ill. delta mu delta 3,4, president 3,4; elmhurst college h onor sociey 3,4. rees, norman: des plaines, ill. reynolds, lawrence: kankakee, ill. riani, laura: addison, ill. richards, daniel: elmhurst, ill. rizzi, james: bedford park, ill. roberts, david: elmhurst, ill. rodie, waiter: hoffman estates, ill. roth, richard: rosemont, ill. rupnow, kenneth: elmhurst, ill. ryall, deborah: glen ellyn, ill. rynes, mary: river grove, ill. Sanders, I. michael: villa park, ill. sandgren, bette: arlington heights, ill. omicron delta 1,2,3,4; e.c. karate club 4; nssha 3,4; honor roll 1,2,3,4. Saunders, mark: elmhurst, ill. savage, mary: lombard, ill. schaefer, gay: park ridge, ill. schmidtke, karen: downers grove, ill. Schneider, james: melrose park, ill. schoen, david: highland, ill. glee club 1,2,3,4; choir 3,4; free university 1,2,3; hall advisor 3, hon- or society 3,4. schraeder, will: elmhurst, ill. schreiner, susan: oak park, ill. schreiner, wayne: rolling meadows, ill. schroeder, annette: arlington heights, ill. schwarz, nancy: glenview, ill. sciortino, robert: schaumberg, ill. scott, milford: evansville, in. severino, donna: elmwood park, ill. shangle, susan: rochester, n.y. omicron delta 1,2,3,4; f.o.f. 1,2,3; freshman orientation 2,3,4; gradua- tion ceremonies 1,2,3; faculty tea 1, 2,3,4. sharas, Stanley: burbank, ill. shaw, jonathan: buffalo, n.y. shulman, mark: berwyn, ill. sidio, robert: elmhurst, ill. sluss, mollie: winnetka, ill. band 1,2; omicron delta 1,2; social life 2; elms 3; nssha 3,4; clc 4; wrse 4. smith, beverly: western springs, ill. smith, Stanley: carol stream, ill. sodaro, deborah: oak lawn, ill. S.t.o.p. 1,2,3,4; women ' s honorary 3, 4. sola, raymond: morton grove, ill. sova, laura: steger, ill. sdc staff member 1; baton twirler ec band 1,2; clc 2,3, secretary 3; reli- gious life committee 4; hall advisor lehmann hall 4; women ' s honorary 4. sowa, susan: arlington heights, ill. worked union desk and switch- board 1,2,3,4; nssha 2,3,4; clc 4. sprengel, sally: itasca, ill. stallworth, greg: Chicago, ill. stead, barbara: hinsdale, ill. stein, linda: hoffman estates, ill. stenberg, linette: elmhurst, ill Stewart, rosa: broadview, ill. stielow, barbara: skokie, ill. intramurals 2,3,4; transferred from aurora college 2; varsity volleyball 3,4; Softball team; women ' s honor- ary 4; sociological association 3; tennis team 4; women ' s intramural board 3,4. Stoddard, eugene: Woodstock, ill. stratz, robert: Chicago, ill. sulkowski, michael: Pittsburgh, pa. surges, gary: melrose park, ill. swan, William: northlake, ill. track 1,3,4. taggart, van: clarendon hills, ill. Sigma tau delta 3,4; tennis team 2,3, 4. tan wen-jong, amelia: Chicago, ill. thompson, claire: lombard, ill. thon, Stephen: elmhurst, ill. turner, andrew: hinsdale, ill. tuszynski, john: Chicago, ill. tyike, lynn: Chicago, ill. valastyan, susan: Chicago, ill. elms 1,2,3, editor 3; r.a. 4; union board 3; women ' s honorary presi- dent 4; band 1,2; judicial board 4; free university 4; theatre produc- tions 1,2,4; german club 1,2. vancamp, verna: tuscola, ill. women ' s honorary 4; s.t.o.p. 2,3,4; women ' s intramural board 3,4; soci- ology club 3; intramural sports 3,4. vasey, kay: elmhurst, ill. vriesema, William: elmhurst, ill. waara, donald: gurnee, ill. Wallace, glenn: elmhurst, ill. transferred from lawrence universi- ty; social life committee 2,3; fresh- man orientation leader 3,4; jazz band 2; psi chi 4; intramurals 2,3,4; deans list 2,3,4. ward, sheila: Chicago, ill. watson, grace: elmhurst, ill. weibler, charles: westmont, ill. weir, james: villa park, ill. white, douglas: elmhurst, ill. white, phillip jr.: elmhurst, ill. white, renard: Chicago, ill. wieburg, emmylou: transferred from Illinois central college 2; poly- hymnia 3. wightman, william: elmwood park, ill. Williams, stepnen: elmhurst, ill. Wilson, maurice: lindenhurst, ill. Winston, susan: Chicago, ill. wojtena, jane: addison, ill. wolff, daniel: lombard, ill. woodworth, blair: Chicago, ill. Wright, theasue: river forest, ill. band 2,3,4; women ' s tennis team 2, 4; women ' s honorary 4. yaccino, geri: broadview, ill. cultural life 4; psi chi 3,4, secretary 3, president 4; sigma tau delta 3,4; free university opera seminar 4; women ' s honorary 4; elms 4. yacullo, william: river forest, ill. nssha 3,4. yore, michael: oaklawn, ill. young, donald: elmhurst, ill. zaino, louis: addison, ill. zdenek, cherie: elmhurst, ill. zeien, sheila: western springs, ill. omicron delta 2,3,4. zeissler, barbara: palatine, ill. chancel players 1,2,3,4; theta alpha phi 2,3,4; omicron delta 2,3,4; thea- tre 1,2,3,4; homecoming court, zick, john: clinton, wis. zielinski, gregory: lombard, ill. zvonek, paula: palos park, ill. spent junior year in spain. susan amiing lori antczak mary blaszczyk jeanie bond lorenzo boyce john bretz barbara breuer ken brinker alan brinkmeier debbie brown Harriet byrd sheila chatlos tommy cole peggy coad phyllis crowder gerry curylo annette dearborn john dimitroff gale dobyne deborah dudley barbara dunlop phil egebrecht georgene fabsits victor frigo brenda gradford dan hajek magdalene harmon bruce hill ruth hook ronald james leroy jemison waiter julious gaii kasperski kathy klefer katherine kocol Jeffrey koenig karia kopper dean krtz laura krueger chris kurth mary ann latko guyla lindsey jim maraviglia jean matulis thomas maurice carol mavis mary ann mcclure maureen mcgrath linda miller ray morgan joanne mudra gus nicolopouios thomas oimstead bryan pearce gladys pinero vilma pinero sandra pitts beth reinke fran roberts jean schrepfer 190 191 freshman faces 192 sally amiing gary augensen Sylvia bares Christine behle susie beitel laura bilohrud michael bopp diane both jaline bourland wendy bradbury paula brandl Willie brahtley linda brazin sandra boyle sheila bundley sharon burrichter john carr gaylane carson david Christiansen dark cowan 193 Carolyn czupowski paula dayton jim disch lynne fassi Stan gilchrist daryl grisby donna grover robert gude kinn guidry philip hammen denise harper john hartmann cheryl heyden denise holloway jenaire judice shahram karimi noel kaszas kenn kirby lois maag liz mahoney karen maisch rusty malchow bob marovitz eileen mcdonald barbara miller charles mize danie! moore pau! moy regina nero bruce palmer shirley parker marilynn perry Steven petros julie plass ruth pohlmann marion preuss thomas prinzing tim o ' hanlon bill ritchey laurie schroeder 195 carol semmes nancy seyfert rhonda shanks pearl shock jim