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oo the elms 1973 elmhurst college elmhurst, illinois volume 55 1 ) f. table of contents I I attractions ' page 18 establishments page 50 athletic competition pagell2 academic examples pagel36 . ' " faces pagel90 12:00 1:20 2:40 thz day lines 72-73 headlines 72-73 headline s 72-73 head im, - y peace treaty [cease f re Ivietnam mississippi river gloria steinem nixon, 1 oscar awards meat boycott noel coward marlon brando election night governor kerner Clifford irving equal rights defeated midnight jewe Cambodia bombing resumes taxes: irs bil lie jean king gas rations Christmas senator eag eton poisoning mushrooms dan walker to china and russia with love $$ of the $$ dollar s cycle of events eye e of events cycle of events cycle of 3S ' 72- ' 73 headlines 72-73 headlines 72-73 headlines " godfather " " cabaret " " sounder " pollution: ecology crisis senator mcgovern president 72 U.S. pullout mark spitz rSHOir Olympics: black September president truman president johnson pablo picassowounded knee-§f- henry kissinger abortion ruling howard hughes Watergate trials pentagon papers impeachment? mayor daley: insurance company world series Israel ' s 25th anniversary " all in the family " Carole king alice cooper ogia korbut: back dismount rod Stewart I Clward g. rOblnSOn burtreynolds:lay-out belfast northern Ireland Watergate hearings events cycle of events cycle of events cycle of events cy ! i ew showing old and new huMi J FXMHUIST COLLEGE y Z ] XT El, ' HHhH.3T ILIJUCHIS i iiij .§iS0 ' -Mcmmcr m the college union building. facilities of proposed field house include a gym, unit for handicapped persons and classroonns. a cycle of change and growth in 1878, the first school catalog was written in german for the students, following the model of a german " gymnasium " with the emphasis on latin, greek, and proficiency in the german and english languages, also required were courses in religion, history, geography, mathematics, science and music. since that time, the curriculum has been expanded to 27 major areas, and elmhurst college has become the first Chicago area private, liberal arts college to offer a complete four-year sequence in urban studies. today, elmhurst college is reducing its full time faculty positions for the 1973-74 academic year from 1 15 to 100, as a part of a program to main- tain a balanced-budget, the reduc- tion was made to counteract a de- cline in student enrollment. 15 attractions tug-of-war becomes alive again. deanna sova wearing the latest mud fashion. upper-classmen play unfair! a frosh start freshman orientation is . . . — apprehension — new friends — cold shower — settlement — discovery — unfair tug-of-war — rack-outs — panty-raid — group discussion — trips to Chicago — concert — mr. barry — housing 22 elmhurst ' s own dr. prinz spoke well on futurism. known for his work with disturbed children is bruno bettelheim. sybille fritzsche, suzanne kohut, sharon tapp, pat grogan, and donna iven discuss human rights and women ' s lib. future shock and you? to represent different facets of human endeavor, future shock lec- ture series presented a new lecturer to inform us about his unique in- sight into the increasing problems generated by the rapidity of change in the second half of the 20th centu- ry, under a grant from the s h foun- dation, future shock was able to be presented by the cultural life com- mittee of the college union board . the lectures Chicago american culture: saul bellow changing role of women: sybille fritzsche patricia grogan donna iven religion and future shock: theodore bowen futurism: fact or fancy: andrew prinz future shock and industry: james tirone education: bruno bettelheim kenneth bidle, director of lecture series james Cunningham, director of college union Sharon tapp, chairperson of college union board William sterrett, chairman of cultural life committee 23 magic mickey m mouse magic mickey m agic mickey mo 24 homecoming is . ramsey lewis trio playing jazz a pep rally mickey coming a little closer to our time a life of cabaret . . . cabaret ' s " pucker power " soaked spectators ramsey lewis feeling the mood as he plays his jazz squire ' s first place float disneyland excites all ages ouse magic mic I» 4 1 i yi lM MW ll l l l l MP( li yH lil )l(y " key mouse magic mick tired runners in turkey trot donald duck by adelphae pooh being put together by schick residents brenda gradford and david thompson at the dance mickey mouse magic mous magic mickey mouse magic mickey mou wilkommen zum oktoberfest! bratwurst, wiener schnitzel sauerkraut, rotkoht oom-pah-pah bands, dancing singing live entertainment in lounge, coffeehaus, sub-cub " das nnijchner oktoberfest " countess von pfeit, german consulate german madrigals — collegium elmhurst mannerchor to create illusion of math problem it all adds up to fun! display cases portrayed german life. " du, du liegst mirirr herzen 29 sally who are you calling? max asks quizzically. what are you dolngtonight, sally? wilkommen bienvenue dean h. reiter — master of ceremonies rod randall — Clifford bradshaw Patrick schmitt — ernstludwig bonnie hatmaker — fraulein Schneider robert swords — herrschultz dana langner — sally bowles karl millhauser — max hey big boy, want to fluster my feathers? pat schmitt: devoted to the fruher. behind the scenes is where mr. colburn and dean reiter can be found. the student directed adrian hebard and jeanne chionis in birdbath . directed by pat colangelo. buster gets beat up in claire ' s old man directed by barb king. c. adams and h. hamm in ken threet ' s deathwatch. j. d. ' s cast of wine in the wilderness . I III ' " i ' ii 4 ' ' ' if ' ' " ' the madness of lady bright , directed by k. millhauser. g. b. Shaw ' s overruled , directed by marge carter. the drama, the collection , directed by p. zeissler. one acts please no flowers, a comedy, by g. post. each year students in the drama department are required to put on a production in which they must cast and direct, this year there were eight such produc- tions by marge carter, pat colan- gelo, janice dawson, barb king, karl millhauser, gerry post, ken threet and paul zeissler. congrat- ulations to the directors for the good work. • •• hookfoot keynotes f.o.f. the social life committee of the college union board attempts to effectively utilize the resources of the Chicago metropolitan area, excustions to films, the- atrical productions, and activities of other colleges in the area are sponsored by this committee, some of the films shown on campus were " twelve chairs " , " catch 22 " , " the andromeda strain " , " camelot " , " scrooge " , " true grit " , " patton " , " summer of ' 42 " , " shaft " , " billy jack " , " love story " , " klute " , and " play misty for me " . sccial lije presents ramsey lewis trio drums up some music for tiomecoming. .c. hartsfield in harmony for f.o.f. 36 " shaw wrote and talked about every- thing on earth and even when he was wrong, he always was provocative and entertaining, " explained fletcher. g.b. shaw leaving the elmhurst college stage. a master of the keyboard, jeffrey siegal. ms. faye robinson was a prize winner in an international music competition in germany. 38 cultural life presents the classical guitar of juan mercade, was heard during interim. cultural life is the organization that is responsible for the entertainment programs that are brought to the campus each year, the student-fac- ulty committee plans concerts, lectures, discussions, art exhibits, and a film series, this committee endeavors to keep the campus in touch with cultural offerings and opportunities in the Chicago area through a comprehensive program of excursions to events in the city. selection of film series " king of hearts " " sweet sweetback ' s baadasss song " " camelot " " straw dogs " " the clown ' s " " virgin spring " " the devil ' s " francois truffant film festival a highly critical acclaimed soloist, william mcdonald. the return of the Charlie byrd trio. the look of original new Orleans jazz, preservation hall band. 39 he purpose of this week will be to awaken the public to e talent of black people on this campus. " abiding! spoke to students in s.c.a. jim barry getting smashed by the pie throwing. tough break in bubble gum blowing contest. a filling experience at tine pie eating contest. pleasant street string band makes music in mall. poker faces at reno night. largest ice cream sundae at f.o.f. special dinner. friend performs at f.o.f. dance. tke men moving the mattress in the bed race. f.o.f. Strikes again festival of fools returned this year as super f.o.f. due to the efforts of social life, for four days no one could complain that " there is noth- ing to do on campus or on week- ends. " tke sponsored a free dance, there were many activities, the jok- er arrived in an ambulance, tke won the bed race around the mall, in the pie eating contest jeff roberts gob- bled his way to victory, amy lowry and her partner were the winners in the egg-tossing contest, steve suslik won the roller-skating contest and debbie oatis blew an eleven inch bubble in the bubble gum blowing contest, then there was a chance to vent your hostilities by throwing pies at campus administrators, reno night was a sure bet for entertain- ment and a chance to win prizes, f.o.f. was not foolish — it was a fool- proof way way to have fun. 102nd graduation at elmhurst college the heavy spring rains forced the 102nd baccalaureate in ham- merschmidt chapel on Sunday, may 27th. more than 475 students are expected to receive the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science degree. the reverend william sterling cary, president of the national council of churches, new york, gave the bacca- laureate sermon at 11 a.m. Sunday morning in the chapel . the commencement exercises be- gan at three o ' clock in the after- noon with a processional of the col- lege graduates and the faculty. Illi- nois attorney general william j. scott delivered the afternoon com- mencement address. following the commencement activ- ities a reception for the graduates was held in the union. 46 " where the elms in stately glory . . . " billie haller gets last minute advise from dr. pierro on how to be a super teacher. attorney general scott gave the commencement address. 47 " let ' s play the registration game! " 1. any number can play, at elm- hurst college about 1,300 did. 2. begin to play at 8:00 a.m. really the game begins at 7:30 a.m. when the line starts forming down the slope of the mall. 3. wait through rain, sleet, and snow while everyone butts in line, (next year, get coffee and rolls and go to the front of the line, say that one of the profs ordered out. 4. business office check out. if you get caught not paying a bill, go to end of line, no money — no classes! 5. now you ' re on your way to the information-data check out! if you do not know your social security number go to end of line, make sure you make all the corrections in the empty spaces, you don ' t want the records office referring to you as mr. donald duck. 6. you may now enter the chapel hall. 7. wait in line and see your section of english comp. and biology close. 8. sections close and now you must alter your schedule or go to jail and do not collect $200. 9. final check out and you get 2 out of 4 classes you wanted, (only kid- ding!) 10. comfort dear player, when you ' re a senior you can register at 8:00 instead of at 11:00. dr. honour signing schedules left and right. at last, the final check out and the start of another headache filled semester. 49 athletic life programs intramurals the athletic life committee coordi- nates a comprehensive intramural program including touch football, cross-country, volleyball, basket- ball, wrestling, and softball. teams participate in the all-year cup race, an award given to the organization accumulating the most points in intramural competition, awards are also made to team and individuals wishing to compete in intramural sports on a per sport basis, not competing for the all-year cup. 52 u (1) +- be o .dr. the 0) -I- ' o Q. H— ' o O o c o in u (U -t- " E o T3 ' {= 3 Q) £- Q, + O OJ $ $ io -D OJ U 2 ' o u 0) o .55 c ci 1- O CO C 0) a; $ ■ O CD U Q. " 0 £ J= i= J3 o .52 -D ■ „ t C DO O ( )(—., ra E c ) TO . O 0) (0 I ) N Crt C .± 0) ' C .-L .t; .E N J3 ro E o E :: " ' IS - .y Q) C E (0 (0 ' Christmas party held at a sister ' s house. adelphae held a bake sale in the union to raise money. donald duck was adelphae ' s float for homecoming. adelphae expands the sisterhood of adelphae is a fem- ale organization established to promote and strengthen the femi- nine image and role on campus, the goal of this organization is to give women and students a chance to participate, to work together and to serve the campus and the community. pledges spend an overnight in union. this year adelphae sponsored a blood drive for the hemophilia foun- dation, november 1. pledge forms were distributed and placed with Christy green, chairperson of this drive, all pledges were acknowl- edged and donors received a list of requirements to be able to give as well as the do ' s and don ' ts in prepa- ration for the donation. officers for the year were betty han- felder — president, pam schlehofer — vice president, laurie bergstrom — secretary, fae zuckerman — trea- surer, deedy french — social, daphne harris — publicity, sharon tuzik — academic, christy green — service and their advisor — ms. huguettetheodore. the sisterhood of adelphae. sisters serve the campus. members of black affairs: c. mccollom, f. jardan, s. green, t. taylor, j. dawson. black choir partook in the Sunday jazz worship service. black affairs continues in its second year, black affairs shows an awareness of cultural experience, the committee was established to aid black students financially, socially and academi- cally with campus life. this group also sponsors many sharpies, a bake sale, they were co-sponsors of homecoming and an " an- nual awareness week. " many talented and concerned people have been actively participating in these events. black affairs future plans are " to establish a more vi- able relationship with whites. " barnett gamble and renee jones enjoy the rainy weather. 57 " come hear the band . . . " the musical talents of interested students can be found in the elm- hurst college band, the college band kicked off the football season with enthusicatic music which helped to lead the game on. however the con- stant rain throughout the season disabled the band to continue their stimulating cheer to the football fans, when not playing for football games the band can be found prac- ticing in hammerschmidt chapel for their two annual concerts given in the winter and spring. g. eichleman and m. tabbert on licorice sticks. visiting high school band performed for guests of senior high day football game. the big sound of brass. 