skiniotes casimir smaiiis marichris smith karen stryker dena tankson clarice thompson elizabeth trosen jenny turner M arTMt, inga 37 ralcok iipn 147 lien, fra™ 64 kistin, davicW64 bas bazi beck, k .bidle, k bin 94, 107 26, 107, ,151 |y, er aroll caltvl carpente? dark, patrii dark, robgrt colburn, garry 4c collins,-caro 1 ' Qunningham Cie,jfelr dav davn 7 derl deV 101,161 srig-f e 1 0 rrob Jt 11 eatf n, robe rt 1 elledge, ea|l 16l ' " fae re,4:Wrc ' fttilonJKeii , {[ " anks,?? frick, iv i=y fuller, wj nchoff,1 ,?e, me - glogovsky, robert 144 -goetz, ronald 26, 163 gorsir, joseph 142 , " gow,jo}in15f gras, dor na 150 green, patricia 159 ■ h hackman, eileen 155 haik, mary 132 haikin theodoro 141 halfter, wiiliam 158 hanke, alvin 56,57,61,155 Harris, wendali 56, 57, 155 hatmaker, paulette 150 hawrborne, jon 155 hayes, james 160 holbrook, jack 161 holliday, th »odore 154 h xover, norman 146 l;)Utchtns, robert 130- i vino, phyllis 138 i Johnson, rov 134 johnston, john 83, 162 jorgensen, sandra 141 j uday, donald 159 jump, john 142 k keating, katherine 130 key, Catherine 160 kistner, glen 62, 152 ' koch,susan 18,19,130 ftz, Sydney Ifrt.howi L. ' katherinej 153 y , waliaceil Ke, fjiaisey 126 limper, armfst; imdberg, dajTOlJ maddJ marsicj masdn mfest f ' lrar iai ' 134 ' fpter ro, pelet 1 46 ' SA ' ekpe, rudolf 144 J prinz, andrew 2fo lasa, gerald 128 id. Isl, robert 93, 1 1 lof berl 135 sawyer, wiiliam 154 schade, rudolf 19, 148 schider, roberl 21, 25, 84, 94, 129, 163 ,chmidt, Charles 41, 120 Schmidt, ervin 146 Schmidt, royal 158 schmiechen, peter 163 scudiero, dominie 96, 143 shea, Catherine 25, 133 siegel, buiton 161 sorensen, jameb 26 spencer, jednne,J J36 slanger, robert| stoner, donald ' swords, barbara ftheo liuguctte 48, 82, 147 | |thor £rge 145 Itracjfjean 115, 161 [wagner, nancy [weber, john 23,3 |weiss, donald lS1 (fellington, marie ellman, ronald 56, 1! wenk, Virginia 153 westermeyer, paul 21, 86, • Williams, james 94, 140 worshman, jerry 24, 133 adams, cary 38, 109, 114 ,164 admire, george 61 . aggen, richard 57, aguilar, rnarcello 68, " al-n»uta ' , aleksy, Catherine 10 1 amiing, susan 188 anderko, philip 57 andre, denise 38, 86, 115, 17 1, 181 antczak, lorraine 188 argianas, estelle64, 80 arroyo, marco 120 augensen, gary 193 •au nsen,jean 171 bacon, ronaJftf ' 61, 98 bagni ;ji 121 bafU l istina 38 b lfey, 7tR84,-f20,184 J fr, mark 171 baker; foberf 57 bares, Sylvia 193 barlh, carol 115,171, 181 barthel deborah 171 bartosik, david 57, 72 batson, david 72 bauch, bruce 26, 84, 92, 110, 119, 184 bauman, karen 171, 181 beato, mary86 bceck, sue 171, 181 behle, christine86, 193 beilel,susdn 66, 111, 193 benzin, james 47, 84 berg, roland 171, 181 bergstrom, lauraSO bern, Charles 41, 171, 181 bethel, deborah 64, 82, 184 bierman, darlene86, 171, 181 biggs, sharla 120 bilohrud, laura 193 blake, harriet 171, 181 biaszczyk, mary 188 block, kenneth 42 bollon, kathi 80 bond, jeanine 64, 188 bond, jeffrey 92 bopp, michad 86, 111,193 both, diane 193 bourland, jaline67, 193 bowman, frances 64, 81 boyce, lorenzo 57, 72, 188 boyd, robert 56 bovle, sandra 65,102,121 bracke, jean 86,101,107,184 bradbury, wendy 193 brady, dared 81,86,115 branding, jack 86,110,1 brand!, karen 184 brandl,paula102,111,193 