58 cic provides channels for student opinions the primary function of cIc, is to provide channels for student opinions, concerns, and com- plaints, they hear the grievances and try to determine the neces- sary action or recommendation. cIc initiates ideas and refers these recommendations to committees with power to enact them, they try to make sure their recommendations are consid- ered, interpreting policies set by the board of trustees is part of cic ' s work. specific activities include: faculty course evaluations; meet- ings with dormitory residents to investigate their preferences on future dorm life; seminars to provide students with informa- tion on planning (e.g. long-range planning), generally, cIc tries to get information to the students on what is in store for the future before it is too late for their input to be considered. cIc also selects students for who ' s who, approves budgeting of student activities fees, selects students for standing commit- tees (academic council, faculty council, etc.) ad hoc committees this year, that meet independent- ly, residence life, food service, faculty evaluations, and academ- ic affairs. members that are not pictured: magoo estrin, dan lacine, laura sova, marcello aguilar, susan but- ler, gus nicolopoulos, judy crews, barb jones, dr. pierro, dr. tracy and mr. Cunningham. the members of cIc are from left, standing: dean davis, cary adams, ed momkus, susan sowa, dr. pierro. keith baker, bill hogland, dave kajck, dr. bohnert, mr. barry, seated: mark shoop, (chair- man) jada seaman, gale do byne, tom nordberg, wally mah. 60 joint council: defunct (purpose unknown) religion guides chancel players each year the chancel players put on a religious play and go on tour, the players will per- form the play everyman today written by waiter serell. the chancel players is a very select group of approximately 20 members who work very hard to make their produc- tions successful . ' i I 62 church music when you think of church mu- sic immediately the elmhurst choir should come into your thoughts, these selected stu- dents sing through out the year from one church to an- other, this past fall the choir took a tour, singing in various churches through out illinois and indiana. unfortunately, their spring tour was cancelled due to insufficient male voices, but though these were lacking the choir still sung with a spir- itual emphasis and much accomplishment. the entire choir waits quietly for the applause to stop. some students await their cues to join in dr. krueger directs the choir, with the others. o E 01 E 0) E a; CD o c o CO ( ) CD c " ( ) ■ • 1- o c o CD c o ■Q TO 1. + to ' c E T3 03 ( ) ( ) u c ' ( ) JD " O -4— ' c DjO o E ( ) 1) ( ) — T3 C - a; I ) Q- Q. o x: O -D i5 1.1 E o tn 1J -1 -(-J to to C o to to ( 5 t 00 c o E I ) c o c 3 s- o o 03 0 -5 o o to I ) to c O 3 in -Q to (1) 3£ 67 barry tinsley — sculpture juan mercade faye robinson Jeffrey siega William mc donald cultural life film series Charlie byrd trio preservation hall band bramwell fletcher sir nnichael redgrave; cancelled midwest jazz festiva e club holds banquet jim Seymour, receiver for the Chicago bears, was the guest speaker at the fall athletic awards banquet tuesday, no- vember 14. the program was held in the lower level of the college union building. judge William j. bauer, u.s. dis- trict court, northern district of Illinois, and a ' 49 graduate of elmhurst college, emceed the banquet, while he was at col- lege, judge bauer was a foot- ball letter winner and a mem- ber of the college ' s " e " club, which sponsored this year ' s awards dinner, mr. schousen, director of the athletic depart- ment and coach wendy harris presented the fall sports awards. ' X ' judge bauer addressed the guests at the dinner. president — greg gills vice president — dave caraker secretary — dave terhark treasurer — jim roberts speaking at the dinner was jim seymour. enjoying the dinner are tim Carlson and jan hoffman. 70 ed club grows this year ed club has changed its outfit somewhat: instead of being just a club it also is a social sect, it lends not only to campus work, but to outside activities such as visiting various communities schools. ed club is set up for education ma- jors and anyone who is interested in any field of education, these stu- dents can be found once a week dis- cussing business over a quiet lunch- eon atmosphere. members of the ed club discuss business over lunch. bill stob enjoying luncheon. d. arnold listens intently to discussion. you ' re so vain, we bet you think this book is about you elms is . . . ' would you like to do a layout? relaxing the first few months of the year, but becom- ing tense by the end of the deadlines, gerry curylo ' the only place where you can involve yourself in all facets of the college and still stay at home, wally mah ' driving me to the funnies. hectic, wild, work, accomplishment, crack-up, re- takes, questionnaires, score-sheets, brainstorming, and rewarding, deb mudra darlene devries gives advice to gerry curylo. ' ' learning how to drink beer while both hands are soaked in chemicals and you are standing in the dark, tom nordberg ' mass confusion you can always find everything you are not looking for. jim sheehan ' trying to get your awful photo out of the class pic- tures revising copy 4 times and the editor still doesn ' t like it listening intently for footsteps coming down the hall and hoping they are going to do yearbook work, mol- lie sluss ■ ' this damn picture won ' t fit! how many characters to a pica? if you haven ' t got time to stay, take it home and bring it to the next meeting, madelynn tabbert ■ ' learning to be a leader from your staff members trying to be up to date and relevant for the readers, winning records from w.r.s.e. late at night losing a valuable staff member, photographer, and friend, sue valastyan mollie sluss receives copy to type. bill graves and his darkroom demons. sue valastyan checks deb mudra ' s artwork. " just ask " the impossible of suzi king. the elmbark died without a whimper. the staff of the elmbark mary kay o ' reilly anne kratzer ken brinker adrian hebard fred orcutt wally mah tom nordberg john behan rick Jeffrey jean bracke clamore eberle SUZI king rhonda larson rex messmore Claudia greco kathy o ' grady advisor: gerry rasa student advisor: joan martin mary kay o ' reilly, the editor of the elmbark . cartoonist of the newspaper was t. nordberg. 74 the chiefs are steve suslik, arlene kaspik and mark shoop. the elmbark dies and birth is given to a ' ' newspaper 1 7 the elmbark was published almost every week during our first semes- ter, it contained feature and news stories, editorials, sports, and on the lighter side " just ask " and " all you wanted to know about music . . but somewhere between Christmas break and second semes- ter the elmbark died, the reasons could vary from lack of experience, staff, motivation or not getting credit. when this matter of not having a school newspaper came to the at- ention of cic, a concerned group of students came forward and pro- duced what we now have, the news- paper. many changes have been made with this publication in the format, articles and philosophy, they went before union board after the first issue came out and are formally recognized as the school newspaper, good luck on further issues! 75 gamma theta up silon — geography club gamma theta upsilon, geography club, is an honorary society that is available to recognize scholas- tic achievement in the field of geography. during the year, g.t.u. went on field trips to starved rock and the morton arboretum, the fall picnic at dr. roberts, Christmas party and spring picnic are some other special events that take place. several students of g.t.u. attend- ed the national council of geo- graphic education convention in milwaukee. their future plans are to include more field trips, speak- ers, and movies, the officers for the year are: president — gary chapman, vice-president — dave kamenz, secretary — barb war- then, and treasurer — pam weir. students with mr. ries examining a map, for reference, for a possible trip. g.t.u. on a field trip at starved rock state park. the morton arboretum, the site of a field trip and discussion. 76 poly and glee — still going strong women ' s polyhymnia and men ' s glee club, both under the direc- tion of mr. david austin, began the school year with a fall pro- gram in the student union, this was followed by a Christmas pro- gram and sing-along, their spring program featured a variety of numbers ranging from secular music, songs in italian, latin, german, and hebrew to popular tunes, on registration day the — -;. groups closed the school year with a program of light music -■ and popular songs. glee club would like to be able to have some added recruits for the 73-74 school year, and poly hopes to attract singers by offer- ing to work more on popular music. ■ . . m. pepmeier, m. gelhaus, c. brandt, I. miller, j. frey, d. bierman, d. castelli, j. hoffman, d. sova. j. bond. e. wieburg. m. mcclure. w. alien, m. reshke, r. hatfield, j. helt, b. potoff, d. lacine, a. ethendge, d. lacine. d. schoen, b. bauch, j. voll, t. lauger, t. koprowski. mr. austin directinga number david schoen and phyllis crowder the only place where coffee is free: f.u. the purpose of the free university is to provide the students with a chance to learn something that is of interest to them, some of the courses offered at the f.u. are: sailing, taught by dr. bidle and dr. holbrook; an art class taught by ms. brown and the free university chess club that is now in intercol- legiate competition, the f.u. also sponsors a paper called the " f.u. gazette, the journal of applied metaphysics. " that is very entertaining. every friday afternoon at 3 o ' clock the f.u. has an informal rap session where students and faculty can get together in the irion apartment and become bet- ter acquainted, anyone and ev- eryone is invited to partake of the f.u. functions and all are guaran- teed of a good time. course offerings wine tasting radio shack car mechanics chess club art adventures in Chicago sailing women ' s seminar f.u. gazette, newspaper women seminar members listen intently. the pause that refreshes. food for thought. john rico at wine tasting seminar. women seminar ' s discussion. 78 79 hiz-i still going strong if you happen to be up in a lounge in stanger about 10:00 p.m., you see a group about twelve in number plan activities such as the sweetheart and lovers ball, a Christmas dance, candy sale, taffy apple sale, and a project devoted to donating the money raised to the black student scholarship fund, if you haven ' t guessed by now, we ' re speaking of the sisters and brothers of hiz-i. this is its fourth year of existence and provides e.c. with extra social activi- ties, officers for this year were ever- rett fields — president, carolyn crowder — secretary, and lia clem- ent — treasurer. 80 after dinner music new to our establishment this year is music educators, these talented music majors have organized together " to make menc a workable and enjoy- able organization on campus. " menc sponsers a dinner every month to discuss forthcoming speakers and special pro- grams, one such speaker, a regular on campus every year for the jazz festival was chuck suber. at a typical dinner frequent speakers are cheryl kancer, kathy goeke and kathy tendall can be found as the president, vice president and secretary- treasurer. d. bierman and c. kancer reflect a mood of music. dr. sorenson contemplates. c ' mon kathy lets see that big smile. (left to right) k. tendall. d. vandermeer, d. mangione, m. cartsons, k. goeke. d. sindelar. bill, whats on your mind? 84 yaccino gives t. mcdermott another helping. greg black and dr. de roo reflecting. psi Chi goes to greek restaurant for learning experience. psi chi psych honorary psi chi, the psychology honorary society, recognizes scholastic achievement in that field, those students with a grade point average of 3.2 or better in psychology are welcomed to join, this year the hon- orary went to a greek restaurant for a dinner at the end of the semest- er, psi chi has guest speakers and films to help the students further in their field, so, if you ever are told to go and get your head examined, try any of these people for help. ' listen, don ' t hand me that, i know you very well. 85 vicki ehrlich carol frieden dianeguse kathy hall jan hostetter • gloria lazarski lorraine maida lori riaw Karen rockwood bette sandgren susan shangle shelia zeien suezilinskas betsy kuebler, advisor religious life: involved in many areas what can you say about a commit- tee that plans such various pro- grams as cage, worship services, j.a.t. robinson, politicans speaking to the college, jazz worship service, retreats, and many others? one can only reply " it ' s active! " religious life committee is a standing committee of the union board which coordi- nates the work and program of the various religious organizations on campus, this group provides ecu- menical worship services in the chapel each Sunday the college is in session, leader of this committee this year was sue palmer. 90 nssha nssha is the national students speech and hearing association, it is for those students majoring in speech pathology, for practical training students have clients in the e.c. speech clinic, the officers for 72-73 were b. kirincich, presi- dent; s. sowa, vice-president; s. mittermeyer, secretary; and c. anieitner, treasurer, the officers for 73-74 are s. sowa, president; m. gearhardt, vice-president; I. lynch, treasurer; and s. pryble, secretary. 1: s. sowa, c. anieitner. 2; I. lynch, b. kirincich. 3: s. mittermeyer, s. pryble. I nssha. row 1:1. lynch, s. sowa, b. o ' brien, dr. goodban, b. kirincich, I. krautter, s. pryble. row 2: b. yacullo, s. mittermeyer, c. anieitner, ms. green, s. kaplan, b. sandgren, k. fielder, hid- ing: m. sluss, n. galambush. 94 1 what a motley looking crew! " V f • ♦ ♦ I i r 1 » l« • 4, I 1 the officers of s.t.d. are d. rutkowski, g. bowen, r. jones. Sigma tau delta english honorary the english honorary society, which is in its second year, is a very elite group composed of approximately a dozen members, to be accepted you must have a 3.5 average in english. this year ' s guest speakers were dr. bert hornback and mrs. liselle mueller. there was also the an- nual student-faculty dinner. the service project for the year was to create a lounge for english majors in kranz hall. officers for this year: grace bowen — president dawn rutkowski — vice president renee jones — secretary-treasurer ms. marguerite ekren, dr. ken biddle — advisors j. smith and a. kaspik listen carefully. ms. mueller is a well known Chicago poetess. squires: diversification and ieadersinip the brotherhood of squires is a male organization on the e.c. campus to provide a service function for its members, the organization and ac- tivities of the squires developed from a group of men who felt that positive campus spirit and attitude might be forwarded by such an or- ganization, their activities for the year included: entertainment for dr. frick as he was both a guest and guest speaker, champaigne break- fast for homecoming festivities, three car washes, the annual boat trip for the brotherhood every year, unicef drive, march of dimes, mus- cular distrophy, and offering serv- ices to the old people ' s home in bensenville, illinois. officers for this year were: greg wilharm — presi- dent, dave cavallo — vice president, bob sciortino — secretary, steve golden — treasurer, bob dobson and Steve kyriazes — chaplain, bob pfennig — pledge master, and duane thomas — committee chairman. come to where the poker game goes on and on. the squire pledges. giant killer ice cream party. first place homecoming float. 96 1 hriirphaurh dan gildersleve rayschater , u Steve golden tedscholle lack branding sieve goiuen hnh c:rinrtino ai hrnwn " ck Jeffrey DO " sciortino diuiuwM rirk kornarkpr bill simpson davecavallo rick kornacKer leesizemore ctPUArnrhran steve kyriazes leesizemore fd conne v dr. donald low, advisor dick smith ed Connelly . 1 5 j h doug dame s mikeludwig mr. robert swords, advisor Steve darnels mmemuwig dimnpthnma ; bobdobson gregmaksimmuk duanethomas dave donagan soft malvam vne weston ii fii.,., jeffoemmg wayneweston rhick forester bob orpet gregwilharm chuck forester mikeoalmer bob wojtelewitz jim garrison miKe palmer i the brotherhood of squires. king bauch seated in his throne. dear reader, that isn ' t an ape, you ' ve been drinking too much! 97 social life keeps things going. the social life committee of the college union board attempts to effectively utilize the resources of the Chicago area, excursions to films, theatrical productions, res- taurants, and other activities are sponsored by this committee, on- campus events include home- coming, festival of fools, coffe- haus entertainment, and a popu- lar film program, chairman of this committee was " kid " goode. kim fielder sporting " whipcream " make-up II f Ik ' hey, look at that one. ha ha ' carol mashko at an all-night movie. j.c. hartford duringf.o.f. 99 1 1 E T3 «3 C ■D «3 . .- (U C ) 3 a. E O 3 O ( ) C ' o " o C " (D CD I CD C ■O .-!- CO o - (A C CD CD DO D 03 N c CuO CD j:: o o i- 9f c $ o § CD OJ .r c o 1 C 5 — o T3 D O (D CD CD CD 1 C O £ c CD g x: E +- ' CO o O (J -Q CO C CO o 8 CO 0 .i - CD ' £ CD C ■ W) E o CD s- = cn- . O CD = m C N 0 Z3 C 5 O CO C " M (D CD T3 CO CD O CJ g CO E 3 CD — T CD p ' 5 c ) tf CO t3 CO -C 5. o o a; o t -i= m CJ -a c ■41; CO c CO CD (O Q- c z o c ( ) a; T3 -(- ' CO u 11 dbO CD .E E 105 women ' s honorary exists after a slow start, women ' s hon- orary started to function in the spring semester, the major prob- lem existed in the fact that the group needed a faculty advisor rather than have a staff member of e.c. act as one. president: barb lucks vice president: sue valastyan secretary treasurer: chris landem sergeant at arms: caria sickbert advisor: dr. jean tracy senior women are tapped into women ' s honorary if they obtain a cumulative average of 3.0 or better in their last junior or first senior semester. seated left to right: c. tellefsen, s. valastyan, c. sickbert, b. lucks, m. gerlach, g. miller, second row: c. landem, d. well, s. koch, s. tapp, mrs. tracy, m. jay, b. holzinger, b. haller. the main function of the honor- ary this year was to select the faculty member of the year, the faculty member is elected based on that person ' s teaching abili- ties plus the rapport and outside activities she or he holds. with a good foundation started, women ' s honorary will build in the future. 