brandt, cynthia 107, 109, 119, 121, 184 brantley, Willie 193 brasie, wiiliam 38, 40 brazin, linda 67 brennan, kathleen 171, 181 |v72,1B8 ra188 |jth62,188 Ian 57, 86, 188 Srol 86 iah72 Tdebra 80, 188 ■ brown, Steve 79, 172, 181 brown, terri 172 budilovsky, john 172, 181 bukalskie, jamie 109 bundley, sheila 81 burks, albert 59,120 burrichter, sharon 102, 193 byrd, harriet 81, 98, 188 calderone, louise 115 campaneila, john 40 Carlson, dennis 57, 93, 172, 181 Carlson, hal 59 carlstedt, suzanne 64 «hel, bruce 70 jn 59, 193 f gaylane72,98, 193 castegnaro, janice 121 castelli, diana 66 chambers, wiiliam 83, 86, 121, 184 |os, sheila 86, 188 [irria, jesus 70 10S, rebecca 64, 80 |is,jeanne41 riansen, david 86, 114, 193 clement, lia 66, 98, 120, 172, 181 coad, peggy 84, 188 cochran, julie 172 colburn, ieslie 40 cole, tommy 81, 82, 120, 168 coleman, judith 120, 172 congdon, donald 70 cryell, keith 57 cowan, dark 193 cowman, bruce 59, 72 cox, madelyn 181 crabtree, karen 93, 172 creamer, lawrence 112 crews, judy 38, 95, 120, 172, 181 crittendon, carolyn 82, 172 crowder, carolyn 98, 172, 181 crowder, phyllis 69, 188 culbertson, jay 57 cummings, paul jr. 70, 172, 181 Cunningham, patricia 84 curbelo, barbara 184 curylo,gerald 114,188 cusack, patrick 57, 184 czupowski, carolyn 66, 194 czupowski, marilyn 172, 181 czyz, thomas 172 d dalicandro, janice 173 daniels, a. steven 184 danieis, raymond 57 dearborn, annette 111, 120, 188 deboer, ruth 184 decker, wendell 101, 173 deforest, donna 65 degenhart, randall 61, 121 demartino, gilda 184 denison, herlisa 81 deschaaf, william 59, 70, 120 dettloff, waiter 59 devries, darlene 173, 181 dietzen, richard 87, 114, 184 dimataris, gregory 112, 114, 184 dimltroff, john 24, 114, 120, 188 disch, james 70, 194 dobyne, gale 188 donegan, david 110 dory, richard 57 drzal, William 112 duckhorn, Steven 59, 70 dudley, deborah 188 dumontelle, cheri 80, 184 dunlop, barbara 38, 40, 42, 86, 189 dunn, sharon 98 dzlemiela, richard 70 e eberle, clamore 69, 173, 181 ecker, janine 173 edens, edward 112 egebrecht, phillip 72, 77, 121, 189 ehrlich, victoria 102, 173, 181 eichelman, gail 83, 86,184 ellis, deborah 69, 79 elyacher, ann 38, 184 endecavageh, diane 96 erickson, david 173, 181 ehteridge, alien 26, 38, 86. 119, 120 f fabsits, georgene 80, 189 fassi, harry 101, 173, 181 fassi, lynne 194 feary, mildred 173 fielder, kim 84, 109, 113, 119, 120, 185 finn, thomas 72 fitzpatrick, tim 70 fonda, denise 173, 181 forsythe, michael 57, 61 fortney, preston 57 frano, paul 70 french, mary 173, 181 frey, judy 86 frieden, carol 38, 39,102,113 frigo, victor 189 galambush, nancy 86, 109, 173, 181 gallardo, diana 38, 113, 115, 181 garrison, james 173, 181 garwood, andrea 40, 42 gaul, gerome 115 gearhart, murlea 86, 115, 185 gebru, maasho 173 gelhaus, mary 86, 115, 185 george, anthea 119, 120, 185 ghimenti, michele 38, 39, 40 giampoli, roy 173, 181 gierek, daniel 62, 112, 121 giessler, barbara 113 gignac, robert 185 gilchrist, Stanley 48, 82, 119, 120, 194 gildersleeve, daniel 174, 181 gilles, david 57 giroud, virtudes 64, 80 gleason, kristine 102 goebel, gregory 57, 60, 61 goode, Wallace 35, 98, 138 gradford, brenda 81, 189 graham, kathryn 174 graham, terry 82 grande, judith 102 gray, james 57 gray, mark 59 grieco, paula 38, 39 griffiths, keith 38, 39 grisby, daryl 82, 194 grippo, Charles 92, 119 groppi, William 70 grover, donna 194 gude, robert 112, 120, 194 guidry, kim 40, 81, 98, 194 gustin, herbert 93, 174, 181 haas, ralph 79 hachmeister, jody 80 hajek, daniel 110, 120, 189, 72 hajek, david 38, 69, 84, 96, 119, 120, 174, 181 hall,kathy102, 174, 181 hamilton, thieda 185 hamm, henry 40, 42 hammen, philip72, 194 hanna, patijean 111 hardy, kathryn 185 harmon, magdalene 189 harms, sharon 185 harper, denise 98, 194 hartmann, john 194 hathaway, emily 115 hatmaker, bonnie 87, 114, 174, 181 hatz, patricia 115 haney, doug79, 119, 185 haskell, paul 112 hayles, james 172, 181 hedlin, thomas 174, 181 heininger, diane 87, 174 heisner, donna 86, 174 belt, cynthia 174, 181 henderson, thomas 57 heyden, cheryl 193 biggins, linda 78 hill, bruce 78, 79,119,120,189 hill, thomas 57 hirsch,frank57,70 hoak, kevin 112 hoellen, elizabeth 185 hoff, barbara 102 hoglund, William 84, 120, 174, 181 holland, john 87 holloway, denise 64, 81, 194 hook, ruth 189 horneck, richard 59, 120 hostetter, janet 102 howell, Sandra 38, 81, 120, 174, 181 howleit, den n is 40, 57 Hutchinson, barbara 111 I Ingram, sue 66, 67,79,119 irving, kristine 80 i jackson, debra 185 jackson, Stephen 62 jackson, yvonne 81, 98 james, ronald 60, 61,189 jans, timothy 174, 181 jeffrey, richard 110, 174 jemison, herlisa 98 jemison, leroy 57, 189 johnson, Cornelia 174, 181 johnson, gregory 57 jones, Christina 65, 185 judice, jenaire 121, 194 julious, waiter 98, 189 jackson, janine 98 jones, debra 81, 98, 185 kamenz, david 93, 175, 181 kancer, cheryl 175 kaptur, susan 175 karimi, shahram 120, 194 karlsson, eric 70 kasperski, gail 189 kaspik, arlene 92 kaszas, noel 194 kiefer, kathleen 189 king, barbara 40, 65, 82, 113, 175, 181 king, jeffrey 70 kirby, kenneth 194 klos, gregory 70 knudson, warren 87, 114 knuf, kathy 185 kocol, katherine 189 kocoras, bonnie 65, 66, 67, 79, 175, 181 kocourek, john 175 koenig, jeffrey 121, 189 kopper, karlaSO, 189 kotin, karen 106 kornacker, richard 110 kratzer, anne 175 krautter, linda 175 kriz, dean 189 krueger, laura 189 kue bler, richard 175 kuehl, roberta 40, 42 kufer, diane 84, 185 kupfer, alan120, 185 kurth, Christopher 120, 187 kutz, douglas 70 kyle, mark 26, 38, 39, 113, 185 kyriazes, steven 110, 120, 175, 181 I lacine, david 84, 86, 93, 119, 185 laitas, peggy 175, 181 lambie, kathy 80 langlee, james 70 langley, connie 185 larocca, joseph 61 latko, mary ann 108, 120, 190 laut, daniel 121 lazarski, gloria 93, 102 leatherman, michael 57 leonhardi, janet 175, 182 leonhardt, gary 70 liewehr, marcia 64, 66 lighthall, bruce 112 lindsey, guyla 190 lippner, thomas 57 lo cicero, michael 62, 92 logemann, david 59 lowder, mary 175 lowe, Charles 110, 175, 182 lowry, amy 185 lowry, scott 57 lowry, William 120 lyons, lynn 89, 111 m maag, lois 86,111,194 mack, rachel 40 mackey, alfred 57 mackey, thomas 57 macur, margaret 120 maddox, susan 175, 182 mah, waiter 89, 109, 119, 182 mahoney, elizabeth 194 maida, lorraine 102 maisch, karen 86, 109, 195 malchow, rusty 32, 38, 39, 120, 195 mangione, deborah 86, 186 mangnall, richard 69, 176 mann, richard 109 mantione, joseph 176, 182 mantione, meryl 115, 176, 182 marviglia, james 57, 61, 