108 E F I) .- QO 3 O -Q 0) c o QO 0) -u o o DO E ro -o Q. o (D o D DO i - CD 1: : s— :; o — CD O i- ( ) TO U - XI C CO . x: g DO Is c (D E CD E ' o E -a ro CD c -I- ' I ) ro - 2 " — a CD ZJ CO O -D c CO CO CO oh jj: -Q CO CO -Q cj CO -Q CO E E CD (D (2. Q. CO " O s- O o -Q c .2 o =5 =5 S CO CD CO E e- E o i= u o Q. Q. CO c S2 o o CO CO CO CD Q. CD CO SI V z (O CO E 03 o " D CD " D C 3 O CD ( ) CD o CL CD o c o c (O Q. — CO CD O Q. T3 CO O C o c 3 D O CO ' i ' .2 -Q S i CD — — CO 3 2 .2 c , M " OJ CO CO c o o to — o — " I S O CD J H- (O tio CD C CO ■- CD |r i c , ° O CD CO 5 r- 3 Q. E " CO CJ c CO CO CO — • -D CD O — CO CO " 1 CO c -£= 3 E O CO CO (D -I- ' s O CO E CO O CO CD ;d x: C lea 3 -(— ' c O c CD o CD sz CO + +- ' ? -I- ' M— CO C o (D CO CD o c ■D CO o 3 O CO + O rper CO CD SZ T3 -t- ' O an ha J , o c DO CD o C CO x: he CO o CO E E c E CO CO c o o (D DO here ' mpla e pro o O sz O CO CO J£. CD CD CD DO CO CO .h CO C 3 ? o o CO DO 5 1- CO CD 1J — -C . O O D CO ' ' I -Q CO — CO .•t; p ) CO QJ N — I ) N 2 CO — . E CO $ o CD c w— o CO c c CO o ■D c c CD CO E CO o CD +-» Q. -I- ' CO pa 3 CO C (D O C 109 freedom rock " fm 88.7 wrse fm 88.7, the e.c. campus radio station, is administered and operated by the students, the sta- tion is a member of the intercol- legiate broadcasting system, opportunity to participate in all phases of radio work, are the ac- tivities of wrse, offered to the students. this is the 26th year of broadcast- ing, serving the campus and community this year with " free- dom rock " , the radio station also broadcasts all e.c. football and basketball games and other pub- lic services, one of the activities that they had was the " great give away " , in which records were awarded to the listeners for just calling in and asking " am i a winner? " t. vanko and |. leandros, engi- neering staff. engineering staff: t. cole, m. latko, t. denmark, t. fleming. the people who bring you the news: t. denmark, c. kurth, k. fielder, r. peckat, s. biggs, k. baker, m. latko, b. hoglund, seated: g. nicolopolus, b. dorsey, j. dimitroff, m. shoop. general staff; d. hajek, b. hill, dr. low, a. etheridge. front row: m. strothman, j. crews, c. mccullom, g. stonikas. 110 the producers and d.j. ' s: c. johnson, g. black, j. dimitroff, s. kyriazes, b. lowry, c. kurth, front row: d. cullom, k. goode, j. crews, r. peckat. the staff of wrse fm. jean augensen, keith baker, john bernero, sharia biggs, greg black, francis bowman, torn cole, judy crews, phyllis crowder, dick cullom, linda dahm, deb daussman, tom denmark, john dimitroff, bill dorsey, magoo estrin, alien etheridge, kim fielder, tony fleming, vie frigo, anthea george, dan hajek, dave hajek, greg hedgspeth, bruce hill, bill hoglund, judy jeandros, cornelia johnson, waiter ju- lius, nick keseric, kathy kocol, alan kupfer, chris kurth, Steve kyriazes, dan lacine, mary ann latko, gordon leeks, bill lowry, frank mastro, garry mcgonigia, carolyn mccollum, denise napolitana, gus nicolopoulos, don nolan, bryan pearce, ross peck- at, gerry post, diane raschiellie, donna reed, lori riana, dan russo, stan sharas, jim sheehan, mark shoop, jeff smith, molly sluss, ann smurlo, gene stonikas, mark strothmann, mike thon, steve thon, brad travis, tom vanko, mike vaughn, renard white, owen wilson . wrse, the sound of " freedom " . Ill athletic competition 0lk I another first down as the blue machine rolls on. dale renner plays tag with a millikin defender. team co-op wins 72 was a great season for the jays, ending with six wins and only three losses, a great offense unit boosted the team third in NAIA district 20, and first in the district under rush- ing, statistics indicate the blue jays conducted 2686 rush- ing plays and 476 pass plays. mike papoccia received the honor for the most yards rush- ing, 839, a new elmhurst record, mike also scored 60 game points, fourth in the district, dale renner, the team ' s punter coach harris reflects despair, was second in the district for kicking 37.9 points, on de- fense, a! mackey stoo d out with 90 tackles and two assists, dale roberts racked up six interceptions which could not be unnoticed. with teamwork our fantastic jays hit hard and should be congratulated for their great efforts, guided by coach harris. 116i row 1: chuck perry, david holmes, bill russel, tony flemming, rich dziemela, robert baker, mike pryor, bob bouton, mike papoccia, dale ren- ner, lee sizemore, tony graham, tom murphy, tom laudont. row 2: al mackey, lounza boyce, scott lowery, greg skelly, frank hirsch, jerry olmstead, tom mackey, greg goble, mike sims, jeff oeming, ron miller, kenny reeves, jim carr, dave gillies, mike ruffner, glen placek. row 3: hank harrison, ass ' t., doug gerham, matt eaton, tom lippner, dennis peters, dale roberts, paul nelson, tom finn, al brinkmeyer, marty spi- cer, bill polvika. row 4: john tritt, ass ' t., coach harris, dan coffey, gary landem, dave caraker, lee scott, dennis carlson, jim sharwarko, mike cranshaw, steve brown, john spooner, hank harrison, paul thornton, rodney moore, coach andres. elmhurst 32 millikin 26 elmhurst 32 north central 21 elmhurst 22 augustana 32 elmhurst 31 lake forest 12 elmhurst 40 north park 31 elmhurst 22 Carroll 25 elmhurst 38 wheaton 0 elmhurst 22 illlnois wesleyan 2 elmhurst 0 Carthage 38 football fansgetting a last-chance tan.. 117 some players just don ' t mind posing. elmhurst 86 north park 79 elmhurst 131 Carroll 100 elmhurst 84 Carthage 73 elmhurst 71 augustana 97 elmhurst 74 Illinois wesleyan 70 elmhurst 78 north central 68 elmhurst 86 wheaton 77 elmhurst 128 Carthage 96 elmhurst 127 Carroll 83 elmhurst 100 millikin 88 elmhurst 91 wheaton 94 elmhurst 50 augustana 66 elmhurst 64 north central 42 elmhurst 65 north park 84 elmhurst 60 Illinois wesleyan 63 elmhurst 75 millikin 76 stand back everyone I ' ve got the ball. cagers enjoyed banner season the elmhurst college basketball bluejays enjoyed one of their finest seasons in the school ' s history. led by a fast break, run and gun offense, the blueiays finished with an overall record of 15-1 1 and 10-6 in the college conference of Illinois and Wisconsin. that mark left them in a second place tie in the league with Illinois wesleyan and millikin. elmhurst opened with four straight victories as junior guard claude white quickly showed the form which was to make him the most exciting player in the cciw. white shattered several school scoring marks, including most points in one game at 44; total points in one season, 597; most field goals attempted, 554. in addition, white captured the conference scoring championship despite missing five games due to scholastic ineligibility, he scored 375 points in 11 contests for a sizzling 34.1 points per game average and was high with 152 field goals and 71 free throws. cal Saunders, jim trench and albie burks developed into the finest front line in the conference playing at a decisive size disadvantage, in rebounding saunders and burks finished third and ninth respectively in the cciw. looking ahead to next year, elmhurst coach jon hawthorne will have bill simpson and burks re- turning along with promising junior mike sulkowski and hopefully white and brad travis. probably the biggest problem facing coach hawthorne will be replacing saunders, a four-year star for the blue jays, cal was the value point leader for the club this season . bluejays block out north park. KS HOME I ' W OF THE I coach hawthorne and coach wellman await the outcome. will jim trench score two points? players cal Saunders Claude white bill Simpson jim trench albie burks brad travis duane bilyeu bruce cowman michael sulkowski jeff valaika michael mclain john bretz Sheldon jernagin 119 mike marsico whispers sweet nothings. ' yeah, and your brother wears a dress. the players randy degenhart greg goebel doug gorham ron james dave kuban joe la rocca don Stuart ron Stuart " now you take it all back. " ron stuart makes an opponent eat his words. grapplers place fourth in cciw it was an injury-plagued season for the elmhurst college wrestling squad, but the jays came up with a fine effort to take fourth in the col- lege conference of Illinois and Wis- consin meet. elmhurst totalled 48 points behind league champion north park, whea- ton and augustana. fifth-place Illi- nois wesleyan and 32 V2 points. dave kuban capped an outstanding sophomore campaign by winning the cciw championship in the 142 pound division, he finished with an 18-2-1 record. ' remember, pete, wrestle your own style. g. goebel ' s foe is cruisin ' for a brulsin ' elmhurst 37 l.i.t. 6 elmhurst 3 wheaton 38 eimhurst 18 lewis 24 elmhurst 6 augustana 43 elmhurst 10 taylor 38 Waukesha elmhurst 28 tech 25 elmhurst 18 Carthage 42 elmhurst 24 ripon 27 elmhurst 25 cedarville 24 indiana elmhurst 6 central 36 elmhurst 21 north park 18 elmhurst 30 uicc 24 elmhurst 8 milwaukee 30 having the advantage on his way to third place in cciw conference meet is randy degenhart. in the finals, kuban met doug pink- ham of wheaton and came away with a 16 to 5 victory, dave allowed pinkham five escapes, pushed him away and then took him down again. the results gave kuban three cham- pionships for the year as he had al- ready captured titles at the north central and wheaton invitationals. he and carthage ' s tom adams were voted the most outstanding wres- tlers in the cciw meet. elmhurst had two second place winners; greg goebel in the 190 pounds category and doug gorham in the heavyweight class. the performance left goebel with an overall record of 20-5-1 in his fresh- man year. at heavyweight, an injury prevented gorham from competing for top spot as he was forced to forfeit the final match. the elmhurst senior pinned whea- ton ' s dave sugarbaker in 3:37 and won the semi-finals by default, au- gustana ' s bob olson was disquali- fied when he used an illegal hold in slamming gorham to the mat. that move also put gorham out of action as he popped his shoulder out and it was impossible for him to continue. randy degenhart, a freshman, and junior joe la rocca came through with third places for the bluejays. degenhart lost his first match, but in the wrestle-backs, he took a pair of decisions while la rocca followed the same pattern in his weight class. two seniors who have had fine ca- reers at elmhurst, ron and don Stuart, were both injured in the first round matches and were unable to continue. 123 ms. frederickson observing her team. underwater acrobatics perfected to an art. this year the synchronized swim club attended the 19th annual inter- national academy of aquatic arts festival, the festival was held at the university of manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. a reception was held on friday, may 4th, at the pam am pool and hall of fame, awards were presented by the two most famous aquatic artists in the world: beulah gundling of the U.S. a. and peg sellers of Canada. even though ms. frederickson, who served as the faculty advisor of the swim team, has been cut, the club will continue next year. one of many parallel formations demonstrated by the team. 127 squad for first semester: kathy komay, captain barb king, co-captain janise dawspn bony kocoras michele murphy amy lowry pauline Williams dee dee trench squad for second semester: bonny kocoras, captain michelle murphy amy lowry pauline Williams mary ann latko pat Cunningham V. taggart lunges for a forehand af the net. brinker leads netmen elmhurst college completed its 1973 tennis season with a 4-7 dual meet record and a sixth place finish at the cciw meet in bloomington. it marked the third consecutive year that elmhurst had finished sixth in the conference. ken brinker, the jay ' s number three singles player, claimed top honors with an 11-3 record, including nine straight wins at the start of the sea- son, a sophomore, brinker ad- vanced to the conference finals at number three before losing to ted sprinkman from carroll college, the cciw champion . season record 4-7 6th in the cciw i a smooth hitter from the baseline, is k. brink- er. j. Wilson deserves an " a " for this backhand volley. ed momkus returns a forehand while doubles partner gary mcgonigle looks on 130 right: rod randall moves in and hits a forehand miss hackman watched as her team tried to figure out a way to win. kim brightbill would have liked to have won more matches. bonny kocoras and jill olsen, new to the game of doubles, realize that there is more to it than meets the eye. women ' s tennis team faces a disappointing season due to graduation, the elmhurst col- lege women ' s tennis team lost their top three players and had to face tough competition from schools which have built strong teams, but the task of rebuilding the team is not over, for it looks as though only two players from this year ' s team will be returning next year, things shouldn ' t be that bleak, though, as coach eileen hackman hopes to re- cruit some players for a potentially stronger women ' s team in 1974. diana castelli reaches high to serve and hopes that it will go over. 131 baseball future is bright this was a rebuilding year for elm- hurst ' s baseball team, the jays fin- ished 11-20 over the season and came in a disappointing seventh in the college conference of Illinois and Wisconsin, but the future looks bright. first baseman paul cummings, the team ' s leading hitter, will be back next season along with such stand- outs as outfielder dennis sullivan, third baseman rich dziemiela, and shortstop bill Simpson, cummings, a junior, was elmhurst ' s lone repre- sentative on the cciw all-conference team. tim fitzpatrick compiled the best pitching record at 3-3 and also is expected to return, the only starter graduating is catcher tim carlson. the 1973 baseball schedule was the largest in elmhurst college history and included a 12-game southern trip through alabama and georgia. thecoach is ron wellman. an e.c. homerun hitter is congratulated. training begins in spring. season record 1 1-20 conference record 6-10 for 7th place mvp awarded to paul cum- mings. a homer for e.c? pitcher, tim f itzpatrick. elmhurst baseball team tim Carlson ron miller mike pryor mikecotsones tommy cole frank hirsch tarry reynolds dennis sullivan paul cummings gregskelly greglindgren ken sherry rusty zick jim langlee dan weiss tim fitzpatrick bill Simpson bill groppi eric karlsson bill foran rich dziemelia scott Carlisle a pop-up for e.c. player after a winner, teams appear to be running into a fence. elmhurst college baseball team. 133 e.c. judges pickthe winners " I bill swan exhausted. fans came to see the meets sammy green should have been in the meet, but has a bad knee. rupnow takes three firsts at eii the exciting running of ken rupnow proved to be the nnajor highlight of the 1973 elmhurst college track and field team. rupnow, a junior, finished third in both the 100 and 220-yard dashe s at the cciw meet, then won both of his specialties and anchored the winning 44-yard relay team at the elmhurst intercollegiate invitational in may. after some disappointing results earlier in the season, elmhurst fin- ished third behind carthage and spring arbor in the class b division of the eii. ken reeves was second in both the 100 and 220, bruce ligh- thall was fifth in both the intermedi- ate and high hurdles, and tom finn got a fifth in the javelin. the results of the eii were particular- ly satisfying for coach jerry andres, who left his head coaching duties at the end of the season, he has served as coach since 1970. 9th in cciw conference mvp awarded to ken rupnow Stan gets ready to throw jav- elin. 135 deals with fiscal problems. president frick enjoys reading, music and sports. 