190 marovitz, robert 26, 195 martyn, thomas 57 rhashko, carol 186 mastins, gatis38, 120, 186 mastro, frank 120 matulis, jean 190 mauer, patricia 26, 119, 176, 182 maurice, thomas 190 mavis, carol 190 mcbryde, dennis 121 mcdonald, eileen 121, 195 mcgonigle, gary 121 mcclure, mary 84, 111, 190 mccollum, carolyn 64,81, 103, 115, 119, 120, 176, 182 mcgrath, maureen 64, 190 mcnease, pamela 176, 182 mesle, deborah 64, 102 metcalfe, andrew 84, 86, 120, 176, 182 meyer, marcia 93, 176, 182 michael, diane 121 miessler, donna 102 mikulich 115, 120, 186 miilbrandt, duane 120 miller, barbara 195 miller, linda 64, 190 miller, ronald 56, 57, 70 mize, Charles 195 moeschberger, karen 86, 186 momkus, edward 69, 84, 109, 119, 176, 182 moore, daniel 38, 112, 120, 195 morocco, pete 61 morgan, raymond 190 moulthrop, julie176 moy, paul 195 mudra, deborah 115, 176, 182 mudra, joanne190 mueller, edward 83, 92, 176, 182 musiol, james 57 n napolitano, melina 109 napolitano, patricia 121 nelson, james 176, 182 nelson, paul 57, 72 nero, mary 186 nero, regina 195 neubauer, jeffrey 59 ng, richard 69 nicolopoulos, gus 120, 190 nieman, judith 89, 186 niermann, eilen 176, 182 noble, janice 111, 119 nolan, donald 120, 176 nordberg, thomas 84, 89, 95, 176, 182 nowicki, neal 77 o o ' hanlon, timothy 195 oates, deborah 84, 111, 121 oeming, jeffrey 57 ogolsky, phillip 120 olden, audrey 82 Oliver, robert 111 olmstead, thomas 190 olmsted, gerry 57, 177 Olson, celeste 86, 177 ordman, jay 38, 177 oreilly, mary 186 p paetzel, audrey 177 palmer, bruce 86, 120, 195 palmer, george 92 palmer, susan 86, 94, 119, 117, 182 papoccia, anthony 57 papoccia, michael 56, 57 pappas, trevon 57 parker, shirley 195 paxton, diane 86, 177, 182 payton, paula 64, 98 pearce, bryan 120, 190 pepmeier, marsha 111 perry, marilynn 81, 195 peters, dennis 72, 117 peterson, donald 177 petkevich, laura 115 petros, Steven 60, 195 pickerill, robert 59 pinero, gladys 190 pinero, vilma 190 pttts, Sandra 81,190 placek, glenn 57, 186 plass, julie195 pohlman,ruth 111,195 polivka, William 57, 72 ponticelli, samuel 114 preuss, george 96 preuss, marion 195 principato, sunday 115 prinzing, thomas 195 prout, gary 61 provenzano, donald 87, 114 pruitt, brendetta82 pryable, susan 106, 177, 182 pryor, daniel 57, 70, 121 pryor, michael 57 puppet, charlotte 177, 182 q quatrine, kimberly 177, 182 radakovitz, richard 77 ramonda, carol 177 randall, rodney 62 raschiella, diane 121 rasmussen, cathy 111 reed, donna 120 reed, earlene 80, 177, 182 reed, keith 96, 177, 182 reed, myles 98 reed, paul 57 reeves, kenneth 57 reinke, elizabeth 111, 190 renner, dale 57, 72 revane, kathleen 80 reynolds, larry 68 riani, Iaura38,40,177 richards, daniel 57 ritchey, william 195 rizzi, james 178 roberts, jeffrey 87, 109, 178 rockwood, karen 102 rodie, warren 72 rogers, ricky 61 romano, michael 120 ruff, William 57 rupnow, kenneth 72 russell, donald 57 russo, daniel 92, 119 rust, kurt 59 rynes, mary 87 samp, margo 114 sandgren, bette 102, 106, 178, 182 sarapata, ramona 178 schaeffer, linda 178 schoen, david 86, 95, 178, 182 schraeder, william 178 schrepfer, jean 190 schroeder, laurie 195 scott, dominique 41 Scully, arthur 57 seaman, jada 186 semmes, carol 196 seyfert, nancy 196 shangle, susan 102, 178, 182 shanks, rhonda 196 sharas, Stanley 72, 157, 178 sheehan, james 112, 120 shock, pearl 196 sickbert, grant 86, 95 sikora, sharon 92, 114 simms, carol 98 Simon, kimberly 40 Simpson, craig 112 Simpson, william 59, 70 sims, michael 57, 191 inchak, george 59 sindelar, diane 86, 186 sisco, date 112 skelly, gregory 57 sklniotes, james 40, 61, 196 sluss, mollie84, 78,182 smailis, casimir 59, 196 smetana, barbara 121, 197 smith, jeffrey 26, 41, 42, 107, 113 smith, marichris. 111, 121, 196 smith, Stanley 57 snyder, nancy 186 sobczewski, robert 57 sodaro, deborah 109, 178, 182 soderlind, robert 59 sorensen, gisele 93, 191 sova, deanna 191 sova, laura 178, 182 sowa, susan 84, 121, 178, 182 spadoni, carta 186 spera, mark 191 spicer, martin 57 staples, gloria 87, 109 steininger, susan 121 stendel, peter 57, 121, 72 sterrett, william 119, 186 stielow, barbara 66, 67, 115, 178, 182 stonikas, eugene 38, 86, 120 stowell, patricia 178 stratta, joseph 70 strothmann, mark 84, 120, 191 stryker, karen 80 sulkowski, michael 59 sullivan, ann 179 Sullivan, tony 70 svec, sharon 65 swan, William 72, 178, 182 t tabbert, madelyn 89, 179 taggart, van 62, 107, 182 talbot, nyna191 tankson, dena 64, 81, 98, 196 taylor, randy 114 taylor, toni 64 theodore, martine 81 thompson, claire 196 thompson, clarice 38, 40, 82, 98, 120 thompson, david 120 thon, Stephen 77 todd, elizabeth 65, 102 toles, edward 67 traviolia, betty 38,40 trosen, elizabeth 196 truesdell, james 180 turner, Virginia 80, 196 tuszynski, john 179 u uhlving, judie 102, 121, 196 vaculik, michael 96 valastyan, john 89, 179, 182 van galder, loren 111, 196 vancamp, verna 179, 182 vanko, thomas 112 vanlierop, martha 86, 121, 191 vanwinkle, thomas 179 vasey, kay 114 veal, bernadine 186 vertovec, edward 89 vines, gregory 40, 57 virbickis, joseph 191 vorkoeper, sabine 89, 109, 196 W wahlberg, lynea 179 walker, gerald 57, 81, 84, 98, 191 Wallace, glenn 179, 182 Wallace, valandra 179 ward, sheila 67, 179 waring, kimberly 67, 102, 111, 121 way man, robert 179 weber, mark 112 weideman, bonnie135, 186 weiger, alan 38, 39 weiss, daniel 70 wells, yulander 57 westrate, wendy 40 white, douglas 86 white, philip 59 Whitfield, david 70 wieburg, emmylou 179, 182 wilke, jeffrey 62 Williams, linda 191 Williams, mary jo 80, 186 wiiiiams, pauline 65, 82, 186 Williams, Stephen 179 Wilson, jesse 62 wilson, lorraine 82, 186 Winston, susan 179 wixon, robert 196 wojtalewicz, robert 110 wojtema, jane 179 wolf, susan 196 Wright, theasue 66, 179, 182 yaccino, geri 26, 89, 101, 115, 180, 182 yacullo, William 180, 182 young, karen 67 zeien, sheila 102, 180,182 zeissler, barbara 38, 102, 180, 182 zick, russell 57, 70 zielinski, gregory 101 zurn, michael 111 zvonel, paula 180, 182 editor; wally mah photographers: joevertovec geri yaccino tomnordberg wally mah staff: geri yaccino judi nieman john dimitroff — cover design madelyn tabbert sabine vorkoeper wally mah thanks to: american yearbook mike hackleman special thanks to: ken bidle for his concern and . support. 200

Suggestions in the Elmhurst College - Elms Yearbook (Elmhurst, IL) collection:

Elmhurst College - Elms Yearbook (Elmhurst, IL) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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