138 regrets forgetting a student ' s name. president dr. Ivan frick believes it is important to tell a new teacher at e.c. " its history and explain its present pro- gram and opportunities. " he thinks that a teacher should relate to the community as any citizen, but with the awareness that his actions do have consequences, dr. trick ' s ad- ministrative attitude toward teach- lers in " attempting to provide a sup- Iportive environment for teaching. " Ihe enhances his professional image Iby attending seminars, workshops land professional conferences, dr. Ifrick lists hobbies, favorite past- Itimes and interests as listening to Imusic, especially symphonies, jswimming, tennis, c vclin g and [travel. " a satisfying moment is seeing the accomplishments of the alumni of ec " " ... the awareness that his actions do have consequences for the institution | as a whole. " 139 the board of trustees the board of trustees, made up of twenty-three members, approves of all policies and procedures of elmhurst college, officers of the board are thomas price — chair- man, rev. Wesley bornemann — vice chairman, herbert win- termeyer — secretary, louis goebel — assist- ant secretary, and donald buik — treasurer. 141 the deans dean dark is interested in plan- ning and developing educational programs, " we are interested in good teaching, the college at- tempts to give students a liberal education. " his administrative attitude towards teachers is, " i am constantly amazed by their friendly and cooperative spirit. " he enjoys teaching the honors course for freshmen, his favorite past-times include reading nov- els, travel, and helping to raise two boys. dean davis is interested in pho- tography, reading, walking, and lapidary art. broadly speaking, he is concerned about higher educa- tion and enjoys working with and assisting other people, " i have had many satisfying moments at e.c. the thing which comes imme- diately to mind is my success in attracting mrs. florence hooges- teger to her new position as direc- tor of placement and career plan- ning at elmhurst. " he believes that teachers should relate to the community as thoroughly as possible, and as for teachers at e.c, " bless them all, bless them all, the long and the short and the tall . " " we are here to serve students " 142 vice president of development " development and public rela- tions play an increasingly impor- tant role for private colleges and universities as the exigencies of the financial crunch for higher education grow more pressing. happily for elmhurst, the various constituencies of the college are showing increased interest in the affairs of the college and greater willingness to support the aca- demic program. the future strength of elmhurst is largely dependent upon the de- gree to which we can continue to rally generous financial support from alumni and friends. " — mr. ray ramseyer public relations. " the primary function of the col- lege news director is to inform the public — whether they be community residents, area busi- nessmen, alumni, parents or stu- dents — about the activities of the college ' s faculty, staff and students, as well as the school ' s academic and extra-curricular programs. this is done essentially through news announcements and fea- ture articles which are sent peri- odically to approximately 175 area newspaper editors and radio and television broadcasters; in a bi-monthly calendar of events that is sent to over 2,000 area homes and businesses, as well as preparation of the elmhurst college alumni magazine, the " f.y.i., " a faculty information sheet, and displays, as a part of the college ' s development office, mr. ramseyer serves his last year with us. the news director assists in spe- cial events, alumni and church related programs, students wish- ing to publicize their organiza- tions activities and achievements to the public should talk to mr. rasa. " — mr . gerald rasa. " private higher education now faces a major challenge, the pri- vate sector has historically been a pioneer in many educational program, but now it must man- age its resources in a most effi- cient manner, and seek to max- imize its income from all sources. my responsibilities involve help- ing to reinforce a positive atti- tude toward higher education generally and then to cultivate the attitude in terms of contribut- ed funds for operation and plant growth. head of news bureau is g. rasa. elmhurst college has experienced in recent years a significant in- crease in numbers of donors and amounts given. during the 70 ' s we must continue to make improvements so as to permit e.c. to continue to ad- vance as a fine private college. " — mr. russ weigand dr. schieler is " basically interested in life and lielping others to appreciate it. chaplains show concern the chaplains of elmhurst college not only set up the worship serv- ices, but they show concern in people, they try to relate to every- one the meaning of life and how to appreciate it. dr. schieler is very concerned with relating to people as human beings and seeks to know them on a personal basis. rev. stoner shows a great concern for " man ' s attitude toward na- ture " and getting involved in combatting institutional white racism. rev. stoner is " concerned with preserving and restoring our environment. 145 admissions and financial aid the admissions and financial aid is headed by mr- donald weiss . he states that his most satisfying moment is yet to occur, but there are many bright new students, most agonizing for mr. weiss this year was not having sufficient financial aid funds for students in need, " remind teachers that their students are paying over $2,000 a year for an education " is his ad- vice to teachers, hobbies and pastime favorites are reading, " tinkering " and when time for it — golf, no more cycling since his fall last year. " the wealth of knowledge I ' ve acquired about the transfer and older students coming to e.c. " states mrs . " betsy " kuebler , was her most important accomplish- ment, she deals with students on a one-to-one basis as if they are human beings, she feels the " ma- jority of them (teachers) are de- livering the product we sell . i ' m impatient with those who don ' t. " mrs. kuebler also works with financial aid and is satisfied when she is able to help a student. by attending seminars, conven- tion, and associate with the bet- ter people in admissions to learn from them is what rnr. michael marsico does to enhance his image, " the day a student filled out an application at a college day after i told him about e.c. " was very satisfying to him. mr. marsico also coaches the wres- tling team and was very agonized when " finding out that a city champion wrestler with a 25-2 record, who wanted to come to e.c, had a class rank of 1009 out of 1225. " some of his hobbies are raising a great dane puppy, skiing, scuba divingand music. involved with athletic recruitment is mr. ward. mr. marsico moonshines as the wrestling coach. " re-shaping the admissions program to meet the changing pattern of students college selection. " mr. ward giving a tour to a " hopeful " freshman. " during the past year i have been 146 " i like my job . . . i ' m dedicated to e.c. and i want to do my job as well as i can ... " primarily involved with athletic recruitment, this area of recruitment has added an addi- tional source of students for the college, hopefully elmhurst will be able to field championship cal- iber teams in all sports " states mr. edward ward , also during this past year he was fortunate enough to receive his " juris doc- torate " degree from de paul uni- mrs. wagner works with transcripts. versify school of law. mr. ward has since left the office of admis- sions to work with the state attorney. " my most satisfying moment will be in September ' 73 when we have a full freshman class. " answers mr. robert hutchins . he attends professional conferences and reads journals to improve his skills, since he is new to the ad- missions staff, his main interest at the time is " the buying of a house " . " attracting the ' best ' stu- dents to einnhurst col- lege and in sufficient nunnbers. " 147 business office the business office of elmhurst college is an active place, it is at this office where students pay their tuition, extra fees, and nnay cash personal checks, financing plans may be established to help students with their terms of payments. 148 mrs. erhlich, mr. kistner, s. daniels on desk duty. head librarian is mr. melvin george. ray chnstenson liams it up witn a-v materials. schi-zhin rhie is an assistant librarian. mrs. barry will help you find your book. at the mdex file is mrs. grobe. the librarians " getting caught in the theft det- ector " was one of mr. melvin george ' s most embarrassing moments at school this year, he is very sati sfied with being in the new buehler library for over a year now. " settling into our new building and maintaining high quality library service " was very important as an administrative accomplishment, faculty cuts also hit the library and it was agonizing for him to tell a profes- sional librarian that because of the college ' s financial problems, we would not be able to retain him. mr. george belongs to a number of professional organiza- tions, serves on the board of the illinois regional library council, and on an advisory committee to the illinois state library, when he finds the time, mr. george enjoys to read — especially mystery novels, hiking, and cycling. in the new a.c. buehler library there are display cases which exhibit different works of the arts, this year four original folios of shakapeare ' s plays and second editions of two plays were on dis- play, the material was on loan from the folger Shakespeare li- brary in Washington, d.c. the first folio of Shakespeare ' s plays was published in 1623 and it contained 18 plays, among the plays in the first folio are julius caesar , antony and Cleopatra, macbeth, as you like it, twelfth night , measure for measure, the winter ' s tale and the tempest. the second, third and fourth fo- lios were also included in the dis- play, they are reprints of the first edition which was sold out after nine years and the owners of the copy rights bought out the sec- ond folio in 1632. the second is the earliest folio to contain john milton ' s poem to Shakespeare. 149 placement office " predictions for the placement of 1973 graduates have been en- couraging; over thirty companies have recruited on campus and the placement office has re- ceived over 150 full-time job list- ings since September, there has been an increase in hiring in most industries, government agencies; however, have had a freeze on hiring and this is ex- pected to continue, in a recent poll of approximately 186 com- panies, 139 reported that the general business outlook for 1973 was better than 1972, 43 companies reported the same as 1972 and 4 companies reported not as good as 1972. — niLl- f lorence hoogesteger health service the college maintains a modern health service equipped to pro- vide out-patient care, the college physician, dr. acosta , is available at regularly scheduled clinic peri- ods on weekdays, and is on call for emergencies, the emergency service at the local hospital is uti- lized as needed, registered nurses staff the health service clinic dur- ing regular hours and share the on-call duty to maintain twenty- four hour coverage. counseling counseling is emphasized and both the formal and informal counseling program for individu- als and small groups is supported and promoted, the professional experience of staff members, dr. alice murata , dr. reid martin , and mr . William lee, as well as the services of members of the chap- lain ' s office, qualified faculty members and personnel from other offices are utilized in meet- ing the personal, vocational and academic needs of e.c. students, all of the above mentioned serv- ices can be found in the base- ment of niebuhr hall. 150 housing staff " the great diversity among e.c. students " ed, Cathy, and little cathy shey eating in the cafeteria. mr. barry, the director of housing office. the worsham family resides in " dink " hall. rose dilworth is leaving schick and mov- ing into a new house where she and her husband, pete, will be new parents. the major emphasis of the resi- dence hall program is the provi- sion of adequate living facilities along with opportunities to learn about coping with people, each hall is staffed with a head resi- dent, except for the two upper- classmen dorms, lehmann and irion, which are student run. this year problems were many with the closing of niebuhr and Schick going co-ed, but as the year progressed the problems of extra roommates, new dorm or room assignments settled down. " right now i am completing re- quirements for ph.d. — also at- tend professional meetings with membership in professional or- ganizations. " replies mr . james barry , director of the housing of- fice, this is mr. barry ' s first year as the head of housing and with it came many problems. " probably the key benefit a stu- dent can get from housing is an opportunity to learn how to de- velop better interpersonal rela- tionships. " expresses jerry wor - sham, head resident of " dink " , of course dorm life has extras like parties that last all night, wing meetings, noise, stereos blasting you ' 68 and ' 73 favorite record- ings, and the annual fire alarm, " as i was walking thru the dorm late one night with the It. of the fire squad during one of our false alarms he growlingly asked me (j. worsham) ' what the blank are all these people doing in the hall. " my reply, ' that ' s a good ques- tion ' . " other staff members are cathy shey; head resident of stanger, jerry worsham; head resident of dinkmeyer, rose dilworth; head resident of schick, joan martin and caria sickbert; hall advisors of lehmann, and phil canuto and david schoen; hall advisors of irion. maintenance who do you run to when you vvant something fixed, cleaned or re- port to about damaged material? the maintenance force of elm- hurst college helps keep us func- tioning through the wear and tear of the school year, each year the staff goes through the dorms to report damages done to the rooms and then the students get those lovely bills for repairs, this year there was excessive damage done to one of the dorms and the residents were notified if the damage was going to cause any additional money the residents would be charged, maintenance was kept on its toes with the usual blown fuses and dirt that was found in the facilities. i can see 500 miles. plant engineers with mr. hein. mr. kufer explains to ray what he wants done. paul wojtowicz brings in josten ' s material. caretaker of irion is dan. loretta is housekeeper of lehmann. groundsman ragnar moen. 152 " good morning, elmhurst college " the line mrs. kufer gives to strangers. what would the union do without waiter " main desk " bishop. proud of the turn-out of the jazz festival is jim Cunningham. college union union board members come to maureen bubert to have her pay bills. mrs. Sherman manages the game room. " the directing of the college un- ion hasn ' t altered significantly in " these times " , the melting to- gether of facility and program to enhance the cultural, recreation- al, social, and religious atmo- sphere on campus is the mai n goal . . . and has been since i ar- rived, i favor a climate of respon- sible student management of the program — which should be de- fined as taking responsibility for planning, initiating, and imple- menting the program, not seg- ments of it or only those areas of ease and interest, students in union programming offers to take a risk — in time, intellectual commitment, and in some in- stances, peer adjudication, it takes a special kind of person to present the type of programming we have at e.c. to be successful she he makes a commitment to working for the entire college community, fully realizing that most of the students prefer to adopt a passive role in accepting their program offerings — or a critical one. such statements as " there is nothing happening on campus " become commonplace to the union programmer — who fully knows the critical source is in error or so buried in his own bag as not to see " what ' s really happening. " my role — aid, facili- tate, cajole, suggest, and benevo- lently criticize those special stu- dents who have set themselves apart from the inert others. " — james Cunningham. ' the hostess with the mostess " is mrs. spencer. 155 mrs. jean tracy, faculty member of the year on Sunday, may 6, 1973, the honor society of elmhurst college held its annual dinner for those upperclassmen with distinguished grade point averages, another function at this dinner is the announcement of the faculty member of the year, this year ' s award went to dr. jean tracy of the psychology depart- ment, surprisingly enough, she was also the speaker at the dinner. mrs. tracy is an active member of our faculty and is highly interested in children, marriage, and her students, she was selected by the women ' s honor- ary which set up the criteria based on teaching ability plus outside activities the teacher holds. 158 urban studies urban studies is designed to pro- vide by cross-disciplinary study and emphasis understanding of urban areas and their common concerns and needs, the program is structured to give e.c. students practical fieldwork experience in order to relate theory to practice. this year students studying " ci- ties in europe " had the experi- ence of going there to study, this course abroad enabled the stu- dents to see the various ap- proaches european countries uti- lize to meet contemporary con- cerns related to the city, this was designed to foster off-campus experience and to provide an opportunity to study different cultures and governmental structures. 159 john weber out-doodles his colleagues in a stimulating faculty meeting. 161 biology new to the biology department this year is mr. c. william fuller , mr. fuller has enjoyed his first year at elmhurst college and feels that for students and faculty alike, elmhurst " is a great place, " (although it will take students awhile to realize this), he feels that just like anything else, the college has its good and .bad points, but its good points defi- nitely outweigh its faults. dr. honour shuffled the cards very carefully and made sure no one cheated at reno nite. dr. Sweeney and his co-author have completed the third edition of their laboratory manual, " lab- oratory studies of chick, pig, and frog embryos. " this manual is now used by more students in the united states than any other manual of its kind. . aside from his interests in biology and biochemistry, mr. fuller enjoys hiking, camping, and birdwatching. his most satisfying moment is winen tine students are uniformly achieving a high result in learn- ing which i believe has occurred through the problems i have as- signed " states mr. franks, he be- lieves that there is an excellent education available if motivation is there, but that the students don ' t try hard enough, mr. franks expresses though, his depart- ment helps the students in the future by being relevant to the future business man. probably the most embarrassing moment to anyone and especial- ly to mr. scudiero is " teaching classes with my ' fly ' opened, an- other agonizing moment at elm- hurst college this year for him was " having a kidney stone at- tack during president trick ' s opening convocation address, these two events were not funny at the time, but now we all can look back at them and laugh, one of the important administrative accomplishments this year was staffing and scheduling 29 day session classes and 43 evening classes, in spite of his problems, mr. scudiero finds time for his interests in teaching, music, theater, opera, and people. mr. scudiero at a faculty meeting. teaching retailing is mr. patti if helping a student with his work is mr. scudiero. loadingat his desk again this year is mr. madoch. 164 chemistry dr. glogovsky glows over one of his complicated " toys " . didn ' t it work, dr. ganchoff ? could you repeat what you just put on the board, dr. beck? dr. ophardt ' s motto, " no chemistry, no life. " no chemistry — no life. " " just put he! on it until it reacts, " explains dr. priepke. dr. john ganchoff explains that a background in chemistry is good " preparation for a career in chemistry or health sciences or ecological studies, giving insight into the nature of the material world and the operations of sci- entists. " he enjoys " having con- tact with a few good students, who are concerned and aware of at least a small part of the world about them, comparing the stu- dents i have now with those of ' 66, ' 67, ' 68, they seem to be bet- ter (more dedicated to their inter- ests, at least a little more willing to study, better prepared). " his views of the college are, " stu- dents are generally intellectually apathetic, faculty is willing but unable to make the atmosphere stimulating, perhaps too much false sophistication exists, in spite of problems, the smallness is attractive. " dr. robert glogovsky is interested in " almost everything that can be improved. " he believes that a teacher should " get involved and be concerned for the student ' s overall welfare, one should strive to bring out the best in each per- son. " his most satisfying mo- ments are " knowing that the departmental efforts toward aca- demic excellence and human concern are recognized by stu- dents. " dr. Charles ophardt enjoys read- ing, gardening and carpentry, he believes that " chemistry is pre- sent in some form or another in everyone ' s life, like it or not!! no chemistry — no life. " when asked about today ' s students, he re- plied that they " seem slightly more interested than one — two years ago. " dr. rudol f priepke states that " an essay on the relationship of chemistry to the climate of the times would be too long and completely out of place (irrelevant?) in a yearbook. " in- stead, he lists his credits: elmhurst college, bs, 1928. duke university, ph.d., 1932. chemistry teacher elmhurst college, 1933-1936-1960- technical division permacel tape corporation for 18 rev, i ames Williams is a one-man team leading studies in the clas sics department at our college the department offers course studies in the classics, which in elude the iliad, the odyssey, ar cheology, and mythology; greek, the new testament, plato, and homer; and latin, virgil, cicero, lucretus, and horace for non-major student interested in the classics, there are courses offered that do not require knowl edge of greek or latin during recent years, the classics department has offered interim trips to study in greece and Italy " as an instructor in economics,-: my goal is to equip students with - a knowledge and understanding] of the material aspects of his so-l cial context, specifically, eco-; nomics attempts to broadly en- j able the student to gain a, knowledge and facility for analyz- ing the nature, methods and con- sequences of the material as-| pects of social organization and ' - action " — mr. c.a.thoma i preparing for his classes is mr. thoma. mr. eaton heads the economics department. education is also director of the evening session, this year he was involved in " laying plans to ex- tend ec evening session pro- grams to harper community col- lege campus, and to initiate plans for a student to earn a second baccalaureate degree, advice for future teachers is, " a teacher ' s first and most important respon- sibility is to teach. " r I. ■ mr. kunka (1.) with his colleagues. ms. theodore alert at a faculty meeting. V mrs. swords discusses the problems of faculty organization with mrs. dark. developing better communication through the formation of ideas from so- cieties ' interpretations and thoughts in original themes is the job of the english department at e.c. dr. alcoke feels the relevancy of the de- partment to his student ' s future has sev- eral pictures, " one concerns work, others concerns vast quantities of leisure and bring an adequate human being with others. " he does not have satisfying moments, but rather " everyday is satis- fying when something meaningful is happening between me and my stu- dents. " it is satisfying to do the work for which you are equipped and trained, and to find people willing to listen to what you have to say. " students who want to get on his good side should take interest in his hobbies of carpentry, electronics, writ- ing, camping, and cars. " my present endeavors have some rela- tionships to what i view as a heritage of the timeless — what literature has always been, the various ways in which he has portrayed his human condition. " replies mr. davidson . he expresses that " teach- ing english does not seem to relate to the climate of the times " , but several current projects, essays, and a dissertation, might, as they foster a fuller understand- ing of the problems faced by a prospec- tive writer, make me more generous with freshman themes, so perhaps there is some immediate relevance after all . dr. bidle has various interests — camp- ing, teaching, film as an art form, and his farm, " literature is the most humanizing dr. alcoke proves that not only students use the library. mr. davidson, dr. couchman, ms. ekren, dr. alcoke, and dr. bidle confering over departmental matters. of subjects, a well taught literary work is truly liberating. " his comments related to this year " all in all, taking a line from dickens, it was the best of times, it was the worst. " but i am essentially fatalistic, cynical, and stoical, so i do not really expect too much pleasure from life, tis indeed a bitter-sweet experience. " 171 madame devaud, chairperson of the trench department, was kept rather busy this year. smiling madame hatmaker usually leads some very stimulat- ing discussions in her classes — en franjais, mais bien sQr. dr. Wellington introduces Italian to students, while mrs. jones teaches beginning Spanish students. french, Spanish and Italian 172 this year, the french department of elmhurst college took a group of interested students down to the art institute to view the renoir exhibit and hear a lecture, french students also got a chance to see moliere ' s farce, " le medecin malgre lui " and an excellent fran- jois truffaut film festival . the importance of studying a lan- guage is clearly illustrated as the popularity of the Spanish lan- guage continues to grow, the Spanish department of elmhurst college is equipped to meet the needs of those students who real- ize the impor tance of learning a mrs. howie is not quite sure if she under- stands what her student is trying to get across in Spanish. " ... stresses the interrelationships between man and his environment. " mr. rouse collects buttons of campaign elections. or. roberts stresses an interrela- tionship. geography is a curriculum area where the spirit of a liberal arts education is practiced. 1 photography, golf, antiques and trav- eling are interests of mr. ries. geography " geography has much to offer elmhurst college students, first, the content of geography courses often bears a direct relationship to the society in to which gradu- ates are entering. " this is dr . bohnert ' s thought on his relation to the times and himself, he feels that " ... in the study of geogra- phy an increased awareness for the " interrelatedness " of natural environment, cultural environ- ment, and man is developed. " dr. bohnert thinks and feels that the students are encouraged to use their elective course to provide an enriched background for use in geography courses, unlike some disciplines which may be defined in part or totally by the content studied, geography is defined on the basis of methodology. mr . rouse describes his most sat- isfying moment as " awarding a ' s and solid b ' s to well motivated students who excel themselves (ie. their normal expectations) in my courses. " his opinion of the ' 72- ' 73 students is " they are much the same as students in other years, some are serious while a small number are mark- ing time and wasting money, the majority apply themselves as their interests dictate and such effort will pay off in varying de- grees in their respective futures. the views of the college, accord- ing to mr. ries, " ... a period of difficulty, but equipped with fac- ulty to weather the storm if all faculty were truly " full time " faculty, mr. ries states that his department " gives good back- ground on how man interacts with environment, economic pursuits and environmental prob- lems. " being involved ir discus- sion of faculty cuts was Kis most agonizing moment with many others. relaxing with a cigar is mr. jurjevich. DEUT5CHLR german dr. Cecilia c. baumann . chairman of german department, once a profes- sional musician in germany, now limits her playing to the elmhurst symphony in addition to being ac- tive in professional organizations. she is enthusiastically involved in the Chicago northern illinois chap- ter of the american association of teachers of german (aatg), the only organization for all german teach- ers from elementary school through graduate school. she is very proud of the " successful arrangement of the many details involved in the oktoberfest, during which visitors enjoyed a german meal, toured the campus, watched three movies, and filled the ham- merschmidt chapel for a program with over one hundred partici- pants. " mr. Wallace lagerwev explains the relevancy of his department with a student ' s future as providing skills for translators, tourists, and gradu- ate students. He points out that business is increasingly interested in german for their employees, since many german companies have branches in the usa. when asked about college students, he replied " we are letting in too many students to the college who have no interest in being here. " he reports that " teaching is satisfy- ing when real discussions take place in class and students suddenly see the meaning of a particular story or understand a crucial difference between american and german society. " 800 visitors came to oktoberfest. dr. baumann likes music, travel and ethnic foods. mr. lagerwey and dr. baumann confer about class plans. " I wonder w hy stu- dents take sex in- stead of german? " 174 " to show a real concern for the students " — dr. schade. mr. blum pleased with student ' s answer. rev. mack is a part-time instructor on campus. dj. rudolf schade , chairman of the history department at elm- hurst states " i am not an admin- istrator, i am a teacher. " he be- lieves in " showing personal inter- ests in the personal and intellec- tual growth of the students. " his favorite interests include garden- ing, reading, and speaking to var- ious organizations. dr. waiter burdick related an as- pect of his life here at elmhurst, " as a social and intellectual histo- rian i find the contemporary mil- ieu extremely exciting and inter- esting to analyze and study, his- torically we find ourselves at a dynamic watershed period, the nature of which shall greatly de- termine the course of our collec- tive and individual lives in ways heretofore not realized, being an american social and intellectual historian has given me an aware- ness and understanding of the present as well as the past which i deem to be extremely valuable at this dramatic historical juncture. " dr. burdick — " a social and intellectual historian. " 175 miminni music the music department of elm- hurst college offers students with an interest in performing the opportunity to become part of a group or to perform individually, it seems as though there are enough interested students on campus who would be willing to become a part of a musical group, but all the musical organi- zations on campus could use an increase in membership, the music students met this spring with the music faculty to discuss some proposals made by the stu- dents, the students are hoping that some changes and improve- ments can soon be made within the department. part of mr. moore ' s music survey class includes listening to the music of the great masters. dr. sorensen listens in on a rehearsal in ham- merschmidt chapel. singers find that working under mr. david austin is a rewarding experience. mr. westermeyer gathers the collegium mu- music students liked to come in and have a friendly conversa- sicum together for an evening performance. fion with mrs. eichelman. dr. krueger leads the choir in song. 176 mr. frank alien asks: " shall the climate of the times shape the curriculum or vice versa? " •LCajyi + ajy.) + a,G(x)! " a,F(x) mathematics mr. frank alien , chairperson of the math department, offers his views on his work — " i try to teach mathematics with due emphasis on its structural char- acter, in constructing my explan- ations i use logic, not to achieve undue vigor, but in the interest of clear exposition, i hold that the logic applied in mathematics is the same as the logic applied elsewhere, there is no special kind of thinking that characteriz- es the mathematical mind, con- versely, the understanding of the nature of proof gained through the study of mathematics is valid in any situation where rational discourse is involved. " mrs. faegre goes over binomial expansion with her class. mr. bazik rests at his desk a student asks mr. mason to help her with a problem. 177 physical education the physical education depart- ment of elmhurst college offers a variety of courses to its students, students can choose from more strenuous activities such as swimming and physical fitness to the less strenuous archery and bowling. this year, the women got involved more than ever in intercollegiate activities, added to the already established tennis and synchro- nized swim teams, were a wom- en ' s volleyball, basketball and track team. uncle pete checks things out. coach andres guided both the men and women this spring on the track and field. coach wellman hauls the baseball equipment for practice. coach hawthorne introduces the game of tennis to many e.c. students. miss fredrickson seems foiled again. i mr. harris and mr. schousen with their wives, enjoy themselves at a dinner. miss hackman was responsible for the women ' s volleyball, basketball and tennis teams. maud meyer at her usual post — helping out an archery student. 180 science courses in the department are designed for students seeking a basic understanding of the prob- lems of government and politics, this department also prepares students for pre-law as well as governmental work. the chairman of political science is dr. royal schmidt.. he is assisted by dr. david lindber ' g in many of the courses offered in the politi- cal science department. sociology in the field of sociology, dr. el- ledge includes interests in social and political issues, social change, search for meaningful values and structures for the modern world. mr. hays is pleased by the num- ber who told that the best course they have had here was " mar- riage and the family " . about the relevancy of his depart- ment, Harrison smith explains that sociology " represents the difference between myopic stag- nation and one ' s effective social usefulness. " he adds that ec stu- dents range from " basically le- thargic but hopefull, all the way to being fantastic, six cheers for elmhurst. " he describes his satis- fying moments as being too many to remember, " life is beau- tifully sensuous. " the new image of Harrison smith " sociology has increased 900% in recent years, " says mr. hayes. says that in pro- prepa-j 1 dr. de roof, advisor, becomes involved with psi chi students at one of their dinners. •humans to get a " handle ' on than human behavior?? " when asked her views of the college, her reply was " I ' ve been around here since 1955 and i still love it! " dr. jean tracy explains that her embarrassing moments usually come from talkingtoo much, she loves the college atmosphere at ec. " i have a great deal of aca- demic freedom here to teach the way i want to and cover topics- i think are crucial to a good educa- tion, i have had exceptionally good classes all year; the stu- dents were attentive and seemed to be learning, " she expressed satisfaction over " any class expe- rience in which i have the feeling that i am communicating well with the whole class and we are iearningtosether. " speech clinic patricia w. green says, " as direc- tor of the speech clinic and pro- gram in speech pathology, i am pleased about the increased number of students who wish to work with the person having speech, hearing and language difficulties, our students have the opportunity to apply their theo- retical knowledge in the clinic working with children and adults. " ; : ' speecin the speech department offers students the chance to focus on public speaking, dramatic arts, and general speech, there are a variety of ways to get practical experience in this department, students may work in the campus radio station or do directing, staging, and performing at the college theatre, besides express- ing themselves in these activities, students learn how to express their ideas to others, not pictured is mrs. patricia anderson. 187 theology and religion the department of theology and religion is a basic and necessary part of liberal arts education, chairman of the department dr. armin limper , holds a " human- ist " position and concerns him- self with communicating the ramifications of " social change " and meanings of " shalom " in our society. betwixt whether the essence of life lies in faith or in a roman- esque arch, dr. ronald goetz em- ploys a blend of scholarship and wit in his motivating lectures, describing himself as a 12th cen- tury individual placed in the wrong era, he copes by deeply involving himself with " students who care about learning. " explaining the religion of america as seen in the history of the black religious experience, mj. van Cov - ington specializes in the area of black theology, " i feel there is nothing more vital than theologi- cal, moral and ethical perspective for preparing on to deal with life ' s problems. " the role of chaplin at the college is filled by both dr. robert schieler and rev. donald stoner . having recently received his doctorate, rev. bob is basically interested in life and helping others to appre- ciate it fully, don stoner is con- cerned with preserving and res- toring the environment, he is also interested in communication within the white church the need to combat white racism . the department of theology intro- duces the challenging problems and situations which faith faces and community is affected through . dr. rose explaining the assigned text. dr. limper ' s most satisfying moment was " listening and sharing in a lecture discussion on ancient tamil poetry. " " those few students who care about learning make it worth while says dr. goetz. " hopefully, it (theology and religion) can point the student to a greater future than he can now imagine. " 189 margaret barr english karl bauer business administration grace bowen english nancy bawn thomas art 193 craig devries business administration phyllis doan elementary education florine donahoe english michaei donahue business administration robert doner history Sharon dotson english robert dunlap business administration tabit ebie biology sally francis art barnette gamble business administration james gentile business administration dennis franzen business administration elizabeth trick education miriam froeschner history gerald gentile business administration 1 john gentile " mortis " and madelynn tabbert enjoy preservation hall . business administration mary gerlach elementary education joan giggard psychology kathryn goeke music Steven golden history Charles golly business administration eileen hackler Spanish karen hartley elementary education Shirley hiddleston elementary education douglas gorham physical education billie haller elementary education robert hatfield theology david holmes physical education William graves history betty hanfelder psychology john helt theology barbara holzinger elementary education sammy green biology daphne harris psychology robert herzberg art john howard business administration 197 lynn hughes elementary education patricia hughes english janis huntley elementary education daniel iden english 198 answeringthe phone at the union is just part of dave cavallo ' s job. john markendorf joan martin business administration theology janet maziarek susan mazur scott mcilvain gregory mcwright elementary education geography history biology rosemary miceli david miller gale miller karl millhauser elementary education business administration theology speech drama 200 jo audreytniller laura mirshak sandra mittermeyer florence montgomery psychology french speech correction sociology brenda moore rodney moore paul moskal michelle murphy speech correction geography business administration political science gary musil katherine nagel gary neubieser cheryl novak business administration elementary education business administration art john o ' bryan daleolson alice opryszek robert orpet economy elementary education chemistry biology 201 Stephanie owen urban studies patricia petrelia elementary education arney phillips engiish george preuss political science bernice owens elementary education Shirley peterson elementary education Charles plhak nancy prevolos sociology ross peckat speech gregory pet rone business administration bruce poole business administration etta prueter Spanish deborah percival psychology robert pfenning business administration elizabeth puis sociology 202 b. straz, r. karlicek, t. carlson and s. ballard enjoy class outing. tamara robertson alicia rool biology sociology joseph canfilippo business administration calvin Saunders physical education Pamela schlehofer elementary education melvin schmidt business administration 203 Carole scott lindaserra sandra sexton markshoop elementary education elementary education speech correction urban studies thomas spriggs samstellato sharon dotson defends her position, english psychology 204 paul stenberg business administration terrence Stephens physical education Stephen suslik english kathryn sweeney psychology brucethompson psychology terri thompson psychology Kenneth threet music Sharon thurman sociology loren tiede music terry tyrpin psychology jean wagner english kay weideman elementary education margaret tomasek sociology debra vandermeer music rita walker speech correction dorian weil psychology james trench business administration Joyce vogt elementary education jerome watkins english Pamela weir geography Sharon tuzik elementary education Sandra vistain sociology felicia watson elementary education david wetzel psychology 206 iames Werner richardwest gregory wilharm william winters theology Spanish chemistry business administration bye-bye seniors, we hate to see you go. 207 carl a spadoni deborah spohr barbara stead bill sterrett rick rogers andco. 223 craig peine marsha pepmeier diane rascheilla john reese dan russo jean schrepfer eugenestonikas mark strothmann kathleen szabo nyna talbot vilma pinero michael pryor dan pryor jimsheehan barbara smetana debrastephan robert mumey and dawn rutkowski at one of the f.u. coffee hours. senior index aden, nancy; Westchester, iti. teacher aide in the public schools, transferred from California lutheran college. albee, Jennifer: elgin. ill. christian science organization (pres.): women ' s honorary; french club: religious life 1,2; nea; dean ' s list 1; honor roll 2, 3,4. alien, joan (bonnie): west hartford. conn, yearbook staff 4: s.e.a. 3,4 (pres. 4); majorette 4; social life 3,4: student leader 4; campus tour guide 3,4; admissions comm. 4. transferred from bay path junior college, aliison, Stella: monrovia, md. judicial board 4; women ' s honorary 3,4; ten year planning comm. 3,4; joint council 3; free university 4; crazy ladies 3,4. transferred from towson state college. augensen, harry: wildwood, ill. avila, john: Chicago, ill. intramurals 3,4; t.k.e. 3.4(pres. 4); interim comm. 3. transferred from Kendall college. avila, patti: Chicago, ill. transferred from wright junior college, baker, stuart: Chicago, ill. transferred from Ottawa university and rockford college. balis, james; villa park, ill. t.k.e, 1,2,3,4. barr, margaret: oak park, ill, becker. cornelia: park ridge, ill. omicron delta 1,2 (chaplain and service chairman); tutoring 1; campus crusade for christ 2; maranatha 4; spent junior year at university of freidburg in f reiburg, germany . benning, bonnie: dakota, ill. band 1,2,3,4 (pres. 4); jazz band 1.2.3; brass quintet 4; wom- en ' s intramurals 1,2,3,4 (co-chairman 3); women ' s varsity volleyball team 3,4; women ' s varsity basketball team 3,4, blake, keith: woodridge, ill. wrestling team 1; baseball team 1.2; intramural basketball champs 1; intramural volleyball champs 2; intramural wres- tling champ 2. bought, barbara: summit, ill. women ' s honorary; bloc; polyhymnia; gospel chorus; educa- tion comm. bowen, grace: Washington, d.c, Sigma tau delta president 3,4; women ' s honorary 4; psi chl 4; crazy ladeis 4; free university 4. buer, gene: republic, mo. band 1,2,3,4: jazz band 1.2,4: m,e.n.c. 3,4; pit band tor cabaret, budilash, john: Westchester, ill, bush, alan: elmhurst, ill, Carlson, carole: Chicago, ill, omicron delta 1,2,3,4. Carlson, tim: rockford. Hi, football; baseball; hockey club, transferred from rockvalley junior college. carstens, michael: broadview, ill. band 1.2,3.4; glee dub l,2;m,e.n.c. 3,4. carter, margaret: villa park, ill. chancel players 2,3,4 (sec. 2. asst. tour manager 3): theta alpha phi 2,3,4 (sec. 3.4; historian 2); national honor society 4; Sigma alpha eta 3,4; honor roll 3; drama productions 1,2, 3; women ' s honorary; dean ' s list 3,4. cavallo, dave: homewood, ill. brotherhood of squires 1.2,3,4 (sed. 3. v. p. 4); judicial board 3.4: elms staff 1,2,3 (editor 3); joint council vice chairman 4; admissions comm. 2,3.4; business comm. board of trustees 3,4 , chapman, gary: elmhurst, ill, gamma theta upsilon 2,3,4. chappatta, nancy: brookfield, ill, women ' s honorary; presidential award 1,3. cochran, steve; pana. ill. brotherhood of squires 1.2,3,4: basketball 1,2. colangelo, patricia: hillside, ill. theatre activities. transferred from triton junior college. Collins, alfreda; elmhurst, ill. cultural lite 3; women ' s honorary; intracollegiate volleyball 2,3,4; intracollegiate basketball 3.4; intramural volleyball and basketball 1,2,3,4; intramural bowling; black leadership organized and consolidated; sigma alpha eta. dahm. dennis: elmhurst, ill. band 1,2,3, daniels, doug: downers grove, ill, football 1; brotherhood of squires 2,3,4. dekok, dale: midlothian, ill. football 1,2,4; e-club 1,2,3,4; t.k.e. —v.p. 3.4. devries, craig: Chicago, ill. doan, Phyllis; elmhurst, ill, transferred from biloit college. dower, robert: mokena, ill. religious life 2,3,4; campus life council 3: subcommittee on church work. dotson. Sharon; Cincinnati, ohio dunlap, robert: northlake, ill. emenyonu, christian: elmhurst. 11). ersfeld. keith : norridge, ill. hockey club. eschenbrenner, margaret: St. louis. social life 1,2,3,4 (sec. 3); elms staff 3,4; women ' s honorary 4; women ' s intramurals 2. eustice, david: elmhurst, ill, evenson, karen: south st. paut. minn. publicity for homecoming; social life, transferred from university of minnesota. fields, everett; white plains, n.y. elmbark staff; president of hiz-i brothers. fliss. james: wheeling, ill. brotherhood of squires 1,2,3,4: karate club 1,2. fowler, john: evanston, ill. francis. sally: elmhurst, ill. women ' s union 1,2 (pres. 2); s.t.o.p. 1,2: resident advisor 2, 3; cultural life comm, 3. franzen. dennis: elmhurst, ill. choir 4. transferred from taylor university. froeschner, miriam: st. louis mo. intramurals. gamble, barnette: atlanta, ga. black affairs comm. 4; bloc 1.2,3,4: resident advisor 4; girls intramurals basketball 3,4: dorm coordinator 2. gentile, jerry: elmwood park, ill. baseball 3,4. transferred from triton jr. college. gentile, fames: bellwood, ill. transferred from Illinois institute of technology. gentile, john; river grove, ill. transferred from triton college. gerlach, mary: addison, ill. women ' s honorary 4: student education association 2. goeke, kathryn: dakota, ill. band 1.2,3,4; orchestra 1,2,3,4: adelphae 1,2,3,4; women ' s honorary 3.4. golden, Steven; lakewood, Ohio brotherhood of squires 1,2.3,4 (treas.); social life 4. gorham, doug: belvedere, ill. wrestling 1,3,4; cciw wrestling champ 3; football 1,2,3,4; physical education club 3,4 (treas. 4). graves, willima: villa park, ill. elms 1,2,3,4; football 2; wrestling 1,2: track 2. green, sammy: ft, worth, texas black affairs 2,3,4 (chairman); beta beta beta 3,4 (treas.) union board 3,4; judicial board 3,4: academic standings 3 long range planning committee 3,4; bloc 1,2.3,4 (treas.) athletic board 1,2.3,4; black science club 3,4. hackler, eileen: fairport. n.y. adelphae. transferred from university of missouri. haller, billie: elmhurst, ill. joint council; women ' s honorary, transferred from college of dupage. hanfelder. betty: granite city. ill. adelphae 1,2,3.4 (pres, 4, sen ice chairman 3): psi chi 4; choir 1; elmbark 1; homecomingcommittee 2, harrts, daphne: Chicago, ill. adelphae 1,2,3,4 (publicity chairman 4, service chairman 2); psi chi 4; academic committee 1; admissions committee 2: athletic committee 3; student leader 2. hartley, karen; dubuque. iowa hatfield. robert: alton, ill. glee club 1.2,3. belt, john: burlington, iowa glee club 1,2.3 (pres. 3); faculty council 3; intramural sports; resident advisor 2. herzberg, robert: hollywood, ill. brotherhood of praetors 3,4. hiddleston, Shirley; downers grove, ill. transferred from college of dupage. holzinger, barb: homewood, ill. synchronized swim club 2,3,4; education club 2,3,4, transferred from prairie state jr. college. hughes, patricia: bellwood, ill. Sigma tau delta 3.4. hughes, lynn; arlington heights, ill. transferred form augustana college. huntley, janis: Indianapolis, ind. band 1.2,3; jazz band 1,2,3; women ' s honorary 4, iden, dan: elmhurst, ill. track 1; elmbark staff 3. incopero, vincent: elmhurst, ill. (ana, edward: riverside, ill. psi chi 4: honor roll 3. transferred from college of dupage. jans, Christine: elmhurst, ill. choir 1,2,3; bell choir 1,2,3; intramurals 1,2. jardan. freeman: Chicago, ill. , , „ . track and field 1; bloc 1,2.3,4; judicial board 4; black affairs 3,4; biology advisory committee 1,2,3; social life comm. 1. johnson, vicki: little rock. ark. women ' s honorary 4. jones, renee: Washington, d.c. Sigma tau delta 3,4 (treas.); theta alpha phi 3,4 (hist.): orien- tation comm. 2; homecoming comm. 1,2,4; black awareness play 3; women ' s honorary 4. karabis. darlene: evergreen park, ill, intramurals 1,2,3,4; women ' s intercollegiate volleyball 3; women ' s intercollegiate basketball 3; adelphae 3,4: academ- ic chairman: athletic committee 4; intramural committee 4. karr, james: elmhurst, ill. e-club 2,3; football 2,3,4, transferred from parsons college. keller, eric: elmhurst, ill. football 1,2; t.k.e.; joint council 4. kitun, michael: glen ellyn, ill, t.k.e. 1.2,3,4. klecka, glen: brookfield, ill. transferred from morton college. klemm, roy: aurora, ill. band 1,2,3; orchestra 2,3. klisnick. margaret: hillside, ill. transferred from north east missouri state teachers college, koch. susan: arlington heights, ill. elms; women ' s honorary; homecoming court; resident advisor. kotarba, dennis: Chicago, ill. veterans club 3,4. transferred from Chicago city college and university ot hawaii. kowalewski, douglas: elmhurst, ill, academic council 4; elms 1,2,3: teachers aide 3. kurtz, richard: downers grove. Ml. lacine. dan: elmhurst, ill. wrse 1.2.3,4 d.j., community affairs director; elms photogra- pher 1,2,3,4: maranatha 2,3,4; religious life 2,3,4; campus life 3,4: one acts 3,4; intramural basketball 3,4; freshman orientation leader 3,4; senior high day tour guide 3,4. landem, Christine: Chicago, ill, resident advisor 3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; women ' s honorary 4; dean ' s list 2,3. lee, danny: wheaton, ill. lee, john: Westchester, ill. maksimuk, gregory; evergreen park, ill. brotherhood of squires. markendorf , john: oak park, ill. martin, joan; newark, n.j. Choir 1.2,3,4 (pres. 3); library comm. 1,2; church college relations comm, 3: elmbark 1,2,3,4 (feat, editor 2. assoc. editor 3, editor 3. standing adv. 4); long range curriculum design 4; hall advisor 4; union board 3. maziarek. janet: elmhurst, ill. teacher education comm. 3. mazur, susan: waukegan. ill. mcilvain, soctt: rock island, ill. . . r,n elms staff 1; glee club 2,3.4; squires 2.3,4; judicial board 3,4. mcwright, gregory: Chicago, ill. hiz-i brothers. senior index mmmm ' ' miller. |0-audrey; Chicago, ill. girls intramurals football . transferred from kendall college. , • miller, leff: glen ellyn. ill. miller, david lee: willa park, ill. football 3; track 3. transferred from lawrence university and fiarper college, miller, gale: brainerd. mich. intramurals 1.2.3,4: women ' s fionorary 4; dean ' s list 2.3, millhauser. karl: baltimore, md. cultural life 2.3.4; ttieatre 1,2.3.4; theta alpfia phi 3,4: home- coming committee 3. mirshak, laura: elmhurst, ill. fnittermeyer. sandra: elmhurst. ill. Sigma alpha eta 3.4 (sec. 4); transferred from eau clair state university moore, brenda: Chicago, HI. women ' s honorary society, transferred from kendall college, murphy, michelle: secretary of black leadership; cheerleader 3.4; intramural volleybati 2.3.4: intramural basketball 3; intercollegiate vol- leyball 3; placement 3.4: homecoming nominee 1: dorm co- ordinator 3; pom-pom 2. nagel, Katherine: west Chicago, ill. education club 2; geography 1 . neubieser, gary: forest park. ill. novak. Cheryl; riverside, ill. o ' bryan. john: park forest, ill. tau kappa epsilon — treas.; campus lite council 2; social life committee 1: honors society 4; intramurals 1,2.3. 4; delta mu delta 3.4. Olson, dale: berwyn. ill. hockey, education club. transferred from university of Illinois and ambassador college. opryszek. alice: elmhurst, ill. omicron delta 2.3.4 (social chairman, vice president); wom- en ' s honorary 4. owens. bernice: huntington, new york teacher ' s aide. peckat. rose: hillside, ill. harbinger coffeehouse 1.2: wrse 2,3,4 (production director 4); cultural life 4. percival. deborah: Chicago, ill. draft counseling 2.3.4; student development center 2; judi- cial board 3.4: joint council 4; free university 4: cafeteria union 2,3,4: crazy ladies 3.4: political action subcommittee of religious lite 4; psi chi 4, peterson, shirely: St. charles. ill- transferred from north central college. petrella. patricia: addison, ill. women ' s honorary 4; student advisory council for depart- ment of education 4. petrone. gregory: broad view, ill. honor roll 2.3.4: dean ' s list 2.3,4; delta mu delta 3.4; (pres. 4):. pfenning, robert: northlake, ill. basketball team 2.3; baseball team 2.3.4: squires 2.3.4. transferred from augustana college. Phillips, arney: maywood. ill. cross-country 1: karate team 1 plitak. jr.. Charles: forest park. ill. transferred from wright college, college of dupage and west- ern Illinois university. poole, bruce: Chicago, ill. delta mu delta (vice pres.). post, gerald: hickory hills, ill. theatre; chancel players; phi theta phi; wrse d.|. newscaster, news director. transferred from moraine valley community college. preuss. george: oak park. ill. pi gamma mu 3.4; geography club 3.4; nsea 4; karate club 4. prueter. etta; darien. ill. omicron delta 3,4 (sergeant of arms). transferred form north central college. prevolos, nancy: oak park, ill. puis, elizabeth: glen ellyn, ill. women ' s honorary. transferred from marquette university and college of dupage. rackard. linda: elmhurst. ' H. psi chi; women ' s honorary. radzilowsky. helen: Chicago, ill. synchronized swim club. ragusin, rachelle: Chicago, ill. education club 2,3; nea 2; psi chi 3,4. rankin. sue: downers grove, ill. women ' s honorary. repa, diana: addison, ill. omicron delta 1,2.3.4: homecoming committee 1,4, transferred from loyola university. reschke. michaei: villa park, ill, men ' s glee club 1,2,3,4; tke 3,4. rook, alicia: downers grove, ill. dean ' s list 3.4. transferred from marygrove college. robertson. tamara: east orange, new jersey women ' s intramural program chairman 3.4; athletic life 2,3, 4, sanfilippo, joseph: Chicago, ill. transferred from southern Illinois university. sauders. calvin; lockport. ill. basketball team 1.2,3,4 (capt. 3,4): men ' s honorary 3,4; ath- letic life chairman 4: ra 3. schlehofer. pam: lagrange park, ill. adelphae social chairman 3. vice president 4. east tennessee state university. scott, Carole: Itasca, ill. serra. linda: berkeley, ill. transferred from triton college. sexton, sandra: st, louis. mo. Sigma alpha eta 2,3.4; eii court 3: sisterhood of adelphae 1. 2,3,4 (academic chairman 3). shoop, mark robert: buffalo, n.y. campus life council 3.4; religious life committee 2.3.4: fi- nancial aid committee 1,2,3.4; board of trustees, faculty, and curriculum committee 4. sickbert. caria: elmhurst, ill. polyhymnia 1.2; joint council 4; sdc; hall advisor; women ' s honorary 4. siwek, edward: Chicago, ill. honors society. smith, richard: posen. ill. brotherhood of squires; wrse-fm 3.4; e.c. theatre 1.2. spang, susan: elmhurst. ill. elmhurst panhellenic scholarship 4. transferred form oak park hospital. spriggs. thomas: lynchburg. va. tke. secretary 1 .2.3 stellato. sam: Chicago, ill. psi chi national: honors society. stenberg. paul: Chicago, ill. stephens. terry; midlothian. ill. cross country 1.2: track 1.2; eclub 1,2.3,4: p.e. majors club 3,4 (pres. 4): wrestling 1.2.3,4. suslik. Steve: Chicago, ill. tke; homecoming chairman 3: library committee 2.3. 4. sweeny, kathryn: houston. texas radio newscaster 1.2: women ' s intramurals 1.2. tabers. katherine: ingleside. ill. theatre 2.3: women ' s honorary 4: library committee 3, talley. bonnie jean: elmhurst. ill. stop 2.3.4; intramurals 2.3.4. transferred from meramec community college tapp. Sharon louise: louisville. ky. band 1.2: cic 4; stop 2.3; joint council 2; cultural life com- mittee 2.3.4 (chairwoman 3): women ' s honorary 4; vice- chairman of college union board: presidents long range planning and allocation council 4. thamm. brenda: bellwood. ill. band 3: women ' s honorary society; artist series board, transferred from northern illinois university. theus. Caroline: Chicago, ill. wrse 1; counseling services 3: |-board 4: academic council 4. thompson. tern: Pittsburgh, pa. thompson. bruce: broadview. ill. transferred from triton college. threet. kenneth wayne: pate rson, new jersey elmhurst symphony orchestra; debate team, thurman. sharon; Chicago, ill. black affairs. tiede. jay: Plymouth. Wisconsin band; choir; jazz band 2.3; ric 2.3; tour manager tanosek, margaret: forest park, ill. tuzik. Sharon: Chicago, ill. adelphae 2.3,4; women ' s honorary 4; presidential award. tyrpin, terry: des plaines. ill. dean ' s list 2.3.4. vandermeer. debra: Chicago, ill. choir 1,2.3.4; collegium musicum 3.4: elmbark 2.3; women ' s honorary society: synchronized swim club 2,3.4. vistain. sandra: Chicago, ill. vogt. joyce: forreston. ill. education club (vice-president). transferred from highland community college. wagner. jean: burlington. wis. Sigma tau delta 3,4; women ' s honorary 4: cultural life com- mittee 4: one-act plays; young republicans, transferred from college of st. teresa . walker, rita florence: houston. texas choir 1.2; sigma alpha eta 3,4; social life 1,2. watkins. jerome: Chicago, ill. resident advisor: manager of college ki tchen; brotherhood and sisterhood of hiz-i. weideman. kaye: watertown. wise, omicron delta 1.2. well, dorian; Chicago, ill. intramurals 1,2; women ' s honorary 4. weir. Pamela: st. louis. mo. gamma theta upsilon (treas. 3.4); pi gamma mu (sec. 3,4); ranking scholar 2. Werner, james: elgin. ill. choir 2; rIc 2; chairman of rIc subcommittee on church work. west, richard: northlake. ill. Spanish club (pres. 1): education club 3: band (quar- termaster 2.3) (vice-pres. 4). wetzel. david: edwardsville, ill. men ' s honorary 3,4: resident advisor 4; joint council 1. winters, william: oak park, ill. sec. of commerce club: president of newman club. transferred from wright junior college. woodward, janet: elmhurst. 111. women ' s intramurals 1.2; polyhymnia 1. young. William: elmhurst. ill. young, debbie: addison. ill. sigma tau delta: choir 1.2. transferred from grand view college zeiistra. john: cicero. ill. joint council; freshman orientation committee; transferred from trinity christian college. zeissler. paul: palatine, ill. e.c. theatre chancel players 2.3,4; theta alpha phi 3, 4; cultural life 4: social life 4. zibrida. edward: Chicago, ill. amateur radio 3.4. zielinski. gregory: hanover park. ill. psi chi national honorary society 4. transferred from northern Illinois university. SPP zuckerman. fae beth: Washington, new jersey adelphae (treas. 2) (vice-pres. 3) (treas. 4); rep. for education club. 228 X 0 TD C -I— ' C (P ■D CO c CD O 03 acosta, dr. sergio 150 albright, mrs. inga 157 alcoke, dr. don 171 alien, mr. frank 177 andres, mr. jerol 117, 126, 135, 180 austin, mr. david 77, 176 barctay, dr. william 79, 170 barry, ms. carol 149 barry, mr. james 44, 60, 151 baskerville, miss latham 160 baumann, dr. cecilia 174, 28 bazik, dr. a. matthew 177 beck, dr. keith 53, 165 bidle, dr. kenneth 23, 78, 79, 95, 170,171 bishop, mr. waiter 154 black, mrs. barbara 178 blair, mrs. sarah 186 btum, mr. neal 175 bohnert, dr. joinn 60, 173 bowen, mrs. mary 186 brown, mrs. carole 78, 160 bubert, miss maureen 155 burdick, dr. waiter 175 carpenter, mrs. anne 178 Christiansen, mr. raymond 149 clark, mrs. patricia 171 Clark, dr. robert47, 142 colburn, mr. garry 32, 187 Collins, mrs. carol 168 couchman, dr. gordon 170, 171 Covington, mr. van 189 Cunningham, mr. james 23, 60, ip9, 154, 155 currie, mrs. einor 150 davidson, mr. arnold 170, 171 davis, dr. c. neal 60, 142 deroo, dr. robert85, 184 devaud, mrs. ariane 172 dilworth, mrs. rosaleen 151 dugan, mr. robert 153 ' ' dunning, mrs. ellen 150 ' eaton, mr. robert 167 ehrlich, mrs. marilyn 149 eichelman, mrs. shirley 176 ekren, miss marguerite 95, 171 elledge, mr. earl 115, 183 , faegre, mrs. dorothy 177 ' failon, mr. keith 177 feldman, dr. michael 168 franks, mr. richard 164 fredrickson, miss carol 127, 180 frick, dr. ivan 138, 139, 195, 47 fuller, mr. c. william 66, 163 ganchoff, dr. john 165 george, mr. melvin 149 gerdy, mr. richard 82 glogovsky, dr. robert 165 7 ' goetz, dr. ronald 188 goodban, dr. marjorie 94, 186 gorsic, dr. joseph 163 gow, mr. john 187 green, miss patricia 94, 186 grobe, miss shirley 149 gross, dr. Sidney 181 hackman, miss eileen 126, 131, 180 halfter, dr. William 181 halkin, mr. theodore 160, 161 harris, mr. wendall 70, 116, 117, 180 harris, mrs. willie sue 142 hatmaker, mrs. paulette 172 hawthorne, mr. jon 119, 180 hayes, mr. james 183 heidinger, miss maryann 169 hein, mr. paul 152 holbrook, dr. jack78, 185 holliday, dr. theodore 179 honour, mr. john 49, 163 hoogesteger, mrs. florence 150 hoover, dr. norman 168 howie, mrs. marian 172 hutchins, mr. robert 146, 147 iovino, mrs. phyllis 142 jacobs, dr. elmer 168, 169 jones, mrs. miriam 172 jorgensen, miss sandra 161 juday, mr. donald 187 jump, dr. john 162 jurjevich, mr, john 173 key, miss Catherine 183 kistner, mr. glen 130, 149 krampitz, mrs. sydney 178 krueger, dr. howard 176 kuebler, mrs. elizabeth 89, 146, 147 kufer, mrs. katherine 154 kufer, mr. robert 152 kunka, mr. robert 171 lagerway, mr. Wallace 174 lee, mr. william 150 limper, dr. armin 188 lindberg, dr. david 182 low, dr. donald 97, 110 mack, mr. james 42, 175 madoch, mr. terry 164 marsico, mr. michael 20, 122, 146 martin, dr. reid 150 mason, mr. donald 177 meseth, dr. earl 66, 162 meyer, mrs. maude 180 mittermeyer, mr. frank 162 moore, mr. j. robert 176 mufson, mrs. diane 185 murata, dr. atice 150 ophardt, dr. Charles 165 patti, mr. charles 164 piech, mrs. mary 184 pierro, dr. peter 47, 60, 168, 169 pinch, mr. trevor 148 priepke, dr. rudolf 165 prinz, dr. andrew 23, 159 ramsmeyer, mr, ray 144 rasa, mr, gerald 74, 144 reimer, mr. lavern 59 reiter, mr. dean 32, 34, 187 ries, mr. paul 76, 115, 173 robert, dr. karl 173 rose, dr. ashley 188 rouse, mr. robert 173 ryan, mrs. laverne 147 ryan, mr. robert 153 sawyer, dr. william 179 schade, dr. rudolf 28, 175 schieler, dr. robert 145 Schmidt, dr. ervin 168, 169 Schmidt, dr. royal 182 schmiechen, dr. peter 189 schousen, mr. waiter 70, 180 scudiero, mr. dominie 67, 164 shea, mrs. Catherine 151 sherman. mrs. jacquelyn 155 siegel, dr. burton 185 smith, mr. harrison 183 sorensen, dr. james 176 spencer, mrs. jeanne 155 spiroff, mr. kenneth 143 stoner, rev. donald 109, 145, 189 Sweeney, dr. robert 105, 162, 163 swords, mrs. barbara 171 swords, mr. robert 32, 97, 143 theodore, miss huguette 55, 171 thoma, mr. george 167 tracy, dr. jean 60, 108, 158, 185 tripp, mrs. gertrude 153 tyrrell, mrs. carmine 150 tyrrell, mr. frederick 168 ward, mr. edward 146 weber, mr. john 161 weigand, mr. russell 144 weiss, mr. donald 146 Wellington, dr. marie 172 wellman, mr. ronald 119, 132, 180 wenk, mrs. Virginia 178 westermeyer, mr. paul 65, 176 Williams, mr. james 166 Wilson, miss judith 181 worsham, mr. jerry 151 zerfoss, mrs. evelyn 184 adams, cary 35, 60, 105, 114, 214 aden, nancy 192 aguilar, marcelo 60, 97, 208 ahrens, deborah 214 albee, jennifer 192 aldrich, julie 208 aleksy, Catherine 208 alien, joan 192 alien, wayne 77, 192 allison, Stella 192 amberg, Constance 214 andre, denise 208 anieitner, kathryn 94, 186 arnold, debra 71 arroyo, ramon 220 augensen, harry 192 augensen, jean 111, 208 avila, john 192 avila, patty 192 bailey, janice 214 baker, keith 60, 110, 111, 214 baker, robert 81, 117 baker, stuart 192 balis, james 192, 195 ballard,r. scott 192, 203 barkley, ronald 192 barnett, lezah 214 barr, margaret 193 barth, carol 208 barthel, deborah 208 bartilotta, william 220 bastian, mary 66 batson, david 220 bauch, bruce 77, 97, 214 bauer, karl-heinz 193 bauman, karen 208 bawn, nancy 193 becker, cornelta 193 beeck, sue 66, 208 behan, john 74 benning, bonnie 126, 193 bere, lambert 220 bergstrom, laura 55 bernero, john 110, 220 berzin, carol 214 bethel, deborah 214 bethel, Kathleen 214 bierman, darlene 77, 208 biggs, sharla 110, 111, 220 bilyeu, duane 1 19 birdsong, james 193 black, gregory 85, 110, 193 blake, keith 124, 193 bognar, thomas 81 bond, jeanine77, 215, 220 bond, jeffrey 214 bought, barbara 193 bowen, grace 95, 193 bowman, trances 111, 220 bowton, robert 81, 117, 208 boyce, lorenzo 117 bracke, jean 74, 219 brady, darcel 214 brady, joseph 208 branding, jack 97, 208 brandl, karen 214 brandt, cynthia 60, 77, 100, 214 braxton, paula 220 bretz, john 1 19 breuer, barbara 220 brightbill, kim 127, 131 brinkmeier, alan 117, 220 brinker, kenneth 74, 115, 130, 214 brown, alan 97 brown, debbie 220 brown, luther 66 brown, Stephen 117, 208 budilovsky, john 209 buer, gene 193 bukalski, jamie 215 burks, albert 119, 215 bush, alan 193 butler, susan 60, 220 byrd,harriet220 Campbell, douglas 220 canfilippo, joseph 203 canuto, phillip 193 caraker, david 70, 117 Carlisle, james 133 Carlson, carole 193 Carlson, dennis 81, 117, 209 Carlson, timothy 70, 124, 132, 133, 193, 203 carr, jim 117 carstens, michael 193 carter, margaret 35, 104, 194 castelli, diana 73, 77, 131, 232 cavallo, david 96, 97, 194, 200 chamberlain, carol 127 chambers, william 215 chapman, gary 76, 194 chappatta, nancy 194 chatlos, sheila 221 chionis, jeanne 35, 221 chrisman, michael 215 clark, ruth 131 clement, lia 80, 126, 209 coad, peggy 221 cochran, Steve 97, 194 coffey, daniel81, 117,221 colangelo, patricia 35, 194 cole, tommy 110, 111, 133, 221 Coleman, judith 209 Collins, alfreda 194 congdon, donald 221 Connelly, edward 97 cooper, wendy 127, 131 cordes, cynthia 209 cotsones, michael 133 cowman, bruce 1 19 cox, madelyn 209 cranshaw, michael 117 Crawford, tim 221 crews, judy 60, 110, 111, 209 crittendon, carolyn 209 cronin, gary 53. 73, 140, 209, 232 crowder, carolyn 77, 80, 209 crowder, phyllis 111, 221, 222 cullom, richard 111 cummings, paul 132, 133 Cunningham, patricia 128, 129 curylo,gerald 72, 73, 221,232 dahm, dennis 194 dahm, linda 111 danca, denise 209 daniels, steve 97, 215 daniels, douglas 97, 194 daniels, raymond 81, 222 daussman, deborah 111, 209 davis, mary 215 dawson, janice 35, 56, 57, 129, 194 dearborn, annette 221 deboer, ruth 215 degenhart, randall 81, 115, 122, 123, 221 dekok, dale 194 demartino, gilda 215 den mark, thomas 110, 111 deroo, robert 194 devries. craig 194 devries, darlene 72, 73, 209, 232 dimataris, gregory 66, 215 dimitroff, john 110, 111, 221 doan, phyllis 194 dobson, robert 96, 97 dobyne,gale60, 221 donahoe, florine 194 donahue, michael 194 donegan, david 97 doner, robert 195 dorsey, William 110, 111 dotson, Sharon 195, 204 dumontelle, cheri 215 dunlap, robert 195 dunning, michael 221 dziemeila, richard 81, 117, 132, 133 eaton, matthew 117 eberle, clarmore 74 ebie, tabit 105, 195 ecker, janine 209 egebrecht, phillip 221 ehrlich, victoria 89, 209 eichelman, gail 58, 215 elyachar, ann 215 emenyonu, christian 195 erickson, david 209 ersfeld, keith 195 eschenbrenner, margaret 73, 195, 232 estrin, margaret 60, 41, 209 etheridge, alien 77, 110, 111, 114 eustice, david 195 evans, cynthia 221 evenson, karen 195 fabsits, georgene 221 fassi, harry 209 ferdinand, carol 215 fielder, kirn 94, 98, 110, 111,215 field, everettSO, 195 fields, melba 221 filippo, karen 127 finn, thomas 117, 134, 135, 209 fleming, paula 222 flemming, tony 110, 111, 117 fliss, james97, 195 foran, w illiam 133 forst, thomas 215 forster, charles 97 fowler, john 195 francis, sally 196 franzen, dennis 196 trench, mary 55, 129, 215 frey, judy 77, 222 frick, elizabeth 196 frieden, carol 88, 89 frigo, victor 111, 222 froeschner, miriam 196 galambush, nancy 94, 210 gallardo, diana 33, 1 15 gamble, barnette 57, 196 garrison, james 97, 210 garwood, andrea 34 gaw, roger 97 gearhart, murlea 94, 127, 215 gebru, maasho 210 gelhaus, mary 77, 215 gentile, gerald 196 gentile, james 196 gentile, john 196 george, anthea 109, 111, 222 gerlach, mary 108, 196 geyer, susan 222 giampoli, roy 81, 210 giggard, joan 196 gildersleeve, daniel 97, 210 gillies, david 117, 222 gills, gregory 70 giroud, virtudes 215 goebel, greg 117, 122, 123 goeke, kathryn 84, 196 golden, Steven 96, 97, 196 goliy, Charles 197 goode, Wallace 20, 98, 109, 210 gorham, douglas 117, 122, 123, 197 gradford, brenda 26, 222 graham, anthony 117 graham, terry 222 grande, judith 216 graves, william 72, 109, 197, 232 greco, Claudia 66, 74, 216 green, christy 55 green, sammy 42, 57, 66, 109, 135, 197 grieco. paula 33 groppi, bill 133 guse, diane 89, 216 hackler. eileen 197 hajek, david 60, 109, 110, 111, 210 hajek, daniel 111, 222 hall kathy 89, 210 haller, billie47, 108, 197 hamilton, thieda 216 hamm, henry 35, 222 hamning. richard 216 haney, doug 109 hanfelder, betty 55, 197 hanna, patijean 222 harmon, madalene222 harris, daphne 55, 197 harrison, henry 117 hartigan, patricia 216 hartley, karen 197 hatfield. robert 77, 197 hatmaker, bonnie32, 105 hawkins, joe 81 hayles, james 210 hebard, adrian 35, 74, 216 hedgspeth, gregory 111, 210 hedlin thomas 210 hefner, candace 222 hefner, sandy 222 heininger, diane 66 heisner, donna 65 helt, john 77, 197 henderson, thomas 81 herzberg, robert 81, 197 heyden, cheryl 222 hiddleston, shirley 197 higgins, brian 216 hill, bruce 110, 111 hirsch,frank81, 117, 133, 222 hoak, kevin 222 hoff, barbara 210 hoffman, jan 70, 77, 216 hoglund, bill 60, 110, 111, 210 holland, john 105, 210 holmes, david 81, 117, 197 holzinger, barbara 108, 127, 197 honek, anita 222 hook, ruth 222 hoppenrath, kristen 216 horn, lynn 222 hostetter, janet 88, 89 howard, john 197 howell, Sandra 210 hughes, lynn 198 hughes, patricia, 198 huntley, janis 198 huxtable, shirley 223 iden, daniel 198 incopera, vincent 198 jackson, debra 216 jackson, janine 223 james, ronald 122 jana, edward 198 jans, Christine 198 jans, timothy 210 jardan, freeman 57, 198 jay, marie 108 jeandros, judith 110, 111, 216 jeffrey, richard 74, 97, 210 jernagin, sheldon 119, 223 johnson, cornel ia 1 1 1, 223 johnson, vicki 198 jones, barbara 20, 60, 216 jones, renee 57, 95, 198 Joyce, patricia 216 julious, waiter 111, 223 kamenz, david 76, 210 kamowski, michael 66 kancer, cheryl 84, 210 kaplan, starr 84, 186 kapsalis, renae 223 kaptur, susan 21 1 karabis, darlene 126, 198 karimi, mohammad-jafar 216 karlicek, robert 203 karlson, eric 133 karr, james 198 kasperski, gail 223 kaspik, arlene 65, 75, 95 keller, eric 198 keseric, nick 111 kessler, don 81 king, barbara 35, 129, 211 king, susan 74, 216 kirincich, barbara 94 kirkbride, richard 199 kitun, michael 198 klecka, glenn 198 klemm, lee 198 klisnick, margaret 199 knuf, kathy 216 koch, susan 27, 108, 199 kocol, katherine. 111, 223 kocoras, bonny 109, 115, 128, 129, 131 koenig, jeffrey 223 koffman, cynthia 211 kokoris, katherine 223 komay, kathy 129 kopper, karia 223 koprowski, anthony 77, 216 korbai, attila 223 kornacker, richard 97 kotarba, dennis 199 kowalewski, douglas 199 kratzer, anne 74, 211 krauth, cindi 114, 223 krautter, linda 94, 211 kriz, dean 223 krueger, laura 223 kuban, david 122, 123, 215, 216 kuehl, roberta 33 kufer, diane 217 kufke, bette 199 kupfer. alan 111 kurth, Chris 110, 111, 223 kurtz, deborah 217 kurtz, richard 199 kyle, mark 105, 217 kyriazes, steven 96, 97, 111,211 lacine, david 77 lacine, daniel 60, 73, 77, 111, 199, 217 landem, Christine 108, 198 landem, gary 117, 223 langlee, james 223 langner, dana 32 larocca, joseph 122 larson, rhonda 74, 199 latko, mary ann 110, 111, 128, 129 laudont, thomas 81, 117 lauger, thomas 77, 217 lazarski, gloria 89 lee, danny 199 lee, john 199 lee, sook kyung 223 leeks, gordon 105, 111, 211 leonas, vida 224 leonhardi, janet 211 leslie, mark 217 lighthall, bruce 135, 224 lindgren, greg 133 lipa, ann 224 lippner, thomas 1 17 lisk, gary 100 liverton, linda 224 loftus, mary 217 lowe, Charles 97, 211 lowry, amy 45, 128, 129, 217 lowry, William 111 lowry, scott 117 lucks, barbara 104, 108, 200 ludwig, michael 97, 217 lufkin, Stephanie 217 mackey, alfred 116, 117, 211 mackey, thomas 117 mah, waiter 20. 60, 72, 73, 74, 109, 211 maksimuk, gregory 97, 200 mangione, deborah 217 mangnall, richard 211 markendorf, john 200 martin, james 73 martin, joan 74, 200 mashko, carol 66, 98, 105, 224 mastro, frank 111,211 matteoni, james 217 maupin, rebecca 224 mavis, carol 224 maziarek, janet 200 mazur, susan 200 mcclure, maryann 77, 224 mccollum, carolyn 57, 110, 111, 126, 211 mcdermand, kathleen 224 mcdermott, thomas 85 mcgehee, dara 217 mcgonigle, garry 111, 130 mcilvain, scott 97, 200 mclain, michael 81, 119 mcmanis, janice 211 mcnease, pamela 217 mcwright, gregory 200 messmore, rex 74 metcalfe, drew 211 meyer, marcia 211 miceli, rosemary 200 mikulich, deborah 217 miller, david 200 miller, gale 108, 200 miller, jeffrey 73, 217 miller, joaudrey 201 miller, linda 77, 224 miller, ronald 81, 117. 133 millhauser, karl 32. 33. 35, 104, 200 mirshak, laura 201 mittermeyer, sandra 94, 201 moeschberger, karen 217 millicone, paul 219 momkus, edward 60, 100, 109, 130,217 montgomery, florence 201 moore, bremda 201 moore, rodney 1 17, 201 morgan, raymond 224 moskal, paul 201 muccinianti, patricia 126 mudra, deborah 72, 73, 232 mudra, joanne 224 mueller, edward 211 mummey, robert 225 murphy, michelle 129, 201 murphy, tom 117 musil, gary 201 musiol, james 81, 224 nagel, katherine 201 namyst, karen 217 napolitano, denise 111 napolitano, melina 224 nelson, james 211 nelson, paul 1 17 nero, mary 218 neubieser. gary 201 ng, richard 105 nickolaou, marilyn 218 nicolopoulos, constantine 60, 110, 111, 224 nieman, judith 73, 218, 232 niermann, ellen 127, 218 nolan, donald 81, 111 nordberg, thomas 60, 72, 73, 74, 232 notson, marilyn 211 novak, cheryl 201 nowlcki, neal 53, 212 nywood, linda 218 oates, deborah 45, 224 o ' brien, betty 94 o ' bryan, john 201 oeming, Jeffrey 97, 117,218 o ' grady, kathleen 74 Olmsted, gerry81, 117,212 olsen, jill 126, 131 Olson, celeste 65, 212 Olson, dale 201 opryszek, alice 201 orcutt, fred74, 218 o ' reilly, mary kay 74, 109, 218 orpet, robert 201 orschel, victor 97 orton, luanne 127 owen, Stephanie 202 owens, bernice 202 owens, deborah 218 paetzel, audrey 212 palmer, george 212 palmer, michael 97 palmer, susan 90, 109 papoccia, michael 81, 115, 116, 117, 153 patschke, gary 81 paulstis, mark 224 pearce, bryan 109, 111, 223. 224 peckat, ross 100, 110, 111, 202 peine, craig 81, 225 pepmeier, marsha 77, 225 percival deborah 202 perry, Charles 81, 117 peters, dennis 117, 212 peterson, shirley 202 petkevich, taura 218 petrella, patricia 202 petrone, gregory 202 pfennig, robert 96, 97, 202 Phillips, arney 202 pinero, vilma 225 placek, glenn 81, 117 phlak, Charles 202 polivka, William 81, 117 poole, bruce 202 post, gerald34, 35, 111,202 pottoff, William 77, 218 preuss, george 202 prevolos, nancy 202 prueter, etta 202 pryble, susan 94 pryor, daniel81, 133, 225 pryor, mike 117, 225 puis, elizabeth 202 quatrine, kim 212 rachard, linda 203 radzilowsky, helen 203 ragusin, rachelle 203 ragauskis, thomas 81 ramonda, carol 212 randall, rod 32, 130 rankin, sue 203 raschiella, diane 111, 225 rathman, claudia 218 reed, donna 111 reed, myles 212 reese, john 225 reeves, kenneth 117 regan, marian 225 renner, daleSl, 116, 117 repa, diana 203 reschke, michael 77, 203 revane, kathleen 225 reynolds, Iawrence81, 133 riani, lori 89, 111 richards, william 225 roberts, dale 116, 117 roberts, jeffrey 45, 66, 83, 100, 212 roberts, jimmy 70 robertson, tamara 126, 203 rockwood, karen 89 rogers, ricky 81, 218, 219 romaneck, greg 218 rook, alicia 203 ruff, William 81 ruffner, michael 81, 117 rupnow, 134, 135 russel, bill 117 russo73. Ill, 225, 232 rutkowski, dawn 95, 127, 225 samek, cheryl 212 sandgren, bette 89, 94, 212 santora, gery 218 sarapata, ramona 212 saunders, calvin 52, 109, 119, 203 sayyah, joseph 212 schaefer, linda 212 schlehafer, pamela 55, 203 Schmidt, melvin 203 schafer, ray 97 schmitt, Patrick 32, 33 schoen, david 77 scholle, theodore 97 schrepfer, jean 225 schroeder, annette 212 schwarko, james 81, 117 sciortino, robert 96, 97, 212 scott, carole 204 scott, dominique 34 scott, lee 117 seaman, jada 60, 218 serra, linda 204 sexton, Sandra 204 shangle, susan 88, 89 sharas, Stanley 111, 212 sheehan, james 72, 73, 111, 225 sherry, ken 81, 133 shoop, mark 60, 74, 110, 111,204 sickbert, carla 108, 204 Simpson, William 97, 1 19, 132. 133 sims, michael 117 sindelar, diane 218 siwek, edward 204 sizemore, leland 97, 117 skelly, gregSl, 117, 133 sluss, mollie72, 73,94, 111, 212, 232 smead, james 218 smetana, barbara 225 smilde, joanne 213 smith, gail 66 smith, jeffrey 33, 95, 104, 111 smith, marlynne 218 smith, richard 97, 204 smith, roderick97, 204 smurlo, ann 109, 111 sobotka, barry 100 sodaro, debbie 213 sova, beth 219 sova, deanne 21, 77, 134 sova, laura 20, 60, 213 sowa, susan 60, 94, 213 spadoni, carla 219 spang, susan 204 spicer, martin 81, 117 spohr, deborah 219 spooner, john 117, 204 spriggs, thomas 204 staples, gloria 66 stead, barbara 219 Stefan, debra 225 stellato, sam 204 stempke, william 207 Stephens, terrence 205 sterrett, william 23, 68, 109, 219 stielow, barbara 219 stob, william 71 stonikas, eugene 1 10, 111, 225 straz, robert 203 strothmann, mark 110, 111, 225 Stuart, donald 122, 123 Stuart, ronald 122, 123 sulkowski, michael 119 Sullivan, dennis 132, 133 suslik, Steve 45, 75, 205 swan, William 134, 135, 219 Sweeney, kathryn 205 szabo, kathleen 225 tabbert, madelynn 58, 66, 72, 73, 196, 213, 232 tabers, katherine 205 taggart, van 130 talbot, nyba 225 talley, bonnie 205 tapp, Sharon 23, 108, 109, 205 taylor, randy 105, 226 taylor, toni 57 tellefsen, charmain 108, 205 tendall, kathleen 84, 213 terhark, david 66, 70 thamm, brenda 205 theus, Caroline 205 thomas,duane96, 97, 205 thomas, emmett 226 thompson, bruce 205 thompson, david 26, 226 thompson, terri 205 thon, michael 111 thon, Steve 111 thornton, paul 117 threet, kenneth 35, 205 thurman, sharon 205 tiede, loran 206 tomasek, margaret 206 travis, brad 111, 119 trench, james 97, 119, 206 triesch, wendy 213 tuzik, Sharon 55, 206 tyrpin, terry 206 urbanciz, francece 226 valaika, jeffrey 1 19 valastyan, john 226 valastyan, susan 72, 73, 108, 109, 213, 232 vancamp, verna 213 vandermeer, debra 206 vanko, thomas 100, 110, 111 varns, rachel 213 Vaughn, michael 111 virbickis, joseph 226 vistain, Sandra 206 vogt, joyce 206 voll, john 77 wagner, jean 206 wahlberg, lynes 213 walker, gerald 226 walker, rita 206 Wallace, glenn 213 ward,shelia 126,219 warthen, barbara 76, 213 watkins, jerome 206 watson, felicia 206 weideman, bonnie 153, 213 weideman, kay 153, 206 weil, dorian 108, 206 weiland, susan 73 weir, pamela 76, 206 weiss, daniel 133 welter, thomas 81 Werner, james 207 west, richard 207 westerl und, susan 213 weston, wayne 97 wetzel, david 206 white, Claude 118, 119 white, renard 111 weiburg, emmy 77, 213 wilharm, gregory 96, 97, 207 Williams, denise 226 Williams, mary 219 Williams, pauline 128, 129, 219 Wilson, jesse 130 Wilson, owen 111 Wilson, lorraine 219 Winston, susan 213 winters, william 207 wojtalewicz, robert 97 wolfe, paul 66 woodward, janet 207 workman, robert 219 yaccino, geri 85, 219 yacullo, William 94 young, deobrah 207 young, karen 126, 226 young, william ' 207 youngquist, patti 226 zeien,shelia89, 213 zeilstra, john 207 zeissler, barbara 88, 89, 104, 213 zeissler, paul 33, 34, 35, 104, 207 zibrida, edward 207 zick, russell 81, 133, 219 zielinski, gregory 207 zilinskas, susan 89, 219 zuckerman, fae 55, 207 231 editors bill graves wally mah sue valastyan advisor dr. kenneth bidle staff photographers diane castelli gary cronin gerry curylo gerry curylo darlene devries dan lacine marge eschenbrenner jeff miller deb mudra jim martin jude nieman tom nordberg jim sheehan george palmer mollie sluss madelynn tabbert sue weiland special thanks ken brinker john behen david schoen mrs. spencer mrs. kufer union board news bureau school newspapers our readers friends who put up with our short tempers and frustrations thank you r, fred thompson mr. marv lasico amencan yearbook american photographic root photography 232

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